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File 152064372101.png - (26.15KB , 960x560 , eq9.png )
872651 No. 872651 ID: a039ca

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Enemy_Quest
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/81802.html
Previous Chapter: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/784829.html
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No. 872652 ID: a039ca
File 152064376914.png - (92.39KB , 960x560 , 839.png )

It is a bright, clear, cold morning in New York City.

The leaves are starting to turn. Fall crept up on you this year.

You are:

A]] Getting coffee with
B]] Chilling in the apartment of
C]] On Neighborhood Advocate patrol with
D]] Watching the news with
E]] At a bottomless mimosa brunch with
F]] Training with
G]] Having lazy morning sex with
H]] On a date at ___________ with
I]] _______________

1]] Bika
2]] GG
3]] Meg
4]] Poly
5]] Krin
6]] Annika
7]] ______________
No. 872653 ID: bb78f2

E, 5
Getting kinky with the sheepy
No. 872656 ID: 33cbe7

G1. Her mind's scattered all over the place today.
No. 872657 ID: c88e6d

C 1

It'll be nice to get out and just help some people, and Bika can keep us from getting kidnapped by terrorists.
No. 872662 ID: d887c0

These are all great, but I can't choose which one I like best!
Curse you, Enemy, for making all these characters so damn addictively lovable!
No. 872664 ID: 1a8bd6


Poly needs to get out more, away from the booze, and interact with the common folks.
No. 872665 ID: 3abd97

I]] Watching your apartment burn down
No. 872668 ID: d887c0

Alright, on reflection, I think I'll say G5.
We've hung out with Bika a lot, we could use some more time with GG, but she's pretty cool for now, and we had a dynamite night with Poly, Meg, and Annika.
However, we kinda hurt Krin's feelings the last time we saw her.
I think she's entitled to some apology sex.
No. 872670 ID: 10c408

A5. apology coffee with Krin sounds like a great idea.
No. 872672 ID: de6d84

No. 872673 ID: 094652


Whose idea was it to give AMERICAN JOBS IN PSYCHIATRY to the relatives of SKUT SUICIDE-BOMBERS?!
No. 872674 ID: c3d2ed

No. 872676 ID: 1a8bd6

The old one, right? Zack living with Bika, correct?
No. 872686 ID: 91ee5f

C 1

*insert facepalm sound effect here*
No. 872695 ID: d887c0

This is good, too.
No. 872696 ID: d2e2ce

No. 872705 ID: f3fe9b

smashing Krin like you smash tha muhfuggin like button

or A5+6
No. 872708 ID: cf755f

A or G, 6
No. 872710 ID: cf755f

Meant 5, but 6 works also. Maybe at the same time.
No. 872716 ID: 39f836

A and 2
No. 872720 ID: 555f33

C 4 sounds pretty interesting
No. 872721 ID: a039ca
File 152066353510.png - (173.89KB , 960x800 , 840.png )

You're in the tidy little room of Krinstej Sulesso, making amends for last time you met her with some personal attention.

"Zack! Zack Zack wait!" she says, over the doubletime slapping of her little freckly butt against your hips. "I want it on my stomach!"
"Mm?" Your brow furrows.
"I want your cum on me!"
"Oh! Yeah!" You push her into her bed, then flip her around. She's very light. "Good communication."
"I was an English major," she says, and you both laugh for the second it takes you to push back into her.

No. 872722 ID: a039ca
File 152066357896.png - (126.96KB , 960x560 , 841.png )

Krin's bed, like most other things about Krin, is small, fluffy, bouncy, and cheerfully attired. You lay on it after you've both spent yourselves, watching your jizz pool in her belly button.
"Awwww," she says. "It looks kinda like a heart."
"A little, yeah."
"Or a hooded cobra." She wiggles. Her curly pubes tickle you. "That's the first time anyone's cummed on me."
"How was it?"
"Really really good." She closes her eye. "Really warm. But ask me again after I have to clean it up."
"Stay right there." You hop up off of her and cross to her dresser. "I got you."
"Awwww! Zack."
You return with her tissue box and affect a comical bow. "I am nothing if not a gentleman."
"What are you up to today?" Krin asks. "Cuz I'm like, I'm free all day. If it's something I can go to." She helps you wipe her stomach. "Or you want me to go to. With you."

1]] I was gonna go be an advocate around the neighborhood, actually.
2]] I was gonna go grab coffee with someone, actually.
4]] I was gonna go to _____________
5]] You were the sum total of my plans for the day, actually.

A]] And I'll text you later.
B]] And sure you can come along.
No. 872723 ID: 33cbe7

1B. Pay it forward, right?
No. 872726 ID: 555f33

1B. It's potentially dangerous and asking her to do work when she wants a date is probably disappointing but advocacy work doesn't have to last all day. They could date-date later.
No. 872727 ID: d887c0

Then, when we're done, she can hang out at SLS with us and meet the dulabira properly.
No. 872728 ID: 60797c

4b: I was gonna go to [the local college/library and see what resources are available for learning garaktonnic, because I am especially behind on understanding warrior culture and it would be useful to my job in general to show willing and know even a bit of one of the common languages of the community I'm allegedly studying], and sure you can come along [if that sounds like a good time to you].
No. 872729 ID: d887c0

btw i have no idea if that's a good idea or not. im not trying to start a bandwagon or anyting but i know that krin is a big fan of advocacy and that i dont want to split our attention between her and someone else over coffee. i also cant think of any places to go.
No. 872748 ID: e1c8f7

1B. Let's go make the world a better place, yeah?
No. 872776 ID: 6612fa

No. 872777 ID: 9aca35

you know what, 1B, if she's interested.
No. 872784 ID: a363ac

No. 872853 ID: 40e6bf

In the interest of avoiding a total sweep, I'll agree to this suggestion.
No. 872857 ID: 1a8bd6

This is a good suggestion.
No. 872917 ID: 6612fa

how was the interview portrayed in the media. that seem to be of concern cause we came off as flaky
No. 872920 ID: d887c0

No. 872923 ID: 91ee5f

No. 872970 ID: c88e6d

No. 873151 ID: d887c0

No. 873156 ID: 8c3774

1B. Get a little more fun with Krin.

Although I think we need more GG screentime later on.
No. 873160 ID: d887c0

>we need more GG screentime later on
Oh, definitely. We haven't had a good, solid bit of time with her in a long while.
No. 873195 ID: a039ca
File 152091326879.png - (16.77KB , 960x560 , 839.png )

"I'm on advocate duty today, actually." You pluck your burner from the nightstand and quick-check to make sure you haven't missed any calls. "You want to come along?"
"Ohmygod absolutely. Like let me just shower and then... yes!" She hops off of her bed, pinching your butt as she beelines for the bathroom. "I'll be like two minutes."
"It might get kind of fraught," you call, as the water turns on. "Just to warn you."
"That's OK!" You hear the shower curtain slide. "The advocate program got me laid! I have to pay it forward!"

You lead Krin down 10th avenue. The sun shines off the sidewalk like it was made of silver. A rat skitters into a sewer grate in front of you. A warrior perches a styrofoam to-go container of chicken and rice on her knee and painstakingly types, one letter at a time, on a very small phone with her very large pinky.
You peek over her shoulder as Krin and you pass. She's sending someone a video of a sneezing pug.

"Where are we headed?" Krin jogs a bit to catch up with you. You remind yourself to slow down a little; her strides are a lot shorter than yours.
You see her move, subconsciously, to hold your hand. She checks herself and makes it look like she was just adjusting her bag instead.

A]] There's an Oculot who's fresh out of the portal and apparently having a rough time adjusting. Old aristocracy. We're going to take him on his very first trip to the grocery store.
B]] There's this Warrior who's getting really nasty water damage being done to her apartment, but the landlord is refusing to fix it unless he gets to take it out of her deposit even though he's obligated to pay.
C]] There's a human who's been going out and yelling shit at Visitors on the corner of 10th and 47th and we're gonna get him to stop.
D]] There's a bit of a skut border dispute going on. All I have to do is loiter outside an apartment block for a bit and make sure any skuts going through it are... friends of Bika's.
E]] Hold her hand.
F]] ________________
No. 873198 ID: 600f38

B seems like a good place to start.
NYC has some pretty damn nice laws protecting renters and the agencies involved LOVE making examples out of landlords.
The problem here is that the renter either doesn't know their rights, is afraid to exercise them, or doesn't know how to ask for help. We can fix that.
No. 873199 ID: d887c0

Definitely E!
Then I'm not sure. We have Krin along, so we'll want to keep it to light duty. The oculot sounds like the easiest, but you never know. The Warrior and the human both sound like a pain in the neck, and the skut sounds like it could turn into a huge hassle in a hurry.
Of course, that border dispute could be between Bika and Pilop, so that's another complication.
The oculot could probably handle himself, but he might get harassed or something.
The Warrior definitely sounds like she needs rescuing from that landlord.
The human sounds like the lowest priority. Jerks are a dime-a-dozen these days.
So if I had to place the options on a scale of priority, it'd probably look like:
So with that in mind, I would suggest B.
However, I am open to other suggestions.
No. 873200 ID: 600f38

Also: Hand hold? Naw, put an arm around her shoulders.
No. 873201 ID: 33cbe7

With Krin along I think we should do A.
Barring that, D. I like seeing Bika's "friends."
No. 873209 ID: e1c8f7

Right? Arm that girl, Z. Off we go to help with A transition!
No. 873210 ID: d2e2ce

A seems hilarious. Do it.
No. 873211 ID: 69334d


We've had enough exitement these past few threads, a nice quiet job sounds great right about now
No. 873218 ID: 555f33

>"The advocate program got me laid! I have to pay it forward!"

There's a hell of a tagline.
B and E are really good options
No. 873228 ID: 1a8bd6

B and E. If we have time for another right after, then, from highest priority to lowest, D (preventing a gang war just by sitting around), C (just one nutcase, but you never know....), and A (can hopefully fend and figure things out for himself without TOO much incident).
No. 873234 ID: de15e2

A! It might help him to see a well adjusted oculot as well
No. 873235 ID: 67d5dc

B is my favorite, assuming we have the knowledge/ability to actually fix it.

A sounds fun as a reader and to make friends.

C sounds like a 911 call, not us.

D is... didn't Bika tell us to stay out of the Skut mafia stuff? it's either really serious or something we shouldn't be doing.
No. 873236 ID: 6ae5c0

A, because it seems like one it'd be handy to have Krin along for.
No. 873238 ID: 555f33

Oh the goal of B isn't to fix anything, it's to convince the landlord to stop being a bigot or at least do their job.
No. 873239 ID: 8c3774

B sounds like the most important. I think we can call in a few favors?

Also E, c'mon. Maybe with a little F:Hold her a bit.
No. 873240 ID: 6ae5c0

Come to think of it, have we publicly held hands with anyone else? Maybe with Bika? I'm not sure if it's the wisest thing to do leading into 3/4 of our choices. Krin might have had her own reasons to change her mind, too. If we're going to do that then just conspicuously leave the hand where she can take it if she wants, don't grab hers.
No. 873241 ID: 555f33

Sorry to reply twice but I missed what you said about c the first time. It's important to remember that we cannot bring the police into Visitor conflicts if we don't want to make things way worse for them. Cops have a bad track record with Visitors.
No. 873242 ID: 5f2b81


I wouldn't hold her hand. We're pretty encumbered with emotionally-invested relationships as it is, and personally, life has taught me to be a little more cautious and circumspect with who I let into my heart than maybe I'd want to be. We barely know her. Let's keep hanging out and see how that grows.
No. 873245 ID: bd5022

No. 873256 ID: c3ef5e

happy midhround, arm on shoulder
No. 873257 ID: 582b42

B with E on the way.

Make sure to let her know that you don't mind if she holds your hand. I kinda feel that while helping the Oculot would be nice, I feel like someone who's home is slowly getting destroyed is a little more pressing.
No. 873273 ID: c88e6d


We really need to help this fresh adjustee.
No. 873366 ID: 9aca35

B seems like the way to go, it's something that really needs something done about it and team ZacKrin can reasonably do it.
No. 873399 ID: a039ca
File 152098720392.png - (46.39KB , 960x700 , 842.png )

"There's an Oculot who's fresh out of the portal and apparently having a rough time adjusting." You take her hand and pretend not to notice the blush that performs an immediate hostile takeover of her cheeks. "Old aristocracy. We're going to take him on his very first trip to the grocery store."
No. 873401 ID: a039ca
File 152098721623.png - (55.23KB , 960x560 , 843.png )

No. 873402 ID: a039ca
File 152098726525.png - (34.86KB , 960x560 , 844.png )

When he notices you come into the barebones studio, the Oculot who scored the hit raises one gloved hand to his sparring partner and they both lower their poleaxes.
"Gzhaszi zai shzassinzif ku gjza," he says.
"Hza. OK. Hello, Human." He unmasks as he approaches you. "You are bedmate of Dutchesj. Famous man Zack Zomething, yez?"
You extend a hand to shake. "That's m--"
"You are advocate?"
"That's right. I hear you need some help with groceries."
"Zo you hear. I zee. OK. Aha." He favors Krin with a quick smile. "Junstjelic fj," he says. "Bzisj ku szzujna."
Krin blushes again a little. "Krinstezj Sulesso fj," she says.
"Sulesso!" His hairy brows unknot. "You are poet-heartmate?"
"Not quite."
"Ah! Poet-daughter."
"And you're Junstjelic Hygian, right? The polist?"
He stands a little straighter. "I am yes that man. You are also advocate?"
"Uh." Krin fidgets. "Sort of."
"You are bedmate of Zack."
No. 873418 ID: bb78f2

English tip, saying boyfriend or girlfriend or dulamad will probably lead to less blushing and stuttering.
No. 873419 ID: d887c0

Yes, she is. And we're happy to have her.
No. 873423 ID: 33cbe7

Forgive me if I'm not versed on the finer points of discussing one's dulabira in polite company.
No. 873459 ID: 4f78c3

Forgive me, but I'm still pretty new to discussing dulabiras. Krin and I met recently, and we just sort of clicked.
No. 873469 ID: d887c0

>less blushing and stuttering
But it's so cute, tho.
No. 873475 ID: c7bda0

This reminds me, we still haven't introduced her to Poly properly yet, have we?
No. 873488 ID: d887c0

Let's not bog the quest thread down with discussion.
No. 873502 ID: 555f33

Yeah this sounds good.
No. 873518 ID: f3fe9b

Something like this, so long as it's clear we're not being a smart-ass.

In any case, Krin's lived on earth most (all?) of her her life, She's almost certainly got the perspective needed to help.
No. 873523 ID: 56e50f

Important stipulation. This guy is used to being pampered, let's not offend just yet.
No. 873627 ID: b58ed4

C-can we learn how to do that?
No. 873672 ID: c88e6d

It would be more socially acceptable in English to say Dulamad. Otherwise she'll cutely blush and stutter.
No. 873676 ID: d887c0

I agree with these.
We don't want to anger this guy, so maybe we should avoid patronizing him?
He's old aristocracy.
Quite possibly VERY old aristocracy.
Short tempers and big egos are part of the package.
Being respectful and deferential will get us far here.
No. 873688 ID: 8e8422


We just walked in on him practicing some sort of fighting style, we can probably credit him with being at least a bit tough. He's a guy who willingly came to earth, after all, and he's from a class who would have some knowledge what that means, he had to know he was stepping down lifestyle-wise. Besides, look at that beard.
No. 873742 ID: 2fe26a

Just wink at him.
No. 873946 ID: d887c0

Check your non-cycloptic privilege!
No. 874116 ID: 2120ee

Who isn't?
No. 874513 ID: 417353

He could also have a more “Warrior” mentality. The point is we dont know him yet. Lets go with the good old zacky charm and stick to being honest and open.

Definately a “bedmate”.
No. 874561 ID: 9876c4

"We all have our poles to swing."
No. 874969 ID: d887c0

I'd just like to add that this guy probably resents humans. We may want to tailor our behavior to account for that.
No. 874973 ID: a70f54

Well, one thing I might suggest is that we ask him for some sort of minor favor or assistance. It's probably pretty wearing on someone's pride for a stranger to descend from on high to offer them help out of the kindness of their hearts because they're so pitiful, and honestly both warriors and oculots, high-class oculots at least, don't seem like they accept charity easily. So if we can think of some small thing to ask of him, and then offer some small assistance in return, it might make this more comfortable for him.

We'd have to think of something that seems plausible, though. My first thought is to ask him for advice to help with your oculot girlfriends, but that would be sort of crass and Krin's standing right there. Maybe ask him for advice for your relationship with your warrior girlfriend? That would be a sly implied compliment, that we'd be assuming he has experience with warrior girls, and would play to more of a non-warrior camaraderie. Then we clarify that we want tips on "getting" warrior culture better.

We also probably shouldn't start off by just directly correcting him on word usage.
No. 875117 ID: 555f33

This is pretty condescending, honestly. It's a think veiled attempt to manipulate him and since we don't know anything about his personality he might just see through it.
No. 875139 ID: c31aac

guys we're just taking him to the supermarket


"So, where's your shopping list? What are we after today?"
No. 875149 ID: 2e22fa

This, honestly. It also saves Krin from answering any more questions.
No. 875151 ID: 91ee5f

No. 875157 ID: 4c4337

The most direct and polite solution is always the best.
No. 875158 ID: b1a25a

Yea, this.
No. 875190 ID: 555f33

Exactly. I'd still like some small talk, but we don't need to psycho-analyze him.
No. 877127 ID: 1cbc9a


Yeah this sounds good, honestly. His remark wasn't even addressed to us.
No. 880106 ID: 2ab55b

"ANYWAY! Yes. We're here to assist you with your shopping. Did you have a particular store in mind or would you like some suggestions?"
No. 885050 ID: d1486a

On one part, we have to help him socialize.Being royalty means he has never had the need to address any non-oculot as an equal (he could or couldn't have had personally, but all races bow to oculots instinctively).

On the other part, he's fresh from the portal and we don't want to offend him.

Ultimately we're here to help him learn how to buy groceries, so we should give him a respectful tour of American Freedom(maybe invite him to some burger and fries? is Tesla burger near?)
No. 885708 ID: 1118b5

Honestly kind of deflect it without getting defensive. Like pull out a new topic

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