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File 143960879464.png - (67.91KB , 960x540 , 417a.png )
662452 No. 662452 ID: f68a09

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Enemy_Quest
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/81802.html
Previous Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/648437.html
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No. 662453 ID: f68a09
File 143960886250.png - (12.79KB , 960x560 , 417.png )

"'As disturbing as this "suicide" is, far more disturbing is our dimension's reaction to it,'" Bika reads aloud. "Reaction to it? Like they're saying this is new?"

"Keep going," you say. Dessert Bika pushes up against your stomach and murmurs in her sleep.

"'Reports continue to come in of a bizarre government program to create a state-sponsored dating service to bridge the gap between Human and Alien. These subsidized gigolos are supported by the taxpayers in their quest to boldly go where no man has gone before, past the bounds of civic and moral decency. The flagship stallion of this effort, Zackary Nguyen, is a-- Jesus, Zack. I'm in here."

She turns the computer toward you. Pictures of you going to the beach with Bika, divebombing the park with Meg, walking down the street with Polyphema, even a blurry cell phone picture of you and GG at the monster truck rally.

"Holy Moly," Bika says, scrolling through her phone while you look at her computer. "You're trending, Zack. Worldwide."
She holds the phone up. Your tinny voice:
"I believe in our species' ability to cooperate. That's all I have to say. Goodbye."

Your phone buzzes. Polyphema's texted you. You see that it has messages from all 3 of the other girls on it.

1]] Oh, shit.
2]] I'm not worried about it.
3]] I'm calling the HVAO.
4]] Well at least I'm distracting everyone from that dead guy, right?
5]] Cool. I'm famous.
6]] This has probably put an impact in my plans for the day, hasn't it?
7]] Touch Bika's butt.
8]] ______________
No. 662455 ID: ab7529


And check the messages, obviously.
No. 662460 ID: 1cebc8

3, 4, 6, 7.
No. 662466 ID: ad7bba

4, 7, 2.
No. 662467 ID: 0fc976

6, 4, 7, 3. Not much we can do to stifle this thanks to the Streisand effect, but if we could keep any more personal information from leaking out, that'd be good for our health.
Check your text messages.
No. 662469 ID: 53688c

4, 6, 7, 3
No. 662475 ID: 7bf2fa

3, 4, 6, 7. Check messages.
No. 662476 ID: 95d84e


And check our dang messages!
No. 662480 ID: 7884c1

>past the bounds of civic and moral decency
They make it sound like a bad thing.

"Cool. I'm famous. I'm not worried about it. At least I'm distracting everyone from that dead guy, right?"
Touch butt, check messages. We chill as fuck.
No. 662485 ID: 825c5d

No. 662490 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm kinda torn between these two.
We should definitely check our messages, though.
No. 662495 ID: f68a09
File 143962252079.png - (12.85KB , 960x560 , 418.png )

"Well," you say. "At least I'm distracting everyone from that dead guy."
"Maybe you should get a big tattoo of us all and then go streaking." Bika rolls over. "Change the discourse."

You get your phone out and rub Bika's butt pensively. "This is going to change my plans for the day."
"Have they changed to hang out with me all day?"

:meg: Zack did you see the pics of us?
:meg: Spoiler alert: I look p fucking cool
:meg: We should find you a house with a bunker in the basement jic

:warrior: Zaaaaak
:warrior: Zaaaaaaaaak
:warrior: z a k
:warrior: bae wake up
:warrior: zakry
:warrior: one of the humans killed himself :(((((
:warrior: i guess ull probably find out in the morning
:warrior: im officially fired
:warrior: they said since i didnt come in enough days ive been terminated but theyre the ones who told me to stay home!!!!!!!
:warrior: im going to knock a fucking building over
:warrior: for free

:poly: Zack we have to get out of the city again. THIS I BELIEVE
:poly: Bring your friends bring GG bring the others bring them all
:poly: Do you know anybody with a cabin? In a mountain or in amtrak? Or anywhere else that doesn't get the news?
:poly: antarctica* not amtrak. Autocorrect.
No. 662496 ID: e114bc

Tell Bika you think you're gonna go house hunting today, with all the girls. If she approves, then:

Message GG you have another job lined up for her. Also you're gonna organize a gathering today, go look for a new house and shit.

Message Meg you're gonna organize a gathering today so you can all go looking for a house together, she gets to meet the other girls and maybe impress them.

Message Poly saying yeah she's right let's go house hunting with the other girls.
No. 662497 ID: 0fc976


No but maybe the government would let us hang out at Camp David or something.

They could sort have changed to that. Rather than making visits to apartments with Meg we could look them up online (still with Meg) while sitting in Bika's restaurant.

GG, dont worry we know someone looking to offer u a job B)
No. 662498 ID: fc97e1

This! So this! Let's get the whole gang together! Time to get us a house! Somewhere quiet, private, and peaceful preferably.
No. 662500 ID: bb78f2

Well, Bika, the Oculot lady just suggested a cabin getaway with EVERYONE, including my human friends.
That is one of the weirdest plans, sounds like it would turn fun, weird, and complicated, but that sounds like it would be hard on you.
How WOULD getting a skut to go on a vacation work? If anyone deserves a getaway, its definitely you, Bika. My friends would love to meet you, I'm sure. I think they might be feeling neglected too, especially since I haven't called them for reals yet.

Contact friends, see if they have any relatives with spooky cabins where we can all get slashed together.

...This MIGHT turn into a multi-cultural orgy. We have a human friend interested in the warrior, who knows what the others would like, oh god we'll need some more dudes too for our human lady friends, so we should get Hiz on this. Oh man, we are SO inviting the floater from his group too so we can talk about him being the first floater with penis over smores. That penis conversation has only happened ONCE, and that is NOT ENOUGH.
No. 662502 ID: 53e353

House Hunting Party!
Let's scoop up a few Bikas, text invitations to our ladyfriends, and get this party rolling!
Also, let GG know about the job. That oughta cheer her up.
No. 662505 ID: 1cebc8

Meg: Upgrade your hardware. Get some armor or advanced radar, nothing offensive.

GG: Call up HVAO and request legal severance pay: "Contradicting Review; Fired For Following Orders And Safety Procedures With Full Intent To Minimize Harm". Find another job.

Poly: PLEASE don't leave. Just find some places that will get reporters blacklisted if they report being there. Homeless shelters, underpaid orphanages, third world supply centers, etc.
No. 662510 ID: e1ffcd

We should definitely get together with the girls and have a day of house hunting. Then we can goof off and get our minds off unpleasant interdimensional politics and whatnot.
No. 662526 ID: f0e552

When going outside. Don a disguise.

Sunglasses, fedora, trenchcoat, fingerless gloves, fanny pack. Nobody will fucking touch you.
No. 662611 ID: 040d6a

Thirded. Let's do this.
No. 662633 ID: 7b7ab3

Bika: There's going to be a lot of hanging out today, and she is certainly invited.

Meg: Her coolness is undeniable. Our bunker can double as a love nest.

GG: We have a new, better job for her that's right up her alley.

Poly: A little time spent with good company should help to clear up her blues.

Let's rally this wonderful bunch of weirdos and get our day going.
No. 662643 ID: d0617e

We should let our human friends know about our plans for the day. Once we get a new place, let's invite them over along with the girls and have a big housewarming party. That should help perk people up after this recent nastiness.
No. 662778 ID: b6a073

We need to gather up our friends and lovers and come up with a plan. They can meet us at Bika's diner and help us decide what to do about our newfound publicity. We can also go on a house hunt/vacation to get away from town for awhile. Also, we absolutely must give GG that job. Her former employers had no right to treat her that way.
No. 662782 ID: efc34c

Bika's right there, she's smart, ask her what she thinks of all this.
No. 662796 ID: ad936f

Be VERY sneaky when going outside. Wear a disguise, never leave through the front doors of places when possible, try to stay off the street. Right now our #1 priority is not getting shot as soon as we step outside. We should probably buy a big house in the middle of nowhere as soon as possible.
No. 662804 ID: b8ceae

Avoiding front doors would make him more noticeable. People are really good at spotting people acting suspicious.

Contact HVAO about doing an AMA session to establish some counter-spin. A few carefully chosen lines could change the tone of public opinion, particularly if people could be lead to believe your 'real' job is espionage - which isn't exactly untrue.

For now, though, we need to get the girls together and AWAY from the city. I'll reiterate that the Thousand Islands is a great place to hide from the world, as it has traditionally been populated largely by wealthy privacy-minded people.
No. 662958 ID: bfa856

The HVAO needs to run some kind of PR campaign. Get us back on the public's good side.

Anyway, we should gather our merry band and skip town for awhile. Shop for a house, take a vacation, etc..

We definitely need to offer GG that job now. Our poor, sweet, red child doesn't need more stress in her life. We also need to ask her when she'll be ready for us to meet her parents.
No. 662962 ID: bb78f2

Oh, tell GG she should talk to her union rep about this situation, or threaten litigation if its both the work of the Union and/or the construction company she works for.
We have a job lined up for her, but still I want that company and/or union to suffer for their mistreatment of her and I won't take this standing down.
No. 662986 ID: 7b7ab3

>GG should talk to her union rep
>threaten litigation
Not a bad idea. She is well within her rights to do so.
That combined with the new job should brighten up her day.
No. 662987 ID: 1e0d98

>ask her when she'll be ready for us to meet her parents
Good question. When will we get to meet the family? We should ask her when we see her.
No. 663025 ID: 31f7bc

We should:
-Eat breakfast.
-Call the HVAO for some PR work.
-Get the girls together to make some plans.
-Call our friends and see how they're doing.
No. 663074 ID: d88a4d

Something occurs to me. In all this time, with all that's happened, we have not once called Zack's sister to see how she is and to let her know Zack's not hurt.
We should probably do that.
No. 663140 ID: f67386

Perhaps before we do anything we should have breakfast, and write a report or two? We need to do that.
No. 663145 ID: d88a4d

This is an excellent idea.
We should also do this.
Breakfast and business before pleasure.
No. 663244 ID: ea0ad9

This depends on whether or not my "Reports" in the questdis thread counted. If they did, we've already sent in reports.
>>/questdis/82490 >>/questdis/91083 >>/questdis/91131 >>/questdis/91908 And >>/questdis/92473 (The relations portion of that last one was dismissed as invalid for now, but there's a Floater's bit on it)
No. 663283 ID: f4d940

No. 663323 ID: f0e552

yes and we're not banging her m8
No. 663351 ID: 6868bc


Yeah, she's not even an alien. It'd be weird.
No. 663379 ID: 68d539

Basicall, it's looking to be a busy, yet potentially enjoyable, day.
Let's start it off right by eating a delicious breakfast and getting our head in the game.
Then we need to make some phone calls. In no particular order: the HVAO, the girls, our friends, our sister.
We're becoming quite adept at networking.
No. 663488 ID: f61b8d

What, no, yeah, I know; it's just weird that she hasn't been mentioned in apparently forever
No. 663511 ID: 5f7625

Ok, so lets do the looking for a place thing but lets do what Poly suggested and get everyone together to meet. Obviously visitor relationships don't have the same kind of social taboos with regards to multiple girlfriends as humans do. It might be smart to introduce them in smaller steps but we are heading towards something nasty with the way earth politics are going so time for that kind of thing is limited. So go looking for a house, and if you find one get it and have a housewarming party. If you don't find a place rent a place and have a shits getting fucked up so lets get drunk party.

Call Poly and ask her to set this up, and also about all the potential visitor social faux pas we might encounter setting up something like this. Maybe invite some human friends and a couple of HVAO people too? Ask Poly about that part.
No. 663589 ID: f68a09
File 143988151615.png - (8.64KB , 960x560 , 419.png )

You haven't had your sister's number in a long time.

You message Meg:

>sounds cool
>lovenest in the basement
:meg: No we are not calling the bunker the lovenest
>what do we call it
:meg: Slamfuck Manor
>so we still on to look today?
>i was thinking of gathering all the girls together and looking for something
:meg: Hm
:meg: If youre up for it
:meg: I dont think its a good idea, Zack
:meg: The only thing more dangerous than showing yourself out in public right now is showing yourself w/ the whole squad
:meg: Media isnt playing up polyamory yet but once they get a grip on that your place as pervert demonboy is assured
:meg: Shitstorm waiting to happen
:meg: Am I a buzzkill
>Nooo you might have a point
:meg: I mean you are a pervert demonboy
:meg: Maybe the world deserves to know
:meg: Id bring a helmet for you for when they start throwing rocks at us

You message Annika:

>Are you in the mood for skut food
:annika: Lol Ive never had it
>You should its great
>I might be organizing a thing soon can you rally the troops maybe
:annika: Thing? What thing?
:annika: Not orgy right?
:annika: The news says youre a man whore now
>Not orgy
>Ill keep you posted

You message GG:

>We have to talk to your union rep
>Litigation and shit
:warrior: Zackkk
:warrior: idk how to do any of that
:warrior: do u
>Theres the internet
>Meantime i have another job for you lined up
:warrior: what is
>Its with the skut. @ restaurant called Speed Luck Skut
:warrior: ive heard of that place!!!
:warrior: zack are you boning Speed Luck Skut
:warrior: does this mean i get free food
:warrior: wait though im really fucking torn up about my job!!!!
:warrior: i loved that job!!!!
>Im sorry baby
>Its total bullshit
:warrior: RIGHT
:warrior: idk what to do the planet is falling apart
:warrior: polys here btw she says hi

You message Polyphema:

>gg says youre there?
:poly: Yah! Spent the night
:poly: We missed you (c
:poly: Thats supposed to be a wink.
>you could always do the human wink
:poly: No compromises!
:poly: GG made me play Mortal Combat. She tore me in half
:poly: Zack what kind of violent content are you showing our baby???
>Gross poly
>Kombat has a k
:poly: Im inkredulous about that.

1]] Im gathering everyone together. Were going house hunting.
2]] Im gathering everyone together @ bikas restaurant. Its time to meet up in a safe zone and discuss this shit.
3]] Im calling the HVAO. I should do an ama or something about this shit.
4]] Ask GG when i should meet her parents. are we still on for that?
5]] Ask GG when i should meet her parents. see if youre invited too.
6]] Invite specific people to Bika's for today: ________________
7]] Go out somewhere: _________________
8]] ___________________
No. 663594 ID: 0fc976

2) Squad, assemble! Get people to arrive at separate times (excepting Poly & GG, they're already together) and while you're waiting, 3, call the HVAO. But woah man, don't expose yourself to the madness of an AMA. That last A stands for anything, and they do mean *anything.*
No. 663596 ID: 8cd00a

1/2, 3, 4.

Team meeting/house hunting party, public relations stuff, and meeting the family.

Quite a full schedule.
No. 663597 ID: 770318

If Bika's willing, there'd be no public outcry about a bunch of visitors visiting a visitor restaurant. For a visit. Heck, maybe there's a private party room, or booth or something? There are a bunch of rooms upstairs for all Bika's bodies so I assume the ground floor of this place is relatively spacious. Lay out your maps and get a strategy meeting going. Review your assets, bounce ideas off each other in person. If the media breaks down the door, have a couple of male Bikas sitting with you so they don't catch on you're having a harem council.
No. 663605 ID: e114bc

2, and then 1 over the internet so there's no big fuss about it. You can go visit each house you're really interested in with just like, one girl. GG probably, for the security, assuming she's not working.

3 is a good idea, but don't insist. Just field the possibility, see what they say.
No. 663608 ID: 1cebc8

2, 3, 6) Get Carlson. Everything's public now, so you're better off designing a general strategy than attempting to hide your media-plastered face.
No. 663609 ID: 7b7ab3

A.) Gather everyone at Bika's restaurant. Discuss situation, lay out plans.

B.) Contact HVAO. Begin damage control operations.

C.) Ask GG about her parents. Are we still on? Has she been in contact with them recently?
No. 663617 ID: 98b82d

Similar plans, both very good.
I would stress the secrecy and privacy of the meeting. The public's none too friendly right now.
I'm not sure how much help the HVAO can be at this point. However, they are our allies, so we should have a little more faith in them. Maybe they can help turn this to our favor.
I think GG could use some time with her parents. She's having a hard time right now, and a little parental reassurance should do her some good. We can still tag along and provide our own brand of support.
No. 663621 ID: 5f7625

Whatever we do, preface it with asking Poly how to handle introducing everyone to each other without offending anyone.
No. 663683 ID: b1798f

Solid plan.
It pays to date an oculot, doesn't it?
No. 663698 ID: bb78f2

2]] That INCLUDES your friend's Aniika and Alan and the rest of the human gang.
Warn Bika that Alan may growl seductively at her more muscly females, because he'll assume we're not dating them.
No. 663768 ID: d55231

2, 3, 4
Our group can have a big breakfast when they arrive. We should contact the HVAO while we're waiting.
I hope GG still wants us to meet her parents. I've been really excited about it.
No. 663781 ID: 5f7625

We should invite at minimum the two HVAO agents that were watching us last time.
No. 663783 ID: 7b7ab3

Rella and Ambrose are probably pretty busy now.
I wouldn't mind seeing them again, but the HVAO probably has them doing something else.
No. 663823 ID: d076b2

i just had a thought.
poly is a seasoned war veteran. she's 300 years olx and she's seen some fucked up shit. she is not an immature anxious kid.

and yet she's SCARED. scared enough to go sleep at gg's. i think listening to the 'gtfo' plan might prove wise.
No. 663854 ID: 5f7625

I think you are reading a little much into it, Poly isn't scared, she just wants to get closer to GG. She's got a thing for big burly warriors, right? It's also a visitor love circle thing.
No. 663918 ID: 7aeb02

>Slamfuck Manor
Pffffhahaha! Meg really is the most poetic one.

2 and 3, in whatever order is the most convenient.
No. 664170 ID: af0578

2, 3, 4. We need our people and to figure some things out.
No. 664274 ID: 2d5d20

2, 8:

we should probably gtfo the city for a bit
buy a slamfuck manor in another town
No. 664294 ID: 0ee153

Is it just me or is Zach not capable of affording Slamfuck Manor unless the economy has changed? Even with a lower population, real estate is still presumably expensive in New York, particularly anything worth calling a manor. Buying a house would eat up nearly all his funds, and there's bills plus security to worry about.
No. 664296 ID: 2d5d20

just make the company pay for it by saying he needs it to hide from all the recent events

which honestly he kind of does
No. 664348 ID: de6f60

Real estate in and around New York City is expensive, Upstate should be more reasonable.
No. 664349 ID: 0ee153

The government? Bad idea. It's more ammo for the xenophobes to use if they find the government spending more taxpayer money on a "decadent" mansion. Especially if it's named Slamfuck Manor. Their records haven't been secure thus far, either, and the location of said real estate would presumably be part of it.

And that's more isolated. Further from anyone who might want to help us, not isolated enough to be a secret.
No. 664430 ID: 74a1bb

whichever route we go for, we need to check in with the hvao
No. 664478 ID: f68a09
File 144027287570.png - (7.20KB , 960x560 , 420.png )

"Hey Bika," you say, as she lounges next to you and others of her start getting dressed. "Can I have a meeting of the minds at the restaurant?"
"Which minds?"
"The dates."
She puts her hands on her hips. "You want me to feed all your other girlfriends?"
"Uh." You scratch your neck. "Yeah. Kind of."
"GOOD." She baps you with her tail. "Time to poison the competition."
"I'm assuming you're kidding."
"What if I'm secretly a, uh--" The Bikas putting clothes on pause in thought. "What's the word? Tsundere?"
"You also are a nerd."
"Very true." She sends a troupe of herself out of the room to get a meal ready. "Ganbare!"

You text everyone to meet at Speed Luck Skut.

:warrior: sure thing
:warrior: should i bring a pen for the application or something
>no need
:warrior: nepotism ftw

:poly: Aaaa! Getting the band back together!!!! <3
:poly: For the first time!!!

:meg: K brt
:meg: Ill pretend to be able to taste things
:meg: what do you think skut food sounds like
>maybe it just sounds like the word skut over and over
:meg: The pokemon of cuisine

You call Carlson while you wait.

"Mr Nguyen." He sounds tense, but then he always does. "I assume you're abreast of current events?"
"Not if you have any more unpleasant surprises for me."
"The ubiquitous blessing of our current situation is that none of the unpleasantness is a surprise," Carlson says. "The terrible logic of intolerance rolls predictably on."
"That's a nice turn of phrase, sir."
"Thank you, Zackary. What's the purpose of your call?"

1]] Just checking in. How goes the grind?
2]] I need help finding a new place to stay. And maybe paying for it.
3]] I want to do some kind of PR thing about this.
4]] What's the HVAO going to be doing to keep me safe?
5]] Do you have any idea as to who did that leak yet?
6]] I'm at the Skut date's restaurant, about to make plans for the short term future. Thinking maybe some HVAO presence might merit appearance.
7]] I think I'm going to have to seriously withdraw from public life for a while. I could use help with that.
8]] ___________________
No. 664479 ID: 3663d3

2 3 5
No. 664480 ID: af0578

1, 3, 5, 6.
No. 664483 ID: b8ceae

3, 7.
NOT 2! If the HVAO helps with research or pays for it then there will be records that could be leaked, which would make things MORE dangerous!
Instead of asking HVAO to pay for it, ask if you can rent a place and then submit an expense claim for it afterwards. That way the HVAO doesn't have any official record of where you're staying until after the fact.
(They could use this to honeypot the leak; rent a few places for 'Zach' then and screw with the records so everybody thinks a different, single place has been rented. If one of them gets leaked then you can narrow down the suspects.
Or they just rent one place and use it as a sting.)
Poly certainly has the finances to front the costs, and there's little doubt she'll agree to doing so if needed.

If Zach can do a PR event that spins his job as an "intelligence agent" then people will probably back off.
A good way to do that would be to have Zach give a statement that comes close to saying outright that he's a spy, then having the whole thing shut down and the records purged within minutes - a coverup is the best way to ensure something is spread far and wide.
No. 664485 ID: 7b7ab3

If we're going to get a handle on this situation, then we need all hands on deck. The HVAO's assistance will be crucial, both in planning for the future and in calming the public. Hopefully they've sussed out the source of that leak.
No. 664488 ID: 334db2

Say you're going to look for a place that's a little more out of the way, at least for your fifteen minutes of infamy, and you may need some help with that. And how's everything holding up?
No. 664490 ID: 0fc976

1, 4, 5, 7. Did the HVAO get our reports? I hope they're satisfactory.
No. 664492 ID: 8d091c

First, get a situation report from him.
Then, ask him about the leak situation.
Finally, tell him about our PR idea.
No. 664505 ID: 2a549a

1, 3, 5
Until that leak is dealt with, we need to be careful with the HVAO.
A PR campaign shouldn't be too much trouble, and I can't see many ways for it to go badly.
No. 664515 ID: ed948a

3 definitely.
Remind them that this is America, and our long history of intolerance that most people look back on with embaressment
No. 664539 ID: ef232b

"How goes the grind?"
5, 3.
No. 664556 ID: 2d5d20

3 5 6

i was gonna say 2 but we should do this
renting a place from them sounds like a good plan
No. 664564 ID: f68a09
File 144030500886.png - (14.64KB , 960x560 , 421.png )

"I was thinking," you say. "I want to do some kind of PR thing about this."
"I find that suggestion... misguided." You can almost see the guy rubbing his temples. "But if you want to go on record we won't stop you and we'll stand behind you. Potentially."
"What's potentially mean?"
"Only if it's a hell of a public statement," Carlson says. "We cannot afford anything less if you go public. We haven't done anything besides a bare press statement affirming the rumors and outlining the program. If you want to make a move before we figure ours out I suggest thinking very long and hard about it."

"Uhhh noted." You wander downstairs. Bika is cooking. It smells divine. "Have you found the leak?"

"We have narrowed it down to my department," Carlson says. "Including myself that means we have shy of 50 candidates. I'll be conducting interviews between everyone. I suppose I'll have Brittany give and record mine."
"What if we did some kind of trick thing?" you ask. "To catch them?"
"I'm listening."
"I rent a few places," you say. "You guys rent a few dummy apartments or whatever. Spoof something. I submit the rent as an expense report because I could use the help to pay for it and then we mix them in with all the others and restrict people's access so that nobody knows what's going on."
"Paid rent isn't a perk of the job, Mr. Nguyen."
"But getting my door kicked in is, Mr. Carlson."

"You have a point," Carlson says. "I can still think of a bevy of reasons your plan is dubious and less-than-legal, especially if your rent is on our books. But I'll think about it."
"Thank you."
"Anything else, Mr. Nguyen?"
"How goes the grind?"
"Unlubricated and painful. Mr. Nguyen. I am fine-grained."
"That's vivid."
"There is a lot of pressure, Mr. Nguyen. From all quarters."
"Pressure for what?"
"For shutting the program down, of course," Carlson says. "Cutting you off."

There's a knock at the window. You look up sharply.
Polyphema's face is pressed against the glass. "Zackaryyyy!" Her voice is muffled. "Good morniiing!"

1]] Bika you have a customer.
2]] I need to call you back, Mr. Carlson.
3]] Let Polyphema handle the introductions. She's proven herself good at them.
4]] Introduce the ladies yourself: ________________________
5]] ___________________________
No. 664565 ID: 99ca2b


2]] I need to call you back, Mr. Carlson.
5]] I need to be James Bond.
No. 664566 ID: 0fc976

1, finish your call, make introductions afterward.
No. 664567 ID: ef232b

"I need to call you back, Mr. Carlson."
Hang up.
"Oh, Bika! You have a customer!"
No. 664570 ID: e114bc

Tell Carlson that even if he stopped paying you, you'd still date them.
No. 664572 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 1, 3.

Quickly finish our call, let Bika know she has a new friend to meet, then let Poly work her magic.
No. 664577 ID: ad936f

do not do this
No. 664578 ID: 1830f5

Window Poly!
Let's end our call and go help her with introductions.
No. 664583 ID: dff8dd

These two.
If Polyphema is here, then GG must be here, too.
I am super-pumped for all the girls finally meeting. It took us five threads, but we finally did it!
No. 664585 ID: b8ceae

"You have my condolences.
I'm going to be dropping off the radar for awhile - taking the girls and holing up somewhere. I'll keep in touch."

Introduce them to each other yourself. You called this meet-up, so it's your responsibility.
No. 664586 ID: 7aa334

5) I'm going to be reviewing my options, Mr. Carlson. I'll be getting input from the ladies, too, for which purpose I need to be going. I may need to call you back for some more information. If it helps, Mr. Carlson, and if I can be called an expert by way of being the closest thing to, then in my expert opinion this program needs to continue. I've been learning things that I think are very important. I intend to keep learning even if the program is ended, and the difference will be that I won't have to tell you.

Then 2, 1, 4, though they're probably acquainted already.
No. 664588 ID: 2d5d20

2, 1, 3
No. 664589 ID: 334db2

Those quarters won't be rid of me that easily. I'll have to talk more later, Mr. Carlson.

Help with the introductions, it's only polite.
No. 664596 ID: 7a6915

2) I need to call you back Mr Carlson, 5) but if working on a public statement to potentially distract and defuse tensions over the hostage crisis is a bad move at least give me some idea of what a better move might be.

4) We don't want to risk the confusion/potential for upset of having Polyphema handle introductions because she's not supposed to know everyone yet.
No. 664606 ID: 6e90b2

Well, doing PR is tricky and dangerous, but if it comes down to it and they're gonna shut down the program, it may be worth it.
No. 664607 ID: ad7bba

5. "Well if you do think up a way to use me for PR, and it's safe, I'm listening."
No. 664610 ID: f68a09
File 144031458798.png - (10.56KB , 960x560 , 422.png )

"I need to call you back, Mr. Carlson," you say. "I'm having a pow-wow with the girls on what to do. But if you want my opinion--"
"I do."
"If you want my opinion this program needs to continue. I've been learning some really important stuff."
"I know, Mr. Nguyen. They're not shutting it down while I head the HVAO."
"Thank you, Mr. Carlson."
"Thank me when I come out the other side of this in one piece. Be well, Zack."

You hang up and look over to Polyphema, who's let herself in.
"Speed Luck Skut!" She spreads her arms wide. "It smells astonishingly good in here. Hello, Doll."
"Hi, Poly," you say.
"And this must be Bika." Polyphema wheels on her. "Hello, darling!"
Bika does a kind of half-bow. "Morning, ma'am."
Polyphema returns the gesture. "Sk shzz sk" a couple of pops "bazh, Shza Bika."
"Bza gyk shs zhs szz?" Bika's ears perk up.
"This and that," Polyphema says. "It's difficult when you don't have scent glands."
"You know the honorifics, though?"
"I hosted some important dynasties on the Other Side," Polyphema says. "You pick things up between territorial disputations."
"Don't worry," Bika says. "I'm not like the dynasty guys."
"No selling yourself short, Miss Bika." Polyphema straightens the hem of her dress. "Although fortunately for us there's no land or resources we have to barter over."
Bika raises an eyebrow at you. "None that aren't renewable, anyway."
You fidget.
"It's a singular honor," Polyphema says. "We hear a lot about you up in Chelsea."
"All good things, I hope?"
"The best," Polyphema says. "Hizalian especially. He's gaga over you. I hope you know."
"Word gets around about you in the village," Bika says.
"Same question re: all good things?"
"Oh totally." Bika shares a glance with you. "They tell me you're the one who talked down Razagan?"
"Razzy," Polyphema says, "had the seeds of his personal transformation already in him. I did help to cultivate him."
"Watered him with some wine?"
Polyphema beams. "A barrel or three may have given their lives. He meant well. You, I've heard, stopped the central park piss jug man."
Bika pulls out a chair. Her tail wags nervously. "Maybe we shouldn't talk about that one in mixed company."
Polyphema takes a seat. "I've been looking forward to this. Us alien dignitaries need to stick together more. Oculot! Skut! Human! A meeting of the minds."
"Where's GG?" you ask, acutely aware that there's some ice here that needs breaking.
"En route, doll," Polyphema says. "Little detour."

1]] Detour? What detour?
2]] Razagan?
3]] Piss jug man?
4]] How is she? Stoked for the new job?
5]] So what's been happening, Poly?
6]] How's Hiz?
7]] You two have heard of each other, huh? Any other big Visitor leaders I should know about?
8]] So Poly knows that I know, Bika. We can trust her.
9]] So I called you guys all together for a reason: _______________
10]] ______________________
No. 664611 ID: 40f2f3

1, 4, 5, 6
Let's set business to the side until everyone's gathered. Let's instead take this opportunity to get caught up with Poly and make things more comfortable. We should probably let the fact that Poly knows that we know present itself rather than just blurt it out.
No. 664614 ID: bbb7a8

1 through 7. If we have more time, then let's talk about whatever we can.
I'm honestly not sure whether we should tell Bika that Poly knows or not. In retrospect, we were being pretty careless.
No. 664615 ID: d33c91

1 through 8. Let's just be honest. We'll smooth things over somehow.
No. 664621 ID: 0fc976

Bika, 8 because it's going to save us a lot of headaches when we're together. You can trust our little circle of friends to keep it safe.
Might as well hear about 3 before we're having dinner. Poly first, though. Then tell us about the crazy hobo man. Did he use any jar-based karate on you?
5, 4, 6.
No. 664631 ID: b8ceae

"You know she knows I know, you know?
We have time to kill until the others get here, so I want to hear about this mad pisser."
No. 664657 ID: fb1674

I'm with this guy/gal. Besides, it would give us more to talk about.
No. 664658 ID: ec5b46

I'm thinking 5, then 6, then 8. There'll be a 9 eventually but that's a lot of conversation to start.
No. 664659 ID: bb78f2

Fully against 8
1-7 is fine.
No. 664666 ID: a4accc

1 2 3
No. 664670 ID: 334db2

2? 3? Sounds like story time to me. How's GG holding up, I know she really liked that job.
No. 664695 ID: a35e18

1 through 7 are a definite must.

I would also like to point out that she originally told us not to tell any humans. She said nothing of Visitors.
No. 664729 ID: 0e8da1


Good point. The only people who know that we know are the girls, and they already knew themselves, so the secret is still a secret.
No. 664765 ID: 87d450

6. Hiz is a good guy.
No. 664786 ID: ea0ad9

>"En route, doll," Polyphema says. "Little detour."
I got two guesses: One, she's gone to do some quick park-our. She's obsessed with it now that I taught her. Two, she's gone to The Site to have a "Talk" with some friends.
No. 664788 ID: 74f272

As long as she's safe and no one gets hurt, she can do as she pleases.
Although, I wouldn't blame her if she totalled her former boss's car or something.
No. 664799 ID: ac62d4

I think that's a bit of shitty, excessively technical thinking, if we try to use it to rationalize being frivolous with her secrets. We know that the wrong visitor could still bring ruin to Bika if they were to learn that we know her secret. Let's be sensitive about this.
No. 664806 ID: 1b9f86

1-7. So many things to discuss!
No. 664823 ID: 6b2220

Also agreed.
No. 664920 ID: e55704

1]] I have concerns.
2]] Curious.
3]] VERY curious.
4]] I hope she's stoked.
5]] Update.
6]] Double update.
7]] Important Information.
8]] Bit torn on this one.
9]] Let's wait till everyone's gathered to discuss business.
No. 665022 ID: 612b8d

1 to 7, and if we're going to discuss the skut secret, then let's try to do it with a little more tact and sensitivity.
No. 665167 ID: 5ce4ec

Everything but 8. That's being too blunt. We need to handle it with a bit more finesse.
How? I'm not sure.
Maybe we should discuss it with Poly first. She has to have been through situations like this before.
No. 665260 ID: f98b74

10: "Hey, so just so you both know, I trust all of you girls, right? I'd have to, to call you all in, since I'm pretty sure anything I've let any of you know will be known to the other three by the end of today. So, you don't all have to be instant friends or anything, but I'm hoping all you ladies will be comfortable enough with each other that we don't have to bother awkwardly dancing around some things like we would with most people. You two are the best at the social stuff, so do you have any advice on how to make this little gathering go smoothly?"

That'll be a hint to Bika that we want to dispense with the skut secrets stuff, and to both of them that we'd like them to try and rest easy with each other. It'll also get their input on how to make everyone get along, and they are really the best for it.
No. 665369 ID: 5bda21


Also, what would Poly like to eat? We can assure her it will be 100% poison free.
No. 665684 ID: 49f4a8

1, 4, 5, 6, 7.

What's everyone been up to without us?
No. 665952 ID: f68a09
File 144100852545.png - (6.92KB , 960x560 , 424.png )

"Little detour." Polyphema smiles an enigmatic smile. "Nothing to worry about."
"Is she OK?" you ask. "She really liked that job."
"I'm sure she'll really like this one," Polyphema says.
"What'd she do before?" Bika asks.
"Deconstruction," Polyphema says. "Of the sledgehammer variety."
"Hmm." Bika drums her fingertips on the table. "Don't know how much of that I'm asking for but it really can't hurt to have experience in it."
"It really can't," Polyphema agrees.
"You never know," you say. "But uhh who was the piss jug guy?"
"Ahhh the piss jug guy." Bika sighs. "Exactly what he sounded like. Jugged his piss."
"That doesn't sound so bad."
"Then he threw it at people."
"Oh. Visitor people?"
"All kinds of people. He liked visitors the most, though."
"How'd you stop him?"
Bika shrugs. "I stopped him."
"That sounds kind of mafia, Biks."
"Like I said," Bika says. "I don't like talking about that one. He's OK. He's sought professional help."
"I'm assuming you mean a therapist," you say.
"Yah. Uhhh normal kind. Not the physical kind."
"What about Razagan?"
"Well Razagan didn't so much throw piss," Polyphema says, "as punches."
"Angry guy?"
"Not exactly," Polyphema says. "Well yes but that wasn't the problem. He was a well-respected Garakton, you see; a very conservative kind of man. I'd call him traditional. And he wanted to revive Zok on this side of the dimension."
"Zok not being the thing for your foot."
"Nyet, Zack. It's a very complicated, rich-in-tradition kind of thing that translates into Human as duels to the death."
"Oh. Bad."
"Very bad," Polyphema says.
"How'd you talk him out of it?"
"A great deal of wine and a little bit of firehoop dancing." Polyphema grins and wiggles her hips. "And now the warriors in Chelsea have found a much healthier outlet."
"Do they like paint?"
She laughs and shakes her head. "They play football. You can't talk a Warrior out of bloodsport, Zackary. You simply have to divert it into terms humanity is comfortable with."
"Sounds like something Hiz would say."
"He's one for the spin," Polyphema says.
"How is he?"
"Better." Polyphema puts her hand on your leg under the table. "He needed that conversation, Zack. Thank you so much. I sicced him on you. He's been thunderclouds for years. I guess you were the deluge."
"It's ok," you say. "I kind of needed it too I think. It was very..."
"Cathartic," Bika suggests.
"Very," you say. "So I was actually--"
No. 665953 ID: f68a09
File 144100853112.png - (10.59KB , 960x560 , 425.png )

GG shoulders the door open.
"Look at all the weenies in here," she says. "It is Weenie Hut Jr. in here."
"Hey, GG," you say.
"Geeg!" Polyphema gets up and hugs her. "Dollface!"
Bika glances at you. "They know each other?"
"They've been introduced," you say.
Polyphema kisses GG.
"They hit it off," you say.
"I don't know, Zack," Bika whispers. "Is she cool just taking a job from me? What do I say?" Her tail twitches nervously. "I'm bad at meeting people."
No. 665969 ID: 7b7ab3

To Bika, reassuringly: "Relax. Poly and I will help you."

To GG, playfully: "And just where have you been, young lady?"
No. 665973 ID: bb78f2

Okay, the only way you know that reference GG is that you legit grew up watching Spongebob and didn't just binge it, because it is HARD getting through it today. Good stuff sometimes, if you're channel surfing, but whoo is it hard to get into nowadays.

Bika, it's okay, we're all good company here. Now Meg will be the scariest one at first, but she's got a heart of gold. Poly went to a concert of hers, they didn't have a formal meeting, but seriously Poly is a hell of schmoozer. Alan's also the scariest human, keep your swole girl skuts away and you'll be fine, he's just a perv, but seriously I'm a hell of schmoozer too.
No. 665980 ID: 2a7417

She's really grateful for the job offer Bika. Just let me and Poly help you get to know each other.

We'll let the business of who's in the know drop for now, bring it back up when it's just us and Bika (and Bika, and Bika... etc.)
No. 665986 ID: a52cfe

No worries, little lady. She wants the job, and we want her to have it. It'll be fine.

As for you, Ms Grightogot, where have you been? Was the Salty Spittoon too much for you?
No. 665993 ID: dd654d

Just be cool, Bika. You've got this.

What have you been up to, Geeg?
No. 666003 ID: a02a4b

Let's get these girls talking. We need to break the ice, and the best way to do that is to just jump right in. We can't talk about serious stuff because Meg's not here yet, so let's keep things light and simple for now. We should properly introduce Bika to GG, find out what GG's detour was for, and maybe get some food ordered.
No. 666085 ID: 171c6c

We know how much you love big weenies, Geeg. You are a weenie fiend.
Anyway, meet Bika. She's the lady who requested your services.
No. 666099 ID: c10e99


>We know how much you love big weenies, Geeg.
I see what you did there.
No. 666166 ID: c3e940

Reassure Bika and introduce her to GG.
Ask GG what she's been up to.
Order food and get comfortable.
No. 666224 ID: a107fd

Bika probably ought to draw up some sort of proper employment contract for GG. Doing stuff informally between friends always seems like a great idea right up until there's any sort of serious misunderstanding or legal complication.

As for how to break the ice... have every Bika available run up and jump on her all at once, no warning. Let go as soon as she starts to fight back, and say 'That was the interview. How much do you expect this job to pay?'
No. 666267 ID: 40a95b

Bika underestimates herself. She just has to stay calm and trust herself. If she needs any help, then Poly and Zack are right there for her.

Let's get the ball rolling by introducing GG to Bika. We can order food, bring up the job, ask GG what she's been up to, and swap stories of our escapades.
No. 666338 ID: 3de47d

>She's really grateful for the job offer Bika. Just let me and Poly help you get to know each other.
>We know how much you love big weenies, Geeg. You are a weenie fiend.
LOL! This too.
>Let's get the ball rolling by introducing GG to Bika. We can order food, bring up the job, ask GG what she's been up to, and swap stories of our escapades.
All of this.
No. 666430 ID: f47974

"C'mon, Bika. You're great with people! Remember Xu? Rella and Ambrose? Me? This is no different. Besides, GG's nice, and Poly and I are here to help. You've got this!"
No. 666556 ID: 526ff6

>have every Bika available run up and jump on her all at once, no warning
I have a niggling notion that that may not be the best idea.
This sounds pretty good, though.
No. 666721 ID: 0fc976

I think it's on the right track. Whisper this plan in Bika's ear:
>walk up and shake GG's hand, say hello
>break off handshake
>next body comes up and does the same
>repeat ad Bika finitum
No. 666874 ID: 775ecb

Good pep talk.

>To GG, playfully: "And just where have you been, young lady?"
I like that.
No. 667069 ID: 1b9f86

Let's get some food, then we'll deal with introductions.
Personally, I want to know what GG's detour was for. Hopefully she hasn't done anything unwise.
No. 667166 ID: ad936f

>To GG, playfully: "And just where have you been, young lady?"

That sounds less like a Zack line and more like a Polyphema line.
No. 667272 ID: 8cd00a

It's well within the realm of possibility that she's starting to rub off on us. She has a pretty infectious personality.
No. 667348 ID: f68a09
File 144144228185.png - (12.36KB , 960x560 , 426.png )

"What have you been up to, young lady?" you ask.
"Getting the rest of my stuff," GG says. "And severance pay. They forgot to mail it to me."
"Silly them."
"Very silly." She sits down and beams. "Got a bunch of stuff out of my system."
"You didn't break anything, did you?"
"Nosir. Not for fucking free I didn't."
"You got this," you whisper. "Remember Xu? And Rella and Ambrose?"
"They were different," Bika says.
"Not part of your dulabira. Everyone here is in bed but meee."
"We're all here to help. You got this."

A Bika from the back room wheels out a huge cart covered in skut buffet. GG gasps and almost stands up from her seat.
"You definitely got this," you say.

"Oh my God." GG shoves a plate of ribs across the table to Polyphema. "You have to try this."
"Doll please no I'm stuffed." Polyphema is already surrounded by bones and half-cleaned dishes, many of which GG practically forced down her. She leans back and puts a hand on her tummy. "I'd like to get out of this dress the same way I got into it tonight, thank you."
"Try iiiit. I'll make you sweat it out anyway."
"Will you." Polyphema tries to be suggestive, then burps. "O lord."
"In the gym, ya alley cat."
"Say gym again and I'm going to puke all over you.
You delicately reach past GG and get a dumpling off the tray.

"So, uhhh, GG." Bika edges up to the table. "Can I call you that?"
"Did you make these?" GG holds up an intensely aromatic chicken leg.
"Uhh yah. All of it."
"Then you can call me what the heck ever you want to call me," GG says. "Dude this was amazing."
"Zack why the fuck didn't you take me to this place earlier? We coulda had lunch here that one time instead of that diner."
"That would have made everything even more knotty than it already was," Polyphema says. "Tho I'm sure he considered it."
"Well now that you're here," Bika says, "I was uhhhh wanting to run something by you?"
"Is it the job?" GG asks.
"Uhhh yes actually."
"I'll take it." GG tears a hunk of chicken off with her teeth.
"You-- really?" Bika is shocked. "Just like that?"
"Heck yeah," GG says. "A friend of Zack's is a friend of mine. And also my stomach. Friend of stomach friend of mine."
"You don't even wanna know what it is first?" Bika asks.
"Will you feed me?"
"I mean yes. Definitely. Whenever."
"I will kill for you," GG says. "Not literally. But like well maybe. We'd have to talk about it."

1]] It's just a security job, GG. Bika needs someone to look tough.
2]] It's this other hive of skuts. We need your help dealing with them.
3]] Hey Bika do you play Mortal Kombat?
4]] Text Meg and ask her where she's at.
5]] So I was going to ask about visitor leaders earlier. It seems like Bika and Poly you two are kind of like politicians or something, huh?
6]] See, Bika? Painless. She was like freaking out just a bit ago.
7]] How have you been managing without the job, GG?
8]] So what do you think of what's going on with the Golborian prisoners?
9]] I could use a drink. Anyone want a drink?
10]] If it's a skut hive, just how on-the-table is killing one of them going to be?
11]] __________________
No. 667353 ID: ae8e0f

1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9.
These are the best choices.
No. 667355 ID: 0fc976

1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9.
No. 667378 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm gonna have to agree.
We should also ask GG if we're still on for visiting her parents.
No. 667389 ID: afb8ff

The only difference between these two is asking if Bika plays MK, so either is good.
Personally, I've always been more of a Killer Instinct kind of guy.

>We should also ask GG if we're still on for visiting her parents.
Definitely this. The hype is too strong.
No. 667391 ID: 7b7ab3

>"Not part of your dulabira. Everyone here is in bed but meee."
Bika. Sweetheart. Babe.
You're just as much a part of this dulabira as the other girls. You have nothing to worry about in that regard.
We weren't playing around when we said we love you.
No. 667398 ID: 237a99

Where's Meg?
No. 667410 ID: e957ad

Thirded, and hopefully she'll want to go soon.

Very true. She should be more confident.

Thankfully, we have the option to text her and find out.
No. 667532 ID: ad7bba

12. She wants you to join the skut mafia.
No. 667605 ID: b4dd67

1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9
>You're just as much a part of this dulabira as the other girls.
What's a good way to help her realize that?
No. 667612 ID: 350a50

Saying so?
No. 667613 ID: b4dd67

Works for me!
No. 667689 ID: f68a09
File 144152009387.png - (8.85KB , 960x560 , 427.png )

You text Meg:
>Where is u at

:meg: On way

:meg: Had meeting ran over and forgot I cant fly

:meg: Fuck that still btw

"It's just a security job." You tuck your phone back into your pocket. "Bika needs you to look tough."
GG flexes. "That shit I do pro bono."
"But like in her vicinity."
"The vicinity of this stuff?" GG is loading down another plate. "Sign me up."
You laugh. "See? Painless. She was freaking out about asking you."
"It's because I'm terrifying."
"I wanted to make a good first impression," Bika protests.
GG smacks her lips blissfully and stacks her plate on top of the impressive pile of finished ones. "You've made like eight, duder."

"How have you been managing without the last job?" you ask.
"Gymming it out," GG says. "Feel that right there."
She reaches across the table and pokes the muscle at her forearm. You dutifully feel.
"Immaculately sculpted as ever," you say.
"Only even MORE." She slaps the table. A fork jumps. "Trust me."

"Speaking of, am I still seeing your parents?"
"Oh dude yeah absolutely," GG says. "Now that they've seen you in the news especially."
"My dad thinks you're a sissy."
You blink. "What?"
"He saw how diplomatic your answer was, probably," Polyphema explains. "Not a headbutt in sight."
You chew a spare rib. "Shit."
"It will be a-ok. More than a-ok." Polyphema pats your back. "Just be yourself. A more aggressive version of yourself. Maybe snort a line of cocaine first or something."
GG throws a bone at her. "Poly."
"Well don't do that."
"For now," you say, "I think I could use a drink."
"Hear hear," GG says.
Polyphema raises her empty glass. "Here here!"
Bika gives you an uncomfortable look, glancing at Polyphema.

A shimmering roar echoes past the eatery. Everyone jumps as it fades.
Then it roars back into life and Meg's at the door.

1]] Hey!
2]] What was that meeting about?
3]] You don't think that was kind of dangerous without a helmet? And at street level?
4]] Everyone, this is Meg. She's ____________________
5]] Indicate to Bika that booze will be fine.
6]] Indicate to Bika that she might want to keep an eye on Polyphema's consumption.
7]] Indicate to Bika to come sit down with everyone already.
8]] Take Bika aside to reassure her again.
9]] So: to business. I've called you all here to discuss _______________________
10]] ____________________
No. 667691 ID: 0fc976

1, 4 (She's: a blue blur, flying around at the speed of sound, got places to go gotta follow her rainbow), 2, 6, 8, 7.
No. 667692 ID: ea0ad9

1, 4. "She's the babe that's so sexy on stage everybody wants to bang her." Nod or wink or something in Poly's direction.
No. 667699 ID: a19cd5

No. 667702 ID: 5ab8a9

1, 4 (New Yorks' newest diva), 2, 6, 8, 7.
Let's get everyone acquainted and situated, then move on to business.
Also, we're going to have to talk to GG sometime about getting on her parents' good side.
No. 667705 ID: 7b7ab3

Either of these.
>Also, we're going to have to talk to GG sometime about getting on her parents' good side.
No. 667706 ID: 0fc976

Oh, and GG, did you mention that time I headbutted a dude on the subway to them? I can do Garakton diplomacy too!
No. 667758 ID: fde3c3

1, 4 (a paintball enthusiast and a very gifted singer), 2, 6, 8, 7.

Zack's pretty tough, all things considered. He may not be the most physically impressive specimen, but he never backs down from a challenge. We can win over GG's parents, especially with her help.
No. 667827 ID: af41d6

No. 667833 ID: 350a50

No. 667905 ID: afb8ff

No. 667953 ID: 9bb74e

Zack's done plenty of awesome shit!
Survived the war (as a child!), kicked a priest, harassed a drunk redneck, flew with a Floater, and more! He's done quite a bit!
By the time he's done, GG's parents will be begging him to date her.
No. 667981 ID: 5c01c0

1, 4 (a paintball enthusiast, a very gifted singer, and New Yorks' newest diva), 2, 6, 8, 7.

>Zack's done plenty of awesome shit!
Damn straight! And he's set to do a lot more!
No. 668028 ID: a107fd

4 (among her entire species, uncontested master of the arts of love) 6 7 9 (how we're going to explain this whole government-subsidized dulabira thing to the general public)
No. 668064 ID: 52ad92

Whatever we do, we have to give Meg a welcoming smooch.
In fact, smooches for all the girls!
Including all the Bikas!
No. 668110 ID: d78cc1
File 144166228272.png - (17.08KB , 960x560 , 428.png )

You give a little nod of acknowledgement to Bika and make a gesture you hope conveys watch that. You tap the chair next to her and Bika hesitantly comes over to sit.

"Hey, Speed racer," you say to Meg. "This is Meg, guys. New York's newest diva."
"And how," Polyphema says.
"That was tight, Meg," GG says.
"Were you at the concert?"
"Naw I wish. I was talking the entrance."
"Thanks." Meg floats inside. "They gave me a height restriction but not a speed one."
"Bastards," Polyphema says. "Oh but Meg I never got the chance to tell you after the concert that your singing was rapturous."
"You were that Oculot next to Zack?"
"Yes, ma'am! I wouldn't have traded that seat for the world."
"I think I accidentally flashed everyone in the front row," Meg says. "That hover-up thing was not planned."
Polyphema grins. "You say that like it didn't 100% augment the experience."
"I wish I'da gone," Bika says.
"Nah," Meg says. "99% of it was boring bullshit."
"I thought it was very well-performed," you say.
"Tell me you weren't falling asleep," Meg says.
"Kind of."
"I wanna hear your music, though," Bika says. "I read the review in the Times."
"There was a review in the times?"
"They called you transcendent," Bika says.
"Transcendent." Meg considers the word. "Cool."
"Where'd you get that varsity jacket?" Polyphema asks. "I love it."
"You like?" Meg turns around in the air. "Thrift store."
"Holy shit, dude." GG is licking her fingers. "Mm. That's a come-up."
"Every time I thrift all I find is baby clothes and like relaxed cut jeans," Bika says. "Not that I don't buy those, but."
"You gotta hit the right places at the right times," Meg says. "It's a science."
"Is it the kind of science you can teach?" Polyphema says. "Because I have to go with you next time."
"Thrift stores I don't know about," GG says. "Finding good shit in my size isn't a thing you do."
"Bet I could find something." Meg looks her up and down. "We could check the lost and founds at the gyms Shaq goes to."
GG laughs. "Or the Hulk."
"You kid, Grightogot, but I know of few others who could really represent torn-up purple jorts," Polyphema says.
"His shit is one size fits all," Meg says.
"People say that but my theory is that he actually has the pants on underneath his people pants all bunched up," Bika says. "And all his coworkers think he wears adult diapers but they don't say anything because they don't want to piss him off. Can I get you a chair?" she asks meg.
"Nah." Megumi hovers up another foot. "I'm a floater. I float."

"So, Zackary." Polyphema crosses her legs and smiles at you. "The gang, for the very first time, is all here."
No. 668127 ID: b6a073

And we look good.

I think we can get down to business now. Let's discuss Zack's housing predicament, then lay out some plans for a vacation or something. Everyone could do with some time away from the city.
No. 668132 ID: 0fc976

Okay, so, it's business time. Now that you're all here. It is time. For business. Yes. Uh.
First order of business is the recent media circus that's sprung up around the HVAO leak. It's not good for our safety, so Poly had the idea that we should all get out of town for a bit. We could go somewhere out in the woods for a trip, and let the hubbub about our private lives simmer down a bit. What do we all think of that?

Second is I'm apartment hunting after I got a visit from the Racism Fairy a few days ago. So I was looking for your inputs on getting a new place to stay, and then I'll look some up online.

I'd also like to thank Bika for the amazing food again. Thank you.
No. 668134 ID: 7b7ab3

What they said.

Maybe Zack should buy a house away from the city where he and his friends and lovers can chill without being hated on all the time.
No. 668135 ID: 2f4b71

Time to get a VW van and solve mysteries.
No. 668145 ID: 5c01c0

>Maybe Zack should buy a house away from the city where he and his friends and lovers can chill without being hated on all the time
Might want to check with Annika and the others first, but this isn't a bad idea.
No. 668176 ID: db3be0

This covers everything. However, I would like to ask the girls: who wants to meet Zack's human friends?
No. 668205 ID: 088179

It is time to get down to business. Segue as naturally as possible and get to it.
>I'd also like to thank Bika for the amazing food again. Thank you
Be certain to say this. Bika deserves praise.
No. 668237 ID: f4d940

I can't help but worry a little that being in a cabin in the woods is a standard everyone-dies scenario.
No. 668240 ID: 664ed0

I really like this, although "the woods" is only one example of where we could go.
We should get the girls' opinions on a good getaway spot. It would only be fair.
No. 668243 ID: 7b7ab3

I share the concern, although I would think GG alone would be enough of a deterrent against any non-supernatural threats.

>We should get the girls' opinions on a good getaway spot
Well, of course. We want everyone to have fun, not just us.
No. 668252 ID: e25442

No. 668253 ID: f0e552

Yes. Time for an orgy.
No. 668257 ID: a107fd

Would it be possible for Zack and GG to simply rent some space in Bika's building?
No. 668325 ID: 9c90e3

"And you have no idea how happy that makes me."

Right! So, business time. Time for business.

New housing. Vacation plans. Any thoughts, girls?
No. 668328 ID: bd0fbc

>>668257 ?
yes, say "and we look GOOD."
(now, problem is, can bika go very far from her hive?)
No. 668441 ID: 350a50

Depends how many bikas we take.
No. 668477 ID: d78cc1
File 144176567042.png - (12.96KB , 960x560 , 429.png )

"Yeah and it's awesome," you say. "Thanks again for the venue, Biks. And the food is amazing. As always."
"Thanks, Bika," everyone else choruses. GG burps for emphasis. Bika giggles.
"I mean I don't eat but it's very nice looking," Meg says. "Aesthetically."
"Not hungry to hear anything?" you ask.
"All juiced up." Meg adopts a physically impossible air-squat near Bika's head.
"You hear what you eat?" Polyphema asks.
"It was kind of a mistake."
"A fascinating mistake, doll."

"OK," you say. "So. A few things on the agenda. Uhhhh number one: I don't have a house anymore. I am homeless."
"Hobo," GG says.
"Thank you for your sensitivity during this trying time, GG. I was wondering if we could like workshop this issue. Of my homelessness. Just kind of toss it to the group."
Bika raises her hand.
"Popcorn Bika," you say.
"Get a home," Bika suggests.
Everyone applauds.
"Thank you, Bika," you say. "That sounds like a great plan. Now moving forward with that:"
"You didn't hear my plan," GG says.
"What's your plan?" you ask.
"Cardboard box," GG says.
"Moving forward with Bika's plan:"
"On the boardwalk."
"Where do you guys think I should live?" you ask.
"There's totally room here," Bika says. "I can clear out some Bikas and get you a room."
"Could GG be here too?" you ask. "Since she's working? GG is that cool with you?"
"Ice cube cool," GG says. "Can't be worse than my room. I never fixed that bite mark."
Polyphema raises an eyebrow. "Bite mark?"
"I want to come," Meg says. "I only have a tube. Is there room for me?"
"Oh, right," you say. "Meg only has a tube."
No. 668478 ID: d78cc1
File 144176570825.png - (13.85KB , 960x560 , 430.png )

"Wait wait wait," Polyphema says. "Everyone: raise your hands if you would live in sin with Zackary Nguyen."
She raises her hand. Everyone else also raises their hands.
"OK now raise your hands if you would live in sin with one another and Zackary Nguyen," Polyphema says.
She raises her hand. Everyone else also raises their hands.
Bika raises hers with hesitation. "I mean the closer to my place the better for me."
"Oh my God," GG says. "We're all so thirsty."
"I just need like a bed," Meg says.
"I'm just thirsty," GG says.
"Well if I'm invited," Polyphema says, "money is no longer an object."
"Poly I can't ask you to put money up to house us."
"That's right you can't because I'm doing it anyway!" Polyphema straightens her dress with satisfaction. "Having a bunch of attractive young people in your debt is the privilege of wealth and age. As long as all of you call me Sugar Mama."
"I can pitch in," GG says.
"You don't have a job, doll," Polyphema says.
"She does now," Bika says. "And I can help too. I mean but the closer the better."
"I'm like broke," Meg says.
"I'd support you, Megumi, darling," Polyphema says. "Anything for the arts. And Zack can volunteer a good chunk of change himself, I'll bet."

"How much money do you have?" you ask.
"Enough," Polyphema says.
"For what?"
"That's my blanket answer for all questions monetary," Polyphema says.

1]] I think shacking up with Bika makes the most sense. Is it ok if everyone's here?
2]] Then I guess it's time to look around and see what "enough" can get us.
3]] Nothing too flashy, Poly. We gotta stay modest.
4]] What about going somewhere upstate, then? A little less in the public eye?
5]] __________________
No. 668489 ID: f61b8d

>clear out some Bikas
>bite mark
Man, people are just dropping secrets left and right. "why can't I hold all these secrets"

Anyway, well, before we decide on a permanent solution, wasn't there some kinds of temporary ones we were considering? Like, I remember something about inviting all of Zack's old friends to camp out in a cabin. Was there an actual cabin we had in mind, or was that entirely supposition? Also, on that note, we might consider going someplace just until the furor dies down a bit - under the assumption that it will. In any case, a touch of 3, probably, though I guess if you all moved cross country or something it might stop mattering; dunno. That sounds...difficult, though.
No. 668497 ID: 0ee153

Is it safe to put everyone together, and even if it is, should it be at the restaurant?
No. 668499 ID: 0fc976

Remind Poly of 3. I can't help but feel any option besides 1 leaves Bika out, though.
No. 668500 ID: d90668

Ok first of all it has to be big enough so everyone can have some private space. Nothing ruins a good thing like not having enough room to have some alone time when you want it.

Two it can be flashy as we want on the inside but I want somewhere safe. So if something bad happens we can protect ourselves. No concrete fortress but also not some cabin with half the walls being full length windows either.

As for upstate it might be a bit out of the way but might be good to have a backup cabin if we can up there. Moving out of town is a last resort. Bika would have to move out of her territory and unless you all want to take up bird watching and fishing there would be quite the commute to have fun in town. So lets talk this option over for a while.
No. 668503 ID: ad7bba

3 We've got the PR angle to consider; we don't want to stand out with this and don't want to look bad when we inevitably do. Something -discreet- is best. If it's something like a chunk of an apartment block, then that's cool.

Also has to be local for Bika. If there's nothing in the area, then default to 1. Or, like, a mix.
No. 668518 ID: ea0ad9

3. Nothing too flashy, I'm already under pressure here, and I'm still not far enough into GG's training to not be squished with pressure.
(5) Seriously, though, I'm supposed to be proof that people can get along. If I go all flashy I won't look people anymore, and people-people will think "oh man I can't be that awesome."
No. 668524 ID: 2d5d20

No. 668533 ID: f0e552

We need a house that looks totally modest on the outside, but a house that looks totally amazing, bigger and totally secure on the inside. I'm talking secret base levels of underground spaces

Wait, do these houses even exist?
No. 668555 ID: a107fd

Combine 1, 2, and 4. "Alright, Poly, if we're going to be throwing unreasonable amounts of money at this problem, let's see what we can do with that. Bring in some contractors to upgrade security, renovate, and possibly expand Bika's place, while also looking around for a quiet hidey-hole up in the mountains, and commission a few of those top-shelf anatomically-correct-crash-test-dummy sex toy things to look like me, so Meg can carry 'em around and keep the spies guessing about where I really am."
No. 668556 ID: dfacf6

so the wilderness plan is out?

we need security and we need to stay hidden. bika's is untraceable and it would take an angree mob to get to us there but thing is, they have an angry mob. we need a place above a police station or hire security guards or something. I'd say get the hvao involved with security but i want to remain as self-reliant as possible in case they fold under the pressure.

also some riot gear would be nice, tear gas and gas masks mainly, to avoid poly having to blow people up
No. 668578 ID: 78923e

There's kind of a balance between somewhere being accessible and therefore easier for hostiles to get at, but also harder for them to get at without alerting basically everyone and the cops being nearby and so on, and somewhere remote, where it'd be harder for hostiles to get but also there'd be no-one to help or at least record it for the news.

I'm leaning towards the former, since it seems this group will still find out eventually and come after you, so it'd be better to make them have to avoid publicity. Plus it looks like Bika would be happier. Ask her if she's noticed anywhere nearby for sale or rent. Maybe even some non-residential space that could be fixed up? Renovation would be a good option for making a place that's comfy on the inside but doesn't attract attention outside, and you could add your own security arrangements.

So, a place of your own, but no rushing it and buying up just what's available as soon as possible. Shacking with Bika will do for a while, as long as she continue to be ok with it.
No. 668616 ID: bd0fbc

No. 668625 ID: f56ff3

Okay everyone living together would be awsome but you'd need to establish all sorts of boundries and be super clear about needs. Like Bika seems to want stay where she is, Meg is the very first floater to be part of a dalubria and probably has a bunch of shit for everyone to learn, Poly has a million secrets that are probably like acid in her mind and she's going to have to find a more healthy way of managing them before somthing dangerous happens, and GG is uhh probably going to end up needing a way to hit things safely for when somthing inevitably ends up going totaly crazy. But I fully support cohousing if it can happen without everyone hating eachother.
No. 668628 ID: cab7d6

Aw, I don't want Bika to have to kick any Bikas to the curb!
No. 668741 ID: beeefc


With all of us living together it'll be way easier.
No. 668803 ID: a107fd

Can any given Bika legally own, and competently use, a basic bolt-action hunting rifle? Not many restrictions on those in the U.S., with the whole 'right to keep and bear arms' thing, particularly since ROF is too low for spray-n-pray and longarms are too big to be concealable. Ten Bikas with rifles, defending a choke point, could probably chew up and spit out any angry mob the city could conceivably throw at them, short of combinations of weaponry, discipline, and body armor that can't really be called a 'mob' anymore.

Might be bad for PR, but hey, if maniacs break into your home with torches and pitchforks, deal with the immediate problem first and apologize to their next-of-kin afterward.
No. 668823 ID: 3ba0dc

I am all for cohabitation. With the whole gang working together we can turn any place we choose to live into a veritable palace, though I think it would be wise to err on the side of modesty. We should be sure to choose somewhere near Bika's territory. We want this to work for everyone.
No. 668892 ID: 350a50

That sounds like it would provoke outright riots and gunfights in the streets.

Anyways, voting for 1.
No. 669162 ID: 5812ad

I'm much more in favour of the Home Alone approach to riot defense. In addition to steel grating to pull down over the windows, shopping-mall-style, see about getting a battering-ram proof door (which do exist), and maybe some less-than-lethal deterrents, like tear gas and stingballs. All of which really don't put forward the whole "friend of humanity" image, but they're better than a makeshift Bika militia and more secure than secrecy and hope.
No. 669165 ID: 2f4b71

1 is kind of the only workable option. Bika is effectively acting as the police for a big chunk of Visitor population. If she up and left, that's going to cause problems for a lot of people, people Bika almost certainly feels responsible for protecting.
No. 669169 ID: 7b7ab3

We need someplace comfortable, modest, and near Bika's territory. Bika's main house may be the quickest, easiest option, but we can still shop around if the group so chooses.

It'll take some work. Everyone will have to get used to each other and we'll have to do some financial figuring, but it definitely seems like coming together in this uncertain time is the best bet.
No. 669244 ID: d78cc1
File 144210172779.png - (9.67KB , 960x560 , 431.png )

"I think staying at Bika's or a place right near it is probably the most workable option," you say. "And it's gotta stay modest."
"Awwww," Polyphema says. "No champagne fountains?"
"Maybe a very small champagne fountain."
"Champagne birdbath," Meg says.
"I'll shop around a little," Polyphema says. "I know some fantastic Visitor-Friendly realtors I can talk to."
"If they're still visitor friendly," Bika says.
"Mmm. True." Polyphema frowns faintly. "Do you know anyone in the area?"
"I can put some feelers out," Bika says.
"That's a spooky word," GG says. "Feelers."
"It's a human expression for indirect fact-finding," Meg says. "Blame the humans."
"Always blame the humans," Bika says.
Polyphema raises her botttle. "Rule of thumb!"
"Poke around," Bika says. "With my feeeelers."

"OK," you say. "Item 2. Uhhhhh GG."
"Parents thing." You rub your arm subconsciously. It feels a little more toned than it was. Maybe? "When can I clear my name?"
"Whenever, dude," she says. "You could come over for dinner. If you're still with it. I get if you're not. But like I'll be there. And you can bring someone else for, like, moral support. If you want to get all dulabira-y."

1]] ASAP.
2]] Let's give it a little more time.
3]] I can go on my own. It'll look better that way.
4]] A little backup might help.
5]] So we're having dinner at their place?
6]] I should host them somewhere. Bet they'd like Speed Luck Skut.
7]] _______________
No. 669245 ID: b8ceae

1, 4, 6.
Don't drag it out. It has to happen, so get it done.
Poly has probably done this before. She'll earn their respect easily enough, and her respect for Zack will help things along.
No. 669246 ID: ad7bba


Let's avoid making this thing a Thing as much as we can. For one, I don't think diplomatizing it's gonna work; they know oculots after all. At least, it won't work without being noticed.

Anyway, worse that happens is we make a bad impression and get several bone fractures. Maybe a small coma.
No. 669253 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 3, 5.

It is time to prove ourselves. Showing up with an entourage would look weak, so GG should be our sole company. Facing them in their own home would show that we have confidence and courage aplenty, so we should do that.

Like Poly said, we must puff ourselves up and give not an inch. Garakton respect bravery and confidence, so let's show them what we've got.
No. 669255 ID: 4e0ee1

1, 4, but not 6 because we're leaning on Bika's good will a lot as it is. Maybe if we make sure we pay fully for the service as usual.

Also Bika would have to be our +1, and taking the tiniest girl wouldn't help our reputation vis-a-vis sissiness. Poly would also not be too helpful there, they'd likely sense how take-charge she is. Meg would probably be the most impressive, actually.
No. 669261 ID: 3200c7

All of these.
Except the bone fractures and potential coma.
Let's avoid those.
No. 669268 ID: 0fc976

2, 4, 5. You might want to introduce them to Poly sometime too, now.
No. 669271 ID: 0e8da1

1, 3, 5. WE AIN'T NO SISSY!
No. 669280 ID: 350a50

No. 669281 ID: d135cd

No. 669304 ID: fe0a3c

ASAP. There's no way we're getting much bulkier anytime soon, so we should just go ahead and work with what we have. Thankfully, we have an entire team of Visitors to give us advice before we go.

I do think that we should go alone, aside from GG. Having our entire dulabira there to back us up would look pretty wimpy, and just Poly alone would have them thinking we were trying to diplomance them into submission.

Dinner at their house would be lovely. No doubt Warrior cuisine is as powerful and charming as the Warriors themselves. Perhaps we'll learn more about the culture while we're at it.
No. 669445 ID: a107fd

Seconding Meg as the +1. Check if her dating instruction manual includes any relevant tips for a situation like this.
No. 669462 ID: 8cd00a

ASAP. With Geeg. Their place.
However, before we go, we need to gather as much information as possible.
What are their names?
What are their interests?
Do they have any hobbies?
Are there any topics we should avoid?
Things of that nature.
No. 669463 ID: 0ee153

"Always blame the humans? Haha cool. Why're a billion of us dead?"
No. 669464 ID: ad936f

No. 669465 ID: 1b9701

Yeah sure let's throw everything thus achieved in the quest so far away. Just burn it to the ground.
No. 669466 ID: 0ee153

Oh you're right, we should totally ignore them making offensive jokes about Zack and an entire species. Racism is cool guys, especially when it's done by an "oppressed" subculture who just got away with committing genocide. Totally ignore that suggestion, there's nothing to be insulted by :^^^^))))))))
No. 669468 ID: 350a50

Remember mother's words. Never give into hate, Zack.
No. 669472 ID: 0ee153

Fair point. The idea was that Zack shouldn't just do nothing about them shit-talking humanity, but I can see how I went overboard. Hindisght, 20/20, all that. My apologies. Still, we shouldn't be letting them give in to hate, either, should we?
No. 669473 ID: 395c02

Yeah look you can just be like "always blame the humans?" with the right intonation and a kind of half-smirk so as to be like "hey that's not cool" without being awkward as all hell about it, y'know?
No. 669474 ID: 048bbd

If ANYTHING this is what we should do.
Almost all the girls have expressed admiration for humanity or at the very least a sentiment of gratitude for the way we do things. This is a discriminated against minority group blowing off steam, as they have in the past in Poly and GGs case , not a bunch of girls we're good friends with suddenly turning racist
No. 669492 ID: b8ceae

Counterpoint: Oculots and Warriors have A Thing, and her parents would understand that. GG and Poly met through Zack, but it's pretty obvious that they have direct romantic involvement.
It's not that GG would bring Zack and Zack would bring his other girlfriend, it's GG bringing HER girlfriend and boyfriend who also happen to be dating each other, because GG is going to have to introduce both of them and this is more convenient.
No. 669496 ID: 350a50

A fair point, yes.
No. 669810 ID: d78cc1
File 144236522305.png - (5.16KB , 960x560 , 432.png )

"I'm flying solo," you say. "And I'd love to come over to their place for dinner ASAP."
GG sits forward with a grin. "We on?"
"On like Donkey Kong."
"Good luck," Meg says.
"Who needs luck?" You hold up one of your arms and flex. "Check this out."

The girls squint.

"Well," Polyphema says. "They'll love your confidence."
"There's definitely lines there that weren't there before," Bika says.
"Good luck," Meg repeats.
"They'll love ya," GG says. "And if they don't I'll beat the crap out of them until they do."
You reholster the gunshow. "Are you being serious?"
"We'll see how the evening goes," GG says. "Dad's busy tomorrow night but the day after tomorrow we're all good I think."
"OK." You take a breath. "We're on for 2 days."
"Bene!" Polyphema takes another slug of brew. Bika taps her fingers on the table. "Any other important bulletins to share, Zackary?"
No. 669832 ID: 7b7ab3

Vacation plans!

Poly mentioned wanting to get out of the city for awhile, and we are interested.

Assuming the other girls are invited, and possibly our human friends, we would like to talk about vacation plans.
No. 669844 ID: ae73cb

It's not just about us, Poly. Do you girls have anything to add? Any plans or projects?
No. 669870 ID: 0fc976

Planning a vacation, and that's it from me. Anyone have something else to bring up?
No. 669871 ID: 164b38

Maybe we should have asked if any of them wanted to come. Oh well.
Anyway, yes. Vacation plans, anything the girls have to add. Maybe just hanging out?
No. 669878 ID: 350a50

Gary wanted you and GG to help him move some stuff, right? He said he'd pay.
No. 669882 ID: 7b7ab3

Sorry to say, but that happened all the way back in thread 3.
No. 669896 ID: 350a50

Ah, right. I thought we just forgot, thanks for correcting me.

As far as vacation plans go, we can't go too far or Bika will end up spread thin. Ask the girls what ideas they have.

We should make sure not to lose touch with Zack's human friends either. Maybe one of them has an idea.
No. 669948 ID: 8cd00a

We have a group of people desperate for a good time.
There must be something somebody wants to do.
No. 669992 ID: c0d3cb

"Well, you mentioned wanting to get out of town for a while. How about that?"
No. 670039 ID: 3a6f93

No. 670311 ID: d78cc1
File 144255603317.png - (10.75KB , 960x560 , 433.png )

"Planning a vacation, maybe," you say. "Poly wants to get out of town and I support that notion 100%."
"Oh word," GG says. "I too support that."
"Same," Meg says.
"Hell yep," Bika says. "I can manage here without like a dozen of me."
"What if I bring my friends along?"
"They're cool," GG says.
Meg shrugs. "Cool if they're cool."
"I've been dying to meet them," Polyphema says. "The moose jumper. I have to shake his hand."
"So we're settled on that," you say. "Awesome. I'll text my guys and ask them, you all can get whoever you want and talk to them about it too. And uhh I'll start a chat thread thing on facebook and we can all post our ideas on it. TBD sometime after dinner with GG's 'rents."
Bika salutes. "Aye-aye, captain!"

"And that's it from me," you say. "Anyone else with anything to add before we go off the record?"
"Yo actually yeah," Meg says. "Question for the group."
"Ask away."

"Can I be the one who gets to fuck Zack tonight?" Meg asks. "Cuz I've only ever done it once.

Like ever.

Why is everyone staring.

Why is Polyphema laughing."

1]] Sure thing, Meg.
2]] Sure thing, Meg. Anyone else want in?
3]] That's not exactly usual table conversation, Meg.
4]] I throw that question out to the group.
5]] I was actually going to sleep over at _____________'s.
6]] Neither of us really have a room for it, Meg.
7]] Maybe we should set up like a rotating schedule.
8]] This chicken is delicious. Has anyone tried the chicken?
9]] _____________________
No. 670315 ID: defceb

3, uh 1 too?
No. 670316 ID: 0fc976

Explain 3, but follow that up with 2. The lady asked you a question, Zack.
No. 670317 ID: e114bc

9. The girls must engage in mortal combat to decide.
No. 670318 ID: 330ce5

3 followed by 4.
No. 670319 ID: ea0ad9

6, 9. Neither of you have a room for it, but if she and Bika are alright with it, you could have a three-(plus)-some. Not sure how to word that cleverly.
No. 670320 ID: bb78f2

9]] You know, Meg, I think Poly might have mentioned she some interest in you.
You know, GG, I think Bika might have mentioned some interest in you.
You know, Zack, I think Zack mentioned some interest in you.
Oh STOP IT, Zack, you're getting narcissistic again.
No. 670328 ID: b8ceae

Agreed. Meg gets Zack first in the free-for-all.
No. 670329 ID: 0ee153

3, 2, 7 and 9. The schedule will be determined by the winner of a monster truck rally.
No. 670341 ID: 281aec

tbh your love circle is getting a little bit big for one-on-one to be a regular activity. Might have to get in the mindset of regular group sex.
No. 670365 ID: 7b7ab3


Bring 'em all on! We'll get the whole buildin' shakin'!
No. 670370 ID: 76bcb2

3, 2, 4 sounds sound. Points for boldness.
No. 670392 ID: eb385b

No. 670445 ID: e8135d

Explain 3, then definitely 2.
This love train's picking up steam!
No. 670449 ID: b5b419

4 + 9 "What, I don't get to choose for myself?"
No. 670455 ID: f0e552

9) Iunno, I've been thinking we should get everyone! I just wonder how...
No. 670519 ID: a107fd

2, but whisper 3 in her ear first and maybe ask to look over that training manual yourself someday.

As for 6, ask Bika to clear as many of herself as aren't interested in sex with Meg out of a room upstairs. Also 8 because the chicken really is delicious.
No. 670751 ID: d78cc1
File 144272567351.png - (8.22KB , 960x560 , 434.png )

You ahem. "That's not exactly appropriate table manner, Meg. But sure. Anyone else want in?"

A second, lengthier silence falls across the table.

For a second or two you think you might have crossed a bridge too far a bit too fast, but then the ever-game Polyphema raises her eyebrow, then her hand.

"I, for one, want to have an interesting night," she says.
GG snorts and raises her hand too.

"I wasn't necessarily expecting this kind of curveball," Meg says, sounding guarded.

"Don't worry, Megumi," Polyphema says. "Just consider it an open invitation to borrow my room for the evening, since the two of you seem to be homeless vagrants at the mo. Grightogot and myself can entertain one another on the couch if we need to."

She brings her hand down to her chin and looks across the table at Bika. "Unless Miss Bika cares to hostess?"

Bika evinces visible discomfort. "I dunno," she says.

1]] C'mon. It'll be fun.
2]] Don't worry about it, Bika. We'll be at Poly's.
3]] Just come over to Poly's and hang out for a while.
4]] I think me and Meg should probably just stay in a vacant room here. Sorry, Poly.
5]] __________________
No. 670753 ID: 350a50

1, 5

"How about some party games first to break the ice?"
No. 670754 ID: 3009b4

Something something POLY. Anything to do with Poly.
No. 670757 ID: 0fc976

2. We respect Bika's boundaries.
No. 670759 ID: 0fc976

Although, we will miss you.
No. 670761 ID: dfacf6

2, because gentlemen don't coerce.
that goes for meg too, she decides if poly and gg are in and where we stay.
No. 670787 ID: 7b7ab3

"Don't worry about it, Bika. If you'd rather not? That's fine. If you'd rather just hang out? That's fine. I just want everyone to be happy. That's all I ever want."
No. 670809 ID: 1d55f0

Yeah, meg decides!
No. 670813 ID: 281aec

"Hey, I'm not interested in making anyone do anything they aren't comfortable with. Meg, Bika, I assure you this'll be a safe environment for us to explore new experiences, but if you aren't comfortable, then that's fine, too. Ultimately, we're all in this to enjoy ourselves and to enjoy each other. No pressure one way or the other."
No. 670936 ID: 7b7ab3

This sounds really good. All we're trying to do is help everyone have a good time. If we're going too fast, then we're sorry.
No. 670956 ID: b03d2a

Yeah, 2.
No. 671257 ID: a107fd

2, 3. Has Bika even been to Poly's place before? If it's as palatial as the budget would imply, a few bodies might be able to have fun exploring whichever areas the rest of the dulabira aren't using for sex at the moment.
No. 671284 ID: d78cc1
File 144281886819.png - (14.58KB , 960x560 , 435.png )

"OK," you say. "That's totally fine. No pressure."
Bika chews on her fingernail. "Sorry."
"It's seriously alright." You stand up and scoot your chair in. "So we'll be at Poly's? If you need me or anything just text. And come on over if you want. Just to hang out."
"Okey dokey." She gives a weak smile. "Bye, guys."

That probably could have gone way better, you decide, on the way to Polyphema's apartment.
The subway ride is blessedly without incident, although just to be safe all of you take separate cars and make no eye contact on the platform.
If anyone notices you they aren't audacious enough to approach you about it.

Polyphema shoulders open the door. "Home again home again!"
She steps inside and tosses her wallet and such onto a couch to her right. "Mi casa es su casa, friends."
GG crooks her neck as she enters. "Gotta get a bigger doorway."
"Nice coop," Meg says.
"Thank you, birdie. Your nest awaits." Polyphema points to her room. "GG and I can put on some music or something. Unless can I get you a drink or something."
You look to Meg, who gives an affably noncommittal shrug.

1]] Thanks, Poly. We'll, uh, be right back.
2]] Drinks sounds good.
3]] Deep six the drink but hang out for a while.
4]] Group bonding activity!!!! _____________________
5]] I hope I didn't just fuck up with Bika back there.
6]] Poly maybe we should talk about this day drinking thing.
7]] __________________
No. 671285 ID: fede3c

5, and 3. Unless we want to make something sufficiently interesting out of steeped stuff and juice.
No. 671286 ID: 7b7ab3

3, 5.
Let's try to keep the booze to a minimum.

We should do something to make up with Bika. I worry about her.
No. 671290 ID: defceb


Chug! Chug! Chug!
No. 671294 ID: 2ccbb3

5, 6, 7) Maybe you should reinforce the building just to be safe. Nothing serious, just plan some bulletproof redecorating with a hint of lavender-petal paint.
No. 671298 ID: 0fc976

5, 6, 4. Cards Against Humanity Uhhh, what boardgames have ya got Poly?
No. 671339 ID: e1c123

5, 3, 4.

What can we do for Bika?
What is there to do at Poly's?
No. 671344 ID: 2a7417

Hey, if we're hanging out at Poly's we could invite some of Poly's friends too. Wanna hit up Hizz?
No. 671377 ID: ea0ad9

> Cards Against Humanity
Apples to Apples or Pretend You're Xyzzy may be more appropriately named, here.
No. 671394 ID: 2a7417

>Pretend You're Xyzzy
Why would we use the online version of CAH in person? Also, the name will have them intrigued if they haven't heard of it before.
No. 671439 ID: e3719e

Stress over potential fuck up.
Politely decline alcohol.
Play Cards Against Humanity.
No. 671449 ID: ad936f

not drinking is for assholes, drown your potential Bika fuck ups with booze.
No. 671466 ID: 350a50

No. 671498 ID: 40cf56

Third. Seek advice from present girlfriends concerning potential fuck up.
No. 671562 ID: ec5b46

oh c'mon, we need to voice everything in this fashion. We knew that skuts don't do dulamads, so this is something that makes perfect sense. We'll still spend time with Bika, but honestly if we had to make a choice I'd drop Bika for Poly any day. She's going to have to deal with this being the situation cause it is, and talking to her about it is what we do, not talking to Poly or Meg about it.

We are a gentlemen, and honestly we are over our head here. Zack is a charismatic guy but there's no way to NOT end up picking favorites in a situation like this, and the others are all on the ball enough to notice that.

Also, the "anyone else want to join us" thing was incredibly uncool. Be cool bitches. Be cool.

Lets go with 2, but keep it light (no getting drunk during the day when we are doing something like this, just a bit to take the edge off and keep the atmosphere relaxed). Lets go with the aforementioned Cards against humanity, since all involved have a crude streak in them, and it should be a good time during a group activity.

If Poly does get drunk (which would make it every time we've been with her except the hiking trip she would be drunk), then again, we'll talk to her in private about our concern, not air it in front of the group.
No. 671564 ID: 263d48

drinks, 5 and some group game. not vidya or movies though. some card game or other. or a table game. not monopoly or anything too long to turn into the strip variety.
No. 671822 ID: 40a95b

This seems like the best plan.
High probability of hilarity, minimal chance of tragedy.
No. 672565 ID: 11a424

5, 4: What does Poly have in the way of entertainment?
Also 2, but nothing alcoholic. Does she have any soda or anything?
No. 673310 ID: de6a4c

While we should be concerned about Bika and how we treat her, we are planning a vacation. One where we'll have ample time to apologize and demonstrate our love for her.
For now though, let's just hang out and play some games or something.
No. 674143 ID: 612b8d

4 (What's available?).
No. 674248 ID: 1bfe73

No. 675435 ID: 8aa7ad

2 and 5, but ixnay the alcohol. If we want Poly to dry out, then we probably shouldn't tempt her.
No. 675449 ID: 350a50

No. 676208 ID: 2d5d20

3, 5.
No. 679188 ID: 171e1d

I'm torn. I want Polyphema to be able to relax, but she's definitely having problems with alcohol. I think I'll stay neutral on the topic.

However, we definitely fucked up with Bika.
No. 680031 ID: 7ccb81

Actually, this may be an opportune time to talk about an idea, regarding Bika, but that maybe Bika shouldn't hear about. Bika's had trouble with a neighboring skutcloud, and it's sort of Zack's fault, so it might be an idea for him to go over to that other skut and talk it out, just personal, man to wo/men. So maybe some advice about doing that, before we get lost in the revels?

Because, and this is something that could have been thought of a little earlier but, if Hiz got dumped by his girl who was in the program, that girl probably ditched a selection of other visitor dudes from the program, but skuts being skuts, Bika was probably also the dude with the girl, as well as being the girl with Zack. So some boy-Bika just got dumped recently. If Zack can take some pressure off, and maybe make strides towards skuts sorting out their problems in a way less likely to attract negative human attention, that'd be great.
No. 682195 ID: 9d4fb7

I have an idea.
I feel pretty bad over Bika getting left out, so why don't we let GG, Meg, and Poly chill for a minute while Zack steps aside to give Bika a call and apologize to her.
After that we can ask the present girls what they'd like to do.
No. 683253 ID: 12b34c
File 144726719771.png - (20.92KB , 960x560 , 436.png )

Polyphema takes a sip of her fresca and flips an answer card. "'But before I kill you, Mr. Bond, I must show you blank.'"
"I don't get the ref," GG says.
"Like James Bond 007," Meg says.
"Ohhhh." GG ruffles through her cards. "Ain't ever seen that."
"You'd appreciate it," Meg says.
"Have you seen it?" you ask Meg. "Cuz you have his gun."
"Fuck yeah I got his gun," Meg says. "Why'd you think I picked it?"
GG puts down her cards. "You carry a gun?"
"Always. Walther PPK. It's in my jacket."
"It's very glamorous," Polyphema says. "Swoop back dresses, glorious suits..."
"Car chases, explosions..." Meg says.
"Mark my words, girls and Zack," Polyphema says. "I am going to be the first nonhuman Bond Girl. Shaken, not stirred."
"He does kind of hit the middle in a Meg / GG / Poly venn diagram," you say.
"Dude," GG says. "Bonding activity."
"This first, Grightogot." Polyphema taps her card. "I must show you..... blank."
GG frowns. "None of my cards are good."
"Just play the funniest one," Meg says. "It don't matter."
"No." GG's grip tightens on her cards. "I Must Win. For My Honor."

You look at your hand and consider which card to play.
And also what's a good way to bring up your misgivings about Bika.
No. 683254 ID: 7804e4

the gays is the only valid card to use here and you know it.
No. 683255 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 683256 ID: 3861b9

The Kariket's Impossibly Douchey Beard.
Because, let's face it, looking at that thing is pure, grade-A torture.
No. 683257 ID: 350a50

No. 683259 ID: 0fc976

Authentic Mexican cuisine. Dr. No es Bueno!

"I hope I didn't just fuck up with Bika back there" works fine.
No. 683267 ID: 6180de

No. 683274 ID: defceb

No. 683275 ID: bb78f2

Mexican Cuisine
No. 683280 ID: 88e46e

the gays
No. 683289 ID: 726184

>"I hope I didn't just fuck up with Bika back there" works fine.
No. 683292 ID: a5478c

No. 683294 ID: ad936f

Honestly, Ploy is the only one I'd want to talk to about Bika.

Voting for the gays.
No. 683304 ID: 548a94

No. 683305 ID: 88e46e

Save the beard for when we really need a good card, guys.
No. 683308 ID: 9c90e3

"Actually, girls, I have to ask: how bad did I fuck up with Bika back there? I'm worried about it."

Go with the beard.
No. 683309 ID: 2ccbb3

You have a horrible card set and I think you should fold now.
No. 683315 ID: c10e99

You have a wonderful card set and I think you should BIG RED WARRIOR DICK.

"I hope I didn't just fuck up with Bika back there."
No. 683320 ID: 12b273

This is correct.
No. 683323 ID: bb78f2

How to address the Bika issue:
"On a scale from Winking at Old People to The Karikat's Beard, how much have I fucked up today, girls?"
No. 683341 ID: 0fc976

They don't know that those are cards you are holding in your hand. They will give you weird looks and you will deserve them.
No. 683388 ID: 98b82d

No. 683426 ID: d4940a

Once again, don't be gossipy about Bika and her reaction. You spend time with the people you are with, and ask any of them in private what to do about the situation. Zack is a gentleman.

Big red warrior dick is the only thing that sound right in this situation, but might as well go for the douchey beard.
No. 683486 ID: ca183f

What the heck why are you playing with only five card hands.
Although nbd in this case cause all of your cards are pretty awesome for this prompt, except for winking at old people.
No. 683540 ID: 7b7ab3

>And also what's a good way to bring up your misgivings about Bika.
I missed this bit.
Just be straightforward.
"I hope I didn't fuck up with Bika back there."
No. 683714 ID: 12b34c
File 144740027725.png - (10.33KB , 960x560 , 437.png )

Meg flips a card down to the floor.
You follow suit.
GG scrunches her face and puts hers down.

Polyphema gathers the cards and turns them over.
"But before I kill you, Mr. Bond, I must show you...
The Kariket's Impossibly Douchey Beard!
Oh god that WOULD be torture.
GG was that you?"
"Good card to burn. Aaand: My--"
She laughs so hard she snorts a very unfeminine snort. "My collection of high tech sex toys! Wins. That one wins. Someone knows their audience very well."
"Gottem." Meg slides the black card into her lap.
"Megumi you strumpet," Polyphema says.
"Wait whose sex toys are we talking," GG says. "Meg's or Poly's?"
"Don't got any," Meg says. "I just always play the funniest one. Always Be Playing."
"Obviously we have to start your collection," Polyphema says. "Shopping spree at the Dildo hut!"
"If that was a place Poly'd have the fuckin rewards card," GG says.
"So thrifting with me," Meg says, "dildoing with Poly, like--" she waves at GG.
"Powdering," GG says. "Get you children some brotein."
"Powdering with GG and groceries with Bika," Polyphema says. "Because I have to know what's in her spice drawer."
"Hey do you guys think I fucked up with her today?" you ask.
"Yup." Meg matter-of-factly takes another white card.
"Naw. I mean, I don't know. Not really." GG takes one. "She seemed p uncomfortable, though."
"She's shy, and we are strangers," Polyphema says. "A dulabira is an intimidating thing to enter into, especially with strangers. Mustn't rush it."
"You and GG rushed it."
"Ay I don't rush," GG says. "I charge."
"She might just not be wired like that, Zackary," Polyphema says, gently. "She'll come around. Or maybe she won't. She's allowed not to."
"Hmm." You take a card:

GG flips her black card. "Coming to Broadway this season: Blank the musical. OK." She tosses the card into the middle. "Thrill me."

You have:
No. 683715 ID: 5af472

Winking at old people.

When it gets revealed, you wink at Poly.
No. 683716 ID: 0fc976

The Big Red One. Who's winning?
No. 683719 ID: 7b7ab3

>Who's winning?
I'mma say Meg. She got a good card.
No. 683722 ID: a5478c

No. 683723 ID: e8e437

No. 683739 ID: 7804e4

No. 683763 ID: 398366

No. 683766 ID: bb78f2

Gotta go REEEED
No. 683787 ID: a10d83

No. 683849 ID: b2b6b9

Big Ol' Warrior D!
Because reasons.
No. 684069 ID: 844af2


Featuring an all wind instrument band!
No. 684172 ID: 12b34c
File 144762342225.png - (11.87KB , 960x560 , 438.png )

You slap your card down almost instantly.
"Somebody's confident," GG says.
"It's fate," you say.
Polyphema leafs through her hand. "Shoot."
"He's bluffing," Meg says.

GG flips the cards over one at a time.
"Soiling Oneself: The Musical.
Road head: The Musical.
"Bam." You take the card.
"Obviously," GG says.
"Boo," Meg says. "Road Head."
"You've never even seen a big red warrior dick," Polyphema says. "I could write a showstopper about them."
"I've only seen one dick like ever," Meg says. "I mean in porn, but."
"Porn doesn't count," GG says.
"Tho if you're going to only see one, you could see a lot worse." Polyphema nudges your knee with her foot.
"I keep forgetting you guys also fuck Zack," Meg says.
"It doesn't skeeze you out, does it?" GG asks.
"It's actually kind of like... cool," Meg says. "Weirdly."
"Shared hobbies!" Polyphema says. "Oh look he's blushing!"
"I am not." You take the next card. "Trick of the light. Why am I sticky?"

They all laugh.

"It's the card." You wave it at them. "Why am I sticky? Blank."
"I know why he's sticky," GG says.
They laugh again.
"Give me your cards," you say. "Nutjobs."

You shuffle the cards and lay them out.

"Nice, guys," you say.
No. 684180 ID: fbc59e

Somehow I sense that Glory Holes belongs to GG.
Defective Condom seems like Meg.
So which to pick?
...I admit to being partial to Glory holes.
No. 684181 ID: ad936f

No. 684183 ID: 7b7ab3


They're supposed to contain the sticky!"
No. 684194 ID: 88e46e

A glory hole is funnier.
No. 684200 ID: 0fc976

No. 684222 ID: c4546c

>They're supposed to contain the sticky!
I'm repulsed, but in agreement.
No. 684240 ID: e791c0

I'm torn between MEN and A DEFECTIVE CONDOM. They're both hilarious, but for different reasons.
No. 684279 ID: 12b34c
File 144765825049.png - (5.83KB , 960x560 , 439.png )

"Defective condom," you say.
"Gottem." Meg takes the card.
"God damn it Meg," GG says. "You're too good at this."
"That's... 12." Meg counts her cards up. "What were we playing to?"
"I say 12," Polyphema says. "Cards Against Humanity and Co. has had its time in the sun and I am bored of it."
"Same," Meg says.
"I wanna go out somewhere," GG says. "For lunch."
"Same to that also," Meg says.
"Like I've been so cooped up," GG says. She exhales. "But, uh. We should probably be staying off the streets."
Polyphema pats her leg. "Probably."

1]] So another round then?
2]] So James Bond then?
3]] I think I actually need to call Bika real quick.
4]] Fuck it. Let's go out somewhere.
5]] What if we go out somewhere and, like, try not to be seen in public together? Somehow?
6]] I'm the controversial attention magnet, not you. If I stay home it should be fine. Go have fun.
7]] Can me and Meg actually have some private time maybe?
8]] ____________________
No. 684284 ID: 0fc976

2 and 3. I think 7 is best served after a helping of international intrigue.
No. 684296 ID: 2ccbb3

3, 6, 8 (Sleep in until one of you feels the need to grope someone. Then tease each other until one of you loses it. Tie up the loser and sex them with teasing.)
No. 684300 ID: 7b7ab3

After we set the girls up with some Bond, let's step aside for a bit and smooth things over with Bika. Maybe we can invite her over if she's feeling more up to it now.
As for Meg, we should pull her aside when it's appropriate so we can see how she's feeling about all this.
No. 684318 ID: f0e552

No. 684328 ID: ad936f

just 2 for now
No. 684345 ID: e3903b

No. 684362 ID: 5e05ee

2 and 3.
While the girls get set up, let's call Bika.
No. 684400 ID: 1b9f86

3, then 2. Meg seems to be doing pretty well, but we should probably check and make sure. Her comfort is no less important than anybody else's.
No. 684414 ID: 0e75c4

I understand why we should call Bika, but why do we need private time with Meg?
Did I miss or forget something?
No. 684417 ID: 2a7417

It's Meg's "turn."
No. 684430 ID: a4b3df

2 and 8] Order some chinese noodles or something.
No. 684433 ID: 2e2406

3 most def
7 comes later D9
No. 684450 ID: 350a50


When inviting Bika, let her know it's just for a movie and some games, and you don't want her to feel left out of the general group bonding. No pressure when it comes to the inevitable funny business.
No. 684611 ID: d55cf2

No. 684625 ID: d4940a

Don't call Bika, you can't obsess over a mess up. It's unbecoming and being all weird about is going to alienate the lovely ladies whom are with us.

Lets go out, laying low be damned. You are plenty well protected with GG on hand and Meg carrying a gun. Pick and outdoor activity, or go to the movies or something.
No. 684626 ID: 88e46e

Seriously, lads, I know you're all worried about your waifu, but this is a simulation of actual people, not tgchan. People mess up sometimes and that's okay.
No. 684629 ID: 7b930d

You make good suggestions.
Pilop plz go
No. 684867 ID: 726184

No. 684912 ID: ad936f

No. 684975 ID: 2a2f8a
File 144800472325.png - (5.24KB , 960x560 , 440a.png )

While the girls are finding a good stream of Casino Royale, you step aside to call Bika.

It rings twice before she picks up.

No. 684987 ID: 569ee7

(this is a fill in the blank prompt, guys)
No. 684993 ID: 5bda21

"Hey, Bika. You doing okay? Me and the others were about to sit down and watch a movie. Care to join us?"
No. 684995 ID: 7b7ab3

Say "hello" back.
Ask how she's doing.
Apologize for being a goober.
Explain situation.
Extend invitation.
Be a good boyfriend.
No. 684999 ID: c36f17

Be contrite. We were trying to do the right thing, but we didn't handle it as well as we could have. She's important to us and we didn't want her to feel like we were ditching her or something.
No. 685007 ID: 2a7417

This, along with what >>684450 said about no pressure.
No. 685013 ID: 5ab8a9

No. 685017 ID: bb78f2

As a last resort, offer her anal. YOUR Butt, not hers.
For a person with multiple bodies and genders.
No. 685019 ID: 74b79e

Don't forget to mention that A) we're watching a Bond flick and B) snacks will be provided.
No. 685029 ID: 31f7bc

No. Many times no.
>B) snacks will be provided.
Although, if she wants to bring something, we won't say "no."
No. 685043 ID: 5ae488

"Ayyy girl! We're gonna watch some Bond and chill out. You in?"
No. 685050 ID: b04ad5

What the hell, no.
No. 685052 ID: 2f4b71

>While the girls are finding a good stream of Casino Royale
Polyphema: find the first Casino Royale.
No. 685054 ID: 88e46e

Keep your fetishes out of this, thanks. Especially when the problem is her being uncomfortable with the sex situation.

Anyway, yeah, say hi, invite her for movie and snacks.
No. 685055 ID: bb78f2

It was a joke to lighten the mood.
Okay, no jokes about offering anal.

Personally, I actually understand her need for space right now and I don't think offering her to join the current will work too well. The breakfast was well enough. In reality, and in all seriousness, I would think planning another solo date would help with the problem, with some real talk communication interspersed would be the best way to deal with it.

GG will be working with her soon, I imagine Poly can set up some more reservations at the resteruant so they can have more one on one discussions, as for Meg... hmm, tough one.
No. 685056 ID: 7b7ab3

>Personally, I actually understand her need for space right now and I don't think offering her to join the current will work too well
It's fine if she declines. There's no pressure. Just as long as she knows we care and that she's welcome.
>planning another solo date would help with the problem, with some real talk communication interspersed would be the best way to deal with it
We could use the call to spark the idea. Just some one-on-one time between Bika and Zack.
No. 685062 ID: 350a50

Yeah, if Bika isn't comfortable hanging with everyone just yet, ask what she'd like to do for the next solo date. That way we can get planning.
No. 685148 ID: 15c085

This has the makings of a pretty good idea...
No. 685310 ID: 2a2f8a
File 144826022651.png - (5.25KB , 960x560 , 440a.png )

"Hey," you say. "How's it going, Bika?"
"Not bad. Busy."
You take a deep breath. "So I was kind of a goober before I think. I'm sorry."
"You weren't being a goober. I was. I'm not a good hostess."
"You kidding? Everyone loved your food."
"Yeah but what did they think of me, Zack?"
"They like you. They'll like you even more when they get to know you."
"If you say so." Bika does not sound happy.

"So we're watching Bond over here. James Bond. If you want to join us. There's snacks."
"I'm sorry, Zack. It's lunch hour."
"That's fine. I just thought I'd ask. And um." You rub your forehead. "Whatever you're comfortable with. Because I care about you."
"I do too." Her voice softens. "I mean about you."
"So maybe we should go somewhere solo again," you say. "Just me and you. And you and you and you."
This gets a giggle. "I'd like that."
"What kind of thing were you thinking?"
"I don't know," she says. "Listen I really am-- it's pretty busy. Can I call you later?"

1]] Sure, Bika. See you soon.
2]] I could drop by maybe. After the movie.
3]] I really do think you'll get along with them, Bika.
4]] If you don't tell me what's wrong I can't really fix it, Bika.
5]] Are you sure you can't spare a few of you?
6]] __________________
No. 685311 ID: 3274e0

2 and 1
You said what needed to be said, time to drop a final line that she can pick up if she's feeling up to it and get back to the party. 3 and 4 can come up later, 4 especially is a better thing to talk about in-person anyway
No. 685312 ID: bb78f2

1 and done
Bika's a hivemind you have to take it slow with
No. 685313 ID: 9c21a2

1. If she can't talk she can't talk.
No. 685314 ID: 5ce4ec

Bika's really being a trooper, stepping outside of her comfort zone like she has been. Let's give her something to look forward to, tell her we love her, and then go watch some Bond.
No. 685315 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely 1.

We've given her something to look forward to and let her know that we're keeping her in our thoughts. That's enough for now.

Everything else can wait for a better time.
No. 685319 ID: b418ea

1. Maybe 2.
We gotta be gentle with our cute, little puppy.
No. 685322 ID: ea0ad9

1. I'm tempted to suggest something extra (6), but I can't think of any good reasons to do anything more than 1.
No. 685327 ID: 43ea66

1. It'd be best to discuss these matters in person and at a more opportune time.
No. 685334 ID: b8ceae

1. Ask her to call you back when she's up for talking.
Bika is lying. It's lunch, but she HAS to keep some of her bodies off-shift to maintain functionality in off-hours.
Also, she has a body which can't do anything BUT talk at the moment.
She doesn't want to talk at the moment, but she also doesn't want to upset you. That's fine.
No. 685356 ID: b2b6b9

No. 685364 ID: cab7d6

1, 2. You're staying at her place anyway, aren't you? It's gonna be pretty late when you get out, though.
No. 685440 ID: 350a50

No. 685446 ID: f7a64f

We invited the girls here, we aren't gonna ditch them to go comfort Bika. Just 1.
No. 685745 ID: fcde71

One, because you really can't rush these things. Gotta respect those boundaries, right?
No. 685753 ID: f68a09
File 144852220658.png - (17.31KB , 960x560 , 440.png )

"Sure, Bika," you say. "See you soon."
"Later, Zack."

You trudge back into the living room. GG is queuing up the movie.
"Oh I meant Casino Royale from 1967," you say, finding a seat. "With David Niven."
"19 sixty seven?" GG flops to the floor next to the couch. "What do I look like, Polyphema or something?"
"That one doesn't have Daniel Craig," Polyphema says. She stretches a blanket out across the couch. "50% of the reason women go to see James Bond is because of Daniel Craig, Zackary."
"I've seen this one," Meg says.
"We can watch another," GG says.
"It's cool." Meg lays her head in your lap. "I've seen all of them. Except Moonraker."

By Montenegro, Meg has her eyes closed. Her head is warm in your lap.
GG and Polyphema are focused on James' poker face.
You consider shaking Meg a little to wake her up but decide to let her be.
Then you feel her hand underneath the blanket, snaking up your thigh.
She quietly unzips your pants.
Then she unbuttons your boxers.

1]] Do nothing.
2]] Gently remove her hand from your junk.
3]] See her bet and raise her.
4]] Suggest a relocation to somewhere private.
5]] "That's not what Texas Hold 'Em means, Meg."
6]] _____________________
No. 685757 ID: fcde71

Cheeky darling~
Let's see where this goes.
No. 685758 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, myyy!
Let's go with 4. Don't want to disturb the others with our tomfoolery.
No. 685759 ID: 7b2aa5

No. 685762 ID: 0fc976

3. Up the (p)ante.
No. 685763 ID: 171c6c

She showed us her hand, so let's show her ours.
No. 685771 ID: e3719e

>Up the (p)ante.
Because she just raised the stake(s).
No. 685786 ID: f0e552

No. 685798 ID: e597e1

3 then 4. Invite her to a "private game."
No. 685799 ID: 395c9b

No. 685839 ID: 526ff6

Pick her up and head to the bedroom.
No. 685843 ID: db86e9

1 & 3. This is our fetish, yes?
No. 685905 ID: 86cfc3


Do your best not to give it away, though.
No. 685913 ID: 7adb19

We were planning on playing around, right? And it is Meg's "turn."
No. 685920 ID: b8ceae

No. 685956 ID: b5b419


6] Start doing something similar to polymephra or meg and see if you can get them all doing it in a cycle until the awkward pause when someone bumps their hand into another person's
No. 686011 ID: 395c9b

Top kek. This.
No. 686109 ID: 52cfab

I like the way you think.
No. 686117 ID: ecd257

Oh, Meg.
It's cute how you think you can beat us at our own game.
No. 686577 ID: 458c4a

yes because thats not awkward or anything, esp w a crowd
gently remove her hand from your junk
No. 686595 ID: ad936f

But it's our fetish.
No. 686596 ID: 88e46e

A polyamorous crowd in an open relationship?
No. 686618 ID: f461c5


Polly will surely notice. Wink.
No. 686905 ID: 2a2f8a
File 144921705189.png - (11.77KB , 960x560 , 441.png )

Meg fumbles with the button on your boxers.
You try to retaliate.
She slaps your wrist lightly and pushes your hand away.

A separate, softer hand snakes under the covers, finds yours, entwines its fingers around it, and pulls it up, out, and across a silk-sheathed stomach.

"Did you know," GG says, "that they filmed this entire shower scene in one take?"
"Hmmm," Meg says. She's so intent on pretending to pay attention to the movie that she has no idea what's going on directly behind her.

Polyphema is leaning into your shoulder, with an expression on her face that instantly informs you that you have been Caught. Her skirt is hitched up; her opposite hand is nestled between her thighs.

1]] Shrug helplessly at Polyphema.
2]] Replace Polyphema's hand with yours.
3]] Nudge Meg to alert her to the situation.
4]] Gesture for Polyphema via finger to lips to stay on the DL.
5]] Pull away from Polyphema.
6]] Get Meg's hand off lil' Zack.
7]] "GG I think you're the only one watching the movie at this point."
8]] ______________________
No. 686907 ID: 0fc976

3, nudge Meg.
Your cover isn't the only thing getting blown tonight.
No. 686908 ID: ecd257

2, 3.
This rodeos about to kick off.
No. 686913 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, here we go!
Definitely 2.
Let's let our fingers do the talking.
No. 686922 ID: b5b419

2, 4

8: Tilt your head thoughtfully at GG and give a slight grin to Poly.
No. 686931 ID: aeacd0

4 and then 2. Let's keep it discrete.
No. 686936 ID: 4041c8

2, 3, 7. Everybody in the pool!
No. 686948 ID: 86cfc3

Give Poly a fake indignant look. Also 3.

Let's see just how far we can go without giving anything away to GG.
No. 686998 ID: f7a64f

No. 687004 ID: 395c9b

Make it a game. See how long it takes GG to catch on.
No. 687408 ID: 358a34

Yeah. It's what we had planned, right?
No. 688133 ID: 2a2f8a
File 144981760213.png - (18.14KB , 960x560 , 442.png )

You nudge Meg.
As soon as she sees Polyphema she squawks and sits up so fast she almost headbutts you.

GG almost leaps out of her skin.

Everyone freezes.

1]] Look to Meg to say something.
2]] Look to Polyphema to say something.
3]] Look to GG to say something.
4]] Uhh.... oops.
5]] Wellll you did start it, Meg.
6]] Nice, Polyphema.
7]] ...So that whole scene in one take? Wow.
8]] Dooooes anyone want a drink?
9]] ____________________
No. 688134 ID: 2ccbb3

9) You're losing it from boredom. Take this date outside,

Backyard would work.
No. 688135 ID: 2a2f8a

It's an apartment in a tenement.
No. 688138 ID: 2ccbb3

Does it look like I care?

Go to the roof and plant something.
No. 688139 ID: ca183f

7, I think.

(And then 9: it's GG's turn.)
No. 688140 ID: 3663d3

laugh a little, not a HAHAHA. but a sort of chuckle 'hehehe'
"meg, you're kinda cute with the daylights scared out of you."
No. 688141 ID: bb78f2

8]]Shaken not stirred?
No. 688142 ID: 0fc976

Look to Meg, then Poly, then GG in rapid succession.
No. 688144 ID: 2a2f8a
File 144982094564.png - (10.15KB , 960x560 , 443.png )

You stare at each other.

You try to think of something funny to say and can't, because funny isn't your top stat.

"If this is gonna turn into an orgy," Meg says, carefully, "I want to drink more, and I want a sexier ice breaker than a movie, and I get the dick."

"Like... the whole time?" GG asks.

1]] ____________________
No. 688146 ID: 3663d3

well, you have had practice handling multiple bodies thanks to bika. you can totally manage this.
No. 688147 ID: defceb

Awkwardly offer to show them your collection of pokemon cards.
No. 688148 ID: 799984

I refuse to believe Polyphema doesn't have dicks lying around the place.
No. 688151 ID: 0fc976

Well, it's your turn. I think we can all agree to this arrangement for tonight. Ladies?

A sexier icebreaker than James Bond... Polyphema, ideas?
No. 688153 ID: e64da0

>"If this is gonna turn into an orgy,"
A distinct possibility.
>"I want to drink more,
>I want a sexier ice breaker than a movie
Also cool. Open to suggestions.
>I get the dick."
You call dibs, you go first.
>"Like... the whole time?" GG asks.
Patience, red child.
No. 688154 ID: b5b419

1)"If only I had 3 of them."
No. 688155 ID: 7b7ab3

>You try to think of something funny to say and can't, because funny isn't your top stat.
Curses! Foiled by our own choices!

Anyway, let's calm things down a bit, pour some drinks (careful with Poly), break the ice, and see if we can get a mood going.
No. 688179 ID: 06be26

"Well, that sounds reasonable enough to me. Poly? GG? Your thoughts?"
No. 688531 ID: 1ccf98

"Alright. So, what do you guys want to do? 'Cause I'm down for anything."
No. 688562 ID: 395c9b

Don't put this on them. Take charge.

You should be sharing your dick freely among these ladies. Meg shouldn't get exclusive access. Why is she even asking for that? Say, "What if you get the dick first, but then I share it with the others? It's only fair. You're all my girlfriends." Then, when you're sure everyone's cool with it, start making out with them, distributing the kisses and the gropes as your heart desires.

This'll be intense.
No. 688596 ID: bb78f2

1]] Like I can't go three rounds in a go. Also, just saying Meg, you might want to give my hands and mouth a turn because girl I've heard they're ALL great.

Let's play Spin the Zack. Someone GET A SANDGLASS TIMER!
No. 688610 ID: b5b419

"Why not? James Bond is hellah sexy."
No. 688620 ID: 5f9714

Trust us, Meg. No one is walking away from this unsatisfied. So who wants drinks? Also, what's a good golborian icebreaker?
No. 688918 ID: 1e0d98

>what's a good golborian icebreaker?
Cultural exchange opportunity!
No. 689758 ID: 358a34

No. 690166 ID: f68a09
File 145094345446.png - (9.27KB , 960x560 , 444.png )

You clear your throat. "That sounds, uhhhh. Reasonable. Thoughts?"
"Wrestle you for it," GG says.
"Grightogot," Polyphema admonishes. "A drink sounds delightful, Meg. All around."

You almost wish Hizalian hadn't brought up Polyphema's problem, you think, as you watch her pass glasses around and uncork a bottle of wine. It feels weird drinking with her now.
"What about the icebreaker." Meg pokes you with her left legstump thing.
"Unless you guys want to see my pokemon cards," you say, "I think we should defer to Polyphema."

"Deference! I love it." Polyphema swishes some wine around her mouth and swallows. "I say we play... hm. Have you ever played Royal Interrogator, Meg?"
"Heard of it," Meg says. "But never got the chance."
"Oooo Royal Interrogator," GG says. "This is some teenager shit. Like in a good way."
"What's Royal Interrogator?" you ask.
"Truth or Dare but more involved, Zacky dear," Polyphema says. "So here's how it goes:

"I ask you a question, trying to make it one I think you don't want to answer. You have three options. The first is just answer the question. The second is offer to do a frzhigal."
"A Furziwhat?"
"It means like a bribe," GG says. "But like a favor instead of money."

"And the fact that there is a word for it tells you a lot about Golborian Bureaucracy," Polyphema says. "Right so you give them a frzhigal, which is basically a dare instead, but the one who gets asked the question gives the dare, and if the Royal Interrogator-- that's the one asking the questions-- she or he says 'Granted, BUT,' and then modifies the frzhigal in some way.

"And the third is to lie. But if you get called out for lying then you are out of the game and for the rest of the day or night or whatever you are the personal servant of whoever caught you. If you accuse someone of lying but they didn't lie, they get a free frzhigal out of you. Got it?"
"I think so," you say.
"Well then let's start the Junior Interrogator off with an easy nut to crack," Polyphema says. "Ask me anything, Zack. Try to force a frzhigal."
"Poly you gotta be terrible at this game," GG says.
Polyphema smirks. "That depends on your definition of what's good at it."

1]] _________________
No. 690167 ID: 0fc976

Uhh. Your real name?
Is that too gauche?
No. 690180 ID: a35e18

Here's a tough one: if she could change one thing about us, what would it be?

Kinda a mood killer.
No. 690181 ID: 7b7ab3

That sounds good.

Alternatively, if it came down to it, which would she rather save from absolute destruction: Earth or Golboria? And she can't say both.
No. 690182 ID: 2ccbb3

How did you achieve your first orgasm ever?
No. 690185 ID: 53edd5

List of possible questions
Who's the worst person she's dated?
What's a blind oculot like?
What's her worst nightmare?
Did she ever wet the bed?
Was she ever afraid of the dark?
If she could be another species what would it be?
Has she ever actually set someone on fire with her powers?
No. 690193 ID: b5b419

"Who has the best butt: Me, GG, Poly, or Bika?"
No. 690202 ID: 8c6070

>Has she ever actually set someone on fire with her powers?
Tempting. She's admitted to wanting to in the past.
>"Who has the best butt: Me, GG, Poly, or Bika?"
It's hard to gauge with Bika, seeing as she has so many butts.
No. 690210 ID: e597e1

Would she rather have two eyes or four arms?
No. 690213 ID: 6471d9

No. 690214 ID: ad0f55

Let's try to avoid potential downer questions. Remember, we're supposed to be warming up the room with these.

I suggest "What's the most embarrassing sexual fantasy you ever had?"

Alternately, "what's the most embarrassing thing you ever decided to try and do in bed".
No. 690219 ID: f68a09
File 145098694029.png - (10.14KB , 960x560 , 445.png )

"I'm trying to keep from bringing the mood down," you say.
"Don't," Polyphema says. "Remember you want me to not want to answer. The questions are serious and the frzhigals are not, y'see."
"Have you ever," you say, "actually set anyone on fire?"

Polyphema puts down her glass of wine and picks up your foot. "May I massage your feet for it, master Interrogator, sir?"

1]] Granted, but ________________
2]] Wait does this mean you've actually set someone on fire, Polyphema?
No. 690221 ID: 0fc976

Granted, but... no using your hands.
No. 690222 ID: ad0f55

Granted, but me AND GG's feet. One in each hand. See how ambidextrous Poly is.

For future reference, what if someone offers a frzhigal that's not wanted at all? Say, like if Zack had some hitherto-unknown foot-related trauma or something, just now. Do you just have to offer another?
No. 690223 ID: 977a6a

Pfff. Yes, that's certainly silly.
No. 690224 ID: 2fffb5

This, and ask the second part of >>690222
No. 690225 ID: 2ccbb3

Granted... but use your vagina.
No. 690229 ID: e597e1


Boy, I hope our foot's clean.
No. 690230 ID: 2fffb5

That actually reminds me of a couple of times I've seen Angela White perform with someone's big toe in her anus or her big toe in someone else's anus. She apparently has a foot fetish.
No. 690231 ID: 350a50

No. 690233 ID: e597e1

Kinda wish I could unread all that.
No. 690234 ID: 7b7ab3


Alternatively: "Granted, but we're going to have to have a serious discussion about fire safety sometime, little missy."
No. 690235 ID: 724518


No. 690243 ID: 7b7ab3

To be fair, I do support >>690224.
No. 690245 ID: f68a09
File 145099601574.png - (8.56KB , 960x560 , 446.png )

"OK," you say. "But no hands."
"No hands?" Polyphema raises an eyebrow. "How am I.... hm." She lays her hands across her breasts. "Can I use them to push the ladies up a little?"
"I'll allow it."
"Brill." Polyphema reaches under her dress and unsnaps her strapless bra one-handed. "This thing's clean, right?"
"There are very few things I can say I have never done before," Polyphema says, wiggling closer so your foot is against her chest. "Giving a foot a titjob is one of them. Ach! Your foot is so cold."
You wiggle your toe in her face.
GG is unable to hold in her laughter anymore.
Polyphema sticks her tongue out. "That's it, GG, you're next."
"Hit me, Interrogator," GG says. "If you're not too busy."

"What," Polyphema says, "is your deepest fear."
GG hugs her knees to her chest and sits back in thought.
"Uhhh huh. I'm not sure. I guess--- inadequacy. Unlovability. Like on Earth if beating the shit out of people doesn't get you respect anymore what do I do?" She scratches her thigh. "Like I've got no Earth diploma or GED or anything. I'm kinda pretty dumb, actually. And now I'm unemployed, so like-- yeah. That or my parents finding out about you-know-what."
"What's you-know-what?" Meg asks.
"They know what." GG takes a drink. "Heyo your turn Zack. Get your head out of Polyphema's tits."
"Metaphorically," GG says. "I got a question for you:" She leans forward again. "Who's sexiest." She blinks. "And no bullshit 'oh all of you in different ways' bullshit or whatever. Which one."

1]] Truth: _________
2]] Lie: _________
3]] Frzhihowever-you-say-it: ________________
No. 690246 ID: 977a6a

>Who's sexiest

Okay, okay, that's a joke. Frzhihowever-you-say-it.
No. 690247 ID: 0fc976

Fur ziggle, mistress Interrogator, ma'am!
No. 690248 ID: 2fffb5

Well, the question is serious, so we can't just go "me". Frzhigal it is. ... A piggyback ride?

Also, what, no answer to what to do in case of unwanted Frzhigal? Guess that's too easy.
No. 690249 ID: 7b7ab3

I love it.

Also gg no honey you're beautiful and awesome we love you.
No. 690250 ID: 53edd5

"Well, me of course. No but really, Frzhihowever-you-say-it."
No. 690251 ID: 724518

Fur ziggle! May I braid your hair, mistress interrogator?
No. 690252 ID: c3e940

Frzhigal me, sweet cherry child!
No. 690253 ID: b5b419

"Bika. Because mathematically, she outnumbers all of us, and therefore possesses the most numerical sexiness."
No. 690254 ID: 6471d9

No. 690255 ID: ad0f55

Frazgiggle: I shall give you an item of my clothing, interrogator.
No. 690259 ID: ad936f

I support this frazzle dazzle.
No. 690260 ID: 350a50

No. 690261 ID: 2ccbb3

3. It's time to fart with a megaphone.

Okay GG, who's on the receiving end?
No. 690264 ID: 52cfab

1]] Have you seen the company I can maintain ... Me obviously
No. 690266 ID: 977a6a

You realize she's going to say we can't use our hands.
No. 690293 ID: 7b7ab3

Merry Christmas, everybody!
No. 690365 ID: fc9409

i support this frizfraz!
No. 690412 ID: ebc808

3. May I fetch you a long silk rope, mistress interrogator?
No. 690443 ID: ad936f

She'd be guaranteed to say that we have to wear it.
No. 690444 ID: 724518

Best option.

This is acceptable.
No. 690459 ID: 0fc976

I don't think she wants that out there, even to her dulabira.
No. 690466 ID: 315927

We agreed to keep that shit quiet, you jagoffs.
No. 690468 ID: 977a6a

Yes, bringing that up now would be a jerk move.
No. 690478 ID: 724518

Oh. Oops. You're right.
No. 690484 ID: ebc808

The promise to keep it quiet was for her larger reputation as a hard-ass strive-and-succeed Warrior, not for limiting bedroom options. Offering fine rope as a bribe is not the same as telling everyone she likes to be tied up, and truth-or-dare among a dulabira is not the same as shouting from the rooftops.

Yes, it's enough of a clue that Poly might be able to guess, but she's also probably met warriors who were into that kind of thing before, and knows how to keep secrets.

It's also a subtle way of asking GG how comfortable she is with sharing that particular secret in this context. If she modifies the bribe to spin things in a clearly un-bondage-y direction, that's our cue to press no further, and maybe apologize next time we're alone with her.
No. 690519 ID: 950a18

absolutely not. if anything, wait until it is introduced via question.
No. 690528 ID: 15720c

Wow, we suck at Freeze-Hi-However.

Let's answer "Truth:" "That's a tough one, but overall, I'd have to say Poly. Whether it's just bias from the time together or not, I don't know, though."
No. 690651 ID: 7b7ab3

>Wow, we suck at Freeze-Hi-However.
Well, it's our first time playing and we still managed to get Poly on our first try.
I'd say we're doing pretty well, considering.
No. 690663 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145127289622.png - (10.67KB , 960x560 , 447.png )

"Frizzfrazz," you say. "I request a frizzfrazz."
GG rests her head imperiously on her fist. "Name your frizzfrazz, penitent one."
"Uhh." You click your tongue. "Braid your hair?"
"You know how to braid hair?"
"Sort of? I have a sister. You pick things up."
"OK. Frizzfrazz granted. BUT..." GG thinks. She grins and leans back. "You gotta sit in my lap the whole time."
"I need to see what I'm doing."
"No backchatting the Royal Interrogator!" GG smacks her thigh. You awkwardly straddle her. She settles back. "It's gotta be perfect."
"Or what?"
"Or I rip your head off."
Polyphema shifts around so she can keep boob-massaging your foot. "Your turn, Inquisitor Zack."

1]] Meg: ____________________
2]] Polyphema: __________________
3]] GG: __________________
4]] _______
No. 690664 ID: 315927

Do you really think the point isn't to do as much silly and vaguely erotic stuff as possible?
No. 690665 ID: f56624

@poly or Meg: what's the weirdest thing you've ever jilled it to
leaning towards asking meg to this since she's a synth and probably has the ability to jack into the net with her brain
No. 690666 ID: 315927

Meg: What's the worst music you've ever made?
No. 690667 ID: bb78f2

Meg, what's your guiltiest pleasure?
No. 690668 ID: d32234

meg, whats the most awkward thing you were caught doing?
No. 690669 ID: 0fc976

Meg: Are your "feet" ticklish.
No. 690670 ID: 7b7ab3


Apparently Zack is a tickle monster.

Visitors beware.
No. 690671 ID: 874423

Here's one for all of them: if they could change one thing about Zack what would it be?
No. 690676 ID: 315927

This, but for.... Meg.
No. 690678 ID: 350a50

No. 690724 ID: 0e8da1

This. It could be vital information down the line. You never know when a tickle fight might break out.
No. 690762 ID: 315927

Guys, remember that the questions are meant to be relatively serious.
No. 690777 ID: f461c5

My favorite.
No. 690778 ID: b846af

No. 690790 ID: ca183f

Support this for Meg. Mostly cause it'll probably be some synesthesia thing and that shit is cool.

Or if we want to be slightly less overt, "the weirdest thing that turned you on."
No. 691432 ID: 3de47d

Gonna back this one.
No. 691506 ID: 15720c

You can only interrogate one of them. Who are you backing it for?
No. 691516 ID: 3de47d

I think Meg. She hasn't had a go yet.
No. 691768 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145197689204.png - (17.86KB , 960x560 , 448.png )

"OK," you say. "MEG: If you could change one thing about me. What would it be?"

"Hmm." Meg folds her legs. "Frzh-- hm. Oh, duh. Your day job."
"My day job?"
"The fact that you're dating like 3 other people."
"That might do it," Polyphema says.
"No offense."
Polyphema rubs Meg's shoulder. "None taken, doll."
"It bugged me," GG says.
"Does it still?" you ask.
"It def would have if Polyphema were a warrior," GG says. "Or not cute."
"You're cute." Polyphema takes a sip of her wine.
Meg holds up her glass, which is empty. "More please. It tastes like... harp."
"I like that." Polyphema pours. "Harp."
"Polyphema I will now interrogate you," Meg says, watching her glass fill. "What.... hold on."
She drinks, a lot.
She burps.
GG laughs.
Meg burps again. "Is the worst thing you've done to your parents," she says, abruptly. "What's the worst thing you've done to your parents."
"Frzhigal!" Polyphema says, instantly.
Meg squints across the lip of her wine glass. "Nailed it."
"I have a Guilty Pleasure tub of Merciless Fudge Attack Ice Cream in my freezer," Polyphema says. "And in exchange for my silence I am willing to bequeath it unto the good Interrogator."
"Granted," Meg says. "BUT. Feed me." She stretches out on Polyphema's floor. She snaps her fingers. "Chop chop. The Royal Interrogator doesn't use her hands."
Polyphema pads over to her kitchenette. "Let me find a spoon."

Polyphema delicately places a spoonful of Merciless Fudge Attack in Meg's mouth. "Your turn."
"Hit me."
"Have you ever, at any time in your life," Polyphema says, "hated the Visitors?"

1]] (Truth) Yes. When I was a kid.
2]] (Lie) No. My mother taught me better than that.
-- A]] So Polyphema: ________
-- B]] So Meg: ________
-- C]] So GG: _______
3]] Frzhigal: ______________
No. 691769 ID: 799984

1. Yeah, I mean, he was pretty little. Took some time to figure things out, gain perspective, see them as more than just murderous monsters. No shame in it.
No. 691770 ID: 88e46e

1A. Has she ever hated humans?
No. 691771 ID: f56624

pretty obvious choice
No. 691772 ID: 3663d3

yes, but you got over it.

if they ask then go into it. the invaders appeared and you got to a shelter and your mom didn't you.

bu only if they ask.
No. 691774 ID: 2ccbb3

1. "When I was a kid, I'd hate anyone who shot my mom in the face with a frickin' lazer beam. Now I finally find out that the guy who mercy-killed her made the biggest screw-up of his life and ended up a suicidal nervous wreck. Plus my traumatic experiences and unstable life lessons mean that I get to bang four girls at the same time and make thousands doing it any way I want. I'm not sure my parents would say 'worth it' but I think it's pretty close."
No. 691775 ID: e34813

1. Yes. Don't take it too personally, I was just as mad at humans too.

no elaboration.
No. 691795 ID: d62f42

1]] We grew out of it obviously, but there was a period where it really ate at us.

-- A]] Same question. We know she has a spotty record with her homeworld and its people.
No. 691797 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely 1. It'll also give us an opportunity to tell GG and Meg about the attack and the loss of our parents.

Neither of them know yet, if nobody recalls.
No. 691801 ID: 350a50

This, keep it simple. Poly already knows the gory details.

C: "GG, who was your first romantic partner?"
No. 691802 ID: b3ae55

These. It is once again time to revisit old traumas for the sake of enlightenment. The ladies deserve to know.
No. 691809 ID: bb78f2

1] As a kid. I really hated everyone and everything though, because a human looter killed my Dad in the attack of my hometown right before my Mom was killed by Visitors. I don't know if that makes it really count.
No. 691810 ID: bb78f2

Oh, I SO want to know this.
No. 691825 ID: 2a7417

1. There was a time after the attacks I was mad at everybody.
C. seconding >>691801
No. 691837 ID: b8ceae

No. 691862 ID: 5d8e81

No. 691866 ID: d0868f

1) Yeah. At one point in my childhood, you were basically the scary boogeymen.

Although, do kids really hate? You sort of have to understand something to really hate it, when you're little, it's mostly fear and anger.
No. 691867 ID: 15720c

Can't really lie to her question, she knows. And since she knows, it'll come out to the others, anyways.

1. Yeah, though it lead to me trying to learn more, which, well, lead to this. Hated, past tense.
No. 691871 ID: 99a64d

It wouldn't be weird for a polish child to hate the Germans during ww2 would it?
No. 692120 ID: 5bda21

Tell the truth and elaborate upon it.
No. 692247 ID: 3f9dc0

Don't yes/no questions where one of the answers will ruin the mood sort of spoil the whole premise of freezygal for a safe way out?
No. 692652 ID: 413c4b

1] "Yeah, when I was a kid. A warrior beat-down my mom, and a Oculot had to mercy kill her afterwards.

Don't worry, I've had more than enough time to forgive and forget."

They're all going to find out sooner than later. It's best we do what we can now to avoid unwanted damage control. [spoiler]Especially with us meeting GG's parents soon.[spoiler\]
No. 692681 ID: 99a64d

We should do the absolute minimum amount of explaining, this question is already mood killing enough as it is (thanks Poly).
No. 692729 ID: 724518

I like the fuller explanation. Getting vulnerable like that wouldn't kill the mood, it'd turn it more intimate.
No. 692730 ID: 7b7ab3

My thoughts exactly.

Being all guarded and secretive would only put strain on the relationships.
No. 693814 ID: a516db

The truth shall set you free! Tell our tale of loss, anger, learning, and forgiveness.
No. 694704 ID: e8135d

"Yes. When I was a kid. You already know the reason, Polyphema. As for you other girls, I think it's time for a little story. Spoiler warning: it's not very happy."
No. 696044 ID: 7b7ab3

Y'know, hearing the story at the same time could serve as a bonding experience for GG and Meg.
Nothing brings people together like a good tragedy!
No. 697357 ID: 171e1d

Story time! :D
>Yes. When I was a kid.
Sad story time! D:
No. 697358 ID: 2a7417

The whole story isn't necessary. You can tell them later if you really want to. Right now, we're just playing a game of truth or dare. I disagree that it's not going to kill the mood.
No. 698194 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145413448261.png - (21.73KB , 960x560 , 449.png )

"Well," you say. "Polyphema already knows about this. And it's kind of a mood ruiner. But."

You tell them the story.
As you tell it GG gently takes your hands out from her hair and holds you instead.

"And then I just kind of ran. And I never saw her again."
The story settles and everyone takes it in.

"For me it was my brother and my sister," GG says. "And two uncles."
"You had siblings?"
"Remember when I told you about the crossings? How if the portal closed in the middle you'd get shredded?"
"Oh god," Polyphema says.
"I was the youngest so I went with my parents," GG says. "They were supposed to come after us. Never did. Not the important parts of them. The uncles were just from the war. That's why my dad wanted us to go. He was the only one of his family left."
"I'm sorry," you say.
GG leans back from you. "Wanna know the saddest part?"
You nod.
"The saddest part," GG says, solemnly, "is that if my sister were here she'd actually know how to braid hair worth a shit."
She shakes out your good-natured attempt at styling her hair and the room's tension cracks into inappropriate laughter.

"You know what's weird?" Meg says.
"That entire emotional arc GG just subjected us to," Polyphema offers.
"It's weird being born after the war," Meg says. "Like I was never alive for it."
GG works out the kinks in her hair. "That is weird."
"It's like I'm in a megabeast graveyard," Meg says. "And I'm walking through its ribcage. And everything in my environment was put here by this big fucking death I've never even seen." She looks into her wine. "I've never even seen a megabeast. When you think about it. I just know what a dead one looks like from a dead woman's memories." She raises her glass as if to drink and then lowers it. "I'm the only one in here who hasn't lost anyone."

"Well darling," Polyphema says. "Have you ever had anyone to lose?"
"I guess not." Meg's eyes widen. "Shit. I guess I haven't."
"That's almost sadder, in a way," GG says.
"Now you have us." Polyphema puts an arm around Meg. "Well Zack, mainly, but us if I can get you drunk enough."
"What's the name of the thing?" Meg asks. "Dulabira?"
"Maybe if you're old like Poly," GG says. "I call us: The Bang Gang."

Several piercing questions and accompanying frzhigals later and everyone is drunk enough that they would have found that really funny.
Polyphema has at some point drawn an extra beauty mark on the other side of her face with mascara, "to make me symmetrical."
Meg is wearing GG's pants.
GG tried to wear Meg's pants and gave up.
"Easy!" you say. You gesticulate with your glass and spill a little wine on Polyphema's floor. "O sorry Poly."
"EYE forgive you," Polyphema says, because she's being forced to make cyclops puns whenever she can.
"Easy, tho:" you say. "My arms. I hate my arms."
"No!!" Meg rubs your bicep. "I love these arms. They're so---"
"Army," GG says.
"They're army!!" Meg hiccups. "GG you're leggy. These do not fit me, GG."
"You make them work," GG says.
"I wish I had real legs," Meg says. "And an ass. I wish I had an ass."
"I wish I had Polyphema's ass," GG says.
"ME TOO," Meg announces. "I'm going to steal Polyphema's ass. And then have to rebalance my flying again."
"What's it like to fly?" Polyphema asks. "Fl-eye."
"That was bad," GG says.
"It's like-- it's like--" Meg looks for the words. "I'm bad at talking. But it's like if there was a kind of breathing you only just remember you can do. And it's that easy. And it's like you had these lungs you'd forgotten. And it fills you up."
"Sounds like sex," GG says.
"Grightogot," Polyphema acknowledges.
"It IS kind of like sex," Meg says. "It actually is." This thought gets her rapidly fraying attention back on you. "Zack."
"It's your turn, my guy."
"What--" You blink. "To what?"
"To interrogate someone," Meg prompts.
"OH. Right."

1]] Meg:
2]] Polyphema:
3]] GG:
No. 698204 ID: 2ccbb3

Poly: How did you get fired for the first time ever? If that construction gig was the first time, please talk about the funniest rage quit you've ever one.
No. 698219 ID: 7b7ab3

Alrighty, Meg. Megumi. Assless wonder.

If you could forget one thing from your previous life, what would it be?
No. 698220 ID: 15c085

Meg: What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? Or to Rebea, who was technically also you.
No. 698223 ID: d53e25

GG: Have you ever hospitalized someone?
No. 698225 ID: bb78f2

GG, have you ever rapped?
No. 698226 ID: aa2305

To all: have the golborians ever been to space?

This is important.
No. 698229 ID: 3200c7

Potentially connected.
Also potentially connected.
No. 698243 ID: 3200c7

This is an interesting question. Meg is a living example of actual reincarnation. What's it like having lived twice? Having memories of places you've never been? Humor value aside, I think I would like to know what Meg would forget that Rebea remembered. Does that make sense?
No. 698256 ID: c41c90

Poly: Biggest downside of being an oculot. Fess up.
No. 698345 ID: 7b7ab3

Makes sense to me.
It's a subject she doesn't bring up much, so I thought it'd be worth asking.
No. 698371 ID: 4d6091

Meg, have you ever dropped anything during a flight? Now or as Rebea?
No. 698408 ID: c108f0

No. 698412 ID: 99a64d

>>698223 or >>698219, because they are almost guaranteed to either end in frazzle dazzle or character development. Some of these other suggested questions are interesting or funny, but they'd probably be too easy to answer.
No. 698417 ID: 987362

>>698223 or >>698219
>almost guaranteed to either end in frazzle dazzle or character development
I'm with this guy/gal! Sounds like a win-win!
No. 698428 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145421755544.png - (12.19KB , 960x560 , 450.png )

"Thas me," Meg says.
"If you could forget one thing that you remember from Rebea's life," you say, "what would it be?"
Meg's answer is instant. "Frzhigal."
"Very well, penitent," you intone. "What frizzle are you--"
"I'll suck your cock," Meg interrupts.
No. 698429 ID: f56624

"Yeah that works."
>next turn
No. 698431 ID: f6442a

Granted, but you have to stick your arms out in the air as if you're an airplane. You don't have to do the wooshing noises, of course.
No. 698432 ID: 987362

"Okie Dokie."
No. 698434 ID: 7b7ab3


Probably gonna play with her head thingies, though.
No. 698435 ID: 7b6ca8

I'm sensing eagerness. It's there if she wants it.
No. 698438 ID: fcd6dd

This. What are those things, anyway?
No. 698440 ID: 91cfcf

You set the pace with those handhold things on her head.
No. 698450 ID: 400659

I have no idea what Meg is complaining about - that ass is incomparable.

But yes. Whatever she wants.
No. 698454 ID: 1dec31

Seriously, what are those things? I've wanted to know since thread one.
Also, everyone is getting pantsless. It's unfair that we should wear ours while they go without.
Plus it would give Meg better access.
No. 698460 ID: 764d06

Sounds fair. We ate her out, so who are we to complain if she wants to return the favor?
No. 698461 ID: bb78f2

You may, BUT you must play it like a flute.
No. 698462 ID: 2ccbb3

"Granted, but you have to do it while sitting on my butt. Now seriously, spit it out."
No. 698491 ID: 76e2a5

No. 698492 ID: 747a4c

Granted, but you have to swap out with someone else upon their request.
No. 698495 ID: bcc12a

A little competition might be in order...
No. 698523 ID: 5e372b

"Very well, but..."
Cast a sideways glance at Polyphema.
"No touching me with your hands. No opening your eyes. Try and make me cum."
No. 698538 ID: f6442a

We already referenced this during her fhrzigal.
No. 698551 ID: bcc12a

I don't really see how that would be tough with a blowjob
No. 698566 ID: 5e372b

True, but this time we're drunk, so it's more fun. Also, it's Meg and she doesn't know the history, so it's fresher.
Meg's pretty new to the whole sex thing, so you never know.
No. 698574 ID: 80bbc7

No. 698576 ID: 739723

Granted, BUT since you're new to it, you need to accept some instruction from someone more experienced.
No. 698584 ID: 350a50

No. 698659 ID: 9db8e6


She has to let the other give advice on her technique
No. 698685 ID: 99a64d

why not
No. 698694 ID: b8ceae

"Granted, BUT you have to mix the sound into your next song."
No. 698695 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145430648007.png - (14.88KB , 960x560 , 451.png )

"Uhhhh I'm sensing some eagerness," you say.
"Yea." Meg is unzipping your pants.
"OK granted," you say, "but-- hey--"
Meg is already pulling your underpants down.
"Sure," Meg says.
"Damn, Meg," GG says.
Polyphema sits forward, intrigued.
"You have to accept some instruction from-- Meg--"
She pulls your dick out.
"--From people who have done it before."
"They have gag reflexes," she says, then swallows you down to the hilt.

A gasp rips from your throat.
"Whoa," GG says.
"Megumi!" Polyphema is deeply impressed.
Your spine arches involuntarily.
Meg's hands rest on your thighs, pushing them apart. She's jackhammering like crazy. She has hardly any technique but a lot of enthusiasm. The lack of gag reflex also helps.
"Meg. Meg."
"Mmmm?" The vibration from her response makes your toes curl.
"Can I pull your-- uh-- things?"
"Mhm." She shakes her head around. You grab hold and hang on for dear life.
"Yo use your hands," GG calls. She drinks.
Meg quizzically puts one hand on you and just kind of rests it there.
"No and like rotate it. But not too fast. You're gonna give him an indian dick burn."
This makes Meg laugh and you groan.
"Mmm gngt smm the poigt." Meg slides her head off of you for a second. "I don't see the point."
"It's technique," Polyphema says. "You need technique!"
"But like mouth has to feel better than hand." Meg is jerking you off like she's trying to light a fire. "Right?"
"Aaugh," you say.
"OK." GG puts her wine glass aside. "Pass that thing."
"Oooh!" Polyphema claps. "Demonstration!"
"I don't need a demonstration," Meg says. Your dick feels like it's going to come off.

1]] No need this is actually fine
2]] Just give her directions she can figure it out
3]] Meg you need to stop blowing me and interrogate someone
4]] Meg no offense but maybe a tutorial would do you good
5]] Meg you're going to rip my dick off
6]] Actually GG could Polyphema demonstrate
7]] __________

No. 698696 ID: 2ccbb3

Practice on Polyphema's Opening Polyp of Pervasive Obstruction.

... Megumi will you bite Poly's clit already.
No. 698697 ID: 7b7ab3

Meg gets embarrassed very easily. If we don't handle this carefully she's going to feel like she screwed up, then it'll be the same old problem.

We should let her know that we appreciate her enthusiasm, but she's kinda overwhelming us. If she's willing to experiment and learn, then this'll be even better for everyone.
No. 698698 ID: 6180de

2, 5.
She's really new to this, so she should really listen to instruction. However, she should still be given a chance to try and learn. We should let her know that she's being a little rough, though. Without being harsh, that is. Communication keeps relationships (and our junk) healthy!
No. 698699 ID: b4dd67

"Just give her directions she can figure it out. Meg, would you mind being a little gentler, please?"
No. 698701 ID: e062ff

She can figure it out, don't backseat drive.
No. 698702 ID: 88e46e

Uh the problem is she really can't if no one tells her, not like she has any experience whatsoever with this.

This works.
No. 698709 ID: dff8dd

A combination of 4 and 2. Meg def needs to slow down, listen up and be more careful, but she also shouldn't have it taken away from her. The only way she'll ever learn is if she gets to try.
No. 698710 ID: f6442a

5, 4, 2. Phew, and give it a second to cool down!
No. 698714 ID: 80bbc7

4. Watch and learn
No. 698716 ID: 8dacbf

No. 698720 ID: 78d04e

This. Be gentle with Little Zack. He's doing the best he can.
No. 698728 ID: e791c0

It's all just a matter of healthy communication, really.

So this.
No. 698736 ID: d674db

What the fuck is wrong with this fucking website?!
2, 5
Girls, please. Give Meg a chance.
But Meg, please. Be gentle.
No. 698745 ID: a22f87

back to the future!
No. 698746 ID: 7b7ab3

That was weird.
No. 698759 ID: 84b372

No. 698782 ID: bb78f2

Meg, lil Zack is in pain. Do whatever you want girl, just be softer with the dick.
No. 698837 ID: 040d6a

No. 698865 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145456890541.png - (18.01KB , 960x560 , 453.png )

"Just-just give her directions," you gasp. "She can figure it out."
"It's getting fuckin' noodly," Meg says.
"That's cause you're going to rip my dick off," you say. "Just-- be a little gentler."
"Yea," GG says. "And bite it a little. Pro tip."
"DON'T bite it a little," you say.
"Whaaaat?" GG says. "Oh wait I've never blown a human. Don't bite it."
"For God's sake you two the war is over," Polyphema says.
"I'm friggin trying," Meg fumbles with Lil Zack.
"Do you want me to make you ten times better in two minutes?" Polyphema asks.
"I've watched porn."
"Megumi." Polyphema puts her hand on Meg's. "Do you trust me?"
Meg pauses.
"I do," she says.
"Then may I borrow this for a moment?" Polyphema slides her hand up so she's holding your penis.
"Grrgg fuck it." Meg sighs. "Interrogation. What's your real name?"
"Teach me how to suck dick."

"Aye aye, Interrogator!"
Polyphema scoots Meg over.

"Right. The Polyphema University of Oral Sex, penile edition." She takes you lightly in her hand. "So you have your gentleman. Or lady. And ideally you've undone the zipper with your teeth but we're past that at this point. So you've got a pecker in your palm."
The absurdity of the situation plus the laugh this has inspired in you has put you at half mast.
"The first thing you do," Polyphema says, "is look at him like this."
And she tilts her head down a little and fixes you with a look that brings everything rushing back.
"And then you feel," she says, "the power that you've taken. Which is half of the reason people do this one-sided sort of thing, of course." She brushes her cheek lightly against your shaft. Her breath is hot. "Power. And so if you like-- like I like-- you can let him wait. For a little."
She traces your tip across the convex of her maddeningly full lips.
You find yourself subconsciously rubbing the back of Polyphema's neck. She lightly swats your hand away. "Class is in session, Zackary."
"Sorry. Sorry." You feel on fire.
GG giggles.
"Apology accepted," Polyphema says. "And so then, Megumi, you look up at him one more time, although not too long, because you can see up his nostrils now, and then..."
And her tongue slithers out of her mouth and wraps itself all the way around you, twice.
She pulls you toward her open mouth and

No. 698866 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145456893110.png - (22.36KB , 960x560 , 454.png )

then uncurls her tongue and flops back, smiling brightly at Meg.
"So we've warmed him up!"
She taps Meg's butt. "Now the easy part."
Meg uncertainly takes her place in front of you. "But like slow?"
"Quick on the first downstroke if it's sex," Polyphema says. "Slow if it's lovemaking. Which are you looking for?"
"OK." Polyphema runs her hand along the back of Meg's head. "Then you take a deep breath, and--"

She gently, slowly, but firmly pushes Meg's head all the way down. Meg's fingers tighten on your hips.
Polyphema brings her hand down to give Meg more room
"And you feel that," Polyphema croons. "The other reason. If you can find it." She's rubbing Meg's shoulderblades, dictating the speed now but only a little. "Can you find it? Like a dance and you find the rhythm. Or a fight and you find their weakness. Or a conversation and you find what both of you really want to talk about. Or-- a song you've never played but you know just how it goes. And maybe you play around with it on the verse and you add your own flourishes to it and you experiment with the pitch. But you know it."
Meg's eyes are closed and relaxed.
"And you don't forget to breathe," Polyphema says.
Meg breathes.
"Until you find the switch. The link." Polyphema's hand is slowly traveling down Meg's body. "The moment you are in sync with him. And in that moment you realize that the weird little feeling you get when you're naked with someone else isn't the feeling of being unbodied. That's the rest of life. The rest isn't right. This, here, is right. And there's no more division, inside or out. It's all gone. For a little while. Two bodies. That's it. And you forget his name. And yours."

Here Polyphema pauses. She watches her student.

"Because we're built to love." She finds her voice again. "With some exceptions. Most floaters; but you and me. And Zack. And it's what makes us do all of the beautiful things we do and all of the awful things we do. It messes us all up inside, badly. Unless we let it out."
Her fingers are between Meg's legs now. Meg wraps her thighs around them.
"And so we let it out," she says.
Meg is completely in the zone now.
You feel completely weightless.

"Poly, you weird slutty angel." GG's naked. You don't know when that happened. "She gets it. Get the fuck over here."
"Eee ok." Polyphema squeezes Meg's leg then pads across the room to GG.
You barely notice. Neither does Meg. She grips at your waist with both hands, thumb in your bellybutton, and nurses herself and you into bliss.
Your entire body, extremities first, is draining itself of feeling, funneling all your sensation to the point where she meets you.

1]] Let her finish you off
2]] Suggest that maybe you move to something more mutual
3]] Suggest that maybe you move about ten feet over to everyone else
4]] __________

No. 698868 ID: 040d6a

2 AND 3.
GodDAMN, does Poly know how to get the good times rolling!
No. 698872 ID: 7b7ab3

That was beautiful.

Let's suggest to Meg that we graduate from Poly's University, go into "business" together, and join the class reunion not ten feet away.
No. 698875 ID: bb78f2

4) For the love of god, someone SIT ON MY FACE.
No. 698877 ID: dff8dd

>Suggest that maybe you move to something more mutual and maybe move about ten feet over to everyone else.
This is clearly the best and most reasonable option.
No. 698878 ID: 3009b4

>GodDAMN, does Poly know how to get the good times rolling!

How many times do I have to say that Poly is the best?
No. 698883 ID: 72684a

>GodDAMN, does Poly know how to get the good times rolling!
Fuckin' A.
>That was beautiful.
And poetic.
>4) For the love of god, someone SIT ON MY FACE.
Careful. GG may just take you up on that.
>How many times do I have to say that Poly is the best?
The best at something, alright.

How's this for a plan: We let Meg finish us off, carry her over to our frisky friends, get our girls in a pile, and help ourselves to a night long, all-you-can-eat "taco" buffet.
No. 698895 ID: 1dec31

All fine ideas.
Honestly I can't see this ending in a way that won't leave me satisfied.
Unless those anti-Visitor jerks start something.
That would be not so satisfying.
No. 698897 ID: f129fa

Let her make you cum. It's her first time. You can get hard again for more sex later, maybe return the favor. After you cum, definitely join the sexy pile of stuff going on with the other two.
No. 698933 ID: 1e63f3

2, 3
No. 698934 ID: 2a7417

2 + 3 = 5 times the fun
No. 698942 ID: b6a073

Can't argue with math that solid!
No. 698953 ID: d88a4d

1, 2, & 3.

Because we are Zackary Nguyen.

Feel the love~
No. 698976 ID: 4b65cc

No. 699017 ID: e791c0

Give her her much deserved reward, then you can both go and join the quickly growing party nearby.
No. 699107 ID: d55231

No. 699171 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145466245997.png - (13.38KB , 960x560 , 455.png )

"Get up here," you say.
Meg departs your dick with one last kiss. She pulls her shirt up over her head and lays herself across you.
For her thinness her body is intriguingly soft and pliable. She almost feels like a curvaceous little stress ball.
She kisses you. Strawberry fields.
"Want to go join them?" you ask.
"Yes," Meg says. "But I have to tell you something."
"The Floaters have pulled out of the program," she says. "My orders are to sever contact with the HVAO. I'm not supposed to be here."

1]] ______________
No. 699172 ID: f56624

That's a hell of a bomb to drop. Is it urgent? if not, let's enjoy our night before worrying about it.
No. 699174 ID: 88e46e

"Okay. So what do you want to do now?"
No. 699176 ID: 7b7ab3

"Yes, Meg. Yes you are."
No. 699177 ID: bb78f2

Fuck that. Fuck them.
We'll figure this out later. Let's enjoy the moment for now, we're too drunk to be practical about any plans.
No. 699178 ID: f6442a

What are they gonna do with you if you're not in the program? Does going back mean decommissioning?
No. 699179 ID: 8c4201

That is smooth.

Okay! If she wants my opinion, then I say that she made the right choice. If she wants to stay, then there are ways that we can help her. There must be a way to get her out of this situation. She has the support of the HVAO and her dulabira. There must be a way!
No. 699184 ID: d95d14

You're not just a Floater, Meg! You are Megumi 9x542! Diva! Lover! Fighter!
The only place you're supposed to be is where you choose to be. And damn anyone who says otherwise!
No. 699188 ID: 1b7025


"If you are here, then, it sounds like you've already made a decision."
No. 699189 ID: f56624

pushes her into a corner and assumes she's even chosen, 0/10 and flags a bad end in the code. cmon man, prostrats only
No. 699193 ID: 1b7025

Alright, this then:

"You're only not supposed to be here if this was part of the program, and it's not. We got together to discuss thing and then decided to go enjoy ourselves, as friends and lovers. If you've cut contact with the HVAO then that just means I don't get paid for dating you, and that doesn't matter one bit. Maybe I'm being stupid to assume, but I don't expect normal Floaters are required to break off friendships they've made when they're called to another mission. They can't expect you to cut off your personal relationships, either."
No. 699201 ID: 350a50

These two are good.

"If you were to ask me, then yes. Yes you are. But is that what you want?"

Keeps the sentiment, but a little less pushy.
No. 699213 ID: db3be0

Well, if the past couple of weeks have been any indication, then it would seem that she would be happier if she remained with the HVAO and continued the program. There's also the possibility that if she obeyed her orders the Collective would either strip her of her ability to love or decommission outright.
No. 699217 ID: 93d88a

Would she like to stay with the HVAO? With us?
Because we'll do everything we can to help.
No. 699220 ID: dfa8bc

Your secret is safe with me.
No. 699307 ID: aa2305

Love the spirit.
Love the sentiment.
Love the logic.
No. 699334 ID: a107fd

Do floaters have exotic maintenance requirements, or can you just... go AWOL and remain operational indefinitely, with sufficient fuel?
No. 699341 ID: b8ceae


"You were built on Earth, right? In the US? We have birthright citizenship here, if you want it. I can get you the forms.

You have any medical needs or the like that'd give you trouble if you went native?"
No. 699374 ID: d53e25

No. 699385 ID: 45ecf6

No. 699475 ID: 938aea

From what we've seen of the Collective there's a lot more than a possibility that Meg'll get ruined if she obeys them.
She'll probably argue that "birthright citizenship" wouldn't apply to someone who was built, but the point remains.
No. 699560 ID: 72684a

>"The Floaters have pulled out of the program,"
Why? What crawled up the Collective's exhaust this time?
>"My orders are to sever contact with the HVAO. I'm not supposed to be here."
We're thrilled that you are, though. You're not planning on following that order, are you?
No. 699782 ID: 2a90dc

No. 699951 ID: b8ceae

This is a good point.
Meg was created for this program; if the collective pulls out of it then Meg's existence no longer serves a purpose.
Also? Her mother-ish-person was terminated for disobeying an order, and she is technically disobeying an order right now. If she returns to the collective her survival is strongly in question.
No. 700256 ID: 31f7bc

"Does that mean you want to stay with us? With me?"
No. 700471 ID: 3de47d

No. 700643 ID: 99844f

"I could argue that. Do you want to talk about it or get back to the fun?"
No. 700721 ID: 52c39c

I would like to point out that this picture is cute and romantic as fuck. This picture is basically my dreams in tgchan format.
No. 701185 ID: b135e9

Fuck orders, get love.
No. 701984 ID: 3307bb

Well it sucks about the Floaters.
But what does she want?
No. 701986 ID: 799984

How does she feel about being the first Floater to disobey an order to breakup with a human?
No. 702612 ID: b218fe

No. 702634 ID: b0cfca

Honestly, wouldn't mind seeing character model sheets for each. I've re-read the whole thing twice, and it just makes me more curious.
No. 702666 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145573705779.png - (14.38KB , 960x560 , 456.png )

"Yes you are," you say.
"Yes I am." Meg unhooks her bra.
Her bare skin presses against you, inhumanly smooth but for the two little buds of her incandescent nipples. "When you left the other day I just touched myself and smelled the hotel sheets and thought of you. All day. That's all I've been doing. Every time you texted me or I thought I saw you out of the corner of my eye I got so fucking hot all over my body." Her hips squeeze against yours. She inhales deeply into your chest. "I had to rewrite a fucking report because I wrote your name over and over in the margins. Zack."
"Zack Zack Zack. I feel like I'm going fucking crazy."
You hook a thumb into the band of her panties and pull them down. "Good crazy?"
She's sucking on your neck. A string of clearish blue liquid makes a tiny pool on your leg.
"I don't give a shit about my orders anymore," she says. "They can come kill me if they want."
You're about to ask hey, is that a joke or how likely exactly is it that that's going to happen when she slides you inside and eases herself all the way down into your lap.
She moans exuberantly. Her skin is damp with sweat, and it peels away from you on the upstroke. A shock of strawberry scent pushes into your nostrils.
Meg goes slow, deep, and indulgent. Her hips swivel hungrily.
You splay your fingers across the tight roundness of her butt and feel a sudden urge. You consider asking if she wants to change positions and then decide fuck it, she doesn't care, you'll do it yourself.
The next time she lifts, you pick her up (She's crazy light) and spin her around. After a little eek of surprise she leans back and threads her fingers through your hair.
Holy shit, you're sort of doing that thing where the guy holds the girl up. You thought that was just a porn thing but she's so light and you're so full of adrenaline that it's actually working. Not that someone with your physique should try it on a girl with legs. It actually doesn't feel as good as the deep grinding you were doing earlier, so you sort of go halfway with it and sit Meg back down in your lap, reverse cowgirl.

You hold tight to one of her breasts while she rocks against you. Your hand feels like it's melting into her.

No. 702667 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145573715758.png - (41.34KB , 1026x712 , 457.png )

You never really knew just how loud GG was before you were on the outside of the interaction.
Her husky pleas for more switch from English to Garaktonic and back again as she clutches Poly's hair. Her body shakes violently.
Poly's resting her head against GG's hipbone, a look of blissful concentration on her face.
She catches your eye from between GG's quivering thighs and pauses her ministrations for a moment.
Doo-lah-beer-ah, she mouths.
Then Meg spasms and twists in your lap and your attention is rediverted.

No. 702668 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145573718630.png - (2.94KB , 960x560 , 458.png )

No. 702669 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145573720712.png - (167.71KB , 960x560 , 459.png )

No. 702671 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145573727360.png - (87.21KB , 960x560 , 460.png )

You wake up, as every morning, in indescribable pain, and as every morning, your arm shoots to the left, scrambling to feel her in bed next to you.
She never is.
You've been crying in your sleep, and the pained keen in the back of your throat rips open into a full-bodied sob. Your weeping is loud and categorically animal. The grief is physical, and your hands, which ache from the tight fists they were balled into all night, leave red grooves across your forehead as you claw at your skull.

Tears and snot intermingle across your face. Your sheets are soaked through with night sweats.

Whenever you think you may have healed the dreams shred you apart.
Your lungs feel battered and broken in your ribcage. You're racked with another sob that threatens to turn you inside out.

This time you only went two days before giving in and falling asleep. You must be more vigilant.
You've slept too long again. It's past noon.

1]] Lie in bed shaking for an hour or two until the worst of it subsides.
2]] Find the brand and burn yourself into lucidity.
3]] Stagger to your feet and do your best to get ready for the day.
4]] Take the pills the physic gave you, even if they make you too high to think.
5]] Make this the day you finally find the strength to kill yourself.
6]] ___________
No. 702672 ID: 2a7417

1) Lie in bed shaking. Man, why would anyone ever get out of bed. There isn't even anything worth getting into bed for anymore, let alone getting out of it.
No. 702673 ID: 040d6a

I'd tell you not to dwell on it, but I know you're going to.
No. 702674 ID: 15720c

4. Thinking will only make the guilt worse, anyways.

6. Try and figure out who you're connected to. It might be difficult to do so once the meds kick in.
No. 702675 ID: eeb6a4

6. Snap out of it. We promised her we weren't gonna dig into these anymore.
No. 702676 ID: 7b7ab3

Lie in bed shaking for an hour or two until the worst of it subsides.
Then take our meds.
Then lay back down.
No. 702678 ID: 2ccbb3

6) Get some comfort food. Drink a LOT of water. Go kill something inconsequential. Maybe a squirrel.
No. 702679 ID: bb78f2

4]] I'm for getting high
No. 702681 ID: 1f52e4

Today's already a write off.
No. 702683 ID: b218fe


6. See if you can get through this pain and if not just lie down again
No. 702684 ID: c36f17

Grab the pills if they're close enough and try to get a grip.
Is there anyone we can talk to? Someone to tell our woes?
No. 702686 ID: 99a64d

[5] This has gone on for too long and you aren't getting over it, it's time to find out how you really feel. You don't necessarily have to go all the way through with it, but you can at least go up to the roof, just to see if it's time yet.
No. 702706 ID: 40cf56

Not so awesome.
Take your pills, lie in bed, and just ride it out. Maybe call a friend or family member to talk to. Being alone is probably not a good idea right now.
No. 702707 ID: 274e7f

3. Get your blood moving, get something to drink and something to eat.
No. 702714 ID: 88e46e

Pretty much this. Get some details, force some clarity/action instead of just moping around. Don't just jump ahead and do it, but do confront the issue instead of lying around or drugging yourself.
No. 702726 ID: d674db

3, 4
So what if you stumble through the day in a stupefied, drug induced haze? At least you're up and notentirely miserable.
No. 702765 ID: d88a4d

Is there anything that can distract us from this?
A favorite book? Music we enjoy? Booze?
I think the last thing we need right now is temptation on that front.
No. 702819 ID: 4041c8

This. It sounds like we don't have much to give a shit about anymore.
No. 702926 ID: 40e470

Wait for the worst of it to subside.
Then try to get ready for the day.
If it gets to be too much, take the pills.
No. 702935 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145577705250.png - (96.54KB , 960x560 , 461.png )


You lie twisted in your sheets, arm over your eye, sputtering and weeping like an infant.

Euli, you whisper. Her name crackles and burns your lips like acid. Euli Euli Euli Euli
Her name curls you back into an unfathomably deep place where light is unthinkable.

A wave of sickness, physical soulsickness, makes you dryheave as you try not to remember her.

Her mouth, crested by laugh lines that seemed now a brutal, terrible joke, trying to bring in air but pushing out froth and blood instead.
The flower still crumpled in her fist as the widening pool of blood reached it and puddled up between her fingers.
Her eye, now rolling in agony and now fixed on yours, begging you for. For what. To tell her this wasn't happening to her.

And why did you do it, when you knew what it would do to you?
Did you think she could be saved? Were you trying to ease her passing?
Were you really that selfless once? That idiotic?

Your mind reached out to hers, even as it began to sputter and fail, and you melded.
You intermingled with her all the desperate fierceness of your love, your tenderness, your joy that was all tied up in her. Euli Euli Euli
No. 702936 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145577711964.png - (130.73KB , 960x560 , 462.png )

No. 702937 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145577716912.png - (125.42KB , 960x560 , 463.png )

EVERY morning it is as fresh as the moment of her last breath. EVERY minute is the minute you realized you would never hear her laugh again.
The grief has been irreversibly carved into your brain. It hurts. It HURTS.
It has been two centuries. IT HAS NEVER HEALED.

Your mind is cracked in half. Your best parts have sunken with her into oblivion.

Thick black tar drips down from the fissure behind your eye and everything in your vision is congealed and hideous.

It takes monumental concentration to eat without heaving it back up.

When your council speaks you hear them as carrion flies, trapped and buzzing against your eardrum.

There have been other cases, drunk enough on stupidity and love to mind meld through the death of their partner.
Every single one of them took their own lives, in an eyeblink, rather than feel this pain.
But you are not them, you tell yourself, taking a heaving breath and propping yourself up.
You are stronger than them.
You are Kariket.

The door is open. Who opened the door?
One of the servants. A new one. Who in her idiocy forgot the Most Important Rule: Never enter your chamber in the morning before you have left it.

She's seen her God like this. Swaddled in bedclothes, hair matted and face raw with sadness.
Your wide, glittering eye fixes on her.

1]] Kill her where she stands.
2]] Call the guards. Take her away.
3]] "Leave me. Now."
4]] Use the Power. It only works on the weak of mind but if she has forgotten the Rule she must be.
5]] ____________
No. 702938 ID: f56624

3. We are no villain, especially not in their memory.
No. 702940 ID: 5ad4a7

4, because I wanna know what it is.
No. 702943 ID: b8ceae

If Euli is constantly on your mind then tell me, what would she have thought of the things you are considering doing to your servant?

You're broken. It's clear you will not heal on your own, but you're terrified of anybody finding out the truth.
Who would believe a servant?
No. 702947 ID: 40e470

If she's so curious, then let's satisfy that curiosity! In spades!
No. 702948 ID: 2d5d20

2. A display of power but nothing overtly harmful - she'll get the idea that this is something she isn't supposed to be doing.
No. 702949 ID: 88e46e

4 and 1.
No. 702950 ID: a6dc58

For the briefest moment, glance into her eye (eyes?) in search of an understanding that you know is not there. With the resentment that there is no solace in your personal damnation, compose yourself and send her away with all the inner steel you can muster.
No. 702953 ID: 10c902

5. Ignore her. They all already know. You know they know. They are all still too afraid, too weak, to do what you would have done if you were them, and you knew. That weakness is why you've needed to stay here. You are the only one strong enough.

They will do nothing.
No. 702956 ID: 99a64d

>You are Kariket.

4, then maybe a bit of the ol' 1

And then maybe you can end your sham of a life by jumping out that window.
No. 702963 ID: 7b7ab3

Kariket is a broken, empty shell of a man. Barely even a shadow of the oculot he once was. A wretched, hollowed out thing.
He really is a monster.
4. Because abusing power and tormenting others is all we have left.
No. 702971 ID: 350a50

No. 702976 ID: 2ccbb3

5) Contemplate your situation.

You've lost it. You know this. Local media from two planets call you a selfish, pathetic mass murderer.

In all honesty, you may not be but the psychopath that you have become and the position you hold means that there is little overall difference.

You need to leave. Now. It's the only hope you have of fixing this. YOUR EMPIRE BURNS, SHUT OFF THE OIL LINE.

Your empire could help bring her back somehow. Maybe it's a delusion, maybe it's a near-impossibility. But right now, all that you have burns.

And if you truly want it to burn then why haven't you thrown yourself into a gold-plated particle accelerator by now?
No. 702977 ID: f6442a

4] Ker-pop.

(possibly muttering 'Euli')
No. 702978 ID: a90bc9

4, because this could be our one chance to be the bad guy and we should exploit the Hell out of it.
No. 702982 ID: bb78f2

4]] God's cry man, geeze. Get your mythology right.
No. 702990 ID: 143506

Call the guards, then make them watch while we use the Power on her.
No. 703000 ID: 0dff7f

Hey Zack, wake up.
No. 703026 ID: fc8fc2

No. 703032 ID: a9ff28

Remind her of The Power if she does not do so as quickly as she can.
No. 703037 ID: 2a7417

5) Invite them to tea. Talk about your grief with them a bit. They have already seen you at your lowest.
What's the harm in a discussion with someone who is already dead?

The poison in their cup will ensure they do not overstay their welcome.
No. 703041 ID: a0dc47

4 or 1 for sure. Don't show weakness!
No. 703091 ID: c22069


Threaten to use 4] and carry it out if so needed.
No. 703104 ID: 4201a2

Go with 4. She might blab otherwise.
No. 703125 ID: b218fe

My morals tells me 3 but my curiosity wants 1,2, and 4
No. 703299 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145585682957.png - (102.11KB , 960x560 , 464.png )

The Power.

The first time you used it was accidental but it quickly proved indispensable. As far as you know you are the only Oculot to know of its existence.

You puzzled, for a time, over what its emotional trigger was, before you realized the key:
Seeing them as less than a living thing, as a space better filled by breathable air.
Seeing them for the absurd, pitiful accident of the cosmos that all sentient life is.
It was difficult at first, but it has become as easy as breathing, once you learned the secret.

The secret is that the moment we reach cognizance and become aware that we will one day die, we become either the chiefest tragic coincidence in the universe or an unspeakably hideous punchline told by a manically sadistic creator god who, if he exists, is the purest evil.
We are less than ants; ants are unaware of their own cessation. We are less than dirt; dirt never gets that maddening taste of joy before it becomes itself.
You are no exception. You are as utterly damned and alone as everything else that draws breath. But you can use that breath to exercise the Power.

Bend to me, you whisper.
And she does, before a babbling apology can even finish clearing her lips.

Her eye widens and goes completely blank. Her mind was not strong enough to resist you, and it empties.
You can tell her to do anything now and she will obey.

No. 703301 ID: 10c902

Tell her to forget, and leave.

What would your family think of you.
No. 703302 ID: a9ff28

forget what you saw here, and return to your duties.
No. 703303 ID: 799984

Forget. Forget what it is to be. To feel. To know.
No. 703304 ID: d223c3

yo this
No. 703305 ID: 02422f

Tell her to forget. And leave.

If she's lucky, someone will stop her before she reaches the wilderness. If she's lucky she's only forget the last day. Or the last week. Or the last year. She'll have something left to put back together.

If she's really lucky, she'll never have anything to put together ever again. Forgetting everything is the greatest mercy anyone could find.
No. 703306 ID: 791dd0

This nigga is cold, ice cold.
No. 703308 ID: 88e46e

Agreed. Be merciful and take awareness away from her.
No. 703311 ID: 4201a2

Brutal. Seconded.
No. 703318 ID: b8ceae

If Euli were alive, she would look at what you have become and killed you herself.

As Euli cannot, instruct this one to do so for her.
No. 703320 ID: 350a50

Tell her to forgot what she saw here today and leave. Tell her never to disturb you again unless you call for her.
No. 703327 ID: 5ad4a7

Think upon the full capabilities of this power. How long can the commands last? Can you tell them to hold conditional commands?
No. 703328 ID: 99a64d

You really have no reason to keep on existing, it's a pointless exercise. Maybe you'll see Euli in the afterlife. Time for a murder/suicide.
No. 703336 ID: 7b7ab3

We tell her to forget.
What she saw.
This place.
Her duties.
She never knew us. She was never here.
It's a very effective means of firing someone.
No. 703340 ID: 7131bd

Tell her to remember this moment.
The powerlessness. The helplessness.
Then tell her to never speak of it.
To keep it bottled up inside herself.
Always remembering the Power of her god.
Then send her on her way. In your service.
No. 703344 ID: bb78f2

Euli, Euli come back to me.

If you're in there, in my head, go into hers. Please, take her over.
No. 703349 ID: 2ccbb3

She will now swear steadfast loyalty to you, acting of her own accord while prioritizing you over any other entity. HOWEVER.

1) She WILL prioritize the needs of the many over the needs of you. If you order her to murder an orphanage she'll freak out, but if your life is in danger she'll place a baby in the oven just to freak out the baby's assassin parents. (Boy, The Witcher 3 was fucked up.)
2) If circumstances force you to release your hold on her, the key phrase to switch loyalties is "Put the target on my labia, you tap-dancing centauress". Whoever says that specific sentence will get to control the girl permanently. The key phrase to undo all this mental brainwashing is "My earwax tastes like spire dancing dish cheese".
No. 703366 ID: 8dacbf

The answer is quite clear: she needs a permanent lesson about following the rules. There was a brand mentioned earlier. Have her use it to leave herself a little "reminder."
No. 703384 ID: 594c18

This. This so much.
No. 703395 ID: ddad66

Yikes! Appropriate amounts of evil. This, I guess.
No. 703397 ID: f6595e

Uh, I'm leaning towards

But it's arguable that the Kariket's nature calls for something harsher.
No. 703426 ID: 3f2e76

No. 703444 ID: f6442a

Ritual flaying. This is how you will do penance to your god.
No. 703603 ID: cbd7dc

The Kariket is a power-hungry nihilist. He'd probably order her to do something horrific and sexual on some level.