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File 142692375491.png - (67.94KB , 960x540 , 191.png )
630196 No. 630196 ID: e30e12

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Enemy_Quest
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/81802.html
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No. 630197 ID: e30e12
File 142692384450.png - (9.15KB , 960x560 , 192.png )

"I'm Reed Whittaker and this is NBC Nightly News.

Our top story tonight: Unrest on the Other Side.

The White House has confirmed reports released earlier today that Outpost Jawara, located near the Moroccan Portal, has missed its security check-in, raising questions about the fate of the 240 Earth Servicemen and women stationed there.

Golboria has disallowed any Earth team be sent through the portal, pending their own investigation. Golborian Ruler the Kariket has not made any statement relating to Jawara.

Initial reports from his offices suggest that an attack from an extremist party or one of the massive creatures known colloquially as 'Megabeasts' may be to blame for the silence."
No. 630198 ID: e30e12
File 142692392205.png - (4.94KB , 960x560 , 193.png )

"I am joined now by Dr. Dinesh Kuriwali, head of the Golborian Research Wing at Cornell University, and Anna Borica, pundit and journalist for the Guardian whose account of the war, In the Shadow of Empire, has been a national bestseller for three years. Doctor, what's your take on the Jawara crisis?"

"Thank you for having me, Reed, and may I start by saying that this this word 'crisis' is an apt word to describe what is happening at this time and one I thank you for using. I know on Fox there are already claims, unsubstantiated claims, that this was some kind of attack from the Kariket, a a a renewal if you will of hostilities."

"And you're certain it isn't?"

"Nothing more certain, Reed. Nothing more certain. The reignition of any kind of conflict, even a cold war conflict, is is simply unfathomable from the Kariket's perspective. It's an unspoken truth that the War affected Golboria on a, a scale even more destructive than ours. It's easy to look at the Visitors, and be intimidated, and remember the early war years when the portals were one-way and retaliation was impossible, but the the nuance many people miss today is that this war devastated the Ruling Class, it devastated the Empire, for the very simple reason that there were very many defections from Golboria to Earth. A fraction, a very small fraction of defections went the other way. The split-- the split was positively tectonic.
And so we see a man whose power base, whose citizenry, had never revolted, had remained in lock step with him, and suddenly this is no longer the case... that is what saved us from destruction, I don't think anyone can deny, and that is the reason I can't imagine the Kariket can have another, another war in him. I think that when he says he is investigating, and investigating thoroughly, we should take him at his word."

"Ms. Borica? Your opinion?"

"Thanks, Reed. I think Dr. Kuriwali, with respect, can't really imagine himself from the perspective of the Kariket. The megalomania of, and the perceived power, and the cruelty that I myself witnessed in my time on the Other Side, simply doesn't match up to the cogitation of Humanity as I think we understand it."

"We've been living with the Visitors now for years, Ms. Borica. Their integration is going about as smoothly as one could hope. Are you suggesting--"

"I'm simply suggesting, Reed, I'm simply-- and I think most news organizations and the public agree with me, that the Kariket, not necessarily his former subjects but the Kariket, remains a dangerous, dangerous man, and one we have a long history of failing to read, and failing to predict, and I don't think that anybody who has lived through the war would argue that--"


You mute your laptop and keep packing your stuff. Polyphema advised you wear comfy clothing and bring water and some food. You're not sure why.
This is very, very bad news.

1]] But a job is a job and Polyphema is worth it.
2]] Call her and suggest you reschedule. The dangers of being in public with a Visitor, especially an Oculot, are too great.
3]] Call her and suggest a change of plans to a day in, at your place or hers.
4]] ________________
No. 630199 ID: 296917

3. She wanted to try out some video games, right? Play vidya for a few hours.
No. 630200 ID: 13c4a5

Going with 1, dangers be damned!
No. 630201 ID: ad7bba

1. This may be a bit... insensitively clinical, but this situation could provide opportunity to discover nuances of culture that you wouldn't otherwise find out about, especially not so soon.
No. 630203 ID: 256d52

1. But send her a message just to confirm she still wants to go ahead.
No. 630220 ID: 88b8a7

Let's call Poly and see if she's aware of the situation. If she thinks it's safe to continue, we will. If not, then we'll come up with something else to do.
No. 630221 ID: daf2af

I like this. We might want to be careful on this. It's like what happened to Muslims and for that matter Sikhs; even though they didn't have anything to do with the attacks; in the US after the Sept 11 tragedy. Stupid people are gonna be stupid.

I believe in asking Polythema and being careful about this.
No. 630226 ID: 321d85

Agreed. I'd like to mention, though, that perhaps in a way this is a GOOD time to be seen associating with Visitors; kinda as a good example, I guess? Publicly denouncing fear and racism through your actions, etc.
No. 630227 ID: 7b7ab3

While I agree with the sentiment and understand the reasoning, I still propose caution. There are those individuals with just the right combination of ignorance and vindictiveness that they might see such actions as little more than an invitation to vent their aggression. If we are going to proceed then we should speak with Poly first and see what she thinks. Caution and preparation can deflect a great deal of tragedy.
No. 630231 ID: b3ff00

obviously 1 but carry some more food and water than you'd think you'll need. also a spare coat if it's not too obtrusive.
No. 630236 ID: 0ee153

Well, you'll need to start carrying a gun or something for self-defense. Other than that, 1 if Polyphema is cool with it.
No. 630241 ID: b84f67

Bring the best walking shoes you have and maybe an umbrella and a good winter coat and five days worth of underwear.
No. 630242 ID: 7b7ab3

You two make it sound like we're going camping or something.
Which would be cool, I'll admit. And it would cut down on the risk of random idiots starting shit because of Poly.
No. 630248 ID: b3ff00

we're trying to make it sound like we're going to war.
No. 630267 ID: e30e12
File 142697366869.png - (29.74KB , 960x560 , 194.png )

You call Polyphema.
"Hey," you say. "You watching the news?"
"Ugh," Polyphema says. "For about five minutes and then I turned it off. Harping, dissections, talking heads. Very gross."
"Are we still on?" you ask.
"We are more than on, Doll," Polyphema says. She sounds a little shaken. "I need to get out of the city and into a secluded place with a handsome boy stat."
"You willing to tell me where we're going?"
"Road trip, Zacky. You sit tight. I'll pick you up."
"You have a car?"
"A rental. It's been far too long since I've been behind a wheel. We're going to Shawangunk Ridge, Zack. Shawangunk. What a word. You like hiking?"

1]] I don't do it that much but hell yeah let's rock.
2]] I love hiking.
3]] Could we do the easy trails maybe?
4]] Are we rock climbing? I want to rock climb.
5]] I had a different idea.
6]] ________________
No. 630269 ID: 13c4a5

1 and 3.
No. 630272 ID: 296917


I think Zack is fine for physical exertion. He's not a wimp, he's just not buff.
No. 630273 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 4, and 6.
Ask her if she's okay. This is the kind of shit that upsets everybody, but it probably hit exceptionally hard. From what I've gathered she's done a lot to put this kind of crap behind her.
No. 630274 ID: 296917

Oh, might be a good idea to contact all the others, make sure they know to keep out of the public eye for a while too.
No. 630276 ID: 7b7ab3

Amazingly, I hadn't thought of that. This effects them, too. GG and Bika should be easy enough, but if Meg is still upset she might not listen or even answer.
So yes, ask Poly if she's okay, and check on the others before she arrives.
No. 630277 ID: 0ee153

1. Also, ask the HVAO about what security they have, since they seem to be dropping a million-plus on this deal.
No. 630279 ID: bd8b82

good idea, and we can do it while waiting for her.
No. 630280 ID: b84f67

We love hiking!

Also, should we bring stuff for fishing? And cooking the fish?
No. 630322 ID: b3ff00

1+2, fuck 3.

also, calling your boss to ask how wise this whole thing is would be smart and prudent.
No. 630326 ID: 8bd2b1

She's a grown woman. She's told us as much about her emotional state as we're going to get over the phone. Ask her again when we see her in person.
No. 630328 ID: 7b7ab3

That's just fine. However, I still think we should check on the other girls before she arrives.
I also agree with >>630277 & >>630322, asking the HVAO if they've got a handle on the situation is a really good idea.
No. 630406 ID: e30e12
File 142709026523.png - (4.64KB , 960x560 , 195.png )

"I don't do it much but I love to when I can," you say. "Let's rock."
"Brill, Zack. Sit tight and I'll pick you up."
"OK. See you soon."
"See you soon, cutie." She hangs up.

You call Carlson.
"This is the office of Edgar Carlson, HVAO," his secretary says, in a smooth, upbeat voice. "We're very busy right now. Can I ask you to hold?"
"Yeah," you say. "It's Zack Nguyen?"
"Zack?" the secretary says. "That changes things. I'll put you through."
"Oh. Thanks."

"Mr. Nguyen," Carlson says. "You've heard about Jawara, I'm guessing."
"Then you have an inkling as to the kind of headache we're nursing here."
"It's the job. May I ask why you've called?"
"I'm going on a date with Polyphema today?"
"The oculot."
"Ah. Ms. Jane Doe. Where?"
"The uh Shawangunk Ridge. Hiking. I was wondering if you think that's a good idea. And about security."
"I was going to call you, " Carlson says. "Ordinarily I would suggest you hold off, at least for today. But the wilderness is a good angle. Here is what I suggest. I suggest I make a call and get some people out there and clear the trail. We can make up excuses to the other day hikers. I'd also suggest that you allow a security detail to be posted in the area."
"Like, armed?"
"Would they be like, following me?"
"From a great distance. You can go miles if you want. We'll know where you are via your phone as long as it's charged."
"You guys are tracking my phone?"
"You're surprised?" Carlson asks.
"Not really," you say.

1]] That all sounds fine.
2]] Don't clear out the hiking trail. That's not kosher.
3]] Don't follow us. With respect, that's kind of weird, Mr. Carlson.
4]] _______________
No. 630407 ID: bd8b82

anyone dangerous enough that the guards would be useful would be dangerous enough to not get caught.
No. 630408 ID: 0ee153


If nothing else, in my personal experience I always prefer being alone other than my group on hikes.
No. 630409 ID: 0ee153

uwot? "Anyone dangerous enough that guards would be useful" is anyone with, say, a gun. Neither Zack nor Polyphema is particularly badass, and the feds are kinda experienced with that sort of thing.
No. 630411 ID: 89941a

I'd probably say 2&3
No. 630412 ID: bb78f2

4) Sir, I'm extremely worried that your agents may throw off my groove. Also my romantic comedy movie research indicates that doing so without notifying my date may anger Poly the Jane Doe. And she's such a sweet positive, classy young gal that I don't even want to see a frown on her face.

Surely sir, you too, are aware of the romantic comedy tropes that prevail us today. These are the touchiest of waters we're treading on.
No. 630413 ID: 7b7ab3

1, I say. Call me paranoid, but it seems to me that every time we've made even a minor public appearance with one of the girls, some jackass has started something. If we can get some actual alone time with Poly, I say go for it.

Also, I still say we contact the other girls before Poly shows up. Just to make sure they stay safe.
No. 630414 ID: b5b419

Couldn't poly just make their head explode? Better not mention that.
No. 630423 ID: 0b4647

Yeah, but that'd be TERRIBLE press.

I guess 1, if he's sure it's a good idea, but I might avoid mentioning it to Polyphema unless it becomes very relevant. How much time will they need? We're not going to have to stall, are we?
No. 630424 ID: e30e12
File 142709744927.png - (16.06KB , 960x560 , 196.png )

"I'm kind of worried they'll throw me off," you say. "The agents."
"At least let us lock down the hike," Carlson says. "We'll keep security at the entrances. OK?"
"OK," you say. "I don't want to see them."
"Of course. We will be discreet."

You text everyone checking in on them, but before they can respond you get a message from Polyphema:

:poly: Here!!! Beep Beep

You shoulder your backpack and head outside. There's a nice-looking silver toyota parked in front of your house.

Polyphema's behind the wheel, wearing a little romper thing that unabashedly flaunts her full figure and a pair of incongruously sturdy-looking boots. You forgot how conventionally beautiful she is, besides the whole one-eyed dealio. She reminds you of one of those cheesecake photo ladies you'd see on the side of an old-timey plane fuselage.
"Hey, boytoy. Do I get a kiss?"

1]] Of course she gets a kiss.
2]] You look gorgeous.
3]] How are you feeling?
4]] Did you miss me?
5]] What do you think about this whole Jawara thing?
6]] So was the idea for what to do with me the hike or is there a surprise?
7]] What have you been up to?
8]] ____________________
No. 630431 ID: 925f1e

1, 2, 3, 4, & 7.

Kiss ze girl, tell her she's gorgeous, ask how she's feeling, did she miss us, and what's she been up to?
No. 630439 ID: 0ee153

Maybe without the 4, but if we can manage that without sounding awkward, then sure, include it.
No. 630441 ID: 7a0636

Of course we can manage it. We're Zack Nguyen. We are charisma.
No. 630442 ID: 0ee153

Not quite, no.
No. 630443 ID: e30e12
File 142710452289.png - (19.01KB , 960x560 , 197.png )

You kiss her. She kisses you back.
"You look gorgeous," you say.
"You look gorgeous," Polyphema says. She starts the car. "I should have worn pants. My thighs feel chunky. Ugh. Look how they vibrate with the engine. This romper thingamabob I only got because I like the name."
"No way. I was just admiring your outfit."
"Zack," Polyphema says, uncrossing her legs. "How scandalous. My eye is up here, darling."
"Miss me?" you ask.
"Terribly," Polyphema says. "Of course. The conversation was lovely and the sex was toe-curling."
"What have you been up to?"
"Pined. Drank wine. Did puzzles. Had a couple lunches with a couple acquaintances. If I tell you you'll realize how terribly boring I am," Polyphema says. "So I won't. Oh but I tried that game you suggested? Mass Effect?"
"What did you think?"
"I wanted to have sex with the blue alien, but there kept on being fights for no reason, so I gave up," she says. "I never figured out how to talk to them."
"You can only talk to your teammates," you say. "The geth you can't talk to until 2."
"Ew. Then I want to play it with you so you can do those parts for me. Tetris was better."
"It took me a bit to accept I was supposed to clear the lines instead of make little statues but that music. Russian Earworm. Oh and speaking of Russia I saw this play by Chekhov: Uncle Vanya?"
"I've heard of it."
"Crushing," Polyphema says. "It reminded me of Oculot fare."
"How are you feeling?" you ask.
"Oh don't worry it was on Wednesday," Polyphema says. "I was very emotional for a day or so then it passed."
"I mean about-- you know," you say. "You sounded all shook up on the phone."
"Oh. That." Polyphema makes a face. "Honestly, Zack, I'm just deeply tired of it. Three hundred years of geopolitical bullshit will do that to a body. And now it's interdimensional to boot."
"And the media circus."
"That sort of thing is newer," Polyphema says. "Human coverage on crises is intriguing in the way a plane crash is intriguing."
"God, yeah. You don't have to tell me."
"It's like a circus only instead of steak they feed the lions the lower-middle class. Much second-guessing of the Kariket. Did you see his face on the banner thing?"
"What an absolute twit, right?"
"He looked so smug."
"That's Oculots. We're all very smug."
"But are you OK?"
"I'll be fine with some fresh air," Polyphema says. She revs the engine a little and turns onto the highway. "R and R with my man and my car. Nature! Trees! Camping! There's a tent in the trunk. I thought we might make a weekend out of it. If you have time for me. Last time was a bit of a whirlwind by my own admission."
"A fun whirlwind."
"I'm thrilled you think so." She puts her hand in your lap and rubs your wrist. "I was worried I came across like a strange alien cougar. Oop!"
She takes her hand off you and puts it back on the wheel to guide the car down a narrowish turn. The trees are starting to come out. "Ten and two, Polyphema," she says. "Ten and two. Anyway speaking of distress on phones, Zack, you sounded so somber a few days ago that I wanted to reach through and give you a hug. What happened?"

1]] Nothing.
2]] Just work stuff.
3]] I think I messed up on one of my dates.
4]] I think one of my dates took what I said wrong.
5]] I'll tell you if you tell me something.
6]] __________________
No. 630444 ID: bd8b82

i'm pretty sure we did the right thing. but the right thing doesn't always make people immediately happy.
No. 630445 ID: 296917

5. Let's be interesting for once.
No. 630446 ID: b9cef6

4 and 5. No reason not to be honest with her.
No. 630447 ID: 0b4647

"[4], or maybe [3]...." Maybe 5. Thing is, I dunno what to ask her. COULD leave it up to her? Dunno. Name doesn't feel like a fair trade, here.
No. 630448 ID: 7b7ab3


Let us seek the guidance of a beautiful cyclops.
No. 630450 ID: bb78f2

3) 4)

I pissed off and/or embarrassed the floater.
No. 630462 ID: 8bd2b1

We don't have to make a game of everything. 4.
No. 630487 ID: e30e12
File 142713503864.png - (13.23KB , 960x560 , 198.png )

"I think one of my dates took what I said wrong," you say. "Or maybe I messed up."
"Oh, no."
"It was with the floater. She's the first ever floater with the capacity for romantic love, and she wanted to have sex at the end of the first date and I basically told her it was too fast and she needed more time to think it over."
"She didn't take it well?"
"She like flew off. I think she was pretty upset."
"Well, Zack, that is a little patronizing if you made it about her," Polyphema says. "Did you?"
"Kiiiiind of. Yeah."
"That might be it," Polyphema says. "Floaters love feeling cool. I don't think I've ever seen one embarrassed before."
"Not that you were wrong. God. That's floaters for you, bungling into something like sticking love on a chassis and calling it a day. Tres analytical. I imagine they all had a bunch of design meetings and looked at a bunch of charts of the brain and consulted all kinds of experts." She shrugs. "Love is messy. The best thing you can do is teach Meg to celebrate mess."
"Do you think I messed up?"
"Maybe. She probably did too. I think a little mess-up here and there is important, though. The gears of our psyche are lubricated by the liquefied feces of our failures, Zack! That's a Poly original if you want to write it down." She looks away from the road for a second. "My question, though, is why did you capitulate to my amorous clutches on date one and not to hers?"

1]] Because I was drunk.
2]] Because I was horny.
3]] Because you're beautiful.
4]] Because you're seductive.
5]] Because it seems like you know exactly what you want.
6]] __________________
No. 630490 ID: 0ee153

No. 630491 ID: c5d021

5, because it seems you know exactly what you want and she was really unsure! she basically said "yes. no. yes. i dont know. yes. im not sure what to do" which didnt seem like she was chill with it.
No. 630492 ID: 296917

>teach Meg
We didn't mention her name. Do all the Visitor girls know eachother?

Also, 5. Remember, Meg didn't seem to know what she wanted.
No. 630493 ID: 7b7ab3


Poly's had over 3 centuries to figure out what her likes, dislikes, and tastes are. She knows what she wants. Meg, on the other hand, hasn't been alive for an entire, solitary year and was trying to do things that humans normally take over a decade to figure out. We were trying to keep her from doing something she'd regret.
No. 630494 ID: 7b7ab3

>Do all the Visitor girls know eachother?

That is a very good question. I wonder if we can actually get an answer out of her.
No. 630495 ID: 0ee153

>keep her from doing something she regrets

Still a bit patronizing, better to say Zack doesn't want to end up being something she regretted later in life.
No. 630496 ID: 7b7ab3

Good point.

Pretend I said that, please.
No. 630497 ID: b8ceae

"You're experienced. You know exactly what you're asking for, and all the messy consequences. She's a super-virgin."

"So, how did you know her name?"
No. 630498 ID: 330ce5

5 and how did she know Meg's name?
No. 630499 ID: e30e12
File 142713678635.png - (7.77KB , 960x560 , 199.png )

"Because it seems like you know exactly what you want," you say. "And Meg's been alive for less than a year. I didn't want her to do something she'd regret later."
"Well they're clones you know," Polyphema says. "She's older than all that."
"Yeah, but she has no cultural background for romance," you say. "Besides like When Harry Met Sally.."
"I'll have what she's having!" Polyphema says. "That makes sense, Zack. I absolve you of your dating sins. If that's what you were looking for. Even though I for one can't imagine a scenario where I'd regret having sex with you."
"How do you know her name?" you ask. "Did I tell you?"
"Megumi 'Meg' 9x542, Bika, Grightogot 'GG' Grzgkahk." Polyphema grins. "The HVAO told me when I asked."
"Why'd you ask?"
"Because the only thing I love more than withholding information from you is digitally stalking you," Polyphema says. "Ah, l'amour."
"Would they tell me your name?"
"Nope. One they only told me because they owe me a great deal, and Two they don't know my name any more than you do." She glances over at you. "I'm glad it seems like I know what I want. Really I waffle as much as anyone else. I'm just also too much of a bully not to get my way."

1]] I don't think you're a bully.
2]] Maybe, but I like it.
3]] OK: Why all the secrecy about the name?
4]] You have to stop being so secretive, Polyphema.
5]] Are you jealous of the other girls?
6]] Have you talked to any of the other girls?
7]] Why does the HVAO owe you?
8]] _________________________
No. 630502 ID: b8ceae

2, 6, 5.

Also: "With how secretive you are, you must be Kariket."
No. 630504 ID: 05d909

Try "I like that you know what you want, and are willing to be aggressive about it. That kind of confidence is sexy, and strips a layer of bullshit we all generally have in polite conversation"
No. 630507 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 3, 6, and 7.

She's not a bully, and I will be amazed if we can get a straight answer out of her.
No. 630508 ID: 0ee153

Also compliment her on her facial-hair-related skills.
No. 630509 ID: 7b7ab3

We've already seen (a picture of) the Kariket.

She ain't him.
No. 630510 ID: e6e219

1 and 7.

Bullying is different than making a effort to get what you want.

Anyways what is going on with the HVAO? They do not tell me much and with things heating up on the other side it would be nice to know a bit more so I can avoid any pitfalls.
No. 630511 ID: 0ee153

Both the bully thing and the Kariket thing are not meant to be taken seriously. Chill.
No. 630512 ID: 7b7ab3


My overprotectiveness is showing.
No. 630514 ID: e30e12
File 142714073283.png - (7.24KB , 960x560 , 200.png )

"I like that you're assertive," you say. "It's sexy when someone's confident enough to cut through the standard polite bullshit."
Polyphema beams. "Yeah?" Her hand's back in your lap. "It's sexy when someone's confident enough to date someone with half their eyes and 20 times their age."
"Have you talked to any of the other girls?"
She shakes her head. "I've had the urge, but I didn't want to step on your toes."
"What exactly did you do for them?" you ask. "If you don't mind me asking."
"Well for one thing I helped kickstart this whole shebang," Polyphema says. "Got the other Oculots on board."
"There's not many of us Here, but we all know each other," Polyphema says. "We're fairly tightknit. Originally everyone was against it but I have some sway. And during the War I was on Portal Opening duty." She shivers. "Ugh. Now they've found better ways to do it but back then that business was all very raw and rough. One of the reasons I have my means is that everyone who did that gets a stipend to this very day."
"Why are you so secretive?" you ask. "If you're the Kariket you can tell me."
She snorts. "Wouldn't that be a twist. No, Zack: I am secretive because it thrills me. And also because some things from a past as lengthy as mine deserve to keep collecting dust. What about you? Got anything you're keeping close to your chest?"
"Doesn't everyone?"
"Well I told you about my work for the Ol' HVAO, didn't I?" Polyphema says. "Your turn."
No. 630515 ID: bd8b82

you think an oculot killed your mother.
and you still like to be with her.
No. 630516 ID: 7b7ab3

Maybe it is time to let the whole parents thing out of the box. She's been as cooperative as possible given the circumstances, and it wouldn't hurt to be honest with her.

So I say go for it.
No. 630518 ID: f61b8d

We should probably introduce it with something like, "Remember how I had a bad dream the other night?"
No. 630520 ID: 296917

Tell her about THE DREAM. The usual dream, and then the extra bit that happened the night after your first date.

Technically (and this is in the dream anyway which might be made up) a Warrior killed her. The Oculot just numbed the pain.
No. 630521 ID: 7b7ab3

Start by mentioning the dream, but then tell her what really happened.

"Remember how I had a bad dream the other night? Well, it's mostly a memory of something that happened when I was a kid."

And then go from there.
No. 630522 ID: 0ee153

Yeah. Tell her about the dream, warrior killed her, oculot showed up as she was dying, etc etc.
No. 630523 ID: 05d909

Dont necessarily point out the dream, just tell her you have vivid dreams of invasion happening when you were young. Maybe point out your parents did some... questionable things trying to protect you.
No. 630524 ID: 7b7ab3

Alright, honestly, I think we should just tell her what happened:
The Invaders came, they wrecked our town, they killed a lot of people including our parents, and now we have godawful nightmares about it sometimes.
No. 630531 ID: f0a5e4

Remember that visitors didn't kill both our parents.
Vanilla Human scumbaggery did our dad in, and it's possible they both would have escaped if not for that asshole.
No. 630533 ID: 7b7ab3

True, but I would argue that none of it would have happened if the aliens hadn't attacked.
No. 630549 ID: bb78f2

This might be a total fun buzzkill for you Poly, but since I don't have a huge secret reservoir, I can only tell you a very few specific things and only one I can think of right now.

I think there are psychic side effects when relations with between a human and Oculots occur. Somehow, I received the backwash of my own mother's death when sleeping next to you. She was mercy killed by an oculot, at least if the dream was accurate. I've had the nightmare before but I never saw the end. I didn't know any of the specifics of her death.

That Oculot kept repeating I'm sorry to her. I can't tell if that entered her head and that was the thought pattern that killed her or if the Oculot was physically saying I'm sorry.
No. 630579 ID: 3009b4

>True, but I would argue that none of it would have happened if the aliens hadn't attacked

People show their true nature in times of adversity. It was human scumbaggery that did it. He threatened someone's child.
No. 630584 ID: 7b7ab3

I mean that Zack and his parents would not have been in that situation if they hadn't been forced to by a sudden alien attack.
No. 630588 ID: 0ee153

They wouldn't have been in that situation if they had never been born, so really it's Zack's grandparents' fault.
No. 630617 ID: f0a5e4

It's a fair cop, but I'd argue that a decent factor in Zack not being a revengeful visitor-fighting anime protagonist is the fact that he's all too aware humans are just as capable of callous opportunism and cold-blooded murder.
Just because the looter's excuse to loot was an alien invasion doesn't mean the Kariket pulled the trigger by proxy.
No. 630636 ID: e30e12
File 142717731941.png - (29.02KB , 960x560 , 201.png )

"OK," you say. "This might be a buzzkill."
"Remember how I had that crappy dream a while ago?"
"On date one?"
"Yeah. It was actually a recurring dream I have about my childhood," you say. "When I was 8, and I lived in Montana, my town was attacked and my parents were both killed."
"Oh my God." Polyphema covers her mouth.
"My dad got shot by a looter in the confusion, and my mom was killed by an oculot," you say. "Well actually a warrior did it mostly, but then an Oculot put her out of her pain. I don't know how I saw that part. It was like some kind of backwash I got from sleeping next to you."
"Oh my God," Polyphema repeats. "Zack." She puts her hand on the back of your neck and brushes your hair away from your ear. "I'm so sorry."
"It's OK," you say. "I hadn't had it for a while and I haven't had it since. It used to be a problem."
"I'm so so sorry," Polyphema says. "And sleeping with me made it worse?"
"It like extended it," you say. "I don't know why."
"Me neither," Polyphema says. "That's terrible, Zack. I don't know what to say that--" She trails off.
"It's OK."
"Don't ever hide it if I hurt you like that again," she says.
"You didn't," you say. "It was just a weird dream thing."
"Oculots are all about weird dream things," Polyphema says. "I feel responsible for it."
"It's OK." You take her hand and hold it. "Dating you, it helps."
"Oh, Zack." She twines her fingers around yours. "That's horrible. Thank you for telling me. And here I am hiding everything from you."
"You don't have to," you say.
"Maybe not." She looks far down the road. "But I'm not quite as strong as you are about it, I think. To share my bad dreams."

You look over at her.
For a moment her expression belies her age, and even though her face is smooth and pretty, you can see the centuries of hurt and care deep in her eye.
Then she snaps out of it, looks back at you, and smiles.
"I'm glad you told me that," she says. "Thank you."
"No problem," you say. "Not a lot of people know it."
She kisses your cheek. "Hopefully by the end of this little soiree you'll get me to open up too."
"You think?"
"Well." She raises her eyebrows. "Not too much."

About an hour or two later you park at the entrance to the trail.
Polyphema climbs out, stretches in the sun, and cracks her back with her customary alarming crunch.
"Daylight!" she says. "I forgot how much I love finishing long car rides." She looks around. "Hm. Strangely vacant for the weekend. Where is everyone?"

1]] No clue.
2]] Maybe it's because the Yankees are playing the Sox today.
3]] The HVAO actually cleared out the trail for us.
4]] The HVAO actually cleared out the trail. I asked them not to but there you go.
No. 630638 ID: bd8b82

5, maybe the news put a fear in the normal park goers, odd it got all of them...
No. 630639 ID: d90668


After the news stuff I checked in with the guys upstairs and they insisted on clearing out the trail. Tried to stop them but was a lost battle.

So will just consider it a job bonus.
No. 630642 ID: 0ee153

No. 630654 ID: e30e12
File 142718240340.png - (39.61KB , 960x560 , 202.png )

"The HVAO actually cleared the trail out for us," you say. "I didn't want them to, but, well, with the news."
Polyphema raises an eyebrow. "I see there are still some secrets between us, Zackary."
"It's OK. More on my end. You have to carry the tent now, though."
"Oui. We're hacking it, doll. Behold!" Polyphema sweeps her hand toward the forest. "Nature!" She inhales deeply. "Oh but it's tick season. There's bug spray in my bag. Via! Away!"

The two of you make your way across the relatively flat opening of the trail. Polyphema walks briskly, and it's a bit of an effort to keep up with your backpack and the tent on your shoulder.
"Love thou the rose, yet leave it on its stem, Zack," Polyphema says, brushing some leaves with her fingers. She squishes a little wiry plant between two rocks with her boot. "But damn the nettles."
She looks back at you and slows down a little. "I was going to make you carry the tent anyway, of course."
"I figured," you say.
"I think I want to keep our little game of elucidation going after all the healthy air you cleared in the car," Polyphema says. "Let's play, Zack."
"What do you want to play?"
"The Oldest Game."
"From Sandman?"
"The other oldest game. Truth...." She drumrolls against a tree. "Or dare. With a natural, mountain-man twist. I'll go first. Truth me."
No. 630657 ID: bd8b82

"i am incredibly tempted to ask 'what is your name?'"

"but that seems a little mean spirited. so how about, do you have any kids? "
No. 630662 ID: 7b7ab3

"What... is your favorite color?"

Let's see if she knows any Monty Python.
No. 630664 ID: 0b4647

Eh, tempting, but I think I'd rather go with this one:
No. 630665 ID: 7b7ab3

I will also accept: "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
No. 630669 ID: e30e12
File 142718719695.png - (15.02KB , 960x560 , 203.png )

"You have any kids?" you ask.

"Nope," Polyphema says. "Never did. And I don't know if ever I shall. I'm climbing that." She heads toward a rock and starts clambering up it. "Not that I don't love children, of course. Just... not for me."
You have a very clear view of her ass.
"Maybe if I meet the right Oculot," she calls. "But I'm done dating Oculots for a while, I think."
"Because humans are much more fun," she says. "Truth or dare?"

1]] Truth.
2]] Dare.
No. 630670 ID: bd8b82

No. 630671 ID: 0b4647

Hmm. Dunno. I doubt I'd ever play this game, and if I did, I'm pretty sure I'd stick exclusively with truth. Dunno if that's how Zach works, necessarily, though.
No. 630673 ID: f75cf9

She did a truth. I think we should return the favor.

Dares can come later.
No. 630674 ID: 7b7ab3


Also, if she was worried about her thighs being chunky, she can forget it. Her body is fabulous.
No. 630681 ID: bb78f2

This IS assuming none of the vistiors happen to be genetically compatible with the humans OH MY GOD I just realized how unsafe we were.

Don't mention it, Zack for now, I'm sure Poly did enough research somewhere. Like the biology gene logic doesn't work with the chromosomes and the stuff. Hopefully you are not going to be the father of either an Oculot or Warrior hybrid in the future.

1) TRUTH by Alexander is a good song.
No. 630682 ID: b283c9

Leaning towards a dare.
No. 630688 ID: 330ce5

No. 630690 ID: 0ee153

No. 630693 ID: 9cf228
File 142721450942.png - (5.34KB , 960x560 , 204.png )

"Truth me."
"Truth!!!!" She turns around on her mountain and points at you. "Will set you free!!!"


"I'm thinking," she says. "OK, Zack. What's your kink?
No: What's the kinkiest thing you've ever wanted to try but haven't?"
No. 630694 ID: 2a9886

Im interested to see what she might dare us to do.
No. 630696 ID: 7b7ab3

I've noticed that Poly does a lot to show off her lower extremities. Her butt, her hips, her thighs, her feet. On the first date she was constantly flaunting them. She even played footsy with us under the table at Taverna. Let's tell her we have thing for legs and feet. I'm betting that'll heat things up for her.
No. 630697 ID: f9c59d

"I've always wanted to do it out in the open, surrounded by nature."
No. 630699 ID: 0ee153

"Well, that last clause eliminates bondage. ...Hmm, legs, I suppose."
No. 630701 ID: 0ee153

Either legs or the nature thing could work, but I think the latter is coming on too strongly.
No. 630702 ID: 7b7ab3

Let's not mention the bondage because she might ask questions GG would prefer remain unanswered.

But yes. Peep the legs, no mercy.
No. 630703 ID: 0ee153

She can ask. We don't have to answer. Especially since there's so many ways to evade an exact answer and still tell the truth.
No. 630704 ID: 7b7ab3

True. I just err on the side of caution.
No. 630705 ID: 89941a

Well, you recently tied an alien up and fucked it, so that's certainly off the list.
No. 630717 ID: 05d909

The legs thing is completely transparent, though I suppose this is a completely transparent ploy on her part too.

She asked for a kink, not a compliment. Lets suggest having clandestine sex in a public place (something she might actually do later). An empty national park wouldn't really count.
No. 630728 ID: e6c5ed

"... I've always been curious about mother/son play..."
No. 630733 ID: bd8b82

"dating four wonderful women at the same time has awakened the desire for a 5 way"
No. 630734 ID: 7b7ab3

Transparent though it may be, she's been playing little Ms. seductress for so long now that I figure a little payback is in order. Play into her little ploy and turn it around on her, as it were. If she wants us to go crazy over her stems, let's go crazy over 'em.
And who said legs and feet can't be a fetish?

Oedipus complex much?
And considering what we just revealed in the car, that'll probably just distress and disturb her.
No. 630745 ID: b8ceae

"I've always wanted a threesome. But now, I'm going to reach for the impossible - a fivesome!"
No. 630748 ID: 0ee153

Not really funny and if that was meant to be seductive you two failed.

gr8 b8 m8
No. 630749 ID: 05d909

Oh god, you don't wanna seriously alienate her by telling her you have an Oedipal complex.
No. 630752 ID: 296917

You guys are not good at thinking of interesting kinks.

Electrical stimulation.
No. 630753 ID: 6e79d4

Uniforms. Make her guess what kind.
No. 630754 ID: 05d909

I like the electrical stimulation idea. That has merit.
No. 630756 ID: 34a3a8

mile high club mile high clubbbb
No. 630757 ID: 0ee153

"Ooh, good one. Crossed bondage off the list... tempted to say legs, but... electrostimulation? Mile-high club? Exhibitionism? Hmm."
No. 630764 ID: 7b7ab3

This is actually a good idea. She said it herself.
>A life well-lived is an avalanche
We're open to just about anything, as long as nobody gets hurt.

Did she have something in mind?
No. 630773 ID: 05d909

Don't forget, this is a game of truth or dare. Asking her isn't an option.

Mile high club is an excellent one too, but electrostimulation just seems like a winner.
No. 630775 ID: f75cf9

Yay, indecision!

Totally works though.

Or we could come up with something really kinky. Hypnotized into having no restraint? Tentacles? Vore okay that's a bit too far.
...actually I kind of like the hypnotized in this context. Can we say that?
No. 630782 ID: 2a9886

People are going to fair extremes.

Remember this is a game for her.

I suggest discreet public sex, just to see what her reaction is.
No. 630784 ID: bb78f2

Exhibitionism is actually the most relevant and normal.
Furry is the most funny thing to say.
Oedipus is creepy, specifically after our earlier reveal.
You know, I'm trying to think of different kinks but I can't think of any.
Schoolgirl outfits? Pegging? Rimming? Rubber cat suits? Bike shorts? Pregnancy?

All good options.
But the safe bet is exhibitionism. Go with exhibitionism.
No. 630785 ID: bb78f2

Under no circumstances reveal that you had bondage sex recently.
No. 630787 ID: 0ee153


Nothing suggested implies it was recent.
No. 630789 ID: e02584

Well, what actually matters is what's true. First and foremost, we need an honest answer. I guess that means that Brom will pick the most interesting one we've suggested?
No. 630790 ID: e02584

Honestly, I'm sure Poly's heard it all.
No. 630791 ID: 296917

Mentioning it was crossed out does imply it was recent.
No. 630792 ID: 7b7ab3

She's over three centuries old and has lived on two worlds. She's probably seen some shit.

Although if we do manage to squick her out, I'll feel terrible.
No. 630814 ID: 76e58f
File 142725657366.png - (9.64KB , 960x560 , 205.png )

"Does legs count as a kink?" you ask.
"That is a proclivity, Zackary, not a kink," Polyphema says. "Although it is duly noted."
"What about discrete public sex?"
"Ooooh." Polyphema leans forward. "That's a good one. And also duly noted."
"What about you?" you ask.
"You need to truth or dare me," Polyphema says.
"It is a sacred law of truth or dare that you get to rebound the truth back without wasting a turn," you say. "Especially if it's sexy truth or dare."
"These human customs!" Polyphema cocks her head and thinks. "What haven't I done? Hmmmm."
"There has to be like a fantasy."
"Oh! I know," Polyphema says. "Sometimes I like to imagine when I'm dressed up all fancy and having dinner with somebody or something that I'm a really classy prostitute. Like sleeping my way through school or something. Polyphema the callgirl."
"That's a good one."
"Yours is a little more... feasible," Polyphema says. "Since I have more filthy lucre to throw around than I know what to do with. Anyway my turn!"
"Truth or Dare?"
"Dare me, Doll."
No. 630815 ID: 05d909

next mile in the nude.
No. 630817 ID: a9753c

I dare you to

NOT do anything dangerous, this is a mountain! People DIE when they do dangerously stupid stuff while standing/sitting/baked on high places!

How about daring her to scream at the top of her lungs exactly what she thinks about her government?
No. 630820 ID: 05d909

That's exactly the kinda fake shit Poly would hate.
No. 630822 ID: bd8b82

dare her to blow up a rock with one of those fireballs you heard oculots can shoot.
No. 630833 ID: 7b7ab3

"I dare you to... have a staring contest with me!"
No. 630835 ID: 0ee153


I'm pretty sure that's misinformation about their telepathy thing making people's brains fry. Don't do this.

Dare her to... okay, can't think of much that isn't just awful or coming on too strong. She wanted to know about vidya.... play Zack in Dance Dance Revolution? Leg-related, I guess.
No. 630836 ID: 76e58f
File 142725895919.png - (14.51KB , 960x560 , 206.png )

"Can you blow up a rock with one of those fireball things you can shoot?" you ask.

"Oooh." Polyphema descends her little hill and looks around for a good rock. "I don't get a lot of chances to practice this. Hold on." She finds one. "I have to get myself in the mood for it?"
"The mood?"
"Everything Oculots can do is an expression of some kind of emotion," Polyphema says. "Our different powers are just... empathic spillage. We feel things very viscerally, you see. And that, combined with some truly bizarre xenobiology... there have been a lot of books written about it, and we still aren't sure about all the weird things we can do. The head-exploding effect, for example, is expressed.... confrontational energy. As in a manifested urge to interface with somebody. Normally we use it for love. In the war we used it for killing. The fireball is an expression of rage. So I have to pump myself up for this for a second."

She jumps up and down. She exhales. She slaps herself lightly in the face.

Then she hucks the rock into the air... and nothing happens.
"Damn," she says. "I was always terrible at this one."
She picks up the rock and tosses it up and down in her palm. She flexes her fingers and closes them tightly around it until her knuckles are white. Then she yells "FUCK" and throws it up into the air again.

This time a flash of brilliant bright blue leaps from her eye and slams into the rock, obliterating it in a shower of gravel.
"WOO!" she says. "THERE we go. OK." She shoulders her backpack and continues up the trail. "Truth or dare?"

1]] Truth.
2]] Dare.
3]] ___________
No. 630838 ID: 0ee153

Oh, I was completely wrong. Neat.

No. 630839 ID: 7b7ab3


"Holy shit!"

Let's never, ever, ever piss her off, okay?

I can definitely see why they were in charge on the other side.
No. 630840 ID: bd8b82

sit in stunned silence for a while, the go "woah"

and dare.
No. 630841 ID: 7b7ab3

And yet I still want that staring contest.

I'm either very brave or very stupid.
No. 630843 ID: 0ee153

Dude, relax. This is the same thing as GG. Or anyone with a gun. Could fuck us up anytime, no reason to want to.
No. 630844 ID: 05d909

Definitely dare.
No. 630849 ID: 7b7ab3

True. Very true.

However, I still think a moment or two of stunned silence would be appropriate. Some awed clapping maybe, God knows I would.

As for my choice, I choose dare.
No. 630852 ID: 76e58f
File 142726101763.png - (12.24KB , 960x560 , 207.png )

"Uhhhhhhhhh wow," you say. "Holy shit. Remind me never to piss you off."
"Never piss me off," she says.
"I pick dare," you say.
"CARRY ME," she yells, and leaps onto your back.
"WAIT WAIT WAIT" you say.
"GO, SQUIRE" she cries.

You get about a half a dozen wobbly steps in before the surprise and the weight of her, the tent, and all your stuff makes you tilt over and fall up against a grassy bank of the trail.

"Are you ok?" you ask.
She's laughing her head off.
"You're ok," you say, and start to get up, but she locks you in place with her legs and you fall back down onto the bank, your head in her lap.
Her thighs are incredibly soft around your ears. You could probably fall asleep here.

"Truth me," she says, delicately crossing her dirty boots across your chest.
No. 630854 ID: 577333

First sexual encounter
No. 630855 ID: 0ee153

This. Or riff on her fetish thing and ask what her favorites have been.
No. 630857 ID: 296917

Ahh, good good.
No. 630858 ID: a9753c

Last thing she said to one of her siblings. If she doesn't have any siblings, then the last thing she said to nobody in particular.
No. 630859 ID: 7b7ab3

God, she's amazing.

Yes, what was her first time like?
No. 630861 ID: 7b7ab3

Ooh, or, other idea!

What were her parents like? We told her what happened to ours, but what about hers? Are they alive? Are they here or on the other side?
No. 630862 ID: 76e58f
File 142726196447.png - (7.88KB , 960x560 , 208.png )

"Last thing you said to a sibling," you say.
"No siblings," she says.
"First sexual encounter," you say.
"God," she says. "That was 300 years ago, Zack."
"Do you not remember it?"
"I never said that." Polyphema shifts a little bit to get at her backpack and pulls a chocolate cliff bar out of it. "It was 1 AM on my 17th birthday and I was a determined young lady. I went down to the stables and there was this Warrior employee of my father's. I'd been eyefucking him for months. So I walked up to him in the dark while he was shoveling manure or something, and put my hands on his shoulders" She puts her hands on your shoulders. "And I said--
Well actually I don't remember what I said but he picked me up, pinned me to the wall, and we went at it for an hour. He must have been, like, 30 at the youngest."
"Wow," you say.
"Daddy never found out," Polyphema says. "I was down there almost every night for a while."
She takes a bite of her cliff bar. "Oh my gof," she says. "Thif if awful." She swallows it. "This was supposed to be chocolate!"
"It is chocolate. Have you never had a cliff bar?"
"No," she says. "Oh lord. It tastes like dirt."
"I'll finish it," you say.
"Be my guest, Zack. Be my guest." She sticks it in your mouth. "I got it because there was a man rock climbing on it. Ugh. I only have those and some water and a sandwich for later. Truth or Dare, Zack?"
No. 630864 ID: 7b7ab3


Let us continue to be open and agreeable!
No. 630865 ID: ad7bba


It's not a proper date if it doesn't end in a trip to the hospital.
No. 630867 ID: f75cf9

Yeah cliff bars are pretty awful. Tell her she is not alone in this opinion.

And uh... I honestly don't care whether truth or dare at the moment, either should be fun!
No. 630869 ID: bb78f2

Because I think she's going to ask the same thing and maybe we'll either get to create that backstory for Zack or learn a bit more about Zack. Zack is still a character and not a completely blank slate.

Either event is fun!
No. 630873 ID: 0ee153

No. 630877 ID: 7b7ab3

I've never had a Cliff bar, and despite the bad press, now I kinda want to.

Hooray for character development!
No. 630879 ID: 05d909

Time for some more truth.
No. 630880 ID: 76e58f
File 142726368664.png - (34.05KB , 960x560 , 209.png )

"You're gonna regret not going for the dare on this one," Polyphema says.
"Try me."
"Ok, Zack. Million dollar question." Polyphema's playing with your hair. "Who's winning?"
"Winning what?"
"You know what. Obviously it's not a contest and obviously we're all wonderful girls and obviously blah blah. Give me the skinny. Who's winning right now?"
No. 630881 ID: 0ee153

"You do have very nice thighs on top of everything else, but GG is... sweet once you get to know her. I don't know Bika or Meg that well. I'd have a hard time choosing between you or GG, but... you."
No. 630882 ID: 7b7ab3

"Well, my head is between your legs right now, so..."
No. 630883 ID: daf2af

Right now, at this very moment GG. We've had two complete dates and this date isn't complete yet.
No. 630884 ID: 0ee153

And right now, at this very moment Zack's head is in her lap.
No. 630885 ID: 296917

I'm gonna be honest GG is probably the best match for Zack. Similiar lifespans AND perspectives.
No. 630886 ID: 7b7ab3

Right now. At this particular moment in time.
Seriously, if we can stave off the actual, literal waifu war until we come up with a plan that would be ideal.
No. 630887 ID: 0ee153

Here's the plan: tell the truth. And we determine a lot of Zack's personality, including this. No real way to avoid debating which girl we prefer, although it's still not even close to an actual, literal war.
No. 630888 ID: 7b7ab3

No, I meant the war that might break out between the girls!

This ain't Tenchi Muyo. If GG and Poly got in a fight over Zack, someone's getting hurt. Badly!
No. 630890 ID: 296917

We could just lie. If they ask, tell them they're winning. Even if they're not.
No. 630891 ID: 0ee153

>girls fighting over Zack
Don't you think that's more than a bit far-fetched? After all, they knew what they were getting into.

Not cool. Truth or Dare is totally sacred, man. Plus lying about big shit isn't good for a relationship.
No. 630892 ID: e30e12
File 142726570285.png - (13.62KB , 960x560 , 210.png )

"I don't know," you say. "GG has had two dates under her belt at the moment, but my head is kind of between your legs right now. Sooo a close you."

"Wow, Zack!" Polyphema says. "That was far less of an evasion than I was counting on it being. Kudos."
"If it was true. Which I don't really care. I just like to see you sweat."
"Raus, Zack!" Polyphema pushes you up a little bit and slips out from beneath you. "If I have a lead I need to press it. We're sleeping on the top of this big old rock tonight!"
"How far?"
"If we walk at a steady pace?" Polyphema asks. "Five hours."
"Oh joy."
"Onward and Upward, Zack Nguyen! And Truth me while we go."
No. 630894 ID: 7b7ab3

What were her parents like?
No. 630898 ID: 0ee153

This. Curious to see how closely related to the Kariket she is or if there's other royal families. Although Zack probably shouldn't say that bit out loud.
No. 630900 ID: b5b419

"Are you a spy?"
No. 630901 ID: bb78f2

Have you ever dated a woman before?
No. 630903 ID: ad7bba

How many women has she dated?
No. 630906 ID: e30e12
File 142726804645.png - (15.64KB , 960x560 , 211.png )

"Tell me about your parents."

"Meet the parents, huh?" Polyphema says. "My father was a bit of a hardass. Y'know. The gruff loving kind of man. He was a very wealthy farmer."
"What kind of crop?"
"Jalt. Which is basically cotton. Anyway he purchased himself a title of nobility. Not because he wanted it or anything but so he could marry my mother! Beautiful story."
"What was she?"
"A noblewoman, of course. Of leisure, Zackary. His polar opposite. They loved each other a great deal. Mom said they met at a ball her parents threw. He was one of the caterers. Apparently he smelled like straw and fertilizer and she was the only one who came to his table. Love at first sight."
"That's adorable," you say.
"Truth or dare?" Polyphema says.
"Truth," you say."
No. 630907 ID: e30e12
File 142726806164.png - (54.82KB , 960x560 , 212.png )

"What about your parents?"
"Mom was an administrator type," you say. "Lots of cold calls, apparently. Dad was an engineer. Truth or dare?"
"Have you ever dated a girl?"
"Loads. Truth or dare?"
"Have you ever dated a boy?"
"No, but I've kissed one."
"Camp in 7th grade. Forest. We were all kind of drunk. It was actually a game of... Truth or dare."
"There yo go!"

You have been staring at Polyphema's ass for the last five minutes. It's been bobbing in front of you like a little ball on a sing-along video, and its influence on your attention is magnetic. You have no idea why you've never gone on a hike with a girl before.
The riding up of her left pant leg is a confirmation of the existence of a loving creator god.

"Zack?" she says.
"I said truth or dare."

1]] Truth.
2]] Dare.
3]] Sorry. I was distracted by your ass.
4]] Your romper's riding up a bit.
No. 630908 ID: 296917

3. Also 2.
No. 630909 ID: 0ee153

3 and 2.
No. 630913 ID: 7b7ab3


Tres y Dos.
No. 630914 ID: f75cf9

This seems like an excellent combination.
No. 630917 ID: e30e12
File 142726967351.png - (66.61KB , 960x560 , 213.png )

"I'm sorry," you say. "I was distracted by your ass."
"Zack!" she says, feigning outrage. "You pervert. After I told you all about my parents and their poop table romance."
"Dare me," you say.

She stops and turns around.
"Good," she says.

She drops her backpack on the ground and leans against a tree.
She pulls her romper to one side. She's wearing a black thong. She pulls that to the side too.
"Make up for your wandering peepers, Zack," she says. "No touching me with your hands. No opening your eyes. Try and make me cum."

1]] Do it.
2]] Do it but cheat.
3]] Do it but cheat once she gets too into it to care.
4]] Ask for a mulligan.
5]] ________________
No. 630918 ID: a19cd5

wrap arms around tree, grind her against your knee.
No. 630920 ID: 7b7ab3

Oculot we are not, but damn it if that's gonna stop us!
And no cheating!
No. 630921 ID: 296917

I want to say 3.

I don't think that would work! There is an obvious solution here, you know.
No. 630922 ID: bd8b82

eyes closed tongue of doom deploy.
No. 630923 ID: 0ee153

Elbows on her hips. Apply cunnilingus.
No. 630925 ID: 7b7ab3

No! This is the time! The time to prove the strength of the tongues of Men!

Men of Earth! Together!
No. 630926 ID: b283c9

Looks like it's tongue time. Although agents might be watching.
No. 630927 ID: 7b7ab3

Then I hope they're takin' notes!
No. 630928 ID: e30e12
File 142727239773.png - (22.39KB , 960x560 , 214.png )

"OK," you say. "Here goes."
"No peeking," Polyphema says.
"No peeking." You shut your eyes.

You drop to your knees and uncertainly feel for the tree. You touch smooth, goosebumpy skin and Polyphema swats your hand away and giggles. Eventually your fingers find the tree. You move your head forward until your nose pokes Polyphema's bellybutton and then you go lower.
You brush one of her fingers and can feel it quiver with anticipation.
She's soaked. You've never been with a human this wet before although you're not sure if that's because of Oculots or because of Polyphema.
She curls her fingers through your hair and then pushes your face deep into her crotch. She tastes strangely sweet, almost sugary. No offense to human girls, but it smells a lot better. She's not loose, really, but she is a distinctly exotic kind of inviting. Her hips squirm. You push your forearms into them from either side and lock her in place.

"Don't stop," she says. You want to tell her you never would, but your mouth is otherwise occupied. She groans, low and indulgent, and sinks down a little, pushing her back against the tree to hold herself up. Her thighs wrap around your ears. "There," you can hear her saying, although her voice is a little muffled. "There there there there there. I'm--"
Her voice catches. She screams. It echoes through the forest. You hear birds taking off.

"Well." She rises shakily to her feet and fumbles with her underwear. "You win this round."
"I don't think truth or dare is a winning/losing thing," you say. Your tongue is a little numb.
"We'll see," she says, shaking the last of it off and recovering her cognizance. "Because I'm playing to win. Say the thing."
"Truth or dare?"
No. 630935 ID: daf2af

Perhaps "You can't wear any clothing for an hour"
No. 630936 ID: f75cf9

Or, "For the rest of our trip, you can't wear any clothing if you've orgasmed less than an hour ago."
No. 630938 ID: 5eb445

I think I'd prefer "Can't wear clothing if your last orgasm was over an hour ago." Much more productive.
No. 630945 ID: 7b7ab3

"Go nude for the rest of the day."
No. 630952 ID: 05d909

Lets try "Shoes only till we get there."
No. 630956 ID: f75cf9

...Yes, whatever time period we go with, shoes are important.
No. 630958 ID: 7b7ab3


"You. Nude. Don't care how long. Keep the shoes."
No. 630967 ID: e30e12
File 142732244269.png - (8.70KB , 960x560 , 215.png )

"Shoes only," you say. "Nothing else."

"Done." Polyphema unzips her romper. "How long?"

"I don't know yet. We'll see."

"Works for me! Let's get au naturale." She kicks her backpack toward you. "That counts as clothes so you're going to have to carry it."
"Bullshit," you say.
"I'm very proud of my shoulderblades," she says, wiggling out of her strapless bra. "I wouldn't want to deny you access. Carry this too."
She tosses her thong over her shoulder. It lands on your head.
"Two points!" she says. "Not bad for a lady with one eyeball's worth of depth perception. Do you want a truth or dare, or is this--" She shakes her hips and your eyes follow the motion "--a quality enough stopping point?"

1]] Truth me.
2]] Dare me.
3]] Let's move on.
4]] ______________
No. 630968 ID: bd8b82

counter dare.
No. 630969 ID: 6e79d4

One more round. Truth.
No. 630970 ID: 7b7ab3

Which "shoulderblades"?

2. "Dare me, Lady Godiva."
No. 630972 ID: 5db52c

Say this.
No. 630974 ID: f75cf9

This, but truth.
No. 630977 ID: 4a18c0

No. 630978 ID: 7b7ab3

But you guys, dare has SO much more promise for fun!
No. 630985 ID: 330ce5

No need to stop now, 2.
No. 630987 ID: 05d909

perfect line, do the dare
No. 630988 ID: 7b7ab3

One does try.
No. 631055 ID: 6b7f15
File 142739116819.png - (9.19KB , 960x560 , 216.png )

"Dare me, Godiva," you say.
"OK." Polyphema turns around. You stand at attention in more ways than one.
"I dare you... hmmm."
"Take your time," you say.
"I dare you to turn you interior monologue into an exterior monologue," Polyphema declares. "For ten minutes."
"What does that mean?"
"Exactly what it sounds like. You're a very calculated man, Zackary Nguyen. I can hear the wheels turning behind your eyes every time you're put on the spot. From now on if it crosses your mind you speak it, no matter what it is."

>In case it wasn't clear, you guys are the ones crossing Zack's mind.
No. 631056 ID: 739b70

Well, fuck me sideways half way to Texas.
No. 631057 ID: 89941a

That's going to be a very simple monologue with her naked. Butts.
No. 631058 ID: 6e79d4

Alright, does that make us even? I lost track.
No. 631059 ID: 330ce5

Alright this can't be that hard, could be but it doesn't have to. I wonder if she will get a tan hiking like that, can she even get tan? Hope she doesn't get any ticks that would suck, maybe we should put on some more bug spray. She said earlier that her powers could be used express love, maybe we should try that out later.
No. 631062 ID: b5b419

You know a lot of these thoughts are probably completely unfit for other people to hear, we have a MASSIVE stupidity filter.

...I wonder if the people trailing us are watching us right now.
No. 631064 ID: 7b7ab3

>She said earlier that her powers could be used express love, maybe we should try that out later.
No wait, she said that's lethal. Ah well. That bug spray thing's still a good idea. Should I get naked, too? Eh, I'll see what she thinks.
No. 631065 ID: 53eb71

Ten minutes!? We're going to be talking nonstop!
She's really got a thing for making our tongue tired, huh? ;)
No. 631066 ID: 7b7ab3

>She's really got a thing for making our tongue tired, huh?
And tied, too. Has she ever gotten a knot in her tongue? Can oculots do that? I bet it'd be uncomfortable.
No. 631067 ID: 05d909

Ok, so here's how we handle this. As you progress, you are going to poetically describe every curve and nuance of Polyphena's body and exactly how they make you feel. That'll be at least 3 minutes, but will get boring fast, so then you have delve into all the mystery and questions you have about polyphena. I think the more honest you are with those questions the more you'll actually get out of her, because she essentially dared you to "truth" for ten minutes, and maybe just maybe she'll reciprocate with some honesty.
No. 631069 ID: ea0ad9

Perverted and cold-shouldered calculations, eh? You're in for it now, Poly.

I was thinking of making this the last one beforehand, anyways, so I guess we're stuck with this now. It's a lot that flies through my head, did you just want that which stands out, or all of it? Because if it's the latter, I'll probably end up rambling the whole night away.
No. 631078 ID: d15d8a

man does it hurt or is it uncomfortable when her boobs jiggle when she hikes like thats a whole lot of jiggle hot damn oh my god
im honestly wondering bc id have to hold my damn boobs if i ever did something like this LMAO
No. 631080 ID: 7b7ab3

Our feminine side shows itself!
No. 631084 ID: bb78f2

Okay then. So does truth or dare continue after those ten minutes?

Poly, you're going to hear a LOT about ass and thighs. I am a very crude man in my brain. Almost apeish.
No. 631092 ID: 6b7f15
File 142740459767.png - (6.50KB , 960x560 , 217.png )

The two of you walk the trail while you babble everything that comes into your brain.

"Are you a southern oil baron in your brain or something?"
"All of it, doll."
"I know. I don't mind."
"I'm not sure. Maybe if you stripped too."
"Zack if I were to try that on you your head would--
And I wouldn't say no."
"I'm going to assume that's a joke and refrain from setting you on fire."
She giggles.
"I can kind of do a square knot but it hurts."
"It doesn't hurt TOO much but it's certainly not comfortable." Polyphema crosses her arms. "I hope you're enjoying enough for both of us."
"Aren't we all? If I said half the things I was thinking you'd probably run away screaming, Zack. We don't need to stop playing just because you're in the middle of brain jumble purgatory. Truth me! I'll pick my favorite."
No. 631094 ID: 7b7ab3

First and foremost: is she having a good time?
No. 631098 ID: f75cf9

Man we never said the "which shoulderblades" bit. I liked that line.

Uhm her name no I actually like tge mysteriousness. Although if we go too long without learning it she'll be Poly forever in our minds.

Pronouns are being converted for us, right? We don't have to worry about that?

Ooh how about the worst thing you've thought today? Make it sort of even.
No. 631103 ID: 89941a

Wonder if I should hold onto those instead.
No. 631104 ID: 7b7ab3

I was mostly joking about the "which shoulderblades" thing.

She is a pointy thing, though, isn't she?
No. 631108 ID: 6e79d4

Truth. Tell me... What was your job on the other side?
No. 631110 ID: 5db52c

I have no idea how our mouth is keeping up with a stream of consciousness running under pressure and busy being self aware and questioning itself while under observation.

Have I managed to make myself look like an idiot yet?

...is getting everything like this what's it's normally like for you? The eyeball brain lock thing? Is that what I'm doing?

>If I said half the things I was thinking you'd probably run away screaming, Zack
I'd think it would be delivery that would be more messed up than anything. It's hard to be coy and mysterious if you can't plan or leave bits out. It would kind of mess up the flow of humor, too.
No. 631122 ID: 4a18c0

I was born in a water moon. Some people, especially its inhabitants, called it a planet, but as it was only a little over two hundred kilometres in diameter, 'moon' seems the more accurate term. The moon was made entirely of water, by which I mean it was a globe that not only had no land, but no rock either, a sphere with no solid core at all, just liquid water, all the way down to the very centre of the globe.

If it had been much bigger the moon would have had a core of ice, for water, though supposedly incompressible, is not entirely so, and will change under extremes of pressure to become ice. (If you are used to living on a planet where ice floats on the surface of water, this seems odd and even wrong, but nevertheless it is the case.) The moon was not quite of a size for an ice core to form, and therefore one could, if one was sufficiently hardy, and adequately proof against the water pressure, make one's way down, through the increasing weight of water above, to the very centre of the moon.

Where a strange thing happened.

For here, at the very centre of this watery globe, there seemed to be no gravity. There was colossal pressure, certainly, pressing in from every side, but one was in effect weightless (on the outside of a planet, moon or other body, watery or not, one is always being pulled towards its centre; once at its centre one is being pulled equally in all directions), and indeed the pressure around one was, for the same reason, not quite as great as one might have expected it to be, given the mass of water that the moon was made up from.

This was, of course,
No. 631124 ID: 7b7ab3

What are you doing?
No. 631125 ID: 4a18c0

Seeing whether we can get Zack to seem schizophrenic, whether Polyphema correctly suspects we're symbiotic noncorporeal entities in Zack's psyche, or Zack backs out of the dare.
No. 631126 ID: 7b7ab3

>Seeing whether we can get Zack to seem schizophrenic
He's not.
>whether Polyphema correctly suspects we're symbiotic noncorporeal entities in Zack's psyche
She doesn't, and we're not.
>Zack backs out of the dare.
He won't.
No. 631135 ID: 330ce5

This an interesting trip so far, sure glad we decided to go. After our ten minutes are up we should probably give her clothes back.
No. 631138 ID: 7b7ab3

Yeah, we probably should.

Or at least give her bra back. She said hanging free like that is uncomfortable.
No. 631141 ID: 05d909

Uh... the sexual tension has passed the boiling point some time ago and I'd say it's time to ditch the games and make a move.
No. 631172 ID: 8bd2b1

She's a very experienced lady. Ratcheting up the tension well past 11 is not only feasible, it's advisable.
No. 631173 ID: 7b7ab3

Is she honestly having a good time, though?

It seems like it, but if we heard it from her we would know we aren't screwing up somehow.
No. 631176 ID: e30e12
File 142743215034.png - (14.26KB , 960x560 , 218.png )

"A fantastic one. I haven't been hiking in years. It's a bit nippy, though. And that question doesn't count."
"There's your truth. The worst thing is that I thought about how easy it would be to set that t.v. clown Anna Borica on fire. She was on minute 3 of carefully explaining why she's not racist but we're all monsters."
You already have an idea of the kind of thing Polyphema got up to on the Other Side from your last date, so you don't say this.
You're not an unhinged basket case who quotes Ian M. Banks, so you don't say this either.
"I'm beveled where it counts, doll."
"Like there."
>"Have I managed to make myself look like an idiot yet?"
"Of course you look like an idiot, Zack. This is Truth or dare."
>"...is getting everything like this what's it's normally like for you? The eyeball brain lock thing? Is that what I'm doing?"
"Not exactly. I wouldn't say there's anything comparable."
>"This an interesting trip so far, sure glad I decided to go."
She beams. "I'm glad you're here."
"After my ten minutes are up I should probably give your clothes back."
"That's a fair trade. My breasts thank you for it."
"Oh?" she says. She stops walking and turns around. Her arms drop from her chest. "Has it?"
"Oh?" She takes a swaying step toward you and traces your chest with a finger. "Is it?"
Her finger travels down your chest, across your navel, and hooks itself on your waistband. She twangs it against your stomach. "If you were, I wouldn't tell you. But you aren't."
Her hips brush lightly against yours. "I think we're good for that dare, Zack. I'd save your breath for climbing. If we get to the top by nightfall I have a surprise for you."
"What kind?"
"The good kind."
"Do you want your clothes back?" you ask.
"I'd love them."
You hand her her bra and she slides back into it. You find her thong but she closes your fingers around it. "Oh, I don't need that" she says. Her breath is warm. It smells kind of like honey. "Be a doll. Keep an eye on it for me till we're at the top. And let's hustle. I want to crest this sucker."

Your shoulders are already aching from carrying all this stuff. Shawangunk Ridge is a taller order than you anticipated.

1]] The pain is worth the price. Hustle!
2]] "Can't we camp earlier?"
3]] "If you take a turn carrying some stuff I could go faster."
4]] "Do I still need to carry your backpack?"
5]] Kiss her.
6]] Cop a feel.
7]] _____________
No. 631177 ID: 296917

4. 5 ........6
No. 631180 ID: b5b419

If it doesn't hurt it doesn't count!

Is there enough time for a hydration and snack break, however?
No. 631181 ID: 4a18c0

1, 4, hydrate if needed. Don't think you need to stop for that.
No. 631182 ID: f75cf9

Probably 4, but definitely 1 and definitely not 2.
No. 631183 ID: 8bd2b1

1, 4, 6. Maybe not her backpack, but she should carry something.
No. 631185 ID: 330ce5

4, 1, and 5.
No. 631189 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 4, 5.
Let's hustle up! If she wants us to keep carrying the backpack, so be it. And of course, kiss ze girl.
No. 631193 ID: e30e12
File 142743943224.png - (365.05KB , 960x560 , 219.png )

"Do I still need to carry your backpack?" you ask.
"Oh! Right!" She takes it from you and shoulders it on. "That was lovely while it lasted."
"If you need me to carry it--"
"I'm talking about the nudity," she says.
"Didn't it kind of hurt your boobs?"
"I like it when you look at me, Zack," she says.
"I like looking at you."
"Then we have an excellent working relationship."
You start to kiss her. She blocks you with her fingertip.
"Ah ah ah," she says. "There will be time enough for that when we're at the top."
She grins at you and turns on her heel. "Seriously. Vamanoose!"
You roll your shoulders, take a swig from your water bottle, and get moving.

Polyphema has a surprising amount of endurance. She never slows down, and doesn't betray any kind of fatigue.
Maybe that's because she's not carrying a bunch of stuff, 'cause you are struggling. By the third hour you can't really feel your feet anymore.
"Zack! Look!" Polyphema says. "Waterfall!"
"Huff. Cool. Guh."
"Zack? You need your load lightened?"
"No. No I'm good."
"Ever the stoic, Zack."
"It's not as bad as it looks."
Polyphema breaks a limb off a tree and hands it to you. "Grab this, mountain man. Don't worry. It'll be worth it."
No. 631194 ID: e30e12
File 142743943750.png - (355.16KB , 960x560 , 220.png )

Your legs are shaking as you finally near the top.
Polyphema is breathing hard.
"Almost, Zack," she pants. "We'll find a place to... hah... rest."
"You said that two rest places ago," you say.
"Other side of the mountain," Polyphema says. "It'll all be worth it. Other side. It'll all... yes. Oh my god. Look at that."
You hurry up to where she's standing and look.
The sun is sinking below the mountains, and as it goes it dyes the sky a glorious golden-purple. The trees almost glow, swaying in the evening air.
Polyphema grabs your shoulder and kisses your neck. "Look."
"Wow," you say, quietly.
"We should find a place to camp," Polyphema says. "Somewhere flat and unobstructed."
She heads up the path to where the trees are thinning out. "Just for the record this isn't the surprise," she calls over her shoulder. "It's good surprise mood lighting but it isn't it. Bring the tent!"

You find good flat ground and get the tent off your shoulders. Polyphema unpacks it excitedly and then pauses. "Can I see the instructions?" she asks. You fish them out of the bag.
"This iiiis not what visitor tents are like." Polyphema turns the instructions sideways. "Um. I was going to wow you with my incredible tentsetting skills."

1]] It's OK. I was a boyscout. I can do this.
2]] It's OK. We can just follow the instructions.
3]] Hey. I schlep it you build it, girl. Show me what you can do.
4]] The tent can wait.
5]] ____________________
No. 631195 ID: 296917

No. 631196 ID: c4258d

2, if you go without the instructions you miss a support joint and that's no fun
No. 631198 ID: a9753c

2. May as well teach her how to set up earth tents.
No. 631199 ID: 7b7ab3

Precious one-eyed babe. Let us look to the wisdom of the manufacturer. This tent shall not be our better.
No. 631204 ID: e30e12
File 142744372460.png - (12.99KB , 960x560 , 221.png )

"It's OK," you say. "If we just follow these things it'll come out ok."
"No no I have this," Polyphema says.
"If we miss a support joint we're going to regret it," you say.
"Oh fine." Polyphema pulls the struts out of the pile of stuff. "Tell me where all this goes."

It's not long before the tent is up. The sky has dimmed to a deep uniform violet, with strands of yellow cloud drifting near the horizon and an inky blue high above your head. The first stars are coming out.

"YES!" Polyphema dives inside the tent. "Mmmm. Fresh tent smell." She rolls around a little and then pivots so she's sticking her head out of the front flap.
"Paging Zackary Nguyen," she says. "Your surprise is in here."
No. 631205 ID: e30e12
File 142744378859.png - (28.31KB , 960x560 , 222.png )

You climb inside and she sits back.
"Hold on," she says, and pulls her backpack over. She starts rummaging through it.
"I kind of thought the surprise was sex," you say.
"Zack Zack Zack," Polyphema admonishes, pulling out a cliff bar and tossing it lightly out the front of the tent. "You and I both know that I am going to fuck you silly. By no means is that a surprise. What am I if I'm predictable?"
"Not you."
"Exactly. Aha." She pulls a long, thin scarf from her bag, made of a weird, smooth, sterile-looking stretchy material. "Here it is."
"You got me a scarf?"
"It's not for you, doll. It's for me." Polyphema pushes her backpack away with her foot. "And it's not a scarf: It's a xenoneural inhibitor. Have you heard of them?"
"That's because they're a state secret. I have connections." She rubs her thumb along it. "This little number is a human-designed dampener of my spooky Oculot powers. For the first few years of my time on Earth, I was required to wear one every single day. If you were ever wondering how your side managed to hold onto Oculot prisoners without them blowing everyone's brains out, here's your answer."
"Why do you have one?"
"A couple of reasons," Polyphema says. "The first is that wearing an inhibitor while it's active actually produces a very pleasurable sedative high. The second, and most important, is that it only inhibits. For a girl like me who's been around for a while and knows her way around her brain, it doesn't keep me from using my powers: it only muffles them. You were wondering about my, what did you call it, 'eyeball brain lock thing' before? How would you like to find out, Zack?"
"My brain won't explode?"
Polyphema shakes her head no. "It won't be quite as all-cylinders vivid as if you were an Oculot, but if I put this on and link with you, it'll be something similar."
"Have you done this before?"
"I have."
"That I can't tell you, Zack."
"But it's safe?"
"The worst thing that could happen is if it lasts too long you might get a bit of a headache," Polyphema says. "If I promise not to melt you, and you promise not to poke into the parts of me I'm not ready to show you, I'd like to share this with you. What do you say, Zack?"

1]] I'm game.
2]] It would be an honor.
3]] I'm not sure about this, but if you are...
4]] I don't know. Let me think about it for a while.
5]] This is a little too spooky for me, Polyphema. Maybe we should find something fun to do outside your brain.
6]] I have no way of knowing my head won't explode. Sorry but no.
7]] _________________
No. 631206 ID: b283c9

1, definitely.
No. 631207 ID: f75cf9

Hell. Yes.
No. 631208 ID: bd8b82

but add if you stumble into a secret by accident because of lack of training mindscape travel that it isn't your fault.
No. 631209 ID: 296917

2 I'm pretty sure it is in fact an honor.

Hmmmmmm... she's got state connections? I bet she wound up mind-melding with someone as a way to prove she was not a spy. Also, possibly, to deliver secrets from the other side. There's been vague suspicion she's a spy, but I bet most people thought she was a spy for the Kariket... it's the other way around, isn't it? She was a spy for US. Wait how would that even work? Wouldn't other Oculots know her secrets just by eye-talking to her?
No. 631211 ID: 7b7ab3

3 then 2.
"I'm not sure about this, but if you are... it would be an honor."

Ah, so that's what that thing in the mirror was. Cool. Also, this is def going to be intense and intimate, so let's get ready.
No. 631221 ID: aeadb9

Wonder if she'll stumble onto our childhood and see our first invasion through our eyes?
No. 631224 ID: e30e12
File 142745239422.png - (66.06KB , 960x560 , 223.png )

"I'm game," you say. "Let's do this."
"OK." Polyphema says. "I just have to--" She ties the inhibitor loosely around her neck. It starts to pulse with a faint glow. "There it is. Oooooh. Oh. Mmmmmmmm."
Her head droops. Her eye closes.

"Polyphema?" you ask.
"Zack," she whispers. "Come here, lover."
You shuffle closer. She breathes deep and wraps her arms around you.
"Zack. Zaack." Her fingers curl around your collar.
No. 631225 ID: e30e12
File 142745240742.png - (76.77KB , 960x560 , 224.png )

"See with me."
No. 631226 ID: e30e12
File 142745241264.png - (183.90KB , 960x560 , 225.png )

No. 631227 ID: e30e12
File 142745241556.png - (152.32KB , 960x560 , 226.png )

No. 631228 ID: e30e12
File 142745242286.png - (137.18KB , 960x560 , 227.png )

You pop into my mind and flail a little before regaining your composure. It's adorable.

Welcome, Zackary Nguyen, to my brain.
It's a little featureless right now, I know. Don't comment.
Anyway there's a few things we can do here. Let's start with the most familiar and work our way to the weird, shall we?

I'm remembering a day: it was the last truly happy day I ever had on Golboria.
The sun was up and brilliant. I was lounging on the roof of the Temple of Martial Potential, on the outskirts of my father's lands. I had a really good book whose title I forget. I was barely reading it. The day was too nice.

Somewhere very far away, the Kariket's army was marching. Thousands of Floaters, tens of thousands of Warriors in bright brass armor, hundreds of thousands of bridled, bitted skuts. They were always marching somewhere, you know. Very into marching.

We're in Golboria now, and it's around 30 years ago. The world is our oyster. Think It's a Wonderful Life and I'm Clarence Odbody.
What do you want to see first?
No. 631229 ID: ad7bba

No. 631231 ID: 7b7ab3


You have the homefield advantage, honey. I'm just a visitor.

Surprise me. God knows you're good at it.
No. 631232 ID: 50359c

A romantic dinner for two overlooking a ship filled harbor.
No. 631233 ID: bd8b82

let's see a golboria sunset.
No. 631236 ID: 89941a

Just take us on a tour of a little bit of it all.
No. 631237 ID: 7b7ab3


Mi amigo.
No. 631240 ID: 0b4647

I think perhaps this one.
No. 631243 ID: daf2af

I like this. We want to see her homeland.
No. 631261 ID: f75cf9

Yes this is definitely good line.
No. 631263 ID: f461c5


A sunset in golboria to counterbalance the one we just saw seems reasonable.
No. 631291 ID: 5db52c

Realize that if you're going to be riding one of her memories, that means you're probably going to have tits, briefly.

Never expected to have a job that lead to temporary sex or species changes, did you.
No. 631295 ID: 7b7ab3

That's fucking hilarious.

Just remember that it's all in your head.

Er, heads. With the plural.
No. 631453 ID: 62ae8e
File 142757952618.png - (21.33KB , 960x560 , 230.png )

Dedicated, aren't we?
Just look at mine. My astral projection is nude for effect and convenience.
I'll give you a little tour of my corner of town.

We can't eat here, doll.
But let's look at some boats.
This was the closest port to us. Yara, it was called. I went here with a woman named Bijala who painted a beautiful picture of it. She drowned herself in it four years into the War. Shortly after that it was shut down. They installed a hydro power plant and turned the old buildings into an ammunition factory.
Look at those feathered pontoon ships. Gilrumenni pilgrims from the opposite coast. Father hated them.
No. 631454 ID: 62ae8e
File 142757954604.png - (9.28KB , 960x560 , 229.png )

This was the ol' hometown. My family's manor was in the center. Lovely place to grow up in. There was a famous ancient Gilrumen battlefield here; father had a fantastic museum-slash-memorial built up around it. Hence the pilgrims.
He wasn't Gilrumenni himself; he just loved history. He kept catching them trying to steal things or leave, like, flowers.
Over there on the outskirts is the megabeast station. It played these deep notes to keep them away. So deep you can't hear it, but if you stood nearby it made your guts vibrate.
No. 631455 ID: 62ae8e
File 142757955287.png - (7.69KB , 960x560 , 228.png )

There I am! Sunbathing on the Temple.

Inside there was a particularly heated ceremony going on.
Gnashing of teeth, tearing of clothes. Father was actually going to bring an animal sacrifice before mom talked him down. I was in attendance but I had to get out of there.
The day was too nice, and we all knew it was going to be the last nice day in a while.
I wanted to remember it like that.

Moving right along.
>1]] Why did you all think that?
>2]] What was going on inside the temple? Can I see?
>3]] Can I see more about what your life was like?
>4]] Can I see the Kariket's Palace?
>5]] Can I see some of those Crags?
>6]] Can I see the armies marching?
>7]] Can I see a megabeast?
>8]] ____________________
No. 631456 ID: 296917

No. 631458 ID: d90668

We have got to see a megabeast. All of our died out long long ago.
No. 631460 ID: 91cfcf

3, 7, maybe 4.
No. 631465 ID: b8ceae

"We had something kinda similar. Except almost all of ours died millions of years ago, and then we killed the survivors. Except whales.
... Come to think of it, I know that a human isn't that scary, but how scary is humanity to Golborians?"
No. 631470 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 3, and 7.
I think it's pretty obvious why they thought that was going to be their last nice day for a while, but I like to be sure. I'm also curious about her in general. Nothing she wants kept secret, but anything she wouldn't mind sharing would be nice. And of course I'm down with the idea of seeing what sounds like the Golborian version of dinosaurs/kaiju.
No. 631473 ID: 2305b0

why did Bijala drown herself?
No. 631474 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, shoot. I had figured it was because of something to do with the war, but that is a pretty good question. Just add it to my previous choices, please.
No. 631475 ID: 89941a

No. 631492 ID: f0a5e4

Don't forget moose, the bastards. Haven't changed much since the Ice Age, those.
Oh, also, who/what/whenwas Gilrumen? Sounds like a religion/kingdom of no small past importance.
No. 631516 ID: 330ce5

3 and 7.
No. 631570 ID: 7b7ab3

>who/what/whenwas Gilrumen

Well, we know they weren't from another continent.
From the sound of it they were some neighboring province/kingdom/something.
No. 631674 ID: b8ceae

So, what does ZACK know about how things went on the human side during and after the war?
How much damage was there? How many people died? What kind of social changes did it cause? Political?
What places were hardest hit? What places were hurt the least?
How far was humanity pushed? What depths did it sink to to stop the invasion?

How scared are people of visitors? We know there's a lot of hate, but how widespread is that? How socially acceptable are things like the cop kicking Bika? Was the racist talking head on a channel like Fox that lives by vomiting propaganda, or was it on a channel that maintains a neutral discourse?
Are visitors considered second-class citizens? Officially, or in the eyes of the people?

Now that we're actually talking about the war and the past we should probably know about what happened on this side BEYOND Zack's childhood traumas.
No. 631685 ID: 7b7ab3

I shot you a response over in the dis.

Anyway, yes! Life With Poly! Megabeasts! All that good stuff!
No. 631698 ID: e30e12
File 142769959295.png - (10.28KB , 960x560 , 232.png )

>"How scary was Humanity to the Golborians?"
At first when the portals only went one way, we pitied them more than feared them.
As the cities were hit and the human death toll crested the first billion.
After New York there was almost a Warrior coup. War was one thing; slaughter was another.
When the first Oculots rebelled, and started opening doors to Golboria, we were petrified. It felt like a reckoning.
And then when you reached our cities, like we'd feared, no massacres. Human mercy was quite possibly the only thing that saved you.
Of course with the twenty-odd years of conflict after that Humanity never scratched the surface of the kind of casualties we dealt to you. Even discounting skuts. Five humans dead for every Warrior dead.
I'm sorry to say, Zack, but I don't think we were ever truly afraid of you. We were ashamed, not afraid.

>"Why did she kill herself?"
She was a conscientious objector during the war, so they conscripted her into opening portals.
Hardly anyone lasted long opening portals, especially in the early days. The Kariket had to slow down eventually because of the outcry. Between that and the feedback from headbursting there were an appalling number of Oculot suicides. I think the figure is that for every 5 Oculot deaths in the war, 1 of them was by their own hand. Or maybe it was every 10? Some terrible number like that.

>"Can I see a megabeast?"
Of course.
They were amazing.

The biggest one in our neighborhood was named Ibbanish. Ole Ibby. As big as my house and I had an exorbitantly big house.
There were morning reports about their activities, right along with the weather.
They left you alone if you left them alone.
Hi, Ibby. Long time no see. I knew a warrior who once claimed he rode this guy. I still don't know if it's true.
No. 631699 ID: e30e12
File 142769960048.png - (8.42KB , 960x560 , 231.png )

Warrior farmhands tussling in the fields.
They'd always be at it. Night and day. Shirtless to boot.
Young Me spent a lot of time watching them.
No. 631700 ID: e30e12
File 142769960502.png - (10.03KB , 960x560 , 233.png )

Mom and I kept in contact all the time.
I lived at home most of my life. Not because of money, or anything, because of course we were loaded beyond belief. I just loved the place.
Her cooking was marvelous. She always wore such wonderful, bright patterns.
She was only about a hundred years older than I was. It's a different dynamic from most races. We were best friends. She was the only one who could ever calm father down about anything. That requires talent.

>"Is that little you behind her?"
God, no. When I was that little they hadn't come close to inventing TV for another century or so.

>"So who are they?"
Family friends, I think.

Why don't you try it, Zack?
Show me you.
And maybe that dream you were talking about, if you trust me.

>1]] Show her the dream.
>2]] I can't show you my scars unless you show me yours.
>3]] Show her the first time you met Alan, at the ironic Buffett concert.
>4]] Show her when you threw yourself off a building and broke your leg in 3 places to avoid the draft.
>5]] Show her when you were 6 and you learned how to ride a bike.
>6]] Show her what you were doing when the Battle of New York happened.
>7]] Show her an average day in your life before the HVAO.
>8]] __________________
No. 631701 ID: dbe554

Hmmm, well she was quite willing to show us quite so much, 1.
No. 631702 ID: edfc1e

1, 4, 5
No. 631703 ID: f75cf9

7, 4, 1.
No. 631704 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 4, & 6.

Brace yourself, Poly. This first bit gets pretty... unpleasant.
No. 631705 ID: d3be40


Because it's DEEP.
No. 631708 ID: ad7bba


I bet we had a fucking awesome bike.
No. 631709 ID: 0ee153

1, 4, 5, 7.
No. 631710 ID: 915572

It just occurred to me that with Poly along we may be able to understand what those Invaders were saying in the dream.

Nothing pleasant, I'd imagine.
No. 631711 ID: b283c9

7,4,1. In order.
No. 631712 ID: e30e12
File 142770480257.png - (5.71KB , 960x560 , 234.png )

>"OK. This won't be too pleasant."
I'm ready.

>"This is me getting out of the war."
Oh, God.

>"Yeah. I went out parkouring with my friends and on the spur of the moment I decided to throw myself off something. It beat the alternative. Anyway I knew how to fall right. That's not how to fall right, by the way, but I didn't get too badly fucked up. Just broke it in 3 places."
Dodged the draft?

>"Yep. Alan got lucky, Gary was exempt because he's transsexual and that was an exemption for a while, I had to get creative."
No. 631713 ID: e30e12
File 142770483718.png - (6.04KB , 960x560 , 234a.png )

>"What else... Here's what I was doing with my life before the HVAO. Stocking shelves at Whole Foods."
Not sculpture?
>"Sculptists don't get to be picky, I guess. Anyway I got fired from there after I broke up this fight between a Human and a Warrior in a checkout line and basically sided with the warrior."
How brave of you.
>"Well he was right. It was kind of a quit/fire thing: the place was mindnumbing. Maybe that's what got me my job with the HVAO. Who knows?"
No. 631714 ID: e30e12
File 142770485693.png - (22.35KB , 960x540 , 235.png )

>"Ready for the dream?"
I'm ready for it, Zack.
Show me.

>You play back the dream for her. It flows out of you. Somehow watching it with her there makes it hurt less.
>"Gulor garrak saropa," the Oculot says.
That means destroy the humans. Essentially. Oppose? Destroy?

>"Jakara, saropa," the Warrior says.
"Hello, human."

Oh, god.
Oh, Zack.
I'm so sorry.

>"Saklarma saropa nebbe!"
He's telling him this human is a noncombatant.

>"Bahganrka garrakton bahgiris! Saropapa gikilaroli eska!"
He's saying the warrior will be honorless if he kills her.

>"Gulor saropaton krinbiga," the Warrior says.
The Warrior is saying he doesn't care, and she shot at him.

>"Sha." The Oculot raises his hand again. "Garrakba heshadnigka fealakton."
He says this was his mistake and he'll fix it.

You can pause it, Zack.
I have an idea of what happens next.
I'm sorry.

>1]] It's OK.
>2]] It's not your fault.
>3]] It's nothing but a memory now.
>4]] It still hurts me.
>5]] That oculot: does he look familiar?
>6]] Can you think of why I had that last part?
>7]] _______________
No. 631717 ID: f75cf9

5, 6 if she says no.

Also, tell her he said I'm sorry. It was good. It gave you some closure.
Only in better words.
No. 631718 ID: 1d172c

1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.

She truly cares, and it is most definitely not her fault.
Zack is obviously still carrying baggage over it, hence the nightmare.
Does she know this guy?
Why would we have have this last bit?
No. 631732 ID: 2fc2dc

4, but 2. 6? Most of the dream, in fact - it's from someone else's perspective, which wouldn't be TOO weird except that to our (my) knowledge, this could easily have been what actually happened, INCLUDING visitors speaking in a language you don't understand.
No. 631733 ID: 878ed1

It's what usually happens when memories meld with the subconcious: things come out familiar, but distorted.
No. 631738 ID: cf753f

1, 2, 3.
Comfort sweet cyclops lady.
No. 631740 ID: 88960e

Hey, my head went here. My idea, not yours. Not every memory is pretty, especially in war.
No. 631743 ID: 7b7ab3

>Nothing pleasant, I'd imagine.
He was right.
No. 631744 ID: ad7bba

It kind of seems like the Oculot didn't realize they were porting into a minor civilian centre.
No. 631754 ID: 7b7ab3

Hardly makes a difference at this point.

Poor Zack. Poor Poly.

This camping trip took a turn for the depressing.
No. 631759 ID: 330ce5

1 through 3 and 6.
No. 631772 ID: e30e12
File 142774377604.png - (7.90KB , 960x560 , 236.png )

>"It's ok. It's not your fault. And he said he was sorry. It's just a memory now."
Just another scar.
Sometimes when the sun's setting on the tenements and it hits the concrete in this melancholy way I feel like debris.
The rubble from something big and violent and gone.
A hermit crab kludging a home together from what remains after the last detonation.
Do you ever feel that way?
Really small?
What's this?
>"This is when I learned to ride a bike."
>"That thing was huge. I was terrified of falling off."
Oh my gosh! Little Zack!
That looks so fun. I want to learn to ride a bike.
>"You don't know how?"
Human thing only, doll.
Show me more. Something happy.

>1]] Show her your 7th birthday.
>2]] Show her your college graduation.
>3]] Show her when you met her.
>4]] Show her the moose incident.
>5]] Show her when your sister got really sick and you stayed with her and watched Cats together.
>6]] Show her when you kicked that priest.
>7]] Show her when you visited Death Valley.
>8]] _________________________
No. 631774 ID: 330ce5

3, 4, and 5 but 3 last.
No. 631775 ID: 7b7ab3

3, 4, and 7.

It was a wonderful thing, meeting her.
Hearing about the moose slayed her. Actually seeing it? We can't miss this.
Visitors want crags? We'll give 'em crags!
No. 631777 ID: f75cf9

I think the crags thing was just Meg.
Not that that means don't show her the valley; just not for that reason.

I agree with 3 last, it was a happy time but it doesn't realy go with the spirit of the request.

Also, 4, 2 but not the ceremony, the party your friends threw, and 6.
No. 631778 ID: 7b7ab3

Yeah, I'll agree with yours instead.

Still think we should show her the valley, though.
No. 631805 ID: 6ab9ed

No. 631833 ID: b2c9e1

This please...But other stuff too,
No. 631859 ID: 7b7ab3

You have any suggestions?

I say the moose thing and meeting her are necessities.
No. 631921 ID: e30e12
File 142778377972.png - (10.44KB , 960x560 , 237.png )

>You show her the moose incident.
>She laughs as hard as she did the first time.
Oh my God! Poor Gary! Poor moose!
It's a miracle your peer group is in one piece, Zack.
>"That's not the craziest thing we've done. Look at this."
What's this?
>"Me in Utah. There was an incident with a priest."
What did--
Oh my God!
>Polyphema is laughing so hard you can feel her quaking next to you in the real world.
Oh no!
Was he OK?
>"He was. The only thing I broke were his glasses, his pride, and Salt Lake City's patience with my stupid ass. Alan videod it and we ended up on that terrible MTV show."
I want to meet these friends.
>"I think they'd like you."
No. 631922 ID: e30e12
File 142778378352.png - (9.24KB , 960x560 , 238.png )

>You show her your college graduation party (what you can remember of it).
>You show her watching Cats with your sister the weekend she was puking her guts out.
>You show her her.
What's this?
I recognize that hat.
>"This was when I met you."
Am I that important to you?
>"You're at least on the level of puking Cats."
>She giggles.
I'm honored.
>You feel her fingers intertwining with yours in the real world.
My Alien.
My hermit crab house.
You make me feel so young.
You erase my history.
No war. No death. No Earth or Golboria or portals or dimensions.
Two little sparks flying off two violent, distant explosions and meeting in space.
After they clear it all away. At the end.
Me and you.
>You feel a gentle tug on your hand. It pulls you to cool, damp skin.
Make love to me.

>1]] You heard the lady.
>2]] Shouldn't we wait until our brains aren't linked? This could get weird.
>3]] I want to keep looking at your memories. There's so much I don't know about you.
>4]] ______________
No. 631923 ID: 296917

Okay but if you accidentally melt my brain mid-coitus I will be very cross with you.
No. 631924 ID: 0ee153

No. 631926 ID: d3be40

2 - You do NOT want to get addicted to brain-melding, not while you still have to date the other three girls.
No. 631931 ID: bd8b82

while this is amazing and all, and it's not like we don't trust her, but that just doesn't seem like something that we should do.
No. 631935 ID: b8ceae

No. 631943 ID: e30e12
File 142779252244.png - (83.12KB , 960x560 , 239.png )

You feel uncertainly for her, your synapses still overridden by the psychic link.
When you touch her you can feel her and the utterly alien feeling of being touched in a place you have never had.
This is going to get weird.

The feeling of (your/his) touch makes (her/your) breath skip. (You/he) sit(s) back for a second, unsure.
"It's ok," she whispers. "We don't have to."
But you want to.

Her skin (your skin?) (skin) is so soft that you feel like you could melt into her. You feel like you are.
The sheer crisscrossing sensations of your body on her body on yours on hers is making you dizzy.
Two raging libidos paint your brain a hazy purple-blue. You can barely breathe.
You feel her hand running through your hair and you feel your hair. You kiss her stomach and feel your lips.
You kiss her mouth and her tongue wraps all the way around yours.

Both of you know this is going to get really weird. Neither of you can wait anymore.

From the point of contact a gut-twisting feeling of foreign ecstasy rebounds hard against yours and intertwines with it, spiraling up and in and back out before it presses so hard together it merges into something new and now there's nothing between either of you: not skin, not space, not thought. This is what it's like to be one. Was that a thought or did one of us say that? I didn't say it. Fuck it.
Slowly, someone says, but you don't know who. Arms flex and squeeze and lungs gasp for air but whether they're yours or hers doesn't matter anymore. A feeling of being absolutely whole, of something you didn't even know you missed. Of someone inside here with you. You want more but taking it at any speed faster than slow, languid lovemaking fills you with so much nervous feedback that your legs threaten to give out.
And then the wholeness builds and she's wrapping her legs around your hips so tight that you can barely move and it's turning into something you recognize and something you don't at the same time. And when you cum it's both of you, and you think you know how those people whose heads explode feel only it's fucking amazing. Hers feeds yours feeds hers.
It either lasted an hour or like 30 seconds and you have no idea which.
As her fingers loosen from their vice-grip along your spine and you slowly regain feeling in your body below the knee, you feel the bond loosening, and your skull shrinking.
You'd be sadder to see it go if she weren't wrapped around you and licking your neck as it went.

It's quiet in your mind again. Your thoughts feel like they have an echo to them.
No. 631944 ID: e30e12
File 142779254329.png - (8.53KB , 960x560 , 240.png )

Compared to the absolute poetry that just occurred, the way you flop onto the sleeping bag next to her is seriously uncouth.
You're both fucking coated in sweat.
She kisses you, and for a split fleeting second you can feel her sensation, but it passes like thought.
She unhitches the scarf and lets it fall away, then curls up next to you, one silky leg lying across your stomach.
"Stay with me," she says. "I know you're busy and you have work and the world is falling apart again and everything. But just for the weekend. Can we stay up here where it's quiet and high up?"
You think. It's Friday night right now.
"I thought all you had was cliff bars," you say.
"Do you like fish?" she asks.
"I'll show you a trick tomorrow when I can stand up," she says. "Stay with me." She kisses you. "Please."

1]] Yes.
2]] I can't. I have my job.
3]] I can't. My phone's gonna run out of juice and stuff.
4]] _________________
No. 631945 ID: bd8b82

kinda both 2 and 3. if the gov tries to call you about something important and you aren't available. depends how long the phone stays charged, if it can stay a day then stay a day.
No. 631946 ID: 89941a

Somewhere around 2, but maybe after finishing it.
No. 631949 ID: f0a5e4

Let's try 1 with a dash of 3.
Staying till Saturday/Sunday morning doesn't seem unreasonable, particularly if our iPhone 25 or whatnot has plenty of juice in it.
But I have no doubt drama is going down in town. GG and Meg can take care of themselves, but I really hope Bika is ok. Still best to keep in touch with everyone, so we can jet back to town on wings of HVAO in case we're needed.
No. 631950 ID: 296917

Well that's mildly terrifying.

Um... 3. What if someone needs your help? Or we need someone's help? On the other hand, if we can like, get a spare battery airdropped in, that'd be kewl. Though... eating nothing but fish for two days is gonna get old quick... Maybe make it one day? Even a super fancy power-hungry smartphone will last a full day unused.

...oh, HVAO's excuse that cleared out the trail probably won't last the whole weekend, either.
No. 631952 ID: 7a0636

A compromise: let's stay the night and tomorrow then head back sunday. It's too late to travel now, and most of today was spent heading up the trail. She deserves a solid day of restful companionship. When sunday comes, we'll head home early in the morning and be home before lunch.
No. 631953 ID: 7a0636

That is unless an actual emergency comes up, in which case we'd have to cut things short.
No. 631965 ID: 7b7ab3

>Well that's mildly terrifying.
Who could have guessed that linking your freaking nervous systems could get a little intense?
This sounds good. A solid middle ground is always a good place to stand.
No. 631970 ID: 05d909

You guys really wanna ditch her after that? Stay with the lady, of course. It's one thing to be into your job, it's another thing to ignore vulcan mind meld sex.
No. 631971 ID: 7b7ab3

The vulcan mind meld sex gets us into her, who is our job, which we are very into.

Is that right?
No. 631972 ID: d3be40

Tell her that you do NOT want to overdose on pure Oculot awesomeness. Today was MIND-BLOWING, but if you go too far you won't be able to do your job. Not doing your job could lead to unnecessary tension between factions. However, if whatever she's talking about is EXTREMELY serious (could change the fate of a nation) then of course you'll stay.
No. 631975 ID: f75cf9


Agreed. But also make it clear that if not for "the world falling apart" you would so stay the whole weekend.
No. 632005 ID: 05d909

Does it not dawn on anyone that the reason she's "out of town" for the weekend is because she doesn't want to be found by... whoever, right now?

Anyway, I say we stay. We have freedom to go about this how we please, and have dated everyone within like, a week. No reason not to savor the moment.
No. 632009 ID: 7b7ab3

You just made me think of an oculot assassin.

Their entire species is already "if looks could kill" personified.

This is a new breed of terror. You would never see it coming.
No. 632010 ID: 296917

...it occurs to me that out of every girl we've met, Poly is actually the most vulnerable. All anyone would have to do to make her mostly harmless is put a bag over her head or attack her from behind. GG is a tank, Bika has many bodies and is also full of acid, and Meg can fly (and is a robot anyway so she's probably extra durable).

It might be a good idea to stay, considering that. Enough to make me change my vote: 1, but text/phone everyone (might be a good idea to call them, it's more personal) to say you're out of town for the next couple of days and your phone's gonna be off most of the time to save battery life.
No. 632012 ID: 7b7ab3

> text/phone everyone
Oh, shoot! I hadn't even thought of that!

Yes! Please! Status update for girlfriends and normal friends! Communication is key!
No. 632017 ID: a19cd5

We definitely should see if everyone's alright, inform them our phone'll be dead too.
No. 632030 ID: b8ceae

Don't worry about your phone running out of juice; it's not like you have coverage here anyway. (If you did, you could set it to use low-bandwidth mode and get through the weekend just fine. You should also have brought along an external battery pack with a solar charger just as a precaution, but there's no sense crying over every mistake.)
Tell her you would love to, but this is a pretty awful time to be out of contact with the others. If there's a place around here with a signal then you can stay the weekend, but otherwise you'll have to head back much too soon.
No. 632038 ID: b5b419

1 and 3, but maybe there's a low power mode after contacting everyone. Including your boss to let him know not to worry and send a bunch of soldiers in.
No. 632042 ID: 0ee153

Bossman has people watching, iirc.
No. 632045 ID: 7b7ab3

Yeah, and if we need any help that badly we can always try to find some agent for assistance.
No. 632053 ID: 85c385

I say we can stay, just let everyone know where we are. We can make up one weekend to the other girls, and the government knows where we are if there's an emergency.

Definitely after this though we need to pay attention to everyone else and take a break from Poly.
No. 632055 ID: 7b7ab3

Actually, that's perfect.
That sums it all up flawlessly.
Why didn't anyone else think of this?
No. 632101 ID: b5b419

Why would we ever want to take a break from her?
No. 632117 ID: e30e12
File 142786497685.png - (59.70KB , 960x560 , 241.png )

"Till sunday?" you ask. "That gives us all tomorrow."
She strokes your stomach. "OK."
"I'll be right back." You shift and stand up. Your legs are shaky. "Gotta make some calls before I drop off the grid."
"Call away, loverboy," she says. "Come back before I get lonely."

You duck outside the tent and look up at the stars while you tap out an email to Carlson.
Going to be staying here another day. Will head back down sunday morning. No cell soon so if there is an emergency have one of your guys come directly to me.

You call everyone to let them know where you are.

Your friends:
Alan calls you a fuckass again.
"I thought you liked warriors," you say.
"Yeah but some Oculots are hot," he says. "Is she hot?"
"I'm hanging up, dude."
"She's totally hot! You fuckass!"

"Well what time are you getting back Sunday?" Gary wants to know.
"Probably early afternoon," you say.
"OK. Because I still need help with moving and I'll still pay you and GG."

"How are you holding up?" you ask her.
"I don't know," she says. "I didn't leave the house today yet. You gotta know when to stay off the streets."
"Do you have food?"
"Yup. Trussed and bound little s&m chickens. The HVAO say I can get off work if I need to but I might go anyway."
"Are you sure?"
"People like fucking with Visitors but nobody likes fucking with warriors. So you're back Sunday?"
"Good. I wanna hang again."

"Ohmygosh Zack thank goodness you're ok! Where are you?"
"Don't worry don't worry. I'm at Shawangunk Ridge."
"OK. Shawangunk. I promise I wasn't fretting too much."
"How are things in the city?"
"I don't know." Bika sounds tired. "I got mugged today."
"Oh my god."
"It happens. I only carry like 15 bucks per skut so it was ok."
"Did he beat you up?"
"He just flashed a knife."
"It's OK. They wouldn't actually do anything cuz my blood is acidic."
"I'm still really sorry."
"It's OK," she repeats. "Everyone's scared, Zack. That's all.

You try to call Meg but her phone's not on. You text her instead.
Out for the weekend. Hoping youre safe -Zack

Then you go back inside to Polyphema's soft embrace.
You're not sure if it was the exertion on your body, your brain, or your dick, or maybe it's just how cuddly she is, but you can hardly stay awake. You almost want to stay up just so you can keep touching her, but you're out like a light in no time.
No. 632118 ID: e30e12
File 142786499373.png - (6.34KB , 960x560 , 242.png )

Your name is Bargeld Faradia and you're currently in Ilamata, in the heart of Gilrumen.
It's almost midnight but you're still wearing your fancy dress uniform from the tattoo earlier in the day, partly because the Kariket is still in the city after the reception somewhere, and partly because your girlfriend really likes it.

She pulls your hand and points at the top of the boxy armory building.
Up there, she says. That's the spot, Bargeld. I wanna go up there.

1]] I can't bring a civilian up there.
2]] Don't you want to see the view from the Summer Palace instead? The line is worth it.
3]] Babe this should probably wait until the ruler of the world isn't in town. Everyone's on eggshells.
4]] OK, but you need to keep close to me and very quiet. We're sneaking in.
5]] OK, but we need to get you a uniform first. Probably one with a helmet.
6]] OK, but I hope you're ready to climb because we're not going inside it.
7]] _________________
No. 632122 ID: bb78f2

No. 632123 ID: b8ceae

Oh boy! A chance to rewrite history!

... Lets avoid fucking things up this time.

3, then 2. When the person claiming to be god-king of the world is in town, you keep your head down to avoid losing it.
No. 632138 ID: 296917

I like 5. It's sneaky.
No. 632141 ID: d3be40

3, then 7.
No. 632148 ID: 0ee153

You have to specify what 7 is, kome.

2 and 3.
No. 632158 ID: 330ce5

3 and if that doesn't work 5.
No. 632186 ID: 89941a

4, remember the basics of CQC if it goes wrong.
No. 632210 ID: 7b7ab3

3, then 2.

The Kariket is not a pleasant person at the best of times, so maybe don't make waves.
Besides, the Summer Palace will be great! The lines are tough, but you meet some of the most interesting weirdos waiting in lines.
No. 632282 ID: 7b7ab3

Anyone wanna bet that Poly used to date the guy that killed Zack's mom?

I mean the oculot, although the Warrior did most of the work.
No. 632307 ID: d3be40

Whoops I meant 3 and 6
No. 632431 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm not so sure climbing around on the outside of a military armory is a good idea, considering the fact that the ruler of the entire world is probably within walking distance.
No. 633330 ID: f68a09
File 142846697430.png - (6.55KB , 960x560 , 243.png )

You say: Babe this should probably wait until the ruler of the world isn't in town. Everyone's on eggshells.

She says: The ruler of the world in town is why I want to be up there.

Why? You ask. To see him?

I don't give a damn about the kariket, doll, she tells you. I want to see the fireworks.

You want to tell her she can just see the fireworks from the ground like everyone else, but if there's one thing you can't do, it's change her mind about anything anti-authoritarian.

You ask if at least she wants to see it from the summer palace and she says the line is far too long. You say it isn't and she says that she can see it from here and the palace is across the city. Which is true.

Fine, you say.
We'll need to get you a disguise.

You're part of the Honor Flank so you have the keys to the uniform storage.
She tries one on and strikes a pose. How does she look, she asks.

You're not sure whether to get her one with a low waistcoat to hide her improbably picturesque posterior or leave it in the open to distract the guards, but she picks for herself.
No. 633331 ID: f68a09
File 142846698659.png - (5.62KB , 960x560 , 244.png )

You try to look busy and official and unstoppable as you march toward the armory, but the Garakton at the entrance isn't having it.

He says where do you think you're going, soldier?

1]] Say who do you think you're talking to, Footman? because you outrank him, technically, although that might just make him go get his superior officer.
2]] Make up some bullshit business about a replacement lance rifle for a malfunctioning one for tonight's color guard.
3]] Make up something classified to Honor Flank that you're not allowed to talk about but is important.
4]] Nothing at all, actually. We were just about to go to theeee summer palace!
5]] Tell him you're his replacement and he has the night off to get drunk and fight something.
6]] This was your girlfriend's idea; she can do the talking. Garaktonni love pretty Oculot girls.
No. 633332 ID: 7b7ab3


Guard duty with the head honcho in town must be stressful as all hell. Telling this guy he's done for the night should work pretty well.
No. 633333 ID: 0ee153

No. 633337 ID: e2a92b

6. His superior officer isn't the only one that's commanding.
No. 633339 ID: bb78f2

7) I'm bored and I want to go up and watch fireworks on top of the armory.
Wanna come with?
No. 633340 ID: 330ce5

No. 633343 ID: 7b7ab3

Actually, I'm gonna change my choice to 2. A Warrior guard is probably pretty disciplined. Telling him we need replacement gear is just the kind of thing he won't question, especially since we outrank him.
No. 633344 ID: f75cf9

>Malfunctioning lance rifle
Well that sounds plausi-
>for the color guard
...Wait a second...

Honestly though that's still probably the best idea just say "broken" instead. He might get a bit suspicious when you don't come back though.

This is very tempting. Maybe if he calls us out on the bullshit.
No. 633345 ID: 7b7ab3

That is very tempting. If he calls bullshit, just lay it out for him. What's he gonna do, tell us we can't? We outrank him!
No. 633362 ID: f68a09
File 142847891391.png - (279.30KB , 960x560 , 245.png )

You start to spin up some bullshit about needing to replace faulty equipment. You don't know. He doesn't look like he's buying it.

She interrupts you. We're going to the roof to watch the fireworks, she says. Wanna come?

Yeah, all right, he says.

The three of you watch the fireworks.

It's beautiful, she says.

Only the best for the kariket, you say.

I hate him, she says.

1]] Me too.
2]] So does everyone.
3]] You really shouldn't be saying that.
4]] You don't get to be king of the planet without making some enemies.
5]] He has vision. You have to give him that.
6]] Better to be feared than loved, right?
No. 633363 ID: 296917

No. 633364 ID: bb78f2

3, 6, 4
No. 633367 ID: b8ceae

1, 2, "but" 3.
4, "- and being able to 'remove' them."

Or: 3. "He's the hero of a warrior romance; decided the entire world's his enemy, then beat it bloody. Now we're all getting fucked. Nobody says it because we don't want him pointing his dick our way. We don't even want to be in the splatter zone."
No. 633381 ID: 7b7ab3

1 and 2.

The Kariket's not the most lovable of dictators.
No. 633394 ID: 2a7417

5. One vision, one purpose, right?
but really, 2. And why is that?
No. 633397 ID: 7b7ab3

>And why is that?

He's a tyrannical, genocidal megalomaniac with little to no regard for his kingdom or subjects?

He single-handedly thrust his entire world into a so called "war" with an unsuspecting, undeserving alien species for entirely selfish reasons?

He's responsible for generations of cultural, societal, and technological stagnation?

His goatee makes him look like a douchebag?

The list just goes on and on.
No. 633448 ID: ea0ad9


Just about everybody hates him, myself included, but we should probably be careful about saying it. Besides, it's better to be feared than loved, right? Lucky you, not having to worry either way--The kind of fear a guy can love.
No. 633449 ID: 6e79d4

3, as long as we're in mixed company.
No. 633480 ID: b5b419

Mostly 3.

Hint at 1 and 2 a little without outright saying anything incriminating. Maybe something along the lines of saying 3 with a half-hearted, not disagreeing tone.
No. 633546 ID: f68a09
File 142855472644.png - (92.04KB , 960x560 , 246.png )

You really shouldn't be saying that, you say.
Don't you? she says.
I mean sure, you say. But it's better to be feared than loved, right?
I'd much sooner be loved, she says. You tell her with her she can have both. She kisses you.

I like him, the Garakton says. He takes what he needs.
She asks who needs the whole world?
He shrugs and says, some people. Most of them burn out and die, he says, watching the fireworks. He didn't.
There's a reason for that.

What's the reason? you ask, and he shrugs.

I don't know well enough to say, he says. Just a feeling.

She pulls you aside and asks you, what do you think of him?
You say he's introspective for a Garakton. But he has to be cool if he let the two of you up here.
I think I'd like to sleep with him, she says.

1]] No way.
2]] I don't think he'd go for it.
3]] I have no idea what you see in him.
4]] Fine by me.
5]] I think I'd like to join you.
No. 633547 ID: 0ee153

Not unless you're involved.
No. 633553 ID: bb78f2

No. 633555 ID: d3be40

4 and 2
No. 633557 ID: b283c9

Let's go for that 5.
No. 633565 ID: 7b7ab3

Let's go for 5. We can't let her have all the fun.

If that is Poly, I hope present-her has dropped some of past-her's habits.
No. 633567 ID: f68a09
File 142856494095.png - (171.06KB , 960x560 , 247a.png )

I think I'd like to join you, you say.
That's because you have a Garakton fetish, Bargeld Faradia, she says.
You say you're the one with the Garakton fetish.
Do not, she says. I'm the only Oculot you've had.
You're crazy, you say.
You're crazy, she says, kissing your head.
I don't have a Garakton fetish, you say. Remember that skut?
Oh right, she says.
Skibb something, you say.
Skibbara, she supplies. From my firehoop class. But that was only one.
Yeah but how do you count one skut? you say.
She giggles. Good point.
You think he'd be all right with both of us? you ask.
I got him to say yes to treason, darling, she says, pulling you gently back to the fireworks. Don't worry about the rest.

What are you talking about? the Garakton asks.
Nothing, she says, meshing her fingers with yours and giving your hand a squeeze. She leans on the wall, and her butt gently presses into you. What's your name? she asks him.
Gadjjok, he says. What's yours?

The fireworks bloom white and soft across the sky.
It's a beautiful night.
No. 633568 ID: f68a09
File 142856496050.png - (198.37KB , 960x560 , 247.png )

It's a beautiful morning.
You awaken to Polyphema shifting in her sleep, passing a silky thigh over yours.

Daylight slips inside the tent from a tiny crack in the flap.

Either the dream or spooning with a cute alien has given you morning wood like crazy.

1]] Try to untangle yourself from Polyphema and go outside.
2]] Stay like this for a while until she wakes up.
3]] Gently wake her up.
4]] Amorously wake her up.
5]] Tell her about your dream.
6]] Ask her about Bargeld.
7]] Ask her about the whole swinging thing.
8]] ______________
No. 633570 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 5, 6, and 7.

Relax and wait for bright eye to wake up, then talk about the dream. Who was that Bargeld guy, and has she always been that much of a party animal? Is she still?
No. 633574 ID: b8ceae

No. 633585 ID: 2a7417

2, 5, 6.
looks like we may not have a choice in the matter of 4
No. 633586 ID: 0ee153

First 5, then maybe 6 and/or 7 depending on how well or badly she reacts. Mostly 7.
No. 633596 ID: 30d031

2, 5, 6, and tentatively 7 depending on how she reacts to 6.
No. 633656 ID: 7b7ab3

>looks like we may not have a choice in the matter of 4

No! Down little Zack! No biscuits!
No. 633678 ID: f68a09
File 142864700093.png - (14.49KB , 960x560 , 248.png )

You hold her for a while and listen to the birds.

Her little shoulder ridges are the hardest things on her. The rest is all curvy softness. She's crazy comfortable to spoon with.

Your stirring gently pulls her up and out of sleep.
She yawns happily and strokes your knuckles with her thumb, pushing your hand a little tighter against her breast.
"Mmm," she says, languidly rolling around so she's facing you, her eye still closed. "Morning, doll."
"Morning, Poly," you say.
She squints against the day and then blinks the sleep out of her eye. "Hi, boy," she says.
"Hi, girl."
"You're naked."
"You're naked."
"We're naked," she says. "Nature."
"Au naturale."
"Adam and Eveclops." She scoots closer and wraps her arms around you. "How'd you sleep?"
"Pretty good," you say. "I had another weird dream."
"Oh no. A nightmare?"
"Naw. It was kind of nice. I think it was your past this time."
"My past?" she asks. You can feel her tense up a little. "What did you see?"
"Not too much. Did you know a guy named Bargeld?"
"Bargeld... Faradia?"
"Yeah. An Oculot?"
"Good Heavens," she says. "I absolutely did. What did you see?"
"Fireworks," you say. "On top of an armory. A Warrior named Gad... uh..."
"Gadjjok!" she says, relaxing. "Gosh. Old Gadjjok."
"Young Gadjjok," you say.
"Does this sort of thing usually happen when humans sleep with someone?" Polyphema asks.
"Never," you say. "I was going to ask if it happened to Oculots."
"Never ever," she says. "Hmmm. Learn a little every day. Cultural cosmonauts we."
"Aren't you worried I'll find something out?" you ask. "Miss Mystery?"
"My secrets, darling, are buried deep," she says. "It'll take more than sleeping with me to plumb the depths. Although you did an admirable job of that the other evening."
She kisses you, and her tongue indulgently twists around yours.
"So who was that Bargeld guy?" you ask, when you're done.
She shrugs. "A friend. Good friend. One I still keep in contact with, although if you're going interdimensional it's going to have to be snail mail. Excellent penmanship. Very-" she twirls a finger in the air to demonstrate. "Very military."
"Have you always been that much of a party animal?" you ask.
"What do you mean?"
"You and Bargeld and Gadjjok?"
She smiles. "I remember that."
"You two swung? Swang?"
"Swang?" she asks.
"Swinging," you say.
"Oh, swinging," she says. "Swinging is a human thing."
"What do you mean, what?" She raises an eyebrow.
"But he was your boyfriend."
"Yes, he was."
"So sleeping with someone else is swinging."
"That's a human thing. Wait: am I the one who's telling you this?"
"Telling me what?"
"Monogamy is a human fiction, doll," Polyphema says. "On the Other Side first in one's heart does not come bundled with sole in one's bed."

1]] Wait so you're telling me that Visitors aren't monogamous?
2]] How the heck did I not know this?
3]] But you were still boyfriend and girlfriend, right? I don't get it.
4]] Have you slept with other dudes since I last saw you?
5]] Wait so do you have a boyfriend?
6]] But there are Visitor Families and stuff. Isn't there marriage?
8]] _______________
No. 633680 ID: bb78f2

6, 1, 2
No. 633682 ID: 296917

2. 6. 4.

7 but not out loud.
No. 633683 ID: bb78f2

Also mention how you were him and not her. Which is REALLY weird.
Also weird about the dream, you felt like you had a choice. Like, am I going back in time and changing stuff? Am I Bargeld in the past having precognition of me NOW? Am I Mom? Am I an Oculot from the future receiving Zack Nguyen's backwash? Am I you?
No. 633684 ID: e2a92b

2, 1, 5.
It seems so obvious that our boss probably would have mentioned it if we had asked directly. I guess he thought 'they all know what's up' covered it.
No. 633688 ID: 7b7ab3

1 through 6.

We need an info dump badly. Explain, Poly! Explain!
No. 633691 ID: f68a09
File 142865270058.png - (10.68KB , 960x560 , 249.png )

"But aren't there Visitor families?" you ask. "Isn't there Visitor marriage?"
"There is now," she says. "But that's only after we moved to Earth. It's the Earthling translation of some Visitor concepts. Complex ones!"
"Like what?"
"It's actually not all that complex," Polyphema says. "You have your Alamad and your Dulamads. Alamad means 'heartmate' and Dulamad means 'bedmate'."
"What's a fwubbie?"
"Friends with benefits."
"Big benefits!" Polyphema says. "Dulamads. Fwubbie sounds like some kind of bizarre children's tv show."
"So you're telling me Visitors aren't monogamous?"
"Well when we have kids we certainly settle down for a while to raise them, but not as such, no," Polyphema says. "We couldn't! I don't see how you humans manage it. To be honest I don't know if you do manage it so well what with the divorce rate and all. Balancing sexual gratification with romantic and financial codependence! Yikes!"
"Good point."
"I think the thing is Oculots live so long we can't even pretend at something like a lifelong bond. And what with how deeply we feel to boot. Anyway it's always been Alamad and Dulamad, and I suppose the Warriors liked it enough they went along for the ride. Plus Warriors absolutely love sleeping with Oculots but the pairing can't produce children, so trying to base a family unit around sex flyeth not."
"Why do they love Oculots?"
"A free pass to throw us around, I suppose," Polyphema says. "So you can probably blame us for it. Everything is a good deal... looser. Hah. If we were Alamads you'd have your dulamads and I'd have my dulamads and we'd maybe share a few here and there, and some people even have multiple Alamads. Five or six even, sometimes, though I suspect that would be exhausting."

1]] That's fascinating.
2]] I like that.
3]] I think I prefer our system.
4]] I still have questions:
5]] Would you call us Alamads or Dulamads, Polyphema?
6]] _____________________
No. 633692 ID: bd8b82

6. let out tension you didn't know you had, you were kinda freaking out about how to pick one of these new lovely ladies in your life without breaking everyone else's heart.
No. 633693 ID: b5b419

This is going to get super weird if it turns out humans can impregnate Oculots as well. I doubt it, biology is more tricky than that, but still.

Six, Humans crave a certain amount of stability. Plus given that we're all the same (species) transference of diseases and unexpected pregnancies tends to be a problem both socially and physically.

Old story about succubi (a kind of demon) sleeping with men, then transforming into a man after and sleeping with a woman, transferring material. Thus: Blame the demons for a pregnancy.
No. 633694 ID: 7b7ab3

1 and 5.

It's very fascinating. Everybody loves somebody in some way.

How does she feel about us? Do we have her heart or are we just sharing beds? Are we her Zack, or are we just Zack?
No. 633698 ID: bb78f2

Seriously ask the pregnant question. That HAS definitely been proven impossible right? Or at least the chromosomes and stuff has been significantly studied? We are not also learning soon that humans can actually pair off reproductively with other visitors like how we learned that memories can be passed off from Oculot to human. And not even the Oculot you're sleeping with in question. We're talking about a mysterious Oculot hivemind of memories and experiences here.
No. 633699 ID: f7c356

No. 633701 ID: 945fb0

"I suddenly feel much less conflicted about the future..."
No. 633702 ID: 7b7ab3

Am I the only one who's curious about how she feels about us? Isn't that kind of important?
No. 633705 ID: 379b7b

1, 2 and 5.
also, ask about jealousy. would she get jealous if you had other alamads? other dulamads? would you?
No. 633707 ID: b8ceae

1, and "So, do visitors do group dates?", plus "So I can have a harem of lovely alien girls? No having to pick one over another? That simplifies eventual long-term planning."

Also: "In the dream he said 'how do you count one skut?'. What did he mean by that?"

We know Skut are hive-mind creatures, but the way we found out means bad things happen if we use that knowledge.
However, since we DO have that knowledge we can work backwards to construct a believable trail of evidence for 'legitimately' acquiring it.
Next time we talk to Bika we should explain this. She'd get a lot of use out of knowing about "Parallel construction" and other police procedures.

Anyway, if Poly explains how Skut minds work then Bika's off the hook.

We should also ask if Poly's ready to share her name. We could have pulled that information out last night (Or tried to, at least), but she set a boundary and it might help to underscore that we're respecting that.

Yea, definitely. We're already doing at least one other thing that's all kinds of impossible with the psychic dreams, so this is something to keep in mind going forward.

No, but that's being too blunt about it.
No. 633709 ID: 05d909

avoid 5 please, this is what, date 2? You don't ask if you are soulmates on date 2.
No. 633710 ID: 7b7ab3

I guess you guys are right. It is pretty early in the relationship for anything too serious.

I'll change my choice to 1 and 4.

How is jealousy handled? What if one Alamad/Dulamad dislikes another Alamad/Dulamad? How do break ups work? How do you avoid favoritism? Any other pertinent questions like that.
No. 633711 ID: 0ee153

This. Bit creepy, to be honest.
No. 633712 ID: 0ee153

>how do you count one skut?

Bit obvious, no? The bodycount/mindcount discrepancy?
No. 633713 ID: 7b7ab3

Poly clearly already thinks we're pretty great, but it is pretty early in our relationship to be thinking about getting serious with her or anyone.

Although, I do wonder what the other girls think about human relationship norms. Meg said she doesn't care, but she might change her mind. Bika was "born" on earth, but she's still a Skut, so who knows. GG put a terribly great deal of trust in us, and she seems to like us plenty, but we'll have to talk to her to really find out.

Honestly, this is something we'll have to discuss with all of the girls, eventually.
No. 633714 ID: 2a7417

1. Visitors confirmed for Denobulans.
>>633701 This. We already agreed to this system when we signed up, though we didn't have all the information then.
No. 633720 ID: 0ee153

3 out of 4 of the girls were raised here, and 2 out of 4 were born here. Enjoy realizing this doesn't solve anything.
No. 633721 ID: 7b7ab3

What a magnificently wonderful mess we've gotten ourselves in.

Oh well. As long as they love Zack and Zack loves them everything should work out.

I sincerely hope.
No. 633732 ID: b5b419

This person is absolutely correct. Please avoid saying 5.
No. 633735 ID: bb78f2

Bika might technically have been raised on the other side, since she's a hive mind that's been around for 30-ish years I think, and some thought patterns and memories span from WAAAY back. And Meg has memories of living on the otherside but romance is super new so we have no idea about how she feels about all of this. GG's fine with competition, all she cares about is WINNING Zack.
No. 633737 ID: 7b7ab3

I just had a thought.

Since Poly brought us out here, she's been doing interesting things. Asking who's "winning" in this whole affair, the mind-linking, some of the things she said during the mind-link, then this (albeit incidentally). Am I the only one who thinks Poly's attraction to Zack is stronger than we thought?
No. 633738 ID: b5b419

Even if it is, good luck getting her to admit it to anyone readily including herself.
No. 633759 ID: 57d76a

I really don't think it's the way we found out that's the reason she didn't want us to share it. Just she was worried about other humans' reactions, and also she hadn't intended us to find out that way, or so soon.

I don't think there's any reason to play dumb with Poly. No reason to jump out and say "I know about it" either though. Just let it pass.

As for what do:
4: Can someone be both? Or does Alamad eclipse Dulamad?
And 5.
No. 633766 ID: 7b7ab3

Honestly, I think all the choices but 3 are good. If it seems like I'm being indecisive, it's only because I feel like this is a big deal.

All of the 4 related questions here are excellent, and I really am curious about how she feels about us, so I will say 5 again. It being so early in the relationship, it wouldn't surprise me if we're still only Dulamads. But still, it would be nice to know where we stand with her. Like I said above, I think she likes us quite a great deal, but we've still only known each other for about a week. At the moment, she's our sole source of information, so learning anything we can from her seems vital.
No. 633829 ID: f68a09
File 142872849295.png - (9.67KB , 960x560 , 250.png )

"So could someone be both?"
"I don't think so. An Alamad is essentially a special kind of dulamad."
"So do things get messy? Like what happens if dulamads don't like each other or like your alamad doesn't like your dulamad?"
"Of course things get messy, doll," Polyphema says. "Love is a very messy thing. I'm stealing your shirt." She steals your shirt and shrugs it onto her shoulders, then hunts around for her panties.
"Humans crave stability," you say. "And, uh, fear pregnancy and STDs and stuff."
"That's the way you're wired," Polyphema says. "Oculots are a lot more..."
"Open, maybe. I don't know a good word for it." She finds her thong and slides into it. "We fall in love very easily."
"So but do you love dulamads?"
"Of course!" She cracks her back. "Why do you think I'd have sex with them? I'm starving. Want to see my fish trick?"

You put on some shoes and follow her outside into the light.

"So do you guys do like group dates?"
"Yah," she calls, padding downhill a ways to a clear-running stream. "Generally most everyone in a network of dulamads knows each other. A big ol incestuous peer group called a Dulabira. Uh, not the real kind of incest. Turn of phrase." She kicks her boots off at the water's edge.
"How big do these dulabiras get?"
"At my youngest and wildest?" Polyphema ponders. "About a dozen dulamads at once and three Alamads. Gadjjok and Bargeld and Bijala."
"I was young and wild," she says. "Even for Oculot standards. I've slowed down quite a bit in my old and crotchety age. Got that out of my system." She scans the water. "Heeeere fishy fishy fish fish."
"Isn't there like jealousy and favoritism and stuff?"
"For Oculots?" Polyphema asks. "Not as much as you might think. We're diplomats. It's what we do. For Warriors of course that was all the time but they love that sort of thing. Kissing and elbow drops are two sides of the same raucous coin. The best dulabiras have a healthy mix of both. With some skut to taste, although they often keep to themselves. A-ha."

Her eye flashes.
A freshly headless fish hops up and out of the water. She lashes an arm out and catches it.
"Holy crap," you say.
"Ta-daaaa!" she says.
"Where did you learn that?"
"Somewhere in my 300-odd years. Already de-headed for our convenience!"
"That's amazing," you say.
"Flatterer." She dangles it out in front of her. "Want to gut it for me?"
"I don't know how."
"I'll teach you," she says. "It's gross. I taught Bijala and she completely lost her appetite."
"She was one of your alamads?"
"Yep. She and Bargeld and Gadjjok and I. And my old jalopy. You couldn't have separated us with a crowbar."
"I'm still not really clear on the, like, hierarchy," you say. "In earth terms."
"It's like..." Polyphema rests the fish on the shore. "There are friends. Then there are flings. Then Dulamads are, like, very close friends. Then Alamad is basically on the level of boyfriend/girlfriend. I just realized partway through that description it didn't help at all."
No. 633830 ID: f68a09
File 142872864498.png - (6.61KB , 960x560 , 251.png )

"What--" you say, and then stop.
"Hmm?" She looks up from the water.
"Never mind."
"What's up, doll?"
"Cultural exchange, Zack. Don't sit on your hands."
"What would you call me?" you ask. "Alamad or Dulamad?"
She cocks her head.
"Sorry," you say. "If that was--"
"No no," she says. "It's a good question." For the first time you have known her, she doesn't look like she knows exactly what she is doing. "I'm really-- not sure."
She wades out of the water and sits on a rock. "I do love you."
"You do?"
"Of course I do," she says. "You're lovely, and I've had a lovely time with you, and I love you. Was it not obvious?"
"Well--" You hesitate. "I don't know. Humans don't--"
"Oculots do."
"I thought maybe you were, like... I don't know."
"Leading you on?"
"Kind of."
"I was worried about that," she says. "I love you, Zack."

You're thrown for a loop.

"It was around the moose story, doll," she says.
"That early?"
"That early." She folds her legs. "I told you. We fall in love very easily." She blinks. "I'm not trying to put you on the spot or anything, Zack. I know that the culture and the species and everything-- it's different for you. But you asked. And I trust you. So there it is."

1]] Don't worry about it.
2]] I think I might love you too.
3]] I have no idea whether I love you.
4]] This is a hell of a curveball to throw on date #2, Poly.
5]] What even is love?
6]] But if you love so easy doesn't that cheapen it?
7]] How do I know that's all true when I don't even know your name?
8]] I think human love is different.
9]] I think what humans call love and what oculots call love are two different things.
10]] ____________________
No. 633831 ID: bb78f2

Ever have at least a fling with a floater, Poly? I know they're not very... personal but all I've heard is Skut, Warrior, and Oculot in the mix. Your world has such a long history, but Floaters and romance are so new apparently. Why they never thought of it before now, I don't know.
No. 633832 ID: 0ee153

2. She's great, she's beautifully seductive, she's fascinating, she's... Polyphema.
No. 633833 ID: 296917

5. Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

Also why doesn't she have any kids if she had so much sex? Was she just really good at using protection?
No. 633834 ID: 330ce5

2 and 5. Also thank her for being honest.
No. 633836 ID: bd8b82

2 and "so does that mean i get to know your real name?" and eyebrow wiggle.
No. 633837 ID: 0ee153

Leave off on the name. It's really not necessary.
No. 633839 ID: e2a92b

1, 2. We've synced spectacularly already.
But... now is the time to cement our trust. 7.
No. 633841 ID: f68a09
File 142873160165.png - (9.98KB , 960x560 , 252.png )

"I think I love you too," you say.

"Oh, thank god." She exhales and visibly relaxes. "I was freaking out inside."
You laugh. "Thanks for being honest."
"Thanks for being Zack," she says.
"But, like, what even is love?" you ask.
"It's this," she says. "Isn't it nice?"
She reaches out for your hand. You give it to her. She pulls you down onto the bank with her. You kick off your shoes and put your feet in the water. It's cool in between your toes.

"I had pictured this happening with me in some nice lingerie and with like a cute bob," she says, blowing some of it up out of her vision. "And here I am with a t-shirt and whatever this is."
"It's ok."
"This stuff is a wild beast in the mornings." She runs her fingers through it.
"It's cute," you say.
"You're cute," she says. "And I love you."
"I love you."
"We love each other!" She beams. "So that's out of the way. What next?"
"I don't know."
"Well," she says. "We certainly can't use the human system because you have a lot of pretty ladies you need to date, and calling myself a swinger makes me feel like a horny grandmother."
"So that's out."
"I could really go either way."
"Would it change anything?"
"I don't know," she says. "I think we're already dulamads in everything but name. And I've never been alamad with a human."
"Do we have to decide now?"
"Of course not." She's massaging your wrist. "And we can change our minds. Gadjjok was a dulamad first."

1]] Be my dulamad.
2]] Be my alamad.
3]] I really don't know enough about them to know which to pick.
4]] I can't decide right now.
5]] ______________________
No. 633842 ID: 296917

1. For now, because well, 3.
No. 633843 ID: 8bd2b1

"Is it alright if we don't bother labeling it? Can we just... Enjoy each other? Enjoy this? What I feel for you is strong, and it has a life of its own. I want us to let this grow in its own wonderful, unique little way."
No. 633844 ID: e2a92b

Go with dos equis. Stay thirsty, Zack.
No. 633845 ID: 57d76a

>never been alamad with a human
...so you have been dulamad before? *eyebrows*

"I'd like to say we're alamads, but maybe we should take it a little slower than that." >>633843

No. 633846 ID: 330ce5

Seconding this.
No. 633851 ID: bb78f2

5) All this dulamad alamad talk is making me hungry. Those words sound like food.
No. 633854 ID: 05d909

She asked to be your girlfriend after proclaiming love, and I think it would be inappropriate to not go along with it.

How about agree you would like to be her alamad but remind her you have responsibilities to the HVAO.
No. 633855 ID: f68a09
File 142873441122.png - (9.07KB , 960x560 , 253.png )

"Do we have to label it?" you ask. "Can we just... enjoy it?"
"Of course we can," she says, and kisses you.
You wrap your arm around her waist and pull her closer. Her stomach is soft and warm.

"So I'm going to learn you how to slice up this here fish," she says.
"And I won't puke or anything," you say.
"And then we have the whole day together," she says. "I made you march around all yesterday so this time it's all you, doll. How do you want to spend it?"

1]] First thing's first: we have a great little river and I for one need a bath.
2]] We can hike again. I liked hiking.
3]] The tent's right here, my legs are still sore, and I'm pretty turned on. Do you just want to get naked and hang out on top of the mountain all day?
4]] Can I go into your mind again?
5]] Do you want to see if there's a town or anything?
6]] There's rock climbing around here, right? If there's a place we can find equipment I want to do that.
7]] _____________________
No. 633858 ID: 05d909

1 and 6?
No. 633860 ID: e2a92b

1, you smelly mountain man.
No. 633861 ID: 0ee153

1 and 6.
No. 633862 ID: a9753c

1 and 5
No. 633873 ID: 7b7ab3

1 & 6.

Let us remove our newly acquired layer of filth, get some gear somehow, and then go hump a mountain fo a while.
No. 633898 ID: 57d76a

1 and 6, with some 3 for flavor. ;)
No. 633906 ID: 6e79d4

Get a back massage at some point.
No. 633910 ID: 7b7ab3

>Give a back massage at some point.

Fixed that for ya. From the sounds her back makes when she stretches, giving her a back massage will probably leave us with a vaguely Polyphema shaped puddle of happiness.
No. 633948 ID: f68a09
File 142881912776.png - (7.10KB , 960x560 , 254.png )

You take a bath first.

Polyphema joins you.
No. 633949 ID: f68a09
File 142881913409.png - (13.13KB , 960x560 , 255.png )

You find a place to rent equipment from this middle-aged lady who's kind of bug-eyed but nice and rock-climb all day.

You really have no idea why you didn't think of this with a girl sooner.
No. 633952 ID: f68a09
File 142881925032.png - (11.07KB , 960x560 , 256.png )

"Ohhh my Godddd," Polyphema says. "If you don't have a future as a diplomat you have a future as a masseuse."
"I wikihow'd it," you say, rolling your knuckles across her spine.
"Such dextrous little fingers," she says.
"It's my Asian blood."
"I've always wondered what Asia's like," she says.
"I've never actually been."
"I hadn't assumed."
"Sure you hadn't."
She lightly kicks your back with her heel. "I hadn't!"
"I'm messing with you."
"Cruel boy." She looks back at you. "I don't actually need my butt massaged, Zack."
"I know," you say.
She grins and settles back. "As long as you know."
"Where on this planet have you been?"
"All across the US," she says. "And to Europe."
"Where in Europe?"
"Germany," she says. "Belgium. Those places. The chocolate ones. Prague."
"What's Prague like?"
"It's one of those places people go to say they've been," she says. "But it is very gorgeous apart from the ocean of backpackers."
"There was a really famous clock there," you say. "The Astronomical Clock."
"Why was it famous?"
"I don't know. I never saw it. You guys blew it up."
"As a cultural ambassador I would like to formally apologize for blowing up the famous clock," Polyphema says.
"As a cultural ambassador I accept your apology."
"Say, doll?" She shakes her butt a little bit under your legs. "Is this going to be one of those human massages with a happy ending?"
"I'm Asian," you say. "So obviously."
"You started it."
She laughs and kicks your back again. "Did not!"
You rock back and pin her legs to the floor. "Did too."
"Ok. Maybe." She twists round and runs her hands down your back to your waist. "Come finish it."
No. 633953 ID: f68a09
File 142881927812.png - (20.22KB , 832x600 , 257.png )

As far as happy endings go it's one of the happiest.

Who next?
No. 633955 ID: bd8b82

i vote meg

and we should try to call meg again first, regardless of who we go with. knowing we still care is probably important.
No. 633956 ID: 296917

Wasn't GG asking for a date? Also maybe ask her about helping your friend move.
No. 633957 ID: 6cb462

No. 633958 ID: e2a92b

We should act on Greg's request in a timely manner and ask GG if she wants to come and help.

but if she's not available let's go out again with bika
No. 633959 ID: 5db52c

No. 633960 ID: dbe554

No. 633965 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely GG. We already told Greg we'd help him move, and it's been awhile since our last date with GG. Besides, since Poly told us that it was primarily Oculots and Warriors who used the alamad/dulamad system, it would probably be a good idea to speak to her about it first, then to the other girls when we get to them.
No. 633966 ID: a19cd5

greg and gg
No. 633967 ID: 379b7b

meg>gg>poly again> bika

as in i don't like bika.
No. 633968 ID: 838356

GG, since we did make a promise.
If other things have occurred on her end that make that difficult, Bika.
No. 633970 ID: dbf736

Call Meg and maybe make plans. Honestly, helping whatshisface move doesn't have to be a big date-- which is think is preferable because this would be #3 with GG while half the girls only have one. If she's unavailable I bet Meg would be good for moving as well.
No. 633971 ID: 7b7ab3

It hasn't been that long since the debacle with Meg, so she's probably still upset and trying to avoid us.

Helping Greg move and asking GG to help will give us an opportunity to discuss our recent revelation of classical Visitor dating conventions, and maybe offer us insight into her opinion on the matter.
No. 633980 ID: 91cfcf

GG and the move, did promise Greg. Be sure to call Meg and apologize. You didn't want to become something she regretted, you didn't mean to imply she wasn't qualified to make her own decisions, you fucked up. That sort of thing.

Yeah, a date's too much, but calling to apologize is proper. It's been long enough for that, and if it's much longer it'll be too late.
No. 633983 ID: 7b7ab3


I completely agree. Assuming she's not screening our calls or something, then we should definitely give Meg a quick call to let her know it's okay. We had an awesome time with her, and she deserves to know that she's not a screw up and that we did what we did out of care and concern.
No. 633990 ID: 05d909

Time to get in touch with Meg again. Every day waited for another date with her is a bad thing now.
No. 633992 ID: 7b7ab3

Much like >>633980 said, a date probably isn't the best idea as of yet, seeing as the upset happened so recently. However, calling to straighten out any misunderstandings is probably a good idea.

Besides, like these guys said:
GG has been requesting a date, which is an oddity for Warriors, and we promised Gary we'd help him move. While we assist Gary, we can discuss our relationship with GG.
No. 634002 ID: 57d76a

Helping Greg move isn't much of a date though guys.

Definitely call Meg, ask GG about helping Greg (ask).

As for dates my vote is Bika then GG.
No. 634043 ID: 7b7ab3

I was assuming we'd help Greg then do stuff afterward. Like, take her back to our place, show her some human stuff, talk about our relationship, stuff like that.

Asking would be polite, but telling her to help might excite her, what with her being a Warrior and a closet sub. Dominance, right?

And yes, call Meg.

I say GG then Bika. Get all hot and sweaty with the Red Wonder, then go relax with The Itty Bitty Puppy Committee.
No. 634091 ID: 30d031

We have integrity, so help Greg out and apologize to Meg.

As far as dates go though, are we really going to have a THIRD date with GG before Bika gets a second?
I vote we take Bika out again, especially since our first date was almost embarrassingly short compared to the others.
No. 634092 ID: a9753c

Bika, then GG. See how well you can chain date the same girl, and then schedule an exercise-date.
No. 634163 ID: 51ff34

We can help Greg move, go home, shower, then take GG out on a date.
No. 634168 ID: 7b7ab3

Pretty much, yeah.

GG helps us with Greg, then we go get cleaned up, then we go out on a proper date and discuss our relationship and stuff.
No. 634177 ID: a32d59

I vote Bika. First though, apologize to Meg, help Greg move, and discuss a later date with GG.
No. 634207 ID: 6f4838

4 and 5? : o
No. 634208 ID: e30e12
File 142895840227.png - (14.79KB , 960x560 , 258.png )

You get back to the city on Sunday, around noon. Polyphema drops you off at your house with a kiss.
"Love you, Zack."
"Love you too, Poly."
"Text me, doll."
"You know it."
"And give my love to the other girls."
She laughs and drives off.

You text GG Gary's address and the three of you meet there.
She's got her hair done up in a ponytail and a ripped-up tanktop with the late Macho Man Randy Savage on it. She carries three or four bags at a time.
"Christ," Gary says. "I want four arms."
"It's pretty sweet," GG says.
"We could like graft some on," you say.
"I've already grafted enough shit onto my body," Gary says.
"You've grafted shit?" GG asks.
"Yea," Gary says. "Science gave me a pecker."
"No shit?"
"No shit," Gary says. "I went from being a sexy lesbian named Georgia to a weird-looking gay dude named Gary."
GG laughs. "What?"
"Hand to god. I had a sexy lady body but I liked ladies and wanted a dude body, then as soon as I switched I started liking dudes. Apparently it's something that can fucking happen because of the hormones."
"That is bonkers," GG says.
"I've made peace with it," Gary says. "Sometimes it lets me snipe the quote unquote 'straight' ones. Anyway lucky for me trans dudes get like a fifth of the shit they once did because you guys are around. Everyone's banded together to hate the new guys."
"You're welcome." GG slings a duffel bag over her shoulder.
"Christ," Gary repeats. "I should be paying you Zack's share."
"Hey," you call, wheeling a suitcase to Alan's car.
"Shut up, richie rich," Gary says. "Your girlfriend's arms are bigger than my head."
"You have a tiny head," you say.
"It's no biggie," GG says. "It got me out of my friggin' apartment. My boss is mad skittish about putting me on site."
"What do you do?" Gary asks.
"I knock shit over."
"Like at a construction yard?"
"Yah but in reverse."
"How's that pay?"
"Loads better than you'd think. There's a lot of abandoned buildings and reconstruction in this town."
"Can I like pay you in beer then?"
"Hell yeah, dude."
"Zack I think you should marry this one," Gary calls.
"Shut up, dude," you say. GG giggles.
"But I think you should reverse who carries who over the threshold," Gary says.

You load the last of Gary's stuff into the car and he gets a six-pack of Sam Adams from the back seat.
GG leans against the car (it groans a little under the strain) and cracks one open.
"Hey," she says to you. "Come over tonight."
1]] Sure.
2]] I can't. Gotta work tonight.
3]] Tomorrow?
4]] I've seen your place. Come over to mine.
5]] You want to hang out now? I'm not doing anything.
6]] _______________
No. 634210 ID: 2a7417

Dating *is* your work, dummy. Number 5.
No. 634212 ID: 7b7ab3

A combo of 4 and 5.

Head back to our place for hang outs, make outs, and relationship talk.
No. 634218 ID: e607cd

No. 634224 ID: 0ee153

4 and 5.
No. 634225 ID: e30e12
File 142896430771.png - (8.22KB , 960x560 , 259.png )

"I'm free now," you say. "Let's get out of here."
"Oh word?" GG takes her sunglasses off. "Are you sure we should be walking around together during the day?"

1]] I don't care. Let's go on a date to ____________
2]] So just come spend the day-slash-night at my place.
3]] ______________
No. 634226 ID: 7b7ab3


It's private, it's secure, she's never been, and we can share our stuff with her.

Besides, recent events make the prospect of being out in the open less than attractive.
No. 634228 ID: 0ee153

"Worried for me? Got nothing planned anyway and you haven't seen my place yet, might as well hang there anyway."
No. 634230 ID: e607cd

"Don't worry, I'll protect you."

But no, seriously. You two can hide indoors forever, or you can go out and be together without it being a big deal, and show people that all this hate is bullshit. You might get a brick through the window, or worse, for your trouble, but you might do some good too.
Activism! Civil rights! Rarr!
No. 634231 ID: 6f4838

No. 634232 ID: 7b7ab3

Couldn't have said it better.

I hope we have Fist of the North Star. I bet she'd love it.
No. 634243 ID: e2a92b

2. We'll have our own little party, and interdimensional politics isn't invited.

Now that you mention it, why don't we call our boss, check in, and ask if there's anything new has developed from the situation.
No. 634319 ID: e30e12
File 142899132159.png - (12.31KB , 960x560 , 260.png )

"Well if you're worried for me and you don't have anything planned you want to come by my place?"
"I was hoping you'd say that," GG says. "I'm gonna break all your stuff."
"Don't break all my stuff."
"I'm gonna break ALL your stuff."

You flip on the lightswitch.
It's a good thing you left the window cracked because otherwise it would have gotten musty in here. Your bed is only half-made and your drawers are kind of a wreck.
"Nice dudepad," GG says. She flops onto the bed and experimentally bounces up and down a little. Bless the old girl; she holds.
"I would have cleaned," you say.
GG looks around the floor. "Is that christmas underwear?"
You kick it underneath the bed. "I have no idea what you're referring to."
She laughs and sits up on the bed. "Whatcha wanna do, Z?"

1]] Crack open your extensive video game collection (you're the best at Mortal Kombat): _____________
2]] Order something for delivery: _________________
3]] Watch something (you have the internet so it can be basically anything):____________
4]] Bang GG
5]] Tie GG up
6]] Ask GG about Warrior culture
7]] Go out somewhere: ________________
8]] Break out the booze
9]] _________________
No. 634322 ID: 330ce5

Let's play some Mortal Kombat, order some Chinese takeout and drink some boozes.
No. 634323 ID: d3be40

6, 4, 7 (the nearest cheap restaurant), 5, 8, 9 (cuddle to sleep).
No. 634324 ID: ad7bba

Play Mortal Kombat. Kick her ass with Sheeva because reasons.
No. 634325 ID: bd8b82

start with mortal combat but switch to other things occasionally. try other genres, like what does she think of shooters? or sneaking games (thief, MGS)
No. 634327 ID: e2a92b

6, 1, 2, 3.
No. 634328 ID: e30e12
File 142899321587.png - (8.01KB , 960x560 , 261.png )

"Ever played Mortal Kombat?" you ask.
"I've heard of it," GG says. "Isn't it like a terrible movie?"
"It's also a video game," you say.
"Oh word?"
"Where you like cut each other in half."
"Oh word?"

You have a couple Sega Saturn controllers (the best controller ever made for fighters bar none) and an adapter you fish out and plug in.

GG oohs and aahs as she cycles through the available fighters.
"Try Sheeva," you say.
"What's Sheeva?"
"A four-armed warrior woman from another dimension," you say.
"Sick," GG says.
You consider your character choices.

1]] Play Kano, who's the most blatantly powerful dude in the game with that fucking dash cancel he has.
2]] Play your main character, Stryker, who is all about projectiles and zoning.
3]] Play Scorpion because let's face it Scorpion is the coolest looking dude in this game and GG needs to understand the cultural importance of the phrase "GET OVER HERE"
4]] Play someone you've never played before to give yourself a handicap like Baraka or some lame asshole like that, because you have a feeling you'll crush GG otherwise.
5]] Go easy on her.
6]] Make some kind of bet on your victory.
8]] _____________
No. 634329 ID: bd8b82

3 all the way
No. 634330 ID: ad7bba

8: Ask her about Warrior hand-eye coordination after you play for a bit. Like, could she play both characters against herself? Or is that too many fine inputs.
No. 634331 ID: 0ee153

No. 634332 ID: 296917

No. 634333 ID: bb78f2

Listen, man, I love Subzero because ice powers be bitchin but he was always a bitch compared to scorpion.
Oh man, she's a newbie, she won't be able to pull off a fatality!
No. 634334 ID: d3be40

The irony is there but it's a comfy fitting irony.

2, 6 (Bet the video game against one of her games). Play fair.
No. 634335 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely 3.

Let's see how she likes getting her butt kicked by an undead ninja from hell, which is exactly how we should describe him.
No. 634348 ID: e30e12
File 142899612013.png - (9.11KB , 960x560 , 262.png )

You play as Scorpion.

"GET OVER HERE," yells Scorpion.
"Fuck," GG says.

"CMERE," yells Scorpion.
"FUCK," GG says.

"TOASTY," says Dan Forden.
"Hahahaha what," GG says.

"FINISH HER," proclaims Shao Khan.
"FUUUCK," GG says, and then "Whooaaa," as Scorpion does something really awful to Sheeva. "Rematch."
"OK," you say.

"FINISH HER," proclaims Shao Khan.
"FUUUCK," GG says. "Rematch.

"FINISH HER," proclaims Shao Khan for the sixth time.
"FUUUUUCK," GG says. There's a cracking noise. "Oh. Fuck."
"What?" you ask.
"The thing broke." She clicks the D-pad. It looks like her thumb has pushed it into the controller. "Can I have another?"

1]] I have 2 more. It's cool. You're getting better.
2]] They don't make those things anymore. You're downgraded to Dualshock.
3]] Maybe we should stop playing Mortal Kombat...
4]] Done having your ass kicked yet?
5]] Tell her she's gotta pay for that.
6]] Tell her she's gotta pay for that through means other than financial.
7]] ___________________
No. 634349 ID: 296917


She really is gonna break all your stuff isn't she.
No. 634350 ID: bd8b82

we can probably get her a custom made steel one.
No. 634359 ID: d3be40

5, but also explain that you're taking her to the vintage games store to buy her a game as well.
No. 634362 ID: f0a5e4

Ah, so sweet, so bitter, such passing. But it is the nature of controllers to be broken, for the salty tides of failure and firey passions of victory will take their toll on such frail mortal instruments, no matter how dear they may be.
But shit you gotta pay for that, bro. Tradition mandates an equivalent exchange, and that it be enjoyable for both parties. Let the controller not have given its life in vain, it would have wanted this.
Excuse to go vintage game grumping sounds good too, though. Maybe a chance to bother/meet some fellow videogame nerds. However, with the totally not 4chan related experiences Zack has had with nearby nerds, it would be prudent to think ahead whether the area's /v/ folks are the kind that would flip their shit in a good way or a bad way when they met GG.
No. 634364 ID: 89941a

Think I'll support that 2&6 as well.
No. 634365 ID: b8ceae

2, but instead of "dual shock" she gets replicas - those you can buy in bulk for about $5 each.
Also, 6.
No. 634366 ID: 7b7ab3

2 and 6.

Cheap, modern controllers are easier to replace, so a switch is wise.

However, she still broke one of your classics. She's gonna have to "pay" for that, if you know what I mean.
No. 634370 ID: fbc59e

Yes, she will pay.
Because now we swap to Kano and wreck her.
No. 634376 ID: 8bd2b1

I forsee more bondage in your near future. Girl needs punishment.

But yeah, she's downgraded to dualshock.
No. 634379 ID: 2a7417

3. Yeah yeah, here comes the fun police, etc., but we should make sure we both understand it's just a game.
No. 634381 ID: 7b7ab3

I say we switch over to a handicap character and see if she does any better. Besides, there are far, far better forms of "payment" she can offer.

I say we use the cord of our dearly departed controller to bind her hands while we collect our "payment".

She knows it's just a game, she's just being a Warrior. They can get pretty darn competitive, if you hadn't noticed.
No. 634408 ID: 7b7ab3

We're not treating this like a porno, are we? I know we're talking dirty and everything right now, but I'm really enjoying the story and characters, and I hope that we'll get back to talking about cool alien things and relationship stuff soon.
No. 634412 ID: e30e12
File 142904660818.png - (12.56KB , 960x560 , 263.png )

"You are downgraded to dualshock," you say. "They don't make those things anymore."
"Oop," GG says. "Sorry."
"It's OK. I'll think of a way you can make it up for me."
"Should I get you another one?"
"A funner way."
"Oh." GG grins. "Word." She examines her new controller. "We don't go in for little fiddly things like this."
"Like controllers?"
"Yeah. And spoons. And stuff."
"Don't Warriors have video games?" you ask.
"Nope," GG says. "Just like, real fighting."

You swap her broke-ass controller out for a PS2 one and get back to playing.
Four more games go past.
Eventually GG stops saying "rematch" and just slams the button to replay as soon as she dies. You stop doing fatalities on her since she's so itchy to fight you again.
She's getting better, in a divekick-and-uppercut kind of way.
"Come on, Sheevs," she mutters under her breath. "Come on come on come on come on. Fuck. Fuck."
This one's actually really close. You have the technique but she's relentless.
Both of you are at a sliver of your health when GG kicks and chips you out.
"YES," she yells, pumping all four fists in the air. "GG BAHZAIKA VAINU! Oh--" She looks at her controller. "This one is sterner stuff." She plops her controller on the ground. "What next?"
"And lose again? Fuck no, dude." GG looks around. "I'm going out on top."
"On top and like ten in the hole."
She laughs and throws a pillow at you. "What next?"

1]] Next you pay me back for that controller.
2]] I'm hungry. Want pizza?
3]] I'm hungry. Want Chinese?
4]] I'm hungry. Want Indian?
5]] I'm hungry. Want Skutti?
6]] You have to see this human movie/show: _________
7]] Want to play a different game?
8]] Wait so if Warriors don't use spoons what are warrior meals like?
9]] Bring up relationship and alamad/dulamad stuff.
10]] _______________
No. 634415 ID: 9297f4

Let's talk warrior.
No. 634419 ID: 7b7ab3

9, but if she's not comfortable talking about it yet, then 6: Fist of the North Star. And if she is cool talking about it, then we should still show her Fist of the North Star.
No. 634425 ID: b8ceae

9, then 5.
Once we know where she stands we should introduce her to Bika.
(Since we dunno if GG knows how Skut work, you should either call ahead so Bika can 'meet you at the restaurant', or show up and ask waitress-Bika if she's around since you wanted to introduce GG.)
No. 634428 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm okay with this, too, although I still want GG to see FotNS.

Honestly, at some point the girls are going to have to meet, and I'd rather it be under controlled conditions.
No. 634432 ID: 9d0761

Really? I think warriors are pretty great at spooning.
No. 634436 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 634439 ID: 296917

Hmm. Well, we know it won't be super awkward for her to meet Bika, but would it be against the rules of the program?

Also, 8: but specifically, they don't eat soup? I mean, that's all you'd really NEED a spoon for.
No. 634444 ID: f61b8d


8, 7. 5 might be interesting, but a little tricky to handle.
No. 634450 ID: 0ee153

The program's designed to let the government learn about Visitor culture, so if it's culturally appropriate and doesn't involve an actual crime I'm pretty sure it'd fly.

9 is good, if she's comfortable with it. Actually, does she even know about it? Grew up on this side and everything. Best to ask her about how much she knows of traditional Warrior stuff after the spoon question.
No. 634451 ID: 7b7ab3

As okay as I was with >>634425, I am more okay with this. Learn a bit more about Warrior culture and see how she feels about our relationship? That's a win/win in my book.
No. 634479 ID: 37379a

No. 634496 ID: e607cd

Asian cultures don't necessarily do spoons either. Soup is a liquid. You just fukkin drink it.
No. 634505 ID: 57d76a

Yeah 9 but make sure she knows no pressure for picking or anything.

As for meeting the other girls, I'd only feel comfortable with Poly. Bika we don't really know that well yet and Meg is obviously out. Although I suppose if we just go to Bika's restaurant...
No. 634507 ID: 7b7ab3

I say we hold off on introducing the girls to each other until we know Bika and Meg a bit better.
No. 634533 ID: e30e12
File 142908553604.png - (13.15KB , 960x560 , 264.png )

"I was actually wondering about some stuff," you say.
"Some Warrior stuff?"
"Some us stuff."
"Some us stuff?" GG settles down and sits on the floor next to you. "What us stuff?"
"So I just found out about the whole alamad/dulamad thing," you say.
"Oh my god," GG says. "Alamads and dulamads. Thank fuck I didn't have to be the one to explain it."
"Yeah. So."
"So." She hugs her legs. "Why do you bring it up?"
"Well what do you think about it?" you ask. "Like do you have dulamads and alamads and stuff?"
"Dude I don't know," GG says. "That whole thing is really like ceremonial and shit. It's like what my parents were into."
"What are you into?"
"Basically the same thing," GG admits. "Only I call dulamads... I dunno. Dudes. Dudamads."
"What do you call alamads?"
She shrugs. "I dunno. I haven't had one. Dude I don't know. I like how loose humans can be with the definitions. I guess alamads are equal to boyfriends. Can you be my boyfriend?"
"Whoa," you say.
"Shit," she says. "Sorry. That was supposed to be for way later. But I like you a lot.
"My, uh--"
"I know," she says. "Your job. And also I sometimes want to fuck a Warrior so I can get like more violent about it. So like an open relationship. I guess I'm asking you to be my alamad. But I want to call it boyfriend." She fidgets. "So I can be your girlfriend. I've never been anyone's girlfriend."

1]] Absolutely.
2]] I don't think I can.
3]] I don't think I can until my job's done.
4]] Can we call it dulamad instead?
5]] I think it's too early to do this.
6]] You're having sex with other guys?
7]] OK but only because of Macho Man.
8]] ____________
No. 634534 ID: a19cd5

1, with a side-order of 7.
No. 634536 ID: 0ee153

1 and 7.
No. 634538 ID: 0ee153

Oh, and 6, I guess. Make sure it's clear you're not jealous what with the hypocrisy you'd have to have to be jealous, just curious about her.
No. 634539 ID: b8ceae

1, but point out she could end up sharing with up to 3 other women.
No. 634540 ID: aeb940

1 & 7.

She's wonderful and we definitely want her.
Besides, what would the Macho Man think of us if we couldn't handle it?
No. 634541 ID: 439483

1 and you better kiss that sweet child.
No. 634542 ID: e00592


We have room in our heart for all the girls equally. We're not labeling them as anything. We love them, and as long as we get to share our life with them, we are content.
No. 634543 ID: 0dbb15

Poly said it's fairly normal to have more than one alamad, so loving all of the ladies equally shouldn't be a problem, so long as we don't start playing favorites.
No. 634550 ID: bb78f2

Yeah girl.
Hell, I think it might be a bad idea, but if she ever gets that other male warrior booty call maybe call me and we can do a threesome with him?
Or is that too creepy?
No. 634556 ID: 7b7ab3

Finding a way to balance our love for all four of the girls may prove difficult, but that's the exact kind of challenge that makes it all worthwhile.

So 1, because we have more than enough love to go around, and she's more than welcome to her share, and 7, because we need to lighten the mood a little.
No. 634560 ID: 7b7ab3

I think she understands, but good idea.
Seconding a tender, loving kiss.
Just like with Poly: no labels. We're just people who love each other in a time when love is a rare and precious thing.
She did indeed say that multiple alamads was normal. I doubt it'll be easy, otherwise it wouldn't be fun, but if we can avoid playing favorites then things will be so much simpler.
Pretty creepy. Besides, ending up trapped between two stressed out, horny Warriors sounds like a guaranteed ticket to the ICU.
No. 634564 ID: 2a7417

Ooh YEAH! Number SEVEN!
No. 634568 ID: 7b7ab3

“The tower of power, too sweet to be sour, ohhhh yeahh!”

Describes our dear GG rather well, don't you think?
No. 634712 ID: ad7bba

Shiiiit, that's cheating.

No. 634722 ID: e30e12
File 142916786551.png - (9.64KB , 960x560 , 265.png )

"Absolutely," you say. "But only because of Macho Man."
"OOOH YEAH," GG says, and tackles you.
Between her tongue in your mouth and her hips on your stomach, you can hardly breathe. You try to push her off of you but she pulls away just long enough to go "Say uncle" before she keeps kissing you.
"Mmfl," you say.
"Whuff?" GG asks.
"UNCLE" you tilt your head back.
"BOYFRIEND," GG says, getting up. She doesn't relinquish her grip on you.
You feel your feet lift off the ground. "Tiny boyfriend," GG says.
"Tall girlfriend," you say. "Put me down."
"No," GG says, and kisses you again. "That was a lot easier than I thought it would be."
"The picking me up or the relationship?"
"The relationship," she says. "I knew picking you up would be mad easy."
"I don't know," you say. "I've put on some muscle lately."
"You've put on muscle like I've put on evening gowns," GG says.
"You know you have to share, right?" you ask.
"With those other nerds?" GG says. "Yeah, whatever. I bet I could beat them up."
"Ok but you won't, right?"
"I guess not," GG says. She flexes. "But I could. Now what do we do?"

1]] Now we order from this skutti place. I know the delivery girl.
2]] Now we go out to this skutti place. It's time to come out of hiding!
3]] Now we have official relationship relations.
4]] Now we watch Fist of the North Star.
5]] ________________
No. 634723 ID: 7b7ab3

I say 4.

Let's hold off on introducing any of the girls to each other until we know Bika and Meg a bit more. Besides, FotNS oughta blow GG's freakin' mind.
No. 634725 ID: e2a92b

Four, so she can give it four thumbs up when we're done.
No. 634731 ID: 7b7ab3

Also, if GG gets any more adorable, I'm gonna die from cuteness overdose.
No. 634733 ID: b8ceae

FotNS will probably get GG worked up, so it's better to put that off until just before bedtime. Unless, of course, you intend to introduce a horny bondage fetishist to a swarm you happen to be dating, but I think that would be going a bit too fast.
No. 634735 ID: d3be40

1, don't feel like going out.
No. 634738 ID: 7b7ab3

A worked up GG is good anytime, although I think keeping the girls separated for now is a good idea, at least until we know more about Bika and Meg.

I really don't think it's a good idea for any of Bika's bodies to be out alone right now, what with recent events making the city less Visitor friendly than usual.
No. 634741 ID: 326ef0

4, because I'm honestly curious what she'll think of it.
No. 634743 ID: ad7bba

4 then 3. It'd be weird to cross girl stream- doesn't sound how I want it to. Best to keep them separate for now.

Though we really should check on Bika sometime. I wouldn't be surprised if she's lost a couple bodies because of this drama. Sidenote: Bika could totally beat GG up in a fight.
No. 634744 ID: 490e44

Agreed. We are nowhere near ready for date crossovers.

If Bika's smart, she'll keep her head(s) down. She's already been mugged once, so hopefully she'll play it safe. Also, Bika has the unfair advantage of numbers and acid blood. Totally not a fair fight.
No. 634745 ID: e3baa1

"Omae wa mou shindeiru."

And then we get squished by turned-on girlfriend.
No. 634748 ID: e30e12
File 142917867966.png - (17.89KB , 960x560 , 266.png )

You play Fist of the North Star for her.
She sits in rapt attention through God or Devil?! - The Mightiest Man Who Appeared in Hell! and insists on watching the next episode, The Deadly Fist of Lingering Regret! - The Future is Sighted in the Barren Desert!

"That," she whispers, as the ending credits play, "was righteous."
No. 634749 ID: e30e12
File 142917870835.png - (10.41KB , 960x560 , 267.png )

"That was Buronson," you say. "Want to watch some other stuff? If you like that but gayer and with ghosts I have JJBA."
"No," GG says. She shakes her head. "I need to digest that."
"Liked it?"
"Oh my god," she says. "It was exactly like this famous Warrior legend of the Pale Hunter."
"The what?"
"The Pale Hunter," she says. "His whole civilization was destroyed by this hyperbeast and then he covered himself in its ashes and crossed the center of the continent to find it. Weeping the whole way."
"Manly tears," you say.
"I think this is what I needed to get me into human TV," GG says.
"It's from the 1980s," you say.
"What an enlightened, muscular time," GG says.
"There's a bunch of them," you say. "We could watch another."
"This is true that we could," GG says. Her hand has crept onto yours. "But was there anything else you had in mind when you invited me up here? Cuz I got this natural handlebar today." She swishes her hair. "And it would be a huge shame if it went un-yanked."

1]] I kind of have like neighbors, though, GG, so....
2]] Can we eat first? I'm starving.
3]] She's got a very good point about that ponytail.
4]] Tell her you want to try doing it like how Warriors do it.
5]] Be a little more intimate this time, since you're dating now and everything.
No. 634750 ID: bd8b82

No. 634752 ID: 252baf

A combination of 3, 4, & 5.

We'll yank her hair whenever she likes, but if she's down for some fun then why not show us how Warriors party? That and some tender kissing and cuddling should make for a fabulous time.
No. 634754 ID: dcf8b5


If she has concerns about us getting hurt trying to do it the Warrior way, then that provides us with the opportunity to show her our trust. We know she wouldn't do anything to hurt us (too badly), and since we're boyfriend and girlfriend now we should try to be more intimate and sharing.
No. 634757 ID: 05a64c

3]] That thing has been begging for a good tugging since we first saw it.
4]] We trust her not to actually hurt us, so I don't see why we shouldn't experiment a little.
5]] We're a very intimate person, so she's gonna get some Zack TLC, even if she has us in a chokehold or something.
No. 634759 ID: 87aae3

Sexy hair pulling and intimate boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Not so sure about 4. We wouldn't really be able to do very Warrior things, right?
No. 634762 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely 3 and 5.

As tempting as 4 is, we should probably wait before leaping blindly into doing Warrior things. Let's ask her what Warrior "relations" are like first, then see.
No. 634763 ID: 58aee2

And besides, isn't bondage super unwarrior like? She said she would never ask a warrior dude to do that bc its taboo?
No. 634764 ID: 7b7ab3

You are correct.

My primary concern with trying to do it Warrior style is that Zack isn't the brawniest of people, and he wouldn't really be able to do things like a Warrior could.

I'm not against learning though, which is why I say we should ask first. If it turns out to be something we could manage, then I don't see a problem with it.
No. 634772 ID: 2a9886

She likes BDSM, and you like being tender.

Why not a little bit of both?
Nobody said you cant be gentle with someone tired up.
No. 634778 ID: c717e8

Don't get too loud, you probably have neighbors.
No. 634790 ID: 7b7ab3

An excellent point.

But don't let that stop you from having a good time.
No. 634812 ID: fe5d55

Well...she likes Bondage stuff...Maybe we could use some sort of gag or something~?
No. 634814 ID: b88e47

gag for sure
No. 634832 ID: 7b7ab3

If you'll recall, she bit clear through a metal bed post last time. No gag on Earth is gonna last long in her mouth.
No. 634839 ID: b8ceae

2. You need food to fuel your shenanigans, and you're not going to feel like getting ready and going out to eat afterwards.
No. 634846 ID: c717e8

I'd say refrain from any of the bondage stuff unless you're somewhere absolutely secure. Aside any other concerns, a feeling of safety is a key element of the experience! We know we've got our employers spying on us, at least, and we weren't planning on putting that level of detail in the reports.
No. 634850 ID: 7b7ab3

Even if they are spying on us like that, I highly doubt they're concerned about a single Warrior woman's sexual proclivities.
No. 635440 ID: dcf8b5

Don't leave us hanging, Brom.

Let's ask her how Warriors do it. If she thinks we're too weedy to handle it, then let's go with 3 and 5: rough, hair pulling sex mixed with intimate hugging and kissing.
No. 635509 ID: e30e12
File 142956600917.png - (18.66KB , 960x560 , 268.png )

She does have a good point about the ponytail.

There's no ropes or anything so you make do with a belt. GG asks if you're sure it's OK to use it and you say it's a shitty belt anyway.

It's as good as you remember.
Also as loud.
"Shhhh" you whisper over GG's groans. "I have neighbors."
"Make me shhhh," she says, and you shove her face into the pillows.

She seems to like it but you're really unconvinced it actually did much because it just makes her get louder.
Sorry, neighbors.

"GG," you say. "Can we bang like Warriors?"
"How do Warriors do it?"
"Ji gzah--" she pants, then hastily switches to English. She's pretty far gone. "I don't know. I don't want to hurt you. Don't fuck me like a Warrior. Fuck me like my human boyfriend."

1]] You heard the lady.
2]] You won't hurt me.
3]] That wasn't a request.
4]] ________________
No. 635512 ID: 7b7ab3

1 and 2.

"You got it, although I know you wouldn't hurt me. I trust you."
No. 635516 ID: 0ee153

No. 635517 ID: b8ceae

She doesn't WANT to fight for dominance, she just wants to be on the receiving end.

No. 635518 ID: 9297f4

1 then nut.
No. 635519 ID: 7b7ab3

Let me change that a little.

I'm choosing 1, I just want her to understand that we trust her.
No. 635522 ID: 8bd2b1

No. 635527 ID: 0ee153

Pretty sure she already knows that.
No. 635528 ID: 7b7ab3

Most likely.

I just thought she'd like hearing it.
No. 635530 ID: e2a92b

Eins eins, baby.
No. 635569 ID: 7b7ab3

Vanilla Ice?
No. 635576 ID: e30e12
File 142959029456.png - (13.31KB , 960x560 , 269.png )

You figure why jinx a good thing, and see said good thing to its blissful, leglocked conclusion.

"That was awesome," GG says, fumbling to undo the belt.
"You're awesome," you say.
"You're awesome." She kisses the top of your head. "I think I'm gonna get addicted to this."
"I already might be."
"Sorry I didn't want to do Warrior stuff," GG says. "I never remember this is your job. Next time."
"Next time."
"Drink some protein shakes between now and then," she says. "You're gonna need to."
"I'm like a 50/50 split between excited and worried," you say.
She giggles and squeezes you with her legs. "I'll go a little easy on you."
She rests against the headboard and softly pulls you up with her, nestling your head between her boobs.
"I like you," she says.

1]] I like you too.
2]] I love you.
3]] _________________
No. 635577 ID: 296917

1. Let's not make this weird.
No. 635578 ID: 7b7ab3


We've been through quite a bit together. We faced down an angry jerk for her, we shared dinner with her, we faced a rival Warrior for her, she saved us from serious injury, we went skinny dipping together, we had a romantic time on the beach, she shared her deepest, darkest passion with us. I'd say that's a pretty good recipe for loving someone.
No. 635581 ID: 0ee153

No. 635584 ID: 840db8

3) "I'm happy with you and this too, but surely this job will end eventually. Might have to think ahead to how I'm gonna afford a place with big enough doors, furniture and soundproofing."
No. 635585 ID: 7b7ab3

Why only like? We love Poly, and we've been through way less with her. GG deserves to have someone love her, right?
No. 635587 ID: 0ee153

Because Poly said she loved us and oculots fall in love easily. GG has said neither, and GG already has a family.
No. 635588 ID: 0ee153

To clarify, the last bit is to respond to "she deserves someone to love", not a reason not to love GG.
No. 635590 ID: 7b7ab3

Then I suppose 1 is the safe route for now. But if we're boyfriend and girlfriend, then shouldn't we consider doing more than just liking eachother?
No. 635591 ID: 7b7ab3

As a matter of fact, that's a good suggestion.

We should ask her if she thinks she's up for more than just liking eachother.
No. 635592 ID: 8bd2b1

Respond based upon how she said it. I find that, often times, when a girl says, "I like you," she means, "I love you," and if that's the case, it's really obvious from the voice inflection. If that's the case here, you can playfully/mockingly respond, "I love you too." If not, then just go with, "I like you too." We can always deepen it later.
No. 635593 ID: e30e12
File 142959737415.png - (20.37KB , 832x600 , 270.png )

"I like you too," you say. "Eventually I'm gonna need a place with a bigger door and some soundproofing."
"Maybe if I hit my head hard enough I'll make the door bigger for you," GG says.
"You keep saying you'll break stuff but it's only been the one controller."
"Gimme a rematch tomorrow and I'll try not to make it a twofer."
"You gonna sleep over?"
"Hell yeah I'm sleeping over," she says. "I got clean undies for tomorrow and everything. Scoot your boot over."
You pull the sheets up and she slides down the wall to cuddle with you.
"Naked boyfriend," she says.
"Naked girlfriend," you say.
"Can we watch some more of that kenshiro show then take a huge nap?"
"We are adults and can do whatever we want to."

Who's next?
No. 635594 ID: 296917

Bikaaaaaaa. Meg still hasn't returned our call.
No. 635595 ID: bb78f2

Bika, my guuuurl.
We have fun tonight.
Ain't no party like a skut party.
No. 635596 ID: d3be40

Bika. So, how do Skut clans traditionally date?
No. 635597 ID: 7b7ab3


It hasn't been that long since the upset with Meg, so we should wait a little longer before facing her. Let her cool her jets, as it were.

But for now, I say it's time for the Itty Bitty Puppy Committee!
No. 635598 ID: 7b7ab3


>Little hearts beside GG and Poly.

That's new! Hope it means something good.
No. 635605 ID: e2a92b

It's time for a Bika cycle!
("Bicycle" joke, anyone? No? Aw.)
No. 635607 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 635609 ID: e30e12
File 142960205452.png - (21.33KB , 960x560 , 271.png )

>Ay Bika whats up
:bika: Zack!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

:bika: Hi guy :heart_eyes:

:bika: Whats up?

>Do you want to go out again?

:bika: omg yes pleaaz

:bika: Help me take my mind(s) off things

:bika: :poop: :poop:

:bika: Where & when? Your turn 2 pick :alien:
No. 635611 ID: 7b7ab3

A lot of options.

We could hang out at her place.
We could meet at the restaurant.
We could hit the arcade again.
She likes going fast. Any go karts nearby?
We could go shopping. Risky, but fun.
We could drive somewhere. Road trip, right?
We could hit the beach. Sun, surf, and skut!
She rides a bike, right? Biking with a babe!

As for time? Whenever she's ready.
No. 635612 ID: d3be40

Basic Plan: Have multiple bodies go to different date spots. Switch bodies between date activities.

So, what's the record for Chain-Body-Date-Surfing?
No. 635615 ID: e2a92b

Isolated bodies become more detached and can be very disorienting for skut.

We should go somewhere where it's just the two (er, eighty-five) of us, but probably somewhere where she could have at least a couple others nearby. I think the beach is a good place for this. We need to have a proper talk about skut hive minds.
No. 635616 ID: f4d940

Bika! squeeeeeee

Good points.

I would like to further point out that as we are very extra probably being monitored by the HVAO, it would raise suspicions if we did weird things like swapped out between a bunch of different skut individuals in a row, so we should be careful about that. (You know, I'm still surprised the HVAO doesn't know. Assuming they actually don't.)

As far as what to do...hmm...hahaha, paintball would be TOTALLY unfair. And we just went.

Restaurant and arcade sound like decent neutral ground, but we just went there, too.
Road trip sounds fun, but we wouldn't want to separate one of her from the rest. Would it be enough to bring several of her?
Beach might be ok? I dunno, I'm not much for swimming, personally. This is hard.
Um. Ummmmm.... Skut choir? Start a band?
Board games?
No. 635618 ID: c717e8

I'd say amusement park but she's probably too short for the rides. Or go to the zoo but I don't know how earth animals react to Visitors.

Maybe since she showed you her cuisine last time, you show her some earth cuisine this time? I imagine she doesn't go to human eateries that often. If you knew one you'd be sure would let you in, you could go. Use your government bucks to bribe your way in or something. Something classy enough that the assholes just put their noses in the air rather than coming over to tell you what they think.
No. 635623 ID: 7b7ab3

>Restaurant and arcade sound like decent neutral ground, but we just went there, too.
True. We don't want her to think we're repetitive.
>Road trip sounds fun, but we wouldn't want to separate one of her from the rest. Would it be enough to bring several of her?
We could probably squeeze 3 or 4 of her into a car, which seems to be the minimum of bodies for a skut to function properly. I hope Alan doesn't mind us borrowing his car again.
>Beach might be ok? I dunno, I'm not much for swimming, personally. This is hard.
Not so hard. Bika on the beach sounds pretty good. I wonder if she likes volleyball.
>Um. Ummmmm.... Skut choir? Start a band?
A little too involved. Besides, I imagine an audience would freak her out.
>Board games?
Tabletop Games. Bika does D&D. Zack could DM. Adorable. Not a good date idea, but adorable.

The zoo might be fun. I imagine the animals would be less of a problem than the people, though. I wonder what Bika's favorite earth animal is.

One other idea crosses my mind: dinner and a movie. We share a nice meal at her restaurant, then take her out to a night at the cinema. We should ask her what kind of movie she likes.
No. 635624 ID: 744329

Definitely a movie or the beach. In both cases, it'll be easy to have a lot of skuts around without being conspicuous.

Plus, if we go to the beach, we can see what a skut swimsuit looks like.
No. 635626 ID: 7b7ab3

If we take her to the movies we can learn a bit more about Visitor entertainment. We could also ask her if there have ever been any skut actors. It would also let her try some new earth foods, like popcorn, Raisinettes, and all kinds of soda. Real concession fair, you know?

Also, I just think the idea of a whole row of theater seats filled with Bika bodies sharing their snacks with Zack while they watch a comedy or something is about as cute as it gets.
No. 635633 ID: f47994

hmmmm swimming. i vote swimming. in a secluded river. or a secluded beach. or, like, a really big puddle.
No. 635641 ID: 7b7ab3

Considering how they're built, with their digitigrade legs and comparatively weak frames, I'd think that skut don't fare too well in the water.

Although the sight of Bika doggy paddling would probably be cute.
No. 635658 ID: 57d76a

Both! Movie, then have a picnic on the beach!
No. 635662 ID: 7b7ab3

Brilliant! An excellent suggestion! This has my vote!
No. 635665 ID: f61b8d

Hmmm. Another thought: I was trying to think, like, what's an activity where a lot of individuals are present (so she's not isolated), but where the people present are filtered somehow (because of her comment about "take my mind off things", I'm leaning towards a situation where the whole political situation won't come up), and so I wonder, are there any, like, Visitor dance clubs or anything? (Of course, there's a chance we might get political arguments for being a HUMAN there, but I feel like that'd be easier to deal with.)
No. 635667 ID: e30e12
File 142964717150.png - (4.95KB , 960x560 , 272.png )

>want to see a movie/go to the beach?
:bika: Yes!
:bika: Which 1?
:bika: Yes x2 :alien:
:bika: whats playing?

You check around for some good options:

1]] The Repulsion, a well-received indie horror film. Looks like the main character's friends with a Warrior. Progress!
2]] Monkey Palaces, a documentary about monkeys
3]] Doctor Strange, Marvel movie du jour
4]] Some arthouse is doing a screening of Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain tonight it turns out.
5]] Rocks and Stones and Trees, one of those critically acclaimed movies with a dude in the wilderness on the front and a 96% rotten tomatoes score that nobody actually sees.
6]] Faust, Pixar's adaptation of the story. It's Pixar. They're always a safe bet.
7]] Salutation, an international spy action thriller thing that looked kind of crappy in the trailer but then got high 80s on metacritic. It has a famous Oculot actor in it.
No. 635670 ID: e6e219

Pixar did a version of Faust? This is one movie you have to go see.
No. 635673 ID: 2a7417

3. Maybe Cyclops is played by an Oculot or something.
No. 635675 ID: f61b8d

Leaning towards 6, or otherwise maybe 3
No. 635676 ID: 7b7ab3

Pixar's Faust? Okay, we have to see this. Might want to check some reviews first, though.

If we're having a picnic on the beach, then don't forget to pack sandwich stuff. Bread, meat, cheese, veggies, PBnJ. The standard stuff.
No. 635679 ID: bb78f2

6 and 3.
We were doing a double feature, right?
No. 635688 ID: ea0ad9

Could probably see a movie with one, and go to the beach with another afterwards, she won't need clothing swap while you can easily just get some of those clothes where you can remove the sleeves/legs via zippers.
No. 635692 ID: 7b7ab3

That wouldn't really work.

One skut separated from its group doesn't function very well, and it ends up feeling anxious and scared. Not good for a movie experience or for fun on the beach.

I've noticed that she needs at least three bodies to form a functioning unit, so she should probably bring about 3 to 5 bodies along for the date. For secrecy's sake, we can say we're out with a friend and her family.
No. 635693 ID: 6e79d4

Oh geez, remember to bring enough money to pay for a ticket a head.
No. 635695 ID: 7b7ab3

Thankfully, the government has us covered.

Thanks, HVAO!
No. 635714 ID: 57d76a

Probably 6 but maybe 7.

Wait since when does Pixar do adaptations?
No. 635727 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, we are in the future, apparently.
They might be trying new things.
No. 635753 ID: e607cd

6. Pixar movies are generally good if the lady has not expressed a more specific genre preference. And hey, cultural literacy in the form of cartoons.

Elsewhen, you did actually send a message to Meg apologizing for presuming to know what was in her head and her heart, and offering to make it up to her, right? All I see is that "out for the weekend, hope you're safe" message.
No. 636067 ID: 7b7ab3

I am afraid we may have not.

Not to worry. We will make it up to her in due time.

For now, we have to see a skut about a date.
No. 636144 ID: 3e4b6c

Definitely 6.

We have got to see this.
No. 636145 ID: 6de15c

6, because it's just too strange a concept to pass.
No. 636146 ID: d3be40

No. 636149 ID: 317eec

6. What will Pixar do with that old story? We must know!
And some pickles, too. Sandwiches and pickles are a picnic stable. Bika must learn this.
No. 636152 ID: 1d172c

6 is super tempting, but maybe we should talk to her about it first. We don't really know what she likes as far as movies go.
No. 636154 ID: 3637d0


This will either be utterly amazing or completely terrible. I need to know!
No. 636166 ID: c6575e

I'd say 6 or 3, depending on what she likes.
No. 636183 ID: 7b7ab3

I know I already said Faust, but maybe we should ask for her opinion first. She might want to see something else.

Let's mention a few of the movies to her and see what she's up for.
No. 636346 ID: 7b7ab3

If we're going to such public places as the cinema and the beach, then we should be prepared for the usual anti-Visitor sentiment to pop up. It'll probably be worse than usual considering the whole Outpost Jawara "incident."

Although, since people usually pay less attention to the skut, it may not be too bad.
No. 636416 ID: 745cf2

No. 639990 ID: 9aa87b
File 143147898840.png - (13.11KB , 960x560 , 273.png )

The trailer for Faust looks pretty good and Pixar is never that terrible.

Except for Cars 3. Cars 3 was awful.

You pitch Faust to Bika and she showers the plan with thumbs-up emojis.

This is going to be potentially rough.
You have no idea what public reception is going to be but it's not anything good, and dating an entire committee of aliens isn't exactly subtle.

Beach first or movie first?

And how do you plan on getting there?

1]] Beach.
2]] Movie.

A]] Alan will lend us his car again. You could probably pile a good amount of Bikas in it.
B]] Public transportation with the Bikas. Potentially hazardous, but there'll be more of her.
C]] Just make plans to meet her there. She can take care of herself.
No. 639992 ID: b8ceae

You have an expense account. Rent a bus.
No. 639994 ID: ea0ad9

>dating an entire committee of aliens isn't exactly subtle.
People wouldn't realize what was going on if they don't know about the whole hive thing. They might assume you were dating one and the family came along, or they might assume you're just, like, taking care of a few kids or something.

Movie first, public transportation. Yeah, you could fit a small handful of Bikas into Alan's car, but it's not exactly fair to keep borrowing it. We should look into getting a car off the HVAO allowance, it will really help you get around, in more ways than one. Just how many are we going to bring, anyways? More bodies is more comfortable for the Skut, but if you bring too many then people may start to complain. I'm thinking five as a good number, myself.
No. 639998 ID: e2a92b

The three B's - beach, bus, Bikas.
No. 640002 ID: 7b7ab3

2 and B.

We see the movie first and then head to the beach to stretch our legs.

We take the bus because she'll be able to bring more of herself. Most people won't want to mess with a large group of skut because most people don't enjoy acid burns.
No. 640004 ID: f61b8d

Well, first note: we should avoid the appearance that we're dating a committee. That could raise suspicions we're still avoiding. Instead, at most, we're dating an individual, whose friends/family happen to be accompanying us.

Second, my first instinct is movie then beach. Dunno why.

Third...well, if Alan is cool with lending us his car again, neat. However, if a few of her other units can get there by other means, too, so much the better. Depends on if she's comfortable with that, though; if she feels nervous about that, then perhaps we can make do. Or maybe rent an extra car/bus/taxi/something?
No. 640010 ID: e2a92b

What's wrong? are you afraid of a... committeed relationship?
No. 640046 ID: 7b7ab3

She is "The Itty-Bitty Puppy Committee", though.

It's totally worth it.
No. 640052 ID: f4d940

ba-dum tsshhh :P
No. 640083 ID: cdec48

No. 640102 ID: 330ce5

2 and B.
No. 640103 ID: 9aa87b
File 143149967849.png - (10.53KB , 960x560 , 274.png )

You send her the location of the theater and make plans to take the bus there.
You look up how much it would cost to rent one and then quickly decide that's a dumb plan. You're a lot wealthier than you were before but spending that kind of money on a ride to the movies is probably for, like, the 1 percent's 1 percent.

You sit on an unoccupied seat of the bus and wait as it winds its way to Embassy Theaters.
As it goes, a few skuts get on, causing the air to gain a certain kind of chill.
Conversations between passengers stops, then keeps going, quieter and with a lot more bite to them.

Then another skut gets on.
Then 2 more.
About a half dozen of them are here in total. You look around for a familiar face, then one skitters apologetically up the aisle and drops into the seat next to you.
"Hi!" Bika says. She's wearing a little pair of overalls; you can see a neon pink bikini underneath, tied around the back of her neck.

1]] Hi!
2]] You just caused a tectonic shift in the atmosphere of this bus.
3]] You look cute.
4]] You look like you're going to be cold in the theater.
5]] I missed you.
6]] Miss me?
7]] What have you been up to?
8]] Maybe actually we should walk to the theater. It's only a few stops now.
9]] You need this many Bikas just to watch a movie?
10]] ______________
No. 640109 ID: d3be40

3, 7
No. 640111 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 3, 5, 6, & 7.

Greet her, compliment her, tell her we missed her, ask her if she missed us, and enquire about her recent activities.
No. 640114 ID: ea0ad9

1, 2, 3, 7.
Tempted as I am to show some concern over the attention to the other Skuts, there's no good way to word that.
"Hey. Can't say expected to see you in farmer wear, but it's kind of cute. Overalls aren't easy to pull off. Test it out a bit, or are you just good at fashion?"
No. 640116 ID: ad7bba

1, 3.

Oh man, we gonna get to feed her movie theatre popcorn.
No. 640142 ID: cab7d6

Woah, there, let's not blow our food budget for the week! Let's maybe just feed one Bika. >v·:
1 3, 5, 7. (How odd.)
We should take a look at some of the other Bikas who showed up, know who to look for if we need to do a headcount.
No. 640149 ID: 7b7ab3

Let me alter my choice somewhat.

1, 3, 7 then 5.

"Hi yourself! You look cute. Whatcha been up to? I missed you."

She can have all the concession food she wants!
Let's make this as special as possible for her!
No. 640150 ID: 2a7417

What I mean is, let's just *treat* one of them to concessions. Besides, officially we don't know the other skuts.
If you really wanted to, you could just reimburse Bika for all of them, under the table.
No. 640152 ID: 7b7ab3

Ah, but you see, we're treating Bika and her "family" to a movie. As a proper host, we should provide snacks for her and her "family."

No. 640170 ID: 02d9ae

Yeah, given that we're basically the only human who even _knows_ what the truth is about Skuts, treating Bika's whole family to a movie is a good cover story. That still raises the problem of the public's reaction to it, given that tension is high--but if anyone gives us shit we can just say that we're working as a Human-Visitor relations ambassador for the HVAO, and that they should complain to the government instead if they care so much about it.

(Or we could get a bit nastier and point out that there's really very little difference between anti-Visitor bigotry and racism, in that case.)
No. 640175 ID: 7b7ab3

All very true.

If all else fails, we can politely remind anyone who tries to start anything that many skut body fluids are highly acidic. That should get most people to back down.

By the way, what do you think we should say to Bika?
No. 640179 ID: 02d9ae

1, 5, 3, 7; in that order.
No. 640199 ID: 7b7ab3

Cool, thank you.

And goodness have we missed her.
No. 640201 ID: f0a5e4

1, 3, 7
Damn all these girls are good at outfit coordination.
4]] has a point, though. Or would be, if I hadn't just remembered she's already insulated. Nothing to beat the dreaded theater/cold cola chills like a built-in comforter I suppose.
No. 640219 ID: 9aa87b
File 143156187105.png - (9.80KB , 960x560 , 275.png )

"Hi back!" you say. "You look cute."
"Awww, thanks," she says, kicking her legs against the seat.
"Is the scarf on the tail a skut thing?"
"It's a Bika thing," Bika says.
"I missed you, Bika."
"I missed you, Zack. You forget how nice it is not to be in your own company all the time."
"Do you not hang out with other people?"
"Not really," she says. "Not humans for sure. I'm kind of a homebodies."
"What have you been up to lately?" you ask.
"Keeping my head down," she says. "Heads down."
"The news?"
She nods. "It feels like the early days again."
"It'll pass."
"I hope so. I'm tripling up on deliveries now."
"Not that there are very many deliveries lately."
"I'm sorry, Bika."
"It's ok," she says. "There's been worse. We definitely have a baseline of civility now we didn't before. People are-- we're all skittish. Skittish skuttish."
"Let us drown our worries in delicious imitation butter," you say.
"I'm going to get 50 brainfreezes," Bika says. "Faust!"
"Faust," you say.
"Have you read the story?" she asks.
"I know the outline. It's a little on the theological side for Pixar."
"We'll see. I doubt too much because Pixar."
"I'm stoked," she says. "I hope it's weird."
"Interesting weird or weird weird?"
"Weird weird is interesting weird," she says. "Human theology is so interesting now that it's not just people calling me a devil all the time. Faust struck me as kind of a meditation on the loss that comes with knowledge."
"How so?"
"Like he's a doctor and his life is devoted to learning but whenever you find out how something works that's another hole filled in where once the Lord dwelt, so to speak."
"Yeah but it's necessary."
"It is!" she says. "And that's really ripe for tragedy. More ripe than some dude going to Hell. Like, it's secular, it's universal..."
"Do you think that's the angle?"
"It's better than the religious one. I hope it's weird." Her tail's wagging. "I'm not a luddite or anything, but there's an innocence you lose when you lose faith. Even if it has to happen. Like UFOs are so much cooler than Swamp Gas. And Pixar's thing is the UFO. Do you think th-- oh"
She's jumped in her seat.
"Someone just threw a brick through the restaurant window," she says.
"Oh my God." You look around the bus. "Do we go there?"
"I'm already taking care of it," she says.
"Are you sure?"
"Date date date."

1]] Not if you're too shook up.
2]] Proceed to the movies and take her mind off it.
3]] We should call the cops.
4]] We should call the HVAO.
5]] We should get to the restaurant.
6]] ________________
No. 640220 ID: 79940c

You sure it's not getting bad? I'm not sure how happy date I can be be if I'm worried about half of you.
No. 640221 ID: 7b7ab3