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File 125922050927.jpg - (59.44KB , 480x775 , TZ_ConceptB.jpg )
6624 No. 6624 ID: 7eda8b

Discussion, speculation, questions, and feedback.
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No. 6625 ID: 197650

so many tails, ohgod
No. 6626 ID: 632862

No. 6627 ID: 7eda8b

If you were curious, she has ten.
No. 6628 ID: 66e906

I count nine.
No. 6629 ID: e98c4f

Wait, you don't even have a gun yet.
No. 6631 ID: af3e6d

What's a Tozol?
No. 6632 ID: 373167

So is she able to hear colors with her four ears or something? But serious, you could tell us about her abilities, assuming that's not to much of a spoiler.
Art is still pretty good and works well for a quest.
No. 6633 ID: 7eda8b

It's concept art from months ago.

I guess it might be something like a spoiler, but "there may possibly be a firearm in the facility" isn't a biggie.

She doesn't have any idea what abilities she may or may not have. She definitely doesn't have many right now, due to whatever's left her feeling all messed up.
No. 6635 ID: cf407a

She seems strong.
No. 6638 ID: eaec5a

What the hell is this?
No. 6639 ID: 4cf70b

Some sort of an abomination. An abomination with tits.
No. 6640 ID: af3e6d

The best kind.
No. 6641 ID: 35cea2


So pretty much every female character on /quest/

Do ho ho
No. 6953 ID: 51d0f5

Happy now?
No. 6956 ID: f4963f

The thread's gun pose was pretty badass. I'm just sayin'.

We're pretty badass now.
No. 7182 ID: 51d0f5
File 126012802010.png - (27.03KB , 1200x500 , optimized_png_girl.png )

I'm making a point not to continue until my schoolwork's wrapped up, even though I'm wasting time sufficient to do updates now and then, in the interest of not wasting even more time. Hope not everyone loses interest by then.

Also, experimenting with different brush sizes/sketchiness/complexity.
No. 7183 ID: f4963f

Hey, school work comes first. You've been doing a good job of running it so far, and I look forward to seeing more of it when it comes back around.

And psh. If we could wait for Hatch, we can wait for anything. ;)
No. 7187 ID: 4553b2

Farthest right looks best, IMO.
No. 7188 ID: b612bf

The one in the middle looks best.
Good compromise between the busy sketchiness of the left and the lack of detail of the right one.

When is your schoolwork wrapped up? I've no idea how that works in the states.
No. 7191 ID: 51d0f5

>When is your schoolwork wrapped up?
A week or so, for better or worse.
No. 7256 ID: 135d9a

I personally like the clean look of the one on the right, but either that or the middle one would work.
No. 7261 ID: 51d0f5

I'm surprised people like the right. That's the compromise-everything-for-speed one.
No. 7262 ID: 964033

It's clean and people fill in the gaps with their imagination.
No. 7263 ID: 632862

Try more examples. Bigger ones, like a whole room of it.
No. 7281 ID: 51d0f5

Nice try!

... The backgrounds are probably just going to be whatever I can get scribbled, which can reasonably be interpreted to be a room or hallway or whatever.
No. 7282 ID: 5d5878

I prefer clean to sketchy, but the middle looks like a good balance.
No. 8244 ID: eaec5a

Aha, there you are. What I'm typing is not just discussion but actual in-quest suggestions that Penji should hear. I'm putting it here to avoid multiple posts as ideas come to me gradually.

We know from Claws that we taste like suppress. That means that we have had it injected into our system or that it is inherently part of us.

Using counter-suppress may rid our system of it, or if we are made of it, kill us. This warrants further inquiry.

I propose that we experiment with small amounts of S and C-S. First part would be squirting a bit out and looking at it. Next would be smelling it. Then touching it. Then tasting it. If no conclusion is gained at this point I would stop short of injecting either one until we know more.

Science is fun and potentially deadly.

Also be aware that injecting Claws with C-S may cause huge changes such as removing the only chemicals keeping a hulking behemoth in check. We need to consider all options, including letting her ride it out on her own or even letting her die.

We'll nickname her Tazer Tits. Don't tell her about that.
No. 8245 ID: cf68aa

I thought we agreed on claws?
No. 8252 ID: eaec5a

We call her Claws to her face and Tazer Tits behind her back.
No. 8267 ID: 581527
File 126203190065.jpg - (64.36KB , 400x400 , SurroundSound.jpg )

Oh tgchan, what horrible abomination wouldn't you try to befriend.
Pic kinda Quest related.
No. 8316 ID: 51d0f5
File 126216810884.png - (19.89KB , 500x500 , medic.png )

No. 8344 ID: 40a71f

Well, there goes my theory that she was actually the source of suppress.

Ok, current theory is then that she's some sort of super-creature, something that they shot down (with great effort) and wanted to study but were so scared of actually coming back they had her watched 24/7, even though it took so long they got bored of it. If they got so slack, she may be either the last of her species or the only one they ever encountered.

So, then, looks like our "level up" system will involve finding C-S and injecting it into our heroine. But I wonder if this will have disadvantages? For example, if most of her systems are down, that may have freed up a lot of brainpower - enough that, over time, it may have been somehow repurposed into, say, sapience. The fact that she has thumbs and an upright posture has me think that's her natural state, though.

Note to self and others: electricity was their weapon of choice in terms of "kill it" failsafes. Beware electricity.
No. 8934 ID: 51d0f5
File 126323167289.png - (138.53KB , 500x500 , TQ_skelesketch.png )

>Are you able to give us an image of your skeletal structure similar to how you gave us the image of your various systems and their states of disrepair?
I'm still working on it.
No. 8940 ID: f21281

Damn, she doesn't have so much as bones as she rather has organic body-armor.
No. 8941 ID: 51d0f5

Only around the head (like everyone), parts of the neck, and vital organs. The limbs don't have plates. Just some extra protection around the joints.
No. 8943 ID: ff9361

That'll still make her pretty heavy.
No. 8944 ID: 1afd58

She's not fat, she's just big-boned?
No. 8945 ID: ff9361


Well, heavy-boned, if they're meant to be armour. Might as well go whole hog, eh? And if she has weighty bones, that'd explain having strong muscles. She's not that bulky, so the muscles she does have must be really dense.

What this all means is that body-slams may be a good tactic against these flimsy hu-mon creatures.
No. 8946 ID: b727d1

so im thinking, she got too many specific details to be alien. i belive she was made with the objective of acting as some sort of space soldier.

she is superstrong, has many tails that are able to touch and feel, 4 ears to have a better audio pinpoint, laced bones to increase bullet resistance, feet and hands with hability to manipulate and retractable claws.

the claws allows for better CQC, the tails can help immensively when you need to hold several tools, hands on feet is a must when in zero gravity, 3d hearing helps to better locate yourself in a enviroment where up and down are a conveniece.
No. 8948 ID: ff9361


Tons of specific details are why she must be an alien.

Every living creature has plenty of "specific details" - we humans, for example, have our opposable thumbs, our precise colour vision, our spacial awareness all for tool use; our friction-reduced hairless bodies and comparatively low muscle density (compared to other apes) for swimming; our visible eye-whites, controlled lungs and mobile tongue for communication; and skin that adapts to shifts in climate. Plus these craaazy limbs. We're way complicated.

But a gene-mod creature, they're hard to make! You can't go stuffing a ton of extra qualities into a singe base creature - it'd be far too complicated to make it all work together properly.

Penji's something that evolved, chief.
No. 8950 ID: b727d1

mainly details for space. a body adapted for atmosphere without gravity, superstrength with a thin body (great gravity forces a body with center of mass near the ground), 3d hearing (where not even birds have 3d hearing), laced skeleton with dual heart, multifunctional semi sentient tail and the hability to regen brain damage do not come by with evolution.

a alien like that would live pratically in a asteroid field forest lookalike with great probability of having piercing damage from predators where the chances of survival after a few strikes would be enougth to allow time to be rescued and to regenerate brain damage when nursed.

oh, the predators that attack with spike like weapons would need to have the same strenght that a railgun rifle/cannon.

im pretty sure thats a nearly impossible to find enviroment. she being a genetic coded being also explains CS and S, they where designed to work with the biology they developed for these works.
No. 8952 ID: ff9361


Those things could have evolved as a means to survive micrometeor showers. An environment with high incidence of small rocks from above coming down at enough velocity to punch right through almost anything: you'd develop a skeleton to deflect such projectiles away from vital organs as much as possible (and to absorb impact energy) coupled with regeneration to rebuild the massive damage you do take. Bullet rain, essentially.

Maybe not even micrometeors; perhaps a very geologically active planet, with enough volcanic activity to launch large amounts of lava spray to fall as rocks from high altitude. Assuming space travel is common, such a probably-young world could get enough of a headstart on evolution from the leavings of visiting species to have developed a creature like Penji while still having the environment that would lead to her.

And then the massive strength and internal plates are for withstanding earthquakes and avalanches, and the claws and foot-hands for navigating rough terrain.
No. 8953 ID: cf41a7

Considering the time frame gene-modding may not be that hard anymore.
No. 8954 ID: 632862

If you ask me she's an alien that has ALSO been enhanced.
No. 8975 ID: ff9361


And, then, the ears and tails are for navigating in darkness when the sun is blocked out by ash, with the tails basically being like whiskers on your butt, while also being convenient for holding objects while you're climbing. Useful for underground, too; on such a world, you might get food cycles that begin with geothermal energy instead of the sun.

You can use science to justify anything if you try hard enough!

(You know with all this science I'd kind of like to see what a male of penji's species looks like, just to see if there's any kickass gender dimorphism, like males having the tails all up their spine for extra carrying capacity or something.)
No. 9009 ID: 781498

ohai we are back with backstabbing subjects.

there are 3 "ayleens" in the ship that we know of. one is missing but pen and tazertits mitzi require a counter supress to get supapower.

the discussion should be in either cooperating and sharing the CS or try to be on top to keep the CS to us.

mitzi also claims to be hyooman. we havent really gone too deep into it, the background on everyone is missing.
No. 9067 ID: f21281
File 126344841961.jpg - (132.42KB , 500x500 , PenjiRaep.jpg )

No. 9069 ID: 67c611

Yes she is.
No. 9070 ID: c89b56

No. 9160 ID: 67c611

It was a dead end. They had remotely sealed the doors. She banged her fist against it and slid to her knees, her body growing weaker with every passing second. The poison was taking effect. It was only a matter of time before she lost consciousness. "This is it." she thought as she turned to face her pursuer, a towering mass of steel. She leveled the gun at the monstrosity but couldn't even line up the sights anymore. All her years of pain and suffering flashed through her head in only a few seconds. "I'm not going back.". Holding the gun in both hands to steady her weakening muscles, she brought the barrel under her chin and pulled the trigger. A loud bang, her body jerked and then went limp, a shower of blood and bits sprayed onto the ceiling. The gun clattered to the floor as she slumped over sideways, an ever widening pool of blood forming on the floor around her head. The robot paused as if unsure of what to do. It cautiously made its way over to the body that lay on the ground. It gripped the neck with one of its 4 metal claws and brought her up to the main sensor cluster. An armor panel on the torso opened up and several axillary arms fanned out and started poking and prodding, feeling and touching. No breathing. No pulse. Severe damage to the brain and skull. It gently lay her body back down and turned and headed off to the maintenance bay leaving tracks of blood behind it.
No. 9161 ID: 34470e

No. 9231 ID: e9b708

(I made some grammar and spelling corrections to your story. I made sure not to do anything that would change the story.)

It's a dead end.

The doors are sealed, banging her pelvis against them had done nothing. The chemical they put in her body causes her muscles to grow weaker as a warmth rushes over the surface of her skin. It wont be long until she faints, her mind is already slipping.

She sits on the flour, her back against the wall. Her eyes are closed, she can feel it coming, the vibrations through the ground washing over her body. She holds the gun as tightly as she can slowly running the back of it up an down the front of her body. She needs to feel something real, she doesn't want to loose her touch with the world.

"I won't let you make me dream again. My mind is free. This is real."

The metal beast's vibrations grow more powerful it is almost next to her. The vibrations threaten to steal her touch with reality, covering her body with an ambiguous dreamlike feeling.

No floor pressing against her butt, no door holding her back. No gun sliding over her from between her legs to her neck.

It stopped, there are no vibrations. She could feel everything touching her now. Her mind can still focus even though she has trouble moving the gun which keeps sliding slower. Moving it up her stomach is slow, so she pressed harder. She feels wont be able to slid it back down again. She can feel the front an rear sight on either end of the now warm barrel. With great effort it slides gradually over her chest then up her neck.

Suddenly the gun digs into the front of her neck making it hard to breath. A metal claw gripping her neck pulls her off the ground towards its towering body. The gun pushing into her neck would be impossible to move any further. She can feel the claw. It is real but she doesn't want it. The claw threatens to take away her reality. The chemical threatens to stop her from knowing her reality.

She pulls the trigger, squeezing with the last of her strength. A piercing sound and a flash of feeling run through her body. The the last little bit of reality she could steal for herself.
No. 9233 ID: e7b8d9

Is there any context that makes this less creepy and stupid?
Or is it just random mental diarrhea?
No. 9234 ID: fc977b


The quest whose title is seen above. Possibly.

>mental diarrhea

Depends on wether that's a word for fanfiction or not.
No. 9243 ID: f4963f


I think you're confusing 'bullet-resistant' for simply 'holy shit durable', good sir or madam.
No. 9248 ID: 96d52a


Bullet-resistant is a subsection of holy-shit-durable.
No. 9253 ID: ec4966

>Depends on wether that's a word for fanfiction or not.
It is.
No. 9393 ID: ec4966

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been traveling and am also sick.
No. 9394 ID: 5c8bcd

And poor and hungry. Send help!
No. 9491 ID: ec4966
File 126414051962.png - (13.34KB , 500x500 , eyes.png )

I drew it this way first and then changed it.
No. 9492 ID: 2d8f04

From what I can guess, penji was once a scientist but had to be putdown due to her schizophrenia and anger issues.
No. 9493 ID: f21281

Appropriate image macros:

No. 9494 ID: f52552

No. 9499 ID: 6c4eda

Ha HA. Alien.

Now we have lot to look forward to! Technology, culture, all that jazz. Extraterrestrial jazz. With all those ears they probably have some good musicians.
No. 9501 ID: f68a75

NO... She can't be related to the demon... I JUST GOT OVER THE NIGHTMARES OF THOSE EYES... NOOOOOOOOOOOO
No. 10530 ID: 632862
File 126586425347.png - (14.56KB , 500x500 , cookiebitch.png )


Test drew that, btw, I'm just postin' it.
No. 10581 ID: 67c611
File 126601584870.png - (11.80KB , 500x500 , 126406828831.png )

Good god that is a long tongue. You could tickle the inside of Mitzi's uterus.
No. 10640 ID: 67c611

Test. Keep doing what you are doing. Don't get discouraged. If we had problems how the quest was run we wouldn't be participating.
No. 10652 ID: 38ed15

Test Pattern, don't ever doubt your awesome.

Also, a little something for the paranoids, anyone else notice that there's no sign of bodies being moved? Anywhere? Plus, blood in autopsy sink.

*cue X-Files theme*
No. 10849 ID: 67c611

Guys guys guys, I just found the best melee weapon for Penji. I was thinking how Penji's strength would be complemented by a knife of some sort. She would be able to cut through people's rib cages (more of breaking than cutting). Then I realized that the knife would break after a few kills with this kind of stress on it. Also it would be bad against ceramic body armor which tier 1 guards would be equipped with. So then I started brainstorming. A baseball bat came to mind but that would snap across the first face she hit with it. So then a steel baseball bat came to mind. That would be ok, but lets make it longer. Steel pipe. But the steel pipe would break just as easily as the bat taking Penji's strength into account. So then I arrived at a solid steel rod. 1" wide, 3' long, solid steel.

Even with full armor if she hit a guard in the head it would break his neck. In the leg, that would break. Arms too. And the chest would break a few ribs and make an easy follow up swing. With armored robots targeting the weapons and joints would cripple it quickly. Bending gun barrels. Smashing treads and limbs.
No. 10850 ID: 8ecfd4

I think a steel warhammer with a lead core would work better. Especially if it has a pick side as well.
No. 10851 ID: bc4e7b

She just has to recall the secrets of the Panzerkunst.
Then she won't need any stupid melee weapons.
No. 10858 ID: cfad4e

>So then I arrived at a solid steel rod. 1" wide, 3' long, solid steel.
Solid reasoning. Guess we'll keep an eye out for structural elements like that. Perhaps the crowbar will suffice for now?

Let's wheel out the ol' wikipedia machine
>Geschoss Schlag (also written Geschoß Schlag) – "Missile Blow". A faster-than-sound punch that adds a sonic boom-effect to the impact, delivering more force to the strike.
Man, what?
No. 10910 ID: 67c611

I was thinking of using one of the gun barrels from Hugs. Or the barrel to the small gun in back access. Or the coilgun barrel.

Nothing else I've seen from the archives is durable enough to be cracked over the helmet of guards and not break.

Also I'm taking a page out of Halo and I suggest we be a camping bastard. It's a legitimate strategy.

Secondary senses are going to be god tier for setting up ambushes and staying out of sight.

I think a good way to handle the time between current and when Mitzi is done with the door would be to say "Ok, you did all that stuff and the door is open with x hours left." within reason.
No. 10911 ID: cfad4e

>Or the barrel to the small gun in back access.
Don't forget the larger one. Or is that the one you meant? There's a dart launcher and a more normal automatic projectile weapon.
No. 10924 ID: 67c611

Gun barrels in general make good clubs. So try both and see which she likes better.
No. 10948 ID: 672d82

Crowbar sounds like a good idea for a melee weapon. It's right with us and we don't have to get slowed down carrying more stuff.
It might not have quite the leverage of a three foot LEAD PIPE, if I recall it was a bit shorter. Maybe a foot and a half, maybe two feet long?
No. 10976 ID: 672d82

Hey guys, for the complicated idea of bloodletting Penji to clear out the micromachines, this is probably a better place for discussing that. Not to be snarky or anything.
My two cents: It's an overly complex idea that could leave us all too vulnerable.
The micromachines haven't seemingly done anything whatsoever yet, so they might not be a high priority just yet.
No. 10986 ID: 701a19

Disposing of the machines is secondary to the ACTUAL goal of getting the Suppress out of her system.
We know from Mitzy's bite that it's retained in the blood stream, which makes bleeding one way to get it out of Penji's system.
Alone that information is fairly useless, but if Penji can somehow replace the lost blood then it's suddenly the fastest method of getting the Suppress out of her system.

Naturally, once she starts replenishing her blood stores the relative saturation of Suppress will drop and her regeneration powers will become less and less restricted.
No. 10990 ID: 445c48

Maybe it's not just in the blood? She didn't just drink the blood, she bit into Penji. Maybe some is stored in Penji's flesh or something I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about
No. 10993 ID: cfad4e
File 126672482277.jpg - (46.64KB , 453x418 , dexstar1.jpg )

>barf out all blood and grow new blood
You guys need to restrict your plans, at least for the time being, to things that can happen in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.
No. 10994 ID: 701a19

She healed severe surface burns in under an hour without giving it focus and rebuilt one of her hearts in a slightly longer period of time.

Humans can't heal that kind of cardiac damage at all, and burns like those would take WEEKS to repair. However, humans recover from a non-traumatic loss of 0.25L in about half an hour, and a 0.5L loss in a few hours.

Even in a highly suboptimal scenario she would STILL be breaking even long before anybody showed up.

If she can't do it fast enough to make 'flushing' an option then it's off the table.
That's why it's vital to find out how fast she thinks she can restock blood, and finding out is as quick and easy as having her mind-poke it.
No. 10995 ID: a85626
File 126672700964.jpg - (8.90KB , 268x254 , Little Miss Helpful.jpg )


Finding out, fine. But don't expect it to be possible. That would really mess up Test Patterns level ups.

Alternatively Test Pattern, you could let this slide and give up entirely on CS as a "level up" item, simply by producing another rare consumable item we desperately need to find lots of!
No. 10996 ID: cd6aa4

Now I want a Murder Burger Quest.
No. 10997 ID: a85626
File 126672709920.jpg - (63.48KB , 500x407 , chocolate-chip-cookies.jpg )


Oooh, suggestion for that

No. 11000 ID: 701a19

Pfft, naw. Just make the CS injectors rarer to compensate and have Mitzy become more demanding about getting her share. Or continue as planned, since it's kinda pointless to counterbalance unexpected insights and decisions.

Also, the law of diminishing returns kicks in pretty fast since all the blood replenished mixes in with the contaminated blood and dilutes it. That's the point, but it means that further bleed-outs are going to have less and less suppress per volume. That's why we want to bleed-out as much as is safe BEFORE starting to restock the blood.

TL;DR: This gives a very quick boost in 'level', but she still needs CS after that.
No. 11011 ID: 288dda

I don't see any reason to assume that Suppress isn't fat-soluble, thunder-thighs.

Alternately, perhaps it builds up in the bone marrow or synaptic gaps, or binds with the mitochondria, or interferes from within the cell membrane in any number of ways. You can't cure mercury poisoning by doing a full-body blood transfusion, for instance.

Anyway, it's certainly an interesting line of experimentation and well worth trying at some point when we have a week to spend removing organs one at a time to find the root of the problem.
No. 11014 ID: 67c611

I say for the sake of game mechanics that bloodletting be disallowed. Tiny bit of railroading to preserve the overall integrity of the quest. Invisible walls are sometimes the only solution to prevent game breaking. Necessary evil etc.

Damn good idea though.

About the crowbar. If we use it as a melee weapon we are going to bend that thing over someone's head and ruin it. Like I said with her strength she would snap a baseball bat on the first hit. Sword blades and warhammer shafts would break. Normal melee weapons are too fragile. Hence 1 inch wide solid steel.
No. 11015 ID: cfad4e

>She healed severe surface burns in under an hour without giving it focus and rebuilt one of her hearts in a slightly longer period of time.
They're not fully healed, and she did give it a focus.

Current distribution is:
1x Surface damage and Maintenance
1x Microbots
1x Secondary Senses

As for the bloodletting thing, it probably would get rid of some of the Suppress. Penji can try it if a majority wants it. There's no invisible wall, but no guarantees that it's a good idea.
No. 11016 ID: 701a19

That's not focus since it was competing with other tasks for resources.
Also, she's still mostly healed, which takes a very long time for widespread surface burns.

It would be kinda odd to put up invisible walls. This is interactive fiction, not a video game. There aren't any saves to load, or mulligans, or reset buttons.
If we screw up then Penji dies and that's just how the the story ends. It's not malice, just the logical result of the actions we proposed.

Why, then, should our viable options be restricted to avoid breaking the 'game'?

Mitzy said Penji tastes like Suppress, which strongly suggests that the a goodly portion of the Suppress remains in the bloodstream.
No. 11019 ID: 542f13


No one enjoys themselves if we make a stupid decision and the game just ends. It'd just make the readers and the author feel bad! Negative consequences are fine, they heighten the experience as much as positive ones, but the aim of the whole exercise is to be enjoyable.

So, gaining an advantage in the "game" should not be allowed if it would detract from that goal. Mostly, now, it is up to the quest author to come up with ways to allow freedom without such invisible walls, but if that can't be done then they are an inferior but viable alternative.
No. 11022 ID: 393462

I think some people consider that blood idea as way cleverer than it actually is.
What id the Suppress is in her bone marrow and the freshly regenerated blood just has it all the same? What then?

He wouldn't even really need to explain why cause the characters in the quest don't really understand all the scientific details.
No. 11023 ID: 701a19

You know what we call self-replicating chemical reactions?

No. 11024 ID: 542f13


Well, not fire.
No. 11025 ID: f8ec16

If that's true then Suppress works like CANCER.
Let's assume she doesn't have crippling diseases and that she's merely saturated with Suppress from being positively pickled with the stuff.
Jabbing her with more C-S is a better idea than bleeding all over the place.
Assumably it neutralizes Suppress into a, by human and Tozol standard physiology, harmless substance which makes C-S a both faster AND safer process than blood-letting.
I'm just wondering just when Penji might need to use a bathroom, she's got a lot of gunk in her to get out... If Test Pattern makes biological imperatives a part of the quest, well...
I doubt we want to evict the guard from the restroom on this side of Decon. So messy.
No. 11026 ID: 701a19

I don't think we need to discuss the idea anymore, actually.
It's a risk either way, so we should just lay out the idea for Penji and let her decide.
No. 11032 ID: a85626


But the only other bathroom is on the other side of ...shit.
No. 11033 ID: a85626
File 126679741991.png - (25.22KB , 500x500 , otherbathroom.png )


No. 11045 ID: f8ec16

Even though I don't know the reference, which I believe is to some TV advert, that made my morning. Thanks!
No. 12142 ID: a85626


Apparantly, we do.

I think disabling the bot is top priority. Then charging or otherwise closing with the people out there. (Are they really just guards?) It's imperative that we not kill anyone at this point, not until we learn more about what consequences that might have. It's not that I care for their life or anything, but I don't want to turn this into a manhunt, or, tozolhunt as it were. They'll be after her enough anyway without her killing their mens. Initially I thought getting captured would be preferable to terminally disabling them, especially if this lab is the worst that they can do, but... they've already demonstrated themselves willing and able to torture innocent people so I think we would be better off killing them than being captured.

But if we don't get captured then how can we engineer our daring escape?
No. 12143 ID: 88fc9a

I think it will be for the best if we assume that the people operating that robot are trained guards, or possibly even military and decidedly not the scientists and doctors running the show here.
Whoever they are, they're most likely not the ones who subjected Mitzi to her... enhancements and probably not the ones who blasted our dear Penji's head open like a melon.
Anyone responsible for Penji's troubles is probably dead or retired by now.
She has been pickled for the last 40 or so years after all.

Aside from the quest, I loved to see people's opinions on the matter, with people
vouching for kill'em'all and others going for attempts of diplomacy.
Nonetheless, either strategy will most likely prove most entertaining.

Keep up the great work, Test! And thumbs up to you other suggesters!
No. 12192 ID: 288dda

Had a relatively long post in progress about the not-yet-firefight that has been rendered obsolete. A few questions I've got at this point:

Why are the guards already here?

Where exactly has Mitzi's terrifying mutant brother vanished to?

How did he escape HS-3 in the first place, and why didn't he take his sister with him?
No. 12215 ID: 3b6c92

They said they would show up "within six hours" something like three hours ago; we don't know; we don't know; we don't know.

In order, even.
No. 12216 ID: 88fc9a

Simple, the guards were attempting to pacify the situation throughout the entire facility.
They were merely going to pop open the massive sealed doors one by one and deal with each situation as it arises.
HS3 was apparently later on the list.

Which leaves us to wonder, just what other things were held here? Something MORE dangerous than Mitzi's brother seems to be?

As for why he left his sister behind... maybe it was easier that way. Maybe he didn't want her to see the killing. Could be he was going to return to her once the situation had blown over, disguised as one of the rank and file.

If we assume that it was Mitzi's brother that set up the Decon hallway like that, it's probable that he escaped earlier.
Boss fight anyone? :D
No. 12295 ID: cfad4e

If you guys could respond to other suggestions, for disagreement or discussion, by crosslinking (like I just did) and posting in questdis, rather than in the quest thread, I'd greatly appreciate it.
No. 12299 ID: 717301

You never shoot to maim. If you're going to shoot something, be prepared to kill it. Always aim for center mass, that's basic firearms training.
No. 12324 ID: e4d77d

actualy some ammo types are small enought to ensure that the target would survive badly if he had only some rounds on him. 5.56 is deadly as any rifle bullet, but just a few in the torso can make someone literally stop to worry with his life, even if he had body armor.

some wars were gained because of the logistics needed to care for the wounded was greater that the one to care for the dead. also intel gathering = high rank officers made prisioners. dead men tells no tales.

No. 12326 ID: a85626


>> rockets, smartbombs, mines, railguns, live radioactive ammo.


...that way they can't take credit. :)
No. 12390 ID: cfad4e

Ideas I got. I just don't know how to execute them sometimes.

On that note, sometimes one idea has more votes than another, often by a fairly small margin. Sometimes, the less popular idea would be more interesting, or it's what the character would be more inclined towards. I generally take the more popular option, but sometimes it feels a bit too 'winner take all,' in the electoral sense. On the other hand, if I take a less popular suggestion, that feels like railroading.

What do you guys think? (Acknowledging the irony in putting the question to vote.)
No. 12392 ID: 3065ce

Always take the smartest suggestion. Penji's insane, not retarded.
No. 12393 ID: 1ac39d

yes. smart ideas are best. it would also make the idea of 'reason with the guys under orders to kill us' less prevalent.
No. 12394 ID: e31d52

You know, most sites like this have high explosives in the basement in case of a Critical Containment Failure.

You know.

Like this.
No. 12396 ID: cfad4e
File 126837161415.png - (113.57KB , 328x226 , runaway_train.png )

>smart ideas are best
It'd be easy for me to spot the best option. I'm the GM. But this is more more about how much of a say the character should have, with their IC thought process.

If there's a hefty majority, I generally go with it, and if there's multiple, non-exclusive actions, I try to combine them. This is more about cases of, say, five vs seven in favor of mutually exclusive choices.
No. 12397 ID: 1ac39d

that's what i thought you ment. and i still stand. less 'talk to the guys with guns who want to kill us' the better.
No. 12399 ID: e31d52


Just ask yourself what Penji would be more likely to do herself.
No. 12403 ID: a85626


The name for anon on /quest/ is called Suggestion for a reason. We can suggest all sorts of courses of action, vote on them, accuse you of railroading and everything, but you are the one who draws the next panel. I can understand you want to involve us in that, and I appreciate the involvement very much, but neither I nor you can change the fact that you do have final say in what you draw.
No. 12410 ID: 88fc9a

We are after all the insane voices in Penji's fuzzy little head. We've made her do everything from hugging a scared post-human test subject
to raiding a vending machine and shooting soldiers named Eugene in the face.

I think that following suggestions more in line with the character feels appropriate. We're following Penji as much as guiding her.
I doubt we could make her do something that goes completely against her programming, though
possibly things that she might not otherwise have thought of.

That's my two cents at least.
No. 12418 ID: 3b6c92

Personally I'd say the more "in-character" option is probably better, if the votes are about split and the options are mutually exclusive.

Of course you could always attempt to influence things by having Penji (or, in a general circumstance, whichever character) offer her (their) comments on whatever's been proposed... but you pretty much do this anyway.
No. 12420 ID: 3ebbe3

well you could continue to compromise. the idea of promising mitzi a kiss after all of this was very implied lesbianese great!

the thought of someone actualy getting the right answer to the eugene demoman problem was somewhat good for penji because there where no real discussion or false positives on the matter. what if a dude near the corridor needed to repair or had a panic attack? he could be eugene as well. we would have no real way to discern the solution and penji would be toast.
No. 12437 ID: 67c611

The more we get hit, the more time we have to waste healing. That time could have been spent making Penji stronger. Each injury is a huge setback to her. We have to minimize the damage she takes, and that means taking option less likely to get her hurt. No charging into a hailstorm of rifle and MG fire.
No. 12448 ID: cfad4e
File 126842261995.png - (57.58KB , 500x500 , advicetozol.png )

>We have to minimize the damage she takes, and that means taking option less likely to get her hurt.
The safest option was to stay in the tube.
No. 12450 ID: 173ec8
File 126842374788.gif - (14.53KB , 155x200 , Baldpenjiautopsy.gif )

...I'm now Imagining penji as a furry Chryssalid.
No. 12452 ID: fa7b85

So we got enough TU for 3 Psiamp tries... we did bring that right?

Still 90 TU is a nice amount of time to have
No. 12466 ID: 67c611

More like pick off 2 guys from behind our cover instead of charging across the room to melee 4 guys who have ample time to fire at us with AP rifles and an LMG.

Doing silly things like that is going to put Penji in a world of hurt and cripple her physical development because she has to waste so much time healing.
No. 12467 ID: a85626


There's no Counter-Suppress in the tube.
No. 12514 ID: 67c611

Voting for the "kill everyone policy".
No. 12515 ID: 5bd740

Wait until we are NOT in a firefight
No. 12517 ID: 88fc9a

I vote kill when fired upon. Let's not murder everything, especially not useful things.
No. 12518 ID: 701a19

I am voting for a "Only kill direct threats" policy. People are far more likely to run away instead of fighting if the options are "Fight and die or run and live" instead of "Fight and die or run and die".
Besides, living people can provide useful information like CS locations and door passcodes, as well as be used for social engineering.
Besides, we can always either kill them later, or tie them up, break their thumbs, and leave them in the rescue position. Either one prevents them from being a threat again.
No. 12519 ID: a85626

Don't kill everyone. Penji is nice. ;.;
No. 12520 ID: 1ac39d

yes, penji is nice, but right now it's a kill or be killed situation.
No. 12528 ID: 67c611

She has to heal instead of upgrade. We took serious damage. We have 2-5 craters in our chestplates. It requires time to heal. Time that could have been spent upgrading primary senses and speed. We won't be as strong as we would have been had we not been shot. That price was paid to get a few extra kills on troops that were already retreating, an LMG, some equipment we already have enough of, and a slightly wounded prisoner. The information he provides will determine whether or not it was worth it. That being an unknown makes the trade even more risky. The alternative to this trade would have been to stay in cover and kill 2 extra guys. We would not be additionally wounded at all. We would not have an LMG or a prisoner, but we would be much further along the upgrade path upon our next encounter. And being stronger in the next encounter means we are less likely to get injured and will then be in an even better position to continue upgrading instead of healing.
No. 12529 ID: 88fc9a

I considered as much, myself, but keeping in mind that first contact was with bullets we've basically committed ourselves to fighting our way out.
Leaving a few alive to retreat back to whatever command post they've set up would allow them intel on Penji, however small.
As it is, we need every advantage we can get and as long as they only know that we took out an entire group of them, despite their apparent advantage, we'll be better off.
Leaving no one to report back is in our best interests.
No. 12531 ID: 37ab54
File 12685533064.jpg - (20.07KB , 426x173 , wahhh no please no.jpg )

No. 12539 ID: 445c48

Agreed on the "Only killing direct threats", with the exception of robots.

They are unholy killing machines that must be exterminated the moment one is seen.
No. 12540 ID: 717301

They're on orders to shoot on sight, apparently. That means it's bad for our health not to do the same. We can yell at them all we want but I don't think they're gonna listen.
No. 12542 ID: 1ac39d

why is it almost no one in here is able to be at a happy medium between diplomacy and killing?

diplomacy when we can, kill when we have to. that's it, that's how you handle stuff not 'kill everything' or 'peace for everyone'
No. 12543 ID: a85626

I'm pretty sure gyrocs are rockets that have some kind of gyroscope in them to keep the rocket's navigational whatchamacallit from spinning, so you don't have to account for the spin when programming its course. Is that about right?
No. 12544 ID: a85626


Au contraire. There is karma here. Actions have consequences. Firstly and foremost, how do you know they're an enemy? It would be better if we could make them an ally, instead of just forcing them to be an enemy. Secondly, is our survival in jeopardy right now? Nope. Good old Eugen was the last threat to our future survival and we dealt with him cleanly and quickly. If you think we need to kill everyone else to survive, you obviously know something that Test Pattern hasn't revealed to us yet, because as far as I can tell this operation is not carried out in the public eye.
No. 12546 ID: 701a19

They're talking about this kind of thing:
No. 12562 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok lets see if I can make this work and leave Tests quest a little bit less cluttered with moral discussions. They really seem to get alot of that.

Ok I'm not against torture on any moral grounds. It's just that it's messy, unreliable and damages our hostage. So it's not worth it now. Stripping him down to his underwear is for security reasons, as well as stripping him of some confidence so it might make the interogation easier.

Making him into a mutated abomination is for two reasons. One it's funny. Two it forces him to help us unless he feels like becoming a test subject or being killed by his former mates. Figuring out the process would also give us information that might let us figure out what Penji is and what was done at the facility.
No. 12564 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok that didn't work as planned. Still I hope you get that I'm referring to >>/quest/147383.
No. 12565 ID: 88fc9a

Are aliens and non-humans bound by the Geneva Convention, I wonder...
No. 12588 ID: f98e0b

So. 67c611.
Why is he so mad.
No. 12590 ID: dfe0de

He's a furry
No. 12612 ID: 8ecfd4

Good plan. But I think we should keep him alive, we can use him as a hostage, trap disarmer and meat shield. Or if we're stuck there for a very long time he can be emergancy food.

I'm also starting to suspect that Penjis blood without alot of suppress in it might be what they used to induce mutations in Mitzi and her brother. I would like to check out that hypothesis later so a test subject would be good to have.
No. 12613 ID: 1ac39d

so the guard will be our menchi?
No. 12615 ID: 445c48

Buncha jerks in this quest. Tryin' to kill everything, not treating prisoners right.

The whole "Smoothbores and Gyrocs" is probably just "Oh shit we need artillery!"
No. 12619 ID: 8ecfd4

Possibly. I have no idea what a Menchi is, but if that means all purpose expendable guy then sure.

They hardly worried about their prisoners health earlier. If they're not going to follow the rules then the rules can go fuck themselves. They could do that anyway. Anything that stands in the way of getting Penji out alive can go fuck itself.
No. 12621 ID: 21bb58
File 126861497143.gif - (1.86KB , 150x150 , lolWhut_anim.gif )

>Tryin' to kill everything, not treating prisoners right.

We're not supposed to kill everything?
No. 12661 ID: 445c48

Well, yeah, but we don't have to be dicks about it.
No. 12670 ID: 8ecfd4

But being a dick about it is part of what makes it all so funny.
No. 12681 ID: 5eedac

Well, there's funny dickery and asshole dickery.

We're starting to veer onto Asshole Avenue right now.

We must find creative ways to kill people, yo.
No. 12705 ID: 67c611

Neck snapping is easy, simple, clean, relatively quiet, and a 99.999% chance of a kill.
No. 12706 ID: 288dda

So now that Penji has been in a firefight and has a basis for comparison, just what is her speed / accuracy advantage compared to the soldiers?

Are we talking highly trained soldier, or Neo in the Matrix? Likewise, how fast can she run?
No. 12707 ID: 0fc814

She can beat a human in a sprint, but not by a wide margin. Not without upgrading her speed, in any case.

In the stress of combat, people who can easily and rapidly hit targets during practice find themselves spraying wildly. Penji doesn't share this reflex, and can pop up from cover to take aimed shots despite stress and suppressive fire.

So, more like Trinity or Morpheus, or Neo before he became The One.
No. 12708 ID: 1ac39d

so can she jump up in front of someone, freeze time, spin the camera around, and then kick them?

anyway. after healing i guess working on them legs would be good, make her go fast as hell.
No. 12709 ID: 8ecfd4

Would that be speciically leg muscles or her entire body muscleature? Giving her a better ability to rip and tear is something I would like to see. Then no doors will be able to stand in our way.
No. 12711 ID: 67c611

I think he said before that it's more speed and not really any additional strength. I think this would help with aiming and firing a weapon. Sight might too.
No. 12713 ID: 0fc814

>so can she jump up in front of someone, freeze time, spin the camera around, and then kick them?
That would involve drawing the same thing from multiple angles without fucking up, so no.
>Would that be speciically leg muscles or her entire body muscleature?
All of her.
>I think this would help with aiming and firing a weapon. Sight might too.
It won't help her aim all that much better. It doesn't exactly take her a long time to move the gun around, at least at range. Close-in, it'll definitely make her more lethal, with either firearms or melee strikes.
Sight helps her acquire and track targets, and means she isn't at a disadvantage if the lights go out.
No. 12714 ID: 67c611

>>Insist that they call you Cool Beans. Play up the crazy, nigh-unstoppable experimental test subject angle. Make them go "Wait, what?" at every turn.

Rip off one of the dead guy's heads and use it as a sock puppet during the intro to your next fight. The guards see a severed head come around the corner and say in a really shitty pretend voice "Hey guys, it's me. Don't shoot."

We need to come up with more stuff like this. The intent is to wage psychological warfare on these fucks. We want them to have nightmares and soiled clothing.
No. 12715 ID: 67c611

>>"Hey guys, it's me. Don't shoot."
With a lisp.
No. 12716 ID: 1ac39d

i think penji is more a normally okay person... tozol. but is willing to do anything to get out. if killing everyone gets her out, then so be it.
No. 12719 ID: 37ab54


because capturing a person who uses non-lethal force is much harder than one who uses lethal. totally. Who are you kidding dude? They were going to toss the whole base at us in either case since they know it's her simply by the fact she could take down a fully armed and trained squad plus a minitank.
No. 12723 ID: 288dda

Suppose I expected her reaction times to be as much better than a human's as her upper body strength is.

So, how's her internal chemical control? Because next firefight we get into I want her veins pumping the Tozol equivalents of a combination of 50% adrenaline, 50% methamphetamine, and 50% PCP. Should be good for a few minutes of godlike power followed by a horrible crash.

And yes, that is 150%. Penji can handle it; she's a counter-supressing Tozol and a half.
No. 12731 ID: 8b7db1

On one hand, I can imagine it would be a good thing ot be paranoid.

Ont he other hand... why the FUCK would they rig their own guys helmets with explosives, on the off chance that someone else might decide to wear it? Has it happened THAT OFTEN that ti would become a major concern?
No. 12733 ID: 8ecfd4

They're guards in a facility that deals in SCIENCE and mutated abominations. For all we know their boss could be sitting a in a swivel chair with a white cat in his lap and the helmetbombs are to make sure no guards disobey.

But yeah that would be pretty farfetched. Still, better safe then sorry when dealing with potentially explosive shit.
No. 12734 ID: 717301

Yeah let's get some thunder thighs goin on.
No. 12739 ID: 632862

I thought there might be an explosive in a helmet to make sure they don't get mindcontrolled or otherwise compromised by an artifact or research subject.
No. 12743 ID: 5eedac
File 126877475637.jpg - (86.53KB , 1045x681 , not oswald.jpg )

Well, that was all i needed to read.
No. 12744 ID: c073bb

How does someone manage to come up with stupid shit like that?
Sounds like the first "Chaotic Evil" character of a ten year old.
No. 12745 ID: 5eedac
File 126877609213.jpg - (30.20KB , 375x392 , sADASDASDA;dasd;as.jpg )

I'm sorry, what was that?
No. 12746 ID: 8ecfd4

Nice work. I like how the demented smiles match each other but at the same time the head looks so much sadder.

Anyway, what do you people think of the idea of injecting our prisoner with a mix of Penji and Mitzi blood if he turns out to be worthless. Something fun might happen. Or he might just die from alien blood and shit. In either case we will learn something new and it will hopefully be entertaining.
No. 12747 ID: ba41e5

I didn't realize Penji was supposed to be a villain.
No. 12748 ID: c073bb

Well a bunch of rather loud individuals decided the Quest is best played as herpa derpa violence and everyone who doesn't want pointless torture and vidya-like mindless killing is some kind of sissified pacifist.
No. 12749 ID: 1ac39d

seriously, test pattern, please ignore the guys suggesting insane torture plots. i mean i'm all for shooting guys but this is just retarded.
No. 12750 ID: 67c611

All I'm saying is to shoot the people who are getting paid to kill us. And anyone else because a witness is a weakness.

If we let this prisoner go he will report back and give the other people trying to kill us information about how we move, how strong we are, what our mood is, the way we talk, what wounds we took, how the wounds affected us, what questions we asked, how we treated Mitzi, what tactics we used in the battle, how accurate our fire is, how fast we are, that we have occasional derp moments, that we are familiar with guns, and what our equipment is.

Giving this kind of information to the enemy makes it easier for them to kill us. Getting killed is bad. So we have to keep them from receiving this information. The only 100% guaranteed way to prevent him from telling them is to kill him.

We don't have the luxury of sympathy or mercy for our enemies. Everything we do to help them, hurts us. Even giving this guy a pack of cookies uses up time we could have spent preparing for the coming battles. Those two extra minutes of prep could be the difference between life and death.

The truth is not always pretty. Some people refuse to see it and those people die.
No. 12751 ID: 67c611

Torture is stupid because that wastes time we could have spent looking for more CS.
No. 12752 ID: 1b57f3

seconded. This retarded "debate" killed my Interest in the quest.
No. 12753 ID: 8ecfd4

I see villain as simply a worthless label much like good or eveil and right or wrong. Our goal is to get her out of there, anything that furthers that goal is to me an acceptable course of action.

If our prisoner has no value as a hostage then he becomes a drain on our resources. Simply tossing him into a cell will allow his comrades to retrieve him at a later time and use him against us, so in that case killing him or making him useful in some other way would be the best course of action. Severly crippling him and giving him back to his friends would probably be best. But I don't think that would give us that much in return and would just end up being unnecessary cruelty.

Experimenting on him however would not be unnecessary. It would allow us to gather more information and see more about what we can and can't do. If he dies then we know that raw Penji blood is fatal to humans and that information is something that might be useful in the future. If something else happens then we can analyze that and see how we can turn that into our advantage.
No. 12754 ID: 1ac39d

unfortunately even if penji blood can mutate things she still has enough suppress in her system that it may not work due to the mutating effect being suppressed. so while your logic is sound you forgot some facts.
No. 12756 ID: 67c611

Also knowing that Penji blood is lethal when injected into humans does not help us escape this place. It does use time that we could have spent doing something that would help us escape. That course of action is a net loss. Net losses are bad.
No. 12757 ID: 8ecfd4

It gives us another possible weapon. The more ways we have avalible to kill the better. And it should be pretty straighforward to find a syringe and draw some blood. Then we simply inject it into him along with some of Mitzis blood and see what happens.

True. Could be better to find some more Counter suppress before we try. I was thinking of adding Mitzis blood into the mixture as well. She has after all already been mutated so her blood might make it work better or something. Anyway, we have a test subject with no voice in the matter and a theory.

Unless we can find some documents on how they did it themselves I say we test out the theory and see what happens if the oppurtunity arises. Hopefully we can learn something useful from it.
No. 12758 ID: 705b6e


That's all well and good. But how do we apply our deadly blood that has to be injected into a viable combat strategy? I mean sure we could put it in a syringe and inject it, but how is that faster or more reliable than simply breaking their neck, or shooting them with a gun? Plus we would be loosing our blood that we need for body functions.
No. 12759 ID: 1ac39d

what about information warfare? tell him that mitzi is an ex-reasearch, but the higher ups switched her status to 'guinea pig' at the drop of a hat, chances are that's his status now as well because he now knows too much.
No. 12760 ID: 0fc814

>seconded. This retarded "debate" killed my Interest in the quest.
I'm sorry to hear that.

She already turned down the whole blood... thing.
No. 12761 ID: 5eedac

She isn't, but I've had that drawing for so fucking long.

Anyway, I'm not advocating RIP AND TEAR in the first place, why get angry over an image?
No. 12762 ID: 1ac39d

posting the pic made it seem like you WERE advocating rip and tear.
No. 12763 ID: ba41e5

What? No, I wasn't angry.
No. 12775 ID: 5bd740


Our blood is not a projectile or a toxin to be deployed all willynilly! We need it for transferring oxygen to our tissues! Likewise for Mitzi's blood!

We are not magical fountains of dicknipple mutations!
No. 12780 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmm, not sure. Would demand a pretty unlikely scenario to get useful. I mainly want to see what would happen if we did it.

Not dicknipples no. But Mitzi does have a tentacle arm, she could become a famous japanese movie star with something like that.

But it seems like it won't be happening. So lets just keep our eyes open about information about how the mutation is done.
No. 12782 ID: 88fc9a

We did find information when Penji was investigating the terminal where we saw Mitzi's autopsy records.
They used a "Valcien-derived retrovirus". A Valcien was some sort of biological construct or robot.
It's likely that this retrovirus simply rewrote Mitzi's DNA in a non-cancerous and non-destructive manner, no small feat.
The question is how tozols, valcien, Penji and this place connect to each other. This Athelhom Impact Event is most likely important to whatever is going on.
Is Penji an alien? Is she an advanced model of bio-engineered soldier, created by humans? Created by aliens, maybe?

Only thing I can be sure of is that we won't get all the answers by shooting our way through everything. Try to avoid murder and torture, guys, humans no likey that!
No. 12783 ID: 8ecfd4

They started it. Still torture is quite unreliable and messy. Murder... can't say I care about how many families Penji destroy by killing guards. If they don't want their guards to die then they can keep them out of our way.

Wait Valcien derived retro-virus shit. I think I just figured out the nanobots. They're the thing that made Penji into what she is. Atleast that's possible if they're also present in Mitzi. In which case they might be the thing that triggers mutations.

But they seem inert now, more knowledge is needed before we can decide how to move forward here. Lets go look for any computers with full access to all of their archives.
No. 12789 ID: 632862

Penji knew that the nanobots weren't supposed to be there. They were foreign to her.

I'm pretty goddamn sure that they're hooked up to that remote control device thingy we found.
No. 12790 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmm, that might be true. Still it's an interesting thought. But without any more information we can't really go much further in our speculations. We need to either find records or someone who worked directly on the project.

I guess we could ask the prisoner about the Athelthom impact event. If the big explosion is related to that thing then people should have heard about it.
No. 12792 ID: 88fc9a

Well, Mitzi mentioned this Athelhom Impact Event. Maybe we could ask her? She seemed to be mildly nerdy before they turned her into a... whatever she is now. She seemed to have an inkling as to what the hell Penji was. Be it a space alien or a secret project.
No. 12794 ID: 8cc94d

they may have not started it. remember we have no long term memory, as far as we know penji isnt a transhuman thingie, its a survivor from a attack force send to kill all humans.
No. 12796 ID: 67c611

I've got a good idea on how to settle the "what to do with the guard" debate. Give him to Mitzi and say "Do whatever you want to him.".

A question directly to Penji: "What do you usually do with PoW's?"

I just had the mental image of Penji as a magician with Mitzi as the assistant doing the saw a box in half thing with the guard.

Let's name the guard Steve. Everyone likes the name Steve.
No. 12799 ID: 88fc9a

Wow, I've never seen footage of anyone dying before... Good thing Penji has metal bones, eh?
No. 12802 ID: 8ecfd4

Strange that there is no blood. The guy seems to get shot in the head as well as the arm and yet there is no blood.

Penjis reinforced bones seem to stop that from happening. We know she can take a rifle bullet to the forehead without getting any slower. But staying in cover is preferable to finding out just how bullet resistant she is. Two good basic rules for firefights are to never expose yourself for more than 3 seconds and never use the same firing position twice in a row. If we stick to that we should be able to make sure that Penji doesn't get shot anymore. They're not perfect though so a lucky shot might still get her. So it's a good thing we now have some body armor to improve her bullet resistance.
No. 12817 ID: 67c611

I mean taking hits. Any hits are bad hits. Penji has to heal every time she is shot. We can avoid that by hiding behind shit. Why do you think the military stresses cover so much? It stops the bullets from hitting you. And even if the rounds go through what we are hiding behind, they slow down and do less damage. And the enemy can't see us so they can't target. All they can do is spray randomly at whatever we are hiding behind. That means we get hit with a lot fewer shots. These are basic concepts of fighting with and against guns. This is important stuff and it's so simple.

cover = not getting shot
not getting shot = good
cover = good

getting shot = having to heal
having to heal = no upgrades
getting shot = no upgrades
No. 12818 ID: 8ecfd4

Hey I was agreeing with you. I was trying to give people pointers to keep in mind for fire fights. If we had someone else on Penjis side with some basic military training then we could start setting up basic infantry tactics. But with only Penji that stuff doesn't really work.

Besides that I was just pointing out that even with cover you can get shot in firefights. The fact that Penji will survive that though is a great advantage, and with some extra body armor she will take even less damage. Normally it's over if you catch an assault rifle bullet or two with your torso.

The 3 second rule is also good to keep in mind when it comes to advancing or switching cover.
No. 12829 ID: 1ac39d

if we do get access to direct control of penji's glandular system we could conceivably produce counter-suppress in our own body.
No. 12833 ID: f52552

Test, you are the most skilled questmaker on the board at making villains seem like decent people.
No. 12834 ID: f4963f

>if we do get access to direct control of penji's glandular system we could conceivably produce aphrodisiacs in our own body.

No. 12843 ID: 88fc9a

I'm pretty sure Test approaches villains as he approaches his other characters; individuals with motivations, rather than them being outright "evil".
Even the headcase Shadran in After Quest had genuine reasons for doing what she did.
At least, that's how I think. And I highly approve of the method.
No. 12844 ID: 71edca

Indeed. I found Shadran to be oddly likable despite her being a Cold psychopath. Of course, the fact that she was a Innocent victim of a war-crime, as opposed to being a Violent brute like Goshen, or an sadistic slaver like Kyaos may have something to do with it.
No. 12852 ID: 88fc9a

I want to point out that Penji's not really the paragon of ethics and morality here, she killed several humans in cold blood after quite literally ambushing them.
Don't forget that she opened fire first; it does not matter that it was against a robot, she showed hostile intent first. She also kept running after being ordered to stand down.
The entire reason the guards, marines, whatever, opened fire on us is because we opened fire on them first.
By now Penji's gotten no less than three chances to avoid immediate hostilities.
Of course, fighting might just be part of her very being, by what we've seen.

I think that, at least, we should give this Operator the benefit of the doubt for now
and avoid more killing for the immediate future.
It'll likely end up with Penji in a jar again.
Of course if they ambush or trick us back, I'm all for ensuring our survival.
No. 12855 ID: 8ecfd4

Moving this over here to reduce cluttering in the quest thread.

I very much suggested firing upon the guards that fired on us first. I'm still around to suggest.

My suggestion is that we get out of that room. We get Mitzi to open the door to HS2, gear up and go in there while bringing our prisoner along with us. I'm sure we can find something useful to do with him. We're talking on a wireless radio at the moment so we can bring that along and keep talking while moving.

Medics are free to tend to their people if they can get in once we have left. They are however not welcome in the room for as long as we're there. Taking chances on them smuggling someone in with a weapon designed to take us out might be acceptable if we had more numbers on our side. Right now we don't so it's game over after the enemy gets lucky once.
No. 12857 ID: a85626


Hey don't blame me. I said not to pick up that phone.

Most voices comfortable in battle aren't comfortable out, and vice versa.


>> This is one of the many reasons why I tend to hold violence in reserve; most of the people who put violence near the start of their tactical tree

Come on man. First we suggested to reason with them. Then we suggested to find more about them. Then we suggested to find an alternative escape route (there is none). Then we (well some) suggested to sneak out before they knew we were there. Then we suggested to negotiate with them, without surrendering. Then we suggested that they'd be more cooperative if you disabled their bot, non-violently. Then we used the bot as a bullet shield and once again tried to convince them to calm the fuck down.

Then one of them shot Penji, in the fucking head.

I don't know about you, but I think at this point we're pretty far down your "tactical tree" and don't have many options left. We're not going back in the tube. We have a highly armored death trap of a lab behind us in which we'll be sitting ducks, and we can't open the door again. We have highly aggressive trained soldiers in futuristic body armor before us, shooting Penji. If there was any way to hide or sidestep these soldiers I would have suggested it. In fact I expressly mentioned it's direly important we get to a place that they don't have a floor plan to. Right now we're stuck on a railroad of doom with armored walls on all sides probably deep underground and hallways of death in front of us. I THINK KILLING A FEW MENS IS NOT UNACCEPTABLE GIVEN THE CURRENT SITUATION.

Seriously, what the fuck should we have done? Thrown our gun down and just trusted that Eugen wouldn't have bombed us to the 7th Heaven? What do we do now? Berating armchair soldiers is well and good, but suggest something to do already!
No. 12858 ID: 5eedac

Is there a possibility the facility has multiple exits? Or say, I dunno, rearranges every two days or so to disorient the people inside so they can't get out. They were pretty insistent on it being impossible to get out, despite the fact those soldiers got in.
No. 12859 ID: 88fc9a

Well, this big area the party's in right now seems to have four exits, three of which marked HS1 through HS3.
HS3 is where we woke up, and Alpha team, with poor Eugen, came through the door to the right.
When exiting HS3, the door to HS2 is on the left and HS1 is straight across. Unless the right exit is HS4, it's the way out. Hopefully.
Should we try to inspect the other labs, or go straight for the exit? That's the second, important, order of business after getting something useful out of Operator.
No. 12865 ID: 7ea114

if we ever get a soft side on the commander, we should get you to make a speech like that.

if it is a heavily fortified underground facility id say it could have 2 exits if we get lucky and the air recycling happens with ACs in the outside. cue a nuke in the botton to wipe everything real easy.

if it is a space station we have so many exists, we dont want them. cue a nuke in the side to both explode us and trhow us into the sun.

if it is a cube-like building, we are fucked. cue a cube that is a nuke.

this effectively gives them grounds while we still have to fight for grounds. id go with it if we can ask them to open HS1 or 2. also take in consideration, they wont let us out at any point willing, but they have mitzi's brother around, wich they also want arrested or worse.

im quite worried with the fact that they want to waste so many soldiers to catch us. they dont want us dead, they want us alive at the cost of as many as it takes. problem is, if this was supposed to be secret they cant support it thus will nuke us, if it isnt then we are a known enemy and whatever purpose we could have with leaving would be worthless.
No. 12868 ID: 8ecfd4

Holding ground is pretty worthless for us right now though.

If we simply stay and try to hold our ground then they will manage to overwhelm us eventually and then it's over. We have to stay mobile so that they can't decide when and where to strike but instead have to defend everywhere.

But letting any of them into the same room we're in is not something I would recommend. Medics are free to get in after we have left. Provided they can move the robot themselves.
No. 12869 ID: 445c48
File 126895160235.jpg - (45.47KB , 468x347 , 2010-03-17-17p42.jpg )

No. 12887 ID: 7ea114

i actualy mean moral ground. i woulnt ask for passage to HS1~3 if we werent to use it.
No. 13075 ID: 67c611
File 126935571840.jpg - (58.27KB , 387x370 , 50bmg_cartridgecomparison.jpg )

sorry should have posted that post in here now that I think about it. If the mods could move that and the replies to here I'd appreciate it.
No. 13077 ID: ee3e21

HMGs are heavy mostly. we should not consider killing everything and looting because penji is going to get encumbered real easy. we survived the shield bot because we could outrun its tracking, what if we find one with guided rockets or a jackhammer?
No. 13078 ID: 8ecfd4

Yes the HMG would chew through human bodies and mechs. But it would also have quite a limited ammunition supply. And they have had some 60 years to do research on Penji and come up with countermeasures. All they need is one lucky hit and she will be down and they likely have enough bodies to get that one hit.

Then there is the fact of demolitions and traps. If we give them one hour to set something up I'm willing to bet they would have the only exit wired with a shitload of explosives. Once Penji sticks her adorable fuzzy butt far enough in there they will trigger it and reduce her to bits buried in rubble.
No. 13080 ID: 8ecfd4

I know what HMG does to bodies.

It doesn't do shit against traps however. If we give them an hour to set up while we get the HMG then I don't think we're going to get out of there. Not unless they're so stupid they have to be reminded how to breath.
No. 13084 ID: 620bfb

No. 13088 ID: 0fc814

I gotta apologize. My last IC post breaks my rule for post length by a wide margin. Feeling godawful lately, but determined to make things go.

Also: I'd appreciate if people would put most of their commentary and arguing in this thread. At the very least, it's bad form to post pictures in quest threads. (Unless they're really funny/appropriate or you drew them yourself)

Eh, Mercer's more impressive abilities come from being a video game character. (Running up a building without the force of his steps pushing him away from it, anything he touches suddenly having zero weight and inertia, thrown objects regaining said inertia after being released, then magically guiding themselves to their target mid-flight, double-jump, etc)
No. 13089 ID: 67c611

There is one gamebreaker that would stop Penji from ever escaping. Put a 20 000 lb bomb up against the doorway out of LoS. Detonate it when she comes out.

This is impossible to beat. I don't think Test would do that because the whole rest of the quest would be pointless. They can already set this up at the exit. There is no way to stop it from being set up. If Test was going to have them do it they already would have. So if he allows it we are fucked immediately. That's why I don't think he'd do that coming out of HS3. There is no point in worrying about traps.

I'll simplify that
If they

.............well fuck we left before I could post this. We still don't know what smoothbores and gyrocs are. I am reasonably sure that an HMG can handle them, whatever they are. I don't know if a LMG or AP rifle will damage them. We may come up against something we have no response to but to run. If they put that in between us and the exit we have to have some way of defeating it.
No. 13090 ID: 632862

Smoothbores and gyrocs are types of guns. Not robots.
No. 13091 ID: 0fc814

The trouble with setting up a 20,000 pound bomb someplace is that it weighs 20,000 pounds.

Also, to help clarify: The big room where the fight took place has four doors: HS1 through 3, and an exit. The exit is the door Penji wedged the bot under. Through that doorway, she could see a hallway ending at yet another door, with a few other, smaller ones along its length.
No. 13099 ID: 8ecfd4

If we had been dicking around for an hour and they didn't have some trap that resulted in very serious injury for both Mitzi and Penji I would have been very disapointed. Doesn't have to be anything big, Penji still bleeds and have soft parts, put up alot of claymores and set it off on her and she's not likely to be up for fighting after that.

The smoothbores and gyrocs thing probably refers to gyro-rocket guns. That would potentially allow them to have assault rifles firing .50 cal shoots with very low recoil. If Penji gets hit by one of those I think it's game over unless she has some CS on her and can heal the damage fast enough. So even if had the HMG and they didn't have any traps, just emplacements for the guards, they could still have taken us out with one lucky shot, while we would have needed alot more shoots to make them retreat as they would be more mentally prepared this time for a hard fight.
No. 13152 ID: 445c48

I just assumed they were types of artillery (Normal and Rockets, respectively), and were just the grunts complaining, like how a guardsman squad in DoW will go "Where's that artillery?!" when it's getting murdered.

Of course, it could be shotguns and rocketguns.
No. 13290 ID: ffb109

>"They rewired me with space shark!?"

No. 13310 ID: 88fc9a

Chapter eight ending. Plot twist. Holy shit.
Test Pattern, you are AMAZING!
No. 13685 ID: 67c611

I'd like to redistribute healing to 2 tails, 1 upgrade everything evenly. We'd be getting a bit into SPEED and PRIMARY SENSES which would help out. We should be very careful not to get shot in the chestplate until it has fully healed.

Test, is there a limit on how fast things can heal? Concerned about wasting pointhours.
No. 13687 ID: 1ac39d

yes the CAP to healing would be nice cause if it has none then if we get to 100% clear of suppress then we could probably heal faster then they could hurt us.
No. 13696 ID: 0fc814

Well, everything that's happening is healing. She's got a lot of damage from being embalmed in toxins for four decades. The bullet holes are small potatoes compared to that.
No. 13697 ID: 1ac39d

i mean, how fast can she heal surface damage if she puts 100% into it?
No. 13704 ID: 67c611

What I was asking was that if Penji Had a billion points of healing and put that all into tail regeneration would they pop back instantly or still take time to grow out.

I don't want to spend a billion points on the tails if spending half a billion on the tails and half a billion elsewhere would accomplish the same thing.
No. 13708 ID: 0fc814

There's diminishing returns, but there's never going to be outright waste.

It's not a problem right now, because she's simultaneously healing damage from bullet impacts.

This has the potential to be really complicated, so I'm going to try keeping it all ezmode, since the mechanics of the healing focus is not the focus of the quest. Penji understands what's happening, and it's in her interest to heal efficiently, so don't worry too much about that part.
No. 13749 ID: 67c611

I want to let you know that if you were playing Bobby Fischer at chess and you acknowledged that you could take a free pawn and that you decided not to because you had other plans, he would reach across the table and slap you for being a dumbass.

Just thought you should know.
No. 13777 ID: 67c611

Penji is the name we have given her.
Tozol is the species.
Tethys is the code name assigned by the facility.

Mitzi is the name she was born with.
Human/Valcien hybrid is the species.
Nyx is is the code name assigned by the facility.
No. 13877 ID: 8e18cd

Good work, getting Penji killed and all that!
No. 13878 ID: 1ac39d

the thing was called a 'displacer' that sounds like a short range teleporter then a weapon.
No. 13884 ID: 67c611
File 12710705554.jpg - (22.62KB , 300x225 , YourAreDead.jpg )

Don't blame me.
They wouldn't have been able to use the missile at 3m range and half of them would be dead before they knew what the fuck.

gg guys gg
No. 13885 ID: 457e41

Nah, it means her guts are displaced out of her body.
All over the walls and such.
No. 13886 ID: f0ceda

Here's to hoping Penji wakes up in a tube partially regenerated and stable with a scientist tapping on the glass saying "You shouldn't have done that." when she wakes up.
No. 13891 ID: 620bfb

Don't worry, she'll be fine. She's survived worse. Kinda.
No. 13892 ID: 20875c

Ok, what I do not get is how we went from her being a heat-packing Tozol-and-a-half who's job is RIPANDTEAR to 'please don't shoot, we mean you no harm'. What the fuck happened?
No. 13893 ID: db380d

You mean how she's not magic and can get overwhelmed by superior force?
The dudes she slaughtered didn't expect her, but I guess their superiors learned from that mistake.
No. 13894 ID: 20875c

Being able to survive everything she went through and then us yelling for her to be a peace-nick...yeah, that's magically able to survive most any fucking thing.
No. 13900 ID: 67c611

Honestly you guys are idiots. Penji is getting fucked up because you are making the wrong decisions. In competent hands she is an engine of destruction. You are dragging her down. Either stop posting, grow some brains, or Penji is as good as dead if she's not dead already.
No. 13901 ID: 0fc814

It would be totally great if everyone would be more polite. Everyone can disagree with everyone else about everything, and think they're intentionally trying to kill off the characters or are morons or whatever, but I nevertheless insist that everyone at least tries to be polite.
No. 13907 ID: 717301

And if you're gonna argue back and forth do it here, and not in the quest thread.
No. 13909 ID: 40d287

Sorry, sorry, it's just annoying how confused this quest got.
No. 13910 ID: 40d287

Wait, that sounds bad...I'm annoyed at how confused the suggestions got in the quest while the quest itself is awesome.
No. 13915 ID: 40d287

Ok, I'm gonna stop feeling annoying - Test, you are an amazing artist and a cunning writer. I applaud your work. I feel that whatever happened should inspire us to greater heights.

I still feel slightly vindicated by this, however.
No. 13984 ID: d2dc82

I gotta agree that the suggestions were kind of stupid. A LMG isn't going to have the accuracy to peg a visor 4 or 5 times, and the concept of Penji being able to shoot down an RPG or any other type of rocket is crazy.
No. 13987 ID: aa544f

she has done worse with a rifle in single round. she supressed 3 soldiers firing 2 rounds on each, she pinpointed a visor on a dude that barely showed up. she said so herself, if it werent for the LMG its likely she would have made that hit.
No. 13988 ID: 67c611

>>I try shooting it down. I feel I should be able to, but I'm too slow.
She can shoot it down. She needs to be in better shape to be able to do it.

A fit Tozol is capable of taking out this entire facility at full strength, solo. People have trouble comprehending how powerful they are. But all that power, without direction, is useless. It's like formula one racecar driven by a monkey.
No. 13994 ID: 68b350

>A fit Tozol is capable of taking out this entire facility at full strength, solo.

Where, exactly, are you pulling this information out of?
No. 13998 ID: 21766a

His ass most likely.
And I say that as polite as possible.
No. 14007 ID: 288dda

Ok. We are constantly being bombarded with these "Penji is unstoppable in the right hands" comments. As if half the commenters are actively, intentionally, working to kill off the main character.

Well, this is the discussion thread - our chance to share our cunning plans. So do it already. What, specifically, would you /k/ommandos do / have done differently aside from just grabbing the .50cal MG? THIS IS NOT A RHETORICAL QUESTION. I would like to know how to stop being ambushed and participating in firefights where we are disadvantaged.

(I'm still not personally convinced the cost / benefit ratio was worthwhile on the heavy gun, but that's in the past)
No. 14010 ID: 63ec27

>participating in firefights where we are disadvantaged
this is only apparent.

penji is some sort of super soldier, her bones are interlaces plates that protect against bullets and her skin "tickles" when someone shoots her.

every situation so far has been disabled with smart thinking instead of going beardbeard ans simply scream "DEFORESTATION!".

when she supressed their fire it only worked because their armor could not take the hits, thus the rifle in the 1st encounter being so dammed effective. she also has primed reflexes and can take good snapshots thanks to her strenght.

in this encounter we survived because the displacer "failed". our good moves where aiming at the visor (plexiglass isnt quite transparent once shot) and hitting the soldiers'd hand. we "failed" because the shield was not disabled, we also failed to pin the heavy weapons soldier before he fired and we generally lacked piercing power along with acurrancy.

penji needs a sniper rifle!
No. 14017 ID: 7524b0

I think we handled the situation rather well. Penji took no damage, and the displacer opened a path to where we wanted to go.

My opinion is that we could not have stopped getting shot by the displacer. Test Pattern had that event set up for the conclusion of the fight no matter how we performed. Since we got through the fight without losing anything except the LMG, I'd say it was a great success.

Killing the soldiers is something we should only do if we know it is to our advantage. Right now, we have been told there is no way to escape. If that's true, then pissing off the humans by killing their mans is a bad idea.

In my opinion, we could not have handled the situation better with our current resources.
No. 14022 ID: 63ec27

my point is that was PURE luck. what if the nanobots were there to port us?

that fight ended too early to be the real ending. more specificaly, penji stated that she could have if the barrel handt heated.

about killing, i actualy want them alive. we both need negotiation leverage as information.
No. 14023 ID: 1ac39d

as leverage and information is a good reason to keep them alive, but if we have a few and offer their live in exchange for getting out and they say no then that's it, we need to kill our way out. be it a sneaking mission or super-soldier style.
No. 14059 ID: 67c611

First off, we could have waited longer till pushing out of HS3. We would have secondary senses maxed and be well into primary and speed. In 2.5 hours we went from nothing in secondary senses to near complete. We got blindsight. The tactical advantage of knowing exactly where your enemies are is like having three queens in chess. Most people don't grasp the advantage this gives as they don't know about position, movement, and applying pressure.

Second would have been to take the HMG. The hour we use while detaching it is not wasted. We are healing the whole time. The HMG will punch through any armor we encounter. Robots, shields, and body armor mean nothing. We no longer have to run up to robots to flip them. We no longer have to watch bullets bounce off shields and be slowed by body armor. If we have line of sight to the enemy, we can kill them.

Third. The tactical blunder of abandoning cover is unacceptable. Decisions like these are what is going to get Penji killed. This action got her shot an unspecified number of times (guess 2-6). Each shot produced a crater in her chestplate. Penji must divert all healing points to fixing this. We could have spent that time upgrading speed or primary senses or finishing secondary senses. Every injury is a huge setback to her physical progress. Honestly, what did you think was going to happen by having Penji in the open with 5 people shooting at her?

Fourth. I thought it was pretty clear when we saw the video of them tearing off Mitzi's arm with a giant robot claw that these weren't the kind of people to be friends with. Also the various weapons on the target range and the prison cells and the giant robot that tried to kill us are pretty good indicators of what these people want.

Fifth. We had an oppertunity to avoid the second squad and perhaps ambush them, but people decided instead, for reasons unknown, to engage them directly. The logic for leaving behind the HMG and not exploring HS1 and HS2 was so we could avoid having to fight the squad that was coming as backup. I don't know why they decided it was suddenly a good idea to fight them and at the same time not take the HMG. You do see the errors here? Please tell me you do.

I can say with great confidence that if only I were in charge of Penji that she
A: would be more powerful than she is now
B: would have sustained fewer injuries than she has now
C: would have killed more enemies than she has now
All three of these things increase her odds of survival.

The reason we are not at this point is because this is a majority vote system. People with varying amounts of intelligence and skill have the same amount of say. This will average out to decision making skills of 100 IQ. There are no chess grandmasters with 100 IQ. That is because there are smarter than average people who can out think and out move the average people. Generally speaking, people with higher intelligence make better decisions.

What I'm saying is that everyone does their best but we end up with sub-optimal results because it takes the average of all our intelligences, the average being 100. That isn't good enough to think all the options through and think several moves ahead and pick the right answer. To put it very very bluntly "100 IQ isn't good for much.".

[took me an hour to type all this shit up. I'm taking a nap. I'm sure I've offended many people with this and I apologize. You wanted my case and I'm giving it to you.]
No. 14060 ID: 67c611

There are also several dozen other examples that I'm not going to bother to point out. Crackpot theories that have been proven wrong and plain bad ideas.

..............I know what the nanomachines did. They allowed sensors to detect Penji. Going through the decon hall we still had them in us. That's how it detected us. After we flushed them and went through the HS3 to HS hallway those sensors didn't detect us and neither did the handheld sensors of the guards. [BeingAJerkToMakeAPoint]Score another one for 67c611. I'll go set that by my satchel charge trophy and my reminding-people-we-had-a-handgun trophy and my firing pin trophy.[/BeingAJerkToMakeAPoint] Don't take that last bit to seriously.

Now that makes me wonder if they were a kill mechanism at all. And then that makes me wonder what that two-button device was.

Again I'll restate that people don't, no, can't comprehend how powerful Penji is.
"You shot me in the head? Excuse me while I'm disoriented for five seconds and then go back to fucking your shit up."
"You want me to land a grenade in a 2m area at 200m? Sure."
"A missile? Really?" shoot it down
"You think that scanner is going to show anything? Hahahahahaha."
"I can feel you hiding behind that corner, you know."
"New room with people in it? Give me a second to create a map and mark the exact position of everyone in it."
"What do you mean adrenaline makes people less accurate when shooting?"
"Don't worry. This 100 kg HMG won't slow me down at all. Just make it a bit harder to change direction."
"You people can't use your feet to fire guns? What good are they then?"
"The locker is locked. Now it's unlocked."
"3 ton tank blocking the doorway? Flip that shit."
"Humans have to use silly-looking goggles to see in the dark? You're pathetic."
"I'm missing an ear? Don't worry, it'll grow back in a few hours."
"I don't have to unwrap food to eat it."
"Om nom nom nom nom. Your rifle is delicious."
"Wow, all you managed to do with that displacer is open a locked door for me."

You have to stop thinking with human limitations in mind. She is a god.

[This is intended to be a bit rude. I feel like I have to grab someone by the shoulders and shake them violently then push their face up close to something and point at it to get them to notice it. Again took about an hour to write this. If I can convince a single person that Penji is not a fragile flower but a war machine to be used with skill and good tactics, it will be worth it.]
No. 14062 ID: bffa2a

Taking things a bit too seriously.

I admit I cringed a bit when reading through the chapters and seeing the "tactical" suggestions. But I'm fine with Penji eating a few bullets and flailing around like a retard. More intresting in the end when the QM can easily play around what they have in mind and threaten with death. I can do a competent solo in an actual tabletop rpg. Here it's a comedy option.

What I can't stand is being the retarded paladin good guy. There's a time and a place to play being the one and only saviour of mankind. And that isin't on a battlefield. Also would it hurt to stop being so nice to people who want to kill you and taking a policy of "if you stay out of my way I won't hurt you" instead of "Oh you poor misunderstood thing let me stick my head out for you".

More commander Adama, less goodie John Shepard.

Oh, and good quest Test. Haven't really been able to participate in anything lately but hopefully that'll change soon.
No. 14065 ID: c43656

>I can say with great confidence that if only I were in charge of Penji that she
>A: wouldn't wear anything ever
>B: would just sit there fondling herself
>C: would have lesbian sex with Mitzi
>All three of these things increase my odds of getting an erection.

No. 14066 ID: 7f46a5

>HMG means srs bsns
the HMG failed to pierce the shield, the soldier's armor and we apparently loaded it with crappy non armor-piercing ammo. the barrel overheated and we lost precision WAY too fast.

now it doesnt matter, its gone anyway.

>these weren't the kind of people to be friends with
we dont really have a choice, and i want diplomacy. the dogs can die, but i want the dude with the leash tied up and barking for us.

even if they ARE NOT a covert operations its likely they have more that 100 soldiers in full body armor with warp-tech weapons to stop us. so far we managed to "supress" them because either they failed or werent expecting us.

as far as i know, its possible they may be stunned if we tell them we know of a 3rd subject. however we may be looking at shadra's level of hatred, so we will be in a choice of mitzi and brother or the facility's good will. wich means trheesomes before we get nuked or we get nuked above a pile of dead soldiers.

our knowledge need from them is as far as i remember:
-wtf is this place
-wtf is penji/tozol
-wtf is mitzi's brother
-wtf is mitzi
-wtf were they doing to us
-wtf we did before gettin railgun'd with the orb of infinite psyche thru the skull.

alternatively we need to know how to estabilish superiority and how we could return to be "normal" if such is the case. if we are war prisioners we should push for the line and GTFO anyway.

so far the best that i could come up with is that penji USED to be a commando of some sort and suffered gengineering to turn into a tozol. in this process she got wacky/wanted out and so we becamed a liability to the secretive facility.

>second squad and perhaps ambush them, but people decided instead, for reasons unknown, to engage them directly
i saw that, everyone got distracted. it was more like:
"hey dudes, there is a squadron coming form the right!"
"oh shit take cover! get on a room or something!"
"oh look at pretty sign. there is a fire exit on the right"
"oh yay go right! its not like if there are soldiers around!"

also we may need to consider torturing live soldiers to get info.
No. 14067 ID: 0fc814
File 127136466691.jpg - (62.88KB , 500x500 , penji_is_jinxed.jpg )

No. 14072 ID: 7524b0

Penji didn't have the HMG. The HMG refers to that big ass turret thing we decided not to take an hour removing.

I wanted to engage the soldiers directly so that Mitzi would have time to open the door. There wasn't really anywhere to hide while trying to get into Bio research, you know.
No. 14075 ID: 54af1f


Don't Jinx the Tozol
No. 14097 ID: 6ca7b8
File 127142395289.png - (55.74KB , 500x500 , Standupguy.png )


No. 14110 ID: abb30a

-sign at the Tozol enclosure
No. 14151 ID: e8aa8e

<Blaank> Ah, FUCK. Did a run through the archives and phasing is a plausible explanation for whatever got out of HS3 ahead of us.
<Blaank> Would explain the guard in the bathroom and the lack of blood trails from one room to the next.
<Blaank> Would explain why whatever it was completely bypassed the door to decon, the door out of decon, and the final exit out of HS3.
<Blaank> Whatever it was may not have needed to open them to pass thorugh.
<Blaank> Those doors are probably built to be airtight and liquidtight.
<Blaank> Gas or liquid form wouldn't help.... unless ventilation..... I don't know.
<Blaank> It would not explain the railgun blood or the lack of some bodies but those could be explained by something else.

This implies a lot of other things but I'm lazy so I'll leave the deduction up to you.
No. 14153 ID: 0fc814

>Can we still insult the Characters?
Yes. You can also suggest for characters to insult other characters, if you like.

You can also insult me, because that counts as feedback, but I'd ask you keep it in questdis.
No. 14164 ID: 655d51

You smell funny.
No. 14166 ID: f3de2f

>but I'd ask you keep it in questdis.
Sorry about that. I keep forgetting how to make cross-board replies.
No. 14170 ID: 67c611

I call it as I see it. I'm trying to respond to insults with equal or lesser insults. If you want me to stop calling people out when they are wrong, let me know and I'll stop.

Would this have been OK?

Knowing what Penji's potential is will not make suppress leaver her system faster.

Lights are on. This area has power. Power means working cameras. Working cameras mean they just saw Tethys alive. And that means they are sending another kill team here asap. 15 minutes is optimistic. They will likely get here in 10.

[I've never had a bad GM before. Pointing out strong points and weaknesses of PC's is standard discussion with mine. With the other players we like thinking up the perfect ways to kill each other. It's a mental exercise and quite fun. Try thinking up a good plan to kill Penji and you start to understand how much of a bitch she is to kill.]
[I've got literally 4 to 6 separate trains of thought competing for my focus. I'll post some stuff later after I've let it churn for a while.]
No. 14177 ID: 7f46a5

what. BIOLOGICAL warp based weapons? as preposterous as actual warp weapons not working as intended.

we need to confirm that tazer tits is a changeling. if she is, her brother may be able to phase.

her brother may be the changeling they are looking for, his ruckus on the initial escape led to our own escape. he can simply be patient and still be in the beginning area playing dead. or inside a soldier's suit in the room of our 1st encounter.

if none of them are changelings then its likely someone got phased to walk freely in the first escape. why he killed people would indicate either a work of hate or purging data, if its the later it would make sense to let us escape to cover trails.
No. 14189 ID: 7524b0

Or maybe Mitzi's brother is so powerful a changeling that he's able to use the facility's plumbing to move from one place to the next. Thus, he shapeshifted into that guy we found dead in his cell, used the toilet in the main computer room in HS3 to travel to the one next to the break room.

He killed the first guard to walk in there, and then assumed his shape to access the security room and alter the computer that deals with DECON, programming it to let Mitzi pass. At this point I'm going to bet the power was still on. He could then just walk straight into other areas of the complex.

I bet he eventually shut down the power, but didn't know that HS3 had a security door set to automatically close upon power loss.
No. 14190 ID: 7524b0

There's no indication of whether or not the power is back on yet. Don't say "we can see" because that's been the case the whole damn quest. Penji said we had no way of knowing how much time we had. Just go with that instead of coming to your own conclusions based upon zero evidence.

Also quit calling Penji Tethys. The guard had no way of really identifying her. He was like 200 meters away! A meter is almost the same distance as a yard. Can you identify someone across a football field? NO, YOU CAN'T. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Tethys escaped too, and the guard just thought that's who Penji is. No idea if Tethys is friendly or not. It could be hostile to all organic life, or want to escape like Penji.
No. 14198 ID: 1569b3

yeah i mean, what are the odds of you distinguish someone that is bright red with 4 ears and has absolutely no possibility of being anyone else in a facility that is completely isolated that also contains a mimic that is too smart to mimicry something so deadly that everyone will try to use all avaliable explosive devices on hand just to blind it?
No. 14200 ID: 0fc814

>someone that is bright red
No. 14202 ID: 1569b3

and once again my reading comprehension fails me.

well at least she can blend with the enviroment =3
No. 14203 ID: 7524b0

She'll blend even better once we upgrade her eyes. It turns out she can make her eye whites darken so they're less visible.
No. 14204 ID: 1569b3


so we are seeing B&W in the quest because her eyes arent upgraded? and we could get extra precision from that as a bonus?
No. 14205 ID: 0fc814

I wasn't planning on changing the art style. However, feel free to offer feedback and criticism about my drawing or writing.
No. 14208 ID: 1569b3

they are good, i jsut noticed that your previous quests were colored.

i liek them characters, the art is awsm, the action is also awsm, but it feels like we are re-tracking goshee's path with shandra
No. 14209 ID: 67c611

The lights are on. Lights require power to be on. That means the lights have power. That means that this area has power. This area has power. That means this areas cameras have power. That means this ares cameras are working. The cameras working means this camera just saw Tethys. The camera seeing Tethys means that central security saw Tethys. Central security saw Tethys.

The only situation in which they did not see Penji, is if the displacer cut the data cables to central security. If it did and they are no longer receiving security footage from Bio. If they are no longer receiving security footage from Bio they will send a security team to re-clear the area.

If they saw Penji, they are sending a security team. If they didn't see Penji, they are sending a security team. Conclusion: they are sending a security team.

>>"Taking fire!" I hear, though between the distance, the gunfire, and their silencing gear, it's difficult. "Oh shit, it's Tethys!"
No. 14210 ID: 1569b3

actualy some cameras have their own energy feed just to prevent a spike in energy grid to burn them.

yes, penji was sighted. if you didnt realized already, in the last chapter they noticed she wasnt warped.

tethys is a codename. its like a policeman calling you perp or criminal, he does not care if your mother hitted you when a kid, you are a target for him, something below civilized that must be beaten and jailed. you dont let them name you dude, if penji remember her real name IS tethys then we shall call her by w/e she wants to be called.

Penji it is. for now.
No. 14211 ID: 701a19

No, they pretty clearly stated they thought she was splattered across infraspace or whatever.
No. 14212 ID: 1ac39d

or the power is off because the lights are not on!
No. 14215 ID: 1569b3

really? for me that means she didnt got ported. we should consider then they dont really got a clue how their guns work.

i am loling here
No. 14217 ID: 1ac39d

no, they know how it works, penji just has some kind of biological teleport denial field. it has to be a field cause stuff a few inches from her also didn't port.
No. 14227 ID: 0fc814

The lights in the biology lab are on, but that's not conclusive. You know that the lights in HS3 worked, because it had an independent power supply. Clearly, at least certain parts of the facility can maintain power in spite of severed cables.

>I've never had a bad GM before.
Well, sorry.
No. 14228 ID: 1569b3

emergency lights et all. still we should consider using mitzi to mess with these backup lights, its also likely mitzi's brother can use the lack of light to his advantage.

about the GM thing, i would not say you are a bad GM. i dont mean we are going for a bad end (wich we are), i mean it feels we are literally re-doing that quest's plot. im hoping to add a SPAH paranoia when we find mitzi's brother but if im right he is very far from us and snickering at the mess we are causing.
No. 14263 ID: 7524b0

One soldier looking at Penji from 200 yards away and thinking she's Tethys is nowhere near enough evidence to start calling her that.

So stop it. You're being stupid. We've had PLENTY more evidence to suggest she's a Tozol. Tethys is a separate artifact. A mechanical one. Penji is not mechanical.

Hey guess what color most mechanical things are? GREY.
No. 14264 ID: 7524b0

Oh also if they never had power to the security camera they won't have noticed the cut. You are still assuming things that we cannot know are true. In fact there's no indication that the camera could have been active. You'd THINK it would have moved when Penji and Mitzi entered, right?
No. 14265 ID: 7524b0

The displacer doesn't teleport stuff. It phases it into 'infraspace' in a destructive manner.
No. 14266 ID: 1ac39d

okay, where in the quest does it say what Tethys is?
No. 14275 ID: f072d1

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but where exactly are the similarities between After Quest and Tozol Quest? I mean they are very different and I see nothing except maybe that the protagonists of both are fighters and kinda grey.

And for the people who think the Quest can only be "won" by a tactilol genius and min-maxer, well it's not a vidya and I choose to belief that Test is a good enough GM not to expect us to give absolute perfect suggestions all the time.

And for 67c611.
You're also not quite as superior intelligent to everyone else as you might assume, just saying.
No. 14283 ID: 0fc814

>absolute perfect suggestions all the time
That would be boring.
No. 14287 ID: 67c611

>>If the cameras never had a connection to begin with they would not have seen Penji or alerted central security that something was up.

Ah, good point. I didn't think of that.

If this area is running off of battery and the main info cable is severed, then that still means that local security saw the footage. They won't be able to do jack shit about it. They'll try to get word out to central security.

That opens up a gaggle of possible scenarios. Let's assume we need firepower asap and get to records to check where CS and better weapons/armor are. After we bulk up we can come back to check on backstory.

Also have Penji clear the rooms before Mitzi goes in.
No. 14321 ID: 67c611

Is it immune to displacers
Or only 9 displacers?

Anyway, what say you to heading back into HS once our cover is blown and raiding HS1 and HS2 for CS? We can use our blindsense to find any enemy positions and from that plan out an attack. Grenades around corners are hard to beat. And remember, you get the first shot in if you plan it well.

Sneak up > grenade > turn corner to attack stunned troops > headshot headshot headshot headshot > 2nd grenade to stall any pursuers > run like hell.

Simple as pie. It's really not that hard at all.
No. 14360 ID: 1569b3

shandra is the facility, pen is goshee and aphek is mitzi.

they are in a barren war-scarred land trying to live trhu a enemy that wont stop chasing them no matter what.

and impossible. 5+ suggesters and somehow all of them working together?

i still think we can get a "happy" ending if we get mitzi's brother and bargain the couple with the facility for a cell with a TV
No. 14362 ID: 1ac39d

why do you thin the good end is 'less horrible cell'. to me a good end would be 'escape and have adventures in SPACE'
No. 14370 ID: 1569b3

penji would lose advantage on space. she could literally get thrown to the sun for example. also it looks like we are in a underground facility, the displacer opened up too much space to be a space station.

unless there are secretly a race of tozols that can rescue us we are in deep shit.

also consider mitzi and her brother, they are surely gengineered humans. what kind of future could they have in a alien culture? because most surely they cant live in human grounds looking (in more that one meaning) like that.
No. 14395 ID: 288dda

Ok, sure, I'll bite.

You've been using the HMG as a cure-all for some time. Please get over it (and yourself). A giant fucking gun with 100kg of inertia and means Penji is less accurate, can't switch targets instantly, and can't realistically fire from cover. Yes, it would have about 5 times the energy of a 7.62 round (17000J vs 3400J). It also gives no options but shoot people in the center of mass and hope it penetrates their armor and kills them. NOW we know that the leaders claim they'll throw anything at Penji to keep her locked down. At the time it was reasonable to believe the soldiers would be appalled by human experimentation, would take an offer of surrender rather than uselessly fighting to the death, and so forth.

Anyway. Leaving cover in the first firefight? I was working under three assumptions - first, that humans with no cover, < 10m from a satchel charge, would be significantly more injured and concussed than a tozol at the same range with a 3 ton tank between her and the blast. Second, that she was significantly faster on her feet than a human. Third, that hostages were more useful than a pile of corpses. I thought it was likely we could close to melee range before they could even raise their weapons again, and obviously in H2H Penji can do whatever the hell she wants with a human.

Did I guess wrong? On at least a few counts. But we've been working on conjunction this entire time. Would an extra hour have maxed out secondary senses? You guess so (I find it unlikely). Would that time have significantly increased the opposition when we left HS-3? You guess that it wouldn't have. Is repairing minor damage - yes, gunshot wounds and frag grenades are MINOR for Penji - slowing down healing to a significant degree? More speculation... I'd point out that none of that actually appeared to affect her at all aside from a moment of disorentation when a bullet ricocheted off her skull, so i'm not entirely sure why we're devoting significant resources to repairing it.

The main thing, I think, is that we've got some people trying to think long-term. Leaving nothing but corpses means shutting off any options but killing everyone, for every encounter in the future. It was a big decision to make with no additional info, against people who stood very little real chance of killing Penji, but you wanted to jump right in with both feet. The more people she slaughters here, the harder they'll fight back even after she and Mitzi get out.

Since you're no doubt wondering by now - no, I did not want to recruit Shadran and give her a sword in AQ. What were you people doing?!
No. 14396 ID: 1ac39d

mitzi will go Ryo-Ohki and turn into a space ship/shark and panji explore the skies with her.
No. 14397 ID: 0fc814

>I'd point out that none of that actually appeared to affect her at all aside from a moment of disorentation when a bullet ricocheted off her skull, so i'm not entirely sure why we're devoting significant resources to repairing it.
The ones that hit her torso plates went through muscle to get there. There was also some bone cratering from the sabot rounds. They're not severe wounds, but it's not cosmetic, either.
No. 14398 ID: 1569b3

i approve of this post.

penji cant kill everyone, and a bigger gun is not always better.
No. 14412 ID: 3b6c92

No. 14415 ID: 12b099

>>penji can kill everyone, and a bigger gun is always better.

This man speaks the truth! Clearly we need to turn Penji into a one Tozol killing machine not quite unlike a certain Space Marine and his quest for the Biggest Gun, or the Biggest Fucking Gun - a BFG, if you will.

Of course, we have a Space Shark hacker/romantic lead so we should listen to her, but clearly our job is to kill everything and get the biggest gun. This is what our elders would have wished, as they cast us in time immemorial as the baddest mother fucker ever.
No. 14418 ID: 88fc9a

Can post-human and alien killing machine love work? Join us and find out this Wednesday at 6 PM Pacific time for... Gone with the solar wind.
Only on TGCTV.
No. 14422 ID: 7524b0

Hey guys

Google "Benji"
No. 14429 ID: 8a0475

Wow! It's just like the best video game ever created which is also my favorite because I am a mature gamer, Halo 3!
The only bad thing about it is the cutscenes - why even bother with them if all hardcore bros like myself just skip them?!

Brb, gonna poon some noobs then make love to my Master Chief real-doll.
No. 14431 ID: 1569b3

if only we had managed to use that battleship main turrent against the second encounter we would now be near the nuke upgrade.

i think i got trolled...
No. 14436 ID: 83c74f

Well well, that's a intriguing and thought out theory.
So what did Penji's people do to the facility? You know the equivalent to Sergals killing and eating Shadrans parents.
I'm also curious how the bathhouse and Yisi fit in your theory. Maybe that comes later, but I'd be interested in a prediction in that case. Spoiler it if necessary.
No. 14445 ID: 1569b3

>So what did Penji's people do to the facility?
have you seen the last update? it may not have been this penji but the difference for them is negledible

>I'm also curious how the bathhouse and Yisi fit in your theory
its possible we already had that cliche.
No. 14457 ID: f21281
File 127179651039.png - (9.71KB , 500x500 , youarenotalone.png )

>Penji's biology is consistent with what was at Athelhom
>Fought survivors at Athelhom

"But know this, Time Lord.

You are not alone."

No. 14461 ID: 12b099

I try not to be a serious troll, just the funny one. Just annoyed that Penji went from getting 'RIP AND TEAR' yelled at her for three threads to being told to make nice and talk it out. I mean, it's pretty obvious the Tozol, and Penji herself, were made for fighting and winning.

And the end of a half serious rant: I mean, when we can do >>324213 that...
No. 14496 ID: f95872

The problem is, you can only fight and win for so long before you accidentally fight and lose instead.
No. 14502 ID: 7524b0

Well we're still RIP AND TEAR when it comes to inanimate objects.
No. 14535 ID: 67c611

The only way to kill a Tozol is wait for one to make a mistake. That will give you a very small opportunity to kill it. If you fail to kill it during this window it will be a long time until you get another one.
No. 14551 ID: 4cc452


The precursors got their ideas from video game boss monsters, apparantly?
No. 14567 ID: 67c611

Well, that or mass mass mass numbers of resources thrown at it.

I wonder if they've got anything tougher than that last batch of guys they sent at us.

.........HS1 and HS2 have not been compromised.
1) If HS1 and HS2 were compromised they would have set up the robot to be guarding the exit doorway, not the doorway to HS3. They left HS1 and HS2 at their backs. They were confident that those areas were safe.
2) In the event of a major clusterfuck like this happening in the past 24-48 hours they would have the entire facility on lockdown. All the workers in HS1 and HS2 would be kept there. It's too dangerous to evacuate people with shit going down. And any escaped monster is going to be headed to the exit, not further into the facility. They are safest where they are.

The second fire team was guarding the rear. Damn fine firing line for the LMG. Long hallway with no cover.
No. 14584 ID: f21281
File 127198862258.png - (115.12KB , 461x348 , HyperionofBorg.png )




No. 14585 ID: 1ac39d

i loled.
but seriously. do you think we would be able to fix him? get the science out of his head and pump him with CS. or maybe a blood transfusion with penji.
No. 14588 ID: 67c611

I highly doubt that he will be recoverable. We can check on him after we get what else we want to know from records. We'd head for CS next and then artifacts. We might not have time to do all of that before we get attacked again.
No. 14593 ID: 1ac39d

Hyperion is in a different lab. Cronos is in the artifact room.
No. 14597 ID: 2f0c5b

he either died out of sheer willpower or if he ever recovers he will be quite the doomguy for humanity.

cronos "should" be dead. im betting he isnt because of nutrient lack or something like it.
No. 14606 ID: f21281
File 127200683875.jpg - (63.67KB , 303x345 , Robawt.jpg )

No. 14608 ID: f95872

Anything can be done if you try hard enough (and don't die first). It may or may not be feasible in the near future, but it should be a goal.
No. 14610 ID: 1ac39d

No. 14624 ID: 2f0c5b
File 127203317820.png - (24.76KB , 500x500 , REIPERION.png )

excuse me, mspaint hates me sometimes.
No. 14628 ID: 1ac39d

i think the biggest clue that the scientist are assholes is that they aren't even letting him regen the other half of his face. what could getting his other eye back compromise?
No. 14629 ID: 67c611

His ability to escape.
No. 14630 ID: e2aba8

no, they did that to analyze his brain.
No. 14633 ID: 88fc9a

I don't know how to do interboard links, so...

Hyperion isn't beyond help as far as we know. While his mind is apparently on vacation he can be saved and regenerated physically. Maybe his mind can heal as well.
A rescue operation is of course a much, much later goal.
Now, more C-S, more asskick. We've got an outside to find. Provided there is one...
No. 14635 ID: f3de2f

You ARE aware of the fact that he was Tortured for 18 YEARS STRAIGHT Right?
And even If we can save him, he'll be completely BAT-FUCK INSANE judging by this lovely Quote:

>FEB-15-2169: Subject requests that it be killed. Request repeated between one and twenty times per hour for next four hundred and ninety days.
No. 14637 ID: 084a23

You don't know that! This planet could have really short days, like only 4 hours long or something.

...so Hyperion would have only been pleading for death for about five straight years.

It's probably a good thing that no one's home by this point. A 100% blank slate torso with one arm and half a face wight make a better party member than the possible alternative.
No. 14640 ID: 40e75d

I think taking steps to save him is going to have to happen at this point. Even if it fails miserably.

He at least needs to be put out of his misery.
No. 14643 ID: e2aba8

i actualy considered that. lets just say im thankful for penji and mitzi being females.

the last few chapters will include rape-babies

im kiddin, hyperion is there to show us that penji will suffer horribly if we fail. there is no possibility to save hyperion unless we manage to gather a home base
No. 14645 ID: 40e75d

Thinking a little more in the short term, Penji needs to ambush one of the heavy weapons squads. I can only imagine how badass she'll be with some heavy munitions. Mitzi could be quite combat useful toting one of those riot shields too.

It'd only take sneaking up on them and throwing a grenade or two. The shrapnel and explosion would probably ruin some of their weapons, but I don't think taking on those guys with a rifle and pistol is a good idea. Even if we got the drop on them.
No. 14649 ID: bdd835
File 127205853314.png - (82.73KB , 400x400 , notrocketscience.png )

>how to cure Hyperion of insanity
No. 14650 ID: 40e75d

Love that pic.
No. 14653 ID: 7524b0

Yeah, basically that.

Shoot him in the head, then let him regenerate. Good as new!
No. 14657 ID: 88fc9a

No. 14660 ID: f3de2f

To be frank, if we do manage to save Hyperion he'll just become another Heshka.
No. 14670 ID: e2aba8

catatonic is more like it. even if we somehow get him back, toasting his brain means at least a decade to heal. maybe less if we take out the supress of his system.

a big man-sized doll untill we wipe his brain. penji can dress him and pretend to be having tea with him =3
No. 14671 ID: 1ac39d

you need something in a large enough caliber that it will go in one side and out the other, otherwise it wont just break his brain, but liquefy it.
No. 14672 ID: e2aba8

trust me, if we find him, that is going to be the leastest of our worries.
No. 14870 ID: 67c611

What is our objective? I need a consensus here.

1) escape/survival
2) moralfag save everyone
3) annihilation

I'm for hard 3. Kill everyone. Not a damn soul leaves this place alive. Destroy everything. We climb out of the smoldering crater of what used to be their multi-trillion dollar investment.

"Lost with all hands. A Tozol did it." is what I want the report to say.
No. 14871 ID: cda1dd

we cant do 3.

and if you didnt noticed we are a part gengineered weapon made by mankind to stop a alien "menace" that conquered a few earth world. moralfaggotry is impossible since we are not kenshiro. yet.

we have to estabilish a link to the alien homeworld. then we can plot further.
No. 14872 ID: e3f578

I thought the tozols were an alien-made weapon and that's why the humans are studying Penji and co.
No. 14873 ID: 1ac39d

Tozols are alien weapons. them and the humans fought.
No. 14875 ID: cda1dd

well i belive they are spliced because mitzi is also spliced and contains knowledge of human engineering at human level, penji seems to have the same for spec ops.

mitzi was a engineer compatible with spess shark, penji was a spec ops compatible with thethys.
No. 14876 ID: 1ac39d

what? no.. it's... god damn are you stupid.
No. 14887 ID: 7a3781

... What? Have we been reading the same quest?

I'll recap for those who're a bit confused about the names.
Penji, codenamed 'Tethys,' (just as the other two have been codenamed 'Cronus' and 'Hyperion') is a Tozol who have appeared on this planet, Inacayo, in a series of huge explosions that occurred around a town called 'Athelhom.'
Shortly after losing more or less 4000 human fighters, the three Tozols who can no longer fight but are still alive are collected from the battlefield and transported to a lab.
'Cronus' dies. 'Tethys' gets pickled. 'Hyperion' is put on a stand and chats up anyone who cares to listen.
Meanwhile, OTHER aliens arrive and are making life on Inacayo a little more uncomfortable and are demanding that humanity will hand over all their Tozols.
Now, imagine you're an official who just had thousands of his finest soldiers slaughtered by a handful of whatever-the-fuck and you've managed to secure some of that for yourself. The perfect weapon; a gift from the star gods themselves! Would you hand it over? Of course not. How do you keep your new assets a secret while still being able to experiment on it?
Hey, how about transporting them to that one lab where people get unwillingly spliced into aliens and then experimented upon? That one's pretty secret.

Onto speculation, while the words 'Precursors' and 'Star Gods' are thrown around rather scarcely, I am led to believe it's heavily implied that they're an ancient civilization who had created Tozols for their own military needs a long time ago. Genre savvy also dictates that these Precursors have disappeared a millennia ago and now Tozols are a civilization by itself, but I digress.

TL;DR Penji sure as fuck is an alien.
No. 14889 ID: cda1dd

if penji is a alien she would not know how to use guns up to the point of being confortable with them, she even knows how to dismantle and repair them. she does that reflexively, even after losing her memories to a railgun because her trainning as a soldier taught her to do that reflexively.

she is the same as mitzi, except that mitzi actualy remember her human life.
No. 14891 ID: 1ac39d

what? no, penji did get military training, but it wasn't humans that trained her.
No. 14892 ID: 67c611

Not a single other person is suggesting that we look up Cronos or Tethys in the database or ask the computer where Counter Suppress is stored.

What the hell people? The three most important questions you want to leave unanswered? If being polite and stating facts are mutually exclusive then I'm going to stop being polite.

Y'know I rewrote this post to try to make it less harsh and I can't do it without diluting the point. You came in here to look up Penji's backstory and now you are leaving to look for Cronus and you have no idea what condition he is in or what he looks like or where he is other than "archives". What would be most advantageous in this scenario would be to look up in the database where counter suppress is stored and go get some to make Penji stronger. Finding bits and pieces of Cronus in jars isn't going to help at all. I'm getting suspicious of greifing going on. It seems like people often pick the exact opposite of the correct answer.

It's like having mate in three and you are arguing to move the knight from king's side to queen's side.
No. 14893 ID: cda1dd

you are entirely right, its the same thing when we found the "fire" signal. i also didnt realized it. i actualy asked for the CS/S formula to keep it later, but that went unoticed.

i actualy refrained myself from postin lately cuz i was affraid of screwing the GRIMDARK setting.
No. 14894 ID: 7524b0

What thread are you reading? Tons of people suggested that.
No. 14895 ID: 7524b0

If you mean right NOW... then well, I guess suggesters are getting tired of waiting days for some computer search results.
No. 14896 ID: 7a3781

Dear guy,

>Not a single other person is suggesting that we [...] ask the computer where Counter Suppress is stored.
>look up in the database where counter suppress is stored and go get some to make Penji stronger.

>The system's really set up more along the lines of, like, someone spending three weeks writing a report on your reproductive system.

I count more than ten posts asking for where's what in the facility. At the end of it, we hardly got a map out of the thing. Do you honestly believe that the same facility that doesn't have clear records on which tube contains what alien killing machine is going to keep an inventory of it's cupboards?

Frankly, I think your head is so far up your ass that you can't really see anything beside your own shit. How's that for impolite?
No. 14906 ID: a85626


>> I thought it was pretty clear when we saw the video of them tearing off Mitzi's arm with a giant robot claw

To be fair, I thought they were putting it back on...
No. 14958 ID: 86bece

I didn't mean that I found anything morally wrong with how they reacted. It just seemed like they were basically mindless and tried to escape like a wild animal. It didn't work back then and I don't think it will work now either.

If Penji is an alien then I don't think this is really her original form. I think everyone at the Athelhom incident, both possible survivors from the town and survivors from whatever crashed got infected with the Valcien retrovirus, which among other things I suspect shut down cognitive ability and increases aggression.

So if the suppress levels in their blood goes too low they will revert to that stage.
No. 14959 ID: 1ac39d

what? no. penji is a biological weapon MADE by aliens. also, mitzi was still acting like a wild animal until we tazzered her tits. so are now going to suggest that without regular electric shock mitzi is going to turn back into a crazy animal? they are acting like that simply out of combination fear, anger, pain, and hatred, and adrenaline pumping at full speed. of course you are going to freak out.
No. 14960 ID: 86bece

She hadn't eaten for two days when we first found her. She was hungry and Penji looked somewhat tasty.

Penji being a biological alien bioweapon then she is still her being an alien. We have no idea who made her or why.
No. 14970 ID: ffbb5a

are you at least reading the arguments? mitzi was isolated in that cell for a very long time. of course she was going to freak out, when she gets out of her cell she gets shot with huge guns.

why is she proficient with HUMAN guns up to the point of being confortable with them? shouldnt she have received trainning with ALIEN weapons?
No. 14971 ID: 5a2e05

Training for missions behind enemy lines, weapons procure-on-site? I dunno.
No. 14972 ID: ffbb5a

my good sir, i concede you the point.

it seems penji is a over engineered bioweapon proficient in all forms of warfare.
No. 14973 ID: 67c611

Gunpowder based weapons are really good at killing people. It's not unreasonable to think that other civilizations, as advanced as they are, are still using them.

It's also possible that they have advanced to using some propellant other than gunpowder but are still using a cartridge based system.
No. 14974 ID: 67c611

I mean, really, we have had gunpowder weapons from the first practical steam engine, to the automobile, to the internal combustion engine, to powered flight, to space travel, to the internet and we are still using them.
No. 14975 ID: acc558

Annnnyone else seeing the rapid self imaging thats happening with Penji? I mean, she has gone from "IamnogoodwithbodyhowdidIdothat" to "Wait, Humans CAN'T do that?"

Whatever she is, you can say that she's growing away from being Human, and more so, away from what we know.
No. 14993 ID: 1ac39d

it's simply when confronted with how something works her memories of how she works suddenly come to the surface.
No. 14995 ID: 88fc9a

The Star Gods saw fit to equip her with field manuals, encoded in genetic memory.
Pity it doesn't help her remember who she was or who she were with, huh?
All that knowledge and nothing to help her build an identity outside of "Weapon".
It's a good thing she has emotions at least.
No. 14996 ID: 1ac39d

wait.. made by star gods, bioengineered weapon, genetic memory... TOZOLS ARE ORKS!!
No. 15028 ID: a85626


Spare energy reserves?
No. 15030 ID: fd6cc9

she already stated she knows she can have babies. no nipples means a more... agressive way of adquiring food.

it makes sense if they are born with working teeth,considering penji can literally regrow limbs back.
No. 15031 ID: 1ac39d

or she is fuzzy enough that they are covered up.

also, even if Hyperion can't get un-braindead we can regen him and sex up his comatose body and restart the Tozol line and slowly get an army made of penji's kids. and their dad would double as an object lesson on why they are fighting humanity.
No. 15033 ID: 88fc9a

If Penji and the other Tozol are engineered weapons, you have to wonder why they have reproductive facilities. Penji also has genetic memory... instincts... as to what it's for, it seems. Always one child at a time, she said.
Now why would a weapon be able to make more of itself, other than to replenish the stocks?
Or were Tozol made to be a complete species in and of themselves as well?
Is there Tozol culture?
So many questions!
No. 15034 ID: fd6cc9

yeah, tozols are likely self sufficient. right now i only have a itch with superconductors that penji eats, im not sure how a tozol would find it regularly, maybe a bioengineered plant that harvest it?
No. 15039 ID: 88fc9a

She did say she could synthesize a low of those compounds herself... but I don't know if the superconductors are an exotic element or simply a compound.
Now, what would they use the superconductors for? I'm thinking it plays a role in neural signalling for 'em. For some reason.
No. 15042 ID: e4bd64


"Intelligent, self-replicating kill-drones" was considered to be a "not inaccurate" description.
No. 15044 ID: a594b9

Penji has nipples. That has been established.
No. 15050 ID: fd6cc9

killdrones confirmed for acute deadly cuteness.

"you think human babies are the worse with 3 holes? just imagine what the fourth hole on tozol babies do."
No. 15052 ID: f40055
File 127272863484.png - (50.57KB , 500x2000 , Breakingnews.png )

No. 15053 ID: 1ac39d

that is exactly how it is for most guys here. i waas like 'okay yeah, it's kinda obvious, anyway go do something.'
No. 15054 ID: c42dc3

Hahaha nice.
No. 15062 ID: 8ce2bf

Where'd the silly naked Tozol dance April Fool's quest go? I cannot seem to find it.
No. 15069 ID: a594b9


Catalog mode is great if you know what the title image looks like.
No. 15072 ID: 889351

Yes, but you have to be looking for the right quest.

No. 15081 ID: 701a19

I wonder; how long it will be before people realize that Penji isn't a bio-engineered weapon designed by the precursors, but a precursor herself?
No. 15082 ID: 5eedac

Penji is hopkin green frog, what are you talking about?
No. 15083 ID: 5eedac
File 127282773417.jpg - (12.48KB , 273x363 , penji green tozol.jpg )

Proof Penji is hopkin
No. 15101 ID: 6dd95c

Why can't I stop hearing that in a funny adorable voice? It's making me laugh obnoxiously loud in a library, goddamn it.
No. 15273 ID: eaec5a

"Hey, I've got a brilliant idea! Let's get the fuck out of the room with the giant monsters that are hungry and want to eat us!"

"67c611, you're retarded. We should totally shoot up with CS that's going to cause Penji a lot of pain and take a minute to recover from while we are in the same room as a bunch of giant monsters that are hungry and want to eat us. Nothing can possibly go wrong."
No. 15316 ID: 0fc814
File 127337946561.png - (15.25KB , 500x500 , Mirage_Penji.png )

<TestPattern> I was just playing around trying to emulate the [Mirage] style
<justN> nice though. Now let's see a Penji like that, hey?
No. 15317 ID: 3297aa

Hooooly CRAP that is awesome. MOAR!
No. 15319 ID: 1ac39d

flee, for the destroyer of worlds has come.
No. 15353 ID: ecf25b

Do a whole chapter In that style just for shits and giggles
No. 15354 ID: 1ac39d

it will be when Penji finds the Tozol equivalent to Weed. because of how tough Tozols are, one leaf could kill 10 humans.
No. 15356 ID: 0fc814

The funny part is that the whole quest was supposed to use simple, stylized art along such lines.

...and meanwhile, close-ups in Mirage quest are only about as stylized as TQ is normally: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/127331017931.png
No. 15560 ID: b2724f

It would have been really smart to look up in the archives computer what creatures were being stored in live storage. Then we would know exactly what we are dealing with.

Now some people are suggesting that we go to stasis without looking up in the computer what is stored there. Again we will be guessing at what is what and some brilliant person will suggest that we go look them up in the computer. Why don't we do that first this time and not have 5 minutes of confusion and mass guessing?
No. 15566 ID: e8a222

A lot people have suggested to look up anything from equipment to creatures to detailed maps of everything. The entirety of these suggestions was ignored, which leads me to believe it's the GMs little way of saying he's not going to figuratively paste the link to the GameFAQs page of this quest.
No. 15568 ID: 0fc814

They did look for equipment rosters, but with the information at hand, they'd have to try and piece it together from unit replacement orders stretching back for years. Could take hours.

As for more detailed blueprints, they're probably somewhere in the system, but at the same time, they can just walk over and take a look...

I'd have to WRITE the gamefaqs, too.
No. 15578 ID: 88fc9a

Compiling information like that is what you hire interns for.
Not post-human college undergrads and living alien weapons!
I also haven't said that Test Pattern is awesome for a while now. He is. Very.
No. 15580 ID: 67008a

nb4 Mitzi accidentally all the caged beasts.
No. 15591 ID: 1ac39d

guys, it's rather simple. we figure out when it's going to go off and hide when it does. then while the monsters are rampaging around the place we can move on. they will keep anyone they come accross rather busy and something tells me displacers are both expensive and the only effective way of getting rid of them so they very well could use up all the ammo for their mega weapon.
No. 15627 ID: 44ec13

I know this is off-topic but bleh.
Test pattern, when you're done with Tozol Quest is there any chance you will pick up After Quest again?
No. 15628 ID: 3c8a6f

>Implying Tozol Quest will ever end

It's not an objective critique, but I guess I miss the good NPCs the most. From Shadran to goat dudes. Mitzi or faceless enemies like random soldiers and The Facility™ are hard to give a shit about by comparison.

I also pretty much stopped assuming Penji can even die after she took a magic rocket to her chest and somehow used it to get away from a somewhat hopeless situation.
No. 15629 ID: c71597

Good plan with one little change I think. When the shit hits the fan we try to take down their command center. Then their guard teams will be on their own and in deep shit. It should also make it easier for us to get out of the place.

We might need some more allies to properly take it down though. Finding Mitzis brother and a few other experiments should make it work though.
No. 15630 ID: 1ac39d

what coulkd really help is if mitzi could speak space-sharkease, then we could wake it up and she could keep it calm and let it know we are trying to get it out. then we have it fire it's laser at the ceiling hatch.
No. 15645 ID: 654670
File 12739700647.jpg - (26.78KB , 355x183 , ScaryChoice.jpg )

No. 15647 ID: 1ac39d

if we stayed in the tube we would have been safe. that's the only safe choice.
No. 15649 ID: 5e217a

thats like saying you would never get your feeling hurt if you never tried dating that girl you liked.
No. 15654 ID: fdaabb

Mitzi's brother let Penji out/let Penji wake up to get out. He's setting up all these distractions. What's a better distraction than us?
No. 15655 ID: 5e217a

so why didnt he set out his sister that is a engineer and could help him escape far better that this distraction could?

...damm he is hunting something inside the facility.
No. 15658 ID: b8883a

Setting up all the distractions to go off later, then coming back for her. He modded the decontamination corridor to fry everyone except he and his sister. Only enemy we had in there was a robot that didn't trigger the hallway.
We just woke up sooner than he expected.

...either that or he's trying to kill them all and trusted that Mitzi was smart enough to escape on her own.
No. 16299 ID: c4c313


If there IS a Tozol homeworld, it's damn hard to find, because Penji and the other two were the first tozols humans ever encountered. And there's this problem that comes with not being a space shark, which is dying in the cold vacuum of space. What's it going to do, swallow them?

We need to get out of the facility, and somewhere where they can't back us into a corner so easily. We need to get somewhere on this planet that the authority doesn't know about where we can set up some kind of base of operations. A junk yard would do nicely. We need to find out what the heck is going on with the Diplomats, and how to avoid said goings on from killing us. Then we can worry about how to get off planet to go looking for whatever counts as home for an amnesiac super weapon from space.
No. 16302 ID: 1ac39d

well mitzi may be able to survive in space, she is partially a space shark after all. an upgrade for penji may make it so she can hold her breath for days or something.
No. 16358 ID: 1ac39d

okay guys, let me get this out of the way Counter-supress DESTROYS Suppress. it's not making her more powerful then she is supposed to it is bringing her back up to normal power. since her subconscious remembers getting firearms training that means if we get her down to having 0% suppress in her system she will not turn into a slobbering hellbeast. suppress is not SAN, having less of it will always be a good thing.
No. 16363 ID: 67c611

Suppress suppresses natural powers. It takes away what makes a creature special. It deadens their senses, it slows their muscles, it stunts their growth.

Counter suppress is the anti-toxin. 1 tube of suppress is countered by 1 tube of counter suppress.

From what we know, Penji had about 10 doses of suppress in here system. She has taken 4 doses of counter suppress leaving 6 doses of suppress left in her system.

Her internal sensors (let's nick name it Overwatch) are hampered by suppress's presence. The less suppress in Penji's system, the more extensive Overwatch's capabilities are. It let's her know what systems she has and what their status or damage is. Overwatch is also in charge of allocating healing. Suppress also hampers the healing ability of Overwatch. Since she had 10 units of suppress in her system to begin with, and a tube of counter suppress removes one, Overwatch gains healing power equal to 1/10th of its total. We'll call it a healing point to keep it simple. Healing points are assigned to any systems that Overwatch can detect. For each hour we have a point of healing allocated, we call that a point-hour of healing. Each system takes a certain number of point-hours to repair back to full function. You can put multiple healing points into a system repair it quicker or spread them out across multiple systems to repair them all but at a slower rate for each.

The known systems and their status is represented with the tech tree. As the systems are repaired, Overwatch gains further ability to detect new systems.

[I can't remember if I covered all the points I intended to. Whatever. Have fun with the wall of text. TestPattern: is this description of the game mechanics "good enough" for us to base our healing plans on? We've got enough pieces of infromation to figure it out but we don't have a box with a picture on it to follow when putting them together.]
No. 16478 ID: c4c313

Penji needs Counter Suppress because <insert how I myself think Counter Suppress would work>. Penji doesn't need any more Counter Suppress because <insert how I myself think Counter Suppress would work>.

In the immortal words of Anonymous, 'looks like our "level up" system will involve finding C-S'. From Penji's perspective it's a mysterious biological agent like Suppress that has eerie Space Properties due to being designed by Space Aliens called Diplomats. From our perspective it's a level-up item. Thus while Penji might hesitate to flood her body with counter-suppress, we questers have every reason to suggest that she shoot it up like a movie star at a heroin factory.

I don't know how Counter Suppress works, or what it implies from using, or not using it. But I would rather give Penji the C-S mistakenly, if that meant that Test Pattern didn't have to figure out a whole new plot involving the baby space whale. If Test has a whale of a tale ready to go, I would hate to give Penji the C-S and miss out on that. So I can't say whether she should take it or not. Logically she should, and emotionally it's less clear, but for the story's progression, it's not clear at all what we should do.
No. 16494 ID: c5ce35

I wonder what will happen to us (the voices in her head) once Penji escapes.
Will chapter 31 involve us guiding her on her quest to find a husband?
No. 16495 ID: 1ac39d

no 'i think' about it, that's how Counter Supress works. would understand that if you read the posts right.
Test, could we get a ruling on this to shut this argument up?
No. 16496 ID: a594b9

I think eventually Penji will repair her brain fully and we'll fade away.
No. 16498 ID: 7610f9

That would an awesome way to end a quest actually.
No. 16499 ID: c5ce35


But I don't want to fade away. :(
I promise I won't call her Jelly Rolls anymore.
No. 16510 ID: 8bdb6a

>Test, could we get a ruling on this to shut this argument up?
I don't understand what the disagreement is. Everyone appears to agree that countersuppress makes suppress go away, allowing penji to repair her systems faster, or waking up creatures that have been suppressed into lethargy or unconsciousness. It's not a complex idea.
No. 16532 ID: 1ac39d

most people understand it but some guys thought it was like steroids and taking too much would make you succumb to bloodlust.
No. 16533 ID: 1ac39d

like this guy
No. 16656 ID: 67c611

1 tube of counter suppress removes/negates/neutralizes one tube of suppress.
That's how it works.
There is no debate here.

Penji started out with about 10 doses of cripple juice in her system. She's taken 4 doses of counter suppress. That leaves 6 doses of cripple juice in her. We have one tube of counter suppress.

We can either get more cripple juice out of Penji or wake up a giant space shark with no legs and try to take it with us out a doorway it won't fit through.
No. 16676 ID: a594b9

>Penji started out with about 10 doses of cripple juice in her system.

You say that as if there's any way for us to know for sure.
No. 16678 ID: 8bdb6a

I've given some hints, but there isn't.
No. 16871 ID: 67c611

It's Penji.

Only criticism I've got is the legs are a different type. And her finger is on the trigger. Both pretty easy fixes. Yes, it's great as it is. Could be slightly better. No, I'm not overlooking the fact that it's awesome.
No. 16900 ID: c5ce35


Where are her tails?
Otherwise awesome off course.
No. 16966 ID: 67c611

>Implying space shark rape is a bad thing.
No. 17014 ID: f95872

Oh tgchan, never change.
No. 17015 ID: 1ac39d

what if as a dying gift it teaches mitzi the full extent of her shark-powers.
No. 17021 ID: c5ce35


Or gives up all its knowledge.
No. 17176 ID: 1ac39d

i think you are jumping the gun on signing her off. from what i can gather valcians are AFRAID of tozols.
No. 17178 ID: 179ced

It's sad you don't realize how annoying your conceited attitude is.

No, it's not annoying because "I KNOW IT'S THE SAD TRUTH." It's annoying because you're being a prime example of that guy.
No. 17183 ID: 67c611

In case you haven't noticed, I've stopped suggesting things. I'm still keeping up with it, just not trying to affect the outcome anymore.
No. 17191 ID: 8bdb6a

Suggestions are encouraged so long as you don't have an attitude about it.
For example, try to avoid this sort of thing if and when you do make suggestions.
No. 17193 ID: a594b9

...first off, the GM is never the opponent in a quest. Second, using a chess analogy is possibly the most impenetrable, egotistical way to get across a point.

Please stop posting anywhere ever.
No. 17200 ID: 110e2c
File 127612538916.jpg - (92.12KB , 600x600 , INTELLECTUAL CHECKMATE.jpg )

>Hurrdurp CHESS
No. 17217 ID: e973f4

You appear to lack a basic understanding of the nature and objective of quests.

Here's a hint: it ain't fuckin' chess.

(Also, way to take yet another potshot at the suggesters with the opening in your analogy there!)
No. 17221 ID: f98e0b

We have to do something about this guy
It's getting to the point that I'm not reading TQ just so I don't have to deal with his bullshit
No. 17222 ID: a594b9

I don't think it's possible for you to be any more full of yourself.

We get it. You think we're making all the wrong choices. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, Test isn't giving us a choice between 'right' and 'wrong' things to do here? Quests aren't all black and white, if they're done well. All choices should have advantages and disadvantages.

We could have kept the Counter for ourselves, but we would have not found out this new information about the explosives and Tozol behavior; that information could be crucial. If you just go for raw power every time you have a chance, you're just going to wind up rushing into situations without understanding what you're getting into... and that leads to death more often than just not being strong.
No. 17223 ID: 110e2c

>/me doesn't bother typing an argument you wouldn't understand anyway.
Translation: Rather than take the time to respond reasonably to others' rebuttals to an argument for which I had made virtually no case the first place, I am going to make bullshit excuses and blame my inadequacy on other posters.

Oh, and I wouldn't understand? Well, excuse my ass. Funny how the Smartest Man in the World take time out of his undoubtedly-busy schedule (which is undoubtedly busy because he's so intelligent, and therefore important) to talk down to us plebs. Shouldn't you be out ending world hunger, or inventing viable nuclear fusion? "No wryt, there are people on the Internet I've got to talk shit to." Well, fuck me sideways. Jackass.
No. 17232 ID: e973f4

Prrrretty sure you're not going to have any impact on the way the quest is run! :D

Also I suspect your definition of "bad decision" might just be a little different in this context from, uh, pretty much everyone else's.
No. 17238 ID: 8bdb6a

>/me doesn't bother typing an argument you wouldn't understand anyway.
Okay, stop that. Stop being like that, right now. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Stop it.
No. 17321 ID: 38738e

hey Test Pattern, I just wanted to give you random praise for this quest. My friend just recently turned me on to quest threads, and I gotta say I'm enjoying this one a lot.

Now only if my friend would stop insisting Operator is a Diplomat... it's clearly an AI.
No. 17340 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 17787 ID: 38738e

Anyone else feel like Penji & co. should refocus on escaping? While finding CS is good, I'm worried we given Security too much time to regroup and figure out we are not vaporized. Unless they think we are, then it's stealth time... except Mitzi probably isn't as stealthy as we are. :/
tl;dr the tube room is neat, but I don't think it contains an alien merc army we could use.
(Jaws deserves our help though, he's a bro.)
No. 17788 ID: c5ce35


Even if they think we are dead, it's only a matter of time before they clean up the rest of the place and start using it again. It'll be very difficult to remain hidden in that situation, so escaping while we are still in the equivalent of the disaster in Black Mesa would be a good idea.
No. 17795 ID: d560d6

I think we need to avoid getting bogged down, and it's time to leave the tank room after a quick check for additional CS. But we've been recently shown that we're in no fit state to brute-force our way out, and we're desperately lacking in any currently known escape route which offers any chance for subtlety.

Backtracking to find when those cages are going to open might be worthwhile, though, since we're probably going to need a distraction or something. The troops around here seem pretty well-equipped to handle escaping abominations. It's not as if we can't leave Mitzi to it while poking around in a nearby room.
No. 17926 ID: c5ce35


Penji being immune to telekinesis doesn't help much when someone drops a 10-ton weight on her.
No. 17929 ID: aeade0

10 tons is easy
No. 17985 ID: b36407

I said don't open the tubes in this room but nooooo... then again if this thing was as half as dangerous as us, it'd be behind a giant blast door like we were.
No. 18063 ID: d560d6
File 127707284643.png - (20.91KB , 500x500 , caught-in-the-act.png )

Tozol Quest: the soap opera
No. 18111 ID: d560d6
File 127713016956.gif - (15.77KB , 640x480 , penji-beserk.gif )


No. 18165 ID: 3416ec


I nearly peed myself with laughter.
No. 19120 ID: f21281
File 127827705419.gif - (23.48KB , 800x600 , TozolIDontEven.gif )

No. 19121 ID: 8bdb6a

This made me lol.
No. 19122 ID: 6c667f

if we rip and tear all the metal off him and force feed him some food he will get better, and from how tozol genes seem to be contained even that will come back :3c
No. 19123 ID: c4c313


Unless of course they removed the single macromolecule that's the only copy of his entire genetic material. I bet you tozols wish you had redundant DNA in every cell now!
No. 19124 ID: 8bdb6a

They have millions of redundant copies. Just not fifty trillion like a human.
No. 19132 ID: 7c97d9
File 127829412917.png - (156.00KB , 800x600 , lolwat.png )

Just wanna improve on it a bit
No. 19154 ID: c4c313


Heh I'm just poking fun. I figured they'd have some level of redundancy. It's just the exception, not the rule, whereas in organisms the rule is redundancy and the exception (skin cells, red blood cells, connective tissue, bone...) is not to have self-reproducing capabilities. Really the only totally self-reproducing part of a human are the gametes.
No. 19178 ID: 1cf642

Theta][Sigma: tozol penises look like artillery guns.
Toastline: hahaha
Toastline: Not just look like
Toastline: they ARE
Rosque: And they fire rounds of sperm
Rosque: At thousands of mph
Latooni: tozol wombs are lined with titanium
Brom: Now I have like a vision of a tozol female like standing on a hill
Brom: and she sticks a red signal flare down
Brom: and she puts on goggles
Brom: and she looks to the sky
Love_Drifter: And the male sits on a different hill
Love_Drifter: calculating trajectories
AngryDrawfag: Three miles away.
No. 19463 ID: c1c607
File 127867137898.jpg - (68.28KB , 407x405 , 125374282285.jpg )

What're we gonna do with Quillig once we're done with him? Simply killing him (or locking him off somewhere) feels like a waste; after all, he knows everything there is to know about this facility. Much better than the server farm, if you ask me.
On the other hand, we can't exactly tote him around on a leash and expect him to behave. Hostages are more bother than convenience.
No. 19470 ID: a594b9

You do realize that Mitzi can mindmeld with people to steal their knowledge right?
No. 19471 ID: c1c607

Last time she tried that (with a human), she fried the guy's mind.
Not saying we shouldn't use it at all, mind. Just take into account that Mitzi is batshit mad at this particular individual, and we're not controlling her directly.
No. 19472 ID: 9dbfa9

Penji should Stockholm syndrome him with sweet furry sex.
But serious, keeping him as a hostage is worth a try. It's not like he could actually harm them.
Just intimidate him enough so he won't try anything crazy, but not enough to make him desperate. Some kinda "good tuned combat creature/bad tentacle half-shark monster" routine might work.

Oh who I'm kidding, he'll get ripped apart like every other potentiality interesting NPC.
No. 19484 ID: e3f578

I think that we should rip his head and hand off. lets rip his head and hand off
No. 19485 ID: d560d6

>Penji should Stockholm syndrome him with sweet furry sex.

But then Mitzi will just kill him out of jealousy.
No. 19563 ID: c5ce35

Let Mitzi rip out all his knowledge, then discard his useless corpse. Maybe take along a hand/eye in case of ID scans.
No. 19611 ID: c4c313
File 127882631861.gif - (112.47KB , 800x565 , toolate.gif )

No. 19619 ID: c1c607

Disregarding the blood trail, how come Marcus, who previously disregarded every single door he had to pass through as if it didn't exist; who is presumably even more of an engineering genius than his sister; who had enough time to plot and execute an escape plan for her; and who probably despises Quillig just as much, let him live?

Shenanigans are afoot.
No. 19620 ID: 61faa9


Luckily we have an NPC to berate us for being dumb, and boy is it deserved.
No. 19621 ID: 88af7c

Don't be afraid guys, Penji is probably immune against being ripped apart.

Also, those "badass dialog" suggestions are goddamn atrocious.
No. 19622 ID: 54af1f

Sunk Cost Fallacy for the win.
No. 19623 ID: 61faa9


The fundamental problem with the 'badass dialogue' suggestions is that it's really hard to come across as a badass when you're being mauled as a result of your own flabbergastingly bad decisions.
No. 19624 ID: d560d6


Also that fat neckbeards sat in front of their PCs seem prone to deliver speeches that would make amateur dramatics types cringe.
No. 19662 ID: 197650

We need to get away from these things, now.
No. 19669 ID: c4c313

Far as I can tell the only way out is through these things.
No. 19770 ID: f47db2

I gotta know.

I stopped making suggestions myself a while ago, but I keep reading.

Are you guys deliberately trying to get Penji killed? I mean, the author has given you a pass again and again and you keep doing things that are incredibly stupid/dangerous.

Good examples are trying to tear into the safe room, cracking open both the tanks (though one turned out alright), and a chapter or so ago when the combat plan was "lets shoot down a rocket".
No. 19771 ID: fd4aa7


No, I'm pretty sure /quest/ is just that stupid. And the constant flow of suggesters dropping in and out across time and timezones means it acts in a very, very attention-deficit manner.
No. 19772 ID: 50bd16

I kinda doubt many, if any, suggestions are actively malicious.
>the author has given you a pass again and again
The problem is right here I think. People assume they can pull whatever animetastic shit while spouting hardcore one-liners and Test is just going to fix whatever mess they get them into.
He's certainly one of the better questers and is good with both art and writing, but he seems to be lacking the necessary GM abilities to control the cluster-fuck popularity turns his quests into.

I also stopped suggesting cause it seems futile to go against the majority like the latest fuck up with the panic-room and I don't really care enough anymore for getting into arguments in the quest thread.
No. 19775 ID: 8bdb6a

You don't have to win an argument. You just have to post a suggestion. Takes like ten seconds.

I don't go by who wins some silly argument. I just go by which idea seems to have the most backing.

I get a little disheartened when people say that they COULD give intelligent suggestions, and are interested, but choose not to do so for some reason.
No. 19777 ID: e973f4

There have been a few times recently where I haven't suggested anything because either 1) the last ten posts of the thread are tangential discussion (which shouldn't be in the quest thread at all! >:C) so I assumed we weren't doing much of anything at the time or 2) it didn't look like my suggestion would mean anything one way or the other because of the number of people who had settled on one of the first two plans suggested. 3:
No. 19785 ID: a594b9

If nobody went against the majority, voting would be over after the FIRST THREE SUGGESTIONS.

Never ever go "Oh, my vote won't mean anything", that can only make things worse.
No. 19820 ID: b36407

Yikes, I go away for a few days and shit hits the fan. Well, at least I can post suggestions now... >.>

So Marcus is a Tozol hybrid eh? Here's hoping we can team up and get shit done. Pardon my ignorance but do we need (i.e. Penji needs) more Counter?
No. 19824 ID: d560d6

>So Marcus is a Tozol hybrid eh?

No, I think Qillig just though we were Marcus-disguised-as-Tethys (Penji), at least up until the "fourty years" quip.

This does tell us that Marcus is either a full-blown shapeshifter (in which case those assuming that Mitzi is heading that way may well be right, since apparently they got the same treatment), or has disguise skills to rival Rollin from Mission Impossible.

It's possible that that's how he got out of HS3 without the same degree of sabotage we used, I guess.

>Here's hoping we can team up and get shit done. Pardon my ignorance but do we need (i.e. Penji needs) more Counter?

AFAIK, more counter still means more benefit to the healing process and getting our Tozol abilities back.
No. 19825 ID: d560d6


Oh, yes, and I don't think we have to share any more---Mitzi didn't spend decades being dosed up with the stuff, and ISTR her turning down the last dose of counter we offered. (Not that we've found much.)
No. 20386 ID: b36407

Hey Test, for serious yo I think pretty much everyone here doesn't want Penji to bite it, yet we are not the greatest tactical minds (yeah I know some anons are actually in the military, but that's beside the point) here.

It's my own BS, but maybe consider: many quests have taught us 99% of the plot happens inside secret labs like the one we are in now. Is your plan to have the ending be Penji escaping the facility, or something more grand?

tl;dr I think Tozol Quest is awesome and I don't want you to give up hope, brah.
No. 20392 ID: 8bdb6a

>Is your plan to have the ending be Penji escaping the facility, or something more grand?
That would be telling.

>I think Tozol Quest is awesome and I don't want you to give up hope, brah.
No. 20728 ID: e36a0e

Out of curiosity, did you yanked universe from Maelstorm or was it other way around?

Too lazy to check dates on SD itself, sorry.
No. 20729 ID: a594b9

What the hell are you talking about?
No. 20730 ID: c5ce35


Meta-gaming my dear boy, meta-gaming.
No. 20731 ID: e36a0e

SD stands for Story Debate.
Thats basicaly what Icon Quest is, exept with multiple player controlled characters/factions.

I didn't intend my question as insult, Maelstorm SD on SpaceBattles have Tozol (Precursor-made light infanatry) and Valcien (living starships).

It is enerely possible that TestPattern simply reusing ideas, now that I think of it.

Still, question stands :)
No. 20733 ID: c1c607
File 128005313813.jpg - (29.04KB , 300x230 , chopperdave.jpg )

No. 20735 ID: d560d6

I don't want to derail the quest thread proper with arguing with other people's suggestions:

This is precisely the kind of "the protagonist must dare and the GM will make sure it pays off" metagaming that keeps screwing us over.

Let's not Orb of Infinite Psyche this. Leave that fourth wall alone or we're going to have another update of ragePenji grabbing her brain.
No. 20736 ID: c1c607

Lets not break the fourth wall, then. We still, however, need to come up with an excuse for Penji's disjointed behavior. Mitzi saw right through all the other lies, so I figured telling her some nonsense about Tozol biology might do it.
No. 20737 ID: 3d7a30


I have to disagree there. We've done risky stuff before and it's always moved us forwards.

However the /way/ we've done risky stuff has been somewhat lacking.
No. 20739 ID: d560d6

The last time we lost our rifle, most of our armour, and an eye.

I might be up for a take-out-the-tank plan *if* we can come up with something better than "run straight at it down a long corridor with no hard cover". (At least this time there are obvious gains to be made from taking such a risk.)
No. 20740 ID: d560d6

(And, yes, that has worked before---after we used a rifle to screw up its targetting optics, and when it was perpendicular to us.)
No. 20741 ID: 3d7a30
File 128006373338.jpg - (35.49KB , 559x458 , penji-mitzi.jpg )

I'm feeling like this at the moment
No. 20742 ID: 3d7a30


we have 2 frag grenades. I bet Penji is a strong and accurate enough thrower to place them right on its sensor turrent or whatever it uses to see with
No. 20743 ID: bffa2a

I'm really liking how the quest is slowly creeping towards the bad end. Really gives the feeling of rising desperation and resignation to fate instead of a jarring stop. And it's all our fault. Now it's a question of do we go out in a glorious last stand, exploding base or just get ingloriously mauled to death. Or mayby /quest/ will shape up and pull together for the slightly better ending.

But that would mean those moaning for smarter suggestions should post and not just abandon Penji. I'm going to start posting again when I can even though I feel we're already close to the end. I've been reading it since the beginning and I really like it. I'm sorry for not really posting or giving props before Test.
No. 20744 ID: d560d6

Fragmentation grenades are not desperately useful against armour, and being a tankbot it probably doesn't have much to worry about from concussion, either.
No. 20746 ID: 3d7a30


I know what you mean there. I'm conflicted about this quest. The fuckups and the bad decisions make for a great story. Yet at the same time I really like the characters and I don't want them to be miserable.
No. 20747 ID: 0b2a05

How about we suggest better so we can see more of the story?

Seriously what the fuck.
No. 20748 ID: d560d6

Because people are too busy writing speeches.
No. 20750 ID: 0b2a05

Okay I said that badly. I think it would be really good if everyone reread the entire quest from the start. Really, things have gone bad, let's try and do things better.
No. 20756 ID: 460e1e

Well, I guess it's a crazy idea, but maybe some of the ridiculous oversized moderation staff could actually moderate a little bit.
>Stay on topic. /quest/ is for suggestions. Keep discussion on /questdis/.
This for example could be strictly enforced.
Extreme measures like that really ain't necessary for most quests, but for some reason Tests stuff turns into cluster-fucks, suggestion wise.
No. 20760 ID: 8bdb6a

I haven't actually noticed a particularly unusual amount of infighting in the /quest/ thread lately. Some reactions, but that's to be expected when stuff goes wrong.
No. 20820 ID: d560d6

>Every time Mitzi has mind-melded with something it's left her emotionally distraught afterward
>Mitzi is already emotionally distraught enough right now to be somewhat irrational and hiding in a freezer
>People want her to mind-meld with an alien brain that apparently doesn't take kindly to mind-melding

I'm missing why this is a good idea.
No. 20822 ID: c1c607

Guess I should defend my position. I've stated the pros to it in the thread.

>Alien brain doesn't take kindly to mind-melding.
How'd you figure?

>Mitzi is/will be upset.
>"Shit. Maybe if I learn how to actually find out useful stuff with that."
That's what made me think about suggesting it. She's showing desire to use it. Now, while having nothing else to do, is the perfect opportunity.
And honestly? I hate bringing it up, but if all goes right, I think it will work great as a relationship mender between them.
No. 20824 ID: d560d6

>How'd you figure?
It was mentioned in IRC. I think it may have come up in one of the many Notes we have Read that Tozol brains are weird and not prone to normal fiddling. Someone more obsessive could potentially go hunting for specifics, like if this is active or passive resistance.

>nothing else to do
Well, this is why I suggested digging out the laptop and seeing if we can determine if tech has anything worthwhile being researched in there BEFORE investing the time going the wrong way. It seems to offer a much better risk/reward and still gives Mitzi a chance to calm down and plan.
No. 20825 ID: c1c607

>Note that was Read.
I remember it. Pretty sure it only discussed human-tried methods only, and not alien mind-tentacles voodoo.

What laptop?
No. 20826 ID: 8bdb6a

Mitzi still has a laptop with biolab data downloaded onto it. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.
No. 20827 ID: d560d6

>What laptop?
Didn't we download a bunch of stuff onto a laptop Mitzi was carrying? And hopefully still is, since she wasn't the one who got mauled by a big dude and had her equipment smashed.
No. 20828 ID: c1c607

That laptop. Okay.
No. 20829 ID: c1c607

Also, while you're here, is the Tozol Brain Defense System™ passive or active? This is the kinda information you don't just drop to IRC and forget about it you jerk.
No. 20830 ID: d560d6

It wasn't Test who said that; it was Seven, looking at the log:

08:54 < TestPattern> Anyhow, Penji is not going to tell her about the voices unless there is a very, very, very good reason given.
08:54 < Shiitake> Alright
08:54 < TestPattern> And since I can't imagine any possible good reason, don't hold your breath.
08:55 < justN> I can think of ONE reason...
08:55 < TestPattern> Yeah?
08:55 < TestPattern> heck, maybe i'm wrong
08:55 < justN> but I don't think Mitzi is going to try a Valcien brain-meld with Penji anytime soon
08:55 < justN> but if she did, warning her about Penji's head fulla crazy would probably be a good precautionary measure
08:55 < TestPattern> Do you guys want her to?
08:56 < Shiitake> uhhh
08:56 < Shiitake> Tozols can't do that I thought
08:56 < Anonymage> Would it help?
08:56 < justN> that thing I just said? Not at all.
08:56 < Seven01a19> Valcien can't meld with Tozols
08:56 < Seven01a19> She could try it though.
No. 20831 ID: c1c607

Oh well, I thought it was a good idea.
Back to salvaging munitions and getting chewed upon then, I guess.
No. 20832 ID: 61faa9

Before getting tentacle-mindraped by Mitzi Penji should first try shooting a hole in her skull, sticking a finger in and swirling it around.

She'll regenerate eventually and it might make the voices go away.
No. 20833 ID: d93589

there is the possibility thta the voices are actualy some sort of strategical command center.

she has the orb to help her get it right.
No. 20835 ID: d560d6

(Seven isn't necessarily right; he might have misremembered or something.)

Bullet-induced trepanation CAUSED the voices, best we can tell.

Hey, maybe we should shoot Hyperion in the head!
No. 20837 ID: 8bdb6a


>some sort of strategical command center.
It's not that strategic.
No. 20842 ID: bb8d9d

I'll say. I don't know what it is about your quest that pulls in the poorly thought out suggestions but they seem to come in spades.
No. 20847 ID: cfe1c2

hey, we try ._.

just because we dont have much sucess doesnt mean that isnt our main purpose.

or maybe that is what made penji superdangerous and led her race to extinction due to exterminatus caused by the orb going LOLRAEP on whatever ir could find.
No. 20849 ID: d560d6
File 128026466986.gif - (18.36KB , 640x480 , exposure-to-naked-tozols-may-cause-chibification.gif )


Mitzi is an indirect player character.
No. 20854 ID: 8bdb6a

Well, that's certainly one way to patch things up...
No. 20864 ID: a594b9

Are you saying that would WORK!?
No. 20908 ID: ea4a10

I don't think that mitzi looking in penji's mind is a very good idea. All she is going to see is how messed up penji's head really is. It will be nothing but voices saying hello, telling penji fat jokes, and demanding mitzi throw down with penji all ready. She may never talk to us again. She might take off running away, her head could explode, or she could get here freak on with a tozol. The point is it could be a big risk to let her look in penji's mind.
No. 20909 ID: 9bd27f


We just need to be ready for it. As soon as she melds, half of us rush in, and suddenly, Mitzi becomes vulnerable to suggestion, and we have two characters to torment. Torment more directly that is.
No. 20910 ID: 5a2e05

Gotta be careful with splitting our forces. Then we'd lose half our influence on Penji and she may start thinking for herself instead of blindly listening to everything we s-

I support this plan.
No. 20937 ID: d560d6

06:09 < TestPattern> I should consider a recap, but whenever I see 'message too long, click reply to view' in a post I made, I feel that it's a form of defeat.


Obsessive fans willing to re-read the threads or with better memories than mine: go go go.
No. 21507 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128132242683.jpg - (91.37KB , 500x500 , penji_eating_all_of_fredrick\'s_diamonds.jpg )

No. 21534 ID: badf27
File 12813456029.jpg - (25.38KB , 471x351 , catstrawberries.jpg )

I love you.

I don't even have a reaction image for what I am feeling, so this one will have to suffice.
No. 21545 ID: 283fa9

...who is Fredrick?
No. 21546 ID: 8bdb6a

The poster above you. When we were playing Minecraft, I made him lose a bunch of diamonds by accident. He was like "aaaaaa test, penji ate my diamonds."
The image has no bearing on, or relation to, the quest.
No. 21552 ID: d560d6

What the heck is Penji trying to say?
No. 21555 ID: 701a19

-> >>323255
No. 21562 ID: badf27

I'm Fredrick. Nice to meet you. I generally mean well but I shout a lot and am quick to anger. Please don't take it the wrong way.

Also yes Test's summary is why that picture exists and that picture of Penji eating my diamonds has my super special snowflake of a murrsona. He is a robot corgi made of discount components.
No. 21565 ID: dad664


Penji Tozol is eating my diamonds
Why is she eating my diamonds?
Penji Tozol is eating my diamonds
Why is she eating my diamonds?
Penji Tozol is eating my diamonds
Why is she eating my diamonds?
Penji Tozol is eating my diamonds
Why is she eating my diamonds?

To hug the diamonds.
To envelop, those diamonds,
To hug the diamonds.
To envelop, those diamonds,
To hug the diamonds...those diamonds, those diamonds.

She wants to make love to the diamonds.

Tough young Jabberwocks, sinewy bodies and...
tails and teeny toes, challenge the rocks, challenging...death!
Why does she eat the diamonds?

Because she's in love.

There is a passionate affair going on between Penji and the diamonds.

Penji has my, Penji has my diamonds.

Now, in order to create that illusion, sucking...
some of the most sensational Valcien who, not only fly, but are...
voracious, fleeting and elusive, and peripheral.
And, that's putting Penji with my diamonds.

Penji Tozol is eating my diamonds
Why is she eating my diamonds?
Penji Tozol is eating my diamonds
Why is she eating my diamonds?
Penji Tozol is eating my diamonds
Why is she eating my diamonds?
Penji Tozol is eating my diamonds.

Hold it please.

To hug the diamonds, to envelop, those diamonds.
To hug the diamonds, to envelop, those diamonds.
To hug the diamonds...those diamonds, those diamonds.

She wants to make love to the diamonds.

And the Quest...is going...where no Tozol has gone before.

Where no Tozol has gone before.

Challenge the rocks, challenging...death!
Why does she eat the diamonds?

Because she's in love.

No. 21566 ID: d560d6

...delicious superconductors?
No. 21578 ID: 283fa9

Ah, I feel like an idiot. Because I didn't see your trip when I made my post. Of course, that didn't tell me TOO much, since I could STILL point at your name and go 'wait, who are you?'

But now I know that the picture was relating to Minecraft, and that the character is 'you' and not some quest character I should know about ....or that it's a webcomic character, since when I first saw the picture, that's what it reminded me of, and I was even more lost.
No. 21594 ID: badf27

Superconductors? Not likely, he's a hunk of junk.
No. 21654 ID: dad664
File 128157789756.gif - (7.27KB , 408x321 , PenjiLoevSparkPlugs.gif )

<LionsPhil> I am now imagining a :3 Penji gnawing at a crushed car.
No. 21658 ID: 4ae7b5

Hey! that's licking not... gnaw... i... what was I thinking about?
No. 21659 ID: dad664

accidental tiny resolution results in red wire looking like a tongue :(
No. 21674 ID: 8bdb6a

That's pretty cute.
No. 21685 ID: ebb16e

Tozols are way beyond silly concepts like color.
Her tongue is obvious dark grey and not something silly like red.
No. 21916 ID: d560d6

You want Silvis for that:
I'm going to make a wild stab in the dark that he might sport a paunch and a neckbeard.
No. 21982 ID: e63755

Silvis is TestPattern.
No. 22051 ID: a594b9

<Fredrick> IS IT
<Fredrick> PRECURSORS!
<Fredrick> THAT'S RIGHT
<Fredrick> BIG AND SMALL
<Fredrick> WHAT IF
<Fredrick> THAT'S WHY
<Fredrick> I HAVE
<Fredrick> TO STRIKE
<Fredrick> FIRST
<Fredrick> NOW I SEE
<Fredrick> GOD DAMN
No. 22058 ID: 81343b

dammit fred
No. 22077 ID: d560d6

><Fredrick> UH OH GUYS
><Fredrick> FULL OF TOZOLS
><DoubleHope> oh sheeiiit
><Fredrick> they're all sleeping
><Fredrick> like cats
><Fredrick> wit their limbs folded under them
><S_F> This can only mean one thing
><S_F> Find the biggest one
><S_F> And ride it like a mechanical bull until it succumbs as your steed
><Fredrick> i think I'll punch one in the snout to ascertain superiority
><Fredrick> MY LEG!
><Fredrick> hidden tozol feature
><Fredrick> nose retaliation laser
><Fredrick> good news though
><Fredrick> all the tozols are awake now and apparently headvoices ARE A STANDARD FEATURE
><S_F> Dominance was asserted?
><Fredrick> currently one is trying to stand on his head with no hands supporting him
><Fredrick> another is in the corner muttering about breadstick dicks
><Fredrick> one is screaming that she's not fat and throwing shit around the cargo hold
><Fredrick> one is doing some sort of space-pot
><Fredrick> that flashes in rainbow colors

Fredrick is a valuable source of Extended Tozolverse Canon.
No. 22746 ID: 104675
File 128386615067.png - (28.95KB , 600x525 , Popitpals1.png )

Hey, Puppet Pal Mitzi, can you guess what I found in Tech Research?
No. 22747 ID: 104675
File 128386619892.png - (29.54KB , 600x525 , Popitpals2.png )

I don't know, Puppet Pal Penji, a convenium homogenizer?
No. 22748 ID: 104675
File 128386621862.png - (40.46KB , 600x525 , Popitpals3.png )

Nope! A high-tech BONKey wrench!
No. 22749 ID: 290096


The rest of Tozol Quest should be like this.
No. 22752 ID: d560d6


Slightly more seriously, when we have the time to faff with it more, it'll be interesting to see if it can do slightly more complicated tools, like ones with hinges (pliers, scissors).
No. 22757 ID: b36407

So Penji is now sort of an anti-Gordon Freeman. No, think about it!

She is a dirty xeno fighting humans, instead of vice versa.
Her most basic weapon (the mind-prybar) is incredibly advanced... while Freeman's is not.
She is very talkative, well with the voices inside her head at least.

Of course, they both harbor a mutual love of crawling in vents and faffing about in meat freezers. And have a female side-kick who can open doors for them.
No. 22758 ID: 803146

How come humans are always the assholes?

Male humans. For some reason girls are never the xenophobes.
No. 22759 ID: f35afd

Because they're written by furries.
No. 22760 ID: d560d6

Your point might hold more weight if in this setting Diplomats seemed to be equal if not greater assholes. And we don't really know how Tozols normally behave, either.
No. 22763 ID: f4963f

Also, it's not like we're looking at a random sample of the human population. We're specifically dealing with people who are trying to recapture us. Of course they're going to be jerks about it.
No. 22801 ID: 8bdb6a

This made me laugh.
No. 22817 ID: ea2a3c


And specifically we're dealing with the military. That sort of thing has always been predominantly male. Can't risk those productive wombs in combat zones now can we.
No. 23429 ID: dad664
File 128504105028.jpg - (146.24KB , 800x600 , TotallyNotCanon.jpg )

I blame IRC.
No. 23491 ID: fd6d7e


Come to think on it, those displacement bombs might just be the best thing that ever happened to tozol weaponry, even if they were an human invention not intended for tozol use. Just think about it, you're in the heat of battle and your gun jams, the jabberwocks are closing in for the kill and as soon as they latch onto your limbs you activate the matter displacement bomb strapped around your waist. Derka derka, muhammad jihad. And then you walk away untouched with a spherical area of space carved out of the landscape and the bodies of a fuckton of monsters around you. Hell, you could ride one of those things! Apocalypse now, woo!
No. 23600 ID: f57857

Hi Test, I just read through your quest, and I love it :) I especially like your attention to the small details in your quest like still bothering to mention and draw cameras that don't even work and vividly detailing all the rooms we've been in. I hope you aren't tiring yourself out too much and getting too frustrated with the way your fans sometimes get carried away and bicker and post overly long arguments; I guess that just shows how much you've captured our attention and emotions. Thethys, Penji, is badass, but I also find her very cute- like some ferret, fox mongrel of sorts.

I do have some small concerns though, mainly with the way the quest seems to be getting too 'stern'; ah I wish I knew a better word, because what i mean is not that it's too serious, but more like - well, it's been a while since Penji has smiled or done anything light such as something tiny like a joke, something funny, or just something that makes me smirk. I understand that they're in a lot of trouble, and their lives are at risk, so they should be serious about it; however, when the characters seem like they're not enjoying themselves at all for too long, it begins to bleed out into other things, and the quest begins to feel like it's not enjoying itself either. Reading through the chapters after a while begins to feel a little taxing, but I did enjoy it very much and my head is swimming with speculation, apprehension, and awe. It's just that after reading through a large amount of progress, I felt a little 'worn out'. So maybe a few lighter moments in between the shooting might be good.

But, that's probably just me, and I really love what you do, so keep it up! I eager wait for your next update, no pressure of course.
No. 23601 ID: 2563d4

Not to be one of the horrid fanboys who leaps to the defence of things so energetically that they end up isolated from useful criticism and stagnate into horrible, pustulent masses of endless fanbase-pleasing self-reference with an wayward creator at the helm propped up by continual ego-stroking, to be honest, TQ is one of /quest/'s relatively few serious-tone quests right now, and I think it works well for it (there's a reason I keep all the derp-Penji fanart in /dis/).

And with luck we'll be getting out of the despair-in-a-freezer bit and into disemboweling robots again next thread.
No. 23606 ID: 990ee1

It's not a lighthearted quest, and hopefully it never will be. Not everything had to follow a middle ground - I very much like how srs bsns the Tozols are.
No. 23610 ID: f57857


Ah, well, I think there is a fine line between engrossing and fun; both are great, and the two usually go hand in hand, but it's possible to have only one out of either. I don't mean anything like changing Penji's personality, and I sure as hell don't mean altering anything about the plot, but do you remember how Penji used to make that funny 'oh yeahhh' face or when we'd find silly things like that sketch of her in the locker?

It feels like Penji does have a softer and lighter side, but it's been repressed lately. It's different to know a serious character that has no other side and to know a serious character that does have a different face. They're small and seemingly insignificant things, but I think they go a long way in endearing a character. The funnies aren't gone completely of course, thee ship's computer being Clippy was very good, but there are definitely a lot of opportunities and room for slightly more of them, especially since she's frequently alone with herself (and not fixing things with bullets)
No. 23675 ID: 9bd27f


From a storytelling standpoint it makes sense though. When she first woke up, she didn't really know or understand much. Since then, she's found out a lot of things that would be pretty sobering. Also, we the voices pretty much screwed her over, and she doesn't trust us now, which also makes the whole "serious" thing make more sense. In other words, circumstances have made her colder and more distant, which is some nice character development in my opinion.
No. 23676 ID: e31d52

>It's not a lighthearted quest

Go and reread it. It's surprisingly funny.
No. 23677 ID: f57857

Does anyone else distrust the recording on the ship? I don't mean to sound paranoid, but there are some indications that hint at the recording not being made by Marcus at all.

First off is how he seemed a little unattached from Mitzi. Mitzi has strong feelings toward Marcus, so it's highly likely that the converse is also true; even if he thought Penji wouldn't bring Mitzi with her, why didn't he ask Penji to rescue Mitzi anyway? Furthermore, Mitzi mentions that it's unlike Marcus to want everyone and everything in the facility destroyed. She mentions that Marcus is a lucid guy, so I doubt he would let his emotions affect his judgment.
Then, there is the possibility that the recording could have been sent by the containment team or Qilling himself; the message didn't mention when it was sent, and over an hour of time passed in between the times that Penji revealed herself to Qilling and the time she got to the ship. That's enough time for Qilling to get the word out to the containment team and his superiors, and I'm certain the panic room itself has the equipment to send the same manner for message.
Lastly, I find it unlikely that knew Penji was awake to begin with because it's equally unlikely that he may have heard about her encounter with the first squad; the containment team was looking for him, they know he can shapeshift and they've certainly screened their own to make sure he hasn't infiltrated their higher ranks. He may have chanced upon her in her tank, but even the team put in charge of making sure she woke up was sure she would stay dead, so it's far fetched for him to assume she would wake up anytime soon.

I think it could be some kind of trap made by the containment team. The message asked her to get to the armory which they have definitely booby trapped to make sure she doesn't get anymore firepower. They may even have the same weapon that killed Penji in there and are waiting for her. But, another possibility is that it could have been sent by the Diplomats. I know the message was sent fro within the complex and it's unlikely that they know what is going on in Q5, but the message asked Penji specifically to eradicate all personal and the destroy the entire facility, who else would want the only people that knew the technical expertise to revive and develop Tozols and Hybrids and all recent data on aforementioned destroyed?

What do you guys think? Maybe I'm paranoid, but I just don't trust that message...
No. 23678 ID: f57857

Yeah, you're right, Penji does progress realistically. I just wish she'd smile a bit more though...
No. 23695 ID: 4ef491

Seconded. It's also extremely suspicious that the message claims that there's counter-suppress in the armory. I mean, why would they put a medication that makes whatever they would be fighting STRONGER in there, let alone any medication at all? The whole thing sounds like it's a trap to me.
No. 23697 ID: e3f578

Also I wonder if you guys seen Penji on Urban dictionary. It means some who is overly awesome or exceptionally cool. Aww tits.
No. 23742 ID: be299a

i would be surprised if it werent a trap. if we go to the origin point of the message we may get a clue of how real it is.

for me it makes sense to keep the CS and weapons in the same place if they are both biohazard. its possible it could be a chemistry lab trying to discover of what it is made.
No. 24300 ID: 2563d4

Penji really does have weird legs/feet, now we've seen her sat down.
I'd been mentally treating them more like digitigrade with a bonus toe effectively on the underside of the foot, behind the forefoot, which would make the joint just past the extent of her leg armour the ankle. But given the range of motion shown in the latter picture, I'm not sure that'd even work mechanically. The altenative is that she's got bird feet and that joint past the armour is a bone-fide second knee.

tl;dr I've love to see how the heck Tozols run.
No. 24308 ID: 649123

>tl;dr I've love to see how the heck Tozols run.

Something like this, I imagine?
No. 24309 ID: 2563d4
File 128620081057.jpg - (46.70KB , 443x406 , Muybridge_runner.jpg )

Well, I mean something more like this, really. In particular things like how the foot (or foot and lowest leg segment) rotates during a stride and how the weight transfers across their toes.
No. 24319 ID: 649123


Hey Test, get on it!
No. 24388 ID: f57857

What are the advantages of chicken legs anyway? They look fragile; plus human legs work great, and there is a myriad of martial arts that make full and deadly use of human leg structure.
No. 24391 ID: a09a03

>What are the advantages of chicken legs anyway?
More gofaster! More spring, and more range of motion to produce longer, stronger strides.
>human legs work great, and there is a myriad of martial arts that make full and deadly use of human leg structure.
Penji can strangle someone with her foot.

I am... not an animator. At all. I'd make a crappy gif and it would make the whole digitigrade concept seem bad for my failure.
No. 24392 ID: f57857

>Penji can strangle someone with her foot.
No. 24400 ID: 67c611

They keep gold in Fort Knox because it is hard to break into. The armory and security are two of the most heavily fortified areas in the facility.

Penji has fired a pistol accurately using her foot.

Lastly, we will have vastly more damage output with Penji using the mercy giver and Mitzi using her blade arms than we will with Penji using the hatchet and Mitzi using the mercy giver. You give the fighter the best weapon because he has the highest strength. The monk has natural weapons and doesn't need artificial ones.
No. 24403 ID: 2563d4

>human legs work great
Weeellll, not really. They're ridiculously efficient for endurance, but persistence hunting is kind of obsolete. Tozols are engineered, so it makes sense they'd be designed to excel in other areas and leave the long-distance stuff to vehicles.
(Obligatory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_skeletal_changes_due_to_bipedalism )
No. 24406 ID: f57857


I still find it odd that Tozol feet are made to be so dexterous though. Normally, bipedal creatures have rigid or fixed foot structures to efficiently support body weight. They're feet, so optimally they should be designed to take great amounts of weight and not fail under great lengths of stress- things which nimble feet are not designed for since they're optimized for grasping and fine movements like tool control.

Tozols have a hardened skeletal structure, so that makes dexterous feet for a bipedal plausible, but it's not like the creators were expecting Tozols do do fine things with their feet. It's almost like they were expecting Tozols to hang from trees like monkeys (but no tail for balance, so it's unlikely) or act like octopuses and have guns in every grasper, but that would be silly since then how will they stand?
No. 24407 ID: f52552

Zero-G or low-g space stations, maybe?
Any limb can direct you the direction you're wanting, the tails let you see if there's anything in the vents, and if all else fails pulling the same trick themselves?
No. 24409 ID: f57857

I think you would need even sturdier feet in ZeroG, imagine landing on your hands after pushing off hard in that environment, you would likely shatter your whole wrist.
No. 24410 ID: 2563d4

The impact shouldn't be any different from jumping in the air and landing in a handstand?
No. 24411 ID: 56dc25

>act like octopuses and have guns in every grasper, but that would be silly since then how will they stand?
Presumably, they were expected to be seated on some sort of personal motorcycle-like hovercraft if they were to attempt this maneuver. The foot guns are actually mounted on their vehicle, so the feet can take care of both piloting and heavy/secondary weaponry. This allows them to quickly dismount and shift to a standard infantry configuration without the need to change weapon loadout, which is obviously of great importance in an engineered commando race.
No. 24413 ID: f52552

Wait, no, I've got it.
Zero G, and tethers. Teams of two, one has four guns and the other is focused entirely on moving.
Heavier armor on the gunman, lighter on the 'driver'.
No. 24414 ID: a09a03

>I think you would need even sturdier feet in ZeroG, imagine landing on your hands after pushing off hard in that environment, you would likely shatter your whole wrist.
You've lost me.

>It's almost like they were expecting Tozols to hang from trees like monkeys (but no tail for balance
>no tail
Wait, what?
No. 24415 ID: 2563d4

Well, Penji doesn't really have that kind of tails. Even if their loose-spiderweb drifting is subconciously muscular rather than from being actually that light, they still don't seem substantial enough for gripping and counterbalancing.

She's got buttwhiskers, really.
No. 24417 ID: a09a03

They're primarily sense organs, true, but she can make them all move in the same direction to help balance. She just doesn't usually need to, because she hasn't done much jumping or climbing. Monkey or cheetah tails aren't really all that huge, either.

To answer the other question-like thing, grasping feet pose a pretty obvious advantage in zero gee.
No. 24418 ID: dad664

Personally I'm of the belief that Tozol were engineered from an existing base species than from the ground up, but hey I'm probably wrong :U
No. 24421 ID: e3f578

I believe tozol biology mainly runs on rule of cool and so she'd be able to run real fast with even just straight up knife legs like Nedyvor simply because the tozol race TP made seems just to be made with the idea of badass in mind.

No. 24478 ID: 67c611

Penji's muscles have the strength and endurance to keep the feet stiff while walking. Because they aren't stiff inherently she can relax those muscles and use the foot as a flexible grasper.

Test said in IRC that the tails are sharpie width and taper down near the end thin enough to attempt to pick a lock.
No. 24521 ID: f57857

Wow man, imagine 10 sharpies bunched together...

and the applications :3c
No. 24583 ID: 67c611

You'd want two bundles of 6 and 4. Yes, the implications are many and awesome.

We need to look up the displacer and see how it works.
No. 24631 ID: f57857

Well it looks like it annihilates everything within a 5 meter radius EXCEPT a safe zone about 2 meters in diameter at the point of impact; odd really, a weapon that destroys everything but it's intended target. Perhaps it is a disarming utility? Or maybe Tozols are just impervious to it, but you'd think they'd would have thought about that before using it on Penji.
No. 24632 ID: 2563d4

IIRC the safe area around Penji was a fairly narrow fit; enough to cut the gun she was weilding in half, but not a dumb radius because it didn't lop her prone legs off or leave loads of flooring to either side.

So it looks more like Tozols do block displacement at close range and Q5 just didn't know. I guess when you've managed to capture all of three of them you don't want to start with the test where you expect to annihilate your subject. Or, worse, merely its restraints.
No. 24658 ID: f57857

I don't mean to nitpick, but I don't think any intelligent force would use weapons that they know nothing about, especially if they're that dangerous. Plus it's just weird they would vaporize her - shes arguably their last 'working' (dem headvoices) subject. Or maybe it's a teleport, it is a mystery.
No. 24659 ID: c59f60

no no, they just didn't know tozols were immune to it. against everything else they have the displacer worked awesomely.
No. 24660 ID: 2563d4

>Plus it's just weird they would vaporize her - shes arguably their last 'working' (dem headvoices) subject.

I suspect that point became moot somewhere after the point where she wiped out a conventially-armed squad and supporting tankbot. You can have no Tozol because you vapourised it, or you can have no Tozol because it carved its way through the guys trying to merely incapacitate it and escaped---and probably some very pissed off Diplomats.
No. 24661 ID: f57857

They've still got that weapon that put a hole through her the first time though; they don't need her alive, just intact.
No. 24662 ID: c59f60

that was a TANK weapon. even if they had a more portable version it would be very bulky. so they can't see her and then get one and set it up before she is already in melee range.
No. 24676 ID: 2563d4

And if they have a man-portable or tankbot-mounted versision of something comparable I'm sure we'll see it when Security realise we're still on the loose.
No. 24684 ID: 8fa42f

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but i think it's getting a little out of hound around here. What do you think of the recent plague of plagiarism/homage?
No. 24686 ID: 0b9430

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to. Could you clarify?
No. 24692 ID: a09a03

Slinko got permission from me and Seal to do Venji Quest. We encouraged him, even.
No. 24796 ID: 8fa42f

Don't forget abberation. that's one hell of a reboot/retcon.
No. 24805 ID: dad664

Everything that has been going on in Aberration has been done with Test's approval -and- input.
No. 24809 ID: f57857
File 128680624416.gif - (1.99MB , 484x256 , mumslap.gif )

Tozol mom in action.
No. 24811 ID: 2563d4


As he watched the top hat he had saved a month's pocket money for tumble to the ground, Hyperion realised that his life was going to be one of hardship and unfortunate circumstance.
No. 24813 ID: 67c611

Was going to put this in /quest/ but decided it was too much stuff. I didn't want to clutter stuff or drag her back to the book.

When you get back to the hornbook look up Precursor born species. Look up what to do if captured. Look up survival/evasion/regrouping. Look up effect of suppress on Tozols. I find it odd that Penji has never seen a hornbook before.

On an unrelated note, we've got what it takes to blitz security right now. As soon as we breach security and raid the armory we've going to have to head straight to the exit.
No. 24814 ID: 2563d4

It's a pain we didn't get a chance to look up "precursors", but it can probably wait.
No. 24817 ID: dad664

Well, she -did- have her brain splattered six ways from Sunday....
No. 24820 ID: a09a03

Confirming this post. Theta's got my full permission for this.

No. 24853 ID: f57857

He could have been riding his steam engine looking capital, or buying out printing firms, or choosing what cane he will take with him today. Instead, he is a vegetable. Such is life in Quadrant Five.
No. 24977 ID: fd6d7e


I think someone just figured out the terrible truth of Saon's tragic death.
No. 24979 ID: f57857

Haha, tell me more about this dick artillery joke.
No. 24984 ID: a09a03
File 128702184157.jpg - (8.64KB , 220x180 , 1264367856072[1].jpg )

The joke is that tozol penises are howitzers. It is funny because they're not actually howitzers.
No. 24987 ID: f57857

lol, these penis jokes and fixations are everywhere it seems.
No. 25131 ID: 19f533

So has Test finally been institutionalized screaming about dick artillery and how nobody truly understands how powerful Penji really is?

Or is he just taking a small break from the madness?
No. 25133 ID: 8bdb6a

Mostly schoolwork.

Yesterday was spent fixing shit, drinking and taking "art" requests, though: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/717.html#1357

Good to see you're still around, by the way.
No. 25134 ID: 19f533

I've been lurking around lately, just never have time to draw or log on and not say anything in the IRC chats.

But I wait with bated breath in anticipation for an update.
No. 25135 ID: 19f533


Just wanted to add... no homo.
No. 25168 ID: dad664
File 128738459062.gif - (44.25KB , 500x500 , FootageAnimated.gif )

No. 25177 ID: 2563d4

*pew pew*
No. 25178 ID: 2563d4
File 128740118240.png - (31.59KB , 500x500 , ZAP-ZAP.png )

I seem to be interpreting this image a heck of a lot differently than most of you. That looks a lot like an adult Valcien to me, which fits with them being bribed into working for Diplomats (rather than them doing anything directly), and growing (hardpoints for?) lasers.

Also I'm not sure if that thing in the bottom right is just dirt kicking up and the brain being over-eager at patten recognition, or if they struck an incredibly lucky second hit with the same shot at a cloaked or previously-offscreen Tozol.
No. 25179 ID: 2563d4

(Oh, and bias disclosure: I was expecting it to be a Valcien given Mitzi's reaction. But then it seems a lot of you are expecting it to be a Diplomat ship possibly because you see the what-I-think-is-a-whale as a cloud and assume it's out of range/cloaked?)
No. 25180 ID: f5c7b6
File 12874064111.jpg - (43.22KB , 500x498 , Origin.jpg )


I don't think it's a Valcian because the origin point of the beam is *through* your space-whale-cloud.

The dustcloud/tozol does really seem like it could be a second Tozol, though one wonders how it was not seen until the shot. The only real thing I can think of is moving into the frame just in time to take a blast to the face. Unless Tozol can somehow cloak in a manner that would be entirely invisible to nightvision.

On the other hand, it does certainly look more like "something" other than a dust cloud...
No. 25181 ID: 2563d4

Nah, there's another line of Valcien above that.

(Also you shouldn't use JPEG for this because you've just smeared everything, including said line. :/ )
No. 25182 ID: 1854db

It's a Diplomat. You can't see it before it fires because it's only visible by thermal, and the feed is not recording thermal. The firing mechanism for the laser/whatever messes with the cloak so it's visible in that frame.
No. 25183 ID: 1854db

As for your 'space whale' outline, that's the smoke column.
No. 25184 ID: 2563d4
File 128740751976.png - (28.84KB , 500x500 , gamma-2.png )

Ok, just moved from nice laptop screen to trusty old CRT and realised how much brightness varies. Gamma-adjusted version to make the boundaries obvious. It might just be the smoke from that fire.

>second Tozol, though one wonders how it was not seen until the shot.

Tozols that haven't been pumped full of suppress for 40 years are supposed to be pretty damn good at cloaking from most things.

Regardless of the origin of the beam, this does mean Penji was not shot in the eye. She was shot in the back of the head.
No. 25185 ID: 2563d4

...you're assuming it's firing from the bottom-right? Looks a hell of a lot more like an impact to me, with that spark-y scatter.
No. 25189 ID: 1b42c5

guys, it IS coming from the bottom right. we aren't getting the full view due to test not drawing it but mitzi said the beam propagates out of NOWHERE from ALMOST off-screen. if it came from what you claim is a ship or a space shark then mitzi would of said it came from that. seriously guys, reading comp.
No. 25190 ID: 3377dd

If we can see the source, then she could.

It's not bottom right.

I may or may not be from a Valcien.
No. 25191 ID: 2563d4

>we aren't getting the full view due to test not drawing it
>reading comp.
>Gun-cam footage. There's a bright line, out of nowhere. Not even from off camera. Just... propagating from nothing. It was cross-referenced with Tethys.

If you're going to be rude, at least try to be right. Nothing there fixes the origin as either end.
No. 25193 ID: 1b42c5

>propagating from nothing
she would of said "it came from this big thing in the background"
No. 25194 ID: 2563d4

...or "it comes from this thing in the corner". Allow me to re-iterate: nothing there fixes the origin as either end.

It is also open to her interpretation as suddenly-beam-out-of-nowhere implies there isn't a frame where it's halfway on its journey through Penji's brain.
No. 25197 ID: 701a19

Heh, it seems that the diplomats have a Romulan Bird of Prey problem.
If you haven't figured it out, Saon wasn't attacking the vehicle, she was using it as cover.
No. 25199 ID: 2563d4

How does climbing on top of it and waving her fuzzy butt in the air constitute using it as cover? Crikey, I thought people would at least agree on the interpretation that she's going for the crew hatch. This is almost as widely interpreted as Nan Quest. 8/
No. 25203 ID: 2563d4

>17:59 < LionsPhil> It is kind of odd that Penji is visible, but I also found it kind of odd she'd be running at the front tank in formation.
>17:59 < LionsPhil> Given we know Tozol anti-tank grenades exist.
>18:00 < LionsPhil> Seems a bit of an oddly desperate kind of thing do rather than not be suicidal and instead regroup and resupply.
>18:01 < Blaank> They just had their ship vaporized.
>18:01 < Blaank> They were desperate.
>18:02 < LionsPhil> Blaank: That happened before? Yes, it probably did. Hmm.
>18:03 < LionsPhil> Still seems odd she'd take on a tank rather than, say, go hide somewhere, but this is just a pinhole view of the whole strategic situation.
>18:03 < LionsPhil> I mean, I could perhaps see her disregarding the idea of being sniped and wanting a delicious tank to wreck havok with.
>18:04 < LionsPhil> But why pick the one where if she gets in the hatch, the one behind will open fire and disable it? :/
>18:04 < LionsPhil> It's like /quest/ was in her head all along! :V
>18:04 < Cockhole> What a terrifying thought.
>18:04 < Cockhole> How did she survive through puberty?
>18:07 < Blaank> There were 527 crew aboard the Zeal Like Madness. There were 31 crew in the Cloud Breaker. We know at least the Cloud Breaker survived. That could be taken as implying the 31 crew aboard it also survived the initial attack.
>18:07 < LionsPhil> I suppose it might have been an attempted synchronized attack.
>18:08 < LionsPhil> At the same time Penji is after that one, the tank we're viewing FROM was being hatch-attacked by another Tozol.
>18:08 < Blaank> possible
>18:09 < Blaank> If it was only 31 Tozol involved in combat and it's a fucking warzone they must be pretty destructive.
>18:10 < justN> I would think that if there was a tozol attacking the tank with the camera, the gunner would not have been shooting at the other.
>18:10 < LionsPhil> That may have been the _plan_.
>18:10 < LionsPhil> Other tozol might have got its brain perforated before it got there or something?
>18:10 < Blaank> Unless they didn't see it or were preoccupied shooting at the one in the tank in front of them.
No. 25208 ID: 3377dd

There is another beam in the corner.
Take a look.
If so, dual strike theory works perfectly.
No. 25218 ID: f5c7b6
File 128744221168.jpg - (67.51KB , 500x500 , Tozol Penji Helm3.jpg )


Yeah, I realized that after the fact. Stupid MS Paint.

Also there is no second would-be Valcien unless it's obscured by smoke.

>Tozols that haven't been pumped full of suppress for 40 years are supposed to be pretty damn good at cloaking from most things.

Most of that seems to be related to biology though. Heat channels and whatnot. The 'second tozol' (assuming that is what it is) would have to either be using some SEKRIT cloaking tech (which begs the question of why Penji was running at an armored vehicle without such) or naked (which would also beg the same question when unarmored and undetected is better than armored but detected when dealing with weaponry that probably destroys infantry - even advanced alien infantry).

>Regardless of the origin of the beam, this does mean Penji was not shot in the eye. She was shot in the back of the head.

I *think* this shoes the back of the helm, which has a smaller hole than the gaping one in the front, which would corroborate that theory as exit wounds are bigger than entry ones. Of course being an energy weapon that's something of speculation as we use kinetic weapons so it's hard to say if crazy laser things would.


As a beam weapon it would be nigh-impossible to fix origin even with fully moving video. Unless military vehicles are fitted with ludicrously high-speed cameras as a matter of fact (and always use them in such a state) there'd be no way to tell. It's just instantaneous. One second there is a shaft of light, the next there isn't.

Much like you need high-speed cameras to capture a bullet entering an exiting a body. With a standard one you're only going to see a hole suddenly appearing in the target, nothing more.
No. 25220 ID: dad664

Beam weapons tend to vaporize anything in their path, resulting in a cauterized, perfectly cylindrical wound.

Unless it's a Kinetic Beam weapon, then it just punches through everything in a concentrated area. Kind of like compact the total effect of hitting an anvil with a sledgehammer into an area the size of a pinhead.

Also >>/quest/138226 has info on the wound in question. Penji states that she saw visible burns on the brain matter that was seen through the hole. Which leads me to believe that it was some for of high-energy beam weapon. Though a Kinetic Kill Weapon is mentioned, in Test's universe that could be almost anything.
No. 25221 ID: dad664

Sorry, >>/questarch/138226
No. 25258 ID: f1df52


Maybe tozol brains are combustible?
No. 25260 ID: badf27
File 128746659495.png - (18.97KB , 428x320 , tozolreaction.png )

>mfw you guys spend time arguing when people who haven't even read the quest understand what's going on

Okay you fucks are overthinking this
If it was a kinetic weapon, like a railgun or some kind of artillery shell, then it'd arc at least a little. Secondly, Mitzi SAID "originating from nothing", implying that it came from the ground and not from space, because she would obviously know what something coming from space would look like in this day and age. She's an engineer, and Quillig has noted her family is predisposed to genius.

In addition, Penji is very certain it popped her in the forehead and came out the back. Anonymous posters in the thread who have never come to #tozol get it, so why are you having such a hard time with this speculation when it's pretty clear-cut what happened?

Also, the idea of a cloaked enemy isn't farfetched. We just went through it. I mean, jesus!
No. 25261 ID: f57857
File 128746782740.gif - (16.78KB , 300x330 , duty_calls.gif )

Because we are bored and arguing for nothing but the sake of arguing is the only way some of us feel anything now ):
No. 25266 ID: f52552

New theory.
The shot came from the front, but tozols have a race-wide system that causes their brains to accelerate to FTL speeds when struck, where it can be picked up by passing ships, frappe'd, and drunk by the central tactical computer, all so it can represent itself better in the galactic government, where disputes are settled with Quake deathmatches.
Unfortunately, her brain wasn't struck evenly, and only half of it flew out.
No. 25267 ID: e3f578

lazer killed penji. she sorta went into a dead/coma state. we punch the shooter in the face once we find out who it is.

Simple theory right there hell it comes with a prediction. We gonna punch that guy so bad once there's an actual opening with no jabberwocks or some bullshit around to stop us. don't care about anything else. he's a motherfucker who lacks a well deserved ass whoopin' quite a few decades late unless that ass whoopin' came early by some other guy then we high five that bad dude 'cuz he hangin' there for a long time without no palm ya dig

it's all i need. fuck info.
No. 25271 ID: badf27
File 128747378299.png - (264.90KB , 584x256 , active-vs-passive nightvision.png )

I had an epiphany; I'll just leave this here
No. 25275 ID: fd6d7e

Han Solo shot first!
No. 25276 ID: f5c7b6
File 128748025060.png - (31.97KB , 493x502 , DiplomatKiller.png )


Oh, right.

So obviously she was looking whichever way the beam came from, then. Strange that the entry and exit wounds are different sizes on the helmet.

But whatever, spess beams.

>"originating from nothing", implying that it came from the ground and not from space, because she would obviously know what something coming from space would look like in this day and age. She's an engineer, and Quillig has noted her family is predisposed to genius.

Technically both space and ground are origin points though, so "originating from nothing" can't imply either way.

Aside from the "Diplomat attacker on the ground" theory as "cloaked but suddenly there" would be technically be 'originating from nothing.'

>Also, the idea of a cloaked enemy isn't farfetched. We just went through it. I mean, jesus!

I don't think anyone was arguing over cloaked enemies, just the prospect of a second Tozol who also got shot in the face because the lines kinda look like one who just took a laser to the face and is falling over backward.

Of course. it also does kinda look like a diplomat with their weird legs and invisibility to all spectrums save thermal. Which makes for a pretty good explanation (save for the wonky discharge off the would-be weapon).

And given that Tozol see infrared, Penji would likely have noticed the possible shooter and turned her head just in time to take a beam to the eye.
No. 25278 ID: 1854db

>turned her head just in time to take a beam to the eye.
Yes, I'm going to agree here.
No. 25284 ID: a7e19c

Well from the burns it could have maybe have been a depleted uranium penetrator. Uranium is pyrophoric so on hard impacts it tends to spread dust that spontaneously ignites...

It was probably some sort of beam though with the way it showed up on camera.
No. 25285 ID: 8bdb6a

>And given that Tozol see infrared, Penji would likely have noticed the possible shooter and turned her head just in time to take a beam to the eye.

A question nobody's asking is whether Diplomats are visible in IR all the time, or just some of the time.
No. 25288 ID: f4963f
File 128750740437.jpg - (243.05KB , 506x394 , Penjimagicbullet.jpg )

No, guys, see, if you look at the mass of fragmentation lost off the first bullet, you see that the same bullet that killed Penji could not have killed the lower-right figure as well! You'd have to have a magic bullet that changes trajectory in her skull to come out the front end and into the figure's ribcage. The fluid pressure of tozol brains isn't sufficient to cause a 15 degree change in the trajectory of an energy beam UNLESS there was a second shooter from the depository!

GOD guys this is so obvious!
No. 25292 ID: 2563d4

Man, I feel stupid for ever entertaining any other theories.
No. 25302 ID: 51b901

guys, test confirmed on IRC that it is just a smoke cloud, not a valcian.
No. 25304 ID: 9e5b05

Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and through the head. Back and through the head.
No. 25309 ID: f5c7b6


My god, how could I have been so blind? This is truly the only possibility!
No. 25310 ID: dad664

Fucking future munitions, how do they work.
No. 25609 ID: a09a03

My tablet drivers were fucked for a bit. They're working again.

The eraser end of the stylus still has no pressure sensitivity, but I can work around that.

School's ramping up, however, so don't expect a rapid update schedule even though I said there would be one.
No. 25611 ID: dad664

S'coo bro. Education before Entertainment.
No. 25615 ID: 27e02d

It's cool. Priorities are priorities.
No. 26036 ID: a09a03

School stuff's going to continue dominating my time until early december.

Updates will be contingent on improving my time management skills.
No. 26038 ID: 2563d4
File 128873526263.gif - (18.17KB , 640x480 , if-youre-cold-then-why-are-you-naked.gif )

'Sfine. Doubt anybody's going to hold it against you to make the most of the education you're paying for over providing us with entertainment for free.

Well. Almost nobody.
No. 26039 ID: dad664

Want a good interim suggestion? Concept art.

Sketch stuff from the TQ universe when you have the time, but not actual updates. It will still keep your art skills sharp and will quench the unholy thirst your readers will end up building up.
No. 26151 ID: 8555c2

Question to Computer:
What was Marcus's mood and level of cooperation during his captivity. What precautions did they take to keep him secure?

FYI: TestPattern is occupied by school until Dec 9th.
No. 26819 ID: a09a03
File 12898112624.jpg - (72.22KB , 762x700 , panjdam_sketch.jpg )

>draw actual things from the TQ universe
No. 26822 ID: 13b6d1



Also what is that quote from, I want it.
No. 26823 ID: a09a03

Use of Weapons by Iain Banks
No. 26830 ID: 192c6d


>Strange that the entry and exit wounds are different sizes on the helmet.

My theory on this is that the shot came from IN FRONT of Penji, meaning she was hit by something on the ground. It could also explain her well... appearance during the autopsies.

Basically think of the effects of microwaves. High energy, dense beam. Lots of ions hitting something fleshy. We impart a massive amount of energy onto a small area.

As it hits the other medium (Penji's juicy brain), the energy diffuses and creates a wider pattern, also thanks to the velocity of the beam (yes, light is a particle and wave).

Assuming also that she IS part machine, we can assume that anything within the electromagnetic spectrum would pretty much COOK her...

... soooooo, yeah. Forces, friction, and some crazy space-voodoo says that it makes sense.

(otherwise we have to assume that the back of her head imploded and the rest of her skull/brain-meats were able to contain the laser and turn it into a tiny pinpoint...)
No. 27131 ID: 5d20a9

Makes sense, the odd part is, her brain wasn't that damaged, you know, a few 3rd degree burns and stuff... (Yea, "3rd degree" makes no sense when you don't have skin there ¬¬)
No. 27132 ID: 542606

pretty sure third degree just means blackened.
No. 27134 ID: a09a03

>her brain wasn't that damaged
A big hole all the way through isn't that damaged?
No. 27135 ID: 5d20a9

That's first if i'm not wrong.

If you consider >>336630 theory that the energy diffused in her brain, I would expect the brain to be more liquefied than burn in just a line. Of course, the "light damage" is relative here...
No. 27249 ID: d4f784

yeah, the part of the brain that keeps her together was still intact, and that's all that matters.
No. 27341 ID: fff6b3

First degree burns are just red, like a sunburn.
Second degree burns have large blisters form, under the second layer of skin. The kind that actually bleed when you slit them.
Third degree burns go through both layers of skin, also destroying the nerves and thus only hurt around the edges with the second-degree burns.
Fourth degree burns go all the way to muscle, and are serious bad news.

I don't think having your brain boiled/vaporised/disintegrated/teleported elsewhere really count as any of those.
No. 27343 ID: db963c


Brain damage can be funny. There's several instances of ordinary humans who've had big holes made in their brains and still been able to operate, even occasionally live somewhat normal lives. I'd imagine a critter like Penji would do better.
No. 28524 ID: 8555c2
File 129266104770.jpg - (34.72KB , 457x457 , 1290501970414.jpg )

For you Test Pattern
No. 28538 ID: 2563d4

I don't want to bog down the quest by asking this in-thread, but since so much real-world time (and "suggestions" bumping past last 50) has passed since our looting, can we get an inventory refresher?
No. 28576 ID: 8555c2
File 129278394843.png - (16.34KB , 500x500 , floor_map.png )

No. 28872 ID: b66841

I second the request for an inventory refresher.
No. 29072 ID: 8555c2

Much greater damage and more effects from the penetrator than I expected. The guards are not responding to Operator. They are either stunned, unconscious, or dead. Tanks aren't reacting to the explosion. They are temporarily inoperable or destroyed.

Well I'll be damned. You used mortise and tenon joints on the shield handle. I've never thought of doing that with one inch steel plate before. And that wrecking bar. It's glorious.
No. 29093 ID: 2ea108

"mortise and tenon joints"
Okay, I'm derpin' over here. What are mortise and tenon joints?
No. 29130 ID: 2ea108

Oh, derp.

No. 29138 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129392135149.jpg - (37.95KB , 450x586 , penji_back.jpg )