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File 12647418283.png - (13.70KB , 600x600 , TQ282.png )
120515 No. 120515 ID: cfad4e

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/79880.html
Thread 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/94645.html
Thread 3: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/103192.html
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No. 120526 ID: cfad4e
File 12647423225.png - (9.32KB , 500x500 , TQ283.png )

I died thirty nine years ago. I still don't know how, or why. I don't remember who I am. I don't remember what I am, or what you are.

I don't even remember my real name.
No. 120527 ID: cfad4e
File 126474239585.png - (21.17KB , 500x500 , TQ284.png )

But I remember this.
No. 120529 ID: 4531bc

*cues epic music*
No. 120534 ID: cfad4e
File 126474249977.png - (18.59KB , 500x500 , TQ285.png )

No. 120537 ID: 476456

Well that probably means the world outside the facility is no picnic..so you may want to prioritize clearing it out for habitation.
No. 120540 ID: b6a47e

Well, shit. They blew up Neo Tokyo.

No. 120551 ID: cfad4e
File 126474332179.png - (12.09KB , 500x500 , TQ286.png )

The door has opened.

Mitzi looks into the short hallway, the one labeled 'DECON' on the map, then looks at me.

"Well?" she asks.
No. 120552 ID: 6faa8c

Congratulate her.
No. 120556 ID: 631142

its not going to try to kill us, will it?

in the very least it will steam us clean, but still, if it detects we arent humans we wont set a foot out of that door.
No. 120558 ID: 4531bc

Ooh, a decontamination room! Check to see if it's an airlock. If possible, remove a few of your hairs or something, and stick it in the room to see if the disinfectant has any effect on you.
No. 120559 ID: 632862

Aw, we haven't checked Back Access yet. Maybe we'll have a reason to later.

Go first, you're more durable than Mitzi. Probably.
No. 120562 ID: 135d9a

I dunno exactly what you should do, but I certainly wouldn't just barge in there. Not with all of those vent looking things on the walls.
No. 120563 ID: 631142

airlock. dont go that way yet, its even clean of blood.
yeah, go to back door. apologize for makin her do that too...
No. 120568 ID: cfad4e
File 126474439273.png - (7.74KB , 500x500 , TQ287.png )

>Not with all of those vent looking things on the walls.
There's vent looking things on the floor and ceiling.

I have no idea what the things in the walls are. They're just... big metal discs built into the surface, forming slight depressions.
No. 120569 ID: 135d9a


I'd still be tentative about going in there.
No. 120570 ID: 632862

Decontamination? That just means the corridor is there to kill any little microbes that may be clinging to your clothing or something. It should be safe to just walk through. Besides, the power is off.
No. 120572 ID: 135d9a

Oh wait.

Yeah, alright, never mind.
No. 120573 ID: 631142

w/e, they must have x-ray stuff in it too.

quick robin, to the BACK ACESS!
No. 120574 ID: 4531bc

Again, try putting some hair or something else with tozol genes in it inside, and see what happens to it.
No. 120575 ID: 631142

ask mitzi what this stuff is anyway.

alsoo no energy = other door is very jammed.
No. 120576 ID: 0e759d

You forget.
Penji can bench a five Abrams MBTs with one hand.
At least she can in my imaginary world.
It shouldn't be too surprising if she can in this world, too.
No. 120582 ID: 631142


she has plated bones. they are charcoal black, meaning at least porous steel. she survived a railgun round to the brain.

she can live decon, she can live a nuke, but mitzi cant.
No. 120584 ID: 9b75b6

Hello, fear here. If the door is jammed and powerless, and there's no other way out of this part of the facility...
Doesn't that mean that whatever killed all the humans is still here, on our side?
Just a thought.
No. 120593 ID: 0e759d

Well, even if Mitzi can't survive it, Penji can break shit until she can.
The application of force of the correct type in sufficient amounts to the correct area can solve any problem.
No. 120594 ID: f21281
File 12647459083.jpg - (170.04KB , 1280x1024 , conn_room4.jpg )

>big metal discs built into the surface, forming slight depressions.

No. 120595 ID: a85626

Awesome! Yes, congratulate Mitzi! She saved both of your lives from a lingering death, with her engineering know-how. Now that's what I call field work!



Mitzi's brother probably just closed the door behind him.

...leaving his sister behind, trapped in a cell, alone. hm.

No. 120598 ID: cfad4e
File 12647461636.png - (6.81KB , 500x500 , TQ288.png )


This stuff hurts like hell to pull out.
No. 120599 ID: 631142

can we PRETTY PLEASE check the freaking back acess?
No. 120601 ID: cfad4e
File 126474627571.png - (7.88KB , 500x500 , TQ289.png )

Okay, I toss some hairs in. For just a second, I think I can hear a faint...


Perhaps it's my imagination. I've had quite a lot of that lately.
No. 120608 ID: 87c445

Find some sizeable object to toss in, too. Perhaps a bit of metal - then you can hold it for a moment to warm it up before tossing, just in case.
No. 120612 ID: 632862

Okay, so the decontamination chamber is active. It's too bad your ears are still in a state of disrepair.

Try waving the crowbar in front of one of the depressions.
No. 120620 ID: 631142

if you are truly dubious, get a siringe and fill it with your blood. roll it trhu the corridor and thats about it.

if the decon chamber is vital, it could be working on its own power supply.
No. 120636 ID: 498c52

I say check the back access too. Don't wanna miss anything.
No. 120642 ID: cfad4e
File 126474783147.png - (11.31KB , 500x500 , TQ290.png )

I stick the crowbar in.

I hear a definite hum, but nothing else. Could be a scanner or... anything.

Mitzi backs off towards the storage areas.

"Hey, you managed to power this up, right?" I ask.

"I plugged the door into the main breaker, which had enough juice, but then I turned it off. Froze it open. Whatever's happening isn't from the main battery, I don't think."
No. 120646 ID: 0e759d

Well, I have no clue how to reach a technical solution to this problem.

I do, however, know that you have a steel and/or titanium prybar.

Break shit.
No. 120668 ID: 9b75b6

Ask Mitzi if she knows anything about this Decon hallway, if she overheard anything while she was trapped?

And check the toilet to your immediate left.
See if there's still running water. Even if you don't need more fluids, although you probably do considering earlier blood loss, Mitzi's probably a fair bit dehydrated.
And do wash yourself, you have tube gunk all over your face.
No. 120672 ID: cfad4e
File 126475000136.png - (14.77KB , 600x600 , TQ291.png )

"Hey," I say. "What do you know about this hall, anyway?"

"Just that we're not supposed to be able to get out," she says. "And it just gives me the creeps. The sound it makes..."

"Are there any other ways out?"

"Not... not that I know of," she says.
No. 120675 ID: 632862

Well, let's check Back Access first then.
No. 120677 ID: 135d9a

Yeah, I don't want to try walking through the hallway until we know we have to. Especially if it's unnerving both of you guys like that.

So I guess go with this idea.
No. 120726 ID: 135d9a

By which I mean this one.
No. 120729 ID: 0e759d

Better to wait until we can safely break the DE-CON hall, before passing through it.
No. 120742 ID: e75a2f

Throw something that'd have some water or moisture in.

I'd laugh so hard if it was a MGS4 style microwave tunnel.
No. 120748 ID: cfad4e
File 126475488120.png - (13.04KB , 500x500 , TQ292.png )

"Better make sure first," I say. "I guess. It'd be like these guys to go through all this security trouble and then put a back door in."

"No. It really wouldn't," says Mitzi. "At all."

>Doesn't that mean that whatever killed all the humans is still here, on our side?

"...hey," I say. "If anything escaped, how'd they get past that hallway?"

"I don't know," Mitzi says. "I don't know how it works."

"Well, there's no skeleton in the hallway. You've got one of those, right?"

"We all make our little assumptions," she says. "By the way, door took a lot of juice. They'd made it to stay shut with a lot of force from several different techniques. Battery's looking at some significant drain, but I can't get an accurate idea of how much."

"Well, door's open now."

"Yeah, but the ones past Decon look even worse, on the map," she says. "And there's no other power source in here!"

"No problem," I say. "I'll just have you whine at them until they lose the will to function."
No. 120749 ID: 476456

don't be a rude butt.
No. 120753 ID: f52552

Be a polite butt.
No. 120754 ID: 9b75b6

Yes, apologize to Mitzi. She's most likely your ticket out of here, what with all the electronics running through this place.
I suggest looking apologetic, saying you're sorry for being rude, and wiggling all four of your ears at her~
No. 120757 ID: cfad4e
File 12647567029.png - (12.19KB , 600x500 , TQ293.png )

I go into Back Access.

The equipment rails from the Lab lead here. There's a robot here, which eye warily. There's also a scanner on a boom, some kind of gun resembling the turreted dart launcher on the other robot, and what looks like a large, chemical projectile weapon.

All of these are on rails, and seem unpowered. Including the robot, thankfully.

There's also a reinforced, transparent cylinder. I'm just guessing, but it looks like something you'd ship a shapeshifter in.

>don't be a rude butt.
Yeah, yeah... Don't charge down the hallway swinging a sharp object. Don't yell at people. Don't eat anyone...
No. 120761 ID: 632862

Oh man, check the cabinet!
No. 120767 ID: fc7e32

Carefully go AROUND the robot and pull out some wires. You know, just to be sure.
No. 120769 ID: cfad4e
File 126475808630.png - (12.00KB , 500x500 , TQ294.png )

>Oh man, check the cabinet!

Looks like... Environmental suits, I guess?
No. 120772 ID: 476456

Admire your own reflection.
No. 120773 ID: c0f3bf

Those still won't accommodate your legs, will they.


Well at least Mitzi can have some protection now, if it comes to that.
No. 120775 ID: 9b75b6

Good to know, in case we need to send Mitzi somewhere less healthy.

Examine the non-cabinet-adorned wall the large console in the corner is sitting against, something seems fishy. Check for hidden compartments or hollow-sounding noise.

Also, loot the hell out of the vulnerable-looking crate by the door.
No. 120777 ID: 632862

What's that thing in the corner?
No. 120778 ID: cfad4e
File 126475930978.png - (14.57KB , 500x500 , TQ295.png )

>Admire your own reflection.
I can see up my nose!

>Those still won't accommodate your legs, will they.
Not if I want to walk.

>What's that thing in the corner?
The box? Or the computer console? Knowing this place, the computer's a dedicated system, so if it contains anything relevant whatsoever, it'll probably be test data from experiments.
No. 120779 ID: 9b75b6

No. 120780 ID: bf2bdb

seems like that should let us get Mitzi through decontamination. We already know Penji isn't affected by acid.
No. 120781 ID: 632862

Loot the box then check out the computer.
No. 120782 ID: cfad4e
File 126476119012.png - (8.10KB , 500x500 , TQ296.png )

>Loot the box
There's quite a lot of stuff here.

...and not a drop to drink.
No. 120783 ID: 632862

TRANQ is new. Grab a couple of those.
No. 120784 ID: 476456

that could be pretty useful if you wanna subdue someone without killing them.
No. 120785 ID: 67c611

Is that a camera on the left wall? If so smash it. Check computer. Examine Ra-the unknown robot. Rifle through the box of tranq and suppress for something else. Don't get stuck. Taking a tube or two of tranq might be useful somehow. Not like we need it to kill things. And some suppress if we run up against mutants we can't kill outright.

I recommend we redistribute healing points to be spread evenly among speed/primary/secondary like until those shape up a bit. Especially the senses.

I sure hope the break room has got some food and isn't a bloody mess with everything edible destroyed.

If you are thirsty get a drink from the sink in the bathroom?
No. 120786 ID: 9b75b6

Looks like we need to power this place up before we can use all the fancy toys on the rails to wreck this place.

We can't power down the decontamination from this side, there's no trace of any monsters... any OTHER monsters, and there seems to be precious little left to search for useful items.

Seems there's not much else to do than to brave the Decon chamber.
To glory!
No. 120787 ID: cfad4e
File 126476250534.png - (11.95KB , 600x500 , TQ297.png )

I get another Suppress and three Tranquilizers, stick them in the helmet of a suit, which I bring along.

The robot seems a little unsettling, so I pry a panel off and yank out some important looking bits. That'll learn ya!

I'm not that thirsty. It's only been a couple of hours since I got out of that tube.

Should I dick around with the computer, brave Decon, or do something else?
No. 120788 ID: 67c611


I mean, yeah you showed that robot good.
No. 120789 ID: c0f3bf

Check the computer. Computers are a must.
No. 120790 ID: 9b75b6

Before you have a look at the computer, poke your head out the door and ask Mitzi if she can figure out how to open that door past Decon, provided the thing won't flash-fry us if we go through.
No. 120791 ID: 67c611

We can do that after we look at the computer.
No. 120828 ID: 6faa8c

No. 121091 ID: a85626


Nothing wrong with Decon in general. A rather steady, creepy hum at the insertion of metallic objects: lots of worry.

Penji, throw what's left of one of the bodies in the DECON hallway. Worst it'll do is stain. Best it'll do is blow out their circuit breakers! :D
No. 121318 ID: 3a4a54

Hey wait. I thought I saw a pack with a Tozol (?) face on it. Check that shit.
No. 121325 ID: 3b1161


I think that was her reflection in one of the helmets' visors.
No. 121448 ID: 4531bc

animated gif would be best ;)
No. 121453 ID: 4531bc

oh yeah, and don't forget to stick mitzi into a hazard suit thingy.
No. 122385 ID: 5bd740

Suppress is bad, and disposable. Roll one of the syringes down in to the Dangerous Hallway Area to see if it is eradicated or somesuch.
No. 122404 ID: 5bd740

Burst in to tears from tension, fear, anxiety, and existential horror! You know you want to. Do it, it'll feel so much better later...
No. 122827 ID: a85626


No U
No. 122841 ID: cfad4e
File 126499161898.png - (10.58KB , 500x500 , TQ298.png )

>Check the computer. Computers are a must.
I'm kinda tired of them. I want to get out of here before more robots arrive... or something.

Fine. I start messing around with the machine. The structure is similar to the console in the autopsy room, if perhaps even less intuitive. Experiment files organized by date and keyword. This feels like a secondary access medium, which I suppose it is, but the lab control room is trashed.

Am I looking for anything in particular?

>Burst in to tears from tension, fear, anxiety, and existential horror!
Tempting! Maybe later.
No. 122843 ID: 67c611

Check for Tozol and Nyx.
No. 122844 ID: 4531bc

stuff about what kind of experiments were held, on who or what, esp. stuff about mitzi and you and whatever killed everyone else in the facility.

See if you can find a way to power up one of those giant weapons and possibly use it to melt the decon room.
No. 122845 ID: 044a64

Check whether the net is down here as well.
No. 122846 ID: 82e991

You are looking for anything mentioning Ophion, Nyx, Phanes; Quadrant Five, its location; nuclear weapons; railguns; and decontamination by name or otherwise.
No. 122851 ID: 044a64

Also search for "experiment", "robot" and "glute yield strength."

Make sure to check out any security cam footage related to any of those.
No. 122853 ID: 54af1f

Fuck all that shit, go put Mitzi in the hazard suit and go through decontamination. Let's get out of this hell hole already.
No. 122870 ID: 498c52

If you can stuff yourself in one of those environment suits, it will also most likely protect you from being scanned.
No. 122902 ID: cfad4e
File 126499489599.png - (10.37KB , 500x500 , TQ299.png )

>You are looking for anything mentioning Ophion, Nyx, Phanes; Quadrant Five, its location; nuclear weapons; railguns; and decontamination by name or otherwise.

Over a hundred results for the first three, zero for the rest.

>Check whether the net is down here as well.
I don't know how to check.

>See if you can find a way to power up one of those giant weapons
Well, the biggest one's a chemical projectile weapon. Those don't use power. It's just got a remote trigger.
No. 122908 ID: 135d9a

Let's go with, uh, Nyx, first. I guess.
No. 122910 ID: 67c611

Check a few random entries for Nyx. Did you check for Tozol?
No. 122911 ID: 632862

You seem to know a lot about weapons.

Look at the first result for each of the three queries.
No. 122912 ID: 476456

cross reference the first three with uh...


Security level


Real names

No. 122915 ID: f21281

Try doing a search for "Tozol Orgin"
No. 122918 ID: 4531bc

What these guys aid. Also, sort by date and check the earliest/latest entries, and also the first/last entry in the comp.
No. 122922 ID: cfad4e
File 126499558698.png - (10.74KB , 500x500 , TQ300.png )

>Let's go with, uh, Nyx, first. I guess.
Subject is a female caucasian age twenty one blah blah...

Ah! Here we go. Selected for genetic and metabolic compatibility with experimental valcien-derived proteus retrovirus.
No. 122924 ID: 5bd740

"Selected for genetic and metabolic compatibility with experimental valcien-derived proteus retrovirus."

Interesting! What's a Valcien, though? If it was a 'proteus retrovirus', that probably means it changes the recipient - if it was Valcien derived, that probably means it turns them in to something Valcien-like. A quick lookup regarding Valciens should provide strategically useful and intellectually enriching information.

Who's Nyx again? Can you have sex with him/her/it?
No. 122925 ID: cfad4e
File 126499586810.png - (10.27KB , 500x500 , TQ301.png )

>Did you check for Tozol?
Yeah. Nothing.

>Check a random entry for Nyx.
One second.

Oooooh... I guess she DOES have a skeleton.
No. 122928 ID: 34470e

Wait... Try searching for "Penji".
No. 122932 ID: 67c611

I'm not sure I want to ask how you can tell that. Check a few more random ones. Then check on Ophions and Phanes. We don't know anything about either of those.
No. 122933 ID: c0f3bf

She named herself, I don't think there'll be anything.

Check security?
No. 122949 ID: 5bd740

Check more random Nyx entries to understand her physiological and psychological condition. It's important to know your allies. Become uncomfortably fixated on her.
No. 122953 ID: 632862

Check some entries for Phanes.
No. 122956 ID: cfad4e
File 126499740065.png - (10.92KB , 500x500 , TQ302.png )

>Who's Nyx again?

>Can you have sex with him/her/it?

>Danger / Security level / Breasts / Real names / Subjects
These words are all over the place in almost every entry! Well, except breasts and real names.

>What's a Valcien, though?
Umm... Oh! Biotechnological organisms. That's all I remember.
No. 122962 ID: f21281

Do a search for "Security breaches"
No. 122963 ID: f21281

"Nothing, looking at nudes of you in the file system. Nice rack, by the way."
No. 122964 ID: cfad4e
File 126499759031.png - (11.02KB , 500x500 , TQ303.png )

Sound on the door!

"Hey! What's going on in there?"
No. 122966 ID: f21281

No. 122967 ID: c0f3bf

The one next to you or the one across the way? If the former, go up next to it and prepare to taze. If the latter, hide behind a piece of equipment.
No. 122972 ID: 476456

yeah, no reason mitzi shouldnt see this.
No. 122978 ID: 67c611

Is that Mitzi? If it is let her in. If she starts giving you crap about going through her entries politely tell her to can it.

Warn her that you have some pretty disturbing images of her on the viewer.
No. 123017 ID: 0e759d

"Hey Mitzi! I was just looking at soft-core porn of you!"
No. 123025 ID: a85626


Please please tell me that's Mitzi.
No. 123037 ID: cfad4e
File 126500160967.png - (11.37KB , 500x500 , TQ304.png )

I let Mitzi in.

"Lots of things in here," I say. "I think I could make the big autogun shoot at stuff."

"Well," she says. "It'd depend on the."
No. 123040 ID: 0e759d

Compliment her on how she looks in actual clothes.
No. 123042 ID: 3416ec


The... what? What does it depend on?
No. 123045 ID: c0f3bf

That was a rather sudden stop, does she have a block that prevents her from speaking?
No. 123046 ID: 135d9a

Ask her what the rest of her sentence was.
No. 123047 ID: 92066d

Did she perhaps see the pictures of her own skeleton? If she's freaked, you can offer to show her the pictures of your skeleton too.
No. 123048 ID: a85626


Oh god... she sees us...
No. 123050 ID: 67c611

You didn't warn her about the stuff on the computer screen. Apologize for being a dumbass. Keep checking comp entries for Ophion, Nyx, and Phanes. Especially Phanes. Does Phanes have two toes forward and two toes to the back and sides on each foot?
No. 123054 ID: 498c52

The what?
No. 123062 ID: cfad4e
File 126500360469.png - (10.33KB , 500x500 , TQ305.png )

"The what?" I ask.

Mitzi doesn't respond.
No. 123067 ID: 62489a

Tilt your head innocently like the adorable abomination that you are.
No. 123069 ID: 54411c

look at what she is looking at, hope to god it is not her picture.
No. 123070 ID: 135d9a

Penji, what is she looking at?
No. 123071 ID: 9e9b47


Also, make a :3 face
No. 123072 ID: cfad4e
File 12650040688.png - (36.25KB , 500x500 , TQ306.png )

No. 123073 ID: 2dd482



hug her?
No. 123074 ID: 135d9a

Look at Mitzi sheepishly.

Explain how you found the image. Maybe try to offer emotional support.
No. 123075 ID: 3416ec

Back. Away. Slowly.
No. 123076 ID: 476456

No. 123077 ID: 62489a

"I went ahead and uploaded this pic to facebook. You can see my guts I think in the lower right so I tagged it as a picture of both of us."
No. 123078 ID: 498c52

Umm, we should have closed that out before we let her in, yeah. Tell her that there's worse photos of you.
No. 123079 ID: 476456

Also comment. "There's one of me too."
No. 123080 ID: 135d9a

Also maybe point out that you found similar images of yourself on another terminal.

But yeah a hug is probably in order.
No. 123081 ID: 445c48

No. 123082 ID: 0e759d

Agreed, hugs are always in order.
No. 123083 ID: 67c611

Return to the computer and keep searching through entries. Look for useful stuff. As suggested earlier look primarily for Phanes and Ophion.

"I'm trying to learn as much as I can about what is going on here. Even if it brings up painful memories it is better to know it than ignore it. I'm sorry all of this has happened to you. I'm doing what I can to stop it from happening again."
No. 123085 ID: 0e759d

Be sure to hug her, though.
And make sure you point out that it also happened to you.
No. 123086 ID: 632862

Walk in between her and the screen.
No. 123087 ID: 9ed20c

Neh, not hugging time. Just mention your own vid, try to block her vision a bit..
No. 123088 ID: 498c52

This, no hug.
No. 123089 ID: 62489a
File 126500562642.png - (66.81KB , 734x540 , nooooooPNG.png )

No. 123092 ID: 67c611

No hugs. No blocking screen. No anything besides getting on with what you were already doing.
No. 123093 ID: cfad4e
File 126500584889.png - (11.57KB , 500x500 , TQ307.png )

>Back. Away. Slowly.
>try to offer emotional support.

"Mitzi! Hey! Hey!" I say.

"Get away. Get away. Get back get away," she says.

"Listen to me!" I say. "There's worse of me!"

At this point, I'm not sure it's worse. On the recording, there's little tendrils wriggling from inside her.
No. 123094 ID: cfad4e
File 126500590234.png - (14.60KB , 500x500 , TQ308.png )

"Don't touch me don't touch me don't touch me don't touch me!"
No. 123096 ID: 498c52

You are going to have to calm down. You're still here, you're still you. You're talking to me. I'm sorry you saw that, but I was looking for information on myself and came across it. We are both going to get out of here. Just calm down. Listen to my voice.
No. 123097 ID: 135d9a

Can't say I can argue with her response, here.

Uh, tell her you can understand if she wants to be alone for a little while? And that you'll probably still be in here once she gets herself together.

You didn't handle this all that well either, remember.
No. 123099 ID: 632862

"Okay, okay... Take some time to calm down. I know this is a big shock for you. I'm gonna see if I can find info on the Phanes and Ophion."
No. 123100 ID: 476456

shut off the video and say something to the effect of "Whoa whoa whoa, just chill." Try and get her to sit down, dont approach her because she looks like she might bolt.
No. 123101 ID: 67c611

Quickly shut off the video. This might be causing some sort of reaction in her.

And don't touch her or get close to her.
No. 123102 ID: 445c48

If you can do so without attracting her attention, tagging her with a sedative might be helpful.

I'm an asshole.
No. 123104 ID: 62489a

Stand back and say "Okay! Okay! Look! I'm not touching you!"
No. 123110 ID: 8d3380

Keep your distance, turn the whatever off and let her calm down. Getting nearer to someone having an attack of this sort will seem intimidating. Keep a nonthreatening posture and expression, back off a little and speak softly if at all.
No. 123111 ID: 9e9b47

Quietly say you're sorry, turn it off and walk to the other side of the room
No. 123112 ID: cfad4e
File 126500784676.png - (13.19KB , 500x500 , TQ309.png )

"You're still you," I say. "You're still here. You're still you!"

She takes off running. Her shouts have turned unintelligible. Should I follow?
No. 123113 ID: 632862

From a distance. Make sure she doesn't start hurting herself.

Hey, prepare some TRANQ, just in case.
No. 123114 ID: 34470e

No. She'll come find you when she's ready.
No. 123115 ID: 67c611

Pull out tranq syringe, take off after her. We don't know what she might fuck up if she is crazy like this. We have to stop her from damaging anything. Tackle, inject, pull out second one, try to get her in some sort of pin where she can't do much and you can inject the second one if you need to.

Very bad things can happen with a loose monster running around destroying equipment that might be vital to our escape. I'm sure she will understand why we did what we did after she calms down.
No. 123118 ID: 54411c

what're you crazy? leave her be. it's what you did to calm down.
No. 123119 ID: 1d375b

Remember what you felt like when you saw your picture. She just needs some alone time.
No. 123120 ID: 62489a

Don't follow. Let her calm down.
No. 123121 ID: 0e759d

This, we don't want to risk hurting her.
Though it might be wise to follow from a distance to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.
No. 123123 ID: 67c611

>>The implications of having an insane and highly-unstable mutant running around a medical facility with very delicate objects that if destroyed may trap us forever are very bad.

What part of potentially lethal don't you understand? This shit can get us killed. Dying is serious business.
No. 123125 ID: 476456

juust make sure she doesnt hurt herself, other than that just let her chill out for a while
No. 123130 ID: cfad4e
File 126500961767.png - (10.55KB , 500x500 , TQ310.png )

>Don't follow. Let her calm down.
Right. Okay. She disappears around the corner, towards the main room.

Well. That went incredibly badly.
No. 123132 ID: cfad4e
File 12650097226.png - (18.32KB , 500x500 , TQ311.png )

>The implications of having an insane and highly-unstable mutant running around a medical facility with very delicate objects that if destroyed may trap us forever are very bad.

I throw a tube of Suppress through the computer monitor.

I feel a little better.
No. 123133 ID: 476456

>towards the main room

oh god make sure she's not about to jump in the decon chamber
No. 123134 ID: 5f9e7a

Well you are pretty Terrifying.
No. 123135 ID: 67c611


We still don't know what Phanes and Ophion look like or what they are capable of. GJ.
No. 123137 ID: 632862

She probably is going to try to go through Decon. I hope that it isn't actually lethal.

Well, check out that door on the other side of the room.
No. 123145 ID: 498c52

WTF, we need to follow her to make sure she doesn't hurt herself!
No. 123156 ID: a71d2f

Well, she did regrow from having an arguably bigger hole in her than you did.
She just needs a minute to accept it.

Finding her would be a very good idea, once she's a little less panicky, clawy and possibly throat-slashy. Humans aren't used to seeing their own insides, let alone seeing them wriggle about.

We also need to continue onwards, there's not much food or freedom in this part of the facility.
No. 123157 ID: cfad4e
File 126501159175.png - (8.24KB , 500x500 , TQ312.png )

>oh god make sure she's not about to jump in the decon chamber
Shit! I'd better...

Actually, the screaming stopped not long after she ran off. So either nothing awful's happening to her, or it was over instantly. In either case, perhaps I should give some space, like you said.

Moreover, well... if we're going to avoid that hallway, how the fuck are we getting out of here? I am not posing an idle question! I want out of here!
No. 123160 ID: 632862

Well to be honest Decon is probably pretty harmless. We probably shouldn't go that way for a while though just to give Mitzi some space. Check out that door.
No. 123164 ID: 67c611

The last unexplored area is the restroom. Have a drink while you are there (from the sink). Go there then.......head out I guess. If Mitzi is stable and not dead we could get her in a hazmat suit and have her hotwire the door like she did with the first one.

Aside from that, I'd like a status report on your body and possibly reallocate healing.
No. 123169 ID: a71d2f

Door leads to the big room with the energy projecty-ma-bobs and the railgun, if my map's up to date. We could take that door to get to Decon as well, if we hope to avoid Mitzi.

Either case, Decon's probably not all that dangerous...
Thinking about it; A lot of the stuff in this section of the facility looks like it's not intended for use by people wearing hazmat suits constantly. If they could pass Decon without getting fried, we probably can too.
Plus, there's no signs of any monsters about. There's only one other place they could've gone.

I do however suspect Penji just might need a brush after Decon~
No. 123174 ID: 8b7db1

I'm sure Decon is harmless... as long as you are wearing a suit.

On one hand, I think giving her some space might be preferable, I'm also AFRAID of leaving her alone, less she do something really BAD. Two bad there isn't two of you.
No. 123199 ID: 54af1f


Squishy humans who get dissolved to skeletons by acid you don't even notice pass through decon, just go through the corridor already.
No. 123245 ID: 172cce

Decon might contain materials specifically designed to suppress or destroy the organisms that were experimented on in this lab. It's only logical they'd install that as an extra security feature, what with all the other measures we've encountered. (The electro-death tube and the countless suppressors and tranquilizers come time mind.)

I say we play it safe for a while and check exactly how safe the damn thing is.

Take the skull from the Hunam you found in S3 S1.
Take several different looking jar creatures from the autopsy room.
Drag the corpse from cell 3.

Chuck 'em all into the decontamination chamber. Be sure to make a huge mess.
No. 123464 ID: 631142

im pretty sure a decon in a genetic research facility is pretty much a genetic scan linked to radioactive isotopes.

we should make sure she wont accidentaly walk in the decon chamber, now above anything else because she is wacko and is clearly not even partially human.
No. 123682 ID: 5bd740

kill her eat her drink her blood pull it from her she is food she is it she is other drink her eat her kill her
No. 123683 ID: f21281

Should leave her a note.

"Mitzi: Sorry I inadvertently freaked you out. If you need me, just follow the trail of gutted robots.

Sincerely, Penji xoxoxo"
No. 123691 ID: 445c48

[PS: Mine looks worse]
No. 123703 ID: 36d626

I have a feeling following Mitzi will show she has gotten into some serious trouble, bring out the big gun and chase.
No. 123712 ID: 0e759d

Ooh, good point.
We don't want her to wind up getting killed.
No. 123757 ID: 631142

oh the hell it did. ours was instant death. she had a open chest wound and had to bleed to die.

quick inventory check, didnt we gaved mitzi a gun?
No. 123822 ID: 0e759d

Not to mention our anatomy was recognizably normal (by our standards), whereas Mitzi wasn't just dead, but also horribly mutated with a giant maw full of teeth, and twisted claws, and huge predatorial eyes, and an eight inch-long barbed tongue, and no skin on her right arm, and no left arm, and what appear to be blood tendrils...
Yeah, I'm gonna have to say that Mitzi got the short end of the stick, not to mention that she was already more stressed than us, since was awake longer, had to deal with us being creepy, examining human corpses that had been flayed, presumably by her brother, who seems to have abandoned her, gone insane, died, or some combination of the three. Oh, and don't forget that she was nude during all of this, which probably made her feel extra vulnerable.


We should find her. Now. She's likely to do something rash, given the amount of stress she's under.
No. 123823 ID: 445c48

We can still LIE to make her feel better, you know.
No. 123824 ID: 0e759d

If she ever finds out (which is likely, due to the law of drama), than it'll just make her distrust us.
Better to just make sure she doesn't hurt herself, and listen to anything she wants to tell us.
No. 123827 ID: 500d0b

She's quiet now. Find her and tell her that you still trust her, provided she's still alive.

We need some goal-oriented thinking here.
Think about getting to the break room and raiding it of cookies!
Don't forget to share.
No. 124213 ID: cfad4e
File 126517096414.png - (12.94KB , 500x500 , TQ313.png )

>didnt we gaved mitzi a gun?
It's in the backpack, in the main room. I've got the bigger gun with one bullet.

>bring out the big gun and chase.
The track-mounted thing? That will take time to wrench free without breaking it, but if I can fire it manually, it looks useful and dangerous.

>I think giving her some space might be preferable, I'm also AFRAID of leaving her alone, less she do something really BAD. Two bad there isn't two of you.
...so one of me could give her space and the other could follow her around?
No. 124215 ID: cfad4e
File 126517102020.png - (9.74KB , 500x500 , TQ314.png )

>We need some goal-oriented thinking here.
Yes. We do.

>Think about getting to the break room and raiding it of cookies!
No. 124218 ID: 476456

Aw fuck yeah, cookies, go go go.
No. 124222 ID: 8399bd

Cookies!!!! Om nom nom!
No. 124226 ID: 62489a

Cookies is clearly the best plan.
No. 124228 ID: 34470e

No. 124231 ID: 632862

Well, give her 5 minutes and then slowly go to the Main Room.
No. 124253 ID: 0e759d

Think of cookies AND brownies!
Best of both worlds!
No. 124254 ID: cfad4e
File 126517262525.png - (23.15KB , 700x600 , TQ315.png )

>go go go.
Fuck this shit.

Mitzi is locked in the control box. She's curled up in the seat, clutching her head and crying.

I get the crowbar.
No. 124258 ID: cfad4e
File 12651727067.png - (16.56KB , 500x500 , TQ316.png )

Got a plan?

If not, I'm just going to march into Decon and pry it open.
No. 124262 ID: 632862

Walk in, if shit starts to hurt, smash the walls.
No. 124264 ID: 0e759d

Close your lab coat, those usually provide some measure of protection against chemicals.
No. 124266 ID: 476456

poke yourself and flick some blood in there.
No. 124268 ID: cfad4e
File 126517323279.png - (8.00KB , 500x500 , TQ318.png )

>poke yourself and flick some blood in there.
I pick at the scab on my ear and flick that in there. Again, I think I hear something without being sure I hear something.
No. 124271 ID: 2f43cb

Flick a booger in there!
No. 124272 ID: 632862

...smash the walls prematurely.
No. 124274 ID: 632862

Oh just stick a hand in.
No. 124286 ID: cfad4e
File 126517449611.png - (8.54KB , 500x500 , TQ319.png )

>Oh just stick a hand in.
There's the hum.
No. 124289 ID: cfad4e
File 126517457250.png - (10.15KB , 500x500 , TQ320.png )


My hand grows very hot.

My fur is insulating against it.
No. 124291 ID: 1d2d60

Yeup.. that's a microwave hallway.
No. 124292 ID: 6faa8c


It's a microwave hallway that activates when it recognizes a 'wrong' DNA signature.

or something similar.

either way, bad juju!
No. 124293 ID: 2f43cb

Keep it in as punishment for not throwing shit in to check out of it's safe. Or because you have mad regeneration. Whatever you like best.
No. 124294 ID: 632862

DRAT. Looks like you're gonna want to smash the walls... or... heh

Put something big and metal in there.
No. 124295 ID: 476456

retract hand
No. 124296 ID: 135d9a

Okay, uh, pull your hand back, then, until we figure out if we're just gonna have you charge through this thing or what. No sense in waiting around for you to catch fire or something.

... Are we gonna be able to get Mitzi through this hallway? 'Cause I assume we're going to at least want to do that at some point.
No. 124298 ID: e3f578

Draw it back in... wait, I think we need some metal or suit or something like that to get through. Something can absorb most of the microwave radiation.
No. 124301 ID: 34470e

Just keep on mashing the triangle button.
No. 124313 ID: cfad4e
File 126517559289.png - (7.75KB , 500x500 , TQ321.png )

>Okay, uh, pull your hand back
Fine. The machine switches off... after a few more seconds.

>Put something big and metal in there.
It hummed when I inserted the crowbar, but it didn't warm in my hand.

>Looks like you're gonna want to smash the walls.
The discs look very sturdy. I'm sure I can hurt them... given time. The crowbar may suffer damage in the process, as might I.

>I think we need some metal or suit or something like that
I have seen no such suit.

>until we figure out if we're just gonna have you charge through this thing or what.
Listen, brain. Come up with something fast, or I'm turning this one over to the arms.
No. 124316 ID: 632862

You said your fur insulated you against it... so all you'd really need to do is cover your eyes. So go grab one of those helmets and wear it, then just head on through. Oh, you could try wrapping your hands and feet in cloth, too, since the lab coat doesn't cover them.
No. 124318 ID: 1d375b

See how long you can hold your hand in there before you start getting actual tissue damage. If we can last awhile should be ok to sprint through. Also if we can get to the end can we open the door fast enough? Is hard to tell from here.
No. 124321 ID: 498c52

run for it and try the door
No. 124331 ID: 0e759d

This, the scientific method works.
If it takes a while to cause tissue damage, than you should be fine.
Your arm can't take nearly as much radiation as your torso, due to lower mass, less sub-dermal fatty tissue, and thinner fur, not to mention reduced amounts of bone. This is just a quick, uncalculated guess, but your body should be fine in there for about three or so times as long as your arm(don't take my word on this).
Anyways, see how long you can keep your arm in, than try to guess if you'd be able to sprint across and force the door open.
If it works, than come back for Mitzi, help her calm down, get her into a suit, and go through with her.
No. 124332 ID: cfad4e
File 126517781559.png - (25.13KB , 500x500 , TQ322.png )

>run for it and try the door
I take off.

Fuck, this hurts! Especially my eyes and tails. Eyes are agony.
No. 124333 ID: 4cf65e

No. 124334 ID: 34470e

*mashes triangle button furiously*
No. 124335 ID: 498c52

If you can't take it before you get half way run back.
No. 124336 ID: e3f578

Your gonna get eye and tail canc... does cancer work that way?
No. 124337 ID: 6faa8c

No, these are microwaves. It's more like its cooking the liquids in her cells. The reason the eyes hurt so much is because they are almost entirely water.
No. 124338 ID: 2f43cb

Run back out, you blathering moron.
No. 124339 ID: 498c52

Microwave absorption does not work that way.
No. 124341 ID: 0e759d

No. 124342 ID: cfad4e
File 126517921920.png - (24.29KB , 500x500 , TQ323.png )

>If you can't take it before you get half way run back.
I'm more than halfway already. Almost there.

Pain's getting pretty intense! Should I force my eyes to stay open, or try to do this blind?

>Your gonna get eye and tail canc... does cancer work that way?
No. 124343 ID: 2f43cb

Back. BACK.
No. 124344 ID: 0e759d

Blind, eye damage is probably gonna be one of the harder things to regenerate.
If you can't do it blind, open your eyes only for a second at a time.
No. 124345 ID: 34470e

Wait, won't some of the things in your pockets explode in microwaves?
No. 124346 ID: 62489a

Shut your eyes and run, only open them when you need them! Keep your arms out and forward so you don't run into shit!
No. 124347 ID: 0e759d

Good thinking! Use them blow open the door!
No. 124349 ID: 4cf65e

No. 124351 ID: cfad4e
File 126517972013.png - (9.59KB , 500x500 , TQ324.png )

>Wait, won't some of the things in your pockets explode in microwaves?
I hope not! Haven't heard a sound yet.

>Shut your eyes and run
I make it to the door!
No. 124352 ID: 0e759d

Break it!
No. 124353 ID: 135d9a

Is it open?

If not, tear it the fuck open and get out of the hot unpleasanty place.
No. 124355 ID: cfad4e
File 126518034132.png - (9.84KB , 500x500 , TQ325.png )

>Is it open?

>Rip and tear!

My most exposed bits, my eyes, ears, nose, and tail, are undergoing some especially severe agony, though no part of me doesn't hurt. Also, I smell quite a lot of smoke.
No. 124358 ID: 0e759d

Keep at it!
This is nothing! You're a Tozol and a half!
A Counter-Suppressing Tozol and a half!
No. 124359 ID: 135d9a

Get the hell through the door, then.
No. 124360 ID: 4cf65e

>Also, I smell quite a lot of smoke.
That would be your labcoat burning.
No. 124361 ID: e3f578

Wonderful, you're frying like hashbrowns. Szzzzzz
No. 124362 ID: 0e759d

You're burning the weakness out of your body!
No. 124363 ID: 82e991

When you get through the door, be sure to yell "DYNAMITE!"
No. 124364 ID: 0e759d

"Yeah, that's your DECON, baby!"
No. 124365 ID: f21281


No. 124368 ID: cfad4e
File 126518126234.png - (13.25KB , 500x500 , TQ326.png )

>Get the hell through the door, then.
The door's making horrible grinding noises, and I hear clicking noises beyond, but it's coming open.

The heat is incredible.
No. 124369 ID: 0e759d

Hell yeah!
I knew you could do it!
No. 124370 ID: 34470e

Somehow gain a huge wave of temporary strength so that you can push the doors open more easily.
No. 124372 ID: 9af3e1

Shove your head through first so you can open your eyes and twist vertically to get your shoulders through. You'll have more leverage once your armspan is in the gap.
No. 124373 ID: cfad4e
File 12651830219.png - (26.70KB , 500x500 , TQ327.png )

>I knew you could do it!

can barely see anything

everything smells like smoke

still a clicking sound from up ahead
No. 124374 ID: 0e759d

Pull yourself all the way out and talk a bit of time to regenerate some of the eye-damage.
No. 124375 ID: 2f43cb

Are your tits still there? This is important.
No. 124376 ID: 3416ec

-Pick yourself up
-Assess situation
-Rest, let body parts regenerate.
No. 124377 ID: 8399bd

Hey, no lying down on the job... that was just a warm up.

Also, make sure the clicking sound coming from behind isn't a Very Bad Thing.
No. 124378 ID: 135d9a

Alright, you're still pretty much intact, that's probably good.

So, uh, what do you see in front of you that could be clicking?
No. 124379 ID: 0e759d

Hmm, also jam the prybar in the door so it won't close again, at least not fully.
No. 124380 ID: a85626


Dammit that clicking is another attack robot. You are so dead.
No. 124381 ID: 3297aa

Hope it isn't another robot.
No. 124382 ID: a85626
File 126518404159.jpg - (32.35KB , 400x400 , puppy_kitten1.jpg )

Microwaves penetrate about 5 inches (122mm) before heating up, so if your surface is that bad, you're pretty much screwed. You got boiled from the inside. Er, I mean, gosh look at that, puppies and kittens! *hides*
No. 124383 ID: 8399bd

Pfft, if old man snake can do it, so can our partially cooked friend.

I have faith in you girl!
No. 124384 ID: 45be60

I KNOW you didn't just talk about microwaving living things and then post puppies and kittens.
No. 124385 ID: a85626
File 126518469949.jpg - (38.82KB , 555x448 , why_we_cant_have_nice_things.jpg )

No. 124388 ID: 632862

Erm, that wasn't microwaves. That was basically heat lamps.
No. 124389 ID: 632862

...maybe we should've tried flipping the main circuit breaker.
No. 124391 ID: bf2bdb

find your gun and crowbar, and see if there's a way to knock that passage out from this side.
No. 124395 ID: c0f3bf

Rest up. Try to expend as much energy as possible healing your insides, but look ahead, is there another robot?
No. 124398 ID: f12f07

surely the decon uses a different source of energy. this is kinda good.

also did you just tooked off without warning mitzi? now she is extra lonely...

also also ROLL TO THE SIDES there may be a tank there, in the very least the click is a sensor trying to identify you.

or a gun dryfiring.
No. 124409 ID: 59ac3f

Good news, the smoke isn't you. Bad news, no more handy pockets.
Good news, if you can still hear us you're alive and concious. Bad news. ... you can still hear us.
Up right is a security checkpoint. Might be safer. Up left is the break room.
Get on your feet, Penji, and get to the security checkpoint. Then we can plot to steal every last cookie these bastards have!
Those cookies shall be OURS!
No. 124410 ID: 4e6441


Ok, pull your legs completely free, then rest a mo, then onwards. Goal: find some more CS so we can start regenerating this damage.

Also, cookies.
No. 124435 ID: 8ecfd4

Find the cookies. Rest a bit, run back and give cookies to Mitzi. Then get a helmet for you and as much of a suit that you can wear as well as a suit for her and get through the corridor.

And Penji, I think we can limit our options somewhat as to what you are. You're either a prototype of the process they used on Mitzi or what they used to create the process. You and Mitzi seem to have a couple of similarities. You have somewhat similar eyes and you both survived what should have been fatal injuries.
No. 124445 ID: 362384

After all that, you DEFINITELY deserve some cookies.
Hell, you deserve a solid ten pounds of cookies.

Go into the security room, those guys always have snacks hidden somewhere.
No. 124446 ID: 362384

Addendum: Seconding that you go back with some cookies for Mitzi.
Could be difficult, the cookies are likely to burn in DECON.
While you're getting the cookies from the security office, be sure to disable DECON, that should be possible.
No. 124452 ID: e0499d

We should find cookie dough... and bake em' in the decon...
Or cook food in it..

Good use of a bad thing.
No. 124462 ID: 0e759d

I like the way you think!
If possible, this. Problem is, we probably won't be able to find unbaked cookie dough that's still good.
No. 124491 ID: 3b1161


And microwaves wouldn't toast the coat.

I'm betting it was high intensity IR, hence the extreme burning on exposed body parts.
No. 124531 ID: 67c611

We dropped all of our items in decon. Pick up what's left after you cool off. I predict that there won't be anything left................................................................including the ID cards D: Oh fuck.
No. 124587 ID: a85626


So, basically, an oven?
No. 124607 ID: e0499d

Tom lost his crowbar... that should've been a lesson way back when...
No. 124621 ID: bf2bdb


Aren't we still holding it in our tail?
No. 124662 ID: e0499d

Someone pointed out a crowbar in the inventory that should've been lost...

and weaver took it away.
No. 124677 ID: 5bd740

Breathe, breathe. Heal, heal. Find a safe, cool place.
No. 124931 ID: 3b1161


That's what I'm thinking. The metal prybar probably would have shot lightning if DECON was a giant microwave.
No. 124953 ID: 81ce59

Hmmm, I wonder if the Decon can even be turned off at the security station? If it's among the last lines of defense for their station then the security measures should be pretty heavy. Like two palm readers, two or more 11 digit codes as well as two keys and voice recognition that all need to go in simoultaneously kind of heavy.

Well check out the room anyway. There might be some more guns or something in there. And cookies, everything will be better once you feel those soft sweet pastries crunch between your teeth.
No. 124968 ID: 67c611

If we find a grenade we should take out decon as revenge.

On the bright side, Penji is now naked again :3
No. 125249 ID: d31d16

Try and refocus your healing on the outer stuff. especially eyes and limbs
No. 127118 ID: cfad4e
File 126552642020.png - (25.19KB , 500x500 , TQ328.png )

Not seeing any immediate threats, a great tiredness takes hold. I tell myself to get up, but it seems pointless. My body feels as dead as the rest of the corpses in this place.

I'm ready to surrender to exhaustion, when I hear a sound I haven't heard in forty years.
No. 127119 ID: 0e759d

Get on your feet!
You're unstoppable!
No. 127121 ID: cfad4e
File 126552652152.png - (27.66KB , 500x500 , TQ329.png )

My heart, whole and functioning. It pumps hard, pouring strength back into my limbs.
No. 127122 ID: 6547ec

Wait. So what was it doing ten minutes ago? Have you been going this long without it beating at all?
No. 127123 ID: e973f4

Wait so this whole time we've been talking to you your heart has been on the fritz?

Dang, I wouldn't want to get in a fight with you.
No. 127129 ID: 67c611

She effectively has two hearts. One was so badly damaged it wasn't working.
No. 127131 ID: 67c611

If the nano-machines are gone, divert all healing to eyes. We need them at least at where they were before the hallway of doom. After everything is back to standard I vote for secondary senses.

Stand up and loot some cookies to eat and some to bring back to Mitzi. And some liquid sounds good too.
No. 127132 ID: 0e759d

Screw the nano-machines, focus on the eyes no matter what, then the limbs.
No. 127142 ID: 632862

Inventory check. Also, status check. Make your body start to heal your burns, especially your eyes.
No. 127146 ID: cfad4e
File 126552783457.gif - (9.17KB , 500x500 , TQ330.gif )


>Wait so this whole time we've been talking to you your heart has been on the fritz?
As I said before, one of my hemi-hearts was damaged. That's what I focused my energy on healing first. It's better now... Mostly.

These energies I can now direct elsewhere. I have SURFACE DAMAGE, recently acquired from the decontamination system. (This would also go towards normal wear and tear) This is probably the best plan, but I could alternately just leave the damage and focus on my PRIMARY SENSES, meaning my eyes, my SECONDARY SENSES, my tails, ears, and nose, or my SPEED, by healing faults in my muscles.
No. 127147 ID: 67c611

Nano-machines then damage:secondary 1:1 split.
No. 127148 ID: e973f4

Okay, uhh, how serious is this surface damage? Is it gonna affect your ability to do things pretty seriously or is it mostly cosmetic? Also, does "surface damage" include your eyes and tails and whatnot getting kinda screwed up in the decon hallway, or is that separate?

If the former, then focus on that, if the latter, uhh... primary senses.

Also, check inventory and see what we've still got.

Also also, take stock of surroundings.
No. 127149 ID: e75a2f


MGS4 style microwave tunnel
No. 127150 ID: 0e759d

Divide between Primary Senses and Surface Damage.
No. 127153 ID: 632862

Surface damage. You can basically see right?
No. 127155 ID: f4963f

Surface Damage
No. 127157 ID: cfad4e
File 126552935429.png - (14.75KB , 500x500 , TQ331.png )

>Surface damage. You can basically see right?
I might have misspoken... or mis-thought. I blame the pain.

Surface damage in this case includes the damage I just received to the surface of my eyes. My eyes also, however, have fundamental problems, structurally and neurologically.

I think it's caused by years of being pumped full of Suppress. Gotta be that. I mean, in the autopsy, my left eye was GONE...

I focus my surplus energies on healing the new damage. The remainder is still working on finding a way to fight the microbots still in my blood.
No. 127161 ID: 506441

are you healthy enough to stand up?
No. 127162 ID: f21281

Your external appearance is a cosmetic change - we can fix that later on. I say we go for the two primary senses we're going to be using the most - sight and sound. Work on those two, with a favoring of sight over sound for now (you -did- just nuke your eyes)
No. 127166 ID: cfad4e
File 126553044772.png - (10.66KB , 500x500 , TQ332.png )

>are you healthy enough to stand up?

With a few quick motions, before Decon has time to power up again, I retrieve the crowbar, the pistol, hoping its one bullet still works, and the two passcards. Everything else I brought is either out of reach or melted.

I confront three doors.
No. 127168 ID: 67c611

Destroy the vital testing apparatus.
No. 127169 ID: f21281

Check the breakroom. Might be edibles.
No. 127170 ID: 506441

Go into Break first.
No. 127171 ID: 632862

Get in that break room goddamn we need cookies
No. 127172 ID: 6faa8c

Yes, Break. Remember: Cookies.
No. 127175 ID: cfad4e
File 126553153293.png - (14.29KB , 500x500 , TQ333.png )

>Destroy the vital testing apparatus.
Gimme a second... This one's a little more permanent than the others.

...Say, that reminds me. Should I be healing my scars?
No. 127176 ID: 632862

Why? I guess if they're structurally unsound, sure.

...it's kindof weird that your body didn't heal them correctly though.
No. 127178 ID: 67c611

You are surprisingly agile.

Nah, the scars look cool. You have to be pretty hardcore to take one in the dome and live. Plus you can point to them when you run into someone who might be responsible for them.
No. 127179 ID: 45be60

scars are painful reminders of bad stuff, but if you can heal them any time in the future, I don't see the benefit of wasting energy on them right now.

(except maybe that it would be easier to draw)
No. 127182 ID: 6547ec

Once you're done on that camera, remember to follow the left door's instructions.
No. 127183 ID: 95484a

No. They've got significance.

Check Security next. You might be able to shut down the decon hallway from there, so Mitzi can get out. When she wants to.
No. 127187 ID: cfad4e
File 126553393944.png - (14.40KB , 600x500 , TQ334.png )

>Nah, the scars look cool.
Hey, yeah! And it's becoming obvious that I can't rely on my equipment for THAT.

>Check the breakroom. Might be edibles.
I head in. No bodies or handprints or 'please don't kill me' written in blood. It's almost more ominous than if there was.

There's four dispensers here, appears to be two for beverages of some kinds, two for foodstuffs wrapped in plastic. Yay!
No. 127189 ID: 632862

Can you open the machines up without hurting yourself or getting broken glass everywhere?
No. 127190 ID: 632862

Oh yeah there should be a lock or something on the doors for each of the vending machines. Just break the lock and the door should open.
No. 127191 ID: 95484a

Chow down. You've earned a meal.
No. 127192 ID: 67c611

Smash n' Grab

Get enough to cure your hunger and thirst. We need to turn off that damn decon chamber before we head back through to get Mitzi. No point lugging extra food around till we clear that out.
No. 127193 ID: 506441

So Penji what's your favorite kind of food?
No. 127194 ID: 8e18cd


No. 127197 ID: cfad4e
File 126553503965.png - (15.46KB , 600x500 , TQ335.png )

>Chow down.
Mmm... Water, sugars, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, hydrocarbons, rare elements, trace metals...

Could really go for some superconductors. Ah well.
No. 127198 ID: 476456

See if you can throw some stuff through the microwave tunnel to mitzi
No. 127199 ID: 632862

You eat superconductors?
No. 127200 ID: 476456

After you're done eating of course.
No. 127201 ID: 67c611


You really need to educate us more on your diet. From now on when we come across a new material, lick it. If it tastes good, eat it.
No. 127202 ID: f21281

Interesting. You appear to be taking on traits of a metalvore.

I know one. Eats radiation shielding from around starship reactor cores. Hates the taste of gold though.
No. 127205 ID: 95484a

Superconductors? Really? Well, we don't have any. There might be some in some of these people's fancy science equipment, though. Would you be able to smell them, or what? Or are you just messing with us?

Are those chairs metal? Maybe you can toss them into the decontamination area when you're done eating and make it short out.
No. 127209 ID: cfad4e
File 126553606524.png - (15.46KB , 600x500 , TQ336.png )

>You really need to educate us more on your diet.
I'm kinda playing it by ear. Ears. Heh.

>From now on when we come across a new material, lick it. If it tastes good, eat it.
I guess that's a good idea and you're not just saying that because you want me to lick everything.

>You eat superconductors?
Well, we HAVE established that I'm crazy...
No. 127211 ID: 2dd482

>Well, we HAVE established that I'm crazy...


inspect bathroom after finished eating.
No. 127213 ID: f21281

Nah, yer not crazy. Yet.

Anywho, if you get a chance, look around for any first aid kits. There's got to be one somewhere, it's a health-code violation if they don't.
No. 127214 ID: 95484a

Right, because these seem like the kind of people who make sure to be OSHA-compliant.
No. 127216 ID: 6547ec

Please refrain from licking anything while in there.
No. 127217 ID: 67c611

Bathroom then security.

You know the only place we didn't check in HS3 is the bathroom. And since nothing seemed to have escaped......that is where the psycho killer is/was hiding........................................................................................ This may be bad.
No. 127219 ID: cfad4e
File 126553679946.png - (10.58KB , 500x500 , TQ337.png )

>Would you be able to smell them, or what?
I'm not sure. Probably not.

>Interesting. You appear to be taking on traits of a metalvore.
But all this other stuff is tasty, too! Cookies, fizzy sugar water, little cakes, polymers...

I fear I shall grow fat.
No. 127220 ID: 476456

I'm sure you'll get plenty of exercise in this hellhole tubby.
No. 127224 ID: 95484a

You take "omnivore" to a whole new level, Penji. You probably won't get fat, though. You seem to have some kind of crazy metabolism, given how good you are at healing and killing things.
No. 127227 ID: 632862

What about the cans, and wrappers? Do they taste good?
No. 127232 ID: cfad4e
File 126553734970.png - (8.15KB , 500x500 , TQ338.png )

>I'm sure you'll get plenty of exercise in this hellhole tubby.
No. 127236 ID: 476456

What? Dont give me that look with your mouth full of food!
No. 127237 ID: 393339

Shut up and stuff your face already. We know that's the only way to please your womanly desires anyway.
No. 127238 ID: 632862

You're not actually fat, Penji. We're just messing with you. Your build is quite lean, actually.
No. 127239 ID: 67c611

Shut your bitching. Start whining when she gets fat, not now. Lord knows we are burning a crazy amount of calories every minute.
No. 127240 ID: 8ecfd4

Well now that you have stocked up on food stuff let's check out security. There might be something to shut of decon there, but I wouldn't bet on it.

But there should be a few guns and maybe a protective suit or two. If you're going to have to run through decon again I would advise wearing a suit helmet along with however much of a suit you can adapt to shield yourself with.
No. 127242 ID: 95484a

What? We/you're crazy, this has been established. Crazy things will be said. You can safely ignore most of them.

That said, once you're full, you should resume exploring the area. You are getting full, aren't you? For all we know, your digestive system involves antimatter.
No. 127253 ID: cfad4e
File 126553936898.png - (16.65KB , 600x500 , TQ339.png )

>check the bathroom

Security guard. Quite dead.

Now there's the decor I've grown to know...

Holster's empty. No armor or helmet.
No. 127255 ID: 393339

Did you ever notice how delicious looking human guts are?
No. 127257 ID: 54411c

got a wallet?
No. 127258 ID: 632862

Sounds like whatever killed him took the gun. Worrying. Then again you're crazy durable, you can deal with it.

Does he have any cards or a wallet or anything?
No. 127259 ID: 8ecfd4

From my point of view he's lying in a very odd pose. Kinda like someone sodomized him to death. If that's the case then maybe Mitzi's brother is one twisted individual. It's damn annoying to not know what did all of this.
No. 127260 ID: 8e18cd


Explore the guard's belongings then head to the security room.

Check for bacon.
No. 127262 ID: 67c611

Now that is really strange. No spatter. No tracks. Whatever killed him wasn't in there with him. And whatever killed him wasn't outside with the door open.

It killed him from the outside with the door closed?!

You can eat metal. I doubt day old meat is a problem. Try a bit of blood or flesh for taste. Who knows?
No. 127270 ID: cfad4e
File 126554061782.png - (25.82KB , 500x500 , TQ340.png )

>Does he have any cards or a wallet or anything?
No, annoyingly.

No corpse so far has had any wallet or anything, that I can remember. How the heck many sets of IDs does this thing need?!

>Explore the guard's belongings
Ruined clothing, coins and two bits of paper money. Shoulder strap no longer connected to anything. Tag on shirt says 'G. Alton.' Nice belt and holster. Adjustable.

>Kinda like someone sodomized him to death.

>It killed him from the outside with the door closed?!
Oooor it cleaned up. Granted, it didn't bother to clean up after the other kills. Maybe it has something to do with the location?
No. 127271 ID: 476456

you dont have to go right now..right?
No. 127276 ID: 67c611

Take anything of value and head to security.

Holster is it, really.
No. 127277 ID: 632862

Grab the belt and holster. That way you can free up a tail to carry something else.
No. 127278 ID: 393339
File 126554120745.jpg - (29.63KB , 300x300 , waterfall_collage.jpg )

Speaking of which, did you ever consider just how relaxing a waterfall is?
No. 127280 ID: 476456
File 126554133364.jpg - (76.99KB , 506x338 , Rain.jpg )

or a refreshing summer rain.
No. 127281 ID: 8ecfd4

Well not sodomized to death, but something similar. The guard seemed to have been taking a dump and something came out of the toilet, ripping right through him in a very bloody manner.

Which explains how whatever it is got out. It can shapeshift enough to get into the pipes, so it could get past doors and decon even with the power out. But the pipes shouldn't allow for bringing guns and other stuff through them. So it likely got cleaned up here and then keept going.
No. 127283 ID: cfad4e
File 126554150647.png - (18.00KB , 600x500 , TQ341.png )

I take the holster and go to Security. The keycard doesn't work, but the crowbar does.

There's a gentle whirr and hum of electronics, though the screens are off. A rack of weaponry beckons, though the guns seem hastily positioned. There's a first aid kit and a locker to the left.
No. 127285 ID: 8e18cd


Look into the first aid kit. Check lockers. Get a boomstick.
No. 127286 ID: 476456

Wait, Guns?
No. 127288 ID: 632862

Check out the first aid kit and locker.
No. 127289 ID: 632862

Also, is that another camera in the corner up there?
No. 127290 ID: 67c611


Inspect all things thoroughly. Try to turn off decon. Get to Mitzi. Bring guns. Get hazard suit for Mitzi. Get back though decon. Have Mitzi disable it if you hadn't already. Feed Mitzi. No way to barricade the door now. That's all I guess. Get started and don't die. Good luck.
No. 127291 ID: 8ecfd4

Smash camera. Loot locker and then turn on one of the computers.
No. 127298 ID: 54af1f


Deactivate Decon, and check the guns for traps before taking them
No. 127322 ID: 1e7931

Medical aid, then weaponry. Let's see what you can grab.

Also, see if you can't turn off Decon. It'd be a bitch to run through that again. Plus, we don't know if this is a pressurized environment, so tossing explosives down the hallway would probably be a bad idea.
No. 127324 ID: 3ff175

Try the rightmost console first. It seems operational. Oh, and is that an intercom handset? Lift it, have a listen. Might be interesting.
... if you happen to get a friendly response,
tell them you found Alton dead. They don't NEED to know that you're one of the experiments~
No. 127325 ID: d31d16

On the far end of the room, one of the boxes (probably a computer) has a green light. the terminal next to it may be active. Maybe it's running the cooker-hall.

Also on a side-note, fat is a useful energy reserve and storage for certain kinds of vitamins.
You are large and strong, so gaining a few pounds (unlikely in the short term) isn't about to show, or even slow you down.
If the voices make you feel self-conscious, you can probably guide where that fat develops, spreading it out.. or maybe concentrating it in your breasts.
No. 127327 ID: d31d16

Take a look at the wall that should have some of those microwave emitters behind it.. maybe there are controls there.. or things that can be torn out.
No. 127359 ID: 45be60

Seriously dudes. first computer in the entire building that looks like it is working. lets start that sucker. only higher priority would be another smexy labcoat.
No. 127360 ID: 632862

Penji, if you want to eat superconductors you might be able to get some from the insides of those computers.
No. 127414 ID: 95484a

That's semiconductors. Superconductors would be in really heavy-duty stuff, like maybe the railgun, or those microwave emitters.
No. 127422 ID: 632862

Oooh, the railgun. We could hop over there to munch on it after turning off Decon and checking up on Mitzi.
No. 127574 ID: a85626


Nobody killed the security guard. He just really, really had to go.
No. 127580 ID: 4531bc
File 126559332384.jpg - (77.32KB , 450x472 , aperture_[1].jpg )

The computer on the far right looks on, maybe check that out?

Also, that extra outline makes it look like an Aperture Science computer...
No. 129112 ID: cfad4e
File 126578998229.png - (13.39KB , 500x500 , TQ342.png )

>Check out the first aid kit and locker.
I check First Aid first. I don't know what most of this crap is, but there's a C-S, so hey, nice.
No. 129115 ID: 1aac10

>but there's a C-S
USE IT!!!!
No. 129117 ID: cfad4e
File 126579075060.png - (16.19KB , 600x600 , TQ343.png )

I check the gun rack, and the foot locker underneath.

The thick-barreled gun can fire Suppress darts, just like the robot could. That'd explain why they have the counteragent here.

I don't recognize these designs. They seem pretty straightforward rifles, but my instincts warn me against using military spec firearms without familiarizing myself.
No. 129118 ID: 632862

Use the C-S right now.
No. 129122 ID: 2dd482

you know how to use a pistol, right? A rifle is just a bigger pistol on semi-automatic mode. There's a charging rod instead of a slide, but everything else works pretty much the same.
No. 129126 ID: bf2bdb

Use the counter suppress then test fire the rifle maybe
No. 129129 ID: 4d9258

Put on the webbing. We'll have you looking badass in no time. Also, shoot up the C-S for the love of cookies. After getting fried like that, you could sure use it.
If you want to familiarize yourself with the weapons, we could do that easily once Decon's disabled. There was a proverbial firing range in one of the laboratories.
Mitzi probably needs the medical supplies more than you, considering her probably lesser regenerative abilities, so have her stuff that in her backpack. Next up, console.
No. 129131 ID: 8ecfd4

Leave the weapons for now. Fire up the computers and see if there is any way to turn of the decon field in here. I'm placing my money on there not being a turn off button in there but check anyway. And see if you can pull up the latest video files. Whatever happened here seems to have happened the last few days so check for clues in security footage if there is any.
No. 129142 ID: 6a6a5e

Use CS. Don't even bother telling Mitzi. You can tell her if she asks.

Take one of the rifles Load a FMJ mag and pull the charging handle then lift it up and look down the sights. Does this seem familiar? Kit yourself out with webbing and spare mags. Make sure to carry the two sabot mags. You can delay this if you need to go through decon and fear it might get damaged by going through.

standard examine everything.

Check comps. look for a way to disable decon. Look for a way to disable decon by destroying wires or panels.

See if you can get Mitzi to get in one of the environmental suits and take a look at the inside of decon to fuck with the IR emitters. Or get her on the comp or wiring to do the same.
No. 129202 ID: a85626

Use CS. You must become HUGE
No. 129297 ID: 4ce1b0

She's already getting huge. Look at that fat ass.
No. 129340 ID: 445c48

Use the CS, Jellyrolls. So far the CS split between you and Mitzi has been even, 2 and 2. It'll be 3 to 2, so next one goes to her if she's alive. Take the webbing, load it with medical supplies, ammunition, CP, Stims, etc. Take the normal rifle, not the launcher. If the rifle can go full auto, don't fucking put it on full auto.
No. 129367 ID: d31d16

examine the active computer next on the far end of the room.
No. 129608 ID: cfad4e
File 126586146379.png - (17.85KB , 600x500 , TQ344.png )

I empty the C-S into myself. As before, an intense pain boils in through the injector, pumping through my veins. It's faster than before, thanks to my repaired heart.

To distract myself, I snap one of the locks off the locker to the left, before realizing they're just being stored in the loops, not actually holding them shut.
No. 129609 ID: cfad4e
File 12658615007.png - (5.24KB , 500x500 , TQ345.png )

Small wonder. It's empty save for a helmet.
No. 129611 ID: bb59ee

equip helmet.
No. 129616 ID: 45be60

but... ears!
No. 129617 ID: 67c611

Think about that sentence for a bit.
No. 129619 ID: cfad4e
File 126586196657.png - (16.18KB , 500x550 , TQ346.png )

I turn my attention inward.

My burns are feeling better already, but they'll take time to heal. Meanwhile, my immune system is ready, or nearly ready, to attack the tiny machines in my veins. When it begins, it'll put stress on me, like a sickness. Augmented by the fact that I actually have to get them out of me...

With another dose of Suppress neutralized, more of my metabolism awakens from its decades-long numbness. It's enough to heal more of my deeper injuries. My PRIMARY SENSES, SECONDARY SENSES, or muscular SPEED could benefit from this focus. Alternately, I could work on dealing with either the burns or the nanites more quickly.
No. 129621 ID: 67c611

No. 129622 ID: 632862

Secondary Senses.
No. 129624 ID: f51d4a

Voting Speed here.
No. 129625 ID: 34470e

No. 129626 ID: 44ca1b

No. 129627 ID: 4531bc

We haven't worked on out primary and secondary senses very much, have we?
How about working on those?
No. 129638 ID: 135d9a

Secondary senses.
No. 129640 ID: b414e6

PRIMARY SENSES and SURFACE DAMAGE. Good vision is never a bad idea, and bad skin is a wonderful way of contracting infections and complications. I think we should save the micromachines for later, when we aren't quite as much roasted Penji.
No. 129645 ID: a85626

Secondary senses. Seeing with tails is awesome.
No. 129647 ID: 1e81a1

If those nanites will incapacitate you at all when you purge, I'd recommend helping them out faster.

... And check that bathroom still works, if you'll need it.
No. 129652 ID: 54411c

Primary senses
spidey sense is nice and all but if you can see them anyway why bother.
No. 129653 ID: 4531bc


No. 129656 ID: bb59ee

2 speed 1 PRIMARY SENSE or burns if the burns are very bad.
No. 129662 ID: 9bab6d

Secondary senses
No. 129663 ID: c5628c

Wait..do we even know what those nanites do?
No. 129668 ID: 889351

Work on secondary senses.

And it's probably best to not attack the nanites until we have some idea what they do.
No. 129672 ID: 67c611

With the entire quest worth of context they are likely part of a system, along with a broadcasting device, that is used to remotely incapacitate or kill experimental constructs.

My opinion is they are the most dangerous thing we have come up against so far because they can kill us nearly instantly.
No. 129688 ID: 6547ec

Get the nanites out? Wouldn't it be way faster to just metabolize them?
No. 129695 ID: cfad4e
File 126586549159.png - (11.69KB , 500x500 , TQ347.png )

I'm uncertain if I've been clear.

Each time I've taken a Counter-Suppress, I've freed up enough of my metabolism to get to work healing a system of mine. I can now handle three such tasks, which I can distribute to healing three problems, or two with greater speed, or two, one with significantly greater speed, or even just focus entirely on one.

However, I've already got two earmarked towards my burns, and the machines, leaving a third free. Halting work on either of those seems a poor idea... or at least my paranoia says so, with regards to the machines...

>Get the nanites out? Wouldn't it be way faster to just metabolize them?
Say, that might be possible!
No. 129697 ID: 632862

Yes, I think you should eat them once they're dead.

To reiterate my earlier vote: Spend the extra healing on Secondary Senses. Let us know when you're ready to fight the machines; when that happens we need to find a safe spot where Mitzi can guard us while the fighting happens.
No. 129698 ID: b414e6

Ah, continue with those then, and add healing primary senses to the mix. Vision is good.
No. 129699 ID: 445c48

No. 129700 ID: 1e81a1


If that's the case, I suggest trying to get the nanites done with as quickly as possible. Focus all three on eating them, or two on them and one on the burns if they're really bothering you.

Will you still get as sick if you metabolize the nanos instead of purging them?
No. 129702 ID: 67c611

1.5 burns
1.5 nanos
No. 129704 ID: 445c48

Actually, yeah, I vote 2 for burns and 1 on eating nanites.
No. 129705 ID: c8eece

>Wouldn't it be way faster to just metabolize them?

Do you really need to be eating more, thunder thighs?
No. 129706 ID: bb59ee

Yeah, the last thing she needs is an extra chin.
No. 129708 ID: c0f3bf

They're already in her though, she won't get bigger.
No. 129709 ID: cfad4e
File 12658668618.png - (15.61KB , 500x550 , TQ348.png )

I start repairing my SECONDARY SENSES: My ears, nose, and tails.

Maybe I'll finally figure out what these damned things are for.

>Will you still get as sick if you metabolize the nanos instead of purging them?
Uncertain. How bad could it be? They're just teeny pissant machines. As far as I can tell, they haven't done a thing since I woke up.
No. 129711 ID: a85626


Don't digest them. They might contain toxins, stuff that could burn out your nerves or hemmorage your blood vessels. We're still betting on that they're some sort of failsafe to kill or control you, and that makes them dangerous. Especially don't crack open the machines inside your bloodstream itself. The deadliest poisons can come in the most innocuous looking containers.
No. 129712 ID: f21281

That's the thing though. They might not do anything until you start to attack them.

Might be a good idea to keep your immune system on standby in the event they turn malicious.
No. 129713 ID: 67c611

Ohshit wait. Don't do that. They have toxins in them. You know, enough poison to kill you? You need to extract them whole or do it veeeery slowly to let the toxins get flushed out.

Or it could use some other mechanism of incapacitation/death. Who knows?
No. 129714 ID: 632862

We'll decide what to do with them once they are disabled.

Now... Lick the helmet.
No. 129721 ID: bb59ee

seconded. but don't eat it fatty!
No. 129722 ID: 632862

Licking it is to see if it's good to eat!
No. 129724 ID: bb59ee

maybe she can chew ear holes in it? so she can wear it?
No. 129725 ID: b414e6

If you insist on having her chew on things, why not that piece of shiny metal we found in that testing apparatus? It was tasty enough, wasn't it?
Might be a superconductor for all we know, and delicious with some whipped cream.
No. 129727 ID: 098736

I say metabolize them. To those saying they might hold poison? WHAT did we get in the first aid kit? A tube of counter-poison. So, metabolize!
No. 129728 ID: bb59ee

All I'm saying is we need to get penji a hat at some point!
No. 129732 ID: cfad4e
File 126587026330.png - (22.02KB , 500x500 , TQ349.png )

>Take one of the rifles Load a FMJ mag and pull the charging handle then lift it up and look down the sights. Does this seem familiar? Kit yourself out with webbing and spare mags. Make sure to carry the two sabot mags.
I do this, then lower the barrel.


This feels... right.

I felt naked before. You voices had convinced me it had to do with clothes, but it wasn't that. I didn't have a rifle.

Still, it's an unfamiliar design. I don't trust it yet.

Perhaps I should test fire it, somewhere. On the other hand, I have to focus on getting out of here. I don't know how much time I have. That clicking sound earlier made me nervous. Its absence makes me nervous now.

Any ideas of how to defeat the big door? I'll need Mitzi's help, but she'll need either a power connection to the rest of the facility, or a powerful source of energy in this wing. How can I find either of these things?

>Don't digest them. They might contain toxins
Guess we're sticking with plan vomit.
>Lick the helmet.
No. 129734 ID: bb59ee

>I felt naked before. You voices had convinced me it had to do with clothes, but it wasn't that. I didn't have a rifle.

where you like some sort of space marine in a past life or something?
No. 129735 ID: b414e6

(As much as I dislike repeating suggestions too much...)
Check the computer console to the far right in the room. It seems powered. It might allow a link to the glass cube station on the other side of Decon, if nothing else?
No. 129737 ID: a85626


>> I felt naked before. You voices had convinced me it had to do with clothes, but it wasn't that. I didn't have a rifle.


>> Still, it's an unfamiliar design. I don't trust it yet.

Call me crazy, but it seems to me the back of the rifle's supposed to rest on your shoulder, to allow bracing for recoil. Looks like that one's still a bit too small for you...
No. 129739 ID: 67c611

You are a fighter, a soldier. You seem familiar with cartridge-based weapons. This is good news for our survival.

I don't suppose that you've tried eating some ammunition before........probably not the best use of it.

Let's focus on disabling decon for now. You know that box with the tiny pistol and the two CS? I have a hunch that it's a bomb. If the comp route or the Mitzi route fail you might be able to blow up a few of the emitters. Can you run though decon without getting hurt? Best leave stuff in one place instead of taking it though multiple times.

Please stand by while your photographic memory looks for anything that might be useful in this situation.
No. 129742 ID: 135d9a

Seriously you probably oughta do this already.
No. 129745 ID: 632862

Let's check that computer that's still running.
No. 129747 ID: bb59ee

No. 129752 ID: 8ecfd4

A good idea. If nothing else they could have security footage of whatever rampaged through the facility.

Btw I have a theory on what happened. It seems like both you and Mitzi are prone to go on a rampage if you don't have atleast a little bit of suppress in your blood to keep the mutations at bay, and the only reliable way they found of stopping said rampage is with lethal applications of force, and since both you and Mitzi recover from those they can keep up the experiments. So, the reason for why the base is fucked up, another experiment going on a rampage but this time with powers they weren't prepared for.
No. 129753 ID: cfad4e
File 126587288885.png - (14.10KB , 500x500 , TQ350.png )

>the back of the rifle's supposed to rest on your shoulder, to allow bracing for recoil.
Yeah, I know. I lowered it from a firing stance. That said, I should find a better place for the ammo case on the upper left strap.

>Check the computer console to the far right in the room.
I wake the computer.

What the fuck?
No. 129755 ID: bb59ee

Targeting computer for sentry guns perhaps?
No. 129759 ID: 8e18cd


Can you shut the IFF and security down permamently?
No. 129762 ID: 1d0bbf

Play solitaire. You deserve a break. :|b
No. 129764 ID: 135d9a

What have we got here?

I mean, I can tell part of what's on screen right now, but I don't see too much in the way of things we can actually manipulate.

Although if that "control" thing is a button, that could be a good start.
No. 129767 ID: b414e6

Jackpot! Control software!
Check for a way to disable Decon, while still leaving it functional. We could probably use it at a later time. See if you can find surveillance records too, or possibly other useful information. It's likely there's emergency evacuation plans or containment procedures in this security station console, unless it's exclusive to controlling Decon.
No. 129773 ID: cfad4e
File 126587423616.png - (17.82KB , 500x500 , TQ351.png )

[suggestion was deleted, but I already drew this]
>check decon
I quickly move to investigate.

There's a pile of heat-damaged things I left behind. Burned and melted E-rats, a pile of ashes from my labcoat, the mysterious button device, the stun gun, a few tubes of Suppress...
No. 129774 ID: 8e18cd


Find a way to shut down D-Con then. That way we might be able to move safely in and out
No. 129775 ID: 45be60

You have a gun you want to test fire and a hallway you want to disable. Where is the difficult decision here?
No. 129776 ID: bb59ee

Is there anyway to tell if the stungun and the button device still work?
No. 129779 ID: 632862

Go back to the computer and disable Decon using it.
No. 129782 ID: cfad4e
File 126587504286.png - (15.20KB , 500x500 , TQ352.png )

>Is there anyway to tell if the stungun and the button device still work?
If I risk another zap, I could yank the stun-gun out. The mystery button? You told me not to press it, so no.

>Find a way to shut down D-Con then.
As soon as I start pushing buttons, this error box pops up and doesn't want to go away.

>You have a gun you want to test fire and a hallway you want to disable. Where is the difficult decision here?
No. 129783 ID: 8e18cd


Check the cables.
No. 129784 ID: bb59ee

Call techsupport SMASH EVERTHING!!!
No. 129787 ID: b414e6

That's beta software for you.
Testing the gun sounds like a good idea. Science Decon in the head!
No. 129789 ID: 632862

Try using that phone over there.
No. 129791 ID: 8ecfd4

What kind of fuckwits installs keyboards that doesn't work? If this is how these guys handle security then it's miracle that nobody escaped before.

Anyway, lock and lod and fire some against the walls. Just don't go at it full auto, you have limited ammunition and no way to know if we can find more. Simply fire single shots at the microwave emitters, and make sure that you cause damage to one before you start shooting up the rest. If the builders of this place really had shit for brains this will work, if not then you're going to have to run through it again. Just leave all of your stuff in the security room before you run through decon in that case.
No. 129793 ID: 62489a

Press "enter" and then only hit the keys that you want to hit to spell out words, not just whatever key looks pretty.
No. 129794 ID: 288dda

(call tech support)

You know, I do think I saw a phone on the far wall of this room. I don't quite know who you'd call if it even connects to the outside, though... maybe order a pizza with pepperoni and extra superconductors?

Don't think you want to be firing an automatic weapon while Mitzi's still missing. It'll probably drive her deeper into hiding.

For now, see if you can figure out if someone screwed up the plugs on the back of the computer. Maybe you can steal a mouse and keyboard from one of the nonfunctioning systems next to it.
No. 129803 ID: bf2bdb

Shoot up the damn hallway and get your stuff and Mitzi back (she's cute)
No. 129828 ID: 0e759d

I've been saying this for awhile:
No. 129838 ID: cfad4e
File 126591148036.png - (15.71KB , 500x500 , TQ353.png )

>What kind of fuckwits installs keyboards that doesn't work?
>Press "enter" and then only hit the keys that you want to hit to spell out words
I've only used the mouse so far! The cursor moves around just fine, but it errors when I click things. It's like it was screwed up before I got here, but only realizes it when I touch things. Well, okay, I hit enter once, but it gave the same error each way.

>You know, I do think I saw a phone on the far wall of this room. I don't quite know who you'd call
There's a speed dial. I could try that.
No. 129839 ID: cfad4e
File 126591167649.png - (12.87KB , 500x500 , TQ354.png )

>Don't think you want to be firing an automatic weapon while Mitzi's still missing. It'll probably drive her deeper into hiding.
Hiding? We're trapped in a dozen or so rooms. Where the fuck's she gonna hide that's gonna take more than five minutes to find?
No. 129840 ID: 8e18cd

Try calling then.

Check the wires - keyboard, mouse...
No. 129841 ID: ae5683

Hit the screen three times with your fist. That should do the trick.
No. 129842 ID: 632862

I think the computer's messed up because it's got some kind of bioscanner hooked up to it to identify whoever's using it. So it's scanning you and going "WTF IS THIS". Mitzi might be able to use it, if she can get through Decon... We never checked any of her tissue.

Try the speeddial on the phone.
No. 129844 ID: 62489a

Realize how great that harness makes your breasts look.

Then try out the speed dial.
No. 129846 ID: 8ecfd4

Call out and tell her that you will try to shut down the decon corridor with the good old method of superior fire power. Shot at the emitter nearest you, make sure it's only one shoot. Then check if you damaged it and if it's off. If it works then proceed to use single shoots to take out all of the emitters in the corridor.
No. 129847 ID: dd80f0


Well, best way to fix a problem is with a restart - should be a button or something to do that. Since this is supposed to be a security monitor station, it should be all wired up for easy access... Hmm. Though it might ask for a password.

Well, it's not like it's any use to you like this, is it?
No. 129859 ID: a85626


Sit the security guard down. In his comfy chair. Make sure that bioscannerwhatever picks him up. Reach around and type stuff.

If it detects he is dead, shoot the computer (not the monitor), to test out your rifle.


Oh? So where's this brother of hers then, hmm?
No. 129888 ID: a85626
File 126592508616.png - (14.11KB , 500x500 , bioscan.png )

Hey, what's that thing? Don't break it right away it might be the bioscanner. If you can't tell, hang the security guard out in front of it to see if the computer stops whining at you. If it is the scanner, then you won't have any need to RIP AND TEAR.
No. 129889 ID: 67c611

Look for any giant switches or levers that might power up/down decon.

If that fails

Deactivate decon with SUPERIOR FIREPOWER.
No. 129960 ID: bf2bdb

Just shoot the corridor already.
No. 130019 ID: 288dda

It's rather disgusting, sure, but I bet that dead guard's hand might work on that mouse and get you into the security systems. Definitely looks like some kind of fingerprint or DNA scanner that doesn't know what the hell to make of a Tozol.

I bet you've done worse things that chopping off some dead guy's hand.
No. 130031 ID: 67c611

I've got an idea. Phone the bio-analysis device vendor and get some tech support.

"Yeah, hi. I'm some sort of alien monster something and I'm trying to break out of this research facility. I'm at a security console that might let me disable containment and it keeps giving me an input error. Can you tell me how to fix that?"
No. 130049 ID: cfad4e
File 126595223050.png - (10.00KB , 500x500 , TQ355.png )

I think I'm gonna try the phone, but first I'll check if anything obvious is wrong with the computer.

Let's see. There's a network cord, sound, monitor, mouse and keyboard, and a thick cable I don't recognize, which leads to a box built into the wall.
No. 130051 ID: 37456c

>and a thick cable I don't recognize, which leads to a box built into the wall.
That's probably the bioscanner. unplug it and see what happens!
No. 130052 ID: 34470e

Or it might be the LAN cable or power cord.
No. 130058 ID: cfad4e
File 126595335413.png - (13.29KB , 500x500 , TQ356.png )

The power cord's higher up.

I pull the mystery cable out.

... I hear a hum. I think the hallway's powering up!

Should I put it back?
No. 130059 ID: f21281

So apparently that wasn't decon. That was "make sure everything that's coming out is human, otherwise fry its ass"
No. 130072 ID: 233aab

Let's put it back for now. If we can't find any way to shut it down from here we can possibly yank it out and see if the room will overheat itself.
No. 130077 ID: 37456c

Click on "CONTROL".
No. 130079 ID: cfad4e
File 126595508482.png - (6.53KB , 500x500 , TQ357.png )

>Let's put it back for now.
I plug it back in. I also move the computer aside to get a better look at the box it's connected to. I guess this is where DECON's back-end bits are held.

>So apparently that wasn't decon. That was "make sure everything that's coming out is human, otherwise fry its ass"
Maybe it's dual purpose. Or maybe they just decided not to label it 'TRAP FOR KILLING MONSTERS. IF YOU ARE A MONSTER, PLEASE STAND INSIDE AND COUNT TO TEN.'
No. 130080 ID: f51d4a

>Maybe it's dual purpose. Or maybe they just decided not to label it 'TRAP FOR KILLING MONSTERS. IF YOU ARE A MONSTER, PLEASE STAND INSIDE AND COUNT TO TEN.

Those devious Bastards.
No. 130081 ID: 233aab

since we didn't do that, it's been tampered with. Let's have a root 'round in that box.
No. 130084 ID: 1ce69f

Oooh, tool marks. Why don't we apply some more?
Crowbar liberally until hatch pops open, I say.
No. 130090 ID: cfad4e
File 126595673278.png - (16.54KB , 500x500 , TQ358.png )

I pry the case off of the box.

Woah. This looks like some serious aftermarket shit, right here. There's wires and soldering marks all over, and a pair of circuit boards just dangling free. There's also three metal pins that don't even look like they belong in a computer case, bridging terminals.


I can't even begin to figure out what all this is doing.
No. 130092 ID: f21281

I doubt this is the normal state it's supposed to be in. Might explain the broken-down state of the facility.

You could try checking the backs of the panels you're removing for a circuitry map, possibly.
No. 130093 ID: 233aab

OK, let's not mess with this right now. Breaking it will probably get the decon room set to on and waste a shitload of power. We definitely don't want the power going off. We need to check some more stuff out before we go breaking shit and get stuck in this place forever. Check out the phone, let's see if it still works.
No. 130099 ID: 0e759d

Well, we should at least cut off power to this terminal, since neither us nor Mitzi will be able to anything with it as long as it has power.
Also, if this terminal doesn't have power, than decon should shut off, at least temporarily.
No. 130101 ID: 1ce69f

Yell down the Decon hallway for Mitzi. Loudly. Maybe she's gotten out of the box?
No. 130105 ID: 288dda

Still say we see if the dead guard can give us a hand with the bio-scanner. Or for that matter, maybe decon won't turn on if there's a human in there as some kind of safety measure.

Failing that, I think our crazy companion has been gone long enough. Don't forget the sugar-y hydrocarbon-based snack foods when you go looking for her.
No. 130118 ID: 67c611

Since we have goody goody healing I suggest we take the surviving items out of decon to prevent further damage.

Grab cookies from break room. Sprint through decon. Find Mitzi. Give cookies to Mitzi. Put a hand on her shoulder and say "We'll get through this.". A hug is not warranted right now. Environmental suit Mitzi. Get Mitzi working on stuff.

Find Hugs (4-arm grapple bot). Disassemble turret. Take ammunition. Right bot. Use as target practice. Put one FMJ into the front plate. Put one FMJ into a camera. Put one sabot into front plate.

Lament not finding a shotgun.

Examine 2-arm grapple bot in Back Accesses for useful parts.

Get a new pen and notepad to replace the ones that burned up.

Image the storage space we would have if we had the webbing + labcoat. Feel sad. Take consolation in now being more-or-less naked.

[omg lots of suggestions]
No. 130120 ID: 632862

Do you think you could put the pins back exactly how they were before, if you decided to remove them?
No. 130121 ID: 67c611

She just gave us a wiring diagram by looking at it. We can guide her to put it back together.
No. 130169 ID: a85626


Oh no. This is a modded PS2. Careful those explode if you void their warranty.
No. 130174 ID: 445c48

I think one of the guards modded this so they could play games at work.
No. 131170 ID: cfad4e
File 126614163314.png - (18.89KB , 500x500 , TQ359.png )

>You could try checking the backs of the panels you're removing for a circuitry map, possibly.
No go.
>She just gave us a wiring diagram by looking at it.
This isn't logic gates on a piece of paper! This is hundreds, probably thousands of circuits running between dozens of microchips! I'm not even good with electronics, much less weird backwater shit.
>Do you think you could put the pins back exactly how they were before, if you decided to remove them?
I'll remember which contacts they're across, but I'd need a soldering iron to reattach them.

>Check out the phone, let's see if it still works.
I work through the speed dial buttons. It gives me a bunch of failure sounds.

Uh. Except the emergency line. That one's ringing!
No. 131171 ID: f21281

If anyone picks up, act human.
No. 131175 ID: cfad4e
File 126614236835.png - (11.80KB , 500x500 , TQ360.png )

No. 131179 ID: cfad4e
File 126614255288.png - (11.96KB , 500x500 , TQ361.png )


"Hello," says the earpiece.

"Uh. Hello!" I say. That sounds human, right?

"HS3? To whom am I speaking?" asks the voice, flat and calm.
No. 131182 ID: 34470e

It probably should be "Ms. Alton" or "Mrs. Alton".
No. 131183 ID: f21281

"Call me Penji. Yeah uhm, I think we've got a bit of a problem here...I just woke up a few hours ago with no memory, and the place is...a complete and utter wreck. Like 'oh fuck a nuke is coming lets gtfo of here' wrecked.

Explanation please?"
No. 131190 ID: 52e7a7

Pfff, at least pretend to be a female human.
At least I hope you sound like a woman.
Like "Mrs. Vierohrwiesel"
No. 131197 ID: 632862

Let's go with just "Alton".
No. 131199 ID: 67c611

[nuked a bunch of earlier suggestions]

"I wake up in a water tank with a hole in my head and no memory of who I am in a facility full of dead people where the only other things alive are some mutant freak and a giant robot that tried to kill me. You have got some fucking explaining to do.
No. 131218 ID: 8ecfd4

"I'm trapped in a locked down facility with a bunch of dead people. I would really like to get out. Can you help me?"

Penji, did you destroy the camera in the security room? Because if you didn't I think they're looking right at your shapely ass right now.
No. 131235 ID: 54af1f


This! A thousand times this. And pretend to panic.
No. 131245 ID: d31d16

We have to be very careful. Who knows if this guy's got a thumb on some terrible kill switch for your location.

Phone might have been a bad idea in the first place..
The less hostile we come across as the better I think.
No. 131304 ID: 38dd1d

Turn around, look at camera. Ask if they can see you. If they can, tell them you're NOT hostile.
In either case, let them know there's been an accident and that you found another survivor... carefully neglect to mention that it's Mitzi.
Inform them that the Decon hallway is malfunctioning and is keeping the other survivor locked in.

If we're lucky, we can bluff our way out of this.
No. 131307 ID: a85626

Heavy breathing, then mutter "I want to see your tits, my dear."
No. 131320 ID: ac4013

Ask them what they think of your ass.
No. 131368 ID: c0f3bf

Don't let on that you're a tozol, just tell him you got bumped on the head and can't remember much. Tell him you're trapped and need help.
No. 131507 ID: e0499d

"well... I dunno who I am... I just woke up with a pounding headache and I can't remember anything... What I do know is-"
Then proceed to speak about Mitzi and the Decon and so forth
No. 131508 ID: 4531bc

Ms Alton, or even Ms. Quillig would be a good idea.
No. 131510 ID: 67c611

They don't work here. So no, that would instantly confirm that we are lying.
No. 131810 ID: 135d9a

I like this plan better than the other plans.
No. 131829 ID: cfad4e
File 126622077915.png - (15.91KB , 500x500 , TQ362.png )

I consider using one of the names I've seen, but most of me seems opposed. Of course, telling them what I am seems suicidal.

"I just woke up here with a pounding headache," I say. "There's bodies all over. I think one of the subjects escaped!"

"Please remain calm," says the inflectionless voice. "What is your name?"

I pause, but I can't say nothing.

"Penji," I say.

"What is your surname?" asks the voice. "I see no record of a Penji. What is your situation?"

It didn't seem to spend a lot of time checking.
No. 131830 ID: 62489a

Penji Tails.

Good as any, and it's not like we have to keep the name when we get out of here.
No. 131831 ID: 8e18cd


I'm locked in this facility with everything trying to kill me! There's also another survivor named Mitzi around...
No. 131833 ID: c0f3bf

Say you can't remember or think clearly, you think you've been drugged.
No. 131834 ID: 135d9a

Go with this

>What is your situation?
"Everyone is dead and I'm trapped in here."
No. 131835 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell him that you can't remember because of a head injury. Penji was just a name you found.
No. 131837 ID: 135d9a


Continue to be unsure of which ear the phone is supposed to be held to. Switch between them every couple of statements.

No. 131838 ID: 632862

You're talking to a machine. It doesn't take long to check names. I don't think it can see you, though... If you gave it a name that worked, it would believe you.

I think we should go for the 'Alton' route, or a different last name if we've seen one that had a first initial of P.

Situation? Tell it you can't open the Q5 Exit door.
No. 131839 ID: 476456

"Alton, sorry. Nicknames you know."
No. 131844 ID: 38ed15

Hmm. Tell it "Sorry, it's Qillig, H. I'm trapped in High Security 3 with another survivor."
If it asks for an employee ID, give it "582194"
Doesn't photographic memory kick ass, Penji?
No. 131850 ID: cfad4e
File 126622330751.png - (14.77KB , 500x500 , TQ363.png )

"Alton," I blurt. "Penji Alton."

"A relative of Gislin Alton?"

"Listen," I snap. "I'm trapped in High Sec three with a bunch of corpses. One's burned down to a skeleton! I think a subject murdered all these people and got away. You need to get a team in here to find out what direction this thing went, and get me OUT of here!"

I hope I sound convincing. The emotion isn't an act.

"Please remain calm, Ms Alton," says the voice. "HS3 is currently disconnected from facility electrical and data services. Only this emergency line appears to be intact. Be aware that Quadrant Five is currently in class three general lockdown. Please remain where you are. Power and networking will be restored to your area as soon as possible. A security sweep may then begin."
No. 131852 ID: 62489a

"Great. What's the protocol for handling subjects? Contain, subdue and aid if possible or kill on sight?"
No. 131854 ID: 8e18cd


Why we are locked down?

What is going on?

Can you please help me??!!
No. 131855 ID: 135d9a


I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I think we definitely need to make deactivating the decon hallway a priority.

... And I'm really tempted to advise you to just start breaking things to accomplish this.
No. 131856 ID: 288dda

"How long until they get here?"
No. 131858 ID: 135d9a

Right, you're still on the phone.

... I don't know what you should say next. Take that cue from someone else. >_>
No. 131859 ID: 62489a

Addendum: "I've met a subject down here and they seem to be alright, if a little moody. The security sweep won't kill her, will they?"
No. 131864 ID: 38ed15

Ah... if it's a machine it might not recognize a blatant lie.
Tell it that Gislin and you have secured HS3 but have been unable to report in so far.
Ask if they are able to restore any services.
No. 131880 ID: cfad4e
File 126622565050.png - (16.38KB , 500x500 , TQ364.png )

"Why are we locked down?" I ask.

"Yours is not the only escape," says the voice. "The situation is under control, but will take time to resolve."

"How MUCH time?"

"A team should be present to assist you within six hours," it says.

I'm not sure whether to be upset over how much time that is, or how little.

"I, ah... have another subject alive down here," I say. "She's not given me any problems. Your sweep won't kill her, will it?"

"All High Security subjects are to be considered hostile and extremely dangerous. If possible, instruct it, from a distance, using the PA system, to remain in its cell. Do not approach it or any other subjects for any reason."

I don't respond, not being certain what to say. The voice continues.

"When HS3 is reconnected, remain in sight of cameras, and follow all instructions as given," it says. "Any failure to comply may result in your death."
No. 131885 ID: 62489a

"How do we access the PA system once everything is reactivated? And you didn't answer my question, what's going to happen to the subject?"
No. 131890 ID: 62489a

"Just... if you're going to terminate her or otherwise dispose of her, please let me know now so that I can start shielding myself emotionally."
No. 131897 ID: a85626


Well that was helpful. We have six hours to escape. Thank her, agree, and hang up, then get the Hell out of Dodge. If the "person" on the line suspects something, that timespan may be drastically shortened, so don't say anything else. They're not going to unlock anything until the "team" gets there, and they will most likely have vastly superior firepower to anything we can pick up here.

You need to get somewhere where nobody is coming to kill you, and hide. Preferably somewhere not already occupied by human beings and/or robots. Then you can decide what to do to strike back, escape or otherwise survive.

Continue breaking cameras.
No. 131898 ID: 38ed15

Before we hang up... there is something that could prove extremely important to our survival.
Ask who was in HS3 at the time of the incident and if anyone at all got out before lockdown.
... and ask its name. Just because it's a droning computer doesn't mean it can't be polite.

(Quick tally: One pile of bones, one shredded skinless body, one labcoat body, one very dead Gislin Alton and MANY suspicious bloodstains. That makes four personell and two subjects accounted for. Any discrepancies could be... bad)
No. 131900 ID: 45be60

Just end the call now. Any more of this and the clever ruse is going to fall through and they start flooding the area with deadly neurotoxin. We have information, lets not push our luck with stupid questions.
No. 131910 ID: cfad4e
File 126622784463.png - (10.96KB , 500x500 , TQ365.png )

"How do I access the PA?" I ask.

"Each security station console has a button labeled as such. It's to the far right. Lean forward to speak into the microphone. It isn't easily visible."

"Uh, thanks," I say. "Will you kill the subject when you get here?"

"If the subject remains in its cell as instructed, and it proves unrelated to the other escapes, there should be no immediate cause for termination."

"And non-immediate?"

"Further details are classified."

>"Just... if you're going to terminate her or otherwise dispose of her, please let me know now so that I can start shielding myself emotionally."
If you're worried about that, what the fuck do you think they'll do to a monster corpse that woke up and raided the armory?!
>You need to get somewhere where nobody is coming to kill you, and hide.
How? Mitzi said she needed external power to open the outer door, and the voice just said it was cut! There's no power source in HS3 with enough juice, unless I'm missing something.

Should I say anything else, or hang up?
No. 131915 ID: 288dda

"All right, I'm going now. The... subject... and I are unarmed, so please tell your men not to come in guns blazing."
No. 131921 ID: 62489a

No no, Penji,
>"Just... if you're going to terminate her or otherwise dispose of her, please let me know now so that I can start shielding myself emotionally."

This is a clever ruse. An innocent civillian that wants to obey this "opposing force" might say this, and it could reveal their intentions. But it doesn't matter, you have your information already.

Stay on the line. We've got to decide quickly whether or not we want to come clean and admit that we're one of the subjects or not. It might be best to do so, as we will probably be outgunned and if we can get on their side, it's our best chance of surviving. If they come down here and find out we were lying, that might just make things worse for us.

If you do want to admit it, say "Listen. I can't remember a whole lot, but I think I'm one of the subjects. I don't want to be considered hostile, I just want answers and to get to safety, I don't know what happened down here but everyone else seems to be dead. I just woke up recently and have been trying to piece together what's going on. There's another subject down here with me that seems a little unstable, as far as I can tell we're the only sapients alive down here."
No. 131922 ID: a85626


> There's no power source in HS3 with enough juice

> The heat is incredible.

> no power source

> Burned and melted E-rats, a pile of ashes from my labcoat,

> no power source

> Should I say anything else, or hang up?

Yes, hang up, and then get out of there. Use the electricity powering the decon chamber to open the external doors.

Humans focus too much on strengthening doors. If you find a window out anywhere, a well placed explosive should at the very least weaken the wall enough for you to bash your way out of there.
No. 131923 ID: c0f3bf

Tell him about the decon hallway not shutting off and how the computer is all screwed up.
No. 131925 ID: 62489a


>unrelated to the other escapes,

This is key. This is very key. We have had nothing to do with the other escapes, ask what happened in the escapes.
No. 131926 ID: a85626


Admitting that will just get them coming down to our lab immediately in the next 10 minutes. It'd be suicide.
No. 131927 ID: 288dda


Coming clean does not seem like a good idea. Thirty-nine years. Kill switch. They're going to shut us down, and hard.

Addendum to suggestion:
"...but before I go, I think whatever it is that got out destroyed the security cameras along with everything else on the way out. I'll do what I can to remain in sight."

Then go make sure there are no undamaged ones left before the power returns.
No. 131928 ID: 62489a

But we've done nothing wrong. To think that they'd simply come in here and shoot us for waking up is ludicrous, especially if this is a post-apocalyptic world like others have suggested. Either way, they'll likely need our help either as an investment or as a force to be reckoned with against less sane subjects.

They just said that there will be no reason to terminate if we go back to our cell, let's go back, rip the door to it off it's hinges and wait there with our arms crossed.

We don't want to be mixed up with the less sane subjects they've already had to terminate, most likely.
No. 131930 ID: a85626

You saw what these people did to Mitzi, and there was nothing wrong with her. You saw the torture devices, felt the effects of Suppress. You do *not* want to trust these people, *especially* any teams they send in to "clean up."

Assume those teams are hostile, and get past them to find the people who are not hostile. If you're lucky the latter will be more numerous than the former.
No. 131932 ID: 38ed15

Ask if it knows how many people and subjects were in HS3 at the time of lockdown.
Also ask if there's anything to be afraid of regarding the subject held in HS3-S2.
Tell them you wish them a good day and hang up.

Get on the PA and tell Mitzi you haven't been able to disable Decon from there and inform her of the news. Tell her about the dodgy computer guts and ask her opinion on it.
No. 131933 ID: a85626


>> But we've done nothing wrong.

Ask a soldier what is the higher priority, determining who is right and wrong, or following orders?
No. 131943 ID: cfad4e
File 126623204713.png - (14.61KB , 500x500 , TQ366.png )

"Can you tell me how many personnel were in HS3 at the time of lockdown?" I ask.

"I'm sorry," says the voice. "I'm afraid the record is unavailable."

Of course. That'd be too easy.

"Um..." I hesitate. "One last thing. There's... something, stored in HS3-S2. Is it dangerous? If it were to wake up?"

The voice pauses. The first real pause I've heard from it so far.

"Incomparably," it says.

I don't say anything.

"Miss Alton," it says, sounding deadly serious. "This is very important. Is the creature stored in S2 still dormant in its containment vessel?"
No. 131944 ID: 67c611

"Yeah, it is. Still fucking creepy seeing it floating in there."
No. 131945 ID: 288dda

...that would be us?
I think it would be a good idea to say yes, still sleeping, nothing to worry about here. I really don't want them bringing in Penji-specific weaponry.
No. 131946 ID: 67c611

Say this with an awesomeface.
No. 131947 ID: 38ed15

Absolutely tell it yes. We have six hours to figure out a backup plan.
Ask if it needs anything else. Then hang up.
We need to get Mitzi with us again...
Time to play with the PA system, I think.
No. 131948 ID: 476456

"oh thank god, yes it is"

try and sound relieved and genuine.
No. 131949 ID: cc5ca2

"Yeah. Is... Is there anything I should do to make sure it STAYS in there? Buttons? Switches?"

A bit of a nervous chuckle. "Maybe I could prop a chair against its door?" Humor's a coping mechanism.
No. 131950 ID: cfad4e
File 126623290773.png - (14.85KB , 500x500 , TQ367.png )

"Now you calm down," I say. "I only asked because it looked scary in there. It's still in the tube thing."

"Of course," says the voice. "Please stand by for further instructions."

No. 131952 ID: cfad4e
File 126623302080.png - (14.37KB , 500x500 , TQ368.png )

I hang up.


Footsteps! Barefoot.
No. 131953 ID: 67c611

Corner camp the doorway. Make a small noise like a cough or bumping something. Use your hands to grab whatever comes in. If it isn't Mitzi, grab both hands and pin them to the wall then knee them in the gut. Be careful not to accidentally kill them.
No. 131954 ID: d56ac0

Turn to face the door and level your weapon at it. Just don't get an itchy trigger finger. It's probably Mitzi but you can't be too careful.
No. 131956 ID: cc5ca2

...and if it is Mitzi, give her a smooch. In fact, do that if it isn't, too. :3c

If you're feeling paranoid enough, this might be a good chance for test-shooting your weapon. Camera shootan?
No. 131957 ID: 8ecfd4

Place yourself out of sight right next to the door. That way you should be able to get the drop on whatever enters if it's hostile.

Getting through the doors just became more important than ever. Either you have to disconnect pretty much everything to get enough power to it or find a way to force your way through it. And as it's made to contain you among others you're probably going to need some pretty heavy shit to force your way through.
No. 131960 ID: 288dda

I think this is probably the one time in the next 6 hours you don't have to be paranoid. Greet Mitzi. Be surprised if it's the other mutant abomination.

(even if it is, let's try talk first shoot later)
No. 131965 ID: 445c48

Camp behind something with your rifle, making sure you have a clear shot of the door, but shout "Hey! Is that you, Tazer Tits?"
No. 131966 ID: 54af1f

Check it out quietly.
No. 131988 ID: a85626

PROTIP: Don't call her Tazer Tits
No. 131996 ID: aa31c2

"Hey, is that you, Mitzi? Do you feel ready to talk about things? Or would you rather just not?"
No. 131997 ID: 445c48

Ah, but then she won't know it's us and might charge or shoot us, since I think we gave her a gun.
No. 131999 ID: 4531bc

Make sure to destroy all cameras in HS3 in the next 6 hours.
No. 132000 ID: 632862

Yeah that's probably Mitzi. Glance at the computer monitor to see if she's coming through Decon safely.
No. 132010 ID: 62489a

Let's destroy all the cameras but one. On the last one let's construct a sign and hang it in front of it saying "S2 is not hostile. S2 desires peace."
No. 132013 ID: a85626


Let's do that after we're out of the death trap high security laboratory of doom, please?
No. 132017 ID: d31d16

Call out to Mitzi. Even if she suddenly wants to kill you, you're stronger than you were, and much better armed..

On the other hand, if she's got some of that Suppress, there may be issues.

Still, don't forget that she just went through a REAL tough episode for a humanish thing to bear. I think she took it harder than when you saw your picture.
No. 132099 ID: e0499d

don't we have a supress cartriage?
No. 132105 ID: 632862

I would rather Tranq Mitzi than use Suppress on her, if she's even remotely sane. Suppress would make her useless until we gave her some C-S, and would also mean we completely wasted that extra CS we gave her.
No. 134000 ID: 78f12d
File 126647401843.jpg - (29.45KB , 300x440 , michealwesten.jpg )

>Humans focus too much on strengthening doors. If you find a window out anywhere, a well placed explosive should at the very least weaken the wall enough for you to bash your way out of there.

I know who you are...Westen.
No. 134056 ID: 45be60


no no, Westin tells us that it is often easier to go through the WALL than the door.
No. 134058 ID: 32cc0e

134k get must be right.

No wonder he's afraid of other people getting his IP address.
No. 134403 ID: c32d51

Prepare for Mitzi

Alternativly, prepare for another, more pain-inflicting mutant
No. 134440 ID: 67c611

>>There's... something, stored in HS3-S2. Is it dangerous?
>>"Incomparably," it says.

I think we are a pretty good match for anything even when not at top shape.

But yeah. Corner camp the door and grab anyone who comes through. A gun is useless when you are trying to take something alive. And we don't know if it is Mitzi or not.

Say, what direction is the sound coming from?
No. 134464 ID: 67c611
File 126653865240.png - (27.68KB , 600x600 , ShittyMap04.png )

This is our current map.

Red X's are explored areas
Yellow X's are explored areas that hold items of interest.
Unmarked is unexplored.

Green for where we need to go next.
No. 135185 ID: cfad4e
File 126656343182.png - (18.93KB , 500x500 , TQ369.png )

I level my pistol and open the door.

Mitzi gasps.

"Oh, hey," I say. "How'd you get through the corridor?"

"By... walking?" she says, very carefully.
No. 135188 ID: 81e500

Dammit, stop aiming at her!
No. 135189 ID: 0abb50


Sloooooooooowly lower the weapon. "Decon didn't try to fry you? Lucky b...Well, you're lucky."

I suggest a pow wow. Figure out what needs doing. Also, equip Mitzi. She would like some armament.

Oh! Make sure she's alright, too.
No. 135191 ID: eb6d46

Okay, you don't need to point the gun at Mitzi.

Uh, so I guess explain what all you've done since she went and hid in the box thing. Y'know, like how you got fried in the decon hallway, and called the emergency line. And how this is maybe making you a little edgy.

Oh, also, ask if she's okay. And tell her there's food and shit in the break room, if she's interested.
No. 135192 ID: cfad4e
File 126656424078.png - (12.61KB , 500x500 , TQ370.png )

"It didn't zap you?" I ask.

"No, she says. "Ashes had me worried, but you got through okay, right?"

"Heh," I say. "No. Fucked me up. Feeling better now. And you?"
No. 135196 ID: cfad4e
File 126656465471.png - (16.55KB , 500x500 , TQ371.png )

"Yeah," she says. "I guess. Just... a lot to get used to."

"Being trapped here?"

"No. What you said before," she says. "How I'm not human anymore."

"I wouldn't know anything about that," I say. "I've never been human."

"I guess that should make me feel better."

"It gets better," I say. "I found cookies."

"Ah. That's good," she says.

"Also communicated with a voice on an emergency line. It said we're trapped here, that the data and power lines are cut, and that a team will be here to investigate within six hours."

"That's bad," she says.

"Real bad. Also the hallway scanner thingy's been screwed with. Rewired."

"That's... something," she says.

"Well, we need a lot of juice to get out of here, right?" I ask.

"That... might work," she says. "Gonna take awhile."
No. 135197 ID: 632862

Ask her if she can use the computer, and shut down the Decon tunnel so you can pass without getting fried again.
No. 135205 ID: 82e991

Have her look at the hallway scanner.
No. 135206 ID: 8e18cd


Ask her if she can repair the terminal. Explain what error pops up.
No. 135216 ID: cfad4e
File 126656726471.png - (16.82KB , 500x500 , TQ372.png )

I explain what I've learned so far. She gets the tools from S1, again, without so much as a hum from Decon, and gets to work on the machinery.

While she's doing that, I head to the hallway with my new rifle, load, charge, take aim at one of the emitters, and...


Does this place just hate me? Is that it?
No. 135219 ID: a149db

Did the gun jam or does it have a DNA lock fixed to humans?
No. 135221 ID: 632862

Is the safety on?
No. 135225 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmm, have DNA readers to make sure only humans can fire would be odd. I mean you fire a heavy caliber gun without any problems. So that implies either that they're not there or that you are in fact human.

Fiddle around with it a bit. Make sure the saftey is off and that there isn't a jam or anything blocking the barrel. Just don't look down the barrel unless you're 100% certain that there are no bullets in it and the saftey is on.
No. 135226 ID: 8b7db1

...try sticking your hand into the tunnel again. Let's see if it hasn't been turned off for EVERYONE.

After that, lets try making our gun go ratta-tat-tat.
No. 135229 ID: 81e500

No, never look down the barrel, even if you're sure the gun is unloaded and the safety is on.
If you're looking down the barrel, it should be because you removed the barrel for cleaning.
No. 135334 ID: 67c611

Don't even look down the barrel then. Use a mirror to look down it.
No. 135361 ID: 8b7db1

Come on you guys, it's not like being SHOT IN THE HEAD can kill us, right? :D
No. 135364 ID: a85626
File 12666107554.gif - (13.15KB , 500x500 , overhere.gif )

I was thinking to go at it from over here. If the metal's not too thick and all. The emitters might be fragile, but they might also end up turning on so hot the wires melt into a molten slag. Better to go at it from the side, and just unplug whatever's connected to the emitters.
No. 135373 ID: 67c611
File 126661151289.png - (25.09KB , 600x500 , Items_Of_Interest.png )

Do the full routine for a jam. If that doesn't work, disasemble the gun and take a good look at the insides.

Put on some latex gloves and take the skin off of some guard's hands and put it over the gloves. Oh god that is disgusting. But will it work to fire the gun?

Ask Mitzi if she is some kind of electronics god or only a normal person.

can of yellow spray paint
soldering iron
small power drill kit
roll of duct tape
roll of electrical tape
roll of scotch tape
2 pencils
2 pens
2 permanent markers
some small batteries that might be used in handheld devices
tiny shiny scrap of tasty metal
tranq tubes
S tubes
counter poison tube
stim tube
food and drink (space allowing)

Examine heavy manacles.

Check circled items of interest in the picture attached.

Go to Hugs and open up the turret assembly to salvage ammunition. Take off one of the barrels and see how it feels as a melee weapon. Examine smaller gun in back access. If it is a projectile weapon look around for ammo and a way of unmounting it and carrying it. If that is not possible, take the barrel off and see how that feels as a melee weapon. If you are feeling lucking take the barrel off the coilgun and try swinging it around.

Take off all equipment and make a dash through decon. Break all cameras in the facility.

Consider using any spare time to write a letter to whoever comes to investigate HS3 or sleeping.

Try powering up other computers in security.

[Dangit test, stop stealth updating. I'm counting on that "Tozol Quest Update" buzzword in irc to wake me up.]
No. 135405 ID: 69f952

Consider the old army motto-

Never point your gun at someone you don't plan to kill. That means you, too.\

But agreed. See if the dead guard can fire a shot.
No. 135409 ID: 445c48

Give it to Mitzi and ask her to take a shot. She made it through Decon fine after all.
No. 135723 ID: cfad4e
File 126664179116.png - (7.51KB , 500x500 , TQ373.png )

>Is the safety on?
Of course not.
No. 135728 ID: cfad4e
File 126664212831.png - (16.48KB , 500x500 , TQ374.png )

Barrel looks clear. No visible jam. I chamber a fresh round. Still nothing.

I also try the other two assault rifles, with similar results.

If I bother Mitzi about this, it'll slow her down. I don't want to slow down getting out of here.

I could disassemble the gun. I'm confident I can figure it out, if I spend some time. Or I could do something else.
No. 135730 ID: c0f3bf

Screw it, you can take care of yourself and time is important here, get to your destination first, then check.
No. 135731 ID: 135d9a

Well the thing is that there are only about five rooms that you can get to without trying to go through the decon hallway again and wrecking all your shit.

Obviously you know this though.

So I mean if we can't come up with anything else you may as well figure out why the guns won't work.
No. 135733 ID: 15f6d6

It's pretty important to have a working gun in case you can't get out before the team shows up, so I'd say take it apart.
No. 135735 ID: 632862

Disassemble the gun.
No. 135737 ID: 67c611

>>I'm confident I can figure it out, if I spend some time.
Still doesn't mean we'd have a working gun.
fuck fuck fuck
Do it. It's probably a DNA lock. We might be able to bypass it. Hopefully. Fuck.

Next (or first) on the table would be the backpack list in this post >>135373 . Other suggestions still apply. Prioritize as you see fit.
No. 135741 ID: 701a19

Before you start taking it apart, put the gun in the dead guard's hand and see if his hand can fire it.
Barring a serious time constraint, do noninvasive testing first.
No. 135743 ID: cfad4e
File 126664381057.png - (15.12KB , 500x500 , TQ375.png )

>get to your destination first, then check
Uhh... I guess that means don't bother Mitzi?

>Do it. It's probably a DNA lock. We might be able to bypass it. Hopefully. Fuck.
Well, short of that wear-skin-like-a-glove idea, I think that's gonna need some dis assembly.

>Disassemble the gun.

Progress is slow since I'm feeling my way around without instructions, careful not to break anything or take anything apart without remembering how to put it back together.
No. 135745 ID: cfad4e
File 126664389046.png - (7.41KB , 500x500 , TQ376.png )

Aaaaand the bolt carrier has no firing pin.

On the up side, that's a lot simpler than a DNA lock.

On the down side, I don't exactly have a machine shop. Whoever did this probably bent them into rings or flushed them down the toilet or ate them or something.
No. 135747 ID: 67c611

Son of a bitch.

Three metal pins that don't look like they belong in a computer case?
No. 135748 ID: 632862

Damn it. Would the firing pin from the gun with 1 bullet left fit?

Also, check the launcher to see if it works.
No. 135749 ID: 354bcd

That MG on the robot should have a firing pin, plus it's also a machine gun. Let's see if we can get that off of the robot. hopefully there will just be a mechanical linkage we can remove and use for the trigger.
No. 135750 ID: c0f3bf

Well you can still use it as a club, and for scaring humans that don't know it's missing.

...You can't replace it with a pistol part can you?
No. 135752 ID: 15f6d6

Well, tits. I guess check all the guns to make sure. It's not like you have anything else to do, really.
No. 135754 ID: 67c611

Check the gun on Hugs to see if it is similar to the rifles.

Strip. Sprint through decon.
No. 135760 ID: cfad4e
File 126664505461.png - (12.10KB , 500x500 , TQ377.png )

>...You can't replace it with a pistol part can you?
No way. Not the right size.

>That MG on the robot should have a firing pin
That's a different caliber, I think. Even if it wasn't, it's probably not the same type of breech.

>Well, tits. I guess check all the guns to make sure.
Why the hell would they break just one? This is infuriating!

>Three metal pins that don't look like they belong in a computer case?
Oh come on! That's the dumbest thing I've ever
No. 135761 ID: cfad4e
File 126664509456.png - (12.29KB , 500x500 , TQ378.png )

>>Three metal pins that don't look like they belong in a computer case?
Oh fuck me.
No. 135763 ID: 632862

Yeaaaah. Has Mitzi tried to turn off Decon yet though? If she can't do it you may as well try just shutting off the computer and grabbing the pins.
No. 135765 ID: 701a19

No, impatience is a bad idea. We don't know if the decon hall is hooked up to mains or if it's ALSO on backup power.

Worst still, Mitzy is working on hijacking the decon hall power, so activating it might zap her with all its flesh-cooking power.

Instead ask Mitzy to tell you when the decon hallways' sensors are deactivated, then gather up everything that's not plugged in or nailed down in the break room and start sorting it all out.

Also, check to see if the helmet has a built-in radio.
No. 135766 ID: 67c611

Uhh.....don't yank them out. Tell Mitzi we need one of those taken out undamaged (preferably 2). And that the current layout needs to remain unchanged.

Who the fuck would take the firing pins out of 3 guns and use them instead of wire? And why the hell would they put the guns back together? And then put them on the rack? And ..... fuck I don't know anymore.
No. 135767 ID: 15f6d6

Go get them pins! We need working guns.
No. 135769 ID: 445c48

No thanks, you're not my type, Jellyrolls.
No. 135771 ID: 67c611

I'd hit it. So would you. Stop fooling yourself.
No. 135772 ID: 445c48

No way man.
1) Jelly Rolls
2) Those tails!
3) That insanity.
No. 135773 ID: 701a19

Somebody who wanted people to grab the guns and assume they were working. Normally you only fire a gun when you want to shoot something, at least when you're familiar with it.

This tells us:
A: Somebody has already escaped.
B: The escapee is intelligent to the point of planning for the non-immediate future and laying traps.
C: The escapee has an advanced understanding of electronics.

If I had to hazard a guess I'd say Mitzy's brother IS the escapee, and that he is working to make life easier on Mitzy. Mitzy's ease with the decon hall supports this theory, since it doesn't attack her and was clearly hacked hackingly.
No. 135776 ID: cfad4e
File 126664676032.png - (12.12KB , 500x500 , TQ379.png )

>Go get them pins!
I rush into the room.

"Hey," I say.

"Oh, hey. I was just thinking, if I could bend this pin a little, I-"

"DO NOT DO THAT!" I bark. "I need one. Preferably two!"

"Seriously?" she asks, not seeming to appreciate the gravity of the situation. "Listen, this is really amazing stuff. It totally reworked the scanner. Counts everything as hostile except mutants with my signature. I bet Marcus did it!"
No. 135782 ID: 632862

"Yeah, I bet he did, but those are the firing pins to these rifles. You got through Decon, so they served their purpose. Now please shut it down so I can use the pins, and go back through Decon to get supplies."
No. 135783 ID: 67c611

"Those are the firing pins for these guns. We need them out of there and undamaged or else we can't shoot."
No. 135786 ID: 354bcd

I meant to take the whole damn gun and use that instead.
No. 135787 ID: 81e500

"I figured that was the case. Thing is, those pins are from these rifles, and I'd REALLY like to have one working.
I'm not really comfortable without one, I feel kind of naked, to be honest..."
No. 135788 ID: 701a19

Have her head back to the box with all the Suppress in it and bring a few back. Then break them open and wash them in the sink.
THEN rip the needles out of the syringes and hand them off to Mitzy. She can have all the METAL CONDUCTORS she wants, and you get ALL the firing pins back.
No. 135794 ID: 445c48

This ++, ask Mitzi if this would work, she's the expert. Also tell her not to mess with the metal pins because they're probably the firing pins for these guns and we need some firepower.
No. 135796 ID: 67c611

Uh, guys. We have a filing cabinet drawer full of wire. All shapes and sizes.
No. 135801 ID: 701a19

MacGuyvering solutions is a tradition!

Ah, well. The point is that you need the pins, and Mitzy doesn't.
No. 135802 ID: 135d9a

We need to go get ahold of that then. And the soldering iron. Wherever that was.
No. 135804 ID: 67c611

Mitzi has both.
No. 135806 ID: 8b7db1

You best explain WHY she can't bend the pins. AKA you need them to make the guns work. And that you think you saw wire elsewhere that can take the place of them.
No. 135817 ID: 701a19

"Those are firing pins. We need them for the guns. I can get you some wires or needles to replace them.
Oh, and the next CS is yours; I needed the one I found after getting charred by the decon."

She doesn't need to know, which is exactly why she must be told. Trust is vital.

On a similar note, rather than digesting or disgorging the nanites, would it be possible to concentrate them in one area and then bleed them out? I think an injectable killswitch would be a lot more useful if it wasn't full of stomach acid, soda, and junk food.
No. 135821 ID: 67c611

>>Oh, and the next CS is yours; I needed the one I found after getting charred by the decon."

No. 135826 ID: 445c48

Yes, we are. But we're adding, "If you need it."

We should keep CS consumption equal. While us using it would boost our physical abilities, I doubt we'll be able to rip and tear our way out. We'll need Tazer Tit's skills unclouded by suppress. Also we don't want to be a big fat bitch.
No. 135827 ID: 632862

Mitzi doesn't need any more CS, I think. We'll keep using it on us until she specifically tells us she needs more.
No. 135829 ID: 445c48

Actually, no, you're right, we shouldn't tell her. We should try to keep it even between us and Tazer Tits, however. But who knows when the next tube of CS will show up? We might have just gotten our asses kicked and need the extra healing, or something. Don't want Tazer Tits pissed at us for breaking a promise.
No. 135830 ID: 67c611

Tazer Tits has no more suppress in her system. Giving her CS is a waste.
No. 135835 ID: 67c611

If Tazer Tits starts bitching about the CS allocation we dare her to drink a single drop of our blood. It will have her on her knees vomiting because there is so much suppress in it. That will shut her up.
No. 135839 ID: cfad4e
File 126665088627.png - (10.90KB , 500x500 , TQ380.png )

"They're firing pins for these assault rifles!" I say. "We need them. Look, I saw wires elsewhere. We can use those."

"Huh. Well, they're doubling as resistors right now," she says.

"Meaning what?"

"Meaning you can have either your guns, or this people-burning hallway, or else I'll need, like, an hour, minimum, to jerry rig another solution."

"It's also a me-burning hallway."

"I can fix that," she says.
No. 135842 ID: cfad4e
File 126665113217.png - (12.19KB , 500x500 , TQ381.png )

"I would be... much more comfortable, with a working rifle."

She gives me a look.

"Well, can't have it both ways," she says. "Either I focus on getting us out ASAP, or barricading us in while we work on something else. Hell. I'm not actually sure if even THIS machine has enough juice to open the outer door."

"You're joking."

"I gave it a look while you were humping your gun. It's made to lock like a motherfucker in the event of power failure. I need an absolute ton of juice to counter that. Decon has a lot of capacitance, but I think we'll need to run it in parallel with something else like it. Some other big power-hog kill machine, or whatever."

"Where the hell would we find that?" I ask.

Mitzi shrugs.

"I don't know. You've been in more rooms than me."

I looked at Hugs' gun when I was tearing it apart. It's a chaingun. Needs power to operate. However, there is that bigger MG in Back Access. It'd take some work to detach from the ground, but maaaaaybe I could make it work manually.
>3) That insanity.
That's your fault!
No. 135843 ID: c0f3bf

You need to get out ASAP. You've been able to handle yourself without much firepower in the past, you should be fine for a while yet. Besides, much better to leave than add more opportunity to kill people that may or may not be against. you.
No. 135845 ID: 81e500

Well, if she needs something like the pins than:
No. 135848 ID: 9b444d

>while you were humping your gun
...someone needs to draw this
No. 135852 ID: 67c611

"I've got a plan. We need two of those pins out. We need a hallway that burns anything not you and me. We don't worry about opening the door. We let them open it. lure some of them into the hallway and fry them. Then ambush the rest with the two guns and maybe some rigged up shit I can piece together."

"Can you find a way to keep that door open when they open it? Even if they try to close it again?"

[guys I need help putting this plan together. At this rate it's going to turn into a gunbattle with the entire security force.]

Penji, get to work trashing the cameras in security and the break room.

More thoughts coming.
No. 135854 ID: a85626

Get out ASAP is what I say. Even barricaded in you're sitting ducks. The best way to fight powerful authority, of all the history I've read, is to be somewhere they can't find you.

As for another source of electricity HEY HOW ABOUT THAT KILL SWITCH
No. 135855 ID: 632862

Power-hog kill machine? Well, there's the coilgun.

Have her make Decon stop frying you, so we can go back through and get another power source. Um, if she can turn Decon harmless without bending the pins, anyway.

If she can't make Decon safe for you without bending the pins, uhhhhh
No. 135865 ID: 9b444d

Could you use those electric prongs in that tube you woke up in?
No. 135868 ID: 135d9a

Oh man yeah.

That thing has a good bit of electricity, doesn't it.
No. 135869 ID: 67c611

Ok, fuck decon. Kill it's power entirely. Get those pins loose and that door open asap.

We have the HS3 battery and decon as power sources. We might be able to intercept the main power cable coming into HS3 and get all the power that is going to security and the break room.

We are going to assume that the only thing they have that can deal with us is suppress dart launchers. If they have battlemechs we are fucked. (Shit I really need to sleep on all this info. It's too much to process this quickly. Fuck.)

Fuck fuck rfuc kfuck fuck.

I'm going to zone out for a while. Don't get Penji killed.

/me prays that he isn't the only one making the correct decisions that are keeping Penji alive.
No. 135881 ID: cfad4e
File 126665501838.png - (9.09KB , 500x500 , TQ382.png )


"Mitzi! I can get us out!" I say. "I mean, uh, I can get enough juice."


"They were keeping me in a tube full of conductive liquid. There was a giant power box running to a pair of electrodes in the tank. It was basically made to run a bolt of lighting straight through me for awhile."

Mitzi doesn't say anything for awhile.
No. 135883 ID: cfad4e
File 126665511587.png - (10.78KB , 500x500 , TQ383.png )

"Penji," she begins. "I know I've asked you this before, but... What in all the names of God and Satan ARE you?"
No. 135884 ID: a85626


No. 135886 ID: 135d9a

Tell her the truth.

I.E. you don't really know.
No. 135887 ID: c0f3bf

"I don't know, okay? I don't know. If it turns out I'm part of a race of alien psychopaths, I promise not to hurt anyone unless they try to hurt me first."
No. 135888 ID: 135d9a

And then you two need to get to work on the killswitch thingy.
No. 135890 ID: 67c611

"The most dangerous thing in this entire facility and possibly the most dangerous thing known to humankind."

"But I'm fuzzy. How can you not like me?"
No. 135892 ID: 632862

"Look at my head, Mitzi. Someone shot me. In the brain. I can't remember anything about myself, or the past... except, a huge explosion. I can regenerate, I'm really strong, I've got armor plating under my skin, and I can control my inner biology. I don't think I belong on this planet."
No. 135893 ID: f21281

"I'm Penji. I'm a Tozol. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kastaberous. I'm 903 years old and I'm the woman who's going to save your life and the lives of anyone else trapped in here. You got a problem with that?"
No. 135906 ID: 6547ec

"See this scar? I'm pretty sure that any knowledge of who I am was hidden in the bit of brain it protected. Any luck figuring out what you are, by the way?"
No. 135907 ID: 8b7db1

"I don't know. ...except that apparently, I am the most bad ass motherfucker who ever lived."
No. 135915 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her that she will be among the first to know once you know yourself.
No. 135918 ID: 54af1f

Tell her you think you're a Tozol, but you don't know what that is really, the people in charge seem really scared of you though.
No. 135921 ID: 476456

"I'm on your side, thats what matters."
No. 135922 ID: 672d82


"I don't know. I really don't know. But I do know that I'm not going to hurt you and that we're getting out of here alive. Okay?"
Add a not-creepy smile for emphasis.
Preferrably without too much sharp pointy teeth, some humans take issue with that.
No. 135954 ID: 701a19

Tell Mitzy to figure out the resistance on the wires. My needle suggestion might actually be viable if they're looking for resistors.
Also tell her that you don't know if decon will have any power left after the door is opened, so planning to use it is premature.
What kind of multitool do you have? Can it handle electronics?

Can you deconstruct ONE nanite and determine the result? Occasional minor losses would have to be expected, so it wouldn't trigger defenses.
This is important, since Mitzy most likely has them as well, and knowing what they do and how improve your odds of survival significantly.

Also, and this is VERY important: Can you shift your focus from EVERYTHING else and start rebuilding your blood supply?
You have access to more than enough nutrients, so if you can bleed out the Suppress AND the nanites you could be near full regenerative strength in under an hour.
No. 135972 ID: 4531bc

Show her the autopsy picture. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
No. 135975 ID: 701a19

Take the non-needle end off a tube of Suppress and dump it out in the sink. Rinse it out thoroughly.
Cup some water in one hand, put the open end of the tube in your mouth, and try to use the needle to suck up some water. It will probably need a lot of suction for not much result, but if it works at all you can use it as a crude tap.

If it works then find something sharp and cut back the needle so it has a wider aperture, but be careful not to pinch it shut.
Once you have some time, you're going to jam this into a vein and apply suction so you can control the rate of blood loss, which you couldn't do if you just tore your flesh open.
We know the needle will keep the hole open so the blood can flow since those IVs were in your arm for decades without being healed.
You want to be able to measure-out a quarter liter. That's about how much blood a healthy human of your size could lose before it started to become noticeable. If you can replace blood quickly then you're going to want to bleed out at least that much before you start the regeneration process so you can get the most tainted blood you can out before you start adding fresh blood.
If you're feeling confident then go for a half-liter, but be aware that you might start impairing your capabilities at that point. Take care before going over that.

If we assume you have about as much blood as a human, then every 0.25L you bleed out before regenerating contains 4.5% of the Suppress in your system. 0.5L means 9%, 0.75L means 13.5%, 1L means 18%.

Let Mitzy know before you try this, and keep in mind that the Suppress won't be ANY less effective until you start rebuilding your blood supply.
No. 135976 ID: 701a19

Mitzy doesn't need to see that, and it would distract her from her work.
No. 136050 ID: 445c48

"Buggered if I know. Can't remember a damn thing before waking up in that tank."

Hell, maybe you should tell her why. You got shot in the head and regenerated. It won't be too much of a stretch, since she knows you can regenerate, lookin' fine after sprinting through decon.
No. 136106 ID: a85626


(how about we stop trying to break the game, and just keep a lookout for more injectors of CS?)

Bleeding yourself out sounds like a great thing to do after you've found a hiding spot somewhere they don't know about, but with 6 or less hours until the cavalry arrives you probably can just focus on staying as hale and whole as possible, Suppress or no Suppress.
No. 136123 ID: 701a19

(Because limiting ourselves needlessly is going to result in a suboptimal ending. Good endings are something you need to WORK for, not the result of going along for the ride.)

That's why it's important to know if regeneration covers blood, and how effective this idea would be. If a bit of downtime now would put us in a MUCH better situation later, then it's damn near necessary to take that downtime.
No. 136290 ID: 672d82

(Quick reminder, Penji was positive to the idea of metabolizing the micromachines in her bloodstream. Also, discussion thread here http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/316424.html
It's way awesome, use it! )
No. 136508 ID: a85626


No no no no no no no wait. I just realized. This is a great idea.

This is an awesome idea.

No. 136514 ID: 701a19

That would be awesome if it's possible, but we don't know the exit vector for Suppress. Renal? Hepatic? Biliary? Perspiration? Mucociliary?
What's the bio half-life? Could the process be sped up without nasty side-effects?

We know one of the IVs provided it, but it's possible that all the Suppress was injected decades ago and simply never leaves the body on its own - it wouldn't be the only chemical known to do that, after all.

Still, this bears investigating.
No. 136516 ID: 67c611

Suppress degrades slowly. I don't know the exact amount per unit of time. This is according to Mitzi.
No. 136518 ID: 701a19

In _humans_. Mitzy started as human and still has quite a bit of human left in her. Tozol physiology might not be able to process it at all.
No. 138226 ID: cfad4e
File 126699136090.png - (15.45KB , 500x500 , TQ384.png )

"I already told you I don't know."

"Don't give me that," she says. "You know something."

"I know this. The mark above my left eye is from a high powered weapon," I say. "Probably a beam or kinetic kill munition. The mark on the back of my head is the exit wound. I found my autopsy file. Much of my brain was gone, with surviving nervous tissue suffering visible burns."

"What? I... I had guessed something, but..."

"Visible burns," I say. "On my brain."
No. 138229 ID: cfad4e
File 12669914794.png - (12.98KB , 500x500 , TQ385.png )

She makes a sound, trying to find words. I cut her off.

"All I can remember is an explosion," I say. "A fireball miles tall. Burning everything. Turning the night red."

"Athelhom," she whispers.

I have her attention.

Should I be nice, or firm with her?

Being 'badass' doesn't come from your genes. The greater your natural ability, the more is expected of you.
You're assuming it's only in my blood.
No. 138231 ID: 3aeeaf

Subjugate her.

Oh wait, wrong quest... or is it?
No. 138232 ID: f21281

Gentle firmness.

Ask nicely, but put a bit of a grave serious tone in your voice.
No. 138233 ID: 701a19


Whoever you were is long dead. You are a new person who was born earlier today by clawing your way out of a metal womb. You know nothing but skills and flashes.
No. 138234 ID: 476456

Eh be nice. At the end of the day you want her to tackle you because she's pushing you out of the way of gunfire, not because she's hungry.
No. 138235 ID: 119b5c

Firm. Reality of the matter is that this lab has not been abandoned long. Matter of fact, it's going to be very active in a short time, and mostly hostile. If she and you don't figure out something fast, It's back in the tube, and back in the cell.
No. 138236 ID: 701a19

Be nice. You're BOTH under a lot of stress and she's being surprisingly reasonable. All things considered, anyway...
No. 138237 ID: 81e500

Gentle, she's also been through rough stuff.
No. 138238 ID: 3b6c92

Who says you can't do both? These aren't mutually exclusive terms you're using here.
No. 138240 ID: 3b6c92

But if you're mandating a choice I'm leaning toward nicer.
No. 138241 ID: 701a19

That's more than five hours away. There's plenty of time to do things RIGHT, and NO time to do things WRONG. You NEED her trust, and you NEED her calm.

No. 138243 ID: 701a19

I'm assuming there's enough in your blood so that Mitzy could taste it.
If you can regenerate blood then it's worth doing a small test, since the potential risk is low and the potential gains are high.
No. 138244 ID: 8b7db1

>"Athelhom," she whispers.

Wait, what? What the fuck is this? And I would rather her like you than fear you, so be nice.

Also, I wasn't saying that being basass was in your genes. I was saying YOU ARE BADASS.
No. 138249 ID: cfad4e
File 126699538813.png - (14.98KB , 500x500 , TQ386.png )

"Whoever built this place thought I was dead. They were right," I say. "I died a long time ago. Whatever I am now, it's not who I was."

"Penji..." she says softly.

"I am leaving," I say. "If you can trust me, I will do everything I can to protect you and bring you safely out of this place. If you can't, then get back in your cell."
No. 138250 ID: cfad4e
File 126699572828.png - (9.03KB , 500x500 , TQ387.png )

She's quiet for a time.

"Promise me," she says. "Swear to me that you're going to get me out."
No. 138251 ID: 62489a

"I'll do everything in my power."
No. 138252 ID: 476456

No. 138253 ID: ac1aa7

Is this the part where she goes down on you?

... dangit Karen's Heart!
No. 138254 ID: c0f3bf

No. 138255 ID: 701a19

"I can't promise you that, but I can promise you that I'm willing to die fighting to get both of us out of her."
No. 138257 ID: 79bf1c

"You and me, yes. ... They found something in Athelhom, didn't they?"
No. 138259 ID: cfad4e
File 126699793221.png - (12.89KB , 500x500 , TQ388.png )

"I can't promise you that," I say. "But I promise that I'll die trying."

"I guess... I guess that's all I can ask for," she says quietly. "I'll trust you."

"Good," I reply. "Because I don't have a clue how to get out without your help."
No. 138260 ID: cfad4e
File 126699804850.png - (12.05KB , 500x500 , TQ389.png )

We get to work. There's a lot to do.
No. 138261 ID: cfad4e
File 126699805661.png - (14.70KB , 500x500 , TQ390.png )

No. 138297 ID: 67c611


Backpack of Useful Things (add two-button scanner to that list). >>135373
Check Main Control bathroom.
Check autopsy circled items of interest. >>135373

[Curse you sleep!]
No. 138302 ID: f6d917


Nice use of the ol' hypno-vision, boss!
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