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File 127051207119.png - (13.28KB , 600x600 , TQ446.png )
160101 No. 160101 ID: 0fc814

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/79880.html
Thread 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/94645.html
Thread 3: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/103192.html
Thread 4: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/120515.html
Thread 5: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/141320.html
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No. 160103 ID: f21281

awwwwww snap.
No. 160104 ID: 0fc814
File 12705122107.png - (23.56KB , 500x500 , TQ447.png )

Not much time has passed. The burning wreckage from the blast is still audible, crackling in our wake.

We ran into another door, but Mitzi can hotwire it open. She says this one's easier. I guess they figured five layers was enough.

When it does open, we'll finally be into the facility proper. I have a few minutes to think of how we should move when it does, but very little information to work with.
No. 160105 ID: 3b6c92


I don't know what else to add to that, really. No idea which direction you need to go, or what you should expect to find on the other side; I just figure you should try to keep moving.
No. 160110 ID: 67c611

Head to central security to disable their surveillance. Look for signs or maps. If none are available, hug the right wall. Destroy any cameras you see. Shoot any combatants. If you find a non-combatant, grab them and explain that they have 15 seconds to point you to central security or you will snap their neck.
No. 160111 ID: 24aa45

... go left...
No. 160113 ID: 717301

this sounds like a fine course of action.
No. 160118 ID: 15f6d6

This guy's got the right idea.
No. 160121 ID: 54af1f

Push forward quickly, unless you meet super strong resistance, at which point try to move somewhere else where you can ambush them
No. 160123 ID: 701a19

If, however, you come across ANY medical or experiment rooms, then priority goes to finding more CS.
No. 160128 ID: a79b14

dudes and dudettes.

how about opening that fine door before making decisions?
No. 160132 ID: 0fc814
File 127051483486.png - (28.99KB , 500x500 , TQ448.png )

Mitzi stands aside as the door opens. A moment later, I realize I should've done the same, as I dive out of the way of a bomb blast.
No. 160134 ID: 0fc814
File 127051496955.png - (5.91KB , 500x500 , TQ449.png )

And then there were nine.


Nasal filters slide into place in my sinuses as smoke billows all around me. On the bright side, no one's storming in behind the charge.
No. 160135 ID: 67c611

Wait for blindsense to kick in before advancing.
No. 160136 ID: 67c611

Oh fuck, get to work fixing that. Those things are important.
No. 160138 ID: a79b14

fire blindly there, keep them thinking you are in perfect battle conditions.
No. 160139 ID: 632862

Bombs fuck with blindsense. Use your ears instead.
No. 160140 ID: 54af1f

wait for the smoke to clear, then put accurate fire through the door, hope your tail grows back, your tail is sexy.
No. 160148 ID: 0fc814
File 127051602079.png - (6.20KB , 500x500 , TQ450.png )

Okay. Blue is me and Mitzi. White is objects as far as I can determine. Red is movement, but right now that's all fucked up.

I can't "see" very far down the corridor, unfortunately.

>Use your ears instead.
Funny story, but the explosion is interfering with that, too. Still, if anyone is in the immediate vicinity, they're being incredibly quiet.
No. 160149 ID: 54af1f

Duck down low and take a look outside
No. 160154 ID: 716eb0

Thats a long hallway to get stuck in the crossfire on. Got anything shiny you could use to peek around the corner?
No. 160155 ID: 67c611

Yeah, wait till your blindsense clears up to advance. How long does that take?

Advancing is typical sweep left, sweep right, enter.

Is there any writing on the doors in the same hall as you?
No. 160171 ID: 0fc814
File 127051804184.png - (23.54KB , 500x500 , TQ451.png )

>Thats a long hallway to get stuck in the crossfire on. Got anything shiny you could use to peek around the corner?
Not shiny, but if I stick one of my tendrils around, I can get a better angle to dete-FUCK! FUCK! FUCK EVERYTHING!
No. 160173 ID: 67c611

It's called wait for your blindsense to come back. Divert all healing to the tails for now. Wait until your blindsense comes back to advance.
No. 160174 ID: 701a19

They have claymores positioned, and likely keyed to movement.
Chuck one of the suppress containers out there to see if that triggers it.
No. 160176 ID: a79b14

i think i get it, they rigged a jet engine to blow on the corridors.

pretty smart move. can you confirm doors on the map? its possible we have about a small window to reach another room.

that is surely locked.
No. 160178 ID: 1ac39d

yes, throw a suppress needle out there and cause a chain reaction.
No. 160180 ID: 54af1f

Divert Healing to tails.
No. 160186 ID: 445c48

Check on Mitzi. There's a chance she can't take the smoke and heat like we can.

Just wait. They can't keep up this blast forever.
No. 160205 ID: 24aa45

Use your internal filters to give mitzi oxygen...
You know... CPR style...
No. 160210 ID: 1ac39d

well, since mitzi is part SPACE shark she may not need to breath at all, due to space having no air.
No. 160232 ID: 6e4310

That's silly.
You're silly.
Penji, start giving Mitzi mouth-to-mouth.
With tongues.

Not really. That's for when you're not in the middle of a fight.
For now, heal your tails as much as possible. By the time that's done, your hearing should be mostly back to normal, so you'll be able to echolocation the hall.
No. 160239 ID: 0fc814
File 127052552370.png - (27.95KB , 500x500 , TQ452.png )

I toss a few empty tubes and stuff into the hallway. Nothing else detonates, so I risk another tail, and then peek around.

I appear to have attrited my way through the traps. The hallway extends for, uhh, two hundred meters to the left, and at least four hundred to the right. Hope we're not going to be sticklers for checking every room from now on...

Under two hundred meters down the right path, there's a branch to the left. I can hear footsteps echoing from that way. At least a squad worth, I think.

One of these doors across the hall feels like it leads to another corridor. We could also try running down the hallway to the left... or straight at the enemy... or try a smaller room to hide, or flee back into the HS rooms, or something else.

>Check on Mitzi.
She dove into a machinery room, behind me, after the first blast. Good thing, because the wall she was in front of got pretty badly pitted by the second blast.
No. 160240 ID: 632862

Go left!
No. 160241 ID: 717301

One direction's as good as the other, run quickly down the left and try to find the door connecting to the hallway.
No. 160242 ID: 15f6d6

I say we go left and look for either a big room or a side passage branching off from the left corridor.
No. 160243 ID: 67c611

Head away from the peeps. Check room names for any clues to what is inside. We need to be on the lookout for weapons and CS.
No. 160245 ID: a79b14

we kinda need a view on the rooms. im pretty sure they are living quarters but its likely there is a infirmary around as well.

its a pretty safe bet that mitzi's brother didnt passed around here unless that trap was his.

also, everyone should take caution now. we lost 2 tails because we didnt thought on checking for traps.
No. 160248 ID: 0fc814
File 127052719576.png - (24.94KB , 500x500 , TQ453.png )

>Check room names for any clues to what is inside.
Most are just numbered, but there's this thing nearby.

So... Going by this, left is technology research, right is engineering, evacuation route, and (apparently) security. Across the hall is biological research.

You know, in case you forgot how to read just now.
No. 160249 ID: 1ac39d

bio research may have more monster allies who would just love to bust out of here. while tech could have laser guns.
No. 160250 ID: 6547ec

Biological research? Sounds like there might be some more Counter in there. Also, any direction that isn't labeled "FIRE" is a plus.
No. 160251 ID: 3416ec


I'm pretty sure it means "Fire Escape."

Let's head to the FIRE. 'cause its been burning as long as the world's been turning.
No. 160252 ID: 24aa45

... fire usually means fire escape...
though it may actually mean fire...
No. 160257 ID: a79b14

let us not head to the room that said fire after the hallway was covered in fire twice over so soon. in the biolad we are more likely to find CS and possible test subjects, brace for can damage and prepare a list of all things flammable in a lab.
No. 160259 ID: f0ceda

Tech probably has turrets and shit still active.

Let's just head straight for the fire escape and not fuck around.
No. 160260 ID: 5024b4

Bio research might also have more counter-suppress in it somewhere if you're up for rapid ransacking.
No. 160261 ID: a79b14

>Under two hundred meters down the right path, there's a branch to the left. I can hear footsteps echoing from that way. At least a squad worth, I think

yeah its the actual exit. we need to NOT face the battalion so soon, how about some standing grounds and a bit of a trap made by us to greet them?
No. 160262 ID: 1ac39d

guys, why would they leave the escape hatch unguarded?
No. 160269 ID: 24aa45

they obviously don't need it, considering how fire proof this place has shown to be so far.

And the fire escape is guarded.... I think.
No. 160284 ID: 632862

Hey dumbasses the troops are coming from the fire escape area.

Let's go into bio research and find some more CS while the derpy humans run past us.
No. 160285 ID: e2020c


We might need to cause havoc to get past the security. On the other hand. They're expecting us to use the evacuation route, so we might need to blow things up. Maybe they have some useful tech or bio for this. I suggest visiting the engineering lab first.
No. 160294 ID: c2c011

Bio research. I'm sure you could find all sorts of good stuff there.
No. 160296 ID: 88fc9a

Find the corridor across the hall. That might be biological research. Might have fun things, or at the very least some clues as to the who, why and what of this place.
If the door takes too long to open, you should try to ambush the squad. If we're in luck, they're not as heavily armored as the first group.
No. 160311 ID: 67c611

Bio sounds good. It would help to avoid a fight for a while longer to heal. Let us know when that is done, ok? Oh, before I forget, try to dissolve the bullet fragments that are inside you.

Once you get into bio, shoot anyone with a weapon. Hesitation will get you shot. As for noncombatants, go with what your gut says. You should know what to do. I should probably specify that we are going for not killing noncombatants. If any of them give you the least bit of shit, kill them.

As you bust in yell "Everybody be cool, this is a robbery.".
Tell Mitzi to scream "Any of you fucking pricks move and I'll execute every last motherfucking one of you!"
Call Mitzi honey bunny.
No. 160321 ID: c20c79
File 127056314927.png - (10.98KB , 800x800 , TMap.png )

People are already getting all confused so I made a thing. Green is explored areas, red are THE ENEMIES and blue are our brave heroes.

These two last explosions were probably very sensitive MINES - even such slight movement as your tails detonated them, so tread CAREFULLY from now on. Throw something that doesn't make a lot of noise in front of you when you turn around corners or enter new rooms. Practice having your BLINDSIGHT on at all times.

As people have already said, lets go into bio for a quick rest. The noise you made has probably already caught the squad's attention, so be quick about it. When you're in, you should start working on sealing up the room - ask Tits for more technical ideas regarding locking the doors.

Also, Eat something before you drop from exhaustion, fatty.
No. 160325 ID: d8aa80

Bio research. We need more countersupress! Penji needs delicious nommins.
No. 160326 ID: 717301

At her size? I don't think so
Another vote for Bio, hopefully there'll be some mroe CS in there.
No. 161420 ID: 0fc814
File 127076985811.png - (21.30KB , 500x500 , TQ454.png )

Mitzi hesitantly comes forward. I tell her about the footsteps. She can't hear them yet, but they're definitely getting closer. She tries the high-security keycard on the biology door.

"Problem," she says, pointing to a panel to the right of it.

"What is it?"

"A high five machine."

"What is it?"

"A hand scanner," she says. "I guess maybe the keycard didn't work. Or maybe it needs to scan you AND you have the card?"

"Can you hotwire it?"

"Do I have ten minutes?"

"You have ninety seconds."

"Then no."
No. 161422 ID: 54af1f

Set up somewhere so when the footsteps come around the corner you can shoot the first one in the head.
No. 161427 ID: 15f6d6

Let's just jet down to tech. They might have delicious superconductors down that way, even though they go straight to the hips.
No. 161429 ID: e3f578

Quickly compliment Mitzi's ass in those pants. Or just say she looks cool in fatigues or whatever.
No. 161431 ID: 67c611

I forgot we had grenades. This is 6 free kills just waiting for us. You can't pass this up.

I'm supposing the team is around ten people.

They will enter the HS entryway and check each room before advancing. They will use a team of 4 people to enter/clear rooms. they will have the other six outside posted on front guard and rear guard. 3 front 3 rear. We wait for them to enter and start a sweep. We advance on their positions and toss in a grenade using our blindsense to locate the targets beforehand. After the grenade goes boom we sweep the corner and put 3 into each person's chest. Then we can continue to fight or run.

Bam. 6 kills. 0 injuries.
No. 161436 ID: 7524b0

Well, uh

The guards have hands.

...nah, let's not do that yet. We're in a position now where we could actually maybe talk to them a little bit. Go to TECH.
No. 161438 ID: 0204b5

im pretty sure its way more that 10 people. and they may have specialized weapons and armors so try not to count on this.

tell her to either attempt to use the already existing sweat on the hi-five machine or to try her own hand. remember she is a space shark that seems to mimicry humans, maybe she can mimicry other humans
No. 161439 ID: 67c611

>talk to the people ordered to kill us on sight
Do you really think they will listen and not just throw a grenade out the door?

We can kill 6 of them and then go to tech if you want to go there. If we don't do this now we won't be able to do it later. You are passing up free kills. That is a fatal error.
No. 161443 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, if they know mitzi is ex-human but don't care then talking will never work.
No. 161445 ID: 701a19

Let them enter the HS area, then have Mitzy seal the door behind them. They won't notice until they try to leave, at which point they'll call it in and act as a diversion.
No. 161446 ID: 0204b5

we already estabilished in the LAST encounter that the military would rather have all of them killed that to reason with us.

i am pretty sure they are ALSO NOT easy kills. remember that pen is no longer gaining habilities because of all the wounds, that last time they failed to kill pen because they did not knew she was there and that NOW they do.

i expect them to have gyrocs, rockets, railguns, plasma flamethrowers, radiation based ammo and nanoweapons.
No. 161448 ID: 7524b0

I wasn't referring to the guards. The 'Operator' said that if we turned over the guards we shot to the medics, then future communication remains a possibility. Obviously, we aren't going to talk to the guards, but some other representative. Like the Operator again.
No. 161449 ID: 7524b0

No, the Operator said that they'd rather everyone died than let us ESCAPE. We might, possibly, be able to work out a deal for better treatment, if escape is truly impossible.

We don't know enough to declare total war. Let's not be reckless here.
No. 161453 ID: 701a19

... which is why I'm suggesting we let them go into the HS area and then trapping them there.

If we're out-gunned then fighting them is a serious risk, and if they have better armor then our guns may be ineffective and force us to fight in melee.

Considering that THIS group KNOWS we're coming, I'd say that fighting them is far too much of a risk.
No. 161454 ID: 701a19

Wait. Quickly close the door, THEN run off. They might think we're still inside.
No. 161456 ID: 0204b5

oh yeah thats such a good option. a aquarium with a TV with weekly stamina tests that involve railgun rounds to the head or try to kill them all while leaving.

yeah, well, how? and why, most specifically. last time they were so cheeful.

No. 161457 ID: 0204b5

huh, shoot the cameras 1st. they may have movement sensor but w/e.
No. 161460 ID: 7524b0

Looking at the situation objectively:

If we can't escape, we have to stay here. If we have to stay here, we want to survive as long as possible. To survive, we need supplies, and supplies are delivered by humans. Thus, if we cannot escape we need to cooperate with the humans to some extent. If we just kill everyone, we DIE.

If we can escape, what do we gain by killing everyone, even when they're not in the way? We've already got armor and weapons. What else is there to gain?
No. 161461 ID: 648286

Seconding this. There's always the possibility that her brother has gotten space sharks into the handprint database.
If it doesn't work, it's not as though triggering one more alarm is going to make any difference.
No. 161463 ID: 67c611

Am I the only one here that thinks killing enemy combatants is a good thing?

What part of "6 free kills" don't you understand?

We throw a grenade, then shoot them. They most likely won't even be able to return fire before they die.
No. 161472 ID: 0204b5

what part of "they are ready for penji" you dont understand?

id be surprised if THEY wouldnt be the first ones to trhow grenades and demo charges.

oooh i got a new weapon they can use against us. tear gas and its variants.
No. 161476 ID: 0204b5

if penji has some wire and duck tape we can do a booby trap with the door.

happy now?
No. 161495 ID: 24aa45

Take off a hand...
No. 161499 ID: 7524b0

Oh wait, instead of actually chopping off a guard's hand, do we have time to grab one of them and just drag them over here to open the door?

We could probably disable the door from the other side, right?
No. 161505 ID: 701a19


Ok, I'm going to make this nice and clear for you:

No. 161510 ID: 0fc814
File 127077725681.png - (20.86KB , 500x500 , TQ455.png )

>advance escape fall back attack defend hide negotiate
Uh... I take up a defensive position, using the HS doorway for cover.

"Hey," I say. "You can mimic people, right? Absorb some human genes and make a handprint."

"DNA doesn't do that," she says. "But that's a thought... Should I try mimicking the hands of the dead guys?"

I'd think it over, but the situation's now measured in seconds.

"If you think it'll work, just do it!" I say. "Hurry!"
No. 161520 ID: 0204b5

your own first.

penji, ready the nade. if a tank rolls over, try the nade on its tracks.
No. 161523 ID: 0fc814
File 127077778161.png - (37.60KB , 1000x500 , TQ456.png )

Mitzi dashes back into the security zone.

I've got maybe thirty seconds before the bullets start flying. I take stock of how many bullets we have to work with.
No. 161528 ID: 67c611

Lay prone using the doorway for partial cover. Only take shots when you can get a hit. I'd use the rifle with AP ammo.

How much ammo is still in HS? If you plan on falling back there, you can go nuts if there is enough ammo left to recover what you use.
No. 161529 ID: 0204b5

load sabot, i think they are heavily armored now.

expect missiles and cornershots first. MAYBE they will trhow a phone, but thats unlikely.
No. 161536 ID: 701a19

Yes, have Mitzy try her own hand. Her brother might have done us another favor.
No. 161550 ID: 67c611

Tell Mitzi to try the hand real quick if she can make it out of the line of fire in time. Only try it once. We don't want to get locked out again.
No. 161604 ID: 0fc814
File 127078313258.png - (25.24KB , 500x500 , TQ457.png )

"Maybe your hand works!" I shout.


"Forget it!" I say. "Just hurry!"

I open fire.
No. 161606 ID: 0fc814
File 127078338158.png - (9.72KB , 500x500 , TQ458.png )

Definite hostiles. They're security troops.

I've got no sabot rounds for the LMG. The slugs send the corner-man's shield recoiling, but don't seem to penetrate.

"Taking fire!" I hear, though between the distance, the gunfire, and their silencing gear, it's difficult. "Oh shit, it's Tethys!"
No. 161608 ID: f21281

Can you fire a round through the viewport on the shield?
No. 161613 ID: 701a19

Tethys? Is that your real name?

Anyway, they're exactly what I predicted: Too armored for you to kill, and armed well enough to kill you.

Shout "FALL BACK OR I WILL BE FORCED TO KILL YOU", but don't hold your fire to do it.
No. 161614 ID: 7524b0

What? That guard must have his information mixed up. Tethys is an artifact, right? Some kind of alien machine.

Just keep them pinned. We just want to delay them until we find out if Mitzi can get through the door.
No. 161615 ID: 67c611

Welp, I figured they'd bring heavier armor that would be able to stand up to LMG fire. That's why I suggested the AP rifle rounds.

Switch to rifle with AP. Go prone. You are a much smaller target that way.

I'm tired of trying to salvage bad situations. You think up an escape plan.
No. 161645 ID: 445c48

Shout "Wrong! And fuck you guys!"
No. 161650 ID: 0204b5

apparently it contained DNA. we must retrieve it, penji seems to have memories related to before the tube.

penji, can you tell them to not come? prepare a flashbang anyway.
No. 161665 ID: 0204b5

guys we are her thinking. just take a moment and notice what is happening:

a couple of soldiers are scouting around but NOT for us. why would they be surprised?

the good news is we may beat them, the bad is, mitzi's brother is around and may not be friendly. we kinda have what to bargain but frankly i dont think we want to.

military dont really have a choice. military laws would kill them of they disobeyed, we would kill them if they obey.

not yet. pretty please?
No. 161667 ID: 701a19

Or we do. Penji could be genetically engineered death machine.
No. 161671 ID: 97fa59

I see knees! Shoot the knees!
No. 161757 ID: 8ecfd4

Can you let the fuse on a grenade burn to make sure it explodes when you want it to? Even if you can't this should work.

Because I think that if you can bounce a grenade on the wall behind them and have it explode before they can throw it away you could finish this awfully quick. Even if they don't all go down you should flush some of them from cover.
No. 161807 ID: 783063

Yell back at them, "What's a Tethys?"

Even if they don't tell you, maybe it'll distract them long enough for you to get in critical knee shots.
No. 161812 ID: 54af1f

Keep them pinned down while Mitzi works on the door
No. 161813 ID: 4e92b7

they have full body armor but its a good idea, keep it for after we tease them a bit.

thats funny.

she is pinned down by the crossfire.
No. 161828 ID: 5024b4

Tethys is probably the codename they gave you for their comm channels, an insider term for security.

Target is holding that shield off the ground. Try and shoot just under it. You may hit a knee, thigh, or foot. This should cause distraction and delay without being fatal.
No. 161830 ID: d8aa80

Or since we made up the name Penji, Tethys could be her actual, real name.
No. 161832 ID: 67c611

No. 161833 ID: e2020c


Maybe if you aimed some shots right to the point where the shield ends and wall begins, that would penetrate the shield? If yes, then that might cause enough momentary confusion for you to drive them back? Don't have better ideas than use of power.
No. 161869 ID: 445c48

Right, so shout "Wrong, it's Penji, you fuckers" and then shoot him or something.

Assert your identity!
No. 162328 ID: 67c611

Right, so once again I come up with a solution to the problem you got us into and you are going to ignore it.

Switch to AP rifle rounds. Get into the most accurate firing position you know of. Here is what you do. You need to shoot the AP rounds into the viewport of the shield. This target is maybe 3 by 15 centimeters. You need to land five or six rounds spread evenly into the transparent plate to obstruct the guard's vision. If you are accurate enough to shoot the plate then you are accurate enough to shoot him in the face when he peeks around the shield to see.
No. 162951 ID: 0fc814
File 127103258952.png - (19.08KB , 500x500 , TQ459.png )

I walk my fire across the shield. I score at least one hit on the visor, which seems to be bulletproof, and one on the guard. He immediately drops the shield down to block further hits.

"Shit! Fuck!" I hear.

"Stay put," a second says.

Another target swings around, leveling a wide-barreled weapon. He fires single shots, fighting against considerable recoil.

I bank a few LMG shots off his armor, and the shield. Burst fire is not suppressing this guy, but if I go full auto, I'll run through my ammunition in seconds.
No. 162958 ID: bf4d72

...We have a grenade, don't we? Isn't that what grenades are for? Tight clumps of fuckwits to kill/distract while we change to a weapon that can make swiss of the sheild?
No. 162959 ID: 7524b0

I strongly advise not getting shot by the big gun.

Is Mitzi done with the door yet?
No. 162961 ID: 0fc814
File 127103315191.png - (21.27KB , 500x500 , TQ460.png )

At least I'm throwing off his aim. Most of his shots are impacting the corridor walls and detonating without effect.

One airbursts above me!

I'm peppered with several fragments. They're pissant, though. No damage.

I'm worried about what other payloads he might have, though.

"Mitzi! Hurry it up!" I shout.

"I am hurrying!"

>yell at them to leave
There's no word in any language that says 'go away' as strongly as automatic fire.
I'm strong, but those flaws in my musculature I mentioned will make an accurate throw at this distance nearly impossible.
No. 162963 ID: bf4d72

Well, what the good are you? Anyway, could you roll the grenade? Or, fuck, use your flashbang? I mean, if you kill everyone, you can just loot corpses, you know what I mean?
No. 162964 ID: 67c611

AP rifle. Go for solid hits on Rifle guy.
No. 162965 ID: 7524b0

Can you shoot his gun?
No. 162967 ID: 2344c5

well, this sucks. if you cant make a aimed shot at his weapon im completely out of what to do.

if you cant do his weapon, try his hands. gloves are always a problem to protect.
No. 162968 ID: 6e4310

There's a reason why "Almost only counts in Horseshoes and Handgrenades" is an axiom, isn't there?
You don't need to hit them, just get near them, a bit infront, a bit behind, off to the side a little...
It doesn't need to hit, it just needs to distract or disorient them, and if you get close to the shield, he'll have a whole lot more force than some auto-fire to deal with.
No. 162972 ID: 67c611

You are talking about + or - 2m on a 200m throw. That's nuts.

Would have been a lot easier to toss the grenade at them from 3m wouldn't it? And then spray them with full auto AP rounds at point blank. Man that sounds good right about now, huh?
No. 162978 ID: 54af1f

Switch over to Sabot, the FMJ just aren't doing damage.
No. 163027 ID: 0fc814
File 12710379394.png - (28.59KB , 500x500 , TQ461.png )

I focus my fire on the big gun. The guard gives a shout of anger and stumbles out of sight.

"Gotcha, bro!" says another, taking his place and firing another oversized weapon. In a moment, a trio of rockets streak from its barrel, impacting around the corridor ahead of me and detonating.

"Fuck this!" I hear. "Radko! Load displacer!"
No. 163030 ID: 1ac39d

fuck, i don't like the sound of that...
No. 163031 ID: 67c611

Keep up the fire. Put rounds into the soft parts.
No. 163036 ID: f21281

If they try to fire rockets at us again, we could always try to shoot the rocket as it comes out of the barrel, thusly blowing up in their faces.
No. 163038 ID: 7524b0

"Load displacer" sounds like some form of gravity weapon. Get out of the way! Retreat around the corridor!
No. 163054 ID: 2344c5

AOE weapon. a slug that big cant be dodged. hit the rocket, hope it works.
No. 163062 ID: bf4d72

Fuck! Pull Tazer tits outta the way!
No. 163091 ID: 0fc814
File 127104228975.png - (17.18KB , 500x500 , TQ462.png )

"Mitzi!" I yell. "Stay back!"

"What?!" she shouts back.

"Forget it!"

I keep firing, managing to chase off the gyroc gunner. Maybe wounded, maybe not.

Another guard swings into place, wielding a missile tube. I focus on the weapon, but he fires almost immediately, and the barrel heat's affecting accuracy.

I try shooting it down. I feel I should be able to, but I'm too slow.
No. 163093 ID: 0fc814
File 127104230445.png - (19.75KB , 500x500 , TQ463.png )

Much too slow.
No. 163094 ID: 0fc814
File 127104232732.png - (6.25KB , 500x500 , TQ464.png )

No. 163100 ID: 7524b0

Dammit this is why I said to just get out of the way.

Damage report!
No. 163104 ID: f3de2f

Whelp, that's that. see you next the next time you regenerate penji.
No. 163107 ID: e973f4



How many fingers am I holding up?
No. 163112 ID: 701a19

If you can still move, take cover.
No. 163138 ID: 2344c5

we lost unless we were so fucking lucky it was some sort of flashbang. its so white and the slug size is so wide id say its plasma.

if you can move fall back to the old HS, scream for mitzi to guide you.

if its real damage we are done for.

to whoever suggested the HMG, screw you.
No. 163232 ID: 717301

No. 163233 ID: 8e18cd

Good work, guys.
No. 163279 ID: f0ceda
Audio URDED.mp3 - (2.67MB )

No. 163282 ID: f0ceda
File 127108121831.gif - (170.47KB , 500x500 , Game-OVer.gif )

No. 163310 ID: 701a19

>Ok, I'm going to make this nice and clear for you:

I would say "I hate to say I told you so", but I really don't. Mostly because people decided to do blindingly stupid things after being told outright that they were blindingly stupid things.
Penji, if you can still hear me, then I'm sorry these morons screwed you over, and I'm sorry I wasn't persuasive enough to prevent this.
No. 163311 ID: fa7b85

It happened in Test's OTHER quest too. A series of STUPID as fuck things since people thought oh its just like a JRPG so we won't be betrayed by PARTY MEMBER WHO HAD TRIED TO KILL US MULTIPLE TIMES.

Sorry Penji... although can we rebuild her?
No. 163312 ID: 1ac39d

i agree, i said
as in, get away.
No. 163316 ID: 701a19

(Looking things over, it looks like nobody ever seriously suggested that Goshen trust Shadran. In fact, most of it was saying 'keep her close so we can watch her'.
Even now the situation isn't to the point of being unsalvageable; we can talk and fight.

However, this is getting VERY off-topic. TestPattern, you should probably post the next update soon.)
No. 163331 ID: 7524b0

Psst I was talking about the dead/injured guards. Grab one of their hands. Because they weren't going anywhere.
No. 163345 ID: 82455b

in that case it was more like "CAREBEAR HUG!!!!1!!1!" and post make up sex.

in here we kinda overdid twice. we had no time to run and we had the wrong gun for the soldiers.

the grenade would have not worked as well, she already claimed to not have precision to hit the trhow, we needed a edge or a better tactical situation. the HMG would have worked partially well if they where closer, if we had for example barred them in the entrance to the HS or biolab, but i dont see how this would save us from the displacer.

our best hope now is that penji has her skull thick enought to protect against these plasma burst, we could then use blindsense from the tails to GTFO. unfortunately, there are no longer any safe areas for penji to heal even if she had the time to do so.
No. 163351 ID: 717301

Take it to /questdis/ guys.
No. 163394 ID: 0fc814
File 127111787888.png - (16.70KB , 500x500 , TQ465.png )

No. 163395 ID: 15f6d6

Assess situation? Are you disintegrated?
No. 163396 ID: 67c611

No. 163397 ID: 7524b0

What the fuck am I looking at?
No. 163398 ID: 0fc814
File 12711180937.png - (19.56KB , 500x500 , TQ466.png )

The light fades. My ears ring from the thunderclap. My equipment straps smoke.

I'm in a crater. A hemisphere of polished stone and metal. The missing material is not blasted, or vaporized, or blown away. It's just gone. Everything within several meters of the point of detonation is gone.

Except me.
No. 163400 ID: 3381f2

Are those some tails I see down there?
No. 163402 ID: 67c611

Yay she's naked again. Don't be in any hurry to fix that.
No. 163405 ID: f3de2f

No. 163406 ID: 1d375b

How does your gear look?
No. 163407 ID: 67c611

Oh, yeah you'd better start running. Get back into HS and pick up a rifle. Uh......Yeah, that's all I've got for now.
No. 163408 ID: 54af1f

Did your equipment survive? and what about Mitzi?

Also, stay down cause the security team is gonna recover from their surprise and start trying to ping you with their AMR any second
No. 163409 ID: 9a1fa4

Maybe they were supposed to lock on to the nanomachines or something. But that wouldn't explain the missing walls, hm. Can you see Mitzi anywhere? Or the soldiers?
No. 163410 ID: 9bb35a



Everything but you got... teleported?
No. 163411 ID: 4531bc

Are there people up there? If so, duck.
No. 163412 ID: 3b6c92

So either you're lucky to the point of literally warping reality around yourself, or this weapon doesn't work on whatever you are.


So Mitzi was where in relation to you, exactly?
No. 163413 ID: db380d

Haul ass to mitzi and get her gun, they'll try to capture you now.
No. 163414 ID: 82455b

um. ok.

check for time dilatation? equiepment? ask mitzi for her rifle, beware of their advances.

what would finish metal but not organic matter?
No. 163418 ID: 3b6c92

Oh, or they intended to blow a fairly large crater in the facility for the sole purpose of capturing you.

Hey, once you get yourself together, you can probably go somewhere besides up and down the hallway now. Since, y'know, some of the walls are missing.
No. 163419 ID: 15f6d6

Go left?
No. 163424 ID: f3de2f

No. 163428 ID: 40d287



Find tazer, get gun, get gun that did -this-, kill everyone.
No. 163429 ID: 40d287

...yes. Whatever did this is clearly the Big Gun. We need that Big Fucking Gun.

Penji, we now have a quest. Get the Big Fucking Gun.
No. 163430 ID: 7524b0

I wonder if this has anything to do with those nanites we flushed out of you? Anyway, it seems we just got an alternate entrance to the surrounding area.

Do any of the holes in the walls lead anywhere useful, though?
No. 163438 ID: 0fc814
File 127112035293.png - (31.20KB , 500x500 , TQ467.png )

>Everything but you got... teleported?
Little disoriented. Gotta focus.


I landed on an irregular, rounded board of floor material. It looks like everything within a few inches of my body was intact, including my rifle, my pistol, and something like half of the LMG.

Hot water's splashing into the crater from a broken pipe in the ceiling, pooling at the bottom. Steam's billowing up in quantity. Maybe enough to obscure vision, soon.

Door to the bio lab's open. Gone counts as open.

"Direct hit!" I hear, echoing down the hall.
No. 163439 ID: 0abb50


D'aww... it's a sad Penji...

Locate Mitzi. If she's alive, great. If she's dead, well, that sucks, but them's the bones.

And if she's alive but useless... Put it between her eyes.

A bullet, that is.
No. 163441 ID: e75a2f

You got yourself a hot tub.

No. 163442 ID: 15f6d6

I think we'd know if Mitzi was right there. Stay low until the steam is a little more obstructy, and then quickly, quietly slip into Biology. If Mitzi didn't get vaporaported she would be in there.
No. 163444 ID: 4531bc

Don't get hit by painful stuff.
No. 163445 ID: 9a1fa4

What assholes.

Find Mitzi.
No. 163447 ID: 67c611

They think Penji is not there anymore. We need to stay out of sight until their vision is obstructed enough to run into bio or go and get some weapons from HS.
No. 163449 ID: 1ac39d

no, remember mitzi was flayed open but managed to regenerate? as long as she is alive she should be okay. whatever that weapon does it somehow doesn't work on Tozols. and i don't think they know it doesn't. you can ether wait in the hole for them to peek in and gain the best surprise attack opportunity ever or evac to the bio lab and maybe get a few more needles of CS.

i'm willing to bet mitzi is alive but... elsewhere.
No. 163450 ID: 67c611

Derp. Screw HS we kept the weapons.
No. 163453 ID: db380d

Hmm, so they tried to do something to you but it didn't work out.
You still got your weapons apparently.
Stay put and surprise them when they investigate.
With bullets.

Or try to sneak away if the displacing opened some opportunities for that.
No. 163454 ID: 716eb0

we need to stay out of sight for as long as possible, and let them think that their direct hit was successful and the threat has ended. This includes finding a better place to hide if the steam is kind to us. This is a golden opportunity, if we can play it just right, to advance through the facility uncontested while they think we are gone. Do not waste this opportunity by needlessly revealing yourself.
No. 163455 ID: 662439

Wait until the steam builds up a bit and then weasel quietly into the bio lab.
No. 163456 ID: 82455b

is it steam or is it gas?

GTFO of there ASAP. toss tazer tits if needed.
No. 163459 ID: 54af1f

Wait for them to move out of cover of the corner then gun the first one before you retreat, give you some more time.
No. 163474 ID: 1d375b

I think running and hiding for the moment is the best idea. No need to let them know you are still alive if possible. Make sure to take your broken gear with you or hide it so they don't suspect anything.
No. 163483 ID: 717301

wait for the steam to build up, check Bio for Mitzi
No. 163506 ID: 0fc814
File 127112702584.png - (18.49KB , 500x500 , TQ468.png )

"W-what the fuck!?" Mitzi hisses, thankfully keeping her voice down.

"Shut up," I whisper. "Biolab's open. Hurry up."

"Oh shit," she says. "Are they still here?"

"About two hundred meters that way," I say, gesturing. I wish I knew which way's north. "They shot something called a displacer."

"Oh shit," she says. "Oh fuck."

"Shh! Focus!" I whisper. "Get down here."
No. 163507 ID: 701a19

That's a horrible idea. Outright terrible.
We were JUST shown CONCLUSIVELY that Penji is not going to win a fight with them, which several of us realized and stated before they even arrived.

Sneak into the Biolab and hide.
If you see Mitzy then take her with you.

No, this is a horrible idea. Completely besides the fact that Mitzy has advanced knowledge and skills which are vital to success which she can still communicate to you as long as she's not dead, there's also the fact that you promised you would get her out.
We do not abandon our comrades. Period.
No. 163508 ID: 1ac39d

haha, man those guards are boned, they just hit us with some kind of super weapon and it did JACK SQUAT to penji. when they find out she survived they will probably shit themselves.
No. 163511 ID: 3b6c92

Alternatively, they don't find out she survived.

At least not any time soon.
No. 163514 ID: 701a19

Grab the rest of the LMG and its bullets, then get into the biolab and hide. With luck they'll assume you both got zapped when their search turns up negative.
You need to take the LMG and the bullets because they're going to assume you're either there or not, and if you leave bullets or the LMG behind then they're going to be suspicious of why there would BE equipment there.

Yes, but we want that defecation to happen as far in the future as possible. We have a chance to make this into a sneaking mission, and since combat WILL result in death that is the ONLY viable option.
No. 163515 ID: 288dda

They might have a motion scanner of some sort. Need a bit more info before making a move. They think she's been blasted to the phantom zone - what's their next step going to be? Investigate or report in, most likely.

Penji needs to take a second, clear her head, make sure she's uninjured, arm the rifle, and blindsense these guys before a tactical withdrawal to Bio.
No. 163516 ID: 15f6d6

Just leave the LMG, it's useless and broken. Slip into Biolab with Mitzi.
No. 163518 ID: 0fc814
File 127112769474.png - (33.18KB , 500x500 , TQ469.png )

We silently crawl up into what's left of the Bio-research entrance. It's harder than it sounds. The rock's smoother than polished marble.

"What's with you?" I whisper. "I say troops coming in ninety seconds, you barely care. Now you're freaking out again."

"It all just... Just doesn't feel real," she says, fumbling to get the inner door open. "It's too strange. Don't you feel that?"

"No," I say, quietly.

Still no movement inbound.
No. 163519 ID: 67c611

Take lmg parts, head into bio.

You don't seem to understand that in the proper hands, with the proper equipment, and in the proper position, Penji is an unstoppable engine of destruction.

Unfortunately /quest/ is not the proper hands, and decided not to get the proper equipment, and decided not to get in the proper position, making Penji a sitting duck.
No. 163520 ID: 7524b0

Get out of the crater. The displaced matter might come BACK.
No. 163523 ID: 3b6c92

Man you'd figure after the whole "turned halfway into a space shark" thing Mitzi would take this a little more in stride. Weird shit is probably just going to keep happening to you guys.

Anyway, what's in here? Anything useful, or that you can fuck around with without revealing your failure to cease to exist?
No. 163524 ID: 717301

See if there's a way from bio back into the hallway behind the squad, then slip out the fire escape. Quietly. Leave the gun parts there so anyone investigating will see some 'proof'
No. 163525 ID: 701a19

It's useless to us, but a clue to them. Leave no traces.

Enter the lab, close the door, and find places to hide that they are unlikely to check.
Once you are safely hidden, attempt to wake up.

It is unlikely but possible that you are hallucinating or unconscious, and you should check for that as soon as you are no longer in immediate danger.
No. 163533 ID: 0fc814
File 127112885454.png - (27.04KB , 500x500 , TQ470.png )

I slip down and grab the broken LMG. It's totally unworkable, but the longer it takes them to realize I'm alive, the better. I grab the piece of floor, too, quickly but carefully hauling the wreckage out without making any noise.
No. 163536 ID: 0fc814
File 12711289928.png - (10.31KB , 500x500 , TQ471.png )

A quick recap of the area, before we leave.

I could probably scramble in to the room to the left instead of going in the main entrance, but Mitzi's already got the door open, so we'd might as well go that way, so there's more to close behind us.
No. 163539 ID: 67c611

Let's follow Mitzi into the main entrance.
No. 163540 ID: 701a19

Yep, Biolab. Check for CS. If you find any, then ask Mitzy if she wants some before shooting yourself up.
No. 163541 ID: 7524b0

I'm tempted to say check out the machinery... but it might be a good idea to just get hidden as soon as possible.
No. 163543 ID: 288dda

Mitzi is doing fine. She's not injured, and obviously can grow tentacles and overpower guards just fine on her own. Penji gets any CS they find.

Let's just hope they actually HAVE some in Bio.
No. 163546 ID: 701a19

We offer Mitzy CS because we're pretty sure her system is almost purged, and it shows consideration.
Besides, the less suppressed her system is the easier it is for her to think, and she's our tech-head on this op.
No. 163549 ID: 82455b

BIOLAB. we need to rethink defense and upgrade. if we hold positions its likely they will try to gloat or call you, talk back but be careful for surprise attack.

use your rifle when needed. this time use armor piercing rounds, we are not supressing them, we are disabling them. their armor will allow them to literally ignore supress fire.

btw i think they already know you survived. if it is a teleport weapon, they will realize your body was not teleported. wanna bet the nanobots were there to teleport us?

also careful with second displacer shots, mitzi may be vulnerable.
No. 163550 ID: 0fc814
File 127113050076.png - (26.34KB , 500x500 , TQ472.png )

"Still no movement. Scans showing nothing, either."

"Means nothing. Fucking grey thing didn't register on scanner at all. Even pointed right at it."

"Well, now it can go be invisible smeared across infraspace. Hey. They're cutting the water now."

"Good. Move in by team. Extreme caution. There's wounded and terminal friendlies, but any could be a shapeshifter. Blood test everyone. If you find one, don't wait for the order. Smoke it."
No. 163551 ID: 0fc814
File 127113052894.png - (29.52KB , 500x500 , TQ473.png )

No. 163556 ID: 82455b

we fail the thread? also if mitzi cannt shape change then her brother can. we saw a lot of bodies already huh? he is killing to go unnoticed case there is a rescue.

this also explain the heavy scout group we first encountered. they had a agressive behaviour to hunt downn a SPAH but werent ready for a supersoldier.

No. 163663 ID: e2020c


ch 9, wow
No. 165346 ID: 0fc814
File 127146462996.png - (23.55KB , 500x500 , TQ474.png )

We head down a long corridor. There's half a dozen doors along the way, but the keycard gets us through without incident. Mitzi opened a panel and disabled one behind us, and I stashed the wreckage and the broken LMG inside.

We've gone the better part of a hundred meters and seen nothing. The lab must be enormous.
No. 165348 ID: 0fc814
File 127146473774.png - (17.24KB , 500x500 , TQ475.png )

Here's something different.
No. 165349 ID: 0fc814
File 127146478572.png - (11.73KB , 600x500 , TQ476.png )

Not gonna lie. I'm feeling a little daunted already.
No. 165352 ID: 3b6c92

Oh boy.

Well, is that thing on the wall there a map?
No. 165354 ID: 67c611


Break it!
No. 165355 ID: 54af1f

Take out the camera and then check the doors systematically.
No. 165356 ID: 7f46a5


shake it to the camera.

then shoot it.
No. 165357 ID: 7524b0

A camera! Destroy it!
No. 165358 ID: 6ca7b8

Break the camera

With your tongue.
No. 165361 ID: f3de2f

No. 165366 ID: f21281

Flip the camera off. Then destroy it.
No. 165367 ID: 7f46a5

archievement unlocked: 100% agreement on a action!
No. 165368 ID: f21281

No wait better yet.

Destroy the camera without even looking at it. Like, in a way that would make it seem like it's just an everyday normal nonchalant thing that you do.
No. 165371 ID: 6ca7b8

But beside that, it might be a good time to have a little chat with Mitzi. Ask her if she's doing alright and if there's anything bothering her. You know, be friendly.
No. 165379 ID: 620bfb

We gotta get that achievement, kill all cameras.
No. 165381 ID: 288dda

If the camera looks tasty you might as well snack on it as you move. But what exactly are we looking at here, aside from the three doors?

Further, are you getting anything interesting from your secondary senses?
No. 165385 ID: 0fc814
File 127146756356.png - (11.64KB , 600x500 , TQ477.png )


"...you just jumped up on the ceiling," Mitzi says.

"Yeah? Less noise than a bullet."

"I mean, how did you."

"Just jump and grab. Too sturdy to pop off from weight, so you just put your feet on the ceiling and..."

I give it a yank, and it gives a crunch.
No. 165386 ID: 7524b0

Ok now eat it.

Wait no that's dumb. Check out the map on the wall.
No. 165387 ID: 445c48

Don't land on your head! That's where we are!
No. 165393 ID: c8f87e

See if the camera is tasty. You deserve some snacking to replenish your armor plate materials.

Read those notes on the notboard by the door.
No. 165396 ID: 8b7db1

I would be entertained if this happened.
No. 165397 ID: 0fc814
File 127146819928.png - (11.83KB , 600x500 , TQ478.png )

"Really, I should've popped this the second I came in," I say. "To be on the safe side."

"I mean. I can't do that," she says.

"Bullshit. I've seen you move. You're fast. Fast as me. Faster, probably. At least for now."

"For now?"

"Yeah, uh, I'm hurt, still," I say, struggling for words. "Deep inside."

"...Emotionally?" she asks.

"No. I mean, I've been full of toxins for a very long time. I've got all these problems with my body. I know I should have better eyesight than I do. I know I should move faster. Up until about an hour ago, my hearing was complete shit."

"Oh," she says, sounding a little worried.

"Hey, relax. You're improving, too. I can read it in your movement."

"Oh," she says, somehow sounding even more worried.

I just can't win.
No. 165398 ID: 3b6c92

Okay, so how about that whatever-it-is on the wall, now?
No. 165400 ID: 3b6c92

You're weirding her out, a bit, I think. It's probably something you can't not do, though.
No. 165401 ID: 8b7db1

That's because she either THINKS she was human, or she WAS human. So her capabilities are... well, within normal bounds of what humans can do. Saying she is getting harder, better, faster, stronger is just making her freak out at the changes she has overcome. The fact she is worried about you getting better is simple self preservation mixed with fear.

Now, onto map things!
No. 165402 ID: 6834bc

Try this.
"You're still you. It's just, now, you're a little more. You've got new abilities you didn't have before, maybe some of your senses are sharper. They'll help keep you safe.

Don't worry too much about it, okay, Mitzi?"
No. 165403 ID: c8f87e

She is worried about losing her humanity. Tell her not to worry about it, she is still human, just a somewhat different human.

See if there is anything good to eat in that camera and then read the notes on the wall.
No. 165404 ID: 54af1f

Check the doors systematically, start with the one nearest you.
No. 165405 ID: 701a19

Bringing it up will make things worse.
Just let it drop.

Then eat the camera.
No. 165407 ID: 7524b0

Put a hand on her shoulder and say "It's okay, Mitzi. I'll help you through this."
No. 165408 ID: 6ca7b8

Change the subject away from you or her being "weird." Ask her what she meant by that strange, unreal feeling she had whilst you were at the crater.
No. 165410 ID: 1ac39d

it could be like lateral lines like on earth sharks, except in space.
No. 165414 ID: c3c4a6

The panel on the far wall behind Mitzi, is that a map? Would help for path finding, even if its just a glance. We can memorize it for you.

Unfortunately, one way or another, -they- probably know you're there. Either from the few moments the cameras directly observed you, or from it being destroyed so close to the combat you were just in. There could be other ways for the soldiers to enter that portion of the building, though another squad may be there already.

Stay sharp, focus on finding an exit first, then counter-suppress. Then maybe some romance.
No. 165415 ID: 67c611

Read the map. Hug Mitzi.
No. 165421 ID: 0fc814
File 127146992262.png - (10.07KB , 500x500 , TQ479.png )

I don't hear any footsteps or... anything. It's definitely not business as usual in here. That's good and bad. We're not likely to run into many humans, but if it's compromised, and not just closed or something, it's only a matter of time before they send troops in to re-secure it.

>Okay, so how about that whatever-it-is on the wall, now?
As predicted, it's a map.

It's numbered, with a little key in the corner. Most of these are uninteresting. Offices, break rooms (tasty, but uninteresting), rest areas, general stores, environmental equipment, machinery, that sort of thing. We don't know how much time we have.

A few look promising.
No. 165424 ID: 54af1f

you know, there's really no better place to find out what's going on than in Records, so let's start there.
No. 165426 ID: e3f578

There's always time for a snack, Penji. Always. I think a meat sandwich shall suffice.
No. 165428 ID: c8f87e

Check out Stasis and live storage. You might find some other opressed lifeforms that want a shoot at freedom. Or just deranged psycho killers that want to kill anyone who hurt them. Both works, if it's the latter then just unleash them and point them in the proper direction. Should cause a nice distraction.
No. 165429 ID: b6f9a3

if you're going to find someone here they'll be in Panic. I say there first.
No. 165430 ID: 3b6c92

Records is right here, and all of those sound fairly intriguing, so. Y'know. Open the door right in front of you.

Also I guess try to-- wait, you've got no idea how to shoot the breeze. Never mind.
No. 165431 ID: 7f46a5


she isnt a soldier. she is a god dammed tecnician that got fucked up.
No. 165434 ID: 7524b0

RECORDS. Information is always good. After that, the Artifacts room sounds interesting.
No. 165435 ID: 701a19

Check out storage first. If they have CS here then you need to use it immediately so you have as much time to heal as possible.
No. 165440 ID: 6ca7b8

Lets see.

Our first priority would be to recover from all wounds. I suppose CS is most likely to be found in the lab-type areas.
We could maybe restock on ammo in the panic room.
Artifacts might give us an even bigger advantage over the humans. Hey, who knows what was found along Penji when they finally defeated her?
Records could tell us a bit more about us, about our strengths/weaknesses/etc.

Since this is an enclosed lab, we could work on barricading the main entrance - the only place humans might crawl out of.

I propose we head to the main lab first and check what's up.
No. 165442 ID: 67c611

Got a friend over here. We disagree on what to do.

One vote for records and one vote for artifacts.

Records should be used to look up weapons and armor and possible allies. Knowing Penji's backstory won't help her survive the firefight coming in 15 minutes. Having alien rocket launchers and alien lasers will.
No. 165444 ID: 1ac39d

agreeing that CS is priority then records or artifacts.
No. 165445 ID: 7524b0

Knowing Penji's detailed biological RECORDS will help us reveal her full ability list, which will let us make her stronger faster. Knowledge is power, regardless. Oh, where'd you get that '15 minutes' from? Your ass, I imagine. They think Penji is dead, and the power is still off so that camera didn't see us. They don't even know Mitzi is with us.

Well, we obviously can't go to every room in here. If you want Penji to get stronger, then we need CS and equipment. Equipment could be in the Artifacts room as you said, but CS...

CS should be available at medical stations and places where Suppress is used... which would mean the Main Lab Complex, Live Storage, and Stasis.
No. 165463 ID: 288dda

Getting CS sooner is better. We could split up - Mitzi's good with computers, so we could send her to Records while Penj checks out the lab areas.

On the other hand, that could be a really terrible idea. She's already sinking into a funk. Take a second to remind her that, hey, you're on the same side and you're getting out of here. Then give her a grin, a wink, and a thumbs-up. I don't see how that could possibly fail to cheer her up.

Either way, it's probably safe to split up here. Penji to labs, Mitzi to Records or Artifacts.
No. 165464 ID: 67c611

Logic fails this one. Knowing what Penji's potential is will not make suppress leaver her system faster.

Lights are on. This area has power. Power means working cameras. Working cameras mean they just saw Tetheys alive. And that means they are sending another kill team here asap. 15 minutes is optimistic. They will likely get here in 10.
No. 165467 ID: 0fc814
File 127147404072.png - (16.35KB , 500x500 , TQ480.png )

You're probably right.

"It's okay, Mitzi," I say "I'll help you through this."

I hug her. She says nothing.

"I know this is hard for you," I say. "And... I know I'm not great with words. But I'm going to keep my promise. I'm going to get us out of here. I don't know how yet, but I'm getting us out of here."
No. 165468 ID: a9631a

No. 165471 ID: 7f46a5

i am daw'ing like a mother cat in front of her fist five born =3
No. 165472 ID: 7f46a5

shoot cameraS, get to storage, look for flammables, get wire, duct tape and set a trap on the door with flammabes, grenade and flashbang.

then investigate the implied lesbianese out of the lab.
No. 165473 ID: 34064d

Good... good... now caress her back... just like that...
No. 165476 ID: 0fc814
File 127147461868.png - (16.04KB , 500x500 , TQ481.png )

"Penji..." she says. "I'm... I'm sorry I'm being like this."

"It's okay," I say. "It's just a human thing."

She pauses, then hugs back, putting her head against my shoulder. Her heartbeat slowly calms.

"There's a records room for the lab," I say, after awhile. "I was thinking we could start there, but I don't know anything about breaking into a computer. Can you help me?"

She nods.
No. 165477 ID: 1ac39d

okay, let's go.
No. 165478 ID: 0fc814
File 127147482051.png - (13.61KB , 500x500 , TQ482.png )

OOC note: From now on, I will disregard suggestions made by people who insult other posters, either directly or indirectly. Keep it civil or don't post.

67c611, I'm looking at you.

No. 165490 ID: f3de2f

Can we still insult the Characters?
No. 165494 ID: 7524b0

No. 165497 ID: e3f578

So Penji about that Meat sandwich...
No. 165526 ID: 8b7db1

And now I have 'butterrolls' stuck in my head...
No. 165527 ID: c3c4a6

Until more information is collected in the records room, My suggestion for the next area to check would be live storage. Most likely place for them to be keeping suppress and counter suppress. If they're keeping suppress there, we need to make it useless so its not used against us.
No. 165589 ID: 4291b2

Records and then live storage I guess. Don't down all of the CS before we check our live storage and stasis though. Hope they have some more unnatural abominations in there. The more things we unleash and let run around in here the better.
No. 165603 ID: 88fc9a

I'm personally all for learning more about what and who Penji is... Records is the universally agreed upon first stop, but Artifacts sounds more than a little intriguing.
I propose we go there after Records, we just might find something interesting.
No. 165691 ID: 1569b3

> spike in energy grid
dis gives me a idea. even if it doesnt work its likely to cause some ruckus by only mending 2 wires together.

do as >>165472 then ask mitzi to take the electrical wire from the camera and provide a charge to the camera's feed wire.

if the computer that receives them burn or not it may not matter, by linking the positive with the negative she will short circuit the energy feeder even if for a few minutes. also the short circuit must be done after we visit record or its likely we will lose power everywhere.
No. 166118 ID: 67c611

Hey, Penji. Sometime when you are hugging Mitzi casually move your hand to her ass.
No. 166159 ID: 445c48

No. 166204 ID: 0fc814
File 127162515460.png - (5.29KB , 500x500 , TQ483jimquestthenextgeneration.png )

We head to Records. It's not a very long trip.

There's machinery working, this way. Active air cycling and filtration, doors, computers, pumps... I think my blindsight is fully repaired, but it'll take more practice to properly interpret what I sense.

Records is a whole sub-complex, with server rooms, analysis rooms, and so on. We head to what looks most important.
No. 166208 ID: 0fc814
File 12716255506.png - (14.55KB , 575x500 , TQ484.png )

I put two rounds into the camera as I sweep the room.

The lights are strong here. There's a bank of computers to the left, and a desk loaded with computer terminals at the far corner.

A constant rush of air flows from a vent above to one at the far wall.

"Christ and Cthulhu," Mitzi says. "How much storage do these guys need?"

"Forty years," I say, half to myself.
No. 166214 ID: 4291b2

Look for stuff from 40 years ago. Things about the Athelhom impact, tozol, Tethys, valcien retrovirus or Penji.

Then see if you can find any records from 2 years ago about Mitzi.
No. 166216 ID: e3f578

Ask her what Cthulhu is. We know, but we gotta make sure he's fictitious in this universe or not.
No. 166218 ID: 288dda

Honestly? Penji? The only computer hacking you know how to do involves a fire axe. Unless you want to slow Mitzi down by shoulder-surfing you should take about 10 minutes to sweep the rest of the area. It'll probably take her at least that long for her to log in.

Start with the labs. It's the most likely place to find CS and possible allies.
No. 166219 ID: 67c611

Penji, clear all the rooms. Kill combatants on sight. Non-combatants need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Tell Mitzi to get to work looking for anything that can help you get out of this place. Look for locations of CS, weapons, armor. Backstory is a very very far second place.
No. 166225 ID: 1ac39d

so that means, look for important stuff, but if back-story pops up then read it anyway, but don't actively search for it.
No. 166226 ID: 3b6c92

These guys have a point -- computers are not really your strong suit, and unless Mitzi starts coming up with information immediately it's probably not a bad idea to find something constructive to do with your time.
No. 166231 ID: 7524b0

Hey, ask Mitzi what could've cause that displacer missile to not affect you and stuff within 1 inch of you. It's like magic or something.
No. 166268 ID: 0fc814
File 127163055355.png - (15.47KB , 500x500 , TQ485.png )

I leave Mitzi and start sweeping the area. I find lots of computer stuff. Storage devices. Parts. Software cards. Probably useful. I make a note.

I'm finding neither combatants or noncombatants.

Well, unless you count this.

Blood splatter. Glasses. Torn cloth. A few buttons and other detritus. No corpse. No remains of a corpse other than blood.

Reeks of human, of course. The stain's been here awhile. Hint of another scent, alien to me. Different from anything in HS3.
No. 166272 ID: 7524b0

Mitzi looks KINDOF human. We'd better get back and tell her there's an escapee here.
No. 166274 ID: 67c611

Well, keep checking other areas and then come back to Mitzi when you are done. What room is this by the way? Anything useful or notable?
No. 166275 ID: 54af1f

Sweep the room throughly for beasties, then head back and backstop Mitzi. Don't know what might sneak up on her.
No. 166277 ID: 1ac39d

that means whatever did this most likely ate the corpse. mitzi may be able to beat it if she went all out but she is scared that doing that would make her lose her humanity, so for now you need to watch her back.
No. 166282 ID: 54af1f


Wait, is that thing on the terminal a phone or a key card?

Also did anyone check the piece of paper stuck vent in the room you left Mitzi?
No. 166283 ID: 67c611

Something that I didn't think of earlier is that facility staff may have taken the corpse and any major body pieces to the infirmary. That would explain all the missing bodies quite well.

Also if something ate the bodies there would be piles of shit everywhere.
No. 166285 ID: 288dda

Far better to take 30 seconds and warn our only ally in a base full of hostiles before wandering off, I think. I think we'd best make a quick trip back to Mitzi to get her to close and lock the door until we get back. Hopefully it'd make enough noise that we could get back to her in time if something tries to break in. Don't spend too long explaining - just let her know that something's been through the area a few hours ago. Then continue sweeping the lab.

So this is a different monster, hmm? They're showing a pretty poor safety record today.

Now I'm wishing we'd picked up a comm system from some of the soldiers. Make that a priority next time you run into a soldier, or go back and get one off a body when you leave this sector - should give advance warning of their locations and plans.
No. 166286 ID: f3de2f

>Also if something ate the bodies there would be piles of shit everywhere.
Maybe it's potty trained? Anyway, penji you should warn mitzi about the monster.
No. 166338 ID: 0fc814
File 127163642369.png - (16.13KB , 500x500 , TQ486.png )

>Wait, is that thing on the terminal a phone or a key card?
It's one of those personnel cards. Like the one that let me into the computers at HS3 until it melted.

>Also did anyone check the piece of paper stuck vent in the room you left Mitzi?
The... what? No, I did not.

>if something ate the bodies there would be piles of shit everywhere.
I suppose that depends on how discerning they are. I'm finding neither shit nor corpses.
No. 166339 ID: 67c611

Anything interesting about whatever is offscreen to the right? If there isn't anything, head back to Mitzi and check that paper. Also let her know that some serious shit went down here a day or two ago.
No. 166340 ID: 7524b0

Are your ears still picking up audio from Mitzi's location? So long as we stay within earshot it should be relatively safe to muck about. Does the terminal seem operational?
No. 166359 ID: 0fc814
File 127163857262.png - (6.95KB , 500x500 , TQ487.png )

>Anything interesting about whatever is offscreen to the right?
Not unless teeth count!
>If there isn't anything, head back to Mitzi and check that paper.
I return.

"Hey," Mitzi says. "Without a personnel card, it's going to take me-"

"Found one," I say, tossing it to her.

"Oh..." she says. A few seconds pass. "Well, I still need a password to access anything in-"

"Also, I found a piece of paper on the vent."

"Let me guess," she says. "It's got the fucking sysadmin password just written right on it."

"Carvermutt four eight five," I say. "All one word. Alternating caps beginning with a capital."

"Oh goddamn it."

"You're welcome."

Who says I don't know anything about hacking?
No. 166360 ID: 3b6c92

Nice. :B

So what does the computer have to say?
No. 166361 ID: e31d52

>Not unless teeth count!

Wait, what?

You mean there was a very specific part of the body left behind? What did the teeth look like!?
No. 166362 ID: e3f578

Tease her with a friendly, professional slap on the butt because she's your partner in crime.
No. 166364 ID: 701a19

Tell her you're pretty sure her brother set this up, but she should lock the doors and not open them for anybody but you.
No. 166372 ID: eaa865

Needs more sweeping of the area....
No. 166382 ID: 54af1f

Stick with Mitzi and maintain a watch while she hacks the computer. Guard her, she's the important thing.
No. 166429 ID: 0fc814
File 127164539436.png - (7.40KB , 500x500 , TQ488.png )

I stand by to cover Mitzi. I checked most of the nearest rooms anyway.

Well, it was more like one tooth. I could go get it, if you want, but for what purpose?

"Can you lock the doors for everyone but us?" I ask.

"No. I can only really access the database from here. The base network's down or inaccessible. Y'know. Obviously."


"Why do you ask? More bodies or something?"

"Or something, yes. So what CAN you do?"

"Uh..." she says, then seems to decide against pressing me for details. "I'm still figuring that out, but... hells, it looks like I've got access to most of the database. The whole archive for the lab! I can even download the encrypted ones, for when we get out of here."

"So... what's it say?" I ask.

"Fuck," she says. "There's exabytes in this thing. I don't even know where to begin."

Nice to see her excited about something. I suppose I should be excited, too. I've run into nothing but questions since I woke up.
No. 166431 ID: 7524b0

Ask her to search for Athelhom, Tozol, Tethys, Valcien, Mitzi, Nyx, or Penji.
No. 166435 ID: c4ddd9

Search keywords: Tozol, Tethys, Ophion, Nyx, Phanes, Quadrant Five, Valcien, Athelhom.
No. 166437 ID: 67c611

Look up any locations for counter suppress. If she can find any, head off and go get it. Have her search for anything to help you escape after that. Weapons, armor, maps, anything.

Healing vote
Start healing evenly between speed and primary senses. Add to that any injuries you may still have.
No. 166440 ID: f3de2f

Search "displacer"
No. 166441 ID: 701a19

Tell her to access experimentation logs, and search for Tozol and Tethys around 40 years ago.
Also, ask her if she's up to looking up her own info.

Fortunately this kind of setup is used for high throughput and higher redundancy, so the actual content should be able to fit on a few pieces of backup media.
It's only a few exabytes, no big deal.
No. 166442 ID: 67c611

>>look up backstory

Predictable, shotsighted, wrong. We can download that stuff and look it up after we escape from here. Knowing what planet Penji is from will not help us kill the bad guys quicker. And it won't stop bullets from hitting us. And it won't help us get out of here any faster. So look that stuff up after we get the useful information out of the system.

If you don't understand any of these points, feel free to ask.
No. 166445 ID: c4ddd9

Searching about Tozols etc. will let us know what both Penji and Mitzi can do with their bodies - their strengths, weaknesses, what to focus upon when injecting CS, and a bunch of other stuff. Looking up human equipment is cute and everything but who's to say these weapons even lie around this particular facility?

We'll get to play around with new guns when we find an armory. Here, we're getting information.
No. 166850 ID: 8b7db1

Information about us has the potential to be useful, though admittedly it's less useful than other information. However, there is also a good chance that the BEST info isn't hackable, IE where CS is.

Assuming time is of the essence, look up things in this order, and don't dally if you can't find anything on a topic: where CS is > a god damn map of this place [where CS is likely to be / potential armories] > what we are. Who knows, hearing something about our back story might trigger a memory and we may suddenly know kung-fu.

Also, on the map it says artifacts... why does everyone assume it's going to be future guns? When I read that, I visualize maybe something like tools but mostly interesting looking things that they don't know what it is. Or god damn pots. Heck, if there were future guns, they most likely wouldn't be in working shape.
No. 166853 ID: 1ac39d

i would say any 'artifacts' in a BIO lab would be interesting. they would keep machine things in the other place.
No. 166874 ID: 1569b3

we should first check out what we can take.

we should also LOOK at things that may incriminate the facility THEN look at things that will help us. we may not have a whole lot of time.

for now search for the facility's purpose. i belive this is easily accomplished by searching for the experiments done with >>166435
No. 166880 ID: 6e894f

Topics of interest to search for:

- What are we? Tozols are weird and mysterious, and despite being one we know near nothing about them. More specifically, what is the full range of a Tozol's natural abilities and how much punishment one could take by what means. Make sure to check the same for Mitzi.

- Where are we? At Quadrant Five, of course. What an awful play on words. Print out all the maps to the facility you could find. That includes our geographic location on whatever planet we are on and the lay of the land AROUND the facility.

- When are we? Check the current date, then check the very last human inputted article - that's when whatever happened, happened. It would give us a bit of a time frame for this whole mess.

- Why are we here? Currently we are being prosecuted without even knowing our crime. What was the "Athelhom Impact Event?" What is the purpose of this facility?

- How do we get out? Find a catalog of what's in "Artifacts," "Live Storage" and whatever other document depicting what might we find here. I doubt you would find any, this being a research facility rather than an army base, but search for articles about modern human fighting tactics and tools. Yes, that includes teleporter guns and forcefields.
No. 166885 ID: 54af1f

Do both
No. 166949 ID: f21281


1 Exabyte = 1 Million Terrabytes = 1 Billion Gigabytes

The estimated monthly traffic for the entire internet is 21 Exabytes. The estimated size of the entirety of the Worlds Digital content is 500 Exabytes.

No. 166974 ID: 701a19

Those are outdated numbers. This year we're expecting to generate almost 1ZB of content. Consumer storage has increased by over 2^12 over the past 15 years, and even if that rate drops off considerably we're still looking at being able to easily steal everything they have.
No. 166984 ID: 45b73b

Ok, there's storage media so you have something to download the entire database to. Do so, and while we are waiting for the operation to finish, look up some things about yourself and Mitzi, and the testing done on each of you.
No. 167041 ID: 288dda

Ok, people - we are not going to be able to download this database onto a floppy disk. Network administrators do not buy multiple server racks because they like the look of the flashing lights. Give Test a break here. Pure extrapolation from the numbers would have led to the technological singularity about 200 years in the story's past, so obviously they've hit some hard limits. Spoilered for being /dis/ material.

Encrypted records are neat and probably have the juiciest info - potentially a long-term bargaining chip when we GTFO. "Leave us alone or your human experimentation goes public on every frequency." Download that while you begin the...

...short term info - leaving the facility. Maps, artifact catalogue, active experiments, defensive measures.

Penji needs to finish sweeping the labs. Don't expect any hostiles but there are likely to be goodies.

Healing votes - if there's no damage actually slowing Penji down, speed and secondary senses.
No. 167155 ID: 0fc814
File 127173378571.png - (12.05KB , 500x550 , TQ489.png )

My bullet wounds are mostly healed, and my tails are rebuilding steadily, so I devote most of my energy to healing my eyes, and repairing those flaws I detected in my musculature.

This is going to take awhile, but hopefully there'll be steady improvement.
No. 167158 ID: 701a19

Tell Mitzi to find out how much of it we can take with us, as well as looking up the other topics.

There should be a storage closet near Live Storage. Search that for CS and dose up before heading into Live Storage proper.
No. 167166 ID: 0fc814
File 127173519256.png - (10.41KB , 500x500 , TQ490.png )

"Let's start with what the fuck am I," I say. "That's something we're both wondering."

"Yeah," she says. "And hopefully I won't find any footage that makes me want to curl up in a puddle of my own vomit."

Several seconds elapse in silence.

"Okay, I was wrong," she says. "Jesus. Listen, you might not want to see-"

"If it's the autopsy, I already saw it," I snap.

"Penji..." she whispers.

"Just find an overview."
No. 167167 ID: 0fc814
File 127173525548.png - (10.01KB , 500x500 , TQ491.png )

"Right. Uh. This alternates between what you probably already know, and what you need a doctorate to understand."

"Maybe we should just download this."

"Well, first I need to figure out which parts to download," she says. "Ooh! Ooh! Interviews!"

"Fire it up."
No. 167169 ID: 701a19

Apologize for snapping at her. She was showing concern for you, not attacking you.
No. 167170 ID: 0fc814
File 12717354745.png - (11.31KB , 500x500 , TQ492.png )

Mitzi picks a file. One of the earlier ones.

"...You need to stop looking at this creature like a parahuman, or even an alien. Its metabolism is closer to what little we've read about precursor artifacts than anything we'd consider normal."

"What are you saying? This is a machine?"

"I'm saying it's a weapon, sir."

"This is a little much."

"It's more than consistent with what we saw at Athelhom. We fought survivors, sir. Walking wounded. And, meaning no disrespect, we didn't even face the brunt of them."

"But, precursor weapons? I'd have expected... different."


"Unfathomable shit. Thunderbolts from on high. Uh... Intelligent, self-replicating kill-drones, or something."

"That last one is not inaccurate. The other two are a matter of opinion."
No. 167172 ID: 7524b0

"No wonder I've had a hankering for superconductors. Is there more?"
No. 167178 ID: 701a19

"Ok, that tells us a little more. That might explain why they're so eager to keep me contained.
Besides them being utter and complete monsters, I mean."
No. 167184 ID: f900dd

Looks like you might be more human than you thought at first.

Intelligent killer drone sounds just about right for you as well. I'm sure there is some self replicating you can discover somewhere down along the line. Also sounds like there were more of you at Athelhom.

See if there is more.
No. 167186 ID: 1ac39d

o think the arguably self-replicating is that you can make more of you, but it's done th old fashion way. :3
No. 167198 ID: 67c611

Penji, you are a weapon. We've known that for a long time. You were created by god knows what for the sole purpose of destruction. It's likely all you've ever known.

We will do our best to get you out of here. After that who knows what we'll do?

What do you feel when you kill? Does it feel familiar, comforting? Is there some deeper meaning behind it?

As interesting as this stuff is we need to get back to escaping. Save and take with you as much of this as you can. We can review it when you are safe.
No. 167292 ID: 80dda0

Shady figures discussing Athelhom, huh? Keep watching. Skip ahead if the start talking about their wives and football. They may talk about witness reports from the event - that's the important bit that would tell us most.

While we're watching, tell Mitzi to search for other important bits on the other screen, since some of our other braincells seem to be a bit impatient and would like to go back to dictating military jargon.
No. 167293 ID: 54af1f


Rebuild your eyes first, you don't want to be half blind.
No. 167294 ID: 7524b0

...how are we seeing the readout behind you? You're not looking at it. I mean, before we were supposedly seeing stuff you weren't because we were using your blindsense right?

I don't think blindsense works this way! You've got some other untapped ability, I think.
No. 167296 ID: 54af1f

Also somewhen we need to find out about the precursors
No. 167308 ID: 1569b3

so i heard penji is secretly a super sayajin with levels on necromancy.

well now we know why the facility wants us dead. attempt to find anything about a "homeworld" that is possibly active.
No. 167310 ID: ad18ae

Penji, this isn't exactly the time, and Mitzi may not take it well, but at some point you should advise her that, if she tries to shapeshift into another person's form, she should take some of their blood and store it inside herself so that she can use it to fool blood tests.
No. 167316 ID: 88fc9a

Since we've missed opportunities to do it before, and now is relatively quiet...
Let's ask Mitzi what SHE knows about Athelhom.

It seems to have been a rather big event for even a college gal to know what it is. Possibly world-changing?
No. 168020 ID: 445c48

>Matter of opinion

What a dick. I'm sure you're a very bright whateverthefuckyouare
No. 168070 ID: 8b7db1

I think the 'last one' meant "Intelligent, self-replicating kill-drones", while the matter of opinion was on "Unfathomable shit." and "Thunderbolts from on high."

...while you are watching this, can Mitzi search for something else? Being able to 'doubletask' would be excellent. Though while finding locations of CS or weaponry would count as a 'good thing'... I'm not sure such information would be on THIS mainframe.
No. 168080 ID: 701a19

Of course it would be! Inventory management and filing requisitions would be handled locally.
Have Mitzi look up the stocking information.
No. 168143 ID: 0fc814
File 127189958382.png - (10.44KB , 500x500 , TQ493.png )

"Well," Mitzi says. "I guess I'm not that surprised. No offense."

"None taken," I say. Neither am I.

The figures move on to less interesting, or at least less pertinent subjects.
No. 168144 ID: 0fc814
File 127189961751.png - (9.46KB , 500x500 , TQ494.png )

"There more like this?" I ask.

"Gimme awhile and I'll tell you how many hours of it."

"How about an inventory? Or a map?"

"Well, with this much data, it's probably in here somewhere, but I don't know where to start," she says. "The system's really set up more along the lines of, like, someone spending three weeks writing a report on your reproductive system."
No. 168145 ID: 0fc814
File 12718997709.png - (9.51KB , 500x500 , TQ495.png )


"Well I thought it was funny," she says.

I decide to change the subject.

"Tell me about Athelhom."

"Hoo... It was this town that blew up forty years ago," she says. "Actually, three blasts occuring within about a second. First, a multi-kiloton blast at some lake, then a multimegaton blast centered almost right over a nearby town with that name, then a fucking huge one at the same spot as the first blast. Like, a hundred megatons, I think."

"What did that?"

"Well, I'm starting to think you did," she says.
No. 168146 ID: e6f8de
File 127189981969.jpg - (12.68KB , 586x126 , uhhh huh.jpg )

you actually have a reproductive system?


I'm intrigued for reasons different than usual.
No. 168148 ID: 0fc814
File 127189990430.png - (10.69KB , 500x500 , TQ496.png )

"Right, sorry..." she continues. "Official story changed a bunch of times. What we know is that then the government sent in the army."

"To help the victims?"

"What, to un-vaporize them? They mobilized five fucking divisions within a couple hours, high readiness levels with a war looming, see, and sent them right into the area."

"Then what happened?"

"Shit, pick a story," she says. "Radioactive zombies, a portal to Hell opening, robots from the center of Inacayo, mind control gas making everyone go crazy. Uh. Tozols... Four thousand soldiers died. The fucking Diplomats, capital D, showed up afterward, and I mean right afterward, and started channeling tons of aid money into the government. Then the war started, and-"

"Wait. Which government?" I ask.

"The government," she says. "Like I was saying: Then the war started and they conquered the planet."
No. 168149 ID: 1ac39d

maybe not you personally but some other tozols.
No. 168150 ID: b4cf40

Well, she's the perfect weapon.

Highly adaptable, good shot, suprahumanly atheltic.. and able to replicate.
No. 168152 ID: b14128

Wait, don't you remember a huge blast?

...Also, ask about these 'Diplomats' she just mentioned.
No. 168154 ID: 7524b0

WHO conquered the planet? Who are the Diplomats? Which planet are we talking about here?
No. 168155 ID: 1ac39d

i think the most likely is they awoke the Tozols, shot first and were not ready for the counter-attack.
No. 168158 ID: 67c611

"4,000 dead sounds about right for 10 Tozols. Only from what I know about myself of course."

"But, government, Diplomats? There's a lot of stuff I don't know. Keep searching for that map."
No. 168163 ID: 620bfb

We don't have time for a politics lesson, we'll worry about what's going on topside when we finally get there.
No. 168164 ID: e3f578

Yeah, I'm intrigued for reasons other than impure thoughts. I'm in it FOR SCIENCE!

Seriously, lets know a little reproductive info for the lulz so you and Mitzi can have a nice laugh in this serious atmosphere.
No. 168167 ID: f3de2f

I want to know more about the Valciens. and why they thought it was a good idea to make mitzi half-shark.
No. 168172 ID: 288dda

Hmm. Assuming Tozol don't work like Chryssalids, I suspect parthenogenesis. If you already have the perfect soldier, why waste time with genetics?

Anyway, let Mitzi know that you'll try to warn her if you suspect you're going to go thermonuclear, haha. Then just stare at her for a moment.

Then, after you have successful broken the tension, ask if she'd rather you stuck around rather than finishing your sweep of the lab.
No. 168174 ID: f3de2f

Also have Mitzi look-up psionics.
No. 168175 ID: f21281

"Okay, hold up here now. I need some backstory on the outside world. First off, is Humanity isolated to Earth, or is there some sort of big huge conglomerate of alien worlds that Earth is a part of? That -my species- is a part of? And Diplomats? Like, Tozol diplomats? I'm horrendously confused here, sorry."
No. 168177 ID: 7524b0

Anyway, backstory is nice but we need a specific readout of the abilities Tozols have.
No. 168181 ID: a9de4d

shit i get it. we are a secret stolen weapon gone haywire. it seems penji is some sort of supersoldier created from these invaders.

but in a different note, how many babies at once could you deliver? you know, for reasons to be defined.

also, it seems we have a way out. contacting these diplomats or their homeworld and we could be free. or we help the hyoomans to take earth back.
No. 168184 ID: 66afe0

“Which government? The government!”
That is a painfully unhelpful explanation Mitzi just gave us.
No. 168185 ID: 67c611

derp do a quick search for Tethys. Look for images.
No. 168187 ID: 24aa45

No... we are not going to have Mitzi impregnate us with some man's DNA so we can start popping out living terminators...

Still, the fact you're a Biologically engineered weapon, and were given a reproduction system? Something's off there... It'd give Tozols the ability to overpower their creators.

Remember to search up on that Repoduction system. I have a feeling it isn't a normal sexual one considering the # of pages on it...

For now, digging up info on the diplomats.
No. 168197 ID: 7524b0

RE: Diplomats-

>"Diplomats," she continues. "Nobody knows shit about them. Four legs. Like to be invisible. They usually mind their own business, until they decide you're their business. Decided we were their business after Athelhom, for awhile.
No. 168227 ID: bffa2a

>Anyway, let Mitzi know that you'll try to warn her if you suspect you're going to go thermonuclear, haha. Then just stare at her for a moment.

... seconded.

Anyways, you can't stay here for too long. If the other keywords didin't bring up anything immeadetly intresting ask if she can download some of it for carrying around.

Better hurry up and check out the other intrests. Artifacts seems to be close and a good choice. Hopefully we'll get to see live storage and stasis before we are discovered again.

Find a way to make our own exit through walls, going back the same way seems too dangerous.
No. 168228 ID: 0fc814
File 127190806876.png - (10.67KB , 500x500 , TQ497.png )

"No. Stop," I say. "Who conquered the planet? WHICH planet?"

"You sure as shit are an alien," she says. "You're on the human world of Inacayo, unless I'm very, very mistaken. In 2169, the state of Melusina, one of the successors of the original colonial charter, put the boot down on the planet proper, thanks to a fat sack of interstellar credits, courtesy of the Diplomats. Xeno tech. Mercenaries. All that. Now it's just Inacayo. State, planet, and government."

>but in a different note, how many babies at once could you deliver?
Always one at a time. I know that without having to look it up. But this is not the time or place.
No. 168230 ID: 67c611

image search "Tethys"
No. 168231 ID: 7524b0

...so, the planet was a colony, then the Diplomats threw aid money at it after the Tozols crash landed. Then the guy in charge of the charter bought the planet.

Have I got that right?
No. 168233 ID: a56bd0

ahh sorry Penji... we arn't familiar with this world, it's history, or it's humans. We are familiar with them from... other worlds.
No. 168234 ID: 23c8f1

Well shit. If we get out of here we're gonna have to find a spaceship next. If there's nothing else of note here let's check out Artifacts, possibly Live storage if we have the time, then let's get to the panic room. There's gotta be surveillance and controls in there.
No. 168235 ID: 701a19

Live storage and nearby storage closets are going to have CS. Get that first, then start looking around.
No. 168242 ID: 66afe0

Try to look up what’s in Artifacts.
No. 168257 ID: e3f578

Alright, so Earth... can we ask about Earth?
No. 168258 ID: 343146

Oh that is interesting. Wonder if you were sent down in a landing or somehow survived the 100 megaton blast.

But for now lets go look through live storage. Tell Mitzi to keep searching the comp for interesting stuff and give you a yell if she finds anything good.
No. 168266 ID: 701a19

A 100 megaton blast is not something you survive;
at that level you're talking about something that blows a chunk of our atmosphere away and has horrible consequences for the biosphere.
The initial kiloton blast was likely the one they rode down, if they rode any of them.
No. 168290 ID: 88fc9a

The man in the interview spoke of survivors.
Tozol survivors? Are there more like Penji?
Ask Mitzi if she could find any information as to what happened to those survivors.
And check around this desk area for wrapped candies~
No. 168292 ID: f3de2f

Ask about psionic attacks and how to resist them.
No. 168295 ID: 1ac39d

what if it wasn't an explosion but a displacer blast? it would decimate everything but the tozols would be unscathed.
No. 168315 ID: 88fc9a

... and, uhm.
When Mitzi says forty years ago... does she mean somewhere around September 2163?
This is important. Ask her this, too.
No. 168484 ID: 164e41

Wait. Hold on. I think I know how to get to the files we need squeaky-fast.

Look up documents related to or written by an Harold Qillig.
No. 168600 ID: 67c611

Displacers don't make explosions. They teleport stuff away. There is no force, no heat. Just a bunch of missing stuff.

So it wasn't a displacer.

[Is this getting into /questdis/ territory?]
No. 168608 ID: 0fc814
File 127197935356.png - (9.63KB , 500x500 , TQ498.png )

>Well, she's the perfect weapon.
>If you already have the perfect soldier, why waste time with genetics?
Perfect, huh?

Okay. So wait a second.

If I'm perfect... why did I get a big hole through my head?
No. 168611 ID: f3de2f

>why did I get a big hole through my head?
Because it's big and fat, just like the rest of you fatty!
No. 168614 ID: bf2bdb


Well, just being the best doesn't necessarily protect you from everything. . . I mean, you have no idea what happened.

Find out about the diplomats. See if there's anything on file about them and what Mitzi knows about then and the bombing?
No. 168615 ID: a1ac99

I don't think that perfect is the right word. From what the guys on the tape were saying, there was more than one of your kind, which was more than likely genetically engineered to be a powerful soldier race.

So, perfect? No. Better than most everything else? Very, very yes.
No. 168616 ID: 1ac39d

overwhelming numbers. you most likely didn't have any equipment so you fell to shear volume of fire.
No. 168617 ID: f21281

Perfect Weapons are only perfect until the next Perfect Weapon comes along and trashes it.

That or you're a Almost-Perfect Weapon. Take your pick.

Ask about the Diplomats. First contact with humanity, their role in the galactic forum, that sort of thing. Also ask Mitzi if you're the first Tozol humanity has encountered, or if there's been others like you before.
No. 168621 ID: 2f0c5b

well, you still obey to the laws of physics. untill you turn SSJ4 you should be careful with bullets.
No. 168622 ID: 67c611

I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said.

so yeah
>image search "Tethys"
No. 168650 ID: 0fc814
File 127198346919.png - (15.96KB , 500x500 , TQ499.png )

Mitzi searches for information on other tozol survivors, while I fetch some computer equipment. She thinks we can rig the laptop we found but can't unlock with a new hard drive, so we can access the information we download.

>Also ask Mitzi if you're the first Tozol humanity has encountered
She'd never heard of the species before, so she wouldn't know. If they covered up such a massive incident for so long, who knows how many others there might've been?

>Tozol survivors? Are there more like Penji?
Mitzi points me at the results, and gets to work.

"CRONUS: Xenoform. Recovered alive OCT-2-2163 from Athelhom security zone. (DECEASED: JAN-18-2168)

HYPERION: Xenoform. Recovered alive OCT-1-2163 from Athelhom security zone.

TETHYS: Xenoform. Recovered alive OCT-2-2163 from Athelhom security zone."
No. 168651 ID: f3de2f

No. 168653 ID: 67c611

Image search Tethys, Hyperion

>Recovered alive
>Recovered alive
>Recovered alive

I'm not sure how they define alive. You looked pretty dead on that table......That was you wasn't it?
No. 168655 ID: e3f578

I wonder what a Tozol-spliced human could do. FFFFFF. It's probably the final boss of this place.
No. 168656 ID: 701a19

They're probably back in HS-1 and HS-2. Given how flexible 'dead' is for you, Cronus might be recoverable.

For now, focus on getting CS and better weapons.
No. 168659 ID: 7524b0

I'm actually more interested in how Cronus died. You got shot in the BRAIN and survived, kindof. Was Cronus completely obliterated? What does it take to kill a Tozol?
No. 168683 ID: 288dda

I'm calling it a fair chance that Penji is - was - a human.

Anyway, Penji, how are you at speed-reading? How quickly do you go over a screen of text, and how's your retention?

Just curious, since I'm concerned about the amount of time we're spending here.
No. 168687 ID: 4531bc

"Operators are awaiting your call!"
No. 168697 ID: 0fc814
File 127198689791.png - (16.12KB , 500x500 , TQ500.png )

I pull up the file. A tozol stares through me.

>I wonder what a Tozol-spliced human could do.
This file mentions something about a 'Half Tozol.' I'm not sure that's quite it, however.

There's a timeline summarizing what they did with Hyperion. It's fairly grisly.

>They're probably back in HS-1 and HS-2.
Hyperion was moved to an offsite facility decades ago. Cronos is kept in Artifacts.
No. 168700 ID: 7524b0

Dear god, what did they do to him?
No. 168701 ID: 67c611

I'd like to know the details on that timeline.
No. 168704 ID: e3f578

Get a detail check of the other High Security prisoners.
No. 168705 ID: 23c8f1

Where's Tethys?
No. 168707 ID: f3de2f

You're talking to her right now!
No. 168711 ID: 701a19

Go get Cronus, then.
No. 168712 ID: 0b2a05

Penji, do you find him attractive at all? Might as well figure out the rest of your sexuality.
No. 168713 ID: f3de2f

Dude, hes like a zombie
No. 168725 ID: 1ac39d

since penji recovered from a head wound we may be able to pull the science out of his head and get him healed. give him a blood transfusion or something. maybe pump him up with some CS.

if cronos is being stored then he may not have decayed. for all we know a few a drops of penji's blood will recognize him as a fellow Tozol and start repairing him.
No. 168733 ID: 3416ec


No. 168745 ID: 0fc814
File 127199170845.png - (21.13KB , 500x500 , TQ501.png )

OCT-1-2163: Subject HYPERION recovered, brought to interim lab for study. Limited regeneration observed in spite of catastrophic wounds and radiation dosage, halting presumably as nutrient stocks depleted.

OCT-3-2163: Subject regains consciousness. Immediate hostile response. One casualty. Suppress applied.

OCT-5-2163: Heavy restraints constructed. Nutrient drip administered.

OCT-6-2163: Metallic shell constructed secured to subject bones to prevent further regeneration.

OCT-21-2163: Suppress partially countered. Subject regains consciousness. Immediate hostile response, but unable to defeat restraints.

NOV-5-2163: Subject remains uncooperative.

NOV-19-2163: Subject remains uncooperative, but begins displaying periods of apparent sleep.

JAN-5-2164: Biological studies to date proving less fruitful than anticipated. Subject moved to QUADRANT FIVE. Subject remains uncooperative.

FEB-1-2164: Containment shell undergoing unexpectedly rapid corrosion.

FEB-6-2164: Shell replaced with newly acquired xeno alloys. Modified to allow access to subject nervous system through wounds.

FEB-20-2164: Nervous system experimentation begins.

SEP-8-2164: Shell displaying no significant detereoration. Nervous system experimentation continuing without significant progress. Subject remains uncooperative.

DEC-7-2164: Nervous system experimentation continuing without significant progress. Subject remains uncooperative.

AUG-25-2165: Nervous system experimentation continuing without significant progress. Subject remains uncooperative.

OCT-18-2165: Nervous system experiment to be run during period of subject sleep. Subject remains uncooperative.

OCT-22-2165: Subject loses consciousness. Sleep cycle experimentation begun. Subject awakens immediately.

DEC-1-2165: Subject loses consciousness. Sleep cycle experimentation begun. Subject awakens immediately.

MAR-9-2166: Subject loses consciousness. Sleep cycle experimentation begun. Subject awakens immediately.

APR-11-2168: Subject loses consciousness. Sleep cycle experimentation begun. Subject awakens immediately.

FEB-15-2169: Subject requests that it be killed. Request repeated between one and twenty times per hour for next four hundred and ninety days.

JUL-23-2173: Subject remains conscious. Has ceased almost all action. Has ceased responding to auditory stimuli regardless of duration or intensity. Remaining eye tracks movement.

SEP-8-2182: Subject consciousness impossible to determine. No longer reacts to any stimuli in meaningful way.
No. 168746 ID: 1ac39d

they drove him catatonic. taking him off the suppress and give him the kiss of a princess(penji) he may wake up.
No. 168747 ID: 7524b0

Well. I think negotiations are off the table, now.

We're going to kill everyone.
No. 168748 ID: e75a2f

Well, you know what you have to do, Penji.

You're gonna have to shoot him in the head.
No. 168749 ID: 2f0c5b

ok, so we need to pick him and drip him into a vault of sugar.

then he will be the loveliest, deadliest doll in existance.

i can already see souseiseiki havin cakes with him in a french maid dress.
No. 168750 ID: 701a19

Penji, go check on Cronus then investigate live storage. As fascinating as this all is, Mitzi can give you the cliff notes version once you get back here.
No. 168751 ID: 1ac39d

his body was, at first, trying to eat it's way free. only thing holding him is fancy uneatable material. he may not wake up instantly but getting the restraints off and letting his body regenerate may prompt him to wake up and see what happened. and if the first thing he sees when that happens is another Tozol...
No. 168752 ID: 67c611

Yup, they dun broked him. That's fucked.

I sincerely urge you to kill everyone you find in this place. Guards, scientists, it doesn't matter.

Look up Tethys next. Same dealy. Fucking Christ. Do note that he is still alive 40 years later. You will end up like this if they catch you.
No. 168755 ID: e75a2f

Well, she'll have legs and a right arm.

She doesn't really have it nearly as bad.
No. 168756 ID: a85626



what's left of him is hot.

you need to hit that, bad.
No. 168757 ID: 6834bc

1. Can you find out the location of Artifacts?
2. Is there any more information about the facility where Hyperion is stored - like a location?
3. Any more information on Cronus, like how they killed him/her? 'Cause again, if you guys can regenerate from missing limbs, I doubt Cronus is really completely dead.
No. 168758 ID: 1ac39d

agree, Cronus could very well be in some kind of stasis until sufficient nutrient is available.
No. 168760 ID: 24aa45


realize half the scientists want to progress humanity with this stuff... Possibly to fight off all these other aliens. With tozol powers, humanity may have a chance against those things (I mean, really... People, even with their tech, can't take down a single tozol...)

what needs to be done is to get away with the tozols. Find the tozol home planet, and begin some sort of diplomicy to advance humans and tozols.
Tozol and human alliance may be able to take over the known universe.

But let's keep with the start: minimize casualties, Knock people out as needed, shoot when shot at/definately about to be shot at.
No. 168761 ID: 24aa45


realize half the scientists want to progress humanity with this stuff... Possibly to fight off all these other aliens. With tozol powers, humanity may have a chance against those things (I mean, really... People, even with their tech, can't take down a single tozol...)

what needs to be done is to get away with the tozols. Find the tozol home planet, and begin some sort of diplomicy to advance humans and tozols.
Tozol and human alliance may be able to take over the known universe.

But let's keep with the start: minimize casualties, Knock people out as needed, shoot when shot at/definately about to be shot at.
No. 168762 ID: 1ac39d

you don't do that to someone without being actually evil. they could have kept him restrained for a while to keep him from trying to kill everyone that he sees and talk to him.
No. 168763 ID: 701a19

No. Shoot to kill, but don't execute survivors; just break their fingers so they can't shoot at you.

Hypothetically, of course. Ideally you would be sneaking out of here without them even realizing you're still alive.
No. 168797 ID: f95872

New objective: Rescue Hyperion.
No. 168807 ID: 7524b0

I'm afraid at this point the best thing we can do is shoot him in the head then dump him in a nutrient tube so he gets amnesia like Penji, but eventually recovers. In his current state he just wants to die.
No. 168812 ID: 1ac39d

he wants to die because he is powerless and may also think he is the last of his kind. letting him regenerate would give him his power back and seeing Penji would give him hope.
No. 168823 ID: a85626


More like he wants to die of boredom. They poked and prodded him for 6 years nonstop, and any time he slept they turn on the speakers really loud. You have to be pretty damn bored to repeat the request "between one and twenty times per hour for next four hundred and ninety days."


This may fall on deaf ears (hopefully not all four) but

>> OCT-1-2163: Subject HYPERION recovered, brought to interim lab for study. Limited regeneration observed in spite of catastrophic wounds and radiation dosage, halting presumably as nutrient stocks depleted.

>> OCT-3-2163: Subject regains consciousness. Immediate hostile response. One casualty. Suppress applied.

>> OCT-5-2163: Heavy restraints constructed. Nutrient drip administered.

Notice that they didn't apply heavy restraints to him until he had already killed someone. But also consider that "Immediate hostile response," may mean that he shouted out that he meant no harm, and they sicced their gunbot on him, and then claimed that he shot first.
No. 168834 ID: 1ac39d

or he could even have just been surrounded by guys with guns and freaked out. or he woke up by a doctor giving him a stimulant and when the fist thing you see is a guy in a one of those full body lab suits you would freak out too.
No. 168847 ID: 88fc9a

How and why Cronus died could be intensly important to our immediate survival. Prioritize finding that information. I doubt that your kind keels over from natural causes.
... then go have a look at his remains. Maybe you'll remember something?
No. 168859 ID: 754d8d

Check out your file, if you can. Maybe it'll say what they've put in you that's delaying your recovery so much, besides suppress and mystery-nanites.
No. 168864 ID: 7524b0

Regardless of the situation and his apparent hostility, sleep depriving someone to the point where they go catatonic is NOT COOL. He begged for death, and they denied him even that small comfort! I wouldn't do that to ANYONE. Not even a convicted murderer of thousands.

Get Mitzi to download a readout of all the abilities a Tozol has. Then let's go over to Artifacts like RIGHT NOW and see if we can do anything with Cronus.
No. 168869 ID: f95872

Well yeah, rescue would probably eventually entail severe head trauma. But we can deal with that when we get there.
No. 168874 ID: 88fc9a

Pretty sure it's the Suppress, mate.
We need more lovely, tasty, stabby C-S.
No. 168885 ID: 1ac39d

i can think of ONE thing that would make me do that to someone. no need to tell all of you, but yeah. let's go see if we can do something about cronus.
No. 168919 ID: 67c611

But counter suppress! We need counter suppress! Let's at least do something to increase our chances of getting out of here alive.

Before we go looking for Chronos we should look him up in the database. If all that is left is a severed hand we don't want to waste our time finding it. He is in artifacts, not stasis. At the very least he is dead dead. If he wasn't able to regenerate that means most of his head is gone or his organs are severely damaged to the point of being non-functional. We may be looking at bits and pieces.
No. 168920 ID: 371e4a

That is quite interesting. Cronus must have been in very small pieces if he stayed dead. You guys seem pretty hard to kill if you can come back from half a torso.

Tell Mitzi to look for records, audi and video from the soldiers sent in at the Athelhom place. And check for anything about halfbloods or valcien retrovirus.

Then lets go and see what we can find in Artifacts and live storage.
No. 168940 ID: 66afe0

We should worry about are selves right now. Try to find counter suppress or some weapons in the data base before we run off to look for the next fight. I don’t think we could help anyone that much in are current position. Stack some more pressure in our favor before we end up in a bad spot.
No. 168941 ID: 66afe0

lol, i mean our instead of are.
No. 168946 ID: e2aba8

remember to find a recipee for supress and counter supress while you are at it.
No. 168957 ID: 620bfb

So a fat tozol is actually better because they have larger nutrient stocks?
No. 168959 ID: f3de2f

And A bullet-proof lard layer!

But seriously penji you should just focus on getting more C-S. CRONUS and HYPERION are far Beyond help at this point.
No. 168974 ID: 40e75d

Hyperion may be beyond help, but shouldn't Penji try? She doesn't have any memories or connections anything. Hyperion could be the last of other of her kind for all we know, and even if it's not this suggests that he's still alive, even if he's not here. Nobody should have to live through that, so saving him seems like a pretty noble goal.

The database might show exactly where he was moved too.

More immediate concerns still exist though. I propose the escape is no longer an acceptable solution, we need to destroy this place as thoroughly as circumstances allow.
No. 168976 ID: 43d730

I can see that ending in exactly one of three ways.
The first is that he decides to kill everything human ever, starting with Tazer Tits. This is not a desired outcome, if only because of her usefulness.
The second is that he decides to kill everything, up to and including Jelly Rolls. This is unacceptable for other reasons.
The third is that he just doesn't wake up, and attempts to revive him may cause unexpected results. If you manage to make it out of here alive and return under better circumstances, then a proper burial would be desired.
Otherwise, the only use that I can see for him now is as a source of tozol-flavored nutrients and possibly other benefits, depending on what weird business is built into the design of the tozols.
No. 168979 ID: 40e75d


He at least needs to be put out of his misery. If he's non responsive kill him. At least a bullet through the brain would let him forget the torment.

Keeping alive dismembered torsos is wrong.
No. 168982 ID: e2aba8

are we still trying to save someone that is in another planet to begin with?

if we get a home base where he can grow in peace we will consider this. so far we need the information mobile to reach w/e would be the tozol homeworld to then maybe invest into a rescue operation.

actual suggestion: look at cronos files. put all logs that can be used criminally, diplomatically and strategically against humans in the portable computer.

this is actualy a good idea. if he works like we do, a bullet on his brain will really set him to a clear state. im now wondering if this wanst done before.
No. 168988 ID: 701a19

OR he sees Mitzi as another non-human and is happy to finally be free.
Regardless, that information is not important now. Retrieve Cronus, see if there are any interesting artifacts, then head for Live Storage.
No. 168993 ID: bdd835

I dunno, guys. Would the precursors, being awesome enough to create these guys in the first place, really give them the ability to regenerate from any physical injury, and then not give them some equivalent mental recovery ability? We know hardly anything about Tozol psychology - Penji herself has forgotten any training she could have received, and is still holding up in the situation far better than any human could. For all we know seeing Penji may be all he needs to trigger some xeno trauma-clearing brain organ.

In any case, we don't need to kill him. Penji regenerated from massive brain injury. If we can't do anything else, all we need to do is locate the memory centers of his brain, destroy them, and let them grow back. Once we've taken him off suppress, he'll heal much faster than Penji's 40 years: especially from a clean, surgical wound.

Sure, we'll lose the memories, but better to have another amnesiac member of the species than none at all.
No. 169029 ID: 88fc9a

Boy do I love the discussion thread!
(Not to be snarky, just... directing you guys. Let's keep the signal-to-noise ratio low, yes?)
No. 169073 ID: 70cb4b

Again I emphasize that we need to put priority on getting Penji out of this facility alive. We can't do anything else until that happens.

Priority 1a) Get CS
Priority 1b) Get weapons/armor
Priority 2) Get information about the facility
Priority 3) Get information about Penji
Priority 4) Everything else

Step 1) Get map of facility (we are at the fucking computer that has a map in it. The map will help us get to the CS and weapons/armor. We can memorize the map if Penji so much as looks at it. This will take almost no time and will help achieve all the following steps.)
Step 2) Get CS and weapons/armor (This is the primary means of making Penji more powerful. It is very easy and effective.)
Step 3) Look up Tethys (We need to confirm that Penji is Tethys. This will give us a better idea of what to expect of the humans. We can spend time doing this after we have CS and w/a. If we get attacked we can deal with it. If we get attacked before we get CS and w/a we won't be as well prepared as if we had.....prepared.)
Step 3) Look up Cronus. (Image search is quick and effective. It will tell you what he looks like and what his status is. It will be very easy to tell whether he can be saved or not. We avoid wasting time looking for him only to find his severed hand is all that remains.)
Step 4 and beyond) Too far ahead to plan out well enough.

[Oh noes! It uses logic and makes perfect sense! It must be 67c611! Don't listen to anything he says because he is a jerk and doesn't know what he's talking about!]
No. 169077 ID: 6834bc

>Get map of facility

Just so you know we've already got a map of the area we're currently in [see >>165421 ]. I forgot we had it, myself, so yeah.
No. 169083 ID: 7524b0

We could use a map of the whole facility though.
No. 169101 ID: 70cb4b

We can get a map of the entire facility through this computer. It's not a small map of one area. It's all the small maps of all areas.
No. 170626 ID: 0fc814
File 127233625145.png - (15.91KB , 500x500 , TQ502.png )

No. 170627 ID: 1ac39d

hug mitzi, vow freedom and revenge.
No. 170628 ID: 1d375b

Its a good reminder of what will happen to both of you if you falter here.
No. 170635 ID: 3b6c92

Hugs are good. Keep it together, girl.
No. 170637 ID: 0fc814
File 127233706258.png - (15.55KB , 500x500 , TQ503.png )

"Tell me you found something useful," I say.

"I found a map."
No. 170638 ID: 0fc814
File 127233712986.png - (12.75KB , 800x565 , TQ504.png )

It's not really that useful, but it cheers me up a little.
No. 170639 ID: 1ac39d

maps are good.
No. 170642 ID: 701a19

Hug Mitzi, then go retrieve whatever is left of Cronus and search the artifact room.
No. 170680 ID: 67c611

Let's look up the file on Cronus before we go looking for him.

What if all that is left of him is a fingernail? What if artifacts is thousands of drawers with letters and numbers on them? 30 seconds can save us the trip there and back.

image search: Cronus
No. 170685 ID: f3f64f

I'm not seeing any food court.

This is the worst mall ever.
No. 170690 ID: ecf25b

She doesn't need any more food.
No. 170692 ID: e3f578

Besides, we still have two other levels to this place. There could be a food court somewhere.

Dogmeat, don't you be dissing those fat bottomed girls, you know they make the rockin' world go round.
No. 170697 ID: 67c611

I'd prefer >>169073 of course
P.S. It's me.
No. 170700 ID: 3b6c92

Well, we've done steps 1 and 3A.

So I guess next is... 2?
No. 170777 ID: 86bece

That is quite useful. Ask Mitzi if she can think of any way to open up all the doors in all the high security areas from a remote location. That should hopefully unleash some extra havoc in this base.

Other than that lets go check out artifacts and live storage.
No. 170804 ID: a85626
File 127235264633.png - (16.34KB , 800x565 , decisions.png )


sad Penji is sad :(


Anything marked Lift/Exit is sure to be defended, booby-trapped powered down and locked. Decon however, ala decontamination, is your best chance to find counter-suppress. The guys you're facing in Engineering are likely based in Security so if you could throw a wrench (your grenade) into that room there it would help. Go for the Decon to get the CS, but make them think you're making for the lift. Then retreat back to the section marked Waste. There's sure to be a way out that way that they would never expect you to use. Either that or an incinerator. Okay new plan, check out the waste area first, then go get the CS and find your way out of here, whether through icky chemical toxic effluvium or high caliber weaponry defended elevators. You want to remain one step ahead of them, and that means finding a way to advance that they would not expect.

For that matter, examine the ceilings. If you can find a weak point or a vent in the ceiling you could probably either get through or bust a hole in it, thus eliminating your need to use the lift for that level.
No. 170810 ID: 1ac39d

that's a map for the entire facility. this:
is a map for this sector.
No. 170811 ID: 701a19

"Stores" will have CS. That's because it is where people STORE things.
No. 170813 ID: 7524b0

Let's stay in here for a while longer. Go investigate Cronos, and see what else is in the Artifacts room.

Get away from the computer for a while. Ask Mitzi to keep researching, and try to find a readout on how your body works. Or at least find out what those little machines were supposed to do.
No. 170867 ID: 54af1f

Let's got check out the rest of the biolabs, then hit tech-research and stores. You might find useful alien technology to bust open these bastards.
No. 170893 ID: 1ac39d

i guess look for some more CS.
No. 170899 ID: cda1dd

> look up Cronos or Tethys in the database or ask the computer where Counter Suppress is stored
also i asked a bit early to get the recipee for makin CS/S.
No. 170906 ID: 88fc9a

I propose that we check out Artifacts, find what's left of Cronus and figure out how he died (We can possibly use the computer for this; knowing how he died could be helpful in figuring out our limits)check out Stasis and then Live Storage.
Provided we haven't been gunned down before then, we should make our way to Stores to find supplies. Food and drink if nothing else.
Also, that Panic room in Bio? Don't go anywhere near it, in the off chance that it has civilians in it. You know, civilians with a big red button marked "ALARM".

Also, is anyone else getting wary of all these long, straight corridors? We're at a serious disadvantage without a good, accurate weapon here. Maybe if we could go through the walls...
No. 171202 ID: 0fc814
File 127241883825.png - (14.34KB , 500x500 , TQ505.png )

The Tethys file has a picture of me. Scars and all.

The one for Cronus makes him seem more intact than Hyperion, but all we find in the artifact room are bones. There's a small, rectangular hole at the base of the skull, and a pair of partly healed drill holes in an eye socket.

Mitzi gives me a few minutes alone.

I feel like I could use a few days.
No. 171203 ID: 1ac39d

so they destroyed his brain. makes sense that that killed him... try putting a little of your blood on it.
No. 171207 ID: 0fc814
File 127241940770.png - (8.42KB , 500x500 , TQ506.png )

She finds a few items crosslinked to my file. She doesn't know what they are, but I recognize them immediately. One's a medical tool and kit. The others are packaged tozol ration bricks. One caloric, the other two are 'building material' nutrients.

"Says they had more of these, but they reprocessed most of them for materials," Mitzi says. "Weird."
No. 171210 ID: 12b099

We need to make these people pay. Everyone one of them.
No. 171212 ID: 701a19

I... really don't think that will work...

Penji, I know this is hard for you to take, but we don't have time to mourn the fallen.

Take them, check the rest of the room for artifacts that have some practical use, and then head for live storage.
No. 171213 ID: 7524b0

I think he's been pretty thoroughly killed. There's nothing left to revive. It took 40 years for Penji to recover with just a partially-destroyed brain... this guy has NO BRAIN AT ALL. I would estimate the chances of bringing back Cronos at 0%.

So anyway, I'm going to guess that it would take way too long to open all the artifact lockers. Just open a few that are in the same area as the Tozol related stuff, and move on to... I wanna say Live Storage, yeah.
No. 171214 ID: 7524b0

Oooh, unless you can find an index of all the items stored here? Specifically, you should look for anything related to the Precursors, since it's possible that they didn't figure out what something is, and you'll be able to recognize it.
No. 171215 ID: f21281

...can you eat the skull and bones?
No. 171220 ID: 1ac39d

something tells me a 'building material' bar is super-dense and gives you enough to regrow parts. eat one and save the other. the fact they are bricks makes it likely they are made to keep forever.
No. 171221 ID: f21281

I think those are just image files.
No. 171238 ID: 67c611

search: Tozol + artifacts(room) (for any more items that might be held in artifacts)
search: counter suppress
No. 171257 ID: a85626


Someone you don't remember that you knew your entire life, dead both before and after you met him.


Now we have to find HYPERION... he's the only one who could understand.
No. 171261 ID: e3f578

Well, geeze, out this frying pan (This facility) and into the fire (Hyperion's facility).
No. 171263 ID: 1ac39d

well once we are out we aren't going to immediately rush after him. make a base or something first and get ourselves up to maximum power, or maybe change and become even more powerful.
No. 171341 ID: 8446fc

eat the skull and bones, honor the dead and their matter
No. 171437 ID: 86bece

So, seems like Tozols can die if you just try hard enough.

Eat one of the building material bars. That should help you regenerate faster.

Btw Penji, don't flush out all of the supress in either your system or Mitzis system. Currently all signs point towards no suppress in the blood stream = violent rampaging monster with pretty much no higher brain functions. Which makes it hard to perform difficult tasks like say escaping.
No. 171440 ID: 701a19

Err... What?
That makes absolutely no sense. At all.
No. 171471 ID: 54af1f

Are you hungry? If so, eat a ration pack
No. 171473 ID: 86bece

Which part of it? The building materials should be what she needs for her alloyed bones.

The records seem to indicate that both Mitzi and Penji were taken down while going on a murderous rampage. Hyperion keep trying to attack everything despite heavy injuries until they shoot him up with large amounts of suppress. To me that indicates that without some suppress in their bloodstream they will rampage.
No. 171489 ID: 701a19

Mitzi tried to bust out of here following torture.
Penji was taken down while fighting off an attacking force.
Hyperion found himself mostly-missing among the same creatures who attacked him and slaughtered his friends.

Honestly? I can't find fault with any of their actions. None of them even count as murder.
No. 171496 ID: 88fc9a

Oh... wow.
Do you... remember anything? About what happened?
Maybe who your fellow crewmembers were? Is anything coming back?
No. 171504 ID: ffbb5a

first and foremost, eat the rations. all 3 of them.

secondly, use medikit to extract bullets. mitzi must remain working at the station gathering stuff. i still want the CS/S formula.

third. those lockers are closed. rip and tear.

fourth. look for a bone of cronos that feels heavier that what it should. i am not kidding, a teeth could do it. take it with you. even if he does not remember it should contain DNA inside it, you can do wonders with it and a couple of gestation tanks.
No. 171506 ID: 1ac39d

where would they have the formula for CS? i don't think it's made here so they would have no reason to have the formula or ingredients for that matter.
No. 171510 ID: fbda47

Penji, I know it's sad and you must feel very alone, but I think this points to the fact that just escaping isn't good enough.

You need to destroy this place. These people can't be allowed to just continue. Experimenting on a dismembered but regenerating torso is beyond evil. These people deserve no mercy.

Don't just destroy everything though. Information is important, since it's quite unlikely that this is the only such facility, and shutting it down isn't going to end this sort of thing happening.
No. 171511 ID: 1ac39d

so once any relevant data is taken from the computer system and all that is left is just years of reports and findings, destroy it.
No. 171518 ID: 23c8f1

eat the rations, let's head to the panic room if the rest of these rooms are abandoned.
No. 171547 ID: ffbb5a

a little change, share the nutritive ration with mitzi.
No. 171598 ID: 0fc814
File 12725082987.png - (14.75KB , 500x500 , TQ507.png )

>try putting a little of your blood on it.
He's gone.
I wish I knew his real name. Or Hyperion's, for that matter. Or even mine.

>Eat one of the building material bars.
I break the seal on one and start munching. Still good after forty plus years. And by 'good' I mean 'horrible.' No wonder I liked those cookies so much, if this is what I'm used to.

I should specify that this is more like a vitamin than regular food. It's for stuff we're not likely to find in the field. Exotic compounds, superconductor components, and so on. I know that my body can synthesize a lot of stuff, but it's incomplete, energy intensive and time consuming.

I unfold the shrapnel claw from the medical tool and start digging out the bullets. Nnh.

Pain is only a suggestion.

"Apparently these guys couldn't figure out how your gadget there works," Mitzi says, averting her gaze.
No. 171601 ID: 0fc814
File 127250853657.png - (8.55KB , 500x500 , TQ508.png )

"They were probably overthinking it," I say. "It's just a multitool to clamp wounds and remove bullets and stuff. The electromagnet's the fanciest part. Also, you should consider trying one of these rations. Your biology might need it, now."

"I'll think about it," she says. "Not sure. You're pretty exotic. Did you know you don't have DNA?"


"They couldn't even agree on a proper name for what you use. Weird, branching sort of macromolecule. And only a tiny fraction of your cells keep the whole code. The rest are just sent what they need to function. That is crazy."

"I don't see how that's really... Wait, EVERY human cell has the WHOLE genome in it?"

"Yeah," she says. "Pretty much all life does that, as far as I know."

"THAT is crazy."
No. 171603 ID: 8c0848

Put on a shirt, you tart.
No. 171605 ID: f21281

"Next thing you're going to tell me is that Humans are carbon-based lifeforms. Hah! That'd be rich."
No. 171607 ID: ecf25b

But she's already wearing a fur coat!
No. 171608 ID: 445c48

Well, not really, redundancy and all.
No. 171609 ID: 701a19

It stems from fractal construction. It's efficient and fault-tolerant, and provides for more robust error-checking.
It makes perfect sense, considering how humans lack the ability to send complex instructions between cells.
No. 171625 ID: 67c611

look up nanites inside Tethys.
also look up Tozol armor and Tozol weapons.

Clothing is unnecessary. Tozols were designed to be above the need for such primitive tools.

Fuck, must resist urge to backstory. Download everything containing Althelhom, Tethys, Tozol, Nyx, Ophion, Diplomat (alien). We can read that shit later.

Say, Penji. You ever heard of the fastball special?
No. 171628 ID: 7524b0

It is pretty inefficient that way. And risky. The more information there is in a cell the more prone it is to mutation via data corruption.

Of course the problem is like was mentioned, normal evolution doesn't strictly choose the best path. It's not capable of telling that something is overdesigned.
No. 171642 ID: 701a19

There's an increased chance of an error, but the severity of any error is massively reduced. However, we are getting off track.

Penji, check Live Storage for friendlies and CS, then Stasis. You're going to want to check the panic room too, if you can. Anybody in there will have plenty of information you could use.
No. 171683 ID: 888674

Hmm, that's probably one of the reasons why you can regenerate so well.

Now lets check live storage and stasis. If you can find more people or mutated creatures or whatever that looks like it could be nasty and aggressive then release it and hope it causes more chaos and makes the security teams job even more difficult and dangerous.
No. 171714 ID: a85626


Woah, woah Mitzi. That's not true at all. Red blood cells don't have any genome in them. Skin cells completely shed their nucleus as they're filling up with keratin. There are a few cells in humans at least that really truly do not have a genome in them.

It's still a ridiculous amount of redundancy though, I admit. Sometimes that redundant information even becomes dangerous, as cells perform old functions that were only disabled not removed. They call that "cancer".

Mitzi wouldn't know that being a mechanical engineer I guess. They don't require much specific biological knowledge if you're going to specialize in repairing non-biological machines (which also do not have a genome).


GTFO it's not even funny anymore. Besides you can't take shrapnel out with a shirt on.
No. 171877 ID: ffbb5a

penji, thismay be mildly important. i want you to check for a video of crhonos dying. it may reveal a bit about your nature.

also, does the bullet extractor has a... suggestive shape?
No. 171929 ID: ecf25b

Bad idea, penji has more than enough Emotional trauma for today. Go check out the tech lab Instead.
No. 171974 ID: 476456

>Pain is only a suggestion.

What about pleasure? :3c
No. 172151 ID: 8446fc

Do you even have nipples? What are your breasts even for? What are they? What's going on in those mysterious orbs?
No. 172182 ID: abb30a

Penji, visually confirm presence of nipples now that you have the chance
No. 173539 ID: 3b1161


Preferably by tweaking.
No. 174417 ID: 0fc814
File 127320653121.png - (9.59KB , 500x500 , TQ509.png )

>does the bullet extractor has a... suggestive shape?
I don't know. Does this suggest anything? And I already said it's called a shrapnel claw.

>look up nanites inside Tethys.
Mitzi finds an overview, plus links to files we don't have.

"...microscopic constructs supplied by the Diplomats along with substance XS-185A colloquially known as 'Suppress,' and XS-185B, its counter-agent..."
No. 174419 ID: 0fc814
File 12732065697.png - (12.18KB , 500x500 , TQ510.png )

We book it back to the archive room to grab some more files. It's just down the hall.

>also look up Tozol armor and Tozol weapons.
Armor and weapons are only mentioned tangentially, but there's more on the microbots.

"...the presence of which, thus far, is the only known means by which a hyperwave scanner, deep radar emitter, or psionicist of any tested variety or strength is able to even detect a Tozol's presence, much less interact with them by any direct means."

"Their invisibility to scanners, combined with observed thermal stealthing and controlled albedo variation, makes these a security necessity."

"In spite of the potential that these may have the secondary purpose of transmitting information to the Diplomats themselves, it was deemed too dangerous to refrain from the use of 'transit micrites' on recovered live Tozol."

>Download everything containing Althelhom, Tethys, Tozol, Nyx, Ophion, Diplomat (alien)
We should already have most of this, but we spend a few more minutes scooping up related files, until the hard drives (redundant, in case a bullet hits one) are pretty full. Mitzi's fairly optimistic, even though it only took a few minutes to run into something we wanted but didn't have, before. It'll have to do.
No. 174421 ID: ecf25b

Good thing you puked those things out, eh?
No. 174422 ID: 8bb533

Can we check Stasis and Live Storage with a good chance of going undetected? If so we should go take a very quick look, then head to the panic room.
No. 174425 ID: e973f4

>Thermal stealthing
>Controlled albedo variation

Hmmmmmmmmmm. We'll have to look into that, I think.

I guess if we're about done looking up stuff it's probably time to start moving around this place.

The question of course being if we're in fact done looking up stuff.
No. 174426 ID: a594b9


You already got rid of the nanites so that means you're invisible to advanced scanners without even trying. Apparently you can also control how much heat your body emits, and maybe even change the color of your body for camouflage. Hey, didn't your eyes change color at one point, when you were mad?

Let's head to Live Storage now.
No. 174446 ID: 55d2b6

Derp. Get some fucking counter suppress. Look up "XS-185B+storage". Go there next. Shoot up with the good stuff. Feel the power. Get stronger. Kill people.

You can do something else, but it will only hurt Penji.
No. 174454 ID: f21281

Pull up some info on Suppress and Counter-Suppress. Maybe they found some more easily procurable alternative to CS, which works but not as good as the real thing.
No. 174482 ID: a85626


No they did not


It sounds like these Diplomats are some kind of post-human tech priests, not in the sense of being religious, but in the sense of holding a monopoly on their knowledge. Learning more about them might be a good idea. You might try bringing up the subject casually with Mitzi, as in "What's so special about these Diplomats?"
No. 174809 ID: 0fc814
File 127329146573.png - (12.58KB , 500x500 , TQ511.png )

We carefully advance to Live Storage, through a minor security checkpoint, then to the cells proper. Thick, transparent, sliding doors stand between us and the enclosures. Blood splatters paint the insides of several. No creatures are visible at first glance. At the end of the corridor is a first aid station.

I reload my empty rifle mag.
No. 174810 ID: ecf25b

Examine the first aid station at the end of the hall.
No. 174811 ID: 1ac39d

make SURE all cells are empty. my monster sense dictates that the MOMENT you reach the end of the hall a monster is gonna pop out.
No. 174812 ID: eaec5a

Camera. Destroy......they are already broken.

Check first aid station for CS. What is with your guys' aversion to that stuff? It's like you don't want any.
No. 174816 ID: 1ac39d

i think some people think it's like the blue stuff from the game and will make them TOO sane.
but yes, while i did advise caution form monsters check the station for goodies.
No. 174819 ID: 288dda

First aid station gogogo!

I suppose you want to inspect the enclosures as well. These don't seem as secure as the ones Mitzi was held in.
No. 174824 ID: 20bfe1

well we cant reach the diplomats for help if they have helped the humans. now what?

check the cages. if they have live experiments, we can buy time by setting them free after we leave.
No. 174827 ID: 0fc814
File 127329298019.png - (5.56KB , 500x500 , TQ512.png )

I start examining cells more closely. They're all blank-walled, with the only distinguishing feature being a steel mirror at the far end.
No. 174829 ID: e973f4


what are those

they look big
No. 174830 ID: 1ac39d

holy shit, what are those things? does mitzi know?
No. 174831 ID: eaec5a

Oh, hell, what are those? The cell is still closed, right?
No. 174832 ID: ecf25b

What the hell are those bear-like monsters in the cell?
No. 174833 ID: 288dda

Two massive beasts sitting on either side of the door is not a distinguishing feature? Or did they decide to spruce up the prisoners' cells a bit by adding statuary?
No. 174849 ID: 0fc814
File 12732948909.png - (12.75KB , 500x500 , TQ513.png )


"Mitzi," I say, trying to sound calm but deadly serious. "Some of these cells have creatures in them. Big ones."

"How big are we... Oh shit, that's pretty big," she says, looking into another one.

Getting a closer look means pressing up against the doors to peer around the corner. The seals are airtight, so Blindsight's out, and there's no smell save for the lingering, alien scent spread throughout the whole biology section.
No. 174850 ID: 8bb533

let's not do that till after we check out the first aid kit. Are they all full of the same creatures?
No. 174852 ID: 8bb533

if we let them out they'll know for sure we aren't dead, so that's something to consider as well.
No. 174853 ID: eaec5a

No reason to investigate any of them further..... unless you see something humanoid or one of them tries to communicate with you or something. Don't let curiosity put you in danger. Likely nothing useful about getting a better look anyway. On to the first aid station.
No. 174866 ID: 88fc9a

Indeed, let's not mess with the massive alien beings. First Aid station probably has C-S, and that's all we need from here. Nab it and leave for Stasis.
No. 174869 ID: a594b9

Your eyes just changed color.
No. 174870 ID: 60be74

Your eyes- what he said.
No. 174882 ID: a594b9

Wait are those cameras? You should destroy them.
No. 174883 ID: 1ac39d

hmmm. if on your way out of here you opened the doors and let them all out and got you two somewhere they couldn't get you then it would be a good distraction. but otherwise i can't think of anything for the animal ones. if you see anything that looks like communication is happening then check it out.
No. 174886 ID: 0fc814
File 127329916150.png - (15.36KB , 500x500 , TQ514.png )

We head for the first aid station, trying to avoid a direct line of sight to the monsters, at least from close up.

>Are they all full of the same creatures?
They all look alike, though I'm trying to avoid taking a close look.

"Did you see any different species?" I whisper.

"No," Mitzi says at normal volume. "Also, if your gunshots didn't get them going, I doubt talking will."

"Gunshots don't sound like meat," I say.

"Around here, it should."
No. 174895 ID: 0fc814
File 127329998419.png - (6.77KB , 500x500 , TQ515.png )

"Bingo," she says.

"Whose turn is it?" I whisper.

"Uh. Little reluctant to use more of this just yet," she says. "I'm... probably mostly clear of Suppress," she says.

I can relate to her confusion. It tends to shut down your ability to tell if it's messing with you.

"Mostly?" I ask.

"I just don't want to rush things," she says.
"What if I lose control? Can we please not argue while we're freaking surrounded?"

I might need her at a hundred percent soon. On the other hand, I could certainly use the Counter-Suppress. On the other other hand, we should maybe focus on getting the fuck out of this room.
No. 174897 ID: eaec5a

Let's leave now and decide later.
No. 174899 ID: 1ac39d

do they have a suppress in there too? if so take that. have mitzi take this one to make her totally clear and if she tries to bite your head off or something then use the other one.
No. 174900 ID: a594b9

She's right though. She has to get used to her powers before she lets them completely manifest.
No. 174901 ID: ecf25b

Use it on penji and get the fuck out
No. 174903 ID: 701a19

Give her a tiny nip so you can taste the suppress content of her blood. Warn her first, though.

After that, tell her about how much she has in her system and tell her you'll respect her decision.
No. 174904 ID: a85626


It'll calm Mitzi down more if you use it and show her how you don't turn into a drooling monster. She's having second thoughts about being a space whale, and really I don't blame her. If you need her at 100% either way you're going to be screwed if she's not comfortable about it. Better for you to take it, for now...
No. 174908 ID: 2e34e6

Penji power all the way.
The quicker you get up to speed, the better. Maybe she could start practicing with her tentacle monster powers and get the next cs.
If it's even needed then.
No. 174960 ID: 6547ec

If she's going to be a pansy about it, it just makes it easier to take it for yourself. Let's see what new superpowers you remember having with another handy dose!
No. 174964 ID: 88fc9a

Absolutely use it. There's a lot of people with guns here, and you'll need as much combat capacity you can muster.
No. 174965 ID: a594b9

I wonder why, even with all the control you have over your body, Penji... you can't identify and manually remove the Suppress?
No. 174967 ID: a85626


because it would break the game, duh.
No. 174968 ID: a693e4

Even if you get Mitzi up to 100%, she hasn't training; the most she'll have is space shark instincts, which are probably not going to be that useful. You need control in combat more than raw power - shapeshifting might be useful later, but it's a gamble. Her human skills have been useful, however, and will continue to be. So I suggest you take it, Penji. You're the fighter, and there'll be more fighting soon, looks like.
No. 174971 ID: 8d7c09

Take the counter-suppress, Penji. Having one fully-powered Tozol that's too much for the defenders to handle is better than having two semi-powered beings that can still be handled.
No. 175002 ID: 5a2e05

That makes sense. Though it may freak her out you being able to do that.
No. 175004 ID: 1ac39d

when she bit penji she could taste the suppress so it shouldn't be too far-fetched.
No. 175007 ID: 8bb533

Penji, take it an stick that needle right in yo apple bottom.
No. 175009 ID: 8446fc

No. 175015 ID: 5eabae

Indeed, why can't you identify the Suppress inside yourself?
Also, always take as much Counter as you can.
No. 175021 ID: eb6d46

when you inject it, try to hit a vein, and not one of your massive fat glands. and try to go for you less clotted arteries.
No. 175024 ID: 754d8d

I suggest injecting it very close to your head. Any Suppress in your brain may be dampening that useful self-awareness of yours and preventing you from realizing you have more atrophied abilities.

And, by extension, it should help out with your eyes and ears.
No. 175116 ID: 55d2b6

Lets just open one of the doors and see if beasts want to be are friends. There hiding because there afraid of us. I'm sure if we give one a big huge it will be are friend. We need allies and the beans with legs could be just that.
No. 175555 ID: 3b1161


But are greatest current ally is Mitzi. Those creatures may be dangerous, and we shouldn't unnecessarily risk her safety.

Not to mention letting them loose will alert the base that we're still alive.
No. 175649 ID: eb6d46


I'm sure the two of them are quite able to handle any of the creatures if they turn hostile.

we simply open a single door, and if they are hostile, dispatch them. never have to open an other door.
No. 175670 ID: 3b1161


Read the second line I wrote. No one's looking for us right now. We should keep it that way as long as we can.
No. 175677 ID: b3ee70

If we can do more computer searching...
we can see what creatures are here...
and which ones are semi-sentiant at least

and release as needed.
No. 176580 ID: 55d2b6

Penji can take them out easy if there enemies. She has amazing strength, mitzi, and a gun. However, they could be helpful tools for are escape. We should give them a chance for freedom.
No. 176724 ID: 88fc9a

No. 176770 ID: b43d64

Yeah, let's scram.

Penji, shoot up that CS.
No. 176773 ID: c71597

Take that CS for yourself Penji.

Ask Mitzi if she thinks she could wire the cell doors to either be opened remotely or put a time lock on them so they open after a set amount of time. Those big things looks like they could be quite vicious and having them running lose might make it harder for your pursuers.
No. 176774 ID: 701a19

Yes, they are quite dangerous and hard to contain, which is exactly why they're kept in the LOW SECURITY biolabs. Makes total sense.
Obviously, we need to let them loose, then call up the dispatcher and say "Hey, we're TOTALLY in your biolab letting these things go, and we don't care about giving up our ONE chance at sneaking around without you knowing!"

You, sir, are a brilliant person. Like those people who attach balloons to lawn chairs in spite of it never ending well.
No. 176777 ID: c71597

Well they might be annoying.

Btw you did see the part about setting up the opening of the doors to be done either remotely or timed, right? Because that is because of the reason you stated, we make sure that we can either open it up after they have already found us, or find a way to make it look like a mistake in the system or a failure somewhere.

That way we can either trigger it when we want too, probably after we have been rediscovered, or we could be somewhere far away and cover our tracks. There is also Mitzis brother still running around free in the facility, they might be a bit quicker to suspect him than something they're saw get hit with a sure kill weapon.
No. 176786 ID: 1ac39d

next time shoots a displacer at you run forward, grab it, and throw it back at them. whole squad goes 'FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-'
No. 176788 ID: 0fc814
File 127377129829.png - (12.67KB , 500x500 , TQ516.png )

Slowly, carefully, we head down the length of the block, then back out of the room. If the creatures can escape, they choose not to. Mitzi closes the door and stands watch while I prep the tube of counter-suppress.

I think the needle's built to punch through monsters like the ones in the cells. Handy. One made for a human might not get through my skin.
No. 176789 ID: 1ac39d

huh, that is a neat fact. makes me wonder what it WOULD do to a human.
No. 176791 ID: 0fc814
File 127377163555.png - (37.21KB , 750x1000 , TQ517.png )

The mind in my head that guides my health grows a little clearer.

The fog of drugs is slowly starting to lift. There's still a ways to go, and there's much to repair.

I think I can purge the Suppress from my system without further help, but that could take days. Better focus on something else.

This dose of C-S, in addition to the superconductors I ate, could let me begin work on repairing my HEAT CHANNELS: A complex vein-like network spiderwebbed through my body. If repaired, this allows me to make certain parts of me highly conductive or highly resistant to temperature. I'm not fully sure what that would do, but my instincts seem to know how to work it.

For now, I continue to focus on repairing my SPEED and SENSES. When they're better, I'll be able to work on improving my deteriorated REFLEXES, or my TERTIARY SENSES, which detect energy signatures of various kinds.
No. 176792 ID: 8e18cd

I'd say senses.
No. 176793 ID: c71597

Lets go with reflexes and speed. Those two should be very useful.
No. 176796 ID: ecf25b

Primary senses and SPEED
No. 176797 ID: 8e18cd

To clarify: Senses and speed. Let's have the first tier cleared
No. 176798 ID: b2724f

We haven't finished the prerequsites.

Our choices are
primary senses
heat channels

I say stick with speed/primary senses.
No. 176799 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, let's keep doing those for now. reflexes next sounds like a plan.

(i also REALLY like the looks of that large black space over the upgrades, suggests that more exist that we don't have enough CS to see yet.)
No. 176802 ID: a594b9

We're currently repairing everything that we can. When Speed and Primary Senses are repaired better, then we can repair Reflexes or Tertiary Senses.

I believe that the Heat Channels will let you go into thermal stealth mode temporarily, Penji.

Okay, so. Our next destination should be Stasis. It's right next door.
No. 176807 ID: 754d8d

Try to keep a little bit of suppress.. outside your body of course.

Perhaps later on your body will be able to manufacture a fast-acting version of it on the fly with a system to inject it into others for devastating effect against genetic nightmare critters.. or even another Tozol.

After all, can you really be certain the others will accept you back? Or that you'll want to be accepted back?
No. 176808 ID: 1ac39d

can you list any good reasons why any other Tozols wouldn't want penji?
No. 176810 ID: ecf25b

Mind control?
No. 176814 ID: 3a973c

First, speed. Next, primary senses. Then, Reflexes, followed by heat channels, for the curiosity.
No. 176817 ID: 0fc814
File 127377518551.png - (10.02KB , 500x500 , TQ518.png )

I decide to stick with what I was repairing before.

Mitzi's in an adjacent room, security, from the looks of it, with a panel open.

"I thought you were standing watch," I say.

"I thought watching screens would be better than walls."

"But, what are you doing now?"

"I saw another pry-mark," she says. "Like the one on the incinerator hallway control. The cell door circuits have been tampered with. I'm not sure in what way."


"I hope so," she says.

"Think you could figure it out?"

"Prolly. Not really too many different ways you can fuck with a door. How long do I have?"
No. 176818 ID: c71597

Ask her how long she thinks she needs.
No. 176823 ID: a594b9

Let's say 5 minutes just to see how much progress she makes in that time.

Meanwhile let's take a peek into Stasis. Keep within earshot/blindsight of Mitzi to make sure nothing ambushes her.
No. 176832 ID: 88fc9a

Anything on the blindsight? If not, tell her that you don't know. We SHOULD have decent time however.
No. 176837 ID: a83ce3

We haven't seen anything since the displacer.

I figure we don't know how long we have. Plus there is the issue that they know what they are dealing with now, and every minute we delay gives them time to bring in weapons capable of killing you or knocking you out for another 40 years.

Want to risk it?
No. 176839 ID: 88fc9a

Considering we hid our tracks pretty well and they apparently tried to send us into the Warp or something, I'm pretty sure they simply expect us to be really and irrevocably gone.
As long as they didn't see us on any cameras we should be alright for some time.
No. 176840 ID: a594b9

They think the displacer worked though. We're good. Um, so long as that camera wasn't on, anyway...
No. 176857 ID: a83ce3

You heard how worried the voice on the phone got when you even mentioned the room you woke up in.

Do you really think they won't do a visual sweep for someone they couldn't detect when that person is so dangerous?

Do you think no one heard the gunshots we've fired into the cameras since?

Time is a luxury.
No. 176865 ID: b2724f

Central security did not hear a gunshot. They did not see us on camera. They think we are dead. They are not looking for us.

Panic room may or may not have seen us on camera. They may or may not have heard the gunshot.

If central security had any idea we were still alive they would have sent people after us by now. Since they haven't sent people after us by now, they don't have any idea that we are still alive.

The panic room might have people in it. They might have seen us on camera. They might have heard the gunshot. Panic cannot communicate with security central.
No. 176882 ID: 0fc814
File 12737842901.png - (12.77KB , 500x500 , TQ519.png )

After five minutes, she seems to be making progress, so I give her ten more.

"Come on," I say.

"Normal people would get hours to work something like this out."

"Just give me something," I say.

"I think... I think it's on a timer."

"What is?"

"The doors."

"Which doors?"

"ALL the doors. The cells, the security doors... Who knows what else?" she says. "If it's just a timer, it could be a dozen systems that aren't even connected."

"How long?"

"I don't know," she says. "Hours... I hope."

"Can you be sure? And can you turn it off?"

"Might trigger it by accident if I do either," she says. "It's wired like a bomb, okay?"
No. 176886 ID: a83ce3

Maybe it *is* like a bomb. Can you imagine letting dozens of huge monsters out at once? Let alone small monsters like Mitzi and yourself?

Be careful about that timer.

Or just pull it and rely on the chaos it may/will cause to get out of this hellhole alive.
No. 176891 ID: 701a19

Leave it alone, then. Check out Stasis and the panic shelter.
No. 176897 ID: 1ac39d

can you tell if it's set to open all doors or will it close some? if it opens all of them then it was rigged to be a distraction at a crucial moment. letting all those things loose at once sounds like it would be VERY distracting.
No. 176902 ID: a594b9

This is definitely meant to be something for Mitzi to RUN LIKE HELL through.

It is, after all, possible to have each door set up to open in sequence. A clean route for escape. That is probably what Marcus set up.

In other words, we fucked up his escape plan by coming out of that tube.
No. 176911 ID: 11b861


Mitzi, do your best to disarm it. If shit goes south, run like hell for the exit. Try to hook up with Penji. She should be running for the exit too. Head to tech.

Penji, get CS hunting FAST. You should be running from room to room. Get the completed laptop and put it in Mitzi's pack. If SHTF meet up with Mitzi at the exit and head to tech.

You might be able to shut off the breakers for the entire section. Any way you put it, this is not good.

Get moving NOW!
No. 176914 ID: a594b9

Uhh... I don't think it's dangerous to us.
No. 176924 ID: 11b861

You don't think 20-something hungry mutant bears let loose is dangerous?
No. 176925 ID: c71597

Oh, that's nice. Looks like Marcus have been busy. Leave it like it is. Shit will get very interesting and funny once it goes off. Ask Mitzi if it's also hooked up to the other high security areas.

Anyway, move over to Stasis and see if they have anything fun over there.
No. 176959 ID: 1ac39d

they are huge, we could just open a vent or something, climb in and let them pass bay. then get out while they are rampaging further on, simple. seriously guys, calm down and think.
No. 176963 ID: bf2bdb

I'd suggest you get going if there's nothing else in this section, hopefully the stampede of monsters will hit the enemy not you.
No. 176964 ID: f21281

Go into a long-winded explanation of what these things could possibly do to us if they were to get out, with very graphic descriptions of how they would inflict bodily harm on both you and Mitzi.

Then turn to her with a positive grin and say "
No pressure!"
No. 176972 ID: 11b861

Biology is chock full of counter suppress. We need to get that stuff. We also don't want to be attacked so we need to get that stuff fast. And it would be best if we didn't get attacked at all.

disarm timer
get counter suppress

You are telling Penji to leave all that CS here and to let the monsters out. The exact opposite of the correct decision. It's possible someone is greifing but more likely you aren't smart enough to think these things through and are acting on impulse and latching on to whatever someone else says.
No. 176980 ID: a594b9

Let's... not freak Mitzi out. Mental health is an issue for us both.
No. 177046 ID: 8446fc

No. 177141 ID: 0fc814
File 127382387415.png - (16.76KB , 500x500 , TQ520.png )

>You don't think 20-something hungry mutant bears let loose is dangerous?
I sure do, for the record. Why do they have so many?

I go silent for several seconds as conflicting thoughts bounce around my head. If we find ourselves neck deep in these things, that's apt to be the end of our little adventure. On the other hand, could be real handy if they attack anyone who isn't us.

Meanwhile, Mitzi might accidentally trip some booby trap, or just cross the wrong wire and set it off prematurely.

"Okay. Good work," I say. "Close it up."

"I still don't know how long we have."

"Longer than we'll have when you're done figuring it out. Let's go."

>we could just open a vent or something, climb in and let them pass by
They might not be the impatient type. None of them moved a muscle, near as I could tell, while we were around. I couldn't even hear heartbeats, though the thick walls might have played a role.
No. 177143 ID: 0fc814
File 127382406535.png - (9.19KB , 500x500 , TQ521.png )

Part of me is certain I've made a mistake. Knowing exactly how long until this thing goes down could be invaluable.

Fuck it. Thing probably was trapped.
No. 177144 ID: 1ac39d

well once your primary senses get back to full power you actually may actually be able to hear heart beats through the walls. but i digress. let's quickly finish up in this area and move on.
No. 177146 ID: 0fc814
File 127382423218.png - (26.03KB , 500x500 , TQ522.png )

We arrive at Stasis.

I'm standing on a catwalk overlooking a huge room. A hundred quiet hums fill the lonely space: computers, sensors, electronics, and the subtle clicks and sloshes of liquid pumps.

Cylindrical containers, most a bit bigger than the one I woke up in, line long racks. At the far end is a huge tank; far, far larger than the others. It looks big enough to hold every one of the creatures in Live Storage with room to spare.
No. 177147 ID: a85626

squeee it's like a deranged kid in an evil candy store full of death traps
No. 177148 ID: 1ac39d

let's see what's in them. if any have humanoids they may be intelligent enough to understand a jailbreak when they see one.
No. 177157 ID: b2724f

Alright. Our number one source of counter suppress, biology. We've found one tube and are leaving. I'm 100% serious when I say you would have been better off taking a pistol and shooting yourself in the foot and going straight to tech than this giant waste of time. We've lost so much tempo it's sickening.

Do you see any counter suppress in this room? If no, leave and look for some. Counter suppress is our ticket out of here. You seem to be very bad at prioritizing things.
No. 177164 ID: 1ac39d

this is another room IN biology. look at the map and you will see it's right next door to live storage.
No. 177175 ID: 38699e

i was actualy considering rigging them to open up when the soldiers move in, but it seems they beated us to it.
No. 177179 ID: c71597

See if there is any computer terminal or similar where you can do a quick search and see what they store in here. And see if maybe Marcus has rigged this place to open up and spill its contents as well. After all you were fairly deadly right out of the tube, these things might be as well.

Hmmm, a thought just hit me. Did Mitzi show up on their scanners as well? I'm thinking she didn't because they didn't seem to notice her after the displacement rocket thingy hit.
No. 177244 ID: b94e61

You, sir, are an addict. Even with more CS, it would take time. It's not CS = healing. It's CS + time = healing.
No. 177318 ID: 9de922

what would be really useful is something that would bring the security squads into the area once the mutant bears are loose.

It might a good idea to open all these and trip the "bomb" and then just get the hell out of this area. Let it be their problem to clean up.
No. 177324 ID: 1d6838

Is the tank empty?
No. 177566 ID: b2724f

4 units of healing per hour or 7 units of healing per hour.
Which would you choose?
7 units per hour? Ok, get some fucking counter suppress.

People want Penji to take longer to get back to a fully functioning state rather than have her get to 100% quicker. I have to assume that people are greifing or incredibly, unbelievably, 60 IQ retarded.

The only reason you would want to make her take longer to heal is if you are trying to kill her. Are you trying to kill Penji? You are doing a damn good job.
No. 177569 ID: 0fc814
File 127389355157.png - (10.65KB , 500x500 , TQ523.png )

>What's in the tubes?
Hard to say. The machines here can't connect to the database or... anything. I could get Mitzi to try making them work. Don't know how long that might take. The viewports are all closed.
No. 177571 ID: 0fc814
File 127389360638.png - (13.51KB , 500x500 , TQ524.png )

>Is the tank empty?
It's the only thing here with an uncovered window. Several, actually. There's red light coming from inside. Dimmed by something, though. Maybe the contents. I'm reminded of the liquid in the tank I woke up in. (Wasn't water, whatever that stuff was. I don't float in water.)
No. 177572 ID: 1ac39d

remember your viewport? under the metal is plexiglass. try to pull the metal off to get a look inside.
No. 177581 ID: 38699e

damm, we may have found mitzi's brother. try to not look scared or happy, you may not have good news in a way or another.
No. 177584 ID: b2724f

Let's not fuck around with really big unknown stuff.

Keep looking for CS and weapons/armor. If we have those we will make it out of here. If we don't have them we will die.
No. 177586 ID: 1ac39d

we ARE looking for CS, but rushing through a room that may have potential allies is even stupider. if any of the things in the tubes are sentient then they would help us escape simply because we both want out.
No. 177609 ID: e973f4

Oh, wait, hey, yeah.
No. 177610 ID: 3441fa

Punch the Plexiglas window with your bare hands! SHATTER IT, PENJI!
No. 177611 ID: a594b9

I... don't think we should fuck around with anything in here until we can find out what's in the room. Did we get anything on the laptop about this stuff?
No. 177637 ID: 701a19

Or, you know, just open them normally.
No. 177642 ID: a85626

Climb the ladder! Open viewports! Wheee!
No. 177644 ID: 0fc814
File 127389943880.png - (13.88KB , 500x500 , TQ525.png )

I consider yanking the viewport off of a random tube, but then decide to have a better look around before doing any more damage.

I climb the ladder on the big tank, then lean in for a closer view.

There's definitely something inside.
No. 177647 ID: 0fc814
File 127389947919.png - (21.59KB , 500x500 , TQ526.png )

Something big.
No. 177649 ID: 701a19

Looks like a space shark.

Ok, check the smaller tubes now. Try to open the viewports NORMALLY first.
No. 177650 ID: 1ac39d

have mitzi look at it. some instinct may kick in and she remembers shark powers or something. if it's the one she was spliced with it may regard her as it's child.
No. 177652 ID: 8bb533

let's not dick about too much, we don't know when those bearsloths will get loose. That's probably the space shark that Mitzi's got in her. Or at least one of them. Look for some kind of injector controls or something to where we can possibly get CS from.
No. 177653 ID: e973f4

If you decide to show Mitzi, tell her what (you think) it is first. Just in case she doesn't want to see it for, um, whatever reason. :V

Also try opening the viewports on a couple of the smaller tanks before you do that. See what else is in here.
No. 177679 ID: 8b7db1

Ask Mitzi if she knows what a valcien looks like. She's the one who said space shark when we said valcien. This might be it, or might be something completely different.
No. 177693 ID: 0fc814
File 12739076722.png - (23.90KB , 500x500 , TQ527.png )

"There's a... I think there's a Valcien in here," I say.

"Holy shit!" says Mitzi. "How's it fit?"


The creature looks at least fifty feet long. What was she expecting?

"Must be young," she says. "Goddamn. I figured they had a cell culture or something, not a whole one!"

"I think it's asleep," I say. "It's not moving, but there's a lot of lines and stuff attached, so I don't think it's dead. Do you think Suppress works on them?"

"Well... it works on me."
No. 177694 ID: 701a19

Start checking the view ports
"Should we let it out?"
No. 177695 ID: a85626

Let it out...where? Wouldn't a "space shark" just get crushed by normal gravity? Wake it up might be a good idea, but I don't know if they would do well outside that tank... no land legs on them that I can see.
No. 177696 ID: 1ac39d

if they are not territorial at all then it would probably try talking to Mitzi.

also, that's a YOUNG one? god damn, an adult could probably eat battleships.
No. 177719 ID: c71597

I'm not sure letting it out would be a good idea. Then you would likely have scared kid at your hands that would have trouble moving around or taking orders. And it's probably not very dangerous at this point or they would have stuck it in one of the high security areas.

Rip open a viewport on one of the other tubes to see what's in it.
No. 177729 ID: b2724f

It's a space shark. It can only function in zero g. Waking it up would cause it to panic. It would probably try to break out. Very bad.

Keep looking for something useful.
No. 177732 ID: a594b9

How did they even get this in here?

Oh, there's a hatch above the tank. I wonder if we could get out of the facility through there?
No. 177746 ID: e973f4

Ask Mitzi what she thinks it might do if you let it out. Not that you seriously plan on doing that.

And then let's check one of those smaller tubes.
No. 177784 ID: 54af1f

It's a space shark, how are you gonna let it out?

See if you can open the view points on the smaller stasis things.
No. 177791 ID: 1d6838

Wake it up somehow?
No. 178343 ID: 55d2b6

Wake it up! We can worry about freeing it later.
No. 179752 ID: 67c611

I've realized that my attempts to guide Penji safely out of the facility are futile. I'm going to join the bandwagon trying to get her killed instead.

Wake up the Valcien.
No. 179755 ID: b43d64

Yknow quests don't need to go by majority vote right?

Let's just get away from it and let it sleep.
No. 179767 ID: 1ac39d

>"Well... it works on me."

this, to me, means that mitzi is starting to accept her space shark half.
No. 179770 ID: a52001

I want to ask you if it's possibile to communicate with it and see how it reacts. Ask it if it can understand you by givng 1 tap for no and 2 taps for yes. If it can do that then talk to it and then gently ask it some questions and if it asks you some questions then answer it but be careful. If it's being in there for a long period of time it might be a bit mentally unstable so please be careful.

Should you be able to befriend it then open up it's cage and help it out and then ask if it would like to do some recon for you. Explain to it what need to be done and then send it in it's way. Should it refuse then let it be in it's room but check on it to see how it's doing.
No. 179771 ID: 1ac39d

i you for to specify the target, the space shark, or the other tanks?
No. 179813 ID: 88fc9a

Let's just leave the enormous space shark alone and check out the other Stasis tubes.
There's no practical or safe way we can help it at the moment, even if it's... a fifty foot baby.
No. 179814 ID: babee0

How sentient are space sharks? And what kind of environments can they survive in?

Again, I'm thinking letting things out and then being elsewhere would be a great distraction.
No. 181041 ID: 55d2b6

Yes, we should see if it's possible to communicate with it. Lets try the knocking thing once we've woken it up. Like one knock no two knocks yes.
No. 182669 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127476743194.png - (10.76KB , 500x500 , TQ528.png )

We spend about twenty minutes examining the valcien tank.

"There's a dose of Counter-Suppress built into the tank," Mitzi says. "In a liquid junction box up there somewhere. But... that's not a lot for a big creature like this."

"So not enough to wake it up? What's it for, then?"

"I don't know. Maybe it can," she says. "Or maybe it's just to keep it stable if they accidentally overdose it on Suppress."

"So, what? Maybe we wake it up, maybe we just have it groggy and confused, maybe it does nothing?"

"Probably one of those three, yeah," Mitzi says.

"Can we just pry the tube out of the plumbing?"

"Probably," she says. "Hope it doesn't do anything bad if we do."
No. 182674 ID: 1ac39d

find the regular suppress tubes first. something tells me pulling out the counter may dump all suppress into it's system.
No. 182721 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127477209548.png - (11.71KB , 500x500 , TQ529.png )

We carefully disable and remove the Suppress dispensers. The tank had been injecting a slow trickle of the stuff into the valcien.

Freed from the supply, the creature should metabolize the toxins on its own... but how soon? Days? I don't think it has days.

I carefully pry the C-S tube free from its mounting. I can take it, or give it to the dormant creature. If the latter, swimming into the tank is most efficient, so less material is wasted in the pipes.
No. 182726 ID: 701a19

Sure, dive into the tank and inject it.
No. 182728 ID: c4c313

Hmm, give the CS that we're not sure will even work to a giant baby whose alliance with us and even ability to leave said tank is dubious at best, by swimming right up to the giant thing and hoping it doesn't drown us when it starts thrashing around...

...or regain some of our own desperately needed suppressed abilities, including heal channels, the ability to hide in plain sight, becoming faster than we *already are* and our primary senses, which are still in bad shape since we focused on other things until now.

Yeah I think I'll leave this one up to you Penji. It's really got me stumped.
No. 182729 ID: 1ac39d

have mitzi come up with you so maybe she can try to calm it down if it freaks out. it may think she is a relative.
No. 182734 ID: c4c313

Yup, because waking up a space whale still in stable condition and sleeping peacefully is surely our highest priority right now. Oh, did I mention it probably has tentacles like Mitzi that will bore into your skull and forcibly extract your memories from the physical grey matter?
No. 182739 ID: 1ac39d

that's why mitzi-comes with, instinct will kick in and she will talk to it. or maybe Tozols and space sharks are on friendly terms.
No. 182740 ID: a594b9

Let's go ahead and dive in to inject it. It could have critical information for us.
No. 182750 ID: 54af1f

should we maybe wake the biological space ship up?
No. 182796 ID: 88fc9a

Can we even talk with space shark?
No. 182799 ID: 67c611

For the love of god, don't inject the counter suppress into Penji. Or Mitzi for that matter. Best thing we can do is leave it alone or give it to the shark. Giving it to the shark will take up a lot more time and be more likely to get Penji injured so it's the better option. After injecting it, hang around in the tank. Don't surface for air or get out.

The more time we use up the better chance that the trap will go off with us still here.
No. 182803 ID: e973f4

So you've finally given up, eh?
No. 182810 ID: 54af1f

give it the CS
No. 182821 ID: c71597

Fuck that thing. Take the CS yourself. A baby space shark is more likely to hinder your ability to get out than aid it. Just leave it there, you said yourself that it will likely process the toxins out of it's system in days.

If you get out or somehow manage to take down the entire facility then you can worry about saving it. Right now it can stay there in the tank where it's safe for it and it will survive without any greater problems.
No. 182847 ID: 2088d8

Take the CS for Penji. We have no idea what kind of temperament or attitude the space shark thing has, or even if Mitzi can communicate with it once it's woken up. It could just end up being yet another force in this compound that's trying to kill us.

Ask Mitzi what she knows about space sharks anyway. She clearly knows something if she's surprised it's small enough to be in there.
No. 182854 ID: ad15db

use CS on PENJI.
No. 182855 ID: e973f4

I really don't think that little thing of CS is going to do shit for something that big.
No. 182864 ID: 701a19

Unless it has a very low tolerance for suppress.
Or it can replicate chemicals it has encountered.
Or the CS is being pumped directly into the organ that manages toxin disposal.
Or any one of a dozen other possible reasons.
No. 182945 ID: f35afd

It's adoacute. Swim down and give it delicious CS.
No. 183024 ID: 45be60

CS does not magically remove suppress from our body and then go away. It increases the rate at which we can improve things, and we seem to be getting to the diminishing returns point of more CS in our system.

Hey, here's a brilliant idea. Lets let Mitzi look at the damn thing to make sure it even IS a space shark. And we can ask her if space sharks are vicious killing machines from birth, or majestic sky whales. Then we can stop with all this speculation and make a decision based on some real information.
No. 183029 ID: a594b9

Counter-Suppress is ... the counter-agent to Suppress.

It does in fact neutralize Suppress. The reason we're 'improving' faster with more CS is that the Suppress is making us heal slower.
No. 183491 ID: 1cf642

Dive in and use the counter suppress on the Valcien. Penji already told us that freed from the supply, the creature should metabolize the toxins to undo cs on its own. And Mitzi said "Maybe we wake it up, maybe we just have it groggy and confused, maybe it does nothing?". That is a 2/3 chance of waking it up. Useing the cs on the Valcien would not be a wast of time or resources.
No. 183506 ID: e973f4

No. 183508 ID: a576f0

I think the point is moot. This thing is in a tank for a reason, we aren't going to crack it open and have the adventures of Penji and Mitzi and the valcien. There's nothing we can do for it, just take the CS and leave.
No. 183569 ID: 8c0848

Give the shark the Counter-Supress
No. 183595 ID: 997545

Dick everyone over. Give it to Mitzi whether she wants it or not.
No. 183614 ID: 701a19

Yes. These people put it in a tank for a reason, and they obviously have the best intentions in mind. Anything they confine should stay that way - you know, like Penji and Mitzi!

With that sarcasm out of the way, we should inject it with the CS tube.
No. 183634 ID: f21281

I have to agree with this one here. We don't know of this thing's motives, we don't even know if it's capable of communicating with us.

I'm gonna vote for using the CS on ourselves, and leaving the Spehss Sharkie to it's own devices. We're supposed to be getting the hell out of this place, not rescuing every single project they have stored here.
No. 183685 ID: a594b9

It's a baby space shark, you monster.

IT'S JUST A KID. Do you want to leave it here to get experimented on like Hyperion?
No. 183774 ID: c5ce35

What if the space shark can carry Penji and Mitzi trough space, and drop them off at the Tozol homeworld?
Or are you suggesting they just walk there?
No. 183804 ID: c71597

Well I guess we could kill it quickly to make sure it avoids that fate. But yeah I don't really care about it. Don't care what sorts of experiments they do to it.

We can't have that thing tagging along if we get into another firefight or have to escape through tight areas, the doors in this place aren't exactly built with baby space shark dimensions in mind.

Yeah because as a baby it can surely fly and reach escape velocity, carry passengers through the hard vacuum of space and kick up some sort of FTL drive to make sure we get there before they die of old age. Oh yeah and it knows the coordinates as well.
No. 183818 ID: c4c313

[spoilers]To quest wreckers: please, if you don't like this quest, just don't post here. Trying to get Penji killed just makes it less likely Test will ever want to trust you with Shadran again. If Penji dies I want it to be from human error, not from maliciousness, and I don't want Test railroading away my mistakes because Test thinks I'm doing it on purpose.[/spoilers]
No. 183874 ID: c5ce35


True, but that raised another question. What are we planning to do once we get out of this place?
No. 184048 ID: ad15db

This >>/questdis/324337
No. 184055 ID: db42d1

I thought the plan was 'kill everything related to the Tozol's getting attacked until it's just us and Mitzi and anyone that Mitzi told us not to kill and anyone we kinda like left in the universe.
No. 184086 ID: 0f9dad

Dive into vat of counter suppress with a giant space shark inside?

Are we thinking this through?
No. 184093 ID: a594b9

The vat is not full of CS. If it was we would be in heaven.

The vat is just full of that red liquid like Penji was in when she woke up.

The liquid is perfectly safe. The Valcien probably isn't dangerous either.
No. 184186 ID: 0f9dad

Oh, carry on then.

Though I still think being in a relatively small tank with a space shark isn't a good idea.
No. 184211 ID: fd6bc9

Give the CS to the sensual young creature in that tank (the space shark, just to be clear)
No. 184935 ID: 8446fc

Fuck the valcien. Inject that countersuppress directly in to your brain.
No. 184938 ID: 407b5b

I agree let's let's give the poor bugger the same chance to escape we have. Besides, we are metabolizing out our own suppress at this point.
No. 184952 ID: 52f0ec

take it yourself
No. 185042 ID: 997545

Yes... fuck the Valcien. Doesn't it look so sensual as it floats in the vat? Caress its sturdy, spaceworthy hide so gently...
No. 185065 ID: c4c313


It's awwwwwright
No. 185162 ID: 07fd71

Hey guys, lets keep arguing and voting ourselves to a standstill on the basis of pure speculation while we waste time in the place that's gonna explode or something.

Query Mitzi on baby space shark behavioral trends, then inject it with CS anyway.

(in before the "bomb" timer is set to wake up all the critters in storage at once and create havoc)
No. 185220 ID: 648286

Give it the CS without diving in; more allies are always good but the injection route is pretty reckless, even for a tozol.
No. 185352 ID: 0f9dad

No. 185575 ID: d560d6

Technically, yes, that is exactly what we are doing.

And since we're the indecisive (and horny) tgchan hivemind, we're doing it badly. Still, I say:
No. 185754 ID: 88fc9a

Just to tip the scales so we can move on; Dive in and dose the poor trapped child with C-S.
Worst case, we gain nothing.
Best case, space shark wakes up, we can talk to it, explosions happen. ... wait.
No. 186128 ID: 0a290e

Blatant post to knock update/suggestion ratio to 1/49 on the 'last 50 posts' page.
No. 186186 ID: 4531bc

You need one more post to do the trick.


There we go.
No. 186231 ID: 68b807

Why stop there?

Also, weigh in with Tazer Tits in general.
No. 186478 ID: badf27

Hi Penji. I'm a new voice.

I apologize for contributing to your insanity, but shit happens.

Anyway, I really don't think something that was described to us as "eating asteroids and floating around in space" sounds like something that would have the mental facilities to have the emotion of gratitude for waking it up. Take the Counter-Suppress with you, take it in small doses so you aren't completely incapacitated by the pain that using it causes, and try to find a safer area that doesn't have such a restrictive time limit. Then chug the hell out of that stuff.
No. 186897 ID: 0d1fe9

Just to contrary I'm going to say inject Mitzi, the liquid in that tank will probably full of suppress or some crap anyway.
No. 187811 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127568685122.png - (15.50KB , 500x500 , TQ530.png )

>Dive into the tank
>have mitzi come with you

We enter the tank. Mitzi has to wear part of her armor to swim downwards. I guess she doesn't have the density of a real valcien.

"Hey, can you hear me?" I hear. It takes me a second to realize it's not the creature. I nod.

"Great. Wasn't sure if this would work," Mitzi adds.

There might be some way for me to do the same, but I can't think of how, and don't want to drown in the attempt.
No. 187812 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127568689351.png - (14.03KB , 500x500 , TQ531.png )

I carefully approach the valcien. Mitzi follows, hesitantly.
No. 187813 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127568706813.png - (15.54KB , 500x500 , TQ532.png )

The thing's surface is pretty hard. There's layers below the skin that feel like a warship hull. Looking closer, some of the lines that have been inserted into its body are actually riveted in place. I can't tell if the needle can get through, so I run my hands along its surface until I find what feels like a weak point.

There's no reflex, even as the needle sinks deep into its flesh. Counter-Suppress floods into... some part of it. I don't know anything about valcien biology. I hope I'm not hurting it.
No. 187814 ID: 0f9dad
File 127568716753.jpg - (12.40KB , 469x359 , spidey getting a blowjob.jpg )

Well that was anticlimactic
No. 187815 ID: d5dd74

Listen babe, there's nothing you can do to hurt this thing worse than what's already been done.

At least not with counter-suppress. These things are designed to go in space, yknow?
No. 187816 ID: 1ac39d

let's back up a little.
No. 187817 ID: c71597

Who cares?

Get the fuck out of there before it wakes up so it can't hurt you by thrashing around. See if it awakes and can do anything remotely useful. If not then say loudly "This was a major fucking waste of time an