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File 128547654830.png - (10.00KB , 600x600 , TQ668.png )
233992 No. 233992 ID: a09a03

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/79880.html
Thread 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/94645.html
Thread 3: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/103192.html
Thread 4: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/120515.html
Thread 5: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/141320.html
Thread 6: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/160101.html
Thread 7: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/202825.html
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No. 233994 ID: a09a03
File 128547661952.png - (5.24KB , 600x600 , TQ669.png )

Leaving the salvaged dropship behind, I crawl through the air ducts, back towards Mitzi's hiding spot. My limbs feel quicker, smoother, more precise. Even lugging a hundred pounds of gear behind me, I move rapidly, if noisily. My eyes adjust to light they couldn't detect before. My vision now reaches from infrared to ultraviolet. My body is feeding my mind information more quickly than just a few hours ago, and my improved speed demands I keep up.
No. 233997 ID: dad664

Adrenaline is a helluva drug.

Status report on your bodily repair progress.
No. 233998 ID: a09a03
File 128547689399.png - (39.81KB , 750x1000 , TQ670.png )

My ankle's knitting nicely. I need to decide what aspect to heal next.

With the major flaws in my musculature dealt with, I can make a further improvement to Speed. Seeing as I'm trying to escape, I guess that might be an obvious one. Maybe not, though. You voices aren't the only thing wrong with my brain. I don't have two scars on my head. It's one scar running all the way through. I'm not sure what to think about that... which might be part of the problem. There's also flaws in my nervous and endocrine systems from being embalmed in Suppress for decades. Focusing on this will give me better Reflexes.
My body also contains a network of thermal conductors, biological threads made from complex compounds, metals, and superconductors. Completely broken. Healing my Heat Channels will let me turn sections of my skin and fur into insulators or radiators.
There's also an itch. Something tickling at the back of my mind, flickering just outside my peripheral vision. More sensory information I lack. Tertiary Senses.

Like I can't see in enough fucking colors already...
No. 234000 ID: dad664

Tertiary Senses. A soldier must always be aware of their surroundings. Lack of information leads to failure. Abundance of information leads to victory.
No. 234001 ID: b18ccb

Tertiary Senses, and see if you can't bring BURNING HANDS back online. Lock door? Burn it open. Touching someone? Burn their face off. See? Useful. Also: Stealth.
No. 234002 ID: 20fea1

Reflexes > Senses > Speed > Heat Channels

Start with reflexes and tertiary senses; reflexes are more important than raw speed.
No. 234003 ID: b18ccb

Sorry, did I say 'BURNING HANDS?' I meant Heat Channels.
No. 234004 ID: d677cc

Reflexes I guess? :v
No. 234005 ID: 67c611

Speed lvl 2 and Reflexes at the same time.
No. 234006 ID: 135871

speed and reflexes, we don't want a repeat of that missile incident
No. 234007 ID: d677cc

Oh also speed.
No. 234010 ID: a36f32

I'd say reflexes. When it comes to a shooting match being able to react faster and peg targets quicker is going to be important.
No. 234012 ID: fd6d7e

I don't think you need to work on Reflexes there's no way anyone could ever HOLY CRAP LOOK OUT.

Reflexes. Definitely reflexes.

Heat channels can make you invisible to jabberwocks. This is a very good thing given your current situation.

Tertiary... eh, no idea really. If the rest of your head voices want it, sure.

As for the scar, look on the bright side your whole brain used to be a scar. Worry about it later, or if you start to get brain bleeding. You probably don't have a blood/brain barrier though, so brain bleeding isn't nearly as dangerous as with humans.
No. 234015 ID: f4963f

Deleted my old post, changing my vote.

Go for improved reflexes, Penji.
No. 234016 ID: badf27

It doesn't work that way, I think.

We should do Reflexes first, then Tertiary Senses. One at a time. You've specifically mentioned reflexes in the past and there have been situations where they would have been very useful. Tertiary senses sounds almost as useful in this facility, but I think the one directly affecting fighting ability is the most important.

Reflexes > Tertiary Senses > Heat Channels > Speed Level 2.

Good luck, Penji.
No. 234017 ID: fd6d7e

And because >>234002 voting is the best system ever

Reflexes > Heat Channels > Tertiary > Speed
No. 234020 ID: b5af8d

>Reflexes > Heat Channels > Tertiary > Speed

Gonna have to go with this.
No. 234021 ID: 56dc25

Speed, then reflexes.

Ultimately, our decision has to be based upon immediate utility.

Are tertiary senses going to provide us with critical information that we cannot gather from our primary and secondary senses? Probably not.

Are heat channels going to conceal us or provide us with weaponry or other capabilities which would make the difference between success and failure or life and death? I'm thinking no; we're pretty damned stealthy and slashy already.

Speed and reflexes are the two critical combat enhancers that we need to ultimately be able to tear through squads of heavy infantry without sustaining injuries, shoot down missiles, and be able to take on the various giant monsters running around on even footing. They are the pillars of our martial prowess. Between the two of them, I am inclined to say that speed- in particular, the ability to either run away or aggressively charge before others can react- is more critical. Either, though, could save our life or allow us to avoid serious injury and both should be pumped up as much as possible, as fast as possible.
No. 234026 ID: e31d52

No. 234028 ID: a594b9

No. 234029 ID: f5c7b6

Reflexes or Speed seem the most vital. If we ever get caught in a fight with one of those Jabbawocks again we're going to need that kind of speed to avoid dying.
No. 234034 ID: 5a5cbf


The greatest victory in war is to win without fighting at all. Go for senses first, then heat channels, for stealth.
No. 234059 ID: f57857

Can you do both reflexes and speed lvl2 at the same time?
No. 234062 ID: a09a03
File 128548391318.png - (14.97KB , 500x500 , TQ671.png )

No. 234063 ID: a09a03
File 128548393687.png - (15.55KB , 500x500 , TQ672.png )

No. 234065 ID: a09a03
File 128548423415.png - (17.07KB , 500x500 , TQ673.png )

Mitzi seems okay, if cold. And surprised.
In hindsight, I probably should've put the helmet on after I got back.

There's lots to do. I'm not sure where to start.

In the meantime, I start repairing my Reflexes. After all, the best way to react faster to things is to... react faster to things.
No. 234068 ID: 476456

"told'ya i'd come back."
No. 234070 ID: 038726

she would probably like a weapon, let her pick if she wants the axe or the stabber.
No. 234071 ID: 67c611

Look up on the map and head to the Tech database. Same as you did with Bio. That worked out really well.

First find Jabberwok weak points.
No. 234074 ID: badf27

I don't blame her for looking so freaked out. You look like some kind of powered armor-wearing hellbeast in that getup. She probably thought it was someone come to kill her.
No. 234075 ID: 56dc25

Explain to Mitzi the various stuff you got, and the repairs/modifications that you were hoping she might be able to make. Get estimated job time so that you can make an informed decision as to what to do next.

Then tell her that her brother left you a note, telling you where the armory is and encouraging you to raid it. Get an opinion.
No. 234082 ID: e3f578

"Your bro called me on my old tozol ship, gave me some orders. There's a bunch of weapons and counter-suppress in an armory we can get to through Security or the Main Lift to level two just west of it. Said there's enough there to pull a nice escape."
No. 234095 ID: 6834bc

Tell Mitzi it was like Christmas and you got to open all your presents early, except if Santa Claus was the one who brutally slew you and your best friends and locked you in a tube for at least 40 years so he could experiment on you, plus all your presents were actually mostly yours to begin with.

But it was still like Christmas because you got a lot of shiny new (old) toys to play and kill dudes with.
No. 234098 ID: f57857

Give her the suit before she freezes to death, it's heavy and it will just make our new reflexes sluggish. Then explain to her that you just heard from her brother, so he IS definitely alive and probably waiting for us, that should relieve her a bit.
No. 234106 ID: 2563d4

>Give her the suit before she freezes to death, it's heavy and it will just make our new reflexes sluggish.
Agreed. Swap for her lighter stuff. Keep the helmet since it'll only fit you.

I doubt she can use the weasel bar or mercygiver due to the not-DNA locks, and anti-tank grenades are rather situational. I take it she's out of rifles and pistol ammo too, else hand yours over for now.

Also ask her if she's looked up anything else while waiting.
No. 234114 ID: 0a290e

Probably a bit late for the vote, but reflexes, then heat channels gets my vote.

Jabberwocks are still loose. The quicker we can get an edge over them, the better.

Fuck the tertiary senses. Those can wait until there is either an obvious need for them, or when we have resources to spare.
Like when we get to that delicious counter-suppress.
No. 234121 ID: c71597

Well then, lets get her out of this very cold storage room and get her up to speed on what's going on.

Then we can see what she has to say about it. Hopefully that we move out according to orders, then we get to have some fun.
No. 234134 ID: 701a19

First, get her out of the cold and start warming her up.
Second, bring her up to speed.
No. 234135 ID: e40e60

Give her the EOD suit, along with whatever else she can use.
No. 234149 ID: b18ccb

"Come with me if you want to live."
No. 234151 ID: f57857


Say it in a tough body building Austrian accent after you've done all of the above.
No. 234160 ID: ab04d4

Heck yes.
No. 234168 ID: bd4219

Man, that stuff looks cumbersome. You sure it won't get in your way?

In any case, ask Mitzi what her brother sounds like; you got a message from someone saying they were him, but it could be a trap and you want to be sure. Then tell her all that happened to you and get her input on the matter.
No. 234173 ID: 9cb4b3

Also, just as a note, you should probably start referring to yourself as Tethys.

Everyone you're going to meet is going to remember you as Tethys, all the data in the station is going to refer to you as Tethys, and the more of your memories you regain, the more you will /be/ Tethys.

Also also, that armor makes you look fat, you should probably get rid of it. Your outfit or lack thereof before made no noise and seemed to be doing you just fine.
No. 234174 ID: 701a19

Tethys is the codename the facility gave her. She/we decided to call her Penji.
No. 234179 ID: dad664

Hug Mitzi and warm her with your superior Tozol body heat :U
No. 234185 ID: f4963f

The real reason we should have invested in heat channels.
No. 234206 ID: 3d7a30


No. 234210 ID: 56dc25

Body heat? We're in really bulky armor. We don't have body heat directly available.

The pricks who shot her named her Tethys. Fuck that name. Also, we are tentatively planning to assault an armory probably full of people who want to shoot us; this means that armor is good.
No. 234273 ID: badf27

I don't think we should give up the EOD suit.

Penji isn't fat and now is really not the time to be concerned with body image. It's much better for her to be able to take a few extra bullets than it is for her to look sexy.
No. 234336 ID: e40e60

We can take many bullets. She can't. Besides, the suit is the only thing that she can actually use, and we don't want it to look like we're hogging up all the gear.
No. 234371 ID: badf27

Except that we mutilated the suit by chopping off its lower legs so it'd fit our crazy legs.

What's stopping Mitzi from using the mercy-giver if we pull its scabbard off?
No. 234383 ID: 192c6d

Mwahahaha~! Heck yeah, this is getting interesting now!

Though I'd want to say "work on another", it might be more beneficial to devote all of our power to a single task and complete each one faster.

ANYWAY, let's check on Mitzi, inform her of what we have learned, and get her a good WARMING HUG (or three) before heading back out.

p.s.: Ask if she's heard any JABBERWOCK noises or troops moving around. We don't wanna run into anything again!
No. 234429 ID: 96f818

Oh and did you hear anything interesting (or lack thereof) in the vents? I imagine the vents would be a good way to 'hear' the whole complex. If you hear shooting and smashing, then that's good because the woks are still duking it out with the troops; total silence on the other hand means one side has won, and that's not very good- hopefully, the surviving woks or troops would be too damaged to chase us.
No. 234570 ID: a09a03
File 128556601482.png - (14.09KB , 500x500 , TQ674.png )

"Penji, you scared the hell out of me," says Mitzi. "Nice outfit."
"Sorry," I say. "I found some equipment, but no firearms. Got a big stabbing knife you can use. I also got a message from Marcus."
"Well at l-what?" she asks. "Wait, what?"
"He set up a tightbeam hyperwave radio aimed at a tozol dropship. He knew only I could unlock it."
"A dropship! What did he say?"
No. 234571 ID: a09a03
File 128556609412.png - (13.65KB , 500x500 , TQ675.png )

I tell her what I found, and relay the message.
"You think it was him?" I ask.
"I... I think so," she says. "Wanting to kill everyone doesn't sound anything like him, but... I think he was more lucid than me during the tests. I can't imagine what he must feel like... He didn't mention me?"
"No," I say. "So this cache is legit? If it's legit, we should go for it."
"I guess he wouldn't mention me," she says. "Unknown alien. No reason to assume you'd bring me with you. He must have heard you were alive, then made the message before they thought they killed you..."
"I heard gunfire through the vents," I say. "It's sporadic, now. Could mean anything, but I wouldn't bet on Security section being abandoned."
"So we should go through the main lift, instead?"
"I don't know," I admit. "Not enough information."
Her shoulders sag. She goes quiet.
"Hey, is that really your helmet?" she asks. "From before I was born?"
"That is... really cool, actually," she says. "How can you tell? Is your name on it?"
No. 234575 ID: 476456

put it on and go "well in a manner of speaking"
No. 234576 ID: 96f818

>"How can you tell? Is your name on it?"

"Well it's got MY hole in it."
No. 234577 ID: e31d52

Put it on and tap the scar.
No. 234579 ID: badf27

"It kinda has my name on it."
Subtly show her the gigantic hole through the helmet, then take a look to actually see if it has your name on it anywhere.
"The others were way too big."
No. 234580 ID: 0cddcd

"It's the one with a bigass hole where my eye should be."
No. 234586 ID: 0cddcd

Actually wait, check if it DOES have your name on it.
No. 234588 ID: dad664

Put it on and point at it.

"This hole. It was made for me. This is my hole."
No. 234592 ID: 67c611

Check map for location of Tech database. Go there.

>>I'll have to ask Mitzi where a jabberwock keeps its brainstem.
Ask Mitzi where a jabberwock keeps its brainstem.
No. 234599 ID: 6a4a82

This right here.
No. 234600 ID: 6dd58d

Hah, yes!
No. 234603 ID: d5a47a

Huh. Not sure why, but Mitzi's looking particularly attractive, there.


mitzi did you do your makeup while you were waiting

looks good
No. 234607 ID: a594b9

"The others don't match."
No. 234612 ID: d677cc

Does it have your name on it somewhere?
No. 234639 ID: dad664


"This is my helmet. there are many like it, but this one is mine. My helmet is my best friend. It is my life. I must master my helmet as I must master my life. Without me, my helmet is useless, without my helmet, I am useless."
No. 234640 ID: a09a03
File 128556975216.png - (13.37KB , 500x500 , TQ676.png )

"This hole," I say, pointing. "It-"
"Yeah, stupid question," she says. "Easy to forget that. You know. Listen, about earlier..."
No. 234641 ID: a09a03
File 128556976764.png - (13.01KB , 500x500 , TQ677.png )

"I actually didn't think to check for a name," I say.
No. 234646 ID: b5af8d

No. 234648 ID: a09a03
File 128557009262.png - (12.80KB , 500x500 , TQ678.png )

"Saon Vocta."
Mitzi doesn't say anything.
"And a rank," I say. "Human word would be sergeant, I think."
No. 234649 ID: e31d52

Apologize for interrupting and ask about what she was going to say.

Miss Vocta. Ma'am.
No. 234650 ID: 0cddcd

Alright cool! Now what was Mitzi saying?
No. 234652 ID: a659dd

i like Penji more, how about Penji Vocta? anyway, let her continue.
No. 234653 ID: f4963f

Okay, Penji. Assuming that is indeed your name, that brings up a question:

Would you prefer to be called Penji or Saon?

Cause I'm rather attached to Penji myself.
No. 234654 ID: 67c611

Saon Vocta is who you used to be. All those memories and that personality are gone now. You can try to be who you once were. You won't succeed. Your name is Penji. That's who you are now. Be proud of it.

The minute of sentimentality is over. Let's get moving.
No. 234655 ID: 283fa9

Whatever you do, don't call her sir. She WORKS for a living.

Then, kindly ask Mitzi to continue her thoughts.
No. 234658 ID: dad664

Well don't that beat all.

A pity Saon Vocta is dead. She died when whatever it was blew a hole in her head. Then, like the mythological phoenix, she was reborn, into you, Penji.

Cool that you were a "sergeant" though in your past life. Alright, well, put that thing back on and hand her a wepon. Then ask her to continue with her train of thought.
No. 234661 ID: d677cc

Saon Vocta, huh. I'm thinking you like Penji better based on past experience, though.

"Anyway, go on?"
No. 234662 ID: a594b9

I wonder if Penji was our nickname? It had to come from somewhere.
No. 234667 ID: a4b4e3

Your memories will be regained in time, and one day you'll be Saon "Penji" Vocta. No reason to just abandon either name.
No. 234671 ID: d5a47a


Yes, Mitzi, you are definitely looking better. Did she get a tube of lipstick somewhere? Perhaps she was practicing shapeshifting and touched herself up a bit. Little morale boost. Inquire, Penji, after she's said what she was saying.

By the way, Saon Vocta, is one of those a family name? You could argue whether you're still the same individual or not, but your genes'd still be your genes, presumably.
No. 234673 ID: ff0a7c

Sergeant Saon get shot through her head, she died 40 years ago along with the mission and all operators. Your name is Penji now- Tethys to our enemies. You were born in a tank and you promised yourself and Mitzi that both of you will get out of here alive. Now lets get some firepower before we head out to the elevator. Maybe we should check by security again, I imagine the troops would have retreated from that post to escape the jabbers.
No. 234733 ID: 2985d0

sounds like a drink name. salt vodka?

yeah we really should attempt repair now. show tazer ti- mitzi the other helmet.

and remember you may have been followed, or worse, tagged.
No. 234746 ID: 701a19

1: Not ALL the memories. She'll recover more as she comes in contact with more things from her past and her brain continues repairs.
2: This might be her old personality. It's unlikely, but possible.
3: Penji is, and has always been, a nickname. Her real name is Saon Vocta. Her experiment code name is Tethys. Her nickname is Penji. There is no conflict here, and trying to give her an identity crisis is a waste of time.

Pointless topics aside? Take off the EOD suit, wrap your arms around Mitzi, remove her from the freezer, and then go for high surface area contact so she can leech some body heat off of you. "Once you're thawed we'll try to go through Security and into the armory. Unless you'd rather take the lift. Or spend time taking another crack at Quillig."
No. 234766 ID: 2563d4

Apologise for interrupting. You are a rude Tozol.

Don't say anything else until Mitzi has had a chance to continue since it may requiring thinking about. (For the love of Cthulhu, don't bring the idiotic Qillig failure back up unless Mitzi is already pondering it.)
No. 234767 ID: d677cc

Nope, don't mention Qillig again.
No. 234789 ID: c71597

Tell her that she doesn't need to apologize if that was what she was about to do. Shit got fucked up. But now it's time to move on, and either check out this place her brother told us about or find some other way. I think we should strike against the security station now, hopefully they don't have the jabberwoks totally subdued yet so you can hit them while they still have other crap to deal with and won't be able to focus everything on you.
No. 234791 ID: 2563d4

>Tell her that she doesn't need to apologize if that was what she was about to do.
Oh god no. If that's not what she's about to do, you only succeed in managing to sound like a tremendous jackass.
No. 234794 ID: 3d7a30

Don't mention the Qillig!

Also... how about we check on Engineering? There is likely to be cool/useful stuff in there that Mitzi can put together.

I wonder if our infinitely configurable tozol multitool will enable us to drill through the wall and go there directly.
No. 234811 ID: e3f578

Whenever we come across a rude dude calling us Tethys, we will remind them painfully that it is Sgt. Vocta and they will address her by that name. Friends can call her Penji :3
No. 234823 ID: fd6d7e

Well at least you had a name. That proves that at least to some degree you weren't an unthinking monster, so your compassion of late is likely not a mental perturbation.
No. 234824 ID: 5f0943

Just listen to what she wanted to say before you interrupted her with the helmet-nametag thingy.
No. 234862 ID: 56dc25

I have trouble believing that any society which has advanced weaponry, armor, and dropships would be full of unthinking monsters anyway.

Speaking of Mitzi putting things together, didn't we want her to do a patch job on some of this armor/helmets?

Though we should probably let her continue with whatever she was going to say, first.
No. 234878 ID: f677ec

its possible it could be 2+ societies, split in chastes. if they have really bad politics the warrior could act independently from the builders, still thinking in expansion/preemptive attack.

also we may need to consider strategy. what if a alien vessel had landed in california, with 200+ gengineered supersoldiers and frontline engineers disapearing in the wild? surely it looks like the preparation for a invasion, so it makes sense to retaliate without questioning.

well we have to consider that penji was literally made from scratch. that behaviour may be her instincts, as well as her trainning reflexes, old memories or the fact she is/was under heavy stress and apparently so far did not snapped.

sergeant penji salt vodka is nothing more nothing less that what she makes herself out of. be it the sum of her parts or the changes she will endure on those parts. mainly her brain when she remembers what she can remember.

i still belive she was railgunned with the orb
No. 235206 ID: b36407

We need to approach this cache in some way that gives us a tactical advantage: it could very well be a trap.
No. 235878 ID: 67c611

Penji, we need weapons before we attack a heavily fortified position. You know that. Don't do things that go against your training and instinct. I bet there is a weapon in tech that uses that energy pack you found. The tech database will give us everything we need to know and more. Get there.
No. 235882 ID: d8fe2c

we could check where the message camed from. it could give us a idea of how much of a trap it is.
No. 236085 ID: 8540b2

Don’t apologize for interrupting Mitzi. Just sit down next to her looking sadly at the helmet. Let her get all concerned for you. Once that happens hold her hand and apologize for not being able to protect her properly. Then lean in close, whisper that you’re sorry, and kiss her. (If all goes well we might get some freaky alien sex action in the meat locker, or at least get closer to that possibility. ^.^ b)
No. 236202 ID: ff0a7c

Xenolesbian relations are EXTRA HERETICAL, you.. you... double heretic!
No. 236211 ID: cd9358


but it's so soft and warm together~

Alternatively, you could just extricate yourselves from the meat locker for the time being.
No. 236338 ID: 3d7a30


not going to happen. Those two are so obviously not into each other

though I would be delighted to be proved wrong
No. 236803 ID: 192c6d


Mitzi's body is round and soft and so inviting~
No. 236805 ID: f52552

Apologise, blame headvoices, ask about chances of being a trap.

Also, she hasn't found DOUBLE XENOLUST funny or interesting before, she's not going to now.
Move it to the discussion thread.
No. 236838 ID: 27c9d9

Sounds like that should be a government branch or something.

The Department of Xenolesbian Relations.
No. 236840 ID: f57857

I bet back when she was a sergeant, she was some kind of +SUPER-DYKE+.

BUT ANYWAY, you should let Mitzi finish what she wanted to say.
No. 236868 ID: 2563d4

Guys, please, take it to >>/questdis/316424
No. 237040 ID: 8540b2

I’m just saying if they where to hook up things could get interesting. Mitzi is a shape shifter that could make her hand do god knows what to Penji. And Penji does have ten independently moving tails. She could bunch them up and slip them places. ^^ haha
No. 238035 ID: a09a03
File 12861642255.png - (14.90KB , 500x500 , TQ679.png )

"What were you saying?" I ask.
"Just... that I was maybe too harsh," she says.
"I made some really bad decisions."
"Yeah. Uh..." Mitzi trails off. "You've got a good excuse, is all I'm saying."
"And that I definitely want to stick together," she continues. "Within reason."
"Within reason."
No. 238036 ID: 67c611

That's some fine armor you have there. You should keep it. You will be getting shot at much more than Mitzi.

Head to tech via air ducts.
No. 238037 ID: b5448b

ask if she wants the axe or the stabber.
No. 238039 ID: f52552

I am against xenolesbian relations at this point, but I don't think a hug would go amiss. Then down to business... gathering intel on that armory.
No. 238040 ID: a594b9

Of course. She's got enough sense not to charge into a completely suicidal situation, right?

But yeah I think now, we should probably try to find out more about the situation in Security. Or we could go kill Quillig, now that we have a durable prying device.
No. 238042 ID: a594b9

Honestly right now we shouldn't do anything like that. Maybe a pat on the shoulder at MOST.
No. 238045 ID: fd6d7e


No. 238047 ID: 56dc25

Right. Well. First order of business now is to go over and distribute gear. It would probably be polite to lay everything out and ask Mitzi if there's anything in particular that she wants. If anything needs repairs, see if she can repair them in a timely fashion.

After spending a couple minutes on that, it's time to move out to... wherever. Anywhere that's not a cold room- you can't stay here indefinitely, anyway.

I would recommend trying to track down more of those wall-annihilating missiles, because they seem like a singularly important thing to add to your arsenal. That probably means jumping and annihilating one of the enemy security squads.
No. 238049 ID: e3f578

Yes, romance plotline later, likely when her brother dies in her loyalty mission. Alright, let's equip her with something better than get the fuck outta here. Goddamn place is cold.
No. 238062 ID: d677cc

Quillig can fuck off.

Distributing gear sounds like an idea.
No. 238069 ID: a09a03
File 128617041235.png - (11.87KB , 500x500 , TQ680.png )

We start unpacking our gear. Wouldn't hurt to look over what we've got, at least so we can pack back up so it doesn't make as much noise.

"Christ, this thing is heavy," says Mitzi, dragging the mercygiver up along the floor, leaving a scratch.

"I was thinking that could be yours," I say. "The bar works better when I use it. Can you handle the weight?"

"Yeah, just... Christ, it's not even big."

"That's the idea."

>jumping security squads?
Might work. Would be easier than taking on Security unarmed.
Can we try to focus?
No. 238071 ID: a09a03
File 128617059141.png - (11.36KB , 500x500 , TQ681.png )

We've got...

Weasel Bar
Pistol (no rounds)
40x FMJ Rifle rounds
100x Saboted Rifle rounds
1x tozol power pack
2x human Fragmentation Grenades
2x tozol Anti-Tank Grenades
2x Tranquilizer tubes
2x Suppress tubes
1x Counter poison tube
1x Stimulant tube
Device I haven't had time to examine yet. Label reads 'Hornbook' in the utility language.
Laptop containing Bio Lab data
Extra hard drive we can't unlock
High Security Keycard
2x ID Passcards
Soldering iron
Small power drill
Rolls of tape
Small batteries
Tiny shiny scrap of metal
Can of yellow spray paint
Writing utensils
snacks, rations, and water
A suit of human security armor (which Mitzi's wearing)
A suit of human blast armor (which I'm wearing)
My helmet
Large helmet (tozol?)
No. 238076 ID: b5448b

you will need both tozol Anti-Tank Grenades as they probably are locked to your bio signature as well. mitzi get's the frags.
No. 238078 ID: dad664

Examine Hornbook.
No. 238080 ID: 67c611

Tozol stabber goes in the hand of a Tozol and is used for stabbing.
Giving a Tozol stabber to Ms. Bladearms who can't wield it effectively is a bad idea.
Tell Mitzi to give a few test stabs at the air. Then tell her to try her blade arms and ask which she thinks she is better with.

Head to tech. Examine tech database. Find a weapon. Hopefully something that energy pack goes to.
No. 238081 ID: f4963f

If Mitzi can wield it, then the Mercygiver is indeed better for her. The weasel stick's just an expensive donky bar in her hands.
No. 238084 ID: badf27

Have some water, if you need it. Can the holster be used to hold the mercy-giver so that Mitzi isn't having to use one or even two hands to carry it? Can it support the weight?

The multitool, soldering iron, and power drill are largely useless. Probably we should toss those. If that tiny scrap of metal is appetizing to you still, try eating it if you like, but if we mobilize you should probably dump it. I don't think we'll have the time to make pen pals--you can probably pitch the paper and pens too. Have a snack if you'd like to--despite what some of us say you are not overweight whatsoever. Small batteries can probably fuck off too.

A "hornbook" is like a little learning book thing by one meaning, or a legal document.

I think we should sit down, distribute snacks and beverages, and try to read that hornbook while Mitzi looks up the following on that laptop: "Jabberwock", "Athelhom"(where she is looking for info on forces encountered and also recovered objects), and "tozol" since I am guessing we barely scratched the surface.
No. 238091 ID: a594b9

First thing's first. Inspect the unknown item and figure out what it does, while Mitzi grabs stuff she wants.
No. 238094 ID: 56dc25

Mitzi's the engineer here, so let her make the call about all the various tools, emphasizing that we'll need to move fast for an extended period so she should avoid weighing herself down with anything she won't need.

Weapons-wise, you're stronger than Mitzi so you get everything heavy- she can take like one human grenade.

Split the tranqs and suppress, Mitzi should take the counter poisons and stims since her biology isn't as robust and she's therefore more likely to need them.

Split the rest in whatever way seems appropriate or reasonable.
No. 238120 ID: a09a03
File 12861780182.png - (18.06KB , 500x500 , TQ682.png )

"What's that?" asks Mitzi.
"Says it's hornbook," I say. It clicks open, forming a screen. I start reading.
"So what's that, in this case?"
"It's a guide," I say. "A tozol guide. Basic fieldcraft, tactics, doctrine, and philosophy."
"Like a field manual?"
"Yeah, for babies," I say.
"So you know all of it?"
No. 238124 ID: a09a03
File 12861784191.png - (17.03KB , 500x500 , TQ683.png )

Mitzi snickers.
"Sorry," she says. "Sorry, uh, Saon."
"Penji's fine."
"Is that, was that a nickname?"
"Maybe," I say. "I don't know. I don't think so. Just thought it up because I didn't have a name."
"Well, now you do," she says.
"Name doesn't mean much to me," I say. "I think I'm someone else, now."
Mitzi doesn't say anything.
No. 238125 ID: a4b4e3

You're not someone else, you're a regenerated Saon without any memories, there's a difference. No matter what you do, you can't escape who you once were. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it'll come back to you eventually.

Get to reading.
No. 238126 ID: 19dce0

While you're checking that out, update your Twitter.

Also ask Mitzi if she found anything on the laptop after you left.
No. 238127 ID: 56dc25

Skim the doctrine and philosophy sections while Mitzi goes over the gear and picks out whatever. That should be enough to give you a little bit of background on what the general Tozol stance on life, the universe, and everything is.

Fieldcraft and tactics are something you need to learn by heart rather than merely skim, so unless you start getting the sense that you're quickly relearning things as you read this it's probably not worth the time to go over them in depth. Unless you really want to.
No. 238128 ID: 6547ec

So, you've got a Hitchhiker's Guide there, huh? Skim the bit on tactics, since it probably covers 'there are two of you and a billion of them' a few different ways. Oh, and check the bit on philosophy. This should be amusing.
No. 238130 ID: e3f578

Can we please make all the soldiers refer to you as Sgt. Vocta as an intimidation tactic and maybe, just maybe, have security revere you a little more with respect? These men make me so angry with calling you Tethys as some sort of object. Nyx for Mitzi, while very bad, is a project name a bit more understandable. You're a pure-bred tozol goddammit from the tozol army. A POW being experimented on. You sure as hell don't belong to them.

Let's make Mitzi a honorary tozol deputy or private. Then force everyone to call her Private Mitzi.
No. 238131 ID: f52552

Don't forget the DON'T PANIC decal.
No. 238133 ID: a594b9

The most useful info right now is fieldcraft and tactics. Doctrine and philosophy are neat too I guess.
No. 238137 ID: 67c611

Ask Mitzi if she wants to huddle to stay warm. Anything important in that manual? Maybe something about the Weasel bar.
No. 238146 ID: a09a03
File 128618226189.png - (14.09KB , 500x500 , TQ684.png )

>You're a pure-bred tozol goddammit from the tozol army. A POW being experimented on. You sure as hell don't belong to them.
>The most useful info right now is fieldcraft and tactics. Doctrine and philosophy are neat too I guess.
"Tactics I get," says Mitzi. "But... tozol philosophy? Seriously?"
"It all sorta slides together," I say. "Camouflage. 'The only place to hide a shadow is inside another one.' 'Destroy the contrast of shape and silhouette, shine and shade.' 'Move as your environment moves. Feel the pulse of the wind. Bend the grass as it would.'"
"That'd be really cool if there was any grass or wind here," says Mitzi.
"Yeah, the long hallways are really nice for security," I say. "Basically no way to avoid being seen, unless we fill the corridors with smoke or avoid them."
"Can we avoid them?"
"Not easily," I say. "We'd need to go through every intervening section, then find ways through the security doors. Not impossible. Was thinking about heading back to Tech Research that way."
"Sounds like a plan."
"Not necessarily," I say. "Everything can be replaced except time."
"And alien artifacts," she says. "Add that to your book."
"Well, it says 'do not lose or deface' on the back..."
No. 238147 ID: badf27

Anything in there about being a POW stuffed to the gills with Suppress?

Or various kinds of opposing forces you might encounter, and how best to destroy them?
No. 238148 ID: 1578e2

I don't know that you have time to skim the entire strategic primer, Penji.

You seem to know most of it innately anyway.
No. 238149 ID: f57857

You probably shouldn't get into any firefights until you have a ranged weapon again. But, the only weapons are kept in the armory. Maybe you should check out life support, perhaps Mitzi can tinker with their air and force them out, then she'll put it back on just for you as you nick their kit.
No. 238162 ID: c71597

Cheap bastards. Couldn't even afford to give you the book, had to loan it. Ugh, there's gonna be some hefty late fees on this one.

So, lets get a move on. You won't achieve anything by sitting here and freezing while reading philosophy. You can save that for later when you're outside and can get your hands on some nice wine and educated company.
No. 238172 ID: 2563d4

>Can we please make all the soldiers refer to you as Sgt. Vocta

No, let's please not act like a petulant child. Mostly they're not calling us anything at all anyway.

Agree with the stabber part. If she's having trouble lifting it how the heck is she going to make fast, precise stabs with it?

Agreed. We don't want to chuck out anything she's going to need to, say, override a lift control panel.

I reckon we ought to sneak to Security and see how it looks while ideally they've still got their hands full with the jabberwocks.
No. 238181 ID: 61f004

they are calling us names most of the time.

frankly id be glad if they called her at least bitch, but its just tozol this tozol that. just a target, no feeling of hate, apathy or anything to work on.

a rank could break that. either fear,adversity or straightout animosity. of course this implies a live soldier to go home.

read the bonk out of that book, evne the philosophy, we need to know if your race is friendly to you. heck, this may as well give a idea of what you were supposed to do.

and im guessing mitzi is on the large helmet? if we can get yours functional id be happy already. imagine the information it has fothe enemy once it gets captured, and all the sort of ways it has to detonate itself to prevent capture!
No. 238191 ID: dad664

See if it has anything on protocol for being trapped behind enemy lines.
No. 238192 ID: 56dc25

Well, if the tozol race was incredibly fanatical or genocidal, hated all other aliens with an unmatched passion, or otherwise was made up of dicks, you'd probably have noticed after the first thirty seconds of reading the doctrine/philosophy sections. So that's one worry assuaged, I guess.

Let's get moving.
No. 238225 ID: f57857

Oh do you have any favorite passages, quotations, or anything that speaks to you with great meaning in that book Penji? It might not be much now, but it may help you calm down when you face your toughest fight yet.
No. 238405 ID: e4a16b

Is there a dictionary in the book? See if Penji has a meaning.
No. 240615 ID: a09a03
File 128662259467.png - (15.17KB , 500x500 , TQ685.png )

>See if it has anything on protocol for being trapped behind enemy lines.
"The front line is a strategic abstraction," I translate. "A one dimensional symbol which disguises the truth. A front may be of any thickness, any density, any composition, and any phase state. It is always permeable, however, by way of guile or concentrated power. A front means enemy strength to be disrupted, misled, corralled, and above all, bypassed. Linear, force-on-force thinking represents a failure of the tactical and strategic problem solving method."
"Can I get the short version?" Mitzi asks.
"Avoid strengths. Blow up trucks and trains. Throw grenades in command posts. Scramble their communications," I say. "Being behind enemy lines is a good thing. It means their combat power is facing the wrong way to protect their soft parts."
"But that's not us," she says. "These guys know we're here, and we have to go past their guards and shit to do anything like you're saying."
"Then we're not behind enemy lines," I say. "We're in a pocket."
"That's a bad thing, right?"
"The worst."
No. 240617 ID: 476456

So then its time to turn this pocket inside out and spill out the sweet change of victory
No. 240618 ID: c59f60

see if it has any pocket tactics then. would be under the Charlie Foxtrot section. or maybe under FUBAR or SNAFU.
No. 240620 ID: badf27

So how about protocol for being a POW in a pocket? I mean, shit, this manual will wax poetic about anything. How do they make "kiss your ass goodbye" sound artful and elegant?
Urge Mitzi to look up the things I said before, because right now she's just dicking around with the mercy-giver and that isn't productive.

Also, you don't need any water or a snack?
No. 240623 ID: c59f60

maybe try "recovering from being mostly dead"
No. 240633 ID: c2c011

Well being in a pocket has one advantage. You can charge in any direction. Although in this case charging towards the exit would be preferable.

Does the book have anything to say about prisoners of war?
No. 240661 ID: 192c6d


Pockets aren't a bad thing. Find a hole a burrow through, then either slip away or bite into the fleshy bits.
No. 240662 ID: dad664

Flip to the chapter titled "You're So Fucked and How To Deal With It"
No. 240884 ID: 1c11c3


See if it has anything on being captured, or making allies.
No. 240888 ID: 1c11c3


And while you're at it, look for any info on other alien species, particularly the Diplomats. If they have such a huge beef with tozols and are as powerful as people say, there may be specifics. A search on humans wouldn't do much harm, either.
No. 240914 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, looking up what My First Tozol Encyclopedia has to say about other races is a pretty bloody good idea. This is probably the closest we're going to get to a chance to get a grasp of the socialpolitical environment we're trying to escape into.
No. 240947 ID: a09a03
File 128668008858.png - (16.81KB , 500x500 , TQ686.png )

>And while you're at it, look for any info on alien species, particularly the Diplomats.
The word tozols use also translates as Diplomat. I had expected a true name. The picture is visible only in the infrared spectrum.
'Aggressiveness: High. Diversity: Low. Threat level: Extreme.
The great enemy of the modern era, possessing technological, industrial, and economic power far beyond that of any other known, extant polity. Full resource base is unknown, but vast. Through primarily peaceful, diplomatic means, they exert political and economic domination over other species. So long as they maintain their hegemon, no species not born of the Precursors can be trusted. Lavish bounties turn all creatures into potential enemy spies.' It continues along these lines...
>A search on humans wouldn't do much harm, either.
Aggressiveness: Low. Diversity: Moderate. Threat level: Low.
'A relatively widespread minor species, with major population centers in thirty two known star systems, not including Human Diaspora. Warm-blooded bipeds,' etc.
No. 240949 ID: 2563d4

Valcien, too. It'd be nice to know if the big guy in the tank's fear of us was justified.
No. 240950 ID: a594b9

Ask if Mitzi's having trouble with the mercygiver. Inform her she can rotate the spike around while we're at it.

Look up Valcien.
No. 240954 ID: 11b861

So why the hell do the Diplomats want all the Tozols killed? They killed 527 Tozols with 20,000 humans collateral damage and then bribed the fuck out of the government. Why would they go that far?
No. 240955 ID: badf27

Quick question. Are humans pictured in the visible light spectrum? Does this mean that diplomats are... invisible? Shit, what if they have thermal-masking suits?

Also, go kiss Mitzi's boo-boo make it better.
No. 240957 ID: 19dce0

Mitzi what are you doing, don't stab yourself with that thing.

It looks like the Tozols were not willing to take bribes. Basically, they resisted the Diplomats' primary means of coercion, so the Diplomats switched to secondary means. ie; Nuke the shit out of everything.
No. 240965 ID: fd6d7e

Why can species "born of the Precursors" be trusted? What about Precursor creations would make them less able to work with the Diplomats to subvert their own kind? Very strange...
No. 240970 ID: 2563d4

Could always look up "Precursor".
No. 241029 ID: a09a03
File 128668430468.png - (15.19KB , 500x500 , TQ687.png )

>Look up Valcien.
Aggressiveness: Moderate. Diversity: Extreme. Threat level: High.
Biomechanical self-replicating entities. Living starships. Organized into semi-independent fleets. Often hired by other species, paid in manufactured goods, weapons, and applique armor.
>It'd be nice to know if the big guy in the tank's fear of us was justified.
They're killable, yeah. They need resources, usually from planets or asteroids, which can be seeded with mines and EVA hunter-killer teams. Or just sneak up on them with a warship and blow them away when they don't expect it.
>Does this mean that diplomats are... invisible?
That'd fit with what Mitzi said.
>It looks like the Tozols were not willing to take bribes.
I don't know about that. I'd certainly rather take a bribe than go to war. I could read the history, but maybe I should be doing something else?
>Mitzi is hurt
Oh if it's not the one thing...
No. 241036 ID: fd6d7e

Did she just poke herself with the mercy giver? Lawd Mitzi didn't your momma ever teach you not to play with knives?
No. 241037 ID: c59f60

anyway, i don't think we are going to get much more out of the book. pack up and let's go.
No. 241039 ID: e3f578

Ugh looks like we need a better weapon suited for her. Goddamn wish we had a rifle with all those rounds with have. We could try and set up an ambush for a random security guy, lure him with some sounds that don't sound suspicious enough to have a hole corral of guards come with him but suspicious enough to check by himself. We can get some sorta of weapon that'll last til the armory.
No. 241042 ID: a594b9

I think we've gotten the most important facts out of that thing.

Let's get moving. See if we can find out how many guards are still sweeping the area. Then we can kill targets of opportunity to get some more guns and ammo and shit... or just head for Security and utilize our Anti-Tank grenades.
No. 241043 ID: a594b9

Oh, about the mercygiver: Instruct her in the basics of how it works.
No. 241045 ID: dad664

Chide Mitzi for playing with her new toy irresponsibly as only a Tozol mother could.
No. 241100 ID: 67c611

Mitzi has blade arms. Penji, Tell mitzi to stand up and take a few test jabs in the air. Then you take it and do the same. Ask Mitzi what she thinks of it.
No. 241121 ID: dad664

Also look up Ascendi.
No. 241133 ID: a09a03
File 128669286195.png - (19.76KB , 500x500 , TQ688.png )

>Chide Mitzi for playing with her new toy irresponsibly as only a Tozol mother could.
"Okay. First off, it's sharper than it looks," I say. "Which is important, because it looks really sharp. Second, you're holding it wrong..."
>Instruct her in the basics of how it works.
It's not very complicated. You sneak up on someone, or find an enemy that can't move, and then you stab 'em in the spine or the brain.
>Also ask Mitzi if she found anything on the laptop after you left.
"More of the same, mostly," she says. "But I think I know where to kill a Jabberwock. Behind the peak of their head. Where the neck meets the skull. Angle it forwards."
She makes a stab with the heavy blade. There's a tremble in her hand.
"What's the more of the same?" I ask.
"Uh," she says. She missteps slightly. I correct her footing. "Y'know. Interviews. Archival footage."
No. 241134 ID: 67c611

It's too heavy for her. How about you try out some quick moves with it, then hand it back to her. I bet she can't hold a candle up to your skills.
No. 241135 ID: c59f60

no, looks more like she isn't used to it. so is messing up.
No. 241136 ID: a594b9

I think she researched herself. Didn't like what she saw. Tell her if there's something bothering her, she can talk to us about it. We're about to go into combat and she needs a clear head.
No. 241176 ID: 476456

grip her a little more closely for posture
No. 241177 ID: 3d7a30


No. 241190 ID: 3d7a30

maybe she found out something she doesn't want us to know?
No. 241213 ID: f57857

This must be done.
No. 241214 ID: c2c011

Ask her if there was anything interesting in the footage. If she doesn't feel like answering then don't press her on it.

And it seems like it's time to move out. Also, consider that the book is atleast 50 years out of date. Some new developments might have happened. And the diplomats really seem to have something against precursor descended species.
No. 241232 ID: e0d2aa

Love may bloom on the battlefield...
...but not in bulky blast armor.

Get her to spill some beans, and get her angry. Have a little fun, your going to be killing things that shouldn't be alive, and people who know what to expect anyway.
No. 241236 ID: f57857

>implying it is not best in bulky blast armor and in a meat freezer in a horrorlab
No. 241256 ID: 497586

does mitzi have the strength and speed needded to properly use the blade against the jabberwocks?

so if i got it right, you are a supersoldier and mitzi is like ryo-ohki. does it have mitzi's nutritional needs and life cycle?

i dont want to discover her gnawing at the metal walls and suddenly a hour from then bursting into a spaceship.
No. 242785 ID: a09a03
File 128695038841.png - (13.90KB , 500x500 , TQ689.png )

I think she's strong enough to wield the mercygiver. Whether she's actually effective with it is another question.

"If you found something while I was gone, if anything's bothering you, we can talk about it," I say.
Mitzi shrugs. Her fighting stance softens.
"I need you to be able to focus," I say.
"I found some footage, yeah," she says.
"What was it?"
"Jesus," she says, and trails off. "Listen. Uh. I wasn't sure at first, but I think... I think I know what... got you. At Athelhom."
No. 242791 ID: 3416ec


"Really? Do tell."

Also, do you happen to need a roommate, Penji?
No. 242792 ID: e3f578

It was a space shark with frikkin' laser beams wasn't it?

It's probably some sort of laser beam, bullets that big make explosions and don't penetrate well... I think. Fucking thing went right through your skull it didn't blow up your entire upper torso
No. 242793 ID: 6547ec

"So... was it Marcus, or you?"
No. 242796 ID: 1854db

Was it a tank?
No. 242797 ID: c6fa0a

That sounds pretty freaky! But you should probably ask to see it, anyways. Best to know what you were (and may still be) up against.

It would kind-of suck if it was a Valcien, but if it is, so what? Mitzi's nice. :>
No. 242798 ID: fd6d7e

"OH there's NO reason I would ever want to know about THAT at all."

No. 242799 ID: 67c611

"Oh, really? What was it?"
No. 242804 ID: ff0a7c

"It wasn't one of my own was it? ehaha, that would be so surprising..."
No. 242823 ID: a09a03
File 128695342191.png - (12.52KB , 500x500 , TQ690.png )

"So what was it?" I ask.
"I'm not sure."
"But you said..."
"I saw a video," she says. "Gun-cam footage. There's a bright line, out of nowhere. Not even from off camera. Just... propagating from nothing. It was cross-referenced with Tethys."
No. 242828 ID: c71597

Oh, was probably a diplomat then. The precursors must have been some huge dicks to make a species hate them and everything they created like that. Or the Diplomats are just huge dicks. We shall see.
No. 242830 ID: badf27

"Before whatever it was that got me got me, was I.... scary?"
No. 242831 ID: a4b4e3

"What was I like? I mean, you know, at the time... Was I charging forward or barking orders or dragging some wounded other Tozol to safety or eating babies or what?
No. 242833 ID: 135871

No. 242834 ID: 19dce0

"...Huh. That's weird. Mind if I see it?"
No. 242837 ID: 5e2f9c

that... actually makes us feel a bit more confident. it took a much more powerful weapon then what these humans have to take you down.
No. 242845 ID: badf27

you know what fuck speculation let's look at the damn thing
No. 242846 ID: c71597

What they had. Remember that it has been 50 years since then. They might have gotten quite a few new toys in that time.
No. 242852 ID: a09a03
File 128696011979.png - (21.96KB , 500x500 , TQ691.png )

"Your laptop still powered? I ask. "Let me see the video."
"I'm not... Are you sure?" she asks.
"Yeah," I say.
"Penji," she says, barely above a whisper. "I, uh... I need you to be able to focus, too. You know? Seeing something like that. I think it might be best if we wait until later."

She might have a point. We've wasted more than enough time in here already. Every minute increases the odds that the humans will cut their losses and swamp the facility with troops, or that the jabberwocks will find us. Besides that, I'm fucking cold.
And yet... I want to see it. Even if it wasn't me, even if Saon died forty years ago, even if I don't actually learn a single thing I didn't already suspect, I feel like I have to know.
No. 242853 ID: 6547ec

You're either going to watch it now, or you're going to keep wondering about it the whole time.

Watch the stupid thing now.
No. 242854 ID: 19dce0

Then make sure that laptop survives no matter what. Let's go.
No. 242855 ID: 51d830

leave the laptop here so it doesn't get broken.
No. 242857 ID: c6fa0a

>She might have a point...
>...And yet... I want to see it.

Then do it. If it's your gut instinct, do it. It might be a Diplomat, but it might not. If nothing else, it'll provide some answers you've been looking for the entire time you've been awake. You need to know. You might run across this thing later, and it's already killed you once. Better to be prepared this time.

Have Mitzi stay on guard while you do. :|
No. 242860 ID: 1578e2

For fucks sake Mitzi, Penji is a grownup and can handle seeing unpleasant things.

Press to see the video.
No. 242861 ID: e40e60

We can watch it later when we have time to kill.
No. 242865 ID: cffd8d

Can we watch it on the move?
No. 242868 ID: 1854db

We should watch it next time we have free time. Let's go. Before we miss our chance. Whatever's in the video is not likely to be important in the near future; and if it is, Mitzi can warn us. If it shook Mitzi this badly to see it, then... imagine the effect it would have on you. An emotional shock like that could fuck you over. It's happened before.

As soon as we have 10 minutes of peace then we'll watch it and you can have your breakdown in safety.
No. 242869 ID: f1df52

I say leave it, we have enough on our mind now.
No. 242871 ID: 476456

Yeaah watch it later
No. 242878 ID: c37cd8

We can watch it later.
No. 242886 ID: 2563d4

Watch it, skip to the interesting bit, get it over with.
No. 242891 ID: c71597

There should be time to watch it later if everything goes well. And you do need to move out before it's too late. Besides, it's fucking cold.
No. 242893 ID: 365adf

If you are cold you can cuddle up with Mitzi while you WATCH THE VIDEO
No. 242896 ID: a4b4e3

It WAS you. You're Saon. You're the same body, and the fact that you still remember tozol language and some other shit proves there's some inkling of her left.

Go ahead and watch the video.
No. 242898 ID: 88df58

You do want to see it, Penji. You were likely killed by this bright line. At the very least, you were severely damaged by it. What's the point of walking beyond the next intersection if you're just to be killed again all the same?

Experience is the best teacher. You've experienced this before. Watching this may allow you to keep yourself alive.
No. 242900 ID: 67c611

We can wait till the next time Mitzi is hacking a door. Tech is the next place to go. Mitzi is going to love that stuff.
No. 242901 ID: 192c6d

Watch it now.

If it's bad, we feel bad for a brief period. If it isn't, we feel better.

But if we wait, we may be fraught with anxiety for quite some time. That won't help us win this.
No. 242905 ID: 9618e3

Demand to see it. SATISFY OUR CURIOSITY. Just skip to the important bit if it's going to be long.
No. 242936 ID: dad664

I don't think it's a matter of "are you sure you want to see it?", I think it's a matter of "do you really think you can handle seeing it?"

Think about it. Do you really think you can deal with it, both physically and mentally, to see yourself get gunned down? To see your brains splattered to the ground, to watch your limp form go tumbling in a heap from momentum, to see your body spasming, limbs twitching, in its death throes?

Do you really think you can stomach seeing yourself murdered?
No. 242945 ID: e3f578

You already know you're going to "die" so why the fuck not? You're a soldier, you're used to death. "Yours" shouldn't feel that much different.

If you don't look at it you're just going to be more and more curious and then you might fuck up. You said yourself you feel that you need to know. That feeling wont go away until you do.
No. 242946 ID: e75a2f

A little bit of knowledge never hurt anyone.

No. 242957 ID: 192c6d


Hmm.... good point. But we have already seen ourselves dead before (probably twice now?).
No. 243077 ID: fd6d7e

No. 243082 ID: dad664

It's a bit different seeing your cold dead body on a slab and actually seeing yourself being alive, then being shot, then dying.
No. 243125 ID: f123de

Just watch the damned video.

It's important to learn what CAN disable you, for one thing.
No. 243179 ID: 0de654

Well then.
If we don't see what happened, we can't figure out how it happened.
If we can't figure out how it happened, we can't prevent it from happening again (except via dumb luck or becoming immune to light spikes... highly unlikely)

I do however understand your hesitation, if you can live with a description from Mitzi, then do that and move on.
Watch the video when you have more 'free time'.
No. 243294 ID: 38738e

Is it going to distract you if you DON'T watch it? If so, then might as well watch it.
No. 243469 ID: 4c91d5

if you've been able to perform thus far with all of these voices in your head, I'm sure a little video of your own (almost?) death won't hurt you.
No. 243502 ID: c37cd8

If you can't decide, perhaps it's best to appease Mitzi and not waste time.
No. 243507 ID: 3d7a30


I agree. 'Everything can be replaced except time'. Let's get over to Tech Research.
No. 243935 ID: 2ea108

Everything can be replaced except time. Go!
No. 243998 ID: badf27

Remind Mitzi that you've seen yourself dead, and that Mitzi saw herself in a rather poor condition as well.
No. 245485 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128738342431.png - (8.44KB , 500x500 , TQ692.png )

I have to think about it. My thoughts grind in both directions.

"Fire it up," I say at last.
No. 245486 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128738353923.png - (24.15KB , 500x500 , TQ693.png )

The video is grainy, ancient light enhancement. I wonder why they aren't using thermals.

The viewpoint is some fighting vehicle trundling along behind another one. Its aimpoint traverses towards its friend.
No. 245487 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128738363185.png - (25.34KB , 500x500 , TQ694.png )

An indistinct shape streaks into view. Incredible speed. Seventy-plus miles per hour and maneuvering.
No. 245488 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128738373599.png - (26.32KB , 500x500 , TQ695.png )

The viewpoint opens fire. The figure's already scrambled atop the other tank.
No. 245489 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128738376039.png - (29.05KB , 500x500 , TQ696.png )

No. 245490 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128738378153.png - (14.91KB , 500x500 , TQ697.png )

No. 245491 ID: dad664


That was...less gory than I thought it was going to be.
No. 245493 ID: a4b4e3

Kind of an unfitting death for you, wasn't it Saon?

But of course, that wasn't your death. It took you quite some time, but you endured.

Tell Mitzi that it's time you two took a rest. Find some place secure, remove your armor, perhaps talk a bit, and sleep. You look tired.
No. 245494 ID: 1854db

Oh, it's just a Diplomat. Whatever, we know they're dangerous fuckers. This does mean they were already on the ground before they made contact with Humanity and gave them all that money. Strange, don't you think? Why were they there? I guess the Tozol force there was discovered, resulting in the order to move out.

Sigh. In the end Saon was simply ambushed by a foe she didn't detect in time to avoid its attack. Possibly distracted by that giant orbital strike in the distance.
No. 245495 ID: 8555c2

So what was it? Pack up the laptop and get you and Mitzi to tech.
No. 245496 ID: 1b42c5

they didn't use thermal because the diplomat didn't want them to see it. well now that that is out of the way let's kick some asses.
No. 245497 ID: 476456

oh shit its a predator
No. 245498 ID: dad664

Having an entire battleship full of your friends, colleagues, the men and women under your command, and maybe even family being completely annihilated probably doesn't do well for ones focus other than "Blind Rage."

Hm. Does the footage end there, Penji? Or does it keep going?
No. 245500 ID: b5389e

Well, it could have been worse, Saon. At least your near-death experience was rather painless, and you're better now.

Get some rest, you look like you need it.
No. 245510 ID: 1064be

They had to attack you from orbit to take you down.
Ponder upon this.
No. 245514 ID: 1854db

Stop calling her Saon, guys. That's not who she is anymore.
No. 245520 ID: badf27

Unless you're talking to a ghost from 40 years ago, I think you have a mistaken identity.

Saon Vocta is dead. We're helping Penji. Our friend Penji.

...Penji, sit down, have a snack that seems most delicious of the ones you got(you deserve it), try to relax--strictly platonic massages between you and Mitzi, maybe? Read whatever draws your attention in the hornbook.

After you've calmed down and reflected a while, toss out most of the shit you've got except:

Mercygiver(give to Mitzi)
Weasel Bar
Pistol (no rounds)
40x FMJ Rifle rounds
100x Saboted Rifle rounds
1x tozol power pack
2x human Fragmentation Grenades(give one to Mitzi)
2x tozol Anti-Tank Grenades
2x Tranquilizer tubes(jam it in an enemy!)
2x Suppress tubes(see TRANQ tube comment)
1x Counter poison tube
1x Stimulant tube(we should shoot this shit up next time we're about to fight something)
Laptop containing Bio Lab data
Extra hard drive we can't unlock(Throw it in Mitzi's backpack for possible later use)
High Security Keycard
2x ID Passcards
Soldering iron
Small power drill
Rolls of tape(keep: Duct and electrical)
Small batteries
Tiny shiny scrap of metal(only keep this if you have any interest in this any longer)
Can of yellow spray paint(we can spray this in robots' cameras, put threatening messages on the walls, do SOMETHING with it goddammit)
snacks, rations, and water
Backpack(give this to Mitzi with the power tools she wants to help her hack doors and shit)
Mitzi armor
EOD armor
My helmet
Large helmet (tozol?)
No. 245521 ID: 8ccf27

Knowledge is power... See the film.

About that:
>"Name doesn't mean much to me," I say. "I think I'm someone else, now."
She is a soldier, she must be used to se "other" people die...
No. 245522 ID: badf27

And then I forgot to mention...

We should get the FUCK out of this place. After we hit Security, I think we should head for the Vehicle Bay at best speed. Find something that can get us off this rock and hide in an asteroid field or something and take a month-long nap to sleep off the Suppress the Tozol way. Mitzi said that shit does wear off, albeit slowly.
No. 245523 ID: 8ccf27

Knowledge is power.

How about this?
>"Name doesn't mean much to me," I say. "I think I'm someone else, now."
No. 245524 ID: 8ccf27

Ignore this, newfag is new ¬¬
No. 245529 ID: 09df6f

Do you have a favorite song Penji?
No. 245532 ID: f57857

Just delete posts to leave less clutter; thread's bursting with it already.

Welp, vid was nice, but you should really get moving while the containment team is still reeling from the woks.
No. 245557 ID: 2563d4

So you got laser-lobotomised by a Valcien?

Well, you can worry about you and Mitzi being a Romeo & Juliet situation once you're not worrying about being stuffed back in a tube. Go poke around Security and look for the best opportunity to wreck their everything.
No. 245559 ID: 1854db

That was a Diplomat. Diplomats are invisible to everything but thermal and have extremely powerful tech.
No. 245560 ID: 2563d4

...right, let's put this where it belongs:
>>/questdis/334978 Picking the image to bits
No. 245571 ID: c71597

Looks like they either had a crack sniper or some extra help. Anyway, that's not really informative on what they might be able to do these days, they have had 50 years to examine tozol and valcien equipment. Hell they even have a valcien. They probably have alot more nasty hardware these days.

But now it's time to lay your hands on some of that hardware. To the security place! It's time to kick some ass.
No. 245576 ID: f5c7b6

Well that was interesting.

Regardless, there is time a wastin', either those Jabbawocks or the security forces are going to kill each other dead sooner or later. We need to get to security and secure us some superior firepower.
No. 245591 ID: 54af1f

Did that shot come up or down?
No. 245592 ID: 192c6d


You're in for a treat:

Standard "night vision" uses visible spectrum enhancement. There's a shape that appears in the lower right corner of the last frame, probably a few meters from your position in/on the tanky thing.

Assuming that's not the strangest shape a blast from a laser could take...

It's not a Diplomat; they only appear in THERMAL (infrared) bands. Whatever that thing is, it's else.


Can't say I/we know much about beam weapons, but unless that thing just punched right through and vaporized your flesh, it's once again possible you were blasted from the front.

HEY PENJI: what do we know/remember/can find in your hornbook-thing about tozol beam/laser weaponry?
No. 245602 ID: 2563d4

Also, er, why would you be taking on a tank apparently alone and apparently without your anti-tank grenades?
( >>/questdis/335003 for people who are not Penji to hypothesise.)
No. 245608 ID: d677cc

Well, that was not really that interesting.

So can we go do something productive now? What was the productive thing we were going to do again? Ffffffhhha.
No. 245799 ID: 2ea108

At least that was brief, and you gathered some intel. Get moving, soldier!
No. 245875 ID: f1df52


The productive thing? Kill all humans.
No. 245898 ID: badf27

It's a diplomat. That's passive-light nightvision, not IR nightvision. Since tozols can mask themselves from thermal detection, and Saon is visible on the cam, they must be using passive enhancement of visible light spectrum.
No. 245993 ID: dde931

You have a better idea of what happened to you now. It might come in handy. File it away and don't dwell on absolutely invisible assassins.

It's time to move on. Out of the freezer. Out of the facility. With a brief stop on the second floor to get geared up and counter suppressed.
No. 258120 ID: d3dfb8

Bah, so a Diplomat shot you in the face while you were fucking up a tank. It's no big deal, happens to the best of us.
No. 258793 ID: 701a19

Happy birthday, Penji! You've matured so much in our time together!
No. 261503 ID: a09a03
File 129136492119.png - (14.15KB , 500x500 , TQ698.png )

The tozol in the footage jerks back from the beam blasting a hole through its head. It tumbles to the ground.
>Do you have a favorite song Penji?
I hope so. I'll tell you if I hear it.

The tozol in the film goes limp the instant the beam hits. Dead before it hits the ground. Dead before it knows it's dead.

>Stop calling her Saon. That's not who she is anymore.
I don't know what I am. I don't know anything.
I shut the laptop. My head hurts. I don't know what to think.
No. 261504 ID: a09a03
File 129136510612.png - (12.10KB , 500x500 , TQ699.png )

Suddenly disoriented. My head hurts. I try to focus.

I imagine that I can feel the beam boring through me. My head snaps back. I tumble to the ground. Strange. I can't seem to conceptualize anything before that instant.

>The productive thing? Kill all humans.
Please respecify.
No. 261505 ID: 3416ec

Let's not kill all the humans. Genocide in general is usually a bad thing.
No. 261507 ID: 6547ec

Given the quantity of everything you lost in that shot, nobody's going to blame you if you had any long-term memory vaporized around then.

What matters right now is right now. And right now, that means getting out of this goddamned freezer and looking for your way out.
No. 261508 ID: 701a19

Ask Mitzi if she'd rather make another attempt at ripping info from that asshole's head, or try to flee as-per Marcus's suggested tactic.
No. 261509 ID: a09a03
File 129136617698.png - (11.71KB , 500x500 , TQ700.png )

>nobody's going to blame you if you had any long-term memory vaporized
Can't even conceptualize it. Memory shouldn't matter. I can't possibly be remembering the other thing.
Flash. Impact. I tumble to the ground. Smoke and vapor.

>Let's not kill all the humans.
I'm getting mixed signals.
No. 261510 ID: 0ef56a

Kill all humans standing in the way of you getting out of this facility and off this planet. Use any means necessary, except for killing Mitzi. You are not a scalpel carefully cutting important bits out of Quadrant 5 anymore. You are a cleaver, hacking your way through to the other side.

Objective: GET OUT ALIVE.

Also, I love you, Penji. Don't die on me--on us--now, when you're finally just beginning to get an inkling of what happened to you.
No. 261511 ID: 6834bc

Look at it this way, Penji.
That video didn't capture your death, it captured your (re)birth. Not with a whimper, but with a bang. Or bzarpp, or fzzrrk or whatever noise a big "fuck-you" laser makes.

I am bad at pep-talks when lasers are involved. Please direct all subpoenas to 1234 Fake Dr. SE NW Non Street, Nowheredia.
No. 261512 ID: 701a19

Revenge, avenging, and bringing justice are beyond our mission parameters.
We are deep behind enemy lines, your body is crippled, and we have scant equipment on a strict OSP basis.
Our goals are, in order of importance:
Extract allies
Purge suppress
Secure additional intel
Get your head on straight, soldier. Who you are doesn't matter one damn bit right now. Do your job.
Ask Mitzi if she wants to try to mindrape that asshole in the saferoom, or forgo that for escape plans.
No. 261514 ID: e3f578

Your psychotic Penji, we're psychotic. Your head's going to give you mixed signals until your microbiology can fix your brain to be rid of us... if not all tozols have brain voices guiding them then.

Your booklet had nothing on us, right? Nothing on severe traumatic brain injury and self-regenerating revival? Blegh whatever, let's move and talk/discuss if we're going to talk about this shit. Poor Mitzi is freezing her tits off.
No. 261522 ID: 1854db


I say kill all the humans working here in this facility. They're all our enemies anyway. If possible also kill whoever's in charge of the corporation elsewhere. Like in their headquarters.
No. 261530 ID: 70e5c6

You may have been Saon in the past, but much of who that was and what she knew is either gone or locked away inside your brain. You're Penji now, and that's what matters. The mind you have now is new, it's yours, and you should be happy with who you are *right now*.

Yes, you got shot in the head and died. But you came back. Sure, it hurt, but you got better. You beat death. You went to hell, put on a bikini, drank some Miami Vices and came back after you got bored. You're a resurrected, re-born Tozol with ass-kicking powers, a half-space-shark sidekick and a mission.

What's your mission?
- Find out what the hell happened (Why were the Tozols at Athelhom or whatever?)
- Get the fuck out of here alive.
- Save Mitzi if possible.
- Locate friendlies
- Avoid or eliminate hostiles

Focus. The Here and Now is more important than the Dead and Gone.
No. 261536 ID: c71597

The past hardly matters right now, or if you can get it back. The old Tozol died, a new one was born here in a tube. Only thing that matters is getting some payback and getting away. Feel free to kill whoever the fuck you feel like on your way out. The rest are academical abstracts that you can worry about at some later moment in time after you have gotten out.

So, lets try to get a bit more clearminded and then move out. You got work to do soldier, and it sure as shit ain't getting done while you sit around on your scrawny ass in some fucking freezer.
No. 261540 ID: 2563d4

Head to Security.
No. 261545 ID: 192c6d


You should probably sit down for a bit and have a snack! Oh, and hug Mitzi. Hugs fix everything.
No. 261557 ID: 8555c2

Focus on the now. Penji equip the mercy giver. Check on the door to panic and enter if its open. If it's still intact, head into northern hallway via exploded walls. Look for weapons on dead guards.
No. 261559 ID: dad664

Hmm. Death for some humans, miniature plastic American flags for others.

But in all seriousness...

"Mitzi. I think -I- need a hug."

Take a moment for yourself. You've been going non-stop in this place more or less since you busted out. Once you get your head cleared (no pun intended), lets get back on task. We are going to Security to raid the Armory. We are getting ourselves some sexy, sexy weapons. Then we are going to hike our way back to Tech Research to see what kinds of even more sexy weapons and gadgets they were working on, stopping at Engineering on the way for the same reasons.

THEN. We are going to go Rambo on this shithole, rip and tearing it a new one. Preferably in the direction of any sort of off-world transportation they may have.
No. 261609 ID: 54af1f

Let's just get out of here. Wait for the bomb, then get out of here.
No. 261645 ID: a09a03
File 129143659172.png - (10.02KB , 500x500 , TQ701.png )

>The old Tozol died, a new one was born here in a tube.
Starting to think you're right. Starting to think Saon Vocta died that night. Think I'm just something that grew inside her head.
>You're Penji now, and that's what matters.
One way or the other.
No. 261646 ID: a09a03
File 129143665647.png - (12.76KB , 500x500 , TQ702.png )

"Enough," I say. "We're leaving."
"Are you sure?" asks Mitzi. "Are you feeling okay?"
"Doesn't matter how I feel. I'm mission capable."
"Don't you need a gun for that?"
"We're going to the Armory," I say. "Through Security, I think."
"Like how?"
"Gonna play it by ear."
"I guess you'd be good at that."
No. 261647 ID: f1df52

Right on, action time, do something useful. Philosophy can come later.
No. 261648 ID: 8555c2

Check to see if the panic room door has been torn open by the jabberwocks. The same jabberwocks that tore through metal walls and floors to attack you. They seem to like tearing through tough things like walls and doors to get to prey. Their prey being anything that's alive.
No. 261650 ID: 2563d4

No. 261659 ID: 45be60

Did she just make a crack about your ears?
No. 261664 ID: 1854db

Hehe, because you've got four ears.

Okay, she's right about not having a gun. Let's be careful, and be sure to sense ahead with blindsight before we get out into the open. Find out if we CAN advance without weaponry.

Hey, bonus if we manage to ambush a patrol and take their guns again.
No. 261681 ID: a09a03
File 129144257079.png - (15.97KB , 500x500 , TQ703.png )

We move out, quietly, trying not to keep too close to the walls. I'm smelling smoke. Burning plastics, paint, fabric, and flesh.
Quickest way out of Bio is straight to the long corridor with the crater. Last we checked, the humans had a guard bot posted. That was before the Jabberwocks, but it's still a great big straight hallway with nowhere to hide, and we've got no guns.
We could also try going through the wall to Engineering to get closer to Security. We heard some sizable explosions about an hour ago. We're pretty sure that was Marcus making more exits. Still, that'll take longer, and we have no idea where the Jabberwocks are.
No. 261684 ID: f6360f

Take the wall route. If there's a kill corridor you'll want to avoid it- it's more likely to have been reinforced than overrun. For that matter, even if it were overrun there would be jabberwocks present and you don't want to deal with those if it can be avoided.
No. 261686 ID: 8555c2

Check to see if the panic room door has been torn open by the jabberwocks. The same jabberwocks that tore through metal walls and floors to attack you. They seem to like tearing through tough things like walls and doors to get to prey. Their prey being anything that's alive.

After that head out one of the exploded exits and go toward where you heard gunfire. We might score a gun off a dead guard's body.
No. 261687 ID: f6360f

I don't particularly want to look at or think about that guy in the panic room. Screw him, he caused enough problems last time.
No. 261688 ID: f4963f

If the guard bot is still posted, you're isolated targets in a wide open shooting range. The jaberwocks are a concern, but so is Mitzi getting full of bullet holes, and you have tools now. Go through the walls, see what Marcus did for y'all.

For the love of all that is good do not waste another second of your life on that goddamn panic room door. Priorities, soldier.
No. 261691 ID: f1df52

Take the longer, safer route. Speed is pointless if it gets you killed.
No. 261699 ID: a09a03
File 129145014981.png - (20.31KB , 500x500 , TQ704.png )

We manage to sneak through Bio without a jabberwock spotting us. At one point, I thought I sensed one behind a wall, but I wasn't certain. I'm not confident in my ability to detect these things. They're incredibly quiet, and they mask their heat signatures with insulation or hot equipment.

Following a siren, I find a breach into Engineering. I can smell more smoke here.

Should we look around for a map or something, or just try to sneak through?

The alarm's pretty quiet as far as human sirens go, but it'll still mask sounds.
No. 261700 ID: e43bfe

>The alarm is still pretty quiet

That means it's a departmental alarm, not a base one. Meaning it's a warning to the workers that some shit has gone down.

Meaning you should stay out of there, because jabberwocks are not Engineering, and a hole in the wall would make a louder alarm, so god only knows what the fuck caused it.
No. 261701 ID: 8555c2

Keep heading east. Be on the lookout for any indications of map, location, etc. Also let us know if you spot anything interesting or useful.

Avoid detection if possible.
No. 261707 ID: f6360f

I'm thinking that you should head on through. You can keep trying to avoid detection, but you've got to get to Security. Maybe you'll be able to hit a target of opportunity or two on the way- there must be some useful stuff in Engineering.

I doubt any "secure facility" will have maps on the walls or similarly convenient features. Your best bet for navigation is probably to catch someone and interrogate them for information.
No. 261710 ID: 1854db

Get in there, try to find a map. Might be something in here we can grab real quick.
No. 261718 ID: 2563d4

Didn't you already find a map at one point?

If Engineering is en-route then cut through it. Lots of labs and newly-formed 'doorways' are much less likely to be barricaded than the main corridors.

And if "Engineering" means "keeping the base running", maybe you can kill the lights. Even without darkvision you've still got your tails.
No. 261719 ID: c71597

Sneak through that shit.
No. 261730 ID: 54af1f

Until you have a gun, you should avoid combat. Sneak through and find a weapon.
No. 261732 ID: f1df52

Sneak through, I'm sick of looking for maps.
No. 261845 ID: a09a03
File 129152038116.png - (12.31KB , 500x500 , TQ705.png )

Rather than looking for a map, we move east. We keep getting turned around, but we keep moving. The power's active in the place, but we're not hitting the forest of cameras like in HS3 or Bio. Those we find aren't hard to avoid, mostly being oriented to find people sneaking in through the doors, not through a wall.

The enemy might be anywhere. Creatures with rifles and creatures with claws and metal-rending teeth. Despite this, my thoughts drift. I think instead, again and again, of things that aren't even on this world. Things I don't have time to think about. All I can think of when I blink is an all-consuming flash of cyan.

Checking a door, Mitzi gives a low whistle.
No. 261846 ID: a09a03
File 129152043248.png - (26.61KB , 500x500 , TQ706.png )

"Hey, nice," she says. "They're trying to build stuff, here... I mean, uh, that's what the whole section's for, but it looks like they were right in the middle of a project."

"Any idea what?" I ask.

"Guns, I think."

"That is nice."

"Weeelll..." she draws out, skeptical. "If they were working, they wouldn't, you know, be working on them. Right?"
No. 261856 ID: 45be60

There is a big difference between working to spec and working at all. A gun which punches through walls but overheats and burns the wielder if shot more than a handful of times in a row is still in development, but is still immensely useful to us. Take a look.

Also, I bet they have superconductors here.
No. 261860 ID: fba40f

Even if it's just a poorly made prototype, it's still better than having no gun at all.
No. 261861 ID: f6360f

There could be working protoypes or weapons in for modification which haven't been taken apart yet- something usable. That's even before considering the possibility of other useful items or data. Take a minute or two to quickly raid the lab.
No. 261862 ID: 52b82c

Looks like something ripped it's way out of there to your left, grab something to defend yourself with and go check it out.
No. 261865 ID: f1df52

Maybe they are working, and people were just trying to figure out how.
With our luck, there might be a tozol-gun here that shoots stars or black holes or something.
No. 261877 ID: 1854db

Busted vent. Check it out.
No. 261908 ID: 8555c2

Tell Mitzi to try and cobble something together. Check out spatter and damaged stuff. It's green. Could be Jabberwock blood. Which means there could be a jabberwock in the air vent.

On that note, I wish you'd stick with the mercy giver. It's a much better weapon for killing jabberwocks. You are better with it than Mitzi is. You get first dibs.
No. 261923 ID: a09a03
File 129153477064.png - (12.52KB , 500x500 , TQ707.png )

>Busted vent. Check it out.
No lingering heat. Shell casings on the floor are cool, too. 8mm. Blood's definitely jabberwock. Vent's ripped outward, so it must have entered the room here. It probably left the same way, since there's no other signs of forced entry. Then again, those things can get underneath floor panels somehow or another.

>I bet they have superconductors here.
I ate an entire materials ration brick around three hours ago and we've got another one. Healing my Reflexes and Heat Channels will consume a lot of that, but it's not urgent that we find more.
No. 261928 ID: a09a03
File 129153536618.png - (9.15KB , 500x500 , TQ708.png )

>Maybe they are working, and people were just trying to figure out how.
Tech Research analyzes artifacts. This section is for building and repairing things.

Mitzi and I scrounge through the junk. Only two pieces look promising.

One's a great big fucking beam weapon with an external power pack. It looks like it can burn big holes in things, but Mitzi says she needs to read some notes before she knows anything.

The other's a short slugthrower with a very heavy barrel. Sticky notes say it uses xeno-derived propellants. I find nine bullets and pack a magazine.

Both have terrible ergonomics, but it beats throwing rocks. If they work. Maybe.

We'll need to spend some time figuring these things out. Picking one to work on could save some time. Or I could just pull the triggers and hope for the best!
No. 261932 ID: dad664

Find stick.

Pull trigger with stick from safe distance away.
No. 261933 ID: 8555c2

Get a sight on that laser and calibrate it. It will do nicely. Even iron sights would work.
No. 261936 ID: 45be60

Fire one round from the slug thrower to test it. Look up the laser? gun in the research notes. There is too much potential for catastrophic failure with energy weapons to use them blind. If a slug thrower fires once without incident, it will probably fire 8 more times.

Oh, almost forgot. Maybe the beam weapon doesnt have a sight because it doesn't NEED one. TESLAAAAA!
No. 261938 ID: 701a19

Give Mitzi the slugthrower. The worst case failure is that the weapon detonates and cooks off ammo, but they wouldn't have developed it that far if they were clueless about the propellant/integrity ratios. Fire single shots and it'll be fine.
The energy weapon is another issue, though. It may use fragile components or have design flaws that could lead to a sudden discharge. Have Mitzi check the notes on that.

You're going to take it anyway, but the difference is if you use it as a directed energy weapon or an undirected energy weapon.
No. 261941 ID: 0ef56a

I'm going to guess that the slugthrower is obscenely powerful, but there will never be more ammo once this is used. I think you should grab it and use it on the first enemy you see, and if you don't like the results, then pitch it. The DEW has no sights, but spray and pray is a pretty legitimate tactic in the cramped hallways of this facility.
No. 261946 ID: f6360f

If you can't figure out how to use either gun at least semi-reliably in less than five minutes, leave them. Looking through the room has already taken a fair bit of time and sticking around here for too long probably isn't a good idea.
No. 261951 ID: 783063

Laser. Burning big holes in things can be all kinds of useful.
No. 261966 ID: c71597

Mitzi can check the notes on the laser one. Meanwhile you can test fire a single shot from the slugthrower. Then go see if you can find any more bullets for it. Only 9 shots isn't that great.
No. 261984 ID: 54af1f

Take both. Mitzi can carry the one you're not using.
No. 261985 ID: fba40f

That second one looks most usable, just wrap the barrel with cloth or duct tape to make a foregrip. The other one is a huge bulky support weapon that Mitzi would never be able to use, so you'll have to take it.
No. 262038 ID: 2563d4

Ignore both. The reliable melee weapons you have and knowing not to engage at range is better than thinking you can then having them fail, possibly by blowing your forearms off.
No. 262040 ID: f4963f

Get ye a slugthrower, wench.

Just like you punched a slug through my heart.
No. 262480 ID: 8555c2

Fish through the backpack and find that scrap of metal. Toss it to Mitzi. "Here. Eat this. It's harder than steel. Use it to coat the sharp bits of your blades." Insist that she at least try to absorb it.
No. 262483 ID: 2563d4

What? No. And don't copy-paste that for the next three updates, either.
No. 263085 ID: a09a03
File 129189153729.png - (19.02KB , 500x500 , TQ709.png )

I lock the slugthrower in place and pull the trigger with a string. It makes a thunderclap, jerks back and nearly flies out of the vice. This thing isn't fucking around. Louder than I expected, too. Hope it'll scare away more than it'll attract.

It doesn't hit the aim-point. It's either inaccurate or the sight's crooked. Can't tell without firing more, and there's only eight rounds left.
No. 263086 ID: a09a03
File 129189161873.png - (21.56KB , 500x500 , TQ710.png )

Mitzi reads up on the laser. It uses an experimental method of lasing observed the last time a valcien (Niraem, I guess) woke up. And it's not working.

"Can you fix it?" I ask.

"Fix? They didn't get it working at all. Well, not this one, anyway. Miniaturization's a bitch."

"Is it something that might be finished later?"

"Yeah, I guess," she says. "The guys working on it seemed to think they were close."

"Like how close?"

"Uh. Is this important?"
No. 263087 ID: c71597

Use it for close in work then. Should hurt like a bitch to get hit by one of those slugs even if you have armour on.

You might be able to get a spaceship laser to play around with. Yes it's fucking important. Superior firepower is serious buisness.
No. 263103 ID: 2563d4

I guess it's worth it if that's managable recoil for a suppressed Tozol.
"Close" for research means "keep giving us funding". You don't have several years to dick about with unfinished weapons.
No. 263105 ID: 701a19

Screw how close, how not working is it? Is it a dud, or does it have design flaws that make it unfit for production?
No. 263106 ID: 9618e3

Seems like a potential close-range anti-Jabberwock weapon, assuming you can fire it without dislocating your arm.

If Mitzi thinks she knows something the scientists didn't then have her keep it, otherwise leave it. We shouldn't spend time on this thing if we can't guarantee it working in the very near future.
No. 263133 ID: 6c4937

Forget the laser. We don't need busted up goods. The slugthrower, however, makes a good, close range power weapon. Might even be strong enough to crack a Jabberwock's hide. For the most part, however, stick to the weasel bar.
No. 263139 ID: d8cbe7

Well, Mitzi is partly Valcien now. And she's an engineer. If she figures out how to tap into that instinct it doesn't sound too farfetched she can either replicate it and make her own laser, or integrate into the gun and supply whatever parts aren't working.
... she might not LIKE that suggestion though. But we are kind of trying to survive here.
No. 263145 ID: 45be60

"It's important that we capitalize on every potential advantage we can, but we can't afford liabilities like spending days trying to get a laser to work. This other gun can't be trusted for distance work, kicks like a sledgehammer, and has 8 bullets. It's better than nothing, but I still want a firearm we can trust. If you have learned anything about valciens that makes you think you can figure out how to get something we can use out of it in like five minutes, we'll take it. Otherwise, we need to keep moving."
No. 263157 ID: 8555c2

"I was hoping I could use it to shoot things. You're part Valcien, you know. Have you ever thought about making things more complicated than blades? Valciens make scanners, thrusters, beam weapons. Maybe you could too. You'd have to try to find out if you can."
No. 263176 ID: fba40f

If you can fire that thing standing without hurting yourself, that could be a very good weapon for taking on Jabberwocks, maybe even a tank.

See if you can adjust the sights, then take it.
No. 263182 ID: 3416ec

Use one more slug to zero the sights. Then it will make a very handy addition to our meager arsenal.
No. 263221 ID: 1854db

Don't use any more slugs. The sighting we have is good enough for now.

Tell Mitzi that if it's possible to get it to work in like 10 minutes it'd be very useful. Go take a look at the info on it, maybe we can figure it out.
No. 263388 ID: a842ff


"I need to know if 'close' means it doesn't work, or if it will work in a limited capacity. If it's the second, it just might be worth taking."
No. 263858 ID: 27e02d

Mitzi's part Valcien and 'spoke' directly to one. Surely there's some part of her that knows how to make the laser work in short order? Her prodigy-level engineering prowess should help, too.
If the laser is a dead end, grab the slugthrower.
No. 264889 ID: 0c3db7

Perhaps Mitzi could look up the original Valcian design, leave the pale imitation alone, and instead TURN HER ARM INTO A LASER GUN.
No. 264982 ID: 2ea108

We appear to have become very impulsive and prone to bad decisions as a result of our immense brain injury. Either that, or we were always this dumb and that's why we got shot in the head. At any rate, maybe we should stick to simpler plans more likely to survive impulsive action.
No. 264986 ID: 2ea108

On that note. We appear to be bad at long term thinking in general, at the moment. We're often fixating on, of all things, romance, and short-term emotional satisfaction. We have an unmistakable - and completely justified, rrowl <3 - erotic fixation on Mitzi, despite the fact that she's of a sexually incompatible gender, of a different species entirely, and as emotionally/psychologically unhinged as we are.

Simply put, we can't trust our own cognition to make good decisions right now. And yet we have no other means of making decisions. Even choosing someone appropriate to help us make decisions seems like something we're not qualified to do, but we only have one advisor available - Mitzi.

We need to make better use of her as an error-checking agent while we make out with her creamy alien flesh and perfect thighs andddddd
No. 265006 ID: 2a8c1d

I would have to disagree on that. (well not the hook up with Mitzi part) The long term goal department is easy and hasn’t really changed since the beginning of the quest; get out alive, sleep with Mitzi, and maybe explore the galaxy.

The problem is the sort term thinking where snap decisions rule and forethought is cast aside. Like the jabberwock cage timer we came across and didn’t disable because we could do it later or something. Then 12 snap decisions later and we are running for are lives from those dam things. The computer we found was another one we mess up on. We never check what a jabberwock was, what Valcian can really do, or where me might find storages of Counter Suppress.

If we handle one threat a time as they arise, then Penji and Mitzi should make it out alive.
No. 265012 ID: a09a03
File 129265044748.png - (13.95KB , 500x500 , TQ711.png )

I don't want to use another bullet. The short barrel makes me think I might be wasting my time trying to zero it. I make a note to watch where the next shot lands, though.

"Yeah, it's important," I say. "What's wrong with it now? Can you get it working?"

"Uh. Mostly issues with the computer," she says. "Actually, just the computer. Though, they didn't realize it."

"But you do," I say. "Probably because of the information Niraem put in your brain. Right?"
No. 265014 ID: a09a03
File 129265048067.png - (11.25KB , 500x500 , TQ712.png )

"It's not that simple," she says.

"I didn't say it was simple. I just said you can do it."

"Do what, exactly?" she asks.

"Fix it. Control it yourself. Do the Valcien thing. Just make it work," I say, and remember her words from a few hours back. "Be the kind of fucked up monster we need right now."

She doesn't reply at first.
No. 265015 ID: a09a03
File 129265059017.png - (12.83KB , 500x500 , TQ713.png )

"I'd need half an hour," she says. "At least. If I can really do this."
No. 265016 ID: e43bfe

Penji, can we take that? Hole up in here, seal the hole with... things? Or is it too risky? You're the awesome supersoldier with the good book...
No. 265019 ID: dad664

"You're a mish-mash of human ingenuity and valcien bio-science. There is no if. Only when."
No. 265020 ID: 1854db

Half an hour... That's a good chunk of time. I'm not sure we have that much.

Just carry the laser with us as we look around a little more- we can always start her working on it later.
No. 265021 ID: 783063

Attagirl, Mitzi.
No. 265022 ID: 8555c2

Simply nod.

Stick around. If a Jabberwock comes prowling through you won't be able to hear it and if it attacks Mitzi she'll scream and they will all know where we are. Lord knows walls and doors won't stop them from getting through.
No. 265023 ID: 701a19

Can you carry Mitzi while she works?

I'm unsure if you have time to fix this thing, but I am sure you don't have time to go unprepared. Take it with you; work on it when you're in secure locations and/or waiting for things.
No. 265024 ID: 2ea108

As exciting as it might be to carry Mitzi while she works on this problem, that's probably impractical.

A heavy laser will fill a gap in your spectrum of response. However, it will force you to do so by relying on a third party - a trusted third party, but still.

You can't afford to maintain this position long. You're in a pocket - very vulnerable. Furthermore, the 'pocket' is crammed to the fucking brim with murderous jabberwock.

- Grab the laser for later. Do not spend 30 to 60 minutes here repairing it. Seek an exit from the compound. -
No. 265031 ID: c71597

Half an hour is probably more time than you have. But carry it with you. Should be able to fix it later then when you have a bit more time.
No. 265050 ID: a09a03
File 129266708258.png - (16.06KB , 500x500 , TQ714.png )

"Too long," I say. "Bring it with you and work on it later. You can fake most tools, I figure."

"Not if I have to fabricate a part."

"If you have to do that, then forget it right now," I say. "It'll just be one more one-last-thing after the other. In four hours you'll be sanding something. And then a door will open and a satchel charge will fly in."
No. 265051 ID: a09a03
File 129266711066.png - (15.51KB , 500x500 , TQ715.png )

We sneak the rest of the way through Engineering, giving a wide berth to a few suspicious heat signatures.

Through this wall is another main hallway. Right across is the Security section for this level, right underneath the Armory on level two. Here would be at about the midpoint of that hallway, which is where I'd put the Security entrance, so that anything coming from either direction has to walk down a big straight stretch with no cover before it can get in.

So... either I devise a way to bust through this wall, or just hack my way past it with the weasel bar and hope nobody figures out what the sound is in time (or that they don't do a good enough job of stopping me)...
...or go around, which might be more realistic, but almost certainly means another hallway fight, where we'll be outgunned.

Or maybe the jabberwocks ate everybody.
No. 265052 ID: f1df52

I'd say scout the area first, try to find out who/what is still alive in the area before attempting to NORTHERN TOZOL through the wall.
Most likely, at this moment, no-one knows you are here. No point in throwing out that advantage, only to find out you could have just walked around the wall.
No. 265058 ID: 27e02d

I agree.
No. 265062 ID: f6360f

You can use your sensory abilities to figure out what, if anything, is in the hallway as long as you can access even a small part of it, right? So do a bit of sensing before making the call.
No. 265070 ID: 2563d4

>right underneath the Armory on level two
...what kind of hole do you reckon you could make in the ceiling?
No. 265073 ID: 45be60

You can scout from right here. Borrow the mercy giver, put a small hole in the wall either by the floor or the ceiling, where it will not be so obvious against the blank paneling, and poke a tail through.
No. 265079 ID: 1854db

I wanted to save the tozol grenade but I suppose you could make it into a shaped charge to bust down the wall...
No. 265102 ID: c2c011

This sounds like it might work out.

Then this seems like a good idea. Explosives are almost never a bad idea though.
No. 265106 ID: fba40f

Likely to attract hordes of guards. Not worth it.

This sounds like the best idea.
No. 265117 ID: 54af1f

Take your helmet off. You look retarded with half of it missing that way.
No. 265120 ID: 5f0943

I think it looks awesome...
No. 265143 ID: 27e02d

Saon certainly looks fantastic in armor.
No. 265144 ID: a09a03
File 129271555474.png - (14.03KB , 500x500 , TQ716.png )

>You can use your sensory abilities to figure out what, if anything, is in the hallway as long as you can access even a small part of it, right? So do a bit of sensing before making the call.
The wall is thick, airtight, and insulated, with spaced sections. I can't tell what's on the other side.
>I wanted to save the tozol grenade but I suppose you could make it into a shaped charge to bust down the wall...
The two tozol anti-tank grenades I liberated are already shaped charges. They can blow holes through walls much thicker than this one, but not very wide ones.
>...what kind of hole do you reckon you could make in the ceiling?
Judging from the crater the displacer missile made a few hours ago, there's an unknown thickness of solid rock involved. Could be two feet, could be ten meters.
>Borrow the mercy giver, put a small hole in the wall either by the floor or the ceiling
This will probably take more prying and digging than you're thinking, because I think the wall's thicker than the blade. Plenty of that's empty space, though. Shouldn't take more than five minutes if I work hard, but it could be noisy.
No. 265145 ID: 3416ec


Go ahead and use the mercy giver. It would be better to conserve ammunition.
No. 265148 ID: 0ef56a

All of those ideas sound pretty dumb. Have a seat with a gun and the weasel bar in your lap, pull out the hornbook, and read whatever catches your eye. Stay alert for any hostiles.
No. 265152 ID: 27e02d

Hmm... Make the small hole for your Blindsight to work through. Doesn't take too long, should be reasonably safe.
No. 265153 ID: f6360f

>The wall is thick, airtight, and insulated, with spaced sections. I can't tell what's on the other side.
I, uh, actually meant by starting to go around it but stopping before you'd be forced into a confrontation, or preferably even noticed by anyone in the hallway. Didn't expect you to be able to sense things right through it.

There's something to that... but I'm inclined to think that the first evidence of our existence we allow any theoretical security guys to get should be a half-second of reaction time before they get killed. Five minutes of scraping and banging goes somewhat against that; they might well send someone to see if something's on the other side of the wall causing it. Considering that we're expecting to seize a security checkpoint which will presumably be full of weaponry, if we do decide to mess with the wall my inclination would be to use both tank grenades to make a large enough hole that we could dive through it and start slaughtering anything and everything.

Of course, we might need those grenades to blast our way into the entrance proper, so maybe just going around would likely be better. If we move as fast as possible, they still won't have that much time to shoot at us, and considering that we haven't seen any other threats in this immediate area anyone guarding the hallway is likely to not be completely on the ball. We can probably count on maybe a second of time rushing them before they actually fire on us, more before there's more than one guy shooting with whatever weapon he had on hand. We can move a very long way in a second. If it's long enough to get into melee, that's basically a win for us.
No. 265154 ID: 2563d4

Weasel bar wouldn't be faster? Go round then. If there's a corridor fight you'll just have to demonstrate how your Tozolness means that ridiculous armour doesn't slow you at closing range. :V
No. 265161 ID: 8555c2

Through the wall. Tozol bar and Mercy giver and have Mitzi help. If they aren't too smart they won't notice the difference in sound between a jabberwock and us. Cool, the guard robot doesn't have LoS on the security entrance hallway right now.

Go through the wall right here. Oooh, shit. Noise = jabberwock attack. Dig quietly. Mitzi work on thingy. Penji, dig as fast as you can quietly. Waaait a second. Gunshot didn't attract them. Tearing and scraping metal might? They came after us at the panic room. Ok, I'm still saying go quiet.

We'll plan further after you breach the wall and get your blindsight working.
No. 265162 ID: 8555c2

Take weasel bar and turn it into cutter knife thing. Give Mitzi a quick 30 second haircut. Hair keeps getting in front of her eyes.
No. 265165 ID: f00c6e

Go around the corridor and check to see if it's guarded using your spatial sensing. If it is, return here and dig through the wall if you think you can defeat the guards without surprise. If you don't think you can defeat the guards without surprise, blast through the wall using the shaped charges. They have guns which you probably want to steal.
No. 265168 ID: dad664

See if you can't chop a "tab" into the wall, then morph the Mercygiver into something you can use to peel that "tab" down.
No. 265212 ID: 18c6d7

Is there any reasonably safe way for you to scout the hallway which may be guarded? If worse comes to worse, maybe we can chuck a shaped charge down it as a grenade.

But I think blasting through the wall is the best plan B option, It's quick, it's dirty, but it'll be unexpected by the enemy.
No. 265219 ID: a09a03
File 12927389098.png - (17.08KB , 500x500 , TQ717.png )

I decide to scout the Security main hallway from the north.

We move carefully.

Either we're getting lucky and avoiding them, or the Jabberwocks aren't as interested in attacking us as they were before.
No. 265221 ID: a09a03
File 12927390607.png - (9.85KB , 500x500 , TQ718.png )

We've traveled something along the lines of this route.
No. 265222 ID: a09a03
File 129273909341.png - (27.23KB , 500x500 , TQ719.png )

No. 265224 ID: 8555c2
File 129274008156.png - (16.31KB , 500x500 , hallwayView.png )

No. 265225 ID: 8555c2

Let your blindsight work out any obstetricals before you turn the corner to security. Head that way next.
No. 265226 ID: 2ea108

Scan with blindsight. Check the corner carefully with a small mirror before you advance.
No. 265227 ID: 1854db

Check BOTH corners.
No. 265228 ID: 3bd256

Seconding the blindsight. Whatever had enough firepower to take one of those things out, as well as half of the damn room.

Also, note that your'e right by security. Considering the bullet holes, I'd avoid the hallway where it is. Probably a bunch of soldiers hanging out there.
No. 265246 ID: a09a03
File 129275198863.png - (8.31KB , 500x500 , TQ720.png )

I hold still and let my tails do their thing, feeling the floor plates and the motion of air, hearing minute sounds echoing down the hallway, slowly building a picture in my head.

At the midpoint of the hall, perhaps seventy meters south of me, there are a pair of tracked robots. I can feel heavy gun turrets traversing slightly. There's also four soldiers manning two machine guns.

They're set up to guard the Security section entrances, one bot and one MG team in each direction.
No. 265247 ID: 1854db

Bwahaha. Let's blow the wall in on them with the grenade.
No. 265252 ID: 6071d3

Punch through wall, drop live grenade, run for cover. Don't forget to mutter "Fire in the hole" beforehand. Safety first.
No. 265254 ID: 2563d4

Backtrack, blow the wall right next to them, mercygive/weaselchop anyone who somehow survives the blast. Might want to preset the latter to a good shape for smashing up robots.
No. 265267 ID: dad664

Plan 1: Ask Mitzi how good she thinks she is at ambushing someone with her Valcien-Murder-Powers. Have her hang back around the corner of that hall, out of sight, calling for help, only to slice 'n dice him when he gets too close. Meanwhile you climb up into the ceiling, manuever your way above them, and drop one of those nades on them.

Plan 2: You tell Mitzi to hang back and wait while you implement the second part of Plan 1.
No. 265269 ID: f6360f

If we're going to blow through a wall, why blast through THAT wall? It looks to me like the northern wall of the entire security section is exposed and unwatched. We can just blast through there and enter the area directly, rather than fighting through a strongpoint and what is doubtless a heavy door.

Strike where and how they do not expect. If we can avoid hitting them where they're ready in favor of hitting them where they're not...
No. 265275 ID: 2563d4

I like the theory, but it means crossing the intersection with the dead jabberwock. Which means the bot and gunner facing it can see and fire accurately that far. So it's dependent on sneaky vent antics or something.
No. 265281 ID: f6360f

Gambling on our ability to make it past the few feet of an intersection successfully is less dangerous than gambling on our ability to successfully take out two robots and four soldiers through a hole in the wall, in my opinion.

Yes, they might shoot us as we cross if they're very good. They might also notice us and come to investigate, although that would be like delivering weapons into our hands. But they might not, and if they don't we will have a far easier time of this by avoiding confronting them right now.
No. 265282 ID: 2ea108

Go through whichever wall will give you the strongest element of surprise and let you bypass the most fixed defensive elements.
No. 265283 ID: 8555c2

Head East to the next intersection and blindsight. Cross the danger hallway as quickly as you can. Plan is to start burrowing through the east wall of security.

map >>/questdis/338376
No. 265291 ID: 1854db

If we're crossing the intersection we may be able to use that corpse to block line of sight.
No. 265296 ID: 585f92

I'd second the path of least resistance. I'm trying to remember exactly where we're headed, but just jumping across their line of sight and booking it doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Also remember. They can't sense a tozol on a radar/sensor, can they?
No. 265309 ID: 3d7a30

if we head across the intersection (heading east) then they'll see us and we'll have to fight them anyway.

By far the best plan is to go south through engineering to where we think the guards and guard robots are. We use a tozol grenade to blow a hole in the wall. Hopefully the explosion and spallation will take some of the enemies out or at least damage them. If not, then you'll be attacking them through an opening in an armoured wall. I like this plan. If memory serves we still have a human made grenade - it would work wonders in a confined space like the corridor.

BTW, how big a hole do we think the grenade will make in the wall? Will it be big enough for us to get through?
No. 265382 ID: 27e02d

We should absolutely go back and rig the Tozol bombs on the wall if only for satisfaction value alone.
No. 266494 ID: b66841

Other elements of your consciousness have raised the possibility of asking Mitzi to serve as a 'siren' - a murderous lure. I don't recommend this. While she could do it, you don't need her to, and it might not work. If it doesn't work, it'll negate the element of surprise. If it does, it'll undermine Mitzi's psychological stability.

I mean, obviously we're insane, but we're a stable sort of insane. She's having some difficulty holding up under these conditions; delving in to moral hazards such as false-surrenders and honeytraps will damage her emotionally and shouldn't be done lightly.

The general wallh4x bent we're going with is good. It'll get us behind enemy lines, in the good way.
No. 266592 ID: b66841

Another thought - we obviously represent some portion of your consciousness. We've assumed that we represent an element of your brain injury, or the recovery process thereof, but we have no way of knowing at present if this internal dialogue - internal committee - is anything other than standard consciousness for our species. We should look in to that if we get an opportunity to do so.

I love the sound of my own thoughts so much.
No. 266602 ID: fba40f

Given our track record, it's quite likely that we were the thing that got her killed in the first place.
No. 266606 ID: 2563d4

Fucksakes, if you're going to fanwank, take it to the /dis/ thread: >>/questdis/316424
No. 266710 ID: 8555c2

Ask Mitzi if she learned anything about troop numbers and bots when she mindraped that dude.
No. 266728 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129333770472.png - (16.88KB , 500x500 , TQ721.png )

We back off, returning to Engineering.

>How big a hole will the grenade make?
According to the hornbook, it fires an armor piercing penetrator that explodes inside the target. Not sure how the detonator will react to flying through a hallway, but the penetrator will only leave a hole a few inches wide at the most. That should at least give me a good angle peel away wall layers. Depending on how big a blast it makes on the far side, I can hopefully be through before they've recovered enough to deal with me.

As for putting a hole in the Security bulkhead itself, I'm not sure, so I ask Mitzi.

"If I was building this place, I'd armor that compartment like a battleship," she says. "Metal's cheap and there's no weight limit."

"I bet my bomb will still put a hole in it," I say.

"Not wide enough, though," she says. "I mean, unless we modified the penetrator to go off inside the wall. I don't even know where to begin with that, though. Prolly just blow my hands off."

"They'll grow back."
No. 266746 ID: b66841

Sounds like our wallh4x trick won't be quite as explosively rapid an entrance as hoped; if the hole's only a few inches thick, we're going to be very dependent on the bomb disabling whomever's on the other side of it to permit us to smash through. That seems likely, though, so full speed ahead!
No. 266749 ID: dad664

Well, you have two options. You can either go gung-ho with your current slightly busted weapon which may or may not fire straight or with consistency, OR...

We can wait a bit here while you act as basically a motion detector, and let Mitzi fix the laser gun which will have far greater accuracy and probably reliability, not to mention far more ammunition.
No. 266750 ID: b66841

We have reasons not to fix the laser beyond just fear of getting caught. We should be wary of letting forces beyond this facility have the time to get their shit together and bring the fullness of their power to bear.

I mean, we want to fix that thing eventually, but do you really need it just to fuck up a metal box full of frightened, panicked humans?
No. 266753 ID: c00244

>Depending on how big a blast it makes on the far side, I can hopefully be through before they've recovered enough to deal with me.
The question isn't really if you can get through before they can deal with you; the question is if you can get through and stop them all from hitting the alarm and sealing the door into the section, which will put you right back in the battleship-armor-bulkhead problem with the added twist that the people inside know you tried to storm the entrance. It's a much harder task to win so fast that they have no chance whatsoever to react than it is merely to win.
No. 266758 ID: 8555c2

"A front means enemy strength to be disrupted, misled, corralled, and above all, bypassed. Linear, force-on-force thinking represents a failure of the tactical and strategic problem solving method."

Run past the intersection. Use the explosives to blow a hole directly through the security outside wall. That will get you straight in without fighting 2 bots and 2 guards.
No. 266766 ID: 875f44

Modding the grenade will take time, as well as carrying a risk of wasting the grenade and injuring your ally or yourself. Better to use it for its intended purpose. The grenade is meant to punch through tank armor and kill everyone inside; as far as the detonator is concerned there really isn't any difference between the open space in a tank and the open space in a hallway. (At least, there shouldn't be.) It may be less effective in a relatively unconfined area like a hallway but I'm willing to trust that it's built to Tozol standards of overkill. Worst case, it'll be a really good distraction, so you should be ready to make the most of it. Show Mitzi how the grenade works and ask her to fire it after you get in position near the intersection. (If it comes with a timer or she can rig one up so neither one of you has to stay behind, so much the better.)
Once the guards are dealt with, Mitzi can hack the door or you can hack through it at your leisure.
No. 266767 ID: dad664


Here's a thought.

Penji: How long would it take you to fashion a reasonably durable riot shield?
No. 266768 ID: dad664

Oh, and maybe some sort of slicing or piercing thrown weapon would be nice too. You seem to be pretty accurate with that kind of stuff. And above all, that kind of stuff is (mostly) silent.
No. 266773 ID: 76b6f8

the robots and the guards are on watch. If we try sneaking past the intersection we'll be seen.

We can't snipe the guards/robots from the intersection. Our projectile weapon is inaccurate at range.

I bet the entirety of Security is armoured bulkheads. If we try and use a tozol grenade to blow through the bulkheads then we'll make a tiny little hole which will take ages to enlarge. The people inside will hear and be alerted. Then we'll also have to deal with guards and robots coming from behind us.

I say we blast through from engineering and take these guys out now. According to the inventory we've got two human frag grenades. Plus Penji is now wearing armour - I think we're in pretty good shape for this.
No. 266794 ID: b66841

This (explosive grenade strike through the wall) strikes me as a good plan, and more compatible with a shock-and-awe blitzkrieg than chewing through a wall. Optimistically, chewing through that wall after you smash one of the grenades through it will take you 30 seconds. By then, someone on the other side will have come over and be ready to shoot you with bullets.
No. 266795 ID: b66841

We have the weasel bar, so we have a strong melee weapon. Let's steal a riot shield from security.
No. 266825 ID: 76b6f8


Penji thinks she can get through the wall before they've recovered enough to deal with her.
No. 266828 ID: 2563d4

Plant grenade. Head to junction. When grenade blows, charge down corridor and stab/batter disoriented defenders.

Making a hole in that wall is irrelevant if we can't do it faster than we could just run down the corridor. But having something blow up at them in an unexpected direction is still a useful misdirection.
No. 266834 ID: dad664

Why do that when you have ARMORED WALLS all around you which we have been tearing through like butter because we're Tozolhaxstrong?

Just make one from the wall plating. It'd probably be far more durable than a "true" riot shield then.
No. 266837 ID: dad664

Hurr forgot to change my name.
No. 266889 ID: 54af1f

We could also push through chemistry and go around the offices in a long loop to get to the lift, might be easier than trying to fight through security.
No. 266920 ID: b66841

Fighting through security is an investment; it's hard, but we get to steal all their guns.

Alright, in that case I have no opinion as to whether we try to go through a wall, or whether we run down the corridor synchronized with the grenade burst to disable the defenders.
No. 267240 ID: 8555c2

>>Depending on how big a blast it makes on the far side, I can hopefully be through before they've recovered enough to deal with me.
No, she does not know if she is fast enough and if they will be stunned long enough.
No. 267290 ID: 2ea108

I'd bet money we could get through and survive. But we need to be able to start butchering our foemen immediately after this encounter, so let's not soak up more bullets than we have to.

The fact is, this mine really isn't optimized for knocking down walls. We don't actually have a wallhacker bomb. We can kill anyone on the other side of it (maybe) but it won't significantly accelerate our capacity to chew through it, at least not from the sound of things. So let's not try. Let's take advantage of our capability to-

Wait. What if we start digging through the wall, letting them know that we're there. They'll probably set up a perimeter waiting to kill us on the other side - it's not like we haven't been retarded enough in the past for that to seem plausible.

Then, just before we kick through, we drop the wallpuncher mines on it, kill everyone on the other side, then smash our way through the last few rounds and quash any remaining resistance. Brutal murder, interrogation, mockery, and/or medical care of survivors can follow afterwards depending on whatever mood our fractured mind has seized on then.
No. 267337 ID: 632d47

No. 267344 ID: 3d7a30


that plan depends on the other guys doing what we want. What if they send for reinforcements? What if they come through engineering and attack us from behind?
No. 267400 ID: 6242d2

Even if they do that, they'll still have to abandon their fortified position in order to attack us, and we'll have Mitzi providing us a spotter.

This is no slower than attempting to smash through the wall manually, and it can get faster; if run low on time, we can drop the wall-puncher to soften it up and push through more quickly.

If nothing else, we can spend our ammo killing the first wave they send after us so that we can take their guns and use that to kill the rest. We have a very good BATNA, we can afford to be aggressive.
No. 267402 ID: 6242d2

We have no way of killing them off quickly enough to prevent them from radioing for reinforcements. Furthermore, do you really think there aren't already reinforcements on their way? We're already on a time limit.
No. 267620 ID: 3d7a30


You've made two assumptions there that don't necessarily have any basis in fact
No. 267687 ID: 2ea108

Granted. But they seem reasonable. Allow me to share my logic.
"We're already on a time limit."
We've already had contact with the outside world, and they already know that a Tozol is here, and alive, and killing. There's going to be a reaction. If it matches the grandeur of the mythology that seems to be attached to us, it'll be a problem.
"We have no way of killing them off quickly enough to prevent them from radioing for reinforcements."
We only have an unrefined slug weapon, and they're in an emplacement position. They know we're coming. If I was in their position, I'd have a dead-man switch rigged up, so that killing them, and preventing them from hitting a keepalive signal, would itself alert an outside force.
It's possible that they're closed off, but I think it unlikely.
No. 267715 ID: 632d47

They probably still think we're dead, and with the way they're positioned we should be able to kill them all with one grenade and two bullets (it's not THAT inaccurate). And really, anybody who isn't us would just settle for the standard radio-every-ten-minutes setup (and before you say it, we'll probably be spotted anyway long before they notice the emplacement's not checking in).

Of course, breaking in elsewhere is still perfectly viable. Maybe we could use the grenade-through-the-wall as a distraction while we slip around the corner?
No. 267745 ID: 2ea108

Detonating one of our rare and priceless alien artifact grenades and not even killing anyone with it seems... gauche, at best. I can't approve.

I'd forgotten that they thought we were killed by the displacer. (How the fuck did we survive that displacer?) We might have more time than I thought - but they're still going to try to reclaim this facility eventually.

I'm sure we can kill the two guards in front and the combat robots with them without anyone having time to raise an alarm, but I'm working under the assumption that there are more soldiers in the Security section.
No. 268017 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129379702072.png - (8.98KB , 500x500 , TQ722.png )

>How long would it take you to fashion a reasonably durable riot shield?

No. 268018 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129379709350.png - (26.01KB , 500x500 , TQ723.png )

Fuck it.

One irreplaceable munition expended. All glory is fleeting!
No. 268020 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129379720755.png - (17.39KB , 500x500 , TQ724.png )

I get to work opening a path. The explosion echoes up and down the hall. Electronics spark, fire crackles, metal creaks.

"Sergeant Harith," says a voice. It's the one I heard over the comms back in HS3. The one they called Operator.

"An electromagnetic pulse is interfering with radio," it continues. "Damage and source of damage unknown at this time. Sergeant Harith, please reply. All security personnel, please reply."
No. 268024 ID: c2c011

Seems like it did cause a fairly big explosion on the other side. Get on enlarging that hole. Tell Mitzi to shoot anyone she sees moving on the other side.
No. 268029 ID: 2563d4

Poke sensory organ(s) of choice through hole. If there's nobody in a state to shoot you and it would be faster, run around rather than standing about digging at a wall.
No. 268036 ID: 3d7a30

it worked it worked it worked

yesss (punches air)

it's already been established that frag grenades won't have much effect against robots (sadly)

but poke a tail through the hole. If anything's moving out there, stick gun barrel through hole and shot the shit out of it.
No. 268041 ID: 2a8c1d

Do those grenades give off a emp pulse when it detonated?
No. 268043 ID: 2a8c1d

If they do then wouldn’t the two mobile robot turrets be inoperable right now? That would cutting there defensive power around the door in half wouldn’t it? Leaving just the two mechanical man operated turrets to deal with, and the four men that operate them. The turrets are pointed in opposite directions so (theoretically) if we turn the corner and manage to soot the gunner facing us then we win. They will never be able to turn the other turret around in time to use it against us.
No. 268044 ID: dad664

Tozol Grenades cause EMPs.

Robots are made of precious electronics.

Use grenade on robots to EMP said robots.

No. 268053 ID: 2ea108

Bigger hole than I expected. Keep going; it's too late to second guess. Be aggressive and suppress opposition.

Until you have absolute control of the situation, kill your opponents. We can take prisoners and be humane when we aren't in a pocket.
No. 268055 ID: 2ea108

Also, yessssss it worked, LET THE FOE-STOMPING BEGIN
No. 268058 ID: 632d47

I think we did.
No. 268061 ID: 8555c2

Get a tail in there as soon as you can. At first sign of movement, including turret traversing, arm a frag and throw it as best you can to the predicted intercept point (The point at which grenade meets target and explodes). Have it detonate close to the HMG if you can. Pull your tail back and spare a second to take cover. That should go without saying.

Keep working on opening up the wall. Rip and tear like a Tozol. If you can consume any additional resources in your body to expedite the breaching process, do it. Get Mitzi in on the action if she is capable of it. Don't let her slow you down, though.
No. 268079 ID: 1854db

The laser's not working yet and we don't really have any other guns besides the slug thrower. Maybe she could use the slug thrower, but I'm not certain she'd be able to use it as well as Penji.

Direct Mitzi for most efficient opening of wall.
No. 268081 ID: 2563d4

Remember that thing jolted right up in the vice when it fired. Just because Mitzi might be able to rebuild her wrists doesn't mean it's OK to shatter them!
No. 268130 ID: f6360f

If you can sense through that hole and it seems like they're all dead... it might be faster to hightail it around the place instead of tearing your way through. And speed is probably of the essence- reinforcements will be coming and you'll want to have the bodies looted for weapons by the time they arrive. Also, they might close a blast door into the section, which would have its own set of problems.
No. 268145 ID: 2ea108

I agree with this sentiment. Don't bother going through the wall if you can get there faster by sprinting around.
No. 268152 ID: 8540b2

See if you can tell how bad the team is messed up. A emp pulse would have taken out the robots along with radios, computers, ext. If you feel confident in you ability to adapt to the guns messed up aiming and huge kickback. It might be faster to turn the corner and fight them while there confused.
No. 268162 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129386553557.png - (62.90KB , 700x500 , TQ725.png )

Going around would be much faster. I'd just have to hope the machines are inactive.

I peer through the hole.

Neither robot seems to be moving. One's gotten its treads thrown off. Impossible to determine if the guns are operative.

"Help. What. What happened," says a human voice. "What happened. Can anyone hear me. What happened. What happened. Help. Help!"
No. 268163 ID: 2ea108

Oh gunsmith above, I hope that isn't some guy with brain damage bleeding to death or something. That's the last thing I need to see.

Get in there and fuck everyone up. Your riot shield only needs to hold you long enough for you to tip that mobile turret on its side like the dumb piece of crap that it is.
No. 268164 ID: dad664
File 129386585279.jpg - (27.12KB , 460x299 , hc1.jpg )

"Looks like someone..."
No. 268165 ID: dad664
File 129386586215.jpg - (11.46KB , 320x240 , hc2.jpg )

"...set you up the bomb."
No. 268166 ID: 2ea108

So, that guy who's begging for help and explanation... Look, he's tugging at my heartstrings, profoundly. I want to help him, I am full of neighborly inclination. But first, get in there and kill or incapacitate anyone in there with the means or inclination to oppose you.

You like killing, right?

Get in there and kill.
No. 268167 ID: 2ea108

Oh hey that guy has a gun! With way more bullets than yours! Go scrape it off him and use it to hurt or kill other people.
No. 268169 ID: f6360f

If those guns aren't disabled, they're likely at least damaged. Go around, top speed, and have Mitzi follow close behind as soon as it looks like you're not going to get immediately shot while moving. Use the shield in case they're still able to shoot you; if they are, hopefully you'll be able to return fire with your heavy slugthrower to decent effect. Don't worry about conserving ammo, since you'll have much more shortly.

Then quickly loot the bodies- knock out or kill any wounded unless they seem able to provide immediately useful information- and see about getting into security proper. Reinforcements will be en route, and you want to be more of a badass than you currently are when they arrive.
No. 268170 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129386727284.png - (17.13KB , 500x500 , TQ726.png )

I take off. Mitzi knows by now to start running when I do. I'm still holding the weasel bar, but I have time to switch it for the slugthrower if you think I should.

"New plan!" I say. "We're going around!"

"There's guns!" she says. "Robots! Guys! Guns! Are they dead? I heard voices!"

"You can stay behind, again," I snap.

"Should I? Penji. Penji! Should I?"
No. 268171 ID: dad664

"Rule number 72 of combat! Never let your enemy know where you're coming from!"
No. 268173 ID: 2ea108

"Follow me, don't go down the hallway until I give the all-clear!"
No. 268174 ID: 2ea108

Uh, the killing zone hallway, I mean. Basically, you can afford to go sprinting down a hallway that only PROBABLY has no one with guns still breathing at the other end. She can't. So you need to go ahead and soften them up.
No. 268177 ID: f6360f

"No, but give me a good lead- this could get tricky!"

Swap the weasel bar for the slugthrower, with the hope that you can use it while charging to hit anything shooting at you faster than you can run up and stab it. A shield bash is probably going to be almost as effective as the weasel bar in melee against these guys anyway, so best to have a ranged option available.
No. 268186 ID: 2ea108

No. 268190 ID: 70e5c6

Shout a quick apology and tell her to stick with you but play it safe if she wants.

Swap for slugthrower in case you need to take out robots.

Attempt to taken human prisoner alive unless killing them is your only real option. You can get more up-to-date info on current security strength and deployments through them.
No. 268194 ID: 0ef56a

Give her a decisive no and then apologize as soon as there's time for being snippy in a hot combat situation.

also jesus fucking christ tozol munitions do NOT fuck around. Operator is flipping out, you fucking DECIMATED... what, everything there?

Best speed to that robot, turn it the fuck over before anything can fix that EMP damage. Use the weasel bar for leverage, if it helps--there's got to be a long, wedge-shaped prybar type shape in that thing. If the guy even twitches in your direction, pick the fucker up by the head with your foot and slam him into the wall. Repeatedly, if needed, though I think the BIGASS HOLE from the grenade will be a good socket to fit it in.
No. 268195 ID: 1854db

Tell her the men are down and the robots probably disabled by the EMP in the grenade.

Make sure she knows what we're about to run into and fuck up. Keep her informed.

Use the weasel bar to smash the fuck out of the robot and kill the wounded dude, then start getting a hole opened in that door/wall.
No. 268198 ID: f6360f

>Keep her informed.

That sounds time-consuming. Charging now, explaining later if ever.
No. 268206 ID: e4e922

keep the weasel bar. You can use it one-handed and defend yourself with the riot shield.

Don't kill that guy if you can avoid it
No. 268210 ID: 2563d4

Nah. The slugthrower is uselessly inaccurate at range so you need to close to engage. If you're going to close to engage, you may as well use your bar designed for prying stuff apart to pry apart some robots.
No. 268212 ID: c2c011

Tell her to toss a grenade in through the hole. Or just fire some randomly in there to distract them. Or hit a robutt if she can. Meanwhile you go around and fuck up everyone who isn't yet fucked up.
No. 268216 ID: 54af1f


Tell her to follow close behind and actually explain what's going on as you run. She already doesn't really trust you, so you need to give her information.
No. 268236 ID: 2ea108

Seconding this. We really can't afford to exacerbate our relationship with Mitzi. First off, don't let my sane exterior fool you, I'm going to make you get libidinous with her eventually. Second off, as far as she's concerned, you've already proven yourself unreliable and slightly crazy, so if you want her around as support, you're going to need to explain why you're doing things.

You have an advantage in this in that, unlike the freezer thing, there's actually a reason for this little change of plans. The EMP fragged the bots, the people there are either dead or metaphorically dead... it's thoroughly softened up. No real reason not to save time and blitzkrieg down the hall instead of chewing open the barrier.
No. 268244 ID: 8555c2

Kill that motherfucker and both bots.

If you are going to be merciful to the people trying to kill you, get his helmet and any communication gear away from him then minderape and kill. You don't have the slack here to leave survivors that can give away information about you.
No. 268245 ID: 2ea108

I dunno about killing everyone here as a priority. But don't bother taking prisoners or pulling your blows unless you've already established absolute control over the situation.
No. 268267 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129391557217.png - (22.22KB , 500x500 , TQ727.png )

"Pressure and EMP effects," I quickly say. "Should provide a brief period of vulnerability. Give me a wide lead in case there isn't."

She nods as we reach the corner leading to Security.

I take a second, and I mean one second, to think about my approach. Running straight in might be the only option, but if you have any bright ideas, let me know. You're my brain, right? That's what you're for.
No. 268268 ID: c2c011

They probably got some darkvision stuff so that taking out the lights won't work. Smoke grenade or just any other grenade thrown in among them should work out to give you some extra time to close with them.
No. 268269 ID: 2563d4

It's a brief period. You already wasted the opportunity of the jabberwocks. Run.
No. 268270 ID: dad664

Serpentine pattern. Hold the shield up to deflect bullets, if any. How agile are you? Agile enough to be able to bounce from wall to wall? Do that if you can. Once everything is clear give the go ahead for Mitzi to come down. Maybe she can use that techie brain of hers to jury-rig one of the guns from those tanks, or cannibalize some of the parts to fix the lasgun.
No. 268271 ID: 8555c2

Go. Shield in front. when you reach them, drop shield, flip tank 1, crush guy's skull with foot, flip tank 2.
No. 268273 ID: 1854db

How strong are you? Can you use that corpse as a better bullet shield? Or THROW the corpse?
No. 268275 ID: 2ea108

Okay, shit, brain things. Time pressure.

Dammit, you don't have a lot of options. You've got heavy armor, a disoriented enemy, a riot shield, and you're fast as hell.

Throw a grenade - a normal human grenade, not a tozol wallhack grenade - down the hallway so it explodes at or near the base of one of the turrets. Start running down the hallway a second before it goes off.

The purpose of the grenade is not so much to destroy the turret as to completely fuck with the ability of whomever's controlling it to aim at you or figure out what the hell is going on.

When you charge an emplaced position, pop smoke. Well, you don't have smoke, but you do have a hand grenade.

Trust in your armor, shield, and natural resilience to weather the blast wave. Given that you've been shot in the head without getting more than pissed off, I predict that you will be fine. Lay your ears back, though, don't want to deafen.
No. 268276 ID: 2ea108

Don't use the corpse, bullets went in the front and came out the back. Angle the shield for deflection rather than absorption.
No. 268277 ID: 2ea108

Do the serpentine. Do not bounce from wall to wall.
No. 268278 ID: 2ea108

No, don't serpentine until that thing starts shooting.
No. 268282 ID: f6360f

Was it absolutely necessary to use four separate posts to say all that?

Crazy dodging action will slow down the charge, and more time spent charging is more time to get shot. Only use it if it becomes apparent that you're under heavy fire and the riot shield ain't gonna save you.

Agreeing to lead with a grenade, then charge is as fast as you can with the shield up for deflection.
No. 268284 ID: d60b6c

Throw an article of clothing into the hallway. If the guns are active and have motion sensors, they should shoot at it.
No. 268285 ID: f6360f

We're using a grenade for that.
No. 268304 ID: 632d47

No. 268319 ID: e4e922

you're a strong and accurate enough thrower to land a grenade right in the optics of the turret facing you. Do it and then run like hell towards enemies wielding weasel bar and shield.
No. 268322 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129393017882.png - (21.58KB , 500x500 , TQ728.png )

Hey, weren't we going to avoid killing that one guy?

Oh well. I throw a grenade down the hallway and then run after it.
No. 268327 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129393063397.png - (35.58KB , 500x500 , TQ729.png )

Halfway to the target, a hidden explosive detonates, slamming the makeshift shield into my side and barraging me with a wave of bullet-like pellets.
No. 268328 ID: 2563d4

Keep running.
No. 268330 ID: f6360f

Well, slowing or stopping at this point isn't going to do shit for you; your only decent move is to tough it out and power through. Hopefully that was the only mine; it doesn't seem like it was that powerful, at least, and your shield looks to have taken the brunt of the blast. I hope your feet are okay.
No. 268332 ID: c2c011

Oh hey, a claymore. Probably a motion sensor one. But you're still up and in the game, so keep on running and get over there for some ripping and tearing. And don't bother with taking prisoners.
No. 268334 ID: 54af1f

Check Mitzi isn't hurt.
No. 268339 ID: f6360f

There is no time for this, nor purpose in it. At this point if we stop charging all-out for any reason we might die. So if she's hurt or not it will not change our course of action. Also we told her to give us a lead so she's fine unless she got spectacularly unlucky.

>Hey, weren't we going to avoid killing that one guy?
That seems like a waste of effort. There will be other people to capture.
No. 268344 ID: 632d47

That's why you're wearing the EOD suit in the first place. Keep moving.
No. 268347 ID: 37ee00

Well. It's a good thing we tossed SOMEthing down the hall. Too bad it wasted a grenade.

Should we try some rubble? See if there's any other explosive traps down the hall?
No. 268348 ID: 8555c2

Turn around, head back. It won't take that long and you won't get hit by mines 2-50.
No. 268357 ID: 8555c2


Please report your post and this post and put "move to /questdis/" as the reason. Mod please delete this post after moving other one.
No. 268358 ID: 283fa9

Okay, I see two options.

One, we backtrack, and we both go around with Mitzi.
Two, we forge ahead... and have Mitzi go around, since most likely there are more mines that will just kill her.

So my vote is us going back around with her. Also, quickly see if you can do a scan with your senses, to see if you can 'read' more mines up ahead. Would be nice to know if you can see them for next time.
No. 268359 ID: 6a4399

>Hey, weren't we going to avoid killing that one guy?
Fuck that guy and everyone near him.

>Halfway to the target, a hidden explosive detonates, slamming the makeshift shield into my side and barraging me with a wave of bullet-like pellets.
Good god damn, I can't believe I forgot that mines existed. I am an idiot. There are probably several more mines ahead. Well, we should probably turn arou-

>That's why you're wearing the EOD suit in the first place. Keep moving.
>At this point if we stop charging all-out for any reason we might die.
>you're still up and in the game, so keep on running and get over there for some ripping and tearing.
>Well, slowing or stopping at this point isn't going to do shit for you; your only decent move is to tough it out and power through.
>Keep running.
Goddammit. Fine, continue. Try to protect your feet and try to go in fast and in bouncing strides to avoid setting off any more mines than necessary.

First, tell Mitzi to head back. She needs to go back to the hole in the wall, we'll let her through from the other side. She can't risk getting hit by one of these mines, she'd get blown to pieces.

When you get to the other side, your feet are going to be in shit shape. Secure the area and get ready to do some first aid.
No. 268373 ID: f1df52

Well, once you are riding the tiger, you cannot get off. That armoury had better contain some miniguns or something for you to dual-wield.
No. 268378 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129394710946.png - (13.25KB , 500x500 , TQ730.png )

My legs are bleeding, but most of the blast hit my upper body. The armor took the brunt of the damage. I'm still mobile.

The bot opens fire.
No. 268379 ID: 632d47

Shoot it.
No. 268380 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129394745851.png - (32.47KB , 500x500 , TQ731.png )

My grenade goes off. This sets off another mine, obscuring the bot behind a cloud of fire and smoke.

Its fire grows less accurate, but I'm still taking direct hits.

The bot's firing beastly heavy rounds that go right through my shield. It's slowing them down, however. Only serious damage so far is a shot in my thigh, slowing me down.

I can return fire and hope that accomplishes something, or just focus on running.
No. 268381 ID: f6360f

Christ, this is going to be close.

Run forward as fast as possible, shifting position in the hallway to try and keep it less accurate, keeping that shield up... if you've got the reflexes and strength to accomplish all that while still firing on the bot with any decent chance at damaging its turret, do so. Otherwise just run.

In retrospect, we had a hole in the wall. We should have pitched all our grenades through it and/or used the slugthrower there, THEN tried this. Not like that bit of hindsight is going to do us any good right now, but lesson learned for the future.
No. 268383 ID: 0ef56a

Better to be alive and out of anmmo than dead.
Spend a slug. If it isn't disabled enough for you to close range enough to tip the fucker over, spend another one.
No. 268385 ID: 2ea108

Don't retreat. By the time we got out of the line of fire, we could have closed to killing range three times over.

Advance. Close to melee ASAP. Try to stay out of the line of fire, obviously.

While you advance, fire the slug-thrower at the turret. You have no reason to conserve resources at this point. Go ahead and fire as fast as you want - anything you do to fuck up the turret is good.

When you get to the turret, kill the ammo feed with the slug-thrower, using it as a club if necessary, then flip it and use it for cover. At that point take a couple seconds to estimate your injuries.
No. 268389 ID: 701a19

Specifically, the robot turrets. If those heavy MGs are still working when you take the position then you can use your solid build to wield that like it's not a SAW.
No. 268391 ID: 1854db

No. 268393 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129395200526.png - (22.36KB , 700x500 , TQ732.png )

Fuck this. I unload the magazine.
No. 268394 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129395207679.png - (15.48KB , 500x500 , TQ733.png )

The heavy rounds slam into the machine's turret. The rounds start flying by my left side. I hang right.
No. 268395 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129395217948.png - (19.46KB , 500x500 , TQ734.png )

I get beside the machine. It's a fucking mess up here.

Two doors have been peeled half open, one labeled 'ROBOT ENTRY,' the other what looks to be the MAIN ENTRANCE.
No. 268396 ID: f6360f

Finish disabling that gun, then call Mitzi up here. Since you just ran down that hallway, there shouldn't be any more mines.

Check the bodies of the guards for usable armaments.
No. 268397 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129395236373.png - (16.78KB , 500x500 , TQ735.png )

The bot continues firing to my left, traversing towards me, but I have a moment to react.

The second robot is still facing down its side of the corridor, motionless for now.

Two of the guards have been turned to flecks of meat and metal. One's a dead tangle. The last, the one that spoke before, is propped up against the wall. I can't tell if he's going to shoot me.

I drop my empty gun. All I have left is the Weasel Bar, a Tozol Grenade, and a Human Grenade.
No. 268398 ID: 0ef56a

If you have the mobility, make out to surprise the fucker by snatching his gun with a foot.
No. 268400 ID: f6360f

Weasel bar->throwing axe, hit him in the face with it before he has the chance to shoot. If he's dead already, all you lose is a second or two retrieving it.

Then smash the gun before it can shoot you. Your shield should make an adequate bashing weapon even if there's no time to get the weasel bar back.
No. 268401 ID: 1854db

Get to him quick and take his gun(s), and then make sure the turret does not remain mobile. Via liberal application of weasel bar.
No. 268403 ID: 0ef56a

Are you crazy? The weasel bar is our primary weapon now. We have a severe shortage of guns, too. We should take his. A better thing to do is throw our now-useless slugthrower at him while grabbing at the gun with one foot, so that he's doubly distracted--if he's alive.
No. 268405 ID: 2ea108

> The second robot is still facing down its side of the corridor, motionless for now.
It's probably ruined. Ha. Just think, if we had gone down the corridor from the other direction...

> Two of the guards have been turned to flecks of meat and metal. One's a dead tangle.
Fuck those guys.

> The last, the one that spoke before, is propped up against the wall. I can't tell if he's going to shoot me.
Fuck him too. Throw something at his head.

> I drop my empty gun.
Don't do that. Throw it at that asshole with the gun and kill him with it.

> The bot continues firing to my left, traversing towards me, but I have a moment to react. All I have left is the Weasel Bar, a Tozol Grenade, and a Human Grenade.
Destroy the ammo feed for the turret with the weasel bar. Make

>Weasel bar->throwing axe, hit him in the face with it before he has the chance to shoot.
Do not use our priceless and irreplaceable alien artifact multitool as a projectile.
No. 268407 ID: 8555c2

Flip shooting tank (don't expose yourself to guy), move to guy, grapple gun with open grasper and kill him with anything you want to. Flip second tank.
No. 268409 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129395501593.png - (30.55KB , 500x500 , TQ736.png )

I take the human's LMG away.

Hot air swirls around the hallway. Whatever's inside the main entrance, it's on fire.

The robot ahead of me lurches forwards, stops, and begins turning around. Its turret is immobile.

The one behind continues traversing its damaged turret towards me.
No. 268410 ID: 0ef56a

Hopefully the one with the immobile turret will spool out its tread, and the fire will fool both their sensors.
Try to get them to shoot each other, will you?
No. 268411 ID: 2ea108

Trying to get them to shoot each other would be ten points for style, minus several million points for practicality.

Put down the PKM. Axe-murder the ammo feed of the turret tracking you, then the other one.

Pose resplendent in victory for a second, and prepare for Mitzi to give you shit for stampeding down Minefield Alley.
No. 268412 ID: 8555c2

Slam your shield down as hard as you can on the tip of the barrel of the turret that is traversing towards you. A nice backarm swing from where you are standing should do nicely. Point is to bend it and obstruct it. Then go over to the one with the stuck turret and flip it. Then go back to the first and flip it too.

Tell Mitzi to go the long, safe way back, unless she insists on trying to run the hallway. Advise against it going through the open hallway.
No. 268415 ID: 8540b2

The last tank we shoot its seniors and it stopped working. Go for the ammo feed because it would be most affective, but if that’s not an option try smashing its seniors.
No. 268416 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129395776168.png - (32.20KB , 500x500 , TQ737.png )

I immobilize the mobile one, then disarm the armed one with an axe head in the ammo feed.

Suddenly, I hear footsteps over the fire. I snatch a foot out to grab the LMG.

"Shit!" says a human.

The hot air from the fire masked his approach from my blindsight. It's hard to read air currents when they're doing their own thing.

"What the fuck hap- Who is-" he says, spotting me.

It sees human armor. It'll take another second to realize I'm a target.
No. 268417 ID: 8555c2

Ditch the shield. Jump in head first. Have yourself a ball.
No. 268418 ID: 8555c2

Don't forget the rape face. Too bad they won't get to see it with your helmet on.
No. 268420 ID: 8540b2

Charge them gun blazing, weasel bar short sword, or with tozel claws and strength. What ever you want just move fast through them and that door way. If they pull back then put a human grenade in there after them and proceed to cut robot two’s ammo feed.
No. 268421 ID: 2ea108

Oh, hey! Some dudes! In melee range! And you have a riot shield and an axe!

Jump in there and go medieval on their asses. For once an uncomplicated situation...
No. 268422 ID: 0ef56a

If there's something in the database that'd work, start the weasel bar changing into something that'd be rather psychologically intimidating to them as you dive at them and RIP AND TEAR. I will reiterate my "grab one by the head and slam it into the wall" suggestion now, and probably again in the future.

I guess you should use the LMG but I'm not exactly sure how.
No. 268430 ID: 8540b2

We could make the weasel bar into a dagger (short sword, what ever) and have it change shape in battle. Like if Penji stabbed them with the knife. She could have it turn into a small mace (for a split second) with long thin spikes the stab them form within. She just pulls out a knife for the man that is falling for the floor.
We could even direct the spikes the heart for more vital damage. If a opponent where to doges by a small margin of distance in a fight. Then, she could reshape the blade so that it hits.
The thing has crazy potential.
No. 268431 ID: 701a19

You've got an armor-piercing heavy machine gun, they've got a bottleneck.

Put lots of holes in not so many bodies, Penji.
No. 268434 ID: 1854db

Use melee combat against close-range heavily-armored foes.
No. 268435 ID: 18c6d7

I say spray them with the LMG, then move in to melee range. Unless I am mistaken, and we do not have the LMG at the ready.
No. 268436 ID: 701a19

Penji is mistaken; that is not a light machine gun. You don't deploy light machine guns in two-man teams at a choke point, as a light machine gun does not require an assistant. It makes FAR more sense to issue one to each soldier if you have the hardware available, and doubly so for a stationary position.
Then there's the penetration; that's too much for a a weapon in the LMG range, although it certainly can't compare to the destructive power of a .50cal BMG.
I'd peg it as a Medium Machine Gun.

Regardless, there's too much debris in the way to make rushing them the safe option. Put holes in them instead.
No. 268448 ID: c2c011

Human grenade to their face. Throw it with enough force to crack the faceplate. Then get into cover and prepare to open up with the LMG.

Definitions change with time. The injured one didn't seem to have any real problems in holding it up himself and it didn't have any supports out. So that thing is probably considered a one man weapon, possibly even one that can reliably be aimed from the shoulder while standing up. Remember, these guys have gone through a couple of augments and shit. They're capable of wielding quite heavy weapons without any real problems.
No. 268453 ID: 701a19

A single person can CARRY and HOLD a MMG or HMG pretty easily. They might even be able to fire an MMG 'from the hip' if braced properly.
The major differences that strength and enhancements can't handle are the much stronger recoil, keeping the ammo belt feed clear, spotting, and misc other assistance that crops up.

Of course, none of this changes the fact that this weapon tore right through a steel plate and still managed to barely pierce the EOD suit's heavy armor.
No. 268455 ID: f1df52

Get up against the door, next to the hole. Stab them through the hole.
No. 268457 ID: c2c011

No that was the gun on the robot. Which looked like a HMG. What she got from the dying soldier was an LMG.
No. 268458 ID: 2563d4

Guys, for fuck's sake. Dis is over here: >>/questdis/316424
No. 268463 ID: 632d47

Open fire from where you stand with your new GPMG :V
No. 268465 ID: 54af1f


Jump into them if they're close enough, LMG if not. Did we want to take one of these guys alive?
No. 268482 ID: dad664

Lunge backwards, bring that LMG up with your feet and unload.

Let's see what those two-steppers can do, Penji!
No. 268503 ID: 180ec2

If your selected course of action is not an overtly violent one, eg. shooting the guards, then while you are doing whatever you are doing, attempt to misdirect them by shouting in a panicked tone that something hostile detonated an explosive, and is taking cover behind the corner down the hallway. If they are sufficiently stressed already, they might get distracted or even start to run down the hallway, leaving their backs turned. Since this only involves talking, the worst that could result is no different than if you had said nothing, which is them noticing that you aren't human.
No. 268603 ID: 8555c2

I don't think you will but in the event you get stuck while jumping through the door, grab the nearest guy and pull him close and kill him. Use the body as a temporary shield while you work loose.
No. 268831 ID: 3d7a30

don't mess about. Just shoot them with the downed guard's machine gun
No. 269202 ID: 221021

Point down the corridor and shout "Quick, that way!"
No. 269300 ID: 476456

Throw something heavy~
No. 269941 ID: 15b51b
File 129456552988.png - (23.13KB , 500x500 , TQ738.png )

I leap at them, dragging the LMG along with my launching foot.

They open fire.
No. 269942 ID: 15b51b
File 129456597454.png - (40.68KB , 700x500 , TQ739.png )

I drop the gun and the shield bounding through the rent in the door. I don't dare slow down. The weasel bar finds a target, and I crumple another's faceplate in my left hand, snapping its head violently back.

The other two traverse heavy weapons towards me. A gyroc launcher and a smoothbore.
No. 269944 ID: 8555c2

Do the same thing with the next two. Leave the guns intact.
No. 269945 ID: 26adcd

Guns in close quarters are a mess waiting to happen. even with the armor weight you can ruin their lines of fire by evading and putting that first poor bastard in the way. Keep whackin' and hackin' and smackin'.
No. 269947 ID: 7c0299

Ha ha. Silly humans.

Step back, plant your foot in the dude-you're-currently-holding's chest and kick him onto his buddies.

Bonus points if you could manage it without releasing his head.
No. 269948 ID: bffa2a

Fuck the guns. Step between them, smack their guns wide if you have to and repeat head popping. Don't get hit and keep it simple.
No. 269949 ID: c328b9

Do not stop until every enemy in the hallway has ceased movement entirely.
No. 269950 ID: 1854db

Keep moving your left hand, grabbing and yanking the gun out of the first soldier's hand, continuing the movement to shove the other soldier off balance. Kill the first soldier then disarm the second, and see if there are any others around.

We want to take the last one alive. Break his arms and legs.
No. 269951 ID: f6360f

Keep moving. Don't let them finish getting their weapons on you. Move yourself/a body so that they can't shoot without shooting through one of their own; your attack pattern can likewise include moving to block their line of fire for the quarter-second it'll take you to kill them both in melee.

When they're dead, make sure there's no one else right here, then get Mitzi up here- making sure that gun won't shoot her- and loot the bodies quickly quickly. You've got to move fast now; they'll be sending even more troops. Fortunately, plenty of weapons are now at hand to deal with said troops.
No. 269964 ID: 2563d4

Tozol the guy with the smoothbore first.
No. 269972 ID: cd691a

Keep going forward. Use left hand to grab left gun and pull it away. Apply axe to right gunman.
No. 269973 ID: 632d47

Take them out. Go for the smoothbore first.
No. 269974 ID: 18c6d7

I'm gonna agree with this.

We can collect weapons after we've cleared out this area.
No. 269975 ID: 3d7a30

what everyone else has said.

Longarms are unwieldy at close quarters. Get inside their lines of fire. Take them out.
No. 269978 ID: c71597

You're already moving forward. So get in between them and fuck them up, they shouldn't have time to even react before you rip them apart.
No. 270006 ID: 5bd740

Longarms, lines of fire, get inside them, rip and tear. You know the drill.

The rest of your brain seems to have this covered fairly well, so I'm going to head out back and start fantasizing about emotional intimacy with Mitzi. Mmmm, relationships.
No. 270014 ID: 15b51b
File 12946076925.png - (44.09KB , 500x500 , TQ740.png )

I dash past the gyroc gunner, who goes full auto. The other doesn't get a round off.

Rockets bounce and corkscrew around like an ammunition dump on fire. One digs into my suit instead of bouncing off, then explodes against my side.
No. 270016 ID: 2563d4

Oh look, one Tozol vs one human at close range.
No. 270017 ID: d96936

Recover, kill him, and get you some gyrocs.
No. 270018 ID: 8555c2

Why didn't you kill them both at the same time like the last two guys you killed at the same time. Obviously you can get both at once.

Kill the other guy.
No. 270019 ID: f6360f

Twist around, kill the remaining guy, and use his body to mostly shield you from the rockets flying everywhere until they're gone.

Then assess your newest injury.
No. 270020 ID: bffa2a

Well, we wanted one alive for some reason. Grab the gyroc gun and twist it under his chin. Dare him to shoot. If more are coming right away then just kill.
No. 270025 ID: 15b51b
File 129461185365.png - (31.02KB , 500x500 , TQ741.png )

>Kill him
He recoils at the last instant and starts to say something, but it ends in a gurgle from an empty neck.
No. 270027 ID: 15b51b
File 129461188552.png - (8.26KB , 500x500 , TQ742.png )

Vibrations from boots on metal echo through the structure. Through the door at the end of the hallway, an alarm howls.

Halfway there, something, I figure a security checkpoint, is aflame. Hot air boils out, making it harder for my blindsight to work. A penetrator from the anti-tank grenade must have ricocheted in there.

My side hurts, but I was lucky. The round detonated outside the innermost suit layer. I've got fragments in my muscles, but nothing even scratched my bone plates.

>Why didn't you kill them both at the same time like the last two guys you killed at the same time.
This isn't a fucking wargame! I do not have an attack rating! They were both reacting.

>we wanted one alive
No. 270028 ID: 653ea0

Aww, didn't even get last words.
No. 270029 ID: 2563d4

Take a moment to find a weapon you can actually hit things with at range and some cover.
No. 270031 ID: f6360f

No, don't worry about it- there's no time for interrogations anyway. More people are coming to kill you.

Move fast. Tell Mitzi to grab a gun, stay close, and shoot anything that isn't you- things are about to get chaotic and you don't want her left behind.

Loot the bodies quickly for any weaponry which catches your eye- I recommend grenades and any gun which would be able to punch through the kind of armor they're wearing. Recover your shield as well; you're probably going to be doing another full frontal charge or three before the day's over.

And then move up with all speed into the section proper. Perhaps throw a grenade into the security checkpoint on principle as you pass it.
No. 270033 ID: 45be60

Alright boys and girls, quick review, lest we get committed to something we don't need to do. What were the reason's for breaking into security over taking the lift? Anything beyond acquiring weapons?

'Cause there's some now. We stay more alive by minimizing combat than by finding the largest caliber munitions available. This trip has already been costly.
No. 270034 ID: bffa2a

No matter, didin't really want one anyway. Loot guns, ammo, grenades and objects that open doors (explosive or not). Take LMG and strap gyroc on back. Yell Mitzi to move and have her take a rifle.

Make it fast, you're moving immeadetly.
No. 270035 ID: 8555c2

Grab smoothbore and scrounge for ammo. Tell Mitzi to grab the two ARs and cut off one of the ammo harnesses and bring it with her.
No. 270037 ID: f6360f

Our current objective is the armory, where we can apparently get a large quantity of counter-suppress and some serious weaponry. That's supposedly directly above Security, or up the main lift and then back to over where security was but one level up.

My thoughts on this are that it would probably be more dangerous to bust through whatever they have guarding the main lift on this level, whatever they have guarding the main lift on the next level, AND whatever they have guarding the entrance to the armory than it would be to just slaughter everything in this Security section and then go straight up. This is particularly true because we're burning our element of surprise right now- if we give them any more time to react than we absolutely must, everyone will be warned about us and told exactly how dangerous we are.
No. 270040 ID: 8555c2

If some other guard in the future is facing imminent death and tries to say something, and we aren't in direct threat of harm, let him finish the sentence. If it isn't to the tune of "I surrender" kill him.
No. 270046 ID: 54af1f

Take whichever of the guns here you're most comfortable with and keep pushing forward before they can reorganize.
No. 270048 ID: f6360f

I would consider us to be in direct threat of harm right now, since we know more heavily armed troops are coming to kill us. Also, we are in no position to watch or secure prisoners.

Killing that guy the right move. We can accept surrender from someone visibly unarmed or when we reasonably believe that we'll have a few minutes with no additional enemies coming to fuck with us. Before then, it's a risk we can't afford to take.
No. 270049 ID: 1854db

Ah, nevermind about the interrogation. It was appropriate to kill that guy, now that everyone else is coming to kill us. Move forward, taking both heavy guns if possible.
No. 270081 ID: 2ea108

Take Smoothbore. Stow smoothbore on back. Take assault rifle. Wield assault rifle. Advance to next room. Breach/bang/clear
No. 270087 ID: d8764f

>we wanted one alive


This might be a bit off the wall, but he's not been dead very long and his head (and brain) seems to be reasonably intact. Do you think Mitzi could hack his gibson before he cools off and entropy sets in? Or is this the kind of thing she'd probably object to?
No. 270094 ID: bffa2a

No, no, it's okay. Takes too long. If you ask me the only interrigations that are useful in a situation like this are the ones where you bang their heads repeatedly on a door you want them to open. Everything else is done in peace without fear of sudden hail of bullets.

Estimates on contact Penji? Do we need to cut salvaging short or do we have the time to make an explosive surprise at the far end of the corridor?
No. 270121 ID: 15b51b
File 129464015458.png - (10.88KB , 500x500 , TQ743.png )

Since I've already got some rifle mags (2x20 Sabot, 1x20 FMJ), I snag an AR. I also find ammunition for the big beefy pistol I've been carrying around (3x7 API), which I take on sheer principle. It should go through armor at close range.

I need to decide which heavy weapon to choose. I can take two, but three longarms clattering around, plus the bomb suit, plus my shield, plus ammunition, plus grenades will be really awkward.

On that note, there's more grenades here than I can carry, all either fragmentation or flashbang. I can carry maybe six grenades, plus my antitank bomb, before I'll run out of places to put them.

I could organize this better if I had more time, but I'm not willing to take that chance. I need to either move down the hallway or get out of here.

>Estimates on contact Penji?
Somewhere between 'any second' and 'until relief arrives.'
No. 270122 ID: 3416ec

Take the smoothbore. The airburst rounds will be handy with soldiers hiding behind cover.
No. 270132 ID: 8555c2

Fuck the LMG that useless piece of shit. Bounces off shields, armor, and jabberwocks. You'd get better damage using it as a club.

Leave the AR here. You'll get another soon and won't be using it for this fight. Get smoothbore, gyroc, ammo for each, and frags. Run down the hallway towards the footsteps. Arm and toss a frag in each doorway of the checkpoint and keep running to the footsteps. You have tempo. Keep going. Don't slow down.
No. 270136 ID: dad664

Use the Smoothbore for yourself, hand Mitzi the LMG. She is now your gun rack. Hell, if you can convince her to try to make some extra tentacle arms on her back, give her the LMG -and- the Gyroc Launcher to hold on her back, while she continues to fiddle with the Lasgun in her hands.

2 Flashbangs, the rest Frag.
No. 270143 ID: f6360f

>I need to either move down the hallway or get out of here.
Down the hallway works. If that door is open, chuck a grenade that you wouldn't be able to carry anyway through it to cover your charge and make sure that they won't be coming up fast enough to have a clean shot down the corridor at you and Mitzi.

Take the smoothbore; it's the most likely to be able to kill anything you come up against, yes? There will likely be more copies of everything else available. Have Mitzi grab the gyroc, since it's second in terms of firepower, and another grenade or two.

Then charge down the hallway, having Mitzi keep close. Toss a grenade into the checkpoint on principle as you pass it, but don't go inside or bother with more than a glance. Burst through the doorway as quickly as you can, preferably immediately after your a frag goes off when they'll hopefully still be stunned or shielding themselves.
No. 270146 ID: 26adcd

How far down the hall could you accurately pitch one of those grenades? You might be able to buy yourself some extra time with a good throw, flashbang or frag.
Weapon priority is basically top-to bottom on the pic.
Be sure to take a mix of flash and frag, as they require different measures to defend against. 3 and 3. If Mitzi feels she can advance, make sure she takes some as well, at the very least to make sure none of them are set off by random fire.
No. 270155 ID: 1854db

The Gyroc is good at long and medium range... longer the better. You're already deadly at melee range, we have the pistol for short range, and the AR for medium if we want. It fits our choices.

Mitzi can have the smoothbore, which is more of a general purpose weapon I think?
No. 270161 ID: 632d47

You take the smoothbore, Mitzi takes the gyroc.
No. 270166 ID: 2563d4

Take smoothbore. Unless Mitzi thinks she can actually fire that laser, have her swap it for a nice, dependable AR. And lug the Gyroc about if she can because you can never have enough ranged explosives.
No. 270171 ID: c71597

You take the Gyroc and smoothbore. Mitzi can take the LMG. By the way she should be near now, yell at her to move up a bit faster.

Grab 6 frags. We don't really need anyone of them alive as a prisoner, we would only have to kill him or her later. But if any of them feel like giving up then you can of course postpone their death until you get whatever information they hold.

Anyway, once Mitzi is up and armed you two need to advance forwards to the room to the right and get in there. Can't stand around in the hallway like some targets just waiting to be shot.
No. 270188 ID: 54af1f

No. 270550 ID: a6008c

Give Mitzi the all clear, hand her the gyroc, load up on 4 frags and 2 flashbangs, take the smoothbore, and get going. The only direction right now is "out."
No. 270622 ID: 3d7a30

let's think about this for a moment. The smoothbore and gyroc are both support weapons - neither is capable of rapid automatic fire.

I say we arm Mitzi with the machine gun - it fires more bullets, she's more likely to hit things. At the very least she will be providing suppression fire.

Keep the AR. Arm yourself with either smoothbore or gyroc (I don't think it will make a massive difference). Fire explosive rounds down hallway. The last thing we need is people firing at us as we run along that narrow space.
No. 270737 ID: 632d47

The gyroc is described as being fully automatic. Besides, the LMG can't reliably penetrate body armor or Jabberwock hides, while the gyroc can.
No. 270745 ID: 2ea108

I'll second this except for the following: Keep Mitzi under cover. She's really not qualified to get in to a firefight of this intensity. She'd be a liability, and she might be hurt or killed. That'd be bad for everyone.
No. 270748 ID: f6360f

Cover? What cover? We've got a long hallway here. If she stays behind, she'll be so far back that it'll be hard to communicate and keep from getting separated- potentially fatal, considering that we need to move fact through hostile territory. The only cover the in the hallway is that checkpoint, which is on fire and probably going to have ammo explosions in short order, so she definitely doesn't want to be near it or have it between us and her. Which leaves her with the option of sticking to our heels and trying to not get killed. She can hang back a little while we draw fire and kill everything, but that's basically as protected as we can keep her.
No. 270754 ID: 6071d3

Pull the pin on one or two of the grenades you don't have room for before you make a run for it.
To make things even more interesting: take whichever weapon you decide not keep and empty its remaining clip to cover your retreat. Ditch it when empty.
No. 271955 ID: 15b51b
File 129518255962.png - (19.03KB , 500x500 , TQ745.png )

I pick the biggest, meanest gun presently available, a 'Césare Arms 28mm Tactical Smoothbore.' I consider ditching the rifle, but keep it, sabots loaded, for suppression value. The LMG would be better at that, if it had bullets that could reliably penetrate a guard's armor, which it doesn't.

I advance quietly while I fumble with my new weapons.

"Fuck! Are you okay?" Mitzi calls from around the corner behind me. "Is it over?"

"Indeterminate activity ahead," I hiss.

"The fuck do I do with that?" she asks, fear rising in her throat. Her pitch wavers, her chords perhaps forgetting their proper shape for an instant. "Should I come out?"
No. 271957 ID: 2563d4

...probably not, until Penji's reached the side room, which seems to be the only cover to move up to.
No. 271958 ID: 15b51b
File 129518343361.png - (16.54KB , 500x500 , TQ746.png )

Sudden movement interrupts us. The door ahead snaps up, shutter-quick. There's an open room beyond. I stare down the barrel of a shielded heavy machine gun emplacement at the far end.

My half-repaired reflexes struggle to work at speed.

The burning checkpoint is to my right. I can dive into it for cover, but then what? Retreat means running down a long corridor. Charging means running down less of it, right into the jaws of that emplacement and whatever else is in there.
No. 271959 ID: 54af1f

Have her move up to you. You don't want to get too far ahead.
No. 271960 ID: c71597

Should be safe enough, atleast for picking up the gyroc and possibly providing some ranged support. She can keep an eye on the hallway while you clear out the room up ahead.
No. 271961 ID: c71597

Penji, you just picked up a new gun and HEAP shoots to go with it. Time to load those up and then open fire on that fucker, that should show those cocky bastards.
No. 271962 ID: 54af1f

Get to cover so you can consider it at least
No. 271963 ID: 701a19

Smoothbore to the emplacement. Guns are not designed to be shot at, and even slightly denting the barrel would cause traumatic failure on their end.
No. 271964 ID: 2563d4

Oh, right. Yell at her to stay then.

No. 271966 ID: 1854db

Get in that room. After that, lob one of your flashbangs in there as WELL as a regular ol' grenade... and try to get a shot through a weakness in the turret with some HEAP rounds.

Tell Mitzi to stay back, there's a turret. And once the turret is disabled, call her forward to help you clear the room.
No. 271979 ID: e16f30

Diving to the floor will give them less to shoot at and help your aim. The best solution when there's no cover, I would think. Shout to Mitzi to stay where she is, get low, and fire at that gun.
No. 271984 ID: 10af19

Do this, then hit them with a HEAP shell.
No. 272004 ID: 8555c2

2 votes (Me and a friend). Throw the exploding football of Tozol origin and dive for the side doorway.
No. 272023 ID: bffa2a

Throw the last of your goddamn irreplaceable explosive devices and move so goddamn fast as you can ahead to cover. Then throw some replaceable ones for good measure. We are going through.

And Mitzi if you're not gonna fight for yourself just stay in cover.
No. 272054 ID: f6360f

Hit the floor and blast the emplacement with your new gun. If you've got the aim and precision to take it out, then you'll be able to advance- and you can't afford to be pinned here. You MUST keep up momentum.
No. 272056 ID: dad664

I for one think it would be horribly amusing if you somehow managed to fire off a shot straight down its barrel. But you're a bit stunned at the moment, so forgive me if I say I have little faith in your accuracy ability right now.

As much as I am loathe to put you in the face of such obvious overwhelming danger, I will have to concede and agree that right now the best option is to charge hell-bent at it with the shield up, angled to deflect the shots, while pelting at the barrel as best as you can with your new toy in an effort to put the thing in less-than-working order.
No. 272063 ID: 2ea108

Dive into checkpoint for cover.

I kept that short out of deference to your damaged reflexes. Now that you're in cover, throw a flashbang and a regular grenade both to throw up some chaff, then lean around the corner (while prone) and kill that turret with your smoothbore.

I'd tell you to tell Mitzi to keep back, but as you said previously, no words in any language say 'Go away!' quite like automatic weapons fire.
No. 272174 ID: 8540b2

Horrible idea to have her move up the hall. She has no guns and there is a big ass gun about to fill the hall with bullets.
Again big ass gun about to lay waste to anything in the hall.
mistake, need to take cover!
This at least does something against the current threat in front of us. If not a little passive of the situation. We need a option that keeps are momentum of attack.
This feels a little unlikely to happen.
Suicidal moves
a little extreame at the end there but a solid agressive move.
solid move (add my vote to this)
good but throwing the tozal explosive would be better.
true we can't let ourselves be pinned but shooting at it will have little effect.
they even said that this would put you in danger.
No. 272175 ID: 8540b2

I meant this vote was extreme at the end.
No. 272180 ID: 2ea108

We can throw the tozol explosive after the grenade and smoothbore if they aren't sufficient.
No. 272190 ID: 1854db

Agreed, such was the implication in my earlier suggestion. Spare our strongest stuff until we know we need it.
No. 272193 ID: 15b51b
File 12952441814.png - (31.90KB , 500x500 , TQ747.png )

I dive out of the way as heavy rounds scream past. Mitzi screams a curse, but sounds uninjured. The checkpoint's door is open for some reason. I'm not complaining. Flames lick at my side. Smallarms ammunition pops intermittently.

I toss a flashbang and a grenade towards the HMG emplacement.
No. 272195 ID: 15b51b
File 129524470626.png - (29.58KB , 500x500 , TQ748.png )

"Grenade!" shouts a human, his masked voice barely audible over the staccato roar. "Grenade! Grenade! Get down!"

The weapons go off in tight sequence. Concussion overfills the tight hallways. The area's so small and chaotic that my blindsight will need time to work.

I reload the smoothbore with HEAP. It should penetrate most of what's around to aim at, but it needs direct hits to kill. Trying to hit the actual gun part of the gun emplacement, by wheeling around this bigass longarm, in a hurry, will be a bitch.

I consider the Tozol grenade, but it's my last one, and is orders of magnitude of overkill against this target. That said, I'll feel pretty damn stupid if I die without using it.
No. 272199 ID: 1854db

Try the smoothbore first. You are unlikely to *die* from getting shot by this thing. Take careful aim and get a few shots into it before attempting to advance.

That said, that ricochet did take a big chunk out of the wall. Don't get shot in the head!
No. 272200 ID: f6360f

The firing stopped while they reacted to the grenades. Throw more, and the second they go off pop out and take advantage of their distraction to aim for the gun emplacement and take it out.

If that doesn't work, then use the Tozol grenade.
No. 272202 ID: c71597

Use your superior Tozol senses to figure out where they're taking cover and then open fire on them with the gyroc. If that doesn't have the desired effect then another expendable grenade followed by your Tozol one. Explosives are made to be used after all.
No. 272203 ID: 8555c2

Take out Gyroc. Blindfire spray at turret. Reload with HVAP. Blindfire spray at turret. Throw frag+flash. Sight and shoot at turret with HEAP smoothbore.
No. 272204 ID: c71597

Derp, that should be smoothbore, not gyroc. Mitzi gets the gyroc.
No. 272205 ID: bffa2a

More grenades, at least one more if not two in rapid succession. We can actually get new ones. There's a good chance we catch some off guard when they raise their heads back up to check on you.

Then it's time to shoot and scoot.
No. 272228 ID: 3416ec

Chuck that Tozol grenade at the gun nest. At the very least it will destroy anyone within range of what might be a safe area,
No. 272231 ID: 6071d3

You really need a small mirror or something to help you look around corners. Make a mental note to find something like that later, assuming you survive this encounter.
No. 272246 ID: 2563d4

Fuck off.

You halted their fire for a moment. Why are you not using that moment to run?
No. 272260 ID: 10af19

Seconding this, on both counts.
No. 272290 ID: 3d7a30

attempt to eat their diamonds whilst saying 'chubby bunnies'

No. 272291 ID: 3d7a30

we have plenty of grenades. Throw one more down the hall to destract the guards.

it's possible that the turret is running on some automatic aiming system, so will not be distracted. In any case, drop to the floor, poke arm, head and smoothbore out into the corridor and fire a HEAP round at the machine gun. That should mess up its delicate innards.
No. 272392 ID: 1e728b

We could fuck with them a bit and not pull the pin if we do throw a second. I would reccomend against it if not needed, though. Perhaps run at the turret as you take the shot? And if that isn't enough to get them to stand down, then we can turn them into chunky salsa. Either by hand, bullet, or grenade.

Of course, if they decide to give up sooner, all the better. Think optimistic, plan pessimistic.
No. 272396 ID: 2ea108

Don't use the Tozol Anti-Tank Weapon yet.

Do toss another flashbang and another frag down the hallway towards Mr. Chatty who's giving away his position.

Do drop to the floor, poke arm, head and smoothbore out into the corridor and fire a HEAP round(s) at the machine gun so as to fuck it up.

If you fuck up the machine gun, run in there and kill anyone who poses a threat. I'm pretty sure you know how. If they don't pose a threat, just stomp on them a little bit.

If you don't fuck up the machine gun after using your HEAP, then kill it with the Tozol Anti-Tank Weapon.

Immediately prepare for the next booby trap because you know they'll be one. Be wary of mines and hidden emplacement weapons. Also be wary of hidden exits behind you that they might use to flank you by surprise, deadfalls beneath you full of punji stakes, and, uh, that's all I got off-had.
No. 272401 ID: 54af1f


This, but I think the Tozol bomb is actually worth more than you getting a few bullet holes, so keep trying HEAP. If it doesn't work yank back and try dropping airbursts behind the gun. It can't be armoured on all angles.
No. 272408 ID: 2563d4

Probably this if you've given them time to recover.
No. 272588 ID: 15b51b
File 129535077323.png - (33.03KB , 500x500 , TQ749.png )

>Do toss another flashbang and another frag down the hallway towards Mr. Chatty who's giving away his position.
I toss my second and last flashbang. I don't have anything resembling a line of sight with the target I heard, but I bounce the grenade his way, pitching it a hair slower than what I think might crack the casing.

Now down to two frags and the irreplaceable fuck-everything-in-one-direction device.
No. 272589 ID: 15b51b
File 129535094560.png - (14.67KB , 500x500 , TQ750.png )

>Use your superior Tozol senses to figure out-
It's not radar! It's... There's so much disruption in the air. So much random noise to pick through. Raw data boils up my spine too quickly to process. The flesh is willing but the mind is weak. My thoughts lurch, accelerating and decelerating at random, wetware attempting to operate at combat speed and failing.

And then, suddenly, a sensory epiphany. Pure information slicing cleanly through the morass. It's so obvious once I can think quickly enough to process it. A smooth, geometric shockwave crystallizes for an instant in my mind: a four dimensional snapshot of it rolling past my tails.
No. 272590 ID: 15b51b
File 12953511418.png - (27.96KB , 500x500 , TQ751.png )

I trace it backwards.


Weapon's got some real kick this far from my center of gravity.

"Shit! Grenade! Shit! Shit!"

"Asher? Asher!"

"Grenade out!"

"Tethys?! Bullshit! Radko! Incendiary!"
No. 272591 ID: c71597

Looks like you got one of them, and they stopped firing. Give them another grenade and then yell to Mitzi to lay down some covering fire while you advance on them.
No. 272595 ID: 8555c2

What did we hit? Where was Asher's location? Did we hit him? We need to know what just happened before we decide what to do next.

If you can kick/hit back the grenade without getting shot too much, do so. If you need to act before updating us on the situation, lay down hell with the gyroc at that turret. If we disabled the turret get out there in the room and send some lead and thunder their way.
No. 272598 ID: 54af1f

Might wanna get out of the way of the mass of grenades they're tossing in first.
No. 272600 ID: 54af1f


Also, if you're firing, forget the guys and hit the gun. That's what's keeping you pinned here.
No. 272607 ID: bffa2a

One last grenade. Throw it immeadetly before they respond with their own incendiary whatever that will no doubt block your progress. Hopefully it will disrup their plans and buy you the much needed seconds. Then follow through with an assault. It's in the hands of whatever your makers were after that.
No. 272640 ID: 3d7a30


seconded. You need to hit that machine gun, preferably with a HEAP round.
No. 272686 ID: 1854db

They're gonna toss an incendiary round at you. Don't let it explode directly on you. Rip off the door and block the damn thing.

Or conversely just kick it like you did before. It's okay if the corridor catches fire since you're not going to be standing in it for long... and you're a bit heat resistant I think! Speaking of which, how are you handling that roaring inferno right behind you?

If you can make short work of the door's hinges, ripping that thing off would work for a little bit of cover.
No. 272695 ID: 8540b2

Even if we use the flash bang to temp blind them so we can shoot the gunner. They will force us back around the corner and some other guy will take the gunner seat. Nothing will have changed except we are down a flash bang and some rounds. The tozal grenade is overkill but it will get us through that door fast. More guards are sure to be coming so we need to move.
No. 272702 ID: f6360f

They're gonna chuck incendiaries at you. Remember way back, when they were trying to get you with a satchel charge and you shot the guy before he could throw it? Do that.

If you just took out the heavy weapon gunner, you can now take the initiative and move out into the hallway- at least enough to get a visual which you can use to blast the shit out of any of them who dare to show their faces.

You've got to advance before they close that shutter again, regardless. Don't want to get pinned in here or have to use your fuck-everything device to get through the second door when you might need it later. Don't play this one defensive- if you can seize the advantage, get them to stop looking/shooting down the hall for anywhere close to long enough, charge.
No. 272715 ID: 2ea108

Did you just kill the gunner? That was fucking awesome and you're fucking awesome for doing it.

This guy has the right of it. If and only if you're pretty sure you just killed the gunner, push ahead. Your flashbang is about to go off and ruin their day again, and you just killed or at least temporarily disabled their gunner, so fuckin' motor in there.

That incendiary device - maybe it's a grenade, maybe it's a flamethrower, who knows or cares - is probably going to be significantly more ferocious than the blazing fire you're currently relaxing in, but you're wearing blast armor across your entire body and you've coped with worse, so fuck that thing. Keep moving and it'll probably go off someplace where you aren't.
No. 272730 ID: 701a19

Your battle cry is now "FLEE OR DIE!"
No. 272830 ID: 15b51b
File 129543122335.png - (26.72KB , 500x500 , TQ752.png )

>What did we hit?
For the second time, I traced the HMG rounds back and fired at it! Apparently, I hit the gunner.

>If and only if you're pretty sure you just killed the gunner, push ahead.
He wouldn't be screaming if he was dead. The screams are tapering off. That could mean he's dead, or climbing back towards the gun.

>How are you handling that roaring inferno right behind you?
I am figuratively boiling.

>Might wanna get out of the way of the mass of grenades they're tossing in first.
What direction do I go?!

>If you can make short work of the door's hinges
What? What hinges?!

My flashbang and grenade detonate. The targets curse, but nothing sounds decisive.
No. 272831 ID: 1854db

Oh that's a wall nevermind... The hinges I thought I saw were the tracks the door slides up and down on. We don't see things as well as you do.

Get moving. Advance. Shoot some airburst into the room to keep them suppressed, and focus on blindsight as you go.

Please don't forget about the incoming incendiary though. That's kinda top priority as not getting hit means not getting our armor burnt off.

I think it should be safe to ask Mitzi to get moving with you, so long as you keep them suppressed with airburst rounds as you move. Be sure to keep her informed that you're suppressing them and that the turret is disabled.
No. 272833 ID: 3416ec

Bumrush the gun. Tell Mitzi to lay down covering fire while you do so.

No. 272834 ID: bffa2a

GO! In their direction before they smarten up and close the shutter. Hang left in the end since that is where some seem to be and keep closing the distance until you're out of turret trajectory or in cover.
No. 272845 ID: c71597

Well then, time to advance and fire towards your enemies. It's probably going to be too long range and over too fast for Mitzi to be any good at giving supportive fire. So lets get this going and motherfucking kill the whole lot of them.
No. 272860 ID: a6008c

CHARGE. There is not going to be a better moment to do so than now. As you reach the end of the hall, be on the lookout for anything and everything that moves and spray bullets in the general direction of them.
No. 272878 ID: 8555c2

Forward. Fire another round into the gunner's area of that turret then advance. Line up the shot this time.
No. 272880 ID: 3d7a30

I am obliged to go with the consensus here. Charge like your life depends on it, which it does.
No. 272937 ID: 2563d4

>There is not going to be a better moment to do so than now.
Well, pedantically, that moment was just before the grenades blew, not after giving them time to swear. :V

Charge already.
No. 272969 ID: 3d7a30

can I just point something out here. We hit a guy with a round from a smoothbore and he's still alive. These gentlemen must have pretty impressive armour.
No. 272980 ID: f6360f

God dammit, those grenades were supposed to give you a good window in which to attack, not give you some extra time to yell at us! You need to be shooting down that hallway so that they're not shooting you and advancing before they slam that shutter closed and you have to blast through it. GO!
No. 273173 ID: 54af1f


Is the gunner still down? If so, charge forward, and prevent them from getting another guy on the gun.
No. 273336 ID: 15b51b
File 129560789365.png - (25.27KB , 500x500 , TQ753.png )

I charge, and see something familiar.

Oh, right. That Radko.
No. 273337 ID: 15b51b
File 129560800023.png - (25.47KB , 500x500 , TQ754.png )

No. 273338 ID: 3416ec

Shake it off and soldier forward.

No. 273339 ID: 15b51b
File 129560883777.png - (26.67KB , 700x500 , TQ755.png )

The sheet of flames detonates a mine hidden at the end of the corridor an instant before I tumble over it. I guess I was lucky, but it's hard to feel that way because I'm on fire.

I've fallen down. White-hot liquid fire is burning through my suit and skin. No one's started shooting yet.

Please suggest an action.
No. 273340 ID: a6008c

Charge left. You need to take out that guy with the rocket launcher before he reloads, and also that spot has cover from the 5 guys in front of you. Take him out, and then stay still for a moment to reassess the situation.
No. 273341 ID: 701a19

Run left and hide behind that station long enough to pull-off the EOD armor and chuck it at them; being fireproof doesn't help much if it's soaked in napalm.

After that? You'll be in melee range and still on fire, just Tozol them to death.
Oh, but keep one alive so you can extract info.
No. 273342 ID: 99433a

Shoot the guy to the left, FAST. He has a loaded rocket launcher, you need to take that down FAST. Then dive behind his cover, salvage his rocket and it on the leftmost fortification.
No. 273343 ID: 0ef56a

Roll to the left, moving into a lunge or charge towards that asshole with the gun. Once he's down, strip off that armor and roll around as much as you can without getting shot up. Then gather your bearings as much as you can and move to melee range and tozol them all to death.

You can do this, Penji. You haven't come this far to die now. Stand up and do your job. We believe in you.

We will NOT let you end up back in another tube.
No. 273349 ID: 1854db

Run left. They have claymores set up in front of you. While running toss your last two grenades behind the hard cover at the back of the room, and open fire upon the troops you're approaching so that they either die or are forced behind cover so that they can't shoot you (as much).

Is there any way for you to get rid of the ASTOUNDINGLY hot chemicals upon your body? Would rolling help?
No. 273350 ID: c71597

Another dude with a rocket launcher to the left, he needs to die. But from the looks of things they're also soon going to have the HMG up and running again. So you're going to have to ignore the fact that you're on fire right now and deal with the threats first. Starting with shooting rocket guy to the left who is out of cover. Then riddling the HMG with bullets before you throw away the last human grenades to flush the remaining guys out of cover and engage them in close quarters with the pistol.
No. 273351 ID: 2563d4

I also draw everyone's attention to the little cable running from the guys top-left to something on the floor to the left.

That said, left still seems to be the right direction. Just remember: ninjas cant catch you if you're on fire.
No. 273352 ID: 221021

Tear off that armor before it cooks you into tozol roast. While you're doing that, throw the bits you get off at the mines in front of you.
No. 273360 ID: 8555c2

FYI person on the left, 9 o'clock, has a LOADED rocket launcher. Radko is at 11 o'clock ducked down behind the barricade and reloading. He is the one who fired the rocket that just hit us.

Shoot guy on left with smoothbore. Get the shield positioned at the north if you can (going by how the pov is oriented). Then shoot turret with smoothbore ASAP.
No. 273363 ID: 54af1f

Go left, fire off your entire magazine before it cooks off, doesn't matter at what but I'd hit the machine gun and rocket guy first.

Watch out for the claymores on the floor directly ahead.
No. 273366 ID: 1854db

I've been informed that rolling does nothing to thermite. Instead, SHAKE IT OFF.
No. 273375 ID: dad664

Uhm. You still have 'nades on you, I think?

Might want to toss those before the fire makes them kersplode.

Also some sort of maniacal laugh would work here if you want to try some Intimidation Tactics.
No. 273376 ID: c12ee7

Tough shit, soldier. Roll left into a run. Fire your smoothbore at mister rocket and take his cover.

Next, I'd like you to toss your (human) grenades before they go cook. Spread the blast around to buy some time. Does a Tozol grenade cook? Hope not.

While they're distracted, get naked.
No. 273377 ID: 28e94e

Roll to the left. It'll make the second rocket miss and it'll help with the fire.
No. 273382 ID: dad664

Mitzi: Suddenly channel the spirit of Duke Nukem and kick ass the only way a Spehss Monster like yourself can.
No. 273388 ID: 0ef56a

Also, once you take out that guy on the left, get the armor off as fast as possible and begin shaking the flaming shit off your legs. Doesn't look like rolling will work.
No. 273409 ID: d9ca51

Roll into a crouched position and spring to the left!
No. 273534 ID: 2ea108
File 129566126041.png - (258.13KB , 700x500 , penji_advice_security_gate.png )

Follow the eastmost purple arrow, moving around the killing zones of the claymores. Drop a grenade on the westmost orange fuzzy spot, to suppress the southwestern rocket-launcher guy.

Seize control of the heavy machinegun. Kill Radko. Kill Asher. Continue killing until enemies are pacified or dead. At that point, and not before, remove your burning armor.
No. 273535 ID: f6360f

This man is observant enough to notice several things I missed, dedicated enough to make helpful diagrams, and tactically minded enough to come up with a better plan than most have. Listen to his advice.

The only weakness I see in going along the right wall is that it's going to be exposed to a lot of fire for a bit, but hopefully since we've got the shield and it'll all come from mostly the same di