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File 144882002848.png - (32.28KB , 800x800 , BTE3-Title.png )
96269 No. 96269 ID: dd338c

The ITQ for Lago specific quests.

Previous BTEs:

Current main ITQ:

Previous ITQs:
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No. 123259 ID: bfb318
File 152747602181.png - (20.88KB , 800x800 , PennITQ13.png )

>Hey, did you get a title with your qualification? You were acting like it was the end of your academic career. Should we be calling you by any honorifics? Got any letters after your name? Are you a doctor?

Yes. I don't think I like the ring of 'Doctor Penn', though. I'm not sure why, but I think I'm alone in that. All of my peers say they spent so many years for the degree that they won't even respond to people who don't refer to them as Doctor.

>How advanced is robotics? Like, the upper-ish limit. Assume a very wealthy person, eccentric enough to ignore organics being cheaper/smarter/et cetera. Could they have a robot servant to do all their housework and other menial chores for them? Could it be built to a humanoid frame? How agile could it be? Assuming you had an advanced enough AI to run it, how close could you get to a robot that could imitate a member of a sentient species?
Robotics are very good! For all of the hate and care that AI's get, the galaxy loves robots, even if they end up being, well, kind of stupid robots.

I guess the reason is that a single body can only do so much, but a loose AI can spread itself like a virus so efficiently across a network.

Plenty of shops use robots just because it's much easier to get them to act consistent for so many hours a day. It's common that they're clearly robots though, even though technology can make them look pretty convincingly organic. So, when a good AI is put into a convincing body, it can be a bit tough to tell the difference, at least at a glance. People with a good eye can still tell that the movement and looks are just slightly off.

Since battery technology has gotten so good, those robots can also output a lot of energy, so they're potentially strong and fast too.

>Because of your limited social interactions due to study and your eyes I'm guessing you've never had sex, if this is true have you ever entertained the thought of Arza being your first?
I - no... never.

I don't really need it, and there's just no way it'd be with Arza!

>Is the Silhouette empire only belenos or are there other species that work with/for them to bring back the lost empire?
I think there's... a few other species. The word is is that there's a whole lot of members of other species that have joined, but I think they overstate the numbers and just parade out those alien members.

>If what ever the hell is going on with Penn is possible then is it possible that all Belenosians could have some kind of programed biological commands? And I don't mean like genetic modification, I mean like Bioshock kill/control commands.
There's not really any evidence that that exists. That doesn't mean they don't, but there's no evidence for it, or that it would have worked after all these generations, and whatever those commands were, were probably lost a long time ago.

>What do Belenosians think of cyber-punk stuff like Blade Runner?
I think some belenosians think that part of the reason that humans were able to do so much better with technology than us was because of old cautionary tales like that. In fact, a lot of their tales about their future seemed to revolve around the future being scary.

I don't know if that's true, but I hear that idea a lot!

>How much would Belenosians want portal guns, and what would you even do with them?
I think anyone would want portal guns a lot...

We'd, uh... well if there's no limit on range, I guess just explore the galaxy and make trips to the store a whole lot faster.

>What was the thing about aliens that you had the most trouble getting your head around?
Hm... I don't think I had anything, but belenos on a whole, well, pre-uplift belenosians had legends and passed on stories about how if aliens ever did show up, they would technologically advanced and therefore definitely enslave and take advantage of the belenosian race.

Then that didn't happen. So that was a nice surprise for everyone and after the initial awkward scared meeting, it gave tribals a good excuse to rethink their outlook.
No. 123260 ID: bfb318
File 152747603852.png - (12.11KB , 800x800 , AzITQ22.png )

>What does your work and personal search history look like?
I have assistants to search things for me.

>Is there a neumono equivalent to a scouts organization? Like, boy/girl scouts, teaching woodcraft, survival, etc
There are! They're called school electives. We focus on that kind of stuff more than alien schools that teach, I don't know, how to prove geometry exists or whatever the deal is.

Course it's all done within school districts and regions, so there's as many variations on that kind of stuff as there are school districts and regions. I'm told we should standardize that stuff, but it works well enough on its own and we have bigger fish to fry.

If individual hives want to pass on their own skills to the next generation, then they can do it on their own time.

>Also, neumono: considering your gender dynamics, I wonder, are there girl bands with flocks of male fans, the way things traditionally work with boy bands among humans?
Heck yeah there are.

Most bands are a mix of male and female anyway. Just seems right to us, but male only and female only exist and the popular ones have their flocks regardless.

>Favourite pizza topping?
At least 5 kinds of meat I can name, and 10 kinds I can't.

>Does an ultraqueen have to be a literal queen, or can anyone get the position?
Basically. Who the hell's going to vote a not-queen into being a queen? If she was the best fit for the job, why's she not the queen? Too many questions. Fat chance in hell.

>What do neumono men do to clean up when they're done jerking off?
How the hell would I know? I have women for that. Probably whatever aliens do.
No. 123261 ID: bfb318
File 152747605994.png - (13.10KB , 800x800 , EstonITQ1.png )

>This raises another interesting question. Rogue who got de-rogued by Three Stripes, what did that feel like from your perspective?
Like everything made sense. I didn't learn anything new, but what I did knew just sort of shifted right back into place like a big jigsaw puzzle, and I could see the picture again.
No. 123262 ID: bfb318
File 152747607598.png - (13.84KB , 800x800 , RemdulITQ1.png )

>Would you say you occasionally run into hitchhiking neumono who are lone, homeless, tired, and so on?
I'd say so, yeah. They're depressing even for me, and I can't imagine having them broadcast their issues right into my head.

They are pretty safe though, they often look like they don't have the energy to steal a wallet I leave in the glove compartment right in front of them, let alone try to murder me and take my truck.

>I'd also wonder whether a lot of people like that show up on the news as victims of something or other.
Not really. Not like it doesn't happen, but it shows up about as much as traffic accidents. It's hardly news worthy.

>How do you portray zombies in your media?
Like, uh... what's the word. Thralls, I think they're called these days. They aren't people who look dead, but are soulless on the inside. Outwardly they act fine, so the spook factor's that they could be anyone you know.

>Favourite pizza topping?
Eh. Nothing wrong with extra cheese pizza.

>What qualities do Heef have as soldiers in contrast to Neumono or humans, aside from their strength?
We were better about keeping our heads under cover.

Course, since a Heef's stereotypical trait is strength, it was us carrying dumbass neumono back to medical tents because they, on the other hand, didn't give as much of a shit about getting shot in the face, or even getting hurt. Had to put ourselves in the line of fire for their bravado sometimes.

Us heef were also damn good at setting up a perimeter and holding down a stationary location for a bit.

Speaking of neumono getting shot in the head...

>What was the thing about aliens that you had the most trouble getting your head around?
Just because they can recover doesn't mean they've got to be so dang ready to get hurt.

>What made you take up a job as a truck driver? Lack of options? A desire to see the world? Pure circumstance?
Good pay.

>Is it even that common to have Heef truck drivers? I'm guessing part of the utility is in having someone who can help unload stuff faster. Or is it more because you're a big burly guy who can guard the goods on the way?
There's only so many solo neumono that like to leave their hive's range frequently. And most of those neumono are rogues, which... isn't as bad as putting down 'convicted criminal' on the resume, but it sure as fuck isn't a favored trait.

Point is, it's an non-neumono kind of job. Tough heef veteran who can protect and unload the goods is a plus, too.

>And has your truck's AI systems in any way seemed oddly helpful of late?
It's working, that's all the help I want out of it.
No. 123263 ID: bfb318
File 152747610320.png - (14.40KB , 800x800 , LukratsaITQ22-TammiITQ3.png )

>Could you guys please tell us about some of your favorite bloopers moments that have happened?
Lukratsa: This one's not really a real blooper but whatever. One time after a cut, Tammi walked off the camera to go handle some business, but she forgot to take off her Rokoa smile the whole. Damn. Time. Talks with the producer, trip to the grocery store, coordination with the stuntgirls, just wearing that smile and the poor girl could not figure out why she was weirding everyone out.

Tammi: Whenever Lukratsa forgets her line, she'll always just replace key phrases with huge innuendo, or with a straight face asking 'when do we fuck.' She knows Polo will probably see it and get embarrassed or miffed so Lukratsa does it all the time. And I just can't help laughing at it every time.
No. 123264 ID: bfb318
File 152747614272.png - (13.55KB , 800x800 , OkeiITQ1.png )

>What did you do for fun before that jerk Likol roped you into accompanying him on his irresponsibly dangerous journey?
Heckled people who got too close to home, and shoot at things or people who got too close to home.

>What happened to you? Where are you in life now, and where are you aiming to go? How are the Alisons? Everything good?
I just left! I haven't even found a new place yet!

>And would any of you set yourselfs on fire to escape ninjas
And miss meeting real ninjas? No!
No. 123265 ID: bfb318
File 152747615647.png - (13.14KB , 800x800 , GiantITQ6.png )

>Giant would you prefer it if the other strange neumono called you Kago?
I would not. It is not how the word is said in one's language. It is the meaning. As long as the meaning is not muddied, they may pronounce the word how they will.

>Giant what would be your thoughts of three stripes one day having kids?

He is not tough enough to handle my children.
No. 123266 ID: bfb318
File 152747618079.png - (14.21KB , 800x800 , HokITQ22.png )

>Have any of you talked to your doctor and/or psychiatrist about Disassociative Mental Process Disorder?
My whatnow?

>To Hok; how serious have you gotten at method acting as Pip?
Pretty great if I do say so myself!

>Do you initiate conversations with her?

I might need to change my first answer because I forgot it was 'her'.

>Do you initiate conversations with her?
Wait what is method acting exactly because I don't think that is talking to myself with different personas.

>If Hok is bored, do you think about what Pip could do for fun in that situation?
Nevermind, I don't think I can method act at all.

>For instance, how would your tastes in food differ?
Uh... maybe Pip would like fast food. And other things that are fancy and prepared.
No. 123267 ID: bfb318
File 152747620269.png - (12.55KB , 800x800 , ItcherITQ13.png )

>Have any of you talked to your doctor and/or psychiatrist about Disassociative Mental Process Disorder? Symptoms include
>Increasingly paranoid behavior,
>Unusually violent, erotic, or otherwise primal thoughts,
>Increased emotional detachment,
>Fixation on a person or persons that the patient finds pleasing,
>Increased tendency towards impulsive or compulsive behavior.

Pretty sure if I've had any of those things, it's because they're perfectly balanced and natural responses to the shitty environments I keep living in. So not a thing wrong with it, and not a thing worth going to the doctor over.
No. 123268 ID: bfb318
File 152747627242.png - (16.97KB , 800x800 , FatherZozuITQ18.png )

>How do you feel about cybernetics?
Good ones are fantastic. Bad ones are far too overrated.

In principle? I suppose would encourage them, but there are not many on the asteroid who can afford ideal cybernetics, so I am uncertain what issues arise when people take cybernetics to an extreme.
No. 123269 ID: bfb318
File 152747629444.png - (84.87KB , 800x800 , XMasKorliITQ1.png )

>Pornoverse Christmas Korli: what was the original objective of lesbian gas? like what was it originally supposed to be?
A feel-good hallucinogen!

We wildly missed the marks, but like many great inventions, it was a total accident and we just looked at the good points of what we made, not how hard we missed the original objective.

>What was the purpose it was made for?
Uh.... a feel good hallucinogen.

>What are some of the missions the Saliki have deployed it for?
Pretty much anything that needs a distraction. It's surprisingly verstile for that!

>What ever happened to your Likol, if one existed?
Passed peacefully in his sleep.
No. 123270 ID: bfb318
File 152747630895.png - (104.98KB , 800x800 , XMasRamellaITQ3.png )

>If there is a clone hybrid thing of your genetic material and Rokoa then is it possible that there's a clone of you and polo?
At this point, I don't see why not!
No. 123271 ID: bfb318
File 152747632612.png - (123.85KB , 800x800 , StorySeekerITQ15.png )

>Has anyone ever told you you have a charming smile? Because you do.
I have been told, and yet I enjoy being told that now as much as I did the first time. Thank you!
No. 123272 ID: bfb318
File 152747633696.png - (58.49KB , 800x800 , ReilqinITQ1.png )

>You seemed... less directly opposed to Story Seeker's flirtations than to Kexluk's interest. Is Story more to your taste, then, or was that just coincidence?
Story Seeker is like the pet that gets up to ridiculous antics, versus one's own son. In other words, it's a matter of having higher expectations of Kexluk.

>Have you ever considered dallying with a mortal, and if so what sort would you consider?
Not for anything long term, but for those who I would in the short term, those who can best inform me of mortal viewpoints of the world.

>Does anything of that sort happen between the gods themselves?
My relation with other gods is kept at a business level.

>Do a lot of gods have personal consorts like Tom does? ... Do you?
I do not.

But many do, all gods with tastes in as wide a spectrum as one can imagine.
No. 123273 ID: bfb318
File 152747638810.png - (77.53KB , 800x800 , GlitcherITQ5.png )

>Hey Glitcher, did you ever catch back up with that version of Alison you talked to while you were beginning to get back into the system?
Yeah. Talking with her is a nice break from everything.

She doesn't have a whole lot to say since she doesn't have the amount of experiences as a lot of other Alisons, so, uh, when I just want to get away from stuff, that's perfect.
No. 123274 ID: bfb318
File 152747646318.png - (14.74KB , 800x800 , ShupITQ8.png )

>Shup, you have sketches of deadland species somewhere you could show us?
Certainly, but there's too many to cover. Kobolds are, as far as I'm aware, unique as the only species that has trouble being in kobold lands. There are humans and dozens of variants of humans, orcs, gnolls, and even more I'm sure I don't know about.

>Would you consider romancing such an exotic creature?

>What usually IS your type anyway, when looking for a woman?
Capable, strong of will, self sufficient, and free of any inherited disfigurement.

>Are you bisexual?

>How is homosexuality treated in your lands, are there differences between the noble's treatment of homosexuality and how commoners treatment of it?
This has been answered.

>How many kids you have Shup?
55, with an inconsequential number of children out of wedlock.

>With everyone expected to at least learn to fight, and the military basically the only half reliable route to social mobility as well as being idolized in general, but such a huge rate of lethality in said military... are you all expected to have tons of kids?
Yes. People have sex, most kobolds are easily impregnated, and kids are not a physically intensive ordeal for the mother. It helps that they aren't completely helpless as infants, either, and grow up quickly.

Therefore kobolds are expected to have tons of kids not because they must, but because they will. At least it is so in the northern empire. The shroomleaf barbarians expect their own tribes to care for their kids, so they must temper their own population boosts to be able to support their numbers, instead of simply being able to drop kids off at a local daycare or some such backup.

Of course, this is all just for the average garden tending kobold. Strong warriors and upper class kobolds are pressured more to have some amount of children.

>Are immortal kobolds obviously different from normal kobolds?
Yes. They have an intense enough mana aura about them that if they are around, even the most naive savages will know they are in the presence of a powerful individual.

>What stops there being some random immortal just hiding out among the general populace?
It is true that one can let one's own mana act as water in the river of the land, thus hiding their presence. An immortal, on the other hand, has so much excess mana that I can't see how any could do it convincingly. Yet I do have to admit - if one did master the technique, then I would never know.

>If you met Story Seeker, or a kobold as much like him as is possible to exist in your world, what would you think of him?
It would only take a glance to see that he's no known kobold. Not a northerner, southerner, or barbarian. A kobold from some far off land that's easy to live in.

>I'm also wondering if you actually have anything like bards.
We do. They are expected to be able to fight along with anyone, but upper class kobolds require upper class entertainment.

>Someone who kind of straddles social boundaries, too, who can charm and chat with a peasant or a noble with equal comfort.
This is more unusual, but I suppose one doesn't bar the other.

>What do the surviving Dragon Knights do with their time?
Put quite simply, I have no idea.

I would like to think they do something besides gather together in a dimly lit room and stand as still and silent as statues for days at a time, and yet...

I can so easily imagine them doing precisely that.

Supposedly they patrol the realm, handling noble disputes and lending their strength as required.

In practice, they are so rarely sighted outside of their high towers in dragonfall that I doubt they often leave. I have only seen a handful, myself, though I have seen those handful on multiple occasions. This is, assuming of course, that each mask is unique and never traded amongst dragon knights.

>It seems like they would have been mentioned specifically if they were involved with the teleportation system being set up, and that's supposedly the largest magical thing that's happened recently, so are they not involved in magical experimentation either?
No, we have archwizards. Dragon knights are magically adept, but don't often seem to use those powers in any external fashion.

>Do they have families they're involved with? I have to assume that they can have children, and that that's where the first mortal kobolds came from.
I suspect that they are their own family, as yes, they must have had children - with each other. Perhaps they have had children in recent years that don't advertise themselves as second generation. Perhaps after so many of their children aged and died, they stopped. For all I know, while they are seemingly immortal, they could have become outright infertile after a normal lifespan had passed.

It doesn't truly matter, and so I have not asked them.

>On the subject of the first mortal kobolds... kobold souls come from the land, right?

>Apart from the immortals, whose souls presumably came from the magical beast that died to create them? So, could the first mortal kobolds only be born after some of the immortals had been killed? Or was there loose soul-stuff from the beasts' deaths that got loose without immediately going into immortal kobolds?
I can't know for sure.

Still - the greater beasts shaped the land with their magic and soul. In other words, the greater beast and the land itself - at least, what made the land unique and magical - was intertwined. The soul of the greater beast and the soul of the land us kobolds are born from are from one and the same, at least in theory. Therefore, there should not have been any reason why dragon knights would not have been able to reproduce before any of them died.

I stress, again, that information on this topic is limited to myths and the dragon knights themselves, the former of which has a strained idea of truth, and the latter a strained idea of conversation.

>I've been assuming that magic and kobold souls are essentially made of the same stuff, but is that true, or are they different?
It is safe to assume this is true.

At least, if it was not true, then there would be far more unanswered questions.

>Do kobolds believe that the intelligent races who live outside kobold lands have no souls?
Many don't. The more knowledgeable kobolds believe they only lack the kinds of souls we have.

That is to say, there is evidence that they have some kind of soul, just not the same kind of soul that we have. Those other races, though, know even less about their own souls than we do.

>Is it known whether the southern kobold empire has any immortals of its own left?
Supposedly they do, yet they never see their own immortals.

>Is it possible that they and the dragon knights are in some sort of incredibly long standoff over when an opportunity to conquer or assimilate the other will happen, and they're just very patient and cautious about it?
Immortality does afford patience much easier, it's true. If so, then both teams of immortals are admirably quiet about their little war.

>Is it known why exactly the dragon knights felt they had to carve out an empire in the first place, and why they felt they had to hunt down all the magical beasts they could find?
Not exactly, no.

They haven't claimed to have killed the other beasts, though, only the immortals that spawned from the beasts. That isn't to say they didn't, simply that something else may have killed them.

>Building an empire requires raising morale and fervor with speeches and declarations, and giving at least some idea to the people under you what you expect to achieve, so I'd assume they said something at some point?
It's as likely they built their empire with their kids, and had their kids do the speeches and declarations and so forth to properly build a society versus.... whatever it is the dragon knights were.
No. 123275 ID: bfb318
File 152747648741.png - (17.04KB , 800x800 , LilyITQ1.png )

>Is it difficult to suck dick with such an outrageously small mouth?
I wouldn't know.
No. 123276 ID: bfb318
File 152747651554.png - (14.46KB , 800x800 , GaucheITQ1.png )

>You're the only noble I've seen who goes by "Sir" instead of "Lord". Were you a knight before you got your title?
I was, absolutely.

'Sir' still brings images of knights over lords, which is why many nobles who were knights still prefer 'Lord' as their prefix. Others, like me, prefer 'Sir' to remind the populace that nobles do often fight in the rank and file.

>What's the army's attitude to "fraternization", and what measures, if any, are taken to put controls or restrictions on it and its consequences?
By default, the army itself simply doesn't care.

If the commander of the branch, or squad, or whoever does feel it is a danger to the mission, it's up to them to decide to disallow it, to what degree to disallow it, and what measures to put in place to make sure it won't happen.

>We do know there's some pressure to have lots of kids, though, and I can imagine the Empire wanting their soldiers (at least, the ones who have proved they're worth something) to have even more than usual, given their ideals. So, maybe the army actually provides support for soldiers having children, to improve how much of the population has soldier blood? Specific army-serving orphanages or care homes? That could... explain a lot. Is that accurate?
That is more or less accurate across all the northern armies that I'm familiar with. Some do more than others, but all do something to help raise offspring so that the fighters can continue fighting.

>Or, maybe it's different for the different armies? It'd be rather poetic if the assassin branch gets some funding for making lives as well as taking them.
Although, I don't believe any entire army gets funding for having children.

>Is it just "so long as you're doing your duties well enough I don't care"?
This is, above all else, the priority, so in short, yes.

>Is clandestine physical satisfaction allowed but open romantic relationships not? Is there competitiveness over who can attract/handle more partners, of that kind of "ha ha look at me I killed 20 guys then spent the night thoroughly satisfying 5 girls hrrr I've got so much stamina/virility/etc" way?
This can have more variance across armies, but I can say that the turtle army often revolves around boasting and telling one's own story.

>What's the differences between the lower ranks and upper ranks? Is mixing between ranks ignored, looked down upon, or is it expected that superiors enjoy privileges?
There is very little stigma against mixing ranks. The upper ranks may decide for themselves whether to pursue others in their own rank or below.

>Are professional comfort-providers allowed?
In bigger armies, absolutely. In smaller armies... well, that just depends on the commander, I suppose.

>Officially regulated?
Not once that I've ever seen.

>Expected to provide enough service to keep the soldiers from each other?
I don't believe anyone expects anything of whores other than some cost.

>Are soldiers allowed to take side-work of that kind, the same way there's probably always some smuggling of alcohol and so on?
Allowed, yes. Frowned upon? If there's work to be done, yes.

>What about people who don't take pay, but are just... friendly with a lot of people?
And this... is unusual, but not unheard of. Many, I think, charge not necessarily because they need the money, but because it would almost seem suspicious if they didn't want anything.
No. 123277 ID: bfb318
File 152747655224.png - (46.42KB , 800x800 , ZiziITQ4.png )

>What is your idea of a good first date?
Whatever makes for a good time, of course! It probably involves at least one fight and a lot of shouting.
No. 123278 ID: bfb318
File 152747659454.png - (20.84KB , 800x800 , CabbageITQ1-TomatoITQ1.png )

>What, if anything, do you seek in a romantic and or sexual partner?
Cabbage: Not applicable.

>Do you know of another material you could acquire that would enable snuggling?
Tomato: <horrible mutant noises>

Cabbage: Tomato says that anything thick enough and resistant to stabbing works well enough.
No. 123279 ID: bfb318
File 152747663845.png - (18.36KB , 800x800 , OrjinITQ1.png )

>Sir Orjin, I don't suppose you'd furnish us with some examples from your own experience [of fraternizing within the army]? You seem like a... passionate man, and we haven't seen any sign of you having a specific lady around.
I got too much shit to do to worry about getting all smoochy doochy with girls!

When I don't have too much shit to do, then I'll fuck!

>Do you have any kids?
As a matter of fact I do. Only with one woman who happens to be my damn wife!

>What, if anything, do you seek in a romantic and or sexual partner?
And she's my damn wife because she's the only woman I know who knows how to raise a kid to not be a sopping coward stain!

Well obviously ASS because I'm not a some scrawny field 'bold!
No. 123280 ID: bfb318
File 152747664922.png - (14.81KB , 800x800 , HollyITQ1.png )

>Is there any extra severance pay from the army for heavy injuries like yours that don't kill the person?
Not a copper or a care.
No. 123281 ID: bfb318
File 152747666638.png - (14.04KB , 800x800 , AiraITQ1.png )

>What's your goal in staying in the army in such a dangerous post? Are you after social advancement, feel it's the best way to feed yourself, or something else?
In peaceful posts or in peaceful towns, people expect me to be sociable and loud. If I'm not, I get disrespected and shunned.

This has been less true when we're in danger. I don't seek danger, but it's an easy price to pay to fit in.
No. 123282 ID: bfb318
File 152747669610.png - (118.05KB , 800x800 , ClampITQ4.png )

>Clamp, besides Matron who and what else have you boned?
Ain't anyone's business, that's who.
No. 123283 ID: ba5478
File 152747712832.png - (85.34KB , 800x800 , KarkITQ2.png )

>Do rouges that choose to be rouges like Kark have the same problems with forming emotional attachment?
I mean I didn’t choose to be a rogue, I just got unlucky and it turned out I preferred it that way. Of the very few rogues that consciously and purposefully defect from their hives they do tend to have more emotional stability than the other chucklefucks. I wouldn’t chalk that up to some kind of mystical power going rogue on purpose imparts. It just turns out that people who have the emotional maturity to make that big a decision by themselves are also emotionally mature enough to identify and work on smaller emotional issues, including their emotional connections with others. As opposed to most rogues who are, as I consistently stress, stone cold dumbasses.

>Neumono, particularly neumono who have lived on earth: As (to humans) rabbit-like creatures who (sort of) lay eggs, is Easter weird to you?
I haven’t heard of Easter before, but if it’s some kind of holiday where you find eggs, I don’t find it any weirder than other holidays. The Tree has a day of commemoration for its founding where you where you’re supposed to take a branch off a tree, give it to someone not in your Hive, and keep it until the next year where you bury it and get given another one. It’s baffling and I wonder everyday how the Ultras managed to be the winners of their wars.

>What was the thing about aliens that you had the most trouble getting your head around?
Lack of empathy, obviously. For something less obvious, scars. I’d never seen them before because if any animal we attacked survived it knew to stay the fuck away from us. The idea of an injury staying on your body forever freaked me out.

>Do the humans really give a damn what's going on in neumono-owned parts of space? They don't seem to.
They care too much. Not that they aren’t justified considering how many wars we neumono started in just 80 years. Any impressions to the contrary probably come from the contradictory goals of both giving us a right to self-determination and giving us boundaries so that we survive as a race until all of us who remember the tribal days are dead and can’t fuck it up for the next generation anymore. Plus, even if the human government is mostly ‘benevolent’ there are plenty of other alien superpowers at work that can interfere with their goals, including the bigger neumono governments. There is a lot of capital to be gained in resources from Astreneus V, both physical and scientific. It’s very rare that altruism and profit mix, as our uplifting showed about a million times over.
No. 123286 ID: 7fad5d

Yoooo Korli, are scars a common fetish among xenophiliac neumono? How about external balls and other features neumono don't have? Do you like running your fat sausagey little fingers through long hair?
No. 123292 ID: b1b4f3

>I've not heard about a dragon knight dying
What about the rogue knight?
No. 123296 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, that answer actually surprised me. Isn't that the whole reason why Zizi is so famous, and by extent, Fen?
He DID kill the rogue Dragon Knight, right, or am i mistaken?
Someone do correct my if a am wrong.
No. 123297 ID: bfb318

I made a goof with Shup's answer, as he is aware that the rogue dragon knight died. His answer has been revised.
No. 123301 ID: bb78f2

Giant, Az, if this question has been already answered, I am so sorry but...

What are your feelings in regard to Clifford the Big Red Dog?
No. 123302 ID: bffeb2

OK Polo from after its revealed that you were alive: How many breeding requests/odd fans/things in the mail that really shouldn't be in the mail have you gotten?

>bolters exist
I'm guessing they're not the diamond tipped, filled with uranium kind and are just semi automatic mini rpgs.

I don't know why Penn but you are adorable.
But now imagine if those biological commands were real and still worked and because of all the stuff with sapphire only you could access them. If you could look at another belenos straight in the eyes and give them a command, and they would follow it without question, how horrified by yourself would you be?

>Blade Runner
But what to Belenosians think of old future sci-fi where the machines are good? I'm guessing these kind of things are despised by the tribal holdouts.

>What do neumono men do to clean up when they're done jerking off?
>How the hell would I know? I have women for that. Probably whatever aliens do.
Then why did you answer? Kappi you answer this question!

Was there ever a time were Polo just got up and fucked right off without saying a thing.

>my children
I meant him having offspring with a female predator. Do you mean that cause he can't even handle you nuemono kids that he'd be unable to handle predator pups? If so then give the guy more credit then that.

So what you're saying is that there IS a possibility that you and Polo have some kind of weird clone child.

Well there goes the best ending.

Now I'm not sure whether you're upset because the question implied you suck dick or that it implied you have a small mouth, or both.

I kind of see you as the koboldverse version on Pilon sorry.
Maybe it's the eyes, or maybe its that you were a kind of enemy that became a kind of ally, or maybe its the fact that you also have funny size things going on with your body.
Oh right a question err... could higher up nobles demand sex from a lesser noble?
What are the stories like of nobles that have really abused there power?

If you were to find out that someone you specifically spared when you were in the army or someone with a grudge against you hunted down and killed Fen just to spite you would you seek revenge?

So it's like America

Does the empire have sports teams?
No. 123303 ID: 3abd97

>OK Polo from after its revealed that you were alive
That's not how it works. You're not getting any answers from future-Polo until present-Polo gets there.
No. 123304 ID: bffeb2

Oh one final thing Shup did you expect this level of craziness to happen Lilly gave Fen, a barbarian whos stated goals was to one day go to the northern empire and become a noble, that dragoncloth?
Was the whole you ordering training for Fen and letting him get all hopeful part of some plan to one day get your own personal kingslayer?
No. 123308 ID: b59fad

>I wouldn't know.

Well gosh Lily aren't you marrying a noble for the sake of supporting your family? You want to make sure whoever you marry is extra doubly convinced to never think twice about the expense of doing that. You should try learning all the tricks that'll make having you around as pleasant as possible! So ok maybe you can't practice exactly but you should familiarize yourself with the theory. I'm sure there's some sort of kama sutra equivalent instructional manual for the marital arts kicking around somewhere with instructions and information and illustrative woodcut printed pictures. There are probably concubines and higher-class professionals you could ask for advice, too.

On that subject, what's the state of erotica in the empire? Are there bawdy songs, perfumed-garden-esque literature and poems, and/or artworks in circulation? Paintings? Crude printworks? Murals, friezes or statuary?... Graffiti? Dirty jokes?
No. 123313 ID: ee2d6e

>Well there goes the best ending.
He only said he wasn't bi. Could still be pan. Or something else entirely.
No. 123355 ID: caf1de

but we get answers from the asteroid and the actors and they're in the future-present
No. 123356 ID: 3abd97

Characters have consistently answered questions from their 'current' perspective on the timeline.

So Polo has always answered questions from 135 AW ("the intermission was recent for me"), Rokoa from 185 AW ("the intermission is something I did 50 years ago with Polo I'm looking back on now"). Pilon started out talking from 135 AW, then jumped to 185 AW after he appeared on the Asteroid for the first time, and then never went back.

We're never gotten access to a version of an Asteroid character who's more ahead in itq than we've encountered them in the story.
No. 123357 ID: 7fad5d

tl;dr: No spoilers from BTE
No. 123359 ID: ae1644

Problem is that by the time we get to ask post mission polo questions I and everyone else would have probably forgotten this completely pointless inquiry.

Lets try compromise a little. Lukratsa after the movie came out how much fan mail/requests to fuck did Polo and Rokoa(who everyone already knew was long gone) get that you are aware of? How much did you and Tammi get? How many of those requests were for you or her to be "in character"?
No. 123382 ID: 91ee5f

This one is directed at anyone that would know what to do in this hypothetical situation and the answer can come from someone in the Ultra Hives or on the Asteroid or both locations:

A Salikai has made contact and wants to peacefully coexist with the Neumono. There are no tricks, traps, or strings attached, this Salikai is willing to do whatever the Neumono want. Also, this Salikai is all alone, no Arkots or allies of any kind.

Based on this, what would the Neumono do? Would they accept the the alliance with this one Salikai? If so, how long would it take for them to start trusting this Salikai?

To Rokoa and Kappi: If you continue this relationship with each other, what are the odds of Rokoa allowing Kappi to put some kids in her sometime in the future?

To Christmas/Valentines Polo, Katzati, and Ramella: When all of you got in bed together, describe as best you can, just how amazing your “group activity” was? And if you guys said anything to each other, how much of it was really you talking and how much of it was the effects of the love beam talking?
No. 123647 ID: 8c0673

How well do neumono handle burns? Are incendiaries common anti-neumono weapons?
No. 123662 ID: 186f53

Would Leaf be diagnosed with the gnoll equivalent of autism if the gnolls had an equivalent to a psychologist?
No. 123771 ID: 85e349

So, Ramella, I think it's fairly obvious at this point that people are implying the Salikai are going to use their experimental Rokoa-clone-darts on you.

Regardless of whether or not you actually believe this, if it were confirmed to your satisfaction, would you try to run away, do something to convince them you're too valuable to dart, or what? Obviously, giving up is pointless, since you want to COMPLETELY LIVE.
No. 123966 ID: 1fbbcc

We know neumono hives usually use large communal showers, but does anyone use large communal baths? Is it considered a luxury thing that only rich hives would indulge in?

Speaking of rich hives... hive vs. rogue gets all the publicity, but are there any significant class tensions between wealthy hives and poor hives that causes problems?

With the topic of divisions between hives, I also want to ask if there are any observable general differences between old pre-uplift hives, split hives (descended from an old hive but considers themselves new) and totally fresh queen-rogue-formed modern hives? In terms of attitude to their place in the world, each other, et cetera.

And do hives with a king or queen consider themselves superior to ones that currently don't? Is a hive without one considered unfortunate or deficient? Without a single authority figure, do such hives face problems in directing themselves? Does the bureaucracy assume hives will have kings/queens and give a harder time to those that don't?
No. 124061 ID: 39e3f1

Asteroid fuzzy folks: Your fur/feathers grow to a certain length and then stops, right? Like, if it sheds or gets cut it regrows to the same length, but past that it won't, right? I'm wondering, are there any products for tricking your hair into growing longer? Some sort of hormone treatment for the follicles? Like you could use it to get fluffier overall, if you like the look or you're going somewhere cold, or you could use it to grow certain patches artistically?
No. 124065 ID: 91ee5f

Considering what happened to this David guy: >>105857 , yes, there are products that increase feather/fur growth.
No. 124555 ID: be3691

Likol, you had a “we ain’t rabbits mug” mug. Where do you even get something like that in an underweb-controlled life, and why? How offensive is being called a rabbit to you? Has that ever happened?
For that matter, you seemed to have a normal, well-adjusted grasp of life out in the normal world, but I don’t think it was ever established when you would have had a chance to experience life in in the non-underweb world prior to your run. What’s the story there?
Also, how is Neumono heaven treating you? We miss you.
No. 124672 ID: 9125e0

Hey Kappi I dont remember if this was asked yet,But can we get a diagram of the housing.I would like to see what the room layouts for the cheep housing,To the more expensive?

I would expect that you would know this info as your the quartermaster.
or just what your house layout is?
No. 124673 ID: 5f1126

Considering human cultural dominance, do most aliens grow up watching a ton of human shows/movies, playing human games, et cetera? And since there must be so much by now that, as aliens, you haven't seen, do you get a bunch of older "classic", "essential viewing" media thrown your way, or do they just try to push only newer, more profitable stuff on you?

tl;dr did you non-humans grow up watching old human cartoons
No. 124897 ID: 7cf41b

So, it seems implied, and reasonable to assume, that the commonest form of religion among neumono (or the closest thing to religion) is a sort of self-hive-worship, where they revere the "spirit" of their own hive, with the king or queen as a sort of avatar or half-divine figure as a focus for that.

My question is, how close to the trappings of religion can that get? In very large hives, especially, where the queen can't get to know more than a fraction of her hivemates personally, does the reverence take on more abstract elements, maybe? Carrying around icons of the queen (like a step further than Likol carrying around that plush of his?), having little shrine-like things like a photo of them in some prominent place, or having regular "religious" functions, like maybe once a month everyone gathers to line up and have some sort of brief communion or personal moment with the queen, or hear her give a speech, or things like meeting up once a month with a bunch of other hivemates to formally focus on hive feelings and talk about events in the larger hive? I think we've heard suggestions of hives having their own little festivals, but how about other kinds of communal rituals? It seems like maybe some or all of these sorts of things could have a positive effect on hive cohesion.

Maybe any king or queen of a huge hive want to comment on this sort of thing? Trying to get as much meaningful time with as many members of your hive as possible seems like it could become a full-time job in itself, and it seems like most of you don't try to do that.

Are there like... sub-queens/kings? Hive members who aren't anything near king or queen themselves, but who are exemplary examples of the hive, and maybe end up being sort of like relays for your influence and help keep the hive together?
No. 125338 ID: d2e2ce

Hey, Captain. How hard was it to set up a sex dungeon in Queenwood and rope a bunch of guys into doing kinky military RP with you?
No. 125340 ID: d2e2ce

Actually wait, how the fuck does an art hive make a living anyway? Presumably the art scene isn't all just money laundering.

Speaking of which, oi, Silverstream, what's business like and how do you prevent yourselves getting used for money laundering and the like?
No. 125341 ID: 5f3f48

"Art Hive" just means that art is central to the hive's identity. That doesn't necessarily preclude them from other income streams, or mean that they're incapable of anything else. And even then, there's a lot of creative fields the hive could own a business in, or that individual members might have gotten jobs in if they were so inclined.
No. 125345 ID: d2e2ce

That's cool and all but to be honest I'm more interested in the in-universe answer
No. 125460 ID: 32dc9c

To anyone who participated in the ultrahive wars (eg. Rokann, Marra, Rokoa...), How violent were the wars in general?

Were there any laws of war to be followed (for example about the treatment of POWs or civilians) or was it a total bloodshed for all the hives involved? Actually, how many lives were lost in these wars?

Was there any peacekeeping initiative organized by the aliens to keep the violence as minimal as possible?

Any interesting/notable stories or events that happened?
No. 125461 ID: a1c591

Dr. Renson, or anyone who’d know: how common/rare is it for people to practice medicine on other species? In the event of someone having a medical emergency in an area that’s predominantly some other species, would there be any effort to try and find a doctor of that person’s species to treat them, or would that not be a factor? Do other, similar professions (therapists for example) ever cross species barriers?
No. 125509 ID: 27bc37

To Story Seeker:

I have no idea what I'm doing, or if this is even the place to ask this. Here goes.

Has your adventure come to an end (at least as far as we are concerned) or are you just "doing laundry" so to speak.
No. 125515 ID: e1d580

I'm pretty sure SS could provide a funny in-universe update on his stuff in here, but if you want a more unambiguous OOC answer the Story Seeker disthread is probably a good place to try if you can hunt down which page it's fallen downwards to. For what it's worth I'm reasonably sure it's still on the list of quests to do, just lower-priority than the more recent/bigger projects.
No. 125516 ID: afdebc

>if you can hunt down which page it's fallen downwards to
Protip: you can look up quests on the wiki (which has an actual search function) and follow the link to the dis thread of your choice much faster than manually hunting through pages or the catalog.
No. 125517 ID: bfb318

Normally what the couple of above posts say is true, and the wiki pages, in this case https://tgchan.org/wiki/Story_Seeker , are good for just keeping track of threads, but in this case there isn't actually a Story Seeker dis thread.

So for the meta answer, SS isn't over, it'll have more stuff at an undetermined date. Also I'll probably make a disthread around then just so it has one, no matter how belated.
No. 125547 ID: 2f83e5

Now that we are on the topic I want to ask a question to SS.
SS you did a great job improving the conditions of the kobolds (and other races) in Spearstone. Do you think is possible for other races to stop seeing Kobols as just slaves or savages? Or do you agree with Reilqin statement and Kobolds do really shine in the servitude of other races?
No. 125863 ID: a44332

To Shup: Have you ever met the Emperor face to face(plate)? Like, did he ceremonially hand you your mithril seal or something?
No. 126499 ID: 7450a1

Panica from Luvi's story in The Rogue: There is no tactful way to ask this. Why is your pregnancy so weird. Why. Why so big. Why is your freakish alien pregnancy weird. Why. Why. Explain. Why.
No. 126535 ID: 094652

Luvi: How many date / marriage requests do you get weekly? How do you deal with these requests given your... attitude against rejection and other negative actions?
No. 126554 ID: 298905

Shup, or another person who would know: Non-kobold creatures can be enchanted, right? Like those dogs that react to the fields being trespassed on? I was wondering if there are any other animals that commonly get enchanted for things. And, the obvious next question: can you enchant non-kobold people, from outside? What if they were born and raised in the kobold lands, somehow? I can already imagine some border nobles hiring non-kobold mercenaries just to have a more special and intimidating entourage.

Neumono question: I can't remember if this was ever answered, but if you got a big enough bunch of neumono babies and raised them in constant contact with each other, isolated from other neumono, would they grow into a hive with each other?

General Asteroidverse technology question: Has anyone tried blend AI with cybernetics? Like, through some implant in their brain, using a partial AI to expand someone's knowledge or skills directly. Like, for the cyborg parts with complicated uses such as an arm that can flip out an array of complicated tools or something, instead of having to somehow learn to make a bunch of unnatural impulses using a nervous system not designed for more than fingers and a few joints, you'd basically jam in an extra chunk of artificial brain that already has all the "instincts" for how to use them and which can handle the weird alien feedback it gets. Maybe even up to more radical things like, to bypass the danger of sentient AI, you make a shell of an AI with everything but the sentient bit and a biological person's brain jacked into the saddle to take it's place with a set of neural implants, thereby giving them insane haxxor computer powers?

I mean most people besides neumono probably wouldn't want to risk that kind of brain surgery, but is it possible for the sufficiently unethical/illegal/wealthy person?
No. 126567 ID: e1d580

Yo, to any Asteroidverse lads, how do you rate the different species' pussy? Tits too, if any species has them and they're different from the standard model. We got a rundown on cocks and cum so I figure the other side needs some love.

Korli, any chance you'd know? Ramella maybe?
No. 126822 ID: 8950e3

Zirkala, did you ever punish your skeleton alchemist for chemically castrating Story Seeker? I haven’t followed his story in so long I’ve forgotten her name, and I remember him saying her potion wore off around the time he started learning actual magic, but that doesn’t make what she did any less monsterous. I remember the reaction when we realized what she’d done being unanimous horror and disgust.

I imagine it’s probably hard to reasonably punish an undead minion who you want to keep employing, but still. Have you thought of anything yet?
No. 126873 ID: 465a14

Yo neumono your hives gotta get new blood sometimes right? If the individual hivemates don't meet enough new people by themselves do hives ever arrange meetups, like are there dating sites for whole hives at once? How often do hives arrange orgies for breeding?
No. 126879 ID: a9af05

To Dame Frais from Fen Quest: What did you think of Fen when you first saw him? Did you ever think he would make it as far as he has so far? Did you ever expect to be good friends with him or did your friendship with him come unexpectedly?
No. 126889 ID: 470289

How do Brothel Hives deal with rogues who want to get pregnant, and do they ever use customers sperm to get pregnant without informing the father?
No. 127145 ID: 7582e1

(same poster as >>125863 here)

To Sir Zall: Do nobility or children thereof get any "skip the Pawn stage of the army" privileges? That would explain why do few of your knights are disciplined.

To Cheese: This Might Wizard, does he only upgrade soldiers? Because I thing there would be a good market for upgraded runners, capable of running long distances without stopping often and without dropping dead at the end.
Even with the teleportation network, if you need a fast reply a week can be too long.

To anyone knowledgeable: Are there any farm animals in the kobold lands?
No. 127148 ID: bd22be

Do Kobolds like being pet?
No. 127173 ID: daffb0

Ranger Pink, from the Omega Wave Force: if it's not rude to ask, how old are you? You come across as young at heart, but some things came up when Polo was looking for you that made it seem like you and the other rangers might all actually have been around for a while. How old is the Wave Force? Are you all the original founding members? The way the gun narrated your backstory to Polo made it seem like it was designed for passing it around sometimes. Have you had any extra or replacement members before Polo?
No. 127205 ID: 58c855

Glitcher, would it be possible for other CAI members to reproduce, or is that only possible due to you and Rulekeep's unique natures? Also, what would an Alison/Sevener kid end up like?
No. 127880 ID: 080aaf

Mac: Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
No. 128559 ID: 0ab3ed

To Loviro, how does AI programming in the real world compare to you eork in the simulation? Has any of your knowledge carried over?
And also, what do you think of Arza?
No. 128854 ID: 094652

Nalene: I could have sworn I've seen you somewhere before this quest. Any previous appearances throughout the multiverse (internet)?
No. 128856 ID: 465a14

You want the other ITQ thread.
No. 128927 ID: bcc41d

I’ve been meaning to ask. What do Neumono think of alien murder mystery / whodunnits dramas, given the lack of empathy?

And how long did it take from Polo’s ability being exposed to the world until someone ran with the idea to create a «proper» neumono murder mystery whodunnit?
No. 129226 ID: 93fb12

How long do neumono generally take to regenerate from various levels of injury?
No. 129480 ID: a12187
File 155846665340.png - (63.71KB , 800x768 , Mac Placeholder ITQ.png )

>Actually wait, how the fuck does an art hive make a living anyway? Presumably the art scene isn't all just money laundering.
I think most hives that deal in the arts work like Storytree, though most of them are much more specialized than we, er, they are. Most of the funds that are earned go into the Hive’s central bank account which pays for taxes, food, utilities, and other general things. Reoccurring costs. Only a few of us can touch that account, and it supports our lifestyle. From that account the Queen transfers a certain amount every month into a shared account that most of us do have access to. That’s basically used to pay for like, personal purchases, Hive events, everyday expenses.

Once you’re an adult and considered responsible enough you get a card that lets you access the shared account within certain limits. Before that you must ask someone with access to the account to do transactions you can’t do with petty cash. So, when I was a kid I used to ask J’raine to buy any personal instruments or easels or whatever and once I got a card my little sister bothers me whenever she wants some stupidly expensive history book or access to some online biography that’s behind a paywall.

Any individuals or small groups in the Hive that do paid work that’s not ‘Hive sanctioned’, which means the Queen doesn’t personally look over or listen to the work and sign off on its quality, sends their profits directly into the shared bank account. It’s not required, and I know a few who don’t, but they usually spend what they get almost immediately. If someone needs funding for the project they use the shared account, and we basically work on an honor system that no one will take too much out of it. So, if decided to do a band gig with some hivemates then, well we’d probably borrow the equipment from someone else in the Hive, but if we couldn’t we could buy the equipment with the shared account and we’d forward the pay back to that account. Assuming we weren’t paid in beer, obviously. Overall, this isn’t much of our income.

‘Hive sanctioned’ work are contracts that are brokered by the Hive itself. Generally, the Queen or her representative will meet with another Queen, company, or whoever and work out the specifics of the deal. This can be something like production design work on a small movie. Usually the Hive picks who’s going to work on the project and if the Queen signs off on them it basically just goes like any other job. Income from this goes to the central account, and it’s the bulk of how we support ourselves.

We also own a few businesses which I think operate independently, money-wise. A few hivemates live and work there full-time and they grab kids for part-time work as needed. We have a publishing house, the front of which doubles as a book store, and the amphitheater we call the Hall. Oh, and the gallery. That’s new though, and I’ve never been there and don’t know much about it. The Publishing House mostly prints Hive stuff, but we do lease it out to outsiders sometimes. The theater is the same, though it’s a lot bigger. The Queen is always looking to expand, and I think she has her eye on a studio next.

Storytree is more stable financially than a lot of other artistically focused hives since our products are diversified, but the drawback is we can’t handle large volumes of work in the same medium. If someone needs a small band we can do that, but we don’t have enough professional-level musicians trained in the specific instruments to field a full-scale orchestra, for example. We do have an edge over our competitors since we can do multimedia projects in-hive with a lot more ease.

I think that’s everything?

>Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
No. 129481 ID: 1ec988

Alright, someone has to bite the bullet. Luvi, what's the premise of Tekbeasts?
No. 129500 ID: a12187
File 155849939835.png - (93.66KB , 800x785 , Luvi Placeholder ITQ.png )

>How many date / marriage requests do you get weekly? How do you deal with these requests given your... attitude against rejection and other negative actions?
I don’t get them weekly, but I do get asked out every now and then. If it’s from a rogue I’m helping I try to let them down gently, but firmly! It’s against the rules to date clients, and it’s also just awful for their long-term well-being. Rogues rebounding onto their case workers is never good because they get really fixated on you. It’s one of the job hazards.

Outside of work, I speed date when I can and since I can’t always attend ladies’ night, I get asked out by insistent guys sometimes. It’s usually best to say yes and wait until they get tired of me in a couple of weeks and ghost me. If it’s a girl, well, a lot of times we stay friends afterwards, which is great!

…This isn’t exactly dating, but occasionally I do get propositioned on the street. it’s usually by rogues who think I’m a U addict because of my empathy. U is a drug that makes you happy and euphoric, but it’s hard to get in the Tree, so some people try to get close to me to get access to my ‘connection’. Usually after I insist for a bit, they believe I’m naturally like this. When they don’t, well, sometimes Rocker gets involved.

>Luvi, what's the premise of Tekbeasts?
Oh! I’ll try not to talk your ears off! Just the premise, Tekbeasts!, the original series, is about a world where different races have been locked in strife for countless generations. There are hundreds of societies on the planet of various sizes with each main character coming from a different one. The one thing all the civilizations have in common is they lack a concept of metal, and without it advanced technologies like we have now are absent from the entire planet. At least until the planes are broken! During a melee one of the smallest and weakest societies reveal they’ve secretly been plundering other planes for technology and have launched a campaign to begin their Empire! The main characters who were fighting in the battle manage to fall into a trap that sends them out into the wider planar field and have to put their differences aside in order to get back home and learn enough about the planes and each other to get back home and save the planet! And that’s just the first season, before Thrasher gets her Infernocycle!

There’s been a few reboots and sequels, and they all remix things in their own ways, some more than others. Thrasher is in every adaption that matters, and Gulper of Black Marsh, Tyreen Tail, and Joe show up the most often of the original cast. Oh, that’s going a bit farther than just the premise though. I’ll shut up about it now!
No. 129506 ID: a12187
File 155858150221.png - (55.23KB , 500x500 , Captain ITQ.png )

(Slight Spoiler if you haven't read The Rogue, she's this lady >>/questarch/900106)

>Hey, Captain. How hard was it to set up a sex dungeon in Queenwood and rope a bunch of guys into doing kinky military RP with you?
Most of my squad would not have sex in the basement of our current safehouse. Therefore, I would not classify it as a ‘sex dungeon’.

A few safehouses were already functioning when we came to Queenwood. Part of my work since has been to cultivate more. Varied methods are preferred, from buying property, renting with trustworthy landlords, or long-term squatting to keep the paper trails as hard to follow as possible.

To obtain Toreq I followed him and mapped his likely paths. Geo then intercepted him, pickpocketed his wallet, and ran into an alley where I was waiting. I subdued him, and we transported him to the ‘dungeon’. He is the only guy we have roped on this excursion.

I do not know what ‘RP’ is, or why it would be kinky.
No. 129543 ID: caf1de

No. 129702 ID: 1b5015

Or if they'd like RimWorld. Although that might be tame compared to some of the shit these guys have faced on actual alien planets.
No. 129703 ID: 1b5015

Amending this to ask whether any particularly crazy characters have played the ultra-retro but still fantastic human video game series, Devil May Cry.
No. 130848 ID: c59ec7

Raox, what inspired you to campaign for rogue rights? Was it spurred by a personal decision, or a hive-wide one?

And no offense, but you look /awful/. How well are you balancing ultrahive politics with your normal duties as queen?

To Raox or anyone else who wants to answer, what is Scorch's specialty, and how is it doing these days?
No. 130851 ID: 465a14

>Raox, what inspired you to campaign for rogue rights? Was it spurred by a personal decision, or a hive-wide one?
Answered before, iirc- Raox brought up the issue at a meeting one day. The others thanked him for volunteering and then it was his job.
No. 130852 ID: b1b4f3

Mittens: any luck restoring your corrupted cycle with the full power of the Ring Shell rather than the indirect power of a glitcher?
No. 130854 ID: 2d5e36

His original answer >>93274 implies his choice was a bit more active than that, and Kark calls him a "bleeding heart" -- it's curious why he cares in the first place and why he hasn't quit, especially when not a single other ultraqueen appears willing to address the issue without humans twisting their arm.
No. 130959 ID: 85dd90

To Hok: How much of a gamer are you, and how good are you by miklik standards?
No. 131344 ID: e5e15e
File 157271080848.png - (743.84KB , 800x800 , Zoya & Nora ITQ.png )

>oi, Silverstream, what's business like and how do you prevent yourselves getting used for money laundering and the like?
No clue, boyo. Honestly! People yell at me about ‘conflicts of interest’ and ‘ethics violations’ if I even look at a Silverstream™ business sideways. If my Hive aren’t being mopey pieces of shit I assume everything is good. Nora! Tell them how y'all work!

>"The Silverstream Conglomerate is highly successful, even considering the ludicr- the fair, market value price Mother charges us to use her likeness. Our goals are focused on long-term growth and the cultivation of sustainable, steady profits, along with a strong community ties and a pleasant corporate persona. Our banking branch is relatively new but has tapped into underserved communities to carve an important social and financial niche with which to bolster its overall portfolio.”

>“We pride ourselves on running one of the most benevolent and above-board operations on Astreneus V. To keep ourselves honest we have several techniques from independent review boards to rigid ethics guidelines. When violations do occur, we correct them swiftly and the perpetrators are prosecuted thoroughly, in a very transparent process. It is our continuing-"

My kids don’t do anything shady because they know if they do, I’ll catch them. And if they’re stealing from the Tree, that means they’re stealing from me. The consequences for that are dire.
No. 131424 ID: c59ec7

Somewhat related to the question of hive vs. individual culpability for crimes: If a queen committed a major crime, like something on the level of treason, war crimes, or an attempted coup, and they faced trial, what would happen to their hive in the aftermath? How much is a hive considered on the hook for their queen's actions, if the queen is the heart of the hive and reflects/directs its will? Is "the hive made me do it" a valid legal defense? Or does it work the other way around, can followers claim they were bamboozled by the queen's influence?
No. 131426 ID: c59ec7

And sorry for the double post, someone can say if this has been answered before: Is Raox Coalition or Tree? I interpreted his "All the other ultras are queens" to mean only the ultras in the Tree, but did he mean all ultras period?
No. 131436 ID: e5e15e

Raox is Tree. I don't think any Coalition Ultraqueens or kings have appeared or been directly commented on.
No. 131779 ID: 57bb13

Question to any Neumono or expert on Neumono biology:

What frequency range does Neumono empathy inhabit? And if not measurable in hertz, what sort of wave does it constitute?
No. 131813 ID: 0e24f3

Any Neumono: can you guys whistle?
No. 131839 ID: 3a3c64

Moi, what kind of Neumono are you? Snow, Jungle, Redgrass, Archipelago? We know Likol had Jungle roots, but others from your hive (Ramella, Korli) seem to be something else and all the Salikai intervention means there was likely some mixing of things.
No. 131929 ID: 9dfd12

To anyone knowledgeable: What is the rank of Tower Knight Veiza? Is he a Grand Knight too?
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