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File 141022364044.png - (18.53KB , 800x800 , BTE2op.png )
85202 No. 85202 ID: d470e9

The ITQ for all Lagotrope quests.

Previous BTE:

Current main ITQ:

Previous ITQs:
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No. 95032 ID: 9b9174

Polo: How are you with kids? We got told a story that made you seem like you got on well with some, at least. Do you interact much with your own hive's children? Or, perhaps, do they try to interact with you?
No. 95033 ID: 149da0

>Polo: how are you with kids
No. 95102 ID: baff97

To Tin: Sorry if this has already been asked before, or if I had simply missed it, but in most of your pictures, you don't seem to have a mouth. Unlike Hok, who has a visible mouth in some pictures, I don't remember seeing you with a mouth at all. It might just be my crappy memory, but if it's one of your mutations, how do you eat and talk?
No. 95119 ID: e750ac
File 144342256905.png - (86.91KB , 550x550 , rokoloITQagain.png )

>Dear neumono ladies who have given some oral attention to a guy.
>How do you avoid causing horrible bedroom accidents with your horrifying shark teeth?

I dunno, maybe by actually paying attention to what we're doing?

Though, one little thing that always helps: whether the guy remembers who's ultimately in charge when which parts are between whose jaws.

>Rokolo: Does the word 'Tozol' have any meaning to you?

Ugh, don't even mention those guys. Seriously. I mean it, really, don't, not where any Rokoas could hear. I never should've told them that story.

>Rokolo: When you know both the needle trick and Polo's silence technique, is there any reason to use the former over the latter?

Not really! First, it wouldn't be the "needle" trick for me, because my CAI can block my neural paths without me needing to stab myself. Second, unless you just think there's simply not enough wrong with you, there's nothing you'd need the needle trick to give you that going silent doesn't. If you really want to stretch to the edge cases, then in theory there could be some extreme situations, where you couldn't manage the concentration to go silent, but where you could still use the needle trick. But the needle trick still needs focus, just a different kind of focus, so in most cases you're still screwed.

How do I explain this in a way that's simple enough for you guys... Like, let's say you knew how to levitate by clearing your mind of all worldly emotion, or something. And you'd also bumped into a fairy and could fly by thinking happy thoughts. Now, if you're overwhelmingly angry or sad or afraid, you're not getting off the ground no matter what you do. But if you're irrepressibly happy, then you still can't lift off by clearing your mind, but you can still peter pan your way into the air, because it's just coincidentally the case that being really happy doesn't interfere with thinking happy thoughts. Silence vs. the needle trick goes down kind of the same way.

Also, in this metaphor, fairy dust fucks you up.

As if snorting glittering particles off a tiny bug-human's backside wouldn't do that anyway.
No. 95139 ID: cee89f

>Ugh, don't even mention those guys. Seriously. I mean it, really, don't, not where any Rokoas could hear. I never should've told them that story.


*grabs megaphone*

No. 95157 ID: 91ee5f

No, no, no, you're doing wrong! Do it like this!

*turns on intercom system*

Ahem! To any and all Rokoas that can hear this! The Tozols have claimed that you're all a bunch of wimps and that they can easily beat you up!
No. 95177 ID: cee89f

I'm trying to troll Rokolo, not destroy the world, you nutcase!!!!! O_o

*gets on the intercom* Disregard that last transmission! There are no Tozols here. Nope. None at all. And there are definitely no Tozols mocking you for being weak and slow and stupid.


Wait. F#@$
No. 95188 ID: 91ee5f

You're the nutcase! I was at least polite enough to not mention their stupidity! DX

Wait, why does my voice sound like it's coming from everywhere? SHIT, THE INTERCOM'S STILL ON!!!!! WHERE'S THE OFF SWITCH ON THIS THING?!?! O_o
No. 95201 ID: 5d1629
File 144367578562.png - (87.48KB , 550x550 , rokoloITQagain2.png )

>*grabs megaphone*

>*turns on intercom syst-
No. 95202 ID: 5d1629
File 144367583592.gif - (32.23KB , 550x550 , rokoloITQagain3.gif )

No. 95204 ID: 91ee5f

Gave ya a heart attack, didn't we? ;-P

But you can't stop me that easily! I shall use other methods of communication and hope that Rokoa is smart enough to realize that I'm telling her that the "Tozols" are insulting her!

*starts signing insulting message from the "Tozols" in sign language*

*flashes the same message with a flashlight in morse code*

*makes the same message by waving around flags using flag semaphore*

*repeats the same message out loud in the hopes that Rokoa is smart enough to be able to read lips*

*writes the same message on a piece of paper and mails it to Rokoa* Come on, snail mail! You're my last option, don't fail me now! (In 2-3 weeks anyways..... T_T;)

Let's see you stop all of that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! >:-D
No. 95209 ID: 5d1629
File 144368517391.png - (10.93KB , 550x550 , rokoloITQagain4.png )

>But you can't stop me that easily! I shall use other methods of



No. 95211 ID: 91ee5f

That's it, you've left me no choice! Now I shall use my amazing hacking skills to force the video and audio to turn back on!

.....Is what I would say if I had any hacking skills, which I don't.....man, I'm pathetic. TT_TT

But are you sure the post doesn't deliver there? Because someone over there has got a subscription to a weekly magazine called "CAIs Gone Wild". That means SOMEONE is getting mail, right?
No. 95219 ID: a8517b

Ralison: How much of your time as CAI leader is spent doing saves like that one? Because I am guessing a lot. (Also this explains lot about how a CAI can manage to keep anything secret.)
No. 95285 ID: cee89f

Well screw you too :P
(Here I thought she'd just be annoyed, but apparently it's legitimately bad news)

Maybe we can get one of those airplanes with the giant banners... no, then it'd get shot down... Write it in fireworks? No, I dunno how to do that and they might not be looking up.
No. 95291 ID: cee89f

*blinks* My username's not there anymore? When did that happen?

... meh. Easy fix.

Anyway! Serious question time. (by which i mean seriously posing a question, not 'Answer this riddle or your friend dies' serious)

We know that neumono come in several different colors, and it's been implied through neumono legend that different neumono fur colors correspond to where your hive made their home (which makes sense - a snow white neumono's gonna have an easier time stalking prey on a snowbank than in a forest). But do different neumono hives/demographics also have different fur textures, and if so what are they?
No. 95294 ID: f92791

Penn's grandmother: I assume most information about Penn is something you want to keep under wraps, and that there needs to be a cloak of invisibility over a lot of her unique qualities for the foreseeable future. But, is there anything you can tell us? Like, she mentioned a while ago that she's never gotten any sort of infectious illness in her life. And I notice she seemed to have good endurance for a desk worker. She explained it by saying she sprinted between classes a lot, but that gives a different kind of endurance than a lot of walking needs, which is what was going on, so that's suspicious.

So, what I'm mostly asking is, does Penn have... enhancements? Superior stamina, immunity to disease... maybe resistance to radiation? Longevity? Anything you can give away? Also, how much of her isn't from her... special status? Like, her parents' genes got overwritten with others, is what I take away, but genes don't define absolutely everything about a person. Epigenetics is mostly a result of the mother's condition, and maybe there was something like... if genes for belenos work like humans, then the different sexes have different chromosome shapes, so maybe whatever was able to rewrite her genes wasn't able to reform that, and that's why she's female while records seem to indicate ol' blueglass was male?

Besides all that, which odds are you won't answer... what about you? Why were you assigned to work with Penn, have you studied cases of previous individuals like her?
No. 95345 ID: 69a105

Rokoa: What's your favourite human food?


Kids: How are you with Polo?
No. 95355 ID: 91ee5f

Excuse me, Ms. CAI? Could you turn the audio and video back on, please? Other people have questions they want to ask, but they can't get any answers if no one can see or hear the questions being asked!

Also, I'm sorry for trying to start a fight between Rokoa and the Tozols. Do you forgive me?
No. 95362 ID: 1b197b
File 144417951922.gif - (6.63KB , 550x550 , rokoloITQagain5.gif )

>Ralison: How much of your time as CAI leader is spent doing saves like that one? Because I am guessing a lot.

>This wasn't so much a leadership duty as it was just taking advantage of speedy AI reactions, performing signal interdiction on something that would have been troublesome.

>But yes.

>Excuse me, Ms. CAI? Could you turn the audio and video back on, please?


>Do you forgive me?

>... Sure. Yes.

No. 95372 ID: 91ee5f


That's understandable, thank you. Just one request, don't watch me while I'm in the bathroom, please. That would be VERY creepy and, trust me, you DON'T want to see what goes on in there! DX

But this also means we can have staring contests! Ready? Go! O_O
..........*blink* >_<
Dang it! DX
No. 95373 ID: 91ee5f

.....Um, could I have a hug? Please? As a sign of us trusting each other again. <:-)
No. 95404 ID: 19f3b5

Zirkala: Healing magic is damaging to the undead, right? Should Story Seeker be careful about potentially bringing powerful healing items or other effects back home to you from his trips, and if so have you warned him about things like that? Or do you have precautions set up to negate those dangers to begin with? I'd assume you set up your ghouls with some way to not burst into flame if someone tried to heal them, for example, but maybe that's just an acceptable hazard.

Actually, if Kexluk had been around back then, would he have had a way to detect your ghouls?
No. 95407 ID: 19540d

Polo, what happened to that giant lung collapsing shard of shrapnel that got pulled out of you that you were gonna keep.
No. 95472 ID: f032e0

Belenosians: Do you ever get an urge to headbutt things? Maybe even just when you're children? I ask because I imagine tiny horned fuzzy babies bumping their heads against things and it's adorable.

Broader question to all species: Are there things your small children do that you think are cute and that other species' babies don't do?
No. 95691 ID: d65001

Penn, since you've just been through the educational system, can you tell us what it's like now? Here where we are, the average age for entering college is around 18 human years, but since you're in the future and maybe educational methods have been improved, with cool multimedia and such, perhaps it's faster by your time. And maybe, with your species' knowledge-loving thing, it goes faster for you anyway? Or is the spare time filled out with a broader range of learning? Maybe you have more pre-university specialization, like a range of preparatory courses and classes for certain subjects?
No. 95800 ID: 91ee5f

To any and/or all quest characters who want to answer these 3 questions:

1. If you could be a character from an anime, which character would you be?

2. What anime is the character from?

3. Why that character?

Bonus points if you dress up as the character you want to be (it is almost Halloween after all)! XD
No. 95908 ID: 6812f7

Belenosians: On earth, humans have a range of films, games and other media set in post-apocalyptic settings, often kind of... overblown and unrealistic in a lot of ways. Do people make historical post-apocalyptic belenosian movies, set (relatively) soon after the collapse of your ancient society? By which I mean, I assume there are historical dramas and documentaries and so on, but are there more... actiony, adventury, cheesy stories like what humans imagined from their own fictitious apocalypses?

I wondered if that would be considered tasteless (at least, tasteless in a different way from how tho stories usually are), but then, the standard human medieval fantasy setting, with a world of ancient ruins full of treasure and so on, is ultimately based on the post-semi-apocalypse of the roman empire in europe. And it has been a long time since then for you guys. So would most belenosians not care so much, and be able to enjoy such entertainments insofar as they would normally be capable of enjoying that kind of story in other settings?
No. 95921 ID: 7a92ea

Roxie, I would ask Penn this, but I think she'd be too embarrassed to answer, so could you go on the internet and look it up? I want to know how much potential trouble Penn could get herself into if she did have a one-night stand with some belenosian dude. Diseases seem unlikely in this advanced era, so I'm mainly thinking about family planning. I've heard that belenosian ladies "just start running eggs through their plumbing in response to a dude trying to fertilize it", so, does that mean they could have a kid any time? Or will one bout not be enough, do they have to try once or twice to get things going and then keep at it regularly for about a week or whatever, for it to happen? Or is it some in-between thing, like it is possible to produce a child from one night's work but the chances are really low, and they increase the longer you keep trying?

While I'm asking, how's battery life on your phones? Do you have super future batteries that last for days or weeks, or do you have some sort of thing where in cities and other built-up places there's some sort of wireless charging so that stuff stays powered?

Also, if someone asked you what is the best thing about being uplifted, that surprised you, what would you say? By which I mean, when you get uplifted I assume you get lectured at about a lot of stuff like peace and security and wealth and technology, so, what's the best thing about being uplifted that no-one told you about and that you didn't expect?

And what's the worst thing?
No. 95922 ID: 88e46e

Is it theoretically possible for a king/queen to be a rogue? Say if everyone else in their hive died or they schismed so badly no two individuals stayed together. If so, would they stay a rogue or would they gather followers over time?
No. 95941 ID: 7a92ea

Hey Roxie, your degree is Linguistics, right? What inspired you to move into that field? Do you speak any languages beyond the galactic standard and your own hive's tribal language? What language do you like best? And can you answer something I've wondered: is it easier and/or faster for a neumono to learn a new language, so long as they have another neumono to learn it from, since you can use empathy to clue you in on meaning? And, perhaps, you have an advantage even without that, because your brains seem like they retain more plasticity for longer compared to other species?

Conversely, do neumono have particular trouble learning to make some sounds that alien languages use? Or do other aliens have that trouble? Do the different species have an audible "accent" that's just due to the different shapes of their mouths?
No. 95944 ID: cee89f

You're now a Heroic Spirit from Fate Stay Night.

What is your class and why?
No. 95946 ID: cee89f

Also, what's your noble phantasm?
No. 95966 ID: 57006e

How are the ultrahive cities generally built? Are they all or mostly planned, like some aliens teamed in and went "yeah you're going to need stuff here here and here and it would be best to build here", so everything is very sensible, or were any of the cities you have now built up from previous large settlements, or military camps from the wars, or around where aliens had built stations for their various efforts?
No. 95983 ID: bb78f2

Three Stripes, did you ever get it on with Four Stripes or Dead Stripes? I mean, there were no female Predators around, so really, those were really all your options for Romance.

Or did you think Four Stripes and Dead Stripes had a thing for each other? I think they had more in common, but opposites attract.
No. 95989 ID: bc24e4

More language questions: Given that it's still only a few generations from uplift, do most neumono still know their former tribal language in addition to the standard? How about the other species? In the case of belenosians, did they have a single language still, as a legacy from the old imperial age? Or had they also developed different national/tribal languages by the time humans came along? In either case, do most of them still know how to speak their own, or did they drop it?

For example, Roxie, if that manipulative racist girl you met had really just wanted to pester Penn instead of riling you, could she have switched languages to try exclude you entirely, assuming you don't speak any belenosian or whatever the name of it is, if they do have a single language?
No. 95991 ID: ca0c9d

Dirtbag just has to tease poor Prude Stripes ;}
No. 96015 ID: 4bf663

Neumono that got barked at while trying to get hotdogs
what were your thoughts at the time?
No. 96040 ID: 5af472

If there's a program for individual tribals to be sent out to live among civilized neumono and aliens to get used to them and prepare their hive for full uplift, is there an opposite program? Are there aliens who go out and live with tribal hives to help them get used to aliens? If so, how well does that go down?

Hot dog stand guy: So, how did your 'dog-making skills hold up?

<person of extreme hot dog importance>: How did you become so hot dog important? Do you have importance in any other food domains? And, are neumono health and safety standards for culinary preparation more lax than for aliens, or do you just not care? Do neumono, being mostly carnivores, have a larger, more varied and more nuanced market of meat products compared to aliens?

Person who eventually won the Halloween murder house mystery: how did that go down?
No. 96060 ID: 12b273

Do neumono suffer from that two people walking towards each other and you try to step around them and they go the same way and you get caught in a loop thing, or does empathy preempt that. Or does empathy just mean you get stuck in the loop sooner.

If empathy stops that from happening, does it still happen in places with jammers, and does that make it really disorienting.

>Hot dog stand guy: So, how did your 'dog-making skills hold up?
Hot dog stand guy: How did your other skills hold up. *nudge nudge, wink wink*

How often do you imagine doing terrible naughty things to your customers. Is this part of the appeal of your stall.

I dunno, asking someone if they've sexed up their siblings is a little strong for teasing.
No. 96075 ID: 967a74

Hey, Penn...

... ancient human thinkers theorized that, with the advent of science, individuals in a civilized society come under an impression that the world is ultimately knowable, understandable, and therefore controllable. However, even in the case where this was true (at the time it was not), no individual has the raw mental storage space to store such knowledge, or the free time to learn it all - therefore, to any individual, there would always be things that are unknowable and mysterious.

By contrast, such thinkers mused, primitive peoples were well accustomed to the idea that they were surrounded by forces they could neither understand or control. Though this left them vulnerable to superstition and mysticism, it also gave them greater courage and fortitude of mind when they encountered such unknown powers and felt their lives affected by them - whereas, when a civilized person feels their life shaken or altered by some force that they do not comprehend, they lack the same capacity to accept and endure such trials, and the contradiction with the world-view they've been raised on can result in deep anxiety, depression, or more severe neuroses.

In short, rather than the stereotype of the fearful savage, tribal peoples - and recently tribal peoples - can can keep a stronger "center" and better preserve their focus and peace of mind when faced with things that lie outside their experience and skills.

Does this match up with your experience?

Also: have you ever seen the movie your costume came from; did you have a reason (besides not wanting to wear a different costume) that Roxie thought you seemed unusually ok with the idea of a sexy costume; and, though Roxie was anxious about Milo's advances on you, on reflection it seemed like you were really not interested to begin with and were just being polite. Did you already suspect him of secondary motives, or was he just not your type? What sort of person would be your type, in regards a companion for mutual affection and mental/emotional/physical intimacy?

Roxie: Hey, Penn didn't punch you when you got home! Did you sign her up for martial arts classes? Or paintball or parkour or whatever?
No. 96100 ID: 6879ec

...How is 'Neumono' pronounced anyway?
What species invented the word?
And is there any logic behind the word? Like for example is the 'mono' derived from the Latin word for one, or even from the Japanese word for "thing"?
No. 96101 ID: 88960e

Aliens gave them the name. It's a fusion of "neuro" and "mono". So it means "one mind".

Lago commented on pronunciation here >>59940 and here >>60075
No. 96106 ID: ad936f

That's "Nyew-moe-no" not "nyur-mah-no"
No. 96112 ID: 6879ec

Oh wow. I went through every ITQ featuring Lago, ctrl-F'ing 'pronounce', but somehow I never thought of checking the discussion thread.
No. 96126 ID: 2334b0

Hoy, Penn! I have questions about AI development.

First, are there different grades used to classify how "strong" an AI is? Like, maybe at the bottom you just have your regular chatbot that isn't really intelligent, and as it goes up you go to things that are smart at their jobs but not good at anything else, and up near the top you'd have things that can at least try to comprehend and figure out how to deal with things they haven't been prepared for before? Or maybe there's a different system.

Second, how simple is it to make an AI? The method to make CAI AIs, at least, seems to be very organic, as it were. It seems like it's less putting together a mechanism and more like growing, or cooking, or... fermenting? With something as complicated as an intelligence, something that can learn and adapt, it has to be a process that takes time, and must be sensitive. So I wondered: if, for example, you took the same base AI generating program and gave them to two people, and one was someone with a proper professional setup who kept a clinical distance and was always observing the AI as it grew, and the other was some dude cooking it up in his back room computer who liked just chatting with it about anything in a friendly casual way, and sometimes just left it by itself for long periods, would you end up with two significantly different AIs? Would they be different at more than a superficial level?

If so, can AI developers be identified by the AIs they've made? What I mean is, could a certain AI's quirks and mannerisms act as a sort of "signature" for their creator. Like, if you lost a usb drive with one of your AIs on it, and Arza found it, and we assume for this scenario there aren't any tags or notes or other identifiers on it, could Arza interact with/study the AI for a while and eventually go "hmm, this looks like it might be one of Penn's"?

How many AIs have you made, Penn? Is that more or less than a graduate student of your level in the field usually has made, by the point you've reached? Do you still have legal ownership of all the AIs you've made? If not, what happens to college-project AIs when they're finished? Which one of yours was your favourite, or at least, which one do you feel the strongest sentiment or other emotional connection towards?

Speaking of favourites, what's your favourite food?
No. 96167 ID: cee89f

it comes from neurology and mono (as in 'one') iirc.
No. 96171 ID: cee89f

Any character: Asking for a friend who has a knife to my throat.

If you have a baby in your hand, and you know someone who hates you is about to burst into the room, which of the following scenarios would be the funniest:

-You're about to bite into the baby
-You look up and say "Ah, perfect timing! Could you get me some barbecue sauce?"
-*spitting and gagging* "THIS TASTES NOTHING LIKE CHICKEN"
-Throwing it at them

He's asking because he's not good at telling what crosses the line twice.
No. 96181 ID: e637fe

Belenosians: Does a tendency towards certain horn shapes tend to run in families? Milo and Navanna were siblings, for example, and seemed to both have a front-two-small-back-two-large shape.

Speaking of horns, are there any cultural connotations to using horns in a certain way? Like, is grabbing someone by their horns considered especially rude, or is it considered particularly vicious to actually attack someone with them, when size/shape/situation makes that possible?

Finally... have you guys come up with special pillows to accommodate horns when sleeping? Because it seems like a lot of you would have trouble lying on your back, and others trouble lying on your sides. Lying on your front seems the only position where they couldn't potentially be a problem, but that's not usually the most comfortable for most species. Unless it is, for you guys?
No. 138872 ID: e5709d

I see that rogues have generation numbers. Does that mean the number of generations since their ancestors went rogue? If an x-gen and a y-gen have a kid, what generation are they on? Are there any significant differences in behavior and empathic dependency between generations?
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