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File 148758692062.png - (11.83KB , 400x400 , 000a.png )
108985 No. 108985 ID: 6cbace

Thought this might be a good thing to have.

Expand all images
No. 108987 ID: 6cbace
File 148758914094.png - (56.51KB , 1320x660 , 000.png )

It's a map.
No. 108988 ID: 6cbace
File 148759201854.png - (130.99KB , 700x500 , 000b.png )

Adult Rabbold Design
No. 108989 ID: 6cbace
File 148759253487.png - (343.40KB , 1397x761 , gloob4.png )

Concept art of the races. Designs not final.
No. 109023 ID: 67d5dc

Slimes are tgchan's spirit animal.
No. 109024 ID: 143250

I thought it was kobolds. But I can see slimes being that as well.
No. 109034 ID: 34f6b6

The slime and Bag had better get out of this okay Q_Q

these guys are pretty cool, solid designs all round and the shark-snek is awesome
No. 109074 ID: 6cbace

So in regards to Slime Mass.

If slime eats 30kg of mass, it digests and it converts it to 20kg of mass. Digestion eats up mass at a rate of 3:2.

Converting that mass again with [Organic Mimic] will turn it into 10kg mass at a rate of 2:1

Which means, eating a full grown lizard will result in a tiny lizard, or an equally sized lizard without the mass needed to support itself.
No. 109076 ID: 398fe1

Does the mass come back when turning Organic Mimic off?
No. 109077 ID: 6cbace

No, but it does return a 1:1 mass to slime

As a followup, [Fluid Body] is dependent on Slime mass too.

Water converts at a rate of 1:1
Aero Gel converts at a rate of 2:1
Dragon Blood converts at a rate of 100:1

All fluids converts back to slime mass at a rate of 1:1.
No. 109092 ID: 398fe1

I thought fluids were created by using mana?
No. 109096 ID: 6cbace

They all have a mana cost as it's an ability.
No. 109112 ID: ca661e

The character we just were, was he a he? A she in disguise as a he? Or just gay?

And the rabbold he(?) was talking to, gets refer to as a she by the woman at the desk but you always refer to her as a he.

Can I get a little clarification?
No. 109117 ID: 57f342

Why does Dragon Blood had such a bad conversion rate? And what happen with the non absorbed mass? Does it become smelly poop?
No. 109137 ID: 8d4593

So lets see... the average fully grown cow weighs 550 kg... and 10 liters of dragon blood costs 1000 liters worth of slime... and mass to slime conversion is 66% efficient...
So if we want the seed were carrying to have bloodsucker and dragon blood like us, we need to consume 3 whole adult cows... Not too bad...
We need to find some livestock.
No. 109148 ID: 398fe1

It probably has to do with it being inherently magical.

I don't know why the mass cost would be so high either, personally. It makes more sense for it to cost more MANA, not more mass.
No. 109149 ID: 398fe1

...also, was it really 20 liters that slime consumed? That doesn't make any sense considering the size it started out as. 2 liters makes more sense.
No. 109163 ID: 6cbace

MC is a Princess. Her Fiance is just a crossdresser.

Because reasons. Unused mass is held as raw slime in cavities in the body.

Blood is a physical thing. Mana is used as a catalyst to convert matter into other matter.
Dragons blood is highly demanding to produce without being an actual dragon. If slime somehow manages to get a dragon form, Dragon Blood would become relatively cheaper to produce since it can be aided with Organic Mimicry to make marrow, and feed that slime mass and mana to produce blood.
Time is not included in these calculations as it's subject to balancing.

Slime mass can be adjusted in density. Visual size should not be treated as exact. (translation: Hand waving fact that Slime size is inconsistent.)
No. 109166 ID: 47160d

So do the royals come from slimes like our buddy here or did they fuck a dragon?
No. 109167 ID: 6cbace

Genetic experiments by dragons that caused them to have higher Mana control. This makes them more powerful than others, which lead them to become royalty. It was passed down hereditary and controlled by nobility and royalty.

Dragonblood Rabbolds were heavily controlled compared to the other species, which caused this situation of where Victora is the only one left now.
No. 109168 ID: b7883c

Is this the pace to ask why was Victoria hiding out in a different nation as Sir Vincent before her kingdom fell?
No. 109170 ID: 595d54

That sounds like it'd be a spoiler so probably not
No. 109195 ID: 0b99d7

loving this thus far!

Are the stats roughly in line with D&D/pathfinder levels? if so, the slime stat block is a bit nuts (then again, the primordial slime base stats and abilites seem to mark it as a potentially powerful race anyway)
Anyway can Titles be gained by everyone in this universe?
what causes them to grant power, is it just mana reacting to situations?
No. 109197 ID: 57f342

Is Emils current form based on Sumin?
No. 109200 ID: 6cbace

While the idea was taken from D&D, the scale is boosted. I'm not overly familiar with D&D so don't expect it to be a 1:1 adaptation.
Titles can be gained by anyone, but not everyone has access or knowledge of their stats.
Titles are basically achievements and rewards, but since the general populace don't have it available to them, it is something that is known to grant those with titles power but unknown on how to get it. Over the years, people just started to ignore it.

Emils form is based on one of the female guards stationed in the garrison, minus puberty. Her form is about 11 years old by our standards.
No. 109202 ID: 6cbace
File 148805187957.png - (10.79KB , 600x400 , 000c.png )

Mana exists all around in the world of Havaros, Introduced by dragons.
Life on Havaros adapted to Mana, and can't live without it.
Inside every living thing, are Mana Veins, which gathers mana from the world though the surface of the body. Like a fingerprint, everyone has a unique growth of mana veins. Every race has their own way of gathering Mana. Rabbolds for example, get mana from the ground they stand on. Beasts however, get mana from the things they eat.

There are two places where Mana can be gathered inside the body, The brain and the Mana Stone, but neither is entirely required for mana to be processed.

The Races and Beasts of Havaros can all gather mana at their brains. This allows them to process the gathered mana to be used inside the body. This allows magic that boosts the body functions, or allows magic to temporarily alter the body.
For example, There exists spells that allows one to jump higher, to reduce their weight, to grant them strength or to grant them speed.
Shape Shifters are not a single race, but are those of the races unique magic allows them to shape their flesh.

Some amongst the Races and Beasts, have Mana stones. Mana stones allows one to have better control over their mana, allowing access to spells that produce an effect on the world around them. Mana stones comes in various sizes and correlates to how much mana one can store and use for spells.
Unfortunately Mana stones are located next to the heart. Having a bigger Mana stone affects the health of the creature.
Mana stones are often harvested from beasts to produce magical tools and wands that allows one to cast spells they don't know, or are unable to cast.

So how does Dragons blood come into play?
Dragons blood allows better control of Mana in the body, allowing one to gather mana from all sources. This also causes one's mana stone to be bigger.

Victoria however has an abnormally smaller Mana stone, (Pictured in blue), compared to what it should be(Pictured in red). This makes her storage capabilities smaller, so she can't use spells with heavy costs like other dragon bloods can.

Where does Mana Come from?
Mana comes from several towers built by dragons around the world of Havaros. The process of producing Mana is entirely unknown, but places around the towers are heavily fertile and filled with life. The races has built shrines around such towers to keep them safe.

What about Mana Plague?
Mana Plague is the name given to an unknown illness that was first seen when the dragons destroyed the Avern Capital. The land grows devoid of Mana, and any living thing in the area of influence has their mana drained until they leave or die.
There has been three separate cases of Mana Plague hitting the continent.
The first is at the Avern capital, where by now, the whole area has turned into a desert.
The second happened at the west-most dragons tower, where there was once a city devoted to studying magic.
The third has appeared in Victora's home kingdom, which is the largest producers and exporter of magic tools.
No. 109203 ID: 9145ba

Interesting. Victoria's home also has a shrine/tower. Could the mana plague be an overflow prevention measure of the towers? Did activity at other towers increase in accordance to the mana drain at these towers?
No. 109204 ID: 6cbace

Indeed. As the usage of mana increases, the towers can't keep up with the demand, and initiates a fail-safe to keep atmospheric life-support running until it can recharge. The Avern tower is an exception.
No. 109205 ID: b7883c

>Mana comes from several towers built by dragons around the world of Havaros.
During mana plague, has anyone gotten close enough to the local tower to see if it was visibly damaged and lived to tell about it? Are the towers something that people can get inside of to attempt to study?
No. 109206 ID: 6cbace

It starts from the towers, so those closest to the towers starts to feel it's effects first.
The towers are inaccessible, and the width of a redwood tree, but much much taller.
The first two cases happened suddenly, so nobody knows the state of the towers close up. The third case, we do not know any survivors.

No. 109207 ID: 9145ba

Oh no! We must relay this information immediately to a government that can do something about this!

Too bad Emils can't talk.
No. 109209 ID: 57f342

So the health issues are the reason Victoria didn't wanted to have children. Didn't she considered that her mutation might be hereditary?

Is the Organic Mimic capable of producing Mana Stones? If not, can Emils incorporate and make use of someone else stone?

The mana towers limitation and the disasters resulting are excellent reasons for seeking the dragons. And here I was thinking we would do that only to eat one...
No. 109216 ID: 6cbace

> So the health issues are the reason Victoria didn't wanted to have children. Didn't she considered that her mutation might be hereditary?
One of the reasons why Dragon blood females don't want to have children is because labor has a higher chance to induce death. Plus, it's not always a 100% chance that their offspring will have dragons blood, as it can skip generations. And yes, it is hereditary.

> Is the Organic Mimic capable of producing Mana Stones? If not, can Emils incorporate and make use of someone else stone?
Mana is not organic, and can not be manipulated by Organic Mimic. This same reason is why shapeshifters can't alter their mana veins. Instead, Mana Core fills in the role for her brain and mana stone. Should she increase the level of Mana Crafting, she could theoretically tap into the mana of others. But that involves bypassing a whole slew of other stats.

>The mana towers limitation and the disasters resulting are excellent reasons for seeking the dragons. And here I was thinking we would do that only to eat one...
Too bad there aren't any more native dragons.
No. 109223 ID: 9876c4

If Victoria cut her finger off. would she bleed dragon blood, or standard Rabbold blood with a set % of dragon?
No. 109224 ID: 57f342

Since they aren't organic that mean Emils can't digest or produce those stones... So what happened with the Mana Stones of the people she ate? Are they scattered across the crime scene?
No. 109229 ID: 6cbace

Rabbold blood, with Dragon Blood markers in her DNA. Infusions do not exist in this setting, but it'll be like having AB+.

Gluttony can still be activated. It's just not Absorbed.
No. 109231 ID: 69361d

So all those stones are still inside her? When we learn magic can we use them?

Also how good is organic mimic? Does Emils have a heart beat? Does she breathe? Can she bleed? Can she get pregnant!? If we were to turn male could we knock up Victoria? If a part of Emi got cut off would it revert to slime? You do realize you're going to get a lot of questions like these right?
No. 109234 ID: 6cbace

If Emils does learn magic, yes, she could use them.

Organic Mimic can mimic converts slime mass into flesh based on recorded DNA to mimic organs.
She does have a functional heartbeat, She can breathe to feed blood inside of her, and yes, her organs work, except she is currently as a pre-pubescent female and her womb is currently occupied by the seed.
Loss of mass from Organic Mimic will not cause lost mass to revert to slime mass. It is a derivative of a high level ability of Blood Slimes, mentioned at >>/quest/781059 , which allows a blood slime to clone and produce body parts used in healing magic.

With enough mass and mana, Organic Mimic can produce a clone rabbold, but that clone body would be a living doll basically, devoid of personality, knowledge, instinct or liveliness, except for subconscious brain functionality, like heart beating and breathing.

The main issue is getting that clone part, since there's no way to communicate with slimes to order it on what to clone, or how aged it has to be.
No. 109239 ID: 6cbace

To add to this, Emils does not need the functionality of Organic Mimic to live.
If she is sliced apart, whichever part her core is in will continue to live, while the other parts will die off, depending on if it can support itself or not.
To recombine detached parts, she'll have to eat it back.

That said, she does have 25 rabbolds worth of mass and personal effects digested in her.
No. 109246 ID: 0b99d7

shouldn't she be at/approaching a density where even without the iron skin, it's really hard to damage her?
No. 109260 ID: d36af7

Density isn't the same as hardness. Lead, for example, is denser than iron but also softer.
No. 109265 ID: 0b99d7

Right, but she's mimicking flesh and bone while having >25 times the amount of mass of those materials.
But I'm not talking about hardness exactly, while I'm no scientist and may be way off the mark, I imagine you'd need to do a significantly higher amount of work to say, cut through the skin mass of 25+ rabbolds, even if it's no thicker than the skin on 1 (and a kid no less), than that of a single rabbold.

the hardness of the material isn't different but there's a shit lot more matter to go through
No. 109333 ID: 6cbace
File 148826861661.png - (8.74KB , 600x400 , 000e.png )

Discussions on IRC, Here's how the flow of Mana works.

Dragons created [Mana] and [Mana] Towers.
Mana is originally used to support the world. Dragon Towers recycles the used Mana, into usable Mana.
Life evolved to adapt to used Mana, outgrowing life that does not use Mana. Eventually all life now uses Mana, and can not live without it.
The races then began to be.
After the native dragons were born, they taught the races how to manipulate the excess Mana in the world, using it to create magic.
At the time, usage of Mana was low, and the towers could keep up with use. As time went on and after the Dragons left, the usage of Mana began to grow. Magic became more and more complexed.

Towers began to be unable to keep up with recycling Mana, and stopped releasing recycled Mana, storing it to keep it's primary function, to support the world. The races called this phenomenon the Mana Plague.

With enough time, towers can eventually begin releasing recycled Mana again, provided that other towers nearby aren't already overtaxed.
No. 109334 ID: 6cbace

While Dragons created Mana, they do not produce it.
They do not require it.
They can however use Mana freely without spells or drawbacks.

Should Emils consume a dragon, she will not gain any additional abilities than what she has now. The only thing she will get out of it is mass, and dragon form.

As Emils' core requires Mana to operate, she can not leave the planet. She can not replicate dragon towers. She can never recycle or produce Mana. Gray-Goo is a terrible idea, and will trigger a global failure of dragon towers. At best, it'll attract attention of other star dragons as the point and laugh at the stupid slime who killed itself and the world it lives in.
No. 109335 ID: 398fe1

How long could a slime survive in outer space by using mana stones as batteries?
No. 109336 ID: 6cbace

Not at all. Mana breaks down outside the influence of the towers.
No. 109338 ID: 6cbace


Time Skip - Skip the training, go to the story. Emils is more competent in skills Victora knows.
School Arc - Follow Emils' though school. Probably will be slow and tedious lore and background explaining. Allows more direct routing of what Emils learns.
Side B - ???
No. 109341 ID: 213ff6

I want bag-quest. Bag is best character.
No. 109343 ID: 398fe1

Sheesh why is everyone voting for slow and tedious?
No. 109345 ID: 8d4593

Could the mana towers conceivably be studied and replicated? Does the secret to creating mana still exist in the world?

While a school arc could be neat,(lore is neat) it is rather frustrating trying to control a character that while powerful, lacks knowledge of the basic concepts needed to meaningfully interact with the world. I personally would prefer a time skip, at least to a point where Emils is versed in basic worldly knowledge, and can communicate on at least some basic level.

That said. If you do do a time skip, I'm with >>109341 on bag quest. He's just a cute character and it might be fun to see what kind of trouble a giant adolescent lizard can get in to.
No. 109346 ID: 665ed8

So like assuming it isn't spoilery, is there a particular reason Bag exists as a character?
No. 109351 ID: 0d1514

shenanigans are neat
No. 109353 ID: 6cbace

Technology at that level does not exist on the world.
no. it's purely a gag character.
No. 109356 ID: ccbc12

I vote for timeskip with various events woven in from what would be the training session. Ex. Freak out the other kids or accidentally stab something while in training.
No. 109364 ID: 398fe1

Accidentally get stabbed in training, refuse to bleed.
No. 109368 ID: 91ee5f

"Hey, are you ok? There's a big hole in your chest."

"Emmm okaaaay."

"How are you not bleeding?!"

"Eyyyy reeeefuuusssse tooooo bleeeeeeed."
No. 109372 ID: 211d83

Bag has stolen the show and needs his/her own character arc now.
No. 109382 ID: 9876c4


Vic and Emils are sitting around a table, looking at arrows. On a table. Victoria is holding up two arrows.
Vic "So against chainmail and stuff, you should probably use a bodkin, which looks like-"
*knock at the door*
Bag Enters
Bag: " Belp Blep"

*Audience goes into uproarious applause.*
No. 109385 ID: 0b99d7

Emils also laughs because she speaks lizard, all other characters are stunned
No. 109438 ID: 6cbace

So it seems school arc is winning. I guess.

So here's a list of classes Emils could take:

Marie's Group - General civilian education
Language, Maths, Social (and Religion), History, Arts and Craft

Guild Classes:
Hunter - Focuses towards subjugating, physically heavy jobs
(Beast) Biology, Physical (Weapon or body training), Hunting
Gatherer - Focuses towards crafting, non-physically heavy jobs
Science (Alchemy, etc), Magic, Cooking, Crafting (various)
Adventurer - Focuses on surviving in the wild, not as physically demanding but requires traveling
Foreign History, Wilderness Survival, Foreign Languages, Traps (setting, dismantling, detecting), Cartography, Rock Climbing

This is not a complete list, more would be added depending on recommendations or suggestions. If there is anything you guys wish to add, feel free to suggest here.

Note that Emils can freely take any of the guild classes so she(you) choose, but each class would take a day, and most of it will be time skipped. What classes the quest will focus on depends on what Emils chooses and whichever you guys suggest here.
No. 109439 ID: a363ac

arts and crafts, gatherer classes, and adventurer classes.
No. 109445 ID: 57f342

Since our main objective is to integrate she should initially focus on language and social, after a wile alternating between those and maths and history on equal amounts. Arts and craft can start like an weekend activity.
When she is done with the civilian education she can focus on science and magic for some time. Later foreign history and languages could be added to the curriculum. Lastly crafting, weapons and traps.
No. 109450 ID: 0b99d7

Are there any restrictions and stuff?

I'm sure basically any of the civilian education is a must-have, particularly Language and Maths.

I think Emils would have natural talent for Alchemy for obvious reasons.
and basically everything under the Hunter line.

Learning how to deal with potential prey as well as the applications of the awesome amount of materials Emils will have eventual access to are pretty awesome.

The potential of her getting some friends and perhaps developing a proper sense of identity; 'I am' is a hell of a realisation, 'I am (Emils/primordial slime)' will be even better.
No. 109452 ID: 3abd97

This sounds about right.
No. 109456 ID: c3abdb

Does (beast) biology involve dissecting various animals? If so then i'm sure they wont notice emils take a nibble every now and then.
No. 109464 ID: 6cbace

She won't get a lot of weapon proficiency that way. Hunter classes also takes into account of using magic offensively too.
Basically it would also teach Emils about working in a team, fighting, etc.

Most civilian education would be skipped over, unless you guys want a peek at it. She would get all of it as she's starting out with Marie's classes.

No real restrictions, people are free to pick and choose classes. Just depends on how much time and effort they can put into learning them.

Yes. Skinning, Cleaning, Subjugation parts, Corpse handling and butchering of local beasts. Adventuring class of this goes further in depth of other beasts.
No. 109467 ID: 57f342

I'm somewhat curious in relation to Emils's artistic abilities and how different her creations will be from the rabbolds'.
Other than that I will be happy with any funny situation.
No. 109468 ID: 9f3729

I suggest science and engineering classes. We shall achieve victory through technological superiority.
Bring on the medieval mechaslime!
No. 109469 ID: 6cbace

Ho, with her shifting abilities and her dex, she could be a one slime toolbox
No. 109473 ID: 9876c4

I think a Gondorian Ranger would be a good template for Emils.
Lots of tracking, survival, various combat skills. Compound with heraldry, cultural studies and linguistics.

the more technical and specific skills seem like a poor fit, because they're for an analytical, rather than a reactive mind.
No. 109474 ID: 0b99d7

I think a sort of Witcher is probably a better fit; self-sufficient, skilled in combat, knows or can learn the weaknesses and strengths of enemies and is capable of using a large array of tools both magic and mundane. (just think of the little swiss army knife she can be, seeing as she's able to become or produce so many things.)
No. 109477 ID: 6cbace

Victoria's Forged Guild Record.

Adventurer - Issued by Calus City, Wern Kingdom Name: Victoria de Sang Sidere Drac Age: 22 Species: Rabbold Birth: Sepent, Drac Kingdom Faction: Northern Dragon Shrine Rank B (F - A) LVL 24 HP 663 MP 96 STR 17 AGI 17 VIT 8 INT 18 DEX 13 LUK 4 Titles: Nobility - Member of a noble family. Traveler - One who has traveled far. [Dragon] clan - The blood of [Dragon] flow though you. (Lesser) Royal - Member of a royal family. Skills: (0 - 5) Sword - lv 3 Dagger - lv 1 Bow - lv 2 Magic - lv 4 CQC - lv 1 Dancing - lv 1 Strategy - lv 2 Politics - lv 2 Royalty - lv 1 Resistances: Heat - -3% Cold - 94% Magic - 84% Spells: {Enhance;} - Temporary boost of physical abilities. {Spark;} - Induces lesser Paralysis. {Lux;} - Produces a mote of light. {Appraisal;} - Requests information. (insufficient MP) {Heal;} - Boosts natural recovery. {Nullify;} - Locks down target's [Mana]. {Override;} - ??? (Spell Locked - Insufficient Access Level)
No. 109479 ID: 6cbace

Emils' Appraisal (Altered).

Name: Emils Age: 10 1 month Species: Rabbold Primordial Slime Birth: - LVL 3 11 HP 55 135 MP 13 28 STR 6 14 AGI 2 7 VIT 10 21 INT 7 11 DEX 5 11 LUK 3 Titles: [Dragon] clan - The blood of [Dragon] flow though you. Aquatic - Adapted to underwater environment. Bloodsucker - Digesting more than 10 liters of blood. Army of One - Defeat >10 enemies in a single battle. Infiltrator - Hiding in plain sight. Skills: (0 - 5) Sword - lv 0 Spear - lv 0 Magic - lv 0 Universal Language - lv 1 [Mana] Crafting - lv 1 Abilities: Absorption - Possibility of gaining traits of consumed organics. Fluid Body - Your core can produce absorbed fluids. - Synthesis with Organic Mimic: Allows form to be more flexible. Gluttony - Limitless capacity for consumption. [Mana] Core - Your core has been infused with [Mana]. [Mana] Perception - Able to sense the flow of [Mana]. Organic Mimic - Ability to replicate absorbed organics. Primordial - Level 3 Restricted Access unlocked Iron Coating - Your core becomes as hard as Iron. Sentience - You are aware. Language of Many - Your understanding of languages grows. Senses - (Sight) (Smell) (Hearing) (Taste) (Touch) ([Mana]) Resistances: Blunt Impact - 95% Heat - 45% Cold - 15% Magic - 80% Spells: {Nullify;} - Locks down target's [Mana]. (Insufficient Mana) {Override;} - ??? (Insufficient Mana) Forms: Taros Reptile (Lesser) Rabbold - Interference by [[Dragon] Clan]. Fluids: [Dragon] Blood Water Aleo Gel Rabbold Blood Fruit Juice
No. 109487 ID: 9145ba

Time to fall into a solipsist nightmare as we realize Emils is the only being we've met with the Sentience ability.
No. 109490 ID: 0b99d7

jokes aside, she's the only one that needed to have it listed by virtue of it being a gained ability rather than inherent
No. 109495 ID: 9876c4

Resistances are passed out like candy in this world.
No. 109496 ID: 6cbace


nah, resistance is supposedly genetic and evolved from base values.
Emils gets her from unlocking it from her Primordial ability.
No. 109632 ID: 6cbace
File 148924890327.png - (116.90KB , 300x800 , comm2e.png )

Commission of Victoria
No. 109641 ID: dab1be


moar of dis
No. 109644 ID: 91cfcf

Sure, cough up and you can see all the Victoria porn you want.
No. 109645 ID: 1226ae

She is delightful and pretty.
No. 109700 ID: 48237d

Since both the Matron and Alice both have red eyes and are apparently magically talented, I'm guessing it's safe to say they both have dragon blood.
If that is the case, does that mean the dragon blood Avaros have less aesthetic alterations than the Rabbolds? Alternatively, does that mean their dragon blood citizens have a more ample specter of possible characteristics distinct from the commoners?
What about other creatures? We didn't get to see Emils's Taros Lizard form in colors, and our slime didn't mentioned any dragon blood induced mutation, so I'm unsure.
No. 109702 ID: 6cbace

How observant.
Yes, traits of dragons blood start off with red eyes, with higher concentration leading to white coloration.
The effects of dragonsblood is not too widely known to commoners since it's heavily diluted amongst the other races. Effects of dragonsblood on beasts are mostly unknown, due to how hard it is to extract from people for testing.
No. 109712 ID: 48237d

Does that mean Chris would have red eyes if he didn't suffer from Brock's syndrome?
No. 109724 ID: 6cbace

Yes he would, as would all other Nobles from Victoria's home kingdom.
No. 109725 ID: 393ae0

Plot holes (as I see them):
- How did Slime defeat >10 highly proficient weapon and magic weilding rabbolds? And without them being able to alert anyone? (Slime has 100hp, but rabbold 600)
- How did Emils learn language in just 3 days without actually talking much with anyone? What about social norms? Things that may seem easy to us would be extremely hard to mimic even after months of observation.
No. 109728 ID: d79f26

first guy, jump on their face and slither into their lungs, drowning them in slime. repeat.

second problem is emils has 3 cha for a reason. cha isn't just looks but also how you act. 3 cha means you are socially incompetent.
No. 109729 ID: 6cbace
File 148958197411.png - (10.91KB , 400x400 , 000f.png )

Chapter 2 title card just because.
No. 109734 ID: 398fe1

She learned language by observing and mimicking. Slimes are apparently REALLY good at learning things and adapting. Emils is going to grow up to be an extremely powerful entity... I worry for the fate of the world if she is not taught compassion.
No. 109747 ID: 395c02

I was under the impression that Victoria is substantially tougher and more skilled than your average rabbold.
No. 109748 ID: 76df5c
File 148961929261.jpg - (1.10MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20170315_23_03_17_Pro.jpg )


Gave it my best shot, how did you disprove the other 3 answers?
No. 109749 ID: 76df5c

Bamboozled by bionicle!
No. 109750 ID: db0da2

>With enough mass and mana, Organic Mimic can produce a clone rabbold, but that clone body would be a living doll basically, devoid of personality, knowledge, instinct or liveliness
Why? Is a frontal lobe or hippocampus just too complicated for Organic Mimic to copy, or is there some other, more supernatural, element it fails to capture? What is the difference between making a body with Organic Mimic and just doing it the old fashioned way? If Emils were to create a clone zygote in her womb and let it grow naturally, would it turn out correctly?

If Organic Mimic is based on DNA, could we not just use a strand of hair or a bit of dead skin to copy an entire organism? Identical twins can end up looking entirely different in their adulthood; how does Organic Mimic account for the differences in genetically identical organisms caused by environmental stimulus? Does Emils have full control over it?
No. 109751 ID: 76df5c
File 148961993789.jpg - (1.12MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20170315_23_16_58_Pro.jpg )

Detail of above blurry picture
No. 109752 ID: 318375

Your solution only works in decimal numeric system. :B
No. 109754 ID: 70983e
File 148962288256.jpg - (33.65KB , 500x322 , sharkbait.jpg )

If only there was something in the classroom that could give us a primer on the numeric system...
No. 109756 ID: 0b99d7

there seems to be some fundamental essence/soul that determines overall identity that isn't just DNA, otherwise Emils would perfectly mimic the personality of the guard she's imitating (albeit in a younger form)
No. 109757 ID: 48237d

I guess the real reason is to forbid us to have Emils popping up sentient babies left and right. That would probable make the narrative kind of chaotic.

If you want an in universe explanation I would suggest this: In a world where souls exist, those spectral structures are necessary to the development of consciousness, and for some reason the phenomenon of acquiring a soul would happen during conception. Therefor clones don't work.

Thinking about this limitation, developing a clone in a normal pregnancy seem kind of useless when we have Organic Mimic. I don't see any reason why Emils couldn't just make a new body grow like a pimple and then separate from it.
Since the fetus and the placenta would be separate structures from Emils boddy she wouldn't even be able to control the development for the same reason she can't control her sibling. The only advantage I can imagine is the possibility of cloning someone without her Dragon Blood mutating it, but I don't know if she can.
No. 109759 ID: 4fe878

I don't know what that is but it looks kinky.
No. 109761 ID: fe7355

It's something from one of the Myst games. Riven, I believe.
No. 109762 ID: 6cbace

She is. Her guild ranking is a B, which is above average of D.

It produces a blank copy of a brain, since it rebuilds the whole system from scratch.
That means no memories, no experiences, very little instinct apart from understanding how the body works for the core. What would run this clone would be the slime core instead, with the brain then acting as an additional processor.
In terms of computers, it's essentially cloning a PC, but no OS.

Yes, if she develops a womb, she could produce a normal baby if she lets her body grow it without tampering.

Emils's Organic Mimic works off of Absorb and requires the consumption some part of the body in order to copy their form and abilities. More details might be explored in quest, so not adding it here.
Emils manually controls every aspect of her body, from breathing to heartbeat. That means she can also adjust her age and looks, but her body frame would be determined by her DNA.

see: >>109487
No. 109763 ID: 318375

Does slime consume any energy/mass/mana per day to sustain its form? If so, does it cost more to sustain more complicated forms? eg. sustaining rabbold form is harder than original slime form?
No. 109765 ID: 6cbace

Slime core can sustain itself with 10g slime mass per day.

Each form follows their own dietary needs, which unfortunately, Emils will not be able to learn without finding out first, and can not be used to substitute as core feed. Excess food can always be stored as fat or digested as slime mass.
No. 109767 ID: 318375
File 148968248822.png - (6.07KB , 400x600 , DidSomeoneSayFat.png )

>Excess food can always be stored as fat
No. 109770 ID: 91ee5f

It looks like that other core Emils has stored inside of him/her/it has grown a body of its own! XD
No. 109796 ID: 6cbace

pls no

Also for a though on why Emils feels awkward towards other people, is because she's like a Mannequin.
She has to manually control her heartbeat and breathing.
Her fur does not wave in the wind. Her muscles does not have the tiny twitches of life.
If you could see her skin, it would be pink and smooth, like a baby, lacking the folds and spots that age brings.

She lacks the subtleties of life.
No. 109810 ID: b939b1
File 148982905568.jpg - (123.68KB , 480x320 , image001[1].jpg )

> check out what publicly released spells there are

As we all know, spells that are free as in freedom are the only moral choice.
No. 109814 ID: 70983e

I don't think normal spells take negative value,s because that's specifying how much of your mana to expend on the spell. Maybe some spells that absorb mana would take a negative value? But it'd probably use an absolute value even then.
No. 109815 ID: b412df

I'm wondering if what we're seeing and what Emils are seeing with regards to what the the spell runes are different.

We might be seeing their actual meaning whereas Emils just sees runes. So we're able to see how a spell functions when it's just runes to others?
No. 109816 ID: 6cbace

You are reading spells as written in the system.
They are reciting words that make up the chant to the spells, which are written as runes. They understand that by changing parts of the runes, and by changing the mental imagery, they can change what the chant does.
Emils can understand the chants, but is unable to understand their meaning.
No. 109838 ID: 8d4593

That expains why thermoregulation is new. Could she ever aquire the ability to make those things automatic?

Also you mentioned that we see things as the are in the system...
What are we?
No. 109858 ID: 0b99d7

I might just be misreading things/alone in this but I'm a little weirded out by the apparent desire for Emils to act mindlessly some people seem to have. Only consume, only care about consuming, only think about better ways to consume.
I know I'm probably overthinking it, but it seems to defeat the purpose of the whole gaining sentience thing; Emils has potentially unlimited evolution potential but some people want her to remain a primordial entity, hunger and nothing else. Is anyone else getting this feeling or am i just stupid?
No. 109859 ID: 8d4593

I think those people have a purpose.
Should it really be so easy to fight against your own nature?
No. 109860 ID: 398fe1

We're probably some sort of dragon technology meant to spy on and influence the other races.
No. 109908 ID: 48237d

Think this way: What does Emils want? What is her purpose?
Beyond our bullshit suggestions (magical girl for example) she looks like an amoral opportunistic antisocial predator. From that it's easy to assume her question for self improvement come from the desire to guaranty her sustainability (food) and decrease the chances of something else killing her.
From her perspective, why should she be altruistic? She doesn't truly belong to the communities she live in and wouldn't be accepted if they knew what she is.
No. 109911 ID: 398fe1

Altruism can be selfish. By getting along with other people and fitting in with society, she gains the protection of that society. If she breaks the rules of society she risks becoming an outcast, or outright being hunted. Emils is powerful, but not unstoppable, and by keeping good terms with the Rabbolds she gains access to a very safe, constant source of food. Plus if she becomes a hunter she could even eat monster corpses on solo missions.
No. 109913 ID: 48237d

Yes you are right, but that's not what altruism mean.
No. 109915 ID: 398fe1

Well first off, it kindof IS. There are degrees of selflessness. Second off, if that's what you believe, then why did you use it that way? You worded it as if "altruism" meant "not eating everyone".
No. 109925 ID: e01e87


While I am definitely not an advocate of launching Emils into space just to spite Radial's masterfully crafted campaign setting, I wanted to point out one thing that would have to be retconned, or... not. Emils can live without mana. Whatever she is, it is not one of the creatures on Havaros that adapted to rely on mana.

The very first post in this story has her gain constitution and sentience just from dragon's blood, after having survived long enough to consume the blood in the [Dragon] that died to with her in hand. So she can survive, feed, and even think, without any mana involved.

Again: space mission = bad idea, but if she were ejected into space in a tragic climax to her adventure, fluid loss from vacuum exposure would be more dangerous than leaving the influence of the towers. The mana cores she absorbed would fail, and she would be unable to use mana, but like dragons, she is merely using mana, and could continue to survive just fine. In fact, since she had [Organic Mimic] to start out with before gaining a mana, core, she probably wouldn't even revert into a blob, though perhaps she is mimicking the mana-dependent biology, and would have to mimic something not native to Havaros.

So you'd have to redo the beginning to have her gain survival abilities only after becoming infused with mana, or start out with a mana core that needs feeding, or something. Otherwise, it would be kind of silly if she up and perished purely from lack of mana. I honestly thought that was kind of the point, and maybe the reason Emils was created was a sort of fix for these failing towers stuffed full of unrecycled mana. But if not, it's important to point out that Emils did survive, for [minutes] with only [Dragon blood] and not mana.

Unless I missed something?
No. 109926 ID: 6cbace

Her core requires mana to operate.
She gets her required mana from her slime mass, which holds minuscule amounts of mana and nutrients, enough for her to survive on 10g per day just by being a slime.

Once she got Mana core ability, she could freely manipulate mana inside her forms and inside her slime mass.

Why she was created and if she could fix the fallen towers however, would have to be explored upon.

Also the quest started when she gained sentience, not when she was born.
No. 109977 ID: 6cbace
File 149019295738.png - (11.46KB , 600x400 , 000g.png )

Garrison/Underground uniform

Plate armor and physical damage resistant clothing which is standard issue

Mask used for instances of underground gas.
Goggles have lesser heat vision. Doesn't go very far.

Tools involved are:
An Air purifier

Spare filters
Mana crystals
No. 109987 ID: 8d4593

Can Emils feel emotion?
I cant see if she just staight lacks them, or if she just doesn't yet feel any connection with these walking sacks of food with secrets.

Also, if Emils consumed someone, when it came to their brain could she dissolv the outer cerebrum and integrate the rest into her mimicked brain so she could use its natural nueral patterns to run her mimicked bodies autonomic functions?
No. 109988 ID: 6cbace

She feels emotions. Hunger is always on, but it's not like it takes up all her processing powers. She can function perfectly well despite it.

And no. She can't be connected to any organic brain and expect to take over it like a puppet. The brains she forms while in a form is engineered so that she can operate it alongside organic mimic to have 100% control of everything.
No. 109990 ID: 8d4593

>And no. She can't be connected to any organic brain and expect to take over it like a puppet

But it's conceivable that she could connect to one? Just... It would maintain some form of control?

If so, that's... Kinda creepy, if interesting.
No. 109991 ID: 6cbace

Much like a parasite is capable of affecting personality, that's the best she can do in her current state.

Although inflicting that much trauma into a brain will no doubt destroy it in the process.
No. 109994 ID: ffc525

From irc:
<???> If the puppet feels good, would slime feel good also? :D
<Radial> second hand pleasure i guess
<???> Obviously the slime wants its puppet to feel good.
<???> As that means, in good health, satiated etc.
<???> Sexually satisfied :V etc..
<Radial> if that's the way people want to take it
No. 110024 ID: 6cbace

More IRC discussions.

[12:10:46] <Person A> all the characters in the quest are so cemented right now i cant tell who will be the first to go by hand of emils
[12:11:22] <Radial> cemented?
[12:11:38] <Radial> they all have backstories in my head >_>
[12:12:16] <Person A> cemented as in they dont feel like obvious food
[12:12:49] <Radial> bea could be the first but people didn't want it
[12:12:49] <Person A> like a good monster story should do, that said i dont think a monster story is what you were going for
[12:13:01] <Person A> WHAAAAT
[12:13:07] <Person A> OH SHIT
[12:13:12] <Radial> she would have punched emils
[12:13:21] <Radial> just to get her hand stuck in her body
[12:13:41] <Person A> ALT TIMELINE ENGAGED
[12:13:44] <Person A> SHIT
[12:13:45] <Person B> i would destroy you
[12:13:49] <Person B> if bea died
[12:14:12] <Person A> why so fascinated by bea, she had only few lines
[12:16:05] <Person B> she is pure and innocent
[12:16:36] <Radial> i have background for all characters that shows up in quest
[12:16:45] <Person A> good
[12:17:29] <Person A> that makes for fleshed out characters, nothing about a character made just to die
[12:18:00] <Radial> they all can die at any moment
[12:18:03] <Radial> except vic
[12:18:06] <Radial> she has plot armor
[12:18:16] <Person A> fuck whyd you say that
[12:18:22] <Radial> :D
[12:18:32] <Radial> well even she's not immortal
[12:18:39] <Person A> damn it now im worried about emils
[12:18:47] <Person A> emils cant die
[12:18:51] <Person A> nuu
[12:18:55] <Radial> no
[12:19:15] <Radial> not yet
[12:19:24] <Person A> nuuuuu
[12:24:58] <Person A> here i am
[12:25:04] <Person A> rock you like a hurricane
[12:26:09] <Person B> radial knows if anything happens to bea
[12:26:17] <Person B> i will destroy
No. 110027 ID: 7c3ae5

I finally found the time to read this quest (I wanted to finish catching up on Strange Bedfellows first). I like it a lot.

I agree with Person_A that as you get to know people, it becomes harder to see them as food, and as such, to attack anyone not overtly hostile. But I don't think that's a bad thing. And it will probably give an opportunity to go "make my day" on someone soon:

"Say Mr stranger, this 'shortcut' of yours looks suspiciously out of the way and devoid of witnesses. (predatory grin) I'm willing to keep up the charade if you are, but if you show me your true intentions, I'll show you mine."
No. 110029 ID: 91ee5f

I think before Emils eats anyone, she should learn that spell that'll reduce her weight. She has a hard enough time with the furniture and if she eats someone now, she'll be falling through the floors!
No. 110030 ID: 9876c4

Here's the question: Is Emils smart enough to realize that the mass of incidental food she'll get from being a 'child' is more than the one time boost she'd get from eating a citizen?

All bets go out the window if she could consume someone in total secrecy, though.
No. 110033 ID: 8d4593

Why do I get the feeling that this slime egg we're carrying is going to find a way to bite us in the ass eventually?
No. 110034 ID: 48237d

Of curse it will. If slimes were meant to be social there would be others when the quest started.
We will have a primordial slime, that was meant to be born from an egg, starting it's life without any trace of intelligence and an unlimited hunger. I bet the first think it will do is eat Emils from inside.
Nevertheless it is Emils sibling, and she should try to give it the best opportunities she can. Probable finding an isolate cave with a lot of food to abandon the uncontrollable creature.
No. 110037 ID: 70983e

Slimes seem relatively easy to control, seeing as they are used commonly in both infrastructure and medicine. Two slimes attempting to absorb each other is based on a contest of CON stats, so we have a guaranteed advantage over it, one it will hopefully sense and avoid challenging. With all the mass we can concentrate in our body, we might even be able to sustain it inside our form without having to release it. You know, in case the vote decided against having it pose as Emils's pet.
No. 110039 ID: 8d4593

The main thing I'm worried about is what we're going to do with it. Release it? Store it? Feed it Rabold blood and give it to Victoria? Go out of our way to consume the 4000 pounds of flesh neccisary to feed it 10 liters of dragon blood and grant it sentience and have ourselves a brother, along with all the wackiness that entails? What will Emils want to do with it should it take a while to hatch, and she's had some time to internalize some culture? So many unknowns.
No. 110041 ID: 0b99d7

Yeah, I really like everyone we've met thus far, including the lizards (Bag intermission when?)

I'd like Emils to develop proper empathy, it seems like many Chapters end with her in physical contact with others and not eating them, so I guess that's roughly where things are headed, but still, good quest thus far.
No. 110049 ID: 70983e

I'll be very disappointed if a quest about a sentient monster doesn't end with it eating everyone like day-after-Halloween candy. Stop defanging your protagonists, /quest/, it's bland and predictable.
No. 110050 ID: 595d54

A predatory slime eating people is also bland and predictable. Much more so, really. The interesting route is figuring out who to eat and who not to.
No. 110051 ID: 70983e

Not on tgchan it isn't. See above.
No. 110052 ID: 9876c4

Agreed, but this is far from the most grievous offender.
No. 110053 ID: 395c02

Whether on tgchan or elsewhere, just killing everybody isn't likely to make for a very compelling story.
No. 110056 ID: 8d4593

Killing everyone Could be a compelling story though. It becomes a mad dash to power and a desperate struggle to survive. We just have to be willing to accept that whatever character were playing as could die at any time.
Which we never do because who wants to get into a character only to watch them die to some lucky asshole?

I think not eating everyone was the strategic and methodical way to grow bigger fangs, not remove them. By learning stealth, language, culture, and magic (Things that can't really be learned by mere consumption) we give our little beasty here more tools to Work Destroy with.
No. 110057 ID: 70983e
File 149050210419.jpg - (578.99KB , 2190x1872 , Boxxy T Morningwood.jpg )

Oh ye of little faith! A monster that embraces its true nature knows what it is to go even further beyond.
No. 110058 ID: 3abd97

We accidentally stumbled into impersonating lost royalty. Arguably, playing along with that gives us a lot more power than just straight up killing people. We're on our way to being the shapeshifter Queen here, without the bother of having to get close enough to the reigning monarch to eat and replace them.
No. 110059 ID: 47160d

I vote for attempting to be peaceful, working together with them while maintaining our cover gives us more opportunities for food and knowledge overall. Plus let's be frank, the major draw of a quest is generally character interaction and we ain't getting much of that if we eat them all
No. 110061 ID: b7883c

>it's bland and predictable.
Its a matter of taste, sort of like how some pen and paper RPG groups prefer murder-hoboing anything that they can get away with for loot while other groups prefer playing games with lots of character interactions other than killing.
No. 110070 ID: 48237d

I'm trying to take the story serious. Narrative cliches don't concern me.
Why would Emil want to kill everybody? That would make her source of food scarce in the long run.
No. 110071 ID: 70983e

You can't have your cake and eat it too. Eating it is preferable. You can find more cakes elsewhere.

Impersonating lost royalty... of a mana plague-devastated dead zone. Not very useful beyond instant carmaraderie with Victoria.

>not eating everyone was the strategic and methodical way to grow bigger fangs, not remove them.
Sure, but that keeps getting used as an excuse to delay actually using those skills, all the way up until the quest is either over or dead. We should stay in the habit of eating something at least, so we don't lose ourselves in the lie that is Emils. That dragonsblood isn't going to convert itself from thin air.
No. 110077 ID: 132a57

Excuse? The quest is just starting. Previously the slime knew so little it was a chore to command, this was purely developmental. Then a long way learning arc Was voted in, and if we want to learn anything we need to play nice for now. Thankfully Radial is increasing the number of shits slime gives at a snails pace, so by the time the education arc ends, it will likely still be in charachter to go murder hobo if we want.
No. 110078 ID: 7c3ae5

Murderhobos are boring, social is where it's at.
Face it, if tgchan weren't a social beast, it wouldn't be tgchan.
No. 110079 ID: db0da2

Given that we have the choice, "tgchan teaches a monster morality and empathy", is much more appealing to me than "tgchan helps a murderhobo murderhobo." If I wanted the latter I'd go play GTA, or Skyrim, or any of the numerous public murderhobo D&D sessions. Plus, Emils has no reason to eat anyone, we already have enough mass and we don't need their DNA, it would be far more useful to eat monsters, which we'll get a steady supply of once we become an adventurer.
No. 110080 ID: 6cbace

No. 110104 ID: 398fe1

Can Emils use Organic Mimic to create bone spikes or claws?
No. 110141 ID: 79a07e

Every time I see this quest I think of Necalli from Street Fighter V (only less jobber).

No. 110163 ID: 8d4593

I only just now realized the quest was being drown purely in line art, and has been for like the past dozen updates.

No. 110183 ID: 6cbace
File 149076940420.png - (33.29KB , 1000x1000 , 000i.png )

Guild 1st floor
No. 110208 ID: 398fe1

Just realized something. Emils' shapeshifting ability is not all-or-nothing. It costs mass to convert slime mass into organic parts, but she doesn't have to convert her entire body. Her rabbold form is basically hollow right now, so we could go eat something new to mimic and store some of those parts inside her rabbold form. Then we'd be able to swap between two forms much more efficiently, or even for free if there's enough space inside each form to store the outside shell of the other.
No. 110211 ID: 2120ee

I wouldn't say "basically hollow" per se. She's got all the right organs, for instance.
No. 110213 ID: b88e47
File 149088373483.jpg - (11.85KB , 182x250 , Emils.jpg )

No. 110215 ID: 0555b9

So the slime core we're carrying isn't going to hatch for another year, and we'd have to wait that long for it to be able to eat dragonsblood and become sentient.

But why wait? The sewers are full of slimes we could feed dragonsblood to. Let's begin the uplifting of the slime race with the slime proletariat!
No. 110216 ID: 8d4593

At 2 cows or like 30? Rabbolds per uplift...
Yeah thats gonna get expensive and messy fast.
No. 110217 ID: 0555b9

Don't forget, the rabbolds are throwing stuff down there all the time. Messy? Yes. Expensive? Yes, but it'll be subsidized.
No. 110218 ID: 25393f

eat all the slimes in the sewer and become a kaiju
No. 110219 ID: 0555b9

I'm not opposed to that either, but more cores = more useful.
No. 110269 ID: 6cbace
File 149102136262.png - (9.65KB , 600x400 , A000a.png )

Alt Mahou Shojo Laidromirp design.
No. 110270 ID: 91ee5f

Now I wonder who Primordial really is?
No. 110271 ID: 398fe1

Other slimes in the world aren't Primordial. Emils and her siblings are special.
No. 110315 ID: 5b93d3

Read that at first as "Laidromorph", which would make a good psuedolatin Order name for rabbolds to fall under.
No. 110316 ID: 70983e

A rabbold that weighs as much as Emils would be a Lardomorph.
No. 110332 ID: ba506f

so quick question, could we use emils like she was used in the april fools quest? As in could we have her turn into a living armor and boast someone with both strength and magic?
No. 110335 ID: 91ee5f

See example: >>109767 .
No. 110339 ID: e1b71e
File 149120128759.jpg - (262.82KB , 822x1250 , 0014-020.jpg )

No. 110340 ID: e1b71e
File 149120132277.jpg - (276.77KB , 813x1250 , 0014-021.jpg )

PART 2!!
No. 110378 ID: e12db1
File 149131735121.png - (17.30KB , 600x400 , whatislove.png )

Victoria, what are you doing with your hand!
No. 110379 ID: 6cbace


I've reworked the stat system, so it's more uniform :I
No. 110392 ID: 91ee5f

There are playgrounds for children, right? Because I can't help but imagine Bea struggling to make Emils go up on a seesaw! Or, if it's the other way around, Emils sending Bea flying through the air! XD
No. 110404 ID: 398fe1

Okay so you set up the field names for attributes, but no data?
No. 110405 ID: b15da4

Try looking at the other sheets.
No. 110451 ID: 31daba
File 149152384878.png - (532.53KB , 480x1448 , I am reactions.png )

I'm just gonna leave this here.
No. 110484 ID: e12db1

No. 110611 ID: 985191
File slweekly3_massive_blood_by_terkoiz.swf - (54.58KB , 400x200 )

if we get back to the dojo, I imagine this happening.(spoiler cause of blood.)
source: http://terkoiz.deviantart.com/
No. 110636 ID: 67d5dc

I am incredibly tempted to try and force this vote to go towards 'Yes'
No. 110641 ID: 91ee5f

Too late.
No. 110736 ID: 48237d

I've been thinking about the Nereya's peculiar gender formation process. There are a lot of implications.

For starters that means their language would be mostly genderless. Any time someone would be referred to by a gender there would be an implication that this person is in a committed relationship.

They probable are monogamous, and all the courtship prior to a long term commitments wouldn't involve sexual acts.

I imagine it would exist a certain stigma associated with people single gendered people. A similar situation to companies that prioritize hiring recently graduated candidates not hiring more experienced unemployed candidates.
There would be few gendered people available as possible partners and the ungendered would be less inclined to compromise with the already gendered. This could be a similar situation to homosexuals having less possible partners for been a minority of the population.
There is also the possibility that one gender would have more difficulty in this dynamic than the other. This could go either way for many different reasons.

The fluidity of their gender would also create social dynamics that don't exist in humans.
If you think for example the snails, for been hermaphrodites they duel their partners to determine the roles of male and female. This happen because eggs require more effort than sperm, giving the one fulfilling the female role less opportunities of reproduction during that season than the one performing the male role.
Of course the Nereya dynamic isn't equivalent to the snails, but it's a reference to think about. If they are monogamous for life the preference for the male role would be less intense for there wouldn't be more opportunities for the male reproduce but it would still be a lesser investment of energy and nutrients.
Maybe all ungendered Nereyas would act generally more dominant in an attempt to acquire the male role but switch to passive when fail to the confrontation. An aggressive attitude that completely change the moment someone stand up to them.
Maybe they would have some kind of ritualistic dual as a vestige of their less monogamous ancestors.

I don't know many real life equivalents to this reproductive dynamic, but there are some crazy process to determine the sex and in some species sex change, so maybe there is a better comparison I'm unaware of. Is there a creature that inspired this aspect of the Nereya?

Anyway, those are my though on the matter. Maybe my reasoning is flawed or I'm assuming to much. If I'm wrong I would love to know why.
No. 110737 ID: 398fe1

Didn't strot say there was a special pronoun for those not in a relationship and thus not any gender?
No. 110752 ID: 3abd97

It could also be the language ends up with three genders- male, female and neuter.

Social implications might also change, for instance, if genderless is culturally equivalent to being a child or otherwise immature. Then significant stigma only attaches for individuals trying to act as an adult who haven't otherwise met the criteria.
No. 110756 ID: 48237d

That means finding a partner would be also a rite of passage into adulthood. Probable an immense social pressure to find a partner at the appropriate age.
Both circumstances could coincide. They could generalize the genderless as immature and the gendered singles as failures.
No. 110796 ID: 9876c4
File 149266419363.jpg - (52.40KB , 541x437 , e2a.jpg )

This artifact was found in an ancient ruin.
It's power could be unimaginable.
No. 110797 ID: 350a50

Conspiratorial rump romp is my favorite.
Surreptitious derriere gratification is a close second.
No. 110798 ID: 70983e
File 149269111422.png - (288.21KB , 400x600 , Adventure Time.png )

Oh, I've been looking for a chance to use this for years.
No. 110827 ID: b15da4

Does Emils retain the ability to stretch her meat puppet's shape elastically like she did the face of her lizard form?
No. 110857 ID: 6cbace

A bit of hiatus for the moment, Family issues inbound. My mother got hit by a car.
No. 110860 ID: 48237d

I am sorry to hear that. Hope it's not too serious.
No. 110861 ID: 398fe1

No. 110862 ID: b7883c

No. 111503 ID: 6cbace
File 149443214326.png - (116.58KB , 400x800 , glub55.png )

Pulled out my laptop and tablet, but I am considering reworking certain things in the quest, like the magic system and stuff.
Wondering how much or how far I should reboot the quest.

Meanwhile here's some Emils.
No. 111504 ID: 3ce125

Just continue where you left off, IMO. It hasn't even been that long!
No. 111506 ID: 3d2d5f

We've done a lot of social stuff and it would be a shame to scrap that or have to repeat it.

I think the story can survive tweaking the magic rules in the middle, unless you're dramatically changing everything.
No. 111507 ID: 91ee5f

No. 111517 ID: 8d4593

The quest is young enough to change up how magic works and what not without a reboot. Though I must ask to what end do you hope to achieve by doing so? In what ways do you think magic can be improved?

Unrelatedly, this is my favorite quest and I am glad to see that you have returned!
No. 111544 ID: 8cb228

Think you have a typo in the latest. It lists her has having D rank, then her getting up to D rank...
No. 111546 ID: 6cbace

Guild receptionist is D rank. It's also who's talking at the moment.
No. 111586 ID: 6cbace

The basics of Spells. Abridged.

Different spells can have the same effects, and the same spell can have different results.
For example, there are multiple spells that can produce fire, dependent on the materials on hand and environment.
The wind based spell, "Fireball", for example will allow the caster to produce a ball of fire that can be moved about depending on the Aria.
Similarly the water based spell, "Flamethrower", will produce a stream of fire that would be affected by gravity and can be difficult to extinguish with water.
The ground based spell, "Ignite", causes objects to grow warm, depending on how much mana is poured into the spell. Using the spell on sticks and leaves causes them to burst into flames.
None of the above spells can be casted underwater however.

Research into Arias has shown that spells have a common structure of: Type : Subtype : Spell name, A set of instructions, How much of a scale the spell would be, and lastly, a trigger.
An example would be a simple light spell:
Emils is unable to read the spell. Instead, here are spells Emils already heard the aria of: {Abort;} {Spacial:Gravity:[Negative]; Target:[Coordinates]; Scale:[3%]; Initiate;} {Fluid:Freeze; Target:[Coordinate]; Scale:[2%]; Initiate;} {Solid:Heat; Target:Self; Scale:1% Initiate;} {Gas:Flow; Target:Coordinates:Vector; Scale:1%; Initiate;}

In addition into casting the Aria, one must have a strong mental image of the spell's effect, or the results would vary. For example, the spells "Boil" and "Steam" both has the same aria, but have different effects, determined by imagining either boiling water or steam emerging from boiling water.
This had made cataloging and writing of spells difficult, as spells would cause different effects for different people, as well as having various results based on one's mana pool.

The ability to cast a spell is also tied to personal ability. One can be excellent at casting ground magic might have difficulty, or an inability to cast water or wind magic. It is believed that one's Mana Stone holds the key to what type of magic one can cast.
No. 111590 ID: 48237d

>It is believed that one's Mana Stone holds the key to what type of magic one can cast.
Obviously a false assumption, otherwise people like Emils that don't have their own Mana Stone wouldn't be able to cast.
No. 111593 ID: 91ee5f

>It is believed that one's Mana Stone holds the key to what type of magic one can cast.
If that's true, then if Emils goes to a graveyard and digs up some dead bodies that were buried with their mana stones, then theoretically, Emils can absorb them and gain access to different types of magic!
No. 111624 ID: 3ce125

Are there any spells to make food more filling, or to make someone feel less hungry, or things of that nature? I'm wondering if Emils could just apply magic to her hunger problems.
No. 111625 ID: 6cbace

There are spells that can affect the brain to make one think they are full.
But mind magic does not work on Emils because she doesn't have a brain.
No. 111726 ID: ba56e6

I don't really get the appeal of giving in and just eating everything. It seems more interesting to explore the setting and unravel the mysteries going on. Granted, other characters could still do that in the shifted narrative with Emils serving as a BBEG from their perspective.

I find it more fulfilling when given charge of a destructive or self-destructive character to steer them away from those behaviors, especially in cases where the character isn't easy to convince in-character. It makes the manifestation of that progress easier to track.

Overall, I feel like 'the blob eats everything' is a pretty boring story. There's no real plot or drive in that concept. It's the equivalent of 100% Chameleon armor in Oblivion. Yeah, munchkining out can be fun for a while, but soon the entire game is trivial and loses its challenge.
No. 111727 ID: 4854ef

The problem for me is that tends to end up in every quest.. even ones that are specifically about being bad or at least neutral.
No. 111729 ID: 70983e

Oblivion can't support the widening of scope necessary to keep it a challenge. Quests can. It's like Katamari, but with people!

Wait, Katamari used people too.
No. 111731 ID: 48237d

Right now Emils is an infiltrator obsess with self-improvement, and that is exactly what I want her to be. Hopefully in the future she will learn how to integrate better and explore other communities.
That said I wouldn't mind she becoming the terror that hunt in the dark, at least as an occasional thing. That is like the magical girl secret identity, but evil.
I would only agree with eating everyone if there was a very good reason. Maybe we learn one mana plague is about to happen and decide the solution is kill all magic users to prevent it.
No. 111732 ID: 70983e

The spread of the mana plague is inevitable. Nobody realizes that the trigger for the 'mana plague' is mana overuse. Rabbold civilization is growing, and the loss of Victoria's homeland shows that their society's level of mana usage is unsustainable.
Really, Emils would be doing all life on the surface a favor by performing some population control.
No. 111733 ID: d79f26

we can also get more mana somehow, find out where the dragons got it from.
No. 111734 ID: 3abd97

Starting up and running some kind of secret rabbold Illuminati deliberately suppressing magical progress to prevent overuse and mana blight would almost certainly involve murder and disappearing people, but to be effective it would involve a whole lot more than that.
No. 111740 ID: db0da2

I don't like wanton murder, but I'd be down for the formation of a morally dubious shadowy cabal dedicated to the suppression of magic.
No. 111741 ID: ba56e6

See, this is morally dubious for the people who want something besides a hugfest, but it's also far more interesting than just being a dumb serial killer.
No. 111753 ID: 3ce125

It's worth noting that it's probably possible for magic use to just be heavily restricted, not suppressed, and still prevent the mana plague. However, there's a second problem. A mana plague could be triggered by pure population growth. Casting spells is just a higher rate of mana usage, after all. A true long-term solution would involve restricted use of magic on top of population control measures.
No. 111760 ID: 70983e

Wanton murder is just a means to an end. If we could accumulate mass by sitting in the sewers like the regular slime colony, I'd be very much down for that. Way less danger to our person; we could stockpile slime for years before bursting out and wrecking the city in the process. At that point it wouldn't even be murder, just collateral damage.
No. 111761 ID: 3ce125

We can't do that unfortunately. Emils could Consume that kind of organic matter, but it needs to be fresh to Absorb.
No. 111762 ID: db0da2

We'd also need advancement in nonmagical tech to pick up the slack, and ideally, development of more mana-efficient casting. Clearly, all this means that we have to become the government.
No. 111764 ID: ba56e6

As was mentioned some time ago, Emils already believed to be a royal pureblood. Becoming the government is well within our possibilities if we play it smart.
No. 111766 ID: 47160d

So we are in agreement... our goal is to become the government
No. 111767 ID: db0da2
File 149533354103.png - (68.67KB , 1200x901 , gavel.png )

The motion passes.
No. 111768 ID: 3ce125

Uh, how? Emils isn't multiple people. She could easily become royalty but she can't be all the royalty at once.
No. 111769 ID: ba56e6

We have slime seeds.
No. 111772 ID: 3ce125

No, we have one slime seed, and it'll be a separate entity.
No. 111773 ID: db0da2

Presumably, slimes have a way to produce more slime seeds.

We're learning new things constantly, we have plenty of time to git gud at statecraft and manipulation.
No. 111775 ID: 6f97db

>So we are in agreement...

No one likes the government.
No. 111894 ID: 393ae0

Did Emils lose any mass with all that body repair she had to do? Or is it insignificant?
No. 111896 ID: 6cbace

Any repairing means she's using mass to quickly fix any injuries, rather than naturally slowly healing, or using healing spells to speed natural regeneration.
So yes, she has lost some mass.
No. 111897 ID: 6f97db

Some mass.. if I may ask, quantities of adult sized rabbolds, how many did she weight before, and how much does she weight now after the extreme regenerating sesson?
No. 111916 ID: ba56e6

Huh, that might be a good way of regulating our weight.
No. 111917 ID: 4854ef

It would. It seems the main reason is because the body isn't trained so it's just being strained. If we continue training the muscles should improve.
No. 111918 ID: 70983e

Remember, living well consists of exercising well *and* eating well.
No. 112420 ID: c1d1e4

Ssomething happen?
No. 112437 ID: 6f97db

Radial is doing quests in real life atm
No. 112964 ID: 4aab75

I miss your brand of story telling
No. 113332 ID: c7b1ef

Its official...radial dead
No. 113333 ID: b88e47

No. 113334 ID: 09b125

No. 114164 ID: e61025

So.....anyone heard any news from radial?
No. 114165 ID: 0f88dc

Their tumblr mentioned RL problems.
No. 115240 ID: 6cbace

Just a heads up, the latest update at >>/quest/827514 will decide if Resida or Stanford will die.
Choose wisely.
No. 115276 ID: efcc58

Hey Radial, has your situation improved much?
No. 115441 ID: 6cbace
File 150487663347.png - (2.98KB , 460x200 , patreon2.png )

Not really.
In other news, I've set up a patreon.
Also, all characters are up for ITQ I guess.
No. 115479 ID: e8f4bd

<Radial> she can still make it
<Radial> depends on how much she struggles
No. 115483 ID: be0718

<Radial> resida is emils
<Radial> this is the final battle between good slimes and evil slimes
No. 115484 ID: e8f4bd

Emils can't really use magic yet.

Anyway, I like how most people are voting to try to keep struggling. The other rabbolds that have fallen were most likely struggling also, and look what happened to them. This is why I think that, if Resida has a chance to survive, there's a good chance that staying still is the solution.
No. 115485 ID: be0718

Nuh-uh, it's true because I quoted it.
No. 115500 ID: 13fded
File 150501056143.jpg - (658.07KB , 3286x3033 , RedEyes-14.jpg )

I tried to sculpt Emils. It doesn't feel right. Not sure why.
No. 115506 ID: 12aed4

That's cause its not a Jell-o sculpture!
No. 115510 ID: 41c9bc

My guess is that Emils used the slime-baby as a patsy. The dying patrol would feed it quickly, allowing it to grow much larger much faster, and gain its organic mimic abilities (but not the sentience from Emils' dragonblood).

So when/if the investigators manage to eliminate it, they'll think they 'got their guy', so to speak.
No. 115512 ID: 13fded
File 150507990927.jpg - (1.26MB , 3456x5184 , Jelly.jpg )

Maybe you are right.
No. 116114 ID: 23a020

These are great!

Honestly Emils is supposed to look unnatural so there's that I guess.
And I'm not all that good with drawing so it might just be that your sculpture is missing eyebrows.

In other news, I'll be hopefully starting off iAm chapter 3 coming October :v
Feel free to suggest input on what you'd like to see work towards in regards to how emils develops.
No. 116115 ID: be0718

1) More slimely,
2) More girl-ly,
3) I think she's got the magical part covered.
More Northern Sergal-ly is optional.
No. 116116 ID: be0718

To clarify point 2 I mean let's either timeskip to older Emils, or assume a new identity as an older creature (with the aim of eventually shedding the illusion of flesh altogether!)
Both for the purpose of enhancing knockers, of course. The noblest of causes.
No. 116158 ID: 23a020

I don't see why the Emils can't actually do that now, considering that she has full control over her entire body.
No. 116171 ID: 3ce125

I'd like to see Emils start working for the criminal organizations in the slums as a combination assassin and cleaner. I imagine the criminals won't ask her for any ID so she should be able to just use an adult form from one of the guards she ate. She'd want to get some clothing that fully covers her body though since she'd otherwise be unable to hide her dragonblooded nature.
But also an adventurer on top of that, so she can collect more varied shapeshifting forms. She already got her license anyway, may as well use it.

I'd also like her to realize just how advantageous exercise is... and use up a significant amount of mass training herself to make optimal muscle structures. She should be able to learn how to make the best muscles and thus increase her strength in every biological form. Maybe she can figure out optimal bone structures too? Oh and she needs to work on her skill with weapons... though any weapon she carries needs to be compact enough to hide within her form if she needs to shapeshift and escape in an unrecognizable form.

Is it possible for her to develop real emotions? I could see it taking a long time, at least.
No. 116172 ID: c9fd48

First thing to know would be if Emils actually consumes some of the mass she eats, and at which rhythm. Because the problem of being suspiciously heavy is still not solved as far as we know.

What would be good, would be if Emils has a way to stash some biomass outside her "active" body.
No. 116173 ID: 13fded

She supposed to have eyebrows?
I don't know where this self criticism is coming from. There is nothing wrong with your drawings. They are good.
I will say, however, that the details are not consistent. Because you seem a little harsh on yourself let me emphasise that is not a problem nor does it diminish the quality of the "comic".
I sculpted this candle based on the images from the beginning of volume 2, and now I realize I made the face too large and the hair too short. Other than that it's weird mostly because it's uncanny.

For Emils development I would like to see her becoming better at socializing/manipulating. Other than that I would love to have her sibling hatching, and face all the problems and possibilities it will bring.
No. 116174 ID: be0718

It'd be very biologically unlikely for Emils to have a 'growth spurt' all of a sudden, and while I dislike the current undercover rabbold alias I don't want our exit from it to be too loud. I suppose we could take up a second persona immediately, but it's hard enough living two lives at once!
No. 116179 ID: 43bb4f

Emils moving on to a new disguise would be neat, but I also like being at least peripherally aware of what's going on with Victoria.
No. 116181 ID: 0d45a9

I'm fine with things as they are. I like the social interacts Emils has with the other characters, and her steadily learning how to be more of a person.
No. 116182 ID: 41c9bc

To become a Magical Girl, obviously.
No. 116184 ID: c9fd48

No. 116192 ID: b60dfa

It would be interesting to see Emils experiment with being a couple of other different personas (shit, I bet the [dragon] blood would interfere with that).
Maybe practising by pretending to be various types of people visiting town and getting better at imitating each.

Yes, Emils is adorable.
I imagine she could either tell Victoria her situation or get found out, and see them dealing with that, maybe with primordial slime sibling too.
Victoria would be the easiest source of [dragon] blood for the other slime to make the jump to sentience with after all.
A lot of it would depend on Victoria's reaction of course.
No. 116363 ID: 830fb7

I'm now curious about how Victoria will act upon this information if we tell her. Other than that just keep training both physically and mentally, because the more you know, the better off you'll be. Plus if you make friends within this area when it comes out that you're a slime people will be more willing to accept you since you:
1. Didn't kill/eat them
2. Helped them
3. Cared for them
4. Trusted them
5. Risked yourself for them
No. 116365 ID: 91ee5f

>1. Didn't kill/eat them.
You mean other than killing/eating those guards in the tunnel and killing/eating the guard in the alley and an attempt at killing/eating Captain Resida when she was chasing the "monster" from the graveyard?

Yeah, pretty sure they're not gonna accept Emils if she reveals herself to someone.
No. 116366 ID: 690b4d

I don't think we know for sure that Emils went after the guard in the alley or Resida yet.

We prooobably don't want to be telling people anyway because of the other guys though.
No. 116367 ID: 41c9bc

You could just ask Emils next time we're in that perspective.
No. 116369 ID: 8d4593

Eh. Victoria might accept Emils thanks to the emotional impact having her has had.

But such past transgressions would not go unnoticed.
The relationship would shift dramatically.
No. 116372 ID: 9876c4

Do you guys say AIM-els, or EEY-meals?

I probably won't change, but am curious.
No. 116373 ID: 0d45a9

I've been saying it as E-Mills
No. 116374 ID: 690b4d

M-ills. Like "Emily" but with an s.
No. 116375 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, that's how I've been saying it.

Although my brain wants to 'correct' it to M-lis for some reason.
No. 116388 ID: 5b93d3

No. 116414 ID: 25ea8d

While I suppose she is kind of a Ditto, calling her one would be rude.
No. 116533 ID: d9cd96

I for one read it as emeal, with a silent s.
No. 116551 ID: b88e47

Emm ills
No. 116562 ID: 0c84a3

i just assumed it was an odd, slightly french sounding pronounciation of "Emily"
No. 116639 ID: 2fe26a

Couple of reminders:
1) The intelligence boost from drinking dragonsblood was a one-time boost into sentience territory.
2) Emils can make more dragonsblood. The reason we are stockpiling it is to feed to the other slime core, which Emils has not yet told us the current status of, and because making more takes a large amount of mana for an inefficient conversion rate.
No. 116642 ID: 100607

The question is, would Emils still be able to keep her current look without the blood. The way I see it, the blood is what's causing her to look the way she currently does. This look Slime might not be able to directly reproduce on its own.
No. 116721 ID: 3ce125

Can Emils see inanimate objects via manasight? Does that require eyes? I'm wondering if she could avoid having red eyes by lacking organic eyes altogether. Just put some glass eyes on her sockets.
No. 116723 ID: 100607

Slime does not have mana sight. It has [Mana] Perception, which means it can sense mana without eyes. The sense is muddled by obstacles.

Eyes can sense light. Without them it's pretty hard to.. accurately detect surroundings. Also good luck finding glass eyes.
No. 116745 ID: 3ce125

Excuse me is your name Radial?
No. 116746 ID: 100607

Oh, you were asking Radial.

I mean, all of your questions can be answered by reading the quest. Do you need post links?
No. 116759 ID: 23a020

He's entirely right.

Slime does not have any natural eyes, and could only sense a few centimeters around it. Only when it got Mana Presence did it allow it to sense further.
Due to how mana is in almost everything, looking though solid objects would be like trying to see past a wall made of light.
Growing eyes allows her to 'see' like we do, but both sense are independent of each other.
No. 116761 ID: 3ce125

So she'd be able to see with pure Mana Presence but only objects that are close by? That's what I expected. How far would she be able to "see" like that?
No. 116776 ID: 23a020

Still with full concentration? nearly 1km
Interference comes with anything that contains mana, worse if it emits mana like magic or enchanted items.
Under movement it falls lower.
The base minimum is whatever she can touch with her slime however.
No. 116784 ID: 3ce125

Sounds viable, then.
No. 116902 ID: 91ee5f

I just now remembered why Victoria doesn't want us to go to the Theater!

It's because this cross dresser right here: >>/questarch/782321 , is currently at the Theater and Victoria wants nothing to do with him! Especially since he's also her Ex-Fiance!

That happened so long ago, I completely forgot about him until recently!
No. 116908 ID: be0718

I wish Emils had more ways of spending her extra mass or using dragonsblood in some way that could permanently boost her stats at the cost of mass. It'd give us something to do with excess weight while we're stuck in this tiny child form.
No. 116916 ID: 13fded

I think the abnormal weight is already established as part of the identity of Emils to the rabolds, at least to Rosh. It is a valuable resource as fuel to any slime ability we are using or may need to use if found out, so I'm more than hesitant in getting rid of the excess just for the sake of the disguise.
I'm not against burning some mass in the production of more dragon blood to see what it does or to use it in other ways, but only if we keep enough excess mass to keep doing the silly things we've been doing like transform and regenerate at any opportunity.
No. 116918 ID: be0718

Yeah, but we are pretty much at this form's carry weight limit. As it is all we can do is turn any further consumptions into dragonblood.
No. 116987 ID: 27600a

Considering just how flaming inefficient the dragonblood conversion is at the moment, this isn't all that bad an idea tbh.
Might as well stockpile some of the stuff anyway, in order to be able to quickly give the slime egg the [Dragon] title.
No. 116990 ID: 100607

As soon as we're alone, I'm voting that we consume that seed. We just learned that absorbing stuff gives us new abilities. I don't think it's a coincidence that in the beginning those 3 eggs were placed in front of us so conveniently. I believe the slime was meant to consume those eggs to get some important abilities.

Also, we don't know if that seed is ever going to hatch. Could take months, years, or simply never. So waiting for it to hatch would be a very irrational idea.
No. 116991 ID: 27600a

That makes no sense, it's also a primordial slime egg, it would only be able to grant less powerful versions of abilities Emils already had when the quest started, if anything. So there's no gain to absorbing it.
Even if it takes a while, it'll be nice to have another creature like Emils as company.
No. 116996 ID: 100607

LU-5 that we saw in the sewers has 3 cores and can spawn children. This is why I believe that each primordial slime has a different ability.
No. 117001 ID: 91ee5f

>it would only be able to grant less powerful versions of abilities Emils already had when the quest started
It sounds like absorbing it will improve the abilities Emils has by adding onto them.
No. 117007 ID: 27600a

As far as we know, the primordial slime abilities don't have levels.
If they did, I imagine they'd be tied to titles gained through use rather than killing off your own species. Though on that note, there is probably a cannibal title.
No. 117020 ID: 3ce125

I wonder if Emils is going to actually learn morality. Maybe she should pick up a book on it from the library.
No. 117023 ID: 91ee5f

Learn it? Yes.

Understand it, apply it, and actually express real emotions instead just pretending to express emotions? Debatable.

>Once she can read, anyway.
She can read.
No. 117026 ID: be0718

I'm thinking The Prince will make for good reading.
No. 117027 ID: 41c9bc

Depends. Emils is already capable of 'feeling' what its rabbold form should be feeling, if it's mimicking the brain completely. However, Emils is perfectly capable of ignoring it or turning it off. Maintaining and following those emotions instead of merely using them to maintain a disguise would need to be an active choice on Emils' part, or one we condition into it.

It's like running a simulated OS inside of another OS. The system only runs that way if you tell it to, and you can exit at any time.
No. 117049 ID: 81e384

The only feelings Emils has are the primary senses. There are no 'emotions' emanating from that shell. At most, the Emils shell that slime created is a newborn baby with a few instincts. I don't think it even has those because I doubt this shell is functioning properly, after all, it's got slime running through its veins.
No. 117053 ID: 41c9bc

Well, there is one way to simulate emotions. Have Emils fully simulate an adult Rabbold brain.
No. 117101 ID: 3ce125

I thought killing that guy was an accident though? Last time we had the choice to kill someone we chose not to. Also we didn't tell her to kill Nick despite it being something she could have easily done. Does "quick to kill" only apply to combat situations? In that case, only one combat situation where we killed someone without really meaning to seems like jumping the gun training-wise.

It feels like our training only matters when it appeals to her inhuman nature already. It's inconsistent.
No. 117107 ID: 41c9bc

There were a lot of suggestions that wanted to kill the bird, dude. I wouldn't call it an accident.

Though your point about sparing Nick and others even when alone and vulnerable is valid.
No. 117108 ID: 9c2d0c

pro tip: babies are sociopaths, empathy is learned behavior.
No. 117109 ID: 3f38b6

Though there where a lot of suggestions to kill him it was an "accident" in that we landed on his chest and it collapsed under our weight.

Can we try avoid a "nature vs nurture" debate.
But I do agree that babies are evil.
No. 117111 ID: 81e384

I'm not sure but to me, that sentence means:
If Emils decides to kill someone, she will do it Fast and without mercy.
And not that she will prefer to kill whoever she comes across.
Anyway, I think all of this stuff we're teaching Emils was already happening before. It's just that from the latest chapter onwards it's being explicitly written out.
No. 117112 ID: 41c9bc

Regardless of whether his actual cause of death was accidental, we intended to finish him off. Intent is what matters.

Aside from not being sure what you're trying to make a point about, mirror neurons and other neurological mechanisms for empathy exist, which have diminished functionality in psychopaths. So I wouldn't say babies or children are incapable of empathy unless they have developmental deficits.

And that is all irrelevant, because Emils is too alien to apply the human developmental rules to.
No. 117121 ID: 3ce125

I wonder if we could all agree on trying to turn Emils into an emotionally well-rounded being that could potentially fit into Rabbold society. I never quite thought that our suggestions could affect her mental state or morals... maybe we should treat this more like a Princess Maker game?

...has it been a Princess Maker game all along?!!?
No. 117124 ID: be0718

It's not a question of how much Emils can fit into rabbold society, it's how much of rabbold society can Emils fit into her. My guess is a lot, if she's careful!
No. 117126 ID: 5b93d3

>...has it been a Princess Maker game all along?!!?
As a de-facto adopted daughter of a member of a royal family (and likely the remaining head of said family) we are practically a princess already.
No. 117139 ID: d5da47

It's not a nature vs nurture question, babies don't have empathy in the same way they don't have object permanence: it just hasn't occurred to them yet. The idea that other people have feelings and their feelings matter to your existance is not an idea that an undeveloped mind will process until it is prompted by experience, but those experiences are almost guaranteed to happen.
No. 117205 ID: 8d4593

Question on the kill-without-remorse thing.

Could we have made [Slime] feel remorse?
I thought we just commanded it.
I know remorse is a complex experiance not just an emotional one but...
If we suggest emotions, does [Slime] feel them?
Can [Slime] feel emotion at all?

Up to this point, I've been assuming technically yes but we've not put [Slime] in a position to really care about much yet.
No. 117324 ID: 23a020

Although Slime takes in orders from suggestions, It does contain a fully, if not a bit incomplete, personality. You're all helping to build and enforce it.
That said, traits are also given and taken from forms it takes. As the only form it had was [Emils] template, personality written was put into that form.
Should further actions be taken while in it's new form, the suggestions will help enforce it's personality.

This means that the core slime is a puppeteer, observing the world around it and letting it build up a persona to take upon itself, while also allowing it to swap masks and take upon a different persona.

For example, Emils will call Victoria by Victor or Victoria, as what she has been told to do so. However, Slime will call her Red Eyes, due to that being the name the slime gave her.
Emils's dream is to be a magical girl (lore wise, that is due to books Victoria has given her to teach her how to read and talk.), but Slime may develop it's own dreams.

You can suggest emotions for slime to feel, but that would be pushed into the form the slime is taking instead.
And yes, Slime can feel emotions. It just does not feel any personal connection towards those around it in a personal level. It can love, it can hate, it can grow.

This means, Emils will not show any hesitation when being ordered (by you) to kill, at first by using her own strength, and then if that doesn't work, by using slime strength.
Slime and other forms meanwhile can be developed to have a hesitation to kill. And should Slime develop an aversion to killing, that in turn can affect Emils, but not in a major way.

>>...has it been a Princess Maker game all along?!!?
Originally, no. But by the time the second chapter happened, I felt it began growing into a dating sim style story telling. I'm still testing things out overall.
No. 117327 ID: 66a4ca

>You can suggest emotions for slime to feel
That sounds a bit weird. I mean, you can't just.. tell a person how they should feel and they'll actually feel it. Emotions aren't something you can control directly.

They can be faked tho. So I see no problem with suggesting how a form should act and what sort of fake expression they should put on depending on a situation.
No. 117329 ID: 23a020

It's a suggestion. Not an order.
In the end, Slime is still an individual which you are instructing.
No. 117333 ID: be0718

Her original directive was to be a magical slime-girl, though. Surely she can apply all of her experience with solid creatures to forming a gelatinous facsimile?
No. 117499 ID: 66a4ca
File 150970878914.png - (19.52KB , 600x400 , fwoosh.png )

No. 117500 ID: 41c9bc

Thanks Katia.
No. 117657 ID: 23a020

Victoria's people are actually talented enchanters.
Using mana stone powder, spells can be carved onto materials and can be either operated by the wielder's mana (variable value), or by a removable mana stone (fixed value). Being operated with a mana stone allows anyone to use it, even if they do not have enough mana to operate the spell normally.
The ID bracelets are an example of a complexed enchanted item that are forged by the shrines.

Firearms are mainly produced by Victoria's people and exported as luxury and high end hunting tools due to the high price of it's non-recyclable ammunition; but compared to crossbows and bows, it provides a higher penetrating power.

Rifles and firearms in the world of Havaros are not gunpowder based, but work as bolt action and revolver systems, where the spells are inscribed onto a cartridge filled with a mana stone and bullet.
The stone provides the cartage with the mana needed to produce a small explosion inside the cartridge to act as a propellant.
Cannons however has the spell inscribed inside the barrel, and linked to an external mana stone that can be replaced once it's been used up.
All it really needs is a mana conductive lead up to the user to allow an initial injection of mana to activate the tool, meaning that it can never be fully automatic or autonomous.
No. 117717 ID: be0718

I hope Emils is just making a new friend, and nothing else...
No. 117817 ID: 13fded

Sammy judged Emils clearance level by her genetics. That makes me wander: Do slimes have genetics?
Emils, and every other slime we have seen, have a gelatinous body and a core, similar to an amoeba. The thing is they are too coordinate, too intelligent and too fast to be an oversized amoeba. To work the slime would need to be so unnaturally magical that I'm not sure dna would be needed.
If Sammy checked Samantha's dna does that mean Emils can gain clearance level by eating someone with enough dragon blood?
No. 117818 ID: 91ee5f

>Samantha's dna
Who's Samantha?
No. 117819 ID: 13fded

The guard Emils is imitating.
No. 117820 ID: ba56e6

That's assuming Emils was telling the truth about what the Mana Beast said.
No. 117822 ID: 3ce125

Emils tends to avoid lying, but knows how to deceive with the truth. I think the Weaver said that Emils has clearance level 0... in Rabbold form. [Slime] has clearance level 3!
No. 117823 ID: ba56e6

>excels at twisting the truth
>skilled at magic
Is Emils on the path to becoming a genie?
No. 117825 ID: 1ce946

I don't think vindictive is the right word. Uncaring, maybe, or even merciless but she's never tried to get revenge on anybody, she just dosen't understand the sanctity of life. That or she just doesn't give a shit.
No. 117826 ID: 66a4ca

TGchan teaching Emils morals heh.. good luck with that!

If Emils was under control during this day, I bet they would've attacked the mana beast as soon as they saw it, mahou shoujo style.
No. 117827 ID: 0c3362

The way we've been playing Emils that depends a lot on whether or not it tried to communicate with her. If it came in talking we'd 100% talk back to it and you know it.

I could also see us having assumed Emils couldn't take it in a fight, since it's a mana beast as opposed to just some random person.
No. 117842 ID: 3ce125

It was able to carry Emils without any apparent effort. That thing is very strong and I doubt Emils could kill it. It has some weird shit going on with its shell, so it probably can't be eaten directly even if Emils could latch onto it, and would teach us a lesson on relying on slime power to beat everything.
No. 117889 ID: 23a020
File 151100536579.gif - (15.19KB , 300x200 , CSPAnimation2.gif )

With the patreon goal being nearly reached, It's time to work on what the patreon community voted on; A iAm NSFW spin-off.

So here's something for the public, Character selection!

--- History; You are a new freshly registered adventurer of D rank, ready to take on your first combat mission! --- Race: http://www.strawpoll.me/14427109 Gender: http://www.strawpoll.me/14427104 --- Name: Keep it small. Skill list: suggest 0-3 skill names and description. Spell list: suggest 0-3 spell names and description. ---

For examples of skill and spell list, check out the google document linked:
Don't worry about the typing of spells, just provide their names and descriptions and I'll readjust the final selection to suit the quest once it's done.
No. 117893 ID: 88bd6f

To clarify this spinoff will take place in the IAm world but will it take place in the same city/area and will it have any interaction with the the main story and story characters? Like will the main plot affect this story? Will we meat any of the characters we've seen before?

Maybe we can be one of the survivors from Victoria's home land?
No. 117894 ID: 23a020
File 151101597397.png - (3.58KB , 460x200 , patreon3.png )

No. 117898 ID: 0d1514

Spearcraft, Tracking, Survivalism.
Hunter spec!
For magic, some sort of tracking mark that leaves a mana trail and a healing spell?
No. 117899 ID: 600f38

Survivalism, Bowcraft.
Mental Fortitude: Resistance to panic and mind-altering effects.

Enhance, Heal. (Same as Victoria's)
Sense Other: Detects the nearest [Sentient] beings. Precision increases with proximity, number detected increases with focus. (ie: detect individual people within ~10 meters, towns within ~5km.)
No. 117904 ID: ba56e6

Name: Darcy
CQC - Knife fighting and hand-to-hand
Wrestling - Grappling
Athletics - Swimming, climbing, etc.
Spells: Body
Might - Enhanced physical strength.
Stretch - Extend limbs, become rubbery.
Sap Stamina - Causes exhaustion in target.
No. 117905 ID: 23a020

Actially, for better tracking, please use this:
and add "Name: ", "Spell: ", or "Skill: " before what you put in.
Thank you.
No. 117906 ID: 3ce125

Doesn't picking Nereya imply that they're in a committed relationship since we also have to pick gender?
No. 117908 ID: e4abe1

no? once they chose it's permanent, so the lover might have disappeared
No. 117910 ID: c88e6d

I voted for Nereya as our race!
No. 117912 ID: 66a4ca

No one suggested any names heh
No. 117920 ID: 66a4ca

Since the gender is kinda tied, I think it's better to choose the name after the gender poll is over.
No. 117932 ID: 3abd97

Female did have a comfortable ten to twenty point lead when most those names were suggested.
No. 117933 ID: 14c7a5

Bullshitting: A step above bluffing. Allows you to convince people of only completely outragous things.

Crossbow: crossbow use

Disguise: allowing yourself to mimic other species or people, or blend into a crowd.

Illusions: self explanatory but audio and visual only

Minor invisibility: able to make things smaller than yourself invisible

Tongues and quills: allow you to mimic languages, accents, and handwriting for a short time.
No. 117934 ID: 14c7a5

Wont let me put in a name on mobile
No. 118000 ID: 23a020
File 151126233766.png - (2.39KB , 460x200 , patreon1.png )

I'm highly concerned in regards to cheating in the gender poll.
I've kept track of the poll and find that it is constantly overbalanced towards male. While that wouldn't normally be an issue, I have suspicions of vote inflation after having the votes constantly rock from male to 50/50 for days.
In comparison to the other polls, it's over twice the votes.
That said, and in suggestions for inbetween options, I request that you fill/vote in male, female or others with a "gender: " prefix at the same poll here:
No. 118004 ID: 87353e

>31 participants, but only 11 votes total for gender.
>Male and Female are even at 5 to 5, vote female to break tie.
>Notice that before I even finish selecting spells and skills its already been counter voted back into a deadlock at 6 to 6.

Hmm, how convenient.
No. 118007 ID: 66a4ca

Radial has removed the gender vote for now as he needs a bit of time to think about how to handle things.
No. 118009 ID: d0bba6

As stated in >>118000, yes.
No. 118011 ID: b9b4da

I don't think he needed you to tell us that.
No. 118012 ID: 3ce125

Votes on pol.ly can be tracked, since you have to pick a name. I think it's fine to use it there. If the gender vote is consistently tied even on pol.ly then it's probably legitimately split.
No. 118014 ID: 66a4ca

>>118009 >>118011
What I'm trying to say is that the >>118000 post is obsolete. The voting options were removed from poll.ly as well.

Yeah, I don't think poll.ly was bad. Even if people picked random names. But we'll see what Radial decides to do.
No. 118015 ID: b9b4da

Again, he didn't need you to tell us that. It was uncalled for.
No. 118027 ID: 87353e

Last I checked before the options were removed, out of 32 participants there were only 14 total votes for any of the gender options. So there were at least 18 voters who either didn't care enough to pick any or were saving their votes for a clear winner or voting shenanigans. I dunno if I would call it a legitimate split when over half the potential votes were unaccounted for.
No. 118028 ID: 3abd97

It's also possible a lot of people hadn't updated their votes to account for gender options, since they'd voted for skills and spells days earlier and hadn't yet seen the new options.
No. 118029 ID: 9e82bd

I posted and voted for Indeterminate, since the shark was winning and I'd rather have that decision made in-character. Dunno about anybody else.
No. 118037 ID: 7579d8

Found a flaw with this poll. It's possible to go in with one of the other names to change their votes. Tested this with the person claiming to be a second me.
No. 118039 ID: 9e82bd

If people are going to try to cheat, they'll find a way to cheat whatever program is used. It might be best to do the voting here. At least attentive people might notice new ID numbers from people using proxies.

My suggestion would be that Radial puts up popular/preferred suggestions here and we each cast our vote for one of each category.
No. 118135 ID: 23a020
File 151161854086.png - (43.85KB , 1700x1200 , 000j.png )

(Depicted are one of each type of Mana Beast. There are multiple variants.)
Mana Beasts (MB) are organisms, as known by the natives, that feeds off of mana.
There are no organs, tissue, muscle, or life force found inside a MB that belongs to the MB.
Instead, they feed off of ambient mana, or the mana of beasts, capable of surviving for years on a single prey. Different sizes of mana beasts results in different choices of prey.

The smallest mana beasts are Slimes(Lust), capable of surviving on ambient mana. As they grow bigger, they would require stronger sources of mana, and thus would have to find prey.
Similarly, Lightwalkers(Sloth) feed off of ambient mana, and can often be seen linking together to form large reflective carpets. Capable of making solar lasers when too many of them group up, so the most common quests regarding them is to just pull them apart.

Weavers(Pride), noticeably Sammy, Male Dragons(Wrath) and Angels(Greed) are medium sized mana beasts. Usually just requires one source of mana.

Earthworms(Gluttony), and Dragonflies(Envy) are considered large sized and requires multiple sources of mana.

Male Dragons and Angels has not been seen since the dragons have left Havaros.
Dragonflies and Earthworms are considered highly deadly and the best advice is stand still and hope it goes away.
Weavers and Slimes are considered mildly deadly, usually docile until attacked. Often harvested for goods.
Lightwalkers are 100% docile and usually used for transport.

It is unknown what their original purposes they held, or why the Dragons had created them, but most of them now wander around Avaros for some unknown reason.
No. 118136 ID: 28a319

What sort of things can be harvested from a Weaver? Do they make silk like spiders?
No. 118173 ID: 66a4ca

So what does traveling with a Lightwalker look like?
No. 118186 ID: 130e49

I like how wrath is just a dude, no giant creature monster just a humanoid.
I also like how Lust is dildo shaped.
No. 118278 ID: 23a020
File 151196586416.png - (184.06KB , 800x600 , NSFW000.png )

iAm Nowhere Safe From the Warden

No. 118407 ID: 23a020
File 151224369840.png - (416.36KB , 784x1570 , csp18.png )

For those of you who wanted a trap protagonist.
No. 118418 ID: c866e4

I know im in the minority here but do all quests have female protags unless forced?
No. 118419 ID: 91ee5f

No. It rarely happens, but sometimes everyone votes for a male protag instead of a female protag.
No. 118426 ID: 4854ef

I thought that's what happened, what went on with the votes that everything just shifted?
No. 118427 ID: 23a020

Vote stuffing.
As a high discrepancy of number of voters for gender choices on both polls.

As a result, I did both TGChan post votes and Patreon poll and [Female] won both.
No. 118441 ID: 4854ef

Sad that I did not notice such votes, would've voted again if that was the case.
No. 118443 ID: 66a4ca

I think the reason why people are mostly voting female in this case is simply because they're used to seeing a female in the original I Am quest. So rather than voting for the unknown, a lot would choose to see "more of the same".
No. 118450 ID: 23a020

Honestly, if people want a trap protagonist, Primordial Slime is a good candidate.
Emils was originally designed as a throwaway persona.
No. 118451 ID: 998268

Did the Patreon Poll have a trap option?

A lot of write-in options don't get many votes due to being late or unseen. Having similar options also splits the votes.
No. 118452 ID: 66a4ca

It had all the options.
No. 118453 ID: ee43ea

Did it have a reverse trap option? What about transgender? Or sexless? A robot?
No. 118465 ID: 9e82bd

>reverse trap
This can be achieved easily by banding.
No. 118483 ID: 23a020

Chest binding.

For a moment i thought you meant Elastration.

Victoria does bindings tho.
No. 118487 ID: 9e82bd

That one, yes. Slip of the mind and I typed the wrong word.
No. 118552 ID: 3d2d5f

Okay, rough estimate: if we assume a year is 365 days here, Kit's been running her tab for almost two years (round up to two even) and the tab is 40,000 C...

If she ate an average of 3 meals a day here, it cost 18.26 C per meal.
If two meals a day 27.40 C per meal.
If one meal a day 54.79 C per meal.

Estimate would also be thrown off if Kit spent any earnings paying down her tab, if any of the meals were paid for in sex instead of being put on her tab, if the tab has been accumulating interest, or if she's put other expenses on her tab (like getting drunk, or damaging anything).
No. 118553 ID: 9b8c8d

There may be other services available that she's used, or maybe she's started fights that have caused damage at the establishment. It's not necessarily all just from food.
No. 118555 ID: c2051e

>or if she's put other expenses on her tab (like getting drunk, or damaging anything).
Read posts all the way through before jumping in to point out redundancies.
No. 118556 ID: 9b8c8d

Or maybe you shouldn't make the entire post all about obviously wrong calculations that even you admit might be wrong at the end.
No. 118557 ID: 3ce125

That's not even the same person, dumbass.
No. 118558 ID: 9b8c8d

Then just change the "you" to "that asshole", you pedant.
No. 118560 ID: 3d2d5f

The goal of this estimate isn't to reverse engineer every expendature. In this case, it's to see if the results make sense. It provides an easy point of comparison to look at so you can go "that tab makes sense (or it does not).". It's easier to compare the price of one meal to other things we may see bought and sold than the total.

And in any estimate or approximation, it's important to state your assumptions or what's being neglected. Models are always incomplete, as functions of available data and how much time and effort one is willing to spend refining them.
No. 118564 ID: 6cc25a

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.

To begin with, it's 400k credits not 40k, so your math is off. I also think it's likely that she's been paying the tab regularily, otherwise they wouldn't have let her keep adding to it.
Drinks and stuff other than food are probably also in that tab. It could also be that it's not the only place she owes money at.

It would make sense if a meal cost 1C (all the expenditures would be in drinks and gear), or if it cost 1,000C (she's paid back the majority of expenses).

Anyway, stop worrying about this number because this quest isn't about power gaming.
No. 118565 ID: 9e82bd

400,000 C, not 40,000 C
No. 118566 ID: 3cc68c

Yeah she definitely got into a fight. I want to hear what exactly happened, who provoked into it, and who won.
No. 118567 ID: ee43ea

As usual, Denial, you come over here to tell us off for doing our things, try to dictate what a quest is or is not, and make these bullshit unfounded assumptions into the world and its characters, in spite of having zero evidence to support them.

If you can't stop with this, you should just leave the site. No one likes you.

You're being more disruptive than he is.
No. 118569 ID: 3d2d5f

>power of ten off
Whups, my bad. Move those decimal places over one. Those estimated prices should be on the order of hundreds, not tens.

>I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.
I... pretty much made it? When you're given a number for anything, you try putting it in a context you can process.

Amusingly, my error supports the point that you should state your assumptions. It makes them easier to correct or update.

>It would make sense if a meal cost 1C [...] or if it cost 1,000C
Assuming the world lines up into round powers of ten for your convenience doesn't have much basis, though.
No. 118570 ID: 6cc25a

I meant that it would still make sense even if it cost anywhere between those two numbers.
No. 118575 ID: 9e82bd

To me this seems to be grossly over analyzing the real world relative economics of a fantasy world that in this iteration follows both porn and video game logic.
No. 118576 ID: 9b8c8d

Basically this. All that matters here is that she's got a huge debt and needs to work hard and probably fuck a whole lot of people to get it paid.

I'd still like to hear how she ended up so indebted to begin with, though.
No. 118578 ID: c2051e

Not everything that you're incapable of understanding is gross over-analysis.
No. 118579 ID: 9b8c8d

Unless the story suddenly becomes all about realistic economics instead of porn, it's pretty much the definition of gross over-analysis.
No. 118580 ID: a363ac

Alright first off the math doesn't matter that is pretty true for the most part.
However the people being dicks here are the ones trying to attack someone for having fun with something they like. Just cause the numbers aren't 100%accurate or canon doesn't mean that they are bad. It means someone is having fun combining something they love with math.
No. 118590 ID: 23a020

There's about 300 days, split into 10 months, 30 days each.
The tab is 2 years old.
There's no interest, and she also partly pay off the tab with quests.
~400,000C / 600 = ~666C per day.
A general meal in the guild is 500C per, but she doesn't eat there too often because it's generally cheaper to cook for yourself.
The guild also is in charge of local equipment handling and medical care for it's members.
In other words, if she hasn't been paying off her tab with quests, she could be higher in debt.
Such is the fickle life as an adventurer. Easy money, but hard upkeep.
now stop arguing about numbers you nerds.
No. 118591 ID: 91ee5f

Well that explains why she's got such a high debt! The money is evil and plotting against her!
No. 118592 ID: 7579d8

What if economics is someone's fetish?
No. 118599 ID: 9e82bd

I know people who take such a perverse pleasure in mathematics that this sort of thing may very well turn them on.
No. 118617 ID: 6cc25a

Asera definitely looks sexier when she isn't wearing an official shrine dress >>/graveyard/797043
No. 118621 ID: 0614f0

Wait, why is this in the graveyard rather than questarch?
No. 118622 ID: 395c02

Once a thread has gone a certain amount of time without any posts, it is semi-automatically added to the graveyard (via a script run occasionally).

Quest authors can ask for revival at any time, so it being in the graveyard isn't the end of the world. Maybe it's just resting~
No. 118644 ID: 6cc25a

But Slinko, that thread is completed. It won't get revived anymore.
No. 118649 ID: 395c02

Is it? The last update doesn't look very 'thread ending'.

No. 118654 ID: 3abd97

It's because there was a three month gap there. Thread 3 fell into the graveyard before it reached a good thread end point, and then Radial chose to start a new thread instead of reviving it when the hiatus was over. (And no one reported the thread for archiving before then, because they had no way to know that was going to happen).
No. 118655 ID: d4516a

She's going to trick us, knock us out, and sell us into sex slavery. Calling it now.

This is way too easy.
No. 118665 ID: 214cda

Sometimes people are just horny and relatively unshamed of it.
No. 118666 ID: d4516a

While you're probably right, it doesn't mean we shouldn't throw caution in the wind. Our very life is at stake!
No. 118667 ID: 3abd97

You say that like it's a bad thing.
No. 118683 ID: 49ff64

That last post was before some IRL issues, according to his(her?) Tumblr. Instead of continuing the thread, an interlude was made followed by a new thread.
No. 118688 ID: 23a020

Thread 2.5 can be closed. I started it because the old thread was getting too full, so I was asked to make a new one.
I started a new set of update but I got caught up on RL stuff so when I got back to it, I just started a new thread.

No. 118690 ID: 395c02

Thread has been moved to the archive!
No. 118734 ID: 9b8c8d

The cargo is prostitutes! You're about to be added to her collection! Get out of there!
No. 118735 ID: b9b4da

You say that like it's a bad thing.
No. 118945 ID: 3cc68c

Been a couple days without updates - just as it was starting to get good, too!

Is something wrong at your end, or just taking a break?
No. 118988 ID: 4c143c

Just waiting for the porn to end and the plot to happen. Why couldnt this be a side project instead of interrupting the main quest?
No. 118990 ID: 9b8c8d

The whole quest is about porn, so I don't really understand your complaint. I agree it could be sped up a bit, though.

I'm looking forward to getting back home and packing up. Pick up some accessories, a set of spare clothes (sundress) to do more escort business in the city with, maybe walk the way half-clothed to level up our exhibitionism.
No. 118991 ID: ba56e6

I think he means he's craving the main I Am thread, not the NSFW one.
No. 118994 ID: 9b8c8d


I mean I'm not following the main story at all, but that's fair enough I guess.
No. 119015 ID: 6cc25a

It's borrowing. And so what? Stop being worried about every little thing. Also, can you please stop being an asshole? We're here to have fun, not go around telling each other what's noble and right. Thank you.

I'm saying that morals and opinions are entirely subjective things and pushing them onto other people is an arrogant thing to do.
No. 119016 ID: 9b8c8d

>pushing them onto other people is an arrogant thing to do
Look into the mirror. You're doing so much more of this than either of us put together.

We're here to have fun, but you out of all people seem to take the "fun" way too seriously. Going on about what's the right thing, trying to make us choke with your own suggestions even when no one else agrees with them, then writing walls of text when we disagree. Relax a bit, it's just an internet story, it's not the end of the world if it doesn't go the way you like it to go.
No. 119018 ID: ee43ea

As a neutral observer, can you please stop being an asshole yourself, naileD?

I love how you always blame other people of behaving precisely the way you do. I've never met more of a hypocrite, anyone with a lesser awareness of themselves and how they behave.

You are the asshole in this scenario, naileD, as you are in every other scenario.
No. 119019 ID: 6cc25a

Then we agree to not worry about things and have fun? Good, then we're cool. Also, I'm sorry if you don't like my suggestions. I try my best to suggest interesting stuff, so please don't hate on me!
No. 119022 ID: 3ce125

"not worrying about things" is not the same thing as ignoring you being an asshat. Other people are free to disagree with you, just as you're free to disagree with them. You're not the center of the world.
No. 119068 ID: 23a020
File 151399196387.png - (86.93KB , 300x500 , comm6.png )

Thanks Hattbox!
No. 119069 ID: 23a020
File 151399197636.png - (87.60KB , 300x500 , comm6a.png )

Enhanced version
No. 119090 ID: 6cc25a

For some strange reason, I like the enhanced version better.
No. 119106 ID: 6cc25a

I wonder how Asera's gonna feel about the present Katherine left for her. Or what she's gonna do with it.
No. 119439 ID: 23a020

So shit happened.
I lost a dog.
It's probably dead and I'm in huge shit.
so, things are gonna be on pause for a while. At the least NSFW quest. I'm not okay mentally about this so, I apologize.
No. 119441 ID: 9b8c8d


No need to apologise - that sounds like the sort of a heavy shit you need to make no excuses for.

Hang in there, make sure things are okay, quests can wait.
No. 119442 ID: b93a7b

indeed take your time in recovery
No. 119444 ID: 0c324b

Hope things work out dude.
No. 119446 ID: 6cc25a

RIP. I hope it was an old dog. That way it at least had a long and happy life.
No. 119457 ID: caa73b

I think he means lost as in it's gone missing. If this is the case then I hope everything works out and if you do mean the dog passed away then my deepest sympathies.
No. 119803 ID: 23a020

So unfortunately, I fucked things up.
I have to focus on real life stuff for a while, so I can't give my attention to art and quests for a while.

Thank you for your understanding, and I am sorry.
No. 119804 ID: 13fded

Understandable. Every time you talk about yourself something bad happened. You seem to have terrible luck in life.
I hope whatever the current situation is turns out in your favor.
No. 119817 ID: 3adb50

No worries.
No. 120207 ID: 6cc25a
File 151751308514.png - (560.30KB , 1002x1845 , JustActCasual.png )

In the meantime, let's enjoy some more of Kit's antics.

> >>/quest/853776 >Some people might have noticed me, but I try to act casual.
No. 120337 ID: 7ab1fe

that's ok, take care of yourself first.
people tell me you're around and well so i won't worry too much. still, come back when you can to socialize a little. we miss you there.
No. 120508 ID: cb585b

Hmm, i had a thought... What's to keep Emils from turning an arm into a(n automatic) gun and 24 1/2 Rabbolds worth of mass into ammo in a fight?
No. 120509 ID: 6780f5

The very low amount of metal in rabbold bodies and the lack of metallurgic knowledge fundamental in making firearms-worthy steel. Probably also a much-too-low amount of chemical manipulation to create gunpowder - black or white - in her body, regardless of available materials. That said, creating slingshots/bow-likes out of sinew and bone may not be entirely out of her capabilities.
No. 120514 ID: cb585b

Hmm, i believe the only issues would be propulsion and the materials, however keep in mind that Emils can create {Molten Iron] now so it wont have to be restricted to organic/slime bullets, and yeah a slingshot/crossbow system could work as well for now
No. 120517 ID: 3adb50

Alice did do something similar. Bone crossbow.
No. 120524 ID: 6780f5

The bullets aren't the issue, being able to produce something that can sustain the pressure from tiny explosions propelling said bullets is. So yes, the "only" issues are propulsion and materials, but they're pretty huge issues.
No. 120525 ID: cb585b

This is Emils we're talking about, she'll be fiiine... probably.
No. 120534 ID: b1b4f3

Well, if we can make a firing chamber, Emils could inject water behind the Molten Iron projectile. I'm not sure how energetic that could get but it could work maybe? Also it would generally just spray molten iron on targets, no penetrating power. If we want a bullet or an arrow it'd have to be made beforehand or cooled in the body inside a sort of pre-loading mechanism in her arm surrounded by water and some manner of air cooling system? Or she could just re-absorb the hot water and generate more for rapid cooling. Emils would need to get a bullet/arrowhead cast made of ceramic or whatever. Making one herself won't work since one made of iron would just weld to the molten iron.

Might be better to just throw molten iron on targets, or carry around pellets/bullets/bolts in her body. Making the ammo as it's used requires too much infrastructure with the method above. An alternative method may work better though... maybe Emils can form molten iron in a specific shape and let her body cool it? No need for a cast in that case.
No. 120535 ID: b1b4f3

As for a firing mechanism if she's not using molten iron: thermal regulation. Heat up the firing chamber, inject water to create a burst of steam.
No. 120536 ID: 006e5c

Emils can mimic organic things. Weapons aren't organic so, I don't think she would be able to copy one even if she saw it. She can create iron but, I don't think she can just shape it into any custom shape.
No. 120537 ID: cb585b

Yeah, this sounds useful, awesome, and terrifying all in one, and depending on the size of the bullets she casts, she could keep a stockpile of maybe 20-80 rounds if not more on hand for a fight? A [Molten Lava] shotgun deal could work as well for a painful but probably-non-lethal attack against normal people
No. 120540 ID: 3adb50

Molten mettle would fucking melt a dude, not even close to non-lethal.
No. 120551 ID: cb585b

Well, a few singluar drops scattered across your body wouldnt outright kill you, but it would easily hurt like hell :V
No. 120575 ID: 23a020

>Create heated fluids
While yes, she could theoretically create it, it will cause issues with her organic parts that WILL catch on fire due to the heat.
Unless she learns how to cool herself down.
>Create weapons
A good combination of abilities and skills might allow her to create something, but how durable or practical it can be would require practice.
For example, she could grow a bone blade, but without any knowledge of how a sword works, it could be as brittle as a bird's bone, or dull as a club.
Rifles do exist, but they're on the principals of magical high pressure blowdarts rather than chemical explosions. Kinda like a paintball gun on steroids. Less chance of exploding your hands off, and more stable in long duration storage if kept properly.
That said, Chemical explosives do exists however.
No. 120830 ID: 7bf510

How quickly can Emils convert her mass into {Molten Iron}?
Is the creation spread around her body or can she concentrate it to a specific part?
Does the {Molten Iron} burn her slime?
Can the {Molten Iron} damage her core?
No. 121134 ID: 006e5c

Is it Jogert or Jogurt?
No. 121135 ID: ea36cf

in honesty though, i rarely give proper thought to the names of the characters after the initial naming.
This leads to issues like this, where i go "that's a neat name" and type it out.
Then my brain reverts to the original inspiration of it while typing it out.
I'm a dumb.
It's Jogert
No. 121136 ID: 006e5c

The name is fine either way. Was just wondering if the inconsistency was intentional or not. I mean, it would be totally plausible that Emils is accidentally misspelling Jogert's name as Jogurt.
No. 121137 ID: cb585b

It is confirmed Emils is bad with names.
No. 121165 ID: ea36cf

Emils is okay with names and have near perfect memory.
She just doesn't care.
No. 121620 ID: ea36cf
File 152138321105.png - (8.83KB , 400x600 , 000d.png )

I'll be heading off to the army on the 21st march, till 6th april.
I'll trying to update what i can, but in the meantime, can i request a paperdoll fancy dress designs for Emils?
I'll reuse the old paperdoll image from before, so go nuts i guess.
No. 121706 ID: d2a297
File 152168212625.png - (35.32KB , 400x600 , emilsDress1.png )

Guess I'll make a start...
No. 121737 ID: 555f33


Wish I could draw but these usually turn out great so I'm excited to see what people do
No. 121744 ID: a9dd8d
File 152183835766.png - (89.39KB , 400x600 , Emils dress blue.png )

Another one from me.
No. 121745 ID: a9dd8d
File 152183856980.png - (75.59KB , 400x600 , Emils dress red.png )

Same one in red.
No. 121748 ID: 3abd97

I really like this one! The other two are also cool.
No. 121770 ID: 379265

It was not by my hand that I was once again given flesh.
No. 121771 ID: 006e5c

Some clarification from the author:
>Merged abilities will be lost?
<Radial> you're jigsawing abilities to make a new one and using the empty slot of the old one to insert a temp one

>Would normal Absorption still be possible?
<Radial> no
<Radial> you're taking parts of absorption that allows the slime to take in abilities, and mana core that allows the slime to adjust it's core mana

>How many abilities would we be able to temporarily store like this? And how temporary would it be?
<Radial> one ability. and she'll hold it until she gets another

>Do abilities also count as a form? Would touching someone allow you to turn into them?
<Radial> no
No. 121772 ID: 27f3e3
File 152190886787.png - (45.01KB , 400x600 , Green clothes.png )

Damn, it does look like a Vampire outfit

not exactly fancy, but here is another one.
No. 122019 ID: 9c2d0c

Have you been sitting on that IAMNSFW update for a month, you magnificent nerd?
No. 122147 ID: ea36cf

I've been in the army for the past few weeks.
No. 122231 ID: 2251c3
File 152329232358.png - (23.88KB , 400x600 , short1.png )

No. 122232 ID: 2251c3
File 152329234405.png - (23.61KB , 400x600 , short2.png )

No. 122234 ID: b1b4f3

>past few weeks
Short stay? Wait is this some sort of country-mandated basic training?
No. 122236 ID: cb585b
File 152330311412.png - (8.67KB , 400x600 , fancycoat.png )

I am so sorry you have to witness my horrible, horrible drawing skills.
No. 122238 ID: 9876c4

These are good.

Not a fan of the Hatt.
No. 123133 ID: ea36cf

Question; should I continue updating with no image, or muster up energy to draw for every update?
No. 123134 ID: b1b4f3

Well, you don't have to draw every update, but it certainly helps when introducing new characters or when it would be important to show things. Or more satisfying.

If it's just like, two people talking, then a non-image update is fine.
No. 123136 ID: deec6e


Maybe have a thematically appropriate placeholder image, just so it's easier to see which posts are yours?
No. 123137 ID: 3abd97

I think the only real requirement for text-only updates is putting something in the subject field so it stands out from the suggestions, but you've already been doing that.
No. 123140 ID: e5c658

No art for now is fine, but I'd like to see stuff there eventually.
No. 123141 ID: ba56e6

I don't mind text updates.
No. 123150 ID: 5098a6

I tend to use images to locate updates by tje author, so I agree with >>123136 , a placeholder image would be good for non-drawing posts.
No. 124230 ID: ec54b2

Can I still post some dresses for Emils?
No. 124258 ID: ea36cf

Feel free to.
No. 124567 ID: ff82d2
File 153288681098.png - (26.00KB , 400x600 , dress.png )

I realized that I actually have to draw a dress.

And yes, I suck at drawing so don't consider this a finished design but simply a base (the ribbons are optional), which is missing fancy stuff like buttons, frills, laces and what not.
No. 124568 ID: f1d6a5
File 153289600318.png - (64.45KB , 400x600 , A.png )

this looked better in my head...
No. 124569 ID: f1d6a5
File 153289601823.png - (78.87KB , 400x600 , B.png )

No. 124570 ID: 0c3c2c
File 153289764997.png - (26.06KB , 481x533 , I Am Latex.png )

Since no one else did it...
No. 124572 ID: 166e1c
File 153292888668.png - (238.28KB , 444x1025 , Madoka-Emils.png )

This isn't meant to be a recommendation for the party dress.

I was thinking: Emils have Homura's attitude and Kyubey's nature.
No. 124577 ID: 33cbe7
File 153296551248.png - (61.87KB , 533x800 , madousagimuracat.png )

Magical Slime Girl. Always and forever.

Nine out of ten magical girls agree, gloves are a necessity! Fighting crime is dirty work.
The belt's supposed to be metallic.
The improbable earrings look kind of like slime cores, could possibly be a red herring to anyone who knows our true nature but mostly they look cool.

That is super good. Did you draw the head and legs onto Madoka's outfit?

Failing these, we could still steal her look. >>124570
No. 124579 ID: 166e1c

No. 124633 ID: 830fb7
File 153338741941.jpg - (60.87KB , 400x600 , Ema.jpg )

An adaptation from both >>124569 and >>121745 containing parts that suit each other.
No. 124635 ID: 864e49

I have no idea how to describe this. It's like eastern royal monk/priest/mage warrior.

When I first saw that I thought it was a sequined evening dress.

The dress is beautiful and she is cute wearing it.
No. 124638 ID: c4e86d
File 153341613361.png - (60.24KB , 400x600 , white dress.png )

I'm kinda bad at this...
No. 124639 ID: c4e86d
File 153341617239.png - (55.91KB , 400x600 , cocktail dress.png )

A crappy cocktail dress
No. 124640 ID: c4e86d
File 153341621387.png - (75.98KB , 400x600 , china dress.png )

Something from wherever bea's mom comes from
No. 124641 ID: c4e86d
File 153341695150.png - (45.36KB , 400x600 , sari.png )

Was supposed to be a Sari.
No. 124650 ID: ea36cf

These are genuinely great
No. 125354 ID: ea36cf
File 153642193924.png - (82.23KB , 258x402 , csp25.png )

Upon binge watching Angriest Pat play Nier Automata, I am in realization of something unsettling.
No. 125389 ID: a255bd

..oh god. i am worried.
No. 125390 ID: a255bd
File 153666244187.png - (24.20KB , 400x600 , stemils.png )

the fuck is this!? it's been half a year!
No. 125404 ID: 33cbe7

Don't worry, it already happened.
No. 125417 ID: dbf422

Every part of this fills me with dread.
No. 125506 ID: ea36cf
File 153729399661.png - (804.39KB , 1223x2253 , csp27.png )

Lupa dume
Duhara menua lusi
Lupa lue
Telame fteli musui ha
No. 127308 ID: ee464f

So uh, I’m thinking of making some icons for this quest.
I’m taking suggestions on type of style and stuff if you guys got any.
No. 127309 ID: ebd50b

Character face inside a (colored) bordered circle, with the outside of the circle being transparent. Each icon could also have a logo of sorts somewhere.
No. 127312 ID: 4294c6

How about that captain that blew her own legs off doing that Vault Boy thumbs up pose?
No. 127313 ID: becba8

The icons should represent different forms slime assumed.

Unrelated to this topic: May I as if the pathfinder magic girl class illustrations had anything to do with the rabolds design?
No. 127316 ID: bdfd3c

I meant icons like in /icon/ to use as talky portraits.

any what about stuff like size, 3/4, forwards, sprite, drawn, etc and stuff

No idea what that is, I've never played any tabletops.
No. 127320 ID: becba8
File 154761987780.png - (326.37KB , 443x457 , Gonzo Magic Girl Rabbit 1.png )

Really? When I saw the magic girl being represented by a rabbit I though it couldn't be a coincidence...
No. 127324 ID: fb2a85

The whole magical girl thing is a suggestors thing.
This whole arc is to build up Slimes personality. How people directs slime will affect how it will act in future events.
Emils was originally supposed to be a throwaway personality, to be abandoned eventually.
No. 127325 ID: becba8
File 154763141495.png - (249.91KB , 327x522 , Gonzo Magic Girl Rabbit 2.png )

If I'm remembering correctly the magic girl suggestion was made before the rabolds were introduced and you just made it a long term goal.
When I got a look at the Gonzo books it occur to me that maybe you saw that before and made the rabold specie based on the illustrations because of the magic girl suggestion. I was wrong, but it's still a funny coincidence.

>Emils was originally supposed to be a throwaway personality, to be abandoned eventually.
How would Victoria story connect to the narrative if her bound with Slime were severed early?
No. 127557 ID: 2e758a

I like how the story is going. Is this building up to an adventuring party?
No. 127559 ID: 0b40bc

Years of Kaktus quests have left me unable to trust authors taking the story in a direction the readers want. Are you genuinely letting us turn Bea into a magical girl, Radial?
No. 127560 ID: 080aaf

We're supposed to be turning Emils into a magical slime girl, not Bea.
No. 127562 ID: 158da5

I mean, the noncanon part had a sort of combined magical girl situation going on, so that's really the same thing.

I'm still only going to suggest in reasonable directions, so I'm just going to wait and see where Bea's story is going. But, any variation on this stuff is great.
No. 127570 ID: 1c0f2a

Just so this argument doesn't look so unanimous let me say I'm indifferent to the magic girl thing.
No. 127571 ID: 7e06cf

Most things depends on how you guys take things.
People I've introduced have abilities and skills that can help Slime if it consumes them
Ultimately, how NPCs live or die has been set, but the PCs can adjust and change their lives.

Want someone to join in an adventure, give them a reason to leave a safe city and join you into the dangerous wilderness.
Want Bea and Emils to be magical girls, find ways to turn them into one.

This early settings of iAm are more slice-of-life-ish due to how manual Slime is.
Later on, it'll start taking up more autonomous actions depending on how you progress it's thoughts.

That said, Emils is not Slime. Should Slime take on a different persona, it can be 100% different.
No. 127572 ID: 2e758a

Its it possible to have both i wonder? Slime who understands everything and emils who has learned to be a person
No. 127573 ID: 080aaf

>Ultimately, how NPCs live or die has been set
So if we don't eat them, the other slime will?
No. 127575 ID: f18adc

Emils can learn to be caring and emotional, but in the end it’ll just be a persona of the slime.
Slime cares not.

Also just think of it like majoras mask. The npcs will do their stuff, but Link can change their fate.
No. 127577 ID: b1b4f3

So Slime can never have emotions, just emulate them through a persona?
No. 127582 ID: 3e6031

Maybe we can focus on making emils their own person and find a way to seperate them from the slime some how....even if emils would still be a slime somehow....i mean maybe its possible that slimes can split like cells? I dunno i just feel like emils is becoming a character and is t something id be happy with seeing discarded
No. 127584 ID: 130f18

Emotions or no, slime can learn a directive and a purpose, and develop a preferred methodology. The first impulse we gave Slime was to be a magical girl, and now it has a purpose in following Lust's directive.
No. 127602 ID: 1c0f2a

That is an interesting idea. Not all that useful, but interesting.
If I understand correctly the reason why there is a difference in personality between Emils and Slime is because rabolds though process happen in their brain while mana beasts reasoning comes from their core. Assuming Emils's brain is able to fulfil all functions without needing intervention from her core we could theoretic replace Slime core for a new one and keep Emils as a separate entity.
I imagine you can't just take anyone core and replace with someone's else, specially in the case of Emils who is used to have a core that do much more than what normal rabolds core do. So the best circumstance would be if we could produce a custom new core, the way Lust described.
No. 127603 ID: 92e776

Sometimes the happiest outcomes arent that useful =)

But it could be useful because the two could still work together even if it was in a different capacity
No. 127606 ID: a9af05

>Slime can never have real feelings.
>Feelings are only attached to personas.
Challenge accepted!

We'll find a way for Slime to have real feelings that aren't attached only to its personas!
No. 127616 ID: 130f18

They would need to be programmed into Slime's core.
No. 127617 ID: 4294c6

What does Slime care about? What would cause Slime to drop its persona?
No. 127670 ID: fb2a85

A question came up in regards to Emils shapeshifting limits.
There are two factors that affect how Emils can shift.
How much slime and mana she has, and the size of her core.
Slime can be used for mana, and mana can be turned into slime. This gives a large fluidity to how Emils can compress and shape its mana and slime.
Using slime as a building material, Emils can convert slime into organic material, such as skin, bone, etc...
Slime will also act as a medium to keep these organs alive, much like how blood works. This would mean that these organs would lose the red coloring our organs have, unless Emils emulates blood too.

How much slime Emils can control is dependent on the size of her core. More slime means a larger core is needed to contain the slime and mana. She can grow her core by layering mana over it, giving her more surface area to etch in new skills and abilities.
Emils current core is the size of a golf ball. Comparatively larger than when she was hatched, at the size of a marble.
This means in terms of shapeshifting, she can technically shift into a smaller creature, but will have a golf ball sized lump inside of it. She would also have to lose a lot of her slime, since she can’t fit all her current slime into a vessel that small.
That said, Emils currently is not fully a Rabbold. She’s nothing more than a shell of meat and bone over a compressed mass of slime, carrying and supporting another core inside of her.
No. 127671 ID: fb2a85

This also means majority of what she eats is uselessly converted into digested organic material, since she mostly eats mana. She can leech off mana from the food she eats, but a better source would be from cores.
No. 127799 ID: 8eaf98

so if Slime was to absorb bugs would it be able to manifest (useable) relatively inconspicuous compound eyes at arbitrary locations on Emils body?
No. 127964 ID: 8eaf98

you know being able to discard things that might cause our avatar to deviate from our will is probably better for our avatar
No. 127966 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's implied that suggestions are coming from an outside source somehow.
No. 127968 ID: a9af05

For some reason I keep thinking of Emils as Rimuru Tempest, but I know that's not right.

Am I weird for thinking that?
No. 127993 ID: 99ed9b

I'm curious, Emils is mimicing a body, which would include a brain, is she imprinting the personality of emils onto that brain and if that brain gets destroyed or she gives up Emils as a form, will she lose what limited personality she's developed? How about knowledge?

Could she grow a super brain so as to come up with complex solutions to problems?
No. 128244 ID: 91ee5f

If you mean becoming an overpowered slime, then yeah, I can kinda see what you’re talking about.

Although right now, Emils isn’t anywhere close to being an overpowered slime just yet. Yet being the key word.
No. 128350 ID: 7e06cf

Yes, but slime can already produce a bunch of ordinary eyes too.

Rimu is the element of Japanese beta chill.
It's probably the overall indifference they have.

Personality and Knowledge of mana beasts is stored in it's core instead.
Any brain she creates would be brain dead.
There won't be any spark of life or whatever.
A primitive brain that could act upon reflexes if Slime stops controlling it.

Like a tumor!

I mean, unless people consume, suggests would be crippling Slime's growth.
No. 128361 ID: e20bdf

Allow me to overthink a little:
Eyes aren't windows that allow you to see. The information collected must be interpret, thus there are specialized sections of the brain that turns images into useful information.
That makes me wonder if Emils's core is inherently capable of interpret information from mimic mammalian eyes or if she uses the appropriate mimic brain parts to reduce the amount of information the core have to handle. If the latter is true, than did she replicate more brain matter when she used multiple eyes to read a bunch of books?
In regard to compound eyes, what kind of information would she be able to obtain from those?

>Japanese beta chill
I'm unfamiliar with this term. This must have something to do with that show being all wish-fulfillment with no challenges.
No. 128373 ID: 5eb631

In regards to such, yes. Outside of mana manipulation and perception, the core can’t see outside of touch and vibrations. An ocular implant is needed, unless the core develops a way to recognize and interpret light. Raw light can be fed from the implant to the core, or can be filtered though a translator that makes it easier for the core to process. But that doesn’t mean that she needs to make more brain to read more light, since they can feed to a similar area to make a wider view.

>Japanese beta chill
Isekai genre has pushed this character of a guy from japan who is pushed to a new world, but still wanting food and amenities from japan.
They don’t actively look for love, or handles direct affection badly, and thus is a beta
Chill because most of these stories has a hard working protagonist that’s worked to the bone in a modern environment, have a slower country life.
No. 128374 ID: 5eb631

Also I forgot to say this again, but the reason for no updates recently is because I’m in the army for the first two weeks of March.
No. 128377 ID: e20bdf

Good luck out there.
No. 128513 ID: 2e228d

So quick general question
what direction do you want iAm to go to?
Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
Should I follow other casts?
Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
Why should slime care?
No. 128515 ID: 080aaf

Progress down the slime tree. That is what it means to become a magical slimegirl.
Too slow.
As far as we know, slime's lifespan is long enough that she should either find a solution for sufficient mana (for herself at least) or leave the planet, and the latter seems unlikely.
The secret of her creation, if that hasn't been explained as a hail mary plan to solve the mana crisis already, also merits exploration. Also the dragons, whether they are around or not, and other such mysteries. The surface races are less important.
iAm NSFW fills the rabbold cast slot.
No. 128518 ID: e20bdf

I'm somewhat divided between weird teen drama and urban stealth predator.
On one hand I love the to be able to plan a crime and get away with it, accumulate powers and spread terror to anyone who witness something they fail to comprehend the nature of. On the other hand I'm interested in the problems those kids are having and their interactions with this crazy savant incapable of demonstrate emotions. The problem is that as we explore their conflicts we develop emotional investment (is not Emils than just the readers) that seems to be at risk of being wasted every time we consider eating them.

I like the idea that the natural disaster looming over the world will take centuries. The story itself never established a time frame, so I just assumed a Hollywood convention that the disaster will happen when is dramatically convenient, meaning very soon. Honestly I prefer the realistic approach. Nature time if different from our time...
And yes, Slime should care about the end of the world because, as far as we know, she is immortal. People are somewhat accepting of the end of the world, no reason to fear death if everyone else is going to die the same way apparently, but for someone without peers like Slime the desire o prevent death shouldn't be dissuaded by some collective oddity.

I enjoy seeing other characters but every time I get nervous because Emils is so unpredictable that I'm uncomfortable leaving her act without readers guidance, even though I don't really expect her to do anything we wouldn't agree anyway.

To me the pacing is fine.
No. 128519 ID: 99ed9b

I like the current pace just fine, it's definitely slow but the occasional burst of heavy plot means we still get to advance, and I like the idea of things slowly crumbling outside our view while our slime is still learning who they are and what they want to do with their life. I mean, they are just a few weeks old, after all.

I'm hoping thing will continue on their current trend for a while, Emils will learn neat tricks and grow in power and possibly influence as well, while maybe catching whiffs of what's going on in the larger world. Eventually we'd want to go and try to do something about the slowly flagging world, Emils still needs other creatures to survive so it's in their best interest to save the natives.

I do like the idea of becoming a huge bioship and blasting off to try and find another planet. Suddenly having a creature develop mana creating physiology based on the history we've been given would seem like a bit of a deus ex machina, but I do see Emils at some point in the future interfering with the larger native society in the attempt to find a solution that saves everyone, herself included.
No. 128520 ID: 1ed92d

I want to go fix the impending mana-apocalypse.
No. 128568 ID: 130f18

>what direction do you want iAm to go to?
Gradually towards an overarching plot
>Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
>Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
She should try to figure out the secrets of 'true' mana production.
>Should I follow other casts?
I enjoy the little side adventures.
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
Pacing is just right, for the most part. I enjoy the slow burn.
>Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
>Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
>Why should slime care?
Stories about magical girls saving the world from world-ending disasters, of course. A blue and orange morality of 'what would a magical girl do?'
No. 128572 ID: b1b4f3

>what direction do you want iAm to go to?
Towards the dragon tower plotline, eventually.
>Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
>Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
Enough to get some extra utility out of her affinities, at least.
>Should I follow other casts?
On occasion.
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
It'd be fine if you updated more...
>Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
Yes, if only for its own survival.
>Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
Yes, it can live that long via limiting its mass by my understanding, and even if it can't, it will have offspring just like Lust did.
>Why should slime care?
Everything cares about something, even if that something isn't other people. Caring is part of how we make decisions. Slime should care about interesting or useful people. That makes sense even without empathy- those types of people are good to have around for purely selfish reasons.
No. 128583 ID: e2f5cc

>What direction do you want iAm to go to?
A story that involves a strange rabbold that wants to become a magical girl which saves the world from a coming catastrophe, is a master of all spells, and romances her best friend. which is that's what that book said they do anyway and there's a lack of material on being a magical girl.

And as a side objective, try and figure out why these people do the things they do. (probably through digestion)
>Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
>Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
See Above.
>Should I follow other casts?
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
Just a weee bit too slow for my tastes.
>Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
Yes, because that's what a magical girl would do
>Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
>Why should slime care?
She probably wouldn't truly care at first, but if she does try and figure out what makes people tick she'll hopefully find out what empathy is and get some herself.
No. 128720 ID: d3450c


I guess the idea of having emils as a character seperate from the slime is a no-go.
No. 128737 ID: 834378

>what direction do you want iAm to go to?
To the saving the world part.
>Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
No. Or rather, Emils personal, but Slime should develop other personas as well.
>Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
I think she should focus on a more varied set of abilities.
>Should I follow other casts?
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
The pacing of the story is fine, altho it may be too slow with a once-per-week update schedule.
>Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
Yes, the slime should certainly be interested in the grand scheme of things.
>Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
Centuries maybe no, but I think plenty can be done in the short term.
>Why should slime care?
Because slime needs to find out what is love.
No. 128738 ID: 130f18

I suspect that the blue-cored administrator (First?) or one of its agents may be the one that consumed the guard we were observing. That slime also appeared to have a blue-ish overall coloration to it, and Emils denied involvement and doesn't appear to have gained any skills or magic that would have come from the guard. Since First(?) just stated that it's been supplementing its mana using the natives, it seems reasonable that it sent out smaller portions to gather, and either came upon the guard by chance or acted directly to prevent Slime from being discovered by removing someone on its trail.
No. 128740 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's more likely First was the giant manabeast that was demanding sacrifices from the Rabbold capital.
No. 128749 ID: e20bdf

The Third is Gluttony because: >as worm-like Mana Beasts begin to emerge from within The Third's body

>Oh, The Fifth is Pride then. Weavers have been trying to get to the towers.

Because Slime is probable the only one who caries an extra core, Sixth is Sloth, who would be ironically active.
Since we know Slime's core is from Gluttony (the Third) mixed in with a gift from Envy and a body from Lust it would make sense the successful experiment is her. Maybe the First was referring to the Sloth core when it asked about "the other subject".
As Lust is currently inactive she have to be the Second, making the First Envy.

The First asked the Third help penetrating Mother's Defenses for fear of waking the Seventh. So the Seventh have a defensive role, what makes me believe it's Wrath.

Lastly the Fourth should be Greed.

First - Envy
Second - Lust
Third - Gluttony
Fourth - Greed
Fifth - Pride
Sixth - Sloth
Seventh - Wrath
No. 128752 ID: b1b4f3

You missed my first post

First: Lust
Second: Envy

The First has a slime body. Slimes are Lust manabeasts.
No. 128754 ID: e20bdf

I'm confuse, when would this encounter happen?
Lust didn't knew about Slime the first time they meet and that encounter end with Lust core being deactivated. She said her slime body would continue to work autonomous and her original body was above them, but I don't recall anything about prime core. Beside, she said her core was too big to leave that cave and her last meeting with Gluttony happened when it passed by during it's diggings.
I'm missing something?
No. 128756 ID: b1b4f3

What? What are you talking about? I don't understand what you just said.

Do you think the giant core Emils met was the First or Second? No. That was just a very large Lust Manabeast, that produces smaller slimes that are more like extensions of its will than separate manabeasts. At least until the main one dies. There are several of them in the world, in charge of cleaning duties.
The First is something else, possibly one of the systems of the spaceship that arrived on the planet. More likely there were multiple spaceships, as the Dragons left somehow.
No. 128764 ID: 130f18

The slime in the sewers was Lust itself.
No. 128766 ID: b1b4f3

I thought it was apparent now that "Lust" is not one single entity. It's a category. First/Second/etc are special somehow, the slime mother we found did not seem to be.

Honestly the only way the slime mother could be First is if the current intermission took place in the short timeframe between Slime waking and meeting the slime mother. The slime mother said its memories were degrading so maybe it just fucking FORGOT that it knew Slime existed? But this is a time window of days. Slime has not been active for long. I really doubt that First grew too big in that time AND forgot Slime.

Anyway, First isn't an Envy type, we know that much. First has a slime body.
No. 128768 ID: e20bdf

Or maybe the shapeshifters can assume the form of a slime.
No. 128816 ID: f46e5e

>Where I Am go
I wanna see inside the mountain range.
No. 128875 ID: 7e06cf

And thus, Beatrice is no longer playable.
No. 128878 ID: b1b4f3

This is a bad april fools joke.
No. 128879 ID: 7e06cf

is it?
No. 128880 ID: b1b4f3

It better be!
No. 128881 ID: b1b4f3

Also it looks like even though toggling off Bea's ability results in less mana usage, her body is not used to using less mana so it doesn't move around her body properly? And I guess it gets clogged up at her core while the ability's toggled off?
No. 128882 ID: 91ee5f

If this is an April Fool’s joke, then congratulations, you got me. You made me believe it was real and I got pretty scared.

If this is real and not an April Fool’s joke, then OH GOD WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! D8
No. 128889 ID: e20bdf

I though Slime would always have white fur, skin or scale because of the dragon blood interference.
No. 128890 ID: 8eaf98

I thought it was just albino, though I guess the end result is kinda the same.
No. 128891 ID: 8eaf98

I Am really hoping Bea just got real tired due to actual muscle use and fell asleep and this is, in fact, a dream.
No. 128898 ID: b1b4f3

So was that a dream or did those two updates just not actually happen?
No. 128925 ID: 8eaf98

ima go with not happen
No. 128966 ID: ba2304

Wait wait wait.....maybe we're looking at this wrong......what if trying to make emils into more of a person is wrong....its the rabolds who have mana problems....what if we turned rabolds into shapeshifting slime people like emils....adventure!
No. 128967 ID: 080aaf

I like the cut of your jib.
No. 128968 ID: 130f18

The slimes can't produce their own mana any more than the people can. We need to find a way to quickly stimulate the development of natural mana generation, or get a damn rocket to fly them to somewhere with people who can. As it stands this rock and everything on it are doomed.
No. 128973 ID: 080aaf

We can also reduce the consumption rate of mana to extend our current supply.
No. 128985 ID: 9cdf42
File 155454795764.jpg - (347.48KB , 1547x1562 , F0C1DD71-D6D8-4E56-B35F-71102253340E.jpg )

A bit of a wait as I try out different art apps.
Have an older Emils, drawn on Tayasuki Sketches.
No. 128986 ID: 71c0d8

But i wanna see bea be a cute slime
No. 128987 ID: e20bdf

That's Emils? But she is smiling with a relaxed look. That's so unlike her...
Are you insinuating Emils will eventually learn how to act naturally?
No. 128990 ID: 080aaf

Or it's the person Emils is copying at an older (though probably younger than in-quest) stage.
No. 128991 ID: e20bdf

In this case Radial could just call her Samatha instead of Emils.
No. 128999 ID: c8452a

It's definitely an older Emils.
No. 129097 ID: bcc41d

>LU-5 said
>"[Mother] had landed on this planet when she had confirmed it suitable for habitation, and began terraforming though the spread of [towers] to infuse the land with artificial >[Mana]. Somehow, Life had appeared on it's own during the terraforming procedure, and had infused themselves with the artificial [mana]. As a result, the native lifeforms had >adapted to the artificial [mana] without any means to produce proper [mana]. We had hoped that though decreasing the supply of artificial [mana], the natives would be able to >produce their own. Sadly this is not true. Instead they somehow are capable of interfacing with the artificial [mana], somehow accessing [core] abilities to produce localized >environmental and biological modifications. We are not sure how that works or how to patch it, but we could replicate it to our own benefit regardless. If you want to produce >[Mana], your best option will be getting a living [Dragon] or a real [Core]."

Either I'm misinterpreting or it sounds kind of like both sides (or at least LU-5) were a bit unclear on what had actually happened. That or LU-5 was being deliberately vague. Anyway, the timeline, as best as I can figure is this:

* Mother/Dragons crashes on a terraformable planet. Begins terraforming by placing out mana towers, despite damages to herself. The Seven Moderators are created out of [Dungeon Cores] and the parts that made up the ship, manufactories, life support, etc. Mana Beasts serve the Dragons. Dragons remain in deep sleep while terraforming occurs.

* Something goes wrong during terraforming. Intelligent life appears and has come to depend Mana to live. Dragons awaken and begin interfering with the natives who have settled around their terraforming towers. Their solution is to try to slowly wean the natives off of mana.

* This does not work. LU-5 claims the natives 'somehow' began interfacing with [mana] to access [core] abilities. While unable to fix or patch it, the abilities were replicable by LU-5 and her ilk (and Emils - through eating native cores).

* On the other hand, Matron claims that the Avaros' experiment with a live - and then dead - Dragon caused the 'gift of magic' to descend on the people of the world. Devouring Dragon's Blood - and possibly people with cores? - makes mana beasts wild and corruptdd and also be able to take control of others of their kind.

* The Dragons DESTROY THE FUCK out of the Avaros empire, take all of their own tech they can get hands on and leave to hide behind the Dragon's Ridge. Total quarantine. Perhaps they plan to wait it out (deep sleep) again and start over once everything has collapsed and is dead - or perhaps they've got something else going on.

* Thousands of years pass. Somehow some of the Seven separate from their 'real bodies'. Without competent maintenance and a new supply of artificial mana from the Dragons and 'Mother', the mana towers, now known as Dragon Shrines, start failing.

Thought: The problem of mana beasts 'eating' native cores and dragon's blood is proooobably that they gained sentience and free will and no longer had to do what the Dragons ordered. They may have exploited their new-found freedom for various reasons, perhaps by being 'high on life'. Think of it like Emils LITERALLY considering eating ANY living thing she comes in contact with WHENEVER she's given the chance - and not having a bunch of impulses that tell her not to. Some might've never tried - but among the lesser servitors many of the ones that survived and evolved and produced offshoots did, hence how we end up with those of today's wild mana beasts who nom on people on the regular. Sammy is probably an 'evolved' Mana beast of old, being of a size that makes it obligatory to subsist on larger cores, but it's kept its mission priorities in service of Pride. Jogert may be of an 'old school' of mana beasts - i.e. an original mana beast servitor who's just lived for so long that she cannot help but gain sentience. Interestingly, it also had 'sisters' whose solution to that problem was to integrate into a collective consciousness (the one Bag ran into before bringing Jogert to Emils).

Thought: It's entirely possible the Avaros may have considered the lowering amount of mana and that this was one of the reasons for why they were trying to find fixes and going so far as to desperately experimenting on a dragon and making use of its body and blood. That the Avaros Emperor was greedy for immortality is plausible - it certainly is the historical reason that Matron can give us - but keep in mind that we don't know the full extent of the story here. How does an empire react to its lifeblood slowly tricking away - and how is its ruler treated in the aftermath of a catastrophe as big as the one he seemingly caused? No doubt anyone who survived cursed him to hell and back and then to hell again, so the source may be unreliable.
No. 129102 ID: b1b4f3

>mana beasts got free will from drinking dragonblooded natives' blood
Hold up, Radial's said that Emils cannot willingly harm a dragonblooded native. This means that the manabeasts either ingested it accidentally or Kali's Monster gave it to them.
No. 129104 ID: bcc41d

Hm. It's possible that's how it went down, or that there's more we don't know. My blood-to-sentience theory could certainly be off, but if the no-hurting dragon-blooded natives holds true for all mana beasts... that means Gluttony doesn't even kill the family members - it just makes the family sacrifice them instead. Brutal. Even more so if it's been tricking/coercing them and hasn't done any kind of maintenance on the dragon shrine in exchange. It's the classic sentient AI with AI shackles problem - even if it can't hurt you, it can arrange for other factors to hurt you.

Anyway, the conversation with Jogert indicated that (most? some?) mana beasts (at least slimes) weren't initially sentient and had maintenance cycles to prevent them from breaking down or gaining personalities (which means they already knew it could become a problem way back when). If mana beasts in the past suddenly displayed agency and became all lethal and people-eat-y and could co-opt other mana beasts, I'm pretty sure it's either due to sentience o' clock being prompted somehow - or it already having been there, boiling under the surface, due to bad maintenance. A kind of slow-burning 'rebellion', perhaps?

Another possibility - that does not discount the first one - is that there's a difference in the source as regards Emils' dragon blood. Native dragon blood may indeed lift restrictions and add sentience, but when Emils drank 'pure' blood from an actual dead Dragon and is thus subject to in-built Draconic restrictions about not hurting natives (or dragon-blooded natives). Emils is sentient anyway because, A) pure dragon blood adds that too (int boost), but has more restrictions bound into it and/or B) they're a special artificial creature made from parts of three Moderators who already were sentient.

A third theory is that consuming native dragon blood STILL makes mana beasts unable to directly hurt all Dragon-blooded (unless you're a hybrid monster like that Avaros Emperor) and the Dragons were ALWAYS safe from the depredations of basic sentience'd mana beasts - but they could no longer control those mana beasts - who could wrest control of other mana beasts from them. Which meant they were bleeding servants and could no longer safely face the natives or other factors that COULD kill them, like the monster. Perhaps they felt their only option was to take extreme measures to prevent a collapse of power and authority and preserve their people against a worst-case scenario, so dealt a rushed alpha strike and retreated posthaste.
No. 129113 ID: fb2a85
File 155515277189.png - (399.96KB , 1200x1314 , DD870491-AF2B-49B0-89FE-39B3EA8211C3.png )

No. 129114 ID: bcc41d

See? My word might as well be canon. Hand over the quest reins, Radial, here comes internet mook #844629398!

But yes, I'll hop off the over-analyzing speculation train now.
No. 129126 ID: 4294c6

I'd like to congratulate Emils for learning how to correctly boop a snoot.
No. 129206 ID: 5ba090

Hey, I just read this whole thing. Its rather good.
The setting reminds me of this short story a bit https://www.toothycat.net/%7Esham/Access_History.html, which is about a fantasy world that is actually a simulation.
I Am probably doesn't take place in a simulation though. But there are lots of little things that make me think there's something similar going on. The magic system for one, seems very technical and is reminiscent of coding. Jogert also just casually says magic doesn't exist when Emils brought it up, and the way the mana beasts talk about magic also seems very technical, with the natives learning to "interface" with it. The way certain words always appear in brackets, like they're referring to a specific technical meaning and not just the casual everyday one.
Oh, and also a big bar that seemed to indicate health appeared in Emils' vision when she talked to the giant Lust slime. That was a thing.
What this means, I have no idea. My guess would be that the world isn't a simulation, but "magic" is somehow technological in origin. Maybe the world is covered in nanomachines that respond to certain commands.
No. 129210 ID: e20bdf

What we got from the backstory is incomplete and a bit convoluted, but basic the universe is a futuristic version of a more normal fantasy setting.
There were dragons, and presumable other common fantasy races, in another planet, capable of producing mana and cast magic. The mana they produced fed dungeons cores kind of like in Dungeoneer.
At some point the dragons used dungeons cores to produce artificial cored (more machine like) for their terraforming project. So space ships would bring the artificial cores (the mana beasts) to barren planets, those would transform the environment so it could sustain life, and latter the dragons would come in their space ships to colonize.
During the terraforming of the planet the story take place life developed spontaneously, and adapted to the artificial mana the cores were pulping into the environment. That is why the magic system have a program style, the living creatures have the equivalent of dungeons cores and basic hack into the machine like magic of constructions to cast spells.

The mana beasts denying the existence of magic confuse me. I get the idea of magic being whatever science can't explain, but I can't imagine the dragons would stop calling the ability of make fire (or whatever) appear in the palm of their hands "magic" even after they learn how it works.
No. 129216 ID: 8eaf98

I feel this could best be explained by linguistic differences. this ability would have been very pervasive in their lives (if the civ grew up with it) and thus would likely not all be covered by one blanket word of 'magic' and would be treated as a normal thing like say: smell or taste to us. If we were asked is smell magic we would be like obviously not.
Alternatively, it was something they actively developed and then why on earth would they call it magic, they engineered it.
TL;DR: The languages being spoken are not English and translation happens.
No. 129240 ID: fcbaaf

Sorry for the recent lack of updates, for the past week or two I’ve been sick with coughing and runny nose, and recently, sore throat.

In regards to >>129206 Yes, that’s the idea. There is a hint of technomancy in the way the mana beasts interact with mana to alter the world.
So far, you’ve only seen magic in the view of Emils, or the caster, both of which know what the words they are saying roughly mean.
Like if you say Sayanora, you know it means goodbye despite not knowing Japanese.

Mana is a thing, but there’s very little actual mana on the planet. Majority of it is replaced by artificial mana, which needs to be recharged in the Towers.

Ultimately that means all the towers are a hotbed of life or civilization that can cast high mana processes, at the cost of starving out other regions.

“Magic” is only “magic” because there’s an element of fantasy or unknown to it.
Computers and robots to someone who doesn’t know about electronics can seem like magic.
The mana beasts know full well what they’re doing, and how to do it.
No. 129248 ID: 8eaf98

oh good that probably means people are using high magic to try to fix the problem, which probably has zero chance to fix it AND accelerates the problem
No. 129438 ID: 2e758a

Still dying?
No. 130982 ID: ee464f

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, my work place has recently been down a few people due to army stuff, events, and courses, so the rest of us had to cover their duties. I couldn’t even take leave for my birthday.
I also have another round of army stuff this coming October for two weeks.

Meanwhile please decide on where the next point in the story would continue.

The birthday party (will skip a lot of time in between)
Meeting with Alice and her grandfather
Training stuff
Suggesters choice
No. 130984 ID: a13082

I'd vote for Alice.

But, wouldn't it be better to put this vote in the quest?
No. 130986 ID: e7c7d3

Also voting for Alice and her Grandfather
No. 130987 ID: b1b4f3

alice/gf also training
No. 130991 ID: 0fae41

Training stuff or the birthday party.
No. 130994 ID: 0a7f21

Yeah, I wouldn't mind meeting Alice's grandfather, followed by some training.
No. 131001 ID: 0efe8e

I really wanna meet Alice's grandfather.
No. 131569 ID: 9e04c9

First of all, we don't know what the Sentry skill is. So you describing what it does, and what are its benefits, is pure conjecture and as such is likely to be entirely wrong.

>It is explicitly opposed to random people walking up to you and using mana shenanigans.
The two detection skills that we already have allow us to do the same thing.

>We can pretty much only get it by overpowering or coercing people.
This is false. How do you think Resida got the skill? Training. So logically, Emils can obtain these skills with training as well.

And who knows, maybe restoring her eyes and legs would leave her grateful enough for her to teach us these skills. I'd say that, Resida would be a lot more willing to teach us Sentry than the ice spells.

>The spells can all be acquired through research
This is false. Spells are taught through mentorship, as Eliot told us in >>/questarch/791181:
>You'll need a teacher who is at least rank 4 in the magic you want to learn

>Also, an awareness of how to stay alert is an awareness of how people fail to be alert.
So if we get the Sentry skill, we'd be able to tell which people don't have the Sentry skill? Not only is this statement illogical (there's no proof that having a skill grants you knowledge on whether another person doesn't have the same skill), but even if it was true, it would not be useful at all due to the fact that it's kinda easy to tell who's a guard based on the clothes they wear and where they stand.

>This is actually very informative of psychology. People are largely defined by their failings afterall.
Hmm. No, it's not, and no, they're not. For instance, here we have Ranks and Titles. Thus, one could argue that merits are what define people in this universe and not failures.

>Emils can ptobably achieve better results learning magic the way her special senses teaches her
As far as we know, Emils can only learn spells by copying them. There's no difference in whether she copies them when they're cast (like with Alice), or copies it directly from the core (the dead Avaros). The special senses that you mention have nothing to do with this. It's only after Emils learned Fireball from Alice (>>/questarch/905425) that she was able to tell that it was inefficient. Actually, the spell itself isn't inefficient. It was Alice's casting that made it that way, as proven by the fact that Emils was able to make Alice cast it perfectly soon after.

Therefore, if Emils learned a spell here, she should be able to cast it perfectly.

>Adding a mundane layer of awareness on top of that couldn't hurt
This isn't a good argument because it applies equally to all the skills/spells that we can learn here. In other words, we could say that "learning Kick couldn't hurt" or "learning an ice spell couldn't hurt". It's not a question of whether it could hurt or not, but why would Sentry be the best choice here?

>Even if this only ends up helping us out rarely, it's still worth it.
Even if Frost Shield only ends up helping us out rarely, it's still worth it.
If it's about how often the skill would come in handy, I'd argue that, considering we already have two detection skills, Frost Shield would end up helping us a lot more often than Sentry heh. Mostly because the spell can be used to protect people other than Emils herself.
No. 131570 ID: 0a7f21

well, to retort, Emils was told by Lust to stop using the natives way of using magic and figure out her own because we'd be way better at it, thus I'm pretty sure she doesn't need to copy anything at all to learn it, it's just faster.

The person telling us you need a level 4 teacher to learn a spell... is a mundane, normal rabbold talking about normal, mundane rabbold and avaros and whatever else.

There is a reason to want a frost spell and that's that we have several other "elements" available to us in spellcasting but not specifically ice. It could be quite useful. Based on the way magic is consistently described in this quest, I think Emils can most likely modify the components of spells since the underlying cause effect is visible, thus any "shield" spell should allow us to make earth or fire shields, and for that matter nothing is stopping us creating an ice ball. This makes sense thematically even if we haven't actually done so. At the same time, what's stopping us casting a reverse fire spell and assuming that's what the natives are using for ice magic? Maybe we don't need any of this, again, lust hinted we would have a much greater mastery of magic if we stopped relying on natives and their half assed understanding of it.

I think we should not only take Sentry (other skills are nice but I can't see Emils using a weapon when she'd be so much more effective with her natural abilities, and kick would probably be teaching how a rabbold kicks instead of someone who can adjust their weight to make it more powerful), but focus practical skills and anything that lets us relate to the rabbolds better (this isn't that, but being able to defend seems generically useful even in Emils context).
No. 131571 ID: 9e04c9

You're relying too much on what Lust told Emils. The problem is that the hints that Lust had given us won't come into play for quite a while. Sure, at some point in the future Emils won't need to rely on the natives' way of casting spells anymore. But can you guess when exactly that's going to happen? We can't. And it would be quite reckless to assume that it's gonna happen anytime soon, let alone base your decisions on it.

>we'd be way better at it
The important word here is would. Right now, Emils doesn't know how to do that and isn't better at it. Right now, she does need to copy to learn. In fact, even after Emils figures out the better way, she may still need to know the spells to be able to figure out the underlying causality. Hmm, I'd say there's about 80% chance that Emils would still need the spells or their components for that.

>The person telling us you need a level 4 teacher to learn a spell...
The point of my paragraph there was that we aren't guaranteed to learn all the spells because that relies on finding the people who hold them, not our own research. We certainly don't have a list of all the spells in existence.

>being able to defend
Not defend. Guard. Frost Shield defends, Sentry guards. It's good to hear you find "defending" useful tho ;)
Btw, a skill being "generically useful" isn't an argument, as I already explained, because that applies to all the skills and spells equally. You gotta quantify this usefulness~

>practical skills
Practical skills, sure. Is Sentry practical? Is being good at standing-in-front-of-a-gate-on-a-guard-duty useful to Emils? I made this up, but again. we don't know what this skill does. I don't understand how you can be so certain that this skill is actually useful heh.

Hmm, maybe Emils should become a Guard. Haha, I can already picture it now. Emils the best guard in the world! Standing in front of a gate 24 hours a day. Not moving a muscle. Not ever blinking her eyes. Not even breathing! And if a suspicious person comes near, it's a guard's duty to inform everyone of the danger. A flower girl? A FLOWER GIRL APPROACHESSSSSS!!! Emils would of course shout so loud that the whole town would know. Forget mahou shouju, who'd want to pass this up?
No. 131572 ID: b1b4f3

This looks to be another case of groupthink being worse than a collection of votes from isolated people working on the same problem.
One person puts forth a case that's convincing but incorrect, and people bandwagon onto it without any critical analysis.

The only thing Sentry is going to give Emils is the knowledge of how other people keep watch. She can literally have eyes on the back of her head, she doesn't need to train alertness.
No. 131575 ID: 8d4593

>the knowledge of how other people keep watch
From what is effectively a first hand perspective at that.

Even if she never uses this skill itself, the knowledge can be applied to other situations, mainly for infiltration purposes.

There is definite use for the skill. It's another non-violent tool in the box for slime to should they need it.

What we really need to consider is the opportunity cost.
Here's what I'm thinking

For Sentry:

It could be useful in some fringe situations like infiltrations, but is really better as part of a suite of tools that Slime doesn't yet have.
Since Emils isn't straight murder-hoboing anymore there are only 3 real ways of getting Sentry:
1: Have slime transform into an untrained form and trust /quest/ to murder-hobo a guard.
2: Doctor another person with sentry who doesn't have anything better.
3: Kill a hostile guard on some sort of mission. (Which may never happen)

For Ice Shield:

It's immediately useful, but we don't know if it will be redundant or helpful with our ice magic ability and intent to learn magic "Properly".
The chance that it could be helpful toward this endeavor is most notable.
It should be noted that this is a very in character choice for Emils.
We could get Ice Shield:
1:In a fight with another magic user, as these things seem to happen.
2:In the unlikely event that we doctor someone else with it.
3: Should we take up Victoria's suggestion to attend the magic academy, though there may be caveats like specialization.
4: When we master "proper" magic, whenever that may be.

I began writing this post in defense of my Sentry pick, but ended up deleting my vote changes during writing it, if that is any indication of what this "Critical Thinking" thing can do.
No. 131576 ID: 9e04c9

You forgot for Sentry:
4: Ask Resida to teach it to us.
As I already argued, if we heal her properly, she'd likely return a favor. Note that the same cannot be applied to Frost Shield due to the "rank 4 restriction". And even if she's rank 4+, unless she's a trained teacher, she'd likely refuse to perform something as dangerous as teaching magic to a child.
No. 131578 ID: 977456

The problem with learning sentry is that it takes time to learn, time doing pretty near to nothing.
The problem with learning ice shield is that Emils has aced every spell she's tried and understands the vocabulary, so the evidence suggests that all she needs is vocabulary, which can be studied. A normal practitioner would require a level 4 teacher, Emils would appear(though I admit this to be speculation and not directly evidenced) to only need to get a hold of a list of incantations in order to cast every permutation of the available vocabulary.
Ice Shield would most likely teach us a lot about the vocabulary and get us a dozen new spells if we really worked at it, but a book listing incantations(perhaps a guide to recognising what the hand-waggler is about to throw at your squad) could potentially do the same thing. Lots of conjecture here, yes, but not baseless conjecture.

I do not know what the sentry skill does, but I am guessing that it is a skill based on being a sentry. I assume that a sentry is someone who stands at a perimeter keeping watch for incoming, and potentially challenging a visitors credentials. I am assuming that it is mostly vigilance. Other people are assuming that Ice Shield isn't used to weigh down an opponent's shield with ice, shield against ice, or be a pun for "Eyes Healed". Or even a spell for summoning a pogo-stick that was named by an extremely influential troll. The guesses of "a shield made of ice" and "Stand watch without falling asleep or missing anything" seem sensible, but we can't be sure.

As a detection skill it is difficult to absorb without being detected, that is the only direct importance of that. The current target is extremely vulnerable, we can't speculate on future such opportunities. While it is always difficult to absorb quietly, there are things like sedatives and intoxicants that an observant person would be more aware of our efforts to disable them subtly.

It is a broader psychology thing. Sentry duty is difficult. They threats to it, of being distracted, assuming things won't change, weakening from tiredness, keeping track of shifts... there is a lot to learn of people from how they fail at awareness, and Sentry ought to grant Emils a great deal of awareness of these things. Of benefit to avoiding notice and knowing why people overlook things in daily life.

We really need to do more spell exploration. If it really is as simple as getting the recipes and then all the power of magic is ours to command, then we should find out. It certainly looks that way. And who knows, maybe we don't even need incantations. But from what I chave seen, skills seem like Emils has far more difficulty acquiring them and to contain far-more broadly-applicable knowledge.

Asking Resida to teach us would be an option, but it would require a lot of time and it looks very difficult for Emils to fake the weaknesses that they would be trying to overcome. Sentry offers almost nothing directly(aside from impersonating a non-slime when stuck on draining tasks), but has huge potential indirect benefits. All based upon assumption, but not blind assumption.
No. 131579 ID: 8d4593

I'm seeing it like this: Generalism is bad early on. We should focus on being really good at one thing first so we have strategies we are genuinely effective with, instead of being bad at everything. Yes we have our godlike mana beast powers but those really should be used sparingly.

Both Frost shield and Sentry are Items we can put into our build, but Sentry is more for a Champion or a Rouge, where Emils is clearly going Mage or Spell Sword, or at the very least just collecting magic for the Magical Girl framework.

Frost Shield and magic in general directly applies to our current build path and objectives.
Sentry and Adventurer/Combat knowledge builds on itself and won't be useful until much later.

Unless we want Slime to create a new persona that will focus on martial/roguish prowess and adventuring Right Now, Sentry is a poor choice for us.
No. 131580 ID: b1b4f3

Radial stated in discord that if Emils learns some ice magic, her Thermoregulation ability would be improved.
Which means she could lower her body temperature by a lot. Enough to freeze things on contact, I'd wager. I don't think her slime can freeze as easily as water.

It might also allow her to fake her own death? Go limp and cold, pretend to be a corpse.
No. 131581 ID: 0a7f21

If we need to fake our death we'll just make an empty meat puppet duplicate and rough it up a bit.

The reason I think we should take sentry is exactly what's mentioned with having practical person to person experience. Something like Sentry would come with attention to detail, focus, general awareness, social and otherwise. Or maybe it's just how to barricade behind a shield. Maybe it's a general understanding of defensive combat.

But it would be experiential skill, which would hopefully help Emils be more socially capable around rabbolds. I'm not even sure it would work like this, skills might be specifically an action you have to take, but it makes sense thematically, and if it's how it works we should be taking as many practical skills from people as we can, and then Emils can explore magic in a more general way, since she's already good at that anyway.

With the way things are progressing so far why are we even considering combat at all a concern? If nothing is threatening to you why be worried about another combat spell?
No. 131584 ID: 8d4593

>With the way things are progressing so far why are we even considering combat at all a concern? If nothing is threatening to you why be worried about another combat spell?

We've had the element of surprise on all of our combats in some way or another. No one we've fought so far has been ready for us or our abilities.
That can change.
Hell. This Rabbold that we are healing right now, if supplied with information on our abilities and nature could prove dangerous. If they were part of a small team of Rabbolds with similar capabilities? They could take us down. Slime is not all powerful, they just haven't been properly challenged yet.

Aside from that, most magic we learn offers useful side effects. Also the more magic we know, the closer we get to mastering it's secrets.
No. 131585 ID: 977456

I feel that Emils can reasonably defeat anything that would be a measured response to what Emils appears to be: a frequently solitary rabbold child. Anything that isn't a measured response would... well, I have no idea what the local version of a master assassin or raider band looks like, so preparations start with research... . Realistically, the best approach to such a thing would be running away, which can be broken down to: see them coming => evaluate the threat => flee => attain safety. Sentry should help a lot with the second, Ice shield with the third.
One thing we could aim for is defeating a measured response against Victoria? What would that entail though? I'd still rather pick up Sentry for a chance to spot the difference between incoming raiders and returning patrols. It is unlikely to identify an experience assassin, but might work on urchin pickpockets and might differentiate a thug who's taking a break from one who's waiting for the establishment to empty out.

... It is really difficult to pick when we know so little. It really might have no character profiling at all, or it could have the full bouncer package...
No. 131586 ID: 8d4593

I've heard 20 different possible capabilities for Sentry in this thread.

Maybe we should just ask.
Hey Radial, what does Sentry do?
No. 131587 ID: c86bb8

Abilities are a general name for a set of skills.
Sentry itself could be a sense of alertness, intuition on how to guard something, observation, or even just the ability to stand in one place for long periods of time.
It’s like how both Alice and Victoria have dance abilities, but it’s not listed how well they can dance or what they can dance.

Names of the abilities and skills are intentionally vague so that there’s a sense of exploration in what you’d get from them.

The difference between what Slime is doing now and learning something, is the concept of things.
Slime can absorb how to dance, learn the ability to move in time to a tempo or tune, but won’t really understand why one dances or be able to dance with emotions behind it.
Likewise she could copy movements and procedures but it’s like between copying by sight or by training. One is more fluid while the other is like following steps to do something.

In regards to vocabulary of chants, Slime doesn’t really need to chant. What she needs is the path mana needs to make the spell.
No. 131588 ID: 536f7c

so... if we were to just say... carefully observe some people acting as sentries one night instead of pretending to sleep... It would have a similar effect to copying this skill?
No. 131589 ID: 4286b4

>The problem with learning sentry is that it takes time to learn, time doing pretty near to nothing.
Based on the evidence so far, I'd say that this is false and that learning it would be fast.
> >>/questarch/834242 >Sword skills: F -> D
A few sparring sessions (or even a single one) was enough to rank up the sword skill substantially.

>Emils has aced every spell she's tried and understands the vocabulary, so the evidence suggests that all she needs is vocabulary, which can be studied.
This is a non-sequitur. First you write that she needed to try the spell (A) and understood the vocabulary (B), and then you conclude that this means she only needs to know the vocabulary (B).
"She needed A and B, therefore she only needs B."
This is not logical.

So far, there is no spell that Emils was able to cast by knowing only the vocabulary. So unfortunately, there is no evidence for your assertions.

Even your statement that "she understands the vocabulary" is false, but that's a different rabbit hole altogether.

>As a detection skill it is difficult to absorb without being detected
About as difficult as any other skill. Unlike Emils, people don't get a warning sign in their head saying that someone's accessing their cores heh.

>it is a skill based on being a sentry
Everything you wrote in this paragraph is sensible and I agree with that. What I don't agree with is when you start making connections that go far beyond the definition of the word:
>Sentry ought to grant Emils a great deal of awareness of these things
Why do I disagree with it? Because counter-evidence starts piling up.
Emils has Sword, Spear, Magic, Language, Song and Dance skills, correct? Has any of these skills granted her insight into the broad psychology around these skills?
Nope (or at least I couldn't find any). So we got 6 examples of skills that haven't granted her anything outside the relatively narrow definition of a skill. It makes no sense to expect that number 7 would be different.
Now, there may be a reason for this. It's possible that the higher level the skill is, the more broadly its concepts can be applied where psychology is at higher ranks. So what skill rank can we expect to get?
That's right. If Emils copied Sentry skill it would almost definitely be a rank F skill. Sword, Spear, Magic, Dance, all the skills that Emils absorbed or copied were assigned a rank F. So even if Emils copied Sentry, you can be damn sure she won't be getting into the psychology business anytime soon.

>it looks very difficult for Emils to fake the weaknesses that they would be trying to overcome
Umm, I don't understand. Why would Emils need to fake weakness? We don't need to appear pitiful for her to teach us Sentry. Simply healing her should be enough to be able to ask for a favor.
No. 131592 ID: b1b4f3

So you're saying the primary reason people want Sentry- understanding why other people use the skill- wouldn't actually be obtained?
No. 131593 ID: 977456

>Why would Emils need to fake weakness?
Teaching someone to stand guard means teaching them to stay awake, and Emils would have difficulty looking normal-everyday-Rabbold-tired. It means learning to shift when uncomfortable without making yourself visible or loud, Emils doesn't tend to get uncomfortable. Waiting for Emils to get restless or meditative to teach her how to spot the feeling and get back to the functional range of calm and alert would likewise be... odd. Standing sentry is actually easy, just being alert and assessing if you need to raise the alarm. Becoming good at it is a study of someone's weaknesses: why they will fail at an easy task when doing it over a long time. More than that, first-hand experience is vital. It is one thing to be told that you will hyperfocus and another to find the motion of a leaf interesting and then to feel a nudge and realise that your instructor has wrapped a towel around you three times and the fire has died down. Some people might teach watch-duty with formal instruction, but random adventurer here is going to stick her in a field and wait to tell her what she is doing wrong. Watching for all the failures expected of a newbie sentry would hurl Emils so far into uncanny valley it'd leave a crater. I really can't see Emils getting the full sentry experience without stealing it.

As for the psychology? I am still hopeful that why you need all these little tricks for standing around doing nothing without falling asleep can be partially extracted from knowing that they are vital to doing so. Far from certain though.
No. 131602 ID: 3674e7

Couldn't Sentry be more of an intuition case where we feel like something without actually knowing. If we gain it artificially by just taking it instead of learning it we wont know what the information it gives means. For example some people may just feel eerie others may feel when their being watched through intuition, while a trained person will be able to tell whether its just passers by being curious, animals passing by or someone's bloodthirst.
No. 131603 ID: 977456

>>131602 Entirely possible! Then again, Ice and Shield both have verb forms. A spell that shields ice would be excellent for keeping ice sculptures intact, and might also work for keeping an icebox cold. If all it does is grant mild and instictual control over ice, a material which is in short supply, it would be nearly useless. We can only guess. "Shield composed of ice" seems sensible but s far from certain. As an adventurer she may have spent time in the guard, or be a former bandit lookout, or taken shifts at night. The first would be nice as they would probably give more I.F.F. . The "watch shifts at a small camp" one is less so, but would have to have some identification of dangers and some attempt to avoid a fight with other groups just looking to share a fire, and would have a better range of skills for dealing with improvised posts.

More specifically. I would think that the mental ability to use the skill (such as actually knowing that silhouettes make you visible, rather than an instinctual fear of high ground) would be an integral component of the skill, and that the skill holder possesses such, because performing the skill has some mental aspects that they use, such as consciously assessing a campground for good hiding spots with adequate vision, but it is all speculation!
No. 131608 ID: ba56e6

Gaining the Sentry knowledge from a first hand perspective may also help better understand how mortals see the world and contribute to empathy. Or at least better pseudo-empathy.
No. 131609 ID: b1b4f3

OH, I thought of another use for improved Thermoregulation:
Emils wouldn't have to damage herself so much when heating things. She could heat the very surface of her body while cooling herself rapidly below it, instead of just soaking up the heat.

She could also probably use it to generate water and then freeze it to create ice at will. Like an ice spike to stab with or she could soak something and then freeze it to cause structural damage that even her strength couldn't manage.
No. 131610 ID: 4286b4

Ok so, here's my takeaway.

People mentioned many possible benefits to getting the Sentry skill, such as attention to detail, alertness, general awareness, etc. The problem here is that, if we copy the skill, it would almost certainly start at the lowest rank - rank F. The mentioned benefits (if they're possible at all), unfortunately, aren't going to come into play when the skill is at rank F. Their effect would either be negligible or inaccessible at the lowest rank. So if we wanted to benefit from copying this skill, we would have to spend plenty of time training it.

How do we train the Sentry skill?
We would have to ask Resida to train us. But wait. If we're going to talk to Resida and ask her to train us in this skill, why did we copy it at all? Because if Resida's going to teach us, that means we would learn this skill anyway - the skill would be created without needing to copy it.

So logically, if we want to benefit from the Sentry skill, it makes no sense to copy it right now. We should both obtain and level it through training.

So my proposition here is that we get both Sentry and Frost Shield skill. I propose that we copy Frost Shield, and then ask Resida to train us in Sentry.

I believe that Resida would likely accept training us due to her being in debt to us for healing her - assuming the healing goes well. One minor thing to note here is that, for her to be able to teach us, she'd probably need to be able to walk. In other words, we'd need to heal her legs as well.
No. 131611 ID: 8d4593

No. 131612 ID: 33056f

So the person were healing is the inspector that got mauled by the slime, right? I wonder if we can tap their memories somehow to get more details.
No. 131636 ID: f133dc

No, just no. We aren't going to ask Resida for anything, let alone something that would eat up days of time.

Tons of people have already put in their 2 cents, lets see what Radial decides on.
No. 131638 ID: 528d9b

Nobody else think trapping slimes in ice sound useful? Just me? Ok....
No. 131640 ID: 9e04c9

Sounds kinda inefficient when she can just stop the mana flow inside anything she wishes.
No. 131642 ID: ba56e6

Awfully haughty to assume it will work on higher ranked slimes.
No. 131643 ID: f133dc

That's actually a good idea.

Why are we learning any non-utility magic at all when it seems likely Emils can kill anything by fucking with their mana flows. Imagine just being in manipulation range and forcing them to overload. Would they just explode?
No. 131645 ID: 528d9b

If Beatrice, a rabold, can feel Emils mana probing and be resistant to it we can assume we won't be able to manipulate the mana of any unwilling active mana beast.
No. 131650 ID: 9e04c9

Certainly much more likely than ice.

Bea didn't actually resist Emils' manipulation. Why do you assert that she did?
No. 131651 ID: 528d9b


>With Beatrice holding my hand, I attempt to look into her Mana Veins.
>I am unable to get a good grasp of body before Bea jerks her hand away, clutching it.
>"Wha- What was that?"

She noticed the probing attempt.

>I begin to hum, as I inject my mana into her hand.
>Her hands grip my hands, and she appears to be in pain.
>"Relax. Do not reject the intrusion."
>The hum changes into a tune, as Beatrice tries to relax.
>I continue to flow my mana into her arms, and up her shoulder.
>As I go deeper, my mana gets eroded by hers, with each beat of her heart and pulse of her core.
>I press harder as she crushes my hand. She is clenching hard, as she begins shaking.
>I grab her shoulder with my other hand, steadying her as my tune matches her mana. It is feels unpleasant.

Even with permission and cooperation the intruding mana got eroded and the experience was unpleasant for both of them before Emils even reach her core. When she reached her core:

>My mana barely touches her core, as I try to adjust the flow over it's surface.
It's barely a change. A patch at best, but a redirection of mana is complete, and I slowly retract with a small copy of her skill.

Significant changes are hard to do.

Beatrice seem to be more perceptive than most rabold, but compared to beings that function exclusively by manipulating mana and have their cores fulfilling the function of brains I don't expect she would be considered an expert in the flow of mana.

Considering this, imagine a similar scenario but what Emils is trying to do is to kill Beatrice via mana manipulation. She find an excuse to maintain physical contact but as soon as she start to pumping mana into her target the process is interrupted.
She could attempt to forcible immobilize Beatrice but in this case Emils would need to overpower her physically and the mana erosion would likely be worst in an unwilling target.
Instead let's follow the sequence of events. Emils somehow get permission to interfere with her mana even though her intentions are harmful. She reach her core and attempt to change something essential for survival, that would naturally be a function performed repeatedly during her entire life, so "deeply etched". Whatever Emils would be able to do would be a "barely change" to it's normal function. yea, she could cause a catastrophic failure with a small change, but would it be fast or efficient?
Does this process look like an effective alternative for utilitarian magic?

Imagine Emils were to face another slime, generally considered weaker than other mana beasts but amorphous.
The only way to forcible immobilize such creature would be to completely involve it, but if Emils get at this point she could simply eat it. Here forcible manipulating the target mana is already out of question.
We could aims attacks toward the core, be if we succeed our prize would be damaged. Similarly if the enemy slime is forced to spend all it's mana reserve it will become less "nutritious" to Emils.
The last option is to reduce it's mass. We either burn it or remove chunks and absorb before the enemy.

The lack of good options is the reason I though a movement restriction magic would be useful against hostile mana beasts.
No. 131653 ID: 9e04c9

>She noticed the probing attempt.
We don't know if the target noticing the effects of mana manipulation changes the success rate or the efficacy of this skill. Therefore, this argument does not prove or disprove anything. It is irrelevant.

>permission and cooperation
Whether Slime has permission or not, and whether the target cooperates or not, are also irrelevant arguments. The reasoning is the same. We don't know what would've happened had Bea not cooperated. It's entirely possible that the result would've been the same.

>the intruding mana got eroded
Again, irrelevant. The only thing this implies is that the target's own mana will disperse Slime's mana the closer to the target's core Slime's mana gets. There's no evidence to suggest that Bea had any influence on this erosion. And since Slime was successful despite the erosion, there's nothing to say she cannot be successful against a mana beast as well.

I'd also like to note that Bea has an enchantment on her. It's possible that this enhancement is causing or increasing the erosion. The same erosion is not mentioned in our dealings with Alice and Resida.

>Significant changes are hard to do.
Significant changes that do not harm the target. If Slime had not been under this restriction, if she went against a mana beast and was free to push Mana Manipulation to its limit, we don't know what she could be capable of.

>beings that function exclusively by manipulating mana
This is false. I suggest you re-read >>118135
Also, Emils is a mana beast and she started without Mana Manipulation skill.

>what if Emils is trying to kill Beatrice via mana manipulation
Then she wouldn't try to carefully reach her core. She could do it forcefully. Or she could simply stop the mana going into her brain, or arms and legs, or she'd stop the mana from the ground from reaching her body, or she'd redirect mana from inside the body to the outside, or make her mana veins pop, etc. There are endless possibilities.

>what if Emils were to face another slime
A slime with Mana Manipulation fighting a slime without Mana Manipulation? Easy victory.

>The lack of good options
I think you're too focused on the abilities that would immediately benefit Slime in fighting other slimes. Remember, Slime doesn't actually know that there could be a dangerous slime in the city. It makes no sense for her to expect such a confrontation.

Oh and, if the enemy slime has Thermoregulation, it could just melt any ice.
No. 131656 ID: 528d9b

You think I'm jumping to conclusions when you were arguing that mana manipulation is an effective alternative to utilitarian spells. Interesting...
>Sounds kinda inefficient when she can just stop the mana flow inside anything she wishes.
Don't forget your claim is just as speculative as mine. If I can't "prove or disprove anything" neither can you, making your arguments equally "irrelevant".

>This is false. I suggest you re-read >>118135
>There are no organs, tissue, muscle, or life force found inside a MB that belongs to the MB.
>Instead, they feed off of ambient mana, or the mana of beasts, capable of surviving for years on a single prey. Different sizes of mana beasts results in different choices of prey.
Emils mana manipulation skill is the ability to manipulate the mana of others. Maybe I should come up with a different term for the mana beast core manipulating the body mana to make it function, but I can't think of something better.
To be clear, not all of them have the ability of manipulating the mana outside of their bodies, but the control over the mana in their bodies is the only thing that makes them function.
Also: >>128373
>Outside of mana manipulation and perception, the core can’t see outside of touch and vibrations.
Mana perception is the equivalent to their vision.
Am I being unreasonable to assume such creature would be better at perceiving and avoiding Emils attempt to manipulate their own mana than Beatrice?

>Alice and Resida
There is a clear hierarchy in their perception to Emils intrusion. Alice didn't even notice what was happening, Resida felt pain as soon as the intrusion begin and Beatrice also noticed and eroded the invading mana.
Since Beatrice is more competent in whatever this is she is a better comparison to creatures I presume are by nature even better than her at this.

>The only thing this implies is that the target's own mana will disperse Slime's mana the closer to the target's core Slime's mana gets. There's no evidence to suggest that Bea had any influence on this erosion.
Do you think mana beasts won't erode invading mana? If they will, do you expect them to do so better or worst than Beatrice?
Even if cooperation has no effect in the procedure the problem remain.

>It's possible that this enhancement is causing or increasing the erosion.
Sure, magic can do whatever the author want it to do. The cause could also be something else. "It's Magic. I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit." doesn't lead to further discussions. Either way goes until we get a clearer picture.

>Significant changes that do not harm the target. If Slime had not been under this restriction, if she went against a mana beast and was free to push Mana Manipulation to its limit, we don't know what she could be capable of.
True. It's easier to break than it is to fix

>Then she wouldn't try to carefully reach her core. She could do it forcefully. Or she could simply stop the mana going into her brain, or arms and legs, or she'd stop the mana from the ground from reaching her body, or she'd redirect mana from inside the body to the outside, or make her mana veins pop, etc. There are endless possibilities.
That is awesome and unusually cruel, but it's more efficient than burning? Faster than stabbing? More efficient than freezing? I suspect the time of the procedure and the requirement of contact will make such attacks less efficient than utilitarian magic.

>A slime with Mana Manipulation fighting a slime without Mana Manipulation? Easy victory.
Don't assume the enemy won't have the same ability. Even if it doesn't, how do you expect to maintain forcible physical contact with a creature that can reshape it's body?
Honestly I suspect in such conflict the mana manipulation will only be useful when Emils already dominate the enemy and is free to do whatever she wants, like if she were to corner the enemy with a movement restrictive spell for example.

>Oh and, if the enemy slime has Thermoregulation, it could just melt any ice.
Instantaneously? Wouldn't we get any advantage by delaying the actions of an adversary?

>I think you're too focused on the abilities that would immediately benefit Slime in fighting other slimes. Remember, Slime doesn't actually know that there could be a dangerous slime in the city. It makes no sense for her to expect such a confrontation.
I only picked a slime as an example because their amorphous bodies can't be immobilized by the use of physical force unless you restrain them to a container. Other mana beasts have more defined bodies but there are suggestions that they are able to move in ways that seems impossible considering their apparent joins. To reduce speculation and guide the proposal to the problem I was trying to illustrate the slime is the better option, but I do expect similar difficulties from every other mana beast.
And Lust did strongly suggest that Emils would find herself in conflict with other mana beasts, so she should expect it to happen eventually.

I don't even care what ability we copy, I'm just slightly annoyed that combat abilities were being devalued because it may be possible to weaponize a surgical technique.
No. 131657 ID: ba56e6

>A slime with Mana Manipulation fighting a slime without Mana Manipulation? Easy victory.
A lot of assumptions there, chum.

Emils being powerful doesn't mean there are bigger fish. In fact, we know for a fact there are bigger fish. We've seen them.
No. 131676 ID: 4286b4

>your claim is just as speculative as mine
Well, my claim is supported by relevant evidence...

>Emils mana manipulation skill is the ability to manipulate the mana of others.
Mana Manipulation is the ability to manipulate mana at range. It was created from Solid Material Manipulation, which is the ability to manipulate solid material at a distance, if you remember the Spire spell.

>not all of them have the ability of manipulating the mana outside of their bodies
We don't know if there exist any, other than Slime, that can.

>the control over the mana in their bodies is the only thing that makes them function
You don't need to control your blood to be able to function. You only need to create a flow.

>such creature would be better at perceiving and avoiding Emils attempt to manipulate their own mana
Slime started without Mana Perception btw.

>Since Beatrice is more competent
> >>/quest/951668 >I’ve not done this on anyone who resisted this much
The last update contradicts this by stating that Resida's resistance was greater than Bea's.

>Do you think mana beasts won't erode invading mana? If they will, do you expect them to do so better or worst than Beatrice?
A very good question. What we know (note that this is backstage info) is the flow of mana inside mana beasts vary. When they're small, the ambient mana is enough to sustain them, which implies mana flow even weaker than a rabbold child's. However, as they grow, this flow increases. Bea has quite a strong flow, therefore I'd assume that, even if it was a large mana beast with a large mana flow, it would not be enough to erode Slime's attempt. Of course, mana flow and control over mana are two different things. Resida was able to resist Slime better than Bea, despite having a weaker flow.

>but it's more efficient than burning?
Does the efficiency matter when the result is the same? Also, burning is bad for the environment~

>how do you expect to maintain forcible physical contact with a creature that can reshape it's body?
It turns out that slime on slime action can be quite a sticky mess.

>Wouldn't we get any advantage by delaying the actions of an adversary?
Any advantage gained would be offset by the disadvantage of the time it takes to cast the spell.

>A lot of assumptions there, chum.
Only one. That all other things were equal hehe.

>In fact, we know for a fact there are bigger fish. We've seen them.
I dunno man. The Sarous (>>/questarch/843165) weren't very strong ;)
No. 131677 ID: 977456

>Well, my claim is supported by relevant evidence...
The claim goes back to "trap a slime in ice" versus "Stopping their mana is cheaper". Ice generation is supported by evidence, and ice, in sufficient quantities, is capable of preventing motion. Ice manipulation has not been tested, but the hypothesis is sound. More to the point, the difficulty of such an operation has no demonstrated evidence, so relative judgements are not supported by such.
Mana manipulation has thus far been demonstrated to be performed using intruding tendrils. A global stop effect, while plausible, is not (to my knowledge) demonstrated. A swift one at range is likewise not demonstrated.
The opportunity cost of acquiring the ability is somewhat obscured, due to the lack of information about the options. The efficiency of using the abilities is not known. Even the mere possibility of using the abilities on those specific ways is not guaranteed. All of this is so far into speculation that the amount of evidence for any of the claims is barely relevant. Much as I would have preferred Sentry, Ice Shield is good, and mana stoppage sounds like an excellent technique, but I would not rely upon it until it is demonstrated. Perhaps we should go out alone(or with Red Eyes) hunting to test our abilities?

>You don't need to control your blood to be able to function. You only need to create a flow.
Creating a flow is control. Not total control, but I doubt that we can cause mana to spontaneously explode, or transmute into bratwurst, so total control is probably not an option. Emils has more control, but flows can be powerful and the ability to completely overpower them should not be assumed without testing.

>When they're small, the ambient mana is enough to sustain them, which implies mana flow even weaker than a rabbold child's.
Assuming identical biology, yes. Assuming otherwise identical biology but lacking external food? Very much yes. I hypothesise that slimes have a much more efficient mana-intake to mana-expenditure ratio. As an experiment to test this, I would propose that mana beasts maintain populations in regions in which rabbolds cannot due to mana shortage. If this is the case(I do not know) then a mana beast could maintain a greater mana density on a lower mana diet, when compared with a rabbold. Do we have data on mana beast population shifts relative to rabbold population shifts in mana-deprived regions?

>It turns out that slime on slime action can be quite a sticky mess.
It depends upon whether it only requires maintained contact, or specific points of contact. If a full rotation, or withdrawing the point of intrusion into their body and severing contact, would reset our progress, it would be problematic. It would be reduced if we could perform multiple simultaneous intrusions, and reconnect to a recently-severed intrusion, and create an aura of mana-intrusion over an entire surface, which are all plausible, but if a single flex of slime can reset our efforts to zero, then it would be problematic. The same would apply to solid opponents rolling or jumping into fires or poisons or bucking us into a different position or such.

>Only one. That all other things were equal hehe.
Do we really know enough about mana manipulation's use in the midst of a pitched battle to be sure that it would convert an exactly equal opponent into an easy one. Is it still an easy victory if you have both scoured off two-thirds of the other's slime before compromising their core? I don't know enough about mana manipulation to say that such would be unlikely.

Is a Sarous ambushed while weak and in unfavourable terrain by a skilled opponent using non-mana attacks relevant to this discussion? Sarous seem to be considered "easy if approached competently" and "mana beast" without specification seems to make people nervous. But I agree that combat seems to be a small aspect of our current existence, and social interactions seem to be quite challenging enough that augments would be invaluable.
No. 131678 ID: 528d9b

>Does the efficiency matter when the result is the same? Also, burning is bad for the environment~
That is amusing considering the environmental crisis of this world isn't global warming, but mana deprivation. There are many entities spread around the world that were created with the purpose of terraform the environment, but the mana supply is limited.

The efficiency matter because it can alter the result. Even if we were to assume defeat will never occur for lack of abilities the result can be less binary and failure could, for example, be defined as letting a prey escape.

>It turns out that slime on slime action can be quite a sticky mess.
Are you sure? How do you know? Is this fact established in this quest?

>Any advantage gained would be offset by the disadvantage of the time it takes to cast the spell.
Are you sure? How do you know? Is this fact established in this quest?

>Well, my claim is supported by relevant evidence...
Are you sure? How do you know?

>We don't know if there exist any, other than Slime, that can.
We don't know, but it's not impossible. The ability was made by an administrator rearranging normal skills. There is no reason to assume Lust or other administrator never produced this skill before. Not to mention that Lust may have used this exact ability to alter Emils.
Also the story about the avaro emperor insinuated that the natives and mana beasts can develop something like mana manipulation if mutated with dragon blood.

>The last update contradicts this by stating that Resida's resistance was greater than Bea's.
I just got the impression that Emils overcome her resistance with less difficulty than with Beatrice. Guess Radial emphasized that comment to correct my assumption.

>Slime started without Mana Perception btw.
Could you point out when she gained it? As far as can tell she visualized the shape of the world around her perceiving the circuitry like blue lines of mana from the moment she started to pay attention on the third update. Maybe the ability "Mana Perception" has nothing to do with perceiving the surrounding mana and I'm wrong for classify Emils as having something because she acts like she have it. I'm not sure.
It would help if such fundamental factoids were accompany by a reference, you know the "relevant evidence" that elevate your claims above speculations.

>You don't need to control your blood to be able to function. You only need to create a flow.
What? Of course you need to control the flow of blood in your body. What do you think your vascular system is for?
Arteries and veins have well defined paths to bring resources to all parts of the body and remove dejects. If the arterial blood and the venous blood were to mix in your heart you would die. If the blood stop moving anywhere it will coagulate. If the flow is interrupted in a section of the body this portion will stop functioning and necrosate. If the flow is limited in some area during development this portion will not grow. Blood is highly controlled by our organisms.

But if we go further with this metaphor mana can be compared to blood in the natives, but it's not quite that for the mana beasts. It would be like if a sentient heart could move around manipulating matter using blood and nothing else, not even a vascular system. Except this blood would be naturally pulsating inside the rocks that make the ground. It's a strange metaphor...

> flow of mana thing
I agree with your reasoning except for one thing: I assume mana beast must have a better control over their mana because their are conscious of it while the natives seem to have it like an unconscious system that they learn how to control.

I said you were as speculative as me because I'm not assuming I'm right about everything and your reasoning doesn't look perfect to me. Why don't we look at this as theories we can test in the quest? If Emils were to practice with Jogert a lot of questions could be answer.
No. 131681 ID: ba56e6

The assumptions you made were:
-We will be fighting slimes
-We will be fighting slimes without Mana Manipulation
-Fighting the slimes will be easy because they do not have Mana Manipulation, and we do
-Mana Manipulation can be used as effectively on other servitors as it can on the natives (needs to be tested, our only time interacting with one was a willing participant)
No. 131686 ID: 9e04c9

>Perhaps we should test our abilities?
It would definitely be wise to test the current limits of Mana Manipulation. What's the effective distance, what types of mana (own, ambient, enemy) can be manipulated, the strength of the effect, the precision, etc.

>I doubt that we can cause mana to spontaneously explode
Maybe not at this exact moment but...
> >>/questarch/905425 >Explosion

>Do we have data on mana beast population shifts...
I don't think so. And I would guess that the chance of such data existing would be low considering that natives kinda die without mana.

>Is a Sarous relevant to this discussion?
Nope. Sarous aren't even mana beasts. It was a joke on the term "bigger fish".

>Is this fact established in this quest?
Nope. It's just an old Chinese saying. (lie)

>Is this fact established in this quest?
Yes. It's an established fact that casting a spell takes time.

>Are you sure?
I'm not 100% sure. As I said, there is evidence that supports my claim, not that it proves it.

>There is no reason to assume Lust or other administrator never produced this skill before.
Moderator, not administrator.
And yes, there is a reason to believe that such a skill would not be produced through skill rearrangement. To elaborate, we know that we have the body of Lust (slime), while the actual moderator Lust just died. I think it was implied by the Weaver that there's only one moderator of each mana beast type. Therefore, the enemy slime isn't a known moderator and shouldn't have knowledge of such abilities.

>Could you point out when she gained it?
>Ability Gained:
>[Mana] perception

>Blood is highly controlled by our organisms.
The only point of control is the heart, which can beat faster, or slower, depending on the demand. There is zero control over where the blood goes, or in what quantities. And as you described it yourself, one thing goes wrong and you die. That's not "control".
The point of this argument is that mana beasts do not necessarily have the ability to manipulate mana within their body. But only within their cores. Simply creating a flow in their core would be enough for them to function as long as there exists a way for them to define pathways for the mana in their bodies to take.

>I assume mana beast must have a better control over their mana because their are conscious of it
Just because you know something exists doesn't mean you're able to control it.

>Why don't we look at this as theories we can test in the quest?
What do you propose?

>The assumptions you made were
I think you misunderstood. I wrote "slime", with a non-capital letter. In other words, it was a general statement. If "a slime" fought "another equal slime", and one had this skill and the other didn't, the one with the skill would win.
No. 131688 ID: 528d9b

You interpreted that she gained mana perception as a result of consuming dragon blood. This version didn't even occur to me. I though it was an unspecific announcement of the basic functions of though and perception getting operational, not their creation. In other words I though she had "eyes" before but "opened" them for the first time that moment. However I see what you mean and you might be right.

> Moderator skill thing
Are you saying that is a moderator skill? Any reason for it to be possessed exclusively by moderators? Monopoly of power, perhaps...
I still think it's possible that Lust could have made a slime with the mana manipulation skill or that one slime developed this skill by coincidence after consuming dragon blood. (I don't actually know what exactly dragon blood does when consumes.)

> blood thing
I don't agree to your definition of control. Further arguments seem futile.

> test
Ask Jogert to act as a sparing partner. Emils would attempt to interfere with it's mana in a non lethal way while Jogert would try to resist.
Once established the basics more intense techniques could be experiment on wild beasts and hostile mana beasts if we find one.
No. 131724 ID: f133dc

So something I just wanna say, since other people push back on every single suggestion I make, often to the point of arguing about it.

When you make a suggestion that on it's face doesn't seem like the efficient or effective way to proceed or grow or min max our skills, it's not because I wanna blow up the character or hamper progress or fuck up the game. It's because I'm roleplaying as Emils, or considering how the story is going to proceed after the point we are at. Fact is, this isn't really an RPG, we don't roll dice to determine if we win a fight. When I say Emils should in a terse fashion reveal far more than is appropriate, that's because that's what Emils has done every time they've interacted with anyone for the entire story and I want to roleplay the role of Emails aptly.

As well with decision making, you should be looking at the long term benefit to the story instead of accumulating a set of skills or trying to ace every relationship. Emils socially blundering around is entertaining and begets character growth, conversely constantly asking Emils to act like a normal, well adjusted individual is ignoring the character and their behavior thus far to do what YOU think is correct, instead of what Emails would.

I'm not saying you gotta start agreeing with me or anything, I just feel like a lot of newer suggestors don't seem to understand the quest format.
No. 131726 ID: 528d9b

Previous socially blunders were done despite the suggestions, not because of them. I'm not against your approach, but it's not necessary for the autistic behavior to occur.
No. 131727 ID: 3ce8ff

>I just feel like a lot of newer suggestors don't seem to understand the quest format.
I would suggest that that means either the format is evolving and/or different quests ask for/require different things from suggestors. That quest runners and suggestors are the two things that define what the quest format 'should' be. I see this more as a culture, and cultures change over time.
No. 131732 ID: ba56e6

On the contrary, compelling Slime to act as it has always acted is the opposite of character growth. It suggests that Slime has learned nothing.

It is not our job to be the character. It is our job to guide the character.
No. 131733 ID: 6e6f32

Like, don't get me wrong. You have a point.
Normally I'd back you up with it.
The always friendly/well adjusted/optimal path despite established character traits is a general problem /quest/ tends to have.

This problem is negated however, when the quest is run by a skilled author.
Like Radial, for example.

Radial has been expertly translating what we want to do into how Slime [Or Slimes current Avatar:Emils] would do it. Often times we tell slime to do simple social thing, Slime tries, and just ends up failing either failing, or down right misinterpreting our orders.

Slime itself interprets things in a mechanical, almost alien way.
Emils though, is a pretty well established form that acts and reacts in line with half a dozen threads worth of training. Listening to us, being sneaky, not murdering everyone she sees, mimicking others, and trying to appear normal, are all in character.

While people shouldn't attack you for suggestions that depict a socially inept Emils(As they provide options for her inevitable social missteps), Emils is a form that strives to constantly better herself through those around her, and the majority of suggestions should reflect that.
We need only suggest the ideal. Radial can handle the nitty gritty details of what actually happens.
No. 132029 ID: 19fdd8
File 158118309951.jpg - (51.91KB , 500x372 , sadness.jpg )

No. 132039 ID: 0fae41

What would the equivalent action to crying have been if she was in slime form instead of this blasted meat puppet?
No. 132046 ID: 015bf2

Stomach ache.
No. 132056 ID: 10c408

Depends on the severity but my guess is flattening out perpendicular to the surface she is now conforming to and quivering incessantly.
No. 132445 ID: e7703b
File 158568071617.png - (1.29MB , 2048x2048 , 98FA623F-BA89-4461-852E-FC6BF9DF5B84.png )

Punch priestess will not apologize.
Nor will I.
No. 132447 ID: b07f1c

One day she will get what's coming her way.
No. 132454 ID: 015bf2


No. 132458 ID: fb2a85

Yes, t’was I, the Frenchiest Fry.
No. 132499 ID: b07f1c

Does "Update end" mean the end of the chapter?

If so, when can we expect the next chapter to start?
No. 132500 ID: d63ea8

I apologize if this was asked before, but what caused you to shift art styles?

I enjoy the charcoal look, and I'm curious of why you made the change.
No. 132502 ID: e7703b

I'm actually drawing out of an ipad.
No. 132505 ID: e7703b

So I'd like to clear up some matters.

Slime can use ice and fire magic, BECAUSE she had consumed those who had ice and fire magic. This allowed her to access a higher ability to control temperature.
As she gains more abilities, they'll unlock higher abilities she can use, and access to spells that relate to it.

Another thing is regarding Absorbing and Consuming.
Absorbing allows Slime to skim the core of a target, copying a small bit of their core.
Consuming allows slime to take in all their abilities.
Slime has no wind or air related abilities, so it can't replicate Lily's spell.
No. 133403 ID: f133dc

Some more questions since arguments are popping up in the main thread.

The arm thing, Emils made an arm out of... well, itself, and had the option to burn biomass to create more arm. This implies abilities that are quite broad, widely useful, and powerful.

Now I was under the impression regardless of what's on that character sheet that Emils learns and grows in abilities by using them, and things like mana sense and solid material manipulation as "abilities" might be gone, but those skills still exist in same basic manner and are usable, we just aren't copying some base level competence with them, just blindly flailing around with dangerous magics like the chlid Emils is.

So can we manipulate solids into new shapes and functions? Is learning abilities and magic something we hold a few copied abilities in but those same abilities become learned skills as Emils uses and master them?
No. 133404 ID: e19a40

>Absorbing and Consuming
I'm frequently confuse with distinctions like this. Back at the cemetery there was a thing about consume or eat that I didn't get at all.

If I'm understanding this correctly Absorbing is what we did to copy Bea's and Alice's spells. Does skimming cores result in negative consequences for the target?

If I'm not understanding this correctly and absorption is something more lethal, than what is the advantage of absolve over consume?
No. 133671 ID: df628b

So stuff happened.
I’m closing my patreon, and planning to open up commissions.
For more details there’s these;
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