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File 150683625812.png - (17.00KB , 600x400 , 231.png )
833797 No. 833797 ID: 23a020

"A sword is a tool, an extension of yourself. It is used for provoking, defending, intimidation and for killing."
Red eyes takes a stance in front of me.
"Ultimately, what it does depends on how you use it. Now take a swing at me. Show me your intent."

Strike Hard - Swing with full strength. Strike Medium - Swing enough to hit her sword. Strike Light - Do a soft swing. Other
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No. 833800 ID: be0718

Strike hard.
No. 833801 ID: d6c8a6

Strike Medium at her body.
No. 833803 ID: 3abd97

Strike Medium.

Your intent isn't to kill her.
No. 833805 ID: 015058

Hard she needs to know what you can do.
No. 833806 ID: 13fded

Medium strike. Test the water.
No. 833807 ID: 094652

Strike Light X3, show restraint and finesse so she'll underestimate the ferocity and hunger of the little dragon she adopted.
No. 833808 ID: 600f38

Breaking your sword would ruin your training. You are trying to learn technique, not win a fight.
No. 833812 ID: 3ce125

Strike Medium. Intent is what matters here and your intent is not to damage your guardian. Also you need to gauge her strength before applying your full power. You *should* attempt to beat her at a test of strength at some point though.

Status report- is the seed still with you or did you let it loose in the slums? Did you attack any guards after you raided the graveyard?
No. 833813 ID: 45c893

Show that you have no concept of sowrd but throwing it at red eyes.
Though I suppose medium swing works too.
No. 833817 ID: 830fb7

Strike Light - Swing just enough to hit her sword.
Test strike so see how she reacts, then if she reacts block then medium to the body.
No. 833818 ID: fd306a

Strike hard, we cant learn to be the best if we don't push our current best as far as we can push it.
No. 833824 ID: 8d4593

Swing hard. She knows of tlyour strength and intends to teach you something
No. 833825 ID: 91ee5f

>Red eyes takes a stance in front of me.
Mimic her stance and ask, "Is this the correct stance, mom?"
No. 833826 ID: 91ee5f

Also, Strike Hard.
No. 833827 ID: 830fb7

Now I want to see her reaction to being called mom, since she acts basically like one.
No. 833828 ID: ba506f

Strike Medium
No. 833834 ID: 100607

Heh.. playing with swords.

Grab her sword and tackle her! Hugs!
No. 833842 ID: 7134bc

This. You don't swing at your opponent's weapon. That makes it very easy to be countered.
No. 833843 ID: 0d45a9

Strike Medium. Gauge her reaction.

Notice the difference in stance, you're holding it two handed facing her, but Victoria is holding it in a fencer's stance?
No. 833846 ID: b88e47

strike hard
No. 833851 ID: 22705b

>A sword is a tool, an extension of yourself.
We should later try to turn parts of our body into blades.
No. 833855 ID: 7134bc

That's a good point, you'll have more torque in your grip, so step into your strike and try to just power through Red Eyes's guard.
No. 833856 ID: 7134bc

Also, the proper stance for the plow guard (which is the one you're attempting) is pommel over your rear thigh with the tip of your sword aimed at your opponent's face. The way you're holding it now is practically begging for your opponent to do a side slash and force your own sword into your face.
No. 833857 ID: 600f38

"My intent is to learn. I have been called 'freakishly strong', but I do not want to depend on that. Also, breaking our swords would be counterproductive. Is it alright if I restrain myself, mother?"
Medium strike at her.
No. 833859 ID: ca9f16

Strike Medium at sword.
Despite her stance, that isn't a fencing foil, you might get a disarm in.
No. 833862 ID: 7134bc

No, but rapiers are about as heavy as arming swords, contrary to common belief, so if she can handle a rapier then she could easily flick her sword around your strike and get her own in while you're open. This is why you don't attack weapons; you create an opening without threatening your opponent and as such don't force them to defend. The guard she is currently in is often called the Fool guard, because it's easy for untrained opponents to underestimate it and think that there is an opening.
Strike medium: Twist sword left, step in with left leg and make a swing from the left. If she attempt a stab, block it by directing the swing towards her legs which should intercept her thrust while threatening her. If she blocks, twist your entire body and attempt to power through it and threaten her waist.
No. 833863 ID: ca9f16

The weight might be the same but the balance and dynamics will still be different.
No. 833871 ID: a363ac

strike Hard. Learning how to fight without our full strength will just make us weaker.
No. 833882 ID: 600f38

Not at this stage.
So far Emils has been relying on strength, but has no technique. She's too strong for a mortal to teach if she goes all out, and she needs to practice control and limiting herself to mortal limits.
No. 833893 ID: a363ac

there are some techniques more useful with overwhelming strength so why limit ourselves when learning to weaker moves. We are trying to get better at fighting for killing not blending in forever.
No. 833907 ID: c6eef1

Strike Hard,
you have to want it.
No. 833929 ID: 87a232

Medium. You don't win a swordfight by swinging as hard as you can. You'll just end up overextended and dead.
No. 833979 ID: d63ea8

Strike Hard, we need her to take us seriously.
No. 834003 ID: 23a020
File 150693559291.png - (19.36KB , 600x400 , 232.png )

I step forwards, bringing me closer, as I use my Rabbold Strength to swing the stick towards her.
No. 834004 ID: 23a020
File 150693691562.png - (16.68KB , 600x400 , 233.png )

She swipes the stick with hers, deflecting my swing to the side before pointing the stick back at me.
"Nice effort, but swinging blindly would leave you open and using too much strength will tire yourself out."
We return back to our stance.
"Try again."
No. 834006 ID: 094652

>Using too much strength
"Oh, you have no idea."

But seriously, you need to show more dexterity in your attacks. Try to chain different sequences of your swing in ways that can be interrupted with a change in tactics within a split second; don't use a specific stance (like pulling your sword behind you with two hands holding it back and two feet on the ground) if you don't have at least two different tactical strategies applied to it. You can use moves that also leave wide openings if you have (A) the reflexes to dodge your opponent and (B) an effective counterattack strategy after the dodge.

Remember, the key to winning a war of attrition is positioning. The more stuff you put in the right place, the more efficient you can allocate your resources, be they food, time, or stamina.
No. 834013 ID: 100607

Do another medium swing at her. But this time, after she deflects it and her sword is near you, grab her sword, and hold it so that she can't move. Then strike her lightly.

That's too much outside knowledge you're trying to inject into the character who knows nothing about swordsmanship.
No. 834016 ID: 9b80a5

that is the WORST idea because unless you are Guts from berzerk if she pulled or pushed (which could also impale you if she did it right) like yes half swording is a thing because if you dont move the blade in your hand it wont cut but when you do that you arent trying to pull the bade out from your hand you wont be strong enough to do that and even if you were if your hands are swaty or dont have massive amounts of traction it could still cut you
No. 834018 ID: 830fb7

Do multiple light slashes (standard for initial swordplay training) this serves 2 purposes, to test your opponents skill/stance, and second to initiate an attack or movement from the target. The more they can block without moving shows how much talent/skill they have and only a new swordsman or a greater skilled one will try to counter attack during this.
No. 834021 ID: b9b4da

Eat sword.
No. 834028 ID: 91ee5f

No. 834030 ID: 13fded

That is true, but those training sticks won't cut us so let Victoria teach us this lesson.
No. 834036 ID: 9b80a5

i know the swords most likely wont cut but your supposed to train as if they were razor sharp steel not dull wood
No. 834047 ID: 600f38

Lets do this.
No. 834050 ID: 41c9bc

Next time when she parries you, trip her.
No. 834057 ID: 0d45a9

This, but make sure to do strikes from the left and right to see how she reacts to them. You might find one is harder for her to defend against.
No. 834060 ID: b88e47

Stab and don't stop till she yields. Wear her down.
No. 834062 ID: 3ce125

Try to hit her with your stick!
No. 834064 ID: f66698

Aim directly at the sword and swing full strength.

She might take a different tack training us and it would be great if we could learn to use a sword at full strength.
No. 834065 ID: 600f38

Did you completely forget why we ASKED Victoria to teach Emils how to use weapons?
She's not the enemy, and beating her with raw strength gives us nothing while costing us quite a bit.
No. 834085 ID: 100607

I don't think Emils ever asked Victoria to teach her weapons. Where did we ask her that?
I think Victoria is simply teaching Emils this as part of standard training. Training which we may not really need.
No. 834089 ID: 91ee5f

We never asked, but when we gave her the registration form here: >>/questarch/793321 , and Emils said that she wanted to be an adventurer, Victoria told Emils, "... Alright, but if you're serious about this, I'm going to supervise you."

This weapons training we're doing now is part of the supervision that she said she'd give Emils.
No. 834090 ID: 3ce125

Even if Emils doesn't need this training to beat her opponents, it teaches her how Rabbolds think about combat. That is an advantage, both in the field of battle and in social situations.
No. 834091 ID: be0718

Prove her wrong! Knock her outta the park with your full strength.
No. 834101 ID: deec6e

Try emulating some of her more dextrous movements this time, less strength, more grace, to bat away the sword for a follow-up strike.
No. 834109 ID: 38c5b4

Never underestimate the surprise of a half-tossed thrust: get the foot matching the topmost grip on your sword forward and make a thrust, keeping that grip while you throw with the lower hand, thus extending your reach along with the speed of the thrust.
No. 834241 ID: 23a020
File 150703734222.png - (8.42KB , 600x400 , 234.png )

I start performing a series of light strikes, and she easily blocks them using various parts of the sword.

I start adjusting my strikes as she instructs me on how to position and hold the stick, and I find that depending on my grip, stance, and how I use different muscles allow me to swing harder and apply more force with less effort.

I begin to apply more force into my swings until I can start to feel each strike and step forwards to apply a hard strike, but she suddenly adjusts her foot and swings first.

I quickly pull my stick back to block hers.
No. 834242 ID: 23a020
File 150703800575.png - (8.96KB , 600x400 , 235.png )

She then pushes forwards and the tip of her stick hits my head.

"You're handling is getting better," she retreats. "I'll show you some basic sets, and you can practice before we continue."

Red eyes then asks me to repeat after her as she does a few swings of the stick, adjusting my posture and grip in the meanwhile.

Sword skills: F -> D Your collective training on [Emils] has led her to attempt first with her lower stats first before going towards her original stats. This has led her to be more cautious at first, but reckless as time goes on.
No. 834243 ID: 2fe26a

Congratulations, you learned how to sord. Listen, there's a police captain that knows too much, you need to finish the job... preferably before she recovers.
No. 834246 ID: 100607

That's some fast skill increase. Continue practicing then?
No. 834247 ID: 600f38

Keep practicing.
No. 834251 ID: 13fded

If we are done with the training let's do something else with Victoria.
Doesn't she have a friend at the theater? Let's go there!
No. 834252 ID: d4fa73

I'd say that we should practice more too. Heck, maybe we could impress Victoria enough that she might let us go with her outside of the city.
No. 834254 ID: 41c9bc

This. Go to the theater with Victoria.
No. 834268 ID: 3ce125

"reckless" I assume refers to keeping her true power hidden. I suppose that's true... Just don't push it too far, Emils! Stay within the range of plausible deniability.
Also no status report huh? I guess we'll have to find out some other way.

Ask Red Eyes some questions about adventuring, since you've got a license now. What's a good first target?
No. 834270 ID: 91ee5f

>Ask Red Eyes some questions about adventuring, since you've got a license now. What's a good first target?
This is a good idea!
No. 834272 ID: 154dc3

enough training for now, let's do something fun instead!
No. 834326 ID: 830fb7

The more training we do the better we get, the better we get the closer we become to being allowed to accompany her on future missions/assignments. plus we want to become stronger in magic so why would we neglect to train our body since are magic has a lot to do with it.
No. 834396 ID: 094652

>Cautious at first, gets reckless over time
For someone with more Thwack than Bite, this is a good strategy.

And now, archery class!
No. 834420 ID: 41c9bc

Because the theater will train in acting and reading situations.
No. 834436 ID: 23a020
File 150713153306.png - (7.98KB , 600x400 , 236.png )

I do not know what you are talking about.

Practice continues until we stop for a break once the daystar has risen high enough.

"So Victoria."
"Yes Emils?"
"How long do you think before I will be a proper adventurer?"
"At your pace? Probably not too long. Youngest hunter ever was at 7. You just need to have proper experience."
"Any suggestions on how to get experience?"
"Right now, it's probably better for you to learn how to at least defend yourself."
She scratches her chin, "After that, your best bet is to join up with party. Some lower ranked parties would be best so there's not too much of a difference in skills so you get to grow properly."

"So... could we some time see a show at the thea-"
"No. Later. Maybe."
No. 834438 ID: 8d4593

Who hates you at the theater?
Do they punch at you through walls too?
No. 834439 ID: 600f38

Give her a hug.
"Thank you, mother."
No. 834444 ID: b9b4da

Exercise is best supported by a healthy diet. Go to the sewers and eat some hobos.
No. 834445 ID: 3ce125

Tell her you're more interested in going solo.
No. 834446 ID: 13fded

I would like to see your friend Chris again. Thanks him for bringing me to you.
No. 834449 ID: 633a72

You can go solo after you've proven yourself in a group.
No. 834452 ID: 100607

Ask her if she managed to find someone that would teach you magic.
Assuming you saw it, ask her about the toy (artifact) she brought home.
Tell her you want to get experience with her in party.
No. 834461 ID: 91ee5f

>"No. Later. Maybe."
"Why? Is there another person there that'll punch through walls and chase after you there?"
No. 834466 ID: d9cd96

This, except call her sis. She'll be less able to dismiss that as a possibility, and may end up being more flustered by it.
No. 834484 ID: 41c9bc

No. 834494 ID: e4b014

"Mother" is definitely too much. "Sis" seems okay.
No. 834497 ID: 094652

Ask about monster ranching. Can you capture a baby monster and train it to perform simple commands? You have Bag...
No. 834540 ID: a3a96c

Let's go see what our classmates are up to then.
No. 834541 ID: be0718

They say a sword should be an extension of your body. So eat the sword and learn to replicate wood.
No. 834547 ID: 0d45a9

Okay, daystar has risen so I imagine it's time for class? Unless class isn't on today.

So Emils, anything interesting happen since your graverobbing adventure that we should know about?
No. 834582 ID: 18d05c

Better let's learn how to make Metal, serves a dual purpose both for defence (via encasing ourselves in a thick layer) and for offence (modifying ourselves with metal for stronger sharper attacks).
No. 834590 ID: be0718

You don't practice with metal swords though, nor are they organic in origin!
No. 834613 ID: 41c9bc

Unlikely to succeed unless we find a silicon-based lifeform to mimic.
No. 834618 ID: 8d4593

Blood uses iron, but it's not in it's elemental form. You'd still need to smelt it.

That said, it shouldn't be impossible. Emils would just need to learn biochemistry somehow. The question is, does that science exist yet?
No. 834634 ID: 370d67

Failing that we could try to make Bone or Horn swords and use Body reinforcement magic on those.
No. 834716 ID: 370d67

Imagine turning into a parasitic sword that strengthens anyone who holds it.

Or into a mask wink,wink,nudge,nudge
No. 834751 ID: 830fb7

Ask Victoria if she is going anywhere any time soon on an adventure, then ask if you could come along. You could learn a lot from watching really experienced people in the field plus it means she wont need to worry about you.
No. 834926 ID: 23a020
File 150736301096.png - (6.68KB , 600x400 , 237.png )

"What's wrong with the theater? Is there someone else who can punch though walls?"
She scoffs, "Cheap buildings in this kingdom are built with cheap magic. But no. The theater is just off limits for now."
"What about the person who brough-"
"Off. Limits." She glares at me.

"So changing topics, What about going as a solo adventurer?"
"More risks and more rewards. Without people watching your back, you run the risk of getting into trouble that one person can't handle, but in exchange, less people to share rewards with. While not really frowned upon, the guild encourages people to group up with at least one other person."
"Could I go with you?"
"No, I'm not planning to go for a mission any time soon. You could ask in your class, or ask the guild receptionists for anyone looking for a party."

She picks up her gear, "This is all for today, I will be heading out so try not to get into trouble."

>>Material modification
I am unable to manipulate minerals in this body due to the limitations of [organic mimicry] in that it's not the actual substance in my body, but in essence, a slime and mana replica.
Bone manipulation is totally possible, but it would limit movement and I do not know how well bone will hold up against others.

Today is a day of rest, so there is no classes today.
I could go out or keep practicing.
No. 834928 ID: e4b014

Is there anyone you feel like hanging out with? Or, if that's not the relevant question, who feels like hanging out with you?
No. 834929 ID: 100607

Read the book you got from the graveyard keeper.

And then go out. Which places can we visit? We haven't hung out with some of out classmates yet. Do we know where they live?
No. 834933 ID: 3ce125

Practice a bit more. Strengthen more of your muscle groups, see if you can tell what the best way to build muscles is and apply that to your organic mimicry.
No. 834942 ID: 41c9bc

Is there any classmate you have a personal preference towards?
No. 834949 ID: 91ee5f

>Read the book you got from the graveyard keeper.

She went through the trouble of getting it, she might as well read it.
No. 834950 ID: 600f38

Go flirt with Bea and have her teach you more magic.
No. 834953 ID: 8d4593

After you read the grave keepers book, go return it to him.
No. 834955 ID: 91ee5f

How? He's gonna question how a little girl managed to get her hands on one of his books.
No. 834957 ID: a1db95

found them
No. 834959 ID: be0718

Go out and practice defending yourself against vagrants and tasty-looking hobos. How's that slime egg doing?
After you read the gravekeeper's book, eat it.
No. 834962 ID: d9cd96

"But if I don't know why it's off limits I may stumble into something that should be off limits for the same reason without knowing it."
No. 834963 ID: 13fded

As a werelizard of course! We get close to him, give him a long sniff, put the book on his hands and say a deep and rough "thank".

If we are going to hang out with on of our classmates we should look for Alice. Last time she got a little jealous of Emils magical talent and we make sure she see us as a friend not a rival. She also have a lot to teach us about magic.
No. 834970 ID: 84c2b3

How about finding somewhere to cut loose and 'stretch your legs' in slime form for a bit.
No. 834984 ID: efcc58

Supporting Bea visit.
No. 835006 ID: 8d4593

Let him question.
No. 835054 ID: 830fb7

Why don't we see if our body magic trainer is available today, we could always do some practice on it in our off time. Plus this show him that we are taking this seriously and want to be the best we can be.
No. 835810 ID: 23a020
File 150772940587.png - (6.78KB , 600x400 , 238.png )

As is, I do not know nor understand the social interactions of these creatures.
That said, I can only assume the short one is at her nest. I do not know where the others are.

It is just a bunch of crudely drawn pictures.
I do not understand the purpose of this book.

Current suggestions leans towards: Gym Return to Cemetery Transform
No. 835811 ID: 91ee5f

Please tell me you're not doing that out in the open where someone could see you!

>It is just a bunch of crudely drawn pictures.
>I do not understand the purpose of this book.
I think that's either a map or it's porn. I'm not sure.

>Go where?
I guess let's go to the Gym.
No. 835812 ID: d63ea8

Gym seems like a good idea. Would be kind of suspicious showing up to the graveyard this soon.
No. 835819 ID: 100607

I don't think there's any training at the Gym today.

Transform into an adult rabbold and go visit the Shrine.
No. 835820 ID: b9b4da

Transform. Why don't you go find some other slimes?
No. 835824 ID: 0d45a9

Do you have any desires other than to eat things, Emils? Things you like doing etc?

Second, even if you don't understand their social interactions, it's useful to know they, since it'll help you blend in better.

Also, erm, assuming I'm seeing things right, you have a pretty nasty wound on your stomach. Did something happen?
No. 835829 ID: 100607

> >>835824 >wound
Where do you think she was keeping the book?
No. 835843 ID: 91ee5f

>Also, erm, assuming I'm seeing things right, you have a pretty nasty wound on your stomach. Did something happen?
If you're wondering if she got hurt, then the answer is most likely no. Remember she's a slime, so she probably felt it would be convenient to store things in her body.

That wound is just where she pulled out the book.
No. 835851 ID: 3ce125

>As is, I do not know nor understand the social interactions of these creatures.
You've got to work on that. Understanding them will help you blend in. At some point you should go to a place where lots of social interaction takes place, and just observe. You might also be able to find a book on how people think. Psychology!

But that's boring so let's go to the Gym. Even if nobody's there we can fool around on the gym equipment or something.
No. 835852 ID: 8d4593

Transform and return to the Cemetary, stealthily.
Ask the Gravekeeper to explain the purpose of this book to you.
No. 835854 ID: 27600a

Spend some time in slime form somewhere away from everyone else, being Emils is nice but it might be nice to not have to keep up the rabbold imitation for a bit.
No. 835882 ID: ba506f

guess you should head to the gym and put that shit away before someone sees you
No. 835883 ID: 8b2654

No. 835908 ID: c9278f

Hey good idea, more lore is always nice.
Then maybe we can go to the guild, as a member we should have more things open to us.
No. 835917 ID: 41c9bc

To the Gym
No. 835918 ID: 41c9bc

She'll still be Dragon-Blooded, it risks tipping people off when they start wondering how so many of a dying race start popping up.
No. 835964 ID: 600f38

Yeah, they assume Emils is a princess because the only surviving family is royalty.
It is a conclusion they reached by process of elimination.

Yes, that line was intentional.
No. 836102 ID: 100607

So, wear a cape.
No. 836128 ID: 23a020
File 150780586023.png - (9.51KB , 600x400 , 239.png )

It is a cavity inside of me which I have placed some items that I have procured.

>Issues regarding color
As I see it, the Dragons blood residing inside of me is causing my albinism.
I can fully digest it and it might get rid of this affliction upon my dissimulation.

Alternatively, I may try to consume the mana stone another type of creature in order to mimic them.

I make my way to the gym, but it is late morning by the time I have arrived.
Rosh and his wife has just left the front gate however.

"Oh, it is the heavy one."
"Don't be rude dear. Hello Emils, are you here to see Beatrice? Sorry but she left this morning."
No. 836131 ID: 830fb7

"No sorry I'm here to ask if I can use the training grounds, I have nothing to do today so I wish to do some training to keep in shape and kill time"
No. 836132 ID: bfdaf0

>fully digesting the dragon blood
I don't think that's a good idea.
No. 836133 ID: 100607

"Hello. Oh, she left. Thank you for telling me kind miss!"

Training alone would be same as training anywhere else, so nothing to do here.

Go to the Shrine then.
No. 836136 ID: 600f38

Keep the dragon blood. It's important.
"Where did she go?
I was going to train, but working without a spotter seems unwise."
No. 836142 ID: be0718

If the egg is gone, you have no need to store the dragonsblood. Eat it, you know how to make more.

"No." Find a secluded spot to practice transforming.
No. 836163 ID: 91ee5f

Was Beatrice's mom always in a wheelchair? I don't remember seeing her in one before.

>"Oh, it is the heavy one."
"Why do you keep calling me fat? Isn't there some kind of rule where you're not supposed to say that to a lady?"

>"Don't be rude dear. Hello Emils, are you here to see Beatrice? Sorry but she left this morning."
Say this: >>836131 .
No. 836167 ID: 2fe26a

Could you freely replicate the albinism without it? More options is more better for a shapeshifter. Let's find another mana-using creature and eat its stone. Maybe one of those fishpeople?
No. 836185 ID: 8d4593

Nah keep the Dragon's blood.

Also, Tell her that it's not rude, it's the truth. You are quite massive.
No. 836190 ID: 9876c4

By keeping the unusual pigmentation, people focus on that abnormality, instead of any of your other ones.

That should be encouraged, for obvious reasons.
No. 836201 ID: c88e6d

Dragonblood is essential. Also, refrain from assaulting the local guards. It grows increasingly counterproductive.
No. 836204 ID: 13fded

The dragon blood is giving you an intelligence bonus. If anything you should want more.
Ask if you are allowed to train.
No. 836243 ID: 41c9bc

This, and you want her to teach you more about body magic.
No. 836263 ID: 0c84a3

yeah, if you did that you'd have to start maintaining your unique appearance manually, which introduces possibility of visual errors forcing you to start over with a new identity, or worse being identified as a shifter.
No. 836268 ID: be0718

She's simulating every follicle and muscle movement individually, what makes you think she couldn't manage pigment levels?
No. 836274 ID: 3ce125

If completely digesting the dragonblood will not remove the "Dragonblooded" trait and you can still mimic the white fur and red eyes, then it sounds like doing so would have no drawbacks. Is that the case?

Also ask where they're going.
No. 836275 ID: f268c5

Suddenly losing the albinism would attract massive attention. Don't do it.

Ask where Bea is. If she's unavailable, then ask for additional training from her father.
No. 836283 ID: 41c9bc

The more dangerous thing that could happen is losing sapience due to the dragon blood no longer being in the system.
No. 836289 ID: be0718

"[Dragon] clan" is a title. The blood does not need to be present in our cavity to remain in our core. The description is not that literal.
No. 836300 ID: 0c84a3

i honestly have no idea, but i don't want to risk it. i mean we don't exactly have a mirror nearby to check.
No. 836304 ID: be0718

For real? You can't just look down at your fur to see what color it is? Emils could grow another eye on her hand, even.
No. 836332 ID: 0c84a3

i was thinking more along the lines off forgetting the eyes or missing a spot the first time she tries it. though i suppose the hand eye thing would be a decent substitute for having a mirror to check your face in.
No. 836347 ID: 3abd97

>I can fully digest [the Dragons blood] and it might get rid of this affliction upon my dissimulation.
Keep it, it's what drew Red eyes to you and convinced her you were kin. She's useful and you'd rather not disabuse her of that.
No. 836382 ID: 23a020
File 150788710175.png - (11.37KB , 600x400 , 240.png )

>Keep Dragons blood
The dragons blood shall remain stored.

I am unable to demonstrate it now, but [Organic Mimic] firsts reconstructs the creature from it's base form, and then I can modify it after. Returning back to the base form from other mimicry reverts any changes that has been done. That means for a brief period between shifting, the base form of [Emils] returns to her original colors before the interference from [Dragon] Clan title turns me white.

"Actually, I have some free time and I'm here seeking training."
"Today's a day of rest child, if you spend your whole time training, you'll lose out in life."
"Besides, there's nobody here and I can't leave you unsupervised."
"I see."

"I believe Beatrice is with Hoor, You can find them somewhere in the market."
"Now now dear, you don't want Emils to be a third wheel do you?" Zen lifts her hand and reaches over her shoulder to pat Rosh's hand. His eye twitches as she grips.
"N-no dear. If you excuse us, we do have a date to get to."

And with that, Rosh pushes Zen away.
No. 836383 ID: be0718

Emils, I feel you're dancing around the subject of the slime egg. Did you lose it? You can tell us.
A period of modification before the transformation completes it not a problem - anyone seeing us transform already knows something's up. Let's unlock more color schemes for our disguise by eating the dragonblood.
No. 836384 ID: bfdaf0

> Let's unlock more color schemes for our disguise by eating the dragonblood.
Nah, it's part of our identity, makes it more authentic (the dragon blood shows on magic scans, mere pigmentation wouldn't).
Plus, it's part of the challenge ;-)
No. 836385 ID: f268c5

Be sad because everyone else is busy. Go sulk in the library.
No. 836388 ID: 100607

I'd assume that the title only belongs to those with the blood. No blood means no title. But the best way to make sure would be to test it.

Anway, if we're voting on it, I'd say, yes, digest the blood. We need to do it at least once as an experiment to see the pros and cons of doing it. And we can always make more blood. I don't see what could go wrong.

So, the experiment should go like this:
1. Find a private place to digest the blood.
2. Once done, examine the changes.
3. Change the color of your eyes and features to that of a common rabbold.
4. Try to change your features back to that of a [Dragon] clan rabbold.
5. Transform into an adult rabbold and see if everything is in order.
6 Produce [Dragon] Blood and revert back to Emils.

As for where to go next.. I vote the Guild.
No. 836389 ID: 742d14

If bea's busy let's take a stroll in town.
Maybe we'll find something interesting.
No. 836393 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, let's walk around and see what's going on.
No. 836396 ID: 8f129d

I'm voting in favor of the controlled test option. This seems like it's going to keep coming up, and I'd rather see the potential issues dealt with in a controlled environment than some random incident down the line.
No. 836406 ID: 41c9bc

Fine, locate a secluded area for covert testing.
No. 836420 ID: 8d4593

We could head into the wilds and go hunting.
A little fun and mass never hurt.
No. 836432 ID: be0718

First of all, fuck the "challenge." There is no such thing.
Second of all, on magic scans we show up as a giant neon sign. We aren't fooling any scanners by having some dragonblood sloshing around in our body cavity.
We should skip step 6 if we can. I don't think titles can be revoked easily - normally if a dragon rabbold lost all their blood, they'd be dead. Having it stored in a cavity inside us may not actually count as being inside our slime body, meaning we already aren't holding the title in a literal sense.
No. 836445 ID: 3ce125

If the title itself is causing the interference, then either digesting the dragonblood will cause you to lose the title and the intelligence bonus that's made you sapient, or digesting the dragonblood won't remove the title and you'll gain nothing from it. So don't. You're going to have to deal with it or figure out a way around the color change.

Perhaps you could force your body into a constant state of flux? Like, constantly shift between two forms. You would be unable to modify the shape you're aiming for, but it would keep the title from modifying it as well. Then the trick is to keep the shifting from being noticed. Would it work if it's only a small place on your body that's being shifted?

Go to the market and see what Bea is doing. Maybe ask her if she knows where anyone else is so you can go bother them instead. Or heck, check out the shops.
No. 836447 ID: 41c9bc

Changing my vote to this.
No. 836458 ID: 100607

We would gain a lot of valuable information. What's with all the conjecture?
No. 836459 ID: be0718

Dropping the dragonblood testing for now, let's get new species' manastones and see if the dragon clan title affects those forms.
No. 836469 ID: 0c84a3

yeah, didn't we have to manipulate the scan results the previous times as it is?

also, whether or not step 6 can be skipped would logically depend on the results of the previous steps. if we don't need it, then we can wait until the seed is ready to be infused with dragon blood to make more, if we do, then step 6.

our INT started out at 4 in the first thread, becoming 14 when we absorbed the dragon blood. by the time we stopped tracking it with numbers, it was 31. the bonus from the blood is no longer the linchpin in our sentience that it once was, and as mentioned, we can recreate it if necessary. the knowledge gained, and more importantly this knowledge being gained in a controlled manner rather than from a random accident, outweighs the risks.
No. 836473 ID: 3ce125

I'm pretty sure the higher int we see now is from being in rabbold form. If Emils went into slime form or the form of a similarly dumb animal, she'd need the INT bonus.
No. 836477 ID: 100607

Actually, Emils' intelligence right now is decreased and lower than what it would be in the slime form. But your argument is also invalid because slime can always choose whether to use Slime stats, or Form stats. So slime can always choose to use slime's high intelligence stat no matter in which form it is.
No. 836483 ID: 8d4593

Her stats don't actually decrease, it just appears to in scans.
Take int. This Form's int is much lover than her base form's, yet:
She can speed read several books at once, process single examples into real skill, and fluently learn an entire language in days and weeks where normally it would take months or years.

Her high stats are base. The Rabold form has always been a tool and disguise.
No. 836529 ID: 23a020
File 150795407379.png - (17.68KB , 600x400 , 240241.png )

The slime egg is still within me.
Its core not fully formed and still in the state of growing.

>Consume Red Eyes
Red eyes seems to be a high profile target. If I were to hunt her, I would have to abandon this disguise due to how connected [Emils] is tied to her.

>Bodily Experimentation
Conflicting orders on what to do with the [Dragons Blood]. Will ignore further orders until a consensus is agreed upon.
Constantly refreshing my form seems to be a viable option, but burns a lot of mass to convert myself from rabbold to slime back to rabbold again. I would probably be able to do this, but not continuously. A day at most.
However I would not be able to last as long on future without a way to be more efficient at recycling mass, consuming more mass to compensate, or find another way.

Find a secluded area to perform more experiments
Find Bea and Hoor
Visit Guild/Library
Leave city and hunt
Wander city
No. 836530 ID: be0718

Wander city and hunt. You need another species' mana stone for the experiments we're going to perform.
Do not attempt to attack Red Eyes. She is too well connected.
No. 836534 ID: 830fb7

Visit Guild/Library
This serves three purposes one to study on our abilities/Attributes, second to research other types of 'monsters' and third is to scope out targets for consumption because a person with a strong mana stone would be a member there.
No. 836535 ID: ba506f

>Wander city

Well if we can't go to the gym, don't have to go to class, and not sure if we want to hang out with our classmates, guess we can just wonder and maybe stumble across one of those hobby things people seem to like so much... or just find a good place to experiment without worry about someone random smuck or those guys tailing us because they're trying to protect us because we're close to red eyes.
No. 836536 ID: 3ce125

Let's take a break. Wander city.
No. 836537 ID: 600f38

Find Bea and Hoor. Refine your ability to blend in.

Do not eat people within the city. The chances of discovery are much too high.
No. 836538 ID: 41c9bc

Go find Bea and Hoor.
No. 836539 ID: 91ee5f

Wandering around at the speed of sound
Got no place to go, gonna find our own way though!
No. 836565 ID: 8d4593

Wander City.
Stick nose into every interesting event you come across.
No. 836578 ID: 100607

What we need is some MONEY. So we can hire some instructors to teach us magic and stuff. Or maybe we could simply buy manastones.

1. Go to the Guild and see if you can get some missions. Or ask to be tested for F rank, which would open up more missions.
2. Go to the apothecary and ask them if they're buying some Aleo Gel (which you can produce)
3. Go to the market and look at the kind of stuff people are selling and buying. Maybe you could reproduce those things and sell them as well.
No. 836583 ID: 094652

1) Go to the library and look up monster anatomy for weaknesses on monsters and rare organs you should not eat from them.
2) Go outside and kill stuff for loot.
3) ???
4) Brothel!
No. 836592 ID: 5af2a3

Visit Guild/Library
No. 836594 ID: deec6e


No. 836700 ID: 3abd97

Find Bea and Hoor

Don't consume the dragon blood.
No. 836734 ID: b2cb6f

Don't think they'd appreciate our company right now, though.
No. 836737 ID: 91ee5f

I agree, let's not bother them.
No. 836739 ID: 0d45a9

Wander the city. Maybe we'll find something interesting, or maybe it'll find us.

Observe how other people act while you're walking around, the better you understand how/why these creatures interact, the better you'll be able to blend in.
No. 836781 ID: 23a020
File 150806639203.png - (12.62KB , 600x400 , 242.png )

>Wander City

Wandering around my way across the city allows me to observe the daily ongoing of these creatures.

I let the ebb and flow of the crowd drag me, and find that there are more armored ones patrolling about. It seems part of the city is blocked off.

I move away from there, towards the more cleaner roads and tidier stores, before larger creature runs into me. I do not give way and let them tumble and fall.

"-Oof! Watch where you're going you pedestiran!"
He seems to smell familiar. I do not know why.
No. 836782 ID: 0c84a3

"That is both rude and inaccurate. You were the one running around blindly."
No. 836783 ID: 23a020
File 150806726792.png - (12.66KB , 600x400 , 453.png )

"That is both rude and inaccurate. You were the one running around blindly."

"W-wait, that voice- Samatha?! Wh-why do you look like that?!"
No. 836785 ID: ba506f

...my name is Emils, you must be confusing me for someone else.
No. 836786 ID: 0d45a9

This, it's possible for two people to sound similar, so this should work? Hopefully.
No. 836787 ID: 0c3362

We can truthfully say we don't know this person.
No. 836789 ID: 100607

Uh oh. This is very bad. No one should be able to recognize us. This person.. this person knows Emils. This person knows Samatha.

Emils is Samatha. A younger version of Samatha, with different fur and eye colors, but the shape and the voice were enough for this person to recognize her. And the smell Emils recognizes is the smell Samatha had when she was absorbed.

Plans? :D
No. 836790 ID: fd306a

Guys you’re missing the potential for easy prey, we just need to figure out who this ‘samantha’ is then claim we are her and have amnesia (and probably change our form a bit). Or if we don’t absorb this new person we can probably find other uses for them.
No. 836791 ID: 094652

Instantly shush him, then whisper "Mother isn't exactly known here, much less loved. Come with me, and if you even breathe an octave I'll sever your vocal cords from the outside inward."
No. 836792 ID: ba506f

seeing how he called us peasant it's probably a safe bet he's someone important and therefor would be noticed rather quickly if he went missing. Also didn't we just eat not to long ago?
No. 836793 ID: fd306a

That’s why i offered alternatives, we can use this trust in other ways besides gaining mass.
No. 836794 ID: 27600a

yeah this
No. 836795 ID: 91ee5f

No. 836796 ID: 23a020
File 150807160445.png - (13.80KB , 600x400 , 454.png )

"My name is Emils." I state, glaring at the creature as he hastily gets up. "You must be mistaking me for someone else."

"Cut the crap Samatha!" He grabs me by my shoulder and brings my head closer to him, parting the fur near my ear.


"There! That's the same birthmark! You ARE Samatha! What happened?! You were reported missing! Mother is still in ill health because of you!"
No. 836797 ID: ba506f

shove back... well not enough to hurt him but enough to get some breathing room.

"No, My name is Emils, I don't know anyone named Samatha, I'm not pretending about anything, I don't know who you are, I don't know who this mother is, and I don't know who Samatha is. But if you're going to keep insisting that we know each other can you at least tell me who you are? Unless you want me to just make up a name for you?"
No. 836798 ID: 0c3362

This seems about right.
No. 836799 ID: 91ee5f

No. 836800 ID: 094652

"Will you shut the hell up?! You're telling the whole world!"

Use slime strength to grapple and carry him over to Red Eyes.
No. 836802 ID: 0d45a9

Let's do this. Are people watching this scene unfold? We could try to turn things against him that way.
No. 836803 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, if he won't fuck off, we can just yell, "Rape! Help!"

That'll get him off of us.
No. 836804 ID: 100607

Push him off and run away. Talking with him isn't gonna do us any good.
No. 836806 ID: 100607

Oh and, before you do that..

Tell him that you don't have any birthmarks on your ears. Let him check again, but he won't find any because by then you would've morphed it away.
No. 836818 ID: 0c84a3

i'd go with this

too much attention could be dangerous, especially considering this one clearly knows who our body's template was.

That seems like overkill.
No. 836819 ID: 600f38

Seems about right.

Do you remember who you ate to gain this form?
No. 836822 ID: 2989dd

Let's just eat him, I don't think we want to get tangled in this family crap, especially if we don't have Samantha's memories.
No. 836823 ID: 0c84a3

if we're going to do that, at least find an excuse to get him alone first. we're out in public.
No. 836826 ID: be0718

Turn the scene against him, remove the birthmark when he's not looking.
No. 836827 ID: 100607

Either we kill him, or we don't.
In case we decide to kill him, it would probably be best to absorb him. Which means finding a private place.
In case we don't, we have to make sure he doesn't cause a lot of problems for us. Right now he's convinced that we're his sister because he saw her birthmark. Simply denying that isn't going to shake his belief. That's why I'm proposing that we gaslight him. Make him doubt his sanity. Removing the birthmark and making him look at it again would accomplish that. And then running away so he doesn't get a chance to confirm any other unique feature.
No. 836828 ID: 0c84a3

what if we left it there, but changed it's size and shape, so it just looks like him seeing what he wants to see?
No. 836829 ID: 7004f5

Suggested variation: "This isn't even a birthmark, I'm just dirty". Rub hand on it, morph it away.
No. 836831 ID: 7004f5

Running away is good either way: If he pursues, he can be lured out of public view (into a dark alley, etc.).
No. 836834 ID: 600f38

Yes, do this.
Also, make your voice slightly different. A little deeper, maybe.
No. 836835 ID: 0c3362

If we do morph to remove the birthmark (which does sound like a pretty good idea) we need to make sure that it's not noticeable while we're doing it, obviously, especially since this guy is probably paying closer attention to us than most people we've encountered so far.
No. 836836 ID: 600f38

Also: Once he's been gaslit and doubting himself, lets ask how his mother is ill, and offer to try to help him get her help.
Understanding illness is valuable. Being able to accurately present as having specific diseases is an excellent way to manipulate the behavior of others.
Also, having people indebted to you is always useful.
No. 836840 ID: 13fded

Emils template was one of the guards, an adult. Not to mention the colouration was different. I don't believe this encounter is a consequence of our past transgressions.
Ask about this Samantha. What kind of person she is/was?
No. 836841 ID: 3abd97

This seems right.

Even if you're recognized by the family of the guard you ate, it won't hold up. As far as the rabolds know, there's no way age someone down, or change someone into a dragon-blooded albino. (You might be able to point out your fur and eyes are the wrong color, or that you're much younger, if he gives more detail on Samantha, or shows you a picture).
No. 836844 ID: 100607

A question for [Slime]:
What can you tell us about the rabbold that you used for the [Emils] form? Where did you find her? Did you change anything about her, or simply decided to mimic her as-is?
No. 836851 ID: 41c9bc

No. 836865 ID: 8d4593

Unhand me before I break you.
No. 836886 ID: c88e6d

This entity is hostile. You have no birthmarks, as you were not born. It is clearly a kidnapper trying to steal you and ransom you or extract your dragon blood. Shove them back with moderate strength, but shout for the guards.
No. 836894 ID: 9b80a5

say you have no memory of him, he may assume we are amnesiac instead of us being an imposter
No. 836953 ID: 23a020
File 150811051210.png - (15.37KB , 600x400 , 455.png )

This was the first of this creature I met. And consumed.

"Unhand me!" I say loudly, shoving his arm offs of while morphing the skin around my
"I do not know who you are, or this 'mother' you speak of."
We seem to have attracted a small audience.

"What are you talking about?! I'm your brother! You think I won't recognize my own sister?!"
He's growing more and more agitated as his eyes dart between me and the armored ones gathering towards our spot.
"This... this isn't the place to talk about this."
He reaches to grab my arm, but I push it aside.

"Don't touch me!"
"Hey, what's the disturbance here?" A guard yells as the people make way for them.
The offending creature clicks his tongue as he gets ready to run off. He points to me, "This isn't over Samatha" before rushing back into the crowd.

Follow Don't
No. 836954 ID: 3abd97

Let's not leave this problem alone crop up on his terms, or at the worst time.


Besides, if you're playing your part, even a person without anything to hide would be pretty curious why someone they don't know was accosting them and claiming to know them.
No. 836955 ID: c31aac

"I'm not sure what that was all about but I'd rather it didn't happen again."
No. 836956 ID: be0718

If the guard reaches you, say it's resolved.
Follow that morsel.
No. 836960 ID: 0c3362

Yeah, follow, see if we can't take this somewhere that's not in public. Not sure exactly how to resolve it yet.
No. 836962 ID: 600f38

No. 836963 ID: 91ee5f

Follow him.
No. 836964 ID: ba506f


let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes
No. 836965 ID: 91ee5f

>let's see how deep this rabbold hole goes
Fixed that for ya!
No. 836969 ID: 65dabf

Follow, but try to change that birthmark with your ability, maybe we can trick him into thinking he was mistaken and made a rush-conclusion.
No. 836972 ID: 0c84a3

Follow, but carefully. this feels like a trap, and i'd rather be the one springing it on him, than having it sprung on.
No. 836987 ID: 41c9bc

Don't follow. Tell the guards the kid kept calling you Samantha, but you're not Samantha, you're Emils.
No. 836988 ID: f5e004

>"This isn't over Samatha"
Follow, we'll finish this right now.
One way or another.
No. 836991 ID: 830fb7

Follow him, confront him, act like you have no memory of 'before you woke up like this' say "I woke up in a cave at the edge of town unable to speak but able to understand people, people came and found me and I've been learning since about this world I don't seem to know".
No. 836997 ID: 62d64c

Our official story is that we were found in a cave with no knowledge of the outside world or "our origin". If we want to keep up this charade, the logical action to take would be to investigate leads to "our origin". We've made no claims to be Samantha, but we might be able to manipulate her brother into thinking we might be a sort of reincarnation of her.

>Follow Him
No. 837037 ID: 600f38

That's a pretty good plan.
No. 837045 ID: d63ea8

Follow, this will only get worse if you leave it.
No. 837105 ID: 8d4593

If we follow, do so covertly.

Is this form based on an absorbed Rabold, or a composite?
No. 837112 ID: 6d557a

Why is he so nervous about the guards?
Could it be this was all bullshit and he is a slime as well?
Follow but do not consume.
No. 837118 ID: 100607

He's going to have to fight with Bea for the #1 Emils fan title.

Don't follow.
No. 837121 ID: 23a020
File 150814708873.png - (9.09KB , 600x400 , 456.png )

I follow the running boy as he weaves though the crowd.
We depart from the cleaner parts of the city and enter a darker path, where the smell of sewage and waste are more prevalent.
The buildings grow smaller, but more tightly placed. Dark corners are everywhere as light is masked by the taller houses.

The buildings obscure my Mana Sight, making trailing the boy harder, but I catch up with him as he enters a small alley. I get as close as I can without being spotted.

"-should be the last payment. With this the debt is cleared right?"
"Indeed." A gravely voice responds, "This would cover the interest."
"WHAT?! That's not part of the deal!"
"The deal changed when your sister decided to default on her loans."
The boy appears frustrated, trembling.
"That's not fa-"
The cloaked one lifts up a part of his cloak, revealing the hilt of a sword.
"The world is not fair little man. If you don't want more of your family to go missing, it'll be in your best interest to pay up what is due."
No. 837123 ID: 094652

You know, there's an honest difference between "I'll stop shoving my IOUs down your throats if you promise to pay me small dividends of what you earn regularly" and "since you're in debt, you're my slaves and I will never let you pay off your debts because I can charge interest and back it up with a very 'sharp' legalization".

Declare you murdered Samantha. Then show this bastard how you did it.
No. 837124 ID: 830fb7

Stop the cloaked man by shouting about him having to honour the deal while the boy is still holding the bag if the man escalates things it's Emilsing time. If the boy is still holding the bag the man may leave him with it in the case where he sees you as a possible threat.
No. 837125 ID: 62d64c

Follow this new guy home and eat him.
No. 837126 ID: 0c3362

Hmm. That definitely gives us some idea of why this guy seemed so desperate to see Samantha.

Y'know what? Why not. We could at least explore the feasibility of doing this, anyway.
No. 837127 ID: be5848

This loan shark is not a rabbold. That makes him a far juicier target than the boy.
No. 837130 ID: 100607

I would not murder the loan shark because he's probably part of a larger organization. If the organization learns that one of their own was murdered while trying to extort the boy, they would probably send assassins next time. In other words, if we want to help the boy, this would do more harm than good.

Instead, I suggest we redirect the loan to us. If they come after us instead of the boy, then there shouldn't be any problems heh. Also, I'd like for Emils to learn how to make money. Paying off this loan would be good practice.

Present yourself to the cloaked figure, "I will pay off his loan.".
No. 837131 ID: 4763b1

Keep fallowing the boy and when you get somewhere we're nobody can see the two of you, grab him and push and hold him against a wall a remained that he tells you who he is, who Samatha was, and who that man he was just talking to was and what does he want.

This way I figure we can get a good idea who the clocked asshole is without risking revealing ourselves. Hell those guys might make a nice meal the next time we get hungry
No. 837132 ID: bfdaf0

Just follow the load shark, make sure he reports completion of his errand, and eat him afterwards.
No. 837133 ID: 54d6ca

Ok, sounds like this guy is gonna keep looking for Emils because of this. So we gotta either eliminate the loan, or the loan shark (and potentially associates).
No. 837134 ID: 8d4593


"I'll clear his debt."

Smile and start bleeding from your ears, eyes, and mouth, make your body appear frail and gaunt.
"Do you accept payment in blood?"
No. 837135 ID: 0c84a3

>I would not murder the loan shark because he's probably part of a larger organization. If the organization learns that one of their own was murdered while trying to extort the boy, they would probably send assassins next time.

actually no, we should do exactly that. Killing the shark kills two birds with one stone; We gain access to a new body-type, get a decent meal, AND eliminate the pesky rabold who is a threat to us in a way that can't easily be traced back to our involvement.
No. 837140 ID: d8a695

Multiple possibilities on what to do now:
Follow and get rid of the avaros in the hood.
-It doesn't seem like they're gonna be missed
-New avaros form!
-doesn't guarantee that the rabbold will leave us alone

Follow the rabbold and eat him.
-won't be bothered by him again
-to make sure no one "recognizes" us again we'd have to kill the mother too
-nothing of value is gained

eat them both
-terminate the matter entirely

eat the whole city
No. 837141 ID: 0c84a3

take the Avaros first, the Rabold will come to you you don't need to search for him as hard. you can then pretend to capitulate, get him to lead you back to his mother, and dispose of both of them.

As to trying to eat the whole city, long term yes, short term no. this place has more to offer us than just mere food, take it slow so that we can accumulate more knowledge and skills before it's time for The Feast.
No. 837142 ID: 600f38

Morph your voice to sound a little different, and change your features very slightly. Remove the birthmark. You want this rabbold to doubt what he saw.

Sneak up behind the loan shark, kick the back of his knee, then break his spine when he stumbles. Make sure he is immobile, although it doesn't matter if he is alive or dead.

"Is this how I am supposed to respond to 'stranger danger'? I was told kids are supposed to attract attention to get help. Am I helping right?"

Say you'll feed this child attacker to the monsters outside the city. Then after the rabbold leaves take the body somewhere out of sight and consume it.
You can give the kid the money off the body, but keep the sword and cloak. People will think it's adorable that you're walking around dressed like an adult in clothes too big for you.
No. 837144 ID: d8a695

If the contract changed it should be documented somewhere to be valid, otherwise they owe them nothing.
Let's do that noble/poker face/fast talking thing we did with bea.
No. 837145 ID: b9b4da

Without a handler, that rabbold won't bother us any longer. While this taskmaster points to a larger conspiracy aimed at either us or the Dragon-clan rabbolds, right now all we have in front of us is one new species who nobody important will miss. Shift to Victoria-size and blindside the bird with a hit like a freight train.
No. 837147 ID: 13fded

Eat them both. It's the superior solution!
No. 837148 ID: 41c9bc

Follow the birdman. The kid is irrelevant, ignore him.
No. 837150 ID: 4fb5b0

Man this is a terrible idea but DAMNED if it's not the BEST idea

Do this

Channel your inner spookmonster
No. 837151 ID: 562244

Emils what do you remember about Samatha? Did you absorb her alive or was she already dead? Did you kill her or did this guy?
If we didn't kill her then this could be a chance to make a friend who knows we're a slime.
But if we did kill her then lets just follow the loan bird.
No. 837154 ID: 8111b6

If we eat this new guy, we get a new, non-rabbold form we can take. Something to consider.
No. 837168 ID: d8a695

alternatively ignore them cause this got nothing to do with you...

...naah, get munchies.
No. 837169 ID: 27600a

I'm all for eating the new guy, not so hot on the spookmaster idea though, that's a bit excessive/nonsensical.
No. 837178 ID: 0be16b

Remember if you ate her sister alive or dead
No. 837193 ID: 3ce125

Follow the bird. At some point confront him and tell him you want to settle Samantha's debt. You look like her, so you don't want her past inconveniencing you. Ask him if his life is worth the amount Samantha owed.
No. 837196 ID: 41c9bc

This, basically.
No. 837198 ID: be0718

Kill the bird, spare the nuisance. He reports to you now, but you're a far less demanding patron. (Far less forgiving, too.)
No. 837248 ID: 23a020
File 150819719090.png - (7.79KB , 600x400 , 457.png )

"Hold it!"
I announce myself out in front of the alley, "I'll be handling his debts from now on!"

"And the payment would be in blood!"
No. 837249 ID: 23a020
File 150819732957.png - (4.29KB , 600x400 , 458.png )

The hooded one has already pulled out his sword.

There's a tense silence while the small one keeps looking between me and the tall one, but the tall one breaks it first.

"HA! HA HA HA HA! That is the dumbest thing I've heard yet!"

>Confront Hit Hard (Slime) Hit Soft (Rabbold)
No. 837250 ID: 62d64c

>Hit hard
No. 837251 ID: 41c9bc

This is your chance Emils!

First thing's first, you have to do your Magical Girl transformation sequence! That means you have to design your costume.
No. 837252 ID: b88e47

Hit hard
No. 837253 ID: 8d4593

Hit him hard.
Break him a little bit.
... Then Break him a little bit more.

Just don't break him all the way.
Not yet at least. There are witnesses.
No. 837254 ID: 4854ef

Hit Hard (Slime)
No. 837255 ID: c88e6d

Hit like a train.
No. 837256 ID: 13fded

Hit hard.
Avoid the sword and punch his ribs with enough power to break them, perforate his lungs and get him close to death of dead.
Do not let the rabold realize you are not one of his kind.
No. 837257 ID: 0c84a3

Harden the soft tissues of your fist using your slime abilities, and hit him with EVERYTHING you've got, all your strength, all your mass behind it, hold NOTHING back.
No. 837258 ID: 91ee5f

Hit him hard!

Aim for that one weak spot that all males have between their legs!
No. 837259 ID: 27600a

This is part of why the spookening plan was a bad idea, okay this is an armed adult with unknown abilities.
With your current form he has a lot of reach on you, keep your defensive abilities on and try not to get stabbed.

Hit Hard (Slime) but not absolute full power: if for some reason this person proves to be troublesome it will pay to have your own limits fuzzy in their mind.
No. 837260 ID: 0c84a3

yeah, but he's seriously underestimating us right now. we might be able to one-shot him before he even has his guard up.
No. 837264 ID: 600f38

"Threatening a child with a sword was the dumbest thing I've seen yet."
Hit hard. Harden your bones so you can hit even harder.

People, remember how she detects as having "body" magic? Super-punching somebody isn't going to break kayfabe; her body is augmented.
No. 837266 ID: be0718

...That was not worth spending the element of surprise.
Hit hard: Taking him out in one blow is preferable. You only need his manastone intact.
No. 837267 ID: 91ee5f

>her body is augmented.
Then maybe it'd also be believable if, instead of running at the guy with the sword, Emils could instead leap at him?

A surprise flying kick, superman punch, tackle, or whatever from this distance and with all of Emils' mass behind the attack should be enough to catch him off guard!
No. 837271 ID: 600f38

That's a fighting style used in fiction. Leaps are much too easy to dodge.
No. 837272 ID: 91ee5f

But this quest is fiction!
No. 837279 ID: 094652

Let him stab you once. Then hold the sword in with your slime body and crush his windpipe.
No. 837285 ID: 416762

Hit hard!
No. 837286 ID: 00b010

If you dont take this opportunity to experiment with magical girl transformations, Emils, you will regret it for ever.

There better be some goddamn frills.
No. 837294 ID: ce19bd

Hit so hard he lays an egg.
No. 837296 ID: 600f38

Bishouju Senshi Yog-Sototh?
I'm pretty sure we don't have a form to swap into without ruining our disguise, and we can't pull off the light show anyway.
No. 837298 ID: 830fb7

Hit him hard and I mean really hard about 3 inches from the holder headed towards the stomach if done well it will stop his heart and cause either immediate collapse followed by death or a momentary heart failure causing them to fall unconscious either way you can keep them alive for further interrogation by hitting in the same spot to restart his heart. Its painful and potentially deadly to the person but its almost a sure-fire way to disable a target.
No. 837300 ID: 91ee5f

Emils has no knowledge on how to do that. So it's very doubtful that she will do that.
No. 837303 ID: 0c84a3

even if she did know that technique, theory and practice are two different things. I don't think her hand-to-hand training has reached the level of pressure-point attacks.
No. 837309 ID: 19afca

Wait, we *are* in a dark alley now, right?
1) If yes, hit hard.
2) If no, hit soft and try to lure into dark alley, GOTO 1.
No. 837312 ID: 562244

That was laaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmeee.
Regardless we still don't know if we killed Samatha or if we just absorbed her corpse, though I suppose it dosn't matter as we can just lie to him and say his sister was already dead when we found/absorbed her.
Anyway hit hard!
No. 837319 ID: 91ee5f

Or we could just not admit that we're a monster to him.

Let's just keep telling him we're not his sister.
No. 837322 ID: 41c9bc

Of course, we'll also need a name for our alter ego.

How about... the Ruby Snare?
No. 837323 ID: 3ce125

Hit him hard, of course.

Also Emils you need to work on your one-liners.
No. 837325 ID: 00b010

Thats why its an experiment.

Emils has intimate knowledge with the structure of a rabbold, though perhaps not the experience to apply it to nerve strikes or critical structural failure.

Kicking him between the legs hard enough to snap the pelvis should be both not immediately lethal and fully incapacitating.

And we are not his sister. But if we do a MAGICAL GIRL TRANSFORMATION in front of him, it should introduce enough mystery to delay his going to the authorities without revealing enough monstrosity to make him go to the authorities.
No. 837326 ID: 100607

Uhh. He's got a sword. How exactly are we going to hit him without getting sliced up and thus revealing that we're a slime?

I vote to just talk to him:
"I was just kidding about the blood. Umm, about the debt, could I still pay it off instead?"
No. 837329 ID: 13fded

We look ridiculous and harmless. He shouldn't take us seriously until after the first attack, and by than he will hopefully be dead.
If he slice use we need to finish him quickly and focus on the rabold before he can run.
No. 837331 ID: 62d64c

Revealing ourselves was not a good idea, but backing down now would be worse. Tell Samantha's brother to meet you at the library or some other easy to find place. We don't want him to see us eat this guy after we murder him.
No. 837341 ID: 100607

Rabbolds know that even young children among them can use magic. There's no way he wouldn't be prepared for something like that, especially when a child is so bold to fight him. In other words, he would expect that the child is bold because he can use some sort of magic.

Even if the boy doesn't see us, there's a chance that the loan shark isn't alone. He could have a hidden co-worker watching.
No. 837342 ID: 8111b6

Time to go hard in the paint. That tasty, tasty red paint flowing in him. Telling the other to run is entirely optional.
No. 837358 ID: 23a020
File 150823498278.png - (8.54KB , 600x400 , 459.png )

>Hit Hard
Without too much of an attack plan, I pull back for a punch and run towards the tall man.
No. 837359 ID: 23a020
File 150823513139.png - (7.07KB , 600x400 , 460.png )

Mana fills the man's arm as he brings it up.

The stones and earth rumble and shoot up into my path, blocking me as I smash into it.

"Someone you know?" he asks the boy.
"N-no, I haven't seen her in my life."

"Then lets hope no one will miss her."

>Prepare a better plan.
No. 837360 ID: f0e552

can't you eat mana or something? Find a way to get close and do that.
No. 837361 ID: 0c3362

In theory, you can take hits like that basically without issue, right? It's probably better to learn he can do something like that while he still thinks you're just a stupid kid.

Still, actual game plan would probably be good, yes. Presumably he can just throw up more rock walls if you come at him straight on... How well can you jump, anyway?
No. 837362 ID: b88e47

Dodge any ground attacks. When he makes a go for you with the sword, take the hit. Let it lodge in you and grab hold of it with slime powers. Punch him as hard as you can in the chest, don't worry about shattering your arm.
No. 837364 ID: 3abd97

>"N-no, I haven't seen her in my life."
"See, that's what I tried to tell you, and you wouldn't believe me!"
No. 837366 ID: 100607

Ok, so this guy is strong. We don't know how strong. It's possible that he could kill slime even in [Slime] form. The way I see it, further attempts will also either fail, or he would at least be able to get away. I see no reason to push this issue further.

>better plan
Pretend to be hurt and tell him, "Wait, I was just kidding about the blood. You're here for the debt, right? So, could I still pay it off instead of the boy?".
No. 837369 ID: d44405

Sounds like he's trying to finish you off.
wait till he gets close, then use [Nullify] on him.

Or use [Override] to return that [Spire] to him.
No. 837371 ID: 35089a

>city slums
>dark alley
what time is this happening
No. 837372 ID: 094652

Play dead. If that counterattack was enough to stagger you, it's clear that a regular person would be unconscious by now.
No. 837373 ID: 27600a

>make better plan
well this hasn't gone too badly yet, as silly as you might feel, you're now closer to him and it seems he can't see you.

He still knows where you are but not what you are doing. Also looks like the direct approach means he still thinks you're not a threat.

If you can swing round to the other side of the wall and use it as a springboard to launch yourself at his legs, this should turn his height advantage against him and you should be able to either grab him or force him on the defensive.
No. 837374 ID: 600f38

Can you try to [Spire] right back at him?
Failing that, keep your distance and wait for him to attack.
No. 837375 ID: 0c84a3

let yourself get stabbed in a way that doesn't endanger your core or the seed. You're a slime, so long as nothing gets completely severed from your core, you can regenerate.

once the blade is in you constrict around it so it can't move, then grab the hand holding it with both of your own, put a foot on his chest, and pull with everything you have till you rip his arm out of its socket.

afterwards, remove the sword and turn it on it's former owner.
No. 837376 ID: 0d45a9

Unless I've missed something, Emils' character sheet says we don't have enough mana to use those.

Just running into that stone spire cracked it, so I wonder, can we break a part off and throw it?
No. 837377 ID: 2fe26a

Use extreme heat modification on your body parts and throw them at him to explode in a shower of guts. Corpse missiles.
No. 837379 ID: 41c9bc

This. When he gets close, stretch your legs and hit hard to take his legs out from under him. If he winds up falling on you, punch a hole through his chest.

If the kid asks how we do any of this, we can claim to be a prodigy muscle wizard.
No. 837385 ID: 89ae02

Almost every plan so far seems to be a variation of, 'let him think he's winning then sneak attack'...
No. 837386 ID: 89ae02

Correction: Almost every *good* plan.
No. 837391 ID: 6e030a

Are we sure us and them are the only three around?
No. 837392 ID: 8d4593

Shoulda Gone SpookMonster.

Bring the mana Crystals Stored inside you to the surface of your skin evenly along your arms and face. This way, when you break the physical limitations of this body, the opponent and any witnesses will assume you are just using magic.

Stay just out of "range" for this body, and strike with hyperextended limbs. Grow some bone spurs in your knuckles for good measure.
No. 837397 ID: 91ee5f

Can we punch the rock spire hard enough to send shards of rocks flying at him? He wouldn't be expecting that kind of raw strength from a little kid!

Or we can pick up a rock and throw it at him with our full strength! Turn a rock into a dangerous projectile!
No. 837399 ID: df23bb

With how close you two appear to be, would it be feasible to grab the top of the spire then flip over it and push off to kick him in the face?
No. 837404 ID: 13fded

We got some impressive jumps during our graveyard extravaganza. Maybe we can avoid his geomancy by attacking like a dragoon.
No. 837544 ID: 830fb7

Re-enact your fight scene from the training room where you flipped the person then kicked them only this time use this attached to it {Solid:Heat; Target:Touch; Scale:100% Initiate;} so that it burns him when he is hit.
No. 837591 ID: 3ce125

Don't jump at him. That will allow him to predict your movement which will let him skewer you, and that will blow your cover. A lunge is better, but what you really need to do is find something to parry that sword with. You just need to knock it out of his hands or at least away so you can get in and grapple.

...is his cloak obscuring his face via some magical means? Or is that just a shadow? In either case it looks like he's got a full body covering Emils could use to walk around without showing off her white fur and red eyes.
No. 837598 ID: 91ee5f

Can we subtly pull in some small rocks and hide them inside our fists? That way it'll hurt more is we ever manage to hit him.
No. 837600 ID: 23a020
File 150833257614.png - (7.82KB , 600x400 , 461.png )

I quickly get my footing back and jump onto the rocks, gripping tightly onto the tallest outcropping while my feet crushes the spire below it, freeing it from the rest of the 'spire' while I use [Thermoregulation] onto my hand to heat it up.
The man grips his sword and prepares to swing at me.
No. 837602 ID: 23a020
File 150833269430.png - (13.00KB , 600x400 , 462.png )

I launch myself from the spire as it crumbles below me. I use the rock to deflect the sword, surprising the man as I get closer.
He yells in surprise and I can sense mana building up inside of him.

>Consider attacks
No. 837606 ID: c511ce

>He yells in surprise and I can sense mana building up inside of him.
[Nullify], then go straight for his mana core.
No. 837607 ID: 27600a

Maximum disorientation, give him no time to think and cast some new spell.

Punch him hard in the middle of his chest, this should knock the wind out of him.
Then try and grapple him, I think if you can get your arms or legs around him he won't have a way to avoid being crushed.
No. 837609 ID: b88e47

Grapple, get behind him, your legs around his arms, your arms around his neck. Slowly start crushing him. Tell him to say "mercy". Stop killing him if he says that.
No. 837610 ID: b9b4da

[Nullify], then punch him in the mouth. The enemy cannot cast if you disable his chant!
No. 837612 ID: 91ee5f

This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!

You're not going to be able to reach his body before he fires off another spell! But what you can reach is his sword arm!

Grab his arm with your right hand while you've still got [Thermoregulation] activated in it and hopefully he'll be in so much pain from the heat, he'll drop the sword! If he doesn't drop the sword, then force him to drop it by crushing his arm to the point that he can't hold the sword anymore!

And then you pick up the sword and use it against him!
No. 837616 ID: 23a020

Just throwing this out there, but [Slime] does not know how to cast Nullify.
you can stop suggesting that.
No. 837617 ID: 41c9bc

This, and then follow up with a punch that could shatter bone straight to the crotch.
No. 837618 ID: 8111b6

Agreed on grabbing sword arm with hot hand if it's hot enough, and perhaps on using nullify as well to prevent that spell.

...then we can think about braining him with his own rock or something. If we cannot reach that high, a knee's a good target, too.
No. 837619 ID: 8111b6

Ah, nix on my nullify bits since it isn't possible.
No. 837620 ID: 600f38

Grab literally any part of his body and use a crushing grip. Then use his own body as leverage to hit him in his diaphragm.
No. 837621 ID: b9b4da

Well then, I cast [Fist]!
No. 837622 ID: 100607

>Consider attacks
Consider retreating so that you don't get hit with whatever spell he's gonna cast on you. The spell which would likely damage you enough to blow your cover.
No. 837625 ID: 0d45a9

I suspect he's trying to cast spire again to skewer us or something, so going to agree with >>837612, go for his sword arm. It's closer and maybe the heat + crushing force will disrupt his casting.

Watch your footing though, a crumbling platform is not a good place to launch yourself off
No. 837626 ID: 89ae02

You are a dork and that battlecry is perfect. Dial thermoregulation up as high as you can without hurting yourself as soon as you have a hold of his wrist. Squeeze as tight as you can, twist it at an uncomfortable angle, and keep your burning grip firmly on him. The more pain he's in the more likely he'll botch the spell because he can't concentrate.
No. 837631 ID: 8d4593

Use high-pressure slime to fire your teeth at this guy to catch him further off guard before your next strike.
No. 837634 ID: 89ae02

Stop suggesting attacks that are both disgusting and self damaging when were trying NOT toreveal ourselves more than nececary.
No. 837641 ID: c511ce

we could try this https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/108985.html#110611 , only in case we get hit of course.
Then we'd have plausible deniability!
No. 837644 ID: 5356f6

If he can't talk he can't cast spells right? Lets find out how hard it is to break a beak, or at the very least keep him from talking.
No. 837646 ID: 8d4593

It was neither disgusting nor self-damaging.
We are controlling [Slime]. Emils is merely a tool to be used. Teeth can be quickly and easily replaced and are small enough to not require significant mass to do so.

I agree with you on not wanting to compromise the disguise, but a lot of magic is secretive in this world. It could easily be explained away, especially considering we currently only have one witness besides our opponent.
No. 837647 ID: 3ce125

Grab his hand then swing your feet around to kick him in the mouth and interrupt his spell!
No. 837689 ID: be0718

Can't compromise the disguise if you don't leave witnesses.
Disarm him with the heated hand, grab ahold of him with the other. Use your unnatural flexibility to twist up, grab his neck between your legs and snap it/rip it off entirely.
No. 837755 ID: 27600a

actually that sounds rad, I change my vote to incorporate this
No. 837759 ID: c511ce

sounds kinda inefficient. We already deflected the sword, so we only need to worry about that spell of his. Suppress his mana with [Nullify], punch him through the chest and eat his mana core through your hand.
No. 837761 ID: be0718

Radial *just* said we can't use Nullify yet.
No. 837771 ID: c511ce

whoops sorry, kinda missed that
try reaching him before he completes the spell and hope it can't be used in close quarters?
No. 837830 ID: 094652

Aim for the hood and absorb his head.
No. 837860 ID: 35089a

yes we can we can nullify his ability to breath and pump blood to his brain
No. 837876 ID: d9cd96

Supress his mana with "Nullify". By which I mean punch him in the throat/solar plexus/dick/other place where getting punched would seriously ruin both your concentration and ability to speak.
No. 837877 ID: 830fb7

Kidney punch, groin kick, then double hand overhead smash (dropping to ones knees while doing the overhead smash adds extra power behind it and if done correctly can knock someone out for hours if not days [if done to the back of the neck instead of the head it can cause death or permanent spinal damage causing things from paralysis to loss of motor control]). This is a very effective way of neutralizing a threat either permanently or temporarily.
No. 837899 ID: 23a020
File 150842805002.png - (10.87KB , 600x400 , 463.png )

>Punch and Crush

My claws hits the man in the face, eliciting a scream as the smell of burning flesh permeate the air. His mana begins running astray as he reaches up to grab me.

I land and my feet cling onto him, using my left hand to grab his right to prevent him from swinging his sword.

He is losing his balance from my momentum and is starting to fall backwards.

[Absorption] can be triggered. Consume: Y/N
No. 837900 ID: 2fe26a

No. 837901 ID: b88e47

We do it later when other guy isn't around to scream and call the town guard on us for eating his sister.
No. 837903 ID: 2fe26a

No. 837905 ID: 91ee5f

>He is losing his balance from my momentum and is starting to fall backwards.
Make sure you land on him! Your heaviness will be enough to crush him!

Also, tell that other kid to quit standing there like a fucking idiot and run already!
No. 837906 ID: 13fded

No. 837907 ID: 0d45a9

N, we have someone watching us. If we want to consume the bird we should either kill the other one or get them to leave.

Do we want to kill this one now? Cause if we land fully on him we're gonna crush him.
No. 837908 ID: 0d1514

N! Haste makes waste! Your cover is more important than short-term gains!
No. 837909 ID: a254b4

N. Need to get the kid out of here first.
No. 837913 ID: 91ee5f

>Cause if we land fully on him we're gonna crush him.
Which is what I'm hoping for! Then we take the bag of gold, toss it to the kid, and tell him to take his money and get lost!
No. 837916 ID: 8d4593

Restrain him.
Give him a choice.

He can teach us the basics of [Spire] Right here, Right now, and accept any demands of the Coward watching us...

Or he can Die.

If he chooses the latter, by all means, consume, but if the former? Well, Knowledge is power.
No. 837917 ID: 62d64c

Tell the kid to watch the entrance to the alley while we dispose of the body. While he's doing so, consume.
No. 837919 ID: b9b4da

Yes. Eat the bird for a new form, eat the rabbold for knowing too much.
No. 837920 ID: b88e47

You should break his left arm. It's up to something.
No. 837922 ID: 163757

If we're worried about the witness and want to keep the rabbold alive, we can punch through the
avaross chest and just absorb the mana core.
By now we should have convinced the rabbold that we're not his cousin or whatever.
No. 837927 ID: 8d4593

I thought mana cores were unique to slimes.
No. 837928 ID: 100607

In the mean time, return the valuables to the boy and tell him to leave.
No. 837932 ID: 8b2654

"Submit or die horribly. Who do you work for, and where can I find them? And what was that debt for?"

Once he has answered, rip out his Mana stone and the surrounding flesh. This will kill him, but while horrifying to watch would not compromise our disguise. We can then consume just the Mana stone to gain all the benefits of consuming his body without any of the risks. Leave the chunk of meat behind, and it would appear that something came along after the fight to scavenge it.
We can even report it to the guard - this person was attacking a child, and chose to fight to the death instead of fleeing. We have done nothing wrong.
No. 837934 ID: 398c5e

No. 837936 ID: 41c9bc

This. No absorption, but we can take the mana stone directly.

Besides, we need to watch our mass intake, or we won't be able to function inside buildings.
No. 837937 ID: 4854ef

No. 837938 ID: 3ce125

Good idea!
No. 837939 ID: d63ea8

Y, we need to deal with him and them likely have to deal with the witness.
No. 837940 ID: 0d45a9

I already voted N, but if we're gonna consume, can we please deal with the witness first, rather than revealing ourselves and giving them time to run?
No. 837947 ID: 9ce7d8

Or we could just rip out his stone like suggested here >>837932
Nothing to witness means no witnesses, and just killing him doesn't break kayfabe. Then we eat the stone, which nobody will notice.
No. 837958 ID: d1d0b8

N - Do Not Absorb while witness is Present

Kill target in 'self defense' through most pragmatic not-obviously-slime means, take mana stone.

Leave witness alone while they pose no overt threat.
No. 837968 ID: fe7216

Don't eat. Do this instead.
No. 837973 ID: d9cd96

[N] Do not consume, but mutter some vaguely magical words to cover for the unnatural strength as you drive your fist through the bird's head.
No. 837977 ID: c88e6d

Do not absorb. There are witnesses and you are in too much danger of being discovered as it is.
No. 837978 ID: 89ae02

Delay absorption until the witness is either incapacitated or out of line of sight. Whichever is more practical.

That said, a dead rabold can't lead you to your host body's mother, preventing us from tying up that loose end, so I wouldn't kill the kid just yet.
No. 838033 ID: 7b5573

While we could try to get info from him he'll probably try something so don't take the risk, rip out his heart and mana stone then talk to the kid, after we get the him to leave and make sure there are no witnesses consume the body.
No. 838035 ID: be0718

Absorb just enough to leave him dead, like a slice of his brain stem, then silence the rabbold before he can run. Ask him what "our" mother's name is before you kill him, if you can.
No. 838054 ID: c8b584

Don't absorb a guy while a kid is standing right there watching. There will be more birds later and maybe Emils can even come back to this one if the kid runs off soon enough.
No. 838088 ID: 6a5961

can't we show at least a little sympathy for the kid? His is just a case of wrong place, wrong time. I say don't kill him, but reaffirm that you are not his sister, (or perhaps, not anymore, if you're feeling bold.) and let him go. By saving his life from this guy I doubt he'll try to out us.
No. 838097 ID: 6eae4a

>wrong place, wrong time
We literally stalked him to a meeting he arranged for himself beforehand.
No. 838100 ID: 163757

we could frame him for the murder.
That would put a dent in his credibility.
No. 838101 ID: 4b8164

No. 838106 ID: 163757

It'll be super simple:
We'll be able to replicate avaros blood after this anyway, so we drench the kid in it and then bail.
No. 838129 ID: 3abd97

No. There's a witness behind you, and we wanted answers from him. If he sees you use absorption, you have to kill him too, and he'll likely try to escape quickly.
No. 838137 ID: be0718

Works for me. We're in the seedy side of town, down an alleyway, and we're much faster than him.
No. 838157 ID: 094652

Absorption if he begs you to kill him, which might happen within the next twenty minutes of slime suffocation torture.
No. 838158 ID: 0c84a3

I like the idea of asking him to watch the entrance of the alley while you 'use a spell' to dispose of the body.
No. 838159 ID: 0c84a3

Also before bird boy dies, rattle off a one liner, "Is this enough for a down payment?"
No. 838161 ID: f66698

Hell no, there's a witness who has reason to mess with you right there. Beat him senseless, then tell the guy to leave. Now. If he says anything or does anything but leave then yell at him to leave, NOW.
No. 838162 ID: 600f38

Also: Don't fall ON him. Fall NEXT to him.
We don't want to crush him with our entire body, because that would make it obvious we weigh 10,000 pounds.
No. 838163 ID: 91ee5f

Wouldn't matter if the guy we land on dies and we tell the other kid to buzz off.
No. 838165 ID: 600f38

We haven't checked for other witnesses. We didn't even do a casual check of the engagement zone. Somebody could be pissing on the wall 10 feet away and we wouldn't know because we didn't bother looking.
No. 838178 ID: 91ee5f

What're you talking about? We can clearly see that this guy and the kid are the only ones in the alley right here: >>837249 .
No. 838195 ID: 67d5dc

I feel like that would change quickly after the kid reacts to a thing wearing his sister's face devour a man.
No. 838203 ID: 91ee5f

Which is why we tell the kid to leave first before we absorb the bird man.
No. 838222 ID: 100607

They're the ones in the alley but, don't you think the bird would have some backup checking on the situation from afar/above? So if the kid brought guards with him and the bird got arrested, they would still know what happened.
I don't think we checked for any hidden mana sources. And even then I'm not sure we'd be able to sense anything because the buildings around us mess up the perception.
No. 838226 ID: 91ee5f

He's meeting a child. What kind of grown man tells his buddies, "Hey, I need help to take money from a child."?

I'm pretty sure he's alone, except for the kid he was robbing.
No. 838239 ID: 8111b6

Tell the kid to get out of here if he hasn't already run off, then absorb. If he has, then it's dinnertime already!

Though, if the idiot doesn't run off, maybe start absorption from the inside out by flowing into this guy's lungs while looking like you're holding his mouth and nose shut to get enough time to give a meeting place for later discussion and another telling to leave.
No. 838246 ID: 23a020
File 150849983065.png - (13.30KB , 600x400 , 464.png )


A muffled crack is heard from his ribs as his body hits the floor, followed shortly by my mass. He tries to scream, but only a bloody gurgle spills out of his nostrils and beak, held shut by my hand as the heat sears his face.

His eyes dart around as he manages to grab my right arm, but he can't muster enough strength to pull it off.

"L-Let him go!"
The boy seems to have picked up the man's sword.

I let go of his arm and mangled face as he chokes out a bloody cou-

A dull crunch comes from his body as my weight caves in his torso.
No. 838248 ID: a254b4


Ask him what he's pointing that sword at you for. You're only trying to help.

... But make sure you can grab him if need be. This rabbold probably shouldn't leave our sight unless he's dead or we're really sure leaving him alone will be safe and we're not at either point yet.
No. 838249 ID: 830fb7

Get off of the bird man, say: "why are you dealing with such scum" grab the blade of the sword and melt it. Look him in the eyes and ask him "why would you defend him, a man that would pick on or kill a child for no reason and especially one that you think is your sister at that. I may not remember you but from what I've seen of you, your just a scared naïve child with no idea what they have gotten themselves into, even more so than me".
No. 838250 ID: 0c84a3

No. 838251 ID: 27600a

Let him point the sword at you and keep your distance, it's probably the only thing stopping him from bolting.

"Explain what's going on."
No. 838252 ID: e8f984

You know, pointing a sword at me hasn't really worked when he did it.
Still think I'm your cousin?
No. 838254 ID: 100607

Take out the valuables and hand them back to him, "I think this is yours. Was he your friend?"
No. 838255 ID: 91ee5f

"Is that any way to thank the person that saved your life? I followed you because I wanted to make sure you know that I'm not your sister and then I see this man robbing you. So I decided to save your life. And now you're trying to defend him?"

Grab the bag of money out of the bird man's pocket and toss it to the kid. Then tell him, "Here's your money back. Now leave. And don't bother me again because for the last time, I'm not your sister!"
No. 838256 ID: 89ae02

Also, absorb some of the molten metal when you do. That way in future you can produce it, then use thermoregulation to rapidly cool it. Instant armor.

Though for best effect you may need to learn a 'cold' counterpart to the spell that granted you thermoregulation later.
No. 838258 ID: e8f984

Your little burst of heroism comes a bit late, he's done for.
No. 838262 ID: b88e47

Grab and absorb kid.
No. 838264 ID: 41c9bc


Let him have his comfort blanket for now, there's nothing he can do with it that can actually hurt us.

Also, "I am not Samantha. But it seems she has debts. Tell me who this one worked for. I will take care of it."
No. 838265 ID: 600f38

"You are holding that wrong. It's too heavy for that grip; you should have one hand use the pommel for leverage. Also, don't hold it within grabbing distance of something you wish to strike.
Oh, and if an expert with a weapon falls in combat, don't pick up their weapon and try to use it.

Hello, I am Emils. I hunt monsters. Who are you?"
No. 838266 ID: 7b5573

And with that your debt is gone
No. 838267 ID: c88e6d

This, agreed.
No. 838269 ID: 41c9bc

Also this.
No. 838270 ID: b88e47

Take back your ID band. Bird guy should have it.
No. 838274 ID: 0c84a3

wait a minute... Holy crap, i didn't even notice that was missing.

yes. do that. forget the other thing I said.
No. 838276 ID: be0718

They are in deeper cahoots than previously inferred. Tackle the rabbold and cover his mouth.
No. 838281 ID: 8d4593

Shift weight off him. Penetrate his body with slime. Consume and restore each individual damaged organ.

Tell the coward to pit that down before he hurts himself.
No. 838283 ID: 100607

Huh, were those ID bracelets? Is ours missing? Can they be stolen so easily?
No. 838286 ID: 8b2654

Huh, I thought that was gold, but looking at it now it does seem to be Emils earband.
Retrieve your earband and put it back on, saying this >>838265

Then say this
"He had my earband. Now he does not. You stole it because he forced you. Now he can not.
This is mutually beneficial.

How much of what you said was a lie? Do you have an ill mother? Did you have a sister?"
No. 838311 ID: 91ee5f

>Everyone saying ID band was stolen.
You guys do remember that Emils can store things in her body, right? Something as important as her ID band is probably inside her body, where she can't lose it and it can't be stolen.

>earband was stolen.
What are you talking about?

Emils was only wearing that during her training with Victoria. When training was over, Emils took the earband off here: >>834436 .
No. 838313 ID: 3ce125

Tell him to stop pointing that sword at you or he's next. Also ask why he is upset, didn't you just help him?
No. 838317 ID: 45dd69

is it too late to consume?
No. 838321 ID: 91ee5f

First, we make the child go away. Then we consume the bird guy's body.
No. 838324 ID: 51d574

Also Emils please try and remember if you killed this kids sister or not!
No. 838338 ID: 8d4593

We should ask this guy about who's brain function will momentarily cease permanently...
And about his sister.
If we knew more, maybe we might have a better idea of whether or not we ate her.
No. 838344 ID: 91ee5f

If his sister was one of the guards in that tunnel of guards that Emils ate, then yes, we ate her.

Then again, if his sister was also a white rabbold, then maybe she was the very first corpse we ate, all the way back in thread 1 here: >>/questarch/780242 . Which would mean we gained sentience from eating her.
No. 838350 ID: e8f984

Drop the sword it didn't help him and you don't know how to use it.
No. 838373 ID: 600f38

That dragon was inorganic.
Also, it's possible he doesn't have a sister and was just pickpocketing.
No. 838377 ID: 13fded

Just eat him. Get closer, let him attack and eat him.
No. 838382 ID: 27600a

It stopped being organic, so it once was. not to mention you can see the outline of an arm and part of a head in that image, then what looks like a humanoid corpse in the one after.
No. 838396 ID: 23a020
File 150856612706.png - (12.24KB , 600x400 , 465.png )

I stand up from the dying man, stepping onto him.
I pretend to slip as I disintegrate his shirt and absorb his mana stone and heart though my foot.

[Absorption] has been activated. Form Gained: Avaros Ability Gained: Solid Material Manipulation Magic Learned: Spire [Fluid Body] can now produce Various Avaros Fluids.

I pick up the bracelets from the man's pocket and step forwards towards the boy.

"Hello again."

"You... you killed him..."
An expression of pain and relief flashes though his face before the trembling of his hands firms up.
"Why?!" He steps back, "Damn it, I needed him!"
"What for?"
"He... My sister's gave up something valuable for collateral..."
Anger fills his face as he points the sword at me, "And now he's dead!"

I grab the sword with my right hand and he stumbles back in surprise.
"You know very well he won't return it to you."
The sword heats up under my grip as I get closer.
"He will fleece you. Drag you down to his level. Lower."
The metal radiates heat and the smell of burnt flesh causes him to gag while the heat makes him flinch.
"He would have kept using you until you are no longer useful."
[Fluid Body] can now produce [Molten Iron]
The tip of the sword falls nosily onto the floor as the boy gulps.
No. 838397 ID: c88e6d

Huh. Now we're some kind of Ur Mimic. Neat. Either way, point out that now that that jackass is dead, we can go to his house and gather evidence as to where his lost necessity is.
No. 838398 ID: b88e47

"Where did he come from? I want to kill more. Maybe I can return what you lost. You, of course, aren't going to tell anyone about this."
No. 838399 ID: ba506f

well he's scared shitless right now, this would probably be a good time to ask questions then

Like who he is, who Samatha was/is, and what was he hoping to accomplish with the dead guy. He wanted to drag you into this mess now he's dragged you in.
No. 838403 ID: 416762

Who is Samantha? What is going on with your family and this dead bird?
No. 838404 ID: efcc58

Ask him where the loan shark kept his sister's things. Tell him to meet you there tonight after you dispose of the body.
No. 838406 ID: 0d1514

Anyways, light the corpse on fire to hide the evidence.
No. 838407 ID: 3ce125

Tell him you could get his collateral back, but it'll be you using him from now on. First, he's not going to say a word about this to anyone else. Or anything about you looking like Samantha, you don't want to be bothered about that anymore. It should be clear by now that you're not her.
Secondly, he's going to tell you more about the bird. Who is he? Does he have friends?

Also turn off your fire hand.
No. 838408 ID: 830fb7

Tell the boy you have a form of transformation magic and then you could turn into a small ball (encased in iron) and he can say he ran when their employee was attacked and all he could retrieve before legging it was a small iron ball and the bracelets. If he turns in the metal ball (you) and the bracelets they may take it to the place the heirloom is stored, then you can break out and steal it back. All he has to do is pretend he was scared (like he was), ran to them 'for help' and tell them what he saw about a small red eyed white furred child burning him alive with her bare hands.
No. 838414 ID: 100607

How much mass did you burn up to regenerate all the damage caused by the heat?
No. 838415 ID: 8d4593

What did he take?
We will take it back.
Your sister.
Who was she?
No. 838416 ID: 91ee5f

>I pick up the bracelets from the man's pocket
Wait, what?! He really did take Emils' bracelet?!

>The kid.
"If it'll get you to stop bothering me and calling me your sister, then I'll get your stuff back."

Then dig through the man's pockets and give the kid the bag of money he just gave the man.

"Go ahead and take back the money you gave him and leave. Don't worry about the body, I'll dispose of it, I have my ways."

>Also turn off your fire hand.

>turn into a small ball and tell the kid to carry you
You're joking, right? There's no way in hell that kid will be able to lift Emils like that!

Also, nobody is supposed to be able to use magic like that, so your idea will blow Emils' cover!

So let's not do that.
No. 838418 ID: 8d4593

I just thought of something.
Take a single one of those coins and melt it.
Knowing how to make precious metal could be useful.
No. 838420 ID: 3ce125

Those aren't coins. They're ID Bracelets, which also carry what is effectively digital currency.

Good idea though, Emils should try that trick next time she has some expendable meltable materials.
On the other hand she can already create Dragonblood which is probably more valuable than anything else she could dream of making. Harder to sell though I'd bet.
No. 838421 ID: 830fb7

Makes metal coins only for them to melt into slime after she leaves.
No. 838422 ID: 41c9bc

"Who does he- pardon me. Who did he work for?"
No. 838428 ID: fd306a

This idea is perfect for us, we can finally have a person work for us and handle things we can’t do since we will have to keep up appearances with red-eyes. First things first we will tell him that we will retrieve the collateral and in return he will work for us.
No. 838430 ID: 0c84a3

"I think you'll find that sword is useless against someone with my spell repertoire."

Release him, shut off thermoregulation, and take a short step back. Put your ID band back on.

"Now, why don't we discuss this like civilized beings. Who was he, what did he take, and how much do you know about his operation? I may be able to retrieve it for you."
No. 838433 ID: ae8b7d

"Time to finish what you started"
No. 838435 ID: 89ae02

Don't kill him, yet. You still need him to find his mother. Unless you want someone else out there who can disrupt your cover. Besides, if he disappears the same day guards saw the two of you arguing, that could cause problems.
No. 838438 ID: be0718

Keep the boy pinned.
Who did the bird work for?
What is the collateral?
Where is your mother?
You can turn off heat manipulation, it's just burning biomass at this point.
No. 838443 ID: 4ceb21

I don't think we should imply that it's reasonable for us to look like his sister, because he may very well have only been using that as a cover for his pick-pocketing. We should ask it more casually like, "and do I really look like your sister?" We should also take steps to look less like whoever we absorbed, if that's an actual issue. We should at least remove the birth mark. We should also gradually change our form over time, we're supposed to be growing up anyway.
No. 838444 ID: 3abd97

"Are you convinced I am not your sister, yet?"
No. 838448 ID: 45dd69

look around. any witnesses?
if not, just consume.
No. 838451 ID: d63ea8

Agreed, we can't leave him as a loose end if can afford it. But if there are others around gathering info on him and the Avaros would be acceptable.
No. 838455 ID: 100607

I'd leave him alive for now. He seems to.. have connections with the underground. Could be useful.
No. 838460 ID: 600f38

Is one of those ID bracelets yours?
If so, take that one and hide it away.

"This is my town. I hunt monsters. He was a monster. I will not allow monsters in my town."

Let your hand return to normal, drop the sword, and take a step back.

"That said, my work is important. I can't allow anybody to interfere, such as warning monsters that I am on the hunt. Any who choose to aid monsters is, themselves, also a monster.
Of course, if somebody who chooses to help me has something they need, and in my hunts I happen to come across a monster who has such a thing, I would obviously bring them that thing.
Naturally it wouldn't do to allow monsters to harm a person who aids my hunts, nor their relations. Do you understand?

So, do you wish to tell me about this monster, and the pack it ran with? And what they took from your family? Or are you going to try to protect this monster's pack?

My ally or my enemy. Choose."
No. 838461 ID: 41c9bc

This, too. We could use a minion and we already know he responds to this sort of coercion, otherwise he wouldn't be in this mess.
No. 838462 ID: 600f38

Oh, and DO NOT consume him.

If he can tell us where this guy was based out of we can head there tonight and consume them all in their sleep. No fear of reprisal, and we get an informant for our dark vigilante justice.
No. 838465 ID: 100607

Why consume them? Why not.. get some underground jobs to do for them? And get some rare spells as a reward?
No. 838466 ID: be0718

Because they're at the bottom of the food chain (quite literally in a moment), they're both a weak link and a loose end, and because you pulled the possibility of rare spell rewards out of your ass.
No. 838489 ID: 41c9bc

Eating their mana stones would get us new spells.

Eating the gangsters would get us far too heavy. Unless we get a spell to decrease weight, we can't take on too much mass.
No. 838492 ID: 3ce125

Emils can just shed mass. It's *almost* enough of a problem right now for me to suggest doing that.
No. 838524 ID: d63ea8

Leaving him alive is too much of a risk, he might talk and the last thing we want is for the guards or anyone else to learn about us.
No. 838533 ID: 91ee5f

It's not that much of a risk.

They allow children to join adventuring guilds and let them go out on adventures. Remember these: >>/questarch/781146 , >>/questarch/781147 ?

I don't think it's too much of a stretch for people to believe that a little kid killed an adult that was swinging a sword at them.
No. 838538 ID: be0718

It's not the act that's suspicious, it's the circumstances surrounding that act. Like being in the slums for no apparent reason, tailing him there, looking suspiciously like his sister... if he caves to intimidation this easily he's going to blab on us sooner or later.
No. 838553 ID: 600f38

Ok, there's a few things wrong with this:
First, we don't actually look like his sister. If we did then the mob would be trying to collect her debt from us.
Second, "He stole my bracelet so I chased him" is a pretty damn bulletproof argument. Let me break this down:
1: He pickpocketed us.
2: We followed him to get our ID back, because
3: We're an adventurer and this kind of thing is literally in our job description.
4: Some guy threatened us with a sword and started casting magic at us, so
5: We killed him in self defense.
6: We retrieved our ID.

At every step of the way we were behaving as expected of an adventurer. The actual events that happened are a perfectly acceptable reason for everything we did every step of the way. We don't need to lie, and we don't need anybody to lie for us.

Three, because we have done everything right and nothing wrong, if we kill the people this bird worked with then it won't matter if this rabbold blabs or not. WE could start blabbing about this and people would quickly tell us to stop bragging.
No. 838556 ID: 3abd97

Supporting this.

Emils killed in self defense, there's no need to kill a witness or cover it up.
No. 838558 ID: 3ce125

Emils should verify if he did in fact steal her ID Bracelet. Though in actuality it doesn't matter either way. Emils can just claim it was stolen, to give herself motive to follow him, and he could deny it all he wants.
No. 838568 ID: 0d45a9

Also supporting this.
No. 838569 ID: 0c84a3

agreed. why lie when a far more believable explanation is a biased interpretation of the truth?
No. 838571 ID: 314bcd


Sounds reasonable
No. 838573 ID: be0718

Why twist the truth and hope no one sees the folds when all evidence of the encounter can be erased?
No. 838577 ID: 3ce125

We can't erase ALL evidence. For instance, there are a lot of witnesses that saw Emils go after the kid. If the kid goes missing afterwards, there will be an investigation, and we found out Emils leaves a very visible and long-lasting mana residue trail behind her everywhere she goes.
No. 838579 ID: 41c9bc

And if we eat everyone, we'll either leave a trail of shed mass or a trail of craters from breaking the street as we walk.
No. 838584 ID: be0718

Extra mass can be converted into more dragonsblood at a very high ratio (meaning more mass lost per fluid ounce).
No. 838586 ID: 0c84a3

that only solves one of the multiple problems we can't immediately correct for.
the multiple witnesses to the earlier argument are beyond our abilities to contain.
No. 838587 ID: 600f38

Because we're not twisting the truth?

Everything there is just straight-out true.
The closest it comes to twisting the truth is that we didn't technically know he was a pickpocket until we saw the ID bands, but that's so inconsequential as to be meaningless.
No. 838598 ID: 0c84a3

actually we technically are, since we originally followed the kid to deal with the potential threat he posed. the rest though is accurate.
No. 838614 ID: 23a020
File 150865163323.png - (12.42KB , 600x400 , 466.png )

The boy sighs defeated and leans back onto the wall, dropping the sword to his side.
He reaches into his pocket and hands me a bracelet.
"Here. This is yours."
I exchange it with the ones I took from the meat, and slip it back on.

"So tell me."
"Tell you what?"
"About you. Your sister. Why you're in this."

I shrug, "I've got nothing to do."
He looks at with an expression before speaking.

"My name is Nick Saleos. My elder sister, Samatha Saleos was a knight, just like our father. My mother disagreed with her life choices, and insisted she return and get married. She tried to argue that it was not ladylike, but I knew it was due to the debts my father had."
He rubs the bracelets as he remembers.
"Last I saw her, we had a fight. She had took up my father's debts after he died. Used a ring our father gave her as collateral. Wanted to pay off the debts herself."
He looks up to me, almost crying.
"And then a few days ago, she goes missing. And now the people we owe money to are after my mother."
He looks at the meat lying on the floor in anger.

"So do you know where their nest is?"
He looks at me, "Their what?"
"Their nest. Where they stay. If they have your item then it would most likely be in their nest."

We look at each other in silence before he asks "Why?"
I shrug, "I've got nothing to do."

He looks angry.
"No. You've helped enough." He points to the meat.
"With him dead, the people he works for are bound to put two and two together and go after us. Just go. I won't say anything about you."
He rubs his eyes with the palm of his left hand, "You can't help me. Not like this."
He gets off the wall and starts to walk out.
No. 838615 ID: 41c9bc

"Who else is going to?"
No. 838616 ID: ba506f

follow him, if he ask why you're following just say it's because he said earlier that this wasn't over and like you said you got nothing better to do. Beside if he doesn't want to tell us then we'll just have to start wandering around and asking random people until we get lucky or they send someone after us and then we can just beat the information out of them.
No. 838617 ID: b88e47

Consume Nick. Consume bird. Consume all blood and debris. Try to remove all evidence that the three of you have been there or got in a fight. Hide and digest.
No. 838618 ID: 15a025

You don't really think you can solve this on your own do you?
No. 838619 ID: c88e6d

"I see no reason I can't." You have greater willpower than this shell-shocked rabbit. He will relent.

Do not eat him. He is going to lead you to socially acceptable murder-victims. You can get more manacrystals and blood easily by simply applying Social Skills to grant public access to valuable resources.

Do NOT eat him. He is far more useful alive than dead.

Besides, he doesn't have a Mana Crystal or nearly enough biomass to be worth the hassle of consuming.
No. 838620 ID: be0718

How unfortunate. Erase all traces you were here, including Nick.
No. 838621 ID: be0718

The boy just proved he is useless to us alive. All that remains is the danger he poses.
No. 838622 ID: 3ce125

Don't let him just walk away. If he gets away they'll force him to rat you out, and that will be annoying. Stop him. Tell him he has a choice. He can tell you where they are, or he can die here.

I suspect he is going to die here. Make sure he can't scream for help. You'll want to clean the alley thoroughly. Return it to the condition it was in before you arrived. Clean of blood and other evidence.

Keep the bird's clothes, you can use them to walk around in adult form without people seeing your face. Also keep the ID Bracelets. You might be able to use them.
No. 838623 ID: 91ee5f

Tell him that if he won't help, then you'll have to place him under arrest for theft. And if he's in jail, there won't be anyone at his home to take care of his mother when that guy's friends come looking for them.

But if he tells you what you want to know now, you can and will take care of it before it becomes a problem.

Or you could just follow him around again.
No. 838626 ID: 100607

> >>838614 >You can't help me. Not like this.
So, killing the bird didn't help this boy at all and he won't accept help if it involves more murder. In that case, I propose my original plan of paying back the debt through normal means.

"So if I didn't murder anyone, would you accept help then?"
"Can you tell/teach me of some ways to make money?"
No. 838627 ID: 45dd69

don't let him go before you get a location!
try "i'm good at what i do, you really just need to point the way".
No. 838628 ID: 13fded

Stop him. Explain killing him didn't stop been an option just because you chose not to so far.
He will guide you in this journey and be thankful, otherwise his path end here.
No. 838632 ID: 830fb7

This, but also tell him that if he doesn't accept your help he might as well have already signed his death warrant, because once they find out about the dead guy they will be coming for him and anyone he had contact with including his mother. With his help you could end all of this giving him and his mum a life they actually want.
No. 838634 ID: 416762

"You have a chance to save your family. They'll kill all of you, or worse, if you just walk away now."
No. 838647 ID: 3ce125

If he asks why you're still trying to help him, tell him you feel responsible for his current situation.
No. 838652 ID: 19afca

This. Also, "knowing where they will strike is the first step towards ambushing them. And you can't do this alone."
No. 838655 ID: 094652

>You can't help me.
"Who said I care about helping you? I just want target practice."

>Why are you doing this?
"One day, I will be queen. And I'll do it the old-fashioned way: growing stronger and wiping out the armies of the highborn fools everyone looks up to, until they beg me to rule over them instead."
No. 838658 ID: 8d4593

Block his way with [Spire].

I Learned to do that not five minutes ago.
I can do much more.
I can make them all disappear.
Solve your problem. I'm good at that.

Maybe you don't like it when people die?
You said not like this.

How then?
I am very talented.
No. 838659 ID: 27600a

What an interesting situation, at least from his wording it's clear he doesn't think you're his sister anymore. Plus if we follow this through we'll be led to some more forms that won't be missed.

"Don't accept that. You said you were using him, up until a few moments ago you were taking action to get what you wanted. The situation has changed, not ended. Adapt."
No. 838661 ID: 600f38

"I hunt monsters.
They are monsters hiding in my town.
I am not helping you, I am doing my job.
If we find your ring, returning it would be payment for the location of the monster's nest."
No. 838665 ID: a2ddfd

You'd have something to gain from this arrangement, why are you hesitating?
No. 838668 ID: a2ddfd

You talk like you know what you're doing, but you clearly don't.
No. 838674 ID: 0c84a3

if we protect him, we can discreetly feed on those that come after him. he's a food magnet.

Lag behind a moment to clean up the remains, then catch up to him.

"Like it or not, I'm involved now. Leacing you to fend for yourself hardly seems fair."
No. 838681 ID: 3abd97

>My elder sister
Hold a hand out to indicate your height. "You thought I was your... elder sister."

>"You can't help me. Not like this."
"Is anyone else going to?"
No. 838688 ID: a2ddfd

>"You can't help me. Not like this." He gets off the wall and starts to walk out.
never said we were gonna help you prick.
He said he won't tell anyone about us, so I guess we can just let him go.
The matter with the thief however could become dangerous if left unfinished.
See if we can investigate the corpse for some clues about their hideout.
No. 838751 ID: d9cd96

He's not gonna tell anyone about us until they're pulling his fingernails out with hot pliers asking who killed their collector. If he's not gonna be convinced to help us, then absorb him.
No. 838752 ID: 0d45a9

This. "The least it'll do is divert their attention from you and me, to just me. Do you have any more to lose from letting me try?"
No. 838905 ID: b15da4

Not if you subtract two from the equation. If he doesn't want your "help", you're better off without him running around.
No. 838908 ID: 23a020
File 150877013191.png - (8.88KB , 600x400 , 467.png )

I track the boy's mana as he walks away from sight before spreading out and removing the blood and gore from the floor as well as consume the meat. The remaining materials are kept inside of me.

Once done, I beeline my way towards the boy, intercepting him before he enters a wider street.
He seems to have ditched the broken sword somewhere.

"So where are you headed?"
He recoils with a yelp, staring at me.
"I heard it was proper to answer questions when told."
It takes him a second to collect himself before responding.
"I.. I don't know."
He starts walking and I keep pace with him.
"So you thought I was your sister?"
"... We were close. I'd recognize her face anywhere." He sighs, "I know you're not her. Your fur is not even the same color. I don't know, I just felt... something."

"I see. Do you know at least where I could more like the one back there?"
He frowns, "What? How old are you even? Do you even know what you did back there?!"
A few people around us look at us from his yelling, but quickly heed no mind to us.
"That guy could have killed you! You're entirely reckless! You just... killed someone..."
His arms are trembling.
"Just... please, don't follow me."
"So you're just willing to put yourself and your family in danger of whomever you owe debts to?"
He looks at me angrily, "And killing everyone would suddenly make my debts go away? Then what? You kill people who starts investigating and ties you to whole thing? And what of their families? Their friends? What about those that they left behind?"
His eyes looks watery, "Killing isn't the only answer, neither should it be the last resort."
No. 838910 ID: b15da4

To be fair, it was plan B in this case.
Track him home in a different form. Time to test your Avaros shapeshifting.
No. 838913 ID: 100607

"Let's say that I wouldn't kill anyone anymore. How much money would you need?"
No. 838914 ID: 76c01b

"I hunt monsters. He threatened you with a sword.
People don't need threats of violence to get their way if they're a functioning part of society."
No. 838915 ID: 8d4593

Hmm. He seems.
Perhaps slaying that man in front of him was traumatic.
Is your form making any sort of emotional response?

Ask him how one would solve this without killing, Then.
No. 838918 ID: c88e6d

Ask him what should be done then if not kill them. If they are going to hurt him for his sister's debts, what should be done? This is a genuinely curious viewpoint and should be examined in detail.
No. 838919 ID: 3c6497

You already payed your debts and it didn't go away. Whats your plan now?
No. 838920 ID: 27600a

"You are too kind to have to deal with such people in the first place. Something I imagine they take advantage of."
No. 838922 ID: 0d1514

When the opponent is willing to kill, then killing is the proper response.
No. 838925 ID: be0718

"You're too late to cling to ideals. Meet me here tomorrow this time if you want to wipe away the debt."
Not that you're going to wait that long to eat him, it just gives the impression you expect him to show up.
You're going to need to find that sword. It has your drool all over it.
No. 838928 ID: 41c9bc

No. 838934 ID: 91ee5f

"I never said that I was going to kill them. I just asked if you knew where they are. Besides, that was one guy in the alley. This is an entire group. I'm not suicidal enough to go after them alone."

"Oh! That reminds me. Would you happen to know how many of them there are?"

I think we could go tell Victoria and she could do something about it. Or maybe we could go to the guild and have someone from there handle it.
No. 838948 ID: 3ce125

So how did it feel consuming a fresh corpse, compared to the corpses from the graveyard?

Anyway, ask him what you can do instead. Would more money work? A large enough sum all at once? Or would they just try to find out how he got the money? ...what if you just fended off whoever came to bother him, without killing them? Also assure him, you were in no danger. That wasn't even your true strength.
No. 839013 ID: 0d45a9

I think we should let the boy go, and hope he doesn't tell. We've done damage to our cover here, let's not dig ourselves a deeper hole. Anyway, who's going to believe him if he does tell a mob enforcer, that a 10 year old kid killed one of their collectors?

We should try to understand why he was so upset, and adjust our behaviour accordingly, as to repair our cover. If we stand out by being sociopathic, and people don't want to help us because of that, then that's not good for us.
No. 839015 ID: 094652

>Killing isn't the only answer
"I know that, and I've done my best to resist my instincts since I was adopted, but it's been months since my last kill. Months.

I grew up in a caves and forests. I've learned the satisfaction of killing and eating my whole life. That includes intruders out for my blood and their nummy rations. It's as natural to me as it's disgusting to you."

>You kill people who starts investigating and ties you to whole thing? And what of their families? Their friends? What about those that they left behind?
"I kill their hordes and brutalize their corpses and drive them to madness until they learn to stop. If they care so much, they will run back to their families instead of sacrificing themselves to fight me. If you want, I can do the madness thing more often."
No. 839022 ID: 600f38

"Did you not realize his reason for wanting to kill me was to further intimidate you? To traumatize you, and make you afraid for your family's lives?

I hunt monsters, and it's a poor hunter that doesn't understand their prey. The guard exists for hunting this kind of monster, but I am dutybound to tell them when they have a hunt."
No. 839024 ID: 3abd97

>His eyes looks watery, "Killing isn't the only answer, neither should it be the last resort."
If violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it.
No. 839130 ID: 23a020
File 150885465817.png - (10.84KB , 600x400 , 468.png )

It tasted the same as the other fresh meat I have consumed. If not a bit thinner.

We eventually reach a wider area with less people and he sits down on a stone bench.
I join him as he runs his hands though his face and groans.
"So what are you doing now?"
It takes him a moment to ungrip his head.
"I don't know. Bonart was my only connection to the group. I don't know about the others, but it won't be long before they would come get me."
"Then how much do you owe them?"
"About 30 thousand credits. Thankfully most of it was paid off by my sister, and this was supposed to be the last payment. But now, I don't even know if that's true now. He probably pocketed some of the money now that I think about it."
"So you really don't know if your debt is even paid? You don't really seem to have your stuff together."
"I... I don't know! I'm just a kid! YOU're even younger than me!"
"And yet, I am not in debt."
He looks at me with an expression I've not seen before.
"You're much too naive to be dealing with people with bad intentions."
"What do you know?"
"You're talking to me aren't you?"
"In any case, what would you do? Since you don't have a way to pay back the money, the people would certainly investigate. And with one of their men dead they won't be happy about it."
He looks at me with a bit of resignation, "I... I would need time to think about it... Please, just leave me alone."

It seems this boy won't allow you to get any closer. It seems that it is about late mid-day.
I have a bit of time before I would have to return to red eyes. What should I do?
No. 839131 ID: 3abd97

Give the boy your name, and tell him he can reach you through the adventure's guild, if he changes his mind.

Then go.
No. 839132 ID: b9b4da

Not enough time to get away with a double homicide. At least you have a name. Ask Redeyes about it later, say you overheard some strangers talking about how displeased he was.
For now, try out your new bird form! Puff up and chirp!
No. 839133 ID: 81e384

>What should I do?
You should realize that your actions had consequences. Unintended consequences. And that if you want to help someone, killing is not going to do so by default. As such, you are directly responsible for leaving this creature in a worse situation than it was before and without any options.

Ask him if giving him 30k credits would help him.
No. 839138 ID: 61e572

Well, he's not gonna help us find the criminals and we know what his mana looks like if we need to go after him again. We could go out in our new disguise, the only thing the dragonblood would change are the eyes, investigate ourselves a bit.

Oooor we could forget about this matter since it doesn't have anything to do with us anymore and get some ice cream!
No. 839139 ID: 13fded

He will either die with his problems or will come back at a late day.
If we have time let's bother that bird classmate. Maybe she can teach us a better fire spell than "cook your own hand with heat".
No. 839148 ID: 91ee5f

Introduce yourself to him by giving him your name. Then ask him what his name is.
No. 839149 ID: 2fe26a

No. 839151 ID: 91ee5f

Also, I'm pretty sure this kid isn't the only one that Bonart and his group were harassing.

If we tell Victoria about this, then she'll probably take care of it, since there's more than one person being victimized by this group of collectors. And we can even tell her that we heard they made one of their victim's sister "disappear"!

Now, here's the risky part of telling Victoria: Telling her about us killing Bonart. Obviously, someone will be sent to the alley to check and see if our story is true, but they won't find a body. That's when we act super surprised and confused and say, "That's where I left the body! Did someone come and get rid of it?!"

What do you guys think? Is that a good idea or a stupid idea?
No. 839152 ID: 2fe26a

Very stupid. That tips way more of our hand than we need to.
No. 839162 ID: 3ce125

Tell him you're not sure when you can come back, so if he decides he needs outside help he can contact you via the adventurer's guild. You're registered there under Emils. (this isn't revealing much since Emils is the only young rabbold in town with white fur and red eyes)

Then leave. Go to the market and check out what kind of things are worth thousands of credits. If you can find a valuable liquid you can duplicate it and sell it to make money... once you get your hands on a sample.
No. 839181 ID: 1298a3

I don't think it would be a wise idea to give the boy our name for now. Maybe ask him if we can meet up somewhere else later.
No. 839194 ID: 41c9bc

This, but ask for his name as well.
No. 839197 ID: 8b2654

"If you change your mind, the adventures guild is cheaper than paying off the mob. Or dying."

Let's go visit our birdfriend and see if she can teach us more magic. We need to learn more magic words, and maybe how to read magic.
No. 839208 ID: 61e572

>I would need time to think about it
"Okay, but you'll be running out of time soon if it goes on like this."

We go out as Bonart, pretending that we are acting on behalf of that organisation of his and cause trouble in the city with some adventurers / harass some nobles. The adventurers / authorities come crashing down on them, we don't have to kill anyone and no one would be surprised if Bonart suddenly disappeared in the middle of it. We'd have to know more about them, though, so let's keep asking the kid about it.
No. 839237 ID: 8d4593

Tell him you will Return here tomorrow.

Go Hunt in the wilds.
No. 839240 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I kinda figured it was stupid.

Hey, now that I think about it, when we absorbed Bonart, we also picked up his clothing and whatever he was carrying, right?

If we look through all of his stuff, we might find something useful!
No. 839255 ID: 3ce125

Hey you're right. Maybe we don't need Nick's help to find them, maybe there's a clue in the bird's belongings.
No. 839292 ID: be0718

Disregard mafiosos, acquire ice cream.
When you absorb a new species, can you only assume the form of the eaten individual? Can you change more extreme things like the gender? (Not that you'd notice much on an Avaros.)
No. 839293 ID: a2507c

Leave him alone, but tell him to leave you a message if he needs your particular kind of justice.

Are we Batman now?
No. 839295 ID: 41c9bc

No, Batman typically avoids killing. We're more along the lines of The Punisher, if he got a Venom symbiote.
No. 839301 ID: c88e6d

Leave him some way to contact you. He can be very useful. If we get lucky, they will simply threaten him into giving them your location and then you can consume them leisurely and socially acceptably. Also, if we are even luckier, we shall make another friend, like your lizard siblings.
No. 839302 ID: 474b09

No, punisher is sadistic.
We're more like River Tam. Or Owl Man. Maybe Rorschach.
No. 839325 ID: 8d4593

We're Dexter if Dexter had all his expertise none of his experience.
No. 839377 ID: 41c9bc

This seems more accurate, actually.
No. 839421 ID: 0c84a3

So, rookie dexter?
No. 839494 ID: 23a020
File 150894018575.png - (15.35KB , 600x400 , 469.png )

"Okay then." I respond as I slide off the bench.
"As I have said before, My name is Emils. If you ever decide to contact me, you may do so though the guilds." I do a small bow before turning around and walking away.

>Ponder consequences
It does seem that these creatures do get upset from death.
Your collective training on [Emils] has led her to be quick to kill others with no remorse.

>Change forms
I make my way into a small alley out of sight, ensuring that no witnesses are about and take off the clothes.
I close my eyes and let my slime seep though my form, adjusting bones and fur.
Getting the genetic data from my last donor producing feathers, scales, claws and beak. Adjusting my meat, bones and organs.


Feathers are a weird feeling.
No. 839495 ID: b9b4da

A handy skill for adventuring. Hesitation means death.

Is [Dragon] affecting your form still? You forgot the pigment! Try blue.
No. 839497 ID: 41c9bc

Dark Magical Girls are fine too.
No. 839498 ID: 81e384

White feathers with red eyes. Yes, it's the title changing the form again.

I suggest two things.
1. Do the experiment as written here: >>836388
2. Consume the other slime seed you obtained at the start >>/questarch/780387 . It's time we obtain its ability.
No. 839499 ID: 3d2d5f

Gonna have to vote no on consuming the seed.
No. 839500 ID: 41c9bc

Also gonna vote no on consuming the seed.
No. 839501 ID: 27600a

>time we gain it's ability
What, being-a-seed abilities or stuff Emils already has? No. Let's not waste a potential ally we'd not need to hide anything from.
No. 839506 ID: 3c7bdf

Can't do anything without the kid contacting us, so let's get some well deserved ice cream!
No. 839509 ID: 28a319

Also voting no on consuming the seed
You know what we should do with it? We should raise it to pair with that kid and make him a magical boy symbiote duo
No. 839516 ID: 3c7bdf

we make him blue eyed and black furred and call him anti-Emils!
No. 839522 ID: 0c84a3

experiment yes, eat seed no.
No. 839528 ID: 81e384

>>839499 >>839500 >>839501 >>839509 >>839522
What an optimistic bunch you are. Assuming that the seed even hatches before the end of the quest (which it probably won't and we'll just end up carrying that piece of junk forever like fools), the slime that hatches from it will consume everything on sight, just like our beloved slime did. Potential ally? More like potential enemy! It would either be killed by someone else, or we'd be forced to consume it to protect ourselves / our identity. And even if we'd magically be able to keep it out of trouble (which I highly doubt), it would take forever for it to learn the same stuff Emils did (if that's even possible). I see absolutely no benefit to a retarded ally (btw, we already have a bunch of better allies right now) on which we'd have to waste a ton of time, instead of using that time to train our own skills or gain new ones. It would also require mana stones. Are you OK with giving valuable manastones to that slime instead of consuming them ourselves and improving our own skills? Because I'm not. I'm not gonna sacrifice Emils' improvement for some irrelevant side character. We already have plenty of interesting characters to interact with so what's up with this greed to try and make another one?

Heed my words. Nothing good will come of this. Consuming the seed now would save us a bunch of trouble and the bonuses/abilities we gain from it would be much more useful.
No. 839529 ID: 0c84a3

i wanted to keep it more so we could release it later, and let it get caught. that way the guard supposedly find the predatory slime that i'm pretty sure they think's been prowling the slums.

no more reason for them to keep the graveyard case open.
No. 839530 ID: 0c84a3

also i doubt there are any bonuses or abilities to be gained from an infant of our own kind.
No. 839549 ID: 81e384

You don't even know if that predatory slime was Emils or not. I think it wasn't. Why? Because that slime was able to drain mana out of Reside in a way which I don't think Emils can. So using the slime from the seed as a scapegoat would not work in case there exists another predatory slime.

Did you see LU-5? It could spawn children, and it looked like it had 3 cores.
No. 839562 ID: 27600a

You make more assumptions than those you criticise, all we know for sure is that it's a seed that will at some point become a slime like Emils, there's no reason we'd get anything good from absorbing it and no reason it cannot learn like Emils has.
There's also nothing saying it will work out as intended, but it's interesting and people want to try it.
No. 839566 ID: 41c9bc

There is nothing to suggest that LU-5 is the same type of slime. It wasn't even the same color.
No. 839579 ID: 81e384

Heh. I won't say much due to backstage info, but I will say this. If we learn Appraisal/Identify/Analyse spell, we can use it on the seed and all will be revealed.
No. 839597 ID: 3ce125

Come to think of it, Emils should know how that's cast, since it was used in her presence. I'm guessing she just doesn't have the magic type/stone to cast it yet.
Man we really need to find where they keep the stones of dead mages.
No. 839650 ID: 13fded

I don't know why you would want Emils to get rid of something as awesome as dragon blood, but she doesn't need to consume to do so. If the purpose is only experiment she can expel the blood from her body, preferentially in a container to be easier to reabsorb latter. (maybe a skin bubble full of liquid)

We weren't focusing on the seed because there were any utility to it. It's Emils sibling, even if eating the vulnerable is an option to relatives having them succeed is also by it self a benefit.
Of course it will cause trouble, but we got to give it a chance. Whether we abandon in a safe location or raise it is another story.

About the actually relevant new form:

Are those wings? Can them sustain fly?
Every avaros we've seen were wearing ling sleeves, but they sleeves looked thin and not stuffed with feathers.
I think for some reason Emils's avaros form have been modify to be like the Avaros were before the dragons removed their wings.
No. 839656 ID: 3f38b6

D if you know something then just go to the Dis thread and tell us in a spoiler otherwise no one is going to agree to absorb the seed.

>Your collective training on [Emils] has led her to be quick to kill others with no remorse.
We've had a lot of chances to kill people and have avoided it so I think it's more accurate to say that only WHEN we decide to kill we kill quick with no remorse.
No. 839665 ID: be0718

Death upsets them less in passing than in person. Don't leave witnesses next time.
Gotta try getting that dragonblood out of your system. A blood bag is a good idea for holding it temporarily. You should read about or just plain ask Victoria what the uses and sources of Dragonblood are. It's why you look this way, it's natural to be curious about it.
No. 839666 ID: be0718

Remember to shift back to a rabbold before coming home, should you need direct instruction to not blow your cover.
No. 839668 ID: 3ce125

>blood bag to remove dragonblood temporarily
God damn it that's the perfect solution. Also, the best way to experiment with the consequences of her removing dragonblood from her system. If she gets stupid from doing that she can immediately take the dragonblood back in.
No. 839671 ID: 0c84a3

Well if using the seed as a 'fall man' is off the table, maybe we can keep it as a pet. When the seed matures name it Yllej.
No. 839673 ID: 41c9bc

No. 839778 ID: 600f38

Witnesses are fine, as long as you're not doing anything wrong.
Stopping criminals with a degree of force proportional to what they are using is not wrong.
No. 839839 ID: 2fe26a

Become a big burd and fly away from here. Spawn some new legends about the ancient Avaros.
No. 840915 ID: 74df18

As a great band of bards used to sing about it, "Spread your wings and fly away, fly away, far away"
No. 841052 ID: 61a285

Might as well experiment with the pigmentation a little. Try making darker spots on the feathers, then try to make symbols like ♠ or ♫ for fine control and so on.
No. 841885 ID: 23a020
File 150963400117.png - (17.78KB , 600x400 , 470.png )

"And so, you pull the wire taunt, tie it around the tent peg, and there you go! A nice small tent. Perfect for shelter."
No. 841886 ID: 23a020
File 150963417464.png - (19.21KB , 600x400 , 471.png )


"... Right. You go gather those plants. You know what they look right right?"
"Yes, I had seem them in the guild botanica."
"Great. There should be some around here. Just don't wander off too far, and try to come back before nightfall."

No. 841887 ID: e24b91

No. 841889 ID: 91ee5f

>Tent fail
It's a lot harder to do when you've got an audience, isn't it? XD

No. 841897 ID: 2fe26a

No. 841901 ID: e4abe1

No. 841902 ID: 90f3c0

No. 841904 ID: 13fded

I prefer to follow Victoria, but I would like to have Emils cheat by duplicating that plant with organic mimic offscreen.
No. 841907 ID: 41c9bc

No. 841930 ID: a43366

No. 841931 ID: c1f05e

both at the same time via split screen
No. 841933 ID: 0d45a9

Victoria. You having a spot of bother with that tent?
No. 841941 ID: 3c76af

Victoria, we spent too much time with Emils already
No. 841946 ID: c88e6d

No. 841948 ID: 27600a

It's been a while since we watched Victoria, also we need to see her defeat this tricky foe.
No. 841953 ID: 66a4ca

No. 841956 ID: 3d2d5f

No. 841957 ID: fdfcba

No. 841962 ID: d63ea8

No. 841968 ID: 314632

No. 841974 ID: 91ee5f

Looks like we're gonna be with Victoria.

But when Emils returns with the plants, can she also show Victoria the book we got from the Gravekeeper, the book that's just a bunch of crudely drawn pictures, and claim that she found it out here? If it's a porn book, then I kinda want to see Victoria's reaction to Emils having it! XD
No. 841977 ID: be0718

Emils. It's our first big outing!
No. 841989 ID: ba506f

No. 842042 ID: d6f268

Secret Option: Sumin

Always Secret Option: Sumin
No. 842043 ID: 0c84a3

victoria vs tent round 2
No. 842053 ID: 094652

No. 842057 ID: 5b93d3

Victora. Tent must be defeated!
No. 842183 ID: 23a020
File 150970669327.png - (11.78KB , 600x400 , 472.png )

Ha! Take that stupid tent!
It totally didn't take me another hour to set this thing up.

I pick up my sword, I'd better get some meat before it gets dark.
No. 842184 ID: 23a020
File 150970670421.png - (6.28KB , 600x400 , 473.png )

No. 842185 ID: 23a020
File 150970677341.png - (4.54KB , 600x400 , 474.png )


North towards forest.
East towards water source.
South towards Emils.
West towards road.
No. 842188 ID: e24b91

East. Maybe someone is drinking.
No. 842190 ID: 66a4ca


You're pretty sure Emils won't find any of those plants because you sent her in the wrong direction. So you're going to go look for the plants at the correct place instead. That way she would look at you in awe when you come back. This is how some lessons are done to help children remember things more clearly and try harder next time.
No. 842191 ID: 13fded

No. 842192 ID: 65dabf

Camping 101.
Let's see how is Emils doing, at least to check on her, then go East, best place to find an animal for sure.
No. 842193 ID: 094652

Next time, dig the main poles INWARD so the tent doesn't collapse at the center of gravity. It's not rocket science, Victoria.

East. Refill canteen for later.
No. 842195 ID: 66a4ca

No. 842200 ID: 600f38

You forgot the center pole that runs the length of the tent.

East, secure some water.
No. 842204 ID: 830fb7

looks like they are using a rope instead of a pole which will still work, the main problem that I see with the tent (By the look of the folding pattern) is that back pole line which seems to keep coming out of the ground (maybe the soil is too soft for it). She just needs to pull it back up then reassure the line solidly in the ground (This is all speculation based on experience building tents like this using just a tarp, branches, rope and pegs which seems to be what she is using). It could also be that she is just pulling to hard when pegging down the tent causing the knots to loosen and slide or it could be her knots are just not done right for this purpose.
Head to the water source, then once done there go keep an eye on Emils, since its her first time (that you know of) you should keep an eye on her just in case to see how she copes.
No. 842210 ID: 41c9bc

Head east and get some water. Plus, animals gather at water sources.
No. 842211 ID: d63ea8

East, at least there we won't have to deal with this obnoxious tent.
No. 842246 ID: be0718

North to hunt.
No. 842253 ID: 3ce125

East. Just don't let the kill contaminate the water.
No. 842263 ID: 30f4b7

East to gather water, then when you return to camp decide to instead create a lean-too (or however the fuck its spelled) instead of a FUCKING TENT WARBLEGARBLE
No. 842605 ID: 15a025

No. 842888 ID: 23a020
File 150997193878.png - (24.64KB , 600x400 , 475.png )

Checking the position of the daystar, I yell out to Emils that I will be around the area before grabbing my canteen and heading off towards the nearest river.

I spot a couple of beast trails along the way, keeping note of any that might be dangerous. Nothing hostile, as this place is not known to be territory of any aggressive beasts, but it pays to keep attention to the fauna.

Soon, the sound of running water enters my ears and I make my way out into the river clearing.

I fill up my canteen and take a look around.

>Action Hunt Fish Wander Return
No. 842891 ID: be0718

Swim like a fish.
No. 842893 ID: 66a4ca

Cool off your feet and tell us about what you've done yesterday.

Then hunt.
No. 842894 ID: 13fded

Latter we should definitely wander and fish with Emils. It will be fun.
For now let's hunt something. Maybe we can impress the little one with our skill.
No. 842897 ID: e24b91

No. 842898 ID: 41c9bc

Hunt for now, fish with Emils later.
No. 842899 ID: 2c8807

Check the banks for anything to hunt, animals have to drink too right?
No. 842902 ID: b15da4

Wander and ponder if the guild botanica mentioned what dangerous creatures liked to feed on those plants.
No. 842907 ID: 094652

Did you bring a net?

Hunt - it's what you do.
No. 842914 ID: 91ee5f


While you're searching for your prey, ponder if you could perhaps teach Emils how to cook?
No. 843165 ID: 23a020
File 151006997254.png - (11.09KB , 600x400 , 476.png )

As nice as that sounds, it would be better if Emils was around with me. It's safer since I won't be around my sword if I do take a dip.

>Fishing with Emils
Might not be a bad idea, but only if she can gather up her quota. These low level herb picking requests have basically been done to death, and less of these herbs has been found compared to years before.

The lands around the city are relatively safe enough for travel due to hunting quests proposed by the city. Any overly dangerous beasts tend to quickly taken care of by those who wants to raise their ranks, but don't want to leave out to less civilized areas.

I'm no chef, but I have taught her how to prepare basic meals and how to properly cook meat. The thought that she has been eating raw meat makes me shudder.

I follow upstream, quickly spotting some basking Sarous along the river banks.
Perfect sitting targets since they're slow out of water, and this early in the morning they are less alert.

I raise my sword and aim myself towards a sleeping Sarous before dashing into it, stabbing my sword past it's soft scales and deep into it's ribs.
It yells out, alerting the others as they all begin waddling into the water, but it's too late for this one.
It flails in panic and shock, quickly running out of energy as it bleeds out.
I pull my sword out and stab it though it's head, ending it's cries.

I flip it onto it's back and cut it's neck to bleed it out and open it's chest to extract it's mana stone. It's about the size of my thumb as I wash the gore off.
Removing it's inedible innards, I bring it back to camp to prepare it for consumption.

Before I reach the treeline, I hear people. Two of them. They seem to be walking slow and cautious.

Hold Position
Call out
Ignore footsteps and return
Return Quietly
No. 843166 ID: 094652

Spy on them.
No. 843167 ID: 13fded

Approach quietly.
You want to be aware of the people around you in an isolated area and, if they represent a threat, keep the element of surprise for as long as you can.
No. 843170 ID: 2fe26a

Call out. 'Stand and deliver!'
No. 843171 ID: 66a4ca

Ignore them and continue. There's no reason to act hostile by default.
No. 843179 ID: 91ee5f

>Before I reach the treeline, I hear people. Two of them. They seem to be walking slow and cautious.
Do they sound like they're coming towards you or do they sound like they're going in the direction Emils went?
No. 843180 ID: 65dabf

Might as well check who they are. Not to be a creep, just to be sure, but try to sneak up on them. Being cautious has never kill anyone
No. 843185 ID: 41c9bc

Hold and listen.
No. 843198 ID: b9b4da

Hold position. Hide inside the Sarous' entrails to stay warm.
No. 843206 ID: 3ce125

Hold Position.
No. 843235 ID: 600f38

Hold and Listen
No. 843445 ID: 23a020
File 151013934569.png - (24.99KB , 600x400 , 477.png )

I outside the forest, standing by a tree as I wait.
I can see the two, a Rabbold and Avaros. Probably hunters, carrying a type of war hammer and rifle.
They are still far off and yet to notice me.

>Action Leave them Hail them
No. 843446 ID: 66a4ca

Hail them.

Ask them how's the hunt. Also, ask if there's been anything unusual going around here lately.
No. 843449 ID: 13fded

This but let them present themselves as hunter before before asking questions related to the activity.
No. 843456 ID: 65dabf

Wait, a hammer? that's an unpractical hunting item, isn't it? A spear or even a sword would be more aceptable, but a hammer?
No. 843462 ID: 41c9bc

Good for cracking open shelled monsters.

Still, they're a bit suspicious. You should quietly get back to Emils.
No. 843464 ID: b9b4da

Leave them. Just a couple of murder hobos in the same business as you.
No. 843493 ID: 3ce125

Say hello. What are they gonna do, try to shoot you out of nowhere?
No. 843495 ID: 91ee5f

Hail them.

If they're hunting something dangerous out here, then you should know about it! Especially since you've got a kid out here with you!
No. 843502 ID: be0718

Leave them, lest the arquebusier mistake you for a deer holding a sword.
No. 843567 ID: 7152b7

If one has a rifle best let them know you're here, and to watch out for a young rabold.
Don't need anyone getting shot by accident.
No. 843623 ID: 3abd97

No. 843643 ID: e24b91

No. 843773 ID: 23a020
File 151023374594.png - (11.60KB , 600x400 , 478.png )

I call out towards them, stepping out into the open a few meters away from them.

"What brings two hunters out here?"

"Ah it the White Lightning." The lady gives a small bow of her head as I retrain a frown at the nickname.
The old man just grunts as he shoulders his warhammer and brings his gaze towards the surroundings.
"I am Signar," she motions to herself and then towards the old man, "and this is Matt. We are seeking out a mana beast that has wandered into the area,"

"Anything to be worried about? I am here as an quest escort."

"Nay, tis just a Weaver, D class. More likely to skitter off rather than confronting anyone." the old man responds, shouldering his war hammer.
"You haven't perchance come upon any trails?"

I shake my head, "Can't say that I have, but I've only been here recently."

She whispers to him and he nods before turning back to me, "Thank you. We should really get going before we lose it's trail completely."
I nod and let them walk away.

>Action Follow Return
No. 843775 ID: be0718

Follow. What a tangled web of lies they weave.
No. 843776 ID: 0c84a3

okay, the choice of weapon makes a lot more sense now that we know it's a monster hunt.
No. 843778 ID: 2c8807

Seems legit enough, head back and look for Emils.
No. 843780 ID: 66a4ca

So, why were you called the White Lightning?

You said yourself that you're more of a solo person so it's not in your style to go around following random hunters. Also, it might be better to reunite with Emils if a mana beast could be in the vicinity. At least for a day or so until the hunters would've had enough time to track it down.
No. 843781 ID: 3d2d5f

Warhammer seems an odd choice for hunting.

Return. Whatever they're up to isn't your business.
No. 843783 ID: 65dabf

Come back, for all we know, they could be here for you, since they know who you are. That warhammer is still weird, but, if it's important, you'll cross them later.
What's with that nickname anyway?
No. 843792 ID: 91ee5f

There's no need to follow them, so let's return to our camp.

We've got food to cook and a kid to take care of.
No. 843793 ID: 41c9bc

Follow, stealthily.
No. 843794 ID: 2fe26a

Follow in a way that makes it obvious they're being followed.
No. 843809 ID: 0c84a3

if you're hunting for food, yes, as you want the body mostly intact so it can be butchered. if you're hunting monsters though, you want whatever can do the most damage the fastest, and recovering the body intact is less of a priority, so someone more proficient with hammers might take their preferred weapon over a game-hunting weapon.
No. 843811 ID: 0c84a3

Do not follow. retrieve your kill, meet up with Emils, and return to camp.
No. 843813 ID: 3ce125

Do you think Emils could take out the Weaver? This could be a good opportunity for her to get some combat experience.

Return, maybe talk to Emils about it if she's there.
No. 843814 ID: 0d45a9

Thank them and return. They know you're in the area with trainees, so they won't accidentally shoot you, and you know there's a mana beast in the area.

You should probably go find Emils, don't want her running into a mana beast. What are they anyway?
No. 843854 ID: 17e0b4

Tell them to remember to keep on their toes, been some weird shit happening of late.
No. 844006 ID: 094652

You know Emils will jump into the hunt given the chance. Follow and explain that you want to clear the area in case the hunt agitates the surrounding ecosystem, which could put your charge in danger. And she'll leap in willingly. You'll accept a pittance for your services.
No. 844043 ID: 23a020
File 151030481917.png - (7.06KB , 600x400 , 479.png )

>White Lightning
It's... ugh.
A nickname derived from my boost and spark spells.
It's dumb and stupid and shut up.

I pick up dinner and head back to the camp, waving off the pair.


I frown at the fallen tent.
I yell out to her before setting the body aside to be processed.
She shouldn't have gotten too far as I take out my knife and start carving out pieces of meat for processing.

I hear rustling of leaves coming towards the camp, but the footsteps sounds heavy and totally not in the same way Emils' are.
Something big is coming.

No. 844044 ID: be0718

Throw the entire carcass at it.
No. 844045 ID: e24b91

Check what it is. If it's hostile, chuck body at it and then go to town.
No. 844047 ID: 13fded

Move to the side and prepare your weapon. If the creature charge at you it's better that it's path doesn't goes over our meal. If it came for the meat we can divide it's attention and ambush.
No. 844048 ID: 66a4ca

Stand up, move around a bit and cast Lux to be able to better see what it is. Lux should also distract it if it's a monster. But other than that, you shouldn't overreact, White Lightning.
No. 844050 ID: c1f05e

leave the meat as bait, hide in ambush, kill what comes to eat it as a second lunch
No. 844053 ID: 094652

do this one
No. 844061 ID: 65dabf

Remind me, White Lightning (you are not going to hear the end of it XD) what are your abilities. If you can boost your speed or somthing, you could use this to your advantage. Stay away crom the carcase and prepear to take action.
No. 844064 ID: 41c9bc

No. 844065 ID: 600f38

Move to position the carcass between it and yourself, and see what it is.
No. 844070 ID: 66a4ca

Hide in the meat.
No. 844091 ID: 3ce125

Seems reasonable.
No. 844094 ID: 91ee5f

>footsteps sounds heavy and totally not in the same way Emils' are.
Rude, don't call Emils fat!

No. 844139 ID: 23a020
File 151036289128.png - (28.55KB , 800x600 , 480.png )

I abandon the carcass, grab by sword, and dash into a nearby bush, hiding myself from the open campsite.

The sound gets closer and closer and stops just before the clearing.
Damn, I can't get a clear view from here.

The bushes rustle as two scythes slides out and parts the foliage.
Red lights glisten as it takes a closer look.

That... that's Emils' voice...

No. 844140 ID: 3abd97

Is she behind it or something?


Keep your position, be on guard, see what Emils says.
No. 844141 ID: ba56e6

It could have the ability to mimic voices it's heard. Wait and see if it says anything else.
No. 844144 ID: be0718

Reply in the affirmative.
No. 844146 ID: e24b91

Say nothing. It could be a mimic or some crazy shit. Keep hidden. Defend yourself if needed.
No. 844147 ID: c88e6d

Call out and ask where she is.
No. 844149 ID: 91ee5f

The creature those hunters were looking for, the Weaver, what do you know about them? Are they capable of mimicking voices?

>Red eyes on top of the creature.
.....could Weavers be tamed? Emils could've tamed this creature, whatever it is, and is now riding on it's back.
No. 844150 ID: 0c84a3

agh this one's frustrating... this could just as easily be a trap by a clever mana beast as a misunderstanding with Emils.

lets face it, she grew up alone, how do you know you're the only one who went hunting? the odd gait and appearance could just be the result of something she's carrying.
No. 844151 ID: 0d45a9

Get ready to dodge, and reply in the affirmative. Could be this thing is mimicking voices, or it has Emils. Replying puts you at risk but you have to check this.

What can you tell us about manabeasts? Do they have any intelligence such that they might capture someone to use as bait?
No. 844172 ID: 13fded

The red eyes on the top could belong to our young rabold apprentice, but the five in the middle of keratinous claws definitely belong to a monster.
She could be in terrible danger or had donne something incredible. Since our priority should be protect the young lets assume the worst.
Get your reinforces ready and reveal yourself. An ambush would be ideal but we can't let Emils alone. Ask where she is but keep your eyes on the target.
No. 844200 ID: 3ce125

Oh my god, did Emils tame the Weaver? Say yes, but be ready for combat in case it's some kind of trick.
No. 844218 ID: 66a4ca

That's definitely not Emils.

No. 844239 ID: 7152b7

Predatory slimes can sometimes mimic people to draw prey closer. Who know's how long that thing's been watching you.

Get some distance from it! Maybe it'll settle for the Carcasse.
No. 844247 ID: 23a020
File 151039791301.png - (21.11KB , 800x600 , 481.png )

Its head instantly snap towards my voice.
I quietly retreat from the clearing, making sure I don't get spotted.

"Victoria, where are you?"

I feel it's gaze following me, even though the foliage.
It steps out of the green and into the camp.
It's long sleek legs digs into the ground as it skitters forwards slowly.
Light shines over it's black carapace, and its red eyes scan across the terrain.
It's a weaver mana beast alright.

"I know you're there Victoria."

... and Emils is just sitting on it.
No. 844248 ID: e24b91

God damnit, Emils. How the fuck did you do that?
No. 844249 ID: 66a4ca

Demand that Emils explains herself.
No. 844251 ID: 830fb7

I just know Emils is going to be getting the nickname/title Monster whisperer after pulling off this one.
No. 844253 ID: 13fded

What are you doing?
No. 844254 ID: 2c8807

"...I see you've made a new friend."
No. 844256 ID: d9cd96

In before "I see your tent has collapsed again"
No. 844265 ID: 600f38

Is that the Weaver they were hunting?
Well, if Emils can communicate with it then it's not too dangerous.

Ask her what she promised it to get it to give her a lift.
No. 844266 ID: 0d45a9

Just how did you get that mana beast to let you ride it?
No. 844268 ID: c1f05e

i'm gonna need an explanation for this.
No. 844269 ID: 2c8807

tip top dragon clan bantz
No. 844271 ID: 91ee5f

"Emils.....how did you.....?"
No. 844275 ID: 7152b7

"What the actual Fuck"
No. 844279 ID: d63ea8

Um, can mana weaver beasts even be domesticated?
No. 844281 ID: 65dabf

Ok, i was actually expecting something like this, but i really didn't prepare a comeback. I am speechless.
No. 844282 ID: 3abd97

She's a monster whisperer, Victoria. Gotta admit that's impressive.

(Also that thing is pretty sturdy considering how heavy Emils is).
No. 844289 ID: c88e6d

Ask Emils how she tamed a Weaver and why she's acting strangely.
No. 844294 ID: be0718

Chalk it up to Emils being a strange feral child and definitely not Emils trying to kill you. Ask Emils what she's doing up there.
No. 844297 ID: 0c84a3

No. 844327 ID: ba56e6

That's some kid.
No. 844370 ID: 23a020
File 151045275160.gif - (34.90KB , 800x600 , 482a.gif )

"Emils, what are you doing?"
"I made a new friend!"

... Okay.
Mana beasts have been 'tamed' before. No reason to panic.

"How did you do that?"
"I just said 'Hello' and it said 'hello' back!"

Of course by 'tame' I mean they have just been corralled and are peaceful enough just meander to wherever we want them to go. They have never really been under any control.

"Mana beasts can't talk."
High pitch whirring can be heard, from I assume the mana beast and... Emils?
"Sammy says he can. You just don't know what he's saying."

... What?
"He also says he sees you too."
No. 844371 ID: e24b91

Well Emils has this under control. Come out and say high to Sammy. Introduce yourself and have Emils translate.
No. 844372 ID: be0718

Okay. Move out of the weaver's way. What does he like to talk about?
No. 844373 ID: 91ee5f

Look out! Sammy is trying to hug you! Jump outta the way!

Once you get away, tell Emils to tell Sammy to not hurt you!
No. 844375 ID: 13fded

Emils is safe, somehow. We need to run. Keep a health distance and ask to Emil to stop helping Sammy hunt you.
No. 844378 ID: 3abd97

Well I guess she learned some degree of animal empathy living in the wilderness all those years?

Carefully come out of cover and observe your charge and 'pet'.
No. 844379 ID: 15a025

Ask Emlis where she learned its language?
No. 844381 ID: 7152b7

Know any other languages?
Speak to Emils in one she hasn't heard.

Also, Distance. Make some.
No. 844384 ID: 0c3362

Yeah, uh, it's cool that Emils seems to be able to communicate with this thing but maybe err on the side of caution unless and until you can verify she can keep it from doing anything like randomly attacking you.

I mean, it might be fine, but play it safe?
No. 844386 ID: 830fb7

Ok, this ( >>844251 ) is definitely going to happen now that people know she can speak to monsters.
No. 844394 ID: 600f38

"How many are there?"
No. 844401 ID: ba56e6

No. 844403 ID: 3ce125

Relocate. Preferably out in the open so you can keep an eye on your surroundings.

Tell Emils to tell her new friend to keep his distance from you. Assuming the Weaver actually does that, you can sit down and begin your meal. Especially important is asking how the hell Emils is able to speak with mana beasts-- did she learn that, or was she born with that ability?
No. 844426 ID: 65dabf

Tell her that as long as "he" wants to just talk, you have no problem, but you would prefer to not have any physical contact of any sorts.
No. 844427 ID: 0d45a9

Could you ask Sammy to move it's leg back? I've never heard of a mana beast that's peaceful before, so I'm a little bit on edge. No offence.
No. 844453 ID: 094652

Tell Emils to keep "Sammy" from getting too close. And they need to get back to town before the hunting duo come back and kill him!

We can pretend-bind him with a few yards of "rope" made out of Sammy's silk glands and show him to the local monster ranchers, come to an arrangement; buy a stable and get a cut of the profits from his silk.
No. 844461 ID: 66a4ca

The weaver could just be using Emils so that it could kill you both of you at the same time.

So stay cautious. Or rather, set up a trap. Try to appear vulnerable to see if the weaver is going to attack you, but be ready to evade the attack.
No. 844471 ID: 23a020
File 151048647223.png - (26.35KB , 800x600 , 483.png )

I shift myself away from it's scythe before standing out from the brush.
"Emils, are you sure you can understand it?"

"I can understand him just fine."
The weaver chitters and raises one of it's front scythes towards me, "He says nice to meet you."
"um... Hello, nice to meet you too." I take it in hand and shakes it.

Emils chitters back to the weaver and it chitters back.
"Sammy said that they're sorry for what happened to your people."
The weaver chitters as Emils translate, "The other facilities will fall too. Your people must recall the creators."
The weaver is... pantomiming?
"Your people must go to the center. Awake mother. She will call the creators."
"Wait, I don't understand!? Who are you talking about?"
"Insufficient clearance level. Three has already malfunctioned. This sector can not last should another fall."

The weaver picks up Emils, "oh," before setting her down onto the ground.
They begin chittering again, but I interrupt.
"Stop! Explain further! I don't understand what you mean?!"

It chitters, "Insufficient clearance level. Attempting to dispense obfuscated information. Go Center, Wake Mother, Summon Creators, Repair Facilities, Save Natives."

I... I'm not sure what to do about this...
No. 844472 ID: be0718

Absolutely nothing. She's just making stuff up, don't worry your pretty little head about it! Tell her to send the weaver packing, at least, you saw some hunters going after it earlier.
No. 844473 ID: 3a76af

that's an epic quest if i've ever heard one.
this is a big deal, whatever this is.

can you ask, in this order of importance:
"are 'Natives'.. my species? all species? define",
"the center of what?",
"what do you mean by 'sector'?",
"what species is 'mother'"?
and "what are the 'facilities' supposed to do that they can't do anymore?"
No. 844474 ID: e24b91

Ask where the center is. That's the most important thing. Second would be how to wake mother.

Thank Sammy and give it info about hunters looking for it, two of them, and their last known location and heading. Ask it to please avoid them if it can.
No. 844476 ID: 64610c

That feeling when you know exactly what they're talking about, but it's all meta-knowledge...
No. 844477 ID: 66a4ca

Interesting. This weaver seems to know what happened to your people. Your people being the northern rabbolds. If you can make this connection, then this gives some credit to its words.

Could this creature know the reasoning behind [Mana] plague? Ask if it knows anything about that. Learning this would be extremely important.

And if it knows that then.. the fact that it's telling you what you should do would mean it knows how to fix it, which is even more important. To reverse the effects of [Mana] plague. The center is probably the center of the world. So the Dragon's Ridge. There's where you must go to find "mother".

Lastly, it's warning you that this kingdom could be hit with [Mana] plague as well. You know this isn't something to be taken lightly.
No. 844481 ID: 0c3362

Well, none of that sounds very good. It doesn't really seem like a leap of logic to connect what it's talking about with the mana plague.

If it could at least tell you where the "center" is, the rest of that seems like it would either be obvious or become clear if you went there. It seems to be having trouble giving you a straight answer for some reason, though.

And yeah go ahead and warn it about the hunters. If it can just avoid them entirely that'd probably be best for everyone involved.

Are mana beasts supposed to be intelligent like this?
No. 844482 ID: 0d45a9

Okay, I think there is a communication issue here, the weaver is using completely different terminology (Or is forced to be obtuse from the sounds of "Insufficient clearance") and Emils is translating it literally.

By facilities and fallen, and the reference to your people, I'm guessing it means mana towers and mana plagues? How many mana plagues have happened in the past, 3 I'm guessing?

As for centre, mother, and creators, maybe it's trying to refer to dragon's ridge and something to do there?

Ask if mana-beasts have always been intelligent and if it's just been communication issues causing the violence all along.
No. 844483 ID: 7152b7

What... Are you?
No. 844485 ID: 2c8807

Huh, I think it's not that you don't have clearance, it's the creature itself that isn't at liberty to give out information.

Also be sure to keep a look around for those hunters, they're likely to kill it on sight before you manage to get the answers you need.
No. 844486 ID: 13fded

Mother should be the origin or the creator of the mana beasts.
No. 844491 ID: 65dabf

Ask who has enough clearance level. If he can't answer that, ask where the center is, although i think we already know where to start looking.
No. 844498 ID: 3abd97

>Insufficient clearance level. Attempting to dispense obfuscated information.
It sounds like it is bound by some kind of geas or code of conduct, and is trying to circumvent those rules.

The "natives" are probably rabolds. Or the races in general.

What if by "facilities" it means "towers"? It knows what happened to your people- what if it's talking about the mana plague? What else would a mana beast understand?

The most important question to ask is "where is the center". Once you know where to look, you could figure everything else out from there.
No. 844504 ID: 9876c4

This seems like the kind of thing we need to report.

Not expecting a lot of bureaucratic action, but maybe we can get a dungeoneering patron.
No. 844505 ID: ba56e6

Okay, three questions.

What are Natives?
How do we wake Mother?
And are you talking about the mana plague?
No. 844507 ID: c88e6d

Ask if you are a Native.

Also yeah uh... Considering the fact that your home kingdom was completely destroyed, I think you should probably consider this information as truthful.
No. 844511 ID: 3ce125

Okay, fine. Sounds like "mother" can contact the Dragons to get them to come back and repair the mana towers. Only question is...

Ask where the center is. ...maybe it's that place you're going on a mission.
Also I guess since the Weaver is helping you, you should warn him about the hunters.
No. 844515 ID: 600f38