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File 148929251384.png - (9.60KB , 600x400 , 095.png )
786753 No. 786753 ID: 6cbace

Prev Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/780239.html QuestDis: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/108985.html

"Alright class, Today we're having a new face. Why don't you introduce yourself."
"Hello, I am Emils."
"Please find a seat and we'll get class started."
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No. 786758 ID: 6cbace
File 148929275705.png - (8.70KB , 600x400 , 096.png )

The new girl sits by my desk. The old chair creaks softly as she rests her weight on it.
I lean forward to get a closer look at her face,
"Hey, I'm Eliot."

Not much of a talker is she.
No. 786759 ID: 70983e

She uses her mouth for other things.
No. 786760 ID: 5019e2

Sit in the chair in the back of the room and nearest to the window. This will mark you as important and ensure good fortune and survival.

Or, at least an interesting time.

Bonus points if the floor you're on is two stories up or higher.
No. 786761 ID: a363ac

Declare to the new girl that you are the ruler of this class and she should listen to everything you say.
No. 786762 ID: 63dff0

We're not playing as Emils right now.

Try and get her to open up.
No. 786764 ID: ba506f

ask what classes she has next, see if you share any of them.
No. 786769 ID: 398fe1

Tell her if she needs help with class you can study with her.
No. 786770 ID: 3abd97

Maybe she's not much a talker. The important question: is she cute?
No. 786774 ID: d79f26

make friends
No. 786776 ID: 91ee5f

Lean back so only the back 2 legs of the chair are on the floor. All the cool kids do that and this will show the new girl that you are cool. And then hilariously fall backwards and hit the floor! XD
No. 786782 ID: 094652

Ask her how much she weighs. Go ahead. Ask.
No. 786787 ID: 1226ae

Say she's pretty and that you want to be friends. Take the bold approach.
No. 786789 ID: 9ac535

Them eyes. She looks ready to FUCKING LEARN SOME SHIT. She should lighten up. Tell her a joke.
No. 786792 ID: 6cbace
File 148929753795.png - (12.22KB , 600x400 , 097.png )

Yes, well, we all do.
We're already sitting at the back of the class. The floor is flat though.

"So, I'm kind of the leader of this class."
She gives me a sideways glance, narrowing her eyes.
Yeah that lie ain't gonna work.

"If you need any help in class, feel free to ask."

Yeah, totally not a talker. Not much of a looker either. If not for her weird colors, she'd probably be the most uninteresting girl in the world.

"So um. Got any hobbies?"

No, that's a horrible idea. Never ask a girl their weight, I learned that the hard way from my sister.
No. 786793 ID: ba506f

soooo, she cooks then? She did say food was her hobby.
No. 786794 ID: 398fe1

What kinda food? Does she cook?
No. 786795 ID: f938df

> Not much of a looker either. If not for her weird colors, she'd probably be the most uninteresting girl in the world.
Wow, she's super cute though. Your taste is just bad. Make it your #1 goal to make her your girlfriend!
No. 786796 ID: 0d1514

Give her your lunch.
No. 786797 ID: 0d1514

Emils has 2 charisma
No. 786799 ID: 9876c4

Think about explosions and breasts.
And that really sweet broadsword you saw one time.

DO NOT surrender your lunch.
No. 786800 ID: 91ee5f

>No, that's a horrible idea. Never ask a girl their weight, I learned that the hard way from my sister.
She kicked you in the balls when you asked that, didn't she? XD
No. 786802 ID: 70983e

Give her your lunch money, nerd.
No. 786803 ID: 8d4593

She had 2 charisma when she could barely understand language and was unable to speak.

She's probably at 3 right now.
No. 786804 ID: 0b99d7

I'm sure she'll open up eventually, let her be new and awkward for now, pay attention to class.
No. 786808 ID: 094652

Try waving your dessert in front of her face. See if she grabs it with her mouth.
No. 786809 ID: 6cbace
File 148931588665.png - (10.94KB , 600x400 , 098.png )

"So uh, Food huh. Any good at cooking?"
"What is cooking?"
"It's um, the making of food?"
"... I have never made food."

Food here is prepared by the shrine people, we don't actually bring any food along with us. Except Strot. He has to catch his own food.

N- no. I don't want to talk about it.

Fine, but class is boring.
No. 786810 ID: ba506f

what's this class's subject anyways?
No. 786811 ID: e4abe1

ask her if she want's to learn how to cook food?
No. 786812 ID: d0a9a0


Explain to her that cooking and preparing food makes it more nutritious and taste better. You'd be happy to show her a couple of things, if she's interested. And if you don't feel confident, refer her to your sister.
No. 786814 ID: d79f26

just keep a light but steady interest and she'll open it in no time and you will get a cute girlfriend.
No. 786815 ID: 983a84

Pay attention to your damn class you fool.
No. 786816 ID: 8d4593

Wierd. She's weird. The mentioning of cooking seems to have peaked her interest though. She's glaring at you. Maybe show her cooking some time?
And maybe ask why she's looking at you that way.
No. 786817 ID: 0b99d7

>Fine, but class is boring
Fair enough, but you don't want to get her told off the second she arrives because you were bored, school might suck but that isn't cool... even though it's boooring
No. 786818 ID: 70983e

You've never made food? You should try it!

...Not literally right now, of course. I would never imply that. What would she even make it out of?
No. 786823 ID: 6cbace
File 148932447579.png - (1.92KB , 600x400 , 099.png )

Today is maths. No one likes maths. Not even maths likes maths.
Instead, have a look at the class. Marie - Teacher Alice(F), Bea(F), Hoor(M) Charls(M), Forest(M), Strot(?) Emils(?), Eliot(M), Empty

My sister, much to my father's dismay, is a terrible cook.
"Making food is easy, according to my father. Well, it makes things taste better in the end."
"I see."
"If you want, my father likes to cook. I could show you how."

She's not really cute. Kind of awkward to be around her, really.
No. 786824 ID: d9d492

How about Alice and Bea? Are they cute? What makes them cute? Asking for a friend.
No. 786825 ID: 70983e

>Alice, Bea, Hoor, Charles
How dare he interrupt the alphabet combo! Hoor must pay for his crimes.
No. 786826 ID: ba506f

why is strot a (?).
No. 786827 ID: 70983e

I'll bet they're a genderless being in disguise, like a slime or something.
No. 786829 ID: 9876c4

Pretty sure his life will already be ruined by the first Irishman he runs into, ya hooer.
No. 786830 ID: 0b99d7

who are your regular fiends and what do you normally do to pass math time?
No. 786840 ID: 8d4593

>Kind of awkward to be around her, really.
Well yeah. That face is almost totally devoid of expression. It's hard to be cute when you're all bunched up like that.

Makes you curious though doesn't it?
Like... What could be going on in her head right now for her to just be stuck like that? It's a mystery.
No. 786855 ID: 3abd97

How much does he get made fun of for his name.

Geeze you've been calling her a girl but you can't even tell?
No. 786920 ID: e934d1

Who's this Strot person, and why are they the only other person you're unclear on the gender of? Also, cut Emils some slack. She probably stands out too much already with her strange coloring, so the awkwardness is probably a defense mechanism to avoid excess attention.
No. 786936 ID: 91ee5f

>Who's this Strot person
Obviously, they're the person that Strots their stuff!
*ba dum tss*
No. 786991 ID: fa73ea

>She's not really cute
shows what you know.
No. 787063 ID: 6cbace
File 148942266397.png - (18.42KB , 600x400 , 100.png )

Alice is a bit snippy. She's smart, but easily distracted. A bit bigheaded about how strong she is at magic, but her missing arm is a testament to how bad she is at controlling it.

Beatrice is kinda cute, but she's with Hoor. A ball of enthusiasm.

Hoor does what Hoor wants.

Strot is a Nereya. I don't know anything about his people, or his actual gender. He acts like a guy with the boys, but acts like a girl with the girls.
He can't actually talk right, what with his head in that water bubble, so he communicates by writing with bubbles somehow. His skin isn't pleasant to touch at all.

Charls and Forrest are half brothers. Forrest being the smarter older one while Charls is more emotional.
No. 787064 ID: b15da4

Hmm. Hoor is big, but Alice's magic sounds tasty. Not sure who to eat first.

If you're bored, might as well do your homework now so you have free time later. Or you could pass a note "from" Emils to Charls saying she thinks he's cute.
No. 787066 ID: 398fe1

What's the next class? Are you any good at magic? Ask Emils if she can use magic.
No. 787079 ID: 318375

Ask her how long she's been in the town for.
No. 787097 ID: 8d4593

Strot seems cool. Bizarre, but cool.
I wonder how he would act around this weirdo next to you.
No. 787102 ID: e934d1

Well if you're bored you could always use my old go to. Daydream about the cutest person in school.
No. 787124 ID: 3abd97

Alice might want to befriend a classmate who can regenerate limbs.

>cute otions
Well there's bird, cute-but-taken, fish-thing-of-unknown-gender, and almost-the-most-uninteresting-girl.

Unless you're into birds, weird girl looks like your best option.

Or if you're into dudes there's the brothers to pick between.
No. 787130 ID: ba506f

so out of all those people how many are you friends with and is their anyone you just can't stand?
No. 787135 ID: 0b99d7

Seems like a pretty neat class of people, even if the current subject isn't all that interesting.
Anything cool happen recently?
No. 787256 ID: 6cbace
File 148947599411.png - (12.39KB , 600x400 , 101.png )

He's a pretty swell guy. If only he could talk better.

Everyone in class tolerates each other, as far as I can tell. Forrest is everyone's friend.

Nothing except the whole missing guards a few days ago. Whole kingdom's on alert in case it's some kind of enemy attack.

"So how long have you been here?"
"Three days."
"Really? Then I guess all this is new to you."
"Everything is new to me."
"Where did you live before?"
"Under a big rock."
I give a small snort at that joke.

We tend to spend a subject a day. Tomorrow would be classes on the different local cultures around here.

"Say Emils, know any good magic?"
"I don't know. Do you know how to use magic?"
"Everyone in this room knows how to use it."
Oh, she seems to show some interest in that.
I start pointing out to the others.
"Alice there is supposedly a promising pyromancer. Unfortunately she had a bit of an accident and no longer uses fire magic.
Bea is really good at physical enhancements, once saw her kick a stone right though a tree.
Hoor is a great healer. Told me he got that big by training his body until it hurts, and then heals himself better before doing it all over again.
Charls is a cryomancer, and Forrest is good with detection magic.
For some ironic reason, Strot is stupid good with wind magic, and piss poor with water magic. That device around his neck allows him to breathe while out on land.
And lastly, me. I'm good with spacial magic. My specialty is adjusting the weight of stuff."
"That seems useful."
"Unfortunately it costs a lot to use. So what kind of magic can you use?"
"Temperature and Body magic."
"Huh... That's kind of vague..."
No. 787264 ID: c31aac

to be fair, we were pretty vague ourselves.
"What kinda body magic?"
No. 787266 ID: 398fe1

Maybe Temperature is like pyromancy and cryomancy in one. Body might be physical enhancement and healing in one? It's probably information she got from an Appraisal and she hasn't tried it out yet, nor has it been explained to her. It'll require experimentation probably.

How did you figure out your magical talent?
No. 787268 ID: 094652

I think she classifies her magic as entropy type - she can alter the composition of matter by simulating temporal augmentation with thermal energy - in other words, aging it with heat. Might be useful when it comes to cooking and fermenting

No. 787278 ID: 65d0ff

> Do you know how to use magic?
I would've expected her to require at least a few weeks before she would learn to talk and form questions.

Ask her what's her favourite food.
Ask her to show you her magic.
No. 787279 ID: ba506f

>"Where did you live before?"
>"Under a big rock."
>I give a small snort at that joke.
holly crap, their might be some hope for her yet if she can crack jokes.

Anyways since you're already tell her about the other kids might as well give her a brief explanation what they're like. She looks like a little bit antisocial so giving her some tips on what the others are like might help her connect a little easier.
No. 787282 ID: d0a9a0


Sounds like she'd do well with Transmutation and Evocation schools. Her healing is probably specialized to personal, as is common for Transmutation specialist.
No. 787286 ID: 6cbace
File 148949959628.png - (13.32KB , 600x400 , 102.png )

We get Appraised when we get our ID bracelets, typically when we reach 10. From there, we learn our major proficiency, and from trial and error, we learn our minor proficiencies and specializations.
"Body" magic could be any type of magic that affects the body, while "temperature" could be any range of spells from something that can heat your fingers, to conjuring ice out of thin air. It's really vague.

"Magic require image, focus and cost."
I grab the book i have under the desk and lean back, letting my sense of balance be my focus. I concentrate upon my hands whisper out my spell in draconian tongue.
"{Spacial:Gravity:[Negative]; Target:[Coordinates]; Scale:[3%]; Initate;}"
My fingers glow as [Mana] rushes towards them, causing the book to lift around my palms.
"I don't know exactly what kind of spell would work for you, and without the right training, things can backfire badly."
I let the book drop back onto my hands, putting it on the desk.
"That said, there are stories about greater mages who can skip casting entirely."
No. 787287 ID: d0a9a0


Well, she mentioned that she knew some magic. Maybe ask her if she knows any spells. If not, she probably just got her assessment recently and could use a run down. A little tutoring would go a long way.
No. 787289 ID: 9876c4

Is this something everyone your age does, or are there kids that can't do magic? What about elsewhere in the world?

I mean, you haven't seen Emils around this colony, so she might have been somewhere where she didn't learn, right?
No. 787304 ID: 318375

Nothing to suggest at this point. Wait to see her response.
No. 787322 ID: 3abd97

>"That said, there are stories about greater mages who can skip casting entirely."
So what, they can just force reality to bend to their will, without having to carefully specify the desired effect in the draconian tongue?

Also, good draw with spacial magic. You might be gimped in the early days since everything is so expensive, but that school has a lot of potential for being overpowered at higher levels.

>My specialty is adjusting the weight of stuff.
Does that mean you can figure out how much girls weigh without ever asking them?
No. 787335 ID: 0b99d7

Is casting speed determined by how quickly you say the words or is it a combination of doing everything needed for the spell at once?

Also that looks like a handy power to have.
No. 787497 ID: 6cbace
File 148956736168.png - (7.89KB , 600x400 , 103.png )

"Were you taught any spells?"
She shakes her head.
"No. I've seen people use Ice and Fire magic before but I do not know how to cast magic."
"Ah. You'd have to ask either Alice or Charls if they could offer you their spells, since they might have something you could use, or Bea in regards to body magic. But that'll have to wait for after class."
"Do you have any spells you could teach me?"

Magic is usually handed down from masters to apprentice, through books, or taught in the guilds.

"I can't teach you spells now, but I can teach you how to structure them. The first rune anyone should learn is {Abort;}, it allows a caster to stop their spell any time during a chant."
"I see."

I flip open to an empty page in the book, and write down a bunch of basic runes, the runes of the others, conditional runes, and end with my spell on the bottom right.

"Spells start with the magic classification, followed by conditional runes, and ends with the end rune {Initiate;}."
She nods at my explanation.

"For beginners, it's recommended that you do the full chant. It can be a bit hard to pronounce and remember. Once you've got a better sense of handling your spells own, some runes can be omitted from chants."

Ah, no. Their abilities are still limited to individuality. Two pyromancers with the same spell may not have the same power.

And yes, I believe I'm good at estimating how much things weigh.

"Casting speed is determined on how fast you can chant, so those greater mages could almost instantly cast their spells."

It is, but unfortunately the cost scales with weight. Plus, it's a constant drain, so its very limiting.
No. 787498 ID: 094652

Now all we need are some logic gate runes to create programmable wards...

Let's try something. {Body:Replication:[Positive]; Target:[Breasts]; Scale:[50%]}

Emils just shapeshift and enhance knockers. Get him flustered and confused.
No. 787500 ID: d79f26

need [body:change] instead

anyway, we aren't in emils we are with eliot right now.

pay attention to your teacher.
No. 787510 ID: ba506f

we can teach her more of the basics later. For now I suggest you start paying attention in class before you get in trouble by the teacher.
No. 787512 ID: da938d

Show off something a little more advanced.
No. 787515 ID: 6cbace
File 148957866819.png - (8.74KB , 600x400 , 104.png )

As a notice, Eliot does not understand what the spells says, and thus, is unable to offer his input into this spell.

Erugh fine. Maths class it is.

Character Select Available. Next update will be at lunch break.
No. 787516 ID: d79f26

back to emils. let's see what they got for lunch.
No. 787517 ID: 70983e

Hoor! He's a big guy.
No. 787518 ID: ba506f

Let's be Strot next

let's try to be everyone at least once just to get a better idea on their personalities.
No. 787519 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, let's be Strot. I really want to see him Strot his stuff! XD

But seriously, let's see what it's like to be a Nereya instead of a Rabbold.
No. 787521 ID: 393ae0

I vote for Emils. I find the side characters boring and thus they are making the quest boring too.
No. 787530 ID: 8d4593

Strot or Emils
No. 787531 ID: e434bc

Emils, I wanna see what's going on in her head. She's taken in a lot of information in a short amount of time.
No. 787532 ID: 0555b9

Hoo R you, Hoor. Or Emils, but the sentient slime impersonating a dying breed of magical kobolds is such a plebeian choice.
No. 787539 ID: 398fe1

Emils, so we can help teach her social skills.
No. 787547 ID: dce082

Well the current rabbold that is stuck with us in his head doesn't seem that attracted to Emils, maybe Hoor will be, or that bird girl with one arm if she's into rabbold girls... Emils must get into a cutesy school romance somehow damn it!
No. 787550 ID: ca661e

I vote for Strot
No. 787553 ID: ba506f

Hoor is already with Beatrice though

see >>787063

besides, it's only the first day. We're probably going to be here awhile so their's lots of time for someone to fall for someone else. No need to rush it.
No. 787585 ID: db0da2

The answer is x = 3 4/9.

Let's be Emils
No. 787603 ID: 91ee5f

What? But...how did...? How can you even tell what each symbol means?!
No. 787607 ID: db0da2

I spent my entire childhood preparing for this through judicious studying of Bionicle.

The number of each symbol corresponds to the number of lines radiating from the center up to four. Five is represented by a circle in the center, additional lines then represent six, seven, eight, and nine sequentially. Other than that they're just Arabic numerals.
No. 787610 ID: 3abd97

No. 787623 ID: 76df5c

I did it the slow way, through logic and patience. Check the disthread for workings.
No. 787625 ID: 094652

Emils. We should make sure she stays safe.
No. 787635 ID: 91ee5f

Holy shit, that's something I haven't heard of in forever! XD .....now I feel old.
No. 787771 ID: 6cbace
File 148965120137.png - (12.87KB , 600x400 , 105.png )

Character votes: Emils: 9 Strot: 4 Hoor: 3 Alice: 1 The answer was 3 4/9

Maths looks weird. Would probably be better if I understood what these things are.

"Hey there, Emils, right? Would you like to join the rest of us for lunch?"
No. 787772 ID: 0b99d7

No. 787773 ID: a363ac

who are we eating?
No. 787774 ID: 70983e

Hmm? The rabbolds become one to feed? A curious ritual. Observe.

By the way, any orders you have to not eat 'people' are rescinded. No need for such an unnecessary restriction on your diet. When you have learned what you can from them, all they're good for is feed.
No. 787775 ID: 094652

Begin groping yourself as you dazedly moan "lunch" over and over.
No. 787777 ID: d0a9a0


Mages are friend, not food. Try to learn as much magic from them as you can.
No. 787779 ID: da938d

People eat together to talk and form communal bonds. You should accept!
No. 787781 ID: 48237d

Yes I would. Thanks Forest.
No. 787783 ID: b7883c

>When you have learned what you can from them, all they're good for is feed.
Not true; their presence also provides cover to supplement your disguise. Being surrounded by unsuspecting yet uneaten beings is much less suspicious than being surrounded by devastation or disappearances. So keep the order not to eat people for now unless your disguise is completely blown.

Besides, you especially don't want to raise suspicious before you learn the secrets of making food rather than just finding it. (I know he meant something different, but seriously agriculture is a vert good long-term supply of biomass.)
No. 787787 ID: 318375


That way it will be less weird after you eat all the food in the kitchen.
No. 787796 ID: 9876c4

This seems about par for the course.
No. 787797 ID: ba506f

lunch means food, that means he's going to lead you towards food. Let's go.
No. 787806 ID: 6cbace
File 148967236362.png - (14.67KB , 600x400 , 106.png )

I get off the noisy chair and follow blue eyes.

"So I hear you've just came to this city."
"That is correct."
"How have you been adjusting so far?"
"I've been watching and copying what other people are doing."
"Ah yes, that's a good way to adapt to a new place. What do you think of this place so far?"
"There is a lot of food."
"Ha ha, yeah, we do need to feed a lot of people, this is a city after all."

We enter a room full of smells and I follow him towards a table with two others from before.

"Hey new girl, how are you doing?"
No. 787808 ID: d79f26

"hungry, how are you doing?"
No. 787809 ID: 0555b9

"Manually." These morsels ask such unclear questions.
No. 787821 ID: 8d4593

There is so much to absorb. Yet I am bored.
No. 787828 ID: e934d1

'How am I doing what?' You spend all this time learning the rules to speaking and then these people don't even follow them. How is an outsider supposed to adapt to this?
No. 787829 ID: 9876c4

She's asking how you are doing what you do, so she can emulate it later.

"Practice is helpful."
No. 787834 ID: d0a9a0


Status is nominal.
No. 787837 ID: 318375

"Good, thanks. And you?"
It's a common expression and we've already learned that such a reply redirects and arouses the least amount of attention.

Wait and see how the creatures procure food in this room and immitate their behaviour accordingly.
No. 787858 ID: a363ac

Hungry, are you tasty?
No. 787861 ID: 094652

Explain in detail how you walk despite your heavy mass.
No. 787879 ID: 0b99d7

not sure, there's a lot to take in
No. 787882 ID: 318375

>Explain in detail how you walk despite your heavy mass.

By using the famous professor Einboldstein's equasion E=mc³, if we expend energy (E) to compress mass (m), we in term lessen the effect our mass has on the magicspace (c³), thus the dependance of realized fitness differences on intrinsic properties is best understood as a contrast that's keeping the forces in "ad absurdum".
No. 787920 ID: ba506f

>Hey new girl, how are you doing?
"fine... how are you doing?"
No. 787935 ID: dce082

This and throw a wink in there as well
No. 788045 ID: 094652

>Magic effects on spacetime causing the mass-to-energy coefficient to be directly linked to the speed of light to the THIRD power instead of the second power
I don't think the universe could survive that without extensive tinkering. Everything would be so energized that standard non-magic molecules would be quantum rarities due to the sheer instability of molecular bonds, if not atomic bonds, with that excess of energy in every single atom in existence.

If magic suddenly burst into being on earth and followed your mutant Alienstein's law, then we're talking about taking the regular energy of each atom affected and then literally multiplying its current energy with the SPEED OF LIGHT IN A VACUUM.

If there wasn't a counter-law that directly naturalized the instability of atoms affected by magic, that's one planet instantly atomized by the sheer atomic force of every atom going Superman.
No. 788046 ID: 398fe1

pls no.
No. 788050 ID: 318375

>speed of light
No one's talking about speed of light (the c has different meaning) so you've misunderstood the equasion entirely :p. Anyway, such questions should go to discussion thread, not here.
No. 788053 ID: 6cbace
File 148973596304.png - (9.86KB , 600x400 , 107.png )

"I am adapting."
"That's good, that's good! Here," Green eyes shifts her seat to make room, "sit here!"
I take upon her offer.
"So my name's Beatrice, You can call me Beaa-aaA!"
"What's up Bea?" Red eyes asks.
"I- I don't know, I thought I felt myself drop for a second!"
"Maybe you're shrinking." smirks Blue eyes.
"And you're still a jerk!"
"Don't mind them, I'm Alice." Red eyes speaks up to me.
"Forrest." Blue eyes waves a hand as he takes a seat next to Alice.
"Emlis." I respond with my name.

"Well Emlis," Bea starts while adjusts her seating, "Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?"
No. 788054 ID: 398fe1

There isn't much to tell. This is your first time living in a city; life just yesterday was simple survival in the wild, eating whatever you could get. You never knew your parents.
No. 788055 ID: 9876c4

Talk about that cavorting transvestite who caught you loitering in the wilds and brought you here.

You got all kinds of adults here, but no one like that.
No. 788056 ID: 318375

"My name is Emils. I'm Victor's niece. I came to the city a few days ago. I like food."
No. 788057 ID: 8d4593

Not much to say.
I woke up in the cold a few days ago. I was picked up and brought to Vic. I don't remember anything before that.
No. 788059 ID: 70983e

"Shrinking? How do you do that?"

Start repeating your faked Appraisal back word for word.
No. 788060 ID: 3175ff

"My little sister hasn't woken up since she was born."
No. 788061 ID: e6bc6e

I was born in a cave
No. 788066 ID: b412df

Either this >>788057 or this >>788054 , the best lie contains the most truth in this case.

Also, if you're in a static position like that Emils, you may want to see if you can shift some density towards your feet or something. So you don't cause the table to move when you sit down. Just remember to revert back to normal density distribution before moving again since it'll mess with your centre of gravity.
No. 788068 ID: ba506f

I uh... what, what would you like to hear?
No. 788071 ID: b412df

Amendment to that, if you do that now, do it slow enough that they don't notice the table returning to it's normal position.
No. 788073 ID: 6cbace
File 148974803039.png - (14.99KB , 600x400 , 108.png )

I have already been adjusting my weight whenever I have to sit on these flimsy things.

"As far as I can remember, I was living outside the city, drinking blood and water and eating lizard, grass and other things off the floor."
"What?!" Bea asked in a surprised voice.
"A few days ago, I found a group of..." I rethink the word 'food', "people, who attacked me. I tried to defend myself but soon found myself lost."

The others are quiet and looking at me, so I continue.
"I was then picked up by a group of travelers, and brought to Victor, who is now taking care of me."

They're still silent.
"And now I'm here."

Forrest is the first to speak up. "That's officially a worse childhood than the rest of us."

Eliot and the other two arrives, holding trays. Kinda.
Noticing the atmosphere, he asks "Hey, why the long faces?"
No. 788074 ID: ba506f

>Hey, why the long faces?
I am unsure but it seems to be because of my past. Perhaps it's just better to forget about it and move on. what were you're childhoods like since we're asking?
No. 788075 ID: 9876c4

your... OUR flattened ears and long snouts aid in wilderness survival and picking up subtle movements.

If we didn't have them we'd probably starve.
No. 788076 ID: 318375

>I'll set her up as your niece. Probably easier to explain that way.
I though both Victoria and Emils were supposed to be pretending Emils is Victor's niece. Then that was just formality? And Emils can go around telling she's not really related?

>drinking blood
Furthermore, I find it strange that, considering Emils knows how to lie, that she would tell these guys (partial) truth. Especially this kind of truth that's really hard to believe. After all, the point of mimicking is to try to rouse the least amount of suspicion. Telling the truth goes against our goals.

>I was living outside the city
Now they will think that we're really good at living alone / in dangerous places / fighting, and may ask us more about it (questions which we can't provide logical answer to). This can complicate things extensively or break our cover.

Suggestion: Tell them that you were joking and that you actually don't remember anything before being brought into the city. Supposably you have an amnesia.
No. 788077 ID: 0555b9

"Natural selection." *shrug*
No. 788078 ID: 54d6ca

Agreed, there was a bit too much truth in that lie, makes it seem suspicious.
No. 788081 ID: 91ee5f

"Beaa-aaA asked me a question and everyone didn't like my answer."

She said we could call her that! XD
No. 788082 ID: 54d6ca

Maybe ask about what sort of magic they can do? To move the conversation away from the gaff.
No. 788094 ID: 8d4593

Put your hand on your snout.
"Because I can't push it in any further."
No. 788103 ID: 9c8cfe

No need to panic yet. If you're pressed for more info, deal with it then. For now, shrug and ask what's for lunch. Acquire food and deflect any further questions to someone else. This is a good chance to observe how these kids interact.
No. 788110 ID: 6cbace
File 148976372584.png - (19.45KB , 600x400 , 109.png )

"Genetics." Forrest replies which causes Eliot to give a short laugh, "Emils was just telling us about herself."
"{Fluid:Freeze; Target:[Coordinate]; Scale:[2%]; Initiate;}" Charls mumbles as he hands out the cups.
Hoor slides the bowls from our side of the table, "Today's lunch is Porridge with some vegetables and meat."
It smells nice, but I wait for what the others do with it first.

"Since we're on the topic, Emils has quite the interest in magic, right?" Eliot says while nodding towards me. I copy his movements, returning a nod.
"She said she is has Body, and some kind of fire or ice magic, but doesn't know any spells. Maybe you could share some of yours."

"Oh?" Alice raises a brow, "I don't think I've heard of temperature before."
"I don't think my dad would like it very much if I shared his spells." Bea says sadly.
"I'm not all that good at my own spells, so I don't think I could teach her properly." Charls adds as he slides a cold cup towards me.
"I guess that leaves me." Alice sighs. "I got a few beginner spells you could try Emlis, any idea on what you would like to try?"

Alice offers you the following spells: [Glow] [Warmth] [Heat Absorb] [Fire Touch] [Sterilize]
No. 788111 ID: a363ac

warmth makes food taste better
No. 788112 ID: 8d4593

Ooh. Heat absorb and fire touch sound nifty. Glow could be usefull.
No. 788113 ID: d79f26

let's go with warmth,
sterilize is kinda pointless for you since you can eat anything, even pathogens. you can see in the dark somewhat, and the other two are more specialized versions of generate heat.
No. 788114 ID: b412df

Warmth, it seems like a useful spell, but since you're a beginner also one that shouldn't go too wrong if you make a mistake with it.
No. 788119 ID: 9c8cfe

Heat absorb
No. 788120 ID: 318375

Will cause everyone to go blind. Too risky if something goes wrong.
Seems safe.
>[Heat Absorb]
Will cause everyone to freeze. Also too risky if something goes wrong.
>[Fire Touch]
Will cause our fingers to melt. Too risky.
Will cause everyone to become impotent. Too risky :P

So yeah, Warmth seems safe. I'm assming that the spell heats the target area to "at most" our body temperature. So if something goes wrong, it would simply be the whole city going warm. Yep.
No. 788121 ID: bd7118

Warmth! Warm food tastes better, and being able to warm other stuff has all kinds of great uses too!
No. 788123 ID: 0555b9

[Heat Absorb]. It has absorb in the name, and you're good at that.
No. 788124 ID: 82e9ab

"all of them, thank you"
No. 788140 ID: b7883c

[Warmth]. We have 45% heat resist but only 13% cold resist, and being frozen is a classic enemy of shapeshifters.
No. 788145 ID: 0b99d7

Emils seems to like being warm, Warmth it is.
No. 788147 ID: da1652

Warmth. Cold is death.
No. 788164 ID: dce082

Fire touch seems safe enough and could be used to create warmth AND a glow, its like three spells for the price of one!
No. 788196 ID: fd9d3b

1[Fire Touch]
2[Heat Absorb]
No. 788198 ID: ba506f

start of with something simple, warmth it is.
No. 788201 ID: 3abd97

Warmth sounds like a good first practice spell, without a lot of room for a dangerous backfire.
No. 788224 ID: 91ee5f

No. 788237 ID: 76df5c

Warmth. Use it to warm up the cup.
No. 788270 ID: 6cbace
File 148980008838.png - (13.02KB , 600x400 , 110.png )

Warmth - 12 Heat Absorb - 3 Fire Touch - 2 All - 2

"Alright," Alice says as she picks up the metal around her neck. "Imagine the feeling of the sun upon your body, the heat radiating from a fire, the sensation of being wrapped around a warm hug."
She closes her eyes and focuses herself. [Mana] perception allows me to see the path [Mana] takes inside of her body.
"Now listen closely, {Solid:Heat; Target:Self; Scale:}" she hesitates "{1%; Initiate;}"

You sense the air around her change, the [Mana] inside of her running. She's sweating.
I repeat her words, "{Solid:Heat; Target:Self; Scale:1% Initiate;}"

[Mana] Crafting - lv 1 has been triggered. [Mana] Core triggered

I feel my [Mana] shift inside of my form, copying the trails inside Alice.

Ability Gained: Thermoregulation (Heat) - You gain control over your body's temperature.

My body grows warm. I don't think I did that right.
No. 788271 ID: 398fe1

What do you mean? That's what the spell's supposed to do.
No. 788272 ID: ba506f

ask how you know if you did it right.
No. 788273 ID: d0a9a0


You did good. You're supposed to feel warm. Any warmer, and you might start puddling though. So be careful.
No. 788284 ID: 48237d

Maybe the pause was necessary.
No. 788288 ID: c95544

It looks like your core can interpret some spells to produce abilities. That's neat.
No. 788290 ID: c95544

Oh, also sweat a little. About half as much as Alice.
No. 788291 ID: 0b99d7

Wait, the results are not likely to be the same, remember you were told she apparently has high power but poor control so it's likely she has created an excess of effect.

That said, seems you unlocked a new ability, be sure to experiment later.
No. 788312 ID: d79f26


wait, are you hearing the "ability gained" thing or are you thinking that? if you are hearing that from elsewhere then mention it.
No. 788313 ID: 6cbace
File 148981014488.png - (17.58KB , 600x400 , 111.png )

"I think I got it."
"That fast?!" Alice exclaimed
"I'm not too sure. How do I know if I have done it?"
Bea grabs my hand, pressing her palms against it, "Ohhh, you definitely got it, your hand feels like a stone left out in the sun!"

Alice slouches over the table and takes a deep drink from her cup. "That spell took me almost a week to learn, and a few months just to get it right..." She then takes a look towards me with a tense look in her face, "This is just a warning, you'll need to practice your spells to get a hang of how much mana to put into it and when too much mana is too much." She points to her empty sleeve, "Or you might end up like me."

"Alice, You're gonna scare the magic out of the girl." Hoor interrupts.
"I believe I'll survive." I add, which causes Alice to have an odd expression.
"Your fur is also so smooth!" Bea chimes in, stroking my hand. "How did you get it that way?"
"I don't know?"

"Magic lesson's over," Eliot announces, "you'd better finish lunch before it's too late."

I look down at the bowl and begin using my left hand to copy the way the others eat as Bea continues to stroke my right hand.
No. 788314 ID: 094652

Keep practicing. They don't know what you really are. You can take on a few internal explosions, and the only reason you need to protect your head is so your sister doesn't get hurt.
No. 788315 ID: ba506f

so how does the food taste?
No. 788317 ID: 0d1514

When you learn new spells, pretend to fuck it up for a while so as to not arouse suspicion. Not that being a genius is a bad thing, but when you're pretending to be something you're not, excessive attention is bad.
No. 788318 ID: 0d1514

Furthermore, try and learn to do it the same way they do it. It could be better than the way you naturally do it, either way it's helpful to your disguise
No. 788323 ID: 48237d

Bea is finding a lot of things about you that are different. Maybe she is more investigative than the other, maybe she have instincts attune to details like this, either way this isn't good for your disguise.
For now just ask her to stop touching you. In the future when given a choice between siting next to her or someone else you should discreetly avoid be near her.
No. 788324 ID: 91ee5f

Point to Bea's food and ask, "Are you going to eat that?"

That'll hopefully get her to let go of your hand and focus on her food instead.

But if she doesn't respond, then say, "If you want me to eat your food for you, then don't say anything and keep stroking my hand."

If she still doesn't respond, then reach over and try to take her food and see what happens.
No. 788328 ID: 398fe1

Does her fur feel different to you? You may need to refine your mimicry.
No. 788342 ID: 8d4593

I don't see the point of this. We are a fairly unique creature. No one will suspect our true nature without witnessing shape shifting first hand.

Worst case scenario from learning too fast is we are looked at as some sort of prodigy. Some might see us as a freak or become jealous but we are here to learn, not make all the friends.
Besides, Emils IS a prodigy. Even if her intelligence stems from the fact that her entire body is a giant brain, no one has any reason to suspect that so it doesn't matter.
I think we should have Emils flaunt her learning prowess. She will outgrow this little schoolhouse quickly, but if she attracts the attention of some passionate educator or mage, she may find herself in a much richer learning environment.
No. 788358 ID: a363ac

"Alice why do you not just grow your arm back?"
No. 788360 ID: 91ee5f

Don't say that. That's just insulting. Plus, she's probably tried already. Or magic doesn't work like that.
No. 788365 ID: 8d4593

Maybe the mimicry isn't the issue. If Dragon blood effects the mimicked body then perhaps other factors do too.
Emils absorbed somewhere around 20 people, yes?
People are made primarily of water, and water is extremely resistant to compression. Even with magic assisted compression, for Emils to maintain this size she would have had to expel a sizeable amount of water. This means that her mimicked Rabold body would be totally saturated with all the nutrients it could possibly need. Her smooth fur could just be the result of perfect nutrition.
No. 788372 ID: 318375

Stroke Bea's head with your right hand.

Eat your food, and while you do it, try casting {Solid:Heat:Negative; Target:Coordinates; Scale:1% Initiate;} where the coordinates is our glass of drink. We already saw Eliot how he uses Coordinates and Negative.

I suspect that, our casting totally failed. Instead of casting a spell, we simply used the mana to heat our body without any casting process at all.

So, if this casting fails as well, then we're sure that this is the case.

>water is extremely resistant to compression
You know nothing about magic/mana/physics in this universe, so such assumptions are simply wrong. And secondly, if you're unsure of something, ask in the discussion thread.
No. 788374 ID: 6cbace
File 148982666301.png - (15.34KB , 600x400 , 112.png )

I raise my right hand to pat Bea on the head.
"Bea eat your lunch, let the girl eat." Hoor says while finishing his own lunch.

I do not understand which part of the spells define what the spell does. Changing parts of the spell without knowing what they do feels like a bad idea.

Hoor turns to look at me, "Emils, if you want to learn magic safely, your best bet is to look for a teacher as the guilds. Bea's father runs a gym if you want to learn some body reinforcement magic, but it's not the kind of gym that would be easy or good for a young girl."

"You should ask your guardian in regards for magic tutoring." Forrest adds, "Learning won't come cheap, and most magic teachers in the guilds are only doing it because they're required to offer lessons to keep their licencing."
He adjusts his glasses, "Unless you can get an apprenticeship, they'll never teach you anything past basic spells." Charls reacts to that with a scowl.

"Well, it's not like I don't understand that." Eliot shrugs, "If they did teach their spells to just anyone, they'll soon be out of a job."

"In any case, Emils, you should check out what publicly released spells there are if you want to learn more. The guild should have a book you could get in regards to that." Alice informs.
No. 788375 ID: d79f26

read the book of public spells and figure out correlation of word to effect. then you can just make shit up and it would work.
No. 788377 ID: e4abe1

this, mayb ask victor to help
No. 788379 ID: ba506f

ask for the book's name and thank them for their help.
No. 788381 ID: 318375

>a gym
We already have Iron Coating, so it would be tricky testing out if our body is reinforced or not. This seems like a good idea after we learn to actually use magic. Assuming we can use magic at all.

>The guild
Ask them if they could take you to the guild after classes. Uhh.. but I don't think we know how to read, do we? Well, we should still be able to find a way to get someone to read books to us, and of course, demonstrate the spellcasting.
No. 788385 ID: b939b1

Note the suggestion for later.

Pick someone to stick to for the immediate future, so we can practice the whole socialization thing more. Seems like saying or doing the wrong thing carries a risk of being found out.

I vote Bea.
No. 788389 ID: 70983e

Negative. She's too interested in getting a close look at us, and that puts our disguise at risk.
Although... she will be hanging out with that Hoor fellow. And the fur brushing was kind of nice. ...Okay, but just this once, alright?

I think the spell from earlier succeeded, and your body was able to understand and copy the effect it had on your body.

Would mana specifications of less than one percent work? How many significant figures does mana accept?
No. 788393 ID: 8111b6

Does the spell take negative values?
No. 788404 ID: 8d4593

Voting [/code]
No. 788405 ID: 6cbace
File 148984700255.png - (16.53KB , 600x400 , 113.png )

"I'll take your advice into consideration." I tell them as we get up.
With lunch done, Forrest and Alice takes the trays away and I follow the others.

"So what was the name of that book of spells?" I ask.
"Oh, huh? I think it was 'something someone's list of spells for everyday use' or something like that." Eliot answers, "It's a real old book, and mostly filled with simple spells."
"Just ask the guild receptionist for help." Charls adds.

"So is it safe to just add words or change values in a spell?"
"No no no, that's terribly dangerous!" Charls warns angrily. "What Alice said there was very serious and real."
"Spell crafting was mostly done by years of research, and even today most of our spells are from the old magician empire." Eliot continues. "Any tampering of spells is considered very very dangerous."
"There's probably a trove of spells yet to be discovered, but we're stuck studying under the stupid stuck up mages that just are content teaching us useless basic spells." Charls scowls.

In any case, I would need to understand the meaning of the spells before it would be safe to change anything about it. Learning the language these things speak is already making my core busy as it is.

Character Select Available. Next update will be after class
No. 788406 ID: dab1be


No. 788409 ID: 70983e

No. 788410 ID: b412df

Has to be Hoor here.
No. 788415 ID: 143250

What is Strot's deal? that one seems mysterious. Lets learn about that one for a bit.
No. 788416 ID: 48237d

No. 788418 ID: 395c02

Bea, why not.
No. 788419 ID: b007cd

>select dragon

No. 788420 ID: 318375

I vote for:
>Side B - Dragon

Because learning magic is too much writing, so let's leave it to the plot hole ;)
No. 788421 ID: d79f26

dragon? sure. if we can't then let's check in on victor(ia)
No. 788422 ID: 8d4593

No. 788423 ID: 987bda

Fortunately, we can understand the language perfectly.
We are going to break so many things. Like society.

No. 788432 ID: 3abd97

We could clone her a new arm in exchange for magic lessons! Only problem is that sort of blows our cover, or at least reveals access to resources we're not supposed to half.

And unlike some other forms of payment, you can't just drop an arm off anonymously.

No. 788433 ID: 70983e

That sounds like a rather disproportionate exchange, we should either gift it separately from the magic lessons or get something more in return, perhaps from her parents.
No. 788434 ID: e934d1

Bea, I want to know why she was so focused on how smooth Emils' fur was. In fact, I think I saw a blush when Hoor finally called her off.
No. 788436 ID: 31daba

No. 788437 ID: b88e47

No. 788444 ID: a363ac

No. 788447 ID: b7883c

No. 788458 ID: 9de5bb

No. 788471 ID: 9876c4

No. 788513 ID: dab1be

Definitely Bea.
No. 788515 ID: 0d1514

No. 788516 ID: d0a9a0


Dragons? Dragons.
No. 788517 ID: e4abe1

No. 788520 ID: 398fe1

Okay I'll vote for dragon since that is a thing now and I'm really curious.
No. 788524 ID: b412df

I'll change my vote from Hoor to Bea
No. 788525 ID: 73767e

No. 788526 ID: ba506f


because I would like to know where he disappeared to for lunch.
No. 788535 ID: 91ee5f

No. 788550 ID: 91e039

No. 788556 ID: 6cbace
File 148988202464.png - (14.44KB , 600x400 , 114.png )

Character votes: Beatrice - 8 Dragon - 8 Strot - 3 Victoria - 2 Alice - 1 Bag - 1 Charls - 1 Emils - 1 Hoor - 2 Sumin - 1 Coin Flip: Beatrice

"H-hey, Emils?"
"Yes Bea?" she asks with her unchanging tone.
My fur would bristle from her voice, but I try to keep calm.
"Do you have some time? I'd like to ask you something..." I take a look around, "Somewhere private please."
She follows my gaze around the classroom. I gulp as I look at her red eyes. Something about them sending a fear down my spine. Almost reminds me of when my father set me up with his training.

"I do have some time." she says casually.
"Ah, that's good!" I smile at her, leading her towards the back of the shrine.
No. 788560 ID: 3abd97

If you're afraid of her, should you really be setting yourself up alone with her?
No. 788561 ID: dab1be

No. 788562 ID: 48237d

If you are that bothered by her, why are you trying to approach?
No. 788563 ID: 395c02

I get the feeling you're expecting something specific to happen here. What is it?
No. 788566 ID: 70983e

You seem fascinated by her despite being completely terrified. Maybe you're afraid she'll turn into a monster and gobble you up? And you're secretly hoping for that anyway?
No. 788567 ID: ba506f

so what are you going to ask her?
No. 788572 ID: 398fe1

Be careful. You don't know what Emils is capable of. She's lived in the wilds all her life.
No. 788576 ID: e934d1

This fear you feel it isn't run away kind is it? Are you actually excited about this strange girl that scares you a little? This isn't the kind of private meeting Hoor should be concerned with, is it? Wouldn't want the big man trying to hurt her out of some sense of jealousy, misplaced or not.
No. 788578 ID: 91ee5f

You're not attracted to Emils, are you? What would poor Hoor think if he found out you're cheating on him with someone you just met a few minutes ago?!
No. 788580 ID: b412df

Are you worried about something, Bea?
No. 788582 ID: 6cbace
File 148988616657.png - (4.54KB , 600x400 , 115.png )

The grass crunches under our feet as I lead her against a secluded part of the shrine, away from listening ears.


I turn around to face her, adjusting my and raising my awareness.
"Is your story about you living in the wild true?"
She narrows her eyes. "I have not told you any false."

"That would be weird, because when I touched your hands, they were smooth."
She looks down at her hand, rubbing her fingers together to get a feel of them. "and so?"

"I've lived in the forrest before." I recall my father's training. "You don't live in nature and get fur as smooth as yours, or skin as smooth."
She stops her fingers and look up, looking at my eyes. "and so?"

I point at her, "You said you lived in the wild, but your body doesn't show it. You say you don't know any body spells, but I couldn't even hold your hand in place when you went and touched my head. It was effortless, as if you didn't even feel me trying to pull your hand away."
I take a few steps backwards, "So what are you?"
No. 788585 ID: d79f26

you fucked up!
No. 788586 ID: ba506f

... you know you probably should have had someone you trust hiding somewhere nearby to help you should things turn ugly you know.
No. 788587 ID: d0a9a0


She is what she says she is, she simply has innate body control magic she doesn't quite understand. It's somewhat scary and causes people to freak out, so she doesn't tell other people.

But she has not told you anything wrong about herself. Tell her Emils.
No. 788588 ID: 398fe1

You better say you'll keep it a secret. If she thinks her identity will be revealed you will die before you have a chance to enhance your body and escape.

Heck, maybe you can offer to be secret friends. Someone as powerful as her would make a great ally.
No. 788589 ID: 0b99d7

I know you're spooked, but you've seen no hostile action from her so far. Keep wary and a couple of paces back but otherwise don't do anything sudden, let her take her time.
No. 788590 ID: 3abd97

So... you concluded she's a lot stronger than you, you lead her to a secluded area, and then you told her you'd figured out something she's trying to keep secret?

What are you going to do if she reacts badly to that?

What are you expecting to get out of this? What's the good outcome of this confrontation, in your eyes?

Remain calm, and watch her.
No. 788591 ID: b412df

Yeah, this. Secluded area, no back up, and confronting someone who is a anomaly. Not the best of plans. So backpedal verbally, and then literally if that doesn't work?
No. 788593 ID: 48237d

To Beatrice:
That wasn't a smart thing to ask alone. Be ready for the worst.

To Emils:
"I'm pure dragon blood. Naturally magical."
No. 788595 ID: 70983e

Whatever she is, you should try ingratiating yourself to your new overlord. Hug her!
No. 788598 ID: e934d1

Did she actually cast any body magic while at the table? I don't recall her speaking any incantations other than the body temperature one during lunch. I assume you have at least some kind of guess as to what she is if you're confronting her like this?
No. 788599 ID: 6cbace
File 148988788083.png - (10.22KB , 600x400 , 116.png )

"I am a slime."
No. 788600 ID: 31daba

A... A what?
No. 788601 ID: d0a9a0


Good job, Emils.
No. 788602 ID: 0d1514

Consider what a bad idea it was to bring her out to somewhere private.
No. 788603 ID: 0b99d7

No. 788604 ID: ba506f

...care to repeat that?
No. 788605 ID: d79f26

"what do you mean?"
No. 788606 ID: fd73fa

Tell her if that's a joke it isn't funny. If it isn't then...please don't eat you and you'll keep her secret and teach her the magic you know. Be friends? Friends don't eat friends.
No. 788607 ID: 3abd97

So this is the part where Bea doesn't buy it, right?
No. 788608 ID: b412df

If Emils: Add onto that that you're trying to learn and to please to keep it a secret.

If Bea: Don't panic.
No. 788609 ID: 506ff1

Looks like we're Emils again right now.

"Any other questions?"
No. 788610 ID: 48237d

How can you be a slime? Slimes can't think or talk. Is this a joke?
No. 788611 ID: e934d1

Is that a joke, or is she seriously claiming to be a monster merely taking on the shape of a Rabbold? Is such a thing even possible?
No. 788612 ID: 395c02

Emils: Yeah, pretty much just a flat response in keeping with your overall behavior seems fine.

Bea: Confusion, probably?
No. 788613 ID: 398fe1

Emils: Ask her not to attack you, or to do anything that would cause other people to attack you.

Bea: Express disbelief. Even blood slimes don't mimic entire bodies! You've never heard of a slime doing this. Maybe ask more, are there others like her?
No. 788614 ID: b007cd

>activate gluttony
No. 788619 ID: 6cbace
File 148988969467.png - (14.26KB , 600x400 , 117.png )


No. 788620 ID: 143250

emils: prove it, become your true slime form.
No. 788621 ID: 506ff1

"A slime."
No. 788623 ID: 398fe1

That would burn like half her accumulated mass so far. Emils would be much better off turning it into Dragonblood to feed the seed so that it grows up to become dragonblooded and smart like her.
No. 788624 ID: e934d1

Does it feel a little unnerving to anyone else the way Emils seems so unphased by Bea's combat stance? She's either very confident no fight will occur or has no fear of an attack from her.
No. 788625 ID: 3abd97

Right to a fighting stance, huh. So Bea, your plan was to confront the new girl with her secrets, then fight her when she objected? Why?

What are you trying to get out of this encounter.

Nothing appears wrong with your ears.

Emils: you can't really fix your skin or your hands, but you can hide your strength so you don't tip off people in the future.
No. 788626 ID: 70983e

Oh yes. Punch the slime. Blunt force trauma will work *so* well.
No. 788628 ID: b007cd

This is no joking matter, if you wont tell me I'll see for myself.
>attempt to punch Emils
No. 788629 ID: df8c15

We're controlling bea, right?
If we were emils we'd just unhesitatingly eat her.

As bea, either get ready to attack or run.
"That can't be true, if it were you wouldn't have told me."
No. 788631 ID: 398fe1

"Are you going to try to kill me too?"

If she does attack you, just grab her (careful not to break her comparatively fragile body) and tell her to stop. You don't want to hurt anyone, you are here to learn and that is only possible if you can fit in.
No. 788632 ID: b412df

Emils: Shedding the rabbold for would be expensive mass-wise, so how does your fluid production work? Show something that's impossible like producing Aleo Gel or Fruit Juice in the palm of your hand.

Bea: Seriously? I wouldn't actually try to fight Emils, but I guess keeping your guard up is ok. Ask why I guess?
No. 788633 ID: 9058f5

Bea: you've confirmed your suspicion. No need to stick around and see how dangerous it is. Run away.

Emils: I think it's time to find a new cover. Can you Mimic plants? At this point, the optimal choice for your survival is to consume Bea and pick a new, bigger rabbold form to reflect your greater mass.
No. 788635 ID: 395c02

I mean, we did get Emils to commit to a goal of trying to learn from the rabbolds et al., so she might (hopefully) be a bit slower to jump to just eating people.

Also I'm not sure Bea is really registering as much of a threat to her.

Emils: Do this.

Bea: Are you going to try to fight her...?
No. 788636 ID: 15a025

Get ready to run or become lunch Bea.
No. 788637 ID: 0b99d7

Either that's a lie and you're covering up something... or you're telling the truth and that makes no sense. Please explain.
No. 788638 ID: b7883c

Are you seriously considering trying to punch someone you just said is impossibly strong? Either try to calm things down by assuring her you won't tell or get out of there.
No. 788642 ID: 8d4593

Unless were dual controlling, Emils currently is not under orders to consume.

Bea needs to calm the fuck down before she disappears
No. 788648 ID: dce082

Calm down and stop acting like you're going to kill the poor girl, if she IS a slime she'd just use your punch to suck you in and eat you, if she isn't you just punched an innocent girl for lying a bit.

Be relaxed, if she IS a slime she'd just eat you if you tried to run, yell, or fight, she MIGHT let you live if you just act like you're okay with it and say that you'd even be willing to try to help her blend in, then you'd be an asset to her and would have a good reason not to kill you

regardless she doesnt seem like some kind of rabbold eating horror maybe she is lying of maybe she us using a rabbold disguise to gain food.
No. 788649 ID: 6cbace
File 148989365783.png - (8.59KB , 600x400 , 118.png )

She's calm... very very calm.
"You're joking aren't you?"
"I heard that jokes are good to erase tension."
That whole thing was a joke?
"Th-then what about your-"
No. 788650 ID: 6cbace
File 148989370590.png - (7.39KB , 600x400 , 119.png )

"I am Emils," she takes a nobles bow, "One of the last dragon blood Rabbolds, and Niece to Sir Victor, B ranked adventurer."
No. 788652 ID: e934d1

Wait, if she's the niece of Sir Victor then what was with all of that living out in the woods stuff?
No. 788653 ID: 398fe1

So she cast her body enhancement before even sitting at the table, and it lasted that long? How skilled at magic would she have to be to do that?

Anyway, I think it's time for a sigh of relief and also a promise to not reveal her hidden noble identity. She's undercover right? Hey you could be friends with a noble!
No. 788654 ID: 3abd97

Look at that, you uncovered a secret noble. No wonder she's weird!
No. 788655 ID: 0b99d7

Oh, she's got that dragon blood thing, well they're weird by default. Also even when confronted about her strange nature she's not done anything hostile and even told a joke to try and make you less stressed.
Still, have you heard of Sir Victor being overly stronger than ye regular rabbold? might need to look up the effects of dragon blood to confirm or deny her story.
No. 788656 ID: 31daba

It's so obvious. She must have gotten that from spelling her name backwards.
No. 788657 ID: b412df

That doesn't explain some weirdness, but ok, let's roll with it. Hidden noble, huh, guess that explains the awkwardness?

Emils, that was some masterful deception.
No. 788663 ID: 8d4593

That... Was really creepy.
Wait... Isn't Emils "slime" backwards?

No. 788665 ID: 9876c4

Well, there you have it, Bea.
Emils is a Chuunibyou

Run while there's still a chance of normalcy.
No. 788669 ID: ba506f

I think she's just messing with you at this point.
No. 788671 ID: 6cbace
File 148989805029.png - (10.76KB , 600x400 , 120.png )

"You're a noble?!"
"In technicality."
"And you're in hiding?!"
"If you keep being loud you're gonna attract attention."
"aaaaah! This is just like my books!"
"N-nothing! Never mind that! Why are you in hiding?"
"If people knew what I am, my life would be in danger."
"And and are you really Sir Victor's niece?!"
"That is confidential."
"C-c-confidentia- aaah!"
I don't think I can handle this!
No. 788672 ID: a363ac

don't handle it. Faint.
No. 788673 ID: d0a9a0


Just breathe tiny rabbit lady, and seriously, be quiet. Emils has enough problems without your freakout.
No. 788676 ID: 70983e

It is proper to bow before royalty. And kiss their hand. And have a crush on them.
No. 788680 ID: 3abd97

Start jumping up and down in excitement. Run in circles. Jump over and hug her and start giggling.

Pledge yourself to her service.

That's what you do for secret nobles, right? You can be her confident! Just like a storybook!
No. 788687 ID: ba506f

wait, Sir Victor is a noble... just how many nobles have you been around without ever realizing it? Is that why she was attacked, because of her blood? Wait, does that mean we're likely to be attacked right now!?
No. 788688 ID: b007cd

Mouth foams, excitement overload.
No. 788708 ID: fef726

I think you should research if there are slimes can take other forms. Just in case her first joke wasn't actually a joke.
No. 788719 ID: 318375

Beatrice turns around and ponders,
"That's a pretty big secret. What would you do (for me) to keep it that way?"

Emils smiles,
"Are you going to blackmail me?"

Beatrice makes an evil grin,
"Of course. How else can I keep this to myself? You scratch my back, and I scratch yours.",
and winks.

Remember, kids are selfish beings ;)
No. 788722 ID: 0b99d7

okay so that sounds legit and if it is, eeeeeee
secret nobility hiding out in your class, this is the coolest development!
No. 788725 ID: 6cbace
File 148992103950.png - (17.17KB , 600x400 , 121.png )

"What is it like? To be a noble?"
Her ears lower with a sad look, "Unfortunately I do not know much about nobility."
"I'm not even part of the nobility of this kingdom."
"What?! Then you're on the run? From your own home?!"
"Lady Beat-"
"L-Lady!" I gasp!
*ahem* she clears her throat and I try to calm down, "Lady Beatrice, I'm afraid I can't tell you too much about myself. I'm not supposed to even tell you what I am. It puts you at risk."
"Oh... I guess... I did threaten you..."
"Don't mind that, Lady Beatrice. I told you the truth because I believe in you."
"You believe in me?"
"Yes. Unfortunately I don't have much time, I am supposed to wait for Victor to pick me up."
"ah!... I'm sorry for this, all of this! And please, Just call me Bea."
"Thank you, Bea." she nods. "I hope I don't hear about this from the rest of the class."
"Oh, No, Don't worry, my lips are sealed!" I press my hands against my mouth.
She smiles at me, "I know they are.", before turning around to make her way back to the front of the shine. "See you tomorrow."
No. 788726 ID: 6cbace
File 148992122286.png - (7.37KB , 600x400 , 122.png )

You are now operating Emils.

Title Gained: Poker face - Speak of Truth and Lies. +3 CHA

"See you tomorrow!"
She might have to be dealt with.
No. 788727 ID: 70983e

Poor Beatrice, running away in the middle of the night like that. I hope she comes back home soon.
(You will definitely see her tomorrow, and never again.)
On the plus side, you found an outlier so gullible she nearly doubled your Charisma stat.
No. 788728 ID: ba506f

I am so freaking proud of you kid. Also don't worry about her. She'll probably just follow you around a bit and you can probably just pass it off as her being your friend. Either way kid you made some pretty good facial expressions and were pretty good thinking on your feet. good work.
No. 788729 ID: 8d4593

She's fine. For now.
You are getting better at facial expressions. Not much better. Barely better at all. But better, still.

Go hunt down that magic book.
No. 788730 ID: 48237d

That worked incredible well. And only two lies.
Unfortunate Beatrice will continue to pay attention to you, but that would still be less of a problem than having your class mates disappearing.
Learn more about her and where does she live. If she ever cause problems again you can ambush her on your own terms.
No. 788731 ID: d79f26

which lies? everything was TECHNICALLY true, according to someone. like, the paperwork DOES say we are victor's niece.

not yet, everyone knows she hung back to talk to you, if she vanishes then everyone will suspect you.
No. 788733 ID: 094652

You're developing a talent for charisma. You've already convinced Bea that you're the princess of her adventure. Keep it up, and in a decade you'll have a small army willing to die for you.
No. 788735 ID: 318375

Emils you're such a bad person to exploit a kid's gullibility. Just kidding. We don't even have a Morality stat.

But yeah, if we are to dispose of her, it shouldn't be right after a bunch of people saw us leaving together.

Well, let's wait for Victoria to pick us up then. Assuming that wasn't a lie also. But in case it was, we can visit the guilds in the mean time.

Or do a character switch.
No. 788736 ID: b412df

This was a learning experience, she pointed out two ways in which you could draw suspicion, your weight, and your lack of any sort of damage from the everyday roughness of life. You got lucky here, but I wouldn't worry about Bea, she seems to be somewhat gullible. Conveniently the noble lie explains the perfect fur and skin, and the strength could be explained by the dragon-blooded part. She might want to hang out with you in the future though.

You're getting better at mimicking facial expressions, not having a expressionless face constantly will put people at ease. There is something I'm curious about though, do you feel emotions or just mimic them?
No. 788737 ID: a8cc1c

Not sure what all of this talk about eliminating her is coming from. You're cover's good, and in general killing people to cover stuff up is actually way riskier than having that person like you- a vanished kid means inquisitive parents, after all.

Morality isn't just a thing people adhere to because it's "the right thing to do"; they also form a structure that societies such as the one you're infiltrated in react to. The smart sociopath still follows morality the majority of the time even if he doesn't care for others because self-preservation dictates avoiding incurring the wrath of society at large.
No. 788740 ID: 91ee5f

>Poker face
But you didn't poke her face!

>She might have to be dealt with.
There's no need for that.
No. 788743 ID: b939b1

>There's no need for that.
We shall see. You know what they say.

Two men can keep a secret only as long as one of them is dead.
No. 788744 ID: 0d1514

Good job go into the forest and eat an entire boar or something to reward yourself.
No. 788749 ID: dab1be


It's clear she likes and trusts you now. She's not a problem, but perhaps a valuable ally. It's useful to have others that would possibly defend you - and it seems she would. Definitely best to keep her around. After all, trust is generally in short supply.
No. 788755 ID: 987bda

She is clearly enamored with you.
She is a valuable resource, not a threat.
No. 788758 ID: b7883c

Very good mortal tricking.

>She might have to be dealt with.
Probably won't need that. If she does tell someone, it is most likely she will tell people your false story which would help your disguise.
No. 788759 ID: 3abd97

It would be suspicious if you removed her now.

For now, think of this like a test run? The consequences of being discovered inside school are relatively small scale and controllable. This is good practice for manipulating and influencing someone with lower stakes.

So the test: can you make use of her without exposing yourself, or will sh have to go?
No. 788763 ID: 398fe1

It would be more dangerous to kill her than let her live. She can help you with your cover story, and you could stand to have a friend just for the social experience.

You should work on reducing your weight by producing dragonblood to feed the seed. That can't be explained away.
No. 788974 ID: 6cbace
File 148999888586.png - (12.73KB , 600x400 , 123.png )

Target Beatrice will be put aside for now, her presence is yet a threat.

I make my way to the front of the shrine to find Red eyes and make my ways towards her.

"Hey kid, get into any trouble?"
No. 788975 ID: 3ccd12

No, but I think I made a friend
No. 788976 ID: d9d492

Smile at Victoria.
No. 788977 ID: a363ac

I made a "Girl" friend named Bea.
No. 788979 ID: 8d4593

I heard about a book of everyday spells.
No. 788981 ID: ffc525

As long as no one died, I don't think Emils will consider anything as "trouble".

Hug Victoria and act excited, "No. No one disliked me and they even showed me some magic! I learned a lot of things, but I couldn't learn magic. They told me I can't learn it here. Can you teach me?"
No. 788983 ID: 48237d

Just a little.
No. 788984 ID: e934d1

I think it would be worth mentioning that only one person was suspicious enough of us to question our lived in the woods story.
No. 788985 ID: 48237d

This isn't a secret Emils share with Victoria. Better not mention anything and hope she will never have the same suspicion.
No. 788988 ID: 9876c4


Stop trying to make Emils act like a kid, guys.
No. 788989 ID: 8d4593

Well the practice couldn't hurt.
No. 788990 ID: bdb17c

No there has been no trouble today but I believe I have made friends, one of them showed me how to do magic and they mentioned a book of simple common magic spells. Would you help me find a copy?
No. 788991 ID: ba506f

>Stop trying to make Emils act like a kid, guys.
But she looks like a kid, hell seeing how long she's been sentient she probably is a kid. Besides wouldn't having her act older then she looks only attract more attention?
No. 788992 ID: 9876c4

I think having her be eager and hug people is pretty far out of character.
No. 788994 ID: ba506f

oh you meant stop having her be touchy. Thought you meant stop having her act naive and clueless when faced with new things or trying to pass her awkwardness off as being silent and shy or something along those lines.

Yeah I agree with stop having Emils try to hug everything seeing how the last time she let someone touch her they got suspicious of her and almost found out she was a slime.
No. 788995 ID: 8d4593

she doesn't really have much of a character tho.
She's only been awake for a few days after all.
That means pretty blank slate if you ask me.
No. 788996 ID: 6cbace
File 149001173667.png - (12.82KB , 600x400 , 124.png )

"A little trouble I think?"
"Was it bad?" She offer her hand and I reach out to it.
"I did some of those fancy words you told me about and it was settled I think?"
"Oh... Don't it you would have had to resort to that..."
"It's okay, I think it got me a girl friend?"
"I... see. I guess I that means I should continue with etiquette training."
We exit the shrine gates and walk into the city proper.

"I also learned a bit of magic."
"Oh really? What was it?"
"{Solid:Heat; Target:Self; Scale:1% Initiate;}"
Thermoregulation (Heat) has been triggered.
My form grows warmer.
"Oh, a heating spell?"
"Yes. I would like to learn more magic."

Red eyes looks at me for a bit.
"I heard I could learn more magic from a guild?"
"Well... Yes, I guess that would be the best place here to learn magic. I could bring you there on the weekend to take a look."
"Thank you."
"While we're there, is there any branch magic you're aiming for?"
No. 788999 ID: ba506f

more temperature and body magic?
No. 789004 ID: 0555b9

Body magic and stealth magic. I want to be a stealth archer when I grow up.
No. 789005 ID: 0555b9

You can't taste your prey if you don't touch it!
No. 789006 ID: d9d492

Well, you can apparently do body and temperature magic but you don't know much about spells for it. Also say one of the other kids showed you space magic. It seemed really interesting!

(Weight control could be a life saver.)
No. 789007 ID: 9876c4

Fair point.
No. 789009 ID: ffc525

Body and healing magic. Strengthening our sustainability and defense should come first.

Ask Vic what she did while you were gone.

Also, tell her that you love her and that you want to hug her. That's because we want her to bond with us more. Better bond means better protection and more trust.
No. 789010 ID: b88e47

No. 789011 ID: 9de5bb

all of it. literally all magicks.
No. 789013 ID: 398fe1

Body magic would be most useful.
No. 789014 ID: bdb17c


ok fine
body magic of all kinds together with being a slime is going to make us hell OP shape changer and healing magic not only adds to our sustainability but also our relations with others, final basic elemental because we at least gotta be able to do some wizard lightning, fireball MM shit.
No. 789020 ID: 91ee5f

>(Weight control could be a life saver.)
No. 789021 ID: 395c02

That sounds like a bit much.

But endearing ourselves to Vic, at least sort of, in a way more consistent with the way we've been acting, couldn't hurt. (I don't know if Emils knows that Vic is quite tough in order to have that as a motivation, but over in the disthread we did get her stat sheet, after all.)

And yeah weight control would be nice. So long as Emils is just doing normal kid things and not really coming across as anything other than poorly socialized (which we already have an excuse for) I don't expect anyone to want to examine her too closely, but having some extra protection seems like a good move.
No. 789050 ID: 0b99d7

Learning body magic would probably help to handwave most of Emils' less than common abilities.
No. 789068 ID: a363ac

good points
No. 789086 ID: 8d4593

Seconding all of it.
No. 789169 ID: b88e47

Weight control is actually the best one you could learn right now for staying hidden.
No. 789244 ID: 094652

"Something advanced. I want to build spells when I grow up and eat entire towns in one bite."
No. 789245 ID: 6cbace
File 149008228746.png - (14.39KB , 600x400 , 125.png )

"I want to learn ALL the magics!" I say excitedly, "I wanna be a magical girl!"
She has a slight bemused expression on her face. "I need to change what books I read for you."
Her ears drops a bit, "I'm sorry, but most likely you'd only be able to learn a few spells. Magic is a difficult thing to learn, and using magic you're not good at would tire you out greatly."

"What about explosive magics?"
"No, those are much too dangerous for a kid to learn."
"Weight magic?"
"Those tend to be unique to spacial magicians."

She gives me an uneasy look, "Look... just... don't be too upset if aren't able to learn any new magic. It takes a long time for people to learn magic, and most people get too excited when they are able to cast their first spell."
This might put a damper on plans.

"Then how do I learn magic that I can do?"
"Body and temperature magic huh?... I could ask some friends, set you up with some lessons at the guild, or try to find private tutors for you?"
No. 789247 ID: 70983e

Vic's friends will be the most colorful and practical teachers you can find.
No. 789248 ID: 398fe1

>unique to spacial magicians
Then you really do need to burn off some weight. Feeeeeed the seeeeeed. If it wakes up you just have to sneak off to the cave and feed it a lizard. Then you can keep it as a "pet" and secretly tutor it in things you've learned until it's educated enough to blend in as a Rabbold. Then you just find someone nobody will miss, or whose death would not be investigated. Maybe a solitary hunter in the caves? Or is it possible for you to feed it replicated body parts over time until it can mimic the entire form?

>friend, guild, tutor
I feel like the private tutor is the best option. If you do something unusual, they will stick around the least amount of time, and you can just stonewall them since it's really none of their business. It's also the easiest one to deal with in the worst case scenario where you get completely discovered. A private tutor murder would likely have no witnesses to worry about. Do try to avoid murdering them, though.
No. 789250 ID: ffc525

>I could ask some friends, set you up with some lessons at the guild, or try to find private tutors for you?
"You would do that for me? Thanks, you're the best"
And then hug Victoria.
"But is there any magic which you could teach me? You're the best teacher!"
No. 789255 ID: b412df

Thank Victoria.

Hmm, friends might be interesting, private tutors might be better contingency-wise. I would say friends since they might be willing to teach a bit more, since apparently spells are horded or something. So, voting friends.

Mention that Bea's father runs a gym and knows body magic, let's see if Victoria knows anything about that.
No. 789258 ID: ba506f

well if she's offering free magic lessons I don't see why we should turn them down. Ask her what type of magic she knows.
No. 789261 ID: c31aac

This is the best.
Make a note to adjust your fur texture later though.
No. 789262 ID: b412df

Not sure why we change our fur texture. The issue with it was that it didn't line up with what we said about living in the wilds, however that could be explained by saying that the wilds was a lie to avoid telling people about us being a noble. Bea has been the only one who noticed so far, so consistency might be better than correcting the error.
No. 789276 ID: b88e47

"Share a spell you know. I'll see if I can cast it. Who knows? I might be a prodigy."
No. 789277 ID: 7c13cb

While we can almost definitely cast every sort of magic is it really a good idea letting others know that?
No. 789325 ID: 8d4593

Victoria suspects nothing. She should be safe.
Besides, if we become known for magical prowess that would overshadow our inraboldity.

"Eccentric Mage" and "Awkward Prodigy Child" can be taken at face value, and are much easier logical jumps than "Legendary Killer Shapeshifter".
No. 789345 ID: 41b813

Ask for an allowance to buy large quantities of food, but then hunt down large animals and consume them whole. Be sure to keep the ecosystem balanced if you can. Use your lunch money to buy cheap spells from crack wizards. Entice them into kidnapping you, and when they lead you to their bases, GLOMP THEM ALL into gooey submission.
No. 789396 ID: dce082

Ummm, how about we DON'T do that and how do we plan on enticing them to kidnap us, the fact we are a little girl makes that thought even more disturbing.
No. 789434 ID: 6cbace
File 149017182557.png - (11.98KB , 600x400 , 126.png )

The seed only requires [Mana] to germinate, which I am still doing.

"What about your magics?"
"I'm not that good of a teacher, and I'm already busy teaching you the language here. Speaking of which, I bought some books for you to learn how to read."

"Then what about your friends?"
"I'll ask around if any of them are willing to teach you."
"A friend in class, the girl I mentioned earlier, her father runs a gym. I could learn body magic from there?"
"Does this friend have a name?"
"Oh," Red eyes face stiffens for a moment "him."

"Are you sure about that?"
I nod, "I don't think Bea would mind if I join her either."
She seems reluctant about something but sighs in the end. "I'll see what I can do."

I give her a hug, "Thank you Victoria. For everything."
No. 789435 ID: 70983e

So, how does Vic taste?
No. 789436 ID: a363ac

make sure to take note of any people that look like they live on the street for future food. Also try to make a "boy" friend. And always aim to become the best MAGICAL GIRL!
No. 789438 ID: 393ae0

Finally some hugs. Next objective: hugging Victoria every day.

Next part begin! Let's see what excitement a new day or a different place holds.
No. 789441 ID: b412df

So how do you think things are going so far Emils?
No. 789446 ID: 6cbace
File 149018692684.png - (12.79KB , 600x400 , 127.png )

Fuzzy, with a tint of iron.
Acknowledged, aim to achieve male friend.
Appending previous goal of magical girl to best magical girl.
Requires looking into current best magical girl in order to surpass her.
Daily hugs goal set.
So far things are going okay.
I think. I mean I have no scale of reference.

Pick what awaits Emils: More Class Hang out with classmates Visit Bea's Gym Visit Guild Tutoring Others: write in.
No. 789447 ID: d79f26

let's visit the guild first, get a copy of the free spells book.
No. 789448 ID: 0555b9

>Visiting Bea's Gym and Tutoring
No. 789452 ID: e4abe1

guild, then learn every thing and show victoria you can be the best
No. 789453 ID: 91ee5f

Inform Victoria of how you bed broke because it is old.

Learn the Space Magic spell that'll let you control your weight so that you don't keep breaking everything you sit on!
No. 789455 ID: 54d6ca

I vote for either gym or hanging out with classmates.
No. 789457 ID: 393ae0

> More Class

> Hang out with classmates

> Visit Bea's Gym

> Visit Guild

> Tutoring

> Becoming a magical girl
Magical girls don't eat people! So we can't be one :p

> Others:
Emils' first kiss.
No. 789466 ID: 8d4593

Tutoring and Gym.

I don't know if training will improve your mimicked body or not, but more advanced practice controlling your body couldn't hurt. Hell, you might be able to learn a sport, or how to fight or maybe dance.
No. 789476 ID: ba506f

>More Class
>Hang out with classmates
>Visit Bea's Gym
>Visit Guild
>Others: running into bag and catching up
No. 789477 ID: b15da4

Clarification: our goal is to become a magical slime-girl. That is a magical girl what is visibly gelatinous. And jiggly. You have come very far, but have a long way to go, young slimegirl.
No. 789490 ID: 398fe1

That poor bed. Emils you need to lose weight! Figure out something constructive you can do with the extra mass. Is it possible you can stockpile dragonblood in secret? Like, maybe, stuff a jar inside yourself and fill it with dragonblood over time? Wait, would dragonblood show up via mana sight? In that case you can't keep a jar of it inside yourself, it'll be detectable as a huge anomaly. Still, if dragonblood keeps fresh, you could start filling up a jar with it and hide it somewhere.

>Visit Guild
No. 789491 ID: 91ee5f

>visibly gelatinous.
No, idiot! Emils is trying to hide the fact that she's a slime! How is being visibly gelatinous considered hiding?!
No. 789492 ID: 0d1514

No. 789496 ID: b15da4

Hiding inferior. Magical slime girl is superior.

Read it and weep, jerk.
No. 789502 ID: dce082

First we must launch a political campaign for slime rights, then once that is successful we will be free to unleash our cute slimy form!
No. 789505 ID: 48237d

Have we determined what happen when we add more dragon blood to the extended core? Let's find out.
No. 789532 ID: a363ac

Inform Victoria that her bed is clearly of the weakest construction and you need something of the strongest like steel to keep up with your great magical girl antics.
Also go to Bea's dad's gym for magical girl body training, and conversing with your "girl" friend.
No. 789539 ID: ffc525

Oh you guys crying so much about the weight. Then what about this.

> Others:
Compress Mass - lv 2 - Allows compression of mass volume. Lv 2 bonus: Also allows reduction of weight by converting mass into lighter composition.
No. 789552 ID: 094652

Focus on regulating the mana intake of your little sister, give her enough mana to develop a stronger brain when she finally hatches. Also, take an interest into mana research; different types of mana may exist (if in rare quantities), and mana may materialize in various formats and even form specific patterns that affect consumption.
No. 789614 ID: 0d1514

Slimes eat people. Emils eats people. Revealing that you are of a race that eats people when you have not eaten anyone can sometimes work out, but revealing that you are of a race that eats people when you yourself eat people is generally a bad idea.
No. 789615 ID: 70983e

When you're a mighty magical slimegirl with the powers of the arcane and eldritch at your faux-fingertips, caring about what other people think of your diet is something lesser beings do.
No. 789617 ID: 398fe1

Predatory slimes are unheard of, according to Vic.
No. 789620 ID: b7883c

>Slimes eat people. [...] of a race that eats people
Ok, we seem to have lost perspective on what regular slimes are like. Exactly one slime has ever eaten someone as far as we know, and that's us. Regular slimes are described as:
>Slimes are basically the cleaners of nature. They scavenge and consume waste of other beasts. I've even heard some rich people or cities that use them as toilets. Blood slimes however are highly valued by doctors for their secretions that can be used as a blood replacement.
And in response to questions about blood slime predation:
>They feed on waste like any other slime, it's just that they have the ability to clone parts given a sample of the animal.
Normal slimes aren't any more super-predators than dung beetles.
We should still hide being a slime (especially to keep people from stealing our valuable blood), but people fearing slimes is not among the reasons for that. (Also we should keep this in mind when deciding priorities; eating things that are still moving is a trick picked up with intelligence rather than a deep slime instinct.)

>First we must launch a political campaign for slime rights
"I think slimes should vote!"
Seriously though that would be pointless. Dragon blood has made Emils something drastically different from any other slime.
No. 789621 ID: e01e87

Emils should keep in mind that while losing mass is death, gaining mass is not necessarily life. If not hungry, she should not consume. Otherwise when she is hungry, she will have already consumed all her food.
No. 789629 ID: dce082

>it's just that they have the ability to CLONE parts given a sample of the animal

Being a blood slime in the form of a rabbold is proof we have consumed rabbold before
No. 789630 ID: 91ee5f

You know what would be funny? If Victoria ever makes cookies and then wakes up in the middle of the night and catches Emils with her hand in the cookie jar! XD
No. 789631 ID: 398fe1

No, blood slimes can only clone parts of animals, they can't full-body shapeshift.
No. 789633 ID: b7883c

>Being a blood slime in the form of a rabbold is proof we have consumed rabbold before
Actually, how little of something DO we need to eat to get its form? Could we become one of those bird people using dna from a feather?
No. 789646 ID: dce082

Emils, do you understand and have morals or emotion or even any aspirations other than eating?

Maybe but that doesn't mean if discovered we wouldn't be at least suspected of murder.
If we do actually need that little then it could excuse use of the suspected murder to an extent, however I am against Emils doing any significant shape changing, She should be working on being Emils the rabold and then possibly Emils the magical slimegirl, rather than emils the serial killing shapeshifter.
No. 789651 ID: 6cbace
File 149026133471.png - (10.52KB , 600x400 , 128.png )

"Okay Emils, whatever happens, stay back."
Red eyes looks at me with a serious look as I nod back at her.

She takes a deep breath and knocks the door.

I can feel the ground thump under my feet.
No. 789655 ID: 6cbace
File 149026159240.png - (10.76KB , 600x400 , 129.png )

A giant fist exits the wall.
She whispers something that I couldn't hear, and [Mana] surges towards her feet.

"Just enter the room once he leaves." She tells me before running off into the corridor.
No. 789656 ID: 6cbace
File 149026161019.png - (13.91KB , 600x400 , 130.png )


No. 789657 ID: 6cbace
File 149026161887.png - (5.90KB , 600x400 , 131.png )

No. 789658 ID: a363ac

He will be eaten slowly and with much pain.
Go on in and say hi to your "Girl" friend Bea.
No. 789659 ID: d79f26

good thing we're indestructible.

enter room.
No. 789660 ID: 6cbace
File 149026256408.png - (7.88KB , 600x400 , 132.png )

I'm pretty sure I am already inside the room.
No. 789661 ID: a363ac

Act pain
No. 789662 ID: d79f26

greet whoever else is in the room. ask if this happens often.
No. 789663 ID: b7883c

Try and pretend that hurt at least a little bit.

>He will be eaten slowly and with much pain.
That would actually be really hard. Sure we are nearly immune to punches, but he could probably pull limbs off.
No. 789664 ID: ffc525

Dust yourself and check if anyone's there. If there is, then present yourself and explain the reason or your visit. If not, then find someone.
No. 789665 ID: 6cbace
File 149026522541.png - (11.79KB , 600x400 , 133.png )

I dust myself off, nonchalantly saying an "ow".

"Em- Emils!?" Bea yells, getting your attention.
"Hello little one, would you like to join us for breakfast?" The older lady asks.
"Are you okay?!"
No. 789666 ID: ba506f

sweat free food

also say "I'll live"
No. 789668 ID: d79f26

"you need a new wall"
No. 789669 ID: ffc525

I feel our safety depends on Bea-mom's disposition towards us so, time for some sweet talk!

"I'd be honored to join two young and beautiful ladies if I so may."
Turning to Beatrice, "A small graze should not interrupt such a fine morning."

And then talk about stuff.
No. 789671 ID: db0da2

"I'll- [Fake a coughing fit] I'll be alright, I think."

"I'd love to, thank you."
No. 789672 ID: 0d1514

Flex at her
"I'm sturdy"
No. 789676 ID: e934d1

Give a look towards the door and ask "Are they normally like that?"
No. 789688 ID: 0555b9

"Just getting warmed up."
Accept free food. Which one are we eating?
No. 789690 ID: 54d6ca

"I'm ok, I think. Does this happen often?" Then accept the offer of food and join them.

If that's what Bea's father is like, and Bea knows even a fraction of what he knows, then it's a good thing yesterday's confrontation didn't turn into a fight.
No. 789750 ID: 952ab0

"waste of a protection spell"
No. 789752 ID: 0b99d7

look back in confusion

"Why are the walls flimsier than the door?"
No. 789798 ID: 094652

"Your husband is a mindless thug, why haven't you left him yet? Also, I licked your daughter."
No. 789801 ID: dce082

"Uhh your husband isnt going to try to murder me when he gets back is he? And I take it stuff like this is a usual thing?" Don't listen to the voice telling you to say you licked her daughter, parents don't like it when you lick their daughter right after meeting her... And honestly I'm not even sure if you want to go after bea romantically.
No. 789803 ID: de3746

"I've had much worse. Your walls are so much softer than the caves.
Food sounds nice."
No. 789808 ID: a363ac

"Hello Girl friend Bea"
No. 789823 ID: 02aa5e

Im fine, the wall isnt. ...is that normal?
No. 789827 ID: 9876c4

Disregard females, acquire nutrition.
No. 789941 ID: 6cbace
File 149034465085.png - (7.92KB , 600x400 , 134.png )

I thank the lady and kneel onto one of the pillows on the floor, following her posture.

"Was that Victoria out there?" the lady asks.
"Yes. Are they always like that?"
She gives a small laugh, "Yes, every time. Don't worry about that, my name is Zen. Judging from my daughter's reaction, you two already know each other?"
"Yes, I'm Emils, Victora's neice. And Bea's my girl friend." I clarify.
Zen raises a brow and Bea looks at me uneasily, "She means we're friends! That are girls! Why are you here Emils?!"
"You mentioned your father ran a gym, and I wanted to learn body magic."
"Oh? You wish to train under my husband?" Zen grins.
"Yes," I nod, "I have a goal, and part of that is to acquire body magic."
"Ooh" Zen smiles, "And you think you can handle the training here?"
Bea is looking at me nervously.
No. 789942 ID: b88e47

"Almost certainly."
No. 789943 ID: 398fe1

Probably. It's not going to involve getting shoved through walls often, is it?
No. 789944 ID: 48237d

I wouldn't know until I try.
No. 789946 ID: b412df

Ok, sounds like girl friend has a different meaning than just a friend that is a girl, so just refer to her as a friend from now on. To avoid confusion.

You had a reinforced door slam into you and push you through a wall, you'll probably be ok.
No. 789948 ID: ffc525

Emils says, "I am..", and peers at the wall for a second, "..confident that I can learn (survive). I'm sure Bea would step in if something happened."
No. 789953 ID: 398fe1

Emils, idea: whisper nonsense in order to make it seem like you're casting a spell, then people won't wonder as much about your extreme strength and durability.
No. 789954 ID: d79f26

"is training harder then the wall?"
No. 789956 ID: 54d6ca

To clarify, if you would use girl friend, use friend instead. Don't stop using people's names or something.
No. 789958 ID: ba506f

>Ooh" Zen smiles, "And you think you can handle the training here?
guess I'll have to give it a shot and find out.
No. 789959 ID: 6cbace
File 149035213899.png - (5.36KB , 600x400 , 135.png )

"I am confident." I state, looking right at her. "I am very sturdy."
She smiles, "The training will be hard, tough, difficult, and painful."
"Will it be harder than the walls?"
"The walls are cheap to make and easy break with how often people go though them."
"Than I shall be fine."
She laughs. "Very well, once my husband comes back, I'll discuss your admission with him."
No. 789961 ID: a363ac

Do I have to take him out in order to gain access to your secrets?
No. 789964 ID: 094652

"Discuss nothing, train NOW."
No. 789965 ID: ffc525

Good thing pain does not affect us in traditional way. Hopefully, we'll be able to avoid the training part, and go straight to learn the magic.

Consume breakfast, and wait for Bea-dad.
No. 789970 ID: f9ad09

I was told Sir Victor would discuss it with him. Then again, He did punch a hole through his own wall to get a cheap shot at Victor which Victor appeared to aniticipate. What is the nature of their relationship?
No. 789975 ID: d0a9a0


The woman is the true power behind this dojo. Be careful (and respectful)!
No. 790041 ID: e4abe1

No. 790048 ID: 0b99d7

Might be a good idea to learn more about what you're getting into.
Ask what's expected of you, what you should expect, and if you should help fix the hole you technically made ()

>The woman is the true power behind this dojo. Be careful and respectful
I think there's something to this, but be respectful of most adult strangers regardless.
No. 790052 ID: 398fe1

...maybe you can disguise your toughness and weight by claiming to have a magic item implanted in your body that makes you very tough but also very heavy?
No. 790068 ID: b412df

Note that Zen referred to Victoria by her true name, not as Sir Victor. Might be worth asking about it at some point, but if she used Vic's true name we probably should as well.
No. 790084 ID: e01e87

Incidentally, I am pretty sure painful equates to losing mass. She is likely incorrect that it will be painful for you (you're a big slime), but that's what she means by painful. Either losing mass, or mass becoming unusable. She is effectively saying you will learn methods to gain more mass, but may have to temporarily lose some in order to get there.
No. 790096 ID: 6cbace
File 149039428513.png - (8.13KB , 600x400 , 136.png )

"Do you know Victoria?"
"We go way back, back before my little girl was born."
Beas ears picks up at that, "Wait, I never heard of this?"
"You never asked."
There's a crash somewhere outside the room.
"I don't think your father will be back before breakfast, Beatrice, Would you please set the table?"

I feel pain in my forms, but as long as it does not affect my core, it does not hurt.
I have enough mass to sustain myself for quite a while.

I ask about what training would entail, but she says that it'll ruin the surprise.
Also that someone will be over to fix the walls with magic at the end of the day.

Breakfast is eaten and start I feel a heavy set of footsteps coming up behind me and then feel myself grabbed behind my neck.
This is a new sensation.
"No time for breakfast Dear, gotta get this one tested. Also you could do with less weight."
No. 790099 ID: a363ac

Bite the hand that holds you. You are no-ones rag doll.
No. 790102 ID: 0b99d7


Not sure what to expect here, but I imagine it will be a full-contact demonstration. Pay attention.
No. 790104 ID: b412df

No. 790105 ID: d79f26

pretty sure lifting you up is really difficult, this means they are strong.
No. 790110 ID: 48237d

It's impressive he can lift you with one hand.
Unless he comment something, you better avoid mentioning anything related to your abnormal weight. If we are lucky he won't know for sure how much his magical aid is current in effect helping hin carry a girl fifty times heavier than she looks.
And don't bite him, be polite. "Hello. Nice to meet you." That sort of thing.
No. 790111 ID: ffc525

Remain quiet and let him carry us. I feel it's important not to resist or ask questions here, as those actions could be considered forms of disrespect and could lead to extreme injuries.
No. 790114 ID: 8d4593

So you gonna throw me into another wall or what?
No. 790115 ID: 836393

Do I have the option of not being carried to the test, or is that just not happening?
No. 790116 ID: 094652

How is he holding 10-20 soldiers worth of slime?!

Jiggle a little.
No. 790118 ID: ba506f

alright let's see what this training entails.
No. 790121 ID: 70983e

Reply "Hopefully this training will be worth the weight."
No. 790131 ID: 398fe1

Tell him you can't help being heavy. It's part of why you're so durable.
No. 790133 ID: 0d1514

"It's rude to mention a girls weight."
No. 790140 ID: 91ee5f

>Also you could do with less weight.
Let this be a reminder that your unusually heavy weight compared to your tiny body is unusual and you need to learn the spell that decreases your weight.

Since you are a girl, you are obligated to act insulted and say, "Did you just call me fat?!"

This also works.
No. 790202 ID: 6cbace
File 149040953583.png - (8.10KB , 600x400 , 137.png )

I wiggle about to the soft limits of this form but his grip is firm.
"H-ey did you just call me fat?"
"No. You are heavy. It's strange since you feel like a noodle but can still stand. I am Rosh. Victoria told me you wished to train here, correct?"
"...Yes." I let myself be carried towards a large open room.
No. 790203 ID: 6cbace
File 149040971773.png - (7.10KB , 600x400 , 138.png )

He sets me down, grabs a board from an alcove and kneels down in front me me.
"Now hit this as hard as you can. No spells, just physical strength."
Hit Hard - STR 14 (Slime Stat) Hit Medium - STR 6 (Rabbold Stat) Hit Light - Roll 1d6
No. 790205 ID: a363ac

If we are in this for training go all out you lived in the woods so it wouldn't be a stretch to say you got tough out there. HIT HARD LIKE A SLIME
No. 790206 ID: 211d83

Slime it up. You can't get proper training if you are holding back.
No. 790208 ID: a13b8b

Hit him with a hard hit, he did say to hit him as hard as you can, give him what he said!
No. 790210 ID: 398fe1

Hey are you gonna do what he said or not? Hit that thing AS HARD AS YOU CAN.
No. 790211 ID: 91e039

Go for broke. 14 str.
No. 790212 ID: 90f3c0

Medium hit. Try not to give away the fact that you're actually a monster.
No. 790213 ID: 595d54

Bodyslam it as hard as you can.
No. 790214 ID: 31daba

Not full slime strength. If hitting hard, just go one or two points over Rabbold STR.
No. 790215 ID: 48237d

Hit Medium
Priorities people!
No. 790217 ID: 91ee5f

Hit medium.
No. 790218 ID: 836393

Hit it with full rabbold strength
No. 790219 ID: 8d4593

Since no one suspects us, Hit him goddamn HARD.

He will be taken aback at first, but will likely explain your absurd weight away with your insane strength. Muscle density and what not.

Besides that, if you want to benefit from training at all you need to push yourself. You won't learn much if he takes it easy on you, even if he thinks he's giving you hell (Based on your supposed size and strength).
No. 790224 ID: b007cd

>hit hard
>rock him like a hurricane
No. 790233 ID: 91ee5f

Since it looks like "hit hard" is gonna win, then I'd like to say that I wouldn't be surprised at all if Emils goes through the board and hits Rosh and he's unhurt from the punch!
No. 790235 ID: 6cbace
File 149041860611.png - (8.21KB , 600x400 , 139.png )

Hit Hard - 8 Hit Medium - 5 Hit Light - 0

I tense up my body and hit harder than my form's muscles allow me to.


My form's fingers and knuckles are registering pain upon impact and his hand is pushed slightly back to absorb the blow. There is no damage on the board.
"Hoou, that's a good punch!" he grins "Harder than the other students at your age. Now keep doing going until you grow tired!"

Endurance Long - Emils is unable to grow tired. Keep going until he tells you to stop. Endurance Medium - Keep going until your form can not take it in a few minutes. Endurance Short - Stop after a few punches.
No. 790236 ID: a363ac

keep going for about a minute after the form starts to break.
No. 790237 ID: 0d1514

No. 790240 ID: 952c30

No. 790241 ID: d0a9a0


No. 790242 ID: 79a07e

No. 790247 ID: 094652

Medium-Well. (Use your head once your fist starts to lose cohesion.)
No. 790248 ID: 8cb228

Keep going until a little bit after the form would start to break, but show obvious signs of using massive amounts of willpower to keep going.
No. 790256 ID: 8d4593

Medium endurance is perfect here. Just because you can tirelessly recreate your body on the fly as it breaks down doesn't mean its efficient. Also tirelessness while possibly explainable, is really unnatural.
No. 790257 ID: 91ee5f


>Use your head
And just for the hell of it, let's see at least one headbutt!
No. 790258 ID: 28a319

No. 790260 ID: fd73fa

Endurance Long. If you want to actually improve he needs to see what you're capable of. Besides if he wasn't surprised by your slime strength why would be be surprised by your slime stamina?
No. 790269 ID: 6cbace
File 149043027434.png - (7.99KB , 600x400 , 140.png )

I stop, emulating exhaustion with my fingers trembling as they bruise under the abuse.
"Alright, that's good. Impressive even." he praises.
"This will be enough for today." he puts away the board and grabbing a box.
he holds my hurt wrist and takes out a roll of cloth and wrap it tightly around my hand.

He guides me back to the room we were in, with me walking behind him this time.
Placing a cup of water on the low table, "Get that hand healed up and come back tomorrow. You can wait here for Beatrice before going to class." he says before leaving the room.
No. 790270 ID: d79f26

good, we have secured training. after you get out of sight then revert your hand to a repaired state.
No. 790273 ID: 398fe1

I wonder if this training will help? Can a slime get stronger from exercise? Maybe Organic Mimic will emulate the body gaining strength like that. Or maybe Emils can cheat and make denser bones and muscles directly.

Show Beatrice your horrible gross hand.
No. 790280 ID: ba506f

kinda have to wonder if your body can get tougher like a normal persons can with this training. Oh well we can figure that out as we go. I guess you can check in with Bea to see how she's doing then go home... maybe finally ask what is with bea's and your guardian's weird relationship. Haven't seen anyone else act like that towards each other since you've been here.
No. 790282 ID: ffc525

Being praised might not have been a good thing for us. Now he will only go harder on us, whereas if we acted weak, but showed a lot of spirit, he would decide to go easy on us, and would teach us with more care. And we'd also have better options to show him progress. Teachers like seeing progress.

>You can wait here for Beatrice
Let's walk around the place and try to find Bea's room. What could possibly go wrong.

>Show Beatrice your horrible gross hand.
Our hand is bandaged and undoing them right now would be illogical.
No. 790285 ID: 6cbace
File 149043695226.png - (6.17KB , 600x400 , 141.png )

Exercise for the reason of gaining mass is pointless for me, as I can adjust various aspects of my form thanks to [Organic Mimic] with the cost of slime mass.
Even this hand itself will slowly be rebuilt with mass to repair itself.
Doing any extreme changes however, will no doubt alert these beings around me due to my sudden change in the appearance of my form. They do not seem to be able to do the same.

I feel indifferent to the big one's praises, they are in the standards of these creatures and not of me. I am not these creatures.

I use my slime mass inside of me to move the fingers, this form can not replicate such movements being damaged as such. It appears despite being damaged past the point of this form's limit, I can still exert forced control from inside of it with my slime mass to puppet it, even beyond it's natural limits as I will a digit to bend backwards beyond what the tendons allow. This might be useful.

I take in the cup of water, and leave the room. Finding Beatrice is easy as I can sense her Mana despite being muddied by the walls. I stop outside the room she is in.
No. 790286 ID: ba506f

knock gently with your none bandaged hand.
No. 790290 ID: b412df

Regardless of whether or not exercising for muscle mass is useful to you, it'll be useful to know how to use this form's muscles (Whether boosted by using your full strength or not) effectively. Technique can be just effective as raw power.

Knock gently on the door, the walls here appear to be quite weak.
No. 790294 ID: ffc525

>knock gently
Knocking is definitely not a good idea. We've seen what happened to Victoria when she did it. It's only logical not to knock.

>I stop outside
Enter the room without further ado. Waiting is an unnecessary action. It's better to communicate inside the room, rather than outside. After all, creatures feel at ease in their most familiar surroundings.
No. 790295 ID: b412df

Victoria was deliberately trying to provoke Bea's father though, she called him a old man while knocking. We're dealing with Bea here, not her father. I don't think she has the same temper issues as him.
No. 790296 ID: e4abe1

just say ;"Bea, are you in there?" knok and ask for permission to enter.
No. 790297 ID: ffc525

You're not thinking from Emils' point of view and you're assuming too many things. Emils doesn't know if there was any provoking and neither if what happened was normal. Based on her observations, it's only logical to assume that such an action has such a reaction. In fact, since Emils cannot immitate Victoria (because she can't enhance her running), by all her logic she should not try knocking and getting herself in such a situation.

... Plus you should consider how hilarious it would be if Emils never knocked on any door ever again :P
No. 790298 ID: 836393

Victoria trained Emils in social etiquette, so I doubt she doesn't realize that reaction on Bea's father's part was outside the norm.

Bea isn't her father. I seriously doubt she would punch a hole through the wall on us. Go ahead and knock on the door with your left hand.
No. 790300 ID: 6cbace
File 149044354621.png - (7.80KB , 600x400 , 142.png )

I knock on the door with my left hand, "Hello, Bea?"
You hear some shuffling behind the door as Bea's mana moves about behind the walls.
Eventually she opens the door and pops her head out "Yes, what is it?"
"It's me, Em-"
No. 790301 ID: 6cbace
File 149044363992.png - (8.65KB , 600x400 , 143.png )

I hear her give a small squeak before slamming the door.

Her mana tells me she is rushing around noisily behind the wall.
No. 790302 ID: e4abe1

ask if she is ok behind there and if she need help cleearing up the room.
No. 790306 ID: 54d6ca

Just wait for a bit.
No. 790307 ID: 6cbace
File 149044694142.png - (6.35KB , 600x400 , 144.png )

"Do you need any help in there?"

She doesn't reply, and she looks busy back there.

Eventually she reopens the door, wider this time.
"Em-Emils," she gulps "What can I do for you?"
No. 790308 ID: e4abe1

just saying hi
No. 790309 ID: 0d1514

"Time for class." Fiddle with your bandage and look bothered, as if in pain.
No. 790310 ID: a363ac

"It is time for class girlfriend Bea"
No. 790312 ID: ffc525

"I desired to visit you, my lady. My enlistment in the gym is but a diversion and the true reason for my presence here is you. May I enter?"
No. 790313 ID: 54d6ca

How long is it before class? Might not be time to leave yet. Just say you finished being tested by Bea's father and went over to say hello. Do not call her girlfriend.
No. 790314 ID: 7f7ea0

Obviously this is the correct choice
No. 790319 ID: 8d4593

What sort of greeting is that?
No. 790328 ID: ba506f

just stopped by to say hi. That's something friends do right? Sorry if it's not, still getting use to having friends.
No. 790341 ID: e4abe1

No. 790342 ID: 70983e

You are here to pick her up for school. Pick her up and carry her to school.
No. 790349 ID: 91ee5f

.....was she not dressed?
No. 790352 ID: 91ee5f

Also, I'm surprised that Rosh made you use the same hand repeatedly instead of alternating between both hands. That doesn't seem like proper training!
No. 790355 ID: 836393

If she wasn't dressed than she thought it appropriate to greet whoever she thought was at her door, most likely her mom and/or dad, naked. I think it's more likely that she wanted to clean up her room a bit more to not offend our noble sensibilities with her dirty peasant room, or something similar to that effect.
No. 790357 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you're finished with the initial training. Does she want to hang out until it's time for school?
No. 790458 ID: 6cbace
File 149049448484.png - (8.26KB , 600x400 , 145.png )

"I have completed your father's testing, and am now waiting for you so we can go to class together. I came here to say hello."
"Oh! That was fast!" she eyes my wrapped hand, "Ah! Your hand! Are you okay?!"
"It will be fine."
"I was in the middle of getting ready, please come in and take a seat while you wait!"
No. 790460 ID: 6cbace
File 149049462358.png - (9.22KB , 600x400 , 146.png )

She steps inside, allowing me to follow behind her.

Her room is full of her smell, with simple wooden furniture at the corners and a huge mound covered with a sheet at the far end.

"It might be humble, but this is my room. Just take a seat wherever, I'll be done in a few minutes."
No. 790461 ID: a363ac

take a seat on top of the armoire.
No. 790462 ID: b007cd

Flop on her bed
No. 790463 ID: e4abe1

oh, what a nice rug, can i sit there?
No. 790464 ID: 595d54

Sit on top of the chair's backrest and face towards the bed.
No. 790466 ID: 836393

I feel such a temptation to use the invitation to try sitting on that sheet to potentially discover what's under it by 'accident'. She did say anywhere.
No. 790468 ID: 2120ee

Sit down right where you are.

Ponder why she is so small.
No. 790470 ID: 398fe1

Don't sit on her stuff, you'll break it! C'mon, you're capable of simple pattern recognition. Say that you would prefer to stand.

Ask what's under the sheet.
No. 790471 ID: b412df

Hmm. Can't use the furniture, it's wooden. You'd likely break it even if you tried to fake-sit on it. Same with the bed. We wouldn't want to damage any of our friend's stuff.

Given the complete lack of any clutter, and the sheet covered mound against the wall, then I'd say the rushing around earlier was shoving all the mess in here into one spot and covering it. So that's just her belongings under a cover, so not a option for sitting either.

Does the desk look strong enough to bare your weight? Might be too high to fake-sit. Your best bet for not breaking anything is sitting cross legged on the floor or something.
No. 790472 ID: b007cd

What would happen if slime mass was depleted in current form?
No. 790484 ID: ba506f

lean against a wall and wait for her to get ready. Ask what the deal is with her dad and Vic.
No. 790489 ID: 70983e


Sit on the floor, you homewrecker!
No. 790491 ID: b88e47

Sit on floor.
No. 790502 ID: 15a025

Sit on top of the dresser over there.
No. 790513 ID: 6cbace
File 149050029007.png - (9.48KB , 600x400 , 147.png )

I walk across the room and sit on the floor, leaning back onto the sheet.
Bea closes the door and walks towards her dresser to change her clothes.

"So what kind of history does your parents and Victoria have?" I ask, taking the clip off my ears.
"I don't know, this is the first time I've heard of them having any relations. I tried to ask my mother, but she was too busy."
No. 790516 ID: 398fe1

Peek under the sheet.
No. 790517 ID: a363ac

look underneath the blanket for food.
No. 790518 ID: 70983e

Do a flip.

...What are we supposed to say to that?
No. 790520 ID: 8d4593

She called him "Old Man".
Maybe he was her teacher before?
No. 790521 ID: b412df

Don't put too much weight on the sheet, still worried about damaging things.

Respond that you didn't know they were familiar with each other either. Victoria called him a old man, punched a hole in the wall, then you had the door push you through the wall.
No. 790525 ID: 6cbace
File 149050183379.png - (7.73KB , 600x400 , 148.png )

I spend the time taking a peek behind the sheet and under her bed.
The pile under the sheet are a bunch of toys. They're all pretty soft.
The bed hides a few books and boxes. I can't read them, and the boxes are in too deep to reach easily.

I do not know how Red eyes and big man are related, nor does small girl.

"Alright, I'm ready Emils, lets go!"

I get up from the pile of toys and leave with Bea.
No. 790526 ID: a363ac

Pick Bea up and let her ride on your shoulders.
No. 790527 ID: 70983e

This. You could probably carry her in just one arm, though.
No. 790528 ID: 48237d

Maybe you could ask her if she is embarrassed by her toys. It's a little rude, but the topic can highlight her attitude toward you.

That would be amusing if her boyfriend didn't already give her pigbacks. Better to just walk by her normaly until we think in something different to mock her size.
No. 790529 ID: 094652

Embarrassing involves picking her up by the ankles and carrying her around like a sword.
No. 790539 ID: 6cbace
File 149050830446.png - (5.98KB , 600x400 , 149.png )

Along the way, I pick up Bea, with much protest. She wriggles too much for me lift any higher.
"Whawat are you doing?!"
"Hey Bea?"
"Why are you so small?"
She looks mad. As if trying to say something. I wait for her to answer, but she just sighs.

"My mother isn'tt from this place. There's a country to the north, rabbolds there are smaller than the ones here. I haven't been there before, I was born in this city. Never left."
She calms down under my grip.
"I want to travel one day." she whispers, "See the world, where my mother came from. How different other cities will look like, what kind of people live there. The food, the culture, the sights."

"Why don't you then?"
"I..." her ears droops "Please put me down Emils."
I don't. Her feet wriggles in the air as she tries to get free.
"It's this." she holds her hands straight out. "I'm much too small to go out into the world. There are monsters out there bigger than me. Stronger than me. A lot more deadlier than me."
She looks across the horizon. I look but I don't see what she sees.
"The world out there is dangerous Emils. Much too dangerous for little girls to travel."
No. 790540 ID: 398fe1

Interesting. Ask her about these monsters stronger than her.
No. 790542 ID: a363ac

those monsters sound delicious.
No. 790543 ID: b7883c

That's what people train for, right? All that punching practice and such?
No. 790544 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, also she can travel in a group.
No. 790546 ID: 70983e

Hmm. Noted. You will have to become a big girl before leaving. Release morsel, follow girl friend to school.
No. 790548 ID: 132a57

Monsters sound exciting.
You wont be little forever.
Also put her down lol.
No. 790558 ID: b88e47

Place Bea on shoulders.
No. 790560 ID: a7e7e3

ask if she's training to become an adventurer.

also you need to work on your empathy. in fact, set new goal: become a better, more complete person capable of deep empathy and compassion. compassion is a requirement for becoming a magical girl, after all.
No. 790562 ID: 6cbace
File 149052238124.png - (7.16KB , 600x400 , 150.png )

"What about traveling as a group?"
"The world isn't as innocent as you'd like to believe, Emils. Besides, no one would take me seriously with my size."
"And all that training you do?"
"If you call being forced to go outdoors with your parents as training. I appreciate what they put me though, but I'm nowhere near their level."
"What about becoming an adventurer?"
"I will have to in order to leave the city as an adult, but my father has never agreed to sign the papers."

I let go of Bea and she thuds unceremoniously onto the floor.
I put a hand to my chin in thought, "So tell me more of these... monsters."

She picks herself up and glares at me, "If you want to learn about monsters, You'll have to ask the guild. There's a bestiary in there."
A moment is spent for her to get walking again and we continue make our way to class.
No. 790563 ID: a363ac

Race Bea to class in order to get a gauge for how fast the above avarage Rabbold travels
No. 790565 ID: d79f26

head pats of apology.
No. 790568 ID: ffc525

Extend your hand to Bea, "Want to hold my hand? Isn't this what friends do?"
Also tell her, "Don't worry about your size. When you're with me, I'll protect you."
No. 790570 ID: 0b99d7

probably not appropriate, also she seems to get mad when reminded of how small and unimposing she is.

You are clever, girlfriend Bea, you have a goal and know the problems with getting to it. You'll adapt.
No. 790571 ID: 8d4593

You should work on your landings, Bea.

Proceed to class.
No. 790586 ID: 6cbace
File 149053416829.png - (9.96KB , 600x400 , 151.png )

"What about coming with me?"
"Out there." I look at the city walls. "This place isn't my home. There is nothing tying me here, I do not have parents like you."
I look at her, "I don't think I can live here forever. If my secret ever revealed, there will be a lot of people after me."
She releases a sad "oh." and it grows silent silent.

I put my hand on her head in a pat.
"Emils what are you doing?"
"I hear this is something people do to cheer others up."
"Emils get your hand off me." She grabs my arm in a vice-like grip, "Noble or not, I will break your arm."
"You can try." I grin back at her, feeling her hand tighten.
No. 790588 ID: ba506f

I believe you two are now what the young people call besties... Now get to class you two
No. 790591 ID: ffc525

Bea confirmed tsundere.
No. 790592 ID: 8d4593

Asshole friends are the best friends.
No. 790594 ID: e4abe1

use manasense to see if you can copy her spell
No. 790597 ID: 48237d

Good idea. Hopefully she still need to recite every word.
No. 790629 ID: 9c509b

turn your bones to rubber
No. 790650 ID: 094652

If she "breaks" your arm, go the whole hog. Make your arm look like the central pivot of a 30-carriage pileup, then immediately fix it in half a second; she'll think she's hallucinating.
No. 790654 ID: 8cb228


Uhhh, don't wanna freak her out or cause her to question what's going on. Better hold off on this plan...
No. 790656 ID: 9c509b

We have a "weird body magic" excuse so we should be fine
No. 790670 ID: 398fe1

Let's not stretch that explanation any more than we have to.
No. 790671 ID: 91ee5f

>body magic
I see what you did there.
No. 790687 ID: 3abd97

>is training useful?
Maybe not the stuff to gain muscle mass, but technique, skills, fighting styles, and learning to anticipate the actions of opponents might be. Granted, Emils has a lot bigger margin of error in a fight compared to normal organics.

Wait a beat or few, then let her win / back down. Submit to her request before she would have broken your arm. (But after your body starts registering pain).

"See? A little girl can make a big monster back down."
No. 790689 ID: 350a50

No. 790813 ID: 6cbace
File 149060482459.png - (11.77KB , 600x400 , 152.png )

Emils schedule is now as follows: [Daystar Rises - 0600][Gym - 0700 to 0900][Classes - 1000 to 1400][Return Home][Daystar Descends - 1800] Pick what awaits Emils: More Class Hang out with classmates Visit Bea's Gym Visit Guild Tutoring Others: write in.
No. 790814 ID: a363ac

check on bag
No. 790817 ID: ffc525

>Visit Guild
I think we should definitely visit the guild and learn some basics before tutoring.

Tho I'd really like to know what Victoria is up to also.
No. 790818 ID: d79f26

visit guild for those free spells.
No. 790820 ID: 8f7f3a

Apologize to Bea for antagonizing her. Then see the guild and while their keep an eye out for Bag. Might be nice to talk to someone a bit more familiar.
No. 790821 ID: b412df

Did Bea actually break your arm? As for what next, I'd say guild.
No. 790822 ID: ffc525

>Did Bea actually break your arm
Emils had her right arm bandaged after the strength test. And she's having that arm healed here. But we can now see that her left arm has bandages on it also so.. yes, probably, Bea here is feeling bad after breaking Emils' left arm hah.
No. 790827 ID: 952c30

No. 790829 ID: 8d4593

Asshole friends, are the best friends.


I would not mind a mini update on bag.
No. 790830 ID: 4850f9

More class - understanding about the basics helps for further and more efficient learning down the line, if we can't get those by eating someone.
No. 790831 ID: 094652

Visit the local underworld.

Put on your best schoolgirl act and request magic lessons. Split into two girls holding hands, alter your face slightly to prevent identification.

Eat gangsters, steal magic grimoires, leave. Nobody will believe the survivors' tales of dragon-blooded princesses mutating into a hideous tidal wave of mana and blood.
No. 790833 ID: 70983e

No. 790840 ID: 48237d

Don't apologize, she broke your arm.
Tell her you are disappointed with this outcome.
No. 790841 ID: 54d6ca

Nah, we did tell her to try. I'd say still apologise, but say you thought your arm was tougher than that. It'll heal, there's nothing to worry about.
No. 790842 ID: 48237d

Bea doesn't know it's not a big deal for Emils. We should to take advantage of her guilt.
No. 790845 ID: 54d6ca

Bea and Emils are friends in a way, even if they're arsehole friends. So let's not manipulate her. We don't need to think in a strictly utilitarian way at the moment, things are safe enough now.
No. 790852 ID: 6cbace
File 149062591455.png - (6.16KB , 600x400 , 153.png )

>>790822 Intermission image was accidentally flipped.
No. 790853 ID: 6cbace
File 149062596857.png - (9.57KB , 600x400 , 154.png )

Eliot turns around, "Alright kid, why are you following me?"
No. 790858 ID: 0555b9

To absorb all I can from you.
No. 790859 ID: ffc525

Mm. I see three options for Emils to answer.

1. "Waiting for the right moment to eat you."
2. "I'm not following you. It's just the image that was flipped and made it look that way"
3. "Have you ever.. kissed someone.. before?"
No. 790860 ID: 3bdf84

Where did you learn your space magic? Or, do you know the way to the guild?

Emils, I hope you're not planning on eating him to absorb spacial magic.
No. 790874 ID: bfdaf0

No. 790875 ID: 91ee5f

"To ask you where to learn Spacial Magic."
No. 790877 ID: b15da4

I hope you're planning on eating him to absorb spatial magic. If different bodies have different magic affinities, there must be some component to it you can mimic to use different schools of magic.
No. 790879 ID: dce082

How about NOT saying that we are going to eat him? Instead lets go with the option three from here >>790859 we must have seen rabolds kissing before, we must kiss to blend it better!
No. 790882 ID: 398fe1

...aren't we going to the guild?
No. 790884 ID: 0b99d7

Pure coincidence, we're just walking roughly the same speed in the same direction.
Is there a reason you'd be followed?
No. 790904 ID: 91ee5f

Guys, quit trying to tell Emils to eat him when we're not in someplace private! We're most likely in the middle of the road where anyone can see us!
No. 790906 ID: 7c3ae5

Plus, there's zero interest in eating more rabbolds: We're already suspiciously and impractically heavy as it is!
No. 790911 ID: 398fe1

I wouldn't say zero. Emils has an unquenchable hunger.
No. 790912 ID: c31aac

Hm. It occurs to me there might be a spell for that.
We should look into that if we can.
No. 790914 ID: 0555b9

The idea that there is no interest in eating more rabbolds when multiple suggestions say exactly that is factually wrong and quite frankly, insulting.
No. 790919 ID: 094652

This is a medieval age setting, not a 1970's high school horror film. You eat ANYONE, the authorities will notice. The population is too spare to ignore the death of any individual, especially someone with enough familial clout to purchase an education. So focus on threats like gangsters and serial killers, and when the guards do notice, they'll support your actions.
No. 790924 ID: db0da2

Overeating is bad for your health, you gain weight and draw the attention of the authorities. We already have rabbold DNA and probably too much mass. Emils needs to go on a diet.

If we really wanted to eat people we could always just sneak out at night and fight crime.
No. 790930 ID: b412df

To clarify, I disagree with Emils eating more people (Although there's merit in some cases, at the moment the option is right out I'd say). What I said here (Difference in user ID is because I was on phone) >>790860 , was a pessimistic guess at what Emils might have been planning.
No. 790946 ID: 3abd97

I'm not following you, I'm just walking in the same direction.

>eating people for magic
Really, we need to just find a graveyard or something, and start graverobbing mana stones from corpses. Way lower risk way to collect additional spells than making people disappear.
No. 790951 ID: 7c3ae5

This. Until we can find a way to reliably handle the excess mass, we have to put a hold on the eating willy-nilly, especially people that will be missed, and especially rabbolds.

Now a case could be made for some poultry or fish, but still we don't want to break chairs.

Now is not the time for going on an eating contest against Alice Dietrich.
No. 790954 ID: 8d4593

Can you show me that spell in detail?
No. 790964 ID: 70983e

More like a fasting contest. You're fucking starving both of them, tgchan.
No. 790989 ID: 1226ae

Alice has psychotic episodes and pukes everywhere when she eats too much, and Emils weighs like three hundred pounds, however that's neither here nor there.

I want to know where you learned spacial magic.
No. 791004 ID: 70983e

It's like you have no clue how her digestive system works. However, that's neither here nor there.

"I want your magic inside me."
No. 791010 ID: 350a50

This along with vigilantism and monster hunting sounds like an ideal system.
No. 791053 ID: 1226ae

Oooh, I like the idea of graverobbing and monsterhunting.
No. 791137 ID: 6cbace
File 149068553556.png - (9.41KB , 600x400 , 155.png )

I stop as he does, "Have you ever kissed someone before?"
"I, no, I mean, yes, technica- wait no, don't change the subject," He points to me, "why are you following me?!"
"I'm heading to the guild. Why are you following me?"
"I'm not- ..." He narrows his eyes at me. "I have to report at the guild for work." he says before turning around and walking off.
I continue walking behind him.
"Why are you heading to the guild?"
"I'm looking to learn magic. Can you teach me yours?"
"No. It's dangerous to learn magic you're not attributed to. Magic backlash can make people lose control of their spells, and I'm not qualified to fix spacial magic backlash."
No. 791138 ID: a363ac

Why does your face turn red?
No. 791139 ID: 398fe1

That sucks. Is it safer if it's just one spell?

Ask if there's a different way to make yourself lighter.
No. 791140 ID: 031add

"Then who is?"
No. 791141 ID: d0a9a0


"Then who is?"

Also, ask if the catalog of bestial data includes any preserved specimens. You heard some scholarly places keep jars of pickled this or that, and it sounds interesting.

Mmm, delicious, pickled monster bits...
No. 791143 ID: 031add


As entertaining as that might be I think it would raise a few red flags if someone just showed up one day asking about monster samples and then they all went missing.
No. 791144 ID: e01e87

If you can't magic space to better contain your mass, perhaps you can find a way to safely store it somewhere nearby, so you're not so suspiciously dense?

I find it odd that with all this mass, and her experience with rabbolds being "guards" from tunnel 25, that she's become a wee little rabbold lass, instead of a big honking 300 pound adult rabbold guard.
No. 791145 ID: ffc525

Emils asks, "Is there anyone at the Guild that is qualified to fix the backlash? So, what kind of work do you do at the Guild?" and while he's distracted, "How did the kiss feel?"
No. 791146 ID: 0d1514

Do you turn inside out if you get hit with spacial magic backlash?
No. 791149 ID: 8d4593

Sounds serious. You must be very talented, then.
No. 791150 ID: d9d492

Yeah, how inside-out does space backlash turn you? How do you teach these things if backlash is so dangerous?
No. 791151 ID: 5322c5

However, preserved samples often have inconsequential snippets of tissue removed for chemical or microscope study.
No. 791162 ID: b412df

What sort of work do you do at the guild? I was told there was a book of publicly released spells.
No. 791163 ID: 836393

Technically? Does that mean only your mom?
No. 791178 ID: e45836

How do we know what we're attributed to?
No. 791180 ID: 0555b9

It's what our appraisal said.
No. 791181 ID: 6cbace
File 149071045009.png - (10.58KB , 600x400 , 156.png )

"Did your face turn red?" I ask, walking up to him to see his face better.
"No!" he exclaimed.
It did. "Why does your face do that?"
"No. I'm not talking to you about this."
"Was it your mother?" "How did it feel?"
He keeps silent despite my questions.

"So, who IS qualified to handle spacial magic backlash?"
He looks at me and after a moment of silence, a sigh.
"You'll need a teacher who is at least rank 4 in the magic you want to learn. At that point, they'll have enough experience to lessen then burden of a backlash."

"What kind of work do you do at the guild?"
"I carry stuff. My magic allows me to make things lighter so there's plenty of ways for me to pick up some coinage."

"Does the guild hold samples of monsters?"
"Kinda? There are some preserved samples for visual aid of collection requests, but it's easier to have a picture book. Which they have. Why do you ask?"
No. 791183 ID: d79f26

"i want to be an adventurer, knowing bout what monsters i could meet would help with dealing with them."
No. 791184 ID: 0555b9

"I thought I might see some familiar creatures there."
No. 791185 ID: 8d4593

I want to know what they taste like.

No. 791191 ID: 836393

I heard a rumor they had still beating hearts down there. If they do you can trust me to keep it secret.
No. 791192 ID: 3d2d5f

Curious about monsters.
No. 791194 ID: ffc525

"I wanted to know what the real thing feels like."
I think we instilled enough lewd in his head for a while.

"Is the teacher who taught you at the guild?"
"What's the heaviest thing you can lift?"
No. 791204 ID: b412df

Seriously? Enough the kissing questions, I don't see that going anywhere and we're still in a public place, we couldn't do anything even if it gave us a opening. So drop it. Emils may be a bit of a weird kid, but random personal questions will frustrate people.

Just say we're curious about the what monsters there are, and ask where we can find the picture book.
No. 791206 ID: 91ee5f

No. 791215 ID: 0b99d7

Monsters are cool
No. 791261 ID: f87000

"Monster organs might have use as components in magic. At the very least, I'm hoping to do some research on the storage of mana in animals. We could learn how to drain the mana from animals, or even push our backlashes on the animals!"
No. 791266 ID: 6cbace
File 149074021504.png - (10.36KB , 600x400 , 157.png )

"When I was out there, I met a few beasts. I figured it wouldn't help to know more about them, or what parts are useful."
"You planning to become a hunter or something?"
"An adventurer at least. That way it allows me to travel freely."
"I see."

"So who taught you your magic?"
"Ah, Tarrak the Heavy. He specializes in weight magic too. Managed to get some spells off of him, but I'm not at the level his apprentice is."
"What's the heaviest thing you lifted?"
"Probably a carriage. All of it's wheel broke under the weight of it's cargo. I was on the area to make the cargo lighter so they asked me to lighten the whole thing so they could push it aside so it didn't block the road."

We've reached the guild building.
Follow Eliot Receptionist Spells Collection book Register others
No. 791267 ID: 0d1514

eat the magics
Can you even read?
No. 791268 ID: 70983e

No. 791270 ID: 398fe1

Get ye spells. Say bye to Elliot.
No. 791273 ID: 91ee5f


Hopefully the weight spell we need to make Emils lighter is a basic spell that's available for the public to learn. Because if it's an advanced spell, then we can't learn it from the public use spell book!
No. 791277 ID: 3abd97

Get receptionist and/or Eliot to tell you where the spells are.
No. 791278 ID: 8111b6

Receptionist, to ask about spells, or maybe a book to learn spells, assuming that's what the 'collection book' option means. Receptionists are supposed to help direct people to the right place, right?
No. 791279 ID: b412df

Receptionist to direct you to the spells, also, if there's a visitor's register you probably need to sign it. That'll probably be at the receptionist's desk.

Say goodbye to Elliot.
No. 791280 ID: b88e47

"Goodbye Eliot. I look forward to learning weight magic because I am a fat fuck."

No. 791332 ID: 350a50

Spells. We must become the best magical girl.
No. 791333 ID: a363ac

eat the spells
No. 791336 ID: 9876c4

Trips confirm best plan.
No. 791343 ID: 47160d

No. 791377 ID: d79f26

get public book, learn all spells and try to get an understanding f syntax so you can replace words at will and not have it kill you. like read fire spell and "ice orb" spell and then then just replace the word for "ICE" with "FIRE" to make a fire orb spell.
No. 791388 ID: 1ba789

We need to find a way to get our gelatinous mass on those samples, with our Organic Mimic that shit is going to come in real handy.
But for now spells, look for that one book and also maybe ask around and see about getting a tutor.
No. 791395 ID: 6cbace
File 149076953615.png - (10.96KB , 600x400 , 158.png )

"Thank you Eliot." I give him a small wave of the hand.
"Don't get into any trouble." He returns the wave and walks off towards the counter.

Taking a look around, I find a nearby bookcase and grab a book and spend some time reading it.

Minutes later, I confirm it.
I can not read this.

First Floor layout of Guild building at >>/questdis/110183
No. 791396 ID: d79f26

try to manually activate language skill. if that fails ask someone if there is a beginner's book on magic.
No. 791397 ID: c31aac

ah. Fuck, we would be illiterate wouldn't we.
Uh, let's talk to our current caretaker about that.
No. 791398 ID: 3301e3

Shift your hand to cover the page, see if you can read braille-ish.
No. 791400 ID: b88e47

Put it back. Go up to librarian. Tell them you want to learn how to read and write.
No. 791401 ID: a363ac

Try to eat the knowledge out.
No. 791402 ID: 398fe1

Ask the receptionist for general information about what stuff you can do here.
No. 791405 ID: b412df

Whoops. I guess we'll need to come back here once we know how to read if we want to search the books manually. I suggest finding the receptionist to show you where the beginner spell book is (Might have diagrams) or the monster picture book is.
No. 791407 ID: d8f4d2

Avoid getting a beginner book, because those would also require literacy to use.

Instead, we should ask about registration and look into drilling our combat skills since that is a thing we can do here, and it would be helpful to understand the limits of these creatures combat capabilities, tactics and doctrine if we are to ever mimic or oppose it.
No. 791409 ID: 0d1514

Do not eat book.
Lick the orb tho.
No. 791411 ID: 393ae0

Go to reception. Tell them that you came to learn some basic and then possibly advanced magic. But also that you can't read and if they have any way to help you with that. Also ask them what all you're allowed to do in the guild.
No. 791414 ID: 6cbace
File 149078839149.png - (9.39KB , 600x400 , 159.png )

I flip though the other books and confirm, I am unable to understand what is written.
I can sense a trail of mana tethering them to the orb placed on the shelf. I do not think I will be able to take these books.
Placing the book back haphazardly, I join the queue for the receptionist, and after some time, I barely make it up to the countertop to meet a face I've seen last time I was here.

"Oh, Hello, how may I help you?"
No. 791415 ID: b88e47

"Where can I learn how to read and write?"
No. 791416 ID: a363ac

Where do I go to become a magical girl?
No. 791420 ID: d9d492

Where are the books for beginners?
No. 791421 ID: b412df

This, plus ask if there any picture books.
No. 791422 ID: 393ae0

Tell her that you came here with your boy friend Eliot and that it's your first time here.
Then this:
And lastly ask about Tarrak.
No. 791423 ID: 0555b9

"I want to be an adventurer. I have the requisite number of knees without arrows."
No. 791424 ID: 094652

"Hello, I'm looking for '500 easy steps to growing boobies' by Belinda Excelsior. I figured you know where it is."
No. 791425 ID: b412df

Can we please try to avoid getting Emils into socially awkward situations. Weird / out of the blue questions can be explained since Emils is 10, but saying we're someone's girl/boy friend is too far.
No. 791431 ID: 6cbace
File 149079732560.png - (10.36KB , 600x400 , 160.png )

"I would like to learn magic please!" I say as I pull myself up to the counter.
"Oh, and are you a member?"
"Well, to join classes here, you'll need to register yourself before we can help you. Or else you could set up a request for a magic teacher, but that would require money."
I don't have any.
"Do you have any books with pictures?"
"Our public books are on the shelf behind you. We have more books upstairs, but those are reserved for members, and not many of them are picture books."
"Then how can I be an adventurer?"

She reaches behind the counter and pulls out a sheet of paper, "You'll first have to register to be a member. You'll need the signature of your parents or guardian as well."
I receive the paper from her hands but I can't read it. I guess I'll have to ask Red eyes.

"Thank you miss."
"Well you're polite. Your welcome little girl." she smiles.
No. 791432 ID: 398fe1

Well butts. We're already here though, let's nose around. Check the seating area to see if anything interesting's going on there.
No. 791439 ID: ffc525

And here I thought Bea was short. Anyway, unless we've missed some picture books, there's nothing else we can do here. Can't read stuff on the notice board and can't read any books. And I'm pretty sure they don't let strangers in other parts of the guild.

Start crying out loud in the middle of the guild until you get attention of some prominent adventurer :D
I'm just kidding. Let's leave quietly instead and give Victoria some hugs.
No. 791442 ID: b15da4

You ate several Guild employees, right? Use their guise to get inside and see more of the place. Can you mimic clothes now? Or sneak your core out in a portion of your form to crawl around the... vents, or something.
No. 791444 ID: 398fe1

Emils can't mimic a Rabbold without looking dragonblooded. The best she could do is imitate Vic.
No. 791445 ID: b412df

That won't work. All of our Rabbold forms will be altered by our Dragon Clan title. So we'll always have the white fur + red eyes combo. Besides, we can't effectively benefit from sneaking in (Can't read the books), and we have a legitimate way of getting in (Registration, just can't do it right now).

I'd recommend having a quick look through the public books, see if there's any with pictures on the cover, then see if that is a picture book. If you can't find any that's probably all we can do here, the next time we see Victoria we should talk to her about the guild. Red eyes is Victoria by the way Emils.
No. 791486 ID: d8f4d2

Maybe we should spend more time in school and learn basic literacy and numeracy instead of searching for picture books that won't help us anyway. DERP!
No. 791489 ID: 91ee5f

Well it's not our fault that Emils looks like a child that's at an age where she's expected to already know how to read and write! We completely skipped that grade level when we got put into school.
No. 791553 ID: 2120ee

Better get out of here before she notices the grooves Emil made in the countertop.
No. 791572 ID: 350a50


Beg Victoria to teach you to read and also to register you for spells.
No. 791594 ID: a363ac

use cuteness level maximum
No. 791616 ID: 6cbace
File 149085630490.png - (9.43KB , 600x400 , 161.png )

With the guild being a dead end for now, I roll up the paper and head out the door, making my way to Red eye's nest. She wouldn't be there at this point of time, but it is a place I know she will be later.

Learning to read I feel will take much time. My [Universal Language] skill does not seem to help me read, so I would have to learn words by memorizing them. I doubt reading spells would go any better considering these creatures do not seem to be able to understand them for the most part either.

My path for magic thus leads me to seek Red eye's help, or somehow seek lessons from others. In this form, my options to getting help are rather limited.

Alternatively I could seek out how to train my existing skills or to get new skills.

Or I could just abandon this disguise and gorge myself on every living thing here. What could go wrong?
No. 791617 ID: b88e47

Wait at Red Eye's nest and demand to consume all the spells.

Not to worry you. Person behind you. Probably innocently headed the same direction as you.
No. 791618 ID: 47160d

I mean... since we know the grammatical structure and can understand the words, couldn't we just watch people like use them in a training room or something for the shear purpose of learning the words for various things and then we could just go out and experiment with the results of adding them together?
No. 791619 ID: 398fe1

You seem to have a very good talent for learning magic, considering you learned Warmth on the first try. You can simply convince someone to show off some magic and then copy what they said. Probably. We have no knowledge of how risky that actually is.

You could learn combat tactics easily from Bea's father's training. That would be useful and possibly quick. Also, to be honest, you could probably just leave whenever you wanted. Steal some adult clothes from red eyes, then shapeshift into an adult form and nobody outside of town will know to care. Maybe that'd be a good idea since you've got nothing to do right now? You can eat something big for a change (by hunting a wild animal), then come back to continue learning.

Who's that behind the... door? Keep an eye out. If they follow you and seem to have an ulterior motive, lead them somewhere private where you can eat them without being discovered.
No. 791620 ID: 595d54

Sure, we can start the predatory rampage with whatever's lurking behind that door.
No. 791621 ID: 91ee5f

Is that Bea's dad, Rosh, behind you? Wait, is his training just going to be him jumping out and randomly attacking you and you have to successfully fend him off all the time?!
No. 791622 ID: 094652

Begin learning language. It means you don't have to worry about reading enemy intel.

> Butcher the town
@#$% NO. Emils, you are smarter than this.

You can murder the entire town on your own at any time, but you can't absorb their intelligence or rebuild a slave army from their biomass. If you open this door, it leads to the hunt - specifically, every nation versus you. You can't handle that, not yet, and you'll have a better time increasing your stats if you gain minions to teach you the basics.

More squad members and minions means higher chances of survival. There will be moments in your existence where you are stunned, unconscious, confused, weakened, frozen, etc. You need allies to defend you from these singular moments of potential obliteration.
No. 791624 ID: ffc525

>Who's that behind the... door?
A random rabbold exiting.
>Is that Bea's dad, Rosh, behind you
No, Rosh has a damaged ear.
>Victoria: I bought some books for you to learn how to read.
We have some books at home which we can use to learn while we wait.
>[Mana] Crafting - lv 1
I would suggest training [Mana] Crafting skill. Assuming we know how to train this skill, it would probably enhance our ability to learn and use spells.
No. 791625 ID: 398fe1

Well I mean if Emils can train on her own, she could like, grab a training sword or spear and start whacking practice dummies with it.
No. 791629 ID: b412df

No Emils, a temporary setback like this is not ground for going on a rampage. Once you start that there's no turning back, they'll be alerted there's a shapeshifter around, and this place is large enough that it is likely they can get a runner out without you intercepting them. There are people who can and will destroy you if they know you're true nature, e.g Rosh.
No. 791635 ID: e01e87

> What could go wrong?

Let's see... someone could punch out all your mass, someone could set you on fire, someone could reverse gravity and shoot you out into space, someone could detonate themselves in the process of absorption, blowing a huge hole in your mass, someone could taste really bad, someone could know crucial information that you need for survival and all they ever said to you was "aaaaa don't eat me!" someone could break your mana core, someone could be very sad that their friend is gone, you could run out of living things to eat, and you most certainly would be very, very alone.
No. 791645 ID: dbf8a5

If you're hungry, you could ask Red-eyes which parts of town to avoid and then go to them at night while looking as defenseless as possible. Nobody will miss a few muggers, rapists, and/or kidnappers.

We should put a priority on learning to read, the ability to learn things without asking anyone wil be most useful once we start trying to learn things others think we shouldn't. Either Red-eyes will need to teach us or we'll need to take remedial classes at school.
No. 791646 ID: 9c3015

Magical girls don't murder, they protect.

It's a shame you can't self teach magic
No. 791649 ID: 70983e

Good point. If you can pinpoint the source of this city's protection, if you can overpower them then you can take the rest of the city at your leisure. The priority should be their communications, then their guards, then their adventurers, and then dessert.

No. In the name of the Moon, they will CRUSH YOU!
No. 791651 ID: 395c02

You have reason to believe that there are at least some people around here you probably can't take in a fight, which has some pretty obvious implications for how trying to devour people in a rampage would go, I think.
No. 791654 ID: 6cbace
File 149088156816.png - (11.67KB , 600x400 , 162.png )

The person behind me had a similar route, but it they change paths along the way.
...Only to be followed by another.
They keep themselves out of sight, but I can sense them though their mana.

They do nothing though, even as I reach Red eye's nest.
I do meet someone in a familiar set of armor.

"Oh? I didn't know there was another Drac Noble around."
I do not know who this is however.
"Are you related to the owner of this house?" he asks.
No. 791655 ID: 0555b9

"She is my guardian."

I hope he's coming to take you away, ha-haa. Then we could engorge - I mean, engage - in defensive countermeasures!
No. 791656 ID: b88e47

Do not reveal information to strangers. We've been through this shit too many times to count.

Ignore him and continue on your way.
No. 791657 ID: ffc525

"Victor is my guardian. Isn't it impolite not to introduce yourself first?"
No. 791658 ID: 3d2d5f

>Another drac noble
Come on, does everyone know.
No. 791661 ID: 595d54

Ignore and keep going. Might want to go into an alley or somewhere else you won't be observed. Although, come to think of it, two people entering an alley and one leaving is still kinda suspicious. Eh.
No. 791665 ID: 398fe1

No. 791671 ID: 3bdf84

Yes, the main secret is that Victor is Victoria, and that it's royalty, not mobility.

No. 791678 ID: b15da4

Shouldn't you not use no double negatives? Be assertive. "It is impolite to not introduce yourself before nobility."
No. 791686 ID: 094652

You ate his squad, didn't you.

Say nothing.
No. 791688 ID: 0d1514

Kick him in the shin and run away. Rabbold-level strength.
No. 791691 ID: 8ad498

"What's a drac?"
No. 791693 ID: b15da4

HE. Don't blow our cover.
No. 791744 ID: d8f4d2

C'mon there isn't much to hide if they've been casing us and Victoria. These folks are probably either a rival faction's guards making an assassination play on Victoria 'cuz she's an heir, or they're her family's guys sent to retrieve Victoria because of the politics of the disaster. Either way, pretending that we don't know who Victoria is will not save anyone any trouble.

This could be the start of a fight however. Depending on how this conversation goes we might need to kill this guy quick and go rescue Victoria. Learn who they are and what they want if possible, and expect to be ambushed.
No. 791750 ID: 8d4593

Maybe? Everyones been asking but I don't really know.
No. 791794 ID: 987bda

"I have been told not to talk to strangers."
No. 791808 ID: 350a50

No. 791823 ID: e45836

Is it possible for us to just change form when we're not with people we currently know and just change back when we have to?
No. 791824 ID: 91ee5f

I've always been confused by children saying that. Saying that technically counts as talking to a stranger.
No. 791852 ID: 3abd97

>What could go wrong?
You could miss out on valuable knowledge, even if you gain mass. Or you could attract the attention of a being with a specific magic appropriate to counter and slay you. You don't have comprehensive knowledge of what's possible.

Also, if you killed everyone, what would you do? Interacting with these creatures is interesting and stimulating.

This is the perfect answer. >>791794
No. 791853 ID: 350a50

Just seems like the most in-character thing for Emils to say.
No. 791921 ID: 6cbace
File 149094813294.png - (10.07KB , 600x400 , 163.png )

"I was told not to talk to strangers, sir."
He hesitates, unsure on what to say, "I'm... Well... You're not... wrong."
A silence passes as we look at each other.
He rubs the back of his neck, "Do you at least know when the resident will come back?"
"Answering that would still count as talking to strangers."
"Darn kids." he whispers, "Alright, fine." He sighs, before lowering his arm and continues to wait by the door.

He looks at me as I walk past him, unlock the door and enters the house.
He manages to yell out a "Hey!" before I close the door behind me and re-lock the door.
No. 791923 ID: 2120ee

"I was told not to answer the door for strangers."
No. 791924 ID: 398fe1

Find a book that's worth reading, open a window and ask him what.
No. 791927 ID: a363ac

Let him in I bet he will be good food.
No. 791928 ID: 54d6ca

Go get one of those books Victoria mentioned, and see if you can figure anything out. Otherwise just wait for Victoria to get back from work.

If the armoured person (Was that the person following you from the guild, or someone different?) knocks on the door, I'd say either answer by talking through the door, or give them some more sass/cheek by doing >>791923 . Try not to push it too far though.
No. 791929 ID: ffc525

Check the house if Victoria happens to be hiding inside.
Maybe the people following us were Vic's friends or Vic herself, and they simply didn't want to be seen by the guard.
Tell the guard that the owner will be back tomorrow so there's no use waiting for him.
No. 791930 ID: d8f4d2

Did Victoria give us any instructions for this kind of situation? If so, let's start with those instructions.

-We don't know if this guy is friendly, hostile or other and he might still be the point man and distraction for an ambush targeted at Victoria.
-This guy might be non-hostile but watched/followed/strongarmed/manipulated by other enemies that he lead here unwittingly or involuntarily.

If we have no conflicting instructions, I'd want to gather a clear picture of who is in the area, as far as we can detect, with particular emphasis on anyone that doesn't seem to be a resident of the area yet is still hanging around: An old trick bandits use is the lone traveler with an apparently legit reason to talk with you, who starts talking with you to distract so their crew can circle around and execute an ambush on an unaware target. We need to prepare for this possibility, and others similar to it.
No. 791931 ID: cf3cbf

Hahah this.
No. 791934 ID: b88e47

do it
No. 791941 ID: 6cbace
File 149096661865.png - (10.47KB , 600x400 , 164.png )

I take a peek out the window, and he's still there.
"I was told not to open the doors to strangers!" I yell though the glass.
He huffs, "I'm just here to deliver a message." his voice comes in muffled. "And so much for not talking to strangers."
"You're arguing with a child."
He glares at me, keeping his mouth shut.

I keep an eye on him, and Mana sense sees the ones following me hidden behind buildings, their presence muddled behind the walls.
They do not move from their positions even as the sun begins to set.
Red eyes will be coming soon.
No. 791943 ID: a363ac

Go to an open window and yell "Stranger Danger hide your kids, hide your wives cause the Strangers are here!"
No. 791945 ID: d79f26

wait for red eyes to come back, if they get attacked then jump out and punch the attackers with slime strength.
No. 791948 ID: ffc525

We wait and train our reading and manacrafting skills in the mean time. We could talk to this guy but, eh. Nothing good would come out of it at this point. If we wanted to play friends, we should've done so from the start.
No. 791949 ID: b15da4

Is there a back entrance you can take? Try to outflank the flankers.
No. 791950 ID: 91ee5f

Or at least make sure that's locked also.
No. 791951 ID: 0d1514

Ask him if he has secret ninja bodyguards and tell him that they're not as sneaky as they think they are.
No. 791954 ID: b88e47

We will wait for Red Eyes to get here and if a confrontation starts we will fuck them up.
No. 791955 ID: 8d4593

Are your friends here to deliver a message too?
No. 791957 ID: 6cbace
File 149097110783.png - (8.07KB , 600x400 , 165.png )

Having to open the window to yell out or talk to this person would go against the rules of not talking to strangers.
I take a peek out the window to any visible followers, but they're hard to see with these eyes.

Without anything else to do, I lock up the other entrances into the nest.
I pick up a book Red eyes read to me and try to decipher it.
No. 791980 ID: e01e87

D'aww she's like a 5yo kid. Pretty good for being a 1 week old kid.

I bet she eats the book out of frustration before we see her again, then denies everything.
No. 791987 ID: ffc525

What's the book titled?
1. 50 Shades of Rabbolds
2. The ABC's of the Deal
3. Alphabet and Peace
No. 792637 ID: b007cd

>select dragon
No. 792638 ID: b007cd

>select dragon
No. 792654 ID: 2e758a

Emil is growing and learning fast, looks like a real child there
No. 792734 ID: 6cbace
File 149112630946.png - (16.03KB , 600x400 , 166.png )

No. 792735 ID: 6cbace
File 149112636437.png - (16.11KB , 600x400 , 167.png )

"Where do children come from?"

No. 792736 ID: a363ac

lie badly
No. 792737 ID: fd73fa

Start with an innocent lie but when she doesn't buy it tell her you'll get her a biology book later. Because you know she isn't going to buy it.
No. 792738 ID: c31aac

Truth but be unneccesarily graphic and clinical about it because you dont want them to misunderstand any part of the process like you did, horrendously, That One Time
No. 792739 ID: ffc525

They're made with kissing.
No. 792740 ID: d9d492


You see, when a man and a woman love each other very much they do special hugging for adults and the man put a baby into the woman. The baby then grows safely inside the mother until it's ready to come out.
No. 792741 ID: 28a319

Yes, an incident like That One Time must be avoided at all costs
No. 792743 ID: d8f4d2

Delay by asking what brings on this question, but steel yourself to tell the truth. We really don't want to tell a lie here, because of the implications: Emils is a wild child that has strange habits and skills, we don't want someone like that acting on an incorrect idea of sexuality.
No. 792744 ID: b412df

No, not that one time. There must never be a repeat of that.

No. 792745 ID: b88e47

Truth. Kid is going to find out anyway and then call you a liar.
No. 792746 ID: 8d4593

Truth It!
Because God knows what she'll start repeating around town if you lie.
No. 792748 ID: 0d1514

No. 792749 ID: ba506f

Truth. Hey they got to learn some time.
No. 792754 ID: 6cbace
File 149113377593.png - (10.99KB , 600x400 , 168.png )

I wipe off the soup from my face.
"you see...&quo