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File 154132455437.png - (23.70KB , 1000x600 , 540.png )
909503 No. 909503 ID: ea36cf

The guild test for entering the basic rank is held at a clearing outside of the city, with directions given.
I equip some simple clothing and the wooden sword given to me for self protection, and head out after school.

Signs and arrows are set up to mark the way as I leave the city gates and head out into the wilderness until I meet other trainees.

Four other children appears to be around, with a few adults hidden out of sight.
One seems to be Hoor carrying a staff, and a small rabbold hiding in their hood, carrying a war hammer.

The other two are a female Rabbold who appears to be wearing a robe and seems to be carrying a few old wands hanging off a belt in her robes, and a swordsman Avaros. Judging from their outfit, they appear to be wearing aged gears, perhaps inherited.

>Mingle with Hoor
>Mingle with others
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No. 909506 ID: c92184

No. 909511 ID: 080aaf

Spellcaster! Mingle with the rabbold.
No. 909519 ID: 1872dc

Talk to Hoor.
No. 909520 ID: 094652

No. 909528 ID: 787c3d

Hoor and Bea. Ask about the hood.
No. 909549 ID: b1b4f3

>small rabbold
I bet that's someone you know.

Mingle with the wand-carrying rabbold though. Ask her if those wands help with her spells.
No. 909552 ID: e3e99e

Greet Hoor and Bea.
No. 909553 ID: 91ee5f

>a few adults hidden out of sight
That’s going to make it difficult to absorb anyone. We’ll never know if we’re being watched or not.

>What do?
Go talk to the girl with the wands.

Don’t make assumptions. You could easily be wrong about that.
No. 909569 ID: 977456

You need not choose with whom to socialise. Show off your sweet moves and let others flock to your awesome.
No. 909587 ID: 864e49

No. 909813 ID: 7efe6b

No. 909824 ID: 2202fb

No. 909967 ID: 9a9e0c

Wow rude. Same, tho. Keep misreading it as that.
No. 910178 ID: ea36cf
File 154184385743.png - (12.65KB , 1000x600 , 541.png )

"Hello Hoor."
"Oh, Hello Em... er, Emils right?"
"That's right."
"Haven't talked to you much, how have you been doing?"
"I've been doing well so far. Who is your friend?"
"Ah, this, er, this is, My cousin. Right. Cousin Fr...eya. Freya."
The other Rabbold nudges Hoor with their elbow, making him suppress a wince.
"I see. Are you both here for the test?"
"No, I'm just here to escort Freya. I'm already F-class." Hoor displays a green coloring on his wrist band.
Another nudge, hard enough to make him almost bend over.
"She's a bit shy, and would prefer not to get close to people, please forgive her."
'Freya' drags Hoor farther away.

I can see someone else walk closer. They appear to be an adult.

>Hang our with others
No. 910179 ID: 080aaf

What does the adult have to say?
No. 910187 ID: 7efe6b

Something tells me that Hoor wasn't entirely truthful.

Ask the adult if they know who these two (Hoor and Freya) are.
No. 910188 ID: 787c3d

I propose that from this moment forward we refuse to acknowledge any similarity between Freya and Bea. Every time she wear a hood she is Freya. If she remove it or put it on express confusion with the sudden disappearance of one and appearance of the other.

Engage the adult.
No. 910190 ID: 91ee5f


The adult might give instructions on what you need to do for your test.

>I propose that from this moment forward we refuse to acknowledge any similarity between Freya and Bea. Every time she wear a hood she is Freya. If she remove it or put it on express confusion with the sudden disappearance of one and appearance of the other.
You mean like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fJw4PUVZX4w ?
No. 910199 ID: b1b4f3

I still want to talk to the wand-carrying rabbold.
No. 910226 ID: afdebc

"Good luck, Freya."

Go hang out with the other two before engaging the adult.
No. 910228 ID: 864e49


Lets go talk to the rabbold and avaros.
No. 910229 ID: 1872dc

Yeah to both
No. 910258 ID: 0c3c2c

Hang out!
No. 910328 ID: ba56e6

This. She must also want to be a magical girl.
No. 910337 ID: 2202fb

No. 911065 ID: ea36cf
File 154252550628.png - (18.71KB , 1000x600 , 542.png )

"Hello, my name is Emils." I wave to the other two in the group.
"Greetings!" the rabbold states, "You have the pleasure to meet future A ranker, Lily!"
"And I'm Mark," the Avaros nods, "You're from the capital yeah? We're from Salis."
"Where's Salis?"
Lily humphs, "Salis is home of Amedea, fourth-circle mage, and my grandmother!"
"It's a town a few days away." Mark states.
"Oh, and what circle are you?" I ask Lily.
She falters, "I uh, I'm" she coughs "one-circle"
"She's one circle."
"Come on, the Capital probably got more mages than Salis. There's no point putting on airs here."
Lily deflates and frowns, but before she could retort, the Adult yells out.
No. 911068 ID: ea36cf
File 154252627058.png - (11.91KB , 1000x600 , 543.png )

"Alright kids." A female Avaros dressed in a coat, shirt, and pants walks up.
"Seems you had some time to get to know each other. Please call out when I say your name."

Freya raises her hand.
"I am here!" she raises her hand overhead, enthusiastically.
"And Mark."
"Here mad'm."
She looks at Hoor, "And you are?"
"Oh, no, I'm just here for moral support."
"Please step back then, don't want you interfering." She pockets the slate she's holding as Hoor steps a few meters back.

"Alright, kiddos, I'm Terra. Your facilitator for today. We'll be doing some test in order to measure your abilities. The results of these tests are in no means final, or static. Should you not be pleased in the results of these tests, you can always schedule a new one at a future time.
Interference between participants will not be tolerated, and all parties involved will have their tests invalidated. Is that clear?"
We agree.

"Great! First test is a short run." She points out to a tree a few meters away, "You guys run up to that tree, touch the bark, and run back. Go as fast as you can."
She gives us a moment to get ready.

>Gotta go fast
No. 911069 ID: 864e49

I must proceed at high velocity.
No. 911071 ID: 83bf07

It is required you reach a high rate of acceleration.
No. 911072 ID: fbc0a3

It's so tempting.

Sprint. As fun as it would be to go Sonic, it's too obvious. We're ostensibly undercover, after all.
No. 911073 ID: a62780

go fast
No. 911074 ID: 094652

You forgot to ask if you can use Adept Magic to enhance yourself. If she says yes immediately dash forward, dropkick the tree, dash back, stop on a dime, and say "can I go to archmage university now?"
No. 911075 ID: 3674e7

Take a deep breath in with your eyes closed, when the match starts then open your eyes sprint fast and when your done do a big exhale.
No. 911077 ID: 9a9e0c

Mutter some magic words, shift some mana around, and then perambulate at a rapid pace.
No. 911078 ID: 7c90bc

Well Emils, you've done enough normal running to knw how it works now. Why not strengthen your legs in the correct places to be able to sprint unnaturally fast without it hurting your muscles? You don't need to go "as fast as you can", as with you that'd be a bit dangerous, but faster than a rabbold naturally can go should be something you can do with ease.
No. 911082 ID: e3e99e

Gotta go fast!
No. 911088 ID: 91ee5f

You’ve done running training before, but that was endurance running. Now you’re going to be running for speed.

I agree! I’m also voting for Sprint!

>mutter magic words
She never said that we could use magic, so maybe this is just to see how fast you can run without magic enhancements?

If that’s the case, then muttering magic words, even if we’re faking it, would get Emils in trouble.
No. 911091 ID: 080aaf

Do whatever speed that doesn't involve shattering your body's bones repeatedly.
No. 911096 ID: b1b4f3

Sprint. The objective here is to get a license, not to impress people.
No. 911098 ID: 787c3d

No. 911099 ID: c92184

gotta go fast
No. 911112 ID: 575ec0

No. 911113 ID: 86eb65

Gotta go fast!
No. 911118 ID: 340b55

Sprint, don't go suspiciously fast.
No. 911119 ID: b67388

No. 911135 ID: 2202fb

Gotta go fast!

If anyone asks(read: gets dangerously suspicious): You shall be a prodigy and you have discovered a new way to view mana that makes things easier, but you dont understand why this is significant. Be vague.
No. 911149 ID: b67388

Explain nothing. Just tell them you grew up in the wild.
No. 911173 ID: 719d94


...buuuuuut if any of our test-mates seems to be going at least that fast, kick it up a notch so we definitely finish first, but don't leave them in the dust.
No. 911175 ID: a9af05

No. 911177 ID: 75c493

Sprinting would fit in with the 'lived in the wilds' story
No. 911179 ID: 0c3c2c

Jog. It's healthier.
No. 911180 ID: e1d580

Maximum f a s t
No. 911183 ID: d6058d

Sprint, because that's what you were asked to do. Model realistic levels of semi-exhaustion, muscle usage, perspiration, air intake, etc. to make it seem as if you really pushed yourself. Try to match your current physical capacity up to any previous training seen by others elsewhere.
No. 911248 ID: 3062f7

Gotta go fast!
No. 911255 ID: afdebc

No. 911263 ID: 647493

No. 911285 ID: 315280

They said to go as fast as you can. You gotta do what they tell you
No. 911292 ID: 516dd0

sprint. we are supposed to pass as rabbold, not the demigods we actually are.
No. 911297 ID: 3c3f90

No. 911300 ID: ac6625

Sprint at typical rabbold speed but when someone starts passing you up, try to lag behind them just a bit before you speed up and move ahead of them.
No. 911305 ID: 2202fb

But if a rabbold used magic they could go sanic speed too.

We can go fast. We need to go fast. We...

Gotta go fast.
No. 911316 ID: 9a9e0c

They never said you couldn't either. The only modifying condition was "Go as fast as you can".
No. 911318 ID: 977456

The mind is just as valid a limiting factor as the body. If you cannot choose to go all-out, then you can't go all-out. Given that Emils' mind and body are both highly malleable, let's just transform into a rolling blue ball and break the sound barrier.
No. 911417 ID: 7efe6b

This test seems a bit strange. Running to a tree would neither be effective in measuring our top speed (because of the stop in between), nor our endurance.

Interrupt her. Ask her if this test requires a certain speed or return time to pass it. If she says yes, then ask her for an exact number.
If she gives us the number, then calculate how fast we'll need to move to pass it, and sprint/jog at just the right speed to reach this number.

If she says no, or refuses to reveal any numbers, then I believe this test is actually a mind test. A test to see if we're capable of independent thought and seeing more than the simple objective in front of us.

In that case, we walk.

There's three reasons which we should provide to the examiner in case she asks why we walked.
First, if the three was an enemy, without knowing their capabilities, charging them head-on would be dangerous.
Secondly, if it's just a tree, then running at it with full speed serves no purpose. Since the tree is an immobile object, and we weren't given a time limit, it makes no difference how fast we move.
Lastly, because we know that there will be further objectives following this one, it's important to stay prepared and not waste stamina.
No. 911612 ID: ea36cf
File 154305302756.png - (14.22KB , 1000x600 , 544.png )


I ask Terra if magic is allowed, and she confirms that allowed.

Lily grins before whipping out a wand in front of her, yelling "[Haste]!"
Mana flows from her into the stick and it flows outwards into a circular formation in front of her. She immediately jumps into the circle and her body is shunted forwards.
Mark sighs, immediately running behind her, catching the circle before it's mana runs out, and lands shortly behind her.

Freya bends down low and immediately runs forwards.

Mark and Lily jumping forwards between spells, while Freya keeping up in a constant run.

"You're rather lax about this." Terra states, "You're gonna be left behind."
"I was under the assumption that there would be a procedure to follow for us to start."
"Hm. Well, just go I guess?" She scratches the back of her neck.

I nod, and begin sprinting. Freya is now two thirds to the tree, while Mark and Lily are halfway.

With my physiology, I easily catch up with Freya on the two thirds mark on her way back, and hit the tree the same time as Lily, leaving Mark a bit winded behind us.

Freya reaches the facilitator just ahead of me, as I slow down into a jog and stop at the end.

"That's fast." Terra whispers.
"I had to run before." I reply, feeling a look from under Freya's hood.

Mark comes up running third, with Lily exhausted behind him.
It seems she ran out of mana and they had to run the rest of the way back with her leaning on him.

"Great, you all did well!" Terra claps, pocketing the papers she had inside her coat.
"The next test is deeper into the forest, just relax and follow me."

Terra starts walking into the forest with us following behind her.

"Hey," Mark talks to me, "That was amazing, you barely look winded!"
No. 911614 ID: 080aaf

I should hope not, that was only the first part of the test.
No. 911617 ID: 83bf07

"It's a test. You have to pace yourself."
No. 911620 ID: e3e99e

"That was the first test. I can't imagine anyone could get a good score by exhausting themselves at the start."
No. 911621 ID: 7694f4

I suppose i could have gone faster but then the rest of my performance might suffer for it.
No. 911623 ID: e0ca8d

"Running is something I'm practiced in. We'll see how tired the rest of the test will make me before I earn a compliment like that."
No. 911625 ID: 0c3c2c

Politely mention that you do a lot of physical training and supplement it with magic.
No. 911628 ID: 91ee5f

“I had to pace myself, I didn’t want to go too fast and end up exhausted after only the first test.”

And saying that will imply that Emils could’ve run faster, but chose not to. Which will end up baffling anyone that hears her say that into thinking, “She could’ve run faster than that?!” O_o
No. 911629 ID: 7efe6b

Tell him that you've seen many stronger and faster rabbolds. Ask him if he knows anything about following tests that are about to take place here and if he believes that he will pass them.
No. 911654 ID: 977456

"The forest will be dangerous."
Cryptic and vaguely threatening is always correct!
No. 911795 ID: b1b4f3

Just say thanks. If someone wants an explanation say it's a secret.
No. 911878 ID: 810743

I used magic. Got alot of it.
No. 911881 ID: 094652

Sounds legit.
No. 912447 ID: ea36cf
File 154363973859.png - (18.67KB , 1000x600 , 545.png )

"It was just the start of the test, it would not do for one to be exhausted this early."
Lily looks at me, with a twitch in her eye.

"From what I've been told, it would be best to pace yourselves. We do not know what other tests there are."
"Really, you don't know what's next?"

Lily grabs Mark's hand, pulling him aside, "Come one Mark, no reason to give our competitors any help."
"Whoops, Sorry." he says, letting her pull him aside.

We continue in relative silence until we reach a clearing with a basket cage.

"Alright kids, time for part two."
Terra reaches into the cage and pulls out a small two legged lizard, the size of her hand.

"This is a Denka. Common pest in this area. You see one, you're in the middle of a hundred. Come on up and grab one."
No. 912448 ID: ea36cf
File 154363997599.png - (15.12KB , 1000x600 , 546.png )

I reach into the cage and grab one.
"Hello predator." it chirps

"For this test," Terra continues, "You just gotta place your thumb under it's neck, and your finger above it's skull, and squeeze hard."
And thus, she demonstrates, causing skull of the Denka in her hand to separate from it's spine with a crack.

Lily blanches, looking at the Denka in her hand.

"what was sound?"
No. 912450 ID: b1b4f3

What an easy test. Do it then ask if you can eat it now.
No. 912453 ID: 080aaf

Does he recognize you specifically? From the snoot booping? Or does he just call every rabbold that? If he does, it seems our disguise can't fool some beings.
Separate spine from skull.
No. 912455 ID: b1b4f3

This is a different kind of lizard! Emils ate some cave-dwelling lizards, which had four legs.
Also it's probably just labeling all Rabbolds as predators since they hunt around here.
No. 912456 ID: 86eb65

Got to eat it after right? Otherwise its a waste of food.
No. 912459 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder how fresh the kill has to be for Emils to enjoy eating it?
Ooooh I got an idea. If you're allowed to eat it, look directly at Lily while doing so and make sure to make loud crunching noises. Bully the competition.

Ah, though, one last thing. I'd like to influence Emils a little and encourage her to see the difference between this little lizard pest and the people living in the city. People are much smarter, thus their lives have more value.
No. 912460 ID: c92184

Put lizard on head. Protect your new friend.
No. 912462 ID: 0c3c2c

Politely request the purpose of this test.

Terminating [siblings] generally causes distress in local life and thus it could be a trap.
No. 912468 ID: a9af05

"Are we going to eat them? Because I have a rule of only killing an animal if I intend to eat it, otherwise it's a waste of food."

If she answers that you're not going to eat it, then.....I don't know, put it back in the cage? Put it on your head? Do something that doesn't involve killing it?
No. 912469 ID: 1774cd

Kill it quickly and painlessly
No. 912471 ID: 575ec0

Throw it in your mouth. Eat it alive.
No. 912473 ID: eaca94

Confirm eating, kill as demonstrated, eat.
No. 912479 ID: e0ca8d

He will know bag and go on adventures.
No. 912480 ID: e0ca8d

(A shame this can't come true. The voices are out for blood tonight.)
No. 912482 ID: 094652

Oh crap.

Whether or not the test is to determine killing intent or ability to resist orders, you need to be decisive. Save the sentient little fluff or do exactly what the instructor said; any deviation (rip its head off with your hand, stomp it to death, eat it) that showcases your violent sociopathy will likely result in a fail.

Personally, I say save as many lizards as you can, then order them around. If you can prove they aren't pests but capable of rational thought, even the instructors will second-guess this exercise.
No. 912483 ID: b67388

Ask the lizard how it got captured.
No. 912485 ID: b67388

Also this, swiftly and efficiently rescue the lizards, then inform them that they are now your minions. Order them to go scout what tests are further ahead, and tell them you will track them down and return them to the cage if they disobey.
No. 912490 ID: a6ee53

Magical Girls protect the innocent.
No. 912495 ID: 977456

I feel as though this is a test for us. To determine how much pressure we are under to [consume]. Slimes learn from all sorts of activities and this is a big lesson in the value of life(and peer pressure)...

This! So much this! Destruction always results in lost value. Save value for important things like food and self-/cause-perpetuation.

Smartness is a very arbitrary means of determining value, and smartness per unit mass seems to favour the lizard over the rabbold... Better to wait until we have the modelling capacity to simulate a large enough scale to predict long-term advancement in versatility and efficiency of energy expenditure and data storage or something of that nature, to maximise the value of future decisions...
People gotta eat. Personable food doesn't change that(though mana might). Although there is no need to be pointlessly murderous(unless overpopulation is getting out of hand or an infection needs to be quarantined for preservation of unique data sources...).
No. 912497 ID: 00991c

In case that wasn't clear enough, by saying >>912473 I meant do as >>912468 says.
No. 912501 ID: 7efe6b

Since adventurer's missions often involve cleaning up pests, this test is likely a demonstration of such a mission. It's probably meant to test your ability of how quickly you can learn instructions, how accurately you can follow them, while also testing your hand skills and your ability to kill / stomach gore.

As such, making excuses (personal rule or otherwise) about not killing this creature would be a sign that we're incapable of doing real missions and it would spell bad for this and further tests. It would tell them that if we got a real mission to kill pests, we'd be failing it.

Now, I think it's important to mention that there's likely a whole bunch more denkas in that cage (in case something went wrong there should be several extras), so even if we saved one, the rest would likely be disposed of either way, given their pest status.

Unless... she lied. We have read books about creatures (>>/questarch/801705) before so it's possible that denkas are neither pests, nor common. If we can recall reading about them, we might be able to pull out some important detail that we could use as an excuse to not kill one, plus impress Terra with our knowledge.

Alternatively, we might be able to create a copy of one, and then crush this lifeless copy to pass the test. Of course, that would probably demand that we absorb one first so... hmm. We could first ask Terra to get an extra denka first and absorb that one...

Personally, my goal is to absorb at least one denka, so in the end here's what I would do:
1. Try to quietly (turn away or something) negotiate with this denka. Ask if its leader is in the cage. The point is that we would be trying to release/talk to the highest one in their hierarchy, assuming such a role exists.
2. Ask Terra if you can get an extra denka. Argue that you've been studying denkas in the past (if possible, mention some detail that you've read about) and that it would help you with your studies and make it easier to pass the mission.
3. Absorb a denka (even if it's your only one), then create a mimic of the denka and detach it.
4a. If we got an extra denka before, then crack the mimicked denka as per instructions and present it to Terra to pass the test.
4b. If we didn't get an extra denka, then mutilate the mimicked denka and tell Terra that you had "an accident" and request to try on another one.
5. If we have an extra denka now, we can talk to it freely or negotiate for its freedom. Of course, doing so quietly.
No. 912502 ID: 87353e

Seconding the prospect of lizard vassals. Commune with the lizards and become the Beast Master.
No. 912503 ID: e3e99e

Tell it to climb up and sit on your head.
"I have already eaten and it is neither aggressive nor hazardous.
Killing simply to prove you can is psychopathy."
No. 912511 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, say this!

And if anyone asks about where that rule came from, then we stick to our story of growing up in the wilds, before Victoria took us in, and we taught ourselves that rule!
No. 912514 ID: e0ca8d

Though you could also look at it as Emils being able to control pests without making a mess, thus being even more valuable in those situations.
No. 912516 ID: 3cc68c

Tell the lizard that if it wants to live it needs to crawl on the top of your head and do a little dance.

Then tell your instructor you have tamed the mighty beast and its not a pest anymore.
No. 912519 ID: 7efe6b

I have considered that. It's not a question of whether we can control them or not. The problem is in blowing our cover by revealing that we can communicate with various creatures, especially to an adult that's an expert in measuring people's capabilities and who would likely report this information to others.
No. 912521 ID: fbd963

that's horrible..
still, no avoiding it, do as the lady says.
No. 912522 ID: d5e7dd

"This creature is defenseless. It is not a threat, and would produce negligible food. Why kill it?"
No. 912525 ID: 575ec0

Eh. We could just swallow him whole and hold him in a pocket inside us.
No. 912526 ID: c92184

If you kill him. Eat him whole and keep him safe inside you with air and all that. Tell him you will do this so he doesn't panic.
No. 912527 ID: e3e99e

Actually, this is a good plan.
While they are looking, unhinge your jaw and swallow the Denka.

The onlookers will likely not be pleased with this outcome. If they express discomfort then regurgitate the Denka and state that it's amoral to kill a harmless creature if you don't even intend to eat it.
The Denka can then ride on your head and be adorable.
No. 912535 ID: 2202fb

Just say something about how it hasnt harmed you. Lets not set up rules we may regret later.

It may be more impressive to just communicate with it and play pied piper rather than exterminator.
No. 912537 ID: b15da4

Magical slime girls gotta eat to grow big and strong!
Say hello back to the food and squeeze firmly.
No. 912568 ID: b67388

Food yield of this creature would be minimal. Villains make much better food.
No. 912569 ID: 977456

Or in more general terms, we have yet to see any value of these tests. Exercise was enough reason for the first test, but this test serves no value and destroys a lizard. More data is required to justify that course of action. What are the consequences of failing the test?
No. 912584 ID: 556568

Just pop its neck and start eating, acting surprised if anyone looks at you funny, explaining that you thought it was for food.
No. 912597 ID: 787c3d

Make loud lizard bone crunching noises as you chew. Be careful to not to damage it's mana stone before absorbing.
No. 912688 ID: f0f1d9

I thought this was a test, not a competition, did we miss something? Is there a maximum amount of people that can pass? What are the criteria to pass anyway?

>"what was sound?"
"I'll show you."
These tests are a little wierd, and way easy.
No. 912689 ID: e0ca8d

This is only easy if you don't have empathy. Other people might struggle to overcome it to kill a creature, especially if the creature isn't actively hostile. That's important to remember, because we're supposed to be masquerading as a kid.
No. 912691 ID: 9551e1

Hence the asking about eating: A kid who grew up in the wild is familiar with killing to eat.
No. 912696 ID: 556568

Hence just doing it and eating it, because that's the only reason to kill something helpless, right?
No. 912709 ID: e3e99e

At this point this whole Fight/Mercy argument should be moved to the questdis.

No. 912720 ID: b1b4f3

I disagree. Emils could learn from the debate.
No. 912721 ID: e3e99e

Tell it to climb up and sit on your shoulder.
"I am unsure of your goal. You say these are easy to kill, but you need help? Do you just want us to kill things? Or are you testing to make sure we won't break the rules about killing?

Until recently I spent my life living alone in the wilds. When I came here I was told to only kill things that can talk when they are hostile and a threat to myself or others.
I can speak with Denkas, this one is not hostile, and both they and the people in the village are equally non-threatening.
Victor told me I am not allowed to ignore the rules and kill things just because someone told me to kill it, and I should tell him or the guard when someone wants me to break rules for them.

This is one of those 'fine distinction' things, yes? I am not very good at those.
Is there an exception to the rules? Is it acceptable to kill talking things when they are pests? I have heard people in the village call each other pests. Are you just not supposed to kill talking things inside the village and those rules don't apply outside it?
Victor is not here to clarify, and I don't want to get in trouble for killing something I shouldn't.

Do you want to watch something die? Would you like me to find something that is both a threat and hostile? I am sure I can find something I am allowed to kill and bring it back so you can watch it die.

Also, are you going to eat that Denka? They taste best fresh and still warm."
No. 912724 ID: 91ee5f

That’s too many words and I don’t think this is the correct time to try and give a speech to someone.
No. 912733 ID: b67388
File 154377834846.png - (61.92KB , 188x157 , toomanywords.png )

Emils doesn't talk this much.
No. 912738 ID: 7c90bc

Geeze people, Emils can talk to anything, these lizards are still just pests. It chirped a "predator" noise and then chirped a "cscary noise" noise, it's not smart because it Emails can understand it.

Follow the instructions as you were told.
No. 912750 ID: 83bf07

"Thank you for the meal you're going to provide." Proceed.
No. 912846 ID: 719d94

Yeah, if it's acknowledging you as a predator, it understands that best case is probably getting eaten, and worst case includes things like getting tortured to death as a hunting practice toy. No reason not to just do as you're told.
No. 912853 ID: 977456

Most predators are moderately safe to be around if they aren't hungry.
No. 912862 ID: e0ca8d

This wouldn't be framed like this if it was that simple.
No. 912866 ID: 341b1e

Walk over to Lily.
"Are we supposed to kill it? She didn't say so, did she?"
No. 912915 ID: 2a7417

The true test here is overthinking. Also making sure you have the constitution and strength to be an adventurer.
Squeeze hard and fast.
No. 913299 ID: 575ec0

Emils... Kills people. And then eats them. When she doesn't she generally has some sort of justification not to.

Cute lizards though. Emils has on multiple occasions spared them for just being cute.

I think the real question here is, do we:
Solidify a distaste for killing cute things and a preference toward lizards?
Do we continue reinforcing Emils' pragmatism?
No. 913301 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's ok for Emils to do so reluctantly, since she wants to pass the test first and foremost.
No. 913320 ID: 977456

But how important is passing the test? Do they just kick kids out forever if they hesitate to make human rabbold living sacrifices for the sake of magical power? Because killing a lizard to learn magic is selective pressure to devour your teachers to absorb their magical aptitude. If they were sensible then this test doesn't count for much.
No. 913340 ID: 2202fb

Not really quite this fanatical, but i am also against killing the lizard, especially if we can turn this around.


Maybe ask if we just need to utilize the lizard for our gain. We could let it grow and train it to be an adventuring companion. (i admit this is a bit out there)
No. 913347 ID: 575ec0

Yall know we can pass this test by fake killing this guy pretty easily, right?
No. 913348 ID: e0ca8d

Yeah, that'd be great.
No. 913349 ID: 54d95a

Let's experiment! Try to extract the mana core and keep the core alive in your body, we can try to make something useful out of it later.
No. 913385 ID: 2202fb


Fuck no!

That is probably going to be very messy and idk about you, but i would rather not cover everyone in lizard.
No. 913404 ID: b970b2

Just kill it, apparently it's a common pest so if we really need a lizard we should be able to find one.
No. 913459 ID: 75c493

"This doesn't seem very adventurous"
No. 913482 ID: ea36cf
File 154433082406.png - (11.16KB , 1000x600 , 547.png )

"Why are we to kill this creature?"

"why hesitate predator?"

"Denkas are the most common kind of extermination missions around civilizations around these parts."

"is silly for this one to say"

"They feed off of crops and can easily overpopulate an area to desolation."

"but predator should not hesitate when hunt"

"And in a pinch, Denkas are suitable for consumption. This part of the examination
is just to see how well you kids handle killing and dismantling of beasts."

"hesitate will only prolong suffering"

"I see."

"Goodbye pre-" -crack-

"Now then, Just you left Lily."

Lily winces, and slowly grips hard.
The Denka in her hand chirps for help, as it slowly suffocates, wrapping it's tail around her wrist. She tries to unwrap the tail, but her arm tenses under the wrap and she crushes the Denka, making it grow limp.

Mark tries to comfort Lily, but she's clearly upset and looking at the corpse in her hand.

"Great!" Terra starts, "Since that's done with, here's some dismantling knives."
Terra pulls out some sheathed knives from under her coat.
"They're sharp, so be careful with them. It's to congratulate you kids on your first step on being a hunter."
She hands them out to us, bringing Lily out of her thoughts. Freya hugs hers against her chest.
I strap the sheath to my waist, pulling out a knife.

"They're kinda cheap, so don't expect it to use it in a fight, but they're good for what comes next."

Terra begins to instruct us and demonstrate how to bleed, flay, disembowel, and dismember the Denka, extracting a tiny slither of a mana rich crystal from inside it's chest.

"Mana crystals are primarily extracted from near the heart. Not all beasts will have proper core, and it's best to take these out last, as once removed, the meat of your prey will start rotting faster. For a prey this size, they'll keep for a day before becoming dusty. Once the flesh becomes dusty, it's no longer safe to eat. There are ways to process and cook them by using Mana, but that's not part of the hunter course."
Terra then digs a hole and buries the offals.
"Without a proper way to clean these, it's best to cover the unneeded parts with dirt. It'll help cover up the scent and returns the nutrients and mana to the soil."

Terra begins inspecting our work, pointing and aiding the others while I look at the small dismembered corpse before me of the Denka I processed.
I can sense mana fading from the flesh and the slither of a core I hold in my fingers. It's imperfect, covered in gore, but it was once alive.

>What to do with the core
No. 913484 ID: 080aaf

Consume it. If you were meant to hold onto it for the test, you can just find another one.
They are a common species, like the instructor said.
No. 913485 ID: 575ec0

Consume it. With your mouth. Don't like, absorb it through your hand or something.
No. 913487 ID: 0c3c2c

Eat it with your mouth-parts. Poor Denka. It was incredibly wise among its kind.
No. 913488 ID: 10c408

Don't eat the core, it's too suspicious of a move. Ask the instructor.
No. 913489 ID: e3e99e

Shove the corpse in your mouth, chew it, swallow it, then consume it.
If the others react negativity then simply state that meat tastes best fresh, and until very recently you survived in the wild on your own.
No. 913490 ID: 1774cd

Ask what to do with the core.
No. 913491 ID: e0ca8d

Yes, roll sleight of hand and just pop it in there. Or try not to draw attention, be quick but casual.

Oh and definitely. Denka was a real warrior poet. Their lesson will guide us.
No. 913498 ID: 908948

Clean it up best you can. Pocket it for later.
No. 913501 ID: b1b4f3

I think you're supposed to keep the core. Remember, you saw some being sold in the market? Those were bigger, but a small one like this should still have a use, right?
No. 913502 ID: 91ee5f

Eat the corpse with your mouth and save the core. If the core isn’t required for the test, then you can absorb that too.

>If the others react negativity then simply state that meat tastes best fresh, and until very recently you survived in the wild on your own.
No. 913504 ID: b1b4f3

Emils should not attempt to eat the butchered body at least until her work is inspected.
No. 913509 ID: b70ae2

Absorb the core.

Leave the corpse for Terra to inspect.
No. 913515 ID: 094652

Good thing you don't have teeth to rot. Put it in your mouth and suck on it until the instructor tells you to stop.
No. 913516 ID: b67388

Eat core and body.
No. 913517 ID: becba8

Can we use mana manipulation to correct imperfections before absorbing the core?
No. 913521 ID: c92184

Close hand around core. Absorb it when nobody is paying attention. If someone asks for it, say you dropped it and can't find it.
No. 913528 ID: 5d725b

I think we'll get a demerit if we "loose" the core.
I wonder if it's possible to keep the core alive inside your body.
No. 913534 ID: 75c493

Hold onto it. No telling if its got a use later in the exam
No. 913535 ID: 055cbc

You may ask your instructor what to do with the core, or you may place core in pocket until you are instructed to do otherwise, leave it there until you get home.
No. 913565 ID: 977456

You are supposed to learn how to butcher. So butcher. This is supposed to be an important skill.
After it is butchered, follow their advice and consume it before the meat becomes dusty.
No. 913568 ID: afdebc

What are the others doing with their cores? You don't want to be witnessed doing something unusual with yours. (I'm all for eating it, but it no one else is, you don't want to be seen eating it).
No. 913580 ID: 2202fb

keep it external but connect it to your own via skin contact.
No. 914134 ID: ea36cf
File 154492747460.png - (16.83KB , 1000x600 , 548.png )

"Miss Terra?" I ask, prompting her to come over.
"Oh, done already? These are almost perfectly dismantled!" She says as she inspects my careful separation of meat, organs, skin, and bones, and neat arrangement.
"Who taught you how to do this?"
"No one. I just processed the meat as instructed."
Terra holds up a rib bone, stripped almost clean. I could probably do better if I did not have to use this form.
"Not even the best newbie I trained could get a bone this clean."

I eye the others.
Mark has some a bloody mess of separated meat and bone.
Lily has hers in a messily minced pile.
Freya's is... mush.

"You're probably gonna be newbie of the year at this rate." Terra states.
"I would like to ask, what should we do with the core."
"Hm? You could sell them or keep them. The market for mana cores typically is fixed for small cores like these, but fluctuates for higher valued cores."

"What determines core prices?" Mark asks.
"Hm, Well, let me see your crystals."

We display our prizes.
Freya's being the smallest and in pieces.
Lily's being the second smallest. Damaged.
Mark has the biggest, but traces of scraping is present.
Mine is the second largest, but more intact. Some parts had been lost when removing it.

"The prizes for these small ones typically are fixed by weight by the guild, to prevent over hunting and flooding of the market. You might get a little bonus for getting one that's more in tact. You could also try selling it to a third party, but you get the risk of getting a lower value if you present a whole bunch of broken cores like hers." Terra points out Freya's.

"Other types of crystals include ones that naturally form in places where mana is rich in the environment(2), and the most dangerous, from Mana Beasts(3).

Mana Crystals from beasts are usually small. They don't grow big enough, so usually a bunch of smaller ones are compressed by a Crystal Smith, or someone with a similar job. Of course these composite crystals typically don't last long, and are market quality. Their output is unstable, best used just for simple machines.

More intact, or Larger ones", she points to mine and Marks, "are more valuable. They're usually used for tools and weapons that require a steady output. A good smith could probably offer you a bit more than market price for good sized crystal. Of course, from a beast this small, They're pretty much base value.

Larger crystals, like from more dangerous beasts and mana beasts are the best. Their size means they have the most steady output, can last longer, and can be cut to size. Should one day you ever grow strong enough to get a hold of one, you'd be disgustingly rich."

I look into myself, and feel my core(4). It's slightly different, but I can sense an outer layer, filled with cracks and scored with lines, and an inner layer, more solid and intact.

"Is it true that the Train runs off of one of the largest cores found?" Lily asks.
"Almost. It's actually run by a whole bunch of crystals powering different parts of the train. I've only seen a glimpse of the inside of a train once, when I was younger, and there were so many crystals, it almost looks like the control center had one huge core instead. But those crystals are usually from the Shrine City, and the Drac Kingdom up north. It's too dangerous for the trains to operate out of market grade crystals, so they only take the best." Terra eyes me but goes back to topic.
"Okay, you're all pretty much done with the processing of your target." She pulls out some pouch sized hide bags, "These bags are guild property. They're enchanted to keep meat fresh longer, but not forever. You'll have to supply this crystal with mana to keep it going." She points to a small crystal embedded to the bottom of the bag. It seems to just hold and slowly disperses mana inside the bag.
"Try not to break these, they're worth about 100 credits. That's about 300 of these." she points to the small crystal she extracted from her example. "You get handed one for every extermination request taken, or the client will provide their own. Those are more expensive, so be careful in that case."
She picks out the skins, bones, and organs of most of our results, and places them in separate bags.

All that's left is the meat.
"And now for the next part. Meat usually are taken in by the clients or guild to be resold for food. How much your prize is depends on the quality, quantity, and freshness. The guild encourages you kids not to take a bunch of quests in one time, and instead, do quests one at a time. It might take longer, but you run less risk of wearing yourselves out, and keep things fresher.
Since this is basically a guild mission, you're free to keep the meat or sell it off. For now, I'm gonna show you how to do basic cooking."
Mark seems to pale a bit, while Lily seems a bit excited.

The cooking demonstration involves starting off a primitive fire using tinder and sticks. Terra explains to us ways to keep a fire and how to keep it away from other flammable things. In a forest like this, a clearing is the best place, with a circle of stones to keep coal and ash from spreading.
A flat rock is placed over the fire and the mushed meat is placed on the heated rock, while the more intact meat is skewered on sticks to be roasted around the fire.
Terra explains that proper cooking skills involves imparting mana into the food while cooking. Special pots and pans used by chefs lets them use their own mana, while using natural objects like rocks and sticks lets the mana in the objects or holder impart mana into the meat. Using the right amount of mana and spices is key for good tasting food.
"Ah!" Mark exclaims, "That's why it tastes so bad!"
Lily stares at Mark, "Wh-what?! You told me it was good!"
Mark awkwardly looks at Lily, she angry and almost crying. "I-I mean my cooking, not yours!"
Terra smiles at this while Freya is focused at the stick on her hand. Her meat shortly pops.
I taste mine. It's bland.

It's past mid-day when we exit the forest and head back to the guild.
Terra tells us that our results will be given to us tomorrow and to rest up.

That leaves about a quarter of the day to something.
>Return home
>Look for people (Name someone)
No. 914141 ID: becba8

Lily and Mark are a bit competitive, better leave the cordial interaction for after the results.

Hoor is here, and we barely interacted with him. You could try to start a conversations, although I suspect he and Freya will want to avoid us for now.

We could make another visit to Strot. The last one was amusing and I'm sure we can find a new way to misbehave and blame Bea.

Alternatively, there is the siblings Charls and Forrest. For some reason I keep thinking Emils was about to do something naughty with those two but in reality she hasn't interacted much with them.
To be clear: my vote go to the brothers.

Just don't forget that we were planing to have an important conversation in private with Victoria. That has to happen at some point and have much more relevancy than getting to know the other kids.
No. 914143 ID: 0c3c2c

Your meat is bland is because you are used to ingesting much more complex organisms and assimilating their mana. You aren't made to perfectly replicate the sense of taste of other organisms.
No. 914145 ID: b1b4f3

>Her meat shortly pops.
She must've put too much mana in.

Try selling the lizard shard to the guild. Then go talk to Victoria.
No. 914155 ID: 91ee5f

No. 914181 ID: b67388

Eat the mana crystal from the lizard.

Go look for Nick Saleos and see if he has an answer to your offer of help.
No. 914182 ID: 977456

Experiment with the core. Attempt to simulate a lizard using the core and your own flesh and mana.
No. 914195 ID: 7c90bc

You've got time to waste?

Time to go get some more lizard cores. Don't overdo it (we all know you will if not directed to be reasonable), we don't wanna depopulate them so we aren't getting contracts, but go hunt down some of those little bastards and get a few more cores and meat to sell. If the meat sells reasonably well than you can use the money to buy more cores.
No. 914197 ID: deec6e


A possible hypothesis, but there could be more to it. It may taste bland to Emils because circulating mana into its meals does nothing for it which, if true, means there's a fundamental difference between it and the natives in terms of ingesting mana.

Is there something about the right kind of prepared mana that's 'good' to them - and how/why so and why wasn't Emils able to mimic it? And really, why would properly imparted mana make the meat taste 'better' for the natives - and improperly make it taste worse? Can mana somehow be made savory to them/you?

The best way to test this would be to prepare food for another - if Emils' meal is bland for them too, we know it's the way Emils is preparing its meals. Given that Emils can control mana and circulate it rather well, they should then try to mimic someone else's food preparation to see if the result leads to a similar taste effect. If it doesn't, there's something 'off' about Emils' mana, and if it does... then all you need to make your cooking magically delicious is to hang out near an experienced chef and observe what they do.

I think it's a question worth investigating! Emils wants to be a magical girl, so we should definitely question the way mana works - and why. So sell the core and see if you can't get a little spending money to buy food with. Go to Bea and get her (and/or her mother's) cooperation to test your cooking and mana imparting skills.
No. 914220 ID: b67388

If we don't go find Nick yet, I second cooking adventures with Bea.
No. 914221 ID: b70ae2

>It's bland.
Emils confirmed gourmet.

Absorb the mana core.

>Look for people
Charls and Forrest
No. 914223 ID: 575ec0

Bland for a newbi is good!
It didn't explode!
No. 914250 ID: a51ee3

Try to seperate a bit of mass with the mana core inside it, then try to reactivate the core with some mana. If it works, yell "It's alive!" and laugh maniacly. Put your new minion to use. ???. Profit.
No. 914268 ID: a9af05

Sounds reasonable.
No. 914276 ID: 094652

Nick should have a new debt collector by now. Go farm exp.
No. 914340 ID: 2a7417

Look for mana stones, compare to mana crystals. Perhaps we can pass off the former as the latter with some chiseling?
No. 914750 ID: ea36cf
File 154548204613.png - (20.72KB , 1000x600 , 549.png )

>Mark and Lily
Mark attempts to invite us to dinner at the Inn Him and Lily are staying at, but Lily quickly shoots down the invitation, pulling Mark away, muttering something about cooking.

>Hoor and Freya
Unfortunately Freya shortly drags Hoor away soon after.

>Experiments with the Core
I attempt to recreate the body of the Denka, but I do not have full genetic information about it, and can only create a similar meat puppet using whatever meat I can.
I'm just left with a meat covered core.
I attempt simulate blood flow, but it's nothing more than meat.
I absorb the attempt, core and all.
Absorb Y/N

>Hunt for profit
I have not spent any credits I have received from red eyes. I do not have the time or need to currently go out to hunt for the day.

I would require a kitchen with tools and ingredients to do so.
I would also require a tester to confirm that my products taste proper. It is highly likely that taste is a sense that is not universal, as everything these natives consider 'food' has been bland.

>Find people
I wander into the Market district, and find Charls. He spots me too.
I could also continue towards Bea's place.
No. 914752 ID: 080aaf

In case you haven't already, Y.
Intercept Charls. Interrogate him as to his actions.
No. 914753 ID: becba8

Absorb core.

Hey Charls! How have you been? Do you want to hang out?
No. 914757 ID: 0c3c2c

Greet Charls.

....Also why do you refer to Red Eyes as Red Eyes but you use proper names for everyone else?
No. 914760 ID: c92184

Absorb Y
No. 914761 ID: 2a7417

Beckon Charls.
Boop his snoot.
No. 914762 ID: b1b4f3

Go say hello. You haven't spoken to Charls much out of class.
No. 914764 ID: 7c90bc

Wait, instead of absorbing the core could we maybe finally hatch that other egg by feeding it to it? Does that thing still exist at this point?
No. 914766 ID: 8267be

Absorb the core.

Walk to Charls and greet him. Ask him if he knows where Forrest is. Also, if he can show you where he lives.
No. 914783 ID: 83bf07

Sell the core, greet your friend, move on to Bea's
No. 914811 ID: ba56e6

Gently so as not to damage it.
No. 914851 ID: ea36cf
File 154557161307.png - (13.90KB , 1000x600 , 550.png )

[Absorption] has been activated. Target Incomplete. Form not gained. Ability Gained: Lesser [Light Manipulation] - Able to alter light hitting your surface.

She is different.

Brother/Sister core is still dormant. It continues to feed off of my mana. I have sufficient supply to continue to carry it.

"Hi Em-"
I boop his nose.

"Hello Charls. What are you doing today."
He steps back from my finger, "Just doing some errands, I had to collect some stock we're running low on."
"Stock? Of what?"
"Herbs and such, My family runs an apothecary."
"What do they do?"
"They make medicine and drugs. Do you need anything?"
No. 914853 ID: 8267be

Interesting. In the beginning we learned how to produce Aleo Gel from the Aleo Grass. So this is an opportunity to absorb various kinds of herbs and learn how to produce rare medicine and drugs. This is something that would be super easy (and profitable) for a slime like us.

Tell him that, yeah, you've been looking to learn more about making medicine so... maybe he could help you? Also, offer to carry the stuff for him / help him with errands.
No. 914854 ID: 575ec0

Ask if you can help. At the apothecary, you may be able to "Sample" some of the medicines, and be able to synthesize them later.
They may also have a tamed slime for this very purpose. Might as well go see.
No. 914855 ID: 83bf07

Ask to see the apothecary. Sampling the pants wouldn't be a bad idea if you can do so without getting caught.
No. 914858 ID: 91ee5f

“Do you need any help? If you want, I can help.”
No. 914876 ID: becba8

With the most deadpan deliverance possible explain that he and his brother intrigue you sexually.
No. 914879 ID: b1b4f3

Medicine and drugs huh? Good liquid types to learn. Let's ask to see his shop.
No. 914885 ID: a9af05

Ask if you can help him with that?
No. 914888 ID: ba56e6

"That subject interests me. May I accompany you?"
No. 914928 ID: ae9bd9

Oh shit, just realized that ur going to need to get laid if you want that core to end up as anything other than a red herring. An unexplained, spontaneous pregnancy (or in this case, faux-pregnancy as the core continues to develop) is going to garner a lot of attention. Idk how we should go about handling the core thing, but what we definitely cant do is just split and expect everyone to accept that.
No. 914938 ID: 977456

A random unexplained pregnancy that you don't want to talk about isn't exactly unheard of. I really don't see any problem with just not talking about it. Assuming, that is, that there are any visible signs. I mean, Emils can adjust their dimensions quite easily, and the core would have to be very much larger to exceed Emils' dimensions. Really, having a second parent would be far more trouble than it would solve. The other parent would have a personal interest in the pregnancy which could raise all manner of troubling questions such as "why did it only last a few days?", "why is it bborn with fur?", and "Oh the horror, why does it keep melting and reforming as though it were learning how to look like people?". The fewer parties with interest in Emils' biology the better.
No. 914943 ID: f22061

Tell him that you don't need anything but tagging along would be interesting if that's alright. For the purposes of absorbing plants.
No. 914949 ID: 575ec0

Slime can just adjust Emils' Proportions to match with a little chub and a growth spurt. It won't even be that much since new slimes are really small.
No. 914950 ID: 91ee5f

Isn’t Emils’ physical appearance a little too young to try and pull a pregnancy act? She’s probably not old enough for that to work.

Maybe if she was closer to rabbold teenage years, but last we checked, her physical appearance made her look like she was still a child.
No. 914952 ID: becba8

How old does she look?
No. 914953 ID: e3e99e

We were going to go see Bea.
Stick to the plan.
No. 914972 ID: 080aaf

You need Denka poison for a small infestation problem in your basement. (So many chemicals for us to try... not all at once though!)
No. 915447 ID: ea36cf
File 154609768317.png - (11.24KB , 1000x600 , 551.png )

>Sibling Core
I do not feel any issue with carrying my sibling core for the current moment.
I can reshape my meat to accommodate them if they decide to awaken.

"I might be interested in seeing what kind of things your family sells. Could you tell me about them and do you need help carrying that?" I point to the sack.
"Oh, no. I'm keeping it cold, it helps keeps the herbs fresher." Charls says as he readjusts the sack to press it closer to his body.
"I'm not all familiar with what we sell. My mom's the pharmacist, while my stepdad takes care of the shop front."
"What's a 'stepdad'?"
"Oh, uh, It means he's not my actual father."
"What is he then?"
"Someone else my mother married? Forest is his son, which makes him my stepbrother."
"I was not aware there was a custom that lets two different married couples marry another couple."
"Ah, no." Charls seems sad. "Having a stepfamily usually means the couple are no longer together."
"Then what of your actual father?"
"He's dead."
"I see."
"Forest's family were a traveling merchant, and my dad was a doctor. They were part of a convoy out of the city. About 5 years ago, they were attacked, and my dad and Forest's mom were killed by mana beasts... His dad helped out my mom after that, and they settled down and got married after that."

We reach the Apothecary. The building appears to be a two story structure, with a shop front, and living quarters above, and what appears to be a storage and laboratory in a separate building behind the shop.
I follow Charls to the building as he pushes the door open.

My sense of smell is overwhelmed, and what appears to be multiple wards are inscribed in the walls.
An older female is next to a counter, pestling some plant matter.
"Welcome back sweety." she turns around, "Oh, to see the day my little boy brings back a girl. How fast they grow."
"Mom, she's just a classmate. This is Emils, she wanted to see what medicine we make."
She places the mortar onto the counter and wipes her hands clean before presenting one to me for a handshake.
"My name's Lilian." she smiles. "How has my little boys been doing in school? They barely talk to me about their friends nowdays."
Charls rolls his eyes as he heads into another heavily warded room. I can barely sense anything past the wards.
No. 915449 ID: e3e99e

Ask about the wards, and why they need ones that are so strong.
No. 915450 ID: becba8

"I wouldn't be able to tell since I arrived recently."

Eliot said Forrest was Charls' half brother. Guess he was wrong, otherwise...
>About 5 years ago
... Forrest have to be five years old or younger.
How fast do rabolds grow?
No. 915455 ID: ea36cf

A mistake on my part. They're step brothers.
Forest is older than Charls
No. 915464 ID: b9789a

Clarify that you're actually new to school so you don't know how to judge another's proficiency in school.
No. 915468 ID: b1b4f3

Be sure to keep your mana sense secret when asking about the wards.
I guess you could tell her what you've witnessed so far?
No. 915471 ID: 91ee5f

>”Oh, to see the day my little boy brings back a girl. How fast they grow."
It’s too bad Emils doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor, otherwise we could probably join Lilian with her teasing Charls about bringing a girl home.

>She places the mortar onto the counter and wipes her hands clean before presenting one to me for a handshake.
Don’t be rude and leave her hanging. Shake her hand and greet her.

>"How has my little boys been doing in school? They barely talk to me about their friends nowdays."
“I’m new in school, so I’m unsure if Forest or Charls are doing well or doing poorly in school.”

Actually, do we even know anything about either of them?
No. 915496 ID: ba56e6

"I have not had the opportunity to get to know either of them very well."
No. 915504 ID: 977456

Wards are always delicious. Always! Lick them.
No. 915565 ID: 080aaf

What happens if you turn a ward off?
No. 915711 ID: 20afab

>I attempt to recreate the body of the Denka, but I do not have full genetic information about it
they let you keep the meat, didn't they?
No. 915739 ID: a9af05

I think she already absorbed that.
No. 915885 ID: 8b6d32

Charls showed us some magic on our first day at school, he's very alright.
What kind of medicine requires this many powerful wards, you'd think they're worried it might suddenly explode.
...does it?
Aleo gel doesn't explode...
No. 915887 ID: 575ec0

This Idea is fantastic.
No. 916395 ID: ea36cf

I take her hand in mine and she shakes it up and down slightly.
"I am new around this place, and do not know how well Charls and Forrest is doing in school."
"I see, and how are you coping in school?"
"I seem to be doing fine."

I look at the walls, feeling mana flowing beneath the surface,
"Why are there so many wards in this building?"
"Hm? You can tell?"
"It makes it hard to sense anything else."
Lilian hums, tapping her chin.
"Well it's not something new." She shrugs. "The lab is warded with preservation and a simple barrier to keep gasses from escaping, and some alarms to deter thieves."
"Is it safe to touch it?"
"Oh, sure. Wouldn't be much of a safety ward if it hurt people inside the building."

I rest a hand against a bare wall, feeling the flow of mana as it follows circuits embedded inside of it. I trace the circuits, feeling it establish an operational range for the wards, a flow past the doors and windows, a barrier to keep materials in or out, and other parameters.
The mana hums under my investigation, and I hum alongside it, assimilating my own as I get closer to the heart of the wards. I can not easily change the mana flowing in the circuits in the walls, but I feel it grow malleable in the heart of the wards.
I feel it below me, inscribed in a series of mana cores, each working in tandem, straining between my investigation and wanting to report the intrusion.

"Hey, Emils, are you okay?" Lilian taps my shoulder and i retreat.
"I am fine."
"What was that song?"
"Yeah, you were humming a song while you were looking at the wall. It felt familiar somehow."
"I do not know. I was not aware I was humming."

Charls returns from the other room, "All done mum. I've set the Star Petals on the third shelf."
Lilian returns to her desk, "Thank you Charls, that's all for today. It's a dangerous concoction today, so go out and play. I love you."
"I love you too." Charls says as he brings me out of the lab, "It's best not to stay inside for too long. The smell will cling to you all week."

He brings me though the back door of his house which leads to a small kitchen with a dining table in the middle, and retrieves two cups of water, setting one in front of me and drinking the other.
"So, I can't let you stay in the lab today, so what would you like to do today?"

>Hang out with Charls and wait for Forrest
>Look for Bea as mentioned before
>Find Hoor and Freya
>Make acquaintances with Mark and Lily
No. 916398 ID: 4294c6

No. 916400 ID: 094652

Bring Charls to Nick's place! Wherever that is.
No. 916403 ID: bddb0f


Bea time.
No. 916414 ID: 130f18

Bring Charls to hang out with Bea.
No. 916418 ID: e3e99e

Charles can come if he wants.
No. 916447 ID: 080aaf

Find Hoor and Freya.
Interesting security system. Would you need to be physically present at the core to make changes?
No. 916454 ID: edfbdc

No. 916462 ID: becba8

Don't leave Charls hanging, wherever we go take bring him along.
No. 916491 ID: 25f5c2

Keep Charls close. He is precious
No. 916651 ID: 9782da

Charls knows cold magic, eat him and absorb his powers!
No. 916654 ID: a9af05

No eating children that haven't done anything to harm us!
No. 916675 ID: 080aaf

Eat all of the children, before they can do anything to harm us.
No. 916681 ID: becba8

We should have discussed it before meeting his mother. If we eat him Emils will be know as the last person saw with him.
No. 916692 ID: 2202fb

Explain that the song is the lifesong of mana. Say you have a special gift and are particularly sensitive to the machinations of mana. This should be safe since it seems like anyone can learn how to hear it if they know what to look for.
No. 916727 ID: 130f18

Non-hostile sapients can be learned from without destructive measures.
No. 916733 ID: 17c2ee

Vore the children quick
No. 916734 ID: 91ee5f

Please no
No. 916749 ID: 041f0f

Enough with the eating impulses. Let's save them for identified enemies and prey animals.
No. 916925 ID: 8267be

>Hang out with Charls and wait for Forrest
Absorb some ingredients.
Learn how to alchemy.
No. 916933 ID: 977456

Love seems pretty important. It is helping you with Red-eyes and seems to evoke extreme reactions in others. You should study it. Observe Lilian and Charls, and make a not to observe Red-eyes' interactions with you. Attempt to distil the "love" aspect of these relationships and use that as the basis of all future "love" models that you create.
No. 916934 ID: b1b4f3

Well, Emils could just ask what love is.
No. 917031 ID: 575ec0

Emils, in an even more deadpan than normal manner, ask Charles what love is.
No. 917035 ID: 91ee5f

>What is love?
Baby don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me
No more
No. 917061 ID: a9af05

I can't believe you just did that.
No. 917077 ID: 575ec0

Oh fuck, I can't believe you've done this.
No. 917169 ID: 96d998

>magical humming
this is the lowest CHA bard i have seen in my life
No. 917367 ID: bdfd3c
File 154731422954.png - (13.51KB , 1000x600 , 552.png )

"I was going to go find Beatrice. Would you know where she is?"
"Hm, probably with Hoor, they're pretty close."
"I met Hoor earlier, Beatrice was not with him."
"Oh, then probably she's at home? I don't know. We could check Hoor's home, it's closer."
"Then please lead the way."

We start walking out, when Charls asks,
"What was that music you were humming?"
"I don't know. I was listening to the mana in the walls, and started humming."
"How does that work?"
"I do not know."
"Could you do it with any magic?"
"Hm. [Fireball]."
A ball of fire is produced between my hands. I start feeling the mana flow from my core to my hands, and begin humming in tune with it's frequency.
As my humming starts to resonate with the spell, the fire begins to feel malleable.
Its as if I can alter it though humming.

[Song] has been learned.[Song] has increased to C[CHA] has increased to D

Before I can continue, we've reached Hoor's home.
It's a one story house, placed apart from other houses, with a shopfront and living space behind. Muffled clanging sounds can be heard within, and a sign of an anvil hangs above the door.
I think I can hear Hoor talking inside, but it's too muffled to understand.

>Barge in
No. 917368 ID: 130f18

"Hey Charls. Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
Knock on the door.
No. 917369 ID: 080aaf

Barge in.
No. 917370 ID: a62780

okay that's adorable, seconded
No. 917371 ID: e3e99e

No. 917373 ID: f8e3dc

Knock but enter without waiting for an answer.
No. 917374 ID: 575ec0

Do et
No. 917375 ID: bddb0f


>alter it through song

You will be the best darn magical girl.

No. 917379 ID: 575ec0

How is knocking a crime?
No. 917380 ID: 2202fb



Posit that while your humming is a response to the mana, it almost feels like your song supports the mana just as much as the mana prompts the song.

Be slightly wistful and curious when saying this and it should stick with the latent mysterious natural abilities schtick.
No. 917387 ID: 91ee5f

Knock and enter without waiting for an answer.
No. 917389 ID: 158da5

I think that's just how Emils barges in, as that's the preferred method.

Also we should do that.
No. 917390 ID: 864e49


then this
No. 917391 ID: 0c3c2c

Knock on the door.
No. 917395 ID: 977456

Just stand out there singing at the fireball until the door opens.
No. 917419 ID: a9af05

No. 917712 ID: fc458a

Barge in. Use your [Solid Material Perception] to locate the people in there.
No. 917714 ID: 2202fb


Hey, how about we do both? We can do the first thing and then the second.
No. 918411 ID: 58c928
File 154797544642.png - (15.48KB , 1000x600 , 553.png )

*Knock Knock*

"... It's op-"

"Hello. It is I."
No. 918412 ID: 58c928
File 154797548282.png - (9.03KB , 1000x600 , 554.png )

"Oh, Hello Emils, Hello Charls."
"Hi Hoor." Charls waves.

"What can I help you with?"
No. 918413 ID: ebd50b

Demand a Bea.

...who he's holding down with his arm?
No. 918415 ID: 83bf07

We came to say hello.
No. 918416 ID: ccf3c2


You are looking for one (1) Bea.
No. 918417 ID: 158da5

We require a single Bea.
No. 918419 ID: 91ee5f

Ask who he was talking to?

If he says he wasn’t talking to anyone, then ask why he was talking to himself? That seems a little weird.
No. 918422 ID: becba8

Why are we doing this?
No. 918423 ID: bddb0f


We were planning on doing cooking experiments with Bea. Or just talking and hangin'.
No. 918429 ID: 130f18

I am looking for Bea. Do you know her whereabouts?
No. 918430 ID: 0c3c2c

Walk around the table to check what's down there.
No. 918432 ID: 080aaf

We require heavy armor for battle! We have a good feeling about that guild test. And we can find more molten metal to drink.
No. 918434 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if Bea is avoiding you, and why.
No. 918456 ID: a9af05

>Broke the door
Apologize for breaking the door.

Explain that you're looking for Bea and you've heard that she's usually hanging around with him, so you came here.

And you wanted to try and practice cooking with her.
No. 918540 ID: 58c928

"I'm looking for Bea. Do you know where she is?"
"Ah, she's in the back. What do you need her for?"
Charls starts wandering around, looking at the various weapons and tools on display.
"Cooking advice."
Hoor and Charls shakes a bit.
"Are... are you sure?" Charls asks
"Is there an issue?"
"Bea's not known for her cooking skills." Hoor says before his stance breaks.
He looks down, shaking hard before standing again.
"I mean, we try to be polite, but we usually just slide whatever she cooks to Strot. I don't think they can taste land food properly." Charls responds.
Hoor is shaking again.

"So who was it you were talking to?" I ask
"Uh, what?"
"I could hear you outside talking to someone."
"This house is warded against sound, how could you hear anything outside?"
"With my ears."

Both Hoor and Charls looks at me.
"I, uh, was talking to my father. He's out back, working on... stuff."
"Could I take a look?"
"No!" Hoor places his hands on the counter, "Uh, the back is private stuff. Family matters and stuff."
"Is that why Bea is allowed back there?" Charls asks
Hoor coughs, "That's a different matter.", before he starts walking backwards slowly, towards the door behind the counter, "I'll just go grab Bea if you want to talk to her."

I hear some shuffling as he walks backwards, trying to open the door while facing us.
No. 918541 ID: 0c3c2c

Tell him point blank that his attempts at concealment aren't working.
No. 918542 ID: 094652

"I would bet my core that my secrets are worse than yours. Show me, I dare you."
No. 918544 ID: 3674e7

See if any of the weapons can make you hum.
No. 918560 ID: 158da5

"Bea cannot improve if others are afraid to let her practice properly."
No. 918564 ID: b1b4f3

Ask who it is hiding behind him. Freya maybe?
No. 918580 ID: 130f18

"You seem unsteady. Are you ill? I am good at diagnosing illness."
No. 918583 ID: 75c493

Diverting your gaze may make this faster and a little less awkward.
No. 918587 ID: 91ee5f

>Bea is bad at cooking
“Then maybe we can both improve together? I’m not that great either.”

>I hear some shuffling as he walks backwards, trying to open the door while facing us.
Maybe here’s dragging something on the floor with his foot and we can’t see it because he’s behind the counter?

“Hoor, have you introduced your cousin Freya to your girlfriend Bea?”

“.....what do you mean she’s not your girlfriend? She’s a girl and she’s your friend, so that makes her your girlfriend, right? Or are you saying that you and Bea aren’t actually friends?”
No. 918589 ID: a17e1b

Check with Charls:"that was wierd, right?"
No. 918593 ID: becba8

Ask why he is holding his cousin near his crotch.

If the house is warded against sound than how was Hoor able to instruct visitants that the door was open?
No. 918601 ID: e3e99e

You can see magic, so take a quick look at the magic to see what he is concealing.
No. 918602 ID: 080aaf

He seems agitated. Use your mana sense. Is anyone else in the room? Perhaps there is a burglar!
No. 918603 ID: b1b4f3

Emils no longer has Mana Perception, she has Mana Manipulation. She does have Solid Matter Perception though, she might be able to use that to see what's going on.
No. 918608 ID: 83bf07

Casually ask why everyone is so weird and guarded around you.
No. 918632 ID: a9af05

Ask why he's walking weird like that? Did he hurt his leg? If he hurt his leg, then he shouldn't be walking on it. He should sit down while you go get Bea.
No. 918640 ID: ebd50b

"Fine, I won't watch."

Turn away and let them do their stuff.
No. 918653 ID: 977456

Say "You are trying to deceive me, that makes me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." then turn green and double your size.
No. 918657 ID: 91ee5f

Please no.
No. 918658 ID: 080aaf

No. 918674 ID: 2202fb


Do this, but first ask Charls if he agrees that Hoor is acting strange.
No. 918685 ID: 2870a3

i agree with 91ee5f that is the worst idea, like christ thats a bad idea.
No. 918690 ID: bddb0f


>Bea is bad at cooking

Well, your intent is to assess how things are cooked, so having someone who is bad at cooking is actually beneficial here. Why does infusing mana into food make it taste good, bad or, say, bland? Are there differences in taste between people - such as with Strot - and why do those differences exist? You may have to get Strot too for this experiment at some point.

>obviously trying to hide someone

Ask Hoor if he's made friends with a mana beast and is trying to hide them. You heard that happens sometimes.

Suggest that he should probably tell you who he's hiding and why, so that you don't confuse one entirely reasonable thing for another.
No. 919035 ID: 7e06cf
File 154848280466.png - (13.79KB , 1000x600 , 555.png )

[Solid Material Perception] allows me to constantly perceive a small area around me, providing me with a mental map of an area I've been in.

And yes, I do spot the person sneaking behind Hoor.

"Is your strange way of walking having to do anything with who's on the floor?"

Both Hoor and the person stops.
A sigh comes from behind the counter, as a hooded figure stands up from near the door.
Charls looks over in surprise.

"Hello, Freya." I give a short wave.
Hoor looks at me, "Yes. Freya." He grabs her shoulder and pushes her towards the door. "We'll be back."

"Who's Freya?" Charls asks.
"Hoor's cousin, apparently."
"He had a cousin?"
I shrug.
A few minuets later, Bea comes out, glaring at Charls before looking at me, "What do you want?"
No. 919036 ID: becba8

Hang out.
No. 919039 ID: e7848c

Your company and time if you'd be willing
No. 919043 ID: 130f18

"You are my friend so I would like to practice cooking together."
No. 919048 ID: 158da5

No. 919049 ID: 0c3c2c

Came to spend some time!
No. 919050 ID: 080aaf

Your mana stone.
No. 919054 ID: b1b4f3

Wanna hang out and try to cook stuff and maybe fail at it?
Also why is Freya so shy?
No. 919059 ID: 91ee5f

“I wanted to practice cooking with you because I’m not very good at it.”

If asked why you came to her for help with cooking, say, “Isn’t that what friends do? Ask each other for help?”

Then ask if she knows why Freya is always avoiding you? It seems like she doesn’t like you, which makes you sad because you wanted to try and be friends with her.
No. 919063 ID: 89b4c8

"Hello Bea. I was told (>>/questarch/795814) that you and Hoor could teach me how to kiss."
No. 919085 ID: e3e99e

Yes, this.
No. 919087 ID: bddb0f


No no, one thing at a time. Cook, THEN kiss the cook.
No. 919110 ID: a9af05

Explain that you wanted to practice cooking with her.

Are you trying to guilt Bea into not running from Emils next time she's disguised as Freya?

Because I'm not sure if that would work.
No. 919463 ID: fb2a85

“I am here just to hang out. I’ve tried looking for you before but you seem to be always out of your house.”
Bea looks sad, “ah. It’s just that my parent are usually so stifling. I swear, my dad keeps hovering over me while my mom just want to spend more time with me.” She sighs.
“You know why right?” Hoor asks, poking his head from the door frame.
“What’s going on?” Charls asks.
“Well....” Hoor looks at Bea, and Bea shrugs and continues, “I’m basically dying.”
“Wait what?!” Charls exclaims.
“Yeah, it’s a rare condition where my parents are from, where sometimes a person can produce more mana than their body can handle.”
Hoor continues, resting a hand on Bea’s Shoulder, “It breaks down her body. I can kinda keep her healthy with my healing, but it’s not a permanent solution.”
“How long do you have?” I ask.
“No idea. The doctors estimated a few more years at this rate, but it’s hard to say.”
A silence falls as Bea looks at our expression.

“Would you like to join me in learning how to cook?” I ask
“I was just introduced into methods of cooking and would like to ask if you all would teach me how to do so.”
“And you’re not worried or concerned about my condition?” Bea asks, raising a brow.
“No. Is it something that I should be concerned about? I assume there is nothing that could be done in regards to this matter, or else you or those around you would have seek treatment.”
“I... I see.”
Hoor and Charls look at me, but I am unable to determine what their expressions are.
Bea just chuckles, looks at Hoor and demands, “Hoor, your mom still has some cookbooks doesn’t she?”
“Uh, er, yeah?”
“Great!, could you take Charls out while I borrow your kitchen? Thanks.”
Bea grabs my hand and drags me into Hoors house.

>Ask Bea questions
-Snack (simple items to share with others)
-Lunch (simple food for you and Beatrice)
-Meal (medium preparation)
-Dinner (full blown meal - stay over with Beatrice and Hoors family)
No. 919464 ID: 080aaf

Snack. Just like Bea will be.
No. 919465 ID: becba8

If Bea's core is leaking mana would it continue to do so if we were to augment our own core with it? Her abilities may not be worth if they come with her disease. We should try to fix her, even if we plan to eat her later.

Let's repeat what we did with Alice fireball. Watch Bea cook than diminish the flux of mana on her main channels as necessary.

Start with a simple snack because this could take multiple attempts.
No. 919466 ID: bddb0f

>Bea's condition
That's curious. We know mana is just 'recycled' from the atmosphere and not something that naturally forms, so when they say her body 'produces' more mana than it can handle... does she have a too-efficient mana intake core? I doubt she's actually producing real mana, by all accounts, we should've been able to sense the difference earlier... shouldn't we have?

Shame we lost mana sight, studying the process could've come in handy. Then again, with Mana Manipulation if we become/are skilled enough we could just try to hold hands and manipulate the flow of mana through her body to try to sense what's causing her imbalance - or at least determine what is 'too much' of an efficient mana flow and what makes a body degrade from too much mana use.

This can be useful for our disguise. If that kind of overflow happens and is detectible, then if we show ourselves too efficient or overtaxing in our mana usage others may become suspicious of why we're not breaking down and requiring healing like Bea is. Knowing what the limit is, we can better figure out the limits we should act within. Additionally, using Mana Manipulation we could try to figure out a way for a rabbold to handle that load without their body breaking down. Then we might disguise ourselves better.

And possibly prevent Bea from dying early.

>Ask Bea questions

"Do they know the underlying cause for your condition, by the way?"

"Any particular benefits to having more mana? Would you, for example, make for a good magician?"

"Any recommendations for lunch? What I really want to figure out is why infusing food with mana makes it taste good, bad or stale. What mana's role is in making something taste... something."


Have a look in those cookbooks and let's make lunch with Bea.
No. 919467 ID: 158da5

You could offer your services of mana reading to Bea. Even if it's way trickier than even the damaged pathways from last time you did a reading, just checking couldn't hurt.
And ask her what she'd like to do with the time she has left.

Eh, lunch sounds more interesting, but why not some snacks, just for fun.
No. 919470 ID: 0c3c2c

Clearly we need to give Bea a health evaluation.

Also, Dinner
No. 919480 ID: 2202fb

You know, if we let Bea in on our secret to some degree, we may be able to fix her.
No. 919494 ID: 130f18

It's possible this is the beginning of the natural mana development LUST was looking for. Bea's condition may be the key to saving this dying planet, meaning it's worth looking into, and she must be preserved no matter the cost until that is refuted.

Cook a full Dinner. When you find an opportunity, gently give her a hug, and examine her body the way you did Alice's to see if you can locate the anomaly. If she asks the reason for the hug, autistically state that hugging is something you do for people you like to make them feel better.
No. 919495 ID: b1b4f3

Emils is quite capable of using "mana manipulation" to sense mana, it just requires physical contact and focus. She could check Bea's mana during some incidental thing while hanging out. She should, in fact. This could be very interesting, and unlike the pure mana fireball thing... potentially life-saving.
I wish Emils had developed enough emotions to understand how powerful it is to save a life.

Let's go with Lunch for now.
No. 919500 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s just cook Lunch for you and Beatrice. That way we don’t use up all of the food in Hoor’s kitchen.
No. 919501 ID: 83bf07

Lunch for now. I'm curious if there's some way we can get a peek at her core.
No. 919502 ID: 094652

Lunch would be nice. Dinner is too expensive.

Too much mana, huh?
"Oh no, there's an oil geyser slowly drowning our village, somebody save us!"
"Have no fear, third-class citizens! Corporate Commander is here to-"
BUT SERIOUSLY EMIL DO NOT ABUSE THIS OPPORTUNITY. Fix the problem permanently, add siphon ducts or something so her mana will self-regulate even without you around. You can take a sip on a regular basis but don't make her dependent on you, that's akin to slavery.
No. 919503 ID: 2202fb

I think she has the emotions, she just doesnt express them the typical way. She developed very atypically and thus behaves somewhat atypically. I dont think it is lost on her, however.
No. 919507 ID: 4294c6

Act like fixing her is the most obvious solution possible.
No. 919508 ID: b1b4f3

Ah one potential issue of trying to fix Bea is that her physical enhancement spell is constantly on, possibly as a means of counteracting her condition. If we reduce her body's mana production, it might not be able to keep up with the spell, and she'd run out of mana, which would also kill her.
No. 919510 ID: 130f18

Changing my vote to lunch. More personal and less expensive.
No. 919546 ID: 2202fb

Methinks it is more an issue of bad connections. Both issues probably have the same solution.
No. 919554 ID: 130f18

Alice was a case of leaking mana due to circuits in her lost arm being broken. From the sounds of it, Bea's pumping out more mana than her circuits can handle and they're falling apart from the inside.
No. 919555 ID: b1b4f3

Well, maybe Emils can divert the mana flow around the organs that are being damaged?
No. 919560 ID: e3e99e

Emils, can you manipulate her mana channels to decrease her intake? Also, is there any damage to them you could fix?
If you cut her intake you might also have to restrict her output so she doesn't go into a deficit - you'll need to see if the problem is with too much mana being retained or with too much mana flowing through, and respond accordingly.

Meanwhile, ask her if she has tried eating food that has no mana.
No. 919784 ID: 7e06cf
File 154915764156.png - (17.01KB , 1000x600 , 556.png )

With Beatrice holding my hand, I attempt to look into her Mana Veins.
I am unable to get a good grasp of body before Bea jerks her hand away, clutching it.
"Wha- What was that?"
"What was what?"
Bea looks at her hand, flexing it.
"No, nothing."
Beatrice continues walking ahead, a bit faster than before.

As we reach the kitchen, I suggest what to cook.
"Since we're not well versed in cooking, I recommend we take upon a small project, such as lunch."
"Oh, yeah, sure. I guess we haven't had much this afternoon."
"Have you not have lunch?"
"Erm, I, I was busy, I must have forgotten to." Beatrice stammers out as she hands me an apron and puts one on.

"So what I a good lunch to prepare?"
"Well, can't mess up a sandwich too badly." she says with a sigh.

We wash our hands and Beatrice pulls out a slab of dried meat and some vegetables onto separate chopping blocks.

"I'll just... prepare the bread." she says dejectedly.

I grab the knife, feeling it in my hand.
I can feel my mana flowing into the knife and across it's blade.
"What should I do with these?" I ask.
"Just cut the meat into thin slices, and the vegetables into strips."

As Bea tries to cut the bread while standing on a stool, I proceed to slice the ingredient into identical slices while softly humming.
I can feel my mana flow from the knife into each slice, making it glisten slightly.

"Do you know what is the causes or effects of your affliction?" I ask while humming.
"Eh? Uh, I, I don't know. My parents told me that it's a curse. Something that sometimes happens when strong parents have a strong child, where the child can't control their strength."

She clenches a hand, "It makes it so easy to be strong, but so hard to control it. My house is literally made of earth magic just because of how often I break things."

"How's your magic?"
"Magic? I can't use it. Even using magic items are difficult, I mostly burn them out."

"Would you like a Hug?"
"What? No! What brought that on?"
"I can try to fix you."
"...Fix? What do you mean?"
"I did something similar with Alice, and offered her the same choice. I can probably change how mana works in your body. I have never done it on something alive, so I do not know of any side effects."
Beatrice looks at me, as I continue to hum and prepare the vegetables.

"How... are you humming and talking at the same time?"
No. 919785 ID: a2cac9

No. 919786 ID: 094652

"My body reacts to vibrating magic. Don't ask me how it works."
No. 919787 ID: 130f18

"I am not humming, my magic is. I learned today at Charls' house how to make it hum when I was looking at his wards."
No. 919788 ID: b1b4f3

Uh shit. Now that's a hard question to answer.
Hmm. How about just say it's a secret.

Then ask her to please at least let you take a look at her mana flow.
Speaking of which, what did her mana look like before, when you had mana sense?
No. 919793 ID: 282e20

"I'm a magical girl. So do you want me to try to fix you, or not? Alice will live without it. You have a time limit."
No. 919794 ID: a2eda8

"I already told you. I am a slime."
No. 919796 ID: 1c0f2a

I told you already. Let's not speak of it here.

You don't have much to lose in this faustian deal. Let me reach within you and change your mana channels, maybe even the surface of your core, and in doing so prevent further damage.
I would, of course, want a few things in return. Stating with discretion, no word to anyone. Than you could help me explain my secret to Victoria. After that I have a little project that could benefit greatly from someone this observant... have you met Nick?
No. 919797 ID: e3e99e

"It's the hum of magic. I am a very magical girl."

Optionally, also:
"My body burns through mana very quickly. Our situations are similar, but opposite? I think?
I can manipulate mana very well. If I couldn't, then I would be dead. If you could do it, you wouldn't be dying. I do not believe it can be taught, but I would like to try to help you.
I do not know if it would work, but I believe it might. It would carry risk, but I would use all due caution.
I am not asking for anything in return, but please decide quickly. I do not want you to invest effort in building hope; if it fails it is better to not have spent time thinking of success.
Also, I did come here to learn to cook, and I would like to work on my cooking without those sorts of lingering questions."
No. 919803 ID: 0c3c2c

Answer "Practice".

Continue offering her a chance at magical healing you're really, really good at.
No. 919804 ID: a9af05

No. 919805 ID: 158da5

Very good compromise between the full truth and hiding some.

Am not opposed to the words "magical girl" either.

Also, for lunch, maybe we can pick up the mood by helping add spices or something to make it tastier.
No. 919808 ID: 91ee5f

You know, after telling her that we’re not good at cooking, if the food we end up making tastes pretty good, she’ll be suspicious of us. Or maybe she’ll just think that we’ve got really high standards and we just think this food isn’t considered good.

But if humming helps us, then maybe it can help her? We could ask her to try.

>”How...are you humming and talking at the same time?"
Quick, change the subject!

Ask if she knows about how fast Freya is? During the test, everyone had to run to a tree and back to the teachers and you almost caught up to her after she had a head start. But you think you would’ve beaten her if you knew ahead of time that you didn’t have to wait for the teachers to tell you to go.
No. 919809 ID: 158da5

About the cooking it's fine. Emils said she's not "well-versed" so she never claimed to be bad, and like Bea said it's hard to mess up a sandwich. Besides, I don't her cooking skills really compare to all the actually suspicious things about Emils.
No. 919812 ID: 2202fb


We can't bs everything forever and we cant help people if they dont trust us.
No. 919813 ID: 080aaf

Perfect timing.
No. 919830 ID: 8d924c

>Humming and talking.
Magic. You've gotten a lot better since you learned to read. A LOT better.
No. 919834 ID: 91ee5f

And then Bea says, “You didn’t know how to read?!”

To which, we reply with the same thing we’ve told everyone, we lived in the wild until someone found us and brought us to town, where Victoria was kind enough to take us into her home.
No. 919844 ID: 99ed9b

Why keep trying to be clandestine when people ask about emils at this point? She (it?) has turned too many heads by this point.

Just tell Bea you can manipulate mana flow and look at peoples mana channels. Even tell her that the humming is you vibrating with the flow of mana to help control it.

Bea needs this a little more. She's got more reasons to take a risk by letting Emils fix her channels, if that's even possible.

I mean, it's kind of important how this goes down but by absorbing Lust Emils is now pretty much a caretaker of these species, so getting a little messianic healing going and shaking up things for them a bit might be a good thing.
No. 919850 ID: d63ea8

Practice seems like a good answer.
No. 919852 ID: a9af05

>Quick, change the subject!
I would've gone for a subject that might make Bea nervous to answer.

For example: Asking Bea if she thinks we're fat and then explaining how we keep breaking every chair we try to sit on in Victoria's house, which leads us to wanting to know if we're fat.
No. 919867 ID: 130f18

This is cute, so do this too.
No. 919919 ID: 7e06cf

"It's a recent thing I've been practicing. It helps my control over mana."
"Humming? or the talking while humming?"
"Both. I am done with cutting these." I say while stepping back from the table.
"Oh. Never mind that, what do you mean about fixing me?"

I look at Bea, "I have the ability to manipulate how Mana flows. I've provided Alice a temporary example of my abilities, and it allowed her better control of her spell casting. If you would allow me to, I could attempt to change you too."
"Are you serious?"
"Yes. But this ability of mine could cause unwanted attention, so I request that you do not spread information about this."
Beatrice looks me in the eyes, and I await her answer.

"Okay, fine. You said it was temporary?"
"I did not have the time to permanently change her, and she requested a bit more time."
"And you think it can help me?"
"There is a possibility of doing so."
"Any side effects?"
"Not that I know of."

Bea takes a moment and sits on a chair.
"Are you... sure this can help me?"
"No. There is a chance this can end badly, but in the end, it just changes when you die."
"Ha, that's a bleak way of looking at it..."

Beatrice presents me a hand, "Well, do your worse."

I take Beatrice's hand and begin tracing the flow of her mana.

[Mana Manipulation] has triggered.
Permission to read subject core.


Unknown Enhancement

Her core is large, and pulsing with Mana, and the unknown ability is deeply etched into it. It enhances her body's abilities, but her body can't keep up with it's demand.

I feel like I can't stop the output of her core, but I can slightly change the enhancement. If I install a toggle, there can be a buildup of Mana that would permeate into her body.
Similar to Alice, I can copy one of the abilities, but aside from Combat and Survival, the others are less ingrained.
No. 919923 ID: 080aaf

Leave it. A toggle just turns her into a time bomb.
Copy the Unknown Enhancement to study it further.
No. 919925 ID: 88114f

What do you mean by "can't keep up with its demand"? Too heavy a strain? It wants even more mana?
No. 919926 ID: b1b4f3

So it's the reverse of what we were just told. She's not producing enough mana to keep up with a permanent spell, though maybe the spell is also keeping her from overproducing mana. I thought we heard about the permanent spell before, but I couldn't find where it was.

Install the toggle, tell her you've done so, and ask her if she knew about the enhancement.
From now on she can have it on only when she needs it, which will solve two of her problems at once. The deadly one and the self-control one.

Also take Combat. You've got no use for Survival and the others aren't important. I expect you could learn writing very easily, if you don't already know it (I forget)
No. 919928 ID: 094652

Install the toggle later, but look into finding "hardware"; if you install some monster parts as mana outputs that should work.
No. 919929 ID: 282e20

Install toggle.
Copy combat.
No. 919933 ID: 1c0f2a

>...but I can slightly change the enhancement.
The ideal solution would be reduce the effectiveness of this unidentified enhancement (that clearly improve her strength) and redirect the use of the excess mana toward a new enhancement less detrimental, preferable a weak permanent healing spell. If this is possible we could try to copy Hoor's spell.
Start with a temporary test. With her permission reduce the power dedicate to her enhancement and at the same time force her to cast thermal regulation from her left hand (to limit any possible damage) as a proof of concept.

Copy Combat.
No. 919934 ID: b1b4f3

I guess the ideal *would* be to tone down the enhancement so her body can handle it, then make sure she doesn't overproduce mana somehow. If we were to install a second less taxing enhancement to handle the excess mana, she needs to put careful thought into what enhancement(or spell) to pick. It's like getting a tattoo, you could easily regret it in the future.

Is that even something Emils can do? Can she make any changes other than the toggle? Actually, wait, what about a dial? Instead of on/off, how about a percentage or number from 0-10?
No. 919935 ID: 158da5

Yeah, vocalize all of this. She needs to know the situation.
No. 919936 ID: 864e49

Do not install the toggle, tell her about it and let her make the decision.

Copy the Unknown Enhancement.
or Dancing.
No. 919937 ID: e3e99e

Copy the Unknown Enhancement. It's unique.
Failing that, copy Combat. We do not need biological survival skills, and we should take the strongest useful skills we can.

Install the toggle.
Tell her "There's something very strange etched into your core that is drawing a lot of mana, and your body appears to be increasing its output in a struggle to meet the needs of this anomaly.
This is not something other people have, and I do not know what it does. It is almost certainly related to your condition.
I will make it so you can toggle it on and off. I don't know what that would do to your mana supply, so I would like your permission to regulate your mana directly by taking or adding mana as needed using my own supply.

This will allow us to safely test what happens when this anomaly is turned off, and if your body will slow production once it no longer has such a drain.
Regulating your mana is safe, but it will likely feel strange and invasive. You need to be willing for me to be able to do that.
Would you like to proceed? Yes/No?"

Lets start thinking of ways to regulate her core, and come back to this when we have more options.
No. 919938 ID: 282e20

changing to copy unknown enhancement. Copy combat if this doesn't work.
No. 919941 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her that you can’t see a curse, but you can see an unknown enhancement and that is what’s causing her problem.

>install a toggle?
So basically, instead of the unknown enhancement always being turned on, you can give Bea the option to turn it off and turn it back on when she needs it. Is that what you’re saying?

Make sure you tell her what you’re wanting to do, so that she can tell you if she wants the toggle or not.
No. 919945 ID: 130f18

Explain to her what you are seeing and ask what she wants to do before proceeding.

If the enhancement is what's keeping her mana production from destroying her body, toggling it off would worsen her condition. If you were able to leech excess mana off of her that would also solve the problem - both of your hunger and of her oversaturation. But you would probably need to form some kind of suit over her. Like... a magical girl duo transformation!

That would also make her dependent on you, however.
No. 919946 ID: 158da5

We do have her permission to solve her problem. I'm not against asking again to clarify the situation, but I don't see a downside for Bea that would change her mind.
No. 919947 ID: e3e99e

Actually, on reflection and thinking this over:
"There is an anomaly on your core. It is not something other people have, and it is drawing a massive amount of mana.

You said you are constantly breaking things by mistake, yes?
This anomaly is likely some sort of physical enhancement that makes you stronger and more durable. However, it is very energy intensive and your body is basically eating itself to feed the magic.

I would like to install a toggle so you can turn this anomaly on and off at will.
It would be best to keep it off when you do not need it, but after being stuck on for so long I do not know how long it will take for your body to draw down mana production to normal levels.

Because this is going to cause your mana production and usage to be out of balance, I plan to take direct control over your mana levels by using my own mana reserves to regulate yours.
Doing this would pose no risk to me, and I believe it would pose little risk to you. However, it will likely feel strange and I can only regulate the mana pool of a willing participant.
I would like to initially attempt a short test - I will turn the anomaly off and regulate your mana for five minutes and observe how your mana behaves, while you keep me apprised on how you feel.
At that point if your mana levels are not stable without my intervention I will turn the anomaly back on and we can discuss the results.
If your mana levels are stable without my intervention then I will leave the choice to you.
If at any point I believe there are signs of harmful consequences, I will immediately reverse the changes and terminate the test.
Are you willing to proceed? Yes/No?"

Still copy that Unknown Enhancement if you can. Unique things are the best bonuses!
No. 919950 ID: a2cac9

copy combat.
give her the options and ask what she'd want done.
No. 919965 ID: 575ec0

Don't tinstall the toggle. A temporary fix that can cause permanent harm is unacceptable.

Copy the Unkown Enhancement.
Let her know youve taken the curse upon yourself as well, and will be able to do more once you better understand it.
For now, you'll be in this together.
No. 919967 ID: bddb0f

Tell her what you've discovered, ask if she wants a toggle installed or for you to try to learn more over time.

If this is a one-off opportunity to copy a skill, I honestly think we should copy Writing, even if it's less ingrained. It's easier to pass off as something we've just 'picked up on' all of a sudden. I'm leery of copying the enhancement, even if we might be well suited to deal with its downsides. It's just that suddenly coming down with the same enhancement/situation as Bea's could be trouble.

After the situation is dealt with - Bea may want to test her toggle - continue lunch preparations and focus on the mana-imparting and the differences between yours and Bea's efforts.
No. 919971 ID: bddb0f

Oh, and after lunch maybe Bea can help coach you in dancing. You still have that party you're supposed to attend soon - does SHE know anything about Silvia Strix Saron? And you can show her that Light ring you got gifted by your dressmaker. Have you tested it yet?
No. 919980 ID: a6405f

Try to install a temporary flood drain to the mana so it doesnt build up while we science this enhancement.
No. 919981 ID: b463f3

Copying for the sake of identification and to hopefully find a way to optimize the setup, not just personal gains.


If possible, we should ask bea if she could stay over for a while. If we had direct access, we could funnel the excess mana directly into our secondary core while also presumably finding a solution faster. Depending on the method though, we may need to let bea in on our true nature.
No. 919986 ID: b1b4f3

We can't copy the enhancement perfectly. The imperfect copy might do something similar but we can't count on it for experimentation.
No. 920006 ID: a9af05

Tell her what you see and ask if she wants the toggle.

Copy the unknown enhancement. If that doesn't work, copy combat.
No. 920007 ID: 2202fb

then there is no hope
No. 920075 ID: 575ec0

But it is etched Deeply. We should be able to get a pretty good copy.

Even if it isn't exact though, it'll still give us a pretty good idea of what's going on there. We'll just need to be careful when moving forward with it.
No. 920083 ID: 130f18

Considering the new role entrusted to us by Lust, beginning to build honest relationships with mortals we can trust would not be a bad idea.
No. 920092 ID: 99ed9b

So rather than an excess of mana, the real problem is an excessive consumption of mana.

It seems likely the "unknown ability" is actually some kind of mana drain they put in to keep her from catching on fire or something, and that it's ALSO hurting her in a different way. Maybe if we turned off the mana sink she'd catch fire or explode, but it seems just as likely they didn't know what they were doing and just threw it on assuming it would kill her slower than too much mana would.

But regardless, I can see no reason not to offer her control over it. It could make her situation better and what's she got to lose, her life?

Questions for Emils, does the "unknown ability" feel like it's something designed to just chew away excessive mana? Can you see excessive amounts of mana being absorbed by it? If Bea was suddenly lit up with a hell of a lot of excess mana could you use mana manipulation to protect her from it, and possibly do something productive (betting you could make a bitchin magic item if you could figure some way to make any of your spells persistent in an object).
No. 920097 ID: 99ed9b

Oh, and don't be telling Emils to copy anything that gets "deeply etched" into your core.
No. 920110 ID: b1b4f3

"deeply etched" means it's more strongly attuned to the person. According to the author, Emils cannot make deep copies of anything. Deeply etched copies are stronger and thus Emils can get stronger copied skills out of them, but it won't be as strong as the original.

Emils can only get the skill at its true strength by eating the core.
No. 920139 ID: 834378

Copy combat. That's probably what Beatrice is good at.

I think there's two ways to fix Bea.
First would be to change her veins so that mana would flow only to the enhancement and almost nowhere else. That way her mana would always be fully consumed by the enhancement.
The second would be with a toggle, yeah. I could see this as a way to turn her into an ultimate mage for the duration when the enhancement is turned off and she releases the mana in a form of a spell or some other way.

I suppose we should go with the toggle.
And then immediately test out the toggle. Turn off her enhancement and absorb most of the mana in her body, and then turn it back on.
No. 920140 ID: 834378

Also, does she know of any spells that she could cast? We know that she can't cast anything with that enhancement on, but maybe she could try with it being off. Otherwise, we can consume her mana with a fireball or something.
No. 920153 ID: 575ec0

I still don't know why people are saying copy combat. Emils devoured a number of mercenaries already and has a basic grasp of it. Besides, it's a skill that can be trained normally. The unknown thing is a unique opportunity, if nothing else.
No. 920158 ID: 2202fb

Additionally, it is kinda shitty to take advantage of Bea like this when we apparently cant copy her unknown to find a fix for her (at least according to some ppl).
No. 920169 ID: 0e2ebe

I mean, the toggle for a skill that we can get without affecting her at all is hardly taking advantage. Hell, even if the toggle wasn't a viable option, it still doesn't affect her.
No. 920171 ID: 91ee5f

Voting for the same thing everyone else is voting for: Copy the unknown enhancement. And if that doesn’t work, copy combat.
No. 920259 ID: f46e5e

vote unknown enhancement

also, why have we not absorbed the various pest creatures for their transforms, they could be good for innocuous spying, even if it requires storing some of our mass for a little bit?
No. 920292 ID: e3e99e

Because Emils can't take any form that's unable to fully enclose her core.
No. 920293 ID: b1b4f3

Her core is pretty small. Remember she mimicked one of those cave lizards when she started out.
No. 920481 ID: 7e06cf
File 154972479209.png - (16.41KB , 1000x600 , 557.png )

"As far as I can tell, your core produces a lot of mana, and is deeply etched with something."
"What do you mean by deeply etched?"
"It means that it's part of you, and it's been used for a long time. It makes it difficult to change, and any changes I do can be easily overwritten unless you take better control over it."
"Can you tell what it does?"
"It appears to feed off of your excess Mana and turns it into physical abilities. You've probably learned this long ago, and it helped leach off your excess mana, but it grew alongside you, taking in more and more mana.
Your core does not produce a constant supply of mana, and whenever you don't produce enough mana, it applies an additional strain on your body.
Currently, the only change I can apply to you is a toggle."
"What would that do?" Bea asks, concerned.
"It allows you to take control of the ability in a limited sense. You can turn it on or off. However, as I've said before, if you do not take control over it, it can be overridden by your own core."

"What shall it be?" I look at Beatrice's face.

"Do it."
"Very well."

I begin to hum, as I inject my mana into her hand.
Her hands grip my hands, and she appears to be in pain.
"Relax. Do not reject the intrusion."
The hum changes into a tune, as Beatrice tries to relax.
I continue to flow my mana into her arms, and up her shoulder.
As I go deeper, my mana gets eroded by hers, with each beat of her heart and pulse of her core.
I press harder as she crushes my hand. She is clenching hard, as she begins shaking.
I grab her shoulder with my other hand, steadying her as my tune matches her mana. It is feels unpleasant.

My mana barely touches her core, as I try to adjust the flow over it's surface.
It's barely a change. A patch at best, but a redirection of mana is complete, and I slowly retract with a small copy of her skill.

I bring myself back and let my hand reform.
I bring Beatrice to a chair and let her slump over the table, panting hard.
She seems barely conscious as I sit beside her, holding her up.

It takes a while for her to wake up, blinking.

"whu" She tries to move, but her hand simply falls off the table, swinging out of her control.
Panic rises in her eyes and she sluggishly tries to get up, but is only capable of jerking her elbows.

"Stop." I tell her, "You are now extremely weakened. Try to feel your body, take control of your mana, and move your hand."

I take her swinging arm and hold it in front of her face.
Beatrice can only moan and drool on the table as she looks at me, before concentrating on her hand.

"It seems you've spent most of your life under a physical boost." I tell her.
"With it inactive, your body is much weaker than you're used to. Just use more effort to move your body."

it takes minutes before her fingers begin twitching, as she slowly begins to regain control of her body.

I can hear a voice from another room. It appears Hoor and Charls is back.
No. 920482 ID: 080aaf

Act casual, nothing is different. Give Bea a piggyback ride.
No. 920484 ID: e3e99e

Hug her.
No. 920485 ID: e3e99e

Obviously, people are going to ask what happened to put Bea into this drooling, shaking, semi-conscious, poorly-coordinated, and feeble mess.
When they do ask, tell them "She allowed me to touch her intimately. I am a magical girl."
No. 920486 ID: 96aa63

Is there a couch you can lay her down on?
No. 920487 ID: a2cac9

>"She allowed me to touch her intimately"
No. 920489 ID: 575ec0

They shouldn't see her like this. It's improper. She entrusted you with a personal matter, it's none of their business unless she decides otherwise.
Also. You know, they'll want an explanation from you.

Is there another way out? Even a window? Grab her and make a swift exit. At least then you two would have plenty of time to come up with a cover story once she recovers.
No. 920491 ID: 0c3c2c

Act nonchalant. Simply hang out with Bea.
No. 920496 ID: 1c0f2a

Hide Bea inside you. Make sure she have a constant supply of fresh air and if her body can't keep up force her do breath and keep her heart beating.
Assume the form of an adult Avaro, remove the apron and leave.
Explain to Bea you will find somewhere private for her to learn how to move.
No. 920498 ID: 91ee5f

>I bring Beatrice to a chair and let her slump over the table, panting hard.
>She seems barely conscious as I sit beside her, holding her up.
Since Emils is able to sit next to Bea without breaking whatever she’s sitting on, that must mean that the chairs in Hoor’s house are stronger than the chairs in Victoria’s house.

>I can hear a voice from another room. It appears Hoor and Charls is back.
You can stick your head out the door and tell them not to come in the kitchen because we’re still making food and Bea doesn’t want to be disturbed. This will hopefully buy Bea enough time to regain control of her body.

Or if they come in and they see Bea like this, you can tell them, “As you can see, I’m a worse cook than Bea is. She just ate a sandwich I made and then this happened.” Then you can ask Hoor to heal her.
No. 920499 ID: 130f18

Agreed, make sure the others don't see her like this.
No. 920501 ID: a2cac9

we're trying to hide that we're a slime, that goes directly against that objective.
No. 920502 ID: 91ee5f

No, don’t do any of that!
No. 920505 ID: 6ee5db

Do this, but in the likely event Charles and Hoor want a better explanation, just tell them what you did.
No. 920506 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her she might want to turn it back on if she doesn't want the others to see her like this.
No. 920510 ID: bcc41d

Have Bea sit in the chair for now. Inform her what she needs to do to re-activate the effect herself - she may not instinctually know, but encourage her to focus on regaining her strength and ability to move for when she isn't 'using' her boost - and say that she should think of it as simple, basic training. Ask that she keep your involvement in this quiet - to say it was something she accidentally developed herself during food mana infusions.

Then go to Hoor and ask him if he'd like to come with you. Tell him Beatrice appears to have become a bit out of it while you were making lunch, but that as far as you can tell she's fine, if weakened. Encourage him to help take care of Beatrice until she 'recovers'.

Proceed with the plan to create lunch. Something simple, I think, for Bea to eat in her weakened state.
No. 920511 ID: 834378

Tell Bea to try casting a spell. Any spell. That should get some mana flowing heh.

Training with her buffs off is probably what she needs to properly strengthen her body and learn control. Should probably tell her this as well.

As for Charls and Hoor, tell them that it looks like Bea's condition now has the potential to improve. But don't tell them what exactly you did.
No. 920518 ID: 2202fb

Ah, ofc! If her body is physically in an extremely atrophied state due to her relying on her buff, this would explain why she didn't have enough mana: she was too frail. She would probably be fine if she just kept it off and only used it when needed.

I have a feeling Bea is going to be a highly successful mage and hero in the future (unless she turns evil).
No. 920535 ID: 158da5

I think getting the boost back on until you can get more time alone to do some physical therapy is the best idea.
No. 920538 ID: e3e99e

Also, point out that the stronger she is WITHOUT the boost the stronger she'll be WITH the boost, and the strength difference will likely be proportional. It's like wearing weighted clothing, only much more effective and without the downsides.
Also, not dying. Not dying is nice.
No. 920540 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and maybe next time Emils messes with someone's Core she should touch closer to the core so the process is shorter.
No. 920546 ID: 282e20

Help her turn the boost back on.
No. 920553 ID: 2202fb

Maybe we could switch the toggle to a dampener. That way Bea could gradually work on taking it off.
No. 920556 ID: e3e99e

That is a LOT more complicated, difficult, and prone to failure.
No. 920557 ID: b1b4f3

Emils currently cannot do that. This was the limit of her skill. Perhaps later on, after she's had practice messing around with the cores of animals and such.
No. 920559 ID: 99ed9b

Maybe hold her up a bit.

And be nonchalant when other people come in. I mean, not that Emils can do anything else, but go ahead and act like there's no downsides expressing themselves here and now.

Keep talking to Bea though, encourage her to use the atrophied muscles. This might explain quite well why she was going to die... the enchantment might get stronger but her body is secretly decaying beneath all that.

We can't even guarantee that she's going to be able to work her muscles back into usefulness.

... tell her to wiggle her little toe. Like, make her lay out and stare out of it and verbalize that she's going to wiggle her little toe.
No. 920662 ID: a9af05

>Allowed to touch intimately
Are we sure Bea is old enough for that to be an appropriate thing to say?

None of this! This is terrible!
No. 920788 ID: 5b93d3

Turn the toggle back on for now, and arrange a more convenient time to try again and do some proper muscle training. Maybe drag Bea along to Punching Things class to get her used to increasing physical fitness.
No. 920846 ID: 130f18

I think that class is taught by her dad, so that might raise questions too early.
No. 921018 ID: 2870a3

make like the dude my ex cheated with me on and jump out the window
No. 921052 ID: 99ed9b

Just act like nothing is wrong and talk to Bea like they aren't there, and be completely deadpan when answering their queries about what's wrong.
No. 921281 ID: 8eaf98

'I gave her an on-off switch'
No. 921453 ID: 99ed9b


Did we bother asking Emils or anyone competent at magic if a build of magic that needs to be released once it builds up so that Bea doesn't... explode, is going to damage her body or channels?

Cause we may have just locked her into a cycle that will kill her much faster too.
No. 921466 ID: ba56e6

Her core was producing too much magic, which was killing her, so the enchantment was put there. But now the enchantment is consuming too much magic, which is killing her.
I believe the idea is that when the mana builds up she can turn it on, and when it runs out she can turn it off, so that she dances around that middle area of 'not dying' as often as possible.
No. 921535 ID: 7e06cf
File 155033534942.png - (19.12KB , 1000x600 , 558.png )

"I'm currently keeping your body stable. Please concentrate on moving your body."

I get a better grip over Bea, holding her upright before Hoor and Charls walks in.


Hoor stops, eyes wide before rushing forwards, "Bea, what's wrong, what happened?!"

"She agreed to an experimental procedure to regulate something inside of her, in an effort to prolong her life."
Hoor tries to take a hold of Beatrice, but I don't let go.
Hoor seems unsure on how to handle this.
"Is she okay?" Charls asks.
"She is fully conscious. I have cut off the supply of mana to some parts of her, and as a result she's feeling extremely weak. I am regulating her excess mana, and need constant contact to do so."
Hoor scoops up Beatrice in his arms, while I keep holding her hand in front of her face.
"For now, She just needs to relearn how to control her body without the help of whatever's affecting her body."

"We have a guest room we use whenever Bea stays over, follow me."

Hoor leads into a somewhat sparse room, filled with books and dolls, setting her down onto a soft bed.

"How long will she be like this?"
"That depends on her."
Beatrice mummers as she exhales, barely audible.
"She says she be fine." I tell Hoor.

Hoor unties her apron, and looks concerned, "Tell me, what happened? What did you do?"
"I asked Beatrice if I could examine her body, and discovered two things.
One, her core is above average in size, and is producing an above average amount of mana for someone of her body and size."
Beatrice's face twitches, and I can feel her tendons twitching under my grip.
"Two, some ability of hers, probably since birth, had been feeding on her mana continuously.
I can only assume that when she was smaller, her mana production was offset by this ability, giving her a normal level of mana production. But as she grew older, the ability grew with her, as did her production of mana."
Beatrice stares at me, and I can feel her fingers move.
"She has probably lost control over this ability at one point, and it has been feeding off of her, causing her mana to swing wildly from too much to not enough. Does this description relates to her history?"

Hoor thinks about it, "Yes, she has had times when she was swinging from full of energy, to limp as a noodle."
He looks worriedly at Beatrice.

I look at Bea, "Once I let go of your body, the connection to this ability will return to you. You will need to train yourself to control this ability, or it will end you sooner."

>Let go
>Hold on
No. 921536 ID: e3e99e

Hold on.

Ask Bea to let you know when she's ready.
When Bea is ready, then you can release her.
No. 921537 ID: c92184

Hold on. We should give her a while. Maybe sleep here for today. When she is ready and willing, we can let go.
No. 921538 ID: 094652

Slowly let go, but be ready to grab her if anything happens. Ask Bea if she has any clue what her ability is.
No. 921540 ID: 080aaf

Let go. Dr. Emils declares this patient cured!
No. 921541 ID: 91ee5f

Hold on.

“But for now, I will continue to hold onto you. Let me know when you are ready for me to let go.”
No. 921542 ID: 834378

Hold on for an hour more or so.
No. 921552 ID: 842ac4

Emils should reform himself to become an exosuit that Bea can wear. He can regulate (and use) her mana that way. It would also be strangely sexual. And also be like that one offshoot gag quest.
No. 921553 ID: c4798e

Hold on. Let's get some food in here, yeah?
No. 921612 ID: ba56e6

This. Let's give her some physical therapy first, get her used to walking around under her own power again.
No. 921623 ID: 2202fb

Go to a lake. Swimming will help with getting her back on her feet.
No. 921626 ID: 91ee5f

No, don’t do that!
No. 921645 ID: 080aaf

Some oneshots should stay oneshots.
No. 921646 ID: e3e99e

...but this isn't one of them.

Now, however, is not the time.
No. 921648 ID: ba56e6

It is an end goal, not something to jump to immediately.
No. 921663 ID: 977456

It, uhh, actually is a pretty good idea, along with the swimming thing. Increased atmospheric pressure would be similar to reduced gravity, thus make exercise easier. She doesn't seem strong enough to recover muscle-mass in a remotely timely fashion at present.
No. 921672 ID: 575ec0

Keep holding on.
Let her know you will stay there until she feels she is ready.
Hold on until instructed to let go.
No. 921691 ID: bcc41d

>hold or not

Hold, for as long as we can continue to build up Bea's attempt to take control of her toggle and Bea is willing to endure. Ask if Charls is willing to finish preparing lunch. Something that'd give her back some energy and vim would be nice.

That is a point, but exosuit Emils isn't quite appropriate right now.

Can Hoor heal Bea's atrophied muscles, if just a little? I'm not sure it'd help, but didn't he talk about using healing magic on her during her bad patches earlier?
No. 921696 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, hold on until either Bea has some measure of control or her mana levels start getting dangerous.
No. 921726 ID: 0c3c2c

Carefully let go so she doesn't break all her bones if she flops.
No. 921751 ID: 158da5

Well, Emils should tell Hoor that his new goal should be to help with rehab. Also should mollify him with the information that if this change is handled properly, could give her a real life.
No. 921752 ID: ecc7c9

This. Hold on for now, no surprises.
No. 921773 ID: 8eaf98

to be fair a exosuit Emils could be a good rehab tool if necessary, providing intelligent responses to weak movement attempts while also making sure effort is made, ie not enough assist that Emils is doing the movement for her but, enough that she CAN do the movements.
No. 921779 ID: a9af05

Yeah, do this.

Hold on until she says you can let go.

I thought we agreed to not reveal that we're a slime? That seems to be the exact opposite!
No. 921798 ID: ba56e6

With Bea alone, maybe. With the boys here, too many people at once.
No. 922007 ID: 8eaf98

No. 922979 ID: 7e06cf

I keep a hold over her hand, "Once you regain enough control, I'll let go."
I turn over to Hoor, "We left behind some ingredients behind in the kitchen. It should be enough for some lunch, but I am not sure how much. We haven't made ."

"Ah. Sure." Hoor takes Charls and leaves the room, looking worried at Bea on the bed, trying to smile.

"So Beatrice." I start once we're alone.
She looks at me, "It I would probably be a long time if you try to recover on your own."
She looks at me worriedly, and I slowly let go of my control over her mana.
"I can't stay by your side all the time, so you do have to get used to how this feels."

As I retract my control, her breathing quickens as she begins twitching, panicking.
"Whu-" she slurs, but she cuts off, coughing as I finally let go of enough mana to get her moving.
She pushes me over, and struggles off the bed, stumbling on her legs and falling onto the floor.
I continue sitting by the bedside and watch as she shakingly grabs the door and drags herself out.

No. 922980 ID: b1b4f3

She has an independent streak alright. Follow but don't interfere. She can ask for your help if she needs it again.
No. 922981 ID: 0cb682

No. 922982 ID: 080aaf

Leave. What else is there to do around here?
No. 922985 ID: e20bdf

Ask if she is angry at you. If she doesn't answer "no" just leave.
No. 922986 ID: 158da5

Yeah. She's acting impulsively, but that's fine as long as we're nearby.
No. 922991 ID: e3e99e

She is probably feeling pretty terrible right now, so you need to stay with her the entire time.
No. 922992 ID: 977456

Is there some way to make a high-quality recording of Flopsy-Bea for later use as humour?
No. 922999 ID: 91ee5f

No. 923000 ID: 834378

Wait until she's back.
No. 923025 ID: 130f18

No. 923113 ID: 575ec0

Monitor her breathing but allow her to continue struggling. Only intervene if her breath stops or becomes exceptionally rapid and shallow.

Encourage her progress and remind her that she safe. You won't let her come to harm.
No. 923160 ID: bcc41d

Follow. Offer her a hand, a shoulder and a faint smile - or steady her if she refuses aid, whenever she stumbles. Encourage her.

"You are... impressive."
No. 923204 ID: 99ed9b


is she panicking because she thinks you just crippled her? Or just... enthusiastic about getting stronger?

I think follow?

Ah Emils, you really need to work on your delivery. Also, this is something you should devote at least a few hours to. Every time you do this sort of thing you learn a great deal about mana and how to manipulate it. It also can't hurt to have a few natives that trust you and owe you.
No. 923238 ID: 8eaf98

No. 923424 ID: fb2a85

I stand and leave the room, following the small hallway.
A trial of fluids on the floor leads into a door at the end of the hall.
I walk towards the door, ignoring the wet floor, and knock.
“Beatrice is that you?”
A muffled “go away” is heard behind the door.
“Are you okay.”
A silent pause, “no, could you ask Hoor here, and take Charls and leave please?”

I retrace my way into the kitchen, where Hoor is preparing some sandwiches, with Charls already eating one.
“Emils? Is Bea okay?”
“Is said she is not okay. She went into the room at the end of the hallway and asked for your help, and for me and Charls to leave.”

Hoor raises a brow wondering, “the toilet?” before realizing something, “oh.” He sets the sandwich onto a plate, “here, this is yours, could you see yourselves out please?”
Hoor wipes his hands and hangs up his apon before walking out the door.
I grab the sandwich and Charls follows me out.
“I have to go back now,” he tells me as we return to the street, “see you in class.”
Charls waves and eats the last of his sandwich before walking off.

It seems to be close to sunset. I could do one more detour or go back home at this point.
No. 923426 ID: 080aaf

Go home. You should probably check your emergency egress routes, in case people come by asking questions after your recent feats. With nets.
No. 923427 ID: 91ee5f

>trail of fluids
>Hoor raises a brow wondering, “the toilet?” before realizing something, “oh.”
Oh, because Bea’s muscles are weakened, the muscles necessary for “holding it in” were too weak to “hold it in” and that’s what was all over the floor.

Yeah, that must’ve been embarrassing for her.

>It seems to be close to sunset. I could do one more detour or go back home at this point.
I don’t know where else we could go, so I say that we go home to Victoria. We can be all excited and show her our new [Song] trick that we can do while casting magic!

Oh, and don’t forget to eat your sandwich! Make sure you use your mouth and don’t just absorb it through your hand!
No. 923429 ID: 158da5

Luckily Emils grew up in the wild (among other things) and doesn't feel shame, so Bea's embarrassment won't be too bad in the long run.

Go home, a lot has happened.
No. 923430 ID: 834378

Escort Charls back and talk with Forrest.
No. 923433 ID: 83bf07

Take a scenic route home and eat your sandwich as normal folks would. Make sure you aren't followed.
No. 923440 ID: 6f6f25

Perform an Acrobatic fucking pirouette
all the way back to your home
No. 923444 ID: 1fb2e2

follow. help her if she needs it. you are her proverbial safety net.
No. 923445 ID: e20bdf

Since we already weird out everyone and humiliate Bea in front of a classmate she wasn't comfortable sharing this stuff with we should go one step further and weird Charls in the hope he will be to embarrassed to talk about what he saw.

Ask for a favour and lick his fingers.
No. 923446 ID: 91ee5f

Too late to vote on that update. We’re currently voting on this update: >>923424 .
No. 923450 ID: a9af05

>What do?
Eat sandwich and go home. Tell Victoria about how your day went, but maybe don't tell her about what you did to Bea.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we agree on wanting to tell Victoria about Lust in the sewers? Did we ever get around to doing that? Or am I mistaken and we agreed to not tell Victoria about that?
No. 923470 ID: 130f18

Return to Victoria. It is time to bring her in the loop on Lust, though perhaps not on Slime until after the birthday party.
No. 923478 ID: a9af05

Good idea.
No. 923482 ID: 99ed9b

Eh, she's not dumb, she knows something is up already so just let her be the one that asks the questions.

On the other hand, fuck being clandestine. Answer any questions she asks, and use the full array of our abilities in any situation where they are useful even if it's going to turn heads.
No. 923485 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, tell her about Lust, but wait until after the birthday party to tell her everything else.

Drawing too much attention can be bad. Which is why we need to be selective on who we allow to see our abilities.
No. 923529 ID: 8eaf98

As I recall there is a certain cultural ahhh... mistrust of shapeshifters to the point they were kinda eradicated.
No. 923530 ID: 8eaf98

of note, however, if we create a separate natural-form sentient slime persona that is unrelated to Emils that may gain acceptance.
Though if it were to get out that those two were the same entity it would likely cause problems.
No. 923531 ID: 834378

I don't see the point of telling her this, nor why it has to be right now. What exactly can Victoria do with the information about Lust? Nothing. Unless you want her to tell this to the prince and have them organize a slime extermination expedition.
No. 923655 ID: e3e99e

Not THAT part.
The part where Lust explained HOW the world is dying.
Victoria already knows Emils can talk with mana beasts. Explaining that she encountered an ancient mana beast in the sewers reveals no new information about Emils while still passing along critical and actionable intel.
No. 923656 ID: 99ed9b

I can see a reason to do it.

I don't feel Emils is ready for this, but at some point we have to start talking to the natives about what we know about the world and what's going to happen to them. This world does not have forever to live and it's not looking like they are just going to develop mana generation the way we need spontaneously before the mana runs out.

Inasmuch as we really have no direction on finding a solution, we seem to have no upper limit on how much emils can grow or honestly even what she can do, so I suggest lacking a better solution, we do what the old administrators did, we gather up what we can, save as many people as we figure we can manage, and blast off into space looking for a planet with mana producing lifeforms.

We aren't going to do that scrabbling in the dirt and doing guild jobs, and learning kid level magic at the local school. We are going to do that by contacting the aristocracy, convincing them this is in their best interests, and then squashing anyone who decides they aren't on board.

Now Emils isn't ready for this, Emils needs to learn how to use their power and they are doing so at amazing rate. They are what, a few weeks old? And suddenly the worlds foremost authority on mana (as far as the natives know anyway)?

So while lying to Victoria isn't the right move, holding off on telling her what's happening is going to hold off the inevitable questions about emils, which eventually will lead to her going back to her aristocratic friends and telling them, which will bring this confrontation to an immediate head. We want her on our side, so we need to be honest, but Emils is not ready to step in front of the power brokers of this world and tell them she's there to save the day.
No. 923660 ID: 080aaf

Convincing people to out Emils to the world at large as a dangerous being of untold power belongs in the disthread.
No. 923709 ID: 91ee5f

Good point. Let’s do that.
No. 923754 ID: e3e99e

That's a fair point.

Victoria already has questions, and she's starting to look for answers. That's a soft time limit on how long before the issue gets forced, and if the issue DOES get forced then we won't be able to control how it plays out and our options are going to be severely limited.
The best way to prevent this is to make it so Victoria feels that finding out who and what Emils really is is less important than Emils continuing to act on her own.

To that end, we need to demonstrate two things to Victoria: Trust and utility.
Trust, in that Victoria knows Emils does not have an interest in posing a threat, will act in ways that benefit society, and is willing to cooperate on some level.
Utility, in that Victoria has some understanding of Emils having abilities which are unique and useful.

Basically, Victoria won't press Emils if Emils is too useful to fight and provides too much benefit to alienate.

Providing Victoria with extremely important information which she could never have obtained on her own demonstrates both.
No. 923759 ID: b1b4f3

No. 923761 ID: a9af05

Yes to both of these.
No. 923763 ID: 8eaf98

agreed x2/3
No. 926675 ID: f2320a

I can agree to this i see the logic
No. 926789 ID: e3e99e

Err... everybody is saying to tell Victoria what we learned in the sewers, and not tell her what Emils is.
No. 926796 ID: 91ee5f

We only said to tell Victoria about what we saw in the sewers. We never said anything about telling her that Emils is a Slime.
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