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File 149065693933.png - (105.34KB , 1540x1298 , style steal TEMPLATE.png )
110144 No. 110144 ID: 4063a3

I originally posted this in the ancient and dead Sex Face thread from nearly a decade ago, when I realized that I should instead make a new thread!

The challenge is simple: choose a character (likely your own) and draw them as accurately as possible according to the style of the stated artist on the grid.

I do not claim that this grid is perfect, relevant, or up-to-date. Feel free to change the artists listed in the grid in any way you would like!!
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No. 110145 ID: 4063a3
File 149065697121.png - (14.45KB , 1500x800 , readexpectedgot.png )


Read/expected/got for quests over the years
No. 110146 ID: 4063a3
File 149065701917.png - (27.16KB , 800x1656 , 137600746836.png )

Another oldie that could use an update:


Your character only Final Destination
No. 110148 ID: 70983e

The ooooooold thread, in case you want to dig up some old templates or see old entries: >>3950 (Only four digits!! Wow!)
No. 110153 ID: f6ba27
File 149067974979.jpg - (284.13KB , 1250x1150 , 125444672044.jpg )

I dont regret a fucking thing and im going to go to heaven when i die
No. 110156 ID: 91ee5f

You better not regret anything! XD
No. 110158 ID: 4063a3
File 149068946297.png - (700.27KB , 1540x1298 , style steal.png )

24 Chucks

That's as many as 2.4 tens

And that's terrible
No. 110164 ID: fceae5


No. 110166 ID: 9876c4

I suggest that a group of Chucks be known as a Nuisance.
Because fuck if that isn't on the ball.
No. 110168 ID: fceae5

No no no.
ONE Chuck is a nuisance.
24 of him is a nightmare.
No. 110169 ID: 4063a3
File 149072028394.png - (753.48KB , 1500x800 , nippleandpipple.png )

No. 110172 ID: 4063a3
File 149072292906.png - (1.24MB , 1500x800 , thesinfish.png )

No. 110173 ID: fceae5

No. 110176 ID: ffc525
File 149073343973.png - (369.39KB , 1000x400 , cox.png )

No. 110177 ID: 70983e
File 149074035085.png - (938.94KB , 1500x800 , can love bloom.png )

No. 110181 ID: 67d5dc

No. 110185 ID: 4063a3
File 149077173690.png - (976.31KB , 1875x1000 , slenemy.png )

No. 110186 ID: d9d492

These are all beautiful. Good job everyone.
No. 110187 ID: df56d5

Aw man. I wanna have a box.
No. 110192 ID: fceae5

These give me life.
No. 110196 ID: 4063a3

Come back 2 us we need more lewd questerinos
No. 110197 ID: ffc525
File 149081456927.png - (731.81KB , 1500x600 , cox2.png )

No. 110198 ID: db0da2
File 149082199432.png - (822.42KB , 1500x800 , tiny cat people Read-Expected-Got.png )

No. 110199 ID: 15a025
File 149082387361.png - (540.21KB , 1500x798 , 2frames meme.png )

No. 110201 ID: b073ca
File 149082850187.png - (828.97KB , 1500x800 , fandg.png )

No. 110202 ID: 85cc2c

holy fucking shit
this made my day, thank yall
No. 110203 ID: 52b8df

>>110198 I'm fucking crying
No. 110206 ID: 7b65b9
File 149083887809.png - (836.72KB , 1498x798 , blind quest meme.png )

No. 110300 ID: e136ae

I'm not sure how well I could imitate your style but I'll add one for you.
No. 110304 ID: e136ae
File 149110687710.jpg - (637.12KB , 1984x1302 , ArtistRipOffMeme.jpg )

Here you are.
I'm still working on it but now you can see your additional square.
No. 110337 ID: b490d9

fractal's a bit off, the rest are spot on! very good, ex-bird!
No. 110401 ID: e136ae
File 149140252497.jpg - (0.99MB , 1984x1302 , ArtistRipOffMemeAllRows.jpg )

Here's what I've got so far.

I'm going to do a few extra bonus squares of Gnuk and Limebreaker later.
No. 110402 ID: 395c02

i was wondering when someone would notice i rarely draw the other eye <:3
No. 110417 ID: 17aee7
File 149142922152.png - (1.17MB , 1500x800 , Discussion thread 7.png )

No. 110452 ID: e136ae
File 149152692134.jpg - (1.07MB , 1984x1302 , ArtistRipOffMemecomplete1.jpg )

Whew! I'm on night shift now plus an extra weekend job which overlaps Fridays so my time for creative is just little bits in between sleep and work or this would have been done much earlier.

I thought I'd also share my thoughts on trying to mimic some (but not all) of the styles.

Fractal: Pretty easy to make her style recognizable - circle eyebrows and elongated features plus a touch of acid. She was my first mimic attempt so it was also the first more furry Nem.

Toxoglossa: Tricky. I don't know why he was one of the few that I felt the need to add the coloured blush for. I think Toxo was the first one that I really needed to limit how many lines I used to capture his efficiency of character. That's no stealth criticism - I find it's much harder to create efficient character designs that still look good and are capable of delivering story.

APPLES: Surprisingly easy, but by this time I had relaxed a lot and the mimics were becoming easier. Apples also has great efficiency of design that reminds me of old-school animation, and more or less required the use of colour to convey properly. Nem is indeed freaking out over her off-panel penis.

RML: Tricky again, for similar reasons as Toxo. RML has an incredible sense of effective linework. Once I recognized how RML utilized space, shapes and efficient, strong lines I was able to punch out the drawing pretty quickly and it's one of my favourite results. I had to study how she did the three cats in Coxwette (all with very different personalities and designs) and see which animal features she left to know how to do Nem.

Lawyerdog: Some people said I didn't do Nem gritty enough, but that's as gritty as Nem can look in my opinion. I had to learn how he handles the feathered line look.

Lagotrope: I have to admit I was pretty lost at how to do Nem in Lago-style which is why I'm not very happy at the end result.

Limebreaker: Lime was pretty easy to mimic for obvious reasons, I just needed to study how he handles eyes and hair. Then it was just a matter of making Nem shocked at her super huge boobs and a massive new dong.

Lonelyworld: Surprisingly difficult to mimic his linestyle. I had to use a really different pen and even then I'm not sure of the end result.

Chigui: There are a few people who use multiple styles depending on context, including Lonelyworld and Lucid, but Chi stood out the most for me since she seemed to have at least 3 different styles plus one more for her web comic. I was really lost on this one.

Lucid: Very tricky to do as he uses both furries and humans with different styles based on context and I still don't think I captured it very well.

Huckbein: Same difficulties as I had for Lagotrope. I really couldn't find much in the way of Nem-like characters to base things on.

Floatrand: Tricky, but once I settled on one of his quests to use as a base it was easy to punch out and I really liked the result.

IdiomAlpha: Idiom has what I consider to be a really gothic style and she seems to like starting with basic shapes and then adding complex linework. I referred to her Servant quest due to Nem's faerie-tale world and this was the result.
No. 110482 ID: e12db1
File 149163094897.gif - (226.95KB , 1191x468 , iam.gif )

No. 110508 ID: 70983e

Hey it's another template you can use & peruse that I'm going to link to instead of rehosting the image: >>/meep/27781
No. 110511 ID: b4793d

Hehe :3 now I have to do one
No. 110538 ID: 143250
File 149179180563.jpg - (62.49KB , 999x799 , fb4.jpg )

New template: Character alignment

Put at least one character from one of your favorite quests you feel fits in each square. Adding caption below each one is optional.
No. 110542 ID: a788b7
File 149179506189.png - (415.06KB , 1500x800 , memexwette.png )

No. 110543 ID: 4063a3
File 149179872430.png - (193.82KB , 696x1003 , align.png )

I don't think that any of this is right, really, but I tried. Some of the characters fit in multiple alignments, between alignments, or no alignment at all.
No. 110550 ID: 9876c4

I think the strongest objection you'll get is that the axis is usually displayed with Good on Top, Evil on bottom.
No. 110569 ID: bac18b

I don't think you understand how alignments work.
No. 110571 ID: 70983e

Seems fine to me. The troubles with pinning characters to a specific alignment is why the whole system got dropped in updated versions of DnD.
No. 110574 ID: 51649e


Thinking of it as "pinning" a character to an alignment is part of the issue with how people treated, I think. "You're [X] so you have to [Y]" sort of thing. It does perfectly well as what it was designed to be, a loose way of classifying things so that fantasy mechanics related to good/evil/law/chaos could function.
No. 110580 ID: 67d5dc

Alignments are weird when you consider them from the viewpoint of good and evil being actual people/things.

Like, the horrid monsters are punishing people for committing sins as writ in the bible. Depending on your cosmology, you could stick them into lawful good.

I'm not sure I'd pin any character in Coxwette outside neutral on the good-evil spectrum.
No. 110582 ID: 51649e


It really only works in a setting that does have some mystical cosmic "forces" attached to the alignments. It does break down if you apply enough philosophy to it (if a being is so good by nature that it MUST always be good, is it really good?) but so does a lot of things.

I agree that it's not going to really work in Coxwette. Susanna for example strikes me as someone intrinsically chaotic who feels obligated to behave lawfully, which doesn't fit in your normal alignment spectrum. The general way to handle cases like that is "if you're not unambiguously aligned towards X side of the grid then you default to neutral", in other words that someone shouldn't be placed in a spot on the grid outside TN unless they obviously fit there, but people find that unsatisfying.

You can make some judgements, like Chuck definitely being some kind of Chaotic, and that sort of thing is interesting to talk about, but it's sure going to be problematic. Especially if you're trying to figure out how to fill an entire grid with a limited cast of characters, which usually ends up with a stretch to fill a couple of boxes.
No. 110602 ID: 81c4c9
File 149203379788.jpg - (625.47KB , 999x1067 , Discussion thread 11.jpg )

No. 110679 ID: 4063a3
File 149228411202.png - (1.71MB , 1000x1462 , coxfluence.png )

Influence for A Little Town Called Coxwette (Left to right):

Bojack Horseman
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Rehmeyer's Hollow
Twin Peaks
Animal Crossing
No. 110690 ID: 81c4c9
File 149229870315.png - (1.22MB , 1000x1487 , Discussion thread 12.png )

No. 110693 ID: 1c6acb
File 149231565884.png - (1.51MB , 1000x1462 , TPE.png )

I felt like trying this. It was hard because there was only one MAJOR influence for Team Port Echo (which is the obvious Teen Titans vibe). And each character represents an alien trope.

(From left to right): Teen Titans, District 9, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Ratchet & Clank, Titan AE, HR Giger,Generic Sci-fi Tropes, and Hitchhiker's Guide.
No. 113025 ID: 8a204b
File 149873316639.png - (31.78KB , 1119x1275 , stylememething.png )

Here's another one of these sorts of things I found on the interwebs.
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