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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 136252763378.gif - (501.05KB , 250x145 , tumblr_md2lu1j9Du1qzex9io1_250.gif )
23975 No. 23975 ID: c4e057

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No. 23981 ID: 4183c9

If you're doing an image quest, show, don't tell. If you need to explain in text what's going on in the picture, the picture isn't doing its job - unless you're compressing, say, lots of dialogue or other non-critical tasks, but even that is very context sensitive and of varying mileage.
It's also a good idea to try to keep the text to a minimum. Walls of text are a chore and FUCK Homosuck and its literally physically painful (YMMV) to read chatlogs, seriously, fuck that shit with a pineapple in hell, and a quest's purpose is not to make a good dramatic reading, but to be interactive. If a quest isn't readable after the fact in its original state (as an archived thread), it's most likely because it wasn't readable at the time either.
Problem Sleuth is quite possibly as perfect as a quest can realistically get.

A text quest with images is... just a text quest that happens to have illustrations. While it's certainly not illegal, it seems pointless to put much effort into text quest illustrations unless its purpose is drawing practice.

Also, it can be good for your eternal soul and physical being to try different things and fail horribly, rather than just stick to some safe formula. Just remember that "trying different things" is not a counterargument to "this isn't very good at all".

And in other news, general advertisement vice:
DON'T BE AFRAID TO CALL SHIT BY ITS REAL NAME (namely: shit). Hugboxing only undermines an artist/writer's skill, and comments like "it's the best the best the best!" and "wow it's so shit all the toilets in my country are clogged" are all equally worthless, because they don't explain why it's great/shit.

Fiftyfifthly, all forms of political correctness are nothing but cowardice. There's no need to be deliberately insulting unless you want to, but if you find yourself asking the question "could this hurt someone's feelings", the only answer you should give yourself is "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK". Apply as suitable to the theme and tone of your quest, it's not binary.

And NO. NO. Tracing is not good drawing practice. Tracing is a good cheat for technical drawings in a quest, in "real" works it's just lame as communism and potentially straight out illegal. You'll learn fuck all about anything by tracing.
Drawing from reference is practice. You'll have to look at the reference and use your brain to figure shit out, and make sure you don't fuck up the proportions and shit on your own. You'll have to work your eyes, brain, and hand-eye-dick-brain coordination, and that's how you learns you some anything, 'cause ultimately your brain and skills are muscles and unused muscles tend to become bitches.
However, when working with a bigger or just more work-intensive drawing (and you should always use references (doesn't need to be direct references) when you can, with the internet you have absolutely no fucking excuse, bitch), it saves you neck strain and nausea to copy and pasta the reference image (one that you need to refer to a lot, some lesser things aren't used enough to be worth the trouble) into a separate layer, resize as needed, and move close to the bits you need the reference for.

And never, ever, EVER, get careless with Scho-Ka-Kola. I went full retard with a can some days back, and I FELT THE WARP OVERTAKING ME, HHNNNNNNGGH. But do buy the whole 10-can box, it's good for you. http://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/scho-ka-kola-100-g-tin-can-dark-10-pcs-box-red/21606
No. 23982 ID: 252e1b

>There's no need to be deliberately insulting unless you want to

Wrongo! Being rude publicly can jolt other people into waking the fuck up about the praise they've been heaping on the shit pile.


What the fuck, quit being retarded. The caffeine content of each piece of candy should be on the tin; just keep track of what you stuff in your gaping maw and you won't feel like shit. Also, random product placement, what the fuck.
No. 23983 ID: 4183c9

I mean there's no need to go out of your way to find or construct something. You shouldn't be thinking "what can I do to offend someone even though I'm not feeling strongly about anything".
If it comes naturally it's another thing ("today I want to be an asshole" or "man, this bitch needs some virtual slappin'").

And I knew the content at the time. Not the specifics, but the real-word rough measurement they tell on the store page. I just happened to be tired as shit due to two days/nights of people not letting me sleep, so I was compensating with ESGIBTEINEGUTEROLLE-Ka-Kola because due to some space magic or communist wizardry, I am almost completely unable to sleep if it's too early, regardless of how dead tired I am, and I was playing WiC, and the first thing that happens when I'm tired is that my eyes get fucked up in some weird way (looking at certain kinds of things causes a physical feeling of pressure in my eyes), and I lost track of how much I'd had, and found out the hard way. Besides, it's tasty as all fuck. I always observed full SKK discipline before that day (and ever since, although it has only been less than a week). It's tastier than most other chocolates, only really losing to Belgian sea shells. Don't get the wholegrain milk (blue) SKK, it's crap, the wholegrain milk and coffee flavors are separate in it. Red SKK is perfect harmony.
No. 23985 ID: 4183c9

Yeah, just like I did. It's good for you.
No. 23986 ID: 5d98c3

Rudeness suggests stupidity. Avoid it under most circumstances.
No. 23987 ID: 4183c9

>Rudeness suggests stupidity.
Because you're a prejudiced, spineless shitdick who wants to live in a glittery pink Disney universe. If anything, obsessive and/or excessive niceness suggests cowardice, stupidity, and/or narcissism.

Also, not using harsh language isn't necessarily not being rude, regardless of any plausible deniability bullshit any pretentious assdiver might try to pull.

Of course if you're implying that Steve Jobs was a retard, I don't mind at all.
No. 23988 ID: 4183c9

Well, narcissism or some other type of self-aggrandizing in all their various forms.
No. 23989 ID: f922dd

There're ways to convey your point without using pointlessly antagonistic language and without soft-pedaling it. You can offer criticism on the faults in someone's works without directly implying they're a moron (can't help it if they chose to read that into your words anyway).

I've see too much people justify abusing rudeness with similar "those who disagree are just soft" rhetoric. They tend to leave a trail of flame wars and arguments in their path without achieving much in terms of getting others to actually hear their points. Instead, those points too often get rejected because of the bitter vitriol with which they've been coated.

You speak of giving "wake up calls" but often you'll just alienate the people you're trying to wake up.

But anyway, I suspect this entire subthread'll get moved into the Big Dumb Argument thread.
No. 23990 ID: 4183c9

>There're ways to convey your point without using pointlessly antagonistic language and without soft-pedaling it.
Who gets to decide when antagonism becomes pointless? And what if you're actually being entirely neutral in tone and language, but the "poor victim" can't handle that and decides you're being antagonistic?

>You can offer criticism on the faults in someone's works without directly implying they're a moron
Or instead of implying, you can just right out call them a moron. Any direct or implied accusation of mormonism ehuehue is separate from the actual criticism, and does not invalidate the critique itself. Criticism cannot be dismissed just because someone's not being nice about it, as long as the critique exists and it's not just a statement ("the best the best the best"/"super extra gay shit fag ass noob").

>I've see too much people justify abusing rudeness
And I've seen people dismiss criticism, justify mod intervention and Draconian rules with "hurt feelings". "You're not being nice, so you must be wrong."

>They tend to leave a trail of
Circlejerking and hugboxing. Bans and biased moderation. Censorship. Filters (automatic) and rules (automatic but manually through a moderator) that get in the way far more than they stop any "crime", entirely concentrated on technicalities.

>Instead, those points too often get rejected because of the bitter vitriol with which they've been coated.
"You're not nice, so you must be wrong."

>often you'll just alienate the people you're trying to wake up.
Hardly anyone would "wake up" directly. More often than not, a "wake-up call's" weight is in laying an opposing idea, which in the long term causes thinking.
The ones that are entirely immune to it are the ones that do not learn even with "nice" advice.

>But anyway, I suspect this entire subthread'll get moved into the Big Dumb Argument thread.
Because if it's not nice, it must be dumb, am I rite. Besides, what is this line supposed to mean? "Warning: incoming mod attack"? "You must stop discussing this subject because it's dumb"? "The discussion is over, if you don't comply you'll get moderated"?

Quest advice: Grow a skin, learn to take criticism, suck it up, and learn to separate the signal from the noise.
And ain't no such thing as perfect. Or a free meal.
No. 23991 ID: 4183c9

Lunch, not meal. Fuck. Oh well, such is life in the Zone.
No. 23992 ID: f922dd

Concrete examples would probably serve better.

"You drew her spine all shitty there. Spines don't work that way." and "Her spine curves wrong here." convey pretty much the same point, but the first is more likely to pointlessly piss off the target of the criticism and distract them from the point you're trying to make. An abrasive tone can make people focus more on your tone than on your message.

What I'm saying is that often I see people taking on a rude tone when there's still a direct means of getting the message across without that rudeness.

This isn't about "being rude makes you wrong". This is more about "even if you're right, saying it in a rude way can pollute your message with noise".

And if people aren't receptive, they aren't receptive. Rudeness won't change that.
No. 23993 ID: 450660


Actually, acting like a little asswipe from 4chan's dregs isn't cool, either. Stop cluttering up the board by grandstanding on your wankrag, shut the fuck up, and let the adults help one another run a quest.

Was that crude and banal enough for you?
No. 23997 ID: 998be8


>and a quest's purpose is not to make a good dramatic reading, but to be interactive.

Yeah, so? That doesn't mean that it can't be both. I mean it's about presentation, and a greater coherency between updates.

But I agree with pretty much everything else you said.
No. 24000 ID: f2c20c

Why do you use spoilers so damn much? It's like you think they're cool.

They're not.
No. 24002 ID: 4183c9

[citation needed]
No. 24004 ID: 78c6ea


It's Encyclopedia Dramatica, not TVTropes. And it's a Wikipedia in-joke, not a TVTropes in-joke. If you have another way in the entire world to suggest that one is ironically full of shit, instead of genuinely full of shit, without going and saying it, please present your evidence!
No. 24108 ID: b59bfb

Is... Is this where bob puts his frustrations and rants?
No. 24112 ID: f2c20c

Bob is the standard username on this board, dummy.
No. 24113 ID: b59bfb

Apparently I didn't say it right, allow me to rephrase.

Is this where bobs put their collective retardation?

No. 24114 ID: f2c20c

Looks like it's just you, so far.
No. 24115 ID: 4211c1

No. 24118 ID: 440525

OW OW OW, It;s igniting!!!
No. 25029 ID: ea4b0b
File 137222984012.png - (51.67KB , 800x600 , polit.png )

Here is a comic. I made it.
Why? because today in texas, a bunch of fucked up white dudes in suits made a woman stand for 11 goddam hours to filibuster an abortion bill, then after she SUCCEEDED they had the absolute audacity to go on and PASS IT FUCKING ANYHOW despite Wendy Davis DOING WHAT SHE NEEDED TO TO STOP IT SUCCESSFULLY DESPITE THE OBVIOUS RIGGING and long story short you could ACTUALLY SEE THE CORRUPTION TAKING PLACE.
So I am pissed and drawing shitty old men
No. 25030 ID: ea4b0b
File 137222989893.png - (7.44KB , 800x300 , POLITICS2.png )

No. 25033 ID: ea4b0b
File 137223035878.png - (22.49KB , 1000x551 , aaaaa.png )

(goddam, I fucked this post up four times.)
No. 25034 ID: ea4b0b

No. 25035 ID: 649589

lol white people problems
No. 25036 ID: 2ad8e3

chill dude
No. 25037 ID: da4ec6

No, they didn't. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voting_Rights_Act_of_1965#Constitutionality
No. 25039 ID: c23ab0


Don't worry. This law mandates torture of women of all races with equal opportunity.
No. 25041 ID: f2c20c

Please explain.
No. 25042 ID: da4ec6

The only thing that was repealed yesterday was part of Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act.

> (b) The provisions of subsection (a) shall apply in any State or in any political subdivision of a state which (1) the Attorney General determines maintained on November 1, 1964, any test or device, and with respect to which (2) the Director of the Census determines that less than 50 percentum of the persons of voting age residing therein were registered on November 1, 1964, or that less than 50 percentum of such persons voted in the presidential election of November 1964.

>A determination or certification of the Attorney General or of the Director of the Census under this section or under section 6 or section 13 shall not be reviewable in any court and shall be effective upon publication in the Federal Register.

The blanket-ban on discriminatory practices is unaffected. This just makes it so if a state was discriminatory in 1964, it doesn't have to come bitching to Congress every time it wants to change its voting laws.
No. 25043 ID: f2c20c

Well that seems reasonable.
No. 25055 ID: ea4b0b

How did I not see this earlier, jesus
sorry about that

Also my anger still remains vaguely founded, as perry is scheduling an emergency revisitation of the thing that is gonna last thirty days, and it is quite frankly horrific governor perry would pull this shit. I also suspect they'll be hiding the date the final vote will be held as long as they can so that Davis wont be able to get prepared reasonably for the final push

I am gonna stop with the dumb overreactions, btw. It aint helping anybody and just makes me look dumb.
No. 25056 ID: c23ab0

But dumb overreactions is what you do best. ._.
No. 25057 ID: ea4b0b

I actually try to avoid them for the most part, the idiocy of tumblr is just starting to get to me I guess.
I usually try to keep reason prevalent above all else, factcheckign and whatnot.
not sure why I have been so goofy about it recently, but suffice to say its gon stop hardcore yo
No. 25058 ID: c23ab0

Sorry I should say dumb overreactions are what you draw best.
No. 25059 ID: ea4b0b
File 137258137099.png - (79.81KB , 800x600 , bunnyman.png )

oh dont worry, I'll still be doing those. Drawing exaggerated facial features are an excellent way to pass the time
No. 25071 ID: ca1c58

A filibuster isn't a magical tool that lets one person stop a thing forever. the proper response to filibustering until the end of session is to call an executive session to vote on the thing. He can't hide the final date.

Filibustering is basically a delaying tactic.
No. 25073 ID: 70f1f5
File 137282845081.gif - (4.58KB , 320x307 , autistic_child_in_area.gif )


Tumblr is literally the worst website in the world. It would be okay if it was mostly used by doctors and librarians, but instead there are masses of hyper-driven pseudo-child phaggots at the forefront, and they fill me with a disgust that is rivaled only by my hatred for people who do not indicate off of roundabouts.
No. 25075 ID: c23ab0
File 137283620869.png - (57.56KB , 200x200 , appa-1.png )


It's an amazing website if you go there for the ask blogs though.
No. 25076 ID: ea4b0b

Yeah I know man. I wasnt arguing that, I was just angry they tried to invalidate that delay by changing the official records to say the time the thing ended was later than it was, and the absolutely bs "strikes" they laid against her during the filibuster.
I agree for the most part, though I will be the first here to say that eventually it gets better as the people you follow on there mature and realize how shit they were behaving.
I really only go there to post art and bitch about random shit these days, honestly.
Oh yeah, and for the ask blogs.
No. 25084 ID: cf49fc

But that's ABOVE AVERAGE by SANE HUMAN standards.
No. 25085 ID: de9231

Grades are not percentiles. A 50% is closer to meaning half good and half bad. A situation where nine out of ten grades are over 50% is perfectly fine. In particular, if you look at the letter grading system, C (~75%) is 'average', and a 6/10 is a D- teetering on the edge of failure.
No. 25086 ID: f05efa


that is HEAVILY dependent on the specifics of how letter grading is being used in a given situation.

Please do not base rating systems off of your high school experience.
No. 25087 ID: 4b04e8

Allow me to explain, small naive children.

You see, gaming journalism is even more corrupt than regular journalism. It is accepted practice to pay the publisher to inflate your rating. There are no cases where this does not happen.

Therefore, if a game fails to earn an 8/10 despite the exorbitant amounts of money routinely paid, it is very bad. A 6/10 is shit. 5/10 and lower is unheard of, as the fact of such a rating's existence would cause game companies to stop giving that publisher money.
No. 25088 ID: 7f2d33


The lesson here is pretty simple. Just play the game and figure out wether you like it or not. Do I get my cookie now?
No. 25089 ID: 9b57d3

Pay the journalist, you mean.
No. 25097 ID: 35edd4

> probably most people on the board don't bother with text quests

Speak for yourself.
No. 25098 ID: 2cf815

You're not like the other girls.
No. 25099 ID: 9ccb59

What about Bob's quests?
No. 25100 ID: f5680f

Bob has left us. He went to SA or something.

Also his quests all get bogged down and suck after a while. Except Ant Quest I guess but he's not continue that, it seems. Or maybe Ant Quest just didn't go on for long enough to start sucking.
No. 25101 ID: cf49fc

Oh god Bob's quests are so funny.

"You are a broken-ass raggedy POS Iron Golem that eats souls." 2 months later: "YOU ARE A NIGH OMNIPOTENT DOOM-WALKER WITH A PERFECT COVER AND YOUR OWN FLYING PLANET."


"You are AN ANT." 2 Months Later: "You have an army of super ninja ants with crazy ass powers and have bestowed sentience upon several other species, all in your quest to gain omnipotence and defeat the presumably human controllers of the Giant Crab Guardian, gaining mystical power for all."
No. 25103 ID: 5337ed

By moving gay or classic?
No. 25287 ID: 2fc3e9

"Bug" is hardly a scientific term like "insect" though, arachnids can probably qualify if you just use it to mean "creepy crawly thing".
No. 25288 ID: 360a3c

They're all arthropods, that's my personal boundary-condition for what is and isn't a bug generally speaking.
No. 25289 ID: 91c1b3

That would count lobsters as bugs though.
No. 25290 ID: 360a3c

They are, they're mudbugs. Your point?
No. 25291 ID: 91c1b3

Crawdads are mudbugs, not lobsters. I'd be willing to say scorpions might be bugs, but I can't agree with lobsters being them.
No. 25292 ID: eaaf3b

Lobsters are crustaceans I dunno 'bout crawdads
No. 25293 ID: 34cf7d

Very closely related. Crayfish are practically miniature, fresh-water lobsters.
No. 25299 ID: ca1c58

If you want to be a nitpicky twat, only hemipterans are "bugs." Those are the insects with sucking mouthparts, because "bug" originally meant "bedbug," which is a hemipteran insect.

If you're going to use it in the broader sense, best include all arthropods. Many crustaceans (especially terrestrial isopods) and myriapods would be included in a common understanding of "bugs."
No. 25301 ID: 91c1b3

Alright I concede that I am not a biologist, and the only source I could find either way is in wikipedia which does not have a citation for this bit. "Informally, an arthropod—except aquatic crustaceans and xiphosura—including individuals or species of insect, arachnid, myriapod, woodlouse" This means I was wrong about a spider not being a bug. My bad. (you can find it from looking up bug, disambiguation biology)
No. 25308 ID: 41690e

There's nothing wrong with sex happening in quests. And there's nothing wrong with porn, either. Or suggesters trying to perv things up.

The problem here isn't any of those things though. We're just constantly having the character's junk unerotically shoved in our face in a juvenile manner for no apparent reason. That ain't us, and that ain't porn either. It's not titillating, it's just kind of strange and frustrating. Disjointed is a polite word for how it feels.

"Keeping our pants on this time" was an honest (and apparently futile) hope. Really, It'd be nice if the characters stopped giggling over their junk long enough to actually do something. We're wallowing in one end of the pool here, and it ain't particularly interesting.
No. 25309 ID: bfbe79
File 137714777499.jpg - (23.00KB , 500x264 , 1275813485144.jpg )

I personally don't have a problem with any of that, since I feel like any junk has been at times where it made sense for the character to be naked (just woke up / sexin / pin holding clothes melts / gnolls wearing scraps of armor and tattered clothes and so on). Sure there's some dick around just kind of casually, but to me it's not out of place. There have been quests where a female character's tits are out for most of the panels and it's no big deal. If you've read Flynn before then you should be expecting some sausage and rolls. Comes with the territory. If you find it too distracting or unsettling, then just gloss over those panels. The way you're describing things it sounds like we've been getting cockslapped by Eadoo in every panel and she's still sitting there holding a magic knife and munching a dead jackalope. That's just not the case. Sure the last week has involved a lot of junk, but try to remember we're dealing with gnolls whose whole social structure is based on "no mine's bigger" mixed with Eadoo who is by personality (and stats) a major extrovert / flirt.

Quite a lot has happened and I think we should be happy Flynn has been working as hard as he is. Anyway, I'm done with this discussion, I've more than said my piece at this point. Hopefully y'all can forgive the soapboxing.
No. 25310 ID: 41690e

...please stop completely failing to get the point, taking everything completely literally, and yes, soapboxing every criticism with "It's Flynn, you should expect exactly what we've got and like it."
No. 25311 ID: bfbe79

I'm pretty sure I completely get it. There are genitals when you don't feel it's necessary, and it bugs you / disgusts you so you feel Flynn should knock it the hell off. This aspect of Flynn's quests doesn't bother me - actually like it and it's one of the reasons I check the thread - it doesn't have to be full-on porn for there to be a pee pee in a panel. If it keeps Flynn updating, I'm doubly happy about it.

I've allowed you your right to your opinion and merely tried to explain my own so you can see that there are fans (or at least fan) of the quest who have another view. In my experience if someone doesn't give another viewpoint when there are grumblings it tends to snowball quickly.

TLDR: I perfectly understand what you're saying but have a different opinion than you. If that's a problem then tough.
No. 25312 ID: 6a65c4

I don't care about if there's porn or not...
I don't feel in any way aroused or disgusted...
Just enjoying the story and most illustrations to it as both are way above average in my opinion.
No. 25314 ID: 67b7d0

Genitals are just a way of life, dude. There are societies that just let it hang out 24/7 and dont care or let it get in the way of their lives. When you have kids, theyre going to run around naked every now and then until they learn to keep their damn diaper on. You see your own every day.

I mean, your opinion is valid I guess. But, having characters' junk 'shoved in your face' without it being porn is nothing wrong. It doesnt have to be pornographic or titilating or erotic. It's just a bodypart, bruh.

Also, Ive noticed a trend in quests (to get off topic)
People like to use bugs and reptiles in them, especially those where the art isnt Grade A+ material

I think of it as the same reason Pixar's first movies were bugs and toys and junk. It's easy to do and the characters looking too wooden doesnt hurt anything
No. 25317 ID: 0bc691


>and dont care or let it get in the way of their lives.

Tbey also don't make it a primary focus of their lives since it's completely mundane, which is kind of the fucking point?
No. 25318 ID: d8293c

That was the point I was trying to make.
No. 25353 ID: 8a2d6f


You are totally my waifu. Seriously <3


Good point. I mean, just think how much it'd suck if it was your ear or something! Don't you guys have a nasty habit of losing those things like, every 10 updates or so?
No. 25354 ID: a00410

Is it against, or part of the creepy internet guy code to tell a quest character that? Besides wafu'ing at fragile characters that are in great peril might not end well. The quest writer might kill them to get at you. Though I certainly hope not.

Lago's quests can have some very stressful story lines were you just can't see how the character is going to make it out. But when we stuck with them we got rewarded with awesome feel good ending that make up for all of the nail biting.

Though seriously I complement the way this character was taken from what could have been a throw away opponent and made into a character that we all care about enough to want to go the extra 1000 km to save them.

Your currently #1 out of my top five favorite quest authors.
No. 25355 ID: 0a0b4d

Seriously, don't pull that kind of crap. Especially with the character in question. About the only way that could have been creepier was if she was a slave being constantly mind-raped to do things against her will.

Oh, hey. Guess what?
No. 25356 ID: 8a2d6f


Jesus christ is it nice to be reminded that this place immediately decides to take things seriously between drawing pictures of tits and characters fucking. Also, really nice job at taking things over the edge there. Maybe next time someone brings up one of the accursed words of the 'net in jest, we'll drag them through the mud for not treating fiction with the almighty respect it deserves. Just go fuck yourselves.

As to the topic at hand: BILES!

How the FUCK have you stayed alive this long? And for that matter, what have you been eating?
No. 25357 ID: c23ab0

I posted a text macro, because doge is the only valid response to sudden insertion of little ponies. I wasn't pissing anyone off, nor flooding, nor being disruptive. It wasn't even a very big text macro. I don't see why that needs me to be given a warning ban. Especially since it's not in your rules to avoid text macros. If it's so terrible to do something so innocent, why not have it in <center><blink> at the top warning us never to type in text macros?
No. 25358 ID: cf16c8

>>It is not appropriate to shit all over a thread because you don't like a post in it.

>>Make suggestions. Give the author something to work with. Fanart jokes, reaction images, disagreeing with other suggestions, long term plans, and commentary on the quest itself are best kept for the discussion thread.
>>Remember that the author is in charge of their quest. They can run it however they like, and if they want anything to stop, they can request as such.
No. 25359 ID: 2eac65

Wait, which quest has ponies in it?
No. 25360 ID: 69c889

None. The last Pixel Quest thread ended with silly shenanigans like it always does. This time, it was about ponies, and evidently Queen Noon Dust felt the need to post doge.

Which, since we're already in BDA, I consider to be even worse than ponies. At least ponies are coherent and have more tricks than "poorly captioned picture of (usually) a Shiba Inu."
No. 25361 ID: bc5290

You realize that people have thrown away their entire life savings over ponies, right?
Also have had multiple conventions go bad, collections stolen, kickstarters kickstarted only to go sour and have the creator run off with the money, infighting over canon and bullshit pony ocdns.

How can anything be worse than ponies? One short lived meme about shiba inus being worse than ponies is like saying that a fly is worse than the serial killer in your house because the fly is buzzing around your head at the moment. It's fucking laughable.
No. 25362 ID: 636473

By worse I meant "more annoying." If you mean "how much stupidity it has been responsible for" then you're absolutely correct.

And yes, the fly is infinitely worse in that scenario; I'm hardly going to murder myself. Joking aside, the fly's more of a nuisance than the killer is. He goes beyond "annoyance".
No. 25363 ID: 665deb

Just posting for no reason
No. 25370 ID: e0c719

>How can anything be worse than ponies?

I ask myself this question every day.
No. 25371 ID: bc903c

And people have thrown away their entire life savings over anime, video games, hookers, trading cards, board games, etc.

I am, by no means, taking the side of ponies, but Im saying there's other things out there you can throw your life away on. I tolerate ponies well enough, if they're not obnoxious, just as I do most other fandoms or things.
No. 25373 ID: 9bc456

I really hope you're not serious. Or you at least only mean things on the internet.
No. 25374 ID: 761017

The brony phenomenon is encouraging social degeneracy.
It's less bad than the omnipresent toxins found in our food/drink, but only because it has paid scads of professional artists to produce a flood of amazing anthroporn.
No. 25375 ID: 9bc456

Social degeneracy is a bit broad.

Since I doubt anyone on tgchan can legitimately object to people being stupid on the internet, it's either people obsessing over things meant for small children, the porn which you don't seem to mind, or the wasted money.

The first one is hardly unique to My Little Pony, although they do take it further than most Spongebob fans and such do.

The second seems to be a nonissue.

The third is, as previously pointed out, also hardly unique to ponies, so I don't see how it's a problem with ponies specifically.

Is it something I missed or some combination of what I listed?
No. 25377 ID: b3ca75

Welp, if I’d known that making that reference would have brought up this many negative emotions I would have used something else…

Well… getting a ban warning seems a bit harsh, considering that I didn’t even think twice about that post… (Didn’t even notice it was deleted before I went back and looked in the archive)
No. 25382 ID: 96128a

Getting off the topic of small horses, for the moment, I only wanted to say one thing.

Salient-One is pissing me off to extremes and I dont understand why. Their suggestions are usually fine, but it feels more like they're trying to roleplay and finding as many excuses as they can to write in a dumb accent, more or less.
Does this make me a bad person?
No. 25383 ID: bf9e7f

No. 25384 ID: 2eac65

>Welp, if I’d known that making that reference would have brought up this many negative emotions I would have used something else…
Don't worry about that sort of thing. It drifts from target to target unpredictably; there's no reason to let it get in the way of creativity.
No. 25396 ID: 07e3a8

No, you're entirely justified at being offended at the stupid roleplay accent thing. Suggesters aren't supposed to roleplay. It's annoying.

(Except in quests where suggestors are supposed to roleplay).

((And roleplaying in the sense of trying to make suggestions based off what would make sense for the character is fine, obviously)).
No. 25430 ID: 68ac42

No. 25433 ID: e1609c

How dare you
No. 25434 ID: 34b2f2

I completely agree on the roleplaying thing. Trying to turn yourself into a character in the narrative is only ever appropriate if that is an element of the quest introduced by the quest author.

That means headvoices, voices of many, spooky ghosts, insane AIs, whatever. If none of that is there, do not try to converse with characters or other suggesters as though you are a character or try to shove retarded backstory into things. Even if those are there, don't try coming up with "clever" backstory elements for yourself without prompting from the author.

It's also annoying when posters try to stand out with their super quirky personalities apart from actual suggestions. So tacking on extra filler or irrelevant personal details just for the sake of getting people to pay attention to you. That one's a case-by-case thing though.
No. 25435 ID: e1609c

This is also why namefagging like I do is generally frowned upon unless you contribute to the website in some way.
No. 25437 ID: 2860b1

Thing is, what's "contributing to the website"? Is just suggesting stuff, discussing things, and such rather than just... I dunno, spamming general discussion with pictures of cheese enough?

Myself, I use a name to make it easier for people who want to yell at me to recognize me, since my IP changes far too often.

Also, how many people on tgchan actually care if someone namefags or not so long as it's not hopelessly stupid like "teh doomlord of sporks" or something equally randumb?
No. 25438 ID: 615efc

Contributing means running a quest, doing fanart on a "regular" basis, organizing shit, and that sort of thing. Basically going beyond and above the "call of duty".
Suggestions and basic discussion is in the "job description", if you will, and doesn't earn you any medals.

Namefagging should be reserved to relevant contexts, and even a quest author should leave they badge at home if their post isn't relevant to they own work.
General namefaggings from non-authors is like plywood spoilers: it's unnecessary and gives people a proper valid reason to question your intellect and judgment.

The idea of anonymity as related to boards like these is that people should concentrate on what's being said instead of who's saying it. The IDs ultimately negate that, but on the other hand, comparing IDs requires some effort. If an ID is easily recognizable, it's usually due to familiarity, and that familiarity tends to exist for a reason (shitposter, contributor, your personal waifu, etc).
No. 25440 ID: 68ac42

Doubleposts subversive message: skips on his merry way.

Voices support the Deemtatorship, get banned.

Clearly, this is Communism.
No. 25441 ID: f460ec


Is it just me or does everybody in that quest suffer from chronic dull surprise?
No. 25442 ID: f460ec


Is it just me or does everyone in that quest suffer from chronic dull-surprise?
No. 25444 ID: d26c2a

And then there're the people who actually like it when people use names because now you know who said that thing--IDs can change frequently because of IP changes. I guess I'm not as big on the whole culture of anonymity? Besides, people mostly seem more casual about it around here than on, say, 4chan, what with all the names I see attached to suggestions. I mean, there're some with a preference for that culture of anonymity like you, but it seems like it's not as total here. I don't see people getting personally bitched out like I see the roleplayers getting bitched out. It doesn't really stand out that much, unlike quirky suggestions or reaction images. And no-names're no-names even with a name--I know I see myself s pretty much a no-name, and I'm cool with that. I run a quest, but lots do or did; it's pretty easy to start one up (keeping it running is what takes work).

Now, reaction images in quest threads, that's what really bugs me. (I'm personally not a big fan of many reaction images in general, but at least there're some okay ones.) Image responses in quests should be reserved for when it's required to specifically illustrate your suggestion, like drawing arrows on maps, pointing out something hard to see, or the orbital entry diagram I saw someone post in Unnatural Selection. And of course when it's solicited by the author (like the many dress-ups done in quests). Otherwise it's as distracting as the roleplaying suggestions.
No. 25445 ID: 68ac42
File 138055999489.jpg - (33.39KB , 453x553 , Lazarusdurr.jpg )


Doublepost, and also, yes.

Wait,... Kojak, is that you?
No. 25447 ID: 7bbaae

Direct complaints to the mods in IRC, not here.

I'm not reading those expressions the way you seem to be.
No. 25448 ID: 7bbaae

Oh wait, I get it. You think their lips are open mouths?
No. 25449 ID: 979359


Das rassist, yo.

I agree w/ above poster, specially with "enchan"ing stuff.
No. 25450 ID: c770a7

Your not even trying anymore. go be useful and do the dishes or something.
No. 25451 ID: dcbe31


Problem with that is the threads locked, so it's more of a taunt than it is an alternative.
No. 25452 ID: 7bbaae

No, it is not. Neither BDA2 nor questdis are locked. Also, you link cross-board like this:
No. 25453 ID: c770a7

(」゜ロ゜)」 Uhh, no it's not, if you went to GD you'd know that; It's at the top.

Even if it wasn't there you could use some imagination and initiative to make a new one.
(╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)
No. 25454 ID: 615efc

>And then there're the people who actually like it when people use names
There are also people who like signing their forum posts in the message field.

And if a no-name with a name is still a no-name, then what you need that plywood spoiler for?
No. 25455 ID: 8ab426


The thing is, why does it matter if you use a name because your ID changes? The IDs are only there to prevent suggestion stuffing. And it's not like a name is some sort of assurance that you really are you if your IP changes.
No. 25456 ID: 7bbaae

Plywood spoiler?
No. 25458 ID: da4ec6
File 138076243713.jpg - (101.18KB , 500x375 , spoiler[1].jpg )

No. 25461 ID: d26c2a

So it's a really informal way of knowing who said what. Big deal, shrug. And, yeah, IDs pretty much serve their purpose--some people just want more. What I've been saying is it's a simple difference in priorities. Thus the reference to a culture of anonymity which not everyone subscribes to.
No. 25462 ID: d26c2a

To clarify, I'm not bothered by people going anon here. They do their thing, and other people do their name things. In the end, I was simply offering an explanation.

Yeah, this site was derived from 4chan's /tg/ board, but not everyone goes to 4chan or shares its culture. There're reasons to go anon (not wanting stuff to get associated with a given name) and reasons not to (people like to know each other even if only marginally). Either're fine in my book.
No. 25480 ID: 1413c8

I actually liked it when people used names in the suggestions in my quests, so I could immediately know who was going to make a kinda bad suggestion before I even read it!
No. 25655 ID: c23ab0

Minecraft is a creative sandbox game where you build cool stuff. Terraria is an interactive side scroller Maple Story ripoff that make you build certain things to progress. The only commonality between them really is that in both games you craft A from B and B from C and such. Which is really not that significant a portion of the game if you think about it.

They're both closed source anyway, so that's not really good on both of them.
No. 25659 ID: 7bbaae

>Terraria is an interactive side scroller Maple Story ripoff that make you build certain things to progress.

What? No it isn't, it has no similarities to Maple Story at all.
No. 25660 ID: d315b1
File 138640011784.jpg - (54.07KB , 500x329 , 1366388266461.jpg )

Haven't seen a damage equation this bad since Terranigma. One armor upgrade and one basic iron weapon (specifically, the iron axe) is all it takes to go from "enemies deal 50 damage and take ten hits to kill" to "enemies die in one hit and deal one point of damage".

>mfw this whole post
No. 25661 ID: 2f4b71

>closed source
You're not too hot on this sort of thing.
No. 25664 ID: e6e991

>no Java application is closed source

True - it is clear that you are an expert on the subject.

Minecraft's source is available here, for those interested:

No. 25735 ID: 36c336

Welcome Oeth, this thread is the right place to go proclaiming that everything was better under the gold standard.
Please use it if you want to do things like that again: Some of us get annoyed when you disturb questdis threads with unrelated topics. Excusing yourself by claiming that it was a good way to get negative responses is pretty much a textbook description of what trolling is. I find your claim to *need* those negative responses a bit incredible since entering "gold standard" in your choice of search engine should quickly turn up the Wikipedia pages and other webpages about that topic, and about ninety seconds of skimming tells me that the Wikipedia page isn't bad or especially hard to read.

In case you were serious about that though, perhaps the reason you didn't do that was because you either found it hard to read or trust what you found from a quick websearch. The solution to that is more work: Even if you have trouble with an individual webpae itself you can look up each term you're stumbling over until you have a clearer picture. Wikipedia in particular tends to make this easy with all of its in-text links to key terms. If that isn't enough help and you're still worried about whether a webpage is lying to you I recommend you familiarize yourself with logical fallacies, paradoxes, biases, maybe epistemology, but particularly the subject of how PR works.

No. 25738 ID: 34b2f2

Oeth/Theo don't act like a jerk. Your argument in the Dungeoneer discussion thread only remains remotely logically consistent if you have a profound lack of respect for your peers. But even with that it fails because the topic you brought up didn't have any bearing on the ongoing conversation, and didn't lead to anything productive, we just changed the subject back to what we were already discussing. Your contribution was to pointlessly disrupt things and it's only through the virtue of others that you didn't derail everything.

>The real question is did I actually plan it all along or am I just good at covering my ass with logic? And, in the end, does it really matter?
The answer is that you clearly didn't, and that you clearly aren't. Your rep would suffer far less if you left things at you simply being tremendously uninformed and wrong rather than taking the effort to backpedal with "Oh no, I'm not dumb, I'm really just a huge asshole guys.". Especially when you do so so unconvincingly.

Regardless of the truth of your claims, you're wrong and here's why: if you have enough faith in your fellow posters that you believe they will keep things on topic and productive in the face of your disruptive efforts, then you should have enough faith in their ability to stay on topic and productive if your efforts are honest and productive in the first place.
No. 25739 ID: 878a25

But you're so good at what you do! Why should I let your talent to to waste by looking up things myself when you're chomping at the bit to do it for me? Don't be modest; you're a gifted researcher, debater and educator! See how much you've taught me in the short time we've known each other. I feel smarter every time we talk, and with your passionate devotion to students it's hard for us not to feel our mind expanded by your diligent prodding. I'm telling you, people pay money for this. How the more generous you are to part your precious, productive time with me.

Don't you pretend to be all aloof, cause I know deep down you really care. You big, teasing teddybear, you!

No. 25742 ID: 878a25
File 138717222268.jpg - (81.40KB , 1920x1080 , original.jpg )

Alright, since it seems that fighting the temptation to respond to me has proven too much, allow me me phrase it this way:

Troubling yourself with my behavior will not come to any productive conclusion. I do what I do because I want to do it, the choices involved and the resulting consequences are mine to make and mine deal with. Avoid complicating the matter by involving yourselves in my messy affairs. All I'll do in response is continue to act petty, foundless and vapid. I'll laugh, put on another childish display to satisfy myself and pretend it never happened. Just imagine me with my fingers in my ears and singing 'lalalalalala-la, I-cant-hear-you~' That should fall in line with the caricature of myself I've encouraged. Let the mods do their job and deal with delinquents like me and keep yourself out of the limelight I seem to so desperately crave and fear. At most, be like Buzz Lightyear by calling me a sad, strange little man. The last thing any of you need is to be over-associated with my byronic duplicity.

I still look forward to communicating on any other topic or subject and to contine my interaction with the both of you in whatever form you'd choose to have it. Again, I appreciate the concern, but if I may be so blunt it's not your place to give it to me. I'll continue to do what I do for whatever reasons (if any) I do them and I will refuse any and all help, aid or attempted correction in or on matter. I just like acting like a jerk and there's little else to it.
No. 25743 ID: 34b2f2

I'd be happy for discussion of your behavior to never happen, but you're the one who broached the topic in the disc thread. Your behavior is yours to determine, yes, but that isn't a sufficient argument to ward off any criticism, or ignore the way your behavior affects others.

There's room to act like a jerk without being quite so awful about it. The community is full of examples.
No. 25745 ID: ebe087
File 138724020886.jpg - (25.95KB , 500x375 , 8fbd5977e68152514584f81592b0396a-what-are-you-gonn.jpg )


You have to be something really special to make a big old post in general discussion like that. I don't exactly know what you thought would happen, but you can't really call yourself smart and also flagrantly ask for a ban like this.

>Troubling yourself with my behavior will not come to any productive conclusion.

If you're being a shithead and making shitty posts, it is other people's right and responsibility to try to stop you. Troubling themselves with your behavior did come to a productive conclusion. Someone reported you, and you were banned. Reading this post makes me think it should have been for longer than a day.

Either you're stupid or egotistical or most likely both, but rein in whichever it is or it'll be longer next time.
No. 25764 ID: 44d4aa

Affected narcissism attempting to conceal a huge inferiority complex. The posturing and wordy peacock is an obvious facade in an attempt to over compensate for something. The guy didn't have confidence he could keep up the act and so asked for an excuse to be offended and leave. A one day ban ought to be as good as a lifetime for those kind of people, too cowardly and ashamed to return to a place of their humiliation and face the music.

If you're reading this Oeth; this isn't a place to express your insecurities in hopes of garnering sympathy. Take your slime, your sleaze and snake oil somewhere else. Don't just throw your feels at people and expect to reel them into your problems, and then claim that's the opposite of what you want. Don't be a false support to someone else's work by being two-faced and buckling at the first signs of your own incompetence, and don't channel your sexual frustrations into a useless charade of self-righteousness. There aren't any white knights in this world, least of all those who hide appetites behind false and sterilized reasoning. (fighting naked like celts gives you bonuses? You gotta be fucking kidding me.) What you claim to be perversion is just a different taste, so stop pretending like you are better than us because you prefer vanilla over everything else they serve at the ice cream counter.
No. 25770 ID: d68a6d

Oh wow, you pegged me. I'd be impressed by your appraisal of my 'textbook' personality traits, that is if you didn't read it out of my actual textbook. Judging by how specific your arguments are I'd say you're either a mentalist (except you shouldn't be able to read my face or tells since we are not discussing in person) or you know me far more intimately than an average poster should. I've covered your ass once, kid. I'm not going to do it again. I don't have a bone to pick with anyone else here, but for some reason some poster or another smears my name with shit and it reeks of your funk. You've even went so far as to parrot my dating advice that I pulled from a star trek paperback novel and mockingly imitated my use of semi-colons. Real sneaky, you.

You got personal issues deal with me personally. You got quest issues deal with me here, but don't mix the two; I don't want to hear about it over dinner with relatives. I already make a fool of myself, I don't need you to do it for you. This is your last warning: keep the shit up and I'll unplug the router and change the password on the mobile hotspot. Lets see how smug you are then.

(Merry Christmas)
No. 25777 ID: df41f8

If it helps I have no idea who you are and I find you as insufferable as whoever you're talking to
No. 25783 ID: f8acaa
File 138804204081.jpg - (42.40KB , 600x337 , image.jpg )

That's sweet of you, but there's no need to sugar coat it. I'll just migrate my junk outta your way or get a new hobby. He only comes here to troll me and once I'm gone he's not going to be a bother and we'll both be out of TGchan's hair. By the time y'all wake up tomorrow it will be like a bad dream chased away by the smell of artificial heating and the grey light of an overcast winter day. Before the Nightmare That Lasted 'Till Christmas ends though I gotta ask participating questers for the permission to use the protagonist of my quest elsewhere (since they are the ones that created her after all) and address one more issue:
No. 25784 ID: f8acaa

So I've been getting some emails for some concerned and some dissatisfied questers, one from a temporary email account that I can't reply to. So for that one person I can't email, here are the answers to those questions you asked.

>*personal question*
A. I do and I have, not that it matters.

>*personal question*
A. Not relevant and doesn't change anything if you knew.

>*about my position on money*
A. I'd like to make a slight correction in your understanding of my position. I am not arguing for the gold standard, I am arguing against fiat money and claiming the gold standard was a slight improvement on a fundamentally bad idea to begin with (bank notes). A quester posted an article about how the gold standard was poop and backed this claim with how it failed when implemented under the least ideal economic circumstances i.e. wartime, especially wars that effect the entire world's economies when everyone is tightening their belts, rationing their food and seeing war ravage their communities. If you want a similar source to understand my position this person, while not a certified professional, wrote an opinion column that explains my position with some pretty solid examples of history.

Link: http://www.nowpublic.com/world/fiat-currency-good-or-bad

> why do you act like a total X, Y and Z
A. I don't like arguments and try to avoid them whenever I can. Usually when I try to defuse the situation by prancing around like a harlequin people just dismiss me as a dumbass and decide the conversation isn't worth their time. The difference is I used that tactic on regular forums where that sort of discussion would not be considered so brazen or off topic and nobody's creative efforts would be aversely affected, /tg/ who tend to be more tolerant of tomfoolery, and with friends who just accept that about me.

It's never seriously backfired until now, and if I knew the reaction would be like that I would have just wrote the suggestion without the 'look everybody, I'm a tool!" preamble and kept my mouth shut until the economy debate blew over.

>*personal question*
A. I don't have an answer for that. It's not that I don't know or that I'm evading the question, I just don't have an answer that would satisfy you. Just continue assuming what you have about it since I can't really prove otherwise without giving you my name, showing you my bank statements and the activity logs on my Internet accountability software I installed to keep an eye on how my flatmates use the services I pay for (which for obvious reasons I'm not going to do.) Even then, it would only prove someone was somewhere long enough to pay for a ticket, not that he used it.

>and that post with the photo from Toy Story?
A. Trying to be respectful, except the part where despite my claims I was never that fudging interesting. The reason for that? Not that fudging interesting.

All right, thats it. Now I know it's a tradition for evil spirits to wail and gnash their teeth as they are cast out, but I hope you'll excuse me if I just humbug and be on my way. Good riddance to bad rubbish and whatnot.
No. 25788 ID: 88efa2

Oh my god shut up. Shut up. No one cares. No one fucking cares. This is not the general argument thread and there is nowhere on this site intended for arguments about gold standards and fiat money. Do you even know what this thread is for? It's for moving and quarantining stupid bullshit that gummed up other threads. Posting your arguments directly into it like this is just a) a full admission you don't know how to drop an argument and b) an indication that this is perhaps not the board for you until you spend a bit more time seeing how things are done around here.

Please stop posting in this thread and don't take your arguments to other threads on this site. Thanks.
No. 25809 ID: 1e9bd6

You'll note I did not attempt to answer when you asked the initial question. I responded to your discussion when you posited an explanation or theory- that patchwork nature would suggest her biology behave in a specific way (discrete parts should have discrete features). So I brought up the fact we already had an explanation as to why her patchwork biology does not necessarily behave that way (discrete parts have been altered and integrated to for stability and function).

It's possible that explanation does not apply to the specific case you asked after, but I hardly see anything remiss my in referring back to the general case when the issue was raised.

That's kind of how speculative discussion works- we bring up both theories and the information we have.

You could make the case there's not supposed to be any discussion what so ever of ideas in the ITQ threads aside from the characters, aside from the fact you were discussing it not a post prior with someone else. (So it's okay to say "maybe it's GBGB" but not okay to say "we know her patchwork chunks have been altered"?). Kind of why I took offense at your reaction, which seemed to go past "I disagree" to "you don't have the right to comment".
No. 25810 ID: 7bbaae

>So I brought up the fact we already had an explanation as to why her patchwork biology does not necessarily behave that way
No, you outright said that it worked a specific way, which is actually contradictory to how it was explained! She doesn't have a hybrid biology, she has a patchwork biology everywhere; she only works properly because of the nanomachines helping her different bits talk to eachother. I expect her proportions are correct because she's a construct. Her shape is by design, not due to hybridization. She'd be shorter if that were the case, anyway.

>Kind of why I took offense at your reaction, which seemed to go past "I disagree" to "you don't have the right to comment".
I was clearly not saying that. Again, you really should stop answering questions yourself in the ITQ thread unless they have literally been answered already, and then I'd say all you need to do is refer the person asking to the relevant post. You certainly don't need to act like you know everything.

ITQ is not the place for arguments or (much) discussion. Check it out: >>78600
No. 26231 ID: aef453

No point in anoning because I'm linking to it in the quest, but spoilered.

I'm sorry twi(lightstormshi), but really? Fucking really? I was willing to put up with your silliness before, both here and in other quests, because it was only suggestive, but now you're just outright demanding porn at times where it is not only completely unnecessary, but also completely unfitting to the plotline. Yes, it's nice that you got your boyfriend to do some fanart, but after looking up the pair of you elsewhere I have had such distaste for the both of you that I (and others I've discussed with) would really prefer that you just go away and never post here again. Your suggestions are usually awful, ALWAYS sexual, and most of the time it seems like you're deliberately missing the point of the quests you suggest in, just to try and shoehorn porn in. Enough is enough. Calm your ovaries or use the door, please.
No. 26457 ID: 179506

Just curious, why not?
No. 26458 ID: 9dd1ee

your characters have a distinct unpleasantness to them.
or at least many people(myself included) feel that way,
especially in regards to their sexuality your character received as repulsively deviant and of questionable legality.
No. 26459 ID: 69332d

So in other words, no raging bold dicks?
You thought this was going to say something else, didn't you?
No. 26461 ID: 1ce34b

Every time I read a FlynnMerk quest, I feel like I need a long shower with some steel fucking wool. This latest one may be some kind of high fantasy but there's still the scuzziness of an amateur fetish porn comic underneath it, even if the writing wasn't awful. Who uses tildes in a high fantasy quest?
No. 26462 ID: 9b57d3

>who uses tildes
Kaktus, Gnoll, Lagotrope, Larro...

There's use of tildes, and then there's overuse of tildes. You're probably talking about overuse of tildes.
No. 26463 ID: 771a27


but those guys do it ironically™
No. 26464 ID: 9b57d3

I really doubt that.
No. 26465 ID: d470e9

I have to come in to defend my non-tilde honor; I'm pretty sure I haven't used tilde since coming to tgchan unless I was trying to type a '!' and missed. Or maybe a joke, I don't know.

Some decade ago I used an unreasonable amount of tildes, but I doubt that is what you are talking about here.
No. 26466 ID: 9b57d3

Here is a single tilde.
No. 26467 ID: 9b57d3

No. 26468 ID: d470e9

Oh. I sure didn't remember these.

Not exactly overuse, but yes I have eaten my words about a decisive 'never have used tildes'.
No. 26469 ID: 9b57d3

Yeah I thought it was fine.
No. 26470 ID: 2f4b71

>vendetta against punctuation
Is this a thing now? Are the hordes of the en dash adherents going to charge against the em dash faithful or something?
No. 26471 ID: d470e9

No. 26472 ID: cc08c7

I think it's ironic that people are freaking out over EadooQuest when we have the equally "disturbing" Date Quest. Y'know, where people are being murdered and said murders are being put on a website for people to get off on? I have no problem with either quest, but the double standard here is a little depressing. Also people can use whatever text in their quests they want, this should be common sense.
No. 26473 ID: f56854

That one's pretty clearly TRYING to be as disturbing as possible, and also for a quest about serial killers it's got, y'know, taste and restraint. Whereas the biggest problem with Eadoo isn't just how creepy it is but how sloppy and ill-thought-out the creepiness is. Ever since FlynnMerk did that Yamato Cannon Earjob thing he's been like this. The pornshit gets in the way.
No. 26474 ID: 0ee153

>Yamato Cannon Earjob

I'm vaguely curious, but if I find out will I regret asking what you're referring to?
No. 26475 ID: 186341

No. 26476 ID: 6e85c8


Datequest is fucking disgusting but nobody really talks about it so complaints don't happen as often.
No. 26477 ID: 0ee153

Eh. That was a moderate waste of time.

What puts me off is how readily the suggesters start acting like they actually romanticize the serial-killer bit. The quest itself doesn't disgust me so much as the reaction.
No. 26478 ID: ccd1d5

Are you really taking the suggestions (and the quest) at face value?
No. 26479 ID: 6e85c8


>b-b-b-b-but maybe it's a bait and switch!

The bait is still a rapey murder-themed quest.
No. 26480 ID: 0ee153

No. I fail to see how that makes it okay. If there were a fetish quest about consuming feces, for example, and all the suggestions acted like they also had a fetish for eating feces, would it stop being disgusting just because you knew they weren't serious?
No. 26481 ID: cc08c7

>Y-you're taking my precious Quest at face value!

Nice double standard there. You're proving exactly what I'm talking about.

Here's a fun game, switch the genders of everyone in DateQuest and tell me how "tasteful" it is. You can like the quest all you want, but don't go crowing about how what's going on in it is super duper okay while what goes on in Flynn's quests are the worst shit possible.
No. 26482 ID: cc08c7

Gonna sum myself up a bit since this has seriously gotten pointless and everyone else has moved on aside from us.

I have no problems with either Quest, but at the same time trying to convince me that in terms of "disturbing" shit EadooQuest is worse than DateQuest is pointless. They both have sick shit that go on in them, regardless of how blatant it is or not.

Again, I like both Quests, but don't pretend that one is morally higher than the other and try sprinkling bullshit reasons as to why all over it.
No. 26485 ID: 56ecbb

Why don't we try to switch genders of those involved in EadooQuest?
No. 26486 ID: 6e85c8


If you switched the genders in eeadoo quest nobody would give a shit.

If you switched the genders in datequest 80% of its fanbase would be ranting about how terrible it was instead.
No. 26488 ID: 56ecbb

That's pretty much my point. I already find DateQuest to be pretty damn creepy, regardless of who is what gender.
No. 26489 ID: 9fabea

i legitimately think crocs are fashionable change my view
No. 26490 ID: 0ee153

characteristic of, influenced by, or representing a current popular trend or style.

Crocs are widely hated, therefore they cannot be fashionable. If you personally think they look good I don't really care, that's your own business.
No. 26504 ID: 53548a

>Every time I read a FlynnMerk quest, I feel like I need a long shower with some steel fucking wool.
Yes, that's how reading a FlynnMerk quest generally goes for anyone who doesn't actively suggest in them. He's been here for years so I'm not sure why that's a revelation.
No. 26505 ID: e66b79

I don't mind the porn. I like porn. I like people fucking.

It's the weirder shit that gets to me.

Someone should make a more vanilla porn quest with a compelling plot and deep characters.
No. 26506 ID: 53548a

They did but it got abandoned. It was called Porn Quest.
No. 26507 ID: e66b79

It had no plot, no characters, and despite the name, no porn. It hardly counts.
No. 26508 ID: 0ee153

Is it wrong that most of FlynnMerk's quests feel like relatively normal jaunts through a large majority of the Internet? The writing could definitely improve, but it's not any more perverted than 1 minute on Google could find me.

As for a more vanilla porn quest, there's... Katherine? quest. Fractal's quest about a stripper. Not exactly porn, but strippers come close and I like the plot and characters.
No. 26509 ID: e66b79

I loved Katherine Quest up until the ending. I'm not one for endings like that. Felt like a slap in the face after an otherwise good read.
No. 26510 ID: fed07a

Enemy Quest is kind of a vanilla porn quest.
It leaves a lot to the imagination but the goal is alien fucking.
No. 26511 ID: 0ee153

Yeah, plus good plot and great characters. Looks like that guy got what he wanted.

To stay on topic for the thread, though: <needlessly inflammatory and misinformed opinion>.
No. 26512 ID: e66b79

<calm and well-articulated response calling the quoted a homosexual and a flaming bundle of twigs>
No. 26513 ID: 53548a

Hey, buddy, just because you can't appreciate the depth and complexity of Porn Quest's characters and story doesn't mean they don't exist.
No. 26515 ID: 2f4b71

No. 26516 ID: 53548a

<eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor>
No. 26517 ID: 9fabea

No. 26525 ID: 53548a

When can we do away with this idea that quests are dominated by female leads? Here's a sample of quests on /quest/ right now where we play as men:
>>581741 (though the main character changes)
>>580790 (sort of)
>>541717 (maybe? hard to tell)
>>561485 (again, hard to tell, but looks male)
>>573815 (multiple characters, started male)

And those are just the quests on the first two pages that have leads that appear male. That's not even counting the ones that don't have defined leads. The idea that quests always have female protagonists or that /quest/ always chooses female characters is completely farcical. It's a years-old misconception. And even if it were true, what the hell's wrong with female protagonists?
No. 26526 ID: 6d3b18

If you wanted those links to work across boards, you should have formatted them like

No. 26527 ID: 53548a

Whoops. Here they are again:
>>/quest/581741 (though the main character changes)
>>/quest/580790 (sort of)
>>/quest/541717 (maybe? hard to tell)
>>/quest/561485 (again, hard to tell, but looks male)
>>/quest/573815 (multiple characters, started male)
No. 26528 ID: e66b79

>what the hell's wrong with female protagonists?

It's 'cuz women should stay in the kitchen and make food and pop out children. They're not allowed to star in fiction, except as shallow trophies for the male protagonist to win over!

No. 26529 ID: 0ee153

To clarify my statement again, in my experience whenever tgchan is given a choice between male and female it will gravitate towards female. I know many protagonists are female. I have no objection to that. My issue is specifically that when tgchan can select the sex/gender it will generally pick a girl, and then people start getting creepy.

And if the Ass of Hat is reading this, I'd guess your posts get deleted often because you shitpost on a near-constant basis.
No. 26530 ID: 53548a

Well, I don't mean to be insulting or patronizing or anything, but you should be aware if you aren't already that when you say things like "generally" you are probably the victim of confirmation bias:

Especially since you said 'generally,' which means I could gather pretty much as many character selection quests as I want where we picked male characters and it wouldn't disprove what you said unless I combed through every single character selection quest and compiled a ratio of male to female.

For my part, I only picked female in that quest because someone said 'lizardfolk or bust,' and I wanted to complete the joke by having a busty catfolk win.

In my experience, /quest/ will go either way depending on how it feels that day. There is certainly no shortage of male protagonists, but there is a definite negative effect on the attention your quest receives if its lead isn't a non-human female. And you can't stop /quest/ from being creepy. /quest/ is always creepy. That's why we say "Stay classy, /quest/."
No. 26531 ID: 0ee153

Fair enough.
No. 26533 ID: dbe554


Just want to point out knifequests main character was female (rella) and unbound was the result where they alternate between male or female and species.
No. 26534 ID: 53548a

I linked quests where /quest/ played as men. Neither of those quests violates that description. /quest/ plays as a man in all of them.
No. 26535 ID: 6e85c8


He's not guilty of confirmation bias.

/quest/ consistently votes female for protagonists. That's just a fact.

Your stance isn't even based on any sort of observation, it's based entirely on being contrary and being happy to show off that you just read an article somewhere about cognitive bias.
No. 26540 ID: ea5f60

Nice belief perseverance, bro. Where's your data?
No. 26545 ID: 55c4cf

Many of the quests from the beginning of the /tg/ and tgchan quest era were female. It is not as prevalent anymore but I feel like a lot of people with Strong Opinions don't regard or look at current quests with all the newer blood making them and keep their focus on the "golden age" with rose tinted goggles & blinders on.

There are certainly a good number of female protagonists in quests. I think the person listing active quests has the right idea because if included abandoned & finished quests we'd drown in trying to list and/or compare.
No. 26546 ID: cff877

I bet if the whole thing was opposite and an equally large majority of the quests had male protagonists, no one would say a word.
No. 26547 ID: 0ee153

You lose.
No. 26548 ID: cff877

I choose to believe I will not. It's not like we'd ever know.
No. 26549 ID: 0ee153

Are you saying you wouldn't say a word? From the bet you made, I'm guessing you yourself would.
No. 26550 ID: 6e85c8


current quests on the board that had character generation:

Eeadoo - voted female (the author slapped a dick on because that's his kink which is fine, but female won the vote)

Dragon's Trial - voted female

Shackles - voted male

Rust - voted male

Llackuf Arena - voted female for first character (counting as half)

Retcon - no character creation, but exclusively female crew selected

Quest for the First Door - started with male team

Legends of Tharsia - no votes for sex, male selected (null)

Unnatural Selection - voted female

Necroquest - Neither

Gaslight's - Female Mummy selected

The Job - Male Team

Godsucker - Female

Dreams and Decay - Female

Cutebold Slaughter Fest - Female picked first, but blind (wash)

Flesh Tenants - Female

A.W.O.L. - male (presumably based off name chosen, not explicitly called out, still counts)

A Doll's Circus - Female vote, 'neither' mixed in due to author preference

Necro's Storytime - Bed chosen

Questing Beast doesn't count because only females were allowed

Lawyer Dog Is Right For Once: Olympic Challenge - Vidya Goat was the first chosen (note, the only team chosen so far to not be unisex!, half a point)

CtL Quest: Behind a Broken Mirror - Female

Dreams of Heroism - Split Vote, later settled to male via name (half point)

11 female, 5 and a half male, 2 neither. That's pretty consistent!


This was specifically as regards voting for character creation, not for overall protagonists (which are a much more even split)
No. 26551 ID: d315b1

>Rust - voted male
It should be noted that we only voted male in Rust because we had already chosen a female character three times in a row. If there were more race options I can almost 100% guarantee that we would have chosen another female character.
No. 26552 ID: e66b79

Nah, not really. I'm reacting on the argument, not the issue. If there were no argument I wouldn't even care.
No. 26553 ID: 53548a

Also worth noting that the argument was started over this post:

"Can tgchan play as a male for once?"
No. 26556 ID: 2f4b71

And it's morphed to "does TGChan stastistically choose female more than male, using a sample of active quests that provide a choice of protagonist gender?".
No. 26558 ID: 53548a

The argument wasn't even that /quest/ statistically chooses female more often (also, according to that sample it's only about 60% of the time, not a significant bias), it was this:

>The idea that quests always have female protagonists or that /quest/ always chooses female characters is completely farcical. It's a years-old misconception.

I think that assertion stands up to the data. Sure, there's a preference for female characters, but it's not even close to always choosing them. Therefore, I cordially invite >>26535 to consume feces.
No. 26559 ID: 6e85c8


>consistently means always

>twice as likely recently, considerably more likely if you take archived posts into account

Yeah, no. You're wrong. Nice try, though. /quest/ consistently votes female.
No. 26561 ID: 55c4cf

Lilac had a character generation, but it was before the quest thread started.
1 Character was automatic.
2 female
1 male
1 neither.

Vidya Goat and Punchy Panda are the only ones hinted at to being female in LDIRFO:OC. So yeah it's mostly unisex.
No. 26562 ID: 53548a

>from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
> adv. In a consistent manner.
> adv. constantly; always.

>archaic : possessing firmness or coherence
>a : marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction <a consistent style in painting>
>b : marked by agreement : compatible —usually used with with <statements not consistent with the truth>
>c : showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom <a consistent patriot>

Not only are you wrong but you don't even know what your own words mean! 60% is not consistent, or even twice as likely. (see, when something is twice as likely, you can divide by 2 to get the other %... and 60% and 30% don't add up to 100%!) Actually, as a matter of fact, there is no specified cutoff point for 'consistent,' because it doesn't refer to any specific amount, just a feeling. And feelings aren't really the best thing to cite for your argument.

Anyway, none of that is particularly relevant, because even with the definitions of words aside, you're still wrong (which is, frankly, pretty thoroughly wrong) because the argument was never that /quest/ "consistently" voted for women. I'm not going to let you move the goalposts back that far. Here's the original contested statement:

>Can tgchan play as a male for once?
Yes, they do it all the time. Boom. Argument over. You're wrong.

Here's where character generation was brought up, besides the fact that this stemmed from a quest that included it:
>The idea that quests always have female protagonists or that /quest/ always chooses female characters is completely farcical.

Let's break down the two claims in that statement:
>The idea that quests always have female characters [is completely farcical.]
Verdict: 100% Demonstrably True. If you disagree, you're wrong, sorry.
>[The idea] that /quest/ always chooses female characters is completely farcical.
This is also clearly true because via our random sample they pick male characters or neither 40% of the time. You're still wrong.

So that seems like a pretty thorough explanation of what the argument is, so now you have absolutely no excuse to claim that it's about quest "consistently voting" for female protagonists. That is a statement that means nothing, even if it weren't miles away from what the actual claim was. Seriously, I know you'd like to be right so you can be smug, but stop strawmanning and man up to the fact that in this instance, you hopped on the wrong side of the argument.
No. 26563 ID: 6e85c8



Of course the idea that /quest/ always chooses female is farcical. So?

>I'm not going to let you move the goalposts back that far. Here's the original contested statement:

let's actually look at the statement that led to your argument of confirmation bias, which is what I jumped in on:

>My issue is specifically that when tgchan can select the sex/gender it will generally pick a girl,

Which is, in fact, generally true!

In fact, I was being incredibly generous with counting many of the male 'selections,' as there was no voting involved in most of them (just the first suggestion thrown out or the first x suggestions thrown out) and many of the ones that were votes were specifically, as mentioned for Rust, a result of 'hey let's play a guy for once!'

So go on, keep talking about moving the goalposts while you haul ass across the field with your own. I give absolutely 0 shits about what you were arguing about before that.
No. 26564 ID: 6e85c8

Oh, and since you want to try to harp on 'hurr durr it's not twice as much,' I'll just point out that by YOUR OWN ADMISSION you were talking about:

>Can tgchan play as a male for once?

Which, with the results given, tgchan chooses 'not a male' more than twice as often as often as choosing male, even accounting for the quests in which no community vote took place. If you strike those, it's over 6 times as often.
No. 26565 ID: 53548a

>Of course the idea that /quest/ always chooses female is farcical. So?
So... that was the argument you came here to shitpost on.

So I guess we're done here.
No. 26567 ID: 6e85c8

No, the argument I came to cleanly disprove (which I did) was that 'quest generally chooses female and acts weird about the female characters' wasn't confirmation bias.

Given that you've had to resort to moving the goalpost and textbook strawmaning (defining for yourself what I was arguing about despite what I was talking about being explicitly stating and arguing against that, which actually IS strawman arguing unlike 90% of claims of it on the internet), I suppose I can agree that we are, in fact, done here.
No. 26569 ID: 2f4b71

>No, the argument I came to cleanly disprove (which I did) was that 'quest generally chooses female and acts weird about the female characters' wasn't confirmation bias.
>/quest/ consistently votes female for protagonists. That's just a fact.

60-75% of the time certainly covers 'generally', but is a far cry from 'consistently'. 'Acts weird about female characters' hasn't come into it yet until you bought it up, so go gather data to back up your assertion.
No. 26570 ID: 6e85c8


No, it's a consistent pattern. Did you know that words have multiple definitions? Surely you do, because you copied multiple definitions when you looked up the word! You just chose to only bold the one that you could use to try to discredit a post that you knew was otherwise suffocating you with truth.


>Acts weird about female characters' hasn't come into it yet until you bought it up,

See >>26529

>My issue is specifically that when tgchan can select the sex/gender it will generally pick a girl, and then people start getting creepy.

Are you sure you are actually literate?

>inb4 trying to deflect this by saying 'but he said CREEPY not WEIRD they're different words hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
No. 26587 ID: ccd544

Flynnmerk fills the gap of "deep emotional sexual quest" in the tgchan community, and Flynnmerk does a "good enough" job of this.

Therefore, Flynnmerk must stay forever, lest some shitty person take his spot and ruin everything screaming "my questing is so deep WORSHIP ME PEONS boohoo i'm so emo"

That future is more dreadful than tgchan running out of money.
who hosts tgchan.com? I am forever broke but appreciate appreciating people worth appreciating.
No. 26589 ID: 602e8c

Enemy Quest fills that same gap and it's a shit ton better.
No. 26591 ID: e66b79

They both suck. But at least Enemy Quest isn't creepy as all hell, so I guess I'll have to give it that.
No. 26592 ID: 0ee153

Out of curiosity, why do you think Enemy Quest sucks? Do you not like the genre as a whole or what?
No. 26593 ID: e66b79

To be honest it could probably be good maybe, I hear a lot of good stuff of it, but I just can't get past the art style that is to me personally unappealing.
No. 26594 ID: f27d56

I'm the author of enemy quest and that is a 100 percent valid criticism
No. 26595 ID: 0ee153

Fair enough. Like Brom said, that's valid. If you ever get really bored and curious, I suppose you could try copy+pasting the text somewhere else if someone hasn't already done that?
No. 26596 ID: 761017

Enemy quest fills the "Dating Game Quest" gap.
There's always been at least one of those.
No. 26836 ID: e878df

you completely missed the point

you completely missed chest day. we moved on to ass day like a month ago
No. 26837 ID: 4f004c

There's no reason people can't resume chest day.
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