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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 138626778474.png - (67.08KB , 534x311 , JimBeeps.png )
25636 No. 25636 ID: d17222

So it's sorta out!
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No. 25638 ID: d315b1

Problems I've observed so far:
>"Draw your weapon" and "Open up a huge, screen-filling menu with a searchbar" are bound to adjacent keys
>and there's no way to change the controls
>no pause function
>manual and tutorial are missing a lot of important shit, like how to mine/place background walls and how to refuel the ship
>as far as I can tell, the only way to restore your health early on is to either die or use a bed
>crafting gear, even by hand, costs large amounts of money
>and the only way to get money is to kill lots of monsters
>which require very good gear
>and if you die, you lose a big chunk of your money
tl;dr it's pretty rough right now. The only good news at the moment is that the extreme difficulty seems to be doing a pretty good job of scaring off the Minecraft crowd.
No. 25639 ID: d17222

Bandages, made from fabric, made from plant fibers, gained from vines, heal you.

Other than that, ye, rough as fuck.
No. 25640 ID: 30df25

> scaring off the Minecraft crowd
Oi! It's a bit early to be Us Versus Them.

I'd give more credit to the game still being in beta (literally "sshould we release this? maybe?") stage, and plenty of people are wary about early adoption.

What was this about a statue with a red third-eye maybe being a Ruby Quest reference?
No. 25641 ID: d315b1

There was supposed to be a patch tonight that eliminates money costs for most gear, but Chucklefish is being their usual selves so who knows when that will happen.

Do you have a screenshot? One of the playable races has three red eyes, so it's probably nothing.
No. 25642 ID: 7bbaae

Patch is out.

Personally I think the weakest part of the game right now is how harshly damage scales. You will probably find, at some point, that everything is one/twoshotting you but you can one/twoshot them too.
No. 25645 ID: 10455e

Is a server even worth messing with at this point, or should we wait until things stabilize more?

Is there a TGchan server being planned?
No. 25652 ID: 10455e
File 138637772560.jpg - (19.89KB , 316x354 , SC20131206-185313-1.jpg )

What are you playing today?
No. 25667 ID: 44b350
File 138649418543.png - (616.11KB , 1738x676 , myship.png )

No. 25668 ID: 30357e
File 138649703582.png - (947.73KB , 1124x664 , Robobillionaire IS the _001%.png )

Confirmation. The life of a robotic capitalist is the best life!
No. 25669 ID: c3dbb4
File 138652732413.png - (292.38KB , 1359x551 , birdship.png )

Because why leave your ship for a tropical get away, when you can bring that lush exotic feel to your ship~
No. 25671 ID: 53548a
File 138653873744.png - (833.49KB , 1901x607 , sbship4.png )

Oh, you asked for it.
No. 25672 ID: 53548a
File 138653878132.png - (941.93KB , 1903x782 , sbship11.png )

No. 25673 ID: 53548a
File 138653880878.png - (937.18KB , 1915x519 , sbship12.png )

No. 25674 ID: 53548a
File 138653882559.png - (1.90MB , 1860x872 , sbship13.png )

No. 25675 ID: 53548a
File 138653897358.png - (106.61KB , 582x514 , jane.png )

Also, the character. Why not.
No. 25677 ID: 4a20fa

>Her arm is rotated off the pixel grid
No. 25685 ID: e607cd

did you complain about being able to walk diagonally in minecraft too?
No. 25695 ID: 8b9215

Where the fuck did you get a space station from?
No. 25697 ID: 665deb
File 138682193658.jpg - (233.83KB , 1343x541 , ss (2013-12-11 at 11_20_04).jpg )

So when are we getting an official tgchan server?

Also here's my ship, mostly just a man cave with some moocher passengers that contribute fuck all.
No. 25699 ID: d315b1

It's already in the game files, you just have to edit a single text file to use the space station map(s) instead of the shuttle map. There's several guides on how to do it over at the official forums.
No. 25779 ID: 1aa29f
File 138795567584.png - (351.28KB , 999x606 , crud 2.png )

Plebs. Who needs a ship...
No. 25780 ID: 1aa29f
File 138795571232.png - (299.24KB , 1000x598 , crud3.png )

...when you can PILOT A PLANE- oh shit still out of fuel.
No. 25791 ID: 34cbef
File 138823945871.png - (327.73KB , 1268x760 , starbounding.png )

i got the case of the starbounds, my quests are suffering
No. 25799 ID: dbe554

Best option: Incorporate it.
No. 25851 ID: 1c677c
File 139056431846.jpg - (307.25KB , 1920x1058 , 211820_screenshots_2014-01-14_00001.jpg )

Me and EvilP.
No. 25866 ID: 30df25
File 139075791861.png - (66.95KB , 372x372 , tmp_cH1LEkl8.png )

No more savegame wipes (hopefully). Options for "Hardcore" (drop items on death) and "Permadeath" toons. No more Xmas junk, no more 'winter spirit' drops cluttering loot tables. PvP always on in Sector X. Player drops do not despawn. Legendary weapons actually legendary. New Techs (?). Better support for *.abc files for playing music instruments. New stuff (ie. lava chests, bonesaw, truncheon, viking helmet, ...) Sword speeds & hitboxes shrunk. New plants. Better loot tables (like what the NPCs can be seen carrying...). Landmindes.
No. 25867 ID: 57a559

is anyone else getting framerate issues they weren't having before the update?
No. 25870 ID: 4a20fa

Yeah, and quoth the main site:
>Also hot-fixing an issue that causes stutter for people on lower-end computers...Patch really soon (like today, not a month from now)
Steam just downloaded another update here, so hopefully that was it.
No. 25871 ID: 4a20fa

(Doesn't seem to have fixed it much, because I'm still chugging pretty badly on item-heavy scenes like Apex offices. Jesus, game, rendering a screenful of sprites should not be notably taxing, no matter how lovely your lighting shaders are.)
No. 25894 ID: 30df25
File 139148686596.png - (11.90KB , 586x440 , slaanesh_noise_marine.png )

No. 25961 ID: aabe6e

This game is so cool.

Glitch are cool!
No. 25962 ID: 30df25
File 139360452547.png - (57.92KB , 698x616 , tmp_wrQ3TKll.png )

Fully Constructable Ships (FCS) is almost a must for an add-on. Multiplayer compatible.
No. 25963 ID: 57a559

But that doesn't look like a ship at all!
Needs updates so we can make engines instead of those little blue ball things and slap that shit on before I can really use it.
No. 26020 ID: 30df25
File 139540428363.png - (4.58KB , 378x141 , logo_12.png )

I knew Chucklefish were Homestuck nerds, and now I see they're Kill La Kill nerds too.
No. 26021 ID: f3b5de

if you guys need a server to come to then crash on by http://spaceyard.net/ , the ip is the url, baby.
No. 26022 ID: f3b5de

Also I'm a super-moderator, they call me Mummy
No. 26514 ID: 3de5a9

No. 26949 ID: db2d60


Just gonna leave this here.

I've edited the drumsticks and tailfeathers mod ( http://www.nexusmods.com/starbound/mods/208/? )

and gave it anatomically correct bodies with physics - for both men and women :V

This gives the women better bouncing breasts than any other mod I've seen, and I think the floppy dongs are ripped from another mod. I'm not sure honestly, I made this months ago.

I might tweak the legs a bit later, or make a black/charcoal grey podotheca/beak variant.
No. 26962 ID: ca146f

anyone got a good server going? also add me on steam if anyone wants to (Steam ID: epicjeff1000
No. 26976 ID: 13cd06

beakie upderp this and the sergal mod plz
No. 26990 ID: 330ce5
File 142338194305.jpg - (48.04KB , 1280x720 , SBpenguins.jpg )

I really like this game,
No. 27010 ID: 491ef3
File 142426388580.png - (12.08KB , 600x300 , Carodont + S-nosti 2.png )

Something I'm working on, based on the suggestions from /vg/'s /sbg/.
Carodonts are sharktits.
Singularnosti are contained black hole mafias what eats energy and thus are the enemy of Novakids.
Posting them here in the event of unlucky IP roll that disables me from posting on 4chan.
No. 29321 ID: e7e63e
File 156443614796.png - (162.26KB , 902x507 , starbound-1-4-starbound-bounty-hunter-update-902x5.png )

New update, semi-unironically.
No. 29325 ID: 5abb11

If the sons of men so desire, it can be done
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