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File 136270355947.jpg - (310.52KB , 1000x667 , EadooDiscussions.jpg )
68642 No. 68642 ID: 150fea

Eadoo quest Discussions thread. Feel free to ask about the quest and the world it's placed in.
Do note, Text and pictures in [spoilers] are actual spoilers. so read at your own risk and peril.
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No. 68643 ID: 150fea

I'm kinda sad that no one would make a thread like i asked... But then again I was very lazy about it so it's not surprising...
No. 68645 ID: d6ef5d

Hey, don't take it so hard. I'm sure some of us would have been glad to provide one, were it not for our crushing lack of artistic ability. :V
No. 68664 ID: 30e64e


Can you draw Eadoo in a fluffy turtleneck sweater?
No. 68689 ID: d6ae01

>Whatever. Moving on.

Let's do that.
No. 68700 ID: 53688c

Looking forward to getting that :V button when we're king.
No. 68743 ID: 150fea


Having a fun time drawing this. But, just how low would you like the screen to cut?
No. 68744 ID: 78c6ea


20,000 leagues under the sea
No. 68745 ID: b7169d

I'm actually quite interested in this quest, the Gnoll is quite interesting when it comes down to what he is. Though I'm curious as to why the gods/spirits would want to have a vessel they would have to share.
No. 68746 ID: 877a57

What in the world is happening in here
No. 68748 ID: 150fea

I suppose it's rare that both truth and dragon would share a single host... And in hind sight since they effectively break each other it's kinda reasonable to think they wouldn't. But they do in this context for the whole shield that blocks everything, spear that breaks everything myth... Originally William was supposed to be the only person able to embody the gods as he does, a sort of prophetic champion. But it pretty much sounded like it was a thing.
a thing to point out is that they aren't almighty gods... Kinda more like kamis... powerful guardian spirits, godlike even, but not like *Paff!! I just made the universe!* gods.
Thanks by the way, I'm glad folks are liking him. I was afraid the monk character would be mood breaking. I figured if D&d can do it why not? but it worried me.
No. 68787 ID: e4f470

No. 68805 ID: 78c6ea

The secret [Redacted] is known for its unique [Redacted] in [Redacted]. This will have shattering consequences for [Redacted] when we [Redacted] [Redacted]. Eadoo's [Redacted] will [Redacted] because a certain [Redacted]. We have to [Redacted] prepare for [Redacted] and [Redacted] not to mention blowjobs.
No. 68810 ID: 9a60a0

I thought we were doing exactly that already...
No. 68821 ID: d6ae01

I am going to [Redacted] all of you.
No. 68910 ID: 150fea
File 136305889935.jpg - (227.33KB , 812x600 , eadoos sweater.jpg )

Well there you have it I Fucking [REDACTED] Had a great time drawing this, I actually did draw all the way down to the bottom of the ocean but decided to cut it a little higher for decency. probably gonna get to updating the quest sometime tomorrow or later.
No. 68955 ID: c9b053

Draw her covering herself in shame. But update first.
No. 69019 ID: de262c

What the hell happened here?
No. 69023 ID: 150fea

>Huh. It's for traveling? I would have thought it was for interpersonal stuff, or orders.

it's kinda like charisma but for leadership, I suppose it could of been called leadership... In this case Eadoo's using his leadership skills to march the team on. Rather than rolling his low endurance. though it wouldn't of mattered.
No. 69037 ID: c9b053

the stats are based on dark herrisy right? I'm not entirely familiar with that system.
No. 69044 ID: 68bbc5

It'd be pretty hilarious if we ever found a magic artifact that works better the closer to 50 we roll, and fails at either extreme.

We'd probably never get it to work even once.
No. 69177 ID: 150fea

sorry for a lack of updates
exams and what not, I should be back soon
No. 69201 ID: c9b053

if you have some time, post lore about the world.
No. 69203 ID: 9ddf68

I second this
No. 69303 ID: 150fea
File 136399358751.jpg - (156.37KB , 800x600 , black scrawl.jpg )

sounds good, here's the first of the lot. I'll talk about this as it seems important in the story. Once again, spoiler text is really spoilers, if you're sensitive to spoilers, don't read it

Well for starters the Black scrawl is based on the illness from Neir (Shout out to Neir! Love that game) Though only in name and face, the illness in my quest is fundamentally different, though looks similar and has the same name. (As I am bad at naming shit. You will likely notice as I eventually get forced to name for stuff) Okay that aside I can talk about the BlackScrawl [Eadooquest]

No one truly knows where it came from, whether it is merely a cursed disease or an ancient malediction sent down from the gods of death to punish us for transgressing the holy passage from life to death, the truth no one knows. Some believe that it is a death sentence for the world of the living as we know it, brought about by the followers of the Apocalypse, a cult of veneration that seek to sink the entire notion of life into the void, into the very absence of reality... Though it is uncertain if this group even exists (Yes it does) Whether the cause, it is not overly contagious though always lethal. There is no cure for the illness (save for wish or miracle).

The Black scrawl is caught mysteriously, it's still unclear for it spreads, though highly infested locations are an easy way to die. (See Eadoos tree house after Kaleb returned) The first sign of infection is seen in small itchy swellings, within the following days the swellings will darken and begin leaking black blood. after a few days the swelling stops entirely, shortly after black scrawls appear on the flesh, slowly and painfully growing and wrapping along the body until the victim is completely black. As they grow, the victim will begin to bleed occasionally from any and every orifice. over the course of three months after full exposure, the victim will slowly loose all memories, mannerisms and emotions. The body eventually dies when the soul is completely dissolved. As the scrawl grows the pain inflicted by it grows until horribly unbearable. Though towards the end it can be difficult to tell as the victim becomes paralyzed for about a week before dying. The black scrawl is seen as the greatest plight one can suffer and most victims prefer to commit to suicide before the illness spreads. (Though it is unwise, as the scrawl harnesses the soul, entombing it with the dead body as to still devour it, victims who die before being killed by the illness are greeted by months of suffering within the confines of their dead and possibly buried corps before suffering the same fate as the living) for this purpose, ritualistic suicide aided by priests is offered to victims, granting them safe passage to heaven.
No. 69304 ID: 76b151


We're gonna be burning the dead from now on.
No. 69305 ID: 9ddf68

so can this stuff also effect anything with a soul or spirit in it or just living things like people and plants
because the way you make this sound is anything that gets hit with this stuff is just plain fucked.
No. 69307 ID: 150fea

it has been known to infect and kill the undead. In fact, most folks speculate that it was made by the gods to do just that. It's possible that it can kill non living, though spiritual things but no records hold any proof.
No. 69309 ID: d6ef5d

> I am bad at naming shit.
You can probably get us to do that for you, if it's a problem. In dis, and in advance, even, if it would break up the flow of the story to name things every time they appear.
No. 69314 ID: 2a8a2a

You have to wonder why cultures in settings with ancient necromantic evils never seem to burn all dead by default...

Does that mean that most or all undead have souls?
No. 69636 ID: c9b053
File 136492654172.jpg - (109.82KB , 800x600 , 135399084436.jpg )

I just noticed there's text here. And man did I ever laugh my ass off reading it!
No. 69796 ID: d6ef5d

Could we go back into the options and start labeling lines of dialog? Or color coding them? I'm starting to have difficulty telling who's saying what. Or worse- who's thinking what, since the telepathy has less context.
No. 69804 ID: 150fea

yeah I agree, let's

[eadoo]-we'll go with this *and I'll just think things with my name before it*
No. 69843 ID: 1c893c

hey is it possible if we could have allies stat?
No. 70004 ID: 735f4f

Ok so what sort of horrible injury would we have suffered to a already dead bears body if we had rolled above a 95 on that last roll. That one was above completely ruining it.

My morbid sense of curiosity makes me wonder what the Penis... meant.
No. 70015 ID: 150fea
File 136612945123.jpg - (202.11KB , 800x533 , William.jpg )

simply, it's a critical miss, both for comedic effect but also... Well is there a worst fate?

okay well here's William, I'll post the rest as they come.

Will. Level 8 male Gnoll monk

- Well trained - [William learns faster than most. bonus to exp. (10%)]
- beginners immortality - [William trained to solidify his body. Longer life span, better pain resistance (+10 will)]
- intermediate immortality - [William trained for four years to achieve greater solidity. longer lifespan, stronger body and mind(+20 con./will)]
- Immortality achieved - [William mastered the art of immunity. constant deflection bonus(30%) can be focused to 80%) nearly endless life, body of steel (+20 con./will)]
- spiritual stepping stones - [William has opened his mind to the incorporeal. Can detect magic and spirits]
- housing for hosts - [William can accept souls and spirits within for some time.]
- Temple like soul - [William can house multiple spirits or one of greater size.]
- Food for the gods - [William can house a god within his body]

- broken beyond repair - [Williams are will never heal, -40 to all checks with the right arm.]
- shattered spirit - [William will not trust the likes of women. -20 will]
- unfit - [William has not trained properly in years. intermediate immortality, Immortality achieved, Temple like soul and Food for the gods temporarily lost.]

No. 70016 ID: 9ddf68

is that wrap around his arm meant to be for his busted right arm because if so you put it on his left arm instead. Also if he doesn't like women how does he fell about Eadoo then, who is both.
No. 70017 ID: 150fea
File 136613213548.jpg - (245.38KB , 800x533 , Williamfixed.jpg )

He's not fond... but he finds Eadoo to be more trust worthy than most women. He finds she has a particularly male persona.
No. 70020 ID: 807f97

I was just going to pop by and mention a theory on the pin and chuckle at the character sheet fix, when I noticed a bunch of posts (including mine) covered in redaction marks Like a plague that zombifies and slowly consumes the soul.
No. 70021 ID: 150fea

what do you mean? I don't see it
No. 70022 ID: 150fea

oh hahaa the redactions right... yeah...
No. 70023 ID: 150fea

eum... but your theory of the pin... I'd love to hear it~
No. 70029 ID: 150fea

I'm gonna get asked what the pin does... so I'll just put it in words.

Eadoo used the one time use, roll a 01 no exceptions, in that also merged the pin to himself. Eadoo now has:

Balefully unlucky - [Eadoo's expended his luck, he suffers +10 to all luck checks, how ever being one with luck he can bend it for others around him.(+/-10 to any luck check, so long as it doesn't affect himself)when he does horns or a halo appear momentarily)
No. 70030 ID: 9ddf68

well right now I think the pin is stuck on unlucky the way things have been going
No. 70031 ID: d6ef5d

So... permanent luck penalty in exchange for luck-bending of others?

That's going to be annoying when that messes up our ballistics and charm checks, but being able to mess with foes and boot allies isn't a bad power for a leader.
No. 70032 ID: 150fea

skill and luck are different... luck is any check that's tied to no factor... a gamble or a draw. random variables like Williams wounds or what limb got ruined when you overran the bear. ballistic is factored by skill.
No. 70036 ID: b7169d

Are the horns and halo visible to anyone but himself and us? And how long do they last if they are visible to everyone.
No. 70037 ID: 150fea

a few moments like... 20 seconds or so
No. 70038 ID: cee24c

Alright, I was thinking that the halo appeared because eadoo was the first one to use it in a selfless way, or the first one to actually invoke it properly (imagining that previous holders waited for the pin to work automatically and took coincidence to be a sign). That is also why I expected a permanent boon, instead of a bane.
No. 70039 ID: d6ef5d

I think the penalty is because Eadoo had to actually burn some of her own personal permanent reserves of luck in order for the pin to power a resurrection.

(Dear gods, we've wasted so many resources on a stupid random encounter).

...so it's only gonna mess with our attempts at getting lucky, then. Darnit, that's half the point of playing a rogue! :V
No. 70069 ID: 150fea
File 136633893537.jpg - (179.02KB , 800x533 , Martin the manly.jpg )

rolled 63 = 63

Okay what's to know about this girl... er... guy...
>this is a real spoiler<
Martin is biologically a woman in all respects

Martin Jonson the brave and manly. Level 3 handmaiden, Level 2 squire, Level 1 pirate, Level 6 knight Human female male.

yes Marty spent some strange times in his life...


- plant worthy - [Martin knows a fair deal about plants and flowers(+10 to Int in regards to plants and flowers)]
- Folding pro - [Martin has spent time in the pantry(+20 to Dex in regards to folding)
- tolerance - [Martin has been given orders and trained to not complain about them(+10 to Will in regards to not complaining)]
- Weapons training - [Martin has been trained to wield most close combat weapons(+5 to ws and bs)]
- Horse back training - [Martin has been trained to ride horses(+10 to Dex to horse riding)]
- rope swinger - [Martin knows how to swing about a boat (no malus to checks while swinging)]
- Diplomate - [Can persuade others to join his cause(+10 to Fell)]
- Additional manliness - [Martin has upped his manliness (+10 to seduction of opposed sex)]
- adept rider - [Martin has improved as a knight(+10 to riding)]
- Master rider - [Martin has mastered his horse(+20 to riding)]
- Fencer - [Martin has found a fondness for the rapier(+10 to Ws when using rapiers)]
- Bravery unbound - [Martin backs away from nothing(+15 to Will in regards to bravery)]

- feminine - [It's easy to mistake Martins sex]
- Homophobe - [Martin takes great discomfort to gays(as it is not the way of god)]
- Low testosterone - [Martin simply cannot grow a mustache]

It's almost a joke character but it's not! Hahaa the maluses are serious complexions to him... But it's funny!

Roll for no reason!

below 05 crit succes
below 20 I'll draw a hat
between 21-69 nothing
above 70 draw a penis
above 80 I'll spoiler some stuff
above 95 crit fail

I'm Tired!
No. 70070 ID: 9ddf68

is this chicks... I mean guys problem also have to do with the witch? cause that bitch seems to be the bane of a lot of people's existent.
No. 70072 ID: d6ef5d

So... does Martin just identify as male, or did he accidentally stumble across a polymorph trap or wear ID an amulet of change or what.

More importantly, which way does the manliness bonus apply, and when would he be subject to his own homophobe penalty? :V

(Geeze, first a misogynist and now this? Party needs some educating).

...also, very glad we talked this guy down instead of fighting him.
No. 70078 ID: c9b053

[spoilers]Is she's biologicaly a women why does she have a cock bulge? isn't that the deffinition of not biologicaly a woman?![spoilers]why do you do this flynn? I bet every single herm we see will join the team and they'll all have a big orgy! Why flynn why! and then we'll get angry at you but it'll all be in good fun, and you'll get upset and we'll have to comfort you and some maybe two guys will say mean things and you'll take them way to seriously and say that everyone hates you and not update for a while and and and... We love you Flynn

No but seriously Flynn we love you like you are, dont ever change! {Bro fist and or hug}

Also you aren't alone on the project is this the first time? Who else is there, anyone from tg?
No. 70080 ID: 735f4f

Guessing the bulge is just his codpiece. Also people did decide on gender thing when the quest started. So a normal day on tg.
No. 70159 ID: 150fea
File 136663950338.jpg - (311.41KB , 500x667 , lady of chaos.jpg )

nah~ for once it's not the lady of chaos.

Sir Martin identifies as a man. She's gained the rights that come with being a man in the medieval ages. Which for those who don't know, are significantly higher than a woman's.

Martins seduction to the opposite sex applies to women. though seducing women can be hard when... you have tits... He considers men gay if they're attracted to himself.

Actually in tears a little *hug!*

My boyfriend Hugo is my main adviser. he reviews just about everything and Paco came up with the plot and some of the twists, sometimes he butts in and gives his two sense. good guy~

No. 70182 ID: c9b053

draw us something!
No. 70217 ID: 150fea
File 136684732774.jpg - (195.69KB , 800x600 , eadoo blushing.jpg )

sure felt like drawing anyways. Plus I said I'd draw it.
No. 70218 ID: 735f4f

Wow that's cute.
No. 70220 ID: 9ddf68

who's the guy holding the mirror?
No. 70226 ID: c9b053

oh god adorable!
if you want to draw more how about a scale showing penis and breast size amoungst your characters?
No. 70227 ID: cf49fc

It'd be a fairly short scale, what with it being stuck at "All of Them" and "Holy Hugungous Batman!"
No. 70229 ID: eaa6fc

nothing wrong with a well endowed woman in the trouser department, heeeeheee hurr hurr :3c
No. 70304 ID: 150fea
File 136725518455.jpg - (412.75KB , 1600x639 , cock size.jpg )


Wouldn't you like to know~?

>"Holy Hugungous Batman!"

Yeah pretty much...

Scale might not be exact.

Oh by the way. If anyone wants to add on other characters [From any quest at all] Feel free to. In fact I insist. We could wind up with a huge, huge scale measuring everyone on Tg. Keehee wouldn't that be fun~?
No. 70305 ID: d6ef5d

>We could wind up with a huge, huge scale measuring everyone on Tg. Keehee wouldn't that be fun~?
...I must somewhat uncomfortably point out this effort was already started, some time ago.
No. 70306 ID: 150fea

Ahh perfect no need then. I'll go check that out
No. 70307 ID: c51b3b

No. 70316 ID: 5bf190

This is all well and good luck to you, I mean it, but perhaps a little spoiler image function in the future?
No. 70318 ID: a68e3e

What I'm wondering is how those first two don't die from a massive drop in blood pressure whenever they're aroused.
No. 70319 ID: 150fea

ehh.. fiction, there's no need for logic. But yeah, I realized after drawing it how absurd it is.

Guess I should of, sorry bout yer retinas.

No. 70324 ID: 150fea

wondering if anyone is interested in the contest I mentioned?
No. 70325 ID: c9b053

Probably not. People don't really get involved in contests like that anymore.
No. 70333 ID: cf49fc

What contest?
No. 70336 ID: 150fea

a simple contest to see which quest has the biggest cock.
No. 70338 ID: b7169d

Is the kingdom full of Bright golden blondes?
No. 70341 ID: 150fea


the holy empire has mostly golden blonds with bright pink skin, more specifically "imperials". it's more common to see the "lesser" races of human in the lower districts. other breeds of human such as delvish (red heads with dark skin) and dirks (black hair with pale skin)

I'm in the mood to talk more of the lore of this world. I'm gonna hit all these topics sooner or later but how about you guys choose what first.

-sugar touched/Ash touched
-the three kingdoms of man
No. 70344 ID: c9b053

holy empire sounds like a load of dicks. no wonder there's a rebelion against them. Let me guess, there's very few imperials in the rebels? Tell us about these sugar tuched
No. 70345 ID: d6ef5d

The sweet tooth within me compels me to ask about the sugar touched.
No. 70353 ID: b7169d

suger ash
No. 70354 ID: b7169d

-sugar touched/Ash touched
No. 70357 ID: 150fea
File 136745778598.jpg - (269.89KB , 1200x800 , ashtouched.jpg )

to fully understand sugar touched you must first know about the ash touched... They're sister races both made at the same time and both from the same blood.

The AshTouched are infernal creatures made of hell fire and hatred. And as it is with the creations of most infernal creatures, more than half the members involved really really didn't enjoy it...

It all started with a man, a man at the very end of his rope... In his dieing moments as the end of someone elses rope wrapped snug around his neck he wished and wished for someone to save him. Someone, anyone... A great devil appeared before him and offered to spare his life in exchange for his soul.
only moments after signing the infernal page he begged the devil to give it back as his shadow was ripped from his feet. He offered to gamble the souls of his family for his back. The man challenged the Devil to a duel of music.
"Curses! Curses!! Cccuuuurrrrsses!!" The Devil yelled "I cannot decline a duel of music of per the deamon code! What are your terms what's the catch mortal!"
The man pondered and pondered... "I challenge you to a duel of fiddles... But as a rule you cannot use magic." The devil shrugged. "fine let us..." The man interjected imminently "and! you must only use this... Sand! I how ever will use a masterwork fiddle that you will supply" The devil looked confused at the challenge but with great grief he could not refuse... And with that the man defeated the devil and regained his soul.
But the man was greedy, he didn't let the Devil leave... he challenged him to duel after duel, over and over... The man milked the Devil of it's magic asking for wish after wish. by the time the sun sunk into the ocean the man was little more than a monster.
The devil had never been so enraged. With what power was left in his husk he cursed the man. By his name the man and all of his descendants will never see the light of heaven. And with that he vanished running to have a specific rule redone.

And that's how they came to be.

Though the first was nearly godlike in power his descendants would only be a fraction of his glory and would be named the Ashtouched. Their skin is grey in color and taste, their hair is jet black and their eyes can be of any color or the rainbow. Ashtouched have horns and tails made of ash, they crumble easily though and are just as easily hidden. a hat and pants will do the trick nicely. They posses a hole through their chest though not in their backs, regardless of their hole the organs that would normally be in there are present though you'd have to cut around to find them... this has always confused those who would study these demons. Ashtouched live very long lives , about 800 to be precise, they're also quite hard to kill, Organs are not vital to them and they don't have blood to bleed out with. they can regrow lost limbs and bones in a matter of days and can even survive with almost their entire body gone. Some have even reported coming back from being mashed into a puddle of slimy bone gunk... Though they can be killed. An exorcism will do the trick, regardless of if The ashtouched are evil or kind. soaking the ashtouched in holy water for a whole month and seven days (regardless of how long the month is) will do it and finally thirst and choking can kill them. When they finally do die, their soul goes to hell, no matter how good or evil they were.

Ash touched are immune to any and all illness, poison and disease as well as pain. as it was one of the first's wishes. They drink ale, wine and alcohol as though it was water, they smoke herb and weeds as though it was air. how ever they can hold their breath for hours at a time see days when they sleep. Ash touched are never truly sober nor are they truly drunk. More specifically, they're always drunk, but become jaded to it early on in their lives.
Most ashtouched see life as the great ultimatum, no matter what they do in their lives, no matter how vise they choose to be, their ultimate fate wont change, some even see it as a challenge. they often Indulge themselves in every sin, every vise and pleasure thinking nothing of consequences. they never grow fat or sick, they never get hungry nor full. And without the fear of pain or death they simply live it up with disregard for lesser mortals who have a chance to heaven.

Some see life how ever, as the ultimate test, seeking to gain their place in heaven. They believe that if they deny the ultimate temptation they may be gifted with an afterlife that doesn't suck. How ever there are no confirmed reports of this ever working.

On top of being gifted with long life, health, and painlessness, All Ashtouched have special abilities unique to them selves. Though some traits may be seen from father to son and mother to daughter, their own sets of skills are unique to them.

The likes of men are scared and jealous of these demons, they're a danger to their lives and lifes. Some Ashtouched find pleasure in torture and genocide and for that reason they're killed on site.

Ashtouched are both men and women and are not naturally hermaphrodites. they can reproduce with humans and have a chance to create more ashtouched but cannot procreate among themselves.

Now that you know about ash touched you can understand sugar touched...

Man that was long! Who actully read that? Hands up.
No. 70358 ID: 91a5a0

Fun little referance to the song 'the devil went down to Georgia' there in how they got started. I presume then, that the Sugartouched, are basically the reverse, humans pumped full of angel magicks, although through a different story, no doubt...
Hrm... Would it be right for me to presume the pin melting into Eadoo happened as a sort of... Compensation due to THAT BIRD! I almost want to suggest that bird being caught and tamed by the Villian so as to ensure it's role as a mini-boss or something... Give us a chance to ride that sucker!
No. 70359 ID: 9ddf68

hand held high

So how rare are these things and are we ever going to come across one? (seeing how your mentioning this thing out of the blue I'm guess that's a yes most likely)

So then what are the sugar touched?
No. 70360 ID: d6ef5d

>Devil's can't refuse a duel
>The person who proffers the duel is allowed to set ridiculous terms so as guarantee victory.
...talk about a design flaw. Isn't this the reason that typically the challengee sets the terms, not the challenger?

Pretty egregious, really, especially since trapped contracts are supposed to be a devil's thing. Legal did not think that one through.
No. 70361 ID: 735f4f

Yeah demons in this world seem a bit dumb.
No. 70362 ID: 735f4f

Wait on the other hand maybe it was all a plot to end up with a race of pre-damned half demons? Who knows.
No. 70363 ID: bf54a8

i noticed he never had a time limit. devil comes back with a fiddle of glass, and plays a song.
No. 70364 ID: 2a8a2a

Alternately, it might be plausible for the devil to be making up some or all of the rule.
A human winning their soul back is a short term setback for most contract devils, and in the long run it can be a spectacularly lucrative investment with the right setup. Once a devil gets a reputation as beatable, contracts with him suddenly seem drastically more attractive to mortals. Even if a few exceptionally clever mortals can legitimately win, they will statistically be heavily outnumbered by fools who think they are exceptional. And if the devil subtly disposes of those losers, they can ensure that people only ever hear about the winners...
No. 70369 ID: c9b053
File 136750097566.jpg - (88.93KB , 510x330 , kratos_god_of_war_iii-t2.jpg )

>Ash skin
>red marks
>supernatural powers
>Very very hard to kill
>angry at fate
>commits vise, atrocity and genocide for fun as a result of cruel fate.
No. 70370 ID: 150fea
File 136751339841.jpg - (268.50KB , 1200x800 , sugartouched.jpg )


When the Ashtouched were created the sugar touched were as well. to honor his wishes the devil drained mounds of energy from the tides of fate. But the ashtouched are entities of pure negativity, and so the loose positive energy, unused, ran rampantly. As it was born from the tides of fate, the energy found it's way into a small girl... The mans daughter as it would have it. As the man wished and wished making himself the embodiment of perfection, delving into his own twisted ideals of pleasure, The girls body changed, warping over and over. As she slept soundly she turned into a thing of innocent happiness and childlike dreams.
Dreams of dark chocolate and sweet cream, mothers kisses and fathers warm hugs, the basking sun and cozy camp fires fueled the energy of pure positivity. the changes mirrored her fathers and by the time she awoke she was little more than a monster. But a monster of happiness none the less...

Generally plump and soft, their skin is of the purest white. their eyes are bright blue and their hair is red like cinnamon. SugarTouched skin is sweet and tender, their fat is similar to marshmallow on a hot summer day. their blood is brown like dark chocolate and tastes just as sweet. Sugar bones are brittle and crunchy, any one who once ate some easily confesses that it tastes: "A little too sweet, almost unpleasing."
SugarTouched have holes in their backs but not in their chests, quite similarly to their ash counterparts. They also have horns know as the crown, though seeing it is one of the rarest sights. the crown is possibly one of the sharpest natural forming objects in the known world and is just as sweet. Alchemist suspect it to be made of crystallized ambrosia. in response most crowns are eaten by the sugartouched that grow them.

Though most SugarTouched are plump and round, their size and shape differs from one to another, How ever like AshTouched they never get any larger from over eating or any smaller from starving themselves. SugarTouched eat and drink pleasure, they can eat mounds of gruel and die of starvation but survive on sex alone. Any form of pleasure is well suited to sustain a Sugartouched and the more the merrier. Most Sugartouched commit cannibalism, eating their sweet candy limbs only to grow them back and repeat. Some even have orgy like feasts, letting themselves be devoured over and over...
Like Ashtouched, SugarTouched are quite hard to kill, living just as long and needing just as many organs to live. Contrarily to Ashtouched, Sugartouched enjoy pain, feeling it as pleasant, contrarily to their Ash brothers who simply don't feel it. Likewise there are tricks to put them down. Starving them of pleasure can be difficult, but still does the trick. soaking them in hellfire for 666 hours will kill them and finally if a devil strikes them down they stay dead. Ashtouched can never kill Sugartouched by any means, and viseversa.

contrarily to Ashtouched, SugarTouched ascend to heaven after death, no matter how cruel, glutinous or maleficent they may have been in their life. with that in mind many Sugartouched engorge themselves in boundless pleasures. Eating, mating, playing, killing, torturing... Anything to fuel their thirst for fun, disregarding any and all consequences... even death. But unlike Ashtouched, who are on average cruel and maleficent. Sugartouched tend to be kind and innocent, seen as angels of kindness.
Unlike Ashtouched, Sugartouched do not posses supernatural powers beyond what's mentioned above.

All sugartouched are women and are not naturally hermaphrodites, they can only procreate among themselves however. The exact way this is done is a secret known only to them. reports claim that dozens can commit to producing a single child and not a single penis is needed during the process.

Well that's that... I'm sure that provoked more questions that solved.
Feel free to ask away~

>What should i talk about next?<

-the three kingdoms of man
No. 70371 ID: 150fea

>Fun little referance to the song 'the devil went down to Georgia

Hehee Tenacious D is hilarious ~

>the pin melting into Eadoo happened as a sort of... Compensation

In truth I had the melting thing planned out but exactly how it worked was a mystery to me. You guys suggested using the pin and i just made it happen.

>that bird being caught and tamed by the Villian so as to ensure it's role as a mini-boss or something...


Yeah, I've got a whole bunch of characters planned for allies and enemies. Not all will ever even make it to the quest though. But I assure that at least on ash and sugar are in the rosters.

OH! Anyone... can use these two for anything you like. Please have fun. I mean that, ANYONE! Even you... you now who you are...

yeah, contracts weren't always there thing. Slowly but surely though.

Hahaa... didn't even notice. Guess inspiration is subconscious.
No. 70373 ID: 32650d

That was some interesting reading and think I would like to read up on Mandragoras next.
No. 70375 ID: d6ef5d

Tgchan, overthinking it. Excellent analysis- intentional or not, what happened would seem to work in the devils' favor, long term. In exchange for one individual losing face (and some personal power?) they created a multiplying supply of pre-damned souls, and potentially lulled many more would-be deal makers into overconfidence.

Heck, the guy who wanted to win his soul back would have technically gone to hell too.

>Candy fetish cannibal snuff orgy heaven succubi
I... I suddenly regret building Eadoo the way we have. It's going to backfire terribly when we meet one of these.

Screaming plant-people, go!
No. 70376 ID: 9ddf68

is it wrong of me to be more afraid of the sugar touched then the ash touched, cause the sugar touch freak the hell out of me. Also I can't help but wonder what it was like for that family the next day after all of this happened, Daughter seeing new daddy, Father seeing new daughter, Mother and any possible siblings freaking the fuck out.

As for what to see next might as well see what the three kingdoms of man are since in quest we are heading to one of them.
No. 70378 ID: adcb7c

...Those guys... I've got to agree. They literally have no reason and probably no desire to even care about morals or want to do good.
As bad as being condemned without repentance is, pardon without revoke can be every bit as monsterous in it's effects on people.
I'm none too keen on the thought that Sugars AND Ash are twisted freaks, but at least they don't have the AshTouched powers. Now THAT is a nightmare of a thought!
No. 70385 ID: c9b053

that's creepy, yet oddly arousing. But mostly creepy. They eat their halos? isn't it super sharp? oh right, they like pain. Flynn you creepy bastard!
Talk about the three kingdoms. include a world map
No. 70426 ID: 150fea
File 136797082967.jpg - (267.18KB , 800x533 , dukkan.jpg )

I think I'll tell now about the kingdoms of men... In the great lands of Allaria. smallest of the three continents. There are three kingdoms that bear humans as their master race. The Holy empire, The kingdom of Davis and Chronos [Kro-Nas].

The holy empire of man is the oldest of the three kingdoms. For as long as ever it has hosted humans at its breast. Though it shifted hands only but twice, it has always been ruled by the holy saints that are the kings of men, chosen by none other than god himself to rule over mankind, In this, holy order is second only to the king.
Though humans are the race of the holy empire, others live among them, though at the perils of discrimination. Not only elves and dwarfs but humans are subject to such discrimination. In the holy lands, imperials are noble. scarce few non imperials find nobility, Though it has happened that they "rise above themselfs".

The current Ruler is King Jacob Dukkan the third.[as poorly depicted here] Renown for his laughter that shakes the halls and his playful nature. Dukkan 3rd Is the first imperial king to bear a druid as a right hand man. Though as it is tradition he bears a merchant as his left hand. His rule brought a great advancement to the kingdoms wealth, and with it a better life style for all, Even peasants.

Though a rebellion has risen in the past years. The order of the claw follows the charismatic words of a masked leader known as Vise. She tells that the kingdom is of imbalance, that the likes of men should not suffer the prejudice that the imperials oppress upon them. That they should rise up and assume their place among the noble for what their worth and not for the color of their skin and hair! And that the kingdom of Davis, live among others, orcs and goblins, dwarfs and horses. though Vise secretly, simply wishes for war.

The kingdom of Davis is at war with the holy empire, as has it been for well over a hundred years. Though oddly enough Davis [the curious king] waved the war aside until the Dukkan resolves his issues with the non loyalists.
No. 70433 ID: 150fea

Erk... that last drawing was so hideous, I had to brush up on my art. if there's a resemblance in this next one it's because I based myself on the shapes and figures of various figures. I'm sure you'll recognize them...
No. 70435 ID: 150fea
File 136798024362.jpg - (253.93KB , 1000x667 , LordDavis.jpg )

The second grand kingdom is that of Davis. It's flag bears white and black as well as olive and salmon, as they are the very foundation of the nation.
The kingdom of Davis conquers and puts to peace. Lord Davis is a conqueror, where ever he sets foot he possesses. But though he extends his kingdom endlessly, gathering many lands under his rule, he does not change the nature of those which he conquers. Davis claims that each land and it's people have made love to his heart and pushed him to add them to his collection, Sadly sometimes by force, to assimilate villages and cities that caught his heart would be counter intuitive. instead he has them pay taxes and respect his authority. to donate warriors and soldiers. To share trade routes and offer goods to the capital. But their laws, their culture and even their religion is left intact. With this in mind many prefer to follow Davis rather than to fight him. As of late Davis has found a passion for the holy empire.

Lord Davis, also known as the curious king, is... Well just that, a very very curious figure. He has been alive for nearly two hundred years and still possess all of his youth. He claims not to know why or where his long life came from. His reasoning is not always the best how ever. Many have claimed him to be mad, a pervert and warmonger at that.
Lord Davis traditionally marries the most beautiful woman from each tribe, village, city and colony he claims. Gathering for him a large harem of lovers. Though he pleases his harem regularly he produces very few children. In the last 90 years he only had 12, the latest being a particularly normal horse by the name of Anabela. This of course is not natural! Oddly enough the king seems able to produce children with any race or being, regardless of compatibility, when they do come by. Adding on to his Curious being. Each one is gifted with a power of his/her own. Reliqu, the cat prince, is renown for his seduction and extensive army. Turka The orc princess is capable of turning water into wine and Anabela sings so well, animals often come to dance and frolic or even commit to house cleaning or solving her various misfortunes.

But possibly the oddest thing about the king... is his choice in clothes. You see... One day a leprechaun offered to have him made, the very finest clothes a man could ever ask for in exchange for thirty virgins and a ton of gold. Davis was curious as of to what he had to offer and gave him half the prime in advance. The leprechaun returned with the most beautiful clothes imaginable and a matching suit of fully plated armor. How ever they were so amazing only a king could see them. Davis was so astounded he had a volley of them made as well as his royal drown and gave the leprechaun double what he asked.
And so don't be overly confused if he wanders around naked...

it's this odd man that inspired Eadoo to be king.
No. 70437 ID: 9ddf68

how likely is it that we are going to meet any of these kings?
No. 70438 ID: 150fea

entirely likely that you meet Dukkan, if you meet any of the other two is entirely up to you and fate
No. 70439 ID: 150fea

on that note should I explain about the last kingdom?
No. 70440 ID: d6ef5d

Obvious question- which country's borders are we within? I'm guessing the empire, since it's got rebels and you said meeting Dukkan is likely.

Okay, the only response appropriate for that guys is flat what.
No. 70443 ID: 9ddf68

No. 70445 ID: 150fea
File 136798758741.jpg - (285.38KB , 1000x667 , King.jpg )

The third and last kingdom of man is Chronos, the kingdom of masks.
Chronos has no flag, they simply never understood the use, how ever many times they may of been explained in detail. It's a land of equality and massive ridges in status. Chronos is a land of sand and dust, found in the middle of the driest parts of the world.

In the kingdom of Chronos, each individual is part of a greater whole, all peasants are no more than that, peasants. Merchants are merchants and nobles are nobles. People in Chronos wear masks. Every peasant wears a mask, the mask of peasants, all peasants masks are the same. Every noble wears a noble mask and so on so forth. everyone with the same mask bears the same right and same possessions as they are the same.
To the people of Chronos, peasant is a person with a million bodies. guard has half that amount and nobles half that... the order of things go, libertin, peasant, merchant, guardsman, noble, philosophers of the king and finaly king. and to each their mask.

A libertin is a man lesser to peasants who pride being a person more than part of society. libertines have no mask of their own, each libertin has his own mask to speak of.
Peasants have simple white, square, plain masks as they are made in the most massive bulk. peasants are the absolute most numberus and hold up the entire kingdom with their efforts. It's for this reason that the peasant class is best payed for their efforts. The wealth of the peasants is not divided among the folk that populate it though, it's shared. Each peasant owns, in his own right, every coin the peasant class makes. In that every house, every ounce of food, every plate, every bed, every child, every wife of the peasant class is the property of each peasant, as they are all one, as the peasant. to the kingdom they all hold so dearly.
the same goes for merchants who trade goods and guards who keep peace. Nobles who maintain the kingdom and philosophers who guide the king. their property is owned by their class... Even the king owns his own possessions, the king does not have rights over that which is owned by the nobles or the guards or even the peasants. the king owns only what the king owns. and since he's the highest up he's payed the least... How ever since king is the class with the absolute least numbers he owns the most as a person and in comparison any one peasant is infinitely poor.

Women and children are valued at one lower than a man of that class and bear their own mask for each rank.
The kingdom of Chronos Thrives rather well, having never seen illness spread across their lands or plagues of vermin or curses. They avoid outsiders watching them closely if they must approach. And their regime must never be broken.

yes Eadoo is currently in the holy kingdom of Dukkan.
No. 70446 ID: 9ddf68

...yeeaaah I'm crossing this place off of my vacation destination list, it sounds way to creepy. The way they have there system set up, god damn they are just one bad day away from having everything fall down around them, and I do not want to be there the day that happens.
No. 70447 ID: 2a8a2a

So a series of castes, each of which are ultra-communistic.
...King fairytales from the previous kingdom description is still stranger in my opinion.

Is the cat prince humanoid? And what power does the princess who is a mostly normal horse have?
No. 70456 ID: b7169d


Curious question, since this now has intrigued me more then anything else.

What if someone from the "Libertines" or Any other class takes a mask from the "Noble" or "Merchant" mask, and places it on. Does that mean he is now apart of that caste?

Is there some manner of deciding how someone has their mask to begin with?
No. 71173 ID: e2ac07

Will next chapter be on the same thread?
No. 71182 ID: 150fea
File 137040010757.png - (171.79KB , 800x533 , Reliqu.png )

ehh... I was thinking of continuing in that threat... but I guess someone some one archived it... no problem! I was gonna ask you guys anyways, so... well yeah.

to answer your question... Inquisitors among the noble class. They manage things, but have greater rights than any other noble.

the cat prince is half human half cat and the horse can sing animals to her aid... or just to dance while dusting old houses and doing dishes and such.
Also he looks young on this pic... he's not, he's an adult... Guess I'll sensor it... it's a little risque and he looks young... might offend someone...
No. 71184 ID: 19b3c3

Things can be pulled back out of the archive if you really want, but over 800 posts at a chapter break is a pretty good place to stop.
No. 71186 ID: 150fea

over 800 really? wow... I didn't know it was doing so well... ha
No. 71187 ID: 150fea

sorry typo... no greater rights... they're equal
No. 71190 ID: cf49fc
File 137040745537.jpg - (347.59KB , 999x915 , 20130103132743-0.jpg )

Okay, let me get out the charts to explain biology...
No. 71191 ID: cf49fc

Nice art though.
No. 71193 ID: beeca1
File 137040898398.jpg - (22.08KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

Let me get the charts out to explain magic.
No. 71194 ID: cf49fc
File 137041341525.png - (22.26KB , 890x431 , Science and Magic Ain\'t Friends.png )

Let me get the charts out to explain why they don't mix.
No. 71196 ID: bf54a8

in fantasy settings dragons can make half-ANYTHING even half-slimes. as in a dragon does it with a pile of acidic goo and somehow a new pile of acidic goo that can SHOOT FIRE appears.
No. 71210 ID: 735f4f

Half dragon shambling mounds were in the official Draconomicon. That means a dragon had to go out and fuck a pile of semi sentient plant matter. Horrible flying perverts is what they are.
No. 71213 ID: 70ab66


well it isn't in my draconomicon so links or it didn't happen.
No. 71216 ID: 735f4f

Nope you are right I dug mine up and re read over it. I know one of the books had a section on a black dragon who guarded its territory with half dragon shambling mounds and just assumed it was that one.
No. 71231 ID: 7f2d33


Wizards and Scientists could be friends if they tried. :V
No. 71924 ID: 2f4b71

They should be one and the same as long as you treat magic as a branch of exotic physics.
No. 72201 ID: 150fea
File 137118474853.jpg - (183.62KB , 1000x667 , eadooquest 2.jpg )

I'm ready to start a new chapter of Eadoo but I don't have the free time to update at the speed I'd like... I'll try to make time for it... but for now I'm thinking of a name for the chapter... maybe dawn of a new day... or adventure... or maybe... I'm gonna fuck that city over there and everyone in it...

How about you guys make a subtitle for it while we wait~!
No. 72207 ID: 735f4f

Kingdom or bust, Big trouble in little Kobold, Kingbold for a day, Hmm that's all I got right now.
No. 72209 ID: 19b3c3

"Keeping our pants on this time".
No. 72235 ID: 93ed4d

More like "no pants to keep on"
No. 72236 ID: 735f4f

So does Eadoo wear boxers or panties? Or would the panties need to be "special" order. Now the image is stuck in my head.
No. 72240 ID: b9d767

Question: what classes are available for Eadoo to pursue? We may be a Rogue right now, but later we may want to choose something more....Kingly.
No. 72243 ID: 888df6

Blasphemy, rogue kings are the best kings. Thieves also make excellent kings.
No. 72246 ID: 735f4f

Kingpin of course.
No. 72247 ID: 19b3c3

Prestige class: charming rogue. Gives a significant bonus to all cha rolls, and allows us to roll cha as a stackable bonus against other rolls. :V
No. 72248 ID: e3aff6

Would we get circumstance bonuses for snappy one-liners?
No. 72853 ID: 150fea

Rogue can eventually class up into either bard or thief... by the looks of it, you guys will be bard.

yeah it's kinda like that.
No. 72866 ID: 9ddf68

I'm already liking this new thread
1) Name title "Keeping our pants on this time" even though the cover picture for the thread is Eadoo standing nude
2) get three post in and already ruin the title by revealing the lie that it is
3) ... I'll let you know when I stop laughing

Oh and why was Eadoo sleeping naked next to a dead rotting bear? I mean I know we're in the bear but earlier she wouldn't even let us hug him and now Eadoo is willing to cuddle with us nude? Did I miss something?
No. 72869 ID: 150fea

freezing winter is cold and you have a nice fur coat... though a little dirty, its warm... indeed Eadoo would be far less reluctant to hug you... maybe once her naughty bits go down though...
No. 72883 ID: ef6b60

I'm just glad eadooquest got a third chapter and didn't get a permanent hiatus
No. 72925 ID: 01531c

Is Eadoo circumsized or is that part of being a Kobold?

I forget, was Eadoo a kobold or human before the Chaos Witch cursed her?

If we classify Eadoo's gender+sexuality as King, that may mean we have to replace any use of her/him with 'the King'.

>"Look at Eadoo, can't you see she's tired?"
>"Look at Eadoo, can't you see The King is tired?"
No. 72926 ID: 01531c

>>"Look at Eadoo, can't you see The King is tired?"
>"Look at Eadoo, can't you see our King is tired?"
No. 73092 ID: 150fea

first off. Sorry for the slow update rate. I do what I can when I can.

eum... Eadoo does still have foreskin... so no... I think? hold on let me check, I always mess up the two...

she was and egg before the witch cursed her and she was born a weak small and frail female kobold instead of a big strong manly kobold... though she kept the penis she would of had, and it's just as manly and has all the vigor as it would of been/had...

I agree with us classifying he/she/it as king for Eadoo...
No. 73302 ID: c23ab0


Technically the witch was the one who made Eadoo a big strong manly kobold in the first place, so I don't know if that counts as cursing our king.
No. 73369 ID: 4e12dc

tell us more about random facts of the setting. nothing like a fleshed out world
No. 73502 ID: 150fea

havent had time lately... but I'll make time.
No. 74473 ID: b28863

My personal opinion of Eadoo quest went from mildly disinterested and kinda disappointed to very interested and fully invested in only two posts,
Thanks Tg, you're a great crowd!
No. 74479 ID: 735f4f

Oh which posts did you like?
No. 74497 ID: b28863

from when Shenzi got knocked out all the way to the one I'm gonna post soon. But more than my posts, it's your participation that I'm loving~
No. 74509 ID: 01531c

Thanks for choosing all of my suggestions for the past few updates!

It made me feel all giddy and excited, to have my plans finally be picked! :D

I should probably note that I'm actually two IP addresses, so i'm Two ID's.
>ID: 01531c
At work.
>ID: f0357f
At home.
No. 74510 ID: beeca1

From what I can tell based off of my withdrawn suggestion, it seems like every suggestion is used unless it's argued down, withdrawn, or conflicting with another. And it *is* nice to be included like that, I have to say.
No. 74547 ID: b9d767

So, does anyone here have any good ideas on how to break Shenzi to our will? Because I don't think there will be much of a chance to reform her unless we tear down her giant ego.
No. 74550 ID: 735f4f

I was thinking that we could offer her "services" as a reward to any of the tribe that did well at stuff we have them do.

Like whoever brought the most food back could do what they liked to her for the night.

But am worried about the whole knife in the side thing. Don't want to have it get loose or cause any extra damage to her body.
No. 74551 ID: b9d767

That's easy! First we sedate Shenzi's body so she is unconscious and cannot react. Then we remove the knife and treat the wound. Then we replace our form within her in a place where it won't fall out or cause any damage.

Speaking of Shenzi, do we know what physical stats she has? Because now that we have a semi-permanent body, those are now effectively our physical stats.
No. 74558 ID: b28863

if I picked you so often it's because your posts were spot on and you should feel good about it, which you apparently do... yeah~!

yup that's pretty much it, unless also the post kinda doesn't correlate with the current action A)talking about long term strats.

And yes, already got her stats on paper, just need to draw her in such a way that I don't vomit... She's hard to draw...
No. 74841 ID: b28863
File 137590133702.jpg - (231.51KB , 800x533 , Shenzi stats.jpg )

Shenzi-Marie "Predatorra Veldetta" Jackalina, Ferocious leader of the last course, grand Bitter And Violator of the black claw, JinTao and Sir Indrik Solomon the just.
Level 4 bard
Level 4 Warrior


-Song bird [+10 to singing]
-Native dancer [+15 to dance and flexibility]
-Pick up strings [no malus for using instruments untrained]
-Make em squeal [+10 to torture]
-Spontaneous basher [no malus for improvised weapons]
-Raging might [+15 str for a short time, causes tiring aftermath]
-Weapon trained [Can wield clubs, spears, swords, and maces both one handed or two]
-Man Grappler [+10 to grapples]
-Ferocious leader [No malus to harming dear allies]
-Grand bitter [+15 ws to biting and teeth are considered two handed lethal weapons]
-Violator (three ranks) [+5 to submission via violation (+15)]
-Territorial [-15 cha. and fel. towards females]
-Thalassophobia [-20 to all actions when in the ocean]
-gutted alive (two ranks) [-10 to all actions when fresh organs are visible (-20)]
-Liquor addiction [-20 to avoid consuming liquor]
-Liquor withdrawl (temp) [-5 to cha, will and fel]
No. 74842 ID: 735f4f

Oh man she is a bard? No wonder she took it hard when we beat her at singing.
No. 74902 ID: 4e12dc

She can dance? We`ll dance for Eadoo, and see where it goes from there.
No. 74915 ID: c9a24b

It's kind of crazy how many people are hoping Sh3nzi and Eadoo hook up - rapey or no... not that I personally have any problem with that. Even makes a certain amount of sense from the gnoll > hyena > sexual dominance standpoint.
No. 74918 ID: 41690e

...I really don't understand why it's so hard to convince people that mind control rape is an absolutely terrible thing we shouldn't even be remotely considering.
No. 74919 ID: beeca1

Seriously, this. The only reason I suggested it was because I didn't know she was completely unable to resist our commands.

Look, just because she's a rapist doesn't mean it's okay to rape her, especially mindrape. Two wrongs do not make a right, especially when the second wrong is much worse than the first one.
No. 74928 ID: bfbe79

I'm just saying I understand the reasoning. I don't think anyone is disputing that rape is evil, but it would still be an option for (possibly) getting Shenzi as a stable follower. I just think it really doesn't fit how Eadoo has been developing so far. (As an aside, the "didn't know she was under complete control" thing doesn't hold water for me - it doesn't matter whether she has "some" free will - the whole "starts out as rape but then she ends up liking it" is a creation by porn people to allow those who enjoy rape as a fantasy lie to themselves to assuage their guilt. If you're being raped it doesn't matter what your body does - it's rape and it's awful.) Either way though, I'm not judging. It's all imaginary ffs. Thoughtcrime isn't here... yet.

(Btw, I read those two responses as kind of gripes against me, if I misread, then my apologies and ignore that first bit.)

OK long-ass post incoming

I think we have two "paths" to possibly getting Shenzi as a follower / companion. We can try to outdo her at her own game and dominate her via threats of violence / violation. The up side is we wouldn't have to challenge her worldview or "fix" her personality to achieve this - just convince her we really are the bigger bitch. We also may be able to lure back the more violent gnolls who didn't accept us initially if they see we can be just as bad as the last boss (kinda doubt this though). The down side is, judging by her stats and previous behavior, it may just be impossible to dominate her this way. Her whole persona is so centered on being Queen Bitch that she a) may not be able to ever accept that we are really in charge or b) once she realizes it's true, may be so damaged by her broken ego that she's never really as strong a follower as she was as a leader (ie lost perks / more disadvantages). I think it's also important to note that probably the best case scenario ends with her just being a host body. We could never trust her without the knife.

The second option is to slowly earn her trust/respect to the point where she either accepts us as a "pack" leader or companion AS WELL AS slowly try to change her thinking and steer her away from the whole raping, pillaging Queen Bitch persona she's been operating her pack under. I think this is probably going to be much more difficult and slow, but in the long run better for us. We have the chance to come out with a very strong warrior, who (if we manage a true conversion) would be more than just a host for us (which don't forget, her as a permanent host means if we ever run into a combat situation where we really need to try to knifejack somebody else, we're going to be stuck with a rampaging gnoll with every reason to try to get some bloody revenge).

I think the key to making this work is back when she said "Shenzi: I'm not weak... assholes... I'm not...." This could be a hint that her methods of leadership and behavior aren't just because she's a jerk doing what jerk gnolls do - she's overcompensating for some serious self-doubt. (It also stands to reason that she grew up in a similar pack and probably spent a long time in a weaker position until she grew strong enough to leave / take over). If we get her to confront this and convince her that our way is a better, stronger way, (and that SHE can be stronger) maybe that will start us on the path to getting her to trust us instead of hate us. If we want to get a little meta, we also know she has a weakness for liquor and is very territorial towards other females (I suppose males aren't usually rivals in gnoll society). So possibly help her overcome her addiction, and convnice her to look at Eadoo as a male - not a weak one, but at least not a female who 'must' be challenged for dominance. (she was supposed to be born male, right?). The more I think about it, the more I doubt we'll ever be able to get her as a willing companion who also sees herself as our inferior. The best we can hope is earn enough gratitude and respect that she does us the "favor" of coming along with us to bash heads.

One final thing to consider is how Martin is going to take to all this given his homophobia. After all, if he's decided that Eadoo is a male, he may decide the same about Shenzi - in which case all of her past um, activities, with her underlings definitely would be "going against god". (Nvm the whole rapist thing, who knows which of our companions apart from Will have issues with that.)
No. 74940 ID: 01531c

Gnoll politics are frustrating.
No. 74996 ID: 97e969

According to Flynns description of the black scrawl, those who have their soul eaten loose their memories and personality, we could eat some of her memories to reformat her if things don't work.
No. 75031 ID: bfbe79

Yeah, I suppose zombifying her is always a viable third option, I just personally think it would be a shame to wipe a full character when we might have the chance to add her as a follower instead.
No. 75032 ID: dbe554


We did become Neutral, rather then good or evil, we could choose anything we really wanted afterall.
No. 75037 ID: a3bfdd

Guess that's true. So far we've been on the good side I'd say, and our companions are too... but, this is certainly a point where we could go the other direction and flex our tyrant muscles. Doubt we'll come to a consensus though.
No. 75138 ID: b28863
File 137644145539.jpg - (280.75KB , 1000x667 , bansai.jpg )

Banzai-Tonio "sapien Legatus" Ferron, Novice diplomat of port royal and bridge maker.

Level 4 merchant


Versed in mercantile - [+10 to appraise]
Currency bound - [Banzai knows the fairs of most currencies and can convert them easily]
Diverse and cultured - [+10 to knowledge: local]
Of many tongues - [Banzai knows two additional languages(Elven and Dwarven)]Gnoll,common,elven,dwarven and merraid in all
Novice diplomat - [+10 to diplomacy]
Bridge maker - [-5 to opposing malus when treating with xenophobes]
I want the gold! - [-5 to resist the temptation of wealth]
Scheming merchant - [Banzai can't ignore his plotting mind]
No. 75430 ID: b28863
File 137711502785.jpg - (392.36KB , 1000x667 , eadoo banging bacon porn.jpg )

Also made a more porn savy version, for you pervs out there... happy fapping~

But lets get back to serious now
No. 75437 ID: 6d5e30

It really didn't take long for this to hit serious gutter quality. It's a shame, your art is so good, and you were hinting at some iconic struggle, ut it's gotten so... disjointed. It's the non-gender binary squad with maximum tits and cock.

Give the anonymous masses control and suddenly it's bondage, submission, and rape. Porn can ruin a quest? Fine, but this isn't something the players even went straight for. First it's getting laid in the tavern (that makes sense), but from there on it's superfluous unnecessary addition of every chance possible to insert cock or pussy into it. The most overcompensating transexual isn't going to drop their pants to prove they are a man. Waking up with a hard on might be realistic, but it contributes nothing to the already meandering story.

I mean, it could still be good AS porn, but you are past the point of no return and then some by this point. This is Porn quest, wannabe king.
No. 75439 ID: fc4094

Meh, I think it's alright. Flynn set a general vibe and we kinda just followed it. And it wouldn't be . Flynnquest without blatant pornography, but in his own words, let's get serious now
No. 75440 ID: a3bfdd

I think it's fine; and if someone doesn't like Flynn's stuff, they are free to follow a different quest. As long as a quest has fans, who cares about content? There are others I've checked out that don't stick for me; but it's all a matter of taste.
No. 75445 ID: 7851c2

I think a sex quest is fine if that's what you set out to make, but if I recall, Flynn had eventual problems with previous quests due to their slides into porn distracting from what they were intended to be. It wouldn't be good for that to happen again.

Like, quest authors have to shepherd their suggesters a little, you know? You can indulge the sex suggesters a bit, sure, but do it too much and then all the other suggestions will fade away and the quest will grind to a halt.
No. 75448 ID: dbe554

Eh, I enjoy it either way. Sex, serious quest. Serious sex quest, All good.
No. 75449 ID: bfbe79

I suppose that's true, but I don't think it's something to worry about here. Flynn has been updating very regularly, so clearly he's working hard on this. It's early to be calling doom and gloom, and personally I don't think we've really diverted from the story at all. Just worked out that the story involved some sex. Like Flynn said, now we can move on to the next thing. (Also, there have been many many many many sex suggestions ranging from vanilla to "quick rape everything in sight" that Flynn *has* glossed over; so I'd say he's herding us pretty well.)
No. 75450 ID: bfbe79

Also this, for me personally. And Flynn did a full spoiler for those who have disagree and don't want to read or see anything.
No. 75718 ID: b28863

>we should have a body drawn. Artists spirits! Do your things

Why didn't I think of that??!
If anyone wants to submit a drawing of what your spirit form looks like feel, free to do so as of now. If you're not very good at drawings you can simply describe your idea and maybe a friendly artist will make it happen! If you like to draw but don't have ideas maybe a friendly thinker will show you the way~

By the way, I do speak 5 year old doodle, so don't be shy~
No. 76123 ID: bfbe79
File 137893069776.jpg - (275.43KB , 1600x1200 , Gatling 1 copy.jpg )

Finally got around to sketching out an idea for how Gatling might appear to others in dream / telepathy situations. Initially was thinking a dichotomous good/evil version of a kodama from Princess Mononoke basically, but after the head it just kinda turned into this. I'm thinking he would appear to be made of a tarry / goopy ectoplasm gunk sorta stuff with a transparency and consistency that could vary depending on which aspect of his persona is at the forefront - when good he would perhaps be less tarry and more wispy and shining a golden light like a typical portrayal of a good spirit. The "snake" eye is actually the good side, and at the moment is dormant - appearing almost to just be painted on and not a real eye at all. When "open" it would actually be more of a beautiful slanted cat eye shape, golden or amber and the evil side would be just a very basic circular shape with a violet pupil and no iris.

Being a purely spiritual entity, his body would be malleable and theoretically he could reshape himself to appear differently, but I think things like color and texture and his head should remain semi-static so there's consistency in how he appears. I figured worm/snake works since he's in a lot of ways a spiritual parasite, latching onto host bodies. Could even work in a slow change to the chains / manacles on Shenzi and eventually have it turn out that was Gatling all along - wrapped all around her like a giant leech-octopus-tubeworm beasty, just appearing as chains because that's how Shenzi's mind interpreted his presence.

Aesthetically this is all a bit creepy, and I left room on the canvas intending to do a more "cute" or friendly version he might adopt when he's trying not to freak folks out - his idea of a smile. But I fail at making a cute that matches Flynn's stuff, so I'll leave it for another.

Oh, and tail hand because he wants to say hi, and thingamajig on his head because I was going to make it more pronounced and flipped forward in the cute mode... but I leave that in the hands of Flynn who is much much better than I for cuteifying things. (Assuming this is used at all - was fun in any case.)
No. 76125 ID: b28863
File 137893793985.jpg - (121.94KB , 800x533 , snake thingum.jpg )

well here's my best efforts to recreate your submission but make it less creepy... I think I made it more creepy... and didn't capture it's essence...
No. 76126 ID: bfbe79

Well probably just replacing the snake body with typical ghost body (transparent tattered cloth/armor with no legs) would help if you wanted to cut the creepy down further. I really like how you did his head. The embedded halo especially.
No. 76127 ID: dbe554

Actually I will agree, the horn/halo thing is quite an interesting look at the neutral based feeling of it.

Though I think the evil eye should be an inverted good eye. Black iris with a yellow pupil
No. 76129 ID: 5869f6

Ditch worm body, something more humanoid. Better for embracing/hugging/cuddling etc.
Also invert the eye color, yellow on black.
For possible clothing. Our good side could be dressed in formal wear. While our evil side is clad in tattered/ rusted armor. Which would accent our bi-polar nature. In that we call for peace at times, and at others cry for blood.
No. 76137 ID: bfbe79
File 137895861436.jpg - (378.92KB , 1600x1200 , Gatling 2 b copy.jpg )

Running out of steam here, so I'll throw up what I was working on. Very sketchy still, but you can get the gist. Think Gat's apparel should be sort of in grayscale, so the cape is sort of the neutral - tattered, but not too dark and still beautiful and imposing in a way; the armor bits almost look like a photo negative, so dark they seem to eat the light around them; then a monastic / paladin looking robe under it all and down one arm - loose and regal, like something a buddhist monk might wear.

Legs or not, could see it going either way - could also just pull a casper and have his robe fade more and more as you go down.

Was going to make his "evil" arm a little grotesque and furry. I don't think a completely human anatomy is the way to go, but his other arm and hand would be more human.

A bifurcated tail could be cool too (thinking of the first image of the first thread) - starts as one, then splits half way down with one tail being demonesque and the other being... a lion? dunno

*I'm also not completely sure about whether his body should have any difference from side to side... it's kind of been done a lot. May be better just to let his face and clothing/armor communicate his dual nature*
No. 76138 ID: 07e3a8

I'd say just leave the dual-ness on the face, and dress us in a suit. A nice suit can scream good or evil, all depending on how you present yourself.

It's kind of a classic for the trickster to appear that way, and that's basically what we are.
No. 76146 ID: bfbe79

Like a modern business suit? I kinda think the clothing should match the setting (fantasy/medieval). There haven't been any anachronisms so far, so it would kinda clash to have Gat in a 3 piece.
No. 76149 ID: 5869f6

I'd say that of a noble. A noble can be good or evil, power corrupts, they say. Generosity or greed. Give or take.
No. 76150 ID: dbe554


Something simple, like this?
No. 76707 ID: 796434

Do the e621 posts have any meaning? Most of them are reposts but there is some original content.
No. 76717 ID: a25b38

a friend of mine, who would like to remain anonymous, payed for a series of drawing, a commission I gladly accepted. Basically it's a what if scenario of the encampment events. I like to call it the game over series. It's non cannon but falls withing the very possible events... the next series I'm making for him is during, or rather after the tent sex scene...

There's more pics I didn't post on e621... somewhat more explicit... Hens why he wanted to remain anonymous, and also to avoid making a ruckus on tg. I could post them on 621 or maybe post the tamer ones here... your call folks...

I'd like to take this moment to show how very grateful I am, he who will not be named, your commission has kept me alive this month and I'm ever so very grateful. I'll be working very hard on the next set and the ones after that~
No. 76720 ID: c23ab0
File 138138977594.png - (334.25KB , 615x470 , youknowwhattodo.png )

No. 76721 ID: da4ec6

Just post them on e621, when it's all done I'll compile it and post a link here.
No. 76729 ID: c23ab0

I honestly don't care. Do what you like. I just really wanted to use a "do it faggot" image. c:
No. 76730 ID: dbe554

More pictures!
No. 76811 ID: 796434


Post it on 621.
No. 76819 ID: 0ed457

sorry things have been getting in the way. I'll post em on e621 tonight (I.E. As soon as my little bro stops breathing down my neck)
No. 76823 ID: 0ed457

Welp, there they are...
No. 76840 ID: 796434


Didn't notice anything new except for the Eadoo picture until I disabled my blacklist. That explains why you didn't post them. Well, the blacklist exists for a reason.
No. 76867 ID: 5807dc

More evidence that your quests are an amazing flagship for everything that is wrong with tgchan

(This user has been banned for this post.)
No. 76876 ID: 0ed457

I wish I could disagree... oh well~
I've got my fanbase and I like it here. No plan on leaving anytime soon. besides I got payed to draw that~Teehee
No. 76906 ID: 00b91b

Just following orders, eh? I could think of another group of people who did that...
No. 76916 ID: dbe554


Everything wrong? You must have it differently, it seems like he's doing everything riiiight!
No. 76917 ID: 9fa9cb

I don't know. It had potential in the beginning but it's gotten pretty gross and now it seems like it's a quest in service of its messed-up perversions. I guess that's Flynnmerk for you.
No. 76947 ID: ec117d

Well you're entitled to your opinion, just remember others are as well and some of us are fine with the "perversions" and have faith that the story will continue. Personally I think Flynn dialed back on how explicit things have been lately; but I suppose you're bothered by Roz getting bedicked? (If so then yeah this might not be the quest for you. Could have been titled Eadoo's Quest: the Endickening).
No. 76948 ID: 5bf190

>others are as well and some of us are fine with the "perversions"
>this might not be the quest for you

But the issue with quests is, quests need their suggesters to help guide the way it goes - and a variety of suggesters, at that. When certain things turn up that can turn some people away - for example, penises - they need to be handled carefully. If you're clumsy about how you're using them, it can lead to a big mess and a disappointment on both sides. You have to watch where you put them and make sure you can maintain your stamina. Don't push it too far or for too long.

That's enough innuendo.

Seriously, though. Certainly, one shouldn't shy from any subject, especially one that's important to the story you want to tell, but you need to be careful. If you stray into territory that repels some people, and push it too much, they most likely won't say anything - they'll just stop reading and stop suggesting, which makes it hard to realize that it's happening. Then, that leaves you with only suggesters who are ok with it. And in the specific case that said content is sexual, the people who are ok with it are often the people who actually want it, which means that they'll make suggestions that lead to more such content. If you follow those suggestions, you can end up pushing away more of the border people, further lowering your readerbase and eliminating the people who would suggest "away" from the sexual content. Eventually, you can end up with a majority of readers whose primary interest is just in the sex, and since those readers are helping guide what happens, the actual story falls by the wayside and eventually dies.

In short: you need to pace yourself with some subjects, or you can end up in a declining cycle of diminishing readership that diverts the whole thing into a doomed porn quest.
No. 76949 ID: bfbe79

Can't really argue with anything you said regarding the danger of devolving into a porn quest by slowly alienating those interested in things besides porn; however I do think Flynn handled this most recent unexpected penile intrusion as tactfully as possible and thus feel safe thinking that the quest shall continue with no more than a 50/50 porn/story ratio ;D If he were only catering to the porn folks we would have had Roz's dick slapping us in the face for the last three panels. Personally my penis would have been okay with that, as he's a friendly fellow who likes to meet pants-comrades, and I'm sure Flynn would have no problem with it, so I can only assume that Roz kept it in her pants because a) it made sense that she has no interest in flashing it around and b) Flynn is aware that there is such a thing as too much penis, and for some of his readers that starts at 1.

As an aside, the transgender/intersex aspect of many of the characters is part of what makes them interesting for me. When handled well it adds a whole facet to a character and allows for storytelling about situations that might not normally even occur to the average individual. If you've never actually met a transperson then you probably have never considered what their view is, what their life has been like, the sorts of conflicts they may have gone through, the things that are harder, the things that are easier. Gender dysphoria is a hell of a thing, especially if the person is in a society where most are hostile or ignorant of the condition. Granted, that doesn't seem to be the case here thus far, but it still makes the characters more complex. Would Martin and Roz's relationship be as interesting if he were a genetic male?

Anyway, just my .02.
No. 76954 ID: de9231


If doing commissions offsite is what's wrong with tgchan, I don't think trying to fix that would leave many authors...
No. 76963 ID: 0ed457
File 138242185196.jpg - (262.50KB , 800x533 , cover.jpg )

I meant to continue in that thread but okay... eum...
Drawing contest!! : draw a sketch or finished product of what should be the next thread cover page, the winner will... well... get his page on the cover!

I'll gladly draw your sketches and doodles into a complete drawing for the cover if you like. (I've taken stick figures to full bodied characters before so don't be shy, post your best idea, get inspired!! and have fun)
No. 76968 ID: c9b053

>Eadoo sitting on a throan with another object that he will gain this chapter. Well dressed in royal garb and with two to five women at his feet or coveting his limbs.
Could someone draw this?
No. 76977 ID: b386b4


I'm not saying the quest has gotten that far, I'm just saying hey, be careful. I'd say that even 50/50 porn and story, as you say, is a dangerous level.

See, porn quests are always doomed. It's a simple matter of biology; people who want to read porn either are horny or become so when they read it; and when they're not horny, perhaps because they've satisfied themselves for the evening, they stop wanting to read porn. If you don't have enough non-porn, then you won't be able to engage their interest enough for them to stick around when they're not horny. And in general, it's when they're not horny that they'll make actual story suggestions, whereas when they are horny they'll just want to make suggestions that lead to more porn. And the more porny the quest is, the more likely they'll be horny by the time they read up to the section where they can make suggestions. So you not only have the problem of alienating some of your readership to begin with, but you can put your remaining readers in a mental state where they won't care for much except making porny suggestions. This is why so many sex quests have died. They are, at the very least, harder to keep going for very long. And it can be a honey trap, because sex quests often provoke enthusiastic praise from their audience.

Again, I'm not making condemnations or saying you need to get rid of certain things, and as you say, transgender characters (for example) are entirely valid and can be very interesting; and I'm not saying this quest is under some cosmic destiny of failure or that it's a bad quest or anything like that. I'm just trying to air a bit of advice: stay self-aware, and take some care.
No. 76992 ID: bfbe79

Actually the 50/50 was a joke, hence the winkin' smiley. ;D I think the ratio is way lower than that throughout the whole quest, unless stuff like half-nude semi-tribal gnolls counts as sex. Anyway, I respect your opinion and can't really refute your conclusions re: the dangers of a porn quest (I just don't think Eadoo's qualifies). I also respect the levelheaded way you expressed your view. It's a nice change to see legitimate constructive criticism/advice on this board rather than the usual polar opposites of flames/trolls or mindless praise/white knights.
No. 77062 ID: 0ed457
File 138266110348.jpg - (223.14KB , 800x533 , like this.jpg )

something like this?

>with another object that he will gain this chapter.
What object?

Any other suggestions?
No. 77066 ID: bfbe79

I didn't get time to work on anything yet, but I think it should be something lighthearted and humorous since that's always been a strong point of this quest. Ideally it would also show or symbolize how Eadoo's group has grown, since that's probably the biggest thing she's accomplished since the start of the quest. Just throwing out a few things off the top of my head: different characters as floating heads like the Brady Bunch intro. Or a few members of our party playing an intense game of poker with some of the villains (maybe strip poker but pg rated with just some folks down to their underwear and so on). Or maybe just a sort of zoomed out scene from camp in the evening with different characters getting up to different activities - some might be playing a dodge ball sort of game, some might be gambling, some might be listening to a story, some might be drooling while Bacon cooks, etc.

You could also do a sort of continuation of the chapter 2 picture - a similar scene with Eadoo standing on a high vantage point, gazing out across the land - except this time with all of her companions surrounding / backing her up.

You could also do a variation on "Pose as a team, because shit just got real" a la
No. 77073 ID: 0ed457
File 138266984875.jpg - (171.38KB , 800x533 , zelda quest.jpg )

I found an old concept for a quest I never did... The main character was later recycled into Martin. I guess if I was to submit an idea for the contest it would be a reworked copy of this...
But I know it's kinda blasphemous to vote for yourself, so I'm not, Equal parties everyone...
No. 77089 ID: e1e68c

Martin was originally hylian?! my vote is for that pic, provided we focus more on manly Martin this chapter.
No. 77097 ID: bfbe79

Has a very Legend of Zelda feel to it, with the pointy ears and fairy. Not that that's a bad thing.
No. 77107 ID: 4e12dc

and hyroulian crest and the picture being called zelda quest. By the way I vote for this
No. 77108 ID: 4e12dc

forgot to ask, any particular reason why you didn't do zelda quest?
No. 77163 ID: 5869f6

Why does noone use halberds anymore? They're cool.
No. 77256 ID: ca473e

Hey new thread weeeh. Sorry we didn't really contribute to the contest. It's a lot of work thinking up something that important and then drawing it. You'd probably have better luck with something more simple like picking an outfit when we go clothing shopping - make us a "doll" of the characters then let us dress em up~
No. 77258 ID: a5188f
File 138314349152.png - (13.60KB , 500x500 , Eadoo fanart.png )

Quickie I whipped up, maybe for next time?
Of the main 'four' of the group- no offense to the gnolls!
No. 77279 ID: f654f2

I felt I didn't know enough about the zelda lore and wound't be able to replicate it well... but after recently reading the zelda book of lore I realize there's not much to know...

Halberds are cool~ expect more of them.

something like that, and yeah I understand, the cover page needs to have character and it's unruly of me to expect the audience to anticipate the theme and feel of the next chapter since they didn't see it yet. Ultimately it was just my laziness wanting someone else to design it for me... but oh well, just recycled an old drawing.
And yeah, there will be some preset clothes but get your ideas ready for them...

I love it! Next chapter even if some of them die unexpectedly.
No. 77282 ID: bfbe79

die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly die unexpectedly

No. 77283 ID: f654f2

There's always the possibility, I did not mean that as in: "One of them will die next chapter" But rather, watch out, it's always possible...
No. 77284 ID: f654f2
File 138317343914.jpg - (621.25KB , 2314x1718 , eadoo clothes.jpg )

Well... it's expected to have a clothes drawing thing... May as well let you start early, not waste any time. take your time though, you've got plenty~
No. 77287 ID: bfbe79
File 138318067016.jpg - (277.44KB , 2314x1718 , all the pants nothing but the pants.jpg )

Couldn't resist. No, not a serious suggestion, but hopefully this is enough pants to satisfy everyone? Full Gilligan baby.
No. 77592 ID: f654f2
File 138427987584.jpg - (420.47KB , 800x935 , money explained.jpg )

Welp! I figure it's about time I make concrete on how money works in my quest... As we're about to spend some of it.

The Royal imperial coin is very wide spread throughout the land of Allaria, though it depicts the kings head and emblems, it is commonly used by other communities, such as dwarfs and elves, as the coins are made of precious metals, though their face value might not be exact when not in the hands of an imperial merchant.
The imperial measurement for coinage can easily be seen as flawed and meaningless, but the reason for such strange increments is that the actual value of the coins, are its weight in material. For such reason, many imperial merchants prefer trading coins by weight and not face value.
The coins have names based on their backside, copper coins are known as teeth, silver coins as rooks, gold coins are called crowns, adamantine coins are known as Thrones and empirium coins are called empires... Though empirium coins are very rare and scarcely traded.

Copper coins are the bread and butter of the peasant folk, most men work full weeks for a handfull of teeth and can barely sustain their wife and kids.
Silver coins are the work of currency, the more common of the coins, a rook or two could have a quality suit made and a spare few could cover to buy a good sword.
Gold coins are the dreams of adventurers, a single coin is worth a family's food for a month. toss a few crowns around and a house can quickly arise from nothingness.
Adamantine coins are polishes to a glistening turquoise, coveted by wealthy merchants, they serve mostly as currency for mass trade. The rare metal is found deep below the magma sea.
Empirium coins are the rarest of all, its said that a single coin could buy an empire, hence the name.

12 copper = 1 silver
40 silver = 1 gold
20 gold = 1 adamantine
128 adamant = 1 empirium

current standing:
Eadoo has 7Sc 8Cc (the elf gave him a fair sum hopping the best for him) + about 4Gc in pelts
Shenzi has 29Sc 53Cc
Martin has 2Gc 15Sc 30Cc
Banzai has a great sum but refuses to tell how much "no offence, but last time I told a "good friend" exactly how much money I own, he tried to kill me in my sleep" (though most of his wealth is in the vaults of the imperial merchants guild)
No. 77593 ID: bfbe79

That's actually pretty neat. Seems like you put a lot of thought into the money system. I wonder whether Banzai is in the adamant league of merchants yet... It's also nice that we seem to have enough to give everyone in our party some tlc/r&r. Let's spread the wealth and put a smile on as many faces as we can.
No. 77609 ID: 0a58ee

Changing the subject off money for a second,(Even though it is cool, and I love that Banzai is a merchant, and I wanna see him use his skills and do cool merchanty things) I noticed on the http://tgchan.org/wiki/Eadoo's_Quest page it lists Gatling as being a "Level 6 male/female Sentient Shard" when Gatling reached level 7 in the second thread just after taking over Shenzi and gaining the gnolls as followers.

I am also wondering why Gatling started as level 5 to begin with, level 5 with nothing to show for it but taking longer to level up to higher levels and gain new abilities. At level 5 we had no abilities, no stats, nothing. Unless it's all 'forgotten' and will come back later it makes little sense, every other character has at least their level number of abilities, and we are level 7 with only 2 abilites, and we don't even have stats, wouldn't taking control of a living creature be an opposed mental check of some kind(will or something?)? We should at least have mental stats, elsewise what happens when we face a dragon or some kind of nearly all powerful being? Stab knife in and auto-control them?

And supposing along with these telepathic powers we gain telekenisis at some point(it'd be so cool if we did) to stab ourselves into things should all our allies be incapacitated, we'd probly need physical stats for how powerful a stab or throw or whatever we could do too, but if it's a psychic thing it could probly be substituted for mental checks, since it'd be a power of the mind(s) thing.

Anyhow, just wondering what's up with level being wrong on that page and less abilities per level than anyone else and no stats is about.
No. 77610 ID: f654f2

>Unless it's all 'forgotten' and will come back later


But yes you are right, you should have some mental stats... I'll think something up real soon, I should of done this sooner! thank you kind sir for bringing this to light~
No. 77611 ID: 0a58ee

What about fixing the level? It says level 6 when we made level 7. Much as I like being able to make another level sooner than later I feel like it should be kept up to date and not forgotten. And while being OP and auto-mind controlling anything is cool, I honestly feel like it'd be more interesting if some highly intelligent and willful creatures might be able to resist long enough to remove our shard.

But like if they are forced to keep fighting with our allies and don't get a moment to remove us, we might get another check to try and take over. Though, so far Shenzi has been the only living thing we took over, and she probly wasn't that hard. But if it was a wizard or necromancer or something with a powerful mind, it should be harder. I would think since we wouldn't really have physical stats, our mental abilities might be something to be reckoned with though, for our level anyhow. Min/maxing for the win, all mental stats and no physcial ones at all.
No. 77614 ID: fc937d

>why's the level wrong?
Because it's really easy to forget to change the level when copy and pasting new feats into the wiki.

And because the stats on the wiki are reader-complied references, not the DM's notes, nor maintained by him.

And because the wiki has like 1.5 active members maintaining it and I don't spend all my time double checking a single quest's minutia.

Geeze. Fixed.
No. 77615 ID: 0a58ee

I'm sorry... I thought it was maintained by Boy With The Broken Halo
No. 77625 ID: f654f2

Yeah sorry about not supporting my own wiki page, I tried once but cant remember why it didn't work... I think I tried to make an account or something, but that didn't work for some reason... I'll try again~
No. 77632 ID: fc937d

It's fine, the number of authors who actually maintain their own stat pages is pretty small (and mostly limited to very stat and mechanics driven quests). There's certainly no obligation.

(And my response was probably testy-er than it should have been, anyways).
No. 77641 ID: b8ceae

Wait, 1,228,800 copper is enough to buy an empire?
If it takes a week to earn a "handful", then lets assume "handful" means seven. So it's 1 copper to feed a family for a day. Equate that to 4 adults.
The absolute minimum cost to field an army is the cost to feed it. So one empirium is 307,200 soldier-days, or enough to keep an army of 3,413 fed for 90 days. Wages and equipment would cut that down significantly.

That's not enough money to run a nation, but it could be enough to hire mercenaries to conquer one for you. Or, more realistically, bribe a monarch to abdicate the throne to you.
No. 77649 ID: f654f2

Good math~
I'm glad you asked about the empirium. I've been meaning to post a series of walls of text depicting more of the lore in my quest, I guess I'll start with The War Of Empirium!

the posts will likely have more than one image to break up the walls into smaller fences of text. but don't expect amazing artwork, its just for show and tell.
No. 77650 ID: beeca1

Another thing to consider: medieval nations are small. We're used to today's superpowers like Russia, China, and America with armies millions strong. That doesn't appear to be the case here. Medieval nations were commonly little more than city-states, and armies and wars were much smaller than they are today. An army of 10,000 was considered immense.

Let's say you have an army of 1,000. One empirium coin could keep them fed for most of a year- 307 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes, and 48 seconds, to be oddly precise. That's probably enough to pay officials, keep a smallish standing army, and have the option of hiring a decent force of mercenaries if needed.
No. 77747 ID: 0a58ee

When you say War of Emperium, I instantly think of Ragnarok Online. Because I recall that just before I quit they introduced a feature called War of Emperium, wherein guilds could battle all out to overtake and/or defend castles. In RO Emperium is a goldish gem said to be so gloriously resplendent that it's said just owning it is a sign that one is chosen by fate to wield great power. Essentially you need one to form a guild and become said new guild's leader.

I hadn't linked this Emperium to that Emperium until you said War of Emperium, are the two related?
No. 77809 ID: f654f2
File 138492091277.png - (901.76KB , 1000x667 , ages.png )

Time for some mother fucking lore~!

Okay, the War of Empirium, Very important time for humanity, not a good time so to speak, but an important one no less. Well kiddies lets first learn a bit about humanity first, so we can get situated.
The life of humanity is separated into junks known as ages, starting with the age of the birth of humanity and ending with nothing at all. I'll briefly explain these chunks, but I'll go into further detail some other day.

The age of birth - The age of Birth marked the very first human, at this time humans were partially sentient animals, brimming with potential and gifted with sin.

The age of Rising - gifted with the power of creation, humanity began to thrive slowly.

The age of Ascension - humanity is at its peak, ruling over all of Allaria as the dominant species, second only under gods.

The Age of Strife - humanity perishes rapidly, leaving a staggering 28 000 survivors. (the story of EadooQuest takes place in this age, how ever it has been many many generations since the dawn of the age of strife, and humanity has risen in number and power, they remain how ever a weak existence in the grand scheme of things.(exact number of humans unknown, but estimated around 720 000(on Allaria that is, the smallest continent, however outside contact has never been made and will not be relevant in this campaign)))

The age of unknown - quite simply it's unknown, as it has not yet occurred, Every previous age was once known as the age of unknown and from the age of unknown, new ages with spawn.
No. 77810 ID: f654f2
File 138492092446.png - (312.60KB , 1000x667 , sword.png )

During the age of Strife, humanity was scrambled. Angry, scared, savage... From the 200 Guilds of the old empires whittled down only 16. These 16 guilds fought for land, food and resources, blood shed was common-play and the little of humanity cracked like brittle clay...
But from these dark times came a single man, of imperial race and brandishing a sword of pure empirium, proclaiming himself king of all humanity.
He brought with him riches and resources, the source of which has always simply been "divine". Under his banner he assembled the 16 great guilds into nations. Appointing them to lead humanity back to its age of glory, rather than slaughter it.
The king divided his immense fortune into 16 equal parts and shared them among the new nations. each having enough to feed, shelter, commerce and even enjoy many years to come, and opening a new possibility for these empires to thrive.
As a final act of faith in his empires which would form his kingdom, he offered his holy sword. smelting the empirium blade and refining it into a black metal. with it he minted 16 coins of one ounce each, and these coins would represent their ultimate wealth. Each coin was worth the entire empire and each guild master was to keep it precious.(though their value went down with time, at the origin their value was = the empire)
No. 77811 ID: f654f2
File 138492093722.png - (283.70KB , 1000x667 , coins.png )

This ultimate act of faith would cost the king dearly, as with the sword fading, so to did vanish his divine power, and his immortality. Even so he lived three human lives, he would eventually find his end.
And through out the kings life, manny generation worshiped his being, and faithfully fueled humanity in peace and cooperation. But only five months after his death, the guild masters turned, bewildered byt he death of their god emperor and fueled by lust and greed.
The War of Empirium would outbreak in the following year, and the 16 nations slaughtered once more. Armies clashed and burned the lands in search of the black coins, and after 200 years of onslaught, one single man held them all. his wealth absolute, proclaiming himself king of empires and richer than 16 empires. and so under his banner assembled the entirety of humanity. His heir would rule in succesion for much time to come...

Though as we know, eventually humanity broke into three great parties, (as shown above) but what remained of the holy empire of man is what we see in the story.

The war of empirium took place roughly 12 generations ago.

>So... what shall we speak of next... The origines of humans? Elves? Dwarves? Kobolds? something else~?
No. 77831 ID: bee296

And from there we will see~ Seems like a good order of things to go through.
No. 77837 ID: bfbe79

I'm curious about gnolls as well - especially after we've been told they weren't always the roving bands of mercenaries/bandits that most are today.
No. 78013 ID: bd578d

just a kind of question about rolls -- I don't know if this has been answered. but, when you apply the changes, yknow +10 cuteness and such... they actually make the result worse, since you make the higher the number, the worse the result. I was just wondering if this has come to your attention, and all that...
No. 78014 ID: beeca1

I thought that for a bit. Not the case, it's a bit odd. That bonus doesn't apply to the roll itself, but rather the number it needs to be under. So if you have a +10 bonus and need to beat 75, the roll itself is unaffected, but it instead needs to be lower than 85 now.
No. 78034 ID: f654f2

yes that is right
No. 78473 ID: 939c7f

I`m sorry for the delay, its been a while, ive been meaning to update... school was coming to an end, and I needed to study for my finals, surely you can all understand? I will gladly post more of my quest after a few ideas for royal garb have brewed... until then I will tell more of the history of Allaria, I would gladly tell of the gnolls, there is much to say.
No. 78485 ID: 45e338

Did you win school?
No. 78796 ID: f654f2
File 138846485417.jpg - (201.99KB , 1000x667 , rozalin points down and says i never asked for thi.jpg )

pretty much, passed all my classes, save for one but the grade isn't locked in yet so I'm still counting~

who ever asked for this drawing, you're welcome... too so long because It wasn't a pressing matter, did it in my freetime.
No. 78809 ID: bfbe79

uhoh scary cyborg magidick
No. 78961 ID: f654f2
File 138913052547.jpg - (193.81KB , 800x533 , kobolds.jpg )

More lore~!


the birth of kobolds dates back to the age of accession. An age of great advancements and discovery, when man ruled in peace and harmony, not only with itself but with all, both nature and aether... During the age of accession, Humanity was at peace with nature and its inhabitants, the word wild did not signify at state of being but meerly a region of non construct. Treaties and alignments with the elves formed great bonds between humans and nature, and it's said that during this time there was no hunting and no farms, animals were free to be as they desired, but in exchange, they would sacrifice their flesh to humanity, a tax in exchange for peace.

During this time man was king of all beings on his holy earth, all but one; The mighty Dragon, that which ruled over the lands before man, remained an enemy to humanity in its great ascension. But, in an attempt to overthrow the age of man dragon brought its own ruin. The dragon, being impervious to attacks made itself immune to magic, becoming immortal... This angered the gods... and so the dragons were made sterile, humanity would win the fight against dragons by attrition, they would only have to wait for the mighty dragon to wither into dust... But man was kind, humanity forgave the dragons and offered to save them in exchange for peace. The finest alchemists were assembled to cure the dragons of their divine wrath, as magic would not suffice.

The alchemists found it impossible to break the divine locks and opted instead to create homunculys of the mighty beasts. But the creatures would not bend to their own spirits, the gods curse was strong indeed. so man needed to find a noble untapped soul to bind to the dragons body. many years and many trials failed to give life to the immortal creatures. one such attempt, mixed man with drake forming the dragon born, another fused dragons to hounds, forming the kobolds, and another with snakes creating the hydra. but all failed be be dragons... until an impure though crossed the minds of man... using ambrosia the alchemists created a single perfect dragon, but it too was steril and humanity could not produce enough ambrosia to safe the dragons... How ever this satisfied the dragons, they accepted their fate and slept, frozen in obsidian in wait for an age where man could produce the nectar of life and effectively safe their race. How ever... Mans age of acention came crashing down before that day would come...

The kobolds who survived the fall of humanity divided into three... Many travelled far to the west in search of new lands, others stayed in the south and the rest ventured to the east, into the obsidian barens... (as shown in pic)

the western kobold is more of a wolf than the rest, its long flat snout is dominant and its fur is black or blue. Though not the brightest, western kobolds are the strongest, tallest and posses the most vivid survival instincts, able to craft surprisingly effective weapons. They live in small nomad packs but are rarely hostile towards one another, Western kobolds are not territorial, despite leaving markings where ever they go. these scent trails serve to attract other tribes for trade, both of resources and strong men or fertile women. The tribes support each other with a mindset that when in need, another tribe will come to their aid. Western kobolds cherish the memories of their fallen very dearly and often commit to cannibalism of their brothers corps, believing that their ancestors souls will live on inside them.

Southern kobolds, or cutebolds as sometimes refereed to, evolved with an "everything's going to be fine" mentality, which did not get them very far. they do not posses large colonies and often times have difficulty getting by. Most kobolds live in tandem with goblins and mites, mixing in with other vermin rather well, causing riff raff for adventurers and dwarven colonies alike, but other kobolds form into farmsteads and try to make an honest living, though rarely successful. though most kobolds are not quite smart, they often times strongly believe to be very bright! Which may be the cause of such dumbness, as they often teach others of their findings and share their understanding of the world to their kin.

The more scaly kobolds crew to resemble their draconian kin. During the fall of accession, the western kobolds journeyed to the obsidian barens seeking to rejoin the dragons. Living in the obsidian barens made the kobolds ruthless and vicious, cruel as needed to live in the wastes... Often western kobolds form large, massive colonies in crevasses, numbering in hundreds to thousands. protecting their lives with all sorts of crude devilish creations, how ever these kobolds rarely live long and their greatest threat is themselves. unlike the western kobolds, the denizens of the obsidian barens constantly biker and struggle against one another and do not posses the slightest remorse for the death of their own kind.

>unless someone wants to know a specific culture, I'll probably explain the gnolls next<
No. 78962 ID: f654f2

oops. should of proof read that again... last paragraph speaks of eastern kobolds not western.
No. 79154 ID: f654f2

1) there's less and less postage in my quest. (I suspect its because there's less to say or too much to read.)
2) I don't post nearly enough (this causes more blocky walls of text and it makes attention more difficult.)
3) I'm tired of drawing such elaborate artwork for story time. (When I finish I'll colour and masterize the pics.)

Moral: I'm gona switch back to line art and basic shading. see yah soon~
No. 79226 ID: bfbe79

I think it's working nicely so far. Should keep some of the stress off you and keep the updates flying. :D

And when you do add the finishing touches and colors it makes that panel pop out and grab attention. Like the nifty lookin knives.
No. 79272 ID: cef479

>Less postage

Ohhhh man, are you in for a surprise.
No. 79276 ID: 5fb794

Iknorite? Funny that a quest some people said was going to suffer a death by porn is now generating a pretty good discussion about morality and personal rights.
No. 79286 ID: cef479


I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet, we'll have to see if the "discussion" even mattered at this point.
No. 79296 ID: dbe554


Discussion was fun though. I enjoy my bleaker morality discussions.
No. 79303 ID: cef479


Problem is people are still trying to treat this like it's the worst thing that could've happened, which means the discussion's done very little.
No. 79304 ID: dbe554


This was my choice's intended outcome. A blank slate to work work instead of a cruel, abusive murderer. Much more malleable and useful.
No. 79324 ID: a7868d

I love the fucked up twists this has taken. The course of action we've supported at every possible point so far has been so cloyingly sweet that it's nice to have just how fucked up we've behaved in the name of doing "good" being treated like it.

I also like how despite our consistently poor judgement we seem to really be impacting the flow of things. Yeah, main plot is sort of asserting itself but there must've been 8-10 updates with us dicking around with Creep.
No. 79326 ID: f44ca3

If you are not getting distracted by every possible sidequest you are doing it wrong.
No. 79335 ID: cef479

The fact that one thing that actually could be good happening and suddenly everyone acting like we just murdered a puppy is honestly pretty hypocritical and disturbing if you really think about it. Taking over Shenzi and using her to have sex was good, but making it possible to make her a good person is suddenly bad. Suddenly everyone wakes up and realises we've been some lecherous and bad shit but when something potentially good actually happened. I think there's some people here with some really mixed up ideas of what good and bad really are, and it shows in the responses to this event. Inb4 Big Dumb Argument.
No. 79336 ID: cef479



Also going to mention that I suggested we try a less monstrous option before this, but no one wanted to do it, or at least no one tried to back it up.
No. 79337 ID: bfbe79

Well right back at ya. The sex thing was posed to the real Shenzi and she wanted to get a beejer so I don't think that was evil. Lecherous maybe. As for the response to the current events, I think those of us saying what we did was wrong feel that we essentially murdered the real Shenzi. While we may have had no other choice, it doesn't change what we did. Now that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to help this new person who is left after our scouring of Shenzi's soul, but it's important we recognize what we did as evil in nature if not intent or results. We shouldn't make a habit of reprogramming every potential enemy who comes along. I have to believe that such a repulsive act will eventually damage and corrupt us into something antithetical to a heroic quest.

Just my view, and you're just as entitled to yours. I'm just glad the quest is generating these discussions. If people can have strong opinions over actions we take, then I'd say the quest is doing well.
No. 79338 ID: cef479


>Right back at ya
>We killed the real Shenzi
>Reprogramming every threat

I'm going to say it again, this wasn't my idea to begin with. I put out the idea that we could change things differently but no one else wanted to try. When the only two options being accepted are the mind wipe and outright death, which do you honestly think I'd go for? Out of all three options it was the most neutral at best. I'm calling people hypocrites because we've been doing things that could be considered bad but only now after the choice was made, again a choice I didn't even come up with, are people suddenly saying how terrible we are.
No. 79339 ID: dbe554


Hmm, death or mind wipe. The choice was made and both were acceptable outcomes for a murder.

Also Heroic can mean many things to some, you have to remember that Greek Heroes did horrific things at times yet were still cherished. I feel that if we need to do evil to help the 'good' king Eadoo we should be the ones to do so, without imparting it upon our king.
No. 79340 ID: cef479

Can we just agree that lil' Shenzi is adorable? I like to think we can all agree on that. I hope.
No. 79342 ID: dbe554

I just wanna dress her up in cute clothing and give her a bow she's so adorable.
No. 79343 ID: 4e6d05

Lol yes. If I were home I'd probably quick sketch her in a frilly dress with a bow, holding her flail kind of awkwardly.

As for the discussion, I suppose part of where I'm coming from is also disappointment that there was no getting Shenzi to come over to our side through dialogue. That was my hope from all the way back when we decided to knife jack her rather than kill her outright.

Still what happened happened and hopefully we can help the new Shenzi be a happier and (morally) better person.

As for being the shady dealer so Eadoo doesn't have to, I have a feeling we may have to... it's just that given Gatling's nature I think it's important we strive to strike a balance so that our demonic side doesn't begin to dominate our nature. We lost control for a while when trying to save Shenzi - if we keep feeding that side then who knows how voracious our appetite will become. The day may come where we may have to fight constantly to not consume our hosts as soon as we are thrown.

Gatling is powerful and dangerous and clearly capable of great atrocities. That may be what Eadoo needs to achieve her goals; but it's up to us to keep it under control.
No. 79352 ID: f654f2

on a side note my color and communication teacher informed me that this years pantone color of choice is "Radiant Orchard" and she tells me I should spam it everywhere~
No. 79481 ID: f654f2
File 139153822450.jpg - (1.07MB , 2400x1600 , shenzi dress.jpg )

Shenzi-Marie “Predatorra Veldetta” Jackalina, Daughter of King Eadoo.

Level 1 princess


Musical nature [+10 to musically handle animals]
Song Bird [+10 to singing]
Native Dancer [+15 to dance and flexibility]
Spontaneous Basher [No malus for improvised weapons]

Thalassophobia [-20 to all actions when in the ocean]
Gutted Alive (two ranks) [-10 to all actions when fresh organs are visible (-20)]

No. 79504 ID: 09d36b

No. 79527 ID: b9d767

There's been a few mentions of what seems to be a god of Gnolls in the quest, can we have some more info on what the gods of the setting are?
No. 79613 ID: a0ffa5
File 139208782334.jpg - (162.06KB , 800x533 , gods.jpg )

in the setting of Allaria there's a good bunch of gods. The fact is that ultimately there's infinite gods, since a god is just a manifestation of faith. Not to say they aren't real, Gods are as real as we make them. We shape them just as much as they shape us. In one line of thinking, all gods are one simple energy, but its not to say they're not one single mind that's interpreted many ways, acts of killing amongst gods is not uncommon and has happened on many cases. these god killings have massive effects on the world, dramatically changing all they touched into twisted wannabe versions of the victors power. Gods scheme and plot and shape the world to a degree, most changes happen over thousands of years, but sometimes they happen very quickly in a matter of seconds, gods are finicky things, but typically avoid contact with the real world.

As said there are many gods, here are a few:

-The nature spirits are widly venerated by pretty much everything from elves to orks.-

Silva : The tree goddess, the bringer of life. Her love is great and endless, she spreads hope and care, Silva cherishes most of all those who have sinned, but have redeemed themselves. She steals souls from orcus's forge to give life, hoping some may find redemption. She is the forest in all it's glory, worship of Silva can range from prayer and benevolent actions to tree hugging or worst...

Natio : is a fertility goddess, her lust is contagious and spreads into the wild, causing even tame animals to crave the sins of the flesh. she is both man and woman and typically described as indescribably beautiful, resembling your mother and bearing many breasts and phalluses. Worship of Natio consists of exess, lust, and depravity. Ranging from simple acts of passion to grand orgy.

Orcus : is the death, the end, the ravager, the grue. He takes the souls of those who no longer need them and leaves those too tainted by greed, depravity, sloth and pride, leaving them to wander the empty planes. Orcus loves the souls of murderers, cannibals and rapists above all else, coveting them endlessly, for their souls will forge the blade to end all things. Orcus whispers into the dreams of hero's guiding them to evil and pushing them to exterminate evil. Orcus is darkness, nothing else.

-The gnolls have two gods-

Yurra : the sun, he punishes those who are foul, his long rays smite and burn those who should not be (vampires, demons, ghouls...) Those born under his light are his children, they act in his name, giving justice on a smaller scale.

Saoul : the moon, she brings night and shelter, benevolent care, seen as the mother of all things. her signs guide the gnolls and the western kobolds who also worship her. her cover of stars bring shelter from the harsh desert sun and make life possible.

-there are several human gods, throughout history and occasional worship, but lets focus on the big guy-

Magnus : The one true god, the golden eagle, the god emperor, the saviour of mankind. Men believe that Magnus created man in his image and for this they are destined for greatness, the world is their birthright as Magnus deems it so. he is justice and conqueror. His image is that of the king, when the king is no more another is chosen by Magnus and so his image changes. Worship of Magnus is done in temples and altars, typically sacrifices of money, representing your labour your dedication, that you give of yourself to god and that wealth is not of import to a faithful man. Under Magnus's design, men may never covet another man's body, How ever women are permitted as they hold little significance to him. In that women always are seen as lesser under his rule.

There are other gods, but I either didn't think of much for them or didn't even come up with them yet...

Hope you enjoyed, and what next?
No. 79733 ID: b9d767

>god emperor

Hehehe, I see what you did there. Anywho, I think most of them would be permissable in Eadoo's kingdom. And out of them I think Saoul or Silva would be most likable to his majesty.

Also, I've been wondering what these artifacts we've heard about are. It's been slightly implied they have to do with dragons, which is interesting considering the kobold race's supposed origins. Dragonwrought, anyone?
No. 79941 ID: 155a02

By the way: As we have a save and a continue option, can we reset the plot midway to come back to the last save-point?^^
No. 79943 ID: a0ffa5

that is an option, you have three save slots.
No. 79971 ID: 761017

Are your plot notes and world notes expansive enough to handle such a clock-rewinding event?
Can I save-scum the final dungeon?

Can loser gods surrender themselves to the victor to preserve themselves in some pitiful format, or to prevent radical change from magically hitting the world through their loss and death?
No. 79973 ID: 2fc3e9

What happens if we quit?
No. 80007 ID: fd634f

Yeah, I'm pretty clear on what would happen if you made sepperate saves and such. Intact i planned for such events from time to time, besides, the best games make you play through twice if you want the good endings~

as for gods, theyre a rather lucid thing, and yeah when a God kills another they're absorbed and part of them can change the victor. It all depends on worship and if and how worshipers change.
No. 80008 ID: fd634f

You'll return to the title screen. We're upon you can continue, start a new game, fiddle with the options out check out various extras.
No. 80092 ID: d56b09

Mind officially blown. I always wrote all that off as just some nice frame fluff. Now am torn between wanting to continue to see what happens next and wanting to fix mistakes.
No. 80208 ID: 609cf1

hey, just noticed my screen has been slowly getting more and more fucked over the past lil while and I only just noticed how the color of my posts.
I thought i was drawing in a soft purple but turns out I was using a hot pink.
I am sorry, I will fix it from here on out.
No. 80262 ID: c6d510

I'm kind of experiencing huge mood whiplash.
There was a deeply moraly questionable choice,
and then there is Eadoo deepthroating Shenzi over on e621. :/
No. 80264 ID: b13dec

Easy to cure that. One is the quest, the other is a porn commission. Let Flynn make some $ and just stay off e621 if you don't like it. I mean why are you there if you aren't looking for porn? Lol
No. 80267 ID: 609cf1
File 139526551991.jpg - (298.34KB , 1000x667 , nisse.jpg )

Nisse. The blind half troll.

Level 4 nisse alchemist


Basics and acids [+10 int to alchemy checks]
Medicinal science [+10 int to health checks]
I'm a doctor not a barbarian [+15 int to health and alchemy checks -5 to ws and bs]
Advanced sciences [+10 to health and alchemy checks]
Blindsight (Nisse's sense of smell is so acute, she can perceive shape and distance on smell alone[+10 Bs and Ws against blind status])
Blind [-30 to bs and ws]
No. 80358 ID: 609cf1
File 139579807729.jpg - (233.05KB , 1000x667 , ean.jpg )

Eanraig Deferran, The fire bat out of hell, raging monster of justice.

Level 7 ashtouched Pyromancer.


Basic pyromancy [ean can cast basic fire spells]
fire dancing [ean can manipulate opens flames with a will save]
advanced manipulations [+10 will to fire dancing]
advanced fire dancing [+10 will to fire dancing]
flaming capoeira [Ean can use his will(plus bonuses) instead of Ws and add his Ws modifier to the total]
Pheonix fist [Ean can concentrate his love, anger and all of his sorrow into a single punch adding his will to his str.]
Pheonix rampage [ean can strike his foe with a volley of blows each with a fraction of his burning heart]
Chains of hell [after braving hell's half acer and retunring with his life, ean is still bound to the flames and can summon his chains at will]
Of water to wine... er... ale [ean's touch turns regular water into strong, disgusting ale]
chauva [ean harnesses the healing flames to his command]
Noblephobia [Ean despises nobles like plagues and rot, -20 cha when dealing with nobles]
No. 80547 ID: ee91bc
File 139662582857.jpg - (206.36KB , 1000x667 , Alanna stats.jpg )

Alanna Crepe [name pending], The armless

Level 1 Human sorceress.


Mana pool [Can gather mana from the elements to a maximum of her will bonus]
Ghost blast (Can fire a blast of harmless raw energy[Energy can be charged with elemental mana for additional effects])
Armless soul (Alanna's lay lines deformed due to her amputations [Lay nodes reside in her throat as opposed to her palms])
No. 81216 ID: c6d510

This quest has kind of ruined Kerbal Space Program for me. Whenever I read Eeloo, I think of Eadoo and get distracted. I need to send that ion probe there eventually.
No. 81305 ID: 4249cc

Glad I could distract hahaa~
No. 81374 ID: c6d510

Sadly, even the smallest ion engine powered probe is too big to comfortably land on Eadoo.
Maybe, possibly, with cheats and MechJeb precision, it would be possible, but I'm also not sure Eadoo could hold an entire probe, xenon container, and ion engine setup.
MAYBE an OKTO2, Oscar-B, and LV-1, though that would be 0.148675 tons, which might be a little too much. And that's not even considering the batteries/solar panels/radiothermal generators needed to power the probe.
So it's probably (and unfortunately) impossible to land any probe on Eadoo.
No. 81509 ID: d315b1

>So it's probably (and unfortunately) impossible to land any probe on Eadoo.
I was very bored, so I decided to take you up on this challenge.

The probe you describe (OKTO2, Oscar-B, LV-1) only weighs ~80kg with the fuel expended, and the solar panels and batteries you'd need only weigh 10kg at most (6kg if you're stingy). I don't remember the exact number and can't check easily, but IIRC the basic parachute becomes pretty much weightless if you deploy and cut it. So a probe with everything we need to land ends up weighing a hair over 100kg.

100kg sounds like a lot, and unless PCP is involved I'm pretty sure Eadoo can't lift that much unassisted... but if she was laying down, it could easily land on Eadoo without causing any injury because the wide, flat base distributes the weight across most of her body.
No. 81510 ID: c6d510

Also, I forgot to factor in decouplers. If the endines/fuel are decoupled on or near landing, that's less weight to worry about.
No. 81603 ID: 95170a

Okay? This is not a discussion I ever expected to see happen.

Anyway wouldn't it be cool if all designed our own monsters for the castle and BWTBH chooses which ones to use, or ignores us all because we're idiots.
No. 81614 ID: 4249cc

I love that Idea, I truly do... but what is BWTBH?
No. 81615 ID: 939c7f

... thats you
No. 81616 ID: 4249cc

oohh boy with the broken halo... ooohhh... derp.
I love that idea, I'm always down for fan submissions.
No. 81629 ID: ca0da5

I can't art too well, but a random idea I just had would be a large lizard with "lance" like protusions on both sides, which it would use to skewer (if sharp) enemies, or ram (if dull) them. Like, imagine if somebody fitted artificial lances onto a Komodo Dragon, they'd be about head height (if it weren't raising its head) and maybe go a bit further than the head?
No. 81636 ID: bac3b8

I can't art ether but my idea is less a monster and more a random encounter.
My idea is of a minstrel/bard/musician who was hired by the Lord Baron to be his family's personal music guy and the baron then made him a deal, if he work for the Lord Baron for the rest of his life he would get any one thing he wanted.
His wish was to be able to make any sound just with his voice, the Lord Baron agreed ad his wish was granted but unbeknownst to the bard he was cursed to never have his soul leave his body.
He only found out this fact when the whole magic explosion thing happened and he was killed, but due to the magic nature of the whole thing his body is decaying very slowly. So now trapped somewhere in the castle he spends all his time making odd noises to amuse himself.
You can make him any species you want.
No. 81647 ID: 4249cc

I love this and it ties in magically with an idea I already had. thank you mister Ass of hats.

Very cool Idea, I will implement them at some point... I wonder if they're a more dry dessertic lizard or a jungle or forest dwelling creature? Either way thank you mister Tokoshoran

with that, I'll gladly accept other ideas, I'd love to make my stories as much my own creation as yours, after all this is a group written story, if I wanted to work on it alone I'd do it in word. so please, I will not scoff at any idea, even if it doesn't fit in our scenarios, and you need not confine yourself to the castle. And you don't need to draw, but if you like to I'd love to see your best work~
No. 81769 ID: ca0da5

We never did get a level sheet on Roland. I'm rather curious as to if he has training beyond simply being a Squire--Being chosen by the Holy Sword Herself would imply he has also gained some experience as a paladin since.
No. 81774 ID: c6d510

Really, when decouplers are included, you could just make a Whackjovian monstrosity powered by science and solar power and a VAB in height, designed just to land, drive over to Eadoo, plonk down a minimalistic probe, and then fly away.
No. 81818 ID: 939c7f
File 140070817717.jpg - (234.80KB , 1000x667 , Roland.jpg )

Roland Dechambleau, aspiring champion to be.

Level 2 Human noble, level 3 squire, level 3 holy diver


Rudimentary knowledge [+10 to basic knowledge checks]
Basic swordplay [+10 weapon skill when in single combat]
Basic weapons training [no penalties with most weapons]
advanced swordplay [additional +10 to ws when in single combat]
basic cavalry [no mallus to riding]
Midnight sea [durendina can commune with Roland to gain a temporary +15 to any given stat]
Gone too long [Roland can elect to commune at will]
Blade of the divine [Can turn any manufactured weapon into his holy sword]
No. 81822 ID: ca0da5

Yay, thanks!
>Blade of the divine [Can turn any manufactured weapon into his holy sword]
...Wait, do you think Durendina wanted to talk to us about using our secondary blade to house her? That would be freaky. Though it does beg the question, is that how sentient metals reproduce? ...Let's drop that subject for now.

>Gone too long [Roland can elect to commune at will]
Does this just mean with Durendia, or does it work with us (Gatling) as well?
Also, do the pink lines represent hip, armpit, shoulder, and overall height?
No. 81823 ID: ca0da5

Wait, read it over again and I'm guessing the Commune has to do with Midnight Sea?
No. 81824 ID: 497ec2

>Blade of the divine [Can turn any manufactured weapon into his holy sword]

Now that...Is an interesting perk description.
Does that mean he can, in effect, make any weapon he comes acrosss holy? Or is it more of 'summon my sword' thing where the weapon turns specifically, into Durendina?
No. 81825 ID: 939c7f

the blade of the divine perk permits him to turn any weapon into durendala, but only so long as he holds it.

Without the midnight sea perk, Roland can only commune with durendala when she desires.
The commune is when he visits her in dream.
No. 81967 ID: ca0da5

>Diplomacy check. 54 (eadoo's charisma) + 10 (Magnetic Personality) + 15 (kleptomania) - 2 (angels will bonus) = 77

Willpower of 2... Smallest willpower ever.
No. 82127 ID: 939c7f

that was actually a typo... Well rather a mistake. Your stat bonus is one tenth of your stat total, but this was not a time or a place for that, Angel should of had his full stat. My mistake...
No. 82128 ID: 939c7f
File 140193137953.jpg - (155.75KB , 800x516 , Angel.jpg )

Angel, The sticky fingered rogue.

Level 5 Human thief


Basic stealth [+10 to sneaking]
Basic lockpicking [+10 to lockpicking]
Basic stealing [+10 to sleight of hand]
Advanced stealth [Additional +15 to sneaking]
Advanced stealing [additional +15 to sleight of hand]
Kleptomania [-15 will to resist stealing]
Sticky fingers [+20 to sleight of hand when unconsciously stealing (Angel at times pockets objects without knowing it)]
No. 82359 ID: 29daa3

sorry im late to the party, I just this quest and finished up a semester. I would not mind some character design practice (as I am a game designer in the making)if you need some fodder to throw at at party (as character design includes monster design).
No. 82380 ID: 939c7f

cool that would be great~! If you have any ideas I'll gladly accept contributions.
No. 82418 ID: c6d510


I'm late as fuck but https://e621.net/post/show/257069
is a pretty good example. Contrary to popular belief, not all of e621 is porn.
No. 82853 ID: 29daa3

Im going though what i can make and wondering what to make and where it could be put. with the castle basement could i make a prisoner that could be found down there? ( i would make a few people to throw down there and we would pick the best to throw in.)
No. 82863 ID: 939c7f


sounds good~ perhaps if there's anything that would be considered a spoiler of sorts you could share via skype or email to avoid such spoilers, plus if you want some specifics to work with I could share, but once again, spoilers best kept private~
No. 84068 ID: 6cf573

I had another idea for an encounter: a clockwork dwarf.
Meaning a dwarf that worked for the castles old lord doing metal work and forging, then over time made a clockwork golem for whatever reason(was ordered to, went insane) and then ether was forcibly encased in it or willingly fused him/herself with it.
No. 84083 ID: cc08c7

Accepting monster suggestions then? Or is this more of a private thing?
No. 84087 ID: d8a627

He's been "accepting" them for a while now. Even if the suggestion doesn't fit in too well with where he's asking for, he might use it elsewhere. THen again, there's a chance he won't use it at all even if it does fit the location. We're giving ideas freely, and it's BWTBH's choice what to use and what not to.
No. 84093 ID: cc08c7


Aaaah okay. I might doodle something in my spare time for practice then. If it goes unused then at least I get some practice out of it.
No. 84104 ID: 939c7f

thats actualy sounds like a cool idea~! I'll probably add it to the story later on though. I know where that kind of thing fits in very well~
No. 84153 ID: cc08c7

Drew some different types of Mimic monsters, dunno if they'd fit or not though.
No. 84245 ID: 939c7f

maybe~ I'm always open to new ideas. Wanna post em here or somewhere more private to avoid spoilers?
No. 84247 ID: a4235c

Righty-oh then. I'll post a few of the things I've been making after work today.
No. 84253 ID: cc08c7
File 140658099896.jpg - (77.64KB , 852x885 , VegetativeMimic.jpg )

Vegetative Mimic: Large vegetable shaped monster that hides in forests and preys on animals, usually deer. They've been known to attack larger prey if disturbed. Their eyes can cause their preys muscles to spasm and lock.
No. 84254 ID: cc08c7
File 140658117922.jpg - (68.63KB , 861x811 , PuppeteerMimic.jpg )

Puppeteer Mimic: A rare breed of cowardly Mimic that uses larger emptier chests to fight potential adventurers. They've been observed building their own props and sometimes comparing chests when interacting with eachother. If the large chest is destroyed the Mimic pulls its digestive system back into the real body and flees.
No. 84255 ID: cc08c7
File 140658138707.jpg - (74.68KB , 894x1150 , BiohorrorMimic.jpg )

Biohorror Mimic: Found in castles and homes belonging to cultists, these eldritch monstocities often turn on the people who summoned them and wait for those foolish enough to try retrieving their belongings. The mere sight of these monsters causes splitting headaches and horrible dizziness. They can reach out to grab disoriented prey with a single painful stinging tentacle, or fire lobs of agony inducing gel at prey from the strange stubes on the other arm.
No. 84256 ID: cc08c7

*tubes. My bad.
No. 84257 ID: cc08c7
File 140658161542.jpg - (89.01KB , 894x860 , LustMimic.jpg )

Lust Mimic: This strange mimic is actually two creatures stuck together. The Mimic itself is the grinning chest, while a demon resides within it's wooden interior, forming its body into that of a woman to seduce and trap prey. Those unfortunate enough to touch the fake body will find themselves stuck to the adhesive skin while it holds them and drags them into the chest, dissolving them in acid. The body is fed to the chest portion, while the demon absorbs their soul.
No. 84258 ID: cc08c7
File 140658180908.jpg - (105.23KB , 968x1448 , Poltergeists.jpg )

Poltergeists: Annoying spirits that inhabit dungeons and cause chaos for the hell of it. Poltergeists range from being talkative and annoying, to demonic and threatening in nature. Some poltergeists can hold regular conversation, but the conversations tend to become explicit or rude very quickly. Some poltergeists are also able to form bodies out of gold dust, making them much more valuable to ghost hunters.
No. 84287 ID: 939c7f

ooohh~ Quite creative! I like them all. with your permission, I'd like to consider them all as part of the cannon my stories~!
No. 84290 ID: cc08c7


Of course! I'm more than willing to let you use 'em if you want. Glad you like them too.
No. 84292 ID: cc08c7

Oop, before I forget. If you (or anyone) decides to use them, all I ask is that proper credit is given. That's pretty much my only rule for use of my critters.
No. 84299 ID: d8a627

Proper credit's a bit difficult in a quest... How exactly do you expect a person to go about that? The party finds a note signed by you?
No. 84301 ID: cc08c7

I expect the person to respect the fact that I asked, and politely, and don't act like they just came up with the idea on the spot if people ask. People have given other people proper credit in Quests before, so my minor request shouldn't be a huge issue.
No. 84302 ID: 97907e

ooo, maybe we can find a book (in quest) about the studies of your creatures with the authors name being yours?
No. 84303 ID: a4235c


Nah. I'm not going to shoehorn my way into the quest, I'm more than happy with just a mention in (brackets) or something, and only if a monster appears for the first time, that's it.
No. 84491 ID: d8a627

>Tokoshoran - Just keep working on it, you'll get it one day.
whaaaat. Is this a reward for being the first to suggest or something?
I don't have a problem if that's the case but it just... came out of nowhere. And that guy represents the character that I first named Tokoshoran. Creepiness 100% right there.
I'm only half kidding here. Tokoshoran is the name of my second original character. Brown hair, hazel eyes, green cloak, and otherwise militaristic garb with a ranged weapon. That you got a green "trademark" and brown hair of the proper style is in and of itself a rather surprising coincidence. (The hair is hard to see a style for, but it looks cut short.
No. 84505 ID: 939c7f

Call it intuition. when ever I feel a certain empathy or connection between a poster and the quest I try to fit them into a flashback. I just felt a little magic in you is all, It helps that you post so frequently.

As for the character: I did imagine him with a rifle or maybe a longbow, and yeah short topped hair, real military like. I designed him based on the particular vibes you give off. good empathy, intuition and a bit of luck is all.

the first person I placed into the story was Bagoda. why I imagined him as a helpful yet spooky spider monster? fuck if I know, intuition isn't always right!

On that subject, in the post with Bagoda Gatling gained an ability that I think people overlooked. Understandably so, since it's function was only explained on the wiki.

>Soul Eater [Gatling's voracious appetite permits him to eat and meld with his victims. But in this, Gatling can now control his hunger, to an extent (Gatling can roll to avoid devouring their prey entirely and can avoid corroding his host)]
No. 84514 ID: d8a627

Why is it that everybody around me winds up getting an empathic link with me? I mean, I accepted it as coincidence when I felt close enough to call them friends but in this case I don't even feel like anything more than a audience member... It's scaring me. (There's a certain something to me that I'm aware of but I'm not going to go and start blabbing that to a bunch of strangers)
>It helps that you post so frequently.
Am I leaving myself so open? I always figured I was a bit random about things, but I've tried to keep a bit of solidity, so I suppose I must have.
>I did imagine him with a rifle or maybe a longbow
> the post with Bagoda Gatling gained an ability that I think people overlooked. Understandably so, since it's function was only explained on the wiki.
I just ran a quick search in the quests... It wasn't ever even mentioned that Gatling gained the ability. Ah, Gatling remembered the ability. I was skipping over the dream portions, since they were all well and done by the time I caught up.
Looking back at the dream, I do realize that the man is talking to Gatling, based on putting together the non-censored letters of the name shown. What I find interesting about it is that nobody seemed to notice.
No. 84705 ID: d8a627

>3, 30 pound rolls of green cotton fabric
Uh, is this saying that each roll is 30 pounds and there are three of them (90 pounds total)? That seems most likely, but it might also be saying that there's 330 pounds overall, or that the three rolls added together make a total of 30 pounds...
No. 84722 ID: 939c7f

there are 90 pounds total. Three rolls of 30 pounds.
No. 85022 ID: c6d510

I feel like Gatling's character sheet is going to get kind of ridiculous if we go into a few more souls like this
No. 85268 ID: d8a627

I'm not very artistic but thinking up a familiar is something I can do.
Give her a fuzzy beetle, with two symmetrical horns that form a C shape towards each-other, making a "Broken circle"--one that has a line down the middle. It'll be able to fly and walk around and be armored and carry something in its natural cup-holder!
No. 85269 ID: c840fd

>The familiar will be designed by you guys
Do you even comprehend the hell you have brought upon yourself?
No. 85272 ID: 8242f4

a princess...But also a Gnoll...Hrrm.
A bird of some sort IS really tempting, but I feel like we should go with something with four legs. Maybe a bunny! Or perhaps a mouse...I suppose we COULD have a squirrel though...Or are we going to get more in-depth about the familiar design?
No. 85275 ID: d8a627

Now that I'm actually awake, I should ask... Do you want something simple, or something complex and creative?
No. 85285 ID: 29daa3

for birds you could do something like bird of paradise, or king fisher. for something more creative (and more useful) something like a hyenadon (dinosaur dire hyena) would be cool, she could get one as a pup and it could grow to be a cool mount / guard dog.
No. 85286 ID: d8a627

You know what we should get? A golem. Sure, it'll start off small, but as it grows... I mean, what beats a golem?
No. 85287 ID: 0ee153

A pit.
No. 85288 ID: d8a627

Well, if Pit is our enemy, then bring Hades in on it. Having a fire sprite would be pretty cool, actually.
No. 85545 ID: 939c7f
File 141139285749.jpg - (132.46KB , 800x533 , gatling statless.jpg )

rolled 10, 15, 2, 17, 12, 8, 20, 19, 16, 1 = 120

And now for the pain staking task of assigning stats to stat blocks...

Same as usual, ill roll 10d20 and keep the first results who's total surpass 120, and then you'll chose where they go...

Gatling has a balanced type, so 20 in every stat plus the dice results... How ever Gatlings stats work differently than most. Ws, Bs, Int, Cha, Will and fell are constant and represent your mental capacities. How ever your physical stats work differently, the bodies you posses gain one third (30%) of your physical stats as a bonus (rounded up). But in the spiritual realm you use your base physical stats.

>_ _ _
No. 85546 ID: 939c7f

rolled 5, 7, 2, 10, 13, 9, 20, 18, 4, 14 = 102

well... 120 exactly is kinda shit... literally as shit as possible... so I'm gonna reroll. But only twice, if neither are high enough you'll have the first instead.
No. 85547 ID: 939c7f

rolled 17, 7, 1, 20, 6, 20, 4, 19, 3, 11 = 108

No. 85548 ID: 939c7f

okay, 120 it is... Oh and to answer e6f4c6's question, yes after setting his base stats you'll also retro actively set your level stats.
I've devised a way to make it go smoothly
No. 85553 ID: d8a627

>10, 15, 2, 17, 12, 8, 20, 19, 16, 1
Well, shit, we've got that lousy two and one there. Which stats will be our dump stats?
I say 2 for Agility and 1 for Charisma.
10 WS
15 Int
2 Agi
17 Will
8 BS
20 Str
19 Fell
16 Dex
1 Cha
Enhancing the physical strength of our hosts seems to be what we've been doing for some time, so I say, why break what's worked so far?
No. 85554 ID: 8b533b

>character without a body that does almost everything by talking to people
>dump stat: cha
...you're trolling, right?
No. 85555 ID: d8a627

I was intending to put a +5 into cha for a bunch of the levels to make up for it, actually.
No. 85579 ID: a5bd6c

So, since we are really just buffing other creatures stats and our role has already moved away from protector and on to more of a strategist position, I suggest we avoid physical stat in favor of mental ones. We are level 10 (leveled 9 times), so that's another 90 points of stats in 5 slot increments, keeping in mind you can't stack them all on the same stat I've come up with this as a reasonable spread.

WS- 20 + 10= 30
BS- 20 + 1 = 21
STR- 20 + 12 = 32
CON- 20 + 15 + (2*5) = 45
DEX- 20 + 2 = 22
AGI- 20 + 8 = 28
INT- 20 + 17 + (1*5) = 42
CHA- 20 + 16 + (4*5) = 56
WIL- 20 + 20 + (6*5) = 70
FEL- 20 + 19 + (5*5) = 64

Some justification for these choices, firstly ballistic and dexterity, even with us not focusing combat skills we'll want to use one side of combat as a dump, and I find it more likely we'll be possessing a melee fighter than an archer. Weapon and strength are higher but not a priority, we aren't here to make one fighter better, we already have an army following us. Con got some love because we don't want who/whatever we possess to die. Agi would go under survivability but we gotta cut corners SOMEWHERE. Now for the Mental stats, Wil gets the big boost because we've had problems with controlling our demonic/angelic aspects and we need to get that shit on lockdown. Charisma and fellowship should be obvious: we are the voice that is unifying these many people too Eadoo's cause, charisma and fellowship should be our focus. Intelligence is last and lowest of the mental stats, but not for any reason than we don't want to ditch any of the other ones. Intelligence is important for our role and it would be good if we could tweak this so it's a little better.
No. 85581 ID: d8a627

The fighting skills are mental strengths, not physical. This means both Ballistic and Weapons.
No. 85608 ID: 939c7f

Bam! thanks, I was gonna make you guys vote for the individual levels but you saved me the time. I'll input it into the wiki soon.

Eum... I've been thinking about making a new discussion thread. (Gonna change, or rather deepen and re-explain the game mechanics and write some errata on certain skills and abilities before recapping the notable details (quests, locations characters bios)) I was wondering if a fresh new discussion thread would be appropriate and if there's anything worth knowing about doing this? (am I allowed to? where do discussion threads go when they get to old? can I archive discussion threads?) Either way I'll be off for a while prepping such things and also the first few pages of the next chapter, but I'll check in every now and again for answers to my questions... but first off, I've got some commissions to get to~ Yes I'm going to work on them... You know who you are...

also if I do make a new D. thread, what should the cover art be?

>_ _ _
No. 85610 ID: 8b533b

>am I allowed to? where do discussion threads go when they get to old? can I archive discussion threads?
You're certainly allowed to make a new dis thread. The old one just slowly falls further and further from the front page. And if spambots or silly people insist on bumping the old thread, it'll get locked, that's all. Dis threads don't go to questarch.

Moving a dis thread to questarch would break things anyways, since each bard numbers posts and threads independently. Questarch is special cased to match with quest by some deep magic, but moving anything else cross board breaks all the numbers and destroys >> references.
No. 85627 ID: 939c7f

Good to know, well alot of the more important info in this threaad will get mulled over in the next Disc. so i guess i wont mind if it get sacked...

Question to those who read my quest, should I start a new Disc. thread or keep this one?

>_ _ _
No. 85650 ID: c6d510

do the thing. make the thread.
No. 85703 ID: 939c7f

oh! another question about the future of eadoo quest. Needless to say there's nudity and sexual content in Eadoo quest, that wont change. This question is for the perverts who read it, since there will be some retcons and erratas in the next chapter i'll ask: should Eadoo have balls or not? note that it's purely aesthetic, for the viewing pleasure of the pervs. If they're not hanging between her legs they're internal and still sensitive to low blows.

>_ _ _
No. 85709 ID: d8a627

My opinion is throw in some lumps, but not a full out sack. Like, the labia is upon the scrotum, holding it tight to the body instead of allowing it to hang low.
No. 85711 ID: c6d510

Just to note: balls were canon in thread 1.
But in thread 2 they were MIA.
Thread 3 is ??? because the bulge reference didn't say anything about them but perspective and things.
Thread 4 has no dicks.

I prefer the top-down dick, balls, snatch ordering but that's just opinion.

And it meshes best with canon since Thread 2's Eadicks could have the balls tucked between his/her legs or something. Handwave noises.

And from a more perverted side of view external testicles provide more pleasure opportunities then internal ones probably would.

I'm probably overthinking this.
No. 85713 ID: afad2f

>top-down dick, balls, snatch ordering
This but I agree with Tokoshoran that we shouldn't have a full-on sack.
No. 85715 ID: c6d510

Thread 1's balls didn't look too big anyways. Even though we only got one picture. Even though it didn't show them that well. (They also seemed relatively close to the body so it's like a little shard of a compromise)
No. 85716 ID: d8a627

Oh good, I thought I was being a weird deviant. I actually went and did a lot of research into how things work because of this, and discovered some rather disturbing information. I'm going to stick it into a spoiler, because I'm serious, this stuff is disturbing!
The vagina upon a human hermaphrodite will typically appear either on the bottom of the penis shaft (ouch!) or below the base of it, where the Scrotum usually hangs from. The first record of hermaphroditism in humans, as recorded by a Doctor Nadar, shows the second case, with the testes being present in tiny sacks just beside the vulva. That, or he's pinching the vulva making it look like two lumps, I have no idea, but ovotestes (the most common form of hermaphroditic gonads) can be either mutated testes or mutated ovaries, so either case would work, scientifically.
Of course, we're talking about a fictional fantasy setting, so having the male organs simply being place a little higher up to give room for the vagina behind the scrotum, or just having a smaller vagina is certainly viable (Actually, I suppose having a smaller vagina is viable in scientific standing, too...).

Now, I'm gonna try and calm myself down from this gross-out of scientific information on what is supposed to be a discussion on fantasy stuff. (Seriously, knowing it exists is fine and dandy, but the science behind things can be very disturbing)
No. 85718 ID: 79fe70
File 141199459278.jpg - (55.20KB , 567x760 , 91a20182fed2023f3882b9c622c1048b.jpg )

Also with some hermaphrodites the "penis" is just an enlarged clitoris.
No. 85733 ID: ccd544

My headcanon to explain balls-less futanari:
By the power of !science/!magic the penis is enlarged and the corpus cavernosa is strengthened with some muscular tissue throughout it's length so that the penis may safely house the 'missing' testicular tissues and act as the storage for the sperm and seminal fluid.

This idea developed to create an 'in-universe' explanation for why futa dicks were always so huge; they must be pulling double duty as both the dick and the balls!

It explains the constant engorged appearance of a flaccid futa dick (passive storage), as well as the ability for futa dick to be far more expansive than normal dicks when erect (the corpus spongium runs both down and up the lenght of the dick for seminal fluid transport), and the capacity for futa dicks to hold get up and stay up despite their size (the muscular tissue enhanced corpus cavernosa)!

This also explains the natural desire for a lack of undergarments, since cramming the tissues of two organs into one spot would mean a biological demand for greater passive cooling to maintain healthy sperm!
No. 85735 ID: d8a627

Uh. Ovotestes can actually be ovaries (internal gonads) that were "mutated" to contain the tissue of both testicles and ovaries. That would allow for a standard type penis while still being a hermaphrodite.
No. 85736 ID: d8a627

I'm just saying, Eadoo ain't freakin hyper, not even slightly.
No. 85741 ID: d90668

Seeing as this might be the only testicle related vote we might ever see here I can not in good conscious vote for anything other than giant balls.

The bigger the better.
No. 85745 ID: 2ec61a

+1 for BALLS
No. 85829 ID: dbe554

+1 Balls!
No. 85833 ID: a5bd6c

-1 on the balls.
No. 85835 ID: d90668

Wait shouldn't we be voting +2 for balls? Otherwise Eadoo might end up lopsided.
No. 85838 ID: 4f004c

2 for taut balls
3 for regular balls
1 for huge balls
1 for no balls
No. 85841 ID: 0ee153

+1 huge balls. As in that one episode of South Park sized.
No. 85842 ID: 939c7f
File 141258165069.jpg - (181.43KB , 839x667 , eadoo balls +2.jpg )

Flynn - thanks for tallying it for me~

Eadoo - Glad it'll be consistent now~ And between you and me, I'd rather have em. Kehee, happy to know how much you guys care about my balls. Since you care so much, I think they deserve some love~ Maybe someone should give em a big kiss~ Hmmmnn... but who?

>_ _ _
No. 85849 ID: c9f4d1

Have Alanna or Ean do it
No. 85852 ID: 3f1f12

Obviously gatling's in soul representation should do it since we are gatling in a way and since we can be the in soul version because the levels of artistic liberty which can be taken in non-canon discussion thread images can be higher than how much is generally accepted in-quest so breaking in-quest physics is a thing which is doable for the sake of discussion threadness like with those images of the turtleneck sweater which would probably not happen in canon ever but discussion thread artistic liberty allows it to be a thing which you can do if you want to and for other such reasons like reference i guess because seeing the back of gatling's humanoid form would be nice and if it is an image of gatling giving a blowjob to eadoo well that would be nice too and would not be out of place in mood whiplash since the chapter is over and it ended on a generally high note so i see no reason why the image would be a bad idea except if someone finds it in the middle of the next heavy decision slash serious moment and gets weirded out a bit but that can happen with the other images in thread so that is not much of an issue even though possibly one person might complain about it or about the pornyness of the discussion thread but that is not much to worry about since that was complained about before and the quest still lives on and i guess this level of pornyness is kind of normal for this quest even though quests which havea bunch of porn generally don't have you also be able to make choices like eat all the bad memories out of someone and debate on the ethical and moral implications of doing so.
No. 85854 ID: c6d510

well that certainly is a stream of consciousness wall of text you have there
No. 85855 ID: 4f004c

On the subject of Gatling's humanoid form... Why's it so masculine? Gatling's a hermaphrodite just like Eadoo. I say throw an A sized bust. Nothing huge, but something to say "Yes, I am part female."
B sized, if A is too small for you.
No. 85856 ID: c6d510

Because masculinity has historically been associated with authority or something. And Gatling has a lot of authority. And because Richard Gatling is manly man.

Also so that hypothetical shippers could ship a technically straight EadooxGatling
No. 85857 ID: 4f004c

You mean male Eadoo and female Gatling? 'Cause that'd be easier if there was a visible chest going on there.

Yes, I know you meant female Eadoo and male Gatling, but Eadoo is incredibly masculine himself, while still having a... What is that, B, C cup? I'm bad at judging sizes.
No. 85858 ID: 4f004c

Looking through the images on this discussion thread, it looks like it's usually C (judging by Tom Fischbach's chart... So difficult to convince google to give me any charts), but occasionally a B or D.
No. 85860 ID: 27c0e0

Ean and Alanna kissing the shaft with Shenzi and Gatling on the balls
No. 85861 ID: c6d510

well eadoo is female with dong magicked on, so for balance i'd say gatling is male with vagina added. for balance.
No. 85862 ID: c6d510

Eadoo looks capable of fellating himself in this picture. I like that since autofellatio is my fetish. Also the thread 2 proportions suggest the ability to do so as well. So as a half tongue-in-cheek suggestion I'll suggest Eadoo kissing the head and I don't know, maybe like Gatling or something on the balls. Take ideas for that part from the other suggestions.
No. 85864 ID: ff389c

You mean kissing the "crown".
Add this to my earlier suggestion and I'm good.
No. 85866 ID: 7d8352

>though quests which havea bunch of porn generally don't have you also be able to make choices like eat all the bad memories out of someone and debate on the ethical and moral implications of doing so.

Funny that I never notice that jumping into my eyes when I'm scrolling down the questdis page.
No. 85868 ID: 0ee153

It did happen once out of the dozen or so discussions on cocks, I guess. In the general vicnity of >>79339
No. 85870 ID: 4f004c

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to fit them all in... and if you did, no way could you see anything.
No. 85871 ID: 4f004c

Actually, you know what? We've totally overlooked Trixy. As a fellow Kobold, we should ship her with Eadoo.
No. 85875 ID: e6e219


I second the Trixy idea. Heck put Gatling in the background leering at them.
No. 85887 ID: f88ce9

Voting for Ean and Eadoo sharing it between them.
Also yes on the background Gatling.
No. 86094 ID: 939c7f
File 141334794513.jpg - (177.01KB , 800x533 , eadoo and trix.jpg )

Flynn - tried a new art style on this one, using vectors... I'd need more practice if I wanna make it look good, plus it takes much longer than sketch drawing.

>Trixy kisses and laps at eadoo's new balls

Trixy - Mmmnn~ you like this master?

Eadoo - oh yes~ master likes...

Trixy - Not you, you dolt!

Eadoo - euh... b-but?

Trixy - just sit back and enjoy it you oaf...
No. 86096 ID: 4f004c

Heheh, sorry, Eadoo, but Trixy's talking about us~

It is quite nice to see indeed... I did not realize you had such a tongue!
No. 86098 ID: c6d510

But yes, Trixy, we do like. We like very much.
No. 86099 ID: f47794

I still would have preferred my idea but this is good. I fucking love Trixie
No. 86146 ID: 939c7f
File 141359172313.png - (172.80KB , 1000x884 , trixy posing.png )

>I fucking love Trixie

>Trixy blushes and smiles giddily, approaching the screen, she leans over the edge of the blank space

>We like very much.

Trixy - Mmmmnnn~ I'm glad you like it, master. Is there anything else I can do you'd like~?

>I did not realize you had such a tongue!

Trixy - *giggles* I'm a shapeshifter, master. I can make it as long as you like~ speaking of which, is there anything I could change to be more appealing for you? Wider hips, slimmer shoulders, longer ears, longer legs, longer tail, big breasts? Anything you like. Or... since you like Eadoo's junk so much~ maybe I should follow his example~? Teehee, How can I be prettier for my beloved master~?
No. 86147 ID: 436cdc

No. 86150 ID: 0ee153

This. Be sure to include the horn.
No. 86151 ID: 4f004c


I have to say, Trixy, I like your uniqueness as is; at least, enough that I wouldn't want any changes to be permanent. There are some humorous ideas I could come up with, but I think I'd rather avoid using you for comedic purposes. Not exactly a nice thing to do.
No. 86153 ID: c6d510

..You could maybe not do that, it's a bit disconcerting and the fourth wall is kind of thin in this area. Actually, I'm curious as to what would happen, so keep going.
No. 86155 ID: 7f80db

First off, if you wanna do something for us you could give us a hug or better yet a kiss. Secondly, don't change your body for us on the premises of being sexy, we'll jack of to you no matter how you look, even as a bike eventually. Take on the shape of your true self or what ever makes you most comfortable.
No. 86165 ID: 4f004c

>we'll jack of to you no matter how you look, even as a bike eventually.
Not me. That's just weird, man. I mean, maybe if that bike were a minibot from Transformers or something, but then I'd be more aroused by the bot form, not the bike form. Bike's are just too skeletal to be given the features I can find arousing.
...Huh, actually, I wonder if Trixy could pull off arousing while appearing as a skeleton or other form of undead? Well, just give us (Gatling, Spirit form) a hug for now, while it may not be an arousing act, it's a way of building up to them ;)
No. 86169 ID: e0800f

Well this one would like to see Trixie as a match for Eadoo in attributes.
No. 86181 ID: 3b61db

I say, if she has a D, don't have it flopping around all the time, like eadoos. Only pull it out when needed.
No. 86245 ID: 939c7f
File 141400044105.jpg - (294.35KB , 1000x884 , kiss.jpg )

Trixy - well, I already do use my power for comedy, and no it's not permanent.

>Trixy walks right up to you.

Trixy - Well if it comforts you I can't pass this screen.

>Trixy - Trixy taps on the glass, producing a sound over to your side.

Trixy - But if I could cross over to your side, I would in an instant~

Trixy - if need be, I can match and even better her Attributes.

>(Gatling, Spirit form)
You feel you can not manifest your spirit form here, as you already exist on this plane.

>give us a hug or better yet a kiss.

Trixy - *giggles* yes master~

>Trixy gets as close to you as possible and puckers her lips before kissing the screen lovingly, you can almost feel her warmth through the screen.

Trixy - *giggles* I love you master~
No. 86246 ID: 939c7f
File 141400044607.png - (217.37KB , 1000x884 , against screen copy.png )

>Trixy looks a bit sad suddenly.

Trixy - *sigh* I can't turn into my true self... or rather I wont... what you saw in my mind, right before you saved me... that monster... That's my true form... beneath all these lies, I'm just a disgusting freak... this face... this body... it's only what I think I looked like before the incident... I can't remember anymore... I hate it... Nothing feels comfortable, nothing feels right... Except for these...

>Trixy touches her horns.

trixy - These horns are the only thing in me that feels right... And it's only because you said you liked them, last time we met. That's why I want you to change me, to make me just the way you want... you're my reason to be master... Being your lover, your pet, your toy... it's the only thing that truly makes me happy...
No. 86249 ID: fe4bfc

I am sure we can help you with that.
No. 86250 ID: 4f004c

>this face... this body... it's only what I think I looked like before the incident...
>Nothing feels comfortable, nothing feels right... Except for these...
If that body is what feels right, then that body is what's right. As the will behind some of the decisions to be less of a master, and more of a friendly lover, I say that is the form to stick with.
>These horns are the only thing in me that feels right... And it's only because you said you liked them, last time we met. That's why I want you to change me, to make me just the way you want...
You are lovely in that form, Trixy, do not change yourself for our love, just for your own decisions, such as if you decide to make us laugh with a comedic form.
No. 86275 ID: 0d8681

Your body is beautiful love. Your crimson eyes, albino skin, most of all your ability to change at will. You're a beautiful little monster trixie, and you're all ours. But if you must change, have a plump belly, boobs and butt
No. 86279 ID: 5d61f7

Try on a bunny tail and rabbit ears. Might be cute and you could pass yourself off as a mystical jackalope creature rather than a kobold. Just how fond of kobolds are folks?
No. 86282 ID: 4f004c

Playboy getup for shapeshifters? Hmm.
No. 86284 ID: cef479

So was the little dungeon in your head something normal for you in life or did you put all that hardware in yourself?
No. 86285 ID: cef479

Also voting for keeping current boldform, because we need more kobolds.
No. 86286 ID: 3ecc14

Well, a jackalope was the fist thing we've been inside we can remember, so it would be like an inside joke.
No. 86296 ID: 939c7f
File 141418717999.png - (179.16KB , 1000x884 , bunny trix.png )

>So was the little dungeon in your head something normal for you in life or did you put all that hardware in yourself?

Trixy - That's the inside of my soul and mind, I can pull my consciousness into it through meditation, like a lucid dream. I designed the interior myself and vary carefully maintain my ego. But when I lost myself to madness, I was caught inside... I don't know how long I was out... it felt like an eternity.

>If that body is what feels right, then that body is what's right.

Trixy - This body doesn't feel right, but I suppose nothing does anymore...

>You are lovely in that form, Trixy
>You're a beautiful little monster trixie, and you're all ours

Trixy - Thank you master, it means a lot to me~

>Trixy's mood changes alarmingly fast, from nearly crying to smiling cheerfully.

>Just how fond of kobolds are folks?

Trixy - Not very, folks tend to see us a vermin and thieves, I've been attacked with lethal force just for being a bold.

>But if you must change, have a plump belly, boobs and butt
>Try on a bunny tail and rabbit ears.

>Trixy's ears stand up, her belly swells a little and voluptuous breasts form on her chest. Her tail shrinks and disappears before a puffy rabbit tail pops out, her furry little butt grows into big jiggly cheeks.

Trixy - Teehee~ cute, I kinda like it. What do you think master, like your little bunny girl~? Eerr... playboy was it, what's that? sounds fun...

>Trixy - Keehee don't worry I can change back, or even into a new form whenever you want master...

>She turns and admires her new form.

Trixy - Oh! by the way, when my mana recharges, I'll summon some clothing for myself. I have some designs already, care to help me choose? Or maybe even make one to your likings. Unless if you want me in the nude at all times~

>_ _ _
No. 86297 ID: d90668

Half the fun of clothes is being able to take them off.
No. 86298 ID: 558c00

Sexy bunny buns trixy, as much as I'd love to keep you naked, you should wear clothes. Something light you could open and flash us when no ones looking. "3"
No. 86304 ID: 90d2de

As far as sexy clothing goes, how about an underboob shirt, accompanied by a skirt with nothing underneath?
Partially concealed goods are always more lascivious than naked ones.
No. 86309 ID: 4f004c

>Eerr... playboy was it, what's that? sounds fun...
Playboy is... an organization, I suppose, designed for women to enjoy showing off their body. Their logo is a rabbit, so the women often dress up in a rabbit suit when not naked. Of course, talented as you are, Trixy, you can use the rabbit appearance even without clothing.
>when my mana recharges, I'll summon some clothing for myself. I have some designs already, care to help me choose? Or maybe even make one to your likings.
A light, opaque outfit (Not transparent), which goes up to the breasts to cover up the naughtiest bits, but shows off the top of them, would certainly fit the showing-off tendency you're fond of; however, you would have to plump your boobs up a bit for it to work.
No. 86313 ID: 73fc8b

Naughty girl teasing us with that big booty, We'll spank your ass red next chapter. In the meantime try on a playboy bunny outfit.
No. 86333 ID: 939c7f
File 141433895057.png - (162.86KB , 1000x884 , bunny costume.png )


>Being connected to you, Trixy picks up your surface thoughts and makes the bunny suit appear, without knowing what it's going to be.

Trixy - Oh my~ It's very tightly wrapped around me, it's stretchy though... very stretchy, what is this? it's like... kinda like gods wood, but paper thin... MMmnnn I like it~ it's very comfortable, and yet there's something very naughty about this stuff~ Maybe I could summon a suit like this in the real world with your help?
No. 86334 ID: 939c7f
File 141434351318.png - (170.77KB , 1000x884 , trixys clothing.png )

>Half the fun of clothes is being able to take them off.

Trixy - Hehee, agreed~

>Playboy is... an organization, I suppose, designed for women to enjoy showing off their body.

Trixy - Keehee, then I'm your little playboy bunny~

>A light, opaque outfit (Not transparent), which goes up to the breasts to cover up the naughtiest bits, but shows off the top of them, would certainly fit the showing-off tendency you're fond of

Trixy - fit's what I usually wear, somewhat.

>Trixy changes into a long onepiece top and loin cloth with a scarlet coat over top, it splits in the back along the base of her tail

Trixy - Aaahhh~ light and cozy. not used to having these up here~

>She fondles her plump breasts.

Trixy - Hehee, Master likes em Hhhmm~?

>with nothing underneath?

Trixy - Normally I wear something under, but for you master~

>We'll spank your ass red next chapter

>The bunny bold blushes and smiles

Trixy - Oh no~ please don't spank me master, I'm very sensitive~

>She say's turning around and lifting her coat tails, showing off her naked bum as she wiggles her tail.

Trixy - Is there anything else master~? another costume you'd like to see, or maybe something fun?

>_ _ _
No. 86337 ID: 4f004c

The ears fit this outfit, but >>86334 with this one, your standard lower-down ears look more fitting.
Other than that, I would say these two outfits are excellent!
No. 86339 ID: 3bfd6f

I agree with this guy, your normal ears would look better with this outfit. Other than that, you've done quite a job with this outfits.
No. 86341 ID: aa572a

Well if you Wana do somethin fun to please your masters could you felate yourself for us? Unless anyone has an objection
No. 86342 ID: 6b8d1c


Yes, I object on the grounds that this has been quite a long string of fanservice, and letting fanservice go on too long or to too much an extent is not good for the health of something like a quest, generally speaking.

Also you're basically asking for just porn and if you want just porn then you should support the artist by buying a commission.
No. 86344 ID: cef479

Looks like someone's got a case of the grumpy dumpies.
No. 86348 ID: efbbe9

Grumpy dumpy, sat on a wall.
grumpy dumpy, had a great fall.
grumpy dumpy, scores a valid point, we should respect the decency of the fan service and not ask for more than what's offered. Thank you grumpy dumpy.
No. 86349 ID: 0ee153

No. 86369 ID: 939c7f
File 141439008351.png - (222.49KB , 1000x884 , dissapointed trixy.png )

>I would say these two outfits are excellent!

Trixy - Teehee~ thanks. It's a lot of fun getting all dressed up for you master.

>to please your masters could you felate yourself for us?

Trixy - *giggles* of course master~ let me just grow the necessary tool~


Flynn - Actually I quite agree with that, I should get to work on my quest and before that the other discussion thread.

Trixy - Aaaww... But I want to do it!

Flynn - No Trisha, Despite being erotic and even a tad sensual. this was meant to show tg your particular personality and ego, whilst also collecting artistic design, lets not get carried away, remember that your naughtiest bits censored for a reason.

Trixy - Mmnnnn! But I really wanna make master happy!

Flynn - Don't worry, you'll get to play with Gatling in the next chapter.

Trixy - *pout*

Flynn - Besides, mister Grumpy dumpy is right... Is it okay for me to call you that? Anyway. He's right, I do normally charge for these services. And I am busy with other things, err rather should be... Speaking of which I'll soon start a new thread in which I'll update and explain the game mechanics for fighting and dungeon crawling, as well as restate the character stats and explain errata. See you soon.

Tixy - Love you~!
No. 86371 ID: 35ad98

Congratulations Anonymous you new name is Grumpy dumpy. Simply enter it into the name field of your next post.
No. 86381 ID: 4f004c

>Flynn - Don't worry, you'll get to play with Gatling in the next chapter.
Just beware of the SHENZI soul shard. She's rather violent and authoritative in the Gnoll Matriarch way. As in, rapes the hell out of anybody not for joy, but to make them feel pain. No pleasing that gal.
I second the notion of officializing that name. That, or "Grumpity Dumpity." Dunno why, I just feel like throwing an "it" into there.
No. 86400 ID: 939c7f
File 141443213684.png - (263.25KB , 1000x884 , titsout.png )

Flynn - Never mind, someone payed me to draw the scene.

Trixy - Really?!

Flynn - No joke. Go ahead, have fun Trixy. oh and no need to censor your nipples and what not, it's porn now.

>Trixy drops her coat and pulls her breasts out.

Trixy - Yay~! Master wants me~!

Flynn - I'd like to thank you, mister Grumpy dumpy... I really hope you don't take offence to that name... Client decided to commission the scene after reading your comment. Thank you. I'll get to the other thread and what not right after, and even between posts.

Trixy - MMmmnn~master, It's so big and hard~

Flynn - Go do it in the white space Trixy, Wanna get a good shot without finagleing with empty space and perspective proportions.

Trixy - okay~ Keehee. So masters, do you want me to do it sitting down or on my back~?

>_ _ _
No. 86401 ID: aac03d


Well, since I guess it's my job now, I'll just remind you to not forget that there's a spoiler image function. Glad to be of financial service!

I would also remind Trixy to make sure she doesn't hurt her back, but that's probably not a problem.
No. 86406 ID: 853d8c

Are we supposed to suggest a pose? If so do it with your butt in the air so we can see your ass
No. 86412 ID: bc87c9

Be a good girl and take as much as you can.
No. 86424 ID: 939c7f

>Are we supposed to suggest a pose?

Flynn - Please do, the commission didn't cover the details of the illustration.

>Be a good girl and take as much as you can.

Trixy - Hehehee~ Yes master, I'll be a good girl master.
No. 86432 ID: 35ad98
Audio Blue_October_-_Drilled_A_Wire_Through_My_Cheek.mp3 - (6.15MB , Blue October - Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek.mp3 )

I think this is the perfect song for Trixy considering her attitude towards us and what we saw in her soul.
No. 86483 ID: 939c7f
File 141472994317.jpg - (805.82KB , 2400x1600 , trixy self suck 1.jpg )

>Moving back into the white zone, Trixy happily undresses and starts to jack off.

>I would also remind Trixy to make sure she doesn't hurt her back

Trixy - nope, not a problem at all.

>do it with your butt in the air

>She rolls onto her back and lifts her butt it the air, letting her hard cock flop in between her breasts. Reaching out she kisses the tip as her long tongue wraps around her shaft and tickles her juicy balls.

>Be a good girl and take as much as you can.

>She sucks on her own cock as deeply as she can, her lips touching the base of her cock, her nose pressed against her balls.
No. 86485 ID: 939c7f
File 141473027877.jpg - (262.72KB , 2400x1600 , trixyselfsuck cum.jpg )

>She fucks her mouth faster and faster until her cock starts to throb and suddenly hot sticky cum bursts out into her mouth, bloating her cheeks and even drooling out her nose. Her eyes shoot open in surprise as the pungent liquid fills her mouth, yet she refrains from spitting it out or swallowing without her masters permission.

>_ _ _
No. 86486 ID: f713af

Waste not want not. Drink up!
No. 86487 ID: 03537f

Here is a test for you Trixy. Keep holding that pose until you are ready to go again. Then start slowly fucking your cum filled mouth until you cum a second time. Try your best to avoid spilling any until you are finished.

After that you can swallow.
No. 86488 ID: d90668


I like this idea.
No. 86489 ID: 42500b

No. 86518 ID: e7d588

Actually, now that I think about it I would also love to see her glaze her own face. Which to choose?
No. 86522 ID: 4f004c

Given it's already shooting out her nose I don't think it's a viable request to go again.
Besides, I think it would just end up being the same image, anyways.
Go ahead and swallow, Trixy.
No. 86523 ID: 21e28b

She just has to keep on going. Sure there will be some gurgling and choking. And cum spattered all over the place. But I have faith she can pull it off.
No. 86525 ID: eda14c

Don't be greedy, guys.
No. 86526 ID: 0b04d9

If she really wants to please her master she'll do whatever it takes to go again. Even if she chokes some, it will be worth it to make her master happy.
No. 86527 ID: 0b04d9

Maybe we'll even reward her for her efforts by stuffing her ass while she goes the second time.
No. 86532 ID: 7090a4

I have a question for the author. If we possesses someone, say trixy for example, can we control her body while she also controls it? Or is she always paralysed while we control? Also if she is helpless to our will, ifs she still conscious?
No. 86533 ID: 7090a4

Correction* is she still conscious?

Also if she does swallow it all after cumming twice we should reward her with something more than a fuck or the gratification or pleasing her master. Let's do something nice for her or give her a gift.
No. 86534 ID: 4f004c

We're a blade right now... This is in the waking world, not the spirit world.
No. 86537 ID: 04f01a

How about if she swallows it all, we give her the crown of bee control and tell her she's our little princess. Also that next time she can cum in our mouths as much as she pleases and she can tell us when to swallow.
No. 86538 ID: 0ee153

Also, can we agree that as our collective avatar Gatling should be kept away from any one anon's fetish?
No. 86540 ID: 4f004c

Probably a good idea.
No. 86543 ID: fdaa84

I wonder what she'd look like as a bee princess?
No. 86548 ID: f713af

I think Gatling should be permanently relegated to a onlooking bystander role wherever porn is concerned.
No. 86549 ID: 939c7f
File 141499195249.jpg - (648.72KB , 1886x1257 , super cum shot copy.jpg )

>Trixy, seeking to please her master in hopes of getting praise and love, holds still with her cock in her filled mouth. To help the second wind along she turns her tail into a gnarly tentacle and starts playing with her butt, which moves things along rather quickly. Soon she's back at it, plowing her mouth again, her eyes roll back in their sockets as she tries to make herself cum a second time in such a short frame, but low and beholds she manages, driven by her love for her master. Pushing as deeply as she can, her mouth fills with so much hot cum, that her cheeks bloat so thin you can almost see the cum through them. Her nasal canal fills with pungent cum, sending her mind wild, overloading her highly sensitive kobold sense of smell with hot sex and stimulating her sensitive boldling nose tissue with warm and sticky fluids. a large dollop of cum escapes and lands on her forehead and breasts, yet none hit the ground, landing only on her body and face.
No. 86550 ID: 939c7f
File 141499196118.jpg - (231.78KB , 2400x1600 , bloated with cum.jpg )

>Having succeeded in her masters request, she gittily stands and runs over to you, holding her mouth closed so none can escape and waggling her tail like a dog in need of praise.
No. 86551 ID: d90668

Good job. You managed to pull that off nicely.
No. 86552 ID: 0b04d9

That was excellent Trixy, you've done very well for your master. Now you just need to swallow all your seed so we can give you a kiss on your cum glazed lips. Is there anything more you would like as a reward for being so obedient?
No. 86555 ID: 0ee153

Speak for yourself.
No. 86556 ID: 2765d7

We are ourselves ;P
No. 86557 ID: d86c96

... maybe start using spoiler text, too, just for the most explicit stuff.
No. 86559 ID: 4f004c

Text is easy enough to pass over, it's images that need spoilering. If you don't want to read that stuff, then just ignore spoilered posts.
No. 86562 ID: d86c96


It is easier to pass over text than images, but the eye can still catch on certain words and phrases.
No. 86564 ID: 2173d6

Her cum is rather yellow. But I suppose it would be invisible were it white. Also I forgot that cutebolds are erogenously sensitive in the nose, we'll have to play with it. Also daww, she's cute with a mouth full of spunk
No. 86588 ID: 939c7f
File 141508708248.jpg - (231.76KB , 2400x1600 , swallowing.jpg )

>That was excellent Trixy, you've done very well for your master. Now you just need to swallow all your seed

>Trixy rears her head back and tries to swallow, her mouth is very full, but she manages with some difficulty. Her throat bulges up as much as her cheeks as it guzzles down into her belly. And after two whole gulps she swallows all of it.
No. 86589 ID: 939c7f
File 141508781375.jpg - (237.35KB , 2400x1600 , open wide.jpg )

>Trixy gasps for air after swallowing letting out breath of satisfaction. Showing off how good of a job she did.

>Good job. You managed to pull that off nicely.

Trixy - Keehee, thank you master~

>swallow all your seed so we can give you a kiss on your cum glazed lips.

Trixy - I would love that very very much master... but unfortunately we can't... You're not physically here... All I'd do it smudge the screen... Oohh I wish I could just crawl out of here and kiss you for real, sit on your lap and be your lover... But I can't... *pout* It's unfair... Still, we'll be together next chapter right?

>Is there anything more you would like as a reward for being so obedient?

Trixy - Well... What I'd love more than anything, is if you'd... *blushes brightly* if you'd marry me... But... But it's not possible... you've told me time and time again... If you want to give me a reward... What do you feel I deserve?

>_ _ _
No. 86594 ID: 301484

if she swallows it all, we give her the crown of bee control and tell her she's our little princess. Also that next time she can cum in our mouths as much as she pleases and she can tell us when to swallow. top us in spirit form and show us how much she loves us.
No. 86598 ID: 948e3f

I don't see why you couldn't be married to gatling, limiting it to the quest thread of course. But how about fiance for now, we've only just met you after all. We'll have to mull over what engagement between us means exactly, and the sooner the next chapter happens the sooner we can get to that, honey~
No. 86607 ID: d90668

You get two pats on the head and one coupon for snuggles redeemable whenever.
No. 86608 ID: 4f004c

The reason that a marriage would not work out is the fact that Gatling "reincarnates" so frequently, and that reincarnations result in complete memory loss.
No. 86615 ID: 04f01a

Yeah, but didn't she say that next time we do that she'd merge with us or kill herself? We should make her happy while it lasts.
No. 86628 ID: f8f7e4

Well, mistress, in another place you said you were interested at a change of roles. But since we are pretty much a flat wall, there wouldn't be much in it for you. Well, exept being called mistress a few times. So, clearly not enough.
No. 86636 ID: d5f3c4

How about no, I consider Trixy and her obsession to be a weakness of character, and a reason why she'd be unsuitable marriage material.
No. 86643 ID: d3e76e

I agree.
We could only ever settle down with a strong, independent lover who pushes us around a bit. <3
No. 86645 ID: 939c7f
File 141540767205.jpg - (207.30KB , 1000x667 , throwing paper at me.jpg )

>Trixy cleans herself and makes herself passably censored.

>give her the crown of bee control and tell her she's our little princess.

Trixy happily accepts the crown and blushes brightly when you call her little princess.

Trixy - P-pr-princess~<3 oh I... I don't know what to say~ hehehe...

>top us in spirit form and show us how much she loves us.

>Trixy blushses even more.

Trixy - Keeheehe Y-yes master~! You'll find I love you a lot!

>You get two pats on the head and one coupon for snuggles redeemable whenever.

Trixy - hehee thank you, I'll hold you to it.

>I don't see why you couldn't be married to gatling, limiting it to the quest thread of course. But how about fiance for now, we've only just met you after all.

>Her face lights up like a candle.

Trixy - Re-really?! Oh master, I love you~! oh I'm so happy~

Trixy - I'll find a way to make it work master! My god damned middle name is "The great and powerful" I can make things happen!! Our love will keep us together, you do love me... right?

>How about no, I consider Trixy and her obsession to be a weakness of character, and a reason why she'd be unsuitable marriage material.

Trixy - *pout* you're always like this... one second you want me and love me, the next your pushing me away... I'm sorry I'm a bit obsessive... it's just... Not only do I love you master... I need you to live... I'll literally die if I don't love you... *sigh* But it's wrong of me to act the way I do... I'll try to be less obsessed. Maybe we should, just be fiance for now... I mean... If you'll even let me...

>who pushes us around a bit. <3

Trixy - I could see to that~

>We'll have to mull over what engagement between us means exactly, and the sooner the next chapter happens the sooner we can get to that, honey~

Trixy - Flynn! Next chapter! Now!

Flynn - But... I need to do the other discussion thread first.

Trixy - No! I don't care about that, I wanna be with my honeybun, hug, kiss and discuss marriage and stuff!

>Trixy throws paper at me aggressively

Flynn - I know you do, I'm writing your character, but I need to do the other thread. You'll need to be patient.

Trixy - Fuck it! you do that, I'll update the quest.

Flynn - what? no, you can't!

Trixy - I'm already drawing!

Flynn - but

Trixy - do you're thing! I'll work on this!

Flynn - at least wait for me to finish some basic rulesets

Trixy - We'll see!!

>She turns back to you and kisses the screen.

Trixy - can't wait to see you honey bun, also I'm trying Really hard not to obsess about you. Love~

Flynn - *sigh* this is such bullshit...
No. 86653 ID: 4f004c

>you're always like this... one second you want me and love me, the next your pushing me away...
Happens when you're made up of countless minds.
>I'll try to be less obsessed. Maybe we should, just be fiance for now... I mean... If you'll even let me...
Hmm. Very well, but I want you on your best casual behavior. If you start getting obsessive, I'm going to scold you.
>can't wait to see you honey bun, also I'm trying Really hard not to obsess about you. Love~
Trixy, we will always be there. You may be forgotten, but you've shown yourself more than capable of finding us again, and as you've seen, it was easy for us to accept your love. We'll look into how the joining of spirits works, seeing as Shenzi became a part of us, but if we cannot find any safe, guaranteed methods, I want you to look for us in the next life, okay? No matter how many cycles it will take, I'm absolutely certain there's got to be an answer out there.
If you cannot find us, then look for the answer on your own, and listen for stories of any miraculous events, since that is what we seem to cause.
No. 86655 ID: d90668

From what we know the only thing keeping us awake is some sort of fate magic that binds us to Eadoo. Until her story ends one way or another we are free to act however we like.

So while we help her we need to be figuring out our own past and fixing ourselves. Would suck if we help make a dream kingdom that accepts our kind and then we fall asleep right afterwards.

Plus the more control we gain over ourselves the more power we can grant to our friends. And the less accidental soul eating accidents the better.

So hang in there Trixy we are not going anywhere if we can help it.
No. 88378 ID: ea0ad9
File 142000523914.jpg - (56.06KB , 1320x1245 , mistletoe.jpg )

Mistletoe doesn't have red fruits, it has white. Blue could easily be seen as a magical variant, but the reason you were told that it was Holly was because it has pointed leaves.
No. 88444 ID: 939c7f

Yup, I know. like I said, I was always told that Holly, was known as red or american, mistletoe. if it pleases the audience I'll gladly make it magical blue mistletoe with long rounded leafs. there's no problem at all.
No. 88620 ID: b9d767

Eh, don't change it. The red mistletoe fits the season.

Can't help but wonder about that egg though, is it alive or some magical doodad? So mysterious~
No. 88691 ID: cef479

A little late, but anyone else curious what a future ruled by AkuTrixy would actually be like?
No. 88782 ID: cef479

Hmmm. Tempted to draw stuff for this Quest again.
No. 88785 ID: 939c7f

well be my quest~
No. 88807 ID: cef479
File 142176663257.png - (153.35KB , 945x945 , Hel.png )

Hel: An imp who's gained terrifying powers from exposure to the magic of the wizard who summoned her, Hel has the ability to read minds (suggestions) and control souls. She's obsessed with Gatling to terrifying levels because of the sheer amount of voices that make up his mind and how much entertainment she'd get from having him around. This also means she despises anyone who gets in the way of her goal for eternal amusement.

I dunno, something a bit more in-depth than a normal monster. Apologizing in advance in case I somehow step on toes or the art is eh.
No. 88835 ID: 939c7f
File 142181398315.jpg - (393.76KB , 2880x1440 , hel drawing.jpg )

well There is an evil wizard that needs a familiar... maybe even one to surpass him...
Plus I really like the character design~ first thing that came to mind when I saw it was: oh shit I wanna draw that! I took a few artistic liberties...
I might draw a pic of her for crotch day, with your permission~
No. 88836 ID: cef479


Oh man thanks dude, that's super awesome! Sure you can draw her for crotch day, just give a little proper credit and it'll be cool. Glad you like her design too, that made me feel super awesome.
No. 88837 ID: cef479

Oh and if you really want to use her you can, I'm interested in seeing how this'll play out.
No. 88854 ID: cef479

Dethl: A gnoll raised in swampland and taught dark magic coming close to voodoo, Dethl is capable of using curses and hexing to take down prey and use them for his spells and medicines. His most dangerous hexes are activated when blood is spilled on the battlefield, spilled blood from an opponent allows Dethl to target them with hexes without fail.

Another one of these, gives me a chance to design more complex creatures. Apologies in advance for eh artwork again.
No. 88855 ID: cef479
File 142185887267.png - (169.49KB , 827x827 , Dethl.png )

And the actual artwork, because I can barely function today.
No. 88858 ID: 939c7f

looks good~ Might be able to push him into the second last course
No. 88862 ID: 939c7f

I don't feel like drawing him just yet, because of time constraints, but his skull and bones patterns would be cool as literal gnoll bones tied on his body, or maybe hung to piercings? although tattooed would be simpler, just noticed the white mane... good touch, I'll try a few things when I draw it. His scythe would have to be less... er... simpler. maybe made of a crystal? crystallized blood maybe?

I love having fan submissions, It makes the experience a bit more personal. Of course too much of something that doesn't fit is a bit off, but so far you've been hitting the right marks~
No. 88863 ID: cef479

Yeah, the bone parts are all tattoos but if you want to change some of them to actual bones you can go right ahead man. As for the scythe crystal or blood would be awesome (I didn't really decide on what it was made of myself, I just kind of assumed red metal).

Glad to hear I've been doing well so far, I tried to design them so that they'd be able to work so it's good to know I got it down.
No. 88963 ID: cef479

Working on a bee monster now, I'll post the results later today if you're interested.
No. 88968 ID: cef479
File 142238801359.png - (183.17KB , 709x709 , WaspFae.png )

Synthia, Wasp Fae: Summoned by nobles to protect their garden, Synthia and her soldiers broke free of their spell that summoned them and now terrorize forests and villages, stealing flowers and taking healthy children to change into more wasp faes. Synthia uses music to control her minions and her venom can kill in a single night without an antidote.

With a crown of bee control being a thing I figured more bees were needed.
No. 89031 ID: ea0ad9

I've had more thoughts on lore-friendly breast pumps... That gourd thing is real, in case you guys were wondering--I don't know about fusing entrails to it, but they did heat up gourd caps to allow them to act as suction cups.

Anyways, given Aiden's abilities, he really is a godsend. All problems can suddenly be solved by him, it would seem. Creating an entity with a cartilage skeleton just under the skin (Or, at least, under the skin of the breasts) would allow that to be removed to form a sort of breast pump harness, and his powers would make it a lot easier for him to fuse some sort of tube to the hole over the nipple. Miniature bellows remain the hard part to create, though.

Alternatively, he could create something that lives off of the nutrients in breast milk, and is similar to a stafish, in that it remains attached in place unless forced off. Eadoo could keep that around as a pet for when her mammary glands start working again.
No. 89055 ID: 939c7f

I like em, but I don't know where to put them. If I find a place you'll see em.

indeed those solutions would work, and with Aiden they're quite possible. You'll need to go talk to him about them.
No. 89199 ID: 939c7f
File 142412126596.jpg - (335.94KB , 800x1200 , 10minutes copy.jpg )

Just a little something I whipped up in my free time. Enjoy~
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