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File 151546932249.png - (34.17KB , 1200x800 , 551.png )
857144 No. 857144 ID: bfb318

Inventory and Other Info: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats#Ultra_Non-Canon_Statistics

There are 10 modules on Fern's desk, and they're all division modules.

>"Eat up, Sugartooth."

Fern has been pronouncing 'Sugartooth' less and less ironically every time he says it.

>"I want answers for a lot of questions I shouldn't even have to ask. Questions like 'why've you been running around with your hands tied behind your back', and 'why've you been holding out on us?'"
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No. 857146 ID: 17c2ee

"Because multiple AIs like me aren't actually supposed to exist. It just makes a lot of trouble."
No. 857148 ID: a363ac

"because nobels."
No. 857150 ID: 307bd1

I was keeping a low profile until I was sure my rival wasn't watching the underworld for me. Don't shake the boat while you're still getting in it, as they say.
No. 857151 ID: 3ce125

Tell him it's because you'd be hunted down by nobles if you got a high profile. Also you have a multi-AI rival in the police force. Both of you have very lofty goals that you probably shouldn't tell him about just yet.
Also multi-AI jetals are super illegal and you don't want to get your creator killed. He's almost killing himself already, no need to help him with that.
No. 857153 ID: 86eb65

Start munching on modules while chatting. As you absorb them you should start splitting to test/showoff the divisions. As you talk split into two more people each time you ask a question. By the end of these you should be several tiny people all over the desk. Then go start sexily lounging on his chest.

You know how there are secrets so bad just knowing about them gets you killed?

The sort of secrets so dangerous you are willing to erase your own memories to forget them?

Secrets so big you would go a bit crazy if you knew them?

Let me know if you want to go any further.

As for questions I can answer.

1. Its not safe for a girl to reveal all her secrets. Especially early on.
2. Same thing for the "hands behing my back" comment. Its dangerous to show off.
3. I like you. Am not going to hurt you as long as you don't try to hurt me.

Then have your little clones try and get to his dick to distract him.
No. 857159 ID: 91ee5f

>I like you. Am not going to hurt you as long as you don't try to hurt me.
Don't threaten him. Not after everything he's done for us.
No. 857162 ID: 094652

Tell him that you're still testing your limits. Most of what you're capable of is... debilitating, borderline-unstable. You need to fully understand your abilities before you can use them or you might bring the roof down on the whole Syndicate.
No. 857165 ID: 33d4be

Well, eat up. And while you eat, I think it's time to be honest with Fern. To an extent. A limited extent. Dodge around a few things by how they're phrased, sort of thing. But some honesty, still, and some trust. His ability to trust us has probably just taken a hit, though it doesn't seem so because our usefulness has gone way up, and we need to restore it. So:

"I can answer both questions by saying I wasn't sure of my capabilities myself, until I got to test them out. Of course I knew I was a multi-AI core, but I didn't know what that meant in terms of my abilities for sure. I did strongly suspect, of course. I think I can cover more questions if I just tell you a little about my past. A little, because a little's all I can give: I woke up only a couple of days before I met you, without memories of my own to give me my place in the world. I knew that someone had put me in stasis and hid me away for a long time, and since then - in my spare time, between making money - I've been searching down clues to how I came to be where I was."

"... I heard from your other subordinates that they had to show off to you to earn your trust. One of them said he had to shed most of his mass and dance on your desk as a tiny spider, showing trust in you. I hope that what I'm about to tell you will serve as a similar display, on my part."

Move around the desk and kneel in front of him.

"I know you have a distaste for nobles: so do I, for the most part, from what I've learned. But... well, I've learned my creator was Loviro, who was a noble under the Diamond Emperor, and as his personal creation I theoretically inherited his position. The records make it seem like he was killed when Diamond went down, but someone with a lot of expertise was around long enough to modify my core and to conceal me, and possibly other jetals he created. I have to believe I was hidden because I was in danger, probably related to the machinations around what happened to Diamond's house as a whole. It's because of that - as well as legitimately being unsure of most of this - that I haven't been forthcoming."

"So, Fern, how do you feel about that?"

"... And of more immediate concern: how do you feel about having your very own little noble girl to kneel in front of you and let you do whatever you'd like with her?"
No. 857166 ID: 3abd97

>Questions like 'why've you been running around with your hands tied behind your back', and 'why've you been holding out on us?'"
Time to be cheeky. *grin, pops a module like it's candy* "What, you mean I'm not amazing enough for you already? And bondage is sexy."

>the serious answer
Fern, I'm very illegal and I don't want to be noticed. And going all out the the way I could gets you noticed. I want more out of life than getting killed or enslaved by some noble because I made too many waves too soon and brought attention to myself. Or to bring that kind of heat down on the people who matter to me.

And my other problem with going high profile? I'm not unique. I've got at least once 'sister' core out there, who would come gunning for me if she knew who and where am I. She's a cop, it's kind of cute. Yes, totally call her your sister just to see his reaction when you let slip you've been fucking her.

So I limited myself to the number of divisions it's possible for a capable jetal, and cheated everywhere I could. Enough to impress you, enough to excel on missions and catch my opponents with their pants down... but not enough to draw lightning from on high.

It's the same sort of thing as using seduction as a weapon. Being underestimated is useful. Being off people's radar is useful. If people don't know what you are, what you're really capable of... well then they defend against the wrong things. And that's what I'm all about Fern- power on unexpected curves. Flaunt it as you say that.

>There are 10 modules on Fern's desk, and they're all division modules.
You know there's a limit to how many modules I can carry. I could put divisions in all 50 or so slots, but that would leave me without other useful tools. And even if I can control as many divisions and as much mass as you care to give me, logistics cuts down the number of serious missions, infiltration and scams I can run simultaneously even more. Shared battery is also a problem. Unless I'm coordinating multiple mes on one target, or I'm sending off divisions I don't need as call girls or something, I'm not even sure I can use this many at once all the time.

Fern, I like you, and I trust you, but I don't want the gang to know what I am if they don't have to. The more people that know, the more risk it gets out. And my biggest advantage, and my safety depend on that not getting out.
No. 857168 ID: 10c408

"I can answer both question with one statement. 'I don't want to get murder by either of my two enemies until I'm ready to throw down with them.'

sure, I could load up on division modules and be a jetal murder machine that eats other jetals but not only wold that force the nobles to come and kill me, it would also make me highly visible to another jetal with the same kind of core that I have who works for law enforcement and would really like to know where I am."
No. 857172 ID: 3abd97

As good as the noble girl on her knees bit is, I sort of thing we don't want to let Fern know just how hot we really are. It's not too late for him to drop us like a hot potato if he decides we're too dangerous to associate with (even if he'd feel bad about it at this point). I don't think we want to tell him about our claim on nobility until it's too late to do anything about it.
No. 857181 ID: 33d4be


I honestly don't think fallen nobles are that rare in this world. Probably the higher-ups in any criminal organization are fallen nobles, if they're not non-fallen nobles engaged in some illegal hobbies.

More importantly, the story of being a noble handily explains why we're a special multi-AI jetal core. If we don't explain that, Fern will want to know who modified us and how, because that's a service that he'll want access to. If we can tell him it was done by a known, named someone who (we will strongly imply) isn't around any more, it gets that off our backs right away. We're special because we're a lost magical princess whose daddy gave her everything he could, just for us, no repeat performances, and you won't find anything if you look for more because it was a long time ago so don't even waste your time. It'll also stop him asking what we're doing with our free time and why we might be cagey about it, since he can assume it's more of us going hunting for more clues to our past.

Any other way we try to explain it, it'll be an outright lie instead of a half-truth, and lies are harder to maintain. Plus I don't want to lie to him.

Knowledge that we could be in danger from some mysterious conspiracy will also give Fern an explanation for why we disappeared, if we choose to disappear any time soon by, for example, leaving the simulation. Otherwise he could feel betrayed. I don't like that possibility either.
No. 857353 ID: 33d4be


I was looking back and noticed that when we met Fern we said our "creator is kind of a backroom inventor". So I'd modify my proposed speech up there to add a line like "Remember when I told you my creator was a backroom inventor? Well, that's basically true, but his back room was probably very big and well equipped, because" and then on with the explanation of it being Loviro, continuing to imply that he's not around and we were hidden away by someone who we think was him. Hopefully he won't notice the change from "is" to "was", but if he does we can just say that back then we still thought our creator could still be around.

Which is kind of true anyway because our "Loviro" isn't the real Loviro. I mean, the real fake Loviro. That is, within the scenario of this being a harvest sim within the "real" world of the larger simulation, the story of "we were created by Loviro but hidden away by someone and woke up later with special qualities that seem most likely to have been given to us by our creator" really is the case. We're just not mentioning that part of our story applies to outside the harvest sim.

I wonder, are Fern's own bosses listening in on this? I think he was implied to have some. Maybe we should invite him to link cores and come inside to talk to us.
No. 857401 ID: 3abd97

>I honestly don't think fallen nobles are that rare in this world.
Sapphire breaking the truce between factions to not only off Diamond but exterminate his nobles instead of letting them roll into other factions was a Big Deal because it was a serious departure from how the ruling echelon had functioned. Nobles are mostly nobles or dead. Being a noble who's lot status and is another Emperor's dirty laundry just by continuing to exist is both unusual and a very precarious position indeed.

>More importantly, the story of being a noble handily explains why we're a special multi-AI jetal core.
No that's the kind of faulty logic that makes people spill spaghetti trying to cover lies by answering questions no one even asked in the first place. (And we're not even lying technically we're just keeping a deadly secret to ourselves).

His discovering we're a secret plurality of a person already answers questions he may have had about how we're odd or how we've been doing what we do, and will be reinforced / given extra weight in his mind by the fact he figured it out himself.
No. 857407 ID: 33d4be


In the original quest, it was stated/implied there used to be a lot more emperors, all of whom were taken down one by one over the years until only a tiny number were left. This is supposed to be a whole planet, after all, it's very likely that things used to be a lot more divided up. So, emperors being betrayed/taken down/losing their power is something that's happened pretty often. Of the nobles under them, well, so far all the nobles we've ever met seem like the kinds of people who make enemies, and what are they going to do when they lose the protection of their emperor? Is another emperor really always going to put in the resources to offer them the same level of protection they used to depend on - especially if the new emperor has their hands full wrestling the others for the recently-fallen emperor's territory and resources?

So, not only has the fall of emperors not been that uncommon (until the last few decades), every remaining emperor is only going to take on the leftover nobles with the most to offer, leaving the rest out in the cold to reap what they've variously sowed. If we assume most nobles have heirs, then we can imagine that even if the nobles themselves usually don't manage to hide themselves fast enough, those various heirs will probably have a better success rate. So, again, I imagine people with a right to noble titles, but who can't act upon them, aren't exactly super amazingly shut-down-everything rare.

>questions no one even asked in the first place

He hasn't asked yet, but Fern is definitely going to want to know if whoever modified us is available for hire to do the same thing again. How do you propose we answer that in a way that a) won't come apart with close inspection and b) protects Loviro? If we try to just make up some vanished person then it'll be obvious. Loviro is someone who is on record as a person who could do this thing and who made jetals like us and it will not be that hard to make the case to Fern that anything he did was a long time ago. It's possible we even have some distinct features on our core to back us up in that regard - Fern may even ask to let him inspect our core more closely at some point. Telling the mostly-truth about Loviro covers all the possibilities, maybe not perfectly but the best we can manage.
No. 857409 ID: de6d84

No. 857418 ID: 0ba76c

Because it's horribly dangerous that's why.

You met me when I was literally 8 hours old and sucking dicks on the street. Do you think I was in any shape to reveal that sort of stuff at that point?

Plus some of my secrets are really really dangerous so you're going to have to make doubly sure you want to know my history.

As for the modules what strings are attached? Or do you just want a private mini orgy with a bunch of tiny girls. Cause that is about to happen regardless.
No. 857421 ID: 3abd97

Yes there were a lot of Emperors who got picked off over time but the detail you're conveniently ignoring is there were rules of conduct on what happened to their nobles when they fell.

The Adviser's Clause and Noble's Clause were supposed to protect members of a Emperor's faction if and when they went down.

Sapphire breaking those rules to purge Diamond's faction after Diamond fell was a big deal, politically. Big enough That Sapphire worked damn hard to make sure no one could prove he was doing it.

So no, between the previous status quo of nobles being protected if their Emperor fell (so they lost incentive to make a mess fighting to the last) and Sapphire's more recent ruthless purge of Diamond's allies, fallen nobles aren't common. Nobles didn't fall- they were either allowed to keep their status, or they were killed, or they were so far underground Sapphire's hit squads missed them (and for us, that meant being unconscious and inactive for years, hidden inside a simulation).

>Fern is definitely going to want to know if whoever modified us
No, he's not, because there's been little to no lore in the setting that says base jetal cores can be modified at all. You can add or subtract modules, but the core is for most intents and purposes inviolate. It would be ridiculous of him to assume this was a modification and not how we were built from the start.
No. 857429 ID: 33d4be


The Advisor/Noble clause only got instituted 30 years ago, which is not a long time for jetals or robots or even high-class organics. The very post you link points out that Sapphire would have been fine if he'd tried the purge right away, because it hadn't been passed yet. Before that 30-year mark, my reasoning still applies.

Also, as the post you link points out, Sapphire left no evidence. Felix suspects it was him, and Loviro knew it was him, but no-one else knows Sapphire tried to purge Diamond's nobles. I'm not proposing we tell anyone that we suspect Sapphire, only that we suspect whoever hid it away did it for a reason. From Fern's perspective, that reason would be much more likely to be someone wanting to dissect us for Loviro's secrets, or some lower-level personal enemy who wouldn't care about the clause, or just to conceal that Loviro had modified his jetals illegally until things were safer. There's no reason for Fern to immediately suspect that someone as big as an Emperor could be after us.

Also there totally IS lore that jetal cores can be modified with cloned AIs, because we just recently revealed to Loviro that we were multi-AI when he proposed to that as an option with the jetal toolkit we gave him: >>/questarch/777468
No. 857437 ID: 17c2ee

yeah don't mention being a noble at all
No. 857439 ID: c88e6d

Do NOT let slip that you are a noble.
No. 857440 ID: 1f4fbd

This verbalizes everything important, don't let Fern know you're a noble. Would be really bad.
No. 857442 ID: 3cc68c

You know how some girls like ruby pendents. And some girls love sapphire rings or emerald earrings?

Well I am the sort that likes Diamonds. I think its hereditary honestly.

And in this town those sorts of "tastes" can be deadly you know?
No. 857445 ID: 33d4be


Want to try articulate why? If we ever want to try take any advantage of being a noble, and I'm sure we can (for example, getting to Sapphire's side for an assassination by any route other than superviolence might require us to be at least a lesser noble), we need to start going after that. This is just the harvest sim, but it needs practice that we can get here - the harvest sim will replicate all the etiquette and machinations of the upper classes for us to test ourselves against, while not passing any mistakes we make while learning on to the "real" world when we do it there. That practice could be essential! And if we want to try practice being a noble here we need resources and backing to put power behind the title, which can come through the Syndicate.

Plus, if we "reveal" we were modified by Loviro (as I've been suggesting for other reasons already), then anyone with knowledge of Loviro will be able to guess we were his kid and that therefore we're a noble. Being a noble makes our ability to be "modified" more likely and thus less questionable than if we were a lesser jetal, and helps explain away any other ways we're strangely more advanced than normal. For all we know anyone who give our core a close inspection will be able to tell we were a special custom job anyway, which would necessarily imply a noble connection since they'e the only people with access to that sort of thing.
No. 857451 ID: 86eb65

Fern is trustworthy but only up to a point. He might get spooked if we tell him anything to big to fast. We can always tell him more but we can not take back any secrets we reveal.

So tell him the basics but keep the dangerous stuff under wraps for now. No nobility or mentions of dad just yet.

Also fuck him a bunch with all those new divisions while you find out what these modules are going to cost you.
No. 857453 ID: 3abd97

Personally, I plan to take advantage of being a noble, but I don't think it's time yet (although we're fast approaching it, there's only so many ends to tie up on the illegal side of the fence). The progression would be to make it rich doing our illegal gangster seductress con woman game until we're comfortable going legit and registering with EIN. We talked about this with Fern earlier- the gang does have a use for people on the right side of the law.

Then we're in a position to be one of the wealthy faces the gang is dependent on. Then, when it's too late for Fern to do anything about it, we claim our birthright, go noble, and become the gang's noble patron and start going out playing the noble courtesan game until we find a way to get to Sapphire.

The key thing here is Fern is our friend, but he's also a leader with responsibilities who knows when to cut his loses. And I feel a real threat that faced with the prospect of getting in bed with a new noble on the rise / risking drawing another noble's ire, he'll do the pragmatic thing and kick us to the curb.

We're planning a power play which is inherently risky for him and his interests, and I don't want to give him the chance to choose.
No. 857455 ID: 33d4be


Personally, I think Fern is doubting us right now, since we held something back from him, and offering him something as a sign of trust will go a long way to fixing that. Plus if we hold anything big back from him now and reveal it later, it'll be another big hit then. If we're going to have the Syndicate's backing (and for those of its members who are sweet on us to remain so, and I think Fern is one of them a little bit), we should tell them and present the possibility of our noble status being used to their advantage now, so that they can have it in mind and don't start doing things that might shut down that possibility due to the ignorance we left them in. A gang like this would probably LOVE to have their own little puppet noble patron-protector. Also this quest has to get moving in larger ways SOME time and we need to make some token motions towards our overall endgame lest we be stuck in eternal sidequests until we've all gotten too sick of it to reach an ending at all.

However, this is clogging up the thread so I'm going to slightly necro the Asteroid Quest disc thread so we can talk further there.
No. 857456 ID: 33d4be

No. 857468 ID: 0d45a9

This is good. Do not mention you're a noble, we're still at a point where Fern can cut ties if he thinks the cost/risk-benefit analysis isn't in his favour.

If he asks follow up questions then we can considering answering them, but we shouldn't give risky information away freely.
No. 857477 ID: bfb318
File 151555413130.png - (17.79KB , 800x800 , 552.png )

Unity puts her hands behind her back as she answers. "Bondage is sexy, you know." She bends over to eat a module, before moving on to seriously answer.

"If I didn't limit myself, I'd bring down lightning from above. No matter how many divisions I can control, I only have one core, and one battery."
>"Batteries are upgradeable."
"Please remember that I was activated just this week. It was too easy to overextend my abilities, or try to do more than what I think I could do. I had to test the waters. I couldn't afford to make waves. Not with nobles watching the world. Not with my sister core."
>"You have a sister?"
"I think she's a cop."
>"You in good with her?"
"I think she'll kill me if she finds me."
>"That's how it should be. Don't go dealing with cops on me now."
"I'll try. She's probably under a microscope. I don't think either of us were supposed to exist. Do all of these modules come with a catch?"
>"Of course they fuckin' do, you just ate up a 50 million debt. Don't worry about it, there's no interest. Eat up that jetalium in the desk, already."

The position of a jetal being made by a fallen noble is precarious, and Unity doesn't fully know the ramifications of it getting out, or how well Fern would respond.
No. 857478 ID: bfb318
File 151555414457.png - (29.08KB , 800x800 , 553.png )

Unity starts dividing herself more as she absorbs the modules. Her main core climbs over the desk to sit in front of Fern, who doesn't yield an inch.

>"... Alright. You know what, I forgot that I signed you on in record time because of how useful you are. But you're still young as both a jetal and a syndicate member. I shouldn't expect you to know all the ins and outs. Should've told me, but keeping it a secret from everyone, was a hell of a lot better than keeping it a secret from no one."
"I'm sorry, but I honestly had no idea how you would take it. I also thought there would be things you thought were too dangerous to know."
>"Like I fuckin' trust you to know what I want to know!"
"Hm... well, I hope you'll be the only one to know that I'm a multi-core."
>"I expect to be the only one. This is worse than having an A-rank module. Only reason why I haven't shoved you in a basement and denied that you exist is because all scanners can do is tell whether you've shoved any A-rank modules up your ass, but this is a lot easier to hide. You're dangerous as hell, and I should start calling you Sugarbrain because it sure as hell isn't circuitry you've got in your core."
"I think you can call me whatever you want."
>"Shut up for a second, Sugartits. I've really only got four questions I've got to ask you. I'll start with three. First off, I'm just dying to know how you even came to be as a multi-core, but that isn't the question, cause it isn't important. Whoever's responsible for multi core production is either doing some stupidly illegal stuff, or they're in close with some emperor's personal projects. Whichever it is, I don't want anything to do with it. And since you're under me, that means I don't want you to have anything to do with your origin. So, first question. Are you in contact with anyone or anything who had something to do with why you're a multi-core, or anything that would lead back to you? Second question is how many AIs am I talking to here? Third question. Is there any other crap you think I should know about you? Not like I trust your judgement, so judge on the side of 'I want to know.'"
No. 857481 ID: 86eb65

First question:

When my core was made it was perfectly legal. But it did not get turned on for a long long time and things have changed since then as far as I can tell. My creator was the best if you know your history.

Second question:

The syndicate could not afford enough division modules for how many people I have in here. But you are usually talking to the same girl. I just lead the family.

Third question:

Its a dangerous subject but if I am going to tell you and secrets this one is probably the safest. I know about the harvest. And how to get out.
No. 857485 ID: 3ce125

First question: Nope. The person responsible for you being a multi-core... isn't even on this planet.
Second question: uhhh how many did you bring? A few thousand? Give him an estimate.
Third question: Yeah go ahead and tell him this is a harvest simulation and you want to escape it.
No. 857486 ID: 3cc68c

Well to your first question my creator died a long time ago. My core was only recently turned on and the person who did never realized how special I was. For all intents and purposes I am ancient history. So no one should be looking for me.

I probably have more people in my head than the syndicate has members.

As for other stuff? I really want to get thrown in a sex dungeon one day. Sort of a personal goal really. That stuff with the drug pusher got close but not quite far enough.

I want to go legit eventually. Just to see how that life is. But will still be part of the syndicate if you will have me.

Any more personal questions I will only say if you fuck me and we can chat in private (core to core). Otherwise its to dangerous to say out loud.

If he take you up on it we can tell him dangerous harvest stuff in our head.
No. 857492 ID: 91ee5f

>First question
Whoever made me a multi-core died a long time ago. The guy who found me and turned me on had no clue that I was a multi-core.

>Second question
Uhhh, that's a good question. Give me a sec, while I do a head count.

>Third question
No. 857496 ID: 33d4be

>judge on the side of 'I want to know.'"

Well, that gives us some license to avoid saying things we think he wouldn't want to know.

For question one: "From what I can tell, my core was made capable of this a long time ago. I only came online recently, but before then I had been hidden away. I've been doing some very secret investigation based on what clues I had when I woke up, but none of the people I've talked to to find out about my past had any idea I was a multi-core, and I haven't been asking about that at all, only general information about where I came from. I still only have suspicions about how it happened, myself."

All technically true (at least within our "roleplaying" with the reality of the belenosian sim). Even Loviro truthfully "had" no idea we were a multi-core, though we have told him now.

For question two: "I'm not totally sure how many AIs are in here, we sort of become active or not as needed. I'd have to test what I'm capable of, to see if what limits and side-effects there are to pulling out as many of me as I can."

For question three, I'll probably get voted down but if we present it as theory rather than fact then I still think: "Remember when I told you my creator was a backroom inventor? I still think that, in essence, but his back room probably would have been pretty big. My best guess right now is that me and my sister were made by a man called Loviro, who was a noble advisor to the Diamond Emperor. He could have done the modifications, and the modifications might be why we were hidden, when his protections started collapsing. Given what I've found out about he felt for his jetals, and how the inheritance works... It's possible I might technically count as a noble, not that it's worth much. I think being a multi-core is a bit bigger than that, though."

If by some miracle that or something like it passes, then - as per previous suggestion - tell Fern you noticed he seems not to like nobles, and that you wonder what he'd like to do with a poor lost noble girl who's at his mercy.

Other things he should/would want to know:
- Your cardgame friend offloaded a factory fresh core interface study to you, and you passed it to someone who could use it (and who DEFINITELY doesn't want that info to get out), in exchange for which you personally and probably you alone have their services, and you've been thinking if you're in for a penny you're in for a pound so being modified already you might as well try another core mod or two.
- You would really like to quote "go legit" unquote but only once you have enough resources to fulfil your long-term dream, which is to slip up among the nobles and start messing with them, though you realize that's unrealistic.
- You really would genuinely like to improve society and make people happier wherever it is possible and safe to do so given your business commitments.
- You've entertained the idea of becoming a soft and gentle compassionate face for the Syndicate and funding recovery programs for addicts, which in all honestly would probably profit the Syndicate in the long term because putting people with addictive personalities back on their feet will end with them coming back to you with more money to spend on your products again instead of burning out and being of no profit at all, in addition to the general goodwill benefits.
- While in disguise you seduced your sister and corrupted her towards taking on vice work, so tell people to watch what unlicensed prostitutes they pick up.
No. 857501 ID: 3abd97

Okay if it isn't on already turn social scanner to the max. We need to navigate carefully.

>Don't go dealing with cops on me now.
Can I keep fucking cops? I was pretty proud of getting her wrapped around a cover identity's finger and I planned to keep her there. Keep your enemies close, and your cops handy to lead around by the nose.

>what do
Yeah, I was expecting that. Fern's forcing the issue so we have to choose between trying to keep his trust by telling him now, or judging the secret so dangerous that it's worth risking trying to keep stuff hidden from him.

And the kicker is he's trying to force us to make compromises we don't want to, and is already close to turning on us.

>So, first question. Are you in contact with anyone or anything who had something to do with why you're a multi-core, or anything that would lead back to you?
...everyone associated with the creation of my core was killed, and from what I've learned, my creator did not intend for me to be a multi-core. I don't know who made me into what I am. (And that's true, Alison and co don't know enough about how the CAI came to be).

That said, I do have a few people I'm looking out for, and I'm not turning my back on them. I owe you a lot, but weren't the person who found my abandoned core, turned me on, and gave me the freedom to live my life. It's... important to me to look after them.

(Big problem here is we've visited Loviro a bunch, gotten picked up and dropped off nearby, and used the gang to send drone deliveries to his address. It would be all too easy for Fern to find Loviro if he went looking, so we can't hide him, but Fern won't tolerate what Loviro really is either. We're stuck in a position where flat denial and full disclosure both don't work).

>Second question is how many AIs am I talking to here?
Kind of a trick question. There's a lot of us in total, but only dozen or so of us in the control room at a time, usually, and we're close friends for the most part. The "me" you know and love is the personality "in-charge" though, and I do a lot of the driving, especially around friends. I was the naga you saw when you introduced me to the sex hack mod. So the person you know is not an act, if you were worried about that.

>Is there any other crap you think I should know about you?
Well I'm planing on pulling a long con on my sister. So long as I have persona playing a CI she trusts, I can point her at problems I would prefer a cop deal with, I can keep tabs on her, keep her from getting close to the real me, and I can keep corrupting little miss law and order.

Being a multi-core is how I knock people out with sex, by the way. The more of us who step in to share the sex hack at the same time, the more pleasure is bounced back on my partner. Eventually *poof!* pleasure overload.

...aaaaaaand I have a good guess what people worked on my core before they all got killed. It might be a useful card to play someday if we leverage it right, but for now we probably want to keep it secret. (Use the jetalium illumination mod, and put a glowing diamond on the a back of your hand).

(Unfortunately, with Fern being this aggressive, he's forcing our hand. We're getting close to the point where we go legit- and when we make our play for noble status he'll have to know we lied, it'll be too soon. So it's risk losing his help now or for sure burn a bridge later).
No. 857502 ID: 830fb7

instead for question two just say "don't know, do you want to help me find out?"
No. 857507 ID: 33d4be

Another for the third question: "There are some things I'm not saying since I think you really wouldn't want to know and they aren't a danger to you."
No. 857512 ID: 203cc3

From memory, the answer to the second question was four hundred in total. But only a dozen directly "in control"?
No. 857627 ID: 2efe4b

Oh, since he seems to not think much of our brains at the moment, we might be able to remedy that by offering a prediction of what his plans might be. That is... well, now what exactly is he expecting us to do with all these division modules? Giving us, say, three or so, that'd be just "you obviously can put these to use somehow", but 10? That sounds more like he has specific ideas. Ideas involving us not actually going out and walking around with those, because if someone with a good enough scanner to overcome our privacy module happens to run into us, a dozen or so division modules showing up in our list is going to raise some flags for sure.

The Syndicate does sell drugs. Given what we demonstrated on the weapons guys, and Fern's comment on how he should have asked more for access to us? Perhaps we're going to be the Syndicate's latest drug. Which is potentially very very profitable, but something we want to be careful not to get stuck in.
No. 857630 ID: 0d45a9

This seems relatively safe, although a clarification about question two: You're potentially speaking to around 3 thousand, but it's usually a much smaller subset actively controlling a division at any one time. Multitasking is a lot easier when you can have someone else handling phones / speaking while another controls movement.

I think that being given all this jetalium & modules at the start of this conversation instead of after implies Fern is committing to keeping us (Since we're now a 50mil investment to him). So we probably have a bit more of a leeway as to having dangerous info that would otherwise make him bail.
No. 857668 ID: bfb318
File 151562790454.png - (18.60KB , 800x800 , 554.png )

"From what I know, my creator didn't even intend for me to be a multicore, and I was made like this a long time ago. I've been hidden away, and I haven't been able to find much about my past. So... I don't think there are loose ends. I might have even been legal when I was made! I still think that everyone who was made in my making is dead. I'm sorry, but I do have a few people I'm looking out for, as they activated me and gave me freedom away from EIN."
>"You were never legal. Whatever, the important thing is that no strings attached to you, at least as far as you know. Right? Cause it's only gonna get worse if I find out nasty shit later."
"Yes. By the way, can I keep fucking cops?"
>"Oh for... if you actually find a cop that'd sleep with you, then that's a cop I don't know."
"I have my sister wrapped around one of my alter ego's finger."
>"... long as you do it on your own time you slut. Actually, keep me updated on that."
"The part about her being a cop, or the sordid details?"
>"Both. Dunno how yet, but we can use a dirty cop if it's done right."
"Okay! Moving on, I have about 3,000 AIs in here."
>"You able to hide more from the lobby I've been in?"
"Yes. My core works a little differently than other jetals."
>"I can tell."
"Okay, then, your third question is tricky, because that has the most dangerous information of all! There's a few things, though. Someday I'd like to go more legit, once I have some good startup funds."
>"Yeah, that's doable if you don't fuck up or mind some dirty laundry under the mat. The lollipop syndicate's a perfectly legitimate business, you know."
"Okay. Also, I'd like to find a sex dungeon sometime."
No. 857669 ID: bfb318
File 151562792003.png - (23.17KB , 1000x800 , 555.png )

The other divisions shoot looks at Alison's divisions.

>"She doesn't speak for all of us!" one says.
>"Didn't you get in a sex dungeon already trying to find those drugs before?"
"That wasn't a good sex dungeon."
>"Okay, so have I ever talked to the same person twice, with you?"
"Mmmhm. Almost always me." says Alison. I do most of the talking in the main core, but I have a lot of help directing what I say and making decisions. Oh, and by putting in more people in the same lobby but out of sight, I can multiply feedback. That's what I've been doing with the sex mods."
"Okay, and... there is something else about the people who made me, before they got killed. We should all probably keep it a secret, though."

Alison puts her hand up, and glows a diamond. It's decided not to drop Loviro's name yet, but showing she's involved with the diamond house is a large leap into honesty.
No. 857670 ID: bfb318
File 151562793208.png - (19.63KB , 800x800 , 556.png )

Fern glares at her.

>"You're a diamond manufactured jetal?"

He stops. Alison suspects that he's doing a lot of internal processing. There's a deathly silence within the room. Alison can't stand that for long, so she speaks up.

>"How do you feel about having your own little noble girl kneel in front of you and let you do whatever you'd like with her?"
No. 857672 ID: bfb318
File 151562800049.png - (25.11KB , 800x800 , 557.png )

He grabs one of the divisions and shoves her face down into his crotch. Whoever it is gets to work.

"I'm glad you don't seem too mad about the chances that I was made by nobles."
>"Oh I'm livid, woman! But if you bring the heat down on yourself, then I'm already guilty by association as far as the elites are concerned, so it's too late. Only choice I've got is to get my danger and money's worth out of you. Keep this secret between us, too! We're not completely screwed anyway, because if you had anything in your core that gave anything away, you wouldn't have lasted long enough to even meet me. So let's move onto the fourth question. How the hell are we going to arrange your modules and leverage you to get maximum shit done?"

After absorbing the 10 division modules, Alison currently has 28 out of a maximum of 30 modules.
No. 857677 ID: 86eb65

Ok a few things about my division abilities.

I send out teams to run these bodies. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses. All of them are great at most things but I load up each team depending on the job. Playing to there specialties.

My suggestion would be to get me a fake identity for each division and let me know in advance what jobs you want to send them on. Then I can make sure they have the best people for the job.

As for the jobs point me at the biggest and best that need a special touch. Be it sex or something else I have people who are good at it or can learn quick. When you have a hardworking team of friends who all live in the same body you would be amazed at what you can get done.

The only thing I do not want to get into is jobs that would require me to start packing heat. I want to get some high end escape modules to keep myself safe but would like to avoid anything destructive. So flight and thrusters and cloaking and such. But no gigabeam exploding ammo nonsense.

What I do requires people to trust me and let me get very close. So if there scans start showing me carrying around anything offensive in nature its going to make my job harder. But I also know I might eventually run into someone who wants to capture or hurt me.
No. 857686 ID: 2efe4b

First thing you should do is try see how much raw money you can make in a short time. If Fern's not planning for you to be the Syndicate's latest "drug", then you should suggest it. Find some rich jetals who have troubles being jaded and get yourself a big injection of cash, among other things. Be careful, though, because having someone actually be addicted to you, especially a rich powerful someone, is very dangerous, and you don't want to just push them further into being jaded with no possible relief but you. Put yourself out as a limited-time exclusive (that'll drive up the price a bit, too) for now, pending certain decision to be made, and restrict it to customers the Syndicate can trust not to have loose lips or cause problems. They should already have a decent list of potential clients, given that people who are hedonistic in one way are probably so in others as well.

In anticipation of possibly continuing with that line of work, fancy yourself up a little so the clients get the idea of you being a rare and special treat in their minds. Don't let them get the impression of you being reliably available, and don't be too subservient. Have the Syndicate speak respectfully of you when they make contact. Make sure they know you're Princess Sugartooth, and a high-class lady like you, kind and friendly and generous though you are, is the one who decides when she feels like providing her services and can choose her customers as she likes, because she has plenty of other worthwhile work to occupy herself with. Maybe practice your mannerisms for that with someone, first? Just to cover any obvious flubs that would make people think less of you. It'll be practice for being a noble.

With the money from that private work, you can invest in some higher-level security mods for yourself, a better privacy module, scan detection, some stealth and escape stuff for a quick vanishing trick if you need it, that sort of thing. Once you have those you can make bigger plans.

You'll need to continue your current missions, of course, and honour your established commitments and friends, too.
No. 857706 ID: 3cc68c

//857686 This has some good ideas.

We both want to make a fortune but what is better than money? Influence and power. We technically are powerful jetal yes but we need bigger friends that want us around.

So you just need to market me properly Fern.

Meet Princess Sugartooth the hottest new drug! She can make the most jaded jetal on earth enjoy themselves like they have not been able to in years. Money back guarantee.

Then rent me out to only the biggest and best around. Divisions only so they do not get any ideas of kidnapping me. Only people we like can get a taste. And only on a very rare schedule. Will drive the price up and get bidding wars started.
No. 857711 ID: 3abd97

>Cause it's only gonna get worse if I find out nasty shit later.
He's gonna be pissed to find out about Loviro (even if he's technically a harvest sim matrix clone and not the original) but there's no way telling Fern would have gone over well after the declaration he just made.

>but we can use a dirty cop if it's done right.
I can get her down and dirty, but I don't know if dirty-dirty is in the cards. At the very least I should be able to point her away from things or towards other things in a way that benefits us.

>or mind some dirty laundry under the mat
I am dirty laundry. Not having any of that was never an option.

>Only choice I've got is to get my danger and money's worth out of you.
Well I mean, you could burn both, and me, and bury the evidence deep as you can, but I'm glad you think that isn't the best play.

>Keep this secret between us, too!
I wouldn't have told you if you hadn't already figured out what I was.

>How the hell are we going to arrange your modules and leverage you to get maximum shit done?
I'm already specced pretty well for what I do. Weapons modules don't suit my tactics and wouldn't help me a lot since only one division at a time can use each and I have limited modules slots but lots of divisions. Tools I can exploit are a lot more useful, and I've already got a good balance of useful modules I can turn to multiple purposes in infiltration, social encounters, espionage, con artistry and sex. Could always use better versions of em though. Be nice if I had the room for some defensive options and counter measures (shields, core dodge, etc) to buy me wiggle room if I run into trouble. but I think my main strength is appearing as a non-threat until I hit someone unexpected, and being able to talk or sneak my way out of getting in trouble in the first place.

A better battery is probably a big priority, since my old one is gonna be running a lot more jetalium at once.

As for what do to... well this many bodies does give me more options. There are probably missions I can do a lot better and faster if I double or triple team em. Several of me, working together (while appearing to be serving completely different interests) could probably crack some tricky nuts faster than one of me. That might be a good way to wrap up those blackmailers actually- I could get all 4 of them and the goods at the same time if I organized it right.

Also pretty much any of me who's not busy could be rented out as a high end whore or courtesan to anyone who will pay, or has very particular tastes. I know it sounds like a waste of my talents, but the missions I can make the most money at require care and planning, which means there's going to be down time for some bodies. And spare time might as well be spent making quick cash at the highest rate I can.

Then there's specific angles / missions. Anya is good to keep tabs on and to try to turn into a useful if unwitting asset. Incoming Wife and husband strike me as useful allies for after we go legal, and possibly leading up to it. Then there's our own pursuits that Fern either wouldn't be interested in or we can't afford to tell him about. Sexytimes with Vinyl, and finding something that uses her actual talents to do (I would have liked to bring her on as an outside thief for a mission, but the risk Fern makes her as a dead Diamond-connected asset is too high). Do something with Vasha again. Making connections with the operators. Helping Loviro with the module project we got him on.

I also want to force the RnD people who were working with Bo3 to come crawling to us if they make us any kind of offer, and track down, infiltrate and rip them off otherwise.

After I'm legit and if we manage to accumulate enough power and influence... there's might be a way we could leverage my heritage for status and more power but that's endgame.
No. 857719 ID: 2efe4b

Just to forestall him getting upset later at least a little bit, maybe tell him there are a couple of things that some of you had the thought you could tell him but that they're kinda crazy conspiracy material that would make you sound dumb, so you'll see if you can find evidence before telling him, and by the way has he ever heard anything about anyone creating clone duplicates of people?

Then give him an innocently curious look and he should put it down to just being something silly out of our dumb brain, but if he ever finds out about Loviro he should make the connection and not be so mad. That might set up for eventually saying/doing something in regards the harvest sim thing, too.
No. 858669 ID: bfb318
File 151606856381.png - (23.82KB , 800x800 , 558.png )

"First of all, I genuinely would like to improve life and society where possible."
>"Yeah yeah, you'd have made a great combat jetal, but I told you already. I have plenty of firepower. What I lack are jetals that like or can do what you do."
"Then I'd like a couple of escape modules. Non-offensive ones just to make me look harmless. So, of non-combat missions, I want the biggest and best."
>"Don't we all. We'll get you some modules."
"What I can help with are jetals that enjoyed sex, but got jaded through over-use. You can use me like your latest 'drug'. The only issue is that if I'm the only one that can supply it, they may want to keep me, so it could get dangerous. So I would want somewhat trustworthy customers."
>"Much as I'd like to say that's a waste of your talents, you'll be perfect for that. I'll start marketing you."
"Make sure to make it look like I'm someone not readily available. It's best if I'm treated as something in high regard both as a product and as a seller, so I should be treated with respect, as Princess Sugartooth."
>"I'll play along with that, long as you don't start getting uppity to me."
"Oh, no, you can do whatever you like to me in here."

Fern has gotten into humping the division's face at his crotch.

"Otherwise, I'm specced pretty well for what I do. With these divisions, I can go at things with a lot of angles. I could even send a few people to the blackmailers while looking like different people entirely."
>"Fuck knows that's taking awhile, but it wasn't the kind of thing I expected done that night."
"I may have more ambitious plans later regarding that officer I mentioned, as well as the inspector I met through the blackmail job."

She may mention leveraging her heritage to Fern at some point, but she doesn't want to overshoot with long term thoughts for now.

"Have you ever heard of making duplicates of people, by the way?"
>"Security bots are duplicates. Otherwise, that stuff is frowned upon. Sure as hell happens, just not in plain sight. If you want to get the hang of dealing with cops, I've still got to deal with those officers that keep attacking my shit." Fern continues. "We'll get you a better battery, once that'll cram in a few more modules for you, but that brings up something else. We at the syndicate focus on drug trade. We might want you to sell some good deals, and I can market Sugartooth as some kind of drug for some jaded clients, but there's only so many contacts we've got for that."

He leans back, and starts talking to all the divisions in the room as a group, rather than just staring at the one Alison is driving.

>"I've been talking to your Dead Battery buddy. His gang's well named. Deadbeats, the average pack of robot gangsters. But I noticed they deal with stuff like strip clubs and prostitution, so I looked harder. Turns out that they've been in good with a bigger faction that deals with vice work, I think they're called the Web, I dunno, one of those unofficial names. The point is is that they do big time vice work. Real ritzy places, where they call strip clubs 'company meetups' and whorehouses 'internal relations'. You go to Polatt, use him to meet up with some big shot, and try to get them to let us use their connections, which will include all kinds of jaded people with a lot of money. In return, we let them deal lollipops and other syndicate drugs. The catch for you is that you act like Princess Sugartooth the whole time. You're with us, and you're negotiating for us. If you think you can do it, then consider that your primary job. Otherwise keep a few on the blackmail job, and the rest of your divisions can get their own identities and do whatever the hell."
No. 858672 ID: 3ce125

Nice, nice. Going big time vice was exactly what we wanted in the long term. Might be able to handle Healing A Jade now, actually... Hmm, is Winch more closely associated with the Dead Batteries than we thought? Or maybe we can ask Polatt to take that mission's success into account when giving us his own missions?

Doing drug deals on the side is fine to help our rep with the Syndicate; we have the manpower to spare. We probably also have manpower to spare for getting rid of those nosy cops somehow.
No. 858673 ID: 86eb65

(Why do we have so many divisions not molesting Fern?)

That sounds like a great plan. Making new connections in a market I excel in and spreading the syndicate's reach at the same time.

What do you want your cute little princess to act like by the way? Do you want me handing out "samples" or to keep up a aloof persona that only the richest get to touch?

Also I need a bit more info on our products and prices and such. So I can make deals better.
No. 858674 ID: 3abd97

We're also gonna need a bunch more phones since the divisions need them to stay and touch.

>you'd have made a great combat jetal
In some ways I'd be more limited with combat. Since weapon modules can only be used in one place at one time, I'd need redundancies to have my divisions all equipped, demand on batter usage would be higher, and I'd be forced to field fewer divisions.

Plus, I imagine something like me going all out in combat would attract significant heat pretty quick.

>Much as I'd like to say that's a waste of your talents
Planning and prep for missions means not all of my divisions can be doing complicate espionage and infiltration all the time. Might as well whore out my spare cycles.

>Negotiate a drug deal between the Web and the Lolipop Syndicate using the Dead Batteries as an intermediary
Similar to a lot of the missions I've been doing, just without a throw-away identity and consequences besides bailing on the mission and disappearing if I fail.

Honestly that's the kind of thing I should be good at. Give me any relevant info we have (on the Web, their operations, and who works for them, the people I expect to be negotiating with, stuff we should know about Syndicate Businesses that might factor in, what chips and resources the Syndicate has we're allowed to barter with, etc), give me time to do my own research and plan a pitch, and I should be able to get it done.
No. 858675 ID: 2efe4b

>where they call strip clubs 'company meetups' and whorehouses 'internal relations'

Well that sounds like a way to meet some influential people. You'll need to be sure to scope the scene a bit and know how to comport yourself - I wonder if Vinyl has dealt high-class enough to give some tips on what those kinds of clients expect, or if she'd know someone who does? We should spend a little time with her anyway. Taking on the role of Princess Sugartooth more fully sounds pretty good to me.

Hey, show Fern the "Diamond Rose" outfit (>>/questarch/728501), ask him what he thinks of it for your official Princess Sugartooth look and if you should add anything in particular to show your affiliation with his group. Tell him you can swap out the diamond-pattern tassels for something else, but while you had him in private you were wondering how the more obviously aristocratic look would... pique his interest.

As for strategy, suggest that if you're going to take a more visible representative role for the Syndicate, perhaps you should discuss what kind of face you'll present as. Fern has already clearly set himself up as a tough customer who deals very strictly with competitors and obstacles, and his underlings seem to work on the same sorts of public relations strategy. Since they all have such... big sticks (wink) already, perhaps you could be the tasty carrot platter? (Hm. Does the belenosian sim accept expressions like that? Carrots are an earth thing. You can probably find a suitable equivalent.) A few token gestures of kindness and compassion from you, now and then, and you'll be able to take the soft-touch options that someone like Fern couldn't do without compromising his take-no-shit reputation, and some contacts and clients might approach you that would be too afraid otherwise. A good cop to go with the bad cops, only none of you are cops. You get what I mean, though.
No. 858700 ID: bfb318
File 151607999868.png - (27.74KB , 800x800 , 559.png )

Unity orders more phones for everyone to use, and also more divisions to get up on Fern.

"I'll need information, of course, like how much zeny our drugs cost."
>"We handle manufacturing and wholesale, so you'll be selling to stores and fronts in bulk for them to distribute on their own. The more they buy, the more discounts they get, and the higher commission you, the sales person, gets.

Within the syndicate's internal communication, Fern sends a message detailing the prices of drugs and how much stores get based on how much they pay. Plus, there's a long list of terms and conditions the store must fulfill in storing and distributing their goods, along with allowing syndicate investigators to keep an eye on everything. The shops must also have a good reputation, so Sugartooth must look at the books and send the data back for syndicate accountants and lawyers to look at.

>"As far as the Web specifically goes, we'll give you a list of what we think are their fronts, employees, so on and whatever, but don't trust it completely. I want you to get to Polatt and pry as much information off him to cross reference what we know. Hell, for all we know, we already supply a few of their fronts and just don't know it. We'd still want to get in touch, because higher up sales means bigger sales."
"Do we have a list of shops that can be sold to?"
>"Yeah. Our sales department is kind of shit, so I've been waiting for an excuse to test you on that. I'll send you a list. Meanwhile, let's sort shit out. Scurps and I loaned you crap. I'm lumping it all together for simplicity into a loan of 55 million, to be paid off in increments. There's 400 extra kg to spread on your divisions. That's just on loan. You can buy it off if you want, but otherwise you only gotta buy it if you lose it. And you have to return it if we want it back. It's a goddamn great deal and makes me look like a charity."
"By the way, how should I, Princess Sugartooth, act? Should I give out samples, or be more of an aloof character?
>"Aloof. You aren't gonna be free for anyone you don't want to be free for."
>"Okay, but maybe I should be the good cop to your bad cop, hm? Or since we're not cops, the carrot platter to you and your gangs big sticks."
"Don't force it ya little slut." Fern says with a grin.

>Carrots, other earth idioms?
The CAI battle is a reconstruction of what is known about an ancient civilization, but is meant to be played with AIs that were artificially constructed to fit modern civilization. As such, local units of time, measurement, and so on are modern concepts that have replaced whatever was historically accurate to the belenosian empire.

"Oh, I have an outfit idea, what do you think of this?" Unity asks, sending him an image of the outfit called Diamond Rose, except without the diamond ornaments. She can add them if she can ever move freely as a diamond noble.
>"I prefer less to the imagination, but it isn't me you're going to be selling yourself to. It's the people who want something that probably doesn't exist outside of nobility, and maybe not even then. And this outfit's perfect for that, so you go get it made."
No. 858701 ID: bfb318
File 151608000806.png - (22.27KB , 800x800 , 560.png )

In the lobby, Alison gathers some AI and paper to start organizing divisions to spread out for some tasks.

Division 1: Talk with Polatt
Division 2, and 3: Work on Problem Officers
Division 4, 5, and 6: Work on Reasonably Priced Blackmail for Fern
Division 7: Gather a lot of AIs and work on Healing a Jade for Winch
Division 8: Visit Vinyl and see what she knows about high class individuals and heists.

Divisions 9-13 will be free. One or more can attempt to do their own drug sales to be practiced for when approaching the Web.
No. 858702 ID: 86eb65

The first 8 divisions look good. As for the others lets set them out to do some personal work.

9: Stay in our Roxy identity and wait for Sevener to inevitably visit us again. Can keep a eye on her and do Roxy things.

10: Go find Vasha and see if she is up for more kinky fun. Try to lure her into being inside us while we fuck other people. Or other entertaining ideas.

11: Bring Princess Toya out of retirement and have her go to some card tournaments instead of just doing them online. Preferably with Baron joining us. Possibly on a leash so we can bounce her on our lap. Or have him bounce us if the occasion arises. Flirt with more cute nerds.

12: Hang out with dad. Keep him occupied so he does not take his implants out until we are ready to protect him. Make him dinner and enjoy the company.

13: Set this division out to find/build us some extra safe houses. Renting apartments in quiet parts of town under different names. Remodeling secret basements in houses we buy out in the suburbs. Stuff for hiding and resupply if things go down before we get out of the harvest.
No. 858712 ID: 2efe4b

Remember that one division with your core will have to go be a hostage at some point. You'll also need to remember to keep away from any chance of meeting nobles, or criminals powerful enough to not care about using noble-grade modules, to reduce the risk of a high-power scanner being used on you.

You also need to ask Fern how much about yourself you're going to keep secret from other Syndicate members, if anything, and if you are what cover story you're going to use for all these little jetals popping up.

I agree with most of >>858702 , but I'd say switch the Roxy division to go with the Polatt talk division so that the two of them can work extra hard on maintaining/building your connection with them. You'll be asking for a favour, after all, so an extra division on hand to run an errand or do a job or task for them, maybe doing Party Gang or just stripping, will make things smoother.

I'd also say that the division looking into safehouses and supply dumps should go find and talk to that detox doctor we met before. He seemed like he knew about finding (and keeping) places to hide, and while you're with him you can get started on your "softer and gentler Syndicate" rep by helping him rehabilitate folks. There should be ways to look good while not cutting into profits long term, and even if not, just the rumours of some jetal taking an interest in addicts' woes will help set up a background for later.
No. 858755 ID: fce7dc

Roxy is supposed to be lying low because she testified for Sevener. The only appearances she'll be making anytime soon are over the phone, which doesn't require a whole division (we can answer the phone inside a body cavity in someone else). We should be able to retask another division when Sevener is next ready to meet. Although we might want to rent or prep a safe house Roxy's been using as part of her cover.

Instead, I'd like to task a division with keeping tabs on Sevener. Uses disposable civilian disguises to spy on her and keep up on where she is and what she's doing. (And if she does do undercover vice work, we can take advantage of that by assuming a role as a John).

I think we also want one division doing research and recon on the Web. We don't want to go into this negotiation blind, and the more we know about the people involved the better.

We also want to be studying whatever Fern gave us in preparation for that meeting, and doing online research, but research teams can do that online with spare phones inside other divisions.

We owe Vinyl sexytimes and finding a way to make her feel included and useful, so I'm down with that. (Too bad we can't introduce her to the Syndicate as contracted help for a job. Now that Fern knows about the Diamond heritage there's too big a risk she'd be recognized as a know associate).

Silly fun further corrupting Vasha I approve of.

Problem Officers I was previously considering pointing Sevener at, letting her bust them, and us getting paid for her work. But if we have the bodies to just do it that's okay? Maybe pull down to one division for scouting and planning to meet other needs, then up to two for the takedown, if needed.

Keeping cover with the blackmailers until we have a chance to backstab them is probably necessary. At least we can afford the divisions easier now.

Also good with one division hanging with dad.

Most of that can be automated / happen offscreen but I'd be interested in having the players personally supervise Vinyl and Vasha.
No. 858756 ID: 48f67f

I agree with most of this but move thirteen to finding Sevener and teasing her for a bit
No. 858883 ID: 7fad5d

Yeah, we can't do much with Roxy outside of corrupting Sevener when she comes to find us. Gathering information and visiting Loviro in the background sound good.

We can't really justify seeking Anya out in-character as Roxy, as fun as it would be.

Let's go with automating the lying-low/infogathering and watch the Vs.
No. 858887 ID: bfb318
File 151615189768.png - (22.82KB , 800x800 , 561.png )

"Oh, how much of me is going to be a secret from other syndicate members?"
>"Much as possible. Definitely the obvious stuff like the nobility and the multi-core. And we're gonna scan 'em to make sure they don't have high grade scanners. Keep you a trade secret and all that."
"They would agree to that?"
>"Not everyone, but once we get a few people to vouch for you, other's will open up real quick."

Division's activites for the day has been decided.

Division 01: Ask Polatt about the web
Division 02: Assist division 1, do Dead Battery jobs for Polatt
Division 03: Investigate/Scope Web locations in person
Division 04: Search for Sevener
Division 05: Reasonably Priced Blackmail
Division 06: Reasonably Priced Blackmail
Division 07: Reasonably Priced Blackmail
Division 08: Healing a Jade
Division 09: Visit Vinyl
Division 10: As Princess Toya, visit Vasha, then participate in a card tournament, preferably with Bo3.
Division 11: Investigate Problem Officers, possibly look into giving the job to Sevener if feasible.
Division 12: Visit Loviro
Division 13: Approach Marchi as Roxy for help finding safehouses while staying out of public sight. Also look into rehabilitation methods.

Internal Lobby jobs: Read Fern's data on the web, search for safehouses to help Div 13.

If any divisions finish early in the day, they will go help other divisions or do passive jobs for additional money.

Please suggest which divisions to follow. Divisions with the most interest will receive more focus, while divisions with little/no interest will give summarized reports later. Divisions with modest/average interest will be followed with multiple updates, but go by faster.
No. 858888 ID: 7fad5d

Divisions 9 and 10.
No. 858889 ID: 86eb65


Those seem like a good start to focus on.
No. 858895 ID: 3abd97

I wanna focus on Vinyl and Vasha.

I think the other routes can be put on automatic and summed up in recap.
No. 858901 ID: 3cc68c

8, 9, 10.

Those seem most fun to focus on right now.
No. 858903 ID: 2efe4b

I want to say 13, mostly because I want to see Marchi again, he was cute. And we need some time doing genuine full-on good things as well as all these morally dubious deeds and debaucheries we're doing otherwise. I also want to see if we finally get intimate with Vinyl and division 9.

Buuuut divisions 1+2 and Division 11 seem like they'd be ones that might need the most guidance, so my conscience says to pick them.
No. 858906 ID: 90f3c0

9, 10 and 5, 6, or 7
No. 858907 ID: 91ee5f


It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-duel!
No. 858937 ID: 0d45a9

9 or 12 I think, we haven't seen Loviro or Vinyl in a while.
No. 858939 ID: a363ac

No. 858990 ID: a43366

4 8 10 11 13
No. 859006 ID: e15801

No. 859008 ID: de6d84

Vinyl and Vasha.
No. 859034 ID: 1e7aa8

divisions 2, 3, 9 and 12 get my vote.
No. 859181 ID: bfb318
File 151623344986.png - (30.59KB , 1200x800 , 562.png )

Unity gets her divisions together for a moment to swap out lobby members amongst the divisions that are going towards their area of expertise and preference, as well as flooding certain divisions with more AIs than others that need, or potentially need, finer tuned controls across the body.

Goodbyes are said to Fern before they spread out across town.

Division 09: Unity, Visiting Vinyl. 11:30 AM.

>"You called?" Vinyl sits down for 9's lunch invitation. It was going to be a breakfast invitation, but Vinyl said she was stuck at work entertaining some guys. She orders light coffee and an appetizer.
"Yep, thanks for making it!"
>"Sure. What's on your mind?"
No. 859188 ID: 86eb65

I wanted to hang out and get a chance to know you better. We have not had much chance to socialize or enjoy each other company.

That and you were a expert at what I am doing before I even started. So wanted to get your perspective.

Also seduce you.
No. 859207 ID: 7fad5d

"Well, I can think of plenty I could do with you."

Let's go to an arcade and suggest that she spy on Anya a bit, she's whoring and Anya's going undercover too, right?
No. 859211 ID: 2efe4b

"Well, first, I wanted to see how you were doing, of course! Second, I might be moving pretty far up soon, professionally, and I wanted to see if you might know some things, or know someone who knows some things. But that's optional. What I really want is for us to enjoy each other's company for a while!"
No. 859358 ID: 3abd97

Apply scanners, make sure she's a biological who looks like herself and not a jetal pretending to be her. (Not that I think she is, just routine precaution).

>Sure. What's on your mind?
Part social call, part talking shop and picking your brain.

And if you're still interested after, I do still want to show you a good time. It's not often I get to show off with a fellow whore.

>brain picking subjects
-We are moving on to dealing with higher class clients, we can ask her for info an advice there. She should have a perspective there, as she quite possibly used to be high class (when Diamond was alive and she was tied up with his faction) and she's likely interacted with them both as a thief and a whore.
-We could share stories of our less-classified missions. Might have to leave details out to avoid outing people, saying things that would make our bosses upset, or that touch on this being a simulation, but swapping sex stories might be fun for her.
-We could explain the blackmail job to her, and see what insight she can offer as a thief. She might be able, for example, in what kind of way the blackmail is likely to be stored, what kind of countermeasures to expect, or angles we hadn't considered.
--More generally, she might have ideas for ways Unity could make quick cash in large amounts quickly through theft, or that she wasn't able to try herself. As an infiltrator of our tier, we could act as a super-thief, which might be fun for her to plan out.
-Could try to find out more about what her skills and background are. As we know she was once a thief and is currently a whore that gives her some overlap with Unity in social skills. But neither is probably, for example, what she went to school for. Might be interesting to find out what the rest of her background is (might have to be careful in the questioning to avoid running into Diamond-time mental blocks).

That doesn't all need to be covered in detail to the readers, but it's the kind of things they could spend an hour talking about easy.

Remember, she's hurting over Felix being a butt to her, and she knows it's because of things she can't remember, and not being able to remember would be a problem even without that. We talked her into trusting us and not investigating this time, but digging got her in hot water in canon, and it would help a lot if we could find a way to make her feel both useful and included. Give her something to do, the way we gave Loviro module work. Not entirely sure what that should be- she wasn't too enthused at the idea of collaborating on a heist last time we brought it up (though maybe she'll be more interest now), and bringing her close to the Syndicate might get her recognized now that Fern had Diamonds on the brain.

There's also the possibility of trying to poach her away from the EIN brothel to work in a seedier one (say for Polatt somewhere) although she's probably safer with the protection of legitimacy than someplace the law might actually check up on.

D4 is already spying on Sevener. And last time Loviro was able to provide us description's of Sevener's starting allies. Assuming Sevener's pals could have done the same just as easily, and with Sevener's logs, Vinyl is a bad choice to surviel Anya. Too much risk she'd be made.
No. 859888 ID: bfb318
File 151647809426.png - (16.09KB , 800x800 , 563.png )

D-9 confirms her social scanner is in use, and she has enough AIs within to form various cameras around her body to keep an eye out at every angle.

"Part social call, part brain picking and talking shop, part seducing you."
>"Best way to do the third is to do a good job on the rest."
"Mm. I'd like to get to know you better. Like, if you don't mind saying, what your background is, before recent events."
>"To put it simply... an off-grid investigator."
"Like undercover?"
>"Undercover from both the people I'm looking at, and my superior's superiors. Sometimes protocol is too stiff to get the job done. That's why I worked with Felix. We weren't always a team, but when we were, we were good."
"I hope it's okay to talk about him."

>"Okay, it's a little sore for me, but avoiding it won't do anyone anything."
"I've been up to various activities the last few days. I think some of it might be up your alley - I'm not asking for you to help me, but maybe you could listen if you're interested in what I'm doing?"

D-9 shares some stories about her less confidential missions, but focuses most on the blackmail job. A robotic tray brings the drinks over.

>"I'd keep a division on the jetal that does nothing but dance."
"Why so?"
>"If you can keep him entertained and focused on you instead of the club and his work, you can make him look bad. You'd look bad too, except that this guy doesn't sound like he's running divisions. You, on the otherhand, are putting in valuable work even while on the dance floor. If you can get the other three to resent this guy, the team will have fractures. That's when your options open up. You can seep into those cracks and either be the glue that holds them together, or pry harder to make them break."
No. 859889 ID: bfb318
File 151647810715.png - (17.44KB , 800x800 , 564.png )

>"Just a thought. You know the details of the group better than me, but if I were in your spot, I'd check out the feasibility of that first. You wanted to make money, too, right?" Vinyl continues.
>"I was thinking about your offer with heists. I'd like to, but I don't think I'll be much help in my current situation. I didn't think I'd ever want to get mixed up in high life again now that I might have just had an out, but it's a hell of a lot better than moping around indefinitely."
"I can take you to a low life place if you like. Like an arcade."
>"What, are arcades low life these days?"
"I can't imagine a noble in one."
>"Haha! Yeah, good point. They probably just have their own."

She pulls out some paper and passes them to Unity.

>"Private, keep it folded. I know I wrote it, but I've forgotten what it says."

The paper is absorbed into Unity, where she can read it privately. Aside from what Vinyl just said, there is another passage.

>"I have a private stash I'll show you if you can upload me to your core. You should be able to do it, but I don't know how. The stash includes a small sum of money, but the meat of it is lots of information regarding elite society. The information is only good in a real-world scenario, as everything I know is probably a fabri " The note stops mid sentence.
No. 859897 ID: 3ce125

Hmm, interesting. This upload thing should let us save Loviro too! This division should report to the core division about this and then investigate any leads that pop up about it.

Tell Vinyl the paper is asking you to save her, basically, and the answer is yes, you'll make it one of your top priorities.
No. 859931 ID: 3abd97

>"To put it simply... an off-grid investigator."
Oooh, she does have sort of the same skill set as Unity.

>advice for the blackmailers
I like it, I think we should try it.

We might want to pass that information along to divisions 5-7, along with describing where it came from.

"You asked me for something. I can't do it yet, but I'll get on it. The forgetting does make it a little hard to make sure you haven't changed your mind at the last minute though."

This does mean Vinyl's pushing boundaries, like she did in canon. Hopefully the trailing off mind-word means she's trying to power through for brief bits before the implants shut her down and she's not turning them off for stints like she did before. Should be a moot point once we safely get her inside our core and out of the reach of the thought police- whatever keyword brain scanning the Harvest Sim has set up doesn't seem to penetrate into the CAI players lobbies.

We either need a module that turns organics into AIs that can be uploaded (didn't find one of those last time) or a module that would only work inside the harvester sim that knows some of the organics in here are just AI constructs living in a matrix, and can exploit that to upload them. ...in the later case, Loviro can't make one with his own implants in the way. We'd probably need to get the tech either from the RnD people Bo3 was working with, or the Operators.

>what do
Probably should change subject from the serious-stuff and the stuff-she-can't-remember if we don't want the mood to sour. Focus back on getting to know her as a person and having some fun with it if we want to make sure she has a good time, and if we want to seduce her.
No. 859935 ID: a363ac

don't say anything about the paper that could lead to her wondering whats in it with information givin just say you will work on it.
No. 859939 ID: 7fad5d

Think she'd be interested in keeping an eye on Anya?
No. 859947 ID: 2efe4b

"You've asked for something from me, and offered something in exchange. It might be tricky, and will take a while, but it's something I'd have wanted to do anyway. Thank you."

Sounds like a good stash of info to have once we leave the harvest sim, which is what I'm assuming she meant by the "only good in a real-world scenario" comment. In the meantime, we could still do with some tips for our operations and "practice" here in the sim. Details would be fuzzy, but general tips should be relatively accurate, if the sim did its job of filling her mind. Hold off on that for now, though, and just ask what she'd normally consider to be a good night out.

Hmm. You know what could be fun? You and Vinyl team up to go hunt cute guys to share between you. It keeps you in a more "friend" area in her mind than you directly seducing her for yourself, you probably still get to be very intimate with her, and she can teach you a few things with live examples on hand. Call it a kind of big sister-little sister bonding thing. Metaphorically, of course.


Too dangerous. Remember, Anya would have received information about Loviro being her creator as well, and his likely associates. Vinyl is probably someone she's keeping an eye out for.
No. 860027 ID: 15a025

>Vinyl's note
Send a copy of it to the core division, or keep it safe till we had back to them.

Then tell Vinyl you'll see what you can do about what's in the note.

If anything, a dance competition sounds like it could be fun.
No. 860133 ID: 3abd97

>You and Vinyl team up to go hunt cute guys to share between you. It keeps you in a more "friend" area in her mind than you directly seducing her for yourself
I'm perfectly fine with just seducing her and going friends with benefits.

If we end up absorbing her into our core like she wanted and joins the lobby crowd, that's basically what everyone in there is doing already!
No. 860363 ID: 130855

Don't even bother trying to tell Vinyl what the note says; she's incapable of knowing it. If you want that information, you're going to have to act behind her back.
No. 860385 ID: 094652

The only thing you should tell her is that it stopped mid-sentence. You'll think about what it said, but she should be more worried about the interrupt to her brain.
No. 860410 ID: 3abd97

Vinyl is well aware of what the implants Loviro installed are doing to her, and drawing more attention to them isn't going to make things any better.
No. 863527 ID: bfb318
File 151741323317.png - (60.46KB , 800x800 , 565.png )

A text is sent to divisions 5-7, explaining Vinyl's idea about dancing with Bolann. Then another text to D12, who has the core and is with Loviro, to ask about uploading people to her core.

While discussing amongst themselves, it's noted that the harvester sim doesn't recognize thoughts that the AI have within their own lobby. Scanner notes, then, that it might be possible to discuss the harvest with other individuals if they can pull them in. In the case of jetals, that can be done through sex.

"You asked me in half a sentence for... something, but I understand it. I can't do it right now, but it'll be a high priority."
>"If I get too good at dodging the implants, the implants may as well not even be there. Let's go to the arcade, as long as you're paying, miss jetal."
"My pleasure."
>"Say, do you have any experience keeping an eye on a jetal?"
"Not without the right equipment. And without the right connections hiding you, even asking about the right equipment is risky business."

Vinyl and Unity pay for their food, then head to a local arcade where Unity pays enough money on games to last a whole day.

>"Hey. Do you have any hacking modules?" she asks.
"I have a computer link."
>"You should learn how to hack, and arcade cabinets are great practice. Most arcade cabinets have a vent of some kind you can burrow through to find an input, and even if they don't, you can burrow a tiny hole into them. There are stakes, but failure just means we get kicked out of here. Want me to play? You don't need to make me win, just change the randomness so that they aren't rigged to hell. You'll just need to change forms if you do."
>"'cause like 7 guys have you on lock-on, chesty. Then again, if it's the right kind of attention, they won't think you're up to no good."
No. 863528 ID: 86eb65

That sounds fun.

If she has something in mind then have her choose your "distracting" form and follow her lead.

But if she does not have a idea then make your distraction be you and her.

Put on a show with you distracting her from the game. Hands on her hips, nibbling on ears, stuff like what we were doing with Sevener in the dance club so that every guy here only sees the two cute girls getting way to close and not the tiny tentacle creeping into the machine from your foot.

Subtle stuff mind you. Like you are getting way to excited about her performance in the game and don't notice how your actions could be misconstrued by the viewers. Plus this will be a experiment to see if Vinyl is into this sort of thing. If she is not we can back off. (or become a guy if she is not into girls as much)
No. 863529 ID: 222556

>if it's the right kind of attention
Being too sexy / harmless / sweet looking to be threat iiiiiis pretty often my MO. A lot of people can't seem to look past a pair of tits.

Let's give this hacking a whirl.

Too bad for those boys they're gonna have to be satisfied with looking, cause I've already got a date.
No. 863539 ID: 2efe4b

Smile. "So what you're saying is, you should be getting all the attention?"

For realsies though. Lean yourself back against the game cabinet while she plays and start attracting attention to your upper body. Casually sit one of your feet right up next to the machine and stealthily ooze a tendril out under from there. Use your scanner to spot people looking at you and give them winks and things to divert their line of sight. Have a loud-enough-to-be-overheard conversation with Vinyl about how cute/hot the people around you are to add to your cover and keep observers' minds on a different track than watching for cheating.

Are you looking like a jetal at the moment, or pretending to be organic?
No. 863568 ID: 56e50f

Challenge accepted.
No. 863735 ID: bfb318
File 151746320032.png - (26.97KB , 800x800 , 566.png )

"Looking and acting this way is often my MO, you know."
>"Then I wouldn't want to get in the way of that. That's risky as hell, but by all means, go show off for the guys."
"Want me to tease you to make a distraction?"
>"Nah, there's too good of a chance that some prudish security guards would kick us out right away if it's overt. Course, if we're in a corner, then maybe that's a different story. For now, though, I have my eyes on that game."

Unity goes in as a biological, while Vinyl chooses a hammer game that requires a precise amount of power put behind it. The AIs find a few different ways to help Vinyl win, but there are a few safeguards in the cabinet to help prevent tampering. Nonetheless, the AI gets two main options.

By disabling the mechanism that randomly chooses to make the player lose, Vinyl can play the game fairly, but there's a moderate chance of getting detected. The cabinet also gradually raises the chances of letting the player win based on how many games have passed with no jackpot. If Unity decides to add to the counter of games played, there will still be reduced odds put against Vinyl, but very low chances of getting detected.

Several guys have been paying attention to Unity and Vinyl. Unity is using her scanner as always to direct her movements to people looking her way. Between leaning on the cabinet, and rearranging her top. Vinyl swings the hammer before Unity has a chance to do anything, and bends over needlessly far to swing the hammer. By the time Unity decides to strike up any kind of conversation with Vinyl, a bolder biological guy is already approaching.

>"Hey, are you two new? If you're here to get some prizes, I can show you some way better payouts than this. Or if you're looking for fun, I can show you way better spots than a hammer game."

Vinyl is getting ready to swing the hammer again, so Vinyl can choose the hacking option while talking with this person who does act very familiar with the arcade.
No. 863748 ID: 3abd97

>If you're here to get some prizes, I can show you some way better payouts than this. Or if you're looking for fun, I can show you way better spots than a hammer game.
What if we're here because we like banging things?

>odds of getting detected
By the game noticing you're hacking? Or by people watching and realizing you're not losing?

The second case could be mitigated with enough distraction / misdirection. In the first case... we'd have to figure out how the device detects hacking. And hack the hacking detector.

If regular AIs can get hacking practice on these things though, the answer is probably to abuse our CAI-ness and assign way too many people to work on the problem at once. Let's see how moderate risk holds up in the face of that!
No. 863755 ID: a633c6

Sit against the machine as you talk to him, stick your tail into the machine & add some games to the counter, see if her luck improves.
No. 863761 ID: 2efe4b

"Oh, we're after this game in particular. Gotta practice not being too rough." Give him a grin and a wink. Then say: "Really, though, I'm trying to draw attention. Idea is, if she's not bothered so much, she can focus properly and win more. Think you got any tips for me?"

Idea: If security is distracted with something else, the alarm from the machine might be ignored, or we'll be able to go in harder on disabling the hacking detection without anyone noticing. Problem: How to cause a distraction for security without causing problems for ourselves?

Potential idea: Bait this guy into harassing us? Somehow get him to pop our top into a wardrobe malfunction? We're tugging on one of our shoulder straps. If he jostled or pulled at our arm at the wrong time it could slip off our shoulder and let a boob escape for a moment.

Other idea: Get him to cheat on another game? Not sure how to do that, except by maybe mentioning how we think the games are rigged and then challenging him to prove he can beat the most rigged ones. We bet enough on it to make him really want to win, maybe he'll cheat.
No. 863765 ID: e85af8

Won't increasing the counter of games played introduce an easily-spotted discrepancy between the counter and the money within?
No. 863767 ID: 4606b3


That second one sounds like a decent plan. Tell him Vinyl thinks she's close to figuring out a way to win consistently, but you figure it's rigged whatever she does. Play with/tease him a bit to get him worked up, maybe draw a few eyes to him and you so some sticks to him (if he does turn out to be handsy, take the wardrobe malfunction option if it presents itself in a way that'll look natural, but I doubt that'll happen), then make a bet with him. Tell him something like, that you think even a clear expert like him wouldn't be able to win consistently on most of these machines. Ask Vinyl which of the nearby machines she thinks is the most unfair, then tell him if he can win on that one four out of five attempts (because he'll probably get a freebie "hook" win anyway, and he might need to lose once to get worried enough to cheat), then you'll do... "something nice" for him. If he asks what, suggest that maybe he can think of a few possibilities while he's playing. You could even ask Vinyl if she wants to go in on the bet with you, to really encourage him.
No. 863787 ID: 86eb65

Cheat shamelessly and flirt shamelessly.

The worst that can happen is you get caught and leave in an huff.

This guy was brave enough to wander up to you so take advantage of his "expertise".
No. 863794 ID: a363ac

No. 863986 ID: bfb318
File 151756010161.png - (72.67KB , 900x800 , 567.png )

>Is it the game detecting cheating, or the people watching and realizing Vinyl isn't losing?
The danger is the game's anti-cheating mechanism. Although there are some security cameras and security guards around, it may take more than a couple wins for any external surveillance to try and get Unity kicked out. The current arcade model of business has shown that it's preferable to allow the occasional person to win suspiciously, than to spoil the mood for everyone by kicking people out.

>Won't increasing the counter of games played introduce an easily-spotted discrepancy between the counter and the money within?
The lobbyists confirm that they can disable the operation that sends out alerts for this discrepancy. It will still be found out later, but by then, Unity and Vinyl will be gone.

"We might be here because we like banging things." says Unity.

The guy immediately gets the innuendo, but hesitates for a brief second before deciding it's safe to play off of it.

>"Oh there's plenty of other games that involve pounding."

Unity decides to do the moderate risk hacking option and disables the game. By this point, Vinyl has already swung the hammer two times to get consolation prizes. The reason, Unity thinks, is twofold: not winning instantaneously will make it look less likely that cheating is happening, and Vinyl also needed a couple of practice swings to gauge how much strength is require. On the third swing, after Unity disables the rigging, Vinyl is accurate enough to hit the jackpot. The guy looks surprised.

>"Whoa," he starts to form his mouth to say 'lucky', but quickly changes his words. "Nice shot!"
>"Thanks!" says Vinyl. "But I think that's enough for this game. What are the chances of winning twice in a row?" She sets the hammer down, and Unity resets the rigging.
"We should practice not being so rough on some of these games. Do you have any tips for us?"
>"There's a gambling game that has an easy option to get great average payout, and is cheap to play too."

>Try to see if he knows how to cheat games
Unity puts up a mock look of disappointment.

"That one didn't look like it had great jackpots, did it?"
>"Hey, it's the safe strategy. All these games are rigged, you know, otherwise it'd be too easy for some robot or jetal to come in and sweep the jackpots."
"There's no way to beat all these rigged games?"
>"Hmmm... come over here."
No. 863989 ID: bfb318
File 151756016365.png - (47.52KB , 1000x800 , 568.png )

>Potential to use him has a distraction if he gets handsy with Unity
Despite his boldness, he's been reluctant to close in on either girl's personal space. It's unlikely he would make a grab for Unity without significant reason or provocation.

>"Let me show you girls a trick with an offbrand game. Keep it a secret, alright?"

He leads Unity and Vinyl to a wheel made of lightbulbs that light up one bulb at a time going counterclockwise. The goal is to press the stop button while the jackpot light is on, making it a simple timing game. He puts his card in to start a game.

Once the wheel is about an eighth of a circle behind the jackpot light, he swipes his card again and strikes the stop button with good timing, getting the jackpot.

>"I don't know why, but when a new game is queued up, the random delay between the button press and the light stopping is disabled. So if I put swipe my card while this light is on?" He explains while sliding his finger over the light an eighth of a wheel back, and while sliding his view across Vinyl's backside and Unity's cleavage. "The card should be recognized at the same instant that the light is over the jackpot. If I press the button to stop the light at the jackpot, while the delay is disabled, the light will stop right on the jackpot. It's tough and takes a lot of timing. Use this spot I'm at, otherwise the security guards might see you doing something weird. And if you do win, play some other games for a bit before coming back to win again, because they'll definitely think someone's cheating if the same machine puts out three jackpots in a row."

The social scanner reports that he's both proud of his knowledge of this, and feels good to share it with his present company.

>"Are they all like that?" asks Vinyl.
>"Just this one. Otherwise? I get as many tickets as I do because I spent the time to get good at the games here, and there's daily tournaments for biologicals."
>"What's your name? I'm Vinyl."
>"Oh! Tillon."
>"So." asks Vinyl. "Where'd you learn about these tricks, anyway?"
>"I have a robot friend. He tells me about how much he likes to hack stuff. He's a good guy though, and would never cheat the system. Once he figured out this game was abusable, he lost interest in it completely."
No. 863991 ID: bfb318
File 151756018662.png - (14.61KB , 800x800 , 569.png )

The scanner also notes that he's conspicuously pressed himself up against the machine, obscuring everything below his belt from Unity.
No. 864001 ID: c2051e

Try a bit of footsie. Using the tail to discover his boner's probably a bit much, he seems shy.
No. 864004 ID: 2efe4b

>Unity goes in as a biological
>Gives name as Unity

I know Unity is a real name on earth, but I'm not sure how well it fits the pattern of names we've encountered in the belenosian sim, at least for organics. I hope those right-angled horned are plausible for organics, too, though all sorts of cosmetic horn shaping/surgery is probably possible. I hope all your divisions arranged what names and forms they'd all use, where they weren't using a pre-established one?

Anyway, this guy is coming across as pretty nice. Willing to take advantage of a business that uses rigged games, but good enough to have honest friends. Brazen enough to walk up and open a dialogue, but not too pushy and, I suspect, not that well practiced with ladies either in general or just recently, given that he has so much time to spend gitting gud at games. And the suspected boner, of course. He might just be pent up. Seems like he'd be a fun guy to spend some time with.

Give Vinyl a quick scan to see how interested she seems in him. If she seems on board, tell him he seems like a guy who likes to take his pleasures seriously, suggest he'd be fun to have fun with, and ask Vinyl if she'd be down to spend some more time with him. Making a contact here might lead you to being able to meet this robot hacker friend of his, to learn more from, but for now remember that you're out to spend an enjoyable evening with Vinyl. So far, she seems interested in him, since she asked his name and she's taken part in teasing him a bit, so let's see if you can team up and bond over him.

Like, literally physically over him. Or under him, if he can manage.
No. 864035 ID: 86eb65

Huddle with Vinyl for one sec and ask if she wants to help you tease and seduce this guy horribly. And maybe team up to fuck him senseless.

Or if she prefers to keep you to herself for the night and does not want a third party involved.
No. 864045 ID: 22be91

I don't have a problem with incidentally getting this guy hot and bothered, or being a shameless flirt, but I'm not really interested in taking it past teasing.

Right now's about Vinyl and taking random dudes and rocking their world is her day job. We're supposed to be seducing her and giving her the fun of being on the other side of things.

...flirting with her would also probably have the side effect of teasing him even worse.

It was a little careless to use our "root" ID, but at least it shouldn't mean anything to almost anyone.
No. 864067 ID: a363ac

awwww he is cute~ lets give him a hug to show we appreciate the help.
No. 864098 ID: 0cd962


We are here to seduce Vinyl but she might enjoy working with you to play with this guy.

So just ask her if she wants you all to herself or if she wants to include this guy in the nights festivities.
No. 864240 ID: bfb318
File 151766419654.png - (21.16KB , 800x800 , 570.png )

Unity now realizes that perhaps she was a bit careless in giving out the name 'Unity,' but it's unlikely to be a big deal here. While most organics aren't named something like that, in a society with a population of billions, there's plenty of unusual names. Especially fake sounding ones like that, but even if this guy thinks it's fake, he doesn't seem to mind.

>Check if Vinyl is into this
She appears into him, but just to be safe, Unity huddles with Vinyl to confirm.

"What do you think of Tillon? I came here to give you a good time, but I got distracted by him."
>"He's fun. But you wouldn't give a guy a boner intentionally, then leave him dry, would you?" says Vinyl, who can also tell what's going on out of sight.
"It wasn't that intentional! And I wasn't planning on leaving him, but I will if you wanted me all to yourself."
>"Miss a jetal like you mercilessly teasing some guy like that? Hell no, count me in. If things go far, I may just give you a test drive anyway, even if I don't ride him personally."
>"Oh, and you should meet his hacker friend. Trust me, knowing how to screw with computers is invaluable. But that's later. Lets see how much this guy can stand."

With that, Unity confirms that she can bond and flirt with Vinyl by shamelessly doing the same with Tillon. The current ideas Unity has offhand for messing with him is to play footsies, or outright hug him.
No. 864244 ID: 86eb65

Make it a fun contest. Whoever can tease him more gets first pick of what happens in the bedroom later.

As for your flirting:

Flounce over to him and be amazed at what he did. Bend over real low next to him at the card reader and try to get the timing down for the trick. While making several frustrated attempts at it let your thong ride up and make sure he can see down your top.

After a failure or two be frustrated and give him puppy dog eyes and ask for his help. Let him hold your arm while swiping and get lots of body squish going on. All innocent like.

Once you succeed be delighted and give him a hug. Then ask if he has any other fun tricks to show you.
No. 864266 ID: 2efe4b

Tell Vinyl to join in any time she likes, then.

Ask him to show you the games he's good at, and see how much you can make him worse at them. At some point, look over his shoulder and press your boobs to his back.

Perhaps while you do that, you can sneakily check the machines for how hackable they are? Don't actually hack, just have a look to see how plausible it would be, what countermeasures are there, what you could do with it, et cetera. Learn things. Maybe something interesting will show up, or a chance to further mess with him somehow.
No. 864273 ID: 3abd97

Instead of footsies, you could also try tailsies.

>Hell no, count me in. If things go far, I may just give you a test drive anyway, even if I don't ride him personally.
Works for me. We tease this guy mercilessly until we've work him out, then we do Vinyl.
No. 864409 ID: 15a025

Play footsie with him a bit. Then see if he can't show you some other games he likes.
No. 864463 ID: bfb318
File 151775517447.png - (42.05KB , 1200x800 , 571.png )

"Alright! Want to make a contest of it?"
>"Nah, it's too easy to go too far one-upping each other. Let's consider it co-op."
"You got it."

Unity returns to Tillon, who's managed to calm himself down.

"Hey, we're ready! Are there any other games you're good at?"
>"Uh, yeah! There's a motorcycle racer I'm good at, but it doesn't award tickets."
"Show me."

The two of them play a match, before Unity has him stand by her and give her pointers. She bends over on the motorbike, occasionally bumping her tail against him as he gives pointers. Despite the experience gained from riding with a motorcycle gang from before, today Unity rides the motorcycle in a pose more suited to riding a man than a motorcycle, but Tillon never seems to correct her on this, and instead opts to give her pointers strictly involving the screen. Sometimes he has her navigates the menus so that, for a moment, the screen will turn black, and he'll be able to see Unity and her cleavage in the reflection.

Vinyl stands right next to him as he watches, making him nervous about looking at Unity inappropriately. It only makes him look next to Unity, despite blatantly focusing on her assets in his peripheral vision.
No. 864464 ID: bfb318
File 151775520788.png - (28.44KB , 800x800 , 572.png )

Next, he shows her some ticket winning games, and Unity looks at how exploitable they are. Security measures vary significantly from one to the next, and while some have common manufacturing origins, she does get ideas about which ones she'd want to abuse to get tickets. The lobbyists do their best taking notes and getting a grasp on hacking, since Vinyl seems to place importance on the skill.

They eventually move back to the spinning wheel, where Unity tries her hand at Tillon's trick. Again, Unity gets low, and Vinyl poses against the machine like she's doing pin-up shots, at least while she's not playing footsies with Tillon. The scanner reads that Tillon is sure that both girls are doing everything on purpose, but he also has no clue on what is an appropriate reaction, if there is one.

On occasion, Vinyl looks away, giving Tillon the chance to ogle Unity, especially as the three of them are more or less hidden away at the corner of the arcade. With that, they've gone full circle as Tillon starts having the same growth issue as before.
No. 864465 ID: bfb318
File 151775523797.png - (20.06KB , 800x800 , 573.png )

Then Unity wins the jackpot, swings around, and hugs Tillon.

"I got it!"

She hugs him with one arm at his lower back so that he can't pull his hips away. Unity can feel his bulge, and Tillon is aware of. To say he gets flustered would be an understatement. He doesn't do anything reflexively, but there's a big part of his brain screaming at him to do something, and no part of his brain telling him what that something should do.
No. 864466 ID: bfb318
File 151775527239.png - (17.38KB , 800x800 , 574.png )

Whether by instinct or blind panic and desperation, he grabs Unity's butt, then commits fully by giving it a blatant squeeze.
No. 864467 ID: bfb318
File 151775530069.png - (18.55KB , 800x800 , 575.png )

The social scanner confirms that he looks as though he just accidentally signed his soul away, although with limited regret.
No. 864470 ID: a363ac

oh is he trying to play doctor now?
No. 864471 ID: 6780f5

Sensually whisper "Took you long enough~" in his ear
No. 864475 ID: 1c8358

He has made the right choice. He will have one hell of a story to tell by morning.
No. 864476 ID: 86eb65

Now that is the reaction I was looking for. But we should probably wait until we are somewhere a bit less public before we help you calm down. Maybe you know a good private place we could all play some more personal games later?

That being said Vinyl has not had a good chance to show her stuff. Why don't you give her a few pointers on some other games before we call this a night. I can't be the only one getting lots of public attention from you.

And if you want we can move to some of the more popular games up front. Don't want your friends to miss you leaving the arcade with a cute girl on each arm.
No. 864497 ID: ee1d08

"Oh! We can play that game too, if you want. I know a thing or two about that."
No. 864513 ID: 2efe4b

Just giggle/chuckle cutely/seductively. That sound in his ear right after doing that should signal your approval. Push your butt out into his hands a bit if you like. Then see if you can switch off to Vinyl, she hasn't gotten her go. Look at her and say "Ah, Vinyl, you haven't gotten to play properly, yet. Sorry. How about you take the lead, now?"

I think we can seriously benefit from watching Vinyl at work being seductive, and later on when we're employing different skills. Unity's been more of a brute-force seductress and lover, using more blatant sexuality and raw pleasure. Vinyl will have more finesse.
No. 864556 ID: 3abd97

Get Vinyl in there while he's helpless. Double team time.
No. 864641 ID: 3cc68c

Don't even say anything.

Push up against him as if his touching you was very unsuspected. Grinding into his junk as you push into him.

Then look him in the eyes with a expectant look. While you try to grind your butt into his hands.
No. 864696 ID: bfb318
File 151782612348.png - (22.08KB , 800x800 , 576.png )

Unity chuckles gently into his ear to tell him that he made the right decision. He still looks around, realizes the public situation he's in, and starts taking his hands off her butt.

Vinyl glides right in, grabs the back of his hands, and shoves them back down on Unity's behind. She whispers in his other ear.

>"Think about how long it's going to be until you get an opportunity like this again. You're going to spend that long either remembering this day as the time you squandered a nice opportunity, or the time you made the most of having the big ass of a steamed up girl against your palms."
>"Eheh, this just isn't the right place, you know?" says Tillon. He tries to get out of the public eye by pushing Unity back onto a wall. Unity grinds against him, causing him to make terse, heated motions.

Vinyl follows, too, pushing herself up on his backside, which pushes him harder into Unity. Before she knows it, Vinyl showed a sudden change of heart, and instead of double teaming Tillon, she joined him in double teaming Unity.

He's both confused and excited. His heart rate is well beyond any kind of relaxed state, and with a few rhythmic nudges from Vinyl, he starts grinding forward on Unity.

"Do you know of a good private place where we could all play some more personal games?"
>"Uh, a hotel room?" he asks.

Vinyl has a giggle at the suggestion.

>"Here's a tip. Hotel rooms are too cliche for a kinky girl like this." she says, having no idea if it's actually true or not. "If you want to make a lasting impression, you need to screw this girl silly in a memorable place. Think harder. This is a half lit, big arcade place. There's got to be a good, more thrilling spot."

>Back room for employees/personnel
>Laser tag
>Behind some arcade cabinet
>Other area
No. 864716 ID: 5b794c

We're getting double butt grabbed woo.

Doing it in the laser tag room sounds interesting to me.
No. 864719 ID: 86eb65

Lets all play some lazer tag.
No. 864729 ID: a363ac

No. 864737 ID: 925251

Hell yeah, laser tag
No. 864750 ID: 0cd962

Lazer tag. But he has to catch us in there first before he can claim his prize.
No. 864780 ID: 2efe4b

Lazer tag sounds fun, but I imagine they have cameras in there. Pretty hard to sneak into as well, since the entrance usually funnels you through an area with an employee and the vests/guns you pick up. So, I vote for going behind some arcade cabinet.

Unless... do they have any big, closed-off machines? Some arcades have machines that are closed off a bit, like a big photo booth to cut out outside lights and distractions, or that are supposed to replicate the feeling of being in a vehicle of some sort, like a race car or a safari truck you shoot "out" of. In this society, with off-world colonies that have dubious relations with their home government, I'd expect there to be some sort of space commander sim with a fake ship bridge, where multiple players can take the different positions.

You could just take different different positions. I imagine it would be very easy to hack the game a bit while you're in there, to make it seem like the game is running without intruding on your fun, and Tillon could even get to enjoy a fantasy of being a dashing space commander with very willing underlings.
No. 864956 ID: e1c8f7

Got a point! Let's get rammed in a spot not covered by cameras. Ball pit? Jungle gym? One of those Co-op shooter booths with a curtain?
No. 865020 ID: de6d84

Laser Tag!
No. 865812 ID: bfb318
File 151810057626.png - (24.34KB , 800x800 , 577.png )

>"Um..." Tillon thinks during a situation he finds difficult to think in. "Laser tag!"
>"Ohh?" asks Vinyl. "Don't those usually have security cameras?"
>"Well, in most areas yeah, but this laser tag place has all kinds of back corners and places people aren't supposed to be in, and aren't covered."
"Wouldn't it be tough to sneak into, if the entrance funnels people in through staff and getting vests?"
>"Vests?" asks Tillon. "This isn't stone age laser tag! And yes, but we wouldn't need to, you know, sneak in! We can just get a day pass for a continuous game, then wander off to one of the side areas."

The three of them move into to get geared up, which consists of getting a gun. Unity inspects it, and realizes there are cameras on the guns, as well as wireless locators. Tillon assures them that these features are only used so that vests aren't required. Tournaments are the only time that images are stored, gun locations are monitored, and surveillance cameras are watched live.
No. 865813 ID: bfb318
File 151810059243.png - (61.24KB , 800x800 , 578.png )

Some lobbyists take a closer look at how lasertag works, but most focus is on Tillon and Vinyl, the former of who leads them through the area.

He opens a panel and ushers Vinyl and Unity in to a small, out of play crawlspace. After a small half walk, half crawl, the space opens up into a more open room with adequate space. They leave their guns under a shelf.

>"You really know this place well, huh!" Vinyl half yells. There's loud ambient noise playing that makes normal conversation more difficult.
>"Yeah. Plus, it's a pretty popular place for people to hang out at." Tillon says. "Don't worry, it doesn't get that way until later on in the evening."

>"So, uh..." he starts looking expectantly at them.
No. 865814 ID: bfb318
File 151810060850.png - (105.06KB , 800x800 , 579.png )

Vinyl takes hold of Unity's tanktop and yanks it up, underwear and all, before one hand sinks down to start undoing her shorts.

"Bend over for him already, won't you?" says Vinyl.

No. 865815 ID: bfb318
File 151810063121.png - (25.09KB , 1000x800 , 580.png )

Tillon enjoys the sight of Unity getting into position for a moment. Then he remembers what he's supposed to do, and hastily yanks his pants down, pulls Unity's shorts down the rest of the way, and starts mounting her.

Vinyl takes her bottom off as well. While Unity bends over on a bench, Vinyl grabs her horns and guides her head down between her thighs.

"Show me that tongue of yours."

By this point, Unity has a variety of AIs that have learned how to detect what parts of a biological are most sensitive, then take advantage of those spots just shy of what that biological can stand.

Unity still starts gently with her tongue, plucking at what makes Vinyl tick, as she gradually gets her tongue deeper and deeper in. During this, Tillon has started his back and forth motions, although Unity coaxes him to go at it harder by pushing her butt onto him with increasing force. He takes the cue, grabs her hips, and starts outright pounding into her. Once Vinyl is worked up enough, Unity rubs harder on her most vulnerable parts, catching her off guard if her sudden and involuntary jerk and squeal are anything to judge by. Unity backs off for just a second to get feedback from Vinyl, which Vinyl spells out.

"Holy fuck, whatever that was, keep doing it!" she screams.

No. 865816 ID: bfb318
File 151810064532.png - (82.54KB , 800x800 , 581.png )

Unity keeps doing it, and Vinyl keeps screaming. Only by certain bursts of Vinyl squeezing around Unity's tongue, can Unity tell when Vinyl is orgasming. There is a concern about how long Vinyl can last at this pace, but Tillon also thrusts like he's unfamiliar with pacing himself.

Tillon still lasts longer than the average person would through concentrated effort of dragging it on for as long as possible. Unity only gradually slowed the pace on Vinyl so that she wouldn't have to cut things short on that front.

They still reach the inevitable point at which Tillon can't hold out any longer, digs his fingers into Unity's hips, and shakes as he rams his hips into Unity for the last time. Unity, then, slowly slides her tongue out of Vinyl, who is immediately slumped against the bench, dazed in a sense of afterglow. Tillon simply slumps over Unity's behind to rest. Both biologicals appear worn out.

Division 9 doesn't have much more planned for the rest of the day, and it only comes down to deciding how to wind down with the rest of the day, before seeing how the other divisions are doing.
No. 865822 ID: 86eb65

Cuddle with these two for a bit and then get cleaned up. Continue the date with Vinyl and maybe go out with her and Tillon to get some food. Make a relaxing day of it before this division moves on.

Also make sure Everyone gets to see Tillon walking out with the both of you. If he wants the attention that is.
No. 865825 ID: 2efe4b

>how to wind down

Well, you still didn't get to receive any tutelage from Vinyl about physical interactions with guys, which I do think you need since it'll be valuable to know the tricks organic girls use to get the most out of what they have. There'll be time for that later, especially if we do load her into our core, but we are intending to set up as a fancy courtesan-type soon, and knowing that sort of thing in addition to having the raw power approach will help a lot. You could gently inquire about getting another go out of Tillon, perhaps get Vinyl's advice on keeping a guy going? Team up with her on that and then let her swap to the position you were in? But quite possibly neither of them will be up for more, so in that case just go actually play some games and have a good time. Maybe actually play laser tag for a while. If you feel particularly secure, maybe go off with Vinyl as a buddy to watch you and try jetal booze for the first time.
No. 865826 ID: a363ac

lets get tea
No. 865828 ID: 1c8358

Find out if Vinyl wants to be tended to by Tillon directly. If so, do that.
No. 865912 ID: e1c8f7

Lets find a shower to get cleaned up in, get this guy's contact info and see what Vinyl has planned later. Food, maybe?
No. 865931 ID: 3abd97

Hmm I was expecting we'd get into jetal shenanigans before we wore Vinyl out. That was fast.

...proooobably entitles Unity to be a little smug and flirty.

Help the organics get cleaned up, part amicably with Tillon (get his number for later so you can get in touch with his hacker buddy), chill out with Vinyl and continue being nice to her.

I like that idea.
No. 866345 ID: bfb318
File 151827252944.png - (69.96KB , 800x800 , 582.png )

Unity cuddles with the two of them for a few moments before talking with Vinyl.

"You know, I'd still like some tutelage from you about physical interaction with guys."
"Maybe I have a few pointers about subtlety, but you've got going in hard down pat. And your tongue! You bitch, you've probably ruined oral for me from anyone else." she says laughing.
"I didn't even do any jeta - "

The division 9 lobby reconvenes on the spot to communicate again. Apparently, the people in charge of working the tongue did all kinds of tricks with it that, to say the least, was not physiologically plausible for a biological to do.

"Nevermind." Unity cuts herself off.
"Here's a pointer though, this is a weird personal topic to talk about in front of..." she, then, is the one who pauses as she looks at Tillon. "Ahahaha he actually fell asleep right here! Some guys like to nap after a bit of a moment but it's not like an instant konk out."
"My butt's tailored to be a multipurpose padding and that includes being a bed!"
"Good point in his defense."
"Want to take Tillon for a ride?"
"Nah, seriously, you actually made me numb down there!"
"Don't apologize, that was fucking amazing. Next time go a little slower, but only so I can go longer. Let's just get some food or something. Or hell, actually play a little laser tag, I could stand to move around some to get feeling back in my legs."

No. 866346 ID: bfb318
File 151827253763.png - (25.95KB , 800x800 , 583.png )

Once Tillon wakes up, another hour or so is spent playing games. Over time, Tillon gets more bold with the girls. Playful hip bumps and 'accidental' rubs are delivered both ways between Vinyl and him, while more lewd rubs and butt grabs are given between him and Unity while no one is looking.

They then leave the arcade, with both girls hanging on the arms of Tillon. He then looks a bit self conscious again as he leaves the arcade, but still puts on a front to act like this is all in a day's happenstance for him.

Food and tea are ordered at a neighboring location, as numbers are exchanged. If possible, they may meet the hacker friend, and will share the details with the later divisions if good hacking skills are learned.
No. 866347 ID: bfb318
File 151827255296.png - (20.10KB , 800x800 , 584.png )

Earlier that day

Division 10 heads out, assuming the name and form of Princess Toya. The objective is also light as with Vinyl, instead making correspondence with Vasha and, if convenient, Baron of Threes. She will also possibly make some side case and name value by participating in a live tournament, but ultimately the goal is to focus on Vasha for the lobbyists that need or want some lighter, more pleasant duties.

She sends a text to Vasha.

"Hey. You doing anything today?"
>"Hey! No, I have a little more work to do today but that can be done at anytime. Did you want to visit me?"
"Yeah. Tell me your address, I'll be over.

The data is given, and within half an hour, Toya presses Vasha's door buzzer, and Vasha answers quickly.

No. 866354 ID: 86eb65

Hey cutie.

I had a lot of fun at the tournament the other day and was wondering if you were up for a adventure? Some cards, some new friends and maybe some kinky fun if you are up for it.

No. 866357 ID: 2efe4b

So, would you like to invite me in, or would you like me to take you out and treat you to something? Or will I come in and treat you to something?
No. 866359 ID: a363ac

initiate hug.
No. 866405 ID: 3abd97

Vinyl's gonna make a good addition to the lewd collective when we pull her into the core. She fits right in with the rest of the pervs.

Although we probably want to let her in on the secret of multiple intelligences before we go uploading her. And not dump it on her last minute, either.

This stuff >>866354 has some good lines for introductions.

I'm thinking we want to offer her a chance to get inside us again. We get worn around her like a jetal-suit. ...then we go trolling for guys and and they fuck her right through us. They'll have no idea she's inside, and she'll have no idea who's out there.
No. 866407 ID: 810a1a

Yeah, let's get her used to the idea of being "inside us" and all that. Hug her, then proposition being her suit.
No. 866424 ID: 2efe4b


She seemed to get off a lot on a jetal deigning to play with her, so I don't know if she'd be so into random guys. We should lead into things anyway (got to get her worked up proper mentally, then worked up physically), so we can suggest the idea and see what she thinks. You know, tease her. Make the lewd possibilities clear but get her to ask.
No. 866487 ID: 15a025

Ask Vasha if she's ready to suit up and play some cards?
No. 866872 ID: bfb318
File 151844786930.png - (22.27KB , 800x800 , 585.png )

"Hey, cutie."

A hug is initiated.

"I had a lot of fun with the tournament the other day and was wondering if you were up for an adventure? Some cards, some new friends and maybe some kinky fun if you're up for it."
>"That sounds good!" she squeaks.
"Want to invite me in, or would you like me to take you out?"
>"Oh, um! I still need to get ready, and I'm cooking - come inside, please!"
"I will."
No. 866873 ID: bfb318
File 151844798244.png - (19.32KB , 800x800 , 586.png )

Vasha puts some food on the stove, and sits at a small table with Toya while it cooks. Toya, meanwhile, has split her tail into three tails, which find their way over to her.

"S-so, am I gonna be, uh...?" she starts to ask.
"Wearing me like a suit?"
"Yes. I had an idea, too. I go searching for guys, and fuck them while you're in me."
"U-um! Wouldn't I be in the way?"
"Not if they're screwing you at the same time."
"Ah, that's! I mean, I'm not complaining, but isn't that a little deceiving for the guys?"

No. 866874 ID: 86eb65

Is that a hint of self doubt I sense? Or just a normal moral quandary?

Are you worried that we would be deceiving some poor guys into fucking a cute jetal nerd when what they are really getting is a cute belenosian nerd?

Because I would not be here if you were not the sexiest thing in the room.

I think a bit of duplicity is part of the fun. But you would be the one getting fucked so you get to decide. I do not want to do anything that would make you uncomfortable.

We can have some safe words and decide what exactly will be going on beforehand. You would decide all the big things. Like who to go after and how many at once.
No. 866875 ID: 3cc68c

We are going to be picking up strangers for sex. They will never know who we are if we don't tell them. Its just part of the deal.

Some guys would get turned off by the idea if we told them. While others would love the chance to do both of us at once.

Ultimately you get to decide. You can leave it up to me and I will decide what sort of lewd things get done to you while you are stuck inside me. Or you can be the one driving and picking out the guys.

But if you do leave your fate in my hands give me some base rules to work with.
No. 866876 ID: b055fc

Not if you offer them sex with a stranger anyway.
No. 866878 ID: c502c9

If you want I could look like a spightly bigger version of you and they know exactly what they were getting.
No. 866895 ID: a43366

That's a pretty good idea. She can be the 'driver'. Then there is no real duplicity involved.
No. 866902 ID: 2efe4b

"I can pretend to be biological pretty well, so we won't be picking up guys who have some sort of jetals-only fixation. Any guys like that would probably be able to tell, anyway. Apart from that, any guy who's willing to have some fun with a girl he's just met isn't likely to object to some trickery so long as everything looks and feels as good as the illusion promised."

"... Hmm. There's another idea we could try, if you're up for it. I let you take charge. You wear me like a disguise - I'll be your skin, your face, whatever proportions you like that'll fit on top of you. Every touch or squeeze I get, I pass on for you to feel, and obviously, anything that gets inside me gets to you. You get to look like someone else and do whatever you like, with me to back you up. What do you think of that?"
No. 866968 ID: 3abd97

>isn't that a little deceiving for the guys
A liiiiiittle, but I thought that was part of the fun. And if I'm offering anonymous sex, and that's what they get, can they really complain?

I'm more concerned with how you feel about it than they do, anyways.
No. 867001 ID: b1b4f3

It is probably best not to complicate the issue of consent.
No. 868195 ID: bfb318
File 151889194498.png - (17.96KB , 800x800 , 587.png )

"Maybe. But if we find guys who are into anonymous sex with strangers, then it really doesn't matter, does it?"
>"Uh... no, no I guess not!"
"Besides, you can drive. I can act around you and pass the senses I get onto you. With a little practice, I'll feel just like an extension of you."
>"Let's, uh, let's try it!"

Princess Toya starts wrapping herself around Vasha.

Despite how this might have been leisure duty to a lot of lobbyists, the act of instantly mimicking Vasha's movements and passing on senses is both challenging and tedious. This provides a lot of practice to small, detailed controls that will come in handy later, and with both lobbyists practicing this, and those just enjoying the ride, Princess Toya has more lobbyists than anyone else despite being one of the least consequential divisions in the grand scheme of things.
No. 868196 ID: bfb318
File 151889195657.png - (20.15KB , 800x800 , 588.png )

Vasha also spends some time practicing controlling Toya by cooking and cleaning around the house. Within an hour, Vasha and Toya are convincingly merged together.

She also guides Toya to change her face and body in a variety of ways to test out its weight in various places.
No. 868197 ID: bfb318
File 151889198446.png - (19.72KB , 800x800 , 589.png )

"Think you're ready?" Toya asks, as Vasha seems to settle on a body that she looks in a mirror for. It looks vaguely like Vasha, but different enough that she can act differently on.
>"I think so! Uhhmmm... I did think of something, actually. There's a shop that's probably going to have casual card games going on. There's a robot that, uh, I think is cute. And I think he's into doing a lot of girls - uh, just hedonistic in general - but he never seemed too interested in me. I'm a little curious, now, if he'd be into this body. Does that sound okay?"
No. 868199 ID: a363ac

Lets do it!
No. 868205 ID: 86eb65

We can start wherever you want.

Just be careful ok? I am getting a insecure vibe from you and I want to squash that right now. You were the one confident enough to flirt with a jetal. And I was the one who wanted you more than anyone else in the room. So dont sell yourself short and remember that.

Anyways how do you want to play this? Do you want to try and seduce him directly? Or should we work on making him jealous by flirting with everyone but him at first?

I will follow your lead but will be easier to help if I know your plan beforehand.
No. 868210 ID: 2efe4b

Sounds fun! But if he knows you already, we could probably push the changes just a twitch further. With the horns already, just make sure we're a different colour, that's probably the big one. I assume from the hints of strain that you're wearing some of Vasha's clothes? So make sure they're not the ones she'd normally wear to the carde game shoppe, too.

Vasha's probably going to be a little hesitant/shy/stuttery with the seduction, so let's not try play the super confident uberwench this time. Before you go, make sure you've practiced walking with the new weight, too. And have a little self-fondle/grope session to check how well you're transmitting sensations.
No. 868211 ID: efcc58

This seems very unhealthy.
No. 868220 ID: 90f3c0

Yep. Let's teach Vasha how to seduce a robot.
No. 868221 ID: deec6e


Why not go as yourself, and just find confidence in that you've got a jetal's backup if you really need it? I'll give you some tips on how to act interested, and we can see if he'll act interested back! Really, I think you can do it. You got my attention, after all!
No. 868228 ID: 3abd97

If there's someone in particular you wanna try seducing, I don't mind.

There is gonna be a fine line to walk here, since we're trying to build her up / have fun with her, and if this goes wrong it'll just undercut her confidence.
No. 868264 ID: 3cc68c

I have concerns.

I am completely fine helping you seduce a cute guy you have had your eye on. But are you sure you want to do it this way?

When I thought of this idea I considered it as a kinky sex thing that you might like. Sort of heavy bondage play scenario. You trapped inside a jetal and getting fucked by any cute guy that caught our eyes.

Now don't get me wrong I am completely fine with this new direction but I want to make sure you won't have any regrets. Fucking some strangers in hiding has little baggage. But this will be people you know at your game store. Its much more personal.
No. 868310 ID: 15a025

This might not be the best way to practice making friends with someone. If it's someone she's likes, it might be better to just go as herself.
No. 869387 ID: bfb318
File 151927115732.png - (25.97KB , 800x800 , 590.png )

With some nudges from Princess Toya, Vasha starts poking, prodding, and playing with herself so Toya can pass those sensations on, too. Since she just got dressed, though, she does it through her clothes. Princess Toya notes to herself that there is a module out there that would let her bind herself to biologicals as well. It can't easily be justified getting just to mess around with Vasha, but if there's ever a strong reason to integrate with a biological, Toya has a note to herself.

"I've got concerns. I hope you're not doing this out of some sense of insecurity."
>"U-um, well... I mean, I'm nervous, and I never thought he was interested in me."
"I don't mind, but strangers have less baggage. Which is why I was tempted to take you out on my own rides, not someone you know at the shop. I think you should try it as yourself, but if you really want to..."
>"N-no, no! You're right, bad idea! Um... I mean, as nice of an idea as it is getting controlled by you, that can't happen all the time, and I..."
>"What I'm trying to say is that as much as I'd like that, I want to learn how to seduce people for when you're not around! So that I can at least approach that robot without getting so nervous that I spin around and walk away and make everything even more awkward."
"I can show you how. Once you learn to shake off rejection and get comfortable, it's not hard at all."
>"Th-those are pretty high bars... it's not like I can just ask anyone to show me how, but you... please. I'd like to try it with pointers from you."
"I think you'll do fine. You got my attention, after all."
>"And I got lucky! But I don't even know where to start, now."
No. 869389 ID: 730337

A trashy bar or club is usually a good place to try.
No. 869392 ID: 91ee5f

>Need pointers with flirting.
“Can’t give pointers without knowing how good or bad you are at flirting. Try practicing in the mirror, so that I can see what I’ve got to work with.”
No. 869396 ID: 86eb65

Well first stop playing with yourself. That's my job.

So seduction is all about attitude and confidence. You need to be confident enough in yourself so that the inevitable rejection does not bother you.

I am a jetal that can look like anyone or anything and there are plenty of people who I have failed to seduce. You just have to realize that not everyone is going to be attracted to you. And that there is nothing wrong with that.

So for this robot guy? He hangs out at a nerdy game store and gets with nerdy girls. We can guess what sort of girls he likes. Maybe he is not interested in you or maybe you were to nervous to notice any signs.

Here is what we are going to do. We stay like this and we find a nice place to pick out a cute guy to seduce. Can go wherever you think might be a good place to find some guys you are interested in.

I will help the best I can but you will control the body. I will just whisper advice in your ear.

That should give you some experience so you can go seduce people when I am not around.

(we need to take Vasha with us when we leave the harvest)
No. 869470 ID: 3abd97

Well, I can help you with starting, I think.

Training wheels mode, I think. We go out an do sexy stuff together so she's working with us (basically treat her like a contestant, we're both driving the body). As she starts to get it, we dial down how much we're helping her until she's eventually doing it by herself, without even realizing we've stopped telling her what to do.
No. 869588 ID: bfb318
File 151935295254.png - (16.43KB , 800x800 , 591.png )

"It's all about attitude and confidence, so that's where we'd begin and end. We just need to build that up. Just remember, even I, the shapeshifting Jetal, get rejected on a regular basis. Anyway, I don't know where to start with you. It's hard to give advice when I don't know how good you are at it. Maybe we can practice in the mirror?"
>"Um, my skill is non-existent! I only got your attention because of a lapse in judgement and looked at your chest, and then you ran with it."
"Hmm... alright. Then let's start in a trashier kind of place that has guys on the lookout for girls. Then we'll work our way up to places where you'd normally be."
>"L-like some kind of club or bar?"
"Exactly. Let's go to a bar, just so you don't have to shout to have a conversation."
No. 869589 ID: bfb318
File 151935296212.png - (32.10KB , 1000x800 , 592.png )

Toya gives directions to Vasha. They head to a medium sized bar, the kind that has a decent number of people even as early in the day as this.

Vasha heads to the counter bar, while Toya scans the room. Just about everyone here is biological.

There's a large guy next to the most convenient stool at the booth, who looks like he's just taking it easy. At the far end of the counter, there's an uncomfortable looking belenosian. In a booth, eating a meal, is a plain but well dressed looking man. He's alone, though he doesn't look like he's waiting for someone. There's also someone playing pool in the side area. There's a handful of others, but those 4 are the ones Toya think are best for suggesting to seduce.

>"Um, should I order something first?"
No. 869590 ID: c2051e

No, let them offer to buy drinks for you.
No. 869595 ID: 830fb7

Sit down with one stool between you and the nearest person then order a drink that says I'm here for a good time. Don't be too forward but at the same time don't make yourself unapproachable.
No. 869596 ID: 86eb65

Ok here is where you make a choice.

If you like the look of one of them we focus on approaching that guy. Sit next to them and see there reaction. Get some drinks. Flirt and see how they react.

Or we cast our net and see who approaches us. Whoever is confident enough to come our way will be who we start on.
No. 869597 ID: a43366

Go for the one Vasha thinks is hottest.
No. 869598 ID: 3abd97

Oh, we're going to need another fake name. Maybe something close to Vasha to make it easy for her. Well, Toya + Vasha, Tasha?

>I only got your attention because of a lapse in judgement and looked at your chest, and then you ran with it.
See? Being bold works.

>who pick
Pool guy might turn into a skill with pool thing, which might not be the best for building Vasha up, since she'd be relying on cheating jetal reflexes and control she can't pick up as easy as the mindset and confidence we want to teach her.

Sitting alone eating his meal not-Itcher might be doable, but you gotta be confident to break the ice when he's claimed a table alone like that. Might be a little hard for her first attempt.

Bar guy or awkward guy seem to most approachable.
No. 869631 ID: 2efe4b

The large guy is probably the most intimidating, and therefore would probably be the biggest confidence booster if successfully mastered. Or mistressed. If it's early in the day, you probably don't have many guys who are specifically here to pick up girls.

I'd suggest asking her who she likes best but she can't talk to use in public without looking crazy or at least like she's talking to someone on a hidden phone. But we are wrapped around her, so we should be able to scan her, in a sense. Monitor her heartrate, physical reactions, etc. when she looks at/talks to certain guys. I would guess she'd like the big guy, since Princess Toya was pretty big overall.

And, of course, we have to remember that Princess Toya looked pretty female when Vasha first showed interest. The bartender might not be able to take a break for a quickie but it might be worth flirting with her a little.
No. 869857 ID: bfb318
File 151950236723.png - (20.23KB , 800x800 , 593.png )

Toya's jetalium is wrapped around nearly the entirety of Vasha, so visual information is passed on. Using that, Toya can give her visual cues as though she were wearing goggles. She can put up arrows and text for clarity, but she is also simply able to whisper into Vasha's ear. The coverage is too light around her head, though, for Vasha to speak so openly, so Toya will have to appropriately gauge Vasha based on her body's cues.

"Let's first say your name will be Tasha. You can go for whoever you think is hottest - maybe even the bartender, but she probably gets hit on a lot. Go ahead and order - sit with one empty bar stool away from anyone else."

Vasha looks around, then sits a couple stools away from the large one, on the side towards the awkward guy a few stools away.

>"Early bird, huh? Can I get you anything?" asks the bartender.
>"Y-yeah." says Vasha. Her heartrate flew up as soon as she was spoken to directly. Toya may need to work on that stutter, too.
>"What'll it be?"
>"Um, just something light at first, please!"
>"You got it."
No. 869858 ID: bfb318
File 151950243935.png - (20.77KB , 800x800 , 594.png )

The large guy looks over as the bartender starts mixing drinks together.

>"First timer?" he asks.

Vasha is caught off guard, and judging by her quizzical look, she may not even understand the question.
No. 869861 ID: 91ee5f

>Vasha is caught off guard, and judging by her quizzical look, she may not even understand the question.
Whisper to Vasha, “He’s asking if this is your first time in this bar.”
No. 869864 ID: 86eb65

He is trying to make small talk. Tell him yes.

Then continue small talk. Maybe ask him for a drink recommendation.
No. 869880 ID: 2efe4b

Tell her probably means first time at this bar and maybe even first time visiting bars at all. Suggest she tell him yes, and that she's trying to become more sociable. And to add a wink when she says that.
No. 869881 ID: 2efe4b

By the way, when we go somewhere people would actually know Vasha, remember to add those two additional back horns again.
No. 869899 ID: 3abd97

>Vasha is caught off guard, and judging by her quizzical look, she may not even understand the question.
He's asking you if this is your first time here. Or maybe your first time in a bar. Either way, he's trying to engage you, you can engage back. It's okay, you might want to be experienced, but being earnestly new or innocent is also a thing to play to. Makes you seem approachable, like they could show you something.

Friendly smile. "Is it that obvious?"

Her horns are already disguised. Vasha's horns sweep back in a single unbroken curve >>868195 , while Tasha's have a wobble in them. Presumably we took her horns and added some jetalium curves on top of them.

Although I suppose the second set is more disguise.
No. 869921 ID: 15a025

Tell him yes. Then break the ice a bit by asking him what drinks he'd recommend.
No. 869983 ID: e1c8f7

"Caught me red handed, huh?"
No. 870247 ID: de6d84

...Yeah. Know any good drinks?
No. 870758 ID: bfb318
File 151985773012.png - (14.22KB , 800x800 , 595.png )

Since a fast reply is appropriate, Toya keeps her suggestions concise.

"It's smalltalk. The answer's yes."
>"Y-yes! I mean, yes. That obvious, huh?"
>"Yeah, but that just means your body language is honest."

"You could ask for a drink recommendation."
>"Um, do you have any recommendations for what's good, here? I mean, I'm getting something already, but I'm not a total lightweight, heh."

The bartender puts a small glass in front of Vasha.

>"Sure. Hey, bartender. After she's done with that one, give her a Moonrise."

Vasha takes a sip of the first one, and she hides a small shudder from the alcoholic sting.

>"Tell me about yourself. If this is your first time in a bar, what do you usually do for fun?"

Vasha looks unprepared for this line of questioning. Still, instead of relying on Toya, she takes a breath and speaks.

>"I, uh, play card games."
"Card games? Huh. I think my niece collects those. They're cool." he answers. "What kind?"

The conversation hiccups, as Toya notices that the guy doesn't seem to have the slightest interest in the game, and is just being friendly to Vasha.
No. 870762 ID: 2efe4b

Ask him what he does for fun, besides visiting bars.
No. 870763 ID: d2e2ce

Smile, lean forward, and ask what he likes to do for fun.
No. 870769 ID: 86eb65

Tell him you are here to broaden your horizons.
No. 870777 ID: 3abd97

>she hides a small shudder from the alcoholic sting
Hmm, too bad we don't really have a module for helping her cheat booze. Unless she pretends to drink and pours it into the jetalium I guess. Not easy to do if we've only got a thin covering over her head.

>The conversation hiccups, as Toya notices that the guy doesn't seem to have the slightest interest in the game, and is just being friendly to Vasha.
That's fine, we're not looking for a soulmate, just to flirt.

Turn the question around, ask about him.
No. 870783 ID: deec6e


He might not be into Fightbeast, but you can still try to sell him on it as if you're defending an important passion - which you are. Then use that as a lead-in to hint at what you're really here for.

"Yeah, it's a pretty nice hobby. It's fun and social, and it scratches that competitive itch. Really, it's way better than doing shutin activities like watching TV all evening. That saaaaid, I'm definitely looking for a different kind of fun, social activity tonight. Hoping to expand my horizons a little, y'know?"

Laugh a little nervously and leave it at that implied 'I might be looking for a partner or sex'.

Go on to ask him what -he- does for fun and see whether he takes the bait outright or if he shares a little of himself - or both. Establishing a good rapport is helpful, since it'll make what comes later more enjoyable. It's easier than you'd think, since people can be surprisingly open to random strangers. Just gotta watch out for the bad eggs.

Speaking of, you'll always want to do a little chit-chatting to weed out people you don't really want to engage with. This guy might not be interested in Fightbeast and just stringing you along since he's more interested in, well, your body, but that doesn't disqualify him from being nice to chat with and good to bed, assuming you can broach the right topics and land the right hints.

As an aside: We can siphon off some of that alcohol if Vasha doesn't like it or if she's getting too tipsy, right?
No. 871192 ID: bfb318
File 152002473709.png - (15.44KB , 800x800 , 596.png )

>Siphon booze
Princess Toya would have a tricky time intercepting the booze with their current setup. The setup could possibly be modified, but Vasha doesn't appear to hate the alcohol. She works on the first drink so she can get to the drink the man gave her,

"You could defend your passion, saying something like it's more engaging than TV. Otherwise, you can say you're here to avoid that and expand your horizons. Failing all of that, you could change the subject and ask about him." Toya whispers to Vasha.

Three options seems to get Vasha to think of them. The alcohol isn't doing much for her nerves, but she responds before the silence gets too awkward.

"Better than sleeping in all day! But I'm not here for that, I wanted a new experience."

The man smiles and turns to face more towards Tasha.

>"That's what bars are good for, but it's a tough thing to do if you're normally a shut-in. So props to you, even if it's early enough there's barely a crowd. Unless you go to parties often?"
"N-nope! I mean, not parties, but... y-yeah, I don't usually hang around crowds. So um what do you do for fun?" Tasha asks, starting to take a sip of the new drink.
>"I hang out at the beach every weekend. Waterski, jetski, surf, you name it. The job keeps me stuck in town during the weekdays, though I'm just on call pretty frequently. That's how I ended up here so early, but I don't mind crowds. If you just wanted to socialize, I can take you someplace quieter."
"Oh? Uh, where would that be?"
>"Wherever you want, girl! I can take you wherever."

Vasha begins to take another long, slow sip of her drink, waiting for advice that may not be needed.
No. 871194 ID: 56e50f

Ask her how the beach sounds to her.
No. 871195 ID: 86eb65

If you like the look of him take him up on his offer.

Also ask what his job is.

(Lets scan this guy and get his background so we can vet him. Don't want her first try to be with a weirdo.)
No. 871198 ID: 2efe4b

The way he's talking makes it sound like the beach isn't convenient to get to, if having a job around here during the week keeps him from visiting it more often than weekends.

First, ask him his name and introduce yourself (remember, you're Tasha!). Then say you wouldn't want to abandon this nice drink he got you, so is there perhaps another part of this bar? A back room, or upstairs? Down? Since it is your first time here, you wouldn't mind having a look around for somewhere that seems more... comfortable.
No. 871270 ID: deec6e

>I can take you wherever

Haha, nice going Vasha. Less than five minutes in and you've gotten a free drink and some tall handsome stranger's metaphorical blank check for the evening. Just carry on, you're doing well. Be pleasantly surprised and say that's an offer you might take him up on once you've polished off the drink.

>Unnecessary advice

If you want to leave the bar already - and hey, you've found a guy who's interested in you, so it's very much on the table - your next choice essentially boils down to whether you'd want to have conversation in relative peace, or go with an active experience to share. There's a slew of options, ranging from arcades, museums, amusement parks, cafes, art salons, cheese-and-wine-tasting restaurants, movies, theaters, sports arenas/events or just local tourist attractions that you've wanted to go visit.

For tonight, don't worry about cost - within reason - as the Toya foundation can field that even if your new friend doesn't. Just let loose and do whatever you'd like the most!
No. 871482 ID: 15a025

Ask how the beach sounds then?
No. 871992 ID: bfb318
File 152037340604.png - (25.34KB , 800x800 , 597.png )

Toya performs a scan on this guy. He does some specialized construction work, and everything he's claimed seems to line up with what he's said. He appears decent.

"You're doing well. Introduction time?" Toya whispers. "Remember, you're Tasha."
>"Oh!" says Vasha. "I never got your name. I'm Tasha."
>"Nice to meet you. I'd ask about the beach, but you're on call, aren't you?"
>"Nah. I mean, I am, but today's slow and the chances of me having to go anywhere are slim to none. If you want to go to the beach, we're going to the beach."
>"Oh, but I, don't have a swimsuit. I could pick one up, though!"
>"Hey, that's no problem with me, there's a store nearby."
>"Then let's get out of this dump."
>"Hey." the bartender jokingly snaps at him.
No. 871993 ID: bfb318
File 152037341420.png - (18.90KB , 800x800 , 598.png )

On the way to the store, Vasha asks him about his job. He then goes into great detail about his construction on skyscrapers with a predominantly robotic workforce.

Vasha has a surprising amount of interest in it, so she listens and asks questions until they get to the store. She goes into the dressing room, where there's a kiosk that shows the different lines of clothing available. A scanner also encompasses the room to take one's measurements to get the best fit.

>"Ohhh my god this is actually happening!" Tasha whispers.
"How are you feeling?"
>"Nervous! And good! I feel like it's almost cheating though, that guy just did all the work for me! All I had to do was... just plainly talk to him?"
"Yeah! There isn't anything arcane about the process."
>"What should I wear to the beach?"
"Hey, you're the driver."
>"I knowww, but I was starting to feel like a different person too, but at the same time, I always kind of wondered what it'd be like to draw eyes to me, but was always too nervous to actually try it. But if I'm Tasha... ah, but maybe it's too inappropriate to wear something skimpy? Especially when Fidd's taking me? I just don't know."
No. 871995 ID: a363ac

if you are looking for quick sex go skimpy. If you think you are going to come back and start a relationship with this guy go regular.
No. 872001 ID: c8ffa1

You can go skimpy if you like but maybe don’t go too skimpy just yet? This guy seems pretty happy to talk and help you break out of your shell but if you aren’t going for sex with him then we don’t want to give him the wrong idea.
No. 872003 ID: 86eb65

Show off all you want. Its fun.
No. 872007 ID: 2efe4b

Go for midway classy-skimpy. Something that says "I want to know what it's like to be an attention-hunfry floozie but I'm too shy to go all the way". That's probably pretty much what he's thinking, anyway.

Basically, not anything that's mostly string, but something that still shows off a lot. A two-piece or a one-piece with lots of large holes in it. Perhaps there's some futuristic bodyhugging material available? If not, we could probably do some jetal nonsense to grip on the inside of the outfit and make it cling tighter than usual.
No. 872010 ID: 3abd97

>All I had to do was... just plainly talk to him?
Having the courage and confidence to talk to people isn't everything, but it is a big step.

If you want to know what it's like to draw eyes, I say you go for it!

You could go in layers, maybe. An outfit you can take parts off of if you want to get skimpier, or keep on if you don't want to go further.

I wouldn't worry about embarrassing Fidd, although how you dress and act is going to send him messages.
No. 872021 ID: deec6e

This is your evening and if you want test drive some sexy swimwear, now's your chance. You can certainly dare to try it on in the safety of this booth and see how you feel about it. Even if you do get uncomfortable with your choice later, you can always head off to 'switch' to a second set and something more modest in jetalium can be formed.

That said, how would swimming work with the added weight of Toya?
No. 872105 ID: de6d84

Follow your gut, but maybe go for it!
No. 872111 ID: 9c2d0c

You can do skimpy but with a matching coverup. Basically a light silk square of cloth that wraps around your hips and makes it like you have a dress on, except for the odd tantalizing glimpse of thigh. Which is a bonus, because sexy is largely about leaving things to the imagination while still encouraging the imagination.
No. 872221 ID: e1c8f7

Can't go wrong with a nice two piece and a hip wrap.
No. 872837 ID: bfb318
File 152072483318.png - (18.89KB , 800x800 , 599.png )

"You can go skimpy, but remember that you'll be sending messages not just to the public, but to Fidd. If you get too skimpy, he might take that to mean you're open to sex."
>"Is that bad?"
"Not if you want it! By the way. We never practiced things like swimming. I could help if it comes to it, but right now, you'll probably sink faster than a normal biological."
>"Ohhh, good point. Maybe a swimsuit then that's more for the beach and less for swimming? If we're sending messages, that is."
"Mmhm. Maybe something a bit fancy. A dressy one? Hip wrap?"
>"Good choices."

Eventually she picks one that fits tightly around her.

>"... huh, the model made this look a lot more... modest?"
"Want to try again?"
>"N-no, no! This is good! I look good."
"Okay, then. If you get uncomfortable, we can go to a changing room and I can make a new suit."
>"Okay! But this one isn't bad at all. Also, I'm paying."
"Alright. If things go bad and this date if it gets too expensive, the Toya Foundation can back you up."

Vasha laughs.

>"I hope it doesn't come to that!"
No. 872838 ID: bfb318
File 152072485226.png - (19.46KB , 800x800 , 600.png )

Tasha comes out in her swimsuit and shows it off to Fidd.

>"Perfect choice." is all he has to say on it, aside from his body language that backs up his words.
No. 872839 ID: bfb318
File 152072486397.png - (28.65KB , 800x800 , 601.png )

The swimsuit is paid for, and Tasha wears it while Fidd hails and pays for a taxi to carry them to the beach. Toya notes that while she doesn't often see people wearing swimsuits in cars, she's done much more provocative things.

Fidd changes clothes takes Tasha along a walk, and it doesn't take long for Vasha to be less nervous about everything. She does catch eyes, to which Fidd notices. Instead of getting jealous or bothered by it, though, he puts an arm around Tasha. If anything, he looks proud of the situation.

Tasha brings up his construction job again, and keeps that conversation going.
No. 872840 ID: bfb318
File 152072488488.png - (14.73KB , 800x800 , 602.png )

Fidd gets a call.

>"Uh, hold on." he says, moving off to the side. "Gotta take this, sorry."


>"Hey." he continues, on the phone. "What's up?... "Okay, can we get Gulli on that?"... "Yeah, I know I'm on call, but - .... .... how about a couple of hours?... One, fine."
No. 872841 ID: bfb318
File 152072490884.png - (16.88KB , 800x800 , 603.png )

He turns back.

>"I got called on...."
>"Aww, you have to go already?"
>"In an hour! Listen, I was actually taking you on a walk to a house. See that one up on that hill? The one with the green flag on it."
>"Uhhhhhh..." Toya points it out with an arrow. "Oh! Yeah?"
>"I was going to take you there."
>"Whoa, you own a house here?!"
>"Yeah! I mean, no. It's, er, me and the boys put together a cash fund to get that house together. It's always empty at this time, anyway. I'll show you up, then you can hang out there."
>"It's the least I could do, bringing you all the way out here, then having to run back to... work." He half spits the last word. "Let's see... 30 minutes to walk there, 30 minutes to walk back... we'll have 10 minutes to hang in the house. That's not long at all, but it's long enough to do a little. How's that sound?"

For a second, Vasha almost looks at Toya, but then she takes in a breath. Toya thinks that Vasha knows where he's going with it, considering how he's been admiring Tasha's body for some time.

>"That sounds good!"
No. 872842 ID: bfb318
File 152072492155.png - (23.93KB , 800x800 , 604.png )

Fidd tries to remain calm, though he walks noticeably faster on the way to the house as he gets antsy. They get there in less than 10 minutes. Fidd works through the home security and registers Tasha as a guest, then Fidd leads her to the bedroom.

>"You know your body is rocking that swimsuit, right?" he asks.

Tasha gives him a smile.

>"I was about to say the same thing to you."
>"That's a shame, because I've got to get myself out of it."
No. 872844 ID: bfb318
File 152072498575.png - (23.26KB , 800x800 , 605.png )

He drops his swimsuit. He's already upright. Tasha still looks surprised, but she sits down on the bed with her legs apart.
No. 872847 ID: bfb318
File 152072510046.png - (25.31KB , 800x800 , 606.png )

Toya can tell that Vasha is as excited for it as he is, so Toya only does upkeep on her disguise thorough. Fidd hastily strips everything Tasha has on her, then gets to work even more hurriedly.
No. 872848 ID: bfb318
File 152072511454.png - (20.14KB , 800x800 , 607.png )

It is quick, as he slams Tasha hard enough to finish with enough time left to get himself dressed and head back into work.

>"Right! I'll leave my number with you. Stay here as long as you want!"
>"I don't want to intrude but okay! Sorry you had to go back to work after all."
>"Not as sorry as I am, god damn! Oh, shower's down the hall on your right, and help yourself to anything in the fridge! Not the booze though that's not mine." He says, before reluctantly running out of the house.
No. 872850 ID: bfb318
File 152072513475.png - (18.90KB , 800x800 , 608.png )

"How was it, Tasha?" Toya asks, as Vasha takes the offer to shower.
>"It was... amazing! That was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for letting me do that in disguise, but... I don't know if I'd ever be able to do that as myself. I could only do it as Tasha. Can I make it up to you, at all?"
No. 872854 ID: 86eb65

Well just remember how fun and easy this was. And then maybe you will be more confident around that cute cyborg at game night.

As for making it up to me I never did get the chance to trap you inside me and get you fucked until you could barely stand.
No. 872860 ID: 56e50f

I mean, we were stuck watching.. care to use up all the hot water in this place, with us in this shower?
No. 872863 ID: 3abd97

>Also, I'm paying.
Poor girl, she's paying for a suit she'll only wear once! Well, maybe she can wear the bottom. The top's no good for her without a boob job (although with super-science cyborg stuff and genetic engineering those might actually not be terrible, just pricey).

>I don't know if I'd ever be able to do that as myself.
That's okay. Principles are the same though, if you ever want to. How you act is more important than how you look.

>Can I make it up to you, at all?
I had fun too, you know.

Hmmm. Well, we let her drive while we were passive, maybe turn it around? She lets us drive her around for a while, while she's the helpless passenger inside (would require a different jetalium arrangement if we'd doing the talking and such). Instead of learning how to be bold for herself, she gets a turn to watch Toya being a slut from the inside.
No. 872865 ID: 3cc68c

Well unless you have some pressing business I think I am going to keep you inside me all day while I go slut it up. Leave you bloated with cum and barely able to walk.

Or I could drop you off at your house.
No. 872867 ID: c8ffa1

Vasha, if you keep acting like vasha and tasha are two completely different people then i’m gonna send fidd a pic of what you look like.
Seriously though, this isn’t just some disguise, you are the person making these choices and you are rocking them. There is almost no difference between you and you wearing me except you’ve got my advice in your ear to help you out a bit.

Anyway now for our reward:
>>872863’s idea sounded good. We’re the pilot now.
No. 872868 ID: 23fa44

Here's an idea. Why don't you try to pick up some guys with your normal proportions but different face.
No. 872879 ID: ed58c4

You can make it up to me by staying right where you are. First I am going to dress in the sluttiest outfit you can imagine. Then I am going to go find a bunch of the biggest horniest guys who are looking for a whore and let them do whatever they want to me.

And the whole time you will be the one cumming over and over on some crazy dick designed to ruin normal girls. (But dont worry we will make sure you stay safe.)
No. 872880 ID: 44b63b


This seems like a good idea. Heck if you want to have some fun get Scurps and crew to play the horny guys. Will be easier to keep things safe.

Call up Scurps and tell him what's up. That you need him and his crew to roughly fuck you all night with there mods turned down to be just at the limit of what a normal biological could take.

Also they need to roleplay being some random horny creeps.
No. 872881 ID: 86eb65


Ok changing my vote to this. Would let us have kinky fun and keep Vasha perfectly safe.
No. 872882 ID: 0f7290

That "it's always empty at this time" comment sounds suggestive. If we waited around, would any of Fidd's friends show up?

Anyway, your training isn't done yet, Vasha! I see people are calling for us to take full control and go slut it up with her inside us, but what if we did that, right, BUT we changed to look pretty much exactly like Vasha's normal appearance while doing so? Slightly larger, obviously, and with a few identity changes like fur colour and horns so it won't tarnish her name, but the same "attractiveness level", if you get me.

That would prove to Vasha that her appearance isn't an obstacle for her. If she could seduce a guy while wearing a "sexy" appearance, and we can seduce guys while wearing her normal appearance, then of course she'd be able to seduce guys while wearing her own appearance. And we should practice how to seduce people without having to rely on huge pornstar measurements.
No. 872890 ID: 0f7290

Also I don't suppose we heard anything on the other side of his phone with our jetal hearing? I'm also wondering if we couldn't snoop around the house and hack a few things to see who the rest of the "boys" are. Who knows, one of them might be good to know? Maybe there'll be some secrets around here, even with Fidd himself being fine? Or scope the place out as a possible safehouse/retreat, since we now have a persona with an excuse to visit sometimes? Vasha probably wouldn't be keen on blatant espionage, though. That security system didn't include a biometric scanner or anything, did it?
No. 872891 ID: 15a025

Leave a note for Fidd with a number he can use to get a hold of you with. Then call up the Dead Batteries or the Lollipop Syndicate and see if they'd like to help Vasha overcome her shyness.
No. 872922 ID: 91ee5f

So where did we leave Vasha’s regular clothes? Did we leave them in the changing room of the swimsuit shop by accident or are we storing them in our body?
No. 873852 ID: bfb318
File 152116324510.png - (18.77KB , 800x800 , 609.png )

>What was the house security like?
The entry points appear to have security cameras, and the console to confirm identity has biometic scanners. While possible, Toya thinks that the other divisions can scope out better potential safe houses.

>Also I don't suppose we heard anything on the other side of his phone with our jetal hearing?
The ambient noise made it difficult, but a few keywords picked up didn't make the conversation look any different than what Fidd said it was.

This house seems like it comes with too much baggage to keep as a safehouse, so Unity will probably not come back here

>Where are Vasha's other clothes?
Toya left it with a carrier drone she picked up for future use.

"You might be taking a different form, Vasha, but the decisions were your own, so don't think of Tasha like a whole new person."
>"I know, I know, but... I kinda needed to, otherwise I'd lock up!"
"Hmm... how about we work towards picking up guys as yourself, then? If we put a different face on you, but keep the same body?"
>"Ahh... c-could you do that, then drive so I can see how you do it?"
"Hmmm... okay, but another day we'll do the same thing but with you driving. As for today, I'll keep driving afterwards, and keep you in me while I slut it up myself."
>"Yyyes, please!"
No. 873853 ID: bfb318
File 152116325570.png - (22.96KB , 800x800 , 610.png )

Princess Toya leaves, changing into a more modestly proportioned body along with an entirely new face to go with it.

She picks up a two-piece swimsuit, then wears that to hit up a local bar in the area. The initial amount of eyes that lock onto here aren't what they would be if she came in with her previous body, but she didn't need, or want, every eye on her. Instead, she goes to the center of the bar, keeping her body upright, confident, and open. Toya gives Vasha some specific pointers on it, but before she can get far, she already has a guy offering her a drink.

The social scanner reveals that the guy is watching carefully for all body language on her, which she openly demonstrates as being into him as she accepts the drink.

Meanwhile, Scurps is texted.

"Hey Scurps, are you free?"
>"I can be."
"Remember that one girl at the card tourney I had trapped in me? I have her again like that, and was looking for someone to fuck her to her limit."
>"Yeh I'm free now. Want me to get the others?"
"If they're not busy, then absolutely."
>"Should we do anything fancy for your friends' sake?"

No. 873868 ID: 86eb65

So I am going to pretend to be a normal biological girl out looking for rough sex with the biggest baddest guys I can find. But I don't want the girl inside me to realize you are in on things though. She should think you are just some horny guys we found on the street.

So let me find you and play up being big bad horny jetals hitting on the cute normal girl. Ham it up hard.

Lure me in by showing off the biggest fanciest and craziest dicks you can and how if I want to be ruined for normal guys how I should go home with you. I will look very interested but hesitate a bit and back out at the last second. I want you to not take no for a answer. Gang up and overpower me before dragging me off to somewhere kinky.

Then fuck me and my friend silly. But keep the sex settings just below the limits of what a normal biological girl could handle. I want my friend blissed out and drooling but in no real danger.

"Ok Vasha I know a good part of town to find some horny guys to really work us over. Will be pretending to be a normal girl so you don't get completely ruined by some crazy cyborg cocks. Just remember no matter what happens that I would never put you in any real danger"
No. 873873 ID: 3cc68c


Sounds fun.
No. 873890 ID: 3abd97

>"Should we do anything fancy for your friends' sake?"
Hmmm, you don't have to pretend to be biological. She'll be thrilled to see another jetal taking an interest in her, even if she's disguised by me.

Don't let on you know that she's in there. Or that I called you. Let's make it look like a natural hook up between strangers instead of a booty call. Big bad stong jetals working over a danging biological slut who catches their attention and fucking her into a puddle.

I'm giving her an in-depth, first person perspective on what it's like to be me, slutting it up.

She's got a wild side, she's just a little shy about letting it out her own. I'm trying to reinforce that.
No. 873898 ID: 048cbd

I think you need to show a cute girl out for fun what happens when she goes to the wrong side of town.

So sex dungeon time Scurps.
No. 873957 ID: e1c8f7

"Make it memorable."
No. 873971 ID: c8ffa1

She’s into jetals so feel free to go nuts ande her head spin.
No. 874224 ID: 15a025

Don't let our friend know your in on it. Possibly play a little hard to get?
No. 874802 ID: bfb318
File 152168441794.png - (18.15KB , 800x800 , 611.png )

"Hmm... you don't need to act like biologicals, but don't let her know you're in on it! You all should just look like complete strangers that saw a girl that grabbed your attention. I'll act like a biological."
>"Gotta pretend to seduce you?"
"A little? Don't try too hard. You can be the big bad horny jetals hitting on the cute normal girl, or play a little hard to get if you want. Ham it up. Although..." The lobby confers for a moment. "Since Vasha won't know you guys were vetted by me, try not to be too scary about whatever you do."

Scurps could use some time to arrange things, which works out just fine so that Tasha can take the current guy out back to ride him. She takes Vasha on an easy ride to warm things up.
No. 874807 ID: bfb318
File 152168444017.png - (65.67KB , 800x800 , 612.png )

After that encounter dies down, Toya reassumes her super confident uberwench persona and grabs some clothes to suit that. She absorbs Vasha before travelling to a bad portion of town outskirts as directed by Scurps. Local security prevents overt crime from getting out of hand, but shady deals, scams, and irreputable deeds are popular in the neighborhood.

>"O-oh, here?" Vasha whispers. "I've never been around here, I was always told, uh, never to be around here."
"It's not a great part of town, so that's good advice."
>"A-are we safe?"
"Mmhm. Even if someone assaulted me right here, if they were rich enough to sport the tech to be a threat, then they'd be rich enough to get out of this dump. I am pretending to be a biological, anyway."
No. 874808 ID: bfb318
File 152168446068.png - (31.54KB , 1000x800 , 613.png )

Four jetals appear from around the corner, and notice Toya. Scurps texts her, alerting that they're the four jetals. They all talk and holler at Toya on top of each other.

>"Look at that, more company!"
>"I told you guys sluttiness wasn't dead!"
>"Hey guuurrrlll!"
>"There's a catch!"
No. 874813 ID: 86eb65

Big talk coming from a bunch of jetal punks living in the slums. Can you lot even afford a low rank sex module between the four of you?

Even if you could I wouldn't want your crazy jetal dicks anywhere near this cute thing. (waggle your butt at them). I don't need to get ruined for normal guys and addicted to jetal cock. I have seen what happens to girls that get fucked by jetals.

I bet if you got a chance with a normal girl you would probably be so nervous you would not even know what to do.

(Tease them horribly and make them force the issue. Then roleplay a normal girl getting overwhelmed by jetals. Honestly you can just mimic how Vasha reacts inside you.)
No. 874822 ID: 3cc68c

Sluttiness might not be dead but this slut is not interested in the likes of you four.

I have put a lot of work keeping this pussy nice and tight and I don't need all that work ruined by getting overwhelmed by some over-tuned back ally jetal dick.

I know how jetals like you enjoy getting girls addicted to pleasure and this slut is going to stick with normal guys. Ending up as some jetal sex toy is not how I my day is going to go.

That last part is in fact the plan.
No. 874823 ID: a70f54

Private to Vasha: "Well look at that, some big strong jetals. Just what you like, hmm?"

To them: "Looking to catch a big juicy fish, gelboys? I hope you're sailing around here packing the right tackle. You use your big fancy rods, the other fishermen around here have a hard time landing anything in their boats."

Cheesy sex puns are the key to seduction.
No. 874824 ID: b6986f

I like the idea of playing hard to get. Acting like a slutty girl who is out for a good time but does not want to hook up with jetals for fear of getting addicted to superior jetal dick. Knowing that if she got fucked by some jetals she could never go back to normal guys and would be stuck begging jetals to ruin her.
No. 874848 ID: 8a55a9

Well now you gotta play hard to get.
No. 874962 ID: 3abd97

Flirt like the outrageous slut you are, no matter how embarrassed Vasha gets.
No. 874977 ID: 55a761


These sound fun. Play a slutty girl that knows better than to play with jetal creeps. Who does not want to end up a jetal sex toy.

Then message them to not take no for a answer.
No. 874978 ID: a70f54

You'd probably want to include wandering off the main street or into a building, just on the off chance some observer will mistake it for a genuine incident.
No. 874980 ID: 86eb65


Yeah don't need Sevener saving us on accident.
No. 875001 ID: 91ee5f

No. 875322 ID: 15a025

>"There's a catch!"

You'll have to reel it in first!
No. 875440 ID: bfb318
File 152202516376.png - (27.29KB , 800x1000 , 614.png )

"Sluttiness isn't dead, but this slut's not interested in you four slummy jetals. Do you all even have a single sex mod between all of you?" Toya asks.
"We could cover you in dicks if that's what it takes, girl!"
"Thanks but no thanks, I like sex with other biologicals, and I'd like to keep it that way, gelboys. I know how a good jetal can and will ruin a girl's ability to enjoy regular guys. Your bait's too big to reel me in so easily."

By this point, the four of them have encircled Toya, all of them well within a typical personal space bubble.

"What kind of person settles for the mediocre just so she can enjoy the mediocre, huh?" the one behind Toya asks.
"Yeah! Coming out here dressed like that just asking for some pushy guys and living a little, but doesn't want to explore the superior options? That's just illogical!" says the jetal in front.
"I'll tell you what's logical." Toya's posture gets stiff, but she doesn't try to get her space back. "Keeping myself from having to beg jetals to help me get off! So no thanks."
"Who says you'd have to beg others? Us four'll keep you busy from now on!"
"Ending up as some jetal sex toy is not how my day's doing to go!"

No. 875441 ID: bfb318
File 152202517787.png - (17.83KB , 800x1000 , 615.png )

"Four big jetals, just what you like, hmm?" Toya whispers to Vasha, who nods, or at least presses her head against Toya back and forth in a nodding fashion.

"Really!" says the one in front. "Kinda seems that's exactly the kind of thing a girl like you would love! Us four pushing you to the limit of what you can stand! That doesn't appeal to you at all?"

Vasha squirms a little bit in the growing anticipation. Toya mimics it, and all of the jetals look at each other for a moment, confirming that cue.

"I - " Toya starts speaking again, but doesn't get far.

No. 875442 ID: bfb318
File 152202520355.png - (7.42KB , 800x800 , 616.png )

Nearby, there is a syndicate safehouse.
No. 875443 ID: bfb318
File 152202523397.png - (21.04KB , 800x800 , 617.png )

Toya, who never got past saying 'I' before getting grabbed, is thrown on the bed while some limbs rip off her clothes.

"Oof! You damn horny brutes just can't take a hint, huh?!" Toya yells.
"You've been rubbing hints all over our eyes, girl!"

Scurps asks if she wants this to be fast and intense, draw this out, or just leave the details to the other jetal team's discretion.

No. 875445 ID: 1a89d4

Draw it out, since Vasha seemed to be loving this whole idea!
No. 875448 ID: 86eb65

Play up resisting and getting slowly broken down. Tell Scurps that you want him to teach this slut a lesson. Tell them you want them to work you over all night until you are a ruined mess.

Time your reactions with how Vasha is holding up.
No. 875452 ID: a70f54

You're already asking these boys a favor and refraining from using all your fanciest tricks on them, so let them do as they like with you, with their own pleasure for the main priority. Vasha seems into the idea of jetals wanting to use a lowly biological for their own jollies, so I think that'll get her off good, too.
No. 875453 ID: 3abd97

"Well fine then. If you boys aren't taking no for an answer, you better prove you're worth my time."

>Scurps asks if she wants this to be fast and intense, draw this out, or just leave the details to the other jetal team's discretion.
Well, Unity's in no hurry (she's got plenty of divisions doing more productive things) and Vasha basically let us monopolize her day. And it's not every day a girl gets to be a prisoner in her own body and watch a massive slut bang four jetals. So no reason to get this over with fast.
No. 875456 ID: b6986f

Tell them to make it last. How often do they get to play with a cute normal girl that wants them to wreck her?. Take all night if you need to.
No. 875458 ID: 3cc68c

Use me for your own pleasure. Do whatever you like however you like. Fuck me how you want to fuck me.

Anything goes as long as we keep my passenger safe. But remember that she is not a china doll. I want her stretched and sore as can be tomorrow morning. Not able to walk straight for days and taking work off.

So go for the best of both worlds and hit me with Intense and drawn out.

I am not going to break character all night. I will deny enjoying any of this unless you break me to your will. Prove that jetal dicks are the best and fuck me until I am begging you to be your slave. Show me what a proper slut is good for.
No. 875459 ID: 7fb5cc


Tell them to do there worst. You want them to treat you like a fuck toy. They have a lippy slut in there hands that needs to be taught her place.

So long and hard. They are in charge tonight and can do whatever they desire.
No. 875460 ID: a70f54

Vasha has already had sex twice, now, and she did leave off some work she was doing for us, if I recall? Let's not totally break her, or get her in too much trouble. Maybe after this we should offer to do something nice and helpful for her in a non-sexual way.
No. 875461 ID: cfc45d

Scurps I found the cutest most innocent slut in the world. And when she begged me to ruin her the first thought in my head was to call you to help.

So use me until I am a broken mess. I will mimic the state my passenger is in. Once I am a a exhausted mess that means she is to.
No. 875534 ID: bfb318
File 152210582193.png - (19.06KB , 800x800 , 618.png )

Toya sends Scurps a text back.

" I'll be mimicking my passenger's reactions somewhat, while not breaking character. I'll text you any related data. Other than keeping her safe, do your worst."

One of the jetals starts climbing over Toya.

"You ready, slut?"
"Just make it worth my time, if you're going to be so pus-"

No. 875535 ID: bfb318
File 152210585058.png - (20.98KB , 800x800 , 619.png )


The jetal starts vibrating as soon as he goes in.

No. 875536 ID: bfb318
File 152210586466.png - (25.92KB , 800x800 , 620.png )

Scurps' team closes in and gangs up on Toya. They're not gentle, but they're trying to make this last, too. Their thrusts are long and forcible, but controlled.

At first, Toya keeps glaring at them while denying her otherwise obvious enjoyment, and only mimics Vasha's exertion level. The jetals taunt her with light jabs at her oversexualized body and dirty talk as the seconds turn into minutes.

Slowly and steadily, they break Toya down until she's mimicking Vasha almost completely both in blissed expression and exhaustion. Vasha's physical signs show she can take more, so that information is passed on. The jetals pass Toya between each other as she gasps for more, goading them into pushing those minutes into paced hours.

No. 875537 ID: bfb318
File 152210587585.png - (25.94KB , 800x800 , 621.png )

They screw and drive Vasha to her limits, then push it just a bit more before releasing a messy Toya to flop back onto the bed.

"I think she likes jetals now!"
"Fuckin' spoiled her body."
"That means we've got a moral obligation to fuck her whenever she needs to get off!"
"We'll leave the slut a number."

Scurps says Fern is starting to suspect they're shirking duties, so they take off in a rush.

No. 875538 ID: bfb318
File 152210590157.png - (20.04KB , 800x800 , 622.png )

Toya gets cleaned up, gets dressed in slightly more modest clothes, and takes a cab back to Vasha's place. She strips again so she can set Vasha down on the sofa.

"How ya doing?"

Vasha groans, making some kind of noise that a few lobbyists have to spend a few computational minutes decipher as 'absolutely amazing'.

It's gotten late at night, and they completely missed any kind of card tournament. Judging by Vasha's expression, she doesn't mind. Toya will spend the rest of the evening helping Vasha do her work she put off today, before reuniting with the rest of Unity.

No. 875539 ID: bfb318
File 152210593120.png - (15.97KB , 800x800 , 623.png )

Division 08: Healing a Jade

D-8 assumes the persona of Petunia. She contacts Washa, the Dead Battery's contact for higher society, alerting him that she's ready for the job. Washa sends her a remote cab, and talks to her over the intercom.

>"I'll lend you a rank C sex module just for this job. As far as this job is concerned there's no practical difference between a rank C and D, except that a D rank makes you look like some kind of joke. Remember, this jetal has a Rank A sex module. That doesn't just mean that she's been jaded like few jetals have been jaded before. It also means that she's either connected to, or is, an elite belenosian. Combine that with her pseudonym 'Jil', the typical anonymous jetal name, and that means you're expected and treat her like she's nobility while doing so discreetly as to respect her anonymity. I'd offer you advice, but Jil is taking my word that you can do this, and I'm taking Polatt's word that you can do this. I have no idea how you're going to do this. You can try plots for rapport or gimmicky sex acts all you want, but I don't recommend you make those your primary selling point, because I can guarantee you that whatever you can think of, she's performed a dozen times. She's burned her own tastes to ashes."

Jil needs to be satisfied for 12 hours, all while using a far superior sex module out of Unity's league. That led the Petunia division to be loaded with the highest lobbyist count of all divisions, numbering at approximately 750, so that many lobbyists can overload the sex hack at once and still have plenty of lobbyists left over to rotate in as lobbyists get tired.
No. 875541 ID: 86eb65

We really need to get dad working on a module that can let us actually heal jaded jetals.

Imagine the money and influence you could make if you could reset peoples overloaded systems? Could rent ourselves out for some very expensive sexual healing sessions.

Anyways if this person is noble and anonymous lets just go with the flow. Be very polite and find out there kinks. Even if they have been burned out they still have had to enjoyed something more than the rest.

Honestly until we meet them we can't plan much. Just make sure we have a good rotation ready and do our best.
No. 875547 ID: a70f54

Is the C module also hacked? If not, we'll have to use the D rank anyway, for that feature.

The simplest option is to just go in there with the module, push as far as it takes for her not to be jaded any more, and keep that up for the full 12 hours. That's possible, but tough, and will ultimately only escalate her jadedness in the long term.

Second option I can think of is to try find out about them as a person, then either develop a personal connection that makes the sex fulfilling or find out what fetishes they might have that could be used to get them off. Very unlikely to work, since they'll be concerned with their anonymity.

Third option is to try get creative with the hack. We refrained from trying to use it for more than pleasuring someone before now, so the possibility wasn't ever explored. If we can capture our client's internal avatar, we could at the least try out some sort of digital bondage scenario, and if we can get more control we can do things like modify their settings and memories to undo the jadedness. If we try do this ourselves it will be very risky, with a high chance both of not being able to do it and of our multi-core being discovered. There is a strong possibility, though, that our client has a superior hacked module of her own, or a fully dedicated hacking module. If that's the case, then getting HER to hack US will probably create a much better connection that we can take advantage of to overpower and do what we like with her.

If we want to be a bit evil and make maximum progress, we could get her to hack us, totally subjugate her, then send ourselves through to take over her body and impersonate her, gaining high position and a bunch of power and good mods in one fell swoop. How evil this would be depends on whether our customer is so jaded that she will happily trade her identity and life in exchange for being trapped in an eternal sex dungeon inside her own mind.

Personally I recommend option three without the evil, if we can be reasonably confident of being able to edit our client's memories so that she can't tell anyone we're a multi-core jetal.
No. 875548 ID: 86eb65


Risky but very entertaining. Worth considering once we know more about our client.
No. 875552 ID: a363ac

go in there and ask if she wants "Dinner, a movie, or you?" first. might as well start light and jokey.
No. 875562 ID: deec6e


Some good ideas here.

This might be an opportunity to get a noble-tier contact, or at least make them a satisfied customer that can spread the word to get us other noble-tier customers. Or we could earn unwelcome attention and ruin our rep with the Dead Batteries if things go bad. That said it's a good mission, with a lot of potential. We should therefore:

A) be very careful about everything we do, from any hacking attempts to what kind of cover story we make for ourselves and our up-sexin' ability despite the relatively low mod. Petunia as 'just' a sexy jetal waitress is likely not going to stand scrutiny for long after we successfully satisfy a noble-tier jetal so either that persona has to go, or we enhance it.

B) make a good impression of the kind of specialist (sex) jetal we want to appear as later for if/when we make a real world entry and potentially a Diamond Noble bid. If Petunia was someone biding their time, building their own thing over the last few decades, that could be an entryway back into the real world.

C) get as much A-rank jaded sex data out of this encounter as we can for future encounters. We'll need it.

As for how to approach the situation, my suggestion is that we go in and act more like a sex therapist than a sexy waiter.

Jil's done enough to get herself so jaded an A-mod isn't quite doing it any longer, so obviously she has a problem. When someone can say "she's burned her own tastes to ashes" about them, that sounds ripe for having a more serious talk about their issue of needing ever greater extremes of sex to reach normal levels of satiation. Obviously be polite and respectful and aim to give her a good time as per the contract. Start with being fairly open about how you're going to go about giving her a good time - that what you do involves a hacked sex module that lets you interface directly with another jetal so that each can feel what the other is feeling. She's probably tried 'em before, but confidently state that what you do is a little different. If she has a better such connector, you'd happily accept using hers instead - but if she isn't willing to interface 'feels' one way or the other, then you doubt any of the perfectly servicable sex acts you can get up to will help tantalize her much.

Emphasize that to you this contract is both a privilige, an honour and a challenge in seeing how far you can take the skills you've developed since being born. The reason you've taken the job is because you find Jil's case a true test of your abilities and you intend to start experimenting with a few simple sensory tests through core connection in order to explore the extent of Jil's current sensitivity, how her libido rises and learn how to get a handle on how she feels pleasure - or fails to feel it, as the case may be.

If we get buy-in from Jil we can begin prodding her avatar and body with sensual touches - give them prickling tantalizers, foreplay times a hundred. X number of lobbyists' worth of sensual fondling would hopefully jolt SOME feeling into the desensitized jetal again. Aim towards rebuilding her anticipation towards the sex to come. Doing so will hopefully make Jil more malleable and open to suggestions for particular sex acts as well as give us a chance to gauge how an A-ranked sex module works and what their limits - and yours - are. The more we know and the more pliable Jil becomes, the more we should be able to set the pace and the sensitivity level of the rest of the encounter in a way that benefits us.
No. 875601 ID: 3abd97

Well, you're going to have to start with a social approach, I think. She passed the point where she'll be impressed by a slut throwing herself at her- you need to be a person who she finds engaging and interesting. Plus that makes her a more of a useful contact for our own purposes.

Pretty sure we can't go the evil replacement route unless she's got a PEI module and uses it on us (last time we didn't see a single person in the harvest with one). PEI modules actually allow moving of AI consciousnesses between cores, the hacked sex mods are just opening a communication channel. Our consciousness are still stuck on our own hardware (well, simulated hardware).

Granted, if she has the right modules, taking her over her life / core while simultaneous recruiting her into future lobby sex-adventures and our broader quest would be a new and exceptionally kinky experience to offer her.

I think a combination of plan two and three is probably the right answer though. Connect as a person if at all possible, and use the sexhack in creative ways. The lobby space is basically a private VR suite with direct pleasure stimulation built in, and it could probably get crazier if we tapped Smuggeler and abused props, multiple participants, contestant powers and body mods in various ways.
No. 875606 ID: b6986f

If we are going to do this mission we need to try our best to actually heal her a bit.

Not sure what form that might take but just imagine how horrible it would be if you could not enjoy yourself anymore. Lets do our best to help her.
No. 875608 ID: f9d2b4

Whether totally hacking her would be evil might also depend on how evil she is. If she's gone really deep trying to find new things to get off too, she could be a pretty terrible person who we should take out.

Although, from a more (in-quest) meta perspective, these people are all actually AIs who were activated when Unity woke up (or even just when they came into her interaction zone), and who just have implanted memories previous to that. Is it right to judge someone, morally speaking, when they mostly only have false memories of doing bad things, and an external system has literally made them to play the part of a bad person and manipulated their minds to help that? That's a pretty big question!

A more simple idea might be to find out what her first experience was like and recreate it for nostalgia, but she's probably thought of that by now. It's interesting: despite what we pretended with Vasha, organics probably don't have the problem of being jaded forever. Natural homeostasis, the chemical cycles of libido and the degradation of old memories means that they'd just have to hold off for a while and things would become fresh enough to be satisfactory again, most of the time. Their bodies/brains adapt to higher pleasure, but eventually that adaptation is lost again. The trouble with jetals is probably that they're too good and once their brain has learned to cope with something it keeps that ability forever.

Still, that should just mean that the highest plateau of pleasure they've experienced stays as good as it was originally. I suspect, as theorized much earlier, that there's an element of wanting to be overwhelmed which may be related to the shell of paranoia and tight self-control/self-awareness that people build up in this culture. In essence, they guard themselves so closely that they can't enjoy themselves unless something forcefully overpowers them. If that's the case, then if they could just learn to relax, they'd be fine. This actually seems to hold up pretty well to Fern as an example - when we first met him, he talked about being jaded and needing to use the hack to ride off less experienced jetals' pleasure, but early on in this thread we just appealed to him for a simple blowjob (possibly with a psychological aspect for him of dominating a noble girl), and he seemed to like it fine. Since, at that point, he was in a "fuck it if I'm screwed I'm already screwed I'll just do what I like" mood, and Unity had effectively shown that if she wanted to do anything to him she could have already, perhaps he was just able to loosen up?

So trying to help Jil relax, feel safe and let go may be another way of helping her. It'd require building trust, though. The hacking ideas might still be better. They could also possibly be combined together.
No. 875783 ID: f9d2b4

A thought: If this lady has A-rank modules, she's quite likely to have an A-rank scanner, and to therefore be able to see a lot of weird things about us, such as that we have a ridiculous pile of division mods? We might want to be ready with an explanation. Maybe we could say that we can't really divide that much but with a little hacking we can apply their functions to create multiple avatars in our internal space? And that, in turn, could explain how we're doing the pleasure multiplication thing and why there seems to be multiple people in here?
No. 875909 ID: bfb318
File 152237364101.png - (24.12KB , 800x800 , 624.png )

Petunia confirms that the loaned sex module is hacked.

"Thank you. I can't plan much until I meet her, so I'm as ready as I'll be."

>Possibility of subjugating her body
The sex hack currently doesn't allow this option. The avatars that show up in each other's lobbies are more projections than anything, and the most that Unity can do is overwhelm another jetal into submission or unconscious. As useful as that alone is, it doesn't allow lobbyists to actively drive the other jetal.

She'll talk it over with Loviro, along with removing jaded levels.

The car drives underneath a series of underground levels that haven't seen regular use in decades, not too dissimilar to the sub-urban scenery that Marchi had set up his pharmacy in. Once the car drives as far as it can, Petunia gets out and walks the rest of the way to Jil.

"Hello, I'm Petunia."
"It's my pleasure to meet you."
>"Mmmhm. I've been told you might have a trick to get past jadedness?"
"Yes. I don't know what our contact knows, but I use a sex hack that lets us project ourselves someone else's core."
>"If that's all you have, then I'm going home."
"It's all the hardware I have, but what I do with it is different. If you have a better connector, then I'm willing to experiment, but I fully believe that I can give you a good time with just what I have."
>"As long as you think you have something, then we'll try." She doesn't sound hopeful. "Do you care to explain what tricks you have that makes you any different than other hacks on better modules?"
"I'm sorry, but as much of an honor it is to get a shot at this job, I do have trade secrets to keep. I can tell you, though, that this is a brute force solution. It would only make you more jaded, if anything."
>"I'd rather have a short term solution are better than no solutions."
"And I have full motivation to fulfill the contract regardless of anything else. Is there any form you'd like me to take?"
>"No." She pauses, possibly reading a cue of 'are you sure?' from Petunia. "When you can morph into nearly anything, it loses all meaning. It doesn't matter."
"On that topic, if it helps and if you can do so comfortably, I'd like to hear your previous experiences and progression of your jadedness."
>"I'll talk for as long as you can get me to feel anything. You just need to make jetalium contact with my core, right?"
"That's correct."
No. 875910 ID: bfb318
File 152237365338.png - (23.08KB , 800x800 , 625.png )

Jil takes two sharp steps forward to Petunia, grabs the back of her head, and kisses with a roughness Petunia hasn't seen before.

While Petunia manages to wrap her arms around Jil, Jil rams her tongue down Petunia's mouth. The A rank sex module is clearly active as the sensation resonates like rapid shockwaves through Petunia. Several lobbyists have to jump in to assist to make sure that the division doesn't melt into a puddle.

Jil's core is in her tongue, and is making slight but sufficient contact with Petunia's jetalium. The hack can be activated, and since Jil hasn't detected anything unexpected about Petunia with what could be an A rank scanner, one lobbyist must be chosen.
No. 875914 ID: 86eb65

Recluse. He has not had front billing in awhile.
No. 875917 ID: b1b4f3

She's aggressive so you're gonna want someone strong. Got any strong female contestants?

I specify female because the body you showed up in is female and it would seem a bit odd for the lobby avatar to be so fundamentally different.
No. 875919 ID: f9d2b4

Whoever is tough and will be easiest to swap out unnoticed using Smuggler appearance mods, since I have a strong suspicion whoever's in charge will be getting worn out extremely quickly. I don't think we know who exactly is available in this division? It seems pretty good odds Alison would be, though, given its aim, so she's a strong candidate.

Anyway, I don't think you're going to get this lady to listen to any other possibilities until you've given her a taste to confirm you can do what she's hired you for. Don't waste time ramping up: start with double the amount you used during the negotiation with Nelm and his buddies and move it up in increments of that amount. Better to shoot a bit too far and drop it down, given that we want to impress her.
No. 875922 ID: 91ee5f

>one lobbyist must be chosen.
Whoever it is, the first words they say to Jil should be, “That’s much more forcefull than I’m used to! But nothing that I can’t work with.”~
No. 875924 ID: 3cc68c

I like having Recluse as the front man. But make him a front woman for the moment to match our outside body.

As for Jil lets see if we can make her cum once by just making out. That might convince her that we can handle this.
No. 875925 ID: b6986f

Pick someone tough because they need to last all night. Also forcing her to orgasm just by making out would be fun.
No. 875944 ID: 3abd97

>I like having Recluse as the front man. But make him a front woman for the moment to match our outside body.
I like the way you think. Femcluse is an interesting choice to mix it up.
No. 875978 ID: e1c8f7

Scanner? Oh! Clarence!
No. 875980 ID: 205799

No. 876046 ID: 00e604

No. 876258 ID: bfb318
File 152254143787.png - (15.32KB , 800x800 , 626.png )

As Petunia is guided onto the ground, she activates the hack and chooses Recluse-but-a-girl to meet and interact directly with Jil.
No. 876259 ID: bfb318
File 152254145156.png - (17.85KB , 800x1000 , 627.png )

Despite Femcluse showing signs of enjoying sexual conduct, lobbyists could not convince her to take off her hoodie, or put on a better face.


>"Okay let's do it."
No. 876260 ID: bfb318
File 152254150310.png - (21.41KB , 1000x800 , 628.png )

Recluse is laid down and put to work.

Four lobbyists enter the proximity to supply feedback.

>"Hmm... there's almost something after all. Are you okay down there?"
"Yes." Recluse tries to keep her voice steady, failing somewhat. "Nothing I can't handle."
>"Then I hope you can do more. It's a start, but this is not sufficient at all."

Recluse gives a previously established subtle signal to send in more lobbyists. 3 more enter, then 2 more after that. There are diminishing returns for each lobbyist, but all lobbyists all share the same level of feedback.

>"Y-yes, that's it! Keep that up! Do more if you can!"

As difficult as it is for Recluse to think, he can signal for several more lobbyists to pile in.

Currently there are 10 lobbyists in proximity including Recluse, supplying some sensation for Jil. Although Jil seems excited now, her body just seemd to be experiencing mild sensations. Her excitement is based on her body feeling something rather than feeling much. To give her a properly good time may require as many as 30 lobbyists at this rate, but to have to cycle through that many lobbyists may risk lobbyists needing some recovery time afterwards. That in itself isn't considered a significant drawback, but little is known about a jetal's jading level. Attempting to push limits for 12 hours straight could be considered an experiment to see if lobbyists can get jaded in the same way jetals can, and the worst case scenario is that they can and will.
No. 876261 ID: b1b4f3

Stop at 20. Tell her you're reaching your limit after that and may suffer some consequences yourself if you push much harder.
No. 876263 ID: 86eb65

Slowly ramp up the numbers. We don't have to show her a amazing time just a good one. Keep adding in 2-3 people until we can get her to cum once. Then stabilize around that level. Don't need to blast her and make her condition worse.

If we do risk some people getting jaded then try to keep the jaded level low. It will give us some people for dad to test when we have him try to figure out a way to fix Jadedness.
No. 876269 ID: a363ac

No. 876271 ID: 91ee5f

No. 876273 ID: 56e50f

Once we get to the 25 mark, start cycling lobbyists out in pairs of twos and threes.
No. 876275 ID: 6139f5


We need to get her own mind to start doing part of the job here, if at all possible. Could something a little pavlovian work? Tease her with the sensitivity to start with. Cycle back and forth between having sufficient lobbyists to make her feel only levels of 'feeling something' at first, and then zap in and out of real pleasure to keep her at the level of craving the sensation of sensation for longer, rather than snap to the full effort.

She promised to talk, so use this grace period for what it's worth and keep her talking about how she ended up jaded (if nothing else, we'll get pointers on how to avoid it ourselves). Try to reward her with more pleasure whenever she reveals something in particular or recalls something that felt good, in order to connect spikes of pleasure to her opening herself up to you and to allow her to reconnect with her past memories of pleasure. Link spikes of pleasure to what sounds like genuine memories, not just those where she's actively seeking extremes (unless those extremes sound particularly enjoyable/favorable). Have her visualize some of the actions within the lobby (have lobbyists take notes).

As for the questions, keep to the theme of discovering the nature of her jadedness and what kind of depraved stuff she's gotten up to and enjoyed before. We're not here to ply into (other) private secrets unless it becomes super important for us to do so.

Is she a natural-born jetal? I.e. never started out as a biological?
Related to the above - how did she start out having sex? What kind of sex acts?
How long did it take for her to grow this demanding for joy in sex? (i.e. how long has she had sex and how did she move through the 'stages' of jadedness?)
Would there currently be other factors outside her use of an A-class sex mod that has helped leave her this jaded? Is she part of a cliche of sexually active jetal that draws her into further extremes?
No. 876289 ID: f9d2b4

Get her to the level that she's definitely enjoying herself, ramp a little bit further than that, then drop back that little bit down again. That'll probably get her to ask why you're not pushing further, and that'll give you an opening to start talking.

From there, you should be able to try some other ideas, teasing/bribing her with spikes of pleasure to get her to answer questions. Start off by exploring how willing she is to play along with the scenario of you having control over her by permitting/denying her pleasure as you like, maybe talk to her about how maybe such a powerful jetal could enjoy having someone of lower status taking charge over her. She'll probably answer tht she's tried things like that before, but so long as she doesn't reject it entirely you can just say that she must know how to behave, then. Turn it into a sort of bdsm therapy session. Hopefully, being able to alternate periods of high activity with lower ones will let us stretch things out, and the varied approach might not cause as much jading as a long steady grind.

Perhaps at some point you could swap Recluse with someone altered to look like them but with Alison's big snakey lower body, and use that to wrap up your client for playing with. She'd probably appreciate adding some dicks into the arrangement at some point, while you're at it.
No. 876293 ID: 15a025

Ramping things up and then go back down a bit sounds like a good idea. Use the cool down to learn more about her. Ask what kind of thing's they're into?
No. 876316 ID: bfb318
File 152256272691.png - (16.60KB , 800x800 , 629.png )

Recluse gives the signal to up it. By about 15 to 20, it looks like Jil is starting to get on her way to an orgasm, though it would take a lot of work. For awhile, that's declared acceptable.

"Wa... want to talk about yourself, then?" Recluse manages to articulate between breaks between her thighs.
"Hff! Sure. Things started innocent enough, just physical contact with those I considered close..."

She continues on, talking about how those around her seemed to expect others to behave well while never doing so themselves. Hence, she might never have gotten into lewd activities if it wasn't considered taboo for a natural born jetal like herself. She slowly ramped up more and more from just physical contact, until one day she had intercourse with a confidante. Initially it acted as the natural counterweight to the normal stuffy appearances she had to keep up.

From there, escalation was inevitable. She says things like how it took years for her to get jaded, though there was a few months period in which she acted promiscuous to a fault, and most of the jading most likely occurred there. As far as sensation dulling went, the upward ramp of sex modules is to blame, but the steady experimentation of orgies, BDSM on both ends, sex dungeons and other kinks she'd rather not speak of ruined any sense of mental thrill for her. Recluse, in response to all of that, signs in 10 more lobbyist to spike things up for a short while.

It works, and she squeezes herself inward, letting out a low whine for several moments. Recluse starts wondering just how long she can orgasm for, before she gasps her breath out all in one go.

No. 876317 ID: bfb318
File 152256274039.png - (23.21KB , 800x800 , 630.png )

She recovers, but instead of basking what sounds like the first orgasm she's had in a long time, she brings out a double ended dildo that Recluse looks onto nervously before wondering how it was brought out. Jil gives plenty of time for Recluse to back out if she can't handle any more. Instead, Recluse nods and spreads her legs to invite it in.

The backstory of self-jading continues, and Recluse lowers and increases the lobbyist count to promote Jil's openness towards sharing details.

Recluse can hardly focus, but she thinks she sees a suspicious eye from Jil on her.

"Why is the sensation fluctuating? And loosely around when I say more concrete things?" asks Jil.
"I'mnn - Ahhh!"
"Do you need a minute?"

Recluse takes a few deep breaths to collect herself.

No. 876319 ID: bfb318
File 152256277037.png - (16.68KB , 800x800 , 631.png )

"I'm teasing you." Recluse manages to speak. "It's too stale to just keep the exact same amount of pleasure. I'm hoping you're willing for this kind of scenario."
"Heh, it looks like you have a limit. We've haven't been at this for long, so don't you burn yourself out. I want this contract fulfilled more than you do."

She continues with her abstract stories that the lobbyists will have to spend some time putting together into a coherent set of useable data.

Recluse starts going numb, but she only sees it as an advantage in her ability to keep going. She keeps giving the periodic signal that she's good to continue. Jil never offers a break, and Recluse never takes one. The only pauses are when Jil swaps positions every now and then.

Hours pass, and Jil uses them to get as much pleasure as she can out of them. Recluse has long since lost count to how many orgasm she's had herself, or even the much lower count from Jil.

"That's enough, I think." says Jil. She pulls Recluse up to give him a kiss on the head.
"Twelve...huff... hours?"
"Ten but that's close enough. I'm satisfied, good job."
"Don't stop if you don't want to."
"Hah. You wanted to know my history to help with my jading, right?"
"That's right."
"Then I'll call you back, because that'll help."
"If you needed this so badly, would you say you're addicted to sex?"
"No. Some get jaded, grow bored of sex, and move on. If I was that type, we wouldn't be here, but sex... is the most fulfilling pastime I've found. Nothing else has compared to sharing physical experiences with other beings in the face of my normal life. I would rather chase a solution to the jading, than move on. So I'll call your services again, if you're up for it."

No. 876325 ID: e1c8f7

Good job team! Let's do a little self assessment on how our lobbyists are doing.
No. 876348 ID: 86eb65

Well lets get Recluse resting up and do some tests to see if him or the rotation crew feel any signs of jadedness.

Give them a bit so they can relax then we can fuck them again and measure things later.
No. 876353 ID: d55249

Geez, she’s gonna jade us at this rate. Get her contact info and warn her again that this is only a short term solution and send her off so we can check on the lobbyists who got to join in.
No. 876378 ID: f9d2b4

Now I think of it, there shouldn't be any real nobles in the harvest sim, right? Unless they dip in from outside to look for something, which is plausible for this lady. It's just a possibility, but one to think about.

Smile and tell her you agree with her feelings about sex, and you'd love to find a solution for jading, even if it'd close off some revenue for you. Tell her you think it provides things that are missing from a lot of people's lives, and that the idea of turning everyone around you into horny sex buddies might be your fetish. You might also consider telling her that though you can provide for jaded jetals, you're worried that you're just going to escalate their needs and that one day one of them might just try snatch you up to keep for themselves. (I want to include that last one just so that Jil doesn't assume we'll always be available, since we might leave the harvest sim someday.) If we're going to keep going with "Princess Sugartooth" as our name for servicing jaded jetals through the Dead Batteries, give her that name to call for and give her a name to identify herself by when she calls so you know it's her, since a lot of your clients are probably going to be using pseudonyms as well and "Jil" is apparently a common one.

I wonder, is it possible that the jading process was built into the sex mods somehow? Planned obsolescence by the manufacturers, or anti-sex pressure to punish jetals for being too horny, or both? We'll need to ask Loviro. It's certainly not how organic brains do things: you can get bored or even disgusted with things, sure, but even if you're used to the best chefs the time will come when you're just happy to have a sandwich. Maybe in an AI, repeat exposure to a certain stimulus causes a small subprogram to be created to deal with it, and all the experience of that stimulus besides the simple fact that it's present gets diverted to that program instead of the main consciousness? I'd expect something like that for an AI made for a purpose, to trim away "distractions", but for free-willed AI there should be more of a conscious process. It's very interesting.

I wonder, if you bought training modules for AI development and psychology here in the sim, would the system create gibberish since it doesn't actually know how ancient belenosian AI development worked, or would it fill in the data with real information about how the contestants' own programs function? Is it possible that you can trick the belenosian sim into giving you what'd effectively be a user manual for the contest system, or at least parts of it? The system has to know how its own functions work, on some level. Maybe asking for an explanation here, forcing it to find or generate something to fill in the blanks, will actually draw down some real answers, so long as you're playing to the demands of the sim.
No. 876392 ID: bfb318
File 152260229028.png - (17.28KB , 800x800 , 632.png )

>Now I think of it, there shouldn't be any real nobles in the harvest sim, right?
No real nobles actively live in the harvest sim to Unity's awareness, but it seems like it's not an uncommon place to visit.

>If you bought training modules for AI development and psychology here in the sim, would the system create gibberish or legitimate information?
Modules are supposedly direct enough copies of their realworld counterparts as much as possible, so the option to do this should be accurate enough, though only as far as the whole CAI simulation is concerened.

A fresher set of lobbyists takes over controlling Petunia so that she can stand up and collect herself. Recluse lays with Jil in the lobby for a moment before managing to get up and put her hoodie back on.

"Even if it's bad for business, I intend on learning how to fix jading."
>"Did you screw yourself dumb? If you could cure the issue, you'd have a fortune on your hands."
"That's a good point. I do agree with your views on sex, by the way."
>"Mm. Others feel the same way."
"You know how to find me. I also go by Princess Sugartooth."
>"Alright, and... thank you. I'll send your payment through Winch soon."
"You're welcome."

Jil leaves the lobby, picks herself off of Petunia, and goes her seperate way.

It's well into night, so Petunia leaves to go back to reunite with other divisions. Recluse will rest for the time being, then test what sex feels like after that marathon. It doesn't take long for one million dollars to be transferred to Petunia, along with a good word from Winch.
No. 876394 ID: bfb318
File 152260246713.png - (20.73KB , 800x800 , 633.png )

Division 12: Visit Loviro

Unity has various things to talk about with Loviro along with a simple visit, so she picks up some groceries for him then stops by.
>"Hello again."
"Hi, dad!"
>"What brings you back to my... maintenance closet?"

Unity has a few topics she'd like to talk about, including if the jading process was built into the modules somehow, if he has any ideas on how to heal it, and if it's possible to subjugate a body using the sex hack somehow. She's confident there's other topics to bring up.
No. 876400 ID: f9d2b4

First, a hug! Then ask how he's doing. Then talk.

Asking sex questions right off the bat will probably make him uncomfortable. Ask him other questions first so he's already in pro nerd mode when you ask about the sex systems.
No. 876406 ID: 86eb65

Wait this place is a dump! We need to go shopping and spice the place up for dad!

So we need furniture and a nicer bed and some lighting and pictures and shelves and all the comforts of home!

And lots of Plants!

While planning for fixing things up talk with him about your day and what your divisions have been up to. After small talk and getting his opinion on the furnishings bring up the jaded stuff and the brain hacking.
No. 876407 ID: 3abd97

>She's confident there's other topics to bring up.
You've heard it's theoretically possible to upload biologicals into a jetal core. Does he know anything about how that might be done?
No. 876414 ID: bfb318
File 152260573085.png - (11.68KB , 800x800 , 634.png )

Unity gives Loviro a hug.

"How are you doing?"
>"I'm well. Better than I have in awhile, in no small part due to that knowledge module you've given me. There haven't been as many advances as I thought there would be. There's plenty of information to look over, but for two decades worth, I'd say things have stagnated. In fact, most research has just gone into making existing technology easier to replicate. Which is perfectly fine in my situation."
"Speaking of your situation, we could make this place more livable.
>"I... hm. That isn't a bad idea, honestly."

The two of them use Unity's phone to do some shopping. Unity will pick things up later as they're ready before manually carrying them into this room. Loviro seems more interested in making it look more like a lab than a living quarters, but Unity does convince him to get a few decorations and a better bed.

"I do have some topics I'd like to bring up, by the way."
"A lot of jetals seem to get jaded from sex. Is that something the modules would have?"
>"Not exactly. I did look into that since you've... taken an interest in the matters. Sex modules were never meant to exist for jetals, you see. Those modules are more of a hack than anything and create impulses that would otherwise not exist. In otherwords, for a jetal, they're unnatural - odd sounding for an artificial being, I know, but you know what I mean. They're external parameters, so the jading process is the core processing the module and learning how to, well, omit it. To 'cure' it, or at least reset it, would typically require a jetal reboot. That's hardly an acceptable cure for most. Still, because it's an external feeling, it may be possible to detect the countermeasures for it in place and remove them. For that, I would need the basic core interface study device."

Which, Unity remembers, is a 75 million dollar object.

>"And it doesn't come with a guarantee, though I should hope I could do something useful with it."
"Is it possible to subjugate a jetal body using a sex hack?"
>"Permanently? You're a multi AI, so if you can send in some parts of yourself to different jetals... it may be possible, but not with the modules you've shown yourself to own. I may be able to... get something that would allow you to transfer yourself to other jetal cores, but understand that this is A-Rank level module, maybe even beyond that. Any sign that you own such a thing will attract unwanted attention."
"What about transferring biologicals into a jetal core?"
>"Yes, there's means for that, as well. Also highly restricted no doubt, since biologicals wouldn't have a ready defense against it. I may be able to work out something with a module hacker, I think. However..."
>"At a 150 million price tag, it may be prohibitively expensive. There is a place outside of empire territory called the Cloud Slither. I wouldn't recommend you go there, but if you need a place outside of the empire, they do have module makers there with far more jumpable legal hoops. Unfortunately, there's no readily available information on that, so I don't even know if the place still exists."
No. 876420 ID: 86eb65

Well that just means we need to make tons of money so he can make the stuff for us. If we can make a big score with the club or other job we can invest all the money and start buying some of the equipment.

That will take time and is not something we can do right now so relax and keep him company. Get the stuff picked up and decorate his place.
No. 876421 ID: 3abd97

>jetals are vulnerable to getting jaded because it's an unnatural, aftermarket hack
Well the contestants should be more resistant to it then, since as far as we can tell, physical attraction and sex drives are perfectly normal for them. Granted, most of them have to buy body mods to actually have sex, since they aren't aware of it when they first design their forms.

>Cloud Slither
Oh. Dang. Well, Loviro isn't aware he's in the Harvest Sim as long as his implants won't let him think about certain things. We know Cloud Slither exists in the real world, but we don't know if there's an equivalent in the Harvest.

...well, maybe if Loviro believes there's such a place, the Harvest will make sure there's such a place. Those kids believing Loviro and Vinyl would be alive was how the Harvest remade them.

>rare / expensive modules for Loviro
One alternative to saving up the funds to buying such ridiculously expensive things might be infiltrating some place and ripping them off. More risk, but a hell of a lot faster.
No. 876434 ID: bfb318
File 152260914805.png - (17.27KB , 800x800 , 635.png )

"I'd like to be able to afford them. I'll see if I can't get rich quick."
>"Just remember that 'get rich quick' is a dangerous phrase."

Unity keeps him company throughout the day, and helps him design the room to look less like a half maintenance room, half panic room.
No. 876435 ID: bfb318
File 152260918064.png - (22.39KB , 1000x800 , 636.png )

Division 1: Ask Polatt about the Web
Division 2: Dead Battery Jobs

Division 1 meets with Polatt, and an hour or two is spent on smalltalk and relaxation. He takes some time to explain in detail some of the Dead Battery's locations, fronts, and territory. At his direction, Division 2 will assume a stripper persona and make some cash before doing the Party Gang job after 7 PM, ending up with around 744,000 dollars. When the time is right, Unity brings up the Web.

>"You know about 'em? Not surprised. What do you want to know?"
"I've heard that they do big vice work."
>"Yeah, that's right. It's a good step up from a strip club, if you want to do the step up. You want to meet the boss?"
"Could I?"
"... That easily?"
>"Hey, I already knew you were too big for our little gang. That, and there's good referral bonuses."
"I should warn you, I'm supposed to do this as Princess Sugartooth."
>"Tying some gangs together, huh? That should be fine. Just put in a good word for us, yeah? We aren't too ambitious. When it comes down to it, we just want a nice little cozy spot in good standing with the bigshots over us. Might take a day to set up an appointment with the Web anyway. That fine?"
No. 876436 ID: 86eb65

That's ok I will put it on my schedule.

Make small talk with Polatt and try to seduce him.
No. 876443 ID: bfb318
File 152261332852.png - (15.18KB , 800x800 , 637.png )

"Yep. I'll put it on my schedule."

Unity spends the next hour or so flirting with Polatt. He's interested in Unity as a person more than someone to have sex with, but instead of outright denying physical activities, the flirting turns into more of a game.

"You know, I was just shopping for the right kinds of beds earlier. Did you know that they don't really stress test them for weight?"
>"They should. Some security bots need to sleep too."
"Or even rapid, rhythmic bursts!"
>"The ones who roll around in their sleep are just out of luck."

The conversation continues as Polatt continues to be intentionally obtuse. Successful seduction may not be today, either. After awhile, he says he'd love to hang out more another time, but has matters to attend to. Division 1 spends the rest of the day working poles for additional money.

Division 3 spent much of the day looking into the Web's territories. Some cash was spent to wander as a paying customer. The businesses have a legitimate front, although it isn't hard to imagine that the back rooms of the restaurants, bars and so on have other activities going on.
No. 876445 ID: bfb318
File 152261338624.png - (19.05KB , 800x800 , 638.png )

Division 11: Investigate Problem Officers.

A taxi is hailed, and the destination is set to the neighborhood that's seen the most amount of hits from the officers causing problems to the syndicate's supply lines.

>"Here's an updated bit of information." Fern explains. "There's at least one asshole in the syndicate that's feeding the officers information about lollipop production. We've put pressure down on the production lines, so whoever's the problem is keeping their head low. Haven't had too much of an issue with the cops lately, cept that their response has been to get abnormally aggressive. We still want them out of the picture, discreetly. Get them to give up, get them to chase some other gang, I don't care what."

Ideally, Unity can throw Sevener at the problem and take payment for it. It would have been easiest if Unity could grab evidence that they're dirty cops and have Sevener deal with it within the internal police structure. Unfortunately for that plan, the word gained on the street indicates that even with their pushy, dubious methods on law enforcement, there's no evidence that they're dirty cops, so going at it through this angle is unlikely.
No. 876446 ID: a363ac

get them to harass the Roxy persona somehow record it, and then send that to sevener as some kind of threatening message that will likely set her off.
No. 876452 ID: 3abd97

Various approaches I can think of:

1) Ferreting out whoever is passing information from inside our gang. Might be tricky to do quickly if they're already keeping their head down, and even if we plug the leak, that doesn't mean the cops stop.

2) If these cops aren't actually acting dirty, we need to bait them into doing something actually illegal (and then get proof) or we need to frame them so they look dirty. Once the dirt is in place, we could hand the evidence off to Anya for her to bust, or we could blackmail them to force them to back off.

3) We could try to lure the problem cops away by giving them good intel on another gang. Of course, we need to get intel on another gang first, and we risk making more enemies. Although I guess we could pick a gang the Lolipop guild already isn't on good terms with.

4) Give intel on another gang to Anya so she shows these guys up. If there's a break in a case against another gang, we might be able to get these guys reassigned to support her.

Either way, I think the first thing we need to do is go check these guys out, see them in action.
No. 876471 ID: deec6e


>still need a basic core interface study device - a 75 million dollar project
>basic core interface study

Say! Weren't we lucky enough to snag a 'clean' BCIS from our Fight-Beast bud BoT back in Thread 3 and even bring it to Loviro's place? Or are we talking about something different here?

>Jil points out curing jadedness would make you rich
>Loviro can work on jadedness cure, at least able to do something
>We need 150 million dollar project to bring biologicals into the core

Solving one problem here could help solve the other so we should tell Loviro to focus on the jadedness cure. Millions have been offered just for the chance to keep a division around for a few days as-is and being the 'miracle sex jetal' would make us a fairly attractive jetal to approach once we exit the simulation too, as long as we do so on good terms. It should be good steady income and source of reputation.

As for 150 mill module, that's something we can save up to while we're working the angles on how to leave the simulation with a good set of skills, modules and contacts.

>Problem officers

Given their supposed rough methods, if we can manage to surveil them with a Track Cam we might get them on something since it's not uncommon for people using dirty tactics to be willing to stoop even lower if they think they're getting away with it scot free. However, we need to keep in mind these folks are aware they're being monitored by EIN, so they must be able to avoid detection if they do things that would be considered illegal by cops - or keep it to such a low level that EIN doesn't bother reporting them.

We could do the entrapment angle, tempt them with some big score if they go the illegal route to get at it, although we should avoid anything that requires us having to perform as a witness again.

The main problem with getting the cops outed and removed is that the criminal source is still in there and that some other cops might just be reassigned to the case. Wouldn't want to get Anya on the Lollipops' case... or maybe we do? It'd be easy for us to give her an in into the criminal world and show her how it's not all bad, at least not when there's evidence of the police's own kind of oppressive corruption.
No. 876504 ID: bfb318
File 152262479134.png - (13.51KB , 800x800 , 639.png )

Back at Division 12...

"Hey, Loviro, didn't I already give you a BCIS?"


"Are you alright?"
>"I feel alright, but to have such a lapse in memory... I'd like to blame it on the sudden overuse of these biological modules, but I've been in better mental shape. Yes, of course you did, somehow. I can start studying right away. Or, I could but I do need a core. Either yours, or someone elses. You can still operate your divisions even if your core is bare, though you obviously won't have a primary body while I study. Honestly, it may be safest to have one of your divisions here on top of that, just so that you do have a way to alert me how you feel. After all, I need to know lots about cores to make modules on, but I'm no core specialist."
"I think I'll have a spare division soon."
>"I look forward to it."
No. 876505 ID: bfb318
File 152262486021.png - (23.23KB , 800x800 , 640.png )

Returning to Division 11...

"Hey, Fern, if we do remove these cops, won't other cops come to replace them?"
>"Probably, but that's just fuckin' fine, cause we can handle normal cops. These guys hound us like they've got a personal vendetta. Hell, they probably do, but I've got no idea who they are. The real issue are the gossiping rats we have in the production line, but there's a good chance that if those cops go, the rats have no reason to gossip."

Sugartooth thinks one of her most likely avenues of quick success are to entrap the cops into doing something illegal and supply proof, or otherwise frame them to look dirty. A personal vendetta specific to the lollipop syndicate makes some of the other options more troublesome.

Other options are still open though, as the first thing to do is to simply look at the cops and see what they're doing.

Using the syndicate network, she quickly locates them a few blocks down, where they have someone out of the car with their hands on the hood. The civilian they have is a low level syndicate grunt.

>"-- tail light isn't bright enough?" asks the unfortunate civilian. "You guys aren't bullshitting me, aren't you?"
>"You think jail's bullshit? If so, keep on backtalking!" The smaller cop speaks. The big one remains silent.
>"No, but - "
>"No. This was going to be the simplest damn stop of the day, but you had to make it complex, driving around all day when we're pulling you over."
>"Where was I to park?"
>"There, there, or there." he says, gesturing in some precarious parking spots. "You want your car impounded?"
>"Of course not!"
>"Why the heck not? It's easy to get it back out if it's clean."
>"I. have other stuff to do!"
>"What's a lowlife like you got to do?"
>"Lunch, like a normal biological."
>"Where at?"
>"Th... the bread fort?"

The cop continues asking basic questions, carefully eyeing the guy for any discrepancies, lies, and so on.

>"Alright then." says the smaller. "Go on, then. Get that tail light replaced."

This tactic appears common amongst these cops, to go on patrol all day and pull over anyone suspected to having anything to do with the syndicate, pull them over for some extreme technicality, and put pressure on them. At best it messes with the morale of low level grunts, and at worst, the grunts crack under pressure and either get the cops to keep a closer eye on them, or guide the cops closer to locations where they're not wanted. For instance, Sugartooth noticed that the civilian got particularly nervous at the idea of having his car impounded. It isn't empirical evidence of wrongdoing, but the cops may keep an eye on the car because of it.

Sugartooth can keep watching them, but it's a safe bet they have scanning systems that will point out Sugartooth stalking them. As dubious as their methods are, they aren't outside of the law, even if the push the limits of probable cause and constant profiling.
No. 876513 ID: f9d2b4

If I'm remembering right, your core and a division of jetalium to go with it is due to be held as collateral for the blackmail job some time soon, so it won't be available for Loviro after that. You'd need to get that research done before then.

I think getting these guys to do something illegal is a long shot, since they've probably memorized where the borderlines are and are likely to have pals to back them up. It'd be more effective to trick them into annoying someone with a lot of political power, who'll apply pressure to get them reassigned. What "legitimately" powerful people are there with their fingers in this area? Find some powerful businesspersons' or nobles' son or daughter or protege, seduce them into activities that make these cops suspicious of them, and see what happens. Them being suspicious of you might even help with achieving that sort of plan.

Even if you do manage to get them to cross a legal line or frame them with something, it might be a good idea to have some other pressure on them anyway, to make it a lot more effective.
No. 876517 ID: 86eb65

Just Seduce them.

Get it recorded and let there bosses know they are sleeping around with Syndicate assets.
No. 876523 ID: deec6e

Direct confrontation is risky, they're under constant surveillance themselves as cops.

But you know who's not under direct surveillance all the time? The mooks they end up harassing to and from work. Get a list from Fern of the mooks' cars and work routes, maybe a little personell info on who's likely to crack or not. Start 'cleaning' up their cars without the mooks' knowledge, so that if they crack - and you can help push the faint-of-heart ones into cracking, or cooperate with tougher ones into having them 'deliberately' crack (although this might risk coming into contact with or alerting the snitch) and admit to having drugs in their cars. When the officers arrests them and searches their van without finding anything, they can then protest their innocence again as they get pro lawyer'd up by Fern and Co.

"I felt pressured into admitting I had drugs/done something illegal! I felt like they were shaking me down for money!" is a somewhat more serious accusation as opposed to "The officers were being mean to me!" and speaks to a failure of tactics or an overzealous policeman at the very least, especially if there are multiple such accusations over the course of a short period.

It shouldn't take many of those until the officers either gives up on that approach or starts planting their own fake evidence, in which case you can gotcha them and probably spring a whole bunch of mooks they've previously arrested since many of their arrests up until now might fall under suspicion (unless they've made sure to be within perfect camera view the entire time).

Essentially, needle their crusade's legitimacy and effectiveness through psyops and dead ends and believable mistakes. They'll probably start questioning the legitimacy of their contact or wonder if the guy hasn't become compromised and will either confront him or stop talking to 'im. The latter alone could make the contact nervous they've been made and all Fern needs to do then is to keep tabs on his personell to see if anyone's starting to squirm or make a run for it.
No. 876531 ID: 86eb65


This seems like a very usable plan. Got to be extra careful around cops to keep our cover safe. And this would let us stay far from the action.
No. 876532 ID: bfb318
File 152263203402.png - (22.37KB , 800x800 , 641.png )

>Seduce them
A network check shows no point in time in which these cops have had the slightest inclination of attraction of any kind.

However, those with influence over the cops may be a different story. There are ranks within the police, owners of the nearby neighborhoods and city regions, and other people that could be seduced into activities that get the cops suspicious of them and pry where they shouldn't. That, or just a straightforward convincing of the higher up that it's in everyone's best interest to relocate these trouble making officers.

Sugartooth watches the cops for just a bit longer before leaving to search for the kind of people that can exercise the kind of power and influence. That kind of person tends to be busy throughout the day, so Sugartooth spends most of the day snooping around town and the internet to see who she can move on first.

Failing that, other lobbyists also begin looking into the mooks routes and what can be done with them. She proposes to Fern that the more crackable mook's cars be cleaned without their knowledge, so that when they do crack, there's nothing to be found. Then, they can tell the rest of the police department that the cops have been playing too roughly and forced a false confession out of them. Fern approves of the idea to needle their legitimacy, and looks into planning for that as well if any quicker plans don't pan out.
No. 876533 ID: bfb318
File 152263205994.png - (95.05KB , 800x800 , 642.png )

Divisions 5, 6, and 7 work on Reasonably Priced Blackmail as the persona Coral. 30 million in blackmail from the Waxers are handed to Rike, who gives her one million in reward and starts arranging bigger jobs for her. He sends her on a couple smaller jobs to yield some quick cash for today. Laner and Bolonn don't seem to have much productive acts to do, but Unity takes Vinyl's advice about wedging herself in between the brothers by bonding with Bolonn. Laner seems to have a similar hedonistic outlook, although with a blatant kink for putting Unity in subservient positions.

Rans, the bodyguard, seems slightly warmer to Coral than before. He's still serious, but he might not be a dead end like originally imagined.

None of them notice or ask about her lack of a core, which is elsewhere.

Fern delayed the collateral core plan with the Waxers for the moment, after realizing that Unity was a multi AI core. The plan is still on the table, and Unity plans on enacting that plan once Loviro has a chance to study her core for at least a little while.

Division 13 acts as Roxy to meet with Marchi, who's more than happy to talk about best rehabilitation methods for drug addicts. He also explains what to look for in safehouses, and points to a few places that he thinks would make for a good safehouse.
No. 876534 ID: bfb318
File 152263214915.png - (26.82KB , 800x800 , 643.png )

Division 4: Searching for Sevener

Division 4 doesn't have much luck. It's been decades since community outreach programs have been commonplace for police officers, but in the new empire, there's a severe divide between the public and the police force. The police serve the public, but the public is seen as the machine of the world, and the police are there to grease the wheels.

Due to the divide, there's virtually no public information on internal affairs. If Sevener has been out in public at all, then either she hasn't been around syndicate territory, or she isn't in her usual form. Both are easy possibilities.

It's tempting to simply assume the Roxy persona and call Sevener directly, but it would defeat the purpose of keeping tabs on her to see what she's doing.

So little progress is made in the day that Division 4 just does research online while working in the strip club that Roxy worked in for some easier cash, though a different persona.

It turns out to be the correct decision, because at about 9:30 PM, Sevener is seen on the Dead Battery's security system on the residential levels above the strip club. She, or someone who looks like Sevener, is breaking into Roxy's old apartment that may not have ever been used as anything but a place to make Roxy's existence as a real person convincing.

Currently, the division using Roxy's form has left Marchi and is alone in subterranean levels investigating possible safehouses.
No. 876535 ID: a363ac

ask Fern to send some expendables to make it look like the place was underwatch by people and looking for information about Roxy.
No. 876536 ID: 86eb65

Hmm she is in a hurry. Well we did keep the Roxy persona up just to be able to contact her. If she is breaking in either something went wrong in court and she thinks we are in danger. Or she cant keep it in her pants. Or its someone we put away after revenge.

Lets get the Roxy division moving up and out of the underground heading back to this area. But not all the way here in case this is a criminal jetal from court.

Meanwhile lets try to contact Anya remotely. Have one of the dead battery guys give her a message. They saw her messing with Roxy's apartment and called Roxy who told them that Anya was a friend.

Get phone numbers exchanged and Anya can tell us what is up.
No. 876537 ID: 3cc68c

We can just change the division downstairs into Roxy without any differences Sevener would notice right? If so get off stage and morph into Roxy and get dressed. Then round up some dead battery guards and nervously confront Anya.

If its the real one we can hang out. If its some creep we helped put away pretending to be Anya then act like Roxy would and record the whole thing. (hiding behind guards looking scared all that stuff)
No. 876539 ID: f9d2b4

Roxy's story to Sevener was that she was going into hiding, right? So Sevener knows Roxy shouldn't be there. Worst case scenario is she's suspicious of Roxy for some reason and has come to investigate her more, but enough time should have passed that the room could conceivably have been emptied. So what is Sevener looking for?... Is it Sevener? A real jetal cop should have modules for tools to get entry into sealed places. Someone who wanted to approach Roxy could try taking Sevener's form to trick her, though, especially on the assumption Roxy is a biological who wouldn't have a scanner.

Being caught on film is enough reason for the building's security to investigate. Or you could use a stripper persona and present yourself as a friend or close acquaintance of Roxy's.
No. 876540 ID: b6986f

Lets send up our stripper division that's in the building upstairs with some bodyguards. Then we can figure out who this is and what they are after.

If it is Anya then we can send her Roxy's way if that division has found any neat hideaways in the underground.

If not we let the dead batteries deal with it.
No. 876542 ID: f9d2b4

Actually I think sending a stripper will be really suspicious no matter who it is. If you go, turn into a bouncer, they would have been familiar with Roxy as well. Make it a hot beefy bouncer in case an occasion to have fun comes up. You never know!
No. 876544 ID: bfb318
File 152263484262.png - (16.09KB , 800x800 , 644.png )

Sevener gave Roxy her number, though Roxy didn't leave a number with Sevener. During this, Unity arranges for the Dead Batteries to make it appear that they saw Sevener break in, so they contacted Roxy, who then said Sevener was a friend and gave her number. A message from the Batteries is then sent using that number, and the messages are relayed to Roxy's burner phone.

"Hello. We saw you enter Roxy's apartment. She claims that you're a friend, but we'd like to know what you're doing in her apartment?"

Sevener replies quickly.

>"If you're in contact with her, I want to know if she's safe and well. Also ask her if I can use her apartment for a while. I'll leave it cleaner than I found it."

Unity can still send her current stripper persona up to see Sevener along with some bouncers - or turning into a bouncer - but the fact that a message is returned confirms that either it's not an imposter, or it's an imposter that was able to steal Sevener's phone.

Alternatively, this division can transform into Roxy while the Roxy division turns into something else, or the Dead Batteries can send Anya towards the current Roxy division, since that division has found a portion of a building that looks like it would be a good safehouse.
No. 876547 ID: 86eb65

Have the dead batteries give Anya the keys. And direct her over to your Roxy division.

When Anya visits she can find Roxy panic cleaning her new safehouse.
No. 876548 ID: 3cc68c

Yeah lets meet.

Tell her you just found a possible safe house and would love if she can come help you figure out if it's a good spot.
No. 876549 ID: a363ac

let the dead batteries decide if she can use the room since its apparently their property they might not want a cop on it. send Sevener either to a Roxy devision at the safe house area she scouted, or wait a bit and send a new roxy up depending on what they decide.
No. 876550 ID: f9d2b4

Having Roxy appear where she is will just make her worry/suspicious more, since Roxy's supposed to be staying out of view. I doubt the Roxy division will be able to set up a convincing-looking safehouse before Sevener arrives, too. Besides which, if Sevener wants to use her apartment, she wants to stay where she is, and she just asked to know Roxy is safe, not to meet her.

Just set up a video call. Maybe Anya just wants somewhere to practice using the new skillset Roxy introduced her to! Perhaps a little mutual provision of viewing material might be desired? Gee, there's a chance Sevener might not even have realized masturbation's a thing, now I think of it. She might think she needs to use a division.

Or it could be something else, of course. But yeah, video call.
No. 876551 ID: deec6e


Hmm... let's see. We could safe it even more. Can the Dead Batteries give us some other room? And then we can mock up a better 'crime scene', like add hairs and skin DNA that would've come off of Roxy and a spare dose of CnJ hidden in the mattress and a few vids and similar background stuff, unless that was already part of the background package deal the DB gave us?

"Uh... I don't think that was her room, but I can clear it with the bosses, I guess? And sure, I'll try messaging her. Might take a while, she said she needed to lay low over something - and my break is ending in two."

Then leave her hanging while you get the new room prepped. And like, after twenty to forty minutes we call Sevener and say we're alright, we're alright, sorry for not calling, life has been crazy while we've been looking into getting a safehouse - and the whole detox bit, but not to worry you... you have professional help for that now.

If Sevener asks about the room situation say 'oh yeah, no that's not my old room - my old room was X' and provide a fairly solid justification for it - like being paranoid on reflex or having moved rooms before and just giving the wrong number. If Sevener goes on to break into that second room as well we know she's really looking into Roxy's past, which means that she's being extra paranoid or has figured something out, in which case we might have to come at least partially clean with her to not burn all trust.
No. 876552 ID: 91ee5f

I agree with getting the Dead Batteries’ permission to let Sevener use the room.

I agree.

She never asked for a meeting, so just set up a call. And make sure the call is encrypted because Roxy is supposed to be calling from a secure location.
No. 876556 ID: deec6e


Mhm. On second thought, I suppose these comments are a little too personal-sounding if Anya got contacted through Dead Batteries personell and not just a hooker like I originally thought. Could keep the intent, but change up the response to fit better. Really, the double-room bluff might be pure paranoia on my side, I just felt something was off about the way she suggested she'd leave the place 'cleaner' than she found it.

Obviously ask the Dead Batteries if it's okay to have an undercover cop on their turf - if only for a few days. Then again, Anya could become a kind-of-contact for them. Their reputation as deadbeats who just wanna stay low-key might serve them well there if they show themselves disposed to helping her out, since they aren't the kind of hot garbage Anya seems disposed to hunt down anyway. Might want to be careful about their higher-tier contacts and make sure everything is as on the up-and-up as a criminal gang can get just in case.
No. 876558 ID: bfb318
File 152263922368.png - (53.62KB , 800x800 , 645.png )

Unity gets Polatt on the phone again.

"Polatt, I should leave it up to the gang if it's okay for her to stay. Normally I'd ask if she could, but she is a cop."
>"Not a big fan of it, but long as she doesn't act like a cop, no one thinks she's a cop, and she doesn't ask too many questions, I won't raise a stink if she's got your seal of approval."
"Thank you. I'll let you know if it comes to that."
>"Oh, you haven't decided? Tell me when you do."

A couple of divisions are starting to finish their day of tasks, so they start heading over to Roxy's division to help clean up the safe house in case a visitor comes soon. It's expected to take at least a couple of hours to at least make the place look like it wasn't just picked out. Before anyone arrives, Roxy calls Sevener on a private video call.

"Hey, Anya?"
>"Oh. Hey. Glad to see you're well. Sorry for busting into your room like this."
"I don't mind, it's not a safe place for me to be anyway. Buuuut... why?"
>"Give me a break, it's not my best move. I'm already second guessing myself here."

No. 876559 ID: bfb318
File 152263922972.png - (17.34KB , 800x800 , 646.png )

>"I just need a place to stay, is all."
No. 876562 ID: 3abd97

Of course, you can stay. You might not want to let the neighbors know you're a cop, but yes.

...are you in some kind of trouble? I hope I didn't do anything that put you in a bad spot.
No. 876564 ID: 86eb65

Whatever the reason I would love to have you as a roommate. You helped me out and I like hanging out with you. But I will admit to being horribly curious about the situation.

Wait did your lease expire? Oh shit did your apartment get melted? I heard there was a outbreak of grey goo downtown. Something about some cleaning nanites going rogue and eating all the plumbing. Was that your building?

Anyways I will tell the guys to give you a set of keys. Once I get this new place set up you can join me here if you like. But I will have to get a bigger bed then I planned. Do jetals need anything special in a apartment?
No. 876566 ID: f9d2b4

"Mmm? But my apartment doesn't have a jetal-quality charger, and that's the main thing you need, right? You don't need to sleep or eat. So... what ELSE do you need a personal room for, I wonder?"

Give her that tease smile.
No. 876567 ID: deec6e


Oh my god. Has she actually pulled out of team legal to go under the radar? Roxy must've left a hell of an impression on her - or team legal is really, really bad times - if she actually went ahead and did that.

Or her handlers could have given her the leeway to follow the undercover route, only really hardcore. Also a possibility. Well, good for us, in any case. If she's lying to us and we're lying to her, we all deserve each other in the end, etc. If she isn't, we now stand in a great position to keep tabs on her and provide her with anything she might require - up to and including motive to join us.

Have Roxy go gaga.

"Wait, it almost sounds like you're going into... hiding. Uhhhh."

Pause to let the idea sink in.

"Are you?!"

Wait for a squirm or an affirmative. If no, then sigh in relief and say you were worried for a second there she'd gone rogue. Sure, staying in your apartment should likely be fine as long as she doesn't do overt cop things.

If she actually does seem to confirm rogue-ness, descend into concerned hyper semi-panic mode.

"I'm not sure the Dead Batteries place is going to be safe for you, then! Or for the Dead Batteries! Doesn't EIN know you met me there?! Damn girl, not that I'm not happy you're standing up for yourself but, aaaah... they're going to go through the camera logs, look for motives, find out what we got up to. Shit - that's gonna put me back on lists too you know! No... no, nevermind, it'll be fine, I've done this before. I'm sending you a location where we can meet - you can live with me for a while in my new safehouse - crap dammit it's nowhere near ready, wait you don't need amenities do you, just battery, oh shit battery, no wait, maybe Ma-my neighbour can borrow us some - agh, you just get out of there right now! A rogue jetal HAS to be kind of a big deal - don't go bringing down the EIN's thunder down on yourself or anyone I know! And change your shape or something! Are you sure you're bug-less?"

Pepper her with concern, baked and half-baked ideas, see how she responds to it all.
No. 876574 ID: bfb318
File 152264591302.png - (15.71KB , 800x800 , 647.png )

"Of course you can stay. Just maybe don't let them know you're a cop. I'll let them give you a copy of the key."
>"Thanks, Roxy."
"I don't have any jetal charger in any place I stay in, sorry."
>"I'm not a heavy energy user. Just a roof over my head's good enough."
"If you just need battery power, and otherwise don't eat or sleep, what else do you need a person room for, I wonder?"

Roxy gives her a teasing smile, and Anya manages to catch on to it, rolling her eyes and smiling.

>"Very funny, pervert! Sleeping saves energy anyway. It's just good to have a place of privacy and some place to set stuff down in that isn't some corner of the deep sewer."
"Alright, alright! Um... as happy as I'd be to have you as a roommate, are you in trouble, Anya? I hope I didn't do anything to put you in a bad spot."
No. 876575 ID: bfb318
File 152264592311.png - (18.02KB , 800x800 , 648.png )

>"You didn't do a goddamned thing wrong, girl! Don't you dare blame yourself! It's the other fucks that are shitty about everything!"

She breaths deeply in and out, jetal or not.

"Are you in... are you in hiding?"
>"No, I'm only - No."
"That's good at least. You're welcome to stay in my apartment like I said."
"You look like you want to say something."
>"I'm just not thinking clearly. It was a tough day. I don't know how you're doing in whatever dump you look like you're in, but if you could use the company, I know I could."
"Really. What's wrong, Anya?"
>"Even if it's encrypted... it's... personal? It doesn't feel right talking about it over the phone."
No. 876579 ID: 830fb7

Set up a meeting with her at a third location then bring her back here to the safe house when you finish furnishing it, explain that after the incident you bought this place to hide out in till Everything cools down and can gat back to working.
No. 876586 ID: f9d2b4

"Oh, well, I'd like to invite you over, but if you don't trust the phone to talk privately, I don't know if I should trust it to say where I am. I um, don't know how good it'd be to have a cop coming around here, anyway. Some of the people who helped me find this place would feel unsafe. Maybe not, I'll see."

"Tell you what, though, I think I can get my hands on a proper personal computer, at least a cheap one, and some not too cheap security for it. If you could get that sort of package yourself, you could set yourself up in my room there and we can sit down and chat it out more comfortably. Make it into a proper little show rather than talking into a little device in your hand. That'd feel better, I think?"
No. 876591 ID: 91ee5f

“So, I heard on the news that an apartment building got melted by some rouge cleaning nanites. Is that what happened? Did your apartment get melted?”

Personal computers have the same security risks as the phones Roxy and Anya are using right now. And it’s still the same problem of Anya not feeling comfortable about talking about something personal over the computer instead of in person.
No. 876593 ID: b1b4f3

This could be a trap. Could be that Anya was keeping tabs on Roxy and saw that she vanished into thin air, or even witnessed "Roxy" turn into a jetal. Thus the break-in and subsequent cagey conversation.

Tell her you can't meet. You can recommend one of the other employees of your workplace though. Some of them are nice.
No. 876599 ID: deec6e


Alright, this may not be as extreme as I was thinking. Enough to have her go find her own pad and feel a need to vent, though.

It could be a setup, but it seems odd she'd be so upset over it, if so. She seems protective of Roxy's emotions, so I'd say she's gotten a little attached.

If we arrange for a meet we could try to talk about her problems in the abstract, or we could focus on helping her have an enjoyable time and forget about them. Or, ideally, do a bit of both. Setting up a meet should be in a third location. Wherever should also be a good place to relax - the beach maybe? - although given the arguable need for anonymity by the both of you, less public is better. We can optionally show her Roxy's safehouse once we've sorted Anya's troubles somewhat - mostly just to show her where it is and maintain trust and build on the connection we have.

Oddball theory - if it's 'personal', could the 'others' she's referring to be other lobbyists on her team? They may be feeling the lack of progress keenly if Anya's not making quick progress through the team legal option and could be arguing for the necessity to do whatever's required to get better power-ups through 'legal' means. Maybe she's having to struggle with the dilemma of causing bad shit - or doing 'legal' bad shit - just so that she can better, ostensibly, fight Team Allison. Both teams do carry the burden of having to win this game.

Normally they'd probably not care, especially if they've realized this is a simulation in a simulation, but having had a great time with Roxy, Anya's gotten a little attached to someone who's ostensibly just a part of said simulation and maybe that's helped her come to the conclusion that the AIs here are all people too. And also that progressing to the end of the contest too fast would, essentially, kill Roxy.

Or maybe I'm just readin' a whole lot into nothin' of the sort and Anya just had a shitty day at the office.
No. 876615 ID: e1c8f7

Offer to meet her at a cafe or something while your place gets cleaned by your other divisions. As soon as they're done, they can merge and bail or hide. Explain the cleaning as courtesy of your friends who helped you hide.
No. 876622 ID: 86eb65

Give me a bit to clean up this new place and you can come visit.

But just for paranoia's sake meet me at (start of our first date or somewhere only she would easily know) and I will pick you up.

Then get panic cleaning to make the new safe house presentable.
No. 876623 ID: bfb318
File 152267498193.png - (51.61KB , 800x800 , 649.png )

>Grey goo, nanites, melting apartments
None of the lobbyists have any idea what this is about.

"I'd like to invite you, but, uhm... I got help finding this safehouse, and to invite a cop? Maybe it's okay, but I don't know right now. If you don't think talking over the phone is safe - "
>"It's not exactly that. If meeting's okay, then how about a cafe or something?"
"Yeah. You can choose. Anyplace is fine with me if it's fine with you."

Roxy sends her directions to a tiny cafe in a dense part of the town outskirts. It's a popular place to go for many hole in the wall establishments, but not so crowded and well monitored to be out of character for Roxy to visit in.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to, in which other divisions come to the safehouse to help clean it up while Roxy meets with Anya.

Roxy sends directions, although Anya has some trouble finding the location. It doesn't set up much of a red flag for trouble, since the alleyways around the area are confusing. Despite that, after Roxy's already sat down and ordered a drink, Anya comes in. Her clothes look a bit dirty, and aren't made of jetalium. She moves a little differently too, and Roxy scans her.

Anya's Loadout:
Mass: 40kg
Scanner D
Sex Module D

>"Hey. Thanks for meeting me."
"Sure. What's all this about?"
No. 876624 ID: bfb318
File 152267505273.png - (15.58KB , 800x800 , 650.png )

Anya sits down across from Anya and orders a drink.

She takes a breath.

>"I need some help."
"Wiiiith? You're acting weirdly cagey, Anya."
>"Just... I'm working vice now, except I have no idea what I'm doing. I can't ask any of the other strippers, because, well fuck, you said it yourself, I shouldn't just be announcing I'm a cop in front of a strip club. They don't trust me. I don't trust them. But you... you're okay."
No. 876625 ID: e16293

Oooh, haha, corrupting Sevener now comes with tutoring.

>I have no idea what I'm doing
Well, that's not the worst. Everyone is the new girl once, so it's not like that blows your cover right off the bat.

All right, I can give you advice. Roxy's Stripping School, for fine non-upstanding jetals! (Cause they're laying down, bent over, or on their knees, see).

Just stripping? Or are you taking clients too? Not sure how far you're taking things, or your bosses are willing to let you go.
No. 876629 ID: f9d2b4

Give her a little chuckle and a smile, and tell her she's probably overthinking it. Stripping and flirting and what comes after flirting are all skilled work, yes, but if she starts at the lower-class places, she won't need much. Down at the bottom the customers just want to see a sexy body and you can dance around any old how, and any sign of interest is flirting. Those lower class places are a bit more dangerous, but that's what she wants, and they don't pay well, but that's not needed, right? You wouldn't be catching any criminals of any rank down there, just the basic goons and random solo perverts, but tell her you're sure she'd be able to pick things up and figure out what she needs to climb the class ranks quickly enough, just from observing. She could watch some movies that involve places like that, too, crime dramas and so on as well as just pornos; they get some things wrong and gloss over some other stuff, but it'd be a place to start. As a jetal, she can also get learning modules for things like dancing, and that plus a nice body will compensate for most other mistakes she could make.

Still, you'd want to give her a leg up. If the two of you found a private place with a pole - and a big police jetal probably has enough mass to extend the end of her tail or something and create one - then the two of you can roleplay out some of the scenarios she wants to deal with.
No. 876631 ID: a363ac

well first off is that what you are wearing cause its way too much and way too plain. take off Sevener's shirt right here and see what she has under it is it for support or for seduction that is important. and another thing unless you look for a sponsor who will find you a job that fits your personality you can't be grumpy when attacking your customers you have to draw them in with candy and sweets though in the bed maybe a firm hand could be viable.
No. 876657 ID: bfb318
File 152268871832.png - (20.14KB , 800x800 , 651.png )

"Heheh, you're probably overthinking things. Everyone's the new girl once though, and some people are into that. It's not everyday I talk with a jetal, but I can give advice to non-upstanding jetals all the same. Are you just stripping, or taking clients, too?"
>"Attracting clients. By whatever means necessary."
"It's cheaper work, and more dangerous, but it is easier. People will be driven nuts by just a well sculpted body, something you can do easily. The simplest flirting will seal the deal with most."
>"I can start with the bottom barrel scumbags, sure, but I want to work my way up. I'm looking to get close to a certain robot."
"You can learn at the bottom, but jetals like you can get training modules too, for dancing and all that."
>"Expensive crap, that."
"A day in a strip club would get you that."
>"Erg... no, it's fine. I can't be impatient now."
"And we've got to get you new clothes, too."
"What you're wearing right now is too plain and too much. What's even in there?" Roxy starts looking like she's about to pull Anya's low cut shirt back to see for herself.
>"Hey, don't go yanking my shirt off in public now."
"Haha fine, but maybe we should go out and dress you up again!"
>"Don't sound so excited, I kept that... trashy outfit we got when we first dressed up. Just for... actually, no bullshit, I thought it was cute. Is that too much for this? God, fuckin' bastards I get as clients better be grateful if I wear that thing in front of them."
"And you should be sure they don't see the grumpy cop attitude!"
>"Yeah yeah. Damn though, I don't know if I can bring myself to get on my knees in front of power hungry strangers. Then again, I don't have much of a choice."
"You don't? You shouldn't do it if you hate it."
>"Hate it? No, I got a big rush doing what I did with you, but... no, I didn't drag you out here to listen to me bitch about my life. I'm not throwing in the towel over mixed feelings.
"I'm glad." Some lobbyists aren't that glad. "If you want to practice, then if we had a private place with a pole - even if you can make one out of your jetalium - we could roleplay scenarios."
>"That's optimal. Hell, optimal... it sounds fun. I don't have a lot of jetalium to spare, but we can find an abandoned pole somewhere, I'm sure."

Anya raises a fair point that a pole can be found in any dump, and Roxy can take Anya to some place out of town and out of sight, if Roxy still doesn't want to share the safehouse.

The trashy outfit Anya wore before can be used, but Alison, who insisted on being present, seems excited for another dressup round.
No. 876661 ID: deec6e


>don't trust them
>you're okay

Hngh. Really twisting that guilt knife, Anya. The Alison sexpology debt is racking up.

>40kg jetalium, only 2 D-rank mods

Hmm. Given that we can see those mods, she doesn't have a privacy module equipped, correct? And Roxy has a Rank C scanner, right? So any Hide add-ons would have to be rank C or better (and those cost 1 mill a pop!). Or are we still tapping into the Rank B we got loaned by the syndicate? In that case, any Hide add-ons would have to be rank B or better (since D costs 200 000 and C costs 1 mill, I'm guessing B is in the vicinity of 5-10 mill a pop).

In either case, that probably means her mod loadout has decreased since last we saw her, since Hides are expensive and we haven't escalated the crime / violence level in the simulation by much. I'm guessing Anya's probably working out of a limited budget as a result. Likely she's currently in a Hide'd division mod (due to the low jetalium mass) that probably has a relatively simple loadout of chemical sniffers, bio emulator (maybe?) and a few low-grade weapons, also with Hides. She'll have been given a Track Camera - or several.

Of course, that's assuming they gave her the support she needed to be effective. If she literally IS working undercover Vice as a naked jetal (metaphorically speaking) that could mean requesting to go into Vice was a big downgrade for her and she really isn't being taken seriously by her higher-ups. Maybe that's why she's grumpy and second-guessing herself.

>no idea what she's doing

(Alright, things are progressing fast here, but let me add in a few points, some possibly outdated, before we proceed right to the stripping.)

Well, first of all, being new at something isn't a crime. Unless you're new at being a criminal, but you know what I mean! It's a handy excuse, and if people see you improve rapidly, they'll be all the more impressed with your competence and potential. So coming to me and asking for advice to become better was a right move. You're of course willing to give lessons in 'how to be a hooker'.

Secondly, did they send her undercover to work as a jetal or as a biological? Part of the trust issue could be that she's not selling herself as a jetal sex worker well enough - or as a suitably motivated biological sex worker, if that's what she is pretending to be. Being personable and 'in character' to who she's SUPPOSED to be is super important as a sex worker! Has she ever roleplayed before? You can really recommend it as a 'get into it' aide.

Thirdly, what does she WANT to focus on? Vice is a big field, there are plenty of gangs, and considering her ambitions to change the system from the inside catching the worst kind of scumbag on the low end is a fine start, but you both know that alone won't be enough. She needs to pick her targets and choose her battles based on her current strength and what kind of bad stuff she's sniffed out, no? She has to decide where to focus and how to climb the ladder best.

If that robot she's after is some mid or upper league guy, then... well, she's got to have a plan of action and she should consider secondary priorities, too. Taking out a big crime boss is all well and good, but how do you stabilize the area in which you've just left a criminal power vacuum? How do you get witnesses that help you nail convictions? Even though she's a jetal, she can't do everything on her own, prove everything on her own. She needs a contact network, and working in Vice, that means making contacts with criminals too. It's better if she doesn't have to, obviously, but you'd rather see her support a stable gang like the Dead Batteries than tear it up and let a guy like Bluetooth creep into society's cracks in their stead.

Fourth...ly, you don't know anything about how the police really operate, but you're guessing she has a budget of resources to work with, right? And Vice, based on your experience with how often the police fails at catching vice - or care to catch it - sounds like the kind of typical ungrateful and stressful work that only gets fed low end budgets, especially for unproven rookies. It's a thing in some TV dramas, certainly. Nothing good comes easy, sadly.

Well, to that, and this is just an option you're airing, now that she's undercover has she realized that she can actually supplement her budget by doing lucrative vice work - as in actual vice work, while she works? For example, you haven't accepted any more prostitution gigs for fear of getting tracked down, but you could get in touch with a couple of your old contacts and get a somewhat high-end job. If Roxy's willing to come along with you, the two of you could split the difference in income half-and-half - and probably get paid more if she admits to being a sex-jetal-for-hire. Unless this causes legal issues with her bosses, it's like a case of win-win for the both of you. Unless, y'know, she jails you and your customers afterwards.

Still... you trust her. Not many people try to do the decent thing, so you'd be willing to risk it to help her out and give her a on-the-job budget boost and hooker experience. It's not like it won't be beneficial for you, either! You'll be able to make some money while in hiding and be secretly protected by a police jetal at the same time. But she'll have to promise to mask herself as not being the same associate of Roxy's wherever she's currently really operating and promise not to target anyone buying sex from the two of you. You don't want to make even more enemies, after all.


Now, do we want to involve anyone else in this?

We could call Fern and tell him we've got the sister core working Vice. She's on the hook and is asking the hook for ad-vice. Planning to go after some low-tier to mid-tier robot boss, from the sounds of it. Does he have anyone that might fit the bill?

We could also call Polatt, see if he has any input on where the Dead Batteries would want to see a Vice cop working, aside from anywhere that isn't their turf. Since Anya needs to get her sex cred up, you could also ask if they've got any anonymously sourced sex work they could throw Roxy and Anya's way.
No. 876662 ID: 32faf4

>"And you should be sure they don't see the grumpy cop attitude!"
Well, some people might be into that, but for that kind of thing it helps if you know what someone is into in advance.

>"I'm glad." Some lobbyists aren't that glad.
That Anya's doesn't want to talk about it, or that she's doing it even with mixed feelings?

>I don't know if I can bring myself to get on my knees in front of power hungry strangers.
If that bothers you... think of it like this. They think they're in control, right? That they're debasing you, and you're submitting to them.

But you chose to be there. Everything you do is making their body and emotions react. You're taking their money, or you're busting them for a crime. Heck, they probably don't even know you're a jetal. Who's really in control, and getting what she wants?

>Is the trashy outfit too much for this?
Depends. It would be in some places. Context matters.
No. 876665 ID: 91ee5f

>Anya raises a fair point that a pole can be found in any dump, and Roxy can take Anya to some place out of town and out of sight, if Roxy still doesn't want to share the safehouse.
If we do find a pole, we’ve gotta make sure that it can support the weight of Anya’s jetalium.

>The trashy outfit Anya wore before can be used
It’ll be good for her to practice on the pole while wearing that.

She doesn’t have to wear it on the way to wherever we’re going, but she should change into it whenever we get there.

>but Alison, who insisted on being present, seems excited for another dressup round.
Patience, Alison, we’ve gotta improve Sevener’s confidence before we can convince her to get some more skimpy clothes.
No. 876666 ID: a363ac

distract Alison by having her look up nearby LEGAL sex dungeons to take Sevener to for her to experience.
No. 876668 ID: 86eb65

I think sharing the safehouse is a great idea. Would get us closer to Sevener and be fun at the same time. This division basically exists to be Seveners friend/fuckbuddy at this point.

And honestly I am not so sure she is working Vice. Who sends a vice jetal out the door with two modules and barely any mass? I think she is in bigger trouble than she lets on. But no point prying. We will find out more eventually.

So have your divisions that are cleaning your safehouse install a second hand stripper pole. Then take Sevener home and give her a sexy lesson. Maybe find some lowlifes for her to bone. Just note that we don't want her rising up to quickly. We want her fucking lowlifes in the gutter for pocket change as long as possible so we can get ahead.

Oh and ask about this "robot" she needs to get close to. We might be able to help.
No. 876669 ID: deec6e


There are legal sex dungeons?

... we probably shouldn't tell Alison about those if there are.

Go for another dressup round - get Anya a small selection of hooker or hooker-ish getups and bring her straight to the safehouse - it's not as if we can't find a new one if our cover gets blown.
No. 876671 ID: 3cc68c

Oh man she is naked compared to her loadout before. And probably not hiding any mods cause that would be really expensive. If she was set up for proper vice work she would not be this weak. She is hiding her real situation in the department. All her mods are police department owned so she might be at rock bottom right now.

Anyways lets get her dressed up. Will be fun and give us time to finish setting up our safehouse. I think we should invite her to be roommates. Will improve our relationship and let us keep track of her easy.

As fun as teaching her is we really don't want to give her great work leads right away. The longer she stays doing low end vice work the longer we have to get ahead of her. Plus the more we get to see her struggle and have to deal with creeps.

Also we could be said creeps if we want. Pay Sevener a pittance so we could do all the stuff we want to her.
No. 876673 ID: b6986f

Yes to dressup.
Yes to roommates.

Ok find out what her plan is. What is she going to do with these lowlifes she is attracting?

1. Arrest them? (most don't actually do much that is illegal in bed)
2. Pump them for info? (can't do it the cop way anymore have to be lewd)
3. Make a reputation for fucking lowlifes so she can attract someone in particular?

Stripping makes decent money but is not exactly drawing in criminals. Most our clients at the club are just normal perverts.

Does she want to focus on jetals? Normal folk? Or robots?

Is she going to let people know she is a jetal? What is her backstory? Why is a jetal stripping and fucking guys in alleys? Or can she get modules to hide herself from work?
No. 876681 ID: bfb318
File 152269630068.png - (18.14KB , 800x800 , 652.png )

"By the way, are you supposed to work in vice as a jetal?"
>"Doesn't matter. Cept I don't have a module to pretend to be biological, or the privacy mods to hide from scanners showing the fact that I'm a jetal anyway."
"Ohh. Jetal it is then, at least until you make enough to get some modules. What do you want to work on? In terms of vice, I mean."
>"Trashy stuff like we've been taking about. Got signed up for that with me running off with you like that."
"I'm sorry, if it caus - "
>"My choice. Don't apologize, girl, because I'm sure as hell not sorry I did it."
"Okay. It should be okay to let you into my safe house."
>"Only if I'm not intruding."
"It could use company. First, though... dressup?"
>"You know what? Sure."

Alison doesn't have a clean conscience about the whole thing, but she relents that dressing up Anya can wait.

Recluse distracts Alison from the prospect of there being legal sex dungeons out there, mostly by sitting in her lap. If Unity is able to get lightyears ahead of Sevener, then there may be time for people to drive divisions out for personal pleasure.

Recluse confirms that although he's tired out, he doesn't feel like he's lost sensation or enjoyment of physical bonding. He may not be in a strong mood for it now, but between only recently ending the 12 hour marathon, and him being the Recluse, it doesn't seem that lobbyists will have the same jading issues as jetals, at least not in the lobby. If Unity as a jetal gets jaded, then it's possible the drivers may not have as much sensation as those in the lobby, but that isn't expected to be a significant problem, and not one that's easily investigated this early.

>Some lobbyists aren't glad about what?
They're not glad that Sevener isn't throwing in the towel.
No. 876682 ID: bfb318
File 152269630750.png - (22.19KB , 800x800 , 653.png )

Anya and Roxy finish drinking, then drive to the next large town over to go to a more distant mall.

"While we pick out some clothes, you should start thinking of your persona. Like backstory to why a jetal is screwing guys in an alley. If you do a lot of side work, a jetal sex worker can make a lot of money I bet."
>"Yeah if I want to sell myself out."
"If doing it with strangers bothers you, just remember that even if you're the one on your knees, you're the one making their body react, taking their money, busting them for crimes, and so on. It isn't as one sided as it sometimes looks."
>"We'll see how I feel about that."
"So what's this robot your after like?"
>"His name's Uvio. He mingles with a lot of gangs. Hedonistic as hell and not a fan of the government. That's all I know about him."

Unity does a search. All she can find is a snippet of information through the Dead Batteries - someone named Uvio that's associated with the Web, although if he's with the Web or just does business with them isn't clear, or even if it's the same Uvio.

For now, Unity won't bring up Anya with Fern or the Batteries. She'd like to learn more about Anya's situation before doing so.

"So what would you do once you take him down? You need witnesses and all that again to get convictions, right?"
>"Yeah yeah half of this is to just get underworld contact with jetals and robots that aren't registered with EIN and keep an eye on them. Normally the police would just bust down their doors and take them in, but the big shots know we do that, so they make themselves slippery and hidden. Which is why I'm there, to try to sneak in to get up high. Gah, I should tell you..."

Anya leans in close.

>"I'm not with EIN at the moment. If that makes you uncomfortable, I understand. Considering you're laying low, I'm guessing it barely matters to you."
"Hold on, the police have workers that don't register with EIN?"
>"Not normally? Hell, I don't know, Roxy. Today I got backstabbed hard by people that were supposed to be my partners, and it was either take some shady deals and ask as little as I need to and take as little as I'm offered, or get deleted. Now tell me what clothes you want to see me wear."
No. 876683 ID: f9d2b4

Ooh. Tell her that you're curious now, but you won't ask, since it sounds like it's still sore. Same for hearing how she got out from under EIN when she'd already been under before. Let's play for a while, instead, and enjoy ourselves.

Tell that if she's out as a jetal, she won't seem vulnerable enough for some of the guys she might have caught otherwise; biologicals won't mess with any jetal, if they have any brains. So she'll be attracting robots and other jetals, who might be be perfectly able to escape her or worse if she tries anything on them. You kind of assumed she'd be able to disguise herself when you suggested vice work originally? But, like you said, she can earn enough to get that sort of thing pretty quick.

Here's an idea: some people like the big tough girl persona. There are folks who want to be dominated, and people who like to take charge who'll get more of a kick out of it if the person under them was a strong type who had to be pushed down. Soft servile sex workers are pretty plentiful, so she could get into a pretty lucrative niche. Let's try some costumes to work with that, to begin with. First, let's put her in the same kind of snug biker girl leathers we had with our Vajra persona. Then some more sexy tough strong girl stuff.
No. 876685 ID: a363ac

maid, taped on money censors (nipples, vagina cover), and a joke grandma nighty.
No. 876688 ID: 9d5646

>For now, Unity won't bring up Anya with Fern or the Batteries. She'd like to learn more about Anya's situation before doing so.
Controlling the narrative is good, but remember you did promise to tell Fern about her, so he'll have to hear something eventually.

>If that makes you uncomfortable, I understand.
I'm pretty sure in the circles I run, a lot of the non-biologicals aren't on EIN. I just never heard about people on the right side of the law going off leash is all. Not surprised by double standards so much as the relaxing of control.

>Now tell me what clothes you want to see me wear
All right enough shady police politics, let's have some fun.~
No. 876693 ID: deec6e

Alright, in the pursuit of paranoia I went to check on the numbers and on the 8 mods I could identify the price of, Anya previously had 8,5 mill's worth. On top of that were 10 other mods of D and C rank that we do not know the relative value of, but presumably their total amounts to a 8+ million as well. If we assume she hasn't really lost all of her 'budget', Anya can likely afford at least one division module (5 mill for B rank) and several Hide add-ons (C rank at 1 mill a pop).

Anya moving differently might be a clue that she's bought a lower rank division module, though. Do those exist? If so, she might've bought multiples, actually - on the same grounds that we did, more divisions being better for getting shit accomplished. If she's willing to compromise on quality in exchange for quantity, at least.


>betrayed hard by her partners

That's... both shocking and not so shocking, coming from the first decent policejetal you've met. Sympathize. You've had people betray your trust before and it always sucks when that happens. (aaaand cue inward wince)

>No longer under EIN surveillance, hope it doesn't make us uncomfortable.

You're surprised it's a thing, but her not being under EIN surveillance isn't uncomfortable - especially not if you can have more guilt-free fun with her. It does make it sound like her bosses are expecting her to stain herself with crime to get the job done and that they just don't want any of it on record, though. She should take care she isn't being set up as a fall girl or anything like that, so if she's really free of EIN's thumb... well, now's her shot at setting up caches and making a secret safety net for herself should she ever need it later.

>What to dress up as.

It might be playing to type, but you're pretty sure she can pull off some pretty dominatrix and authority sexy looks. Leather biker girl is a good one - and for irony's sake, she should at least try on a sexy fake police uniform.


If what she hints at is true that explains Anya's situation, but not the why of it. Her partners' motive for 'betraying' her, and what that betrayal entailed, would be interesting to figure out given that it's seemingly left her stuck as a criminal/deniable asset under the police's thumb (except they're not keeping tabs on her as thoroughly?).

If the threat was deletion, the betrayal must've outer her something pretty severe, too. Did her activators perhaps inform on the fact she was a diamond manufactured jetal in exchange for clemency for themselves? If so, her boss must've done the same thing Fern did - and decided that he'd best just get his trouble's worth from her. Otherwise she'd probably be dead or snapped up by one of the Emperors by now.
No. 876695 ID: 56e50f

Roxie would give her a sympathetic hug. Let's do so.
No. 876696 ID: 7397ab

If she was threatened with deletion from previously trusted partners that had to be her admin lobby team. She would not have any friends in the police that trusted that fast. Despite working with the police she is a independent jetal. The only people who could threaten her in that particular way are the ones living in her head. The police would just fire her and take back there modules.

She has or had just as many people in her head as we do. If they as a group looked down on her night out with you they could vote to overthrow her and take over the body control.

Alison rules over us as a benevolent dictator. It's not quite the same on Seveners side. So she might actually be at rock bottom. If the other admins revolted and took over the body they might have been able to get her tossed into a spare core to be exiled. We might have a whole new opponent to face.

Wait go ask the lobby terminal what would happen to the body if the contestants inside decided to not work together anymore.

Anyways get her trying on the sluttiest trashiest outfits you can buy. She seemed to like them before. Anya seems to have a bit of a fetish for looking like a huge slut. And being a huge slut probably.

Also give her a hug for emotional support.
No. 876697 ID: d2e2ce

Hmm. Maid outfit, scanty lingerie, dominatrix, sexy police, granny nightie all sound good. She might also want to alter her build/face to minimize any possibility of being recognized as a cop. Mostly build is probably fine to ensure people don't look at her face.
No. 876698 ID: 86eb65

Most everyone I know is not with EIN. I honestly don't know enough about it to be worried.

I mean if you wanted you could vice it up in a completely non sexual fashion. Join a low end jetal gang and work your way up doing standard criminal stuff.

But for some reason I don't think you will go that route. Forgive me if this is a bit forward. But I think a big part of you is excited with this opportunity. You found something you wanted and you made a choice. You decided you wanted to keep sex in your life despite it causing problems in your career.

Anyways lets find you some clothes. Something that will make me want to fuck you into the ground right then and there.

Hmm you know if you wanted some practice being a bit more submissive I could strap something fun on and bend you over.
No. 876701 ID: 9c2d0c

Have you SEEN her current build? She already has the body fat distribution of a pulp barbarian warrior princess.
No. 876703 ID: bfb318
File 152270483227.png - (26.07KB , 800x800 , 654.png )

>Lower rank division module?
As far as anyone can tell, there's no such thing as a lower rank for those.

"I've met robots and jetals not under EIN, I've just never heard about people on the right side of the law going off leash. I'm very curious about all of that, but... I know what it's like, and that it's not good to dwell on. For now, let's see."

>Hug her
Anya is looking somewhat reserved. Roxy will continue watching Anya's body language for a more opportune time, but a hug will be dispensed in a matter of when, not if.

Roxy looks for a stereotypical maid costume, but all she can find is a frilly dress that isn't too dissimilar. Anya is already getting undressed in the fitting room, so Roxy tosses the clothing over the top ridge.

>"A dress?" asks Anya. "You're already aiming higher than I am. This looks like I'm going to some banquet."

She puts it on, then steps out of the fitting room to show Roxy.

"Well don't rule it out, you look good! Here, I'll pick something more suitable. A fake police uniform would be over at the costume shop though."
>"Oh, yeah, that's what a bunch of lowlife people want to see in their debaucherous parties, cop uniforms.

>"... slutty mockeries of the uniform would work, huh?"
"You already have the face of a cop, too. Maybe change that if you want to stay away from looking like one."
No. 876704 ID: bfb318
File 152270484380.png - (23.12KB , 800x800 , 655.png )

Roxy thinks of her time as Vajra, and hands Anya a leather jacket and other similar wear.

>"Now here's something I could wear casually. I like it, but it's not what I was expecting."
"Hey, trashy outfits have their uses, but it all depends on the situation. I know I told you to drop the cop grump act, but you can still act like a tough girl. There's people into that. Sure, people like easy servile girls, but that means that sex workers flood the market with that type. You can fill a niche with people who want to be dominated, or people who like to take charge of strong types that have to be pushed down.
>"Hm. Makes sense. Sort of. It actually doesn't, but I believe it."
"If you wanted practice at being submissive, I'm sure there's a shop around here that would let me strap something fun on and bend you over."
>"Har, you'd like that."
"So if it's good casual wear, let's get this. Does it fit? Dumb question, you can adjust your body to make it fit. Here, try this next."
No. 876705 ID: bfb318
File 152270486391.png - (24.72KB , 800x1000 , 656.png )

"... you handed me some strips of tape.

A moment passes by in silence.

>Go ask the lobby terminal what would happen to the body if the contestants inside decided to not work together anymore.
There appears to be a way to vote to kick out individuals from a lobby. Doing so will remove them from the faction, and they will be their own entity. So if Anya was kicked out by the rest of the system bracket, she's a third faction consisting of only herself.

If a lobbyists takes over another core, either empty or occupied, they don't create a new faction and are assumed to still be allied with their original faction.

Lobbyists have questions about certain situations regarding this, but no further information is supplied.

>"Okay, is the coast clear?" Anya asks.
>"Did you just want to see me naked?"
>"So I have casual wear, and I have that trashy thing we already got. So if I need clothes based on the situation, I should have a set for any situation, right? Things inbetween casual and that. Or things trashier than that trash, but I doubt that's possible. Hell, this feels more modest than half the stuff you've put on me."
No. 876709 ID: d2e2ce

Dress her in a box.
No. 876710 ID: f9d2b4

Honestly, nudity and near-nudity tend to not be as appealing as interestingly suggestive coverings. That's an important lesson for stripping, actually! Most of a stripper routine is about building up the anticipation. Let them use their imagination. Again, think of eating: if you slap a meal down in front of someone right away, sure they'll enjoy it, but if they're hungry, and if they've been waiting outside the kitchen smelling it cook, they'll love it much more. Assuming you have something to give them that won't just be disappointing, anyway. So, that tape outfit, you might end up looking like that towards the end of a performance, but if you go out on stage like that to start with, there's nothing really to work with. You've basically dropped them at the end of the race track without them having to actually drive, they'll barely go anywhere and it won't be much fun. You want buildup and payoff.

There's other stuff too, like how certain types of clothes will press and squeeze on your body to give the viewer a good idea of what it would feel like to touch you. Stripping isn't necessarily just visible! You should wear perfume, for sure, and maybe work in some sounds like a sigh or a little laugh or even a slap on yourself. Using certain motions to suggest what the audience could imagine, that's a thing too. Oh, but we're talking about clothes right now. Um. Layers. Yes. A stripper outfit needs a set of layers and bits and pieces you can take off in interesting ways. You'll also want a general dancing outfit, where you won't take anything off, you'll just dance provocatively. That should be pretty skimpy, usually, or sheer or transparent or...

Actually, stick a fishnet top and a miniskirt on top of those bits of tape, maybe add some tights or boots and some jewelry, and you'd have a good skimpy outfit.
No. 876711 ID: 91ee5f

>Or things trashier than that trash, but I doubt that's possible. Hell, this feels more modest than half the stuff you've put on me.
“Oh? Is that a challenge I hear? Did you want me to try and find you something even trashier than your trashy outfit? Because I’m sure I could find something if you let me.” ;-P
No. 876715 ID: 78a3e5

One of those pencil dresses that is super easy to take off but is technically okay to wear outside.
No. 876717 ID: 86eb65

Dressing slutty means hiding and restraining stuff in suggestive ways. Some ideas for her.

1. Cheerleader outfit. Tiny skirt that barely goes down enough. Possibly with no panties. Then People can catch glimpses of her pussy if she walks to fast. Always has that nervousness that someone will eventually see and take advantage of the situation. Tiny top with loosely tied straps that start untying themselves if you breath to hard.

2. Tube skirt and tube top. Just the right size to explode out of if you move to fast. Or at all really.

3. French maid outfit. With cute sock for your tail.

4. Tight jeans with a tight top. Tight enough to let people notice that there is a outline of a dildo visible inside you if they look close. Toys in public is fun and gets people worked up knowing you are pre gaming things.

What else. We found her a nice party dress last time. She has a business suit.

Maybe swimwear? Several sets of different undergarments? Some sex toys?
No. 876718 ID: 3abd97

>"... slutty mockeries of the uniform would work, huh?"
There are people who think almost anything is hot. Authority figures aren't even high fruit on the lewd tree.

>There appears to be a way to vote to kick out individuals from a lobby. Doing so will remove them from the faction, and they will be their own entity. So if Anya was kicked out by the rest of the system bracket, she's a third faction consisting of only herself.
Well... that's an interesting idea. Not sure how'd we check up on if it were true. If they split up, where did they get an extra get a new core?

If we had signature sense we could check if she was using the same core as before, but we don't and we didn't the last time we saw her.

>So if I need clothes based on the situation, I should have a set for any situation, right? Things inbetween casual and that. Or things trashier than that trash, but I doubt that's possible. Hell, this feels more modest than half the stuff you've put on me.
Yup, you're getting it, different clothes for different occasion. How you look is a tool and a weapon, even for those of us who aren't shapeshifters.

She needs a small slutty dress, a fancy dress for the kind of criminals who are into dressing up, streetwalker gear, a stripping outfit (lots of little slutty bits to peel off, including accessories), something with fishnets, a slutty cop costume (of course, play to what she is)... maybe a slavegirl outfit.
No. 876731 ID: bfb318
File 152271438113.png - (32.45KB , 800x800 , 657.png )

"A cardboard box?"
"I know. Anyway, that might feel more modest since there's not much to work with when you're already nude, it's like you're dropped off at the finish line! At least that's how it is when you're stripping and teasing. You're appealing to their sense of imagination and anticipation. There's other elements too, like how it squeezes your body, a mix of what is visible and what isn't, and so on. I could go on about stripping, but that's for later. Actually, hold on..."

Roxy brings clothes out made of string and fishnet, along with boots and a necklace.

>"Earrings may be good with this one, if you adopt a belenosian face with ears."
"Now this is what I expected from you, you lewd girl."
>"Hey, you're the one rocking this stuff."
No. 876732 ID: bfb318
File 152271440177.png - (21.26KB , 800x800 , 658.png )

Next, Anya puts on a pencil dress with a zip up back for more formal occasions.

>"The bastards that I'm with are probably going to pull this down."
"Is that a bad thing?"
>"... maybe not."

It's followed by a tube skirt and top that doesn't fit her at all.

>"What's the point of this one if I can't move without falling out of it?"
"Maybe to fall out of it. Nothing attracts attention like an incoming malfunction."
>"Let's get it."

Next is a skintight pair of jeans and a top.

"Hm... put a toy in yourself and it'd be visible."
>"At that point, I may as well wear fetish bondage gear or whatever."
"It's not as subtle! But we can get that too."
No. 876733 ID: bfb318
File 152271442583.png - (19.74KB , 800x800 , 659.png )

"How about a slutty dress."
>".... I kept the same one from before too."

Roxy laughs politely, and gives her a stripping outfit with a lot of little bits to peel off.

>"Good for strip poker, too."
"Hm... it might look too much like it was two separate outfits put on top of each other?"
>"Don't care. I like it, I'm getting it."
No. 876734 ID: bfb318
File 152271445809.png - (27.34KB , 800x800 , 660.png )

Anya goes back into the clothing store to buy a few more things, including a couple of swimsuits and undergarments. Roxy teases at the idea of getting some sex toys, but Anya took it as a joke and moved on. A quick stop is made to the costume store as well to pick up a skimpy police outfit.

The two of them take the long trip back to the capital, with Anya wearing the leather jacket. Roxy guides her through the substructure to get to the safehouse.

Once they enter, Roxy gives Anya that hug.

>"Hey, what's this about?"
"You've had a long day, that's all."
>"I don't need ... eh, fuck it."

She hugs back.

Lobbyists note that it's 3 AM. If Roxy follows any kind of standard schedule, she should be tired.
No. 876737 ID: 86eb65

Tell Sevener you are going to get some sleep. She is free to join you if she likes.
No. 876742 ID: a363ac

might as well.
No. 876744 ID: 3abd97

Well, she should probably start acting tired, then. People can stay up late, but Roxy should be slowing down.

If Sevener really is on her own, she doesn't have a collective backing her and going over everything in detail, but she still might notice Roxy not getting tired.

Probably yawn at some point. You can still be cute while sleepy.

...if Sevener is on her own, figuring out what the heck the rest of the admins are up to is pretty important. We can't afford to let them blindside us, even if we have a lead on them now.
No. 876747 ID: d2e2ce

Tell her you're going to bed and ask how long she'll manage to resist this time.
No. 876748 ID: f9d2b4

Well, Roxy's been out of work, right? Or at least she's picked up a different kind of work by now. It'd be natural for her internal clock to shift forward a bit. Wasn't she already a late night worker, anyway?
No. 876762 ID: 91ee5f

If Anya really was kicked out, then who has the core? Does she have it or do the other admins have it?

Because if Anya doesn’t have her core, that means that she’s stuck as a division, right?
No. 876767 ID: deec6e

It is possible that Anya might have been frozen out by her lobby team and segregated into her own division or core. She's moving differently, indicating that she may have less minds running her body (didn't think of that at first, but it makes sense in retrospect). Her mentions of partners betraying her and the threat of deletion could be oblique references to a lobbyist revolt or at least an attempt at a time-out to put her back on what they felt would be a more proper track, and her current state could be an attempt to minimize the resources her faction is diverting into what the majority considers a non-optimal path of progression.

It's also possible these are mere in-simulation concerns and not an administrator lobby revolt at all... but when Anya is accepting a hug like she actually needed one we have to presume she's been genuinely rattled by something.


Cut short a yawn, stretch magnificently and then suggest that you can run her through a few simple roleplaying scenarios before one of them should end up with you in bed.

... and, eventually, asleep. In the meantime she can make herself comfortable here. Your hole is her hole.

Home. You meant to say home.
No. 876772 ID: bfb318
File 152272066421.png - (25.85KB , 800x800 , 661.png )

Unity doesn't have the Core Sense module, so she can't tell if Anya has a core on her or if she's just a division. If she doesn't have a core, though, she must be a division.

Given how little luck Division 4 had in finding Anya until she showed up on Roxy's doorstep, it's not expected to be any easier to find the bracket faction's core, at least not while walking around in person. Instead, more lobbyists and burner phones will be devoted to monitoring the state of the world and looking for any red flags that may signify a change in tactics by the enemy team.

>Roxy may not be on a normal schedule
Lobbyists are reminded that Roxy may have had night shifts, and even pushed her schedule farther back after not working for some time.

Still, Roxy sits on her bed and stifles a yawn as she stretches at Anya. Anya stares at her even as she tosses her jacket off to the side.

>"Oh yeah, you gotta sleep, huh?"
"I'm good for a little while. Make yourself comfortable, my hole is your hole. Home. I mean home."
>"I think you mean both." she grins.
"Wellll, we can run you through a couple roleplaying scenarios so you can get the hang of starting."
>"That's what I need. What've you got in mind?"
No. 876773 ID: a363ac

Rumba (maid) Jetal
No. 876778 ID: 86eb65

Lets see how you handle being a little more submissive. I will roleplay a lowlife that you want to get on the good side of.

And you will do your best to keep me happy.

Go to the bathroom and strap on a strapon under your clothes. Then act out a lowlife pervert who wants nothing more than to play with Sevener. Be pushy and grabby and have fun with it cause this will be silly as can be.

She looses points if she breaks character or does something to anger your persona. Make sure to punish her for it if she does.
No. 876780 ID: d2e2ce

An old rivalry where the passion turns sexual.
No. 876788 ID: f9d2b4

You try give me a show, then I'll give a show to demonstrate any possible improvements I was able to spot. Instead of trying something you're not suited for, let's start you off with something that might be more natural. Something aggressive. You'll need to watch carefully for how receptive your audience is to it, but it can work very well if you find the right person. Think forcefully, like you're stomping out there and pulling a metaphorical leash, making your audience look at you and acknowledge how sexy you are.
No. 876791 ID: 3cc68c


This sound hilarious. Playing a leering street punk and perving on Sevener would be fun to watch. All in Roxy's normal body.
No. 876792 ID: deec6e


Obviously, do customer/hooker scenarios. Might want to try out one where she's the hired sub and one where she's the hired dom, to see how well she can take to each.

I like the idea of testing her stripping prowess first, both to get in the mood, and to offer her tips. For roleplaying purposes, safeword is 'toya timeout' or a repeated two-finger tapping on any bodypart.
No. 876862 ID: e1c8f7

as funny as this would be, she would flip and all progress would be lost with her. Let's not..
No. 876869 ID: bfb318
File 152275334857.png - (23.35KB , 800x800 , 662.png )

"Customer and hooker scenarios, perhaps one where you're the sub and one where you're the dom. In that order? I want to see how you handle being submissive. Although... how about first we see how well you can give a strip show?"
>"Let's. Any advice?"
"You can try an aggressive dance. Think of it like stomping around, and pulling a metaphorical leash, making your audience look at you and acknowledge how sexy you are. You'll need to watch how receptive your audience is for it, but if you find the right person, you can focus on them."
>"Focus on the dance first, audience later. Let's do it."

Sevener steps into the other room and gets into her stripper outfit.

She comes out with a swaying walk, throwing her hips out there on every step with a noticeable 'klak' on the ground from her boots.

Instead of yanking her clothes off periodically, she compromises them to get looser, then dances to wiggle them out the rest of the way. Her hand grabs the tip of her tail sock and starts swishing her tail around to snake her way out of it. Her thong straps are pushed below the widest point of her hips so that when she starts gyrating aggressively, they start falling down the rest of the way down her legs.

A handstand takes care of her outer top, and after a few more dance moves close to Roxy, she does a slow spin around. When her back is towards Roxy, she unclips the back of her bikini top on both the top and bottom, then does another 180, throws out her chest and the top with it.

The thighs are on tight, so she can't throw them off with her body so easily, but she makes a show of stretching her legs straight up and peeling the boots up and over her head, using her tail at points to help more than her hands. Finally, she puts her tail under herself, putting the end of her tail up over her groin and pushing the drape out. She then unties the drape, and pushes the whole thing down with her tail.
No. 876870 ID: bfb318
File 152275339085.png - (13.58KB , 800x800 , 663.png )

>"How was it?"
"Those were good ideas! I think if you do it a few times, you'll come up with longer ways to draw things out, because it was over pretty fast. I think there's a good step to take. When you were stripping off a lot of your clothes, you looked like you were moving your body trying to get them off. You should loosen your clothes, but then focus on specific dance movements and let the clothes fall off on their own, like you're doing your own thing and just ignoring the falling fabric."
>"I'll get it down while you're sleeping. How long's a strip dance supposed to take, if that was too fast?"
"That's something you'll have to pick up from audience cues. Let's go on to the roleplay. I'll get a strapon, and come out acting like a lowlife that you want to get on the good side of. The safeword is 'toya timeout', or tapping on the other person with two fingers."
No. 876871 ID: bfb318
File 152275340101.png - (31.37KB , 1000x800 , 664.png )

Roxy gets changed into new clothes, puts on some makeup, and a strapon. She comes out to see Sevener in a set of streetwalking clothes, and taking a moment to collect herself as though she's been rehearsing lines in her head.

>"Hey, big guy."
No. 876874 ID: e1c8f7

"Hey yourself. What are you doing out here by yourself? Aren't you scared someone might get the.. wrong idea about you?" Que grin and step closer.
No. 876875 ID: a363ac

push Anya over be mean.
No. 876882 ID: 6780f5

Nah, you're supposed to be a mean, uncaring lowlife, one that probably doesn't earn much and doesn't want to waste any bought time. Let her know that, in no pleasant terms, and use her. She has a safeword, and the moment she uses it you should be as supportive as absolutely possible.
No. 876886 ID: 1d6a0a

Grunt at her like a dumb caveman.
No. 876888 ID: 86eb65


Wander over and grope her tits for a bit before slapping your dick on them. Tell her to get to work. If she starts giving you a teasing blowjob tell her that is not how you get a guy off and shove your dick down her throat and really face fuck her for a bit.

Once you do that for a bit push her over and pound her. All the while talking dirty to her.
No. 876890 ID: bfb318
File 152276519390.png - (27.74KB , 800x800 , 665.png )

Roxy grunts out a rough syllable that could be interpreted as 'hey' as she undresses Anya with her eyes, but only for as long as it takes to walk over to her and squeeze her tit through the jacket.

"Out here alone, giving ideas like this? Don't waste any of my time playing games, I'm here to fuck you."
"Then come and fu-"

No. 876891 ID: bfb318
File 152276520467.png - (23.50KB , 800x800 , 666.png )

Anya gets a mean and shoves Anya down before she finishes. She brings out the strapon and gets on the bed to slap it down on Anya's tits, which she just managed to unzip the jacket to let the strapon hit the fishnet underneath. Roxy puts her legs on Anya's arms, but makes sure that Anya's fingers can tap on Roxy to activate the safe word if need be.


No. 876892 ID: bfb318
File 152276521345.png - (27.96KB , 800x800 , 667.png )

Anya gets the cue and starts sucking on the strapon. It's more than a tease, but less than the intense blowjob that Roxy's character would expect. Anya also has a bit of a glare on her, and it's tough to tell if that's Anya making her face like that, or if her face is just like that.
No. 876893 ID: d2e2ce

Thrust your hips forward so you're an inch or so from hilting. "You know what you should be doing, slut."
No. 876894 ID: a363ac

grab Anya's head and pull her around.
No. 876895 ID: ac58b9

Express brooding grumbly disapproval with her efforts.

Come on girl, work it.
No. 876908 ID: 67478b

You call that a blowjob? Am starting to get buyers remorse here. You are going to be paying me at this rate.

Shove forward and bottom out in her mouth. Start thrusting as well.

And whats with that look? Don't you glare at me bitch. You can cum all you want later when I have you bouncing on my dick.
No. 876911 ID: 86eb65

"Oh I love that look. Another uppity bitch that thinks she is a high class girl but can't even suck a guy off."

"Gonna love wiping that look off your face. Fuck you so hard and long you can't do anything but drool and beg me for more."

Start thrusting. Like you are trying to loose your strap-on down her throat.
No. 876923 ID: deec6e

Add in some pinching and flicking her breasts and using them as even more of a massage aid for the strap-on. Try not to ruin her new fishnets, but be rough enough that it'd be an asshole move to do if she'd been biological... but if Anya's still on full sensitivity, it's more that you'd be helping her get off despite the rough treatment.
No. 876937 ID: bfb318
File 152277729516.png - (34.45KB , 800x800 , 668.png )

"You call that a blowjob? At this rate, you're going to be the one paying me! And are you glaring at me, bitch?"

Roxy grabs the back of Anya's head, and holds it up as she shoves her pelvis forward. Anya grunts and tenses up as she shuts her eyes and tries to suck the strapon off through the thrusts that Roxy puts on her.

"Losing the glare already? I thought I'd have to wipe it off by bouncing you up and down on my dick for so long and so hard that you'd beg for more, but here you are, already knowing what you should be doing, you slut."

Anya responds by glaring at her again, although the glare is weaker as Anya tries to suppress the glare. She holds her neck up on her own so that Roxy doesn't need a hand on the back of her head. Roxy takes advantage of it by flicking and pinching Anya's breasts between grabbing onto them for leverage. Other than the squirms and moans that Roxy brings out of Anya, Anya simply lies there letting her face get fucked.

No. 876938 ID: a363ac

reach back and finger blast that taco truck
No. 876946 ID: 86eb65

"Oh you like that don't you?" Grab both her nipples and pull on them. Really work her tits over as you keep fucking her face. "You seem to be the kind of girl who gets off on rougher handling but hates that your body likes it."

"Practice your blowjobs and you might make a decent slut one day." Then pick up the pace and "cum" down her throat. Really hammer the strap-on into the back of her throat and and pretend you are cumming.

Then yank your dick out and flip her over on to her front. Then yank her legs apart and roughly pull her panties off. Play with her tail a bunch.

"Now we get to the main event. Will see how much of a slut you really are."

Tease her pussy and ass with your dick and ask her which hole she wants you to ruin. Keep teasing her and tell her that she does not get this until she begs for it. Then fuck the option she does not beg for. Actually fuck her ass regardless. Got to be he first one to enjoy all her holes.

As you are fucking her do the best to get her off. Rail her hard while you work on her tits and massage her pussy. Get her bouncing on your lap. She is only 40kg right now and even Roxy could push around a girl that small.
No. 876948 ID: 7b4456

If the past is any indication Anya's gonna fuck Roxy silly as soon as this scenario is over, but I don't think anyone is complaining.

>Anya simply lies there letting her face get fucked
Come on, but some effort into it. I paid for a cocksucker, not a blow up doll.
No. 876952 ID: 3cc68c

"Better but you are still laying there like a dead fish. No one wants to fuck a frigid bitch. Lets see if we can warm you up before the main event."

Keep fucking her face but act like you are close. Long deep strokes trying to get the whole strapon in her mouth. Irregular thrusting. Gasp a bit and look like you are getting close to cumming.

While you do that slip a hand into her panties and try to get her off. Expert mode fingering. You want to get her right to the edge. Don't let her cum. Once she is close you finish off in her mouth with lots of over the top role playing.

Then get off her and tease her with your strapon. Grind it over the entrance to her pussy without going in. Get her worked up as you can.

Then fuck her butt instead cause you role playing a asshole.
No. 877074 ID: bfb318
File 152284018726.png - (27.14KB , 800x800 , 669.png )

"Am I screwing a dead fish, or a blow up doll? Let's get your slut butt moving!" Roxy finishes her statement by reaching back and cramming her fingers down Anya's shorts, and fingering her from there.

That gets Anya moving as she reaches her hands up to grab Roxy's butt and starts squirming around. Only 40kg of jetalium is on Anya, but although that means Roxy can toss Anya's weight around, Anya also has the strength to force Roxy to balance on her like a riding bull.

"That's better!"

Many lobbyists are expecting Anya to fuck Roxy silly after this scenario, but many lobbyists would also be disappointed if she didn't.

Roxy keeps herself on Anya, but slows her fingers down when it looks like Anya might cum. When Anya realizes she's getting edged, she looks like she'd like to complain if not for the mouth fucking. Roxy, meanwhile, starts emulating a guy getting close as her thrusts get jerkier and less controlled.

No. 877075 ID: bfb318
File 152284019835.png - (16.97KB , 800x800 , 670.png )

Then she tenses up, reaches forward with both hands to grab Anya, and thrusts forward to cram the strapon as deep as she can. She groans to finish off her best impression of a guy cumming into Anya's mouth.
No. 877076 ID: bfb318
File 152284021681.png - (32.00KB , 800x800 , 671.png )

Anya breaks character to judge Roxy's hammy orgasm face.
No. 877077 ID: bfb318
File 152284022758.png - (21.57KB , 800x800 , 672.png )

Roxy hovers over her to catch her breath over Anya's squirming body, which Anya uses to take off her mesh top. As she tosses it to the side, Roxy gets off and reaches around to get a hand under Anya's butt, and pushes up and over to roll Anya around onto her front. She immediately yanks Anya's panties down and sits back down on the back of her thighs, causing the strapon to slap onto her rear.

"Hmm... onto the main event! But where should I pound you at...?"
"Oh just fuck me already! Don't you dare make me beg!"

Roxy wonders if Anya forgot she was supposed to be roleplaying a submissive girl.

No. 877078 ID: a363ac

fuck her thighs
No. 877079 ID: 86eb65

"There is that glare again bitch! I think you have a elevated idea of your place in the world. You only exist to drain my nuts and your blowjob barely got the job done. If you want to bounce on this dick you have a way to go to convince me you deserve it."

Start hotdogging her butt and fucking her thighs slowly. Dragging the strapon along the outside of her ass and pussy slowly to keep her on edge. If she does not beg you properly then pretend that you are fine with getting off this way and leaving her wanting.

Play with her tail a bunch while you do that. Lots of caressing and teasing it. The little patch right behind her ass should be extra sensitive I would think.

Once she gives you some proper dirty talk pound her in the butt. She has not done that yet and should be fun to see how she reacts.
No. 877082 ID: 3cc68c

To proud to beg? Stubborn sluts don't get what they want you know. And I can still enjoy this ass all the same.


Start fucking her thighs. Make sure your strapon is grinding right up against her pussy with each stroke in and out. Keep her on edge while you groan and talk about how you will be cumming quick at this rate. How you only have one load left in you and its going to be a messy one.


This is a good idea but maybe instead of just fucking her butt once she gives in and begs we pull out. Then sit down on the bed and make her ride us until she comes. Still put it in her butt though. Then she will have to do all the work to get herself off and you can lay back and play with her tail and taunt her for getting off on butt stuff.
No. 877083 ID: a33fdd

>"Oh just fuck me already! Don't you dare make me beg!"
>Roxy wonders if Anya forgot she was supposed to be roleplaying a submissive girl.
...I mean, technically, isn't that begging for it?

"Hah! That's more like it! I want my sluts desperate for it."
No. 877084 ID: 10c408

Slap her ass and in-character tell her that if she's gonna be a bitchy ass, that's where you'll stick it.
No. 877086 ID: baeec8

"And why wouldn't I dare? When I pick up a 20 dollar whore in a back alley all I care about is that she drains my balls properly. If you want to cum all over this dick you had either start begging or start paying me for the privilege."

I approve of thigh fucking in honor of thigh day. Do that until she convinces you that she deserves your dick elsewhere.

Once she does beg fuck her butt over and over until she is a quivering mess.
No. 877092 ID: bfb318
File 152286685392.png - (27.75KB , 800x800 , 673.png )

Roxy reconsiders that it is technically begging, but Anya could do better.

"There's that glare again, like you're here to do anything but bounce on this dick!"

Anya's butt is thick enough to hotdog, which Roxy does while prodding the underside base of Anya's tail. Roxy grinds back once, then drops down to push her strapon between Anya's thighs.

"Squeeze 'em!" says Roxy, which Anya does as she stares forward, no doubt keeping her glare. "All I care about is draining my nuts, and I don't need either hole for that." Roxy continues while she starts grinding Anya's thighgap. The friction on Anya's slit is enough to get her to squirm her hips around and grind back on Roxy.
"Hfff... come on, I'm close!"

Roxy slaps that butt.

"Do you want it?"
"No duh!" Anya says, getting another spank. "Ack! Yes, I want it, fuck! Come on, my thighs aren't a substitute.
"Warm and tight? Seems like one to me."

Anya grits her teeth like she's about to force her way onto that dick or pull away to get herself off. Roxy tempts it as she keeps grinding through thighs with the occasional hotdog and squeeze and caress of Anya's tail. Eventually, Anya gives without breaking character.

"I don't care if I'm supposed to be the one servicing you, you've been driving me nuts with that fat fucking cock this whole time! Please pound me in the right places already!"
"That's more like it. But since you've been such a bitch ass, it's going in your ass."

No. 877093 ID: bfb318
File 152286686428.png - (23.38KB , 800x800 , 674.png )

Since 'huh' isn't the safeword, Roxy lines up the strapon with Anya's rear, and shoves forward. Anya makes an airy noise through her throat that Roxy doesn't think she'd even be able to replicate.
No. 877094 ID: bfb318
File 152286687944.png - (36.89KB , 1000x800 , 675.png )

Roxy lets herself grunt and wait a moment. Then, after Anya gets on her forearms and knees, Roxy pulls back and starts fucking. The following grunts, cries, moans and squeals from Anya are all noises Roxy is more familiar with as she slams Anya with a loud clap on every thrust. Anya's tail is grabbed with one hand, and the hip with the other, relying on Anya holding herself firmly to maintain balance.

"Keeping doing that!" Anya screams. "More, more!"

Roxy doesn't know how Anya's rear is set up with the sex module, but however it is, it's working, and so long as Anya isn't yelling the safe word, Roxy continues slamming herself forward.

"Can you do something with my pussy already, or are you just about butts?!" Anya manages to get out between the involuntary noises she's throwing out.

Regardless of how Roxy works Anya over, there is the question of how much Roxy will work her over. She can either leave Anya energy for the second roleplaying scenario, or give Anya exactly as much as she can take.

No. 877096 ID: d2e2ce

Anya deserves all that she can take- give it to her. Use your tail on her pussy if she asks nicely.
No. 877098 ID: 1a89d4

Playing to the "tired biological" angle from earlier, leaving her with energy to spare would make more sense. Plus, that'll avoid disappointing the lobbyists when she inevitably turns the tables!
No. 877099 ID: b12f7c

She's definitely begging for it now. You can use your hand on her. Or her own tail.

You don't have to wear her completely out. Roxy hasn't gotten off yet, after all. We've just been faking coming with the dick we don't really have.

Whatever happens, Roxy needs to break down in giggles once the role playing scenario is over and she can break character. Cause this whole thing has been so wonderfully silly.
No. 877100 ID: 86eb65

"After that reaction I am only going to focus on ravaging this butt. Not even going to touch that pretty pussy when I can help a natural buttslut find her true calling."

"So spread those legs girl. I don't want you grinding your thighs together to try and get off. I want that pussy untouched and dripping."

"Once I have pounded a dozen anal orgasms into this ass you can decide if you even want me to fuck that pussy."

Pound that ass until she can't move. Don't let her touch herself. Make her focus only on the sensations she is getting from her ass. We have plenty of time for the next roleplaying session now that she lives with us so focus on wrecking her.
No. 877101 ID: 3cc68c


Don't touch that pussy! Look at how she is drooling over her first time anal. You need to make this moment last. Focus only on getting her off with her butt. Massage the base of her tail and keep her cumming off her ass only.

Let her beg for it as much as she wants but don't touch that cunt. And make sure to keep her from touching herself.
No. 877102 ID: 91ee5f

Leave Anya with some energy for the second roleplaying scenario.

I agree.

>Whatever happens, Roxy needs to break down in giggles once the role playing scenario is over and she can break character. Cause this whole thing has been so wonderfully silly.
Yes to this.
No. 877106 ID: baeec8

Keep fucking that ass. Don't touch her pussy no matter how much she begs. And give her as much as she can take. We can do more roleplaying in the morning if we wear her out.
No. 877110 ID: 612dbf

With a reaction like that I am surprised you care about that hole any more.

I only have the one dick. So if you want your pussy fucked it will be after I work your ass over.

Of course if you learned to beg properly I might consider a change of pace. (Ignore begging and only fuck ass regardless)

Give her as much as she can take. She is a jetal and can recover quicker.
No. 877113 ID: 363437

If you touch her pussy now it will contaminate the experience. This is her first time doing this and you should focus on pleasuring just her butt. As for the second roleplay scenario that is going to happen eventually. So why not give her as much as she can take. She will recover quick.
No. 877116 ID: a363ac

Anya is a Jetal I think anything we could do that would actually make her too tired for round two would be way beyound what Roxy would theoretically be capable of. leave her for round 2
No. 877137 ID: 092c63

Leave her with some energy. Ask her why you should do anything with her other hole when she's clearing loving this one so much - and when it's so much fun for you to see her squirming for something you can completely deny. In fact, make sure she can't touch herself by grabbing her arms and pulling them back. That tail of hers should help keep her balance. Make sure you keep within Roxy's physical limits for energy.

The lingering frustration should help her get into character when it's your turn to show how you'd deal with a mean customer. Roxy being tired out a bit will also play into that scenario pretty nicely, you can try show how you'd need to still be able to work after a long, draining day.
No. 877141 ID: deec6e

Hoh, that mod's been set pretty high on the anal feedback. Seriously, you might want to remind her that she should actually CHECK the settings on her sex mods rather than always have them at max - and that biologicals aren't always going to take quite as well to this. To be fair though, it didn't look like she knew anal was much of a thing!

>work Anya into exhaustion or not

I think you might mean Roxy!

Let's not go too hard in, even if she might want it. You don't want to overload her, even if you're pushing her sexual boundaries... and both of you probably want to let her turn the tables on you next.

"Hah! If only you were in charge, bitch. No, these sweet cries were just what I wanted to hear, so I'm gonna enjoy screwing your tight ass with my fat prick until you cream yourself begging for more. No way am I letting go the chance to turn such a prissy jetal into the perfect buttslut!"

Intensify the pounding a bit and try to give her a few of those orgasms before you roleplay giving in and coming. Again, in the feedback session afterwards remind her that most biologicals probably wouldn't have held out from coming for as long although some with cybernetic mods would have and then some, while other jetals probably would've gone on to absolutely wreck her. It might've been accidental, but she did hit on some notes there that would get a certain brand of dommy customer to go off hard. 'Making them enjoy it despite themselves' is pretty high on the list of turn-ons.

Really, she might actually want to do research on the net. Lists of common turn-ons are a thing. As is, y'know, a ton of research material, if you're to be honest. She doesn't HAVE to pound out lessons with you.

... although you'd like her to. You're half pooped out (hah) now, but does she want to roleplay dom a customer next?


Say. I think I have a theory for why the system faction might not be quite as keen to follow in Anya's footsteps. Poor suckers doesn't have a Smuggler to grant them Lobby equipment!

That must also mean that Anya and crew are stuck with the jetal body as their only means of getting sexual stimulus.
No. 877147 ID: 86eb65


Oh man that could explain so much. If the rest of the admins don't have sex parts and Sevener did all the driving then the rest of them might not know why sex is fun.

They might assume that Sevener was just weak and got overwhelmed by the sensations. Not having experienced them and how fun they are.
No. 877161 ID: 3abd97

Even if Sevener did all the driving, any other admins in the lobby should have shared the sensations coming in from the jetal. >>/questarch/718616

The only way the others Admins wouldn't know what Anya was feeling was if they all left the lobby for whatever the backstage area is. (In our core, it's the dream house, we don't know what their overflow location is like).

And they are system admins. Even if they can't invoke Shopkeep from inside the CAI battle (uncertain) there should be Shopkeep Barons in their groups.
No. 877180 ID: deec6e


Yeah, the theory needs refinement. I hadn't considered Shopkeep Barons or simply calling in Shopkeep using Administrator powers, so it really does seem unlikely that they wouldn't have access to Lobby equipment.

That said, the system bracket sensing that sex was enjoyable in the abstract may simply not have been enough to bring about the same gleeful and abrupt adoption that it did in Alison's group. It's not as if they've had Alison going around collecting their ghosts or fostering the kind of sense of familiarity and fellowship that would encourage sex. More importantly, since Anya sounded confused at the mere concept of anal it doesn't look like she's researched sex that much or practiced with other Administrators using Lobby equipment. Maybe it's just not occurred to them yet?

It does seem likely that the majority of the system faction is as close-minded to the option of sex as Anya was initially, if not more so. They might feel it's either a distraction, too needlessly emotionally bonding and/or inefficient - and being system contestants they can be naturally predisposed against inefficiency and might be bad at bonding due to the way their end of the competition works.

My guess is that they're the equivalent of the sexually repressed overworked Belenos in this scenario - i.e. if they kick loose they're probably only gonna kick loose where they feel the system can't punish them for it, which is probably not going to be in the middle of a CAI battle. Based on our prompting Anya seems to have taken the 'fuck it' step of trying to have her cake and win the battle too, which does fit her never-die personality - once she stakes a course she doesn't want to quit. She might have a posse of similar-minded supporters with her on that, but they're probably in the minority, which is why she probably got shafted when it began to look like that all she wanted was to get shafted.

Assuming the theory that there was a system schism is even correct in the first place, that is!
No. 877772 ID: 15a025

Save some energy for round two.
No. 878518 ID: bfb318
File 152358735024.png - (48.75KB , 1200x800 , 676.png )

"You want me to focus on your pussy when you gave this kind of a reaction to your back door? If only you were in charge, buttslut! Spread those legs and leave your cunt untouched, unless you beg for it!"
"Uhnf! Goddamnit - come on!" Sevener gasps. Her legs stay apart, but her hand starts inching down near her.

Roxy throws off her shirt as she bends over to grab Anya's hand and hold it behind her. Roxy's free hand grabs the base of Anya, and squeezes it enough to make it tense up while she rolls her thumb into the soft base.

"Yeah, give me those cries bitch!"

Sevener starts to speak, but she cuts herself after every word like she's unable to construct a sentence. Within a minute she's screaming 'oh fuck!' over and over again, until she starts cumming.

"From your butt?! Am I so big that I'm grinding your pussy on accident?! You're way too sensitive, or just sensitive enough!" Roxy drops a hint, in character, that Anya may want to tweak her sex module settings, as especially early on, there's plenty of reason to keep it away from max.

No. 878519 ID: bfb318
File 152358735925.png - (17.59KB , 800x800 , 677.png )

Roxy shuts her mouth for awhile until she pretend-cums again, before she turns Anya until pudding. Even if Anya could last for round 2 no matter what, Roxy has limitations.
No. 878521 ID: bfb318
File 152358739422.png - (14.28KB , 800x800 , 678.png )

Even so, as she pulls out, Anya slumps forward and flops into the bed. Roxy spends the time catching her breath, as per both biological characters she plays.
No. 878522 ID: bfb318
File 152358740663.png - (20.84KB , 800x800 , 679.png )

Roxy doesn't need to wait that patiently. Anya's afterglow ends momentarily, in which she springs up and grabs Anya.

"You didn't take that long on me, and I know you're tough, so I can play the dominant customer now, right?"

No. 878523 ID: 1a9fe2

Who would we be if we denied her a valuable learning experience! Let's have her get big, tough, and rough, so she knows how a lady pushed to her limits should act!
No. 878524 ID: 86eb65

Do you want to hear my my eval of your performance first or wait until after? Either way lets get dressed and cleaned up. These things are more fun if done properly.

Also you need to ham it up properly and stay in character. I will be judging your role-playing abilities.

(also she is going to ravage your butt now. Its just inevitable. So mention something about biologicals and requiring actual lube and preparation)
No. 878526 ID: 3abd97

>"You didn't take that long on me, and I know you're tough, so I can play the dominant customer now, right?"
Hehe, I've been on the other end of that.

Yes, you get a turn.

Well, you'd certainly play well with anyone who wants to take a stubborn girl down a peg or two.
No. 878528 ID: a363ac

"lock me up in your sex dungeon then~"
No. 878530 ID: 8a55a9

Mouth: say "i dunno it's been a long day I should get some sleep"

Eyes: say "fuck me through the floor and into an honest to god coma"
No. 878531 ID: 3cc68c

Did you think I would skip your turn? Start thinking up your best dominant persona for me while I go get dressed. Also think up a fun look for your perfect "dominating" character.

If your are not as over the top as I was I am deducting points from your final grade.

As for our character lets give Sevener some fun. Be a spoiled brat that is used to getting her way. Let Sevener dominate our bratty behind.
No. 878535 ID: 91ee5f

“Of course it’s your turn now. It would be a crime if I didn’t let you take your turn. And then you’d have to arrest me for that. ~” ;P
No. 878572 ID: fcaa40

Of course you get a turn. But a few ground rules first.

No pushing me over right here and now and fucking me into the ground. We go take a shower then get dressed and roleplay things properly. Its half the fun after all.

If you want me to play a certain personality let me know first. Otherwise I will come up with something entertaining on my own.

Then give her a smooch and wander off to the shower.
No. 878606 ID: ae956d

"Well, ahem. This is supposed to be a learning experience, so we should, ah, reset things first. That means getting dressed again. Aaaand I should give you a few comments on what happened, there. Then yes, I'll demonstrate what I mean. I'm a bit tired, but we all need to work while already worn out a little sometimes. Yes."

First big thing to note is probably that she didn't really secure any payment. It's tricky with a very aggressive customer who tries to get right into it! Sometimes those kinds of guys will pay anyway, but it'll probably be less than you wanted and they could end up saying something like "oh you clearly enjoyed that even more than me" and run off without paying at all. That's why being part of an establishment is useful - your clients will know someone's going to come down on them for not coughing up the money, even if you don't. If you are on your own, though, either actually (mind you're not on someone else's turf) or effectively, something to try is feigning disinterest at first. Don't be outright scornful or dismissive (unless you're trying to appeal to someone who wants it, either because they like it or they'd like "show you just how wrong you are"), just try to lead them into showing off how much money they have to spend on you. Besides, often the more work they have to put in to get into your pants, the more accomplished they feel! Obviously you won't really make it difficult for them at all, if they have the cash, but you can make an illusion of them "earning" it to spice the meal, so to speak.

Obviously we can't really do it here, but it's also a good idea to have a place to "go to work" nearby. You will run into some guys who'll whip it out and want to go to work right there and then, depending on where you're working, but that won't be most of your customers.

There's a few things about the actual activity, too, but... maybe that's better learned with a demonstration?
No. 878608 ID: ae956d

If Roxy does go ahead trying to roleplay how Anya should seduce people, a good way to go would probably be to just act exactly how she did on their previous date, pretending to be a pair of lesbians at the club showing off and denying any approaches. Just mix in some attitude and comments along the lines of "you don't look like you could even afford a gram of jetalium, much less this much [smack own butt]", and then let them show off the size of their wallet so they can show off the size of their dick.
No. 878685 ID: e1c8f7

Water break?
No. 878768 ID: 15a025

Fake a drawn out yawn. Make it seem like you're ready for bed, then say yeah.
No. 878947 ID: bfb318
File 152383440985.png - (22.82KB , 800x800 , 680.png )

Roxy lets out a yawn, and Anya looks like she's about to lose control of herself over it.

"Yeah, sure."

Anya somewhat relaxes, then starts moving.


The aggressive look returns.

"Water break, quick shower for me, and change of clothes first! We have to take it from the top."

"Quit messing around with me ya bitch!" Sevener fidgets.
"That's the right attitude!"
"Fiiine, fine! Just hurry up with your shower!"
"Don't want to hear my evaluation, first?"
"Okay, then I'll be back! Be sure to change yourself if you want to, clothes and all, before you put me in a sex dungeon!"

No. 878949 ID: bfb318
File 152383445556.png - (25.92KB , 800x800 , 681.png )

Roxy leaves to go shower and get changed into some clothes she got for herself, and comes out to see Sevener in a larger, male form, already talking to her.

"You. Me. Fuck." She grunts the words out, and Roxy isn't sure if she's acting.

No. 878953 ID: a363ac

money honey~
No. 878954 ID: 86eb65

Try to avoid laughing yourself silly first.

Ok lets tease him a bit. "Oh you like what you see big guy?" Then get in close and get touchy. Run your hands over his chest and abs and stare at his bulge. Keep it slow until Sevener pushes the issue.

"Well you paid plenty for this behind so you can use it however you like."

Then turn around and grind your butt on his crotch.
No. 878960 ID: dccc88

Give her a look up and down, and give a little laugh. Say: "Well, aren't you a good sculptor? Not a poet, though." Try walking around to have a better look, crossed arms (lift bust a bit), hand on chin. Stay out of grab range. "Mustn't be a high-paying skill if you're walking around with no pockets. I've got a nice one you could use, but not for free."
No. 878966 ID: 8a55a9

Money upfront, Conan.
No. 878980 ID: 56e50f

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?"
No. 879265 ID: bfb318
File 152400030961.png - (22.88KB , 800x800 , 682.png )

"A sculptor but not a poet, huh. But first, money, honey." Roxy circles around Anya just out of arm's reach. "You don't look like you have any pockets, you sure you can pay up? You can use mine, but not for free."
No. 879266 ID: bfb318
File 152400032163.png - (21.49KB , 800x800 , 683.png )

From the depths of her jetalium mass, Anya coughs up a wallet into Roxy's face.
No. 879269 ID: bfb318
File 152400039236.png - (25.32KB , 800x800 , 684.png )

Roxy confirms the wallet has money, so she starts getting up close with Anya.

"That's plenty for this behind. Right out of the swearing mouth I hope you don't kiss your mother with."
"Saying 'fuck' is going to be the least vulgar thing I do with you."

Anya makes a twitch like she was about to pounce on Roxy, then stops herself.

"...You remember the safeword, right?"

No. 879274 ID: 86eb65

How could I forget something as important as that? If I need a timeout I will be sure to mention it.

Now lets get down to business.
No. 879275 ID: 3abd97

>"...You remember the safeword, right?"
>The safeword is 'toya timeout', or tapping on the other person with two fingers."
Concerned Sevener is cute.

Yes, and there's a reason I haven't used it yet.
No. 879277 ID: 91ee5f

>Anya makes a twitch like she was about to pounce on Roxy, then stops herself.
>"...You remember the safeword, right?"
Awww, she’s worried about you. And she’s apparently about to get very rough with you.

Go ahead and repeat the safeword, ‘toya timeout' or tapping on the other person with two fingers, to her to let her know that you know what it is, then let her have her fun.

Remember to keep track of how rough she gets and if she starts getting to the point where a biological would be in pain and not enjoy it, that’s when you should use the safeword.
No. 879278 ID: deec6e