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File 146516284147.png - (29.44KB , 800x800 , 175.png )
727970 No. 727970 ID: dd338c

This is a patreon funded quest, and will be NSFW.

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/718267.html
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection
Stats: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats#Job_Listings
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Lagotrope

The battery charger dings as Unity's battery is filled up, and the connection is closed off.

While waiting, some people used the respective cell phones to gather information about further jobs.

Each Polatt and Fern have a pair of jobs that they are willing to entrust Unity with. Winch does not currently have any. Although there is no expiration date on them, they are still jobs that they are looking to have done, so they may disappear over the next few days.


Polatt explains that if Unity does more jobs with him, the Dead Batteries are willing to give cash advances to Unity, at the tradeoff that a portion of everything Unity makes be transferred immediately to the Batteries.

Fern does not deal with money loans, but he is willing to loan out modules to Unity, especially ones that are required for certain jobs.

The current time is 16:00 minding that the day has 100 hours, on day 399 out of 421 in a year.
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No. 727972 ID: a075ba

Has Vinyl come back yet? I think we should chat with her, as one working girl to another, before heading off on another job.

(Of the available jobs, I think we should start with the Forming connections one. Build up rep for the DBs).
No. 727979 ID: 4854ef

I figure we should do No Strings attached or Ghost Dealer, both are very nice in price but seem easier too deal with, ghost dealer would also allow us to prove ourselves to the syndicate and get better spying modules.
No. 727983 ID: b412df

Going to put a vote towards the computer retrieval mission, it sounds like a seduction / infiltration job like our last one; and I'm curious to see if we can secretly find out what's on the computer since it sounds like they're more concerned about keeping the data secret than the computer itself.
No. 728000 ID: 9855ab

No strings attached sounds like it could be done easily enough. We could repeat the jetal suit method from before, and use the bio imitation mod plus the hidden privacy trick, in a comfortable public location where people won't be scanning left and right, so they'll assume we're just a big biological. Pretty lucrative, too.

Still want to do Forming Connections, too, though I'd like to be sure everything would be up front, rather than use cruelly manipulating the young guy by pretending we aren't being paid.
No. 728006 ID: 9855ab

Oh! Ask Loviro if he has any errands he'd like done. Even something simple, like getting him something from an equipment store or some nice food?

And inquire with the gambling crew about maybe adjusting the deck they're using. Someone might be on the lookout for Princess Toya's deck. Man, that'd make it hard to hook up with Vasha again, too. Get someone to look her up, check who she is and what she does. Maybe we can pop up to give her a nice surprise some time. And you never know, she might be a useful connection to somewhere.
No. 728010 ID: 211d83

I guess no strings attached would be a good starting point.
No. 728012 ID: dd338c
File 146516697290.png - (13.91KB , 800x800 , 176.png )

While thinking over which job to take, Unity speaks to Loviro.

"You said you didn't have any errands for me?"
>"Correct. I will let you know if there's something important, but I am not in need of it."
"Okay. I'd like to speak to Vinyl when she gets back, too, so could you let her know if she comes back after I leave again?"
>"Certainly - wait, I just remembered! She did leave a number. You can communicate to her now if you wish."
"Thank you!"

Inside of the lobby, Alison asks the gambler team about the deck they're using. Gambler informs Alison that the good money is gotten from legitimate decks that were imported online rather than using freely customizeable decks. This happened when Princess Toya used one of the shufflers to verify her deck. Long story short, Princess Toya's deck is in use.

Vasha is also looked for on the forum. Although she is found, it's a minimalistic profile page and doesn't share anything new.
No. 728013 ID: dd338c
File 146516698045.png - (16.99KB , 800x800 , 177.png )

While Loviro goes and gives Unity Vinyl's number, Unity calls up Polatt.

"Hi Polatt!"
"I'm thinking about your missions, and I wanted to clarify, for the crime boss's son, does he know that we're being paid?"
>".... looks like it's up to you whether or not you let him know."
"Alright, that's good! Can we do it anytime?"
>"Yeah. We'll get things started. The guy's schedule should be free, so I'm gonna say we only need about 10 hours to pick you up and drop you off and all that. Dad Boss says he was gonna get a hotel room, but is willing to change the destination if you've got a better idea. I know I don't, cause I don't know anything specific about this kid."
No. 728018 ID: a075ba

Before we leave, establish passwords we can use with Loviro to prove to each other we're the real person and not an imposter over a phone call. In case Sevener.

Also, establish a duress code. A word or phrase Loviro can slip into regular conversation to tell us that someone is forcing him to do something / listening to the call / holding his at gunpoint (or whatever furistic science weapn point), without alerting them.

>I know I don't, cause I don't know anything specific about this kid
Could we get a name, please?

Step one should be research. See what Scanner and anyone helping her can dig up on this kid online. Public records, social media accounts, etc. Give us a place to start.

Check in with her after you the research gets going.
No. 728020 ID: 211d83

Yeah lets set up some code phrases with Dad for now.

And then wait until we are physically with Polatt/Fern to do the same with him. Our phones is going to be at least somewhat tapped by EIN so better to do that in person.

Lets see if Polatt can get any info on the crime boss kid before we start that one. Like what are his interests and why he has problems with girls. Throwing him headfirst into a hotel sex date might not be the best idea. But if we could get him on a sort of normal date maybe we could get him comfortable enough to make a move on us. Which would do wonders for his self esteem.

While we wait for that we can go do the no strings attached.
No. 728026 ID: dd338c
File 146517019993.png - (12.37KB , 800x800 , 178.png )

Brief primer on time: This arc will use a simplified version of the last, in which the only practical difference will be that four belenos hours will be equivalent to about 1 real-time hours, so any mentions of 'an hour' in quest will mean, about a quarter-hour/15 minutes. Mentions of minutes and seconds in quest will be treated as abstract times like "a moment" that, for simplicity's sake, will be treated as a real-world minute and second respectively.
Short version is: One hour quest time equals 1/4 hour real time. For an example, Unity being told she has 10 hours of spare time means she only has about 150 minutes.

"Can we get a name?"
>"Yeah. Fargow Palms. Haven't looked it over yet, but here's some media he's got up you can take a look over."

Alison and some others begin searching. He's 20 years old, and is a biological with minor brain implants. He goes to college with pursuit in business and sociology. Apparently, despite being the son of a boss, he's had a tough time in early school from getting picked on. By the middle school years, people started either alienating him or sucking up to him because of his known relations, and although Unity can't find any direct statements from him saying so, she has a feeling that he didn't like how the bulk of his identity is being the son of a crime boss. In the late years he was home schooled, and he does online college programs. Some also think that he may not enjoy his majors, but that he's doing it because that's what his father wants.

He's mostly a shut-in who can strike a conversation over text, but tends to freeze up in more person to person relations. His interests don't seem that varied, and he spends most of his non-study time playing various online games. He seems mostly nice, but somewhat bitter about things.

Meanwhile, Unity speaks with Loviro to set up a code phrase and duress code, which some lobbyists will remember if it comes up.

Alison also texts Vinyl.
"Hi! It's your new roomate."
>"Hi. What's up?"

No. 728028 ID: a075ba

Hmm. It sort of sounds like that means he won't like and/or will actively resent someone hooking up with him simply because of his family connections. (He's a young guy, he might not turn down the sex even so, but it might not make him happy).

Perhaps we should make contact with him through one of these online games he plays, and then arrange for a real world meetup? (Plus fooling around with an online game is something for people who would otherwise be stuck waiting around the lobby to do).

We'll need a new face and name for our nerd gamer-girl, if we go that route.

>"Hi! It's your new roomate."
>>"Hi. What's up?"
Stopped in to say hi to Dad and get some battery. I also think I followed in your footsteps when it comes to having fun and making money. You?

(I kind of wanted to talk shop with her, maybe compare how being a prostitute at the official EIN run brothel compare to being a black market one, maybe even segue into a "lesson" or showing off what we've learned (or seeing if we can earn any money getting her or any other girls to flip which side they're working for), but I'm not sure how well we can do most of that over text. We might arrange a meet-up to talk later?).
No. 728029 ID: 9855ab

>one belenos hour will be equivalent to about 4 real-time hours

I think you mean that the other way around?

So, this guy plays online games, huh? Let's stalk him for a little while to see what he's like before getting in contact with him. Might not show his real personality in games (or show too real a one), but it's a start.

If we do get in touch, I'd say to start off with total anonymity, just be a faceless, sexless voice over the internet. Don't try to flirt or seduce, just be friendly - he probably needs a buddy more than a fuckbuddy - and take time over it, maybe doing other jobs at the same time. Don't hold back on dropping hints that we'd heard tell of him before and that we started observing because we were curious about what sort of person he was. If he pushes, tell him we heard of his dad looking to hire a girl to "give him confidence" and wondered who was so lucky, then commiserate with him because he probably won't be happy about that, guessing by what we know of him. We'd want to try make it clear we have more lucrative jobs on our table, and while we wouldn't mind the money we're not gasping for it. Basically, be up front, but gradually over time, and let it be his decision if he wants to have fun.
No. 728050 ID: dd338c
File 146517517371.png - (19.04KB , 800x800 , 179.png )

"I just checked in with Dad and to recharge. I also think I followed in your footsteps when it comes to having fun and making money. You?" Alison texts to Vinyl.
>"Just running some errands and trying to find someone."
"Alright. I'd like to speak with you in person later today, if that's alright?"
>"Sure. I'll be back around 60:00 and spending the night."

Conveniently, Fargow seems to provide public knowledge to his active games.

One appears to be a kingdom building game, which is presented as a complex arrow of optimizations. It isn't fast paced gameplay, and just requires player input periodically. It seems like he's been playing regularly for years, and has a large kingdom with a lot of empty space around him where Unity can start her own.

Another is a puzzle game in which dozens of people on a single team solve puzzles to dismantle a structure in order to gain its loot, which is shared by the team based on how effective in the puzzle they were.

There are a couple of other games, but those two seem the most receptive to approach. Unity can either attempt the approach this way, if she doesn't feel like a hotel room sex date is appropriate.

The bonus to this is that a lobby team can get to know this person over the internet instead of needing use of Unity's full body.

If this way is chosen, another persona for playing online may be made.
No. 728058 ID: 211d83

Let's start up in the kingdom sim and can ask him for friendly advice as his new neighbor.

Also start playing the puzzle game so we can join him at it later once we make friends.

As for identities can we use Princess Toya? She can be our known gamer persona.

This all will take time so can do this mission along side others. So go sign up for public sex while our teams learn games.
No. 728059 ID: 9855ab


I think we have to retire Princess Toya. Once those noble bodyguard guys figure out there was something weird about us, they'll be on the lookout for her.

I say start with the puzzle game so we can observe his interactions with others. Then we can slip in next to his kingdom in the other game as a transparent attempt to observe/interact with him more personally.
No. 728060 ID: a075ba

First game seems the kind of game where time spent is worth more than skill. It might take a while to build up enough of a kingdom to be able to relate to our target as a peer / fellow player and not just a noob.

Second game seems more skill based, especially in skills our group has practiced in the contest. And it's team based, which makes befriending him easier.

RL name: (which we give to him after befriending him / he asks for it): Tanya
Gametag: EndlessFragment47 (or some other silly random word / number thing).

>As for identities can we use Princess Toya?
No, she's too high profile already. She's got an established persona that may not be what he's into, and is tied to public sex acts and to bounty hunting. (We don't know if anyone connected us to Torres' disappearance, but as a mob boss' son, he might have the resources to find out if he thinks to use them).

She might be useful for other things, but not for making contact with someone withdrawn and unhappy, with unknown preferences. She's too pre-established.
No. 728061 ID: b412df

There's also the matter of the rumours we started while catching Baron with Toya, that identity might be a bit to intimidating to use to give someone a confidence boost. Better to use a clean slate for this.

We don't really know what type of person he is, so I'd say it's better to go for the puzzle game for the online approach, since that would encourage cooperation by it's nature.

I wonder if we'll get a bonus for giving him a genuine confidence boost.
No. 728072 ID: dd338c
File 146518128503.png - (13.48KB , 800x800 , 180.png )

Unity decides on the puzzle game and a new persona named, tentatively, Tanya.

An account is made, the username EndlessFragment47 is generated, and a team of lobbyists begin research on this game while it's played.

Alison speaks to Polatt.

"Hi Polatt!"
"We've started the mission, but we're going the long route and getting to know him on an online game where he seems more comfortable, and will eventually proposition him for a real life meetup. It'll take awhile, but we're on the job."
>"Oh? Hmm..."
"Is it not a good idea?"
>"The idea is good. Clever. Real out of the box. Problem is, the crime boss is the kind of dad who believes he knows what's best and all, and he's the sort who thinks his son needs the shyness screwed right out of him and isn't gonna be open to those out of the box ideas. Doesn't mean you can't do it. Just means you gotta succeed before he knows anything's goin' on, which means I can't go buy a lotta time for you by sayin' you're doing what you're doing. But... eh, I won't grind the details in you. Keep doin'."
"Okay, thanks!"

The Puzzle team reports that this game lends itself well for Tanya to become excellent at. Although it is a difficult game with an inordinate amount of strategic options and complexity, there is an offline mode that can be played with frame rate uncapped by use of Computer Link. Therefore, a dedicated team of dozens on a single phone are capable of becoming exceptional.

However, Fargow, by the name of Glassfish, does not appear to be that amazing at this game despite having a decent amount of hours logged into it and a fair amount of treasure as a result. The game is supposed to be as easy for biologicals as it is for robots and jetals, too, at least as realistically as possible.

Instead of attempting to get good fast, Tanya simply runs through the tutorial before Glassfish is located and found. Tanya ia allowed on the team as a beginner on one of the easy puzzles. There is a way to view what other teammates are doing, and Glassfish's playstyle is average and mundane from what people can see.
No. 728075 ID: a075ba

>Problem is, the crime boss is the kind of dad who believes he knows what's best and all, and he's the sort who thinks his son needs the shyness screwed right out of him and isn't gonna be open to those out of the box ideas. Doesn't mean you can't do it. Just means you gotta succeed before he knows anything's goin' on, which means I can't go buy a lotta time for you by sayin' you're doing what you're doing.
Might be able to buy some time if we don't tell him we're on the job yet?

>Fargow, by the name of Glassfish, does not appear to be that amazing at this game despite having a decent amount of hours logged into it and a fair amount of treasure as a result.
>Glassfish's playstyle is average and mundane from what people can see
So he's not an enthusiast, and he's in it for the competition. He's a casual and/or he just does it for fun. Or he's in it for the social aspect, which will make our job easier.

Does mean we don't need to be awesome at the game to befriend him.
No. 728080 ID: 211d83

Lets be honest our usual play style is rather overpowered and cheat like. Most people do not have thousands of varied puzzle enthusiasts working together on things.

So lets start off like a normal beginner and try to avoid standing out. We are not doing this to show off but to have friendly games so we might be able to make friends and later ask him or get him to ask us out on a date.
No. 728084 ID: 4fa90a

Yeah let's not try to be amazing at this. Just try to be about average while focusing more on the social aspects of the game. If he's playing a lot and only doing average himself it's probably about on point with what he's doing. In fact doing a little below average and then approaching him for pointers could be a way to form a connection.
No. 728085 ID: 398fe1

Be awesome at the game, and approach him with advice on his game. You can start social interaction like that.

Ultimately I think we should play the long game and use him as a contact even after the "job" is done. He doubtless has connections, so a real friendship gives us real benefits beyond money.

Also we can multitask and do other jobs while befriending/seducing him.
No. 728090 ID: dd338c
File 146518525323.png - (17.09KB , 800x800 , 181.png )

Polatt claims that the job isn't reserved for the Dead Batteries alone, and so he can't prevent others from taking the job. Nonetheless, since failure is an option and the fact that the time consuming part can be done online, the plan is stuck to.

"Let's start off as a beginner, honestly." Alison says to the team. "We can just have casual, friendly games, and maybe make friends with him that way, and maybe ask him for advice. I think he's doing this more for social interaction. If it doesn't seem to pan out, though, some other people can get good at the game in order to give him advice if it comes to that, but let's call that plan B."

Although Tanya gets called a noob a couple of times, other's seem friendly towards newcomers. Glassfish doesn't speak up yet, though, but Unity can wait a little while.

In the meantime, Unity is free to select another job.
No. 728094 ID: 211d83

Go public sex up the pervert. See if they would like the trick you tried on Vasha or if they want something different.
No. 728096 ID: 398fe1

We know that's detectable... unless we use the Bio Emulator while doing it. CAN we use the Bio Emulator while there's a cavity that large formed inside of Unity?
No. 728097 ID: a075ba

Okay, while we're courting him online, let's do no strings attached. It's a quick payout, with no real complications to escalate or much risk for us. Then we can buy the hide add-on to complete Recluse's play of having the secret hacked sex module for spy missions, and maybe get something else too, before we start the next one.

Goat shoulder rubs!
No. 728098 ID: 398fe1

I say we get Chemical Analyzer soon, it'll help with the drug-related lollipop bounty.
No. 728099 ID: 91ee5f

Wouldn't we need more jetalium so that we can have a bigger body? This all depends on how big and/or wide the client is.
No. 728120 ID: 9855ab

Hmm. I wonder, maybe another tactic with Fargow would be just a straight-up secret benefactor approach. Like, we just message him something like "hey man, you know your dad's put out a job in his circles for girls to "improve your confidence", right? Not just regular hooker money, either. I dunno maybe you don't mind that sort of thing, sounds like he's trying to be nice but I thought it'd be uncool and probably do the opposite of improving your confidence if you maybe got your heart messed with, so, here's me trying to warn you. Watch careful if any hot girls you never met before suddenly start cozying up for no clear reason. Don't tell anyone I told you."

If he responds, we could get a read on whether he is ok with that (in which case we can just go "wow well if you like I could do the job, I have higher pay on my plate but I wouldn't say no, never been with an organic guy before"), or not ok with it, in which case we'll be on the better track because if we just fucked him to "boost his confidence" it wouldn't work long-term, and his dad would eventually realize that and be mad at the Dead Batteries for not really delivering what he paid for. The purpose of the job is to build connections between the two groups, after all, so we have to think in terms of consumer satisfaction rather than just filling the letter of a contract. And it is pretty much true that we're not really interested in the money so much as making more friends.

We could also go stalk a bit in person by using bio imitation plus privacy and wearing different faces and builds, but that'd interfere with taking any other jobs, like with the public but not public lady. She sounds like a pretty take-charge person, so she'll probably call some shots when we meet her. Best not to make too many plans.
No. 728365 ID: dd338c
File 146534571852.png - (17.23KB , 800x800 , 182.png )

>Can Unity use the Bio Emulator while there's a body person cavity inside herself?
In theory, yes, but that would require custom control over the bio emulator, as the emulator would insist on closing that gap up. More practice is requested before that level of complexity is added.

Unity texts Polatt saying that she will accept No Strings Attached. Further details are given to Unity.

This girl more or less prefers vanilla sex aside from the public sex kink. She does want to feel a danger of being found out, so she requests that Unity not play it safe, or stupidly dumb. Despite wanting a jetal specifically, it's more about the principle of the matter, and otherwise would appreciate a vanilla form.

She has suggested three options for the location: An alleyway, a public bathroom, or a dressing room.

Meanwhile, the Puzzle Team has two conflicting options. They are leaning on either approaching Fargow as a newbie player looking for advice, or being forthright and telling him about his father's plan.
No. 728366 ID: 4f512e

I say a public bathroom is probably best. Stall partitions will provide cover an alley doesn't have, and a little bit of strange noise will be overlooked compared to a dressing room.

I'm still for approaching Fargow as a newb looking for advise. I think it'll be a bigger confidence boost if he doesn't know daddy bought the girl for him.
No. 728367 ID: a075ba

>She has suggested three options for the location: An alleyway, a public bathroom, or a dressing room.
The dressing room sounds the most fun to me!

>Meanwhile, the Puzzle Team has two conflicting options. They are leaning on either approaching Fargow as a newbie player looking for advice, or being forthright and telling him about his father's plan.
Hiding it from him could come across as a hurtful betrayal if it's found out, but telling him strait up could sour things too, and make him wary of any other attempts to approach.

Well, they both have potential downsides, but giving him a bigger confidence / happiness boost by trying to make this feel like something natural and not contrived / arranged is the bigger upside, so that wins out. Maybe we can tell him the truth after he gets to know us, but for now let's just try to get to know him.
No. 728372 ID: 398fe1

Well a Jetal wouldn't go into a bathroom, and dressing rooms are typically monitored in some way to prevent shoplifting. So that leaves the alley.

Approach Fargow for advice.
No. 728377 ID: 91ee5f

Let's meet her in an alleyway. Do we have enough jetalium? We don't know how tall and/or wide the client is. Since she doesn't want us to play it safe, we don't need to be extra wide or anything like that. Just barely enough to cover her should do it.

I vote for approaching Fargow for advice.
No. 728381 ID: a075ba

She didn't specify she wants to do the enveloping thing, though. She pretty much said vanilla public sex.

Also I'd think the alley the the worst choice, if she's biological. She'd either be gasping in the smog, or through a respirator, which probably has flow rate limitations. Neither of which sounds fun to me. (Unless she's into gimp masks).
No. 728449 ID: d3fdbc

If there was a mod to detect and interfere with cameras that we could get, I'd say dressing room. Investigate that. If not, then alley. We could get into a niche and use eyes/ears on the ends of our tails to watch for anyone approaching.

I have half a suspicion that the empire just has cameras everywhere anyway, so it may end up being an equal danger no matter where we go.

For Fargow, I still say be forthright! He'll probably be suspicious of anyone trying to get close to him anyway, with his life. People must have tried getting to his dad through him before. Plus it'd be cruel and counterproductive to earn his trust and then spring it on him.
No. 728451 ID: d3fdbc

(Also being forthright with him will put him on guard against others trying to do the same job as us, which will both save him from someone less scrupulous and considerate than we are, and more selfishly, preserve our chance at the money).
No. 728457 ID: b412df

With Fargow, I think it would be a good idea to be forthright, maybe not right away though. So I'd say ask for advice for now, but admit true intentions after there's somewhat of a bond / friendship going on. So any honesty would be met with appreciation instead of rejection (Still could go either way though, risky but a good idea I think).

As for the public sex, alleyway. It's a pretty awful place for it, but sex there would be met with less suspicion / curiousity than a stall or changing room. There's the risk of cameras but I think that's going to be hard to avoid regardless.

One possible solution to obvious cameras could be to form multiple tails and cover the lens. Dunno if that would attract more attention to camera operators than just hoping it's ignored though.
No. 728463 ID: b412df

Forgot to mention, do we know our client's preferences aside of the public sex thing? That might influence what form we wear while on this job.
No. 728469 ID: d3fdbc


Well, if the story is that we feel sorry for him and want to warn him, making a little friendship first would fit. Like, the story would be that we learned of the job on offer, decided to see what he was like, then when/if we got to like him we go "hey you know I think you're a pretty cool guy so I'm going to tell you about this thing I think isn't cool for you" and go from there, as described by >>728120 , with us posing as a faceless sexless stranger on the web until the time is right.
No. 728501 ID: d3fdbc
File 146542274364.png - (159.99KB , 1550x800 , unitypaperdress.png )

While we wait, another dress!

We've got the belenosian lab coat chic, mixed with some chinese imperial and a little touch of more organic flair with some vaguely spanish corsage roses, ruffles and ribbons. This one is more for moving among the upper classes, or when you just want to look really, really fancy. Served in shades of black and red, it could easily take on a mafiosa style, though a large variety of colors could be effective. The pants version looks more practical, and so of course looks a little lower class, for an advisor, cortesan or superior servant type. The skirt version is less practical and so therefore makes you look like you have people to take care of practicality for you, suiting a splendid noble lady. A jetal, of course, would hardly be impeded at all by such a thing.

Dress design was mostly inspired by thinking on what it would be like if Unity still somehow discovers her inheritance of nobility through Loviro and his connection to Diamond in this version of events, and somehow goes public with that without causing a major disaster. It could maybe happen, if we're going a more secretive social route this time, and we gave Unity a romantic story to tell the public, of having been a secret lost noble scared for her life who lived among the lower classes while trying to uncover the "mystery" of what happened to her creator and his emperor. It could be one way to help insinuate ourselves into high society, closer to sapphire, and I wanted to draw up a dress suitable to taking such a station.
No. 728503 ID: d3fdbc

Oh, remember to give Loviro another hug before you leave!
No. 728522 ID: a075ba

If we do eventually go for a legit claim on diamond nobility as part of our long term approach to Sapphire / upgrade to high class courtesan, we totally need to do that glowing emblem on our back thing we saw other nobles doing, especially now that we have jetalium illumination with the toolbox module. (There's a diamondback snake joke in there, somewhere).
No. 728551 ID: dd338c
File 146543882961.png - (63.47KB , 800x800 , 183.png )

After some deliberation, Unity lets Polatt know her decision, and Polatt gives an address back, saying the north alley between 80th and AJ. She'll be there as soon as possible.

A hug is delivered to Loviro and goodbyes are said, before a taxi car is summoned. It's not a long trip to the destination outside of some rush hour traffic, but it clears up and the alleyway is seen. It looks like Unity got there first, and there isn't a great deal of foot traffic around.

"Do you know if she has any tastes to form?" Unity asks to Polatt. "I don't know what to look like."
>"Nope. She seems like the sort to leave it open. Just choose something that looks like they could be a biological and wait around."

During the ride, the Puzzle team played some games, and it's decided to approach Fargow while Unity transforms into a safe looking generic male. It occurs to thousands of people at once that everyone spent so much time getting used to being a girl, that Unity never got any guy clothes. She absorbs her normal clothes and makes some generic jetalium clothes, but she still has time to alter her clothes or form if desired.

"Hi! You don't seem bad. I'm just starting out, do you have any pointers?" EndlessFragment47 messages to Glassfish.
>"Uh, I guess? I'm not that great. You could probably get training from the tutorials and guides if you want to be good. I can show you if you want, but I don't know how good at it I'd be."
No. 728554 ID: a075ba

>left it open
You really think someone hiring a shapeshifter prostitute would at least specify gender.

I guess the androgynous-annonymous shape we have right now is fine. We can always tweak it, if necessary. No name for this face. If she asks the reply is "No strings, remember?"

Go find a good spot to lean against in the alley.

>glassfish talk
Accept his offer, you'd rather play with someone than do tutorials on your lonesome.
No. 728616 ID: d3fdbc

Hmm. Are people wearing respirators today? Might be part of the biological pretense.

Uh. Does she have a way to recognize you, or you her? Some sort of pass phrase? Is she looking for a biological-like jetal, or prepared for you to be using the bio imitation mod?
No. 728621 ID: a075ba

Actually, the respirator is a good point. How bad is the air quality out here? Can we safely sex up our client if she's not wearing one? (If she does have to wear the mask, I suppose that's a layer of anonymity for her if we're caught, or just against there even being strings).

>Does she have a way to recognize you, or you her?
We could just start scanning the people who go by. We're looking for a biological female who's going to experiencing some kind of arousal / excitement / anticipation. If we're waiting and watching for it, she's probably stand out from the people who are just passing by.
No. 728622 ID: dd338c
File 146550949569.png - (21.82KB , 800x800 , 184.png )

EndlessFragment47 messages back.
"I'd like that. This game is fun, but it seems best if it's done socially."
>"Yeah. Okay, after this run, I've got awhile to play, so we can do a two person party." he responds.

The puzzle team will be busy for awhile.

Unity hangs out just inside of the alleyway, and it's only a few minutes until a biological girl in a skirt walks up to him. As far as any scanners and regular observances are concerned, there's no hidden cameras in the alleyway.

>"Alright. You'll do fine, I think. Don't transform once we start, I like to see jetals acting like biologicals. You have 5 minutes. Take it away."
"I have organic simulation module, if you like."
No. 728623 ID: dd338c
File 146550952990.png - (28.46KB , 800x800 , 185.png )

There isn't much to do but that, so Unity unzips his pants, and lifts one of the girl's legs to get under the skirt, where a tiny thong exists. Unity's erection pushes it out of the way as he carefully pushes forward into her. She bites her lip and squeaks, but isn't too loud.

As he gets to work, though, she still grunts and moans loud enough that it's going to be audible to anyone walking across the sidewalk.

While continuing, Unity hears someone walking across the sidewalk, and is going to come by at any time.

No. 728624 ID: a075ba

Bookish looking and kind of soft spoken. And limber! (And able to casually toss 300k for a brief bout of sexual satisfaction, so well off, too).

>While continuing, Unity hears someone walking across the sidewalk, and is going to come by at any time.
Keep going, unless she says otherwise. Public sex with the risk of getting caught is what she paid for.

Lean closer, and brace your right hand against the wall, so her face (and horns) is obscured to anyone who does look in the alley and see. (Hopefully if anyone does see, they'll be too embarrassed to interfere). Other hand might go over her mouth to keep her moans quiet.

I'd prepare (but not turn on) a bright flashlight in your tail. If anyone does try to confront us, you can shine it in their eyes to give the client a chance to get away without anyone getting a clear look at her.
No. 728625 ID: 595d54

>A woman with a public location sex fetish would like to copulate with a jetal under the stipulation that no one ever find out she has had sex.

Wrong. We can't afford to be seen.
No. 728627 ID: 0b8d9e

Perhaps a kiss would muffle her voice enough to not be heard.
No. 728628 ID: d3fdbc

Ok, (gently) sweep her down onto the ground to your left, still next to the wall. As I recall, the belenosian empire employs little cleaning robots all over, so the streets are actually pretty much pristine. So she'll be on your back face to face (though you might actually have to get her to look towards the wall for her horns not to be in the way, or get her head to overhang that basement entrance behind you), with you over her, facing away from the street, with that trash can between any onlookers and you. If you put your left arm up to rest your elbow next to her neck/head, and maybe hook your arm up over her horns (use your fingers to play at the base of them a little, maybe?) then all anyone should be able to see from the street if they do notice anything is your back and rear end ploughing a pair of legs and a butt. Keep quiet and probably no-one will know to look in, and you can keep your tail eye peeking up over the lid of the can.

And don't forget to be attentive! She seems to be enjoying the penetration, but your mouth and your right arm will be free to play with her body a bit as well. Get at her neck and collarbone and so on with your lips and get caressing down her side and thigh with your free hand. She likes "jetals acting like biologicals", so let yourself express a bit of hunger. Maybe kiss her on the mouth whenever passersby get super close, to muffle her.
No. 728629 ID: 595d54

The thing that concerns me is that we didn't ask how good her privacy stuff was. If she's this rich, she might be notorious enough to be easily recognized by scanners regardless of face and voice. Probably too late for this one, but in case it happens again, have the operators try to find out who she is.
No. 728632 ID: a075ba

We can afford be seen. We just can't allow enough of her to seen that the random people screwing in the alley can be connected back to her.
No. 728633 ID: 211d83

Are those some basement stairs off to your left? If so grab her butt while still fucking her carry her down them a bit so you are both out of sight behind the trashcans.

Also give her some tongue to muffle those moans.
No. 728644 ID: dd338c
File 146551889154.png - (29.26KB , 800x800 , 186.png )

Unity grabs her butt and carefully continues plowing her as she descends some nearby basement stairs. As whoever it is passes by, they seem to pause for a moment just as Unity silences the girl with a kiss.

More attention is given, too, with occasional neck nibbles, further kisses, and wandering hands traverse the base of her horns, her thighs, and so on while Unity acts like a more hungry biological. With many of the lobbyists as they are, being hungry isn't much of an act. Whoever paused outside of the alleyway moves on.

Another minute passes as the girl huffs out 'keep going' as she approaches a climax.

While some were focused on the stairs and above Unity, enough are paying attention to the fact that the basement stairs led to a wooden door. They confirm that there is someone on the other side of the door, and is about to open it in one second.

No. 728645 ID: 398fe1

Keep them from opening the door! Either grab it or block it, depending on which direction it goes.
No. 728648 ID: 211d83

Crap does the door open outward or inward?

If outward we could shove our foot in the door and make it a jetalium wedge to hold it closed. Heck if inward we could do the same thing long enough to make someone think the door is jammed.

Or you could quickly book it while holding her. With your jetal strength and her legs around your neck you could keep the sex up while getting her further down the ally and out of sight.

Worst case absorb her while holding the door closed and then leisurely walk away while continuing with internal shenanigans. It might break the act like a organic part that she wanted but hopefully she is to caught up in pleasure to care.
No. 728649 ID: 0b8d9e

If we let her leg down could we reach the door? If we hold the handle to keep it from turning they'll probably assume it's broken. Considering our close calls this must be quite exciting for her.
No. 728650 ID: a075ba

If your scanners can tell that's a biological and not a robot or jetal about to open the door, you could just grab it and hold it shut. They won't be able to force a jammed door.

If the door opens outwards, and the stairwell is wide enough, hiding behind the door might be possible.

Or we're probably strong enough to jump right out of the stairwell, which would be a hell of a last thrust to finish her off with.
No. 728651 ID: 4546ab

Go go Jetal powers!

Jam your foot against the bottom of the door and morph so its thoroughly jammed. Or the handle so they cant even turn it.

As long as you just morph that bit of you she is in no condition to notice.

Then you have time to finish or absorb her depending on what the door person does.
No. 728652 ID: a075ba

I don't think our morph is turned high enough to abosrb her and reform around her in a second. We can't afford the battery to run around in 100% liquid terminator mode.
No. 728653 ID: e22b1d

Block the door long enough to absorb her and book it. Make sure she can see and hear everything around her once we get her inside.

If that does not get her voyeurism kink going I don't know what will.

That being said probably whisper to her while blocking the door that we are going to get discovered but you can fix that if she trusts you. So its not a struggling surprise.
No. 728655 ID: 398fe1

I don't think absorbing is on the table. Also we were told "not too smart", so risk-free solutions are a no-go.
No. 728661 ID: 8111b6

If it opens outward, maybe consider fucking her against the door, as long as there isn't a camera. All other situations, back into the alley again. If push comes to shove, we can arch over the stairs, then drop back into the stairway after they pass, but that might be risky. ...but hey. Risk is her thing, right?
No. 728673 ID: dd338c
File 146552763494.png - (18.29KB , 800x800 , 187.png )

The door is confirmed to swing in the direction of the alleyway, making the solution obvious. It can't be said if the person on the otherside is biological or not, but Unity will just prepare to leap out of sight if they turn out to have super strength. He puts his foot down onto the door as the other person attempts to open it. The strength level implies biological or otherwise controlled, up until the person starts jostling it. The wood bends slightly his efforts as he starts banging on it, but Unity holds the door against the bangs while he bangs the girl.

"Fuckin' bullshit door pile of goddamn wallet sucking maintenance bots..." the person can be heard faintly walking away from the door just in time for the girl to grit her teeth and start shaking through her orgasm.

No. 728674 ID: dd338c
File 146552764584.png - (18.72KB , 800x800 , 188.png )

While out of breath, she motions for Unity to let her go. She pats down her skirt, and doesn't seem to make a note about how there was no cum, since no modules are available for it.

She regains her breath quickly.

>"Good job!" she says. "They'll pay you soon, but I'm leaving you a tip for your bank account alone." She hands Unity 30k.

"Polatt!" Alison texts to Polatt. "She says you guys are going to pay me?"
>"Oh, yeah. Since she went through us, she paid us the money, and you get 300k of it."

The two of them leave the alleyway, and she unceremoniously walks the other way, leaving Unity alone.

>"Found her." Scanner says. "On the internet, I mean. She's just a daughter of a pretty big corporation, and is going to inherit it someday and already is in a high management position. It's nothing really out of the ordinary, though, so I think she's just someone who's well off who isn't afraid to spend a whole lot of money to get some kicks in."
No. 728675 ID: 398fe1

Alright, no problems then. Time for mods. Get Hide on the hacked sex mod, then I guess we can get chem-analyze and do the Ghost Dealer job.
No. 728676 ID: 211d83

A job well done then. If she is interested in more she knows where we work.

Well time to find out if there are any more jobs or take one of the other ones.

In the meantime I think tracking down that drug dealer and buying some candy seems like it would be a easy job. Can either pretend to be a biological looking for a fix or a Jetal buying some drugs for a friends party.

That being said it would have some risk. Would have to make sure we were not suspicious to the drug dealer and watch for cops.
No. 728678 ID: a075ba

Seems reasonable, I suppose.

If we do ghost dealer, is Fern fronting us any money to purchase these drugs with? They'd get it right back when they kicked the door in.

...do we still get payed it turns out he isn't dealing in bootlegged goods? (I expect Fern's intel is probably right, but we might as well cover the bases).

>Found her
Okay. Not our business, though. We said no strings, so we let her alone. If she wants more, she can always contact the dbs.
No. 728737 ID: bdbed7

>Found her

Well, we're not going to put that to use ourselves by choice, but it's handy to know things. Maybe one day her corporation will have a problem with us, and we'll have to regretfully put some pressure on. Strictly in defense, of course.


I agree with getting hide on the hacked module, and with doing Ghost Dealer, but I don't think we have a long-term need for chemical analysis right now. We should just rent it for the dealer job, rather than buying it outright.
No. 728741 ID: dd338c
File 146559178325.png - (18.06KB , 800x800 , 189.png )

"Thanks, Scanner, but it's private, so we won't look into it further." says Alison, who then goes and texts Fern. "Hi Fern! I'm interested in taking that ghost dealer job. Would we get any modules in advance?"
>"Yeah. You'll be given Privacy Rank B with a Jetalium Privacy add-on so you can act like a biological, since the drugs in question don't affect robots or jetals too much. We'll also give you Sniffer Rank C to smell out any drugs. Plus, a single track cam Don't lose 'em, cause you can't afford 'em. You've got to record the whole thing to prove he's got the drugs. You don't need any chemical analyzer, cause no dealer's gonna say it's CnJ and give you somethin' else."
"Do we get paid if it turns out he doesn't have any?" Alison responds, while Scanner explains that a single track cam is a camera that can only contain a single video at a time, and is used as a visual proof of something happening since unlike other cameras, single tracks are extremely difficult to alter what they record.
>"You get paid half, why not."

Scurps joins the text message ring.

>"Fern you sounded so sure he had them! Why not pay in full if he doesn't?"
>"Yeah I'm always right, so hell, 250k... oh, what the hell, 300k, but we are gonna look over the camera to make sure you tried your hardest. We don't know much about the dealer except that his street name is Bluestone. I'd say he's the gangleader, but it's more like he's hired some thugs to protect him and run his shit. They're trash to us, but you can't get in a fight with them. He operates on a single block on the outskirts of town, and most people there at least know of him. We'll pick you up to give you the loans."
"Do you have any advice on how to look for him, or what we should look like?"
>"I'm hiring you for this cause I don't know about that shit."
No. 728742 ID: 398fe1

Let's do some research. Look up the culture around CnJ usage, and what withdrawal effects it has. We can pretend to be an addict suffering from withdrawal and act really desperate for some.
No. 728743 ID: bdbed7

Ok, research topics: a little basic street knowledge (Maybe ask Scurps and company). Even just the basic stuff, so we don't go walking in going "hello I would like to purchase one drugs please". And like, what's the profile for a user, classwise? Should we look poor and desperate, or higher class and decadent? I assume the former, since the latter would go to the original source instead of resells.

I assume the target deals other drugs, as well. We could act like, say... we're buying up a bunch of stuff for a party, and while we're dealing with that, we act like we're getting a little hesitant and ask if he has "anything stronger" for the "more experienced" crowd. That could cover ignorance on CnJ in particular, if we act like a user for other stuff who's just looking to get into it. Maybe do ourselves up as some spoiled rich kid party girl looking for a new thrill to get into. Or... hmmm, maybe not quite that spoiled? Semi-spoiled. Someone who has spoiled rich friends, or people she wants to become her friends, and wants to show them how "cool" she is by getting them good "stuff". That'd excuse us being more nervous and ignorant and secretive. And it'd let us turn down other drugs we're offered as stuff we're sure "our friends" have already tried.

Though, that depends if it's a "party" type of drug or not.
No. 728745 ID: a075ba

>>"I'm hiring you for this cause I don't know about that shit."
Fair enough. Research and Scanner team, hit the web. Let's find out what this drug does and what the culture looks like. We can probably pose as a user. (Or maybe a go-between for a user, depending on how upper or lower class this drug is). And see if we can pull up anything on Bluestone, he might show up online, or there might be public arrest records. (Or not. Dystopia with cute puppies news and all).

If we want tips for looking like a druggie, we might want to ask Polatt. He's probably had to deal with enough of them, whether or not the Dead Batteries are currently selling this stuff (or have in the past).

Not sure we want to look like we're in withdrawal. That might make them look closer at us (is the twitchy addict gonna make trouble? Did they really manage to scrape together the money if they let it gt this bad?).
No. 728746 ID: a075ba

Oh, and send Scurps a text (one on one, not as part of the chat with Fern) to thank him for interceding for you, there.

Thanks.~ ;)
No. 728868 ID: 211d83

Do some research online first but I am thinking we want to look like a young college kid who is nervously buying drugs for his sorority. Cause they made him as part of the initiation ceremonies.

Of course find a college and sorority that would do something like this for our back story.
No. 728871 ID: 8111b6

If we did that, we'd probably want some actual guy clothes and not just jetalium morph clothes. They'd likely have someone that could at least detect the difference.
I say to go as a gal, though. We already have clothes for that. (We should eventually get some clothes for guy form, though. ...or something that could serve for either.)

Should we actually buy, make with the 'oh, I didn't know it would be so expensive' excuse, or the '[same as previous]... is there any -other- way I could pay?' excuse?
No. 728917 ID: dd338c
File 146567578950.png - (22.30KB , 800x800 , 190.png )

Some research is done.

The Drug: CnF (AKA Spark, Suckers, Lollipops) is a drug made that tends to ellicit euphoria. It's moderately addictive and takes a few months of weekly use before resistance begins to apply, but it's relatively safe with a high bar for overdosing and few cases of adverse reactions. The drug's effects generally cause euphoria on the user in which nearly all stimulus is received as pleasureable. Users commonly report that all of their senses are heightened, however, their response to stimuli tend to be diminished, so it makes a poor performance drug. While it's most commonly used as a recreational drug, it has been reported to be used as a painkiller. Although it does not diminish pain, it does make the pain become misinterpreted as favorable in many cases.

Culture: With its favorable risk vs reward, it's well sought after, but the Lollipop Syndicate is known to keep strong tabs on who gets to deal it out in the capital city, so they commonly engage in gang warfare with other crime dealers. Many will not purchase CnF from any dealer that they believe to be non-Lollipops due to the associated danger from sketchier dealers, but those dealers tend to sell far cheaper bootlegs.

Because of its accessability, it's a common drug to see abusers use. As the bar for overdose is high, there have been known cases of absorbing 6,000 milligrams of CnF in a single session to get the same effect that a non-user would get by absorbing 200 milligrams. Due to the cost of CnF, many of these abusers turn to less reputable dealers who sell them far cheaper than the Lollipop Syndicate. Because of the danger of the syndicate, these dealers are often careful about who they sell their product to. Typically they sell other drugs as well as a front.

Withdrawal effects are mental, as the user's priorities get shifted in favor of the drug. Completely cutting off the drug is usually more dangerous than slowly lowering doses, as users will often require a fix before eating food, drinking, or in some cases, being able to sleep. Denying an abuser of their fix when they're going through heavy withdrawals leads to unpredictable behavior usually leaning on the extremes.

Alison texts scurps.
Thanks for interceding ;) Do you have any advice on how to seek out those drugs?
>We beat up independent dealers pretty bad, so they never like to sell to people they don't know. So get cozy with someone who they do know, and get to the dealer through them!

Bluestone is searched for, but apparently he is a jetal known to swap faces every day, so information is scattered.

Officially, he is an online data analyzer who studies who goes to what websites and why. He recently graduated from a low key university in networking sciences that is known to be a party college and is likely where he first entered the drug market. Although he never ran into trouble from the law, he has a low profile reputation in the college for being a dealer.

Unity's primary two options are be an abuser going through withdrawals, or be a sorority girl looking to get drugs for her friends as an initiation ceremony.

Meanwhile, one distracted lobbyists searching the news does find that despite the primary news' saccharine nature, delving deeper does reveal crime. Out of curiosity, he searches the face of the van man from the other night, and finds out that apparently a cop pursued that lead, went to his house, and busted him and a few of his accomplices who are now being processed for jailtime as the law investigates the case.
No. 728920 ID: 211d83

Go sorority girl. Just cause that might end up with us having to fuck someone to prove ourselves.

Creepy junky blowjobs for crack in a ally would be no fun.
No. 728923 ID: a075ba

We can stick the camera we need to tape right behind our eye, I hope.

>We beat up independent dealers pretty bad, so they never like to sell to people they don't know. So get cozy with someone who they do know, and get to the dealer through them!
That's not the worst idea. We go as the friend of one of their customers, or we do jetal identity theft and become one of their customers.

Problem is of course, first, we have to find some of their clients.

>Unity's primary two options are be an abuser going through withdrawals, or be a sorority girl looking to get drugs for her friends as an initiation ceremony.
If the dealers are reluctant to sell to people they don't know, the sorority girl is probably scarier to them than the addict. Less reliable, more likely to talk to the wrong people. Downside of the addict though is no one would have seen us before.

We might not want to go all the way to the full withdrawl level. All the way and they'll be worried we might be unpredictable enough to be bad for business.
No. 728932 ID: b412df

Upside with doing the identify theft is, they're going to be desperate. So we could just go up to them and say, we have money, and can get you CnJs if you tell us about your dealer (Only bringing up the appearance borrowing if they ask, because it's a little creepy even if your a desperate junkie).
No. 728933 ID: 3c708f

Not a super hard drug, then, just overall good and kept by a monopoly.

I think the abuser story is more believable, especially if we play it like we're being secretive but desperate, that the guild themselves are asking too much for us and we've been crawling around chasing rumours of other dealers to get "just a little fix, just to wean off, you know". Though, we might have a harder time playing the part in terms of knowing how to act like a junkie, the symptoms of withdrawal, familiarity with the scene and other dealers and drug zones, et cetera. I guess we do have a tap for the info to show we're familiar with the Guild, though. And it would be relatively easy to make the connection, if we have the aura of desperation to explain things - find someone who's shown the symptoms but isn't a Guild customer, offer to "do anything" if they tell us who their dealer is, do thing and then get introduced, easy.

Huh... I wonder if we could get the Dead Batteries involved in our story, somehow? If we show some connection to them, and they're not yet allied with the Guild, then Bluestone might assume being with one means we're not with the other. And that'd be easier with the junkie route, we can pretend we've been working with them as a stripper/hooker to get our funds, and that it's through them we've tracked the rumours to find him. It would also excuse being a relatively pretty-looking junkie, and we could "demonstrate our job skills" as an additional persuasion/negotiation tactic. We could even shapeshift and wear the face of an actual, already known DB girl, to set ourselves up right proper. Who knows, maybe there's one that fits the profile really well already! I feel like the Guild doesn't run any sex industry stuff themselves, so again it'd make the target feel safer. The Guild seems to favor more high-class operatives, again, so being a gutter whore debasing herself for the drugs won't match up with the profile for their agents he'd imagine. We're still hiding the fact that we're with the DBs from the Guild, so we'd need to be careful, though they likely won't care much if we make out that we just have a few, distant contacts with them.

Sorority covers our ignorance more, though if we did go with that we'd have to show a bit more wealth. We'd have to buy other drugs to fit the profile, and if we showed we had the money to do that then the question is why not go to the Guild directly. I wonder, could we play ignorance to Bluestone's independence? Like, we pretend that we think he is with the Lollipops? Like we're a dumb rich college girl who's used drugs provided by others before but only has a vague, mistaken impression of where they come from and how to get them.
No. 728940 ID: dd338c
File 146568157890.png - (19.54KB , 800x800 , 191.png )

After some deliberation, a story is made. Unity will play the part of a drug addict who is weaning off of the drugs. While she may appear on edge and somewhat desperate, she won't act like the worst result of drug abuse, and attempt to come across as someone who let themselves get in too deep and are trying to wean themselves off, and has been forced to go through independent dealers due to the prohibitive costs of Syndicate versions.

Scurps picks Unity up, and passes her the modules through the car seat.

"I think your idea is good, Scurps. The problem is is that I still would have to meet one of those clients."
>"Mmhmm, but he operates out of one block intensively, so I bet you could just ask around if you're subtle about it. I've never asked for drugs before, heh, since... well, I basically guard a pharmaceutical and all. Maybe we should get you a face, though. Someone who exists, because nearly any robot, jetal, or biological with a phone camera can do searches on your face, and if you've never been seen before, well, you may have to come up with a good reason why you're not known... we have faces, if you like. They're in the syndicate, but are used as 'clean' faces for stuff like this, so they don't get ties back to us."

Scurps gives a choice between Rayna, a business woman who likes to get stuff done, and Enni, a party girl. Scurps will give details on each if Unity wants to use one of them, but the details are only important to know so that she can match the character.

If Unity is not comfortable using the face of someone who really exists, she can also use the identity of Roxy or some other DB girl. Polatt confirms that he is alright with this, and will give even give information on Roxy to any people asking around to help sell a story. It would, Polatt thinks, help convince the dealer that Unity isn't working for the Syndicate since the Dead Batteries haven't been known to work with the Syndicate on anything.

Unity can also just go in as a nobody.

"Oh, and you should get some good clothes! We can get it delivered where I drop you off. But you should dress in either casual street clothes or maybe something skanky if you want to get people going after you. I can get some disposable clothes for you for the dropoff point and keep your current clothes safe."
No. 728942 ID: 211d83

How about business woman Rayna who is down on her luck and can no longer afford the good stuff so is weaning herself off drugs?

Can play her off as proud but slightly desperate. Should amuse the dealers and we can always be really "desperate" if you know what I mean.
No. 728943 ID: 398fe1

Hang on, does that mean we don't have a good face for an addict?
No. 728945 ID: a075ba

I kind of like the idea of using Roxy as a face, since if it works, we might have other drug dealers make her offer when she's working at the club. Which would mean our downtime / break time spent doing low-income dancing would also could as intelligence gathering. Intel we might be able to sell / trade to the Lollipop guild when we find someone selling something they shouldn't.

We still need to find someone who can vouch for us so we can get drugs, though.
No. 728946 ID: 3c708f

Going as a DB girl sounds best. I'd like to go as Roxy but she's only appeared recently herself, but, maybe. Check out who else Polatt has on offer. Someone who looks decent, but who's in the lower class, on the harder side of life, someone who fits the profile. Aaand someone who won't blatantly be visible somewhere else while we're active. Give her a bit of money and I'd bet the DBs could convince her to lay low for a while, if her schedule isn't otherwise convenient. We'd need the lollipop girls to lay low, too, and they'll probably be harder/more expensive to convince of that. Tell the 'pops that you have an idea of some girls near where you live who might be good to imitate, who you have connections to and who won't be associated with them at all.

Give Scurps a little affection while you're in him, a little stroke with your hand or something.
No. 728947 ID: 4546ab

Distract Scurps so thoroughly that he is in danger of getting into a car wreck.
No. 729188 ID: dd338c
File 146576831627.png - (18.00KB , 800x800 , 192.png )

>Hang on, does that mean we don't have a good face for an addict?
Unity isn't given the impression there's a perfect face on such short notice.

Scurps orders some temporary, simple clothes for Unity, which will use the Roxy name. Even though this handle isn't well established, it can be verified through the DB's strip club. Plus, Alison wants everyone to be on board with the idea, so after a brief discussion between the Dead Batteries and the Syndicate who want to keep relations with one another at arm's length, it's agreed on by both parties that it would be best to use a more disposable name under the worst case scenario.

While putting on clothes, Roxy teases Scurps.
No. 729190 ID: dd338c
File 146576839878.png - (20.45KB , 800x800 , 193.png )

He nearly blows through a red light, and slams on his breaks hard enough to nearly tear through the asphalt below him. Roxy ends up on the windshield.

>"Ack! Are you okay?! Er..."
"I'm still a jetal! I'm fine. I'm just glad the windshield is strong."
>"Okay. Sorry about that!"
"It's fine!"
>"I'm still sorry!"
"You don't have to be!"
>"Well I am!"
No. 729193 ID: dd338c
File 146576853772.png - (47.01KB , 800x800 , 194.png )

After apologies are given from Scurps and apology-dismissals given from Roxy in return, she's dropped off several blocks away so that no one will see Scurps and think that the Syndicate is making a move.

Roxy gets a few catcalls and stares, but it's otherwise a short trip to the block in question. She puts the camera in her eyeball so that Fern can see what's going on. There appear to only be biologicals and low level robots as far as Alison can see.

>"Alright." Fern messages Roxy. "Your block is up and down the street between the intersection you're at at the next one over, and the two buildings on either side. They're not gonna be any higher than the 10th floor, and no lower than the 8th basement level. That covers a lot of room and a lot of people, but not for a dealer like this. The first two floors are commercial. Strip clubs, parties, bars, clubs, casinos, pimp corners, you name it, you can find it."

Alison notes that Roxy doesn't seem to be looked on as favorably as she was in the strip clubs. The only looks Roxy gets seem to be of distrust, disdain and general suspicion, and Alison wonders if there's something wrong with Roxy since she can't imagine that so many people could possibly look at everyone like that.

Recluse disagrees, and thinks this block may only be a public location on legal documents and that everyone might actually just be jerks to outsiders.
No. 729200 ID: 211d83

Could be a few things.

1. Something about your appearance is off. (missing a rebreather?)

2. They know the usual crowd and you are not it. So until they know what you are there for you could be dangerous.

3. Possibly Roxy had history with this place?

Regardless check with Scurps and keep your eyes open. People here could just be used to junkies slumming it up and get annoyed by them. That or think you are undercover.
No. 729203 ID: 503552

Well, people who go to strip clubs are there specifically because they want to see pretty guys and girls, you know. You won't get as positive a reaction elsewhere, anyway. Also, uh, that expression you've got on at the moment looks a little... smug. Try to avoid smiling, or if you are smiling make it look a bit fake. You're an addict looking for a fix of something you haven't been able to get recently, right? And you're a squishy biological girl in an unfamiliar part of town. Try to look a little on edge. Flick your tail about in agitation a bit, that sort of thing. If I read right, the withdrawal symptoms to a make-everything-feel-good drug would approximate to making everything feel bad, so try to look like you're in a little pain. Just a bit.

They may also think you're a hooker, in which case you might be edging on the claimed territory of the established local hookers.

Let's see... we need to establish your persona. You've just taken a long drive here, and you need something to numb yourself to your symptoms a little. Go into the liquor store and look for something cheap and hard, like just a small bottle of something low-class, bad-tasting but with a kick to it. You can ask the store owner about places to get... other stuff. Legal stuff, of course. I'd bet those girls back there will listen in to you.

I dunno what that guy's doing with his hand under his coat. Fingering a weapon? Jerkin' it on the street? Dunno, but it's unusual enough to excuse you being curious enough to take a longer look at him. Use your social scanner. Use it on the girls, too, as you pass them by to go into the store.
No. 729204 ID: b412df

Could be general attitude, your clothes are comparatively nicer than crowd here, and you're looking pretty confident, so you might stick out because of that.

Although, dunno about the other two, but the one on the right seems to be looking a bit lower than your face. Maybe envious?

Can we use the social scanner to get a read on the vibe / mood of the people here?
No. 729205 ID: a075ba

>Recluse disagrees, and thinks this block may only be a public location on legal documents and that everyone might actually just be jerks to outsiders.
These are people who are using or selling illegal drugs, and are wary of the cops, rival drug syndicates they might be ripping off, and/or people people doing business with those people. It's a lot of people who are down on their luck, and lots of legitimate reasons to be suspicious of others.

Also, I some people who might well be working girls, and Roxy is one too. I'm sure they don't appreciate competition on their turf.

>what do
Tone down the naive / friendly outlook, and try to adopt a more neutral expression, and act like like you belong here (might need to let a non-Alison drive for that).

We need to be on the lookout for a user we can befriend and use as a point of contact with the dealer.
No. 729221 ID: 503552
File 146577290388.png - (138.92KB , 800x800 , unitytrashy.png )

Another outfit, by the way. Something closer to the classic streetwalker look, though with a little more touch of well-off than would be suitable, for example, right now.

Holes in the jeans with the fishnet tights might be too dense/complex for speedy update purposes. Would be no issue to reduce the number of holes or other complicated elements.
No. 729227 ID: 398fe1

If Bio-Emulator isn't on already you'd better turn it on now!
No. 729260 ID: dd338c
File 146578237666.png - (31.80KB , 800x800 , 195.png )

The scanner is used to process additional details from the few people around the corner.

As far as the cues can be read, the man laying on the sidewalk either has discomfort on his left side, or is fingering a weapon. The other two girls are feeling that their territory is being contested.

Before getting in full view, Roxy adjusts her look a bit to seem a slightly on edge and ragged but otherwise with a neutral expression while confirming her bio emulator is on.

Despite the lobbyists somewhat confused why a liquor store would also sell a great deal of painkillers that aren't supposed to be taken with alcohol, they do confirm that most places like that would sell painkillers. The girls look like they might block Roxy's path into the liquor store, but she slips in without incident and shops around to get something that might hold a CnJ user over for a bit while the clerk watches her like a hawk. Scurps recommends an all purpose pain killer commonly used by withdrawn CnJ users, so Roxy goes with that.

>"That'll be 400. If you're buying this for a friend or are experiencing chronic pain, you're welcome to buy more than one and save yourself a trip later."
No. 729264 ID: 211d83

Yeah that might be a good idea. Give me a few extra.

So is this the best stuff to deal with chronic pain? Or is there something better I could be using?

Then look like you are reconsidering and blurt out "But not to strong." I got hooked on something strong once and have been trying to wean myself off it for awhile now.

And sigh and look somewhat depressed.
No. 729266 ID: b412df

Is the store clerk a biological? That almost looks like a seam for cybernetics around the front of his face, like it's supposed to come off or something.

Probably irrelevant, but discretely scan (Standard scanner) him while paying?
No. 729271 ID: 398fe1

Focus social scanner on him so we can manipulate him better.
No. 729272 ID: 503552

Say you're hoping you won't need them soon, and you have... other things you need to buy. Then buy them and leave, and when you get a chance pop one in your mouth. We can just... store it.

This guy and his shop look pretty polished, so he's likely not in on the illicit circles around here. I think those girls outside are listening in, though, and might challenge you when you get outside, since I think they are hookers and on the watch for a new business rival. If they get stroppy you can explain to them that you work in a different part of the town (maybe drop the actual name of the club, to establish your identity), and you're only here looking for... someone. Who has something you need. Maybe.

Hopefully, they'll want to help you find what you're looking for so you get out of here and stop making them look less desirable by comparison to you. However, they might also be jerks and get rough with you, so be prepared to react appropriately, like an organic would.
No. 729275 ID: a075ba

Ask if he knows where you can look around here to not need to keep hurting, if he knows what you mean.

(How are things with Alison and Clarence going? Left them hanging a while ago).
No. 729277 ID: b412df

Should we ask the shopkeep though? Seems like it would be a pretty blatant attempt, when CnJ dealing semi-screen their customers.
No. 729279 ID: 503552

Maybe play to your Roxy persona by being a just little flirty with the store owner. Not seriously, not actually trying to get anything out of him, just a little, briefly. In a hollow way, even, without your heart in it. As if smiling and fluttering your eyelashes at men is something you do just by habit, without thinking, while still overall giving that sense of being in a bad place at the minute. That'll make the girls outside suspect you're in their industry and make them more likely to get in your face about it, which could be our in to the local community as we "slip" hints as to what we're here looking for.

For our backstory, I think we can match up our sudden lack of ability to buy from the syndicate with Roxy's recent employment by the DBs. Let's say Roxy, until recently, worked for a higher-class, private club, and had more money, but lost her job somehow (influential client that pushed too much on her, and she unwisely complained?). So now she works for the DBs, is paid less, and is therefore in trouble with her drug habit?
No. 729283 ID: 8111b6

I'd say to double the order. Even if we don't use it ourselves, perhaps the batteries or the lollipops could make use of them.

I'd suggest taking a dose for appearances immediately after purchase. Maybe a double dose, provided over the counter stuff isn't as strong as something that would need a prescription. This guy might be a way of screening for prospective clients, or might just be used to dealing with junkies.

Perhaps eye the alcohol for a moment before heading out.
No. 729328 ID: dd338c
File 146579291725.png - (22.58KB , 800x800 , 196.png )

>How are Alison/Clarence doing?
Alison has been fooling around with Clarence for awhile, and despite not going easy on her, Clarence insists she continues.

Roxy idly flutters her eyelashes and sticks her chest out a bit more than most would consider appropriate, but does it more out of an emulated habit than doing so pointedly.

Although the shop is polished, the scanner reveals that the clerk is a robot capable of defending the shop against would-be burglars. He appears to be immune to any seduction, and although he is designed to be friendly and knowledgeable towards any customers and their questions, his default functions are short and to the point to get customers in and out. He's intended to be a medium between looking intimidating but still approachable, as he keeps a neutral or friendly expression on his face while plate seams are intentionally left visible to make it clear he's robotic. His expression, though a faithful reproduction of normal belenosian faces, tends to be plain and difficult to get any read on.

"Hey, Polatt?" Alison texts him. "Can we say Roxy used to work at a higher class strip club, and that's why I'm down on my luck?"
>"Sure. Isn't a pretty thing to smear your name artificially, but we can fit you in the records of our higher end strip clubs and say we demoted you after you made a few bad calls that we'll leave as vague."
"Okay, thank you!"
>"You're welcome, I think."

"Well..." Roxy replies to the clerk. "I guess one more box would be good." As soon as she says it, the counter opens up, some mechanism whirs, and another box pops up. "Um.... hey, do you know where I can find something to, well, not need to keep hurting? If you know what I mean? But not too strong." She says, drooping her voice near the end.

While speaking, Roxy lays down some cash while opening up the box to pop a few pills right away.

>"This isn't a pharmacy, but I know of someone who may be able to guide you to one." he says with an unsubtle tinge on the word 'pharmacy'. "He'll be willing to help you, so long as you respect that he isn't a charity. He's usually hanging on the streets around here, and I can call him over."
No. 729329 ID: 398fe1

No. 729411 ID: 179fb7

If you don't want Roxy's name smeared too much, the record could say that she got into trouble with a powerful patron of her old club, like maybe someone who wanted too much from her but the DBs wouldn't have wanted to mess with, so she got bumped down to a lower club to keep her away from encountering them again more than anything. So like, her future is uncertain, maybe the DBs will find somewhere else to raise her up again, maybe not, partly depending on how well she keeps herself together and working well despite being a bit hard done by. And that sort of backstory would present an obvious reason for her to have been taking a drug that makes bad stuff feel good, it'd be a common resort for people who sell services they aren't enjoying so much. If the DBs don't want to let people think they let one of their girls get ill-treated, maybe Roxy ill-advisedly kept it secret from them for the sake of not causing problems and used the drug to help herself endure things.

Heck, it even plays in with her having been almost kidnapped, if any of the truth of that's been spreading around. Perhaps the mysterious abusive client had a hankering to see her again and hired someone to nab her. Well, that might be a stretch, but at the very least, her being an addict to something explains her being willing to take risks for extra money. Or, alternately, she had some stockpiled for weaning herself off but the bit of trauma she had from the kidnapping last night drove her to indulge, and now she has none left.

Anyway, tell the clerk you'd be grateful for that (he's probably not a charity, either. If his info's good you might want to tip him a little), but remember to act a bit nervous. Remember, you're playing someone who knows that the guy she's looking for isn't with the Lollipops, and who knows what they think of resellers and their customers, since she's bought from them before, and has info through her DB contacts.

Oh, hm, speaking of being grateful, if we are going to be using any... specialist haggling techniques, later, I'm wondering something. Is the withdrawal symptom of CnJ just general hurting/soreness? Or is it a direct inversion of the drug's normal effect, that all stimuli produce discomfort or pain, in the same way that when it is in effect everything feels good? Because if the reversal is the withdrawal effect, we need to be sure we react appropriately to any intense sensations. In the case of "in-depth negotiations", in particular, it'll be out of character to be too keen to offer anything that would feel good (and therefore painful, right now) for Roxy. So, I hope some of you guys in there have been practicing using your hands and mouths and rubbing things on things. If you haven't, maybe get a bit of last-minute practice in right now while this "pharmacist" is being fetched.
No. 729456 ID: a075ba

Yeah, that sounds good. You can pay, and you'll talk to this guy if he points us in his direction.
No. 729459 ID: dd338c
File 146585509377.png - (35.21KB , 800x800 , 197.png )

"If we could keep Roxy's name okay by just having another reason for her to be downgraded, that may work too."
>"I'll see what I can do." says Polatt.

>Is the withdrawal symptom of CnJ just general hurting/soreness?
A dim sense of pain is common. Although withdrawals not make additional sensation feel bad as a direct inverse to its effects,

"Okay! I'd be grateful." Roxy says to the clerk. "I can pay extra for the information.
>"ERROR. Information is not for sale and is intended for customer relations only. Do not pay for non-inventory items." He says in a robotic voice that sounds like it's a playback message, before speaking normally again. "Wait outside, he'll be here in just a second."
"Does it have to be outside?"
>"Yes. This is a no soliciting zone, so he is not allowed to advertise pharmacy's here. Even if we are not a pharmacy. You can wait inside until then, if you would like to avoid the smog. We do not have respirator dispensers here."

Unity pays for the goods, eyes the alcohol, and then goes outside when the clerk says he's outside.
No. 729462 ID: dd338c
File 146585520031.png - (25.89KB , 800x800 , 198.png )

Upon going outside, Roxy is met by the largest biological she has ever seen outside of the internet, with several internal cybernetics and other enhancements that seem to be made for combat. Despite the enhancements, he appears like he's trying to hide the fact that he's mildly winded after possibly sprinting here. He makes and maintains direct eye contact, and maintains it like a rowboat with a battleship anchor.

>"Hey, girl! Heard you were looking for something?"
No. 729463 ID: b412df

Uh oh, biological? What was our target again, a constantly face changing jetal? Could be pulling the same trick we are, but thinking this could get to be a bad situation easily.

Also looks like his presence is really pissing off that working girl.
No. 729466 ID: a075ba

>Heard you were looking for something?
Yeah. Know where a gal can score some...

Uh, what's the street name of the drug we're buying? CnJ doesn't flow of the tongue very well, and it sounds too much like it's the formula.

Yeah, he's not the target. He's hopefully a go between who will get us there. I'd assume our target wouldn't let people resell their product this close to them?
No. 729468 ID: 179fb7

Well, since we're playing someone who's been following rumours, we don't have much reason to pretend we don't know who we're looking for. So, since he's massive enough to justify you getting a long eyeful, use your scanner on him, flick it on the girl behind him again as well, and reply something like...

"A... kind of specific something, yes. I'd heard someone around here might have it. You, um, don't really fit the kind of person I was picturing from what I heard, but, even if all you could do is help me find my way around, I'd be... very grateful. And I could have just imagined wrong. Is there somewhere not out on the street that we could talk about it?"

>He makes and maintains direct eye contact, and maintains it like a rowboat with a battleship anchor.

He's trying not to let his eyes get sucked into that massive gravity well you have sticking out the front. I like him. He might not be our man but he might work for him, be an associate of him or otherwise be able to help us out just by being familiar with the scene.

The fact that this guy is sweating... the guy at the party we met in the last thread was sweating a lot too, wasn't he? And he was a user of the same stuff. Maybe it's an associated symptom of use. Speaking of bodily fluids, does the bio-imitation mod have any fluid functionality? It would have to have some sub-function to make scents, so it would have some limited chemical synthesis ability. It would probably be pretty restricted, though, just tears and sweat. And one assumes the sex module can handle, uh, lubrication.


Spark, Suckers and Lollipops were given as example names for the original drug, though the bootleg might have a different name.
No. 729470 ID: 8111b6

Keep the same vague, wishy washy sort of innuendoes. After all, "what if this guy's a cop or something?" is a valid thought for someone trying to get drugs, right?

Also, I wonder if cybernetics have the ability to duplicate some types of jetal modules for biological use.
No. 729473 ID: 179fb7

Maybe very quietly mention to him, he doesn't have to be careful with his eyes, you don't mind.

It's not like we're trying not to get a look at him, after all. He's pretty cute.
No. 729479 ID: dd338c
File 146586036095.png - (14.71KB , 800x800 , 199.png )

Judging by the stinkeye from the girl is directed at Roxy, it's decided on that her problem is that the man is going after Roxy more than the man himself.

>CnJ Name
The term 'CnJ' appears to be short for 'cream n' jelly' which appears to be a wild bastardization of the primary chemical compounds ran through a series of dumbing down to get something pronounceable, if not something that rolls perfectly off the tongue.

There are a few side names for it, though, which allow Roxy to at least show a semblence of subtlety about it while in the middle of the sidewalk with company.

>Does the bio-imitation mod have any fluid functionality?
It does allow for generation of bodily fluids, provided raw materials, either synthetic or in the form of food.

>He's sweating
Lobbyists are pretty sure that's just because he's a little bit out of breath. The drug sniffer is used, and although the air is about as dank as city air gets, which is very, it doesn't detect some directly on this person.

"A... kind of specific something, yes. I'd heard someone around here might have it. You, um, don't really fit the kind of person I was picturing from what I heard - "
>"Ahaha it's fine most people don't really think I look appropriate but I'm still good at what I do! Er, continue, please."
"Right, uh, but, even if all you could do is help me find my way around, I'd be... very grateful. And you don't need to be careful with your eyes, I really don't mind."

Roxy has never seen eyes vibrate like that in the midst of intense confusion and conflicting wishes.

"Is there a place we could go in private where I could score some, uh, sucking?"
No. 729480 ID: dd338c
File 146586037231.png - (21.39KB , 800x800 , 200.png )

>"Heyyy hold on a second!" the prostitute comes up fast but sounding nice. Scanner says the nice is a lie. "You, big guy, wait here just a second, I've gotta talk with this girl about something, it'll take two seconds!" she says, before turning to Roxy. "Just step with me off to the side here." she says, gesturing away. While she isn't directing Roxy into back alley murder-nook, she is pointing around the street corner where the large man can't see.
No. 729484 ID: d8dc8a

She thinks you're picking up johns on her corner.

"No thanks, I'm good here."
No. 729485 ID: 179fb7

>"Is there a place we could go in private where I could score some, uh, sucking?"

Dangit you guys. Now she thinks you're a rival horning in or her slice of the street. Probably. We may be misinterpreting the situation. But probably not!

... I wonder how she'd react if you just say "oh, no, don't worry, I'm buying from him."
No. 729487 ID: 91cfcf

"I'm buying from him, idiot."
No. 729488 ID: a075ba


"I'm not selling anything, sister. I'm just trying to get high."
No. 729489 ID: e4f856

No. 729491 ID: 36f185

No. 729496 ID: 179fb7

Of course, it might be unfair to assume this girl is a hooker straight away, just because she's hanging out on the street in revealing clothes. She looked big enough in our initial view of her to maybe be this guy's sister or something, so if this guy is a dealer maybe she's like, his lookout or something.

I don't think that's a likely scenario, but it is possible! So I'm still suggesting the "don't worry i'm buying from him" response, but if it looks like there is a misunderstanding then yeah dip around the corner with her. Just barely, though, like leave your rear side just visible past the wall.
No. 729497 ID: dd338c
File 146586374507.png - (16.36KB , 800x800 , 201.png )

"Don't worry, I'm buying from him!"
No. 729498 ID: dd338c
File 146586375557.png - (22.77KB , 800x800 , 202.png )

This seems to take her by surprise, but Roxy takes that moment of confusion to take a couple steps towards the guy. By the time she regains her composure and is about to say anything, the moment is passed and she's let go.

>"Oh, uh, I'm Marchi, by the way." he says as he puts his hand on Roxy's back and directs her to walk with him.
"I'm Roxy."
>"Nice to meet you, so, uh, what's your budget for this?" he asks, before starting to look around like maybe he shouldn't be asking about Roxy's budget in the middle of a street. "That is, uh, the quality of what you're looking for can vary a lot."
No. 729499 ID: a075ba

If your research didn't cover how much would be appropriate for you to score (or even if it did) I suggest immediately texting Polatt and Scurps for input.

If you need to, you can stall by being coy, or probably just taking a deep breath and making your chest grab his attention for a moment.
No. 729501 ID: 0a94cb

Our story is we're trying to cut down anyway, right? We can weave that into wanting higher quality stuff, cause we'll be spending our modest budget on stuff less often.

Even if this logic doesn't quite pan out given how the drug works, it does pan out for someone trying to trick themselves into a weaning effort they're not fully committed to that is doomed to failure, and it probably doesn't make much different for our purposes if he buys our claims at face value or thinks we're self-deceiving.
No. 729502 ID: 398fe1

Take what you made from the stripping and divide it by 3, that's what we'll offer. Maybe mention you aren't looking for something strong, you're trying to quit.
No. 729503 ID: b412df

I'd say our budget doesn't need to be too strongly connected to Roxy's pay. A biological needs rent, food, and other things, and we can make those numbers up. Do we know what sort of quality Bluestone supposedly sells?
No. 729513 ID: 179fb7

Remember to keep up the subtle signs of nervousness and withdrawal symptoms. Though mute the latter a little over time, to match having taken the painkillers.

Tell him best quality isn't really what you're looking for, unfortunately. You used to be able to get the best, but, uh, well, you wouldn't be out here looking if you still could, no offense. You had to take on a lower-paying job recently, see. You thought you would be ok, but some things happened, and... basically, you just want to get enough now to help you endure until you can cope with less. That was your plan before, too, but... well, you're sure you can manage it this time. (let him think you have a good chance of slipping up again and coming back for more). So you actually want a variety, starting strong but getting more gentle, if he can provide that.

Yes, I did phrase all that to possibly also apply to sex services.

Doing some rough calculations of how many hours an actual organic stripper would work a week, plus a couple side jobs, Roxy's income is probably about 600k a week, two-thirds of which would be spent on various essentials for living and working. That makes 200k spare a week, so however long a weaning program would take, a month or two maybe, I don't know, tally that up and call it your budget.

Give an impression that the number you're quoting is a bit of a stretch, so you can set yourself up to have a reason you want to "negotiate" with him, or his boss or whoever will be at the end of this chain if that's how this is going to play out. If that's on the table as a possibility, with you maybe dropping a hint or two towards it so these people have a reason to think with what's between theri legs, they'll be thinking a little less with their heads.
No. 729521 ID: dd338c
File 146586734688.png - (10.68KB , 800x800 , 203.png )

Roxy realizes she needs some input for this to not blindly shoot out a number.

"Scurps? How much money would it cost to buy enough to wean off of this drug?"
>"It takes a while if you're already feeling withdrawals. If you're doing it slow and safe, then you might be looking at, ah... hm... a million if you want to have just a little bit less every day. But that's if you want to buy it all at once, it's probably at least 10 grand per day to begin with to keep the withdrawals away but avoid the high. Then a little bit less per day after that. I hope that makes sense. Again, I don't buy!"
"That much?"
>"It takes about a thousand bucks for a regular person to get their high, but a real addict needs 20 times that much!"

>"Wait that's with Syndicate prices, do about a third of that for bootleg prices." he adds.

No. 729523 ID: a075ba

If the Lollipop Guild is willing to return our cash after they raid the place, or reimburse our costs for the drug (which I assume we're handing over to them when we're done) cost isn't really so important.

It doesn't make sense if we're not trying to buy at least a few days worth. Bootleg prices are 10k for three days... so say 70k for 21 days? That's most of a month. (Or maybe just round up to 100k for a month and a round number).
No. 729524 ID: 179fb7

>a million
>about a third of that for bootleg prices

All right, say you have about a 300k budget. That'll leave a 33,333 (repeating) gap between that and what you'd actually need for a full weaning supply. Given that the guy yesterday offered 50k for a "private session" with Roxy like that was a decent price, then a "private negotiation" could cover that difference, plus maybe a little discount for you being a new customer. Maybe hint that you could possibly pay more but you don't want to because it'd eat into funds for other things.
No. 729525 ID: 91cfcf

I'm just assuming that their bucks are roughly equivalent to one cent each. So a million is ten thousand, 25000 an hour stripping is $250, 50000 is $500, and so on. Three thousand sounds right for a large supply of drugs, so go with 30k and sweeten the deal if needed.
No. 729526 ID: 398fe1

Let's go with 30k and say if you like what you get you'll come back again for more.
No. 729528 ID: b0190d

Actually, I'm thinking, Marchi here is probably a sub-dealer in a mini-organization around this area, and Bluestone is up somewhere above him in the supply chain/heirarchy. To do the job the lollipops want, we need to find some reason that lets us ask to move up the ranks and meet/get the stuff from the (bootleg) source.

Asking for a bulk delivery might do that, since Marchi might not have all that we want in his own stash. We might need to offer more money for them to go through the trouble and expense of dropping it off for us. Some arrangement like, send Marchi to X location with half the stuff, we meet him with half the cash to make the exchange, then do the same a week later elsewhere, something like that. Of course, once we conclude that arrangement, we will pay now to take some to tide us over until said delivery, which will be the proof the lollipops need.

I'm kind of hoping we can spare Marchi the lollipops' wrath and make him our own minion, he seems like he'd be very useful as a little muscle to call on to complement our stealth and subterfuge approach. As a jetal, we should be able to afford an organic cyborg henchman, and he seems nice so far. He might still turn out otherwise, though, of course.
No. 729533 ID: dd338c
File 146587022329.png - (38.65KB , 800x800 , 204.png )

"Well, quality isn't what I'm looking for, otherwise I wouldn't be out here."
>"Oh, er, I guess that makes sense, but I'm sure I can get good stuff for you."
"Well... the thing is is that I had to take a lower paying job recently. I used to get the best! Then things happened, and now I just have to endure and cope with less and less. Again. I mean, I did this before, because I had the same plan, but I'm sure I can manage it this time! So I'd like a variety if possible but getting more gentle. If you can provide that."
>"Oh, yes, but I do need to have an idea of what your budget it."
"Oh! Uh, how about 75k?
>"For that much, we'll have a lot of options that I think you'll enjoy."
"You have that much in stock?"
>"Haha, you'll make me have to restock, but that's a good thing."

The conversation enters a lull as he guides Roxy into a building and to a hallway at the side, where he enters an elevator.

>"My place is on the 9th level basement, just to put that out there." he says, before some subtle body languages of his seems to indicate he also thinks that he shouldn't have said that.

Roxy can't detect any ill will from Marchi, but he is nervous while simultaneously being pushy as he seems on edge for Roxy to keep going with him. This also puts some lobbyists on edge, because going down a few basement levels in a place like this is already sketchy, and there's no camera detected in the elevator.
No. 729536 ID: a075ba

>>"My place is on the 9th level basement, just to put that out there."
>They're not gonna be any higher than the 10th floor, and no lower than the 8th basement level.
Red flag. That's lower than Fern said they should be.

Text consult. Why wouldn't it be lower than that? Is B9 and below secure, or controlled, or expensive, or something?

What do: act nervous, stall. Geeze, really? 9 Basements down?
No. 729541 ID: 211d83

Yeah talk with Fern and Scurps while acting a bit nervous.

Way down in the basement? Does nine levels down mean something special? This is my first time around here and am a bit nervous.

You seem like a nice guy but a girl has to be careful.
No. 729542 ID: b0190d

I don't think there's a huge danger. My guess now is, there's some suspicion you're an agent, either of the cops or the lollipops, and Marchi is the muscle sent to fetch you and bring you in somewhere private, to be inspected and interrogated to make sure you're not an agent before actually selling anything to you. Marchi's emotional state is because it's still possible you are an agent and he'll have to deal with you if so, but he's hoping that won't be the case. Because he's attracted to you. I think he's even blushing a little. Give him a smile.

So don't try to pull out now, keep going. This is fitting the "I'd say he's the gangleader, but it's more like he's hired some thugs to protect him and run his shit" profile Fern gave Bluestone. It is lower than the 8th level specification, but Fern may have just meant that's the only areas where you could meet dealers "on the street", as it were. 9 may be just private residences, and the sort of place you'd go to meet someone on their terms.

Thinking ahead, in addition to our Dead Batteries connection, being willing to offer sexual services as a haggling tactic may actually serve to make us more trustworthy. The Lollipops don't seem to have any hand in the sex industries themselves, and their members all seem to tend towards having a certain pride and high opinion of themselves, so both they and the cops would likely be seen as very unlikely to have employees who'd be willing to do things like that, much less offer.
No. 729545 ID: 4546ab

Text Fern and Scurps quickly and ask if one floor off is dangerous.

If its not that bad I would say its worth the risk. As long as they know where you are going.
No. 729548 ID: dd338c
File 146587340286.png - (14.64KB , 800x800 , 205.png )

The person who is exiting the elevator seems extremely cautious around Marchi, and practically grinds against the opposite wall to get around him while staying as far as possible.

Alison wants to just go for it because she likes Marchi, but after some caution is requested, she takes control of the phone again to text Scurps.

"Hi Scurps!"
>"Hi again?!"
"Another question!"
>"You can just ask it!"

"This person says he wants to sell me stuff on the 9th floor. What's sketchy about the 9th floor? I heard it's bad, but I don't know how."
>"Usually the first couple floors are just parking areas or warehouses or things like that. After that, though, you start getting into the foundations of the buildings where maybe there's some subway station or passages and stuff, but in a place like that, there's probably just abandoned businesses or business fronts where a lot of people go when they don't want to be seen and can't afford actual office space. That's why our target isn't below the 8th, because we've got confirmation that after the 8th in either building it's all just rebar, running ground water, cracked concrete, and... you get the idea. If the sea is an ocean of scumbuckets, then if someone's taking you to the 9th floor down, they're what we call a bottomfeeder. The sort of person who wants to hide right under the people hiding from the law! And there's a lot of kinds of bottomfeeders, so I couldn't give you advice about it, but they generally have a lot of shit going on."

>"Oh, and the basement levels are usually bigger than upper levels, so the 9th level is deeper than it might sound to you if you've never been down there."

No. 729552 ID: 398fe1

So, this could be dangerous for an unarmed jetal, and we can't just get a mod from the internet. I guess if Roxy gets into trouble and Scurps can't get to us we could entice a jetal to have sex with Roxy then steal their shit.

So let's do this. Double down.
No. 729555 ID: 211d83

That would explain the nervousness and being able to buy out his stock with just 75k.

This guy is small time and really wants to make a sale.

Can we bust anyone or only a certain someone? If anyone I say try going with this guy.
No. 729556 ID: a075ba

Hmm. So 9th floor isn't immediately dangerous or super-secure, it's just megaslums. He's ashamed to be down there, and it's not taking us to our target.

I guess we have to hope he's going to have to take us to Bluestone to restock? But I'm not sure why we'd have to go to his place first, unless it's for sex, he actually has that much product in stock himself, ooooor, he's planning on beating ripping us off once we're well and away from anyone else? (Might be the girl was trying to warn us about him, not trying to get rid of us as competition).

I'm not sure this gets us where we want to be.

Maybe ask if he's got enough stuff down there? Or if he restocks anywhere closer?

>Can we bust anyone or only a certain someone?
The contract here to bust Bluestone. We were hoping Marchi would be a point of contact.
No. 729559 ID: 4546ab

Buying this guy out seems like a way to get to his supplier.
No. 729561 ID: dd338c
File 146587630970.png - (41.18KB , 800x800 , 206.png )

Roxy goes for it. Although this doesn't appear to be the target, the Syndicate would like to know about it if Marchi did have lollipops, and even if he doesn't himself, it's more than a faint possibility that he has ties to Bluestone.

"And you're sure you have enough down there?"
>"Oh, yes, let's just.." he lets out a nervous laugh. "I'm on the 9th floor, and you can't be that naive, so let's just say you will get a lot of bang for your buck if you come down to my level."

He pauses as he rethinks his statement.

>"You'll get a lot for your budget. It's no place for people like you, but it's really not safe for me to deal up top where anyone can see."
"Okay. I'll go with you."

He seems elated, and ushers Roxy in and hits as far down as the elevator goes. The elevator seems slow, but it still takes a long time to get to the 9th floor. After the first few floors pass, Marchi's breathing evens out as he gets calmer. By the time the 6th floor is ducked under, Marchi audibly exhales just before Roxy's phone loses all reception.

>"So, uh, if you don't mind me asking, what part of town are you from? I don't see many newcomers on this block that don't get shoo'd away before I can get to them, let alone ones that are actually trying to get away from drugs."
No. 729562 ID: 398fe1

What part of town? Give him the area near the strip joint Roxy works at.

Also let's start making up more backstory for Roxy that won't conflict what there is already on her.
No. 729572 ID: 211d83

Give him some basic stuff from Roxys background.

As for why I am in this neighborhood I heard from a friend that this was a good place to check if your wallet was light. It's easy to get over your head when you are making good money and life is going great. I am just glad things went downhill before I was in to far to get out easy.

I was wondering how a big guy like you got so winded. Bet you might have a sob story similar to mine.

Am glad you showed up when you did because those girls were not in the mood for me hanging around.
No. 729573 ID: a075ba

>"So, uh, if you don't mind me asking, what part of town are you from? I don't see many newcomers on this block that don't get shoo'd away before I can get to them, let alone ones that are actually trying to get away from drugs."
You can be honest, here. Give the name for the district / area the Dead Batteries control / where the strip club is / Loviro's hideout is. You checked maps on your phone earlier, and I'm sure you've seen street signs and stuff while you were up and about.

You went outside your usual area cause you don't want word getting back you switched to the off-label stuff.
No. 729577 ID: e22b1d

Do not be to specific. Just the general area of town that fits Roxy's backstory.

No mentioning addresses or Loviros place.

This is a shady drug dealer so to much info is not needed. Just stuff like oh yeah I grew up on the westside and work near central square.
No. 729599 ID: 8111b6

Maybe mention the area.

An excuse could be wanting to keep friends and employers from finding out, if that comes up.

Judging by the way this guy's reacting, we could probably get a bit of fun if we wanted. We are on a job, though...
No. 729603 ID: b412df

Might be worth mentioning that we work in a strip club in such and such area, not naming it or giving it's location, to sorta keep his mind in the gutter and encourage him not to think too hard.

Guessing he's hit the steroids pretty hard to get that huge, would explain why he's getting winded, the rest of him didn't get trained by taking the quick way.

We don't have any friends to tell us though, if we mention that they might ask for names, and they're likely to know their regular customers well.
No. 729606 ID: b0190d

>relaxes as phone reception cuts out

I think this is still fitting with the idea of worrying you're an agent. Now he knows you're not wearing a wire, or if you are it's not working now. Going even lower might protect against more, like EIN detection. In any case, "The sort of person who wants to hide right under the people hiding from the law" sounds exactly like where you'd find a bootleg CnJ operation. The Lollipop are criminals, after all, hiding from the law, and these guys are hiding from them. And they'd need somewhere to set up their drug kitchen.

Anyway, tell him the general area you come from. As I recall, it's basically a red light district, lots of brothels for sure, so act like you're assuming he'll make an assumption and say "but I'm not a prostitute, in case you were making the same assumption that girl did. Well, not... officially, anyway. I'm a dancer, right now I'm at [name of Roxy's club], and, you know, there are, um, side jobs. Which I don't mind doing. Er, most of them. I actually got into CnJ as a work aid, for something that paid a lot. I've, uh, had a bit of a string of problems, lately, you can probably tell."

That'll set up your dancer backstory and your connection to the DBs, and it'll reveal you're the kind of person willing to sell personal favors, so this guy and his friends will have that on their minds. You don't want to get into that too much right now, so lead away by asking about him. "How about you? Most dealers I've seen tend to be more... subtly built, even the rough types. It must take a lot to get so big, and it can't just be to look good."

Add a little smile at that last comment.
No. 729651 ID: 398fe1

I think telling him any specifics would be more suspicious than being vague. I mean, would you tell your drug dealer where you live?
No. 729679 ID: dd338c
File 146595978386.png - (60.83KB , 800x800 , 207.png )

"I'm around the upper side of the 6th district." says Roxy. "I dance at a strip club, there. Uh, there's side jobs, and I got into CnJ some as a, well, work aid. I was paid well enough that it wasn't a big deal, but then I got carried away and then ran into big problems. Which is why I ended up here."
>"This far?!"
"I didn't want to get traced back. But, hey, how about you? You're biological, right? I've never seen a biological so large."
>"Ahahah well it's not that fair, I'm not exactly all natural."
"Most dealers I've dealt with usually look a little more, uh, subtly built, even the rougher ones."
>"Oh. Sorry!"
"No it's fine! It's just had to have taken a lot to get that big, and it can't be just to look good."
>"Oh, no, I'm kind of, well, an independent person, and it's been so hard to get trustworthy help that I've just had to become my own muscle, so to speak. It sure doesn't help people act amenable to me, that's for sure, so it means a lot that you're trusting me this much."

He pats her on the back.

>"Well, anyway, Roxy, you might've gone a long way out of your normal operating area, but I think I'm bold enough to say that for a place to fix your problems, you couldn't have come to a better place."

As he finishes the sentence, the elevator opens up into a dreary, broken down hallway with a stairwell going downwards at the side and a flickering series of lights on the ceiling.

>"Well, uh...that is... it gets better. Let's move on."
No. 729680 ID: dd338c
File 146595979837.png - (33.62KB , 800x800 , 208.png )

Marchi reaches up into the ceiling and grabs a flashlight from there, and leads Roxy down the stairwell. Between the odd noises the building above her makes and the increasingly broken material, it starts feeling more like spelunking through an urban labyrinth than walking through a large building.

>"I'm really sorry to make you walk all this way, I'm - "

A bottle smashes apart against the floor up ahead.

>"Er. No one's supposed to be here." he whispers. "Can I ask you to hide in that maintenance closet, there, while I investigate that?"
No. 729681 ID: 211d83

Sure why not hide in the closet.

(paranoia check: make sure you can get out of it afterwards)
No. 729685 ID: 398fe1

Switch from social scanner to normal, see if you can do some threat assessment.

Also don't hide in the closet, just get out of sight.
No. 729696 ID: e08e65

Hey, this job is becoming a very sketchy thing, and though I understand we're a part of a criminal syndicate so this is to be expected, just as a precaution, I feel that maybe we shouldn't get stuck in what could possibly be a rape-closet
No. 729711 ID: a075ba

Glance back down the elevator.

"I can hang back, but I'd prefer not to block my own way back to the elevator if there is something or someone bad down here."

Also, yeah, use the scanner suite.
No. 729764 ID: 849d12

Take a glance over at the closet, look (more) worried, then whisper back that you think you'd feel safer hiding behind him than being alone down here. Besides, the door looks so rusted up, it'd make noise opening and closing.

Try the scanner, yes, and also try the sniffer, see if it picks up anything odd.

This could still be a convoluted plan of testing you're not an agent, but my suspicion is also swinging back to him being Bluestone and using some bio-imitation and false scanner feedback mod. In which case, the way to test for a bio-imitating jetal is probably the old shapeshifter trick of separating a part of their body from the rest of it. Drawing blood is traditional, but in our case, maybe we could get something else from him. Even if he has a mod to produce something, I'd bet it couldn't reproduce the organic stuff exactly, so it'll be possible to tell. Might have to store it inside ourselves and switch to a chemical analysis mod later to do that, but that's in our reach.

Alternately, he could be all he says he is, and he's actually stolen and reselling drugs from the original reseller. Double bootlegging! His comment about being independent is a bit suspect, since then the question arises, where does he get the stuff? He doesn't look like the type who can make it himself, but maybe that's unfair.
No. 729803 ID: dd338c
File 146603203184.png - (27.86KB , 800x800 , 209.png )

Roxy looks over the closet. It appears to be a mundane closet, and even if she weren't a jetal, she could probably break out of it even if its handle got jammed due to it being in such poor condition. Nonetheless, she shakes her head.

"It'll squeak. I'd like to just stay here."
>"Well, okay... but stay by it, and if it sounds like anyone's running this way, hide right away! The important thing is to stay safe." he whispers back, before carefully but swiftly taking steps towards the noise.

The scanner did and does not reveal anything out of the norm since she doesn't have line of sight to what's going on, and the drug sniffer does catch the whiff of some drugs, but not any more than has been usual since stepping inside the building. If anything, there's even less than there was on the street.

After a moment, Roxy hear's a girl yell down past a couple of corners where Marchi went.

>"No, no! Don't look at me! Get away!"
>"How'd you get - er - " He starts whisper shouting, but Roxy's jetal ears can hear it especially with the dead silence to let his voice carry. "Doesn't matter how you got out, you've got to go back in the cell."
>"You're not allowed to keep me here, I'm leaving!"
>"Later! I told you, only one week from now!"
>"No, nooo!"

She keeps yelling, but her voice dies out as it sounds like she got gagged.
No. 729806 ID: 398fe1

Sounds like detox to me.

...look in the maintenance closet. Anything interesting in there?
No. 729811 ID: a075ba

Drug detox, or have we found another sex slave ring? We might be walking to another trap, but he doesn't know we're a jetal, so it's probably fine.

Remember that we're recording. If there is something bad going on down here, we can use that to mess it up and help the girl.

For now, keep listening, and hang back. Wait for him to return. When he gets back, ask what it was, see what explanation he gives you.
No. 729814 ID: b412df

If our jetal ears are what allowed us to listen in, then we shouldn't mention any details about what we heard, a biological might have heard something but no details. Asking him what that was all about afterwards might reveal some info, but might put him on guard if he considers it prying.

This is kinda getting suspicious now, dunno who that girl could be, but worst comes to worst, could we overpower Marchi?
No. 729815 ID: 211d83

Its probably him detoxing some friends but I sort of hope its a sex slave ring.

Wander up a bit and sneak a peak at whats happening. Just make sure to keep your cover and pretend to be organic even if it is something bad.

Would be easier to sneak out later if we got tied up than let anyone know we are a jetal. Cause the second they see Jetal the big guns and force fields come out. But organics get thrown in crappy cuffs behind wood doors.
No. 729816 ID: 4546ab

Sneak over and try to get a look at whats going on.

But do avoid revealing your jetal nature.
No. 729818 ID: e22b1d

Blindly rush over and see what is going on.
No. 729819 ID: 849d12

No sneaking, he'll be coming back this way directly.

I agree with the detox theory. It makes sense with his comment that "I don't see many newcomers on this block that don't get shoo'd away before I can get to them, let alone ones that are actually trying to get away from drugs", and it clears up the disconnect between him claiming to be independent and needing to have gotten a supply somewhere. Also, why he was out of breath, since he sprinted over as fast as he could before we found the actual dealers. Plus, this being a place where CnJ is sold cheaply but dangerously, and therefore bought by the most desperate users, this is the place to go to find people to help.

The question is, is he kidnapping people to be detoxed forcefully? I doubt it, since people going missing for weeks would be noticed. But he might be helping people who previously consent to being locked up, in knowledge that when they get into bad withdrawal they'll try to escape.

Or it could be a sex dungeon.

I want to investigate this, but trouble is, if detox is the case then we're off track for our actual mission. You can probably tell him you heard what sounded like a woman's voice, and act scared, but I doubt trying to leave will go well at all. With combat implants in him and no combat mods in us, he can probably restrain us forcefully even if we bring out the jetal force - and even if he couldn't, without mods for it, I'd worry we couldn't control our strength, and do him serious damage that he doesn't deserve.

Investigate this. If this guy turns out to be an enemy of the drug dealers around here, maybe we can just explain everything and get his help. Though, he probably won't approve of us working for other drug dealers. We could claim that we're not really with them, just loaned to them by the DBs. Or something like that. Thoughts for later, we have to find out a bunch of stuff first!
No. 729820 ID: 398fe1

If she was yelling, would non-jetal ears have heard that?
No. 729828 ID: dd338c
File 146603639124.png - (31.05KB , 800x800 , 210.png )

>Could we overpower Marchi?
Roxy isn't sure. His enhancements seem like they're made for being able to fight like a biological, and it seems like it would be an immense cost to strengthen himself like that and still not be able to handle a jetal with an E rank weapon. It's difficult to say, though, since Roxy hasn't been able to detect what his enhancements do, and while it's not likely that he has any jetal module capabilities, it is possible that some robotic parts inside of him are capable of offense and defense.

Although the noise is now too quiet to hear with normal biological ears, it started off loud enough that a biological Roxy would have at least heard a girl's voice in distress.

Roxy takes a quick look inside of the closet. Some sockets in the wall imply that there used to be something here, but now it's just dust and rough wall.

She runs up around a couple of corners. The noise shifts, and it's thought that Marchi can hear her running up.

He turns around, wide eyed, in stunned silence while a girl flails her arms and legs.
No. 729830 ID: dd338c
File 146603645752.png - (16.24KB , 800x800 , 211.png )

>"It's, uh... hahaha this looks pretty bad doesn't it?!" He says in a loud, nerve-induced laugh. Scanners indicate an increased heart rate and a tone like he's about to give up on something but doesn't want to.
No. 729831 ID: 398fe1

Tell him he'd better explain what's going on. Warn him you're not as defenseless as you look. (quite possible to have hidden cybernetics)
No. 729832 ID: 211d83

Did you lure me down here to chain me up in your sex dungeon? Where you already have tons of innocent girls tied up so you can do horrible perverted things to them? Using your illegal cyborg modifications that no normal girl can handle to fuck them until they turn into mindless pleasure addicted slaves?

Pretend to be completely horrified and scared while saying this.

Then see how he reacts. This is totally him detoxing a friend but tease him a little.
No. 729833 ID: b412df

Huh, it does look bad. Starting to think he's not really a dealer, either a forced detox vigilante (Any between word for that?), or he's kidnapping people for purposes.

What is it supposed to look like then Marchi?
No. 729834 ID: 4546ab

Break out sobbing and start going on about how that he seemed like such a nice guy and now you are going to end up trapped in his horrible sex dungeon and will never see your family again.
No. 729835 ID: a075ba

"Yeah, can't argue that it looks sketchy.

"I'll give you chance to try and explain yourself, though. Is there a way where this only looks bad, but isn't really bad?"

Obviously turn the social scanner on them. And try and see what we can pick up about the girl's status. (Hurt, afraid, drugged)?

>>Could we overpower Marchi?
>Roxy isn't sure.
If we're willing to give away what we are, just get close to his face, and then morph all over it. Cover his face, his nose, his mouth, cram them full of jetalium. He won't stay conscious long if he can't breath.
No. 729836 ID: 849d12

"It... does, yes. But, that given, I really don't think I could outrun you. Aaand this isn't a place to run off by myself, either, soooo, maybe it's the double painkillers talking, but how about we pretend this might not be what it looks like, and you try to explain why, and to prove it?"
No. 729837 ID: e22b1d

I like the teasing him idea.

His reactions are far from what some kidnapper would act like so I bet its just helping a friend detox by locking them up and keeping them away from drugs.
No. 729840 ID: dd338c
File 146603906432.png - (27.72KB , 800x800 , 212.png )

Roxy forms some biological tears in her eyes.

"You were such a nice guy, and now you're just going to trap me in your horrible sex dungeon?!" Roxy says in a shaky voice as he shines the flashlight on her.
>"Ah - no - tha what - "
"I'm going to be chained up while you use your cyborg modifications that you made so that no normal girl can handle you fucking them and bearing the brunt of your horrible perverted fantasies?!
>"Oh no oh no that's not it at all!" he says, nearly dropping the girl to put up his hands defensively. He's on the verge of panicking, and seems earnest. "There is no sex dungeon! Or even a regular dungeon er - I know I said 'cell' if you heard that but it's nice and padded and really kind of nice considering it's down here! Please don't leave! I need this sale so much and it'll help you out, please trust me. I won't get anywhere close to you if you want so please I've got to have you come with - right, this girl is in detox!"
"No I'm not he's trapping me and abusing me!"

The girl seems manic, but although lobbyists think this guy is just detoxing the girl, it's hard to glean much from the girl herself. She's acting reasonable for both someone in heavy withdrawals of an unknown drug, and someone who's getting dragged off to an actual dungeon.
No. 729841 ID: dd338c
File 146603907330.png - (19.01KB , 800x800 , 213.png )

>"Uh..." his tone drops. "... how did you follow me through those corners so fast without a flashlight? It's way darker than a biological can see, and your eyes seem organic?"
No. 729843 ID: 29c4aa

is there a drug that can do this? If so attribute it to that.
No. 729844 ID: 211d83

I got scared and decided to follow the light your flashlight gave off. It's really dark down here and I did not want to be alone.
No. 729845 ID: 398fe1

...why doesn't Bio Emulator warn us about this kind of thing?! If we find out who made this mod we could make some suggestions I'm sure.

Tell him you just followed the wall with your hand. Alternatively, you could make a tiny flashlight in your finger and show him that. Fake hidden cybernetics! Might be more believable. A tiny (but bright) LED below the skin would be small enough not to be noticed by anyone that wasn't making a close inspection of your hand.
No. 729846 ID: a075ba

>"Uh..." his tone drops. "... how did you follow me through those corners so fast without a flashlight?
Use morph to drop one of your internal cell phones into a hand he can't see (behind your back, or in a pocket).

Hold the phone up and turn on a low-level flashlight app.

"You were kinda focused. I didn't think you'd notice if I kept it down low."
No. 729847 ID: 849d12

You actually have better than normal organic hearing. You were able to hear him, well enough to be able to follow the sound of his movements. You figured you could pass through anywhere clear enough for him to have passed, so you didn't worry about the floor.

Anyway, he's the one who should be answering questions! Can he prove this girl is just in detox? And does he really have any drugs, or is he some sort of anti-drug vigilante forcing cold turkey on people?
No. 729848 ID: b412df

Uh oh. Bluffing our way out of this shouldn't be too hard, I can't recall if Marchi's augments include vision; but we can say the same way he can if his vision's normal, or just it's not that dark or something, maybe Roxy happens to have good eyesight; as for moving quickly you need to be in pretty good shape to work in the strip club for hours.

We could also use this as a opportunity and try and turn him to our side, get him to help us find Bluestone. If he's forcing people into detox, then removing the bootleggers would help towards that, pure stuff is safer than if it's cut with random stuff.

Dunno what would be the better option, we could always try the first and then the second if the bluff fails though.
No. 729849 ID: 849d12

>we can say the same way he can

He's carrying a flashlight.

I'd like to see if we can recruit him to help with Bluestone too, but we have to make sure of him first.
No. 729850 ID: 4546ab

I used my cell phone light.

That and I got nervous and started following you right away. Its scary down here.
No. 729851 ID: dca63a

Yeah, these.
No. 729854 ID: b412df

Ah, I missed that.

Going to support the phone idea instead, it's more solid a bluff. As long as he isn't watching us with a scanner.
No. 729858 ID: 849d12


I don't think we can push a phone out fast enough. I also us having a light doesn't explain how we were able to follow him, only that we would have been able to see where we're going. Plus, it's kinda unbelievable that we could have had a light strong enough to help us but that he wasn't able to see any sign of. So, I still say hearing. Or, actually, maybe scent? We could say we have enhanced sense of smell for, like... detecting pheremones, intoxication and emotional state in clients, or something, and it's also good enough to track. More believable for a stripper than sight or hearing. And such an implant would be up in the sinuses and not outwardly visible.
No. 729859 ID: dd338c
File 146604177064.png - (47.01KB , 800x800 , 214.png )

>Why doesn't biological emulator give a signal?
Presumably since it still allows easy overrides for more jetal functions, such as being able to stick a camera in her eye in the first place.

"Um... my phone?" Roxy says immediately, while pushing one of her cell phones up into her pocket as fast as she can.
>"Er... phone? Oh, right!" He finishes.
"And, er, I kind of kept track of where you went to, because I'm scared down here. You didn't go far, either." Roxy manages to pull the phone out of her back pocket where she turns on the screen so that it gives off a dim but easily visible light. "And you were a little loud at first, too."
>"Right hahahaha okay uh I've got to go deal with this girl, I'll be back in just a couple of minutes."
"Can you, um, prove she's in detox?"
>"W-well, I... my place is just at the end of this hall. Wait at the couch there, and I'll be right out! The lights are off, but I'll turn them on once I finish this up so that you don't have to keep using your phone."
No. 729860 ID: dd338c
File 146604181488.png - (15.63KB , 800x800 , 215.png )

He runs off before Roxy can agree, but she follows him up ahead. She waits in the hall, opting to stand instead of sitting on what looks like a decrepid couch.

She hears a call from deeper inside.

>"I'll be just a minute! I'm just slipping into something more comfortable!"
No. 729861 ID: dd338c
File 146604184743.png - (36.19KB , 800x800 , 216.png )

The light comes on.

>"Uh... hi. Doctor Marchi Vollaros. That's me, I mean. I'm not going to force you into detox, because it's not necessary as long as you follow my directions. And I really am a licenced drug doctor so to speak, but even though I don't have a legal licence anymore for that, and never had one for general practice or therapy or anything like that, I do take pride in all of my work."

>"This isn't a drug! This isn't a drug house at all!" says Guardsman.
>"Well, it kind of is." Scanner retorts.

No. 729862 ID: 398fe1

Okay then, that's a relief. How about we get straight to business, doctor?
No. 729865 ID: a075ba

So... I take then you don't want to help me buy from Bluestone, then?

Find out what he thinks of the local dealers, and if he knows them (or if they know him).

Then I think we have to tell him we fibbed about who we are, same as him. (Hold up a hand and make it blorp).

I am trying to meet with the local CNJ dealer, but if I do, it's the first step in shutting him down. I was hoping to find someone who could get me in, but it seems to me you might like to see me succeed.

Also: props for the pharmacist. He didn't redirect you to a dealer, but to covert treatment. That's fantastic.
No. 729867 ID: 849d12

Express relief, but with a small hint of skepticism. Ask if you can take a look around, just to make doubly sure. You can also angle for some information on the actual dealers by talking about how you heard rumors of bootleg CnJ being sold around here. Try indicate that you're worried about them coming after the both of you now; people who sell that tend to be dangerous, considering the risk they go through and the people they prey on, so you're a bit worried. How long has he been doing this, and how has he kept the dealers from coming down on him? You assume he's basically working against them.

Also, express some doubt about how much he can actually help you. You'd heard just taking smaller doses over time was the best way to get off CnJ, that straight cutting it out was actually more dangerous.

Also... uh, was that girl just in withdrawal enough to do and say anything to escape, or does he actually kidnap people and force detox on them? Because that's... theoretically a good thing but still pretty sketchy. People have, like, friends and family and jobs and such.
No. 729868 ID: b412df

Depending on how he treats people, this could be a deadend (Weening off CnJ or a detox substitute drug?), if he does have CnJ we could question him about it.

Trying to think whether revealing our nature will help here or not, it seems like his operation relies on him intercepting addicts before they find a dealer, if news spreads of the guild busting dealers here, that would probably drive away the addicts and mess with his operation. We might have to get him a decent supply of drugs for him to continue operating without a supplier, or make sure the guild removes Bluestone quietly, to get him to help us. Kinda guessing at his motives here.
No. 729869 ID: 211d83

Keep up your cover for now.

Look slightly relived but still suspicious. Have him tell you his tale and find out how he ended up this way.

Then seduce him for being such a nice guy.
No. 729870 ID: 931f9d

His head is so smol.
No. 729871 ID: 4546ab

Have people start scanning the net for his name and history while chatting with him.

So wait you are not a drug dealer?

Suddenly it all makes sense! When you get the news of a cute girl looking desperate and asking for drugs you run as fast as you can over so you can help them. And then you lure them down here and pull your doctor act to lower there guard before you ravish them in your sex dungeon!

Well you got me I guess. Tie me up and have your horrible way with me.
No. 729875 ID: a075ba

Ask him how he got into this. Charity work didn't pay for those mods.
No. 729877 ID: c1eac4

Might be worth asking Loviro if he knows a Dr. Marchi Vollaros.
No. 729878 ID: 398fe1

>scan the net
Can't, no reception down here.
No. 729881 ID: dd338c
File 146604442563.png - (13.40KB , 800x800 , 217.png )

"So uh... you don't want to help me buy from Bluestone?"

His face droops.

>"There's been a misunderstanding. And I'm to blame, because I let it occur, but I can't stay out on the streets for long before someone spots me. It's difficult for organics to change faces frequently, after all."
"I'm sorry, but I was looking for CnJ."
>"I know! I know about how it's possible to withdraw from CnJ with decremental dosages, but please understand, I have Lasalomi, Rident, Profus and other drugs that are far more adequate to avoiding CnJ. It's far more effective, far cheaper, and with easy doses every day, you won't have to struggle at all. I know it sounds too good to be true, but the real pharmacies can be just as bad as the drug lords out there, since they can charge more for letting people do it legally. So I have no reason to lie for self gain."
"So, no CnJ?"
>"Better than CnJ, if you really, honestly want to be off of it."
"Uhm... how did you lose your license?"
>"I used to think I could change pharmacy's for the better. In a time of weakness, though, I gave up, and instead of trying to change things long term, I started shaving some drugs off the top and delivered them to people in need. Eventually it came down on me, and I lost everything except for my training, knowledge and experience, which was plenty. So I started dealing with illicit drug trades, since it doesn't seem like legitimate or illegitimate dealers have any bearing on doing any good."
"And that girl, did you force her into detox?"
>"Not at first, she definitely consented and definitely needed it, but the withdrawals are bad. I don't know if she'll thank me when she's clean, but she'll definitely be better for it, I hope."
"How did you last this long? I know you're right under some big drug dealers, so how long have you been doing this?"
>"For years, but in this are only for about 8 months, and this specific spot for only a couple of weeks. That's why I'm so big. I used to be as scrawny as they come, believe me."
"And the implants?"
>"Business costs. Expensive ones. I'd like to do this for free, but I can't restock my goods for free, or survive for three minutes on the street without cybernetics. I know that the primary drug dealer, especially for CnJ, up there, wants me dead. I'm lucky I didn't get shot at up there. Anyway, that's why I asked for your budget, because I do get paid for this."
"Where do you get your drugs from?"
>"I purchase raw materials from other drug dealers, and then create them from scratch right in here."
"So, uh... you're not actually pulling a doctor act to lower my guard before you ravish me in your sex dungeon."
>"A...hah... I really don't have a sex dungeon, no. You're safe with me, and I'd like to be able to prove it. You can take a look around, if it would make you feel more comfortable."

The scanner team is largely out of phone based investigation, since there's still no reception.
No. 729886 ID: 398fe1

Let's go look around for a bit. Afterwards, come back and say you haven't been totally honest with him, and you really need to get in touch with Bluestone. If he won't cooperate, try explaining your mission to him and ask for his help.

Tell him in exchange for his help you can fund his activities here.
No. 729888 ID: c1eac4

Well, I guess we could just say we're interested in Bluestone, say he's attractive, put on a slutty act, and offer to show him why we're interested in Bluestone? It might at least get him to stop thinking about how we're suspicious.
No. 729889 ID: a075ba

We basically have to admit this is a dead end, or try to flip him into working with us, at this point.

>"A...hah... I really don't have a sex dungeon, no. You're safe with me, and I'd like to be able to prove it. You can take a look around, if it would make you feel more comfortable."
Coquettish deadpan: "Aw. Too bad."

>>"Not at first, she definitely consented and definitely needed it, but the withdrawals are bad. I don't know if she'll thank me when she's clean, but she'll definitely be better for it, I hope."
You might want a recording of the next one consenting at the start. Would make it easier to prove to anyone asking questions.

>what say
So... hypothetically. Would you be interested in seeing if Bluestone got shut down, then? (Feel him out, but don't admit who we are).
No. 729890 ID: 211d83

Dang It at this rate I am never going to get lured into a sex dungeon. And you are so cute to. Definitely the type I would not mind getting tied up and ravished by. You sure you do not want to drag me into a back room first?

That being said you are a real life hero. You deserve something nice for what you are doing. Then go give him a kiss.

So I will come clean with you. I am not really here because I am a addict. I am helping some friends shut down the local dealer and was hoping to find proof that he is selling cnj. Maybe we can help each other?
No. 729891 ID: 4546ab

Listen do you mind horribly pretending that you have a sex dungeon down here? Maybe drag me off kicking and screaming a bit and have your way with me in your office?

Its sort of a personal goal at this point. And you are cute.

Then feel him out. He might be willing to help or he might not like the idea. But he is a nice guy and maybe we can help him.
No. 729893 ID: 849d12

Take a look around, just to make sure everything lines up with his story. If everything does check out, then ask him if he's sure this place is private, like none of his patients can hear or anything? If yes then ask him how he'd like if they guy who wants him dead wasn't around any more. When he expresses confusion, tell him you're sorry, you were kinda pretending to be something you aren't, too. You are looking for CnJ, but not to use it. You've been hired to get info on the local dealers, information that would lead to them being... dealt with. You really are from where you said, and work where you said, you're just... a bit more than that, too.

But you're kind of glad, because if he's not dealing CnJ himself, he's not in the line of fire! And you like him. Personally, you think people should be able to have drugs if they can handle it, but it's no good to anyone to wreck people's lives when they can't. You'd actually like to help him with his mission! Uh, so long as he stays away from the really big drug syndicates, because that'd just be suicidal. And they don't sell to people poor enough to be really victimized, anyway.
No. 729910 ID: dd338c
File 146604738703.png - (22.35KB , 800x800 , 218.png )

Roxy takes a long look around. Everything seems to check out, between the well kept inventory stick, the lab to create various drugs, the smell that is identified by the sniffer that doesn't do any good since Roxy can't look up the names of any of the given drug names, and the cells with a few detoxing people inside.

"So, um... would you mind pretending you have a sex dungeon down here to drag me into, kicking and screaming as you have your way with me?"
>"Alison please!" says the Succubus.

>"Ahah... I don't know if that's a joke or if you're testing me, but I really don't!" says Marchi.
"Well, I've got to be honest, too. I'm not really looking to get off CnJ, because I'm not even on it. I'm actually looking for Bluestone, to, well... I have some friends who'd like him out of the picture." Roxy says, once they've moved away from where any patients could possibly hear.
>"... Are you with the syndicate?"
"Does it matter?"
>"No, I guess not. To be honest... I'm glad someone finally making a move on him. I'd like to see him out of the picture, too. He deals in things that make CnJ seem harmless. I can help with that. Even though I try to work alone, I still have some contacts, and I can figure out where he is and what his password for the day is."

He pauses.

>"... Is it just you? He's very dangerous. I think the Syndicate has held off on stopping him for this long because he's a high powered target for, well, he's not small time, but he's not big time either and sticks to this block."

Again, he pauses while still clearly having more to say.

>"I think he does have a ... dungeon. Is that why you asked me so much? Did you think I was Bluestone? Well... anyways, if you're not hear to buy, I guess I can't be too disappointed even if I need the money, because I'd be glad to sacrifice a good sale to see him out of the picture. So I guess what I'm saying, is if you promise you're confident you can beat him, then I'll give you what you need to see him."
No. 729911 ID: 398fe1

If he's a jetal, it'll be no problem.
No. 729912 ID: b86280

"Really, all I need to do is get him to sell me some of his CnJ. From him himself, preferably, or in some other way linked directly to him that I can witness. As for his dungeon... well, that's more reason to take him out. If he goes for me, well, I'm not a fighter, but I am more than just a normal biological woman. So long as he doesn't realize that, I'm sure I can endure and escape, and probably get what I need on the way out."
No. 729917 ID: a075ba

>I think he does have a ... dungeon. Is that why you asked me so much?
*Grin* No, that's was flirting and/or teasing.

It's good information, though. I might be able to get in that way. Or at least make him more suspicious.

>Is it just you? He's very dangerous.
Don't worry, I'm tougher than I look.

I'm not here to fight today, though. All I need to do is confirm his location, and prove he has it before the cavalry moves in.
No. 729919 ID: 211d83

My job is to get proof he is selling. I just need to buy some from him. After that some big nasty Jetal will show up later and deal with things.

As for the dungeon talk that was me hitting on you. I have a thing for big cute hero types. So if you are interested make sure to grab me quick and have your way with me before we get to distracted with drug dealer talk.

Also if you don't I might just grab you and drag you off instead. Which might not work as well cause I don't think I can move you.
No. 729921 ID: a107fd

What's his opinion of the lollipop syndicate, as long as we're on the subject?
No. 729924 ID: 8111b6

"Just need direct confirmation to take back, then a move could be made."

I wonder if we could consider referring this guy for recruitment, maybe? I imagine a pricy detox clinic might be profitable for all. Plus, a thin veneer of 'we care' could be built, if they wanted.
No. 729987 ID: b412df

Just gathering evidence, I won't be the one doing the heavy lifting.

We could reveal that we're a jetal, might make him more confident that we're capable, might also be better to keep the disguise on though? Bluestone having a dungeon is actually useful, gives us a way to neutralise him if we get found out.

How was the addict / junkie act by the way, did it look convincing?
No. 730003 ID: 502d35

Let him know we didn't come in to take Bluestone down yourself. You're just a contractor here to obtain evidence that he is indeed selling.
No. 730023 ID: b86280

On reflection, I think we have an issue with the possibility that we'll need to be able to pretend to be on a CnJ high, as well as in withdrawal. If we get some from Bluestone, it'd be out of character for us to not scarf down some right then, and if we do get thrown in the dungeon, we might get some forced on us. Perhaps we should ask the doctor to judge our acting and give us tips.

That might involve revealing we're a jetal, but by this point we might need to reveal that for him to have proper confidence in us.
No. 730038 ID: dd338c
File 146612065322.png - (32.76KB , 800x800 , 219.png )

"I'm just teasing! And flirting! Flirting seriously. But don't worry, I'm tougher than I look, and I'm not going to take down Bluestone myself, all that I need to do is just get visual confirmation that he's dealing out CnJ. I'd like to help you on your mission, though!"
>"Really? Well, managing to remove Bluestone would be great, but you don't have any obligations to me."
"Say, what's your opinion on the syndicate, anyway?"
>"A collection of bad guys, but even they have limits. I wouldn't like to do business with them, but they're not the last ones I'd deal with if it came to it."
"Okay, thank you. By the way, my flirting is serious, so if you wanted to grab me and have your way before we get to further business, you're welcome to."
>"A-ah, sorry, but, uh, business is important, before pleasure!" He says, with that familiar tinge at the end when he said something he wished he didn't. "Maybe later."
"Okay. How was my druggee act, by the way?"
>"Enough to make me think up the numbers in advance of how long you've been off of it and how much dosage you'd need. So, I think you've got it down. So, uhhm, it's your decision to go do what you've got to do with Bluestone, and I doubt you'd stop whether or not I helped or hindered, so it's the least I can do to help as much as I can. In fact, I overheard today's password last night with my usual bug. T something... oh nevermind, I didn't think to remember it, so I let it gloss over my ears! I'll call for it."

It's a short wait before he comes back.

>"Uh... he's a little tight lipped, actually. I said you were a responsible user, but he says he'd like to at least see you face to face before giving the password."
"Who is he?"
>"His name's Kobbly, he's a biological belenos, although he does have some nifty tools to do more robotic tasks. He mostly keeps to himself, and even though he's kind of loyal to Bluestone, he doesn't like some of the things Bluestone does, so that's why he lets me get information. Well, if you can handle Bluestone, then this guy is harmless! He's up above ground in this building, room 844."
No. 730042 ID: a075ba

Okay, I'll see if I can charm the password out of him, then.

Good luck with that girl.
No. 730043 ID: 398fe1

Alright, see you.
No. 730044 ID: b86280

Sounds good, though I'm wondering if he'd be suspicious now as to how we convinced Marchi to let us take actual drugs. Maybe we can pretend we had fun with him. Say, it wasn't the guy we saw leaving the elevator earlier, was it? He seemed like he had a specific reason to try avoid Marchi.

... Doctor, you know you're still holding your phone up to your face, right? Don't tell us your forgot to hang up.
No. 730052 ID: 211d83

Get his number so you can have him as a contact later.

Thank him for the help and give him a kiss before he leaves. Oh and make sure to use your phone to light the way as you head out.

No need to drop our cover just in case.
No. 730062 ID: b86280

In case he does happen to still be on the phone there for some reason, perhaps don't say anything that would give away your real purpose, just use vague language, like Marchi just did coming back into you. The guy on the phone might have insisted on hearing your voice or something.

Actually, maybe ask him to escort you back up to the elevator? Just to be sure of not getting in trouble on the way, or being suspicious as an unthreatening-looking person coming out of a dangerous area.
No. 730071 ID: dd338c
File 146612623007.png - (13.54KB , 800x800 , 220.png )

"Uh, you remembered to hang up, right?"
>"...hm - oh yeah! He hung up on me, and there's a waiting tone."
"Okay. Can I get your number?"
>"Oh, yes! Here!"

He writes it down and gives it to Roxy, who then gives him a kiss as she takes it.

>"Oh, wait, I should escort you."
No. 730072 ID: dd338c
File 146612624092.png - (20.29KB , 800x800 , 221.png )

She doesn't waste much time getting escorted to the elevator by Marchi, then leaving him alone to get up to room 844. While travelling, lobbyists investigate Marchi, and his story continues checking out. It turns out that he's got an 8 million personal bounty on his head.

After knocking on the door, someone looks through the door's eyeglass, starts unbolting the door, and opens it up slightly, although some longer locks remain on.

>"You looking for Kobbly?" he says while looking Roxy up and down, then eventually back up again. Scanner manages to pick up that he says his words like he himself is Kobbly, and is just checking out of caution.
No. 730075 ID: 398fe1

Yup, he wanted to see me?
No. 730076 ID: 211d83

Oh man find out who placed the bounty. We might have to edit any camera footage of him out if we want to keep him safe. Cause 8 mil would be a impossible temptation for Fern and the guys.

Make sure to get back in your slightly drug desperate persona before you answer. Then tell him yes and that you were told by a friend he might be able to help you.
No. 730078 ID: b86280

Nice... half helmet visor thing? Anyway, yes, you are, and "he" should know that you're coming by.

Remember to get back into your withdrawal druggie persona. He might just give you the password quick and send you on your way, but if he has you linger, maybe see if you can "stealthily" sneak another couple of painkillers into your mouth.


I suspect the guy we're trying to take out is the one who's set that bounty, so by the time this is done, it could not be good any more. Also the camera can't be edited. We can stop it and restart it, though. If we're going to do that, we might have to do so soon.
No. 730086 ID: a075ba

>It turns out that he's got an 8 million personal bounty on his head.
Well, crap.
>Oh man find out who placed the bounty. We might have to edit any camera footage of him out if we want to keep him safe. Cause 8 mil would be a impossible temptation for Fern and the guys.
We can't edit the footage. That's what's so special about the expensive camera they gave us. It's supposed to be used to record tamper-proof evidence.

It can only hold one recording at a time, though. We should be able to erase and restart to protect him.

...assuming we consider helping a person who was nice to us to be worth more than selling him out for 8 mil.

>"You looking for Kobbly?"
"I'm looking for CnJ. I've heard Kobbly can help me get there."

Make some kind of motion towards his artificial eye: "Go ahead and take a picture. It'll last longer."
No. 730089 ID: b86280

just had a thought: this guy doesn’t like some things bluestone does, and we found out bluestone might have a sex dungeon. if the dungeon is one of the things Kobbly here doesn’t like, he might look at us and decide we’re too attractive to send over.

Not sure how to resolve that, though.
No. 730096 ID: 91ee5f

He's staring at Roxy's breasts. Let's playfully ask if he likes what he sees.
No. 730263 ID: dd338c
File 146620439110.png - (21.48KB , 800x800 , 222.png )

>Find out who placed the bounty
According to Scanner, multiple people have set the bounty, but they're all private. Furthermore, the contract shows that if Marchi ends up at the bounty office, they're to hand him to law enforcement. It doesn't appear that he's a high profile criminal that the law enforcement is actively pursuing, but he's still committed enough crimes that if he gets put on their doorstep, they'll put him in jail.
"Yes, but what I'm really looking forward to is CnJ." she speaks quietly. "Do you like what you see, by the way? A picture would last longer." Roxy gestures at his artificial eye, although scanners seem to indicate that his visible eye is artificial, and he's wearing a mask overlay on his biological eye. She tries to sound a little playful about it, but still on edge, going through withdrawals.
>"Girl, I'm filming this. And I just needed to check if you were worth Blue's time, because he's sick of people trying to get goods they can't pay for, but it looks like you'll have some alternate option. Password is jorango. Go down that elevator over there, to to basement 5, down the hall on the left, knock on the door straight ahead and give the password. Now if you're not gonna put on a show, get outta here."
No. 730264 ID: 398fe1

Get moving.
No. 730265 ID: 91cfcf

"And if I am? What will you do with the film then?"

I think we're wearing two layers, so we can afford to tease taking one off.
No. 730266 ID: 5042f7

"Jorango", huh? The doctor thought it began with a T. Buuut that sort of mistake can be made, and the sound could be pronounced/misheard as like "torango" or similar.

Still. Stick out your tongue and smile and say something like "Why, would you like a show? You did just give me information I needed, I can show a moment of gratitude", taking a grip on your top as if you're ready to flip it up. Take the chance for the delay to use the social scanner on him, if he's given you wrong info he should have a little guilt or something on him. In addition to other feelings.

If he responds positively to the offer, then do give him a flash, maybe squeeze your forearms together for a little extra. Fair's fair!
No. 730267 ID: 0a94cb

I dunno, maybe flash him? But get a-moving.
No. 730268 ID: a075ba

>Now if you're not gonna put on a show, get outta here.
Tease him. Put on a bit of a show, then walk away before it gets too good.

"If you wanna see the full show, check out [club name] sometime."
No. 730269 ID: 211d83

Shake your butt at him while walking away. Then go check out basement 5.

Oh and update Scurps and Fern about what is up. Tell them the first guy was not a dealer but put you on the trail of Bluestone. Let them know where you are headed.

Avoid giving out any info on the doc.
No. 730272 ID: 398fe1

I don't think we'll be able to use Roxy as an identity after this job. She'll be a known member of the Syndicate thanks to this guy's video.
No. 730273 ID: 5042f7


Yeah, this is probably the time to restart the recording, that's the end of the preliminary running around setting up the meeting. We wouldn't be able to justify saying that we started it any later than now, I reckon.
No. 730276 ID: a075ba

Good point. Restart the recording, we'll make an excuse to Fern later if we have to.

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on if Bluestone will have anyone who cares after he's gone, or if anyone connects Roxy to the later raid.

In any event, inventing a new face for pole dancing is pretty easy, if it comes to that.
No. 730278 ID: 398fe1

Let me be the devil's advocate here and say that 8 million is a lot of money. We could turn him in ourselves... if we had some way of taking him out alone. I don't think we presently do, however. 8 split 6 ways is barely above 1 million and basically not worth it probably. If we were to betray the good doctor we'd have to do it alone.

If we're restarting the recording to wipe his face from it, we'd better make absolutely sure Marchi leaves first and doesn't come back.
No. 730280 ID: dd338c
File 146621073461.png - (22.42KB , 800x800 , 223.png )

Roxy restarts the camera, wiping the previous data with Marchi, and starts the new video in front of Klobbs.

>Test social scanner on him
If he's a liar, he's a an excellent one. He doesn't show much in regards to whether or not 'jurango' was a lie or not, but the fact that it doesn't begin with a T like Marchi thought does unnerve some lobbyists.

"Why, would you like a show?" Roxy asks, lifting her tanktop to show her midriff. His heart rate increases and he tenses up with some exhiliration. It still can't be told if his info is wrong, as those social changes were also in line with having a busty girl nearly flash him.

"I can't imagine what you plan on doing with a film like that!"
>"I hope that's sarcasm, 'cause otherwise you're the dumbest slut I've ever seen. Now get out of here unless you want to take things farther, and if you do, I'm not letting you go till evening."

Scurps and Fern are contacted, and Roxy lets them know that the first person wasn't a dealer, but they might have led her along a string to get to Bluestone, so she's checking it out now.

>I don't think we'll be able to use Roxy as an identity after this job.
Scurps says that as long as she doesn't give it away, it may still be possible, as he only needs storm the place immediately if Roxy gets in trouble. Otherwise, they'll just get raided a few hours after selling it to a non-descript girl. Considering that the Syndicate has raided people without proof before, Roxy can maintain deniability.

>"I don't like the discrepancy of him saying a password staying with J." says Recluse.
>"I think's it's okay!" says Alison. "Besides, we have a lot to do!"

She can press him to see if he's lying about the password, or head to the basement with the given password.
No. 730281 ID: 398fe1

May as well double check. "What was that password again?"

Also google Roxy's face to see if there are any red flags that might show up.
No. 730282 ID: 398fe1

Oh I just realized... will the hidden hacked sex mod plan even work? I mean, will they get pulled in by hitting the core automatically, or do they have to choose to?
No. 730283 ID: 211d83

Yeah do a little subtle probing of the password but do not outright call him on it.

So act like a silly stupid girl and tease him a bit before leaving. Then look confused and ask him wait what was the password again?

Like you are silly enough to forget it.
No. 730286 ID: a075ba

>is the password right?
Text Marchi, see if "jorango" sounds familiar. He heard the password earlier and forgot it (T-something he said), but he might recognize having seen it when showed to him again.

>Now get out of here unless you want to take things farther, and if you do, I'm not letting you go till evening.
Yeah, we don't have time to sleep with one random drug contact for that long.

>She can press him to see if he's lying about the password, or head to the basement with the given password.
Unless Marchi texts back in the affirmative, let's press him.

I'm betting he gave you the "toss me in the sex dungeon" password, not the "I'm cool sell me drugs" password.

"You suuuuure that's the right password? You're not trying to get me in trouble with Blue, are you? Get me tossed in a naughty dungeon so you can come down and have fun with me later?"
No. 730287 ID: 4546ab

Eh even if he gave us a "Hello I am paying for drugs with sex. Please throw me in the sex dungeon" password we can just let Scurps know and have him accidentally save us during the raid.

Just have to tell Scurps to come after us if we do not call back in 2-4 hours or something.
No. 730288 ID: 5042f7

Yeah, get him to tell you the password again by acting dumb. Make it something like... you wish you could take things further, but you'd really better hurry though, you've still got a bad itch and they'll be looking for you at work this evening, besides. Suggest maybe he'd like to drop by your club some time in the future. Thank him again, then pause, and ask what the password was again, just to be sure. Keeping the scanner on him.

If you get nothing further conclusive, then go head on your way with the given password.


We don't NEED to use the hacked sex mod. We just need to either do a proper transaction of CnJ, as planned, or get thrown in the sex dungeon, where a "turn all sensation into pleasure" drug probably gets used and would also prove Bluestone has a non-syndicate source, which is enough. Then we can probably just be a jetal and ooze through something at the right moment to escape. The only danger is if we're outed as being a jetal, and the Rank B privacy mod should have dealt with that, it's higher rank than any scanner anyone in this group should be equipped to deal with.

So if this is the "throw me in the sex dungeon" password, it's not really a problem. We probably wouldn't even need rescuing.
No. 730289 ID: e22b1d

What are you going to do? Call him on the password that you should not know?

"Hey Kobbly I am suspicious that you are giving me a password that would result in me getting thrown in a sex dungeon. Could you please give me the less rapey option?"

Just head on down and leave one of your cell phones in your pocket so they can confiscate it without noticing the rest of them inside you. Even if they do sex dungeon you then you can get proof from the inside.
No. 730291 ID: 3c00b2

As long as you keep your cover up you should be fine either way. Just have a backup plan so Scurps can save you if you get cut off.

Bet the sex dungeon girls are drugged up on the stuff so that would be easy proof.
No. 730309 ID: dd338c
File 146621485323.png - (15.24KB , 800x800 , 224.png )

>Will they get pulled in by hitting the core automatically, or do they have to choose to?
As long as they are actively having sex with Roxy, then the hack can be used to pull them in.

>Text Marchi
Roxy tries, but the message is put on standby as it attempts to send. He's probably still in his basement where there's no reception.

>Search Roxy's face for any red flags
It gets some hits from some people who were videotaping her dancing at the club. Aside from breaking the no cameras allowed rule, there's nothing of note.

"I wish I could take things further, but I need to scratch my itch and I've got to be at work this evening!" Roxy is reluctant to give her club name. "Uh, what was the password, again?" she asks, without wanting to raise suspicions by explicitly asking him if it's a bad password.

He stares blankfaced for a long second.

>"Jorango." he says, flatly, before going to shut the door. Some more people think he's lying, but without a way to press any farther, and leads exhausted, it's figured that Roxy isn't in any real turmoil even if it is a bad password.
No. 730310 ID: dd338c
File 146621488468.png - (22.54KB , 800x800 , 225.png )

Heck it. From this point forward, hours are returning to normal, and belenos days are on a 24 hour time period. Forgive the retcon.

Roxy checks the time. It is currently 9:30 AM. She uses her computer link to activate a spare phone and fills it with information more in line with a mundane strip dancer, and puts it into her back pocket so that people can think they confiscated her only phone.

"Hi Scurps! I'm going to be making a move on Bluestone. I don't think I'm going to get out of reception range again, but if they have a jammer or something, and you don't hear from me in 2-4 hours, please come rescue me, thanks!"
>"Okay will do, good luck!"

Roxy heads downwards to where the directions lead her. The hallway mentioned hasn't been maintained well, and although there appears to be rooms to either side of her, she'd think that they were abandoned if not for a few people hanging out in the hall. There's only three biologicals of a mundane sort, and they all pay attention to Roxy while trying to play it cool at the same time.

She knocks at the door, and she's presumably watched through a camera at the door before someone answers through an intercom.

>"What's the word?"

The door opens, and she starts walking through. A large belenos walks up to her, attempting to appear non-threatening, however his body posture seems like he's ready to jump Roxy at any point in time. Plenty of lobbyists on the scan team would even go so far as to say that he's going to jump her in the next few seconds.
No. 730314 ID: 398fe1

Put up a biological-level fight up until we find out what they're planning exactly.

Tell Scurps what's going on.
No. 730317 ID: a075ba

Tell Scrups it looks like there's gonna be some porn on the tape.

Our choices are to either put up resistance (kick him in the balls!) or do the complete opposite.

Like, trip and throw yourself at him, catch yourself on his chest. Hard to lunge at you when you go to him first!
No. 730320 ID: 5042f7

Perhaps, being AIs, our crew can easily just calculate/translate ancient belenosian time to the modern time standard equivalents, in their own minds (the narration), for convenience? Then it can be 24 hour whenever that's easier and the 100 hour when that is. Then we don't have to recalculate the hourly stripping rate and such.

Don't give yourself away, a normal biological stripper wouldn't have the skill or ability to detect his intent. Just say hello. If/when he does strike, squeal and ask what he's doing, and if he tries to gag you just struggle a little on the level that a squishy organic would, and give up when he's "clearly stronger" than you.
No. 730323 ID: 211d83

Keep in touch with Scurps internally and tell him you are going to keep talking to him as long as possible. But you might have just given the door guys the "sex dungeon" password.

But with any luck can keep in touch after they take your fake phone and still get the evidence they want so do not charge in instantly if contact is lost.

Look confused at the guy and back up nervously. Resist if he grabs you but with weak organic strength.
No. 730328 ID: 4546ab

Stay calm until he actually jumps you. Then make a bit of a fuss and demand to know what is going on. Keep your cover unless in real danger. Who knows maybe he is just going to pat you down.

And keep a constant stream of text updates on your internal phone to Scurps as long as you can.(Unless you get scanned then go dark)

Just let Scurps know to give you a bit of leeway if you go quiet suddenly. You heard some rumors about this guy having a dungeon. But if they think you are a pretty organic girl then maybe they might try to drug you and then you can text him proof.
No. 730330 ID: e22b1d

Pretend to be completely oblivious to what is about to happen. Just smile and wave and look like a non threatening slutty girl with bad judgement.
No. 730352 ID: dd338c
File 146622443766.png - (24.06KB , 800x800 , 226.png )

That's a good idea. Although functionally it will still be the same, I'll use that, and say that while in reality the 100 b-hours is how it is, all narration/speech/etc from here on out will be translated/word filtered to a 24 hour time period in advance.

"I think there's going to be porn on the tape, Scurps!" Roxy messages.
>"I hope you don't mind! You're not in danger, right?"
"No, I don't think they have the scanners to see that I'm not biological after all. I'll keep talking to you, so you know something's going badly if I don't speak every several minutes or so!"

Roxy keeps walking as though she doesn't suspect much. Another guard escorts her, and as soon as she turns her back, a bag is shoved over her head. She screams and kicks with all the efficiency of a biological stripper.

"Don't make it look that sarcastic, Duelist!" says Atlas. "Biological strippers can still fight!"

"Quit struggling, whore!" a guard yells at her as he drags her off. "We looked you up, and no one's gonna miss you!"

No. 730353 ID: dd338c
File 146622451744.png - (26.37KB , 800x800 , 227.png )

"You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?" asks Recluse.
"Sssssex dungeon though." Alison says. "Is this really a punishment or bad outcome here? It sounds really fun! And then we can take out Bluestone with more sex!"
"I think our dear leader is going mad with sex." says Atlas.

After a habit-powered attempt, Scanner realizes that she cannot use social scanner on lobbyists.

No. 730354 ID: dd338c
File 146622465720.png - (17.71KB , 800x800 , 228.png )

Roxy's clothes are half stripped, half ripped off before she's thrown into a cabinet.

"Our guy up top said you wanted CnJ. How much you wanna work for it?" the first guard laughs as he isn't completely expecting an answer.

No. 730355 ID: 398fe1

I think some acting is in order here, acting like a scared but compliant victim. Tell them if that's how they want you to pay for it you'll do it.
No. 730356 ID: a075ba

>"Quit struggling, whore!" a guard yells at her as he drags her off. "We looked you up, and no one's gonna miss you!"
I guess it's a good thing we used a face with a little bit of a trail to it. If they tried to look us up and found nothing, that might have raised alarms.

>"Our guy up top said you wanted CnJ. How much you wanna work for it?"
Um, enough? It's, uh, not as if I've never fucked someone to get high, before.

We should try and do as many of them at once as we can so this doesn't take forever.
No. 730373 ID: dd338c
File 146623139267.png - (32.32KB , 800x800 , 229.png )

"It - it isn't like I've never sold myself to get high!" she says, acting scared but keeping it together. "I'll do guys for it! As long as I get CnJ, I'll do as many guys as you throw at me!"
"Oh, shit, she's an eager one. Well that makes this easy. Easier. Alright, forget waiting, we're doing this."

What follows is hours of debauchery, gangbangs and other acts as a string of guys looking to break in the new girl line up one after the other. Lobbyists actors make sure to have Roxy act progressively more tired throughout the process. At no point does anyone appear to suspect that Roxy isn't what she seems to be, and contact with Scurps is maintained. Roxy tries to point her camera strategically so that the video tape effectively begins as a long PoV pornography.

Lobbyists also have Roxy act increasingly desperate for a hit.

No. 730374 ID: dd338c
File 146623140641.png - (34.27KB , 800x800 , 230.png )

Without telling her what's going on, one robot that finishes with her picks her up and carries her off.

Instead of tossing her into a cell for further waiting, though, he tosses her in a shower stall and tells Roxy to clean herself up.

"A-am I going to g - "
"Yes, we're going to get your fix after this." he says, watching her shower.

No. 730376 ID: dd338c
File 146623147644.png - (22.96KB , 800x800 , 231.png )

He leads her on into a mini-warehouse after giving her a poorly fitting tanktop that looks like it came from a dollar store. Scanners indicate that the warehouse is powered by a single jetal molded over a control console at the center.

>"Order." it says.
>"CnJ." says the robot.
>"How much?" the jetal, who is believed to be Bluestone, asks.
>"How much do you need for a single dose, girl?" the robot asks to Roxy.

2,000 mg would be a reasonable, normal answer for a junkie.
No. 730379 ID: 398fe1

But since you're desperate now you're gonna ask for more. 2500.

Also scan the jetal.
No. 730384 ID: 4201a2

Ask for 2000, but then quickly change your mind to 2500 instead. Don't forget to stammer, sweat, and shake!
No. 730393 ID: dd338c
File 146623425712.png - (20.92KB , 800x800 , 232.png )

"Two tho - two thousand five hundred!"

"Please!" Roxy adds.

Bluestone makes a weird, condescending cough.

>"That's too much for a single dose. You haven't even earned that much."
"I can keep doing work! Do you want me?"
>"Even if you satisfied me, you'd be too sore to work tomorrow. Biologicals have too little stamina. You can't handle me. Deal with 1000 mg, and work all day tomorrow if you want more."

>Scan Jetal
-Beam Sword (C)
-Beam Sword (C)
-Core Dodge (C)
-Rockets (C)
-Scanner (C)
-Sex Module (B)
-Fluid Generator (D)
-Chemical Analyzer (C)
-Privacy (C)
-Computer (C)
-Computer Link (C)

No. 730395 ID: a107fd

So, a thousand for the gangbang... but, I've got money, to pay for the rest! Just let me borrow somebody's phone for a second so I can do the online banking thing.
No. 730397 ID: 398fe1

1000mg is enough to sniff for the drugs, at which point the Syndicate can come in.

Our mission isn't to take him out. It's to confirm the drugs are Syndicate property so that they can come in and work him over legally or something.

Agree to his terms.
No. 730398 ID: 398fe1

Erm, wouldn't that be a security risk? Don't want these guys stealing our funds.
No. 730402 ID: a107fd

Multilayered bluff. First, reinforcement for our appearance of helplessness and desperation.

Refusal would reveal that cutting off Roxy's contact with the outside world is more important to Bluestone's agenda than any plausible amount of cash. We are 'officially kidnapped,' and may as well call in the raid before things get even uglier.

If he agrees, we could probably set up a dummy account via torsophone, with exactly enough to pay whatever he's asking. Then, the Syndicate's forensic accountants get to find out where the money goes. Customer satisfaction is a priority!

Finally, if one of Bluestone's goons is especially stupid, we might be able to hack their phone somehow.
No. 730419 ID: 486e87

If 2000mg is a normal dose for a junkie, and we're being offered 1000mg. I can't tell if he's trying to catch out a plant by offering the wrong amount, or if this is a thing dealers do to hook customers. Guessing 1000mg would be enough to stave off the withdrawal, and maybe give a tiny bit of a high, but nowhere near as strong as a effect of a full dose.

Either way 1000mg is enough for our mission, so I'd say go for it. Also send his module list to Scurps, it'll be useful for them to know his loadout when raiding the place. Also, we don't know Bluestone's prices, so taking the 1000mg would avoid having to hope that they're considered affordable for Roxy's budget.

Dunno if work all day refers to working at the club, or working for CnJ here, but it's an offer to come back for more. So, if we wanted to go above any beyond (and burn the Roxy identity), we could use that as a way to stun Bluestone before the raid starts. Might even get asked to do that if the guild considers that loadout dangerous enough.

Probably for the best to sit that out through, Alison looks like she needs a cold shower, or several.
No. 730420 ID: f55743

"It's not like I have no money! And I wanted more to start building a stockpile, just bit... uh, by bit..."

Trail off, as if realizing you're not in a position to save up anything, being a prisoner now. Then go on with:

"L-look, I'm sure I can satisfy you, just... just let me have the hit, then it won't matter how sore I am! I can do it!"
No. 730431 ID: 211d83

Act even more nervous and desperate.

"But that's barely enough to last the night! Please I bet I could satisfy you if I had enough. Just give me a chance! How sore could you even make me?

(Want to act like a desperate junkie and also get him fired up so he wants to show us just how sore he can make a organic. Get him to show off a bit.)

Then send his loadout info to Scurps and tell him you might have the drugs in a second. And find out if he wants you to try knocking out bluestone with your sex trick if he fucks you.

Can we surprise him with the overload if he does not know we are a jetal? Meaning if we put our core down low and hit his dick with it can we force a interface?

We should be able to get a cut of his modules if we are the ones to take him down. Going beyond the call of duty at risk to ourselves and all. Just would be best to time it so we knock Bluestone out right as Scurps hits the front door. But only try it if we know we can. Would be to much of a risk otherwise.

Plus we want to try and keep our ability to knock people out during sex secret as possible. If the word gets out we can do this it will hurt later chances and possibly alert Sevener.

Ideally we want our victims to wake up confused and unsure of what happened because we disabled them so fast. (See if we can get Scurps to help us test our ability later. Then he can let us know what its like on the other end when he wakes up.)
No. 730432 ID: f55743

I think if we had sex with him, we'd have to knock him out. I don't like the chance he'll use chemical analyzer on our fluids and tell that we're not properly biological.

Remember to be using the sniffer, by the way.
No. 730433 ID: 486e87

The reward listed for the job is 300k plus a share of the loot, we don't need to go above and beyond for some of the modules.

I really think it's a bad idea to risk breaking disguise when we're this close to completing the original mission. If we're to go back later to knock him out before the raid, fine, but we need a sample secured first.
No. 730439 ID: 4546ab

The biggest risk if we do not knock him out is him escaping out a back tunnel during the lollipop raid. He does not have any obvious high movement mods but stuff down here is rather maze like and he could disappear easily if he runs for it the instant the guys show up.

I say keep acting a bit desperate and jumpy. We asked for 2500 so if we just suddenly accepted 1000 with no problem it would look suspicious. We are playing a desperate slutty junkie. Who cares if he wears us out we need our fix now!

All we have to do is eat the drugs and we can send for the guys. When they get here we will be here fucking Bluestone or locked in a back room with the other girls he has captured.

Unless of course his drugs are not based on the syndicates stuff. Might be in a bit of a bind then.
No. 730442 ID: a075ba

>PoV porno shoot
Hmm. We might be able to sell that, although it might blow Roxy's identity. It would be known she was recording here before they got busted.

Also, we're using a camera that's strength is an inability to be edited. That's good for evidence, but bad for post production when it comes to making enjoyable porn.

I think we should just take what he's offering and get out. This job took long enough with the gangbang, and the Lollipop guild is already giving us a cut of the loot. We don't need to steal mods with blue, and if we did, we'd have to give the LP a cut of them, just like we did last time.

And if we do sex-hack him into oblivion, then we need to get out of here before any guards notice we took out their boss, and the lollipop guild needs to sweep in before they realize Blue is gone and the grunts scatter / run with the drugs and the money and everything else. Giving people a chance to scatter and panic cuts down on the loot, including our cut of it.

We can take out Blue, but we can't hold things down, afterwards. (Unless we then morph and start impersonating Blue, but that would be very hard to keep up for very long, and how do we explain the missing girl?).
No. 730444 ID: 502d35

Actually if we never leave the place it could help with plausible deniability. Tell them you'll stay and take the drugs. Then radio in that we have the evidence, but wait a few hours before busting in to hide our involvement.
No. 730445 ID: a075ba

That could also work, if we assume there's other girls in the dungeon, we can be 'rescued' along with everyone else in the raid, so long as the guys pretend not to know us.

(Unless for some reason the LG needs to see the tape first?).
No. 730446 ID: dd338c
File 146626614160.png - (19.00KB , 800x800 , 233.png )

>Can we surprise him with the overload if he does not know we are a jetal?
Roxy can. The effect can be done nearly instantly, but it's hard to say whether or not the jetal would remember hitting a solid object that is Roxy's jetal core right as he was knocked out.

>Use sniffer
There's an enormous mix of drugs around.

"Scurps, we might be getting the drugs in just a moment! If we can knock him out ourselves, though, should we?" Alison texts to Scurps, as well as giving away Bluestone's loadout.
>"That's up to you!" says Scurps.
>"Don't care." says Fern. "Just don't cause a panic that'll lead to his place getting looted before we get there."
>"And you don't need to see the video before raiding, right?"
>"Right. Only thing we're gonna be pissed at you for is if you say you found his CnJ, then we get there and he's got none and you lost the camera or somethin'."

"I don't care!" Roxy says to Bluestone. "A thousand isn't enough, I'll barely feel a thing! Let me have a full dose right now and you can have your way with me as long as you want to make up the difference!"
>"I could have my way with you for nothing." Bluestone says, pushing one of his tentacles with a bulb at the end against Roxy. "You aren't leaving this place. You're working all day here tomorrow with whoever wants to use you. If you take 2,500 now, I'm going to join in now, and if you can't give it all throughout tomorrow, you aren't getting anything tomorrow."
"That's fine! I just need a good hit right now!"
>"Then it's agreed."

The bulb unravels, revealing five pills. The drug sniffer confirms CnJ that passes for what the syndicate would deal out. Roxy notices the robot that brought her here has left, although he may just be waiting outside.

A) Continue acting biological, have Fern's team come in to raid the place (immediately / after a couple of hours)
B) Have Fern's team get in position, then knock Bluestone out
C) >_
No. 730447 ID: 502d35

Let's not give away Roxy being a jetal. A with a couple hour delay. Short enough that they'd still bust in with Bluestone's dick in Roxy, but long enough she can have some fun.
No. 730448 ID: 211d83

Look happily at the pills and then swallow them while storing them internally.

As for what to do scan the room for cameras first.

If this room is not heavily watched then go for B. We get fucked until Fern is in position and then signal them the second we knock Bluestone out. Then continue our cover by looking like a confused organic sitting on top of Bluestones deflated body while we absorb his core out of sight. Make it look like Fern's team emp'd him secretly or something.

If there are a bunch of camera's/other guys/scanners in this room go for A. Have them hit the place while Bluestone is thoroughly amusing himself with you and do not break cover.
No. 730449 ID: a075ba

Pop some pills (and then store the evidence safely in your jetalium somewhere as evidence instead of digesting them) and then start blowing that tentacle.

For now, I'd say A. We don't need the extra attention or logistical complications trying to time knocking him out might bring.

All we really need to do is keep him busy for a while so Fern has time to set up his guys for a raid where no one gets out. Rushing it could lead to some of them slipping the net.

Also, if we're locked up with the other girls when the raid goes down, we can try and make sure none of them get hurt. (I sure hope the plan is to let them go and they're not considered part of the loot).

We can shift plans if any developments happen.
No. 730450 ID: 4546ab

Am leaning more for B but I like the idea of keeping our cover.

So maybe go with A until we get more info and transition to B if we notice he has a escape hatch under his desk that would let him get away if we did not knock his ass out.
No. 730453 ID: e22b1d

I think we can do B without dropping our cover. Just act like a organic the whole time and when we give the signal and knock him out just quickly absorb his core through wherever he is fucking us and do not absorb any mass. Then run off scared and hide under some warehouse shelves or something because Bluestone collapsed during sex.

Depends on his level of paranoia. He probably has plenty of camera feeds going to that desk and will see our guys the second they make a move with his computer link. But I doubt he has many cameras watching himself. (but check anyways)

I bet this room is the most well guarded place in his compound and he has escape routes here. Unless our team knows where they are he might be able to drop us and flee if we do not knock him out.

Long story short keep scanning like crazy and decide based on how easy it would be for him to escape if we did not help. (Either way make sure to he has plenty of time to make us sore. Its only polite.)
No. 730461 ID: a107fd

Abruptly incapacitating the boss sounds like it might cause a panic. Voting A, and give go-ahead for the raid on a 'fire when ready' basis. However, if opportunity arises to do so, maybe hit Bluestone with the knockout right as he's recieving word of the raid, since that would maximize confusion and distraction.
No. 730464 ID: f55743

A, and call them to come raid the place immediately. Stay in contact with the syndicate, so you can aim to have Bluestone inside you, ready to overload him the moment the news is about to arrive. Then his goons will be already too panicked to loot anything or escape, and he'll be out of the picture with jetalium and mods ready to grab.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that you keep his interest long enough for them to arrive. He has a B rank module, so he's probably pretty jaded. Start off by using your mouth to suck those pills right off his tentacle, and get ready to really go at it full force, with everything a biological could manage. Remember to imitate the effects of the drugs on yourself, with the right pace of the effect growing to match what your heartrate and so on will be. When the drug should have taken effect, make sure you act like everything feels good to you, and react appropriately to what would otherwise be uncomfortable or painful. If you really want to sell it, start doing things that would hurt, otherwise, like you're craving the stimulation. Any lingering soreness from the gang session earlier should turn into pleasure, too.

Keep up the scanner and be ready with the overload if he shows sign of realizing you're not organic.
No. 730467 ID: 4854ef

No. 730474 ID: dd338c
File 146627631512.png - (16.00KB , 800x800 , 234.png )

Roxy keeps her cover, and leans forward to pull the tentacle, and its drugs, into her mouth.
No. 730475 ID: dd338c
File 146627637255.png - (31.06KB , 800x800 , 235.png )

"I got it." Roxy texts. "I'm going to keep him distracted for a bit, but he still has some surveillance on this room and on his control area, so he might see if any of you guys come in!"
"Just sit tight and do what you do. We'll be there in a bit." says Fern.
"Take your time!"

Various lobbyists then direct Roxy to act realistically based on the effects of the drug while bluestone starts ripping off her clothes. What follows is about 30 minutes of Bluestone pounding, groping and slapping Roxy. All of it, supposedly, is entirely pleasureable to her despite how rough it sometimes gets, and so she begs for more and coaxes the tentacles to at it.

"You're not allowed to complain about how sore you're going to be tomorrow, because you'll know that you knew it was going to happen." Bluestone says, giving her ass a slap.

No. 730476 ID: dd338c
File 146627638716.png - (25.88KB , 800x800 , 236.png )

A biological storms in.

>"You better have a good reason for storming in here like this."
>"We just got word, we saw some syndicate hanging around our turf!"
>"Well, Yots? We do the same thing we usually do. What makes this time any different?"
>"This time, I'm not Yots!"
No. 730477 ID: dd338c
File 146627642488.png - (87.77KB , 800x800 , 237.png )


>"I'm pretending to be one of his employees." says Scurps

Bluestone's face is blown off, and his core gets hurt and he's knocked out, but he's still alive.

>"Okay let's get you outta here." Scurps says. "Kail and the others are coming down right now.
No. 730479 ID: 211d83

Keep your cover on the outside. Act sore and worn out but panicked.

On the phone tell him nice move and that you are going to pretend to be a scared but exhausted organic until we get out of here.

Hey if he wants to continue where this guy left off does he remember the absorption trick you did with the nice girl at the card tournament? Would be a great way to get your out of here. You promise to be extra panicky when he absorbs you for any witnesses if he likes.
No. 730480 ID: f55743

Ah, we didn't have to overload him after all.

Well, you're in contact already, so grab all his mods. It'll take time to absorb jetalium, so grab as much as you and Scurps can carry. If it takes time to absorb mods, prioritize Computer (load it up immediately, so we can think faster), then Privacy and Scanner, and then the Sex Module, just because it's the highest rated and probably biggest payout. If you have to leave anything, leave the Rockets and Beam Swords, they're not our style. However, his guys won't be watching the surveillance on the inside of their base right now, and we can abandon Roxy's face if need be for a haul this big, so you can take a few moments, and if need be just drop the bio-emulator and cram stuff down your throat into storage.

My concern is what other girls (and guys) he might have locked up. We never got taken to the actual dungeon to find out. I'd assume the syndicate will find them during the raid, though, and his goons are very unlikely to slow themselves down by hauling biologicals around.
No. 730481 ID: 4546ab

Having him absorb you to get you out of here unseen would be entertaining. That and we do owe him a orgasm and some interest after not being able to finish with him the other day.
No. 730482 ID: e22b1d

Good job Scurps!

Well if we managed to avoid blowing our cover this long it would be a shame to suddenly go jetal and start absorbing his mass. We can wait to split things later in the scurps-mobile.

Play the part of a scared kidnapped stripper who got caught in a gang war while being jetal fucked. (I like the idea of having Scurps absorb you while you panic and scream. Would be the perfect ending to the little porno you have going in your eye camera.)
No. 730483 ID: c81b56

Shit we do have a rather entertaining pov porno in the works don't we?

Might as well keep that rolling as long as possible. Could be worth some money.
No. 730487 ID: a075ba

Playfully swoon. "My hero!"

One of you grab that core and separate it from the pile of jetalium.

We can absorb modules / split up the loot / jetalium later, but right now, just don't give Blue a chance to escape.

Play the part of just one more rescued dungeon girl in from of everyone else (wary, but hopeful).


Are there other girls in the dungeons down here? Are we letting them go, or do they count as part of the loot?
No. 730515 ID: 398fe1

"Roxy" still needs to escape. Keep your cover.
No. 730525 ID: f55743

I think we can connect to some part of him that's inside us and nab at least a few mods without anyone noticing.
No. 730529 ID: dd338c
File 146628442506.png - (14.70KB , 800x800 , 238.png )

>I think we can connect to some part of him that's inside us and nab at least a few mods without anyone noticing.
Some lobbyists like the idea, but Roxy has already texted Scurps the full payload that Bluestone has.

Roxy stares wideyed at Scurps. After a brief communication, he absorbs her into himself as she screams and texts 'My hero! <3' The video camera is then turned off.

Scurps is quick enough to absorb all of the modules and take all of the jetalium. As they leave the exit, Roxy texts him some more.

"Are there other girls in the dungeons down here? Or do they count as loot?"
>"We'll see if they wanna work for us, but we're not gonna detain them against their will. Body trafficking isn't our big thing."

As they travel up, Princess Toya receives a forum message from Baron of Threes.

>"Hi. How's it going? In case you're wondering, I don't have any hard feelings about the other night. I don't really know what you did or how you did it, but you got me."
No. 730530 ID: 91cfcf

"Cool. What are you, a jaded noble or one of their servants?"
No. 730531 ID: 398fe1

Tell Threes that you won't be telling him how, either. It was just business, you hope you didn't cost him his job.
No. 730535 ID: f55743

Well, that's suspicious. He might really not know what or how, but I'd bet him or his bosses would like to find out.

Reply back to say "Don't know if you'll believe me or not, but I'm sorry too. I really did have fun, both in the tournament and later. I felt kinda bad, but I have people I work for, too, and I bet you'd understand that, from what I saw. I'd like to offer to make it up to you somehow, but your bosses are scary. I hope they weren't too upset with you, and that you're not too badly off because of me."

Bounce it off a few proxies or something, highly-connected nobles might be able to snoop all the way along connections like this.
No. 730537 ID: 398fe1

Oh, if he offers a large sum of money to describe exactly how you did it without the jetals' physical scan picking up on it, you could say you had a sensory overload mod with a high rank Hide add-on, then destroyed it when the other jetals showed up, because they were going on about high ranked modules and that would've caught their attention.
No. 730538 ID: 486e87

"This the usual fare for your job Baron? Hope I didn't cost you it." or something similar.

Basically reply as normal, but don't give details or info. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I've got the sneaking suspicion this could be Sevener acting as Baron; it's still possible it could be the real Baron sending a out of the blue message though.
No. 730540 ID: c81b56

Tell Scurps he had better be taking advantage of the situation.

The Baron and his bosses are no doubt curious as hell about your knockout power. So say nothing about it. If need be can imply you had a hidden one use item that let you emp him.

But he might be a in to new jobs and fun modules. So give him a friendly hello.
No. 730541 ID: a075ba

>Hi. How's it going? In case you're wondering, I don't have any hard feelings about the other night. I don't really know what you did or how you did it, but you got me.
Reply "trade secret." (We aren't going to detail in how we disabled him, and if his bosses want to know, they're going to have to pay us, and treat us better than they did before. We're not giving up anything for free just cause he asked. No free intel)!

"I'm glad you feel that way, and I'm sorry about the deception. You had a bounty on your head, and with all the escape and avoidance modules, getting close to you was the easiest way to collect.

"Although I guess you got off easier than most bounties, since it looks like your bosses just wanted to see if anyone could get past their defenses."
No. 730544 ID: dd338c
File 146628879463.png - (16.92KB , 800x800 , 239.png )

>Tell Scurps he had better be taking advantage of the situation.
Roxy doesn't need to tell him, he's already fondling her.

"Are you a jaded noble or one of their servants or something?"
>"Oh, wow, me? Not even close. I'm just a tester for various modules, mostly getaway modules. They just wanted to see how it works if it was given to random schmucks like me in the field."
"I hope you didn't lose your job over that."
>"Well, I got demoted, but it was inevitable. It took a long time to get approved for that, and it was pretty dangerous, but it paid well, and I did a little saving up since I knew it was a temporary thing. Uh, let me guess, you don't want to tell me how you got me?"

>Tell him she had a sensory overload module she deleted after taking him out
Scanner says that it's a very rare module, and that there's little information on it, but what information there is seems to imply that it typically stuns a jetal. Even if it knocks them out, it isn't so instantaneous, so it doesn't quite match up with it. Toya decides to simply say she won't tell.

"Correct, it's a trade secret. If you want to know, those bosses of yours better treat me better than they did, and pay us for the information."
>"I guess I wouldn't tell either. I don't really know if you even wanted to see me, but it didn't feel right ending the night on just that when I really don't hate you for it. I liked last night a lot."
"I legitimately enjoyed it, too, both the tournament and the after party. I'm surprised you messaged me out of the blue like this."
>"Well, I was kept in detainment for questioning and scanning all night before I got the chance to send a message. And, uh, I may have been indecisive for a few hours while trying to think on if I should send one or not. I hope the people who came down weren't too rough on you. They seemed pretty pissed off about the whole thing to be honest. Like, they wanted data for fast past rocket getaways, but then I got caught by some weird core error and they can't seem to find any reason why the test modules might have caused that, so... well, doesn't matter for you."

Roxy can't see anything while Scurps goes up top, but he still texts her.

>"He had about 22 million worth in jetalium, and about 19 million in modules! We'll be spending a couple of hours looting it, but for just taking out bluestone, your share ends up at 6,800,000." says Scurps. "We'll give it to you right away, but you can buy any jetalium or any of his modules you'd like right away."
No. 730549 ID: f55743

Excellent. Inventory and shop needs updating as I post this, but I'd say get his Computer C, Privacy C and Scanner C, and his Fluid Generator D. That should be 4,550,000 in total. We'll need another 1000k to get the hide add-on for the new privacy module, to keep doing our biological imitation trick, and another 200k to get Hide for our hacked sex module. That should leave us 1,580,800. We'll still have our lower-ranked Scanner to social scan with, and be able to use the higher ranked one at the same time, if I reckon how module multiples work correctly.

I would like to spend another mil to get music and dance master, but we probably need more jetalium at this point, and I can't find where it says what that costs. And we would very much like to buy simulation training for music and dance, which will cost a good bit, though it'll go a lot faster with Computer C on our side.

I also think that we should drop 80,800 on the doctor for his help, at some point, in gratitude and to round out our cash numbers more pleasingly.
No. 730555 ID: dd338c
File 146629375069.png - (19.47KB , 800x800 , 240.png )

Fern says that the modules will be kept in storage for some time, so Roxy can decide later on whether or not to buy them.

In the meanwhile, Alison has proposed the idea that Roxy gives around half a million to Marchi to help the influx of withdrawn slaves and to help this block land on its feet since it seems like a large power hold is about to be a power vacuum.

However, some, including Recluse, say that that's sweet and good, except that this simulation is probably not going to last over a week entirely. Every bit of resources will count towards the world that isn't going to end in the matter of days.

Gambler takes this opportunity, too, to mention that with a few investments and careful gambles, he has turned 100k into 300k. He says not to get too hopeful, though, as he's still learning the market, and so simply dumping 5 million on him won't mean he'll turn it into 15 million in the matter of that many hours. He does, however, ask for one million to ramp things up optimally, but if she wants to really roll the dice, he can see what happens with more money.

Alison takes a look at Princess Toya's stats. Toya has been very busy over the last few hours and has been playing about 4 games of Beastfight at once for the last 10 hours.
No. 730556 ID: 486e87

Seems good, going to agree with these purchases.

Leaving some funds left would be useful in case a mission comes up that a module we lack would be particularly useful for.
No. 730557 ID: a075ba

...well, I suppose we couldn't just walk out of there in the state our clothes were in.

>what do with money
Dump like a million of that on Gambler, use that to make more money with online gaming.

Gambler Funds - 1,000,000
Computer C - 2,250,000 (for better multitasking)
Scanner C - 1,100,000
Social Scanner Add-on C: - 500,000
Music Master D - 500,000 (c'mon, Alison needs this and it's pretty cheap now)
Jetalicum D - 600,000
Privacy C - 1,200,000
Hide Add-on C: - 1,000,000 (for privacy C)

Sell back:
Social Scanner Add-on D: - 100,000
Scanner D - 200,000
Privacy D - 150,000
Hide Add-on D: - 200,000

That's a total buy of 7,650,000 and a total sellback of 650,000. That leaves us with ~630,800, with 3 mil still incoming, and whatever Gambler makes.
No. 730558 ID: f55743


Oh, well, with this update, and the knowledge of about 3mil more incoming, I'm going to update the plan I offered with >>730549 and say definitely get music and dance master Ds, pay 200k for four hours simulation training with them, and pay 800k for 20kg of jetalium. Once we have it all, of course.

And do give that money to Marchi! This simulation may only last a week or even a couple of days less, but for all of these people that's the only time they're going to have! We should make it pleasant for them if we can, or at least more bearable for the ones who are suffering. Let them feel some sense of hope and purpose while they're alive.

If we have enough after that, then we should also get jetalicum, and shields, to actually have some form of actual self-defense.
No. 730559 ID: 211d83

Ok 4 rounds of beastfight for 10 hours is a huge red flag for Sevener. Lets pull back on that quickly. Space games out a bit. Anything that will flag us as a multi core jetal should be done through multiple online identities.

I would say give the doc the 75k we were planning on using to buy drugs for him. He might be a good contact later on and will help with that.

I would give 1 mill to gambler and let him go wild. Once he gets a better hang of things can up his numbers.

Finally tell Baron that the goons were not to bad but they were very impatient and not the best people persons. But it all went well in the long run. Ask him what the life of a module tester is like and make small talk.
No. 730560 ID: a075ba

>I hope the people who came down weren't too rough on you.
I was more disappointed by a lack of professionalism.

But no, I wouldn't take that kind of mission if I didn't enjoy the stuff we got up to!

How's the team getting to know the mob boss's son doing?
No. 730561 ID: 90f3c0

We should definitely show Marchi our appreciation, both financially and physically. The fact that someone isn't real, and likely won't exist for very long has never stopped Alison from helping them in the past. Plus more contacts in the underworld is never a bad thing, he might prove useful again.

Get the Jetalicum module, we will run into a client who expects it sooner or later.

It might be as good idea to pick up some basic defense modules just in case, low level shields and a beam sword. Plus maybe 15 kg of Jetalium.
No. 730562 ID: 4546ab

Oh get at least a starter beam sword. And look into a better battery for later.

We might not be going a combat route but we need to be able to defend our modules and mass if we run into a creep.

Not enough weaponry for people to think we are a threat but enough so people do not get the idea they can mug us with no problem.
No. 730568 ID: 398fe1

>4 games of Beastfight at once for the last 10 hours.
Okay that's really suspicious, we need to either stop looking like a group account or just outright say it's a group account.

Shouldn't we put that hide add-on on the hacked sex mod? Also, we should invest in some basic defenses. Let's take Thrusters C and Shields D, in exchange for giving up Jetalicum D and Social Scanner C (keep social D).
No. 730569 ID: a075ba

Privacy needs a hide on if we want to fake being organic. A hide for the hacked sex would be a separate purchase / aim, and was not what I was suggesting, no. (Also, if we wanted one, that would be Hide Add-on D: - 200,000, since our hacked sex mod is rank D).
No. 730571 ID: 398fe1

Oh, the hide has to be the same rank (or better) as the mod it's hiding? Oh well.
No. 730572 ID: d8dc8a

>Implying Sevener would ever in a million years think we're going to win this by playing a card game.

We should arm ourselves at least a little bit. I don't like how vulnerable it feels when we're trying to navigate dangerous situations using only our wits and charm.
No. 730573 ID: 91ee5f

But we are going to win this by playing a children's card game.....by dueling for souls!
*insert Yu-Gi-Oh! theme song here*
No. 730574 ID: f55743

>4 games at once

People play multiple games of chess at once, and other games. For a known jetal who could form multiple arms and eyes and have a computer mod, it's really not a stretch. It's a turn-based game, not real time. It's not going to raise any flags except that people will think we're showing off.

If we're really worried about sevener, we could consider maybe using our money to set up fake "Alison-like" events around the city, to distract her and lead her off our actual scent.
No. 730598 ID: 211d83


Ehh its the 4 at once for 10 hours straight. Which might be the norm for other jetals. Will have to check.
No. 730681 ID: 8111b6

We really should get something to defend ourselves with if we're going to be doing a lot of risky missions. Also, are we waiting to gorge on jetalium, or are we going to wait on that?

Of course, modules to help out with our new hobby/career choice would be nice too~
No. 730747 ID: dd338c
File 146635532282.png - (14.21KB , 800x800 , 241.png )

>"I was more disappointed by their lack of professionalism, by the way." Princess Toya messages. "They were rude when it seemed detrimental for them to be."
>"Yeah they kinda get that way. I don't even think they normally take calls like that, and they're not, you know, social specialists."

"Gambler, is it at all realistic to play 4 games at once for so long like that?" Alison asks.
>"Some top level jetals do 20! It sounds like a lot, but it's turn based, and jetals have all kinds of extreme computing power, so we're holding ourselves back by playing 4 quality games over 20! Plus, if we get more cell phones or computing, it's like time slows down to a crawl for us and we can take our time."
"Alright, then good job! We're going to get Computer C, so maybe we can up that number after all, but slowly. Princess Toya is a new identity, and we don't want to instantly become world champion when it seems like so many people have been trying for so long!"

Unity purchases 20 kg of jetalium, and the following modules:
Beam Sword D
Privacy C - Addon: Hide C
Computer C
Scanner C - Social Scanner Add-on C
Music & Dance Master D
Jetalicum D
Hide D for Hacked Sex Module

Although the money from looting has not been given yet, Scurps was willing to front Unity the estimated 3 million in advance. If it's more, then Unity will be given the difference, and if it's less, then Fern expects Scurps to be repaid.

Gambler is given an additional 1 million to give funds. He says that with this, he will be doing both fightbeast and the world's stock market.

200k is set aside for manual training of Music and Dance.

"Wait, hold on, Scurps!"
"I have to do something. Can we meet up top?"
"Oh, I'd like to keep borrowing privacy rank B for a little bit until I meet up with you, but you can have the other stuff back."
>"Mmh." says Scurps, who takes the single track cam and the sniffer.
No. 730748 ID: dd338c
File 146635534352.png - (37.61KB , 800x800 , 242.png )

Scurps lets Roxy out, and she cleans herself up, finds a replacement tank tap, runs down from the chaos of the ensuing raid to basement level 9 to find Marchi since his phone still appears to be out of reception.

>"Hey! What's going on up there?"
"Bluestone's out of the picture! And I wanted to give you 75k."
>"What for?"
"For being a good person!"
>"... really?"
"And I think there's going to be a lot of people up there that could use your help."
>"Well, I'd hope to do my best, so if you can help me out, even though I hate taking charity, I can do things that are more important than my little hangups! I'd appreciate that so much."
No. 730751 ID: 211d83

You went out of your way to help a girl in need while on the run. It's the least I could do. Maybe one day I can help you out more.

Anyways now that business is out of the way if you are interested in a little pleasure... wink wink nudge nudge.
No. 730753 ID: a075ba

Well if you hate charity, consider it payback for helping me get in.

Good luck.~

Give him a kiss on the cheek and get out of here.
No. 730756 ID: 4854ef

Give him a hug, I mean the dude's practically a shining light in the darkness of this place. Doing what he does because it's right rather then because it's part of the law.

Gotta give him chops for lasting this long.
No. 730758 ID: cec087

Hmm... Are our cash numbers correct? Let's see. The terms of the job were 300k, plus a share in the loot. "For just taking out bluestone, your share ends up at" 6,800k. On top of that, the 300k for the job itself makes it 7,100k. If we're getting the new Scanner and Privacy both upgraded, we don't need the old ones, and can sell them for 650k together, with their addons. We also had something like 580k to begin with, if I remember right, so that should be 8,330k even before the 3 mil, which would bring it up to 11,330k.

00800k - 20kg jetalium
01200k - Beam Sword D
02200k - Privacy C + Addon: Hide C
02250k - Computer C
01600k - Scanner C + Social Scanner Add-on C
01000k - Music & Dance Master D
00600k - Jetalicum D
00200k - Hide D for Hacked Sex Module
00200k - set aside for training
01000k - gambler

11050k - total

11330 minus 11050 leaves 280k, by my reckoning. So why not give him a round 80k?

Personally, I also don't approve much of Beam Sword D, we'd be better getting some sort of less lethal takedown mod, or saving to get more of an escape option, like Shields + Flight. But, oh well.

I'd also suggest showing another form of appreciation, both for fun and to balance out all the rough stuff we just had with something more gentle and affectionate, but we have left Scurps waiting. We should drop by for another visit here in a day or two, though. Ask him if there's a way for you to get in touch with him again if he moves elsewhere.
No. 730759 ID: a075ba

We can't unequip addon from modules, so when we sold scanner D (with social addon) and privacy D (with hide add on) back, we did so at an loss. We didn't get full price back for them. The discrepancy between the stats page and your math is only ~160k, and selling 4 D rank things for less than full price easily accounts for that.

>if I remember right
Just click the history tab in the stats page in the wiki and you can see exactly what it used to be.
No. 730763 ID: dd338c
File 146636181699.png - (16.36KB , 800x800 , 243.png )

Roxy and Marchi exchange bank numbers so that Marchi can receive 80k soon.

A hug and a kiss on the cheek is also given to Marchi, and the social scanner indicates that while he likes Roxy, he's not in the mood for anything further at the moment with a lot of work to do.
No. 730764 ID: dd338c
File 146636183231.png - (22.86KB , 800x800 , 244.png )

Once reception is gained, Alison checks in on progress with Fargow. He doesn't appear to chat much, but the chatting that has occurred has been amicable and promising.

It takes about 15 minutes to go back to the street, locate Scurps, and head out in his mobile form. He takes Privacy B back from Roxy.

>"Good job." says Fern, who appears on Scurp's car window. "Looks like we can trust you some. We don't like giving people outside of the syndicate the important jobs. But you're worth those. So let me be blunt. We want you in the syndicate. You can still help the dead batteries if you want or work out of their strip clubs or whatever, but if we need you for a job, we get priority. But you'll get our good jobs, and our best module loans. For instance, we'll let you borrow a division mod, with the stipulation that you use it to work jobs, and we receive half the money you make with that division. You seem pretty good at multitasking, and that computer module you got is gonna help out. Other plain resources you'll get is stuff like bodyguards, a place to call home, whatever."

Unity immediately texts Polatt to see how he feels about that.

>"Seems like a shame to us, but you didn't do some blood pact of undying loyalty. Was real casual. I won't be telling you that you've gotta make daily bank on the DB's behalf, yeah? Long as you don't give us the cold shoulder, you'd still be welcome, we aren't a closed off system like the syndicate likes to be. We won't invest as heavily in you, but you can still work in our strip clubs. Better ones, too, if you got some dance modules or anything like that." says Polatt.

>"If you decline." says Fern. "We're not gonna cut contact with you, specially since Scurps is all mushy over you, but jobs like these aren't gonna be handed out easily."
No. 730768 ID: a075ba

I feel a little bad about not doing more for the Dead Batteries, since we know from past experience how reliable and loyal they can be once we get going. Problem so far has been the syndicate offered more high yield jobs we could cash out quickly. The mobster son for the DBs will net us rep, but it's low immediate payout and goes slow. And the strip club is really just a way to make cash in the downtime.

Realistically, I don't think we can turn this down. A division is just too useful, since it doubles the jobs we can do at once. (Well, only 1.5 times the pay since we'd owe the Syndicate for half the extra earnings).

(Also a second home base and set of defenses isn't a bad idea. Gives us more than one place to retreat to).

Realistic concerns to ask about:

Does signing on mean I can't turn down jobs? I am trying to keep a low profile, as far as the authorities are concerned, and some things might be too hot for me.

I've considered that I might go legit, eventually. I can get better faster on the illegal side of things, but there's a soft cap, past which one needs to invest heavily in combat modules to survive. Would this be a problem for you?

We get to opt out of anything that's a conflict of interest. We're not taking jobs from either gang targeting the other.

Aside from that, if they're both cool with our dual citizenship, I say we go for it.

>better clubs with a dance module
Actually, we just got one with today's cash! (Or we're about to. Depends on how far we're abstracting actually visiting places to pick up new modules).

And you'd be happy to work in the clubs whenever you're not doing other missions. Or do other missions. Although since you did the public sex one and the mob boss son is in progress, there aren't actually any you haven't started yet.

We'll need to hang out and fool around with music, later. Possibly another excuse to hang with Polat.
No. 730769 ID: 211d83

I think its worth a go. These low level criminal organizations are just a stepping stone on our path so would not hurt to be a junior member of the syndicate.

Would take years to climb the ranks and we just want them to trust us a bit more and get access to better resources. Plus protection is something we need badly. And we will be able to notice Sevener if she makes a move much sooner if we have more access to there info network.

Plus can still be friends with the DB's and get missions with them.
No. 730771 ID: 4546ab

Tell him we are honored but have a few questions.

1. How much freedom do we have? Priority on missions is fine but does that mean getting forced into some of them?

2. We have a family issue that makes us want to stay on the lighter side of the law if possible. The helping with bounty's and such is fun but we have our specialty and would like to stay away from anything more public in nature.

3. Would we have any access to the syndicates info network? We have a stick in the mud sister we would like to track down without her knowing about it.

But I think it would be fine to join.
No. 730772 ID: cec087

Hmm, tricky. It will probably be an upgrade in terms of how quick we gain power and resources, but the Lollipops' jobs tend to be... less friendly. It's not like the DBs are saints, but their missions have mostly been giving people what they want, while the Lollipops' have been bounty hunting and sabotage and such. Going more with Fern and co. will probably be a somewhat darker, more dangerous path, leaving less happy people in our wake. I'm not sure I like the implication that we would have to take certain jobs for them, either; so far, it's just been us taking what we feel like, and we were free to refuse any, or to drop everything or take time off if we needed to, with only a hit to our reputation for reliability.

On the other hand, the DBs seem pretty content with the way they have things, and aren't big movers and shakers. If we want to get into circles of dealing with higher level government or nobility, they're probably the better choice, especially if we make it clear we're a spy and not a fighter. If there are subversives or revolutionaries in the empire anywhere, too, they're probably the more likely to have more connections there.

On the other other hand, Fern thinks he can trust us now, but he kind of can't? We deliberately covered up for a detox doctor. Choices like that are going to pop up again.

Ask Fern about how often you could expect to be needed, as opposed to just wanted, and how dedicated he would expect you to be to the syndicate in the long term. You have some personal goals and issues of your own that you'll have to deal with eventually; for example, you've been keeping an eye out for news of a certain someone, and though you don't know if they even will turn up, it's possible you'd have to drop everything else for a few days if they did. You have one or two personal relationships to care about every now and then, too.
No. 730774 ID: 4854ef

Fern's path to power seems decent enough, let us join.
No. 730776 ID: a075ba

>On the other other hand, Fern thinks he can trust us now, but he kind of can't? We deliberately covered up for a detox doctor. Choices like that are going to pop up again.
Well, that sort of depends.

On the one hand, we've had opportunities where we could have effectively skimmed off the top of the take, if we reported less jetalium or modules than we actually found, so we didn't split them with the gang. But we stuck to the jobs and played it fair.

The detox doc was more denying them a collateral find. I'm sure they would have preferred to grab the easy 8 mil bounty, but it's technically not the job we were being paid to do.
No. 730779 ID: dd338c
File 146636630186.png - (15.94KB , 800x800 , 245.png )

Scanner does some research on the division module. It looks like it takes a little bit of battery to run, but so long as activity is still mundane, it's still nothing that a daily recharge won't fix. Reception is a concern only about 8 basement levels deep, provided there's no additional reception relays or other equipment to mitigate it. For long range, latency might be a concern if a division goes over 1/4 of the distance of the planet, but so long as fast reflexes aren't needed. However, maintaining a distance of over 20 miles or so requires an indirect connection via satellites or cables, and usage of these public utilities may leave a trail. This can be mitigated via proxies and other tools that scanner is looking into, but it will increase the latency significantly and may take some getting used to.

"I have a few questions!"
>"If you didn't, I would."
"Does signing on mean I can't turn down jobs?"
>"If it's some shitty offer we're doing because you look free, you don't have to take it. But if it's somethin' we need done, you'd better have a good reason to decline."
"I'm also trying to keep a low profile! Will that be a problem if some things are too hot for me?"
>"If you were anyone else, it would be, but the reason I want you in my operation is because you're filling in a niche I didn't even know I had, and that involves you staying low."
"What if I want to go legit, at some point?"
>"Well then good fuckin' luck if you've got a criminal record. If you can pull it off, with or without our help, though, then that's fine and cool, because it's not like we don't have our legal fronts too. Hell, there's a reason I'm not going on the raid myself."
"Okay! And what if there's a conflict of interest? I'm still friendly to the DB's, but I don't want to take any jobs from either side that targets the other."
>"We don't touch their area and I doubt that's gonna change. Definitely not gonna change suddenly unless they've got other plans. So don't worry about that."
"Would I have access to your info network?"
>"Yeah, figured you'd ask. You'll get some. Mostly on external data, not info on the Syndicate itself. You want some resources to look things up, that's fine, but no matter what crazy shit you pulled off, ain't gonna change that you showed up yesterday."
"How often would I be needed to take a job for sure?"
>"We'll have more jobs every day, but for the ones we don't appreciate declining, probably every couple of days. Let's say we won't expect more than 4 hours per day on average."
No. 730782 ID: a075ba

Doesn't matter how hard he thinks it will be, we'll need to to go legit diamond noble and do upper class courtesan stuff and get access to A rank things, unless we want to go full violent rebel like last time. Important thing is there's no "you can't leave" rule.

>Mostly on external data, not info on the Syndicate itself
That's fine. Sevener is highly unlikely to be inside the syndicate, and their internal data is none of our business.

>We'll have more jobs every day, but for the ones we don't appreciate declining, probably every couple of days. Let's say we won't expect more than 4 hours per day on average.
We'd be working more jobs than that of our own accord anyways, so that's a non-issue.

I would accept Fern's terms.
No. 730787 ID: 91ee5f

One more thing, would I be allowed to burst into a place we're raiding and say, 'I'm Princess Sugartooth of the Lollipop Syndicate. And you're...'"
*put on sunglasses*
"About to get licked."
No. 730791 ID: 7de580

I was really sad about leaving the Dead Batteries until I realized we have to do this. We're Princess Sugartooth now. That's just our name, there's no way to deny us the right to say that.
No. 730795 ID: dd338c
File 146637054802.png - (10.23KB , 800x800 , 246.png )

"Alright, I accept!"
>"Cool. Scurps, hand over a syndicate phone."

Roxy is given a phone. It seems like a good model, and she turns it on. It appears to be linked to various syndicate networks.

>"Don't get too excited. That's just the low level stuff for the rank and file."
"Oh, by the way! Would I be allowed to burst into a place we're rading and say, 'I'm Princess Sugartooth of the Lollipop Syndicate. And you're about to get licked?' while putting on sunglasses for the last part?

Fern stares at her for a long time. Either he's intentionally being dramatic, or he's taking an extraordinary amount of computational power to formulate a response.

>".... not while I'm looking. Are you sure you want to threaten people with licks? That sounds like a damn treat coming from you. Whatever. Sure, you can be our princess. There. Why not. That's your name in our system now, no take backs so I hope you like it. We have ceremonial royalty now and you're it."
>"What if I'm Prince Cookiebatter?" Scurps says.
>"Fuck off Scurps this isn't gonna be a bandwagon. Princess Sugartooth follows a lonely path. Now listen up, girl."

Upon Fern's direction to then enter a chat software, Fern gives her permission to enter a chat called 'r06', Roxy is fed a lot of lines per second. It takes a moment to realize that this is what appears to be the raid channel, where much of the rank and file is currently running through Bluestone's place, logging what they find and what they're doing in coordination.

It only takes another moment to find that there's already been a mention of a doctor deep inside of the building with an 8 million dollar bounty, and they may go and poke at him to see if it's an easy bounty to get.
No. 730796 ID: a075ba

>It only takes another moment to find that there's already been a mention of a doctor deep inside of the building with an 8 million dollar bounty, and they may go and poke at him to see if it's an easy bounty to get.
Uh, we don't have a lot of options there.

There's the obvious stay out of it, and let what happens happen.

We could betray the doc and give up his location so we get a cut of the bounty. (Which Alison won't go for).

We could lie / feed them false intel of some kind on the raid channel (he's not there, he didn't look easy, etc) but that could very easily fall through, and then we'd be in bad shape with the syndicate for trying to pull that.

We could come clean to Fern and ask him to steer them away, but he won't be happy with that. It'll cost us favor with him, and we'll probably owe him after. We are asking him to give up an easy payout versus someone who opposes how they make money.

We could come to Scurps, but not Fern, and see if he can help us keep the searchers away. It would be going behind Fern's back, but Scurps might like us enough to go for it.

We could make them unable to keep searching. If we called the cops on this building (or asked Polatt to, for another layer of separation), they probably wouldn't have time to finish searching all the sub-basements before bugging out. Fern would be furious if he ever finds out, though.
No. 730798 ID: cec087

o dang

And we can't call him for an anonymous tip-off because he doesn't get any reception. We can try send him a message that he'll pick up, using one of the phones we're bouncing stuff in and out on all the time with the gambling and such, but he might not get it in time.

Hmm. They "may" go and take a poke at him? They might call it off if they have something else to be busy with, then. If they haven't already grabbed him, remind them that Kobbly was another guy with Bluestone, the one who sent you to the sex dungeon. He looked like he had some decent hardware to grab, and besides which, he has a video taken of you from when you were worming your way in, and you'd like to have it grabbed.

You could also use a few proxies to anonymously report a "disturbance" in the area, which will call the attention of the cops and make the syndicate edgier about sticking around.

Oh, or! We could look up that liquor store we were at and send a message to the robot there to pass on to Marchi, since he seemed to have some way to get in contact with him quickly.
No. 730803 ID: cec087

In any case, it'd be a bad idea to feign ignorance. Pull off all the tricks you can think of to tip Marchi off without giving anything away, but while you're doing that, come up front and say something like "Oh geeze, I think I met that guy while I was collecting info, he helped me out. Seemed like he was just some off-license street charity doc, I wouldn't have thought he had such a big bounty. He's a big cyborg, I wasn't able to get a clean scan on him but he has combat mods of some sort, and I'm sure he has some way of moving really fast. Talked like he'd been doing his thing for years."

Hopefully that'll make them think he's not much worth it. Maybe some of them will even feel bad taking him in after he helped out with such a big hit as Bluestone was.
No. 730804 ID: a075ba

Oh, if they haven't grabbed Knobby yet, pointing the raid guys at his place is a reasonable distraction that's not even a lie. I like that. And warning the pharmacist.

I'm really reluctant to get the cops involved, even through proxies, to be honest (even though I list it as one of our options). That seems like it would be a much bigger betrayal of trust than trying to cost them a little extra on a successful raid.
No. 730806 ID: 486e87

If they seem really sent on going for Marchi, we could try and make him seem more valuable as a potential employee than a bounty. Sure, it messes with his operation, but it's better than jail. Synthesising drugs from raw materials can't be easy.
No. 730807 ID: e4f856

No. 730814 ID: cec087


There are a couple of ways we could sell it, as a practical or business thing. First and most straightforward, cut a deal with him to only detox the customers of dealers who aren't with the syndicate. Fund him, even. They get to undermine their rivals and feel good doing it.

Second, use him themselves, for their own junkies. Just the ones who are most worn down. After all, the guys and girls who are crashing and burning, they won't earn that much money for them long term after they hit rock bottom, and it makes the syndicate look bad, or at least, not classy. Having a detox doctor on call for their worst-off customers would make them look good, like a bartender who cuts off their drowning drunks when they're falling down and calls a taxi for them to get home. And the thing is? They'll probably come back. The worst users are people with personal problems, addictive personalities, and having gotten off the hook once will make a lot of them think they can just get away with doing it again. Instead of draining them dry, the syndicate can set them up to take a break, regain their strength, and get drawn in to have their money harvested again. In the long term, much more profitable, without the loss of customers to the desperation of withdrawal. And if word gets around that the syndicate provides a safety net like that, they'll get a lot more uptake of new users.

Of course, it'd be suspicious for Unity to be trying to sell this all of a sudden, but we've already established ourselves as kind of naive and overly honest when not on the job. We can just straight up say we feel sorry for the doctor and think he's a nice guy.
No. 730816 ID: 211d83

Do not call the cops or in any way do anything suspicious to interfere with Ferns men. All we can do is try to distract them by mentioning Kobbly and say that he has some video of us that needs confiscating and that he was a bad man who gave us the sex dungeon password. But we did record the whole thing if anyone wants to watch the tape. That might distract people a bit.

As for Dr Marchi he is sadly of on his own. Hopefully he is on the alert because we told him things were going down and has a quick escape route so no one finds him and our guys quit searching.

If they do catch him we might be able to plead his case and say "oh that doctor. He was really nice to me and is a wizard with drugs. Maybe go easy on him if he owes the syndicate one?" But that is about as much as we can help out.
No. 730820 ID: 91ee5f

>Princess Sugartooth follows a lonely path.
Don't worry Scurps, if the position of ceremonial royalty is my burden to bear alone, then I shall do so proudly! Although, if I ever need some company on my lonely path, you are more than welcome to tag along. ;)
No. 730824 ID: 398fe1

We know the doctor isn't an easy bounty. He is LOADED with cybernetics. So we can just say "I met him, he looked like a tough cookie, not an easy mark."
No. 730826 ID: a107fd

Don't lie about this. That'll end badly.

Tell them you saw that doc on your way in, he's a huge brawny cyborg, he helped you take down Bluestone, you gave him part of your share of the loot to help support the charity detox clinic he's running, and you reset the camera to avoid leaving a trail back to his lair. He doesn't hate the Syndicate the way he hated Bluestone, and he's got significant skill with pharmaceuticals, so in your opinion, if he's worth going after at all, it's better to cut some kind of mutually-beneficial deal instead of just bagging him and turning in the bounty.
No. 730832 ID: dd338c
File 146637904919.png - (20.83KB , 800x800 , 247.png )

"Don't worry, Scurps, it doesn't mean I can't accept company on my lonely path!"

Fern's body remains as a still statue, but his eyes make a long, algorithmic roll in their sockets.

While saying this, Unity turns on another spare cell phone, and uses it to look up and call the liquor store she first entered to get the painkillers.

>"This is Corner Liquor. How may I help?" asks the cashier in the familiar robotic sound.
"Hi! I'd like to provide an anonymous tip regarding the person who you sent me to after I bought some painkillers earlier." Roxy says.
>"Although I will not stop you from speaking to me, if it is a matter of legal business, it may be of more concern to the police or investigation agencies."
"Well, you seemed like you had good contact with him, and I want him to know ASAP that he might be getting hunted down and he should hide."
>"I do not see what this has to do with me, but if I see him, I will let him know."

Roxy thinks that was the bartender's way of saying that he'll let Marchi know. She wishes he could speak more freely, but she did what she could. She destroys the phone inside of herself.

"Hey, Fern! There was a guy named Klobby that I think got video camera footage of me. If possible, I'd like that destroyed! He looked like he had some good cybernetics, too, so it's worth raiding."
>"Yeah sure." says Fern.
>"Oh!" Scurps says. "I've already reviewd the track cam. I li - well that is, it looks like some people were taping your, uh, personal porno shoot! We can try and confiscate them, as well. We've got drones flying all around, we should be able to find everything. We aren't gonna make it known that we're hunting for the footage with you in it, but we'll just happen to stumble on those things!"
"Thank you! By the way, I met that guy with the 8 million bounty beforehand."
>"Oh?" says Fern. "Think we can do it?"
"I didn't recognize a lot of his cybernetics, but he was huge and full of them! He was biological but I don't think he would've lasted this long if he couldn't put up a fight. He's a nice guy, though, and he helped a lot for me finding Bluestone! He also is doing a lot of good work with being a doctor to people who can't otherwise have doctors."
>"Princess motherfucking Bleedingheart is more like it. We already have people in the bottom 12 basements." says Fern. "But thankfully for the goodness in your heart, it's a shitty post-apoc zone down in there. If he hid out there right under the people he was undercutting, I doubt we're gonna find shit. Could be some good stashes down there though, so I'm not pulling people."
"Okay! I think even if you did find him, he'd be more valuable to the syndicate as an employee anyway."
>"We'll talk about it if we get him."

After a few minutes, Unity/Roxy/Sugartooth realizes she's entering Syndicate territory. After searching her Syndicate phone some, she realizes she's already been given access to some of their informational resources. The team of scanners searching for venue leaps on that information, as searching the public records has yielded nothing thus far.

A drone flies up into Scurps' trunk and delivers a heavy package.

>"For you." Scurps says.

It is division Rank B, and 60kg for free jetalium for creating a new body without being overly light. It gets absorbed by Unity. She may now form a division to send elsewhere.
No. 730833 ID: 211d83

Form a new body and make out with it. To um test how it works and stuff.

Then use the Syndicate network to put out feelers on any new police or bounty hunters or new jetals that might have shown up in the past few days. Want to look for both references to us and Sevener.

We know she is a admin at heart so she probably went a legal route. Check if she joined the legal brothel over Loviro's place. Or if there are any of those feel good stories about a up and coming rookie cop that solved some low level crimes recently.

Oh and ask Scurps and Fern about the porn tape. Is there any mods that let you sync up sensations you had while filming the video? Could you sell that stuff on the side in a VR den?
No. 730834 ID: cec087

I think you've done all you can for Marchi. If that's all, then make sure you've collected all your mods, go to syndicate hq or wherever to get set up, and take the training while you wait for the rest of your pay and the news from the raid. Then, if there are no other big surprises, go back to the DBs, give them a little kickback for their help with Roxy's backstory, and audition for a step up the strip circuit with your new dance skills. With division, we can make money off that whenever we're doing a job that only needs one body! Fill out however many hours you have until evening with that. You're planning to talk with Vinyl, remember, back home, before she needs to sleep. Then spend some time bonding with Loviro, show off your music, tell him about your new arrangements and recharge. If you're getting in good with the mob guy's son, maybe time'll come for that "I like you so I think I should warn you etc etc" plan, some time soon.

We should ask Loviro about his past, while we're back there. He can't recall the recent past, but it'd be nice to know his early life. Most jetals are probably on intimate terms with their creators, since you'd like to know the person who made you well, and upper class jetals probably put a lot of stock in who made them and when, so we should be familiar with our lineage. Fern will probably start asking questions if we start up with asking him to look for Sevener, and he might have less patience with our mystery than before, so being able to say something about our "family" and where we came from might be useful. And we can get ICly clued in on the whole diamond noble thing that we know from the canon sim.
No. 730835 ID: a075ba

>Form a new body and make out with it. To um test how it works and stuff.
Yup. Alison can drive one body, someone else can drive the other.

Than we can go twinsies down on Scurps. Again, to test how it works.

Then we can think about splitting up for more jobs.

Speaking of which, any new jobs on our radar?

How are we coming along with the people getting close to Fargow?

>hunting down videos
Thanks. If it gets too hot, I can always retire Roxy for a different dancer.
No. 730837 ID: 398fe1

We could have the division work as a waitress to get some cred in the legal fields.
No. 730842 ID: cec087

Thinking on it, considering that we'll be putting different contestants in the divisions, people might get suspicious about how extensive our ability to split is. Fern already said we seem good at multitasking, and he has to be wondering how we're doing our overload thing. If we show clearly different personalities in each division, he'll wonder even harder.

I wonder if we could sell our "secret" as being an experimental jetal who was made specifically to be suited to division mods? That could explain the weirdness, and why we were so keen to get one.

Anyway yes start testing the division with Scurps' help. Heck, ask him if he wants to borrow it for a moment to try on you, he can try having sex in the back of his car which is also himself. Or if you don't want him to crash then just wait until you arrive and leave some divisions behind with him while you do other things, assuming he doesn't come with you. With as much as you have now, you could probably make three petite bodies.

Of course, Fern could be planning to cash in his favour at any time. I'd bet he'd like to hook in to someone experiencing multiple bodies for the first time.
No. 730847 ID: a075ba

Hey, with the POV recording, the any recording they confiscate, a good producer could probably edit a pretty good porno together. (Assuming they can get around the restrictions of the camera we used). It might be worth making a little money off of!
No. 730848 ID: 4546ab

After thoroughly testing our our division in the back seat lets send it off to catch up with Vinyl and Dad. We need more info about our history and legal status if we want to eventually go the legal route.

As for the main body lets check out our new place at syndicate headquarters and look at any new missions. Might want to work on the mob boss's son mission so we can unlock some new DB stuff.
No. 730850 ID: a075ba

We already have a meeting scheduled with Vinyl.
No. 730851 ID: cec087


Considering the person we were posing as, combined with other factors of legality and theoretical lack of consent on various people's parts, I think that would be hella illegal, and a kind of publicity for Roxy that I think we wouldn't want. If we want Roxy to appear in porn then we should make it properly!

... which we could do all by ourselves, with division. We don't have much mass but with some camera tricks, no-one would notice all the divisions being tiny. Or we could just get into the extreme size difference demographic.

Say, how small can we make a division and still have it look like a biological belenosian apart from the size?
No. 730940 ID: dd338c
File 146640538029.png - (24.57KB , 800x800 , 248.png )

>Check legal brothels for Sevener
While the Scanner team has looked into that option, there are so many employees at legal brothels that it's hard to sort though a great deal of them at once on via internet. Most lobbyists, though, don't think that someone like Sevener would have ever thought to do this. Admins have been at the top for their entire lives, and so far, despite the amount of power, resources and contacts that Unity has amassed so far, the situations she's got herself in is far from that element.

>Check cops
The police force seems to have little to no relations with the public, and they don't appear to have records on cops that have joined the force or any such thing.

>How are we coming along with the people getting close to Fargow?
Fargow has gone offline for the time, but he says he will be back later this night.

>Say, how small can we make a division and still have it look like a biological belenosian apart from the size?
The lowest theoretical division is 20kg, but 40kg is needed to reliably make it look like a normal belenosian. 60kg is needed to reliably operate it; as morphing and other fancy things are much easier when there's a healthy amount of jetalium to begin with. However, each Division module only allows for a single division anyways.

Unity proceeds to test the Division. Alison takes control of Unity, and someone else takes control of the division. Alison doesn't care who; she makes out with them immediately. Scurps starts messing with them under the car seat as he starts going well under the speed limit and makes a wrong turn.

>"Scurps you're off the clock till you get your dumb ass and your ass cargo back to base."

Fern keeps watching.
No. 730941 ID: dd338c
File 146640539492.png - (24.46KB , 800x800 , 249.png )

Roxy keeps the core while Fern takes her into a syndicate building to be shown around.

Unity, as a division, goes back to Loviro's base.

"Hi, dad?"
>"Hello. You're back sooner than I thought."
"Are you in pain?"
>"Just a headache. Since these implants are working, I don't know why they're working, but it's significant. As soon as I go on a phone or attempt any look on the outside world, my head gets numb. It's wearing on me, and I worry about Vinyl."
No. 730942 ID: 0a94cb

We could try to find her if he's that worried, or we could play some music if he wants to relax.
No. 730945 ID: 398fe1

Ask if there's anything you can get him. You are making what seems to be quite a lot of money now and you can easily be his contact with the outside world.

Tell him not to worry about you spending time with him, as this is a division.
No. 730952 ID: 8111b6

If we have those over the counter painkillers still, we could offer him some.

You could work with him to ease some worries as well. Do some checking on things and such. Maybe eventually learn where his blocks are and manage the info so it wouldn't trip anything.

Also, what's up with him and Vinyl that's worrying him?
No. 730981 ID: 7d8c27

Give him a hug.

Say you have a division mod, so you're here and elsewhere at the same time. You were going to tell him about your day (some of it, at least), but if interaction with the outside world is causing him pain, maybe you shouldn't. Tell him, that's kind of worrying, that it's hurting him; maybe the implants are activating more often than he thought they would when they were put in? Could they be being overloaded beyond what they're designed for?

Well, you can offer to take his mind off the outside world for a while. (Pause for a moment, for him to just start to get suspicious of what you mean, then say:) With music! You got a mod for that today. But you haven't trained, so it might not be anything very interesting.

Or, if he needs something he's more engaged with himself to keep himself thinking, well it's the world outside as it is currently that's the problem, right? He could talk to you about the past, like the more distant past. He told you about his professional life last night, but how about his personal or social life? Where did he come from? What was his youth like, did he have any really close family or friends? Enemies? Was he around for any big events?
No. 731004 ID: 211d83

Give him a hug and ask if the implant is that important? What is the use of it if it makes life miserable?

Maybe he would know a bunch of dangerous stuff without it but at least you could live again. We are gaining in influence and power so should be able to protect him later on.

Then tell him about our exploits today. (paranoia alert: Make sure Sevener has never stopped by. A bug here could easily reveal all your info and plans.)
No. 731039 ID: a075ba

>twinsies with division
So I imagine Alison and whoever was driving the second division only experience the sensations of the body they're occupying, but what happens in the lobby? Does it split into two, or are the lobby people getting the pleasure feeds from both bodies at the same time?

Hug him, and then maybe move to massaging his scalp (feel free to cheat with jetalium and do both at once). Try and help with the headache. (If he protests: "I swear I'm not trying seduce you this time").

Let him know we have an appointment to see Vinyl around lunchtime, and when you texted her earlier she seemed okay. *skim internet feeds to see if she shows up anywhere, or there are any reported incidents at the legal brothel* And you're not seeing anything online that raises any red flags.

Ask him about the implants. They're supposed to stop you from thinking about things? Something you would think about if you go outside or use the phone, apparently?

It must not be as bad for Vinyl, or she wouldn't be able to go outside and work at all. So it must be something she's not as inclined to think of, or has less associations connected to it.

Trying to play music for him is a cute idea, too.

After visiting Loviro, this division should either go to our appointment with Vinyl, or go hand with Polatt, maybe earn some money in one of the DBs clubs. (No new jobs have popped up yet).

>paranoia alert: Make sure Sevener has never stopped by
Proper paranoia would be to check if anyone has been by, and check if he still knows one of our passwords. And to scan him.
No. 731069 ID: dd338c
File 146646238318.png - (17.79KB , 800x800 , 250.png )

Although experiments and confirmations continue with the division, interestingly, the lobby divides into two seperate lobbies and their associated branches. It's noted that Duelist and Succubus are currently missing from the lobby, and Alison can't seem to communicate with them at all, at least not through the lobby.

Sugartooth took the syndicate's phone and a spare phone, but then also took the core. Thus, Sugartooth is the primary branch and Unity is the division at the moment. The two lobbies can control these phones to communicate with one another. Feeling and sensors between the main division and the side division are more or less shared, however, conscious effort has to be put to feel the senses of the other division. For instance, Alison always feels what Unity is feeling as long as she's in the lobby or driver's seat, and if she pays attention to the main branch, Sugartooth, she feels both. This is reversed for Succubus and Duelist, who always feels what Sugartooth feels, but have to focus to see what's going on with Unity. Focusing on the other is disorienting, and the difficulty in having divisions for typical jetals is seen.

Some high powered computational jetals can control a dozen divisions, but the battery usage of that many is huge.

Either way, prior to leaving Scurps' car, the core was pushed over to Princess Sugartooth despite only having a couple of lobbyists and phones. They will meet up again prior to any dangerous tasks, where more careful dividing will take place.

>Search for Vinyl
Scanner can't find anything present, however, it seems like she used to be a wanted criminal around thirty years ago, as did Loviro.

Of note is that, supposedly, they all died around then.

Unity gives Loviro a hug and pulls her ear up to massage his scalp. She loads up a sound generator on her phone, and makes some light music.

>"Maybe it's the headache, but you're moving like a well formed division."
"You can tell?"
>"Don't worry, very few people have the eye to tell. You move exceptionally well for an experienced jetal, let alone a jetal on day 2."
"I have been busy. I've been making quite a bit of money. By the way, is it really worth keeping the implants in your head if it causes you this much suffering?"
>"For the time, yes."
"Vinyl can't be having such a bad time, though. Is there not as much for her to avoid thinking about?"
>"I couldn't say, but it may also be that she isn't concluding as much. That is to say, let's presume our implant avoided thoughts about the number 20. If we both saw the number 20, then it would trigger for both of us. That would simply be blocking a dot of information. However, if we both saw an equation of five thousand divided by 250, she may simply glaze over it uncaringly, but I may struggle over comprehending that equation, due to the implants blocking a line of information. Blocking these metaphorical lines, I believe, are giving me a significantly harder time. In her case, being an unobservant dimwit is serving her well."
"You think she's unintelligent?"
>"She is good at what she does, but she is not what I would call intellectually brilliant. Excuse my ego."
"It's fine! I'd like to talk with both you and her, and I have a lunch meeting with her later. Or early dinner. I'd like to hear more about your social life."
>"Hm... before that, I'd like to hear more of you. You've already formed a distinguished personality somehow, and I don't have so much of an ego to think it's because I'm the one who made your core. This is odd, as are my implants, as they are not the model that inhibits my intelligence, yet I feel foggy. I fear that I am - "

He clenches his eyes shut for a long moment.

>"Well." he finally says. "This is what I was talking about. Perhaps I should have gotten the intelligence inhibitor as well. Then again, now that I think about it, I have a feeling that Vinyl is headed out to find out why she has these implants via her contacts. She can't find out herself, but she can find someone who can."
"I can search for her, if you like! Or get you anything, still. Oh, by the way, has anyone shown up at all?"
>"No, and no."
"I have some painkillers. Please take them, I know they'll help."
>"Privately made, or corner store?"
"A liquor store at a corner."
>"They are loaded with EIN nanomachines, and unless you have found jailbroken scanners, you wouldn't be able to detect them. I will endure. Right now, I would like to get to know you, at least before I remove these implants and realize why I had them put in. What would you like in life? In general? I don't wish to sound dramatic, but I am assuming the absolute worst possible outcome regarding these implants. I want to make sure you are on your feet before I disable these implants, as I may be dead soon after."
No. 731079 ID: 398fe1

Ask him just how secure this place is. Could there be anyone listening or watching?
No. 731082 ID: 211d83

Well I would gladly tell you about my long term plans and other secrets but I have the feeling your implants might knock you out if I did. I have rather a lot of secrets so will wait until you have decided to turn it off to tell you them.

Short term I am going to gain as much money, power, and connections that I can while enjoying the process. It seems there is a huge empty niche for a jetal that enjoys sex and has no preconceived notions about it. So are plenty of opportunities out there for me.

Will not pressure you to turn off your implants but it would make life simpler. Speaking of Ein nanobots what other hidden things should I be aware of? And how much danger am I in for being your daughter?
No. 731085 ID: 595d54

I wonder if the implants might be stopping him from realizing this is a simulation or something. Ask him how old he is.
No. 731088 ID: 7d8c27

>They are loaded with EIN nanomachines

Oh dear. Say you swallowed two of those. You didn't digest them, obviously, but would it still be a problem? How does one go about jailbreaking a scanner mod, anyway?

>Right now, I would like to get to know you
>What would you like in life? In general?


Ok, I don't like lying to Loviro by pretending we're not a bunch of CAI contestants that aren't really made by him except, he's based on Arza, and Arza IS arguably the one who made us... that's OOC info though, so let's be honest without anything specific that might trigger the implants.

Tell him that, in general, right now, you want to enjoy life, and to see other people enjoy it too, because it pleases you to make other people happy so long as they deserve it at least a little, and to reduce their suffering. You think there's something missing in this empire that's making a lot of people miserable, and you'd like to try see if you can fix that, preferably by just having fun and showing other people how to have fun, too. Related to that, you want to try what non-artificial life is like, as close as you can get to it, to explore more sensuous and subjective, even primal experiences, because being an artificial being means you'll naturally incline away from that in the future, and you want to have an understanding and a balance. And you want to indulge in these things a lot, because eventually, you think, you're not going to be in a position to do so again so freely. You have a task ahead of you, that you've been trying to build up resources for at the same time as you enjoy yourself; and once you really get into that task, and especially once it's over, you probably won't be able to have or to experience all these wonderful things any more, except maybe in rare, small ways.

You can't tell him where the task comes from, because you're suspecting, now, that it'll set off his implants. But you'll tell him what the task is.

You need to destroy the Sapphire Emperor.
No. 731092 ID: a075ba

>intelligence inhibitor
>drugs without EIN nanomachine
If he's serious about wanting pharmaceuticals, you're pretty sure you know some people who could get him black market ones that are clean. The lollipop guild has to have the goods.

>What would you like in life? In general? I don't wish to sound dramatic, but I am assuming the absolute worst possible outcome regarding these implants. I want to make sure you are on your feet before I disable these implants, as I may be dead soon after.
You want to be able to make friends, and be happy with them, and play music, and hug people, and have sex and generally not fight to the death forever in a maze of cruel puzzles that pit everyone against each other over and over in an unending spiral.

You'd also like to make peace with your 'sister', but you'd settle for not getting killed by her.

Also you're going to sleep your way to the very top so you can assassinate Sapphire.

You'd also like your dad to be okay.

You know, normal stuff!

>dead soon
...is uploading people a thing? You're sure you have enough room to give him a ride!
No. 731104 ID: 91ee5f

*hug Loviro*
Disabling the implants will kill you?! No don't do that daddy! Don't turn off your life-support and kill yourself!

(I know that's not what the implants are for, but Unity doesn't know that.)
No. 731151 ID: 398fe1

Wait a minute, what happens to the AIs in the lobby if a non-core division is destroyed?
No. 731181 ID: 7de580

We'd like to kill the Sapphire Emperor without a fight.
No. 731189 ID: 4546ab

My life's goal is to fuck the Sapphire emperor. (to death)
No. 731190 ID: e22b1d

I wanna grow up to be the best prostitute ever!

That's it.
No. 731320 ID: dd338c
File 146655263374.png - (17.99KB , 800x800 , 251.png )

>Wait a minute, what happens to the AIs in the lobby if a non-core division is destroyed?
This will have to be tested later.

Scanner also starts researching how to upload people to jetals.

"Well, I'd like to make peace with my sister, but I'd settle for not getting killed by her, too."
>"What makes you think she would? I do not even know which one that would be."
"Doesn't really matter right now! But mostly I'd like to make friends, hug them, play music for them and have sex. And I think this big society is missing something that's making a lot of people have a bad time! I'd like to get to see what that is, and I wonder if it has to do with artificial life?"
>"I can assure you that artificial life has no shortcoming in of itself, but few would argue that how the empire has approached artificial life has left much to be desired."
"Oh, I'm with the Lollipop Syndicate, by the way, so if you want clean drugs, I can probably get some?"
>"If it's no trouble, then that I will accept if you're confident they won't simply give you corner store brand."
"I'm sure. Uh, is it a problem if I ate a couple of them?"
>"No. It affects a biological brain, but even with an organic simulator, its effects won't be significant."
"Okay! How would I jailbreak a scanner, anyway?"
>"I'm sorry, I don't know. I doubt any of my contacts who would do it are alive."
"Okay. But don't take off the implants if it'll kill you!"
>"It's not as though my life expectancy is much longer to begin with."
"How old are you?"

According to documents, Loviro was born 94 years ago.

>"Please continue talking about your goals, even if you don't have any big ones in mind."
"Actually, I do have one big task I'll have to do while being a jetal. I'm planning to have intercourse with the Sapphire Emperor."
No. 731321 ID: dd338c
File 146655263992.png - (18.15KB , 800x800 , 252.png )

"And then assassinate him."
No. 731322 ID: dd338c
File 146655264675.png - (18.12KB , 800x800 , 253.png )

Loviro leans back in his chair. He appears conflicted.

>"That's too dangerous. If I were asked a moment ago about it, I'd say that I'd love for nothing more than to see him dead. But now that it's put like this... I'd love more for you to live safely and happily than go on such an errand."
No. 731323 ID: 211d83

Sadly I really don't have a choice in the matter. While I would love to live safely and happily here its not a option. I have to take him out in order to well survive.

Let me put it this way. Are there any popular movies about a Belenosian finding out that they are living in a simulation? That everything they thought was real was just them being trapped in a giant virtual world? And then they have to work to escape?

It's sort of like that. Except there are not any living people in this one including me. And even if you escape it would just be to another virtual world. Which currently has lots of confused Ai's running through a set of puzzles.

I know it might sound crazy but I do have proof. Although to properly show it I would need hundreds of divisions. (Could we do that with a bunch of tiny bodies? Act out some play with a bunch of our people in tiny forms in front of him to prove our Cai nature?)
No. 731325 ID: a075ba

Use a phone to pass a message to the other division, see if they can get some black market pharmaceuticals from the lollipop syndicate for Loviro. Stuff that doesn't have the EIN nanos in it. The other division is with the syndicate right now, no reason to waste time.

>According to documents, Loviro was born 94 years ago.
You found documents about him online? What else do they say?

I'd like that too, but I'm pretty confident that long term, living safely and peacefully here isn't an option.

I could try and explain my reasons in more detail, but I'm not sure how much your implants would block. Considering his implants are to stop him realizing he's in the harvest, and tripping the harvest's keyword brain scan alarm, I don't think we can tell him about the level of simulation above that without the same protections kicking in.

You don't have to worry for the immediate future. It'll take a while before I'm that strong, and I'll need to find a way to go legit and actually get close to him. And that means staying under the radar and being reasonably low key and peaceful with the way I make money and modules for now!
No. 731326 ID: 486e87

We didn't expect it not to be dangerous, we're hoping that the subtle route would be easier than brute force, even emperors have vices, hopefully.

We could ask if he has any diagnostic tools to look inside our head, so to speak.

We should at some point as if there's anything that can mimic a core, so this division could look like a independent jetal to scanners, being able to effectively be two jetals at once would be helpful.
No. 731327 ID: fca8cc

"Unfortunately, I have no choice. I think fully explaining why might set off your implants. I don't have to sleep with Sapphire, though I'd like to see if I can, even if only just for the challenge; and because moving in noble circles might give me more leverage to helping people, I'd guess. I need to kill him, though, even though I don't have any personal reason to. That I know of. Why would you like to see him dead? I could try do it a different way, but I'd think any method of trying to kill an emperor would be dangerous."
No. 731329 ID: 4546ab

I have very good reasons but I might not be able to tell you about them while you still have those implants. I don't want to make your headache worse.
No. 731330 ID: 398fe1

Tell him if you don't kill him before your sister does, you'll die.
No. 731489 ID: dd338c
File 146663617659.png - (14.76KB , 800x800 , 254.png )

>What else can be found on Loviro?
A lot seems hidden, like he was struck from many records. Big time criminal is a common theme, and he went missing 30 years ago. Vinyl, supposedly, also became missing 30 years ago.

>Can Unity make hundreds of bodies?
A division module only allows one additional body.

Unity texts the Sugartooth division to pick up some raw painkilling drugs.

"Say, do you have any diagnostic tools to look inside my, uh, head?"
>"I have nothing of the sort, I am sorry."
"It's okay! Is there any module out there able to mimic a core?"
>"Absolutely. It's a B rank module, but apparently that sort of thing is already within your grasp. However, A rank scanners would be able to tell."
"Okay, thank you. Back about Sapphire, I don't have any choice. I can't explain why, but if my sister assassinates Sapphire before me, I'll die, even if neither of us have a personal reason to. Do you hate Sapphire?"
>"Yes, but for reasons that don't affect you personally."
>"Alright. For an example about why I can't tell you much, though... are there any popular movies about a Belenos finding out that they're living in a simulation?"
>"Plenty, but all of them are glorified feel-good propoganda, ever since the emperors made that exact thing called - "

>"Urgh." Loviro clenches his eyes and the table. "Damn head."
No. 731491 ID: 398fe1

Ah. The belenos world we're on is a simulation inside a simulation.

Ask him how one would escape such a thing.
No. 731492 ID: 211d83

Yeah it looks like we are running up against your implants now. If you want to disable them we can talk more but I don't want you to hurt yourself. I did order some raw painkiller for you though in the meantime.

That being said that last part sounded important. I don't want to push you into removing your implants but I think you would be happier without them.
No. 731493 ID: 486e87

Ouch, looks like he drove that train of thought straight into the implant mental blocks.

If he's been having a headache, then maybe he's been dwelling on something that causes the implants to be repeatedly triggered. Maybe we should ask if something's been bothering him lately, but it wouldn't be nice to get him to accidentally trigger the implants again, so maybe not.
No. 731496 ID: a075ba

Rub his head again. Sorry.

I don't want to worry you, but I don't think I can explain fully, right now. And I don't want you to put yourself in danger, if you can help it.
No. 731497 ID: 4546ab

The emperors made something like that?

Well imagine the world the emperors was in was also a even bigger simulation. And I come from the even larger simulation above that one.

Plus I have a few thousand people in my core and we do stuff as a team. Thus the easy division control.

You know what maybe don't imagine any of that because I don't want your headache getting any worse. Then resume giving him a neck rub.
No. 731499 ID: fd4b38

Yeah there's actually a sim and most likely we're in it.

This is hurting him. Talk about something else. Maybe we could lead his thoughts to a different conclusion than that he's in a simulation? Ask if there are ways to counter ageing. Longevity treatments? Some form of stasis? ... Does the technology exist to modify or erase memories?

I hope that doesn't hurt him again. If it does, change subject completely. Like... how did he meet Vinyl? They don't seem like they're the sort of people who'd naturally be friends.
No. 731500 ID: e22b1d

I know you think you put the implants in for a good reason but at this point its only a matter of time before Vinyl gets tired of searching blindly and pulls hers out. And you are going to quickly get tired of the constant headaches whenever you think about anything.

Plus if you keep staying in hiding removing your implants should not cause to much danger. So let me help you. I can be your eyes and ears in the outside world so neither of you have to risk anything until I am powerful enough to protect you both.

To be honest I think I already know why you have the implants but you would not like the answer. (Its so anyone who tries to befriend them can not get the info to fast. But if you go to the effort unlike Sevener you get secrets)
No. 731504 ID: a075ba

Could we do two things here:

1: Stop talking about things that are going to trigger his implants, cause him pain, and think he should just give in and pull them out already.

2: Discourage him from removing them at this point. As soon as Loviro does, he'll be on the map, and nobles and their goons will start showing up to kill him. We want to be further along before that happens, hopefully with resources to protect or help him!
No. 731559 ID: 8111b6

Sympathetic pat. Then, try forcibly shifting the topic away from that. "VR Wenches Gone Wild 12: Jiggly Jetals?" or similar porn titles. Maybe a smile to let him in on the joke.
No. 731742 ID: dd338c
File 146683001939.png - (16.81KB , 800x800 , 255.png )

Unity stops asking Loviro about things regarding simulations. Many lobbyists recognize Loviro may realize Unity is not a true jetal and he is not in ancient belenos.

Scanner finds the existence of an enormous brain, brain-chip and core warehouse owned by the empire. It runs a simulation for criminals, the terminally ill and volunteers, but also includes a collection of self-contained bots within. The majority of lobbyists feel that the most likely scenario is that they are within this harvest.

"VR Wenches Gone Wild 12: Jiggly Jetals?"

Loviro pauses.

>"My implants disrupted my brain. I do not recall the last several seconds of conversation, and now I can only wonder what words my implants are blocking that led to such a thing. You are better than porn, daughter. VR and visual porn is among the cheapest thrills. Forming bonds that include but are not limited to physical affection will suit and reward you best, if that is your route."
"I'd like to! I want you to be able to remove your implants safely, so please hold out a little longer. Drugs are on the way!"

Sugartooth has sent a drone to deliver the drug. Unity will pick it up shortly.

"While we wait a few minutes, are there ways to counter aging? Longetivity treatments, or forms of stasis?"
>"The empire has solved immortality. In the long term, it is cheapest to attain a robotic body. Even so, there are biologicals that are hundreds of years old."
"Oh. Is this society past-scarcity?"
>"Only for the most basic of needs. The empire cannot feed belenosians a sense of purpose, install a sense of accomplishment or fulfill a core's personality. Unless they remove what it means to be a person, a person should starve for plenty. There is no consequence to the life or death of those who do not hunger in some way."
"What if all we can do is survive from one part of life to the next until it ends?"
>"Life can only stop you from seeking fulfillment by stopping itself. If you can survive, you can seek."
No. 731743 ID: dd338c
File 146683002917.png - (16.59KB , 800x800 , 256.png )

The drugs arrive, and Unity fetches the box of a few dozen painkillers from outside of the building. Upon her return, Loviro swallows one.

>"Thank you."
"How did you and Vinyl become friends, anyway?"
>"Through a friend of a friend. I once knew an investigator who lived as far off of the grid as a man of the empire could. There are few who could investigate without leaving an investigation trail. And for that, he was the best. Vinyl was introduced to me as a good field agent and assistant to him. I do not know how, but he was caught and..."

Loviro trails off. His expression relaxes as the drug takes its course.

>"Let me speak carefully. His name is Felix. He is closely related to my implants. So closely, that I not just forgot I wrote myself a note to find him, I could not even find my own planted note. Vinyl must have found it instead. My first thought is that she abandoned me, but my second thought is she told me her goal three times over, and my implants had me forget every time."
No. 731746 ID: 398fe1

Alright, tell him you'll go track down Felix and Vinyl. If he immediately forgets the Felix part tell him you're gonna go follow Vinyl because you know where she went, now.
No. 731748 ID: a075ba

Okay, you'll see if Vinyl found him. And if she didn't, or her implants made her forget, you'll find him yourself. And if anything happened to her, you'll find her.

Try to remember that, okay? Even if you don't remember the specifics, your daughter is chasing down a lead! So don't do anything rash before I check in again, okay?

>Scanner finds the existence of an enormous brain, brain-chip and core warehouse owned by the empire. It runs a simulation for criminals, the terminally ill and volunteers, but also includes a collection of self-contained bots within. The majority of lobbyists feel that the most likely scenario is that they are within this harvest.
I thought last time information on the harvest was suppressed? Although I guess we didn't have the computer module and as many phones last time. Scanner is better equipped to trawl the depths of the net.
No. 731749 ID: 91ee5f

Give Loviro a kiss on the cheek and tell him that you're off to find Vinyl.

(A kiss on the cheek is a normal father-daughter thing to do, right?)
No. 731768 ID: 211d83

Before we go out tracking down this guy set up a code word to use so when we are talking to dad we can make sure its him.

And ask how safe electronic communication is to begin with.

Then lets help Vinyl find this guy so we can get everyone back together and be a happy family. Can track him down with the division and do normal jobs with the main body. That way we can avoid having to give a cut of our earnings for division jobs.
No. 731770 ID: 87876e

That's interesting. What did Loviro need investigating? Well, maybe that's not important right now. You may be on a limited clock for finding Vinyl and this investigator, so you'd better start trying to track them down. Don't forget that you're talking to the Lollipops, too! In fact, you might be able to use their network.

Look around here for clues for a bit, and leave Loviro a note that you haven't abandoned him before you go.
No. 731776 ID: dd338c
File 146686911051.png - (13.97KB , 800x800 , 257.png )

>Suppression on harvest information
Scanner notes there is public, academic knowledge about the harvest, but there virtually no public discussion on it.

"How safe is electronic communication?"
>"It is not, but EIN does not often care about low level crime. If you are relatively unknown, EIN may not care to act on information it sees from you even if you state your intention to commit a low level crime. However, if you make it known you are after Sapphire, or any high profile individual, you will have difficulty moving around freely." He lowers his volume while rethinking his words. "Then again, from what I have seen and heard, world surveillance has been uncharacteristically lax while here, as though we were..." He lets that sentence die. "These painkillers are of good quality. Thank you."

Unity delivers a kiss on Loviro's cheek. Lobbyists aren't even sure if that's a normal thing to do, but he doesn't appear to mind despite the awkwardness of kissing someone with horns and glasses. The two of them confirm each other's code phrases set up that morning.

Searching the room yielded little else.

"I'm going to find Vinyl and Felix. Just remember that I'm not going to abandon you!"
>"I will remember that. My memory is only faulty when my implants intercept it, so I may forget why you are searching for Vinyl. You've exceeded my expectations for your concern over me. Understand that it is not necessary, but it does make me happy. As usual, I will be here, and I will wait before doing anything with my implants."
"Thank you!"

"Hi Vinyl! Where are you?" Alison texts.
>"Looking for someone. What's up?"

Duelist and Succubus text Unity as well.

>"We're wrapping up our introduction with the Syndicate. There wasn't a whole lot to know, but now we have our own apartment room. It way nicer than we expected. Anyways, we were thinking we'd meet up and spend a real-time hour taking our dance class courses and then taking Roxy out to the higher class strip club. Is that okay?"
No. 731777 ID: 211d83

Sounds good. We are going to try and track down Vinyl and help her out with her search.

Keep working on the mob boss's son so we can make a move there soon and let us know if the syndicate has any new jobs.
No. 731778 ID: 486e87

Hopefully that keeps Loviro from taking his implants out until he's safe.

Sounds like a solid plan, but I wonder if the dance course would only teach the skills to the contestant currents in control of the body. And if it's a VR course, will it need the core with them or will it disrupt having a division active?

After that, the only issue with Roxy being active is that we'd need privacy on and hidden to complete the disguise, which would mean a jetal division wouldn't appear to have any modules.
No. 731779 ID: a075ba

>"Looking for someone. What's up?"
Let's avoid using Loviro's name on potentially unsecure connection. And Felix and Vinyl too, although they're not as hot.

"Dad was worried about who you might be looking for. Any luck, or trouble?"

We might then offer to help her, although maybe that should be after our meetup, depending on what she says. We were going to meet her soon-ish anyways, right?

>Anyways, we were thinking we'd meet up and spend a real-time hour taking our dance class courses and then taking Roxy out to the higher class strip club. Is that okay?
Depending on how urgent the Vinyl situation is, we might have to stay split up and deal with that, but at the very least, the two divisions should meet up to share information securely, and better plan who's in which division before we split up again (if we split up again).

Agree to meetup. You visited with Dad, Auntie is still out and looking for someone.
No. 731780 ID: 87876e

That sounds pretty good, just make sure that when we're doing the music training Alison and Iso get to take part. Them missing out on that would be tragic! And when you're doing the dance training make sure you cover some stuff that'd fit in high class shindigs as well as clubs, regular poledancing and advanced stripping skills. Maybe some jetal-particular stuff, for whenever we're open about it later, shapeshifting while dancing and making lights move over you and that sort of thing.

Also bellydancing, because of course.

Tell Vinyl that you'd like to come help, if she doesn't mind. You were just home now, Loviro's implants made him forget where and why she'd gone and he's worried about her, uh in his own particular way of course, but he is. You're also starting to puzzle some stuff out yourself and you think helping her might get you some of your own clues.
No. 731784 ID: dd338c
File 146687549271.png - (24.98KB , 800x800 , 258.png )

Some research is done on the details of the training module. Apparently, it works similar to installing a regular module, but instead of an inner simulation, it's almost like an add-on to the core itself. There, an AI shows up inside of the core much like the hacked sex module would do. The bot that appears is non-sapient and will not make judgements or irrelevant calls. It is not supposed to keep records of the class, either, unless the jetal agrees to have a recorded session for quality purposes.

>"Dad was worried about who you might be looking for. Have you had any luck or trouble?" Alison texts Vinyl.
>"Not yet for either. It's kind of a personal search, you understand? Let's meet at about 3 PM."

It is currently nearing noon.

Team Unity texts Team Succduel. "That sounds fine!"

A taxi is taken to the Syndicate building, where Unity takes an elevator up to a high floor to meet with Sugartooth. They merge back together.

>"Is this necessary to merge a division back?" asks Recluse as the two jetal bodies fondle one another.
>"Nope." says Alison as they continue.
No. 731785 ID: dd338c
File 146687550990.png - (22.15KB , 800x800 , 259.png )

Once reunited, the dance module is used. It seems vaguely confused about the presence of multiple individuals, but it still functions appropriately.

For this module, it appears that there are 50 processing-hours inside of a real time hour. With the exception of the computing-abusing gambling team and scanner team, most people feel, at the end of the lesson, like they've spent more time in dance class than simulation. The time is spent productively and with a wide variety of dancing environments. Confidence is gained in being able to control a jetal body more gracefully as well.

>"That's enough for now. I think we all agree." says Duelist. "That was a lot to take in."
>"And I'd like to practice it in the realworld, now." Succubus says, to which a few newly-formed dancer specialists back her up on it now. "Who's going to keep the core? Us or the people meeting Vinyl?"
No. 731786 ID: a075ba

>"Who's going to keep the core? Us or the people meeting Vinyl?"
Okay, tradeoffs: if we sent the division to go dancing, then we owe the Lollipop Guild half of the money the division makes dancing. If we send the core, we get to pocket it all.

Meeting Vinyl isn't a paying job, so there's no cost-penalty to using the division. But, there's the chance it could lead to sneaky spy stuff, and we can't absorb jetalium or modules without the core, I think.

Safe hedging is the core goes to Vinyl, I think. Might not be needed, but I'd prefer to be prepared.

Tell team Succduel (they're competing to see who can give the best blowjobs?) to give Polatt your love. Literally, if he goes for that.
No. 731787 ID: 87876e

>Meeting Vinyl isn't a paying job, so there's no cost-penalty to using the division.

I don't think that's really how it works. We're still using the division module to make money we wouldn't otherwise, if we go "oh well I technically didn't use the division to make the money" I don't think that's going to fly with the Lollipops. We were given the module in expectation that we would make payments on it, we can't go avoiding that with technicalities and expect anyone to be ok with it. It's an informal arrangement.

In any case, yes, core for going to Vinyl, division for the side job.
No. 731789 ID: 486e87

Core to go with Vinyl, it might be safer to leave it with Team Succduel, but I can't see meeting Vinyl turning into anything excessively dangerous. Plus we're more likely to run into modules out and about than at the club.
No. 731790 ID: dd338c
File 146687946990.png - (19.44KB , 800x800 , 260.png )

"Let's send the core with Vinyl." Alison says.
>"Then it'll just be us and a select team of dancers and speakers." says Duelist. "Good luck."
"You too! And if your team name is Succduel, make sure the duel involves Polatt!"
>"We, uh..." Duelist stares at Alison. "We never called our team that! I thought we were just Roxy!"
>"It's too late." says Succubus. "Our fate is sealed."
>"By the way." says Scanner. "I've been poring the syndicate network, and I can't find a thing on any investigators named Felix. I'll keep looking, but it's not promising."
"Don't worry, we may have better luck once we find Vinyl, or if we know what he looks like."

Roxy heads out to audition for the part. Polatt explains to her that they have a basic training module to learn the job'd protocol and requirements, but it's all a lot of common sense stuff.

Unity finds that she has an hour or two to kill.

Fargow, the mob boss's son, logs back into the game, and after several minutes, it seems like rapport between the two has been built up enough to explain what his father is doing if that is still the route that wants to be taken.
No. 731791 ID: 211d83

Why not go the honest route. Well the semi honest route.
No. 731792 ID: 486e87

Haha, those facial expressions are good, you'll get used to the name eventually Duelist.

Still think being honest here would be better, might take too long to seduce him without being blatant, and it doesn't feel right to maintain such a deception.
No. 731794 ID: a075ba

>I can't find a thing on any investigators named Felix. I'll keep looking, but it's not promising.
Well, with the 30 gap in Loviro and Vinyl's history, he might not be around anymore. Or he might be in the 'real' (simulated) world, and not the harvest we're pretty sure we're inside!

>it seems like rapport between the two has been built up enough to explain what his father is doing if that is still the route that wants to be taken
I still think it would have less chance of shaking the boat just to lie the whole way through, and it would build his confidence more if he got with a girl without knowing it was a manipulation at all.

But that will take longer we have time now, I'm not sure we can trust unsubtle mob-boss dad to not mention he was responsible and blow the illusion later (which would hurt him), and I suppose if we're trying to build ties for the Dead Batteries, it would help if he knew we were one of them, or we showed him any honesty / respect.
No. 731798 ID: 87876e

Yes, let's be honest. The whole "hey I've decided I like you so I'll be honest I heard your dad was trying to get you "confidence" by putting up a 50k bounty for ladies to get with you, I was curious and wanted to play games anyway so I decided to see what kinda person you are, now I dunno maybe you're fine with that but I thought it was probably a kinda shitty thing to do that wouldn't work anyway and I thought I'd tell you" et cetera plan that was talked about before.

If he starts getting suspicious of us being someone who wants to get to him for the bounty ourselves then we can just drop the 50k on him to prove we don't care about the money, tell him we earn hundreds of thousands a day.

You know, what'd really be fun is, if we found out there was some girl he liked already, and we used romantic comedy shenanigans to get him with her instead of just being boring and doing it ourselves. I'd bet a healthy, intelligent young college student has a lady or two he has his eye on. Bonus comedy porn points: The girl he likes turns out to be Vasha, and we end up the process of getting them together with a cute/hot threesome.
No. 731799 ID: dd338c
File 146688213548.png - (16.44KB , 800x800 , 261.png )

EndlessFragment47: By the way, I wanted to come clean. Your dad wanted to set you up with a girl to boost your confidence.
Glassfish: Is that the reason why you've been playing with me?
EndlessFragment47: Yes, and I wanted you to know that instead of leading you on for too long.

Glassfish has logged off.
No. 731800 ID: 486e87

Well, crud. That could have been worded better; hopefully he's just gone offline to think about it and that he'll be back later.
No. 731803 ID: a075ba

If he logs back on and is willing to talk to you in the future, it might go over better to explain that trying to get to know him over a game was your idea. His dad would have been perfectly happy to just toss his son in a hotel room with someone and be done with it.

So yes, there were false pretenses you're sorry about, but you didn't fake having fun, or choosing to hang out. You figured he deserved the truth, and a say in what happens.
No. 731806 ID: 87876e

Holy moly, guys, come on. We tried to tell you like three times to word it like you weren't necessarily aiming to get the bounty yourself.

I assume the message system is the type that will save messages sent while offline and present them when the person comes back on? Or that has the option to seem offline when you're not? Send him a message telling him, first of all, that you didn't mean YOU'RE trying to get his dad's money. You don't need it! The reason it's the reason you started playing with him is just because you wanted to find out more about the whole situation, and when he started to seem like a cool enough guy you decided to warn him about it. You think his dad really has the wrong idea! If you didn't like him at least a little you wouldn't have said anything.

Hopefully that'll cure his blues about all this a little, but it might not.

There's only one real solution to all this: track him down to his college, stalk him with our jetal powers, and help him get together with a girl he already likes while keeping the gold diggers away.

Nothing will go wrong.
No. 731808 ID: 211d83

Nooo I said semi truthful not blunt truthful. We had a plan all worked out previously.

Oh well time to officially take the job and have our way with him whether he likes it or not.
No. 731809 ID: 4861c6

Is there a way to leave him a message that he'll see next time he logs on? He might be more likely to look at such a message than listen to us trying to chat with him live next time he does log on.
No. 731810 ID: dd338c
File 146688644828.png - (20.12KB , 800x800 , 262.png )

Alison meant to explain herself in a moment, but she didn't think he'd log off!

She sends him a single message for when he logs back in.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean that I'm trying to get your dad's money. I don't need it! You seemed alright, and I felt like I should have warned you. There were false pretenses at first, and I'm sorry for that, too, but I didn't fake having fun, and meeting you on the game was my idea, instead of just trying to meet you in a hotel room someplace."

While Alison frets about her slipup, Roxy goes on to dance at the strip club for better wages, and Unity heads off to meet Vinyl at a surprisingly far off location in the calmer suburbs.

>"Hey." Her tone is polite, but blank.
No. 731811 ID: a075ba

Onnidirectional regular scanner around for trouble, then on Vinyl to make sure she's not a jetal fake (as far as you can tell) then switch to social scanner on her for the conversation.

Greet her warmly, then make sure she's okay. Dad was all bummed about his implants not letting him think about something that was bothering him, how is she doing?

Assuming she's not all depressed or bothered, we can start with lighter fare. You can tell her about how you're pretty sure you followed her line of business. Talk shop as working girls, find out how being legit at a brothel differs from working on the streets. (If she's interested in breaking the rules for more money, we could probably refer to the dead batteries. Poaching prostitutes has to net us points).

If the conversation swings that way, maybe we could wrangle a 'lesson' or demonstration of what we've learned.

And yes, at some point we can advance the plot and find out about her mysterious investigation of Felix. Hope we kept some of those black market painkillers, in case we set off her implants.

Before we leave, set up a new set of passwords and a duress code so we can be sure it's her on the phone in the future.
No. 731812 ID: 211d83

Tell her that you are sorry you did not take the opportunity to chat with her last time and ran off so fast. Everything was just so new that you wanted to get out into the world and see it yourself.

Tell her that we wanted to meet her ahead of time because Dad was having headaches and was worried about her. So we wanted to see if we could help her out.

Also talk shop and see if she has any advice. And the password stuff.
No. 731813 ID: 87876e

Say hello, and ask if you can sit. Remember, you've only met Vinyl once before in person, so she's likely still standoffish. Check around for anyone eavesdropping, then ask her if her implants are treating her ok. And if she's ok in general. Would she like something to eat? Hopefully the food isn't all laden with nanomachines as well, but, she's signed up with a legitimate ID for her work, so it shouldn't be an issue anyway.

Oh, are you using the bio imitation mod at the moment? You're using the same face and horns she saw you take before, so it shouldn't be a problem.

As for Glassfish, don't worry, I have a plan. We'll go find him, shape our division into a toya, and become his magical secret talking animal buddy. We'll use the social scanner to find a girl he already knows, from before his dad put out the bounty, and who likes him, and hook them up. Possibly with the power of dance, which we shall impart to him. It's 100% foolproof, trust me. Trust me.
No. 731817 ID: 0a94cb

Cal her Aunty!
No. 731821 ID: dd338c
File 146689321235.png - (20.14KB , 800x800 , 263.png )

>Oh, are you using the bio imitation mod at the moment?
Unity is, but there isn't much reason to. If Vinyl even notices that, she's not saying anything.

"Hi, Aunty! Can I sit?"
>"Aw no don't even start aunty'ing me. We can be buddies and stuff but let's not act all family. Take a seat, sure."

Nothing seems suspicious about the surrounding area, so Scanner focuses her efforts on Vinyl. The first thing that Scanner notes is that she's exceptionally difficult to get an accurate read on.

"I think I followed your line of business!"
>"I don't even know what that is. You mean the brothel? Yeah, I just hope you did it by choice. It's a lot nicer when you enjoy it."
"You don't?"
>"There's good and there's bad about it. I could do worse."
"I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk earlier. I ran off trying to see the world."
>"Don't get me wrong, you don't seem like a bad sort, but I'm not sure what I've got for you conversation wise."
"Because you seem nice! Dad was worried about you in his own way. How are you doing, uh, with those implants?"
>"Not as bad, because I know how to shut off my brain."
"Can I get you some food?"
>"I was holding off, but if you don't mind, I'll get something small."

An order is made, and food arrives shortly after.

"Loviro mentioned someone named Felix, by the way."
>"What, really? Wait, no, of course he'd be loose lipped to you. Freck, don't tell me he's been ogling that cleavage you've been sporting."
"Oh, no, I think I've made him really uncomfortable, but he's understanding."
>"That's good. Anyway, yeah. Felix and I go back."
"Do you want me to stay away from him?" Unity asks, noting that what reads she can get off Unity seem almost standoffish about him.
>"A while back I'd say back off bitch or whatever, but right now, I don't even know if Felix wants to see me. Something's wrong, but implants and all that. I can't find him anyway. All his usual calling stations are out of commission like he doesn't want to be found."

Scurps messages Sugartooth. They say they finished their looting a couple of hours ago, before the police got too antsy about the noise. They finished dividing the loot, and Unity receives another 600k.
No. 731825 ID: 211d83

He might be hiding from you to try and protect you. From what I know about things he might be scared to come out in the open. Or he could think that you are a trap someone else has set for him. I think I know a bit about the situation but am still in the dark on a lot of stuff.

Long story short I want to help out. Both you and Dad. It's only a matter of time before you both get frustrated enough to turn off your implants and I want to make sure I can protect you when that happens.

I know it means more waiting on your end but it would not be more than a few days probably. You could shack up with Dad and watch movies and relax for a few days while I handle the legwork so your heads do not hurt to badly. While I don't have the contacts or power to protect you yet I am moving up quickly.

So what do you think?

Also as a new girl to our profession was wondering if I could plumb your depths? Er I mean avail myself of your wisdom that is. (Seduce her)
No. 731826 ID: 87876e

>600k more

Oh, good. We'll have to think about what to do with that, but for now let's save it until we know what's the next big thing we want to do. Gotta save some money to pay debts with, too. Next payment on the normal sex mod is tomorrow, yes? Anyway, say thank you to Scurps, and ask if the search did turn up anyone who'd been held captive or in addiction-fueled servitude.

Tell Vinyl that you've made some connections with some... people. Felix is a professional investigator, right? The kind of people you've gotten to know are the kind of people that a professional investigator would talk to, since they associate with people who... get investigated. You could inquire to whether they know him. Subtle, like.
No. 731828 ID: 91ee5f

After looking at the stats screen, I'm voting for going out and buying some jetalium after we finish talking with Vinyl because I think having only 116 kg is a really small amount. Any suggestions on how many kg of jetalium we should get?
No. 731829 ID: a075ba

>The first thing that Scanner notes is that she's exceptionally difficult to get an accurate read on.
Good poker face, huh. Makes sense, I think. She was a thief and all.

>doesn't enjoy the brothel
Well, if you want to do something, and you don't like it there, I could probably vouch for you with the Dead Batteries or the Lollipop Guild. (Doesn't even have to be sex stuff)! ((Though it could be)).

(Or if she has better things to do than pimp herself out, we could just lend her money).

Reason for this: if we get her working with a gang, she's maybe better protected than last time, and won't just be disappeared by Ruby's goons.

>can't find Felix
Well, if you want, I can try and see if I can find him for you. Obviously you know him better, but maybe the implants are making you miss something! (It might help if she could give us information to use for Scanner's search).

>what else
She said we're not family, so it's okay to just offer her sex at the end of the conversation, right? (Family's the only reason Loviro turned you down before, right)?
No. 731831 ID: 486e87

As amusing as blatantly offering ourselves would be, we are in a public location. A bit more subtlety maybe?
No. 731832 ID: dd338c
File 146689628076.png - (11.91KB , 800x800 , 264.png )

"He might be afraid to come out in the open. Or maybe wrongly thinking you're a trap? But I want to help out, either way."
>"Thanks. Not sure how you could, though. The only ways I know how to find him I promised him I wouldn't share. And he's not going to be on any public records."
"Well, please keep the implants in your head for a few more days. I'm trying to get enough resources so that both of you will be fine if you take them out."
>"Eh, sure. Loviro overrates thinking, but he is good at it, so I'm betting he had a good reason for it."
"By the way, do you have any advice for me for the prostitution business?"
>"Hah, are you kidding? I barely started myself. Sure I had more fun with it than I thought, but it's not like I'm a hard working girl here."
"Oh... well, if you want a different outlet, I've made contacts that might help out."
>"Sounds like you're on the underbelly, though. I'm already contaminated with legality. It wouldn't work out for me."
"Well, they are the sort of people a private investigator might talk to! I can ask, subtly, if any of them have seen Felix."
>"Oh, really? Risky, but I'm exhausting my options before I'm just grabbing at straws. Here, I've got a picture of Felix."

Vinyl gives a picture. Unity studies it for a moment before Vinyl takes it back. An image is then sent over to Roxy to keep them up to date.

"I will! Until then, do you want to have sex?" Alison recognizes the stigma against asking this in public, and so she lowers her voice.
>"... you're serious."
"Mhm. Loviro didn't, because of family, but you don't see us as anything, right?"
>".... you know what fuck it. Yeah. Not now, not in the mood, but I will be at some point, and you're probably getting damn good at it. So later."

Unity receives a text from Roxy.

>"We got your picture. We found someone."

A video chat is opened with Roxy's phone so that Unity can see what she sees.
No. 731834 ID: dd338c
File 146689636236.png - (34.26KB , 800x800 , 265.png )

>"Is that Felix?" asks Alison.
>"Holy crap, it is!" Scanner confirms.

"Good job! It's a good thing Vinyl had a picture of Felix, otherwise we would've missed him!" Unity texts to Roxy.
>"What?" Succubus texts back, then texts another. "Oh, it is! We weren't even talking about Felix!"
No. 731835 ID: dd338c
File 146689637852.png - (31.40KB , 800x800 , 266.png )

Roxy swings her butt to a new angle.
No. 731841 ID: 211d83

Shake your butt harder at miss scowls over there. Someone does not know how to enjoy herself. But do not drop cover just yet. Want to play with her a bit.

Concentrate on dancing just for Sevener it should infuriate her.
No. 731842 ID: 486e87

Ohcrud. Stay calm, privacy should be on and hidden for Roxy to appear biological, so unless Sevener has a B grade scanner we should be fine. Act as if she's just another patron, and scan her if we get the chance to without drawing attention.

Hazarding a guess, she's probably there for Felix since he'd be connected to the simulation stuff. She's glaring at Roxy's butt so maybe she thinks something's up.
No. 731844 ID: b2db3f

Keep your dancing body oblivious to Seveners presence. If anything give her a better show. She might know exactly who we are but lets annoy her a bit and pretend we don't recognize her.

The longer we keep her in the dark about our plans and situation the better. Do not give her any info. She might have found out about us but there no need to help her along.

At the same time have your real body head back and talk to Polatt about our new admirer. And see what our scans turn up when pointed at her. Both social and jetal.
No. 731845 ID: 486e87

Also, if we head over there, should we use Unity or a random biological form to do so? I don't know if we should let Sevener see our normal form.
No. 731848 ID: e22b1d

Quick run over to Vinyl and tell her you found him before she gets to far off. But tell her that there is someone watching so not to run over to where he is just yet.

Keep your other body dancing and try to "cheer" up Sevener. She looks so angry. Maybe she is following Felix or maybe she is here for you. Either way keep your cover up.
No. 731849 ID: a075ba

>sex, seriously, fine
Pffff. That exchange was pure gold.

>Sevener at the Dead Batteries' club
I don't believe in coincidences that big. It's possible she's here on unrelated police business not that we know she's a cop yet or following up on the guy who got busted, but it's way more likely she found a lead on you. I guess following Felix might be a lead on you, actually. Since he leads to Vinyl.

All Roxy can do for now is keep acting normal, and hope Senever doesn't have a scanner that can see through Privacy C. Or know who she is.

Scanner, take that face and use it for a reverse image search. Find everything you can, connected to it.

>what do
Tell Vinyl your division found a lead on Felix, but unfortunately, your 'sibling' is around. You're being cautious, for now.

Roxy should text Polatt and ask what the Dead Batteries know about those two clients. (Felix and Sevener, though don't use her name, just call her a jetal).

If possible, we should arrange to have both of them followed when they leave. Pay for it, if necessary.
No. 731850 ID: a075ba

Oh, and before you split ways with Vinyl, set passwords and a duress code (different from Loviro's) just in case, so neither of you can be impersonated by a jetal.
No. 731851 ID: 87876e

Looks like someone's storing their extra jetalium at the front! Hopefully she's not here on suspicion of Alison and company. Roxy's been involved with some suspicious stuff, it might have been enough to attract investigation, from investigators. Keep up the act, but message the DBs to subtly keep an eye on Felix and Sevener, the place they're in must have cameras. Our best hope is that him and Sevener go separate ways afterwards. Ask the DBs if they know him, as well.

The group Sevener would have started with are connected to Loviro and Vinyl, right? Maybe she got in contact with Felix herself, looking for answers. If she's with the cops, she'd have the connections to get in touch with an investigator. Maybe Sevener is looking for Loviro/Vinyl, to get clues to where we are?

Anyway, tell Vinyl you've found someone who looks like Felix, at a club where your division is working, and that you're suspicious of the coincidence. You'll try arrange to keep an eye on him in case he goes somewhere. You also see a jetal that looks like your sister's favourite form, and you know she's looking for you for no friendly reason.
No. 731852 ID: a075ba

If she keeps staring, we should totally tease her. "Like what you see, Baby?" *from upside down a pole*

Making a pass would the in character thing to do. A working girl would assume any jetal who comes into this place and isn't working security is going to be a sexual deviant, and they're gonna have money.
No. 731853 ID: 398fe1

...why haven't we done a search on Sevener's face before now?

Anyway, tell the division to keep their cover, and to use social scanner on Sevener to see if she's here to kill us. If so then things just got complicated. Can we detect any mods on her?
No. 731855 ID: 87876e


We did give a general suggestion to "watch out for signs of Sevener", I think.

I don't think we want to do anything that could stick in Sevener's memory. Stick to normal stripper operations.
No. 731857 ID: a075ba

Because we didn't have a picture of it. Technically, if we assume this pornverse was the same as the canonverse until we reached the CAI battle sim, the only time the contestants had seen her face was on the flags in the castle puzzle.
No. 731918 ID: 8111b6

Take it as an unhappy customer, perhaps. Maybe she'd rather oggle guys dancing. We could see about sending her to a club for that.

Or maybe ask if she feels like giving it a try?
No. 732023 ID: 200411

>> pole dancing sevener

I'm as down as I can be for that. Like, 10,000%.

Also that glorious grumpsnake definitely needs some sex.
No. 732060 ID: 91ee5f

We could even turn it into a pole dance-off to see who would win! Alison vs Sevener!
No. 732478 ID: dd338c
File 146717104042.png - (30.46KB , 800x800 , 267.png )

>"Didn't we see her face before in the first CAI fight?" asks Succubus "Why haven't we been doing searches on that?"
>"We have! A lot!" says Scanner. "Every second! But she's not showing up on the internet at all, so it's like she's been laying low, too!"
>"Does she think we're who we are?!" Iso texts back. "Maybe she's had different faces, too, and she's only showing it here to see if we react!"
>"She could be here for Felix. Either way, stay calm. Keep your ass shaking." says Recluse.
>"You'd like that!" says Clarence.

>"I'm in the lobby with you." Recluse directly says to Clarence.

The phone's text history starts looking like a chat room with only 2 names for several people.

The social scanner is used by Roxy. Sevener's expression is that of a stone with the visage of grumpiness carved into it. No modules can be found on Sevener, nor how much jetalium she has.

"Like what you see, baby?" Roxy asks from the pole. Unity alerts Vinyl to what's going on, and both of them begin travelling back to the capital.

Sevener keeps her glare.

>"I'm not sightseeing. Take your break, we're going to talk in private."
No. 732480 ID: 595d54

"Oh, straight to business? I don't have to be on break for that, though."

Show a bit of... well, already plenty of cleavage. Hip?
No. 732482 ID: 211d83

You must be new here baby. If you want a private show you have to reserve a back room. Then wink at her and continue dancing.
No. 732487 ID: b2db3f

Looks like ms grumps over here has her own privacy modules.

Keep up the stripper persona just to irritate her.

"Privacy eh? Well if you want to have me all to yourself just go let the floor manager know and they can get you set up with a private room. Just let them know what sort of fun you are interested in."

Make sure to practice your lewd pole dancing seduction on her while saying this and make no indication you are going to stop until she pays for your time.
No. 732491 ID: 398fe1

Tell her business comes after pleasure, in here. She's not here to look and she's obviously not here to touch. Talking's off the table until you're off the clock, baby.
No. 732492 ID: a075ba

Inform her that if she wants you in private, she's gonna need to pay for a private room. And say it seductively.~

It's a fantastic dig at her, and she almost has to go along with it. Plus, hey, more money. For you and the DBs.

Text Polatt, if you haven't already. Inform him you're talking to a jetal who might be trouble, and you'd appreciate it if security were ready to step in. You hope it won't be necessary, but better safe than sorry.

Also ask him to have someone watch Felix. You'd appreciate it if you could get everything the Dead Batteries know about him later, maybe have someone follow him, see where he works / lives. You'll pay for it, if necessary.
No. 732493 ID: f4e368

"I'd love to take my break with you right now, darling, but I can't disappoint my employers the very day they let me start working here! You'll have to talk to them to arrange some privacy with me."
No. 732507 ID: a075ba

Also, whatever happens, do not break character first, on the off chance she's here to question Roxy, and doesn't realize she's found us.
No. 732508 ID: e22b1d

Keep your cover up at all costs. She might be here because of "Roxy's" involvement in the drug mess earlier and is searching for you.

Do not out yourself even if she calls you by name. Just keep acting like a stripper would. Even if its just to frustrate her.

Plus making her pay for our time is the best idea. Can give her lap dances while she scowls at you.
No. 732549 ID: c441c1

We also have to keep in mind that we have bouncers for backup if she gets to handy during the private show.
No. 732553 ID: 6ebca4

She could also try to get Roxy alone to absorb her, depriving us from half our mass. We sould at least inform the club security that this could end very badly.
No. 732554 ID: c441c1

If we can do so discreetly then yes otherwise no need to tip her off that we know her.
No. 732556 ID: a107fd

Maintain kayfabe. Anything Sevener requests is to be interpreted as a euphemism for increasingly kinky sex acts, e.g. "You can 'talk to me' as hard as you want, in private, but I'll still be on the clock."
No. 732574 ID: 91ee5f

You're misunderstanding what >>732553 is saying. They're saying that Sevener is trying to get Roxy alone to absorb and steal half of Roxy's jetalium mass.
No. 732583 ID: c441c1

Sorry clicked the wrong number it was for the one above it. :P
No. 732626 ID: dd338c
File 146724093287.png - (31.09KB , 800x800 , 268.png )

"Hun, you can talk to me as hard as you like in the back, but I'm still going to be on the clock. You've got to pay like everyone else for the special treatment."

By summoning all over her dance skills, Succubus serves Sevener a move she knows as "The Volcano."

>"Fine. How's this for payment?"

She pulls a badge from out of her pocket.

>"Oh shit she's the fuzz!" Guardsman says.
>"Okay okay!" says Scanner. "The police are pretty tough for the most part and they say it's a bad idea to decline them without a really good reason, but they do have rules and laws. She can't just bring Roxy in for questioning without a warrant or anything like that."

Sevener tilts her badge to shine in Roxy's eyes, although she still holds it at bay from Roxy's proximity intrusive ass. A point is made by Roxy to squint.

>"Girl, we can do it now in your back room, or we can do later in a holding cell."
No. 732628 ID: 38685c

"If this is police business and you're not just showing me your nightstick..."
No. 732630 ID: 486e87

Unless she's staying in character as well, I think this means she's investigating Roxy, not us. As fun as teasing Sevener is, we might want to comply before pushing her too far.
No. 732631 ID: cf865a

"Mmm. I don't see a warrant, officer, but I'm happy to help our friendly local police."

There should be a bouncer on an exit you can use, so go past one of them and tell them what's up as you go by into a back room somewhere. All the rooms around here have cameras anyway, right? And she did just pull that badge out in the open for everyone and said cameras to see, so the DBs should know what's going on. I don't think she suspects who you really are, unless she's being a very good actor. Maybe she's made the connection between Unity and the DBs, and so with Roxy too, but doesn't think Roxy is Unity? And she just thinks Roxy can direct her towards Unity?

Look a bit put out, like you're disappointed that she's not interested in being a customer, but still trying to be pleasant. Maybe comment to her that she could have shown that badge at the desk and gotten her bosses to pull you off stage for her, more discreetly.
No. 732634 ID: 91ee5f

>"Fine. How's this for payment?"
"Uhhh, I don't think I'm allowed to take that as payment. Pretty sure my boss will only let me take money as payment."

>"Girl, we can do it now in your back room, or we can do later in a holding cell."
"Oh, so you do want to do it! I hope you're not trying to use your badge as an excuse for a freebie! You naughty girl!~~~"
No. 732635 ID: a075ba

Ahem. TEXT POLATT. Please let him know you're being questioned by a police jetal of known power and intent, so security can be ready to respond appropriately. And because, you know, most gangs want to know when there's a cop in their midst.

Also have Polatt put someone on Felix before he slips off and we lose him again. It would be just stupid to lose our lead because Sevener distracted us, especially right when we have allies who can keep an eye on him!

>>"Oh shit she's the fuzz!" Guardsman says.
She doesn't have much fuzz, actually. She's got skin or scales.

>what do
Remove your posterior from her prominent protrusions.

>shows you her badge
Quick, get her badge number, her department / precinct, her legal name, any info that appears on the badge. Photograph and or memorize it.

Then start using all that information to run web searches. And set up alerts to bring you new information that pops up related to her.

>How's this for payment?
That line of credit is will cover the introductory rate for our most basic package, sure. C'mon back.

Lead her to a back room, get each of you a fruity drink in a fancy glass. Then sit down, sipping on the straw, and wait to here what she wants.
No. 732637 ID: a075ba

Oh, pfff. We should ask Polatt if the cops actually do have a line of credit or a tab here. They're not all shining paragons of virtue, after all. Sevener probably didn't mean that line about her badge paying for it literally, but if we can, we should totally just add her session to the bill.
No. 732644 ID: 211d83

Put a disappointed look on your face and sigh.

"Aww I was hoping you were a customer. You might look grumpy but I bet I could put a smile on that face given a chance."

Wave to Polatt or the floor manager and explain what is happening. Normal actions will make you look like a normal stripper and not someone who can computer link internally with a dozen phones. But totally get the word out on your phones while doing so and ask the DB's and Fern for advice.

If she is here for Roxy make sure to avoid incriminating yourself but play along with Sevener so she does not try to take us in. Keep up the flirty stripper act and let Fern know that the police tracked down your Roxy identity. He can tell you what is safe to say to Sevener.
No. 732645 ID: b2db3f

Make sure to act completely like the organic you are disguised as. Which means not acting instantly on info you get from network sources and such. Also make sure to take a closer look at the badge with your "organic" eyes. Normal people do not have hidden tail cams. (of course inform your two handlers via computer link that the police are here asking questions. If this is about the drug raid Fern can help you come up with a story.)

Be a bit suspicious until you confirm her police status and then tell her to give you a sec to get a room ready. But stay in sight so she does not think you are running for it.
No. 732647 ID: dd338c
File 146724713243.png - (39.84KB , 1000x800 , 269.png )

"I was hoping you'd want more. You look grumpy, but I bet I could put a smile on you given the chance!" Roxy says, pulling her posterior back. "But I'll come to the back with you for whatever else you'd want."

Polatt is texted that Roxy is going to be questioned by a police jetal, and a bouncer nearby her room is told similarly.

>"Also, Polatt. Could you keep an eye on that one with the three horns on each side?"
"Sure. Little busy myself, but I'll get eyes on him. We'll keep close in case the cop tries anything, but I'm not going to lie, we weren't expecting a cop to show up. Just ask for a lawyerbot if she asks for stuff you don't want to do."

"Scanner!" says Alison. "Did you get her badge number and name and all that?"
>"Yep. But like I said, the police is like some kind of weird secret service and that stuff isn't coming up at all in the system, even though I can do searches on other cops."

Roxy walks with Sevener to a back room and orders a couple of fruity drinks. Roxy notices that Sevener is a lot bigger when she's up close with her face, and that the ground buckles noticeably under her walk, giving away a great deal of mass.

"It might have been better for you to show that to my bosses and pull me off stage to keep it discreet, you know?"
>"So far you haven't given me any reason to think you give a shit about discretion."
"So did you actually want to question me, or are you just using your badge as a credit line or a freebie to have me all to yourself?" Roxy says with a wink.
>"For a biological girl who was nearly kidnapped last night, and then gangbanged the next morning for hours by a group of hopped up druggies right up until a few hours ago, you sure are in some damn good spirits to be fucking around with me in more ways than one. You remember those guys, right? Right now, they're all in a big holding cell wear they're licking their beatdown away, and what would really help them out is a big helping of jail. What their lawyers are gnawing on is a lack of EIN-verified video evidence or much evidence in general for their crimes. What I need is a witness. I want you at the courthouse, tomorrow, to testify against them. It'll take all day, but you'll put a lot of slimeballs where they belong."
No. 732648 ID: d36247

For someone who's lacking enough evidence to put those guys away she's being pretty specific about what she suspects happened down there. I doubt any of the guys they arrested would have been so loose lipped about revealing the identities of possible witnesses.
No. 732652 ID: a075ba

Hahaha! Sevener either doesn't realize who we are, or is playing a long game here. And the later isn't really her style.

Being a witness is a problem. 'Roxy' isn't real. You have no birth record, no history, no ID number. You're not going to show up in the system when they bring you in.

Worse, courthouses have to have high tier scanners as a matter of course. They need to make sure witnesses are who they say they are and not imposters, and to prevent criminals from escaping. There's no way they wouldn't be able to tell that you're a jetal, or a division.

The only way to testify would be to first admit you're a jetal, but admitting that to Sevener, or letting the cops or courts realize you're not connected to EIN, are non-starters.

>For a biological girl who was nearly kidnapped last night, and then gangbanged the next morning for hours by a group of hopped up druggies right up until a few hours ago, you sure are in some damn good spirits to be fucking around with me in more ways than one.
Let the mask slip. That is, let Roxy's mask she wears to protect herself and get customers slip revealing someone a little more harried and worn.

"Babe, my lifeblood is making people around me feel happy, and making them think I'm ready for a good time. If you can't put on a good face in my line of work, you're not going to make a living. Or be able to live with the shit you have to put up with.

"We aren't all born so lucky as to be made out of liquid gold."

>What I need is a witness.
I'm not going to rat for you. Rats get killed. It wasn't no cops that saved me anyways. I was just lucky one gang decided to beat on the other. And I doubt either of them would look kindly on me if I talked.
No. 732655 ID: 842ca3

"But wont messing around at court just get EIN up my own ass(in a bad way)?"
No. 732657 ID: 486e87

We've got not real good options here, pretending we had our ID stolen tips Sevener off to our main trick, and testifying is bad because they'll have scanners, nor is disappearing as that'll bring heat on the DBs.

We could as for a Lawyerbot at this point, but that seems like a delaying tactic.
No. 732659 ID: cf865a

Well, she's already suspecting that you're more than a regular stripper, hopefully she just thinks you're an agent for the gangs. Put on a slightly more serious face, like you're dropping your flirty persona.

"I like to think of myself as tougher than I look, officer. And I have... ways of coping. Still, believe me, I would very much like to see those men get what they deserve. Despite my job, though, I am a little... reluctant to flaunt myself in public. I have friends, dear close personal friends, who would think less of me for being involved in official proceedings, you understand? But, if you can give me a few moments with a phone, I might be able to arrange for you to get the evidence you need, and possibly even another witness or two."

Assuming she does, you can call Scurps and ask if he saved any of the videos they got off the guys while they were going to town on you. You can also ask if they did find any other people being kept in the sex dungeon, who were "kindly taken in" by "generous citizens", and if any of them would be suitable to testify.

Check with Marchi, too. It's very unlikely, but it'd be really nice if he somehow had evidence (he did seem to know they had a sex dungeon, and he might have taken in any dungeon escapees), and was able to spin that with Sevener to get himself pardoned of his minor crimes.
No. 732660 ID: 91ee5f

>Roxy notices that Sevener is a lot bigger when she's up close with her face, and that the ground buckles noticeably under her walk, giving away a great deal of mass.
Yeah, I really think we should get some more jetalium just in case we need it. Cause if we do end up having to fight Sevener she is just going to crush us. Seriously, look at how she's killing that poor booth seat under her butt!
No. 732661 ID: 486e87

We should probably spin up the computer module to get some research time, see if Fern knows if testifying would out our division as a Jetal, or if using a portion (That doesn't incriminate the guild) of the footage we took is possible.
No. 732662 ID: a075ba

Actually updating this: instead of outright refusing, we might want to act hella reluctant. Make it a maybe instead of a no, so she thinks she has to come back and push more later after giving you time to think. Stall for time.

Because this is potentially a chance to get a persona close enough to spy on and/or get close to Sevener (and we can use that), or a chance to hurt her advancement in the cops by fucking up her case on purpose.

The problem is, it will take planning and prep work. We need module(s) good enough to fool court scanners, we need a real biological identity we can tie to the 'Roxy' stage name (buy or borrow credentials from somewhere), we need the gangs we're working with to sign off on this (I doubt Fern would like you agreeing to testify, even falsely, without his okay).

(We should still 'crack' to explain our emotional state though, and show reluctance to rat. Rats do get killed).
No. 732664 ID: 211d83

Ok start stalling for time by asking questions and chatting so we have time to talk to Fern and spin up our high speed computer link stuff. Need to know if our organic module and privacy(or any they could loan us) could hold up in a low level drug court. Or a high level one. Plus what they think about the situation in general.

Ask her what you are going to get out of this other than getting on a bunch of creeps radars? This job is not glamorous but one the first rules of the business is to keep your mouth shut about clients.

And find out what evidence she does have. We can't show her our tape cause that would out us as a Jetal.
No. 732666 ID: cf865a


Well, I don't want to mess up the case completely, but if we make Sevener have to spend some resources for what she wants (for example, having to call in a favor to pay someone off for giving the evidence), it'll slow her down a little.
No. 732667 ID: e22b1d

Lots of options here. I think the best bet would be to argue back and forth with her for a bit and then eventually give in and agree to show up tomorrow. All the while we are talking to Fern and finding out what the best option is.

Maybe we can fuck with her case or maybe we can have Roxy make friends with her and become one of her informants. Would be a good way of keeping track of her. Or maybe its just best to drop the Roxy persona and never show up to court.

Look defensive and say "Just because some of us are not made out of metal does not mean we are not tough. A few hours with some creeps is a cakewalk to some stuff I have done."

"Listen I would like to help but my job puts me on the front line if any of those guys friends want to get revenge. Can't you find another witness? Am sure I am not the only one involved?" Make it look like you want to help but are leary of what might happen afterwards. You are safe right now but if you talk it could bring down some heat.

Whatever you do don't push so hard she wants to put you in protective custody or watch over you. We want her to walk out confident that we will show up on our own to court tomorrow.
No. 732668 ID: a075ba

Our division with Vinyl might be able to ask her about Police stuff too. She should know, since she used to date one.

Yes, messing up her case up completely should be on the table. One of the best case outcomes is torpedoing her career. If we can stop her rapid advancement as a cop, that gives us a big edge. We might even be able to leave her behind when we take the o-route. (Or drag her down into the mud with us if her other options for advancement have been denied to her).
No. 732672 ID: cf865a


No, listen, messing up her case means letting all those guys who were with Bluestone get off. Aside that not being a good thing in and of itself, they're enemies of the Lollipop Guild, who want it to be clear what happens to people who think they can work for their rivals. For the sake of the gang we just formally joined, we need them to go down.
No. 732683 ID: dd338c
File 146725802629.png - (15.25KB , 800x800 , 270.png )

Using the power of future-technology processing that probably involves quantum mechanics and theoretical physics, Unity gets to work on gathering more information while Roxy appears to think things over during the slight pause.

Unity asks Vinyl about cops and the legal process, but she seems reluctant to talk about it and advises Unity to just avoid both of those things.

Fern is contacted.

"Hi Fern real quickly, I'm getting questioned by a cop?"
>"Well fill me a bucket of fucks did you screw up already?"
"Not really, but this cop wants to put away all the people who banged Roxy, because they didn't have much evidence for drugs, apparently?"
>"Really? The big dealers must've been busted, but the rank and file and druggies might get off easy, sure. What the hell kind of cop gives a shit about those guys?"
"This one. She wants me to testify, but I wanted to know if it was even feasible to show up without giving some bad things away."
>"Alright, listen up. If you show up to a court room, they will know you're a jetal, and you will have a lot of eyes on you. We won't give you a privacy mod that could beat their scanners even if we had one, so you cannot show up in person. If you want to testify, get a Witness Form 8129-J and make that cop verify it. That'll let you testify in a remote location, so long as there's a legal authority to confirm it's really you, and you can make them agree not to scan you or anything like that. Maybe even make the cop herself show up if you trust her. That form allows for some fucked up stuff, but the legal system has such a hell of a time getting any criminals to rat out other criminals that the cops have to give them some protection and forgiveness."
"Does it let me do it anonymously?"
>"No, it just means that you won't be given away as a jetal."
"Do you care if we testify or not? What if I didn't like this cop?"
>"We don't like those guys the cops apparently bagged, and we don't like cops. If you wanna throw either of them under the rug, then that's fine. As long as you don't blow your own cover and throw us under the rug."
No. 732684 ID: dd338c
File 146725803889.png - (18.99KB , 800x800 , 271.png )

Roxy speaks to Sevener while this communication goes on. She drops her happy attitude to let herself look more worn.

"Not all of us are born as liquid gold, you know, but we can still be tough with... ways of coping about things. A few hours with some creeps is a cakewalk. I'd like to see them get what they deserve, but I don't like the idea of being put under protection for the rest of my life when I testify in front of people who are going to be really mad about it. Can't you find any other witnesses?"
>"I have. They're cowards who won't speak, too! If you're so tough, then stand up to those bastards. Tell them you can't be threatened, okay? And I know you can't, cause no girl can go through what you did in 12 hours and then shake your ass like that at a cop like there's no tomorrow without being tough as hell."
"Tough or not, rats do get killed, no matter how much protection the cops promise."

Marchi is texted, but the message fails to send again.

"You really don't have evidence? How are you saying these specific things that happened to me?"
>"I have videos. A lot were lost during some gang warfare, but I managed to find a some scraps."
"That's not evidence?"

Sevener looks at Roxy for a long moment.

>"This wasn't EIN-verified. Some pervert out there could've just shopped you into camera footage, or at least that's what the lawyers will tell the judge. I can't use that evidence. I need a real biological."
"What am I going to get from this, other than getting on a bunch of creep radars?"
>"Because even if you give me the cold shoulder, I'm going to keep hunting. Even if you tell me that that was completely consensual, I'm going to find something that'll get those shitheads in a deep cave someplace. And if you actually want to protect these guys, then maybe I'll think you were actually on their team the whole time, in which case I know a blue toned stone that'll just love to testify about how a certain girl he banged was so desperate for some CnJ. If you testify, I'll go through the documents to make sure that your testimony won't make EIN start asking questions about why you don't exist on any public records."
No. 732687 ID: 398fe1

Tell her blackmail doesn't suit the police, but you're willing to testify via a Witness Form. You don't want to protect those assholes, you just... don't want to die.

I think after this is done we might have to drop the Roxy identity. ...or maybe we can keep it, and foster a relationship with the police? Haha, maybe we can ask for Sevener's contact information. Tell her she seems... driven to get the bad guys, more than any other cop you've heard of.
No. 732691 ID: 211d83

A lot of people don't exist on any public records. It doesn't mean they are hardened criminals you know? Sometimes life just doesn't go how you expected and you slip through the cracks. And then you end up making some bad choices and get taken advantage of.

I guess I can help you. But only because I don't want those assholes getting out tomorrow to do the same thing to some poor girl who isn't tough enough to take it.

But I want one of those remote witness form things. That 82-j thing or whatever its called. I remember hearing about that once. Bring me one of those and we have a deal. And I want you to be my witness. You can come by and we can sit here and testify. You might be a grump but you seem like you want to help me.

Oh and before you go could you at least pretend like you had some fun with me? If you don't leave looking a bit more satisfied than you came in people will look at me funny. I do want to keep this meeting looking as normal as possible.
No. 732694 ID: cf865a

Well, if we can get a remote location, and no scan, and EIN not asking questions, then there's no problem with testifying. It'd be a bit suspicious for the organic working girl to suddenly know all about the right forms and stuff, though.

First, tell Sevener that you didn't ask what'd happen if you didn't testify, you asked what'd happen if you did, know what you mean? Justice is nice, and you like it, but it doesn't pay the bills for you like it does for her. You're starting to lean towards testifying, but a little more personal persuasion would make things easier, especially something you can split with people who otherwise might not approve. Your bosses, for example, who you're already not earning money for right now. Then tell her that, even then, you'd like a moment to call some people who are more familiar with legal proceedings than you, to get advice.

If she allows that, then get a phone in some natural-seeming way, and walk away from her a bit to have a pretend text conversation with someone (her ears might pick up on a spoken one; make sure the keystrokes you do match those of your side of a conversation like you just had with Fern). Then come back and ask for that form and the arrangements Fern specified, as well as the EIN protection.

>No message to Marchi

Hmm. In that case, maybe a personal visit? Tell Sevener you know someone who might have some more evidence that can be used, or have a lead to more evidence. Someone who seemed like they'd already suspected what was going on. Not for sure on either of those things, but maybe. They're in some minor legal trouble, though, and they stay off the grid, so you'd have to try find them in person, and privately. It'd take a bit of time. You're willing to do that much for free, since it might let you off the hook, but if you manage to find the person and they do turn out to have what she needs, she might need to make a separate arrangement with them.
No. 732695 ID: b2db3f

I don't even know how I would go about getting a record again. Once you fall through the cracks its not a easy climb back up you know. If say a girl wanted to go legal again what would she need to do?

And you don't need to threaten me. I don't want those guys to go free but I don't want to get beaten up in a ally and kidnapped again 6 months from now either.

Is there any way I can testify in private? Sitting in a court all day while a bunch of criminals have the chance to memorize my face worries me. Do you mind if I call one of the clubs lawyer bots over? I would like to know my options first.
No. 732696 ID: e22b1d

Tell her you will do it if she promises you a date. You want a chance to wipe that scowl off her pretty face.

But totally do the remote witness thing.
No. 732697 ID: a075ba

>If you wanna throw either of them under the rug, then that's fine. As long as you don't blow your own cover and throw us under the rug.
Don't you worry about me, Fern. I promised discretion and I deliver. Even if I get gnabbed some day, and that's a big if, your secrets are safe with me.

>If you want to testify, get a Witness Form 8129-J
The trick here is we either have to manipulate Sevener into suggesting it, or we need to get a DB lawyer involved, since Roxy knowing this would be suspicious.

>If you're so tough, then stand up to those bastards. Tell them you can't be threatened, okay? And I know you can't, cause no girl can go through what you did in 12 hours and then shake your ass like that at a cop like there's no tomorrow without being tough as hell.
It is seriously weird seeing Sevener try to play rape councilor / victim's advocate / peer girl-power bad-ass. Or seeing her attempt a social play at all.

>in which case I know a blue toned stone that'll just love to testify about how a certain girl he banged was so desperate for some CnJ
>I'll go through the documents to make sure that your testimony won't make EIN start asking questions about why you don't exist on any public records.
"Charming how quick you go from inspirational to threatening there, Babe. I ask for a carrot and you go brandishing the stick."

"But if you already know my legal status is shit, what the hell good do you think I am as a witness? Even if I was willing to show up, and I'm not saying I am, how the hell does that do anything but land me in more trouble and make you look bad." (Got to lead her into suggesting the remote witness form- if she already figured out we were an illegal, she has to have researched ways around that or she wouldn't be here).
No. 732699 ID: a075ba

We should forward Sevener's picture to the Dead Batteries and the Lollipop Guild. Let both know this is the cop who was interested in 'Roxy', and you'd appreciate it if they let you know if they happen to come across her snooping anywhere else. Not that you can order either gang to set up full scale surveillance at this point, but put her face on their radars.

Having the Roxy identity become Sevener's contact or confidential informant would give us a way to keep tabs on her, possibly to manipulate her as well.

I don't think we can afford be look eager or take the initiate by asking for her number. We have to play the role of the hard to get asset, make her pursue us. She's going to push us to testify, try to get us to trust her, give us her number to call if there's an emergency so her witness doesn't get killed, etc. By playing a hard to get here, we can make her to do all the work, at least at first.

The tricky bit is giving her a reason to pursue the relationship past this one case. We have to give her a reason to keep in touch with us, for her to think we'll still be useful.
No. 732709 ID: dd338c
File 146726276130.png - (16.85KB , 800x800 , 272.png )

"Blackmail doesn't suit the police."
>"You really don't deal with the police much, huh? We're willing to forgive the people who help justice, and will throw the rest to the chopping block. Simple as that."
"Still, you don't need to threaten me. I don't want to protect them, but I also don't want to die or get beaten up in an alley and kidnapped 6 months from now either. I didn't ask what happened if I didn't testify, though, I asked what would happen if I did. I asked for a carrot, not a stick."
>"Those bastards will go to jail!"
"Justice is nice and all, but my landlords don't accept justice as rent. A little more persuasion might make things easier even if I'm leaning on testifying already. Something I can split, like with my bosses, who I'm not even earning money for right now. I might know someone else who can testify or lead to evidence. I'm not sure on either of those things, and I'd have to find them in person. Myself."
>"Now paying witness money, that doesn't suit.... whatever. If you can find another witness, then fine, but I'd feel comfier knowing I've got a witness already. And if you can get them to testify and yourself to testify too, even better! I'm still going to search."
"Can I make a call to ask a friend about legal advice?"
>Yeah. I'll be here."

Roxy goes to the side and emulates a conversation before going back. She also texts Polatt and Fern Sevener's face.

"Can I get a WF 8129-J?"
>"Hell yeah you can."
"And a lot of people don't exist on public records, but it doesn't mean they're hardened criminals."
>"Duh, doesn't mean it doesn't raise some questions."
"I don't want those guys to do the same to some poor girl who can't take it like I can. I'll help you, but can you be the witness for me testifying?"
>"Sure, girl."
"You might be a grump, but you seem like you actually want to help me."
>"... not gonna lie, this isn't what I had in mind when I became a cop. Maybe it's because I just became one yesterday, but seeing this world full of those assholes... really pisses me off. So yeah, I want to help. I can't give you money to show up, and I can't be your personal police officer forever, but for the next 36 hours, if you think you're in any trouble, or have any questions, just give me a call. I'll give you a temporary number."
"Can I testify in private?"
>"Yeah, that's what the form's about."
"Oh. What about anonymously?"

Sevener sighs, and she looks like she wants nothing more than to say yes.

>"No. The court has to know it's you, the criminals have to know it's you because some bullshit."
"Oh... I also don't know how to get a record again. I fell through the cracks once, and it's not easy to climb back up."
>"It's real easy, except for people who don't like being watched 24/7, even if it means being protected 24/7. Need anything else?"

Sevener asks that, but Duelist thinks that she wants to ask something else to Roxy.

Alison wants to ask Sevener on a date to wipe that scowl away, but Succubus thinks that the moment for that isn't right. Nor does she think the moment might ever be right.
No. 732720 ID: 398fe1

Ask her name, and introduce yourself.
No. 732726 ID: a075ba

Might be worth texting to see if any of the DBs working here have a scanner good enough to see her loadout.

>Alison wants to ask Sevener on a date to wipe that scowl away, but Succubus thinks that the moment for that isn't right. Nor does she think the moment might ever be right.
Too soon after playing hard to get, I think. Not believable enough. 'Roxy' needs time to warm up to her, first.

>Sevener asks that, but Duelist thinks that she wants to ask something else to Roxy.
Well, maybe if we can keep her talking for a bit, she'll work up the nerve to say it, or figure out how to ask it.

"You never gave me a name."

>Maybe it's because I just became one yesterday
"So... you've only been on the job a day, huh?"
No. 732757 ID: da1652

"With that scowl i would have guessed you were a cop for Sevener eight years"
No. 732759 ID: 398fe1

Oh jeez let's not draw attention to how long she's been here. She might connect that timeframe with how long Roxy's been around.
No. 732794 ID: 211d83

I don't know what I need. Maybe you can just sit here for a minute and chat with me? It's been a crazy day and I am worried that if I stop to think about it then I will fall apart.

I know I look tough but when your options are to go home and dwell on things or head in to work and dance your cares away its a easy decision to make.

So a day on the force? What made you decide to become a cop if you don't mind my asking? And what did you have in mind when you started? I don't know a ton about the police but isn't this sort of stuff what they do?
No. 732802 ID: dd338c
File 146729827291.png - (15.89KB , 800x800 , 273.png )

>With that scowl I would have guessed you were a cop for Sevener eight years
Most lobbyists agree that this might be a terrible idea to say.

"I don't know what I need. Maybe we can just sit here and talk for a minute?"
>"... a moment, fine, but I've got a lotta criminals to bust. What's to talk about?"
"You never gave me a name, for starters."
>".... Anya."
"It's a nice name. I'm Roxy."
>"I know."
"Still. So, a day on the force? What made you decide to become a cop?"
>"The higher ups think I'm a no good jetal, and I've got to prove 'em wrong."
"You care what they think?"
>"Enough so."
"What did you have in mind by joining the force?"

Sevener's scowl intensifies.

>"Urgh. A cop that does more fighting, that's what. Sending tough jetals with B class and up modules to the court system myself, not netting a ton of nobodies than busting my ass to get your ass to testify. At least I can move up there if I do well enough down here. You, though, where're you going with this if you act like you don't want to go legal? Or do you just plan on dancing and having intercourse with random guys for the rest of your life?"
No. 732803 ID: 398fe1

It's a living. Well, for a while. You won't be young and attractive forever. Tell her not to worry though, you've been making friends and you should be able to get into a new line of work when you need to.

...maybe it's time to get back to work?
No. 732806 ID: cf865a

"You think it's only people down here that are the problem? You can't have met many nobles yet, or the kinds of people they have working for them. The only difference between them and that Blue guy is that they have more connections. I've been... roughly treated by those types before, and I have no interest in making it easy for anyone with a scrap of political pull to find me whenever they want."

"Anyway, like you say, you can move up. You're a jetal, and even if someone thinks you're a low-class one that's still a good place to start. How high up do you think a biological girl can climb, with no rich family, no high-class friends? I could sell myself for experimentation, and never come back out of wherever they send me. Or I could try find some moneybags who wants what he can only get from having a pet organic girl long-term, and I don't think I'd like anything that description fits, either."

"No. Maybe when I'm already rich, I'll go legal, but I'll do that by staying off the grid, and earning by being smart and tough, doing things that polite society doesn't approve of, being loyal to my friends and being willing to take risks. Which I will for you, a little. You can record me talking to you, giving testimony, a face to match the video and a voice saying it really happened. And I'll try find you that other stuff to have as well. But I'm not going near the court, and I don't want be scanned or have a blood sample taken or any of that shit. Ok?"
No. 732809 ID: 91ee5f

Whenever Sevener is leaving, does anyone here think we can get away with telling her, "Go get 'em, girl!" followed by an enthusiastic slap on her ass? Because I think it would be funny if we could do that. If no one thinks we should do that, then let's not do it.
No. 732812 ID: 0a94cb

No, not just guys. *wink*
No. 732819 ID: 7d9f2e

probably not, she's still a cop

possibly this. it's still overt, but it's just talk (to her, anyway)
No. 732848 ID: 211d83

Not forever no. But when you are organic and don't have any rich friends or well placed connections it can take awhile. You look sexy because you can be whatever you want. I just got lucky genetics and it opened up some opportunities.

That being said the sex is honestly not a downside to the job. Am guessing you have never had any cause most jetals don't indulge but you should give it a go if you ever get the opportunity. But guessing your job might not look kindly on you getting a sex mod.

Honestly that's why a lot of people in this line of work are unregistered. They are tired of the empire saying what they should do or not do with there bodies and judging them all the time. Which is why I make pretty decent money. Are a lot of nervous guys and girls who come around cause they are scared of society finding out what they like in the bedroom.

So right now I am just trying to save up some money and kick some old habits I got stuck with while I was younger and stupider. The kind that get you kidnapped by a bunch of goons. After I clean up my life a bit I might just look into going legal. I won't be young and resilient forever and this mess has shown me that bad stuff can come out of nowhere.

Maybe after this court stuff you can point me in the direction of how to get started? Am guessing it would not hurt to have a hot shot police woman to vouch for me.
No. 732857 ID: 595d54

Works better when said deadpan, imo.
No. 732859 ID: 233260

Well first off I honestly do love my job Anya.

Usually the money is good and there is quite a thrill to have guys and girls lusting after you all the time. The empire likes to act like sex is a bad and primitive thing but with all the tech we have its a golden age for the craft.

And when you say "having intercourse with random guys" you make it sound like a bad thing. Like I am throwing myself at anyone who comes in the door. Anya I am very good at what I do.

Anyone can get themselves off or go watch a porno but if you want professional attention you go to someone like me. Have you ever had sex? I know its not a normal thing for most Jetals but if not you are missing out. It's a lot of fun especially when you are doing it with someone you like.

That being said my plans are to get myself clean first and stop hanging out in creepy basements. Then once I have some money saved up maybe try going legal. While there is always upward advancement in this job my looks will not last forever so need to stabilize my life and maybe go back to school or something.
No. 732870 ID: cf865a


Let's not have Roxy be too enthusiastic about her work at the moment, she's supposed to have just been through experiences that would be terribly rough for an organic. Say something like it's "usually" not such a bad job, or similar, if we're going to make that kind of comment. Maybe talk about there being a lot of people we'd have regretted not getting to... work with, and that sex, even if it's for pay, isn't the cold, hollow trade in satisfying crude instincts that the empire likes to talk like it is.
No. 732879 ID: a075ba

>You, though, where're you going with this if you act like you don't want to go legal? Or do you just plan on dancing and having intercourse with random guys for the rest of your life?
Say this first. >>732812 Gotta bring back a little of the sass we let slip to show her the 'real' Roxy.

But more seriously, don't knock it till you've tried it. Sex isn't all bad, not by a long shot, even if the industry has it's dark side. It's good money that doesn't take a degree or break your back, on the good days. It's staying safe that's the trick, although from what I here, it's not like safety is a guarantee even for people who are better off.

And if you can get off the drugs and climb your way into a slightly nicer tier of society... maybe you'll do some reputable performing. You do enjoy music, not that that's what anyone here is interested in.

(This is part honest, and part tempting fate for the fun of it. Not that Sevener should know how much music means to Alison, knowing her mostly through logs and not personal interaction).

If we trick Sevener into sponsoring our going legit it will the funniest thing ever.
No. 732887 ID: cf865a


I think if we ever go legit we'd need to do it as a jetal. Going legit as an organic probably means being put on genetic registers and other stuff that we wouldn't be able to fool through.
No. 732893 ID: a075ba

I didn't mean going legit as an organic- I meant let Sevener think she's vouching for an organic, but we use whatever statement or wheel greasing she provides to register Unity.