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File 136278985985.png - (55.27KB , 700x700 , 205.png )
498850 No. 498850 ID: c4e5c2

Unity is 5 b-minutes away from reaching the factory.

"We'll be launching a couple of helicopter drones to check out the facility, first." she tells her allies.
>"What, right in front of the factory? Do you want to tip them off?" the other jetal asks.
"Do you have any other ideas?"
>"We're beating up a buncha simple minded drug dealers and gang muscle, not infiltrating a military compound. Figured we'd just walk in and do our thing. Not have you get all tactical on us."
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No. 498852 ID: f2c20c

Fine. If things go unexpected, though, we're gonna rub it in your face.
No. 498862 ID: 35edd4

Have the driver stop some distance away and launch the drones then. Having intel can only help us, and it'll just take a few minutes.
No. 498866 ID: d6ef5d

Will one drone zipping around in a high tech city be noticed? After dark, at that? You'd think they would be hard to see at night, and reasonably common place.

Heck, we could toss it out the window a block before we arrive if they're worried about being seen from the front.

>going all tactical
Maybe it's for nothing, but a little caution is worth it when things go bad.
No. 498867 ID: 74904d

If you two really prefer us to go in blind we can play it that way but it would be good to get an idea of where they are before we step in. Even if it does tip them off they'll only be getting a couple seconds.
No. 498875 ID: b59bfb

With what we have done today, this will be a cake walk, take it easy, our boy here is right, just relax.
No. 498876 ID: 76b151

mm, I agree that sending in the drones might be a slight waste of time if that is all that is expected.
No. 498888 ID: 9ddf68

Just say you want one drone out to make sure that if they call for reinforcements we can get some forewarning about it is all.
No. 498891 ID: f2c20c

Well in that case we can let the drone loose right as we bust in.
No. 498913 ID: b33427

Yeah, he's kinda right; Recon drones flying all over will probably raise alarms before you'd like them to.

How about this instead? Park the car just up the block from the warehouse, roll down one of the back door windows, and leave the heli-drones on the seat when you get out. Then when things do get hot, you can fly them out to watch the perimeter or peek in warehouse windows and skylights or something.

So, how are we going in? Bustin' in the door and going all "RAWR" like a trenchcoated Godzilla, or walkin' in all calm like, tellin' them we own the joint now and they better get the fuck out while they still can?
No. 498915 ID: 76b151

I think the calm and menacing manner is best.
No. 498918 ID: 78c6ea

But a trenchcoated Godzilla would be more fun...
No. 498919 ID: d6ef5d

We might even be able to pull it off, with our scary propaganda 'rep, and Guardsman applying smart-mean talking.

I mean, really, for anyone to come after us, they have to think they have a chance of winning. With the right introduction, they'll know they can't.

If we just bust in, we could be any old brute and they're sure to fight back.
No. 498924 ID: b33427

Thing is, how do we show we're the big, bad Unity? We could be any jetal trying to cash in on Unity's name, as far as they know.

It might be more fun, but in this context "fun" leads to mass property damage, and we're being paid to not wreck the joint.

Maybe if we need to threaten them, we could wind the KiloBeam up just enough so it makes a plasma glow and sparks in our mouth, Godzilla style, then pull the charge back before it goes off. Actually, can we even do that? Without wasting a load of surge and power, that is? If we can, that could be a good intimidation tool. Put just enough juice into all our energy weapons so they make the enemy jetal's surge detectors go off. "ENERGY SURGE DETECTED" times seven sounds like something that'd make 'em shit bricks.
No. 498930 ID: d6ef5d

>how do we show we're the big, bad Unity? We could be any jetal trying to cash in on Unity's name, as far as they know.
Because, any Jetal crazy enough to admit they've got a 50 million sheep currency unit bounty on their head is either crazy, or strong enough to back that up.

I have complete faith that Guardsman will be able to come across as both crazy and strong enough to back that up.
No. 498932 ID: c4e5c2
File 136280142296.png - (18.12KB , 700x700 , 206.png )

>Can Unity charge a megabeam in her mouth and pull it back before it goes off?
No, unfortunately for intimidation purposes. Once it charges, there is no 'off' switch.

"Fine, we'll go in blind."

"Do any of you have any input on if we should go in menacingly, bursting the door down and all of that, or play it calm? We could play off of Unity's reputation simply by saying we're Unity-"
"Whoa time out, snake lady!" guardsman says. "Time out!"
"What is it, guardsman?"
"I am not saying I'm Unity!"
Why not?
"It's the name! It's a girly name! I might as well burst in saying I'm Princess Sugartooth of the Lollipop Syndicate! You said I get to drive, so let me drive! It worked last time, didn't it?!"
No. 498935 ID: 78c6ea

Huh. Did not consider that.
No. 498936 ID: d6ef5d

>It worked last time, didn't it?!

All right, if you've got an idea that will make us as scary as the big bad ravenous jetal with a 50 million bounty on our head, go ahead. Intimidate away.
No. 498938 ID: 76b151

I'm not paticularily attached to using Unity for this op. It was just the 50 billion bounty that is associated with it is intimidating on its own right.

Also when you look at something like the Borg, Unity takes on a whole new, not very nice meaning.
No. 498939 ID: d6e645

Alison, say this to Guardsman.
"All right, change of plans. Burst in saying,
I'm Princess Sugartooth of the Lollipop Syndicate. And you're...
...about to get licked."
No. 498940 ID: 76b151


I like it.
No. 498948 ID: 735f4f

To be fair even with a 50 million bounty everyone knows we don't kill anyone. So any non jetals know they can just ignore us. I would let Guardsman do his thing. Alison can be a big softy even at her meanest.
No. 498952 ID: b33427

Well, Guardsman is right about Unity not being an intimidating name. We may even want to drop it in favor of another one at some point, but that's for later.

Definitely say this with a totally straight face, and try not to crack up if he takes it seriously before saying it was too good to pass up. Then apologize for pushing in on what you said would be his show, and that you'll lay off the backseat driving. Then lay back and say you trust he'll do the best job.

Wonder what kind of crazy intimidating name he's going to come up with for this.
No. 498955 ID: f2c20c

Ask him what sort of name he'd be okay with. We used Unity to represent the fact that the Jetal is a group of AIs, and also because we're kindof uniting everyone in the competition under our banner in the name of escaping the simulation.
No. 498962 ID: 9ddf68

Do it just because I really want to see guardsmen's reaction.
But yeah, let him run the show just step in if he's about to do something stupid, like fire of the megabeam stupid.
No. 498974 ID: 49e805

>I might as well burst in saying I'm Princess Sugartooth of the Lollipop Syndicate!
Do that! Do that!
...or yeah whatever you want, guardsman >u>
No. 499036 ID: 6b2fce


No. 499080 ID: c4e5c2
File 136285400687.png - (14.65KB , 700x700 , 207.png )

"Alright, Guardsman. Burst in saying, 'I'm Princess Sugartooth of the Lollipop Syndicate. And you're...'"
No. 499081 ID: c4e5c2
File 136285401718.png - (15.81KB , 700x700 , 208.png )

"About to get licked."
"Snake lady you are bad at this!"
No. 499083 ID: c4e5c2
File 136285409779.png - (14.77KB , 700x700 , 209.png )

Alison lets Guardsman drive Unity. He gets out of the car and makes a straight line for the front door, while Alison makes sure that the other two are in fact following.

"I'm Princess Sugartooth of the Lollipop Syndicate. And you're..."

"Wait you're actually doing that?!"
No. 499084 ID: c4e5c2
File 136285413615.png - (23.14KB , 700x700 , 210.png )


>"This some kind of fuckin joke?"
"Where's the owner of this place?!"
>"You're talking to him. You got a problem?"
"That isn't right, cause I'm not talking to myself. Anyone who has a problem better scram!"

There is a lot of equipment around, blocking Unity's view. Alison can hear people running away, as well as others running on the upper catwalks to Unity.

>"Idiot! Do you even know what this place is?!"
No. 499086 ID: 76b151

Ask him to educate you. Once he replies thump him over the head and say you don't care.
No. 499089 ID: d6ef5d

Wait, what have we done. (Oh gods, we really are a CAI. Discarded a reasonable plan for silly reasons, and then discarded the next plan for an even sillier one just for the lulz.)

...okay guardsman, feel free to be intimidating now.

Core sense on, start ID-ing jetals, and someone start watching to figure out who's organic or mechanical.
No. 499098 ID: 9ddf68

snrrkk, ok didn't think he would go through with it.

Ok if that's a jetal or robot just cleave him in half with a beam sword. if not just punch him in the gut and tell him this place is now yours or whoever is taking this joint over (dead batteries? the web? I don't know)
No. 499100 ID: d6ef5d

>Do you even know what this place is
Yeah, it's the Web's newest property, and soon to be resting place of anyone stupid enough to argue. (With additional guardsman improvements welcome. I don't do intimidating anywhere near as well as he does).
No. 499105 ID: 6b2fce

ask Guardsman to allow the guy to educate us before he does with them whatever he sees fit. he's driving after all.
No. 499107 ID: b33427

Suggest to Guardsman that he grab the ex-owner by the lapels and haul him up to eye level in one smooth motion and say "I dunno; I just do this for fun. Enlighten me." Having him in front of us will make the opposition in here think twice about opening fire.

While Guardsman is doing that, could you discreetly drop a ground drone from under your trenchcoat and send it under some of the equipment? Or at least ready a ball cam to throw up and over the middle of the shop floor once things get hot.

[Obligatory Adam Jensen "I never asked for this" reply]
No. 499109 ID: 49e805

Cannot suggest, incapacitated by laughter
No. 499112 ID: d6ef5d

...wait. Did Alison burn an armor rank slot just to make an outfit with sunglasses?

Oh well, it'll be worth it whenever we want to make awful jokes, I suppose.
No. 499118 ID: 57a559

"Do you know how many fucks I give? Come on, you can count them on your unbroken fingers in a little bit if you ask me a question."
No. 499126 ID: 798822

I actually second this to regain our intimidation >.>
That, or really let Guardsman take over. He handled pretty well when we ACTUALLY let him do it.
No. 499146 ID: f2c20c

OURS is what it is!

Pull out autoguns and use Core Detection to spot the nearest Jetal. Open fire upon them.
No. 499212 ID: d79664

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in a quest, hands down, I cannot stop laughing, you magnificent bastards rule.
No. 499413 ID: c4e5c2
File 136297365396.png - (16.63KB , 700x700 , 211.png )

"Okay, guardsman, I'll let you keep driving, but only if you turn back to being intimidating! I was kidding! I never asked for this!"
"Fine! I'll do it right."

"It's the Web's newest territory!"
>"No, you moron, it's--"
"Don't care."

The core sense is always on, and there is only one jetal in the entire building. It is also on the catwalks.
No. 499415 ID: c4e5c2
File 136297376555.png - (33.76KB , 700x700 , 212.png )

And those on the catwalks start shooting as soon as the punched guy scrams out of the way, including the Jetal with an externally made autogun.

>"Guns? This place must be protecting the highest quality goods, if they are holding such illegal weaponry in mass. Machine guns, too." notes the Duelist.
Alison notes Unity just standing there. "Um, Guardsman, you're still in control. Are you going to do anything? About all these people shooting at us? Then again, they may be biological..."

The weapons are relatively weak though, and Unity's shields block nearly all the damage. Mass loss is minimal.

"I got it, I got it! All they're doing is messing up my clothes. Then they'll use up all their ammo and their guns will click and I'll just be smoking and looking all action hero buff like I don't care and then just go..."
No. 499416 ID: c4e5c2
File 136297378578.png - (17.51KB , 700x700 , 213.png )

No. 499420 ID: c4e5c2
File 136297415799.png - (26.15KB , 700x700 , 214.png )


Unity used Kilobeam!

"Guardsman no!"
"Oh please I'm just hitting the catwalk and the wall! That's barely any collateral value, and now they know I've got kickass weapons! It's only the kilobeam and just a tiny one too!"
No. 499421 ID: c4e5c2
File 136297416761.png - (8.28KB , 900x400 , 215.png )

Although Alison is worried now about police heat, it does get the robots to realize they're out of their league here and run off. Which accounts for almost everyone, including the original boss of the place.

It would be everyone except for the single jetal, who leaps down and confronts Unity while everyone vacates.

>"So you think you're hot stuff, huh? What'll you be saying when your core is being rolled around in my palm, eh?"
No. 499422 ID: 35edd4

Start to say something, but halfway through the second word immediately open fire. Heavy weapons if you can get a shot that won't damage anything.
No. 499423 ID: d6ef5d

Guardsman understands the rule of cool. (I do hope some of the others are amused by his antics).

>what do?
...he's in melee range. And we can see his core.

Plasma swords go. Slash from the left and the right, and pincer his core. (And chew him up with autoguns dead center too, why not). All it takes is a glancing blow, and then he'll be disabled and we can cut his heart core out and eat it absorb his stuff.
No. 499424 ID: f2c20c

Grab him. Let's use that grapple-gun move we learned with one hand, and chop him up with a plasma sword in the other to isolate his core. If he starts actually doing something dangerous we can toss him outside where we're more free to use bigger guns.
No. 499425 ID: f2c20c

Also, I must say... Guardsman really IS good at this. I think we've been treating him unfairly.
No. 499426 ID: 57a559

That's assuming you have the skills necessary to absorb us. And he knows nothing about us. So heres the thing, how lucky does this punk feel? Because we feel lucky. Feel goddamn lucky.

We came in here alone and didn't give a single fuck. What does that say about us? It means were tough or foolish, so what's his gamble? Because we'd sure love for him to try so we can get all his little juicy mods, but we've been told to let him kneel first to minimize collateral damage, so kneel, or bend. And then get eaten.
No. 499427 ID: 57a559

we came in here practically alone, with little backup. Anyway, the two here are just some assitence for other things. We're the real muscle here.

Or just skip all the talking and intimidating bullshit punch and rip out his core and go "NANOMACHINES, SON!"
No. 499430 ID: b33427

Say nothing. Remove broken sunglasses and flick them at his face.

Uh, folks, this jetal might just be a wee bit more powerful than we think it is. See, it didn't flee. It didn't fire its integrated weapons from a distance. It bloody well came right up to us and is making threats. From the way it's acting, we just might be dealing with a jetal spec'd for close combat here.

It didn't fire at us from a distance 'cause it doesn't have any ranged weapons, or at least any powerful enough to matter. That's why it was using an external autogun.

Whatever we do, do not get close enough to this jetal for it to grapple and hold on, and be ready to dodge away if "ENERGY SURGE DETECTED" pops up. Other than that, fire up both plasma swords C and D using cooling on one hand, and both kinetic autoguns in the other, set to max mass non-explosive.

...And the way they are openly carrying guns in here is making me suspicious. Perhaps they aren't illegal guns... Damn, I hope this isn't a government facility or something like that.
No. 499433 ID: 735f4f

Yeah he might just be a low end jetal but best to not take any risks. Don't be to afraid to let loose a bit if we have to.
No. 499444 ID: 2a8a2a

This being a government building is looking more and more likely, especially with the way that guy keeps trying to reference what this place is, and with how the Web members actively discouraged us from gathering intel beforehand. There is a sizable chance that the Web members will attack us from behind once they find out we know about their plan, so we should watch out for that.

Text Polatt, have him check what the building is and watch for EIN being alerted if he can do that.
No. 499447 ID: 6630b7


that's cool. see, it was said about the instruments that the higher rank your weapon is, the better you can also use it otherwise. guardsman has a sword at rank 420, the best rank. he should be outduel him easily. if we're losing, we'll get duelist to take over a second sword. not yet though, let guardsman have his moment.
No. 499460 ID: 76b151

You really want to know?

Lean in close. I can see where your core is.
No. 499479 ID: c6ec33


Don't let him get too close.

Look like you're about to begin monologuing, then tri-sect him so that his core's left with an insignificant chunk of jetalium.

Follow it up with "That's how I roll."
No. 499483 ID: 798822

Just wanted to say, I also am very amused by Guardsman. He's the best.
No. 499590 ID: 78c6ea

Back the fuck up! He's closing in on you for a reason.
No. 499626 ID: 49e805

I think guardsman's got this covered. Like, damn.
No. 500167 ID: c4e5c2
File 136337703913.png - (17.88KB , 700x700 , 216.png )

"Be careful guardsman, he's getting up close, and I don't want to think he's an idiot! He might be awesome at short range. Then again, we might be able to trisect him or something and finish this quick."
"WE'RE awesome at short range! With out... snake lady pleaaaase let me burn some mass for some A rank plasma sword! It'll be a great finish I swear!"
"I don't know, that seems kind of overkill? I mean, that would be a decent chunk of mass to burn..."
"It was you who was worried! I swear if he's any good then this will be a good investment because I can see his core and it is right there I want to punch it."

In the meanwhile, Scanner looks up this building. It was a governmential factory at one point, but was abandoned. There's no info on what they made or why it was abandoned.
No. 500174 ID: 76b151

I love his exuberance. Alright lets see what it will cost to do 400 extra surge. 40 KG for a single use without anything else, with 1 every additional 2 seconds of use.

That isn't too bad actually. If we can end this within say 3 seconds we'll be down to 787 KG. We'll have to burn more if he actually does have something awesome though, but that'd add the shield cost.

I say do it. It'd be good to know what our sword does before we use it seriously against a Noble or an Operator.
No. 500179 ID: 49e805

C rank plasma sword. B rank MAYBE. We don't need to bust out the A rank stuff here
No. 500180 ID: 9f5b78

We don't want to cause collateral damage, so no A rank.
No. 500182 ID: 735f4f

Would be a good test though. Important to know if it will blow up our arm or something earlier rather than later. But if we let him live then eventually someone might know we have a class A weapon.
No. 500183 ID: 57a559

IF he can see his core wouldn't it just be more satisfying to rip and tear it out with his bear hands then use plasma sword A?
No. 500189 ID: 76b151

Hes gaurdsman, not mongrel.
No. 500199 ID: b7169d

Let him have his fun, A rank!
No. 500202 ID: d6ef5d

...I'm torn. Part of me really wants to indulge guardsman. He's the manifestation of our inner awesome. But then there's the part of me that worries about overkill and managing our resources intelligently (and a simultaneous plasma sword C from the left, B from the right, autoguns from our chest, and kilobeam from our face would probably more than do the job).

Fuck it. Super sword. Remember, you're shooting to damage/stun/cut out his core, not destroy it. Move fast, though. We'll be burning off 2.5 kg/b-sec, on top of the initial 40 kg.
No. 500211 ID: b33427

Oh, Guardsman wants this so bad, and he does have a good point about the jetal being right there, within striking distance. Kinda want to see what Loviro meant by it being able to change its form quickly, too.

Alright, Guardsman gets to use plasma sword A, just as long as he points it at the ceiling when activating it; Don't want to find out the hard way it springs a plasma beam the length of a telephone pole on initial startup or something silly like that. It shouldn't, but better safe than sorry. Oh, and he gets full permission to look as awesome as possible while using it. That's a must.

Keep Unity's cooling systems off for starting the plasma sword A. The cost in jetalium burned later to recharge her batteries would more than offset the savings in jetalium burned to cover ongoing surge now, unless this fight goes on for a very long time.

Did the numbers and Unity will have to burn 40 kg initially to cover the startup surge, plus 1.5 kg per b-second afterwards to cover the ongoing surge. There's also the cost later on to recharge Unity's batteries. The initial 1500 energy to start the sword will cost 23.8 kg, with about 0.4 kg per b-second after that. So the total running cost of this sword is approximately 1.9 kg per b-second.

The only other plasma swords we have are plasma swords C and D, not B and C. Maybe this jetal will have plasma sword B so we can complete our collection. Then all we need is an ultra power core upgrade to do a four armed naga-kali quad blade attack. That'd be so cool.
No. 500212 ID: 7b3680


No. 500240 ID: 798822

Yes. Go for it, Guardsman. His excess mass will make up for whatever we burn. Also OMG THE AWESOME IT WILL CAUSE.
No. 500243 ID: 2a8a2a

If we use the A sword, we should not use its launch function if we can avoid it. We want at least one surprise ability for our first noble fight.
No. 500244 ID: 35edd4

We should not reveal that we have a class A weapon unless we plan on outright killing this jetal so he can't report us.
No. 500245 ID: d6ef5d

Meh, it doesn't matter. We know from Felix we already got a noble death sentence on our head from being a rogue operator. The death sentence of having a class A doesn't change that.
No. 500247 ID: 76b151

Oh when Gaurdsman does attack, be prepared to enegage core dodge and both shields. We aren't going to have too much warning if he does have a surprise for us.
No. 500273 ID: 14bafe

I support this fully.

This is all about intimidation, and if a kilobeam scared off everyone, the sword should be amazing. We might want to talk about the Web hiring this guy though, he's obviously a <i>cut</i> above the rest.
No. 500370 ID: 2f4b71
File 136344595972.gif - (2.86MB , 304x168 , grevious-four-arms.gif )

>Then all we need is an ultra power core upgrade to do a four armed naga-kali quad blade attack. That'd be so cool.
No. 500461 ID: ecdc93

Showing that we have A-rank *anything* is a bad idea. Stick to the lower-class swords.
No. 500851 ID: c4e5c2
File 136363683078.png - (41.68KB , 700x700 , 217.png )

"Alright, guardsman, go ahead and -"

He didn't wait for Alison to finish before launching the sword out, although manages to be casual about the quick stab. The jetal doesn't see it coming, and the sword is not in the shape of a sword, it was in the shape of a hallow cylinder. He stabbed right around the core, only leaving the core a tube of jetalium separated from the body.

He then changes the sword's shape again to close the cylinder entirely around the core, only leaving a small layer of jetalium around it. Cutting through this jetalium was on par with cutting air. Alison now understands why, with core absorption, a rather small, unflashy weapon like this is class A.

Unity absorbs!
Kinetic Autogun Class C x2
Thrusters Class C
Plasma Absorption Class C
Plasma Sword B
Plasma Shot B

650 KG of jetalium is available for straw or gel absorption.

"That's how I roll." Guardsman has Unity say.
No. 500855 ID: d6ef5d

...holy shit. We cored him, like an apple! Plasma sword A gives us complete control over the weapon form! That's fantastic!

Anyways, discard the core, and get absorbing. Burn as much as needed to recharge our battery, and straw absorb the rest as mass.

...might want to check with our backup that we actually got everyone out of this place first, though. Or send a remote drone to do a once around before we announce an all clear and let the web people move in and start setting up / looting, whatever.
No. 500864 ID: 9ddf68

were alone now right? guardsmen scared everyone else away right? If we got time the straw absorb him and maybe see what our Backup is doing and going to do.
also congratulate guardsmen and say your sorry about the lollipop thing you just thought it would have been good for a laugh, you didn't really mean for him to go out and say it, but on the plus side at least one guy heard you say it and then got his sorry ass kicked so in a way it just adding insult to injury. I mean him and his entire crew just got there asses kicked by some guy claiming to be called Princess Sugartooth of the Lollipop Syndicate so that's has got to sting.
No. 500867 ID: ac828a

This was almost too easy. Keep the act on, but be on the lookout for hidden enemies or drones.
No. 500870 ID: 735f4f

Well from the looks of his mods against any normal jetal he would have been a good fight. Keep a eye out for other threats while we work on absorbing. Can have our helpers deal with stragglers.
No. 500890 ID: 76b151

Alright send out the drones to do a quick once over of the base and maker sure everyone is out. Report your success to the ones waiting outside then get dat Jetalium!
No. 500952 ID: 798822

........... :D WOW. That is incredibly badass.

Time for cleanup~
No. 500955 ID: f59095

oh my god Guardsman marry me

oh and straw that motherfucker

straw him like a girly drink served in a hollow coconut

also explain what thrusters do

do they just sort of thrust you
No. 500963 ID: f2c20c

What I want to know is... how did he know that we could control its shape? We never tested the thing.
No. 500968 ID: 76b151

MY guess is it reacts to what we want. We knew the core was there, we wanted it seperated from the jetal... so it did it.
No. 500999 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, and someone please give Guardsman a high-five as he returns to the lobby. He's earned it.
No. 501016 ID: c4e5c2
File 136367416042.png - (12.19KB , 700x700 , 218.png )

Alison looks over what the thruster function is.

Engineer insists that the absorption is worthless.

"Good job, guardsman. How did you know it could change shape?"
"Old sheepguy said so! He was all 'it can change its form so yadda yadda.'" Guardsman imitates the gruffer, cynical voice of Loviro.
"It seemed... too easy."
>Don't jinx it! says Scanner.
"Alright. Scanner, high five guardsman, I'm going to get absorbing.

Clarence operates a drone while Unity informs the Jetal and the Robot that it appears cleaned out. After a moment of confirming that, the web official comes out and Unity takes a quick break from absorbing. It will probably take over a b-hour to do anyways.

"Good job. We'll wrap it up from here. Go on and get back to your place. We'll have your payment ready."
No. 501019 ID: 78c6ea

You realize you have to keep that core your prisoner or the nobles might get their hands on him, learn about your super cool weapon that relies on the element of surprise.
No. 501021 ID: 9ddf68

so how much mass do we have right now? I don't think we could use the thrusters to fly but could it be possible to use them as some kind of super jump maybe?

Alright now with that out of the way what else do we have on our to do list?
1- see if our meeting with undertool has been bumped up yet
2-Fight the crazy bounty hunter guy who challenge us to a dual in some old ghost town (possible trap)
3- get to the O-Route between 0:00 and 2:00
4- kill the sapphire empire
5- maybe buy some more crap like drones or something even though we probably can't take it with us when we go to world A
6- See if we can find some way to convince/cheat the system to maybe see if we can't get Vinyl, Loviro, and/or Polatt out with us when we go through the O-Route ( something like since we are a group of A.I.s all with the ability absorb and everyone around us is also an A.I. we should therefor be able to absorb them into us like any other A.I. ... or something like that)

Well we we're going to do 1 through 3 anyways so lets start with them and just go in order.4 is more of a long term sort of thing so we can put that on the back burner for now. 5 I think is useless unless we are buying things from undertool. And 6, well if we are going to try and do 6 the clock is ticking and we should get started on that sooner rather then latter... somehow.
No. 501060 ID: d6ef5d

But the web guys said no one in here would be willing or able to contact EIN. That should mean that jetal was an illegal.

...and besides, he ain't talking to no one till he gets more jetalium. Which probably isn't happening before the nobles start showing up to kill us like Loviro said, anyways.

>Go on and get back to your place
So... lug the jetalium back to the car and keep straw absorbing while we head back to DB central to get paid? (Remember- fill the battery first, put everything else into mass). And start shifting back to our new "default" look (Loviro's daughter, or whatever we wanna call it).

>Good work
Yeah, thanks. Enjoy your building.
No. 501064 ID: bf0685

actually, wondering, why use it as excess mass now? if I remember right it can take a while before the jetalium will degrade/die, couldn't we store it to help recharge our battery later?
No. 501066 ID: d6ef5d

Because every jetal battle we survive gives us a chance to recharge, anyways, and it's likely our new more powerful crime buddies have access to a charger, if we really need one (after all, the web has it's own jetals). And because if we're fighting for our lives, we're gonna need every once of mass we have.
No. 501097 ID: c4e5c2
File 136371591814.gif - (124.66KB , 800x600 , 219.gif )

Alison decides to recharge mass, as it will only cost a piddly 30 kg, which she finds worth it to avoid having to make another trip to wherever the web is, assuming they even have a recharger. She gets the phone as Clarence calls the drones back, and texts Polatt.

The mission went smooth, I am going to see about getting payment and then fighting Bodec, now. Any luck with undertool?
>I might have something. Can't promise it yet, but I'm gonna talk to someone with an early appointment. If it works, I might get you something at around 80:00 tonight.
Okay, thank you.

Unity sits in the backseat again once the robot offers her a ride back. She tilts the car backwards, enough that entering the parking lot made the backend scrape and spark. As usual, she goes up to the boss's room.

>"Quick. Efficient. The Web is appreciative, as are we. They pay well. A new battery and 250 grand is yours."

New battery gained!

>"Will this suffice, or will there be anything else you need from the Dead Batteries?" the boss continues.
No. 501101 ID: c7b0d3

no thanks.

look at the time. when will you be dueling?
No. 501105 ID: 9ddf68

that's all for now unless you have any information on Bodec or a place called Wratch. other then that no we're good for now.
No. 501108 ID: d6ef5d

No, this is more than enough for now, thank you.

Now we just need to meet with the Undertool so we can spend some of that money, and see if we can find out anything useful in preparation for fighting Bodec.

The news showing anything about the heist we just pulled? Did Unity's bounty jump again?

What time is it anyways? How long till the meeting, or the duel time? How long do we have till Loviro's estimate of nobles starting to come for us? (He said we had till "tonight", but it's already dark, innit?).

>Car has trouble
Hmm. We may have to make do without a sleek mob-limo or whatever from now on. There anything like a landrover or truck sheep hover-car equivalent we could use the next time we go out?

Although, wait, why'd the car have so much trouble? We only added 444kg, and coming up we had Unity and the web's jetal riding. Was he a lightweight or something?
No. 501109 ID: 735f4f

Make sure to thank them for there support. Let them know if anything comes up they know where to contact you. Maybe give out some hugs.
No. 501138 ID: 57a559

Will this money carry over to the "real world"?
No. 501144 ID: 76b151

Nah, thats why we want to spend it.
No. 501149 ID: c4e5c2
File 136372911849.png - (11.73KB , 700x700 , 219.png )

Alison does recall that the car seemed better off with both her and the other jetal, so perhaps he was a complete lightweight. It doesn't matter, she guesses.

"Thank you, this is very good, unless you know anything about Bodec and the town Wratch?
>"Nothing useful that you do not already know."
>"Alright. You know where to contact me if anything comes up."

>How long do we have till Loviro's estimate of nobles starting to come for us?
Sometime tonight, which is beginning about now. So, any time, come to think of it.

Scanner looks at the news.

>"-hit on an abandoned factory building, ruled by a mob, and now ruled by another mob. Due to the fact that no upstanding citizens nor government officials were harmed or even involved, this gang warfare will be justly looked past. We have contacted the Lollipop Syndicate, and although they will not publicly show their faces, they have assured us that they have nothing to do with the capital city, and whoever claimed their name was a complete fraud and, quote, 'better not show their face in our town.'"

Unity's bounty appears to be the same.
No. 501150 ID: c4e5c2
File 136372914585.png - (12.83KB , 700x700 , 220.png )

After giving the boss an unreciprocated hug, she moves down to Polatt.

>"Going to kick bodec's metal rear, now?"
"Yes. Did he give any specific time?"
>"Not at all, he seemed pretty sure you'd end up showing sometime tonight. Want to go, now? I can get some muscle if you think it's going to be a trap."

The time is currently 55:20.
No. 501151 ID: 76b151

Lets go alone. If need be we can super jump our way outta trouble.
No. 501158 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, hey. A lotto feed. I wonder if we ever play the Belenosian simulation again if the numbers will be the same? Oh well, not something we'll have the chance to test anytime soon.

>there really is a lollipop guild and they're pissed at us
...oh gods. That's hilarious.

Yeah, sure, let's deal with him next.

I appreciate the thought, but if it is a trap, and one intended to take out an overpowered jetal at that, I kind of doubt extra muscle will be able to get us out. It would just be more people we'd have to worry about getting away.
No. 501169 ID: 7bc192

No muscle but have a getaway car ready incase this is a really good trap and we need a quick out
No. 501198 ID: c7b0d3

no need for the muscle. we'll do this alone.
No. 501203 ID: 35037c

Ha ha ha ha that's funny, actual lollipop syndicate. Let's roll.
No. 501326 ID: c4e5c2
File 136381400814.png - (26.58KB , 700x700 , 221.png )

"I'll go it alone, thanks." Alison says.
>"Uh... I'll drive, since you don't know how. I'll stay outta your way." Polatt says.
"Yeah, in case it is a good trap, I would like a getaway car anyway."

Once Alison is driven for about 20 b-minutes, Polatt gets a ding on his phone.

>"Good news, the Undertool talks went well. You've got an appointment at 82:00. By the way, you gonna use that form to fight Bodec in?"
No. 501329 ID: 9ddf68

Thank Polatt for getting you an earlier meeting and we should probably use a form we don't use to walk around causally on the street. I think the 4 armed naga form could be useful here but I'm not really 100% sure on that.
No. 501333 ID: d6ef5d

>battle form?
Yeah, we probably want to shift again, if we're using this as our not raising attention face.

Anyone got a better idea than just going Alison form again? Constriction could really work in our favor with all our plasma swords now- wrap 'em up, and dice 'em and/or core 'em.

Course, Bodec's got those beam blasters. We're gonna have to deplete his surge or something before we can get close. And he's gotta have some kind of trick up his sleeve... after all, we almost beat him before, when he had backup.

We should probably have Polatt drop us off outside the site, hug him goodbye, and then go in on foot, using drones to scout.
No. 501337 ID: 76b151

I think an 8 armed naga should do it. We're starting to pile up on the weapons.
No. 501340 ID: d6ef5d

...do we need that many arms? I mean, we can also manifest weaponry from our hair, mouth, and tail. There's also a power limit on how much we can run at once, and a limit on how many bullets we can pump out.
No. 501341 ID: 76b151

in case any get sliced off its a good idea to have backups.
No. 501356 ID: f2c20c

No, let's shift to multi-armed Alison form. Also, may as well tell Polatt about how the form's general appearance aside from the arms is the form of the AI he's speaking to.
No. 501368 ID: c4e5c2
File 136382433057.png - (16.51KB , 700x700 , 223.png )

"No," Alison says, shifting. By the time she's done morphing to Alison's naga form, she explains it. "This is the form I have as an AI, if you were wondering."
>"What, like, as a robot?"
"No, just... as an AI."
>"AI's don't have forms."
"I do. All of us do." she says, and Polatt lets it go.

The car moves off the highway and into town, and within minutes Polatt stops the car a few blocks away from the designated building.

>"This good?"
"Yes, thank you again, Polatt." Alison gives him a physically awkward tail hug as she leaves the car, as he remains inside in case a quick getaway is required.

"I'll be back in a bit."
No. 501369 ID: 2595b0

use the same form you used when you first met him.
No. 501370 ID: c4e5c2
File 136382434074.png - (24.02KB , 700x700 , 224.png )

The streets aren't smoggy here, but it is cloudy and drizzly. She sees someone in front of the building who notices Alison.
>"Bodec is on the other side of this building on the street. He's got company, but he has told us to stay out of it. He only brought us in case you brought more than yourself. If you fight alone, so will he."
No. 501373 ID: 76b151

Thank him. Lets go see Bodec.
No. 501374 ID: d6ef5d

>AI's don't have forms.
They have physical avatars when they're trapped inside a simulation.

I assume this guy is a robot?

Tell him you're more than happy to do this one on one. Then let's go around and face Bodec. Maybe launch a heli-drone and send it up high, give us an eye in the sky?
No. 501380 ID: 2595b0

cool. lead us to him.
No. 501382 ID: 9ddf68

Ask if this company well interfere with the fight or not otherwise ask how long we will have to wait and thank him and then wait for the fight to begin.
No. 501410 ID: c4e5c2
File 136382697439.png - (150.15KB , 700x700 , 225.png )

Alison confirms that he means Bodec's company is to not attack Alison even if Bodec is killed, so long as Alison does not pull a trick.

She sends a drone upwards and around, and at the other side of the building, there are more Belenosian shaped robots. Once Alison goes around, they simply shuffle themselves indoors and away from the street in silence. Bodec stands, as much as that odd new form does. He is noticeably larger.

>"I was careful, as you laid a trap for me before. But the force said that not just would you show up tonight, you would be true to your word if you said you would come alone. It looks like I can keep trusting them after all." he explains.
No. 501411 ID: d6ef5d

>you laid a trap for me before
Nothing personal. You were hunting me, and I needed to be stronger. So I did what I had to do.

>the force
The police force told him that? ...out of curiosity, who said I could be trusted to honor my word? (Be interesting if it were Sevener, considering her attitude on trusting us).

Can you see his core? I'm wondering if he will have a module designed to mess with core sense.
No. 501412 ID: 76b151

No. 501416 ID: 76b151

Anyway lets start this battle. Start with the Megabeam to see how he reacts. Prep the shields, thrusters and core dodge to move quickly. I wonder if we can use thrusters to better steer the beam as well.

Oh and start tossing out cameras.
No. 501423 ID: f2c20c

We should let him know we had no idea that stealing his partner's abilities would get him in so much trouble. If we had known, we probably would've taken his core with us to give him a chance to escape.
No. 501424 ID: 57a559

Hey Bodec, do you want to break out of this harvestor simulation? Or are you fine living here?
No. 501450 ID: 9ddf68

ask if it was Anya (sevener) that was the one who said you would come alone, because if she planed this I'm getting a little worried. I don't think she plans to have Bodec to beat us since she want's to learn more about these simulations but I'm just as sure she doesn't want to help us unless she gets something out of it.

Anyways ask Bodec if we should just start shooting each other or go off a signal or something because I'm not really sure how these duels happen?
No. 501453 ID: 2595b0


ready, set, go! charge up both kilobeams and fire off to his sides. do a scissor attack. you may have to burn a little J to keep the beams up, but you'll probably lose way more if you let this fight drag on for too long.
No. 501515 ID: b33427

While it's tempting to thruster-charge Bodec right out of the gate with the plasma sword A and core his core out of him, we ought to keep the fact we have such a weapon under our hat. That way we can spring it on any noble jetal we're going to fight. If we used it here, Bodec would undoubtedly tell the authorities after the fight, unlike that mob jetal we cored. We'll keep the sword, and Guardsman, on standby in case the situation is dire enough we have to use it.

We shouldn't use beams in this fight; At least, not initially. They nail us down while we're using them, and that's something we do not want while out in the open. Especially against a guy we know has at least KiloBeams, and likely got an upgrade to MegaBeams. We're going to need mobility here to dodge around the beams and get out of his line of sight behind cover.

We should also assume Bodec has put down cameras and surveillance drones around at least this particular area of Wratch. We'd best take the fight away from here ASAP so he can't remotely target us.

Be on lookout for any of his drones or cameras to shoot, and keep our air drone up high and in an evasive pattern so it'll be harder for him to shoot down. We're going to need it if we want to beam target him through the walls.

For the opening salvo, lets fire two 850 energy plasma shots at Bodec. They'll make his energy surge detectors ping like we're firing our KiloBeams, which might cause him to respond the wrong way.

Once the plasma shots fly, let loose with all autoguns set to max mass explosive. At current morph limits, they'll only be able to fire one round per b-second each, but that's enough. Keep firing on Bodec as long as he's in view, and aim for any obvious eyes to knock is aim off.

While firing, dodge to the left, and coil up to do a thruster-jump up to the second level of that building. That'll get us out of Bodec's direct sight, and make it easier to dodge his shots.

Let's ask to start on the count of three deca-b-seconds, or 10 b-seconds if that's too long his patience.
No. 501752 ID: c4e5c2
File 136398127865.png - (93.51KB , 700x700 , 226.png )

"Lemme fight 'em!" Guardsman says.
>"You've had enough, guardsman. Let Alison." replies the Duelist.

Alison will toss around cameras once Bodec does not have such a clear shot on them. Her helicopter drone is still up in the air. She can see his core, though, it is at the center of his mass, but it is zigzagging around surprisingly quickly.

"It isn't personal. Was it Anya who told you that about me?"
>"Yes. You two have history?"
"Yes. How are we going to do this? Is there a signal?"
>"Standard duel rules. I'll flip a coin inbetween us. Once it hits the ground, the duel starts. The rules state that you may charge weapons beforehand, but only fire them once the coin drops."
"Are you fine living in this harvester simulation?"
>"I am. It has everything I care about, and if you care for your own life, you will stop talking about it. If you don't do anything stupid, I will be turning you in alive."

Bodec tosses the coin. Alison has already given thought to how she will open, although she can still rethink it while the coin is flying.
No. 501756 ID: d6ef5d

>[his core] is zigzagging around surprisingly quickly
He must have a higher level of core dodge than we encountered before. No quick kill for us, this time.

We're going what we did with out core before, right? Low, and behind where the torso meets the tail? So is can dodge back into the tail, or up into the body and maximize our opportunity to use our mass to shield it?

>Anya / Sevener said we could be trusted
Aw. How nice of her.

>If you don't do anything stupid, I will be turning you in alive.
Nice of him, but we're dead if we lose anyways. Most being taken in alive might do is buy Sevener more time to learn if we aren't killed immediately.
No. 501759 ID: f2c20c

Personally I think we should just tank his shots and rush him. We've got the Jetalium to absorb a Kilobeam, and once we get in close he's done for. We can use Thrusters to get there faster.

The quicker we end this fight, the more Jetalium we will have at the end. Him shooting us and us shooting him BOTH reduce the total pool of Jetalium at the end of the fight!
No. 501760 ID: 78c6ea

Beam sabers seem particularly well suited to combat core dodge. You can literally bisect whatever form the Jetal has, and whichever half has the core in it won't go inert. Of course he can do the same to you, but from what you know of his strategy it seems to be to burn away his opponents Jetalium, not to isolate their core.
No. 501761 ID: 68742d

charge them lazors
No. 501762 ID: d6ef5d

Personally, I'd prefer to stick to the previously discussed range and evade tactics over changing him blindly. Yes, bisecting him with a the beam sword A would be nice, but I suspect just trying to tank whatever he throws at us will be suicide.
No. 501776 ID: fb528f


Start shooting before the coin hits the ground, it's petty but we're fighting for more than just survival.
No. 501777 ID: 9ddf68

do you think the B sword we got could cut him well enough and what is the charge on that thing again also how well is our new battery we never really went into how much of a charge the thing holds before going bone dry?

But yeah I think for an attack plan, use your new thrusters to jump into the air after charging your b plasma shot (well the coin is still in the air), once in the air blast the guy and aim for the biggest part of his body (he uses quick morphing so unless we hit anything but his core all we will be doing is burning off some of his mass), then after we blast the guy use your thrusters again to push yourself into one of the buildings to avoid any counterattacks he might have.
No. 501784 ID: d6ef5d

Emphatic no. We still think we can win this- Alison isn't so hard up we need the split second cheating will buy us.

Especially since we're still trying to win Sevener over, and prove we can be trusted, this time. Last thing we need is word getting back to her we were willing to go back on our word for our own benefit. (There are witnesses here, remember!). And if we don't play fair, he may not either (he has backup, remember. If they're backing enough heavy firepower, they could kill us- jetal vs mechanical gap notwithstanding).

Nevermind the fact it would be completely out of character for Alison to cheat so blatantly and so pettily when she expects to be able to win this anyways.
No. 501797 ID: c4e5c2
File 136399017598.png - (183.65KB , 700x700 , 227.png )

Weapon/Auxiliary List:

Alison won't cheat for a few b-second advantage. Her core is still in her tail, starting to zigzag as well.

She will attempt to dodge his initial barrage in an effort to try and come out of this with as much mass as possible, since she is still a ways away from having control issues from too much jetalium. She uses her tail to spring back, with some thruster help, to duck behind the building. She does have her helicopter out, so she may be able to fire through the building as well as effectively leap into the air.

She prepares her autoguns, and starts charging a kilobeam, and to prepare a decent plasma shot with leftover surge.
No. 501798 ID: c4e5c2
File 136399019386.png - (177.77KB , 700x700 , 228.png )

Energy Surge x4!
High Class Energy Surge x3!

Bodec has gotten more than one upgrade.
No. 501803 ID: c4e5c2
File 136399033938.png - (223.66KB , 700x700 , 229.png )

No. 501804 ID: c4e5c2
File 136399034812.png - (230.66KB , 700x700 , 230.png )

Alison's kilobeam, autoguns and a 500 charge plasma shot fire while he fires back. Alison thinks she hit him, and she knows he hit her, but only partially. Their collision of beams is explosive. She's knocked back, but hasn't lost balance. Neither Bodec nor Alison will be able to see each other until the debris and plasma clouds dissipate. Alison has lost 213 mass and activates her cooling, letting her beam die back down once she figures she's probably just firing into the rain.
No. 501806 ID: f2c20c

Mother of GOD where did he get all that? He's supposed to be restricted to B-class weapons! Did we at least block that with our shield?

Well go on, rush him now that his surge is depleted. He very obviously outclasses us at range. Shouldn't we be able to sense his core even through the smoke?
No. 501810 ID: 76b151

I agree, he just plain outclasses us long range. Time to burn mass for surge.
No. 501813 ID: d6ef5d

Okay, digging the Taxi Driver style guns sliding out of her coat deal.

Also, I'm not sure when we actually designed our more conservative coat, striped shirt and skirt cyberpunk warfare outfit, but it's pretty rad. If we survive this, we should add that to our armor class rotations.

>Bodec has gotten more than one upgrade
If I had to guess from the improved charging message, probably class A or B.

>What do?
Spring jump with thruster assistance up and inside one of the damaged buildings before the dust settles. Your form looks a lot lighter and more maneuverable than his armadillo-turtle thing, maybe we can get a jump on him.

Have someone start scanning for him with core sense- if we can see cores through jetalium, why not through debris clouds too?
No. 501815 ID: 9ddf68

stick to the buildings and make sure you never give him a clear shot at you. Stick ball cameras around the area and try and set up a perimeter with them so we can track his movements more, maybe even drop both of your ground drones and give them to someone else to control to try and hunt this guy down. I believe our best bet against this guy is to use guerrilla warfare to try and get closer to him then take him down with our swords. but if we get in close I highly doubt that he didn't give himself any close range weapons/skills since he or at least Sevener knows that is our preferred weapon of choice so be careful and be ready to block/dodge whatever he will throw at us.
No. 501851 ID: 68742d

dive into a building and move towards him from the inside.
No. 501891 ID: b33427

We shouldn't try to charge Bodec at this point, since he'll undoubtedly burn as much of his considerable mass as he needs to for surge to beam spam us down. Best to be evasive and figure out a way to jump him, and give ourselves time to recharge surge.

From now on keep your cooling systems on at all times, except when you're charging a weapon to fire. That'll keep the surge recharge up without using too much extra energy.

Pull out the other flying drone and throw it high up and away from Bodec. Start it in mid-air and maneuver it around the corner of a building so he won't have a clear line of fire on it. Keep it in reserve around corners from him, that way you'll have it ready right away in case the other heli-drone is destroyed.

Set thrusters to maximum and either jump up and through the nearest second floor window, or sprint through a doorway or around a corner; Put as much building between you and Bodec as you can before the dust settles. Keep moving at full speed the entire time, circling around Bodec's position.

Occasionally stick a ball camera high up on the inside of the building windows. They're mirrored, so he won't be able to spot them from outside that way.

Before the plasma explosion, could you tell if all of those energy surges were from beams charging up, or if there were a couple other energy weapons in there?

>Plasma beam + opposing beam = BOOM
We could use this to our advantage if we get into a tight spot. If we aimed our beam so it intersects Bodec's at a shallow angle close to where his is firing from, the explosion would at least blind him and screw up his aim, likely damage his ability to fire for a bit, and maybe cause an explosive backfire in his beam emitter. Wouldn't want to base a plan around it, but it an option if we're caught out in the open.
No. 502044 ID: c4e5c2
File 136409558352.png - (101.82KB , 700x700 , 231.png )

>When we actually designed our more conservative coat
Far back, when she first gained her first Armor point, this coat was one of the ones she thought of but opted out of. It was also to have a keytar and goggles and a tail band, but she is going the basic route.

Alison corrects herself - she can sense his core through smoke and debris. The trouble is that it looks as though the core shines, and so does the plasma. So until the plasma fades, attempts to spot it would be like trying to find the lightbulb on the surface of the sun.

In the meanwhile, she uses her thrusters, and creates grooved spines on her underside for some assistance, to scale a roof. She manages to get to the third story before the dust settles.

Bodec moves down the street running alongside Alison's building. Either he cannot see Alison, or he is pretending he can't. Most of the glass down the street up to the fifth floor is busted from the explosion's shockwave. She can still place a ballcam on the intact shards, but can't expect the remaining glass to hold out again if this repeats.
No. 502050 ID: 76b151

Lets try for a sword attack from above.
No. 502054 ID: d6ef5d

Can our eye in the sky see what he's doing yet?

>Running along the street
That means he's got momentum in one direction, and that form didn't look terribly spry or agile, and he's got a lot of mass. I don't think he can stop or change direction very quickly. Could we throw or drop a bomb at him?

He'll retaliate by firing at us through the building, but we can dodge by cutting down a floor or two with a plasma sword. Then, while he's recovering from / reeling from the explosion we can jump out the building and attack with swords?

>it's the keytaur outfit
Oh wow, completely didn't recognize it without the bling. It's so practical now!
No. 502056 ID: f2c20c

If we can actually catch him by surprise with a drop attack, we could end the fight right now. Burn a bunch of mass to activate all four of our swords (or maybe just the two best ones) and just cut through all his weapons before he can react. The 'high class' weapons appear to be in his tail, so cutting that off is a priority.

We could also use our class B plasma shots to disable whatever we can't cut. He has four kilobeams (it seems), so we should shoot to disable those after cutting off his tail.

After his weapons are disabled, we can easily core him.
No. 502057 ID: d6ef5d

...guys, I'd rather not jump out the window right for him. Once we're in the air, we're basically ballistic for several seconds (although thrusters give us some maneuverability). If he's not caught off guard, he's free to shoot strait up and incinerate us while we have nothing to do but fall into his beams.
No. 502058 ID: 76b151

Your underestimating how quick it takes to actually fall when you are free falling. By the time hes noticed us we would be already on top of him.
No. 502059 ID: f2c20c

Well, on the other hand, we have seen that it takes only about as long as a coin to fall less than a story for his weapons to go off. We would have to be absolutely sure he doesn't have any drones watching for us. If he spots us as we jump, he can shoot us, and we WILL get caught midair by the shot. We could again block his blast with a blast of our own, but then both parties would again take damage from the resulting explosion.

So we could just... stick our head out the window to see if he turns to shoot us, before committing to the jump.

Instead of the jump attack, we could stick a ball camera on the glass, then fire through the wall at him. That guarantees he won't know where the shot's coming from, and he will get hit. He will of course return fire but if we cut a hole ahead of time to jump through like someone suggested, he won't hit us.

It's a safer plan that guarantees damage... I think I'm actually leaning towards that now, even though I suggested the jump attack.
No. 502061 ID: 76b151

He precharged them and we have seen we have lots of warning between that and actual firing.
No. 502062 ID: d6ef5d

Well... that would be

t = SQRT(2*y/g)

We're on the 3rd story, and if we assume 3m stories and earth-like gravity we can estimate... 1.3 seconds to fall.

Which I think is less than the beam charge interval? And probably less time than it would take to form new kinetic guns? If he saw us, it would be sufficient time to rotate existing weapons and start firing though. Or if he knows where we are and already has guns pointed.

I'd still rather drop a bomb on him. Just as hard to dodge, but much less risky for us if it doesn't work.
No. 502063 ID: f2c20c

You can't hold a charge with these weapons- we asked about that already. All he did was time the beam to go off right as the coin hit the ground, same as we did.
No. 502064 ID: 76b151

Look here.
No. 502080 ID: 9ddf68

I really don't think the jump attack Idea is to good, I mean it seems to easy if we could just win it like that and this is assuming all he's got are those kilobeams. We really have no idea what this guy has for close combat weapons or skills because we have never once fought this guy up close. For all we know he could have some kind of exploding jetalium punch thing were he destabilizes some jetalium and either times it our has it go off when he punches us or something like that. I think we should take pot shots at him with the kilo and mega beams for now to chip away his defenses and then go in for a sword take down. Also are we still trying to hide our A-class weapons from him now or did that go out the window when we blow up half of a city block?
No. 502081 ID: 76b151

The thing is we are completely outclassed in both surge and sheer weapon mass long range. The only way to win without getting close would be attrition and lots of luck. And he will win the war of attrition with the amount of mass he has.
No. 502085 ID: a869cb

place it.
No. 502106 ID: 2a8a2a

Unless the explosive collision was a metaphor, getting his weapons cluster solidly in a wide kilo-beam before he counters it will cause any counter-beams from that cluster to detonate on top of him.
Placing the camera (on the more stable window-sill instead of the glass if we can) and taking a shot through the wall would likely give us a decent chance at this.
No. 502116 ID: b33427

Best course of action right now is to get a lead on Bodec and take an evasive tact, while setting up to attack him. Get him to chase us and waste mass and energy trying to hit us from afar. Use our thrusters to our advantage by climbing up the inside of buildings and making thrust assisted jumps across the streets into neighboring buildings.

For now put that ballcam on the window, but show as little of yourself out the window as you can. Get as low as you can and slither on over against the wall and into the corner, and place the ballcam against the upper window frame, near the corner. If there's another explosion, the corner will be the least likely to break.

Could you place a heli-drone here on the floor, then start it and fly it out the broken window later, once Bodec isn't right where he'd see it?

Once that's done, head towards the interior of the building and look for a way up. Preferably a stairwell, but if there isn't one then you could wrench the elevator shaft doors open and thrust-climb up like you did on the exterior of the building.
No. 502506 ID: c4e5c2
File 136436605462.png - (17.29KB , 700x700 , 232.png )

Alison tosses a ballcam on the shattered remnants of a surprisingly well maintained abandon building.

She has a helicopter drone still trying to regain balance and tail Bodec, so she will forego launching her other, more noisy, helicopter.

"Jumping out is too risky. He almost definitely has omnidirection vision. I'm going to get us higher for now."
>"Agreed." Engineer says. "But, if you get up higher, then we may be able to fall so fast he won't have time to react. Not like I am condoning that as a great idea due to other, high velocity related problems."
"It's better than sitting around. I'm going up."
No. 502507 ID: c4e5c2
File 136436610212.png - (282.78KB , 700x700 , 233.png )

It does not look like Bodec has much of a way to track Alison. Instead, after Unity reaches the 5th floor, the drone's sight sees Bodec starting to run alongside a building. As he does it, he cuts through a building somewhat diagonally upward.

>"He's... cutting through the whole building next to us." says the Engineer.
No. 502508 ID: 76b151

This would be a perfect time to attack. Lets use the megabeam then move to the building he was just shooting. It will let us get closer and probably redirect his attention.
No. 502509 ID: f2c20c

He must be burning mass to fire that beam for so long.

Also, won't that collapse the whole building? And kick up a giant dust cloud? Which would obscure his vision? Which would let us dive bomb him?
No. 502510 ID: d6ef5d

...he's starting a domino chain, isn't he. He's collapsing the whole goddamn line of buildings! He knows we're hidden in one of them, so he's collapsing our hiding places on top of each other!

I think our objective now is to avoid getting trapped, while letting him to burn battery (and possibly mass?) possible chopping up buildings, before we counterattack.

Can we duck out the back or something? _Won't buy us much time if we assume he's got drone cams too- but the collapsing building should supply a lot of cover from aerial surveillance. ...and stationary surveillance is going down with the building!).
No. 502511 ID: 76b151


I don't think buildings work like the way he and you think it does. They are for one thing not solid. If you hit a side of the building with something on it will simply cave in. And you definately won't get a domino effect.
No. 502514 ID: d6ef5d

...forgive me the inexact terminology, professor semantics. -_-

Yes, it's messy building collapses and disintegration with a running cutting laser impetus along the whole line rather than a single initial mechanical impulse carried along a line of collisions- but it's still bringing down a row of rectangular regularly patterned objects in sequence, thank you.

He's not going to stop running at the edge of that building- in a moment the building we're in is going to be hit from the debris of it's collapsing neighbor as Bodec begins cutting it down. We need to move.
No. 502515 ID: b89cf7

let him waste his energy. keep hidden.
No. 502527 ID: 4ea529

Possible plan for making an exit: leap out, let him aim, use thrusters to adjust trajectory just before he fires. Can prep a weapon before or during our fall. Try to crisscross his beam close to him.

Feel free to shoot this plan full of holes, it's risky.
No. 502529 ID: d6ef5d

If Alison and Engineer were of the opinion before he started firing that jumping would get us shot, it would be even worse now. He wouldn't even have to pull the trigger- just rotate the beam. And i doubt our thrusters can change our course faster than that beam can sweep out along an arc length for small angle corrections.
No. 502534 ID: 001618

let the building he's cutting in half fall down creating a dust cloud then using the dust cloud and your core detection jump down and hit him with your swords. maybe hop to another building as well if you think he can knock down your building down faster then it would take the dust cloud to give you enough cover for you to safely cut this guy in half.
No. 502577 ID: 4ea529

Good point. I was aware the plan probably had flaw and it looks like this is a fatal one, period. I forgot to take into account that beams' angles could be adjusted too.
No. 502579 ID: b33427

It looks more like Bodec is aiming to remove our cover more than start a "domino" chain reaction of falling buildings. The way he's cutting that building, it's mostly going to collapse into its own foundation and onto the street. If it's a tall building the upper levels might hit the mid- to lower levels of the building across the street. So we only have to worry about it hitting us if we're in the building across the street from it. Though, the impact from the tower collapsing could be enough to shatter all the windows in the buildings around here. It might even be enough to cause floors to collapse in some of them.

However, what the collapsing building will give us is a huge, multi-storey high plume of dust and debris to hide our movements from Bodec. We'll know where he is in the dust cloud by using Core Detection, and from the glow of his big-ass bright plasma beam. We will have to check if he has Core Detection before jumping out, so wait for the dust cloud to reach our window, move out where he could see our core if he had that capability. If he doesn't change direction, then we're good. If he does, then get behind cover and away as fast as we can.

As soon as it's confirmed Bodec doesn't have Core Detection, make a running leap out the window in his direction, and use thrusters to slow our descent and keep us moving over to and above him. He'll almost certainly still have his plasma beam on, so he'll be easy to spot from its glow. Once we're almost over him, go into a thrust-assisted dive right at him.

At eight meters from Bodec, have Guardsman activate the class A plasma sword and extend it out as a hollow cylinder lance, like Loviro said it could. Point it at Bodec and use it to at least core a chunk out of the middle of him in the spot where we're about to hit. We're looking to carve out a spot inside Bodec where we can land, and where he can't fire his plasma beams without shooting himself.

At the same time as the class A sword turns on, also activate all autoguns at max mass explosive and fire at that target spot. Activate plasma sword B just before we hit and position it so it slices through Bodec top to bottom.

If at any point it looks like Bodec is turning his plasma beam around to hit us, have Guardsman swing the plasma sword A into his plasma beam emitter. The explosion from that won't be the best for us, but it'll get Bodec as well, and give us time to escape.
No. 502580 ID: 76b151

this sounds pretty good
No. 502583 ID: 4ea529

This plan sounds like the best one so far.
No. 502584 ID: d6ef5d

...I don't know why everyone else seems to assume that the monster running along the street with the cutting laser is going to stop at one building. If he's doesn't know where we are, and he's trying to remove our cover, than he's going to remove a lot of it.

But more broadly, if we can use the debris cloud as cover to attack from above, that could work.

If the cloud doesn't provide sufficient cover? We could huck an explosive at him. Timed right, it should be indistinguishable from the other debris falling out of the collapsing buildings.
No. 502613 ID: b33427

Raining explosive jetalium on Bodoc does sound like a good possible addition to the plan. It'd also lower our mass so our thrusters could keep us airborne longer; Throw about 500kg, and we could fly using them. Though, the big question is if we could time it right, since the minimum fuse length is 60 b-seconds.

Oh! Here's an idea: Do a bombing run from the air. Before jumping out the window in this plan >>502579, set 500kg of jetalium in our tail to explode in 60 b-seconds. Thrust-jump over Bodec, detach our tail and let it fall right on him while we thrust up, then thrust-dive down at him right after it goes off.

Of course, we'd only do this if we're almost certain of the timing, and Bodec being roughly where we expect and not seeing us, but if we land it right on him, or even to the side, the explosion would have to be enough to at least stun him long enough for us to get in close and finish this.
No. 502614 ID: 76b151

way too much. We might need to burn mass once we are close to him
No. 502618 ID: f2c20c

If we're willing to use mass as explosive we may as well just burn mass to shoot him with surveillance-aimed megabeams and shit.

I mean, I don't think mass-explosives are as effective as our big guns at this point. Their only advantage is being able to use it as a timed attack.
No. 502624 ID: 9ddf68

well our exploding mass may not be as effect as our kilo and magabeam it doesn't ping our enemies with an energy build up signal and since we seem to all agree that this guy could outlast us in a ranged fight and the fact that he currently has his weapons leveling a city block I don't think it would be worth the risk to use either of the beams to try and open him up for a melee attack as it would give away our position and with his beams already fireing all he would have to do is just re-aim them and any chance we had at a surprise attack would most likely just go out the window. Using the beams might make a good follow up attack though just incase our swords don't do as much damage as we hope they do.
No. 502629 ID: b33427

There is something that we should find out: What's the range on our jetal energy surge detectors, and how walls and such effect them. 'Cause there is a limit, since Bodec's beam charging up didn't ping ours. We might be able to start charging our beams on the way down without him detecting them, so we'll have them ready to counter his beam if he somehow detects us as we approach.
No. 503607 ID: c4e5c2
File 136495181468.png - (219.98KB , 700x700 , 234.png )

The building he is taking down is not directly next to Alison.

"Engineer, can we just fly off to another building?"
>"We need to get higher to do so. Our thrust to weight ratio is only about one-half, so we will still fall at an acceleration of a few meters per second. We can do so, but we'll end up perhaps around 5 stories lower than when we jumped."
Have our explosives been doing much damage to enemies lately?
>I was meaning to ask to test one on ourselves, but we have been busy. They do not appear as effective as weapons for raw damage, the shockwaves the explosions cause seem to be well absorbed. They appear best for knocking away terrain and for more strategical performances.

Bodec is currently moving away from Alison's location at the moment. His beam dies, but he still runs to wrap around the block. It seems that Alison will want higher ground regardless, so she runs up. The other building wobbles, and Alison reaches floor 8 by the time it starts collapsing. Since Bodec is moving, Alison will need to anticipate his movement and get into a new position to get a drop on him.
No. 503622 ID: d6ef5d

>Alison will need to anticipate his movement and get into a new position to get a drop on him.
Okay, that seems good. Do that, then. He's moving around the block in strait lines, right? That makes him easy to anticipate.
No. 503630 ID: f2c20c

Strategical purposes, eh? We could blow up part of the building to kick up a bunch of debris to hide our descent. No, nevermind, he'd probably shoot the debris if it was coming down on top of him. Also a distraction wouldn't help since he's got omni-directional vision most likely. I guess we COULD kick up a wide cloud of debris and dust (like, blow out the entire side of a building) to descend upon him from, to make it impossible to tell where we are... and he can't shoot ALL of it.

Yeah, let's start planting charges. Time them to go off about when you've reached the top and Bodec is in one of the alleys. It should be simultaneous, and with the intent to blow out as much as possible. Engineer should be able to direct you in how to do this.
No. 503639 ID: 9ddf68

get your drone to track his movements. If we can find out where he is going we could try and bomb the hell out of his path to crate a dust cloud to give us cover and use our core detection to pinpoint where in the cloud he is and try and tare him apart with beam swords.
No. 503664 ID: b33427

It looks like Bodec is going to make a left, fire up his beam, and start cutting the building on his left. Considering that the collapsing building is going to kick up a big dust and debris cloud that'll travel up the street between the building Unity is in and the building Bodec is cutting, once he's done cutting he's likely not going to turn left because he does not want to have his vision obscured by the dust. He's going to keep going straight up the street he's on. So lets move to that side of the building and get ready. Estimate where he's going to be based on how long it took him to cut the previous building, and how fast he moves.

Thing is, if Bodec sees the explosion and the dust cloud coming down on him, he's going to assume we're in it trying to jump him, and start waving his beams all over the place above him. That'd make striking from above near suicidal. And throwing bombs out to blow up dust from below will just make him sweep his beams around at ground level. With all the dust down there diffusing the beam light, we won't be able to see them coming to dodge until it's too late.

However, I still think we should kick up a whole bunch of dust, in order to make Bodec waste a whole mess of energy and mass waving around his beam spam, then swoop in for the strike right when he cuts them off 'cause he's either used too many resources, or he thinks we've run and hid again. We'll use the time he's firing all over the place to get down the building and as close to him as we can without being seen. All the dust should obscure our movements while we're in here.

Here's the plan to kick up as much dust as we can. Use plasma sword D or C to slice through the floor near the exterior wall such that the wall is hanging on by just a few tabs, then stuff explosives around those tabs. Since we can't stick the plasma sword through the wall without it being spotted, use it to instead cut holes not quite all the way through and put explosives in those. Do this on as many floors down as you can.

That'll take care of making a load of dust from above. Now for from below. Make about 20 5kg chunks of explosive jetalium, and place them so they're launched out over the street when the wall is blown off. Time them so they'll go off right before or soon after hitting the ground.

Once this is all set up, head down to level 3, slap a ball-cam to the window, and move behind an interior wall. Then it's a matter of waiting for the dust cloud to descend and for Bodec to exhaust himself from beam spaz before thrust charging in to strike.
No. 503685 ID: e71208

use corevision to do that. or just stay where you are until he starts taking down your building, at which point you'll need to jump to another building (or whatever's left of it) and hope he fails to notice you. or you could just jump into the rubble right now. by its appearance, I'm guessing that beam is fairly noise- and vision-blocking.
No. 503721 ID: c4e5c2
File 136502449910.png - (340.32KB , 700x700 , 235.png )

>Get your drone to track his movements.
Bodec moves fast, but Clarence is able to just keep up. Core vision has distance limitations, although Bodec makes a sharp turn again, running back up the opposing street, and Alison can see his core again.

Alison runs to the opposite side of the building while loosening chunks of jetalium from herself. She has not activated them for exploding as of yet, but that is the plan.

Bodec grabs the side of the building and starts running up it.

>"I haven't seen him use any thrusters, but he is running across the wall easily. We still may be able to throw an explosive timed to explode right at the corner of the building when he reaches it, blowing him off." says the Engineer.
"He moves erratically, I don't even know what he's thinking. Would you be able to help me blow out the side of the wall here as well? If I jump, that will make it harder to tell where I'm coming from if I take out the whole wall. Also the street below him."
>"Iffy. I don't know how sturdy these buildings are, but blowing up the street likely will not do much more, as him taking down another building is going to cover up the whole street level and then some with debris. Which he appears to be doing. Again, blowing him off the wall will send him down. If that happens, he won't be able to see us anyway assuming he has no core vision. And he won't see or hear us blowing up a wall beneath all this noise." The first destroyed building is still crashing. The fog makes it hard to tell how high these buildings are, but if they are as tall as the capital's building, then they are well over one hundred stories.
No. 503732 ID: d6ef5d

Is he still firing into the building as he climbs / runs? It's hard to tell. If he's been running his beam this whole time, that's a heck of a nice battery he's got. Better than ours, for sure.

Blowing him off the corner seems as good a plan as any.
No. 503733 ID: 9ddf68

Ok then so the plan is to plant a bomb on the wall he is climbing and send him flying back down to the ground, then basically jump on top of him and start slicing away. That could work but as we are jumping out after him I think we should also throw a few more jetalium bombs around nearby buildings just encase we need to make a quick retreat and if we have more holes in the buildings around us we have more place to hop into and if there is still dust in the air when we fall back all of those extra holes will make it harder for Bodec to figure out what building we went into.
No. 503742 ID: f2c20c

I essentially agree with this.
No. 503748 ID: 2f4b71

If he's intent of running down his battery/mass on buildings, it seems we may as well leave him be for a while.
No. 503770 ID: 9e1727

There might be an alternative way to blow Bodec off the corner of the building. If we're far enough away that us charging our MegaBeam up to fire won't be detected by him, then we could fire that down to intersect his plasma beam either right under him, or very close to him. A benefit to this, in addition to not using as much mass as explosives, or possibly even any (assuming we have full charge,) is that the plasma bloom will obscure our descent from him, and blind any surveillance systems Bodec might have watching this area. Even if he has core detection, he won't be able to see us coming at him through the plasma glow. And if we can jump down through the middle of the glow (assuming that after the explosion it won't cause much or even any damage) that'd be even better

We should also remember that if we absolutely need aerial agility at any point, we can jettison a mass chunk so our thrusters are more effective. As long as the jettisoned mass isn't vaporized or buried under a mountain of rubble, we can recover it after the battle is over.
No. 503798 ID: c4e5c2
File 136505778773.png - (149.02KB , 700x700 , 236.png )

Alison gets to the other side of the building in time, timing out when to activate a jetalium chunk and when to throw it. She is not sure she is out of surge detection range, so trying to do so via plasma beam may give away her intentions too soon. The explosive works out fine, and although Bodec hesitates at the last moment when he sees the chunk, it still knocks him down. His beam was on the whole time, and the building makes similarly enormous structural groans.
No. 503799 ID: c4e5c2
File 136505786939.png - (292.02KB , 700x700 , 237.png )

Everyone is quite certain that jetalium won't be damaged even under immense weight of a building, and she can just beam her way out to make a debris tunnel if it comes to that. So Alison leaps out, starting to fall as the building does.

The debris pushes at Alison. Her thrusters are strong enough to get her on track for diving onto Bodec, but trying to toss small chunks of jetalium into the side walls to make an escape route are is not viable. She is confident she'll be able to get on top of Bodec, and the debris will only help obscure visibility. She has not sensed any energy surges, so it is safe to assume Bodec cannot see her right now. She just has to decide which weapons to activate.

>"We're only going to have a second anyways." the Engineer reminds Alison. "We're right next to a falling building. We're going to get blown away in a moment, metric ton with thrusters or not.
No. 503800 ID: 35edd4

Core him with the plasma sword?
No. 503801 ID: f2c20c

Plasma swords A-C. A should be used immediately to disable his super tail cannons, B and C should be used to disable his shoulder cannons. Then we can start chopping away to get at his core.

Yeah we'll have to burn like 100kg of mass to do it. Don't care!

I wouldn't object to using a megabeam to melt his face either.
No. 503803 ID: 9ddf68

If we want to finish this thing quickly, use core detection to see where his core is and try and tear it out with the plasma sword A, If we are still trying to hide the fact that we have A class weapons hit him with both the B and C plasma swords and just try and lop off the chunk of jetalium his core is in and we can try and deal with a weakened Bodec after we push ourselves out of the rubble.
No. 503810 ID: 76b151

Use the A class, seriously. Cut him in half so he doesn't have access to all his mass, aim for his core. Go full burn on our miniguns on whatever half has the core as well. If we still have burn for it as well do a couple close range B plasma shots. Use our tail to slap away the half he doesn't have access too.
No. 503842 ID: d6ef5d

If we can get to him, the plasma sword is an option. But Alison's not sure she can get to him, and visibility is hampered.

I say we just blast him with all our beam weapons. Energy surge detection is not directional, and we have core sense while he does not. That gives us a short window to fire on him unopposed while he does not know where we are.
No. 503848 ID: 2c7c89

mid-air slash with the lightsaber? yes please.
No. 503870 ID: 9e1727

Too late to charge beams, and the autoguns aren't going to be able to put out enough damage to matter, in addition to being tough to aim in this mess. That leaves plasma blasters and plasma swords. Since we're trying to keep as much of Bodec's mass intact for absorption as we can, and not use up too much of our own, go for swords first, with blasters on stand-by to knock out his weapons if he tries to fire.

Guardsman and Dualist on swords A and B, respectively. At just inside eight meters out, fire up plasma sword A and lance it out to its maximum length to attempt to core Bodec, and bisect him if the coring maneuver misses. Activate plasma sword B once next to him, and use it to remove more of his mass to isolate his core.

There might be a way you could stay stuck to Bodec and continue slicing him up, even while being knocked around by the debris. Use the plasma swords to gouge hand-holds into his body, then use those to hold on long enough to coil your tail around at least part of him. Create grooved spines on your underside to jab into him, same as when you climbed up the wall after the plasma explosion. Perhaps even gel absorb in a hook pattern down into his body, and use that to hold on.

Would it be feasible, if you were in physical contact with Bodec's body, to gel absorb down into it fast enough such that you could undercut chunks of his mass and throw them off. That'd be useful to divide up his body to isolate his core.

Wiki stats page doesn't show Unity's mass after throwing that bomb.
No. 503987 ID: c4e5c2
File 136515016406.png - (386.48KB , 700x700 , 238.png )

>Would it be feasible, if you were in physical contact with Bodec's body, to gel absorb down into it fast enough such that you could undercut chunks of his mass and throw them off.
Alison would be surprised if that was feasible to do at all, but she is certain that so long as Bodec's core is still healthy and in contact with his body, she will certainly not be able to do so fast enough to be practical.

She will use her A class sword.

One major energy surge occurs just before Alison connects with her sword. She uses her bottom two hands to clasp onto Bodec's back so that she cannot get tossed off easily, and tries to fire a plasma shot with her remaining charge to try to break Bodec's weapon. It does not work, and the enemy beam continues charging.

His core snaps away from Alison's sword, but it does cut cleanly through him without issue. In response, Alison splits sword A into spikes, poking several holes through him. His core still moves too fast. Every spike misses, but this gives Alison the opportunity to simply cut Bodec into several pieces. The downside of that is that at this point, that will take a split second, which is about how long she has now to react if she wants to dodge the beam Bodec is still charging right underneath her.
No. 503988 ID: 76b151

Move your core away from the beam weapon and do your best toshift his body so the weapon isn't pointing directly at you. Also start up the B class AND C class shields to see if you can layer them. Finally burn mass to jam the B sword right into the focal point of the beam weapon. Oh and take the opportunity to cut him into pieces. Make sure to snag whatever piece his core ends up in so you can finally finish this.
No. 503989 ID: f2c20c

Rotate around his body. Essentially grapple and swing around to a different angle so his shot misses. As a naga you should be very good at doing that. Use that tail. Swing underneath for maximum dodge- he can't exactly shoot through himself, now can he.

Then use the time you bought to start cutting him into pieces.
No. 503991 ID: 2c7c89

turn the sword into a sickle as you jump away. it should take a good chunk off.
No. 503997 ID: c4e5c2
File 136515421160.png - (489.44KB , 700x700 , 239.png )

Or, instead of choosing, Alison takes the third option and yanks herself with her tail downward. Bodec does not, or can not, react in time. His beam shoots up to destroy nothing but debris.

Alison slices through him.

>"They didn't say... you got an A class..." his expression locks, and he no longer has access to his body. Alison grabs the chunk with the core and immediately absorbs it.

Core Dodge B! Does not stack with other Core Dodges.
Megabeam A!
Gigabeam A x2!
Kilobeam B x2!
Kilobeam A x2!
Power Move - Up to 20 surge per b-second can be used to perform physical feats of strength at a greater capacity. At maximum power, strength is approximately tripled.

No. 503999 ID: c4e5c2
File 136515441017.png - (29.09KB , 700x700 , 240.png )

And lastly, an A class battery with high surge focus.

Unity keeps on clutching Bodec as the building continues to fall. Power move does nothing to outrun the debris, and Alison is soon riding a wave of junk, or more realistically, Alison is getting knocked around from flying chunks of junk. Eventually it settles, and now she is just plain buried. She can not say it is pleasant.

She also only has about 300 kg on hand from Bodec's remains she managed to catch, and unfortunately has no 'jetalium sense' to see where the rest of it was pushed off too. Probably nearby, but it was still knocked around, and is merely a question of if she wants to spend the time searching for it.
No. 504000 ID: 001ee9

Jesus Christ Bodec was LOADED.
No. 504001 ID: eaf2f5

Jackpot! Now lets either test out power move and burst out of the rubble, or some of our new beam weapons and blow our way out.
No. 504002 ID: 2c7c89

use power move to emerge from the rubble. or use the swords. whichever works.

you don't want to get too heavy to use a car, so the 300 kg is probably more than enough. use gel.
No. 504008 ID: 9e1727

Nice haul! Bodec either called in all his favors for that kit, or he's got a major backer. Most likely the latter; Possibly both.

Alright, first things first. Check the time, burn mass to top off your battery, and if there's cell phone reception down here, text Polatt that you won and to bring the car up. If the flying drone is still airborne, keep it up and circling until right before you leave, just to make sure nobody is moving in on you. Leave the ball-cam; You can just buy a new one later.

While doing that, either morph around Bodec's core and shift it up to your face, or shift your face down to his core, and put a smidgen of jetalium on it. Let's see if he's going to be at all talkative. Maybe he'll be kind enough to tell us how much mass he had at the end, so we can judge whether or not to dig it up, and when to stop if we do.

You might not need to use beams, swords, or Power Move to get out from under this rubble. Start morphing to as skinny and long as you can, then shimmy upwards. Make like a burrowing snake.

With the formula for base energy use changing a squared power to a cubed, Unity is now pulling ~837 energy per b-hour at her current mass and morphability just to keep running. That's 13.28 kilograms/b-hour just to keep the battery filled.

Considering the large increase to Unity's base operating energy draw, and that we only have burning mass to recharge, I think we should get as much mass here as we can in two b-hours. As long as the average mass recovered is more than 13.28 kilos per b-hour, we're good. With that, Unity is going to need a better form to dig and sift through the rubble. Perhaps a giant mole form, or something akin to earthmoving equipment. Engi might have ideas on going about this.
No. 504010 ID: d6ef5d

Right. Absorb that mass, recharge battery. Then use power move (if necessary) to dig out and/or root around for move jetalium. Snake body's not a bad form for moving around underground, or under rubble (slither slither!) but you might have to adapt your hands to something better at digging.

If it turns out we're pressed for time, you can always fire a beam weapon to make a quick exit.

>time to search?
What's going on topside? Can the drone see what Bodec's backup is doing? Or have it pull up for a wider view- are the police or army or anything closing in? Or text Polatt and see what's up.

Bring Bodec's core with you. No point in leaving him buried alive underground. You can place it outside the rubble where he'll be easier to find, or toss him to his would be robot backup as you pass.
No. 504014 ID: 76b151

I actually think we shouldn't bother with searching. That Noble could come at any time. With our battery and new weapons we should be able to deal with them now. And after that its time to plan our assault on the O-Route.
No. 504020 ID: 9ddf68

I think we should dig ourselves out of the rubble and then text Polatt to come pick us up unless something happens, like we start getting chased by the police or nobles or something and well we wait for him to pick us up do a little searching for Bodec's remaining mass. If we find it by the time Polatt comes to pick us up SCORE, if not oh well. So next on our list (assuming nothing else comes up) is to get to that undertool meeting to see if he could have anything that could help us for when we hit the O-route, and seeing how much effort we put in to arranging this damn meeting we better freaking go and undertool better have some kick ass gear for us, or at least some jutalium we can buy if we can't find Bodec's.

and speaking of Bodec I say we keep his core until we can just pass it off to someone, like Bodec's robotic friends or maybe even some passer by in the city, which would be funny to see to see that poor souls reaction when we tell that we just gave them Bodec.
No. 504046 ID: 9e1727

We might actually want to keep Bodec from being recovered for awhile; He's EIN-linked, so he can just call out his location to be picked up. Once the authorities have him, he's going to tell them we have a class A plasma sword. Even though we got other class A stuff they'll know about already, I'd be good to keep the fact that we have that kind of plasma sword hidden so we can spring it as a surprise.

Why would we be expecting a Noble to show up here? I thought the plan was to camp Loviro, Vinyl, and Felix and wait for the Noble jetal to show up, take it down, and absorb it. Noble jetals aren't destroyed on death in the simulation like the other operative jetals to prevent absorption, so we'll get quite a haul from defeating it.

Working out our tentative schedule might be a good idea to take care of before leaving here.
No. 504047 ID: 76b151

I meant the Noble could show up at Loviro, or Vinyl's at any time so we should go on back.
No. 504048 ID: f2c20c

I'd like to point out here that this rubble is easily cleared by energy blasts, while jetalium is rather resistant to it. Also we have a strength surge enhancement now. We can just throw rubble around willy-nilly.

So let's search for it. Should only take a few minutes.
No. 504053 ID: c4e5c2
File 136519720499.png - (366.51KB , 700x700 , 241.png )

She marginally tests Power Move, which while her strength increases to three, it does not help coordination or more movement requiring much finesse, so she only doubles her speed. Her new battery still only has so much energy, so she spares trying to test out a gigabeam. It would take about 40kg worth of mass to recover the battery power needed to test it fully charged.

While trying to get out of the debris, she leaves Bodec just enough jetalium to form audio capabilities while gaining 228 kg.

"You had a lot of stuff!"
>"I have a lot of friends."
"But that's a lot of beams and not many.. other things."
>"I did not think I would lose, but I still always come prepared. I dropped my my non-beam weapons for you to get as well. I already feel I brought too much. Or perhaps too little. You have far more capacity than I would expect.
"There's a max?"
>"Yes, obviously it varies. You must be reaching a cap soon, with all these weapons. So. What are you going to do to me?"
"I don't know. You have robot friends around here, right? I'll just leave you with them."
>"... so you won't kill me. Good. We are still enemies."
"That's fine. How much mass did you have when we finished?"
>"What part of 'we are still enemies' did you mishear?"
"Nothing, but us being enemies didn't stop me from not leaving you underneath the rubble."
>"... 900 kg. I burned much of it during the fight."

"Polatt, I beat Bodec. Are the police or anything coming?"
>"Glad to hear it. Not another vehicle in sight."

The current time, after spending some minutes getting out of the rubble, is 57:94. Alison's new battery did not come filled, and already formed a 10,000 energy hole from last time. With the energy spent for the battle itself, she must burn a total of 205 kg to recover nearly 13,000 missing energy. If nothing else, she can just set aside a certain amount of time she is willing to spend here searching for Bodec's jetalium before getting back to the capital. And, for that matter, what she's doing back at the capital regardless.
No. 504054 ID: 76b151

We're already over a metric ton, I don't think we need more mass. Lets drop Bodec off and head off back to the city. I think the only things we had planned were meeting with the illegal goods guy and preventing the Noble form offing our awakeners. Otherwise we can do more jobs for the Dead Batteries or hunt bounties. We have quite a bit of time before midnight rolls around and O-Route turns up.
No. 504057 ID: d6ef5d

>You must be reaching a cap soon, with all these weapons
Unless no cap is a perk of being a player character and/or operator core! Still, it's no biggie if a cap does exit. If we run out of slots on a future absorb, we can always start throwing away some of our obsolete weapons.

Assuming that is, that "dropping" a weapon or upgrade is something we can do at any time? It doesn't take a special process or tech to remove them.

I thought having class A stuff was deadly illegal for non-nobles? I mean, we're a rogue anyways, but I thought he had to play by the rules.

>battery down 13,000
Oh. So... we're down to 67.5% battery.

Spend, I dunno, 15-20 (real) minutes looking for additional jetalium in the rubble. I wouldn't expect their to be more than another 200kg tops, though. He probably burnt off a good third or half of what he started with.

Back in town... not sure. We still have time to kill before the undertool meeting, or the o-route window opens. That means more time to try and learn and grow stronger, if we can. Which I guess would include dealing with any nobles that come after us or our friends when and if they do.
No. 504060 ID: 588b49

time is the most valuable resource you possess. don't waste it on things you don't need. like more jetalium.

is it time to meet up with that trader guy yet?
No. 504067 ID: f2c20c

Start burning mass now. Also test zapping yourself with a low-surge Class F plasma shot to see exactly how efficient that energy absorb is. Then I think we should go ahead and use the straw method. Won't take more than a b-hour. Also, check the current time. We need to be back to catch that mysterious employee.
No. 504068 ID: d6ef5d

Engineer was pretty clear in his evaluation of that addon as useless. It doesn't even really work for anything above class C! It's not worth burning even small amounts of energy and mass to get exact numbers.
No. 504069 ID: f2c20c

I suspect refilling our battery would be faster by burning mass than going back home and using the charger. Also, to use the charger, we'll have to expose ourselves.

Granted, right now police are not much of a threat.
No. 504070 ID: f2c20c

What if we can get a profit on energy using the F class plasma shot combined with the class C shield, though?
No. 504072 ID: d6ef5d

No. So long as the basic laws of energy conservation and thermodynamics hold, we cannot absorb more energy from a shot than we put into it. Heck, you can't even recover 100%.

And even if we could make a net profit of energy that way, you'd still technically be burning mass to do so at the site of the plasma hit.

Our charger is almost certainly watched by this point, and it's in a really bad tactical position. We shouldn't using it if we have alternatives.
No. 504074 ID: f2c20c

Dude, Jetalium works like MAGIC. Don't bring reality into this.
No. 504075 ID: 9ddf68

I still say we should spend the time we are waiting for Polatt to pick us up to see if we can't find SOME of Bodec's jutalium if to use it as nothing more then energy to burn to refill our battery (just until Polatt gets here), as for what to do next I say just wait for Polatt and see if he has anything else we can do to kill time before our Undertool meeting.
No. 504076 ID: 9e1727

Stay and dig up Bodec's mass, but not for more than a b-hour. Stop early if you've pulled out enough to straw absorb about 250 kg. That'll offset the mass burned to recharge and then some.

Hold off on burning mass to recharge or absorbing mass until you're in the car and on the way back to the capital. That way you can focus completely on digging up that mass.

Now might be a good time to test out the limits of our morph volume to make our body bigger for digging and rooting through the rubble.

Ask long as you've got Bodec here, ask if he has any idea who put that fifty billion dollar bounty on your head. It wasn't a government bounty, and it's doubtful the operatives would have dropped that on you at that point, so where did it come from? You hadn't pissed off anybody or organization that bad by then for them to put such a whopping bounty on you.

If we're planning on fighting the jetal Noble that comes for either Loviro, Vinyl, or Felix, we should consider getting them to move to someplace where the fight won't cause massive collateral damage. Though, the Noble might not pull out its biggest guns if we fight in a populated area. It's a trade-off we'll have to choose between.
No. 504077 ID: f2c20c

Undertool is 10 b-hours after the employee comes out of the mystery building. We are to meet her first.
No. 504078 ID: f2c20c

Priat Kij was her name.
No. 504081 ID: d6ef5d

Magic, yes. The simulation still follows rules, though.

...we know what the mystery building is now, though. It's the police station with the secret base of operations for the operators inside of it. I'm not sure there's anything Priat Kij can tell us that matters anymore. We already know we're in a simulation, and how we're going to get out.
No. 504087 ID: f2c20c

Wait, since when was it a police station? We know there are Operators in there but we don't know what an Operator really is, outside of the fact that they can go through O.Route and we are using an old Operator core.

Speaking to Priat could reveal quite a lot of interesting information about the outside world. We don't know what to expect aside from that we'll be dumped into a vat of Jetalium.
No. 504090 ID: d6ef5d

Since we broke in to rescue Yallows and found it was full of police. And Sevener, who had enlisted!

And we know what Operators are. They're the agents of this matrix. They keep thing inside the harvester simulation stable and running, suppress information about being in a harvester simulation, and eliminate those they have to. Felix explained this. He's a got part time operator status. (They couldn't stop him from figuring out the truth no matter how many times they wiped him memory, so they just enlisted him).
No. 504096 ID: f2c20c

That is a different building. The building with Operatives in it is right next door to our home base. The building with Yallows was blocks away.
No. 504108 ID: fb528f

If you want to search for jetalium break out your hair into individual strands to poke into the rubble without needing to move any more rubble around than you have to. Otherwise it's time to beat feet and plan out how we want to get to the exit.
No. 504111 ID: 9e1727

Oh, that is a good idea, but how about going further? Do tentacles! With eyes on the ends. And make them glow so the eyes can see.
No. 504127 ID: c4e5c2
File 136522744537.png - (214.17KB , 700x700 , 242.png )

Alison will probably spend the time riding back to absorb jetalium she finds.

"Engineer, what happens if we use our plasma absorption while using a shield?"
"The absorption only works if it gets past the shields, the shields themselves cannot absorb. What would happen is that you use the surge to use a shield, and nothing else. Otherwise, you only are able to get energy if you lose mass, and only a tiny portion compared to if you simply burned it off directly for energy."

"Bodec, I thought it was incredibly illegal to have A class weapons."
>"Did you also think it was a coincidence that I have been in this town, where EIN does not look or care what happens?"
"Oh. Anyway, who put that 50 billion bounty on my head? It was not a government bounty, and I don't think anyone else has it out for me like that, at least not when I got that bounty."
>"I do not know. It was anonymous, so how do you know it was not a government funded bounty that simply did not want you knowing it was government funded?"
"Uh... I guess I don't."

Alison spends half of one belenosian hour searching around, forming small cameras at the ends of her hair. She can get a thin strand to about 6 feet before she has trouble moving it, and can go out to 15 feet if a strand of hair is one inch thick. While beams could be nice to help search, she would then just end up using the jetalium she finds to recover the energy spent finding the jetalium.

At the end, she finds one of the bigger chunks with 284 kgs.

She will go back to Polatt, although will only have this time to ask Bodec anything more before she passes him off to his robot buddies, presuming she still will. It is about 58:50. She gets paid for the jewelry heist at 70:00, Priat Kij comes out at 75:00, and her Undertool meeting is at 82:00.
No. 504128 ID: 76b151

Ya lets head back. With some luck the Noble will fit neatly into our schedule and attack sometime between now and when we get paid.
No. 504130 ID: d6ef5d

Alright! That was a good idea with the hair tentacle scouting.

He arranged a duel where civilians and EIN wouldn't be a problem, he's been reasonably polite and helpful, and kept every agreement we made. He deserves decent treatment in return- go ahead and hand him over to his friends as you leave.

(And hey, if he's keeping his class A weapons hidden from EIN, that means no one else will know we have them, yet).

So if we're still enemies, how long do we have till he's coming after us again? I kind of assume he has the resources to get more jetalium and swap his weapon loadout around again.

Alright. That looks like that leave us just enough time to do some other kind of mission or two between getting back to town and going to the undertool. Not sure what kind of mission that should be- another task for the DBs or the web? A bounty? Taking out a noble? ...although we still don't know exactly when they're going to start popping up. Be nice if there were way to detect people entering the simulation (hey, maybe we can? Seems to me that's the kind of thing that would concern an operator).
No. 504131 ID: f2c20c

Ask him if he'll do you a favor and equip some different mods if he's gonna fight you again today. He'll probably need some different tactics anyway to win, right? Or maybe we could just ask his robot buddies to hand over his other mods.

For what to do next... how about we hang around in this town? No EIN to worry about, so we should be relatively safe. If we go back home, we risk getting attacked at any moment.
No. 504138 ID: d6ef5d

Um. Explicitly asking/taunting him to come back with more stuff for us to absorb, or trying to extort the modules from his allies, seems needlessly mean and rude. (If he comes after us again, he'll swap around anyways. And if he stripped off stuff so we couldn't get it, he wouldn't leave it with the robots we could easily take). You're burning what little goodwill and respect he may have towards us for no gain.

...and staying here ain't such a great idea. Sure it's safe, but it's a ghost town. There's nothing here. We need to be using what time we have to get stronger.
No. 504147 ID: 57a559

Tell Bodec if he wants to have another show off, it will have to be in the simulation above this one, we're not waiting around for the sake of his honor. The sim above this one is NOT a harvestor sim, just a regular simulation within a simulation of artificial intelligence assortment program contest. Tell him to not sweat it, we're only three levels from a real world, which is thousands of years in the future. And he can't come to the third level of sim because he doesn't exist there beyond as a data label in a compilation ai program. Also, he'll probably be rebooted, as well along with the friend we ate, so most will be well. It'll be like we never came here in the first place eventually.
No. 504153 ID: 9ddf68

I see no real reason not to give Bodec to his robot buddies. We are planning on leaving the harvester simulation tonight and unless he can follow us I don't really think we have to worry about him in the future. Also we probably shouldn't tell him we are taking the o-route out of here as that might cause the nobles to show up quicker or at least put more guards at the o-route exit.

As for things to ask Bodec, well ask him if there are any nobles we should watch out for and you can probably tell him that they are going to be hunting you sometime tonight for reasons that you can or can not explain (you chose). If you have some down time before Polatt shows up and and run out of things to say to Bodec maybe you can just bring up some small talk like what he plans to do next, and if he is considered to be like a super hero to everyone do you think he'll ever get some kind of tv show or comic based off of him and if so do you think we'll be in it?

as for what to do next once we get back to the city, well first off once we leave this place change back to your Belenos disguise then maybe see if there is some kind of quick mission we can do to kill time between now and 'meeting' with Priat Kij.
No. 504171 ID: 9e1727

Just out of curiosity, ask Bodec when and how he figured out this is all a simulation. After that, thank him for being reasonably civil in defeat and not a sore loser, and that, for what it's worth, you wish you didn't have to fight against him or anyone else. That if you weren't against the clock, you'd have found a better way. Then hand him over to his buddies, collect your drone, and head back to Polatt.

First choice, if it looks like a Noble is coming after Loviro, Vinyl, and Felix sooner rather than later, is to stake them out, using them as bait, and jump the Noble when it shows up. If the Noble isn't likely to show up for awhile, then may as well ask Polatt if the DBs have any other missions you could run, or know of you could take.

In the car, ask Polatt if there's any way to get even a general idea where the jetal Nobles are at any time. Even just knowing if one is in a particular sector of the city would be useful. There anybody in the underworld that keeps tabs on them and sells that info?

Here's a thought on that "useless" plasma absorption module: Perhaps it could be used to absorb energy from plasma that's non-weaponized, such as in industrial processes or power generation systems. If there's a facility that uses high-energy plasma similar to that used in class C and below plasma weapons, we might be able to go there and "bathe" in it to recharge. That is, if the energy uptake is fast enough to be worth it, and doesn't damage us in the process.
No. 504174 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and ask him why he keeps coming after you, anyway. Jioc didn't get executed, did he? Or did Felix's bodyguard losing his Jetalium matter that much? What was up with him, anyway? Felix thought he was strong, but compared to literally any other foe you've faced, he was incredibly weak.
No. 504207 ID: d6ef5d

>but compared to literally any other foe you've faced, he was incredibly weak.
I think it was more a matter of how awesome our class A sword is. Once we get in melee range with that, the enemy just can't hold up- even if they have enough dodge to prevent a cheap shot at the core. I mean, c'mon, we were chewing him to pieces with a plasma sea urchin from the inside. Anyone without the right shielding or their own close range weapons to fight back with are toast.

...and please, let's avoid insulting him for no reason. It really doesn't help, nor is it very Alison-y.
No. 504241 ID: f2c20c

I was talking about the bodyguard, dammit.
No. 504246 ID: d6ef5d

Ah, yeah, nevermind then. That's an accurate assessment.
No. 504279 ID: c4e5c2
File 136528297478.png - (34.53KB , 700x700 , 243.png )

"So how did you find out this was a simulation?"
>"The signs are all around, if you take a look. Many people know, but wisely never talk about it."
"Why did you come after me so much, anyway? For one thing, Felix's bodyguard... he was, uh, surprisingly not strong, at least compared to most of my foes."
>"He was not weak, you are stupidly strong. He lost a good deal of standing and funding due to his embarrasingly simple defeat. I suppose you defeating me has a silver lining, proving that he was not defeated by some chump. In any regard, at first my hunting you was simply a stop out of my way to help set things right for him, and then it was for both that, the bounty money, and my pride."
"And Jioc, I left his core in that building where we first fought, and he let a B class get into my hands. Is he alright?"
>"He is living, but with 'community service' penalties. If I beat you, it would have helped him out, another small bit of incentive I had."
"Oh. Are you wanting another fight?"
>"No. I will be level with you, I called in all of my available resources to get those weapons, but now you have them and more. Perhaps now is a good time to retire from bounty hunting, but those are my personal affairs."
"And, you can just drop mods? At any time? No special procedure?"
>"A special procedure is needed if you want to preserve those weapons to gain later, but you can simple forget and delete weapons at any time if you simply need them gone to make room."
"Any nobles I should watch out for?"
>"What? Yeah, all of them, you've turned into a jetal the normal masses can't take care of. I don't deal with 'em."
"Alright. Thank you for being civil, by the way, and for what it's worth, I haven't wanted to fight against you or anyone. Goodbye, Bodec, unless you continue hunting me, I don't know if we will ever see each other again."
>"Then good luck living the life of being hunted."

"I'm still thinking about trying to use that plasma absorp-"
>"No. Alison. Stop. the Engineer interrupts.
"Just tell me how it works, then."
>"It does not even absorb plasma like the name implies, so much as it just burns off a portion of the jetalium that is getting burned to a crisp via plasma anyways. It's a mechanism that says 'you are getting hurt, but here is a small kickback'. And that is it. You have to take damage, and never returns anywhere near as much energy as just burning the jetalium for energy properly anyway. And any plasma weapon of any strength, typically C or better, burns jetalium too quickly for the auxiliary function to kick in, so it does nearly nothing by that point."
"Thank you."

No. 504283 ID: c4e5c2
File 136528321147.png - (28.62KB , 700x700 , 244.png )

Alison turns back into her Belenos form after handing Bodec off and goes to Polatt.

>"Have I ever told you you're awesome?" Polatt asks.
"I think so."
>"Good. Ready to go back."
"Yes. Say, are there any more jobs I can get? I still have some time before my next appointment."
>"Geez. Sorry, I don't think so. I'll ask, but would it be a crime to relax? I'll take you out to some good corner shops. You've earned it, if I'd make an understatement. At least to dry off."
"I do have a lot to worry about. Is there any way to know where nobles are at any time? Does anyone keep any tabs on them?"
>"Huh? Sorry, if there's anyone who has the balls to keep tabs on them, then they don't just sell their services. I don't think so. Hate to say it, but if you get nobles on you, I don't think the rest of us are gonna help. Not cause we don't wanna, but cause we can't. Would just get in your way at this point. And if you plan on leavin' us... force heat is cool with us, but leaving us with a bag of royal heat isn't somethin' we want to be left holding."

"I am still wondering, and surprised, about the fact that it was Sevener who sent Bodec after us." says the Duelist.
No. 504285 ID: f2c20c

It is somewhat surprising. Either Sevener expected us to lose (she didn't know we had the A-class sword), or wanted us to have Bodec's A-class stuff so that we could kill the Sapphire Emperor while cooperating with her and then she'd backstab us at the last second or something. I don't like either explanation... Or maybe she's thinking on the long term. Wanted to make sure we were capable and ready if we were really going to win this instead of her, and save everyone. Why don't we ask her? We have her phone number, sortof.

As for what to do... well, we could take a small break, and recharge without burning mass. Also, I am curious about that warehouse we helped take over. Would it be above your station to ask, at this point, what was being made there?
No. 504286 ID: d6ef5d

I suppose we could kick back with Polatt long enough to dry off.

...and yeah, we weren't thinking of trying to get you guys to fight nobles. We know you can't do anything against them. But that's kind of the problem- if we don't know when they're coming, we can't stop them from trying to get at us by going through other people. Kind of one reason why we don't want to do nothing.

And I don't think we'll be leaving you guys in the lurch. When this is over we'll either have won, or we'll be dead, and they won't care about you any more.

>Sevener who sent Bodec after us
Her saying we're trustworthy is interesting.

But I suspect she still needs us for something (possibly she can't take the o-route alone while playing legally?), or she's just making sure we'll be strong enough to survive the next thing trying to kill us and prevent the simulation from ending prematurely.
No. 504290 ID: 04b86a

>but would it be a crime to relax?
We have been trying to keep ourselves busy, haven't we? When's the last we just stopped and had fun, the party in SZ6 and the subsequent dates with Iso and Arbiter? We have just under four galactic hours before we're paid for the heist and a good five and a half before Priat Kij leaves that building, so I say we spend that time having fun. Try some new foods, see if Unity's any good with a harp while you're in control, maybe even let someone else take over for a while so you can see how some of our allies who aren't in the room are doing. (I'm still surprised King hasn't come by, yet. I think he came with us on the raid, anyway.)

>Her saying we're trustworthy is interesting.
She knows we're trustworthy, though. To a point, at least. It's like Captain Jack Sparrow said, "You can always trust a chronic backstabber to stab you in the back while muttering to themself 'Must. Save. EVERYONE!'" (I may be misquoting that)
No. 504297 ID: 355bb6

I believe sevener is going to help us out whenever she can. If your wondering why she would help use just think about it from her point of view. With her being a legal jetal she as access to a wealth if knowlage that will help her fill her logs for any future cia battles and if she clames to be after us personally be after us then she will most likely get bigger and bader weapons from EIN. Also if she helps us take down the empire then we go into overtime and since she is a legal jetal that is after the head of the jetal that just killed the empire she'll have everyone and there mother after us and have a huge advantage. So to counter this I say we start collecting evadince that sevener is helping us by actually recording what our drones and cameras see, something to record our conversations with her, or even just us taking pictures of her with our smart phone while hiding it in our mass. That way when she stabs us in the back somewhere down the road we can stab her right back.
No. 504298 ID: 9e1727

Okay, may as well take a break since you've got nothing scheduled for about fifteen b-hours, and the Nobles probably aren't going to drop on Loviro, Vinyl, or Felix until later on. Maybe not even until after the O-Route exit time, making planning to lay in ambush for one moot. So let's take a breather and chill.

Tell Polatt that it is about time you relaxed for a bit; It may be the last chance you have for a long time. So you'd like him to show you a real good time. Ask if we could go someplace that'd let you use their musical instruments, mentioning that you bought a music skill upgrade back before, outside this simulation. Lets see if that carries over to "real" instruments.

Make sure Polatt knows that you'd never bring the DBs into a tangle with the royalty, and that you'd actually work to keep them from getting caught up in that if there was a risk of it happening.

>Module offloading
Better check how to do that so we don't have to outright delete modules and weapons if we can help it. Text Loviro and ask, since he's the most knowledgeable, or do a "how to jetal" Internet search if he's unavailable. Maybe we could even sell the ones we don't want.

>Nearly worthless Plasma Absorption
Well, at least we know exactly which module is going to be first in line to be jettisoned when we run out of module capacity. Gotta wonder why that warehouse jetal even had it installed, since module space is at a premium on regular jetal cores.

>Sevener sent Bodec after us(?)
Actually, do we know if she did? Bodec didn't say as much, or even really hint at it. It could have been a case where Bodec was already calling in all his favors in the police force, and Sevener/Anya took the chance to speak with him. So she'd say we were trustworthy so he'd be less likely to try to pull any preemptive strikes, ambushes, or something like that that'd risk us being destroyed or captured.
No. 504355 ID: c4e5c2
File 136532124973.png - (15.08KB , 700x700 , 245.png )

"Perhaps Anya - sevener - just did that as a means to help her learn more about the simulation... and, perhaps if she is on the force, trying to stop me directly, then the better weapons I get, the better weapons she gets access to stop me with. Otherwise, let's try to record what we see so that we have evidence against Sevener since she's working with us, a criminal."
>"That may not work." Clarence says. "Apparently tech here is so good that actual recordings can be sufficiently forged."
"Then why do places have security cameras?"
>"I guess so criminals can still be caught in the act. And maybe they're still worth something as evidence, just not as good when a criminal with class A stuff tries to use that alone. I mean, it doesn't hurt either, so I'll use a couple of our ballcams to record everything we do regardless."

"No, not just would I not expect you guys to get wrapped up in royal business, I'd go out of my way to make sure that didn't happen... and alright, Polatt, I won't overwork, and I have some hours until my next meeting. Go ahead and show me around."

On the ride back, Alison tries to message Sevener to just ask her directly. Alison is blocked, apparently, so she texts Loviro next, asking how to offload a module so she can get it later. There is no response, which is particularly disconcerting, but in the meanwhile, she searches online for it. There are boxes designed to hold one module each, similar to the one Loviro used to give her the A class sword. Unfortunately, they do require a legal license to acquire, so Alison would have to steal some to use them.

>"Got any food preferences, or for that matter, preferences on what to do?"

Loviro still hasn't responded.
No. 504357 ID: 57a559

Steakburger? Steakburger and Malts? Steakburger and chocolate chip mint malts?
No. 504358 ID: 76b151

Well, crap. Time to hunt down Loviro. The Nobel might have already attacked.
No. 504360 ID: 9ddf68

well text Felix and/or Vinyl to see if they are doing alright and if you can get a hold of them then ask if they have heard anything about Loviro. If the nobles got him already I don't really think there is anything we can really do other then watch our backs as we now know they are on the hunt. so lets try and enjoy what little time we have left to ourselves because as Polatt said, we work far to damn much.

As for what we like to eat just say anything without a lot of meat in it would be fine for you. and as for things to do ask if there is someplace near by that has musical instruments as I want to see if you music ability has carried over to this simulation.
No. 504362 ID: 915d25

There is no way this is not enemy action, we are simply not that lucky.
Remember kids its not paranoia if they really are out to get you.
No. 504372 ID: f2c20c

Loviro is probably dead. We could go check his place out to see what damage a Noble can do... but perhaps we shouldn't expose ourselves to unnecessary danger like that.

We could contact Vinyl about this. Ask her if she knows what our max mod count is, and if she's got any modboxes on hand. Don't contact Felix- actually, we don't have any way to contact him anyway. Lacking any answer from Vinyl, we could just buy some modboxes from the Dead Batteries.

Sounds good.

Also we gotta pour a 40 out for our homeboy Loviro. Or some more appropriate way to pay tribute to the passing of a Belenos friend. Do we have any info on that?
No. 504375 ID: d6ef5d

Wait, how can we text Loviro? Didn't Sevener take his phone? His silence doesn't prove anything- yet.
No. 504446 ID: 9e1727

Looks like the noble finally caught up with Loviro. Either that, or he just doesn't want to talk any more... Or he committed suicide, but that's real unlikely.

Text Vinyl that you can't contact Loviro on his phone. Then check the news for that hotel Loviro was staying in, on the off chance anything shows up about it.

As for food preferences, you don't know; You've only been in here for less than a day, yanno. You haven't really eaten enough different things to even choose one you like better than the others. So how about a little bit of everything? Or at least something from each of the major culinary styles and tastes around here. Get the "Taste of Belenos," so to speak. Oh, and ask Polatt what food he likes the most and try that too.

You'd also like to go someplace where you could try playing some instruments. Preferably someplace where you aren't up on stage, since you don't know if your musical skill from outside came into this "realer" world.

He got a new one. We know this 'cause Vinyl texted him our story about this being a CAI contest. Presumably Loviro or Vinyl gave us his number.
No. 505496 ID: c4e5c2
File 136583396798.png - (6.03KB , 800x500 , 246.png )

Alison did get Loviro's new number back at his hotel room. She texts Vinyl, but her phone is simply off, as is Felix's. They, Alison figures, may simply not wish to be distured, but she did not get the impression that Loviro would not give time to Unity if it was wanted.

"We'll spend some time relaxing, does anyone have issue with that?" Alison asks the lobby, but there are no voiced complaints.

"For food, uh... a little of everything. Maybe the stuff you like. And perhaps we could stop off at a music store? I'm curious about something."
>"Sure thing."
"There is one place I'd like to stop first, though."
>"Doubly sure."

Alison checks in on Loviro's room. The room is locked, and there is no reply. She figures that's about all she can check on, and can't see a valid reason to worry about it when she's already decided to take some time off. From what Clarence can see, the only methods of paid respects are all extremely long and ritualistic. Short little things like toasts to such-and-such can actually be seen as rude if that is all that is done, but it gets complicated and Alison just will keep the sentiments in her head.
No. 505497 ID: c4e5c2
File 136583406978.png - (20.24KB , 700x700 , 247.png )

So they both go around eating. As usual, the food tastes like it would in the safe zones, but here, it seems more real. It's pleasant, despite the oddity of jetal eating, and everyone sharing the taste.

And, for that matter, the fact that from the looks of it, Alison is on another date with someone who looks like Arbiter, and managed to sneak the date onto Alison in much of the same manner as him.

"Maybe this is all there is to CAI training." Strongarm jokes. "Just realizing that we have almost no privacy against one another out there."

>"So tell me more about this world you come from, Unity. Still not sure about how much I'm believin' it, think of it from my point of shoes, it's like if I told you that I was a secret agent spy from another dimension. But hey, no harm in telling me about it, right?" asks Polatt.
No. 505500 ID: 735f4f

Let him know all about it but avoid any mention of our plans or secret weapons like glitcher and the like. Tell him about how we got started out and what life is like in the simulation.
No. 505501 ID: 9ddf68

sure why not, tell him about it from start to just before you got into this simulation. How you started out as nothing more then a blob who thought you had to 'merge' with other blobs, finding the absorb ability, meeting Iso, meeting guardsmen, meeting catatonic, stage 2 was it, then scanner, stage 3, duelist, pretty much everything if you can squeeze it all in there, and don't presser him into believing it, he can believe if he wants or he can believe everything we say is complete bull because like he said, Does it really matter? and who knows it might be nice just to tell someone about it as you see it if to do nothing more then to get it off your chest.
No. 505504 ID: d6ef5d

>What's our world like
It's another simulation. But it doesn't try to hide it, at least not well. Things are a lot more abstract. Here you've got consistent rules, gravity, physics... hard laws that govern how things work.

Our level is more like a bad game. The rules change from place to place. The mechanics aren't consistent. And there are people who can actually step in and change the rules if they don't like how you're playing.

...and it is one big game. A cruel one at that. Here? Even if they're trapped, people get to go about their lives. We're in a timed elimination competition that slowly forces us to kill each other. And when it completes they just roll everything back and start over.

I guess being there is sort of like being a jetal? You can just decide what you look like, or what your clothes are or your weapon is, and make it that way.

>secret agent spy from another dimension
Well, if we're crazy, then so's Anya.
No. 505510 ID: f2c20c

Explain how the contest is an attempt to filter out the best AIs from an initial pool of 1 trillion, and that it's separated into stages which are designed to test the intelligence, tactical decision making skills, and social abilities of the AIs. Tell him about the variety of personalities we've met, and the different overall strategies the major players have used to gain power and ensure their own survival and those of their friends. Tell him about the gradual approach towards realism, starting off with just a group of blobs being tested to see who gets to the obvious exit first, leading through a turn-based battle style where people are far more likely to just mutually kill eachother in combat than any other outcome, to a race to gain as many funds as possible so that you could kill your opponent while surviving a hit, to a battle system where limited ability pools encourage group combat and planning. Though to be frank, we're way ahead of the other AIs in the funding department. Don't explain exactly where all our funds are coming from, since the System might actually be monitoring us at this point.

Explain that you eventually found out that this is a contest meant to upgrade a CAI with a better set of core AIs.

Don't tell him about the loops. Nearly 1 trillion AIs dying during the process is bad enough. We don't have to tell him it's been happening every three days for years on end.
No. 505512 ID: 57a559

We've been repeating forever, there's a lot of adorable, huggable people with big eyeballs, an insane amount of conspiracy, paranoia, etc. Weird systems of rules and contests as we progress toward the next free zone. Time manipulation is possible. You can freely choose your form at a cost, you absorb other AI's, we could revive them earlier in the contest before the dumb system banned that power...

Actually, not that much different from this place politically. Just imagine playing an RPG, that's what we live in. Freezone's are those towns you buy weapons, armor, and items in, stages are the caves, overworld, etc. in-lined with a bunch of minigames
No. 505514 ID: 9e1727

May as well start off by telling Polatt your name is "Alison," that "Unity" is just the name you chose for this body when you first came into this world, and you'd be fine with him calling you by your real name if he wants to. Though, also mention that you're just one of several thousand AIs riding in here, albeit the leader, so somebody else might occasionally be in Unity's driver's seat and act differently than you; Just fair warning in case it looks like you're acting weird.

Yeah, these sound about right. May as well tell him everything, with as much detail as you can cram in in the time. Maybe have some of the others in here take control of Unity and speak from their perspective when you get to their part of the story.

Do say that the simulation world you came from is some kind of creation/generation system for CAIs, but from what you've found out it's very strange for one. For one, you even knowing it's a system like that while you're in it is not supposed to happen in a normal system. It's like the creators of it took a few different styles of CAI generation systems and stuck them together, with some other stuff bolted on.

Oh, and don't forget to share the story of how that blob you tried to "merge" with at the beginning turned out to be Iso, your longest friend and companion in there, and who you care for deeply.

Be a little thankful that the chairs here are far more robust than the ones back in the DB tower food court... That is, unless you've taken to forming your seating out of Unity's body after crushing one.
No. 505523 ID: 04b86a

I definitely think we should tell him everything, the best way to tell him what it's like is to let him see into the mind of a Contestant. It'll give him a good idea of what we're like, too. I'm typing an actual summary up, but it's taking a while and is getting very very long so I doubt I'll post it.
No. 505524 ID: f2c20c

I would kinda like to point out that maybe he would prefer not to hear the heavy stuff. Though I guess we can just... ask if he wants to know the most depressing bits.
No. 505536 ID: c4e5c2
File 136587926246.png - (11.83KB , 700x700 , 248.png )

>Explain everything
"I, uh..."
No. 505537 ID: c4e5c2
File 136587928385.png - (17.94KB , 700x700 , 249.png )

>Explain as much as possible in a short time.
"..... hm... well, it's like another simulation, except it's more abstract and stuff. Like here you have physics, normal gravity. Where I'm from, that's just a sometimes thing. Anyways, it's all just one big contest game, where we have to fight one another until almost no one is remaining. Except that the people making the rules keep changing them. We can barely even rely on the present rules, and it's all kinds of broken. No one really knows what they're doing. Like I said, my actual name is Alison, but since there's a lot of other people in here, if I act differently, it's because someone else is driving. We all usually look preeeetty different."
"That basically sums it up, yes. There's been good moments and depressing ones."
>"Pretty heavy. Still can't deny it might be true, since there's been that weird feeling in the back of my head that something about all this is wrong."
"I'd say to go ask Anya, but... well, don't. If it's possible, I would save you and everyone. I just don't know how you and everyone here is represented."
>"Seems kinda weird since I'm not sure what I'd be saved from, you know?"
"I understand."
No. 505538 ID: c4e5c2
File 136587929983.png - (17.61KB , 700x700 , 250.png )

After that meal, Polatt takes Alison to the music shop to see if she can play.

It turns out that her music ability does not let her play absolutely any instrument on pickup. While she thinks that she might be able to play a piano or a harp from mere experience, Belenosian instruments are either ones she doesn't know about, or just strange.

"Oh, I guess it won't work after all. I sorta feel like I should be able to play any of these instruments, but I guess I can't without practice."
>"Uhm, miss." The store clerk says. "There are over the counter implants for that if you don't want to spend years to play it right."
"For jetals?"
>"Oh, you're a jetal? Yeah, we have over the counter module boxes."

Class D Auxiliary gained! Master musician!
No. 505539 ID: c4e5c2
File 136587934951.png - (65.59KB , 700x700 , 251.png )

That dealt with that hiccup. Alison plays while inside of Polatt's car as he drives down. The capital appears far more lively at night, and the smog has mostly cleared out with increasing wind. Alison can see the people from the street, and almost no one has any respirators on.

>"Since we just ate, how bout we go off to the movies?" Polatt asks. "Dunno what ya like, but it's got the b-"


>"I don't know! All of the cores around us look as surprise-!" yells Scanner.
>The Engineer cuts her off. "Below us! The ground is shaking, it's below the asphalt!"
No. 505540 ID: 76b151

Right, look for the nearest sewer entrance. Its time to be a Big Damn Hero.
No. 505541 ID: 735f4f

Get as much distance between us and the source of the surge as possible. We need dodging room if its a attack. Might be someone lying in wait below the street with some giant beam weapon ready. We cant get into close range fast enough with it being underground.
No. 505542 ID: 735f4f

Just realized that even Bodec's class A beams did not rate a massive energy surge warning. So fire up our new power move mod so we can get moving fast as possible.
No. 505543 ID: 9ddf68

if you think it is aimed right at the car you are in quickly grab Polatt and the driver if you can and just burst out of the car, kick the doors off if you have to or just burst through the roof of the car, just get out of the way of that blast cause I think we just got into our first noble fight. If you don't think it is aimed at the car get out but in a more calm manner because if our track record is holding true then this is most likely directed at us regardless of were the beam is aiming.
No. 505544 ID: d6ef5d

There's going to shoot us strait through the ground? Polatt needs to floor it to dodge the blast.

Or if the traffic won't allow that, grab him and get the both of you the hell out of the way- rip right through the car if you have to use, and use the str boost and thrusters.
No. 505575 ID: 9e1727

Nearly 100% sure that that's a noble jetal, and that that whatever it's firing is aimed right for you. Gotta get away from your current position ASAP; No time to tell Polatt what happened first.

There's undoubtedly too much traffic ahead to try and speed off in the car, and the vehicle probably doesn't have good enough acceleration characteristics right now to get away even if there was open road, what with all your mass in it. Gonna have get Polatt out and make a run to get clear.

Use thrusters and Power Move to speed yourself up. Pop your door ajar with your right hand and kick it open, while unlatching Polatt's seatbelt with the other hand. Then lean over to place your left arm behind Polatt's back and around his torso, and fire up plasma sword C in your right hand to cut the steering wheel loose (and the entire instrument cluster over his legs too, if you think you can do it fast enough.) Shut off the plasma sword, put your right hand under Polatt's right arm, then haul him up as you get out as fast as you can without breaking him. Get him in front of you to shield him from whatever is coming up from underground, then throw him clear.

While doing that, tell him "Noble attacking! Massive energy surge underground! Run!"
No. 505581 ID: f2c20c

Grab Polatt and dive out of the car. We need to toss him to safety and then get away from all these people for the fight.
No. 505920 ID: c4e5c2
File 136606088298.png - (25.90KB , 700x700 , 252.png )

There is too much traffic in front of Polatt.

"Noble!" Alison yells instead, using thrusters and power move to grab Polatt and get out. The door handle is not bothered with.
No. 505924 ID: c4e5c2
File 136606101580.png - (41.13KB , 700x700 , 253.png )

>"Are we sure it's a noble?" the Duelist asks.
>"What sort of 'noble' would attack like this?" Recluse asks back.
>"They have been said to be insane." notes Atlas.
>"... is anyone going to remark that that is a huge beam?!" Iso yells.

Polatt and Unity go flying.
>"I'm gonna run, if you don't mind." She would not expect him to stay.
No. 505925 ID: c4e5c2
File 136606102999.png - (102.42KB , 700x700 , 254.png )

Unity lands on her feet and swings backwards. Whoever that is, must have a great deal of morphability, as it simply looks like he is oozing out on top of the street level. Alison sees 3 cores, and the whole thing looks massive. The power goes out on the buildings as everyone who is about to run, does.

>"I found an internet image search match." Scanner says. "That's just some guy with a high bounty, but not as high as yours. Otherwise, there doesn't seem to be anything remarkable about him! That, and I don't see anything about him having three cores.
>"I will not believe that is 'some guy', I expect it is a noble that is performing under a false flag." thinks Recluse.

>"You must be Loviro's loose end." the center head says.
>"How can you tell?!" asks the right.
>"Trust me." the center replies.
>"That is foolish. It's your fall if you're wrong."
No. 505927 ID: 001618

maybe it's one of those supercores that are used to guard the empires. I mean the really strong ones not the normal ones like we fought not to long ago but if that is the case then it should be weaker if we were to fight all three of them at once... but if they are just three individual jetals then that would almost be a death sentence. is there a way for you to tell if it's a supercore or just three 'normal' cores? as for fight or flight if you think you might actually get some civilians harmed if you fight here I say get out as quick as you can, maybe you might loose him, if you think here is as safe as anywhere else then fight him here. I say start out by hitting him with some of our B class Kilo and megabeams just to knock him around a bit and also to give him a nice surprise when we switch to A-class weapons.
No. 505932 ID: d6ef5d

...if he knows about Loviro, and that's the reason he's after us, he isn't just some random illegal. He's working for the (harvester sim) system. Which makes him at least an operator, quite possibly a noble (and the size of the beam suggests noble). Is suspect Recluse's supposition is correct.

Regardless, noble or no, we need to deal with this threat.

...how big is our opponent? If I'm not misinterpreting that image, he's got eyes bigger than the cars he's oozing over! (Although if he's got density turned way down, I suppose that's not as impressive).

>what do?
We can't win this by closing and coring with the plasma blade(s)- since there are multiple cores. We're therefore going to be forced to fight at range.

Warm up the beam weapons and explosive autoguns. Time to do some damage.
No. 505934 ID: 78c6ea

No. 505947 ID: 76b151

running while be useless, they found us while we are incognito, in a car, without visual confirmation. We gotta fight.
No. 505951 ID: f2c20c

Fire the gigabeam! Also the A-megabeam. We'll only have to burn 60kg to power the immediate cost, and we'll have effectively 1400 surge left over via mass burning. Of note is that we can power the class A Megabeam continuously via our battery's surge regeneration with room to spare. Additionally, our mass burning pool regenerates effectively at 100 surge/bsec, so we can completely support both beams at once if we set the gigabeam to 140 surge/bsec. We would be able to support it for 70bsec if set it to the max consumption of 160, which would mean we're oversurging at 20/bsec. Of note however is that we would also be consuming 10kg/bsec, and we only have 1200kg or so.

How about a new desperation tactic- catch up with other bystander jetals during the battle and core them, stealing their mass for use in the battle and possibly picking up more useful upgrades. We can absorb 1kg/bsec via the Gel method. Obviously we'd have to hide temporarily to gain much mass this way.
No. 505953 ID: 76b151

I don't think we are going to get much from holding back. However staying still is a death sentance. So immediately start running, try to get into the building, use the Gigabeam and the Class A Sword as a rapier. Aim to knock out at least one core with the sword while they concentrate on the beam. I have a feeling these guys will have shields.
No. 505962 ID: f2c20c

Oh, right, and if we activate Cooling, that's another 50 or so surge/bsec. Also, the gigabeam has 150/bsec max surge usage, not 160. So that's 210-147=63 surge/bsec we'd have to make up by burning mass. So, 6.3kg/bsec. Not too bad.
No. 505981 ID: 9e1727

Yeah, like Recluse said, this looks like a Noble supercore in disguise. Though it could be an Operative, since we don't know what level of weaponry they can field or the rules they operate under for using such weapons. Either way, it's big trouble.

Standing out in the street is a bad place to start fighting this supercore from; It can fire its big beams down on us and into the ground without the risk of massive collateral damage it would have if we get way or up higher. There's also some doubt to our identity that we might be able to exploit to make them hesitate.

Make a run for it and evade. Turn thrusters to full, and Power Move to max for straight line movement. Pull up as many maps of this area as you can, including inside the buildings and underground. Look to get behind or inside a building, and up to a higher level, but try to keep above street level so this jetal is less likely to fire its big guns.

While running away, don't fire anything, and shout back that you're not who they want, that you were paid to take this form, and you didn't expect this kind of shit. That may sow the idea in the doubtful one that you're a decoy and might give you some valuable time while they're arguing.

If you get out of sight of them around a building, pull out the heli-drone and throw it up as high as you can to launch it and get visuals over the area.

Once in a better, higher, position, then you can enact firing your beams, as per >>505951 and >>505951 with the Cooling, but initially dial the GigaBeam back to 87 surge/b-second so burning mass isn't needed; It can be turned back up if need be. Also, make sure to turn Cooling on only after the initial surge. And only fire them so that excess beam either goes into the ground or into the sky.

Just out of curiosity, has our bounty gone up since defeating Bodec? Or any special notices or warnings added to it?
No. 506009 ID: c4e5c2
File 136608976130.png - (204.23KB , 700x700 , 255.png )

>Is there a way for you to tell if it's a supercore or just three 'normal' cores
Not that Alison can tell, at least, there's nothing about the three cores that she can see that would tell her the are linked, other than sharing the same jetalium mass.

>How big is the opponent?

>Has our bounty gone up since defeating Bodec?
It has not. A city wide siren erupts, however, both for the internet and over loudspeakers throughout the town that it is under class A jetal combat lockdown. It is recommended that everyone stay indoors.

Clarence gets a GPS, but the surrounding buildings follow the same square grid path, and each building is primarily shops, entertainment and other commercial on the first few floors, with office buildings up above.

Alison will. She fires beams and autoguns behind her as she runs to get inside, but the first door is blocked. It's got a stationary plasma shield over it, one of the ones that are supposedly extremely tough to break. She runs to the next intersection, although saves her energy for blasts.

Alison uses 60 kg to burn enough to fire both the giga and megabeam. The gigabeam takes out a great chunk. All of the cores move as fast as Bodec's internally, so none are hit. The A class megabeam, however, is completely deflected, harmlessly hitting the wall of a building. The bullets hit and explode as expected. Unity's cooling mechanic is activated, but will still require 6.3 kg/second to continue the beams unless she does pull back the giga beam's power.

Massive energy surge detected!

It's a single energy surge again, it may be the same weapon.
No. 506010 ID: 76b151

keep the gigabeam on, try to carve away as much mass as possible. Try to corner one of the cores.

Oh and activate the strength aug in order to boost yourself away from your current location. Also activate shields, though I doubt we will have much luck.
No. 506011 ID: f2c20c

That is a VERY impressive shield. Cut the power on the megabeam. Looks like the gigabeam is all we can use here.

If it's the same weapon we... MIGHT be dead. I honestly wasn't expecting a noble jetal to be so impossibly big. None of the batteries we've seen so far come anywhere close to being able to support such a size, especially at a high morphability level, and nothing approaches the destructive power of this thing. It's like it's cheating. ...considering this is a harvester simulation, maybe it is. It probably got inserted with whatever requested power level it wanted. It just asked for a power level that would completely outclass us on every level. Defense, offense, mass, surge... this is a foe completely beyond us.

Activate Power Move at max power plus thrusters to evade this attack. Burn mass for it, it's fine.
No. 506012 ID: 57a559

Have shields ever gotten in the way of our swords before? We might have to get close. I understand it looks stupid considering its size, but the beast can't possibly use that beam when your on it.

Man, if we can get our hands on this jetal's upgrade, my god the POWER. Something tells me this isn't even a fraction of what an emperor is now though. We might actually need to get the emperor's to kill each other now that i think of it.
No. 506014 ID: 9ddf68

are nobles operators or just other NPCs or 'brains in a jar' because if it is an operator class then if we try to absorb it all of it's mods and weapons will be destroyed along with it's core, we'll still get the jetalium though.

Anyway I say bob and weave as much as you can just to make sure that he can't get a clear shot at you well you try and ditch them anyway you can, through sewers, buildings, hell even if you have to steal a car and learn to drive it on the spot if it means you can get away then just do it. if it comes down to us having to fight however so far the only weapon we now we have that works well is the A class gigabeam and MAYBE our A class sword but I'm not to keen on testing that one out unless we have no choice. So in case of a fight I say we just charge the bastards well trying our best to avoid any attacks they throw at us well hitting them with the Gigabeam and the maybe see if we can't get lucky and core one of them with our sword as we shot past them and then get back to the running.
No. 506019 ID: 9e1727

Test how powerful the GigaBeam has to be to keep punching through this jetal's shields, by dropping the beam power down in increments of 25 surge/b-second every b-second. We can use that later to do a max power hit to punch through, then dial back to keep cutting.

Test if the MegaBeam can get through the jetal's shields if it hits in an area near where the GigaBeam is punching through. If it can't even get in through there just turn it off to save energy. Gonna have to cut it when you round the corner anyway.

Do not turn off that GigaBeam if you can help it, since it costs so much to start back up. Just dial it back to 1 surge/b-second and aim it at the sky, or preferably the ground or a shielded building so we aren't announcing our position by waving around a plasma spotlight.

Cut the autoguns. Unless I missed something, they're doing exactly jack shit against this jetal's high morph and huge mass, so they're just wasting our mass. Probably would need something that shoots artillery shells to actually do damage here.

What do we know about government surveillance over the streets here? 'Cause if there is any, this jetal almost certainly has access to it and will be able to track us by it. I remember mention of "security globes" mounted high up on the sides of the towers, watching the streets. If there are, we should use our GigaBeam to remove them. While next to the building, dial it up, then sweep it up parallel to them to shave the surveillance stuff off.

>Stationary plasma shields
Well, that at least takes away most of the concern about causing massive collateral damage. It does mean we can't take cover inside the buildings, but with the shielding they ought to be able to provide adequate cover from the OMGWTFBBQBeam.

Plan right now is to make a mad dash to clear the corner before the jetal fires that OmegaBeam again, and keep running alongside the building while looking to get behind any cover we can get.

We may have to go underground at some point, but we'll have to make sure there's no surveillance on us first, and launch a heli-drone to see where this jetal is. Are the streets and manholes plasma shielded too?
No. 506026 ID: b53faa


Ok guys, bear with me here: DONT RUN AWAY from this shithead
We gotta go shadow of the collosus on his ass, that laser weapon is far too wide-reaching an effect radius to be able to be dodge effectivly like we did with our last opponent.
I'm assuming they might got 'em some crazy absorbtion things in place, but that is still a better option than straight-up bugzappergun-to-the-face.
But yeah, get in close and start purging like you've never purged before.
I dont recall if it is possible to steal severed jetalium, but if so DO THAT. Do that a LOT, and use THEIR mass to power OUR weapons.
Clice with beam, eat up body, blast with ray gun.
simple, effective, and might actually keep us more-or-less ALIVE after this shit.
No. 506029 ID: f2c20c

Okay, three points to note here:
1) it's fucking massive. Even if we got up close and weren't simply crushed or disabled by its bulk, we won't be able to dig in fast enough to get to their cores. It would be like chasing a squirrel through tar.
2) it's probably got a better core than we do. Remember, our effectiveness at stealing mass/upgrades from another jetal is partly determined by how good our core is compared to theirs. Mostly it's how 'stunned' they are from jetalium loss.
3) we're not close enough to it for us to have a good chance at closing the distance before we get shot.
No. 506055 ID: d6ef5d

>Get indoors
...I'm not sure how that would help, really. If we go into a building to get away, this thing will just come in after us, or blow the building up.

Dang, it's got shields good enough to deflect a megabeam? All that beamspam we downloaded, and now only one of them works?

>Cut the autoguns. Unless I missed something, they're doing exactly jack shit against this jetal's high morph and huge mass
High morph doesn't make you bullet proof- if anything, it probably means he takes more damage from explosive ammo than normal. But yes, the mass he's losing that way is pretty small compared to the overall body.

>gotta go shadow of the collosus on his ass
It's got 3 independent weakpoints, and we have to hit all the them before it goes down. And until we do, the entire surface is alive and able to reform at will, and outmasses us by a factor of what looks to be 100 to 1. He should be able to grapple and crush us at will, and blast us to pieces at his leisure. I don't see it working. (Also, no, we can't sever and steal jetalium fast enough to do what you suggest).

Unless. He's a higher morph than us. That makes him comparatively squishier. What if we formed the plasma sword A into a drill cutter thing, cranked up the power move, and bored right into his squishy body? We could rip and tear from the inside!

...until one of the heads decides firing one of those beams he has at his own body to kill us is a good idea.

>what do
Can we try to mess up the shot? Cave in, blind or decapitate the head or heads firing? And if the beam goes off, try to get it to intersect yours as close to the point of origin as possible. You want the beam-beam reaction explosion to be right on top of that body, if you can manage it (and preferably, father from you). Other than that, get the hell out of the way, of course.

...you know, if this guy is out of our league, we're gonna have some difficulty killing one of the three most powerful people alive.

What are we looking at for police response, here? Is the military coming to crack down on this, or are the authorities giving this guy time to kill you before they respond?
No. 506092 ID: c4e5c2
File 136614499171.png - (127.37KB , 700x700 , 256.png )

>Security globes up at the buildings
The smog, although largely cleared out, still makes it too foggy to see any of those.

Alison uses thrusters and power move to run to the intersection in time. The megabeam cuts out due to the reflection shield continuing to repel it, and cuts the guns. Although they are doing damage on him, he must have so much mass that the cost to fire it is proportionatly higher than the amount the noble is losing, Alison thinks.

She moves her gigabeam upwards as well, to try and fire into where his beam is going. It makes the shift in time, but his beam completely outweighs Alison's gigabeam. His beam continues to Alison, and forms torus plasma explosions outwards as it encounter's Alison's beam.
No. 506093 ID: c4e5c2
File 136614509307.png - (13.45KB , 700x700 , 257.png )

The beam will reach Alison, so she cuts her gigabeam and hides behind the building.

>"Just... launch a J.S.M. already. Several." one of the heads say.

>"We might want to run." The engineer speaks up. "And historian, you may wish to look into how historically accurate this simulation is, from outside the simulation sources. This does not seem physically... sound."
"Guardsman, how big do you think the A class sword can get up to?"
>"Really big!"
"Is it possible to make a drill out of it?"

That might be a possibility, although Alison can imagine a few different ways to how that could go horribly wrong.

>"The shield that deflected the megabeam is not a normal shield like ours." the Engineer continues. "Of course I can't say how it operates, but it looks like it was activated to completely deflect the megabeam, while the gigabeam did not contact any shields whatsoever."

>What is the police/military response?
There is no publicly available response Clarence can find.
No. 506094 ID: 76b151

jetal seeking missiles, I wonder if works on core detection or jetallium. Use the autoguns or our smaller beams as anti-missile defense.

Also go with the drill plan. Try to cleave one core off of the trio and grab it with the sword. We need to limit this guys abilities fast.
No. 506096 ID: b53faa

Wait, what if we tunnel under him and lead his missiles back at the three-headed idiot?
No. 506099 ID: d6ef5d

>We might want to run.
...how, though?

I mean, I accept that with legs, thrusters, and power move, we might be able to outrun him. At that high morph, he can only really ooze, and you can only do that so fast.

What I don't see is how we're supposed to evade fire in the process. He can cut or smash down any buildings in the way, and rain down fire on us. Running is one big gamble we'll continue to evade fire long enough to escape- and if the j.m.s. are jetal seeking missiles, that might be a problem.

Plus, it somehow found us before, in an unmarked car, with a clean face, in the middle of a crowded street. I don't think we can hide from this thing.

...actually, could scanner do a belnos-google-equivalent search and see what what j.m.s. stands for, actually? There must be listings of weapon types on sheep-wiki or whatever. That could effect our strategy.

>sword drill desperation maneuver?
Honestly, charging into the face of doesn't seem any more dangerous than trying to run from a hail of death for s sustained period of time. If our choices are win or die, or escape or die, I'll take the choice with a chance of winning.

No. 506101 ID: 735f4f

With that high of morphability we might just be better off inside of him doing the rip and tear with our sword. That is if he is not cheating horribly and has stuff we cant go up against.
No. 506126 ID: f2c20c

J.S.M. sounds like a Jetalium Solvent Missile. We should avoid getting hit by them. Though... I would like to see if we can catch one and redirect it back at it... that won't work if we have to deal with several of them at once though. Shooting them out of the air until there's just one left may work. This would backfire badly if they are proximity-triggered or lock-on only.

I'm not sure if we have the surge at the moment to activate the A-sword, but if we do, we could use it to drill under the street to get to the sewers and likely escape the missiles that way. We might even be able to escape completely.

Hrm. Let's play it safe and find out just what the maximum size of the A-sword is. It sounded like it was a relatively small sword, but apparently it's not?
No. 506130 ID: c4e5c2
File 136615626831.png - (102.27KB , 1000x500 , 258.png )

A quick internet search confirms that J.S.M. means a Jetalium Seeking Missile.

Energy surge x8 detected! Those, Alison believes, must be them.

"I don't like our running prospects. They were able to find us in an unmarked car somehow. It was odd of them to declare their attack as well, unless they don't have missiles and are tricking us?"
>"I do not believe they are taking this fight seriously. They sound oddly casual, like this is a mildly inconvenient trip to the store for them." the Duelist thinks.

Unity deploys her sword, and by Guardsman's judgement, forms a drill. Plasma is not work the same as a drill would by spiraling in and pushing its way through, but it does break through the street level. Alison simply runs forward with it. Duelist fires a modest number of shots behind Unity to cave in the wall, thinking that the missiles might be smart enough to go through the hole that was made.

As it is, they periodically explode above the street trying to get to Alison, but do no damage.

There is no energy surge detected to imply they are firing at her again.
No. 506131 ID: c4e5c2
File 136615627961.png - (21.69KB , 800x700 , 259.png )

Alison strikes the noble, or what seems to be a jetalium wall. The sword is at it's maximum size, and although it loses it's piercing power for trying to pierce so much as once, this Jetal's density is exceedingly low. They may not have as much mass as their colossal frame would imply. She burns through it with ease, running up the hole she makes. Each of their cores are at the base of each of their necks. Their voices are audible again.

>"-I damn well told you she wouldn't run!"
>"Forget it! Fire, fire!"

Massive energy surge detected!

It's happening again, although surprisingly late, considering Alison is pretty sure they are able to see where she is.
No. 506132 ID: f2c20c

Are they seriously going to fire upon their own body to get at you?

Either lengthen the sword like a spear to strike where their beam weapon is to disable it, or make it small and dense like a shield to protect yourself from the beam.
No. 506133 ID: 735f4f

We should at least test if we can go crazy size on our A sword before we run for it. If we can extend it and change the size to a huge degree then we could attack from here.
No. 506134 ID: 76b151

drill so you are in between the cores so that any beams aimed at you will hit each other. Then try and cut at least one off from the main body. Once its seperate continue to chase it down and seize it.
No. 506138 ID: d6ef5d

>really low density.
Ha! Called it.

>Are they seriously going to fire upon their own body to get at you?
Better to lose some mass than be defeated, so yes.

>what do?
Go right for the core in the center (run/power move/thrust/weapon extend as fast as you can) disable it, and then separate your plasma sword into two lances and launch them at the remaining cores.

The only way you survive this is if you take out all three cores. If any of them gets one of those beams off, there's no way they miss at this range.

...unless you can tell which core is charging? Then maybe we could go right for that one.
No. 506148 ID: 4b5e9d

Do you think there shield would stop our other plasma weapons from inside of them? If not I say fire off everything within reason and see how much damage we can do
No. 506155 ID: c4e5c2
File 136616216268.png - (17.47KB , 700x700 , 260.png )

Unfortunately, Alison can't detect where energy surges are, and there are insufficient visual cues to see where the beam is getting charged out of, so she does not know where to strike nor to defend from.

As such, she continues on to the center head. She does not make it in time before the beam fires. Her jetalium burns away, and fast, but it does not hinder her movement much.

>"Cut the beam!" the center one says.
>"She's going to cut you if we don't! I'm not letting you fuck this up for us!"

They are burning themselves doing this as well, and the beam is so massive that they end up doing far more damage to themselves than Unity. As far as static magnitudes go, anyway, as Alison loses 454 kg from that blast before they injure themselves too much to continue. Proportionately, Alison still lost more. The sword weapon does not appear to make an adequate shield, either, for what little test that was.
No. 506156 ID: c4e5c2
File 136616217349.png - (113.67KB , 700x700 , 261.png )

The center's core tries to get around Alison to go back downward, but the plasma sword is able to morph and move too quickly inside of the low density jetalium for that. With the loss of mass, her plasma sword flickers and is temporarily weakened, but she keeps it going, and her thrusters help her speed greatly. It prevents her from launching any more weapons for a moment, but she is quickly gaining on the core.

>"No no... nonono" the center starts chanting. "I can't fire the beam again! You guys shoot her!"
>"We can't, you spent all of our damn battery!" the left goes. "All we have left are mediocre weapons! Give us a moment!"
>"I've got the Tera Beam, and I don't have a moment! Fire anything!"

A laser sniper comes and pierces through Alison. It scrapes her core and flickers her thrusters and sword again, but Bodec's B class dodge prevents it from being a direct hit. She regains control. The sniper only continues on for a few seconds before dissipating. Another bit of mass is lost, she was not bisected. Her surge is back to full, and if she goes a single moment again without taking such damages, she will be able to fire more weapons again instead of barely hanging onto what she has.

>"God damn Loviro, the hell did he do to make this one?" the right thinks aloud.
No. 506159 ID: f2c20c

I'm sorry, did you say our surge is full? Well, from our experience, they only have one deflective shield. Or maybe only one head has it. Fire 4 Kilobeams. Aim for the other heads, two beams each. Try to take out their eyes.
No. 506161 ID: 76b151

After that core. If we get it we won't have to worry about the major beam again.

To distract the other cores aim a gigabeam at one of them. It looks like we have the surge to do it.
No. 506166 ID: d6ef5d

Great beams of fire! Didn't realize we could run right those.

All right. Can we finish off the middle core? He has the terabeam. If we get that for ourselves (or even just deny it to them) we've basically won this battle.

Are we close enough to the core we can use the sword's shapeshifting properties to hit it? Extend needles/lances out from the drill to disables and/or snare it and drag it back to us? That would be faster than chasing it.

>if she goes a single moment again without taking such damages, she will be able to fire more weapons again
We could fire the gigabeam at the sniper-core. If we're only one neck away, that doesn't really leave him room to dodge. ...or alternatively we could fire strait up at the middle core. Just long enough to burn off the jetalium around the core, but not enough to fry it. Then we turn off the beam (or turn it to fire at another head or core) and catch the middle core as it falls down the cylinder we blasted to us.
No. 506169 ID: 46320f

If you don't think there shields will work this close fire your mega beams at the other two cores and if you can't hit them then just try and carve out the cores to remove them from the majority of there mass as we grab the center core
No. 506175 ID: 57a559

HaHa yes! Twist your head around lighthouse style with the megabeam after we get that core!
No. 506206 ID: 153d9d

>>506161 >>506159
Don't forget that the beams will need to burn through the current neck's jetalium to reach them, if it's more efficient try to bore a few small tunnels in it with the sword before firing the beams. Preferably as you create spikes to trap the core/ after disabling the core.
No. 506218 ID: c4e5c2
File 136617697421.png - (81.43KB , 800x600 , 262.png )

Alison keeps thrusting upwards. The core moves, trying to expand its mass upwards to make more escape room. It does not get much farther, and Alison wraps and cages it in a small ball of jetalium, bringing it to her. She fires at the other two cores, as she cannot tell where the heads are while inside of the head.

"Thought so." says the Engineer. "Only one shield can be activated at a time."

Alison gets the core and shoves it in her trenchcoat.

Experimental Battery E.V.: A battery specializing in high volume, low density forms. Extremely high surge value with fairly high capacity, but loses the ability to burn mass and has slow surge regeneration.
Tera Beam Class S added - A wide range beam, but the intensity per square meter is relatively weak, therefore, it is best against large targets.
Surge Detection Class B - Ability to detect the general vicinity of where an energy surge is located.

"Large energy surge detected!" It is coming from the left head.

She can also absorb mass, as the other two cores are too far away from Alison's position to control that part. It is, however, starting to fall fast as a result, making the kilobeams difficult to aim. This is impractical at the moment, as she still has difficulty doing much more than moving while absorbing.
No. 506221 ID: f2c20c

Can't use the terabeam yet, not enough surge. Damn. Not sure if we want to switch to that new battery. Let's take the other heads' batteries to compare.

Dive down the tunnel you made to dodge this weapon. Activate thrusters, of course.

Also I can't believe we're winning this fight.
No. 506222 ID: 78c6ea

Class S? There's a class S?!?
No. 506223 ID: de262c

This will have been the third time in a Lagotrope quest that we have killed a supposedly unbeateable god character.
No. 506225 ID: 2a8a2a

This new beam seems significantly smaller than the Terrabeam, so we can probably block or reduce it significantly lot of we focus our four beams on its location.

Unbeatable? It is pretty much assumed in the rules that we have a reasonable shot at killing the emperor himself eventually, and this guy seems like small fry compared to him.
No. 506226 ID: 76b151

I think we can start using our thrusters propely now. We're almost at the 600 KG limit. Use it to propel ourselves downwards so we are at the level of the head that defleceted the kilobeam. Wait until we have enough surge. Then use the gigabeam BELOW the core so it is forced upwards via core dodge. Then activate the sword and thrusters to pursue it.

On the way down grab some jetallium to convert to mass. We'll need it for surge generation.
No. 506227 ID: 76b151

also, I think we should turn off coling right now. We're at the halfway point as far as battery goes. A 20% boost isn't worth it anymore.
No. 506228 ID: 76b151

also, I think we should turn off coling right now. We're at the halfway point as far as battery goes. A 50% boost isn't worth it anymore.
No. 506238 ID: 9e1727

Battery level is getting low; At the current rate, you'll hit dangerously low within 50 b-seconds. For now cut Cooling and burn mass to make up the surge deficit. Don't even think of absorbing mass right now; You need all the mobility you can get at the moment.

Swing all four of those KiloBeams towards the left head's core. Cut above, below, and around the core to separate it from the main mass, or at least the mass that's charging to fire, and to possibly trap it.

At the same time, use thrusters to move through the hole you're making in the falling head with the beams to get out, and have a clear view of the target. Then use the thrusters to slow your fall and maneuver around the left head while firing.

That experimental battery does not look good for us at all, since it'd remove the only way we have to recharge at the moment. Good that you didn't absorb it, or if you did you didn't activate it.
No. 506273 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. That new battery doesn't sound helpful unless we want to be a blob ourself. Can we deactivate that? Seems like we wouldn't want something optimized for low density running when we're at high density- it might actually impede our function! (wiki also don't show no increase in our battery).

>what do?
Put the drill directly blow us, and fire the thrusters down. We're going to ground baby- right out the bottom of this puddle. Let the beam attack coming splatter uselessly against its own mass and the ground.

Then we can see how it likes being blasted from underground with a terabeam.

...and cutting cooling seems a good idea.

>class S
Yeah, the authorities sent this thing, then. No way anyone else would be allowed to have this. Or if they did, they'd be hunted just as badly as we have been.

Oddly, the core wasn't protected against absorption as we'd been warned, though. No autodestruct sequence.

>it is best against large targets
Well we got one of those! Too bad we can't really aim in freefall.

The first time we've beaten a boss by carving it up from the inside and just absolutely ignoring it as it hits us with its most powerful attacks, though.
No. 506274 ID: 76b151

well to be fair it did burn through about half our mass
No. 506288 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, hey. Just to add insult to injury, you think we'll be able to collect the bounty on these guys?

If they're not EIN connected, we should be able to just walk off with the cores if we win. (And then pass them off to our buddies to be cached in).
No. 506289 ID: 76b151

honestly? We should kill them. They basically are our enemies here and in the real belonesian world. We let them go we'll fight them again garunteed. Besides they killed Loviro. I kinda want vengeance for that.
No. 506292 ID: d6ef5d

We'd only fight them again if they somehow made it out the o-route, tonight. And I don't see how they'd do that without a body. Even if another operative carries the cores out, we're busting out during the next window anyways, and will have some control over who gets through. (We could just blast them then).

Plus there's the fact that next time it would be easier since we already stole their stuff. And Engineer suspects they were using the simulation to cheat, anyways (meaning up a layer, in the "real" world, they might not be as strong).

...and we don't know they killed Loviro. Just that they know of him. It's not implausible the enemy would have sent multiple agents- different ones after us, Loviro, Felix, etc. Actually, that's kind of what I expected, to prevent us from being able to respond to and help our friends.

Plus, more money is good. We want to get as much as we can for the Undertool (and anything that we can take with us out of the harvester sim is gonna be expensive).
No. 506293 ID: 76b151

I'm pretty sure if you have access to the system you can circumvent O-Route.... which I would do if I want to pull someone high up like a Noble would be. After all they probably wouldn't want to have to wait around for 40 hours. Remember this is a computer simulation, the rules aren't hardcoded. All O-Route is is an automated exit. You can surely do things manually.
No. 506302 ID: c4e5c2
File 136622049959.png - (49.48KB , 700x700 , 263.png )

>There's a Class S?
From what Loviro said, the legal limit includes an upper limit of what constitutes each class, including A. Anything beyond A's upper limit is considered 'S'.

Alison lets gravity do its thing, and brings her down the tunnel she just made. Although the head is bending as it falls itself, so thrusters and power move are still used to navigate.

"I was thinking the upper world or something would have destroyed the core before I absorbed it."
>"Normal operatives would have, but supposedly nobles would not be destroyed so readily." the Engineer says.
>"Still! We should keep at least one of these cores alive for questioning." says Scanner.

Cooling is cut off. And although she absorbed the new battery, it is not currently activated. And given how well it is working for her opponent, it will probably continue to not be active.

Alison still wants to get low, so she keeps her sword up. Unfortunately between thrusters, four kilobeams and the sword, it would take 9.5 kg per b-second of mass burning to keep it up, which is not appealing considering she has less than 700 kg remaining. Although the kilobeams are constantly burning a great deal of their mass, they are proving incapable of lopping off any necks before the high morphing jetal is able to repair past incisions. So, she merely keeps the thrusters and sword to burrow down, and get enough surge to make large attacks if need be.

>"Um, Alison, there is a gigantic ball of death heading our way. It looks like they're able to control it, because it's chasing us." Scanner observes.
"It's not a beam? It's slow moving. They're probably going to push it right through themselves. I was thinking we would just fall all the way through and collect enough energy to use the terabeam."
>"We could do that." says the Duelist. "But going up a neck to trap a core worked well last time, and we could do that to the rightmost core. I believe it will do so much damage to itself, that it will not be able to hold that giant 'ball of death' together."
No. 506303 ID: 76b151

Welp, I think Duelist is right, lets go to the rightmost core, chase it down. To slow the deathball down seperate and throw chunks of jetallium away from the body as you travel. The lower class swords should be fine to do it if the Class A is too busy chewing through to make your passage. Try to keep the deathball between you and the other core so it an't use that laser against you. Getting hit can be disasterious.
No. 506305 ID: d6ef5d

It occurs to me this battle must look very silly from the outside. (Stop shooting yourself!).

>gigantic ball of death chasing us
Hey! They know how to cast orb of destruction. =D

>terrabeam or neck run?
Is the rightmost one the one the same one that cast / is controlling the ball of death? If not, the other core might be willing to place it's companion at risk to finish us off before it loses.

I'm assuming the ball of death takes a constant battery drain to control and hold together? That means they won't be able to snipe us again, and they already lost the terrabeam.

I guess overall I like duelist's plan. The problem with turning the terrabeam on them is that while it might hurt, it doesn't exactly get us their cores.
No. 506313 ID: c4e5c2
File 136622603823.png - (77.32KB , 700x700 , 264.png )

Alison will perform Duelist's idea.

>"Oh come on, why me?!" the rightmost exclaims. "And you, are you seriously boring through our jetalium just to get to her?!"
>"Oh, like we have a choice! It's catching up, just wait a second!"

The rightmost is expanding mass upward, trying to get farther away from Alison this time.

>"Catch her, catch her!" says Right.
>"There's no way she can avoid it! This weapon's too stable, she's done for!"
>"So am I, you bastard!"
No. 506314 ID: c4e5c2
File 136622617654.png - (107.33KB , 700x700 , 265.png )

Alison flies out of the top of its head this time, managing to grab the core and absorb it. It's got the same core dodge B and the battery the center core had, but there are other, non-redundant weapons.

Sniper B - a concentrated beam that does not burn much mass, but can potentially bisect a jetal if done swiftly enough.
Reflection Shield - May be deplyoyed, and will reflect projectile plasma weapons. Ineffective towards kinetics, melee plasma, and tends to be fickle. The surge required is greately dependant on the weapon used, and usually is equivalent to the weapon itself. For beam weapons, this includes the surge startup cost, and the surge continuation cost to continue deflecting it.

The orb is still chasing Alison, and comes up from underneath her.

So she deflects it, for 1000 surge.

>".... fuck." goes the left core. The reflection seems to have made the left core lose control of it, although Alison did not gain it, so it merely bounces back towards the jetal's body.
No. 506316 ID: 76b151

Right, We don't want him making another of those so we need to prevent him from using it again. He probably also has those JSM so prepare to use weapons as anti-missile defense.

I suggest sniping at his core, while we use the thruster to get close to him. Be prepared to deflect any other weapons that come your way.
No. 506317 ID: d6ef5d

Ha! We reflected it! It really is orb of destruction.

Right. All it's got left is the J.m.s.-es and the OoD.

Fly across to the final head (advantage of losing all that mass) and prepare to spear into it! Deflect any orbs fired with the reflector shield, protect yourself from any j.m.s-es launched using your autoguns to make explosive flak, and try and snipe him in advance of your entry to make the grabbing easier.

Once the last chimera-core is disabled, start absorbing jetlium first for for battery (we're pretty low) and then mass as soon as possible (before we even hit ground). Text Polatt, we beat it, you okay, any idea what kind of police response is coming this way or how long we have?
No. 506318 ID: 76b151

Also if he tries to head down towards the center mass use the gigabeam or terabeam to cut him off. We have the surge now.
No. 506323 ID: f2c20c

Use the sniper to chop its head off, if we have the surge for it. Then run down the neck of the one we just conquered and go for the core of this one.

Or I guess we could use the Terabeam. Just gotta be sure not to destroy his core with it.
No. 506325 ID: 001618

so we are light enough to fly now right? Cause I say instead of going back down and trying to dig through this guys neck as well we just fly at him and aim just under his core and then start cutting up so he can't escape. After we beat this guy start gel absorbing as we don't know how quickly the local law enforcement will get here and also I'm sure there is more then enough jetalium to absorb even with the gel method. Can you text Polatt well absorbing cause if you can text Polatt to see if there is any heat coming now and maybe have someone form unity check the news to see if that gives us any tips on when the law is about to show up.
No. 506342 ID: c4e5c2
File 136624014512.png - (37.68KB , 700x700 , 266.png )

Alison still cannot fly, as she can only float at an elevation deficit. Which is good enough, nonetheless, to float over quickly enough to the other neck.

Missiles are launched, and Alison has to expend around 30 kg of constant fire to get every missile to go out.
No. 506343 ID: c4e5c2
File 136624015343.png - (24.15KB , 700x700 , 267.png )

Thrusters flip up to swing Alison down into the core at great velocity. It does not get much of a chance to dodge.

Jetalium Seeking Missiles Class A - Up to 8 can be fired at once. Each has its own camera, allowing sight to surroundings, as well as jetalium signatures. 100 surge is required per missile, as well anywhere between 20 and 200 kg. The jetal who fires it will have control over the missiles as well, hence, despite its name, it can also be used as simply remote controlled missiles.
Plasma Well S - A concentrated orb of plasma that, instead of being focused as an entry and exit for beam weapon energy, simply collects on itself and is controlled by the Jetal.

"Polatt, are you alright, and if so, is there any heat coming?" Alison texts.
>"I'm good, thanks. No heat for awhile, that guy is a criminal, they're saying, so this is just a big crime fighting crime case. Collateral damages aside. They'll be out to sweep up soon, they'll probably start coming once the plasma shields on the buildings run dry."

Alison believes that there is around 4,000 kilograms leftover that she can absorb. She may also let the cores she's gathered up to speak.

She also has absorbed two more items than she feels she can handle at the moment. She will either have to get rid of deprecated weapons or addons, or increase her morph level by some amount. Given that she is stocked with useless bits, she will get rid of those right now regardless.
No. 506346 ID: 76b151

get rid of all our class C and lower weapons, keep 2 Class C autoguns though. That will free up 7 slots. If we need more get rid of some of the B class beams. We really don't need so many of those.
No. 506348 ID: f2c20c

Drop the Plasma Shot F and the Plasma Absorption addons. They are completely useless right now.
No. 506349 ID: 76b151

Lets absorb as much jetallium as possible. We have a lot of battery to make up. Take one of the noble supercores and interrogate it while doing so. If it refuses to answer shatter it. Then move on to the next. We basically want to know if there are any other nobles running around. What kind of response will its defeat bring in and what has it done to Loviro and the others.
No. 506352 ID: d6ef5d

>two too many addons
Discard the Experimental Battery E.V. (we're never gonna use a blob form) and the plasma absorb.

Holy shite, we'll never get all that.

Start gel absorbing now. First charge up the battery to full, then start grabbing as much mass as we can as fast as we can.

If we can set the cores safely where they can't access the jetalium pile, give them enough mass to talk and start interrogating them. Why did they come after us (although we're pretty sure we know), how did they find us? Were they sent after anyone else? Was any else sent after anyone else?

Make no promises to let them go. When we're done, I want to steal their jetalium again, so we can take them and have the dead batteries cash them in for the bounty.

I see no reason to discard things before we have reason to. There's no advantage to having empty slots.
No. 506354 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and absorb enough to get us to 1500kg. That will make us use 1953 battery/hour but I think it's worth having the extra buffer. So long as we recharge here by burning excess jetalium, we're good.

I'll note that if we want to go above like 1900kg, we'd need that experimental battery just because our current battery doesn't have a high enough maximum surge to handle it. Getting to 1900kg would require lowering our morphability too, as we'd need 3970 max surge to enable movement.

Hmm... if the experimental battery has a ^3 surge requirement like ours, and assuming the noble had at least 5k jetalium, it must have... over 360k max surge? That can't be right. It didn't use anywhere near that much surge attacking us. It must have a ^2, or actually work better with extremely high morphability. Merely switching to ^2 they'd need 5100 max surge at 5k jetalium, or around 7400 at 6k.
No. 506356 ID: 76b151

we should at the very least look at the stats of the EV battery before throwing it away, or see if theres anyway to integrate the higher surge without losing our current recharge value.
No. 506358 ID: 9ddf68

things to drop, Well I say we get rid of the plasma shot F as we only used that once before we upgraded and plasma absorb as we got shields and that absorb thing only works for C class plasma weapons and lower and I'm fairly confident that the days (more like hours) of fighting enemies with C class weapons are over.

As for what we should do about all the jetalium around, I say gel absorb as much as you can, starting with recharging our battery then gaining as much mass as our battery can handle then just getting out of there.

As for the three jetals I say give them just enough jetalium to let them talk and see what you can get out of them. Who are they, Why did they attack us, what happened to Loviro and Vinyl (not to worried about Felix as he is an operator even if only part time), and anything else you think might be relevant? Then If we still plan on getting into a 'meeting' with Priat Kij give the three of them to Polatt to turn in the bounty and see if we can't catch up with the guy.
No. 506361 ID: 9e1727

Dive back below street level into the crater so anybody watching from the buildings can't see you before starting to absorb or talk to these jetal cores. Make sure to only give them a very small amount of jetalium, so they can't try to "volumize" themselves up to attempt to run away.

Once they're talking, start by asking who they are, 'cause they're definitely not that jetal on the bounty sheet. Then ask how they found you, who sent them, if anyone, and what happened to Loviro. Also ask who or what is going to come after you next.

Either text back Polatt to ask approximately how long do building size plasma shields take to run dry, or do an Internet search on it. That'll give you a rough idea of how long you'll have to get what you can here and get gone.

Burn mass to recharge fully, then start absorbing this mass with a combination of straw and gel that'll get you the most mass in the time you have before you have to flee. Aim to get a final mass of 1500 kg, but if you have time absorb more, then separate the excess from your body to carry; Use Power Move to carry more, and just burn mass to power it. You can cache it elsewhere so you'll have spare mass in case something goes wrong, or perhaps even sell it through the DBs.

If you still need to dump modules to keep your morph level the same even after removing the junk, throw out the Plasma Blaster F, and both of the Kinetic Autoguns D, in that order until you have room. Gonna have to remember to ask Polatt if the DBs could hook you up with one or two module boxes to carry around just in case you have to offload any in the future.

Once done here, flee back underground the way this tri-jetal came from, stripping and dumping their cores out of range of any jetalium. Then change appearance to something you haven't used yet (perhaps a belenosian rendition of Succubus, with the same kind of heart-tail but bigger horns) and text Polatt that you're going to need a pickup; One that can carry a lot of weight.

The details for Sniper B, and Reflection Shield B are missing from the wiki stats page, and Surge Detection B is incomplete.
No. 506386 ID: c4e5c2
File 136625569103.png - (15.62KB , 700x700 , 268.png )

>Core battery number crunching
Alison only recently had a ^3 exponent to her surge requirement to function with her latest active battery, as most batteries to date have only had ^2. That, and the inactive battery she just picked up seems specialized to high volume, high mass, as well as having an extremely high surge with bad regen.

The fight itself was quick, so the estimation Alison gets for the plasma de-activation is around 30 b-minutes. She begins the undignified action of gel absorption.

Enough jetalium to speak is given to one core at a time.

"I would like to know if there are any other nobles around?"
"I can crush you right now, you know."
>"... fine, there's one more in case you beat me."
"It was believed you might lose?"
>"Well yeah. I'm just being tested, damnit! I was promised I could be a noble jetal if I could beat you."
"If I understand you right, then, you aren't even a noble?"
>"Well now I'm certainly not! No Ruby medallion for me."
"And you're from Ruby?"
>"Is that a problem?"
"Not with you. Do you know what happened to Loviro and Vinyl?"
>"Hell no, I was just supposed to take care of you. Sapphire nobles are taking care of that one."
"How did you find me?"
>"Geez, I don't know. It was one of the other Ruby nobles that took care of tracking you. Only told me where to hide."
"How many are there?"
>"Two nobles each for Ruby and Sapphire, one noble-to-be, and... Me. The other guy is supposed to take out another loose end other than you. Enjoy that knowledge while you can, you're gonna get a ruby noble to succeed where I failed?"
"Yeah. Why is Ruby after me anyway?"
>"Like I'd ask!"
No. 506391 ID: f2c20c

Alright let's ask the next core the questions we didn't get answers to.
No. 506392 ID: c4e5c2
File 136625655624.png - (8.76KB , 700x700 , 269.png )

Alison moves the jetalium to the next core.

"Do you have any answers to the questions the last one didn't have?"
>"No, we were all told the same thing and I would like to tell him that he is a self centered megalomaniac that did not even consider our existence. The other noble to be that is hunting the other loose end is only a single core. I suppose I can take solace knowing that that jerk won't do much better than we did, if both of you loose ends are on equal footing."
No. 506394 ID: f2c20c

We're actually not sure how strong the other "loose end" is. What do they mean by "loose ends" anyway? Do they refer to the glitch that resurrected the two teams?
No. 506395 ID: f2c20c

...hang on, this guy doesn't seem too sympathetic to the Ruby Emperor. Maybe he can help us more directly...
No. 506398 ID: d6ef5d

>why is Ruby after us?
Well, to be fair, it's not like many people know we're gunning for Sapphire. So far as the emperors know, we're just a rogue operator jetal with too much power. That's reason enough to want us dead.

Maybe Ruby is the one who administers over the harvester sim? Would explain his interest.

>more questions?
Does he know if the other attacks are happening simultaneously, or if we still have time to interfere? The other pseudo-noble is a jetal, what about the two nobles- jetals, robots, or cyborgs?

>other lose end
Gotta be Sevener. I'd text her a warning- "Hey, if it hasn't happened yet, Ruby is sending a pseudo-noble jetal to try and kill you." (After all, it doesn't serve our interests to see her killed, yet).
No. 506399 ID: 735f4f

Yeah see if we can get any clues to who the other loose end is. If we can find them quickly enough we might be able to help with the battle.
No. 506400 ID: c4e5c2
File 136625717248.png - (11.49KB , 700x700 , 270.png )

"What do you mean by loose end?"
>"Dunno, just heard some sapphire noble say it, and I think he was quoting the Emperor. Cause you were made by Loviro and all, and he's dead, well, supposed to be dead, but a few of his last special cores lasted because I don't know. Sapphire emperor just really wanted you two dead. Loose ends."
"Are the attacks happening simultaneously?"
"Doubt it, I wasn't hearing any battles outside of us, so maybe a bit later? Dunno."
>"You don't sound too sympathetic to the Ruby Emperor."
"Well you're wrong. We're probably just gonna get killed by his hand over this, failure wasn't an option and all that."
"Are the nobles jetals or cyborgs or what?"
>"Not jetals, I know that much."

Sevener has appeared to cut contact with Alison, so Alison can't give a friendly warning.
No. 506401 ID: 9ddf68

Kay, so ruby is after our head and Sapphire is after Sevener for whatever reason. ask if they just sent nobles after us at random or is there a reason that it seems certain factions are after our head? and if certain empires are gunning for us ask if they know were the third empire stands then in all of this.

Also what time is it currently?
No. 506402 ID: f2c20c

Interesting. Also, a bit of a pity that the nobles won't be jetals. We won't be able to gain power from fighting them.

I think the most advantageous thing we can do right now is go over to where Sevener is, and wait until she gets attacked. Then we can maybe either snipe her while she's distracted, or steal her attacker's core. Or both.
No. 506403 ID: f2c20c

I think what's happening is that Sapphire wants both us and Sevener dead, and is probably paying Ruby somehow to help out.
No. 506404 ID: 76b151

The other loose end is obviously Anya\Sevener. Looks like shes going to come across some Class S weapons as well. I doubt she will lose. Lets go find Loviro and Vinyl. Message Flint as well to see if you can't track them down.

You know what, if this guy isn't a noble I'm of the opinion that we should just let them go... but stripped of all jetallium so they can't go after us again to make up for their mistake.
No. 506405 ID: 57a559

But you're a jetal, and you were going to be a noble if you beat us. This is so confusing.

So... can we get powers from cyborgs too? Do they have tasty cores with powers in them? I imagine there MIGHT be some software interface. I ponder if one can be a cyborg where all your cybernetic or roboty parts are made from jetallium, and creature that is both organic and jetal. Hmmmmm.

Whatever. So, hey, does he want to help? Or want help fighting so he doesn't get executed for failing? There's no hard feelings here. Being a noble sucks anyway, we can just kill all the emperors, make the government fall into pieces, and not have to be on the run anymore! Good plan eeeeh, Hydra? I mean, obviously we won't be able to enjoy the fruits of our destruction of this sim's government, but it isn't that way for these lifeforms, so they might be into it.

Also, you guys (The Hydra heads) should just absorb each other's cores a little bit so you can get each other's weapons now. Well, if you want to ally up together.
No. 506407 ID: d6ef5d

>>Core battery number crunching
...does that mean the E.V. battery is actually improving our performance or not?

>Not simultaneous
Well... then maybe we can intercept the nobles going after Loviro and Felix / Vinyl before it's too late. (Don't assume Loviro is already dead. There's 3-4 thousand of us in here- as long as we believe he's alive, maybe the simulation will too). If we can figure out how.

>can't contact Sevener
...do the police have an anonymous tip line? We could leave a message using our kind of jargon so locals wouldn't understand. Say...

Message for Anya: Naga says the Red Administrator is deploying a Hunter to Rend 7er

>gonna be killed for this
You know, if they're going to execute you, it seems to me your best option then is hoping I actually win this fight. Or at least do enough damage that no one who's left cares about you. Anything else you wanna spill?
No. 506409 ID: d6ef5d

>But you're a jetal, and you were going to be a noble if you beat us. This is so confusing.
Noble is a rank. They can be jetals, cyborgs, robots, whatever.
No. 506411 ID: 9ddf68

ask if the emperors are just throwing nobles at you at random or if each emperor is gunning for us specifically (ruby to us and sapphire to Sevener)? And if they emperors are after us specifically where does the third emperor stand in all of this?

Also what time is it?
No. 506417 ID: 76b151

probably around 65:00, our battle ended pretty quickly.
No. 506418 ID: c4e5c2
File 136625947531.png - (14.99KB , 700x700 , 271.png )

>Does that mean the E.V. battery is actually improving our performance or not?
Alison absorbed it, but it is not the active battery. Engineer, however, is vividly shaking his head at the prospect of using that battery. She will seek a better battery elsewhere.

>Anonymous tipline to get to Anya.
There is no anonymous tipline, unfortunately.

"So Jetals can be nobles?"
>"Uh, yeah."
"Are the emperors just throwing nobles at us?"
>"Everything is fucking complicated with them, so I doubt it's random, but I sure as hell don't know what the method to the madness is. I tell you, though, Sapphire and Ruby do not get along, so there's a lot of stuff between the lines they say to each other."
"So, if you're going to die anyway, would you - and this goes for any of you - like to fight with me? You'll at least ge- hold that thought."

>"Alison not to buzzkill your thing, but there's a damn good chance that if you put these guys back in a position of any power, there's a damn good chance it's just going to give them a chance to sell you out for their ambitions." Strongarm says. "So, uh, just something to think about."

Alison just finishes refilling her battery. It has been about 9 b-minutes since the battle ended, and is currently 62:11.
No. 506420 ID: 76b151

... he has a valid point. Thank him. Im gonna vote leaving them in a garbage bin somewhere for Polatt to pick up.
No. 506421 ID: f2c20c

...hrm. That is a good point. I imagine Ruby would let one failure slide so long as they eventually got the job done.

I think we should just ask if they have any last requests or final pieces of advice, then destroy their cores so Ruby can't do anything worse than that to them.
No. 506423 ID: d6ef5d

Strongarm is completely right, by the way. Their second best option for survival is to hope you win this. Their first best bet is to kill you. Which is what they will try if you give them the chance.

We should strip them of their jetalium, and pass them off to the dead batteries to cash them in for their bounty, for what it's worth.

~2 minutes to refill the battery? Okay. Keep absorbing. We'd like to get back up to 1000-1500 kg before we have to run.

>no tip line
Jeeze, what is wrong with this civilization.

C'mon, we're part of the mob aren't we? They've gotta have ways to pass messages to people who don't feel like answering the phone, or have contacts in the police. We could have a note left on Anya's desk, or where she lives, or whatever.
No. 506425 ID: 04b86a

I have a few questions for them. First, we've never been on the receiving end of an absorption, so I'm curious: did they lose the modules we gained from them?

Next, were they given operative status before they fought us?

And third, what do the nobles look like, and which one is waiting to fight us?
No. 506435 ID: c4e5c2
File 136626206710.png - (13.37KB , 700x700 , 272.png )

"Good point Strongarm, thank you."

"I'm curious. Do you lose modules when I absorb you?"
>"No. Now what was that bit about fighting with you?"
"Nothing. What do the nobles look like?"
>"A Ruby one sort of looks like a more menacing version of those security bots. Bigger, too. The other one looks kinda like the news anchor. They'll probably be wearing their insignias anyway. I dunno what the sapphires look like."
"Which one's going to fight me?"
>"Dunno, either of the ruby ones I guess."
"Thanks. Were you given operative status before fighting me?"

That's some relief. Alison texts Polatt.
Hey, would it be possible for one of your guys to pass a message to Anya?
>I can have that done quick enough, sure, we have unofficial channels. You want me to try picking you up, or leave you to run? Better question. Where should we meet and when?
Well first, do you want the cores I've got? You might be able to trade them in for the bounty, they were pretending to be some criminal.
>Problem with that is the bounty office is gonna find out, and it was still a noble, right?
Actually, someone working to get noble rank.
>Well, they'll find out, then they're gonna wonder why the dead batteries are gonna be turning in someone in close contact with the nobles, and it's not gonna be good. For us.
Right. I understand.

Alison will spend the next 5~10 b-minutes collecting mass until she is back up to 1000~1500, barring any reason not to.
No. 506437 ID: d6ef5d

Alright. No bounty. Guess we just dump the cores somewhere?

>pickup or meet?
It would probably be better if we got out and met somewhere than if he tried to drive a vehicle into a locked down disaster area to pick us up. That would be noticed, and we can sneak out underground, if we gotta.

Not sure exactly where we go next. We've got multiple nobles in play, and we're not sure which one is gonna hit where, next.

>Alison will spend the next 5~10 b-minutes collecting mass
Sounds good.
No. 506438 ID: 76b151

We should try phoning Felix and Vinyl while we wait. They deserve warining as well as Anya... and maybe they know where Loviro is.
No. 506439 ID: f2c20c

Hang on. What about the mods? Can't we pack the experimental battery mod into a box and the Dead Batteries can sell it? We might be able to do that with some of our other lower-rank mods as well.

Lastly, ask for ideas on what to do with these cores, if we're not going to turn them in as the bounty or kill them. It seems a bit risky to have them on our person all the time.
No. 506440 ID: f2c20c

Contacting Felix might get him in trouble, but Vinyl sure.
No. 506441 ID: 76b151

Either put em somewhere or crush em.
No. 506443 ID: 76b151

felix is WITH vinyl.
No. 506444 ID: 9ddf68

well we got the meeting with Priat Kij (it was at 80:00 hours or what?) if we feel he is still worth the time of day and I thought we were going to hold on to our weapons and other mods until we met with undertool (at 120:00 right?) and just sell what we don't need/use any more and then see what we can or can not buy. as for the cores we could either just toss them some where and forget about it, just smash them right here or now, or we could be less of a dick and maybe try and send them somewhere, maybe mail them if you don't think they will get found out that way. As for where to mail them to just ask them a safe place to hide or just text Polatt were he thinks a good place to hide them might be.
No. 506446 ID: d6ef5d

No, undertool is at 82:00, Priat Kij at 75:00. (crtl F is your friend).

Also, as nice an idea as selling off some of our extra mods might be, I go the impression that the specialized tech to offload jetal mods is rather expensive. As in probably worth more than any of the stuff we would be willing to part with.
No. 506451 ID: 9e1727

They're undoubtedly EIN-linked, so carrying them around would be tantamount to carrying a tracking beacon and that's not going to happen. Just drop them on the street or just inside one of the sewer tunnels.

Selling unneeded modules might be worth thinking about, if the cost of a module box is below what they'd fetch if sold by the Dead Batteries on the black market. They probably wouldn't touch that experimental E.V. battery, though, 'cause it'd be traced right back to this fight, but the other modules are fair game.

Text Polatt that you'll get clear of the lockdown area on your own, then contact him for a pickup. Have him get the warning to Anya, as written here >>506407.

As to where to go next, we don't really know. Loviro is in the wind and out of contact, if he isn't already dead, so finding him would be near impossible. If Vinyl and Felix aren't still at the bar, we don't know where they are. We can still have Polatt contact the bar and check when they left, and if they left anything or any hint of where they went. We don't know where Anya is either, but if the DB's contacts can get her a message, then maybe they can find her so we can intercept the jetal gunning for her.

We might want to go to get that jetal heading for Sevener/Anya. Since Anya is EIN-linked, that means her location will be known to Sapphire and the emperors, and EIN may even be able to lock her down remotely. If they're after her even though she got herself hooked into EIN, then she's not going to be safe anywhere. That is, unless she somehow got her hands on an EIN jammer, but I'd rather not take that chance.
No. 506452 ID: 9ddf68

I thought since guns were so rare here we would have made some profit when things were said and done, and couldn't we just use some of those auxiliary boxes to off load some of our mods and then just sell those? But hey we can do what we always do when in doubt, ask someone else and hope they have an answer.

(thanks for the giving the times by the way)
No. 506454 ID: d6ef5d

>They're undoubtedly EIN-linked
Why? The nobles are above the law (they use weapons that explicitly defy what is defined as legal, and the emperors control EIN, not the other way around) and these guys in particular are posing as a criminal. If anything, an EIN link seems unlikely.
No. 506456 ID: c4e5c2
File 136626705663.png - (19.33KB , 700x700 , 273.png )

I'll meet you somewhere else. Alison texts. Better not come into this area. I think I might want to try and find Loviro, Vinyl or Felix.
>Just a sec on that one........ I got info on Felix, he's in the usual bar. Vinyl isn't there.
Oh, and I do have some modules that might be worth putting in a module box for you guys to sell.
>Sounds like hot stuff, but that might be something undertool would be interested in that he could deal with. Although, empty modules are pretty valuable, so stuffing them with random stuff can hurt the value, since it's one-use. The stuff that's worth putting in the box is real tricky to sell. Dunno, I don't deal with that heavy stuff too often.

Alison also gets him to pass the message 'Naga says the Red or Blue Administrator is deploying a Hunter to Rend 7er' to Anya. Some more time passes as she gets back up to size, before she gets out of the leftover jetalium into the sewers. She will dump the cores off in a trash can some distance away. Polatt alerts Unity that Anya is not in town at the moment, as she was sent on a mission to a nearby town.
No. 506457 ID: d6ef5d

...well jeeze, everything is just conspiring to make warning her impossible, isn't it?

We'll just have to trust she can handle the noble coming after her, especially if it hits her out of town. She should be roughly as tough as us, and we know she's clever too. We've got more fragile targets to try and protect.
No. 506458 ID: f2c20c

Um, won't the supercore come after us again once they get some more jetalium? Granted, they don't have much of a chance since we now outclass them mod-wise and their battery doesn't work quite as well as ours in combat. So maybe they'll just try to lay low.

Tell him alright. Also, ask him just how powerful a cyborg can get, anyway. Can they get weapons and defenses comparable to Jetal mods? Apparently the nobles the trio was aware of aren't jetals. Also there is now a rather large pile of Jetalium and waste-Jetalium at the location of the fight. Maybe THAT can be resold?

We've also still got about 10 b-hours to kill, and not much to do aside from find a good place to fight a Noble and wait for them to attack. Oh, and ask about the legality of S-rank mods.
No. 506461 ID: d6ef5d

>Also, ask him just how powerful a cyborg can get, anyway. Can they get weapons and defenses comparable to Jetal mods?
We already know the answer to this. The emperors are all cyborgs, and the most powerful people alive, in more than one respect. Jetals have some natural advantages over other types, and the capacity for rapid growth, but it's very possible to build bots and borgs capable of killing them. Expect these nobles to be tough.

>resell spare jetallium
There's no way we could get it moved before the cops come down on the area.

>ask about the legality of S
...well, weapons themselves are mostly illegal. A rank is considered an illegal instant death sentence. And S rank exceeds the legal limit on that. You do the math. (...although it's a little pointless. Once you're in enough trouble the heads of state are sending death squads after you, you're in about as deep as it gets).
No. 506477 ID: 78c6ea

I think the point of asking about the legality of S-rank weapons is to see the look on his face more than anything.
No. 506500 ID: 9ddf68

you think Sevener knows about the upcoming attack because of her notes? I'm sure she'll be fine and if not then doesn't that mean we just won?

So since we're just going to dump the cores whats our next plan of action or are we just going to try and lay low while the nobles are out to play? Also if the nobles are just robots and cyborgs that are strong enough to take down jetals that means when we kick there sorry asses that we won't get any jetalium to recharge our battery or to replace what we lose in the fight, hell we probably won't even be able to absorb there weapon mods. We're going to have to be a lot more careful when we fight these guys.
No. 506508 ID: 76b151

Maybe Class S should be actually called Class N, for noble only hah.
No. 506537 ID: 9e1727

Yeah, considering that our current tactic to a fight is to go all-in and burn jetalium afterward to recover, getting into a fight with a 'bot or 'borg will either put us at a serious disadvantage 'cause we won't be able to throw everything at 'em, or in a vulnerable state afterwards. We're going to have to take steps to prepare for such a battle, 'cause there's a good chance the Nobles are going to wise up after we won this fight and start sending only non-jetals after us so we can't recover afterwards.

Creating a jetalium cache would be one way to counter that; Put it in a truck so we could keep it mobile too. Then absorbing as much jetalium as we can at the end of every jetal fight, and carrying as much as we can out, then separating the excess once we're out of the combat zone. Perhaps picking easy jetal bounties and stomping them just to get their mass.
No. 506561 ID: c4e5c2
File 136633558146.png - (19.88KB , 700x700 , 274.png )

Alison spends a chunk of time to get a generous distance away before sneaking into Polatt's car with a slightly different look. She doesn't have much more to do until the 75th hour, as Sevener will prooobably be fine.

"Is there anything special about having an S-rank weapon, moreso than an A-rank?"
>"Yeah, nobles get some nice brownie points if they take out an illegal with an S-rank."
"Mayyybe we should split up for awhile? That was a close call you had."

That fight, however, did put a damper on the going out and enjoying life for a bit. That, and walking around in public may have been how Alison was detected, perhaps using the same method that Felix used.
No. 506562 ID: c4e5c2
File 136633559321.png - (22.23KB , 700x700 , 275.png )

"So, what do all of you think we should do?" Alison asks.

Recluse, Historian, and several others think they should lay low. This option is the most well received.

Atlas, Duelist and some do want to keep enjoying life, and if a noble comes, then they can get that fight out of the way.

Guardsman wants to go around beating up every jetal they come across for more mass. This sentiment is not received with much enthusiasm, but there isn't much voice against that it might help gaining a great deal of mass. Guardsman says they should just cut to it and go meet Priat immediately by attacking the building full of jetals. Others then voice their alarm at that prospect.
No. 506563 ID: 76b151

Isn't that kinda strategy what got Gaurdsman killed in the first place?

Anyway lets NOT do the suicide charge against the operator building. As for laying low I dunno... I kinda want to be doing something, even if it is simply enjoying ourselves. Doing nothing seems counterproductive. I think I'll stand with Atlas and Duelist on this.
No. 506566 ID: d6ef5d

>murder jetals left and right
Er. Well, the problem with that is we then go from being a problem just the upper class to worry about, to public enemy number one. We've had relatively good freedom to operate- that would compromise that. For one thing- we'd in be battle, or with our identity obvious (as the only jetal around or not hiding), all the time. Plus, Sevener would likely be ordered by the police to take us out, forcing a battle that would end the simulation early.

Besides, everyone we've fought so far was either a criminal, or in a profession where they knew they were expected to fight. We haven't hurt any civies yet, and I'm reluctant to change that.

>attacking the building full of [operator] jetals
Yeah, no. They're going to save the same supercharged advantage we have, and the advantage of numbers. We could very easily lose just by attrition (hell, we could lose just from burning mass for weapons, or running out of battery). And we're not exactly built for crowd control, most of our weapons are better against single targets.

>What do?
I'd like to be productive and hit the remaining nobles, but we don't have a way to find them.

Best plan I have- go out and enjoy life, baiting the next one into coming after you. Make sure Polatt knows what's going on. And put some DBs watching the people we expect the other nobles to target- if they see the nobles show up, we can try to respond. Actually, just make sure the dead batteries have those vague descriptions the snake heads gave you so they can keep an eye out.

If nothing happens, proceed to the next meeting we got scheduled.
No. 506569 ID: cb8496

If we chose to lay low why don't we hide back to our DB hideout and just kill time with video games or a movie while we wait for the meeting.

I think we should keep moving and at least do something as doing nothing makes me antsy but REALLY think we should NOT go on a random jetal killing spree as then we will have to deal with the nobles and every SoB with a gun who would show up to stop us. We would be outgunned and outnumbered same as if we tried to attack the operator building head on. If we do decide to keep enjoying life lets try to go somewhere that doesn't have to many people to get caught in the crossfire
No. 506570 ID: 57a559

I have an idea that will lure out nobles, enjoy life, and serve guardsmen's call for sadism.

We should get out and serve some poor jetal fool on the streets our wicked dance moves. The bet is like, i dunno, 50 foreign kgs of mass. Morph more muscle into some sick abs and ass cheeks to shake what your momma would have given yeah if you were born organic.

Well, shake what Loviro gave you the ability to do anyway. Katchoooow.
You've Been Hit By
You've Been hit By
A Smooth Criminal

No. 506571 ID: d6ef5d

...I'm not exactly sure why we'd be expected to have an advantage in some kind of butt contest, shaking or otherwise.

Music. We can do music, though.
No. 506572 ID: 57a559

better ass cheeks improves your dance ability silly
No. 506573 ID: d6ef5d

Yes, but I'm not sure why'd we be any better at that than any other jetal. It's not like we have any mods specialized in shaping or morphing or dancing. If we were to bet on that, seems a way to lose mass more than gain.
No. 506574 ID: f2c20c

Guardsman, dude, we're at the optimal mass already for our battery and method of transport. Much heavier and we'll have to consume mass just to keep from running out of battery in a matter of hours, and we won't be able to use cars.

Yeah, if we're in public, we are likely to be tagged as an unlicensed jetal. However, that was always a problem. Also, there's nowhere to hide from that. Jetal-sensing goes through walls. I say we just continue doing what we were doing.

I don't like this.
No. 506578 ID: 735f4f

Live life to its fullest while you have the chance. Go dance the night away drink a bit and have a good time.
No. 506583 ID: 9e1727

Thank Polatt for sticking with you even with the near certainty of a Noble suddenly dropping in. You'll do your best to get him out of harms way when that happens. ...Uh, also ask where the part of him with his mind is so you know which part to protect the most in case you can't get him away and have to shield him; With cyborgs and robots, it's not always the head.

I sorta want to get more mass and store it away separately (perhaps with the Dead Batteries,) in case we get jumped by a non-jetal Noble. That way we have a reserve to replace what we burn in the fight. I just don't want to get the mass by "mugging" random jetals as Guardsman suggested, and the only other way that I can think of is to nab jetals with bounties that the DB know of, or take down jetals that the DB want gone for their own reasons. Neither of which I suspect we have time for, but it can't hurt to ask Polatt.

Otherwise, let's head out on the town and enjoy what time we have. Maybe we'll get lucky and the Noble won't show, but that probably won't happen. At least we now know kinda what they look like so we can keep an eye out. Better tell Polatt that so he can watch for them as well.

There's also the possibility that we weren't found out by someone with a EIN map checking for jetals that don't ping on it. It may be that Ruby has people tailing Polatt instead. That'd make sense, since he has been at our side quite a bit. We are know to be associated with the Dead Batteries, so it wouldn't be that hard to bribe or coerce one of them to spill info on us and our habits, and from that get we've been with Polatt a lot.

So I think it would be prudent to head to whatever place we're going to with Polatt separate from Polatt. Get the address, get out, and take a stealthy route there, changing appearance for the trip and then back once we're there. It would be worth it for the possibility of lowering the odds of a Noble showing up and wrecking the mood again.
No. 506584 ID: 9ddf68

I'm not to worried about getting more jetalium because if we do make the O route on time (0:00 - 2:00) then we exit this simulation and land in a vat full of the stuff, so unless we act really carelessly when fighting nobles or they are just that freaking strong I really don't think Jetalium is that high of a priority right now, I mean once we leave the harvester simulation then yeah we are going to want to be a lot more careful but I don't really think we should resort to attacking random jetals just to get more jetalium when we can't even take it with us after we leave this simulation. Unless we would need it just to survive the O route but we have time to worry about that latter.
No. 506601 ID: f2c20c

Oh, it might be worth our time to pop over to Felix at the bar and ask him what's the haps.
No. 506604 ID: d6ef5d

Don't forget that the amount of jetalium we receive upon leaving is supposed to be the same as the amount we had inside. So if we leave with very little, we'll still have very little.
No. 506655 ID: c4e5c2
File 136639676713.png - (15.09KB , 700x700 , 276.png )

"Guardsman you did that before and you died."
>"But now I'm not! Dead, I mean."

Alison ignores guardsman and decides that she will keep on enjoying life. First though, she checks in on Felix.

"Thank you, by the way, Polatt, for sticking with me with near certainty of a noble dropping in. By the way, where is your AI chip stored?"
>"Up in my chest, and no problem." They both enter the bar, despite it still supposedly being closed up for the night.

They go down the stairs to find Felix at the bar counter again, taking an odd posture. He doesn't turn to greet Alison.
No. 506656 ID: 76b151

Sit by him. Ask what is the matter.
No. 506658 ID: eaa372

Give the man a refill before you ask him why he's using the bar as a pillow.
No. 506661 ID: 9ddf68

ask him whats up. or if there is anything he would like to talk about. anything really.
No. 506662 ID: 9ddf68

maybe give him a hug if you think it would help.
No. 506663 ID: d6ef5d

...is he alive? Because he's either drunk off his ass or dead.

Either could explain why Vinyl is gone.

(And that's not a fake, right? Core sense doesn't pickup anything?).
No. 506664 ID: 76b151

he might have been ordered to abandon Vinyl.... which would mean she is alone.
No. 506691 ID: f2c20c

Ask him what's wrong. He looks down. Also, where's Vinyl?
No. 506740 ID: 9e1727

We can guess at why he's down: Vinyl's gone. Either the Noble came and took her, or killed her, or he was ordered to hand her over, or she might even have left on her own to try and keep him safe. But whichever way it happened, she's gone for good, and he's feeling something like he did thirty b-years ago after she died.

Nothing really to say to him that wouldn't sound trite. Take a seat next to him and ask when and how Vinyl was taken.

...Though, keep an eye on if he reacts at all; Even eye movement towards you. 'Cause his slumped posture may indicate he's getting his memories messed with right now, or even that his up-world brain was disconnected.
No. 506756 ID: 57a559

"Bad day, huh?"
No. 506770 ID: c4e5c2
File 136642489139.png - (16.54KB , 700x700 , 277.png )

"Hello, Felix. How are you holding up?" Alison asks, taking a seat next to him. She will get him a refill when one of the staff is around.
>"Doesn't look like I am, does it."
"... do you want to be left alone?"
>"Eh. I won't complain."

Alison pauses. There isn't much she can say that wouldn't come off as any less trite than what she's said already, but Felix breaks the silence before she thinks about a good way to bring up Vinyl.

>"... Vinyl's not around. Ruby noble took her, not Sapphire. Didn't even put me under surveillance. That was a noble ruby after you, wasn't it?"
"Not quite, it was someone trying to become a noble."
>"... heh. Wait, did he have any A class, or perhaps S class stuff you got?"
"As a matter of fact, yes."
>"... hah. More like a sacrifice. Emperor's got more than enough non-jetal forces to send at you, and plenty of enormously powerful ones. So. He sends a not-noble to you, that can be taken out and absorbed for better weapons? Ruby Emperor's up to something. He's not that stupid, and wouldn't be getting involved in Sapphire's affairs unless there was something in it for him."
No. 506771 ID: 76b151

Any idea if Vinyl is still alive? If the Ruby Emperor is playing games we might be able to save her if we do what he wants.
No. 506773 ID: f2c20c

Interesting take on things. I will admit that the fight seemed to be much easier than it should have been. He may be right about that fight being rigged in our favor. And yes, we gathered that Ruby is up to something if he's helping Sapphire at all.

He said the noble took Vinyl. That's strange. I'd have thought they'd just kill her. I wonder if we can contact Ruby through Vinyl... Ask Felix if he knows where Vinyl was taken.
No. 506776 ID: d6ef5d

That makes sense. We do have weaknesses. Throw powerful, non-jetal forces at us and it's a forgone conclusion. We'd have to keep burning battery and mass, and without the opportunity to recharge either, it's game over. Victory by attrition.

He wants us in play. Obviously he's hoping to use us to his benefit, in some way.

...they took her? That's... odd. The jetal that killed Yallows talked like he wasn't a person, just a mistake to be fixed. But if they took her... what else do they want with her?

While we're here, we could get a good description of this noble, so we'll know him in the future (and so our mob contacts can tell us if they see him).
No. 506777 ID: 04b86a

...Hm. How would Sapphire react if a "glitch" caused two of his Nobles to be killed if they died in here?
No. 506779 ID: c4e5c2
File 136642684026.png - (19.83KB , 700x700 , 278.png )

"Uh, Barkeep, one more shot for Felix, please. Or, bottle, rather." Alison asks the person behind the counter. She isn't sure if 'barkeep' is the right term.
>"Yep. Don't drink yourself to death, tough guy." she answers, cleaning up the previous remnants of Felix's drinks. That makes Alison wonder just how much he has had.
"Felix, do you know where Vinyl is, if she's still alive?"
>"Question I've got, is are these real nobles, or simulated nobles... no, they gotta be real, if Sapphire is making a move, he's gonna make sure the simulated advisors and nobles would stay outta his way. It's the real Ruby doing something. No, I don't know where Vinyl is. Sapphire would've killed her. I don't know what Ruby is doing or what he wants with her. It's not his business, and Vinyl, Loviro and the others were Sapphire's dirty laundry, not Ruby's. It's an Emperor's political game up there, and I doubt it's pretty. No clue where they'd take her, probably just in the palace."
"What did the noble look like?"
>"Like the security bots, just with Ruby regalia on him. Bigger, too."
"How would Sapphire react if two of his nobles were killed here?"
>"He'd probably throw a celebration. He doesn't like nobles."
No. 506783 ID: 9ddf68

ask if he thinks sapphire is up to something as well because we got some info that sapphire also had a noble wannabe that had to take out another "lose end" similar to us... Do you think that the emperors are trying to push us to kill the other emperor for some backhanded political thing. And on that note do we really even know If sevener has to kill the sapphire emperor to win? we just guess that because it's what we had to do, maybe her goal is to kill ruby and if that is the case then not only do we have to kill our chosen emperor first but we have to protect the other one as well. If that is the case then that answers the question of way haven't they just destroyed our core in world A. I know they said it was because we were an operator but I figured once they started sending nobles after us there wasn't much point in not destroying us as the nobles were going to do it anyway. Bit sevener knows this to because of her notes and likely planed to help us get out of here and then try and get us to kill Ruby with some piss ant excuse like he has some kind of weapon or something that we can use to kill sapphire, That is only if we are trying to kill different emperors.
No. 506792 ID: d6ef5d

Remember to pass along the descriptions we have of these nobles to the dead batteries, so our mob buddies can tell us if they see them.

>the palace
Ugh. Even if the Emperors aren't there inside the harvester simulation, that place is gonna be a mess of high security dangerous things. We can't exactly punch in and rescue her.

...if there's a political game up there though, maybe we can use that to our advantage.
No. 506802 ID: 76b151

actually we just got two weapons that are perfect for punching through buildings. both the plasma well and the tera beam are BUILT for it. Kinda suspicious now ain't it?
No. 506803 ID: c4e5c2
File 136642978229.png - (25.10KB , 700x700 , 279.png )

"Polatt, pass that description of the noble on, if you haven't already."

"Felix, I heard that Sapphire also has some people trying to become nobles."
>"What's your source?"
"The one who attacked me, who was trying to become one."
>"Questionable. But I don't know."
"Is it possible the two emperors are trying to kill each other?"
>"They're always trying for that. But the emperors in the simulated world are kept as close to the exact copies as the emperors in the real world, so based off that, I don't think they know what each others' dead man switches are. They will want to find that out first. If they are actively trying to initiate hostilities with one another, then I will bet my life savings that they're first trying to dig up dirt on each other for leverage to try to get them to spill the beans. How, I'm not sure, but emperor dirt is often more valuable than the guns they wield."
"And something that's been bugging me... why haven't they just killed my core?"
>"Jetals are legally descendants of their creator. In other words, you are considered Loviro's offspring. It isn't just Loviro being gushy, if he ever called you his son or daughter. That makes you a noble. And noble slaying is one of the few laws the emperors don't trample over. I doubt that Sapphire has a means to crack your core and be confident in getting away with it. If he did, you'd be dead. I probably would be, too. That's why Sapphire has to do this carefully, because if he works this out in the open as he would like to do, he's going to have a lot more to worry about than the Ruby emperor."

>"Hey, guys." the barkeep says. "Speaking of all that, a sapphire noble is coming in through the front, and our back entrance just got covered by a couple people. Just help yourself to booze if you want any, I'm going backstage." She starts moving, before turning back. "Please... don't bring our building down. It's tough enough with the damage caused earlier today."
No. 506806 ID: 76b151

I'll try, no promises though.

Lets see how effective the Sniper is against cyborgs.
No. 506807 ID: 57a559

Is there a second floor?
They're probably not going to attack you thanks to Felix's information. They're not being subtle at all at this point. So hey, offer them a drink. A drink to the noble!
No. 506810 ID: d6ef5d

Alright, everyone assume casual positions. When the noble shows, ask him if he's here to talk or fight, and if he's here to fight, if we could take it outside.
No. 506811 ID: f2c20c

Say you'll try.

First, get a camera drone by a window so that we can see what to expect. Second, move towards the door so we can take it outside quickly if it turns to fighting.

THIRD, note that if it's a Sapphire noble, they're not here to kill us. They *can't*. So let's see what they want before we start shooting. Also... if we kill a Noble, I think we'd get in trouble too. Clarify that with Felix if we have time.
No. 506812 ID: 9ddf68

get your thrusters and A class sword ready, see what the guy wants first, if he's here to talk to/threaten us lets see what he has to say, if he's here to kill us charge the guy and see if we can't slice him in half before this fight really even starts. Also if this is the real deal noble then that means this guy is going to be a cyborg or a robot with enough firepower to bring us down so our core sight thing will be of no use and we won't be able to regain our mass or recharge our battery after this fight (at least not form the noble) so I say only use our big guns when we have the surge, oh and if this does turn into a prolonged fight try and see if you can't take it outside.
No. 506814 ID: 9e1727

Tell the bartender you don't think there'll be a fight, but you can't make promises. If this place has a bunker or escape hatch, she and the rest of the staff should use it.

Suggest to Polatt that he should go with the bartender since the Sapphire noble likely won't want him listening in on this conversation. Plus, Polatt is does not have the protection of being a noble or operative, so he may just be killed, hurt, or captured by the noble, though that's doubtful.

Step behind the bar and pick something expensive looking from the top shelf and pour a drink for yourself, Felix, and the noble. When the noble comes in offer it the drink and ask what it has to say, 'cause you're pretty sure it's not going to start a fight with you; The two guards on the back exit may be, but not the noble.

Thing is, if a fight does start here, the building's plasma shields are going to go up. And that means we're probably going to be trapped in here 'cause we can't afford to spend the energy and mass to punch through them with Plasma Wells.
No. 506815 ID: 76b151

actually we do have enough surge to manage a single well.
No. 506817 ID: d6ef5d

I don't see the point in pulling out the plasma sword early. It just burns battery and gives away that we have it. We can pull it out without an energy buildup delay anyways.


>building's plasma shields
Actually, as the first fight with Bodec showed, I don't think those do much when the attack is coming form inside the building.
No. 506821 ID: 9ddf68

i didn't really mean charge it I just meant get ready to charge it at a moments notice, more picking the weapon for the possible duel then charging it, other wise I would have said start charging all plasma weapons within reason... on that note can robots and cyborgs detect energy readings like we can or is that a jetal only thing? could be worth asking Polatt or Felix if we have the time.
No. 506911 ID: c4e5c2
File 136649514499.png - (13.67KB , 700x700 , 280.png )

"Is there a second floor?"
>"Nope." answers the barkeep. There is no window seeing out in the front either, so she can't see him in advance.
"I don't think we're going to fight, miss. He won't fight me, will he, Felix?" Alison asks, but the barkeep still moves back, and Polatt goes with her with an excusing wave.
>"I would not think so." Felix replies.
"Can they see things like cores and energy surges like Jetals can?"

Alison keeps her weapons in mind, but can still deploy them at any point. The noble comes through.

"Felix. It's been awhile."
"Consorting with illegals, are you?"
>"Not many legals around here, if you think about it."
"Heh." He looks Unity over, but gives no body language if he knows if Unity is Unity, or just a normal, illegal jetal. Or rather, if he cares. Alison cannot see a core, so she assumes that this is a cyborg or robot. "I'm looking for Vinyl."
>"You missed her."
"And where did she go?"
>"Ruby noble got to her first."

There is a pause.

"I am not inclined to believe you."
>"Only the sapphire division feels that way. Look around if you want."

Another pause.

"You, jetal. Are you going to fight me?"
"Only if you fight me first."
No. 506912 ID: c4e5c2
File 136649515736.png - (11.65KB , 700x700 , 281.png )

The noble leaves without another word.

"That was quick. And weird."
>"Yeah. Probably communicated to others. Dunno what to make of it."
No. 506914 ID: f2c20c

I think his priority is to find Vinyl right now, so he didn't want to get sidetracked. I also wonder if he had some sort of scanning device that let him see all our mods. He also got an impression of what we are like.

Maybe we can follow him to find Vinyl and the Ruby noble... It would be nice to witness them fighting eachother, if it happens. Then we can get an indication of how strong nobles are.
No. 506915 ID: 57a559

You know, I realize that if we're a noble thanks to descendant by Loviro, we're a noble without a house. A ronin noble! A noble without a cause! Unless Loviro is a Sapphire noble? Ugh, wait, he's sapphire's dirty laundry, not supposedly his noble. Maybe he was a noble under a different emperor then? Maybe from before noble's were all just really badass soldiers? Am I in the ballpark here?

What IS the policy regarding ronin nobles? That obviously aren't us, because we're a special case. How do nobles from fallen emperors work, where do they go, can they go to different emperors and go under their banner? Ugh, we should just go get an ebook on this shit with our phone or something. Felix is drunk, tired, depressed and probably unwilling to answer questions.

Now what do we do? Drink more? Poker?
No. 506916 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Yeah, weird.

Not sure what to do now. The sapphire nobles apparently don't care to fight us. Not sure where we'd find the Ruby nobles who might want to fight, or if they're trying to help or use us. And we don't know where they're keeping Vinyl (and even if we did, we're not strong enough to bust her out yet, I think). We don't know if they got Loviro or if he just went to ground again. All in all, that kind of leaves us killing time again.

...hey wait, if we're technically noble through Loviro, what kind of noble does that make us?
No. 506925 ID: 9e1727

Weird, indeed, but only from our view. Undoubtedly it's all part of Sapphire's efforts to figure out how to eliminate the other emperors and get on top. Same as the other two emperors.

Give Polatt the all-clear and get him back in here. Then lets all sit down and think about why the emperors are capturing Loviro, Vinyl, and the others that were "resurrected." It has to be part of trying to find a way to eliminate or neutralize the other emperors without triggering a thermonuclear shit storm, but what is it about Loviro and company they want. What do they know? How does their mere existence here and now upset the balance of power?

It'd be a pretty good guess that the up-world "real" emperors are gathering intel on their rivals and resources in this simulation layer for their plan, it being the closest to the "real" world. It'd also be likely that one of them is going to do a test run of the plan in this simulation to see if it works, before enacting it in their world. That'd make sense, but only if they could keep what happened down here from getting to the other emperors too.

...And another thought: Where's Emerald in all of this? We've seen Ruby and Sapphire move, but Emerald hasn't shown up. Perhaps he's taking a back seat, thinking Ruby and Sapphire will eliminate each other? Who knows.

Yeah, it would be a good idea to figure out where we stand as a unaffiliated noble, or even if we're unaffiliated or affiliated with a dead emperor.

Considering that the orginal Loviro died thirty b-years ago, and the Diamond Emperor was assassinated thirty years ago, it'd be a fair assumption that Loviro was caught up in the events around that. Question is, was he part of the assassination plot, a member of Diamond's house that was killed in the fallout from the assassination, or a member of another house that died... or perhaps one that's still alive.
No. 506940 ID: 78c6ea

We're the Jetalium Emperor
No. 506943 ID: d6ef5d

Jetalium Empress? ...gender kind of gets confusing when you're a CAI and a jetal.
No. 506987 ID: 52019c

How many nobles does Felix know anyway and does he have any advice on what nobles to avoid... At least more then the normal nobles and if so how can we tell them apart from the rest of the nobles.
No. 507051 ID: c4e5c2
File 136657008374.png - (10.27KB , 700x700 , 282.png )

"Felix, I want to know more about where Loviro is in this. And where I am."
>"... quick history lesson. Loviro was part of the Diamond Emperor's faction, back during the wars before the new empire was made. Like just about every high ranking individual before the war ended, they became a noble Advisor. A normal noble still has many privileges, but you can think of an advisor as a high noble. In any case, the Diamond Emperor was assassinated. When an emperor was killed, in the old days, everyone in their faction would often not last long and be assassinated by some way or another. It was big, until around 30 years ago, the Advisor's Clause was made, protecting advisor's from falling when their emperor was killed. Now, while emperor's tend to get final says, Advisors still hold a great deal of sway, and there is a delicate balance of power between the Advisors and Emperors. Advisors are also spoiled and trample on laws, I'll tell you that, but they hold the Advisor's Clause in the highest regard. So much so that when the Opal emperor breached this, he was publicly slain by the advisors.
>You might see where I'm going with this. Sapphire and Diamond had it out for each other. Sapphire missed his window, but tried to kill Loviro, Vinyl and the others even after the clause. He made them go 'missing', subtly enough that it was missed. If it gets out, even if it's been 30 years? Sapphire will be under some good heat. But, there's no proof. Not a shred. Believe me, I've tried."
>So, where you are... that's something Loviro didn't tell you. You had a chance to cash in on that, birthright and all. Not an advisor, but a noble anyways. There's also a Noble's Clause, not quite as big as Advisor's, but big. Like I said, enough to deter Sapphire. Loviro, I'm sure, didn't tell you simply because he didn't want you to be part of that ring. He let you run around, doing as you will. And getting the bounty you got? Pretty much a disqualifier. At least, it is before you're properly inducted into the noble rank. Anya, though... I don't know what her side of the group told her, but she chose the legal route. If she wanted to, I'm betting she could live a cushy life up there if she played her cards decent. Sorry. I could have told you that, but seeing Vinyl, and those circumstances... didn't even think of that."
"It's fine. Where does Emerald stand?"
>"Emerald is probably one of the only emperors that enjoys having multiple emperors. That doesn't mean he's any more ethical or reasonable, he just enjoys the perpetual game."
"How many nobles do you know?"
>"Hrm... it wasn't long after Vinyl's 'missing' status that I was placed under world B. I knew most nobles. Friendly with few. But it's been close to three decades. Who's the same, who's been killed, what new horns have arrived... not what it used to be. You were wanting to kill the Sapphire Emperor. I hear you ran into Anya. Think she's got upper goals like that?"
>"Well if she wants to do the same, she has a way to try to get close to Sapphire from right under his nose. You'll have to bust down the front door. Sapphire probably doesn't know where you two stand, with or against Loviro's wishes of revenge. Which I'm sure he had in spades."

"Hey, Alison, we're on the news." Scanner says. A TV in the bar lets Felix watch as well.
No. 507052 ID: c4e5c2
File 136657011576.png - (16.29KB , 700x700 , 283.png )

>"Although several were wounded, there were no casualties." The usual news reporter announces. "The Unity-Kujarra fight in the capital today has been wrapped up, and although Unity has escaped once again, Kujarra has been apprehended and found guilty of his crimes. It has been also been revealed that Kujarra had attained undefined weaponry, and it assumed that Unity has such too. With that, the Ruby Emperor himself has a speech."
"I have heard the concerns about how quickly all rogue jetals are able to gain power. This is unnecessary. Legal jetals under EIN are always superior to those who are not. In order to protect themselves and their empire, all Jetals under EIN in the capital city, and in good standing, will be granted temporary licenses for A rank weaponry and under. With this, they may protect themselves and their loved ones, and, if they wish, hunt down Unity. Should ambitious jetals succeed in neutralizing Unity, they will be offered noble status under the Ruby house. All weapons will be offered at any address that will soon be uploaded to public EIN databanks, should you desire them. The licenses will be revoked upon Unity's destruction. Furthermore, security drones will be dispatched from the palace grounds to locate Unity. Once she is found, her location shall be available for all Jetals to see. Do not fear, if this initiative fails, then Unity will be dealt with by the royalty itself. That is all."
No. 507053 ID: 76b151

welp, if Anya didn't have A class weaponry before she does now.

On a good note we might be able to get some A Class things, an A class thruster or shields would be nice.
No. 507054 ID: 9ddf68

.... oh.Fuck.

Ask Felix if he just heard the news and wither or not this is just one more of ruby's attempts to 'help' us. I mean we have an S class weapon now and if we get hit by JETALS with a class we would most likely win and get more jetalium and better weapons. Still as strong as we are I really don't think we could take on a whole city. Also ask Polatt if he thinks anyone in the dead batteries would try us in at a chance to go noble.
No. 507055 ID: 76b151

the problem with both our S Class weapons is they are meant for buildings or large targets.
No. 507056 ID: 57a559

Oh god he's going to feed us ALL the A-ranked weapons
He's planning for that. Inexperienced and really stupid jetals get all confident with their weaponry (and with the fact we never kill jetals), go after us, get promptly fucked at no real cost to them (hell, ruby might pay a few just to die at our hands).

Ruby's our best goddamn friend.
He really wants us to kill or shame Sapphire. Oh god, if we can get into contact with him and work together somehow, get the right proof, we can get all of Sapphire's advisors to kill him. Loviro and Vinyl's testimony helps with the accusations. The domino effect clause would let us win the game!
No. 507057 ID: 76f500

that includes anya.
i wonder if he had us attacked as an excuse to authorize the weapons.
we need to get him to realize we're after the same goals - there to kill sapphire. or maybe he knows and is afraid of the deadman triggers?
No. 507059 ID: d6ef5d

...he's giving the public unfettered access to class A weaponry?

That's going to cause massive collateral damage, and a big shake up. Not to mention all the other conflicts that are going to spring up with people using those for things besides hunting us.

But yeah, lots of new opportunities for new weapons. Ruby is feeding the masses to us, with no regards to the public damage. Jerk.

...is there any way we can use our underworld contacts to put a message out? Take advantage of the weapons to hunt us if you want. We'll take you down if you try. But anyone who wants to stay the hell out of this will be left alone if they just keep out of our way.

Then I think we need to find a place where we can fight the glass cannon jetals that are going to be coming for us without doing a lot of collateral damage to others. Preferably one with an escape route, so we can get away and visit the Undertool when it's time.

>Anya could take the stealth and betrayal route to get to Sapphire
Huh. Even if she's legal though, does that allow her to use the O-route without fighting her way out, through? That's a different kind of legal.
No. 507060 ID: 76b151

if she goes noble she can leave the simulation most likely, freely.
No. 507063 ID: c4e5c2
File 136657334972.png - (16.46KB , 700x700 , 284.png )

"Felix, think Ruby is trying to 'help' me?"
>"Yeah. All jetal strike force? If he was serious, he'd do the exact same thing, cept with robots instead of jetals, not giving some flimsy excuse about some 'EIN jetal superiority'."
"And can Anya legally take the O-route?"
>"That's where her cards come in. I doubt she'll be granted access easily, but she's been busy. Wouldn't surprise if they trust her enough fast."
"Hey, Polatt!" Alison calls him from the back. "Did you get the news?"
>"Yeah, we saw."
"Think the dead batteries, uh... might try to sell me out?"
>"Who do you think we are? Of course not... oh. Reminder, though, Undertool isn't part of our gang, just an associate. I dunno how trustworthy he is."
>"Sorry." the bartender says. "I'm going to ask you to leave. You can take some booze if you want on your way out, on the house, but, you know... sec drones gonna come in and find you, and it's not going to be pretty. Polatt, dear, you should probably stay here, or somewhere where she isn't. You too, Felix, although your ass is probably fused into that stool anyway."
No. 507064 ID: 76b151

Thank the lady for the drinks. Take one for the road and pay for it then let us start heading out to a place we can fight in.

Tell Polatt its up to him what he wants to do. Sorry for cutting the date short.
No. 507065 ID: d6ef5d

Yeah, we understand. Don't want to turn your bar or any of you guys into a smoking crater.

Is there a good location we can get to fight nearby where we aren't going to be putting too many people at risk of being collateral damage?

And I still want to ask Polatt if there's a way we can use our underworld contacts to spread our own message. Anyone who wants to can stay the hell out of this. We'll only be fighting the people who come after us.

>if he really wanted us dead he'd send a robot army
Yup. Although civy robots would be slower to upgrade than jetals, what with the weapon downloads and all.
No. 507066 ID: 9ddf68

hmmmm, are we still going to try and meet with Priat Kij at 75:00 or are we just going to scrap that, same question with undertool? I mean if we do get swarmed with week jetals with class A weapons and mods we might not even need to see him and now with our new bounty is out we can't even trust the guy but we did have polatt put a lot of effort in just to get us to see the guy so yeah. I say wait and see what we can dig up with this jetal hunt and then when the undertool meeting gets close then we can try and see if it is worth the risk to see him.

as for what to do with Polatt, tell him the choice to stay here or keep on following us is his but he can stay here if he wants and we'll keep in touch to let him know how things are going on our end. just ask him to let us know if he or any of the dead batteries see something 'special' is coming our way so we can prepare for it. (cops, army, actual nobles {ruby is trying to help us not sapphire}, or anything that looks tougher then a pack of random jetals. if he isn't sure what we mean by that just tell him to use his best judgement).

And have someone from unity to keep an eye on the news as I'm sure if they are going to be giving our position away to the whole city they probably won't bother trying to hide it and would just use the news to tell everyone where we are and we might be able to get a good forewarning form that as well.
No. 507067 ID: 76b151

I think we should see boh of them. most of these mods will most likely be random so there is bound to be several useful items we missed. The other is Priatt is the head Op. We might be able to get something unique from him that we wouldn't be able to get from anywhere else.
No. 507069 ID: c4e5c2
File 136657606138.png - (10.57KB , 700x700 , 285.png )

"Polatt, is there any way you can get a message out saying I'll only be fighting the people who come after me? And that those who do come are welcome to?"
>"Sorry, dunno if we've got the infrastructure needed for that. We can a bit, but dunno how much it'll make a difference without sticking our necks on the chopping block."
"Alright. Just stay in touch, let me know if there's anything big on my way if you can. And you can decide where to go, but sorry to cut our date short."
>"Don't worry about it. I'll stay around here, but it was fun while it lasted."
"Good. And I'll be going, miss, thank you. Is there any place that would be good to fight in that would minimize collateral damage?"
>"Yeah. Northeastern ports. Pretty clear this time of day. There's buildings and boats and all that, but real cheap stuff." the bartender claims.
"Thank you."

Alison waves her goodbyes and heads to the door.
No. 507071 ID: c4e5c2
File 136657610352.png - (14.08KB , 700x700 , 286.png )

She opens the door, revealing Sevener on the other side. Alison cannot see her core.

>"Well look who's been going on jetalium eating binges. Nice disguise, too bad everyone and their mother's gonna have legality scanners. I got a present for you, from an anonymous sender."

She hands a module to Alison.

Light Absorption - 20% efficient Jetalium absorption. This method can process 20 kg per second (effectively 4 kg/second after 20% efficiency) and allows capability to move and perform normally while absorbing.
No. 507072 ID: 76b151

Thats what happens when someone sends a 5000 KG jetal supercore after you. Thank Anya for the module Ask if she has gotten anything neat from her own battle.
No. 507073 ID: 76b151

(So she has a scanning ability and a core camoflague at the very least. Not that it matters, most of our weapons are large enough to bisect her.)
No. 507074 ID: 76f500

ask her if she got your message.
No. 507075 ID: d6ef5d

...well that will certainly come in handy when the mobs descend on us. We'll be able to absorb as we fight.

I'm going to laugh if she picked that up from the weapons dispensaries that are supposed to be arming people to fight us.

Thank her. I take it she dealt with the psuedo-noble they sent after her already?

If we need to clear a slot for the new module, discard one of the autogun Ds. They're not worth much anymore, and we have more guns than we can produce bullets for anyways (not to mention bullets are far from the strongest thing in our arsenal).

>no core
Hmm. Some kind of core stealth module. Makes sense that something like that would exist with core sense. Guess we'll just need an upgrade.
No. 507080 ID: 9e1727

Tell Sevener to relay your thanks to the "anonymous" sender for giving you just what you need right now, and remark that that's a neat module hiding her core; Wish you had one of those for the upcoming fights. Ask if she got your note about the prospective Sapphire noble jetal after her, and if she already won the fight with it.

While there will probably be posses of combat inexperienced jetals running around out there, the bigger concern is all the bounty hunters and police that are going to take advantage of this situation to gear up and hunt us.

Considering the power requirements of some of these A and B class weapons, they're going to have to be handing out a combination of either better battery modules or mass; Probably battery modules, since they can be easily removed by EIN later. As long as Sevener is here, ask if Ruby is offering up the full gamut of class A and below modules to the jetal masses.

And a question just to clarify: Are all modules the same "size" or do some take up more module space than others. Does a TerraBeam take up as many module slots as a KiloBeam or even a Kinetic Autogun D?

>Undertool's trustworthiness
While he could turn us in, the payoff would have to be massive. His whole business is built on the trust of the underworld that he won't sell them out. He throws us under the proverbial bus and that trust goes away; The Dead Batteries will make sure word of his actions will get out.

However, if we can get in contact with Undertool through the Dead Batteries before the meeting, we could arrange for a business deal. We're going to be swamped with class A and B modules; More than we can hold. If we get blank modules boxes, either by buying them or by Undertool fronting them to us, we'll fill them with the extra modules we absorb. Then we'll hand them over to Undertool at the meeting, only asking for reimbursement for the cost of the module boxes.
No. 507082 ID: 76b151

now that IS good business sense.
No. 507088 ID: 9ddf68

ask her if she has anything else for us. If not thank her and head to the Northeastern ports. I have a feeling she really doesn't want to be around us more then she has to and if we can get to the ports before the masses find us we could potently set up chock points, kill zones, maybe even a few traps (ask engineer for help with this since he seems to be the most knowledgeable in this category, maybe historian as well if he has read anything about traps in his history books).
No. 507093 ID: 9e1727

Oh, and if we manage to get in contact with him and agree on this, get a list of modules he'd like us to collect. No point in risking getting a bunch of stuff he doesn't want.
No. 507112 ID: d6ef5d

>Undertool won't betray us if we can sell him class A stuff we steal
Problem. The stuff we sell him is only valuable if it becomes rare again. In the current glut on the market, it isn't valuable.

And when does it become valuable? When the free class A stuff goes away. Which happens when Unity is taken out.

So... from a making money perspective? It's actually in the Undertool's best interest to buy as much as he can from us, then to sell us out.
No. 507113 ID: 57a559

So, Anya, want to have fun then? Like, play some paddle ball, catch a movie, watch the stars?
No. 507114 ID: 76b151

I have a feeling this so called emergency measure is only going to last a couple hours before its rescinded and then Class A are going to becoe rare again.
No. 507246 ID: c4e5c2
File 136667104995.png - (19.15KB , 700x700 , 287.png )

"Did you get my message?"
>"Yeah. It was stupid."
"How'd your fight go?"
>"Do I look beat up?"
"Get anything neat?"
>"None of your business. You're welcome, by the way."
"Oh, yes, thank you Anya."
>"It's Sevener."
"Sorry, Sevener. By the way, are modules all the same size, or can w-"
>"I'm not some Q&A bot. I'm leaving."
"Goodbye, Sevener. Do you want to watch a movie sometime?"
>"So long, Naga."

Polatt, if you could get in touch with Undertool soon, I'd like to be able to sell him modules with good weapons, if that ends up being a good business deal.
>I'll try, but can't promise a thing.

Alison takes a brief moment to ask for inquiries again. The sewers are what pops into her head first.

The duelist would not be opposed to simply taking the streets. The news broadcast was just made, and he feels it will take some time for any heavy resistance by numbers to come up.

Strongarm noticed that far up, most buildings have bridges to other buildings. He doesn't know if the fog goes that high, but it may be about the last place people would expect her to be, and it shouldn't be hard to get to the ports from the rooftops.
No. 507247 ID: 76b151

Rooftops sounds good to me. Up our morph a bit so incase we fall we don't shatter.
No. 507248 ID: 001618

doesn't matter just take whatever one gets you there quicker.
No. 507249 ID: d6ef5d

>Tells Alison to thank her.
>Alison waits for Sevener's prompt to thank her.

Bad form, Alison! Thank people for gifts or help, then shift into asking questions.

>What did I say?
...I thought she told us to call her Sevener and not Anya in ITQ? Technically, Alison wouldn't know that. You said it out of continuity, babe.

>are modules all the same size
We could probably research that online.

Sure, why not. We can to powered glides if we have to- using thrusters and shaped wings. We're too heavy to fly, but it could give us some maneuverability if we need it, or to clear gaps between buildings without bridges.

Do we want to keep up the Loviro's daughter form, or shift back to Alison-form? Either way, they're going to know who we are.
No. 507252 ID: f2c20c

I'll point out now that the first takers will likely be those who are either crazy strong or crazy stupid. In the case of crazy strong, we still have the advantage since there's quite few of them still, and taking out the first comers immediately (and maybe getting some more mods) will result in an easier fight when we get to the docks and wait for the rest. In the case of crazy stupid, well that's easy.

Let's take the streets.
No. 507278 ID: c4e5c2
File 136668100803.png - (70.51KB , 700x700 , 288.png )

>Bad form, Alison! Thank people for gifts or help, then shift into asking questions.
She got too excited about asking questions.

Scanner says she can't find anything conclusive on the internet about modules being the same size, it seems to vary on the model itself. She says that it's likely all modules can be treated as the same size.

Alison takes the stairs to the top levels of the building she was already in, morphing into naga form. Engineer says it will be easier to get a quicker aerodynamic form with a longer body for more air resistance, should she fall off.

There is what appears to be a roof cleaning jetal at the top of the building. It begins moving away slowly, with a slight hum while its sweepers stop moving.

Engineer cannot help but notice that it is not walking away slowly, it is floating away slowly. He finds that to be exceptionally intriguing, considering that the jetal appears quite heavy to be floating like that.

Also, Unity's location has just been posted all over the internet and news. Strongarm looks disappointed.
No. 507280 ID: 76b151

ask the Jetal if you may buy a copy of its hover mod through absorbtion. No need to be hostile.
No. 507281 ID: f2c20c

Ask if he'd accept money to copy whatever mod lets him do that. We're pretty loaded, so...
No. 507282 ID: d6ef5d

Oh hey, a floating module! That's pretty cool. Compliment it.

...uh, was it planning to fight us, or should we be on our way?

>Location all over the news
Then this guy likely knows who we are, unless he doesn't carry a phone. (Which seems unlikely, in this society).
No. 507284 ID: 57a559

Get into an awkward conversation with the jetal.
Be friendly!
No. 507287 ID: 9ddf68

might as well head to the port now unless you want to get into a fight here.
No. 507291 ID: c4e5c2
File 136668317505.png - (50.59KB , 700x700 , 289.png )

"Hey, where you planning on fighting me?"
>"n... no. No. No."
"That's a very nice hover mod you have."
I'd like to buy."
>"I... can't. No."

"Er! Sorry, I dropped the ball." Clarence says. "EIN is putting this jetal's view on live feed, everyone can see us and what we're doing. There's about... 650 thousand viewers, actually, or so this simulation says."

The bot floats away, and it looks like it dumped some of its gathered dirt and dust to write a hastily scrambled message.

Yes please my job pays nothing so please just grab my core because I couldn't do anything about that anyway and please just take my core with you or something so they don't judge me for letting you get the module. Oh and please destroy this dirt.
No. 507294 ID: 76b151

hah, I love it. get a quick estimate of a couple months pay, double it and then core him. Or maybe a years pay if its really low. Make sure to slither over the dirt and muss it up as much as possible.
No. 507296 ID: d6ef5d

...welp. You heard him. Go for it.

"Sorry about this." (For the television feed, since it looks like you're attacking him, not taking what's offered).

Charge through the dirt, messing it up with your tail, and quick extract the core with plasma sword like we did in the warehouse.

Use the new fast absorbing technique to grab enough jetalium to recharge what battery we spend on the sword, and what mass we can (although we need to prioritize moving towards the planned combat area).

Ditch the other autogun D if we need a slot.

We'll drop the core off a few roofs over- EIN or someone will find it, and get him back to the jetalium we didn't abosrb. We can send our mob buddies to pay him off or do a favor for him later.

Also: somewhere, that poor sheep you hugged is having a heart attack now that he knows who you are.
No. 507297 ID: 9ddf68

... well I didn't see that one coming but what the hell it's not like we're here to make friends (as I'm sure coreing this guy might piss off a few people) and I really don't think leaving him alone or coreing him will have much of an effect on how many people that will come after our head anyway so might as well go for it.
No. 507298 ID: 9ddf68

oh just remembered, that message we wanted to give to the public about only harming those jetals that come after us, now might be a good time to try that out... but coreing a jetal on a live feed might make the statement a little moot so if you do core him I would just keep the message to yourself.
No. 507302 ID: f2c20c

"I won't take no for an answer."

Rush him, use one of our weaker plasma swords (don't want to play our strongest cards on camera right away) to chop him up to get at his core, but leave the jetalium.

Just dump some money on the pile afterwards.
No. 507325 ID: 9e1727

Lets not let on that we're giving him any money, even if it is forced. The corrupt cops probably would just steal it from him later.

"Ah, well. Shame you won't get anything for this inconvenience. Sorry about this." Then strike to get his core.

Perhaps you don't even have to use a plasma sword to cut the core out. With a combination on Power Move and Thrusters you could jam or punch a hand right into his body near the core, then use light absorb to quickly take the jetalium around his core. Maybe even just punch his core right out. May as well test it while you're here.

But since that likely won't work, have Plasma Sword C ready to slice the core free. Once you have the core, keep a hold of it until you're several buildings away.

Lets be nice to this guy and not absorb any of his mass. We're going to use so little energy to get his core, we don't need to.

Do still snap up a small amount of his mass to hold on to so when you do drop his core, you can give him enough that he can form a face and you can apologize again for all this. This'll also let you slip the his payment into the jetalium before giving it back. That way he can keep a hold of it until EIN stops using him as a broadcast camera.
No. 507330 ID: 735f4f

Make sure to use our weakest weapon and do a shitty job of hacking out the core. Then hold the core aloft cackle a bit about no one being able to stop you and assuming the feed is off by that point then we can leave.
No. 507331 ID: d6ef5d

...guys, I kind of think speed is more important than fooling around with low power weapons. (Everything is going to be coming, soon). And we can attack from behind, out of his sight, if you don't want the masses to see what weapon we use when we grab the core.
No. 507334 ID: f2c20c

Well I guess we could blast his eyes with a low-surge plasma shot before we take him out, to cut the feed.
No. 507349 ID: b53faa

yarrharr, I like the cut of this guy's jib.
Aye, let's keelhaul him and rip out thar robot'c 'art, then steal off awl 'is mod'ules.
No. 507355 ID: 57a559

All right, just A sword his core up all nice and safetly. "Accidentily" swipe at the dirt, put some cash in his jetallium and be on your way.

And shoot the fucking drone that's capturing you on camera sheesh
No. 507359 ID: c6319f

I say we PUNCH the core out. Or stick our hand in him and pull it out, whatever. Be a total badass is what I'm getting at here.
No. 507400 ID: c4e5c2
File 136673939837.png - (22.82KB , 700x700 , 290.png )

"Sorry, then, I'll just take it."

Alison tries punching him, but even with power move, does not break past the surface.

So she simply holds his neck and extends her plasma sword A to fetch the core, and the live feed cuts out. Which is good, it made her strangely self conscious.

The feed changes to a view of Alison from far above.
No. 507404 ID: c4e5c2
File 136673984754.png - (54.43KB , 700x700 , 291.png )

>"We're getting watched from one of those ships." Scanner says, although Alison has messed up the dirt enough to avoid the message from being read. "Also, they already know what weapons we have, for the most part, at least the major ones. And they are assuming that we have the tera beam, even though that isn't officially confirmed."

Anti Gravity absorbed - dropping Kinetic Gun D.
>"Now we can fly." states the Engineer.

Alison uses the leftover mass to start injecting a pile of money for the core. It starts shaking and tries to form a speaker.

>"Nonono, don't give me money here! They'll find out I got paid once they investigate and recover me manually. Just.. kidnap me, I'll tell you where I want the money to go later."
No. 507405 ID: 9ddf68

well then lets grab and run towards the port, not like we can really do anything else now, and since we just got a new mod and we are on the rooftops, why not give it a bit of a test run, see if you can't use it to leap from rooftop to rooftop, use your thrusters a little if you need to as well...

also how effective is your new anti-gravity and would using it combined with your thrusters help at all or it wouldn't make any noticeable difference.
No. 507406 ID: d6ef5d

>Now we can fly
Flying snake form go!

Lead that drone following you to the place we were gonna fight.

...also, we got long at some point. Look at dat tail.

>no money now
Cover up and recover your stupid mistimed payoff by making it look like some jetalium absorption instead.

We'll kidnap the core and drop it off after he's given us the payoff location (and we should really send a dead battery for that. Much lower profile, and payoffs are part of the mob anyways). Preferably drop him off somewhere before we get to shipyards we were gonna fight in.
No. 507407 ID: 76b151

at least our blunder shows him we are willing to pay at least and aren't going to rip him off.
No. 507409 ID: 57a559

Oh, okay, we'll just take the mass then.
No. 507412 ID: 78c6ea


Well, hovering snake form at least.

This means we can compact denser without busting through the floor!
No. 507417 ID: b53faa

oh my god we are a flying snake
there is no way we arent taking some serious advantage of htis, GROW SOME EXTRA LIMBS AND A THORAX, IT IS TIME FOR THE FLIGHT OF THE SPIDERSNAKES!
No. 507418 ID: 76b151

I'm bad at math, how much surge does it take to, with thrusters, fly?
No. 507420 ID: 77b987

Make sure you fly with one hand forward, oh and you need a cape. All flying people need capes it's in the rule book somewhere. Bonus points if it is red, "S"symbol optional.
No. 507421 ID: 76b151

we are not Superman. We're more likely to play it sneakily then we are to go in your face overpower.

... if we didn't trust so many people so easily I'd say we are closer to Batman.
No. 507446 ID: 0f2b30

Grow wings! Nagacoatl form go!
No. 507455 ID: 9e1727

Whoops! You should have waited until you were in cover to try and pass the money. Why did you think to do it in full view of the camera?

Quickly move away so your back is to the camera. Slip him under your coat and morph around him while apologizing for that; You'd not used to engaging in such dealings personally. Though, isn't he worried they're listening in even if they can't see through him?

If we're going to make it look like a kidnapping, we're going to have to keep him throughout the whole fight. 'Cause we've already gotten his module, so the only reason to keep him on us is to make the other jetals hesitate slightly in attacking for fear of killing him as well as us. In fact, we should keep all the cores from the jetals we defeat as well. They'd be safer inside of Unity than laying out in the docks with no protection from stray fire.

Make your way to the docks using the combination of anti-gravity, thrusters, jumping and gliding that uses the least power and gets you there quickest. Considering that the anti-gravity module power consumption is based on volume, it'd be best to compact yourself down as much as you can without it being a hindrance. Wings are out of the question, since they'd add a lot of volume to be effective for just gliding.
No. 507458 ID: c4e5c2
File 136676158412.png - (208.53KB , 700x700 , 292.png )

"Engineer, I would like numbers about how this works!"
The engineer is busy making notes and grumbling under his breath, something about 'limits of gravity to 0" and "should instantly vaporize us".
"Mathematician, numbers!"
>"Oh, uh, it'll cost 10 surge per second to have no gravity, and we shouuuuld be able to use thrusters to fly without gravity in the way. So, uh, we can either hover for 40 b-minutes or float for 22 b-minutes and 22 b-seconds. That's, uh, 8 minutes and... about 4 and a half minutes in real, normal time." Mathematician explains.
"I got it. We can accelerate about... slowly." the Engineer then continues. ".000578 meter per b-second, I guess, with our mass. I'm going to speak in real time. If we spend about 4000 energy, then after almost half of a real minute, we'll be going 10 meters per second, or 38 kilometers per hour. You can probably run that fast. And then 83.3 surge per second afterward to perpetuate that speed. We need better thrusters, as it would take our entire battery to reach... Math, please."
>"Just 10 times that, we could get to about 380 km/hour real-time. Better battery would be good too."
"Thank you."
>"Did you understand any of that?" Engineer asks.
"I understood that we still need better stuff as always, also that I want wings on my tail for gliding possibilities. Please get on that."
>"... alright."

Alison is as confused about other things as she is from belenos-second to second conversions.
>Mistimed payoff
The mass was injected directly, it should have been hidden from everything! She doesn't know what she did wrong.
>Kill the drone
All Alison sees is what appears to be a ship overhead, one of the ones that uses antigravity.

She supposes it doesn't change the fact that she's going to continue on to the port. So she grabs the lump of mass and the street sweeper core, jumps up, and activates the gravity field to test it. It appears to keep her vertical and horizonal momentum, but it does cost enough energy for her to decide to take the roof.

Unity is being chased. One appears to be using gravity boosts, the other appears to have exceptional thrusters.

"That's convenient." Alison remarks.
>"Maybe. If we stop to get every convenient thing, we're going to get bogged down. We've barely made it past a roof." says Atlas.
No. 507459 ID: 735f4f

Well at this speed we are probably not going to outrun them any time soon. Aim for the floor and catwalk ahead.
No. 507460 ID: d6ef5d

> it should have been hidden from everything! She doesn't know what she did wrong.
They'll find it on him later, is the problem. He wants to be paid off after has to talk to the police and stuff. Just get a location to meet him later and drop him on a roof somewhere.

>What do?
Run on to where we're going to fight. Fly when necessary, use roofs and bridges when it would be quicker (unless switching back and forth is even slower?). I kind of get the feeling that running across rooftops and glide-fly-thrusting across gaps is the quickest way we have to move.

Ignore convenient stuff, we'll grab it if they can keep up with us and get where we're going. Only waste effort shooting at people if we have to.
No. 507462 ID: 76b151

The instant they get within A Class sword range, core one with the sword and snipe the other. Try for a double kill.
No. 507463 ID: 76b151

We are definately not going to outrun them, they are faster then us flying... and I doubt being on the ramps is going to be any better.
No. 507464 ID: f2c20c

Uh, I'd like to note that the only reason we're moving to the docks is to avoid collateral damage. Personally I don't care enough about collateral damage to delay getting some essential movement mods. So let's keep going until they catch up (by the way, when jumping off roofs we should activate our Strength Boost to get a bigger initial horizontal velocity), but let's not try to lose them either. We DO want those new movement upgrades.

From the sound of things, our thrusters are too weak to accelerate us much at current mass. So instead we can just hover.

Also... uh, I think maybe the janitor might be pulling a fast one, and is working against us by being a beacon. EIN can tell exactly where we are at all times while we carry him. Just ditch him somewhere if he doesn't immediately tell us where to leave the money.
No. 507465 ID: b93170

Can we even absorb the drones? I think we shoud just get to the port since we do want to fight somewhere where we can cut loose without to much worry
No. 507466 ID: 9e1727

Atlas is right. We want to get to the docklands where there's little chance of collateral damage anybody would care about before engaging in combat.

Aim to land and stick to the roofs, balconies and bridges as much as possible for speed, only using anti-gravity and thrusters to assist jumps across gaps when need be. You got somebody on map duty plotting a course that gets you there the quickest?

Look to stay ahead of these two, but don't lose them completely. We want them still on us when we hit the docklands, so we can take them down before they become a nuisance bugging us from the sky. If they open up on us before we get there, try to evade and only return fire if it can't be helped.

If you get a moment, apologize to Math and Engi for being a little short with them, even if this situation might warrant some sharpness.

We got a hover ship watching us from the sky, and these two flying jetals for EIN to watch us through. That the janitor jetal's core is acting as an EIN tracking beacon doesn't change much. At least for now. We'll ditch him if the situation calls for losing EIN's position on us, and it wouldn't be able to spot us otherwise.
No. 507469 ID: 2a8a2a

We might get bogged down by stopping for convenient things, but the gained mobility if we can eat these guys should make up for the delay.

For future reference could we use the anti-gravity to go faster if we start floating then push off from a solid surface? (Perhaps using plate of mass-bomb explosion, as they don't damage jetals much but knock them back decently?)

Also, I agree with dropping off the janitor's core on the next roof we pass close to.
No. 507482 ID: d6ef5d

Guys, there are no drones about, right now. There are two incoming jetals, and one airship.

>drop janitor off because EIN can track us through him
We're lit up by an air ship, and Ruby wants to make sure the chumps he's feeding us know where we are, and he has the resources to make that happen. There's no hiding, really.

Still, ditch the core somewhere safe as soon as he gives us a location for a later meet.
No. 507502 ID: 9ddf68

you know as for dropping off the jetal we just cored and paying him we could just give him a password or something then tell him to go to that one bar we were just at then text Polatt and give him the details and just have him or someone we can just leave at the bar and wait for the guy to show up. Then all the Jetal has to do is drop the password and the DB will give him the money. If you do go with this just make sure you tell the Jetal the plan before you dump him somewhere and remember to tell someone in the DB to pay this guy... maybe get his name too while we're at it.
No. 507554 ID: c4e5c2
File 136683410499.png - (175.37KB , 700x700 , 293.png )

"Sorry if I sound short with you guys!"
>"Didn't notice." Engineer claims.

With power move, she ends up staying ahead of the ones trying to chase her, gradually gaining altitude as the buildings get higher. They may also be hesitating to try to attack as well.

"Roof cleaner, where do you want to meet up?"
>"Uh..." he gives an address, and Alison agrees for 81:00, just before Undertool's meeting. She drops his core as she passes a building, leaving him with a small bit of mass.

Unity gets about halfway to the docks. The public feed is showing her route, using the other jetals as eyes. There are approximately 12 jetals around her. A few of them start firing kinetic guns at Unity, and one launches a beam, but no one wants to take the initiative with a big weapon.

She is nearly out of the leftover mass from the cleaner jetal, and will have to start using her own battery instead of burning mass for fuel.

>Scanner keeps Alison updated. "They're offering Jetalium for almost nothing, too, so we're going to get heavy hitters eventually. They do have to use the straw method and take some time absorbing it, so we're getting the lighter ones first. Everyone is allowed 2 A rank or lower weapons, and 2 A rank or below auxiliaries, regardless of their mass. They think you're going to try to stay on the high ground for awhile, so a lot are getting flight functions."
No. 507555 ID: 76b151

... hmm, I think we're going to need to start thinning this crowd. If someone it directly above a walkway that you can reach quickly snipe their core and then grab them. Use their mobility mods to play hopskotch, and get close enough to another to core them.

In the wiki the Sniper is labelled Class S, but when we absorbed it was called Class B, which is correct?
No. 507558 ID: 001618

think now would be a good time to try out our new light absorb method by grabbing any jetal that gets to close and maybe seeing how effective our JSMs are, we can remote explode them right, since they are remote controlled and all. if not just try and shoot one of the jetals in the air with 1 ... or 4.
No. 507559 ID: d6ef5d

>address and time, close to Undertool meeting
Seriously, we should delegate the payoff. We're part of the mafia, payoffs are their gig. It's safer for everyone involved- we're to high profile and trackable to safely make contact with this guy again. The only reason to go ourself is if we thought it was a trap and wanted to fight.

>what do?
Starting to get crowded enough we might want to switch from running to a fighting retreat, hitting jetals who get too close. Hit with a beam blast or sniper hit to immobilize them or catch them off guard, and then hit with the plasma sword A to steal the core for absorb and another piece of jetalium to burn for battery / light absorbtion as we keep moving. Discard absorbed cores on rooftops as we pass.
No. 507562 ID: f2c20c

Let's start making use of Sniper Beam. Nail that one flying above you so that it loses its boosters and falls onto you. Then we quickly core it and absorb some mass while moving.
No. 507566 ID: 76b151

lets try taking potshots with our B class beam weapons, try to find someone who got A Class shields. We're going to need at least one set for this battle.
No. 507567 ID: 001618

didn't we get a shield from our fight with the supercore noble wannabe?
No. 507569 ID: d6ef5d

Yup, Reflection Shield B. We could use that to bounce some of incoming plasma into our pursuers.
No. 507570 ID: 76b151

thats single beam only, no bullets, not multiple targets. And we're already facing 12 jetal with two A Class weapons each.

We need that A Class shield before we get overwhelmed. We also need to keep the crowd around us down so they can't simply swamp us.
No. 507583 ID: 9e1727

It is getting rather crowded up here. It'd probably be a good idea to thin the flying jetals out now, before they become an aerial pest once we reach the docks. But do it in a way that they don't end up falling to the ground or where we can't reach them to absorb.

Put a loop back into our route, then start knocking down jetals at the entrance to the loop. That way by the time they recover, we'll be back around to where they're in front of us.

Lets keep the JSMs to just the jetals that lay in front of us on our route, so we can at least knock them down and take them out to recover the mass used for the missile(s.) Firing multiple missiles would also be a good idea, considering how many of these jetals probably have kinetic autoguns or other weapons that could shoot them down.

This isn't a very good tactic. The initial surge and energy cost to reflect is the same as if we fired the beam that was reflected, and the jetal firing the beam can just turn it off once it's apparent it's being used in that way. So we use up a bunch of surge and energy for only a few b-seconds at most of hard to aim beam fire. All together we may as well shoot our own beams.

That's a good idea. Aim it at all the jetals following us equal amounts of time to judge which one has the better shields. But check the ones ahead on our route first so we don't have to make a major detour to fight.

The straw and gel absorption methods on the wiki page are reversed. The straw method is marked as the one that has a lower absorption percentage.
No. 507625 ID: c4e5c2
File 136687322866.png - (52.95KB , 700x700 , 294.png )

Wiki fixed: Gel/Straw method labeled correctly, and Sniper B is listed, not Sniper S.

Alison performs a fighting retreat, and tells Polatt to please take care of the cleaner's payoff. A beam that is fired on Alison proves difficult to dodge, so she reflects it to another. Unity's B class sniper bisects one more, and she sends 2 missiles each to 4 jetals. Only one gets both of their missiles down, the other 3 are struck down by at least one missile. She believes that the 5 who are struck are not going to get back up quickly.
No. 507626 ID: c4e5c2
File 136687324089.png - (55.54KB , 700x700 , 295.png )

Lastly, she fires a B class megabeam at one that is ahead of her. It hits, but does not appear to do much. That one must have excellent shielding, but it is a significant margin too far to use sword A on.
No. 507627 ID: f2c20c

Fuckin' get him. Charge! Power move, hover assisted rocket jumps.
No. 507641 ID: 9e1727

Looks like they're intentionally keeping away so as not to let you absorb their modules or mass if you do take them down. You'll just have to take action to knock them into close quarters with you.

The plan is to launch missiles with the lowest yield you can in a staggered volly, fly them in an evasive pattern so they either collide with or get close to the targeted jetals on the side opposite from you, then detonate them. The explosion will kick the jetal in your direction, and the staggering of the missiles means there'll be another one ready in case they need further nudging your way.

Launch eight more 20kg missiles: three for the shielded jetal, three for the one that shot down the other two missiles, and two for another flying jetal. Make them take a wildly evasive course to get behind the targets, with enough distance between them so that if one blows none of the others do. Bring in more folks from the lobby to guide the missiles if need be.

Whip out all four Autogun Ds and start firing them with a mix of various mass explosive and non-explosive bullets at the shielded jetal and the one that shot the missiles down in order to keep them off balance. Just don't hit too hard, lest they get knocked out where you can't reach them.

Try to get them not just into striking distance of your Plasma Sword A, but where you can grab them as well before striking. Otherwise they'll just fall down to the street below once their body is cored.

And since it'd be a shame to waste the surge it took to start the Megabeam B, swing it around to try and hit the other jetals that you aren't targeting with missiles. If you miss, just keep going to the next one. Keep it going for no more than 10 b-seconds or until all the targets have been hit.
No. 507643 ID: c6319f

If any of the downed Jetals in the direction of the well-shielded one had superior jets to what Unity has, head for them, grab the better jets and then charge the shielded Jetal.
No. 507651 ID: d6ef5d

All right! That cleared the field nicely.

If there are any cores or jetalium nearby we can grab, do so. New modules are what Ruby is sending us, after all, and we can use light absorption to keep our battery going and to replenish the mass we're spending.

Otherwise, going for the angry looking pseudo-neumono with the better shields sounds like a plan.
No. 507664 ID: 9ddf68

just how far away is shield jetal cause if we are on the same rooftop I say go for it's legs with missals, normal exploding mass, maybe an A class beam weapon if you think it could get through the guys shield, then just close the gap and core him.

If he is a bit further then that then just see if you can't pin him with suppressing fire and then close the gap.
No. 507671 ID: c4e5c2
File 136691195196.png - (118.95KB , 700x700 , 296.png )

One of the ones using good thrusters was shot down, but Alison has a feeling that there are going to be several more with those. Shields, however, are more iffy, so Alison starts chasing the one she beamed. A few more missiles are launched, regardless, to knock down a few more pursuers out of the sky.

The one with shields begins fleeing from Unity, who starts open firing her kinetic autoguns to slow him down. Others shoot at Alison, inadvertently knocking her forward. With an activation of the gravity field, she keeps that forward momentum and prepares her plasma sword to cut his core out.

>"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, leave me alone! I won't attack anymore!" he yells.
No. 507672 ID: 76b151

we aren't planning on killing her, just stealing her modules, so use the class A sword and some kilo beams to overwhelm her shields and destroy her legs.
No. 507673 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Actually, looks more like Glitcher with a tail than a neumono. Even got the shirt right. Weird.

>I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I won't fight anymore!
Fine. Then you can go after we copy those nice shields of yours.

Use sword to grab his core and a chunk of jetalium for battery light absorption, and then drop the core back in the jetalium pile while we keep moving. :V
No. 507677 ID: f2c20c

Tell him to chill out, you're not gonna kill him. But get his core. Also, recover some jetalium from him using our quick-absorb.
No. 507678 ID: e3f896

Slap him with your bust.
No. 507682 ID: c4e5c2
File 136691523634.png - (15.34KB , 700x700 , 297.png )

>Slap him with your bust.
Alison does not think that her head, shoulders and upper chest is viable for slapping, nor is slapping a viable option regardless.

"I'm sorry, too, but I'm not going to kill you, so don't worry so much." Alison says, catching up and punching her plasma sword tube around his core.
"This guy kinda looks like glitcher."
>"Heh, he just needs a couple of extra elbows." Twirl states.

Choose from the following. Each one requires another existing auxiliary or weapon to be deleted.
Shield Class A
Plasma Shot A x2
Plasma Shot D
Generic Battery Class C
~600 kg of mass

"The last two items must have been what he had before Ruby handed out weapons." Alison can carry the 600 kg of mass, but might be slowed down until she absorbs it. Non-absorbed jetalium is effectively dead weight.
No. 507683 ID: 76b151

take 200 kg only for battery\surge and missiles, don't bother with the lower class stuff. Lets just replace all our class C and lower stuff throughout this battle as we go. We might as well dump the class D and class F right now anyway too.

Lets hunt around for some of the faster moving Jetal's now that we can weather fire better. Use JSM's to herd them towards you then sniper and class A sword to disable them.
No. 507684 ID: d6ef5d

Is there any advantage to keeping the older shield generators B and C now that we have access to an A? Can they work in tandem, or should we just discard the old ones?

I'd say we want to copy the shields and both plasma blasts, and discard the plasma gun F, plasma sword D, and the shield C.

Take some, but not all of the jetalium to replace spent ammunition and battery. Maybe 100 or 200 kg? Leave the rest, and then drop the apologizer's core back by his remaining jetalium and keep moving.
No. 507685 ID: 76b151

From what I understand B is still usefull against class A, 20% of the shots is caught. Class C weapons however is useless verse an Class A shield and Class A bypasses a Class C shield completely.

If we want to completely negate Class B weapons we're gonna need a Class S shield hah.
No. 507688 ID: c4e5c2
File 136691705795.png - (16.22KB , 700x700 , 298.png )

Alison would like to recover a great deal of mass, unfortunately the light method is inefficient, at only 20%.

Therefore, to recover 200 usable kg for herself, she would have to defeat and absorb a jetal that had 1000 kg of mass.

For this jetal, she may only recover up to 120kg from its 600 kg mass. Light method is extremely fast, however, and would take a mere 30 b-seconds to absorb him.

For now, shields do not stack, so she discards shields B and C to get two plasma shots A, and discards plasma F to get shields A.
No. 507691 ID: d6ef5d

3.6 real-seconds to grab 120 kg for mass and/or to burn to replenish out battery?

Dude, totally go for it, unless there's an attack we need to dodge this very moment.

Ditch the core (on a rooftop, not over the streets, or on a bridge where it can roll off) and try to keep moving, though.
No. 507693 ID: 57a559

Can't wait for the upgrade that will allow you to get more in that amount of time.
God I hope there is one
No. 507694 ID: 9ddf68

ok you got him but remember this guys are just the light wights that jumped the gun the first chance they got, the harder hitters are still coming and I foresee a lot of collateral damage when we fight those guys so lets head to the port so we don't have to worry about it as much.
No. 507696 ID: 76b151

Alright then ya, light absorb all of him, if we need to dodge something heavy in the next four seconds we can always dump whatever remains of him.

For our next plan continue on the the waterfront.

However start looking for ones that are drastically faster then the others. We want mobility next to increase our survivability and our ability to snag needed modules. Plan of battle is to use JSM and A\B class beam weapons to herd them towards you so you can cut them to pieces with the sword and sniper and snag their core.
No. 507704 ID: c4e5c2
File 136691996515.png - (82.41KB , 700x700 , 299.png )

Since it is quick, she simply absorbs nearly every bit of mass the jetal has. Much of it goes to replenishing spent battery, and much to recovering mass lost from the occasional hit that hits during the few seconds she's slowed down. She has some left over for reserves.

Most jetals start being hesitant to get remotely close to Alison or even to attack, but she lucks out. She runs forward to another bridge towards the port, when a daring jetal with a bright thruster pops out in front of her.

He forms an energy surge, which fails when Alison flings her plasma sword around his core.

She gains plasma sword A, kilobeam A, and thrusters A. She discards thrusters C, plasma sword D and one of her kilobeam Bs. The sword A appears to be the same as Loviro's, but it cannot be easily morphed as his can.

She will also drag him over to absorb what mass she can, while using her newfound thrusters to continue fleeing.
No. 507708 ID: c4e5c2
File 136692010780.png - (105.26KB , 700x700 , 300.png )

She ends up at a roof when the buildings simply stop.

>"We're over the port." the Scanner explains. "The buildings, as you can see, don't go any farther. There's still land for another half kilometere or so, they're just smaller warehouses and ports and stuff. I think there are quite a few jetals down on the street level, but we our core detection can't see down a hundred or two stories."
No. 507710 ID: 76b151

alright, its time to drop down, we should be able to move pretty quickly with these new thrusters as well. Start slaughtering the Jetals that engage us. Use JSM, and beam weapsons to demobilze them (cut off whatever parts they use to move) and the swords and sniper to seperate their cores from their bodies, don't be shy about burning mass for surge and battery as theres gonna be a lot around that we can snag.
No. 507711 ID: 9ddf68

well nothing else to do but jump, and it lets us test out our new thrusters. as for where to land I say just turn off your anti-gravity thing for now and let normal gravity do it's thing, then when you get close enough to the ground to see jetals or when it gets to dangerous to keep the anti-gravity off any longer then using anti-G and your new thrusters preform an aerial sweep by getting as close to the ground as you can and see how many jetals you can slice in half/core as you zoom by. and because we are waiting for until the last second before using anything this will most likely take a lot of jetals by surprise.
No. 507715 ID: d6ef5d

Time for Quetzalcoatl to descend from the heavens, I think. To battle, oh winged serpent god goddess of mercy and searing light plasma.
No. 507728 ID: 76b151

just to mention priorty targets should go towards those with a) weapons we do not have (like a sniper A) or b) useful modules. Like Seveners core disguise.
No. 507734 ID: d6ef5d

And/or improved versions of weapons and modules we already have. Be nice to have better autoguns, core dodge, surge detection, etc.
No. 507737 ID: c4e5c2
File 136692969420.png - (121.72KB , 700x700 , 301.png )

Alison lets herself fall down, eventually using her thrusters. They are far better, and decelerate her quickly, although at a cost of battery as usual. She puts up her anti gravity when she starts seeing a bunch of cores.

She isn't certain that they can see her until someone chose a sniper route and also got core detection, firing it on her. She deflects it. Going down to kill the sniper and absorb it should not be difficult, but it will put her in visibility to everyone.
No. 507741 ID: 76b151

do it, go as fast as possible and reduce the sniper to pieces. Launch 8 20 mass JSM at the other jetals to distract them from retaliating right away and to observe how they react.

Shock and Awe time!
No. 507742 ID: 76b151

Keep the B class sniper though when we do get it and instead dump a D class, or C class or one of the B class beam weapons.
No. 507744 ID: d6ef5d

...I love how casual that is.

Agreed. A sniper beam without a charging delay is something we might still want.

How many jetals are down there? I count 16 cores. That's only a fraction of your field of view though, I'd expect there to be 4 or 5 times as many as I can count though.

...if they're clumped up enough the terrabeam is a viable option for crowd control while we go for the sniper.

Be careful, as necessary. Getting overwhelmed with numbers is one of the ways these scrubs could actually get us.
No. 507750 ID: 9e1727

There's a pretty good chance that if the sniper jetal has spotted you, EIN has already relayed your position from it to all those other jetals on the ground. So you're still going to take fire from them, it's just going to not be as well aimed. But if you quickly take out the sniper, then do a thrust and anti-grav assisted leap back up into the smog, the other jetals will be blind to your position again.

Look to make a quick hit-and-run absorb on the sniper jetal. Tilt the reflective shield over so the beam slices through the sniper while at the same time diving towards it. Core, grab the body, and leap back up into the cover of the smog and over this mass of jetals. Try to land on the roof of a building if you can.

However, if the body's mass is too much to get back up quickly, you're going to have to use the TerraBeam for crowd control. In that case, as soon as you got hold of the body, start charging the beam while absorbing the mass and evading. Then do a sweep around you, starting with the most serious energy surges and the nearest cores. Don't linger, since that might kill one of them. Charge into the area you beamed and snap up every jetal you can thats been stunned and absorb them.
No. 507751 ID: 9ddf68

well right now you are pretty much a small bomber so drop some things that go boom to scatter the jetals on the ground a bit and go for the sniper, if you see any jetals that aren't showing up on your core detection go for it as that could be really useful.
No. 507775 ID: c4e5c2
File 136693919497.png - (21.69KB , 700x700 , 302.png )

Alison falls down on top of the sniper, who attempts to plasma shot Alison's face, but is probably low on battery power and was interrupted anyway.

Weapons are gained. Sniper A, Megabeam A and Core Detection A. Alison filters out weaker weapons and core detection C for favor of those, and recovers mass. Core detect B allows Alison to scan what weapons and auxiliaries a jetal has.

While the JSM missiles did scatter a couple tens, many quickly recover or take their place and go to Alison. At 160kg per volley, she may want to go easy on it.
No. 507776 ID: c4e5c2
File 136693921156.png - (99.58KB , 700x700 , 303.png )

They stop a certain distance from Alison. She can take care of a great deal of them with a Terabeam, but she is surrounded at all directions. There is a brief pause, and the Ruby Emperor gets on the live feed channel.

"I will remind everyone that the bounty rules still apply. Whoever turns Unity in will have full right to the money, either they alone or, if applicable, their bounty hunter organization should there be any organization members amongst you. As most of you are independent, this means that the first person to enter a bounty office with Unity's detached core shall be considered the successful bounty hunter. The rest of everyone will not receive anything, yet I also remind all of you that the government will look poorly on those who take A class weapons only to back down from their purpose. For a full ruleset, please review the public bounty office databanks."
No. 507777 ID: c4e5c2
File 136693923412.png - (15.99KB , 700x700 , 304.png )

The jetals start shooting uneasy glances at each other in complete silence.
No. 507778 ID: 76b151

oh good, while they are dillydallying start looking at the Jetals for interesting weapons and mods.
No. 507780 ID: d6ef5d

...did Ruby just catch 22 the entire crowd? That's magnificent! Even assuming they take us out, it's going to be a free for all to try and claim out core and escape. Every one of them knows they're unlikely to beat everyone else. And they can't not take action either, since then they get in trouble for taking Ruby's weapons and not using them.

Sounds good.

...wait for someone else to fire the first shot. It may not be aimed at you. If they start fighting amoung themselves that's awesome.

When the fighting starts, crowd control with a terrabeam seems like a good way to start, followed with using the drill sword to go to ground (put some matter between everyone else and you, get out of the center of the firing ring, and then you can pop up where you want to, and engage who you want to absorb. Plus, using tunneling you can control how many you're engaging at once).

>For a full ruleset, please review the