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File 147675810927.png - (23.26KB , 800x800 , 395.png )
753490 No. 753490 ID: bfb318

This is a patreon funded quest, and will be NSFW.

Other Threads/Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection
Stats: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats#Job_Listings
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Lagotrope

Some hours prior to Roxy's escape from the public eye...

Coral is taking a taxi towards the club, and is planning on creating another division to talk to the four blackmailers while Roxy talks with Sevener.

Both Alison's team and Fern's team have reviewed the data from last night's experience with the Blackmailer's club.

All of them are difficult to read, but there is a general concensus that Laner, who took Coral on the car ride, had a great time, and just wants to play cool and hard to please about it.

Bolonn is more openly receptive towards Coral, but he appears to have an unhealthy avoidance of responsibility, deep topics, or things that stray from a stricly hedonistic, outgoing lifestyle.

The other two, which were spoken to less, are Rike and Rans. The former is more business oriented but has been seen fooling around with others in the club. The latter tends to loom over the railing as their security measure. His hours seem unpredictable.

>"Alright, 'Sugartooth.' We're hoping for some more progress tonight." Fern says on a phone. "We've got some info to give you more to work with. We found a once-rich biological from I-Block, we paid them off with favors outside of prison, which you'll pay us to do out of the reward money for this job. Don't worry, it isn't much. The I-Block boss had all their primary sources of money either frozen, abducted, or made inaccessable, so he had a lot of motivation to roll with this punch.
>Secondly, our blackmailers got some dealings with some corrupt cops. Not sure what that's about, but we looked at some of the people Rike was talking with, and they're the middle men between a corrupt cop network and the criminal network. Nothing to do with the other job. And lastly, they've got another blackmailing project over with some freighter company that deals in weaponry. Cops or freighters, these are just two other angles if you want to send a division over to investigate that if you aren't getting anywhere with the club."
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No. 753493 ID: 211d83

Ok our main mission is to steal or destroy the blackmail.

But that does not get us the sweet bonus of knocking them all out and selling there stuff. So you need to search for a in to seduce Rike and Rans. Am thinking that with 3 bodies you can get Laner and Bolonn in a three way with one body while your other two bodies seduce Rike and Rans individually. Or a four way and Rans alone if your other body is stuck with Sevener for awhile.

Rike seems to have a sex drive so a bit of careful flirting and learning about him should work.

But Rans seems to be the stoic guarded type. We need more info about him so we can lure him into sin.

Plus we need to get them wanting more so they are willing to try our hacked module. Maybe can organize a orgy and with Laner talking it up the others will want to try it.

So I would send a division over to check on the other blackmail targets just in case there is a lead there. And keep your main body here to learn more about the boys.
No. 753494 ID: 3abd97

First thing we need is for Fern's new friend to squirt us the info we paid for so our brain trust can start digesting / mining it.

>corrupt cops
You're working on cultivating a source / contact inside the police department with your Roxy persona, but it's unlikely you'll be far enough along to get information from her for a few hours, at least.

>deals in weaponry
Any connection to those jerks we ran into back on our first job together? Wouldn't mind getting dirt on them, though I don't want to show up on their radar unprepared either.

>who work
Laner and Bolann we have the most rapport to work with. They're kind of opposite ends of things, too.
No. 753497 ID: 4dc2d2

How do I do this?
No. 753498 ID: 0461a0

How do I do this?
No. 753550 ID: bfb318
File 147676963335.png - (17.08KB , 800x800 , 396.png )

>Any connection to those jerks we ran into back on our first job together?
It appears not, although Fern doesn't know a great deal about the operation.

Since travel time is low, Division 2 will be sent to lightly scope out the main harbor where the illegal arms takes place to see if anything stands out, and can be called back at any time.

The Core continues to the club.

The first division, Roxy, is expected to be available in around 5 hours, but that is an estimate and based on the idea that Alison will be building rapport with Sevener.

"Thank you, Fern. Can we get more information on Rans? He's one of the ones I'd like to influence most, but he might be the toughest."
>"The guy's a genuine mystery. We'd have to shove some conspicuous specialty scanner modules down his eyes to get anything. We'll send over what your backstory with the I-Block is, anyway. There's not much to it, though, you were just the secret playjetal of Enthia Luana. Look her up if you want, but the jist is once fashion designer by day, smuggling monster by night, now prison suit model 24/7."

Coral goes up the landing stairs, where she is immediately waved down by both Bolann already on the dance floor, and Laner, who is on the bar. The club, having just opened, appear vacant almost to the point of unrecognizability. Coral is in the middle of both of them, and they must see each other. That fact just appears to get them to flag down Coral harder.
No. 753553 ID: 91ee5f

At least look like you're struggling to decide who to pick by looking back and forth to both of them with an expression of confusion on your face.
No. 753554 ID: 90f3c0

Talk to Laner First, dancing less interesting when the floor is nearly empty.
No. 753570 ID: 99bd8f

Right, remind me, what's the division count? We can make three, right? Roxy is off with Sevener, so we should have the ability to make another. We could split between them, as they may expect.

Or we could use this to start sowing jealousy. I'm not sure if we've built up the desire to have us to themselves enough, yet, though. Plus if we don't make a division for this now and then make one later, it will cause extra trouble with the guy we don't pick now.

We want to sow jealousy just to make them less effective as a group overall, so they stop listening to each other's advice, don't talk things over with each other, generally become more incompetent. Actually getting them to split up would be a long shot, and it might not get what we want. My game plan for best outcome would be to somehow arrange all four of them into a simultaneous orgy and knock them all out at once, then the place can be raided and we can take their stuff no problem. Though, you might want to run that plan past Fern since there's a chance they've arranged the blackmail material to go out if they get taken out, somehow.

Next most optimal plan, I think, would be to persuade them to take us into their little inner circle, perhaps by doing a job or two for them, and then when we're hanging out with them fabricate an alarm from the Lollipops, like two of their big guys hanging around suspiciously near the club, that gets these guys to get the blackmail ready to use but not actually use it - then we'd hopefully get the chance to see where it's kept.

Third, more simple plan is to just get them to want us on their team full time, go "oh but i heard you guys had trouble with the lollipops i'm scared" and they show us the blackmail to make us feel safe. Kind of an obvious ploy, though, we'd have to either earn their trust in some way or make ourselves out to be such a dumb slut they'd never expect us to be an agent the lollipops would use. Plus, to cover the specific lollipop connection, we might want to know what other groups these four might have trouble with, so we could act afraid of them too (Maybe they have dirt on other people as well, which we could hand over to the Lollipops as a bonus?). This plan and the second plan could be combined, a manufactured scare followed by asking about trouble with the lollipops and saying we're scared.

Above all, though, we can't risk the blackmail material getting out. Any plan to take them out has to take out all four of them at the same time. Anything less than that and it's not worth the risk.

Anyway, right now I say form a division to split between these two.
No. 753571 ID: 91ee5f

We've already made our 3rd clone to scope out the main harbor.

>Since travel time is low, Division 2 will be sent to lightly scope out the main harbor where the illegal arms takes place to see if anything stands out, and can be called back at any time.

And since Roxy is with Sevener, that leaves only Coral here at the club. So we gotta choose one or the other, not both!
No. 753573 ID: 99bd8f


Ah, right.

Well, then, since we're between the two, what could be done is shoot a wink at one and raise a finger, like we're saying "one minute" or asking them to keep quiet for some mischief reason, then go to the other. We'd have to follow that up somehow, though. We might be able to convince Bolann we don't want to dance until there's more people to impress, for example. Or we could tell Laner that we want to finish the bet with Bolann and that another of her will join him later.

Or we could try convince Laner to come out on the dance floor with us and Bolann. That might be amusing. Give Bolann the "one minute" gesture, tell Laner we want to finish our bet with him but the dance floor looks lonely and why doesn't he come out?

Then we'd be able to go to the dance floor but leave Laner with a sense of us still wanting to spend time with him. Especially effective if we're a little vaguely flirty when asking him to come out and dance with us.
No. 753589 ID: 3abd97

Be flirtatious and send a teasing look to whichever way you don't go. And in fact stall a little, make them wait for your decision. If they're going to complete for your attention, the least we can do is play to that.

Hmmm. Hopefully they are competing and this isn't some coordinated effort to get at the new girl.

For the moment, I think we should try Laner. Drop into his booth, send a regretful / longful glance Bolann's way. (Activate a light on your hip as / right before you turn- turn signal).

We probably want the social scanner on.
No. 753609 ID: 1aca40

Tease them. Look at them both questioningly and see who works harder to lure you over.
No. 753615 ID: bfb318
File 147681242097.png - (37.24KB , 800x800 , 397.png )

The social scanner is currently ON.

Coral draws the moment out to give the impression that she's pondering who to go to, despite having already chosen Laner.

A light on her right hip goes on like a turn signal and her head turns left to give Bolann the one-minute gesture with a look of piercing interest added on. She goes to the bar, and Bolann doesn't do a good job of hiding his disappointment, yet keeps dancing by himself anyway.

>"'ey, Coral." says Laner. "You were looking for a place to call your own, weren't you?"

A couple of drinks slide across the bar, with exactly enough momentum to stop in front of each Laner. He takes one, and slides it the rest of the way to Coral while sliding himself closer, too.

"That's right. And I've already got glued here, since I still have a bet with Bolann over there. I may have a division join him later, but the dance floor is looking lonely, so what if you joined us in dancing?"
>"What, the bet to out-dance him? He'd club for a thousand years straight if we let him get away with it. No one but him dances while the sun's up. You've got the initiative to do more than just dance the night away, don't you?"
No. 753619 ID: 3d2d5f

>He'd club for a thousand years straight if we let him get away with it.
Hmmm. So it's a long term bet then, if it'll take that long to finish.

>You've got the initiative to do more than just dance the night away, don't you?
I enjoy a good dance, but yes, that's true.

Why, did you have something in mind?

Take a sip of your drink.
No. 753645 ID: bfb318
File 147682388949.png - (34.62KB , 800x800 , 398.png )

"I enjoy a good dance, but that's true. Why, did you have something in mind?"
>"Work for me. You'll mostly work the floor and be a waitress to start with, but do a good job, and there's plenty of room up. You'll be on my call at any hours, but you'll get more time off, on average, than not."

The drink is recognized as a relatively expensive jetal recreational drink, at about 1200 dollars per glass. Aside from the cost, the pleasant feeling it causes, and the high amount of battery power it restores upon digestion, it doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary.
No. 753648 ID: c441c1

hold out for a bit more I am sure that their is are better positions available.
No. 753653 ID: 3abd97

>the high amount of battery power it restores upon digestion
High in terms of actually battery recovery, or just high compared to digesting normal fluids?

>be a waitress to start with, but do a good job, and there's plenty of room up. You'll be on my call at any hours
MMmmmmmm, why do I get the impression being on call for things is the real job, and the waitressing is just an excuse to have me around. After all, it's not like serving drinks and taking orders requires much... initiative. Don't like calling your toys toys?

And what are you thinking I'm worth?

We're being a bit of a tease here. Jumping at his first offer is too easy- we make him work a little to reel us in.
No. 753654 ID: 1aca40

Work for just you? Or would it be working for the club and working "under" you.

So do you each manage part of the clubs business?

While I don't mind being "on call" all the time I would like a idea of how you guys run things first.

It looks like he wants to lure you over to be his girl alone. Might want to work on getting to know the others so we can leverage there interest to get a sweeter deal.

Need to get the best deal for employment because the harder we bargain the more realistic our cover is. Settling for the first offer would make us seem desperate or a spy. Plus our cover is not a poor working girl so can afford to be picky.
No. 753660 ID: 3abd97

The question of how hard he expects you to work for him has to come up, unfortunately. Is he hiring one waitress or three? (Because we can't do Three while we're doing Sevener, badum-tish).

If we get a good offer we could reroute number two, but me three is a little tied up. Maybe literally, if things go well. You've got a tight wound friend you've been working to unwind.

(I would assume Succubus is taking point here, as she was working Laner before. Bandit's probably a good idea to have along in the division snooping into the illegal trade. ...Smuggler doesn't actually know anything about smuggling, unfortunately).
No. 753664 ID: bfb318
File 147682652480.png - (11.63KB , 800x800 , 399.png )

>High in terms of actually battery recovery, or just high compared to digesting normal fluids?
It might be about 2% battery recovery over 1 hour of digestion. It isn't much compared to being plugged in, but it is more than what Coral uses.

"Work for just you?"
>"Just me. It's a mess if you had multiple bosses, even if Bolonn, Rans and Rike are still your superiors."
"So each of you manage a different part of the business?"
>"Yeah. Rans with security, me with internal staffing, Rike with external affairs, and Bolonn with how the club's ran, like advertising, design, so on."
"I'd like to see how things are ran, first, before I get on call at all times. It doesn't take much initiative to just be a waiter, and are you expecting three waiters?"
>"In time. I'm highly curious what those other divisions are up to."
"And, why do I get the impression you want me on call for things, and waitering is just to have me around? Or do you not like calling your toys, toys?"
>"Ha, you got it, but waitering would be useful anyway. Trust me, I'd love to have you be my toy, if you wanted it like that."
"Thanks, but let me think on the job, alright? I don't even know what you think I'm worth."

Laner swirls his glass around, making a show of being in thought.

>"4k an hour, per Coral, plus tips which is where the real money is at. You know, we obviously like you. Rike may have his misgivings, but even he can't deny you'd be useful. Rans has been with us a while, and made a lot of sacrifices and demonstrations of loyalty. You? You showed up last night. You still have a couple divisions off doing 'business' that isn't our business. If you want to get in good with us, you have to show us you mean good. Even if they're broken up, I-Block still has croneys out there. What boss were you under? We can help, but if you help us do some damage to them and burn your bridges, we'll see what you're capable of, and feel a lot better about you. And after a while, we'll either want to know what your divisions are doing, or have them back here with us."

The social scanner is reporting that Laner is paying much more attention to how Coral responds, rather than what she responds with.

>"Risky but possible. The boss we talked with, Enthia, seemed like the sort to throw their croneys under the bus." Fern says. "Can't say for sure if the situation is the same."
No. 753675 ID: 3abd97

>4k an hour
My sense of how much our time is worth may be broken by the ridiculous cheating rates we make money, but that seems too low for Coral. Roxy is a low class stripper (turning tricks isn't even required) and she makes 18k, as a biological. For the upper class whore / personal toy Coral is selling herself as, that seems kinda low.

Granted, it might be scaled such that it's a high amount for a waitress. Or Laner might have cut the going rate in three since he knows we're not putting in 100%, yet.

Not sure how we estimate how much we'd be expecting to make in tips. I suppose if we've seen what the drinks menu is in here we might be able to figure out how much money they're tossing around. Or one of the AIs might have been paying attention to guest behavior last time we were here.

tl;dr- being in character means Coral has to respond to if that's a good offer or not!

>help us do some damage to them and burn your bridges
>What boss were you under?
I worked under Enthia, pun intended. At least before he got himself put away.

I was always more the building bridges type than burning. Nor much for the lighting of plasma fires. We talked the other night about how I felt about connections. You're asking me to tug on a few until they snap for you? I suppose that makes for a demonstration of loyalty, but what are you expecting me to pull back for you?

I understand espionage usually pays better than waitressing, though. If you're asking me to help you clean the out while they're down, I expect a cut. (It's a fair deal in principle- Coral can't safely use insider information against I-block without protection, and they couldn't act at all without the information. The sticky bit is if the information Fern bought actually has what we'd need to make a play that would work).

>other divisions
We're kinda limited by not wanting them to know for sure how good we are with all three. We faked a little difficulty keeping all going at once last time (light async, like we had to work at concentration) but if we're too honest about what's keeping #3 busy, we blow that away.

For now, I think we can say you were showing off last night. An interview is a good time for that. You don't need more than one of you to talk terms. ...although you could probably think of a few ways to distract him.
No. 753678 ID: c441c1

say that you will have to think on it, lets make them think you are actually making a decision rather then being put upto this by a third party. Check on the docks in the mean time.
No. 753682 ID: 1aca40

Right now my divisions are off on pleasure missions not business. While I don't mind bringing in all three for projects and having fun with you guy I do enjoy my privacy and regularly use them to live life and catch up with friends.

So feel free to let me know if you need them on standby but I do use them for my private life to much to let you know where they are constantly. But if you ask nicely I probably will tell you.

As for the Waitress job 4k a hour sounds a bit low. What sort of tips are we looking at?

My old bosses in i-block I would rather not throw under the bus without very good reason or profit. They might have fallen apart but they were good to me and I would rather not cause them further problems. Yes Enthia did have a tendency to do the same to her underlings but I would rather not take after her. Getting a rep for backstabbing old friends or business associates is a horrible idea in my line of work.
No. 753683 ID: 398fe1

>do some damage to them and burn your bridges
Balk at this. If they want your loyalty, shouldn't you show that you're capable of staying loyal? Plus, that'd be like kicking a dog while it's down. I-Block lost everything.

Also we really should give absolutely no indication of what Roxy is doing. They have corrupt cops on their side apparently which means if they catch wind of Roxy's true nature somehow they could use it as blackmail.
No. 753687 ID: 3abd97

That's not a bad point. It's kind of a tricky line to walk- making it look like we're not disloyal, but at the same time, not making it look like Coral's too loyal to her old employers. Then we end up looking like a plant for the wrong people.

(Although I-Block being down helps- they don't have the same motive the Lollipops do to interfere, and they don't have spare resources to mess around).
No. 753688 ID: 395c02

Well, I mean, it's apparently a tipped job where most of the pay is coming from the tips? So that might be expected.

.. But you're right in that it would help to know what the drinks menu looks like if nothing else.

You sound like you have a better idea than me so
No. 753690 ID: 99bd8f

Show interest, like you do need the money and you'd enjoy the fun, but also a little trepidation. Maybe mention how hanging with the tough crowd was fun, and you did help out sometimes with more than just fun, but you'd always avoided messing with the really big boys - in any of the bad ways, at least - and that's part of why you're still walking free. That and making sure you always had some sort of solid shelter to duck under if you needed to, and you've cashed in a good few shelter chips recently as it is.

Tell Laner you know he's smart, so you might as well cut to the sharp questions: how well can they look after you if someone gets singed by your burning bridges? And whose naughty lists are you going to get put on by officially joining up with them?
No. 753691 ID: bfb318
File 147683217992.png - (42.17KB , 800x800 , 400.png )

From what people are seeing, 4k is already a high class waiter for base wages, but as Laner implied, most of the money is gained from tips in an environment where tips occur. Coral, nonetheless, is worth far more.

The drink menu implies an audience that is relatively well off, with a more minor selection of highly priced items on board.

"I worked under Enthia, pun intended. At least before he got himself put away. Right now, the rest of my divisions are on pleasure, not business."
>"Only heard about Enthia. Now if only I could see your divisions getting their pleasure."
"Also, 4k seems rather low, and I hope I don't have to tell you that. You also want a display of loyalty, by showing that I will hurt my colleagues as soon as everything goes under? I-Block lost nearly everything, and whatever wealth is floating around is as good as lost or stolen into other gangs. I'm more about building bridges."
>"If you have another way to prove some loyalty, I'd love to hear it. We can negotiate wages."

Rike shows up.

>"You are trying to pocket the new girl." says Rike.
>"What of it? It's in my department."
>"But we all get a say, because we're in a team. Don't try to undercut us."

Laner manages to make a blank expression glare at Rike.
>"Really. You have to have this conversation out loud?"
>"You've been dismissing the phone discussions. And she can know I'm suspicious of her."
>"Oh, please, you just want her to yourself!"
>"I want her away from here, doing other jobs if she works for us, not listening in to every conversation up on the second floor. I want negotiations. Eye candy. Because none of you want to look cute and easy any more than I do, and the other gangs are starting to clench their cooperation at the sight of our attitude. I want her going to other gangs and smoothing everything out and, as she put it, building bridges, not being your personal plaything."
"What sort of negotiations? That sounds more suitable, and hanging out with a tough crowd can be fun, but I always did avoid messing with the really big boys - the bad ones, that is - and that's why I'm still walking free. Whose naughty lists am I ending up on, by officially joining up with either of you?"
>"With me," Rike says, "you won't be officially on our payroll. We can drop you and you can drop us, and no one can burn the other."
>"Or me." says Laner. "Here, you'll just be a regular employee. If things get rough, you're still safe in the club where we can protect you. You won't be making any enemies anyway, being a regular employee. If you like the tough crowd, then there's plenty of tough crowd we serve at the tables."

>Check on docks
There's nothing new to report, but it's difficult to get close when most of it is a large, employees only section under tight security.
No. 753692 ID: 398fe1

Well if they all get a say, what do the others say?
No. 753693 ID: 3abd97

Social scanner give any indication this public disagreement in front of the new hire is staged? The problem with dealing with jetals and robots is they have pretty good poker faces (though not as good as our effective CAI) and could be saying one thing publicly and another thing privately on their phones, same as us.

I mean, the obvious play would be to try and play them off against each other, but they might be testing to see if we're trustworthy (and trying to break them up is less than) or to see if we really buy into the peacekeeping / bridge building idea when presented with a broken one.

>what say
I'll take the suspicion as a compliment, thank you, Rikeepoo. Incompetent or worthless people aren't worth wasting suspicion on.

You don't trust me to hang around, but you do trust me to cut deals with the other gangs? Isn't me messing up your politics a bigger risk for you?
No. 753694 ID: bfb318
File 147683401094.png - (10.56KB , 800x800 , 401.png )

If it's staged, it's well rehearsed, as the social scanner can't pick up anything obvious.

"I'll take the suspicion as a compliment, thank you, Rikeepoo. Incompetent or worthless people aren't worth wasting suspicion on. But if I can't hang around, is it such a good idea to have me cutting deals and potentially messing up your politics?"
>"That's why they start simple and aren't crucial. You won't even be working under our name. And never call me 'Rikeepoo.' You'll be fed information, and you just stick to it."
"If you all get a say, what do the others say?"
>"Sometimes..." Laner says, "We just can't seem to find an agreement. As long as our decisions don't interfere with the other, then we try to let the disagreements go."
>"So what's it going to be, girl?" says Rike. "Waitering, or negotiations? Negotiations pays more, gets more priveleges, and the only way Laner can match the price is if he pays out of his own pocket."
>"You won't be as safe out there, Coral." says Laner.
No. 753695 ID: 99bd8f

There's always someone dumb or desperate enough to think maybe the waitress has seen or heard something useful. Besides, you can't keep all of yourself in the club all the time. You have some personal life. Family commitments. Your creator's still around, and that's all you'll say about it, since you make sure they never even get close to near your business or pleasure, and you intend to keep it that way. Anyway, you have friends. You're a sociable person. You spend time with other sociable people, and a subset of your social skills are what they're aiming to hire you for, so that shouldn't be a surprise.

As for negotiations work... being sent to smooth things over means you'll be sent to meet people who need smoothing over, and that means people who aren't happy and are inclined to vent their frustrations. You've dealt with unhappy frustrated people, and you can fix those problems, but it can be a risky business, and being on the end of the ten-foot pole makes it feel riskier. Being kept at a distance at first, that's fine, fair's fair, but you've got eyes and ears and you know from observation that people who get kept at arm's length tend to be the easiest to drop in the dirt. You'd want to get some little token of security in your hands eventually.
No. 753696 ID: 398fe1

>gets more priveleges
Huh? Like what?
No. 753699 ID: 3abd97

Good points there, though I think we should leave out the "creator" line. I expect a lot of jetals aren't hobby projects or prototypes build by experts- a lot of them are likely manufactured. Don't want to let on how special we are.

Also a good point to ask.

Ultimately we need the job that gets us the most trust the quickest, since we're on a deadline. Waitress with sex perks is right in our comfort zone and we could probably do it, but negotiations probably nets more trust. Problem is even that seems like it would take a few meetings over days to get the access we want, and it is putting us at risk (and not just danger- of revealing too much of our hand / real competence in making it work).

Might be able to stage something with the Dead Batteries to make us look good, if we cut them in when we get the payout here. Can't use the Lollipops, since that would make them suspicious, and we can't have them thinking we're a guild agent.

>"You won't be as safe out there, Coral." says Laner.
Swap your lights to little warning signs for a moment. ⚠

That's sweet, but I do have some idea how to take care of myself, even if I'd rather be having fun.

Perk up, nonchalantly and then mischievously: "Oh hey, if I stall long enough, is Bolann gonna come up and make me a third offer as a dancer?"
No. 753700 ID: 3d03dd

"Whatever you say, Rikee-wikee!"

"What? You only said not to call you 'Rikeepoo'. You didn't say I couldn't call you something else."
No. 753703 ID: 211d83

How about both? I do some outside work and help around at the club with one of my other bodies here and there?
No. 753705 ID: bfb318
File 147683617727.png - (64.67KB , 800x800 , 402.png )

"Whatever you say, Rikee-wikee. That's sweet, but I can deal with some amount of danger. What kind of privileges are we talking about, Rike?"
>"Trust. And better negotiations, meaning cuts yield more money, and the more competence you show, the more you may be able to influence the negotiations rather than just being the pretty face." says Rike. "Essentially, you'll move from a trial employee to more and more of a team member, a partner, and if you do exceptionally, then an equal."
"On another note, I do have a personal life, so I still can't be in the club all the time. I'm sociable. I can deal with negotiations, but I will want a token of security in my hands before long, rather than being kept at arms length forever."
>"That's the idea. You won't be on call all the time with me. We can set up free time."
"I can have divisions here sometimes, so I can do other jobs."

Laner and Rike share a look. Neither one appears receptive to the idea of Coral splitting up.

Coral smiles and changes the subject.

"If I stall long enough, is Bolann going to come up and make me a third offer as a dancer?"
No. 753706 ID: bfb318
File 147683619159.png - (61.18KB , 800x800 , 403.png )

>"You know it." says Bolann, who shows up as if waiting to be mentioned. He practically pulls Coral off her chair. "It might not pay the best, but I'll treat you well on the dance floor, and if you want to be sociable and meet all kinds of people, the dance floor is where it's at and where you can call your second home."
"Which I'm not wholly against if you stick there." says Rike.

Social scanner is picking up that Rike is mildly hoping that Coral picks his negotiation jobs, while Laner will be aggressively disappointed if Coral shuns his waiter job. Bolann appears to be most willing to back Coral's decision no matter what it is, and while he would enjoy Coral, he is not fully expecting her to occupy the dance floor.
No. 753723 ID: 3abd97

Okay, conflict of interest. Laner is our best in so far- he's sort of in charge, and we built the best rapport with him so far. We've got him on a moral / philosophical level, and he's attracted to us. Bolann might like us more, but we can't leverage that the way we want (and if Laner's right he's gonna be a jerk as soon as he gets what he wants anyways). Rike is never really gonna trust us the same way.

On the other hand, the negotiations seems the more mission advantageous job. So what further the mission better- the social positioning, or the employment positioning? Or can we split the difference or ameliorate Laner at all?

>what say
I'm not letting you win out bet uncontested, but I think Laner was right before. Dancing all my time away isn't how I'll play it. Thanks, though.

I don't suppose splitting my time is an option? You guys can't have made so many enemies you need me out there making nice with them all the time, can you?

If they won't let us split their time, make a show of thinking, and then regretfully inform Laner you think he was right. You're gonna have to show initiative. Go with Rike's idea.

To try and ameliorate things, as the meeting breaks up, lean over to whisper / talk quietly to Laner before he leaves (give him a view of the girls in the process) "Thanks for being concerned about my safety, that's sweet. I'll show you my appreciation, later."
No. 753725 ID: 3d03dd

So we'll already be causing some friction between them if we don't choose Laner.

Oh! I just realized something! The Coral that's at the harbor is in disguise, right? It'll look suspicious if a Coral is spotted there looking into the Blackmailer's business!
No. 753728 ID: 398fe1

>aggressively disappointed
That's actually good. We can play off the group friction Laner seems to be demonstrating.

Let's take the negotiation job.
No. 753730 ID: 3abd97

Ideas for division 2 to look into:

Either we want want info fellow blackmail victims have on the blackmailers (which isn't likely to be better than what they syndicate already has, or you can did up on the inside) or we want to use them against the blackmailers.

One potential play I can think of is riling them up, encouraging them to turn on the blackmailers. Making the gun runners think they can't be trusted, or that they have a way to take the blackmail back, etc.

Basically, one way to find out where something hidden is is to point a threat at it, so the owner has to move it. Obviously, we need to wait until the blackmailers trust Unity enough to take her with the when they grab what's in the safe and run, but it's a way to get what we want out in the open. Probably faster than becoming a full equal partner trusted with the blackmail ourself.

Then we'd celebrate our escape with an orgy, knock them all out, and steal all their stuff and the goods.

So D2 needs to find a way to get into the gun runners. We need people to approach, who we can talk to when we stir things up. Not sure what persona or angle to use here, though it requires a new face at a minimum.
No. 753731 ID: 211d83

Well I do like the idea of hanging out with Laner and having fun around the club but I would like to at least try a outside job once.

If it gets too scary I can always change direction and stay safe in the club.

I don't suppose Ran's has any input on this conversation?
No. 753736 ID: c441c1

To start with with we should get them to play aginst each other by deciding who to work with via an orgy in which they try to please you and you go with the best.
Pick Rike to get yourself set up as a bigger part of their organisation and set a division up to work with him for 3 days to build trust.
Then we need to set the gun runners up to threaten and scare them into moving the data which we will steal and take off with.
No. 753755 ID: 99bd8f

Tell Rike that if he's making this offer, he must have at least one such job in mind already, right? You were hoping to live a quiet party life for a while, but you feel like you'd be an idiot to pass up something that could maybe fund you some mass, you're squeezin' for three divisions as is. How about he spin you the story for one job, and the pay, and you'll give it a go to see how you feel about it and how well it turns out?

Besides, no offense, but it'd give you time to feel around and ask some questions about their operation yourself. Sounds like it's pretty extensive.
No. 753757 ID: 91ee5f

"Sorry, Laner and Bolann, but I really Rike the sound of Like's offer, so I'm choosing him. .....oops! I mean, I really like the sound of Rike's idea!"

>The Coral that's at the harbor is in disguise, right? It'll look suspicious if a Coral is spotted there looking into the Blackmailer's business!
I should hope she's in disguise!
No. 753762 ID: bfb318
File 147684478980.png - (55.54KB , 800x800 , 404.png )

"Splitting my time isn't an option? I can't imagine you've made so many enemies that you need me out there making nice with them all of the time?"
>"Not for at least a few jobs. We're going to have you wear a single track cam and do some jobs. If you do well, then splitting your time between here and there is doable." says Rike.
".... okay. I'm sorry, Laner, but you were right, I need to show initiative. I'll do negotiation. Rike, I assume you already have a job in mind?"
>"Yes. Not much to begin with, but pays better than waitering already."

Laner grunts.

"And sorry, Bolann, but Laner was also right about me not wanting to spent all my time on the dance floor."
>Oh well, it's not going anywhere. I guess I won't claim victory on the bet, since you're working for us now." Bolann says.
"I appreciate it, Laner. I'll show it, too, later tonight when I can. I don't suppose Rans has anything to say about this?"
>"He's busy, now." says Rike. "Come see me upstairs."
No. 753763 ID: bfb318
File 147684479886.png - (22.67KB , 800x800 , 405.png )

Division two, in diguise, has found a building of various services where many of the gun runners go to spend their off time. The division 2 team will start conversing with some of the gun runners that the Lollipop Syndicate has some data on, and start gaining some connections there.

The eventual intention will be to get the gun runners to try and threaten the blackmail, and force the blackmailers to move the data, in which Coral will hopefully be trusted enough to participate in the move.
No. 753764 ID: bfb318
File 147684488727.png - (63.02KB , 800x800 , 406.png )

Coral meets with Rike upstairs.

>"I'll get to it. A building inspector is due in three days. The building is safe and all, but the landlords here want things ridiculously clean and optimal. I just want more time before I need to hire people to spitclean an already well oiled machine. Here's the inspector's address and phone number. He's just got off work, and will be home. See if you can delay it. It'll pay 100,000 dollars, plus 5,000 per day."
No. 753766 ID: 398fe1

Should be easy, we can just offer Coral's body as an incentive for the inspector to delay. Only question is how to approach them.

Ask about the inspector's general disposition.
No. 753768 ID: 211d83

Well time to fuck him so hard he cant walk for days. Or something similar.

Try to find out more about this guy so we can find a way to approach him. See what he likes and what would convince him to spend a few days playing with us rather than do his job.

Of course finding a way to delay him without spending all of the several days with him would be ideal.
No. 753770 ID: 91ee5f

Is he a biological or a jetal? Knowing which one he is ahead of time will help determine how we approach him.
No. 753772 ID: 3abd97

Right. Get Scanner's understudy looking this person up on our phone. What can we find out about them, quick? (Important would be if they've taken bribes before). We don't have long to plan an approach, and intel would help a lot.
No. 753787 ID: a107fd

Sounds like they're trying to collect blackmail on the inspector.
No. 753789 ID: 398fe1

Hmm... well, maybe, but delaying a job for a few days seems like it won't be much blackmail material. Unless we're supposed to seduce him and he's married or otherwise forbidden from sexual relations...
No. 753817 ID: a107fd

Traditionally, blackmail is an incremental process. Only staggeringly lucky amateurs stumble into damning secrets on day one. Screwing up the schedule for inspections might be a firable offense, or at least grounds for some sort of disciplinary action, avoidance of which then provides the leverage to motivate some marginally greater transgression.

What I mean is, we could point this out. Proving that we know the business's core principles well enough to recognize what we're actually being paid to do might speed up the initiation.
No. 753818 ID: 398fe1

SHOULD we know they're blackmailers though? Letting that slip might reveal we know more than we should.
No. 753823 ID: a107fd

A sufficiently clever and criminal-minded person might be able to deduce it just from the description of that assignment. It's in character, too. Trying to understand and anticipate what your bosses really want is very much "showing initiative."
No. 753841 ID: 3d2d5f

I think jumping to blackmail is being too smart for our own good. We haven't even scoped out our target yet- that's one of several ways we could try and influence the inspector.

We might also have to be less effective than usual- morphing to the perfect personality and appearance to play this guy is risky. Revealing ourself as too good an actor raises suspicions we might be playing them. So whatever play we make here has to be limited to seeming in character for Coral.
No. 753864 ID: bfb318
File 147689619865.png - (13.88KB , 800x800 , 407.png )

Coral's scanning team looks into the inspector.

He appears to be a 26 year old biological. He is married to another biological, with no kids. His inspecting job is, on paper, just to make sure that health and safety codes are being matched. He has a reputation for being highly knowledgeable about laws and loopholes, and inspecting buildings with far more scrutiny than others.

On further inspection, the scanning team notices that many criminals were busted for contraband at varying times after this particular inspector looked at their buildings.

He does not have a visible history of taking bribes, but there is more shadowed parts of his job than is typical for an inspector of his type. Furthermore, it does seem as though he has flexibility of when he is supposed to inspect certain buildings, and tends to schedule them far earlier than any true deadlines.

His online activity is minimal, and he tends to keep to himself. He appears most comfortable around other biologicals.
No. 753891 ID: 3d2d5f

Okay, depending on how his relationship with his wife is, offering sexual favors could be the best or the worst idea. (Maybe they're up for threesomes)?

What can we find on the wife online? She might have more of a footprint. What's she do? Is she likely to be home now? If we have to make a pitch with her around that changes our options a lot.

We can fake biological easy, although we'd to morph away Coral's obvious jetal bits.

If he usually does his inspections early, and he's due in three days, I'm suprised we haven't seen him already.

Not sure exactly what we should offer him- we'll have to rely on the social scanner and people skills to get a read on him. Before that we need to pick an approach to even get to him, but we can start moving in his direction now at least.
No. 753920 ID: 1aca40

Ok we need to spy on him and his wife a bit. Check there internet history and see if either of them has a secret fetish we could work with. Fern might be able to help with that if Scanner can not.

We don't have to seduce either of them but would be the most fun.
No. 753921 ID: 3abd97

You know if he's inspected someplace the Dead Batteries or the Lollipop Guild own before and they paid him off before, that would pretty much tell us what he wants. We could pass cheating insider knowledge off as good instincts.
No. 754057 ID: 99bd8f

Right, I'm guessing he's not really a building inspector but a drugs investigator. Maybe an undercover cop, maybe an agent for some corporation that has a stake in busting people. In any case, he's not just a regular building inspector. We haven't been trusted with the real goings-on.

Not sure what to do about him. If we wanted to be nice, we could give him a tip-off about some OTHER drug people he can bust up. Make it so there are other 'buildings' that more urgently need his inspection? Might be tricky. Do the Lollipops know this guy, if he's been chasing down 'contraband'?

Not-nice option is the ol' honey trap. Tempt him into something he can be blackmailed for, or at least something that LOOKS like something he can be blackmailed for.
No. 754061 ID: 99bd8f

Or you know we could arrange for him to have an "accident" that puts him out of commission for a couple of days, can't get too wrapped up in only espionage always. He must have some sort of protection from just being beaten up by some hired goons or a drone slipping poison in his tea, but we should keep an open mind.
No. 754068 ID: 3abd97

The biggest problem with taking that kind of option is it goes deliberately against what we've had Coral tell Laner her personal philosophy and modes of operation are. Especially after we just made a point of passing up Laner's first option to screw people over on principle.
No. 754092 ID: 99bd8f


Yeah. It wasn't likely in the first place, I just wanted to make a point that we should keep an eye out for more solutions than just what we've been building for. You never know!

I wonder: if this guy has been busting people for 'contraband', and that's drugs, does that mean the four guys we're trying to deal with are in the drug scene as well? Fern made it seem like it was only the blackmail they were mad about, so maybe the Lollipops don't know. Really though, once they had a shield against the 'pops already, why wouldn't they edge into their business turf too?
No. 754337 ID: bfb318
File 147708558897.png - (22.41KB , 800x800 , 408.png )

While Coral excuses herself from Rike and begins travelling to the inspector's house, she contacts Polatt to ask about this inspector.

>"Him? Would love to help, but we've only heard stories. He inspected one of our buildings, sure, but it was clean as white, so we didn't go paying him off or anything. Apparently he burns money sent to him, shoos off any girls sent to his door, and throws material good "presents" right in the dumpster. Makes a show of all of it."
"What about his wife?"
>"Apparently finds the whole thing amusing. You ask my opinion, and I'd say I'm surprised they haven't been hurt yet. They must have good house security, since every threat they've had turned out to be empty. Don't know anything more than that past rumor and hearsay."
"Okay. Thanks, Polatt."

Fern is contacted as well.

>"That guy." Fern says, before a long pause. "Yeah. We got inspected once with a 1 day notice and no damn way to move that much contraband out of the building safely. Had to deal with it and prevent an inspection."
"How did you get him to not inspect it?"
>"We had an "accident" and the building blew up, thus changing the inspectors to the fire department. The inspector you want to delay, Thelli, is a goddamn stone."
"Can we get his search history?"
>"Not so easy, girl. He's on a secure internet line, and his house is one big glorified panic room. Pretty sure he's got himself some identity changes in the past. Wouldn't shut my mind down if it turns out he isn't a 26 year old biological at all. Only a few things we've hammered down, like him being about as independent of an inspector as a parasite that needs a host to live, and that he's got a medical history. Don't know what it is, just that he has one. I'm not a big expert on your field, but I'm gonna take the moment to remind your new and naive derriere that it isn't illegal to knock on some guy's door to have a chat."
No. 754339 ID: 398fe1

Looks like we'll have to start with that, then. Just talk to him, earnestly ask him to delay the inspection. Give him the same excuse Rike gave you- it's just to please the landlord by getting top marks.

With his medical history it might be possible to just do a regular favor for him, instead of trying to seduce or bribe him.
No. 754343 ID: a43366

We could catch him, take 'comprising' video and blackmail him with his wife.
No. 754351 ID: 91ee5f

Polatt just said that the inspector "shoos off any girls sent to his door", so blackmailing him like that isn't going to work.

And if we did get a video to show his wife, she's been with him long enough to know that he's not cheating on her and will alert her that someone's trying to use her to get to him.
No. 754357 ID: 3abd97

>I'm gonna take the moment to remind your new and naive derriere that it isn't illegal to knock on some guy's door to have a chat.
>basically turns down all attempts at bribery
Sounds like Rike is deliberately setting me up for failure, then. Or he's testing me.

I'd agree with Fern, here. If he's not bribe-able, and resorting to force goes against the character we've already built as Coral and breaks the absurdly wonderful pacifist run we've got going in a liquid metal boss fight game, our best option is just to be friendly and ask to talk to him, and for his to push back his inspection. Pure Alison route.

A certain degree of honesty might even help. That this is effectively a job interview and we're trying to get in. If we think he could be trusted to keep him mouth shut in the short term, we could even let him on a deeper layer of truth- that we're trying to bring them down and this is how we get it.

Alternatively, we could go with intimidation / threats (an application of our social focus we haven't really tried) but if this guy is as stubborn as our intel says, he'd probably just move his inspection earlier as a result.

I'd say look-wise, stay as Coral, but turn the lights off, and dress less scandalously. Club wear / high class streetwalker isn't appropriate for a friendly chat at home, and looking like we're going to try and seduce him will just get us tossed out.

If our scanners can pick up on the medical issue we might be able to offer help.
No. 754367 ID: bfb318
File 147708916932.png - (17.21KB , 800x800 , 409.png )

Coral decides to go with the straightforward approach. After a 10 to 15 minutes travel period, she ends up at the front door. Her outfit stays similar, but her coat covers more of her torso, and her top's boob window closes. She ends up looking more eccentric than either casual normal or street walker wear.

She knocks on the investigator's door, belonging to a just on the outskirts of town where the buildings have gradually scaled down to only 2 or 3 stories. Coral notes that the crime in this part of town is almost nil, and patrol bots, cameras, or both, can be seen at almost any time.

He opens the door within a few seconds. Coral's scanner does say he is biological, but nothing else as far as skin level is concerned. Coral maintains eye contact, but he looks her up and down, once per direction, in such a mechanical procedure that Coral gets why Fern has his suspicions about his biological state.

He stares without a word.
No. 754376 ID: 3abd97

Social scanner and Alison channeling on max, even if she's busy seducing Sevener.

"Hello! I'm Coral, are you mister Thelli?"
*offer hand to shake*
*If he does take it, be nonplussed and continue*
"May I come in? I'd like to talk with you, if I could."

"And since I've heard you've had bad experiences in the past, I'd just like to day I'm not here to bribe you, threaten you, or otherwise insult you or your professionalism. Honest, I'd just like to talk."
No. 754377 ID: 91ee5f

".....could you please not stare? It feels like you're undressing me with your eyes."
No. 754380 ID: bfb318
File 147709048283.png - (13.56KB , 800x800 , 410.png )

"Hello! I'm Coral, are you mister Thelli?"

Coral puts her hand out to shake his. He doesn't take it, so Coral pulls hers back.

"May I come in? I'd like to talk with you, if I could. I'm aware you've had bad experiences about this, but I'm not here to bribe you, threaten you, or otherwise insult you or your professionalism. Honest, I'd just like to talk."
>"Judging by me hearing your voice, nothing's stopping you." he says, staying in the door frame with no indication of letting Coral in."
"If I can, could you maybe not stare so hard? It feels like you're undressing me with your eyes?"
>"Undressing your mask? Didn't know you had one."

The social scanner pings with a discovery.

Tone Detected: Snark
No. 754382 ID: 99bd8f

"Well, look. Coral's not my real name. But then, you're not really a health and safety inspector, so we're both liars. I want to help you do your job and it'd be dangerous for me to do it out on the street. Can I please come in?"

Pause to see if he lets you in, then:

"Some guys you're due to inspect have hired me to delay you from inspecting them. What they don't know is that I'm just trying to earn their trust so I can retrieve some blackmail material they have on someone else. I figure, if you help me retrieve the info I want, I'll also be able to pick up more info that you want. Or perform whatever other service you need so long as I can walk away with my employer's secrets safe. You delay what would probably be a moderately effective bust a few days, you get a really effective bust and maybe a lot more after that. Sound like a good deal?"
No. 754385 ID: 3abd97

Do you disprove of masks, mister Thelli? In an age where everyone can choose their appearances, it's hard not to wear one.

I wanted to talk to you about an upcoming inspection date. I was hoping to ask you to move it up. There's nothing illegal or untoward in such a request, so long as the inspection still occurs within the range required. Obviously such a request suggests we're not as prepared for an inspection as we'd like at the moment, but I figured you might appreciate the honesty. If nothing else, I've given you a different story to tell than usual, and kept more dignity than those who have made their appeals in the past.
No. 754386 ID: 398fe1

Damn. Compliment him on his observation skills. Counter by saying you suspect he is wearing a mask as well. Normal belenosians should not be able to see through you. ...or does he have a high ranking scanner in his security system? You've heard it's top notch.

Anyway, get to the point. Tell him as far as you know your employers have no illegal drugs or anything for him to catch as part of his inspection, they just want a little more time to make everything perfect as to impress the landlord. You're open to suggestions as to how you two can come to an agreement.
No. 754387 ID: 211d83

He is avoiding looking down really hard. Get Scanner looking at medical records if she can while we chat.

So I was wondering if you could help me out? I have this new job at a local club and I asked my boss what I could do to get off on a good start and he joked that if I could get there inspection delayed a day or two he would give me a bonus.

Am sort of new at this but figured why not just ask? Maybe there is something I can do for you.

Play up the eager to please new girl persona and see how he reacts. Just be nice to him and learn what you can.
No. 754389 ID: 3abd97

Wait, wait wait. Stone faced professionalism, mostly silent, snark. This guy is basically Polo.

The way to keep him engaged is to play to the weird sense of humor.
No. 754392 ID: bfb318
File 147709269079.png - (23.24KB , 800x800 , 411.png )

Medical records are being searched for, but they're hidden under digital lock and key.

"I suspect you're wearing a mask, too."
>"Is this some philosophical 'we're all wearing masks' talk?"
"Oh, no, but in this age, it's hard not to wear one. Anyway, I have a new job at a local club and want to get off on a good start, and he mentioned that you're very scrutinizing, and they want to make sure their building is in top notch shape for your inspection."
>"Which club?"
"The Flashing Aura."
>"Right. Go on."
"I thought there'd be no harm in asking if you could bump it back a few days just so they can clean all the pipes, oil all the bolts, and - "
>"Move all the drugs."


>"Go on. Here, fine, come on in." he says, backing up into his house. "Since you're showing up so close to when my wife comes home, figure the neighbors won't talk so much."

The scanner pings on the house when Coral enters. The whole residence does seem like a giant robot in the shape of a house, but all the modules are hidden past her scanner capabilities. She does detect 6 cameras within line of sight on the entry way.

>"Want something to drink or eat? Dinner is soon, and you can tell me all about these non-drug related issues your club is having, and why I should delay the inspection."

Coral is tempted to make the big move of simply telling him she's aiming to harm the club owners, but there isn't any going back if she makes that choice.
No. 754393 ID: 398fe1

Making the big move would only be a bad idea if this guy is a honeypot, but we know he's legit because Fern has personal experience with him. Lead up to it, though. Act like you're trying to make sure he's legit. Maybe even wait until his wife arrives (ask about his wife).

Ask him if he has reason to believe the Flashing Aura has drugs. Could they have something worse than that?
No. 754394 ID: 211d83

Hold off on revealing your true intentions for the moment. Cant put that genie back in the lamp once its out.

I don't know about drugs honestly. Have been there a few days and have not seen anything other than the usual minor stuff. But am not really looking for that sort of thing to be honest.

Me being here wont bother your wife will it? I don't want to cause any problems on that front. (watch for how he reacts. Plus its true)
No. 754395 ID: 3abd97

>at least 6 Cameras
So... anything we tell him is being recorded. Meaning we not only have to trust him to keep mum, we have to trust his information security to keep anyone else from getting access to those recordings and blowing up our con.

Worst case that could lead to us blowing the job, the blackmailers getting away, the blackmailers releasing the blackmail, or the feds raiding the place and getting ahold of the blackmail.

>Want something to drink or eat?
Point out there's something kind of amusing about the clubber getting to judge the inspector on the quality of his food and drink.

>you can tell me all about these non-drug related issues your club is having, and why I should delay the inspection.
Well, it's not necessarily a club issue. It's kind of a me-issue. I'm trying to get my employers to trust me in a short period of time, which means doing something like, talking the impossible unbribeable inspector into holding off a few days.

And well, it's club. I'm sure there are drugs somewhere changing hands, but I'm pretty sure the club owners aren't really invested in it. The club's just a front, really. They make their real money blackmailing people.

And I'm a bounty hunter looking to get close enough to take their dirty secrets away from them.

So why am I asking you to put off your inspection? Because it'll help me stopping people from doing something wrong, which is what I think you're all about. If you didn't believe in something, you wouldn't do your job as well as you do. And after that, the club is almost certainly going to end up under new management and need a new inspection when it reopens, anyways.
No. 754396 ID: b412df

I'd say continue being polite and such, leave the big reveals and such if we make no progress.

I don't think lying to him would be much help, he's got lots of cameras and probably a few good scanners. Can social scanners get a read on us, or does our pseudo-CAI nature deflect them?
No. 754397 ID: 99bd8f

This guy is set up like a serious professional, I doubt any persuasion technique that your regular mobster could bring to bear by hiring goons or girls or dropping money at his feet is going to work on him. He kinda seems like he might be angling to ask you for something, since he's being inviting rather than shutting you out, but he might just be aiming to trick you into saying incriminating things.

So, I'd say go for the reveal. Act like you're some sort of private detective or something yourself and that you want to work with him so you can both accomplish your goals. Appeal to the very professionalism that would otherwise get in the way.

It'd have been better if you'd been able to avoid saying exactly what bar you're with yet, since now if we tell him we're after blackmail evidence he'll know there's some sort of sensitive info to retrieve from the place, and he's probably going to suspect our employers for that task are also criminals. I dunno, maybe we can imply our employer is a noble or something, make him less willing to pry. Loviro was a noble, do we have some special homemade noble jetal tag we could flash or something?
No. 754400 ID: 3abd97

>Can social scanners get a read on us, or does our pseudo-CAI nature deflect them?
Jetals are already harder to read being artificial, and we're basically the world's best liar since we can assign different AIs to control specific things, and we can choose from our pool of 3-4 thousand (or ~1 thousand, since we're split between the three divisions) to use the people who are the best actors and/or who have the best poker faces and/or actually feel some of the stuff we're saying.

>do we have some special homemade noble jetal tag we could flash or something?
There were noble jetals last time who wore their emperor's emblem by making some of their jetalium glow. We could do that to make a diamond if we wanted, but it wouldn't prove anything, and it seems too early for that reveal. Also, depending on this guy's politics, and which emperor (if any) he favors / hates, that might be a bad topic to get into.
No. 754401 ID: 91ee5f

It occurs to me that if we introduced him and Anya to each other, they'd be trading stories on who made a bigger drug bust or something like that. Maybe we could get them together on a later mission?
No. 754405 ID: bfb318
File 147709474458.png - (15.21KB , 800x800 , 412.png )

>It occurs to me that if we introduced him and Anya to each other, they'd be trading stories on who made a bigger drug bust or something like that. Maybe we could get them together on a later mission?
This idea can be looked into after tonight, once it's seen how both events regarding Sevener and the investigator play out.

>Can social scanners get a read on us, or does our pseudo-CAI nature deflect them?
A social scanner can still get a read on Unity/Coral, but it is trickier while multiple people are controlling a single body, and nearly impossible to someone who has not conversed with Unity before.

Coral will start heading in the direction of the reveal that she isn't on the club's side, but not reveal it immediately.

"It's kind of amusing for the clubber to judge the inspector on the quality of his food and drink."
>"It's all cooked and bought by robots. You'd be judging them."
"Oh. Well, back to the point, I don't know about drugs, honestly. I've been there a few days and haven't seen anything other than minor little things."
>"Minor little things?"
"It's a nightclub, there's going to be drugs changing hands somewhere! I'm not looking for it, anyways. Do you have reason to suspect they had drugs that are worth an inspection?"
>"Not until you showed up asking for a delay."
"And it seemed like it was supposed to be impossible, but I am trying to get them to trust me quick. Me being here won't bother your wife, will it? I don't want to cause any problems there."
>"I wouldn't have let you in if it would. Or will it? Are you planning on giving me something to push the schedule back, or are you just asking nicely?"

He says this as he puts dinner plates out for three. As he had implied, machinery in the kitchen is doing much of the work.
No. 754407 ID: 211d83

I don't even know if I have anything you would want. Its not like I am rolling in money or anything. And am not the sort to try and tempt a married guy into sin unless his wife is along for the fun.

I asked a friend and he said you were supposed to be unbribable so I figured being friendly and asking might work.
No. 754409 ID: 398fe1

Tell him you'd like to give him something but you don't know what he'd want.
No. 754411 ID: 3abd97

>Are you planning on giving me something to push the schedule back, or are you just asking nicely?
Asking nicely. From what I know of your reputation, and what little read I've got on you, offering you anything would just offend you. Heck, if you named a price yourself, right now, I'd probably assume it was a trick or a joke.

And you know, with all the people doing illegal things trying to get you off their backs one way or another, I figured no one ever just tried asking. Not in their mindset, or not something they could swallow.

*Shrug* I could help you set the table, if you want. The robots have most the rest covered, I think.
No. 754412 ID: 99bd8f

If he has this much spy stuff set up, he's probably going to give you food laced with tracking nanobots.

He might be angling on an assumption that you don't know he's actually more than he presents himself to be. Like, he think you think he's a normal inspector, still? Probably about time to dispel that notion. And doing that will lead in to the greater reveal.
No. 754414 ID: 91ee5f

>"Not until you showed up asking for a delay."
"Hey, look at me. Why do you think they sent me? They just looked at me and said, 'Let's send the inspector a girl to fuck.' Woo. Lucky me. I'm just glad I can just tell them their plan worked, even though it didn't and I came in here with my plan of literally just asking nicely and not offering sex."
No. 754423 ID: bfb318
File 147709675552.png - (17.53KB , 800x800 , 413.png )

"I'd like to if I could, but I don't know if I have anything you'd want. I'm not rolling in money, and I wouldn't want to tempt a married guy into sin behind his wife's back, even if my bosses got one look at me and thought to send the investigator a girl to screw. Plus, I've heard you're unbribable, so I'd think you were tricking me into trying to bribe you if you named a price right now. So all I have is a polite ask. Plus, I wondered if anyone's tried just that. Asking. I could help you set the table, though!"
>"That's a host job. Sit and let me take your coat."

Thelli directs Coral to a chair to sit down in, and simultaneously takes off her coat. It's done with a well practiced level of pressure that is just short of trying to force Coral into a chair and take off her coat, yet creates a sense of requiring force to stop him from doing it.

"If you're just asking and you keep it that way, then you're welcome to stay through dinner. The answer will still be no."

>If he has this much spy stuff set up, he's probably going to give you food laced with tracking nanobots.
If this is the case, Coral believes she can fry any nanobots in the food before they have a chance to spread.

"May I ask what your wife does?"
>"She works with the police."
"You do, too?"
>"I'm an independent investigator."

You give him a little inquisitive look, and he gives one back to you.

>"Do you have reason to believe otherwise?"
"I think you're more than that."
>"Okay. The food is almost ready. Make yourself comfortable. If you're not already."
No. 754437 ID: 398fe1

Hey, ask how he's able to afford all this.

If he doesn't give a very good explanation, then I think I figured out what's up with this guy: he's an Operator. In that case, maybe you can tell him you'd like to join up.
No. 754438 ID: 3abd97

>"If you're just asking and you keep it that way, then you're welcome to stay through dinner. The answer will still be no."
Well thank you, I suppose. I'm in no rush to run home and disappoint my would-be boss. Or to appoint him, since I half expect he wanted to see me fail at this.

Wordplay > actually using a word correctly.

Can social scanner tell if he's telling the truth? He 100% believes there's nothing you can say that will make the answer "yes"?

>wife works with the cops
That makes telling him the truth about the blackmail harder, since she might be obligated to report that, and we don't really want to drag the cops into this mess. That risks scaring off the blackmailers, forcing them to release the blackmail, or the cops getting their hands on the blackmail.
No. 754448 ID: bfb318
File 147709882950.png - (14.39KB , 800x800 , 414.png )

"How are you able to afford all this?"
>"Two people with good jobs, and no kids. Add in decent money management, and you can afford all kinds of luxuries without being a criminal."
"Well, thank you, I'm in no rush to run home and disappoint my would-be boss. Or to appoint him, since I half expect he wanted to see me fail at this."

>Can social scanner tell if he's telling the truth? He 100% believes there's nothing you can say that will make the answer "yes"?
He said it with a blankness not typical of biologicals. It was not said with absolute conviction, but there is no apparent desire for Coral to press the matter farther either.

What the scanner does pick up is curiosity about why Coral's boss would want her to fail. For whatever reason, he doesn't feel that it's worth asking, despite the curiosity.
No. 754449 ID: 211d83

I guess sending the new girl off on a impossible mission might be hazing or something? Then he can laugh and tease me about it. That or say if I can't even seduce one inspector what good am I.

Oh well. So what got you into this line of work? And this whole situation in general? (while waving at the air)

Working as a private inspector is that how you met your wife?
No. 754451 ID: 99bd8f

It's possible that his wife is a hugely powerful robot jetal cyborg or something, and he's stalling you until she gets back because she has the means to hold you for questioning/arrest and he doesn't. I mean, if she is a cop, she must at least have some means of restraining jetals, right?

In which case you should probably either convince him he wants you willingly working with him (and the "I'm out to betray my bosses" reveal comes to mind first), or leave. And leaving will cause all sorts of mess.
No. 754453 ID: 3abd97

There's multiple bosses at the club. One doesn't really trust me. Sending me on an impossible task would sort of make sense, in that light. Proves him right, puts me in a weaker position, office politics, you know? Or maybe not, your don't have to deal with much an office being in the field.

(If we need a further hook / go onto full reveal)
...of course he's kinda right. I don't exactly have their best interests at heart.
No. 754454 ID: 398fe1

You could tell him your new boss probably thinks you're a spy, and you were sent here to convince him to help you turn on your boss or something.
No. 754456 ID: bfb318
File 147709993912.png - (18.42KB , 800x800 , 415.png )

>Wife could be a powerful robot jetal cyborg
If that's the case, then Coral's data about her being a biological is wrong. She is also only someone who works in office and lab spaces, and does not fight the criminals on a direct basis.

"Maybe it's hazing." Coral answers the unasked question. "Then he can laugh and tease me. Or say if I can't seduce one inspector, then what good am I? I don't think he trusts me at all, really. Maybe he has a good reason, too. So what got you into this line of work? And this whole situation?" Coral says, gesturing to the whole house.
>"Not much of a story. I'd prefer to hear about how you work with your - "

A voice on what appears to be a house wide speaker system comes on.


>".... I plan on changing the wording on that." says Thelli, just before the front door opens.
>"Hun, there's a fluffy coat on the rack! Did you let another criminal into the house?!" she calls.
>"Yes, probably."
>"Delays, forgiveness, repeals?"
>"The former, as usual."
>"We must find a way to make it legal to do spontaneous inspections with no warning."
>"Until then, we'll just have occasional guests."

She walks into the dining area.

>"Oh, she's adorable! Miss, you weren't thinking of bedding my husband, were you?"
"No, ma'am, I wasn't planning to."
>"Is that true, dearest?"
>"At least not without your blessing." Thelli says.
>"Oh, so she didn't kick the prospect off the table, hm?"
No. 754458 ID: 398fe1

Ma'am, are you trying to seduce me?
No. 754459 ID: 211d83

Not saying that I don't make a good living having sex with a wide variety of people but am not going to try and intentionally ruin a marriage.

Unless of course you both want to have some fun. Would be fine with that.
No. 754460 ID: c441c1

"well I am not in the business of ruining marriages so I had to wait for the other partner before even putting it on the table."
No. 754467 ID: 3abd97

Incoming Wife is adorable. Also, per UnSe naming conventions, this is now her name.

>"Oh, so she didn't kick it off the table, hm?"
I kicked sexual quid pro quo off the table because I didn't think it would work. That doesn't mean I'm opposed to ending up in someone's bed anyways, if that's what you're into. I'm already being whined and dined; you're halfway home. (In your home).

I'm wondering if we should do a cute light thing in her direction (a star or a heart on Coral's cheek for a moment?). Our incomplete intel said he was down on jetals, but she seems like she'd respond to the cute aspect of it. And if they're gonna seduce it, we might as well let them know what they're getting in bed with. I'm not sure we're hiding that we're a jetal from thier sensor suite, and I don't know if we have biomod on anyways.
No. 754468 ID: 99bd8f

Well, she seems nice. It's hardly a logical reaction, but I'd feel better about the "i'm actually looking to betray my bosses" reveal, now. Even if they were going to go for the sex exchange I think we might end up with more advantages in the long run, that way, so long as we can keep the Lollipop's material secure.

I say make the reveal, offer to work together. Then, when you have an arrangement, offer to have fun with them both anyway.
No. 754480 ID: bfb318
File 147710241443.png - (18.68KB , 800x800 , 416.png )

"It's not as though I don't have sex with others, but I don't want to come between a marriage."
>"Oh, dear, not just a criminal with a conscience, but a jetal who likes to get dirty? You really pulled a new one in tonight, hun. Dear," she says, speaking to Coral, "Are you sure you didn't proposition him, and was just so subtle about it that it flew under his radar?"
"No, I really didn't think it would work to begin with. It doesn't mean I'm opposed to ending up in a bed, if that's what you're into. I'm already being wined and dined; you're halfway home." says Coral, who lights up a star to Incoming Wife's direction, where Thelli can't see.
>"In my home."
>"Oh, sheesh, I can't tease you about failing to seduce him when you didn't even try.
"Ma'am, are you trying to seduce me?"
>"Hm? Are you insinuating I'm seducing another girl, who can transform into a guy, in front of my own husband?" Her tone and face darkens, but the social scanner senses that it's likely she is acting and is not offended.
No. 754481 ID: c441c1

"Hmmm dear you seem a bit stressed are you sure you have enough milk in your diet"
No. 754486 ID: 398fe1

Oh no, please don't be offended... is there any way I could make it up to you? Any way at all?
No. 754487 ID: 3abd97

Oh no, no, I would never insinuate that. I was amusing this was a package deal!

Or alternatively: (being a literalist)
Of course not. I'm pretty sure I came right our and said that, no insinuations at all!

Either way, grin.

She outed as a jetal, I see no problem with using the lights occasionally as emotes or emphasis where appropriate. Can't do the whole flashy everywhere thing without club music or some kind of beat to go with it, though.
No. 754493 ID: 211d83

No. 754497 ID: e22b1d

I can turn into all sorts of sexy things actually. Just depends on how perverted your imagination can get.
No. 754517 ID: bfb318
File 147710701144.png - (18.27KB , 800x800 , 417.png )

"Oh, no please don't be offended, I wouldn't insinuate that! I assumed this was a package deal. I can transform into all sorts of sexy things, it just depends on imagination. You seem stressed, is there any way I could make it up to you? Any way at all?"
>"Yes! Stay for dinner. We biologicals like it when people focus on a dinner they're given. Even if jetals can process fast, being on your cell phone, or cell phones, is rude. I'm going to slip into something more comfortable, so please turn off your cell phone or any communication devices, and be virtually silent for dinner, okay?"
No. 754518 ID: 398fe1


Might as well.
No. 754519 ID: 211d83

Sure! (we are totally going to end up in there sex dungeon)

Being out of communication for a bit is a big red flag but nothing ventured nothing gained right? Send one last text to Fern saying "Woo Sex dungeon time again maybe" before going offline.
No. 754520 ID: 0eae4d

We don't have to communicate to record, correct?
No. 754521 ID: 3abd97

Well I hope Gambler and the moneymaking team and there phone are with one of the other divisions, or else they're about to be inconvenienced.

If we agree to that, we actually have to come off the phone, since this house is bugged with enough sensors to notice. (We can't turn off our divisions, but then again we're sharing battery and modules with them, but not direct communication. And we haven't run into anything that can track the division link, yet).

>what say
Either we take that at face value (she doesn't want us multitasking in bed, not unreasonable), we take it a little past face value (they don't want us recording this, even if they are), or it's a trick / trap. I feel the last one is unlikely, though. And if it is a trap, we'd largely be dependent on social skills to navigate it anyways, not calling for help.

Warn / text the other divisions you're going radio dark and agree.

Pretend to pout. "Aw, but you get all of your electronic toys going."

I have a feeling this is going to turn into a sexy game where they try to make us not be silent.
No. 754532 ID: db1275

Give our friends (and the other branches) some warning that we're going dark for awhile. Probably ought to tell them to come for us if we're not heard from for a day.
Otherwise, enjoy dinner. At least if we get nothing else out of it, we get dinner for free.
No. 754533 ID: bfb318
File 147711074721.png - (18.69KB , 800x800 , 418.png )

"Aw, but you get all your electronic toys going."
>"Not on the dinner table!"

Coral uses her live line with Fern to make one last message.

"I'm going to be out of contact for a bit, and I might end up in a sex dungeon maybe again!"
>"Yeah okay have fun you dumbass princess." he says before hanging up himself.

>"Off your phone?" Thelli asks.
>"Alright. Computer, enact process 59, please."
>"Just to be certain. And yes, the wording could be improved there too."

She gets no reception, and it is similar to the cage match Princess Toya was in against BoT. She can, and does record until she wishes to turn it back off. Thankfully, Gambler and the rest of the online team are with the harbor division. The divisions themselves become slightly hampered, but not in any appreciable way so long as the other divisions don't involve themselves in something that needs near instant reaction times.

Incoming Wife, contrary to her current name, seems to take a while to come back. The house is well soundproofed, so it's unknown where she is or what she's doing as far as Coral can tell.
No. 754534 ID: bfb318
File 147711078169.png - (21.71KB , 800x800 , 419.png )

Eventually, she comes.

>"Okay, the food's gotten cold enough, let's eat up." she sits.


>"Oh, you haven't ran off yet? How new. You know we're not imprisoning you, right? That would be against the law." she says. "Then again, if you are a criminal, I guess that would change, hmm?"
No. 754538 ID: 211d83

Ask what happens to criminals in her house.

Also possibly compliment her dress. (although she did say be virtually silent for dinner so might want to just smile and wink at her.)
No. 754544 ID: e22b1d

Waggle your eyebrows at her and wink then silently and slowly enjoy the food like she mentioned earlier.

But feel free to ogle her while doing so.
No. 754554 ID: a107fd

Until instructed otherwise, communicate with Incoming Wife exclusively by spelling out messages in lights, preferably on sideboob.

Once she gives you permission to speak aloud, tease her about staring, and shift your outfit to give a better view.
No. 754555 ID: 398fe1

Tempting to tell them you're not really imprisoned with divisions active outside, but that would probably make them feel like you're breaking privacy. Which you are anyway with the recording. So let's just shut up about that.

Interesting that she'd bring that up, I don't think Unity has broken any laws serious enough to garner police attention. We COULD say that, or ham it up and say you've been a very bad girl and need to be punished. I don't suppose you could get her name?

Another thing occurs to me: we can use the free division to maintain phone contact with Fern if he wants.
No. 754558 ID: 91ee5f

So.....when you're given permission to speak out loud, you should ask if her husband is ok with all of this flirting she's doing to you? And maybe we can get him in on the flirting? Or better yet, after dinner, ask if we can get a threesome going with both of them?
No. 754563 ID: 3abd97

The game was to be silent, so don't talk. We're limited to body language and light-emotes until dinner ends, or she says different.

A wink and a smile seem the right response.

If we want to add light emotes too, maybe briefly flash chains or an image of handcuffs? Or prison jumpsuit stripes (or actually, we have real clothes, not jetalium ones. So that won't work).
No. 754565 ID: 3abd97

>I don't think Unity has broken any laws serious enough to garner police attention.
Technically just not being EIN connected is illegal, but at least in the harvest they seem willing to tolerate that, to an extent.

We're guilty several times over of prostitution without a license, but we've seen cops using the dead batteries unregistered brothel, so that's hardly enforced at all.

We're probably breaking some kind of racketeering laws just being on the books with the gangs we signed in on. We've also had illegal drugs / controlled substances pass through our possession.

Lots and lots of impersonation and misrepresentation, but it's not like we did any real identity theft.

The biggest thing legally would probably be Roxy's testimony. Since we pretended to be an organic, deceived the court, etc. We perjured ourself; and that would probably be more than enough for the people we put away to get a retrial or get out.

...still probably all way less serious than the first or second illegal jetal assault and module / jetalium theft Unity 1.0 committed.
No. 754569 ID: 81391e

Wow, we are getting REALLY lewd really fast. Might want to tone the "thinking with our dicks" down a little bit, guys. We don't even know why she seems so flirty while her husband remains so stoic. I do highly suspect an interrogation section, especially after making the open remark that we haven't run off yet (Possibly code to her husband that we're dumber than we look for not seeing how dangerous a situation we're in)

Then again this is an NSFW quest and the odds of the sex NOT happening are very small, so maybe it's appropriate in this instance.
No. 754575 ID: bfb318
File 147711508581.png - (44.10KB , 800x800 , 420.png )

Coral has real clothes - at least, modified ones to be more modest, but real all the same - so she can't form lights on that. She can still glue herself to the clothes and tug them in various directions. This technique is used to reveal more sideboob, where the message 'nice dress' shine.

On Coral's ear, the questions 'may I have your name?' and 'what happens to criminals in her house?' occur, with flashing icons of handcuffs, chains and prison stripes go below the latter question. On her cheek, the question of if her husband is alright with this is posed.

A wink and a smile is given by Coral regardless, before she slowly eats the food.

>"I don't know if I want to share my name with a criminal, which I think you are - not because I have any proof, but if you were really on the up and up, you wouldn't need to come to my husband for an extension." she says, before tapping every single icon Coral had on her ear for what happens to criminals in her house. "And my husband is perfectly alright with this, of course."
Does he want to join in? Coral writes, replacing the 'nice dress' text.
>"If he feels like it, he can."
>"Even if I did, I won't delay an investigation." says Thelli, who appears focused on his food. The social scanner says he is noticeably interested in his wife's activities, but it's an amused interest and less of a sexual one.
>"So until then, let's leave him to his dinner, and... oh, what the heck, my name..." says the wife, before hooking one of her fingers into Coral's lower earring and lifting it up. She takes her own claw, and scrapes 'Naylia' onto Coral's cheek."
No. 754585 ID: 3abd97

>I don't know if I want to share my name with a criminal
We know her home address, her husband, her face, and she was wearing an ID-badge when she came home. If we were trying to snoop at all, we'd already know her name.

No need to point this out, though. It's a little rude.

>"Even if I did, I won't delay an investigation."
That's the issue, though. We can get laid here pretty easy, but we haven't figured out how to connect the dots on the mission.

Maybe we can schedule a repeat performance or a date at the same time as the inspection, forcing him to reschedule. Or maybe she'll lean on him? Or maybe we can win a sexual bet. Or I guess we could always opt to tell them the truth about the blackmail after the sex.

>what do
I think it's time to let Incoming Wife lead you away from the table. Remember, she only said you had to be quiet during diner.

...I wonder how the blackmailers are gonna respond if we come back with the answer "No, he's not moving the inspection, but I got to fuck his wife."
No. 754590 ID: 8111b6

Maybe her husband likes to watch?

Also, the light message talking seems like a good idea. Allows us to tease back as much as we're teased. either that or morphing bump and valley messages.

Hopefully they don't have one of those jetal jammers amongst their toys. I suppose it wouldn't be the first time we've been in one, but these two aren't jetals, so the same tricks wouldn't work. If they do, maybe work the voluntary angle a bit to dissuade?

A nice compliment on the outfit is in order, I'd say either through light message words or an ideograph of approval.
No. 754608 ID: 91ee5f

Write this message: "So, if we did take this to the bedroom, is your husband going to join in or does he just like to watch?"
No. 754614 ID: 398fe1

Maybe you should tell her you're not really a criminal. You just tend to associate with shady characters.
No. 754622 ID: a107fd

Highlight the scratches with a polychromatic glowing blush effect. Maybe add some comment about 'using my face like a cheap touch-screen tablet.'
No. 754638 ID: a107fd

>haven't figured out how to connect the dots on the mission.

Here's a messy but maybe workable option:

1) sex
2) bring in a second division
3) trap the happy couple with that bodysuit trick used on Vasha at the card tournament
4) put the house on lockdown when you leave
5) arrange discreet transit out to the edge of some Black Zone, pursuant to one of those salvage missions

All those privacy measures on the house might prevent anyone from even noticing that the two of them are missing. If the inspector remains intransigent, point out that the alternative to cooperating at this point is to walk back to civilization, naked and bereft, hoping that EIN doesn't classify them as unidentified intruders and authorize lethal force.
No. 754639 ID: 99bd8f

We haven't actually given her our name, so thank her and write your name is Coral, adding "not my real one, of course". Then "think I have something you'll want, still", followed by "after. should repay hospitality, first" with a flirty look.

I think we should take them to the bone zone and then do the "I'll nark if you help me get what I want" deal. We'll have a little evidence on them then, not much but enough to make them a little less willing to just totally take advantage, and a satisfying bedroom encounter should build good will as well.
No. 754712 ID: bfb318
File 147717615572.png - (21.96KB , 800x800 , 421.png )

As the wife writes her name, Coral lights up where she gets written on, and continues writing wherever appropriate.

Using me face like a cheap touch-screen tablet? My name is Coral, by the way.
>"At least it's honest work for you." Naylia says, before eating another bit of food. Even if it ends up in the bedroom, she does appear hungry.
I'm not really a criminal. I just tend to associate with shady characters.
>"So an accomplice? Oh, maybe unwitting up to now, but we know about your bosses, we know they're criminals. So if you help them, after we told you they're no good, you'll be bad."
No. 754713 ID: 398fe1

Are they bad enough to be worth the effort to take down? You are well aware the police focus on big offenders and let minor criminals fight amongst themeslves.

Tell them you don't want to associate with anyone bad enough to get police attention. Is that the case here?
No. 754714 ID: 211d83

This writing on the ear is perfect for not getting recorded by there home audio cameras.

"I don't want to be a bad girl! Well cept in the bedroom that is" Then wink at her.

"How nice it would be if I was already working to to take them down. Why if that were true I could hand over any credit to any nice police ladies I knew if they were willing to lend a hand making me look good so I could gain there trust."
No. 754715 ID: 3abd97

Oh, I like leaving her name lit up. A signature, or a mark of ownership. That's a fun game.

>So if you help them, after we told you they're no good, you'll be bad.
So... what if I were to do the opposite of helping them, then?

Could also make a teasing remark that trusting unsubstantiated allegations and accusations against people isn't good, either.
No. 754720 ID: e22b1d

Play along and see if they start talking about having you infiltrate the gang before revealing that you are already doing that.

Lets see where they are coming from before revealing our hand. Might be able to play dumb and get in good with the law if we do this right. We get paid by the guild for the job and the Blackmailers while getting a good rep with the authorities for our later conversion to lawfulness.

Still need to seduce them though.
No. 754731 ID: bfb318
File 147717833608.png - (22.82KB , 800x800 , 422.png )

I don't want to be a bad girl, not outside of a bedroom!

Coral winks as she writes 'bedroom'.

What if I did the opposite of helping them?
>"Then maybe my husband would join in, since he doesn't do criminals." says Naylia, who scoots her chair to be right up against Coral's. "But we couldn't just trust you so quickly, oh no, you might not just screw cops literally, but figuratively too?"
>"Hasn't been any literal screwing yet." the husband mutters between chews.
>"But there will be, unless this jetal girl thinks I'm just fooling around. I just don't know how serious she thinks we are. Or what she's willing to do to backstab her bosses."
No. 754732 ID: 398fe1

Let's go for it. Tell her you're open to negotiations, if she wants to get serious.
No. 754733 ID: 3abd97

You're pretty sure they're serious. (As is our social scanner module).

>Or what she's willing to do to backstab her bosses.
Well, I'm already out here trying to sweet talk the impossible unbribeable inspector to try and buy myself undeserved trust, so what do you think?

...Did you have something in mind?
No. 754735 ID: 211d83

Well I honestly don't know to much about them other than they are new to the scene and apparently have some blackmail that keeps them safe. I just wanted a nice easy job with some tough guys to help keep me safe.

If they are really bad people then I would not mind helping you. If I could do so without anyone finding out it would be nice.
No. 754738 ID: 91ee5f

>Or what she's willing to do to backstab her bosses.
"Oh goodness I could nev-" *giggle out loud* "Sorry, I couldn't finish writing that and keep a straight face."
No. 754750 ID: 4546ab

Honestly I came here figuring that they wanted the inspection moved back so they could clean up any health violations in the kitchen and make sure any clients had not left any drugs in the back rooms.

But I am getting the feeling that they are hiding much more from your reaction.

As for backstabbing them I just started so all I know about them is there names and modules really. This is my first job. But if you had any ideas that were not to dangerous I would be open to helping you.

Oh and I was hoping you would show me how serious you were. Am hoping you are not fooling around.
No. 754753 ID: 99bd8f

Write: "Better question: what won't I do?"

Then in smaller writing go: "for real though my actual goals and the trade I want to make with you are kinda complicated to explain and not sexy themselves. after?"
No. 754757 ID: bfb318
File 147718436949.png - (18.98KB , 800x800 , 423.png )

I don't know them well at all. I think you two are serious, and I'm hoping I'm right about that. You're giving me the impression they're worth hunting after like big time criminals, in which case I wouldn't be against it if you had something in mind. Maybe a better question is what won't I do?

Incoming Wife swings her left leg over Coral and ends up on her lap.

>"We don't often negotiate like this with criminals, but..."
>"Not often isn't never." the husband finishes.
I'm open for negotiations, if you want to keep being serious.
>"Then let's negotiate, but you have to be one hundred percent truthful. I think you're more than just a little horny jetal who wants to impress their bosses. Something brought you to them in particular, because if you just needed some protecting wing over your head, there's way better choices than those idiots. Tell me everything about them and why you're with them, then we can see about what we can exchange, and what you can do for us."
No. 754758 ID: c441c1

just being a part of the lollipop syndicate shouldn't be enough to get arrested so writing lollipop on your head should be enough to get the point accross.
No. 754759 ID: 398fe1

Starting to smell like a trap.

Get your free division to pull up her face on a phone. Can we verify we're talking to the right person? If so, then let's start feeding her bits and pieces until she's satisfied.

First, tell her you know the Flashing Aura has blackmail material on another criminal group, and you're trying to ensure the blackmail stops.
As she requests further details, give them to her, but do not sell your real friends up the creek.
No. 754761 ID: 3abd97

If she's in your lap, is diner over? Because I don't think either of us is eating anymore. Might be free to talk. (Although, non-audio and text the cameras can't catch well does defeat the recordings nicely).

...also if this is gonna be a sexy interrogation, this is a more than fair way to trade information.

>one hundred percent truthful
That's a loooong story, and they probably wouldn't believe all of it. I think we're better off to interpret that as "not lying" to them rather than "tell them absolutely everything."

>Tell me everything about them and why you're with them, then we can see about what we can exchange, and what you can do for us.
I know they're not making their money running a bunch of drugs though their club, because I know their real income stream. It's a front for a blackmailing operation. They have a stash of dirty secrets, and a list of clients slash victims who are paying out to keep those secrets secret.

And me? I'm looking to shut them down.

If that's not enough, or we need to go further, you can admit there's a bounty you're after. Someone in particular wants something back. (And no, you won't say who. Outing someone as a victim of blackmail is almost as bad as dumping their secrets out in the open in the first place).
No. 754762 ID: b412df

We're in a Faraday cage, no signals in or out.

Quick paranoia check, what does our standard / not social scanner tell us at the moment?

I'd rather not namedrop the syndicate, maybe be vague and say it's easier to get criminals to fight criminals, but that opens up follow-up questions so idk. What we can do for them is give them their module lists (Although they might already have those if they're looking into them.), our observations so far, and maybe mention our way of knocking out jetals?
No. 754763 ID: 211d83

Do not mention the syndicate at all or any big secrets about your special status or nobility. Can tell the truth without letting that stuff out. Specially do not mention Sevener or Roxy or anything.

Well I have been working doing odd jobs as a unregistered jetal and realized its not the best life. I want to go legal but want to make sure I have friends and money to stay safe once I do. So have been saving up money and making connections with new friends so I can eventually go legit before I get caught up in something bad and get a record.

So I heard from a friend that there was a bounty on these guys for a rather large sum so I figured I would join up and see what the lay of the land was like. Maybe I could find a way to claim it or maybe I would just make some money off them for a bit before giving up.

They send me off on this errand but I really didn't like the idea of trying to seduce a married guy so I just knocked on the door and figured I would chat for a bit. Maybe see if he was as incorruptible as I had heard and might be able to help out.

But honestly it has turned out much better than I thought. Start fondling her butt as you say this.
No. 754764 ID: 3abd97

Also your hands should probably be on her thighs or her butt at this point.

And we might want to pop an erection under her.

Let's not give that piece of information away just yet. Fern wouldn't want people knowing he's being blackmailed.
No. 754765 ID: 398fe1

>Faraday cage
Not true. The divisions are still doing things, we just can't control them with instant reaction time.
No. 754766 ID: e22b1d

Do not out the Lolipop's. We like them to much to back stab them.

Start rubbing her butt a bit and maybe get a bulge in your skirt going for her to rub on.

Well I have been trying to do legal jobs that are open to a jetal like me. I make people happy and offer my "sexy services" for people who like there privacy. But I want to go legal soon and need money and connections before I will risk it.

So I heard through the grapevine that a bunch of people have some bounties on these guys under the table. If I could help take them down a ton of people would be happy with me and it would help set me up with the funds to register.
No. 754767 ID: 3abd97

"We" can't control the other divisions at all. Our lobby is split in three; AIs from different divisions need to rely on the phones to communicate. Which are blocked. So we're on our own and the other two are operating independently.

How the core connects to the other divisions and beams energy from the battery and module data across long distances and in circumstances where RF transmissions are jammed, we don't know. (It's worth noting our divisions were fine even when we were so far underground as to block other transmissions). Especially interesting is this link between divisions isn't high powered enough to light up sensors and be used to track us.

Honestly, it's possible divisions for us work differently than they do for "real" jetals, since that would be 1 consciousness splitting concentration across multiple bodies (and would require continuous communication) not a group of AIs splitting up into smaller groups.
No. 754768 ID: 91ee5f

>Incoming Wife swings her left leg over Coral and ends up on her lap.
"Did the robots make you too? Because this is starting to look like 'dessert'. ;)" Include the winking face in the writing.

Holy shit, don't tell her that!
No. 754769 ID: 99bd8f

I can't help but wonder if this could be some long, convoluted test by the bar crew to check out Coral's loyalty, but with Fern corroborating the guy's identity, our accessing public info about him rather than stuff that was provided, and the simple fact that if the bar crew had resources like this we'd have seen a lot more from them before, I think we're relatively safe from that scenario.

So, let's be honest. We won't be able to tell her 100% of the facts, but if she's at all reasonable she'll understand why. So start off with: "I assume I can talk now that dinner's over?"

Then: "It's not what I'd call my main job, but right now, I'm basically working as a private investigator. The people I've been calling my employers are blackmailers, in addition to whatever else they are. My real employer hired me to make a retrieval. I think you're an understanding woman, and "tell me everything about them and why you're with them" doesn't necessarily include the "everything" on the second part, so I hope you'll forgive me if I tell you that saying anything further about my real employer would defeat the entire purpose of everything I'm doing right now? I'll happily tell you everything about my fake employers, though, and as time goes on I'll have much more to tell you. This delaying job is supposed to be me earning trust and proving that I can handle negotiation work. Which means if I'm successful, I'll be sent on more negotiation work, and it was heavily implied to me that the people I would be sent to talk to would be... dangerous sorts. I could let you in on a lot of valuable intel from those negotiations, and I could provide you with any other incriminating evidence I find while doing my own investigation. All I want is for you to help me help you, and to be able to walk away at the end, safe from retribution and with my real employer safe."
No. 754770 ID: bfb318
File 147718779477.png - (18.73KB , 800x800 , 424.png )

The other divisions are still functional, but all communication with them has been lost. This is thought to be because of the change in how Unity, as a jetal, works, rather than how all other jetals are known to work. Normal jetals control their cores directly, and in this case, would be able to control either Roxy or Division 2 as per normal, and they could look up the wife's face.

Unity, with her lobby mechanic, instead controls divisions by having lobbyists take direct control of the divisions. Having a lobbyist driver appears to override any otherwise possible attempt to control a division directly through the core. In this instance, Coral can sense what Roxy and Division 2 are doing, but can only communicate with them through mundane means such as cell phones.

This goes in reverse, and some wonder if the house's blockage was supposed to prevent use of divisions, but the lobby mechanics are overriding it. Division 2 notes what Coral is up to, and begins doing research on the wife's face on their own accord, thankfully. It's realized that while they only suffer a miniscule amount of lag as a result of this, it does add a layer of de-syncing that would make one jetal core have an even more difficult time controlling a division by itself.

>If she's in your lap, is diner over?
The husband answers 'no' by sticking a forkful of food into the wife's mouth.

>Quick paranoia check, what does our standard / not social scanner tell us at the moment?
The cameras have a view of this room, and if the rest of the house's high tech appearance is any indication, the cameras may have enough definition to see the text written on Coral's body. Furthermore, the house clearly as an AI and there are signs there is a high power signature in the house, and so performing any hostile action against the couple here may be met with resistance.

Coral's hands wander down to Naylia's butt, to which Naylia idly tugs and plays with Coral's earrings.
Are you what the robot's made for dessert? ;) Coral writes, winky face included.
>"No, that's what you are, jetal dear. Now, business?"
Mhm. I know they have a blackmailing operation going on, and maybe other things too. A list of clients, or victims, are paying out to keep those secrets secrets. I'm looking to shut them down.
>"You being bwackmailed?" the wife asks with her mouth full.
No, I'm in it for the bounty.
>"A hidden one, hm? So you do have more criminal connections past those clubbers."
"I'll happily tell you everything about my fake employers, and as time goes on, I'll have more to say." Coral also writes down their module list.
>"Hmm, good information, but I don't like you distracting me from your real employers."
"Then I want to tempt you instead with where this delay mission is going. If I get their trust from delaying the undelayable, they'll send me on other lucrative negotiation trips, and that may lead to all kinds of juicy information I'm sure the cops would like to know about. I could give you that, at the price of being able to walk away with this free from retribution and with my real employer safe."
>"Your real employers sound like someone I'd like to bust, but unlike my husband, I know how to compromise and choose my battles. You're talking my language, girl, but you're also too far ahead. For these guys... how much is the bounty? You help us take them out, and we'll pay the bounty ourselves instead. Sound good?"
No. 754773 ID: 99bd8f

"I'd be tempted, but the person paying the bounty knows a lot more about me than my secondary employers do. If I let their secrets slip, it's not only me in trouble but people I care about, as well. I wasn't threatenend into the job, but, there's a reason they trust me not to just walk away with the blackmail material myself, you understand?"
No. 754774 ID: 3abd97

Keep teasing / playing with her as we chat.

>offer to pay out the bounty themselves
If you can actually afford to play bounty benefactor, out of pocket, without resorting to anything illegal yourself, I'm going to have to revisit asking how the heck you two can afford all this.

I have to decline, though. That pesky conscience you called me on before. I don't want to betray someone I wasn't planning to from the start. Or who I don't think it would be right for me to betray.

Besides, if they were willing to spent the bounty sending me after the blackmailers, I'm sure they would be plenty willing to spend the bounty on someone else to come after me if I cut and ran with the blackmail.
No. 754775 ID: 398fe1

If they take out the Flashing Aura, they'll get their hands on the blackmail info and probably take down the Syndicate too (or cause them enough trouble to get us in hot water). Which means if we let these guys take down Flashing Aura without us being involved...

Okay, time for a clarification- your real employer being safe would mean that the blackmail material is destroyed. They can't have it.

Also say the bounty is 2 million plus whatever modules are recovered during the job. (yes that's an extra million)
No. 754776 ID: 3abd97

I'd prefer not to lie about the bounty price to them. In fact, I'd prefer not to even tell them the bounty price at all, since that tells the how serious a secret it is, and narrows the list of suspects who could afford that. A big bounty is tantamount to admitting we're working for a criminal organization and there's information in play they don't want out. If we put too juicy a prize before the cops, I'm not sure we can trust them to work with us rather than bringing down a bunch of official firepower to seize it.
No. 754793 ID: 99bd8f

You might be able to sweeten things more by saying that, even after this particular job is done, you won't necessarily be moving out of contact with these sorts of circles. You wouldn't be able to tell them everything that comes your way, but... well, the way things are going, you're hoping you and them will find yourselves wanting to keep in touch in the future, and you'd certainly put your part in to any such relationship.
No. 754794 ID: 398fe1

Well, we could say it's LESS than a million, in that case. Say, 200k.
No. 754801 ID: bfb318
File 147719212304.png - (20.02KB , 800x800 , 425.png )

If you can afford to play bounty benefactor out of pocket without resorting to anything illegal, I just have to go revisit asking how you two could afford this.
>"Hmmm... husband, I think we should make it clear. You aren't going to play with us, are you?"
>"I am not."
>"And why is that? Do we not turn you on?"
>"I feel physical attraction, but what is stronger is the repelant force of criminals. Hence, I am not 'turned on' in the correct manner."
>"What does turn you on right?"
>"Pure justice."
>"That's why I love you, dear, even if your idea of 'pure' is... arguable, sometimes. But otherwise absolutely immoveable to the point where you'll only make love to your wife when it's physically unhealthy to practice abstinence, just because I fight dirty with crime. Which is why I'm willing to use you up in every way I can, uh - ah, what was your name again?"
Coral! I can't let the blackmail go, the person paying the bounty will put a bounty on me, too. I have to decline your offer, but I won't be leaving my circles any time soon, and would like to keep in touch with you. I'd be certain to put my part in to any such relationship.
>"Hm... you really do have your tongue tied by them too, huh? Fine. I think I can work with that. Are you ready to come upstairs to hear the real deal?" she says, after pulling Coral's face down to her chest.
No. 754802 ID: 398fe1

Sure thing, Naylia.
No. 754803 ID: 211d83

No. 754808 ID: 3abd97

I'm curious, in the husbands eyes, what makes a criminal a criminal? (Depending on what he says, we might be able to mitigate somewhat in his eyes).

Depending on what he respects (the laws, or an absolute moral code) he might swap to instant rock hard for us if we revealed the whole "gunning for Sapphire" thing. Not that we could we ever reveal that on tape.

>Are you ready to come upstairs to hear the real deal?
More than. Answer with a grin and lighting up.
No. 754810 ID: bfb318
File 147719341214.png - (24.03KB , 800x800 , 426.png )

In your husbands eyes, what makes a criminal?
>"Oh, no, please don't get him started on that sort of thing, he'll never finish. It's more or less someone who does something the police would care about after the deed is done - so not, say, breaking a speed limit slightly. But he has his own take on morality about it."
Okay. Then bring me upstairs, Naylia. Coral writes it with brighter text.

Within a minute, the husband is left downstairs, Coral is nearly pushed down onto a bed, and Naylia is sitting on her lap.

>"Let's keep up the business while we're on a roll. How about my husband gets hit with a 'clerical misunderstanding' that makes his appointment rescheduled for, let's say, 18 days from now. You just have to report success, and they can confirm the appointment's changed on the record - don't mind the gloves, dear. Then you can go off on your other 'negotiations' right away, and if you come back with that juicy information, you'll have some bargaining chips for us to bust those criminals and 'miss' some blackmail. Namely, when the re-scheduled appointment is bumped back to how it was before, and those criminals are caught with their pants down. Does that sound agreeable? Oh, and I would love it if you wore a one track cam for all your business with the clubbers."
No. 754815 ID: c441c1

I have no problem recording my conversations with the blackmailers but you might need a different type of camera because I have other obligations that I have to take care of that require description from prying eyes.
No. 754820 ID: 3abd97

Dinners over, we can talk.

Some flaws with that plan. It's going to take a few days to work this job to the end, and I'm not recording my entire life for you, which makes the track cam inconvenient, unless you're giving me multiples.

And the whole point about getting in and getting them to trust me is so I can get access to their material without spooking them into releasing it, or tripping security measures that might release it. A full on police raid might well do that. And I don't know if there's anyone they're blackmailing on the force, yet. If they think one of their clients is coming after them they have every reason to release, or if there's a cop who wants their secrets protected, they might warn the blackmailers you're coming.

...also, I'm noticeably dependent on the police overlooking the blackmail and leaving it for me, and not say, grabbing it, apologizing profusely, and leaving me dependent on your protection after my client gets mad. And I miss out on modules.

If I get them to trust me, I can give you the evidence you need to put these guys away, and I can even leave them for you cored and helpless. But first pass at the blackmail stash is mission critical and non-negotiable.
No. 754823 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh, and I would love it if you wore a one track cam for all your business with the clubbers.
You're more likely going to end up getting a porno instead of anything incriminating, which'll make it not worth watching. Unless, you personally want a porno to watch?
No. 754837 ID: 3abd97

The tl;dr version of this: we're asking for her help, not for her to take over our operation for us.
No. 754838 ID: 211d83

Figure out what the gloves are for before she starts fondling you with them. Scan them maybe?

Thinking its a jetal sex device of some sort maybe.

Also ask if she prefers a specific shape or size or gender. And dick size and such.
No. 754859 ID: bfb318
File 147720110107.png - (17.15KB , 800x800 , 427.png )

The scanners reveal the gloves to be made of a material that reacts somewhat roughly to jetalium, but isn't of any real harm either.

"I can speak now that dinner's done, right?"
>"Love, when I said 'virtually' silent I meant in the virtual sense, meaning no phones or cyberspace or anything like that. I just found it amusing you wrote everything down, that was cute so I let it go."
"Oh. Well... your plan has a few issues. For one thing, I'm not going to be with my fake employers all the time, so I don't want a track cam recording when I'm off the job. Secondly, even if you give me multiple, you're probably just going to get a lot of porn scenes."
>"Is that a problem?"
"Not if you don't think it is!"
>"That's fine. I don't need track cams showing what you don't want to show, I just want them to show that what you're saying is true, so I'll give you a handful, okay?"

She unsnaps Coral's collar, and starts pushing one gloved finger down her neck. It feels like sandpaper, except that instead of scraping Coral's surface, it just seems to dishevel and scramble it for a second before it goes back to its set shape.

>"You like it? It's something to make sure you feel the touch in ways jetals don't typically. Oh, the safe word is undersea cargo, but I'll be very disappointed if a jetal needs to say it."
"Do you want a specific shape, size or gender?"
>"I like variety. What I mean is, you don't need to go nuts, but it'd be boring if I just had one specific favorite and only indulged that. Be who you want to be."
"Okay, but back on business, I'm willing to give you a lot of good info for your help, but I don't want you taking it over. First pass on the blackmail is critical for me and not negotiable, since otherwise I'd be dependent on the police not backstabbing me, which the police don't seem to mind doing to criminals. Plus, they're likely to release the blackmail at a moment's notice, like, say, in a police raid."
>"You want our help? Okay, let's say you have police insiders. What would you have us do to help?"
No. 754861 ID: 211d83

Bring up the basic plan we had for luring in another set of criminals to spook the gang and have them move there blackmail and get you in on it once you were trusted. Then you could get the blackmail away safetly and with the police on there trail it would give you a excuse to shack up with them wherever they hid. Then once you got what you wanted you could turn the gang and the rest of the info over to them. See what she thinks of the idea (but don't completely trust her. Even if she is sincere her higher ups might change the deal later).

Avoid letting her or anyone know about our ability to use sex to knock jetals out. Need to keep that under wraps as long as possible.

As for the current bedroom stuff grow a big dick under her and leave it straining against her butt. Let her set the pace to start and see what she does with you. For now just grow the parts and start fondling and teasing her thighs and butt with your hands.
No. 754863 ID: e22b1d

Hmm would love to try encasing her and having the husband fuck her while she was inside of us thus fucking us both at the same time but he did not seem horribly interested. Still bring up the idea. Maybe she can think of a idea involving that sort of thing that would get his justice boner rock hard. Like maybe some sort of justice in our turning the tables on his wife?

As for what she can help with I guess would be to provide the same thing as the gun runners would have. A more permanent way of scaring and keeping the guys hiding with there blackmail supply while we work at luring them into complacency and a 5 way where we can knock them all out at once. (but don't mention we can do that)

Ideally we would leave the police with a pile of evidence and 4 empty cores confused about what happened. And us never having directly interacted with the main police force.
No. 754864 ID: 3abd97

Well, bumping up the inspection date is a good first move.

You plan for getting close to the blackmail without investing the costly length of time it would take to be trusted as an equal partner is to get close enough to be taken with them if they're forced to move their blackmail. Which means bringing in an external threat at just the right moment. Once they're away from the club and from what precautions they prepared, taking them out and grabbing the stuff is easy.

The tricky bits are getting the right degree of trust, and calibrating the threat right that they move but don't panic. The trust, it would be hard for the cops to provide too much help in the jobs you're doing without being suspicious, but they might be able to pressure some of the people we'd be negotiating with to make it easier. Controlling and containing the scare and arresting everyone involved? They could certainly do that.
No. 754865 ID: 4546ab

Ask if there is any trick we could use to lure her husband into this. I mean it's bound to be great with just her but you have never been with a couple before and if there was a way to get him all riled up about justice somehow?

Start playing with her body while you ask this.
No. 754880 ID: 99bd8f

"The delay is a start. There might be a few more instances where I'd ask the cops to hold off a little, temporarily, to make sure I get what I need. Only if I can promise bigger returns later, of course. Most of the requests I'd make would be for information, though. I get sent to negotiate with gang A, I'm going to quietly ask around for info on members of gang A, and I'd like you to be one of the contacts who can fill me in, just as I'll be filling you in. I might think of other uses for a little touch of police resource, too, depending on the situation. I have some moments of creativity."

I don't think we're going to reel her husband in any time soon, unless we somehow arrange for it to be "physically unhealthy to practice abstinence".

Though, you know... there is a certain jetal cop we know. She hasn't developed her interests quite yet, if I have the timeline straight, but there might be a hookup opportunity there. Roxy could hear from one of her "friends" about a cop couple who have an interest in meeting a just jetal who doesn't look down on sex, and pass it on. We wouldn't get to enjoy it ourselves, but it would be another little distraction for Sevener.
No. 754902 ID: 398fe1

Honestly considering how fast Unity is gaining power, delaying the inspection isn't gonna get us anywhere. We'll be out of this layer of the sim long before it hits. The inspection, if it's going to be used for anything, would have to be EARLIER, even. Three days is probably enough time to gain Operator status and move up.

What would be better is getting their assistance luring the blackmailers into moving the info out into the open so that it can be intercepted.
No. 754933 ID: bfb318
File 147725971744.png - (17.43KB , 800x800 , 428.png )

>Honestly considering how fast Unity is gaining power, delaying the inspection isn't gonna get us anywhere.
Unity does hope that she will be beyond this mission before the investigation ever takes place, but showing it's delayed does have immediate benefits with trust and a little cash from Rike, even if the delay itself won't have an impact on anything.

"I did have one idea. It involves setting a fire under my fake bosses' feet. Not enough to make them panic, but to get them to move the contraband. If I can get where the contraband is going, then I can have it get intercepted in some way, but I need to build up enough trust at least so that if it's convenient to bring me, then they'll bring me. On another topic, is there some method to get your husband in here? Like perhaps, some sort of justice in our turning the tables on his wife?"
>"Oh dear, no, it took me years before he even looked at me with any lust, dear. With my push, you may not need so long, but let's leave him out of this tonight, especially while I speak of delaying his appointment behind his back. With him, the saying 'it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission' has never been truer. Showing him you're on the side of - " she snrks, "justice even if your body is on the side of crime is a good way. Now, how do you want to set a fire? The metaphorical one."
"After I build enough trust with them, perhaps some of their other blackmailees may be made to threaten to make a move on the blackmail. Then the cops may show themselves to be hot on the trail, and my false bosses would shack up."
>"Mm... how do you plan on getting the blackmailers to do that? Blackmail the blackmailers?"
"I'm hoping my future negotiations will give me ideas."
>"Mm, the skeleton of your plan is healthy enough, I think, but it needs some meat. Too many ifs, too little information."
"I know. That's why I'd like you as a contact so that when I meet certain gangs, I can use you as a contact to fill me in with police information about them."
>"In return for one track cams with your own information, I'd be happy to give you information in return."

Grow dick? y/n
No. 754934 ID: 18c950

>Grow dick?
of course, she just said something about needing meat :P
No. 754935 ID: c441c1

No. 754937 ID: 3abd97

Incoming Wife has an incoming (and in-cumming) dick on the way.
No. 754939 ID: 99bd8f


She did make a comment about you being able to turn into a guy earlier, and apparently she does sleep with her husband occasionally, so I'm guessing she's into masculine things.

I'm wondering if we should change fully, actually. We could test the waters of her preferences by making a joke, when she reacts to the change down below, that we considered turning fully into a guy but our clothes wouldn't fit. If she'd prefer a total dude under her then her response to that might clue us in.

We should be thinking what our story is going to be, as to how we secured this delay. By this point, I think the idea of us "charming" him into it is going to be fragile, if anyone talks to someone who's actually met him. Hmm... given the situation at hand, a story about him getting a "present" for his wife comes to mind, but that's more wishful thinking. Ask her what she thinks.

They did want us to burn bridges, too. Perhaps we can say we persuaded him in exchange for tips about our "last boss" and their operation. Hints about which prisoners would be better to interrogate about X investigation, that sort of thing. Wouldn't only explain the delay persuasion, but let us go "oh man I am sure gonna be in trouble I'm depending on you to protect me from, aren't I trustworthy".
No. 754942 ID: 91ee5f

No. 754945 ID: bfb318
File 147726360231.png - (17.70KB , 800x800 , 429.png )

Despite wearing pants for this visit, Coral's new bulge presses in between Naylia's butt.

The wife doesn't make any vocal reaction past a tiny huff, but she immediately starts grinding down.

"Start undoing everything down there. If you have low morphability, that just means you have to do it slowly." says Naylia.
"Okay. I might have changed into a guy, but then I'd stretch my clothes out."
"There won't be clothes in a moment." she says, pulling down Coral's collar with one hand and pulling the bottom of her shirt out from her pant's waistline. Naylia's hands feel Coral's nearly bare torso up, causing the surface of the jetalium to shake and wobble some more under the glove's clutch. She squeezes at Coral hard enough to sink in and cause noticeable shuddering, but the gloves could be shoved back out if needed.

"Now, we do have a little research on those fake bosses of yours, but I'll share the goods when you have other goods. For now, just keep an eye for negotiation deals with a few gangs we think they might have dealings with. We know more about those gangs, so if you get the choice, choose those gangs since there'll be more to start off with." Naylia says before listing off the names of various gangs.
No. 754948 ID: 211d83

Start snaking some little tentacle hands up her butt and slowly pulling her clothes off while morphing out of yours as well.
No. 754950 ID: 3abd97

I think the negotiating part here is basically over unless you want to do it through little gasps.

After undressing ourselves, we'll have to undress her, too.

Might be time to bring the light back in, too. Maybe, highlight where she's touched (or squeezed?) you, and let it slowly fade.

I wonder, what happens if we brush the core against those gloves?
No. 754951 ID: 99bd8f

Goodness, she's built from the bottom isn't she. I guess that would be the body part an office cop gets the most use of. Anyway, she seems to like the newest addition, she's starting to perspire a little.

Tell her if she wants you to be a guy, she can just say the word. Most husbands seem to react better to their wives having fun with other women, though, and she seems to be appreciating the girls, in any case. Anyway, follow her directions to take your own clothes off. While you do, curl your tail around to stroke along her back. As time goes on, we can push more mass into the tail and turn it into something that can do more. Maybe split it up to do several things.

As for business, pay attention to her list. Maybe mention that "smoothing over" was mentioned as part of these negotiations, so it's most likely you'll be sent to rivals or people otherwise upset by the Auras, maybe other blackmail targets.
No. 755003 ID: bfb318
File 147728745797.png - (14.69KB , 800x800 , 430.png )

Coral starts lighting up in the most recent places where she's touched, but she starts directing more attention on Wife. Little tentacles start wiggling into and throughout her corset while her tail brushes her backside, and many of the tentacles form appendages that start taking the corset off. Meanwhile, Coral's zipper is undone.

"I can change into -"
"Still whatever you're comfy. Don't ask me what to change into, I'll tell you if I want something!" Naylia says. "But your fine control is exceptional. Maybe I should ask you to use your divisions on me? Oop, maybe my husband didn't make it clear that we've fully scanned your module loadout. Even your hacked sex module."

>I wonder, what happens if we brush the core against those gloves?
It seems to be a direct response to jetalium; it is unlikely to have a reaction to the core. If there is, then unless it's fully known, it is agreed upon not to blindly test it.

Amongst the wife's list of gangs, both the Dead Batteries and the Lollipop Syndicate are mentioned.

The cell phone jammer is put offline, and all divisions confirm everything is working correctly.

A delayed message comes in.

Baron of Threes is asking for Princess Toya to see him for dinner, at any place of her choosing. Purely for pleasure purposes, he claims.
No. 755007 ID: 398fe1

Change into whoever's driving at the time.

Tell her your divisions are working at the moment and can't come. If she goes "what, even with the jammer" go "Yep, I have a way around it. A secret way."

Also sure let's have dinner with the poor guy we got fired. We'll have time to get there after this fun with the lady cop is over, right?
No. 755008 ID: 595d54

"Was I supposed to expect anything else, or did you think I didn't hear about your security?"

Might as well start using that fine control and stripping her. I'm tempted to tease her for a while, with a husband as abstinent as hers I bet she's pent-up.
No. 755009 ID: 3abd97

>scanned our modules
...wait, we have a privacy B equipped. That means these guys have a scanner A built into their house. There is no fucking way they should be able to afford that, or that it should be legal for them to have it, without noble connections. And mister lawful husband wouldn't brook illegal tech built into his home.

>what do
Note to self: stop asking partners what they want, it never seems to work. For some reason people seem to expect the shape shifter to have preferences instead of being flexible. :p

Time to get to work fucking her into a quivering puddle.

>Amongst the wife's list of gangs, both the Dead Batteries and the Lollipop Syndicate are mentioned.
Well, we won't be screwing them over (the DBs have no reason to be negotiating with the blackmailers, and the blackmailers have already come to terms with the lollipop guild), but it would be suspcious if we took her info on other gangs, but not those two.

I suppose Polatt and Fern might appreciate knowing some of what the cops have on them.

>Baron of Threes is asking for Princess Toya to see him for dinner, at any place of her choosing. Purely for pleasure purposes, he claims.
Okay, I don't trust his bosses as far as I can throw them. First ground rule: there's no way in hell we're sending our core into that meeting. Too good a chance it's a trap using overwhelming force, or jetal tech we don't know about. That means we're limited to using the phone right now, or we'd send the division with the gun runners as Toya to the meeting.

Also, if Bo3's bosses are reaching out to us, I think the smart play is to be hard to get. Force them to come crawling back to us, demand respect. It's the language they seem to speak, and we aren't crawling to serve them.

I wrote this rough rejection speech way back after they nearly botched negotiations the first time with us. It's classier (and carries more impact) to deliver the slap to their face in person, but it it's safe to send the message digitally. http://pastebin.com/5VQbY50c
No. 755010 ID: 3abd97

Don't give away advantages for bragging. We're better off just fucking her unintelligible right now without needing a division than letting on they're out and busy.

If we have to say anything, we can tell her we're saving the divisions for next time, as something to look forward too.
No. 755016 ID: 0d857a

She clearly wants to control everything. No reason to let her think anything different. You want aces up your sleeve, these people seem VERY unpredictable.
No. 755051 ID: 99bd8f

Not sure if it's a good idea to let her know you already have divisions running around, though if she's has done a full scan I'm surprised she didn't realize that already, based on how little jetalium this body has.

Tell her this is only your first meeting, you can't lay all your cards on the table for her right away. Next time, perhaps, she can have two of you. And the next time after that, maybe three. You have to keep her interest, after all.
No. 755052 ID: 211d83

Ok don't pull in a division because they should not be working right now with the jammer and that would reveal a secret we do not want revealed. So tell her that we need to save some tricks for our next encounter. Also tease her a little about your "hacked" sex module and how if she wants that experience you can approximate the effects with other tricks but she probably wont be walking out of the bedroom anytime soon.

Also we know they have noble connections/parents/something due to the scanner A built into there very expensive house that they somehow pay for on low level cop money. So thinking parents are connected. (or someone is on the take/not as into justice as claimed)

Since she has not shown any preferences the gloves are off. She is a sex starved housewife who does not get enough from her cute husband so we need to fuck her long and hard so she wants us back for more but cant walk for days.

So up the level of your tentacles rubbing on her so she gets worked into a frenzy. Maybe leave her top on so you can use it to help your little grabby tentacles tease her but get the crotch on her outfit open so you can start teasing her with your dick. But don't start fucking her until she is so worked up she is begging for it.

As for Baron send him a text (make sure we are vague due to possible house scanning and such) that we can meet him for a late dinner. (But keep our core away from him.)
No. 755075 ID: 1aca40

Don't brag or give out secrets by using divisions or showing off anything that other jetals would find impossible. (mostly the division in a jammer)

From the scanning and hints they might not be rich nobles themselves but are either crooked (unlikely) or one of them has noble parents/backers.

So save divisions for the next time we meet when we can pull them out and not have people find out we can do the impossible.

As for our cute wife at dinner she initially gave off the impression she wanted to be the dominant one in bed. But now she is giving entirely different signals.

So take charge and fuck her silly. But do it slowly and teasingly until she shows her true nature. She does not get much fun so draw this out and give her the ride of her life. If she wanted to be in charge of this she would have given us more direction.
No. 755081 ID: 91ee5f

Give her a devious grin and say, "Ok, you asked for it." And then let her have it.
No. 755138 ID: f9a70c

I'm still wary of the Baron's bosses, and we are busy, in any case, dealing with a bunch of people who know we have divisions and will be expecting to have some idea where they are.

Send him a message back saying that you have a lot of work at the moment and don't know when you'll be free. If he has a regular schedule for the next while, though, perhaps you would be able to surprise him some time?
No. 755280 ID: 8111b6

"Well, as fun as that might be, work before pleasure. These times that the two cross are pretty great. Hopefully I can keep from being too questionable at other places during play time."

Proceed with the lewdness~
No. 755291 ID: 594c18

Huh... What would normally happen to a divided jetal that was put into a jammer? Would they just lose all the jetalium in the divisions? Would they reactivate when the jamming went down?

This should effect our response.
No. 755293 ID: 594c18

If we need an excuse to not divide, we can just say we're low on jetalium here. Which I'm pretty sure it's true.
No. 755893 ID: bfb318
File 147770341389.png - (21.67KB , 800x800 , 431.png )

Princess Toya responds to BoT. "Are your bosses coming?"
>"No! No, no, I don't even speak to my bosses directly anymore ever since you, uh, well they don't think I made the best use of their experiments. This is just pleasure, there's no business at all, we're not trying to reach out to you, I just want to, you know, have some fun. A, uh, proper date this time. In fact, you can call all the shots. When, where, we we're doing, everything!"

>What would normally happen to a divided jetal that was put into a jammer? Would they just lose all the jetalium in the divisions?
The jammer does not completely shut down the link between the core and the divisions; it only makes the divisions even more difficult to control. Hence, jetalium is not lost directly due to whatever jammer is used here.

"I'm kind of low on jetalium, sorry!" Coral tells the wife.
>"Oh, is that so? Well, okay." Naylia sounds suspicious that there's more to it, but otherwise seems satisfied with the answer and doesn't press it any farther.

Coral's zipper is wide open, leaving a dick to spring out. Some of the grabby tentacles grab at the lower portion of Naylia's outfit and yank it to the side so that her bared slit is pushed down directly onto Coral.

"Mmnh..." Naylia moans. Lobby consensus is that while she started off looking to dominate, recent signs have been pointing into the direction for Coral to take charge.

The signs point in reverse again as Naylia begins grinding down on the cock's fat underside. She reaches up, grabs Coral's larger horns, and pins her head back onto the pillow.

"Do what you want to do, but I'm going to either ride you or get ridden tonight one way or the other." she says.

No. 755894 ID: 211d83

I don't think its signs of wanting to dominate or not. She just really really needs this and if we don't fuck her silly she is going to fuck us silly.

This is a nice sexually active lady who can't get it regularly from her husband. So having a cute willing Jetal who has the modules and the experience is really making her really horny and desperate.

So take charge and fuck her into the ground until she can't walk straight.
No. 755895 ID: 3abd97

Did we have the social scanner on? It's not as good over the phone, but could we tell if he was lying?

It's a coin toss if he's really reaching out on his own, or if his bosses are trying to lure us in again. If we see him, we definitely send a lower-than-usual mass division in case of a trap (if there is a trap we act perfectly calm and act like we were expecting it, and walked right into it to talk to them- since that's what we did). On the one hand, I don't really want to waste a bunch of panels on a date with him, on the other, we were kind of a dick to him before and he's reaching out. And it would be fun to go all dommy on his, which we passed before for card stealth. And it's a route to get close to the RnD guys, even if he really is in the doghouse now and acting on his own.

Agree, I guess.

>"Mmnh..." Naylia moans. Lobby consensus is that while she started off looking to dominate, recent signs have been pointing into the direction for Coral to take charge.
>"Do what you want to do, but I'm going to either ride you or get ridden tonight one way or the other." she says.
Power play, go back and forth with it. Don't be completely passive, but don't take away all her control, either. Make it like a struggle. Make her work to stay on top- give her the option for some control and she'll fight to keep it.

Next date (assuming there is one) we can bring divisions and completely overwhelm her.
No. 755897 ID: 595d54

Like I said, let's tease her for a while, she's pent up and into this sort of thing apparently. It'll be fun.

Agreed. Start off taking charge and denying her the satisfaction.
No. 755898 ID: f9a70c

The lady came home from a probably stressful day today, and we've come offering profit but more stress to come. We should offer her the chance to relax, something that lets us take the weight.

Tell her: Why not both? You're sorry about the no proper division - having a ton of mass would make people warier than you'd like - but you can achieve a lot of the same effect, if she's willing to close her eyes. If she agrees, you can start shifting your mass into the tendrils you already have on her to thicken them up, moving one to cover over her eyes. Then you can basically engulf her, not completely but enough to recreate, through her sense of touch, what she'd be able to enjoy with a division helping. You'll basically shift into a big goo/tentacle pile going at her, but with some half-formed parts remaining and using the right pressures and textures to let her imagine two copies of you sandwiching her, simultaneously riding and ridden.

And the sensation of some other extra lovers contributing with what spare spots of her they can reach, why not.
No. 755944 ID: 8111b6

"A little of A, a little of B..."
I'm slightly curious how things would unfold if one of the divisions showed up at the door. Though, I guess we have too much on our plate right now for too much fun.

Anyway, let's give the lady what she wants, so very very badly.
No. 756018 ID: bfb318
File 147777944895.png - (19.22KB , 800x800 , 432.png )

>It's not as good over the phone, but could we tell if BoT was lying?
The social scanner didn't think he was, but it was too difficult to tell over the phone for certain.

Princess Toya agrees, but will set up the details later.

Coral starts to take charge, but the power behind her movements are limited such that Naylia can still take charge if she fights for it. She takes to it well, and keeps Coral pinned down for the most part as she rides on Coral's cock with increasingly desperate slams.

The tentacles around Naylia increase in size. The more the wife moves, the more the tentacles grope, fondle and tease her as though there were multiple partners going at her.

It's a slow but steady trip up to Naylia's own climax, where she stops moving on top of Coral aside from her writhing shudders.

No. 756019 ID: bfb318
File 147777946183.png - (20.96KB , 800x800 , 433.png )

She continues after that, but it isn't long before Coral starts overtaking her. Naylia's body outright tells the social scanner that she wants more, and that's what Coral gives her. Over time, the corset is pulled off to uncover Naylia's body.
No. 756020 ID: bfb318
File 147777947850.png - (16.08KB , 800x800 , 434.png )

Gradually, Coral lessens her intensity more and more, until Naylia gives the last orgasm she can before the release causes more pain than pleasure. At that point, Coral's gropes turn into more of a full body massage before retracting completely, leaving Naylia naked on top of the bed. Although she isn't asleep, her relaxing in the afterglow looks nearly identical to slumber.
No. 756022 ID: 211d83

Well snuggle up with her until she does go to sleep and then head on downstairs I guess.
No. 756023 ID: 3abd97

Relax with her a little bit. It would be rude to just run off.

Eventually, we have to leave, report mission success (to the blackmailers, and Fern. The later of whom we should tell about the cop's A-rank scanner- they have connections we weren't aware of), and spend the remainder of the night making nice with the blackmailers if we can (working on Laner, or just banging one of them).

After that will be time for our divisions to regroup and decide what we're doing for the next day, I think. Unless Roxy and Sevener are still going at it.
No. 756030 ID: 595d54

Snuggle, kiss her if called for, and then get along with business.
No. 756070 ID: f9a70c

Hang around for a bit, be friendly.

We should probably make sure of the story we're going to tell when we get back. Something somewhat close to the truth is generally easiest: we'll tell them that it was the wife we ended up persuading, and that we used a combination of fun and letting go of some info to persuade them to push back the inspection. It's just that the info we'll say we gave was about some of our past contacts (doubles as the "burning bridges" they wanted).

We could also claim that part of the deal was that we would go back a few times to entertain them again. That would help cover any additional face-to-face meetings we might have to make.
No. 756158 ID: bfb318
File 147786085313.png - (15.70KB , 800x800 , 435.png )

Coral, after thinking about it a moment, comes to the conclusion that simply pulling back, morphing into her clothes, and leaving would be considered rude. Instead, she snuggles with Naylia for about 15 minutes, to which Naylia adjusts herself to fit neatly against Coral.

>"I should get up." says Naylia. "Lots to do, and we've had our fun. Or at least I have."
"We have."
>"Good. Give me 5 minutes, then you'll see the appointment pushed back."
No. 756159 ID: bfb318
File 147786086562.png - (17.99KB , 800x800 , 436.png )

Coral says goodbye to Naylia, then the inspector on her way out and calls for a cab. Once the appointment is confirmed, she begins reporting in.

"Hello, Rikey! I've got the appointment pushed back."

There's a pause.

"It's the wife we ended up persuading. or maybe it was more we were a present for his wife? It was a combination of fun and info, unfortunately I did have to give them some information on I-Block despite what I told you, and I'll have to make a few more entertainment visits to make it worth their while."
>"You made it sound too easy. But the appointment is much later, so whatever happened, worked. I'm transferring 190k to your account. Your second job has a couple choices. In town, there's a biological man who loosens up after some drinks and around girls. We know he's up to no good. We want you to take a single track cam and have him spill some incriminating info, be it on his business or some other scandal. The other job takes place a couple hours, give or take, out of town, where crime is high. There's a motorcycle gang that likes highway and street robbery. Same deal here; you wear a single track cam, and get video evidence of them committing a crime. We'll only give you more info on each if you accept the job, because either one is sensitive info we don't want people knowing about."

Fern is also called.
"Hello Fern!"
"They were able to scan me, meaning they have an A rank scanner."
>"Well aren't you just drawn in over your head at every turn. Least these guys weren't A-Rank assholes, huh?"
>"Well when you make your deals with 'em, make sure you've got one foot hanging back out of their door, because anything noble related just loves putting people in their pocket with no way out."
No. 756162 ID: 3abd97

>because anything noble related just loves putting people in their pocket with no way out.
The irony Fern is unaware of is that applies to you too, miss renegade diamond noble. He doesn't realize how deep he's already in bed with one.

But I guess we know why no one got rid of them if he's that persistent. They're well connected with someone.

You can also tell Fern you were careful. She was pretty much willing to take over the whole operation if you let her. You didn't want to be that much under her control.

>mission pick
Oh didn't realize we'd be doing more for them tonight. I guess we have time. Looks like they have us actually collecting blackmail for them, this time.

If the other division is done with scouting the weapons ring for means to manipulate them, I say we group up, borrow a vehicle-morph module from the syndicate, and then go infiltrate a motorcycle gang using our own division as a perfect bike. Massive bonus to control and maneuverability. Heck, with the jetalium illumination trick, we can even do tron lights, to a certain extent.

Can we copy track cam recordings, or do we need two going- if we want one for blackmail and one for the cops?
No. 756163 ID: 595d54

Rather not borrow too heavily from the syndicate, who knows when they'll actually need it. Scurps seems like their main getaway.

Voting for the biological man.
No. 756167 ID: 91ee5f

I agree. We're already borrowing 4 or 5 different things from the Syndicate, asking for anything else without returning something probably isn't going to be allowed.

I'm also voting for the biological.
No. 756169 ID: 3abd97

Well if we're against borrowing things: price check on a vehicle morph module? That one's not one we've looking up before / in the wiki.
No. 756170 ID: 211d83

Oh man I sort of want to do the motorcycle one. We don't have to be someone with there own bike we can just be a girl who loves thrills.

So we go hit on some bikers and get them worked up and competing to impress the sexy biker groupie chick.

Then we get film of them doing illegal things as they ride around with us (and probably lots of fucking) and job is done.
No. 756173 ID: e22b1d

Coming out of nowhere on our own motorcycle might be suspicious but would be a option depending on what info we get once we accept the job.

It would be easy to join up with the gang for a day or so if we show up as a slutty girl who wants to bang some dangerous bikers for thrills. Are always plenty of girls looking for fun in that crowd. Fuck a few guys enjoy a few races and be very obvious about getting off on the dangerous stuff so they want to show off and take us along when they are doing something criminal.

So voting motorcycle stuff. Seducing a random guy in a bar seems boring.
No. 756174 ID: b412df

Going to vote for the motorbike one, while I don't like tying up one of out divisions for so long, we could use them to pressure the club when it comes to trying to force them to move the blackmail (and us in tow). Also, it sounds hella fun.
No. 756178 ID: 595d54

I don't have an actual preference between the motorcycle and the biological, content-wise, but if we do the motorcycle then I'd rather not borrow a morph. Maybe just turn up without a bike and have to share or earn one.
No. 756181 ID: 285fca

Motorcycles, because motorcycles. Remember, you'll be taking two track cams, since cop lady wants to be in on all this as well, and it's probably a good idea to be quick assuring her that we're ready to live up to our half of the bargain.

Hmm. Fern and the gang talked about going out racing once, didn't they? They might be connected into the scene.
No. 756185 ID: 898ae2

I vote in favour of engaging in street racing
No. 756188 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, since everyone is going with motorcycles, let's just hope that we can get some driving lessons if we're going to bring a cycle with us. Or if we're going as the cycle, then hopefully the vehicle mod we get has driving lessons and we have enough jetalium to form a cycle. If we can't pull all 3 of ourselves together because 1 or 2 of them are busy, then we're gonna have to go without a cycle, get more jetalium to form a cycle, or we're gonna have to buy a cycle.
No. 756540 ID: bfb318
File 147804244948.png - (28.05KB , 800x800 , 437.png )

"I'll choose the motorcycle infiltration." says Coral.
>"Alright." Rike says. Another pause occurs, but this time it's followed by an informational glob.

The gang is called the Acid Bikers, with a membership of about 1,900. There are only a small handful of jetals with full membership. About 15% of the members are robots, with the remaining being primarily augmented biologicals. There are very few natural biologicals.

On paper, they're a legal gathering, but it's well known that they commit illegal activity. Normally, they would be an easy target for an officer to bag, but there are some towns across the planet that are lawless crime havens. It's expected that no law abiding citizen would live there, and so the empire allowed crime to fight crime in these zones. As long as taxes are paid and public officials are respected, gangs here are often able to commit 'regular' crimes without reprisal.

Rike explains that Coral can't just catch them committing a crime; she has to catch them committing a crime that harms a civilian outside of the crime haven zone. In other words, the sort of thing that a pro-active cop would hunt them down for.

It's also preferred to get a high ranking member involved in the crime, which can be identified by a solid stripe put over their normal insignia, much like the leftmost belenosian on the picture Rike sent Coral.

Fern is also asked for input, including prices of motorcycles.

>"Had a scuffle with those guys like 20 years ago when they wanted to get a slice of capital land. All we know about them now is they're a big fish in a little pond, but we don't pay much attention to them. Crime havens like that are like deep see feeders fighting each other for the scraps of shit the higher up fish leave behind. That said, if you want to talk about biggest piles of shit collected, Acid Bikers got the biggest hoards."
>"This is still a mission for us." says Scurps. "We should supply you with a bike module if you want, and driving training modules."
>"Yeah yeah, or just a regular bike if you want to pull your biological trick. We can probably get a good one for you if you want. Or a bad one if you want. A 100k bike will be considered pretty decent. 300k is top of the line. But don't just go grabbing a fresh new one out of the shop. If you get a new cheap one you'll look like you're just a newbie poking their head in the biker scene. If you get a brand new shop bought one that's top of the line material you're going to look like a huge newbie that's just asking to get robbed."

>"Then again." Fern continues. "Maybe you want to come off that way. We've got custom bikes with used parts though if you want to look remotely experienced."
No. 756541 ID: 595d54

Eh, we've done enough being taken advantage of, plus I'm pretty sure Anya or whoever would be suspicious if we tried to repeat our earlier trick. Let's go for a customized mid-range bike.
No. 756542 ID: 211d83

I am thinking we should look somewhat experienced. Be a biker girl who is looking for some fun and some thrills.

So lower to mid range bike with customization. We want to look like we have been doing this for awhile and having a well worked on bike with mods and obvious repairs will sell that.

Plus a cute girl who is into bikes and works on her own stuff should attract some attention. Personality wise we have to be tough but flirty. And we probably need at least a basic weapon. Even if we rent it and drop it after this having nothing would be a big red flag with this crowd. Would call into question how we survived this long in the biking scene.

And the gang is to jetal and cyborg heavy to risk faking a biological I think.
No. 756545 ID: 3abd97

Maybe go for a trump card- get the morph module for this, but then have your division pretend to be a normal bike while we have our other division pretend to be a biological. Gives us a lot more options if we need them, lets us fake more skill driving than we have, and the bike-module could even be the one to record the evidence, if the baddie thinks he's alone with the bikes or something.

As for the appearance, I'd say fake a mid range bike.

We need a wardrobe change, at least. Cute little helmet, and a jumpsuit or something. Maybe a different face for this too.

I don't think we want to record everything- we just need to get the incriminating evidence, we don't need to necessarily let the blackmailers see how good an actress we are and get them wondering how much of "Coral" might have been fake. Remember that we need to do a dual recording- one track cam for Incoming Wife, one for the Blackmailers.
No. 756546 ID: 285fca

The immediate idea that comes to mind is to be the poor helpless civilian that gets victimized, but the evidence taken from that perspective proooobably won't be taken so seriously.

If these guys are big fish in a small pond they probably don't have any high-class modules. The fact that they have few jetals suggests to me that the jetals they do have are less powerful ones, who would just get by on the fact that they are jetals at all rather than being upper class. Which would mean D and C rank stuff for them. I'd suspect that anyone with some real power on them wouldn't be satisfied out there.

By "augmented biologicals", though, I assume they mean cyborgs, which I doubt the biological imitation mod can imitate. I suppose we could pretend to be some sort of biologically augmented organic, heightened reflexes and better strength and accelerated healing and such and such. How common are those? Rare? All we'd need to do is let ourselves be faster and more agile than a normal biological. We could be the ever-sexy escaped experiment, disgruntled ex-guinea pig (maybe add some detrimental flaw to our suite of "augmentations"? Nothing that would get in the way. Probably hormonal imbalance leading to enhanced libido, since we're in a pornverse), or just a girl who's parents were able to get extra gene therapy on their kid.

We'll need a spot of training to be able to seem like we're experienced with bikes, in any case.
No. 756547 ID: 285fca

>be the bike and the rider

Yes!! Yes 100%. One division the bike and the other biological. The augmented biological idea could work with that too.
No. 756548 ID: 91ee5f

>Or a bad one if you want.
"Do you mean 'bad' as in 'badass' or 'bad' as in 'not good'?"

>bike module
Do we even have enough jetalium to use that?

>What do?
I say our personality should be a mix of our own personality and Anya's personality. We'll be flirty, but we also won't stand for any shit someone gives us.

As for our looks, we should look like a tough biker girl. Maybe we can be like Anya and have a permanent grumpy look, but unlike her, we'll actually smile when we have fun.
No. 756557 ID: 285fca

Say, anyone notice that the two missions Rike gave us to choose from are both infiltration/espionage missions, not really the "negotiations" he originally specified and that the inspector job fit with? They're negotiations in a euphamistic acquiring blackmail sense, but it isn't quite what was implied to be the job we were sold originally. Maybe we should pass comment on that? But still being willing, of course.

I wonder if he's checking to see if we take too naturally to this kind of work. Maybe we should try not to be too confident/clever at it. So, not too complicated a plan, and we should definitely avoid anything like what we're already doing. I still think being both bike and rider is good, sort of a slightly silly idea while still being likely to work, but it's something to keep in mind as we go through this.
No. 756603 ID: a107fd

Actually, there's a pretty clever way to play off our earlier trick: claim to be a loyal agent of Bluestone who escaped the Lollipop Syndicate's raid by dumb luck, looking to hire the bikers for retaliation on the baseline biological girl who testified against him. Bikers do some minimal-collateral-damage kidnapping against somebody who seems like inconsequential street scum, Unity reabsorbs the division and makes it look like a cannibal murder sort of thing. Boom, the bikers are now accessories to a heinous crime perpetrated against someone the police have recently demonstrated willingness to protect.

Bonus points with the blackmailers in that you're effectively throwing Bluestone even further under the bus, by making it look like his people are deliberately escalating a conflict with law enforcement.

Also, sets up prime opportunities to mess with Sevener's head when the girl who taught her to love shows up again mysteriously unharmed. "But I saw you die!" "What, on TV? C'mon, you know how easy video is to fake. That's how we met."
No. 756610 ID: 91ee5f

Nice try, but no, not gonna work. We have to catch one of the biker gang's high ranking members doing something on the track cam and Unity can't change into one of them to do it because the camera's going to be behind her eyes, so the crime can't be done from her point of view.
No. 756613 ID: a107fd

Knowingly serving as a mercenary army for a drug dealer is probably a crime. Kidnapping is definitely a crime. Conspiracy to commit murder (and torture, and destruction of evidence, and corpse desecration if the empire cares about that at all, and probably some other stuff), intimidating prospective future witnesses into silence, accessory-after-the-fact to whatever Bluestone's eventually convicted of...

Thing is, the way "conspiracy" laws work IRL, the actual crime being conspired upon doesn't even strictly need to occur. http://lawcomic.net/guide/?p=532
No. 756622 ID: 595d54

Our legal system isn't spacemagic belenos legal system and we need a crime they actually give a shit about. They ignore a lot of illegal shit if the gangs keep stuff stable.
No. 756625 ID: bfb318
File 147807793715.png - (22.96KB , 800x850 , 438.png )

It is thought by both Unity, Fern, and Rike that it's unlikely that the robots and few jetals of the Acid Bikers have much loadout beyond D and C ranked modules, although the leaders may have saved up enough for a B rank or two.

While the Syndicate is willing to loan Coral another weapon; Fern recommends buying at least another C rank weapon or two.

>Claim to be an agent of Bluestone and hire the bikers to retaliate against Roxy
The idea sounds good if it can be pulled off, but there are many concerns about the logistics of managing to get a high ranking official to do it. It's doubtful that anything short of an authentic, high ranking biker clearly kidnapping or harming Roxy outside of a crime haven will satisfy Rike.

>What is an augmented biological?
This includes cyborgs, or just biologicals with minor implants. It also includes optimization and strengthening of existing biological body parts, such as steroids, focus-enhancing drugs, and so forth. Typically some level of optimization is common and even expected for biologicals, and completely natural biologicals are typically either poor or making a point.

Coral also equips two track cams. The track cam for Rike will be put on standby until needed to be turned on. The track cam for Naylia and the Inspector will be on throughout the whole time.

Unity also does a brief amount of research on track cams. Apparently, the track cam quality of video and audio is of an extremely high definition, to the extent that a track cam validating algorithm can, provided close proximity, detect the form of a belenosian down to the probable arrangement of hair folicles and the width of the fur.

Likewise, materials for robot bodies are grinded down to effectively create bar codes to the robot, and jetal cores create unique patterns of fur or flat material down to the micrometer level. As a result, while taking single track cam footage, it's good to point it within a few feet of a potential target in order to visibly identify them, since the overall form of a belenosian is so easily changed.

There is nothing on the internet that explicitly says so, but it's a safe bet that any jetal modules that can replicate a biological to a perfect level are of rank A.

The harbor division will rejoin Coral, and after a lobby swapping, will take the form of the mid-range bike's frame that requires a suitably low amount of jetalium to function. Fern will lend some mid-range, customized parts that can be installed in the division instead of being a generic, pre-built module bike. A training module is flown in from the Syndicate, and it will be used for a couple of hours during the trip to the crime haven, which is known as Bankside.

"It's more than just negotiation, huh?"
>"Think of it like negotiating them into a crime you're witness to. Oh. I thought it would go without saying, but maybe it doesn't. Don't show up as 'Coral.' Try to come up with a new persona."

Coral acts as though the concept of changing is new, and Rike patiently guides her through some tips. Eventually, a basic potential face and jetalium clothes are formed, but changes and additions are recommended.

The clothes can also be flown in during the trip over to act as real clothing, if she wishes to approach the biking crowd as a biological. Either way, she'll need a new name.
No. 756626 ID: a107fd

When the biker gang kidnaps Roxy, that's a crime. Presumably one of the higher-ranking members will be involved in the decisionmaking process over whether or not to take the job, so if we negotiate the deal in person, that would provide any required evidence.

Anya, who is a cop, will care about crimes against Roxy. Furthermore, we happen to know that Sevener's strategy for the overall Belenos sim involves using escalation of conflicts with criminals to justify requisitioning an upgraded arsenal, so she'll probably jump at the chance to set all this weird sex corruption stuff aside, get her head back on straight in the violent part of the game. If it requires heroic measures from somebody on the inside to get the police force to follow up, she'll take care of that for us. Time and energy she spends prosecuting the bikers, let alone angsting about romance, is time and energy she's not spending on thwarting our real allies.

More broadly, kidnapping Roxy so soon after her testimony looks like an attack on the police force's ability to protect witnesses, and like an overgrown gang reaching outside the designated zone, as if trying to see what they can get away with. If the law didn't come down hard on that kind of opportunism, there wouldn't be any law left.
No. 756641 ID: 91ee5f

Wow, that looks almost like Anya's Belenosian form. Which is good because now we actually look like a tough biker girl.
No. 756643 ID: 285fca

>it's unlikely that the robots and few jetals of the Acid Bikers have much loadout beyond C and B ranked modules, although the leaders may have saved up enough for a B rank or two.

That's a little strangely phrased, did you mean C and D, then leaders maybe B?


I don't know, remember that timeline wise, Roxy has... is she still with Anya? She might not even be done with all that, yet. Anyway, if Roxy gets kidnapped now, it'll make the protection she was saying she could get for herself look ridiculously weak. Remember, she's not under police protection now. She insisted on using her own connections to get safety. So if that went south, then we'd have a hard time convincing Sevener to let Roxy go off without protection arranged by the police, or just Anya's own personal attention. It would draw more attention and scrutiny to Roxy than we'd like. Also, from what we just got informed, the use of a track cam to record Roxy's kidnapping might reveal that Roxy isn't really organic.

Hmm. We do have the Syndicate connections. With the bike-and-rider thing, we could do a pretty traditional sting. Buy some drugs, sell them some drugs, record the sale. Just make sure that they're not, like, syndicate-only drugs, just stuff that Coral could theoretically have bought on her own. For double security, maybe make it some sort of drug that makes the user more likely to do illegal things, and follow them around a bit after that. Join the party, and subtly guide the party to illegality.

As for clothes, dress up, sure. Leather jacket and pants and such. To be cheeky, maybe a t-shirt with the words "Mistake not the rider for the steed".

As for a name, how about "Vajra"? It means "diamond". Because, well, if we want to build up to being a secret hidden lost diamond noble rising up, I feel a terrible temptation to start leaving diamond-related clues all over the events of our ascent to power. I know it's dumb but it'd be fun. It's unlikely belenosians would know that meaning, anyway.
No. 756645 ID: 285fca

Oh, you should wear a collar. Like black leather, with a buckle. And get some piercings in around the place.
No. 756648 ID: 8111b6

Don't use Roxy at all. Keep your scams separated.
No. 756667 ID: 3abd97

>I thought it would go without saying, but maybe it doesn't. Don't show up as 'Coral.' Try to come up with a new persona.
>Coral acts as though the concept of changing is new, and Rike patiently guides her through some tips.
If he actually believes this is a new idea to us and he wasn't just playing along with us playing along, this is a good thing. We don't want the people we're infiltrating to see how good we are at infiltration and suddenly getting ideas.

>Roxy has... is she still with Anya?
Yeah. There's still around 4 hours left of their 'date'. I don't think the naked time has even started yet.

>use Roxy
We've already got two divisions in on this, we don't need a third. Granted, one of us could morph into Roxy, but if we give a recording of Roxy being harassed by bikers to the cops at the exact same time Roxy is also in the company of a cop, that is going to come back and bite us in the ass. And possibly cost us our persona close to Sevener before we use her for anything beyond sex.

>biker look
I was kinda thinking something more built for speed. More lithe, more of a streamlined outfit for racing than the tough-guy jacket. More out for thrills and fun that someone looking to start something or prove something.

>Fern recommends buying at least another C rank weapon or two.
I really want to keep this a pacifist run as much as possible (just because the shear absurdity of doing so in a liquid metal death bot game is fun, and it's such a contrast to last time. And if our biological disguise has to whip out jetal weapons, we've already screwed up significantly). I suppose we can swap our beam sword D for a C. It's less than twice the cost, and they have utility applications as cutting tools.

We might also want to pick up thrusters C, to give our bike more maneuverability / speed / the ability to show off if we need it.
No. 756672 ID: 211d83

Go organic and buy a normal gun or other defensive weapon (taser, fancy science goo gun).

I recall that ammo was a black market item back in the main quest but there should be some form of defense tools for organics.

Then we can avoid packing any death beams and keep our pacifist jetal credentials.
No. 756687 ID: bfb318
File 147812364493.png - (19.02KB , 800x800 , 439.png )

There is now some worry that the trackcam from Roxy's PoV would have revealed Roxy to not be organic after all, but apparently nothing came of it.

Coral, who will refer to herself as Vajra while acting as the biker girl, will put on some accessories, and put on a more racer appropriate suit rather than looking like she belongs to an unnamed biker gang herself.

800k is spent towards upgrading the sword beam from rank D to rank C, as well as purchasing thrusters rank C.

The beamsword will only be used if things go poorly, but to play as a biological, Vajra will also purchase one knife and one canister of pepper spray. The average biological appears to have terrible options in regards to self defense.

Riker gives a geographical border within Bankside.

>"That's their turf, and where they live and operate out of. Not everyone who goes in there is an Acid Biker, but everyone in there is expected to know them, be trusted by them, and ultimately have business with them. You can go directly in if you feel like it, or just ride around the outskirts hoping to intercept some bikers as they head out of their turf."
No. 756688 ID: 595d54

Probably the outskirts, I doubt going too deep would work out well as a stranger. We aren't invincible, and they have the numerical advantage.
No. 756700 ID: 90f3c0

Head for the outskirts. Going directly into their territory without a good reason would probably be a bad idea.
No. 756705 ID: 3abd97

>Helmet optional.
Come on, I want to see what a helmet looks like over horns. (The helmet needs stripes. So does the bike. Light-up optional, depending on if we want to look cool or be less obvious).

>outskirts or right in
Let's start with the outskirts.
No. 756707 ID: 91ee5f

>Come on, I want to see what a helmet looks like over horns.
It's just the horns sticking through holes in the helmet.
No. 756711 ID: bfb318
File 147812912748.png - (89.49KB , 800x800 , 440.png )

The highest end helmets are created with a multi layered sliding panel system that can be set to slide around the horns and, when fully applied, locked back in around the horns.

The more modest helmets, such as Vajra's, customize each and every helmet by being made to have holes punched in them. Relatively speaking, they're still high tech helmets, since more mundane constructions would be far less safe with holes punched in them.

A couple of hours pass. It is now about 10 PM.

Vajra gets off of the primary highway, and her division meets up with her as a bike. From there, she rides onto the normal freeways and crosses into Bankside.
No. 756712 ID: bfb318
File 147812913511.png - (69.97KB , 800x800 , 441.png )

Most of the town appears to be abandoned, but every few blocks or so, she sees signs of life. Occasionally, she sees a single building or a whole block that seems to have life in it, and Vajra typically steers clear from those when it's so likely that they're the home turf of other gangs.

Otherwise, the bike doesn't do any special light up effects, as the town is so dark that a lightshow may attract the wrong attention.

The area outside of the Acid's turf seems abandoned as well, and although she hears various sounds from talking to yelling to the rev of an engine, she doesn't see anyone for a good 15 minutes.

Vajra runs across a couple of large biologicals that are loitering just a block outside of the Acid's turf, but they don't appear to be Acid Bikers. They look back at Vajra with caution, and although they are not openly hostile, their hands are clearly gripping some weapons.
No. 756713 ID: 211d83

Well I guess these guys could point us in the direction we want to go as well as anyone.

Wander over and tell them you are looking to enjoy yourself with a tough group that likes to have fun and be wild and you heard the Acid bikers might just fit that description.

Then see how they react. Be prepared to assert your dominance in one way or another depending on how it goes.
No. 756715 ID: 3abd97

Give a friendly / flirtatious one handed wave and move on. We'll bump into the actual gang soon enough, especially if people report they've seen another bike rolling around their territory.
No. 756716 ID: 285fca

I think just wandering over and saying "show me to the biker boys" would be a bit too obvious.
No. 756719 ID: 91ee5f

Just wave and keep on riding.
No. 756741 ID: bfb318
File 147813749523.png - (71.83KB , 800x800 , 442.png )

Vajra gives a one handed wave that is either flirtatious or feminine enough to get the two belenosians to think that she is a girl. They appear to be more befuddled by that development, and so Vajra keeps on riding without hearing any catcalls or similar antics.

It's not long before the sounds of Vajra's bike engine is caught by some Acid Bikers who are aware enough of their surroundings to know that the source of that nosie isn't from any colleagues of theirs.

Three bikers come up behind Vajra. The light and heavy smog makes them difficult to make out, but what designs can be made out on their jackets does fit with the Acid Biker logos. They are not driving fast, but they are catching up.

Vajra is also approaching one of the working traffic lights in town, which has just turned yellow and will become red if she doesn't gun it. Contrary to hours and hours of the Driving Training Module focusing heavily on safe driving techniques, she has to remind herself that a red light is probably meaningless here.
No. 756750 ID: 3abd97

If you stop at the red light and wait for them to catch up, that's a pretty perfect start for a drag race when it goes green again.

"Howdy, boys."
No. 756751 ID: 211d83


Yes a red light is a perfect excuse to stop and be "caught".

And a race with you as the prize would be a fun way to introduce yourself.

We want to be impressive but slutty. Not dangerous but also not weak enough to be abused.
No. 756766 ID: 90f3c0

Stop at the light, then rev your engine to challenge them to a cliched impromptu street race.
No. 756767 ID: 285fca

Yeah, stop at the red light to talk. Try make it clear you're deliberately doing it to give them a chance, not because you're a law-abiding sort.

Just to be sure, are we going for the pretense of being just straight-up biological? Normal enhanced biological, extra enhanced biological? Would we be able to show a bit of enhanced strength and toughness and reasonably claim to have non-visible augmentations, like just some sort of muscle/skeletal/subdermal layer package, that doesn't show on low-end scanners? The word was that they didn't take non-augmented types.
No. 756770 ID: 91ee5f

A race doesn't sound like a good idea when we don't even know our way around town! If they say the finish line is at a specific place that only they know how to get to, we're gonna lose!
No. 756773 ID: 285fca


I'm sure downloading a map of the area we were going to was an easy and obvious enough step that we did it already... right? Or even if not we can do that now. I'm sure this government has satellites looking down.
No. 756776 ID: 91ee5f

Hopefully the Belenosian equivalent of a GPS isn't one of those crappy ones with the voice that tells you to turn left straight through a building instead of turn left onto the next road.
No. 756789 ID: bfb318
File 147814766477.png - (45.89KB , 800x800 , 443.png )

>I'm sure downloading a map of the area we were going to was an easy and obvious enough step that we did it already... right?
Maps of nearly every town is publically accessible over the internet, and Vajra can tell where in town she is. Although it doesn't appear to have been updated in some time, the roads, too, don't look like they've been kept up in years. Up to this point, it's been flawless in terms of the city blueprints. The main difference is that a normal town has all of its buildings accurately labelled with occupying business or other data, while only a few landmarks in Bankside are labelled.

Vajra stops at the red light, and before they think she's the only law abiding citizen in a 20 mile radius, she looks back to the three of them and revs her engine.

>Biological pretenses
It is perfectly possible to be an augmented biological with enhanced strength and toughness without any visible augmentations, provided they do not have exceptional scanners. These three do not appear to be.

A simple, roided belenosian rides up behind Vajra. Another stops at her right that appears to have prosthetic legs and artificial eyes along with more roids. Then a robotic belenosian rolls to a stop at her left. He appears to have a regular brain installed in the body, which only has small, rank D utility modules. All three of them own guns, but only a few bullets between them.

The first two are on bikes comparable to Vajra's, but the one owned by the belenosian with prosthetic legs is a hoverbike. It was once a top of the line bike, but it doesn't appear to have been kept up well. Its hover engine keeps it afloat, but what should be a low humming noise sounds more like an engine with a coughing fit.

In near unison, all three of them rev their engines around Vajra. The robot holds up a phone, showing a route to the radio tower of Bankside, located about at the center. The route's end shows the destination to be the top of the radio tower.

>"You want to play, toots? How's this. Looks like you've got a pussy's safety stabilizer on your bike to prevent an outright crash." he says, and is correct aside from the terminology. "The rules are simple. You try to get to the helipad on the radio tower without letting any of us hit you hard enough to activate that stabilizer. Get to the top without it activating, and you get to pick out any one component that's currently on our bike right now, that isn't the whole bike itself, as a prize. But if we get that stabilizer to save your ass, then we get any one thing that's on your bike. How about it?"
"That's an interesting word choice, that you get to choose something on my bike. Do you count the rider as something on my bike?"

The robot smiles, and the one on Vajra's right chuckles.

>"Yeah." says the robot. "Yeah, we do, and it looks like the rider we want as a prize is a brainiac."
No. 756791 ID: 211d83

Look them over openly and ogle them a bit before saying "That almost seems like a win for me either way boys"

Time your response to end right as the light goes green and the second it does gun it and yell "catch me if you can" Then head for the helipad.

Oh and slap your ass while you ride away to encourage them.
No. 756792 ID: 595d54

Give their bikes a lookover. "I doubt you've got anything worth nearly as much as me."
No. 756793 ID: 3abd97

We can probably cheat and just never activate our faux stabilizer, but it shouldn't be necessary.

It might be amusing to let ourself lose and be used by this guys, but none of them have a rank bar. We need to earn the attention of someone up the food chain, which means we're in this to win this.

Beat / pause, give them appraising looks while we wait for the red light to change. Right before it does: "Catch me if you can, boys." and then gun it on green.
No. 756794 ID: 91ee5f

If they can see the stabilizer, can they tell if it's turned on or not? We can probably turn it off so that it doesn't activate. And it's technically not cheating because they never said you weren't allowed to turn it off.

And do all of this! XD
No. 756831 ID: 285fca

Do a little stretch while you're considering it, just to make sure that particular prize stays on their minds. And say: "I'll play, but some of the things on this bike take skill to make use of, boys. If you win... well, we'll have to see if you can even handle what you want."

There's an implication we're going on green, but no-one's actually said it, so be ready for them to cheat and gun it early. Maybe consider doing so yourself. Do these lights turn a different color before going green, like yellow or something? You could turn forward, lean into racing position, wait for the right moment and tell them: "Get ready then, we'll go on... yellow!" just a second before it turns yellow and then you zoom off. If you can calculate the timing correctly.

Check the map to see what routes you can take. If the destination is all that's specified, and the aim is to reach there without being crashed, the fastest route might not be the best, compared to the one that makes it harder for them to hit you.

Also check for anything to ramp off to get onto the helipad. Be on the lookout for spots where you can show off being super strong/tough, like throwing out a hand to grab a lamp post and swing around.
No. 756844 ID: bfb318
File 147820153600.png - (89.29KB , 800x800 , 444.png )

>We can probably turn it off so that it doesn't activate.
Vajra could, but the stabilizers typically turn on when the stabilizer's AI is near certain that non-intervention will involve a crash. From this, Vajra assumes that the Acid Bikers aren't just intending to tap her to a sudden tilt, but rather will act as though they're outright trying to cause her to crash. If they manage it, then Vajra may need to emulate some cuts and bruises depending on the severity of the crash, if she wishes to pass as biological.

It's a moot line of thinking, as there aren't any plans to lose.

Vajra looks the three bikers over as she makes a show of stretching during the red light.

"Seems like a win for me, either way." she says, before speeding off as the light turns green. They twist their throttles after her, but even with the sound of 4 engines going off, Vajra can hear them hollering when she lifts her butt off her seat and gives it a slap.
No. 756845 ID: bfb318
File 147820155763.png - (25.27KB , 800x800 , 445.png )

The route is looked at and studied. Vajra's current location is marked with an X, while the target building is labelled with an exclamation mark. The primary roads are a rusty brown, but most of the buildings have large enough gaps between them to ride through.

The radio tower is built on top of an existing building, but the layout of both the building and radio tower are unknown, leading to a concern that there is only one path up the radio tower that can be taken by bike. If that's the case, they can simply block her path if they're faster. From the sound of the engine, the one with the prosthetic legs has a slightly faster bike than Vajra. The robot's hoverbike isn't quite as fast, but it is highly agile. The remaining third bike is, at first glance, about similar to Vajra's.

There are multiple entrances into the building, at least, and there are probably multiple choices for stairwells and elevators at least up until the radio tower frame. A few doors are on the ground level, and there are signs that there's an underground network in town in which she can go straight to the building's basement level.

Two skyline rails are also found, which lead to almost the top of the building from the two buildings that share the same block.

>Also check for anything to ramp off to get onto the helipad.
The helipad is at the the radio tower, which is the tallest structure in town, and there are no nearby buildings that come close to it.
No. 756846 ID: 211d83

Start heading over the fastest way possible at first. Then switch things up by going in and out of other routes if they try to ram you off the road.

While doing so have Scanner and her team pull up blueprints and such for the area.

And get Fern on the line if need be to find the best route.
No. 756849 ID: 285fca

I hope there's a loading ramp or something, since lugging your bike up stairs or standing around in an elevator would be pretty uncool. If they can't see you you could have your bikeself grow some tentacles or spring levers to climb/jump/etc into places your bike wouldn't normally manage, but only if you're sure you won't be caught.

I'd say... go try the underground network, and try to evade their sight. Make a chance for yourself to use a little thruster boost. Once you go in they'll expect you to go for the basement entrance on the tower. Instead, come up somewhere a bit away from the tower, and go for one of the buildings next to it, whichever's more convenient to get to from the underground. Then take the skyline rail.

Make sure you and your bike division are in good communication. You might be able to squeeze out extra performance with things like shifting weight for turns and so on.


I doubt Fern will have much info about this area beyond what we already can get ourselves, since it's the bikers' territory by virtue of bigger gangs (like the Lollipops) being uninterested. We don't want to be bothering him all the time, and it makes us look incompetent to always be asking what to do.
No. 756853 ID: e22b1d

Just a silly lewd thought but if you want to make this race a bit more memorable maybe fuck your division during it.

Like have it grow a dick on the seat you can ride while you are racing. Then whenever you go over a bump or around a sharp corner you will feel it all the harder.

Plus the vibrations alone will be amazing. (and your division can cheat a bit by thrusting and jiggling when you least expect it)

So this whole suggestion might be just for our buddies running the bike right now.
No. 756857 ID: b2db3f


Giving ourselves a penalty in the race just to enjoy some kinky fun does sound like par for the course. Would be best if whoever is running our bike division springs it on Alison without her knowing in advance.

Plus if one of the bikers gets close to ram us and notices whats going on it would be hilarious to see the reaction. Would look like we had gone out to race with a dildo already in place.
No. 756862 ID: 3abd97

For the moment, I suggest we stick to the main roads to get close. Abuse the fact we're faster than most of them, and lay on as much speed as you can in the better road conditions. (So go strait to the corner, turn right, continue south until we hit the double laned road there, then a quick jank left then right towards the target).

I'd favor jumping over by riding the rails.

When you can do so and get away without being o observer using it and giving away your nature, cheat by using thrusters to pile on the speed.

>Just a silly lewd thought but if you want to make this race a bit more memorable maybe fuck your division during it.
I'd say we should resist the temptation to ride our bike while we're busy riding it. This is mostly a wasted effort if we get unlucky and tip them off.
No. 756865 ID: 285fca

Oh, this probably should go without saying, but amp up all your available senses so that you don't get caught off guard. And like, add ears and eyes anywhere you can do it without it being noticeable. You're mostly covered with the leather, but your bike self has all sorts of little niches and bits to hide in, and your horns and tail are out. Actually where was your tail when you were slapping your butt, there?
No. 756867 ID: 1aca40


Yes lewd fun is a risk but what would a nsfw quest be without some silly fun? I say go for it. Just make sure to form stuff up so it looks like normal sex toys and not jetal stuff.

So whoever is running the bike get to teasing Alison!
No. 756870 ID: 91ee5f

Alison isn't here. She's over in Roxy and hanging out with Anya/Sevener.
No. 756872 ID: 1aca40


Good point its easy to forget where people are with the divisions. Well someone in the bike should be teasing someone in the body then.
No. 756877 ID: 285fca

We're wearing a leather suit, people, the most toying with ourselves we can do is some rubbing and vibration, nothing major or showy. We can indulge mechanophilic animate-bike-on-girl fantasies better later.
No. 756907 ID: a107fd

How plausible is it to just gecko your way up the side of a building?
No. 756917 ID: 91ee5f

>The stabilizers typically turn on when the stabilizer's AI is near certain that non-intervention will involve a crash.
Then can't you just completely disconnect that part, so the it can't turn on? Your jetal cycle can just hold onto it until after the race and then reconnect it.
No. 758647 ID: bfb318
File 147918240381.png - (125.55KB , 800x800 , 446.png )

>Then can't you just completely disconnect that part, so the it can't turn on?
Vajra can prevent the stabilizer from activating, but since the stabilizer will only activate if she's going to crash, it means that if the bikers would have otherwise been able to activate the stabilizers, then Vajra will most likely simply crash instead. Unity can tell that the bikers will consider that their win in the spirit of the rules, even if technically the stabilizers never activated.

>How plausible is it to just gecko your way up the side of a building?
Highly plausible for a jetal, but not plausible to do so without a good chance of being found out, blowing her biological cover.

>Lugging bike upstairs/riding elevator
Riding an elevator would look out of place, but lobbyists can't think of any reason why she can't ride her bike up stairs.

>Download blueprints
All that can be found is a directory for rough idea of the major hallways in buildings, and what businesses used to be around. It doesn't seem to be useful for getting an optimal route.

For now, Vajra travels through the straightest path. She fuses temporarily with a light layer of connection just so that she can make use of the added ears and eyes that the bike uses for additional senses. She can peel back off of the bike instantly if need be. For now, the lobbyists opt to save playing around with themselves on the bike for later. As tempting as some contestants might find it, Alison is still with Roxy, and Succubus thinks this bike race is good foreplay.

Shortly before the non-enclosed freeway is reached, Vajra notices that that road is on an elevated surface with an incline heading towards it. She veers off the road shortly beforehand, running over a rusting, lopsided fence in preparation to make a jump over it.

Although she is still out of sight from her rivals, she leaves tracks going off the road, as well as enough noise to make her general location known.
No. 758648 ID: bfb318
File 147918241093.png - (379.15KB , 800x800 , 447.png )

The faster motorcycle is gaining on her, and may be attempting the same stunt. One other motorcycle lingers behind, while the 3rd gets quieter, then goes silent, possibly going underground.

Boosters have been placed on the motorcycle, and Vajra uses those along with her thruster to clear the road.

While in mid-air, a spotlight flips on from the closest corner of the closest building that is connected to the radio tower. Next to the spotlight, a couple of belenos can be seen unclearly moving through the smog.
No. 758650 ID: 211d83

I bet the spotlight guys are part of the gang. The guys chasing you called them up and said:

"We have a hot piece of tail racing us to the top of the tower. Use the spotlight to help us track her and you can join in the fun when we catch her."

So stay out of the light if you can. Or even better let them track you until you are out of sight and then double back in a way so they give your pursuers bad info.
No. 758652 ID: 285fca

Spectators, maybe? There must be races around here a lot, if it's biker territory. Could even be other members of the gang, alerted by their friends chasing you down. Might make it difficult to subtly use the thrusters, without doing something like going underground for a while.

On the other hand, since this is a lawless spot, they might be crooks on the lookout for someone who looks vulnerable. Either way, might not be safe to go through that building, either because the racers' friends might get a laugh out of tripping you up, or else they'd just take exception to you going through the building they're in.

My recommendation is still to go underground and come up through the opposite side. Trainway maps should be publicly accessible, and not likely to have been added to. Should be able to access any schedules of trains that might still be running, too. I wouldn't put it past the empire to have fancy high-speed trains still running under here on their way elsewhere, just with the stations closed down. Check for the subway maps and train schedules, where we can go up and down and so on.
No. 758653 ID: 3abd97

I'd be tempted to just shoot out the spotlight, but we don't have a blaster or auto-canon module. And even if we could fake either of those as a handheld gun, then our biological persona would be carrying around a lot more heat than she's supposed to be.

>what do
If possible, ditch the spotlight in between buildings. The guys manning it are either a third party who are liable to interfere, or buddies of the gang we're racing, and liable to interfere.

Flash a peace sign or something back in the shadow we're making with the spotlight.
No. 758660 ID: 91ee5f

I wouldn't be surprised if they called the rest of their gang and told them to either interfere and slow you down or interfere and make you crash so that the other 3 guys will claim a win on a technicality. And that technicality would be the fact that when the rules were stated, those 3 guys never said it would be just the 3 of them, they were using vague terms like "us" and "we". Meaning they probably were including the entire gang, who are all going to be playing this game and not just those 3 from the traffic light.

So...yeah...good luck?
No. 761016 ID: bfb318
File 147995660896.png - (27.97KB , 800x800 , 448.png )

Vajra flashes a peace sign up to the spotlight. A tunnel is then spotted and used, since no matter who owns the spotlight, Vajra doesn't want her location advertised.

An underground railway is used that runs alongside the spotlight's building, but the sound of something is catching up fast. An unidentified missile is seen soon after.

It appears to be manufactured for the police, and the lobby suspects it may not be explosive, but rather designed with additional equipment to stop or crash vehicles from afar. It is not going much faster than Vajra.

From up ahead, a couple of motorcycle engines are heard starting.
No. 761019 ID: 211d83

Is that the type of rocket that has a camera in it so they can see what you are doing?

If not just throw a rock at it jetal style while we are out of sight to blow it up.

Or a even cooler idea would be to gun it and lead it right into the guys you can hear up ahead so it hits them. Then we drive off laughing. Have people start judging how far ahead the engine sounds are and what timing we would need to pull that off.
No. 761022 ID: 3abd97


Missile behind, and extra bikers to try and cut you off from ahead. And you're boxed in a tunnel.

>what do
One obvious move is to go right though the bikers up ahead, and try to use one of them to intercept the missile.

(With the bike being a division, we could pull something like jumping off the bike over them and the landing on the bike / getting caught by it on the other side).

The other obvious option is to make chaff or some kind to screw up the missile. Kick up some junk, smash stuff off the ceiling? A swipe of the plasma sword up could probably do it, and no one has eyes on you. If they came and inspected the tunnel later though, that might out you. Or if there are any shutters that close the tunnel, we could trip one, that's less obvious.

Or if there are any doors off the tunnel we could duck through one, shut it behind us?
No. 761031 ID: 44359f

You could throw your helmet at it. Missiles aren't generally designed with mid-air obstacles in mind.

They're also generally not designed for tight spaces, so you could also do a tight spin (maybe show off your "enhanced" super strength by grabbing the rails to spin tighter?) next to the wall to make it crash. Really, if you can turn around in the tunnel with a fancy skid or something, the missile probably won't be able to.

Or just use the boost to get through. If you can dodge past the motorcycles ahead the missile could fix on them.

Are the tunnel walls flat or rounded? How heavy is your bike supposed to be, could you believably jerk it up into hop or jump? And how permissive would the stabilizer be for tricks, like if you were moving head-to-head towards another biker and you went into a side slide so that your bike became a ramp that they then went over, would that be allowed?

Because, you know, that'd be pretty rad, and possibly a way to deal with oncoming bikers.

You'd just have to make sure it was the back wheel of yours that swiped under them, so they wouldn't hit you. Or with the cyborg pretense, maybe them ramping up over your leg or something would be believable.
No. 761144 ID: bfb318
File 148000796132.png - (26.40KB , 800x800 , 449.png )

A camera isn't seen or expected on the missile. On the other hand, it is meant to withstand impact from random mundane objects thrown at it.

There are limits to its maneuverability anyway,

>And how permissive would the stabilizer be for tricks, like if you were moving head-to-head towards another biker and you went into a side slide so that your bike became a ramp that they then went over, would that be allowed?
Some tricks may sidestep the stabilizers, but tipping the bike to that degree would be the sort of thing stabilizers are supposed to prevent.

Vajra notices that when she speeds up, the missile speeds up too. The maximum speed of the missile shouldn't be able to keep up with thrusters though, but it is maintaining a certain velocity with Vajra's bike as the point of reference.

Ahead of her, she sees two bikers speeding up to go in the same direction they're going in. They haven't gotten to their top speed yet, and she can overtake them if she tries. She also successfully spots a dip down and back up in the path. With appropriate booster use, it's suitable for leaping over the two strangers.

They aren't part of the acid bikers, but there's no confirmation about whether or not they're the group that fired the missile.
No. 761145 ID: 211d83

Who cares they probably shot a fucking missile at you.

So speed up and jump ahead of them. See if that looses the missile.
No. 761149 ID: 3abd97

It's non-lethal weaponry, and it's unlikely bikers in the middle of the gangs territory aren't associated with the biker gang.

Go for it. Jump over them, let them deal with the missile.
No. 761154 ID: b1b4f3

Yo Unity jump over that big ass ramp!
No. 761168 ID: 44359f

If those two side spaces are another tunnel or entrance I'd suggest maybe turning into them, but probably not.

Go for the ramp jump, but be ready for them to take a swipe at you as you go over. Prepare to kick something away if need be.
No. 761224 ID: 15a025

Jump over them and wave good bye on your way out.
No. 762012 ID: bfb318
File 148031820728.png - (151.49KB , 800x800 , 450.png )

Vajra uses the ramp.

>"Hey, girl! We saw you riding with the Acid Bikers! This ain't their territory, so you go back and tell them to get their shit - "

The missile that was following Vajra recoordinates to the biker that was speaking. Its head opens up, and it shoots some sort of netting that snags around the motorcycle's back wheel. The missile continues onward for a moment before slowing down to a halt, at which point Vajra has landed. She waves behind her as she continues on.
No. 762013 ID: bfb318
File 148031821607.png - (167.47KB , 800x800 , 451.png )

She doesn't waste time with what's behind her. A stairwell up the building is found, until she crosses the building. Although she hears her rivals, by the time they get in position she's going up the framework of the radio tower. There is a safer path along the outskirts, but Vajra's got the hang of the bike enough to go up the thinner beams for a better choice of pathing.
No. 762014 ID: bfb318
File 148031822607.png - (59.25KB , 800x800 , 452.png )

The other bikers try to intercept her, but she's able to avoid them too well and get up to the top pad.

One of them slowly rolls up to follow her, and stops his bike before getting on the ramp.

>"Where'd you learn to drive, girl?"
No. 762019 ID: 91ee5f

>"Where'd you learn to drive, girl?"
"Obviously, somewhere better than where you learned to drive!" ;P
No. 762032 ID: 44359f

"Here and there."

Is artificial learning a thing for cyborgs as well? If so, you could add: "Started with a download, then practice."

In either case, continue: "You guys having trouble? I'd heard this area was your track, but some other bikes I left in the dust on the way here seemed to disagree."
No. 762035 ID: 3abd97

>"Where'd you learn to drive, girl?"
The Harvest
Astreneus V

The School of Hard Knocks, mostly.
No. 762074 ID: 952ab0

You gotta be one with your bike. It's not a ride, its a part of me. ::awesomeface::
No. 762160 ID: bfb318
File 148039365239.png - (17.70KB , 800x800 , 453.png )

Truths, half truths and all exaggerations of the truth are scratched off, and Vajra shrugs.

"The school of hard knocks. You've got to be one with your bike to ride it right!"

Cyborg simulation training like jetals and robots can do is extremely limited, and generally requires a fully mapped out and modified brain.

"Are you guys having trouble? I heard this was your track, but some bikes I left in the dust seemed to disagree."
>"Hm? While you were underground? Must be those bastards from across town trying to slice out a place to call home. Thanks for the tip. Well, damn, guess you get to pick off a any one thing off one of our bikes, huh?"

It's noted that the most expensive single piece would be the hover generator on the hoverbike, but the best piece to directly improve her own bike would be the tires of the robot's bike.
No. 762162 ID: 211d83

How much of a price difference?

I say tires as we are not directly in this for money. Focusing on a bike improvement would send the message that we are serious about our riding game and not just looking for funds.
No. 762163 ID: 398fe1

How expensive are we talking here? If it's effectively chump change considering Unity's income right now, go for the tires.
No. 762166 ID: 3abd97

If his tires are better because they're real tires and not fakes made of jetalium we have a problem, because he won't be able to swap our inferior tires for his better tires which I feel like would be an implicit assumptions in this kind of deal.

Yeah, you're taking someone's stuff, but you're not leaving them unable to ride. Seems like that would cross a biker's code.

If we have real tires on our fake bike than swapping them is no issue. But otherwise we need a part that doesn't imply a swap.
No. 762209 ID: 44359f

Well, if you took the hover generator, you could presumably sell it to get the tires yourself and have some money left over. Plus it'll send the message that you're a lady with her eyes on the prize. I am kinda worried about pissing these guys off, though; we're supposed to be here to get in with them, and taking either option (which both sound like they would leave the bike inoperable) seems like it'd leave them feeling sore.

Fortunately, there's a solution.

Take the hover generator, then give its owner a sympathetic/seductive look, and say you don't want to seem cruel or a bad sport, so how about you give him a taste of what they wanted from you anyway?
No. 762212 ID: 91ee5f

If we end up taking a part that leaves a bike inoperable, then that guy is either getting left behind to walk or they're gonna have to leave their bike here and ride bitch with someone. (Motorcyle terminology: "Riding bitch" refers to the passenger on the back of a motorcycle, which most bikers find extremely humiliating to do.)
No. 762216 ID: 44359f


Of the two, the hover bike is more likely to have some capacity to function without the hovering, since it seems like it'd be a more delicate system, more prone both to breakdowns and to enemy action (I'd imagine there's anti-hover countermeasures around, not so much anti-wheel countermeasures), and you'd want a backup.
No. 762217 ID: 595d54

Offer to take both the tires and the hover generator in return for giving both of them two rides.
No. 762221 ID: 595d54

And by that I mean one literal, one metaphorical.
No. 762282 ID: 952ab0

agreed. tire trade would be ideal, buuuuut...
No. 762313 ID: 595d54

I'm pretty sure our bike isn't jetalium, just a real one. Didn't want to borrow a car module for the division, so we borrowed a mid-range bike instead. So that shouldn't be an issue.
No. 762318 ID: 44359f


No, the bike is another of our divisions, with some "mid-range, customized parts" mixed in. Check this post: >>756625
No. 762322 ID: 595d54

Oh, thanks for the clarification. Still, the division is only the frame, so the tires should still be real.
No. 762529 ID: bfb318
File 148048522938.png - (104.92KB , 800x800 , 454.png )

Currently, Vajra's bike division is only taking the form of the frame itself, while Fern lended out mid-range parts to install. This includes the tires, which can be swapped out.

The hover generator likely costs about a couple hundred thousand dollars, but judging by the shape it sounded like it was in, it would be worth much less.

Therefore, Vajra will send the message that she's serious about her riding performance by choosing the tires, since they seem almost brand new and of good quality.

"Those tires you have there look nice."

If the robot could sweat, he would be.

>"You sure? You could just get the hover engine." The social scanner says that he doesn't think that that's a better option, but that he'd rather Vajra take off a piece of someone else's bike.
"That engine sounds like a sad tractor, sorry."

>"Uh, Succubus..." one of the lobbyists murmurs.
>"Sorry! These guys just don't seem like they'd have any respect an overly polite girl."

The robot glares through his glasses, but lets it go.

"You'd need a ride back if I took your tires, huh?" says Vajra, who gestures to the back of her motorcycle.
>"Yeah, and so would the rest of my bike! How about we go back to our shop first, and then start stripping the bikes?"
No. 762534 ID: 398fe1

Fair enough. (yes, this is our IN)
No. 762543 ID: 3abd97

Bike stripping would be a lot easier with a shop. I mean out here, best I could do is drop it off the edge and pick through the pieces after. *shrug*

They'll think this is a victory cause they're getting us on their turf (so they still have a shot), but this is our chance to try and meet someone higher up so we can get the dirt on em.
No. 762548 ID: 595d54

"If you want me on your turf that badly, I'll just take both. Bet it'll be the same in the end."
No. 762667 ID: d95874

Well, whichever would be worth more to sell off, that's what we'll be doing with it anyway eventually. Every little helps!

Laugh, sensual-like, and say "Looking to take me home, huh? If you want a second chance at what you were aiming for, I hope you have some drinks back there, too."

When you do get back to their place, forestall any thought they might have to try something underhanded by showing a little "cyborg" strength. Lift that guy's bike up on the rack by yourself, or something like that. It's possible they might be stowing something illegal back there somewhere, too, so be prepared to start collecting evidence. Don't jump the gun, though, just be ready.
No. 763249 ID: 15a025

Ask if they have anything worthwhile in their shop for sale.
No. 764787 ID: bfb318
File 148131831243.png - (36.26KB , 800x800 , 455.png )

Vajra laughs. "Looking to take me home, huh? If you want me on your turf so badly to have a second shot at me, I hope you have some drinks back there. But seriously, that's fair enough, and better than dismantling my bike than dropping it off the edge."

The others look at each other, smile, and look back at Vajra.

>"Let's go, then."

The ride back is done through back alleys to avoid any possible fights with other gangs. Vajra gets the feeling that there may be one before long, but it's not the sort of thing worth sticking around for.

The bikers make their way back to home turf, where they turn and start opening a garage door to what looks like an abandoned building. It looks as as sketchy as it gets, but the inside does look inhabited and the social scanner says that while disgruntled, the bikers aren't looking like they're going trying anything underhanded. The inside, though, somehow doesn't look like it's in any better shape than the outside. They guide Vajra in.

"Got anything else for sale here, too?" Vajra asks the robot.
>"We aren't a shop, sweetheart. You can ask if you like, but don't complain about our prices. Anyway, you can work here if you like. I'm figuring you know how to work your own bike." he says. "Course, as a gesture of good sportsmanship for losing, we'll share our drinks with you."

Before anything else is said, a biker with the high ranking bar walks through the shop. He eyes Vajra quickly but intently, then continues on his way.
No. 764794 ID: 850f11

Well we have a target to chase.

Work on your bike while Flirting and socializing with the low level guys but play tough and hard to get. We are saving our attentions for someone higher up. Fucking the low end guys probably won't help us.
No. 764796 ID: 3abd97

I assume between the ability to check the internet and people like Engie on board, we have the ability to do our own work on our bike. We probably lose a lot of cred with this crowd if we can't.

Also letting someone else mess with our bike is risky, since they might mess with it, or discover it's made of jetalium.

Do your own work, chat (flirt) with the boys as you do.

>high ranker ignores you
We either need to work our way up to be worth his notice (and not just the latest piece of ass the boys grabbed for some fun), or we need to lure the boys away from the garage for fun, so the higher ranked guy is alone with the bikes, and the bike-division might be able to record him doing something illegal.
No. 764798 ID: 595d54

Agreed. Try and pump them for a bit of info, but that should be less of a priority than staying undercover.
No. 764830 ID: 49fe0f

Make an offhanded comment with a smile and an eyebrow raise, like "seemed like a friendly guy" or similar, it might prompt them to say something about him. Don't push beyond that right now. Tell them yeah you'll take your spoils now, and add that after that you assume they usually drink somewhere more comfortable, given the incompatibilities between being buzzed and handling power tools and vehicle parts.
No. 764957 ID: bfb318
File 148138983233.png - (24.39KB , 800x800 , 456.png )

"Seems like a nice guy." she says.
>"He's not." one of the racers says.

Vajra does get to work on her bike, with enough competence to at least not lose all of the cred she just got.

The guys watch her work so conspicuously that Vajra thinks that they just like the sight of a girl working on her bike with absolutely zero help.

"Should we put on a show of this?" asks Succubus.
>"No," says Scruff, "We're not going to get much out of these guys by sleeping with them."
"Their helmets practically pop off though when I wiggle myself into a better position."
>"Just don't unzip, 'accidentally' spill oil in your cleave, and go 'oh no~'."
"Don't give me ideas, Scruff, you know I'd do that!"

Some other lobbyists interject. They think they hear a conversation, but even with amplifying the noise, they can't quite make it out. If they moved closer to the next room, they may be able to hear it, but they would either need to move their work position right up against the wall, or move to the next room, which is believed to be a kitchen.

The robot brings out a liquid that is identified as alcohol, but smells not too different than gasoline. He hands it to Vajra, seemingly expecting her to take it without asking.
No. 764961 ID: 211d83

When someone gives you a shot you down it quick. Just common drinking social norms.

We might want to play up slowly getting a bit tipsy. A slightly drunk horny girl can get away with a lot more than a sober one can. You doing stuff that would not be socially acceptable otherwise will be fine if you are somewhat sloshed.

So continue working on your bike and keep the alcohol intake slow. Then see if we can lure in a commander with our sexy ways.
No. 764964 ID: 3abd97

>If they moved closer to the next room, they may be able to hear it, but they would either need to move their work position right up against the wall, or move to the next room, which is believed to be a kitchen.
Remember the bike is a division, too. Is there any reason you'd need it right up against the wall? Maybe a lift or mount on the wall you could use to get access to something?

Failing that, taking a break in the kitchen for something more than just a shot seems a better idea than letting one of these goons pound you against the wall. That might eat up too much of our time here, and I'm not sure audio-only meets the requirements we were given, even assuming we overhear something incriminating.

If we do let the goons fuck us, we want it to be out of sight of the bike division, so it can snoop and spy while we're creating a distraction. If we fuck right in front of it, the bike can't sneak off or morph.

>The robot brings out a liquid that is identified as alcohol, but smells not too different than gasoline. He hands it to Vajra, seemingly expecting her to take it without asking.
Take the booze. Do a chemical analysis to see if it's roofied or anything.
No. 764966 ID: 49fe0f

>they would either need to move their work position right up against the wall

Perhaps if someone was pressing you against the wall, for some purpose.

Anyway, does he also have a drink, or anyone else? Giving you a drink without drinking themselves is a little suspicious. Second, is there any conceivable way that you would be putting any sort of liquid to use with the bike right now? Would be embarrassing to drink something that was supposed to go in the machine or help the tires slip on or something, though I expect that would come in a container better designed for application.

Two choices, then. One, if the guy also has a drink, then just give him a grin and ask to swap drinks. If they get offended, you can shrug and smile and say no offense but you only met them today and this isn't exactly the classiest zone in the urban sprawl. Then you come off as a relatively smart lady and maybe they respect you a bit more. And if it's just a drink then it's fine.

Second is to just drink it, which comes with two possibilities: they don't act like it should have affected you strangely, in which case you just let yourself start acting as well as you can judge you're supposed to act, or they do act like it should have affected you strangely. In that case, you then have two choices: let yourself get fake-roofied and then have your other division record it as an innocent biker girl gets taken advantage of, or go "hmm, you guys seem like you're expecting something, I hope my being a rad cyborg with special cyborg digestion protection parts hasn't somehow thrown something off".

It's also possible they've figured out you're a jetal and you're about to be jetal-roofied. Which is unlikely, yet more unlikely that they'd have been able to tell both you and your bike are the jetal, so it might still come out for the best.
No. 765153 ID: 5a14ec

Ask, is this for me or my bike?
No. 765205 ID: bfb318
File 148147960458.png - (20.29KB , 800x800 , 457.png )

"For me or my bike?"
>"You, girl! You changing your oil here or something, too."
"Just making sure you're not giving me a tip in gasoline."

The others have grabbed some beers, so she won't be drinking alone, at least. Vajra takes a sip, and uses chemical analysis on it. It's aggressively alcoholic. It even has certain additives to increase the potency. Even a sip should make someone of her body weight noticeably tipsy, and downing the rest of the glass would get her smashed. She will need to start acting drunk before long, unless she wants to play up having a cyborg digestive system that makes her immune to alcohol somehow.

Aside from being liquid inebriation itself, the drink isn't drugged or alerted in any way.

Upon sipping it, Vajra scrunches up her face appropriate to the drink's taste.

"Sheesh, is this just raw alcohol?"
>"Hah, can't handle it?" one asks, laughing.
"I'm going to need a chaser." she says, making her way to the kitchen.
>"That's fine." says the robot. "But if you're going to take advantage of the kitchen, you'd better be able to drink that up. Wouldn't want it to go to waste!"
No. 765207 ID: bfb318
File 148147992462.png - (23.15KB , 800x800 , 458.png )

Upon using a forced but effective excuse to go to the kitchen, Vajra is able to pick up the conversation while has a snack. Most of the beginning of the conversation just seems like smalltalk and beating around bushes, but she buys time by making long displays of taking little sips inbetween having snacks. The conversation then picks up.

>"Who's going to pick it up?"
>"Just me and two others. We can't fuck this up by bringing trash along to screw everything up."
>"How much?"
>"40 million."
>"That thing is worth 8 mil, tops."
>"But sneaking it out of the lab was 32 mil. Shit, we're running late. Let's go."
No. 765209 ID: 3abd97

I'm... going to assume just recording that conversation isn't sufficient evidence. We need to catch whatever crime they're discussing in action. Right?

The bike can watch them leave, but it can't really follow them off site without drawing suspicion when our bike is missing. And we don't have a good way to drop these guys and latch on with the others.

Unless we're willing to commit the bike to following them, and us distracting the boys the whole time, we need to make sure we're there to witness them offloading whatever it is they're taking when they get back from the lab. Assuming they come back here.
No. 765210 ID: 211d83

I think our best option will be to distract these guys with sexy times while the bike division leaves and monitors the exchange. Also it can tell the syndicate so they might be able to hijack the shipment so we can get a cut of that money.

As for these guys finish your drink and act somewhat inebriated.

Then say something along the lines of "That hit harder than I expected. I hope three fine gentlemen such as yourselves don't plan on taking advantage of the situation. Getting overpowered and raped all night by 3 big strong bikers would be just awful."
No. 765212 ID: 49fe0f

Yeah, I think the plan for you to distract them while the bike follows along is the best play we can manage right now. Were there other bikes besides yours and theirs in the shop? If we had the time, the bike could wheel one of these conversation-havers' bikes out and take its' place, but I don't think we do, unless we slow things down somehow. Your division would need to take a form that's stealthy but quick enough to follow.

So yeah, bike division gets to be sneaky and follow, while the Vajra division needs to be really distracting for an extended period of time.

Or if you want a really ballsy play, you can bang on the wall and shout "hey guys talk about your work quieter, someone with good ears could hear you in there", and then hope to ride the wave of shenanigans that would follow that to your advantage.
No. 765215 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure your motorcycle division self is paying attention to the guys in the other room. They might try to mess with your motorcycle. If they do something, you'll already know about it and when you walk back in the room you can look at your motorcycle and say, "Alright, which one of you wise guys thought it would be funny to mess with my motorcycle?!"
No. 765462 ID: bfb318
File 148159529283.png - (23.72KB , 800x800 , 459.png )

Vajra or her bike will have to follow them to see, as vocal descriptions aren't enough. Even if it was, it's only a sketchy conversation worth investigation, not proof of wrongdoing or that the high ranking biker even was one of the speakers.

A plan is concocted, though, and Vajra finishes her drink. She already acts tipsy due to what she's drank up to this point.

"That hit harder than I expected. This is a dangerous situation for me, because I'm going to be far too drunk to go anywhere safely for awhile, and I'm stuck with three bikers who got me that way in the first place. But I'm sure those three fine gentlemen would never take advantage of a girl in a situation like this, right? That would just be..." Succubus has Vajra turn on her bedroom eyes, and soaks her voice in a mix of excitement and passion. "Awful."
No. 765463 ID: bfb318
File 148159531456.png - (24.23KB , 800x800 , 460.png )

No. 765464 ID: bfb318
File 148159532554.png - (38.25KB , 800x800 , 461.png )

Vajra successfully distracts the bikers.
No. 765465 ID: bfb318
File 148159535505.png - (16.75KB , 800x800 , 462.png )

Meanwhile, the bike division in the shop hasn't seen anyone enter, but they hear the two conversation holders in a garage room over turn on their bikes to head out. The division, although it requires use of its engine to go fast in its current form, is able to silently wheel itself over to the door and open it.
No. 765467 ID: 595d54

Thank them for your concern about your terrible lifting form.
No. 765468 ID: bfb318
File 148159536729.png - (49.13KB , 800x800 , 463.png )

From there, it wheels itself off a block or two down, then begins following the two bikers from far off. The noise the target's bikes make is far greater than its own, and by forming a few listening nodes to get a precise location of the two bikers, so that it can follow from far enough away. Although it is a risk, the back alleyways and the heavy smog allow the division to avoid anyone from seeing a suspicious, riderless bike go through the streets.

Eventually, it hears the bikers turn off their bikes, and the division locates an area overlooking where the bikers stopped.
No. 765470 ID: bfb318
File 148159546490.png - (50.79KB , 800x800 , 464.png )

It rolls quietly up over the ledge to look at what appears to be a warehouse area.
No. 765473 ID: bfb318
File 148159552164.png - (55.83KB , 800x800 , 465.png )

The bike has gotten the track cams and us using them to record everything. Faces are seen and the audio can just be made out, as the bikers speak to one another.

Most of the conversation is dull if necessary, but eventually one of the belenosian pulls out a large object, saying it's from the lab, and that it's what's needed to create a jetalium liquifier.

Which, according to the internet, is something that effectively liquifies jetalium. It is incredibly illegal, and the division team thinks they've accomplished their mission here.
No. 765474 ID: 595d54

Well, time to leave. We shouldn't blow our cover, but thankfully that shouldn't be too hard. Just make sure they're fucked unconscious then ride away. That one higher-up might be a problem but he didn't seem interested in you.

Unless he had a ridiculously good scan module, he shouldn't have seen you were a jetal, so even if he decides to watch and pursue you anyway, he probably bring the jetalium liquefier. So they won't be much of a threat and the hard bit will be staying plausible as a biological in your daring escape.
No. 765475 ID: 211d83

Send a message to Fern with the info and location. And maybe keep a eye on them for a bit if they start leaving before the syndicate can get here.

Cause our share of 42 mil would be a nice payday if we could pull it off.

We can probably distract the bikers for as long as we need for the bike to stay out a bit.
No. 765476 ID: 398fe1

Yep, time to roll back and act like a normal bike again.
No. 765477 ID: 49fe0f

It's evidence they've committed a crime, but no clue to where the liquifier is going after this or who it's going to. Everyone you're intending to pass this evidence to (there are, what, three at this point?) is going to want more. This looks like a pickup and sounds like there were a lot more people involved than just the bikers - they're just offering transportation. Whoever they're working for probably doesn't want them guarding the thing themselves, which means they're not going back to the bike shop right now - they're going to drop it elsewhere.

So on the plus side, you can follow them for a while and still make it back to the shop ahead of them. On the minus side, whoever they're meeting will probably be keeping a better eye out than them. Probably not TOO good an eye, though, or else they'd be wealthy enough to hire better security/transport than a lowlife bike gang.

I say follow them for a while longer, but be careful.

I'm sure Vajra can keep those guys occupied a bit longer.
No. 765478 ID: e22b1d

Tipping of the syndicate could be a good idea. They might want in on this and give us a cut of the action.

Or just advise us to steer well clear of it depending on how illegal it is. Oh also have a copy of this data for the lewd cop couple.

So give them a call before you head back to the biker clubhouse.
No. 765479 ID: 3abd97

Excellent. Then all that remains is leaving without being seen or hear by any of these people, and getting back to garage before Vajra's distraction is finished.
No. 765482 ID: 3abd97

>Tip off the syndicate
No, that's a bad idea.

If they roll over on these guys, that makes the useless to the blackmailers (they won't see this as a successful job if we bring back useless evidence), and useless to the cop we're working with too.

And that undercuts the Syndicate's interest in us getting the blackmailers to trust us enough that we can take their blackmail.

I mean, yes, we can keep Fern in the loop, but he can't come down on these guys soon without messing up the op, making the blackmailers suspicious, and giving Incoming Wife a good guess who we're really working for, which we withheld from her for good reason.
No. 768145 ID: 7a524b
File 148268690033.png - (20.37KB , 800x800 , 466.png )

The bike will continue to tail the other bikers as they safely can, just to see if anything else occurs. Otherwise, the evidence appears to be enough for Rike's purposes, and so communication with outside contacts is initiated starting with a text to Fern.

Hey, it's Princess Sugartooth. They've got a jetalium liquifier, but we just want to keep you in the loop. If the Syndicate were seen, it could blow my cover.
>I'd tell you to get the hell away from it if it weren't your job. Keep going. Keep me notified.

Between Fern and Unity, the movement of the liquifier will be investigated, but not actively pursued unless a good opportunity shows up down the line. Incoming Wife is then texted by another lobbyist.

Hi! We've got a single track cam of these bikers doing illegal activity.
>Good good good. Swing on by and drop it off, okay? Oh, and tell me the details in person, not over the phone.

Vajra is still distracting the bikers, but things are winding down. The scouting bike should be able to get back without incident.

Furthermore, the Roxy division reports that her and Sevener are spending time with each other, but it's not expected to last many more hours. It may be worth it to wait a few hours until they're done and regrouping before any new missions are done.

Aside from returning the track cams to Incoming Wife and Rike, Princess Toya has more or less agreed to a dinner at any time with the Baron of Threes, and this may be a good time to do so if it's still desired.
No. 768146 ID: 211d83

Yeah why not go have dinner with him. Is a good of time as any.

Give him the chance to see what our date would have been like if we had not thrown the card game.
No. 768147 ID: 3abd97

>Princess Toya has more or less agreed to a dinner at any time with the Baron of Threes, and this may be a good time to do so if it's still desired.
I have stipulations.

First up, we assume, going in, that this is a trap from Bo3s' employers, not matter what he says. This means be want a covert camera rolling. This means we don't put our core anywhere near the division meeting with him. This means the division going to diner should skimp on jetalium, just in case we lose it. This means that division doesn't carry any gear we can't afford to lose. (Just clothes and burners, basically). This means we warn Fern going in where we sent that division, just in case.

This also means we don't act surprised at all if/when they drop in. We were expected them, after all. They're not very subtle, which was our major criticism in the first place.

Assuming the Vajra division has the core, she'll morph to Coral to hand off the track cams and tell stories to Incoming Wife and the Blackmailers, and Bike will morph to Princess Toya and go to dinner. And Bike should hand off as much jetalium as it can spare (and anything we don't want to lose) to Vajra first.
No. 768154 ID: e22b1d

Just a thought but didn't we want to try to see about meeting up with Vasha again? Maybe we could use this date to hang out with her as well?

Everyone involved being nerdy perverted card players.

Could text Vasha and ask if she wanted to come along for some fun. And text Baron to ask if it was ok to bring over a cute friend.
No. 768155 ID: 3abd97

I wouldn't object to playing with Vasha again (if fact, I fun some fun ideas for more jetal "suit" stuff to try with her) but I feel like she deserves better than having our attention split across two people (ignoring divisions).

But even more importantly I really do not want to bring a biological civy into a meet we suspect is a jetal trap with possible noble connections / politics. We could get her hurt, or dead, or worse. Or the RnD guys could use her presence / safety as a means to neatly control our options.
No. 768187 ID: b1b4f3

Sure let's do the date.
No. 768227 ID: 7a524b
File 148272251991.png - (19.17KB , 800x800 , 467.png )

Vajra says he goodbyes and keeps them brief, just the way everyone there likes it. She doubts she'll see them again, but she can't say for sure, either.

She rides off on her bike, where lobbyists exchange positions.

The core is transferred to Coral, who will make the delivery rounds.

Succubus and others comfortable with the potentially dangerous date move into Princess Toya. They put in as little mass as they can move with, and swiftly arrange for the date to begin downtown at a populated but not crowded restaurant of Princess Toya's choosing. Although some lobbyists would like to see Vasha again, she'll be left out for this date.

BoT, or Torres depending on what name is now appropriate to call him with, waves Princess Toya over to a table.

>"Hey." he says, as though he might already be overstepping his conversational boundaries.
No. 768229 ID: 211d83

So what would you like me to call you?

And I just want to let you know that I did have fun last time. Yes I was hunting you down but the card tourney was fun and you did show me a excellent time.

Other than your "friends" being jerks at the end it was a great night.

So what sort of night do you have planned for me today?
No. 768230 ID: 3abd97

Reply "Hey, yourself.", give him a sultry smile, and ask how he wants this to go.
No. 768231 ID: 3b108e

>as little mass as possible

Try some footsie. "Hey, yourself" works.
No. 768232 ID: e22b1d

So what got you into the bait for bounty hunters business?

I hope that does not sound rude but all I know about you is a old search history of yours I found and a little from the fun night we had.

What made you want to meet me again?
No. 768244 ID: 7a524b
File 148272953998.png - (14.62KB , 800x800 , 468.png )

"Hey yourself. Should I call you Bot, Torres...?"
>"BoT, if you don't mind. Torres is more of my business name."

Princess Toya sits down, and taps his foot with hers.

"What got you in that business, anyway?"
>"I've had contacts with people in the module creation industry. They set me up as a random tester, and, well... I should get my position back, since apparently what happened was a freak accident."
"Are you going to have to deal with those people, again?"
>"Er... I hope not. I mean, the ones you dealt with? Not directly. Uh, if you're worried about it, there's basically no way they'd show up here. They do what they want, and they usually don't want to deal with people like us. I bet that's why they were so... much assholes."
"I hope not, either. I had a good night with you, up until they showed up."

He beams at that. Succubus notes he looks a little different than before, but it's pointed out that this was the kind of person that changed faces daily. Then it's pointed out that Toya's horns weren't formed as they were before, either, so the lobbyists work on fixing that.

"What made you want to see me again?"
>"Exactly that. I had a great night too, till then. Uh, sorry, I'm actually a little surprised you accepted, to be honest! So I, er, have pathetic plans. For now though, dinner's on me." BoT gestures to the menu on the wall, where either a waiter can be summoned, or food directly ordered from there. "But if you had something in mind... well, after the previous night, even if it really wasn't my fault, I still feel like I want to make it up to you, or at least not have it end like that, so, er, what I'm saying, is if there's anything you've been wanting to do that I can help or make more fun, then please let me know it."
No. 768247 ID: 211d83

Well to be honest I am sort of curious how the date would have gone if I had won the card game. I enjoyed that night but I think you would have liked it if I was the one in charge.

Maybe after a nice dinner we could find out?
No. 768251 ID: 3abd97

>They do what they want, and they usually don't want to deal with people like us. I bet that's why they were so... much assholes.
Honestly, that's why I expect them to show up. Someone finding an impossible security flaw in their tech has to have raised eyebrows somewhere, and I figure there's a good chance they're watching him, and may decide to butt in. Or at the very least, they may use make contact following the date.

Don't tell him any of this, though. Kinda rude to be so blatantly using him.

Yeah giving him a chance to "make it up" to us might be fun.

Aside from maybe baiting the RnD guys, I think this is going to be a pure fun mission. BoT isn't particularly useful to our spy game, in and of himself, unless he has access to information on experimental modules or the models themselves he's willing to share, or something like that. Maybe enough info to track down his bosses so we can infiltrate and rip them off to get back at them if they never decide to suck it up and play ball with us?
No. 768253 ID: e22b1d

Don't blame yourself to much. I was sort of involved in that whole mess.

So why don't we have a nice dinner and get to know each other better. Then maybe we can see about trying out some of those fantasies I read about when I first looked you up.

(As usual keep our story free of actual details and avoid saying anything that would reveal our core identity.)
No. 768393 ID: 7a524b
File 148280928356.png - (16.37KB , 800x800 , 469.png )

"Once we have a nice dinner... I was curious what our previous date would have been like if I won the card game. In the meanwhile, I'd like to know more of you."

BoT smiles with some nervous excitement to his expression.

>"Well, since I got 'demoted', I've been doing clerical work at a module research facility. Just bottom barrel stuff, but..."

He trails off into the going ons of his job, which seems to be low level management. Princess Toya occasionally taps his foot with her own, while he orders an expensive drink and food to start off with for himself. His foot then taps Princess Toya's, and a snake of jetalium leaves his shoe and starts wrapping up around Princess Toya's leg.
No. 768394 ID: 3b108e

Hey, he's making a move. Follow the leader, do the same with yours and copy whatever he does. Keep talking about the card game stuff like nothing's happening.
No. 768395 ID: 211d83

Wrestle his tendril with your own in thumb war fashion. When you have his pinned stand up and let out a loud victory yell. Then throw him over your shoulder and drag him off to a private room. (Or not)

Actually was thinking we could try some role reversal and make him our plaything once dinner is over. Maybe have him pick out a cute female form and let us be the big guy for once. His search history does show he is interested in that sort of thing.

For now send our our own tendril up his leg and see if we can beat him at a "who is obviously getting fucked under the table" competition. Goal is to make him look silly while we show no reaction on our end.
No. 768398 ID: 97cee0

Now I think of it, he was probably hoping you'd want to play a game of cards with him, as well as the more intimate variety of fun.

Anyway, let's be naughty and use shapeshifting to do lewd things under each others' clothes in public, like a pervert. Might be tricky for us to return what he's doing, reaching up inside his clothes to mess with him, since we're at minimum mass, unless we move it away from elsewhere or create a few hollows inside ourselves. A few bubbles if the right shape scattered throughout our body shouldn't disturb structural integrity too much.
No. 768399 ID: 3abd97

Thumb wrestle. Tentacle wrestle? We're supposed to be the dominant one this time, not him.

One possibility (if you can touch his core) would be to have mind-to-mind lobby sex while outwardly pretending to have a normal meal.
No. 768401 ID: 97cee0


If we had lobby sex, something to remember would be that he saw Alison in there last time, so he might wonder what's up if he sees someone different there, now. We could have someone change into Alison or something but it might not be important. I agree with asserting dominance but I'd stick with my last post and say do it by having a mutual secret groping-each-other competition.

So, Princess, whisper to him that you're both going to have a normal meal, but while you're doing that... the first person forced to react to what else you'll be doing, in any way that makes another restaurant customer look over towards your table, loses.
No. 768408 ID: 3abd97

Not sure lobby sex form is important- we already made the excuse with the blackmailers that it's subjective and may look differently each time. (Which is a lie, but almost no one else has regular access to this kind of thing, and experiences with us confirm what we're telling them).
No. 768929 ID: bfb318
File 148306493402.png - (25.22KB , 800x800 , 470.png )

A tentacle is sent back on the same route his is sent through, and the groping commences. He ropes his around Toya's hip, looping back around under her butt then sliding up her crotch before continuing on to grope the side of her breast that isn't facing the rest of the restaurant.

On her end, she starts looping her tentacle around BoT's thighs and pelvis. It tapers to a thinner tentacle that then gets down to his crotch and begins looping haphazardly around his junk. It's a bit more difficult than she would like given her lack of overall mass, but by sheer merit of having a team of lobbyists controlling Princess Toya, she manages to do it at least as well as any experienced jetal.

"Ever been female before?"
>"Mmhmm, I like changing forms daily. I almost was going to be female tonight, but I figured I should at least start in the same form."
"Hmm. Wasn't necessary, you know."
>"Oh, sorry, maybe I should've? Do you want me to?"

Both jetals fidget slightly from the gropes of the other, but keep up the sportsmanship by keeping the sex module on without any intervention. Princess Toya listens in to make sure no one is noticing too quickly. They do have some attention on them, and a nearby conversation is taking place.

>"Are those two jetals?"
>"Yeah. I come here frequently, and jetals are rare to be seen."
>"Must want some privacy from other jetals then."
>"That's right. They must be talking about some terribly important information to show up to a place like this to talk in person."

As far as Princess Toya can tell, no one is detecting the jetals playing around.
No. 768933 ID: 3abd97

>They must be talking about some terribly important information to show up to a place like this to talk in person.
I... suppose that makes sense? Communicating in-person has to be more secure than electronically.

>>"Oh, sorry, maybe I should've? Do you want me to?"
I think he's going to be on the receiving end either way. (We just did Incoming Wife, and we haven't really done much with a guy in the submissive role. I say leave it.

That or maybe we mix it up so he's a gal on the outside, but male as we're domming him via lobby sex via the hacked sex mod?).

Not sure if we should stick with the exhibitionist idea of fucking him here while pretending everything is outwardly normal, or if we should just take him somewhere.
No. 768935 ID: 211d83

Scan him to see what modules he has on him before we get to far.

Well why don't we roleplay a bit? Its easy enough to ramp up stuff with just sex modules but then you get stuck wanting more of that. While enjoyng some sexy senarios can be just as fun.

So why don't you transform into a cute little lady and let me be in charge tonight?
No. 768938 ID: e22b1d

It was his search history that got us into some interesting ideas before. Why not see how he likes some of them?

Maybe have him turn into a girl and absorb him. Then go street walking and find some big dicked guys to fuck him (and us) while he is inside us.
No. 768942 ID: 97cee0

>"Oh, sorry, maybe I should've? Do you want me to?"

"Oh, I can fully appreciate both males and females... or any mixture between them you might come up with, if you want to be creative. I usually make myself look female, but it's a lot of fun to change things up now and then."

Then pause, smile, and add: "Do you have a preference, yourself?"

Keep up what you're doing, but extend a few tendrils to caress in places where other parts would be, if he felt like having them. If he seems to express interest in male aspects on your part, maybe grow something male down there for him to play with.

Keep an eye out for the waiter and do him the same service of reaching from his hidden side that he's doing for you.
No. 768943 ID: 90f3c0

His current form is pretty cute. Have him stay the same for now, you can try dominating a guy for a changer.

Split off another tentacle and start playing with his butt.
No. 768945 ID: 595d54

Let's go with straight up guy/guy or girl/girl action this time around, I don't think we've had either in a while if ever.
No. 769079 ID: 8111b6

Everyone is watching, everyone is curious. If you're not careful, everyone will catch onto your antics, getting an eyeful of the two novel jetals fucking under the table. Though, on top of the table could be fun, too. It could be a time that we could increase public fame and notoriety for such lewd things, if we wanted.

...though, we would probably want our other divisions if we wanted to do something really debauched. An entire cafe would be a bit much for a low jetalium division.

Well, she said she was having trouble with just one tentacle. Another might be too much, unless we move some mass from somewhere, but we're pretty low morph right now, aren't we?
No. 769204 ID: 952ab0

That ain't a bad idea you got there.
No. 769205 ID: 3abd97

Honestly I was hoping to do that with Vasha at some point. It doesn't really seem as much a thrill to do that to someone who's already as depraved as he is, or doing it to a jetal instead of a biological.
No. 769229 ID: 4546ab

Yeah why don't we work on satisfying his desire to be tied up and fucked in by a big dicked jetal? (and save the suit stuff for Vasha fun)

Could also work his police searches in there.

Find somewhere private and roleplay some kinky police brutality.

Oh and yeah make sure to scan him before we go anywhere private.
No. 769256 ID: 211d83

Just had a thought.

So if Baron really wants to experience us having our way with him it would be difficult with him being a jetal with powerful modules.

Maybe we could ask him if he wants the full experience. All he would have to do is drop all his modules off at the bank except for his sex mod and a bio impersonation mod.

Then he would be at our mercy and about as helpless as a jetal could be. We could have our kinky way with him and he would be about as powerless as a normal guy.

He might not be interested but we could float the idea and see if he wants to try it. Would be his best chance to try that sort of thing.
No. 769277 ID: bfb318
File 148316802152.png - (17.72KB , 800x800 , 471.png )

>Scan his modules.
The loadout appears to be a scanner, sex module, privacy, computer and computer link. The privacy is rank C, but all others are rank D. He has 70 kg mass.

"You'll be receiving one way or another. If you don't have a preference, how about you change to the girl you were going to be?"

The request is obliged, and BoT's face only changes marginally. It also shoots the quickest glance Princess Toya could detect at the rest of the restaurant, possibly worried about what others may think when they look over and see that one jetal put on boobs.

>"So... after we finish this, and we carry this on elsewhere... are you just the sort that bangs, or, ah..." BoT hesitates.
"Spit it out."
>"Do you roleplay?"
No. 769278 ID: 3abd97

>"Do you roleplay?"
Okay so they so came to the right person.

"Aaaaaaall the time, babe."
No. 769279 ID: 595d54

Mention that you were about to ask about that. Seems she's got something in mind?

And to repeat my preferences, let's actually stay female this time or at least limit any phallic appendages to tentacles.
No. 769283 ID: 804a8c

With dice and everything.
No. 769299 ID: 97cee0

Give a biiiig smile, and say "Of course". And ask if she had a particular scenario in mind.

>possibly worried about what others may think when they look over and see that one jetal put on boobs.

Well, it's possible that change blindness is as much a thing for double-simulated belenosians as it is for humans.
No. 769309 ID: 211d83

All the time. I am honestly amazed that more jetals are not into it. Being a shape changer opens up a world of fun possibilities.

So did you have any particular fantasies that you wanted to play out?
No. 769387 ID: bfb318
File 148322659177.png - (21.31KB , 800x800 , 472.png )

Princess Toya smiles.

"Aaaaall the time, babe. I was just thinking it, and considering the abilities we have, just how odd it is so many jetals don't do it. You've got something in mind, right?"
>"Yeah! We can do so much, and take advantage of so little of it. Hm... well first off, will you be staying with that form?"
"I plan on it."
>"Okay. Wellll, even if I haven't done anything illegal, I have done stuff that's gotten me on, well, lists. And there is a thing like probably cause, and, ah..."

He looks at Princess Toya to make sure she's not openly judging him with her face. The lobbyists find it funny that he just mentioned how jetals take advantage of so little, but then makes visual tells with his face like an open book when he's capable of just forming hidden cameras around his body. Or at least, they assume he can.

>"Sometimes I wonder about cops, ah, investigating me, if you get my idea." he says, confirming his search history of being into cops.
No. 769389 ID: 595d54

"I know, I saw that in your search history." absolutely deadpan. Let him wonder whether or not she's serious.
No. 769395 ID: 3abd97

Someone order up a sexy cop costume and get it up on a delivery drone.

Also it's kind of amusing we're going to be playing naughty cop with him while Sevener is doing the same to us. ...and we just fucked another cop. Hm. Maybe we're developing a fetish.

>"Sometimes I wonder about cops, ah, investigating me, if you get my idea." he says, confirming his search history of being into cops.
"Been a bad girl have you? Whatever would you do if you found yourself sitting down with an undercover officer who decides you need to be taught a lesson."
No. 769403 ID: 97cee0

I don't think mentioning the search history is a great idea. Just draw her in with some seductive speculation on the scenario she has in mind.

"There can be so little protection for people, sometimes. The slightest scent of a noble's interests, and oversight looks the other way. Cops have to deal with so much, and get so frustrated... it'd hardly be surprising if, while trying to persuade a suspect to give them answers, they decided to to enjoy a little bonus for the long, hard hours they work."
No. 769465 ID: 15a025

Sounds like it's time to play bad cop.
No. 769471 ID: c441c1

Quick look up the Miranda rights of this world and "arrest" BoT and take them to the closest alley to "interrogate" the suspect.
No. 770208 ID: bfb318
File 148345948976.png - (19.18KB , 800x800 , 473.png )

"So you've been bad, girl?" Princess Toya says, ordering a novelty cop uniform that will be delivered by a drone. "And if you found out you were sitting down with an undercover cop?"
>"Then I'd be in big trouble."
"There's so little protection for people in ways, and so much looking the other way in others. A cop is covered with frustrating aspects of their jobs. I think I'd like a little bonus for all my work."
>"Uh oh... am I under arrest?"
>"Under what grounds?" BoT asks to test her.

Princess Toya can explain he practically handed probable cause to her just with his previous words. Many police officers can freely arrest people simply seen as potentially troublesome. BoT is searched online. With the name 'Torres' now known, it's confirmed that he isn't exaggerating about being on lists.

Toya can press him on any of these topics.

'Module Protection Watch', which keeps an eye on people who may abuse existing modules or own experimental modules.
'Researchers of Unimportant Knowledge', which is a benign name for a list of people who have done 'more than superficial' amounts of research and internet searches regarding harmful subjects. In other words, someone looking up how most murders are committed are unlikely to be put on this list, but looking into the ways of how the murderers got away with it may.
Lastly, 'Malcontents', perhaps the most dubious of all the lists. This list claims to be a comprehensive collection of people who feel they've been wronged by society, and should be watched for any treasonous behavior.

Although some lobbyists feel that this being real would help the roleplay, some others feel this is too real, and Toya should just be more abstract.

While waiting for the cop uniform to be delivered, Succubus prepares for the non-zero possibility of core based sex. As Torres expects her to look like Alison, Succubus changes into a more Alison-like form. Conveniently, Smuggler's merchant ability seems to transcend across lobbies.
No. 770218 ID: 394ac5

>"Under what grounds?"
Well, if we count our first meeting...

Accessory to public indecency, unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, unregulated gambling, allowing unauthorized parties access to controlled and/or restricted modules, improper conduct towards an officer of the court, and suspicion of a heck of a lot more.


Wait, would Succubus even need Smuggler to change her appearance? She had the tier 2 shapeshifting stuff maxed.
No. 770220 ID: 97cee0

Looking good, Succubus.

He had those jetal handcuffs last time, right? I bet those are restricted. Saying we're arresting her because she's been poking her nose into anti-jetal capture and containment technologies might be good, and would feed into a roleplay where the officer "gives her a taste of what she's been looking for".
No. 770223 ID: 595d54

Nice. I suggest a body stocking for the tail. And yeah, let's just use the evidence of what happened last time as a reason to detain and interrogate her.
No. 770231 ID: 91ee5f

And now Succubus has to learn how to move without legs. There's going to be lots of slithering and then falling on her face until she gets the hang of it.
No. 770249 ID: bfb318
File 148347438327.png - (28.63KB , 800x800 , 474.png )

>Wait, would Succubus even need Smuggler to change her appearance?
She doesn't, but she finds it nice to know that anyone can effectively change their lobby appearance at will.

"Accessory to public indecency. Unsafe operation of a motor vehicle. Unregulated gambling. Allowing unauthorized parties access to controlled and/or restricted modules. Improper conduct towards an officer of the court. And lastly, suspicion of a heck of a lot more."
>"Ohhhhhhh all that."

The meal is finished and paid for. Princess Toya leads BoT to an alleyway, before taking the delivery and getting changed in the restroom. She rejoins BoT.

>"Ah, heh, you know... I wonder if you collected any proof, or even just evidence?"" She asks with her voice shaking, but scanner indicates it's an excited shake.

Succubus feels free to fabricate any evidence, including but not limited to 'confiscated jetalium locker handcuffs'.
No. 770250 ID: 595d54

Yeah, let's go with the cuffs. Show the evidence and restrain the subject.
No. 770266 ID: 97cee0

"We had a witness "persuaded" to attest to the use of unauthorized jetalium restraints on their person. Examination of their core logs corroborated the testimony that they'd suffered lockdown, which happened to closely coincide with the intrusion of a foreign jetal through illegal use of an unlicensed core connection function. We retrieved the IDs. Now we just need to see if you match our perp. Are you going to cooperate... or will I need to do some restraining and intrusion of my own?"

Pull out a pair of handcuffs while you say that last line, make them look like the lock handcuffs, but I don't know if you need to specifically call them out as pretending to be that.
No. 770272 ID: 3abd97

Wow, Baroness of Threes gets rather literal with this cop fetish. Not just into the uniforms and authority, she's turned on by the thought of actual evidence. Maybe we should have been recording everything.

>proof, evidence
I figure I'll have you singing whatever tune I want, including a nice binding confession, before the night is over.

But sure. Witness statements, security footage, audio recordings, sworn officer testimony, module logs, I've got everything I need to give it to you hard, little felon.

(We can supply some of that from internet searches and any data we still have on our phones, and the rest can be facsimiles. Faked jetalium documents / files).

Making you cooperate with our inquires is just going to be a pleasurable formality.

And yeah, totally cuff her.
No. 770290 ID: 211d83

We should order some quick novelty handcuffs (so we don't have to stay touching them and will allow for more elaborate situations). Oh and a overly large novelty police baton that just happens to be coated in bumpy silicon so it can be used as a dildo.

"Evidence? Oh so it's evidence you want? Are you implying that a upstanding officer like me would fabricate charges?" As you say this shove her up against the wall and cuff her. Then grope her roughly while saying the next part.

"I bet a few hours working you over and you will be begging to confess to your crimes. And when you open that pretty mouth to beg me to stop I know just what to shove in it."

Then grind what might be a giant jetal dick on her butt and drag her off. (We should probably find a secluded room/place where we can spend plenty of time working her over. While public sex would be fun we should probably play it safe and find a room.

I wonder if there are any one night hotels that cater to this sort of perversion. Getting a already set up hotel room that looks like a sexy cop dungeon would be fun.
No. 770304 ID: e22b1d

Yes we are a crooked cop that does not need such things as proof or evidence.

We will get all the evidence we need by working her tight little ass over. She will be begging to confess her crimes after awhile. And once she does it will give us all the more reason to keep punishing her.

I do like the idea of getting a room and some more toys. We can tease her a little in the alley while ordering a cab and a room at a sex hotel. (Maybe Scurps or Fern know a place we can play nearby)
No. 770323 ID: 4546ab

"Evidence? So we have a clever girl eh? Knows all her rights and has a fancy lawyer I bet."

Then grab her and cuff her hands behind her back.

"Well I know how to deal with bad girls like you."

As you say this run your hands under her belt and yank her panties up so they grind on her crotch. Then start leading her to a cab or wherever while holding her cuffed hands and the back of her panties in the same hand. As she walks keep pulling so every step she takes grinds her underwear into her crotch.

"Oh there will be plenty of time for me to present you with plenty of "evidence". But I bet we won't even need it. I think after a few hours of my special questioning you will be eager to confess your crimes."

Then shove her into a cab to take us somewhere private.

"Of course that depends on if you even get the chance. With a face that cute I might just decide to shove something down your throat once you open your pretty lips to confess. I wonder how long a tiny thing like you can hold her breath" (Baron looked up a module for a choking on dicks fetish so this suggestion will give her the opportunity to have a bio emulator module delivered if she likes)
No. 770335 ID: 15a025

Give BoT a strip search, then pull out the jetal handcuffs and ask what do we have here?
No. 770621 ID: bfb318
File 148359186858.png - (26.72KB , 800x800 , 475.png )

"Are you implying that I would fabricate charges?
>"N-no, I just..."
"Just being clever girl, huh? Who knows all her rights and has a good lawyer I bet."

"I love getting confessions from smartasses like you."

Princess Toya forms a pair of stand-alone handcuffs and a large, ribbed police baton using as little mass as she can get away with. She also orders a cab.

Once the handcuffs are made, they're used to cuff BoT's hands behind her back. Princess Toya then slides a finger down BoT's pants, and pulls a back string of her thong outwards to ride it up on her crotch.

"I know how to deal with bad girls. Let's get you out of public so we can do a strip search. Walk." she says, pushing the baton on BoT's thighs to push her forward. BoT ends up on her tiptoes, huffing and walking awkwardly towards the empty car that pulls up. "I'm going to make use of your mouth one way or the other. If you don't use it to talk, I'll use it for myself. I like an excuse to use my baton in more ways than one."
>"Wh-where are you taking me?"

Toya planned on getting a cheap hotel room, but lobbyists believe it's not difficult to find a private spot if that's all that's needed.
No. 770624 ID: 211d83

A cheap hotel room should be nice and private. Plus lets us get more fun roleplay in than just dragging her into a corner and fucking her. Also dressing as a sexy cop and jetal fucking in a ally might be noticed.

I have a quiet little place near here were I can slowly work a confession out of you. But you look like you might be a tough nut to crack so I might have to start during the ride over.

Start growing a big dick now. Then in the car sit her on your lap so she can feel the bulge and start "frisking" her. Talk about how you can never be to careful with hardened criminals like her.

Ask her what she thinks what sort of punishment a criminal like her deserves.
No. 770625 ID: e22b1d

To a quiet little safehouse so I can search you for contraband.

Unless you give me trouble. Then I will have to strip search you right here before dragging you to my safehouse.

After that if you know what is good for you, you will confess everything quick. If not I will have to force it out of you.
No. 770628 ID: 3abd97

>"Wh-where are you taking me?"
Someone where we won't be interrupted, and where no one will care if you decide to make a fuss.
No. 770668 ID: 850f11

"Somewhere nice and private. Wouldn't want any unfounded rumors of unnecessary police roughness to spread now would we?" Give her thong a yank as you say the last part.

"After a quick strip search to make sure you are not packing any contraband what happens next depends on you. If you quickly confess I can see going easy on you."

"But if you decide to be uncooperative well I have ways of getting a confession out of cute little things like yourself."

(Of course if she does confess then she is a horrible criminal and needs to be punished by us right then and there.)
No. 770674 ID: 97cee0

Just a private spot would be fine. Somewhere appropriate to the scenario, a disused cellar or the like. Something appropriately oppressive but not, like, filthy or anything. Some place with that "no-one's gonna hear you" feeling, which will also be handy for not attracting attention, since things might get a bit loud.

No need to tell her where, just tease her more. Laugh and say she'll see, or tease her about wanting a nice comfy private cell, something like that.
No. 771205 ID: bfb318
File 148384659218.png - (36.33KB , 900x800 , 476.png )

"Somewhere nice and private, where we won't get interrupted, and where no one will care if you make a fuss."

A team of lobbyists finds a place on the outskirts of the suburbs, to a ghost town in a relatively crimeless spot. Furthermore, some propose the idea to buy a handful of drones just for scouting, and since simple ones are cheap and legal, it's found there's no reason not to buy them. Using the drones, a decent spot in the ghost town is investigated.

Princess Toya pulls BoT out and away from the car in the same thong-pulling manner that she had BoT approach the car in. She heads down a few flights of stairs to enter an old abandoned apartment in the ghost town that had its furnishings essentially nailed and screwed into the structure itself. Although it's a bit dusty, it's mostly an otherwise clean place far out of the way of anyone, as anything of significant value has long since been. There is a room, the drone reported, that is almost entirely unfurnished and does create a more oppressive atmosphere if desired.
No. 771209 ID: 3abd97

We honestly should get a bunch more than 3 camera drones, so we can split them up across divisions and treat them as disposable if necessary. (Like a set of 20 or something?).

>which room in the abandoned apartment
I sort of like the oppressive interrogation room idea, but is there a room with a big window? After what they had us do last time, exhibitionism seems to be one of their kinks, and we could play up the idea they're helpless and no one would do anything even if they see.
No. 771211 ID: 211d83

Lets start here and move to the more oppressive room later once we need to work her over more. Start off slightly corrupt cop and go bad cop after she does not confess right away or you just don't like her confession.

"Well lets get started shall we?" Start yanking off her clothes and running your hands all over her. If you can tie her cuffed hands to a rafter and spread her legs so she cant move. Then search her for contraband.

"So are you hiding anything interesting? Maybe I will get lucky and find something bad so I can throw the book at you. This would be a good time to confess to all the bad things you have done. If you stay quiet I will have to treat you harshly!"

Get a bit of back and forth conversation with her. Will help the roleplay. Plus lets us know if she wants us to go soft or hard on her.
No. 771221 ID: bfb318
File 148385004990.png - (32.57KB , 800x800 , 477.png )

>Is there a window?
There is a window, although it just points out into a hallway that was once well lit. Currently, the two jetals are underground, so the window doesn't point out to much.

Princess Toya begins stripping BoT down, beginning an intrusive body search right at the window while ignoring that the window's visibility is one way. Princess Toya performs the search more with her hands than her eyes. She lingers on the ears, midriff and inner thighs, along with the typically sensitive parts, when Toya finds that those areas get a heightened reaction out of BoT.

"Hiding anything? This would be a good time to tell me." she says, feeling what is now a much more fleshy exterior, as BoT received a bio emulator module rental on the drive over.
>"N-nothing!" she squirms more as she says it, breaking eyecontact simultaneously. A few other small body language tells are fired off from her, as the Social Scanner pings up a variety of lie alarms.

After all of the clothes are peeled off and searched, the only thing Princess Toya found was a wallet, a cell phone, a flash drive, and a couple Fight Beast decks.
No. 771223 ID: e22b1d

I like the idea of tying her up in front of a window if we have one.

Well start sexy strip searching her. Need to get her talking so we can roleplay more and keep up the pace.

If she goes along with our demands to confess then we punish her for her crimes. If she refuses to confess we start fucking until she does.

The searches we had earlier suggested that she likes the idea of us putting a big dick in her butt or chocking her with our dick. So can try both of those.
No. 771224 ID: 398fe1

Time for a cavity search then!
No. 771225 ID: 211d83

"Hmm hiding something are we? Well you can make this easy and tell me or I can go looking for it myself."

Then grab her hands and handcuff them behind her or over her head so you can sexily cavity search her.
No. 771249 ID: 3abd97

>a cell phone
We should covertly interface with that and rip all the data. If there's contact numbers, or any information that leads to the R&D guys he used to work for, that's information we might be able to use some day. Working for them (although I really don't want to do that without making them work for that) or tracking them down and ripping off their tech in super-spy mode (risky, but attractive as maybe one of the last things we do in the harvest).

Probably should rip the thumb drive the same way.

>a flash drive
Got anything illegal hidden on here? The tech geeks are going to be going through all your stuff, so if you got anything hidden, don't expect it to stay that way.
No. 771263 ID: 4546ab

Cuff her hands over the window so she can't cover herself and you have full access to her body.

Then flash the Fight beast decks in front of her and say:

"It looks like you enjoy playing games don't you? Well playing games with the police never ends well you know. That little lie is going to get you some rough handling."

Then make a little flashlight and start inspecting her mouth and ears first. We could start lower but lets slowly ramp things up and tease her instead of going straight for the crotch.

Shine the light in her ears and nibble on them as you massage and inspect things. Then shine it in her mouth as you feel around her lips and play with her tongue. After you give that area a good search tell her:

"Well that's the easy ones searched. But the next few places I need to spread open might be a bit sensitive. I have a feeling that halfway through you are going to start begging me to stop. But we can't have you making to much noise just yet. This might make it a little hard to breath but I am sure a bad girl like you will enjoy it."

Then gag her. Possibly in lewd fashion by forming your nightstick into a little dildo gag. Once you have it jammed in there start your search on her nether regions. Lots of teasing and stroking while you spread her open and peer inside with your flashlight.
No. 771289 ID: 97cee0

Tell her, words sticking in her throat? Bad case of tight lips, too. She's just tensed up all around there, isn't she? (Stroke her chin and throat with this). Can be very bad for a person's health. Fortunately, you know some great stretches.

At some point, whisper to her that the safeword is "silver sun beast" or two taps with two fingers.
No. 771290 ID: 91ee5f

Use the fluff at the tip of your tail to tickle her in all the right places.
No. 771630 ID: bfb318
File 148409298030.png - (22.78KB , 800x800 , 478.png )

"A flash drive, huh? Anything illegal on there?"
>"N-nope! Just private stuff, nothing of interest to a cop!"
"That's funny, because I am a cop and I am interested. Maybe I'll have a look? The safeword is 'silver sun beast', or two taps with two fingers."

BoT laughs nervously.

"W-well, I can't stop you can I?" says BoT.
"No, you can't. You can't stop me from loosening these lips, either. You sound tense and your words are always getting locked up in your throat."
"I- I just got nothing to say!"

Princess Toya absorbs the flash drive to start running through it, then she re-cuffs BoT. She waves the deck of cards in front of BoT.

"You like playing games, don't you? Cops sometimes do too, you know, but that's because it never ends well for the others. If you don't want to talk, then I don't want to hear your noise."

No. 771631 ID: bfb318
File 148409300259.png - (26.58KB , 800x800 , 479.png )

Princess Toya changes the shape of the baton so that gag straps are formed around it, to which she gradually crams it down BoT's throat. Once that's done, she grabs BoT's hips, supports her front with her tail, and pulls her butt back into her to brace her pelvis as Toya gets to work. She searched around and in BoT's crotch, which appears visually and functionally identical to fingering her with a lack of care to how sensitive she may be down there.

The flash drive contains a large library of mostly non-fiction books and various trading card game catalogs, in the same unorganized folder as all of his porn.

In a seperate folder is data on his employers, which includes contact information and various low level administration work files. There is also a folder called 'module enhancers'. It is protected data, and requires a password to get into, although a hacker team has already been assembled for purposes such as these, if desired.
No. 771638 ID: 3abd97

Copy the entire directory of information on their employers, and you might as well have some of the spare AIs crack the encryption.

Maybe we won't do anything with the data, but maybe we will. But we're pretty solidly a sexy spy at this point, might as well take advantage of our MO.

Make sure you copy it to and crack it on a non-networked device (take a burner and disable it's wireless slash phone capability, if you have to), just in case the encrypted file is a trap.
No. 771645 ID: 4546ab

Do your best to get her off just from the perverted roleplay aspect. Would be more fun than having to use our hacked module to make up for any overuse of sensitivity settings on Baron's part. Making her cum a bunch from our dirty talk and really getting in the mood would be great.

But just in case have Succubus Alison dress up as a sexy cop.

The usb file is a obvious trap/lure. So be really careful to quadruple check that usb stick for other devices before you remove or hack it. Copying it off onto a device for later seems safer.

I second lifting her up so she feels more exposed. Search her pussy roughly until you get her off (if you can) Then work on her ass next. Taunt her with the fact that she is totally alone and helpless. How she made a mistake to come here without letting anyone know or bothering to bring any defenses (hinting at the fact she left all her other modules at home and you really could haul her off to become your sex slave if you wanted.)

Talk about how not all cops are nice people and some of us would like nothing more than to take the law into our own hands. How a perverted criminal like her would make a cute plaything for you to cage up so you could have this sort of fun every day. And no one would ever miss another random criminal off the streets.

Basically lots of talk to show you are a extra bad cop and hints of worse to come while cavity searching her.
No. 771646 ID: 97cee0

Copy the whole thing if you can, you can crack it later. If it's copy protected too, leave it for now.

I hope you didn't give her a safe word/signal and then immediately lock her in positions that make it impossible to give those signals. Should be relatively harmless if you did, though: since we're not using actual jetal locker cuffs, she should be able to slip out of them easily if she wants to break character.

Playact your role as an abusive cop cruelly taking advantage, but try to "coincidentally" do things that would be enjoyable for her as well in terms of groping, touching et cetera. Don't shy away from roughness, you're both jetals so no real damage is going to happen, and I think it'll fit BoT's fantasy for you to show off physical power and brutality. Yank her upper body up against you to squash your chest on her back and "expose" her better to that window. Maybe try your hand at some in-character dirty talk? The search results had entries about tribal black zone girls and Sapphire as well as the police-on-criminal stuff, so she might be into like, class tension scenarios? Differences in authority and power and social status sort of thing. High taking advantage of low and low getting revenge on high. Maybe?

Are we playing a jetal cop, or bio? Wondering what we should have between our pants. The search results seemed to draw a line between guys with big dicks and girls with strapons, so we should probably stick to that line ourselves. But it'd be odd for a cop to be carrying a strapon around. Maybe you could have "found" one in her belongings? Some imaginary special demi-jetalium thing that just looks like a packet of goo until you stick it on and it binds in place with nerve feedback and such. Seems like the sort of thing this society could have.

Any status update on our other divisions, after that time spent in the car? Could be fun to have "called for backup". Not one with the core, though.
No. 771649 ID: 211d83

Leaving out a usb drive like this could be a less than subtle thing to point us in the direction of his employers. Why else would a Jetal of all things have a usb filled with important info like that? On a date with us even?

So hack it if you can do so while leaving no trace. But have a feeling its a list of stuff to impress us and lure us into contacting his bosses. Can worry about it later after we have our fun. Is probably just a sneaky lure for a job interview.

Lift her up by the legs with one arm so she can see you finger fucking her with the other in the window reflection. So anyone behind it could see your hands stretching her out as you search deep inside. Then pull up some of her more exotic porn and taunt her with it.

"Oh I see you like filthy stuff like this and also this. I bet that's the sort of perverted things you get up to while out of the sight of the law."

"I am starting to think that no one would even notice if I kept you all to myself. I could drag you home and tie you up in my basement and fuck you whenever I pleased. Make you my sexy little pet that did nothing but beg for me to find new and unusual ways to abuse her. If you don't want that to happen you should confess now." (then ignore any gurgling around the dildo gag)

Finally whisper this next part in her ear really quiet. "Why else would you come running back to me after what happened last time? If you really do want to be my slave I might be willing if you are a good girl."

Eventually start searching her butt for evidence as well.
No. 771650 ID: 4763a1

Slowly work one whole hand up there. Then start squeezing the other hand up her butt.

Make lots of lewd noises doing so.
No. 771671 ID: e22b1d

See if you can get her to cum by roughly searching her in most thorough fashion. Make a show of looking for contraband but also "accidentally" hit all the right places to get her off.

Talk dirty about testing her limits and wonder out loud if you tried hard enough if you could get your whole hand up her pussy to see how she reacts.

Once you get her worked up start working on her ass. If you can make her cum taunt her about how much of a pervert she is and how you are not going to stop until you find what she hid.
No. 772322 ID: 15a025

Go through pronos and see if you can't make any subtle references to them
No. 772411 ID: bfb318
File 148450116437.png - (22.44KB , 800x800 , 480.png )

>Can BoT say the safe words?
Although her hands have been cuffed, her fingers are still able to tap on something. Toya still has tiny cameras over her own body and will have vision on all of BoT at all times.

For this roleplay, Princess Toya will continue being a jetal, but will keep a more or less female form. She starts getting rougher with BoT, and pushes her up closer to the window, although far enough away from it to see her entire body in the reflection.

"That's an awful lot of porn to be keeping around on a flash drive. You're enough of a pervert to like this, I bet. I also bet no one would miss you if you ended up in my basement. And I bet you've been up to so many bad things that it wouldn't even be wrongful imprisonment. Then again, if you confessed, maybe I'd take it easier on you?"

It gets some gurgles out of BoT, which is ignored. Princess Toya starts sinking more fingers into BoT's pussy, working her way up.

Meanwhile, the hacking team has copied all of the data on the USB over to one of Toya's devices and begun hacking it from there. It didn't turn out to be strong security, relatively speaking, and the information is decrypted.

Although it is more or less low level administration files, it does turn out to be a virtual map of the flow of money from one research station to another.

Much of the information about some research stations is blatantly obfuscated. With some investigation, however, it may be possible to locate them or people who are involved with them. Although some lobbyists have concerns about BoT's employers, many of these research stations seem to be independent third parties.

>Any status update on our other divisions, after that time spent in the car?
Coral is spending some time discussing popular culture with Incoming Wife.
Roxy is still with Sevener, but although it's taking its time, it's gradually winding down.

The Scanner team on Princess Toya's team would like to investigate these research stations.

The Gambler would like to bet.
He has noticed there's a company getting turned upside down. If Unity places 2.2 million dollars on this company, there is about a 30% chance that it will turn into 10 million dollars in a few hours. If it fails, the money will essentially be lost.
No. 772417 ID: 3abd97

>With some investigation, however, it may be possible to locate them or people who are involved with them. Although some lobbyists have concerns about BoT's employers, many of these research stations seem to be independent third parties.
There's potentially money making or module getting opportunities if we infiltrate or scam the researchers at a later date. Even if we don't act on it ourselves (if it turns out to be too hot or too dangerous to get in), that's valuable enough intel we might be able to sell it to someone more in a position to use it.

>The Scanner team on Princess Toya's team would like to investigate these research stations.
So long as they're careful about it. The RnD place we butted heads with has ties to a noble, and these guys are liable to have significantly better information / digital security measures than the gang lowlifes we've been dealing with so far. We do not want to tip them off to someone snooping and get ourselves in more hot water than we can handle.

Especially since if they're competent / paying attention, the information they left on BoT is a trap to see what we do with it. Personally, I don't think these guys are smart / subtle enough for that kind of play, but I think we need to treat the data like they are, just in case. Work through proxies, go slow, verify everything you can against other sources and public records, etc. Expect a trap.

>The Gambler would like to bet. He has noticed there's a company getting turned upside down. If Unity places 2.2 million dollars on this company, there is about a 30% chance that it will turn into 10 million dollars in a few hours. If it fails, the money will essentially be lost.
What company? And if we sent a division to mess with things when one frees up, is there a reasonable chance we could tilt things in our favor? (Probably not, on that kind of timescale).

The cautious part of me says those aren't good odds to be betting about two thirds of our current liquid funds. The rest of me wonders if Gambler has ever been wrong about this kind of thing. I mean, have we ever seen him lose a game of chance? I suspect the sim is broken for him in that regard.
No. 772418 ID: 211d83

Go for the scanning just make sure Scanner hides our trail very well when doing the search.

As for the Bet why not. Gambler is decent at his job and if he thinks its a decent idea then why not. But if we loose money remind him that we get to take our our frustrations on him in sexy fashion. Oh and also make sure our trail for the investment is hidden. Us suddenly making a bunch stock shorting might make people wonder where we got the info.

Staying mostly female is a good idea. How about making our front sticky or just having two little tentacles our our sides to hold Baron all the way up. Then you can use both hands properly and make her watch what you are doing.

Continue the search and monitor Barons signs of pleasure. She will be a tough nut to crack without our hacking so do your best to keep hitting her kinks.
No. 772420 ID: 4546ab

Tell Gambler that he better be sure cause if not he will have to pay you back with his body. (Win win really)

And Scan the things but be ever so careful. This could be a trap. Just don't do something that could get Baron in trouble if its not.

As for our plaything.

"Well nothing suspicious so far. But if I have learned one thing on the force its that naughty little criminals like you are surprisingly stretchy. Wouldn't want to miss some vital evidence because I was afraid of breaking you. So why don't we see just how much I can stretch out your cute little pussy."

"Of course if you want me to stop just loudly and clearly tell me what you are hiding. If not I will keep going until I find your limits."
No. 772447 ID: 398fe1

>bet more than half our money on a 30% chance to profit
No way. That is too much risk.
No. 772450 ID: 97cee0

Start teasing and edging her, when she's started squirming a bit ask her if she finally feels like putting her mouth to better use then complaining. If she nods, pull out the baton, but flip her around, zip down your pants and make her get to work down there, telling her she needs to prove her good intentions. Prop her butt back on the glass to give yourself an angle to put the baton to work between her legs. Keep teasing her once you've gotten off yourself reward her by turning that baton into a strapon and then fulfilling one of those search term dreams of hers.

>30% chance of extra money
>70% chance of losing lots of money

Have you heard of short selling? Basically, you borrow stock off someone who has it now, and sell it at the full price it has currently. Then when the stock goes down, you buy the stock again at reduced price and return it to the person you borrowed it from. It's effectively a bet that a company's stock price will fall.
No. 772453 ID: 97cee0

Of course, if the 30% chance does go off, you'd have to pay the inflated price to get it back to return to your lender. You could outright buy stock equal to what you borrowed, and not sell it, and then if the 30% hits you can give that stock to the person you borrowed from to cover that debt instead. It reduces the potential profit but if you're looking at some large scheme where an investment now will earn you several multiples of what you put in, it could be worthwhile for the elimination of the potentially huge loss.
No. 772535 ID: 211d83

Just had a thought.

Do we have any camera drones we could sneak off into the hallway while we molest her?

Then we could have one come up to the window with its lights on and we could pretend to notice it and make a show of exposing her to "whoever" is controlling the drone. Might give her some of the sex in public feel without the safety issue.
No. 772705 ID: bfb318
File 148460330352.png - (21.65KB , 800x800 , 481.png )

"Nothing suspicious so far, but I wouldn't want to miss evidence just because I was afraid of breaking you. And people like you are very stretchy." Toya says, starting to go deeper. BoT half squirms, half struggles, and starts giving tell tale signs of climaxing soon. "Oh, no. You aren't getting off to this."

She pulls the baton out, unzips the front of her shorts, and puts BoT on her knees while she's still gasping for air.

"At least not before you get me off first."

Princess Toya activates a drone out to peruse the halls, which eventually circles back and starts looking through the window at the scene.
No. 772706 ID: bfb318
File 148460333435.png - (23.00KB , 800x800 , 482.png )

>"Gambler, I thought there was something called short selling." says the Succubus.
>"Really? How do you know of that?"
>"I listen."
>"... impressive I must say. Well, these are protected stocks, and work on special rules. Stock trading is weird, and that's not quite how this works."
>"30% is too low, but have you ever even lost stuff like that?"
>"Well yeah. But it's calculated risks. If we did this a hundred times, we'd be better off for it, save for catastrophic luck."
>"Well sure, but for a single roll, it's also most of our liquid funds. Too much!"
>"Hey, that's why I'm not pushy about it. We'll forget it." Gambler says, shrugging.
>"Good! Because if you didn't, I'd have you pay me back with your body."

Succubus says it while slithering around suggestively. Or at the least, a thin veil of suggestive motions that she hopes is covering up her clumsy movements as she tries to get used to a snake body.
>"... wait, so are you asking me to go and do it?"
>"No, I'm joking. The scale of risk is too much."

After speaking, the scanner team will pursue research on the stations, but they will do so cautiously and safely. It will take significantly longer, they think, to not make their actions look deliberate or suspicious, but they should manage.
No. 772711 ID: 211d83

Have her work on you until her body is calmed down a bit. Then right as you are about to get you off pull her away from your crotch and bring the drone in close to the window so she can see it watching.

"I just realized your game you dirty girl. You tried to distract me by enjoying my search so I would stop short didn't you? Well I still have a hole to search and this time I am not going to be gentle about it."

Then get to work on her butt.
No. 772712 ID: 211d83

Also Succubus wrap up Gambler and use him as practice material to get used to slinky snake sex. Tell him he can't just get you excited about making money like this and leave you wanting.
No. 772714 ID: 3abd97

Feel free to jump him anyways, if you don't have something better to do, Succubus.

>After speaking, the scanner team will pursue research on the stations, but they will do so cautiously and safely. It will take significantly longer, they think, to not make their actions look deliberate or suspicious, but they should manage.
Probably unwarranted caution given the profile we have on how these guys operate, but the risks and complications of getting caught poking around by someone dealing with noble tier shit before we're ready justify it.
No. 772718 ID: b2db3f

"Oh look we have company. Looks like someone is recording our little "adventure". Of course you know what that means don't you? After this is over I will have to track them down and bargain for that tape back. Can't have a upstanding officer like me be seen like this with some criminal scum."

"Maybe I will trade you to them for the tape. One cute slightly ravaged girl to do with as they please? I think that's a fair trade. Of course if you begged me I might find it in my heart to keep you for myself instead of trading you to some unknown pervert."

Then enjoy her efforts for awhile and before you are going to cum yank her head back to give her some air.

"So do you feel like telling me what you are hiding yet? Because if not I will have to flip you around and keep stretching you out. Don't think your little trick made me forget what I was doing. I will keep at this no matter how many times you cum. I believe there is also a tight butt back there that has gone unsearched as well. Of course it won't be as tight once I get done stretching it out."
No. 772732 ID: 91ee5f

>"Oh look we have company. Looks like someone is recording our little "adventure". Of course you know what that means don't you? After this is over I will have to track them down and bargain for that tape back. Can't have a upstanding officer like me be seen like this with some criminal scum."
That's our drone outside the window.
No. 772733 ID: 3abd97

Yes, and we're using it as a prop to roleplay with.
No. 772805 ID: 929ca6

Say, if it's exclusive info you've gotten just now, why don't you shoot a message to the Lollipops about that company that's being flipped? I bet they have the loose funds needed to take longshots like this and absorb the losses in exchange for the big payoffs.
No. 773100 ID: bfb318
File 148477356489.png - (21.54KB , 800x800 , 483.png )

Princess Toya lets BoT work on her. With the practice of hacked module feedback sensations, the lobbyists are able to keep Princess Toya standing like a rock even if she's mentally melting. She can feel herself gradually building up as BoT aggravates an incoming climax, but, with no small amount of willpower, Toya yanks her head back before the climax occurs.

"Not yet. You almost made me stop short of my search, but I haven't forgotten why we're here."

The baton is melded into Toya's hand so it can be morphed appropriately into the form of a pair of tentacles, while BoT is hoisted back upwards in a position where she can see the drone. Both tentacles feel around BoT's pelvis, tease her for a moment, then ram themselves up both holes. BoT squeals.

"That's a good sound, I hope that drone has audio. I'm going to have to fetch it, we wouldn't want evidence of me engaging in this kind of activity, would we?"

BoT bites her lip through a moan, shaking her head.

"Maybe I'll have to find them and trade you for the tape too! Unless you start talking."
"N-nnhh! I don't have anything illegal, I swear! I haven't taken any module creation tools from my workplace, ever!" BoT says.

No. 773102 ID: bfb318
File 148477371294.png - (19.67KB , 800x800 , 484.png )

rolled 40 = 40

Succubus starts getting cozy with the Gambler.

>"Now what's this going on?" Gambler asks.
>"Snaky body practice. Can't just get me excited with talks of money and leave it be."
>"... what doesn't get you excited?"
>"Who knows."

>Is the company upturning event exclusive info?
Although it's not private, it was difficult to find. Therefore, Princess Sugartooth sends the information over to the Syndicate finance sector. They decide to act on it, and will give Sugartooth a small bonus if it pulls through.

Dice Roll:
1-70 - Fail
71-100 - Success

No. 773119 ID: c4374b

"Oh so our little criminal might be up to some corporate espionage? Well then I had better search you extra deep then." Continue slowly worming your tentacles up into her while contracting them in odd shapes to "search" her.

"How does such a untrustworthy girl like you get a important job like that anyway? Did you sleep your way to the top? Or maybe they needed a horny little slut to experiment on? Was it the idea that you would get pounded all day by unstable test subjects with experimental tech that attracted you to the job?

Make sure to check her mouth as well. A deep tentacle could find anything she swallowed.
No. 773127 ID: 3abd97

>I haven't taken any module creation tools from my workplace, ever!
...would probably save some time on the Loviro-quests if we could get our hands on tools directly instead of having to raise the funds to buy them off the black market.

Dang it. Gambling fail.
No. 773157 ID: 211d83

"Oh dear Gambler it looks like you just cost our friends in the Lollipop Syndicate a lot of money. I think I had better punish you on there behalf."

While saying this continue to wrap around him and then us him to learn the secrets to slinky snake sexings.

As for Baron:

"Did I ever ask about you stealing from your work? Sounds like someone is feeling a little guilty. Now I will not stop my search until I find what you are hiding. But don't think I will make it easy on you. I can't have you enjoying this so every time you get close I will wait until you calm before I start again."

Then start using your tentacles for some fine motor control. Split the ends up into several smaller tentacles and use them to spread her out and search every nook and cranny. The moment she is about to cum stop moving and don't let her grind on you until she calms down. Then start again.

We want to get her driven into a frenzy and begging to tell you everything before you finish her off. And once you do let her cum keep going deeper and force as many orgasms out of her as possible while ignoring her screams.
No. 773422 ID: 241e41

So she's still not going to admit to anything? Is she feeling camera shy? Afraid of someone else learning her dirty little secrets? Maybe her lips would be a bit looser if you took her off to a dark room where no one could hear her scream.

If there's a convenient way of doing so, bind her in a position that leaves all of her limbs spread apart and gives you easy access to any spot on her body. Tell her that you could make this especially hard on her if she doesn't tell you exactly what she's got and where she's hiding it.

If she still insists on being stubborn, use your tentacles to probe deep inside her body and find anything she's got hidden in there.

If she gives in and confesses to something, retrieve her hidden goods and give her a few gentle strokes as a reward for good behavior. Then use your tentacles to probe deep inside her body and find anything else she's got hidden in there. After all, anyone who's heard of deniable encryption could think of using one secret to distract from another. Besides, she's in no position to stop you if you want to have a little fun with her.
No. 773637 ID: bfb318
File 148495427106.png - (21.28KB , 800x800 , 485.png )

"But I never asked about stealing from your work. Feeling a little guilty? Guilty of corporate espionage, perhaps, working your way up the ranks?" says Toya.
"No, no, look at me, I couldn't land an important job!"
"I'm looking at someone who looks like they could sleep their way up high. If you won't talk, then I'll just have to search even deeper."

A baton tentacle starts to go back into her mouth, and down below, the tentacles split off to start poking and prodding along the length of Toya's penetration.

"Wait!" BoT yells outward in half muffled speech that sounds more like a squeal than a word.
"This better be a confession."
"S-second basement, under the first, of my house... I have illegally stored module stations. The theft wasn't even premeditated, but they were moved without appropriate logging, I was very sour with my employers, and a lot of places where it could have gone missing!"
"Oh, and so you stole the goods, huh? And they never found you out?"
"If they knew it was me, I'd be missing! Just let me cum, please!"

"Huh." says Succubus, as she uses her tail to get Gambler close. "He either got good at acting, or he's serious. Maybe if it's real, we can make it up to the Syndicate for all that money you just costed them, Gambler."

Gambler reciprocates by undoing her top's button.

No. 773638 ID: 3abd97

Well those two are going to be a little busy for a while.

>module stations
Seems like those would be really valuable. We'd have to go through the syndicate to move them, of course, but we'd probably get a good payday.

One might be useful for Loviro's project, if we held it back.

...since this is roleplay, are we actually gonna rip Baroness of Threes off and take their stolen goods? Might make kinda more sense to sell them through the syndicate and just cut him in on a slice of the action for finding them for us.

Plus then BoT is on the hook for bringing the gang data / dirt on other module places they eventually work for, which could be useful.
No. 773641 ID: 211d83

Well this roleplay just got a bit meta. Why not continue along this line and play along. Find out why Baron is telling us this while staying in character. And have our character talk for us.

"Oh you naughty girl. Stealing expensive and oh so very dangerous stuff from the job. But I wonder why you are confessing this crime to me when I would have taken a confession for one of your smaller crimes. Trying to lure me into a trap maybe? Or just bribe me in exchange for my protection I wonder?"

Keep the tentacle searching deeper but don't let Baron cum. Keep freezing whenever she gets close and then resuming after she calms down. Start teasing her body with your hands and nibble on her ears while your tentacles keep edging her.

"It could be a trap your bosses set up for me but I have a idea of what is really going on here."

Punctuate the next part by really going to town on her downstairs but make sure you don't let her cum.

"So you were getting in over your head and were panicking that your angry employers would find out about your little side projects. Spending your days playing cards and enjoying yourself you knew it was a matter of time before you were found out. Then along came a strong undercover officer that was not afraid to play some kinky games with you to get the job done. You got beat and realized that you liked it a lot. Here was someone who might be able to help you out of the mess you were in."

"But you didn't want to be in charge anymore. You liked the idea of having someone bigger and smarter and stronger take care of you. So you came to me. And bribed me with everything you had including yourself, hoping that I would make you mine and take all your troubles away."

"Well you know the word I gave you earlier. Just say it if my ideas are close to the truth. Just let it slip out your lips and I will know to stop our little play game and start things for real."

"And if that's not what you want then keep quiet and I will continue to extract a confession from you."

(The idea being that Baron can say the safe word now and it lets us know that he came here to try and get our protection. And we make him our slave/minion (cause he seems to like the idea). If not we keep roleplaying our sexy game)
No. 773647 ID: b2db3f

This roleplay has edged into the real world quite a bit. I figure that Baron could be playing one of two games.

1. It's a trap. Baron is luring us under the orders of his bosses so they can try to figure out our secrets. The sex is cause he knows we are into that sort of thing and he likes it as well plus its a convenient way to lower our guard.

2. Baron is scared to death of getting caught and killed or worse for what he stole. He had a great date with us and suddenly we knocked him out with a mysterious power even his noble bosses could not find. He assumes that we are much more than we appear and because we were still friendly afterwards that maybe we can help him. So he comes to us and offers himself and all his loot in exchange for keeping him safe.

Honestly I am leaning for it being 2. A trap would be easy enough to foil as we will not send our core anywhere near his house. And if he has noble bosses they should have found and kidnapped us 15 minutes ago.

So play along and keep having sexy fun with her. No need to ruin the mood just yet. Baron can say the safeword or beg us for help after we are done if she really wants our protection.
No. 773655 ID: e22b1d

"Oh dear that is a big confession isn't it. But I wonder why you told me. Now once I get done with you I will have to throw you in a cell. Once I let my Chief know he will call up your bosses and let them know you have been a bad girl. And then you will probably just disappear from your cell a few days later. Hauled off to whatever horrible fate awaits bad little girls who betray rich nobles."

"Why I bet I will get a commendation and a raise for bringing you in. Maybe even that detective job I have been after. That is unless you have a better offer."

Keep fucking her and don't let her cum. But increase your pace if you can.
No. 773670 ID: 398fe1

Orgasm denial is only fun if it's what the denied participant wants. Give her a break.
No. 773874 ID: 493b5f

We might not need to rip Baron off, or do/say anything too complicated. She's in trouble, right? I don't think she's using those herself, she's just got them and kept them because they're valuable. But now she's stuck, she can't move them, and if they're found at her place she's in trouble. She needs someone who can handle a nice sale for her.

Work that in to the narrative. "Ooh, so now you've found yourself handling something big and hot, but you don't know what to do with it? You try putting it in the wrong place, it's gonna hurt. You want to find the right place for it, so you can get a nice, big load of the good stuff to keep you warm."

"Well, don't you worry. I'm gonna give you exactly what you want."

Then make her cum.
No. 773882 ID: 15a025

Tell BoT we'd be more than happy to help keep that secret covered up if they're willing to do some community service
No. 776668 ID: bfb318
File 148607667889.png - (23.63KB , 800x800 , 486.png )

Princess Toya gives him a swift little hump.

"So you found something big and hot, and you went and took it for yourself? Now there's a girl who's naughty."

It may be mean, but Succubus is fully confident that BoT is getting off on being denied it even while she pleads for Toya to set her off. If Succubus is wrong, that's what the safe word is for. Princess Toya grinds the good spots just short of what's needed, then taunts BoT by grinding the spots just to the sides of where she's most sensitive. She's got BoT shaking and squealing.

"Trying to lure me into a trap, hm?"

BoT's head shakes with the fury of a body set on fire.

"Then you're just over your head?" Princess Toya continues. "And now you want the help of a strong police officer to take the heat off you, hoping I'd take you in - both you and your troubles. But what if I just threw you in a cell and called up your bosses, then they hauled off to a horrible fate to little girls that betray nobles?"
"Th-that would just kill me!" BoT finally manages to speak, and it's with a voice that sounds nearly two octaves upwards than usual. "I'd rather just be your weak plaything for a hundred years than have my bosses learn about this!"
"Oh, but maybe turning you in would get me that promotion I've been looking for - but that sounds like a good offer too! Of course, I expect you're not lying to me. If I were invited to your house, I really would find one, wouldn't I?"
"Y-yes, I swear it! You'd find something incredibly illegal but don't tell my bosses I beg you! Silver sunbeast seriously don't tell my bosses this got a little real but holy crap don't stop fucking me! And there really is something in my basement please keep it a secret from people that I had it but you can totally have it if you want it!"

No. 776670 ID: 362d1c

Well then all I have left to ask is if you do in fact want to take up a position as my permanent plaything and fuck toy? Because I am very protective of my property and would keep you safe and sound.

Or we can just stay friends. With benefits of course.

Keep edging her while she decides.
No. 776673 ID: 3abd97

>"I'd rather just be your weak plaything for a hundred years than have my bosses learn about this!
...you know if they're really serious about that, we could just pull them into the lobby for endless sex. We got 3 to 4 thousand contestants in here, there's always be someone doing something. (And if we can't pull people out of their cores yet without a PEI module, we just take her core with us).

>what do
With that emotional impact, I think you've reached a pretty good point to finally get her off.

Obviously we're not handing Baroness over to the cops or her bosses. Module-dev tech might be really useful to get to Loviro. And if he can't use it, if there's more than we can use, we can pass it on to the syndicate to sell and get a cut of it. And make sure BoT gets a percent / finders fee. Technically win-win, because I don't think she has the underworld contacts to safely sell that stuff without getting exposed, killed, or ripped off otherwise.

And if we've flipped BoT, we might potentially get more leads on opportunities to rip off module RnD places in the future.
No. 776679 ID: 7397ab

Baron I will not turn you in or hurt you if you are being honest with me. And I would help protect you from your bosses even if we just remain casual friends.

But if you really do want to be my slave...

Well you know how to beg for it if that is what you really want.
No. 776682 ID: efee4c

It sounds like whatever he has in his basement might have more heat than it's worth. Also, I don't feel that great about taking advantage of someone who doesn't know what exactly they're getting involved with. As far as BoT knows, "Princess Toya" is just a sexy bounty hunter, not a sexy hivemind terrorist involved in gang warfare.
No. 776684 ID: 211d83

"Oh dear now that you have said the safe word as a responsible Mistress I had better stop fucking you right away!" Then start slowing down and keep her just at the edge while you talk.

"But I am sorry if I worried you. I figured playing along in character would help excite you. But I would never do something like that to anyone. Your secret is safe with me."

"So a hundred years you say? To be my willing slave and do whatever I say? I could put you on a leash and make you service my big jetal friends? Dress you in the sluttiest dresses and take you out in public every night? Submit to my every deviant desire day or night? Play cards with me and help me seduce cute nerdy girls?" Start fucking her a bit harder now.

"Of course I would have to take care of you and protect you. And I would have work for you when I was not making use of your cute body."

"So make your choice. Do you want to just be friends who fuck sometimes? Or do you want to be my slave?

Whisper: (I still am going to finish you off in a moment either way)
No. 776686 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, we already metaphorically screwed BoT once before, so let's be nice this time. We want that thing (for Loviro, I'd say) but we'll find some kind of nice compensation. It doesn't need to be super huge since we'll also be doing the favor of taking the heat off him.

Answer "silver sunbeast yes don't worry I don't want to even go near your bosses, we'll talk about this more later, so it's a bribe, after all. You think we can finish this with one big juicy deposit, and then you'll be able to walk away? It's not that easy, little girl. If you get publicly exposed, you're fucked. Fucked by the law, fucked by your bosses. I can save you from that, but then it's me doing the fucking - though in the way you clearly love. I'll take regular payments, right out of this cute little ass. Got it?" (wait for assent) "Good. Then since you're giving me a nice gift, let me give you one - to make sure you remember who owns you now, inside and out."

Then dig into him and make core contact before getting him off (and yourself at the same time, if you can). Send in Succuson and one other person for double strength, enough to be more intense than he's probably experienced and stayed conscious for but not enough to knock him out again.

We'll want to be sparing with that later, leave it for special occasions so he doesn't get jaded/addicted. But this is a special occasion.
No. 776745 ID: bfb318
File 148609015122.png - (19.00KB , 800x800 , 487.png )

"Then if I'm to break character a bit - silver sun beast - I'll just say no, there's no way I'm outing you. And I'll just ask you outright, because you willing, I'd love to have you as a little slave to give to some big jetal friends and dress you up in slutty little outfits, or we can stay as friends."

Princess Toya slows down, and keeps BoT by the edge, if not teetering over it enough so that she can think with at least a little clarity, and reply without losing her train of thought.

"MMmnnn... I'd want off times, of course, but... well, I'd want to stay friends by day, but at night - and by night I mean when I'm free and up to it - I'd love to have you do whatever you want to me!"

The grip on BoT tightens as Toya starts fucking her a bit harder, at a slow but non-ending pace. BoT's halfway melting and shaking throughout every long, drawn out thrust. Toya's voice goes back to her authorative police figure voice.

"So a bribe, is it? Just want to finish it with one big, juicy deposit then consider it all done? No so easy. If you get publicly exposed, you're fucked in every way imaginable, but if I save you from that, you'll just get fucked in all but the metaphorical sense by me. And I'll be taking regular payments right out of your cute little butt, because I'll be having regular urges to turn you in. Got it?"
"G-got it! Please!"

Succubus stops screwing around with Gambler for a moment so that she can link up with BoT's core.

"Same thing last time then. Touch cores!"

No. 776746 ID: bfb318
File 148609016563.png - (30.21KB , 1000x800 , 488.png )

Princess Toya lets BoT fall forward, then uses that to grab her hips. She starts dry humping in tune with her penetrating tentacles. BoT obliges Succubus' request to link cores, at least in the form of allowing Toya to find BoT's core.
No. 776748 ID: bfb318
File 148609018284.png - (18.50KB , 800x800 , 489.png )

Linkups are a more subjective realm, and BoT apparently still sees himself as a guy. With a quick coil around BoT, Succubus just barely manages to get him into position before he gets hit with the fedback feelings of an orgasm.

He makes funny noises, and it's assumed for now that he's had a good time.

No. 776749 ID: bfb318
File 148609020320.png - (19.78KB , 1200x600 , 490.png )

The gambler, abandoned and devoid of the very set of tits he sets free, remains cool by silently communicating 'the fuck, succubus'. He's not even sure she could hear her, being in a different partition of the lobby. Nevertheless, as a professional, he will not take the chance, no matter how naked.

He and the others move on to ask more business questions, such as if to simply show up at BoT's house to take the module station since it's doubted that BoT managed to take a station that he couldn't lift himself. Basic ones tend to be small, almost portable workstations. Furthermore, Coral is nearly done with her delivery rounds, and Roxy is nearly finished up with Sevener.
No. 776760 ID: 3abd97

>I'd love to have you as a little slave to give to some big jetal friends
We just upgraded from whore to pimp. Or at least middle pimp management. New income stream, whoo.

Quick, Succubus abandoned target. Someone else needs to finish Gambler off!

>such as if to simply show up at BoT's house to take the module station since it's doubted that BoT managed to take a station
Considering this thing is supposed to be super valuable, and BoT's employers might be watching his place (since he's privy to secrets, and someone like you might contact him again), we might want to be a little careful in our arrangements to transport it.

How valuable is the portable module workstation? Is there more than one? Can Loviro use it? Those are kind of important questions to answer, so we know if we want to cut the syndicate in on it or just sneak it over to Loviro.

>Coral is nearly done with her delivery rounds, and Roxy is nearly finished up with Sevener.
We might need to all meet up to swap info and bounce people between different lobbies.

What time is it? Anything scheduled to happen soon? How are we doing on battery- do we need to set time aside for charging?
No. 776764 ID: 91ee5f

Awww, poor Gambler. Gonna have to make it up to him later. Maybe have Succubus stay as a naga for it?
No. 776772 ID: 211d83

Even if its a small object a random car coming up to Baron's house and wandering off when he is not there would be a bit suspicious. Even if his bosses do not watch his place his house was still in a high security area in a private part out of town.

Should send a coreless body back with Baron and they can chat and do fun stuff during the trip. Then we can check his mystery loot out before bringing it back safely.

As for Baron hint that if he does want to be our toy full time he has a limited window to sign up. It would be a permanent thing but we promise to treat him right. As for why we bring it up it's because we might be leaving "the neighborhood" in a rather permanent fashion sometime soon with little advanced notice. And if he wants to come along for the ride that would be his ticket to be guaranteed a spot (Basically hinting at the harvest and that if he wants to leave we can get him out.)
No. 776777 ID: 65ec8d

Sorry Gambler, you had to take one for the team. By which I mean let Succubus take one for the team, instead of you. She was the one wearing the Alison skin, we couldn't send anyone else! Besides, you were supposed to be being punished for the bad bet. Sorry, anyway, though, really.

Cuddle a bit with our new slave until he's recovered - you can go again, too, if he seems up for it. Maybe at some point, perhaps not right away but some time, whisper to him that you are still a flexible lady, so if he ever gets the urge to swap roles for a while, he can feel free to ask. Once you get back out of sex mode, arrange for a more careful transfer of the item - better for him to sneak it out to you somewhere than for you to pick it up, though you might just be fine with disguising yourself.

Give Gambler what he's owed, when you get the chance. Plus interest.
No. 776925 ID: 8111b6

Do you want that thing for the gang, or for yourself? 'Daddy' could probably make use of it if he doesn't already have one. Alternatively, maybe drop in and he could talk about it with you. Give a general rundown. It'd give another excuse to swing by his place. Though, if it's too hot, taking it would probably be a favor.

Perhaps find another lobbyist to tease while the two of you work, Gambler? Succubus is probably gonna be busy for a while.
No. 777038 ID: bfb318
File 148619178407.png - (15.65KB , 800x800 , 491.png )

BoT leaves the core link, as he only showed up for the feedback at the last finale. It was enough to satisfy BoT and Princess Toya for the time being.

Cuddling ensues as Princess Toya reabsorbs her police clothing. Unity tries to avoid dropping any heavy hints about the harvest for now, but it seems likely that BoT is going to be around more.

"Well, if you'd like to be a part time or full time slave to me, then I'd love to put aside the time for it. Oh, and if you feel like doing things but want to be on top again, I wouldn't mind switching to the bottom now and then. Now, tell me more about this module station of yours."

BoT starts explaining what it is in further detail, and the scanner team puts the jigsaw pieces together until a picture is formed. BoT ends up describing what Unity knows as a Basic Core Interface Study - it is something explicitly on Loviro's shopping list, and is worth 70 million dollars. It is less like a work station and more like a specialized computer made for this sort of work.

Although Loviro can use that by itself, his knowledge is decades out of date. Unity can pay 2 million for a Biological Knowledge Module, which will give Loviro both the knowledge and tools he currently needs to upgrade Unity's core.
No. 777039 ID: bfb318
File 148619180037.png - (21.32KB , 1000x800 , 492.png )

Someone else decides to go after Gambler, so that he's not left alone.
No. 777040 ID: bfb318
File 148619181797.png - (20.56KB , 800x800 , 493.png )

Succubus scrambles over, saying that Gambler has to be extensively punished for his bad bet.

The lobby unanimously agrees that this is either the worst or the best punishment possible.
No. 777048 ID: bfb318
File 148619252021.png - (21.80KB , 800x800 , 494.png )

It is currently some time after 3 AM. Unity's battery is has a slice taken out of it, but it isn't too big of a deal so long as she doesn't exert herself for a long time without charging.

Roxy is now alone. Coral's deliveries went as expected. Rike is telling her to hold on for more jobs. Every single division is now available to perform other activities, including meeting up with one another to converge lobbies back together as desired.
No. 777049 ID: 398fe1

Excellent. Let's get BoT's gift and return to Loviro with it. I presume his house is not monitored all the time, so it's safe? Not sure if we should slam down the 2 million for Loviro yet... he can't actually do anything with it yet can he? Might be better served buying something else that will help with a better paying job.

OH! Now that we're done with Sevener's job, let's go to the Operators and find out how troublesome it'll be to go legit.
No. 777070 ID: 211d83

Lets see what do we need to get done next.

1. Head to the operator building and look into legalization.

2. Get the station and bring it back to Loviro. Even if we can't afford the 2 mil for a module for him just yet he would probably enjoy tinkering with it until then.

3. Work on speeding up our trust meter with the club. That adventure is a fat stack of cash waiting for us if we can get the job done and steal everything in the process. Will need the funds so we can invest for going legit.

4. Get a kinky nerd date set up with Vasha.
No. 777088 ID: 91ee5f

Now that everyone's done with their jobs, it's time for Unity to pull herself together and unify with herselves!
No. 777100 ID: 3abd97

>it is something explicitly on Loviro's shopping list, and is worth 70 million dollars
>Unity can pay 2 million for a Biological Knowledge Module
That is a massive amount of money saved as soon as we figure out how to safely move that from BoT's place to Loviro's. And we should spend the 2 mil as soon as we have it so Loviro can start feeling useful and productive.

Don't think we can loop the lollipops in on this one. That's a big personal prize. Technically it's not loot we held back on a mission, but that's a lot of money to not be splitting with them.

>It is currently some time after 3 AM
>what do
Too late for a hookup with Vinyl, though we do owe her sexytimes at some point.

Too soon to leak any information to Sevener (ie, Roxy playing CI to point Sevener at threats or people it serves our interests to have removed, or to corrupt Sevener further by putting her in lewd situations). We should arrange to keep tabs on what she's doing as best we can, though. Watch the net and the news and police reports if possible. (Either Scanner and her team can do this, or we can tap some lollipop resources. They must watch cops).

Collecting the workstation in a safe and non-attention getting way is probably the highest priority. We don't have another 70 mil payday in the works, and it would be nice to surprise Loviro with a present when we stop by for breakfast. We might even want to put more than one division on the job to make sure it runs right (so we have a second body to run interference for the first if there are any issues).

Contacting Vasha for future fun might be interesting (I'd like to do the body suit thing again, only this time a thinner, smaller division around her instead of a big one, and then go whoring with her inside for the ride, and guys not knowing who they were really fucking inside) but she might not be up at this hour.

If we have divisions with nothing better to do, there's working in the DB's stripper place or waitress for Winch for petty cash. We haven't done anything for Winch in a while, might want to stop by just to keep the relationship open / see if any new opportunities are opening up.

Might overlap with bugging Felix for more info, but we don't know when he frequents the DB bar.

At least scouting out the operator building might be productive. That's a job for a Unity face.
No. 777116 ID: a363ac

Send BoT out on a date with Vasha
No. 777123 ID: 65ec8d

I think once we go to the Operators, we'll either have to go legit whether we want to or not, or be in trouble.

Let's meet up again first, and get our head back on completely straight. I'd actually like to get a little recap/timeline map of the past day's activities? I'm a little lost on exactly who did what when while transformed into who, and what items are off our checklist and what's still on, and I'd like to be sure we haven't lost track of or forgotten anything important in all that.

We should do something for the DBs soon, to maintain the connection there, but first I want to be sure where we stand. I'm also not sure what was the last time we talked to Loviro. Did we get any report on how that secret drug doctor guy's doing? We had an idea of setting up some "look at us, we care" business arrangement between him and the lollipops that would be profitable for them, didn't we? Start making a name for Princess Sugartooth as the "compassionate face" of the guild? Sort of a dip of the toe into practicing politics and other noble-esque shenanigans. Are we still interested in that? I mean that one should wait until we've cleared the current big Lollipop mission, but it's an example of the fact there are probably a ton of ideas we've had and been distracted from.

I want to take a moment to collect our thoughts, basically.
No. 777129 ID: 3abd97

>I think once we go to the Operators, we'll either have to go legit whether we want to or not, or be in trouble.
I don't think the operators care if we break the law inside of the harvester sim, so long as we aren't doing anything that attracts noble attention, or puts the sim or their own interests at risk. Arguably, them having agents with civilian identities that span both sides of the law makes sense.

Their mandate is to keep the sim running smoothy and to try and keep people inside the sim from figuring out the truth (some of them seem to care more for the well being of the people stuck in here than others. The one vaguely crocodilian unnamed dude we ran into a few times, for example).

The bigger immediate risk than being forced to give up illegal activity is possibly drawing their attention to the existence of Loviro and Vinyl (and/or having to flat our lie to the operators if we agree to do jobs for them) since they're not supposed to exist, and something getting passed up the chain of command to reach noble or emperor ears before we're ready.
No. 777209 ID: 15a025

Ask BoT if they'd like to go out on a nerdy date with Vasha
No. 777234 ID: bfb318
File 148627077181.png - (21.37KB , 800x800 , 495.png )

Princess Toya and BoT go back upstairs after the drones are collected, and make their way back to town through manner of transportation. All divisions are alerted to come back together at an arbitrary point within the capital, as Princess Toya commits to smalltalk with BoT.

"And as much as I could fuck you all day, there's a girl I met at that fightbeast tournament that I think you'd get along real well with. But that's for another time. Go ahead and go back to your house. I know where you live, so I'll give you a call and show up as soon as I can. Right now, I've got some crap to do."
>"Okay! And... thank you, tonight was the best."

BoT gives Toya a kiss and slowly wanders off after a little lingering.
No. 777235 ID: bfb318
File 148627080264.png - (22.72KB , 800x800 , 496.png )

All divisions of Unity collect themselves under a nondescript building, and the lobbies are reunited and stories are told.
No. 777236 ID: bfb318
File 148627082767.png - (25.29KB , 800x800 , 497.png )


Alison and company have been acting as Roxy through the entire day. Roxy had her trial with Sevener to put away Bluestone. It only took an hour or two, but she had to give appearances, so when Sevener wanted her present the entire day, that's what she got. Until the trial, the company was spent playing games and dressing up Sevener. After the trial, Roxy spent the night fucking Sevener. A lot.

As Roxy is supposed to be in danger of retaliation, Sevener offered her protection, but Unity had Roxy simply disappear from the public eye. Even so, Sevener did leave Roxy her own number, and convinced Roxy to give her a call to let her know she was alright. It's unlikely to use Roxy as an active persona from now on, but she will contact Sevener again sometime, hopefully as an insider to the police force.
No. 777238 ID: bfb318
File 148627084799.png - (31.97KB , 1200x800 , 498.png )

Reasonably Priced Blackmail is going steadily, if slowly. Rike, Bolonn, Laner and Rans all have many millions in modules even aside from the reward, and Unity wants to grab all of it. Coral is the primary persona being used for this, and she has managed to get in cozily with Bolonn and Laner, but Rike is far more cautious. He is currently giving Coral jobs that hopefully increase his trust in her to let her close, but they involve work outside of the club itself.

His first job involved pushing back an inspection, so Coral met the inspector known as Thelli and his wife Naylia. They have police ties, and Naylia is willing to give assistance to Coral in return for track cams that record Coral's interaction with the blackmailers and the jobs she goes on.

Afterwards, Rike's second job was accomplished, which was simply gaining blackmail material on the Acid Bikers. That trackcam has been delivered to Naylia, in exchange for another empty track cam for later use. The empty track cam was in her cleavage.
No. 777239 ID: bfb318
File 148627085561.png - (110.24KB , 800x800 , 499.png )

A second trackcam, showing the important snippet of the Acid Bikers receiving a highly illegal package, was delivered to Rike. He reviewed it, and paid Coral 200k for her services. It's used up to pay for Scurp's Division module rental. Until the request to join divisions was made, Coral passed a bit more time hanging out with Bolonn and Laner to show she hadn't forgotten about them.
No. 777240 ID: bfb318
File 148627086761.png - (13.17KB , 800x800 , 500.png )

The current primary goals are to eventually approach the harvester building, but it's unsure if she will be able to move throughout the crime networks as easily as she is after she makes contact as an operator. Doing this move and revealing herself may be a point of no return, or it may not matter if the operators turn out to not care about in-harvest crime. It's a risk, but Unity can approach the harvester building at any time.

With its payout, Unity would still like to pursue Reasonable Priced Blackmails as much as she can. Although right now there's nothing, Rike didn't give the impression that she would need to wait particularly long before another job showed up. Therefore, Unity can keep a division on stand-by for club advancement.

Although Unity can find and deliver Torres' Basic Core Interface Study to Loviro, Loviro won't be able to make immediate use of it. It still will give him something to do nonetheless. If Unity does pay 2 million for the Biological Knowledge Module as well as delivering Torres' station, then what Loviro can do for Unity may be far more than worth the time spent gathering the two items.

Smaller tasks can be completed as well. Aside from smaller jobs from Winch, Fern and Polatt, it's been awhile since Loviro was seen in person. Some lobbyists would also like to do something with Marchi, even if the practical gains are in question.

Recluse also proposes that Fern or Scurps be bugged to allow her more Division modules. It gives away the fact that Unity is abnormally good at dividing her mind, but he believes that the scrutiny will be a low price for what can be done with a 4th, a 5th, or maybe even more modules. While this does consume more batteries, a better battery can be rented as well, as some batteries are made with far more stamina in mind at the cost of being able to expend large spikes of energy at once. Since Unity has not been throwing out continent tilting hyperlasers, it shouldn't come into play.

Furthermore, he had scanner team look and find that robots can be controlled by jetals wirelessly. The reasons for this are varied. Sometimes it's because the job's danger is particularly high and the jetal itself is too valuable to risk, sometimes it's because the jetal has sporadic jobs from around the world and would rather take control of a local robot instead of make the travel plans.

In Unity's case, it would be because there are hundreds or thousands of people sitting around doing nothing when they could be doing something. Recluse would like to see this fact abused.
No. 777246 ID: 211d83

Recluse is right and we do need a army of robots cost permitting. (As long as there destruction would not result in the lose of the operator.) They can help with funds eventually and could give us our own army of informants, spies, and contacts eventually.

And another division a bit later would help as well. As long as we keep our abilities mostly hidden why not. A jetal with a unique talent for divisions might be notable but the biggest threat from that would be Sevener figuring out it was us. (and maybe a curious noble)

Also Recluse looks way to grumpy. Get some loving up in there to fix that.

I would say invest the 2 mil and get the workstation to Dad as soon as possible. Keeping him busy will keep him from touching his implant and let us begin upgrading ourselves with who knows what.

Check on price of robots and cost of more division rentals.

Avoid the harvest building until we finish with our blackmail job. Will Gather as much money and as many contacts until then and will set that mission as our tentative "go legit" date. (Assuming we do manage a big payoff we can then invest in legit sources)

With Robots/divisions take on as many low risk paying side jobs (more sex less blackmail) to increase our funds as we work on the big jobs.
No. 777247 ID: 15a025

Let's keep a division on stand by in case Rike needs us for something.

Should also grab Loviro that station and the basic knowledge module. Kind of curious about what he might be able to cook up with that.
No. 777254 ID: 3abd97

That's kind of sweet. Unity seduced her way into a kind of relationship with BoT.

Right. So we can maybe use Sevener as a source for insider info on the cops (if we're careful / smart about it), and we can find her information as a CI to manipulate her into going after people / doing lewd things we want.

Totally gotta make sure we keep tabs on her.

After we've waited long enough for it to be appropriate, I think we should give Sevener a tip on those corrupt cops. Have her remove them for us, then we get paid for her work.

>If Unity does pay 2 million for the Biological Knowledge Module as well as delivering Torres' station, then what Loviro can do for Unity may be far more than worth the time spent gathering the two items.
Doing this, and doing it safely and under the radar, is probably our top priority right now. We should put a division on this.

>it's been awhile since Loviro was seen in person
We should have breakfast with him again. Make it a thing.

Also still feel like we need to do something for Vinyl. She's a lot more bothered about her predicament than Loviro, and we need to give her a way to not feel cut off from the world and useless. We owe her a good time eventually, but we need to find something for her to do, too. (If we ever need help planning a heist, for example...).

>explore robot options / more divisions
Might as well. Divisions require snoozing our allies, but how much do robot drones of different kinds cost? If there's way that simple robots can make money, we could start snowballing there.

>what do
So we want a Division collecting BoT's stuff and delivering it to Loviro for a visit. Probably should be Alison, as a new face to visit BoT (Toya will be know to anyone watching him), another new face (or faces) to avoid pursuit, and Unity / Femibter to visit Loviro.

One division, as Coral, keeps working the slow infiltration route till we have the trust and knowledge to shut them down.

Not sure where number 3 should be. Possibly establish a new dancer for use around the DBs, since Roxy is now in hiding. If we see Felix again, we could assume the unity face again and bug him for more information. Ooooor number three could go do something lewd with Vasha or Vinyl, I'd be up for that.
No. 777259 ID: 91ee5f

Why does Recluse's face make it look like he hasn't gotten any sleep?
No. 777278 ID: 3abd97

Must be a vitamin D deficiency. It's been too long since anyone gave him the D!
No. 777418 ID: bfb318
File 148633600366.png - (18.33KB , 800x800 , 501.png )

>"You're looking grumpier than usual, Recluse." Succubus says.
>"Although I am trying to let it go, we had the chance to assassinate Sevener, and didn't take it. There were valid reasons, I suppose, but it doesn't sit well with me."
>"So you put on a grumpy face? That is adorable."
>"Are you going to remain as a snake?"
>"Baron's fun to mess with, so I think I'll stick with this form for now."

Teams start doing research on robots while all the lobbyists visit one another. The Syndicate, including things underneath Fern himself, has various operations that allow for wireless robots to do work. Delivering and dealing out drugs on the streets are still a personal affair, and Unity can likely approach Fern about doing that kind of work.

The Dead Batteries also show signs of having robot bodies for this purpose. Although their intended purpose is for use as backups in case some of their AI's need a replacement, Polatt may not take much convincing to activate one or a few so that Unity can control them and do continuous work as strippers.

Alternatively, an adequate robot body that models a relatively organic shape costs approximately 500,000 dollars. The jetal module that allows the core to control the robot as though it was a native body only costs 100,000, and can control almost any number of robots at once. While each body is expensive, that body can get to work and would start paying for itself.

For the division modules, Unity is unable to go to legal stores to get more. She will have to go through her criminal contacts.
No. 777419 ID: bfb318
File 148633601537.png - (31.82KB , 800x800 , 502.png )

Unity starts to divide again to go seperate ways, once a schedule is proposed with estimated times.

The primary body, core and all, begins setting up proxies and various layers of separation in order to purchase a Biological Knowledge Module with regards to cores. Once she has that, she will deliver it to Loviro and spend some time with him.

Princess Toya, as division 2, calls Baron and catches up to him at his house, although she takes a different form just so that it looks like a different face. He delicately hands the box over while giving shifty eyes. Princess Toya lingers for a moment, but with Baron's job shift beginning soon, it's sweet and short. She absorbs the box into her body and moves on.

Division 3 will visit Polatt for a few hours and create a new stripper identity, then head back to the club as Coral.

Fern is also contacted to keep tabs on Sevener in particular, as best as they can.
No. 777420 ID: bfb318
File 148633603235.png - (19.15KB , 800x800 , 503.png )

Unity successfully gets the BKM around 6 AM, along with breakfast and some groceries for Loviro. Her timing is good, as Loviro is groggily getting out of bed. Division 2 is expected to arrive with the Interface Study soon.

>"Ah! Hello." Loviro says.
No. 777428 ID: 211d83

Give dad a hug (and scan him and the room for paranoia's sake)

Then tell him we got him a couple of gifts so he does not go stir crazy and show him the module and station. Then hang out with him and fill him in on what we have been up to since we last saw him (keeping it vague so he does not get headaches).

Hopefully he can give us a run down on what sort of neat stuff he can do with this tech while we recharge and socialize.
No. 777432 ID: 3abd97

>The jetal module that allows the core to control the robot as though it was a native body only costs 100,000, and can control almost any number of robots at once.
Assuming that works for various robot bodies, not just the convincingly humanoid belenosiod one, we should definitely buy one of those so AIs who aren't doing anything better can pilot robots. Then we just need to sort out which ones, where, and doing what so we start getting more income.

Once we buy the 2 mil module, we'll be a little tight on funds. Not sure we should buy the 500 k robot body right now.

Morning Dad, how are you?
No. 777453 ID: 65ec8d


"Guess who's getting a present?"

Also comment on how he's looking a bit more cheerful.

>New stripper identity

Make sure you get a good robot body! Nice and limber, realistic to all the base senses, with the necessary extras for side jobs a stripper might be called on for, wink-nudge. A little upgrade space for swapping in and out some useful bits and pieces later, maybe some spy equipment or a little shielded smuggling space, so we can take an extra job or two if needed from time to time? A little extra time and money will be worth it.
No. 777467 ID: bfb318
File 148634312854.png - (18.15KB , 800x800 , 504.png )

"Hi dad, how are you? You're looking a bit more cheerful!"
>"I'm just still glad to see you back safely is all."
"Well, guess who's getting a present?"
>"Since I've been unable to do much for you beyond reawakening, dare I hope I'm getting one?"
"Yes." Unity gives a hug, then the object.
No. 777468 ID: bfb318
File 148634314017.png - (15.59KB , 800x800 , 505.png )

>"You're too kind. Uh... Oh. Oh! This was quick, and surprising! Though considering how active you've been, I'm not so surprised you were able to get it, but rather I'm surprised you would be so quick to do something like this for me."
"In a little while, I'll have Basic Core Interface Study."
>"What?! How did you get one? Where did you get one?"
"I know you didn't fully approve of me dealing with criminals, but it does have its benefits."
>"You're not in debt to them, are you?!"
"No, no! It isn't like that."
>"One thing I forgot to mention. Many of them are monitored. I should have mentioned this. I am able to cleanse this module of any mishaps it may do to my brain, but the Interface itself..."
"I spoke to the person who I got it from. Apparently, this was gotten off the books, before it had a chance to be booted. It's fresh." Unity says, based on what Baron told her.
>"Is that so..."
"What kind of stuff can you do?"
>"Well, us biological minds don't have everything sorted quite as orderly as robots and jetals, so module training isn't quite as effective, but I should be able to get a jist of the last few decades of core developments over today, enough to have applicable work done. Once I accomplish that, I will be able to make edits to your core. If certain breakthroughs were made, I can make you even more effective with your modules. There are other things as well. I may have spoken ill of criminals, but just because it's illegal doesn't make it wrong in my eyes. I can do things that I would never have gotten away with, and if you are already a criminal, then... I may be able to clone your AI within you. As you already likely know, there is only one AI allowed per robot AI chip or jetal core. Multiple AI's may be jarring to you at first, but you will have multiple AI's working on your core, and the abuse you can do with this is extensive. For instance, if you have division modules, you could work twice as many bodies. I may also be able to build on your module to allow for higher processing power, and almost emulate certain modules without actually needing the modules themselves."
"Would this illegal stuff show up if I had a full core scan?"
>"They would need to modify your core to realize things aren't as they seem, but so long as I am not sloppy, a typical core scan is not as pervasive as one might think. And I am not sloppy, by the way. These things do take time, mind you, but although I have never done some things - such as AI cloning - on a core before, I have researched such things and have all but figured things, out so I merely need to run through the motions."
No. 777469 ID: 398fe1

I think it's time to break it to Loviro. You've already got multiple AIs. An impossible number of them.
No. 777471 ID: 65ec8d

"I... see. Um. Dad. Here's the thing. You had my core for a while before the last time I woke up. Do you think there's any possibility that you might actually have done modifications to me before, and... forgotten about it? Been made to forget about it?"

"See, um. I wasn't sure whether to say this before, because it seemed normal to me at first, and then I figured I had to hide it, and I didn't want to stress you, but... I already have multiple AIs inside me."
No. 777473 ID: 3abd97

>How did you get one? Where did you get one?
Got lucky, honestly. I found someone who had swiped one from a module company they worked for, in the confusion of stuff being moved around. But they lacked the connections to safely move something that valuable themselves on the black market, so they were basically sitting on it till I got to 'em.


"Um. Dad. I didn't say so because I wasn't sure how you'd react, but there's a reason I was able to make such quick progress in the criminal underworld. There's sort of... already a lot of me in here.

"I've got two divisions out right now, and the only reason I don't have more is because jetalium is expensive and I don't know how many more I can safely add before the gangs I've been working with sees my multitasking ability go from 'unusually impressive' to 'crazy impossible'."
No. 777517 ID: 211d83

So lets just say that I already found a way around the Ai limit dad. But I don't want to explain things in detail until your implants are out. Just trust me when I say that the only thing holding me back from being a one girl army is that division modules and jetalium are very expensive.

Is there anything you can do to improve my division modules? Like make one division module control more than one division?

Because I am not sure if cloning my already huge amount of Ai's would be a good idea.
No. 777557 ID: 8111b6

Maybe the core isn't modded, but making the mod would optimize our internal interactions?

...but yeah, time to be all sheepish like a daughter revealing a secret to daddy and weasel around poorly until he figures it out on his own. Make sure to drop hints that're super obvious. Maybe intentional bad nervous laughter?
No. 777735 ID: bfb318
File 148643221500.png - (31.19KB , 800x800 , 506.png )

Unity believes it's a good time to give Loviro an idea of the reality of Unity's essence. Perhaps not yet, though, for saying this is all a simulation, harvest or not.

"Dad, I don't know entirely what happened during your gap in time, but is there a possibility that you might have done modifications to me without realizing it, then been made to forget?"
>"... hm."

He thinks on it for some time.

>"If my memory was wiped, then they did a good job wiping more as well, because I cannot imagine why they would have done such a thing. Do you believe you are different in more ways than being created by me?"
"Yes... about what you said about there being multiple AI's."
>"Are you a collective, Unity?"
"Yes. I'm sorry, I didn't tell you before, because I didn't know how you'd react!"
>"I've spoken to collectives as individuals before, Unity. Once again, thank you, but you do not need to worry about things like that. I'm surprised, then, as this means you had illegal modifications done to you, yet were guarded only as well as other cores. How unlike them. Does this mean you can take control of many divisions with no issue?"
"Yes, the only thing that's stopping me is having the resources."
>"Hm. Perhaps, then, AI's who are made to know certain elements? I do know that your entire collective had either amnesia or simply were without memory when I woke you. If that was a ploy though, I would not mind if you said you faked that as well."
"Oh, no no no, we really didn't know what was going on!"
>"Alright. Well, I may have more ideas as I get to work, and there is lots for me to learn. Once I catch up, however, that module hacking station I put on the list will allow all sorts of things. I may even be able to up the max number of divisions the division module would hold - it may be much more difficult to control those divisions, but with practice and as many AIs as you have, it may be a non-issue. I will have to write a note for Vinyl, as I may be unconscious - rather, sleeping - when she returns, if I'm plugged into the knowledge banks."
"Where is she, by the way?"
>"I believe she's upstairs, still working in the brothel."

Loviro starts looking over the knowledge module, and division two shows up with the interface study.
No. 777737 ID: 398fe1

Module hacking station... maybe we should ask Fern if he has one of those for sale that doesn't have tracking devices on it. He's got modded modules, so it's possible he can do his own modifications.
No. 777738 ID: 211d83

I wonder if we could visit Vinyl while she was working? Or if our illegal nature would make that a bad idea.

Have your division introduce itself and help Dad set up the station.

Oh and tell Dad that even if he does not find any cool mods for us that we are just glad to see him enjoying himself.
No. 777742 ID: 3abd97

>Perhaps not yet, though, for saying this is all a simulation, harvest or not.
As long as he has his implants in, you actually can't tell him. He won't hear you, and all trying will do is give him a headache.

>>"I believe she's upstairs, still working in the brothel."
Well as long as she's enjoying herself. Probably doesn't want us butting in while she's working.

...I wonder if we can hack the camera feeds. There are cameras in official brothels, right? EIN and all. Although maybe we don't want to mess with EIN surveillance.

We could leave a note too, saying hi, we stopped by, and we're available if she wants to do something later, or if she's bored while Loviro is plugged into his new toy.

>Once again, thank you, but you do not need to worry about things like that.
Sorry, I figured most people would be a little weirded out to discover they were actually talking to more than one person. Especially when they care about that person.

As I understand it, we already procured one without tracking, so I'm not sure what attracting attention from Fern by asking after such an expensive thing, or buying one, gets us. (Unity hasn't displayed any skill as an engineer, designer, or researcher. Asking Fern for something like that tells him we've either been holding back on him, or we're working with someone else).

We can't trust even our close allies with information that would lead back to Loviro, since they could trip the harvest keyword monitors.
No. 777744 ID: 398fe1

We have a Basic Core Interface Study, not a module hacking station.
...wow, BoT gave us a gift worth 70 million. That actually makes me a bit nervous? Are we SURE there's no tracking devices on it?

Also whoops the hacking station costs 150 million, so I really doubt we'll be able to buy one from Fern.
No. 777767 ID: bfb318
File 148643823744.png - (22.55KB , 800x800 , 507.png )

Although the syndicate is large, a module hacking station may be too big for even the syndicate to have. If not, then it's probably above Fern himself.

A module station is expected to cost 150 million, but due to it being illegal to have privately, it could cost far more depending on who she gets it from and how.

What Fern does have is hacked modules, so while he may not have a module hacker itself, he at least has some kind of channel that leads back to a module hacker. It would not be that out of place, Unity believes, to at least approach him regarding how she can get some hacked modules herself.

"Hi Loviro!" says Division 2.
>"Hello. You are also Unity, correct?"
"Yes, but I'm a different AI speaking." She continues, starting to hook up the computer to a monitor and power supply. She gives it another look over to make sure there's nothing odd about it, but as far as she can tell, it's not sending out a signal, or has a tracking device. Baron hasn't given anyone the impression of being overly greedy, but has given the impression of making mistakes, so while him dropping a 70 million object on her is concerning, it's also feasible.
>"I'd be interested in seeing how the AI between all of you varies, but another time."
"You really aren't put off by us being multiple people?"
>"I can assure you, no. I think of jetals as an entity, regardless. A collective in a single core doesn't typically happen, but AI can change so rapidly in personality that it isn't as jarring as you may think."
"Well, don't worry too much about helping me, I'm just glad you'll have something to do."
>"I won't worry, then, but I fully intend on making it worth your while one way or another."

>Hack brothel camera feeds, or is it EIN surveillance?
Chances are, the camera feeds are maintained by the brothel, but EIN likely has a simple password to allow access into them. In other words, hacking into the cameras would simply be akin to faking credentials as a valid user, alongside EIN, rather than hacking EIN itself.

Loviro begins eating breakfast, but Unity can tell that he's antsy to get learning. Once he gets started, the primary body and division will be freed up.

Division 3 has finished working with Polatt to get a few different stripper identities that can begin work any time.
No. 777768 ID: 211d83

If we can do it safely do a quick camera hack to see whats going on in the brothel. See if we can find Vinyl. Just to see what sort of life we missed by not going legit right away.

Then once Dad gets to work we can begin our mass division money gathering project.
No. 777773 ID: 3abd97

>so while him dropping a 70 million object on her is concerning, it's also feasible
I think there's a few contributing factors there. (1) BoT likes us, and is being accommodating for more attention. (2) BoT doesn't have the underworld contacts to safely liquidate the thing themself, and keeping it is risky. (3) BoT probably doesn't think they could stop us from taking it, if they didn't cooperate.

>hacking into the cameras would simply be akin to faking credentials as a valid user, alongside EIN, rather than hacking EIN itself
Well, if we have people who think we can do that without stealing an identity in advance, we could try that. I mean how hard can it be to just get a single panel of Vinyl working?

>Divisions freed up
Reasonably priced blackmail is on autopilot at this point, and will resume later tonight.

Problem Officers we're waiting to drop as a tip to Sevener as soon as we feel it's reasonable for Roxy to reach out to her.

D3 can assume our new-Roxy identity and do dancing for a while, and keep an eye out for Felix. Then she can take a chance to swap faces and Bug Felix as Unity.

D1 or D2 might want to go have fun with Vasha? Or at least arrange something later.

Last division might want to go on the Antiquated Bounty Hunt?