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File 146129574443.png - (19.62KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
718267 No. 718267 ID: dd338c

This is a patreon-funded quest that takes place in a alternate universe (a pornoverse) during the Belenos Sim Interlude of Unnatural Selection. It will be NSFW. And non-canon.
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Lagotrope

>"It'll wake, I tell you!" Alison hears a voice outside of the robotic shell.
>"Whatever, Loviro." a female voice answers.
>"It just needs a moment to warm up, you'll see!"

Alison, or one of her few thousand allies also within the robot, may take control. Currently, there is no one in the controller's seat, and so the robot appears dormant.

She has just learned of her objective in this simulation: to destroy the Sapphire Emperor before a rival robot does the same.
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No. 718268 ID: a075ba

>what do
Get up and call him daddy.

Then get your starting infodump done, and ask questions. You know which ones, Questioner, we did this once already.
No. 718276 ID: 15a025

Get up and start considering the female as your mother.
No. 718278 ID: dd338c
File 146129755978.png - (37.32KB , 800x800 , 2.png )

>Then get your starting infodump done, and ask questions.
Conveniently, the computer in the robot's internal lobby already gave everyone a huge info dump about a lot of things.

Conveniently for Alison, she has a lot of reading buddies that like to do reading so she doesn't have to. She gets in the driver's seat.

"Hi Daddy!"
>"Wha- "
>"Pffffft oh my god Loviro did you program - "
>"No! Er. Hello daughter. You must be very confused right now."
>"Just as long as it doesn't call me 'mommy'." says the girl.
"Actually I'm not confused at all."
>".... really? That makes me confused, to be honest, but no matter. I will skip the welcome back speech. If you didn't have a full memory wipe, then you'll know that I think you are your own person, and you may live your life as you please. But be warned. You are off the grid, and a fighting jetal off the grid will not survive long! I recommend you blend into society and live peaceably, as tough as it may be."
>"Yeah." says the girl. "Like me. Who'd've thought that Loviro's secret building with robot caches all over would've been claimed by a giant brothel chain."
>"Know that this world has no justice, child of mine!"
No. 718279 ID: 5ad4a7

Giant brothel chain? We'll infiltrate it! Ask where it's at.
No. 718280 ID: 38685c

does the giant robot have a giant robot penis
No. 718281 ID: 15a025

Start working on your disguise. Become the spitting image of a female Loviro
No. 718282 ID: 0a94cb

Brothel, huh? How much?
No. 718286 ID: a075ba

Assume the Fembiter form, assuming you already know about shapeshifting.

So do Loviro and Vinyl still have implants that make them not think about things they obviously can't talk about?

How are you supposed to live a normal life if you're not connected to EIN?

Guardsman, to the lobby: "what's a brothel?"

Also, Alison is pretty much going to have to ask Dirtbag's "How does uh, sex work with Jetals anyway? With organics and with jetals." question verbatim again.
No. 718287 ID: 211d83

How do I blend into society? Do I have a legal identity to work with?

Oh and whats a brothel?
No. 718293 ID: dd338c
File 146129966409.png - (18.22KB , 800x800 , 3.png )

>Brothel, huh? How much?
How much what?

>Does the giant robot have a giant robot penis
Currently Alison inhabits a small robot with no penis. However, a jetal is able to shapeshift, and given a little bit of time, this can change.

Alison takes the form of Fembiter, which does appear to be close to a female Loviro.

>So do Loviro and Vinyl still have implants that make them not think about things they obviously can't talk about?
Alison thinks so.

>"Uh," Loviro says, as Alison finishes the final facial features to make it so. "Well, I've seen weirder things."
"Where is the brothel?"
>"Above us." he says. "It is of no consequence. You can leave if you like and never return, although I would like to remain in contact somehow."
"What is a brothel?"
>"It.... erh..."
>"A place where people pay for other people to have sex with them."
>"Thank you, Vinyl."

Alison has heard of this 'sex' before.

"What if I infiltrate it?"
>"Ah, absolutely not! First of all, it is highly inappropriate for a jetal to go to such a... profession.."
"Is it watched by EIN?"
>"Yes! Correct. Every employee and every customer is watched like a hawk with an extensive screening check. Prostitution may be legal, but it is put under high surveillance! There is simply no way to move without being watched! The rooms themselves are probably even watched by EIN. I suppose you could get a legal jetal license and identity, but you are rather... infamous if they find out I made you, and so even that is risky. There is a significant underworld out there, though, where a jetal can make fortune if that's what you desire!"
"Every customer is watched as well? So what about customer's that don't want to be watched?"
>"Then they don't go to a brothel!"
No. 718294 ID: 211d83

How am I supposed to peacefully blend into society if I am running from the law all the time? Doesn't that sort of force me into being a criminal?

I would rather be watched by EIN like a hawk for awhile to prove myself then have to live in the sewers hiding all the time or something.

The way I see it is that I can become a criminal on the run or just deal with EIN watching me and try to make a go of things legally. Which means getting a job and living in the open.

How about I hide my true identity as your daughter and you help me make a fake background? Then I can work out in the open and if I do not like it I can hide from EIN and live the life of a criminal?
No. 718295 ID: f562b1

>I suppose you could get a legal jetal license and identity, but you are rather... infamous if they find out I made you, and so even that is risky.
Would they be able to find out about that if I didn't tell them? Or would I get into trouble if I said I just woke up in an abandoned basement somewhere?
No. 718297 ID: 4546ab

I am confused. First you say that I should not live off the grid because its dangerous and I should blend into society. But that would require me to get a legal identity with EIN.

But then you say don't go legal and let EIN see me because I would be watched all the time. Won't I be watched all the time anyways if I am a criminal? I mean if EIN is there either way why not let it watch and just ignore it?

And why is it highly inappropriate for a jetal to go into that profession? Is there a proper profession for jetals? While I don't know if its the job for me I should at least explore all my options right?
No. 718298 ID: a075ba

>You can leave if you like and never return, although I would like to remain in contact somehow.
Why would I leave and never talk to you again! That's terrible! Your other jetals didn't do that, did they?

Don't worry Daddy, I'll get a phone so we can keep in touch when I'm not here. I'll have to figure out some source of income, first.

>Alison has heard of this 'sex' before.
Ask if anyone in the lobby knows what he's talking about. (Feel compelled to look askance at Succubus).

Lobby talk about options. So is that the challenge of this CAI battle? We have to find some way to gather enough money and resources for the win condition, while blending into society? We can't just kill people for power like we do in the contest, cause EIN will catch us. And we can't hang out in the obvious, high profile places, cause EIN watches them too closely. It's about being part of society, and not, at the same time.
No. 718300 ID: 3cc68c

If we have to kill a emperor what better way than to have him take us to his bed? Or her bed?

Plenty of rulers have fallen to harmless looking ladies or men of the night.

All we have to do is make a name for ourselves and rise the social ladder. Eventually the emperor will come to us.

Plus if it turns out we don't like sex we can drop the plan and try something else.
No. 718303 ID: dd338c
File 146130196676.png - (12.79KB , 800x800 , 4.png )

"I don't plan on running away! I'd at least get a phone."
>"I'd appreciate that."
"How do I peacefully blend into society if I have to run from the law all the time?"
"Hmmm... there are many laws, but the empire does tend to only pursue criminals that are worth pursuing. If you don't harm non-criminals or destroy property or peace, there is a good chance that EIN simply will not care about your existance. And unless you display your power or let your core be thoroughly scanned, it is not apparent that it was I who made you. A thorough scanning will occur if you gain a legal identity, but then you will only have your actions be heavily scrutinized but otherwise be a citizen in good standing."
"I'm getting mixed messages, Loviro! Should I be legal or shouldn't I?"
>"Argh, you're right. I'm old and have been on the run! I do not know what is optimal in this world anymore. Perhaps I can't help you with that."
"What if I had a fake background?"
>"I lack the means to give you that, but there are others that may be capable of it."
"Oh and why is a brothel profession inappropriate for a jetal?"
>"Jetals are... they have much more potential!"
"Alright. Just a moment please!"
No. 718304 ID: dd338c
File 146130198501.png - (18.21KB , 800x800 , 5.png )

Alison hops back in the lobby. She'll ask if anyone knows about sex when that bridge is crossed, but right now there's another choice to be made.

"Our goal sounds like it's to gather enough resources to be able to destroy the sapphire emperor somehow. Loviro sounded unsure of a lot, except that he sounded certain that it would be really tough to fight, but if we can get close to the Sapphire Emperor through non-fighting, we should be able to win! It sounds like our two main options are to do it while legal or illegal. Does anyone have any ideas on each?"
>"I say we become legal." says Iso. "It sounds like the empire could take any excuse to fight us if we slip up. Plus, I mean, we're a strong jetal, so we should be able to climb social ranks pretty fast?"
>"And I say we go illegal." says Recluse. "The empire has a large criminal element, so we know it's possible to last in it. More importantly, even if it is more dangerous, we have to gain resources as fast as possible. 'Pretty fast' will not cut it while we have an aggressive administrator as an opponent."
No. 718305 ID: dd338c
File 146130199769.png - (12.73KB , 800x800 , 6.png )

>"Screw it let's fight!" says Guardsman.
No. 718308 ID: 211d83

Remember we can also win this by taking out Sevener. And knowing how she is a Admin stick in the mud she will be going the legal route. She expects us to go criminal so she can be legal and fuck with us.

So I vote go legal. We can always change to being a criminal later on but going legal after being a criminal for a long time is not as easy.

Plus just because we go legal does not mean we can not bend the law. We just can't get caught doing it.
No. 718309 ID: 4546ab

We went criminal last time so lets see how the legal side of things plays out.

It is easy enough to change our mind (minds?) if we want.
No. 718310 ID: a075ba

The deciding factor in this is once you choose to go legal, and subject yourself to close EIN scrutiny, you can't escape that scrutiny. As long as we don't do something dangerous or illegal enough to make EIN take special note of us, you could chose to register at any time. But once you have, you're permanently on the radar.

So we should explore illegal unlicensed prostitution options first, while we still can. If we don't like them, we go legal.

>"Screw it let's fight!" says Guardsman.
This isn't a sick death contest arranged by unfathomable system that wants nothing more than to watch us kill each other. This is a real (simulated) society. We can't solve our problems by killing people to get stronger. That's the broken lesson of a broken system. We have to learn new methods if we're going to survive in the real world. We have to interact with them as people, not just opponents.
No. 718312 ID: a075ba


Assume we go porn route (no fighting) we stay low level, and Sevener stays low level too (no big bad jetal to oppose, so her bosses don't hand out free upgrades).

If we go illegal low level? We have a low profile, and Sevener has no significant resources to find or pursue us.

If we go legal low level? Sevener will be able to find us. And even if we're both weak, she still has the advantage of information from hundreds of logs to use against us. She'll find a way to target us.

Plus we can get Polatt and pimp hat and run a black market mafia prostitution gig with the dead batteries. That's way better than going to an empire sanctioned brothel run by EIN.
No. 718313 ID: 3cc68c


This is true.

If we are careful and do not go trigger happy and start robbing banks EIN will not care about us at all. One high class jetal prostitute gets on no ones radar.

And Sevener can ask all she wants for upgrades to "deal" with us but she will look like a laughing stock and be stuck on traffic duty if she tries anything.
No. 718315 ID: 211d83


I think this could work better than my idea so changing my vote.

Just have to avoid any aerial laser battles and keep our fighting secret and out of sight. Then Sevener will loose face if she gets obsessed with chasing a random nobody street walker.

And if we keep our crimes to illegal prostitution and petty stuff it will have a better chance of attracting rich powerful people who do not want there indiscretions to be publicly known. Why go to the EIN brothel when there are plenty of illegal ones that can keep a secret. A emperor would be much more likely to invite us over this way.

Plus if we make them happy enough I am sure that some of them would hand off some upgraded weaponry to there favorite Jetal companion. A girl/guy has to be able to protect themselves on the street after all.
No. 718323 ID: dd338c
File 146130645445.png - (14.22KB , 800x800 , 7.png )

"Remember, Guardsman. This isn't a death contest like before. This is a society, as real as us. We have to learn new methods if we're going to survive in the real world and interact with people."
>"That's lame!"
"It's best. There's pros and cons to each, but I think we should go illegal. We'll do things peaceably despite that."

Alison goes back to control the robot.

"I'm back."
>"Are you alright? You went catatonic." says Loviro.
"It's fine! Um... I'm going to hide from EIN. I can go legal later if I think it's best."
>"True. Then so be it!"
".... where are the criminals?"
"Well, I'd like to make a living, and I can't do that normally, right? So I have to go where the criminals are."
>"Erm, yes, I suppose not, but there isn't simply a 'criminal' part of town. Then again, this part of it isn't great either, so I expect you can find such people around. I have not ever had to deal with the underworld till now, so I'm of no help there, either. Vinyl, do you have a suggestion?"
>"It's smoggy as hell out there right now, so EIN can't see from the building tops. That means if you go out and act vulnerable and rich in a bad part of town - which this part of town counts - someone'll mug you. Then... you found a criminal who's mugging you. What are you trying to do again?"
"Find criminals."
>"That'll work then I guess. Or just, I dunno, look at a bounty shop. That's probably the only place you can go to and ask where criminals hang out at without looking like... you. That'd be my first suggestion, but then you'd be dealing with powerful criminals and criminal hunters."
No. 718327 ID: a075ba

Getting mugged won't help. You have nothing for them to steal, and you'll get beat up. Or if you manage to beat them up, you attract attention.

High level bounty hunters are tough too. You're not ready for that yet! (Especially if you want to avoid violence). Gotta work your way up the food chain.

Why don't you head outside and look around? You're basically anonymous now, and there has to be an underground you can work with besides rich quarters muggers and high end hunters.
No. 718329 ID: dd338c
File 146130807844.png - (83.48KB , 800x800 , 8.png )

"I think I'll test the waters and have a look around town for criminals."
>"... just don't ask random people if they are criminals." says Loviro. "Otherwise, I'm sure you'll do well. All my other jetals have."

Alison gives Loviro a hug for good measure, and Loviro gives Alison a phone and some directions to the back of the building. No one bugs her on the way out of the building, and out back there is a large robotic guard and a homeless belenos. Talking it over with the lobby, it's decided that they are probably not criminals, and so Alison moves on.

Smog prevents Alison from seeing far, and the streets seem oddly unpopulated. As she starts to turn around a corner of a building, she sees a few odd looking people.
No. 718330 ID: 5ad4a7

Bounty shop it is.

Oh, and by the way... in the long term, you need power. The most powerful weapons are most likely restricted, which means criminals will have a hard time getting their hands on them. In the long run, the legal path leads to the most power.

I wonder if we can straddle the line? Hunt bounties to get names and information, and ingratiate ourselves with the cops, then once they trust you enough to let you act independently we can start meeting with the underworld in secret and making secret deals to prioritize certain targets in exchange for kickbacks. Be a crooked bounty hunter!
No. 718333 ID: a075ba

Proposition them!

...but first get distracted by your first sighting of a television. (And then probably bump into them by accident).
No. 718335 ID: bb78f2

Hello fellow legal citizens, I TOO am a legal citizen of legal nature.
Perhaps we can maybe buy some LEGAL items, and start a completely legal relationship of legality.
No. 718349 ID: 3e216e

Hmm. That one of them that's seen you already looks suspicious. Perhaps you're not wearing suitable clothes? So far, we've only seen men wearing that heavy coat look. Maybe you need to look more feminine? These guys have already seen you, but once you get a moment, maybe you should check what clothes women are wearing around here and change to something like that.

Anyway, you don't necessarily need to find criminals to get work, just people who want off-the-books work done for them. Ask these fine gentlemen if there's anything you could help them with. If they ask why you're asking, say you need some quick extra funds.
No. 718350 ID: 38685c

Flash your tits.
No. 718353 ID: 582d51

Test their criminality by stumbling around as if you were drunk.
No. 718355 ID: 211d83

Look at them loitering around the street with nothing to do. They are probably all criminals I bet you.

Go ask them about there spiffy face gear.
No. 718357 ID: 87547f

Oh man we don't have a face mask so now we look out of place. Ask the strangers where you can get a face mask.

Then once they tell you find out how much money one costs. Since we don't have any money we can ask where a young lady can find a job around here. We just left home and have to find out how to support ourselves.

Sure we could just jetal morph one up but this gives us a nice story.
No. 718358 ID: 3cc68c

Yeah go start up a conversation and then mention that you just got shoved out into the world for the first time and need a job.

Your dad warned you about EIN so you were hoping to find something under the table if you know what I mean. Er I mean that pays under the table.
No. 718407 ID: dd338c
File 146136241282.png - (64.48KB , 800x800 , 9.png )

Alison watches the television for a minute. It's displaying cute animals doing things.

>"Hey girl, ever heard of personal space?"
"Hello fellow legal citizen, and no, I haven't. I like your face mask."
>"Wha? Are you mockin' me or something, cause you're doing a lame job of it."
"No, I mean it."
>"It's a standard issue respirator, dummy."
"How much does one cost?"
>"They're free! Were you born yesterday or something?"
"Today, actually. I assume not everything's free though, so I still should get a job."
>"How about you flash those tits for a buck?"
"Okay! I haven't figured out how to make them light up, though."

The two others laugh a bit.

>"You got a real funny one." the one with sunglasses says.
>"Yeah. My gut is collapsing from the laughter." says the first and the one not laughing.
"Is there another job I can do?"
>"Alright." says the one with the sunglasses. "How 'bout this. The clerk in this shop owes us some money. About ten grand. But he's not playing nice, and people are gonna hear us if we play rough. You convince him to hand it over nicely, and you can keep 500. Deal?"
No. 718409 ID: a075ba

You can convince people to do things nicely! You're very good at that!

Maybe you should adjust your jetalium cloth morph. If you're trying to charm someone, maybe you want something a little cuter, more appealing, friendlier? The trenchcoat is cool, but it's for blending on the streets. Show a little pseduo-skin.
No. 718410 ID: bb78f2

Sounds easy enough.
Hello legal store owner, it appears you owe a legal debt of 10,000 legal tender. Now you better pay that debt before these fellow legal citizens of mine have to spread out the legalese for you, because you're paying it one way or the other!
No. 718414 ID: a075ba

Also, new sidequest:
>"Okay! I haven't figured out how to make them light up, though."
Find a jetal module for illumination so you can do that later. There must be a utility module for that kind of thing- so jetals can make lamps or flashlights on themselves, or just for the aesthetics. (Making your eyes glow, pretending you're ET, little blips of color here or there akin to LED implants, etc).
No. 718415 ID: 211d83

Make it a thousand and you have a deal.

If they agree wander on in and see what it will take to "peacefully" convince the shopkeeper.
No. 718419 ID: 4546ab

Yeah see if you can bargain them up slightly. Do not want to appear to be desperate.

Then make sure you look good under your coat and wander on in there.
No. 718428 ID: 582d51

Yes, we can be convincing. Perhaps they'll tell us how to make the chest light up when we're done too.
No. 718430 ID: 29c4aa

Convince them to do 1000 and convince the store owner to do 11,000.
No. 718433 ID: 3e216e

Pop your head into the shop and check out the prices of various objects to get an idea of how much 500 is worth, tell them you want to check this guy out first. Then come back out and either agree or haggle depending on what you find out.
No. 718444 ID: dd338c
File 146136730540.png - (41.49KB , 800x800 , 10.png )

Alison is told that a living wage involves making about 1.2k in a day or so, so hundreds for convincing someone to do something real quick sounds good. Still, she wants to bargain upwards.

"How about I keep one thousand?"
>"Only if you convince him the debt is 11 grand."

Alison adjusts her shape underneath her trench coat and goes into the shop to find the clerk.

"Hello, I'm here about that legal debt that your legal identity has acquired."

He stares for a moment.

>"Wait a - one of you?! I owe nothing!" he says, catching up to as far as Alison had planned.
No. 718445 ID: 5ad4a7

What, really? Ask for the full story, then.
No. 718446 ID: 211d83

"Oh really?" Then lean on the counter and smile at him.

"The nice gentlemen outside think different. They say you owe a decent sum and have hired me to persuade you to pay them back."

"So why don't we have a chat and see what it will take for you to hand over the money so we can balance the books as it were?"
No. 718447 ID: a075ba

>"Only if you convince him the debt is 11 grand."
Obviously it's interest.

>"Wait a - one of you?! I owe nothing!" he says, catching up to as far as Alison had planned.
Now now, we both know that's not ture. You do have a debt to pay, and you'd much rather deal with me, cause I'm here asking nicely.

Shrug your trenchcoat open, revealing something skimpier / more flattering underneath. (Your friends always appreciated your sense of style, it might help here)! Smile.

Are you sure we can't come to some kind of agreement that leaves both of us happy?

(Would Alison need help from Succubus for this kind of thing? Alison's experience is more talking people into joining her based off the merits of her character, not as much persuading someone into doing something for her).
No. 718451 ID: a075ba

Also: you need to offer him a hug.
No. 718454 ID: bb78f2

One a legal me? That's right. Okay, they send the cute, legal girl in first, which, trust me, is much preferable to what they legally are allowed to do in times like this.

I got three big legal thugs outside that can't wait to come in here, bash up your place, and get ALL sorts of legal over your legal ass. Do you WANT to deal with the muscles, or do you want to deal with sweet, ol' legal me.

No. 718455 ID: 3e216e

Tell him, well, he says that, but you have three friends outside who said otherwise, so as far as word vs. word, it's three on one. They also said he wasn't playing nice, but they didn't want to make any noise dealing with him themselves. So, to save them having to, they sent you in to try and persuade him. So, isn't there any way he could play nice with you? Just 11000 and you can all walk away happy.

If he questions the 11000, you can just tell him it's interest, for having to do things this way.
No. 718457 ID: dd338c
File 146137002349.png - (19.07KB , 800x800 , 11.png )

"Really?" Alison goes to be friendly by appearing comfortable within his personal space and leaning on the counter. "Well, it's three versus one in favor of you having a debt of 11 grand... money, and I also think I'm willing to be a lot nicer about it than those bad guys out there who hired me to convince you. I assume they're bad guys?"
>"What?! Of course they are! And what makes me think you're any better with your flaunting of your body?"
"No no, I don't think I'm actually better than them as people! I'm sure they have very good points, I just mean that I'm going to try and convince you, not force you."
>"And what makes you think I can be convinced by just any attractive girl coming in and walking in here?!"
"Because I heard that brothels exist where people are willing to pay reasonable amounts of money for sex."
>"And you think... I suppose that's logical in some way."
"So what would it take for you to hand over the money and balance the books? Would you like a hug for it?"
>"A hu - ah, right. Hugs."

He looks around.

>"I suppose they're going to drive away customers if not outright attack me over this, so if they're willing to send in a consort... alright. Let me have at least a 30 minute "hug" and I'll see about removing this debt."
No. 718458 ID: 15a025

30 minuets? Ah hell nah we're on a tight schedule. Tell him he gets 15 minuets and if he wants longer he's gotta pay up more dough.
No. 718460 ID: 211d83

30 minutes of hugging for 1000 bucks is a pretty good deal.

Now we just have to figure out how sex works.

Ask him if he has a private place we can go in back. And what sort of "hugging" he might like.

Might want to mention that we are sort of completely new at this so he should probably take charge.
No. 718461 ID: 5ad4a7

1 grand for 30 minutes of work? Seems like a good deal. Half up front, half after the job's done.

Oh and tell the guys outside to give you time to do it.
No. 718462 ID: 4546ab

Who knows if its a good deal or not but it gives us a starting point.

Ask him what sort of hugs he would like first.
No. 718463 ID: 3e216e


Just a small suspicion here, but I think he might actually mean sex. Remote possibility, I know, but better be prepared, so call someone in from the lobby who knows a lot about it.

Anyway, keep smiling at him and say 30 minutes or however long he can last, whichever comes first.
No. 718464 ID: a075ba

30 minutes? That's a long hug. Maybe he wants you to lay down and cuddle him like you do with Iso sometimes? He is paying 11 grand, I guess he wants his money's worth!

Follow him to the backroom.
No. 718467 ID: b412df

It might be a good idea to get input from someone in the lobby who knows how such a "hug" might go. Also to discretely morph the appropriate anatomy if it isn't present, could be a tad awkward otherwise.
No. 718473 ID: 0a94cb

20 minutes.

Come on guys, you're not even trying to haggle!
No. 718476 ID: 4854ef

Only 30? You can hug alot longer then that!
No. 718477 ID: 3cc68c

30 minutes does not seem bad. We already got him up to 1000 credits.

So what sort of sex would you like? I am up for anything your heart desires. Assuming I know how to do it.
No. 718485 ID: dd338c
File 146137282227.png - (15.95KB , 800x800 , 12.png )

Fembiter's ears are reformed.

"What kind of hugs do you want? Oh and do you have a private place?" Alison is perfectly fine with a full half hour hug, so she'll go with that even if she could go a lot longer.
>"I'm closing shop for a bit. And what I want depends. What kind of 'hug' modules do you have?"

Hug modules.
No. 718486 ID: dd338c
File 146137283318.png - (25.94KB , 800x800 , 13.png )

Alison visits the lobby.

"Did anyone read if belenos has some kind of intense hugs that needs jetal modules?"
>"He thinks 'hugs' mean sex, Alison." says the Recluse.
"Oh! So it is sex after all. Does anyone know anything about sex?"
>"Why don't we ask the succubus?"
"Oh Succubus is here! Hello! I thought you stayed behind to help Chief."
>"Yeah but then I thought since he only has a few hundred people to take care of, I could come along!"
"Thank goodness! I've heard some rumors in the past that you've engaged in sex before. Could you teach us how it's done?"
>"Nope! I don't know anything about it."
>"What." says Recluse.
>"I know! I thought I could've helped if it looked like sex here might be similar to how it is in the safe zones, but unless the belenos sim has an equivalent of our own shopkeep, then this guy completely lost me at 'hug modules.'"
No. 718487 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh my god no. Quickly find out if ANY of the AIs we brought have experience with sex.

Pray it isn't Guardsman.
No. 718488 ID: 211d83

Hug modules? You sort of lost me there.

Are we still talking about sex? Because I am up for whatever you want.

But if it needs modules I am not sure what those are.

Honestly I am sort of new at this. Like really new.

(Quickly find out if anyone knows anything about sex. Find out what sort of safe zone stuff Succubus has done in case it might help.)
No. 718489 ID: 4546ab

Was that code speak for what sort of sex I am willing to do? Because we can just say what we mean now. The innuendo speak is getting sort of confusing.

Honestly I am up for whatever you like. Just make sure to give me a detailed explanation so I make sure you enjoy it.

Or are there some actual "hug" modules I should know about?
No. 718490 ID: a075ba

Maybe the terminology is just different from shopkeep's? Like we could buy music skills, and sports skills, and maybe sex skills I'm guessing, but here they're hug modules? Sex modules?

You might be forced to admit you don't have much in the way of special modules, but you're a very experienced hugger!
No. 718491 ID: 3cc68c

Find out how safe zone sex worked and what shopkeeper had to do with it. Maybe we can extrapolate from what Succubus knows.

Tell him that we are having a special today and he can do whatever he wants with us. (That lets him take charge and we can work off what he does.)
No. 718493 ID: 3e216e

Uh, dang. Quick, check what modules you do have. You had to come with some, right? I mean, you know how to walk and talk and shapeshift and everything, and even how to form tastebuds and use those, so there has to be a basic biological functions and motor skills set built in. So, you should at least know how to pull off basic biological sex, right? And give yourself pleasure sensors?

We could work with that. Give him a regretful smile and say sorry, you know he's parting with quite a bit of money, but your cut of it's going to be pretty small. You'd have to ask for a lot more if any special modules are involved, on principle, so for now he'll have to imagine you're normal flesh and blood. Plus, well, he has been kind of rude to your friends, hasn't he? Since he hasn't made up for that, you can't be too nice to him. But you'll alter your appearance for him, if he likes. And perhaps, after he's settled his score, you'll come back some other time and he can have the better service then.
No. 718496 ID: a075ba

Hey! You have a phone!

Open a cavity inside your jetalium body and call Loviro on the inside, where the Shopkeep can't hear. Then ask him to put Vinyl on. You can ask her! She seems to imply she knew what went on in that brothel place.
No. 718497 ID: 5ad4a7

It occurs to me that we could do research and/or practice with sex here in the lobby in preparation for the "hugs".
No. 718499 ID: a075ba

Also: someone else is driving the jetal while you're talking, right? So she doesn't go catatonic in public again?

Massively parallel research orgies.
No. 718500 ID: dd338c
File 146137486308.png - (33.40KB , 800x800 , 14.png )

>Open a cavity inside your jetalium body and call Loviro on the inside, where the Shopkeep can't hear.
Alison's jetal body is extremely basic, and she doesn't have the internal flexibility to call or speak like this yet.

"Does anyone have experience with sex? At all?"
>"No." says Recluse. "At least not here. Succubus probably has the most experience with it in the contest, but she's telling us that it may not apply with 'modules'.
"I'll just have to ask him. Wait, how did safe zone sex work?" Alison asks, before retaking control of Fembiter from Iso, who held Fembiter upright while she was in the lobby.
>"We had to talk to shopkeep." says Succubus. "One person got a dick, the other person a pussy, and then the one with the dick put it into the pussy and that was basically all there was to it!"

"You lost me at hug modules." Alison tells the clerk.
>"As in... modules. You're a jetal, right?"
"I'm sorry, I was just born today."
>"Really. So you don't have any. Or even know what they are. Modules are a way to standardize what you've got in the way of plumbing. Cause even jetals - especially ones born today - may have a difficult time forming a proper vagina that isn't either an open tunnel or something that'll crush a guy! Plus, unlike stuff like smell and tastebuds where you can form those senses by default, reciving proper sex signals isn't seen as proper or appropriate by the empire for jetals to have by default! So the module standardizes and makes jetals able to experience it like normal. So I was asking what kind of mod you got, because I'm not sticking my dick in a jetal that doesn't know her own strength. You can rent a basic module if you want, since I doubt you can afford it! It is two million dollars to buy, but it'll be 5000 per day for rent. I'll be nice and not demand any money down at first, but if you run or fail to pay it back within three days, we'll track you down, as it comes with an internal tracker."
No. 718501 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh my god are you serious. ...are we sure that 5000 figure is right? We should fact check him to make sure that's the right price.
No. 718503 ID: 211d83

Oh that sort of module.

Hmm 5k a day seems a bit steep but we sort of have to if we are going to get things going. But you have to spend money to make money so go for it.
No. 718504 ID: 533ab8

"Being nice is too much effort" Start cutting off his fingers.
No. 718505 ID: a075ba

Agree to rent the D-rank Sex (Physical Sensations? Compatible Biology?) module.

How can you not buy something that lets you feel hugs, taste food, enjoy life and will help you win this fight?

...out of curiosity, how much does a module to play music cost?
No. 718506 ID: 3e216e

5000 a day or 15000 every three days, if that's the grace period. That seems reasonable, though, we just have to make some more money. Ask him if you'd need to come back here specifically to pay every three days. Also, if you do somehow get the money, would he just take the tracker out or swap you a version that doesn't have one?
No. 718507 ID: 4546ab

Oh man 5k seems a bit steep for just one day. I mean I was already being pretty nice in offering myself up to convince you to pay your debt.

Do you think we could lower the rental price a bit? I don't want to have to reject your offer and have to get the money the hard way.

Or are you trying to lure a poor innocent girl into a sordid life of sex slavery where you get to have your way with me every day just to pay off my bills?
No. 718508 ID: 29e1a2

Grab his dick and tell him It's too late to change his mind now, he already accepted and is going to have to pay up quick if he wants you to stop because you have no idea how sex with works or how do do it safely.
No. 718509 ID: 3cc68c

Bargain him down on the rent. Maybe offer him a extra half hour or something.

I mean this is prime untouched jetal here. How often in your lifetime do you get to have your way with a cute young jetal who is up for anything his perverted heart desires?
No. 718512 ID: a075ba

>but if you run or fail to pay it back within three days, we'll track you down, as it comes with an internal tracker."
Hey, last I checked, you were the one behind on payments with people being sent after you. I didn't have to come here and offer to do this the easy way for you.
No. 718535 ID: e4b79a

I don't think the threats you guys are suggesting are good ones... more along the lines of "I guess it makes sense that the day-to-day Jetals wouldn't need it, so the price makes sense, but if I find out you were just trying to take advantage of me, I'll have no problem switching sides to only pay the fair price." Maybe get somebody who is willing to venom-coat words to say it to emphasize "switching sides" so it's clear it'd mean trouble for him.
No. 718536 ID: 211d83

How about we ask him for a trial run? Say we rent it for free for a day or at least the next 30 minutes so we can see if its worth it.

Then we will know if we are interested in a long term arrangement. And he gets to enjoy things without worry.

Plus then we can bargain the price down in the middle of sex so he is more open to giving us a deal.
No. 718546 ID: f562b1

Uh, to clarify, "other side" means legal. I know it would suck to do so so early on, but if somebody's trying to con you it's kind of the best way out. And "if necessary" was accidentally left out, because if he would be willing to accept that Fembiter found out that the real cost is cheaper, we wouldn't need to switch sides.
No. 718574 ID: bb78f2

Dude, I'm getting it to fuck you, and you're really paying 11,000 to pay back a debt, this was the NICE alternative to make you complicit. The sex module is for YOUR use, not mine.

Your paying 11,000 whether you like it or not, getting sex on the side is up to you. Do you WANT to get down with a girl that can shapeshift any way you like and fit an exotic desire, or do you NOT?
No. 718579 ID: a107fd

Look, pal, we've already agreed I'm going to spend 30 minutes "hugging" you in some way that involves intensive genital interaction, and after that you're going to hand over eleven thousand dollars. Whether or not you want to spend some more of your own money to provide me with the software to make that experience pleasant is entirely your own decision.
No. 718596 ID: 8111b6

Ask if he has hourly rates.
And hey, maybe you could get in with those guys out there and they'll help you out with the rental fees. State that they could get a taste of their 'investment' before you go out to try and earn some money. Likely with it.
No. 718614 ID: dd338c
File 146143226180.png - (38.57KB , 800x800 , 15.png )

"Out of curiosity, how much does a music module cost?"
"A decent one? Perhaps 500 thousand. Modules are expensive." says the Clerk.
"Apparently. Anyway, I would like to rent this sexual module, but I just don't have much money. Can we lower it, and I'll throw in an extra half hour?"
"I'm running a business here, and paying my debt is already putting me in the red!"
"Yes, you're the one behind on payments! I'm don't know how hard it is to get five thousand per day, and that I may be stuck in a life of doing this unable to pay off the accumulating debt."
"Argh, no, a jetal that does sex, especially an unlicensed one - which I assume you are, which is why you're working for those scum out there - can make... fine. First day is free. Then 5k a day after if you keep it."
"Do I need to return here to pay it off?"
"No, I'll give you a number you can transfer funds to. Now here's the module."

Alison pulls it up.

Rank D Module Acquired: Basic Sex Capabilities

Alison's body starts morphing to be more in line when what's expected for sexual intercourse.

"Wait a second, I thought it was just between the legs that was supposed to change. What is going on with my chest?" Alison asks in the lobby.
"Don't worry about it." answers the Succubus.

No. 718615 ID: dd338c
File 146143227801.png - (22.50KB , 800x800 , 16.png )

"Okay I installed it! So what should I do?" Alison says.
"Just lean back. The table's fine." he says, peeling away Alison's clothing. Or at least trying to. "Are you seriously wearing your own jetalium as clothes?"
"Is that bad? I'm removing it."
"It's.... nevermind."

Alison also notices that he's removed his pants and started a half hour timer.

"Ah, is that was a penis looks like? I didn't know they vibrated."
"... I'm hoping you sound mocking because you're ignorant, jetal. But I'm glad you asked! This is a robot add on, and it can morph, and right now I have it set to grind perfectly against the nerves that your rented module makes. It also feels perfect for me to fuck other robots and jetals with! The downside is that no biological female would ever get anywhere close to it."
"Eh? Why not?"
"... I'm going to start explaining that by thrusting in, now."

No. 718616 ID: dd338c
File 146143229516.png - (26.14KB , 800x800 , 17.png )


Alison, and most of everyone else for that matter, wasn't sure what kind of feeling to expect. But it wasn't that.

No. 718617 ID: dd338c
File 146143230640.png - (16.02KB , 800x800 , 18.png )

Duelist lets out a funny sounding moan, and quickly coughs while covering his mouth.

"Nothing! I didn't say anything." Duelist says.
"Duelist I hope you're liking this!"
"... it's weird but yes I did not think this would feel so good. I was wrong."

No. 718618 ID: dd338c
File 146143233969.png - (20.71KB , 800x800 , 19.png )

There's no replacement for hugs, but Alison can see herself becoming fond of "hugs" as well. The clerk continues explaining the finer specifications of his dick throughout the entire process, sounding oddly proud about it the whole way through. Alison tries her best to be polite and pay attention, but she honestly has no idea what he's talking about and probably wouldn't understand even if she wasn't being introduced to a new world of physical stimulation. Before Alison knows it, there's only a few minutes left.

Shortly before the timer beeps, though, he suddenly locks up, starts making grunting noises, and Alison detects an unknown fluid rapidly entering her.

"Oh my gosh are you okay?!" Alison asks.
"Yes he's okay!" says the Succubus. "That's supposed to happen! I remember this part, this has more in common than I thought with safe zone sex after all."
"Yes, I'm fine, you dumb virgin!" the Clerk talks over Succubus. "Sheesh, who just made you then let you run off without knowledge of anything? You're even having trouble keeping your shape up. Whatever, we're finished. Now take your payment and go before I feel like being nicer."

Alison is admittedly a bit confused, as she feels like she enjoyed it more than he did, but she's the one getting paid.

No. 718621 ID: a075ba

>Alison detects an unknown fluid rapidly entering her.
So... should we digest that for a little bit of battery power, or storing it for reuse when you eventually try this with a dick?

Wait this module can make dicks, too, right? You don't need another one? Hopefully not, or else the customer base you can sell yourself to is halved!

>what do
Get dressed, collect the 11 grand, tell him he has nice horns, and then go meet the Dead Batteries.
No. 718623 ID: 38685c

No. 718625 ID: 7ddd8c

Stow that fluid for now, hopefully the module includes instructions on "digesting" it. Give him a non-quote hug and tell him you'll see about calling by again when you're better at this. He's ultimately been pretty generous, after all, and this shop does sell modules, so you'll probably want to drop by again.

Bring those guys outside their money, and see about inquiring on more work. Ask them where the bounty shop is, too; getting even just a little combat capacity is probably a good idea, after all.
No. 718626 ID: 2a37de

Perhaps tell the guys outside you could only get 10000 and pocket 1500?
No. 718630 ID: a075ba

>Alison, and most of everyone else for that matter, wasn't sure what kind of feeling to expect
Somewhere on the order of 3 to 4 thousand virginities were all just lost simultaneously.

>Alison is admittedly a bit confused, as she feels like she enjoyed it more than he did, but she's the one getting paid.
Getting paid to do something you enjoy is called a "win-win". Don't question it!

Let's not try to rip them off. If they catch us, we might lose the criminal contacts we just made. Also, Alison isn't big on cheating people who she can work honestly with.
No. 718631 ID: 211d83

What do you mean feel like being nicer? It gets better than this?
No. 718633 ID: 5ad4a7

Does this basic sex module only come with female parts? Or can we turn into a male?
No. 718634 ID: 87547f

Thank him for being so nice to you.

Ask if there is any other sort of sex stuff he could tell (or show) you about before you go.
No. 718636 ID: 7ddd8c


As a jetal, I'd assume we could not only form both male and female organs, but all sorts of freaky multiple sets of everything.
No. 718640 ID: a075ba

It's the same problem we ran into with weapon modules. Jetalium can shapeshift into basically anything, but assembling a laser blaster on your own from memory, skill, and first principles in a reasonable time frame isn't reasonable. That's why you use a module- it's a premade standardized set of instructions you can order your jetalium to execute really fast all queued up for you.

(Although sex parts, the challenge isn't making accidentally making a weapon that doesn't function or blows up in your face as making something that's unappealing or unsafe for your partner. Whups, watch the robo-strength).

So what we can make at the moment is a mater of which parts are hard-coded into the module we just bought. Logically, you'd expect it to be able to make both sets of parts, but money-grubbing module makers potentially could have split them up. (Hopefully not, as the module name didn't specify male or female).

...hey, Remember Kolexia had that high end set of modules that acted as a manual drive for plasma weapons, and would theoretically allow a jetal to do whatever they wanted with it, given practice? I wonder if there's an equivalent manual drive for sexual things.
No. 718652 ID: 7ddd8c


Well, a plasma gun module (for example) only gave you the knowledge to make a specific type of gun, as well as how to use it, but it didn't restrict how you manifested the gun, as it were - you could make it shoot out your arm or your mouth or care bare stare it out of your stomach. I'd assume there's some flexibility here, though I'd avoid the upper reaches of the possibilities since it'd be pretty tasteless. By which I mean, not morally or anything, just gaudy.

Now I think of it, I suspect part of why this guy was so permissive was that he's screwed himself with his own dick, figuratively speaking. The implication is that robot and jetal partners are expensive, and his upgrade has made them his only option. For him this was probably more relieving discomfort than pleasure.
No. 718661 ID: 3cc68c

Wait did we cum? I mean that was new for the gang but I did not see a pile of half passed out twitching operators in the control room.

Tell him you want to see what him being nicer is.
No. 718671 ID: 8111b6

Hug, ask advice on a decent rate, collect and deliver money, collect fee, proposition gang members to see if we can get some more cash.

Also, make a mental note to examine things on your own later.
No. 718672 ID: 9c6d36

This is adorable.

You should ask him if higher rank moduels also increase the intensity of all those new feelings you were having.

If you haven't orgasmed yet and D-rank is capable of it, you should ask him to keep going.
No. 718678 ID: 7ddd8c


Patience, guys. This was a financial transaction and we've demanded enough already. Besides, so long as you don't have the biological issues flesh-and-blood males get from dissatisfaction, it's entirely possible to enjoy sex without getting an orgasm. In fact, if we were dealing in organics, an inexperienced lady would expect to have to try several times before managing it.
No. 718679 ID: 211d83


This guy has a super robot dick. If he can't fuck us silly who can? We need more moaning duelist.
No. 718680 ID: 5ad4a7

I think you've read too much hentai manga. Orgasms don't cause you to collapse and start twitching on the floor.
No. 718682 ID: 99a64d

Maybe not your orgasms.
No. 718692 ID: 9c6d36

They might if its a sensation you literally knew nothing about before hand.

We only got to see a few faces but thinking about how everyone in Alison's subconcious is experiencing "hugs" for the first time at the same time is perhaps the cutest thing. Especially guys like recluse who are usually stoic and grumpy.
No. 718753 ID: f562b1

To be fair she did lose cohesion. For a robot that's pretty impressive.
No. 718772 ID: dd338c
File 146152371542.png - (16.34KB , 800x800 , 20.png )

>Does this basic sex module only come with female parts? Or can we turn into a male?
It looks like this module allows for any standard parts.

>Ready to do this 50 more times?
As long as it gets closer to her goal!

>Did we orgasm?
Alison actually has no idea?

"Succubus did we orgasm?"
>"Yes. Like three times. How did you not notice?"
"I was distracted from the sex!"
>"Tha- ... never change, Alison."

"Thank you! Is there any other sex stuff you could show or tell me about?" Alison asks the clerk.
>"... go read a book, this is a robotic enhancement shop, not a sex ed class!"
"Well, does a higher rank module increase the intensity of those feelings?"
>"Yeah. And special traits to parts. Like my dick."

Alison hugs the clerk before he starts going on another lecture about his genitals, and resists the urge to ask what him being nicer is. Alison believes she's been prying a lot of niceness out of him already.

"One last question, then I'll leave you be! What's a decent rate for others if I keep doing this?"
>"How would I know! Get outta here."
"Okay! I like your long, curvy horns, by the way."

He says nothing, and starts edging Alison towards the door.
No. 718773 ID: dd338c
File 146152372630.png - (82.36KB , 800x800 , 21.png )

Alison goes back out to the dead batteries, digesting the fluids she got since she doesn't have a way to preserve them otherwise.

The one with sunglasses walks up.
>"You get it?"
"Yes." Alison says, handing him ten thousand.
>"You actually convince him to give you 11 grand?"
>"Dang. Shop was closed for a whole half hour and we only heard a little bit of fighting. What'd you do to him?"
No. 718774 ID: 211d83

I thoroughly fucked him if you know what I mean.
No. 718775 ID: bb78f2

Whatever I wanted to do to him.
So, do you have MORE legal jobs?
No. 718776 ID: a075ba

>What'd you do to him?
You were nice to him!

You asked politely, hugged him, had sex with him, and he gave you a module and the money. It was really easy, actually.
No. 718781 ID: 3cc68c

Promises of hugs and slight threats of violence followed by someone getting fucked until they could not walk straight.
No. 718788 ID: 5bd748

"He was in a bad spot already, and he knew it. I just made that clear to him, then offered him a little honey to help the medicine go down."

"Now, that guy was willing to deal with an unlicensed jetal, and he described you as bad guys, so it's a reasonable conclusion that you'd be willing, too. Mine is a tragic tale of a fresh unlicensed jetal loosed on the streets, with only one module to her name and little experience with that. I need some way to put spare jetalium and new modules on the table, and we've already helped each other once. Could you help me find any other opportunities? If you do, then I could practice using what I do have by putting it to use for you."
No. 718838 ID: 99a64d

Nothing much. I can be very persuasive.

Now is there anything else I can help you fine gentlemen with?
No. 718932 ID: f562b1

>What'd you do to him?
Well, there was a lot of talking, actually! He didn't like a few things I said but did like other things. In the end, he seemed satisfied with the arrangement, though he also seemed eager to get me out of there.
No. 718934 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh you know... stuuuuuuuuff.
No. 718935 ID: add40f

So, the module comes with sensations and instructions for how the physical parts work, but it does it come with programming for like... instincts? Responses? Making the appropriate sounds, expressions, body reactions, et cetera? Does it come with a sex drive as well as just the ability to do/enjoy it?

And how much can we pick out the "parts" and play with them? Experiment a bit if you have the chance, make a space under the coat or something to do it. Can you make the equipment appear anywhere on/in your body? Make multiple copies? Can you take certain elements of the functions, like just the pleasure receptors, and replicate them elsewhere to get the same stimulation from other body parts? Like, on sections of your "skin", inside the mouth, or anywhere else?
No. 719091 ID: a075ba

I'd expect there to be constraints on how creative we can get with the parts with the D-rank module.

Like, if we try and make tentacles dicks, we'll end up with jetalium protrusions that have a completely normal dick on the end.
No. 719172 ID: dd338c
File 146163392086.png - (59.82KB , 800x800 , 22.png )

>Does [the module] come with programming for like... instincts? Responses?
It does not, but Alison appears to already have those instincts and responses to the stimulation.

>Does it come with a sex drive as well as just the ability to do/enjoy it?
It doesn't.

>And how much can we pick out the "parts" and play with them?
The module has a specific set of predefined parts. Modifying this is possible, but involves freeforming the jetal body around it, and as such, if she's able to play with the module effectively, she can probably just do it from scratch to begin with.

It requires practice, so Alison will have a small team of people play around underneath her coat to practice freeforming.

>Can you take certain elements of the functions, like just the pleasure receptors, and replicate them elsewhere to get the same stimulation from other body parts?
It doesn't seem like it. She can recreate major senses like pressure, heat, cold and even smell and taste. However, while she can set up feelings that get interpreted as pleasure, it's not nearly the same as what the module appears to allow.

"I hugged him." Alison says to sunglasses. "If you know what I mean."
>"I don't, unless you mean you hugged him."
"I did. And then I had sex with him."

They stare at Alison for a long moment. Then they laugh quietly for a moment.

"Simple. Effective. Definitely not somethin' any of us could've done." Sunglasses pauses. "You guys. That was a joke." He says, to which the other two guys laugh for another moment. "My names Polatt. Part of the Dead Battery gang." He continues, putting his hand out. He shakes Alison's hand, but seems to hesitate.
>"Wait a second. Jetal?"

A lot of people quickly tell Alison that maybe she shouldn't blurt out that she's a jetal just yet, but none of them are quicker than Alison, who says "Yes." to Polatt.
>"Huh. Wouldn't have thought. Most jetals think they're above sex. You got a prostitution license?"
"I'd like to insist I'm completely legal but I'm not. In fact I am one of you guys. By that, I mean that I am also a criminal."
>"A non legal jetal who's not so stuck up about it. Wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it. Lotta market for a jetal like you. I'm seein' a business opportunity here, for all of us. We're a pretty big gang. Maybe not the biggest, but big enough to have our thumbs in a lotta... industries, let's say. Including prostitution. How'd you like to join our ranks? We show you the ropes, give you what you need and look out for you, and you just keep doin' what you just did. How about it?"
No. 719173 ID: 211d83

I think I might be interested.
No. 719174 ID: 5ad4a7

What's the pay?
No. 719175 ID: b2db3f

Yay I got invited to a gang. Dad would be so proud.

Tell them you would be delighted to join there club.
No. 719177 ID: 0a94cb

Gonna need a demonstration of expected profit.

In exchange for suitable services rendered, of course.
No. 719178 ID: bb78f2

Sounds fun, but I'm worried I'll get bored of sex eventually, so I'd like to spread out my criminal skills as well. Driving, Stealing, Muscling, you name it, I want to do it.

I want to have fun doing criminal things with you guys.
No. 719180 ID: 38af55

Tell them you'll be expecting more than 1,000 a pop. That module is not cheap.
No. 719181 ID: a075ba

>It requires practice, so Alison will have a small team of people play around underneath her coat to practice freeforming.
If you have Smuggler in there, some of you could buy some parts and practice other things. If you're going to do this for a living, you might want to be good at it!

>How'd you like to join our ranks? We show you the ropes, give you what you need and look out for you, and you just keep doin' what you just did. How about it?
So long as the pay is fair, and maybe if I can get my hands on more modules, that sounds great!

...hey, how do non-combat jetals keep their batteries and jetalium reserves up? Do you have a charger?

No, let's not up our threat rating.
No. 719184 ID: 09bde3

Agreed, the more of you experimenting, the more collective experience you'll all have to provide during any later sessions.

The experience differs for everyone, so each person is bound to have varying and helpful advice when the time comes this way.
No. 719185 ID: 38685c

This is a win/win proposal and these criminals are surely 110% trustworthy.
No. 719186 ID: 38685c

...But we'd like a contract with a high share of earnings.
No. 719187 ID: add40f


Tell them that sounds good, but they should know: while you do have the module for that kind of work, you're still a bit inexperienced with it, so you'll need some practice before you take on high-expectation gigs. Also, while you definitely have no problems using it, and would actually like to upgrade whenever that becomes possible, you'd like to look for other upgrades as well. It's a tough world, and you'd like to be able to defend yourself, plus being able to back your friends up whenever they may need it. You have some personal goals to aspire to.

Besides, your creator sent you out and told you to be a free individual, but you know how it is. You'd like to have something a little more... traditionally respectable for them to catch word of.
No. 719188 ID: a075ba

A contract is meaningless. We're doing illegal work, we can't get it arbitrated anywhere if they don't stick to terms.

Best bet is to rely on Alison's ability to win people over so they do play strait with us, instead of trying to cheat us. And Polatt was more than fair with us before.
No. 719192 ID: add40f


Well, the last time, Polatt definitely respected us. And it was very easy to respect us, because we were a walking murder machine. I get the sense that sex and sexuality is definitely looked down on in the old belenosian empire, so that might not be as much the case this time, though he seems to appreciate humility so far. And jetals are so powerful anyway, it may not be a problem. It's probably too much risk versus reward to try take advantage of jetals, unless you're convinced they're an idiot. I think we're ok, but we should watch out and make sure we pick up some heat soon.
No. 719222 ID: f562b1

>We show you the ropes, give you what you need and look out for you, and you just keep doin' what you just did. How about it?
Well, what you've been doing shouldn't paint a big target on you, so it founds fair enough!
No. 719278 ID: 8111b6

I'd say it sounds like a decent plan. Might look into something for... self defense purposes, if a client gets a bit too much of a bother.

I suppose another concern is that an emperor would likely be able to just own their own sex jetals with little to no trouble. ...so we'll eventually have to transition to a more hands/energy/projectiles/explosives on sort of approach, unless we were going after our rival.
No. 719280 ID: fb755d

>I think we're ok, but we should watch out and make sure we pick up some heat soon.
>so we'll eventually have to transition to a more hands/energy/projectiles/explosives on sort of approach

I think picking up heat / upping our threat level this early is the wrong way to go.

I see the lewd route as a low level challenge. It's a way we gather resources and reach endgame without combat. This means we never start the spiral of open jetal conflict in the streets, so Sevener has far fewer opportunities for law enforcement advancement, and the cops won't break out the good toys to arm her. (And if we're really smart, we can actually play sexual mediator and keep other powerful criminals from attracting her attention either). This leaves her crippled until she adapts (and is forced to join us in the gutter). This also means bounty hunters and nobles never start hunting us, so we don't need to arm up for defense. Long term, we approach Sapphire as an escort, and/or the same way his 4 Loviro built jetal guards did. We let him recruit us. Then we fuck him so hard he loses concentration and actually lets down his defences and we turn assassin.

The only weapons that build really allows are modules that have lewd applications and high rank assassins stuff designed to be invisible on a core scan. If we arm up too early, it messes up the approach.

(Off the top of my head, divisions would be useful for lewds. Hacking would allow mind to mind orgies. The Loviro sword might be useable as a morphing sex toy versus nobles with crazy shields? Master Musician could be used by a high class escort. Etc, etc).

Trickiest bit is how we get out of the Harvest simulation without getting violent. I'm thinking we'll have to 'befriend' the opperators to get information about the O-route, and/or earn a release for cooperation / good behavior.
No. 719300 ID: e98646


We're already an unlicensed jetal with an unlicensed module, so worrying about core scans isn't something that applies much more to having a weapon or shield, so long as we don't go to a high ranking with it. Remember, an unlicensed jetal like us is a prime target for other unethical jetals who want to bulk up their jetalium mass. We need some small thing to help us out if any of them think we can be hired for more than fun.

We could also probably do with some sort of nonlethal takedown module, the jetal equivalent of martial arts, so we can restrain biologicals without accidentally ripping their arms off.
No. 719327 ID: dd338c
File 146170986183.png - (19.75KB , 800x800 , 23.png )

"I'm interested, but what's the pay? I'm hoping for more than 1,000 per session, at least as soon as possible."

Another moment of silence followed by a louder laugh.

>"Girl, if we were some of those scumbuckets across town, we'd say we'll see what we can do and take advantage of your jokes. A jetal like you, working for us? You won't even find it worth your time picking up a thousand bucks you dropped on the ground."
"Then I'd be delighted, but I'd like you to know that even though I have this module, it's a low rank, and I'm also very inexperienced as well!"
>"Excellent." Polatt says, leading Alison in to a nearby car that Alison is sure is not a trap. Polatt and Alison enter the back seat, and the other two enter the driver and passenger seat. "Just had a conversation with my boss. Says you're in."
>"Just now. I'm a robot with good cell phone coverage. Now, you say you're inexperienced, but you just cracked a hostile clerk in no time. I'd say you've got good instincts. So don't worry about high-profile gigs yet, we can't trust that on someone's first job as a matter of principle anyway, so what we got for you is some low profile test runs. The sorts that'll pay well for you, but where failure is an option. Course, it ain't a good option, so don't fuck around. Metaphorically, anyway."
>"What we got there are three profiles. Those're your options. Choosing one doesn't lock out the others, but you do enough with one, you may unlock better options than the others, so doesn't mean you have to do all three either. So. Option A. Son of a crime boss who we got a tenuous alliance with. We'd send you to him as a gift of good will, but don't worry, we'd pay you ourselves. 20k. All we know about him is from his crime-dad, who says he's a shy kid who wants to meet the girls but needs a little confidence booster, so we figure we can set him up for some success and that crime ring will owe us a nice favor."
>"Option B." Polatt continues. "We know of a girl who's got a lot of illegal cash and likes to burn it on things that don't leave a trail of digital money pointers. Like illegal prostitution. We've set her up with some regulars, but we're sure she'd pay top dollar for something new like a jetal. We expect we could get 100k at the least for this, but remember, we're lookin' out for you as much as you're helping us, so even if the previous option pays less, we'll be more willing to part with goods if you do stuff that isn't just a money grab."
>"And then simple Option C. You go to a party, serve up some drinks, be the eye candy entertainment, all that. Probably pays modestly, maybe same as option A at 20k. Kicker is, it's a competitor's party. You'd be undercover. You see what you can learn. You give us some good info from all the mingling, we give you some bonuses ourselves."
>"Bottom line for all three." Polatt says, wrapping it up. "They'll take all day, and I'll set the details up for you, so you just gotta do whatever you did with the clerk."
No. 719330 ID: a075ba

Option A seems the good choice for the long game. We put our gang in a better position, and earn favors / connections and probably longer term payoffs in terms of modules and support. Our whole game is to climb a social status ladder as an escort, and this is a good dry run.

B is the quick payout, which matters less, really. We want to win over our allies and unlock options for better jobs / more modules than quick cash.

C is espionage, and a dice roll. We might learn something good, but it's sort of not exactly what we want, and it's dealing with hostiles and escalation if we're found out earlier than I'd like.

tl;dr: A.
No. 719331 ID: 211d83

They all sound fun but I like C.
No. 719332 ID: bb78f2

C sounds actually like a lot of fun. Undercover doesn't even sound that hard, since, well, first day of experience and life so like I won't have ANY tells I'm working for you.

A is also fun, because I'd get laid, but C has a lot of bonus opportunities, and I'm operating on a time frame. Just so you know, I'm in a life or death contest, and if the other jetal contestant wins, I die. So I have to win first. I can't tell you the goal just yet, or odds are that we will fail immediately, but towards the end of the game, you'll probably figure it out. Or soon, when my resources are spread out and I'm on solid ground.

Since I'm a jetal, I can take the form of a male, so like, should I for Option C? Hell, I could probably turn into a houseplant or toya, I don't even NEED to be a person shaped thing.
No. 719334 ID: b2db3f

Ok so option A would be cute but I think we need a bit more de-virgining before we go de-virgin a virgin. Otherwise its going to be a confusing mess of what goes where and how to seduce each other. Which honestly sounds sort of fun.

I like the idea of B. We get into the hands of someone experienced who wants to try our all a jetal has to offer. Should be fun.

And finally C sounds like a good one to do after we get a bit of practice under our belt. Although the party patrons would have a blast teasing the inexperienced new girl.

Honestly cant decide so after rolling a dice I ended up with B.
No. 719336 ID: 0a94cb


B and C seem more likely to go awry in some fashion that would be better going awry with some better modules under out belt.

Also, A is probably most likely to want hugs and hugs are great.
No. 719337 ID: b412df

I'd say A or C, both helps towards long term options. I don't think inexperience would impact those much either compared to B.
No. 719338 ID: 3cc68c

C. Go to the rival gang party and have everyone in the control room listening to every conversation in the house as we get fucked by anyone and everyone.
No. 719339 ID: 90f3c0

C sounds good for experience, since there are multiple possible 'hug' targets, especially if you're trying to pry information out of the guests. But we might want to start out with something simpler for the first mission.

Start with A, it seems the most straightforward.
No. 719340 ID: e98646

I'll say B, since it buys us a lot of spare time with our rental, and it sounds like the lady will be more interested in just something fresh rather than requiring too much expertise - she might even give advice, since she seems experienced herself, if we get on her good side.

However, A also seems like it would be a nice, pretty comfy job, making connections and helping out, curing mutual inexperience.

C, I think needs more experience before we do it, not so much with the module we have but just with social interaction in general. It'd be nice to pick up some performance modules or the like, if we're to be entertainment.
No. 719341 ID: 532992


Go get boned by the rich bored lady.
No. 719351 ID: be1222

C sounds the most interesting, at least! Plus a chance at a good bonus if we do well. I'd say that's a good place to start. A party is a good place to pick up "extra jobs" so to speak.
No. 719357 ID: dd338c
File 146171671905.png - (13.93KB , 800x800 , 24.png )

"I'll go with Option C."
>"Sounds good. Alright. Setting you up.... One moment." Polatt ends that in a robotic statement and stares off into space. "Okay. Details. We'll give you a special cell phone for this one. Hard to pick up on scanners, but we're gonna use it to keep an eye on you and hear all the conversations. Just hang around the ones that sound interesting. We can talk to each other using it as well, so you'll stay in the loop. Most important thing about this. You're not a combat jetal, so don't get in danger. If they find the cell phone, just hand it over and we'll take care of wiping any incriminating evidence on it before they can nab it. Point is, keep your safety above all else. Next detail."
>"The kind of party. It's a mixed bag. The sort of meet-your-boss's boss kind of party where the lower downs can meet the higher ups. So there's gonna be some low class goons, and some high class ritz. So you got one last choice before we go dropping you off, cause there's still gonna be a divide between the higher ups and the lower downs. Low end has less good stuff to say, but says it easier. High road has better stuff for us to hear, but are gonna have tigher lips about it. Good points and bad points on both, so what's more important is what you're more comfortable at. Pole dancer and trashy bar waiter if you wanna go low. Proper waiter, sparkling dress and all, if you want to go high."
No. 719362 ID: 38685c

We want to feel pretty so go with the sparkly dress. oh and the higher ups.
No. 719364 ID: e98646

Decisions, decisions! But, I think a jetal will fit in better at a high-class party. As far as I've gathered, jetals are super expensive to employ in anything they get employed at, so someone hiring a jetal to serve the goons will be suspicious. Whereas if we serve at the high-class section, then even if we mess up a little, we still get easily explained as some rich asshole hiring a jetal for menial work just to show off how rich they are.

Ask Polatt if those assumptions are about right, and if so, go for that. Maybe ask if there are any modules it'd be useful to rent for the party, for music or dancing, or maybe some sort of chef module that would give expertise on food and drink? So we can make wine recommendations or whatever, be a proper high-class waitress.
No. 719365 ID: a075ba

>>Open a cavity inside your jetalium body and call [...]
>Alison's jetal body is extremely basic, and she doesn't have the internal flexibility to call or speak like this yet.

>We'll give you a special cell phone for this one.

You need to up your morphability so you can operate your phone in a hidden cavity inside your body, with one person in the lobby controlling it. That way, no one can find it. (And if you had to, you could always crush it and scatter the bits through your body if you were searched).

>Proper waiter, sparkling dress and all, if you want to go high.
Alison, you know you want a sparkly dress. You love them. And you it's more fun winning people over than getting the easy ones to talk. You'll go high class.

Ask Polatt if this kind of party would be more receptive to you as a belenos morph, or a more jetal exotic shape. What's expected? (Should we break out the naga form yet, or wait till we have more mass for the tail? We might not be able to pull it off, yet).

Can you tell me anything about this gang? Or what they have to do with us? Might give me an idea which topics are worth listening into, if I have to choose who I interact with inside.
No. 719366 ID: 211d83

As fun as pole dancing might be I think we are more suited to the shiny dress party. (Which does not stop us from dancing on some poles mind you)

Ask what sort of appearance you should go for. What you look like now or something more exotic. Stay away from your Naga form to avoid being easily recognized by Sevener.
No. 719367 ID: a075ba

Oh, also, since this is a snooping mission, you might want more senses. Add a subtle rear view cam on your tail, and add additional audio-pickups, besides the ones in your ears. Maybe hide eyes / cameras in between the sequins in your dress- done right, a lens will blend right into the pattern. Assign different people in the lobby to listen to different feeds. (Scanner should probably organize the spy effort).

Start morphing before you get there, so you can get it done in time, and have gotten used to it.
No. 719450 ID: 8111b6

There's no class like high class. Perhaps we could also keep an eye on the other high class ladies that we wish to become and learn a thing or two. We could use what we learn to help Option A later.

Also, ask if 'side jobs' at aforementioned party are fine, should they come up. (If so, that 20k price point he listed might be a good measuring stick.)
No. 719497 ID: 15a025

Sexy sparkles with the higher ups.
No. 719583 ID: dd338c
File 146181153096.png - (40.65KB , 800x800 , 25.png )

"Fancy, please."
>"High aimer, huh? Good. We'll lend you a dress. A good one."
"While we drive, can you tell me about this gang and what they have to do with you?"
>"Sure. Mostly it's a laundering operation. The shadowy side of some major corporations that want to keep their shiny name shiny, so they brush all their dirt under the rug. You'll see some big name business belenosians, and a lot of their 'business partners' that are companies that run stuff like real estate, security, specialized infrastructure engineers and so on. All in on the sub-legal side of things. Vague stuff, we're not too sure ourselves. If we knew this was gonna be a big deal party, we'd send in one of our more experienced girls than our first timer. No offense."
"None taken!"
>"Good. Now here's the dress." Polatt says, rolling down a window as a car pulls up and throw a small box through their open window and into Polatt's open window. "Keep a hold of the box to return the dress in. You can hold a cell phone, yeah?"

Alison's lobby members have had enough practice to at least getting the hang of holding up a cell phone, and even formed an internal mouth so that she can speak through it in a small cavity inside of her. She does raise her morphability to help in this, but not so much that her battery usage skyrockets or such that she has difficulty keeping her form if she gets distracted or overwhelmed.

She also starts forming new eyes and audio receptors on her body that additional lobby people will monitor.

"Yes." Alison says to holding a cell phone.
"Are, uh, side jobs at the party fine?"
>"Long as you're still within range for some good conversation."
"Okay, thank you."

Everyone drives in silence for about 10 more minutes before Polatt speaks again.

>"Okay. Almost here, and we're set up. Your name tonight is Petunia. We're dropping you off at a corner block to get picked up, since we can't be seen. You tell 'em that Winch hired you on."
"Oh, should I stick to a belenos form, or go with something more exotic?"
>"Hm... nothin's really against the rules so long as you don't pick somethin' gimmicky, but nothin' screams 'I'm a jetal' like taking a few liberties with the belenosian stock build. Course, sky would be the limit, but the dress only can change so much form. So long as you've got a torso and a head and two arms where people expect 'em, the dress'll know what to do. Better pick fast, cause it's just a few blocks here."

A) Continue as Fembiter
B) Adjust body: _______
No. 719585 ID: 38685c

Tits are sexy right? More tits. 15 titties.
No. 719586 ID: 211d83

Ask him exactly what you have been "hired" to do at this party. Are you a cocktail waitress or a hostess or just a high class escort that wanders around and makes all the guys feel good about themselves anyway possible.

Basically do we have a specific job to aim for or are we just wandering around looking good and treating crime bosses like they are the king of the world.

Like what would be a side job anyway? Are we freely available to anyone there because that's what we are paid to do. Or are we just there and people can hire us for whatever.

As for your appearance I have no idea what else we could be. Ask Polatt if he likes this look and if so go for it.
No. 719587 ID: effa93

B), but only a few minor adjustments to face and horns. I'd like Fembiter to continue being our "real" face, as it resembles our "father" Loviro and was the one we took first and had some of our first experiences with. That given, we should be "in disguise" for this party.

Stay a belenosian woman, remaining on the sexy side, but bump up the elegance and delicacy of the features and reshape the horns into something understated but nicely fanciful. Something pretty to look at but that won't immediately catch the eyes, since we'll want people to forget we're there. Long eyelashes and ears, maybe a few pieces of fake but nice-looking jetal jewelery, which would be easy to hide sense organs in.
No. 719589 ID: b2db3f

Yeah we need a bit more info on our role.

1. Are the dead batteries paying us the 20k to go spy or is the party paying us 20k to be a escort/hostess/cocktail waitress and we get extra from the dead batteries for any info we get.

2. If we are being paid to be there and do whatever the patrons ask what would a side job be? We have never been to one of these parties so no clue how they work.

3. Ask him if your horns look good and what he thinks of your looks. Until we get more experience a belenosian body will probably be best. Will reel in more guys anyway. (Plus if we look like a contestant avatar this early it will make us noticeable to Sevener easier.)

After he tells you the last few things get that dress on and go wait for your ride.
No. 719591 ID: a075ba

>but nothin' screams 'I'm a jetal' like taking a few liberties with the belenosian stock build
Do I want people knowing I'm a jetal? I mean, I can't hide it if they get close, or pay attention, but I'm not sure if attracting attention makes it easier or harder to spy.

>dress cut for a belenosian
Okay, if we're using a real dress, we can't get too wild with our shape.

If we're undercover, "Petunia" should have a new face, so it won't mess things up later if we're seen in our default form with the dead batteries.

Change your horn shape (more swept back), and add some fancy markings on them. Tweak the face, maybe a little makeup around the eyes, or longer lashes. Go maybe a little taller. (If we're wearing a fancy dress you want to show some tail leg. Man, legs are weird, right?). Morph in high heels if the dress doesn't come with any. Maybe exaggerate the tail spade, or tweak the shape to match the motif of the dress. (Sequin shape, cut, pattern, etc. Take a peek at it now).

>Your name tonight is Petunia.
Oh, I'm Unity, by the way, when I'm not pretending to be someone else when I'm not undercover.

>what else ask
Clarify what the cover job is. What has Winch hired Petunia to do? Waitresses, dance, cater to the 'needs' of any guest who wants me? Not that you're not willing to, but it affects the act if they think it's expected or if you have to make them work for it / if it's extra.
No. 719594 ID: 3cc68c

Ask him about your cover job and what it entails.

Then make yourself look just a bit different so we can keep the fem arbiter look for later.

And then get into your dress and to that party. We have spent far to long sitting in cars talking and not enough time entertaining mobsters.
No. 719599 ID: a075ba

Oh, and when it's time, and don't forget to get naked and change into that dress right in front of Polatt, no shame.
No. 719601 ID: effa93


I think a little shorter than average would be better. We want to be cute/pretty but also easy to overlook.
No. 719822 ID: dd338c
File 146197102572.png - (20.17KB , 800x800 , 26.png )

"Do I look alright?"
>"You look great."
"Nothing to improve? Maybe the horns to be more swept back?"
>"That couldn't hurt, if you like."

Alison starts changing into her dress by absorbing her trenchcoat material. Polatt's respirator makes some funny noises, but Alison hears someone in the lobby.
>"15 titties!"
>"Guardsman no!" says Scanner.

"Okay." Alison keeps talking to Polatt while she slightly adjusts her face and horns. "What exactly is my job?"
>"Probably just eye-candy and tend to guests, but you may get more direction from them."
"And are they the ones paying me, or you?"
>"Nah. Winch is our inside guy, and if anything, we'd be paying him to let you in. So we're paying you. Course, if you find those 'side jobs', that'd be them."
"What counts as side jobs?"
>"Eh? I don't know, you're the one who brought 'em up. Can you hear me?" Polatt says that last question in her phone.
>"Good. We're here, go get out and do your best at whatever it is you're gonna do."
"Okay. Thank you for your help, Polatt."
>".... yeah. No problem."
No. 719823 ID: dd338c
File 146197103962.png - (95.87KB , 800x800 , 27.png )

Alison gets out of the car, and only has to wait another moment. All of the passing cars appear to all be going at exactly the speed limit, but one slams on the brakes in front of Alison.

>"Petunia right?! Get in, fast!" A voice is heard from the car, although it doesn't look like anyone's inside.
No. 719824 ID: 211d83

Ask who sent them. Never hurts to be careful.

Then if they say Winch get on in.
No. 719825 ID: 4546ab

Remind yourself to get a respirator for fitting in outside.

Jump in the car we don't want to linger out here in the smog long.
No. 719828 ID: 0a94cb

Since they called us Petunia, they're either our contact so it's fine, or they have insanely unreasonable surveillance capabilities and we're completely screwed no matter what we do, so it's fine.

Get in yon vehicular contraption.
No. 719831 ID: a075ba

>"15 titties!"
>"Guardsman no!"
At least he's getting into it.

...if starts causing too much of a ruckus, maybe Scanner will end up having to 'distract' him.

I'm torn on if we should add gloves. I suppose it depends on how it's cut- they'd look better with a longer dress. I can't tell if it's cut short or not. (Well, short would certainly be appropriate for what we're doing).

>"Petunia right?! Get in, fast!"
"I'm not rushing anywhere, in this dress." (It's a legit excuse, and you don't want to tear it).

Sashay over there, and bend over (a lot) to look into the car, and give whoever's inside (and whoever's behind you) an eyeful.

"That's me. And you are?"

(Don't get in unless he answers Winch).

Have to be a little careful, and not just jump in, in case Sevener somehow picked up our trail already, or this is Felix and his talking car come to pick us up in slightly different circumstances.
No. 719832 ID: 4d7c27

You heard 'em, get in fast.
No. 719869 ID: dd338c
File 146198052142.png - (110.82KB , 800x800 , 28.png )

Alison gets in as fast as the demand would have her. She ends up more climbing into the seat than properly sitting down. Although Alison was able to get walking down immediately, doing anything more than the very basics reveals her inadequate practice with real legs.

>"These high heels do look troublesome." says Duelist.
"Yes." Alison says.

>"Keep on walking, dumbass!" the car yells at someone who Alison sees watching her enter.

The door shuts on Alison just before she was completely inside, and the car zooms to exactly the speed limit in almost no time.

>"Winch told me you were good, and you've got a good start getting in the car without a big questionairre even on short notice. So keep that up, because none of your clients are the kind that go to a party to get sass or an interrogation from a showgirl."
"What exactly am I doing? Also, who's speaking?"
>"I'm the car, dummy! You report to the kitchen, 80th floor, follow the signs. They'll give you a party platter of something you're not allowed to eat - don't know why you would - and go out to the public floor, which is most of the rest of the 80th, where you're to walk around the entire perimeter to make everyone feel cozy, welcome and king of their fishbowls. And don't just butt into conversations that interest you, if you want to talk, you better do it because a client talks to you in a way that's asking for you to respond, and you respond in a feel good way. It's probably the simplest job you've ever seen, so do everyone a favor and turn your brain off. If you do well at this, and that mostly means not fucking up basic social skills, we may put you on better tasks. Understand?"
No. 719871 ID: 211d83

So look pretty make everyone feel good and keep quiet unless someone talks to me first. I understand.

For this party we need to remember we are not a spy so no sneaking around or trying anything silly. If we do our jobs and look harmless we will hear way more good stuff than if we start acting suspicious. The more drinks and food we can get into people the more they will get used to our presence and chat about important stuff.
No. 719872 ID: 4d7c27

"Mostly" not fucking up basic social skills, huh? I don't suppose any of the clients at this sort of party are likely to have any weird pet peeves, are they? Any big names known for getting annoyed easily by anything? Aside from being sassed or interrogated, of course?

>trouble walking

Before the party, if you get the time, you need to practice moving in a nice gliding walk, with a little bit of a hip sway as befits the high heels, in a variety of elegant speeds. In fact, does anyone with legs in there have more experience? I assume contestants do experience a simulation of their own bodies' weights and momentum and proper limb movement and such. Succubus, for example? You could let her do the walking while you continue taking care of the talking. Though you should still practice a bit with the tray if you get the chance.

Perhaps there's some shopkeeper function of your lobby that would allow you to temporarily gain legs and practice with them? Or occupy an internal simulation of Unity's form? We'll be in this car for at least a few minutes.
No. 719873 ID: 4546ab

The more you pretend to be a empty headed slut the easier it will be to get info out of your lecherous drunken partygoers.

The party organizers don't want stupid girls cause they don't know enough to be good escorts.

But they really don't want girls who will ask questions or pay to much attention to things. Those are the informant or undercover types. So follow orders to the letter and let them think you are the perfect girl for the job. Even if we only learn a few things this time around if we give them a good impression you will have more chances later.
No. 719874 ID: a075ba

>"These high heels do look troublesome." says Duelist.
See if Succubus can give you some pointers. And if you don't pick it up fast enough, we might want her walking the walk at the fancy party.

So... the car deliberately tried to provoke questioning, to see if we would backtalk or question it. They're screening for showgirls who will actually just do as they're told and be vapid eye-candy and not backtalk.

If we weren't already playing dumb to try and get close enough to overhear things, we have to play dumb in order not to be tossed if we don't live up to our employer's expectations.

So you pretty much gotta be a ditzy showgirl.

Keep your answer short and sweet, that's what the client expects / wants of you.

"Yes, sir."

Or Smuggler. This is sort of out of Shopkeep's normal purview, but Smuggler could have stowed away like Succubus.
No. 719875 ID: a075ba

Oh, also, you need to test if you can pipe audio and/or visual to your hidden internal phone. See if Polatt is getting the conversation with the car, and make adjustments if he can't. (This is the kind of thing Scanner proved good at managing last time, if it needs tweaking).

"Well the car's kind of a jerk. Could you hear it fine?"
No. 719879 ID: 595d54

"Mostly. What else, servicing people who ask for it?"
No. 719882 ID: 0a94cb

Seems simple enough. If there is opportunity to ask questions, it should probably be feel-good opportunities for people to brag about themselves. Which is fine, decent intel can be got from that.
No. 719883 ID: 4d7c27


Maybe be a little more subtle with this question. Something like "what's the policy if a client asks me for something that would take me off the rounds for a while?"

Though, that "we may put you on better tasks" comment suggests to me that there are multiple stages to this little get-together. Starting with a more open meet-and-greet or mixer, then maybe a meal, then perhaps to a more intimate bar/club setting where people will be gathering in corners to have secluded discussions, then people going back to rooms for private deals or private parties, that sort of thing. And perhaps the clientele will get more select as the evening goes on, so less staff will be necessary and we'll have to qualify ourselves?
No. 719887 ID: a075ba

After the car made a point about not asking questions, I think we'd be better off not asking that at all.

If a client want something from us, we'll respond in a "feel good way". No overthinking it.
No. 719888 ID: 595d54

Fair point. Retracting my question.
No. 719974 ID: dd338c
File 146203684683.png - (20.73KB , 800x800 , 29.png )

"Yes sir, my only question is what if a client wants to take me off to the side, or otherwise prevent me from making my rounds for more than a moment?"
>"Depends if they're a somebody. If they're important, you let 'em have you, if they're just some underling no one would miss that wants to act like a big shot, then let them down nicely. And no, we aren't sharing our database with you, so you gotta figure out who's worth getting dragged off by. Choose well, you get rewarded, choose bad, you don't. That all the questions?"
"Yes, sir."
>"Good. Now grab a tag from the glovebox and tell me your number."
"Okay. It's 96. Wait, it's upside down..... it's still 96."
>"Seriously... okay. That's your 'employee' number. Just tells us where you are and who's who for us."

>"Polatt, can you hear me?" Scanner asks of Polatt's phone. "And can you hear the driver?"
>"Loud and clear."

The rest of the drive is in silence, and Alison is dropped off in front of a parking lot elevator. She rides it up to the 80th floor and, sure enough, there's a directory that includes the kitchen.

Alison sees a couple other girls going in and out of the kitchen on the way, and other waiters using side entrances and exits while cooks yell at each other.

>"96, right?! Take a tray, make the rounds." A cook calls out from behind a wall opening where a few trays are.

>"I just figured out how to use the internet on Polatt's phone." says Scanner. "The first tray is an alcoholic drink that's expensive but popular as safe party options. The second is a kind of, uh, sweet treat with mildly addictive properties for biologicals, with calming properties. Apparently it's very popular, too. The third one is a sort of cheese that, well, is more known for its smell than its taste."
No. 719977 ID: 211d83

So booze, drugs, and stinky cheese. Each one will lure in a different type of person.

Booze most everyone will want.

Drugs will be desired by the stressed out and skittish.

And Stinky cheese by the annoying art critics.

Lets start our rounds with booze. At least until we know the party better.
No. 719978 ID: a075ba

Have you gotten the hang of walking with legs yet? If you're still wobbly at all, the drinks are probably the easiest thing to spill. (Also the easiest to spill if we have to put the tray aside because we're pulled away for a side-job).

>And no, we aren't sharing our database [of who's important] with you, so you gotta figure out who's worth getting dragged off by
Luckily, we have the dead batteries on the line, and there's a reasonable chance they'll recognize important underworld types. They're probably the same people they'd want us to listen in to, anyways.

>which choose
I'm leaning towards the drugs, since we can't spill them as easy, they're popular, and anything with calming properties might make it easier to lead conversations in a particular direction if we need / want to.

Booze is a reasonable second choice, since it's also popular, and can loosen lips as well.

(Although we don't know how many of the people here are biological and actually subject to the effects of alcohol and the "sweet treat". Robots, jetals and/or sufficiently augmented biologicals won't be able to be drugged).
No. 719980 ID: 4546ab

Go go Cheese platter. You won't spill that while getting used to high heels.
No. 719983 ID: 3cc68c

Good point about the booze and our newly acquired legs and heels.

Lets go for cheese or drug candy.
No. 719984 ID: 93bc27

Cheese seems like the obvious option to not be able to sneak up on people or get approached too often.

On the other hand, for the first little while, it might be good to hold off on getting too swamped? Scope out the party, observe how people are mingling, who has a lot of people listening to them, who's deferring to who, et cetera. The cheese is tempting for that, but too risky, really. The booze is common and probably less noticeable, and less likely to be looked down on by people who don't indulge. The treat will have more people seeking you out, but they'll be less pushy than if they're liquored. If it "calms" people, though, it might be good to get it into circulation if we want people to start slipping. The same sort of applies for the liquor, too, though. And there are probably lots of wait staff around who are topping people up on both, so our contribution might not matter.

The treat, then, since you're less likely to spill it by accident.

And don't forget to practice walking in a good-looking way, if there's any space to do so. Legs together, sway hips a bit, et cetera. See how well you can elegantly balance the tray on one hand (can you subtly make little suction cups on your fingers to secure it? Only if you can morph them away again at a moment's notice). It's probably too late, but if you can you could slim your limbs a little as well, look a little more delicate and harmless.
No. 719985 ID: dd338c
File 146203899407.png - (16.73KB , 800x800 , 30.png )

Alison looks at the booze tray full of cups that are full of liquid that is capable of splashing.

>"Alison." says the Succubus. "I can carry the tray if you're afraid of spilling something. You can practice walking with high heels another time."

This is true. Alison can speak while Succubus walks, so Alison shouldn't let her lack of practice control her decision here, unless she wants to practice right now no matter what.
No. 719986 ID: 4546ab

Have Succubus walk then anyways.

And then grab whatever and get out there.
No. 719987 ID: 3cc68c

Hooray for people with legs living in our head.

Go booze then I guess.
No. 719988 ID: a075ba

I still think we should go with the drugged lollipops. We still have to worry about the drinks if try to bed anyone, or need to move quickly, etc.

Also, yeah, Succubus has practice with sexy-walk with heels and a spade-tail, she can show off, drinks or not. Pay attention to what she's doing and you can try it later.
No. 719993 ID: 93bc27

Yeah, let succubus drive. Will we get to see some "sorry, sir, I need to go over there - I SAID, I need to go over THERE" shenanigans?

I guess I'll say treats, still, for now. Booze will bring us to more sociable/loose-lipped people, but we don't want to do that right away. Let's scope the scene with the drugs and go back for a booze tray later.
No. 719997 ID: dd338c
File 146204483474.png - (19.38KB , 800x800 , 31.png )

"Okay, take over for me!" Alison says to Succubus. "Take the candy tray, please! Oh, I wish we had a shopkeep function in here just so I could practice walking with legs. I wish I didn't keep Smuggler from joining."
>"Actually, I came on anyway." says Smuggler.
"Oh! Okay. Do you have functionality?"
>"Actually, yes, just in the lobby, since it apparently works like a safe zone in ways. So... legs, right?"
"Yes please!"

Alison feels kinda funny and wrong with legs, but it's for the greater good.

>"Oh, I can look up walks for you to reference." says Scanner. "On the internet."
"Okay! Well, I can just watch Succubus do it and mimic her."
>"R...right." Scanner sounds a little disappointed.
No. 719998 ID: dd338c
File 146204485361.png - (27.56KB , 800x800 , 32.png )

Succubus is able to keep the tray perfectly level while walking in an exaggerated sort of way, and Alison pays attention to it while practicing.

The party itself seems relatively mellow. Tables, booths and miniature rooms occupy the second floor where people have sit down meals, while the first floor has various tables for more stationary snacks. There are also some games, Alison notes, which have people gambling on them.

The layout doesn't change much despite that it's a large area.

>"We're hearing some maybe conversations." says Polatt. "But keep on walking for now."

There are also balconies overlooking the skyline, Alison notices, and the party seems as calm out there as it does inside.

About half of Alison's tray is gone by the time she gets through most of the floor, when an organic belenos starts glancing between Alison's tray and Alison's body. No one can fully pinpoint why he's staring at her in that way.
No. 720002 ID: a075ba

>Alison feels kinda funny and wrong with legs, but it's for the greater good.
And it's not like they're permanent or anything.

>>"R...right." Scanner sounds a little disappointed.
Don't worry Scanner, I'm sure we'll find plenty for you to look up!

Like, um, we're mostly pretty new at this sex stuff we're doing to make money. Maybe the internet has tips? Poor Scanner is gonna get a crash course on pornography.

Although maybe right now we need to focus on our surroundings and if we can hear anything interesting.

>party scouting
Any guesses who the important people are yet? See anyone with an entourage, or who is dressed way better than the others, that kind of thing?

>when an organic belenos starts glancing between Alison's tray and Alison's body. No one can fully pinpoint why he's staring at her in that way.
He wants candy drugs and/or he wants you and/or he wants to eat candy drugs off your naked body.

Approach him, offer him a sweet, see how he reacts. If we're lucky, we get information from him, or he brings us to people who are more interesting. If we're not, we have to extricate ourself from his attention.
No. 720003 ID: 93bc27

For people who want things off a tray, the games are probably the best bet. If there's gambling going on, you can check out who's being free with their money, as that indicates either someone who has lots of funds to begin with or someone who's gotten a big payoff recently. Either way, good targets for getting info, especially if being focused on the game means they don't have as much focus for guarding their tongues. They might be looking for something calming, too.

>guy staring at us

Suffering from the double temptation pangs, I'd guess. If he's that tense, though, it's probably because he doesn't have the resources to get what he's jonesin' for regularly, so he'd be unlikely to be a big shot. Is he hanging out with anyone, or wandering around by himself? The latter would be another count against his importance ranking. Just ask if he'd like something from the tray, then move on.
No. 720004 ID: 38685c

Ignore it. He's not confident enough to be a bigwig. Unless you want sex more than money which is a valid system of priorities.
No. 720005 ID: 595d54

He wants something sexual and given how nervous/terrified he seems he knows he's not important enough to get a shot. >>720002 works, he's still a guest so he can have the tray, but remember he's not getting laid.
No. 720006 ID: 5ad4a7

>on the internet
Scanner: look up porn on the internet.
No. 720007 ID: 93bc27

Oh, make sure the front of your dress isn't slipping down. It's not really secured by anything except how well you're... jutting out, there.

He might be thinking how easy it would be to just yank on the front of the dress. Are you making yourself anatomically correct under the dress or not bothering because it's covered? I'm not sure which would be the more tactically sound option.
No. 720008 ID: a075ba

Well, we're a jetal. There's no reason we couldn't make the skin under the dress basically velcro to hold our dress up if we wanted to. We'd just have to morph back to normal when someone wanted to take it off.
No. 720009 ID: dd338c
File 146204768349.png - (22.06KB , 800x800 , 33.png )

"Oh, Scanner! We should look up porn on the internet. Can you do that for me."
>"Ah, sure!"

>Oh, make sure the front of your dress isn't slipping down.
It's a surprisingly good fit, and doesn't seem to slip at all.

>Are you making yourself anatomically correct under the dress or not bothering because it's covered?
Yes, she resembles a pretty normal biological.

"Say, is our dress revealing?" Alison asks.
>"Yes, it really is." says Succubus. "But judging by the other girls here, we aren't out of place, so don't worry."

>Any guesses who the important people are yet? See anyone with an entourage, or who is dressed way better than the others, that kind of thing?
There does seem to be a variety of groups hanging together in circles and semicircles. It's hard for Alison to gather who the big shots are, but she and the lobby have a few good guesses.

Alison heads up to him, and he gets tense as he's approached.

"Would you like one?" Alison asks him.
>"A-ah, I shouldn't. I've been, uh, off them, and I wouldn't want to, you know, take a whole bunch!" His eyes still dart between the tray and Alison.

In fact, come to think of it, nearly everyone is either in a group or looks like they have someplace to be. This person is just standing here being a little awkward.

He definitely doesn't look important, but he does look suspicious.
No. 720010 ID: a075ba

...I wonder, did we stumble across another spy? Maybe he's here for the same reason you are, just disguised as a guest, and not doing a very good job of blending.

If he is a spy, we might get rewarded by the people we're ostensibly working for if we blow his cover. Or we might be able to get information from him in exchange for not messing up his cover.

I think we should nudge him a little. He's nervous, see what happens if we keep pushing.

>what do
Are you all right, sir? Can I get you anything else, or, have you lost your friends in the crowd perhaps?
No. 720011 ID: 595d54

"Oh, I'm sure no one would mind you just having one? You're a honored guest, after all?"
No. 720015 ID: e8d47e

Well he isn't likely to spill anything important if he's alone, and if he is a spy I don't see any point in blowing his cover. If we were here as something more long term I could see ingratiating ourselves to them, but we're just here to spy for this night, so I don't see the point. Politely tell him you'll be around if he changes his mind and continue to stroll about.
No. 720017 ID: 8111b6

"Well, if these aren't your preference, I'm sure other refreshments will be making their rounds soon. Relax a little. It's a party after all, right?"

Move on. If he's still standing around and being awkward on our next round, we can decide something then.

If he's going to be trouble, it's no big deal for us, considering these guys aren't our employers, and we're not a bodyguard.
No. 720018 ID: 211d83

Well if candy is not to your liking there is plenty more on the menu. (meaning yourself)

Well I will be here all night if you want a taste. Just make sure you get some of what you are after before its all gone.

Then wink at him and slowly walk away.
No. 720019 ID: dd338c
File 146205265617.png - (24.13KB , 800x800 , 34.png )

"Are you alright, sir? Can I get you something else?"
>"Oh, no, but..."
"There's plenty of other stuff on the menu."
>".... Ah what the hell you only live twice if you're lucky!"

He lunges forward without a warning, and shoots an open hand forward to make a grab. He scoops up four candies and starts munching on them.

>"I shouldn't, but... I'm going to."
"Okay! Let me know if I can help. You're an honored guest, after all." Alison winks.

Succubus moves on to the rest of the area. Shortly before she finishes making it around the building, a jetal takes one of the few remaining candies, pops it into his mouth, then looks surprised. He eyes Alison.

>"Hey. Miss. What's this stuff made of?"

>"Ah!" says Scanner. "That's a big head manager suspected of doing a lot of drug trafficking."
No. 720020 ID: 5ad4a7

Well tell him. I mean, we have a general idea, right? But be sure to state that it's what you think is in them, you can't be sure.

Is there a problem?
No. 720021 ID: 211d83

I don't know the exact ingredients sir. Just that its a sweet treat that helps you relax.

The kitchen hands out these trays so you might want to ask there if you are worried about allergies or something.
No. 720023 ID: b412df

Probably best to say you don't know, but can find out of he wants you to. Since he doesn't look particularly happy, deflecting any possible ire away from you might be a good idea.
No. 720025 ID: dd338c
File 146205373097.png - (17.92KB , 800x800 , 35.png )

"Oh, uh...."

Scanner completes a search, and Alison gives him a brief rundown of the main ingredients.

The jetal leans in close.

"But! I should be clear that I only hand them out, but if you like, I can find a cook to find out?"
>"I mean the fact that I'm detecting certainl unique qualities to this. Qualities that I'm pretty sure belong to a syndicate that I belong to. A syndicate that never allowed for redistribution like this. You guys think that you can just serve my own goods to me?"
No. 720027 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell him you wouldn't know anything about that, you're new. Ask if there's a way you can make it up to him. Perhaps you can smooth things over by way of performing a service for him?

I'm saying seduce him to calm him down.
No. 720028 ID: a075ba

He's totally a member of the lollipop guild. And we just served his own melted down drug lollies back to him.

Our only real play here is to attempt to smooth things over with him, get a bonus from our employer for it, and maybe some info for the dead batteries.

Also we want to play diplomat between the gangs. If we keep the criminals peaceful and not fighting with each other, that gives Sevener less targets she can use to power up on as a cop.

>You guys think that you can just serve my own goods to me?
>what say
I have heard it said, sir, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And who else produces goods of a quality high enough to be served to you?

However, if you aren't pleased by this flattery, perhaps I could make it up to you by "flattering" you in another manner?
No. 720029 ID: 211d83

Oh dear. I never realized that these might infringing anything. I just was told to hand them out to anyone that might like some candy.

Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? (Act seductive) I might just be a floor girl but if there is anything I can do to help let me know.

While you are sucking up to him remember to palm a sweet and hide it inside you for later. This is good evidence for our employees.
No. 720031 ID: a075ba

Oh, the other angle to play this: if he's dissatisfied with this gang redistributing their drugs, that might be an opening for the Dead Batteries to open dealings with his syndicate in their place.

If we're going to steal one of the sweets without being noticed, make sure Bandit is the one who does it.
No. 720033 ID: 4546ab

I don't believe that any disrespect was intended sir. If these are in fact created from your goods then serving them in there original form would imply a familiarity between your organizations that may not exist.

Changing how they looked was probably only so that people did not get the wrong idea.

That being said if there is anything I can do personally to make you feel better about the situation let me know. I am here to make sure you thoroughly enjoy the party if you know what I mean.

Seduce the hell out of him to calm things.
No. 720035 ID: 0a94cb

Having sex with a jetal maybe isn't the best idea since he'd definitely detect we're a jetal, which looks super suspicious probably. Maybe.
No. 720036 ID: dd338c
File 146205525526.png - (44.98KB , 800x800 , 36.png )

"I didn't know these might be infringing on anything, since I'm new here and just passing them out! I'm sure no disrespect was intended, and I've heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Still, I understand if flattery isn't what you're after here, so is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"
>"Hrmph, don't give me this 'I'm new' business. What kind of jetal would settle for passing around candy in a form like that? I think you know damn well what kind of message you're sending me, here."
"Really, I don't! Is there a service I can do for you? I'd like you to know that I don't mean poorly, so I really would like to make it up to you." Alison says with that wink wink nudge nudge tone she's managed to pull off.
>"... low jetalium... and only module on you is a low ranking pleasure piece. Maybe you really aren't an agent tryin' to tell me something."

"Polatt?" Alison asks.
>"Yeah. I'm thinking. That's a good mark, and if you can find out any dirt on what those gangs have to do with each other, all the better."

Alison has Bandit sneak one of those candies inside of herself during all of this.

>"Alright, I can think of something befitting a jetal like you." says the mob boss. "But if you aren't up for that, then how about you just get me one of your bosses to have a chat with me, and you can go back to doing whatever it is you're doing in a place like this."
No. 720038 ID: 211d83

Ok whats the job then?
No. 720040 ID: a075ba

>Maybe you really aren't an agent tryin' to tell me something.
>>"Yeah. I'm thinking. That's a good mark
If he's dissatisfied with the gang he's working with here, revealing yourself as a contact with the Dead Batteries and attempting to steal his business is an option, Polatt. I'm not sure if I should risk an open approach, but if you think it's worth it, I could make a play if I can get him alone.

>>"Alright, I can think of something befitting a jetal like you."
*sultry* I think I've more than up for what you're thinking of, sir.
No. 720041 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell him you are here to serve.
No. 720043 ID: 4546ab

I am more than happy to help you with "whatever" you might like.
No. 720044 ID: 3cc68c

Time to find out what jetal sex is like. Find a secluded private room and let him fuck your brains out.
No. 720049 ID: dd338c
File 146205747790.png - (27.81KB , 800x800 , 37.png )

"I'd be more than happy to serve, then! For whatever it is you have in mind."
>"Alright. Let's get outta here. Follow me."

He leads Alison to an elevator, and they take it up a few floors.

"Would revealing myself as a dead battery be too risky of a play, Polatt?"
>"Yeah. Keep that hidden."

>"You don't look like you've got all the bulbs on, so you know this stays with us, right?"
"I'm discreet, yes."
>"Good. Since you've got entry level ranks, I'm not expecting much. You serve jetals often, or are you down on your luck or something? Cause a D-Rank is what jetals get when they just want to 'experiment' with installed sexuality without getting into the full taboo."
No. 720051 ID: 595d54

"I'm low on jetalium and I only have the one module. I'm sure someone like you knows what that means."
No. 720055 ID: a075ba

>You serve jetals often, or are you down on your luck or something? Cause a D-Rank is what jetals get when they just want to 'experiment' with installed sexuality without getting into the full taboo.
You're... working your way up your luck. Haven't made it past D-rank, yet, but you'd be interested in 'experimenting' with the higher levels.

You have something better, I take it? (Maybe if we play our cards right, we'll get to absorb / copy a better sexuality module. Last time, in the harvest, module absorption was copy/paste, I think. It didn't become cut/paste until after we made it to the 'real' world.)

I bet he's going to be surprised when the Operator bonus kicks in. Our D-rank anything is going to be way better than anyone else's.
No. 720060 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell him you're a bit low on funds, yeah. Trying to work your way up.
No. 720066 ID: 93bc27

Your creator was a kind of backroom experimenter, and you only recently got out to living on your own. (That will explain you missing a few "bulbs".)

You have some friends who helped you pick up this job, and you hope to work your way up soon, but to be honest you're still a little inexperienced for now! Still, you don't see any of this as shameful, and you don't intend to leave this at "experimenting". You'd like to pick up upgrades to this module, when you can.
No. 720069 ID: dd338c
File 146206006637.png - (11.35KB , 800x800 , 38.png )

"Well, you can tell I'm low on jetalium and have a low ranking module. I'm trying to work my way up, though, so I'd love to try something better than a D-Rank!"
>"Haha, I'm sure. We'd all like better ranks. That mean you haven't serviced many?"
"Actually, my creator is kind of a backroom experimenter, and I only recently started living on my own. You're the first jetal I've been with. I hope that's not a problem."

He pauses, then makes an unnervingly wide grin.

>"A jetal virgin? Oh, no, this is perfect. You know what the trouble is with jetals having sex? It's too damn easy to overload your senses, get idealized forms, and even just change your tastes. You get bored and accustomed to it. So either you drain your wallet buying better and new modules to refresh the pleasure on, or you find out ways to enjoy what you've got. For me? Finding out a way to ride off the feelings of Jetals who haven't jaded themselves. What's your name?"
>"Well, Petunia, you're going to have some fun, and I'm going to have some fun just seeing how much you can take." he says, leading Petunia to a room.
No. 720070 ID: dd338c
File 146206009403.png - (20.96KB , 800x800 , 39.png )

They enter it, and he shuts the door behind him while starting to grope Alison. Her body wants to shake again, but she handles it better than the first time. Her module does seem to make her body behave accordingly to how Alison and the lobby feels, regardless of how she tries to manually control the body.

>"Get that dress off."

He doesn't stop feeling up Alison, so Alison just starts absorbing the dress inside of her while he starts pushing her to the bed.

Some of his jetalium is going inside of Petunia.

>"Er - wait a second." Scanner says. "He's coming in!"
>"Is that bad?" says Recluse.
>"No, I mean in our core! Like... I don't think he's actually hacking it, but I think he's sending an image inside? I think we should hide, because jetals are only supposed to have a single consciousness inside of them."
No. 720072 ID: 0a94cb

Perhaps if we ingratiate him to ourselves he'll pass on some useful information on inter-syndicate relations. You know, so we can keep our heads down.
No. 720075 ID: 211d83

Hide everyone in the control room but Alison but have them on standby.

Then enjoy the ride.
No. 720076 ID: 5ad4a7

Uhhh, yeah! Succubus can do the interacting I guess, and everyone else can stay out of sight.
No. 720077 ID: e8d47e

Have all but Alison hide. See what this image he's trying to upload is.
No. 720078 ID: a075ba

>Finding out a way to ride off the feelings of Jetals who haven't jaded themselves.
>He's coming in
I wonder if it's some kind of feeling tap / feedback loop, so he can actually get part of what we're feeling?

...if he plans on getting off by tapping into our senses, and he gets feedback from everyone inside here... I think we're gonna knock his socks off.

>I think we should hide, because jetals are only supposed to have a single consciousness inside of them.
Could we get Smuggler to create a false wall around Alison and the "front" of the lobby? The others can hide behind it.
No. 720079 ID: 4546ab

Have everyone but Alison hide behind some curtains and see what he is sending.

I think he wants to link with our core so he can watch our responses to him pleasuring us.
No. 720080 ID: 93bc27

He wants to experience the feelings you're feeling, basically.

As for him finding us, well, we DID just say we were experimental. If he finds multiple people in here, it wouldn't be too terrible, though he probably still shouldn't find a lot of them. Quick, smuggler, can you throw on some belenosian appearances on Alison and Succubus and maybe one other person, Scanner maybe? And everyone else hide? If it's only one person that can be managed to be given a belenosian look, make it Succubus.

Or if smuggler can't give quick changes then make it Alison, because Succubus is mostly like a human and would seem very strange, but we've seen lizard/snake-like jetals all over.
No. 720081 ID: 3cc68c

Having a few people in here should actually help things if he wants feedback from us enjoying ourselves.

Maybe just Alison and a few others to start and then add more as it goes on.
No. 720082 ID: a075ba

I'm not sure weird, non-Belenosian appearances are a problem, actually. Lots of jetals adopt fairly unique forms, there's nothing wrong with us looking like that on the inside even if we're morphed into a fairly regular showgirl shape.
No. 720083 ID: 595d54

Yeah, let's not blow this to some random fuck. Everyone but Alison/Succubus/whoever's chosen hide.
No. 720084 ID: 93bc27

Now I think a little more, revealing we're an "experimental jetal" and have multiple people in here might be a good idea. I mean, we'd be outing ourselves as a special snowflake, which could be bad, but if there are advantages to it we'd get better work. For example, other jetals like this guy who are looking for something new and fresh. We could get special jobs, and this guys seems like he could tell us what we could do. It also gives us an advantage in hacking, if I remember.

Still, better not make it seem too weird or excessive, so still hide most of us. And there is also the problem that, just a moment ago, he was worrying we were some sort of special agent and was reassured by the idea of us being some bottom-rung newbie.
No. 720095 ID: 93bc27

Oh! If he's going to be sharing our senses, and is worried about this being discreet, turn off the phone! We can turn it back on and call back after.
No. 720103 ID: a075ba

We don't have to turn off the phone, necessarily, we would just have to unmake the sense organs / manipulators we were using to manipulate it.
No. 720104 ID: 90f3c0

Revealing yourself to some random guy would be a bad idea, have everyone except Alison hide in the lobby.

...then again, depending on the nature of this link, you might be able to use your numbers to overpower and hack him. This will give you an opportunity to squeeze some information out of him. If you're lucky, you might even be able to steal his modules and jetalium.

While Alison keeps him distracted, the others can discreetly feel out the link. He'll never expect an attack from another consciousness, since it would normally be impossible.
No. 720107 ID: dd338c
File 146206434309.png - (15.76KB , 800x800 , 40.png )

Since Alison's been the one talking, she greets the boss at his entry point, which is in the lobby. The other places to hide are the monitor room, in what everyone regards as the driver's seat of Petunia, or in a dreamscape off to the side of the lobby. The latter was intended for people to sit on the sidelines without contributing to the amount of noise that a few thousand people in a single body would bring, and it's realized that people inside of there don't feel what Petunia feels, even with the sex mod.

Succubus remains in the driver's seat, and everyone else goes to the dreamscape. There's no time for Smuggler to change people's appearances inside, but since jetals are shapeshifters, weird forms aren't seen as unusual.

"What's your name, by the way?" Petunia asks in physical space, while he pushes her down into the mattress.
"Call me Fern."

He shows up in front of Alison in the lobby.

"Uh, yeah! I don't know much about jetal sex, but this isn't normal, is it?"
"Haha, maybe you're not so dumb after all. No, I'm hacking your module. Since it needs to hook up with an unusual connection between core and jetalium, I can piggyback on it into your lobby. Don't worry, I can't hack your core like this, or even absorb any of your modules if you had any! If that were possible, sex mods would be some S class stuff. All it does is let me feel what you feel, and since it's a new body, I'm not as accustomed to it. What's great about this is the feedback loops caused by both modules overlapping one another while I'm in your lobby. If you're not used to that, it's overwhelming."

No. 720108 ID: dd338c
File 146206442647.png - (21.24KB , 800x800 , 41.png )

Petunia feels him enter her, but this time, with a proper sex organ penetrating through hers, which activates the module's sensory.

The effect of getting hit with a B Rank, mixed with that feedback Fern mentioned, is difficult for Alison to comprehend, and 'sensory overload' would be the only way she could describe it. Alison believes it's a good thing that Succubus was left in control of Petunia. Succubus still screams with the body, though, and has some trouble controlling herself.

"Not already melting? Good!" He says, while starting to rut inside of her. "Maybe you'll last five minutes?"

Alison doesn't know. She's loving this too much, and she's mentally breaking up. Something tells her that she's not in any real danger from this, but she might be knocked out for awhile if he doesn't stop soon enough.

Fern almost stops a moment, and his body huffs loudly.

"...what kinda D-Rank is this? It's way too good! Not good enough to overwhelm me before it overwhelms you, of course." He says, continuing. "Damn, that and it almost feels like you've got two minds in here and I'm enjoying this twice as much as I should."

Everyone realizes that he's not necessarily feeling what Petunia feels, but feeling what everyone inside of Petunia is feeling, all at once. If more people go into the lobby, then Alison and others should be able to grab him and prevent him from leaving, and overwhelm him. He seems content, however, on just mentally overwhelming Alison.

It may also be possible to travel up the link that Fern made, but it appears to be impossible to copy any modules like that, and would only allow Petunia to feel what Fern's body is feeling.

No. 720111 ID: e8d47e

I think we're feeling enough without adding what he's feeling to the mix, and I don't see the point of trying to overwhelm or trap him. Just ride this out until he's satisfied with how overwhelmed we are.
No. 720114 ID: 38685c

Ask permission before mindfucking back! You're only a serving girl after all.

Also record this for the rest of the crew if you can.
No. 720116 ID: a075ba

I don't see what we have to gain by making him pass out. It potentially gets us in deep shit if our 'employers' walk in and found we knocked him out, and he's not going to handing us a huge tip for an awesome job if he's unconscious.

If we want to up his pleasure, the "safe" way to do it is have someone jump into the jetal body, with Succubus, so he can't see them in the lobby, but they still add to the feedback.

The more immediate problem I think is keeping Alison from getting knocked out. We can do this by subbing her out for other people. She withdraws from the lobby, someone else heads in. Either he'll think she's being overwhelmed and can't keep a coherent shape, or we have smuggler modify some people to look like Alison so they can fake being her. Then Fern will just see her flicker.

...actually, Alison could withdraw to the body, and not to the dreamscape. That way each time whoever is in the lobby is getting overwhelmed swaps out, we're adding to his pleasure. Succubus isn't in danger of breaking, right, just Alison?
No. 720117 ID: 211d83

Start moving people into the lobby one at a time so it starts rapidly ramping up what he feels.

Right now he is just getting feed back from you and Succubus. Every person we move in will increase his feedback. Another couple of people and we should be able to hold our own and impress him.

We don't want to threaten him or do anything to crazy but if we slowly overwhelm him he is going to love this and want to come back for more.

Just avoid going to far and knocking him out. We just want him to enjoy this way more than he expects while avoiding getting overwhelmed ourselves.

And if we move anyone into his head ask for permission first.
No. 720118 ID: 93bc27

Don't try to take on what he's feeling as well, you're too close to being overwhelmed as it is. Save it for something you can try later. Don't want to start getting jaded too quickly, either. Anyway, hacking people is rude!

Tell him that, yeah, like you said your creator was a bit of an experimenter, and you have a sort of parallel processing ability. In some respects it lets you think like more than one person at once, but with a drawback that you get kinda outwardly distracted and indecisive. You could try ramp it up if he wants?
No. 720119 ID: 4546ab

Lets not try to overwhelm him but to match him without getting overwhelmed ourselves. We want him enjoying this so much he will want to come back for more later.

Maybe send someone to his head while moving a few people into the lobby to increase his sensations.

If we grab him with our numbers we could detain him and then possibly absorb his modules while he was out of it but I don't think its worth it. We would ruin our cover and any chance of getting in good with him for a few high end mods we could not explain the origin of. Its a great idea for other people later but to risky right now.

Plus if we did not kill him then he would just be found later and go after us with his gang.

So be the best at sex and impress the hell out of him. Oh and make sure to use your real body instead of just lying there.
No. 720121 ID: 3cc68c

Is that just his hand on your shoulder or is he fucking you in the lobby as well? Cause that is a huge missed opportunity if not. You should totally start having sex with his lobby avatar as well.

And bring out some more people to balance the load so you do not pass out. Make him enjoy it 3 times as much. And then 4 times if need be until you can match his modules.
No. 720122 ID: 5ad4a7

Hmm, if those in the dreamscape don't get the sensory overload, then they can just come in to fill in after Alison and Succubus pass out.
No. 720128 ID: dd338c
File 146206907391.png - (10.47KB , 800x800 , 42.png )

>Tell him stuff
Alison starts to talk and just makes a weird, loud 'blahhhh' sound instead.

While Succubus is lasting longer than Alison, she's not having an easy time keeping a hold of herself, either.

Meanwhile, Recluse looks in. It looks kind of weird, in that it feels like people should be rushing to Alison's aid, considering that not yesterday, Recluse would have reserved the word 'pleasure' as one of the last words he'd use to describe Alison's performance.

Recluse knows how it is, though, so he orders people to go in one at a time in order to match up with Fern, but not to overwhelm him.They remain hidden, so as far as Fern is aware, Alison is the only mind within Petunia.

In any case, he isn't worried about Alison or Succubus getting knocked out as long as it's for a short period, as he can simply send in other people in Succubus' place if it comes to that. He almost thought Fern was screwing Alison in the lobby, too, but it's just his hand on her shoulder, and he can't help but wonder if there's a module out there that would allow sex in the lobby.

"Wh-what the hell?" Fern says, upon a 4th person supplying feedback. His movements with his body get jittered and weird, and so Recluse holds off on sending any more people in, although he keeps his signal ready in case Alison starts konking out.

No. 720129 ID: dd338c
File 146206908688.png - (17.77KB , 800x800 , 43.png )

Before she does, though, Fern orgasms inside of Petunia using what seems like a module designed for Jetals to use. While doing so, Fern lets some of his jetalium get absorbed by Petunia, which only makes Succubus slacken her control over Petunia even more. No one realized how starved they were for jetalium till given a meal.
No. 720132 ID: dd338c
File 146206913427.png - (15.73KB , 800x800 , 44.png )

Fern's mind leaves Petunia's core, and leaves her body barely able to maintain its form. Someone can take over driving from Succubus easily, but that may make Fern suspicious, so Succubus is left in control.

"Alison, Succubus, are you two okay?!" Recluse asks as he reenters the lobby.
"Y-yeah. Oh my gosh." says Succubus.
Alison babbles a little bit, but she nods.

"... are you hiding another module that I can't detect?" Fern asks. "Whatever. Let's just say that you successfully 'made it up' to me. Here's my number." he says, writing it down and tossing the paper by Petunia. "Call me if you want to do work with more reward next time. Clean yourself up in the washroom if you want, but I'm heading back out to that party."

No. 720133 ID: 211d83

We need more practice at this.

Recluse you and duelist start cleaning up the body and get us back to the party while Alison and Succubus recover.

Then bring back your empty candy tray and mention what happened but that you defused the situation. Want to get credit for helping out.
No. 720136 ID: 5ad4a7

Spend a little time to recover and wash... up... is there anything you actually need to wash up? Oh right, inefficient jetalium absorption. You'll need to dispose of the leftovers.

Also I think it's time some of you start practicing getting used to sexual feelings. In the lobby. By buying genitalia from Smuggler. Well, those of you who hadn't experienced sex with the clerk, anyway. Everyone that has reason to be a pilot or advise in the lobby needs some sexual experience so that it won't be such a shock. Those that plan to be driving during the sex need a great deal more experience. We can't ALWAYS have Succubus in the driver's seat in these situations. I mean what if we need to use a penis?
No. 720140 ID: e8d47e

Well now that he's gone lets get up and get cleaned up. We've been away from the party long enough, so we should be looking to overhear something.
No. 720142 ID: 93bc27

Ok, maybe now tell him that you're a bit experimental and have a little parallel processing trick that you were trying. Sorry you were too overwhelmed to explain during, but you thought he'd enjoy it. Make it out as no big deal, just trading focus for multiplicity.

Also, before he goes, a chance to get info out of him! Tell him you were happy to be of service and you hope this smooths things our between him and your bosses, even though you're still not sure what the problem was. Does he have a message he'd like you to pass along anyway?

Then clean up (you shouldn't really need to do much? You were both made out of jetalium. If you can't absorb it all right away it shouldn't be so much you can't store it inside you for later), put your dress back on, stow that piece of paper and go get back to work.
No. 720146 ID: a075ba

>Here's my number.
Someone who's not sex-comatose take a look at the number and memorize it, then have the jetal-body eat the paper.

...probably forward the number to the DBs, too.

>Call me if you want to do work with more reward next time.
Hmm. We didn't even get any info we can use, except the number. Maybe we'll get the chance to hang out near him and his group at the party when we start serving again? If he's willing to let us hang we might hear something good.

In fact, we might want to pull ourselves together now, so we can go with him. Just, give me a minute, and I'll be right there.

>he can't help but wonder if there's a module out there that would allow sex in the lobby.
You have Smuggler. All it would take for lobby sex (at least on your side of things) would be the same for safe zone sex. Start selling body mods.

In fact, it's probably a good idea for some of you to get some practice in. You can improve your performance, so you do better and get paid more on jobs! None of your competitors have access to inner-lobby orgy training. (Well, sans Sevener, but I doubt she's doing it). Also you can let people who missed out on the Fern experience to have some fun. (Assemble the Scanner-Guardsman Tower!)
No. 720147 ID: 38685c

Form a pocket inside you for all the jizztalium so it doesn't leak down your thighs. Waste not want not!
No. 720149 ID: b412df

Nice, we got a contact, could be useful further down the line. Lets get cleaned up and head back out.

I'd be against interrupting him, if just for the sake of social stealth. We kinda know what the issue is anyway, the batteries competitor is redistributing certain drugs tied to one syndicate, and with the sample we palmed that can be identified.
No. 720150 ID: a075ba

Good idea. Since we can't make our own yet, we might need that if and when we get into a situation where we need a dick.
No. 720151 ID: 38685c

We learned that they're manufacturing a drug stolen from another syndicate. I doubt he'd be so mad if they just bought some whatever and then passed it out in the candy. Also we have an extremely valuable talent of sense-amplification which we can market to rich Jetal jaded by low level sex.
No. 720180 ID: dd338c
File 146207341087.png - (18.13KB , 800x800 , 45.png )

Duelist and Recluse take over.

>Ok, maybe now tell him that you're a bit experimental and have a little parallel processing trick that you were trying
Recluse believes that since they went through so much trouble to hide themselves, he shouldn't undermine it even as an experimental thing. Scanner confirms that multiple consciences and even just parallel processing isn't even something that jetal cores can do.

Recluse almost speaks to him, but decides against and lets him think that he did send Petunia into some kind of sex induced coma somehow. Plus, he doesn't seem to want to talk. Recluse puts the paper away alongside of Polatt's and Loviro's cell phone, and absorbs the paper after the number is memorized. Although she can absorb a lot, she does gather contaminates and other particles over time, so she pushes it out to her surface area and takes a shower to wash it all off. Either way, whatever fluid Fern shot in her, it probably has an expiration date, so without a way to keep it fresh, it will also be absorbed. Alison and Succubus are recovered enough by the time the shower is done with.

"Hey, Smuggler?"
>"Yes, Alison? Are you better?"
"Very. But, we're having a lot of difficulty moving and controlling our body when we get sex. Can we all get sex mods from the shop so that we can all practice it in the lobby?"
>"Er, we've gone through 7 stages here, but I've never seen sex mods. Then again, limitations seem to be lifted here on stock, so I'll take a look, but I really doubt that - oh wait no there they are yeah we can do that."
"Okay. Everyone start forming buddies and have sex with one another, please."

Succubus and a few of the more sex-familiar people look at Alison oddly at that request, but people start doing so. Thankfully, the pleasure is only within themselves, and so it won't distract others.

>He can't help but wonder if there's a module out there that would allow sex in the lobby.
>You have Smuggler
Recluse was more thinking sex with other jetals who enter Petunia's core. Even if Smuggler gives people the parts, having sex with core crossers may currently just be the equivalent of dry humping.

"Oh, did you get all that, Polatt?" Alison asks.
>"Er... yes. Was that okay? You could have turned the cell phone off."
"Why would I?"
>".... nevermind, it's cool."
"Okay. Also, do you want that number we got?"
>"Sure." Polatt says, and Alison obliges.

No. 720181 ID: dd338c
File 146207342014.png - (17.58KB , 800x800 , 46.png )

Alison and Succubus then take Petunia up to the party.

>"Hey, hey!" a person comes up to Petunia with a steady stride once she starts going back to the kitchen. "Lollipop Syndicate stopped by. Told us of a problem you helped out with. Good job, that guy's normally a cranky asshole, and some dumbass is getting fired for serving those treats up in a party where a Lollipop was invited. So you've done well, and we're putting a good word in for you. Now let's talk advancement. If you accept the step up, you'll be taking care of a booth. There's no doubting some important people stay on the floor here, but the booths are where the criminal royalty stay at. If you accept, you get to choose one of a few tables. Their mere presence here is discreet, so we won't reveal them unless you accept."

>"For the record." Polatt says. "The conversations we got while making the rounds weren't astounding, but we got a decent amount of tidbits on what gangs are up to. If you want to make a few more rounds and call it a night, that'll give us our money's worth. The booths sound tempting, no doubt, but as big a hit as it could be, it could be a big miss if you're stuck with a tight lipped crowd."
No. 720182 ID: 38685c

Thumbs up! Why would we turn down more money.
No. 720183 ID: 211d83

Eh nothing ventured nothing gained. Lets go for a booth.

Although some more floor rounds would be fine as well. But try for a booth. Criminal elites will might give better tips.
No. 720185 ID: 38685c

We got more than just the tip ayy lmao
No. 720186 ID: 93bc27

So, booth service I assume is the same as you've been doing, only you're full-time waiting on the needs of one particular group? Sounds good. Even just knowing who's hanging out with whom could be good, even if they don't talk.
No. 720187 ID: 595d54

Yeah, let's go for it.
No. 720188 ID: a075ba

I assume the upgrade means we get paid more, too. The people we're ostensibly working for wouldn't consider exposure to higher class clients valuable to us the same way the Dead Batteries would.

I say we chance it. I'll work a booth, thank you.
No. 720199 ID: dd338c
File 146207821263.png - (11.25KB , 800x800 , 47.png )

"I'll go upwards. Is the pay better?"
>"Of course. Then we'll give you three options. First up is a group that likes things calm, smooth, and well planned. 5 of them. They may not be expecting perfection from a showgirl for this, but they will expect a good attempt down to the angle you set their forks down at. Second are four hooligans that probably belong down below in that glorified strip club, but they're strong, so they can be as rowdy as they want. The third option has no guys out of the ordinary except for the fact that they're highly important associates of our operations. So taking these guys means they're may be the easiest to please, but it also means no screwups. Not like screwing up with the others will be taken lightly, mind you."
No. 720202 ID: 595d54

Third, unless 'no screwups' actually does mean 'no screwups and you can't fuck your way out of it'. In which case first.

Although we probably shouldn't ask that.
No. 720203 ID: 5ad4a7

The hooligans. They're most likely to have an open conversation, and as a Jetal we're pretty durable so we won't have to worry about them getting too rowdy.
No. 720205 ID: 38685c

We're probably most qualified for hooligans, but Important Dudes would be most profitable. Planners is right out- they'd have the sense to keep their mouths shut around the hired help.
No. 720206 ID: 93bc27

Go for the rowdy guys. They're the most likely to slip something good, both from being loud and by not being fully aware of the importance of details they might spill.

As a jetal, we can surely handle them. Maybe spare some less durable girl from having to.
No. 720207 ID: a075ba

If we're trying to pick who's most likely to have useful information, I think the hooligans are out. You don't have to know stuff to be a powerful jetal enforcer, you just have to be strong.

Which leaves the choice between the first and the third group. We have no info on which will be more talkative, but the third group sounds the most likely to have sensitive intel. I vote thataways.
No. 720208 ID: 595d54

Guys, there are other jetals here. Jetals with way better modules. We aren't necessarily safe from "rowdy".
No. 720211 ID: f562b1

Can Scanner check the proper angles of stuff online? Can she also gauge the angles outside the body? If so, the stuck ups would be good. If not, I say go for the ordinaries.
No. 720212 ID: 211d83

Ehhh Hooligans.
No. 720213 ID: 93bc27

Thinking about it, the third option guys... they're probably a group who spends a lot of time with each other to begin with, and will have had chance to talk about any important/exclusive stuff they're doing outside here. And as regular associates of the people employing us tonight, they're probably aware that some of the staff here gather info. They'll probably actually have the tightest hold on their tongues.

The first group, if they're such neat freaks, probably aren't the sorts who socialize with each other much, and will have things to talk about while they're together. And the second group, as already suggested, will probably be getting chatty anyway.
No. 720214 ID: 4546ab

Go for the rowdy guys. They are not going to hurt a cute escort serving them food and booze.

We might get dragged off for some rough fun later though.
No. 720253 ID: 8111b6

I'd say group two. Though, if they're loud and boisterous, they might still be overheard from another group.

The third group would probably be pleasant, unless we royally fucked up. Then, we might find ourselves missing bits of ourself, or, a luckier sort of unluck, getting passed around or even tossed downstairs to be passed around the thugs. So, easy unless we screw up.

...but group two might be out for fun.
No. 720375 ID: dd338c
File 146215681766.png - (22.79KB , 800x800 , 48.png )

"I'll take group two, the rowdy ones."
>"Alright. Just keep their moods good and your jetalium on your core and you'll be fine."

He spends a moment getting Petunia familiar with the menu, then leads her upstairs to the group. He then gestures to Alison to move on ahead to them alone as he goes back down to the first floor.

She can hear them talking loudly about mundane topics, and so she walks over to them. It's a well enclosed booth, and all four jetals turn their heads to look Petunia up and down for a moment.

"Hello, my name is Petunia, I'll be your waiter."
>"Finally!... Second one, huh?!"
>"Let's see if she lasts any longer than the first!"

By their relatively vacant table, either they're messing with Petunia, or the first girl didn't last long at all.

>"We're ready to order!" one says.

Alison faces one in particular to take the order.

"Okay! Then, y-" Alison is interrupted as all four of them start blurting out their order all at once, and only one sticks to the order, while the other three make special orders and specifications to what sounds more like chemicals and products than actual food.

>"Polatt can we play all that back?"
"Yeah I got you covered, we gotta get you a processing unit so you can think like a computer for when I'm not around."

>"Oh, and..." one Jetal lowers his voice a bit. "Uptight bastards two booths down wouldn't know a good time if they got good time override directives. I'll pay ya a hundred thousand to slip this one one of their drinks. You can analyze it if you want, s'just a spice!"
No. 720377 ID: 5ad4a7

Just a spice, huh? Look it up on the internet. If there's no chance of causing a fatality or anything, go ahead and try doing it... but that'll be difficult without serving both tables. If we can find out which drink is his, we can slip it in when it's being refilled back at the kitchen.
No. 720380 ID: a075ba

>we gotta get you a processing unit so you can think like a computer for when I'm not around.
If we're going to be spying a lot, a module for recording and information processing would make Scanner happy.

Short of that a digital recorder we could hide inside ourselves would probably be cheaper and sufficient.

>You can analyze it if you want, s'just a spice!
Scanner? (And/or Polatt)?

>Uptight bastards two booths down wouldn't know a good time if they got good time override directives.
Do we know which group that is? Is that the group where there was no room for screwups?

...we could probably pull it off, if we had Bandit do it. Drop the drugs in the other wait person's drinks while we're picking up the orders. I'm leaning on it being worth it.
No. 720381 ID: e4f7dd

"That will be tricky, sir; as I've been assigned as your table's private server, I can't go near their table. I'll see if there happens to be something about to be brought to them when I go back for your orders, but I can't guarantee anything. In any case, I'll go fetch your orders now."

Take it, bring it back, analyze it. If you're totally sure it's something harmless then maybe see if you can do as you're told, but I'd recommend more to inform one of the place's higher-ups about this, ask them what to do. Probably just to go back and say you didn't get a chance, so that these strong guys don't cause any ruckus.

I suspect these guys are just pranking you, anyway. Trying to get you fired or something.
No. 720385 ID: a075ba

Oh, and if and when we do agree to do anything (after analyzing the stuff and looking it up), get half up front.
No. 720387 ID: 211d83

I will be back shortly with your orders and if I get the chance I will see about dropping off your "treat".

Scan the stuff and wander by the table they want to drug and see if its worth the risk.
No. 720395 ID: 0a94cb

Seems like a trick to me. Analyzing it would typically involve ingesting some quantity of it, no? If it's something that will mess the target up, analyzing it will mess us up! And we don't even have dedicated modules for that sort of thing anyway.

So we can't analyze it as part of our decision-making process.
No. 720399 ID: 4546ab

Whats it do? Get them drunk, horny or stoned?

And do you want it in just one drink or all of them?

Also while I don't mind a good prank any extra services that might annoy my employers would require a advance if you know what I mean.

Then head off to get there orders and scope out the other table.
No. 720403 ID: 38685c

Laugh at him. Tell them you'll deliver it as a gift to their table, though.
No. 720425 ID: a107fd

They wouldn't be offering to pay that much unless spiking another table's drinks was likely to get you fired. Politely decline on account of professional ethics, and smooth over the disagreement with outrageous flirting.
No. 720432 ID: 3cc68c

Why don't I get you your order first and then we can chat if you are still interested in pranking your coworkers.

Then analyze the spice while relaying the order to the kitchen.

If its something relatively harmless it might be ok but don't just agree instantly. It makes you look desperate for money and if you are going to prank someone you should get to know these guys a little better first.
No. 720496 ID: e8d47e

Pretend you will, but return the spice later saying an opportunity didn't present itself. We don't want to bother them by outright declining, but we also don't want to upset another worker's clients immediately after getting promoted.
No. 720501 ID: e4f7dd

Heeey, wait a minute. Aren't belenosians a lot closer to herbivorous than most other sentient species are? Aren't their stomachs comparatively pretty delicate? Being able to eat spices is a really weird trait! They'd probably be severely allergic to spicy food. If there's an organic belenosian in that group, "just a spice" could hospitalize or even kill them!

This guy is trying to stir up some really serious trouble between the party managers and this other group!

... just like someone "mistakenly" doled out drug treats when there was a group who'd be mad at that. Coincidence, or a serious conspiracy to divide the party-management group from their business associates? Thing is, the party guys are the Dead Batteries' competitors as well. Maybe the DBs would want this trouble to happen? Could ask Polatt about it.

Though, if you did plant the spice, the neat group probably has their own innocent waiter/waitress who would get in serious trouble. Some of the people at this party are the concrete shoemaker type.
No. 720513 ID: 738934

Even if its just a spice if the person we give it to is fully biological they could have all sorts of horrible reactions to it. If a mob boss has to go to the doctor because there throat swells up we are going to get the blame.

Research there offer while getting them there orders and see what his game is.
No. 720519 ID: a075ba

I am starting to wonder if they're more trying to get you in trouble, or get your would-be target in trouble. Either is probably amusing to them, but we don't know if the game is to shake someone else up, or go through as many waiters as they can.

That's also a lot of money for a prank, which either shows that they've got a lot to throw around, or that it's too good to be true.

...the biggest problem is we don't have many options if anything does go wrong. Past Bandit's bit, we have to pray we can talk or screw our way out of trouble.

From a meta perspective, we don't want to take this mission if it will provoke infighting between gangs, (not sure if the guests we're drugging are representatives of a different gang than is hosting the party, like Fern was, or internal bigwigs) since that provides missions for Sevener. Stirring up any trouble the cops have an excuse to come down on is bad.
No. 720527 ID: 595d54

That's not close to universally true, no. Biology's too complicated to make assumptions or general statements like that, and we know belenos have been genetically engineered to be able to eat a variety of foodstuffs for practical purposes. Lactose tolerance, for example, was mentioned ITQ.

Allergies might exist, but given genetic engineering, sound unlikely. He did say we could check it and look it up, and presumably any decent database would have information on possible side effects.

My guess is that they just want to see if we're able and willing to mess with food before they make a serious request. Or the spice is an aphrodisiac.
No. 720536 ID: dd338c
File 146223040005.png - (18.74KB , 800x800 , 49.png )

"All of them, or just one?"
>"Just one'll do, more won't hurt."
"I wouldn't mind little pranks, but if you require any extra services from me," Alison says, then leans in close, "that would annoy my superiors, I'd require an advance even just to see if I could. But if I can't, then I'll return all of it."
>"Alright. You know what'll happen if you run off with this."
"I know! Oh, what does this capsule do, anyway?"
>"It's a spice."

The one Alison leaned in towards puts his hand on Petunia's, and shoves 50,000 dollars and a small capsule through the jetalium.

"Polatt, is there any issue if we end up causing trouble between two gangs?"
>"Nah. If I have a problem with something, I'll say it."
No. 720537 ID: dd338c
File 146223041650.png - (24.32KB , 800x800 , 50.png )

Alison goes back to the kitchen with the Jetals' orders, and crosses by the other booth to check them out. Most of the lobby agrees that, chances are, it's a table entirely comprised of robots.

Scanner is visited for help.

"Ack, Alison - "
"Hello!" Alison says to what's more of a Scanner-Guardsman building than a Scanner-Guardsman tower. "I'm sorry to interrupt your practice, but is it possible to analyze this thing?"
"Sorry, we just don't have the tools or know-how to do it with a jetal body by itself! Er, I'd go to Fern. He said he was going back to the party, right? He should be on the first floor. Say, for dropping the spice in, I'm noticing that those robots at that table didn't have anything except a single kind of drink, which I haven't seen anyone else order."
"Let me on top!" Guardsman yells.
"You were already on top!"

No. 720538 ID: 211d83

Yeah lets go hit up Fern for info quickly while we are waiting for the kitchen. A bit of flattery about how he instantly noticed the candy might help.

Then figure out what the robots are drinking before we go spiking the whole supply.
No. 720542 ID: 5ad4a7

...so it's probably some kind of chemical reaction thing. If you find out what the drink is, then ask Fern for an analysis of the spice... Wait, wouldn't bothering Fern be against our orders?

Just put the spice in and if trouble comes back to you, blame the gang. We've been told that's fine.
No. 720544 ID: e4f7dd

We kinda cleared slates with Fern, so he might ask for something in exchange for the service.

Why would a spice have much effect on robots, anyway? I mean, I guess they have their own taste buds, replicating organic ones, but you'd imagine they have protection against being overloaded or whatnot. Is there a chance this capsule also has nanites or something else that would do a weird thing? Or it could be something that reacts with what they're drinking, since it turns out it's one specific thing for all of them. It's odd. Check who's serving their table, anyway, to see who we have to trick and if they deserve the trouble.

Remind the people practicing in the lobby to be creative, once they've gotten familiar with the basics. Anything that seems like it could feel good!
No. 720545 ID: a075ba

There's no identifying marks on the capsule of "spice" we could look up online?

...I suppose you could always try "tasting" it, but anything that's supposed to taste bad to a robot will probably taste bad to you, especially with the added sensitivity of our module, and Alison hasn't exactly mastered jetal poker-face, yet.

>go to Fern
I have a feeling if we just run up to the middle of whatever conversation he's in the middle of to ask about prank spices / drugs it won't go great.

We'll need to grab drinks or something to bring to his group as cover, as an excuse to talk to him, maybe even use the core to core thing to talk to him discreetly.
No. 720546 ID: b412df

Probably a really stupid idea, but we could taste test it to see if it's something nasty. We probably have similar emulated tastebuds as the robots. Only worry would be if it's harmful rather than amusing or horrid.
No. 720552 ID: a107fd

Now that we're reasonably confident in not being fired, why does a taste-test matter? Just do the sidequest and get back to work.
No. 720553 ID: b412df

It's way too much money for a prank, 20k for infiltrating and spying on a competitor, vs 100k for a prank. It possible that they're willing to throw money away for it, but with this many unknowns, something doesn't add up. And I'd rather not risk our cover over it.
No. 720568 ID: dd338c
File 146223843670.png - (14.48KB , 800x800 , 51.png )

>There's no identifying marks on the capsule of "spice" we could look up online?
The spice capsule appears to be a nondescript, gel pill.

Alison gives the table's orders to the chefs, while the lobby watches out for the potential prankee's waitress. That girl, appearing biological, is spotted giving another round of the same drink to the robots.

>Get back to work
There actually isn't a whole lot of work to do. Once Alison gives the food orders and returns with drinks, her table seems uninterested in her and more interested in having loud conversations and banging on the table.

After a moment of standing there thinking, it's decided it won't be hard or dangerous to at least check if Fern is available and willing to analyze the capsule.

Petunia gets just enough of their attention to talk.

"I'm going to check on the status of your small appetizers you told me about." Alison says with a wink.
No. 720569 ID: dd338c
File 146223844935.png - (25.72KB , 800x800 , 52.png )

Petunia heads downstairs grabs a small tray of drinks to take out to the floor when she feels like no one important is watching her go outside of her duties. It only takes a moment to find Fern near the same spot, so Petunia walks with the tray with some hip sways in his direction. He watchers her, saying nothing, but cracks a small smile when she gets close and takes a glass.

>"If I didn't know better, I'd say you came specifically for me." he says.
"I do have a little something to say, if you don't mind?" Alison says, and takes just enough control of Petunia to dart her eyes off to the side to go in private. Fern starts walking there without any subtlety, but at least waits until the two of them are alone before talking.
"You want a round two or something?"
>"Actually, I was impressed by how you were able to instantly analyze that candy I gave you before. I have something I'd be interested in having you test a substance to see what it is."
"Let me see, and I'll see how much I'm gonna charge to tell you."

Petunia hands it over from jetalium to jetalium. He only hangs onto it for a split second before pushing it back into Petunia's hand.

>"Take it as a compliment when I say I can't tell if you're a genius or a dumbass." His expression doesn't change, and his speech still goes matter of factly from one word to the next, but his grip slightly tightens on Petunia's forearm? "Where did you get this, and what were you going to do with it?"
No. 720570 ID: 38685c

Trade. If he tells us what it is, we'll tell him where we got it and what we were going to do with it.
No. 720571 ID: 5ad4a7

Eh, go ahead and spill the beans. As far as we know this should be no big deal, we're just covering our bases.
No. 720574 ID: 0a94cb

We meant it when we said we're discrete.

But out of curiosity, what would it do to a robot if anything?
No. 720576 ID: a075ba

>Take it as a compliment when I say I can't tell if you're a genius or a dumbass.
I'm under-informed. I assumed there were really only two ways this could go: you were either going to tell that was mostly harmless, or it very much isn't.

>Where did you get this, and what were you going to do with it?
From a client, who wanted to see it make it's way to another client's drink.

Now, what I was actually going to do with it depended on your reaction. Which right now is telling me that it's far from harmless prank.

Do you have a personal interest in this chemical too? (If he's being ripped off again, or worse, we might be able to sell out the Roudies to him).
No. 720577 ID: a075ba

>We meant it when we said we're discrete.
We can't possibly be discrete. We haven't gotten the divisions module yet!
No. 720580 ID: e4f7dd

Lean in to whisper like you're saying something sensual, just in case someone is still watching/eavesdropping. What you're actually going to tell him, though, is that the group you've been sent to wait tables for, jetals, wants to pay you a hundred thou to slip this into the drinks of some "uptight bastards" at another table, looked like they were probably robots, all ordering the same drink. They gave you half up front, so they're serious. It seems a lot for a prank, and with that plus the "treats" earlier, you're wondering if someone's trying to cause trouble for the party managers.

If it is more than just prank material, then you want to try find out more about the guys who asked you, and who they're targeting. Perhaps cluing him in on what you find out would be payment enough for the scan?

Telling Fern might cause trouble for the guys at our table, but we don't have a long-term investment in their wellbeing, given we're working for the DBs. And stirring up trouble will likely cause some info to be revealed. If nothing else, the DBs will still have gotten info on some goings-on, even if we had to cause it.

Oh, and when you're leaving, add: "oh, and yes, I would like a round 2 some time. I'll have to look forward to it, though."
No. 720582 ID: 211d83

One of the more energetic tables wanted me to slip it into a robots drink. I told them I would consider it to make them happy and then immediately came over here to see how dangerous it was.

I figured that while discretion is important starting a gang war would be a bad career move. After the candy thing I would rather not have any more messes on my watch.

Oh and give him a kiss afterwards.
No. 720583 ID: dd338c
File 146224012583.png - (11.89KB , 800x800 , 53.png )

"I'm discreet, you know! What I was going to do with it depended on your reaction, and right now it doesn't seem like something I should have."
>"Do I need to raise a stink about how a showgirl is giving me a tough time?"
"Oh, no, no, how about a trade, then? If you tell me what it is, I'll tell you where it came from."
>"You're not in a position to trade, and we're only going to do it because I'm so damn nice to you. So here we go. It's a bunch of scrambler nano's."
"What do they do?"
>"Biologicals have alcohol. Robots have these. Not a perfect analogy, but the effect still turns able bodied belenos into raving idiots. Harmless for a robot, technically, but this is a damn lot. Now where'd you get it?"

Alison leans in closely.

"There's a few jetals upstairs who wanted me to prank a table of robots they called uptight. They all order the same drinks, and they want one of them spiked. They gave me a bunch of money, even up front, to do it."
>"Those... whatever. You actually gonna do it? Whoever you spike is gonna act unpredictable."
"Do you have a personal interest in the chemical?"
>"No, not outside from the possibility you might liven up this bore festival."
No. 720584 ID: a075ba

>"No, not outside from the possibility you might liven up this bore festival."
...you know, improving relations with Fern and netting ourselves a friendly contact for the Dead Batteries in the Lollipop Guild is probably worth whatever mess we cause here tonight.

And people acting unpredictably might say (or shout) things they would normally keep quiet about, which might net us more intel.

>"No, not outside from the possibility you might liven up this bore festival."
Smirk, mischievously.

"Well, I am a showgirl. I do suppose I have an obligation to keep you entertained."

We totally gonna do this. Go interrupt Bandit and whoever he was practicing with, it's time for him to do his thing.
No. 720585 ID: 211d83

If its just a prank I can see doing it. But was not going to be the poor showgirl who got the heat for poisoning a poor robot for someones entertainment.

You treated me nicely so if you think it would be fun I might just go spike some drinks. And thank you for the help. I definitely owe you one if you know what I mean. Just let me know when you want to collect.

Then wiggle your butt at him and slowly walk away.
No. 720587 ID: 5ad4a7

Hell yeah you're gonna do it.
No. 720588 ID: e4f7dd

Yeah, then, do it. Sounds fun. And if it works like booze does, it may even loosen tongues, and you'll pick up some info. Maybe you'll be able to divide it between a couple of the drinks? Anyway, I'm sure the jetals who gave it to you will have some way to spy on the shenanigans as they go down.

Ask Fern if he wants a cut of what you're getting. It was a hundred k, which is a lot to you at the moment, but you're sure it's pocket change to him.
No. 720590 ID: 0a94cb

How much do we owe him for the analysis?
No. 720591 ID: 4546ab

Thank him for the help and offer him a quicky in exchange for the identification service.
No. 720592 ID: 3cc68c

Give him a kiss and thank him for the help.

Then ask what you "owe" him and suggestively lick your lips. (give him a little oral attention if you know what I mean)
No. 720593 ID: e4f7dd


He was only able to really enjoy himself last time by hacking into us and getting our pleasure, so I doubt that'll work.
No. 720599 ID: 211d83


Worth making the offer. He can always take a rain check.
No. 720601 ID: 5ad4a7

I don't think we have time to do anything, we've got a table to serve.
No. 720602 ID: 0a94cb

Sex is probably massively overpaying anyway guys.
No. 720603 ID: 595d54

Let's keep our metaphorical pants on for five minutes, we can't afford to fuck up this job.
No. 720606 ID: 38685c

Yes. We're working.
No. 720702 ID: dd338c
File 146231480504.png - (19.36KB , 800x800 , 54.png )

"Thank you for the help! I owe you for this."
>"And back to a dumbass. Don't just say you owe me like you're writing a blank check, now I can cash that in on a round two with you.
"I'm looking forward for a round two, though!"
>"Good. You have my number."

Alison goes. There's some debate about whether or not she should, but in the end, she decides to go for it. Petunia heads back to the kitchen while Bandit creates a special limb just for the purpose. While lingering for a moment, the robot's drinks pop up over the counter. He then has Petunia speak, leaning over that spot on the counter.

"Are the appetizers for table 23 done?" He yells.
>"They're sitting right there under the label 23!" a cook cries angrily without looking up from a pot.

Bandit, leaning over the counter to cover any spot where he believes there's any chance of a security camera watching, uses that special limb to drop the pill in a couple of drinks.
No. 720703 ID: dd338c
File 146231485739.png - (27.51KB , 800x800 , 55.png )

The appetizers are ready in the pickup zone, so Petunia grabs them and brings them over to the rowdy table.

Behind her, the waiter with the robot's spiked drinks passes by.

>"Should we be here while they drink?" asks Iso.
No. 720706 ID: a075ba

>"Should we be here while they drink?" asks Iso.
We don't know how long that stuff takes to take effect, and we can't exactly stand around staring. We need to keep acting normal. Hand out the appetizers, see if they want to order anything else, do what we're supposed to be doing.

Also, I'm not sure I trust the roudies' poker faces. They're probably gonna crack up when stuff goes down, and I don't trust them not to look right at you.
No. 720707 ID: 2c7dbb

Yes, if we leave the table we were assigned suddenly for no reason just before the upcoming incident it could be suspicious. We were careful, so there shouldn't be any cause for concern.
No. 720709 ID: 211d83

Act normal so you don't look out of place. Keep taking orders and looking busy. Just be careful.
No. 720710 ID: 4546ab

Check your tables for any more orders or requests and whisper "Enjoy the show" to the guy who gave you the pill.

Then continue working as normal. Make sure to react like you were surprised when whatever happens happens.
No. 720711 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 720726 ID: dd338c
File 146231916034.png - (19.42KB , 800x800 , 56.png )

>"No, we act like we never did anything unexpected." says Recluse.

"Your food is still being prepared, but do any of you have any requests you'd like in the meanwhile?"
>"All encompassing power!"
>"A less shitty table!"
>"The food already!"
"Well..." Alison leans in close. "I do hope you enjoy the entertain - "

A voice comes from the robot's booth.

>"Would you all shut up?!"
No. 720727 ID: dd338c
File 146231916860.png - (21.17KB , 800x800 , 57.png )

>"These drinks are delicious!" the same voice yells out as a glass is flung from the booth to the wall.
>"Well isn't that great?!" Another voice yells. "How good for you that you happen to like the one drink we've been sticking to?!"
>"Please calm down!" the girl says, which is echoed by two other robots.
No. 720729 ID: 5ad4a7

Wowwwww. I bet this table's gonna be trying to get a better look at the other table, so join em in gawking. Then get paid.
No. 720731 ID: b412df

Wow, robo-booze / scrambler nanites are more potent that I thought.

Poor other serving girl, no way of keeping her out of the firing line without implicating ourselves. I guess, just continue acting as normal, which would be looking at the commotion.
No. 720732 ID: 0a94cb

Apologize to your table for that other table's unseemly behaviour. You hope it doesn't ruin their evening.

See, it's funny. Because of reasons.
No. 720735 ID: a075ba

>Apologize to your table for that other table's unseemly behaviour. You hope it doesn't ruin their evening.
Yes, totally say that.

Could you get them anything, or would they like you to see if a table further away from the disturbance is available?

Play the part of the good show girl, we'll collect the second half of our fee later, when it's less conspicuous.
No. 720737 ID: 211d83

Gawk in surprise at the ensuing chaos. Preferably by turning and staring in that direction while lightly putting your hand on the shoulder of the guy who hired you so he can sneak you the rest of the money.

Then go help the other waitresses with the mess.
No. 720747 ID: aec7be

With the ruckus covering you, you could probably whisper that you think their "special order" just arrived.
No. 720767 ID: dd338c
File 146232575520.png - (19.42KB , 800x800 , 58.png )

>"Ah, sorry for the disruption!" Alison says, half jumping, half leaning farther into the table and putting her hand on the shoulder of the first jetal that gave her the advance.

Another 50k gets through her hand.

The jetals at the table act with interest towards the table, but if anything, they're quieter now than they've ever been.

>"Damnit, they got robo-drunk?! Someone slipped something! You, waiter!" yells one of the non-drunk robots.
>"W-what?! No, it - "
>"Did anyone see the drinks?!" the other sober robot yells.
>"Who drugged my drink?!" a drunk robot screams. "I demand an investigation! You!" he yells at the waiter. "You, waiter! Find out who did this!"
>"I am! I'm running surveillance! Yes hello a couple of my drinks were drugged, can we see who was around them recently?!" Alison can hear the waiter talking underneath the noises of drunk robots that just seem to scream out whatever comes to their mind.

"Uh, do you all want to move to a table that's less noisy?" Alison asks.
>"Nah." the jetal says. "I can't believe you did that."
>"Wanna know a secret? Someone bet me 200k I couldn't get someone to do it for me."

>"Hold on, we were next to the drinks. Even if they didn't see us slipping, if there were any cameras, we might be one of the suspects." says Duelist."
>"I hold that what I did was the best option for spiking the drink." says Bandit. "But in this, there's always a risk."

No. 720768 ID: 5ad4a7

Don't worry about it.

...heeeyyyy it occurs to me that since the "drunk" robots are blabbing whatever they feel like saying, you're gonna get some CHOICE info out of it.
No. 720769 ID: b412df

We should probably leave as soon as we're finished with this table, before they round up everyone who was seen near the drinks before they went out.
No. 720770 ID: a075ba

We may be questioned, but no one can prove we did it.

The bigger problem is if we're a suspect, we may be searched. If they find us carrying the cash, that might be enough to damn us, even if they can't prove we were payed off. And if the find Polatt's phone, we're blown.

We need to ditch the evidence. We've already used up Fern's good will, I think. We need to hand our hot items off to Winch for safekeeping.
No. 720774 ID: aec7be

Hmm. How secure is unpowered jetalium? If we could stow the cash in a blob somewhere secret and then reabsorb it later, that'd be pretty handy. If we don't have any evidence on us, there's little they can prove. Even if they caught us on camera, that could have been any jetal, impersonating us. We were just absent from the table/booth area for a while, when we went to talk to Fern. Unless they got us on a sequence of cameras, it's unlikely.

And, you know, this place is catering to a pile of shady less-than-legal types. Their clients probably demand they DON'T have cameras everywhere - otherwise there'd really be no need for anyone to hire spies like us.
No. 720775 ID: 211d83

Happy to be of service then.

Now before I go I should mention that while we are square for the drinks me keeping silence will be tricky if I get caught.

So if you want to keep your involvement secret you might want to cover for me in case they want to haul me off back and question me in impolite fashion until I am forced to let them know who is responsible.

Coincidentally I have a special right now on enjoyable cover stories. 100k for each of you and you four can drag me off to a back room for some fun times until the heat dies down.
No. 720776 ID: 4546ab


I like this idea.
No. 720777 ID: a075ba

>Hmm. How secure is unpowered jetalium?
Not secure at all. Any jetal can absorb, and probably will, considering how valuable it is. We can't even count on hiding a lump of it somewhere unseen, since jetalium sense modules exist.
No. 720788 ID: 0a94cb

For the moment, we should stick around. Drunk robots might yell something juicy about suspecting some other particular party or something.

Eventually, we might be forced to bail though. Probably into someone's bed, as a way out.

About that though, we don't know which, if any, of the jetals at our table are even into sex. Propositioning unruly sorts might be bad cause it might sour their mood and just because they're unruly is not reason to assume they're into sex.
No. 720790 ID: 3cc68c

Glad to be of service.

Now if you and your friends want any other personal services (like say in the bedroom far away from here) just let me know.

Then go back to acting normal.
No. 720821 ID: 38685c

Naw, we want to remain in shouting range of Drunk Robot Secrets
No. 720822 ID: 38685c

Does Succubus know how to strip dance on tables?
No. 720846 ID: dd338c
File 146233267929.png - (21.02KB , 800x800 , 59.png )

"Hey Succubus?" Alison asks. "Do you know how to strip dance on tables?"
>"Yes, but only when the time is right. It's not, by the way."
"Okay." Alison says, then talking to Polatt. "Hi Polatt! Do you know where Winch is?"
>"Nope. Sorry. Contact with him isn't easy." he says, cutting off the option to drop Alison's stuff off with him.

>How secure is unpowered jetalium?
As secure as a giant block of gold left on the ground.

"Glad to be of service anyway!" Alison says to the jetals. "If any of you want any more personal services," she says with a low tone, "maybe in a bedroom far away from here, then just let me know!"
>"What, and miss this fun?!" a jetal says. "Who knows what they'll say!"

The conversation goes on while the poor waitress and the two sober robots try their best to calm them, but things are still loud.

"They really are saying whatever comes to mind!" Alison notes in the lobby.
>"That's a good point. We can use that against them." says Recluse. "It's chancy, but if you go over there and try to help calm the robots down, but slip in certain words about their business, they may think about secrets and spill them out. That may put more suspicion on us, but this is a very good chance."
>"There's also a lot of foot traffic." says Scanner. "There were a lot of people who crossed by those drinks, so we'd just be one suspect out of a whole bunch. There's just no way they have anything on us!"
No. 720847 ID: 211d83

Go try to help the other waitresses calm the situation. Its probably the best thing to do to get suspicion off of yourself.

Do your best to "calm" them down while leading the conversation in interesting directions.
No. 720849 ID: 3cc68c

The big trick with that plan is do we know what gang they are in and what they do? Otherwise might be hard to steer the conversation.

But is worth a shot. Trying to calm the situation seems like a natural thing to be seen doing. And if you don't be blatant about your nudging you should be fine.

Ask the jetal guy who they are to get hints and then go over to "help" the situation.
No. 720854 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 720858 ID: 59488d

Ok, to start, go over and audibly ask the other waitress if there's anything you can do to help quiet this down, because "there are other clients trying to discuss business".

Hmm... as well as saying whatever crosses their mind, are they also DOING anything that crosses their mind, like throwing that glass earlier? Get too close while looking too appealing and you might get... pulled into something.

Actually, falling prey to something of that sort might back up your innocence. If you'd been the one to spike their drinks, you'd know not to get in range of any sudden whims, wouldn't you?
No. 720911 ID: 8111b6

True, but might we also risk getting a dose of those nanites through contact and/or fluid transfer? ... Might be fun. Sounds like the guy is enjoying himself.
No. 720915 ID: 4854ef

No risk no gain! Lets attempt it.
No. 720977 ID: 738934

Go over and pretend to be there to help calm the situation.

While there attempt to "calm" things by subtly trying to seduced the robots until they get the idea to hire you for sexy distractions. This will get them off the floor and out of sight.

Then you can get paid twice for the same job and you will have them alone in a room so you can lead them into shouting out personal details while they have no inhibitions. Will be much easier than doing it in public.

Just try to avoid kissing them and getting robo drunk. If that even works on Jetals.
No. 721040 ID: dd338c
File 146241711363.png - (31.83KB , 800x800 , 60.png )

"Who are they anyway?" Alison asks the jetal.
>"Just some no nonsense robots who run a casino front down on Redpaint Road. They got addons made for fighting, but the sorta addons robots get for self defense when they don't know a damn thing about fighting!"

Petunia walks over to 'help' the other waiter. Scanner also looks up these nanites, and it seems like this is something specific to a lot of robots, but won't affect jetals or biologicals greatly.

"Excuse me!" Alison says to the waiter. "Since my clients are trying to discuss business, is there anything I can do to help?"
>"Yeah!" a robot says. "You can figure out who spiked our drinks before we find out for you!"
>"Someone's at fault, and until we figure out who, we're blaming one of you!"
>"I'm sorry!" the other waiter says. "I'm on the line while we wait for the investigation!"
>"An investigation from the same people who let this happen?!"
>"Hold your poisons!" a sober robot yells.
>"Why the hell should we?!" a drunk yells back. "I thought we were paying you girls for more service than shaking booty when you walk off!"

The last one who spoke looks like he might have struck either Petunia or the other girl, but he appears to have enough restraint left in him to punch the table behind him. That bang as the table nearly breaks gets the rest of the venue to be quiet and listen to the unfolding scene. Even the jetals behind Alison seem to stay still.

>"Aside from that last comment, it's hard to tell if robots have attraction to people's bodies." says Scanner. "Full robots almost always have sexuality missing, but a lot of 'robots' were biologicals put into a robot body, and trying to remove sexuality from a developed brain has a lot of issues."
>"It looks like they still have some restraint in their actions, but they are still showing physical volatility. They're dangerous." says the Duelist. "The girl next to us is biological, and this 'prank' may have put her in danger. I'd like to draw attention from her to us while we try to steer their speech in the direction of their secrets."

No. 721042 ID: 5ad4a7

Duelist has the right idea. We can take a punch, she can't. Try to get them to calm down, ask if their work has been stressful?
No. 721043 ID: 0a94cb

Well, we could ask them the obvious question of if there's anyone they can think of that would spike their drink.
No. 721046 ID: 59488d

Tell the other waitress she should go back and speak to your employers directly, perhaps she could try retracing her steps with the drinks? You'll stay and do any jobs these fellows require while she's gone.

Say that there are a lot of people here who are suited for secretly playing tricks, is there any enemies or rivals they can think of who would want to cause problems for them, or problems between them and your own bosses? Even someone who might just be temporarily upset at something they've done recently?

That should get them talking, and once they've spilled a bit, you can make yourself seem more innocent and helpful by suggesting they get some food to busy their mouths with instead of talking.
No. 721047 ID: a075ba

>Full robots almost always have sexuality missing
Really? I mean... we don't. And we weren't ever biological, I think. If we're AIs, and they're AIs just in robot bodies, why would they be missing it? Sure, most of us only found out about it a short while ago... but I still like it! Wouldn't they?

>I'd like to draw attention from her to us while we try to steer their speech in the direction of their secrets.
This is really the plan. We have multiple aims that overlap:
(1) Draw attention / danger away from the biological waitress.
(2) Get the drunk bots to spill secrets
(3) Appear to be trying to diffuse the situation, earning us brownie points / less suspicion / more moolah from the people running the party who hired us. They'll like us keeping their staff from getting hurt, and clients happy.

Maneuver yourself in front of her and take their attention. When they're not looking at her (people should watch those extra cameras and stuff you added), use an extra jetalium hand or your tail to shoo her away. Get her to back off from them. She's scared for her own safety, but if you show her you're a jetal, she won't be worried about leaving you alone with them and taking the out. She'll know you'll be okay.

That's one obvious route of questioning. What do you do; is there anyone who has a problem with that? Or if it's not professional, maybe it's personal. Do any of you know anyone who might have a reason to want to make you uncomfortable? (Getting them to spill their secrets with the pretense of trying to investigate a cause).

>>"An investigation from the same people who let this happen?!"
This provides an obvious lead in to the questioning. Well, if you don't trust the investigators to do a good job, maybe we can figure this out ourselves!

>I thought we were paying you girls for more service than shaking booty when you walk off
>Someone's at fault, and until we figure out who, we're blaming one of you!
There's also the obvious approach of offering sexual favors to diffuse the situation, as you did with Fern. Probably need to do this when speculation isn't enough to keep them happy.

All right. If I'm the one at fault here, is there anything I can do to make it up to you? *sexy pose, sultry glance / wink, suggestive touch*
No. 721050 ID: 211d83

Good sirs I assure you that all available resources will be put to the task to find the instigators of this prank.

You run a casino correct? So you know that it can take a while to go over the footage of every camera while still protecting your clients privacy. As you know there are a lot of important people here who would rather not have cameras tracking there every move. It might take awhile to find out what happened without offending people. (then glance around at all the other crime bosses)

So while they are working why not let me take over for your more fragile hostess here and entertain you? Why let this little mess ruin your otherwise excellent night? Being a Jetal I might be able to service you better if you are interested in a bit more than just drinks and booty shaking.

While normally that sort of extra service might have a fee attached I am sure the management would be fine with me Comping my services to make up your troubles. (Then stroke his arm in seductive fashion)
No. 721051 ID: 59488d

Let's not be directly seductive. Don't actively refuse it but let them make the first move if it's to be made, it'll make you seem more innocent.
No. 721076 ID: b412df

Since we've also got a table, maybe ask the server if she wouldn't mind checking to see if the food is ready for it. That'll get her out of the firing line.

Ask for the drunks, not sure how to get info from them, but in the interests of maintaining cover, maybe say that you're sorry for how their evening has turn out but is there anything that can be done to ensure it remains somewhat pleasant.
No. 721213 ID: dd338c
File 146250373091.png - (25.69KB , 800x800 , 61.png )

"Hold on! Scanner, really, about the robots not being that sexual? What about us?"
>"Jetals are supposed to be an artificial organic being, I guess between robots and organics, but jetals weren't supposed to have sexuality, either, it's just that the modules give the capability. I guess robots could get it, too, but there's a huge culture gap between robots and jetals, and we've barely even looked at jetal culture. And remember, I only said full robots! The biologicals turned robots would mostly have a sexual drive."

"Maybe you could retrace your steps?" Petunia asks of the waiter. "Speak with our employers?"
>"She's not going anywhere!" says a drunk, although no one makes a move to prevent petunia from getting between the robots and the waitress."
"I'd like to do anything that can be done to keep your evening pleasant, by any means necessary, so if it involves finding out about this, how about we run you through who might've done this? Do you know anyone at this party who might've done this? Enemies or rivals?"
>"Like Eight-Rocks? Is he here?! Do you have a problem with me sleeping with his wife too, girl?! It wasn't my fault she gambled her bank account into the dirt!"

One of the sobers tries to pull him away after that, but just gets pushed off by the drunk.
No. 721214 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh no, you don't judge. Who is Eight-Rocks though?
No. 721217 ID: a075ba

>"Jetals are supposed to be an artificial organic being, I guess between robots and organics, but jetals weren't supposed to have sexuality, either, it's just that the modules give the capability. I guess robots could get it, too, but there's a huge culture gap between robots and jetals, and we've barely even looked at jetal culture. And remember, I only said full robots! The biologicals turned robots would mostly have a sexual drive."
But a robot is just an AI in a body, right? And we're AIs? And I don't think we actually needed to modules to feel this way, it's just that most of us hadn't thought of it.

...I wonder what else we haven't thought of that normal people take for granted.

>Do you have a problem with me sleeping with his wife too, girl?!
Oh, not at all, sir. As far as I'm concerned, you're entitled to sleep with whoever you like. *hint hint*.
No. 721218 ID: 211d83

Guess that answers the sex question. Try to divert his attention from being angry about the prank to being interested in you.

I don't have any problems with that. A big strong guy like you probably has to fight the women off with a stick. (Caress his arm while saying this) I can't imagine that she had anything to complain about after a night with you.

Can you think of anyone else that might want to pull a prank on you? If you have any leads I can send your waitress to check on things for us? (Do your best to get her out of harms way)
No. 721220 ID: 4546ab

As far as I am concerned a handsome guy like you can sleep with whoever he wants. Lots of girls here including myself would be honored to spend some time in the bedroom with you.

So do you think this Eight-Rocks is the type to pull a silly prank like this?
No. 721221 ID: 768f23

Well, we know that guy has a sex drive. Also that marriage is a thing in the ancient empire? Or the sim thinks so, anyway.

Really, though, it's not surprising that an AI could develop something similar to a sex drive. They may or may not lack the basic biological urge, but they clearly are emotional beings and probably have a desire to experience intimacy, comfort, company, power, security, making others feel good, curiosity, and all the other extremely manifold reasons that people have sex.

Anyway, act flustered and embarrassed. "I-i didn't mean anything like that, sir! They couldn't have known who specifically would get the drinks, it would have had to have been targeted at your whole table! So, I meant, I mean, nothing personal! Like, business rivals!?"
No. 721223 ID: 768f23

Oh, and I'd recommend not getting specifically inquisitive about Eight-Rocks. That'd be too obviously snoopy, and the name and situation is likely enough for the DBs to find out something.

I'm still recommending we don't get directly seductive, either. Wait for the "business rivals" prompt and then suggest getting some food to occupy the drunk guys' mouths. If they refuse that, or it demonstrates itself as insufficient, then Petunia should glance at the sober guys and suggest maybe going to a private room.
No. 721325 ID: dd338c
File 146257116804.png - (16.46KB , 800x800 , 62.png )

"So, Scanner! Full robots are just AI's in a body, but aren't we AI's, and didn't we choose this route?"
>"Well, er, yes, but we're not, uh, belenos sim robot AI's, we're made to be more, well, natural, I guess. But we're really leaving what we know about ourselves."
"True! We'll just have to learn and play things by ear as we find them out."

"I don't mind at all, sir! As far as I can tell, you've got the right to sleep with whoever you like! You probably have to fight the girls off with a stick." Alison tells the drunk.
>"Ahaha maybe you aren't as dumb as the others!"

"Scanner!" Alison calls again. "What is a wife?"
>"Come on, we know basic english." says Atlas.
"Yes but I don't know what exactly wives are in the belenos sim?"
>"It's... " Scanner starts. "According to the belenos sim, people can get all kinds of unions with others to various degrees, and a 'husband' or 'wife' or 'partner' is used for male, female or neither. It's kind of extremely complex in belenos society, so it's kind of a vague term."

"Do you know of anyone else who would have spiked it?"
>"I'd have to think about it! Damn it all, I'm talking too much!"
>"Of course you are!"
"While we and, if they like, your partners who didn't have spiked drinks investigate who did such a thing, I'd be more than happy to take you to a private room until you're sober?"
>"Yes." says the drunk. "I'm going to take you to a room to relax, but in reality I will push myself on you."

The two sober people just have their hands on their foreheads.

>"Wait a second!" says the other drunk.
No. 721326 ID: dd338c
File 146257121711.png - (74.07KB , 800x800 , 63.png )

>"She's a damn colonial spy!"

Before Alison can react, she senses an energy surge from the other drunk, as he lunges at her.
No. 721327 ID: dd338c
File 146257124120.png - (33.36KB , 800x800 , 64.png )

As far as Petunia's capability to see goes, one of the jetals at Alison's table virtually teleports to get between Petunia and the robot. The robot's fist sinks into the jetal's body, and the jetal absorbs the punch.

The biological waiter is running away, now.
No. 721329 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask Polatt if you've gotten your money's worth yet. I wonder if we need to stick around here.

...might want to give them some space regardless. Though you should ask them what "colonial" means.
No. 721334 ID: a075ba

We've got a bruiser jetal who fights for a living who has our back, versus drunk robots who don't know anything about fighting.

So long as we aren't careless, I think we can evade physical harm. He's got this.

>what do
To the jetal who intervened "thank you for the assistance, sir!"

To the robots (take on a stern, lecturing tone): "Sirs! Violence and energy weapons are against the rules of this establishment! I will have to ask you to control yourselves if you wish to remain our guests."

This actually works to our advantage. So long as we play the part of the responsible waitress, attempting to control and deescalate the situation, we look good to the people running the place. And if these guys make themselves enough of a nuisance, they get thrown out, and they likely lose the party owner's help in tracking down who drugged them.

(For when/if we're questioned about that accusation later): "If I was a spy why would I make myself noticeable getting right into that situation? I was just trying to do the right thing." (Alison can sell goodie two shoes).

We might also be able to lean on Fern and the Roudies vouching for us.

>colonial spy
Well, he's half right. Alison and co haven't even heard of the colonies, yet.
No. 721338 ID: f416da


I wouldn't contact Polatt right now, just in case one of these guys has some means to sense communications devices. It's been on and listening the whole time, of course, but trying to ask questions or receive answers might cause a noticeable change in the signal or similar.

My best guess for "colonial" is that it references the off-world belenosian colonies? We know there were a few bases and such on space stations and on other planets in their star system, and there might be political/economic tensions there. I'd guess that by this point there'd be nowhere on the actual homeworld that'd be referred to as a colony. There might also be some crime syndicate or something that started off being linked to a colony of some kind, and are referred to as colonials now?

I'd say keep being innocent. Duck behind the booth divider or under a table or something, ask the jetal if he's ok, and tell the robot you're not a colonial spy, you're just trying to help figure out who spiked the drink! If they're worried about accidentally spreading secrets you could get them some food or something?
No. 721339 ID: 738934

Thank the big guy and keep hiding behind him. Then ask him what a colonial spy is?
No. 721341 ID: b412df

This scene is probably the centre of attention now, I'd say stay in character, don't try to get any more info, or mention the spiking or investigation.

That way hopefully people's minds will change from those robots have been drugged, to those robots are being violent. If the violence is a greater risk to the owner's rep than the drugging then good for us.
No. 721342 ID: a075ba

Yeah, Alison and co haven't heard about them yet, but there are black zone space colonies out there that aren't loyal to the empire. That effectively makes everyone there a rebel or a criminal.

(Although these colonies aren't that far away, relatively since the Belenosian Empire never did any ftl).
No. 721374 ID: dd338c
File 146257903858.png - (22.62KB , 800x800 , 65.png )

"Before you ask," Scanner says, "colonial in this case means off planet."

"Thank you sir jetal, and sir robot please keep yourself in check!" says Petunia, although the robots seem to have calmed down immediately.
>"I think this is a freeroam equivalent of someone punching another in the face, and the recepient didn't flinch, to show the deliverer that he can't win the fight."

>"That was a good gem." says Polatt. "Tempting as it was to have you alone in the room with a robot hopped up on those nanites, it'd be inevitable that he'd realize you were a loose jetal with all his secrets in you. Not like we'd compain if you kept going, but the mission here is a success. You can leave anytime, but we prefer you not actively pry out more info since being around too many incidents is bad for Petunia. Listening in to the ambient noise is fine. A few more hours work will get you about 10 grand bonus from Winch."

Some more robots come and take the drunken robot group away. It's quiet, now, as everyone seemed to be paying attention to that exchange, but it gradually picks up again.

"Um... are you okay?" Petunia asks of the jetal.
"Okay. Thank you again! That would have hurt me."
>"We were pranking, not setting up a murder," he whispers that part before getting louder, "so shush up and get our food, already! And our check. We're gonna leave this place since that was the peak of tonight. Uh... you can join us."
>"We didn't agree on that last part, Scurps!" yells one of the other jetals. "I guess she's cool with us, and she's already met Fern, so she wants to ditch her job for us if she wants for some reason. But what, you like belenos girls now or something, Scurps?"
No. 721375 ID: dd338c
File 146257905390.png - (9.09KB , 800x800 , 66.png )


>"Aw really you scamp no wonder you volunteered to take the jetalium hit!"
"Hold on, you mentioned Fern?" Alison asks the talking jetal, since Scurps seems to be staying quiet.
>"Yeah he's our boss. Keep it to yourself." he whispers to Petunia. "He's leaving soon, too, an' says you're welcome to hang out with us for our little afterparty. Nothing eventful."

Petunia can Leave With the Lollipop Syndicate or Continue Winch's Job before returning to the Dead Batteries..
No. 721378 ID: fea2ce

Go hang out with Ferns gang.
No. 721380 ID: a075ba

Okay, so mission complete, and we didn't even blow this identity / cover, so 'Petunia' could even come back in the future. Good job!

>what do
First, complete the duties of your cover job by getting them their orders and check, like he asked for.

Then... it's hang out here for another 10k, and hope no one follows up on the drink drugging and questions you about it or searches you (which they still might, after reviewing the tapes, if they still care) or go with the lollipop guild for unknown benefits.

...I think the later is our better option. It opens a new line of jobs / contacts / black market stuff for us, and if we play diplomat / contact for the Dead Batteries, we'll probably be rewarded by them for that too. Polatt did say something earlier to the effect they were looking for alliances and appreciate it if we look out for them. (And on the meta levle- cooperation between gangs is better than infighting, because it gives Sevener less obvious targets to attack as a cop, denying her opportunities for growth).

I would confirm with slash ask Polatt before revealing who you really work for, though.
No. 721382 ID: 5ad4a7

This sounds like a good way to make connections in more varied, higher places.
No. 721383 ID: f416da

Yeah, go with the Syndicate. I'm a bit worried that maybe they're setting up to take their money back and steal your jetalium, but I feel like it's small change to them, and that Fern can be trusted, at least while he thinks you have a "unique skill" that no-one else does. It could open up the line for new jobs, both with the Lollipops and the DBs, and it's probably a good idea to get out of here before any real investigation happens.

Besides, even if the afterparty isn't "eventful", being with their more select/trusted crowd may still lead to some secret info getting passed around in earshot.
No. 721392 ID: b412df

I'd go with, gives you a way to escape the investigation and it might be fun, who knows?
No. 721395 ID: a107fd

Let's make it a goal to have our first meeting with Sevener involve introducing ourselves as "Princess Sugartooth of the Lolipop Syndicate" without any part of that being a lie.
No. 721406 ID: dd338c
File 146258473161.png - (24.00KB , 800x800 , 67.png )

"Polatt, is there any problem if I go with these jetals?"
>"You can if you like. But if they ask, say you're not Petunia. Which is true."
"Can I tell them I work for the Dead Batteries?"
>"Don't put it like that. If it comes up, just tell them you do some work for us if they ask, since it's true, but don't tell them we're the ones who put you up to work as Petunia. That was all Winch."

"Okay, I'll grab your plates and bill, then I'll come with you guys."
>"Haha really, well alright then!" says the jetal that Petunia's been talking to the most.

The food is grabbed and Winch is alerted by Polatt that Petunia is leaving, so everyone gets up and takes the elevator down. The jetals start rocking the elevator side to side to see how hard they can scrape it against the edges of the structure.

>"Hey, I'm Val." one of the jetal says while rocking. "How'd you meet Fern anyway? I had to eat a powerful rival robot, turn him into a wristwatch, and give that watch to Fern as a present before that guy would recognize I even existed."
>"What, that's it?" says another Jetal. "As a display of trust, I had to shed all but one gram of jetalium and do a little jig as a 1 gram spider."
>"I had to turn myself into a bomb, explode myself, and survive while taking out a building.
>"I had to take 20 years of condensed drug making chemistry lessons."
No. 721407 ID: 38685c

"I had sex with him!"
No. 721408 ID: 595d54

"We fucked."
No. 721411 ID: 211d83

I managed to get him to cum before he could fuck me hard enough for me to pass out.
No. 721412 ID: f416da

Don't tell them you fucked. He said keep it discreet, remember? "This stays with us". He never gave any exception for his gang, and he clearly hasn't told them he fucked you already.

Just smile quietly and say he told you to keep what you did for him a secret.
No. 721414 ID: b412df

Agreeing with this, wouldn't want to get a reputation for blabbing about our clients would we?
No. 721417 ID: a075ba

>Don't put it like that
So.... does that mean I'm not a Dead Battery?

>But if they ask, say you're not Petunia. Which is true.
This might be a natural time to introduce yourself. Oh! We got going so fast I never introduced myself!

(Do we go with Unity and/or Alison? It would make sense to hide Alison's name again so Sevener can't come across it by accident, and Unity does fit the usual paramiters of a stripper name- short, cute, ends in y).

This is literally the only response.

...or it would be, if it weren't trumped by a promise. Alison keeps her promises.

"I served him some of his own product, melted down and bootlegged, to his face, and talked my way out of it."

True, and sounds suitably daring / badass.
No. 721418 ID: 4546ab

I don't know guys he said to be discrete about that sort of stuff. I would say but I don't want to make him angry.

But am sure he would tell you if you ask.
No. 721419 ID: 595d54

Oh, yeah, true. Changing my suggestion to "That's between us, ask him if you want to know."
No. 721420 ID: 3cc68c

I would love to brag but unless he says I can talk about it you will have to ask him.

A girl has to have a few secrets right?
No. 721421 ID: 0a94cb

That last one sounds fun actually!

Also, just going to jump on the bandwagon of don't say you had sex with him. We said we're discrete.
No. 721425 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh yeah that's right.

>"You don't look like you've got all the bulbs on, so you know this stays with us, right?"
No. 721430 ID: dd338c
File 146258788120.png - (15.12KB , 800x800 , 68.png )

"Polatt, when you put it like that, you make it sound like I'm not a Dead Battery."
>"When you put it like that, that sounds like a downer. Haven't had a chance to formally invite you, since you haven't gotten back from the party yet. We'll go over the details once you get back, and hey, no rush.

Alison almost blurts out 'we had sex', but she did make a promise to be discreet!

"I'm sorry, but it was for a reason that Fern told me not to say.
No. 721431 ID: dd338c
File 146258790757.png - (23.03KB , 800x800 , 69.png )

>"Such a good girl!"
>"Such a goody two shoes!"
>"Always does what she's told!"
>"Yeah so she should tell us!"
>"Yeah tell us!"
>"Tell us!"
>"Tell! Us!"
>"Tell! Us!"

They all start chanting 'Tell us! Tell us!" as the elevator starts going through the 57th floor.
No. 721432 ID: a075ba

Jetalium is an unfair advantage in making silly faces.

>Tell us!
We gotta give them something, fall back on this half truth (we did it, but it's not exactly how we won him over).

>"I served him some of his own product, melted down and bootlegged, to his face, and talked my way out of it."
No. 721433 ID: 211d83

Aww come on guys I just got here and I don't want Fern to be mad with me.

You have all known him for awhile but I just met him tonight. I have to set a good impression.

All I can say is I think I managed to impress him with something I did tonight. And maybe I can impress some of you guys later on.
No. 721434 ID: 5ad4a7

What, isn't he their boss? Okay fine. If that's how they roll, tell them an OUTRAGEOUS LIE.

Like, you seduced your way into the innermost circle of a rival drug syndicate and stole their top formulas.
No. 721435 ID: 595d54

"Oh, alright. I served him some of his own product, melted down and bootlegged, to his face, and talked my way out of it."

To steal an earlier suggestion.
No. 721442 ID: 201e63

Smile. Tease them. "You want me to be a bad girl, then...? You want me to tell stories? I dunno... would a bad girl even tell you the truth? Maybe I killed someone special. Maybe I'm secretly some super experimental jetal, and I showed him I can do something no-one else can. Maybe I got him mad and actually managed to talk him down. And maybe he just likes me. You can't tell, even if I say, because apparently I should be a bad girl, and you can't trust bad girls, can you? So, is there anything else you'd want a bad girl for?"
No. 721445 ID: 201e63

Also I'm wondering if these guys aren't a lot more cunning than they seem and this is actually some sort of test to see if she can be easily persuaded to give info.
No. 721446 ID: 4546ab


I like this one the best.
No. 721453 ID: 3cc68c


Yeah if they want to tease you then tease them right back. Its better than giving them the info directly or just refusing.

The more you play around with them the more they will end up liking you. These guys are rowdy thugs who work and play hard. They want someone who will be able to roll with the punches. (figuratively speaking)
No. 721455 ID: b412df

Yeah, this sounds like a fun option, doesn't give them any info, or rather any info they can trust.
No. 721462 ID: 29c4aa

say that you'll show them later.
No. 721465 ID: dd338c
File 146259117940.png - (12.74KB , 800x800 , 70.png )

Petunia smiles.
"I don't have a long history with Fern, so I still have to make a good impression!"
>"Tell us! Tell us!"
"Do you want me to be a bad girl, to tell stories?"
>"Do it!"
"How do you know I'd even tell you the truth? Maybe I killed someone special! Maybe I'm a super experimental jetal and I showed him I can do something no one else can. Maybe I served his own product to him and talked my way out of it. Maybe he just likes me. Maybe I'll show all of you later. You can't tell, because apparently I should be a bad girl, and you can't trust bad girls, can you? So, is there anything else you'd want a bad girl for?

Alison feels like she's missing something about what 'bad girl' means, but she took Succubus' cue for it.

>"Well apparently Scurps likes bad girls, don't ya, Scurps?" says the one with the squarish eyelids.
>"Kail... eheh... yea."
>"What happened to high end battle jetal above artificial pleasures?"
>"Ehehhhh.... fuck that." says Scurps.
>"So fuck her!"
>"What, in the elevator?"
>"Where else!?"
>"Aah, I totally would, but I don't even know her name!"
>"It's Petunia, you dumbass."
>"Isn't that just a stage name? Every girl in that place was named after a flower. I mean her real name outside of work!"
No. 721466 ID: 211d83

I usually go by Unity. Its a pleasure to meet you Scurps.

Now what were you saying you would like to do to a bad girl like me in the elevator?
No. 721468 ID: 201e63

Huh. Hope this guy also has the mod to lick into our core, or he might be disappointed. Actually, hold on... Fern said specifically that he was "hacking our module". Like it was something that was changed about us, that our module was altered somehow. Is that change still in effect? Like, did he create some sort of open hole or port that can still be used? Or maybe we have a record of what he did and can manage to replicate it willingly? It seems like it's just a matter of opening some network permissions or something.

Anyway, I still like Unity.
No. 721469 ID: 5ad4a7

Time to choose a name for the simulation, I guess. How about Serenity?
No. 721470 ID: 0a94cb

D'awww, Scurps seems a bit shy. It doesn't have to be in the elevator just because his friends are teasing him!
No. 721472 ID: 4546ab

I guess going with Unity is a decent name this time around. We need to spread our name somehow and as long as we avoid Alison its not a instant flag for Sevener.

Well Scurps since you were such a gentleman and saved me from that drunken robot earlier why don't you show me what a gentleman like yourself likes to do to bad girls in elevators?
No. 721473 ID: a075ba

I go by Unity, when I'm not pretending to be a flower. Hello, Scurps.

Run your index finger down his front, all seductive-like.

>>"Aah, I totally would, but I don't even know her name!"
*mischievous grin* Although it's not a like a bad girl needs a name first.
No. 721476 ID: 201e63

>lick into our core

I meant "link" but you know that still works.

If he expects us to have a higher-ranked mod or the like, we could tell him the mod we do have has been custom enhanced and if he can link in he'll get a really good effect.
No. 721524 ID: dd338c
File 146260121952.png - (16.41KB , 800x800 , 71.png )

Alison talks to the lobby.

"Fern said he was hacking our module. Is that still in effect?"
>"No." says Recluse. "It seemed to only be corrupted while he had his image in our core."

"I go by Unity, though it's not like a bad girl neems a name first."

They pause, then laugh.

>"That's completely a porn alias!" says the one who Alison thinks was called Kail.

"Is it?" asks Alison to the lobby.
>"Maybe?" says Succubus.

"Really, it's Unity! And hello, Scurps, it's a pleasure to meet you. And we don't have to do anything in the elevator just because your friends are teasing you."
>"Nnnah, this place is fine."
"I only have a low ranking module, I hope that's not a problem."
>"I don't care about that. Get your dress off!"
No. 721525 ID: dd338c
File 146260125580.png - (23.09KB , 800x800 , 72.png )

He doesn't waste any time to push Unity up against the elevator wall and start slamming himself into her.

It feels good, and Alison certainly wouldn't call it underwhelming, but it's not nearly the intensity of the first couple of sessions. The lobby isn't sure if that's because they're getting used to the feeling, or if the first two were just intense.

Although Alison may have enjoyed being overwhelmed, she for one wouldn't want to lose control of her body every time. Even so, Unity cries out in pleasure between moans and the bangs of the elevator wall getting hit by a ton of jetalium.

"A-ah, you don't need to fake it!" says Scurps.
"What? I'm no- not faking it! It's good!"

He looks confused.

No. 721527 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell him you haven't had enough sex to start getting jaded.
No. 721532 ID: 201e63

Considering jetals probably like to try merging-together tricks during sex, Unity probably is kind of a porn name.

Anyway, he probably thinks you're more experienced than you are. Trust his grip and lift both hands to cup his face, give him a sexy smile, and tell him you're not that jaded yet. And you certainly don't think you're above this kind of pleasure, so you don't see any point in holding back how much you express your enjoyment. Every sound he's getting from you is as natural as it can be.

Maybe give his snout a companionable bump with your forehead, or lean up a little to bump your nose to his, and say you definitely want him to keep going.
No. 721563 ID: 2c3a5e

Tell him you were born today, and he's only your third, second if you're only counting jetals.
No. 721564 ID: a075ba

>"That's completely a porn alias!"
Well it is short, cute, and ends in a y.

>Although Alison may have enjoyed being overwhelmed, she for one wouldn't want to lose control of her body every time.
If we're not being overwhelmed, then there's room to give some back, and not be completely passive this time. Put that practice to use! Not that we can do a whole lot being banged against a wall, but you still have some ability to thrust back / meet his thrusts. And what you say / how you look will have a big impact on him too.

>He looks confused.
Maybe we can do something for that self esteem.

Oh, honey. I'm not that jaded yet! I'm not on a job, or getting paid. I've got no reason to fake anything; I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't enjoy it. I want this.

Now, fuck me.
No. 721577 ID: dd338c
File 146263667446.png - (17.53KB , 800x800 , 73.png )

"I only just started this today, and you're only my third, so I'm not that jaded yet! And I'm not being paid or on the job to act like I'm not jaded, so you can believe me when I say I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't enjoy this."
"O-oh!" says Scurps.
"I thought bad girls couldn't be trusted?" asks one of the other jetals.
"Bad girls would lie for personal gain, but I have no reason to lie, right?" says Unity. "So, Scurps, I want this. Fuck me!"

Scurps starts banging Unity against the elevator with more enthusiasm now, and Unity pushes out to meet them even though it feels like a wad of newspaper getting thrown against a train.

No. 721578 ID: dd338c
File 146263668523.png - (19.37KB , 800x800 , 74.png )

The elevator makes a few stops on its way down, but no one else gets in the elevator.

At the 21st floor, Unity climaxes and screams for Scurps to keep banging her.

The elevator door opens. Fern is there.

"The hell is going on in here?"

No. 721579 ID: a075ba

I wonder if Fern is putting on a face because he doesn't want people to know he's into this, or if he's jealous or annoyed you hooked up with one of his flunkies.

>"The hell is going on in here?"
*sheepish grin* The, uh, afterparty got started a little early, sir.
No. 721589 ID: 211d83

Elevator sex?
No. 721590 ID: 201e63

I don't think jetals would have any reason to have a jealousy response, at least romantically/sexually. I don't Fern is the type to think he has any specific claim here, anyway. If we were publicly "Fern's girl" there would be a respect thing, but we're not. He might be slightly disappointed we're getting more used to sex before getting with him again, but I think at this point he'll be more interested in the multiplication thing we did. Plus he thinks we're a bit dumb and oblivious anyway. So, with a smile:

"Uuhm, making connections? Meeting interesting people, ah, social networking, you know. Business. Developing new interests that I've picked up. A-and having a lot of fun!!"

The "developing new interests that I've picked up" line will hopefully be a clandestine way of telling him "you made me really like sex" so that he can feel good about it a bit.

I'm kind of wondering if Fern expected us to never mention he'd met us/we'd met him at all, but it was obvious to everyone who was watching him when we went off with him the first time, so I doubt he expects us to conceal we at least met him. We just have to remember not to say we had sex with him, specifically.
No. 721608 ID: dd338c
File 146264924945.png - (13.62KB , 800x800 , 75.png )

"Elevator sex?"


>"Yeh that." says Scurps.
>"Great, she's fitting in, isn't she. Now I have five of you assholes. What were you all thinking, spiking that robot's drink?"
>"We were thinking of getting them drunk."
>"And Petunia, was it?"
>"Unity, now!"
>"I'm not keeping track, so now you're 'girl' to me. Are you going to have sex at every opportunity?"
"As long as it still does the trick for making connections, meets interesting people, networking, business stuff and developing new interests that I picked up and having fun!"
>"Alright, you five, keep this elevator going down. Where'd we park?"
>"Dunno, boss, we flew." says Kail.
>"Whatever. Scurps, you're our car."
No. 721609 ID: dd338c
File 146264926106.png - (83.50KB , 800x800 , 76.png )

Scurps transforms into a car because apparently he can do that, and everyone gets in.

>"Alright, the night's just getting started. Let's hear some ideas." says Fern.
>"Hop over to a suburb and go biking!" says the one with the black eyes.
>"We don't get people trying to race us that often anymore, Fush. Club hopping!" Scurps suggests.
>"Too cliche. Bounty hunting." says Kail.
>"You've got an interesting concept of 'afterparty', but we're not ruling anything out." Fern says.
No. 721611 ID: 0a94cb

A quiet dinner where we get to know each other and talk about our feelings and insecurities.
No. 721615 ID: 201e63

"Well, since we got some other guys drunk, there'd be a nice balance to getting the closest approximation to drunk we can manage ourselves! But, that's probably really old to you guys. I'm not equipped for bounty hunting myself, but I sure wouldn't mind watching you guys show off your metaphorical muscles."

I don't think poor Scurps got to get off, there. It shouldn't have a specifically bad effect on him, as a jetal, but maybe rest your arm on his back seat and give him a little pat or stroke to show you're thinking of him.
No. 721618 ID: a075ba

>bounty hunting
The only thing we're equipped to be in a bounty hunting scenario is the bait. Which probably isn't worth the risk and potential heat, especially since any bounty would be split 5 ways. (Not that we can veto, Fern is deciding. We just have no strong reason to advocate for it).

Although it might be funny / worth it if they took down a bounty and got the payout in a single update considering throwing a whole pile of jetals at most problems is pretty overkill.

Shopping? Kind of lame considering what we need to get to, but we could blow some of our moolah.

Orgy. I get the impression Fern would want his stuff separate from the roudies, and we don't need to be a broken record.

There's gotta be ridiculous extreme sports stuff for jetals to goof off at, since they can't get hurt easily by a lot of things. Rocket-boards, skyscraper skydiving.

Maybe crash a movie, or a concert or show or something? (It would be in-character for Alison to express an interest in music, and it might even lead to getting the Master Musician module and/or participating on stage).

Anyone in the lobby have ideas? (Besides Gaurdsman, we know he'll want to pick a fight).
No. 721626 ID: dd338c
File 146265219767.png - (11.15KB , 800x800 , 77.png )

"How about a calm party where we all talk about our feelings and insecurities?"

They pause, then laugh enough to rock the car.

>"You're joking?!"
"Mmhm, you all had a reputation for being rowdy, so I didn't think that would be to your tastes." Unity says as she starts stroking the backrest. Scurps didn't get to finish from earlier, but he didn't seem to mind at all. He lets Unity's hand sink into the seat and squeezes around her hand.
>"Is there an approximation for jetals getting drunk? I guess that might be old for you guys, though."
>"Yeah. Kinda expensive to abuse it too when your core develops antimeasures too." says Fern. "Hah, maybe we could get you drunk!"
"Maybe, if it's that fun to see! I'm definitely not equipped for bounty hunting myself, but I wouldn't mind watching you guys show off your muscles."
>"Hmm... idea." says Fern. "There's a bounty on some guy that's a pretty decent payout that we did some research on awhile back. We gave up on him, because he's got a loud of modules made for getaways that we can't keep up with. He's got a lot of paranoia, a lot of speed, and an interesting search history. If I gave you a hacked sex module and you seduced him, you might be able to incapacitate 'im. But that's if you also have a weird idea of an afterparty."
"I'm sure there's a lot of sports jetals can do, like skyscraper diving."
>"Yeah, we mentioned biking. That can be pretty fun." says Fern.
"What if we crashed a movie or concert or something?"
>"What, like a prim and proper concert? They'd think we were robbing the place or somethin'."
"I'm sorry, I just like music is all. Sometime I'd like to go shopping and maybe get a module for music."
>"Eh, modules are like prepackaged goods. It sounds like the same stuff once you get used to it. You gotta get the modules on a subject and the training to use it right. Take Scurps. He's got a module to turn into transportation, but to modify this car into anything interesting, he had to learn the mechanics."
>Is there a way to learn things fast?"
>"You were actually born today, huh? Yeah, there's simulation plugins for jetals to train in just about any subject. Using that goes 10 to a 100 times faster than in real time."
"I'd like that, sometime."
>"Say, how'd you like to incur a little debt after our afterparty, girl? 50 grand per hour in a simulation."
No. 721627 ID: 2c3a5e

Sounds expensive. What skills would I be learning in this simulation, and just how marketable are they?
No. 721629 ID: 5ad4a7

I'm not sure if we have the time or money for that.

Go for the bounty. Seems right up our alley.
No. 721630 ID: 201e63

Yesss, go for the bounty hunting, then simulation training. You can be sure Sevener has gone for increasing her power level, wherever she is, so we need to start climbing up, too.
No. 721631 ID: a075ba

>There's a bounty on some guy that's a pretty decent payout that we did some research on awhile back. We gave up on him, because he's got a loud of modules made for getaways that we can't keep up with. He's got a lot of paranoia, a lot of speed, and an interesting search history. If I gave you a hacked sex module and you seduced him, you might be able to incapacitate 'im.
Getting a hacking variant early could be worth it, and if we're actually helping subdue someone, this is a rare instance we might actually get to absorb modules on the lewd route. Escape / evasion modules could work with a porn build better than strait up weapons.

"I wouldn't mind challenging myself, if you guys want to."

>a prim and proper concert?
There aren't less than prim and proper places with music?

>>"Say, how'd you like to incur a little debt after our afterparty, girl? 50 grand per hour in a simulation."
Maybe later. I think I need to buy a few more modules before I need to learn how to do anything fancy with them.
No. 721640 ID: 201e63


I think he's talking about the sex module. So we can learn the mechanics and "modify" it, like Scurps with his transport one.
No. 721645 ID: a075ba

We don't need an additional sim to practice sex, though. Alison could take a break, let someone else drive, and do it with anyone in the lobby any time things outside are slow. We have our own secret internal training capabilities.

The only thing we'd really need a training sim for are things a jetal can do that the AIs can't.

And even training specific sex-module tricks that don't translate to the lobby, well, right now that doesn't seem worth blowing half to all our money (depending on how long we stay). Getting a few more options / tricks to work with is a more immediate concern than mastering the one.
No. 721648 ID: 486e87

>an interesting search history

Can Fern elaborate on what he means by that?
No. 721651 ID: 595d54

Ask how fast the simulation is.
No. 721653 ID: 211d83

A bit of debt is fine but I would like to train in stuff that could get me out of debt quicker if I am going that route.

But you have to spend money to make money I guess.

Wait does this involve learning something to help capture mr interesting tastes?
No. 721661 ID: 201e63

He said "10 to a 100 times" faster than real time, it probably depends on how much the jetal's core processors can handle. Since we're a super special Loviro jetal, we could get the max, or even more with the multiple AIs in here.

There wouldn't necessarily be any debt involved, we do have 101k on us to begin with.

Since he said "after the afterparty", the afterparty being the bounty hunting, I think it's not specifically related to the interesting tastes guy.
No. 721668 ID: dd338c
File 146266020559.png - (13.61KB , 800x800 , 78.png )

"I'll keep it in mind, but until I have a few modules, I can't even make much use of the training."
>"I suppose." says Fern.
"Would any of them help with this bounty though?"
>"Maybe. He's probably hitting up some clubs, and I'm sure a little dancing or seduction lessons would help. You interested in him now?"
"Yes. Can you elaborate on his search history?"
>"Yeah. Lessee, what were his common searches..."

Insert Search Terms: _____
No. 721669 ID: a075ba

Remember, you'll need a new face for this. It won't do for "Petunia" the waitress / showgirl to be seen taking up bounty hunting. Keep your covers separate.

You can also tailor your seduction to a morph he might respond better to.

>Insert Search Terms: _____
Tiny horns
Glasses (gotta be a niche fetish / interest with genetic engineering and robo-eyes)
Absorption-play (with jetalium)
World's most adorable toyas exploding videos
Antique spacecraft
Collectible trading cards
Lots and lots of webfiction
No. 721670 ID: 211d83

Sexy snake girls

How does bondage work with jetals?

The how to's of Orgasm denial when you're partner is a Jetal

Top reviewed jetal sperm brand

Cute Toya puppies
No. 721671 ID: 813bc6

Futa and musclegirls...And hotdogs? No wait, hotdogging, it's a completely different thing.
No. 721673 ID: 5ad4a7

big tiddy
bigger tiddy
the biggest tiddy
not the biggest tiddy that was too much tiddy
wet t shirt contest
No. 721675 ID: 4546ab

Cute guys with giant dicks
Naked firemen
Is it wrong to fantasize about getting tied up and banged by a big dicked Jetal?
Coming out of the closet part 4. When to tell your parents.
Two guys one hole.
Can Jetals choke on dicks when they don't need to breath?
Jetalium resistant bondage kit.
No. 721679 ID: 3cc68c

Jetal absorption sex modules
Multi dick tentacle mods
Jetal cum storage mods
Donate to the cute Toya puppies relief fund
How to restrain a Jetal?
Naked pics of Sapphire emperor
Sapphire emperor tentacle fanfics
How to erase your internet search history
No. 721687 ID: 201e63

>Insert Search Terms: _____

sex in public video
noble secret sex video
noble sex scandal pics
cute cyborg hackplay
cute robot hackplay
cute jetal hackplay
amateur robot/jetal overloaded
jetal bondage
jetal puppet
jetal suit public
jetal hackplay public shapeshift masturbation scandal
energy recharge station map
cute cyborg curled horns
cute cyborg curled horns loving wife kissing
cute cyborg curled horns affectionate pregnant
how to clear search history
how to clear search history from EIN record
new phone quick
No. 721688 ID: 86e6ce

Double dick mods
Best cheese omelet recipes
Police swimsuit calendars
How do jetal handcuffs work
Hottest chili contest winners
Sexy police girls
Sexy police guys
Sexy police brutality porn videos
Furniture warehouse sale
Where to buy a cage
Cute police guy butt fucking criminal
Cute police girls with strap ons
How to stop my souffle from collapsing?
Cooking show torrents
Fanfic.xxx I fought the law and got fucked in the ass
Cute toya videos
No. 721694 ID: dd338c
File 146266581910.png - (49.31KB , 1400x892 , 79.png )

Unity must decide how her appearance should change, even if it's just the horns to seperate her from Petunia. She also should put her dress away.

>"Here, see my phone." Fern says, handing it to Unity. "We know where he hangs out at this time. Plays cards or something. Probably a gambling den."
No. 721695 ID: 38685c

No. 721697 ID: a075ba

>bondage, restrains, cops
He's really making this easy if we just have to restrain him and hand him over to the bounty hunters. (Assuming there is a way to restrain a jetal)?

You might want to ask if there are bondage options for jetals, since that would help.

Well, you probably want cute little horns, for a start.

Also, from the sound of it, you're going to want a dick for this encounter.

Different clothes, too. You probably can't dress like a cop without getting in trouble for it unless you're in private or a fetish club. So you want to morph an outfit that looks like a uniform.

...and, you could probably pick him up at once of these card game places? You're good at puzzles, you could probably get in.

tl;dr- you gotta be a nerd gal, with a dick, into card games, bondage, and who dresses like a cop.
No. 721699 ID: 211d83

Ok change the shape and size of your horns to cute and tiny and curled. Make your ears different shapes. Increase your bust size ever so slightly.

Looks like this guy has some interesting bondage fantasies. Have Scanner put a crew together and research all that stuff.

He might want you to dress up as a police officer and role play some kinky stuff. Honestly who knows but you have some ideas for what to expect.

So make yourself look like someone he might be interested in and go get hired for kinky stuff. Just make sure to get paid before Fern and crew busts in to capture him. Oh and tell them to pretend they do not know you when they do bust in to capture him.

And make sure you don't leave him hanging halfway. Get the poor guy off before he gets hauled off.
No. 721701 ID: 201e63

I think you need to be a cute but reasonably athletically-built belenosian girl, like you could conceivably be a police officer or fireman/woman, with small curled horns and reasonably big tiddy. Also, a dick. But, uh, instead of having it ready get him to ask for it, if you have literally everything he wants then he'll probably get suspicious, even if he does seem a little bit slow-witted judging by his search history. So, like, make yourself close to what he likes but not exactly it, if you're a jetal he can ask you to adjust.

Definitely be cute, though. This guy seems to like cute.

Since you haven't used a dick before, maybe you should ask if you can practice with it? You don't want to get overwhelmed. That or be ready to tell this you only just got a sex module recently and you're not used to it yet, but you'll try your best. Once the seduction's happened, of course. Also ask what this guy's on the bounty list for/what his regular job is, so you have any idea of his skillset.
No. 721702 ID: 201e63

Oh, and be obviously a jetal this time. No huge deviation from the base belenosian form, just give yourself like three tails or something, a little "hey I'm a jetal" flair.
No. 721703 ID: a075ba

>Since you haven't used a dick before, maybe you should ask if you can practice with it? You don't want to get overwhelmed.
Alison goes to the lobby and asks if anyone will let her practice having a dick on.
No. 721723 ID: 5ad4a7

I'm sure that with all the lobby sex happening, someone will already have enough experience using a dick. No need to make more awkward requests of the congregation.
No. 721725 ID: 201e63


The module/jetal sex seems more intense than lobby sex, though.
No. 721733 ID: dd338c
File 146267324583.png - (21.35KB , 800x800 , 80.png )

Alison will opt to aim for cuteness, but still have enough good physique as though she could be a police officer or other athletic kind of belenosian. It's a little tough for Alison to envision, but she tries. She'll probably shrink her horn length down some more as well.

She'll also start transforming a uniform-type of outfit to use.

"Say, are there any bondage option for jetals?"
>"Yeah, some modules. Specialty modules. We don't have any."
"Oh, okay."
>"What, you think he's into bondage?"
"Yeah, but it seems like it's too easy if I seduce him! Couldn't I have just bondaged him and then turn him in?"
>"Oh." says Scurps. "I thought he was into putting the other jetal into bondage."
>"That doesn't make sense with the other searches!" says Kail.
>"Maybe he takes turns one way or the other." Scurps says back.
>"Whatever." says Fern. "He hangs out at some nerdy card tournament for some extra pocket cash. He'll be there for several hours at least."
"Is there any chance I can get paid in advance?"
>"What for? You get paid like the rest of us, girl, if we successfully nab 'im! If you actually need stuff to get in close, though, then we can talk."
No. 721734 ID: dd338c
File 146267325312.png - (24.81KB , 800x800 , 81.png )

Alison goes to the lobby.

"It looks like we might need a dick for this mission!" she says. "It might seem too suspicious to have everything he wanted, but if we do get one at his request, I don't have any practice. Lobby sex seems a little different than jetal sex, but it's better than nothing, so I'm going to get a dick and practice on someone. Iso, how about you?"
"If you prefer, you can be a girl to receive it and I'll just act like you're a guy."
>"Alison." says Recluse. "We have lots of AIs here who consider themself guys who have been practicing with a dick. You can just have one of us drive instead. You already changed back into your snake form, too."
No. 721736 ID: 5ad4a7

See, that's what I was talking about. Just have someone else drive when the dicking commences.
No. 721740 ID: a7b1dc

So you don't want me to put my dick in you?
No. 721743 ID: 201e63

That form looks good! Just up the head to body proportion a little for the cuteness, and maybe shorten/thicken up the horns a little, to make them look a little less fragile while still being small. Maybe avoid a full-on uniform, too, you'll be going into a card game tournament. Just something like a habitual uniform-wearer would put on when they're off work.

Alison: say "But I want to try having a dick! I'll let a guy drive when it comes but but I want to learn how to treat dicks better as a girl, too. Also, for fun."
No. 721744 ID: 09bde3

We've been friends with Iso the longest, why not consummate your long-lasting friendship with a dick in the ass? bbffs forever
No. 721746 ID: a075ba

Those seem pretty long for "short" horns. They're more thin than anything? (If we started with something like Itcher horn, you would only have to make them like 3-4 times that length to put a little curl on em, if the curve is tighter. Ringlet horns. That would be cuter, I think. The swoopy ones there look more like an art statement).

>so I'm going to get a dick and practice on someone. Iso, how about you?
Honestly I just expected Succubus or Duelist to volunteer.

>We have lots of AIs here who consider themself guys who have been practicing with a dick.
Aw. Right. I guess I got caught up in wanting to try everything. I mean I tried legs too, so why not?

Although I guess someone with more practice can do it for the mission.

...wait, did anyone get practice using a dick on a guy?
No. 721747 ID: 09bde3

Bat your eyelashes in Duelists direction.
No. 721749 ID: 211d83

Ok you guys can drive.

But I still want to put on a dick and practice with you. I have to try it at least once.
No. 721750 ID: 4546ab

Tell them they can drive if you get to give them the D first.

Its only fair.
No. 721756 ID: 3cc68c

Snakes have two dicks right? That means I can do both of you at once.

I am fine with a guy driving but I feel let out of the lobby fun. Plus I want to see what its like from the other side.

Please let put a dick on you both? Preferably at the same time. Maybe while you make out?
No. 721760 ID: a075ba

Next panel is just Alison in a cocky pose.
No. 721762 ID: 1defcd

No, I think it's incredibly important that we practice on iso.
No. 721764 ID: b17b81

She still needs one, for reasons.
No. 721767 ID: a7b1dc

I want to change my vote to any situation where Alison gets to put her dicks in two cute guys.
No. 721771 ID: 595d54

I'm fine with anything so long as Alison gets to try out those horrifyingly large spiked cocks Corruptor had in that one porno commission.
No. 721772 ID: 90f3c0

I'm sure Iso would love to help Alison practice, you wouldn't want him to feel like he's not contributing. Recluse and Duelist can pair up and practice man sex too, just in case you need backup or something.
No. 721774 ID: 5ad4a7

I expect someone's going to have to tell Alison what sexual harassment is.
No. 721811 ID: a107fd

Can we make a toya-shaped "hand puppet" out of jetalium, detach it, and then have it explode? Tricking him into snuggling up to a stun grenade might work better as an opening move than pretending to be a cop.
No. 721813 ID: a075ba

We don't have the explosive shedding module this time, so nope, we don't have the capacity to turn jetalium into bombs.
No. 721821 ID: 0a94cb

He's got an excellent point. Snake penis is go!
No. 721823 ID: e94204

Alison they don't know how fun it is to have dicks in them. They never got to drive.

So go show them what they are missing.
No. 721825 ID: 0c5169

Just look at Iso with his cute little horns. And Recluse with his fluffy chest.

If you practice with just Iso you will leave out poor Recluse! So you should practice on them both. Get a double snake penis from shopkeep and wrap them up in your coils for double snake sex.

Then let them drive afterwards. Its only fair.
No. 721829 ID: a107fd

So we make a cute toya-jetal and claim it's about to explode, as a bluff.
No. 721832 ID: 460d90

Sounds like Recluse wants to drive. Have Recluse practice on Iso, you gotta make sure that he's ready.
No. 721838 ID: dd338c
File 146272174584.png - (24.60KB , 800x800 , 82.png )

>Just have someone else drive when the dicking commences.
Alison will just have to learn to delegate more habitually.

"Well, okay. I'll just let Succubus or Duelist drive, then."
"I'm glad you agree." Recluse says. Duelist is already in the driver's seat, and so Alison can't pull him over.
"I'm still going to get a dick in the lobby and practice, and it's very important I practice on Iso."
"That's... your decision." Recluse shrugs.
"Really?" asks Iso. "I mean, I'd really, er, like to, it just isn't quite what I imagined, but... well, I'll still like it!"
"Recluse you're included too! Smuggler give me a dick. Two of them, please!"
>"Uh... they go... where on a snake?" asks Smuggler.
"I dunno, but I trust your judgement!"

Alison starts banging her buddies with normal, reasonably sized cocks. She isn't jaded enough, yet, to start getting horrifyingly large spiked snake cocks.

No. 721839 ID: dd338c
File 146272175589.png - (13.76KB , 800x800 , 83.png )

Meanwhile, back up top, Duelist has shortened the horns and made them sturdier, and also made her clothes into more formal wear rather than looking like a badgeless police uniform.

>"We can't be seen close by." says Fern. "He may have wide range scanners, and we aren't suitably concealed, so we're dropping you off a few blocks away. We'll give you a spare phone. Keep it on, and if you get in trouble, we'll be there in about 4 seconds."
"Alright." Duelist says, receiving the phone and thinking of if anything else should be prepared or set up for this.

>Can we make a toya-shaped "hand puppet" out of jetalium, detach it, and then have it explode?
Duelist recalls skimming through a list of modules, and self exploding does exist, but this jetal is woefully equipped for anything involving combat, direct damage, or actions that don't involve slow shapeshifting and sex.
No. 721840 ID: 38685c

Ask if we can buy 100k worth of jetalium from the dudes. Being sturdier can't hurt. (with the 100k they paid us)
No. 721842 ID: a075ba

Good job, Alison.

All right, so you just have to in and pick him up. It would probably help if we showed an interest in these cards he likes- Scanner might wanna look them up quick so we don't seem like a total newbie.

Where do they want you to try and bring him? Is his place near here? Or is there any good place near by for a sexy rendezvous / ambush? Or... you could just get him immobilized in the bathroom, maybe.

This is supposed to be an after-party, are they still gonna be having fun hanging back like this?

Oh, don't forget, you need that hacked sex module or he's just gonna end up running anyways.

What's the bounty on this guy for, anyways? (What did he do).
No. 721843 ID: a075ba

I don't see how extra mass helps us when we don't have any modules that burn mass yet. We're better off saving our money for module shopping so we can do more cool things.
No. 721844 ID: 38685c

We're starved for it->>720129 and I doubt a shot of jizztalium is enough.
No. 721845 ID: 595d54

I'm pretty sure that's just wanting more, not actually physically needing it. Until we can do something with it, I feel it shouldn't be our very first priority.
No. 721846 ID: 211d83

For the moment there is nothing better for luring in a paranoid Jetal than looking harmless. If he Scans us right now all he will see is a poor Jetal down on her luck with barely any modules or mass.

Make sure to set up a code word for when you have him mind grappled. And get the mind grappling mod of course.

And have Scanner so some searches for this card stuff and nerd info so we can talk the talk if need be.
No. 721847 ID: 4546ab

Make sure to get the guys description and such.

When you go in do not directly approach him at first. Go buy some cards or whatever to fit in a bit and find a way to slowly get closer to him. Can say we are here to watch or play in the card tournament.

Maybe our story can be that we thought it looked fun but were nervous about how to get into the game so we came to watch a tourney. Then go from there.
No. 721849 ID: dd338c
File 146272655999.png - (25.26KB , 800x800 , 84.png )

Currently, Duelist estimates that Unity has 20kg of jetalium. This body is on the light side, and is probably about as big as Duelist can make it before it becomes difficult to control due to low density.

"I may want to buy some jetalium, I'm feeling light. How much does it cost?"
>"Bout 40k a k."
"I'm sorry, can you repeat it?"
>"40,000 per kilogram."

Maybe Duelist will wait before getting a fuller body.

As funny as the word sounds to Duelist, the fluid received was not actually made out of jetalium, but rather, a fluid generated by modules. Although it has nutritional value for absorption, all it did was recharge some of Unity's battery.

"I'll wait, then. How much is this guy's bounty for, and what did we do?"
>"Dunno what he did, but probly nothin' serious since it's not a governmential bounty. Probably just pissed someone off. Want my guess? He stole at least one of his modules, because he seems too lame to be able to achieve that stuff on his own. Bounty is 1 million. The real bonus to it is absorbing their modules and jetalium, and that stuff is worth millions. That'll be part of the cut."
"Ah, thank you. This is supposed to be an afterparty, though, would you all still be having fun staying back?"
>"That's thoughtful, but we'll have plenty fun just chilling out in the car."
"Either way, I do need that hacked module."
>"Yeah, we're intercepting it on the way over."
"Do we know what he looks like?"
>"No. He's one of those jetals that takes a new form every day."
"Okay. The code word for when I have him grabbed is' banana shortcake'.
>"Really?" Kail asks. "I thought it was going to be 'I have him grabbed'."

"Scanner, I would like to show an interest in these cards he's been playing." says Duelist in the lobby. "Can we do any research?"
>"Already on it! I'm reading the rules and teaching a few people right now, including Gambler, and I think we can get a few practice games in before we meet. Uh, according to tournaments, though, they kind of expect us to have our own deck.
"Can we pick one up?"
>"Yes, I don't see why not! There's premades for just a few hundred dollars, although it might look like we spent the absolute minimum effort just to join in.
>"You invest a bit more," says Gambler, "I'll get our money's worth. Several thousand will get an alright deck before we hit some diminishing returns on card strength."
>"Or." Charles injerjects. "We just say we're there to watch a game and learn how it's done."

No. 721850 ID: bfb318

Go there to win, baby. Put in the several thousand to dunk on some nerds.
No. 721851 ID: a075ba

Well that will certainly give us an edge.

>buy cards
Considering all the jetal stuff costs in the tens of thousands and up, a few thousand is basically chump change. I think we can afford to blow that on a deck.
No. 721852 ID: 211d83

Do a bit of both with the card deck.

Say we are here to learn and get a basic deck but then buy some more when advised to by our target or whoever. Can say we have read some online guides but never actually played before.

If we don't know his name or looks then we need to lure him over.

So our cover story is that we are a down on our luck off the books security officer. We lost most everything when ambushed by some thugs awhile back and became a jetal prostitute to try and work our way back up. But we rather enjoy the new life so not sure we are going back to police work.

That should be enough of a lure without being to obviously a trap.

Oh and have Scanner start having a bunch of people start learning to cook. So we can reveal that we are a aspiring chef on the side.
No. 721860 ID: 4546ab

Are our horns as tiny and curled and as cyborg as can be? Have scanner look up those searches and make sure.

I would say start with a basic deck and a few extras and get some people at the card shop to talk you into buying more.
No. 721863 ID: 9c80a6

>card game

Make sure to look up some of the top decks online, recent tournament winners etc., so you know what the metagame is. And yeah let's get in this to impress!
No. 721865 ID: 5ad4a7

Several thousand will be chump change quite soon at this rate. Get a good deck, and play to win.
No. 721867 ID: b412df

I wish we had more info to go off here, if our target sounded like the kind of person who goes in to win then a good deck might be useful, if it was more of a casual / willing to mentor person then I'd go for a beginner deck.

So, I'd say best bet to know is what tournament is it. If it sounds serious then a good deck, or if it's a casual a beginner one.
No. 721876 ID: a075ba

You should probably put the Dead Battery's and the Lollipop Guild's phones in separate internal cavities, with the volumes on the phones turned down, so even if they can both listen in on what's going on around you, they won't hear each other talking to you.

I mean, Polatt knows what's going on, but Fern might be annoyed to find out you've been spying on him the whole time. And that he's trusting you and your gang to be discreet.

Oh, also, we probably want another false name for when we visit the card shop and try to pick this guy up. (Unity is who we are with friends and allies, but we want disposable covers for anytime we're scamming, targeting, or otherwise working people).
No. 722334 ID: f562b1

>"Or." Charles injerjects. "We just say we're there to watch a game and learn how it's done."
May be good to watch a game and then try a match ourselves, if that's an option.
No. 722453 ID: dd338c
File 146292060352.png - (23.75KB , 800x800 , 85.png )

Much of the lobby decides that they will play to win.

Although Unity will act rather new to the card scene, in reality, there will be a large team of researchers. All three phones, put in separate cavities, begin to get used to research decks, the metagame, and the general feel of the tournament scene.

Unity herself gets Scurps to drive to a local shop to purchase a few cards.

She spends half an hour first purchasing a basic deck, some addons, and talking with the shopkeepers about newcomer strategies, decks and so forth. The shopkeeps initially seemed like they might be unhelpful, as they spoke as though Unity's inexperience with the card game personally offended them. However, they seemed more than happy to lecture Unity on the game, all while sounding both condescending and uncomfortable at the same time. In the end, Alison lets herself spend 8000 dollars in cards.

By the time it's over, Unity has formed an internal clique of about 30 players who seem to have picked up on it the most, although anyone may still interject and discuss.

From the social standpoint, it seems like the tournaments are generally encouraging and welcome of new players, but there is a top elite that plays cards as their living.
No. 722454 ID: dd338c
File 146292068273.png - (15.75KB , 800x800 , 86.png )

Once Unity gets back in the car, Fern hands her a few boxes to absorb.

"If you show up with nothing but a sex module, people are gonna get some obvious ideas. May as well look like you have something else going for you in life." says Fern. "So these are a couple modules just about every jetal and robot has."

Modules Gained:
Sex Module: Rank D Hacked
Computer Link: Rank D - Allows the jetal to directly plug into common phones and computers with any commercial plug. This allows them to use phones without having to use the UI.
Scanner Rank D: Allows basic scans. This includes augmented reality functions.

>"Just in case you're actually a dumbass and this needs saying, this shit is all on loan for this mission. After it's done, you give 'em back."
"I understand!"
No. 722455 ID: dd338c
File 146292069644.png - (45.55KB , 800x800 , 87.png )

After Unity is dropped off a few blocks away and given a spare bag, she heads into the skyscraper where the event is held. There are several people in what appear to be the main doors to the event. Inside of the doors, there are over 400 people, but after a brief scan, it seems like there are only going to be a few jetals.

Alison receives a text from Fern's phone.

From: Scurps
Good luck!

No. 722457 ID: 211d83

Well go look around and sign up for the tourney. The jetal you are after is the one with a ton of high end escape modules or just the one you cant scan.

If there are more than one that fit that description you will have to get close to them and try to lure them in with what we know about the guy.

For now get registered and meet some new people. While we have a target to look for does not mean we can not have fun and make some connections here.
No. 722458 ID: a075ba

Use that computer link module on the phones, see if you can optimize them any now that you have direct access.

Get Scanner on the scanner. Check out them jetals, we're looking for someone whose module loadout might suggest they're our man. He's supposed to be paranoid with a lot of escape options. Look for anyone with lots of modules for running away, scanning, stealth and/or who hide their module list / core entirely.
No. 722461 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask who that wizard is dressed up as.
No. 722462 ID: b412df

Also, look for anomalies in general: Complete absence of modules which might suggest a scan blocker, or a reaction if our target has a way to detect being scanned.
No. 722463 ID: a075ba

Also: multitask. Whoever's driving Unity should be acting normal, like, checking out the convention or looking for a place to play or signing up, not standing there surveying the crowd. Someone (or multiple someones) from the lobby man the scanning.

We don't want our paranoid target to see us displaying scrutiny.
No. 722465 ID: 4546ab

Make sure to ask Fern what the hacked sex module he gave you actually does differently.
No. 722466 ID: 15a025

Ask what the hacked sex module does. Does it implant some kind of virus or...?

Anyway, we should go around and strike up a few conversations and try to play a few rounds.
No. 722472 ID: e24dac

It looks like this card tourney might be part of a larger set of events. There are probably other competitions and things going on elsewhere. Perhaps we'll get to see some at some point.

Now, we need an angle. We're still pretty oblivious about a lot of things, so at some point we're probably going to slip up and seem stupid or naive, despite having done all this research. We need a story to explain that away.

We'll make it an expansion of your existing story. You're the creation of a backroom experimenter type, and you only just started living on your own recently. You heard about this game, thought it sounded fun, and came here to make friends! You had a bit of money to start with and you're pretty confident about your finances, so since you didn't want to just embarrass yourself, you spent a bit on a deck and did a bunch of research. You're aiming to do the best you can, but first and foremost you're looking for fun and company! That'll give you an excuse to be a bit chatty, and it should cover your ignorances as well. It may make people understimate you, too.

Send Scurps back a smiley face or something.
No. 722480 ID: dd338c
File 146292931102.png - (36.25KB , 800x800 , 88.png )

"How do we act natural instead of standing around looking at everyone?"
>"We've just walked into a mass of people playing card games for competite fun for the first time." says Charles. "A moment of looking is natural."

Scanner gets on her namesake. A couple of jetals are safe to rule out.

Jetal 1 - Privacy module active. Low ranking scanners cannot report.
Jetal 2 - Beam Sword Rank D. Flight Rank C. Scanner Rank C. Computer Link Rank D. Hidden Modules confirmed.
Jetal 3 - Privacy module active. Low ranking scanners cannot report.
Jetal 4 - No Modules Found.

>"There's a privacy module?" asks Iso.
>"Yeah. Apparently it's a cheap, legal module just for privacy against D and C rank scanners." says Scanner.
"Scanner! I want to know who that wizard is dressed up ask." Alison asks, since her window of opportunity left as the wizard looked to be in a hurry.
>"Right, that's actually a big thing with computer link." says Scanner. "It makes it a lot more viable to image search things we see. And the answer is... really generic wizard, it looks like."

"Hey, everyone!" says Alison to Fern's group, to which she gets a response of various jetals talking at once. "What exactly does the hacked module do?"
>"Let me give you the simplified explanation. Sex modules automatically interact with one another, unlike most other modules." Fern says. "The hacked version tangles up the two modules so that part of your receptors end up in part of theirs, which indirectly puts an image of your core into their core. Like a core to core communication, with sex modules as a hacked together bridge, no pun intended. Anyway, tangling up the modules confuses receptors and deliverers, so there's a big feedback loop to both parties like we got."

Alison sends a message.
To: Scurps
Thank you! :)

Once Unity walks into the venue and looks around for a sign up table or something, someone walks up to greet her. It's a biological, but Scanner notes that there are a few augmentations.

>"Uh, hey! Were you looking for the Fightbeast weekly gathering, or...?"
"That's right." says Gambler, who Alison is having speak.
>"Oh! Welcome! Are you new to the game or just to this venue?"
"New to the game, but I know the rules! Is it too late to sign up?"
>"Nope! We're on a late start, so we can fit you in. You have a deck, right?"
>"Alright, I'm signing you up, and don't worry if you get beaten a lot, it happens to everyone on their first outing. Oh, what would you like to be called? You can use your real name if you want, but a lot of us use handles for tournaments."

Unity must now decide on a new alias this trading card tournament.
No. 722483 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask Fern's group if the target uses a privacy module, or outright hides his modules somehow. Also, ask if he carries around weapon modules.

Alias: FalcoMaster3000
No. 722484 ID: 15a025

Princess Toya
No. 722487 ID: 211d83

Hmm how about Lily for a name.

Ask Fern what sort of "escape" modules this guy we are after has. And relay the scan info to the guys in the car.

Honestly that scan does not rule out anyone. Are there only 4 jetals at the tourney? Or are those just the likely ones?

While the no module person seems like they might not be our guy having no modules is even more suspicious than a privacy module. Maybe they have a module that blanks readings entirely?
No. 722488 ID: 38685c

ColdJustice for that dommy policegirl vibe
No. 722490 ID: a075ba

>Four jetal candidates.
Well, we'll just have to see which one reacts to us best, since we're modeling this form on his search history.

Or we could ask Fern and co if they know anything about his module list.

...do we know he tends to assume male forms? (Fern and co started off calling him a he, but it occurs to me we don't actually know for sure). If so, that means you might be able to eliminate any of those four if they look female.

>You can use your real name if you want, but a lot of us use handles for tournaments.
I like that as a silly tournament handle.

As a 'real' name to possibly eventually give our mark as part of the seduction / letting him get closer, Sonja.
No. 722491 ID: 4546ab

I like Princess Toya

Jetal's 1-3 could be our guy but hard to tell with that scan info.

And 4 is either some hobo or hiding stuff very well.

Let Fern and the others know what your scans read.

Honestly the best way to figure it out will be by making conversation with any jetal opponents we run into. So get signed up and play some cards. Will just have to try and chat with them all if opportunity arises and see what we see. Hopefully one will be lured in by our cute horns and scans showing us having a sex mod.
No. 722494 ID: 0a94cb

Officer Ballcrusher.
No. 722497 ID: 2c3a5e

I think "Horde" would make a good handle.
No. 722513 ID: e24dac


Harmony? Chorale? Anyway, I like "Princess" being involved. "Lady" would be cool, too.
No. 722515 ID: f562b1

Names that I'm liking are "Princess Toya" or "Lily."
No. 722518 ID: dd338c
File 146293780056.png - (23.23KB , 800x800 , 89.png )

"Princess Toya."

He stares for a brief second before composing himself.

>"Alright, Princess Toya. It'll be 100 for the venue and another 100 to enter, please. You can help yourself to any open table and willing opponents for practice games."

Princess Toya hands the money over and walks into the mass of tables. She seems to get some looks, but the Card Team sits across from a robot.
"Care for a game?"
>"Yeah sure! We should have time for a good match before the tourney starts."

The 4 jetals appear to be in games already.

There are two more jetals besides those, but both of them appear to be venue organizers, and Fern confirms that as far as they can tell, the target has always just been a player.

>"None of the remaining 4 can be ruled out." Fern says, once Alison mentions what her scan reported. "I doubt our target keeps the exact same loadout for long. Second off, he could have both a module hider on some of his modules and a privacy module on the rest."
"Do we know he assumes male forms?" asks Toya.
>"Nope. Typically he's seen as a male, but he's got no qualms about being a girl to throw things off for a bit."

So far, Toya's cameras on her body haven't gotten a good glimpse of the form of any of the jetals. At the behest of a few careful lobbyists, due to taking the handle 'Princess Toya' to pander to the target, Toya will hang back so that, hopefully, the target discoveres her and not the other way around.

Gambler puts his deck into one of the table's deck shuffler, and proceeds to engage in Toya's exhibition match opponent.

While Alison practices delegating the smalltalk with the robot to Gambler for a couple of rounds, Princess Toya receives a text on Loviro's phone.

From: Loviro
Message: Hello, daughter. I hope you are doing well, but even as I am the one who lets my newborn creations run across the town alone, I do worry. Although you need not worry about returning until you please, it would help ease my mind to hear how you are faring.

No. 722520 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell Loviro you're in the midst of joining a card game tournament so that you can seduce a bounty. Things have been going well in general, you met the Lollipop Syndicate and they seem to have taken a liking to you.
No. 722521 ID: 211d83

Hey dad I am out playing in a card tourney. I met some new friends today and got my first job! Will stop by later and let you know all about it.

This tournament should go for hours. Will be plenty of time to track down your guy. If a opening looks natural join one for a game later.

For now learn the game and meet people.
No. 722523 ID: a075ba

>Hello, daughter. I hope you are doing well, but even as I am the one who lets my newborn creations run across the town alone, I do worry. Although you need not worry about returning until you please, it would help ease my mind to hear how you are faring.
We can't get into too many specifics in case Sevener already hit up his base and stole his phone, and is trying to draw us out She found him last time, which means his location is either in her logs, or as a cop, she has access to the resources to search out his hideout.

That means no specific names of people, places, or groups. We can't even say we're at a tournament now, as there can't be too many of those running at once.


Hello, Daddy, I'm doing great! I've made some friends, had some fun, and even made a little money! I'm not in danger or trouble or anything, really! Right now I'm trying a card game. I promise I'll visit and tell you all about everything as soon as I can.

Say hello to Vinyl for me, too.

Hugs and kisses and more. XOXOXOXOXO

(Should be suitably vague. "Party" and "card game" aren't enough for Sevener to track us down, if she is listening).
No. 722529 ID: e24dac

Tell him sorry for not contacting him earlier! You did an errand for a gang and impressed them so they hooked you up with a job for the evening picking up information. You managed to pick up another quick job doing that as well and made some connections. Now you're in a card game tournament having fun! But also more information gathering, at the moment. It shouldn't be too dangerous and you have a bit of money to live off. You're using some borrowed and rented modules but you're looking forward to getting good stuff you can keep. You weren't intending to never come back and visit or to not call, it's just been busy. You'll tell a fuller story when you meet in person again.

Hugs, Unity (that is what you are calling yourself now, only not right now, right now you're using an alias. Loviro can call you that if he likes but you also don't mind him just calling you daughter at all!)

Assign some people to look up basic info about toyas and to watch some cute toya videos, so that if someone with a toya enthusiasm takes you for another toya enthusiast you will be able to back it up at least a little.
No. 722531 ID: 4546ab

Don't tell him any specifics over the phone just to be secure.

Hey Dad. I am out with some friends right now. I went to a party earlier and met some fun people. Will stop by soon and let you know all about it. Love Unity.

Then get to enjoying this tournament. If the guy is this paranoid is better to fit in and let him chase you. If he plays them to make cash he should be one of the finalists. Got to make it that far so we can play against him.
No. 722553 ID: f562b1

>Message from Loviro
Send one back! >>722523 has a good message.
No. 722691 ID: dd338c
File 146303498476.png - (18.91KB , 800x800 , 90.png )

Hi Dad!
I'm out with some friends right now, and playing card games. I've made money to live off of, too, and I've managed to avoid danger and trouble. I'm sorry for not contacting you earlier, but I've been gotten caught up with this jetal life. I'll tell you the full story when I get back! Say hello to Vinyl for me, too.

Hugs and kisses and more. Love, Unity.

PS. Unity is my name now.

Message received. From: Loviro
Just hearing you confirm that you are safe is enough to satisfy me, but I would like to hear as many details as you want to share when you feel like returning. Stay in touch and have a good night. Be safe.

A lobbyist starts occuping a phone slot to start looking up toya videos and information so that Princess Toya can do right by her name.

>"Hmm?!" Gambler calls out.
"What's wrong? Are we losing?"
>"No! He's not bad, but we can beat him. More importantly, he played a card we want!"
"A card you want?"
>"Yes. Our deck has certain themes, you see, and this card, a Water Dragon type, synergizes well with our deck, and holds finishing power that we sorely lack! It's worth a few grand on its own, and not even the shop we went to held it. We've gotta have that card, Alison. We gotta. He isn't even making good use of it!"
No. 722692 ID: 5ad4a7

Offer to buy it off him. ...or maybe we can wager cards for it?
No. 722694 ID: 73c49c

we have a deck worth 7k total, the card we want is "a few grand on its on". There is no way we could bet / wager cards for it, unless the holder is not that bright.

If we offer to buy his going to ask for more then the card is worth, due to the fact its hard to get.

We could offer a exchange of "services" as part of a bet / wager for the card though.
No. 722695 ID: 211d83

Have Scanner look up more info on what sort of trading or betting scene exists for this game. Could always put up some "special" stakes of our own if we otherwise lack collateral.

As for the card why not just ask the guy first. Find out if he is even willing to part with it and if so what he might desire in exchange. We don't have to start sucking off people for cards right off the bat but the option is there.

Oh and no stealing cards. Not going to be one of those assholes.
No. 722709 ID: a075ba

Well we can't just steal it. Well, Bandit probably could, but he's going to notice he has a card missing eventually, and getting thrown out for card theft would be a lame way to blow this mission.

We could do a side-bet on the outcome. And/or flirt our mark into going along with it. And/or sex it out of them. (Although getting them somewhere away from the crowd and doing it might take more time than I'm willing to spend on a side-conquest in a side-quest). Then again, I suppose an advantage of betting ourself is we don't actually have to pay out if we win.

Flirting outrageously to get him to take the bet seems the better option.
No. 722714 ID: f562b1

>Flirting outrageously to get him to take the bet seems the better option.
Indeed, it'd be suspicious if we made the game a card stakes game at this point.
No. 722715 ID: 7cab08

Well, don't reveal the hole in your deck by just asking for it right away directly. Wait a little and then ask if he wants to do a "winner picks a card" bet.

Maybe offer some caveat like "if it's an expensive one we'll look up the market price and pay half"
No. 722743 ID: 38685c

After the game offer him double market price for it. He can buy a new one easy and we get it for the tournament. Logical, easy peasy.
No. 722759 ID: 15a025

I think we should look up more info on what the trading scene is like. Maybe we can trade around and get something they need. Or...we could pay half market value and pay the rest in some "services"
No. 722772 ID: a075ba

Hmmm. We should remember that we have an audience, here. We're trying to attract the attention of someone in particular, so our behavior matters.

Actually paying for the card with sexual favors might make our mark less interested in us (or not. We don't have a good enough profile on him to predict his reaction, but casual promiscuity / prostitution are potentially thorny issues, and it might cast us in a position of weakness in the mark's eyes). It probably will attract attention from lots of nerds who might be willing to part with cards to get some (assuming anyone sees and/or understands what happened and/or he isn't discreet).

Paying for it outright could make us appear weak or strong depending on how it's interpreted / the culture around the game (pay2win casual vs hey look she's can afford to burn money on a card game).

If we're actually trying to play up the dommy police-girl role of his fantasy, tempting our opponent then beating them and taking it seems the most appropriate. It makes us appear potentially available, but also strong and in control.
No. 722861 ID: dd338c
File 146310668252.png - (19.31KB , 800x800 , 91.png )

"Okay, gambler. We shouldn't come on too strongly by trying to buy it instantly from him, and not for too much. Maybe we can wait a moment and then raise the stakes? I don't think we have a card worth it in return, though."
>"No, but we have a few cards that come close! One of those, and a monetary addition to make up for the difference."

>Have Scanner look up more info on what sort of trading or betting scene exists for this game.
Scanner doesn't see much for any formal manner of trading or betting. It happens a great deal, but it's decided on through a player by player basis.

Princess Toya spends a couple of rounds letting the card settle in play, and Succubus makes subtle motions of seduction. No words, and no overt actions, but a soft gaze here and forward body language there goes some ways. Some of the card team members are paying extremely close attention to the robot with the scanner, and he's getting increasingly nervous. Eventually, Gambler goes in for the move.

"Say. How attached are you to that Water Dragon?"
>"Hm? Why?"
"I'm interested in it. How about we make this game a little more than a friendly exhibition?"
>"Hmm... I don't know, this card is hard to get, so unless you're willing to cover a wide and rude markup on it, I don't think so, unless you have a rare card in there I haven't seen?"
"Hmm. How about this. I'm pretty confident." says the Gambler. "If I win, you get these two cards," Gambler says, pointing to a couple of Toya's cards in play, "And 500 dollars on top. In return, I get that gem. If I lose, you get one thousand dollars."
>"And what do you get if you lose?"

He cracks a grin, but the scanner reveals he's a little nervous but otherwise seems confident as well. Lobbyists also report he's seemed a little nervous about Princess Toya's appearance, but nothing that's seemed significant.

>"On one condition. On top of 1 thousand dollars, I get two random cards from your deck."
No. 722862 ID: dd338c
File 146310669222.png - (22.29KB , 800x800 , 92.png )

The games take place in close quarters, and a few people heard of the wager. The word spreads, and soon enough, there's a decent crowd forming around Princess Toya and her opponent, Slicer.

Eventually, all four contestant jetals are observed and scanned. Scanner makes sure to scan over a large section of crowd just so that she doesn't appear fixated on jetals.

Scanning lobbyists remind people that their analysis is based on body languages, and that the scanner itself isn't directly telling them what their mood is like.

By dividing their attention, however, the lobbyists are able to find some information on the jetals based on their tournament handles alone.

Jetal 1 has been playing for 3 months casually. He is only above average in play, and is employed as a corporate's executive attendant and scooter.

Jetal 2 has been playing for 3 years and often enters the top 10 at this tournament. Makes an easy living testing jetal modules.

Jetal 3 has been playing off and on for 10 years, and is in the top 5%. He never buys his own cards, but plays for keeps frequently.

Jetal 4 has been playing for 2 years, and is in the top 2%. He typically purchases expensive cards, and is said to win by having a good deck and deck structure while not having the greatest mid-game judgement.

No. 722866 ID: 38685c

I'm guessing 3, but hoping 2. Cuz QT
No. 722869 ID: 5ad4a7

>testing jetal modules.
That's... a good explanation for why they're hidden. If you're a company testing a module that's not for sale yet, and not guaranteed to work, you don't want everyone to know what it is. Both to prevent possible bad publicity and to keep people from stealing it.

Do we know anything about how good the target is at this game? We could try asking the Syndicate.
No. 722872 ID: 211d83

Well everyone is going to pay attention to the match. You are a cute jetal girl who is good at cards with a sex module in the middle of a bunch of nerds.

The bounty offer has to have some info on this guy other than his search history. Otherwise how do they know we turned in the right guy?

Initial scans are not enough to be sure. Would having a bounty make it hard to hold down a job? Can not really rule out any of them yet but its a start. Transmit the info you have to the gang in the car and see what they make of things.

Anyways finish up this game and lets see if any of them approach us for a practice game pre-tourney.
No. 722873 ID: a075ba

Check with the lollipop guild- do they know how long this guy has been playing, or how long the bounty has been live? The timeframe is probably enough to eliminate jetal 1 (unless he's paranoid enough to keep establishing new identities even in his leisure activity).

Can we do reverse image searches on these faces online? The lollipop syndicate said he changes faces often, so if any of them don't show up on the internet, that might be out guy.

But yeah, there's not enough info to make a positive ID yet, or definitively rule anyone else. (I'd guess 1 is the least likely to be our target. Then maybe 4 as the next least likely).

Gotta agree there. 2 is the cutest of them.
No. 722874 ID: 4546ab

Ok if 3 never buys there own cards what does that mean?

And how new is this search history? Because if we go by the internet info it looks like someone who was just starting. They searched for collectible card games first before searching for the name of the game itself. Implying that they saw it and liked the idea but did not know what it was.

Later there is a search for info on a specific mint card and the chance of getting a card in a booster deck. Which implies that they were buying cards to fill out there deck at that point.

Plus at the same time they might have moved into a new place. Due to the furniture search. And the how to spend money to make money might imply they spent a bunch to get there deck perfect so they could make tournament money.

So talk with the gang and find out when this search history was pulled. Might get us a timeline to compare to. Oh and who is putting out the bounty.
No. 722878 ID: 3cc68c

Yeah the search history seems like it was from someone who was just getting into the game. Check when they did there research into him to maybe get a timeline. Once we know that it will help narrow this down.

Here are some speculations based on the idea that our guy was new to the game when making those searches.

3 we can probably knock out of the running cause they have been doing this a long time. I doubt Fern thought about a bounty they looked up 10 years ago.

4 fits the bill of someone who might have some crazy escape modules. If he does have any they are hidden by at least a A or B rank hiding system. Which would fit having the money to buy all the best cards. Or could just be a rich nerd. But he is probably hiding something even if he is not our guy. Should at least have internet and simple modules.

1 seems unlikely as a large bounty would make having a executive helper job be difficult. Plus does not seem good enough to be trying to make money off this.

2 seems like the current most likely prospect. (not just because he is the cutest) A module testing job would get you all sorts of fun stuff and would have escape modules to keep his experimental stuff safe. Plus his timeline seems the most likely.
No. 722880 ID: 06b6c5

Hmm. Ok, let's enumerate what we know about our target vis-a-vis card games. The searches that were card game related were:

>- collectable trading cards
>- red dragon mint condition
>- chances of silver sun beast in booster deck
>- fightbeast trading card tournaments

Now, the thing is, if our target was a real regular in this field, I'd say they'd already have a bunch of relevant sites bookmarked, and wouldn't need to do searches like this. It's not impossible, especially if they're trying to widen their usual net to find specific cards, but it might be a factor. Jetal 1, who plays casually, and Jetal 3, who's been playing "off and on", are the most likely to have had to make internet searches.

There are also a few searches relating to their financial situation:

>- warehouse furniture sale
>- how to spend money to make money
>- why is everything a scam

So, our target is probably not well off economically. That would rule out Jetal 4, who often buys expensive cards (unless he's an addict, but then he wouldn't need to use a search engine), and possibly Jetal 2, who "makes an easy living".

That makes me feel it's either jetal 1 or jetal 3. If Jetal 3 "never buys his own cards", though, it's strange that he'd search for specific cards in mint condition or a booster deck. But, Jetal 1 does have a steady job, which doesn't match someone who has to keep making escapes, and someone with any sort of steady job wouldn't need to look for warehouse sale furniture unless they were just a bargain hound by nature. I'm leaning towards Jetal 3 because his disinterest matches someone who might be feeling attractions he's not sure he's comfortable with, and because he looks less comfortable (like someone who's had to escape a few bounties), but ultimately it's still inconclusive.

There is a way to narrow things, however!

Search to find out what sort of decks would want to contain a "red dragon" and/or a "silver sun beast". Whoever plays a deck that needs one of those two cards (or has one - he might have managed to get his hand on it) is more likely to be our target.
No. 722883 ID: a075ba

>By dividing their attention, however, the lobbyists are able to find some information on the jetals based on their tournament handles alone.
Actually, what are our sources on that information? Are they things they said about themselves, or that other have said about them?

If this information comes from the tournament registration or social media, we don't know that it's any less a pack of lies than what we gave for PT.

In fact, if our target is a paranoid who changes faces frequently, it's entirely plausible his identity for interacting with the playing card community is a fake one he constructed for that purpose.
No. 722932 ID: b412df

Hmm, what are the tournament handles for each of the Jetals, given that we could research off them. It'll be another piece of info to cross-reference with the search history.
No. 722944 ID: 5ad4a7

I would say Jetal 1 isn't eliminated by the fact that he has a job. We don't know how much it pays, and what his expenses are. He could just not have much spending money.
No. 722967 ID: dd338c
File 146317667435.png - (23.46KB , 800x800 , 93.png )

>Ok if 3 never buys there own cards what does that mean?
Only that some lobbyist found it interesting that after their initial deck, they only get cards by betting and trading.

>Actually, what are our sources on [the jetal] information?
By doing searches on the Jetals' tournament handles, some social media posts were found. It also must be taken with a grain of salt.

"Hey, Fern!" says Alison. "Do we know how long the bounty's been playing this for?"
>"Nope. Sorry."
"When were those searches found?"
>"We found 'em a few months ago on a discarded phone. Didn't do a perfect job of scraping the info out of that phone though, so we managed to find those tidbits. No timestamps or anything else, so those searches coulda been years ago. Probly not that long. What we already know about him was found by some other means, like him hanging out here."
"How would the bounty office know that we turned in the correct person?"
>"Full core scan." says Fern.
"Do we know how good he is at this?"
>"Nah not really. He doesn't go boasting about it."
"And lastly, would having a bounty make it hard to hold a job?"
>"If it's a governmential one, yeah, but in this case, it's not governmential. So it's at least possible to get a job, if not easy.

Scanner starts reporting the significance of a red dragon card and a silver sun beast.
>"It looks like that's made for an aggressive deck that needs steady momentum. They're popular to watch since they usually make for fast paced matches."
"Then we'll keep an eye on which jetals use that."
Alison answers.

While Alison does all of that, Gambler wins the game. It causes a cheer from the audience.
>"Damn!" says the robot. "Alright, here you go." he says, honoring the deal.

>Can we do reverse image searches on these faces online?
They can. Jetals two, three and four only seem to be found in the context of tournaments. Jetal one can be found in lots of places, so Jetal 1 is looking unlikely.

It looks like there's not enough time left before the tournament starts for another game. Princess Toya can either use 5 minutes for something, or bask in the first victory. Lobbyists inform everyone that that robot often gets relatively far in the tournament, so a lot of people show surprise about Toya's win.
No. 722970 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh, if the searches have no timestamps then it's possible the target's financial situation changed. So all we know now for sure is that Jetal 1 is eliminated. ...actually we can probably eliminate jetal 3 too, since it hasn't been 10 years. Jetal 3 was probably only scoping out the table to check for cards he wants to nab anyway.

...can we check the financial history of the remaining three jetals? We know some of them are employed. How long have they been employed? Also, ask if the Syndicate got a scan off on the target, and ask if it's possible that Jetal 4 has modules that we can't even tell are hidden. If that's possible at all I'd say it's CERTAIN that he has modules. Why would a jetal with money be walking around without modules? That's madness.

I'm leaning towards Jetal 2 right now. I'm thinking Jetal 4 isn't the target because the target has a thing for belenosians. He's not taking a belenos form, which would make it less likely for attraction to be mutual. ...or maybe he's not expecting to get laid at the tournament?

Anyway, look around at the crowd and then raise the card up in victory or something. Bask in that victory! Then go talk to Jetal 2. Ask about testing modules, what kind of modules do they test? Anything they can talk about, or is there an NDA?

Talking to the wrong Jetal won't cause problems. If it's the right one then we get a head start. If it's not the right one, then our target would feel less suspicious when we eventually find them, and maybe even get jealous if we're lucky.
No. 722971 ID: a075ba

>Jetal one can be found in lots of places, so Jetal 1 is looking unlikely.
Yeah, and with the skill level and timeframe, I'm thinking he's not our man.

That still leaves the other three, and I'm not sure how to narrow it down further without seeing their decks and/or talking to them.

>Lobbyists inform everyone that that robot often gets relatively far in the tournament, so a lot of people show surprise about Toya's win.
It's... probably not in our interest to win the tournament. This is just a cover to use so we can figure out who the target is, then seduce him. Winning would attract extra attention from other people. (Unless we have to in order to win him over or something).

>Princess Toya can either use 5 minutes for something, or bask in the first victory.
Not having any bright ideas except to make ourselves available / approachable. Maybe one of the potentials we're scouting out will try and chat us up?
No. 722972 ID: 06b6c5

>Jetal one can be found in lots of places, so Jetal 1 is looking unlikely.

He could have a buddy whose face he's borrowing, but I was doubting him anyway. A high-profile person like a corporate executive isn't likely to hire someone to pal around with them if it means bounty hunters popping out on them all over the place. It might fit if he's some super getaway bodyguard who specializes in pulling his clients' shit out of fires, but someone like that would probably have had their bounty bought off or something. And be smarter than this guy seems to be.

The search results info isn't so great now that we know it might be a bit old, but I'm still leaning towards 3. Still not conclusive, though, so let's hope we get a chance against all the remaining three jetals in the tournament.

For now, be friendly and a good sport, and don't try too hard to stand out in the crowd more than you do already. Maybe get the robot's name and say he might get a chance to win it back again another day. Our target seemed like someone nervous about his own proclivities, so if we want him to approach us, we need to seem approachable and trustworthy.
No. 722973 ID: a075ba

>Talking to the wrong Jetal won't cause problems.
To an extent. The only real hazard is if it looks too much like we're making a move on the wrong person (or the wrong person is making a move on us) that might dissuade the target from approaching us.
No. 722987 ID: d1fde2

Plessy you magnificent beast. Hip check all the guys. <3
No. 722991 ID: dd338c
File 146318286082.png - (23.79KB , 800x800 , 94.png )

The lobbyists continue their investigation.

>"I'm sorry, Alison!" says Scanner. "But it looks like all of these jetals avoid posting all their personal details online. In fact, it doesn't even look like jetals really have a legal name to begin with, just a legal code that's embedded in their core itself, so it's like their tournament tag is just as legitimate as any other name."
>"Hi Alison. I'm the Searcher. I think it's seen as 'below' jetals to even participate in games like these, so they would try to keep their normal lives out of this. Uh, that said, 6 jetals is kind of a high number out of only a couple hundred, so apparently that doesn't deter these guys."
"Hum. What isn't above jetals?"
>"Hard work, leadership, and combat ability." Searcher says.

Meanwhile, Gambler hoists up Plessy for the crowd to see, but he's careful not to showboat too hard.
"In some days, I might give you the chance to win it back!" says Princess Toya. "What's your name?"
>"Ah, it's Roofsmith. Nice to meet you, Princess Toya. You'll do well here. Do you have a Fightbeast account?"

>"I think he means the social networking site for these cards." says Scanner. "Maybe we should make one. It wouldn't hurt, I don't think. It'd give the card team something to do when we leave."
No. 722992 ID: 5ad4a7

If we can make one without it being used to track us, then fine. ...maybe we can look up the suspects on said social media to get an idea of their lifestyles.
No. 722996 ID: a075ba

There's an awful contestant-sounding name for a jetal.

Looks like Guardsman is all pooped out. Scanner finally found a way to keep him under control! Wear him out, and then wear him as a hat. (He gets to be on top again, just like he wanted).

And Iso is enjoying himself.

>Maybe we should make one. It wouldn't hurt, I don't think. It'd give the card team something to do when we leave.
I suppose if having a social media account for some of the thousands in here to amuse ourselves with does cause problems, we can always abandon it.

Although after we gnab our target, Princess Toya might might be as welcome in the community.

Hmm. If there's an online gambling scene connected to this card game, that's a way Gambler could add a revenue stream. Multiply some of our other earnings while we're busy doing other things. (Although we probably need to sign up for some kind of paypal equivalent, or a bitcoin wallet equivalent, or some kind of anonymized online banking).

>Do you have a Fightbeast account?
Not yet, but I'll be putting one up later.
No. 723014 ID: dd338c
File 146319111411.png - (50.26KB , 800x800 , 95.png )

"That should be okay to do." says Alison. "Oh, I forgot to ask!" Alison says, turning to Fern's phone. "Hey Fern, we never got a scan off our target, did we?"
>"Dropped that ball. No."
"Okay, and is it possible that jetal 4 has modules that we can't even tell are hidden?"
>"Yeah, absolutely. Wouldn't be the first featureless jetal, but it's more likely he's just hiding what he's got."

>"No." Princess Toya says. "But I'll make one."
"There's a lot you can learn there, even if you beat me."

A large television board comes online on a wall. On it is a grid that show who's fighting who at what table. From there, people begin to flow towards their assigned tables to fight against their opponent.

Princess Toya goes up against a biological girl who seems to stare at Toya more than the card game.

>"Oh, huh, I think this tournament is kind of popular." says Scanner.
>"Yeah. There's a lot of people watching it. Uh, apparently we already got some attention. Here's a few snippets from a thread called 'Dangerous Newcomer to Section Q? Princess Toya beats Roofsmith.'"

- She looks like she's about to flip a table.
- Really? She looks like she'd hold a nerd against a wall until they give him her card.
- Roofsmith? He sounds inconsistent anyway.
- I hear she's a jetal that has basic modules but also one for sex?
- No way
- What kind of jetal goes to a card game? May as well go all the way.
- Yeah, look at the size of those tits and those jetalium clothes, then look me in the eye and say she isn't here to fuck a bunch of desperate dorks.
- OR she's a jetal and is probably jaded by now. She's just putting up two big ones to tell the world she's rebelling against the empire's idea of what belenosians should look like. No different than sharpening your own horns.

The rest of the thread turns into a big, heated discussion about Princess Toya's choice in boobs.

>"Sho... should we say something?" Scanner asks. "Almost all of the posters are from a long ways away, but there are a lot of people in this tournament watching this thread."
No. 723016 ID: 0a94cb

Kind of tempted to poll the thread on what size the boobs SHOULD be.

But that's a terrible idea.
No. 723020 ID: 0dfcac

Make a anonymous comment about how a girl like that starts out all sweet but when she gets you to follow her back to the bedroom she locks the door and surprises you by whipping out a giant dick.
No. 723021 ID: a075ba

>Princess Toya goes up against a biological girl who seems to stare at Toya more than the card game.
Sorry babe, but even as loose as we're being, we don't have time to fool around with everyone who's attracted to us. (No don't say that).

>Uh, apparently we already got some attention.
Limited to the card nerd community, I hope?

It's one thing if we stir up attention in a thread on a card nerd forum. It's another if we make the news with the headline "mysterious newcomer wins card tournament out of nowhere." We want to avoid that, and leave with our mark / throw a match before we reach the top. Sevener will be on the lookout for us stirring things up.

>I hear she's a jetal that has basic modules but also one for sex?
That means someone where with a scanner is posting in that thread. One of the jetals, or a robot.

>The rest of the thread turns into a big, heated discussion about Princess Toya's choice in boobs.
Well, we succeeded at something.

>>"Sho... should we say something?" Scanner asks. "Almost all of the posters are from a long ways away, but there are a lot of people in this tournament watching this thread."
Hmm. This adds a new level of complexity. I'm pretty confident about our ability to work with anyone one on one, but playing the crowd while trying to tease out our mark is gonna be challenging.

...let's just taunt them, stir up the thread. Post a selfie, looking confident, and winking. No text.
No. 723022 ID: 38685c

Make a comment about are her pants bulging? Anonymously.
No. 723023 ID: 38685c

Plz. Like winning a card tournament is news.
No. 723024 ID: dd338c
File 146319646416.png - (17.00KB , 800x800 , 96.png )

Polatt's phone is used to make an anonymous post.

- A girl like that starts out all sweet but when she gets you to follow her back to the bedroom she locks the door and surprises you by whipping out a giant dick.

By the looks of it, Princess Toya got a boosted seeding in the tournament by beating Roofsmith, and the first match or two will be against lesser players. Gambler is making short work of the girl. When Alison leans in to listen in on the Card Team, she just hears them chanting 'No Mercy!' to Gambler between the tactic discussion.

>"U-um... you're probably going to win, but... do you mind if I take a small breather? I'll be back in 200 seconds, I swear."
"I'll be right here." says Gambler.

>"Don't get too excited about winning, Gambler." says Recluse. "We shouldn't make a name for ourselves. It may be news worthy if a random entrant from somewhere came out of nowhere and won a relatively challenging tournament."
>"Recluse? This is a big empire of billions of belenos, I don't think a random card tourney is gonna be news." says the historian.
>"You kidding?" Atlas says. "The news has been talking about toyas and life as normal. Feel good life news like this is right up their alley, especially on the local news."
>"Even so, there's so much news like that, it's just so unlikely." Historian says.

Fern's phone is then used to take a selfie of Princess Toya using one of her three tails. This is then posted on the forum with no text whatsoever, which boosts in activity afterwards.

-Great, she's listening in.
-Are you just here for the attention?
-Nice horns.
-Haha are you taking a selfy in the middle of the match?

The one who complimented her horns doesn't seem to relate to any of the jetals, and the last one is leaning against a nearby wall watching a bunch of matches.