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File 129328356348.png - (19.02KB , 512x512 , tory_gets_an_email.png )
28849 No. 28849 ID: 9b6c31

New thread, the posts of last thread exceeded 1 kilopost.

Here be last thread:
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No. 28850 ID: eb7f46
File 12932855468.png - (20.76KB , 500x500 , qennnhhhnope.png )

No. 28852 ID: 8e18cd


Why were you cheating on August?
No. 28853 ID: 9b6c31
File 129329013765.png - (89.78KB , 512x512 , oh_god_this_dye.png )

Oh god this dye sticks so much that it is not funny. I don't even remember attending a party or something.

>To all characters: what did you get for Christmas (or other gift-giving winter holiday)?
Nothing. Doc was too busy, Sister hates me, Helena and her crew do not have Christmas, and uh, I don't think Santa ( if he actually exists ) would visit me either.


Oh fuck. I must have been really drunk. Like super-drunk. Ultra-drunk. Mega-Hyper-Extra-Drunk.
I don't want to kiss dogs and I don't want to kiss lizards. Then why in the hell would I even want to kiss a doglizard?

>Why were you cheating on August?
Fuck you, I do not have a relationship with an overgrown labrat. As I said, it is fake and gay.
No. 28854 ID: 8c0848
File 129329083247.png - (128.96KB , 725x634 , 6.png )

Stop twisting my words, Q!

And stop calling me a Doglizard, you bug-eyed, stubby-legged, patchwork piece of shit!
God damn I'm pissed!

Where's the whiskey?
No. 28855 ID: 70d9eb

So is Tory the one you'd give a present to?
No. 28856 ID: 476456

you might wanna hold off on it till you stop breathing fire..
No. 28857 ID: 6834bc

Is that fire in your mouth, or are you just working up a sick burn?
You know, one might say you're rather hot when you're angry.
Still, you should try to calm down - don't let these guys keep fanning your flames, you don't want to explode in rage.

Take it easy, Rynh.
No. 28858 ID: eb7f46
File 129329684961.png - (21.29KB , 500x500 , qpeaceoffering.png )







No. 28860 ID: 20fc85

good luck with that...
You just gave an insecure fire breather alcohol after pissing her off...

and she holds grudges...

I give you an hours to live if you don't prepare to be assaulted
No. 28863 ID: e3f578

Q, at first I thought you were in fact the stoic king of the motherfucker lands. Then these shenanigans gotta happen and you be spreading all these photo's about like when of them average motherfuckers, then you turn into a suave motherfucker by switching this shit up so much that you're the stoic adviser of the motherfucker land because we know those avid betrayers are the most suave.

But really, what kind of motherfucker are you? We need some form of confirmation of your position of the motherfuckerdom.

Also Merry Christmas to all you pimps and hos out there
No. 28864 ID: 8092e6

>she wants to fuck.
No. 28866 ID: dad664
File 129330459780.jpg - (55.98KB , 395x301 , idonteven.jpg )

A hangover.

Fuck, Q, would it hurt you t'NOT fuckin' yell all over the place? S'like a fuckin' MIRV goin' off in here.

Fuck, th'hell is the aspirin...
No. 28867 ID: 7b76d3

This is Rynh right now.
No. 28868 ID: 722107

Er... Is there someone sleeping by your side too? Damn! You got WASTED last night, huh?
No. 28869 ID: 7b76d3

No. 28874 ID: 6547ec
File 129331984274.png - (12.41KB , 600x450 , Ends in sex.png )

No. 28879 ID: 0ef56a


and there's nobody to share it with

oh, penji, you and venji and mitzi and hyperion can come too
No. 28880 ID: 0ef56a

Rynh, you really need to chill the fuck out. Here, I brought you several various illicit narcotics for Christmas. Take your pick. You being pissed at everything is getting a bit trite.
No. 28881 ID: 2563d4
File 129332625437.gif - (27.31KB , 640x480 , bitchy-hungover-squirrel.gif )


"So, y'reckon this is about the point to tell them that they excused themselves t'vanish upstairs around midnight?"
No. 28890 ID: 1e9d01

Y'know, shipping is pretty hilarious at first but eventually it just becomes rude.


We ask questions, characters answer... If you guys keep making them talk to eachother like this it starts looking like some kind of avatarfag circlejerk.

So I may as well post a question.
Prince: How are you able to disobey orders so much?
No. 28891 ID: dd45d7
File 129333886116.png - (65.61KB , 400x400 , ITQOTP.png )


"What was that you said we were drinking last night, again?"
No. 28900 ID: 3416ec

Another question to all: Anyone get any action under the mistletoe? :3c
No. 28903 ID: dad664

Penji: What is your favorite WEPON. Just in general. Don't be afraid to metagame and somehow remember things that you actually don't remember in your quest :B

Mitzi: So what does the world look like when your pupils go all Tri-Split like that?
No. 28904 ID: 771ab3

Congratulations, you've bedded a Gnome. Did he survive?
No. 28906 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129335866281.jpg - (70.73KB , 500x500 , Penjibeam.jpg )

I remember a tozol rifle. A beam weapon. The very best kind.

I can remember almost nothing about it, save that if I had one, escaping Quadrant Five wouldn't be such a big deal.
No. 28909 ID: 2563d4

Herp, and also derp. Go back to bitching in the anon thread.

Pretty sure those are Scellor ear tentacles.
No. 28910 ID: 192c6d

Mint, I think we are now best friends! Your twisted sense of humor tickles me :D

So, what is this "stunt" you pulled? I am most curious to get some dirt on that tiny deer!

(not to mention it'd be quite fun to try to top something that sounds so juicy~)

D'aww... look at Roz~
No. 28912 ID: eb6fe5
File 129338359690.png - (5.03KB , 500x500 , maollainbed.png )

Is that what that plant's called? Sort of a complicated name. But interesting, this earth thing you call kissing.

That's not a hangover, it's... like the psychic equivalent of not being able to sit down for a while. You need a brain massage.
No. 28913 ID: eb6fe5
File 129338363192.png - (9.14KB , 500x500 , tardisbed.png )

"A telepathic brain massage. A real one would be messy."

"I hear a cocktail of certain types of radiation can clear that up, too."
No. 28915 ID: 722107

Wow... it WAS a hell of a party! everyone got laid!
No. 28916 ID: 9cb4b3
File 129338453399.jpg - (25.46KB , 109x170 , rodney dangerfield.jpg )

No. 28917 ID: 701a19

Chloe, I'd say you should let them do it.
Then let them do you, since this is an opportunity that's too good to pass up.
No. 28919 ID: d6aefc
File 129338528280.jpg - (56.08KB , 408x300 , Mint3.jpg )

>Man Mint that's messed up. You're messed up.
>Mint, I think we are now best friends! Your twisted sense of humor tickles me :D
Heh, thanks but this whole stunt thing was actually more an accident, than planned. I wish I HAD planned it though, I could have taken pictures then!

>what stunt did you pulled out?
>So, what is this "stunt" you pulled? I am most curious to get some dirt on that tiny deer!
prepare to be disappointed; Oken takes everything so seriously, and since it was BloodSanctum, I figure I could get her a fun little "toy" to help her relax. I knew she'd be angry, but I didn't expect her to completely flip out! the ungrateful bitch incinerated it in a TurboCleaner then ran off crying, that was three days ago, haven't seen her since.

>(not to mention it'd be quite fun to try to top something that sounds so juicy~)
I was gonna pick on her a little more at the X-mas party, but she didn't even show up! guess she's still upset or something
No. 28920 ID: dad664

She's just a prude, it sounds like. Somehow you and the rest of the group need to find a way to get her to relax and chill out. In a way that isn't resulting in her bursting into tears. Humans have a saying that best describes this. "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." Or in this case, make Oken a dull doe.

Pirate Captain from CrashQuest: Is that really how you and your species talks, or are you just fulfilling a childhood pirate fantasy?
No. 28921 ID: babc5b

Dear Glukmil,

Why are you following a Goblin? Can't you go back to your little cave and bang rocks all day and live happily ever after? Are you stupid or something?
No. 28923 ID: dad664
File 129338901437.jpg - (53.76KB , 600x382 , They\'reLikeFreakin\'Tribbles.jpg )

No. 28924 ID: dad664
File 129338903655.jpg - (53.84KB , 600x382 , It\'sAGoodThingShe\'sCarnivorous.jpg )

ONE of you better know how to cook.
No. 28925 ID: e3f578

If she's crying she's probably has like a mega phobia of phallus's or something.
No. 28926 ID: d080c2

In before Oken and Mint in the Woody and Buzz "DICKS EVERYWHERE" pose.
No. 28928 ID: 2563d4

Or she saw the fanart thread. :V
No. 28929 ID: 8c0848

Which would give her a phobia of phalluses
No. 28931 ID: 701a19

Meh, if you can cook then they can rip that skill from you.
So, psychic multiple orgasms from multiple bodies. Ready for round two?
No. 28932 ID: 192c6d

Hmm. What if Oken is secretly a boy?

Though a fear of pingas might also be probable. Poor thing. Now it's a good excuse to mess with her~
No. 28935 ID: 07251b
File 129341983292.png - (25.64KB , 800x600 , PF-DBC-003.png )

I.. believe you have my files, sir. I believe you are... very aware of my... numerous misdemeanors.

Hmn, a history test? Spacesuits have been white since the twentieth century AD, back trough the short Atomic Age. Orange and blue also happened in early times, but white survived the test of time.

I am not a Service Uniform Engineer, but I believe white was used to help with sun radiation and heat, and also so the wearer would make a clear silhouette against the dark space. Not like the first would be a problem nowdays.

... such a ruckus outside, like there's a riot or a party... t's over now...
No. 28936 ID: d6aefc
File 129342034436.jpg - (45.71KB , 408x300 , Arclite.jpg )

YAARRR, Cap'n Kushkron don't feel like gabbin with you lugs, so I's be answerin yer questions for im

>So I guess my next question is for the good old Capn': Why the fuck you trying to run off planet with an entire armada surrounding the planet shooting anything that leaves it? You stupid or something?

yarr har har, the cap'n be a clever scoundrel, he be knowing bout the blind spot Astraners be havin on the portside bow, a quick duck in close, and if yer got the shield ta take it, ye might as well be sailin clear water.

>Another question to all: Anyone get any action under the mistletoe? :3c
yarr if by "mistletoe" ye be meaning the tip of torpedo, and by action ye mean sweet jaggin of a tender lady, then yarr I be having quite o kind a that kinda action.

>Pirate Captain from CrashQuest: Is that really how you and your species talks, or are you just fulfilling a childhood pirate fantasy?

you best not be slamming the Cap'ns talking skills, he be trained in 15 dialects and no trace of an accent, on any single one, he be quite fluent, clearly ye be daft.
No. 28938 ID: 8c0848

Is that a real mustache or are you an Ork with some straw stuck up it's nose?
No. 28940 ID: e3f578

Shouldn't shooting the astranian slaves be low priority amidst all this chaos? I mean the bugs are your biggest problem here. Or is that one woman that's deceased now just really like killing enough to be irrational about it. I can understand her boyfriend's shooting them after her, but she has horrible priorities.
No. 28941 ID: ca7c4e

I stand mistaken. I was almost certain those were Gnome's spindly little arms.
No. 29001 ID: 9cb4b3

Mint, Hoft, Fuze, Zane, etc, what are YOUR thoughts on the pinkskins who think all of you are adorable and want to hug you and pet you?

Tiny Deer: If you take off your boots can you stand on the tip of your hooves? I bet you can't.
No. 29017 ID: dad664

Directed at all of the CrashQuest cast members (yes, you too Zane).

What's your favorite hobby?
No. 29022 ID: 192c6d

Discounting incongruous continuity lapses ("crossovers" in the parlance), for all characters of /quest/, were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?
No. 29025 ID: 2563d4
File 129376442729.gif - (30.23KB , 640x480 , meanwhile-in-the-past.gif )

>spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state

Does that look like something I have the time for?

>have to

Fine. Someone catatonic effectively renders the issue moot and places no demands on me. Also provides me with somewhere to hang my bromeliads.

"Oh Hyper-watsit, your armless, unmoving torso makes it look like my mansion is decorated with fine Grecian sculpture~" There. Done.

I'm getting back to this before I drop a mental stitch and accidentally the whole universe.
No. 29027 ID: 8c0848
File 129376771227.png - (111.99KB , 444x528 , 7.png )

Hmm... A year, huh? Maybe that fine Miss Dilia. She's got some things goin' on that I can appreciate.

Or maybe that tiny deer.
No. 29028 ID: c152fb
File 12937685128.png - (12.99KB , 800x600 , dat bunny.png )

I would have to go with Chloe, the Bodacious Kinky Bunny Babe. I'm a fan of strong women who know what they want. I could probably get past the fur. And the ears could be good handholds. The whole superpowered mutant shapeshifter thing would take a while to get used to, but hey. Nobody's perfect. At least it would never get boring with her around.
No. 29031 ID: 0b5a64
File 129376997715.jpg - (42.92KB , 301x354 , Crying.jpg )

Oh, anyone! Anyone to keep me from being brutally raped again and again! The constant, brutal agony is too much to bear, but it's impossible to kill myself! If only someone would rescue me...

Or maybe that tiny deer.
No. 29033 ID: c23ad3

It's not rape if you enjoy it you little slut!
No. 29034 ID: 2d9875
File 129377178995.png - (7.31KB , 300x250 , not to scale.png )

One day baby.
One day.

I could use the pixels.
No. 29036 ID: 6547ec
File 129377246283.png - (51.17KB , 519x432 , ohmoo.png )

...This isn't a very difficult question, is it?
No. 29041 ID: e973f4
File 129377511928.png - (1.87KB , 120x67 , itqthing.png )

But... everyone else is so much bigger than I am. I don't think it would really work...

Well, maybe that tiny deer.
No. 29043 ID: b6c6fc
File 129377752021.jpg - (52.60KB , 408x300 , Oken10.jpg )

now I don't really have a thing for pinkskins, the no fur thing is real weird. but Tory, he's special I think I could look past it.

He has so much energy and drive, he knows what he wants from life and devotes his whole being to make it happen. that is a man I could love. he's creative, smart and honestly quite pretty for a pinky, he loves machines as much as me probably more, maybe he'd even let me drive one of his, I can't think of anyone else I'd want to co-pilot with.

but I know he's not interested in someone like me, oh well.
No. 29044 ID: 701a19

Tory! Tell us that love can bloom on the questanfield!
No. 29045 ID: 8c0848

I hate to burst your bubble, but I hear he's gay.
No. 29046 ID: bf1e7e
File 129377987279.png - (193.23KB , 750x750 , Telmeship.png )

Well Telwis never really spoke of romance, but I did find this drawing in his journal.
No. 29055 ID: 8e18cd


With a rat too
No. 29056 ID: b7cbaa
File 129380455387.png - (34.08KB , 800x600 , NY-Evangelina.png )

Well, I don't know. I've got no names, but those green guys with a tentacle on their forehead sure sound like fun people.
No. 29057 ID: b7cbaa
File 129380480099.png - (171.40KB , 800x600 , NY-Naomi.png )

"A new years with a fictional character? I think I'd spend with some tuff n' strong, with a hidden gentle side, who knows a fight and always looks cool... you know what I mean?"
No. 29058 ID: b7cbaa
File 129380492119.png - (151.46KB , 800x600 , NY-Andrews.png )

"What about you, Andrews?"
"... no."
No. 29059 ID: b7cbaa
File 129380496436.png - (25.19KB , 800x600 , NY-6172.png )

What-- what kind of--

Uh... with a tiny deer?
No. 29060 ID: fa43b7
File 129380664783.png - (484.69KB , 640x480 , sensationitq.png )


Such a variety of choice across universes... Dessen. Dessen is, well. I know it would have no such interest in me, but... There's something about its attitude that reminds me of someone. It does what it wants, fears no consequences, and still looks out for its friends' interests.

Of course, compared to something existing across more dimensions than I can even conceive of and capable of far greater things than I can ever imagine, I would be lying to myself to think it'd ever feel more than amused condescension towards me. But I can dream. I can dream...
No. 29061 ID: ad8f04

And that's exactly the kind of answer which would get you sent to a remote planet without supplies.
No. 29065 ID: 35cea2
File 129381621028.png - (37.81KB , 1154x756 , Oh Halsner~.png )

No. 29068 ID: 8555c2

to Mint
Are you a friend of Prince?

to Hoft
What is your favorite weapon? It can be anything.
No. 29069 ID: dad664
File 129382120640.png - (19.84KB , 600x570 , ITQ1100.png )

Hnnh. Tough one. Took me awhile t'figger this one out, but I think I'd go with that Zane gal. She's tough, rough around th'edges in the good way, and most importantly of all, in dire need of learnin' t'loosen up!

Dunno what I'd do about th'height difference though. I think she only comes up t'bout my waist.
No. 29073 ID: c23ad3

You say that like having her at cunt level at all times is a bad thing.

Imagine what she could do under a table.
No. 29075 ID: 20fc85

Nice shirt...
You interested in Homestuck Chloe?
No. 29083 ID: 476456

Open question: Have you seen the anon thread? :3c
No. 29084 ID: b6c6fc
File 129385178297.jpg - (42.71KB , 408x300 , Fuze3.jpg )

>Fuze just how do the ladies treat you when life is actually less frantic
. . . I'd rather not talk about this

I'm flattered, really I am, but how should I put this politely . . . I am not interested in homosexual relations. I'm sure your a wonderful individual and will find a man who can return your emotions, but I regret to inform you that man isn't me.

oh? there was a party? I see . . .
I suppose my invitation must have been lost in the mail . . . obviously

>what are YOUR thoughts on the pinkskins who think all of you are adorable and want to hug you and pet you?
it's quite tragic that so many creatures judge us souly by our physical appears.
No. 29085 ID: 4d2d2e


Any normal straight man who has been saved from a sure death by a sexy woman like Oken, would be all over her by now!

Are you shy? Or just rejecting it?
No. 29086 ID: 0ef56a

okay will you at least stop me from dying horribly to kidney failure
No. 29090 ID: 725496

I seem to be trapped in something of a vicious circle. I never answer ITQ questions with any of my characters because nobody asks any questions, and the lack of answers cements the idea that it's pointless to ask any to my cast.
The problem really is that on the rare occasion a question is asked, I generally don't see it. This thread moves fast and short of reading the whole thing and every drawn-out question, the best I can do is search for every one of my character's names, and even then there are questions at them that could fly under the radar.

I propose a revamp: Any time a response is expected from a character, preface the post (or just put, in the "subject" field) the name of the author. Then everyone can just search for that and easily find any questions they're capable of addressing.

It would make things easier for me, and I'd assume a lot of people besides, and I'd actually be able to answer some questions and participate in this whole idea.
No. 29095 ID: ef8595

No sorry.
I'd rather ask the bishy from (insert currently popufur quest) if he wants my knotted magical kitsune cock in his murrhole~
No. 29104 ID: c162ea

So Nina. What did you do before enlisting in the Oikalosian army?
No. 29105 ID: 0ef56a

Penji, I will find you the very best very best tozol rifle even if it takes me the rest of eternity.

No. 29106 ID: 0ef56a

Hey. Asshole.
I don't care whether or not you're being facetious, this is an inappropriate response to that post. Don't be a dick when someone is trying to be serious about that kind of stuff. Fucker.
No. 29107 ID: d96936
File 129386667524.png - (7.70KB , 660x559 , Big Balls.png )

Would I lose warrior cred if I told you I was a dodgeball coach?

Well, among other things. I was a paper pusher for some actuary firm, but that was just my day job. My main occupation was with the Church. I guess you could call me a community organizer, but I think that's a pretty posh label for what I did.
I managed to bring my girls' dodgeball team to the district semifinal once, though. That's pretty cool. For a given definition of the word, anyway. One day my brother decided to sign up for the military, and the fact that I was a votress in the Church at that point helped me into an Officer position, so I decided I would, too. He ended up being a pencil pusher somewhere behind the front line, and I ended up here.
So there you go. It's not a particularly exciting story, but I get enough of those now that I'm a soldier.
No. 29110 ID: c162ea

Huh. So how do you feel now that you are a soldier? IE: what are your opinions on the war, etc. Or even about your fellow soldiers, Myrrhine and Alexi?
No. 29113 ID: 2eac65

While I agree with your point, it's better to make it without name-calling. That just makes the problem bigger.
No. 29114 ID: 310377
File 129386885051.png - (7.23KB , 800x600 , Silhouettessss.png )

The war? Well, Oikalos has been at war since it was founded. That's twenty years. If it hasn't been Intalos, it's been someone else. But we've never been the aggressors, and if you ask me we're in the right. I don't pretend to love war, but the way I see it, the fighting's going to happen anyway, so why not be there for it and see if you can't keep some people alive?

Alexei seems to enjoy himself a little too much. He's perfectly friendly, and he's really a funny person, and I'm certainly glad he's on our side, and that he's channeling his... energy into something constructive, but I'm not sure what he would be if he wasn't a soldier. I'm not sure if I'd want to know him.
Myrrhine I haven't known for very long. I had been expecting someone maybe a bit, uh, taller, but she certainly seems perfectly competent so far. She's young, though, and I can only hope Alexei isn't being a negative influence on her. I've seen the way he looks at her, sometimes...
No. 29120 ID: 9b6c31
File 129388547355.png - (78.15KB , 512x512 , Tory_answers_once_again.png )

>Discounting incongruous continuity lapses ("crossovers" in the parlance), for all characters of /quest/, were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?

I'd rather not. Romance is bothersome, consumes time and brings distractions. I don't need that kind of stuff. Helena's crew is fine, since they bother me very rarely.
If I absolutely had to choose, the romantic subject must be female human, have understanding of modern technology, be courteous, look pretty and not interfere with my projects.
That narrows list down quite a bit, yes?
No. 29121 ID: c2c011

You know you want the doglizard and nobody else.
No. 29123 ID: 8555c2

Got a girl but there is one small problem.
She is a tiny deer.
She already likes you.
She likes her machines too and is a pretty good pilot.

I think you two would work out well together.
No. 29125 ID: f123de
File 129389714142.png - (63.05KB , 350x480 , murrypose.png )

>I'd rather ask the bishy from (insert currently popufur quest) if he wants my knotted magical kitsune cock in his murrhole~

But I don't even know you~
No. 29129 ID: 725496
File 129390744321.gif - (15.48KB , 800x800 , theone.gif )

>were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?
I... I know who I would select.
There's only one for me.
No. 29132 ID: f34a50

Ship ship ship!
No. 29149 ID: 20fc85

I believe one of them is missing an eye
And it isn't Tom
No. 29152 ID: 701a19

Oh, and she's more experienced with technology that doesn't exist yet. Things like energy shields that vaporize enemies on contact, manpack anti-matter cannons capable of destroying hardened spacecraft, sentient robot bombs.
Oh, and she's capable of masterfully piloting and/or driving basically anything.
No. 29153 ID: b6c6fc
File 129393053117.jpg - (40.44KB , 408x300 , Oken11.jpg )

>He meant is there anyone back home you have a crush on. Someone who makes your heart go all aflutter and always makes you laugh and you can't help but blush whenever they talk to you~
. . . not any more, I don't like thinking about people, I don't like getting attached to people, I'm an AcePilot with my life style things are just easier that way.

>Tiny Deer: If you take off your boots can you stand on the tip of your hooves? I bet you can't.
check it out, I totally can!

>What's your favorite hobby?
well I guess I like to collect good luck charms, but all AcePilots do that!
does athletics count?
No. 29160 ID: b6c6fc

Kassandra, what do you think of that unflattering jumpsuit they make you wear?
No. 29162 ID: e3f578

Oken, I'm sorry about asking this intrusive and embarrassing question again but you never did get back to me on whether or not you have a fear of phallus's.
No. 29165 ID: 192c6d


Hey Tiny Deer (Oken)! Your tiny hooves are really cute. You should show them off more.
No. 29168 ID: a9ba96


Good luck charms? Now that sounds rather interesting, actually. I'd assume what your species considers a sign of good luck differs quite a bit from the standard human good luck charms of four-leaf clovers and horseshoes. What do you consider a sign of good luck?
No. 29170 ID: 20fc85

... Make this happen
No. 29183 ID: 9b6c31
File 129397236717.png - (74.32KB , 512x512 , lolno.png )

lolno. I don't do deer.
Stealing and reverse-engineering technology does not require romance.
No. 29189 ID: b6c6fc

>Stealing and reverse-engineering technology does not require romance
clearly you've never heard of James Bond.
maybe if you mad scientists actually learned something from his skill set, you wouldn't fail so consistantly, and miserably.
No. 29190 ID: c162ea

Tory, have I told you that you're my hero? Because you are.
No. 29200 ID: 20fc85

... As a partner in epic raids at least?
No. 29203 ID: dad664


What's the one food/dessert which is your own little personal sin to indulge in?
No. 29215 ID: 0405f3
File 129402756952.png - (94.05KB , 451x602 , ehh.png )

What's this here? Did you, a priestess, just express interest in spending time with a species known for their casual orgies? Colloquially the 'Verdant Succubi of the Starred Void? I mean, we've heard the rumors about your father, but damn girl, you didn't even specify any in particular, just 'them'.

You know, you could just nod and move on, I mean what are she chances of you actually meeting the poor girl, a billion to none? Besides, at least it could put a bolt on those annoying 'rumors' flying around.

Mmmm a good question. Unlike most here I'm not really a... how do you say it, Xenophile? Ignoring the whole scent aspect of attraction (only some fae smell properly attractive to us but I assume that's some witchery on their part.) Patchy body fur causes many to look somewhat diseased to our eyes, along with the complete lack of proper tail makes it all a bit too unsettling to physically consider.

So, those parameters narrow it down to... erhm?
No. 29216 ID: b6c6fc

>Besides, at least it could put a bolt on those annoying 'rumors' flying around.

I'm sorry Tory, I'm usually the last to doubt someone when they claim their orientation, but your complete and utter disinterest in women is starting to limit your credibility.

your not a robot Tory (not yet) , as a young adult male your raging sexual desires are only natural, it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's all part of being human

I know you like to put on the tough guy front, but it's Ok, we're not going to judge you. we're all friends here, you don't have to hide behind that mask anymore, just let go and be your self, you'll thank us all later
No. 29217 ID: 701a19

I said technology that doesn't exist yet. You can't steal and reverse engineer something that doesn't exist. The only way to acquire that information would be to do so from her.

... Or Mint, but I think you'd become rivals what with her ability to construct and repair things of all sorts with incredulous speed.
No. 29218 ID: 8c0848
File 129403304277.png - (49.58KB , 267x330 , 8.png )

>were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?

All of these creatures are so inconsequential, I cannot choose one. Even the beings of great power are largely crude, stupid beasts or twisted of mind and body. Quite frankly, most of the choices bore me to no end and I will have none of them...

Except maybe that tiny deer.
No. 29219 ID: 725496
File 129403513175.gif - (37.49KB , 800x800 , muschio.gif )

>were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?
"Quasi-romantic" may as well substitute for "quasi-masochistic". I suppose if I were forced the torture of dealing with being locked to a partner for an entire agonizing year, I would prefer to choose someone who finds the idea of love just as repugnant as I do. A few options come to mind, and whether they deplore it for the same reasons as I do is irrelevant.

Barring that as an option, I suppose I would have to settle for someone sexually appealing. A few more full-figured women come to mind, but I doubt even the world's greatest curves would make up for the trouble of "romance".
I imagine I'd just have to emphasize the "quasi" part.
No. 29220 ID: dad664

So then you want a harem instead of a single partner, is that it?
No. 29221 ID: 725496
File 129403622621.gif - (5.92KB , 800x800 , muschio.gif )

Reading comprehension not your strong suit? Or did your poor little brain short out before you got past the pretty pictures?

No, I don't want a harem. I want the opposite of a harem: I want ZERO "romantic" interests.
I'd choose someone as disgusted by love as I am so that we could spend the year in question avoiding each other completely. If the chosen partner was someone who was in love with the idea of love, I would have to deal with them. I would have to get them to leave me alone. But if they were as repulsed by me as I was of them, then we could just stay out of each other's way.
If interaction were forced between us, only then would I be moved to select a physically-attractive partner, as those fleeting carnal pleasures would be the only kind I could draw from the entire experience. But sexual indulgence is not worth having to deal with so-called "romance", especially for an entire year.
No. 29222 ID: 701a19

Oh? What about Finesse? Surely a loyal minion that obeys your every whim would make it a tolerable experience.
No. 29223 ID: 40cb26

A non-romantic harem is always an option, you know. Imagine having several very attractive shapely ladies willing to serve you in every way, and since there are so many of them none of them would feel especially important to you. Superficial relations at their finest.
No. 29224 ID: dad664

Okay, well then let's alter the question a bit for you then.

Forget the romance aspect, forget love. Who would you want to most have a one night stand with?
No. 29226 ID: 70d9eb

Weaver - Muschio
Who would you most like to fuck that Ridder has stolen away from you? Ritari, Nan, Ashedel, other?
Do Voltos lay eggs or give live birth?
No. 29227 ID: 3416ec


You're missing out, birdman.
No. 29238 ID: 6d4402

bg - Fireclaw:

Why don't you just go up and talk to the Captain? You are a powerful wizard who leads the tribe. You can do what you want.
No. 29243 ID: 3d7a30


perhaps she's shy
No. 29245 ID: 8c0848
File 129407948655.png - (68.45KB , 319x482 , 9.png )

>were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?

Long term, monogamous relationships? You're into some freaky shit here, guys. This is were I'm supposed to say "That tiny deer", but screw that!
If I had to ride one dick for a year straight, I'd take Flails Breaker. He'd know how to mix it up.
No. 29246 ID: 2563d4

Actually, apparently not!
>Yeah, as much as he likes to use his organ, he's really not very creative with it. His whole repertoire consists entirely of "from the front," "animal-style," and "in the mouth."
No. 29247 ID: 8c0848
File 129408024496.png - (67.84KB , 319x482 , 10.png )

Fuckin' lame. How do you get to be a magical superbeing that can transform pretty much anything into anything else and have no fucking imagination? It's a god damn travesty.
No. 29249 ID: c2c011

It truly is. Should probably pick someone else. Or several someone elses.
No. 29250 ID: 8e18cd


Maybe you could teach him.
No. 29253 ID: 192c6d

Hey, Hey Oken!

Are these your relatives? They are tiny and deer.

No. 29255 ID: 9f2163

Screw this lovey-dovey crap. The holidays are over and we put away the mistletoe. Time for fisticuffs.

Pick a character! Tell us who you wanna fite!
No. 29257 ID: 8d8786

You realize that, as >>338929 points out, you're not limited to those OUTSIDE your own dimension/quest.
No. 29263 ID: 192c6d


Yes, we here at Questco™ believe in ambiguous terminology.
No. 29264 ID: dad664
File 129412736789.jpg - (103.18KB , 600x600 , ITQFiteSketchy.jpg )

It's a good webcomic thingy. I rather like the Vriska Serket character.

Maji-Beast Amiel from Tezakia. She's the only super-powered being that I can think of who would probably be an even match for me. Would definitely be hella fun!
No. 29267 ID: a6008c
File 129417407690.png - (97.37KB , 475x500 , 156.png )

>were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?
An entire YEAR? Um... uh... huh. A year is a really long time, you know? And this entire place is full of weird monsters and stuff. I'd really rather trade fists than romance most of them. Especially that tiny deer. She pilots mecha or something, right? Yeah, that could be fun. Lots of bits on robots that explode when you use enough fire.

Back on topic, I don't know who this Leimahtaa character from 21 posts ago is, but dang, she's cute. I guess I wouldn't mind chaining her down for a year. Especially since it sounds like she'd hate it the entire time. Oh the heroes that would come to rescue a damsel in distress as cute as her!
No. 29268 ID: dad664

You know she turns into a dragon, right?
No. 29269 ID: 40cb26

Yeah about that, she's a bit more likely to be eating distressed damsels than being one. Shapeshifting dragon and all that. But you know maybe the two of you could work something out, not like fire breathing and sinister shapeshifting sexiness isn't right up your alley. You'll have a hell of a time earning her favor though, start off by stealing lots of jewelry and swearing your total servitude. She just might not immediately destroy you if you do that.
No. 29270 ID: c2c011

You two would make for a perfect couple. She's one fierce MILF.

What do you say Leimahtaa, would you give flameboy a chance?
No. 29271 ID: b6c6fc
File 129417712657.jpg - (37.17KB , 408x300 , hoft4.jpg )

>See, stoic muthafucker. Say it, Hoft. Say you're a stoic muthafucker

Aggiea, she's got a nice figure, and a sweet personality, what more could you ask for?

>to Hoft, What is your favorite weapon? It can be anything.
anything huh, well there's this super secret experiment weapon in hanger 3 . . . never seen anything so kick ass, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I "borrowed" it for a day or two, heh.

Tav, seems like he'd be good in a fight, also I could squeeze in the match while I'm there to pick up Aggiea
No. 29272 ID: a6008c
File 12941777177.png - (165.60KB , 700x500 , 157.png )

>Pick a character! Tell us who you wanna fite!
...Fight? Oh man, there are so many choices! Well lessee, I'd probably want someone who'd have a good sense of humor about it, and someone who'd give me a decent challenge... and I'd want to try my hand against the various heroes, too, so Assault and Battery and Dongman would be nice opponents. (Although, Dongman kind of intimidates me...) I wouldn't mind fighting some of those weirder aliens, too, although I'm not sure I'd win against a tozol. Oh, Tory would be fun too, although he's not one to hold back. I'd have to wait until I was sure I wouldn't lose that one.

>You know she turns into a dragon, right?
That just makes it even better! I could ride her into battle and stuff! That would be so cool.

>Earn favor, servitude
Hey hey, the question didn't ask for logistics. Just names. I already have a girlfriend, I don't need another. This is all hypothetical. Logistically, she'd probably be a huge pain in the ass and I wouldn't want much to do with her. Hypothetically, a shapeshifting pet dragon is really freaking cool.

>Tav, seems like he'd be good in a fight,
Oh hey yeah, good point, pompadour. Tav would be pretty great too. Plate armor, running up walls, lightning gun... He'd be just like any other superhero I run into on a daily basis.
No. 29273 ID: 2563d4
File 129417787012.gif - (30.51KB , 640x480 , meanwhile-in-the-past2.gif )

>Pick a character! Tell us who you wanna fite!

Does that look like something I have the time for?

Same answer. I'll even be sporting and let him swing first. Take your best shot, you ornamental space-weasel.
No. 29274 ID: 8c0848
File 129417975155.png - (284.16KB , 1024x768 , Leimahtaa.png )

Impudent worm. I can not be restrained. I can not be controlled. I am fire made flesh and all of creation trembles before my might.

>What do you say Leimahtaa, would you give flameboy a chance?
Such a feeble creature. How could he possibly amuse me?

>Hypothetically, a shapeshifting pet dragon is really freaking cool.

Hypothetically, I would reduce you to ashen powder for entertaining the thought.
No. 29275 ID: 40cb26

>How could he possibly amuse me?
How can anyone? You seem persistently unamusable. Unless you enjoy being brought to new heights of burning rage, and he seems to be doing a bang-up job of that. It's a bit hard to pin down your type, beyond having flings with stubborn kobolds and playing with tiny deer. Both of which might count as "feeble", I should add.

You might so enjoy continuously crushing his illusions of grandeur and bending him to your will that you use him your personal knight of flame and brimstone, sending him to gather the greatest treasures of distant lands for you.

No. 29276 ID: c2c011

Oh you know, sexual favours and stuff. Also, you could team up and rob Fort Knox or something. A ridiculous amount of gold, just for you. Well mainly for you, I'm sure you could get him to give you his share as well.

And it's always a bit useful to have servants who aren't completly awful at everything.
No. 29279 ID: a6008c
File 129418166444.png - (146.35KB , 700x525 , 158.png )

I'll entertain any thoughts I like, thank you very much. Besides, if you didn't want people to like you, you wouldn't transform into such a hotty in your human form. Or elven, or whatever that was. C'mon, you're hot, I'm hot. Let's burn the world, baby.
No. 29280 ID: b28ada


Hey dragon-lady, Baron Obsidian has a lot of things going for him. I mean, he has a ninja butler, he can teleport, he owns a moon base.
No. 29281 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129418462613.jpg - (59.60KB , 500x500 , Huge_Birch.jpg )

>Tell us who you wanna fite!
There've been a number of engagements I'd have been proud to participate in. Ryxix's assault on Suri was a very close affair, and could have had a much different outcome with the addition of even one healthy, armed tozol on either side.

The Splinter's continuing military operations on Greztghakhri make for another interesting scenario. Transhuman military doctrine there is to rely on hardened, static positions backed by massively superior firepower. They've proven incapable of adapting to massive numerical inferiority or to their own chronic heavy munition shortage, even after years. They'd be unlikely to trust me as an adviser - given my brain damage, I hardly trust myself - but I'd make an effective scout, of which the Splinter currently has none. They have sixteen heavily cyborged commandos, but they don't have the mobility for long term independent operations.

The humans have no real concept of the actual command structure of the Snarren or the Ghatung Gadderunhg. If they have leaders on the planet's surface, then those leaders have heads which can be removed from their bodies and left in the tents of their second in command.

It depends a lot on what effect, if any, my psi-resistance has on 'magic.' I'd imagine they're just different words for the same basic thing, but I don't know.
No. 29282 ID: 40cb26

I think it's less about the forces involved but what it specifically does. You may be defended from magical effects on your mind and perhaps transmutations and curses and the like, but not from the effects of magically powered energy attacks and force effects. But again it's hard to tell without testing.

Tory would be the one to ask, I think.
No. 29283 ID: c2c011

Would be interesting to see. As well as seeing you fight one of the huge Snarren with the weaselbar. That would be awesome.
No. 29284 ID: 221021

Wait... Where'd she find that tree?
No. 29287 ID: 20fc85

you did let a kobold bang you...
I'm pretty sure he's better hung, more powerful, and way more influential than that kobold that impregnated you...

and then you dumped the baby... which is pretty unhonorable/undragonlike (didn't wait for it to mature before kicking it out...)
No. 29292 ID: 8c0848
File 129420161546.png - (36.12KB , 332x239 , closeup.png )

>I'm pretty sure he's better hung, more powerful, and way more influential than that kobold that impregnated you...

I indulge in whatever whims I choose and this tiny human does not amuse me.

>and then you dumped the baby...

I have no need to coddle my children. They are strong or they die. I do not pander to the weak.

>which is pretty unhonorable/undragonlike
Do not presume to tell me what is dishonorable. I am beyond your petty notions of right and wrong and I will not be patronized by the likes of you.
She still lives and she is superior to any purebred kobold in every way. I need do nothing else.
No. 29293 ID: e3f578

Wasn't the kobold having the big cajones to stand up and take your shit like a real man what amused you? If this baron found a way to amuse you then he might have a chance? Bitch better find a way to juggle up something fierce because you seem like a tough woman to entertain.
No. 29294 ID: dad664

I thought it was more of a "Oh good grief this kobold is back for the 3,288,101 time, trying to get in my pants. You know what, fuck it, I'm bored, and tired of seeing him try the same thing every week."

And then Rynh was made.

Hey, Lei-Lei. Approximate net worth of your hoard?
No. 29295 ID: 1729f3
File 129420775525.jpg - (2.59MB , 4000x3000 , 100_0103.jpg )

So, Miss Dilia, how does this make you feel?
No. 29300 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129422433884.jpg - (35.79KB , 500x500 , Mitzi_answer3.jpg )

>Mitzi! What's the one food/dessert which is your own little personal sin to indulge in?
Ice cream. Orange sherbet flavored. I don't really like chocolate. Well. Comparably. Not feelin' too picky after the ol 'prison food and poison' diet.

Sweet Buddha Jesus. Pretty much everyone's either some kind of weird creature or a gigantic asshole or both. Given the choice, I guess I'd aim for one of the less threatening critters. Like one of those green alien dudes. Mitrel, I think.

>Tell us who you wanna fite!
No one. I don't want to fight anyone. I just want to go home. And sleep in a bed. Maybe get some therapy. Figure out how to stop the... the whole. You know. Arm-shifting. Thing.

>So what does the world look like when your pupils go all Tri-Split like that?
...they do what?
No. 29302 ID: e3f578

Yo Mitzaaaaaaay, before this all this shit that went down was homelife pretty good? You had Galpals with all sleepovers, shopping, boy-gushing and all that?

Hell I bet you wore footzee pajamas and jumped on your Mom and Dad's bad with your bro for Christmas as a child.
No. 29303 ID: 2563d4

Dear god, learn to resize. oC canvases are smaller.
No. 29304 ID: 2563d4

So your fetish is amusing size differences.

You're totally in there, Ruzke.
No. 29305 ID: 6b9b53

Dear adorable Space Ant operator,

Are military personnel allowed to bear arms on civilian flights?
No. 29306 ID: 1729f3


I had to be sure it was big enough to satisfy miss dilia.
No. 29307 ID: f5e4b4
File 129424483160.png - (94.99KB , 800x600 , ITQ2.png )


The name is Moki.

And no, only security staff are allowed to bear arms in a civilian flight. Which shouldn't either be a problem because the security measures in the Space Intersections are very strict, and would stop any passenger (no matter if they're part of the army or not) from embarking with illegal weaponry in the spaceship.
No. 29308 ID: 67a1b1

No illegal weaponry, right, listen up Moki...
>looks at picture
No. 29309 ID: dad664
File 129425564121.png - (23.26KB , 600x600 , ITQICU.png )

They look JUST



Okay well not exactly like this but y'get the point. Personally, I think it's cool lookin'. And you get both eyes t'do that, I only have th'one and it's stuck that way!

And why would y'want to get rid of all those neat shiftery abilities!? Yer like a livin' swiss army knife, woman! Y'can do just about anythin' y'want with those limbs o'yers if y'just put yer mind to it. C'mon, y'can't tell me that there ain't a single thread of anger at how those fucks treated yah! And now y'can slice 'n dice 'em all up into teeny tiny little chunks, or split 'em in half, or flay 'em wide open~

Besides, that Penji chick'd probably appreciate you seriousin' right the fuck up and wreckin' shit along with her so she don't have t'do all the work herself.
No. 29310 ID: 8bdb6a
File 129425691347.jpg - (20.10KB , 400x400 , Mitzi_answer4.jpg )

No. 29311 ID: c2c011

Aww, your look of horror is so cute. Just want to take you back home and nurse you back to sanity.
No. 29312 ID: 20fc85

I'm just using what I know about dragons, lady...
Then again, the books can be wrong...
or there can be exceptions...

Also, she's superior to pure kobolds cause she's half dragon... that's pretty obvious...

of course, you coulda just left her with your kobold followers... but you didn't. Ashamed?

moving on-
Jack is explodeded...
how do you feel (in detail)
No. 29315 ID: 0b2a05

I love you guys.
No. 29317 ID: 6547ec
File 129429012382.png - (90.77KB , 600x450 , Dilia ITQ.png )

Like I need a shower.

I'm not so obsessed with salt licks that I'd get down on all fours and ignore the pile of leavings right beside me!

...I don't even like salt licks!
No. 29319 ID: 701a19

What if the captain granted somebody permission to carry weapons? Would an off-duty colonel then be permitted to do so?
What if there was an emergency situation, such as a murderer on the loose on the ship? How would that change things?
No. 29320 ID: f123de
File 129430786555.jpg - (33.92KB , 400x500 , lyaninoctave.jpg )


I'm really not interested in casual violence but perhaps... Chloe? The Obsidian Baron? They might pose a challenge. I'm probably closest in capabilities to an Ascendi, and I'm not interested in competing with so-called magic or psionics.

...but there's really only one sophont I might like to kill right now.
No. 29321 ID: c2c011

No. 29322 ID: 8f56ed

Watch where you're pointing that, will ya? Might poke someone's eye out.
No. 29327 ID: 2563d4

How do you plan to kill a blob of gel with a cutting weapon, exactly?
No. 29328 ID: 8f56ed

A smart cutting weapon. As in, it'll figure something out.
No. 29330 ID: 6547ec
File 129433032733.png - (495.65KB , 600x450 , Im still twelve percent sure she is not a cow.png )

*Lick lick lick lick lick*
No. 29331 ID: 6547ec
File 129433525159.png - (175.68KB , 600x450 , Jiniki itq.png )

Oh gosh is that like playing? I wanna play with Sal because she talks with her mind like I do and we could play patty-cake and hide and seek and we could both turn out to be someone else and we'll giggle and dress up like princesses and then we'll have ice cream and we'll watch My little pony because I really like that show and my favorite is Pinkie Pie because she's really funny~

Huh? Sal is neuter? What's that mean?

No. 29342 ID: a7a85a
File 129438193229.jpg - (26.03KB , 615x461 , it_is_salty.jpg )


Wait, so if we were to go out and in a clear display of how much we like you...get a dildo
made of salt...?

No. 29349 ID: 192c6d


Wouldn't that.... HURT?!
No. 29350 ID: f5e4b4


That's retarded. It would feel like PURE PAIN.
No. 29351 ID: 9c9de5

Well you could just use it orally.
No. 29352 ID: 55c4cf
File 129442845842.png - (41.98KB , 333x333 , =w=.png )


I'm afraid Epsilon is not in the position to answer any of your questions. I will be bold and let you know that I won't allow knowledge to spread before its time.

I'm sure you can find these types of things out the hard way if you really tried.

No. 29356 ID: f123de
File 129444992251.gif - (53.24KB , 400x400 , sal-jiniki.gif )

[Yeah. Why... why don't you go go hide and I'll count to a zillion and come find you. And then after maybe we'll play some dress-up. That'll be fun, right?]

No. 29358 ID: b6c6fc
File 129446662612.jpg - (42.60KB , 408x300 , Oken12.jpg )

I-I'm an AcePilot! we aren't afraid of anything!

my hooves aren't tiny!, I even looked this up!, my hooves are even BIGGER than that of Solan "deer", beside my feet would get could if I didn't wear shoes, also it would be unprofessional do operate out of full uniform.

NO! It is forbidden to talk openly about that sort of thing!

could you please stop making fun of me, I don't like being teased
No. 29359 ID: 1729f3

Alright then. How do your little boots stay on? Do you have something like our horseshoes for when you don't wear boots? Or do you just go barefoot and clip clop around all adorable like?

It's good to hear you like to keep your hoofsies warm at home either way.
No. 29360 ID: 31ce47

Hey guys, don't pick on Oken that much.

Oken: why can't you talk about it? Is there some sort of secret code for it or something?
No. 29361 ID: a7a85a


She can't stop herself from licking salt.
Try to keep up.
No. 29362 ID: f6182e

You know we only tease you because we like you.
No. 29363 ID: 192c6d


It's true what >>339162 said, Oken. We all really like you. You're like the kid-sister we never had!

> my hooves aren't tiny!, I even looked this up!, my hooves are even BIGGER than that of Solan "deer

Interesting! Do tell us more. I seem to have misplaced that adorable picture of you and your father. Do the males of your species grow antlers like solar "deer" do?
No. 29367 ID: dad664

Legitimate question. Do you think that mutual peace could ever occur between the Astranians and Solars?

Also, in the event of a peacetime, have you considered switching your profession from "Ace Pilot" to "Speedship Racer?" You seem to have an affinity for speed.
No. 29369 ID: a032e7
File 129451128097.png - (10.19KB , 281x344 , i am lazy i should be updating.png )

You mean the flight suits? They're okay, I guess. I've only worn them twice for training. They're really hard to get on and off, but... I'd rather be unflattered than dead.
No. 29375 ID: 8c0848

So you like phalluses? How much do you like phalluses? Demonstrate.
No. 29376 ID: b6c6fc

>They're really hard to get on and off
must be a pain to go to the bathroom . . .

so you're a rookie huh? you must really be looking forward to your fist real assignment, have you heard what it is yet?
No. 29384 ID: 192c6d

>>339167, >>339158

Speed Racer Oken is a must now.
No. 29385 ID: 0ef56a

Penji, are you a veteran of the Psychic Wars? If so, how many? A thousand?
No. 29408 ID: 8555c2

Mitzi, I'm very disappointed in you. You are smart. You know how much abilities like that can help you. And how they can be used to help your allies and hurt your enemies. You are letting your emotions get in the way of logical thinking.

You are smart, strong, fast, tough, shapeshifting, psionic, mindrape tentacles, interface with Valciens. You have amazing potential. Use it. Don't throw it away or try to ignore it or pretend it hasn't happened.

PS I love you and wish I had Valcien powers too.
No. 29430 ID: 11b861

Chloe. How does bondage work with you? Can't you slip out of anything by shifting?
No. 29432 ID: 20fc85

I oughtta say... that'd be odd..
Mainly cause she'd also be able to tie herself up with herself among other things...
and she has her own whip...
and... oh god my brain...
No. 29433 ID: 77fcdd

Question for Agent Smeth.

Is Ms Belkresh always so... helpful? She seems quite the lady, if you don't mind me saying so!
No. 29436 ID: f1df52

Titzi: What would you consider to be the perfect thing to bite and why?

Venji: When you get out of that place, what kind of job do you want?
No. 29439 ID: dad664
File 129479296725.png - (13.60KB , 600x600 , ITQ1.png )

>How does bondage work with you? Can't you slip out of anything by shifting?

Well, yeah...but why would I do that? It's...well it's kinda like I'm "stuck" in normal mode, and when I want to do something weird, it takes a conscious effort to do so. So yeah, I could, but again, why would I? If I'm enjoying it then I might as well sit back and take it. That's what (the receiving end) of bondage is about, it's relinquishing your own self-control unto someone else. If I just slipped out of the cuffs or rope or whatever that would defeat the purpose of even doing it.
No. 29452 ID: 47d1aa

Maria (blake quest) Simple question. Are those real?
No. 29456 ID: d560d6

o oo o o o o o oo o o o o ooo o oo oo o o oo o o o oooo ............................................. oo ooo ooooo ooooooo o o o ooooo o o o oo o o oo o oo o o o oooo o o o o oooo o o o o o o o o o MURPHY_, _I WISH I COULD BE AN INNOCENT AGAIN (fig^)(^ltr)
Really, Sal? Baudot? You might as well have carved a clay tablet.
No. 29457 ID: 40cb26

If you are bound up but not really restrained is it the same experience? Safety words aside most folk can be rendered physically helpless, but you can at best only play along.
No. 29471 ID: 18a7fb

Hey, Dessen.

It seems to me szierkhogh are waaay overpowered. In the unlikely but not impossible instance of us encountering some other hostile szierkhogh without your awareness, what's the best way of destroying one?
No. 29495 ID: 412c0b
File 129496106525.jpg - (415.80KB , 800x618 , Maria1.jpg )


yup they're the real deal. They were always huge, even when I was a young. here's a picture of when I was 14, see?
No. 29497 ID: dad664

Maria's back: How do you feel?
No. 29502 ID: abb30a
File 129498182641.png - (307.81KB , 640x480 , ITQ28.png )

Make a plea with our creators. Beyond that... you may be hopeless...
No. 29508 ID: 6547ec

Didja get teased a lot by the other girls?
No. 29511 ID: 412c0b
File 129503932136.jpg - (299.30KB , 800x618 , Maria 2.jpg )


If it could speak, it would complain. Fortunately I spend most of my time at my brothers shop, so I rest them on the counter. Tom always said it would brink in costumers, but I'm just happy to take the weight off my shoulders.


Yeah... They would always call me names. But they where all just jealous. As a result I mostly hanged out with guys.Since they sorta gravitated around me, In time I got used to them.
No. 29512 ID: dad664

Second obvious question: Ever considered Breast Reduction Surgery?
No. 29531 ID: b6c6fc
File 129511352599.jpg - (44.66KB , 408x300 , Oken13.jpg )

what's a horseshoe? anyways Grav boots have a restraint that hooks onto your pants and calf, I don't know exactly how they work, but it all clicks into place

If I'm not wearing my boots for some reason, I'll go around bare foot, I've heard other people use foot wraps but that's to much trouble.


If you like me so much, could you please stop making fun of me? I don't like being teased!

>Interesting! Do tell us more. I seem to have misplaced that adorable picture of you and your father. Do the males of your species grow antlers like solar "deer" do?

uh yeah, male Dorau do have horns, but they aren't nearly as big as Solan ones, proportionally I mean.
No. 29532 ID: 9cb4b3

I think it's forbidden because talking about how something is lucky jinxes it and stops it from being lucky anymore. Or something like that. Like, the instant you rely on something that is lucky, the luck is gone... or something.

No. 29535 ID: 543aa6
File 129511689557.gif - (5.79KB , 800x600 , dompagletter.gif )

Deer Dear Tiny Deer Ace Pilot Oken.
I have been following your heroic exploits and I must say I am constantly impressed with your military prowess, decision-making abilities under stress, and ability to overcome adversity on the battlefield. Your bravery in the face of danger is an inspiration to all of us like-minded soldiers.

I know your schedule must be busy, but I was hoping we could establish a correspondence -- perhaps even meet in person -- to discuss battle plans, field tactics, and your impressive record. I believe many could benefit from your practical wisdom.

Or we could just talk about how brutish those damn Pinkskins are.

If you are interested please reply.

Respectfully yours,
Gunnery Sergeant Dompag, Fifth Regiment.
No. 29536 ID: d26a6e

So are you a lesbian then?

This is a srs question.
No. 29538 ID: 2563d4

No. 29539 ID: b6c6fc
File 129512271832.jpg - (45.06KB , 408x300 , Oken14.jpg )

no, there will never be peace, the Pinkskins will submit to the rule of the Alliance or they will die. my people made the mistake of assuming there were other options, and my paid the price for such stupidity.

ewww, leave me alone weirdo!

thank you gunnery sergeant Dompag.

I'm flattered you think so highly of me, you seem like a real nice person! I wish I new more about your great battles, as a sergeant I'm sure you have plenty! but I have to admit I usually only follow pilots. maybe you could tell me about them some time!

as for meeting in person, I'd love too!, right now I still have 3 months of recon and escort assignments and then a bombing run on some desert world, but after that I've got some leave time, so if that's a good time we could meet up

--with great respect, Ace Pilot Asnia Oken
No. 29540 ID: b9edb0

>I wish I new more about your great battles, as a sergeant I'm sure you have plenty!
Oooh-ho-ho-ho-hoo, yes he does. He's absolutely charming too. Go for it.
No. 29541 ID: 2563d4

...sooooo, second-class citizens or die? Or is the Alliance not quite as bad as the Maurians?
No. 29542 ID: 543aa6
File 12951242099.gif - (6.56KB , 800x600 , dompagletter2.gif )

Dear Ace Pilot Oken,
There is no need to be modest. Tales of your recent exploits have already spread far and wide. A statue in your likeness has been erected in a sector I have recently visited and the locals all comment -- and not without undue cause -- on your striking and powerful beauty.

I too share an affinity for piloting. Before I was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant I flew a series of risky missions in a classified quadrant and even in my more senior position I often find myself missing the thrill. Perhaps over a few stories we could relive that thrill.

I am traveling currently with a newly-formed detachment of the recently-established and heretofore-classified Royal Armada. I may be in your local sector sooner than you expect.
I will be sure to organize a private debriefing if my forces come into direct contact with you. It would be a great help if you could, during a potential rendezvous, handle the unloading of some heavy cargo for me.

I have also heard reports from mission dispatchers that your detachment may not have received the latest engineered medical provisions. Just to cover all our bases, I will be sure to bring whatever is needed.
Though it is not officially required given my clearance, out of respect I would like to request your written permission to review your medical files, including your latest, full-body examination. Please, do not be anxious, for I am a trained field medic and surgeon as well, and there is no need for you or your crewmates to be self-conscious under my ministrations.

We will discuss these plans in more intimate detail soon, I am sure. Until then, fight the good fight, and put those Pinkskins in their place.

With all Respects,
Ex-pilot, Gunnery Sergeant Dompag, Fifth Regiment.
No. 29544 ID: 9cb4b3
File 12951259254.jpg - (18.04KB , 341x512 , chris hansen.jpg )

No. 29545 ID: 00a7aa

Wow, he must be some kind of genius to have the skills of both a medic and a pilot. Must be kind of old, too considering how much training that would involve, even if he were a genius.

How does your culture treat the elderly, Oken?
No. 29546 ID: 192c6d

OH MUH GAWD. The Dompaq? Like, the Dompaq the Hero!?

Oken! YOU HAVE GOT TO MEET THIS GUY. It's like, a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

I am so jealous~
No. 29567 ID: 2563d4

Hey, Roz, what do you think of the fact that Venji keeps pouring her upgrades into you rather than filling out her rack?
No. 29569 ID: b6c6fc
File 12952062125.jpg - (44.69KB , 408x300 , Oken15.jpg )

uh, no.

well I don't know about charming, but he does seem quite polite and respectful, which is a lot more than I usually get from non-Astranians
>Go for it.
go for what? meet with him? I already said I would
>Wow, he must be some kind of genius to have the skills of both a medic and a pilot. Must be kind of old, too considering how much training that would involve, even if he were a genius.
don't forget Gunnery sergeant, but yeah for an Astranian he would probably have to like be in his 80s or something, I'm pretty sure he said he was part of some Race called the "Fifth" they probably have different standards for training

I think you have the wrong guy, this was dompaG not dompaQ, the "fifth" really need to invent surnames or something, to limit these kind of confusions

gunnery sergeant Dompag

I'm really glad to hear your people have such respect for war heroes not part of your own army, I sincerely hope that when the Alliance eventually expands into Fifth Regiment space this kind of respect results in a long peace treaty between our peoples

it's amazing that you are capable of branching into so many distinct fields of combat, I'm sure the Alliance could learn wonders from your training academy

oh I get it, you're Queen is going to meet with Commander Flek that makes sense, so that's why you're going to be in the area, I've been on several Escort assignment myself, I'll be sure to bring my loader mech to help you with all your boxes and stuff

wow, the Commander must really like you guys if he's handing over those kind of classified files. I don't think my permission is really a factor, but if some reason it is I'm honor bound to decline.

looking forward to meeting you
--AcePilot Asnia Oken

p.s what the heck is a "full-body examination"?
No. 29570 ID: f604d6
File 129520924337.png - (36.92KB , 870x540 , iknowthesethings.png )

Dude, it's a trap! He's just making shit up!

There's obviously no such thing as a "gunnery" sergeant!
No. 29571 ID: dad664

Hey Oken, dunno how much you know about biology but I figure I'll ask anyways.

Do the varying sub-races of Astranians have certain fields that they tend to excel in compared to their brethren? Like, your species, do they have a natural talent for anything that say, Hofts species doesn't?
No. 29572 ID: 3ae053


Sooo... which of your captors is your favorite?
No. 29573 ID: f604d6
File 129521075928.png - (34.67KB , 870x540 , shockingtwist.png )

They aren't unconventional judges?!

No. 29576 ID: a9ba96


You uh... You didn't figure that out after seeing several of the "unconventional judged" violently raping Prisoner 1?

What the fuck did you think they were judging?
No. 29578 ID: 54c544

that skin looks kinda...pink to me. just a couple shades darker. Oken, you'd be best off not listening to it's lies and slander. The pinkskin lies only to keep you from sharing knowledge with one so distinguished as Gunnery Sergeant Dompag.
No. 29579 ID: 543aa6

>No such thing as a gunnery sergeant
No. 29580 ID: 15b51b

That's the joke.
No. 29581 ID: 5e10ba
File 129521798575.jpg - (166.72KB , 640x480 , you-gon-get-raped.jpg )


>p.s what the heck is a "full-body examination"?

<------ Long story short.
No. 29582 ID: c71597

This the first time you realise that she has shit for brains?
No. 29583 ID: 2563d4

That is not even remotely true. Dompag is a classy gent.
No. 29584 ID: 1854db

Lies and slander. She will be treated with the utmost respect, I am sure.
No. 29593 ID: 543aa6
File 129524447139.gif - (9.56KB , 800x800 , dompaglist.gif )

Dear Ace Pilot Oken,
This all sounds fantastic. I look forward to meeting you in person. I'm sure we will have much to discuss. I will see you soon.
Ex-Pilot, Gunnery Sergeant Dompag, Fifth Regiment.


Dear Heart Fixer.
There's trouble in Sugarcane Mountain!
We need your help ASAP! This problem is so serious we knew we had to ask for you specifically. We have an unusual problem but we know you would not turn us down in our hour of need. Enclosed please find a map to Sugarcane Mountain where this urgent problem awaits. Please bring your glasses and hardhat. Further details will be provided on your arrival.
Please come as quickly as you can!

Fixably Yours,
Green Candy Tart
No. 29594 ID: 521a2b

Heart Fixer? Seriously?
I knew you were... unconventional, Dompag, but don't you think this is a bit weird, even for you?
No. 29604 ID: 55c4cf

Maria: Is this your talent?
No. 29607 ID: 10c20a
File 129528104150.png - (189.47KB , 750x750 , HeartFixerLetter.png )

Dear Green Candy Tart,

That problem does sound serious! I'm flattered that the people of such a far away place like Sugarcane Mountain would consider me in their hour of need. Can you tell me any more about what the problem is, so I can prepare and gather any tools I might need? I always wear my hardhat when on the job, it just wouldn't be safe otherwise. I am currently away from my workshop on another job, but I assure you, I will be there as soon as possible.

Heart Fixer
No. 29608 ID: 20fc85

... Dompag...
You do know ponies have babies by wishing for them in mirrors, right?

Goodluck trying to get anything...

Well, unless you want a delightfully enlightening disscussion of pony culture and mechanics
No. 29609 ID: 9cb4b3

Hey Morriga! Is this your dream date?
No. 29612 ID: 543aa6
File 129529211876.gif - (4.06KB , 800x600 , dompagsass.gif )

Don't you contradict me, son.
If it can move, and it can talk, who's to say I can't fuck anything I want?

I'm pretty confident she has the right parts all the same.

Dear Heart Fixer,
Regarding the problem and tools you might need: I can't go into too much detail about the problem, for it must be seen to be believed! However I would recommend bringing some rope, a leather harness (if you have one), and maybe a few blankets. It will make sense when you get here!
I believe only you are capable of handling this big problem properly. I hope to see you soon. Have a ponyriffic day.
Green Candy Tart

...all right then.
No. 29613 ID: e3f578

Those two are extremely naive characters, Just how do you expect them to well, y'know, actually want to participate? Especially under these perceived circumstances. I mean gentlemanly charisma can only go so far.

Is it a trade secret?
No. 29614 ID: b6c6fc

>If it can move, and it can talk, who's to say I can't fuck anything I want?

Rainn?, child protective services? actually quite a lot of people . . .
No. 29615 ID: 31de70

I love you, Dompag. You're such a classy bastard.

Seriously, I can't stop giggling like an idiot.
No. 29616 ID: 543aa6
File 12952964399.gif - (8.64KB , 800x600 , what.gif )

Boss! It's just for a few days. C'mon. Don't cramp my style.
No. 29617 ID: 3416ec


I laughed.
No. 29618 ID: 0852a9
File 129529732033.png - (35.01KB , 220x220 , 1295206378918.png )

Oh Dompag...
No. 29619 ID: 31de70

I am laughing for real right now.
No. 29620 ID: 20fc85

You sir

Need a transformation potion
(Is intrigued)
No. 29621 ID: 0d0666

<LionsPhil> Since she has Idahal tails with Tozzle tails coming out of them
<LionsPhil> ...or maybe underneath or inbetween, it's hard to tell with the art.
<SlinkoPreoccupied> someone should ask her to lift her tail

Care to enlighten us?
No. 29622 ID: 0852a9

This man speaks the truth, Dompag.
You know you want to, you kinky bastard.
No. 29625 ID: 412c0b
File 129530647065.jpg - (442.72KB , 900x694 , Maria 3.jpg )


That's just scary. My boobs are soft and squishy, not made of kung fu.


Well I have looked into it, but there are too many problems. First of all I don't have the money for it, and if I where to save up I would need to travel very far to get the treatment. Our local doctor could do it, but he has no hands and is likely to use his beak... Needless to say I'm not looking at that as an option. Besides they really do draw in customers. And he might not... *blush* He might not love me as much with out them...
No. 29626 ID: 701a19

Oh, no. You weren't entered into a contest, you were sent off to die. Fortunately, your captors are nearly 7% less evil than the people who sent you here!

Think of this like a prison; you want to... er... procure the protection of somebody who can keep the more horrible elements away.
No. 29628 ID: 543aa6
File 129530954548.gif - (6.85KB , 800x600 , dompagmuschio.gif )

>...and the fact that your company has no recognized this is beyond unfortunate. I believe, Rynh, that if you were to give me a chance to show you--
Dompag, keep it down! I'm answering queries!
Where was I?
Oh yes, to answer your question: I concede my species maintains some superficially reptilian features, but I assure you, Voltos do not lay clutches of eggs. Live birth of single children with a relatively high frequency of triplets and twins defines Volto reproduction.
>...and could surely show you a few things even more enjoyable than salt licks. If you too wish to--
Quiet in there! Can't you write without dictating to yourself?

As for physically impressive females, I must admit I'm a bit divided as to Ridder's magnetism. Ashedel is a sensuously-built woman on top of being a great soldier, and our trysts have been exceedingly enjoyable. However I must admit a more-than-passing fondness for Lady Ritari, even now -- an attraction from childhood that has lingered to my adolescence. In fact, upon reflection, it seems plausible that her graceful and sculpted form was what inspired in my impressionable youth that very attraction to such a wondrous and perfect body type.

>...and I eagerly await your RSVP, my esteemed Miss Adhara. I can only hope for a positive reply, once the urgent matters of your land have been tended to.
>Yours, the Esteemed Sir Do-
No. 29629 ID: fb10df

Sorry, but anyone who loves you for your tits doesn't love you at all.

A question to any and all of Dompag's 'conquests': What is/are your opinion(s) of Dompag as a result of your experiences with him?
No. 29630 ID: b6c6fc
File 129531100951.jpg - (36.81KB , 408x300 , Zane21.jpg )

Oken won't be joining us for a while

after number of nasty letters from some rapist or something, Oken has become rather upset. not wanting to disappoint her many fans she will still be hearing questions but I'll be screening which ones are appropriate, and at least for now I'll also be answering them

enough of that, on to questions!

incorrect, they will not be "citizens" at all, Citizenship is reserved for Astranians and Astranians alone, but as guardians of the sector it is our responsibility to keep the lesser races in line.

>How does your culture treat the elderly?
with the utmost respect, all our establishments listen closely to the wisdom of our elders

our culture creates the trap of world based professions, but ultimately we choose our own destinies we choose our own path, birth rights be damned
No. 29631 ID: fb10df

Question to Zane: Why do you fully suit up in power armor in order to read and respond to letters?
No. 29632 ID: 701a19

Oh, then you're going to have serious issues with uprisings and revolts; you can't have an alliance unless you've got several sovereign nations, and having all nations denying citizenship to non-Astarans is just begging for violent demands for equal rights.

No. 29634 ID: 192c6d


So you said you were interested in Ritari since childhood, eh? Have you ever... expressed this to Ridder? If so, what was his reaction? If not, do you think he would feel okay about it?
No. 29635 ID: dad664

I'm wondering this too. Maybe she's shy of showing her face?
No. 29636 ID: 383006
File 129531235091.jpg - (73.32KB , 500x500 , MorrigaFace.jpg )


I don't even get what you mean. Do I want somebody to take me on wacky adventures or something? No. I'm not real adventurous. I don't want to go in to situations when I don't already know I'll either win or get away.

I know you're not asking if I like that silly shark-thing. She seems like some kind of fuckup to me. I'm not really the romantic type, and even if I was I don't think I'd be into girls too much.
No. 29637 ID: 9cb4b3

Just because a country is named something doesn't mean it actually is what it's named.
No. 29638 ID: a032e7

Does that mean you won't show us your kickin' shark hips?
No. 29639 ID: 701a19

Girl? She's a shapeshifter; she can be whatever you want. Even your own clone, so neither of you would be virgins.
No. 29641 ID: 43d730

Pretty sure it's because I prepared Sepia Snake Sigil this morning.
No. 29643 ID: 383006
File 129531499053.jpg - (90.40KB , 500x500 , Sky2Itq.jpg )


Why would I enjoy it? It's awful and it hurts! He yells at me for not liking it and yells at me for not understanding how great he is and sometimes he tears off some of my limbs!
No. 29644 ID: 9d07d9


Muschio, on the subject of teenage fantasies, Ridder once said that his first crush was with a goat-woman candlelady from your castle named Nan. Are you familiar with her?
No. 29646 ID: e3f578

Just what kind of government is this Alliance? Democratic, Communist, Militant Control whatever-you-call-it, Empire? Because this is almost sounding like a space sector governed by the military. Those Militant governments are usually pushy dickwads, man, moreso than the other types because they hardly give less than two shits then I suppose the most high-class. Come on, I bet they push Nokkin around like little bitches for their reputation while parading the more popular Astranians as superior. Why would you respect what equates to a big bully of space?

Yeah, she had quite a rack. Did most of your servants qualify as bootilicious? Did your father also appreciate the beautiful curvy woman as well?
No. 29647 ID: 2563d4

>sometimes he tears off some of my limbs
>all seem present and accounted for
...hunh. So since Flails' taste is in his magical murry collection, the one we saw him ripping in half on his first appearance might have actually lived and regrown?
No. 29649 ID: c71597

They have several nations of furries. Everyone else is inferior and will either submit or face extinction. Extinction seems the most likely outcome for mankind.
No. 29650 ID: dad664

So she's a total MILF is what you're saying.
No. 29651 ID: 99433a
File 129531665562.jpg - (488.58KB , 1400x600 , ponies human.jpg )

Strawberry Fluff, Heart Fixer, what would you look like if you were human? This question also applies to all the nonhumans, but I direct it to you especially.

Ryhn, I know you're delicious and I wouldn't mind seeing more.
No. 29652 ID: 221021

I think he has to do it manually, because Sky didn't regrow her wings by herself.
No. 29653 ID: 0d0666

Oh, right, as long as I'm asking Venji characters questions...

Roz: How does that whole "being kind of part of Venji" thing work? Where the heck are you hiding out when you're not poking out of her back?
No. 29654 ID: 0d0666

Galliard/Pavane: You both at one point suggested that some of your unique physical traits might be due to having mythical, quadrupedal creatures in your extremely recent ancestry. Is that a normal thing where you're from?
No. 29656 ID: 383006
File 129532049450.jpg - (62.30KB , 500x500 , Sky2_0Itq.jpg )

I molt every few weeks or so, which is about how often He shows up. Whenever I molt I get all my arms and stuff back.

I don't think any of his other creatures do that. Of course, I'm sure one day he'll tear me apart too much and I'll die.

No. 29658 ID: 3416ec


This makes me sad. :(
No. 29659 ID: 99433a

...If your limbs regrow, why don't you tear an arm off to free yourself from the arm shackles?
No. 29660 ID: 45be60
File 129532386847.gif - (106.57KB , 600x338 , humanz.gif )

<-- What Twilight Sparkle and Applejack would really look like as humans
No. 29661 ID: e3f578

Why haven't you gone comatose from despair yet or just turn off your head or whatever traumatized people do when they don't respond.
No. 29662 ID: 20fc85

1: Who is He?
2: If he cares about your boobs, you're just a sex tool for him. Opinion on this shockingly obvious development?
If you remolt your arms, can't you tear em off to escape the shackles? You know... get a little more room with a bit more freedom?
No. 29663 ID: 40cb26

By all accounts the "rapist" is actually a perfect gentleman in person. Just doesn't make a good impression to describe himself in an accurate way so he fancies it up. If he can be convinced to be totally honest and apologize maybe you could pass that along.
No. 29664 ID: 4531bc
File 129532714766.jpg - (252.33KB , 725x722 , 1287813631436[1].jpg )

*whistle whistle whistle*
No. 29667 ID: 109aa5

Just wanted to say this is really well done. Great characterisations!
No. 29676 ID: 2563d4

You appear to have missed the /meep/ pony thread.
No. 29680 ID: b0474b

>Live birth of single children with a relatively high frequency of triplets and twins defines Volto reproduction.
Oh, so you could've had siblings? Do you think you're better off as an only child? Have you ever wished you had a brother or a sister?
No. 29683 ID: bf1e7e
File 129536771189.png - (196.88KB , 750x750 , StrawberryHooman.png )


I don't really know what a human is, but going by your picture maybe something like this?
No. 29686 ID: 48e6ec
File 129537099366.png - (63.20KB , 600x450 , Roz ITQ 3.png )

At first I was really excited because it meant giving her bigger tits for longer and creating this infinite loop of boobies, but apparently I'd never be able to see them.

Sigh. What's the point of making me an upgrade, then?
No. 29687 ID: 192c6d

Because she LIKES you.

... and well, if there's more of you to "like"... *ahem* let's just say your "cascades" will be all that more tremendous.
No. 29689 ID: b8da8e
File 129537410178.png - (99.94KB , 600x450 , Venji ITQ 6.png )

Titzi: Nothing beats the feeling of biting into a Tozol. The look on their face when their nigh-invincible skin is pierced by my teeth is almost as delicious as their flesh. Mmmmm...

Venji: I don't know. Right now my goal is to make the scientists pay while being really cool and hard-boiled. Hehe, I'm going to look so awesome.

Hmm, better think up some one-liners.
No. 29690 ID: b8da8e
File 129537552910.png - (64.05KB , 600x450 , Roz ITQ 4.png )

>Because she LIKES you.
Yeah, I guess. I'm still not used to this 'relationship' stuff. It feels weird~

>... and well, if there's more of you to "like"... *ahem* let's just say your "cascades" will be all that more tremendous.
...Forget what I said before-- I am in full support of being upgraded.
No. 29692 ID: bf1e7e
File 129537700893.png - (19.98KB , 750x750 , INWHICHCHARACTERSRESPONDTOQUESTIONS.png )


Galliard: Well, whatever it is that made us the way we are obviously isn't common, as there's basically nobody else like this. I don't know why I suggested my father might've been a unicorn, it's not like I've ever met the guy. I get the feeling he probably doesn't like me much.

Pavane: Like Galliard said, it certainly isn't a normal thing. I also never met my mom, and my dad never talked much about her either. He used to call me his little chickie though, and he had some paintings of griffons and stuff around the house. I guess that's why I said that? I mean, griffons and unicorns are kind of fictional aren't they?
No. 29693 ID: dad664

I guess Magic isn't hereditary :V

But apparently Bad Luck/Good Luck is! You two are like Yin and Yang.
No. 29696 ID: abb30a
File 129537804764.png - (195.67KB , 640x480 , ITQ29.png )

No. 29698 ID: e3f578

So your pointy thing on your face is like a beak or is it like you have a very pronounced chin?

Speaking of which, you know Mushio, I get that your long face isn't a beak so is it your nose or like chin... What does the Volto race call it? Is it full of cartilage or is it all bone? Where ARE your nostrils?
No. 29699 ID: 412c0b
File 129538320048.jpg - (364.02KB , 800x618 , Maria 4.jpg )


I know, I know... He doesn't love ME, he only loves my body. But I love him, and I would rather be with a man that doesn't love me than not be with that man at all... But I don't know how long I can keep thinking that way.

>Who is He?

I... eehhh... Can't tell you. We would get in trouble... hehehe... It's nothing bad, he just can't be with me is all...
No. 29705 ID: 543aa6
File 129539326477.gif - (8.13KB , 800x600 , muschioskull.gif )

No. I have never wished for siblings. Every story I've read involving them ends with backstabbing, power struggles, and infighting.
I have a rough road ahead of me as it is.

>Is it a nose or a chin?
What are you, daft?
Do you think sharks are just flat-faced fish with huge noses?
No. 29706 ID: 476456

chin envy
No. 29707 ID: 40cb26

Talk about your other parents then, what kind of people are they? How were your childhoods?
No. 29708 ID: e3f578

>What are you, daft?
Yes, I am. I've just kind of, sort of forgotten about a lot of creatures or they were blocked out of my head. The statement that Volto's are the race of man just, for some reason, made me absolutely block out common sense based anatomical knowledge and I couldn't comprehend your face in live-action.

Granted like five minutes after I asked that I happened to think like "oh shit it's his skulls's actual shape you dumb fuck".
No. 29709 ID: bf1e7e
File 12953989108.png - (17.49KB , 750x750 , INWHICHPAVANEREPLIESTOSOMEQUESTIONS.png )


Well, the pointy bit is sort of on top of my mouth so I guess it's more like a beak than a chin.


My dad is really great. Since mom had to leave right after I was born, he had to work really hard to raise me on his own. He was always really patient and caring, and usually let me try out new things without being overbearing or anything like that. I never did hear from mom, but dad was always there for me so I guess I never really missed her.

I never really had a lot of friends. There were a lot of people that I was really good acquaintances with I guess, but I was never really close to anyone but dad. We're still pretty close even though I've moved out, I call him every week. He even flew into town to make sure I was okay when I broke my ankle. He's pretty sweet.
No. 29711 ID: a032e7

Do you know your mother, Galliard?
No. 29712 ID: bf1e7e
File 129539993596.png - (15.99KB , 750x750 , INWHICHGALLIARDRESPONDSTOAQUESTION.png )


I don't really know what my parents were like at all. My mom died when I was born, and I'm pretty sure my dad holds it against me since he pretty much seems to want nothing to do with me. I spent most of my childhood bouncing around between people who were basically foster parents, all of whom dumped me off on the next as soon as I caused enough trouble to not be worth the paycheck.

I used to try to get a hold of my dad, but nothing ever came of it. I'm pretty sure he's behind the checks that keep me supported; but that's about all the contact we've ever had, and he seems intent on keeping it that way.
No. 29713 ID: a032e7


IDE/Theory: You two are related.
No. 29714 ID: 0d0666

So, the unicorn shirt. Is that some kinda irony thing?
No. 29716 ID: 99433a

I think you've said that you've tried to remove your horn before. How persistent were you?
No. 29718 ID: 383006
File 129540388057.jpg - (64.35KB , 500x500 , KickinHips.jpg )

I know you little assholes are just making fun of me, but whatever.

I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
No. 29719 ID: 40cb26

But you've at least seen him before right? Enough to confirm that he is not in fact an alien, mutant, unicorn or humanoid narwhal?
No. 29720 ID: a032e7

I would never. Your hips are great.
No. 29721 ID: bf1e7e
File 129540586253.png - (14.17KB , 750x750 , INWHICHGALLIARDANSWERSANOTHERQUESTION.png )


It's a shirt Pavane gave me. There's no way she meant to insult me or anything. It's just a shirt.


The last time I tried I put it to a tablesaw. I slipped when the saw couldn't cut it and cut my ear pretty bad.


Never. At least, not that I can remember.
No. 29722 ID: 701a19

You have, however, seen Pavane's dad. Right?
And you have confirmed that her dad is not your dad?
No. 29723 ID: e3f578

Man Pavine's Dad seems like the greatest Dad why would he do something as dickish as seem to be whatever your father was doing. It really just seems that Galliard and Pavine have like that Bruce Willis - Samuel L. Jackson relationship from one of those two actually decent Shaymalongdingdong movies, Unbreakable, I think. They didn't need to be actual brothers to convey that total opposites theme.
No. 29724 ID: 99433a

Yeah, that's good enough. The only real upgrade that I could think of would be a waterdrill that they use to cut diamonds with... And if your horn is actually made of magicanium that could end up tragic.
No. 29725 ID: 20fc85

You are now a mystery to be throughly investigated... throughly...

now then:
Penji: Do you have a plan a little more long term than find ways to revive those in the tubes?
No. 29726 ID: fb10df


>You are now a mystery to be throughly investigated... bodily...

fixed that for you
No. 29727 ID: 9bd27f


Morriga, and/or less cool wizards: If you were to have the opportunity to gain mastery in a single field of magic outside of your area of expertise, what would it be, and why?

Also, quit pretending Morriga. You know you're hot.

Also, Tory: What's the least faggy form of magic, and what would you do with it if you could harness its power?
No. 29728 ID: e3f578

I assume that small butt crack to properly simulate an ass is all that remains of a previous form? :3
No. 29729 ID: 9b6c31
File 129541582542.png - (50.73KB , 512x512 , Tory_answers6.png )

>Also, Tory: What's the least faggy form of magic, and what would you do with it if you could harness its power?
Well, to be perfectly, completely honest, some forms of magic seems quite cool. Like making stuff explode by doing some weird stuff!
If I could use magic, it would probably be some utility-magic. You know, useful in making and working with machines.
No. 29730 ID: 10c20a
File 129541781687.png - (227.67KB , 750x750 , HeartFixerDoesNotWant.png )

>Strawberry Fluff, Heart Fixer, what would you look like if you were human?
No. 29731 ID: 99433a

That uh... Okay.
No. 29732 ID: 1854db

I think you look good, Morriga.

Other tube creatures in Venji: How do you feel about the author swearing to never let you out and bloat the cast?
No. 29733 ID: 3416ec


Wow. Um.

Watch out for spies?
No. 29737 ID: 701a19

Really? I figured you'd be all for going the magitech route; making machines that do absurdly powerful things by having magic fill in the gaps that defy technology, magical munitions, magical targeting and guidance systems that let you tell who somebody is from any distance and steer car-sized bullets right into their face...

Oh, and have you ever considered that since magic works it must be following some laws of reality and thus something you can SCIENCE?
No. 29742 ID: 9b6c31
File 129546294626.png - (95.69KB , 512x512 , Tory_explains_MAGICSCIENCE.png )

Well... Sister did kinda explain to me it once! Sister says that all humans from my homeworld have some sort of anti-magic field ( 1 ). It dumbs down power of magic inside the radius and makes casting very hard. This is why my world was magically very inactive and weak ( 2 ). Also, according to Sister it was also too far away from nexus, but I have no idea what that means. Sister gained magic by making contract with a demon which pretty much broke her field.
And when I asked about possibility of using magic through means of science, she just sneered and said that machines don't have souls. Bleh.
So yeah, I have somewhat thought about this 'magitech'-thingy. But it most likely wouldn't work very well.
No. 29743 ID: c71597

Come now Tory, clearly you also see the solution. If a machine doesn't have a soul then you need to bind one to the machine. Problem solved. Sister can probably tell you a few ways to go about doing that.
No. 29746 ID: 701a19

This reminds me of a man who goes by the names of ROBOTNIK and EGGMAN, who solved this [b]exact[/i] problem with an ingenious solution.

Your machines don't have souls? Then shove creatures with souls in the machines and rig the machines to control the creatures to control the machines! Their magic becomes your machine's magic!
No. 29747 ID: 701a19

Saisai: Art is hopelessly in love with you, but wants a strong woman to take the lead. Would you be interested in *ahem* showing him just how strong you can be?

Mimi: Why do you keep so many secrets from Art?
No. 29761 ID: 4531bc
File 129550300793.jpg - (78.60KB , 400x320 , 12_rei[1].jpg )

Let's do this!
No. 29780 ID: 20fc85

Holy crap, it's just like BIOS!
but wouldn't it be more efficient to make a machine a golem or something? Or infuse a spirit into it?
No. 29782 ID: 8c0848

Go for Bio-BIOS. It's more EVIL.
No. 29828 ID: d6ae01
File 129565476562.png - (68.00KB , 600x500 , venji butt.png )

My wiry tails kind of come out to the side of my main tail, I think.

...I could have shown this off without lifting my tail, couldn't I.
No. 29833 ID: d6ae01
File 129565721477.png - (60.08KB , 600x500 , Roz ITQ 5.png )

When I rest, I kind of turn into energy and start siphoning from Venji a bit to recover. It's a little more complicated than that, but explaining it would require science.

We're kind of symbiotic, I guess. She gives me energy, I give her Roz boosts.

Obviously I rest in her boobs because hell yes. That's the only reason I rest there...
No. 29849 ID: 98d4de


Are you sure you don't stay there because you want to be close to her heart? :3c
No. 29859 ID: 192c6d

@Roz: Think you could ever find a way to work with that scar of hers? She doesn't seem to like it much~
No. 29883 ID: b6c6fc
File 129572140417.jpg - (38.21KB , 408x300 , Zane22.jpg )

it's not that I suit up before these sessions, it's more so that I never take the suit off, if you knew how comfortable this armor is, you'd understand.

if they can't enjoy Astranian mercy, and respect the reality of Astranian superiority perhaps they would prefer extermination!

my identity is unimportant, in my days as a gladiator the fame proves to disguise what I truly am. the helmet is my real face it is my true identity, I am a soldier, an Astranian among billions and one ready to die for the Alliance I serve

oh, is that a fact? . . . it seems perhaps I overreacted when explaining the situation to Asnia, oh well.
No. 29885 ID: 2563d4

>They've invented comfortable battle armour
Well, fuck, I guess they are superior.
No. 29887 ID: 9cb4b3

It might be, it's not clear. Maybe you should go in her stead to make sure it's safe?

Also, good to see you love your work, Zane.
No. 29891 ID: cc0413

What swayed you to become a tinkerer? Any particular goal or a dream you pursuit?
Did the other villagers praise you for your skills, or did they label you a weirdo?

Also, why do you always have empty vials with you?
No. 29917 ID: 0eba94

And why exactly are Astranians 'superior', Zane? What are your reasons to believe that? Or do you just believe everything the government throws at you?
I'm talking cold, hard facts here.
No. 29919 ID: 192c6d

We were offering something similar, but the pink-skins kept rejecting it. Said it didn't look like they were wearing half a car or make them feel manly enough.

No. 29920 ID: 70d9eb

Bubble Bucket
Jasper, are you gay? Attracted to men and only men?
No. 29923 ID: 15b51b

Zane: If you never take the suit off, how do you bathe?
No. 29924 ID: 2044dd

1. Astranians are cute and fuzzy
2. Astranians have better tech
3. Astranians aren't slaves to bugs
4. Astranians have motherfucking ZANE on their side.

As for how she bathes, Astranians likely don't have to bathe as often as humans do being a furred creature not constantly secreting oil from their skin or sweating. Still can't imagine her sleeping in it when she's not on a mission, though. After all, naught but fur against freshly washed bedsheets sounds extremely comfortable.
No. 29935 ID: 931fd5
File 129578042660.png - (7.77KB , 100x100 , JasperBlush.png )

Um... Y-yeah, definitely. I can appreciate the female form, but I'm not really attracted to it on any level above aesthetic. I guess I could make an exception for someone dual-gendered, but they're pretty rare. I'd have to see.

...And yes, I am quite partial to, um... meat candy.
No. 29951 ID: 701a19

1: Humans can eat a much wider array of things with less quality control.
2: Humans appear to be far more capable of acting independently.
3: Humans are no more vulnerable to bug control than Astranians.
4: Humans have not yet shown to be terribly interested in conquering and/or subjugating the universe.
5: Evidence strongly suggests that Human quality of life under Astranian rule would be very poor, whereas evidence suggests there would be a decent quality of life for Astranians living under Human rule.
No. 29955 ID: 2563d4

Kirska: Know any good jokes?

1. This is a numbered list.
2. Who shit check out these numbers, they're all numbery.
3. That means they're important, irrefutable points of pure fact.
4. Astranians are furry space nazis.
5. And that means people will jack off to them.
No. 29966 ID: 192c6d

A). Fap
B). Fap (moar)
C). Speed the fuck up
4). ? ? ?
E). Jizz & Profit
No. 30000 ID: 9cb4b3

All-Father: Why exactly did you give Joan your blessing?
No. 30001 ID: c71597

My guess would be because he thinks the idea of a big boobed very weak berserker is funny. Or he just gave her insanity and headvoices.

He's kind of a troll like that.
No. 30002 ID: f604d6
File 129590071514.png - (141.74KB , 870x540 , allfather.png )

I do not bless.

I smile upon.

But really, what the shit did you think, that I'd smile upon some shitty elfs or the non-believers of Abanlorban instead of a true brea--- I mean, boob--- I mean, believer who is also hot and of the blood of real people?


No. 30003 ID: e3f578

Hey Zane, you didn't answer about my >>339446 statements man. I want to know what type of government the Alliance is and your opinion on it and other types, and the aggressive and racist stature of the Alliance
No. 30005 ID: c71597

Dude, what's with the two eyes? You're just supposed to have one. Are you a certain bloodbound brother that is messing around with us?
No. 30006 ID: e3f578

But does she also have legs and hips?
No. 30007 ID: f604d6
File 129590403032.png - (169.96KB , 870x540 , allfather_.png )


Hips, yes. Legs... Well, she's short, but otherwise yes.
No. 30008 ID: c71597

I'm so drunk I'm seeing double? No wait, that was yesterday.
No. 30009 ID: 71ff90

Do you also smile upon John?
I mean I gather there where misunderstandings with her kind in the past, but that kinda blood-lust should impress even you
No. 30011 ID: d85196

Alright! Time for another random question for anyone willing to answer:

There's a pair of perfectly round, big, soft, squishy, natural pair of boobies in front of you.
What do you do? How do you react?
No. 30014 ID: 99433a

WHEN did you give Joan your blessing? I somehow missed that. I've been searching and I can't find it...
No. 30025 ID: 543aa6
File 129592713856.gif - (9.81KB , 800x600 , onatop.gif )

>There's a pair of perfectly round, big, soft, squishy, natural pair of boobies in front of you.
>What do you do? How do you react?
I fix my top.
No. 30026 ID: 99433a

Tell me, were you seriously worried about rape caves?
No. 30032 ID: 1854db

Ona: You don't have any rape FANTASIES do you?
No. 30033 ID: b6c6fc
File 129593334463.jpg - (52.80KB , 408x300 , Zane23.jpg )

have a little patience will you?

the alliance political structure is three fold, and is ruled over by 3 separate councils of 47 members each, they are the Elders Council, the Purebloods Council, and the Representatives Council.
the Elders Council is formed from the eldest living Astranian from each core world
the Purebloods Council is formed from the most powerful nobles from each core world
the representatives Council is an elective body chosen from each core world

combine they have absolute control of the Alliance, they are the very guardians of our way of life, and the best of us all

. . . hmmm
Sergeant Dompag
you have failed to proceed through proper channels and for reasons unexplained have attempted to meet with a valued officer. if you wish to proceed with this request your base will have to undergo an exhaustive investigation to insure the safety of our Officer, a duty I am available to perform personally.
if you are no longer interested in such a meeting then disregard this letter
--Star Gladiator Pelendina Zane

well I could go on for hours explaining this
this person has the right Idea.
but in all honesty, how do you explain why a Sun shines brighter than a candle, it simply does
we are better than every other race, because we have the power to annihilate every other race!, Since the creation of the Alliance we have never lost a war, and we never will, simply put we are better as a species because we have and will outlast every other species we will ever encounter!.
No. 30034 ID: dad664

Astranian Creation Lore GO.
No. 30035 ID: 4ae7fe

Zane... you seem like a close friend to Tiny DeerAce Pilot Oken, do you know each other for a long time?
No. 30039 ID: 15b51b
File 129593702037.jpg - (49.10KB , 500x500 , Mitzi_answer5.jpg )

>You are letting your emotions get in the way of logical thinking.
I saw a video of myself with a hole blown in my chest. I had at least two rows of teeth.
>You have amazing potential.
Not all of them were in my mouth.
>Don't throw it away or try to ignore it or pretend it hasn't happened.
My blood was moving by itself.

>but in all honesty, how do you explain why a Sun shines brighter than a candle, it simply does
Well, one's a trillion quadrillion tons of fusing hydrogen and the other's a bit of wax with a string in it.

Boom. Metaphor destroyed. Ten points for me.
No. 30040 ID: 0ef56a

*snaps fingers four times in a square and wiggles neck*
No, but seriously, Mitzi, I hope you come through okay. What they did to you just gives you the power to make them pay.
And you'll find Marcus. I'm sure of it.

...Blood moving HOW?
No. 30041 ID: e3f578

You still very much look like an attractive human girl except for the slit eyes, but regardless you could lead a normal life with minimal prejudice. Occasionally someone might notice the two rows of sharpteeth but you and your bro got shapeshifting powers, that darn scientist thought Penji was him which implies he can change an impressive amount. That teeth and eye problem could go away with practice.

Really your main obstacle is all this horrible trauma... and the legions of soldiers... who are currently shitting their pants with the chaos your brother started and uuuhhhh Penji too if she survives the whole being on fire thing. But that just makes her more intimidating if she survives. Plus I'm sure your bro has a plan on making sure the you, Penji and him won't be followed or stalked for the rest of your lives by some facility secret agents or some shit like that.
No. 30042 ID: 99433a

So, what do you think of Penji hitting on you?..
No. 30044 ID: 543aa6
File 129594018593.gif - (8.45KB , 800x600 , onalook.gif )

>Tell me, were you seriously worried about rape caves?
Give me a break here. Okay:
The guy was wearing villain attire, complete with high collar.
He lives in a fucking dungeon.
He has in his employ a gigantic ogre who wears nothing but a loincloth and gave me this "sizing you up" look when I ran into him.
And he's got a fucking lady tied up in a jail cell! A LADY. BOUND. IN A CELL.

If that's not a warning sign then nothing is. Give me a break already.
No. 30045 ID: f6182e

Well when you say it like that it just sounds silly.
No. 30047 ID: c71597

Hey, it could be worse. There could be whips and naked ladies stuck in manacles everywhere.
No. 30048 ID: 70d9eb

He wears the most stylin' clothes with high collars, lives in an exclusive underground club with everything one needs, has his own bouncer, and even his prisoner which is anathema to him is treated rather well overall. And he's single.
He sounds like a keeper, Ona.
No. 30049 ID: 693d88

Someone get this man a job in Interior Decorating!
No. 30050 ID: 99433a

On the other hand, first thing that happens: HE SAVES YOUR ASS. Your reaction? Is this a rape thing? Later, what with the dungeon and taco-punching it gets understandable, but you seem a bit rape-obsessed.
No. 30053 ID: 2563d4

That it was kind of false, if memory serves. (>>325019)

And probably less creepy than the neckbeards in this thread hitting on her, I'd wager.
No. 30056 ID: e3f578

Most people with fancy clothes, dungeons, prisoners, and guards are just one of those penny-dreadful villains. They just kidnap dames because what else is a villian gonna do. Dompag's a hypersexual male, he sizes up all females. I figure that's a common enough look.

The most this cave is is a card-carrying-evil cave
No. 30057 ID: 9b6c31
File 129597616948.png - (4.76KB , 222x200 , tory_mspaint_answer.png )

>There's a pair of perfectly round, big, soft, squishy, natural pair of boobies in front of you.
What do you do? How do you react?
I don't give a shit. Why should I? Breasts are nice, I admit, but not very important to my objectives.
>Pick a character! Tell us who you wanna fite!
I would destroy all of them. There are dudes who are cool bros, like Rastin. I like his style.

>but in all honesty, how do you explain why a Sun shines brighter than a candle, it simply does
Haha oh wow. You truly are inferior.
No. 30061 ID: b6c6fc
File 129597965346.jpg - (60.03KB , 408x300 , Zane24.jpg )

>Well, one's a trillion quadrillion tons of fusing hydrogen and the other's a bit of wax with a string in it.

>Boom. Metaphor destroyed. Ten points for me.
>Haha oh wow. You truly are inferior



and you TOHREEE SINNCLAAIRRR, I will ripp out that bulbous misshapen growth you pass off as a left eye, with my bare hands, AND SHOVE IT SO FAR UP YOUR ASS THAT YOU WILL FINALLY SEE HOW MUCH CRAP YOU'RE FILLED WITH! And once you figured out why everyone in the entire Multiverse despises you so much, you WILL BEG FOR DEATH that I will grant, and the crowds will cheer me for putting an end to your mentally retarded BULLSHIT!

. . .

any questions?

No. 30062 ID: dad664

Uh. Can I direct my previous question (>>339834) to a historian that's -not- going to disembowel me?

...just sayin'...
No. 30064 ID: 701a19

Hey, Zane?
D'ya know why only Astarians can use Raytech weaponry?
No, you don't, because no Astarian does. That's because you don't know how it works, which is because you didn't make them.
Raytech weapons are genelocked. You hired a more competent species to make you some weapons factories, then turned on them once they delivered.
Your technology is better because you befriend smarter species, then steal their technology and murder them in cold blood. You are parasites, and without hosts to leech from you'll die like any other parasite.

Of course, since all you would have to do to win here is to prove me wrong there's no point in getting mad.
But you will get mad, because my accusations are true. Astarians are backstabbing scum that stand on the necks of giants.
No. 30065 ID: a74d37


Astranians are clearly superior: they can apparently make strawberry jam appear from nowhere
No. 30066 ID: a919be


Oh shut it already. The lady's made her point, no point in being butthurt about it. Same goes to Tory's inevitable butthurt response to being inferior to master race astranians.
No. 30067 ID: 2563d4

I'm pretty sure there is no situation in which Seven will not make a speech.
No. 30068 ID: 6cbed6

You're a nutcase, you know that?
No. 30069 ID: cd3bc6

>master race
Astranians, moar liek Aryans amirite?
No. 30070 ID: 543aa6
File 129598238653.gif - (8.69KB , 800x600 , onabreak.gif )

>On the other hand, first thing that happens: HE SAVES YOUR ASS. Your reaction? Is this a rape thing?
Hey, at first, it was just a passing question! I didn't get all suspicious until the dungeon thing. PLUS keep in mind that saving me means he knows I can't defend myself, which is a bad thing for ANYONE to know.
>Dompag's a hypersexual male
No. 30071 ID: f88f02

Correction, he is a hypersexaul gentleman. He CAN rape pretty much any woman he wants, but he prefers to seduce. If you say no to him, he'll probably think he screwed up and try a different tact rather than simply push you to the ground.

Really, he's a great guy.
No. 30072 ID: dad664

Have you had a track record of rape things? Or is it just something that an overprotective parent put the fear of God into you about?
No. 30073 ID: 701a19


So, what kinda person would you want to sex up?
No. 30074 ID: 543aa6
File 129598308029.gif - (8.72KB , 800x600 , muschiofight.gif )

>Who do you want to fight?
I generally avoid the childish practice of singling out targets I've never met based on their perceived attributes. Generally.
But this Tory fellow is simply too big a target to resist. I would fight him if only to get that impossible, arrogant whelp in his place.

First off, he personifies what a layman would define as a "shit-eating grin". Every time I see that fool show up, it's that same smug, undeserved smirk, like that of a teenager who just 'told up' his parents by calling them 'too old to understand' or some such petty nonsense. Couple that asinine, smug sense of self-satisfaction with the fact that he is CLEARLY trying to impersonate my signature style, and I would fight him simply to knock the fool down a peg.
I mean, look at him. The spiky hair, the high-collared ensemble, everything about him is merely an effort to imitate my own superior style. A human like him thinking he can present a wild Volto hair style like this -- preposterous!

Lastly, he seems absolutely unintimidating on a physical level. I'd humiliate him on the field of battle and be back in time for dinner.
No. 30077 ID: 543aa6
File 129598438672.gif - (8.45KB , 800x600 , onadone.gif )

Yeah, nothing puts me more at ease than knowing that this giant sex-crazy ogre who CAN rape anyone he wants chooses not to for his own passing amusement. Let's see how long that lasts, shall we?

>Have you had a track record of rape things? Or is it just something that an overprotective parent put the fear of God into you about?
Look, it's a dangerous world out there, especially for a young girl like me on her own. You can't be too careful. Besides, like I said, look at the circumstances! I think I'm justified. I didn't start "obsessing" about it until all that dungeon shit came up, I was just asking!

>So, what kinda person would you want to sex up?
How about that's none of your fucking business!
This interview's over!
No. 30078 ID: dad664

Okay, so, different question then.

What's the official name for your race, Ona? Are they traditionally a witch-doctorey culture?
No. 30079 ID: e3f578

>very time I see that fool show up, it's that same smug, undeserved smirk, like that of a teenager who just 'told up' his parents by calling them 'too old to understand' or some such petty nonsense.
Huh, your world's medieval culture has similar examples of our more modern culture's depiction of teenagers. Weird. Are their elves or other gangsta fags that hold there bows sideways in an attempt to look cool while sacrificing a bunch of accuracy? Just how many brooding anti-heroes exist in your land's tales?
No. 30080 ID: 543aa6
File 129598541431.png - (26.93KB , 550x400 , necktattoos.png )

No. 30081 ID: e3f578

Yeeeeessssss, seriously sensitive dudes are alllll the rage.
No. 30082 ID: 323782

Hey, Zane
U mad?
No. 30084 ID: 543aa6
File 129598704975.gif - (4.96KB , 800x600 , dompagzane.gif )

Dear Zane (no title needed),
I am thoroughly insulted by your questioning of my motives, assumption of sexual intent, and defamation before the lovely Ace Pilot Oken. I further object to your intercepting my letters. Your pride has sullied mine.

If you think I am a big, sex-obsessed brute, then I will challenge you the only way I know how: we will meet on the field of battle! The winner will take the pride of the loser in any way they see fit.

Now, I may be an ordinary, slow-moving lug from a low-tech world without any weapons training or armor to my name, but my pride drives me to fight. I will face your new-fangled thundersticks or your magic rocks that shoot fire all the same. But how bad can it be?

I will not take no for an answer!
No. 30085 ID: 20fc85

Is this coming from a person in super tech armor and insane weaponry who just claimed to be utterly superior...

Who got taken down by a few unarmored, lightly armed pinkskins?
you really are a winner...

but the question is this:
What is your military most like:
composed, tactical, and logical
barbarians with really big swords who like swinging them.
Why are you so sensitive about sex?
just wondering... (eg: something happen?)
No. 30087 ID: cc0413

Thanks for the answers and sorry for self-bumping, but
Where's Finnie?
No. 30090 ID: 9cb4b3
File 129599207777.png - (67.71KB , 442x311 , Aruuchi answers a ton of questions.png )

Okay, let's see here, it's been a while since I've done this...

Uh, not sure. I suppose saying Makuri is cheating so maybe... Hmm.

Penji would be neat, but I get the feeling she's out of my league, strength wise. Wouldn't really be very fun to wrestle with because she'd win every time, and that's not fun.

Zane, I really like the cut of her jib and she'd fit right in in Clan Shigu, but I've got the opposite problem here, I'm a lot bigger than her. Plus I think all of the astranians have some issues involving the whole height thing and me being twice her size would just exacerbate things. I'd offer her a club or something as a handicap but I think the notion of a handicap would set her off too. It's a shame.

Guess I'd have to go with Yrra. Don't know much about her but she looks like she could hold her own.

Goshen. Idiot cuts his mane down and looks like an overgrown child, plus his incompetence puts Rain's elite guard to shame. I'd like to kick his ass just to show him how a proper soldier of Rain's army should fight.

I'd say Tory too, but that big-nose green guy has that covered.
No. 30096 ID: 80e0b0
File 129599938663.png - (206.94KB , 600x500 , ahuh.png )

...n-no comment. None you need to hear anyhow, not that it particularly matters, Verhimen women don't get particularly busty anyhow, unless their bodies are preparing to nurse a lot.
Well, it seems another nobleman has already chosen Tory, but if he should wish to nominate a second in said duel... Rynh may also be interesting to go up against. However, I confess that my skills favor distance and preparatory time, I would be at quite the disadvantage. Although now that I've aquired some experience in dream combat perhaps that little fellow with the mask... oh what's his name Di'on?

Anyhow... that's not what I'm here about. Ona, or Blacksoul or that Di'on fellow or hell even Leimahtaa! What would happen if say... one re-uses an old Pnakotic Pentagram in an Escher-type Aetherfield Invocation. Looked perfectly fine but... anyhow it's making these 'noises' like a kind of throbbing hum, is that a problem?
No. 30107 ID: b6c6fc
File 129601247914.jpg - (34.98KB , 408x300 , Zane25.jpg )

heh heh yeah sorry, I guess I flew off the handle a little bit there


you can ask who ever you want, but it'll probably be a similar answer, anything that relates to events before the formation of the Alliance is generally a forbidden topic

I'm the one who convinced her to be a pilot, to follow her dreams, with out my support she probably would never have had the strength to stand up to her asshole father
Asnia has a lot of potenial, I'm honored she looks up to me the way she does

A great many Astranians fully understand the intricate workings of RayTech, sadly I am not an engineer nor a scientist, there for I am not among them
No. 30108 ID: 9cb4b3

Zane: Never change.
No. 30110 ID: 701a19

Zane: Oh, they understand how they work in the sense of knowing how to put them together, but the hows and whys behind that? Not a damn clue - if they did then they wouldn't have so much trouble waterproofing the damn things.
They would also understand the mechanics that make it so only Astarians can fire the weapons, which they currently do not.

Hey, how about you get a scientist-type person on here to talk to us?

Command Quest Astarian Commando that we will eventually hire:
You've seen both sides here; what's your take on the Astarians and the Solars?

Halsner: How far have your R&D people gotten on understanding RayTech weapons?
Any idea how long it will be until you can mod their weapons so your troops can use them?
Or, better yet, produce your own?
No. 30115 ID: 5d4888

Hey Zane. I keep on hearing about these 'forbidden topics'. When we're trying to find out about the Astranian race we keep on running into them. It's not surprising when actual data about fleets, population, technology and such is kept secret but it seems a bit weird for cultural and historical information, not to mention allot of information that would seem logical to protect is completely open.

Is there something that you CAN SAY about the general secrecy of these topics? For example, has there been any incidents we missed hearing about when this information was misused(or used against you) to cause it to be protected now?
No. 30117 ID: 8c0848
File 129601794644.png - (95.89KB , 482x462 , 11.png )

>What would happen if say... one re-uses an old Pnakotic Pentagram in an Escher-type Aetherfield Invocation. Looked perfectly fine but... anyhow it's making these 'noises' like a kind of throbbing hum, is that a problem?

It could very well be mesmetic astracorporeal reverberation caused by an imbalance in the aetherflow. I would set up a sevenfold Ooric cycle gate to regulate that, before something nasty catches wind of it and comes to visit uninvited.
I can just imagine the racket that must be making on the astral plane.
No. 30120 ID: 543aa6
File 12960195797.gif - (5.10KB , 800x600 , onapoint.gif )

>about sex

And HEY. If anyone's hung up about sex, it's you guys, because it's all you ever ask me about!
No. 30122 ID: 40cb26

We only pester because you're so fun to tease. If you took it in stride and weren't evasive we'd get bored of it. Eventually.
No. 30124 ID: 70d9eb

What's your favorite food, Ona? Is it tacos?
Maybe you should have Taco Night once a week at the base, it would raise morale!
No. 30125 ID: 3416ec


Well maybe if SOMEONE didn't wear a tube top all the freaking time...
No. 30131 ID: 1854db

You are sensitive about other people being interested in sex!

You want a different kind of question? How about WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU? Someone asked that earlier. Did you ignore them, preferring to focus on our sexual questions?
No. 30132 ID: a7a85a


And then Ona wore a big puffy coat for the remainder of Dive Quest.
No. 30134 ID: 9d07d9


You come in here and the first thing you talk about is your "perfectly round, big, soft, squishy, natural pair of boobies" and you expect us not to focus on it? Come now, You know what we're like. You knew that if you started talking about your tits, we'd be all over that. I think you just like to bait us and yell at us.
No. 30141 ID: 6834bc

Ona: What's your favorite book, band, song, game and/or movie?
Answer as many or as few as you wish (but please answer at least one!)
No. 30142 ID: 00a7aa

You're quite cute when you're Angry, Ona.
Also,when you're terrified. Actually, you're cute most all the time. This makes it hard for some folks to take you seriously.

Frighten us. Please.
No. 30147 ID: 543aa6
File 129607925679.gif - (4.75KB , 800x600 , onakepling.gif )

What am I? I'm a Kepling. I thought I said that before.
My people are island dwellers and coastal settlers. We're at home in the water, and prefer tropical climates. Culturally I'd say we're generally quite peaceful and use our natural areas of habitation to avoid conflict. Our islands are plentiful in food and other necessities, but generally lack the resources that really make a territory worth taking over. So we've got everything worth living for, but nothing worth stealing. Works out pretty well for us since we're better at running and hiding than at fighting.

>Well maybe if SOMEONE didn't wear a tube top all the freaking time...
Oh I see how it is. "Did you see what she was wearing? She was asking for it!" Real nice.

>What's your favorite food, Ona? Is it tacos?
Like I said, I come from a nation of island-dwellers, so although I admit I love food of all kinds (and yes, I have a bit of a sweet tooth), I am especially fond of seafood. Sushi's great.
>Maybe you should have Taco Night once a week at the base, it would raise morale!
That could be fun. Everyone can enjoy fish tacos.
See, it's not so hard to get your minds off sex for a while.
No. 30148 ID: 543aa6
File 129607998918.gif - (4.19KB , 800x600 , finnierobe.gif )

>What swayed you to become a tinkerer? Any particular goal or a dream you pursuit? Did the other villagers praise you for your skills, or did they label you a weirdo?
I was a bit of a loner in my village, but I preferred keeping to myself anyway. I became interested in tinkering at a young age. I like the fine detail, the ability to make something with my hands, the precision. At the end of the day, looking upon my accomplishments is satisfying. I have an eye for precision and it came naturally to me. I wanted something far removed from coal mining, which had been my family's only occupation for generations.
To be useful, productive, and precise. Those are goals I believe I've fulfilled.
>Also, why do you always have empty vials with you?
Because you never know when you will need one.
No. 30149 ID: 283fa9

>That could be fun. Everyone can enjoy fish tacos.
>See, it's not so hard to get your minds off sex for a while.

I... no, I can't say it. I WON'T say it. And I'll beat up ANYONE ELSE who tries to say it.
No. 30150 ID: 543aa6
File 129608026635.gif - (3.22KB , 800x600 , dompagzane2.gif )

Dear Zane (no title needed or deserved),
I see you have given a most cowardly refusal to my proposal of battle by ignoring it. My pride refuses to let this stand. You have crossed the line and I request -- no, demand satisfaction from you.
My offer still stands: We will meet on the field of battle. I don't need armor to face you. I care not for my own lack of weapons training, or for whatever curious magic that fuels your fancy explodey rocks and arrows made of light. Everyone knows light doesn't hurt, and you are stupid for using such laughable weapons. I may be from a world that has not mastered indoor plumbing but I am not afraid of your space mumbo jumbo.

If you continue to refuse my invitation to battle, I will bring the fight to you.

And on that I have only this to say:
If you think I will have any trouble whatsoever finding out where a lady lives, yourself included, you don't know me very well.

No. 30152 ID: 8c0848
File 129608092723.png - (490.13KB , 964x924 , 12.png )

Now, this should solve your irregularities and if inscribed properly poses little risk of creating an extraplanar event. The odds are really quite low if you think about it.
No. 30153 ID: a257c4

You're going to go across time and space to fight a fully armored chick with a disintegration ray over not getting to fuck a tiny deer?

Jesus, Dompag, don't be an idiot and throw your life away. If you want an astranian that bad just go after Mint, she'd probably be easy.
No. 30154 ID: 5e1f07
File 129608194513.png - (138.49KB , 700x700 , questions1.png )


>"H-he likes me...?"
No. 30157 ID: 701a19

Saisai: You mean it wasn't obvious from how he leaps at the chance to help you?
He was sorely tempted to challenge your fiancee for you, but didn't want to offend you by interfering unbidden.

What are you going to do with this knowledge?

Mimi: Are you falling in love with Artemis? Would you want to be one of his wives?

Saisai's as-yet unnamed boyfriend: Why did you rape her? What would possess you to do such a thing?

Saisai's parents: Why did you help him rape her? You are terrible parents; stop this arranged marriage nonsense and do what's best for her instead of what's best for yourselves.
No. 30158 ID: 2563d4

>Asnia has a lot of potenial, I'm honored she looks up to me the way she does
So what do you think of the fact she took the time to make idle chatter with a Pinkskin prisoner and assisted him (if not entirely successfully) in escaping a bunch of roaches with the rest of her squad? :3c
No. 30161 ID: 9cb4b3

Zane, sounds to me like someone is insulting your friend's honor by saying they're a pinkskin lover. Are you going to take that? Poor Asnia didn't do anything to deserve that!

I think you need to start making a list. Title it "Fools to zap."

You can start moving names over to a separate "Fools zapped" list, but only after getting the zap confirmed, certified and notarized by an astranian official. Only then can those fools be thoroughly zapped for their offenses.
No. 30163 ID: 40cb26

Oh make no mistake, he's stomped down on those impulses as well as he can. But a strong willed and bodied attractive girl, keeping his secrets and watching his back, and has opened up to him and to few to none others? Any good natured guy would fall, and one like him would be putty in your hands. Question is what are you going to do about it?

Morgan: Grats on getting Arties first lovey-dovey kiss, small as it was. But how would you feel if other girls were crushing on Artemis, or if he feel in love with another girl? Would you try to keep him to yourself or let him find his own way? Remember it's an awkward age of exploration for anyone, let alone for a boy that's a part-time girl. How would you feel about being with him and sharing him with someone else at the same time?
No. 30164 ID: c71597

Dude I just have to point this out, you look incredibly similiar to a demon guy I have seen. You have never split up a loving couple and then commited suicide in an epic trolling effort have you?
No. 30165 ID: 25d645
File 129609578171.png - (152.87KB , 700x700 , questions2.png )


>Wh-whatever. I'm taken. He needs to find his own mate and stop bugging me about stuff. Not my fault he has no charisma..

>I'm sorry, I would not be able to accept him going out with someone else. I'm not going to be a member of a harem. If he feels the need to share his life with other girls then I'll simply step out of it. I hope he feels the same way..
No. 30166 ID: c6b41e

Morgan: How you feel about the fact that Arty is capable of being both a boy and a girl? Kind of an unusual thing you must have some sort of opinion on.

Mimi: How do you feel about Artemis besides the whole 'He's my Master' thing? Also, what do you want to do once you're able to leave your chest?
No. 30168 ID: 701a19

Saisai: Oh, don't be like that. You can hardly blame him for hiding his feelings; you're way out of his league and you both know it.
He's not important enough to be used as a bargaining chip for political leverage, and he doubtlessly couldn't understand how your duty to your family requires that you spend your life with somebody who treats you like a piece of meat. It's unfortunate that he can keep sleeping around and you're stuck with only him, but it's your duty to provide him with heirs and there can't be any accusations of illegitimate offspring on your part.
On the upshot, at least you don't need to meet his bastard children; I doubt he has, after all.

So, yes, we completely understand why you can't consider a person like Artemis; as wonderful as he may be, he's still lowborn trash.

Mimi: Falling in love? Getting married, having babies, staying together forever? Do demons have that concept?
No. 30170 ID: 701a19

Morgan: What if you were in love with the other person, too?
No. 30171 ID: 20fc85

Even though this is long past...
I actually didn't mean it to be innuendo...
and I really was wondering if there was something that aroused your anxiety and distrust

No. 30172 ID: 40cb26

Saisai: So he just needs to be a little more charming and you'll be all over him? Got it.

Morgan: He hasn't been chasing skirts and he's an honorable so it isn't like he'd be running around on you. That kiss surprised him and made him very happy, he's still a bit thick headed on these things. But if one of the other ladies he's around gets the idea to seduce him it might not be that difficult. If you want the chance to have him to yourself you should be more aggressive.

Mimi: It's hard to tell what you're thinking or feeling or what you understand. We don't expect demons to be naive, and it seems like you are and aren't. It is both cute and frustrating.

...Keep up the good work.
No. 30173 ID: 70d9eb

Deep - Ven
How slimy are you? Are you good at sliding around on your belly?
THRUST quest - Galliard
What is your favorite pizza topping if it is not cookies? Or did you acquire a taste for cookie pizza? Would you eat a pizza off of Pavane's naked body?
No. 30179 ID: 25d645
File 129609922666.png - (130.44KB , 700x700 , questions 3.png )

>Uhm... It's weird.. But.. I liked dressing him up.. I don't mind really. But I prefer his true self to be honest.

>I think he's awesome! Also I can do anything a human can do if I can leave this gosh darn thing.

>Look, I'm leaving..

>Of course we do!

>Agressive... I can try.

>I'm a pretty smart demon, if I do say so myself.
No. 30182 ID: 8c0848
File 129609971322.png - (84.17KB , 461x469 , 13.png )

>Dude I just have to point this out, you look incredibly similiar to a demon guy I have seen. You have never split up a loving couple and then commited suicide in an epic trolling effort have you?

I should think not. First of all, I am not a demon and I haven't done anything overtly malicious to any mortals who didn't deserve it for several centuries. I don't even stomp around demanding tribute or otherwise abusing my excessive size. I could, but it's far more interesting to leave them to their own devices.
No. 30183 ID: 9cb4b3
File 129609993695.png - (143.78KB , 595x336 , nudge nudge.png )

Wait, you're a full-blooded dragon? Here I thought you were half elf.

So. Tell us about your mother. Is she a goer, eh? Nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more? A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind bat know what I mean? Is she a sport?
No. 30184 ID: 40cb26

Mimi: Well you are pretty sharp I'll give you that. But I was more confused as to... uh... understanding of human relations, let's say. Speaking of which what did you think of that girl Saisai your master was talking to?

And you do realize that where you are doesn't allow non-humans to be around, and demons in particular would not be welcome? Soul eating gives your kind a rather dim view by most humans. If you were seen it would be really bad. So f you can get out of that box you'd have to be disguised as a human to go anywhere, can you do that?
No. 30188 ID: c6b41e

Mimi: I noticed your horns got bigger at your last 'level up'. How does development work for mimics anyways? You know, growing up, shifting though power levels, that kinda thing. Also, is there such a thing as a Greater Mimic (can mimic entire rooms)?
No. 30190 ID: 701a19

Mimi: Well, then beyond what you feel towards your master as part of the contract, what do you feel towards Art as a person?
No. 30194 ID: b6c6fc
File 129610280098.jpg - (37.81KB , 408x300 , Zane26.jpg )

who the HELL do you think you are!, how DARE you disrespect me like this! I AM STAR GLADIATOR PELENDINA ZANE! I am an ASTRANIAN we answer to no living creature save each other, we Astranians are the lords of this sector, the undisputed rulers of known space and our power is absolute! NO ONE MAKES DEMANDS OF US! to duel against any one of us is not only a privilege, it is an honor! you are nothing but a filthy non-Astranian maggot! and are not even close to being worthy of such a gift, I laugh at your pathetic demands! you barely worth the energy charge it would take to kill you! let alone the cost of the trip!
>If you think I will have any trouble whatsoever finding out where a lady lives, yourself included, you don't know me very well.
putting aside the heavily distrubing over tones this statement implies, I'm calling your bluff!
go ahead find me were I live. If you some how manage to succeed, I'm sure someone on this warship carrier will give you the death you seem so eager for!

respectfully yours Pelendina Zane
No. 30195 ID: 8c0848
File 129610329634.png - (80.32KB , 461x469 , 14.png )

Are... Are you trying to inquire as to whether my mother is promiscuous? That seems like a rather distasteful thing to ask someone. Her "activities" are really nobody's business but her own.

>Wait, you're a full-blooded dragon? Here I thought you were half elf.
Elves make good disguises because you don't have to worry about trying to fake the aging process or come up with new ones when the old one should be dead.
No. 30196 ID: a50866
File 129610347058.png - (144.66KB , 700x500 , ITQ1.png )

>There's a pair of perfectly round, big, soft, squishy, natural pair of boobies in front of you. What do you do? How do you react?
I react how any good villain should!

...That is to say, either kidnap her and tie her over a precipice or in the route of a train, or ask her to dinner at some overpriced restaurant. Something classy.
No. 30197 ID: 9cb4b3

So. Who IS the father?
No. 30198 ID: e3f578

Well are you, yourself a player then? Do the ladies flock to you like sheep? Do you know what I am saying?
No. 30199 ID: 701a19

So, in other words, you're afraid of fighting the unarmed and unarmored 'primitive' that you insulted, and now you're hiding behind an army.
You're worse than a petulant solar child; at least they aren't too coward to fight when somebody calls them on it.
Way to stand above your heritage of scavengers and thieves.

It's like you're trying to lose respect as fast as you can.
No. 30200 ID: 701a19

Have you ever given a kid a mask, told him it had magical powers, and sent him on a dangerous quest just because it amused you?
No. 30201 ID: 543aa6
File 129610562560.gif - (69.95KB , 800x600 , dompagona.gif )

"Hey, Ona."
>"Huh? Oh-! Oh! Dompag. What's up? What can I do for you?"
"Actually I wanted to ask you about this sigil thing. It's powerful, right? Can you use it to summon things?"
>"Well, technically yes, though depending on the target it could require a lot of magical energy and some expensive reagents..."
"What about people?"
>"A sigil like this could summon a person... if we prepared it properly, and undertook the proper rituals."
>"Oh, of course it would have to be willingly. A living person couldn't be summoned through a low-grade sigil like this. We'd have to get some better reagents to enhance the sigil. Unless the person was really weak-willed, I mean. Cowardly, meek, that sort of thing. But strong wills could resist it, no problem. Bit either way, you'd still need something of the person you're trying to summon. Something close -- something they put a lot of powerful emotion into.
"Uh huh. No problem. And does it work far away? Long-distance sort of thing?"
>"Well, with the right preparation, distance isn't even an issue. I mean with the proper sigils and rituals, certain dark sorcerers have been known to summon demons from planes outside -!"
"So it can even reach other dimensions?"
>"Well I didn't say that! But I mean... there have been theories to suggest that under the right circumstances it COULD be possible to link-"
"Great. I think I've got everything I need to know."
>"...why the sudden interest? ...hey, if you're trying to summon a succubus-"
"I'll talk to you later Ona."
No. 30202 ID: 3416ec


The game is afoot!
No. 30203 ID: 701a19

DompaGona.png kick some ass.

Do it! We're all behind you!
No. 30206 ID: 192c6d
File 12961096917.jpg - (17.22KB , 410x301 , crate18.jpg )


To the denizens of the caverns,

I have recently received word that you are to be undertaking a foray into the depths of both the arcane and cosmological underpinnings. Though obvious that your current... resources are lacking for such a task, I have found myself in surplus of a variety of reagents and spell-making materials.

It would seem that my Poultice of Greater Fortune worked somewhat as intended, seeing as I was able to win most of them from some greenish fellow in the town not far from here (by the name of "Sepia", I believe).

... My calculations, however, have proven to be largely off, as with the recent death of my steed (if ever it could be claimed as such), I am no longer capable of hauling my winnings.

As such, I leave them to you. I would hate to see them go to waste by merely leaving them out here (and gods know what kind of mischief the local fauna could get into with them!)

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and all speed in the completion of your appointed tasks.

Taliesin, Itinerant Mage and Songwright

Against my better judgement, I also leave you my last few vials of Draught of Dionysus a rather potent little thing which has left me with little use, largely due to a lack of suitable partners this far from my homelands (and a certain need to fit more foodstuffs on my person). My only hopes are that these are used or disposed of responsibly.
No. 30207 ID: 40cb26

With the right girl and the right approach, I could see taking the girl to dinner, then holding her as hero-bait and be so charming through it all she calls you up for a second date. You should try that sometime. If the Angel Frost thing doesn't work out. Or do it WITH Angel Frost... hmm.

Say, if you could turn her to the dark side what do you thing she should look like? I'm thinking some Faerie Ice Queen sort of deal.

When's the last time you went back to your natural form, just to stretch your wings a bit? Any real awesome dragged out battles with fire breathing and clawing in your past? And hey while were on the subject why don't you show us what your real form looks like.
No. 30211 ID: b6c6fc
File 129611388945.jpg - (31.82KB , 408x300 , Zane27.jpg )

I do have to take off my suit from time to time,
Astranian culture doesn't practice bathing much, but I do have to take off my suit when I use a turbo cleaner.

we Astranians draw our strength from being united as one, it was the Alliance the gave all of us the life we enjoy today, . . . before the days of the Alliance being an Astranian was not something to be proud of, life as Astranian only neant to have a life of endless suffering. it is forbidden to talk about those times because those are times long gone and better left forgotten . . .

Oken has never shown sympathy for the pinkskins, but I would never hold it against her even if she did. sometimes I wonder if there isn't maybe a better way to deal with the inferior races. do we kill every fish in the sea simply because they are inferior, no. it's a shame that the pinkskins must be destroyed but sometimes that just how life is

well obviously you-


what the heck? Kimb what was that Alarm just now?

Kimb: "that? I wouldn't worry about it. just some sort of arcane disturbance, really weak signal, what ever it was got cut up pretty bad by the Enforcer Paradox Net. but judging from charge rate alone I don't think it was much of a threat to begin with"

hmmm well if you say so, now where was I?
No. 30212 ID: d7dc84
File 129611412731.png - (122.13KB , 700x500 , ITQToryLetters.png )

Dear Dr. Tory Sinclaire,
Hey sup. You probably don't know me, but my name is James Blacwick. I've recently gotten into this supervillain business myself, and wanted to get some tips from a professional. I've heard much about your crimes against humanity back in Russia, Dr. Sinclaire, and I was hoping to keep a correspondence with you, to trade tricks and tips of the trade and what not.

I hope you'll respond favorably! Because you seem like a pretty strange cool guy.

-James Blacwick, the Baron Obsidian

PS: Heroes, man. What is up with them? Such goody two shoes, always getting in the way of everything.
No. 30213 ID: e3f578

So the Astranians have experience with Arcane magics? Huh, that's cool.
>might be a better way to treat inferior races
how about now calling them inferior for one. It's so ignorant and rude. How can a race be inferior? And where do you get off on saying such things? Isn't your subspecies, Nokkin, considered an inferior Astranian class or some shit? I understand some people don't notice some hypocrisy in there words and actions but holy shit.

i don't even... why do you even like your "fellow" astranians and Alliance so much, most of them have been dicks to you. You've had to fight harder than other gladiators to get your respect I'm sure among other things.
No. 30214 ID: 543aa6
File 129611959912.gif - (21.63KB , 800x600 , sneak.gif )


Oh my dear, if only you knew.
No. 30216 ID: a7a85a

Dompag checklist:

1. Punch time and space in the face. Check.
2. Seek and dominate Zane.
3. Seek and romance Ace Pilot Tiny Deer.
4. Find most appealing humanoid bug chick.
5. Romance Tiny Deer to heretofore inconceivable levels of sexual agreeableness.
6. Invite now submissive Zane over.
7. Epic foursome.
8. Repeat item 7.
9. Repeat item 8.
10. Punch time and space again. Return home manliest man in the manliverse.
11. Occasionally whistle the Old Spice theme, haunting Zane from across the dimensions.
No. 30217 ID: 3416ec


It's on now.
No. 30220 ID: a919be
File 12961362384.png - (465.62KB , 506x506 , illusive man.png )


Seems there's an intruder on your ship. Take the disintegrator rifle, the repeater won't work on this one, and take some of your fellow marines with you. This man is dangerous, bigger and stronger than a pinkskin, and immune to the effects of your shields and most Raytech, so shoot to kill and use teamwork to take him down, like the good soldier you are.

He is, however, unarmed and an idiot, so tempting him out of his hiding spot with promises of sex or promises to introduce him to Asnia should work fine. Then shoot him. One or two shots with the disintegrator should be all you need, and whatever you do, don't take your suit off until this man has been killed or is otherwise off the ship. He'll strike when you are most vulnerable if you let him.

You might also be able to trick him into going out an airlock. Remember your training, remember this isn't the arena, you aren't alone here and this man represents a danger not to yourself, but the entire crew and especially Asnia as well.

Good luck. If anyone can stop him it's you, and I have full faith in your abilities. Go get 'im, kid.
No. 30221 ID: cc0413

Dive moved to ITQ! Awesome! *grabs pop-corn*

By the way, didn't expect so many characters to be left-handed :P
No. 30222 ID: 9cb4b3


Has anyone ever told you that you're a pretty hot alien chick?
No. 30224 ID: 9b6c31
File 129613998236.png - (5.18KB , 222x200 , Tory_knows_u_mad.png )

Ahaha, I seem to get people mad pretty easily! Doglizards, microraccoons etc!


Dear Blackwick

Haha, I am very flattered that my crimes against humanity are well known, but they are exaggerating my part. I was merely a scientist working in program developing new weapons. Yeah, these weapons were used in 'cleaning-up'-operation. But yeah, I enjoyed my time and I to see how my weapons worked in use!

As for tips and tricks, I gotta admit that I have only worked on this business for what, 2 years?

First of all, if you have huge, awesome, glorious super-mega-masterplan, keep it well secret! Keep your locations secret and your intentions secret. Don't be suspicious! I did this mistake, and it lead me to lose my precious Megamanta and TD-01! I find it pretty unbelievable that an old fart and two flatfaces managed to destroy my beautiful constructions!

Second, learn from your mistakes. It is one of the best ways to learn!

Now, as my third tip; focus! Losing focus is bad! For example; I almost died once because I wired a bomb wrong way!!

Fourth! People will get in your way! Deal with them! Just kill them or something!

Fifth and final, have goals. Goals to reach! It is important! My goal is to simply have fun, build weapons and test weapons! It does not have to be anything great, but something you are willing to kill and destroy for!

And yeah, heroes are very annoying. Especially the powerful ones!

- Tory Matheus Sinclair
No. 30227 ID: 1854db

Zayn: What the heck is an Enforcer Paradox Net?
No. 30230 ID: 20fc85

... Anyone willing to arm an ogre with 'future weaponry'?

No. 30231 ID: 9cb4b3

It's too late, he already left.

He's a dead man.
No. 30232 ID: b6c6fc
File 129615466369.jpg - (47.33KB , 408x300 , Zane28.jpg )


Kimb: "ZANE! the intruder has been located in engineering, we've got it's bio signs on scanner. Master Sergeant Gore, has issued command code "terminate""

Zane:"Order confirmed! now let's move!"
No. 30233 ID: a919be

ZANE! Tell them to use the disruptor rifles or the axes! NOW! ANYTHING but those guns! Those won't work on him! It's Dompag, he's an ogre! They're immune to heat based weaponry!
No. 30234 ID: 9cb4b3

Manewis: I see that you have two peg legs. Did you steal these from pirates you have killed to become a robot ninja pirate?
No. 30235 ID: 207b57

If I remember right his species of Ogre can survive in lava so that would make him resistant to most everything.
No. 30236 ID: 3416ec


Belay that. Ogres are weak to bikinis and underpants. I suggest you strip for it now and capture it while its weak.
No. 30237 ID: 701a19

Yes, they're immune to your weapons and armor, and this one has come to steal your weapons. If you bring them then he'll take them back to his arcane masters so they can be duplicated.
No. 30238 ID: e3f578

Aim for the eyeball zane.

Dompag, keep your eyes closed at all times during combat. Just keep punching blindly until you win the battle. Stay away from airlocks.
No. 30239 ID: 1854db

Zane, you should just ignore everything that we say anyway. We're a bunch of pinkos.
No. 30240 ID: 9cb4b3

MOST of what we say. You and your comrades still need to use the disintegrator rifle or the axe. If you don't believe me feel free to take a few shots with the repeater, they won't work.

Stay back a bit, this monster is after you specifically. It'll focus on you, and if you stay out of reach it'll be easier for your friends to take him down.
No. 30242 ID: 92b648
File 129616016478.png - (321.72KB , 700x600 , gametime.png )

Innumerable thanks, managed to stabilize it before my master returned, he was most impressed with the quasi-feedback loop. Truly I would bow in awe before your draconic mastery, but I haven't left the floor since I started all this etching.

"Remember, empty the self and form a shell, a shell made of energy. Visualize the net and take care, for behind it are the very energies of the cosmos, but note too it's regularity the pattern. The l-space verticies are the dimmest, always watch for them, Target reflective surfaces for their nature is most akin to ours... also the popcorn's done."

"Think I've gotten it... weird. Looks like the inside a meat locker...

"Ehhwhat? Shove over you dunce and let me have a look."
No. 30244 ID: 2563d4

This guy, in particular, is trying to gather research data on Astranian weapons fire.
No. 30245 ID: 543aa6
File 129616134637.gif - (15.81KB , 800x600 , sneak2.gif )

This is Master Sergeant Gore. All units report.

>We have descended upon the bio-signal, sir! Strike force in position!

Have you located the intruder?

>Positive, sir! The bio-signal is just in this maintenance tunnel. Permission to move in and exterminate the threat?

Permission granted -- but watch those damn cables when you fire!

>Sir, yes sir!
No. 30246 ID: 8bfdb8

Dompag: Astranian shields are funny things. Punching them isn't going to work nearly as well as trying to tickle the little buggers, believe it or not. Watch out though, anyone who tells you otherwise is an astranian spy!
No. 30247 ID: 92b648
File 129616137691.png - (312.92KB , 700x600 , meatngreet.png )

"Well herp a mutherfukken derp... it IS a meat-locker."

"They have meat-lockers on those things?

"Kid, I'll bet these little fuzzballs have jacuzzi with hot and cold running champagne on tap. You know... adjacent to their ballroom/fighterbay 'somewhere around here."

"Really, think that guy stands a chance?"

"Nahh not real- wait...wait... hold up a minute. Don't touch that dial. I've got to get something. This is going be hilarious."
No. 30248 ID: 543aa6
File 129616140263.gif - (8.39KB , 800x600 , sneak3.gif )

>There! Is that it?!
>Has to be. Bio-signal is utterly alien.
>It's hideous! Like nothing I've ever seen!
>Watch the pipes and fire at will!
No. 30249 ID: 9cb4b3

Gore: activate your suit's flashlight to illuminate the threat, then switch to disintegrator rifle and fire.
No. 30250 ID: 92b648
File 129616287550.png - (325.32KB , 700x600 , poke.png )

"Isn't this stealing? Not that I mind it just seems a bit... petty is all."

"Hey, try and widen the aperture, I bet I can... damn... almost got it."

"It's just, when you promised to show me practical applications of theoretical metaphysics... this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.
No. 30252 ID: cc0413

Get your fire extinguishers ready! I have a bad feeling about this.

This is so much win.
No. 30253 ID: 9022b1

Stop suggesting actions it's not a goddamned quest
No. 30254 ID: b6c6fc
File 12961653707.jpg - (52.39KB , 408x300 , Dompag.jpg )

Kimb: "Sir! I spotted the intrud- Gurk!"

No. 30255 ID: 40921a

KIMB! That makes it personal! Avenge him, Zane! DISRUPTER RIFLE!
No. 30256 ID: 543aa6
File 129616597128.gif - (13.44KB , 800x600 , letter.gif )

Pardon me, madam.
> I-- oh! Yes? Are you speaking to me?
Are you by any chance Ace Pilot Asnia Oken?
> ...yes, that's me.
I have a letter here for you. Gunnery Sergeant Dompag wanted this delivered to you personally, no matter the risk. Please accept it on behalf of this humble courier.
> Oh! Um. Thank you.
You're most welcome. I must be on my way now.
> ...bye...
No. 30257 ID: 92b648
File 129616763071.png - (277.02KB , 700x600 , skulking.png )

"You can be quite ingenious, and such is why I took you on as my apprentice."

"When I suggested Baldrekgus could fit I didn't think you would take me seriously."

"Ahhh but the results, they speak for themselves. After we get this through see if you can't run a cable from downstairs. I'll see if we can't walk him through a wiresplice..."


"Oh and maybe some gloves and cap"
No. 30260 ID: 3416ec

Just so this doesn't turn into ITQ Quest...

To all characters: favorite flavor of ice cream?
No. 30261 ID: 28e94e

ITQ Quest is awesome and we should do this more often.
No. 30262 ID: 28e94e

Also: Sweet mother of Freud, look at the size of that meat that August and co. are handling
No. 30263 ID: b6c6fc
File 129617197987.jpg - (49.64KB , 408x300 , Oken16.jpg )

Gore: "Officer, did a huge green intruder storm past here?"

Oken: "um . . . no."

Gore: "Damnit!, he must have found some other way around. men, let's regroup at hanger 15 we'll have to do a stronger scan"
No. 30264 ID: 9cb4b3
File 129617225484.jpg - (10.06KB , 219x219 , whut.jpg )


Why are you lying about seeing a huge intruder?

This is way against protocol.

You could be shot for this. You probably also just endangered the life of your friend.

This is a legitimate question.
No. 30268 ID: 1854db

Oken: You did good. Don't betray the man who put himself through all that just to deliver a letter. (even if he may have something to gain from it)
No. 30269 ID: 09a610

No. 30270 ID: 207b57

All she saw was a huge gray messenger.
No. 30271 ID: 543aa6
File 129617422714.gif - (14.13KB , 800x600 , hello.gif )

>"This is Master Sergeant Gore. He must have gotten past us. All groups divert from current path and rendezvous at Hangar 15 for a more thorough bioscan. Over."
>Damn it! *kkzhh* "This is Zane. Turning around and heading to Hangar 15. Out."

Pardon me.
Pelendina Zane, I presume?
My name is Dompag. And I demand satisfaction.
No. 30272 ID: 9cb4b3

No. 30273 ID: 3416ec


Oh boy...
No. 30274 ID: f604d6

OK, Zane, stop thinking about perverted shit like a romantic date with candlelight and nice scenery but THAT'S JUST WHAT HE EXPECTS!

Just invite him to your room and pretend you'll do the above, but then BAM you rape him! He'll never see that coming.

Trust me, I know these things.
No. 30275 ID: 9cb4b3

Alright, this is some bullshit, nobody heard him coming from fifty feet away thumping around in a metal corridor, not even until close enough to put and hand on their shoulder?

No detected bioscans, no motion tracker, not even a glance around when you're looking for an intruder? Not even an active shield to help repel this sort of thing, as little as that would do.

Oh, I furious.
No. 30276 ID: 1854db

Apparently Dompag is sneaky. Who knew?
No. 30277 ID: f604d6

No. 30278 ID: 98d4de

This is now the best quest.
No. 30279 ID: 28e94e

Yeah, this is a solid suggestion

Oh my god, we're actually making this into a legitimate quest
No. 30280 ID: 170043

Why do I feel like suddenly this thread became the BEST QUEST EVARH?!
No. 30281 ID: f604d6

Because you're doing drugs.


No. 30282 ID: 1ae426

Watch out Dompag, she's got pointy gubbinz on her. Stay out of axe range, and if she misses a swing, nail her in the gut.
No. 30283 ID: 9cb4b3

Oh yeah, and cry "Rape."

Something about needing backup would be good too.
No. 30284 ID: b6c6fc
File 129618040877.jpg - (51.71KB , 408x300 , Zane29.jpg )

Zane: "INTRUDER engaged, all troops rally on my position!"

Dompag: "Ach! May the cat eat you, and the devil eat yer cat!"
No. 30285 ID: 28e94e

Dompag: Grab the axe.

Zane: Retreat.
No. 30286 ID: 09a610

Dompag - Engage: ADVANCED CHARM
No. 30289 ID: 1a2b0f

No. 30290 ID: 0a7c41

You would be right, if you weren't such a jerk
No. 30291 ID: 9cb4b3

Retreat, run backwards and grab the disruptor rifle, you're supposedly a crack shot with the damn thing so put those skills to use for once.
No. 30293 ID: 9cb4b3

August's Teacher:

No. 30294 ID: 543aa6
File 129618211056.gif - (16.76KB , 800x600 , dompagfightsalady.gif )

What a neat little toy you've got! I hope you didn't need it!
No. 30295 ID: dad664
File 12961824028.jpg - (58.65KB , 387x400 , ChloeEetPopcorm.jpg )

No. 30296 ID: 9cb4b3


If you can, go ahead and shove a grenade in his mouth there. Or just hold one up, charge it and pull a Return of the Jedi and threaten to kill you both if he doesn't let you go.
No. 30297 ID: 543aa6
File 129618387461.gif - (57.72KB , 800x600 , dompagsreturn.gif )

>DOMPAG! You're back!
In the flesh, babe.
>How... how did it go? With the person you were trying to see?
Well, I think we reached an understanding.

>...so, would you like some medical attention?
Only if it's from you, Ona.
>You dumbass.
No. 30298 ID: 8c0848
File 129618470029.png - (49.95KB , 339x327 , 15.png )

I don't even know anymore.
No. 30299 ID: 92b648
File 129618483855.png - (293.64KB , 700x500 , Icecream.png )

"Polite Verhimen society generally sees going about barefaced as shameful. I generally respect their culture and hoods are more comfortable than masks. Also I prefer my ice-cream 'Russian'. Hey, August, is it already over?"
"Mmmm think so, some kind of draw I guess? This stuff is pretty good what is it?"
"Coffee flavored it seems."
No. 30301 ID: 28e94e

Is that... vodka?
No. 30302 ID: 40cb26

You're just sad no one will jump through space and dimensions and get horribly mauled just to send you a love letter.
No. 30303 ID: 8c0848

How do you know what Russia is?
No. 30305 ID: 10c20a
File 129618747693.png - (12.62KB , 600x600 , ManewisITQ.png )

My legs are not pegs. They end in feet equipped with noise suppressors and claws for inproved grip. Peg legs sound like they would be a woefully inefficient design.
No. 30306 ID: 28e94e

Sirius, in case you haven't caught on, is very very meta.
No. 30307 ID: 35ec03

Oh Dompag, you card. Never change.
No. 30308 ID: 15b51b
File 12961881412.png - (119.80KB , 500x500 , New canvas.png )

>Oh my god, we're actually making this into a legitimate quest

>we're actually making this into a legitimate quest

>making this into a legitimate quest

>a legitimate quest
No. 30310 ID: 28e94e

No. 30311 ID: 6ada4b

No. 30312 ID: 6cbed6

Hey, Commander, what have you been doing lately?
No. 30313 ID: 2563d4
File 129618912863.gif - (20.01KB , 640x480 , itqq1.gif )

"---ing thing's worked loose again. If this bloody contraption ever gets us back I am giv---"
"---ing it a complete tear-down and rebuild, starting with---"
No. 30314 ID: 2563d4
File 129618920028.gif - (9.45KB , 640x480 , itqq2.gif )

No. 30315 ID: 2563d4
File 129618924783.gif - (20.80KB , 640x480 , itqq3.gif )

No. 30318 ID: 28e94e

Oken: Activate magical ITQ healing power
No. 30319 ID: dad664

Oken: Use Deus Ex Machina-I mean Lucky Earring.
No. 30320 ID: b6c6fc

ITQ Oken is now dead, this is now ITQ cannon
No. 30321 ID: dad664

Goddammit, we've got to have SOME quest protagonist around here who can heal/resurrect.
No. 30322 ID: 6cbed6

Or quest non-protagonist.

Any takers?
No. 30323 ID: 701a19

Hey, Dessen, couldja do us a favor and make her not dead?
No. 30324 ID: 07ff63
File 129619135785.png - (302.13KB , 712x609 , Tiny-Reaper.png )

Just in case that resurrection thing doesn't work out for ya.
No. 30325 ID: 9cb4b3
File 129619137016.png - (277.59KB , 1920x1080 , no tiny deer.png )

omg no
No. 30326 ID: 9cb4b3
File 129619159162.png - (907.89KB , 1920x1080 , dead car.png )

i cast LIFEARA on aslan oken it is the strongest healing spell and it can revive the dead

then i give her a new letter that is from ME and not from a STUPID OGRE that is just some shrek ripoff anyway i mean they are both even green find som originality stoopid!

also i kill the carr and also the dump asshole that was driving it WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT that was stupid and they deserved to die because i killed them and then i went back in time and kill them again because i can
No. 30327 ID: 2ea108

that's right you kill that car

then you can have your juice box
No. 30328 ID: 3416ec
File 129619270399.png - (31.92KB , 800x600 , oken_extralife1.png )

Just in case LIFEARA wasn't enough to rez Oken...
No. 30329 ID: 3416ec
File 129619271566.png - (18.96KB , 800x600 , oken_extralife2.png )

No. 30330 ID: 40cb26

No. 30331 ID: 2563d4
File 129619294455.gif - (14.44KB , 640x480 , nor-was-old-angry-for-that-matter.gif )

>and then i went back in time and kill them again because i can
No. 30332 ID: b6c6fc
File 129619567434.jpg - (40.61KB , 408x300 , Zane30.jpg )

given those options I suppose Logical would fit the bill the best, but comparing our military to that of Pinkskins I think the best way to define our military, is orderly. we all know our place and we are all more than willing to do what must be done what ever the cost

I am but a soldier it is not my responsibility to consider the morality of our situation, I do not mean to call them inferior as an insult, more as a reality, they are NOT our equals it is very important they remember that.

the Enforces built the Paradox net thousands of years ago, I'm not an expert on the topic, all I know is that it causes a lot of problems for warp drives, and any long distance communications, I think it also is designed to stop interdimensional travel, but really it's way beyond Alliance tech, so it could probably do anything
No. 30333 ID: 9cb4b3

So. Uh. How'd the fight go?
No. 30334 ID: e3f578

Enforces? What, did I miss something important way back?
I guess Arcane magics and inter-dimensional travel, while rare, has happened sometime in the Alliance's past to know when to recognize it? That's pretty cool, bro. So, are the Pinkskins inferior on a technological level? Military tactics level? Genetic level? Isn't their fight against the Alliance kind of respectable in the way? Shows they got balls and don't like to be pushed around and called weak. Solars bite and they bite hard.
No. 30335 ID: 701a19

Who were the Enforcers?

All your claims of superiority have been based on circular logic, assertions that prove nothing, and parroted dogma.

How about an actual argument for you to counter?
Here, have a softball to start: If they were inferior then you would have an easy time conquering them. However they have held the Alliance in what is essentially a stalemate for over a decade.

Your rebuttal?

This is not factoring in the relative advantages of each side, which is worth noting due to the fact that it appears the Astarians have a larger, better equipped, and better trained force that is armed with technology far beyond Solar understanding.
No. 30336 ID: dad664
File 129619797154.jpg - (80.67KB , 412x454 , ChloeBoozeHealsAllWoundsExceptThoseThatBleedEveryw.jpg )


>ATTN: Pelendina Zane
>'sup girl. Heard about your recent tussle with Mr. Casanova. Thought you might need a few 'pick-me-ups' if you know what I mean. It ain't the finest booze, but hell if it'll get you drunk off your ass.

>P.S.: What's Astranian policy on non-Terran visitations? Lookin' to get away for a bit, thought maybe about dropping by and catching one of your fights.
No. 30338 ID: cc0413

That was awesome.
Dompag/Zane: so who won the fight?

Also, should we add it to http://quest.lv/wiki/Crossover_Guide ? (not asking quest characters)

> (Lonely) WORLD 1-1
Ha. Haha.
No. 30339 ID: 9cb4b3
File 12962002246.png - (245.20KB , 1920x1080 , deer ace pilot oken.png )

deer ace pilot oken

i am writing to u another leter
No. 30340 ID: 15b51b
File 129620052761.png - (315.51KB , 700x700 , New canvas2.png )

>Hey, Commander, what have you been doing lately?

I had just finished delivering a shipment of vital QUINTARIUM CRYSTALS to GLASSWORLD YALARA-VASTALARA, when the Zelnick received a distress call from deep within the uncharted SKLANDRIK NEBULA. Our hyperwarp overloaded due a MYSTERIOUS ENERGY FIELD, and when we investigated, we discovered a massive AIRSPHERE, a huge volume of breathable atmosphere, floating islands, and swirling thunderclouds.

Since the ship was functioning on reserve power, we traveled inside in hopes of finding materials or assistance. (Ironically, the very QUINTARIUM CRYSTALS we had delivered would have let us repair the ship) Instead, we were beset by deadly SERGAL SKY PIRATES.

We managed to escape and hide within a thick ASTEROID SHOAL ZONE, where we made limited repairs, and were discovered by scouts from a tribe of PTERODACTYL RIDERS. We discovered that they had access to a strange crystal which my INDAHL SCIENCE OFFICER, LT CMDR LIU assured me could be used to repair our hyperwarp. Since they too were plagued by the SKY PIRATES, I humbly asked for their assistance, and access to this substance.

Distrustful of our technology and alien ways, but moved by our plight and my personal charisma, they allowed me to follow them to their mystic FOREST CITY of SIALAFAR, where I spoke with their elder, the wise SAGE TOROT, who gave me a HALLUCINOGENIC JUNGLE ELIXIR and led me on a VISION QUEST to judge my spirit. Unfortunately, it was revealed to him that I had met and seduced the immortal and untouchable PRINCESS STARLEAF during my stay.

Enraged, he declared that I was to be thrown out of their kingdom in shame, but just then, Sergal JETPACK INFANTRY began landing in the city. The sky pirates had found them, led by the venomous mesmerist LADY KELANDRA THE STORMBORN. Using my speed and natural beam weaponry, I'd killed a dozen of them, when Kelandra issued an ultimatum that she would halt her attack if I turned myself over, but that if I refused, she would incinerate the forest with her WATER DISRUPTION ENGINE. I had no choice but to surrender.

I was taken to the IRON SERGALIO, Lady Kelandra's lavish flagship-palace, where I was fitted with a POWER SUPPRESSION COLLAR and informed that I was the newest member of the ship's harem. Kelandra's lieutenant, ZERZAH THE SLAYER, lamented that he would be unable to fight me before my free will was crushed by the ship's DREAM-TWISTER. Realizing I had little time, I seduced a southern sergal slave named SERIM, and had him sabotage the dream-twister's circuitry using instructions acquired from two SCELLOR HOUSE SLAVES in exchange for promising to rescue them when I escaped.

When Lady Kelandra used the device on me, I pretended it worked until I saw an opportunity to disable the collar. Zerzah stopped me before I could kill her, and he fought me to a draw, thanks to his powerful suit of SILVORIUM POWER-ARMOR. I found the WATER DISRUPTION ENGINE and forced it to self destruct, which set an entire compartment of the ship on fire. Zerzah had no choice but to leave me to fight the blaze. I wasn't able to find Serim, but I rescued the scellor.

You know. Stuff.
No. 30341 ID: a41aaf

So long as you're keeping busy.
No. 30342 ID: 70d9eb

So did you get your touch on with the untouchable PRINCESS STARLEAF or did you just seduce her? Is LT CMDR LIU your only crewmate?
No. 30347 ID: 9b6c31
File 129623494782.png - (4.04KB , 201x212 , werat.png )

>Discounting incongruous continuity lapses ("crossovers" in the parlance), for all characters of /quest/, were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?
Hmph. Since flatfaces seem to be extremely rare, I'd have to choose a member of other race. I might be slowly becoming a demon, but I don't feel like doing alien races. If I must choose, maybe this Hoft-person. Or Jehral.

>Pick a character! Tell us who you wanna fite!
It would be quite enjoyable to fight a fellow demonologist or a magician.

>To all characters: favorite flavor of ice cream?
Sounds like some upper class delicasy, but I am from said upper class, and I have never heard of such.
No. 30360 ID: 8c0848

If you're so superior, then why did one all but naked green guy kick your ass and defeat your ship's security measures? It would appear that you are not very superior, since you always get horribly beaten by everything you face, including solars.
No. 30361 ID: 9cb4b3
File 129625380477.png - (133.84KB , 428x321 , cosgrove sandvich.png )


Hey. You.

Cut it out.
No. 30363 ID: 701a19

Oken: What kind of things do you find attractive in a partner?

Swamp Planet Oken: Same question. Also, have your recent experiences lead you to consider Solars like that? How have your experiences changed your perceptions of Solars in general?
No. 30365 ID: a7a85a

Oken, so what was in the letter? Assuming you didn't actually get run over by a DeLorean.
No. 30369 ID: 2563d4
File 129626987677.gif - (18.06KB , 640x480 , give-me-a-ticket-for-an-aeroplane.gif )

>The Letter
"...starting with the canonic harmoniser, which is probably completely fried. Anyway, that's a job for tomorrow. Ah, Buswald! Got the kettle on? Good man."
No. 30371 ID: 2563d4
File 129626997799.gif - (16.71KB , 640x480 , aint-got-time-to-take-a-fast-train.gif )


"Asnia Oken?"
No. 30382 ID: 543aa6
File 129629016566.gif - (8.56KB , 800x600 , thelastletterhome.gif )

Dear Asnia Oken,

I am afraid this is to be our last communication.

Because I will be unable to write to you again, I feel I must at last confess a great many things. My accomplishments and position have been greatly exaggerated. Long have I watched your adventures and achievements in awe, both in and out of the line of duty, and I believed the only way I could be worthy of your notice was to boast the same. I apologize for my deception. I hope that one day you may come to forgive me for it. But know that my praise was ever in earnest; that I respect and admire you.

My communique was merely a false front to know you better. I intended to meet you, as I said, but I wanted to know the woman beneath the uniform, to understand the young Astranian behind the rank, not merely the office itself. I feel a fool to confess now my harbored affections, knowing they have come to naught, bared and pitiful as they now stand stripped of their pretenses. But I will not deny them or make excuses for them.

It pains me to know that things could never have worked out between us, my dear Asnia. Even if you were capable of feeling any manner of affection to a crude, non-Astranian coward like myself, the powers that be would never have allowed it. Our worlds were stacked against it. The fruits of my intentions were simply not in the cards. I realize that now.

Because I have learned that my recent communications have been intercepted, I have arranged for this letter to be delivered personally. I only hope that, against all odds, it may find you.

I am so sorry for having dragged you through all this. I am sure you must think poorly of me now, and I do not blame you.
But I have only done what I have done to get closer to you. I hope one day you will forgive me for wanting that.

No. 30383 ID: 543aa6
File 12962904242.gif - (7.14KB , 800x600 , readin.gif )

>"Wow. Dompag, I didn't know you cared so much ab-"

>"...Well, you were laying it on a little thick."
No. 30384 ID: 3416ec

Awww, poor Dompag. 3:
No. 30386 ID: d531cc
File 129631056493.png - (7.07KB , 500x500 , scellorromance.png )

>Discounting incongruous continuity lapses ("crossovers" in the parlance), for all characters of /quest/, were you to have to select ANY other /quest/ character with whom to spend one year with in a quasi-romantic state, whom would it be, and why?

Many posts later, none of the scellor have succeeded in understanding the concept of romance.
No. 30387 ID: 1854db

I'll change that question to something that parses properly. If you could only choose one other character to fuck, what would it be?
No. 30388 ID: d531cc
File 129631796180.png - (10.38KB , 500x500 , maollahehe.png )

Well, in that case, in regards my personal desires... I'm way ahead of you, heh heh.

No. 30389 ID: d531cc
File 129631799686.png - (14.94KB , 500x500 , maollahm.png )

But to be more serious, I think Zane needs it more, so I'd have to go for her.

I continue to be appalled by how other species let each others sexual health degrade to such a clearly terrible condition. See how little it takes to set her off? How she hides herself away in that suit? Shocking. If she was a scellor her friends would have intervened ages ago.
No. 30391 ID: 2044dd

What exactly do you mean by "intervene?"

And Maolla, most species have things like children and STD's to worry about, which are extremely life changing. I don't know what the sexual practices of Astranians are like, but they might have some kind of no-contraceptives thing going on which would make it extremely undesirable for someone like Zane to have sex, what with the risk of children that would pretty much end her career.

Still, I guess she could need a dildo or something. By which I mean you should send her one.
No. 30392 ID: 40cb26

Can that even happen? I can't see how a scellor can end up antisocial to any degree even if they were physically separated from others. Now a friend of scellor that was a different species, I can see that happening.

Also, gotta say you in that outfit is hotter than running around in your space undies. I think if scellor dressed more modestly (or more often), they could enjoy undressing even more. And on that note do scellor have anything like lingerie or do they just not see the appeal?
No. 30393 ID: b6c6fc
File 129632387336.jpg - (39.66KB , 408x300 , Zane31.jpg )

thanks I could use a solid drink, especially to deal with Idiots like:
well judging from your appearance it shouldn't prove to much of a problem, well that is as long as your mutations are not contagious, and assuming you're willing to undergo suppressants to prevent said mutations from alarming the populace, and as long as you abide the anit-xeno breeding laws, and submit to the 3 health scans, and undergo the mandatory psych evaluation, and you already have you galactic registration license, I can't imagine it being much of a problem at all

The Obilisk Enforcers . . . once they held the torch of power, THEY where the superior race, they were the rulers of this sector, they had the foresight to pass this torch on to us, before they fell into madness, oh they still exist to a degree . . . but they're hardly the proud race they once were, but I guess you could say they're hardly much of anything anymore . . .

I would chide you on your weak grasp of psychology but what's point!, your whole race has fallen too far into depravity, there is no hope for your kind, I feel no anger for there is no regret no remorse only a fleeting pity, nothing can be done for your species, best your kind be ANNIHILATED so that your UNCLEAN existence, your CORRUPTION is not given the chance to spread any further, this is the ONLY solution.
No. 30394 ID: 40cb26

So... angry sex, then?
No. 30396 ID: f0527e
File 129632908837.png - (141.33KB , 475x487 , Pissdrunk.png )

Your right, if she was Scellor she would be far to busy smoken all the space cock in grorious hippy spess commune to care about things like self-discipline, honor, and self-advancement. Ever notice how it's always the fucken green aliens who get all judgmental on the way other people do shit? They show up in their chrome spaceships and smug expressions telling you "No you wrong, see if you were all psychic feel-good, space fagots like us then maybe you could suck half as much cock as we do... we take your women and jobs now, becasue we deserve it becasue you are all mean, bye~."

Well maybe other species are too busy dealing with real problems like you know War, Famine, Pestilance.. oh what was the other one I always forg- oh yeah DEATH! You know, shit you would have a goddamn clue about.

Maybe you don't know how to deal with the fucking paranoia, the fear and solitude of being alone in your own damn skull. Having to claw your way to the top of the the mountain the bodies of your dead fellows, and when you fuck up ONCE it's your corpse in the heap. Knowing that when you die fucking game over man, game over!

Your kind wouldn't know the first damn thing about real emotions real feelings, like fear, hatred... love... possessive maddening love... such torment... Never had to deal with the fear that 'ohno the Terrible Great Old Ones will eat us" because of course great big sugar daddy Underpantsmind has your back!"

No. 30397 ID: 28e94e

Sirius: Why does your facial hair (the visible portion, at least) look like Alotter scribbled it on with a pencil after the fact?

Seriously, it looks really weird from a distance.

I swear to god, you sound more and more like a Nazi every time you open your mouth.
No. 30398 ID: 701a19

Man, you're just pissed because they didn't offer to let you in on their fun.

So, Astrian Mint: Why hasn't the alliance gone ahead and started a technological singularity yet? All the pieces seem to be in place, but it just hasn't happened yet.
No. 30399 ID: 2563d4

What the heck are you wearing?

No, really, you seem to have little armour pads or wrist computers or something suddenly.
No. 30400 ID: c7e280

You look like a hobo and you sound like an idiot.

Sexterventions? I like your kind's style.
No. 30401 ID: 40cb26

Might just be their usual gear when they aren't caught with their pants down. So I imagine it almost never gets used.
No. 30408 ID: d531cc
File 129633733623.png - (11.56KB , 500x500 , maollamitrel.png )

Man, this just proves my point. Mitrel! This chick needs to get laid. Use your telepathy to make her have sex with me.

>"What? No, Maolla. That's rape."

But she needs it!

>"It would cause mental trauma. Do I need to sign you up for xenosensitivity training?"

... Nch.

This is a vacuum suit. I've got an air supply, rad protection, grip gloves, microsensors... you know, the usual stuff. Minus the helmet, of course.

That's why xenophilia is so good for people! You can't have kids with aliens, and diseases crossing species barriers is so rare you'd be in just as much danger not having sex. And there are so many other options! Log on the RemNet sex sites, buy a personal entertainment mech or even get yourself a pet quoddle.

Sometimes some bubble of focus will rise up from the undermind and someone will get obsessed with something for a while, to the exclusion of other things. Or sometimes someone will live for a while with some prudish aliens, or have some pride thing, or... well, sometimes even scellor get weird. It's pretty rare, and it messes you up. Hence, interventions.

lol u jelly mo?
No. 30409 ID: 6cbed6

No. 30411 ID: 701a19

But Mitrel! It's to stop a WAR!

What, nobody from a species that engages in long-term pair bonding has ever joined the Scellor hivemind? You've never taken a look into the mind of one and figured it out? You've never had a case where somebody became pair-bonded to a Scellor with hilarious results?
You've at least studied the mating rituals and behaviors of such species, right?

No. 30415 ID: f0527e
File 12963417278.png - (103.75KB , 600x500 , justmad.png )

Everyone who advances far enough eventually learns the truth. Nothing is free, someone, somewhere paid for everything you have, everything you are, no exceptions.
We all pay somehow, I don't care if you call it psionics, alchemy, thaumaturgy, or hyper-geometric technique, we will all pay. Some pay in flesh and souls, others with their mind.

No, not jealous... just mad. Just a mad old dog someone should have put down ages ago... I wonder, what price he will pay?

No. 30417 ID: 28e94e

Wait, is Sirius sober again?
No. 30418 ID: 68b11e

Did one of these 'antisocial' scellor ever get violent when some friends attempted intervention? If so, what exactly was his/her reaction and how was that scellor dealt with?
No. 30419 ID: 68b11e

Also, I want to hug and grope you two. Can I? :3
No. 30426 ID: f88f02

...I must know, as well.
No. 30427 ID: d531cc
File 129634908038.png - (7.83KB , 500x500 , maollaquoddle.png )

Quoddles are these guys! Little tentacle creatures, originally made to be living sex toys, basically. But it turned out they make great pets! They're safe and hygienic, friendly, playful, easy to train, they clean up after themselves (even clean your home for you!), don't get sick and don't need much food and they are just so cuddly cute I can't take it!!

Who's a squooshie? Who's a squooshie wooshie woo? It's you! Yes it's you!
No. 30429 ID: 1854db



Do not fuck your pets!
No. 30430 ID: dad664

They were made as sex toys first. The pet thing came after the fact.
No. 30431 ID: 283fa9

It's not a PET. It's a SEX TOY. Get it right.
No. 30432 ID: 6834bc

Ain't no problem with xenophilia, unless the other party's DNA is somehow inherently lethal to you.

...Actually, Maolla, has anyone currently found a pair of races like that? Where they're actually lethal to each other?

I... have no comment. Well, maybe one.
"Living sex toy", indeed.
No. 30433 ID: 2ea108

Scellor are weird, news at 11.

What's the most horrible scellor you've ever met in your existence as a consistent psychic pattern, Maolla? Reveal to use the tumors of your species psychology. :3
No. 30435 ID: b6c6fc

So Flails Breaker, do you think you could make a better sex toy pet than this?

does that make flails raping sky Ok?
No. 30436 ID: b28ada


The wonders of biotechnology at work, people.

This is why cybernetics are the way to go. Direct nerve stimulation.
No. 30438 ID: c71597

Sentience is the difference. Sky is also made to very much dislike it. Quoddles are probably made to enjoy it and have no sentience.
No. 30439 ID: 9cb4b3

Fucking a nonsapient being is bestiality in my book.
No. 30440 ID: c71597

Yes pretty much. But when the sexbots come I don't think that's going to stop a lot of people.
No. 30441 ID: ef042b

Time for another random question for everyone! And since we're still doing sexual questions because we're just a bunch of horny bastards I have another one, again, to anyone willing to answer:

The man/woman/astranian/goblin/orc/sergal/scellor/warrior/dragon/etc. of your dreams tells you that he/she/it is a virgin and wants YOU to be his/her/its first.

What do you?
No. 30442 ID: 28e94e


No. 30447 ID: 701a19

Space Doobies, I believe.

Why am I incredibly amused but not surprised that the hyper-sexual species decided that something designed as a sex toy is better used as a pet?
No. 30448 ID: 20fc85

if a species is bioengineered to be a sex toy
Can it really be considered a organism?
No. 30450 ID: 4531bc

No. 30452 ID: e3f578

It's so adorable and because it doesn't really exist, I can't really comprehend any creepy implications behind anything she just said. I'm not even putting any effort into defining it because it's just a fictional little creature. Aren't just a sooshy, gooshy, little fictional creature? Yes you are! Yes you are!
No. 30453 ID: c3883f


Next are sextoys. We would be faster if we had les female scientists. They always oppose the really fun projects. Bitches.
No. 30542 ID: 8555c2

Would intense physical pleasure such as sex disrupt your concentration enough to prevent you from using Telekinesis?
No. 30545 ID: 3416ec


That links to an article about bacteria making gasoline.
No. 30551 ID: 20fc85

But... then... no telekenetic sex...
The point was that that would LEAD to living sex toys... God help us all when someone figures out how to make furries...

Actually, god help us all if someone designs a dragon.

Anyway, speaking of dragons:
Rynh's mom: Your daughter is among the richest of people now. What are your thoughts on your daughter... are you proud? content? Angry she didn't get more loot?
No. 30555 ID: 2563d4

Hey, Hoft/Mint/Fuze/whoever.

What are those meat rations made from, anyway?
No. 30563 ID: 43d730

I have a new demand.
No. 30566 ID: 642287

Not everyone supports the bestiality pride of the scellor though.
No. 30567 ID: 8c0848
File 12965262516.png - (32.04KB , 267x284 , 16.png )

She has accumulated wealth enough to rise above dirt farming peasants. Nothing more.
No. 30570 ID: e85269

so the way she got the monies matters to you? would you be at least a little proud in knowing she bested a lot of thugs?
No. 30574 ID: 2563d4

I daresay it means you can forget a show of maternal pride until the hoard is considerably larger.

Or until Rynh razes more fortresses to the ground.
No. 30576 ID: e3f578

Was there once a less aloof Leimahtaa, maam? One that regularly smiled, played, and got excited? No disrespect, but I'm just curious of when you weren't so bored of most things in the world.
No. 30577 ID: e85269

but she explodered a fortress and a golem about twice bigger that mom =C
No. 30584 ID: b28ada


She also stole one of the golem's eyes, which was larger than her head. That has to count for something dragon-wise, right?
No. 30585 ID: 40cb26

Leimahtaa, does your name mean anything in particular in draconic? I'm guessing you didn't name Rynh, but what might have you called her if you did?