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File 128519224194.gif - (13.95KB , 800x600 , 215.gif )
232843 No. 232843 ID: dad664

So this is it.

This is the final stand.

This is what everything in my life has been moving forward towards.

A date with destiny.

Behind these doors lies the man who ordered my existence. The man who thought it would be fun to play God.

The man that I am going to bring down, and with it, this shithole of a corporation that started all this.
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No. 232845 ID: dad664
File 128519241947.gif - (8.25KB , 800x600 , 216.gif )

Where have I been? Training. Training my -ass- off.

Queenie's been rather loose-lipped with how I 'run' so to speak. She's been instructing me on how to better use my body. Offensive, defensive, movement, strength. Everything. I feel like Hercules in the old myths, but, you know. With more creepy paranormal shit and less cross-dressing for the Gods' amusement.

Yet...despite all that I've learned...how far I've come...

...I can't shake the feeling that the worst has yet to come.

Enough reflecting. It's do or die.
No. 232846 ID: 175f4a

bust down those doors like a boss.
No. 232847 ID: a594b9

Alright, let's push his shit in.
No. 232849 ID: d3dfb8

I suggest we take the do option.
No. 232850 ID: 2044df

You know what? Hatred and violence just begets more hate and violence.

Break the cycle.
No. 232851 ID: 21cad3


Yeah, this isn't going to end it, it's just going to bring on more shit over your head.

Turn around and start a new life.
No. 232856 ID: d3dfb8

She already tried leaving and laying low.
Didn't work.
No. 232857 ID: 2044df


I didn't think I asked what happened in the past.
No. 232859 ID: 175f4a

HAHAHAHA, always a few in here that suggest that, every single time. it's funny to me
No. 232860 ID: fd6d7e

A corporation is not composed of one man. It's a bunch of sleazy money lending stockholders who set this one guy up as a patsy, a lead stooge, the guy who does all the dirty work so they don't have to get blood on their hands. Blood... heh.

Taking out the CEO is great, taking out the director of operations or whatever the guy who actually pushed the button. Just remember unless you stop all the people who helped him get there they'll just start all over again. Like cutting a head off the hydra. The people who actually funded all this, who pooled their money and resources to create... you, you probably can't even find them. Hiding behind financier fronts that protect the identities of the powerful and wealthy and let them invest in shit like this without getting a fleck of blood on their Birkenstocks.

Anyway I think at least a chat is warranted. :3

Just remember, blood isn't always the answer. :/ Sometimes, the answer is cancer. >:)
No. 232876 ID: dad664
File 128519558315.gif - (15.26KB , 800x600 , 217.gif )

"Ah, I -thought- that was you I heard rampaging about downstairs. Really though, did you have to make such a mess of the place?"

"Maximillian Xanathos. Just the man I wanted to see. Do you know who I am?"

"Of course I do. Clone C-Seven-Zero-E, of Project Reign. Created to be -the- super-soldier, the proposed template for the Aberrant Special Operations Commando, a major thorn in my side ever since you decided to go hogwild a few years back, and..."
No. 232877 ID: dad664
File 128519561559.gif - (10.46KB , 800x600 , 218.gif )

"...what I would think most importantly of all..."
No. 232884 ID: dad664
File 128519616299.gif - (14.94KB , 800x600 , 219.gif )

"...my daughter.

I must say, young lady, I am -very- disappointed in you. Here I ask you to perform a simple little task and instead you defy me and decide to go gallivanting off around the world on some misguided quest for revenge. Tsk tsk~"
No. 232887 ID: 175f4a

WHAT?! he was Xom the WHOLE fucking time? be careful, Xom is the god of chaos, whole you could survive being turned inside out and backwards it would leave you VERY vulnerable.
No. 232888 ID: 644ca1

As a daughter of Xom she should be at least as chaotic, suddenly decide that his chair is the reason for all this and smash that.
No. 232889 ID: b18ccb

...Not sure. Ask if he can smile and say 'Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never gonna catch me'
No. 232890 ID: 701a19

"I've never had a damn clue what I was supposed to do, and I'm here to stop all those annoying goons from hunting me down.
Also, you're a shitty father."
No. 232895 ID: b18ccb

Child support, bucko. Pay up.
No. 232896 ID: a594b9

Just kill him already.
No. 232897 ID: e3f578

it was a pretty vague request i think. this was a lot of fun chaos, wouldn't he be proud?
No. 232898 ID: a09a03

Kick him in the dick.
No. 232915 ID: a5b1d9

"dad, by now you should know i have dad issues. here is the theraphy bill."

punch him.
No. 232922 ID: dad664
File 128520530886.gif - (10.23KB , 800x600 , 220.gif )

"Good, then I can kill two fuckers with one stone!"

"Little one, do you really think it will be an easy task dispatching m-
No. 232924 ID: dad664
File 128520538896.gif - (39.72KB , 800x600 , 221.gif )


"Looks like you're not so immortal after all, 'dad.'"

[i]"Th-this...this doesn't make any...wha...how? HOW?!"
No. 232925 ID: 175f4a

say nothing, finish him. telling him how will just let him figure out how to counter it. if you HAVE to say something then say "secret"
No. 232926 ID: d3dfb8
File 128520557639.jpg - (346.94KB , 1360x768 , AlexFuckingMercer.jpg )

I'm Alex Fucking Mercer, Bitch.
No. 232929 ID: dad664
File 128520579258.gif - (200.79KB , 800x600 , 222.gif )

[Epileptic/Seizure Warning]


He shatters. Like glass. Literally, he just turned into a freakin' pane of glass and just shattered.

No. 232930 ID: a594b9

What the fuck. How did you DO that!? You just died! Are you rewriting reality itself? Or was that a trick? An illusion?
No. 232932 ID: 175f4a

i think you missed the part where is now tough as fuck, and only way to stop her is disintegration.

anyway, assume he isn't DEAD dead. he could be hiding somewhere licking his wounds.
No. 232934 ID: a594b9

Spiking her through the head should at least slow her down.
No. 232939 ID: dad664
File 128520766122.gif - (17.84KB , 800x600 , 223.gif )


Uh, not to burst your bubble, but I feel very much alive.

I'm pretty sure he's...erm..."dead." If you can call it that. I don't -feel- anything, y'know? Just...pieces of glass that look like Xom on them.

Huh. Maybe this is how Gods die. I'm not an expert in this, after all.
No. 232940 ID: ae5b68

I.. maybe? But I wouldn't let your guard down while reality itself is still fritzing.
No. 232941 ID: a594b9

Oh I'm pretty sure Xom just fucking spiked you in the brain. I suspect you are now inside a little mental world of his own design. You think you won, but you really didn't.

Unless of course you DID get spiked through the head, and rewrote reality to change things so that you won. Tell me which theory is correct. You should know.
No. 232942 ID: b14128

Wait, the hell is that wall or whatever behind you? I just saw a graphics glitch on it or something.
No. 232944 ID: 175f4a

yeah, you are strapped in a lotus eater machine.
No. 232950 ID: dad664
File 128520931670.gif - (20.25KB , 800x600 , 224.gif )


I have no idea what you're talking about, and that's a window. I'm on the upper floor of MetaGens HQ - Skyscraper, y'know.

I really don't know what you're talking about. If he did, I would have felt it.

The hell is a Lotus Eater Machine?

...okay, I DISTINCTLY remember leaving a bunch of bleeding and torn bodies here. This is...getting weirder. Than usual.
No. 232952 ID: a09a03

Get outside. Get to the rooftop.
No. 232955 ID: a594b9

This isn't REAL! WAKE UP, CHLOE! Jump out that window back there. Just smash through it. You'll survive.
No. 232956 ID: 175f4a

lotus eater machine, it's a thing where what you desire is fulfilled in a fantasy so you never wake up.
No. 232957 ID: b18ccb

If you don't, you can just Blood Fly.
No. 232960 ID: d677cc

Okay yeah I'm getting a distinct vibe of "you lost the fight and this is all a construction" out of this.

Oh well. Not much you can do if that's true. Go ahead and get out of here I guess.
No. 232961 ID: dad664
File 128521227858.gif - (54.13KB , 800x600 , 225.gif )


No. 232963 ID: d677cc


I'm right, aren't I.

Oh man I hate it when I'm right.
No. 232965 ID: dad664
File 128521265410.gif - (238.98KB , 800x600 , 226.gif )

<Viscruentis> "You are not dead, dear. You are very much alive. What you see is the result of -my- machinations - my final...gift to you. But I need to know, do you trust me? Truly, do you trust me?"
No. 232969 ID: dad664
File 128521355999.gif - (38.17KB , 800x600 , 227.gif )

"You're asking me to jump off of a skyscraper into what looks like a tornado made of fire.

"As I said, do you trust me? I have kept my word, my end of the bargain. Now it is time to fulfill yours.

Do. You. Trust. Me?

No. 232971 ID: 3416ec

Yes you do.

No. 232974 ID: 649123


Throw her off the building.
No. 232978 ID: b18ccb

Yes, always.
No. 232989 ID: c71597

Trust her? Fuck no. Going to jump off that sky scraper to get out? Fuck Yeah!

Whatever is happening you need to get out of there now, MetaGen has some serious military hardware and they're really not worried about collateral damage. You want to get as far away from the site of your rampage as quickly as you can.
No. 232992 ID: fd6d7e

Oh fuck you broke reality. You fucking bitch. I told you not to kill him. THAT WAS FOR ME TO wait wait no it wasn't.

Seriously though, Xom: not dead. What you did was break the space he was occupying, shattering reality itself such that a reality where said god lived could not exist. I don't know if that makes him dead or not, but I do know that you just punched the equivalent of a nail through the windshield you're living on. Everything's falling apart!
No. 232996 ID: a594b9

"Xom is a fool who thinks that the Era of Gods can rise again. Life must progress in its own way, our time is long since passed."

If this is reality she's kinda going against what she told us already. So I'd like to think this is inside your own head. I'm guessing if we dive into that fire she's going to take over your body and kill Xom. Question is, will she give it back afterwards?

Fuck it, the worst thing that could happen is you die. Better that than getting slowly driven insane over a period of a few hundred years.

No. 233003 ID: fd6d7e

God fucking dammit people. Could we stop jumping at the behest of a mad dead goddess brain tumor induced hallucination already? I mean, what? Seriously, what? What bargain? What the hell is going on? If you have some reason to trust that Bloody Mary then go ahead and do it, but I don't think we're in a position to advise on anything at this point.
No. 233005 ID: efb1c5

Go for it.
No. 233008 ID: a594b9

...hey, remember how Madeline gave you a lighter? Still got it?
No. 233009 ID: 40cb26

"I will make this leap of faith... my trust you will earn when I survive it."
No. 233024 ID: aaef76

Don't do it Chloe. Don't be puppet to the queen bitch. This whole quest for revenge against Xom is insane. The most exposure you've had to Xom happened before you were born.

The one you need to worry about is in your head. She is playing you, pulling your strings.
No. 233047 ID: 67c611

That would be all of us.
No. 233082 ID: 701a19

"Trust? Fuck trust."
Jump off right into that fire tornado. Morph yourself into an over-sized wingsuit so you don't need to worry about falling to your death after hitting the tornado.
No. 233083 ID: 175f4a

sure, go for it.
No. 233121 ID: ef1164

We might as well. After going this far we might as well do it.

@Queenie: "While we're at it, mind telling me exactly WHAT THE FUCK is going on? It looks like reality is falling apart. This isn't going to destroy the world, is it? Cause' I happen to like the world. Well, not all of it, but you get the picture. Besides, the world is where I do stuff."
No. 233439 ID: 8c1706

Instead of blindly marching to the tune of her bloodiness, why don't you stop and think back to the event that led to where you are now. With reality ripping apart I have to question whether or not you just stabbed Xom (which seems unlikely, gods of chaos don't just stand still and get impaled). Or whether anything happened but queenie training you for a while. Or hell, even that. Last thing I remember you were having some fun with the bird chick, maybe you are sleeping and queenie is fucking with your head.
No. 233471 ID: 677ed7

did a voice in your head just out-chaos-ed the chaos god?

oh shit. its the god of betrayal? trhow her at the tornado, just to be sure.
No. 233500 ID: 60f462

No. 233564 ID: fd6d7e

kiss her you fool she's right there goddamn
No. 233566 ID: 2563d4

I can see no flaw with this plan of action.
No. 233654 ID: 40cb26

No. 233867 ID: dad664
File 128546226142.gif - (43.69KB , 800x600 , 228.gif )

No. 233868 ID: 11b861

No. 233869 ID: 476456

No. 233872 ID: dad664
File 128546257559.gif - (1.13KB , 800x600 , 229.gif )

No. 233873 ID: dad664
File 128546260227.gif - (27.83KB , 800x600 , 230.gif )

"...find me."
No. 233875 ID: c71597

Find who? This is all cryptic as shit and doesn't really give any clues on where to look.

Try to get some better directions or something.
No. 233876 ID: dad664
File 128546301257.gif - (81.83KB , 800x600 , 231.gif )

"Warning - Simulation Failure. Warning - Simulation Failure."

"Will you shut that thing up! What the hell's going on, I thought you said the flare wouldn't interrupt anything?!"
"I don't know, will you stop yelling, it's not the end of the world! Just give me a moment to initiate the MemWipe and reload the Sim back t-"


"...uhh, okay okay so she's awake...somehow...uh, g-give me a momen-"

*the sound of metal being bent, screaming in protest*

"...I don't think we HAVE a moment..."
No. 233880 ID: 701a19

Bust outta whatever they're using to restrain you.
Demand to know what's going on, but don't actually harm anybody. After all, it's not pain that makes people talk, it's the fear~
Also? It's easy to go from rational to murderous, but the reverse is kinda hard.
No. 233881 ID: c71597

Oh, that explains nothing really, or maybe it does. Time for some motherfucking rip 'n tear. Get loose and make them fucking talk, then get out and to saftey.
No. 233883 ID: 11b861

Scream strings of obscenities.

Capture them alive and interrogate. You can use one hand on each and pin them to a wall.
No. 233905 ID: a594b9

No. 233911 ID: a09a03

Chloe: Bust the fuck out.

Unnamed PoV character: Surrender.
No. 233916 ID: b18ccb

Kill. Everything.
No. 233923 ID: dad664
File 128546705564.gif - (21.96KB , 800x600 , 232.gif )

"Just flood her with the Suppress already!"

"You think I haven't already tried that!? She's busted the internal pump!"


"Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Dammit, internal restraints are offline, the hull integrity is shot, and..."


"...and now she's forcing the interlocks open. From the inside."

"Fuck this, I'm calling Sector Security..."
No. 233926 ID: d3dfb8

No. 233928 ID: 9d463e

make sure once you can get your head out to say "HERE'S JOHNNY!"
No. 233930 ID: 701a19

"If security gets involved then I'll have to kill everybody. You don't want me to have to kill you, right?
After all, you'd be dead and I'd be gone long before they got here, and then I'd have to kill everybody else on principle."
No. 233939 ID: fd6d7e

Break your way out of that tube!

Discover you have four ears. :3c
No. 233942 ID: e3f578

"SUPPRESS THIS!" kick the door across the room and squish a squishy human
No. 233947 ID: fd6d7e

OK seriously though, don't kill anyone in the room. Focus on the real threats, like your restraints, their communication console, and the incoming sector security. If you waste time bathing in their blood you might not notice that laser bead in the small of your back until it's too late. Besides, they probably know what's going on. Don't kill people who can't hurt you, but can tell you stuff!

...discover that you have a natural aptitude for wielding a crowbar. :3c
No. 233951 ID: b18ccb

We're not gonna bath in blood. We're just gonna kill everyone.
No. 233952 ID: 67c611

Get those fuckers before they call in reinforcements. And by get them, I mean capture them alive. Hurry.
No. 233953 ID: 94bae0

Wait... HUMANS? I'm so confused.
No. 233956 ID: e9ab30

Is that guy at the center computer console Gordon Freeman?
No. 233958 ID: dad664
File 128547248496.gif - (34.56KB , 800x600 , 233.gif )

"...they've dealt with her before, they can deal with her agHHK-"


Squeeze. Crack. Pop. Limp. Flung aside like yesterdays trash.

"H-how...the s-suppress...you shouldn't...ohgod...ohGOD!"

Head hurts, feel groggy, like being wrapped in cotton gauze. Last thing I remember is being sucked into a giant cyclone of fire...and then...waking up in this...-thing-. Tubes and shit all stuck in my arms. The fuck is this place? The fuck is this...thing babbling in the corner?

"Not again, oh god not again!"

If it doesn't shut up I'm making it shut up.
No. 233963 ID: 94bae0

It's not going to shut up... and it's going to be the face of every person you are ever likely to see again, becasue you fucked up and probably hopped realities.
No. 233964 ID: a36f32

Well, so much for the matrix.

You still have a hitchhiker in your head, or was that all a trick?
No. 233965 ID: 701a19

Could you NOT kill people who have information you need?
Demand they tell you what's going on. Oh, wait, silly me, one of them can't anymore.

No. 233966 ID: 9d463e

the fire tornado was a simulation. jumping into it probably overloaded the system and let you wake up. we need to know EXACTLY when you went to sleep.

anyway, just seal his mouth shut and ether inform him he can ether die messily or tell you what you want to know. OR if you think you can, jam something into his brain and rip the info you want out.
No. 233968 ID: a36f32

With this recent turn of events I'm not even sure this is really Chloe.
No. 233981 ID: b18ccb

To everyone bitching about not getting info. EAT THE BRAINS OF THE DEAD, GAIN THEIR INFO.
No. 233993 ID: dad664
File 12854765871.gif - (15.80KB , 800x600 , 234.gif )

Matrix? Simulation? What the hell are you all on about? Gah, whatever, I'll figger that out later, right now though...

"P-please...don't kill me...I'm just doing my job!"

"I wont. For now. And for as long as you keep your mouth shut and speak only when I want you to. Understand?"

He nods, shakily.


Questions? He's probably got answers.
No. 233996 ID: 67c611

"What am I and where am I."

The two most important questions.
No. 233999 ID: b18ccb

Of course he has answers. In his brain. So eat his brain.
No. 234022 ID: b5af8d

Devour the guard, tell the scientist the same will happen to him if he doesn't tell you everything he knows RIGHT NOW.
No. 234030 ID: a594b9

Where is this, what he thinks you are, and how to get out.
No. 234040 ID: a594b9

Oh and don't eat him. Sheesh, that'll accomplish nothing. Also, he said this happened before. When? Why did we spare him last time?
No. 234118 ID: c71597

Well there are the obvious ones. Like ask him what the fuck is going on, who the fuck he is, what the fuck he is, what the fuck you are and last but not least why the fuck you shouldn't rip off his arms and stuff one down his throat and the other up his ass.

Oh, and give mental thanks to the ghost in the machinery that might have been the red Queen, she got you out. Now we just have to figure out what out means, it seems things were not what they seemed and whatever outside is it's a bit different.
No. 234228 ID: 9618e3

Where am I, who - or what - are you and what were you trying to do with me?
No. 234287 ID: dad664
File 12855430051.gif - (11.67KB , 641x520 , 235.gif )

>What am I

"Y-you're a clone of a parahuman we...acquired. Ex-Experimental Xeno-Hybrid. They wouldn't t-tell us anything other than that."[i]

>Where am I

[i]"Ch-Chimera Station...on the p-planet Shokoval...th-third planet in the Kaffra System..."

>What ARE you?

"The simulation bugged out before we could wipe the false memories a-and restore your t-true memories...I'm h-human!"

I hoist him up by the collar, accessing what appears to be the controls for the "SimTube" as it's labeled.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Putting you somewhere where you wont be a nuisance."
No. 234288 ID: a594b9

What true memories?
No. 234289 ID: 25c767

sounds like you are a clone of Chloe, still, these punks be jackasses.
No. 234292 ID: e3f578

"How was I captured? Wanna fuck? Psyche! Can I just have a normal life without being bugged please? I'll just escape again and again while you just waste all your resources."
No. 234301 ID: 545c0f

Okay, everything or everyone you ever knew is a fabrication.

Your attempts at revenge against Meta-Glen are unfounded, as meta-glen never existed, Xom, the Red Queen, all of these things are mere variables inserted into a complex simulatory equation.

However, this simulation may have been based on events which happened to your predecessor (ie: whatever you were cloned from) perhaps in order to discover how a certain series of past events unfolded.
No. 234320 ID: a09a03

Ask him who you're a clone of.
No. 234346 ID: 701a19

"Oh, and how can I peruse these 'real' memories you're talking about?"

Queeny! Hello! You told us how to flee the simulation so you might actually be real! Care to answer?
No. 234385 ID: dad664
File 128555587619.gif - (21.52KB , 620x600 , 236.gif )

"What do you mean, 'true' memories?"

"It's part of the process. We needed to keep your conscious mind busy while we scanned your brain...so we back-up your memories and then wipe them, implant false ones that fit the simulation...and...well when we were done you would have gotten them back. A premature awakening has never happened before, I don't know if you can even -get- them back!"

"Something tells me I wouldn't want them anyways. What is this all for? Who was I cloned from? And above all else, why?!"

"I-I don't know I'm just a low-level tech..."

I give a growl of displeasure, hurling him into the SimTube and locking the restraints around his wrists.

"...b-but I've overheard...things! Y-you're a w-weapon of some kind...meant f-for military applications. I don't know who you were cloned from! I don't even know -what- you were cloned -with!-"

"Well then it sounds like you're as useless as that heap that was your colleague then! Now be a good little human and stay put."

"Wait...you can't just leave me here!"

"Watch me."

"Y-you're mad...you can't just waltz out of here you know! They have contingencies for this sort of thing, ever since-"

I slam the doors shut on the SimTube before he can finish his sentence, grinding the locks back into place. I hear dull thumps as he kicks at the doors, but they're not gonna budge. He'll be fine.

It's air-conditioned, after all.

Right then. Everything that I know is a complete fabricated lie, and I'm in yet another top secret facility. A markedly advanced one at that.

Out of the frying pan...
No. 234389 ID: dad664
File 12855563202.gif - (8.60KB , 602x600 , 237.gif )

...and into the fire.

Lost Ability: Bone Shield
Lost Ability: Bone Armor
Lost Ability: Nether Sight
Lost Ability: Greater Boneweaponry
Lost Ability: Greater Fleshshifting
Lost Passive Ability: Endless Coil (Chloe is now MORTAL)
Healing Factor downgraded to Lv. 1

I feel...a bit more vulnerable than back in the..er...sim, I guess. Let's not try anything too life-threatening, eh?

As I see it we've got a few options on our table. We can A) Dick around with the computers here to see what we can find out, or B) waltz on out and see what this place is like. I don't hear any alarms nor see any flashing lights, so I think we're 'safe' for the time being.
No. 234392 ID: a594b9

Computers. Running around without information is tantamount to suicide.
No. 234399 ID: 67c611

Get rid of that fucking tag on your ear.

Tell us. What do we have to work with ability wise?
No. 234413 ID: 7815b9

looks like we have normal healing now as well as extend-o tentacle. your eyes totally look like they COULD use Nether Sight though. probably only thing you need to do it is practice. and maybe some anti-toxins.
No. 234417 ID: b18ccb

Nice look! Love the eye. Ok, computers. We have lost a lot, try testing what you can remember while we try to crack any firewalls or passwords.
No. 234424 ID: e3f578

First rule we establish is that we let people with information complete their sentences before slamming doors on them. That shit will get you killed. All because of a small detail the devil lied in.

All right now lets get those computers.
No. 234469 ID: c71597

Lets check the computers. And experiment a bit with those powers of yours, see if you can change your apperance. Oh, and drag out the human again, you're going to need those clothes of his, since he is less likely to have soiled himself already.

Try to find some experiment logs and stuff. Oh, and when you're done finish off the human inside the tube. Don't leave any witnesses who can leave your enemies information about you. Might not seem that important, but he could give them aid in establishing a psycological profile on you which will make it alot easier for them to track you down. And we can't have that.
No. 234633 ID: fd6d7e


No. We have clothes. We're fine. That would be stupid.


You could see? With your nethers? We must regain this ability! :3c
No. 234687 ID: 5ffb9a

So, your entire life was a computer simulation? That's got to be an insane shock.
No. 234718 ID: a09a03

The simulation being a freaky, surreal nightmare most of the time probably helps. But by all means, a freak-out may be in order. Delaying would be beneficial, however.

Check out the computers.
No. 234730 ID: 81ce59

We have one set of clothes. One set that can't really be used to conceal certain stuff that Chloe has that humans seem to lack. Like big ears and fluffy tails. We need something to hide those features. Because you know huge rabbits might stand out a bit.
No. 234749 ID: 701a19

First things first, use your shapeshifting powers to lose the tag.
After that check the computers to see what information you can glean off of them.
No. 234752 ID: ef1164

Get rid of that tag on your left ear. Look in the computers for ANY and ALL applicable information. Doesn't matter what of, just anything you can use. After that, lets get out of here and figure out what to do next.
No. 234807 ID: 9618e3

How are the headvoices? It's obvious you've still got us but what about Viscruentis and the KILL EVERYTHING voices?
No. 234825 ID: fd6d7e


Aren't real people mere variables inserted into a complex equation? Anyway discovering that someone was made out of teeny tiny computer bits instead of flesh and bone is a bit of a shocker. What you can do now is get out of this facility, get the suppress out of your system and find Queenie like she asked you to.
No. 235133 ID: 5ffb9a

Why would we want to find that bitch, if she was real, which she probably wasn't.
No. 235142 ID: e40e60

Why not? She's a very useful ally.
No. 235330 ID: 11e0a4

She's a voice pushing Chloe to violence in a bid for revenge that does not benefit Chloe at all. I don't see why we want to be on her side. If she's not in Chloe's head anymore, good.
No. 235335 ID: 0ea1f0

so were we. she gave power she ept up her end of the bargain. she is at least honest. we trusted her and leapt and we broke free of the sim.
No. 235409 ID: dad664
File 128572332299.gif - (23.89KB , 601x526 , 238.gif )

>Get rid of the tag
Easy enough...though now I have three holes in my ear. Beats a ragged gap I guess.

Right now I think I have access to:

(Translated into Game Speak)
- Flayer Claws
- Minor Fleshshifting
(Tendrils, whips)
- Minor Regeneration
- Enhanced Strength

I feel like I ought to be able to do more but I just feel so drained if I try to. Then I get that weird muffled feeling. Bleegh.

>Nice Eye
Yeah yeah I know about the scar.

>Nether Sight
It didn't work like that you perverts.

>Freak Out
...oddly enough I...don't feel like freaking out. Maybe they broke me. Or maybe I'm just broken to begin with. Or maybe it just doesn't -feel- like everything was fake. This is eerie and...slightly disconcerting!

I don't "feel" her if you know what I mean. And the only voices I hear now are you. Guess I should be thankful for small miracles.

Okay, let's see here...yadda yadda yadda Subject C70E AKA Chloe...humm...here's something.

"...subject was transferred to Psychoanalysis for Deep-Wave Scanning. So far has shown no indications of desired brain-wave activity."

...not a clue what that means. They were looking for something in my brain I guess.

What else do we have he-HEY! The screen just went black!
No. 235411 ID: dad664
File 128572334778.gif - (21.81KB , 647x517 , 239.gif )

Okay this is a bit on the creepy side.
No. 235412 ID: dad664
File 128572335766.gif - (87.01KB , 800x600 , 240.gif )

No. 235414 ID: dad664
File 128572341687.gif - (65.95KB , 800x600 , 241.gif )

Uhm. Okay then.

Guess you can't get much clearer than that.
No. 235416 ID: 67c611

Ok, we've got it memorized.

Type in the letter "k" and hit enter then move out.
No. 235418 ID: b1ce4e

huh, let's take the path. try to get one arm into a blade, slowly if you have to. and while the scar is neat the eyeball itself has a tri-segment pupil.
No. 235425 ID: 701a19

Oh, you're not freaking out because you've been drugged to shit.

Regenerate those ear holes, then head on out to queeny. Nothing better to do, right?
No. 235431 ID: a09a03

>Yeah yeah I know about the scar.
No. The eye.
No. 235446 ID: b18ccb

Yeah, you have this cool deformity to your pupil. Kind of like three pupils merged as one.

Anyway, this could be a cage inside a cage. Form blade, peak outside. Kill everyone.
No. 235587 ID: dad664
File 128573585825.gif - (5.21KB , 449x374 , 242.gif )

>Not your scar, your eye
...really? Hold on a sec...

Whoa shit! Dude, check that out! It's like some freaky science-fiction shit! Hahah, that's neat!

Doesn't seem to do anything different from my other eye though. Huh. Add that one to unique traits.

>Heal earholes
I'm trying...but...it's not doing anything. They feel like they were made awhile ago - the flesh is all healed around them. Like big ear piercings. Maybe I got 'em before my healing abilities kicked in. I dunno, I don't remember, obviously.

>Try making a blade arm
Fine, fine...
No. 235588 ID: dad664
File 128573588156.gif - (2.65KB , 339x307 , 243.gif )

So far so good...damn this is taking a lot of concentration...
No. 235591 ID: dad664
File 128573595784.gif - (26.01KB , 386x335 , 244.gif )



No. 235597 ID: 40cb26

Testing your limits, you know better what you can and can't do now. For future reference let's not mess with underlying skeletal structures. Change and heal your hand back... and try to shut off your ability to feel pain from there while you do so.
No. 235599 ID: c71597

Because it would have been neat to have. But we will manage without it. Ok, now we have a clear target, drag out the human stuffed in the tube and ask him what the fuck is at the indicated location on the map. If he doesn't answer then break some fingers until he changes his mind.
No. 235602 ID: b1ce4e

testing the limits. knowing exactly how far you can go will help you know when to back off. getting the limits down now instead of the middle of a battle is great. sorry it hurts but be glad it is happening in a relatively safe area and not while you are getting shot at.

also, it is obvious you COULD make one but something is holding you back. you probably are pumped up with a chemical tailored to weaken you.
No. 235603 ID: 67c611

Oh, boy. Put it back.

How about fleshshifting those holes in the ears together. That is more your level than shaping flesh and bone into sharp and pointies.
No. 235622 ID: a594b9

Dammit. Well, this is a learning experience, now we know not to try to do things like that. You can regenerate it, I guess. Not the end of the world.

Besides, didn't you used to like pain?
No. 235827 ID: 5ffb9a

Oh shit, Shodan wants to have a conversation with you.
No. 235891 ID: b18ccb

Ok, we'll try that later. Make a flesh-whip instead, a nice blade to flense flesh from bone.
No. 238517 ID: dad664
File 12862430955.gif - (13.13KB , 800x600 , 245.gif )

I didn't break anything, it's just...like stretching an elastic band too far and then it snaps back. Bleegh.

>Drag guy out, have him look at map
The map's already been cleared off of the screen and I have no idea how to bring it back up. That and I really don't feel like wrenching that thing apart again.

>Whip with blades
Yeah, lets -not- do anything with blades for awhile. I can do some kind of tentacley whip for sure.

As I peer outside into the adjacent hall, the lights in the immediate area above me flicker to life, yet the rest further down remain dark.

I think the map said I need to go...left?
No. 238519 ID: 701a19

I dunno. I suck at reading maps without some kind of orientation cue. Figure it out on your own!

Oh, here's our copy of the map -> >>235414
No. 238522 ID: dad664
File 128624375280.gif - (2.01KB , 360x405 , 246.gif )

I keep forgetting that you all don't share my perspective.

How the hell are you able to look around like that anyways?

Anywho, this is what I can see from here.

No. 238527 ID: a594b9

Go to the t-intersection then turn to your right. That corner next to you is too close to you to be the right one.
No. 238530 ID: 67c611

Go to the t-intersection then turn to your right.
No. 238539 ID: a09a03

Go "north" and then take a right.

If the lights seem to be guiding you, follow them.
No. 238593 ID: dad664
File 128625182418.gif - (25.43KB , 800x600 , 247.gif )

>Head to T-Section, go right

As I roam down the hallway, lights turn on and off, following me with every step. It's weird. Maybe it's some sort of hi-tech energy conservation? Darkness ahead of me, darkness behind me, light only where I stand. Bit creepy, actually.

Come to think of it...this place is kind of..."off." There's no noise, just the hum of distant machinery and air vents, and I haven't seen a single soul since those two back in that room.

Where the hell is everyone?
No. 238595 ID: a594b9

Wait hold up go in that branch you just passed. You need to go to CENPROSS.
No. 238596 ID: 230121

Hey, back there sign, read it. Apparently we are headed to the 'eugenics' section. I personally would think we might encounter less horrific crimes against nature (and people in general) in the chemicals section.
No. 238598 ID: a09a03

Central Processing (I guess?) sounds promising. You're going to the middle of the facility.

Beats wandering aimlessly!

>Where the hell is everyone?
Not shooting at you, for one. Let's enjoy it while it lasts.
No. 238605 ID: 67c611

Umm... follow the green line. I can't figure out where the fuck it is in relation to you.

No we don't follow the facility signs, we follow the rabbit trail like Blood said. Now what direction is it going?
No. 238612 ID: 8fc362

Well, what I meant by whip-blade is if you make a whip thin enough it'll cut pretty well - that or just put a sharp point to the end of the whip, but you don't seem to like that idea.

Anyway, at picture, see if you can find a map to make sure you're going where that creep map told you to go.
No. 238735 ID: c71597

Follow the green line, which I suspect leads to eugenics. And if you're lucky you might find someone in there willing to help you get out.

Hey, remember that psychic goblin you found way back in the simulation. Maybe the red Queen was something similar to that, so it used its psychic powers to infiltrate your mind in the simulation and bust you out of it. For which you really should thank it and get it free. Not run around after some fucking signs.
No. 238798 ID: fd6d7e

Thhh eugenics.

Looks like you're dealing with Nazis here.

Possibly Nazi zombies.
No. 238804 ID: 716eb0

What, because Nazis are the only ones who ever thought eugenics were a good idea? Hell, passive eugenics (sans killing, just discouragment of breeding) is an idea that gets tossed around occasionally in all sorts of modern political extremist groups.
No. 238807 ID: e3f578

So Chloe, do you remember Corporal Ricks in the simulation at all or was that just us?
Obviously someone's here and helping you. Or a monster thing is attacking the powergrid or something.

I was we could just punch through walls and floors. Might uncover a lot of secrets that way.
No. 238973 ID: fd6d7e


Nope, I saw it on the TV that only Nazis do eugenics. It's like arm bands. All those extremist groups are just Nazis in denial.
No. 239057 ID: dad664
File 128633294113.gif - (9.31KB , 800x600 , 248.gif )

[2 votes Eugenics, 2 votes CenPross, 1 vote Chemical. Coin-flip, Eugenics]

>Thin Whip, slice through flesh
Might be possible. Dunno, I think at that level of thickness it would break once hitting something.

>Psychic Gobbo
You'll forgive me if I take my existing memories with a -huge- grain of salt.

Sounds...kind of familiar? Like someone you should know but you don't. All hazy and right at the tip of my tongue.

You need to stop watching the History Channel.

...which probably doesn't even exist outside the sim. God this is going to get awkward when I start referencing pop culture that never was.

This all seems to be offices it looks like, but these handy panels that keep popping up here and there says there's something called a Genelab at the end of the hall. Should we head straight to there or you want me to go rifling through someones filing cabinets?
No. 239058 ID: a594b9

I guess we're taking a detour then. Let's check genlabs.
No. 239059 ID: 127c1a

naw, pop culture probably still exists, just WA in the past. you are in the future relative to what you remember. so nazis still existed, just further in the past then you remember.
No. 239074 ID: 127c1a

wait,... check that door.
No. 239201 ID: a09a03

>there's something called a Genelab at the end of the hall. Should we head straight to there
Yes. That is where science occurs.
No. 239357 ID: c71597

Lets head towards the genlab.

And dearie, you still exist. In all your mutated and morhping glory. Who knows what else they might have created.
No. 240807 ID: dad664
File 128666398376.gif - (24.07KB , 1024x768 , 249.gif )


Oh wow.


This room is huge! And...*sniff*...sterile. Eugh.
No. 240808 ID: a09a03

Nice. Those tubes are all empty, right?

Check the computer. See what's shakin' in this sector.
No. 240810 ID: c59f60

that dome shaped thingy look neat.good chance it holds a goodie.
No. 240811 ID: a594b9


You must loot them.
No. 240822 ID: c2c011

Looks incredibly empty. Check through the lockers and see if thre's anything helpful anywhere.
No. 240860 ID: dad664
File 128666883583.gif - (7.77KB , 544x535 , 250.gif )

I check the lockers. They're your standard steel lockers, though the locking mechanism looks like some kind of electro-magnet system. A MagLock maybe. Either they don't use them or I lucked out, because all of them are unlocked.

Fairly simple stuff you'd expect to find in a laboratory. Lab coats. Safety glasses. Peoples belongings. Lab coats. Pair of sunglasses. Pencils, some kind of electronic writing pad, MORE lab coats, and a padded package that reads "FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY".
No. 240864 ID: c2c011

Well I would say this counts as an emergency. Open it up and see what's in there. Then head over to the central processor or whatever it was we were supposed to do.
No. 240870 ID: a09a03

Wear the labcoat and the safety goggles over the sunglasses, to hide your eye. Carry the writing pad. That will help you blend in.

Open package.
No. 240879 ID: a594b9

Open package.
No. 240890 ID: dad664
File 128667261287.gif - (5.28KB , 336x522 , 251.gif )

>Wear sunglasses and safety goggles

...I can't see shit.
No. 240892 ID: dad664
File 128667270060.gif - (9.22KB , 554x473 , 252.gif )

>Open package

Looks like a first aid kit. Box of bandages, aspirin, bactine, a tube of "Dermal Gel", a roll of what is presumably gauze, and two syringes.
No. 240895 ID: e40e60

Keep the safety goggles, they could come in handy. Labcoat too for the extra inventory space.
No. 240897 ID: c59f60

sweet counter agents! use counter on arm.
No. 240898 ID: e40e60

Read the labels on the syringes. We can probably make some sense of them. Only other things there that might be useful are the aspirin and maybe the gauze.
No. 240909 ID: 11b861

Read label on suppress and counter tubes.
No. 240912 ID: dad664
File 128667596273.gif - (5.04KB , 576x413 , 253.gif )

>Hug Syringe, Read Label

They don't really have a label per se. One says "Counter" and the other says "Suppress." There's some fine text on the Counter syringe that says something to the equivalent of "Only use this if you absolutely positively need to."

>Use Counter Syringe on Arm
...I'm not sure I'm all that keen on shooting up some weird chemical without knowing what it is or does - even if it -is- in an Emergency Kit.

For all I know it could be a kill-chem.
No. 240916 ID: c59f60

they flooded your chamber with suppress before you broke out. so you are full of it. meaning countering it is a good idea.
No. 240917 ID: a594b9

When we broke out someone mentioned suppress, and that we shouldn't have been able to break out because of it. Since there's two syringes, one for counter and the other for suppress... I'm willing to bet the counter reverses the effects of suppress.

It's logical. Use it!
No. 240918 ID: a09a03

If you can, switch off your stomach acid production and empty it. Then, drink the Counter. That way, if it's poison, you can vomit it back up, but you also won't denature it with your stomach acids.
No. 240931 ID: 11b861

Use counter suppress syringe on your thigh. It's the opposite of suppress. They tried to flood you with suppress so that must be what's keeping you down. Use counter to get rid of it.
No. 240948 ID: dad664
File 12866803362.gif - (4.86KB , 513x446 , 254.gif )

There's a soft hiss as the contents are emptied.

No. 240951 ID: dad664
File 128668038442.gif - (7.15KB , 493x571 , 255.gif )




Well THAT was a whole lot of no-
No. 240952 ID: dad664
File 128668040686.gif - (10.08KB , 420x560 , 256.gif )

No. 240953 ID: c59f60

cool, batman arm spikes.
No. 240956 ID: 11b861

Try shifting them around.
No. 240959 ID: a09a03

Now you have holes in your sleeve!

Feel any different? Better? Worse? Shapeshifty?
No. 240977 ID: fd6d7e

By encouraging you to shoot up random syringes, we shall make you the hardest to draw creature this side of quest.lv!
No. 240983 ID: dad664
File 128668175255.gif - (9.63KB , 621x600 , 257.gif )

Ew ew ew oh god that feels weird what the hell are those tentacles fuck goddammit!
No. 240988 ID: fd6d7e


Looks more like ganglion really. Try wiggling them!
No. 240989 ID: a594b9

Control! Get control of yourself!
No. 240990 ID: c59f60

looks like you are rearranging yourself, on a subconscious lvl. once it stops doing it on it's own you could probably control it.
No. 240993 ID: 2563d4

No. 240997 ID: 11b861

Calm down and wait till stuff stops shifting around.
No. 240999 ID: a09a03

Did your teeth get sharper?

If you can get yourself under control, you should read the computers, to see what the fuck is going on.
No. 241025 ID: dad664
File 128668390077.gif - (24.17KB , 1024x768 , 258.gif )

I take a few minutes to collect my thoughts. The haze that clouds my mind seems to lessen after the injection, instinctual things about my body piercing through the fog, while others still remain swathed in shadow.

It's not long before I can control the tendrils on my back just as well as my arms or legs. It's a little creepy, but for some reason it feels...right.

I also become aware of the fact that a great deal more of my own biology is now under my specific control. Albeit it would take time, but I feel like I could do damn near anything I want with my body.

...shut up, that's not what I meant.
No. 241030 ID: fd6d7e


Oh, we didn't say a word, Chloe. :3c
No. 241032 ID: c59f60

didn't say anything :3c
but yeah, looks like spikes are go now. blades are probably still out so i wouldn't try that. see how quickly you can retract and extend those things. if really fast then i recommend keeping them inside and hidden so that you have surprise extra limbs if you have to fight anything.
No. 241033 ID: dad664
File 12866844135.gif - (9.65KB , 427x351 , 259.gif )

[Welcome to the Stat Screen!

There are three stats. ATTACK, DEFENSE, and SPEED. You can allocate points from your point pool to these stats to improve that given field, increasing Chloe's effectiveness in that stat. You will gain access to higher point pools the greater the progress in the quest you make, further increasing the amount of points you can put in a given stat. The higher value a stat is, the more effective Chloe is at it. There is one restriction however.

1) You must leave AT LEAST one point in any given stat.

Moving points takes time for Chloe. Points must first be deducted from the stat(s) they are coming from, sent to the point pool, and then finally transferred to the desired stat.

As of right now, you have 5 points total. They have been assigned to a Balanced configuration (2/1/2). You may decide now if you wish to remain in this balanced configuration, or if you wish to customize the Stat Loadout. If you choose the latter, please take it to the Discussion Thread located here: http://quest.lv/kusaba/questdis/res/313873.html

If a consensus cannot be made, the Loadout will automatically default to the Balanced configuration.]
No. 241035 ID: e3f578

Still a nice bonus when you do have free time and a little pervy. But right now is some serious shit so... umm investigate the tuuuuuuuuubes
No. 241038 ID: a09a03

All I can think is to move one point from attack to speed, so you can really motor. Let's just leave it balanced for now.

Do practice shapeshifting, though. Can you take on a different appearance? Not necessarily taking on someone else's shape, but just changing certain of your features?

You'll need a new lab coat, but if you put one on now, you'll just ruin it.

Try the computer.
No. 241130 ID: dad664

[Apparently I need to make a note that you only have FIVE points -total- to work with. You do not have 2/1/2 = 5 plus 5.]
No. 241218 ID: c2c011

Neat. Ok, now check that console in the center of the room and then we should probably be on our way towards wherever that thing that wants us to save it is.
No. 241241 ID: 9e5b05

Lets go 3-1-1 this time. Chloe, you're a fucking killing machine. COME ON, FURRY ALEX MERCER, KICK SOME ASS!
No. 241759 ID: dad664
File 128675725072.gif - (24.30KB , 1024x768 , 260.gif )

[2/1/2 is what was suggested the most.]

I decide to keep myself relatively balanced, not leaning favorably towards any specific role. I feel a little bit quicker than before. I know it sounds strange but it's like my body is responding faster to what my brain tells it to do.

>Examine Computer Terminal(s)
The large one appears to be a master terminal, with the others being secondary and tertiary consoles to whatever this thing is in the middle of the room. The moment I touch the panel it hums to life, flickering on and displaying a routine boot-up screen followed by what I presume is its normal function.

After some fumbling around, I find out that this appears to be a "Genetic Holo-Sequencer" - basically a glorified microscope almost. It can display genetic strains and cells in impeccable detail, in full three-dimensions. Last access date was...02.15.2209.

Strange. For a science facility there sure is a lot of crap here which is in disuse.
No. 241763 ID: c59f60

hmmm, look up yours.
No. 241766 ID: 67c611

Probably cutboacks in government funding.

Uh...Let's keep following the trail to Queen. Take a peek in the rooms you pass to see if there are any looting prospects.
No. 241768 ID: c2c011

You're probably not going to get alot of useful things out of it. But see if they have yours stored somewhere and if there's any way to make a copy of it.

Then we should probably head towards central processing or whatever it was we were supposed to do.
No. 241811 ID: dad664
File 128676030122.gif - (50.79KB , 800x600 , 261.gif )

"With the technology available to us here on Shokoval, we can make greater use of the information brought to us by the refugees from [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in a (theoretical) higher success rate than they ever dreamed of.

I've suggested utilizing the DNA of our recently 'acquired' parahuman as a gene-base, given that her genetic and cybernetic enhancements would make any resulting clone a perfect match for the procedure - that is, if it can survive the initial modifications, that is."
No. 241813 ID: c59f60

sure, display it.
No. 241815 ID: e40e60

> y
No. 241820 ID: 67c611

Eh? Display what? Go ahead and see what it is.
No. 241869 ID: dad664
File 128676424354.gif - (46.32KB , 800x600 , 262.gif )


Correct me if I'm wrong...
No. 241870 ID: dad664
File 128676426065.gif - (423.21KB , 800x600 , 263.gif )

...but uh, DNA isn't supposed to look like that, is it?
No. 241871 ID: 135871

yeah, something's really fucked up about that.
No. 241872 ID: c59f60

hell no it doesn't look like that. how could you ever GET it to look like that?
No. 241876 ID: a09a03


Look up Central Processing next?

Or become wracked with ontological horror.
No. 241887 ID: dad664

No. 241890 ID: 67c611


Does this mean anything important to us? Knowing our blueprints are funky doesn't help us much. Look up Valcien.
No. 241898 ID: 701a19

That pattern is impossible with a helix. What you have is not DNA.

Interesting. It looks like you were on very good terms with the scientists here.
The room with the tubes had gone unused three years after they finalized your genome, meaning that they discontinued that part of the program no more than two batches after yourself.
The complete lack of any restraints or security measures in the tube means they had no trouble getting you in and weren't expecting trouble getting you out. More than that, you were wearing no control devices and this entire facility is designed around ease of access instead of security.
This all suggests that you were cooperating with them.

Before you go visit Queen you should drop by residential. Dollars to donuts you'll find that you have a room instead of a cell. If that's the case, then this conversation with queeny is going to be very interesting.
No. 241905 ID: 9e5b05

Yeah, look up Valcien and Keter class protocols.
No. 241906 ID: e40e60


No. 241936 ID: fd6d7e

Read Mitzi hug tozol
No. 241952 ID: dad664
File 128677547434.gif - (31.48KB , 719x334 , 264.gif )

>Search Valcien
"Bio-Mechanical life-form of extra-terrestrial origin. No known homeworld - presumed to exist only in interstellar vacuum. Selected for inherent abilities that can be applied en masse to cloned troops or select specialists with (relative) success. Valcien Converts could be the future of Terran Warfare, possibly even giving Humanity the edge it needs in a hostile and populated cosmos."

>Search Keter
"INTERNAL MEMO posted on 2.03.2207 - Request to upgrade C703's classification from Euclid to Keter following the incident with base security on 1.27.2206.

REPLY posted on 2.03.2207 - Request denied. That was an isolated incident resulting from an improper dosage of Suppress. C703's daily injections of the chemical have been adjusted to accommodate for her body's natural metabolism - Euclid status remains."

>Complacent with Scientists
My scar, and that last bit, seem to tell a different tale.
No. 241959 ID: a09a03

Look up CenPros.
No. 241964 ID: 701a19

It doesn't mean much, because we know that happened in another one of those sessions when your memories were swapped.
No. 242046 ID: c2c011

Well this seems weird and screwed up in many ways. Well lets move on. Cenpros and all that.
No. 242086 ID: 9e5b05

No other entries for Keter on this base? Huh, weird considering your not-quite-Euclid status. Look up Euclid and then look up 703. And watch yourself and pull up a map. Let's follow the path given if possible.

Oh! And search this room after we're done with the computer, see what's inside the tubes and if there's any more Counter laying around.
No. 242382 ID: dad664
File 128686145020.gif - (40.56KB , 1024x768 , 265.gif )

>It doesn't mean much, because we know that happened in another one of those sessions when your memories were swapped.
Yeah, but it's seeming more and more likely that at least some of it was based on real events.

God, it's weird as hell referring to my memories as fake...

>see what's inside the tubes
Tubes have nothing in them. Not even any liquid. Looks like something set up for large-scale cloning though.

>and if there's any more Counter laying around.
None that I can find. I think there was a reason why it said "Emergency Use Only". But I'll keep my eyes peeled. There's got to be some kind of chemistry section to this place, seems like a good bet that there'd be some there.

>Well this seems weird and screwed up in many ways.
Even moreso than usual?
No. 242384 ID: 1854db

There's a message for you on that display.

I think she's getting impatient. Shall we move on to Cenpros?
No. 242385 ID: 1283e5

yes, i think we should go.
No. 242421 ID: 701a19

Say "Your map sucked so I figured I'd wait for you to give better instructions."
No. 242462 ID: a09a03

Wave for the camera. Follow that arrow you found earlier pointing to Central Processing.
No. 245409 ID: dad664
File 12873784666.gif - (13.13KB , 800x600 , 266.gif )

The route the arrows direct me along takes me back into Psycho-Analysis. As I pad through the hallways I can't help but notice how eerily quiet everything is in here. Not even the hum of idle machinery or electronics.

Hey...wait, what's that up ahead?
No. 245410 ID: f82d85


A beam of light from a flashlight, of course.
No. 245411 ID: 8555c2

Flashlight. Get close to the corner as quietly as you can. When they come into view grapple them (restrain) and cover their mouth. Drag them into side room and ask some questions.
No. 245414 ID: 8bdb6a

Act natural. Keep walking. Don't let him see your fucked up eye.
No. 245415 ID: 1b42c5

agree, need to keep them quiet but if they are alone the questioning is fine.
No. 245417 ID: 1854db

Ambush them. Don't hesitate to kill.
No. 245449 ID: dad664
File 128738085093.gif - (10.45KB , 517x600 , 267.gif )

Alright you bastard, just a little close-
No. 245454 ID: dad664
File 128738088469.gif - (8.52KB , 800x600 , 268.gif )


It's some kind of drone?
No. 245458 ID: 1854db

Eliminate it.
No. 245460 ID: 8555c2

Grab it and break off the antenna. Then go into a side room and smash the fuck out of it.
No. 245463 ID: 1b42c5

yeah, antenna is important. but don't waste time breaking it. they may detect it went down and send something else to check on it.
No. 245472 ID: dad664
File 128738296699.gif - (10.13KB , 800x600 , 269.gif )

>Eliminate it.

No. 245474 ID: 1b42c5

okay, now keep moving.
No. 245476 ID: 8555c2

Now you've got to pick up all the parts off the floor. It's as suspicious as bloodspatter everywhere.
No. 245477 ID: 24a9bd


Try eating them. I want to see something.
No. 245531 ID: dad664
File 128738686576.gif - (4.84KB , 470x362 , 270.gif )

>Try eating some
...it's plastic and metal. How could this ever be palatable?

Yet...part of me says to try anyways...

No. 245533 ID: dad664
File 128738687644.gif - (13.01KB , 650x450 , 271.gif )

No. 245544 ID: 1854db

Okay, so you don't eat metal. Or maybe it's just that particular kind of metal.

Let's keep going then.
No. 245568 ID: c71597

Lets try some delicious meat later. For now lets move on and see what those cryptic messages are all about.
No. 245596 ID: f52552

Now we know, that kind of metal makes your head grow to four times its normal size.
No. 247141 ID: dad664
File 128786639436.gif - (6.23KB , 641x500 , 272.gif )

It was metal and plastic, what in God's name possessed you to think that I could eat it?

>Delicious meat

I stash the pieces of the drone in one of the empty off-rooms, before heading to CenPross.

We've got ourselves a roughly circular room it looks like, with a big-ass cylinder in the middle, and a bunch of rooms along the outer edge. Which do you want to look into first?
No. 247142 ID: 8555c2

The middle. That's where Queen said she'd be. Look for some sort of interface.
No. 247143 ID: 1854db

The Cylinder is your final destination. Peek into the outer rooms first though... might be wise to figure out exactly who it is in there. Is that who you're cloned from? Or is it a separate experiment?
No. 247150 ID: dad664
File 128786829721.gif - (16.81KB , 800x600 , 273.gif )

>Check rooms
Servers. Servers everywhere.

Nothing but big, huge, silently humming servers. There's got to be hundreds if not thousands of terabytes in just one of these things.
No. 247158 ID: 135871

No. 247159 ID: 8555c2

Oh, we are going to have fun with this place when we wrap up business.

Check the center.
No. 247160 ID: 8555c2

Dude, Queen is in there. We break that stuff she dies.
No. 247192 ID: dad664
File 128787252885.gif - (9.80KB , 800x600 , 274.gif )

>Break them
Tempting, but if these are connected to Queenie, then I don't wanna be fucking around with them.

No. 247194 ID: dad664
File 128787256475.gif - (19.21KB , 800x600 , 275.gif )

"...y'elloooo? Queenie? You in here?"

No answer. Fuck it's dark as balls in here.
No. 247201 ID: 8555c2

Look for and turn on lightswitch. If you don't find one walk into the room to trigger motion activated lights. If that doesn't work try the longshot of making bioluminescent tendrils. If even that doesn't work feel around for an interface.
No. 247221 ID: 1854db

Fuck this, we're not going in while it's dark. If you can't get some lights going we're going to get a flashlight.
No. 247240 ID: fd6d7e

No. 247248 ID: a09a03

Don't fumble around for light switches. You might bump into something important, like the 'emergency prisoner kill' button. Try making bioluminescence.
No. 247252 ID: dad664
File 128787625173.gif - (37.01KB , 800x600 , 276.gif )

Man, y'all are a bunch of pussies is what you are. There's at least enough light coming from the...well from the feel of them and look they're like the touchscreen computers that I've seen elsewhere around here. Hmm.

That's odd.
No. 247262 ID: dad664
File 128787669850.gif - (37.44KB , 800x600 , 277.gif )

Well, they're all displaying what looks like an archival process almost. Stuff blurring by on the screen faster than I can recognize the words almost. 'Node 3-A requests data file ABR-12 from Server 4, approved'; 'Commencing encryption of security footage from Psycho-Analysis...done.'; 'Transferring File 41Az321JJ551k to Cluster 7, mark as read-only.' just to prattle off a few that I can glimpse.
No. 247267 ID: 8555c2

Nice rack. I mean server rack.

Disembodied pair of red eyes behind you.
No. 247307 ID: dad664
File 128788036215.gif - (11.49KB , 676x564 , 278.gif )

>Behind you!
Who what!

*click* The lights flicker on as I spin around, a synthesized feminine voice filtering in.

"You've kept me waiting for a long, long, -long- time..."

Oh holy hell...
No. 247313 ID: dad664
File 12878805656.gif - (22.38KB , 800x600 , 279.gif )


"Quite. Now sit your furry ass down, it's time we had a little heart to heart."
No. 247316 ID: 8555c2

Do as the lady says.
No. 247318 ID: d3dfb8

Point out the fact that there are no seats.
No. 247325 ID: fd6d7e

Tell her "after you, madame." ;)
No. 247372 ID: c71597

Wow, she is even more freaky in person.

Well then, do as she says. Need to know what's going on around here and stuff.
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