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File 128604379746.jpg - (92.62KB , 842x519 , crashquesttitle.jpg )
237125 No. 237125 ID: b6c6fc

(I'm new to this, so stop me If I do something wrong)
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No. 237126 ID: b6c6fc
File 128604406932.jpg - (76.77KB , 842x519 , crashquest1.jpg )

you are ace pilot Oken
you have crashed behind enemy lines
thier soldiers are everywhere
your gunner and engineer are missing
what do you do
No. 237127 ID: 3c3565

It appears you've arrived in a new and mysterious land, possibly hostile. Judging by the harsh, exposed terrain, the atmosphere is sun-baked, dry and hot. Sunstroke and heat are your primary concerns right off the bat.
Quickly, shear yourself. Don't want anything extra to trap heat.
No. 237129 ID: 064f59

Did they fall out? Do we remember the crash?

Do we have any food? Any weapons?
No. 237130 ID: 383006

Check the crashed ship for any weapons and supplies like food and water.
No. 237131 ID: a09a03


(Just remember your grammar and continue making the protagonist adorable and you'll probably do fine)
No. 237133 ID: d677cc

What all do we have to work with, here? Anything left in the crashed thing?
No. 237139 ID: 2563d4

Give us a twirl.
No. 237141 ID: b6c6fc
File 128604612221.jpg - (80.57KB , 842x519 , crashquest2.jpg )

you enter your broken starship

almost all the supplies are gone
you find no survival kit
your "friends" must have parachuted out when your ship got hit
they probably took all the kits with them

there might be a weapon in Hoft's locker, but
he gets real mad when you touch his stuff

what do you do?
No. 237142 ID: 2563d4

Raid Hoft's locker. He apparently left you to die anyway.
No. 237143 ID: d677cc

Is Hoft even around? I mean, whether or not he cares is kind of a moot point if he's gone.

And a weapon could prove useful if you're behind enemy lines and alone.
No. 237144 ID: e40e60

Loot it. He'll never know.
No. 237146 ID: 8c0848

No. 237147 ID: a09a03

Break into his locker and take all his shit.
No. 237149 ID: 383006

looting good. Also, are those robots capable to being made into useful robots that can help us?
No. 237154 ID: b6c6fc
File 128604692290.jpg - (79.13KB , 842x519 , crashquest3.jpg )

yeah! screw Hoft! he's a jerk, I'm gonna take his stuff!

inside the locker you find a RAYGUN!
it has 10 shots before it will need a new battery

you feel dangerous, now what?
No. 237165 ID: d677cc

Do you have any idea where a safe place would be? If the enemies noticed that this thing crashed I don't think you're gonna be able to stay here for too long.
No. 237166 ID: a60b73

Awesome. Lets go look for the other peeps. Any idea where they may have landed?
No. 237167 ID: f52552

What, missing six shots? Bah.
If that suit offers any protective value, take it along, otherwise try and get a view of the surrounding terrain.
No. 237168 ID: a09a03

Is that a robot in the back, there?
No. 237169 ID: a594b9

Examine robots. Can you get them to work as guards or something?
No. 237170 ID: 383006

Investigate robots~!
No. 237176 ID: 095f1b

How aggressive is you species?

You appear to be a doe. A deer. A female deer. This does not bode well for killer instinct.
No. 237192 ID: b6c6fc

Prince, your ship's robot
poor Prince I guess he was too heavy to use a

it's seems the crash nocked him offline
he doesn't seem too damaged though
No. 237202 ID: d677cc

Can you fix him?
No. 237204 ID: b6c6fc
File 128604932630.jpg - (57.46KB , 842x519 , crashquest4.jpg )

(posted wrong size)
No. 237210 ID: 2563d4

Well, crack that sucker open and see if anything needs reseating, then fire him up.
No. 237218 ID: 383006

fix robot!
No. 237229 ID: e40e60

Unless we can fix it really fast, we should move. The enemy will be here to investigate the crash soon.
No. 237243 ID: b6c6fc
File 128605129347.jpg - (84.69KB , 842x519 , crashquest5.jpg )

you've seen Mint fix Prince dozens of times
you think he only needs to be rebooted
it shouldn't take long
how hard can it be?

but Mint did order you not
to touch anthing on him
No. 237244 ID: d677cc

Mint's not here either.

Fix the robot! :D
No. 237246 ID: e0a79c

sweetheart, this mint and hoft left you on the ship while they bailed.
they took the survival kits too.
stop hesitating and reboot the robot. it may be your only chance for survival.
No. 237247 ID: e40e60

See if there's any clearly labeled buttons that reboot him.

Also you are adorable
No. 237248 ID: d677cc

Also, you're adorable.
No. 237249 ID: 2563d4

What's your robot do, anyway?

Because the enemy are going to be coming for this ship, and you probably either need it to come with you, or you need to take a thermite blanket to it.

So reboot it.
No. 237252 ID: d677cc

Also also, I hate to break it to you, but your friends probably left you here to die.

So you probably shouldn't worry about them not wanting you to do things. Just sayin'.
No. 237267 ID: b6c6fc
File 128605239122.jpg - (58.69KB , 842x519 , crashquest6.jpg )

"yeah! screw Mint too, she can suck it!"
you open up Prince and fiddle with his mechanics

Oken?, where is Mint? did you turn me on
you are not otherized to do that!
the ship is damaged, critically so
where is Mint she will not be pleased
about this, you will be suspended . . .

Prince continues to rattle on
No. 237271 ID: a594b9

Tell him that the ship's crashed. Emergency protocol dictates that you gather all available resources before moving out to search for the others.
No. 237272 ID: d677cc

Mint is probably dead. The ship crashed and you seem to be the only one left.

See how he responds to that.
No. 237275 ID: 2563d4

Damn. Should have gone with the thermite.

We done looting? Climb on top of the ship to survey the surrounding area while the robot finishes its spiel.
No. 237276 ID: e40e60

No. 237279 ID: e31d52

"Mint left me here to die."

Also what do these folks look like?
No. 237286 ID: a09a03

Are you sure you're an ace pilot? Because you're sounding more like an underling that your team doesn't trust very much.
No. 237293 ID: b6c6fc
File 12860539729.jpg - (59.56KB , 842x519 , crashquest7.jpg )

of course I'm an Ace Pilot! haven't seen my awsome
Pilot's goggles?

Oken: Prince, we crashed, the pinkies shot us
down, Mint and Hoft abandoned us here to
they're probably dead themselves
I need you're help Prince

Prince: . . . I see
it is clear our mission has failed, we
are doomed.
apon your order I will terminate you,
I will terminate the ship, and I will
terminate myself, the enemy will never
recieve our technology
No. 237299 ID: d677cc

"Prince that is not help."
No. 237300 ID: 2563d4

Tell him to leave you until last.
No. 237301 ID: a594b9

That sounds about right.
No. 237302 ID: 13cc3a

blowing up the ship? fine.
you and him dying? not fine.
No. 237304 ID: bf1e7e

>we crashed, the pinkies shot us

oh god here we go
No. 237320 ID: a09a03

Shut it back off! Shut it off!
No. 237343 ID: e40e60

Tell him that you still have a pretty good chance of getting back.

Requesting further information.
No. 237347 ID: b6c6fc
File 128605619241.jpg - (79.96KB , 842x519 , crashquest8.jpg )

Oken: Prince, that is not help.
I need you to gather any supplies left here
then you can blow up the ship

but not us! got that?
Prince: . . .Orders recieved,

Prince has joined the party!
No. 237358 ID: 383006

well, get out of there I guess.
No. 237360 ID: d677cc

Aight, let's blow this popsicle stand.

You have any idea of where would be a good direction to head from here?
No. 237362 ID: 13cc3a

best heading would be to get to the highest location and see if you can identify any towns or something.
No. 237388 ID: b6c6fc
File 128605784539.jpg - (84.84KB , 842x519 , crashquest9.jpg )

Prince picks up [veggie rationsx20],[spacesuit],[batterie]
Prince begins to charge his eye laser
it will a little while before he has enough energy to vaporize the ship

Oken looks about for civilization, but all she can see is dunes, she could use her [space compass!] to track either animal life signs, plant life signs, energy signals, magnetic fields, gravity distortions or pirates
No. 237389 ID: 383006

Scan through all that shit. Start with pirates I suppose, then animals.
No. 237391 ID: 13cc3a

energy signals, magnetic fields will give bad readings due to prince over there charging. let's look for plants. plants = food.
No. 237407 ID: f4963f

We are a cute deer person.

Cute deer people eat plants.

Find plants Oken!
No. 237413 ID: 2563d4

We have plenty of rations.

Clearly we must locate pirates, presumably by scanning for abnormal concentrations of awesome.
No. 237414 ID: a09a03

Check for pirates.
No. 237417 ID: b6c6fc
File 128605993665.jpg - (81.73KB , 842x519 , crashquest10.jpg )

Oken decides to make a quick scan of everything
plant scan: north, weak signal west
pirate scan: there are no pirates
animal scan, imediate area, east, west, south
magnetic scan: right of ship crash
gravatational scan: down
energy scan: east, south, south-west
No. 237418 ID: e40e60

No. 237419 ID: f4963f

>Gravitational scan: Down

Let's go north, to the area with plants (but apparently not animals?).

What's our objective here anyway?
No. 237420 ID: e40e60

Disregard this post
Head southwest.
No. 237421 ID: 13cc3a

get more detail on the plant scan.
No. 237426 ID: 2563d4

Which way were you flying, and were you returning to base or departing from it? (And was that a straight path?)
No. 237428 ID: d677cc

I kind of want to say southwest as well.
No. 237441 ID: d677cc

Wait, actually, >>237426. You were the pilot; I'd hope you'd know where you were trying to head for and coming from.
No. 237446 ID: b6c6fc
File 128606277367.jpg - (101.86KB , 842x519 , crashquest11.jpg )

Oken "uh Prince, what was our mission plan again?"

Prince: "descend from orbit.
approach vector on enemy city [Parlshima Harbor].
deliver payload of nuclear robot.
enemy city destroyed."

Oken: "oh . . . right"
Prince: "have you determined our course yet?"
No. 237453 ID: f4963f

So we're trying to get to ENEMY CITY and deliver one NUCLEAR ROBOT.

Do we have... I dunno. A map of the planet we're bombing? You could probably figure out which direction the city's in from there.
No. 237455 ID: d677cc

Let's make our way to that city, if we can.

Which way is that from here?
No. 237456 ID: a594b9

Energy and animals are east. I'm guessing that's where the city is. Weak plant and animal is west. Keep in mind we had veggie rations... so our buddies are probably west.

Let's go west and pick them up before doing anything else... but first, scan that magnetic signal in a little more detail and track it down if it's really close by.
No. 237478 ID: b6c6fc
File 128606432121.jpg - (88.85KB , 842x519 , crashquest12.jpg )

you don't know where the city is
nor do you have a map

this is all you have: novella, space compass,raygun (10 shots) pilot goggles,lucky earing, combat jacket, grav boots, 12 vapins (money), clothing

plant signal to north is small but close.
energy signal to east has dimmed
energy signal south is very strong
No. 237479 ID: 2563d4

>probable rescue for downed soldiers

We just blew up our radio, didn't we.
No. 237480 ID: e40e60

Change vote to west.
No. 237481 ID: 13cc3a

No. 237482 ID: a594b9

No. 237483 ID: 2563d4

East, toward the dimming signal.

>Grav boots
Hells yeah.
No. 237498 ID: b6c6fc
File 128606602251.jpg - (70.20KB , 842x519 , crashquest13.jpg )

Oken: "screw the plants, I got plenty of food!
Prince, we're going west"

after a few hours of travel, Oken realizes that life in the desert is quite harsh without water

Prince: "Oken, my sensors are detecting movment over the next dune!"
No. 237499 ID: 13cc3a

have prince charge and you ready your gun. but don't shoot until you can confirm hostile.
No. 237503 ID: a594b9

Oh shit, this is desert? We need to find water quick, then.

Investigate the movement. It looks like one of your shipmates is here... that discarded wrench and parachute leads me to believe it's your mechanic.
No. 237504 ID: 2563d4

Grab the spanner. Tell the robot to shush. Stow the goggles momentarily, for while they are awesome, they are probably also very shiny and visible. Peek over the dune.
No. 237505 ID: d677cc

Ready your weapon; don't be trigger-happy.
No. 237516 ID: e40e60

Can you recognize what that thing next to the wrench is from? How about the footprints?
No. 237529 ID: b6c6fc
File 128606986266.jpg - (113.46KB , 842x519 , crashquest14.jpg )

Oken picks up the spanner
the object appears to be a half barried parachute

Oken takes off her shiny goggles, and tells Prince to be quiet,you approach

PINKIES! it looks like they got Mint . . .
No. 237530 ID: d677cc

Oh jeez you can't take on three of those guys at all. Stay down.
No. 237533 ID: 230121

Well, shit, It's the Imperial Guard. You are fucked. Well not literally, then they would be heretics but still.
No. 237534 ID: 2563d4

So, if your robot shoop-da-whoop's one of them, what the odds you could take the other two with the pistol, given they've got their backs turned and are apparently quite distracted?

Or is charging his laser noisy?
No. 237535 ID: 643adc

Got is an understatement. Man that`s -gooie-. How many bullets did those guys use?

Shed a single tear for your fallen Companion, feel guilty for thinking meanly of her earlier. I think our best bet is try to sneak off... they haven't spotted us yet, so lets get out while we still can.

There's no way we're taking three fully armored, and armed Pinkies with a single blaster!

Also what do our Grav boots DO? are they just for walking in 0g Environments or do they have other functions?

For that matter how powerful is that little sidearm? Does it just vaporize targets in one shot or is it similar to a Pinkie pistol?
No. 237536 ID: 13cc3a

how much damage could Prince do? he is a death robot, don't think their lasers could hurt him.
No. 237537 ID: 643adc

On that note. Why are we at war with these guys anyway?

They... don't worship some sort of 'God Emperor of mankind' or something do they?
No. 237538 ID: 3416ec

Turn right around and head for the plants area.

No. 237547 ID: e4a16b

smug bastards look distracted. you can probably blast one before the others can react. order prince to attack after you make your shot and surprise is lost.
No. 237550 ID: e40e60

You shoot at the one to your right, Prince takes out the two to the left. If Prince can't take out both, immediately follow up your first shot with another couple aimed at those two. Stay mostly behind the cover of your dune, sand is excellent for stopping small arms fire.
No. 237555 ID: b6c6fc
File 12860735965.jpg - (76.50KB , 842x519 , crashquest15.jpg )

they're actually called the window corps, but no one calls them that, they call us furry devils, we call em pinkies, as far as the war goes, the second they set foot onto our planets, they opened fire, civilians, soldiers, children, they don't seem to be able to tell the difference, they just gun done everyone
we've been fighting this war for 30 years and we still don't know why

as far as thier gear goes, it's all garbage
thier bullets will have a hard time getting through my combat jacket, I'll be fine as long as they don't shoot me in the head
I don't even know if bullets can hurt robots

there's now way they could miss Prince's charge up, but if he could get if off they'd all be toast, though I guess he could do small blasts as well

Ray tech can either spread the beam, or focus it
a full spread would only shock them, a full focused beam could vapourize a guys head, even if he was wearing a helmet
though, I'm not really good at aiming

grav boots can do a number of things, but they pretty much make you stick or bounce off of stuff
No. 237560 ID: 2563d4

>a full spread would only shock them
...long enough for Prince to charge?
No. 237563 ID: 1578e2

Why is this war still happening if your light jacket makes you immune to their rifle rounds?

Why have your deer compatriots not just burned all the human worlds yet?
No. 237564 ID: e40e60

Full spread, then switch to a tighter beam and kill them all while they're stunned. Take one rifle and several magazines (even if it's lower-tech, a rifle is much more accurate and has a lot more ammo available).
No. 237578 ID: d677cc

Shock 'em.
No. 237579 ID: 13cc3a

OR "they started it" is just what your superiors tell you, why would a lower tech Civ attempt to fight something that outclasses them in all ways?
No. 237580 ID: 13cc3a

hmm, the one with the thing on his helmet is probably a leader. kill the other two and then stun him really fucking hard, then tie him up.
No. 237581 ID: 67c611

Spread shot. Prince: open fire. Concentrated shot on one of them. Go from there.
No. 237588 ID: b6c6fc
File 12860786201.jpg - (148.43KB , 842x519 , crashquest16.jpg )

huh? Prince's laser didn't kill them?
. . . the Commander would never lie to us . . .
No. 237589 ID: 1578e2

Might want to shoot that one that dodged.
No. 237590 ID: 13cc3a

No. 237591 ID: d677cc

Get down, you missed one.

Also I'm starting to second-guess pretty much everything about this operation here.
No. 237599 ID: a594b9

Focus beam the one that dodged. Prince can take out the one that's shocked.
No. 237602 ID: b6c6fc
File 128608139143.jpg - (115.18KB , 842x519 , crashquest17.jpg )

Prince: Oken my weapons are failing . . .
No. 237604 ID: d677cc

Crud, that means there's still one more.

But you seem pretty good with the gun, given the circumstances.
No. 237605 ID: f4963f

You'll have to take out the pudgy pink scum yourself!

Gun for the nearest one, keep yourself covered.
No. 237606 ID: 13cc3a

i think Prince's beam only works on inorganic materials. take out the one with the gun, would leave the leader guy alive who doesn't have a weapon while you do.
No. 237607 ID: 8843e6

just run
No. 237624 ID: b6c6fc
File 128608493421.jpg - (112.42KB , 842x519 , crashquest18.jpg )

No. 237625 ID: 13cc3a

that is NOT bullets. they have laser guns. finish that guy off and then point your gun at the leader guy and demand answers.
No. 237626 ID: 0b2a05

Jump over the ridge and fire on his weapon arm! If your gun doesn't work, don't indicate it and jump ontop of him, and point it at his face! Say "Freeze!" if you can.
No. 237628 ID: b6c6fc

(I need sleep, I'll be back tommorow or sunday)
No. 237630 ID: 13cc3a

(tomorrow IS Sunday :P )
No. 237633 ID: b6c6fc

er yeah, I mean monday . . . sleep is good
No. 237754 ID: e40e60

These guys are much better equipped than you gave them credit for. Take any useful gear you find on them.
No. 237758 ID: c71597

One of them should still be somewhat alive. Go and interogate him and see if there's any of their gear that would be useful to you.
No. 237778 ID: 67c611

Kill all three. Check on Mint. Loot. Inventory listing (take/leave etc). Head to next closest lifesign.

[Animal includes sapient beings?]
No. 237779 ID: 4f6e37

Nononono don't kill everyone
If there's one alive the blood loss'll get him soon anyway, leaving you time to question him. THEN you steal their shit.
Their batteries aren't compatible with your crazy portable holemaker, are they? Cos if they aren't just take one of their guns. Or all three. Yeah all three.
No. 237782 ID: 2563d4

Robot stuck!
No. 237784 ID: d677cc

Robot stuuuuuck!
No. 237785 ID: c71597

One gun blew up though. And it's uncertain wheter the owner died or not, his breastplate might have shielded him from most of the blast. Although it seems weird that the robot lazers could blow up a ship but now some pinks. Maybe it's less effective on organic compounds or something?

By the way, can you even speak pinko or do you have a translator? Because it could be hard to ask them questions and get useful answers without the ability to communicate. If you can't communicate then just cut their throats with some jagged piece of metal and then loot whatever you find that is useful.
No. 237849 ID: a594b9

Try to carefully shoot his gun without killing him so we can interrogate him. We need to find out what direction the city is, and if they found our other crewmember.
No. 237875 ID: b6c6fc
File 128614211479.jpg - (105.00KB , 842x519 , crashquest19.jpg )

I think the other guy with burnt chest plate is still alive, I hear him moaning

I don't speak Pinkie, but a lot of them speak a
little Astranian (our language)

Prince can translate just about any language,

[It's now safe enough for Oken to examine stuff]
No. 237879 ID: a09a03

Examine Mint's corpse.
No. 237880 ID: 92a58c

yeah, check her out and have prince glare at them menacingly. while you work so they don't get any funny ideas. then ask them what they are doing here.
No. 237882 ID: c71597

Well that Pinko is going to bleed out and not be moving anywhere soon. Slice his throat, don't waste anymore of your precious ammo.

Then go find the rifle of the Pinko that tried to flank you and go interogate the last survivor. Lets see if we can get anything out of him before killing him.
No. 237883 ID: 92a58c

you never heard of the Geneva convention? turnacut the guy's leg and wrist. and ask questsions. if they see you aren't a monster they would be more inclined to answer.
No. 237884 ID: c71597

Sure I have. I tend to ignnore it when it's not useful. Right now one of them is dying from bloodless and then possibly infection. And he's very much criplled. We can't take the time needed to treat him and he could inform our enemies about our position. He dies. Other guy can also inform them where we are and what direction we headed in and what gear we have. He dies as well. We don't have the resources to play nice here so sadly they had some very bad luck right now.
No. 237885 ID: 0b2a05

Check mint, and keep your weapon trained! Is she truly dead?!
No. 237901 ID: e40e60

Kill one, interrogate the other.
No. 237903 ID: 56dc25

I really don't think that random deer aliens are signatories. Also, considering that they rampantly slaughter civilians whenever given the opportunity and nuke cities I'm reasonably certain that neither side in this conflict is paying the laws of war much mind.

Find out if the third member of your crew has been found/killed yet, if you can. Also take anything useful from their gear (grenades, perhaps?) and find out how many more of their forces are in the area before finishing them off.
No. 237912 ID: b6c6fc
File 128614527744.jpg - (89.11KB , 842x519 , crashquest20.jpg )

I don't have any thing sharp to cut a neck
and I'm not sure I could do that in cold blood

Mint's body is coated with mud
she has: 3 mostly empty cantines, a tazer, grav boots, hat, rubber gloves, multitool, medication, clothing, 23 vapins(money)
No. 237914 ID: 660aa0

wait, so she ... drowned to death? are you SURE the pinkies are enemies?
No. 237919 ID: a09a03

Take her shit and then rough up one of the humans. Be all angry about it.
No. 237922 ID: 61377a

...wait is she even -dead-? I don't see any bullet wounds. What even happened here?

But yeah don't worry about killing both, maybe you can get one to talk by threatening the other if it comes to that.

Also have you helped the poor robot stand up yet?
No. 237925 ID: d677cc

Wait, how the heck did she even die?

Did she even die?
No. 237929 ID: c71597

They probably have combat knife or something. Otherwise you could just order Prince to crush their heads under his tracks.

But time for some looting action. Grab the tazer, the tool, the rubber gloves and the medication.

Then go grab the intact pinkie rifle.
No. 237930 ID: 0b2a05

Medication for what? Damnit, is she alive?
No. 237942 ID: 701a19

Check for life signs. If she's still warm, then begin CPR.
No. 237962 ID: e40e60

Confirm that she is dead.
No. 237966 ID: 2563d4

>I'm not sure I could do that in cold blood

It's not a silly vengeance thing, or even hurr-pragmatics-means-The-Punisher; it's a mercy thing. With a hole like that in his leg he's going to bleed out anyway.

>begin CPR.

That's not how CPR works.
No. 237970 ID: a594b9

>coated with mud

Uh, is she bleeding at all? Maybe they just knocked her out. Check for vital signs.
No. 237979 ID: 8c0848

The soldiers dumped their canteens on her for something. If you're out in the desert, you don't dump out your water unless you have a very good reason. Maybe they weren't attacking her and you killed them in cold blood.
No. 237983 ID: 701a19

Err... Yea, it is. If she's cooled off then it's obviously too late, but otherwise there's a chance it'll work and thus it's worth trying.
No. 237986 ID: a594b9

Let's do CCR instead.

Or we could just use that medkit that's nearby. Got any crazy future tech for reviving people?
No. 237987 ID: fd6d7e


Cold blood is when your blood is literally cold. That is, when you're not excited and scared and junk. Calm minded would be a better term, or level headed.
No. 238010 ID: 701a19

CPR is better than CCR if the person is a drowning victim.

Screw it:
No. 238038 ID: b6c6fc
File 12861648349.jpg - (114.16KB , 842x519 , crashquest21.jpg )

Mint isn't dead at all!
she's been paralized with a stun laser!
the affect should only last 4-5 hours

a stimshot, might snap her out of it immediatly
it also might rupture her heart

funny though, the commander told me Pinkies never take prisoners
No. 238041 ID: 0b2a05

Step back, aim at both humans at once! Or alternating! HE'S DOING SOMETHING BAD TO YOUR ROBOT!
No. 238043 ID: fd6d7e


The commander also told you that Prince's lasers would kill anything, and was that true? huh?

Oh my god is that

That's a ringed tail.

A tail with rings on it.

...pretend it's not even half as cute as your own.
No. 238044 ID: b5448b

point your gun at the guy with the helmet and growl at him. even if he can't understand words he will understand that. tell Prince to translate. "what are you doing here?"

also, looks like your commander is in fact a liar, he just wanted you too scared of them to worry about killing them.
No. 238046 ID: a09a03

Commander Windows is drawing a sidearm. You should shoot him in the face.
No. 238050 ID: f4963f

What's HE so happy about? Half his leg's missing.

Anyway, yeah. Heads up for commander Windows. We'll figure out more about these mysterious contradictions after we've ensured that we don't become target practice.
No. 238051 ID: 6a0dee

Might be shock. Losing a chunk of your leg will do that to you.
No. 238052 ID: a594b9

Yell at them not to move. Also tell Prince not to shoot for now.

Also I think maybe the humans' actions have been exaggerated. Like, a lot.
No. 238053 ID: b6c6fc
File 128616752853.jpg - (120.06KB , 842x519 , crashquest22.jpg )


the pinkie ignores Oken
No. 238054 ID: fd6d7e

That went well.
No. 238055 ID: 56dc25

Glad you reacted as fast as you did; that could have been bad. Make sure that the other one is in no position to try anything, and bind your leg with something before it starts bleeding enough to slow you down. You've got a first aid kit or equivalent, yes?
No. 238056 ID: b5448b

i don't think the other guy is gonna try anything after seeing that. first aid kit right there, use it. then start interrogating the last guy.
No. 238057 ID: fd6d7e

Now a seasoned soldier would have just disabled the guy's weapon. But that's why being a green rookie with all the psychotic eager energy that implies, is so awesome. MAN DID YOU SEE HIS HEAD IT WAS LIKE POW AND HIS GUN WAS LIKE BANG AND ow shit my leg.
No. 238058 ID: a09a03

No. 238059 ID: 0b2a05

Fall back on your ass, point the gun at the other human, hold your leg. Tell him to STRIP TO BOXERS so you won't have to kill him like the one that shot you!
No. 238060 ID: e3f578

Yell to the living soldier that You. Don't. Fuck. Around. Even if he doesn't understand a single word of your language, he'll get the message.
No. 238063 ID: d677cc

You alright? You just got hit in the leg.
No. 238067 ID: b6c6fc
File 128617008864.jpg - (104.77KB , 842x519 , crashquest23.jpg )

aahhh my leg hurts
I use the med kit, to bind my wound
I get Prince to make sure there are no more hidden
weapons, he also gathers up the other guns
Prince collects, stun rifle (48 shots) a revolver (5 shots) and 3 combat knives

I keep my gun targeted on the last Pinkie
[tears stream down Oken's face]

Oken: "D-Don't move or I'll F-Fucking waste you!"
Oken: "w-where's Parlshima! T-tell me!"
Pinkie: "south! south!, don't shoot!"

now what?
No. 238068 ID: b5448b

ask what his mission is.
No. 238072 ID: 56dc25

Find out how many other pinkies are in the region. And what they were planning to do with Mint.
No. 238083 ID: a09a03

Say "Why did you, uh, stun my friend?"

Feel bad as you realize that they only stunned her and then you blew them away. Question the morality of escorting a crawling nuclear bomb into a city.

What's all that stuff off in the distance?
No. 238085 ID: dad664

Demand answers. Nothing about this war seems "right." You've got tech that is clearly outclassing theirs, what the fuck is going on.
No. 238087 ID: f4963f

Ask about your friend.
Ask about his mission.
No. 238096 ID: 701a19

"Prince, it seems we've got quite a bit of bad intel. This is now an intelligence operation, do you understand?
Pinky! State your name, rank, and serial number! We'll go from there."

This guy is no threat, and he's terrified of you. See how well you can extract information from him; if he's cooperative, then treat his wounds and take him with you.
They took a prisoner and are equipped with energy weapons, so you are in dire need of finding out how much else of what you know is false. However, please note that this doesn't mean command lied to you; it's entirely possible that you were attacked by one faction of this species, and bad intel lead to command not being aware of the distinction.
No. 238122 ID: 67c611

See? This is why you kill them all. When you don't, you get shot.

Waste him and get moving to the next lifesign.
No. 238132 ID: d677cc

We're still talking to him, sorry.
No. 238140 ID: 67c611

I've changed my mind. Let's go with some other plan and see what happens. Start asking questions.
No. 238159 ID: c71597

Ask what was going on here and how many other soldiers are in the region. Then shoot him in the head with the revolver unless it seems like he has any other valuble information.
No. 238183 ID: b6c6fc
File 128619671845.jpg - (84.88KB , 842x519 , crashquest24.jpg )

I glance over to the rock out cropping, . . . I don't want to look into his eyes

Oken: "What's your mission!"
Pinkie: "Patrol! Patrol!"
Oken: "how many patrols!"
Pinkie: "four, five, I don't know! don't shoot!"

I can't let him live, he'll tell the other patrols!

Oken: "S-SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!, you shot my friend, why?
Pinkie:"only stun! not dead! not dead!"
Pinkie:"protect city!, only stun., not dead."

I can't let him live, I can' take him with me,
he's too dangerous!

Oken: "name. rank. serial number!"
Pinkie: " Enrad, William T., Parlshima Police, rookie

oh gods, they're just police, protecting thier
city . . . from people like me
I don't want to kill him, but I can't let him live!

I don't think he knows anything else
what do I do?!
No. 238185 ID: e31d52

"If I let you live, you'll probably bleed to death here or starve if no one finds you. If I shoot you, you die now, and I feel that much better."
No. 238187 ID: 56dc25

It sucks, but you did come here with the mission to nuke their city, which would have resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands if not millions. No point feeling bad about three guys if you were willing to do that.

So stop shaking and pull yourself together.
No. 238188 ID: 476456

well your options are...

kill him and finish mission..

or b dont kill him and abort..

or C side with him, however its a bit early to be making that sort of decision.

patch up his leg, you cant really move till your friend is unstunned.
No. 238190 ID: 732129

Tend his wound, then continue questioning him. It's obvious these people aren't heartless murderers; either your entire civilization is badly mistaken about the fundamental nature of the pinkies, or you've been lied to by your officers for some reason. You need to figure out which.
No. 238195 ID: c71597

Look away and ask Prince to handle it.

Prince can carry your friend while you keep moving. They're soon going to notice that one of their patrols went silent and send more people to investigate. You have already stayed here for too long, have to keep moving.
No. 238215 ID: 099247

Blast him. You've just murdered two of his friends and you're on your way to nuke their city. You're already far too deep to wade out now, Macbeth.
No. 238218 ID: b5448b

tend his wound and explain your superior gave you faulty information.
No. 238240 ID: f4963f

Check his body for weapons and disarm him. Then tend to his wound.

We're gonna have questions for our friend when she wakes up, but that's not gonna happen for several hours yet.

Given what we know now, I don't believe we can continue the mission in good faith. We need more information before we can come to a good decision.

Your priority should be to take the surviving human and your stunned comerade away from the patrol site, to a hidden location. We need to buy ourselves time for Mint to wake up.

Ask how frequent the patrols are.
No. 238250 ID: 701a19

No. You can let him live, just not let him leave.
He may not know anything pertinent to the mission, but he does know everything that a common person would know, such as what their people have been told about the war.

Demand to know where his patrol vehicle is. Have Prince cover you while you treat his wounds, then have him watch the prisoner while you go jack his patrol vehicle.
No. 238254 ID: 0b2a05

Yes. This is very important. Clearly there's some disconnect here, you need to find it out. First though, make him not die.
No. 238255 ID: 2563d4

Sunk cost is a terrible thing, oh Scottish tragedy.

Probably this. How's Prince at manhandlng mans?
No. 238256 ID: e40e60

Looks like you're going to have to...
[put on goggles]
No. 238317 ID: f35afd

Heal him up and let him live. What kind of monster are you?
No. 238338 ID: f52552

Dangit, it's name, quest, favorite color.
That said, how long do you think you can survive out here?
No. 238343 ID: dad664

Stun him. Leave him in the mud like they left Mint.
No. 238361 ID: 701a19

Err... You know that Mint looks like they were treating her for severe overheating, right? Those weren't her canteens, and all that fur midday in a desert...
No. 238401 ID: fd6d7e


She's a tiny deer.


Your berserker rage is wearing off, so just give in to the hopeless tears and let yourself be nice to him. Trust me you'll feel better.

You can always pretend you were brainwashed by some crazy animal cult. Because this sort of thing only happens in cases like that.

The women children and so forth that they shooted on your planets, they wouldn't happen to walk on four legs and not wear clothes would they?

Oh one more thing. On no circumstances are you to let Prince get anywhere near Parlshima until you have a better idea what the situation is. Under no circumstances. Millions of lives could be at stake.
No. 238419 ID: c6fa0a

Ah, yeah... is PRINCE the NUCLEAR ROBOT we were supposed to deliver? D:
No. 238463 ID: b6c6fc
File 128623622641.jpg - (117.18KB , 842x519 , crashquest25.jpg )

"I-I can't do it, I'M NOT A MONSTER!"
Oken drops the revolver

Enrad sighs and colapses

Reality hits poor Oken like a ton bricks the two pinkies she's slain, the millions she was going to murder, the betrayal of her friends and comanding officers, her own fatige and injury . . .

Oken breaks down and sobs uncontrollably

Chapter 1 end
No. 238465 ID: 701a19

Stop crying and start treating people! You are being silly.
No. 238466 ID: a09a03

There, there.

Was the robot going to explode to blow up the city, or just charge up a really big laser blast?
No. 238473 ID: c71597

Stop crying and get a move on. Once it becomes clear for the pinkies what your mission was and what happened here they're not likely to be in a very merciful mood. And even if they are, life in a prison camp is distinctly unpleasant and boring. And the alternative of turning on your own people is rather unappetising, since the pinks will never really trust you. After all, how can you trust someone that turns on their own species?
No. 238516 ID: b6c6fc
File 128624307253.jpg - (84.05KB , 481x715 , OkenPortrait.jpg )

I hope you all enjoyed, the first chapter of CRASH QUEST,

you guys have all been awsome, thanks for all
the great comments, as a bit of a thank you
here's some concept art!

(I'm not sure If I'm supposed start the new chapter here, or in a new thread)
No. 238518 ID: fab621

Generally a new thread will do.
No. 238520 ID: 2563d4

It's only 200 posts. You could probably re-use this thread unless the next chapter is going to be much larger.

The cut-off is usually "when your browser locks up loading the thread".
No. 238521 ID: 383006

Goddamit now I have to recolor all my fanart. >:C
No. 238524 ID: 45be60

Yeah, you could do another chapter in this thread. At 500+ posts maybe start thinking about a new one, don't go over a thousand if you can possibly help it.
No. 238525 ID: b6c6fc

lol, please don't! the colours I chose might not even be cannon . . . I would be eager to see what colour Ideas you guys come up with!

heh, I guess it's too late for that now . . .
No. 238825 ID: b6c6fc
File 128631377517.jpg - (101.50KB , 842x519 , crashquesttitle2.jpg )

chapter 2 is go!
No. 238827 ID: 476456

move your weapon away from him.
No. 238830 ID: 9bd27f


Tend Enrad's wounds, unless you want to bump the ol' murder count to 3.
No. 238831 ID: 127c1a

buck up soldier, your new mission is investigate.
No. 238832 ID: 701a19

First: Stop crying, tiny deer.
Second: That man needs medical attention. Make it happen.
Third: Tell Prince that this is now an intelligence gathering mission due to glaring inconsistencies with current intel.
No. 238836 ID: c71597

Get Mint loaded up on top of prince, get your stuff and lets go. This area is going to be crawling with pinkies soon. Even if they're not the monsters they have been made out to be they're probably not going to be nice.

Oh, and you should probaly dump Prince once Mint wakes up. Having a walking nuclear device with you that leaves very visible tracks is not a good idea.
No. 238840 ID: b6c6fc
File 12863146162.jpg - (82.39KB , 842x519 , crashquest26.jpg )

>Nuclear Smartbomb: PR156 "Prince" online
>STATUS: stranded in hostile territory
>SYSTEMS: functioning at critical
>CREW-ENGINEER: Incapacitated/Dying
>CREW-PILOT: unknown Illness/Dying

>What is my current directive?
No. 238841 ID: 127c1a

question pilot on current status.
No. 238843 ID: e31d52

>unknown Illness/Dying

No. 238846 ID: c71597

Both have been compromised. Continue mission on your own. You have been given the direction, which seems to be south, you have your orders. Now carry out your mission.
No. 238847 ID: e3f578

Price cannot compute sadness.

Quickly Prince, run over the hyyyyyyooooman. Squishy squishy. Tell Pilot to shut the fuck up or you're going to give it such a boo-boo.
No. 238850 ID: a594b9

Also I think both are listed as "Dying" because... they're not immortal. Such is a robot's perspective.

Current directive: request repairs.
No. 238854 ID: 2563d4

>What is my current directive?


Then pick up the human.
No. 238869 ID: 0b2a05

No, don't do this. Strange circumstances have arisen, it requires more investigation. Examine engineer, if medical attention can be administered, do so, unless you are unfit, in which case tell the pilot that despite her illness, she needs to "Administer medical attention immediately."
No. 238886 ID: b6c6fc
File 128631850910.jpg - (90.49KB , 842x519 , crashquest27.jpg )



CREW-ENGINEER: [Incapacitaded] paralized by stun rifle, Treatments: Time 4 hours;
stim injector? negetive, victim too weak
[Dying] Heat exposer, time till death, 2 hours, Treatment: remove from heat

CREW-PILOT: [unknown Illness] identified! SADNESS, Treatments: unknown
[dying] dehydration, time till death 8 hours, Treatments: ingest water, remove from heat
No. 238887 ID: 127c1a

Zoom in on distant black shape, analysis? possible lowered heat?
No. 238888 ID: a594b9

Identify shadow in distance. Warn PILOT and begin charging laser if hostile. If not hostile, alert PILOT to proper medical treatment of both her and ENGINEER.
No. 238891 ID: 2563d4

If only you hadn't been so eager to vapourise the shade-providing ship, eh?
No. 238902 ID: 701a19

Alert Pilot to proper medical care for Engineer, Pilot, and CAPTIVE.
Identify unidentified target.
No. 238924 ID: c71597

Asses if the thing in the distance is a hostile.

Begin preparations for continuation of the mission on your own.
No. 238930 ID: a09a03

Get Oken some water. That might make her feel a little better.

Give the human captive medical attention.
No. 238977 ID: b6c6fc
File 128632452983.jpg - (96.55KB , 842x519 , crashquest28.jpg )

object is a police class mobile dune tower
vehicle appears to be unmanned
vehicle is stationary
distance 700 metres

Prince:"Oken drink this water"
I give the pilot one of the three mostly empty cantines, she continues sobing but still drinks

PRISONER STATUS: critically injured /dying
[critically injured] massive leg wound, Treatments: amputation,cauterize.
major hand wound: Treatments: suture, bandage
[Dying]bloodloss, time till death 20 minutes
treatments: staunch blood flow, treat injury
No. 238978 ID: 2563d4

Laser-cauterize the leg wound.

The longer plan needs to be to get all recoverable persons to the shade of that vehicle.
No. 238982 ID: c71597

Drag the two crewmembers over to the vehicle and get them into shade.

See if you can find some information about human patrol patterns in the area and the best route to reach the city with. The base mission is still on, there is still an explosion waiting to happen.
No. 238988 ID: 127c1a

tell Pilot that if she wishes prisoner to live then she needs to cauterize his wound.
No. 238996 ID: d677cc

Yes, this. It's understandable for Oken to be shaken up about what she's done, but this is a bad time for her to be completely useless.
No. 239005 ID: a594b9

Definitely laser-amputate and cauterize the prisoner's leg.
No. 239090 ID: b6c6fc
File 12863348886.jpg - (107.34KB , 842x519 , crashquest29.jpg )

Prince: "Oken! if you desire for this prisoner to live, he needs medical treatment, immediatly!"
Oken: "u-uh?"
Prince: "I cannot do this alone! I need your hands."
Oken: "right! I-I'll do my best"

we amputate the Pinkskin's leg, and give him proper medical treatment, he will live, for now . . .

Oken: "I'm sorry about earlier, prince I'll try not to let that happen again
Prince: "we are still indanger! the time for apologies is later!"
Oken: "right!"

(control switches back too Oken)
No. 239100 ID: d677cc

Aight, Oken. You and Prince need to get yourselves, Mint, and the prisoner over to the vehicle Prince noticed. Mint in particular needs to get in the shade, as she's suffering from heat exposure.
No. 239101 ID: 127c1a

yeah, all that fur can not be a good thing out here.
No. 239104 ID: 701a19

You've got less than two hours to save Mint.

Ask Enrad what's needed to start the vehicle.
Take the cloth and drape them over Prince's arms. Use junk and hard armor to form a crude sun shelter for Mint and Enrad, then head for the vehicle. It should take you less than 15 minutes to walk there, and far less to get it started and drive it back, but setting up a crude shelter is quick and covers contingencies.

Once everybody is loaded onto the vehicle, start heading towards lesser lifesigns in the hopes that your buddy is still alive.
No. 239111 ID: d677cc

This could work too. You have a lot more time to work with and aren't paralyzed or crippled.
No. 239365 ID: c71597

Drag your sorry asses over into the shade of that patrol vehicle that Prince noticed. Then I guess you should figure out what to do. While the pinks are not the monsters you have been told they are, they're not very likely to be nice either when they find out that you were on a run to bomb one of their cities with a nuclear device. Things like that tends to make people upset.

It would probably be a decent idea to dump Prince at some point. It will give you a bit more plausible denial. Then you can say that you really had no idea what the mission was really about and the crazy robot just went off on its own and then there was a big explosion and you were all like "What the fuck?! I have been walking around next to a fucking nuke? My people are crazy!" and hopefully not get sentanced to meet a firing squad at dawn.
No. 239432 ID: 67c611

Get to the vehicle. Get shade. Get water.
No. 239555 ID: fd6d7e

Jeezus not even any pain meds that might turn out badly.
No. 239558 ID: b6c6fc
File 128640828682.jpg - (99.46KB , 842x519 , crashquest30.jpg )

>Oken can find no cloth
>Oken asks Enrad what's necessary to pilot the dune tower, he gives he a ring of keys
>Oken picks up the revolver and Mint, the party then travels towards the vehicle

Poor Mint, I remember her telling me she came from the IceWorld: Vin-Malor. the climate must be terrible for her here

we arrive in the shadow of the massive DuneTower

>Enrad can climb up despite his injuries, Oken can climb up even while carrying Mint, Prince cannot climb up
No. 239561 ID: dad664

He's grinning.

He's plotting something!
No. 239562 ID: bd86c3

are you sure that isn't a grimace?

anyway. look for any ramp controls or something to get prince loaded up onto the ship as well. get mint up and in the shade.
No. 239564 ID: 2563d4

...did Prince leave his right track in the sand? So much for repairing that, then.

Price can sit and laser-stare at the captive while Oken explores the cabin, then.
No. 239565 ID: 701a19

He doesn't need to be in the passenger area. He can instead latch on to the supports and ride that way.
That will give you the chance to quietly tell Enrad what your mission was, and let him know that Prince is going to try to complete that mission on its own if it suspects something is wrong.
Look for life signs that could be your gunner. You need to find them as quickly as possible.
No. 239577 ID: b6c6fc
File 128641127670.jpg - (100.13KB , 842x519 , crashquest31.jpg )

>Oken carries mint up into the cabin

It's nice and cool in here
No. 239579 ID: 2563d4

Well, examine everything. In particular if that cage is lockable for the prisoner, and if that winch will drag Prince up here.

Water supplies would be good too.
No. 239580 ID: 0cfe8b

There is probably a radio or something similar in here, it must be found and destroyed immediately.
No. 239584 ID: bd86c3

oh look a claw thing, you can use that to winch prince up.
No. 239585 ID: a09a03

Set Mint down and check upstairs for baddies.
No. 239587 ID: a594b9

What is that, a box of donuts?
No. 239591 ID: d677cc

Yeah. Also, get Mint set down somewhere.
No. 239635 ID: b6c6fc
File 12864189638.jpg - (100.67KB , 842x519 , crashquest32.jpg )

I set Mint down next to the box of donuts, she always did like the smell of pastries

the cage is deffinitly strong enough to hold Enrad, plus I also have the key to lock it!

I don't see anything that looks like a radio, though I did find the contols for the claw, it
might be strong enough to lift Prince . . .
No. 239636 ID: f4963f

Alright. Bring the pinkie up here and throw im in the brig. Lift Prince on board via craneclaw, and let's get this tower a-rolling.
No. 239638 ID: fd6d7e

The smell of... what... okay I'm not going to ask.

You're strong! You can lift Mint up that ladder all by yourself! Anyway open zee hatch. You can see Prince there below you that way.
No. 239650 ID: 2563d4

So what's that in the centre of the room?

Also check upstairs before activating the winch, lest the noise rouse somebody. Pistol at the ready for wide-angle stunning.
No. 239653 ID: d677cc

Prince said this appeared to be unmanned, but...

It couldn't hurt to be safe. Just, y'know, don't run in shooting.
No. 239681 ID: b6c6fc
File 128642464011.jpg - (106.08KB , 842x519 , crashquest33.jpg )

the thing in the middle looks like some sort of engine maintenance thingy, I dunno

I locked Enrad in the cell, he doesn't seem too happy about that

hmm it doesn't look like anyone is up here either, oh look there's that radio I was looking for
No. 239686 ID: e3f578

Let's prop Mint up on the comfy sofa and drink a cold one
No. 239687 ID: bd86c3

okay cool. winch prince on board and then sit down and talk to enrad a little. tell him that you only locked him in there because you are currently very afraid of what would happen if he radioed for backup. also see about getting a free soda out of the machine.
No. 239700 ID: bd86c3

no no, the inside of the cabin is cool. up here is still really hot so it wouldn't help her condition.
No. 239703 ID: 701a19

First things first. Winch prince on board, then use your height-boosted range to track down your gunner. Minutes count here.
No. 239717 ID: a09a03

This thing rocks.

Get Mint a flavored water from the machine.
No. 239832 ID: b6c6fc
File 128645249459.jpg - (90.07KB , 842x519 , crashquest34.jpg )

OK! let's winch up Prince he's gotta see all the cool stuff I've found!

. . . uh oh
No. 239833 ID: 644ca1

Mint is going to be pissed.
See if he can be repaired... or rebuilt?
No. 239834 ID: c2c011

No great loss really. Just leave the walking nuclear bomb there, it's not safe to have him around anyway.
No. 239838 ID: f4963f

We should at least keep track of where the big nasty nuke is, in case one of our buddies decides to do the job for us. Which part has the bomb? I'm assuming the body?

Reel it in, and possibly bring the head up as well.
No. 239839 ID: 2563d4

Man, they don't build nuclear robots like they used to.

We probably don't have time to schlepp all the bits up into the cabin right now. There's a horizon to scan for gunners.
No. 239840 ID: c2c011

Explaining away why we have a nuke with us could be slightly problematical. Then there's the chance that he decides to blow up if he thinks we're about to be captured or surrender. Much safer to just leave it out in the desert and forget about it.
No. 239846 ID: b6c6fc
File 128646465445.jpg - (90.30KB , 842x519 , crashquest35.jpg )

there's no way I could fix Prince, Mint probably could, she can fix anything

Prince: "that is odd, that fall should have set off my detenator, igniting a nuclear explosion that should have incinerated everything in a 30 kilometer radius"
No. 239847 ID: 365adf

...It's probably good that didn't happen then.
No. 239850 ID: 2563d4

Man, they really don't make nukes like they used to. One handling error and your whole airbase goes up...

Although Prince mostly seems to contain packs of carrots and metal sheets. If the head's standalone, grab it, along with whatever of his inventory survived.
No. 239853 ID: 67c611

What? There is no bomb inside you. That looks like... a combat knife? And maybe something else.

Sift through the parts and see what you find.
No. 239854 ID: 4d8414

Nothing went off. So... they lied about the bomb too, huh?

Jeez, girl. I think your commanding officers have some sort of pathology.

Check ROBOT REMAINS and bring the head with you.
No. 239855 ID: c2c011

The truly dangerous parts are probably too big to fit into the head. So leave the rest and just take the head, that way we leave the bomb and we get the part that can act as a translator. Oh, and take whatever useful gear that was dropped with Prince.

Well then, time for some more interogations. We need to know where they have their spaceport and how tight security around it is. Hopefully we can steal a spaceship and then blast off and escape capture.
No. 239856 ID: 334c12

Don't forget to take the stuff that was inside Prince (rations and etc) and store it inside the mobile dune tower thing.
No. 239858 ID: 6d4338

Prince is now a hat?
No. 239860 ID: c59f60

inform prince that he was a dud, the mission was suicide.
No. 239869 ID: 18a0dd

Generally nukes don't go off when you just drop them, but lets not jostle him too much just in case. Take his computing module (head or head analog) and lets move somewhere less... within blast radius.
No. 239885 ID: e40e60

Either he didn't have a live bomb to start with and this was all a setup or he didn't fall far enough for the detonator to arm fully. It's probably the first one, if only because it would be very hard to fit anything bigger than a sub-kiloton artillery nuke in such a compact frame.
No. 239894 ID: 540d58

Well, Prince DID say that the bomb should have gone off. He's a robot after all, he knows better than any of us.

Maybe the bomb is actually a dud, and this indeed was a suicide mission.

The question is, why?
No. 239899 ID: 438218

>We need to know where they have their spaceport and how tight security around it is.
I assume there must be a spaceport in Parlshima, which I think is in the background of >>239681, so it shouldn't take too long to get there.
Unless Parlshima is far far away and just really huge. Hard to tell without any movement parallax.
No. 239907 ID: 701a19

"Not complaining. Do some diagnostics and tell me if it's broken or missing. Meanwhile, I need to find a way to get your important parts to the top."

Take the awning over the couch down, pile the parts into that, then tie the makeshift sack to the winch. Anything that's too heavy for the cloth you carry yourself.
No. 239915 ID: e3f578

Obviously your command lied to you. Your mission might be secretive and you just have to deliver Prince to a secret unit in the city.

Good, that should ease your conscience a little. You killed cops just doing their jobs against an opponent race than a "nuke 'em all" race. They really didn't need to defend their citizens at all!

Or it's a dud and your still a monster.
No. 239939 ID: e40e60

Let's not make her have another breakdown.
No. 239946 ID: b6c6fc
File 128648915817.jpg - (86.53KB , 842x519 , crashquest37.jpg )

on the ground I find: 7 metal plates, 6 wheels, 1 tread, 1 metal arm, 8 robot gizmos, 15 wires, 27 metal bits, 1 nuclear safety guide, a space suit, 3 combat knives, 19 bags of veggie rations, 1 stunrifle and 1 battery

do I really need all this stuff? I could get it all into the cabin, but it would take a little while

Oken "I'm glad you didn't explode prince, but could you use your robot smarts to figure out why?"

Prince "according to my maintenance log, there was some unschedualed maintenance done on me before the take off, they disassembled my entire outer frame, and put me back together with a substance called "super glue", they then must have left me in the cargobay unsecured, rather than the bomb bay"
Prince: "perhaps this was the cause?"

Oken: "what ever it was, I'm thinking the whole bomb plan is over, we should probably think of a new plan"
Prince: " . . . understood"
No. 239950 ID: fd6d7e

At least Prince is easy to carry now! That other stuff can't be all that important.
No. 239951 ID: 4d8414

Oh geez. Um...

One sheet of metal for resources (in case we need to repair our new ride - for anything else, we can cannibalize the tower's metal parts)

The combat knives, the guide, the space suit, the rations, the stun rifle and battery are all (arguably) important.

We'll have to build Prince a new robot body, but the time is not now.
No. 239955 ID: c59f60

yeah that is a good list of stuff. maybe four wheels so mint can make him mobile.
No. 239958 ID: c2c011

Yeah you need all that stuff.

The new plan is operation escape to saftey. The first step of which is to find out where you can find a spaceport and how well guarded it is.

Then you need to find a spaceship, fly off planet and figure out what to do next. Going back to your own planet might not be the best course of action, back there you might find a court martial for gross incompetence.
No. 239965 ID: f52552

First order of business is to fashion him into a hat.
A chinstrap or welding him to the top of a bowl should suffice.
No. 239979 ID: 2563d4

You've got a scanner. Can it find "robot parts"? Because, if so, get searching for that gunner and get back to this later.

For now just grab the essentials (Prince's head, some rations) in case of looters.
No. 239981 ID: a17cca

Take Everything.
No. 239985 ID: 67c611

Yes, you need this stuff. See if the winch can get some of the stuff but don't try to lift it all at once. [edited] Other suggesters are correct that finding the missing crew member is more urgent than putting Prince back together. Grab as much of the rare/important stuff as you can. leave the common junk.

Get the crawler moving towards the other suspect lifesign you picked up upon leaving your ship.

check med scanner again after doing the recommended treatments from before.

You seem the sensitive type. On your way to your destination, talk to Enrad and Prince about your view on the war, your mission, and how everything is going wrong and it looks like it was meant to go wrong.
No. 239992 ID: b6c6fc
File 128649484994.jpg - (108.93KB , 842x519 , crashquest38.jpg )

>Oken takes everything up to the cabin, it is hard work and she finds herself tired and thirsty

>Oken can not seem to find a chinstrap, a welding tool nor a bowl with which to turn Prince into a hat

as far as spaceports go, all major exports leave the planet through Parlshima's space harbor, the only other spaceports nearby are owned by smugglers, but those places are infested with pirates.

I don't remember where I scanned for life signs
so I'll use my [space compass!] again,
animal Life Signs: very strong to the south, towards Parlshima; faint to the east, toward some rising smoke; faint to the north west, towards the rocks

>all of a sudden the radio crackles to life, Oken hears stern voices in a language she doesn't understand
No. 239993 ID: 283fa9

Wear Prince like a haaaaaaaat.
No. 239999 ID: 2563d4

Thaaat's probably a demand they check in. I guess this vehicle is probably pretty trackable, too.

If Prince can't translate it smash the damn thing.

Rising smoke is probably a good direction to head.
No. 240006 ID: c59f60

use prince's head to translate and then laser the lock off a soda machine so you can get the drinks inside of it.
No. 240025 ID: 9618e3

So if Mint comes from an ice planet where do you come from? Is your side an alliance of different planets/races?
No. 240075 ID: b6c6fc
File 128650228094.jpg - (95.75KB , 842x519 , crashquest39.jpg )

my home . . ., Our side is a joint force of (origanally) 47 worlds, we are known as the Astranian Alliance

>Oken can find no locks on the vending machines

Prince translates
Pinky officer: "We are under attack! furres have been spotted in the outer perimeter, all units report in!"
No. 240077 ID: 788856

yell at them that you don't have spots
No. 240079 ID: 2563d4

>report in
I don't think we can really trust the prisoner on this one.

Head for the smoke as fast as this thing goes, because I think stealth is out the window.
No. 240082 ID: d677cc

Yeah, it's probably a good idea to get moving.
No. 240138 ID: 701a19

If they're under attack they go for the ROCKS instead. You don't want to wind up in a battle right now.
No. 240146 ID: c59f60

agree, to the rocks!
No. 240180 ID: 476456

so clearly prince was sabotaged, sympathizers?
No. 240210 ID: fd6d7e

You still haven't found your gunner. Hoft was his name? Since everything has been quiet for a while, while you gathered the pieces of Prince, and nobody has attacked you at this tower, it's likely any sighting of "furries" is him. The only guy who knows about you is locked up in the brig downstairs.

Either that or your whole mission was a diversion and they don't expect you to be alive right now while the main furry force attacks the city.
No. 240226 ID: 511785

>a joint force of (origanally) 47 worlds
>assaulting a technically inferior human world
Okay, how is this fair?

Say, Oken, how did your homeworld join the Alliance? Was it, by any chance, through armed planetfall and gunpoint negotiations?

Anyway, I don't think that smoke was caused by your gunner. I vote north-west.
No. 240267 ID: c2c011

Well ignore that. Atleast for now, too hard to get through the front lines and get to the spaceport undetected.

Go check out the faint lifesigns towards the east with the rising smoke.
No. 240282 ID: 67c611

I'd say check faint lifesign.
No. 240288 ID: 192c6d

Read comm, hug Prince!

... I mean, We'd best get away from there, especially since they're probably going to deploy more than a municipal police group at this point.

Also, see about salvaging or hiding the crash site; in the very least bust into any logs you can to see if there's info on all this madness!
No. 240332 ID: b6c6fc
File 128657053214.jpg - (114.47KB , 842x519 , crashquest40.jpg )

to the rocks huh?

let's see what this baby can do, MAXIMUM SPEED!
only behind the throtle am I fully alive!

>as the vehicle races foreward, a womanly scream can be heard from down bellow

wierd, Mint shouldn't have recovered for at least another couple hours, whatever

poor baby they treated you like a house, a slow lumbering beast, they didn't understand you like I do, you're no beast! you are an eagle and you wish to soar! to FLY! AND I WILL GRANT YOUR WISH!

Prince: " . . . Oken, maybe we should slow down"

Oken: "SHUT UP! I am flying here!"
I bet those ungreatfull idiots didn't even give you a name! how can you ever be truly alive without a name? I will deny you no longer, but what should I name you?
No. 240334 ID: c59f60

The rampaging giraffe.
No. 240335 ID: d677cc

The Camelopardalis.

I do like the idea of "giraffe."
No. 240336 ID: b6c6fc
File 128657157844.jpg - (83.11KB , 842x519 , crashquest41.jpg )

what we're already here? awwwww
for now "The Ramaging Giraffe" will slumber, but soon, soon she will fly again . . .

um anyways, looks like we're at the rocks, I might be able to fit The Giraffe through the middle pass, otherwise theres no way through . . . except on foot
No. 240337 ID: c59f60

pull up to the rock to the right of the middle pass, i see a red glow coming from the right pass.
No. 240338 ID: d677cc

Yeah there's something in the passage to the right. Try to get a closer look?
No. 240350 ID: 192c6d


I am beginning to realize the giraffe looks suspiciously like a large baby carriage from this altitude...

... also check on Mint.
No. 240380 ID: 701a19

Check on Mint.
Have Prince give her a medical evaluation, then bring her up to speed on what you've discovered.
No. 240385 ID: fd6d7e

Park just in the middle pass then continue on foot. That will help conceal the Rampaging Giraffe from possible air strikes.
No. 240398 ID: fd6d7e

I don't think it was Mint that screamed. :3c
No. 240404 ID: b6c6fc
File 128658322178.jpg - (77.67KB , 842x519 , crashquest42.jpg )

I'm pretty sure Mint's still unconcious, I'll check on her later

>Oken drives the Giraffe along side the right hand passage
No. 240406 ID: e40e60

See if you have any binoculars/telescopes nearby so you can see if that guy's a hostile.
No. 240409 ID: c59f60

hold up Prince's head, he has a built in zoom function.
No. 240447 ID: b6c6fc
File 128658763641.jpg - (76.92KB , 842x519 , crashquest43.jpg )

>Oken can not see what Prince can see

Prince: "the figure does not appear immidiatly hostile, it seems ulikely for it not to have noticed us, it also appears to be armed with a Raytech weapon"
No. 240452 ID: e40e60

oh god hes going to whip around and shoot at us

get out of there now
No. 240454 ID: 2563d4

That looks like a great position to ambush the Giraffe by firing through that crack had you charged down the middle.

Which might mean it's against police vehicles rather than you specifically, but that still doesn't make it friendly.

I'm tempted to just leave him to it and head for the smoke since I can't think of any way to strike up a conversation that doesn't involve an unacceptably high risk of mutilation or getting our ride all shot up.
No. 240463 ID: c59f60

a ray tech weapon is the gun Oken has, meaning it is a person who is on her side. get down and then while still hidden yell out something in your language.
No. 240473 ID: 192c6d


Raytech weapon. We're riding in stolen pinkie ..... thing.

No. 240555 ID: b6c6fc
File 128659802157.jpg - (69.12KB , 842x519 , crashquest44.jpg )

that's right! only the Alliance uses Raytech, he must be one of our guys!

>Oken exits the Giraffe

he's probally not from Doraun, so I'll speak to him in Astranian

Oken: "hey! we're not pinkies, we just stole one of thier towers, please don't shoot us!"

he doesn't respond, or move. Maybe he's asleep or just to far away to hear me?
No. 240562 ID: c59f60

awww, shit. i smell double trap. get out your gun and go slowly.
No. 240565 ID: f4963f

This smells like an ambush. Is there any other way we can approach the figure from?
No. 240566 ID: 540d58

is it... moving at least??
No. 240639 ID: 2563d4

There are footprints walking around it.
Throw a metal bit at it.
No. 240640 ID: b6c6fc
File 128663192998.jpg - (86.22KB , 842x519 , crashquest45.jpg )

>BTW Prince is now part of Oken's inventory

well I can't do anything from here, I'm going to get a little-

No. 240647 ID: f62a63

Drop your weapon to show that you're not planning any hostile actions. Then ask whether you're allowed to turn around.
No. 240657 ID: f49dcf

It doesn't look pinko-ish. Surrender and hope for the best.
No. 240658 ID: 2563d4

Why on Earth do you have your back to it?

Well, since you're a terrible shot, better lower that weapon and turn around.
No. 240674 ID: e40e60

Get down, identify your attacker.
No. 240675 ID: a17cca

She got snuck up on.
No. 240694 ID: b6c6fc
File 12866490954.jpg - (83.33KB , 842x519 , crashquest46.jpg )

I can't win this . . .

Oken: "I surrender, you got me"

Hoft: "surrender? can't you even die like a soldier!? you make me sick.

I hear his weapon charging

Hoft: "time to die Oken"
No. 240697 ID: e3f578

Ask him how he knows your name... unless that's on your uniform. I either suggest offer something he wants. Besides, your not a soldier, you are a goddamn pilot. The best pilot in the galaxy, hell the universe. Killing you is a horrible thing for the alliance.

You don't take this bullshit.
No. 240701 ID: 45be60

What? I am trying to end a misunderstanding with an ally, not die like a soldier! Now put the gun down, Mint is hurt.
No. 240703 ID: 7470bb

I believe this is the Hoft that was part of our crew, we got a ray gun from his locker.
No. 240704 ID: d16736

He's already charging his rifle so srew diplomacy. Try to dodge his shot by dropping to the floor and grab your gun.
No. 240707 ID: c59f60

combat roll grab gun turn and fire!
No. 240708 ID: e973f4

"Hey, idiot, I captured an enemy vehicle. It's, like, right over there, seriously."
No. 240710 ID: 7470bb

Stop standing there like a target. Grab your gun as you charge him, keep low and zigzag. Ask him what's this about while you do it, don't give him a second to concentrate.
No. 240717 ID: f498d6

... wat

This, but also switch it to stun intensity. If you won't make it then aim for legs. What I'm saying is try to keep him alive.

Looks like we're gonna find out if that lucky charm of yours is any good, Oken.
No. 240734 ID: e40e60

Dive out of the way, grab the gun. If you can do it with any speed, switch to a lower setting before you fire.
No. 240742 ID: fd6d7e

Wow Hoft really is a jerk. After you take out his legs and steal his rifle from his feeble grasp be sure to kick him a couple times to show him who's boss.
No. 240747 ID: b6c6fc
File 128665609887.jpg - (101.26KB , 842x519 , crashquest47.jpg )

Oken: "what the hell Hoft? we're on the same team!"

Hoft: "that's where you're wrong! I refuse to be a pawn to your treacherous Alliance Command!"

Oken: "Hoft wait!"

Hoft: "Everything they've told us is a lie! Oken I'm not like you! I will not let my homeworld burn just so the Alliance can save face!"

damnit . . . my ray blasts can't get through his energy shield
No. 240748 ID: 2563d4

Shoot his feet?
No. 240749 ID: 0b2a05

"I feel the same way, dumbass! Stop shooting and talk!"

Can you dive for his legs? Or maybe punch him in the crotch?
No. 240759 ID: 476456

No. 240767 ID: d16736

Try shooting the walls above him thus causing a rockfall.
No. 240768 ID: 197650

pretty much this
No. 240794 ID: a09a03

Say "Aaaaa! Why do YOU want to kill ME?"
No. 240797 ID: fd6d7e

Show him Prince. He's in your "inventory" right? Seeing you holding the severed head of the "nuclear" robot should give Hoft a moment of pause.
No. 240805 ID: 969e74


Doubtfully, he's probably the one that sabotaged Prince.
No. 240829 ID: 701a19

No. 240859 ID: e3f578

How do we know each other's names? Oh god is everybody's name on each otehr's uniform?

"Dammit, Hoff, Lemme alone I just wanna go home."
No. 240866 ID: dad664

No. 240868 ID: a17cca

Don't throw the gun away, but do the other part of this.
No. 240891 ID: e40e60

No. 240923 ID: f4963f

No. 240930 ID: 45be60
File 128667837012.jpg - (51.49KB , 275x300 , OldSlowPoke.jpg )

Dude, dirtbag, Hoff is the other one of her crew members. Keep up.
No. 240942 ID: e3f578

Man that was a week ago, I forgot. Thought it was some other name. It was weird when it went like
>Hoft: Dialogue
and I'm like uhhh wha happen? did we learn his name?

An introduction sentence would have been nice to connect the face to the name. Whatever. Hoft is being a dick shoot his dick off.
No. 241000 ID: a594b9

Tell him we know the pinkies aren't horrible monsters! We just found out! Tell him to stop shooting so we can work together on this.

Also stop trying to shoot him with your gun, we're just wasting ammo. You managed to get that close so do some grapplan and keep that gun pointed away from your fleshy bits.
No. 241065 ID: b6c6fc
File 128668634993.jpg - (115.42KB , 842x519 , crashquest48.jpg )

Oken: "HOFT! just hear me out! I just found out about the Commander!"

He grabs me by the colar, and brings me close, a really bad move on his part, at this close range his sheilds won't be able to deflect a full focused beam

Hoft: "I can't trust anyone, you're all lying to me!"
Oken: "I haven't lied to you Hoft, please don't shoot me"

I can see the torment in his eyes, for some reason he's torn up about what to do, something's spooked him good

I've flown with Hoft for seven months, the gunner I knew would never hurt a Comrade. I used to trust him with my life, can I trust him to do the right thing?

on the other hand, I don't want to die, Hoft's a better fighter then me, I'f I don't take this shot and kill him now, I won't get another chance
No. 241066 ID: c59f60

slowly get out Prince's head and show it to him. "he was a dud"
No. 241067 ID: dad664

Lower your weapon.

Tell him "I just had the perfect opportunity to kill you. But I didn't. Is that enough trust for you?"
No. 241079 ID: 701a19

Point and move your gun away from him. Flip the safety on. Relax most of your grip so it can pivot to a neutral position. Let it drop to the ground.
Hug him.
No. 241082 ID: c7b61c

Yeah I don't think showing off Prince is a great idea just yet.

Lower your weapon. He's been loyal all this time, he's just freaking out a bit, let him relax. We could -use- a good soldier if we're going to get off this dust ball.
No. 241088 ID: 0b2a05

Don't drop your weapon, but do lower it. Say that you could have just shot through his shield, but you didn't. Isn't that enough for him to calm down?
No. 241092 ID: 7470bb

Saying how we could of shot him but didn't may not gain his trust. Tell him how you've realized that you've been lied to about the Pinkies. That you don't know what to think anymore. Ask him what's going on.
No. 241093 ID: a17cca

No. 241098 ID: 67c611

"There is no bomb. Prince was loaded with vegetable rations. Mint's in the tower, she's fine. Now get your ass in there so we can talk someplace safe."
No. 241116 ID: 46c430

Maybe we should ask why we should trust -him-? I mean, he bloody left us to die!
No. 241142 ID: 0549ec

Oh no, we're not dropping our only weapon yet.

Raise your gun and open your palm (err... hoof?), letting the weapon hang on the trigger guard. Keep looking in his eyes firmly, but with your hands open.
Body language, Oken, body language.

"I stumbled across a pinky patrol. We fought, I interrogated them. I know there is more to this mission that we were told. I know how you feel, Hoft. Now please let's calm down and talk."

Probably isn't the right time to say that we had to figure out about the Command on our own because he FUCKING LEFT US FOR DEAD, but that can wait.
No. 241152 ID: fd6d7e

So uh... Hoft, what's up with your homeworld? We're on the human homeworld, right? Is this something else I don't know? Because if you need someone to take you to your homeworld to go save it, I'm your pilot.

Oh also uh... here's your gun back. It kind of saved my life. Well, okay, not really but it was really cool. Heyyy wanna go see the prisoner I got?
No. 241174 ID: 476456

"Hoft we're friends man, come on"
No. 241188 ID: 45be60

GRRK! Prince was full of veggies because we gave them to him to carry. This was only like a week ago people.

Ask him how HE found out. Also, why were YOU left to go down with the ship?
No. 241195 ID: f4963f

"Hoff, everything I heard about the pinkies is a lie. I'm upset too. Let's talk this over."
No. 241227 ID: b6c6fc
File 128671765196.jpg - (85.88KB , 842x519 , crashquest49.jpg )

I turn off the raygun

Oken: "I'm not going to kill you hoft, even though I can, I trust you Hoft"

Hoft: " . . . Oken"

He drops me, drops his gun, and falls to his knees

Oken: "I captured a pinky tower, Mint's there, we should go there to and-"

Hoft: " . . . stop lying to me"

Oken: "I'm not lying! you can see the tower, it's right over there!"

Hoft: "STOP LYING TO ME! make the voices stop!"

Oken: " uh H-Hoft?"

No. 241231 ID: e3f578

No Hoft we're not getting out of your goddamn head :3 We're not bad voices we're good voices!

Tell me boy, how was all that porn of Oken we slapped your shit with? Maybe we were leading Hoft behind the scenes and Oken just coincidentally listened to us. I can only imagine the mental chaffing.
No. 241235 ID: c2c011

Seems like there has been a bit of experimentation done on him. Ask him to come over to the girrafe and then give him some sleeping pills or something. Then I think we're gonna need Prince to make a diagnostic of him.
No. 241237 ID: 476456

Kick that rifle away from him before he does something stupid.
No. 241251 ID: a4b4e3
File 128672325186.jpg - (10.01KB , 300x180 , SHOTGUN.jpg )

Sounds like it's time to put down ol' Yeller.
No. 241253 ID: 8e18cd


Do this basically.
No. 241254 ID: 8c0848
File 128672342991.jpg - (40.36KB , 550x413 , heavymedic.jpg )

Calm him down and realize the team is now complete.
No. 241258 ID: 192c6d

We are currently torn between 'he can hear us' and 'he's batshit insane'.

Begin by informing him you can hear them to. Ask him what they say.
No. 241259 ID: b6c6fc
File 128672469875.jpg - (115.45KB , 842x519 , crashquest50.jpg )

I grab Hoft's gun

Oken: "j-just calm down Hoft it's going to be Ok"



>Hoft rips some horrible creature out of his neck,

>Oken is horrified by the recent developments,
No. 241260 ID: c59f60

augh!wait until he drops it then shoot that bitch.
No. 241261 ID: e973f4


Hoft is gonna need some help here shortly, I think.
No. 241263 ID: c2c011

Wait until the drops it and then make sure you grab it in some claws or something. We need to examine the shit out of that thing.

Oh, and make sure you patch up that bleeding wound on his neck.
No. 241264 ID: c59f60

examine it? the best we are gonna get without a trained doctor or scientist is that it has a shell and does stuff. no better kill it before it risks getting loose and attaching to someone else.
No. 241274 ID: 7497d8

You've got the gun. Shoot that thing.

You can handle its recoil, right? Just making sure you won't split Hoft into halves by accident, the rifle doesn't look like it's designed for tiny deer folk.

... and your crew doesn't even have a medic. It's just like you were intended to not survive from the start!
No. 241281 ID: 3d7a30

making sure Hoft doesn't bleed to death from the wound in his neck would be good
No. 241308 ID: b6c6fc
File 128673107693.jpg - (119.98KB , 842x519 , crashquest51.jpg )

>Oken fires wildly at the creature, she is unable to use this weapon properly and fails to hit a single shot

It's too fast!

>the creature lunges towards Oken's face
No. 241310 ID: f52552

First off, close your damn mouth and get a good breath of air.
No. 241311 ID: 8c0848

It's in the air, so it can't change direction. Whack it with the rifle. BONK!
No. 241322 ID: fd6d7e

Oh hey I bet that's another us!

A lying liar liar pants of one.
No. 241325 ID: e40e60

Close mouth, smash parasite
No. 241339 ID: 7497d8

Fuck. Thought so.
Uh, um... lunge and... use rifle as a club?

Dodge at all costs. We better not get any madness-inducing mechanical facehuggers on us.
No. 241343 ID: c59f60

use Prince's head!
No. 241371 ID: c6fa0a

Hey Oken you ever hear of a little game called BASEBALL? ;D
No. 241374 ID: 67c611

Smack it with the rifle.
No. 241381 ID: b6c6fc
File 12867404085.jpg - (100.94KB , 842x519 , crashquest52.jpg )

>Oken swings the rifle, it proves amazingly effective!
No. 241383 ID: a4b4e3

Yeah, Hoft kinda needs medical attention immediately there.

Apply first aid and get him to the tower.
No. 241385 ID: e40e60

Make sure your gunner doesn't die.
No. 241387 ID: 7497d8

Yeah, waste no time and get our furry Elvis into the tower.
I recall Prince saying something about medical software/hardware, but that was before his body turned into scrap.
No. 241390 ID: 7497d8

Oh, and, uh, nice hit, Oken. Way to go!
No. 241392 ID: c59f60

get hoft to the giraffe and see what you can do about that wound. you don't want him getting an infection on his neck.
No. 241393 ID: f4963f

Check on Hoft's status.
No. 241417 ID: 701a19

Grab him and the weapons and RUN for the tower! Where there's one, there's more!
No. 241418 ID: c2c011

Drag Hoft over to giraffe and get him patched up. Looks like the bug was quite gibbed. But see if you can find some tissue samples for examination.
No. 241424 ID: fd6d7e

You fuckin broke the rifle. Hoft is so going to kill you once you save his life.
No. 241565 ID: b6c6fc
File 128675149645.jpg - (105.91KB , 842x519 , crashquest53.jpg )

I use the last of the bandages in the medkit, on Hofts neck,

Hoft gathers his things and we head for the "Rampaging Giraffe"

Oken: "Hoft, we should hurry there might be more of those things around!"

Hoft: "that thing wasn't from here. It came from the IceWorld: Vin-Malor"


(now is a good time to suggest long term plans for Oken and company)
No. 241570 ID: c59f60

we need to figure out exactly what is going on. and maybe ask mint what is with the bug thing.
No. 241571 ID: fd6d7e


1. Find a way to hide/camoflage the Giraffe.
2. Use it as your mobile fort.
3. Sneak into a spaceport and
4. Commandeer a starship.
5. Go save Hoft's planet or whatever.
6. ?????
7. Profit!

and by ????? I mean space piracy.
No. 241577 ID: 2563d4

I agree with any plan that involves space piracy. We'll need a ship large enough to stow the Turbo Giraffe, though.

Shorter-term, we ought to check out that smoke, too.
No. 241605 ID: fd6d7e


Oh, I predict the Rampaging Giraffe will have long since exploded by the time we get into space. This is long-term planning.
No. 241616 ID: 2563d4

I cannot endorse any plan that involves anyone shooting up our fine ride.

I mean, how would we do planetside raids as Space Pirates without it?
No. 241640 ID: e40e60

By getting a finer ride.
No. 241686 ID: 2563d4

The only ride finer than the Rampaging Giraffe is the Rampaging Giraffe after being modified by space pirates. It's an all-terrain cherry picker!
No. 241690 ID: e40e60

What we need is a tank made entirely of chainsaws.
No. 241692 ID: c2c011

They're getting a ship and then getting the fuck off planet. Go to look for some third fairly neutral faction and seek asylum. Shit be fucked up in these parts of space.
No. 241738 ID: 0b2a05

Resupply to hell, figure out what's going on, make sure everyone is alive, and uh, find some way to apologize to the pinky because of obvious reasons.
No. 241800 ID: 701a19

Defect to the pinkies! Encourage the rest of the army to do the same!
Have hot makeouts with Mint and Hoff!
No. 241805 ID: e40e60

Anything but this. We will likely be shot if when they discover that we were going to nuke them.
No. 241864 ID: 1854db

Find out what the pinkies' side of the story as far as the war is concerned. We should decide if we want to defect, or just desert and stop fighting altogether.
No. 241960 ID: 1543d1

What about:

Mix crashed ship parts with the Giraffe.
Make an epic spaceship.
No. 242011 ID: fd6d7e


You'll have to ask Mint that one. Something tells me she won't be too optimistic about it.
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