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File 157566970057.png - (608.81KB , 755x710 , SS19_intro.png )
131539 No. 131539 ID: 11f77a

Hey QD! Cybil here. And it’s time for our fourth year of Secret Santa! After the ‘beach incident’ I had to find an old suit while my other one is in the shop. Red is festive anyway! We’re using The Dimensioner’s 4D technology and his Cnidarian servants to make sure everyone gets their gifts at the right coordinates!

Here are the previous years of gift-giving:
(2016) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106091.html
(2017) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/118595.html
(2018) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126663.html

You can participate in two ways:

Quest Author/Sign-Up
For authors, all you need to do is post the quest characters you’d like to take part in this thread. Include their name and a link to the quest or wiki page. A picture is helpful as well. If posting multiple characters, you must state whether they’re a GROUP or INDIVIDUALS. Once we reach an appointed date, everyone will be randomly assigned their partner.

Pairings will be made on the 12th. Latecomers will have until 19th. They’ll be posted with spoiler tags to keep things a secret. Ssh…

Once a match is made, it is your job to write and illustrate what your character would give as a gift for their special someone! You’re not obligated to have a character respond to a gift. But the process of your character finding one is the least bit expected. One picture, ten; doesn’t matter as long as you don’t tire yourselves out. Posting early is no problem!

Suggestors may also participate and gift any quest character! Post your idea for a present and who will receive it! Disclaimer though: it will be up to the author if their characters accept the gifts or not. It’s a busy month, but one may encourage their participation!

Even if it’s not related to gift-giving, anyone can post a festive image!

Anyone unfortunate enough to not receive their gift will be compensated to the best of our ability! Sometimes artists need to extra time after Christmas and New Years.

Let’s begin!
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No. 131550 ID: b5fb67

This year, I volunteer Elena Treeriver and Lily Desmachia.

Elena is from June Quest: https://questden.org/wiki/June_Quest

Lily is from TWWLTP: https://questden.org/wiki/The_Witch_Who_Lost_Her_Panties

They are individuals!
No. 131551 ID: 965b25

I'll join in

Any of these chars from me quests would be nice.
No. 131566 ID: 4f51b2

I volunteer Story Seeker (from https://questden.org/wiki/Story_Seeker) receiving a virility potion (like the one in chapter 4).
No. 131604 ID: 11f77a

Before I forget, myself, I'll include
Cybil, Eudora, and Victor as individuals from Team Port Echo

No. 131605 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157604719581.png - (234.93KB , 739x981 , KoPxmas3.png )

N'Thar: "Hello I am Ducal Vizier Aebin N'thar, for undisclosed reasons her royal highness Crown Princess Reefa Entranzia Multero has relinquished her ambassadorial duties to these social events and has expressed a desire to never attend them again. Naturally my liege the Arch-Duke Midas Peragus Multero takes the responsibility which due to illness he must decline as well giving the task instead to his current wife Duchess Kalez who I am representing now. Kalez truly regrets her inability to personally assign and receive gifts but leaves her assurances that I represent her intent and the will of the Kingdom of Terroth in every regard.

All characters from King of Pentacles

No. 131606 ID: 891b91

I'll volunteer

Roz from Dead dust: https://questden.org/wiki/Dead_Dust
Fayz from Arzfayz Amazing Adventure Quest: https://questden.org/wiki/Arzfayz_Amazing_Adventure_Quest
and Howie (the Thief) from Flora: https://questden.org/wiki/Flora
No. 131618 ID: 470289


Mac (https://questden.org/wiki/The_Rogue, colored, nsfw: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/src/153172483112.png)

Asher (Quest: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/944457.html, right: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/src/157549858997.png, left: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/src/156777688946.png, https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/460485022617567245/608446220415008789/Lanky.PNG?width=226&height=468)

No. 131621 ID: 5245b2
File 157613935418.png - (684.33KB , 1200x1600 , Bryn.png )

I volunteer Bryn Edman of Runegard https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/951004.html
No. 131624 ID: 11f77a

Currently throwing the list together now. Any names past this line will be drawn on the 19th
No. 131628 ID: 11f77a
File 157619130291.png - (522.27KB , 741x710 , anon44_santa.png )

Time to announce the pairings! Get ready to plan your gifts!
Elena has Victor from Team Port Echo: https://questden.org/wiki/Team_Port_Echo !
Lily has Howie from Flora: https://questden.org/wiki/Flora !
No. 131629 ID: 11f77a
File 157619139757.png - (429.87KB , 741x710 , fun_santa.png )

Bonnie has N’Thar from King of Pentacles: https://questden.org/wiki/King_of_Pentacles !
No. 131630 ID: 11f77a
File 157619143124.png - (510.89KB , 741x710 , lw_santa.png )

N’Thar has Asher from The God Damned: https://questden.org/wiki/The_God_Damned !
No. 131631 ID: 11f77a
File 157619146647.png - (561.72KB , 741x710 , teegee_santa.png )

Roz has Bryn Edman from Runegard: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/951004.html !
Fayz has Bonnie from Safety First: https://questden.org/wiki/Safety_First !
Howie has Eudora from Team Port Echo: https://questden.org/wiki/Team_Port_Echo !
No. 131632 ID: 11f77a
File 157619153818.png - (419.48KB , 741x710 , dreadking_santa.png )

Byrn Edman has Elena from June Quest: https://questden.org/wiki/June_Quest !
No. 131634 ID: 11f77a
File 157619168056.png - (548.28KB , 741x710 , whistler_santa.png )

Mac has Cybil from Team Port Echo: https://questden.org/wiki/Team_Port_Echo !
Asher has Lily from TWWLHP: https://questden.org/wiki/The_Witch_Who_Lost_Her_Panties !
No. 131635 ID: 11f77a
File 157619177270.png - (639.94KB , 741x710 , sark_santa.png )

And finally!

Cybil has Roz from Dead Dust: https://questden.org/wiki/Dead_Dust !
Eudora has Mac from The Rogue: https://questden.org/wiki/The_Rogue !
Victor has Fayz from AAAQ: https://questden.org/wiki/Arzfayz_Amazing_Adventure_Quest !

Anyone who volunteers after the 12th will be paired on the 19th! Happy hunting!
No. 131696 ID: 965b25
File 157695516613.png - (1.16MB , 4411x6359 , doge.png )

No. 131698 ID: 965b25

I've been informed I did this wrong, I'm gonna do it proper.
No. 131701 ID: 965b25
File 157704557904.gif - (198.72KB , 560x560 , come on we've been good.gif )

Millennia of vigorous research and countless lives have gone into the search for the perfect gift. But finally it all comes to fruition...
No. 131702 ID: 965b25
File 157704564315.gif - (948.12KB , 560x227 , god mode.gif )

A perfect specimen...the perfect gift... Rat 2
No. 131704 ID: 5245b2
File 157708354918.png - (4.82MB , 3024x4032 , Yule 2.png )

"Took me a while to find an incense cedar tree, but find one I did."
No. 131707 ID: f7ff14

No. 131716 ID: 470289
File 157716138525.png - (739.15KB , 1000x1000 , Book_a_fin.png )

“Cybil, right? I got this book of poetry, which I don’t think you’re too into? But, it was written by the Ultra who wrote a lot of the Tree’s laws and it’s all about that. It’s… well it’s really bad. She’s mostly just complaining about a bunch of legal minutiae and politics in shitty prose. It’s soul-crushingly boring. I don’t actually remember where I got this, I usually have better taste than this.”
No. 131717 ID: 470289
File 157716141631.png - (655.81KB , 1000x841 , Book_b_fin.png )

“It’s your festival gift. I had to call my dad’s office for weeks to get it signed by Ultraqueen Zizimirl and it took eight months to get here. It’s a limited first edition copy. I wrote a poem in the back about how much you mean to me as a sister.
No. 131718 ID: 470289
File 157716144916.png - (644.68KB , 1000x840 , Book_c_fin.png )

No. 131719 ID: 470289
File 157716147498.png - (818.76KB , 1000x1000 , Book_d_fin.png )

“Shipping’s free, right?”

Mac bought a new copy to send after getting yelled at.
No. 131725 ID: 8fab7a

Haha, nice.
No. 131728 ID: 11f77a
File 157722387634.png - (389.64KB , 787x664 , eud_1.png )

Ganymede: Ah, the carnival. If there’s one joyous thing about Hab-Zoraat, it’s the convenient Festival of Na’nysa! In celebration of a Relik monk who ascended--

Eudora: Enough exposition! Great Bho, every time I visit there’s some history lesson or tradition you preach that I already know! And the audience has a new lovecraftian-generated word to remember. I just need a gift for the Secret Santa my boss keeps forcing me into and I’m hoping this carnival would give me a solution. Preferably next panel.
No. 131729 ID: 11f77a
File 157722390126.png - (545.55KB , 787x664 , eud_2.png )

Barker: AND THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS! Try your might on our strength test! Punch the bag made of a Gorm’s bladder and beat the highest score for our top prizes!

Barker: Why, you look like a reasonably fine individual with strength to make up for looks! Why not give it a whallop, sey?
No. 131730 ID: 11f77a
File 157722391901.png - (374.02KB , 787x664 , eud_3.png )

Eudora: Sweet—

Ganymede: Allow me, Eudora! It’s time I show you that I, too, have a hidden beast inside me waiting to unleash a bout of iron fortitude. I’ve been doing some exercises—exercising demons if ya get my drift!

Eudora: That’s exorcise with an ‘o’ stupid.
No. 131731 ID: 11f77a
File 157722394479.png - (465.33KB , 787x664 , eud_4.png )

Thanks to Ganymede’s valiant attempt to soften the punching bag up for Eudora, she manages to win a Gorm calf for Mac (The Rogue). Find plenty of field; they grow as tall as elephants!

Ganymede: Whoever thought a punching bag can fight back?
No. 131734 ID: 19fdd8

I think you were supposed to get a gift for Roz.
No. 131735 ID: 11f77a

Eudora (bug girl) has Mac
Cybil has Roz

I understand when I posted the pairings the faces weren't in the same order as the names. My bad.
No. 131736 ID: b5fb67
File 157726402748.png - (1.10MB , 1500x840 , Secret_Santa_2019_1.png )

Lily: "I had an artificer make this- it's the Wand of Bardic Attunement. Using this to cast at an inanimate object will cause the object to play any desired music for 1 hour."

Howie: "Well that's pretty darn cool."

Lily: "It can play all kinds of music from any desired artist: R&B, rock, jazz, techno, whatever kind of music Stomp makes, country..."

Howie: "Ooooo..."
No. 131737 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157726414029.png - (319.16KB , 739x981 , KoPxmas4.png )

N'Thar:"To Asher I give your unworthy peasant self the most prized substance of my desert homeland, augmented with the most delicate of cooling charms and contained in the finest of oil cloth.
May it's icy power sooth your broken bruised and crippled body, until it transforms into a life giving liquid for you to slake your thirst and allow many more fruitful hours toiling for your patron."
No. 131738 ID: 5245b2
File 157726653108.jpg - (1.40MB , 4032x3024 , C8734F5E-591F-4EB1-8653-62E3870EFF38.jpg )

“I’m almost done with my gift. Carving this will take some time, I’ll get back to you when it’s done.”
No. 131745 ID: b5fb67
File 157734430643.png - (340.00KB , 810x952 , Secret_Santa_2019_2.png )

Elena: "Hey Victor! I heard that you like practical jokes. I don't know a whole lot about them, but the store clerk told me this is pretty good for that sort of thing, so here's one of those novelty fart machines. Merry Christmas!"
No. 131749 ID: 5245b2
File 157740318323.jpg - (2.64MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_2317.jpg )

"To Lady Elena Treeriver, I present to you, one handmade incense cedar box, 8 inches long, 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep. May you find comfort in it's aroma, and may it be useful storage for you."
No. 131754 ID: 11f77a
File 157747781636.png - (324.43KB , 787x664 , cyb_vik_1.png )

Cybil: Hey Vik, you working on something for your giftee right?

Victor: Yeah! I need something for this ‘Artsyfartsy’ and all of my two-handed inventions won’t really suffice. So I’m just giving her my old prototypes—like this jetpack!

Cybil: Cool… cool…

Cybil: Well I think Rosalyn would absolutely love it if I chose something from your father’s bathhouse. You got any suggestions?
No. 131755 ID: 11f77a
File 157747785327.png - (362.68KB , 787x664 , cyb_vik_2.png )

Victor: Of course! We make all of our own products from scratch too!

Victor: We got oils, body scrubs, ox brushes, onyx balms and moisturizers—

Victor: birch leaves, headrests, sauna pillows, fountains, chupian fur towels—

Victor: portable saunas™, soap salts, whipped soap, bath bombs…

Cybil: Hmmm, yes. Bath bombs. I was debating that. And you make them by hand you say?
No. 131756 ID: 11f77a
File 157747790454.png - (412.95KB , 787x664 , cyb_vik_3.png )

Cybil: Well, I want to add a few more ingredients if it isn’t troublesome.

Victor: Oh, uh… alright.

Cybil: You know, twelve pinches of saturn gel, concentrated cthulhite.
--maybe some potassium nitrate to throw in there too, you know, for those colors to sparkle--not like I’d want to endanger someone as payback or anything, right? heheh

Cybil: You seem like a guy who has the tools!

Victor: Uh Y-Yeah. I think I can… find time to make this.

Cybil: Sweet. I knew I could count on you! Let me know when it’s done~
No. 131757 ID: 11f77a
File 157747793863.png - (378.05KB , 787x664 , cyb_vik_4.png )

Cybil has given a Bath Bomb for Roz (Dead Dust). It smells like Saturn dust and space fabric!

Victor has gifted a Propulsion Pack for Arzfayz (Arzfayz Amazing Adventure Quest). Hang tight, don’t want your clothes to, like, fly off on accident!
No. 131762 ID: 470289
File 157755232049.png - (574.01KB , 863x800 , chisel_final.png )

Asher: “I heard you did tricks with rocks, so I figured maybe you liked stuff made out of them? I carved you some dice out of different stones in my time off. Wait, do you have dice where you live, Lily? Uh… I probably should have asked that first.”
No. 131773 ID: 891b91
File 157787716547.png - (220.36KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_howie_1.png )

Sorry for the lateness on this! Will get the other entries done soon.

Dear pen pal

Hi. My names Howie, im currently doin a 18 month stint at FCI Florence, thats right im in fuckin prison. They say your names Eudora, weird name but we cant decide what our folks name us i guess. I gotta do this pen pal secret santa crap to show i can be a good member of society or some shit so i can make parole. If you ever been in the joint then you know how it is. If you aint then good for you i guess.

The assholes who run this shit say i gotta give you a present too so lucky you. Id send you some shit from the commissarry but my shit for brains brother never refills my account and they say you live a long ass way away so food would probably go bad or some shit. You in hawwai or something?

No. 131774 ID: 891b91
File 157787718309.png - (254.78KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_howie_2.png )

Well anyway i guess i gotta make you something because these people dont give two shits about helping out. They made it sound like your pretty tough and dont take shit from no one so i guess we got something in common. They didnt seem to think you been to jail before so i figure hey maybe you could use a few tips in case you ever do. So my present to you is a little prison survival guide. Sorry about the crayon, they took away our pens cause some asshole stabbed some other asshole with one last week. Cant wait to see someone figure out how to stab a guy with a crayon.
No. 131775 ID: 891b91
File 157787719997.png - (333.38KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_howie_3.png )

The guides got a few chapters. First one's about what to do when your the new guy and how to not end up bein someones bitch. Shit like "if someone gives you lip, punch his face in before he punches yours" and "always make sure someone owes you something".
No. 131776 ID: 891b91
File 157787722054.png - (276.82KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_howie_4.png )

Chapter 2 is the arts & crafts chapter. You can make all kinds of useful shit if your a little creative about it, not just shivs either. But shivs are pretty damn useful anyway dont get me wrong.
No. 131777 ID: 891b91
File 157787723172.png - (329.97KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_howie_5.png )

The last chapter is my piece da resistonce: prison cooking! The commissarry doesnt have a real good variety but if you know how to mix n match shit you can make some pretty fuckin tasty snacks and shit. Take a look at the Howie Specials for my favorites.

I gotta admit putting this thing together was actually kinda fun. Hope youll find it useful or at least a fun read.

Merry fuckin xmas


No. 131778 ID: 470289
File 157790113544.png - (0.97MB , 1000x1000 , nauty luss.png )

“Heeeeey. Thanks for… this thing. The kids seem to like it.”

>“Mac, Imma call her Woolie!”

“Yeah, you do that! Wait it’s a girl? Whatever. So like… what does it eat?”
No. 131791 ID: 6f7a5a
File 157837080639.png - (401.06KB , 739x981 , KoPxmas5.png )

N'Thar: "YES! now this is a gift! your recognition or my Majesty is most appreciated."
No. 131794 ID: 470289
File 157843804971.png - (935.48KB , 1000x922 , icy.png )

Mash: “Aaaaaah this is how I die. ICY DEATH LIVES IN MY TEETH! Ok gimmie more.”

Junkyard: “Stop stuffing your face and wait. I'll crush it up and we can mix it with some fruit juice, that way it'll actually taste of something.”

Asher: “Let her have ‘em, we got more than enough. Thanks a lot for the ice Vizier N’Thar. Treats like this are pretty rare."

Mash: “...Aaaaaaaah.”
No. 131800 ID: 891b91
File 157847017735.png - (233.20KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_fayz_1.png )

Kaz: "So what's with the hat, Fayz?"

Fayz: "Shhh! Is secret!"

Kaz: "...A secret?"

Fayz: (whispering) "Yes! Fayz is secret Santa, gotta get present for lil' girl named Bonnie!"

Kaz: "Huh, that's pretty nice of you. So whatcha gonna get her? Some kind of toy?"

Fayz: "Pfft, no! Fayz already pick perfect gift! Bonnie in BIG SAFETY CLUB, Fayz gonna get somethin' for be real safe!"

Kaz: "Oh? What's that?"
No. 131801 ID: 891b91
File 157847020556.png - (227.54KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_fayz_2.png )

Fayz: "This!"
No. 131802 ID: 891b91
File 157847022321.png - (215.11KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_fayz_3.png )

Kaz: "F-Fayz! You can't just give a little girl a gun!"

Fayz: "Uh huh Fayz can! Saul always tell never too early for young lady learn shoot guns!"

Kaz: "What if she gets hurt?!"

Fayz: "Duh, gun keep little girl safe, not get hurt!"

Kaz: "Uhhh but it's too big for her, that's a big revolver! M-maybe you should get something, uh, more suited for her size?"

Fayz: "Like lil' purse gun?"

Kaz: "N-no, how about, uhhhhhhh, how-- how about that BB gun?"

Fayz: "Fayz dunno... BB gonna keep lil' girl safe?"

Kaz: "Of course! Look! It has a compass in the stock, so uh, she'll never get lost!"
No. 131803 ID: 891b91
File 157847024328.png - (278.12KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_fayz_4.png )

Fayz: "Compass..."
No. 131805 ID: 891b91
File 157847033343.png - (234.57KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_fayz_5.png )

Fayz: "Kaz this is best idea thank you! Lil girl shoot AND never get lost!"

Kaz: "A-ah! Haha, uh, you're welcome..."
No. 131807 ID: 891b91
File 157847115781.png - (222.93KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_fayz_6.png )

Fayz has given a BB Gun for Bonnie (Safety First). The stock is real walnut and has a compass embedded in it!
No. 131808 ID: 015bf2

a fine and responsible gift
No. 131811 ID: 15088f

[Insert obligatory A Christmas Story "you'll shoot your eye out, kid" response here]
No. 131815 ID: 29bca6

I used to have a BB gun just like that. Only the stock was plastic. Good memories. I can’t think of a better gift.
No. 131818 ID: 9876c4

Knowing Bonnie, she may have preferred the Magnum.
No. 133083 ID: 3994a2
File 159142684939.png - (171.67KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_roz_1.png )

"Hi! It's me, your Secret Santa! Sorry if this got to ya a bit late, they told me it might get caught up in interdimensional customs or somethin... Anyway! I heard you live all on your lonesome 'n stuff, and that's no fun! Everybody needs some friends to keep 'em company! I can't give ya friends for the holidays, but I can give you the next best thing: simulated friendship!"

"If you're listenin' to this then you've already seen what it is! This baby's got 30 whole hours of holo-recordings of yours truly -- so while I can't be there in person, I can be your friend in spirit! I got a buncha holo-diaries in here so you can see what I've been doin and thinkin' 'n stuff!"
No. 133084 ID: 3994a2
File 159142688191.png - (207.32KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_roz_2.png )

"Oh! I had a buncha space left over too, so I threw in a buncha recordings of my dance practice for the festival we have comin' up 'round here! Didn't have the costumes ready though, so I just did 'em all naked -- hope that's okay!"
No. 133085 ID: 3994a2
File 159142690557.png - (115.01KB , 800x800 , secretsanta_2019_roz_3.png )

Roz has given a Deluxe Holo-player to Bryn Edman (Runegard). PARENTAL ADVISORY: Material may not be suitable for all ages.

So sorry about taking way too long to get around to this! I should've gotten it done months ago, but better late than never, right?
No. 133088 ID: e51896

It's alright. but hey, maybe if you waited one more month to post, then it would have been a christmas in july kind of post, lol :D
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