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File 148053077428.jpg - (514.61KB , 640x850 , TGChanSecretSantaTitle.jpg )
106091 No. 106091 ID: e136ae

Nem thinks the Krampus costume is racist. That said, she secretly likes her horn extensions. She was trying them out and admiring herself in a mirror earlier on.

Official Launch: Dec 1st. Early posting are no problem.

What Goes Here:

- Updates depicting the characters you chose to participate in the Secret Santa shopping/crafting/searching for a gift for their assigned character. The understanding of the significance of the holiday is secondary at best; if your character's just in it for loot that's fine.

- Updates depicting the characters you chose reacting to the gifts they have received. This update obviously can't appear until after someone has posted their shopping/crafting/searching update. If you'd like to make more elaborate, including dimensional rifts, or face-to-face presentation, that's fine.

- Updates depicting characters shopping for people other than their assigned characters are ALSO FINE as long as YOU and the AUTHOR of the character have AGREED on things. Extra updates are extra work, after all.

- Reactions to the updates are fine within reason. Don't start arguments here.

What DOES NOT Go Here:

- Sign-ups for the Secret Santa. They go here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/105706.html

- Additional questions about Secret Santa. They go here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/105706.html

My Secret Santa didn't come through with my gift!

Give the person some time. We'll handle this come the 20th.
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No. 106119 ID: e136ae
File 148057047325.jpg - (109.41KB , 640x720 , SecretSantaNem_Think.jpg )


Nem has the task of shopping for Marnet of Tiny Cat People.

But a lobstercat is hard to shop for; Nem's afraid of the old stand-by of fine dreamtime tobacco and a hookah because she's not sure how it will impact an alien physiology.

So she asks her mirror for suggestions.

ANIMATED with sound HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHp-8EB2rkw&feature=youtu.be
No. 106120 ID: e136ae
File 148057052934.jpg - (321.38KB , 640x720 , SecretSemNem_Mint.jpg )


... and one shark cowbell.
No. 106124 ID: 2169b1
File 148057399103.png - (16.80KB , 1000x1000 , ErimSS1.png )

Erim receives a letter in the mail! It seems she's been signed up for a secret santa!

Erim: "Who the heck is Wretch?"

Erim is suddenly made aware of who Wretch is, because it is a holiday thread and The Archivist doesn't care too heavily about this sort of thing.

Erim: "Oooohhhh, that's who that is! Well, I guess I gotta get them a gift... oh, I know, I'll make them something! With Relics! I'll make them an outfit! They seem like they wanna seduce that Void guy, I'll help 'em out!"
No. 106125 ID: 2169b1
File 148057406208.png - (11.34KB , 1000x1000 , ErimSS2.png )

Erim: "Alright! This is gonna be great! I'm gonna give them an amazing gift! The best gift there ever was!"

Douglas pokes his head in from the next room.

Douglas: "Uh, do you even know how many relics you're gonna need to make an outfit? Do you even know where to start?"

Erim: "It should be easy enough! I mean, how hard could it really be to just get materials from a dead Monster?"
No. 106126 ID: 2169b1
File 148057415173.png - (14.04KB , 1000x1000 , ErimSS3.png )

Several days and several dozen Cotton Bags of Holding later...



No. 106127 ID: 2169b1
File 148057429445.png - (14.21KB , 1000x1000 , ErimSS4aaahhh.png )

Another few days later...

Somehow, Erim successfully gathers the materials she needs, and has them made into an outfit! When the outfit is complete, she meets up with Wretch... somehow... to hand off the gift!

Erim: "So I've been informed by an outside source that this is the sort of outfit you'd like! And see those ribbons? They let you decide if someone thinks you're more attractive!"

Erim: "Also, you can choose what it smells like! That's kinda minor but I thought it was nice!"

Erim: "Please do not ask how I got this outfit. Please. Please don't. I might start screaming again and nobody wants that."
No. 106128 ID: 91ee5f

So, how'd you get the outfit?
No. 106129 ID: 91ee5f

I'm such an asshole. X3
No. 106169 ID: 2fd094
File 148064310235.png - (85.88KB , 1000x1000 , Logan Christmas Shopping 1.png )

Gifter: Logan Faust

Giftee: The Arts and Crafts Wizard

Below the second line on the form was a picture of the giftee. He had an... odd appearance; but I, admittedly, do as well. What really made me the most curious about this person was his title. "The Arts and Crafts Wizard". There are so many different things that it could mean. Can he create art tools, or manipulate them? Is the title supposed to be symbolic, simply saying that he's good at art? It's anyone's guess what it means.

However, I knew one thing for sure. I couldn't get this guy art supplies. If he can materialize art into existence, then a pack of twenty colored pencils will mean nothing to him. That's what brought me to the literature section of this store.

And before you ask, none of this is cannon. So, at the moment, I'm on Tier 1. Don't question it.

After scanning the shelves, my eyes stumble across the tome that I had been searching for. I pull it out, and take a good look at the cover...
No. 106171 ID: 2fd094
File 148064321889.png - (648.20KB , 1000x1000 , Logan Christmas Shopping 2.png )


Since tools are off the table, I decided that references would be the next best thing. I just hope he doesn't already have this one.
No. 106177 ID: 2fd094
File 148064948170.png - (143.03KB , 1000x1000 , Ann Christmas Shopping.png )

Gifter: Ann Pepper

Giftee: Aria (Deity Quest)

After comparing forms with Logan, I can confirm that mine was different. For some reason, his included a picture of his recipient, whereas mine did not. The forms still contained enough information on Aria to pick out something fitting, but it was a bit strange.

The woman I was searching for was, quite literally, an angel. She had wings and... horns? Not something that I'd associate with them, but I've never met an angel. The form listed her as a drummer, so I decided that the music store would be the best place to look around. I chatted to the person running the counter, and they brought out the instrument that I am now inspecting.

He referred to it as a 'Timber Drum'. It looks like a box with slits in the middle. There are two sticks coming out of holes on the drum's right side. I pull them out, and try hitting the drum a few times. The sound is surprisingly soothing. It reminds me of the kind of music that you hear in jungle movies. After thinking for a few minutes, I decide that it's likely the best gift I'll find for Aria. I have my father hand a few money bills to the cashier, and send the gift to it's recipient. Don't ask how.

So, Aria, I hope that you like your new Timber Drum.
No. 106199 ID: c0097f
File 148072826258.png - (8.44KB , 500x500 , marnet.png )

Marnet is simply in love with her timpani! She bounces and hits it with great exuberance, making burbly giggles as she does so. Who knows, perhaps she could become quite a musician!

She thanks Nem by playing a little offkilter song, not used to playing but doing her best.
No. 106200 ID: c0097f
File 148072830244.png - (10.51KB , 500x500 , wretch1.png )

WRETCH: you like??
No. 106201 ID: c0097f
File 148072831586.png - (12.98KB , 500x500 , wretch2.png )

You definitely like.
No. 106214 ID: 340474
File 148077006946.png - (102.55KB , 500x500 , millie's gift 1.png )

"What'cha making there, Millie?"
"Oh, something."
"And what's that something for?"
"Well apparently there's some kind of secret santa stuff going on! You should make one too, Trish."
"Eh, I'll pass. So who are you going to send it to?"
"Oh, to Buddy! It's a tiny cat person."
"Tiny cat person? Aren't you a bit too old for imaginary friends?"
"Buddy is real! It just exists in another universe, that's all."
No. 106216 ID: 340474
File 148077032524.png - (99.77KB , 500x500 , millie's gift 2.png )

"...aaand ta-daa!"
"That's a cute little sweater! But why does it got only one arm?"
"Well it's small because Buddy's a tiny cat person, remember?"
"Okay? So what about the arm?"
"Well it's a knife-type tiny cat person, and it's got knives instead of a right arm."
"Okay... first that horse guy at the library, and now this. I'm thinking we're seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow..."
"Is it because he's cute?"
"N-no- well he is cute..."
No. 106233 ID: e136ae

Your update is super-cute, IG.
No. 106234 ID: af6e04
File 148088706039.gif - (14.80KB , 400x300 , mangapowers.gif )


"Prey, this tome was gifted to me by a surface-dweller! Do you know what this means? Who knows what kind of incredible arcane secrets it holds! What does it say?"

"how to draw manga"

"Amazing! Surreptitious! Stupendous! The paper mâché monsters...I've been going about it all wrong. I must create a manga! Now read the book and walk me through the process."
No. 106235 ID: af6e04
File 148088710334.png - (7.20KB , 400x300 , mangas.png )

"Does it look like the pictures?"

No. 106272 ID: 4dbf09
File 148114919914.png - (173.40KB , 1600x1200 , a very special phasebear christmas 1.png )

Unfortunately, Bear is giving gifts to "Violet and Lavender Boobhound".

Bear is not entirely sure how he got suckered into this 'Secret Santa' con. All he can remember is waking up with a new obligation, and obligations are no fun at all. What could have possessed him into signing up with this mess? Before the blackout, he has vague memories of foraging some very strange berries- perhaps they were old and slightly fermented? They did taste somewhat off, and goodness knows this wouldn't be the first time he got bear drunk by accident. Yes, yes, it was probably the berries. In fact, the more Bear thinks on it, the more sure he is. Damn them! He had tried to cover the taste with copious amounts of cocaine and heroin- evidently, the wrong thing to do. Lesson learned: when in doubt, throw it out!

Well, he's stuck with this now, and he may as well do it right. A phase bear never half-asses things. As he understands it, he's supposed to be shopping for two. Three, if you count by number of sexual characteristics. He'll really have to put his best paw forward! Every bear knows that there's only one place to go for the best christmas presents a phasebear can get.
No. 106273 ID: 4dbf09
File 148114921034.png - (180.35KB , 1600x1200 , a very special phasebear christmas 2.png )

Fresh out of the towering gift piles of dimension #040,404 is this delightful little tree ornament. It's a little model of that fellow from the human television, and when you press the button on the base, he dances around and sings a tune.

I'm Mister White Christmas! I'm Mister Snow!

I'm Mister Icicle! I'm Mister Ten Below!

No. 106274 ID: 4dbf09
File 148114921955.png - (434.70KB , 1600x1200 , a very special phasebear christmas 3.png )

But Shub-Santurath Clausakhy is really not having it this time. He never does like having his horde disturbed, and this knick-knack was probably a particular favourite of his. Which means it must be extra special. Obviously, Bear made the right choice in picking it!
No. 106275 ID: 4dbf09
File 148114923098.png - (951.94KB , 1600x1200 , a very special phasebear christmas 4.png )

It is proving difficult to shake the inter-dimensional bastard off. Bear has been phasing through realities for what seems like ages, and he just can't quite seem to get ol' Shubby off the scent. Nothing stops him! And the longer he chases the package, the angrier he seems to be getting.

This is getting way too hot. Bear better dump it off in their universe quick.

Hopefully, Violet and Lavender enjoy their gift!
No. 106278 ID: 1f8505


No. 106281 ID: 91ee5f

It's the multiverse's most dangerous Christmas gift! D:
No. 106295 ID: ba506f

my god, it's the starwars holiday special!
No. 106307 ID: e136ae

That's Bear's secret weapon.
No. 106453 ID: 77237f
File 148160901929.png - (138.12KB , 600x500 , EUD001.png )

CHAMILLE’s gift – given by EUDORA

Disciple Temple of Bhothogoshol, Planet Ichgneu.

Ganymede: “Blessed child, you’ve returned home.”

Eudora: “Only briefly, Ganymede. And Eudora will suffice.”

Ganymede: “What brings you here, Ever-Changing?”

Eudora: “Eudora. And I need you to sculpt something for me.”

Eudora: “I need you to craft an Egg of Ichothortu.”

Ganymede: “What in Bhothogoshol’s divine heaven for, child?”

Eudora: “Dude, I’m like… one year older than you. Can you do it or not?”
No. 106454 ID: 77237f
File 148160907059.png - (125.89KB , 600x500 , EUD002.png )

Ganymede: “Sorry, Eudora. Being a devoted Bhothogoshol monk isn’t as dramatic as the movies made it out to be.”

Ganymede: “Just let me have this…”

Ganymede: —a-HEM
No. 106455 ID: 77237f
File 148160912048.png - (128.02KB , 600x500 , EUD003.png )

Ganymede: “There’s only one special material that is essential for the craft of a priceless Ichothortu Egg!”

Eudora: “The amber—”

Ganymede: “Not just any amber, but collected from the very tree that birthed Leg-hug! Ulilli!”

Eudora: “Yeh. Well…”

Ganymede: “And you must face the path of Bogn, the warrior who had to fight hordes of deadly barbaric locust guardians—“

Eudora: “That’s good and all…”

Ganymede: “—to climb the jagged cliffs of Ndepthteph and enter the Temple of Gorm! And you know what you’ll find?”

Eudora: “I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

Ganymede: “There… you will find the Tree of Ulilli, and must collect the amber rocks which it forever bleeds from its trunks!”
No. 106456 ID: 77237f
File 148160915021.png - (136.46KB , 600x500 , EUD004.png )

Eudora: “I’ve already done it. I know the tales. I was raised here, too, ya know.”

Ganymede: “Great Bhothogoshol!”
No. 106457 ID: 77237f
File 148160919478.png - (137.72KB , 600x500 , EUD005.png )

Ganymede: “Ah, glorious in all its divine… glory!”

Ganymede: “Tell me, Eudora. Who is the lucky one to receive such a thing of beauty?”

Eudora: “Another Ever-Changing.”

Eudora: “My time is short; thank you, Ganymede.”

Eudora: “I must return to Cnidari Vaalbara.”

Cybil and Victor’s gift-shopping coming soon!
No. 106494 ID: e136ae
File 148175391398.jpg - (310.07KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_Sami1.jpg )

Sami: Great, what the hell do I give snake priest Misotus? I doubt she'd appreciate the finer things in life like booze, dreamtime tobacco, lesbian pornography or music.

Amy: Serpentine lesbian pornography?

Sami smirks: Only the finest serpentine lesbian pornography. From what I can see, she's just about the purifying flames or some such nonsense.

Amy: We could ask my mom.

Sami: Sure, let's do that. Your mom's really cool, I don't think my mom would ever knit us matching lesbian snowlady sweaters for a holiday she's never heard of.
No. 106495 ID: e136ae
File 148175453789.jpg - (228.75KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_Sami2.jpg )

Amy: Mom, you free?

Sami: Ms. Skyia-mom, thank-you for our matching sweaters. By the way, would you by chance know what to give a religious snake lady for a holiday neither of us have ever heard of?

Skyia: That depends dear, what do you know about her?

Sami: Well she has to fight shadows and she seems to like fire a whole lot.

Skyia: Fire... fire... that seems... OH! I have just the thing. I've got some old supplies I purchased from one of the Gaelend Yaga sisters up north. She got rid of a bunch after she became mortal, before her sister took over the business.

Skyia digs through an old trunk with a caution sign on it.

Skyia: Yes, here it is! A Gaelish skull filled with purifying burning coals. Powerful enough to completely incinerate a room full of wicked grown mortals with its burning gaze, but with a smart safety feature to spare the good of heart.

Sami: Ummm... Ms. Skyia-mom? May I ask why you have such a thing?

Skyia: Well, at the time I was single and I needed some security for my home, and I wasn't as fond of mortals then as I am now. I don't really need it now, so it might be quite helpful to this friend of yours.

Sami: She's not really a friend, it's sort of a tradition from Before Death. Something called a "Secret Santa"

Skyia: Oh, that's nice dear. Well, she's welcome to it. Its energies will probably be altered once they leave our own world, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Sami: Thank-you! We'll get it to the the crossover shipping service right away!
No. 106499 ID: c0097f
File 148176074011.png - (7.51KB , 500x500 , buddy.png )

Buddy puts on the sweater carefully, admiring the hole made for the knives and the big, floppy sleeves. It turns and twists to look at the sweater, having put on some festive leggings earlier to match. Its metallic grinding sounds almost pleasant as it thanks you profusely, very obviously overjoyed with its present!
No. 106502 ID: 2b3cf3
File 148176539102.png - (316.16KB , 800x800 , LandVreciept.png )

Lavender: Wh... what's going on?

Violet: I dunno, but one thing's for sure...

Lavender and Violet: BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!
No. 106503 ID: 46894a

Lewd AND adorable!
No. 106507 ID: e136ae

Agreed! Lewdorable?
No. 106514 ID: 2b3cf3

The socks are overloading me with cuteness OMG.
No. 106516 ID: 46894a

Thank you.
No. 106528 ID: e136ae

Not to forget you. That's some high quality art.
No. 106545 ID: af6e04
File 148184125450.png - (12.63KB , 400x300 , santa1.png )


"Aah! What is THAT?"

No. 106546 ID: af6e04
File 148184136001.gif - (10.99KB , 400x300 , santa2.gif )

"It's kinda cute...AAAUUGHH! GET IT OFF!"



No. 106553 ID: e17c1f

Man you guys are getting the best gifts :3
I've finally started work on mine but I think most of them are gonna post after the 20th.
No. 106575 ID: ded3b0
File 148189867068.png - (90.99KB , 500x500 , hugo's gift 1.png )

"So I have to give a gift, eh? Well I've just found these two big-pack C-Bars. On one hand, it's the Ozbordian Ranchdip flavor C-Bar, but on the other hand, it's the Wesbord Bonanza flavor C-bar. From what I've heard, both are so good that the other will taste bland in comparison, and no one has ever tasted both at once since the bars' combined thickness is too big to fit a normal mouth. Decisions, decisions..."
No. 106576 ID: ded3b0
File 148189880815.png - (115.73KB , 500x500 , hugo's gift 2.png )

"What the hell you up to now, Hugo?"
"Oh hey Jan. Trying to combine two big-pack C-bars."
"Using a high-speed hydraulic press? Really?"
"Trust me, I'm an engineer!"
No. 106577 ID: d27e7c

What could possibly go wrong?
No. 106584 ID: 91ee5f

The flavors are so good that they cancel each other out and you can't taste anything.

Or the wrappers on the candy bars specifically say to not mix them with each other because it'll cause an explosion.
No. 106591 ID: 2169b1
File 148194608559.png - (12.24KB , 1000x1000 , Aria Christmas 1.png )

Aria receives her letter about Secret Santas!

Aria: "Suplex, huh? Well, better bug Mod about it."

Crypteque: Yo, I'm getting a present for someone called "Suplex". You know anything about them?
BanHammer105: ...hoo boy. Uh, basically? They've had a real shit life. And are currently trying to escape a weird murder facility.
BanHammer105: I have no idea how much of that is gonna carry over to a non-canon thing like this...
Crypteque: A what?
BanHammer105: But to be honest she'll probably be thrilled with just about anything.
Crypteque: Music it is.
BanHammer105: Saw that coming.

You promptly go out and purchase an MP3 player, and promptly fire up a file-sharing site when you get home. Hey, even Gods file-share. Just... don't judge.
No. 106592 ID: 2169b1
File 148194630164.png - (11.47KB , 1000x1000 , Aria Christmas 2.png )

At some point in the future, Suplex receives a package! Inside is the MP3 player, loaded up with more songs than you can shake a stick at. Divine MP3 players hold A LOT of songs.

A brief scroll through the available playlists provide such things as...

"7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga Remixes"
"Good Metal"
"Best Metal"
"Audio Books"
"The Entire Discography of They Might Be Giants"

And many, many more. Included with the MP3 player is a manual of its operation, a santa hat, and a note that reads...

"Merry Christmas! I dunno what kind of music you're into, so I just downloaded a little bit of everything. Have fun!"
No. 106600 ID: 8919ab
File 148195261030.png - (188.83KB , 600x500 , CYB001.png )

Victor: “Hey, you’ve returned! Whatcha got there—?”

Eudora: “Buzz off. Don’t touch.”

Victor: “Haha ‘buzz’—I get it cuz you’re a bug thing—right?”

Eudora: “No.”

Victor: “Hrmmph…”
No. 106601 ID: 8919ab
File 148195265532.png - (222.71KB , 600x500 , CYB002.png )

DEEM’s gift — given by CYBIL
Victor: “Heeeeeey, Cybil. Whatcha working on?”

Cybil: “Hmm?”

Cybil: “Oh, a bandolier of sorts!”

Victor: “Sweet, what does it do?”
No. 106602 ID: 8919ab
File 148195269388.png - (148.01KB , 600x500 , CYB003.png )

Cybil: “You can… uh—wear it?”

Cybil: “Look nice… maybe?”

Victor: “There’s a hole through it, though.”

Cybil: “Well you know—customization stuff. You can put jewels, brooches, pocket watches, or whatever in here. Infused in the metal are some nice pearls.”

Cybil: “Obtaining these materials took some effort…”
No. 106603 ID: 8919ab
File 148195273485.png - (323.30KB , 600x500 , CYB004.png )

Cybil: “I went to the Abandoned Sigog Reef Refinery and fished for these Oologgo Pearls. They’re quite rare, ya know! They take about a thousand years on this planet to make layer after layer!”

Cybil: “During my visit some tourists got in the way and the weather was a little moody. Honestly, It can be a beautiful place.”
No. 106604 ID: 8919ab
File 148195279536.png - (246.50KB , 600x500 , CYB005.png )

Cybil: “I needed to grab some ingots too; I was sure the locals wouldn’t mind if I collected debris out of the ocean.”

Cybil: “Anything to help the environment. That stuff.”

Cybil: “Pretty cool, huh Vic?”
No. 106611 ID: 398fe1

Oh god what did you do
No. 106613 ID: b3f404
File 148198338534.png - (37.24KB , 402x418 , Secret Santa 1.png )

:inhnormal: Hey, Gorgol.

:inhcalm: You know, we actually have a lot in common! I'm a lizard, you're a space lizard. You have a tail, I have a tail.. You're renowned for your strength, I'm... uh, well...

:inhpensive: You're twelve feet tall, and I'm... uh..

:inhserious: ...Okay, so maybe it's just the lizard monster thing. Still, similarities!

:inhnormal: Anyway, I was thinking about how your size compares to the other luminasians, and how you're not exactly on a lot of people's good sides? It's probably hard to find people willing to make things scaled up for you, right? And I bet they aren't exactly focused on comfort when they do, too.

:inhempathetic: But you know what I think? I think you deserve a little relaxation after a long day of saving the worlds. So that's why I'm sending you...
No. 106615 ID: b3f404
File 148198376887.png - (82.89KB , 810x558 , Secret Santa 2.png )

Upon being hurled to the floor, the cube erupts into brightly colored smoke as it folds out into a discernible shape.
No. 106616 ID: b3f404
File 148198386633.png - (105.75KB , 810x558 , Secret Santa 3.png )

:inhdevilgrin: ...a magical couch of +17 comfort.

:inhveryhappy: You can fold it up into a box for travel, or fold it out into a bed; it's self-cleaning, too! Like all the most comfortable of things, it comes all pre-worn-out a little. Relax with your friends! Lose them for days in the cushions! It even has cupholders and tassels. Enjoy, mon chéri!
No. 106617 ID: 91ee5f

>Just... don't judge.
I'm judging so hard right now.
No. 106631 ID: c0097f
File 148203145897.png - (12.70KB , 500x500 , prima felix.png )


VOIDSY: I wasn't sure what to get you both.
VOIDSY: And then I realized- you both must like crows, having one for a companion and all.
VOIDSY: It's pretty imbued with magic, too.
VOIDSY: I haven't tested it yet, so I'm not sure what kind. Good luck!
No. 106632 ID: c0097f
File 148203148719.png - (8.70KB , 500x500 , nouille.png )


WRETCH: now a sparklin lady such as yrself needs some good threads yknow
WRETCH: boom check this out
WRETCH: absorbs all light. skintight. heart shaped cleavage dealy
WRETCH: you cant GET better than this
WRETCH: go get some babe xoxo
No. 106633 ID: c0097f
File 148203151133.png - (11.15KB , 500x500 , hammer imp.png )


"I don't know you or anything, but I heard you want a family. I don't have shit in terms of possessions, but I figure hey; maybe you can give this little guy a chance. They're gonna grow in a ton of teeth, but if you raise 'em right it shouldn't be too bad."
No. 106709 ID: af6e04
File 148225528304.gif - (26.98KB , 400x300 , wizardgift.gif )

"Finding a gift for this Dad creature is most challenging! I don't even know what a Dad is! But something tells me material value would be meaningless! Dad would appreciate a gift that is thoughtful and sentimental!"

"give her your googly eyes"


[it's a gif clickit]
No. 106710 ID: af6e04
File 148225538221.gif - (29.07KB , 400x300 , wizardgift2.gif )

"Behold as I now use my magic to shrink them down to TCP size!"

[also a gif]
No. 106711 ID: af6e04

They're so adorable! The reply will be a little late. Sorry!!
No. 106714 ID: 9876c4

I see a dildo
No. 106716 ID: 398fe1

I think that's a pendant.
No. 106718 ID: 88bdc5

It is not a dildo it is a squishy staff of power.
No. 106719 ID: c0097f
File 148227883976.png - (8.99KB , 500x500 , nem.png )

Dad pats the cape type on the back, the TCP chirping in response This little guy can make all the capes they want, she says with a proud rumble. With a bit of practice, maybe you can get 'em to make a cape that's you sized!
No. 106720 ID: c0097f
File 148227891130.png - (9.78KB , 500x500 , shopkeep.png )


Buddy seems a bit shy to present its gift, who waddles enthusiastically towards their new owner. Buddy explains in a quiet voice that this TCP can contain all the money you can imagine, and safely.
No. 106721 ID: 9145ba

Yes, it's simply humming from all the power contained within.
No. 106735 ID: a4ec41

Seventeen pictures in four days? I can do this. We're moving so I've been packing these past couple days but it's almost done!
No. 106736 ID: e136ae
File 148233551940.jpg - (246.74KB , 640x720 , Secret Santa Nem3.jpg )

Nem is thrilled with her new little cat person and gives him a cuddle.

She thanks Dad for her new little friend!
No. 106741 ID: 1f8505


Pantsu is the gift that keeps on giving.
No. 106742 ID: e136ae
File 148237632904.jpg - (475.49KB , 640x720 , Omniclaus.jpg )

The threads quake, and the smell of citrus, chocolate, cheese, gift cards (OK we're reaching here) and other small, curious sock-sized items (we're REALLY reaching here) fills the air.

THE OMNICLAUS: Santas, your time draws short! But fear not, oh selfless giver of gifts -- you shall not go empty handed for I, the OMNICLAUS, shall bestow gifts upon you, should your own Secret Santa be found wanting!

To give all Santas the benefit of the doubt, my arrival shall be after the 25th but fear not, for I will gift ye before year's end!
No. 106743 ID: 180f83

Oh crude, we don't have a secret santa to give a gift for OMNICLAUS. What do?
No. 106744 ID: e136ae

Milk and cookies, obviously.
No. 106745 ID: 91ee5f

You're right! We can do that!

Quick! Someone go over to the Omnistore and buy some Omnimilk and Omnicookies for the OMNICLAUS!
No. 106750 ID: e00c0f

mmmmm Omnicookies, they taste like forever.
No. 106755 ID: b69589

You got a little something on your face there.
No. 106756 ID: 4cea07

This Secret Santa has really been fun (and productive for me)! I'm only close to finishing my final gift!
No. 106757 ID: 2fd094


I agree. This has been a fun event, and it's helped me learn about a few quests that I hadn't really looked at before (Looking at you, Hammer Imp.). I'm still waiting to receive gifts for my characters; and I'm curious to see what the authors assigned to me will come up with.
No. 106771 ID: e136ae

I'm glad to hear people are enjoying things! The Omniclaus is just there to ensure that everyone who 'gave a gift' will still get one in return before the year is out. When Drunk Duck did Secret Santa, they had the Deadbeat Delivery Squad to do stuff for anyone whose Santa didn't deliver. I didn't bother to organize one but I figure I should be able to handle picking up the slack since I should only have to draw an item with the Omniclaus beard-tendrils wrapped around it.
No. 106772 ID: 4cea07
File 148243743709.png - (195.67KB , 600x500 , VIC001.png )

INHERITOR’S gift — given by VICTOR

Eudora: “Dice…”

Victor: “Not just any dice—!”

Eudora: “Stupid dice?”

Cybil: “Non-Euclidean Zephcynth?”

Victor: “Sure, maybe. But this set of dice is told to have mystic powers! It’s like an 8ball.”

Victor: “Roll to determine your success on just about anything—but it can happen in REAL LIFE.”

Victor: “It wasn’t easy to obtain, ya know.”

Eudora: “Aye, here we go…”
No. 106773 ID: 4cea07
File 148243748508.png - (209.10KB , 600x500 , VIC002.png )

Victor: “I set off to my home planet to find the ancient catacombs of the forbidden Dama Monastery, a place prohibited to the entire public.”

Victor: “There was a secret, underground treasury that held dangerous, valuable artifacts.”

Victor: “The whole place was upside-down. It’s like the city was given an ice swirlie in high school.”
No. 106774 ID: 4cea07
File 148243752320.png - (191.26KB , 600x500 , VIC003.png )

Victor: “I had to dodge traps and hordes of creatures to reach the lost bazaar in the heart of the temple!”

Victor: “I passed many adventurers who fell to the perils of this deadly passage.”

Victor: “It also meant I was heading in the right direction.”
No. 106776 ID: 4cea07
File 148243761846.png - (180.45KB , 600x500 , VIC004.png )

Victor: “And there it was—the lost d33, d11½, and dThreeve dice of Yeegd Dama: Champion of Fate.”

Eudora: “Did they have something which could grow your fur back?”

Victor: “Well— the entire temple collapsed upon its removal so it’s not like I can go back any time.”

Cybil: “Wow, that’s quite the tale, Vic. And you haven’t bothered to take photos?”

Victor: “Uh—cameras were prohibited too.”

Victor: “I gotta respect at least some of the foreboding rules. C’mon.”

Eudora: “Riveting…”
No. 106777 ID: 4cea07
File 148243765616.png - (250.27KB , 600x500 , VIC005.png )

Two Cnidari Vaalbara days earlier…

Yamelle: “Victor, honey. What are you doing in our gift shop? Those are for tourists, dear.”

Victor: “Nothing, ma! Just a souvenir for someone!”

Yamelle: “Would you rather share them a coupon for our sauna?”

Yamelle: “Your father senses a bitter winter.”

Victor: “Naw, that’s fine.”

Victor: “Is there anything you don’t mind losing? I’m in a little rut.”
No. 106788 ID: abebd3
File 148246002635.png - (189.97KB , 800x800 , PFgift1.png )

Prima: Hey, Felix! What'cha doin'?

Felix: I'm carving a wooden sculpture of Crowkor.

Prima: Oh! Going for your Junior Futa Force Auxiliary merit badge in woodcarving?

Felix: No, it's a winter solstice present for Eudora.

Prima: Why? I thought I told you I had it covered.

Felix: Yeah you've been saying you've "got it covered" for the past two weeks. The solstice is in three days and you haven't even picked out a gift!

Prima: I picked out a gift! She's an Arthocob, so I was going to buy her a can of bug spray!

Felix: I... don't even know how to respond to that...

Prima: Well of course you don't, you never went through the Futa Force diplomacy training.

Felix: ...

Felix: Well anyway it's done.
No. 106789 ID: abebd3
File 148246003509.png - (135.41KB , 800x800 , PFgift2.png )

Congratulations Eudora!

You got Slightly Creepy Crowkor Figurine!

"It's better than bug spray!"

It is really off putting...
No. 106792 ID: abebd3
File 148246258444.png - (174.72KB , 800x800 , sgift.png )

Congratulations Erin Erim! on receiving what is quite probably the best gift ever! A Framed, Personalized, Autographed Photo of Sporty!
No. 106808 ID: 9f3729
File 148247567502.png - (3.67KB , 512x512 , tower.png )

In a potential future, in one of the candle-cities of North Celak...
No. 106809 ID: 9f3729
File 148247568038.png - (3.80KB , 512x512 , lineup.png )

...a very devout woman is gearing up for a difficult choice.

[/i]Hm. No, the purifying flamethrower is perhaps a bit too expensive for a secret santa. Would they even know how to use it?
Collectible Asoth bust's right out too, mom would notice it was gone...[/i]
No. 106810 ID: 9f3729
File 148247568690.gif - (151.79KB , 512x512 , Sprite-0005.gif )

Perhaps some Ashwater? No, that stuff tastes awful, couldn't inflict that on anyone, even if it does give you a good buzz...
No, can't do that either, need that for next week's tour of duty...
Maybe..? no, no.
Ngh, no...

No. 106811 ID: 9f3729
File 148247569258.gif - (65.61KB , 512x512 , Sprite-0006.gif )

Wait, DUH! Of course! What else would I get an outsider?!
No. 106812 ID: 9f3729
File 148247569826.gif - (29.01KB , 512x512 , book.gif )

And so, the woman found the right gift to send:
A limited edition Photo-Arcana, an extended version of the standard Book of Asoth.
Fluffed out with everything from rousing tales of daring Priests to stunning astral photography of Asoth himself fighting off the void, no one text compares!

Between you and me, Misotus got it for free from a work event. Still, it's retail value is roughly 110 dollars American! What a nab!
No. 106819 ID: e136ae
File 148252548427.jpg - (250.68KB , 640x720 , Secret Santa Sami 3.jpg )

Amy: So what did you get?

Sami: The book you're using as a pillow.

Amy: What's the book about?

Sami: I have no idea. I can't read the language and the pictures just seem to be about burning shadows. I think it's either a religious text or the burning person's self-insert fan fiction.

Amy: It's the thought that counts, Sami.

Sami: I know, I know -- that's why I haven't tried to pawn it off to one of the archeologists. The shadows remind me of the Curse, which is why I'm even trying to make heads or tails of it at all.

Amy continues to use the book as a pillow.

Amy: Let's make love.

Sami: OK.
No. 106823 ID: 1f8505
File 148254850179.png - (3.09MB , 1910x858 , Secret_Santa_2016.png )

Sarah: "The mall closes in 20 minutes! We gotta get that Secret Santa shopping done! You look for the items in the north end, and I'll take the south end!"

Anita: "And we'll meet back here, right?"

Sarah: "Why does that matter?!"

Anita: "Because I'd rather not scorch the tile with a transportation sigil. Last time I did it, mall security got upset."

No. 106824 ID: 85cc2c
File 148256528578.png - (10.48KB , 500x500 , cyclops.png )


Primus is very proud of his present- a supervillain type TCP! It will be the perfect companion for all sorts of evildoing...or just meddling with plans and tipping over coffee cups.
No. 106825 ID: 85cc2c
File 148256535160.png - (8.05KB , 500x500 , default.png )


A goo friend for a goo friend, Marnet figures! This little friend is a bit squishy, but they seem plenty excited to meet their new owner and begin their own adventures.
No. 106828 ID: 0ea70f
File 148259310126.png - (82.83KB , 500x500 , felsa's gift 1.png )

Hmm, Millie and Hugo already sent their gift, who's left... ah, Felsa! Let's see her progress...
Really? The Santamania's tomorrow, and you're sleeping? Just because your quest's in hiatus doesn't mean you're exempt from giving gifts, Felsa! C'mon, get your ass mov-
No. 106829 ID: 0ea70f
File 148259333427.png - (72.42KB , 500x500 , felsa's gift 2.png )

Oh. Oh. Seems I do owe you an apology, Felsa, you did your shopping after all. Apparently she's currently sleeping because she fought against the hordes of holiday shoppers all day long, but she went home victorious with her gift: a bottle of Extra-Strength Fern Brew! Sleep tight, Felsa, and thank you.

...I wonder if it's strong enough for Alice, or perhaps it's too strong?
No. 106831 ID: 5ee12a

I prostrate myself before Omni Claus. I've failed to deliver many of my gifts. I bit off more than I could chew and overestimated the amount of time I would have to draw before the holidays. The only way I could finish in time now would be to shut myself off from the family and draw all day but that's not happening.
Thanks to those of you that gave me gifts. After the holidays I will draw the recipt pictures. To those of you I owe secret santa gifts, put your names in my drawthread and I will draw fanart of the OC of your choice after new years.
Merry Christmas, all!
No. 106846 ID: d092b9
File 148262904776.png - (42.60KB , 1000x650 , nanogo_present_planning_committee.png )

Time's running out. The couch is the scene of scene of a desperate nanogoo planning huddle.

[default]: "OK team, Secret Santa brainstorming time. We've got Cyberwyre."

[default]: "Let's see... s-s-sHe's the boss of a quirky team of merCENaries and she w-w-wears a robotic contaAact suit to stop everything killing her? WHat's a good pRresent?"

[default]: "How about we doOo s-something witH nanomachines?"

[default]: "NanomAchines?!"

[default]: "NanomacHines. It's thE gift thaaAt keeps on Ggiving."

Shopkeep: "Hey, why are you talking to yourself? Is this a hint? You need help with your gift?"
No. 106847 ID: d092b9
File 148262907685.png - (30.69KB , 1000x650 , the_savage_sword_of_dr_watson_is_actually_quite_go.png )

[default]: "What'd y-you get your secret sANta?"

Shopkeep: "Well, I got Ann Pepper. She wants to be a detective so I rummaged through the paperback section at the shop and got her a pile of detective stories and murder mysteries."

[default]: "Let m-me see thOse. 'Sherlock Holmes and tHe Study in Scarlet', 'Neon Noir: r-Robot Detective',
'Miss Marple vs Moriaty' ... 'Hercule Poirot: v-VAMmpire Hunter'?! Are thEse actually reAaal detective novels?"

Shopkeep: "Figured she'd get a chuckle out of them. There's bound to be at least one good one in there."

[default]: "So, just hypotheticAaally, what would you gi-give Cyberwyre for Christmas? I was thinking nANomachINes!

Shopkeep: "Woah, don't be lazy. Ask yourself: what does any dashing adventurer need?"

[default]: "WeeLll?"

Shopkeep: "A grappling hook gun!"

[default]: "Ooooooooh.
No. 106848 ID: d092b9
File 148262919227.png - (29.28KB , 1000x600 , nanogifts.png )


If it 'comes down to the wire' you'll know what to do now. Merry Christmas.


What day is this? What could these be? Why is this happening? It is a mystery.
No. 106855 ID: 1f8505
File 148263226173.png - (115.59KB , 720x869 , Secret_Santa_2016_2a.png )

What did Princess Photon receive from her Secret Santa?
No. 106856 ID: 1f8505
File 148263239536.png - (269.10KB , 1200x900 , Secret_Santa_2016_2b.png )

Why a gift card to Chili's, of course!

Princess Photon: "..."
No. 106857 ID: 1f8505
File 148263311211.png - (327.60KB , 753x762 , Secret_Santa_2016_3.png )

*Anon44 looks at the clock*

No. 106860 ID: 4dbf09
File 148263777020.png - (795.02KB , 1600x8400 , nouille's long non-adventure.png )

>3. Yes, you can be more elaborate. You can make a 24 page comic about the trials and tribulations of getting that perfect gift,

"Nouille" is giving a gift to Sporty Futa.
No. 106862 ID: e136ae
File 148263988320.jpg - (274.86KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_OmniClausVoidsy.jpg )

From deep within the Crossover Cosmos comes a gift for VOIDSY (http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736484.html) from THE OMNICLAUS!

It is a package of "The Omniclaus' Own Cosmic Cookie Dough with Specialized Chocolate Chips!"

The package claims it will make cookies "Just like the Grandmatriarch Used to Make"

It will also undoubtedly work in the creation of tiny cat people, as long as they don't mind being delicious.
No. 106867 ID: 193305

Goddamn, nobody.
Good job.
No. 106869 ID: e136ae

Note: Omniclaus has begun covering for Apples as the rest of his characters won't be able to make their deadlines.
No. 106870 ID: e136ae

Everyone else still has Christmas Day, but if you can't make it let ol' Omniclaus know for his shipping schedule.
No. 106874 ID: 5ee12a

I'm so sorry you guys. I have been up past midnight wrapping presents and stuffing stockings for my large and extended family.
No. 106878 ID: e136ae

It's OK Apples, you just got a little too ambitious. It's just for fun, I'd prefer you not kill yourself for something that's just supposed to be fun.
No. 106880 ID: e136ae


I really wasn't trying to point fingers, but someone freaked when I had Omniclaus start early. I prefer the heads-up so I can get going on it.

>I'm so sorry you guys. I have been up past midnight wrapping presents and stuffing stockings for my large and extended family.

It's totally fine, just enjoy your Christmas.

Our family has dwindled so much that our Christmas is very small and very simple now. Enjoy family while you can, don't take it for granted.
No. 106883 ID: 9f3729

Personally I'd say you should just extend the deadline a bit. Christmas day was, in hindsight, a bit too close a deadline for all this. Woulda been better to set it as january 1st so there's post-christmas time for residual gifting!
No. 106891 ID: fe3a46

Yeah, personally, I be able to get should get the last three done but it'll be a day or two late.
No. 106899 ID: e136ae


If you think you can get it done before the year is out that's fine. I basically just did the Omniclaus because I knew I'd have more time than other people might and Drunk Duck had a back-up plan. I didn't take into account the smaller community.

I'm not trying to be a hard-ass, I just want to make sure all the characters who participated get a little something in return. There's nothing stating you can't do a gift despite the Omniclaus covering for you.

This is just for fun, I didn't mean to guilt anyone and I don't mean to be strict.
No. 106915 ID: e136ae
File 148274440275.jpg - (268.01KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_OmniclausPrimus.jpg )

From deep within the crossover cosmic voids, The OMNICLAUS presents PRIMUS with a COSMIC ZIPPERBACK STARHORSE! Like most male seahorses, the Cosmic Zipperback Starhorse also carries the babies while they develop. Unlike most male seahorses, the Zipperback -- like Primus -- has an actual zipper back and can store other things inside itself when not carrying babies.

THE OMNICLAUS feels that they'll really be able to connect with each other.
No. 106918 ID: fe3a46
File 148279218033.png - (36.39KB , 720x840 , deem_secret_santa.png )

A shark that punches ghosts? My, what an exciting lifestyle. After some reflection, I've come up with the perfect gift for Carson. If someone wants to punch a ghost obviously first they need to find it. A critical first step! This dowsing crystal will react to spiritual phenomena. With a little practice, he should be able to get to point towards something punchable.

Deem: "Merud! I need someone to put words on the card."


Hope you don't run into any ghosts while celebrating today but, if you need to, this should help.

No. 106927 ID: e136ae
File 148280934046.jpg - (207.34KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_Omniclause_LoganFaust.jpg )

From deep within the cosmic crossover voids, THE OMNICLAUSE presents LOGAN FAUST with a gift:

"Len's Makers Glasses; attacks have a 10% chance of a critical strike, dealing double damage."

Originally sent to Greivenkamp, 5th Houston St. Prisim Tower on Earth, it was intercepted through time and space during the mysterious disaster. Calibrated for high focal alignment and allowing for high precision.
No. 106939 ID: fe3a46
File 148282483786.png - (32.69KB , 720x800 , its_probably_aliens.png )


Here's a trusty companion for exploring and fixing up your derelict space ship. In a pinch, there's always percussive maintenance. Hope it's not aliens!
No. 107018 ID: e136ae
File 148298267543.jpg - (316.62KB , 640x720 , SEcretSanta_Omniclaus_Sarah.jpg )

The OMNICLAUS has gifted Sarah with A POWER-BRA! Much more powerful than a wonder-bra, this armoured undergarment has advanced lighter-than-air technology to counter-act the forces of gravity and also capable of stretching in case her boobs grow like Power Girl's.

Also striped pantsu, Merry Christmas Anon44.
No. 107027 ID: e136ae
File 148299537552.jpg - (294.96KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_Omniclaus_Anita.jpg )

The OMNICLAUS presents Anita with her gift! It's NEM'S FESTIVE PANTIES!

Nem: So ... this crossover multi-dimensional beard guy appears before me, and he says that he needs my panties... and I look at him and I want to say that I've heard that one before, but I didn't get to date much so actually it was the first time I've heard it. So I look at him like ... what the hell... and he looks at me and says he's dead serious, he needs them for a Secret Santa gift to balance things or something and then he waggles his cosmic beard and says like... he'll trade me for a Hin "body pillow" and some nice mulled wine.

I mean, I like these panties but it's a big ol' pillow with Hin on it and he's buying drinks too.

Soooooooooo now I'm going commando and it'd be a bit breezy but I'm not feeling the cold, I have this amazing mulled wine. And THEN he tells me that the panties are for this witch and I'm trying to give him a skeptic look but I think the wine is really screwing it all up by this point. So I ask "Why would a witch need my panties?" and he says that she's a panty witch and different panties give her different powers and MY PANTIES are the FESTIVE PANTIES of the AVATAR OF CHANGE/DEATH so they should have some interesting powers. And I look at him and I ask if she's in the habit of wearing other people's used underwear and he says YES. So now I'm laughing because I figure like this has gotta be the most perverted magic ever.

And then he asks if there's mistletoe on the front and I look him straight in the eye and I say "YES, what's it to you?" and he asks if I know what the mistletoe means I say "YES, what's it to you?" and then he tells me I can't make fun of this witch cause I'm drunk with no panties and a Hin body pillow and the panties I gave up were lewd panties and I look him dead in the eye and I say "YEAH, and I HAVE WINE TOO, BITCH".

So then he pats me on the head and goes which I hate because I'm not a little girl anymore but he's some cosmic dimension beard so whatever.

So anyway Anita, enjoy the Gaelish scented festive panties and I totally believe you're not a pervert. Pfft.
No. 107044 ID: e136ae
File 148305896611.jpg - (252.00KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_Omniclaus_Millie.jpg )

From the cosmic crossover depths, the OMNICLAUS presents MILLIE with her gift!

It is a rare and valuable THIRD EYE IMPLANT! This artifact enhances one's psychic ability (and grants access to the Third Eye Network when available).

Caution: Do not wear while in any Weaver quest.
No. 107045 ID: e136ae
File 148306071161.jpg - (376.12KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_Omniclaus_Bear.jpg )

From deep within the cosmic crossover void, the OMNICLAUS, with some trepidation, presents BEAR with his gift: A COSMIC, TRANSPHASING UNDO BUTTON!

The OMNICLAUS: I do not pass sentence on tresspasses, that is for the OMNIKRAMPUS to do. But please BEAR -- be careful with this thing. If it runs out of things to undo, it will undo YOU and I already know you're hunting yourself down as is.
No. 107165 ID: e136ae
File 148324271641.jpg - (237.62KB , 640x720 , SecretSanta_Omniclaus_Felsa.jpg )

From deep within the blah blah blah, the OMNICLAUS presents FELSA with her gift: A SPARE LIVER! This magical liver will absorb various damage on her actual liver's behalf.
No. 107167 ID: 2fd094
File 148324368543.png - (123.63KB , 1000x1000 , Ann Christmas Response.png )

Gift Received: Knock-off Detective Novels

Oh my gosh, these are amazing! It would have been easy for the "authors" of these books to simply rip the source material, but they went the extra mile in being lazy. They rewrote the source material, but added in whatever they thought would make it more interesting.

Sherlock Holmes? Why not put him in a sci-fi setting? In fact, he should be investigating a case on the Starship Enterprise.

Harry Dresden, the wizard detective? Why not add dragons? Hell, it actually wouldn't be too out of place considering the source material.

Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright? He's not even from a book, and yet sitting beside me is a copy of "Ace Attorney Abridged".

These books are terrible, unsurprisingly. The dialogue is janky, the plots are convoluted, and the twists are only unexpected because they don't make any sense. However, they're stupidly ludicrous in the most entertaining of ways.

"Elementary, my dear Watson. The reason we couldn't find the killer, is because the killer was looking for us." That doesn't even make sense with context, I promise.

I love them. Thanks a million, Shopkeep.
No. 110179 ID: c79efb
File 149075106988.png - (33.93KB , 542x420 , inhchristmas1.png )

I lost my tablet pen but now I have it again so yeah

:inhgasp: I..I got a powerful artifact!? You mean I actually have something I can put in the vault?!
No. 110180 ID: c79efb
File 149075119668.png - (54.85KB , 734x512 , inhchristmas2.png )

:inhveryhappy: "I totally got one! Powerful magic dice!! Yess!! I'm not completely useless!!"

:servitorf: "But.. sir, you know--"

:servitorm: "Ssh. Let him have this."

:inhveryhappy: "WOOHOO!!"
No. 110182 ID: 91ee5f

Sooooo.....does this mean Inheritor is going to be revived?! :3
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