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File 147365459889.png - (192.95KB , 629x425 , twin chucks.png )
103517 No. 103517 ID: 5a15af

The previous thread was getting a bit long, so I will begin a new one.

For this thread:

► Critique on the direction of the quest
► Discussion and theories
► Questions (though I might not answer some due to spoilers!)
► Memes

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
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No. 103519 ID: 7b7ab3

I still can't get over the fact that Chuck's GREY.
No. 103522 ID: 44bc30

So who wants to bet that the snayor wants that agate for her Ultimate Plan and that as soon as she has it everything goes to hell?

Like, literally, possibly. To hell.
No. 103523 ID: 3e182c

I'm seeing a pattern to the mayors powers.
They are all biblical.

Carnal Speech Is from a passage in proverbs. Taken out of context it and the next two verses could be considered an hypnotic induction used by a female hypnotist.
The very next chapter has verses that taken out of context would revoke such a thing.

Though the wording differs from translation to translation, agates in the bible are sometimes used as windows into the soul. To have such a thing would make Suzanna more powerful. For instance Chucks fucked up life somewhat protects him when not under the power of Ramona's reveyee. That may not be the case if she had the agates.

The creatures were reciting the lords prayer, and could be any number of biblical baddies. Demons, Golems, monkfish, even the cheek toothed vampire things.

Strange as it is to say... Chuck could use a bible.
It might shine some light on Suzanna.
No. 103524 ID: 3ae239

Direction of the quest: mayor ass. Critique: awesome.
No. 103526 ID: 1d1991

Don't worry, if she looks into Chuck's fucked-up life, she might be less hostile.
But we need to do our own Penance Stare kinda thing.
Pervert Stare.
No. 103528 ID: 9876c4

Just because a quest is easy doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Think long and hard about giving the mayor what she wants.
No. 103529 ID: a35f4e

>long and hard

I think /quest/ is way ahead of you on that line of thnking
No. 103530 ID: 84dd2e

Penis Stare.

>Think long and hard about giving the mayor what she wants.
>long and hard
>what she wants.
No. 103532 ID: 9876c4

I won't deny I'm sometimes sorely anal about risk aversion,
But I leave a little seed of warning all up innuendo, even at my wurst.
No. 103543 ID: 71d443

Because the snayor is the top of the pecking order and the hardest to sneduce, and the greatest challenge gives the greatest reward: snek.
(Use the new thread, snilly.)
No. 103547 ID: b9aa79

Didn't see this when I posted that, sorry! Have to say, even if we get "bragging rights" or whatever it is we're after with her ass, if she has our way i doubt we'd be able to brag to anyone! She hardly seems happy with us, and I think it's not unreasonable to assume she's in on whatever's going on.
Think of it this way: We've had an attempt on our life, gaps in our and everyone else in the town's memory, she has some kind of super-natural power and she knows what's going to some degree. She definitely doesn't have our best intentions at heart, and perhaps not the best intentions of others. Getting a kind of control-freak vibe here, only it may be that she can actually control people. And as Chuck knows, consent is key. We shouldn't sell out our fellow towns folk just for a scaly cloaca
No. 103550 ID: 3740b1

Yes we should. Queen snake bum. End argument.
No. 103566 ID: 9f3729

I feel I should mention I'm not actually playing to fuck the mayor.
I'm playing to blueclit her
No. 103569 ID: 71d443

No. 103570 ID: 3e182c

I just don't see the point in attempting this. Even without whatever boon the rock would give her, Suzanna has enough power obtain the rock from us the second she knows it's in our possession.
Even if she DOES hold up her own end though, it's a tiny price for her, meanwhile our life becomes harder unless we go full team Snek.
No. 103572 ID: 595d54

We can sneak in a phone and record the dirty deed. Especially if she starts getting more into it than she should.
No. 103578 ID: 3740b1

No. 103582 ID: d3768b

RML, I have a question: Deadly Premonition or Twin Peaks?
No. 103583 ID: e8cbf0

No. 103584 ID: 1a2e5d

Chuck is going to have to come clean to Marcie at some point

hopefully before he does her
No. 103587 ID: 726a91
File 147378833022.png - (158.65KB , 500x590 , 118.png )

Chuck's Anal plan may have a... technical issue.
No. 103589 ID: 398fe1

This is fine.
No. 103590 ID: 595d54

A cloaca is a slit that contains holes, not a hole in itself. It won't impede anal.
No. 103595 ID: 65317a

Not to mention antrho animals don't tend to be always physically one to one with their animal counterparts. What with the mayor having...yknow legs.
No. 103597 ID: 9876c4

Hmmm, would one of you artistic types like to illustrate a more snakelike, legless Susannah? I'd kinda like to see that. I mean, hell, Sophie gets her full 8 limbs.
No. 103599 ID: 505f10

Lamia Susannah then?
No. 103600 ID: 91ee5f

>more snakelike, legless Susannah
>Lamia Susannah then?

I think Susannah's design would end up looking like Alison from Lagotrope's Unnatural Selection.
No. 103601 ID: 9876c4
File 147381886533.png - (1.50MB , 1920x1080 , yuan_ti_glam_render_01_by_moonswift-d8lw8cn.png )

Definitely a possible outcome. I was thinking something like a
Yuan -Ti abomination.
No. 103602 ID: 9876c4

and yes, I should have resized that file.
No. 103611 ID: c2441a

I can confirm that neither Susanna, nor Angela has a cloaca.
No. 103612 ID: 0c58e1
File 147383987984.png - (57.49KB , 500x500 , Bord Beach NOICE.png )

>no cloaca Angela
No. 103613 ID: 398fe1

réveillé means "wake up" or "awaken" in french.

Strange name for a lump of yuck that prevents "carnal speech" from working on you.
No. 103618 ID: dd4df2


If 'Carnal Speech' is some manner of hypnosis that works upon the subconscious mind, then perhaps it's not so strange that its apparent counter-agent is named after alertness or wakefulness.
No. 103624 ID: 44bc30

"Carnal speech" may not be the name for the mind control power overall. It might be that Susanna has a couple of different techniques she can try, and that after the first one failed she tried another.

Like, maybe the first one was based on an appeal to feelings of loyalty (note how she called them "her loyal townspeople"), and it failed on Chuck because there's no-one/nothing he's really loyal to, while the second one she tried is based on feelings of desire? Hence why she said it was "impossible" that Chuck resisted it, despite him partially resisting once already, because Susanna knows Chuck is a horny scoundrel.
No. 103634 ID: 6c25ef

Maybe Chuck is in a coma, and French hyena lady is asking him to "wake up". He smacked his head climbing down the well, there is no door, everything since has been an elaborate fantasy produced by his subconscious, unconscious mind.
No. 103649 ID: 595d54

>what if X is actually all a <coma/hallucination>???????
Wow what if it's all actually just a snowglobe????????????????/
No. 103656 ID: 15fae4


are you mocking my preemo theories bitch >>101940
No. 103657 ID: 595d54

yeah I'm deffo mocking the secondhand theories you stole from Fosters, lad
No. 103658 ID: 15fae4


i am no lad

and i was referencing st. elsewhere
No. 103659 ID: 9f3729

And now I'm mocking you for not realizing that you are mocking a mockery
mock mock mock
No. 103660 ID: 595d54

And thus I doth mock thee for not realizing that was another layer of irony, you huge nerd

cool, I wasn't
No. 103662 ID: 398fe1

Irony is for people who can't make real jokes.
No. 103665 ID: 60ac68

we postironic now
No. 103666 ID: 595d54

Sounds like some sour grapes here. Irony is a well-respected literary device.
No. 103672 ID: 398fe1

That's not even the same thing.
No. 103679 ID: f3a4b2

Oi you guys, stop Fe-posting and start discussing Coxwette. Especially about its history, maybe in the past it was a bustling mining town? I'm betting the primary export was salt and iron.
No. 103680 ID: 398fe1

Are you saying it would be...

No. 103683 ID: 9876c4
File 147411332294.png - (228.86KB , 478x360 , f9Jcozg.png )

That pun is the pits.
No. 103702 ID: c441c1

Did you mine your mind for long on that one.
No. 103707 ID: 15a025

Think we've struck comedy gold here.
No. 103718 ID: 2e70ba

Sure just keep going guys. you're only digging yourselves into a bigger hole.
No. 103745 ID: 71d443

Bump because people keep using the OLD THREAD
No. 103836 ID: 65317a

So people in this town might be from different times in history.

Though someone calling the LA Dodgers the Brooklyn Dodgers doesn't strike me as that odd. I know some New Yorkers who are still dodgers fans even though they moved cities. They still call them by their original name partially out of spite.
No. 103838 ID: 5a15af

I love those Seattle Supersonics
No. 103839 ID: 47160d

So debate time, is Cox stuck in time or is the mayor keeping everyone alive somehow?
No. 103840 ID: 65317a

Our officer is referring to the 1953 world series if Im not mistaken. Naz's internet is very early if you recall the web pages. Our bird teacher's age does not match up well with her clothing and music...I'd say something is grabbing people from time and dropping them here.
No. 103842 ID: bb78f2

The big question for me is what time Chuck is from. Unless it gets answered or the time is simply considered when the quest started for simplicity's sake for the suggestors.

Chuck grew up playing video games, like space invaders so he was an 80's/70's kid, and knows of the internet so... I'm going to say early 2000's at least, I don't think we have an official age for him either. But if he was an 80's kid and came in from 2016 that means he's in his late 30's, which is weird for a man who refers to Ramona as a milf in such a way that would indicate a mental age of at most mid-to-late 20's. I mean, a 37 year old could totally act the way Chuck would but... I'm not feeling it.
No. 103845 ID: 9876c4

The home version of space invaders dates from 1980.

So if Chuck was 5 in his flashback, and had a brand new game system (which is the weak link, I admit), he'd be 23 in 1998.

Which is a reasonable guesstimate, I think.
No. 103853 ID: 3e182c

I'm not ready to believe Coxwette is literally in some sort of time bubble. I'd be more convinced of the mayor manipulating people into believing it was an earlier year.

It's at LEAST 1987
The 1987 Def Leppard song "Pour Some Sugar on Me" Was recognized by Angela. By Reciting some more modern songs by older rock artists, we could use Angela to get a good handle on the year. Though Rita Should prolly know the date as it's commonly seen on various forms of mail. We could just ask her sometime.
No. 103901 ID: 79a07e

Hate to say it, but I really think we're either in a bubble or there's some SERIOUS mind-affecting mojo going on here that's covering the town.
No. 103967 ID: 65317a

This isnt purgatory. Wouldn't make sense seeing there is ghosts of peoples ancestors here with their ancestors.
No. 103968 ID: 398fe1

This reminds me of stories involving magical forests where time stands still or whatnot. Usually having to do with elves.
No. 103986 ID: 9876c4

There have been few, if any hints that there's a secret elf chick route.

But then again, there's been none that there ISN'T.
No. 103987 ID: 398fe1

According to RML there are characters we have not met.

One of them is obviously that figure in the forest we saw at night.
No. 103993 ID: 65317a

I guess Ive missed these elf hints. Can you point them out? I mean we know of the rabbit in the woods.
No. 104003 ID: 9876c4

I'm basically invoking the "Existence of absence" argument on sexy tree elves.

Because it's silly, and looking for elves may reveal other stuff.
No. 104006 ID: 6c25ef

I'm confused why nobody else seems to be picking up that the most obvious explanation for Sophie's reaction and hesitance to discuss the Plaths is Ramona's cancer diagnosis.
No. 104009 ID: 3e182c

Oh yeah. She would know that.
Inb4 she was programmed by the mayor to give Ramona that diagnosis just to distress Ramona.
No. 104011 ID: 65317a

Been noticing a lot of double posts on the board. Guess people have been really passionate when clicking that reply
No. 104014 ID: 8a204b

Board's been kinda slow when hitting reply. May be people thinking it didn't register, when it's just delayed in sending.
No. 104016 ID: bb78f2

You know what's important to think about. If Coxwette IS stuck in a time bubble, how DOES it deal with cancer? Is it just forgotten about down the line? Is this Ramona's FIRST diagnosis of cancer?

Death shouldn't be possible in a time bubble (or as Susanna calls it, her ship in a bottle), or it ruins EVERYTHING. A town where no one is allowed to grow old can neither allow death OR birth of new children, it has to overwrite everyone's mind and culture. A policewoman from 50's Brooklyn or a Vietnam vet isn't blown away by home computers or the internet, their memory was overwritten to allow for the presence of modern technology, and I don't think Susanna can control the progress of technology that comes in so that's how she deals with that.

Another thought, I wonder whenever someone new comes to town, someone in it needs to die.

Our arrival may have given Ramona cancer. Sophies arrival also may have killed Davies wife, for example. I think Sally's Dad and Ramona's husband just left, but it's possible Layla's arrival also killed him if he didn't actually leave. Or Layla's arrival killed Davie's wife, and Sophie's killed Ellen's parents, since I forgot about them. Sally's dad must have just left then. Oh, if Angela knows of Harold Pal (which means she's not from here either), and is from the 70's which is around the time when Sophie came in too, that may account for why we had both of Ellen's parents die, or Layla or Sophie actually came in town pregnant. Who knows?

Either that, or the time bubble started JUST after Ellen's parents died, who I think were the last people mentioned to die in town, then Layla, Angela, and Sophie all came into town. I mean, we still think Susanna's a vampire, and have to account for all the Plath generations since that photo, so it may be that Ellen's parent's deaths were the final straw and she started the time bubble then to prevent any more deaths.
No. 104017 ID: 65317a

To be honest the time bubble angle falls apart when mail about your robbery came in shortly after our arrival, and the fact that medical test results were able to go in and out as well. Unless the US postal service is also full of time lords we might want a different angle.
No. 104018 ID: 595d54

Here is idea:

snek mayor hypnotize many people (fact)

hypnotize mess with head (fact)

snek hypnotize people into forgetting outside to keep fantasy contained (conjecture)

razor of occam make much more plausible than autistic child snowglobe or purgatory or second-rate british shows
No. 104024 ID: b9aa79

is it a fact that she hypnotizes people though? She was going to correct us when we said that but she hasn't actually elaborated on what she was going to say before she stopped herself.
I wonder what one might think about the fairy tail idea; or the idea that the mayor is using her magic to make a story book coxewette stay picturesque and innocent. Very hotel california- you check out any time you want, but you can never leave. Everyone smiles, no one drinks, and the nasty secrets stay in the dark, away from her perfect town. I'm assuming at one point she was elected mayor, but before coxeweete was a normal town with normal people, hence the alcohol and such. So her magic is keeping the town in a sort of statis- not stopping the world from moving, just keeping coxeweete from moving with it. Stop the magic and suddenly things go back to normal. We're not back in time or anything, people are just sort of loosing time, like we're stuck in quicksand while time races ahead.
No. 104027 ID: 595d54

Carnal Speech, at least, and it's suggested she has other ways of influencing people. So maybe not actual bonafide hypnosis, but she sure can mess with people's heads.
No. 104034 ID: 86cf98

In other news the latest post of chuck drinking alcohol is sexy as hell holy shit.
No. 104051 ID: 8963ff

I think the town is in a time bubble, but it is a passive one: Time flows within the town to the same speed as the outside world, but only its residents do not age and powerful magics are used to prevent anyone, including the town's population and the outside world, from realizing anything weird is going on.

Meaning, Sophie and Layla first entered the town during the late 60's or early 70's, retained their memories of before arriving, but had their aging stopped when they entered the town and their minds altered so that they do not realize the historical discrepencies their stories have compared to the modern day and that they have not aged a day since entering the town.

This fits into the ship in a bottle analogy when Chuck met Stark in her office. The ship is merely preserved, stuck in a single moment in time, but it does not mean time actually stopped in general.
No. 104054 ID: 65317a

Anyone else getting the idea that we're supposed to help form a rock group with the locals?
No. 104059 ID: 218c8d

That's exactly what I was trying and failing to say
No. 104063 ID: bb78f2

They don't age but they contract cancer though.
No. 104080 ID: 398fe1

Maybe she has cancer but it never actually gets worse?
No. 104236 ID: 1ac545
File 147631154620.png - (54.11KB , 500x500 , Reefer Madness.png )

No. 104239 ID: 65317a

Im going to say we should avoid getting drunk again. Too many people didnt seem to post things that RML could actually use or tried to cheat the system.
No. 104240 ID: 15a025

I can just imagine what drunk and high chuck will end up like.
No. 104241 ID: 9f3729

Counterpoint, we could instead just avoid metagaming and make better suggestions
drunkchuck seems great for a more chaotic suggesting experience and I am fully in favor of liver failure
No. 104242 ID: 9876c4

I agree. Fun things are fun, if we can stop being so grinchy about it.
No. 104243 ID: 71d443

Let's stick to the realm of possibility, friend. Tgchan's suggestors aren't getting better any time soon.
No. 104246 ID: 595d54

I liked it and I'm willing to try it again, but it doesn't seem like we can avoid the shitters. Shame.
No. 104255 ID: 8963ff

Its official. Chuck's facial expressions are at their most diverse when he's drunk.
No. 104256 ID: b9aa79

This is a kinda "how deep does the rabbit hole go" question, but because I haven't read the whole thread, has there ever been a more concrete look at the school and kids and stuff? Obviously like racoonguy said the cast is pretty fucking big so it's hard enough on RML as it is. But if it's actually a thing and Angela knows she's a teacher but she can't quite put her finger on what's going on, maybe we can help break whatever spell is going on. Think it might be worth asking to sit in on a class session or something like that. Even if we figure out when it is and just peek in the window we get positive confirmation the school and class exists and that's one less thing to worry about
No. 104257 ID: 595d54

Why not read the thread? I mean, I assume you're interested in the quest given the context.
No. 104258 ID: 9876c4

To be fair it's not just one thread, and what takes place where isn't exactly clear to a new reader. Still worth doing, IMO.

Long story short- Chuck has been to school, and visually seen the children.
No. 104262 ID: 65317a

Because a swear a word meant for only a bird. Except for Chad.
No. 104271 ID: e28ff2

Wait, actually
Whose kids ARE those?
No. 104272 ID: bb78f2

We've been told there's plenty of people in Coxwette we haven't met yet.

Whether or not we can meet ALL the parents of the kids and actually know everyone in town remains to be seen. We don't know the towns actual population.
No. 104274 ID: 3e182c

Wait.... thinking back though... have WE (The Audience) ever seen the children? The Camera Angle always seems to exclude them.
Nevermind. I found them in thread 1. They all look very cat-like. Though that could just be normal thread 1 fuckery.
No. 104276 ID: 49f18e

we also see a couple children in thread 2, after Angela chucks the computer out the window and having a mental break down in class
one of which is a bird kid named sam
No. 104285 ID: d163e3
File 147658745009.jpg - (97.11KB , 925x627 , rock bottom.jpg )

Dumping Coxwette Simpsons memes
No. 104286 ID: d163e3
File 147658745781.jpg - (70.29KB , 737x705 , DENTAL PLAN.jpg )

No. 104287 ID: d163e3
File 147658746677.jpg - (115.15KB , 764x570 , ruinseverything.jpg )

No. 104288 ID: d163e3
File 147658748599.jpg - (80.55KB , 711x668 , sugar for my coffee.jpg )

No. 104289 ID: d163e3
File 147658749794.jpg - (53.61KB , 496x498 , well live like kings.jpg )

No. 104292 ID: 65317a

Marcie: Ever see a baker say goodbye to a shoe before?
Chuck: Yes once.
No. 104298 ID: d163e3
File 147664862585.jpg - (42.42KB , 781x579 , ill krump with you chuck.jpg )

No. 104308 ID: d163e3
File 147666522054.png - (159.23KB , 500x1000 , in canada the whole things flip flopped.png )

No. 104319 ID: 65317a

And here I figured Davey's scene would have been the scene where Willy asks lunch lady doris (Marcie) if she has any grease.

No. 104335 ID: d163e3
File 147673855824.png - (100.80KB , 471x912 , 3.png )

Dumping Coxwette Halloween pics, since they don't really fit into the theme of the Halloween thread.
No. 104336 ID: d163e3
File 147673857054.png - (107.96KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

No. 104337 ID: d163e3
File 147673857618.png - (67.13KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

No. 104338 ID: d163e3
File 147673877163.png - (169.07KB , 800x800 , 5.png )

No. 104357 ID: 26b2b8

Care to explain, cause I have only a vague inkling of who Chuck and Naz are and I have no clue who Sophie is.
No. 104358 ID: 36295c

chuck needs to wife Layla
No. 104359 ID: 91ee5f

I think Sophie is supposed to be GG from Enemy Quest.
No. 104361 ID: 86497f

Chuck is Lupin III
Naz looks familiar, but I can't place it.

Sophie is a fantastic GG, yes.
No. 104362 ID: 67d5dc

Chuck is Lupin the Third, I think
No. 104364 ID: 36295c

naz is ferris bueller you dolts
No. 104380 ID: 9876c4

It's highly irregular, and can be deleted in need be, but:

Would any of the Coxwette folks like to come over to Family Estate? I suspect that the author would like to get some suggestions that aren't me.
No. 104384 ID: 71d443

You wanted your special snowflake half-krogan, you can keep him.
No. 104389 ID: d41523


I hope Chuck's insurance covers Lasik.
No. 104390 ID: 65317a

Anyone else like the fact that Sophie seems to be treating this as her own booty call as much as we are? For once our night of debauchery doesn't bite us in the rear.
No. 104391 ID: 91ee5f

SHHHHH!!!!! Don't jinx it! DX
No. 104393 ID: 15a025

Going back to what time is it question, we should just ask Naz or someone who has a computer. Computers have calendars on them.
No. 104395 ID: 6b9354

Chuck the Third :D

But in all seriousness, that was certainly a twist of a chapter ending. I'm curious what was actually on that page, was it some sort of spell? That's my best guess. Did chuck actually get a look at it before he went into la-la land?
No. 104396 ID: 2a7417

Sophie could take a photo of it; either we would get a clear look at the page or we would get a copy of the effect, both useful.
No. 104397 ID: 398fe1

I got a slight impression of that as well. She didn't seem to have a high opinion of Chuck but she was just fine with showing him some skin and was practically letting her robe fall off towards the end. I thought it might have been accidental because she was drunk, but I wonder if she was intentionally trying to seduce Chuck?
No. 104424 ID: 2a7417

I got a little mysty eyed when I saw the title image for chapter 7.
No. 104426 ID: 6b9354

HA I just now saw this, but yeah anal is likely going to have an issue in more ways then one now.
Also I read that hentai.
No. 104439 ID: 383927

I still think that we should try to talk with snake mayor through the clip board at some point. If it does indeed have the ability to data mine is against our will, then we'll want to have Ramona hide the shit they mayor wants somewhere we don't know. I agree that two people minimum, but I think we should test it as well, tell Ramona to count to one Mississippi and then slap it out of our hands, see just how much time is distorted and stuff
No. 104443 ID: 595d54

Ramona a best
No. 104459 ID: 3e182c

Why don't we just return it tomorrow?
We can get some Revyee in us at breakfast, Memorize or make a mundane copy of the Rune, and then bring it back with her baked goods delivery.
Then we could make the case with Suzanna that she's not exactly forthcoming, and that we were curious about the weird shit that goes on around her.
If we keep it, we are effectively publicly declaring our "Side" in a generations long blood feud, and frankly I'd rather not have to deal with demons every night.
No. 104460 ID: 9876c4

This is basically my approach as well. Smudge the rune so that it doesn't work right, then give it back to lisa who should be extremely relieved.

Make it seem like a peace offering to Susanna, while we fire up our a gin plan in secret.
No. 104461 ID: 398fe1

Can't use the clipboard now that we have a plan. Susanna could find out about it through the trance and then the plan is sunk.
No. 104471 ID: 71d443

Only if you blab about it. Just because speech is translated into something more like a thought doesn't mean your mind is an open book in the channel.
No. 104779 ID: 14086d


I feel everyone here needs this.
No. 104913 ID: 65317a

I have to say I think the Halloween thread has made me love the mayor even more.
No. 104951 ID: 8963ff

I've noticed something: The one person who has ever been a true mother figure to Chuck is his go-to fuck buddy when he can't get any booty.
No. 104958 ID: bb78f2

No. 104979 ID: 8963ff

Good thing Chuck is adopted then! XD
No. 105109 ID: d163e3
File 147767514191.png - (94.36KB , 986x990 , coxcarriage.png )

No. 105114 ID: df49f7


You lost me.
No. 105118 ID: 1be485

It was inevitable.
No. 105119 ID: 595d54

Yeah, I'm frankly at a loss... edit the picture to make it clearer, or is that an unreasonable request?
No. 105121 ID: 15a025

I feel like I'm the only one who gets the joke.
No. 105122 ID: 91ee5f

Would you mind sharing with the rest of the class? Because we don't get it.
No. 105125 ID: 595d54

>got the joke
>didn't notice "loss... edit"
No. 105127 ID: f562b1

If you legit do not get it:
There is a four-panel comic known as "Loss." Look it up, because I actually don't know too much about the final panel which is the important(?) bit
No. 105132 ID: 91ee5f

Really? That was it? .....how disappointing.
No. 105199 ID: 5219ec

The final panel is the "main" character looking over another character laying on the bed.

Not sure if there is a priority list for the panels since people managed to boil the loss comic down to simple vertical/horizontal lines.
No. 105201 ID: 591985

welcome to tgchan
No. 105202 ID: 591985

"that's what she said"
No. 105217 ID: 665ed8

What the fuck with the rape suggestions
No. 105223 ID: 9876c4
File 147794778121.png - (929.44KB , 800x600 , SegokuChuck.png )

Just someone feeling Rancid, I guess.
No. 105224 ID: c57f6b

oh my god
No. 105225 ID: 1ac545

Rance-Chuck fusion
No. 105226 ID: 9f3729

10/10 I had a good laugh
No. 105228 ID: 65317a

Going to be honest. I think snake mayor heard through the clipboard we could picks locks and stole the medicine so we would look suspicious. Does not help we called people looking for drugs the night before...
No. 105229 ID: 3663d3

unfortunately for her we have an alibi with the person that is in charge of the drugs.
No. 105259 ID: b9aa79

why does everyone think this is a plot by snake mayor to get back at us? I'm not saying it's necessarily wrong, it just seems like everyone is in agreement that this is her out to get us and I didn't get that vibe; am I missing something?
No. 105260 ID: 595d54

Narrative conservation of detail, I suppose.
No. 105262 ID: 6e9d6b

>after doing nothing wrong

I get that that's the character, but it’s honestly hard to like Chuck sometimes, even if he's supposed to be kind of a dick due to his childhood. Sometimes I just want to say 'Y'know what? Actually fuck off, Chuck. Just...for real go and fuck off somewhere you waste of fur and air.'

But, I guess baby steps. Very...very tiny baby steps.

God I hope Chuck grows something close to a conscience sooner than later.
No. 105263 ID: 2a7417

Too late, he's already developed a case of tgchan. I'm afraid it's terminal.
No. 105266 ID: 91ee5f

After seeing him cry when he was hugging Ramona, I think it's safe to say that he's started to grow something that might resemble a conscience.
No. 105267 ID: 3abd97

It's vestigial.
No. 105273 ID: 9f3729

Meanwhile, I'm over here like "YEAH CHUCK, YOU /BE/ A HORRIBLE DOUCHE! Villain protagonist, YEAH!" because I love horrible people in leading roles, especially when they accidentally bungle their way into doing The Right Thing in spite of themselves
No. 105276 ID: 595d54

Chuck isn't even close to a villain even if he's not a nice person. Unless he starts raping people, I guess, which, uh, let's not.
No. 105277 ID: 91e039

I read it as Chuck telling himself these things. Like when he tells himself that he has no love for these hos, but most of his actions and involuntary feelings go opposite of that sentiment.

I think Chuck believes he's a bad person and just wants someone to convince him otherwise. We will see.

Unless I'm reading too much into him, he's a pretty well rounded character, whether he's likable or not.
No. 105278 ID: f562b1

Something to consider: While it's unlikely Susanna would actually harm her people, it does make sense that she would have unlocked something to influence Chuck. Somebody else breaking in would have been unexpected.
Also, if she did unlock it, it may have been to encourage Chuck to use his skills to help people. Like, move a few things out so he'd have reason to suggest stronger locks and stuff. The unfortunate thing about that idea is that either way, she accidentally made it easier for the rabbit to steal things.
No. 105284 ID: 9876c4

Every time I look at it, I feel something like pride, so I guess I did ok.

My decision was made a lot easier by having an official colorized, grinning Chuck to work magic on.
No. 105285 ID: 65317a

Anyone else notice that the description of the Quest changed on its page?
No. 105480 ID: 47160d

So question that may of already been asked for RML since there was evidently a civil war I assume there was slavery in the country we are in which has thus far seemed to be the USA. Given that I was curious if a particular species was the one enslaved
No. 105491 ID: 9876c4
File 147863685689.jpg - (23.63KB , 468x302 , TezukaNaz.jpg )

A lot of people don't realize that the late Osamu Tezuka was super into what time-travelers would tell him about Coxwette.

He even did fanime of best Mausu.
No. 105564 ID: cef78e

Theory: Marcie's actually still back at her house, having accidentally curled up and fallen asleep on a warm pile of laundry she dried this morning.

Because cat.

Because Marcie.
No. 105566 ID: 65317a

I feel like something is conspiring to make us look suspicious. After all we're going to now be the last person seen with Marcie and the last person seen with Ellen right before her incident. Only having been here a week I doubt the town will start to look kindly on us.
No. 105587 ID: 8a204b

I don't recall, was the beef between the Plaths and the Starks ever explained? If not, we should inquire about it to gain some more insight as to why both Susanna and Ramona are being such pig-headed stick-in-the-muds about the whole thing. If it has, please direct me to where I can read up on it.
No. 105590 ID: 398fe1

It appears that the Plath family was in charge of the town, and in control of the mayor position or whatever. Then the Starks forged some kind of pact or summoned up the monsters or SOMETHING, which nearly killed off the Plath family line and thus they stole the mantle of authority.

It remains to be seen if the Starks were always "of the forest" or if whatever they did to bring the monsters in also transformed them. I mean it's possible that the Starks were just normal snake people until the first monster incident, or if they were always weird shit.
No. 105599 ID: 87353e

From what we have been told and seen in documents, the town was co-founded by the Plaths & Starks. And for a time they were jointly in charge of running the town until the incident happened. Nelson Plath and apparently quite a few of the other Plaths were killed leaving the Starks to fill the vacuum of leadership and take majority of control over running the town.

Now one of the real questions is who or what actually summoned the monsters and caused the incident?

Ramona says the Starks made a pact with the creatures to kill off the Plaths so they could take control of the town.

Susanna says the Starks neither summoned them nor can they control them, but she can use magic to keep them away from the town and blind to its presence.

Now the problem is Ramona's side of the story is most likely a verbal second hand account of the incident that has been passed down by the surviving Plaths and distorted over time. As for the Mayor she just doesn't want to openly talk about it at all and we just haven't really bothered to ask about her side of the story since she usually clams up first.

Something we do know is its evident that at one point the Plaths could use magic or had extensive knowledge of it. There's the Plath House being warded, Potion making passed down to Ramona, the Catacombs being sealed by some kind of blood magic tied to the Plaths, The Plaths collection of Blue Agate and the implied romantic ties between a Charles Plath & SusAnna Stark.

Is it not also possible that it was the leading Plaths at the time who with help from the Starks (or with knowledge learned from them) whom either inadvertently or accidentally unleashed the monsters? In the least, I believe both families were complacent with the incident either directly or indirectly.

There are also still a lot of unknown factors too. Exactly how many Starks have there been period, has it always been only the Mayor? Are the Catacombs sealed to keep people out or to keep something from getting out?
No. 105600 ID: 87353e

Woops! I accidentally cut this from the end of my post. Also what are the monsters and where do they come from? Are they Extra-plainer beings summoned here or were they created here either on purpose or by accident?
No. 105601 ID: 398fe1

Hey, if the Starks didn't summon the monsters... I think I know who did. Harold Pal.

All the people who were brought to Coxwette by him are sinners. Sin attracts the monsters. He's trying to destroy the town by making it more sinful. It didn't work with the girls, but he really struck gold with Chuck.

Or did he?
No. 105608 ID: 9876c4

Unlikely to be my finest moment.
No. 105609 ID: 398fe1

Image cannot be displayed.
No. 105610 ID: 9876c4
File 147925644379.png - (85.30KB , 594x597 , clintsmasher.png )

No. 105615 ID: bb78f2

Huh, if the monsters are attracted to sin, what did Geoff do?
No. 105616 ID: 571238

geoff is hella gay yo
No. 105617 ID: 398fe1

Homosexuality is widely regarded as sinful. He was thinking of having sex with dudes. Pretty sure the monsters are attracted to sinful thoughts just as much as actions. Maybe only sinful thoughts, even.

Probably bisexual.
No. 105637 ID: 15a025

I'm a little curious as to what would happen if we splashed some of the soup on the demons.
No. 105645 ID: 3e182c

So this recent turn of events has me thinking that we should discontinue use of Reveyee.

Drinking it only makes sense from the Plath standpoint that the Starks are the enemy and that their abilities will be used against us like weapons. (It's becoming clear that Ramona has a fairly closed mind on things.)

But there seems to be more to it than that... Despite being sketchy as hell, Suzanna's powers are much more than mere tools to her, they are a way of life. If we ever want to understand Suzanna we have to be able to understand, and therefor experience her power.

And honestly why do we need Reveyee anyway?
It offers nothing that keeping a journal could not provide, while locking us out of an entire world.
With that, I propose we have Chuck keep a journal. Have him write down the pertinent parts of his past, his opinions on things, some other critical info, and then just events and the like. So long as he keeps it's existence secret, we could stop using Reveyee and get closer to Suzanna, while also regularly deprogramming any suggestions and maintaining our ability to call her out on her shit.
No. 105646 ID: bb78f2

>Probably bisexual
You know, the night Ramona and Sally had a fight (the one we didn't remember cause of Susanna) it was said she was wearing too much make-up. Now, I understand that sometimes it's just fun to wear make-up, but it sounded like "Going out for a night on the town make-up" from how it was described and we hadn't had a date set up with her. I know it could have just been gussying for Chuck, but she went over to stay the night's at Naz's last night...

I wonder...
Is she also dating Geoff on the side? I mean, or a girl too, but Geoff and Old Cop are the only dude's in town TO date besides Chuck, so some of these ladies probably make passes at 'em all the time.

Another thing about old cop, I don't even think Geoff's sister named him when going over the people she knows in town. Is old cop also a Harold Pal-esqe situation, only we never even talked to him and we just saw him with Lalya that one time?
No. 105649 ID: 398fe1

Rita named him. He's John.

"Geoff, Rachel, Penny, Ramona, Sally, Sophie, the mayor of course, Lisa, Ellen, Angela, Naz, Selma, Layla, John, the schoolchildren”

We've met everyone in town. We also met the farmer and his daughter, and we SAW the rabbit in the woods but haven't met her. RML claims there are characters we haven't met so it's not JUST the rabbit we're not acquainted with. I'm guessing the rabbit isn't working alone.
No. 105651 ID: 9876c4

I like this theory, as it seems plausible, and reinforces things happen whether we interact with them or not.

Maybe we can tease em about it when (if) things settle down.
No. 105653 ID: 384d90

I'm starting to think the sin-seeking demons were indeed summoned by a Plath. Possibly Lorraine, which would explain her inability to pass on.

And the motive would have been (Sus)Anna's sinful relationship with Charles. The culprit would have noticed too late that the demons didn't limit themselves to attacking the couple...
No. 105657 ID: 180f83

a dumb theory I'm throwing out there based off of the ending of chapter VII: assuming this is a new Marcie, or to some extent a reborn Marcie with no memory of Chuck, I think it could mean that Chuck is indeed Cletus brought back to life from the same agate ritual Susanna did, thus giving him no memory of his previous life, somewhat like Marcie when she came back to life. The only difference is that Chuck, unlike Marcie, was actually brought back to life as a child, and lost all memories of being Cletus (since we have seen memories of him as a child). While Marcie was probably brought back to life a little before she ever met Chuck, thus not remembering him and probably only remembering everything before that.

If true, the next question would be who brought Chuck back to life and why?
No. 105662 ID: 398fe1

Cletus was born in a time period that did not have video games, so that theory is right out.

Chuck is probably a distant descendant of Nelson Plath, but that's about all he could be.
No. 105665 ID: 8747d9

Just musing here.

Ramona seems to fit your archetypical Alchemist role, while Susanna is more along the lines of a Sorceress.

I think next time we see Susanna, we shiuld probably inquire as to her experience with spirits in general. Because it seems to me that, since neither Ramona or Susanna know which side of the blood feud started it all, there IS one "person" who feasibly would: Lorraine.

Maybe a seance or proper summoning to get some hard answers.
No. 105667 ID: dd4df2

Maybe the reason no-one can remember Harold Pal (IF they all met him like us, or he used to be a resident of town, which seems likely given that he knew of the Plath residence) is that they've all been reset/replaced like Marcie at some point or another. Or that Pal is hella old, from a previous generation of inhabitants (and yet still knows of "'ol Mona Plath"). Either way, unless he's a ghost/past reflection like Lorraine, he must be staying somewhere. We haven't really explored the woods, have we? On account of sin-scenting monsters. Maybe there's folks hiding out there somehow... or maybe not hiding. Maybe they've joined the monsters and want to tear apart Susanna's protections/influence over Coxwette.

What we do know is that there must be some grand spell at work, likely Susanna's or something from the old Plath-Stark alliance days (in which case, perhaps it's tied to the Catacombs), that's keeping everyone's memories and experience of time muddled.

Hrm. Another thing for Chuck to check might be if the young Marcie-like kitty from class has disappeared. If that's the case... yeesh, Mayor.
No. 105668 ID: 8a204b


What if the catacombs aren't hiding dead bodies.

But instead are hiding backup clones of everyone in the town.
No. 105669 ID: dd4df2


Sorcery and alchemy. Stark and Plath. The secret of immortality is making yourself a new body to inhabit?
No. 105670 ID: 801f66

The question is, how many times has everyone else died?
No. 105674 ID: 7dca0a

If all pur relationships have been reset, I'm going to be very frustrated. I legit don't want to start from near scratch all over again for this quest.
No. 105676 ID: dd4df2


Given how Geoff and Rachel was waving at us as if we were familiar, I don't think so.
No. 105677 ID: 79a07e

Alright, judging by Sally and Lisa, it MIGHT be a memory reset.

If it's a memory reset, I can deal with that.
No. 105682 ID: 9876c4

So here's the thing. None of the other townsfolk were affected.
If everyone treats this Marcie like she had amnesia, then we can explain to her how things were.

Including employing and romancing Chuck. She won't remember, exactly, but it won't be a such a hard reset.
No. 105683 ID: 8963ff

I had a rather disturbing thought: Maybe the monsters were caused BY said timey-wimey based resurrection shenanigans Stark has been using on the townspeople, and their homing in on what they perceive as "sin" is based on WHEN they first started cropping up.
No. 105688 ID: 3e182c

This is true and is a fair end game plan, but think about things from Chuck's perspective for a second. He effectively just lost someone. Sure he has the opportunity to start over, but the cause of his loss still lurks. Chuck was never comfortable with the feels in the first place, but now on top of that he's going to be scared of losing people he gets close to until he's able to rid the town of monsters. I don't see him starting over any time soon. Maybe if Marcie gets informed by Penny and comes to Chuck first, but even then, I imagine it's going to be slow going in this regard.

Also, I think it's good that we don't work for Marcie any more. We'll need to be more creative for income but having to work around work was hindering the plot. I have to hand it to RML. This event was a brilliant move.
No. 105689 ID: 2a7417

I mean, really. It's only been three weeks. not such a huge loss in the long run.
No. 105691 ID: 9f1d02

I want to see snake anal but I also want good story and there seems to be no way to get both without it seeming disjointed at this current time!
Can we get snanal later?

And what if the old pre time-reverse versions get turned into one of those monsters while the new on goes about its daily life, maybe altered in some way.
No. 105692 ID: 1a2e5d

I can understand that pain.
fortunately for me the porn doesn't really interest me in coxwette, so I don't have a conflict of interests, and only have to worry about story direction.
No. 105693 ID: 2a7417

It's true, both are desirable but they go together like a Plath and a Stark.
Idea: give the snayor more agate so she can do some time magic and summon Chuck after he's worked through his issues.
No. 105694 ID: 3e182c

No but the first always hits like a hammer.
No. 105695 ID: 86b8eb

I feel like prioritizing the story is my stance, too. I am certainly interested in the porn as well, and my desire to see it does put up a good fight with my desire to find the right path in a narrative and puzzle sense. I also feel a keen desire to mess with Susanna in a more social/emotional sense, which I'm willing to trade off the sex for.

In this particular circumstance, I'm also under another influence: that anal, specifically, doesn't interest me at all. Kind of the opposite, actually.

Buttholes are gross.

Personal taste, of course.
No. 105696 ID: 9876c4

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGlBwW7f5HA
No. 105699 ID: 8a204b

We're dealing with a place that's apparently outside of time.

They're not clones.

They're savestates. Plucked from the flow of time at specific points.
No. 105704 ID: bb78f2

You know, I think sex wouldn't be to unrealistic now that I've thought it over. Think of it like drinking a bunch of wHiskey after something bad happened. Which is exactly what chuck did as the thread started.

It's an escape, a desperate attempt at relief. Chuck tried with Sally as the thread started but it just wasn't doing it then.
No. 105709 ID: 6ed01b

Also keep in mind, it could very definitely be hate fucking
No. 105712 ID: bfa535

Technically, Marcie has amnesia.
Therefore, her condition should be treated as such.
She's going to need the help of friends and family to adjust.
No, Chuck is not back at square one with her. The things they did still happened.
It's going to take time and it's going to take effort, but things can be made well again.
No. 105716 ID: ee484b

Yeah, some effort can definitely be done with Marcie. It'd be a good idea if more than one person talked to her about it alongside you, Penny especially. Just acting like three weeks passed by and nothing happened would cause more problems than going for the most plausible option, even if she'll be shocked.

And the town still demands pastry.
No. 105720 ID: 63eb2c

>Snake girl is in an emotionally vulnerable state, sad and no longer worth hating, suddenly impressed with us and our love

what the fuck is wrong with you people
No. 105721 ID: 71d443

A deal's a deal.
No. 105722 ID: 8a204b

But only between Fere-...Felines.
No. 105723 ID: 9b8c8d

Doesn't mean we'd need to cash in right away. We can save the butt stuff for later.
No. 105724 ID: dd4df2


Susanna's not normal, though. It seems she genuinely desires to experience Chuck's anger, disgust and helplessness at lost love through her carnal speech. She wants to connect at the most intimate possible level, even if it's the intimacy of fully understanding someone feeling sick and hurt and in despair. It seems she yearns for that shit.

So... far from normal. She's either a little broken or someone who has transcended what one could call humanity by tapping a force more primal and direct, and her apparent desires reflect that. Rage sexin' might just be something she'll appreciate.

I imagine losing anyone is such a big blow for her, precisely -because- she has connected with most of them through carnal speech. It colors her view of her citizens and perhaps it makes her think she knows them fully... and she actually might. It's just that, say, Ellen being depressed with her life situation isn't cause for Susanna to want to -change- that, because that's just one more flavor of emotion and intimacy. Or maybe her carnal speech isn't as comprehensive as she thinks it is, and some things just slips through the gaps. I'm pretty sure Chuck hadn't had any Reveyee the night he first resisted the Mayor's influence, for example. And Susanna seemed pretty flabbergasted at not knowing that Ramona had cancer... which certainly Sophie knew. So perhaps Sophie, too, is a little resistant to the Mayor's speech.

Bottom line: rage sex might be fine with Susanna. Anything (*intense stare, sweaty brow*) open-hearted and emotional might be fine with Susanna. Question is what kind of effect it'll have on Chuck.
No. 105725 ID: 63eb2c

She might be fine with either, but loving cuddles should come before the rage sex, not the other way around. If we open with rage, we'll just play right to her expectations and likely won't be able to do cuddles later. Let's surprise her instead.
No. 105726 ID: 3e182c

So whats up with the blindfold guys? I personally think she should take it off.
It's a bit of a risk yes, but it's actually against Suzanna's best interest to try and hypnotize Chuck again. Chuck may be new but he's already become a real part of Coxwette. Regardless of whatever Suzanna's ambitions are, she seems genuinely concerned with the preservation of the town and it's people. Chuck is now one of those people. She also has concerns about loyalty, and in this case she has a very strong case for honesty. Chuck right now is more vulnerable than he's ever been. If he trusts her with that and she abuses it, should he find out (And with his history of resistance and his Plath connections, chances are high), she loses him forever. If he doesn't straight up leave Coxwette she'll have made a new Plath-aligned, secret-knowing enemy with no foreseeable course for reconcile.

Meanwhile if she doesn't break his trust she gets the benefit of a new hand that knows the towns secrets. One that doesn't need to live in a fantasy world to be happy or productive. Also one that can act as bridge between the Stark-Plath gap. The Monster attacks, an over bearing Suzanna, and an over worked Lisa all point to the idea that Suzanna needs help. Chuck could be that, or she could just throw all that away. What would be so valuable as to take that risk?
Hell, how open she's been in this conversation alone hint's that she's not planning any bullshit. Why tell someone secret world breakingly bazaar information like the Year thing if you were just going o try to make that person forget it? what if they don't? Plus it's not like Chuck can realistically be forced to forget the monsters or Marcie (At least not without agat). He'll always be digging. Always be getting into things he shouldn't. It's pointless to lie to Chuck at this point and I think Suzanna understands that.
No. 105727 ID: 9b8c8d

That's pretty sound reasoning and I concur with it. She seems to really not want to wear it any longer, so might as well let her take it off.
No. 105729 ID: 398fe1

I just think it's kinky.
No. 105742 ID: 73b398

>Weird mind-control magic, lies, deceit, secrecy, weird time magic, also specifically agreeing to buttsecks in exchange for supposedly extra-powerful magical artifacts
>but it's a snake girl so oh no let's put her feelings before all else

Wars have been started for less, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Also it's ostensibly a porn quest.
No. 105743 ID: d4516a

>not wanting to put someone's feelings before all else
>when you're bedding her

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can certainly tell your problem.
No. 105744 ID: 73b398

The point isn't bedding. Chuck isn't there to reward her for magic-aided manipulation, lies, and potentially actually causing the problem to begin with to one degree or another, but to give the snake the title "Punished".

Also porn.
No. 105782 ID: 4b1a7b

Ah, called it.
First of is this a reset or a new one. Because reset I can live with, copy not so sure. At the end of the day recreating previous scenes but making precautions might be the way to go once we calm down a bit. Like convincing her not to go for the morning Jog so early stuff like that
No. 105783 ID: 595d54

Unless you don't trust Susanna, reading the thread will hopefully answer your questions.

According to Susanna, it's the exact same Marcie except for her the last three weeks never happened. She didn't say how exactly she did it, but she said the ritual wouldn't look like anything to us. I'm guessing that making a new Marcie would look like something, so it'd probably just be a reset.
No. 105792 ID: 9876c4

Next wave of discussion should be interesting.

Good time for some fanart, guise.
No. 105793 ID: 44f807

RIP Chuck.
No. 105794 ID: 398fe1

I really don't think Chuck is the one that's dead.
No. 105796 ID: 180f83

I'm predicting that we are going to start playing as a brand new character that comes to Coxwette in the next update.
No. 105797 ID: f562b1

I think we're controlling Cletus or Loraine now, while Chuck is in his Carnal Coma.
No. 105798 ID: 3e182c

Pfft Chuck was always dead. He died jumping off a train.
This changes nothing.

The Angel of Death is a turtle.
No. 105799 ID: 9876c4

Slow and steady wins the race. It never fails.
(well that got morbid)
No. 105802 ID: d4516a

I doubt this will last.

It's possible to die briefly and be brought back even in real life, and Susanna has magic and shit. It's entirely within reason to presume we won't even lose our memory.
No. 105804 ID: ba506f

quick question, was the train he came in on black?
because I remember hearing about how sometimes death is represented by a black train.
No. 105805 ID: d4516a

That's the thing.

It said "You are dead", not "You died". We've been dead this whole time, and Chuck only now realized this.
No. 105806 ID: 2a7417

>sometimes death is represented by a black train.
That's... the default color trains come in?
Also, this makes a dream I had when I was six even more unsettling.
No. 105807 ID: ef3c2e

Yo i think this entire discussion is dumb but most every train I've ever been on was silver
No. 105808 ID: 2a7417

Not commuter trains, steam locomotives.
No. 105810 ID: 3e182c

I had a similar dream when I was six.
Just a black steam locomotive passing by in greyscale.

It was terrifying and woke me up. Had no fear of trains though. and I didn't think it was going to hit me or anything. Twas weird.
No. 105811 ID: b9aa79

Is it just me or is the symbol above chuck in the new front page image a ufo
No. 105812 ID: 8a204b

Chuck confirmed ayy lmao.
No. 105815 ID: 3e182c

Its the UFO from Space Invaders, calling back to that original Cutscene where he was Carnal'd.
Seeing as everyone else on Title card has a Symbol Representing them. It makes sense that Chucks would be the UFO. That event painted a pretty good picture of how Chuck became Chuck.
No. 105818 ID: 3aef93

I think we know who was under those sheets now
No. 105820 ID: 91ee5f

Well, this means that either Ramona lied to Chuck about one of the Plath uncles falling asleep while smoking a pipe or, because it happened so long ago, the Plaths have completely forgotten exactly what happened and the story Ramona told Chuck is what she was told and she doesn't know what actually happened.
No. 105821 ID: 9f3729

This definitely means we got some talks to do.
I vote we drag susanna along with us too, because everyone seems to be operating off some shit info here.
No. 105823 ID: 905513

Holy shit, so the Sin Monsters are basically undead zombies left over from Nelson cursing the trio that slayed him?

We should look into seeing if that orphanage is ran by a religious community, and if they might have anything to do with this. If we wake up, that is.
No. 105824 ID: 9f3729

Orphanage is definitely a good place to check out, ye.
No. 105826 ID: dd4df2

>Question is what kind of effect it'll have on Chuck.

And now we know. And knowing is half the bat-

Ahahah, no, scratch that. The battle has only just begun.

Those geometric shapes, tied together with red thread (nice one, RML) and connecting to a central point might represent the souls of those bound to Coxwette. The original souls, that is. 7 threads = 7 souls? Coxwette has more residents, but we know quite a few of them arrived later on. And those threads look compound, so maybe more than one soul is tied through one thread.

Alternatively, these might be the people Chuck has a special connection with, and we're seeing Chuck's own little ley lines.

The geometric shapes themselves are likely representative of the gems used in the magic. Whether that is as the focus of Nelson Plath's spell, or Susanna's adaptations thereof, or they're both one and the same, it's pretty clear that agates = enabling this stuff.

If these threads are something Susanna can manipulate, and each thread is tied to a gem/geometric figure that represents a different person and their life/memories), then we have a fair reason to assume this is how she saved Marcie. Somehow she 'trimmed' the thread and inserted a new gem as the focus. Or transferred the contents of one gem over into another. There's still much we don't know.

The worried presence might be Ramona, or possibly Lisa (who certainly had reason to be worried, and was closer, at least physically). The erotic white form is definitely Susanna. Her thought-words are pretty telling of her current perspective, matching the way Nelson was acting in the intermission.

It seems that Carnal Speech might be more than a little addictive (or perhaps 'endlessly edifying' is a better wrong description). It strikes me that we have just have given Susanna her 'fix'. The apparent lethal result might be the reason why there aren't that many men in Coxwette to start with. Geoff's lucky enough not to be interested, and John's too old (maybe he arrived old, or is simply similarly not that interested). Susanna just can't resist, over time. Or maybe men just can't resist Susanna, normally.

Theory: At the basest level of whatever magic shenanigans that are going on, Susanna is an addict to carnal speech and the sensations it supplies. Coxwette's inhabitants are the source of those sensations, and so she is protective of them (and the magics keeping everyone alive) above all else.
No. 105827 ID: 87353e

Well damn, I guess this confirms my suspicions that Nelson Plath was up to some fucked up magic shit before he died. Also if the all the Clergy turned into Bloodbourne monsters that would explain the lack of a church presence existing in or near the town any more.

I was thinking about this too, but what if both stories aren't the full truth? Ramona's version said it was one of the Plath Uncles and Charles Plath who has ties with Susanna was a Great Uncle in the Plath lineage. So far in the current vision only Susana's point of view calls him Nelson and the Clergy trio only referred to him as "Plath". If Nelson was experimenting on living souls, what if he was some kind of "The Thing on the Door Step" style Psychic Body-Snatcher? If he was, then destroying the host body might not have destroyed the soul. "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die."

I don't think there is enough evidence to back this theory up, but its a possibility to think about.
No. 105828 ID: e136ae

OK, well I'm going to call it here and say the monsters are Susana's (or Nelson's) memories of what happened, and the reason why Marcie was brought back to when Chuck arrived is because that's the only version she really knew. Whatever magic that was used to invoke Susana's immortality and the reason why the town is trapped, it's locked away in the Plath house somewhere.

As suspected, the reason for the feud between Susuana and the Plaths is a misunderstanding -- she DID get kill Nelson Plath killed, but she didn't mean to. It also means that Nelson Plath controlled Coxwette in the same way Susana does now, and the reason why the town is timeless is that the spell's purpose is to create a 'perfect immortality' -- one that not only prevents the caster from aging, but also prevents the community from aging so one never has to say 'good-bye'.

But because Nelson was killed, it means that the only one who knew how to break the spell over Coxwette is gone.

Susana does not control this spell. She knows the most about it but she doesn't know everything about it. She's trapped here like everyone else, and just doing her best. Which means the Plaths and Susana need to work together to break this spell and banish the monsters... and they need to work fast before cancer takes Ramona.
No. 105829 ID: 91ee5f

What if what's in the Plath catacombs is all of Nelson's experiments and they're still alive down there?
No. 105832 ID: dd4df2


One of these days we need to make a comprehensive list of all the things we've suspected of being down there. So that RML can mess with our expectations.

Susanna: "It's just wall-to-wall tits, Chuck. We had to close it off because the menfolk all got themselves lost down there."
No. 105864 ID: 3e182c

I am So Glad We didn't break that clipboard.
No. 105865 ID: 8d65de

Monsters of god.
No. 105867 ID: 44359f

Ok, so, at the opportune moment (probably not right now, before he goes), Chuck should show Susanna the letter and photo. Maybe she'd want to have them? Painful memories but sometimes you want to hold on to them.

Then, we could go back to the Plath house with them, show them to Ramona (as if we just got them down out of the attic), tell her that we "talked about them" with Susanna and "got the story out of her", and then we tell her the... flashback, Nelson, Anna, time warp et cetera story, and imply that Susanna just told us out of momentary photo-induced emotional vulnerability. Instead of, you know, magical boning, which Ramona might disapprove of.

... Maybe see if Susanna has a shower around before we go just so we don't smell like sex.
No. 105868 ID: 18c9f5

>one lover died of fire
>the other died of water

I mean with the way this whole parallel would usually go, the second one woulda drown, but this still works.
No. 105892 ID: e136ae

Let's play summarize Coxwette, shall we?

Nelson Plath is said to be buried in the catacombs.
The tunnel Chuck discovered is marked with the Plath emblem.
Nelson Plath founded Coxwette. He is also responsible for whatever magical elements that keep the town ageless. He taught Ana his secret. He was burned alive bound to a sofa by three religious zealots who bear a striking resemblance to the monsters. Susanna wants those catacombs sealed off from the town.

Ana was killed through the improper use of syringes filled with holy water.

I am 99.5% sure Susanna is Ana.
Ana was Nelson Plath's lover.

Ana came back.

Ana was Charles Plath's lover, Nelson Plath's grandchild.
Charles Plath died by fire because he "fell asleep while smoking". On a couch.

Whatever is in the woods around Coxwette killed Davey's wife.
Also Davey freaked when Ellen crawled into bed with him when she was 13 and kicked her out into the barn.

From Charles' Plath's letter , it seems the magic that keep people unaging in Coxwette have to do with MEMORY. People don't die until their names are spoken no longer and people's memory of them forgotten.

Nelson and Charles Plath were burned.

Like you do with witches.

And that seems to have killed them permanently.

Since Susanna has those same eyes, we can surmise she is a witch, not a vampire, and she is very likely not quite alive or dead. It is very likely that fire will end her. It's not something I suggest we try, but I think Chuck should look into fire-based weapons to deal with the monsters. Burning might very well work on them.

My suspicion is that from this scene -- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/147996816606.png -- she had enough after they killed Charles. If Coxwette was truly a witch-founded town, then that may be why there was no church... or Susanna destroyed the church in retribution.

You: “Ramona, why do you think the Starks summoned the monsters in the first place?”
Ramona: “The evidence is all over. The Plaths ran a peaceful and prosperous Coxwette until Nelson Plath’s murder at their hands.”
Ramona: “The stories passed down tell of demons killing him and terrorizing the town.”
Ramona: “It is no coincidence that the Starks came into power shortly after.”

These demons are the religious zealots. Susanna Stark came into power shortly after she killed them. Charles Path's death might have been truly accidental and Susanna might have been as mistaken as Ramona as to the blame, but after she was done the zealots were gone.

But not forgotten.

Susanna isn't summoning them, but they return and they're just as bullet-proof as she is due to the very same magic, and they're going to keep coming back as long as she remembers them.

The reason why she was so infuriated at the library meeting was because she truly does HATE those demons. She hates them with ever fibre in her body because those are the demons that killed her lovers and that also killed her at least once.

And she's taken over the town because she worked closest with its founders. She IS one of its founders.

She's not our enemy. She might be part of the problem, but she isn't an enemy.

I suspect the real cause of the problem is likely Nelson Plath, but who knows what form he's in. He might be truly dead and we're simply dealing with the still-running mechanisms he put in place but nobody knows how to stop.

I suggest that the best course of action is to reconcile her and Ramona, convince Susanna to open the catacombs, get some torches, and finish the job. But we're going to need their help.


From the following information:

From Thread #2:
"Dearest Anna,

It was my grandfather who first discovered the essence of happiness, and it is with so many thanks to you, our little patch of earth shall flourish in his memory. Love and fellowship shall overrule the world’s laws of chaos, hatred, and belligerence, and nary a disparaging thought will stir us from our resting bliss.

It is said that we live and live beyond the finality of death. We live until our names are spoken for the last time, and live yet until the very last thought fades from the dying memory of our progeny. Stand with me my dear, stand with me while we still have our legs, and so that we might be immortalized in a photograph.

My darling pearl, there is no greater gift you could have given me.

We will never die.


Charles Plath"

Please Note the Emblem: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/146008794244.png

Sally: "Several of the town's historical tomes make clear reference to catacombs beneath the library, but none of them described how to enter. One of them said that it was a place reserved for the town's leadership exclusively."

Sally: "It's... said that Nelson Plath himself is buried there. I wish I could give you more information."

Thread #3:
You: “Uh… hey. You used to work for Farmer Davey, right?”
She wipes her eye and sighs.
Ellen: “Yeah, when I was thirteen. That was like…”
Ellen: “Ten years ago…”

And on that note, Chapter 5:
Ellen: “I went into his bedroom. Davey’s bedroom. And I crawled onto his bed and kissed him… like… somewhere on his neck or something. He was asleep I think, and he started to hug and kiss me and all that…”

Ellen: “And then he opened up his eyes and pushed me off the bed and started to shout at me… I guess. He told me to sleep in the barn.”

Lookie Here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/146205793097.png
It's back again.

Then in the tunnel:
"You are suddenly met with a vivid mental image of a navy blue sofa moving closer to you and many indistinguishable voices you can see the fibers of the sofa there is a gold cord embroidery for trim and mahogany arms and feet it is rough chamois texture and the friction is hot against your skin, shockingly hot and the backrest is rubbing your arm you are rolling and sinking into the cushions"
No. 105895 ID: c72748

I don't know about you guys, but I'm really enjoying the mystery girl aspect that Susanna just brought out. I 100% anticipated her to be Evil Bitch Stereotype of the town, but boning and interacting with her like this is really cool, and I think we got so much to work with from her.
No. 105897 ID: 65317a

If Dog Mom finds out we are working with the snayor, we might need a new home. We should tread carefully here for a bit.
No. 105898 ID: 595d54

We do pay rent and they've agreed to try and bury the hatchet, so... well, of course she won't be happy, but hopefully it won't be bad enough that she kicks us out.
No. 105901 ID: 3e182c

Maybe the Plath house isn't just haunted by one ghost? We should spend some time in the boudoir at night. Maybe we'll meet Nelson Plath first hand.
I wonder what would go down if we ever brought Suzanna with us.
No. 105903 ID: e136ae

I think we need to ask Ramona more about the Plath family history. Whatever magic controls Coxwette started with Nelson and was continued by Charles.
No. 105904 ID: e136ae

Fucking Black Lodge.
Fucking "Blue Couch", which is what Nelson and Charles Plath died on.

RML. Has Twin Peaked us.
Or Lynched us, if you will.
No. 105906 ID: f7838d

Not in the same manner as Nelson, thankfully.
No. 105937 ID: 71d443

All signs point to the train being Coxwette's link to the outside world. We should stake out the train tracks sometime, from a nice hill, see where it's coming from and where it's going. I think we could invite Sophie along, though we'll have to focus on either watching that train or using this as an excuse to get more action. Eventually, we should try hitching a ride on it - or asking Sssusanna to observe the train. That will have to wait until she's cooled off from our last questioning, though.
No. 105939 ID: 7b412a

We might need to consider making a few of Sherman's Neckties.
No. 105977 ID: 1ab216

You know what? I'd really be quite amused if it turned out that the internet was actually capable of communicating with the outside world because the magic time capsule spelly thing didn't take the possible existence of such a thing into account.
No. 105978 ID: bb78f2

The biggest question I have is how Sally's Dad left.

He didn't die, right? He definitely left Coxwette, right?
No. 105980 ID: d163e3
File 148027507626.png - (39.92KB , 500x500 , b a d m a n.png )

An "inside" ""joke"" between Brom and me w/r/t Chuck being a Jamaican badman
No. 105981 ID: 71d443

Wow. It's like wearable reveyee.
No. 105982 ID: b8d388

Somewhere in an alternate universe my female self just took one look at that getup and became aggressively homosexual.
No. 105985 ID: 1ac545

No. 105999 ID: 4b1a7b

It's not a complaint per say, but there seems to be an odd lack of female genitals. I wouldn't mention it normally, but with all the cat dick we see it seems a bit strange. There a reason for it?
No. 106000 ID: 595d54

Iirc RML is female, so it might just be artist preference.
No. 106001 ID: d163e3

I am generally sparing with drawing any genitals or penetration at all, as these are difficult to frame into a scene without without "looking like a furry porn comic".
No. 106002 ID: 3eeef2

There needs to be at least one soaked genital per image update or it ain't art
No. 106004 ID: 02efa3

That's just fine. Chuck's floppy wiener is definitely large enough to be unavoidable in some situations, but putting all the genitalia in view would be really forcing the perspective and poses.
No. 106007 ID: 9f3729

Out of curiosity, why haven't we tried scooby-doo trapping the evil zombie goasts yet? Like, are they spectral enough they could escape that?
why is nobody with actual knowledge about what's going on willing to help us with a gameplan, for that matter?
No. 106035 ID: 180f83

To be fair, I think we will be trying to trap the monsters with Naz during their filming of their porno. we just gotta rehearse before that, then maybe we can suggest coming up with a plan afterwards :).
No. 106052 ID: 3e182c

I'm thinking a pit trap.
Filled with Cement.
Sure If you kill them they just come back.
What if you trap them forever?
No. 106053 ID: e136ae

... it occurs to me with the recent odd time-skip of events that it's entirely possible that Susanna is not the only person who can rewind people.

I doubt that she'd use up precious agate for seconds when she could have just as easily asked Chuck for another round later. It's not like Chuck left angry.
No. 106057 ID: 180f83

This current situation somewhat reminds me of what happened to Chuck the previous weekend, when Sally and Ramona claimed he went to their house even though he slept at Naz's place the whole night with no memory of going to the Plath house. Granted, I don't think he time traveled then, but something about that seems weird enough to remind me of that.
No. 106061 ID: e136ae

I thought Chuck was at Marcie's overnight during that time skip, and Sally said she sneezed in his mouth?

And there was that time skip when he was just walking home to the Plath's place and was suddenly in the Mayor's during a meeting and she was doing the whole 'carnal speech' thing about the catacombs.

This is the third time people now. Whatever is going on, Chuck isn't immune and I don't think Susanna is either. There is someone else pulling strings here. We should be prepared to have our actions undone, and it may be entirely possible that we are being separated from Chuck at times.
No. 106063 ID: 180f83

Sorry. You're probably right about him being at Marcie's, gotta reread to make sure though.
No. 106065 ID: 383927

Definitely getting a bad feeling about this, and I don't think it's Suzanna's fault. Her stark difference in characterization combined with the sudden jumping, almost like a glitch, is giving me a very ben 10 perfect day vibe. This isn't normal, and I don't think we should trust what's going on.
No. 106066 ID: 79a07e

I think some people are getting a bit too paranoid.

Even if there IS an issue, remember she's tired of questions. There's moments to be inquisitive, and moments you need to bide your time when there might be less lashback.

This situation, where we're calm, she's in a pleasant mood, and all that, to some people's surprise, is NOT the best moment to ask. People DO NOT like being taken out of a nice moment. Wait until there's a prime time that she's less willing to get frustrated at us directly, rather than preoccupied.
No. 106074 ID: b9aa79

I definitely agree that we shouldn't pester her right now. I may be being paranoid, but so far this town has only gone from weird to haunted to majorly fucked up, and while these moments are nice I definitely think the overarching story line is going to continue down this road. I don't think Snayor is the one behind it all though, nor do i think she's out to get us. Like I said there's a lot of characters that are consitantly doing Bad Shit TM to the towns people that we know nothing about, so I'm more advising caution than I am a sudden interrogation or anything. I Think the blood feud is ultimately a tension that's keeping the only people in the town strong enough to fight back at eachothers throats and this is letting it continue. If we could get the two to make up or put their difference aside for now, tell the towns people whats really going on and scooby do style solve this mystery, we might be less vulnerable. Don't forget there's killer monsters after us, which may or may not be attracted by a night of passionate love making. Banging is nice, and so is enjoying a cuddle with the gold hearted tyrant, but ultimately we're gonna come to a cross roads. I imagine we're gonna have a few choices depending on how we manage to do and what RML has planned.

A) We stay in the town forever, caught in it's trap, a cycle of resets that prevent the town from ever really moving forward. Chuck eventually becomes another piece of the scenery

B)We die. Honestly I don't think it's too far fetched. Maybe we've died already. Hell maybe we just died and got reset. I don't really think that's how it works, but given how little we know, keep in mind we've been attacked and hurt and we're mortal here.

C) We break the curse and its a happy ending hooray everyone wins. Probably not this though as nice as that would be, given what we know the town is fucked to be eternally still, never moving forward, trapped outside reality.

D) We figure shit out, break the curse, town disappears and we go back to the real world. Everyone we knew disapears with it, like the snayor suggested might happen, and chuck is left a player on the run from the fuz, forever haunted by what happened in a little town called coxewette.

Basically what I'm saying with this is that there is an end game and it's not sleeping with everyone, or making a relationship work or whatever. There's dark forces at work here, and chuck is caught in them. Ultimately he may have to choose between sacrificing himself, his free will, or the whole town, and I think we have to keep this picture in mind as we go. I doubt the story has a happy ending, and I think if we want a shot at one we have to real careful about getting manipulated by whoever's pulling the strings. The first rule in poker is that you can't ever tell the truth about whats in your hand. If whoever we're up against, and we are up against someone, knows what cards we have, its only a matter of time before they draw a better hand and beat us at our own game. We can't let them know what we're planning and we have to get a unified town if we want a shot at making it out of this in my opinion
No. 106082 ID: 9876c4

So done with the Snayor arc. If anything, I like her even less now.
No. 106083 ID: 668a9d

No. 106085 ID: 79a07e

I agree with everything you just said. My statements were absolutely irrelevant to them, though. Dunno if you were directly talking to me or not.
No. 106088 ID: b9d267

Nah I'm mostly just thinkin out loud at this point
No. 106090 ID: 8b035b

Where are all these crazy thirsty posters coming from? They do realize this isn't a porn site, right? There are better places to fap.
No. 106092 ID: 595d54

>They do realize this isn't a porn site, right?
Oh my sweet child
No. 106093 ID: 3e182c

I personally think breaking the town curse could be a "Bad End"

I mean, what if time catches up to everyone if that happens?
Almost everyone would Die or disappear.
What if it doesn't, and people are thrust decades, or even centuries into world they never knew?
It could be a nuclear wasteland outside for all we know.

Besides, Staying in town wouldn't be so bad, hell changes could be made but many are not necessary. As long as people can live happy, productive lives what difference does it make where you live? Even if you live in a fantasy world locked in a magic time bubble powered by the souls of the damned, you are still there living your happy, (At least supposedly) productive life. To her credit, Suzanna seems to have put a lot of effort into this fantasy land. Honestly it would be a profusely selfish and short-sighted of Chuck to just march in, declare how things should be, and then proceed to "Wake Up" towns folk or break "Curses" which could very well be the engines that keep Coxwette functioning.
I Feel like if anything Coxwette in it's current state is a good thing. Not perfect, but good. Maybe we should try to improve upon it instead of trying to unravel it at the seems.
No. 106094 ID: fceae5

They have a point, and from what I've noticed you could be seen as one of those "crazy thirsty posters."
So, yeah. What's the deal?
No. 106096 ID: 383927

Yeah if you read what i wrote I said that there might be a way to keep us from looping endlessly, but that likely breaking the curse results in the town ceasing to exist.

Take the information we know so far:

1) The towns folk are repeatedly killed by monsters from the town's past. This has happened before, just happened to marcie, and will likely happen again

2) The snayor can bring them back, but without their memories. Essentially a back up save file, and earlier version of them. For the older residents of the town loosing the past week or two doesn't mean much in the grand scheme, but when a new-commer like chuck is involved thats a lot more lost because he's not part of the routine.

3) No one else knows this, and no one else is agreeing to be a part of it. Susanna is the only one who knows what's happening. The townsfolk live in ignorant bliss, stuck in a repeating time loop, never growing never changing, a ship in a bottle. Beautiful to look at, but stuck there eternally, never truly living

4) Susanna is not the only one with knowledge of what's happening. Other creatures that aren't town members have knowledge and seem to be operating outside the rules the normal coxewette townsfolk live by. We can only speculate what their intentions or motivations are, but from what we've seen it's not unlikely they have malicious intent, or are at least somewhat responsible for the monster attacks. Again though, this isn't concrete, we can only speculate

5) Susanna believes the plath spell cannot be undone without erasing "them" (presumably, the townspeople of coxewetee) forever. We don't know this for certain, we only have her word for it and I think her judgement is questionable at best, but she seems to well and truly believe that undoing the spell will erase all of coxewette

So, from here we can start to speculate more. I think there's more to this plath spell than we know. The revenants are trying to destroy everything Neson Plath did and built, because he was sinful. Susanna killed them sometime after she was pumped full of death water and got deathified. But what about the rabit? What about Harold Pal? For some reason they seem to be inviting sin into the town, via drugs and bad influences (chuck) presumably with the intention of destroying it. Susanna hasn't explored the catacoombs and I think that's a big piece we're missing here. I personally don't like the idea of waiting, ignorant of my impending death, ignorant of the cycle of death that we and the entire town are trapped in, forever on the look for a good shag. I don't think we have a right to try and undo what's been done, but I think the citizens deserve to know, and we should convince susanna to tell everyone. I'm leaving the possibility of a good ending open where we unite together to form voltron and defeat the evil hanging over the town, but I think it's unlikely we ever get to live normal lives. Rather, I'm guessing we'll either break the curse and erase the town, or we'll be trapped here eternally. There's a possibility for freeing the town or escape but I think those endings are less likely honestly. I don't know what you guys think about all this though but this is the direction I think we have to head eventually
No. 106097 ID: 398fe1

Wow. Out of all that, only 5) is correct.
No. 106098 ID: 0555b9

Could you stop making wildly inaccurate assumptions until after we get out of bed with Susanna at least
No. 106099 ID: e136ae


1. No, we don't know if the monsters have killed people in the past, and we don't know what happened to Marcie.

2) Bringing people back is no small feat, not even Susanna knows HOW they will be brought back.

3) We don't know how much the town knows or doesn't know. We don't even know how much Susanna really knows, because the man responsible was in her own words, "Mad" and in the flashbacks we encountered not even Susanna thought it was a good idea. And he was killed without knowing what the repercussions could be.

4) Susanna is not the only one with knowledge of what's happening.

Well, that one is true. We just don't have any connection with them.

5) Susanna believes the Plath spell cannot be undone without erasing "them" (presumably, the townspeople of coxewetee) forever. We don't know this for certain, we only have her word for it, but she seems to well and truly believe that undoing the spell will erase all of Coxewette.

That is also actually reasonable to assume.

As to the rest... we still don't have near enough information, and I'm afraid nobody else will be able to provide it for us. Chuck mentioned knowing we have to explore the woods but he's afraid, so I suggest we should consider making some trusted friends who we know can back us up even in supernatural situations and start exploring. I suggest getting two people to back us up -- one for muscle, and one for supernatural. I can only think of three people who would count as good muscle - Rachel, Layla, or Davey. And Davey hasn't shown any sort of inclination of not being an asshole yet, other than basic 'don't let a monster take people away' or 'don't touch an underaged girl'. And Chuck really doesn't get along well with cops. So that just leaves Rachel.
No. 106100 ID: 3e182c

Here's the thing: Do the towns people REALLY need to know? Sure it's natural for us to want to seek and spread the truth, and to our western sensibilities, it can feel almost like a moral obligation to trek everyone everything. They have a right to know, right?

But here's the real question: Is knowing the truth really in the townspeople's best interest? Right now this place is their home, but in this case the only difference between a home and a prison is a state of mind.

By spreading the truth we would be sewing only seeds of misery, death, and despair. At least right now. We just don't know enough yet. When we have the whole picture, when we have the tools at our disposal to make a difference. When we have hope to show people instead of just darkness, THEN we can spread the truth.
Until then, we should tread lightly.
No. 106101 ID: 383927


Huh I honestly thought like I was reading the quest well and getting into the mystery but it seems like I'm just completely missing something? Like I wholeheartedly believed everything I was saying I'm kinda confused as to what's wrong with it. Like how do we not know the revenants have been killing villagers? Haven't people disappeared? If we're trusting snake lady didn't she say she thought Marcie was dead or at least gone for good?

Also bring someone back only required some blue agate. It seems like as long as our resident necromayor has agate she can revive people and do other magic shit indefinitely couldn't she?

The rest of the town knows that there's monsters on some level but like. Marcie was totally surprised. Ramona said nelson Plath died in a fire. Like I think it's safe to say none of the towns people actually know the history of what's going on I find it hard to believe anything else.

As for the rest I did admit it was assumptions and conclusions without evidence or support, just sort of my gut feeling. What kind of vibe are you guys getting? Like I genuinely want to know where you think I'm going wrong here because I'm feeling a little lost. I did put this in the disqu thread so I think it's a little unfair to yell at me for not waiting until after we get our rocks off.
No. 106103 ID: 3e182c

What I've been getting is that this situation is really much bigger than any one character. We thought we knew alot from Ramona but she really gave us very little. Now were getting loads of information from Suzanna but even her expertise is limited. It starts and ends with Nelson Plath and the borders of this town... But there's a world of sorts out there. Honestly, even after we pump all the info we can from the mayor... We are left only with a single piece of the puzzle.
At this point we know nothing. We will continue to know nothing until we know everything.
No. 106130 ID: 180f83

So Susanna was born under a dead oak tree.
Cletus' dying thoughts were of a night beneath a young oak tree...

same tree? or coincidence?
No. 106145 ID: e136ae

>Like how do we not know the revenants have been killing villagers? Haven't people disappeared? If we're trusting snake lady didn't she say she thought Marcie was dead or at least gone for good?

No, she said she didn't know what happened to Marcie for sure but she didn't want to know, and that's because her last experience was with what those things represent and they did kill her and Nelson.
No. 106253 ID: 180f83

Hey, if Rachel is limping, she may have a broken leg, and won't be able to work for a while. Maybe when the time comes, we should ask to take her place until she heals up. Especially since we need a job as soon as the week starts.

Lots of opportunities with this job: We'll get access to tools to use, like a crowbar to pry open the wall safe and other locked doors, using shovels to set up pitfall traps against the monsters during the porno, and we can probably access the mysterious warehouse full of junk.

Most importantly, Lots of money!
No. 106258 ID: 1ac545
File 148105167846.png - (48.49KB , 500x500 , ImStillInADream.png )

No. 106284 ID: 2120ee

You know, carnal speech is pretty shit at this supposedly objective form of communication if it leaves Susanna totally ignorant to the real and serious deleterious side-effects it can have on the recipients of her attention with it.

No really, stop and think about it. She claims it lets her communicate on a base level. But. She's totally blasé about having NO IDEA what kind of hallucinations and/or amnesia she induces in others with it. I have serious reservations accepting her assessment of its usefulness and authenticity when it so clearly fails a basic metric of effective communication, that being the reception and response to your efforts to communicate.

Pretty sure she just gets too high off it to really consider what's happening.
No. 106293 ID: 00592e

it seems her opinion of it is based on other speakers.
Also give her some credit; Lisa seems to have been at it for some time without apparent issue.
The ones who seem to have troubles appear to either have reveyee in them or are suspicious of the snayor to begin with.
No. 106299 ID: 4854ef

You mean besides Lisa's apparent issues and the fact that she tends to be very enthralled to the Mayor to the point of lacking any will to do much outside of what the mayor says, even giving up a social life and performing commands to her own detriment.
No. 106300 ID: a788b7


and desperate enough for even a moment's reprieve that she would just suddenly crash on somebody else's couch
No. 106306 ID: 2120ee

Which is something Susanna doesn't appear particularly aware of. Either she's a complete jerk, or her special snowflake true empathy doesn't give her a useful snapshot of the other person's state at all.
No. 106343 ID: dd4df2


It could be a primal emotions vs higher brain functions kind of thing. As in she mostly senses the former, and doesn't quite twig on all of the latter.

Or perhaps she actually has restraint and doesn't use carnal speech to rifle through people's memories willy nilly, beyond doing whatever she needs to do to keep them pliant and from realizing the town is what it is.
No. 106371 ID: f562b1

She wanted to go back after some rest, though. She doesn't mind serving as the Mayor's assistant, she just needs a break every now and then. Chuck's experience with Carnal Speech, the mayor said, gives him an immunity to the simpler effects. It was the buildup while she was blindfolded that made it strong enough to effect him anyways, but he should be able to help keep her in line (While he's there) otherwise, and help her focus on building "Mute" empathy.
No. 106491 ID: eaf326

I've been out of the Questing loop forever, but last night, I archive binged this quest. It's really good stuff. It's the first time I've properly archive binged a quest in recent memory. I just didn't want to put it down.

I feel like I should offer advice or something, but I can't think of anything. I actually feel like I should be taking notes, instead.

Keep doing what you're doing.
No. 106497 ID: eaf326

(Also, Susanna is my favorite character, obviously)
No. 106549 ID: 180f83

Probably a dumb plan of action I have that will be shot down, and might be too late anyway since we're spending time with Lisa and Rachel currently, but seeing as Susanna might be planning a town meeting some time the next day, I worry that whether she means to or not, she might use carnal speech on the entire town.

I know she means well, but I think to make sure she speaks to everyone like a regular snayor should, we should at some point before the meeting get Ramona and Penny to make the reveyee drinks for the town meeting. This isn't to spite Susanna, it's to help her be more social with her people.

Again, probably a dumb idea. Sorry ahead of time.
No. 106578 ID: 9876c4

You're doing fine, and don't need to apologize just for having an idea. Not saying I'm all aboard, but suggesting motives and goals are good.
No. 106599 ID: 180f83

Thanks for that.

Adding on, I also think that Susanna needs to be honest with the townsfolk on what is going on in town with the monsters, and have everyone act accordingly. Having her use her carnal speech on everyone I think will be counterproductive as she might will everyone into doing something they may not agree to.
No. 107143 ID: 9cdcfd

Congrats on the very nice job of simulating an acid trip.
No. 107149 ID: dd0192

whoa welcome back test pattern
No. 107209 ID: 180f83

Oh, idea. If this is Carnal Speech that we may have gained, what if we use it to share with Marcy our memories of our times and dates together with her? We've seen snayor's memories before when she used Carnal Speech on Chuck. Maybe it will work on her. We'll have to test run it first, we don't want her seeing memories we don't want to share.
No. 107211 ID: a8bc5c

It's a nice idea but there's a couple of things

A: Chuck does not have fine enough control over this thing to make that idea work

B: even if we did have the fine control to share memories with marcie, it should probably wait until after the reverendt's are dispose of.

Otherwise they'd just kill her again.
No. 107213 ID: f562b1

The reverends don't care who they're attacking, they just strike where they have a chance. So long as Chuck's being a horndog they'll be able to see the town.
No. 107263 ID: ac903f

The most recent chapter has been a mess of half baked pseudo symbolism and I'm lost. I think the author has lost his mind or is on drugs at this point.
No. 107275 ID: 398fe1

What symbolism!? Chuck is tripping balls and seeing emotions as visual phenomena. That's all.
No. 107386 ID: be084f
File 148351502918.png - (966.39KB , 1280x1838 , tumblr_oihfnarBz71r7m1jqo2_1280.png )

Choose Coxwette characters and the coords you want them on. Since the quest has gotten a bit dark, I will draw a bunch of them tonight to lighten up the mood.
No. 107387 ID: 0d406d

From the IRC:
Copdog G2
Harold Pal O4
No. 107388 ID: e136ae

Here's the nice version: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/src/148262309515.jpg

E1, Harold Pal
G4, Marcie
E2, one of the monsters
No. 107389 ID: 9145ba

O3, Donna
A2, Sophie
No. 107390 ID: e136ae

Anyone notice a similarity between Harold Pal and Susanna? The eyes, the expressions?
No. 107391 ID: be084f
File 148352064315.png - (73.13KB , 500x550 , Layla_G2.png )

G2 - Layla
No. 107392 ID: be084f
File 148352066867.png - (73.12KB , 500x500 , Donna_03.png )

O3 - Donna
No. 107393 ID: be084f
File 148352068020.png - (112.39KB , 600x600 , Sophie_A2.png )

A2 - Sophie
No. 107394 ID: be084f
File 148352072606.png - (42.82KB , 500x500 , Chuck_G3.png )

G3 - Chuck
No. 107395 ID: 398fe1

Yesss so many arms
No. 107396 ID: 398fe1

E4 Susanna.
No. 107397 ID: e136ae
File 148352139806.jpg - (205.32KB , 640x720 , MonsterOFace.jpg )

Monster, E2.
'Cause RML said she wouldn't do it
No. 107399 ID: 9145ba

Very nice.
No. 107414 ID: dd1a6b

G4 or O3 Lisa

E2 Penny
No. 107415 ID: c441c1

H4 Geoff
No. 107426 ID: 65317a

Whenever harold pal comes into the scene I always think of the line. "The turtle couldn't help us."
No. 107428 ID: 9876c4

E3 Naz
A4 Lisa
No. 107429 ID: 97cee0

O1 Mustache Cop
E1 Selma
No. 107430 ID: 790549

O2 Davey - cause I want to see the big strong stud trying desperately not to enjoy it.
No. 107431 ID: bb78f2

Hmm, A1 seems like a Sally
A4 is definitely a Penny
No. 107432 ID: efa855

H3 Marcie
No. 107446 ID: f6ba27

Dogmom O3
No. 107447 ID: be084f
File 148360261624.png - (77.16KB , 500x500 , Selma_E1.png )

E1 - Selma
No. 107448 ID: be084f
File 148360262796.png - (78.58KB , 500x500 , Geoff_H4.png )

H4 - Geoff
No. 107454 ID: 8ff2ea

O4 of Harold Pal
No. 107461 ID: 9603f8

H3, Lisa?
No. 107470 ID: 398fe1

O1, Naz.
No. 107476 ID: 15a025

G4 Ellen
No. 107482 ID: 580eff

G4 Lofty Lorraine
A1 Scruffy Old Police Dog
H2 Saaaaaaaaaaam
No. 107484 ID: 398fe1

>wanting toddler ahego
What is wrong with you.
No. 107497 ID: 67d5dc

So uh, is Chuck a clone of Cletus?
Like, the same way Marcie is a clone of Marcie.

Chuck is an 'I'm running from the cops' alias right?
No. 107498 ID: bb78f2

Here's a stretch
H1 Chuck's Mom
No. 107507 ID: e136ae

Well played you devious son of a bitch.
No. 107831 ID: 3e182c

RML its the little things that get me and. And just...
That chalkboard.
It's... It's perfect.
That is all.
No. 107844 ID: 4b1a7b

Well this is nice. We've gone another lewd level in and fair, this would have been a rough plot point without. Don't worry RML, it's looking good, very into the plot once again.
No. 107845 ID: f6ba27

No. 107849 ID: 77bf27
File 148480208578.png - (44.70KB , 500x500 , angry beavers themesong.png )

Hello everyone!

There is no way to prove this, but I have reason to suspect that people might be using phones or VPNs to vote multiple times in Coxwette threads. I literally have no power to stop this, but seeing it happen really wrecks my morale and ruins the integrity of the quest medium.

If you are doing this or thinking about doing this, PLEASE DO NOT DO IT. If you have something you want to see happen, compel others to vote that way. Use IRC, use the disthread (which doesn't get much love as it is) or whatever you have to do. A bunch of IDs popping up suddenly for the first time in the site's 7-8 year history, all making the same vote on the same update just looks fishy.

I am sorry for making this pretentious and accusatory post, but I feel the need to address it.

As always, thank you for reading!
No. 107853 ID: ded3b0

Dang, now I can't get it outta my head. A-a-angry beavers...
No. 107862 ID: ca0e20

That's annoying to hear. Especially the part where they'd rather do that than use the disthread. I know my quest is extremely small by comparison, but my disthread is rarely used to discuss suggestions also. Hearing that people are not using the bigger disthread either is kind of a bummer.
No. 107867 ID: 9876c4

It's almost like the existence of an IRC discourages discussion on the site itself.
No. 107868 ID: a523fb

This post is dumb, dummy. There's tons of discussion it's just in the main quest thread when it should be here.
No. 107882 ID: 697726

I tend to actively dislike IRCs in general, but I also am completely uninvolved with this website except for the occasional suggestion every few months.

Consider this agreeing with you, but also disagreeing that the IRC is the only reason that no one uses this board.
No. 107890 ID: d41029

>another place for people to circlejerk offsite

Use the quest thread and quit trying to complicate everything needlessly.
No. 108056 ID: 143250

My plan of action. Feel free to add on, or dismiss my idea:

First, get Naz and whatever friends she has that might be interested. (Selma, and probably Geoff). Naz showed interest in entering a couple weeks back, and we'll have safety in numbers.

Next, we ask and/or pay Rachel to help out by asking for tools (rope, crowbar, anchor, etc.), and if she might be interested in joining this operation. Language barrier might be an issue, so we may temporary need Lisa to translate. We'll need to ask for tools in a way that won't make Lisa suspicious about what we are planning in risk of her telling the mayor. maybe we could ask for additional tools we don't need to keep her from figuring out what we're doing, like a screwdriver, or a wrench. If we can't get the tools to infiltrate the catacombs, then we infiltrate the warehouse and "borrow" them.

After getting the tools, we'll need to figure out which entrance to take. I suggest we take the well entrance. The entrance in the basement library is filled with concrete and bricked off, and may take up a lot of time, make too much noise, and be difficult to brick up again to hide our tracks. The only benefit I can think of for the basement entrance is that since no one is working the library that day, we have less chance of being spotted, but I don't think that would be worth all that other hassle. Taking the well is easier as we just need to remove the concrete lid, and might be easier to hide our tracks when we're done. We will however need someone to keep guard and make sure nobody sees the well unplugged while we are down there. Maybe Selma can be our woman for that job.
No. 108058 ID: 1ac545
File 148540195136.png - (85.52KB , 500x1150 , AlmightyCatte.png )

No. 108059 ID: 398fe1

Hahaha yesss!
No. 108060 ID: 36295c


I mean, if you guys wanna get her killed, sure.
No. 108061 ID: a788b7

Why do people even want to bring Naz into the catacombs? If you really want to fuck Naz you should have just voted F.

Also Rachel literally JUST TOLD CHUCK to stay out of this shit. She almost certainly is not going to help.
No. 108062 ID: 143250

Naz has expressed interest in going in there, and is one of the few people in town who would be guaranteed to go with our idea of raiding the catacombs. Plus, we may have the possibility of bringing her friend Selma (and probably geoff, but unlikely) along. Safety in numbers.

As far as Rachel goes, she only told us not to go in the warehouse. She never said anything about not going into the catacombs. I don't expect Rachel to join us, but if she could, it would be very helpful with her hardware tools, and her strength to even get through the concrete.
No. 108064 ID: 143250

Also, I'm all for Layla joining us for her skills from her police training, except my biggest concern is that as a police officer, she might not be too keen on us invading private property like the catacombs. If we can figure out some way we can convince her before asking her, then we should definitely have her in our team.
No. 108066 ID: 9f3729

It's a rare thing that manages to get me giggling aloud in publ
No. 108068 ID: 4fe424

Convince her with vigorous dickings, the most compelling of arguments.
No. 108069 ID: 143250

I thought a few hours of one idea of how we can convince Layla, though it might be close to being a long shot: We can tell her that before Rachel, and Chuck plugged the well, we noticed a door with the Plath symbol on it, thereby proving that it is the Plath's property and we have clearance from the Plaths to enter it. If anything, the mayor should be in trouble for blocking the Plath's door in the first place, but we won't press charges :). Sounds good?

if that doesn't work, this sounds like a reasonable plan B: >>108068
No. 108078 ID: 4063a3
File 148546086167.png - (86.00KB , 1166x682 , squad.png )

just drawing the squad
No. 108079 ID: 143250

XD I died.
No. 108081 ID: 143250

Responding to a post from the quest thread

>"Who should we take into the apparently supernatural vault under the city?"
>"The physically useless nerds and their dork friend who has locked himself in his room because of being terrorized by the city's supernatural elements."
>Nah, no Naz and company.

I think at the very least we should check with them anyway, and ask what they could bring to the table to contribute to the team. I don't think they are worthless, and may have some hidden potential we haven't even explored with them. We won't know unless we ask. Also consider that if Naz was able to prank a master thief like Chuck a few times, I'm sure she can contribute decently well in our team. :)
No. 108082 ID: 493b5f


Obviously we need to assemble a team as closely resembling the scooby doo gang as possible.
No. 108085 ID: 0555b9

Agreed. Jinkies, what's with the Naz hostility?
No. 108086 ID: 143250

I was actually thinking about that earlier, lol.

If I didn't have such a tight schedule, I would definitely draw fanart of the characters representing the scooby doo gang
No. 108096 ID: 9876c4

That's pretty grood.
No. 108249 ID: 4063a3
File 148581871790.png - (39.45KB , 500x500 , Naz_O1.png )

O1 - Naz
No. 108254 ID: 1ac545

Open your eyes I see
Your eyes are open
No. 108283 ID: 9876c4
File 148589502382.png - (13.14KB , 216x149 , mausnips.png )

When it's cold outside
No. 108306 ID: 143250

Cool, things are going smoothly I think. We got Lisa, now during brunch, I think we should try to convince Lisa to be our translator for Rachel before she heads back to work.

We'll tell Lisa that we need to repair the plath's basement cellar staircase (so she doesn't get suspicious), and need to borrow some tools from Rachel. Most specifically, we'll need the rope and anchor / a very large ladder as it is a very large cellar (actually needed to get down the well safely), a crowbar to take apart the old rickety stairs (to actually remove the concrete lid off the well) and we should ask for tools we do not actually need to keep Lisa from getting suspicious, like nails or screws, screwdrivers, hammer etc. If she asks about new lumber, we'll tell her that Ramona has some prepared for us already.

We do not need to worry about Lisa or Susanna about checking in on the plath house, as they are already unwelcomed by Ramona from entering the plath house. But just in case, I think after we get the tools, we should call Ramona and ask her to cover for us in case someone comes looking for us.

If we cannot get those tools, we cannot enter through the well, and will have to go through the library basement with the sledgehammer. The problem is that it will be very difficult to cover our tracks entering through that way.
No. 108328 ID: 2ae7d5

Dear god someone draw davey as a unicorn.
No. 108364 ID: 4063a3
File 148609754098.jpg - (93.86KB , 714x535 , c8eda0ef5d.jpg )

No. 108414 ID: 143250

responding to a comment in the quest thread:

>I don't think how being a dudebro jerk is any better than a "crying bitch", nor how Marcie would react remotely positively when a man she's essentially never met before randomly pulls her in and slaps her ass.

to be fair, Chuck has always been a dudebro jerk...

but yeah, I agree, doing that will be a bad idea, IMO. Unless the result is being slapped by Marcie the same way Rachel slapped Chuck the previous thread, lol.
No. 108469 ID: 143250

Strawpoll time. Seeing all the suggestions this past week, I'm curious to know: should we cancel our plans to enter the catacombs? http://www.strawpoll.me/12279941

Just wondering :)
No. 108501 ID: d4516a

>girl confides she has feelings towards a guy
>set her up with another girl lololol xd so random

you're all on drugs aren't you
No. 108502 ID: b15da4

Perhaps you misunderstand. A double date has four participants: Chuck will be going with Rita, while Lisa will be going with Geoff.
No. 108508 ID: d4516a

I misunderstand and stand corrected.

I'd rather go with Rachel, though.
No. 108526 ID: 143250

I think going with Rita for the double date with Geoff and Lisa personally will result in comedic Hijinks :D. Plus, we haven't given Rita much attention so far.
No. 108544 ID: c4174b

No. No more fat chicks. Go with Layla or Sophie.
No. 108549 ID: 143250

In response to this post in quest thread:

>How many unfinished missions do we have anyway?

Check here: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Coxwette/Quest_Log

We're trying to get "The Lineage" achievement at the moment.
No. 108551 ID: 143250

Just realized it might be outdated... Whoops.
No. 108573 ID: 398fe1

Well RML has been staunchly ignoring the quest log as well, so.
No. 108574 ID: 4063a3

None of the existing missions have been completed recently, and I kind of want to avoid adding a bunch of additional clutter to the list!
No. 108577 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, sorry, I fell behind on keeping that up to date. That hasn't been updated since... wow the end of thread three.
No. 108648 ID: 9145ba

Who is the guest artist in Coxwette today? They draw cute art!
No. 108649 ID: 595d54

The guest artist is named RML
No. 108652 ID: a393d5

We Kawaii now!
But why?
No. 108653 ID: 9f3729

Its rml's new style for cox, she's decided to change the style.
No. 108654 ID: 8d4593

Part of me misses the old, part of me enjoys the new...
Must com.. com... complain? Compliment?!?!
Argh. Can't decide.
No. 108656 ID: 9b8c8d

I'll reserve my opinion on the new art style until we get through a sex scene.
No. 108657 ID: 8d4593

Wait... I know what I miss, I miss The grey background!
The new line art is nifty but the grey was nice. Easier on the eyes.
No. 108658 ID: 8a204b
File 148691730371.png - (105.85KB , 800x800 , coxwettegreyscale.png )

Agreed. Grey BG with the characters being rendered in white makes them pop more and puts more emphasis on them. Having it just be lineart makes them melt into the rest of the scene.

Quick edit for visual argument.
No. 108660 ID: 54f614
File 148693487816.png - (249.75KB , 1568x1160 , Coxwette.png )

Oh boy. I really don't know how to feel about it.
For reference, I might feel the same way if rml suddenly switched to the old artstyle after starting with the new one.

I'm used to the characters as they looked before, their composition and sketchiness, eg. Chuck is angular and has an older demeanor with loads of impossible expressions. This works because although he has a rough past, he's also flowing with zany tgchannity. His sketchiness is lost now, he's just a cat.

Everyone had all these wonderful disney-esque quirks like the donald duck eyes, mixed in with other emotive, western touches like overexaggerated gestures and shapes which affect the character's depiction more than the physical characters themselves have to.

As it is now I can see it being easier to draw, but it kinda looks as if its all modelled after lagotrope?

Also I admit I'm looking at it through tinted lenses but I'm a REALLY REALLY HUGE fan of that slightly pixellated, pokemon 3DS look. The old art style took that in with open arms, quirks and all, even mixing it up with clever watercolour-y shading and hard lines to help bring out the shapes of the characters emotions at the time.

I'm passing judgement early on it but for me it needs more shading, a bit less fluffy bounciness and more emotion in the frame. Obviously don't ham it or whatever but it needs match the standard of talented direction it had before, keep it varied.
No. 108661 ID: 54f614


Now I've posted it I can see the similarities more. Chuck isn't just a cat, he's clearly a relateable guy too. And this is mid conversation, not a great oppertunity to show off the ususal fun interactions you'd see in a coxwette thread.

Take it with a pinch of salt, but the points are still good enough to stay up.
No. 108662 ID: 9876c4

RML is a talented artist. Full stop, no chaser.

But I do think the previous threads' art gets closer to the charm of the specific quest, with an angular 2d-ish Chuck that can be distorted or deformed for comedy or other reasons.

The new style might bring some volume to more rounded characters like Lisa, but seems like it'd less evocative to ones like Davy or Ellen. I guess we'll see.
No. 108663 ID: 398fe1

RML is probably trying to draw like Orion in that first update. I'm not sure about the second one.
No. 108664 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm not gonna play around.
I definitely liked the old art style more.
It loses so much of its personality with the new style.
Now it feels forced and generic.
I can already see it losing some impact when things get dramatic again.
That's my two cents.
No. 108666 ID: a2c62a

New art's definitely easier on the eyes.
No. 108667 ID: ac039f

The faces and bodies are already proving less expressive and althe faces in particular are uncomfortably childlike. Making everything an actual moeblob doesnt even really suit the tone of the quest from any direction. It doesnt qork with the mustery elements, the lewd elements, the hirror elements, or even just the rogueish goofball elements. It is an active detriment to the quest in every way.
No. 108669 ID: 446e73

Seconding all these. Sure, it's a judgement before we even see all the characters rendered (as well as sex scenes, as someone noted), but the newer style lacks some of the cartoonish-ness that makes it so charming. Considering we've seen Chuck's head turn into a lighthouse and his entire face gyrate for flirting purposes, I don't see such shenanigans translating as well to something that takes the characters more literally and concretely than they were before.

Either way, I'll still probably read this garbage <3
No. 108671 ID: 65ec8d

My first assumption was that the art shift was temporary. Like, since we got into this Lisa + Geoff scenario, it had shifted to a sort of "dating sim" style or something similar, and would shift back or to something else again later.
No. 108674 ID: 9145ba

Okay, for real now. This new style is way off from the themes of the quest. I understand she's trying to make it more Orion-like, but the old style honestly feels closer to that than this does.
No. 108675 ID: 143250

I'm personally all for seeing people try different things. lets see how this new art style works as the story continues for a while before we make a judgement call. As of right now, it kind of caught me off guard at first, but I like it. I am wondering how it will fit the themes in this story.
No. 108678 ID: 79a07e

I can't say I'm a fan right now. I'm willing to give it some updates before I really go to town on it, but gut reaction is that I kinda figured RML had just decided to sacrifice expressiveness for speed and ease of drawing.

Either way, I'll wait it out before I start typing paragraphs.
No. 108679 ID: bf10d2

Gonna go ahead and say I prefer the old style a lot more than this too. This just seems.. generic. Less toony and more anime (and to me that's not a good thing). Maybe more panels and some different expressions/characters will make it better but these first examples have me W O R R I E D.
No. 108681 ID: bb78f2

Eh, I like it
I like the old too
Whatever RML wants to draw
They're the one's drawing it
No. 108684 ID: 85cc2c

RML's the artist here and honestly i'm down for whatever she chooses to roll with
you do you, RML
No. 108694 ID: 8d4593

The new aesthetic has this element of youth and innocence to it. thats fine for the current scene, but im excited to see how RML translates srs business scenes on older, more experienced characters like Chuck, Ramona, Susana, and Davie into it.
The most recent post (thanks for the grey backgound btw) tells me its a work in progress, so im excited to see where this experiment leads.
No. 108697 ID: 143250

At this point, it might be difficult to pull off the catacombs plan as we have failed to get Lisa to get tools from Rachel. We needed those tools to open the well, get down there, and cover our tracks easily. Only option left would be to go through the basement, but it will take a lot of time to bash through the concrete with the sledge hammer, and cover our tracks.

Unless we raid the warehouse to steal some tools, it might be best to wait until next weekend to attempt this plan again. (I'm all for stealing some tools, since we will get to see Chuck's legendary cat burglary in action finally.

Another plan could be if we want to wait until next week, we can attempt to get a job with Rachel, as was suggested earlier, so that we can have easier access to the tools.

Anyone else have an idea?
No. 108698 ID: b15da4

We ditch the plan for at least another week and we try to sleep with Susanna/Sophie/Lisa again.
No. 108699 ID: 9876c4

Let's steal some tools, then.
No. 108702 ID: 9876c4

Also, here's a question: Big date coming up, would anyone want to try to go somewhere outside town?

I mean, what happens to the timeskip field if we wander over to an adjoining roadhouse or something? Could be interesting, and could be good ambience.
No. 108719 ID: 143250

An idea: If we are going to see Rachel, it is going to be difficult to speak with her with the language barrier. I think one way around that is if we get a paper, and a pen/pencil, then draw the pictures of the tools we need, she'll sure to understand what we need to help us this way.
No. 108720 ID: 143250

Good idea, but first, I think it would be best to try taking pictures with Sophie out of town to get a survey of the area first. Two birds, one stone, right?
No. 108759 ID: 9876c4

Not trying to start shit, but the Valentines event really
brings back how much I like the original designs...
No. 108774 ID: 143250

To author: No need to apologize :). You wanted to try something different, and it didn't work out. Happens to the best of us. I think some of the people here went a little overboard expressing their views, and made it sound like they were insulting the art style rather than critique it properly and talk about what could be fixed to make it work for the story rather than just demanding to revert back to the original art style. If anything, they should be the ones apologizing for being rude like that. I personally liked the art style and was willing to see how it would play out as the story went on for a couple weeks, but initial thoughts, I think it would not have worked with the type of adventure this is. If you're looking to change the style, maybe you can tweak the current art style bit by bit and ease us into a new art style that works for you as the quest goes on.

Also, don't be afraid to take breaks if you need it. Sometimes you need time away to clear your head before getting back in the flow of things. (I should speak for myself though... a workaholic like me only gets almost one day a week to have a proper day off of work x_x).
No. 108784 ID: fd725e

Yo RML don't sweat it, ultimately you are the final executor of your own work and we're just weird disjointed advisors. If you so wished you could do basically anything with your own work and the majority of us would still enjoy it and work constructively with you.

Having said that I feel if people are apologising I should maybe accept blame for starting a lot of the bad parts of the trend, I posted the mini-essay >>108660 and a lot of the particularly unconstructive stuff happened straight after. However I still feel like I raised legitimate concerns in the original post, as unconstructive as any following posts might be.

Hope I don't tarnish the message in any way but I also wanna say thanks for keeping the old art style. It's not that the experiment was bad, it's that it was ordinary being compared to a really well fitting high standard. As always keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing where the quest goes and I'm sure wherever it does you can be proud of it.
No. 108790 ID: 65ec8d

If I can be allowed to speculate, I think the issue wasn't the art itself, but with Chuck. When you work with a viewpoint character, like he is, the art style functions in much the same way as the writing style, does, to provide a certain "voice". The way Chuck describes things and thinks about things says a lot about him, and the same applied to the old art style.

It was just a great fit to him - cartoonish in a lot of respects, but also touched with aspects of cynical realism. Sort of - and let me say in advance here, I'm going to use some words that are normally associated with criticism, but in this case it's very much the opposite - sort of crude and gunky, sleazy, but charming and charismatic in a particular way. Loose and free but with some sense of tension, suited equally to goofy or crude humor, and to eroticism, with a sort of scratchiness that lent a slight undercurrent of desperation or on-edgedness. And very occasional glimpses of sincere beauty and emotion. I find it very difficult to imagine an art style that would fit better for "the world through Chuck's eyes".

If the art shift had come with a switch in the viewpoint character, to Lisa for example, then it would have worked well. That would have been very interesting! In fact, it would have made me want to see what other viewpoints would look like, and the whole carnal speech thing gives an in-quest excuse for changes in mental perspective.

It just didn't fit Chuck himself very well.
No. 108792 ID: d4516a

Feel free to continue mixing the two. As others had said, the new one didn't fit Chuck all too well, but I don't think the others looked that terrible.

And it'd be fun to occasionally switch around, depending on the situation. Maybe even bring up a third art style for horror or something.
No. 108848 ID: 15a025
File 148730958690.png - (618B , 36x108 , ellen peep.png )

No. 108849 ID: b8d5aa
File 148731527303.png - (75.95KB , 700x500 , 1487222172_rml_valenselm.png )

i just want to point out how awesome the coxwette valentine's day cards are

seriously good stuff
No. 108865 ID: 9876c4
File 148737289284.png - (77.50KB , 714x500 , Blessed Dinercat.png )

The tendency to go above and beyond is a major draw to this quest.

Probably my favorite one:
No. 108871 ID: b22352


You realize those were already posted on this board right? Don't spam.
No. 108882 ID: 4289a3

Those actually come from RML's FA gallery (as far as I know).
No. 108883 ID: 14f8aa

Both among others were already posted in this thread.
No. 108910 ID: 4289a3

My bad. I looked back at your original post, and I realized that I forgot the difference between a board and a thread.
I honestly only pay attention to the Coxwette quest thread and this thread, so I had no idea about the Valentine's thread.
No. 108917 ID: bec5e8

>I honestly only pay attention to the Coxwette quest thread and this thread, so I had no idea about the Valentine's thread.
That seems perfectly reasonable to me.
No. 109017 ID: 4063a3
File 148764237158.png - (70.59KB , 500x2000 , mouse yonkoma.png )

No. 109120 ID: 143250

It would be funny if somewhere in the untranslated note we got from Rachel mentions not to go in the warehouse. She seems really serious about that.
No. 109281 ID: 143250

I smell a prank coming on.
No. 109410 ID: 9876c4
File 148843739858.jpg - (37.71KB , 640x376 , squirrel-kitten-1.jpg )

In commemoration of this unlikely turn of events.
No. 109429 ID: 91ee5f

Man, buncha wusses doing the most un-Chuck thing by voting B!

No. 109430 ID: ec55a2

Shut up, wuss.
No. 109431 ID: 1ac545
File 148852698833.png - (0.96MB , 500x500 , ChuccboiBeatdown.png )

No. 109432 ID: 65ec8d


Nah, man, Chuck's got some smarts. Or like, cunning. Kinda. Is he gonna draw the cops' attention? Wreck what he's built up with Geoff's girlfriends and the doctor and everyone else who'd hear about it? Scrawny guy like Chuck wouldn't have survived moving in crook circles if he was the type to go off like this, anyway.

He's just got some pent-up rage at the moment, I'm thinking. Lot of freaky stuff's been happening all around him. He had to swallow his anger with Susanna earlier, too. Buncha stuff's been out of his control. Maybe also has some unacknowledged ego problems that Lisa's into Geoff and not him?
No. 109434 ID: 2c0bc1

Now that chapter IX is over I think we have enough images to update the Chuck Face Wall.
No. 109441 ID: a788b7

Voting B is fine.

Being proud of Geoff for throwing a punch is retarded. If you were really proud of Geoff for starting a fight, it would need to be on condition of actually seeing the fight through.

Also lol@ all the illiterates suggesting things other than leaving or punching geoff.
No. 109449 ID: d45e5a

>Being proud of Geoff for throwing a punch is retarded.
Its more a "lets not fuck this shit up, or at least not for now" thing (or the pride equivalent of a backhand compliment), Chuck almost fucked up with Naz in the first collar incident (though he was much more justified that time), and attacking geoff would turn them (and likely more people) against him for good.

He is already in REALLY thin ice with Ramona (even if she doesn't know it), he doesn't need to shit up his relationship with more people. If this kept going the best option would probably be murder/cause an accident someone and somehow convince snaketits to revive the poor resident without the bad memories.

Just throw something like "Hey, congrats for proving you actually have balls that aren't bocce ones for once in your life." And then top off with a more angry "Don't even dare to think of attacking me again if you want to keep them." to prove your point.

Plus you'd boost his confidence a bit, and if he fails to get the beaver's beaver, you can always try to catch the rebound.
No. 109453 ID: 385358


1: encouraging geoff isnt even an option at this point. Chucks options are literally 'break geoff's nose' and 'leave.' Your absurd ideas about how interactions with people actually work arent even relevant.

2: encouraging people for being violent is not a confidence-building or bonding experience. Thus might surprise you, but the actual effect of encouraging violence is to encourage someone to continue to be violent.

3: it is pretty disingenuous to suggest that there is no middle ground between beating the fuck out of geoff and praising his violent outburst. Chucks options here are not, in fact, to bend over for geoff or ruin his relationships. That is retarded.
No. 109454 ID: 9876c4

No. 109458 ID: 0b99d7

It's cool seeing how emotionally invested people get in quest characters, still, chill.
No. 109459 ID: 38fe42

Yeah, i admit i got too heated over this.

partially because some things just hit a bit too close to home.

i just hope i didn't mess the spoiler, or esle this will look pretty stupid.
No. 109460 ID: cc08c7

Is it time for the annual "fight about something we didn't like in Coxwette" discussion again?
No. 109462 ID: 8b3f80

Annual? You mean monthly, if not biweekly.
No. 109502 ID: 53011a

No. 109503 ID: 4c0339

yo I just wanna say the art is really good. like the landscapes and the buildings, i know it's just for atmosphere because it's an off moment but still

also, can anyone point me in the direction of a town map? i think there was one a few threads ago but i can't find it
No. 109505 ID: 143250

First thread
No. 109506 ID: cd076d

Two things i wanna say.

1: Might want a new discussion thread sometime soon, this one is getting a bit too big for moi. Dont really need one i suppose, just a suggestion.

2: I really dont think we should get back at geoff because we were egging him. We can still be angry, but dont fuck his sister and love interest and gloat about it, (we could probably still do it on the downlow if chuck doesnt change his mind.)
No. 109507 ID: 9145ba

We were going to do that before he punched Chuck, why change our mind now?
No. 109509 ID: 9876c4

I'd rather not have to shuffle through a dozen dead and dying threads to find all the images and memes.

Let's let this thread get to the size of the other before we think about retiring it.
No. 109512 ID: 53011a

the chest-thumping alpha-male hooting of the suggesters is really rearing its ugly head to the max
No. 109539 ID: b2418e

Thx, btw did we ever find out where the lake is in proportion to the town? I think I remember one mentioned when we were dealing agate. Also in the pic is the beige before the woods just plain? Like a huge blank field?
No. 109540 ID: b2418e
File 148891966836.png - (18.21KB , 500x500 , 148873735798.png )

forgot pic
No. 109545 ID: cbbae1

We're going full Cuckswette, aren't we
No. 109548 ID: 143250

Somebody mentioned the idea running an election for a new mayor. That got me thinking: who would we nominate? Initial thoughts was Chuck, but that would severely force us to a lot of responsibility as mayor, and less freedom. Ramona comes to mind, but she might be too frail at this point, and Sally might be too inexperienced to run a town.

Speaking of which, can someone please confirm: was it mentioned that the book down in the catacombs is also a show of proof or some kind of deed for the Plaths to own the town of Coxwette? I've been searching and couldn't find it, but I was sure I could heard something along those lines. If that is true, we have all the more reason to enter those catacombs very soon and stop this madness Susanna is forcing on the town.
No. 109552 ID: e1d51a

Lisa has the most experience, and tries to connect with everyone in the town on a personal level. As seen with her trying to learn French so she can speak somewhat with Rachel. If there going to be a new Mayor I'd say she would be the best candidate.
No. 109553 ID: 9876c4

Agreed on all counts. She also has enough sass to spare, when she gets worked up. And she knows the details of the job better than anyone else in town.
No. 109554 ID: 143250

So, maybe after we find a way in the catacombs, we'll try to get Lisa to campaign as the new mayor. Maybe if we help her, she'll give us a nice reward, if you know what I mean.

The only obstacle is that Lisa seems to highly respect Susanna, and probably won't do it. We'll need to find a way for her to look past that respect if we want her to run for mayor.
No. 109580 ID: 3793bd

Idea on how to defeat Susanna. She mentioned that revelee is toxic to her. If we can convince her to eat or drink something laced with it, it will either incapacitate or ideally kill her.

No. 109581 ID: 4eadca

For all that she's done, I still don't want to kill or even harm Susanna.
No. 109582 ID: 4289a3

Plus, killing her would be a gamble since she is the only reason why the reverends aren't attacking the town full-out.

Honestly, why would we kill her? Sure, she's oppresing the town (because reverends and sin), but killing her will not solve anything and she is of great value to us.
No. 109585 ID: 143250

She's acting out of fear, and she is spiraling out of control. I think death is the last thing we want for her. Really, I'm feeling sorry for her, and hoping we can come to some kind of compromise between her, and her citizens.
No. 109589 ID: 9876c4

There is also the practical consideration that she out-magicked a .54 musket shot to the belly.
No. 109594 ID: c46382

Also can snap your neck with a flick of wrist. Lots of thing she could do if she really wanted to hurt Chuck. Not this.

It's funny how sometimes things from rpg groups manifest here too. NPC disagrees with you, shoves you back. Boom, from 0 to 100 kill the npc with a sword.
No. 109595 ID: 65ec8d

I wonder if Susanna has ever tried the time magic thing on the monsters. She might not have had enough agate to try it? If she could rewind them back to kids they could be raised to not be dicks. Even just rewinding them to their original non-monster adult selves would make them less of a threat.
No. 109597 ID: e1d51a

Have you ever though that this is a revenge plot against Susanna, I think burned guy is still alive and he sent the undead reverends that killed him to make her suffer.
No. 109599 ID: 15a025

Angela for coxwette mayor 2017!
No. 109602 ID: e1d51a

Or 199X
No. 109847 ID: e136ae

I don't think Chuck is the direct cause of the monsters, I think they show up whenever Susanna gets horny. I think the monsters' immortality is tied to Susanna's so things might reflect based on her mental state.

Or it's just tied back to the Plath magic.

Either way, just a reminder that Susanna isn't evil she's just desperate, childish, and bad with people. She's wearing black (she normally wears white), she really does feel bad about what she's doing but she's got tunnel vision on keeping people safe regardless of how it impacts their lives. She doesn't know how to fight the monsters, and she's not willing to try because I'm pretty sure she knows it could involve townspeople getting killed.
No. 109848 ID: 70983e

>I don't think Chuck is the direct cause of the monsters,
Nobody said he was?
>I think they show up whenever Susanna gets horny.

They show up when *anyone* gets horny. Where do you get your information?
No. 109851 ID: ce3120

This makes Chuck the devil.
No. 109937 ID: be6c43
File 149007060809.png - (84.38KB , 243x319 , limitlessanger.png )

Boy, she sure is angry.
No. 109938 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 109939 ID: 91ee5f

I'm laughing my ass off here! I thought everyone knew about the town name and just refused to talk about it, but now I see that wasn't the case! They apparently needed an outsider to explain it to them! XD

I wonder if Layla, the Snayor, and the Plaths know about this or if they'll have the same reactions as the rest of the town?
No. 109940 ID: 7b7ab3

> I thought everyone knew about the town name and just refused to talk about it
This is what happens when you make assumptions.
No. 109941 ID: 79a07e

Seriously, I thought it was just a thing!
No. 109953 ID: 9876c4

The linguistic variations of:
"My man lil homie gay ass like the beaver"
are fascinating.

"my male acquaintance, with the gay mannerisms, likes the beaver"
Is my presumption for intended meaning. But equally valid are:
"my male acquaintance, with the gay mannerisms, likes female genitals"
"my male acquaintance is a homosexual, like the beaver is"
"my male acquaintance likes the [female] beaver, in a homosexual manner"
"my male acquaintance likes the beaver, and I disapprove of it"
And, possibly my favorite:
"my male acquaintance likes the beaver with his carefree buttocks"

I just thought everyone should know.
No. 109954 ID: 7e95dd


If you like that, I invite you to read that classic of literature, Fisher Price:

for full appreciation of which you might review:
No. 109982 ID: 143250

Looks like John has been committing a sin all this time: Sloth (one of the deadly sins). In a way, he is part of the problem, probably.
No. 109986 ID: bf8224

It's time to kill Sally.
No. 109989 ID: 4063a3

Enemy Quest is doing it, and Coxwette hasn't had one of these since the beginning

No. 110013 ID: 2f4566

Is it me, or does the quest look like it's ending soon? What happens if it ends and we don't fuck everyone in town?
No. 110014 ID: 8d4593

I don't know, but it looks that way to me.

Between the constant easy lewds and the massive decrease in updates, two old posts of RML's stick ominously in my mind:

>Give the audience what they want.

>It's not a Vapid Dating Sim.

Honestly it feels like the author is letting us kill Coxwette ourselves.
No. 110015 ID: d8df1e

I have similar feelings, and considering recent events I can't say I'm surprised.
No. 110017 ID: 398fe1

Did you not read the rest of that first post? RML said she was leading the quest in a direction that the suggesters didn't necessarily want.
No. 110018 ID: bf8224

There so much easy sex in the quest now, and it only updates once or twice a week. It feels like the author just kind of gave up on writing this quest.
No. 110020 ID: 9876c4
File 149042450536.jpg - (74.02KB , 610x406 , herman-cain.jpg )

> In the misheard words of a possibly wise man:
Pouty people and Whiny people?
Friends, shut your ass up or I'm going back to sleep.
No. 110021 ID: c31aac

RML has a job and lives in a big city where rent is expensive and stress is high

also, don't be a lil bitch
No. 110028 ID: d1d42a

one thing to keep in mind regarding "easy lewds" is that Chuck has been building his relationship points with many girls over his whole adventure.
it only seems easy now because all the work was in previous threads.
No. 110042 ID: bf8224

There aren't clear, logical cause/effect sequences leading to lewd scenes, so there's no tangible challenge for the suggesters. It's like our suggestions don't matter at all in the long or short run.
No. 110044 ID: 398fe1

>There aren't clear, logical cause/effect sequences leading to lewd scenes
But that's wrong??? I mean, here, let's analyze each time Chuck got sex:

Naz: She's a pervert, just like him. Next.
Selma: See above, only required a bit of convincing because she's self-conscious and generally prefers to watch.
Sally: In the midst of her fertility cycle, jumping his bones. Also, she's 18. Next.
Sophie: He spent an afternoon really getting to know her, and the booze sped things along.
Ramona: Lonely old woman, Chuck repeatedly complimented her cooking, showed that he cared about her. Also apparently she's lustier than she seems.

Do you just not understand how people work? Sex isn't some universally treasured thing people only give out when someone spends months courting and giving gifts or whatever. It's a gesture of affection, given freely at times or not given at all at other times. When people don't get sex, they desire it (barring asexuals), and there has been like no sex happening in Coxwette. Chuck is like a package of twinkies sitting on a table at a home where nobody's had any lunch.

If it was supposed to be super hard to get sex the town wouldn't be fucking called COXWETTE.
No. 110045 ID: d8df1e

You'll have to excuse me but I have to agree with >>110042, if on a bigger scale. I'm not some hateful shitposter about the situation, or at least I'm not trying to be. But I do feel as if a lot of what happened to be taken out of our hands. Like the issue of Chuck being Chuck is an excuse for him taking very little from the things that happened to him. That's not to say he hasn't grown as a person, because he has comma but it feels as though for the time and effort we've put in as posters, it's just really little payoff.

It's far more realistic, but it's a lot less interesting to actually play through. I think that if Chuck was shown dating with himself a bit more about these situations instead of immediately being a dick or refusing, or even possibly throwing someone a small milkbone of kindness before he tries to forget about it, that'd go over a bit better.

Im not frothing at the mouth saying 'oh RML sucks as a QM she should go die' because THAT ISNT TRUE. But that doesn't mean her work isn't above reproach or critique in cases where it seems to displease the players. No ones is. But this is all stuff that she can improve on going forward. Not damning statements of a bad Quest.

Chuck doesn't need to turn into this Paragon of virtue- hell, I don't want that and I think it would be bad development if he did. But I do feel that by this time in the quest, he should have at least started to learn to control his emotions a bit, or something.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out. Been holding that in a while myself personally.
No. 110054 ID: 398fe1

He's only been in Coxwette for like a month, and he's a grown damn man. People don't change that fast.
No. 110063 ID: bf8224

That doesn't make him a compelling character.
No. 110065 ID: 9876c4

No, it Really, really does.

>People tell Chuck to avenge Ellen's abuse
Fuck off, that's stupid.
>People tell Chuck to hit on Geoff
Fuck off, that's gay.
>People tell Chuck to Ask John to recount everything he's ever seen
Fuck off, ain't no one got time for that.

Chuck's laziness and immorality has kept him from becoming a boring, blank slate, time and again.
No. 110066 ID: 2120ee

A character doesn't have to be dynamic to be compelling, even as a protagonist.
No. 110068 ID: 79a07e

From how it's sounding, some people are thinking on the other side of the coin- that because he doesn't seem to be much different from how he started out as, he's flat and boring. From a certain point of view, I can see their logic.
No. 110069 ID: 398fe1

Unchanging is not flat, nor is it boring. He has depth, suggesters just can't move him very far from his hole of douchebaggery. That is really the problem here: people want him to be nice and are whining that he won't listen and magically become a good person.

Deal with it!
No. 110072 ID: 79a07e


That's a lot of opinion being stated as absolute fact there. I could imagine quite the opposing arguement for that.
No. 110073 ID: 70983e

He started to move, for Marcie. If we are patient, perhaps he can start not being a dick for someone new.
No. 110074 ID: f6ba27

Y'all should go back and read the beginning of the quest.
Chuck has changed a lot.
No. 110075 ID: c31aac

I'm gonna toss in my two cents, brace for a word monolith:

I think there's more merit to chuck as a rigid slow-changing personality. He's had a whole lifetime of being a shitshow of a person up till now, and expecting that to change in a week because of a couple of touching moments is... well, it's not realistic.

It might fly in an action movie or something where emotional development isn't the FOCUS like it is here, but it wouldn't hold up to closer scrutiny because real people don't change over such minor things. It takes a long chain of epiphanies and false-starts before people start to recover from really awful personalities like chuck has.

This isn't to say the people pushing the moral choices are wrong, nor am I saying the people going "bang the beaver in the butthole" are wrong either! It's more to say we need a bit of a mix of both to really play chuck effectively.

By that I mean, try and go for a mid-point between moral and lewd. Stop being full-badman or full-choirboy and it'll fit more with chuck's evolving morality, I think. I think this conflict's especially frustrating since the full-lewd suggestions are stagnating story momentum somewhat and the moral suggestors aren't really compromising much, which aggravates the badmen.

Even that works for a while, probably not INTENTIONAL but I can see these as a sort of internal war between chuck's tattered conscience and strong impulses. THAT is most certainly reading too far, though, and it's clearly gotten old given how hard y'all are biting at each other now.

So, TL:DR; Try to tailor your moral suggestions to chuck's established personality as a broken person more, and try to tailor your badman posting to his burgeoning morality a bit more and I think we'll see a more even experience for everyone.

Also, ffs, stop ignoring the big juicy plot threads


p l s

No. 110094 ID: 9876c4

Chuck is already far more fun than many of his suggesters will ever be.

...although maybe with time, they can change.
No. 110098 ID: b073ca

>constant easy lewds
Considering /quest/ somehow managed to cockblock itself out of fuckin Angela, Marcie and anal with the mayor twice I wouldn't really consider any of the lewds easy.

If you the quest to be good then the best thing for it is to suggest in a manner that is consistent with Chuck's character. Marcie helped him get closer to being a softboy, and her being attacked seems to have broken him up and hes looking for a lot of easy company to feel better. Being a conman, Chuck can be whoever he needs to be in order to get what he wants but he, and quest, are kind of all over the place about what he wants.

>So, TL:DR; Try to tailor your moral suggestions to chuck's established personality as a broken person more, and try to tailor your badman posting to his burgeoning morality a bit more and I think we'll see a more even experience for everyone.

Pretty much yeah.
No. 110100 ID: bf8224

Chuck's inability to break out of the conman archetype makes him two-dimensional. We keep hoping to see something different from him, but right when we think he is going to show one inkling of character development, he snaps back to his old Tropey self. With how "cinematic" the quest looks I had higher hopes for a more interesting lead. As characters, Chuck and the others just fall really flat, and it's a big disappointment with how interesting some of the other aspects of the quest are.
No. 110101 ID: 398fe1

Ohhh, I get it now. You're trolling. You must be someone from IRC that noticed RML freaked out about Chuck being called flat, and so you're just repeating that over and over in here to stir up shit.
No. 110105 ID: d8df1e

Been quiet for a while hoping things would work themselves out, but this is getting silly. Some people just think Chuck isn't that interesting and I'm one of them. Like I dunno why I should care about the dude. He's got a shit childhood yes, but with all he's doing, he just comes across as some asshole to me. I know plenty of assholes, wish I didn't. Everyone else is more interesting than him.

You're in denial man. More than one person thinks this.
No. 110106 ID: d8df1e

I already said my whole piece, so I wont resay it. I do like riots suggestions though.
No. 110107 ID: bf8224

Not just some people, but a lot of people. Why the fuck should we care about these people, let alone this boring asshole lead? I invested a lot of time in reading this quest for no pay off, and I'm not happy.

inb4 "don't complain, you aren't paying for it"

I get it. I get we're not paying. I get the author does it for fun, but time is valuable. Following this quest only to have the characters fizzle out in the most boring way possible is the biggest middle finger to the readers we can possibly imagine. So much wasted potential here, it's just infuriating. You're all going to defend it to the ends of the earth for some reason, but a bad quest is just a bad quest. Accept it. Move on.

This is coming from someone who used to be a fan. If the author even reads this thread, he wasted a lot of people's time with this quest and should really be aware of that.
No. 110108 ID: c31aac

He is just some asshole
that's why he's neat
we don't usually get to play as some asshole like that

There's plenty of other quests if you want to play a different character but don't be salting because his personality aint to your taste, it's why there's so much friction between the suggestions right now.
No. 110110 ID: bf8224

This is not about not liking Chuck's personality type. This about him being an unchanging character seemingly out of reach of any kind of redemption, shrugging off the countless suggestions screaming for him to be a better, more rounded person. He is a song with one note and the whole quest is getting old. It had its time in the sun, but it's just the same old crap now. I really hate to say it because it started off so strong.
No. 110111 ID: 398fe1

>You're in denial man.
About... what? This is the kind of thing that makes trolls like you super obvious. Nowhere did I say there was only one person who was frustrated by Chuck's actions. Calling him "flat" or "uninteresting" is just objectively wrong, too, which you and that other guy (if you're not the same person) keep insisting on. Usually by equating his unwillingness to change with being flat or uninteresting, which is dumb and wrong.

Also, "a lot of people"? Is there some secret channel where people whine about how RML runs the quest? RML herself sometimes acts like there's a secret cabal of haters lurking around, it'd be nice to know if she's not just making mountains out of molehills or stirring shit up herself.

Lastly, don't fucking put words in my mouth.
No. 110117 ID: 398fe1

It would help if you went into a bit more detail about that. How has he changed, in your eyes? Maybe people just haven't noticed; RML did say she was trying to be subtle.
No. 110119 ID: c31aac

See my previous post addressing this:

stop being an incendiary asshat over your perceived problems with chuck's character because he doesn't bow to your every whim.
No. 110121 ID: 143250

Although Chuck is the protagonist of this story, I see him as the villain of the story, maybe not the main villain, but a bad person nonetheless. And I'm actually okay with that. We don't have a lot of quests here where we play as a scoundrel ruining everything, and it is actually pretty unique in that regard.

The way Chuck's life was all these years is what shapes him into the person he is today. he isn't just going to change for the better in a week or two just because of some different serious events that happens to him or others in the quest, people are more complex than how multiple stories out there make them out to be. That moment when Chuck cried for Ramona for example could have been genuine, but we have to consider the fact that it could have all been an act to get on her good side.

So yeah, in my eyes, Chuck is one of the villains of this story. Sympathetic, but a villain nonetheless.
No. 110122 ID: b073ca

We might want to chill out a bit in here. This argument doesn't seem to be going anywhere and clearly people are pretty set in their opinions. Whether or not you consider Chuck a flat/bad character is at this point your problem.

To be honest, I feel like a lot of quest protagonists end up being kind of flat: I'll straight up admit my first quest MC started off kind of blank slate and...didn't really go anywhere. Quest protags are reactionary characters: its hard for them to make long term plans, theyre ruled by committee, they have a tendency to overreact to unexpected change. I'm not saying they don't, or can't evolve, but it takes a collaborative effort.

One thing I was thinking about is the critique of "easy lewds". The only character to throw herself at Chuck with no effort was Sally: someone young and inexperienced and desperate to get boned. All three times she fooled around with Chuck it was either directly at the start of a new chapter or without prompting. Two out of three times Chuck was thinking about someone else, and couldn't get off and now he may/may not have put a pup in that pup. Everyone else took actually a pretty significant amount of time to seduce, even with Sophie, who seems like a pretty quick lay. if you go back and read that chapter, Chuck spends half that chapter in her apartment drinking and hanging out before bedding her.
No. 110132 ID: 4289a3

I'd consider him more of an antihero rather than a villian.

If he was a villian he'd do something malicious like kill Susanna somehow and leave the town to suffer at the hands of the reverends.

In reality, he just wants to lay low from the law for a while and to get laid, and whenever he does do something "moral", it's usually done with his own interest in mind. Hence, he's more of an antihero.
No. 110133 ID: 8d4593

Sally's lewds made sense though. The early ones never lingered and served as a warning, the last one was pregnant with meaning.
It represents a failure in both ours and Chucks parts. Though she has her flaws Ramona has been nothing but a friend to is. We've come to rely on her in a variety of ways, and besides Marcie she's the only other person Chuck even began to respect...
But he obviously didn't respect her enough not to fuck her daughter, after fucking Ramona herself no less.
We betrayed her.
That one act harolded the end of our relationship with the Plaths, and is probably directly responsible for the events unfolding now.
The condom never even had to break. It was purely symbolic.
No. 110134 ID: 398fe1

That's kindof ridiculous tbh. Ramona didn't even ask Chuck to stay away from her daughter. It's just, you know, something they would both rather not find out about.
No. 110135 ID: a788b7


The reason sally is helping Susanna is that she thinks Susanna can/will cure Ramona's Cancer. Not because chuck fucked her.


1: You are clearly illiterate, chuck has changed significantly since the start of the quest and continues to do so.
2: Stop reading it, then

The problem with Chuck is that he doesn't shut down /quest/'s stupid flighty bullshit often enough. This is what leads to him feeling like he just gives up on a task and latches onto the newest one, because the only way around it is to actually buckle down and tell the suggesters 'no, fuck that' like with the retarded lists of questions for officer john.
No. 110150 ID: 143250

If Ramona is dying really soon, I think Chuck might have to convince her to have him inherit the mansion instead of Sally. I think this because
1. He (might be) related to Loraine as her husband, so in a sense, he is related to the Plaths, and thus is a potential candidate to own it,
2. He is older than Sally, so he has more responsibility to own the place,
3. Sally now works for Susanna and Susanna might control Sally's mind to give her the mansion and all of its secrets and possessions if Ramona has Sally inherit the mansion,
4. We won't be able to continue living here and discover the rest of this mansion's secrets if Sally owns this place as it will break the new rules Susanna has set of different genders living together,
4.Sally wants to be more independent, so living on her own in one of Susanna's issued apartments could be a good start for her.
5.Chuck will be able to own a freakin' mansion without having to pay for it.
No. 110151 ID: 91ee5f

If he's related to the Plaths, then the door at the bottom of the well would've opened for him, since it requires Plath blood to open.

And it was never specific on if you just had to get close to it or if you literally needed to wipe some Plath blood on the door to open it.
No. 110152 ID: c31aac
File 149067873849.jpg - (13.83KB , 324x384 , learn-how-to-say-no.jpg )

No. 110154 ID: 8d4593

Perhaps. But this is still rather sudden and Ramona's absence is telling here. Sally and Ramona probobly had another fight before Sally went and took things into her own hands. Could be about anything, but Chuck is a possibility.
No. 110165 ID: 4fe424

Fuck bitches, get honeys.
No. 110207 ID: 4289a3

Hey guys, I have a prediction/theory:

What if the unknown rabbit guy jacked the booze
(even though it was most likely Sally)?
No. 110220 ID: 143250

If Susanna and Sally stole the blue agate, and alcohol, that would make Susanna a hypocrite. If she doesn't want the town to fall to sin, she should not have been a thief and have Sally steal it. Stealing is also a big sin.
No. 110222 ID: 398fe1

Okay, assuming what Susanna has told us is true or at least mostly true:
That could be reasoned away by saying drinking is a sin, so getting rid of the alcohol prevents sin, even if it's done by theft. Also, the reverends fear her enough to ignore any sins she commits. Thus, it was done for the greater good and she doesn't care that Ramona is likely to die from it, or she plans to use the captive liquor as a bargaining chip to force Ramona to do what she wants from here on.

Assuming she's lying to us:
She's using the threat of the reverends as an excuse to kill Ramona from complications due to alcohol withdrawl, either because the cancer is too slow or because she wants Sally to blame herself for it, since Sally is uneducated and wouldn't know it's a bad idea to go cold turkey. If Sally blames herself then she's easier to manipulate. Susanna has been grooming Sally to be another minion like Lisa.
No. 110231 ID: b41d73

Was listening to an old playlist, thought of Chuck: https://youtu.be/5D2Orp3Y98k

Path to hell, etc.
No. 110238 ID: 51649e

In addition to the monster-rewind possibility (>>109595), I wonder if with enough agate, Susanna could bring back Nelson?

I mean, the limit on the time magic is probably to when the town's whole mixed-up time thing first happened, but since Nelson created it, there was a brief window between him getting it all started and when he was killed. That window would actually kind of help, since it would remove the risk of grabbing Nelson too early, before he knew what he was doing. If we managed to retrieve him, it would be the him that knew what was up with the town. A target near the beginning of the effect might also help Susanna's "aim"? Reaching further back might take more effort, but if time really is meaningless in Coxwette, it shouldn't. And if Sally's taken the agate to her she should have enough of that. Bonus: the Nelson brought back wouldn't remember Susanna betraying him. Though he'd probably find out quick.

If anyone would know what to do to fix all the shenanigans going on, Nelson would. He'd probably at least want to help get rid of the reverends.
No. 110306 ID: e01e87

Hey, love this quest by the way, and not even in a sexual way. I thought of a really neat thing to tell Charlemagne, but it only works if I do it right before they bust into the catacombs. So if they do go into the catacombs, could you pause before they open the door and pass the point of no return, and give us suggesters about a day maybe to suggest things?
No. 110323 ID: a788b7


I'm sorry but how could susanna possibly be a hypocrite? She frowned, she is clearly 100% trustworthy.

I mean, it's not like she forbids the rest of the town from doing anything remotely lewd but also spends hours fucking the shit out of chuck. I mean, if the reverends just sort of automatically detect any lewdness it's not like that would be a huge beacon to them even if they won't actually just fuck with Susanna. It's not like the reverends actually showed up to attack somebody who said that they have an easy time finding the town now while Susanna was basically on round 3 with chuck.

No, Susanna is definitely not hiding things from chuck, or being dishonest, or a hypocritical person at all.

After all, she frowned
No. 110351 ID: 79a07e

Just because we gave her the benefit of the doubt doesn't mean we EVER thought she was 100% trustworthy. We gave her a chance because most folks aren't super paranoid gits.

However, she has proven with no further doubt that she either does not have the best interests of the town in mind or is wholly incapable of affecting things to such an end.

She's going down, and with zero remorse or further attempts at pity. She's a tool to be used up, and discarded or disposed of as soon as possible. Which I'd like to think is very soon.

Susanna should not be alive by the end of this quest if we have any sense.
No. 110354 ID: 595d54

>if we have any sense.
I look forward to the impending marriage of Susanna and Chuck, then.
No. 110355 ID: 398fe1

I think it's too early to jump to murder. Let's aim for deposing her and see where that leads.
No. 110356 ID: 4fe424

I told you so.

I told you so but you jumped on the crocodile tears and sob stories and ignored straight up mind control magic and obvious cover-ups. Are you lot still going to remember this when SUSanna comes up with yet another lame excuse or are you just going to cry along and give her another Oscar again?

Never trust a snake.
No. 110357 ID: 70983e

Wedding bells are already ringing.

Also technically, I think she's already dead. Now we can have our cake and eat it (out) too!
No. 110366 ID: 061392

Tie her up, cut off her head and bury it. Even if it somehow doesn't kill her, she'll be a stumbling blind body that can't mind control anyone anymore.
No. 110370 ID: 8a204b

Thought to consider.

Sally went over to the "Dark Side" because Susanna offered saving Ramona's life in exchange for the agate.
No. 110374 ID: 51649e

I don't think Susanna is evil, guys, just kind of a fuckup. She doesn't seem like she's ever really learned to interact with people much, or about people much in general. It'd be a bad idea to get rid of her, anyway, her magic biz is a danger but it might be necessary to fix things.
No. 110395 ID: 398fe1

It occurs to me we don't even need to kill Susanna to render her harmless.

Just gouge out her eyes. We've seen she can't heal fully from massive injury.
No. 110400 ID: 998cb0

We need to explain to Sally that it won't be her.
We should know, we've had it with Marcie and we can't greive for the woman we knew.
Yeah, it's different because Ramona has cancer but if you bring her back, the cancer will be brought back too. How can you live with someone while you feel the pain of all the memories they don't have, how can you live with the knowledge that you've just brought them time from a cancer that will kill them again soon?

Yes, you're buying Ramona time and yes, you can still have good memories with her; but all that time is meaningless because the only person who'll remember it is you, and to live with a new Ramona you'd be actively overwriting the memories of her as she is now. You have to learn to grieve so you can grow as a person, get the root of the problem instead of letting the symptoms loop on forever.

It works in a closed system like coxwette where nothing ever changes, but we're a rogue element. There are new events happening right now, and new events must happen to defeat the reverends and escape this purgatory.

God I wish we could explain this to Susannah.
No. 110425 ID: 90f961

's actually a really good idea. Take away her ability to hypnotize without taking her life. Question is, how do we get Susannah in private with enough guard down to gouge out her eyes?
No. 110426 ID: 51649e


Man, don't you guys know that that sort of clever thinking just bites you in the ass in stories with horror monsters running around? If you gouge out her eyes it'll probably turn out the eyes just filter and control the effect and once you remove them it just blasts out completely uncontrolled. Or the act of causing her that much pain will tear away her (probably already damaged) outer layer of humanity (Snakanity? Ophidianity?), and whatever inner supernatural force drives her will break loose and go feral so you end up with just ANOTHER unreasoning unstoppable horror monster running around, probably being even more powerful than the reverends are.

Killing her is probably literally impossible (Nelson implied the town's magic was intended to keep "their"(his) loved ones from dying, and Susanna was high on the list at the time he created the effect), even if you overcome her innate supernatural fairy whateversheis toughness, and anything less than killing her is probably just going to switch her into monster revenant mode.

Also, I don't think she deserves to have her eyes gouged out.
No. 110434 ID: 398fe1

It's not impossible to kill her. Nelson burned just fine, so would she.
No. 110441 ID: 51649e


He did, but then again, the reverends didn't. It's at least possible that Susanna can't be killed, anyway, and with the fantasy horror aspect of the story, the more horrific and negative-emotionally charged the death the more likely it doesn't stick. At the very least she'd be very hard to kill, having survived not only being shot in the gut but also having her circulatory system flushed with holy water. I mean, if you've got to completely burn her to make it stick, what do you do, tie her up? Who's going to help Chuck do that? Chuck's a scrawny guy and Susanna's probably stronger than she looks. Drop her in a pit? It'll probably turn out she can Jump Good or stick to walls or some shit. And, you know, if I was her, I'd have used my limited supply of magical crystals to set myself up with a reset or phylactery or some protective measure waiting to go off if someone fucks with me.

It'd be a bad idea to try it, is my point.

I mean, in any situation where you've got a supernatural person-thing walking around, not being actively hostile or malignant but just causing problems by them not understanding how normal humans and their society works, being kind of a lonely sad sack, and then someone who doesn't fully understand them or their powers tries to kill them or to forcefully restrain or cripple their powers... does that EVER work out?
No. 110442 ID: 143250

It just came to mind: what if Nelson isn't dead?

In fact, what if he is alive and trapped in the catacombs, that is why Susanna doesn't want us down there?
No. 110472 ID: 1b7805

That may be the case considering the blue couch and "Plath blood" hallucinations when Chuck was in the well.
No. 110487 ID: 8a204b

I thought it was pretty obvious that Susanna was a Fae?

And Fae aren't inherently evil, more like...amoral.
No. 110488 ID: 51649e


Fae are european, though, and Coxwette is in america. She could be a Canotila, Nunnehi or other fae-like being of north america.
No. 110489 ID: 70983e

She's from Europe, though. She came over here with the first batch of colonists.
No. 110490 ID: 51649e


Really? Must have missed that. That makes her more likely to be a fairy, then, though it'd depend on where exactly she came from.
No. 110495 ID: bac18b

Since she is from Europe, this opens her up to a multitude of folklore frameworks. We need to grill Susanna for her country of origin, and exactly when she arrived with Nelson on the boat. Once we get a time and country, we can apply research in those frameworks to accurately estimate her abilities before going in for the kill.
No. 110499 ID: 51649e


Chuck isn't any sort of mythical hero type, and even if he was it'd still be less than 50/50 that seriously fucking with a folkloric magic woman would work at all, and if it did there'd be another less than 50/50 chance it wouldn't end up backfiring ironically anyway. Chuck's more the type who could maybe trick some gold out of a fairy, but even in that type of story chances are you get screwed in the end.

More worrisome is that, if Susanna's a fairy, and Nelson was using the same type of supernatural jazz as she does, then Coxwette would essentially be a variant of the secret timeless fae demiplane, of the type where you can stay there to party for a night and come back to find it's a hundred years later, or where if you set foot on mortal ground again you instantly age to death, that sort of thing.

That makes it a good chance that, if whatever's causing the timeless effect ends, everyone in town would instantly wither to the age they're supposed to be, which would suck. People actually born in the town would probably just die or pop out of existence or something.
No. 110532 ID: 9876c4
File 149178631488.png - (37.10KB , 500x500 , 148839353809.png )

This quest likes to throw me
It's not even by Weaver, though
My man lil homie
gay ass like the beaver, yo
No. 110694 ID: 4289a3

Following up on what I said in the quest thread, I had an idea.
What if Ramona and Davey get drunk and fuck? Two birds with one stone.

I have to admit this may be a bad idea though. I just wanted to throw this out there.
No. 110695 ID: 4289a3

Never mind, I think someone already addressed this.
No. 110821 ID: 398fe1

Okay so I just realized that if Chuck's vision of fucking on the blue couch is from a memory from a past life of his, then that past life was before Coxwette was founded, because Nelson died on that couch shortly after the town was founded and it sure wasn't covered in ash in the vision.

Which means the house was not created just for the town, it existed before Nelson did whatever he did to separate it from the rest of the world. Is it mere coincidence that Chuck's past life is so strongly tied to the house? (obviously not, but why then?)
No. 111180 ID: 4063a3
File 149324518241.png - (51.33KB , 500x500 , heh heh heh.png )

Hello everyone!

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past two weeks. I have been busy with a combination of school, work, and COMMISSIONS. The quest is not on hiatus, and I plan to update whenever I can.

I also need to put some thought into how the next scenes will progress. Thank you for your patience and continued readership!
No. 111193 ID: 9a72f1

Keep on truckin'!
No. 111213 ID: 9876c4
File 149339699095.gif - (36.87KB , 730x260 , 20040730.gif )

I spent way too long trying to find this. But yes.
No. 111215 ID: e12db1

>Susanna: “They’ll come here if I leave town.”

If she's telling the truth, then this development will require some explaining for it to logically fit in the plot.

>>/questarch/758367 Here Susanna said that they were blind, thus they can't find the town directly.
>>/questarch/758390 Here she said it was getting easier for them to find the town.
>>/questarch/759316 And here she said they were attracted to sin, and that it's the only way they can find the town.

If she lied, then there's no problems with the plot. It means we could call her out on the lie. Personally, I wouldn't do that because she really doesn't handle stressful situations well.

But if what she said is the truth, then there's a few things we could extrapolate from this.
-The reverends are only blind/confused conditionally.
-She uses her power to hide the town
-The way magic works here is through objects, so there must be an object responsible for hiding the town
-A certain proximity to the object is required

Her ship in the bottle might be an object related to this and why she likes to hug it.

But yeah. We should not simply assume that she's lying and go around all crazy calling her a liar.

I think the best way to get help from her would be to trust her, even if she's lying. And the best way to get her trust would be to do what no one else did. Having a consensual carnal speech with her. I think that would mean a lot to her.
No. 111305 ID: f6ba27

Excuse me. Can someone please explain to me why we haven't put chuck jr. between that horse lady's bibbidy boobidies yet. I think the people demand answers. and im not going to take it anymore.
No. 111307 ID: 7b7ab3

Because her daddy is an agro, trigger-happy lunatic who would liquefy Chuck with buckshot if he so much as winked at her.
No. 111414 ID: 8d4593

Because we've been ignoring Davie and his daughter forever because they are never directly in front of us?
No. 111432 ID: 3ce125

Did you forget when Davey repeatedly told Chuck he would shoot him if he spoke to his daughter? And also the fact that even GOING to the farm wastes half the day? In a quest where we were already spending half the day working? You're basically complaining that we never spent an entire day just going to the farm to get shot.
No. 111434 ID: f6ba27


None of these reasons are good enough
No. 111435 ID: 3abd97

Damn, you're right, we'll just have to fuck her.
No. 111437 ID: 3ce125

Well you should just suggest more then if it's that important to you.
No. 112344 ID: 9876c4

A quest comment got me thinking about the larger Coxwette world, and how some familiar faces might be different.

What kind of Presidents has this world had? My thoughts:
JFK would be a Jack Russell terrier.
LBJ would be a feral hog.
Nixon would be an American Opossum.
Ford would be a black bear.
Carter would be a gopher, or chipmunk.
Reagan would be a racing horse.
Bush would be a Bush rat
Clinton would probably be a cat.
W would be a wombat.
Aaand gonna quit while I'm ahead.

Corrections and arguments are welcome, if we can stay off politics. If this is too off-topic, I'll delete it.
No. 112345 ID: 4063a3

>W and HW are different animals

No. 112347 ID: 9876c4

Artistic license, given their varied facial structure.
Presumably Barbara (his maternal parent) would also be a wombat.
No. 112348 ID: 16d04e

Considering his crippling Alzheimer's Reagan would be a goldfish
No. 112349 ID: bb78f2

Obama is a Toucan
Trump is a Chimp
No. 112350 ID: ec5d91

>Trump is a Chimp
An insult to primates everywhere.
No. 112351 ID: 9876c4

I will admit to backpedaling, and seeing Ford as more of a Gorilla.
No. 112352 ID: bb78f2

He was already a human, so he's already an insult to primates.
No. 112526 ID: bf5c4c

I think if you reverse those you're spot on.
No. 112528 ID: 37892f

So, Trump as a Toupee? Makes sense.
No. 112575 ID: f19a40

So wait what's happening to the kids
Oh god if they always come and go from the school unsupervised
What if the Reverends come across those small children
Those small, naughty children
No. 112576 ID: f19a40

Teddy Bear Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt the Turtle
Harry S. Truman, War-Hawk
No. 112601 ID: 9876c4

I like all these.

Taft should be a walrus, it's only fair.
No. 112661 ID: 143250

So, why don't we try to interpret Rachel's letter here?
No. 112663 ID: 3ce125

I don't really get why people think it's hard to understand in the first place.

The town is a trap, while the area outside of town is also a trap but more for livestock/animals instead of people; it's not meant to house people. It's the wilderness. Coxwette is in the center of the false world they're in, like the axis of a wheel. Susanna can resurrect from death (we knew this already but weren't sure if she could do it more than once), you can hear the screams from the well if you're happy/satisfied in life, and she thinks Susanna is some kind of voodoo thing because she's a white snake.
No. 112664 ID: 8d4593

The letter mainly repeats things we already know. Susanna not normal? We know this. Can Beat Death and has been "Killed"? We know this. An orphanage outside town? Roaving jackasses? We know this.

It also points some other things out.
We now know a hospital is here somewhere. We also know that Rachel has been here for a VERY long time and knows tons.

She has a secret in the warehouse. We should have broken in sometime in the first 4 threads, but never did. We still have that french book. Perhaps we should have used it.

It would help to know same french if we go looking for Rachel, and whatever is in the warehouse could give us a lead as to where she might have gone.

RML has been dropping hints to these plot threads since day one, I imagine that must be frustrating for her.
No. 112679 ID: c31aac

people were so caught up on being softboys they forgot all the good sleuths are hardboys
No. 112682 ID: 3ce125

We did occasionally take steps towards breaking in there but ran into roadblocks or distractions. We took the boltcutters, for example.

Sex has been the biggest distraction, by far.
No. 112689 ID: 8d4593

I think the distraction via lewds is just a symptom of something larger.(Though the somewhat recent stretch of easy lewds seems to have attracted a number of suggesters that never bothered to read the story.)

There were times when we literally had plot threads in our hands and we failed to use them. Say, the first time we had the clipboard. We just put it down and went off on a tangent. Or when we hung out with Ellen. Despite our expectations being totally flipped, we didn't follow up.

I think historically RML has given us a little too much freedom with Coxwette. It only works sometimes, when we let it. Which isn't often because were basically a bunch of headless, horney chickens.

I dunno... Sometimes it feels like things happen only because we want them too. Especially with lewds. Like she's afraid she'll disappoint us or something.
Which is sad because A: the writing is good and stands on it own, and B: Coxwette really shines brightest when our actions or suggestions bear unexpected consequences.

No. 112695 ID: 262ceb


Well, I enjoy the quest a lot, but I think people get tired trying to follow plot threads after a few times of Chuck ignoring their suggestions to follow them or getting distracted by something. I mean, that's part of Chuck's character, and the quest itself seems to be almost half a game of trying to corral him in the first place, I think, which is fun enough once you figure that out, but he's not exactly a keen mystery solver and I think a lot of suggesters don't reach the point of realizing they need to play to him. Assuming it is the case that you're supposed to manipulate him to some extent and I'm not just dumb.
No. 112696 ID: 9436bc
File 149782867654.jpg - (18.12KB , 200x320 , hardyboys.jpg )

It all checks out. We've cracked the case, boys!
No. 112700 ID: 9876c4

Oh woe is me, we're supposed to enjoy the quest, but there hasn't been time because we've all been enjoying the quest too much.

it is to shrug
No. 112702 ID: be0718

>not doing all the sidequests before chasing the obvious plot thread
No. 112805 ID: 4cae7e

So, my thoughts on a couple things. First off, is there something about Naz's place that makes Chuck fly off the fucking handle?

Also, I'm calling that Nelson is in the catacombs. If Susanna survived all she went through, maybe he did too in some fashion
No. 112812 ID: 1dbd7c

Nothing other than that Naz is an annoying waifubait slut.
No. 112816 ID: cc08c7

It's been implied Susanna is something beyond human compared to everyone else. Nelson was just human but with the ability to use carnal speech, probably taught by Susanna. He's more than likely deader than dead.
No. 112833 ID: 3ce125

Nelson was the same kind of creature Susanna is. He was trying to find a way to grant Carnal Speech to regular people. He was obsessed with it, even, according to Susanna.
No. 112855 ID: 84ac62


No, no. Susanna is some fairy or nymph or something who was spontaneously generated with no parents. She can use carnal speech by nature but also has other weird superpowers, mostly related to endurance of various kinds as far as we've seen. She may or may not be immortal. Nelson was not a fairy, but he had the inborn ability to use carnal speech as well, which most normal people don't have apparently, and as far as we know didn't have any other superpowers. He was like, a wizard or changeling or something.

It's ambiguous as to whether Susanna could have had kids prior to getting her midsection blown open. Perhaps people like Nelson descend from pairings between Susanna's people and normal people. Either way, they can both use carnal speech but they're not the same type of creature.

That's what I've picked up, anyway.
No. 112856 ID: 3ce125

What makes you think Nelson wasn't a forest creature like Susanna?
No. 112859 ID: 84ac62


Well, I've not gone back to really check, but I'm sure there was reference to him having other family at some point.
No. 112869 ID: 3ce125

Nothing says weird forest creatures can't have children.
No. 112879 ID: 3f3e63


Ok, I went back and looked. Susanna said "you know when you come of age" that you can can use carnal speech. That is, when you're growing up, implying having been a child. Since Susanna just woke up under a dead tree, and claims to have had no parents (that is, not even adoptive parent figures), she had to have been "born" with an adult body and some knowledge (explaining why she knows things about her own kind) in order to take care of herself.

I mean, she's really tough and long-lived, but if she was running around the wilderness as an immortal toddler I'm pretty sure she'd still have fallen into a ditch or something. And she can be injured so theoretically a wolf or something could have torn her up and eaten her.
No. 112891 ID: 3ce125

Well that sounds fairly contradictory, unless Nelson was trying to give completely mundane mortals Carnal Speech, and the only people who can possibly get it without being a forest creature are the descendants of the forest creatures. Hybrids. Susanna would have to have been referring to hybrids when she said the "come of age" thing.

...then again, was that before we found out what she really was? Maybe she was just lying about that.
No. 113029 ID: 4fbf17

>there must be an object responsible for hiding the town
>Her ship in the bottle might be an object related to this and why she likes to hug it.
Nailed it!

Next theory:
Catacombs hold souls.
Which souls? I don't know, but it could be:
-souls of the Plaths
-those who left
-those who died

Going further:
You can have your soul separated from your body and bound inside catacombs. This might make you immortal inside Coxwette. It would allow you to leave Coxwette (tho doing so would not allow you to resurrect anymore).
No. 113057 ID: 4fbf17

Oh and, if this theory is correct, the way to defeat reverends would be to simply release their souls from the catacombs. They would die the moment their souls return to their rotten bodies.
No. 113185 ID: 9876c4
File 149928750243.jpg - (24.73KB , 500x281 , CoxZimmer.jpg )

For the faint amusement of someone, somewhere.
No. 113186 ID: e136ae

Personally, I'm tactically torn for Coxwette. On one hand, sexual activity causing reverends to chase Chuck puts him and Lisa in mortal peril but also helps dilute their resources and perhaps keeps Susanna from being overwhelmed. Plus RML is very pro fuck-everyone.

On the other hand, this could be intended to be a stealth mission and gathering the townsfolk into the only safe haven left might be of greater importance.
No. 113187 ID: be0718

On the other other hand, we didn't sex anyone last thread. ANYONE. Suggesters are losing their minds.
No. 113219 ID: 32d29a

The way I see it. You get everyone in the plath house, you get yourself time to console those who are scared and panicked in a sensual manner. Or before heading back out a way to rally support or get "one last favor". If we screw around now and people die or chuck dies then there will be less (to no) sex down the road.
No. 113485 ID: 1459e8

Implying that they didn't already lose their minds previously.

We are literally in a slasher film setting right now, trying to stealth around and rescue people while snayor distracts/dismembers the psychic, sin hunting murder machines and people are STILL suggesting that we fuck lisa despite it being a horrible idea!
No. 113493 ID: 1459e8

Oh, yes. I almost forgot that "THE LEGEND" is sooo important that making *everything* astronomically worse since thread 7 is the optimal method for suggestions!

Infact, the ONLY productive thing involving sex that's happened since thread seven was banging the snayor, which advanced the plot.

But every other time? We just made the reverends more angry. They killed the crap out of Marcie, almost killed rachel at one point and have gone from not even being able to enter the town to roaming it killing *anyone* they can catch, all because of us.
No. 113495 ID: 9876c4

There is enough salt here for a herd of livestock.
No. 113496 ID: 7fad5d

Gonna be honest, I was already in favor of fucking the beaver and now I feel a perverse urge to spite you. Thanks for the salt donation.
No. 113499 ID: 1e7aa8

Your welcome, legend train has now brakes or brains it seems.

RIP Lisa.
No. 113500 ID: 4fe424

The brakes have been on almost throughout the entire quest, especially when unnecessary.
No. 113501 ID: 7b95d9

For good reason if you ask me. This isn't a comedy Quest. It was, but now it's not. This is a horror/psyche. I'm not really inclined to risk anyone else dying right now. Or ever for that matter.
No. 113502 ID: 4fe424

The brakes were well on during the comedy phase as well, with idiotic nonsense about some supposed "long game" with "guaranteed results".
No. 113504 ID: be0718

How many times do people have to be reminded that Susanna is acting as a lewdness sink right now?! She has the reverends' full attention.
No. 113505 ID: e121d3

I'm not sure of the assumption that the reverends are only attracted by lewdness. Sex had nothing to do at all with what actions we know of them when they were alive, they were dealing with "witchcraft". I'm sure sexuality displeases them, but even if everyone had been chaste, they'd come after people for the various magical shenanigans going on all over town, keeping everyone bound to a timeless existence. They're probably equally offended by alcohol, gambling, women being in positions of authority, people of different races being too chummy, people working on a sunday or any of a couple of dozen other things old-timey american smalltown religious types would dislike.

That's why I think the uptake of sex with Chuck's arrival probably had nothing in and of itself to do with the reverends suddenly being more active or knowing where the town is. I'd lay a bigger bet on sealing the well being some sort of interference in whatever kept them from remembering - something down there is probably what keeps the timelessness spell going, and if the reverends are more strongly bound to it (having "reset" so much, and needing it to animate their less-functional bodies), then that might also have been resetting their memories periodically. Or maybe, since Harold implied the well contains some way of being freed from the town, something in there might have been "draining" their memories away (Rachel also talks about a leak or outflow of some sort, and it might also have been keeping the townsfolk from realizing certain things like time passing, the town's name, etc). Either way, sealing the well might have weakened the effect, and now people are realizing or remembering things they shouldn't, including the reverends remembering the town. Susanna doesn't know how the spell on the town works and likely wouldn't be aware that sealing the well could interfere with it, she just wanted to seal the well to make what she could hear coming out of it quieter.

I think it was part of the tragedy of Susanna's character that she assumed sexuality was what was attracting the reverends. She likes sex and debauchery herself, and with her various traumas and self-recriminations has a self-punishing mindset where she'll jump to the conclusion that doing what she likes is bad and that of course the solution to things is the opposite of what she'd want. She's stuck in a sort of martyring mindset, which is why she can also be thoughtlessly callous to other people's suffering.
No. 113506 ID: 73f69f

No more sex. Let's just get on with the story already.
No. 113983 ID: b68199

Would this not be an opportune time for Marcie's memories to suddenly return?
No. 113985 ID: f076ad

I don't think that's possible. I mean, in theory, it's possible that Marcie's soul retained all of her memories, even if an earlier version of her body was summoned but.. I don't think Marcie's soul is inside her own body right now.

Take what I wrote with a grain of salt because it contains a ton of assumptions. Mindless drivel of a madman.
No. 114026 ID: e136ae

I think the monsters attacked Marcie because Chuck loves her, period.
No. 114031 ID: 9b8c8d

>Not a single "Let's check on Ramona" post besides my own

Do we all have the memory of a fucking goldfish?
No. 114032 ID: 91ee5f

If you look directly above your post in the main thread, you'd see that I also said to check on Ramona.

But I do share your outrage! Why does no one care about dog mom?!
No. 114033 ID: c31aac

because cat waifu is kinda actively dying
No. 114034 ID: 9b8c8d

She has hypothermia. It's serious but treatable.

Ramona, the last we saw her, was left to a danger of life-threatening seizures with no cure for hours.
No. 114035 ID: be0718

Ramona is in the care of a medical professional. Rita's still out there. Rachel too, I guess. Now's not really the time for a hospitality visit.
No. 114040 ID: e136ae

Honestly I'd feel better about getting everyone back to the Plath house first.

One thing that is interesting is that Susanna can't enter the Plath house, and neither can the reverends. My own theory is that the reverends are actually Susanna's own memory fragments given life. That's why they can't die, and it's why they're using those needles -- they're Silent Hill style monsters, being parts of her tormented psyche.
No. 114041 ID: 91ee5f

It sounds like you're saying the Reverends are manifestations of Susanna's desire to be punished. The same way Pyramid Head is James Sunderland's desire to be punished.

Is that what you're saying or am I reading that wrong?
No. 114127 ID: e136ae

Sort of. I do think Susanna feels incredible guilt over what happened to Nelson Plath and the Reverends seem to be repeating the elements of this time -- using her saber, repeating the Lord's Prayer like they did during her own death, the use of the syringes.

Although RML noted she knew little of Silent Hill so it just could be pure coincidence.
No. 114148 ID: ad6eaf
File 150179583271.png - (18.02KB , 500x500 , chuck's mind template.png )

I can't think of anything funny to make with this, but I'm sure some of y'all can.
No. 114721 ID: d22dc0

Hey, not everyone wants the same things out of a quest. That's why you have options for what to do, and people get to vote and stuff. Try to relax a little a let people suggest the things they wanna see happen without getting on their case about it.
No. 114724 ID: c2051e

>hey let's bang

>time to fuck


>hey can we have sex for a change

Don't try to pretend that you lot are the victims.
No. 114726 ID: d22dc0

>you lot
Don't really know which lot I'm supposed to be part of here. I haven't suggested at all in this thread, so I'm not really sure what group of suggestors you're lumping me in with, or even what one's exist, but I doubt it's an accurate portrayal.

I wasn't trying to act like I was anything, so I don't really get what you're going for with the "don't play the victim" here. I didn't know there were any victims at all. Just seemed like NaileD was being a bit rude. The whole point of a quest is that you play it with multiple people, who have different ideas. Seems like it kind of goes against the spirit of the medium to pointedly direct someone, in the main quest thread mind you, at your post telling them how much you think their ideas suck. People are allowed to suggest what they wanna see. It's not a big deal. Didn't think it was really appropriate for people to be so aggressive about others participation. I never said don't suggest what you wanna see, I just said don't be a dick and try to shut down other people.
No. 114731 ID: 3ce125

Honestly part of the problem is RML constantly egging people on in IRC about the "bad suggestions".
No. 114736 ID: c31aac

this is why we're suffering
No. 114737 ID: 1e7aa8

Coxwette's voter base has become very divided recently between two main bases.

(and i apologize if anything I am saying is incorrect because I don't use IRC)

The first group wants more porn/sex scenes.

The second group, as a whole, is voting for practically anything else other than more porn.

You are right, this isn't a dating simulator where one mistake means losing out on opportunities.

*it's a fucking slasher film right now, come on!*
No. 114739 ID: 035e4a

That isn't part of the problem, it is core of the problem.

They have ideas about where the quest should be going and they are constantly trying hard to manipulate as many people as possible in that direction. Quest authors shouldn't editorialize their quests like that.
No. 114740 ID: c31aac

I'd say no, that's probably not it.
The problem is people playing tug-of-war and not letting decisions sit.
Like, instead of fighting each other over wether to fuck or not perhaps we should instead fight over the first decision then let it sit so it flows more organically

(also yes, the quest needs some prodding in the right direction since suggestors have been deliberately ignoring the GIANT DANGLING PLOT HOOKS since the dawn of the quest)
No. 114741 ID: 91ee5f

>(also yes, the quest needs some prodding in the right direction since suggestors have been deliberately ignoring the GIANT DANGLING PLOT HOOKS since the dawn of the quest)
I wouldn't be surprised if, after Coxwette is finished, that ends up being the reason RML gives up and never makes quests ever again.

Hell at this rate, RML might just say, "Fuck it!" and give up right now!
No. 114744 ID: 73af06

>RML egging
No, RML was simply commenting on the decisions of the suggesters. They're allowed to express their opinions and I think it's nice when they do that.
There's a fine line between "commenting on" and "encouraging" actions, which I think you fail to see. So yeah, RML commented on a few things, which looked like egging to you. Oh and, the stuffs that they commented on were pretty logical and I mostly agree with them.

>They have ideas about where the quest should be going and they are constantly trying hard to manipulate as many people as possible in that direction. Quest authors shouldn't editorialize their quests like that.
So what you wrote is the following:
- Author has no idea where quest is going
- Author is manipulating suggesters
Wow.. that's some pretty ignorant things to say. Needless to say, you couldn't be more wrong.
First of all, do you know where the quest should be going? I mean, you say they don't know so, obviously you do, right? Nope! Just because you don't know the whole plot and as a result you don't know where the quest is going, it doesn't mean the author doesn't know either.
And secondly, about manipulating suggesters, I already explained that in the first paragraph. And why would the author even need to? If they wanted something to happen, they could make it happen through any number of means. Personally manipulating suggesters being the least logical one of them.

So yeah, none of what you wrote makes any sense at all.
No. 114745 ID: 4854ef

People have been fighting over every inch of... every bit of content when it comes to Coxwette, I wouldn't be surprised if some were doing it because out of spite voting because of others.

Trying to forcefully prod people in a direction in this series would have the opposite problem since it'd just get a few more against it as a result.
No. 114747 ID: 32d29a

I'm personally quite happy with how most of the story is going. The moments we've reached with the citizens of the town have been enjoyable and while this going to be an unpopular opinion, we really don't need to bed everyone.
No. 114757 ID: e8f4bd

I don't understand why some people think Coxwette is a "horror movie". I can only assume it's because they failed to read the first 9 threads of the quest. Or perhaps they're just trolling?

First of all, this isn't a movie. It's a quest. Big difference. And secondly, while it's true that there are a couple horror elements in the quest, it's a far cry from making the whole quest a horror genre. Think of the reverends as zombies. Just because a game has zombies in it, it doesn't automatically make it fall under the horror genre. As far as I can tell, the reverends simply serve as an adversary. An opponent to thwart Chuck's exploits. RML has done a great job in making them look quite scary heh.

I'd say that Coxwette is a plot-heavy comedy with sex. Or as http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Roleplay/ALittleTownCalledCoxwette puts it, "Sex Comedy, Mystery Fiction". The fact that the name of the town/quest itself is a pun should tell you all you need to know.

The last thread does seem to be in in a bit darker tone, but you need to remember that's actually the fault of the suggesters who're forcing it to be that way. People who keep refusing to pick up on the sex opportunities and who seem to think they're suddenly in a horror now and OH NOES THEY'LL HEAR US IT'S DANGEROUS I'M TOO SOFT AND I CAN'T GET IT UP IN FACE OF DANGER. No. The actual tone of the quest remains the same, and you only need to look at some happy thoughts >>/quest/820277 or happy children's play mat >>/quest/824358 to understand this.

It's a good quest. Please read it carefully from the start.
No. 114758 ID: 8d4593

>Quest authors shouldn't editorialize their quests like that.

Have you... Read this quest?
She's tried a much more freeform approach before, /quest/ just can't do it. We have repeatedly failed Coxwette.
We ignore obvious plothooks, halfway perform sidequests and then forget about them, forget Chuck has a well-developed character and suggest him into melodrama, gleefully throw away plot and character development for pointless lewds as if RML was our personal smut artist, and to top it all off half the suggesters seem to have never read the whole quest.

The heavier hand that RML has been using as of late is literally the only way Coxwette can hope to progress. We are just too cancerous.

>Horror Movie
Coxwett is clearly not and anyone asserting that it is either hasn't read the whole quest or doesn't know what actually makes a horror movie.
No. 114759 ID: e8f4bd

Rachel wrote down a note for Lisa and gave it to Chuck -> >>/questarch/780718
>You recognize the words ‘Nelson’ and ‘Lisa’

Chuck delivered the note to Lisa -> >>/questarch/799985
>You drop Rachel’s note into Lisa’s hands on the way out the door.

And that was it. When we got back, Lisa gave us the translated note. We never told her to translate it or give it back to us. So why did Lisa do so? We don't know. I guess she wanted to do something but she is powerless. So giving the note to us is basically her way of asking us for help.

It looks like she also changed the names for whatever reason. Maybe to protect Rachel. At the start of the note it says
> L,
Which is usually the name of the recipient. I'm pretty sure L is short for Lisa. As mentioned before, Chuck recognized the word "Lisa" in the untranslated note. If Rachel wanted us to read the note, then she would've mentioned it in the note.

The note was for Lisa.
No. 114764 ID: 4854ef

>We have repeatedly failed Coxwette.
>We are just too cancerous.

..What sort of thinking is this?
No. 114765 ID: 25f1b2

Brutal honest and/or cynicism?
No. 114767 ID: be0718

Lewds *are* character development. As far as I'm concerned, the plot can go sit in the corner until Chuck has completed the main quest of schmoozing every girl in town. Time does not progress in Coxwette, and we shouldn't feel pressured to either.
No. 114770 ID: 98fdf2

Congratulations. You let yourself get manipulated by the author.
No. 114772 ID: 3ce125

Basically all those complains stem from the fact that Coxwette lacked focus as a quest. We have a whole bunch of NPCs to split our attention between, but only half of which are actually relevant to the plot. Very easy to get distracted since they were all also sexual conquests and because of the job Chuck got we wound up talking to (most of) the townsfolk daily. I think Marcie got taken mostly to get Chuck unemployed again so that the quest could get its focus back. Maybe also to give us the free time to pursue more of the quest log. Of course by that time it was too late- RML had abandoned the quest log as a mechanic. Not that we seemed to be getting anything from filling it out.

Yet the plot actually progressed because of porn! Chuck being lewd made the reverends more aggressive which forced Susanna to take a more proactive role which gave Chuck leverage to get answers out of her one way or another. Turns out the plot involved the entire town being in mortal danger, whoops. But hey, at least the quest has focus now right? Except no, now the suggesters are fighting amongst themselves more than they ever have before. Personally I don't understand the sentiment of "porn now or we won't get it later", because if it was possible to get porn in the incredibly inappropriate situation we're in right now, we'd sure be able to get it when we get back to the Plath House.

Okay back on the topic of the plot, you can't blame its slow progression on suggestions. RML repeatedly complained about suggesters trying to get at it too quickly, and had to find ways to slow things down. I feel like this only encouraged the barrage of questions aimed at Susanna, like pressure building up that was finally released. Maybe you could call it an ejaculation of interrogation.
I'm not really sure what plot hooks were ignored? I do know we left some tasks half-finished (like the ghost) because we made some progress then ran into an obstacle that looked impossible to get past or required a tool we didn't have.

Lastly, the "horror movie" comment is most likely referring to the current situation, not the entire quest. Can't really deny that.
No. 114773 ID: ed67d9

So... uh....

...am I the only one here who just wants to see cool shit happen? Like - I don't care if Chuck is fucking people or not, I just want awesome stuff to go down.
No. 114774 ID: 98fdf2

There is no way to blame the quest's god awful pacing in the suggesters. At some point, RML needs to take responsibility for how much this thing has dragged on, because it's their own fault.

We had, what, six whole threads where nothing important or relevant happened? A completely abandoned quest mechanic that was pointless from the start? All of the exposition and plot progression crammed into a handful of scenes? Seems like a lot of this could have been trimmed away instead of wasting literally a year on nothing.
No. 114775 ID: 91ee5f

>Time does not progress in Coxwette
But the sun still goes up and down. And there are clocks that tell time around town. Doesn't that mean that time does progress in Coxwette?

Oh, I'm not the only one that feels that way? That's good to know, because I'd like that to happen also.
No. 114777 ID: 3ce125

Yeah I agree with that sentiment. I'm still enjoying the quest, I just wish there was less infighting amongst suggesters.
No. 114784 ID: 1e7aa8

The infighting probably isn't going to stop anytime soon until, at the earliest, we've gotten everyone holed up in plath manor.

And then I guess we can bang and schmooze anyone/everyone since the murder machines will be less of an issue.
No. 114785 ID: 8d4593

>There's no such thing as pointless lewds.

Lewds are plot friendly until people start constantly demanding sex literally every update to the point of derailment.

Chuck is an established man whore and many of Coxwette's ladies are thirsty as fuck, so yes there are plenty of plot building opportunities for lewds, and yes they are part of the appeal of the quest.

Coxwette is so big though. There are so many points of intrigue, so many mysteries to find and so many stories that can be made. Not only that but each thread has plenty of opportunity for lewds along the way.
Despite this some suggesters try to skip the pretense and just scream for more porn.
No. 114787 ID: 98f888

>Not only that but each thread has plenty of opportunity for lewds along the way.
...That get shut down because "now is not the time" and the "situation is inappropriate" and some supposed "long game" that very clearly does not exist. With some people even overtly claiming they wish to forgo the lewds to "move the story forward".
No. 114789 ID: e36c7f


But equally clearly there are lewds that would cause problems for solving mysteries and advancing the plot. For example, there are still a bunch of mysteries and probably plot stuff in the Plath house. It would be pretty darn easy for the readers to push the lewdlust too far with the Plaths by crudely angling for a mother/daughter threesome and get Chuck kicked out of there. It could even happen by itself at this point, just if Plath the younger turns out to miss her next visit from Aunt Flo and that whole situation gets spilled. Then all the Plath house mysteries would be locked off and a bunch of probably really important plot things like the stuff Ramona can make would be inaccessible. I don't think it's stupid for people to worry about whether pursuing the wrong romps at the wrong time might cause problems.

But hey, at least the amount of arguing going on shows people care. Sign of a successful quest.
No. 114790 ID: 98f888

>It would be pretty darn easy for the readers to push the lewdlust too far
With the current vote record? Bullshit. It wouldn't be the time and the situation would be inappropriate and let's just move the story forwards and I don't really care for the porn anyway and all the same excuses we've seen over and over again.
No. 114799 ID: 68f785

I have to admit, I'm very curious to see if you're correct or not. At the end of the day, this is simple entertainment, so if others would refrain from getting in your way, I wouldn't mind seeing if this train crashes, or gets to its destination safely. I mean personally, I think it would crash. But I'm okay with that in this case if it happens, and if not, hey, I'm one of the few that don't mind the taste of crow. I would admit that I was wrong and worried for nothing.
No. 114806 ID: 3ce125

naileD, you should probably try to refute an example someone gives if you're gonna tell them they're "absolutely wrong". Also, if the reverends were going to disrupt us no matter what, how the hell do lewds advance the plot in that case? What you're saying doesn't make any sense and just seems to be you making up excuses to prioritize porn. "trust other suggesters" obviously means "go along with the lewd suggestions even if you don't agree".

Heck, this whole discussion came about because people were complaining about not getting porn while Chuck was sneaking around town attempting to rescue the residents while avoiding the reverends... who are alerted by sinful thoughts. I can't think of a worse time to try to sex up the ladies.
No. 114809 ID: 4854ef

Well Rita is now full of holes, both in her feet, and butt. So yeah, usual things.
No. 114810 ID: e8f4bd

There's.. something not quite right with the recent caltrops development.

Specifically, the caltrops themselves seem to be a really bad way to keep people from getting in the warehouse. The problems are the following:
- You would need a lot of them. Based on my estimates, even if loosely spread (only 1 per square foot), you would need over 1000 of them to cover a few feet inner area of the fence.
- It would take a lot of resources to make them. Due to the volume of them required, a lot of manpower and materials would be required.
And most importantly:
- The caltrops. They do nothing.
Caltrops have not actually ever been used to stop people on foot. They were made to stop chariots / horses in the ancient times, and to blow the tires of vehicles / planes in later times. They're entirely ineffective against normal people because, well, you can just carefully walk through them without stepping on any. So as long as it's daytime or the person has a light source, or simply a thick pair of boots, the caltrops won't do anything except slow you down a bit.

I don't know what Rachel was thinking but she's gonna have a lot of explaining to do.
No. 114811 ID: 9dc26d

That's not right though.

Caltrops are simple. You're talking two bits of steel rod bent and tack-welded together. If you have plenty of time you can make thousands over the course of a couple of weeks by yourself with only a welder, a pair of side cutters (which someone with a welder would likely have), and a bending jig you can make with two pieces of angle iron and a couple of bolts.

Caltrops are cheap. If you already have the tools, most of your expense will be in the steel rods. Figure a caltrop is made of two lengths of 1/8" diameter rod sections, bent so that each spike is about 1 inch long. 4" of rod total per caltrop. That's 12 caltrops per four foot long rod (a fairly standard length). At today's prices that's like $3 per rod. So you're looking at like a quarter per caltrop, in materials. That's super cheap for an effective defense method.

Caltrops are effective. They work well against vehicles and animals because those have large contact points with the ground. They force people to slow down or step on a caltrop, which is very useful if you're paying attention to the perimeter and can shoot at the enemy with, say, a bow or a gun. Or a sling. Or even just throw a javelin at them. You've made them slow down, and that can matter a lot. They absolutely have been used in wartime against infantry for exactly that reason.

Figure that the lot is an acre in size (it may or may not be, but it's a common lot size). If it's a square acre that's like 209 feet by 209 feet. If you want to cover the first couple of feet inside the perimeter that's like four rectangles, two of 209'x2' and two of 207'x2'. About 1,664 square feet. Assume you want an average of three caltrops per square foot: that's 4,992 caltrops. That's $1,250 in material. Someone buying or diverting $105 worth of rod toward that project could finance it in a year. It's effectively beer money.

If you only use them on the areas of most likely infiltration, like around a gate you've sealed because it otherwise represents an easy ingress point, you don't need nearly as many caltrops.
No. 114812 ID: 9dc26d

>Someone buying or diverting $105 worth of rod toward that project could finance it in a year
$105 worth of rod per month, obviously.
No. 114813 ID: e8f4bd

Uhh. I'm not sure how any of that counters anything that I wrote. My arguments stand and you're ignoring the most important one. That the caltrops are useless at stopping burglars. I think you've been playing too many games. This isn't a war front. A warehouse is not a fortress out of which you shoot on a "slowed" enemy. A slowed trespasser is the same as a normal one because no one is in a hurry.

Eh, nevermind. I'm just salty.
No. 114814 ID: 1e7aa8

I am beyond curious as to how you want to explain lewd outcomes over rational actions when applied to, say, everything between the time that Marcie got herself trapped in the freezer and when we rescued her.

I'm pretty sure the end result would have been wasted time and a dead character but hey, I'm sure your explanation covers that somehow.
No. 114818 ID: 8111b6

The phrase 'Go step on a Lego' exists for a reason, and Lego blocks aren't intended for weapon use. Here, the caltrops were used in an optimal way. Scattered beneath something that could be jumped down from (and was), at a time where visibility is low. Depending on the design of the caltrop and density of the scattering, they can indeed stop someone.

Regarding it not being a war zone, there are monsters on the loose. That's worse than a war zone, in my opinion.

>>114777 (checked)

...and hey. If we play our cards right, we could go the 'patching up each other's wounds leading to passionate but careful makeouts' route.

Ultimately, what comes about is up to the author, though. Keep up the awesomely awesome awesomeness, you!
No. 114819 ID: 3ce125

>maybe by sexing up Rita Chuck would've noticed the caltrops
It's far more likely Rita would have slapped him in the goddamn face for trying to get with her in this situation. Her trust isn't broken anyway since she suggested climbing over and neither of them saw the caltrops.

>I think you're mistaking "plot" with "events"
You're the one that said plot.
>"The only thing that lewds can do is advance the plot and develop the characters."
Good grief, quoting it just makes it more obvious how utterly ridiculous that statement is.

>perfect time for sexings
Am I supposed to take you seriously anymore? It's like you're a politician.
...No, I don't think I am. I'm not taking you seriously anymore.
No. 114820 ID: 1e7aa8

Ah, but marcie is already IN the freezer during the timeframe I originally suggested for your lewds over non-lewds theory, of which you have yet to even specify what exactly happens.

So produce your evidence and stop dodging my previous query.
No. 114823 ID: 1e7aa8

The exact timing doesn't matter. Without intervention by the two people who had a smidge of an idea where she was (us and Lisa) she'd have frozen to death eventually.

And since you keep dancing around my questions, I'm gonna have to agree with the other anon's assessment that you can't be taken seriously.
No. 114825 ID: 4854ef

Ultimately.. ignoring everyone above's anti-sexings, sexings discussion.

Is that Caltrops are pretty good against things that aren't regenerating monster reverends and as a result would just harm normal people trying to come to her moreso then anything else.
No. 114826 ID: c2051e

We're not sure the reverends can regenerate if the caltrops are still in the wound, to be fair. If they have to take the caltrops out, then they still buy time like they're meant to.
No. 114827 ID: 4854ef

Given that her endgoal so far seems to be "Hide in warehouse" it's not exactly delaying much..

And if they weren't regenerating, they'd be far less effective.
No. 114829 ID: 9dc26d

She was expecting a bunch of monsters to try to break into her warehouse and murder her, I'm not sure what else you could call it but an improvised stronghold.

As >>114818 says, they weren't to deter burglars. The caltrops were there exactly to buy time. Rachel's probably getting her weapons ready and trying to decide if the screams she just heard at her perimeter are from a monster or from someone being victimized by a monster.
No. 114830 ID: 9dc26d

Also my post was like a point-by-point refutation of your points. I'm not trying to be mean here, but if you honestly didn't understand, then you need to work on your reading comprehension for your own sake.

Heck I have a little time, let's do the remedial thing right now.

Your point that caltrops take a lot of manpower and materials to make was directly refuted by my point that they're simple. They don't take a lot of manpower or materials. They do require a welder, but those aren't expensive either. The welds don't even need to be good, you don't need a skilled operator to do it.

Your point that it would take a lot of them to be effective was addressed by my point that they are cheap, thus you can have a lot of them at a reasonable investment (beer money for a year, basically, for the rough number needed for the perimeter of a 1 acre lot). I spent a lot of time making the point that since they're so cheap, the number required isn't much of an issue. I mean, it literally is pocket change each week for the materials if one already has tools.

Your point that caltrops do nothing was directly refuted by my point that they are actually very effective, and they serve some important purposes if you're actively trying to defend a perimeter. Like what Rachel is probably doing at the moment.

I hope this helps. Most libraries can hook you up with an adult literacy program if you feel like you need to improve your reading comprehension.
No. 114836 ID: 3ce125

>implying two actions have an equal chance of being bad just because you can't be absolutely sure what would happen
No. 114837 ID: e8f4bd

No, I understood your arguments just fine and it would take little to no effort to refute them all. I just don't want to argue about caltrops anymore.
Because it doesn't matter.
No. 114839 ID: 9dc26d

Most community colleges offer debate and public speaking courses, that might help you. Losing gracefully is an important part of being an adult.
No. 114842 ID: 91ee5f

I miss the good old days when the Coxwette disthread was full of only images ripped from the quest and then turned into memes.
No. 114843 ID: 98fdf2

Those days ended when the quest stopped being fun and lighthearted. If you want lighthearted discussion, make a lighthearted quest.
No. 114848 ID: c2051e

whoa dude I didn't realize you were such SERIOUS BUSINESS
No. 114853 ID: 36de2e

If you two are going to keep throwing a shitfit in here then take it over to Big Dumb Arguments in the General threads before they have to lock down this one again.
No. 114857 ID: 9dc26d

That's an incorrect way of looking at things, since bad behavior is objectively bad. Using moral relativism, comparison between the moral fitness of the accuser and the accused, or "purity tests" as a prerequisite for the right to point out bad behavior results in communities where the only people who can call out bad behavior are the people with the power to issue bans, or exile, or internment. That's a crude way of doing things since it leaves the community only able to interact with itself within very strict boundaries. Everyone respects the member with the power to hurt them because they are empowered, but there's nothing fostering respect between everyone.

Fixing bad behavior when and where you see it is the responsibility of everyone in a community, if you want a healthy community. If it can be done in a respectful manner, all to the better, right?
No. 114858 ID: c31aac

guys, it's a comic on the internet
take a deep breath for a moment
stop being patronizing and antagonizing at each other, beating everyone upside the head with your ideas about where the quest should go (or with debate classes, cmon dude you know that's dumb) is not going to change anything.
No. 114860 ID: e8f4bd

In my opinion, bad behavior would be shitting all over the disthread about a trivial thing such as caltrops. I think it's unfair to scrutinize every little detail of the story since the quest itself is partially a comedy. At the end of the day, even if I don't find the caltrops to be the brightest idea, they still made me grin because they were funny. They did their job.

If you wanna argue so much, you can come to IRC and we'll do it there, but as I said, I consciously chose not to argue about them here anymore because it would serve no purpose other than making me look like an ass.
No. 114861 ID: 3ce125

I didn't think it was funny.
No. 114862 ID: 9876c4

No. 114968 ID: 9b8c8d

I don't like the bunny.

She's completely amoral at best, possibly an agent of evil. She hasn't been around long enough to get to know - and care about - the other villagers here. She's like a latecomer to a party that has no idea who everyone is or how to behave or what jokes are funny.

We shouldn't trust her.
No. 114970 ID: e8f4bd

Yeah, let's discuss the recent developments and Julia for a bit.

First of all, is she good or bad? A lot of you would probably think she's really bad. An evil drug dealer that almost killed Ellen.
But me, I would consider her as good. Why good? Several reasons.
- I would assume she had a rough upbringing, just like Chuck. Having little to no choice but to become a drug dealer to survive. If Chuck could change, then I believe so can she.
- She could be acting tough and mean on the outside but is soft and loving on the inside.
- I would assume the thing with Ellen was an accident. Ellen was often depressed and Julia wanted to help her. So Julia did the only thing she knew that would make Ellen feel better. She gave her drugs. Perhaps she told Ellen how much to use, or perhaps someone interrupted them before she would be able to tell her. It's unfortunate that it turned out the way it did.

So yeah, we need to find out more about Julia. About her past and how she got involved with drugs, about her current intentions and what happened with Ellen, and about her plans for the future, see if we can change them. But by default, I wouldn't judge her and would consider her to be a good person, even if she acts badly.

Which brings me to the second point.
We may just have found our biggest ally. Someone that we've known for years. Someone that operates outside the bounds of Plaths and Starks (and law). Someone that's not settled down in the town and who'll work with us to uncover the secrets and find a way to undo the Coxwette spell. A fuckbuddy would be pretty nice too.

Or maybe we get a whole team now? Chuck, Julia, and Rachel. (And maybe Rita, but I think she'd rather go to Plath's.) And the warehouse is our new HQ heh. I could see this work. A lot of possibilities here.
No. 114971 ID: 3ce125

Possible benefit of bringing Julia:
She could refine the production of Nelson's potion.

that's about it
No. 114972 ID: 9dc26d

Secondary benefit: Another person's life is saved.
Tertiary benefit: How do reverends make more of themselves? Do they even make more of themselves? Well if they do they probably need a warm body to start with. Otherwise there'd be even more of them running around now.
No. 114973 ID: 983bc3

wow you finally put me in the quest rml a bunny who no one likes

i knew we were best friends
No. 114977 ID: 3ce125

Maybe... they're lying... on purpose???
No. 114978 ID: 9b8c8d

Holy shit somebody's mad.
No. 114981 ID: 9b8c8d

If it's not lies, then it's at the very worst mild exaggerations and reminding her that none of that shit really matters. No one really cares about anyone's past with monsters running around. No one cares if they know her or not. No one cares about the exact severity of injuries, or about looking after some petty drug dealer in the situation we're in, and I'm pretty damn sure no one cares about fucking DONUTS or whether we've really delivered them to the cops every single day.

Your post is just meaningless semantics and bullshit. None of it matters. What matters is that everyone sticks together, no one goes wandering about, and therefore that she comes with us to the manor right the fuck now. If it takes a few white lies and irrelevancies to get the point across, then I'm willing to make that sacrifice.