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File 147698703142.png - (88.64KB , 500x800 , splash.png )
754011 No. 754011 ID: d163e3

CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html
CHAPTER 5 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736166.html
CHAPTER 6 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743488.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103517.html
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No. 754012 ID: d163e3
File 147698704733.png - (27.81KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

It’s around midnight, and you’re standing on a spider’s doorstep overlooking a little town called Coxwette.

Sophie showed you out, saying that she needed to sleep for work in the morning. Lisa fell asleep a short while ago, and you have stolen her clipboard. In your opposite hand is your bag of stuff, including the baseball bat.

a) Knock on Sophie’s door again
b) Go to Ramona
c) Look at the clipboard again
d) Destroy the clipboard
No. 754013 ID: 15a025

No. 754014 ID: f34b08

Leave the clipboard here, Dude. She's gonna freak out over not having it, and you already know it's a spooky magic snayor phone.
No. 754015 ID: 7b65b9

E) Draw penis on clipboard to see what happens.
No. 754016 ID: 5eb4ef

C. Fuck it. What's the worst that could happen.
No. 754017 ID: 7ead3d

B. Go to Ramona
No. 754018 ID: 2a7417

A. Get a photo of that clipboard page.
No. 754019 ID: 190538

Burn clipboard, knock up Ramona.
No. 754020 ID: a788b7


D)ispose of that clipboard while you have the chance. You don't want to look at it again, and you don't want Ramona or anyone else to look at it either, so keeping it with you is just a stupid idea. Telling Ramona about it is one thing, but you don't need the clipboard with you for that.
No. 754021 ID: 9876c4


C'mon, the clipboard is right up there with us on the title image. We've got tons of amusing antics with this thing.
No. 754022 ID: 61be01

No. 754023 ID: b412df

D) Maybe not destroy it, but stash it somewhere? So if the mayor gives you flak you can say you panicked and dropped it somewhere, but also if Ramona wants to have a look at it you can retrieve it.
No. 754024 ID: 61be01

Awesome cover art by the way.
No. 754026 ID: 91ee5f

B) Go to Ramona.

You need some soup after what just happened anyways. Maybe tell Ramona what happened when you looked at it so that she can know if your soup needs a little extra kick to it.
No. 754027 ID: 398fe1

B. Do not mess with the clipboard.
No. 754029 ID: 3e182c

B. Ramona Must see this.
No. 754031 ID: 67f0a5

Head back to Ramona, but try to stay hidden and look out for the Snayor. She might be running around town looking for that clipboard right now. She might even be waiting for you at the Plath's.
No. 754032 ID: fb1c7d


Also, you should probably rust Chuck. The snake mayor told Lisa to be back by midnight, that might be when the monsters start coming out. Ramona needs to know what this clipboard does before we let her look at it. Wouldn't want Ramona to have a surprise conversation with snake mayor.
No. 754033 ID: 2a7417

I think bringing a 2-way line of communication to the snayor into the Plath house would be a bad idea. It might be someplace she's been trying to breach for years. We are not taking the original back with us. I'd leave it here so Lisa doesn't get in even more trouble with her vampire boss.
No. 754039 ID: c441c1

B tell her you saw a demon in the clipboard.
do this as well.
No. 754042 ID: e70a45

No. 754046 ID: 398fe1

Better idea: hide it somewhere near Plath house but not on the property itself.
No. 754047 ID: 383927

b- she should see the clip board, and I think you need another dose of her cooking unfortunately
No. 754048 ID: 38685c

Draw a dick on it
No. 754049 ID: a836e1


Ramona does not want to see it, and will probably be incredibly pissed off that chuck brought susanna's spying device into her home. You idiots brought this on yourselves.
No. 754050 ID: 398fe1

We're still voting, you know.
No. 754052 ID: 9f3729

No. 754060 ID: 3abd97

Leave the magic cell phone here. Stealing is a bad idea, when people know who the thief is. Taking it will just piss of the snayor, and make the beaver panic.
No. 754062 ID: 3e182c

Are you kidding? This is like stealing a nuke from your enemy so it can be reverse engineered.

A physical sample of the mayors magic could be invaluable to Ramona, and by extension Chuck.
No. 754063 ID: d163e3
File 147700341771.png - (34.46KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

You make for the Plath House at a brisk pace, but as quietly as possible. You take off your shoes and put them in your shopping bag. You think it’s important that you’re not seen or heard on your way, and the concrete steps make that a bit easier.
No. 754064 ID: d163e3
File 147700342677.png - (45.56KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

No. 754065 ID: 398fe1

No. 754067 ID: df90d0

No. 754069 ID: 350a50

Up and over.
No. 754070 ID: a7dc7f

oh fuck run
No. 754071 ID: a836e1


It isnt like that at all because ramona doesnt actually know how the magic works in the first place, she only knows how to make the food because she was explicitly shown how to make it, and was irritated with chuck for even attmptibg to talj to susanna. You cant reverse engineer a nuke without a physicist.


Looks like susanna wants the clipboard back. Better gtfo asap.
No. 754072 ID: 86cf98

Inb4 its just a trick o' treater/a town's person playing a prank.

Draw bat, but don't knock this person's teeth out... Yet. Demand to know who they are.
No. 754073 ID: 3e182c

Leap over the railing and gun it for the Plath house! Leave fighting the Demons as a last ditch option.
No. 754074 ID: 5eb4ef

No. 754075 ID: 3abd97

Quick, use the clipboard on it! Mind-rape the monster with secondhand snayor power!
No. 754076 ID: 91ee5f

Jump over the railing for the stairs and go around.
No. 754077 ID: 15a025

This could be someone pulling a prank. Poke with bat, demand they take the sheets off.
No. 754078 ID: c441c1

as far as I can tell that isn't KKK demon and I don't know if their are others in town so ask who it is if it doesn't respond in a second GTFO.
No. 754079 ID: cbfac4

Ready your bat or nearby inanimate object. At the very least, put up your dukes.
No. 754080 ID: 71d443

They get one warning and then they get the bat.
Don't actually try to attack with the bat, use it only to bat away attacks, no pun intended. If it's the real deal you don't stand a chance anyway.
No. 754081 ID: 9f3729

also yeah get yer bat ready
No. 754082 ID: 9876c4

That's using your noodle.

Magic does not operate under the restrictions of science.
No. 754083 ID: 7b65b9

draw a dick on it.
No. 754084 ID: a836e1


1: we dont know if its actually a monster and dont want to murder a citizen.
2: a bat is probably useless against the monsters and would be better served as a last resort in case escape is impossible.

Escape first, bat only if escape isnt working.
No. 754085 ID: 71d443

And don't just throw the clipboard at the monster's feet, it could be dangerous in the wrong hands!
No. 754086 ID: 3e182c

Well this happens to be the only physics textbook in town at the moment. You gotta start somewhere.

Beyond that, Susana wouldn't be trying to get it back if it wasn't worth stealing. She's been shown to be able to create magical objects. If it hid no secrets, or was not otherwise precious or irreplaceable for some reason, she would just make another.
No. 754087 ID: a836e1


Then why doesnt chuck just have a wizards duel with susanna, what do you even need ramona for? If you dont need to know what you're doing, there's no need to involve ramona at all!
No. 754088 ID: a836e1


A physics textbook who is not only actively hostile toward the starks, but was angry at chuck for even TALKING to susanna. Bringing in an artifact that allows susanna to force communication with anyone who looks at it is 100% guaranteed to piss ramona off.
No. 754089 ID: 9876c4

In fairness to Ramona, her wards work. Ours don't.
And there may well be magic in her bloodline.
No. 754090 ID: 398fe1

...wait, the sheet demons we saw before had no eye holes. This one is different.
No. 754091 ID: 3e182c

Ooh. I just remembered something.
In Talmudic magic they are used for protection, and in Creole Voodoo, a box of small objects is sometimes shaken to ward off evil spirits.

In addition to whatever you do Chuck, Shake those rocks!
No. 754093 ID: 91ee5f

Because as far as we can tell, Chuck is a Muggle. And like
>>754089 said, Ramona might have magic in her bloodline.
No. 754094 ID: 18c9f5

Pull your best cop impression and ask to see some identification.
No. 754095 ID: 350a50

+1 support
No. 754096 ID: 188451

No. 754097 ID: 180f83

shake that rock and roll.
No. 754098 ID: d163e3
File 147700789665.png - (13.05KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

You: “Come on.”

You: “Naz. This isn’t funny god damn it.”

You: “Selma.”
No. 754099 ID: d163e3
File 147700791572.png - (23.68KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

He makes a noise like a long cough, then some kind of gagging. He opens what appears to be a mouth, and in doing so, begins to tear at the fabric covering his face. Something slips out of his mouth, followed by a faint light and some kind of vapor.

Aaaalright you’ve seen enough
No. 754100 ID: d163e3
File 147700793259.png - (64.16KB , 500x500 , 4.png )



You jump over the railing and make a fast break for the Plath House, stowing the clipboard in the bag. Unlike before, the thing doesn’t chase after you. In followed at a slow, sober saunter. Not a zombie limp or a bestial crawl, but the measured gait of an ordinary man.
No. 754101 ID: d163e3
File 147700795284.png - (44.39KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

You sprint through the Plath House courtyard and into oak front doors.


[heavy breathing]

The doors close more quietly than you would have thought.

No. 754102 ID: d163e3
File 147700796490.png - (39.35KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

You kind of wish you didn’t have to come back to this Adams Family-ass Victorian-ass Scooby Doo-ass creaking dark-ass fucking haunted house every night
No. 754103 ID: 9f3729

Recreate one of the door montages as you seek out ramona for spooky consul
No. 754104 ID: 398fe1

Look around, check to see if anyone is awake.

Maybe you can get some from Sally tonight, finally.
No. 754105 ID: b8d5aa

lock the door and slip something through the door handles to make it harder to break in
No. 754106 ID: c441c1

scream all the way to your room.
No. 754107 ID: bc98a4

No. 754108 ID: 4e0c5c

Block off the room with a chair or bookshelf or something to block its path.
No. 754110 ID: 3373e2

Remember to lock the door behind you maybe? or just make sure that thing isn't just camping outside?
No. 754111 ID: c6482e

Find Ramona.
Go to her room, bang on the door if you must. Or lock pick if you got the nerves right now. Explain the situation and that you stole the mayors magic hypnotic communication clipboard.
No. 754113 ID: 180f83

turn on those lights. darkness doesn't make things less scarier.
No. 754114 ID: b8d5aa

don't wake up sally!
No. 754115 ID: 383927

Alright, so you've been spotted by some sort of night terror, which means there isn't much reason for stealth. While you barricade the door yell for Ramona as loudly as you can. Get everyone in the house into the safest/most easily defendable room and grab something to defend yourselves with. Once you're safe, use the symbol and try to contact snake mayor. If she's behind this, maybe you can get some sort of useful info or talk her down. If she's NOT behind this, maybe she knows what's happening
No. 754116 ID: d163e3
File 147700931387.png - (33.96KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

You grab the heaviest chair you can find and use it to bar the front door. You head quickly upstairs, your bag of stuff in one hand, and the bat in the other. You look from door to door until you find Ramona’s room. By the looks of her giant butt-silhouette, she is fast asleep in bed.
No. 754117 ID: c441c1

No. 754118 ID: b8d5aa

very gently rouse her, don't come screaming in like a little bitch

but don't do it all sexy-like, either. make sure that she knows it's serious
No. 754119 ID: 350a50

You know what? Forget Ramona.

Find Lorraine.
No. 754120 ID: 398fe1

Go wake her up, gently. Tell her you got some kind of weird magic clipboard from Lisa and you want to know if it should be in this house at all.

It's kindof important that we know if this thing is dangerous or not.
No. 754121 ID: df90d0

"Ramona, hey, hon. I need to you get up. Things are going sideways."
No. 754122 ID: 73b398

Grab that giant butt, even if only to make sure the clipboard hasn't given you brain damage or something.
No. 754123 ID: b8d5aa


i change my vote to this. see if you can scare up lorraine.

if we're sure she even exists. and wasn't just an extension of a prank.

or maybe chuck can get ramona to help find lorraine, if that would be appropriate
No. 754124 ID: 18c9f5

Gently rouse her from her sleep and calmly let her know that you're FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.
No. 754126 ID: 3373e2

Try to Gently Wake her and Explain the situation while doing so, with quite a few mentions of the Demonic Shitty Hallo-Ween Ghost outside.
No. 754127 ID: 3abd97

This is the best idea.
No. 754128 ID: d163e3
File 147701015787.png - (38.69KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

You gently nudge Ramona on the butt.

Ramona: “Hm…”

You: “Mona.”

Ramona: “Ed…”

You: “It’s Chuck.”

Ramona: “Mmh…”

You: “I need you to wake up. Now.”

Ramona rolls over and looks at you, then at the clock on her bedside table.

Ramona: “It’s twelve in the morning, Chuck… can it wait?”

You: “This is an emergency.”

Ramona sits up and wipes her eyes with her palms.

Ramona: “What? What’s wrong?”

You take a deep breath.

You: “Ok, there’s this demon clipboard. Well, not a demon clipboard, but it’s definitely magic. I stole it from Lisa when I was at Sophie’s house. Now there’s a demon monster outside chasing me.”


Ramona: “What”

You: “There’s a monster following me to the house.”

Ramona: “It’s here now?”

You: “I don’t know. It didn’t follow me very fast.”

You take out the clipboard and hold it up, careful not to let Ramona get a look at the second page.

You: “Look. I took this clipboard from Lisa. The mayor’s aid? It’s got some kind of magic spell on it.”

Ramona: “A spell…? What kind of spell?”
No. 754129 ID: df90d0

"I heard some kinda sounds and then a voice in my head and saw like...Blackness and spooky eyes in it. It was trying to talk to Lisa. I think it was the mayor?"
No. 754130 ID: c441c1

there be demons in this here clipboard. namely when you look into the second page the mayor telepathically connects to your mind.
No. 754131 ID: 398fe1

When you look under the paper there's some weird... noisy crinkly fissure that feels really nice to look at, then after looking at it for a while, Susanna is able to talk directly to your mind, and it feels like a trance where you can't think clearly.
No. 754132 ID: 6c25ef

Some kind of freaky mindmeld bullshit on the second page. The snayor can talk through it. Probably subtler mind bullshit.

It's bullshit.
No. 754133 ID: 15a025

Good idea, we have to give her those letters we found anyway.
No. 754134 ID: 3373e2

"Might have been some kind of communication spell or something, I looked at this Rip or Something underneath the paper and after looking at it for a bit I heard the Mayors Voice."
No. 754135 ID: b8d5aa

"the mayor's got some magic put on this thing so that she can get a direct mind link with you. she knows i have it. and there's a monster after me, it had all these tentacles coming out of its mouth and stuff. have you... got any guns?"
No. 754136 ID: 350a50

No. 754138 ID: 4e0c5c

There's no time to explain. I need a weapon. Like, now now.
No. 754141 ID: 91ee5f

"The kind of spell that activates when you look at the second page, so don't look at the second page!"

If these are the same monsters that the farmer was shooting with his shotgun, then having a gun won't do shit to it. Instead, we should ask Ramona if she has some sort of magic weapon that we can use.
No. 754142 ID: 350a50

Guns slowed them down.

I think the best bet is to find Lorraine and ask for her help. Fight the supernatural with the supernatural. If Ramona's family did have a magical bloodline, Lorraine is likely more versed in the lore than Ramona is.
No. 754144 ID: d163e3
File 147701619323.png - (41.83KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

You: “It’s some kind of… communication spell?”

You: “It hypnotizes you and makes time stop or something, then you start hearing the mayor’s voice. And you can kind of talk to her, but kind of not. Like, you think to her and she hears you.”


You: “At least… I think it was the mayor’s voice. It didn’t sound like her, but it talked like her. Well, it didn’t sound like anything, but it felt like her. If that makes sense.”

Ramona: “Uh…”

Ramona: “Maybe we should worry about this ‘monster’ for now. You said you brought the clipboard, right?”

You nod.

Ramona: “Ok, good.”

You: “Do you think… do you think Lorraine would know more about this?”

Ramona: “Lorraine… Plath?”

Ramona: “Who’s been dead for over a hundred years?”

You: “I saw her ghost, Mona!”

Ramona: “Well… if half of what you’ve been telling me lately is true, I would believe it.”

Ramona: “I have no idea how to get in touch with her if she truly is wandering this house.”

You: “Right. Well… monster.”

You hear footsteps on the roof. Ramona looks up too, so you know she heard it.

You: “Do you have a gun or something?”

Ramona pauses.
No. 754145 ID: d163e3
File 147701620375.png - (32.00KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

She slides open the drawer of her nightstand and pulls out a small revolver.

Ramona: “It… only has one bullet in it.”
No. 754146 ID: c441c1

where are the rest of the bullets?
No. 754147 ID: 4e0c5c

"It'll have to do."

Then, grab a candelabra or something in case you have to go melee.
No. 754148 ID: b8d5aa

don't shoot the monster.

farmer davey said that bullets scare them away but don't kill them.

save that for a special occasion.

avoid monsters.

seek out what's on the roof
No. 754149 ID: bc98a4

>“It… only has one bullet in it.”
I would


rather not know why that is.

Anyway, check the roof.
No. 754151 ID: 18c9f5

>“It… only has one bullet in it.”

That's uh... dark, but it'll do.

Bat in one hand, gun in the other. Up we go to find our fate.
No. 754152 ID: 86a6f7

Yeah... I'd rather not know why there's only one

But yeah, let's make this shot count, it probably won't kill this thing but it makes it go away then we can count that as a victory.
No. 754155 ID: bb78f2

Is this gun... legal? Like does it have the paperwork?
No. 754157 ID: 398fe1

Jeez mona.

Alright let's check to see if it actually followed you here. Thankfully Chuck has handled guns before so he should know how to not shoot himself in the foot with it.
No. 754159 ID: 350a50

Why do we care.

Last time you saw Lorraine it was in the attic. Bring the letters, maybe they'll call out to her or something.
No. 754160 ID: 383927

Seconded. Be careful up there- whatever those things coming out it's mouth were, we have no idea what they can do. This thing is clearly super-natural, and you do not want to be playing guess and check with your life.
No. 754161 ID: 398fe1

Do not bring a loaded gun when you're talking to a spirit that died from suicide. That's just asking to be forced to put it against your own head.
No. 754162 ID: 9f3729

"That's pretty dark, ramona, but I appreciate it. I don't know if it's going to try and get inside either."
No. 754163 ID: 15a025

So who were the other five victims?
No. 754164 ID: d163e3
File 147702057151.png - (66.46KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

You brandish the gun and the bat, walking up the first flight of stairs. The upper hallways don’t seem to ever have working electricity, but Ramona follows you with a candle.

You: “Where’s Sally?”

Ramona: “I think she’s at Naz’s tonight.”

You: “Stay low, ok?”
No. 754165 ID: d163e3
File 147702058422.png - (15.95KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

You walk up the narrow, creaking staircase to the roof and peer out.
No. 754166 ID: d163e3
File 147702060756.png - (3.93KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

It’s looking right at you.
No. 754168 ID: 15a025

Alright Cletus Chuck. you see that stupid monster standing over there? Go shoot em.
No. 754169 ID: 4e0c5c

Don't do anything. Not yet. Maybe it hasn't noticed you.
No. 754170 ID: 695ef5

In case it gets too close, try the clipboard against it?
No. 754171 ID: 5eb4ef

Hey remember what that horse fucko said? Bullets don't do much except scare them. Whatever you do, keep that in mind.
No. 754172 ID: 350a50

I too am noticing a sense of deja vu back to that scene. If Chuck starts hearing God in his head, it's game over.

Let's save our bullet for now and go back down to the attic. Try to summon Lorraine using the letters.
No. 754173 ID: d163e3
File 147702189117.png - (3.34KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

He looks at for for a minute or so, then drops behind the edge of the house.
No. 754174 ID: d163e3
File 147702190468.png - (6.12KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

Lorraine flickers into view for about ten seconds. She looks confused and worried.

Lorraine: “Cletus!”

She groans, then screams at the top of her lungs and flickers out like a dying light bulb.
No. 754177 ID: df90d0

"Wait, what? Is that Cletus? Who the hell is Cletus?"
No. 754178 ID: 15a025

Oh my god it killed Lofty Lorraine...again! After it Chuck!
No. 754179 ID: 350a50

"Okay, you saw that right Mona?"

Be careful you aren't getting jumped from behind.

I wonder, if we somehow fed the monsters Ramona's pudding, would they be released from the mayor's control too?
No. 754180 ID: 18c9f5

Push up cautiously. I don't think you have to hurry: she is already dead after all.
No. 754181 ID: 65317a

Dont shoot until you see the whites of their...um eye socket glow. Wasting a round at this range would be a bad idea. Wait and see what it does.
No. 754184 ID: d163e3
File 147702347427.png - (34.23KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

You: “Tell me you saw that.”

Ramona: “I didn’t see anything up there, dear. I was down here the whole time. Sorry…”

You: “But you heard it, right?”

Ramona: “What, the footsteps?”

You: “No, the scream.”

Ramona: “Scream…?”


You: “Ramona, do not fuck with me right now.”

Ramona: “Chuck! Language!”

You: “You heard it though, right?”

Ramona: “I didn’t hear any scream.”

Ramona: “Did the monster scream?”

You: “No, it was Lorraine. She appeared for a few seconds, shouted ‘Cletus’, screamed, then disappeared.”

Ramona: “Cletus? Her husband?”

You: “Yeah. Last time I saw her, she called me Cletus. She thought I was him.”

Ramona: “That’s… odd.”

a) “I’m going to go up to find that monster.”
b) “Can you take a look at that clipboard now?”
c) “Let’s try to call Lorraine.”
No. 754185 ID: 15a025

Our Lofty friend might be gone for good chuck. Let's wait to call her out when there's not a horrifying monster on the loose. Tell Ramona to call the cops and let them know what's going while you give chase to this thing.
No. 754186 ID: 3e182c

Welp. Looks like we'll need her to re manifest if we want to ask her anything.
We need to get a better view, 360 degree vision between the two of you. To the top of the roof!
No. 754187 ID: 3abd97

No. 754188 ID: a836e1

Actually going out there after the monster is an obviously terrible idea if it can get to the roof of the plath house that quickly.

Looking at or trying to use the clipboard is ALSO an obviously terrible and suicidal idea since being mesmerized by snake magic with monsters about cannot possibly end well.

Get back inside, lock everything, and see if you can get ahold of lorraine while ramona is there
No. 754189 ID: a836e1


Honest question here:
What exactly do you hope to accomplish by pursuing an apparently indestructible monster that is physically capable of getting to the roof of the plath mandion in the time it takes chuck to walk through it after he RAN back to the place whilw the monster was idly strolling?
No. 754190 ID: 350a50

Lock up and read the letters aloud.
No. 754191 ID: 9eaf99

Gun does NOT stop monster. It inconveniences monster. We've seen this.
No. 754192 ID: 3373e2

C and maybe B if you have time.
No. 754193 ID: 398fe1

Don't try to shoot the monster. It left.

I'd be up for either b or c. You should ask about Cletus, though. Ramona knows who he is, maybe he was an ancestor of yours?
No. 754194 ID: 9f3729

Take a breath and B+C
after you leveled your head, like dude we sound nutso right now
No. 754195 ID: d163e3
File 147702549407.png - (45.41KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

You go with Ramona to lock the house’s many doors, including the sliding hatch to the roof. You return to the living room, where Ramona lights a fire in the grand fireplace. She goes to the kitchen and returns with a cup of what you now suspect is gin.

You: “I’m going to try to contact Lorraine.”

Ramona: “…how?”

You: “I have a letter her husband wrote her.”

Ramona: “Where on earth did you find that?!”


You: “Don’t worry about… I’ll just”

You start to read the letter aloud.

Ramona: “Oh!!”

Ramona: “Goodness, it doesn’t really say that…”

You: “No it definitely does. Look.”


Ramona: “I see”

You finish the letter and look around the room. No signs of movement or outward ghostliness.

You: “Lorraine…?”

Ramona: “It… didn’t work, did it?”

Ramona: “Maybe if you… I don’t know… whisper it.”

You: “Whisper it…?”

Ramona: “You know, like you’re… saying it to your wife. Or something.”

Ramona: “I… just a thought.”

She takes a long drink from her cup and sits down on one of the two sofas. You read the letter again, but more quietly. Nothing.
No. 754196 ID: 9f3729

Flop to ground, take a deep breath.
"Ugh, whatever. Thing jumped off the roof, so it's probably lurking around outside somewhere. Might be wise to hunker down somewhere safe."
No. 754197 ID: 0eae4d

hmm, maybe some method acting, wink wink?
No. 754199 ID: c6482e

If the demon did something to Lorain I doubt you'll be able to contact her, at least not right now. Even if you could it would likely only be possible outside on the roof.

I would ask about the Agates now. Maybe they would help in this situation?
No. 754200 ID: 064dbf

"Maybe I should try flirting with her pretty descendant to see if it makes her jealous. I've heard ghosts need powerful emotions to manifest themselves."

At the very least we should try to whisper them to Ramona, maybe get her fire burning. I want to sex the dog-mom at LOT more before this is all over. She deserves it.
No. 754202 ID: 3373e2

Sit down for a minute Chuck, it seems like you may need to sit and calm down and figure out what the fuck is going on at the moment.
No. 754203 ID: 350a50

This seems like the next logical step.

Also, does Ramona have any reveyee on reserve? Maybe if we rub it all over ourselves it'll help?
No. 754206 ID: e70a45

you are 100% supposed to do that on the roof, where she is.
No. 754207 ID: 91ee5f

Ask for some soup because when you looked at the clipboard you kinda zoned out and you want to make sure there aren't any lasting effects.
No. 754208 ID: d163e3
File 147702954408.png - (38.14KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

You: “I bet a little method acting would help.”

You give her the eyebrows.

Ramona: “I’m afraid don’t know what you mean, dear.”

You: “Hold on, I see a smile. You little liar!”

Ramona: “Chuck…”

Ramona: “I…”

You hear footsteps on the roof again. Ramona looks up in fear, and you clutch your bat.

You: “Sounds like it’s back up there again.”

You: “Oh, and uh, do you know anything about Coxwette blue agate?”

Ramona: “Hm… yes. It’s a rare stone. A very beautiful one found only in Coxwette county.”

You: “Any idea why the snayor might want some of it?”

Ramona: “Snayor…?”

You: “Oh. Snake mayor. It’s a word I made up.”

Ramona: “Susanna asked for it?”

You: “Yeah, and she offered to pay dearly.”
No. 754209 ID: d163e3
File 147702956383.png - (35.59KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

Ramona throws up the Mom Finger.

Ramona: “You must not let her have any!”

You: “Why?”

Ramona: “Well, because… this is hard to explain…”

Ramona: “Certain things can be… imbued with spells. I can’t do it, but… I know of it.”

Ramona: “A piece of cloth can be hexed, for example. But, if you can imagine it holding some kind of magic?”

Ramona: “A cloth would be like a shot glass. A piece of quartz might be like a bucket, and Coxwette blue agate is like… a lake.”
No. 754210 ID: f0e552

damn, now ramona is going to prevent us from getting snake anal!

welp, give up on anal.
No. 754211 ID: 398fe1

Huh. I wonder what she needs it for, then. (we should return the agate to the chest we got it from)

Eh. Does she want to mess with the clipboard now or after we get some sleep? It should be done with two people so that the one who's not looking can snap them out of it.
No. 754212 ID: 18c9f5

Okay, so we should probably hide those rocks somewhere other than on our person. Noted.
No. 754213 ID: c6482e

Damn. Then between the box we have and the others in the chest there's an ocean's worth.
Maybe one of the stones is already enchanted if we gave them all a closer inspection?

In the meantime though...

Ask Ramona if there would be any alternative way for the demon to get in, if so, barricade it, if not, have her inspect the clipboard.
No. 754214 ID: 15a025

We need to hide these rocks before the bedsheet monster takes them from us and heads off to the snayor with them.

I'm also getting the feeling she's watching us through the clipboard.
No. 754215 ID: 5eb4ef

Yeah maybe give her the rock thing. For one the snayor is clearly up to some evil magic bullshit, but more importantly it might help you get back into dogmom's pants.
No. 754216 ID: 398fe1

Oh, right, bring up the possibility of sabotaging an agate somehow.
No. 754218 ID: 71d443

Never give up on snanal!
We still don't know what she wants it for.
Well, if it's back on the roof, but still not inside...
Pull out the clipboard. Find out what the snake mayor wants. Why she sends a monster, and also this dude in a sheet, to follow you around Coxwette.
No. 754219 ID: 398fe1

Wait can't we try calling the cops again

Last time the sheet demon just left, this time it's sticking around. The cops should be able to get it this time, right?
No. 754220 ID: 91ee5f

"I see, so that's why she wanted it. Well, it's a good thing I never planned on giving it to her anyways. But do you want to know how badly she wants it? She was willing to let me fuck her ass. .....what? I only said I would give her the agate to let her think I'm only capable of thinking with my dick! I fully intended on talking to you first to see if the agate was something harmless to give her. And it's a good thing I talked to you first because now I'm definitely not going to give her the agate!"
No. 754221 ID: 71d443

Please stuff spaghetti in your mouth instead of vomiting it out like this.
No. 754222 ID: a788b7


You're right, because the snayor definitely didn't have any kind of control over the person we took the cliboard from and the clipboard definitely didn't fuck with chuck's perceptions or anything like that. That's definitely a good plan ever, and especially when monsters are around.
No. 754223 ID: 71d443

Hey, we decided we'd bring it into the house. Calling the cops won't do much against ghosts. Who ya gonna call?
No. 754224 ID: 398fe1

The cops can in fact scare off the sheet demons, because guns scare them off, and cops have guns.

On the other hand, I don't think messing with the clipboard is that bad an idea. It didn't give the mayor any control over Chuck; heck, she couldn't even tell who was there for sure. What did happen was he got dazed and seemed to forget his surroundings and reacted to the mayor's questions honestly. The mayor can probably squeeze information out of whoever uses the clipboard, though.

I don't think the monster is even an issue here since a second person nearby can pull the user of the clipboard out of the trance.
No. 754225 ID: a788b7


Unless chuck get influenced and just overpowers ramona

Or ramona gets influenced in some way, which is exactly the sort of thing Susanna would love to get a shot at

Looking at the mindfuck paper is the dumbest thing anyone in this situation could possibly do. Chuck was apparently unable to stop himself from thinking through the page at her and got absolutely nothing back except what she chose to say to him, and that's basically what we'd be looking at as a BEST case scenario.
No. 754226 ID: 9876c4

This is the important part. Can items be mundanized? Or turned off? Sooner of later Lisa's going to want her clipboard back, and we should give her a fixed one, or a copy.

I guess we should rearm dogmom, but I'm keen to know why she thinks one bullet is enough. Scarcity? Or is she suicidal?
No. 754227 ID: 398fe1

>implying full mind control through the clipboard
Yeah I think Ramona would know better than us if that were possible. The inability to avoid giving information to the mayor is an issue I agree with you on, but I really don't think looking at the clipboard is gonna result in someone going berserk.
No. 754229 ID: 398fe1

There's another thing we could do:
Try giving the clipboard up. Maybe that's why the monster is sticking around this time.

Or we could call Susanna and tell her to call off the attack dog.
No. 754240 ID: e70a45

she offered to stop using mind controll on the citizens
No. 754250 ID: 5042bf


No, only anal. Her last words when asked to repeat the terms. But Chuck (those playing at the time) hang on to that and forgot the rest. Very in character.

I guess you'll want to know about corrupting agate if you want to stay the course.
No. 754256 ID: 350a50

I'd vote against using the clipboard.

Ask Ramona if she knows how to tell if someone can use magic. Are there signs? Maybe we can use the agate against the mayor.
No. 754258 ID: 350a50

This is a good point too actually. Let's hide the clipboard somewhere before we discuss anything else sensitive.
No. 754259 ID: 99bd8f

Ask her if there'd be a way to mess it up somehow. Like... put a hole in the bottom of the lake? Poison it?

Other questions: what is UP with Susanna? Like... what's her history? How long has she been mayor? When was the last time there was an election? Tell Ramona that she implied she had history with the Plaths, and ask if she'd mind you looking around the house to see if you can find any clues to that history. Susanna seems to be an authoritarian control freak with issues, and she has some freaky magical powers or something, but she doesn't seem to be just a monster, not like these others. She has... personality. Foibles. She can get flustered, distraught, amused. When you called her powers mind control she acted upset and tried to say it wasn't really. There's stuff that's important to her, that gets to her.

And that means she could be... persuaded. One way or another. If you can find the strings to pull. If you're willing to be a dick.

Which you are.
No. 754260 ID: 383927

All the arguing about clip boards is well and good, but remember we do have a discussion thread and a monster on our tail. I suggest we make sure we're safe and then try to re-enact the the letter to summon out Lorraine, and hopefully get some answers about what the hell is going on
No. 754261 ID: 99bd8f

Oh yeah, Cletus probably had a different accent to you. And probably spoke different to how he wrote.

You gotta reads it right, Chuckie.
No. 754264 ID: 6612fa

anyway to contaminate it so it explodes in her face
No. 754265 ID: a788b7


The last time chuck had black eyes it was when he was manipulated by the mayor and barely avoided it.

He had the black eyes from just GLANCING at the page.
No. 754267 ID: 9b0b34

Ask her if there is any chance of you being able to taint and/or fuck with the agate to use it against the mayor, like a thing that reverses spells, or just a faulty magic thing that will backfire when she tries to use it.
No. 754268 ID: 9eaf99

>>Ask if there are ways to sabotage/ render useless the agate
I'm seeing two suggestions regarding sabotage.
So, that's mine. Because SNEKBOOTY
No. 754269 ID: b8d5aa

okay so giving the snake the agate is out.

shooting the monster is probably pointless

it's time to get ramona to open up to you and really tell you what is going on with the plaths and the mayor, and what's in the boudoir and what's behind that big locked door because things are about to come to a head. the situation is getting dire and there is no more reason to keep it from him because at this point chuck's ramona's best chance at thwarting the mayor's power anyway.

say: "ramona. the situation is looking pretty dire. i don't think we have a lot of time at this point. you've got to tell me everything you know about susanna and show me just what it is you're hiding in this house, because we don't have a lot of options at this point."
No. 754270 ID: d163e3
File 147706966872.png - (38.94KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

You: “Is there anyway to sabotage the agate before I give it to the mayor?”

Ramona: “You have Coxwette blue agate?”

Ramona: “Where did you-”


Ramona: “Have you been snooping around the house?”

You sigh and nod. Ramona gives you a skillfully disappointed look, and your heart sinks.

You: “I’m sorry. Alright?”

You: “But maybe this is an opportunity to, you know, foil Susanna.”

Ramona: “I don’t know of a way to sabotage blue agate. It’s usable whether it’s ground, carved, crushed…”

You: “So, about this clipboard. The second page has the spell on it.”

Ramona: “I don’t know how a spellbound piece of paper could possibly be that strong.”

Ramona: “It doesn’t seem possible… at least based on what I know.”

Ramona: “Can I see it?”

You: “Is that really a smart thing to do.”

Ramona: “If I look at it and know what it is, I probably have a ward for it.”
No. 754271 ID: 2a7417

Uh. Can you equip it before you look? Looking is what activates it.
Describe the sensations you felt, and advise her to not respond to anyone in there - or think too loud.
No. 754272 ID: 6c25ef

Examine the edge. Is it paper? Or skin?

Also maybe we could just chuck the thing at the monster and it'd go away maybe.
No. 754273 ID: 73b398

First show the page from a distance without letting her touch it.
No. 754274 ID: df90d0

"Did you eat that food today? Cause I mean, we're talking about letting her potentially into her head. You, yourself, the only person to know what's actually up with her besides me. And...Maybe Lisa? Probably Lisa."
No. 754276 ID: a788b7


Well, if agate still has its properties when crushed, The second sheet of paper probably has ink made out of some ground-up magical substance.

It probably isn't the best idea to let Ramona see it, but does give some bit of indication what she may want the agate for.
No. 754278 ID: 9876c4

Look, if she starts to zone out, we'll slap her or something.

Oh, yeah, and whoever is reading the clipboard shouldn't have the gun.
No. 754279 ID: d163e3
File 147707202245.png - (36.60KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

You: “Do you still have any of that revvy stuff?”

Ramona goes to the kitchen and heats up some of the foul-smelling concoction from a pot in the refrigerator. She ladles it into a teacup and drinks all of it.

You: “Euuch… I can smell it from here. How can you drink that stuff?”

Ramona: “I am used to it, dear.”

Ramona: “And after giving birth, it’s… considerably harder to abuse the body.”

She sets down the cup and picks up the clipboard.

Ramona: “I should note, the effects this mixture are strongest within fifteen minutes of the draught.”
No. 754280 ID: d163e3
File 147707203540.png - (33.04KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

Ramona lifts up the first page and takes a brief look before dropping it back down. She shudders and rests the clipboard on the side table next to her gin.

Ramona: “Blue ink.”

Ramona: “This was made with a very small amount of agate. Maybe the size of a grain of rice. There’s a rune on the page that cannot be seen with the naked eye unless you have been recently administered reveyee.”

You: “Wait, holy shit, really? A grain of rice?”

You: “I found like… three pebbles of it upstairs.”

Ramona: “That really should not go to the mayor.”

Ramona: “What did she offer you in return?”
No. 754281 ID: 2a7417

"She offered to stop using her mind contr- carnal speaking or whatever."
Poker face, Chuck, poker face...
No. 754282 ID: 73b398

Thumbs up. "Anal."
No. 754283 ID: dd4df2

Yikes, this is eleven shades of intense. Poor ghost-lady... did something happen to her out there?

Warn Ramona that looking at the clipboard will probably allow the snayor to have a peek at her mind... or whatever, or the snayor could have, y'know, by now done something to sever the connection or trap it or... who knows? You're not the expert here. It might also make her a target for monsters and weirdness.

But if she thinks she can handle that? Hell yeah; she's the next best thing to an expert we have on this occult bullshit that isn't the snayor. She's the only one we know of that could even begin to try to interpret what's up with this weird-ass clipboard.
No. 754284 ID: dd4df2


Disregard, too late.
No. 754285 ID: 9876c4

Can't decide between this and going full Spock with
"Snakebutt, ma'am."
No. 754286 ID: dd4df2


Hah! Anal. You dared her and she, well, seized the opportunity, right in front of her help, who she was in the process of mind-whammying so that she wouldn't listen to the actual conversation. Poor Lisa. She's also being run ragged around town checking up on... something? I can't imagine losing her clipboard is going to endear her to the snayor.

>magical writing, a pinch of gemstone, presto spells anyone seeing will be spellbound by

Man, the implications of that... anything around town could have had those runes tossed on them and you wouldn't know, unless you recently had a draught of revyee.

... does Ramona perchance have a thermos of the stuff you could keep on your person?
No. 754287 ID: b412df

I wish we knew what was going on around here, people with memory issues, monsters, magic, mind contro- carnal speech or whatever it's called. There's pieces of something going on, but without a proper picture we're just as likely to mess everything up as to uncover it.

Chuck, if a grain of rice sized bit of agate can do that, imagine the snayor could do with a pebble, imagine fliers of that page of the clipboard.

Do not give it to the snayor even if snakebutt is appealing, she tried to mind control you for goodness sake (Which will mean you might have to regularly drink revvy so she doesn't do it to you again to get the agate).
No. 754288 ID: 18c9f5

Anal, basically.

I was just kinda fucking with her and she called my bluff.
No. 754290 ID: 9876c4

Revyee goes in gin.
Gin goes to Penny's
Town goes to Penny's
Town drinks Revyee.

Mind you, just thinking aloud here.
Sally really needs to be learning all this stuff.
No. 754291 ID: 91ee5f

"She was going to let me fuck her ass. And before you judge, I suggested that to be my reward as a joke because she hates talking about sex and I wanted to mess with her. When she accepted my offer so easily, I knew something was up, so I just played along."
No. 754294 ID: 851094

"I jokingly suggested anal sex, and she went for it."
No. 754295 ID: 3af16b

No. 754296 ID: 99bd8f

"It was a little vague, actually. When she asked what I'd want, I did say "stop mind controlling people", buuuut I was also trying to annoy her by turning everything she said into a sex joke. Mostly about doing things to her butt. So I slipped that into my demands as well. Didn't expect her to agree. Don't worry, Ramona, I'm not gonna hand something like that to her to do as she likes. You think I want to get super double mind controlled or whatever she could do with those rocks? I can easily name five better butts in this town anyway, yours included. I figured I could get the promise to stop the mind control out of her, though, or something else worthwhile, if the agate wasn't so bad for her to have. If she could be trusted to hold to her word, which I don't know in the first place."
No. 754297 ID: d163e3
File 147707412657.png - (32.88KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

You: “…sex”

Ramona crosses her arms.

You: “Uh. In the… butt.”

Ramona: [see image]

You grumble.

You: “I didn't expect her to agree with it!! Look, I know it’s probably the last thing you wanted to hear-”

Ramona shakes her head and waves her hand in your face.

Ramona: “It isn’t that, Chuck. If you are going to go against a Stark, you cannot be so easily seduced. Use your head.”
No. 754298 ID: d163e3
File 147707414108.png - (31.31KB , 500x500 , 27.png )


Ramona smacks you up alongside the head.

Ramona: “The one on your shoulders!”

You: “I know, I know…”

You: “I understand. You’re right.”

You: “I want to be prepared. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day, I think.”
No. 754299 ID: d163e3
File 147707415216.png - (29.77KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

You: “Do you have a Thermos of that stuff I could carry around tomorrow?”

Ramona: “Yes. Yes, I can do that for you, but please promise you will give some to Sally.”

You: “Consider it done.”

You: “You know Mona I… heh, I kind of thought you were still mad at me.”

Ramona: “Chuck…”

Ramona: “A person’s heart will break many times in their life.”

Ramona: “Mine is almost over. I cannot hold petty grudges anymore.”

You cough into your hand and nod.

Ramona: “You gave me something I never thought I would have again.”


Ramona: “It’s been a long time since I have made anything other than reveyee. I am going to start looking over the old books again to see what else might be useful.”

Ramona: “It’s important to me that Sally learns these things before…”

You: “Right. I get it.”

Ramona: “Are you going to be able to sleep, dear?”
No. 754302 ID: 86a6f7

Will you be able to?

Maybe offer to snuggle with her
No. 754303 ID: 73b398

"Is that an offer?"

Waggle eyebrows aggressively.
No. 754304 ID: 6c25ef

"...Some company would help."
No. 754305 ID: 9876c4

Think this plan has potential, should be suggested.

Staying out of the passion of the dogmom.
No. 754306 ID: 3e182c

I have to wake up in the morning...
But I wouldn't mind some company.
No. 754307 ID: 91ee5f

I could be asking you the same thing. I did wake you up in the middle of the night after all. Maybe we can keep each other company tonight?
No. 754309 ID: 18c9f5

Yeah. Lightly, but that's probably for the best.

Should we stay in the same room? It might be better in case that thing finds a way inside.
No. 754310 ID: d163e3
File 147707889424.png - (30.82KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

You: “Are you?

No. 754311 ID: d163e3
File 147707891414.png - (51.21KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

You: “Well, I had this idea…”

You: “Penny really wants some alcohol to serve at the café.”

You: “With all the gin you have-”

Ramona: “You know about the gin.”

You: “Well, yes, but-”

Ramona: “How are you getting into these rooms in the house?”

You: “I’m… kind of alright at picking locks.”

Ramona: “Chuck… you’re not a bad man, but didn’t your mother raise you better than that?”

You: “I don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry, I’m sorry… but it’s out in the open. Can I tell you what I was thinking?”

Ramona agrees with a sigh, and you lean in closer to her ear.

You: “What if we offer reveyee as a mixer with the gin? That way, when Penny starts selling, everyone in town will get some.”

Ramona: “Assuming everyone in town will drink, and… well, given the taste, I don’t think it will sell well.”

You: “Trust me sweetcheeks, a little simple syrup and lemon juice will cover anything.”

Ramona: “I can’t concentrate if you talk like that.”

You: “Huh?”

Ramona: “Your, uh, bedroom voice.”

You: “Oh, you mean when I talk real low like this

Ramona: “Nn… ok, ok, so everyone in town drinks reveyee. Then what? How am I supposed to make it that quickly?”

You: “The idea is that Susanna won’t be able to hypnotize people anymore.”

Ramona: “Has she been…?”

You: “I think so. How fast can you make it?”

Ramona: “Like I said before, it takes about twenty for hours. It has to macerate for about eighteen hours, then reduce for about six.”

You: “Maybe Sally can make another batch with you.”

Ramona smiles, and you hear her tail patting against the mattress behind her.

Ramona: “Well…”

Ramona: “Ok, maybe we can give this a try.”

You: “I didn’t think you’d be amenable!”

Ramona: “Normally I wouldn’t, but… I keep thinking…”
No. 754312 ID: d163e3
File 147707893467.png - (34.78KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

Ramona: “How much this will piss off that bitch Stark
No. 754313 ID: 91ee5f

Trust me, it will piss her off. In fact, you should've seen the look on her face when she tried to use her trick on me and it failed. The look on her face was priceless!
No. 754314 ID: 9876c4

That's the spirits!

looks like something is gonna find it's way inside.
No. 754315 ID: ad46ef

Unimaginable amounts of rage.
Ramona, you shall experience the most divine schadenfreude.
No. 754318 ID: 86a6f7

Now that's the face of a trouble maker... I like it!
No. 754319 ID: d163e3
File 147708136188.png - (42.48KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

You are not sure what is contributing more to your massive erection: your master plan, or the dog mom’s boobies. Despite all the warmth and comfort, you can’t really sleep. You’re excited about your plan, and you can still hear the footsteps on the roof every few minutes.
No. 754320 ID: 73b398

Use massive erection on dogmom.
No. 754324 ID: 6c25ef

Can't sleep, huh? Too bad there's nothing else to do. All night.
No. 754327 ID: d163e3
File 147708394914.png - (55.97KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

You and Ramona had been naked under the sheets for a while, so you didn’t have to say much to each other. You’re really going to town on those tits tonight for some reason. Maybe Sophie left some kind of tit deficit or something. Ramona seems very happy with this.


You are distracted from the heavy knockers of the Plath Matron by the sound of the heavy knockers of the Plath Mansion.

Sally: “Mamaaaa!”

Sally: “The front door’s stuck or something!”

You: “Well… could’ve told you THAT was going to happen.”

Ramona: “She must have a sixth sense…”

No. 754329 ID: 398fe1

Good grief, go tell her not to open the door because of the monster.
No. 754330 ID: 18c9f5

Probably go let her in. This isn't a night to be stuck outside.
No. 754331 ID: 398fe1

...wait, is she on the outside? What was she doing out so late?

The monster won't attack her obviously, she's after Chuck. ...which probably means Ramona should be the one to open the door.
No. 754332 ID: 595d54

She was at Naz's, she's outside.

Before we open it, make sure it's really Sally and there aren't monsters nearby enough to dash in.
No. 754333 ID: 73b398

Go let her in with your dick out. Try to maintain the massive erection.
No. 754334 ID: b0f04f

Grab the gun before we go get her, it might be a trick and/or we may need to be the hero.
No. 754335 ID: d22f84


Hurry and move the chair to let her in before the monster does to her what it did to lorraine
No. 754338 ID: b8d5aa

WAIT, make sure it's really sally first.

it could be the monster pretending to be Sally to get you to open the door.

or sally could be mind-controlled by the evil bitch mayor.

brace for something awful! also put some pants on.
No. 754344 ID: d163e3
File 147708689161.png - (57.54KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

You put on only pants, then take the gun and bat down to the living room. You remove the chair from the door, but put your weight against it.

You: “Sally?”

Sally: “Chuck? Can you open the door for me?”

How can you make sure that this is Sally?
No. 754347 ID: 398fe1

...well I mean wouldn't you check her room first? Sally should be sleeping.

I guess you could ask what you two got up to in the attic.
No. 754348 ID: 18c9f5

Sally was staying at Naz's tonight. Pay attention.

Ask what she's doing out so late, I suppose. I don't think the monster would know if Sally was having a sleepover.

Alternatively, flirt.
No. 754349 ID: 383927

Sally was a Naz's house, so she wouldn't be upstairs sleeping. A "only something Sally would know" question does sound good though
No. 754353 ID: b8d5aa

"hold on, the door's stuck, give me just a minute, i'm going to have to get the key."

dash upstairs and try to see what's going on from a second story window.
No. 754354 ID: 91ee5f

Isn't there a window nearby that you can look through? Or can you not see the front door through any of them?
No. 754358 ID: 9876c4

"If you're Sally, how many times you seen me naked?"

Snayor's guess will likely be well off the mark. And even if she can read pooch's mind, it'll take time.
No. 754361 ID: d163e3
File 147708899343.png - (32.29KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

You quietly creep around the wing of the house, parting the curtains of one of the massive Norman windows looking out into the courtyard. What you see is nothing short of madness.
No. 754362 ID: d163e3
File 147708903653.png - (25.92KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

There is someone at the front doors, black from head to toe. It has what looks like a large beak jutting from its face. The beak opens to speak, and Sally’s voice comes out.

Sally: “Helloooo?”
No. 754365 ID: 398fe1

For fuck's sake. I say we shoot the fucking thing already, or call the police so they can shoot it.
No. 754366 ID: 3abd97

I'd say shoot it, but you only have one bullet, and there's no guarantee you can kill it at range and in the dark.

Maybe... go back down and talk to it? If you know it's not Sally, maybe you can get some information from it?
No. 754368 ID: b8d5aa

tell ramona what's going on and ask her what to do.
No. 754369 ID: 4c7ea7

Just open the door. It won't take you more than a moment to see if it's her and you'll have time to slam the door shut again. These dudes have a habit of standing there and doing nothing for several seconds.
No. 754370 ID: 91ee5f

Go and put the chair back in front of the door right now!
No. 754371 ID: 9876c4


We tell 'Sally' that Ramona has the key, so we have to wake her up.
Never mind if there's no key, because a fake wouldn't know.

Then we quietly call the cops.
No. 754372 ID: 383927

Tell Ramona, call the police. For good measure try to get a gold of Naz or Sally if you can. Then play dumb and try to ply it for information.
No. 754373 ID: 3e182c

This thing needs to die.
I don't think one bullet will do it though.
No. 754374 ID: 9eaf99

Gun is LAST RESORT. Gun does NOT stop monster, only inconveniences. Do NOT shoot.
Remember, she was staying at NAZ's place. We've never known these things to mimic speech.
Go to door, issue a challenge question. Better safe than shooting Sally.
No. 754375 ID: 6612fa

ask her/it hows its sleep over at "angela's" was knowing full well it was with naz.
its dark out and i can't tell if that's a beak or not. catch it in a lie
No. 754378 ID: d163e3
File 147709025122.png - (47.96KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You: “So Sally, how was your sleepover at Angela’s?”

Sally: “It was pleasant. Could you open the door, please? It is cold out here!”

You: “In a second. Your mom’s getting the key.”

Sally: “Thank you.”


You: “So… yeah, the Bible has that stuff about bearing false witness and all that.”

You: “Pretty cool, huh.”

Sally doesn’t respond. Ramona is at the bottom of the stairs, and you motion to her to call the police. She rushes to the kitchen.
No. 754379 ID: 398fe1

The gun does not KILL the monster. It SCARES OFF the monster.

Ask it what it is, and why it's trying to get at you.
No. 754381 ID: df90d0

"Seriously, what the fuck are you?"
No. 754383 ID: 595d54

"So, sinner, what are you? Remember that thou shalt not lie."
No. 754388 ID: 6c25ef

"Seriously, do you just want the clipboard back? I wasn't even gonna take it till Susanna got all spooky at me."
No. 754390 ID: b8d5aa

no, don't give away your position right away. keep it thinking that you believe it's sally. try to keep it there until the cops can show up!

tantalize it with invented details about sensual and sinful encounters that never happened. they seem to have a hangup about that.
No. 754391 ID: df90d0

This person actually has the best idea.
Lewd talk it, rile it the fuck up.
Then shoot a glory hole in the door.
No. 754398 ID: 6612fa

he over played his hand with the bible talk, it probably went back to the roof or something
No. 754413 ID: 3abd97

"Man, where is Romona.

"So what did you guys do after I left?"
No. 754432 ID: 37f049

I like this.
No. 754433 ID: 6612fa

good keep it simple
No. 754434 ID: 350a50

No. 754470 ID: 86a6f7

"Flock off feather face!"
No. 754477 ID: 8e8614

Do the edgy hitman thing and shoot it through the door. Like that one scene from Breaking Bad.
No. 754478 ID: 99bd8f

Don't ruin the nice door that's keeping you safe.
No. 754484 ID: 350a50

Don't waste your goddamn bullet on the bulletproof monster.

Save it for putting in the back of Susanna's skull.
No. 754485 ID: 6d97f4

Tried asking if she had anyone else with her?
No. 754509 ID: 71d443

No need, you've got a fully loaded six shooter cocked and ready for next time you see her.
No. 754510 ID: 350a50

Did no one ever teach you not to stick your dick in crazy?
No. 754561 ID: 5eb4ef

Seduce the monster
No. 754562 ID: 81391e

But what if crazy was really hot
No. 754570 ID: 3373e2

Does the door have a peep hole? If so just look through that before we start shooting off our ONLY Bullet.
No. 754601 ID: f562b1

What if this bird is actually just another resident of the town, and happens to like pulling pranks like Naz does? Though meeting such a person immediately after meeting such a demon would be an incredible coincidence.
No. 754657 ID: 8354a9

The last guy who tried doing that in a quest got stabbed in his netherlands.

Its a bad idea unless the monster has some kind of man-like intelligence/sapience.
No. 754684 ID: 71d443

There's no need to insult Susanna's intelligence, now.
No. 754737 ID: c98766

Well, shit. Confused her with one of the creepy sheet monsters.
No. 754870 ID: 91ee5f

It's not a lie if they don't know it's not true.
No. 755073 ID: d163e3
File 147733082653.png - (38.92KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

You: “So that was pretty good sex we had, huh”

You: “You know. The pre-marital sodomy.”

There is no reply. Ramona looks out from the kitchen, giving you a thumbs up to indicate that she has called the police. You walk around the side to peak out the window again, and it looks like the monster has left.
No. 755080 ID: 15a025

Well, hopefully the police find it before it goes after someone else. Wonder if our other friend is still up on the roof top.
No. 755082 ID: 91ee5f

Well, we ain't gonna go check! Outside isn't safe! So we're staying inside with Ramona!
No. 755084 ID: 350a50

I wonder if they haven't simply broken in through the window because they can't enter someone's home without permission.
No. 755085 ID: 67f0a5

Maybe get Ramona to call Angela's place. Just in case?
No. 755098 ID: 398fe1

That's disappointing, I was hoping to have it waiting right at the door when the cops arrived.

Anyway, sit tight until the cops arrive. Maybe ask Marona about Cletus. What was his last name? Did Lorraine ever have any kids?
No. 755102 ID: c81293

This is both good and bad. The monster is leaving and the cops are on their way. However, what concerns me is what this means for Sally, do we know where she is or if she is safe?
No. 755112 ID: 91ee5f

Pay attention man! Ramona said that Sally went to Naz’s house for a sleepover!
No. 755113 ID: 8715cf

That... that could be interesting, makes me wonder what kind of conversation they would have together...
No. 755114 ID: b9aa79

Just call Naz's house to be sure- she was staying the night from what i remember, but she could leave any time she wanted to. Doesn't hurt to be cautious.

Secondly, this is going to be the second time you've been involved with reporting a monster sighting to the police Chuck. I might worry about them getting suspicious or thinking you're crying wolf. Tread carefully, even consider hiding while they talk to Ramona. She made the call after all, so if they don't see you then hopefully they won't think you're spinning stories
No. 755115 ID: 9876c4

This. We've had enough fun with the phone for one evening.
No. 755116 ID: 398fe1

Oh and ask about the boudoir.
No. 755117 ID: 91ee5f

Agree with hiding while Ramona talks to the cops. Don't want them to think Chuck is trying to prank them.
No. 755121 ID: 9876c4

I'm not gonna veto, but this becomes unwise if they ask any in depth questions.

The might doubt you, but if Ramona confirms what you say, it looks a lot better for you.
No. 755128 ID: 3e182c

Having him "Asleep" in a bed would work nicely.
No. 755146 ID: d163e3
File 147736451797.png - (34.86KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

Ramona: “It was imitating Sally’s voice? Like a parrot?”

You: “Yeah, just standing there… talking like Sally.”

Ramona appears profoundly disturbed by this.

Ramona: “Susanna must be getting more ruthless, no doubt because she noticed the clipboard missing.”

Ramona: “How did you get your hands on it, anyway?”

You: “Well, Lisa was out… doing rounds or something. Sophie let her in-”

Ramona: “You were at Sophie’s apartment?”

You: “Eh… yyyeah. Just chatting with her for a while, playing with her camera. Lisa showed up out of the blue and fell asleep on the couch within a few minutes.”

Ramona: “So you took the clipboard right out of her hand?”

You: “Yeah…”

Ramona: “And I suppose you took that bottle of gin, too. And the agate. And the letter.”


Ramona: “Chuck… you have a problem.”

Ramona sighs and rubs her forehead.

Ramona: “This is something for another time, but I can’t-”


Layla: “Police.”

Will you go with Ramona to the door, or remain out of sight?
No. 755147 ID: 398fe1

You better look through the window to be sure it's actually the police. They got here awfully fast.
No. 755148 ID: 71d443

Outta sight, dude!
No. 755149 ID: 9f3729

Stay out of sight for now in case the mayor put cop dog on the case
No. 755150 ID: 91ee5f

So this!
No. 755151 ID: 8715cf

No. 755152 ID: 3abd97

Crazy thought, but are we sure the creature is under Susana's control?

Maybe she warded or otherwise protected her servant, but once Chuck brought the enchanted object into the open... free reign for creepy crawlies to come after the power they sense.
No. 755153 ID: 9876c4

Like the pendant Lisa was wearing.

That'd mean the demons have a homing pattern to unwarded agate. We could maybe test that later.
No. 755154 ID: 398fe1

If that were true, Chuck would've been accosted for the agate in his pocket. If they're attracted to agate it'd have to be infused agate. As in, magical items. Which I doubt, because then they'd go after Lisa.

If Susanna isn't controlling the monsters then the reason why she's trying to keep the city clean of sin is to keep the monsters away. Personally I think that's what's going on. That's the only way we can explain the monster that showed up at the Truth or Dare party, because Lisa was already there. Why send a monster to spy on the party when there's already a spy there?
No. 755155 ID: cc7ce4

Seconding this. While the knocking might be the police its also da sound of da beadt
No. 755156 ID: 3abd97

I was thinking the pocket agate wasn't "active" yet. Raw materials, versus an active enchantment.
No. 755157 ID: d163e3
File 147736869291.png - (40.54KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

You go to the window again and peer out. Layla is standing there in the courtyard beneath the awning, just on the other side of the front door.

Ramona: “Chuck?”

Ramona: “Is it her, or not?”
No. 755158 ID: d163e3
File 147736872012.png - (34.07KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

No. 755159 ID: d163e3
File 147736873431.png - (50.89KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

You: “Yeah”

You: “Yeah it’s her”
No. 755160 ID: d163e3
File 147736875211.png - (50.30KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

You decide to stay out of the way to maintain the credibility of Ramona’s story. While she talks to the narc, you go upstairs and take a shower to rinse of the residual drunk. You’re not sure what to do in the meantime.
No. 755161 ID: 398fe1

Get your stolen goods (letter, agate) out to return to Ramona, and also be prepared to pay Ramona for the gin you stole. If the monsters are attracted to sin maybe you should reduce your sins and beg for forgiveness when possible.

If you feel like wandering you could go up to check the roof again. Are we sure the monster left? Could be up there still. It's also possible Lorraine will show up but I suspect she manifests at midnight exactly.

I can't think of anything else to do aside from snoop, but Ramona is awake now and will be coming back to check on you after Layla leaves so you don't want to be caught red handed (also you're already caught, don't make her even angrier)
No. 755162 ID: 9876c4

Curl up in a ball and groom yourself.
No. 755163 ID: 65317a

Id say keep the letter. We need to give that to Loraine. However giving back the stones would be a good idea. Would not want to have those accidentally fall into the wrong Snek hands...yet. Also we should probably sleep, what with work in the morning...
No. 755164 ID: 4ac8eb

Return the stones, maybe leave a note saying you might have a problem but you don't want to create problems for anyone else.
No. 755165 ID: 8715cf

Well we've been blue balled twice now... that can't feel very good... so hopefully Ramona comes and pays us a visit to resume where we left off... if not... maybe see if we can find Loraine and sees what ghost sex is like?
No. 755176 ID: 350a50

Keep the letter to return to Lorraine later, but return the agate to Ramona.
No. 755177 ID: d163e3
File 147737388712.png - (33.77KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

You hear Ramona returning upstairs, where you meet her out in the hallway.

You: “So. What’d she say?”

Ramona: “She’s going to do a search of the area. She said that’s about all she can do.”

Ramona: “She did mention that you had reported it to her before.”

You: “Yeah, that’s… kind of why I went upstairs. I didn’t want to seem like I was making up stories.”

Ramona nods.

You: “So… ah… Mona”

You: “I wanted to return these.”

You: “It’s the agate.”
No. 755178 ID: d163e3
File 147737390908.png - (27.62KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

Ramona takes the small tin of blue pebbles.

Ramona: “I am glad they did not fall into the mayor’s hands.”

You try to hide how much it pains you that they didn’t.

You: “Yeah. Heh.”

Ramona: “Chuck, I need you to stop taking things from here without my permission.”

Ramona: “I can’t have you living here if it continues.”

You: “Understood.”


You: “I’m… sorry.”

Ramona: “It’s ok. Just as long as you stop.”

a) “How about a belt of gin? Just you and me.”
b) “So we, yeah… think you’ve got a quick tuggy in you?”
c) “What’s in the boudoir?”
d) “I’m going to go to bed. Good night, Mona.”
No. 755181 ID: 398fe1


Also ask if she knows about the safe behind the painting.
No. 755182 ID: 9f3729

C, yeah.
No. 755183 ID: 3e182c

Hey don't steal stuff.
Ok sorry, where are all your valuables again?
No. 755185 ID: b72deb

ramona... if we're going to fight mayor stark, we need to come to an agreement. i won't take anything else from this house without asking, but you have to be open with me about what's actually in here. especially things that we can potentially use against her.
No. 755186 ID: 91ee5f

>It’s ok. Just as long as you stop.
"In my defense, I think me taking the clipboard from Lisa was a good thing. Otherwise, we never would've found out the Snayor was controlling poor Lisa!"

>What do?

And this.
No. 755189 ID: 14086d

No. 755190 ID: d163e3
File 147737697307.png - (22.52KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

You: “I’ll stop taking anything without your permission, but-”

Ramona: “No. No buts.”

You: “I need you to be honest with me about what is happening, especially if it will help me stop Susanna.”


Ramona: “I… I suppose you’re right. If I keep secrets from you, I’m not really any better than her.”

You: “So… what’s in the boudoir?”

Ramona: “I can show you, I suppose, but I am going to need my sleep sometime.”

You: “Ok, ok. Tomorrow, then. What about the safe in my bedroom?”

Ramona: “Safe?”

You: “Behind the painting.”

Ramona: “Oh. Hm… I found that years ago, but I’ve never been able to open it.”

Ramona: “I’m surprised you didn’t pick the lock.”

You: “Well it’s got some kind of weird lock on it.”

You: “Not… not that I tried to pick it, but if I had, then I would say it’s not like any lock I’ve ever seen before.”

Ramona: “Chuck… what did you do for a living before you came to Coxwette?”

a) the truth
b) a lie
No. 755192 ID: 350a50

"Is it okay if I keep the letters to return to Lorraine?"

No. 755193 ID: 350a50


No more lies.
No. 755194 ID: 9f3729

aaa shit we gotta go with the truth, but with a bit of "I was a child actor but my parents squandered my money and my childhood" to soften it
No. 755195 ID: 398fe1

b, say something that is super obviously a lie. Like tell her you were a priest.

Also, that it doesn't matter. You can't go back to that life now. There's no leaving coxwette.
No. 755197 ID: d41523

Say neither the truth nor a lie. Dodge the question by saying it doesn't matter anymore, since you can't ever go back to that life.
No. 755198 ID: faf3ce

Dude. If this person can't accept what you've been doing, nobody can. This is your chance to finally have something other than looking over your shoulder all the time. Tell them the truth.
No. 755199 ID: 9f3729

I anti-vote my own suggestion, just go "Ok yeah I was a bank robber, please don't tell the cops."
No. 755200 ID: 398fe1

You know, if we really want to get away with this, the best thing to say would be "child actor, been coasting off the money all my life, learned to pick locks by breaking into abandoned buildings"
No. 755203 ID: df90d0

a) the truth
Abridged version of things. Bad childhood, rough life, yer a bank robber on the run.
No. 755204 ID: 71d443

"Fuckin'... Anything I could to get away from my real job." Tragic backstory, etc. etc.
No. 755205 ID: a788b7


Just tell her you robbed banks. She knows you were up to shady shit anyway, and being a bank robber is a pretty exciting occupation anyway.

Hell, it's probably half the damn reason you're in this town. The town needed a doctor and sophie showed up. The town needed a young cop and Layla showed up. Any good story needs a scoundrel.
No. 755206 ID: 65a7f3

We JUST agreed to be honest. Tell the truth, for once.
No. 755215 ID: 3e182c

Ramona's like. The only person here we can legit call an actual friend.

Truth should be fine.
No. 755216 ID: 180f83

Really good way of putting it.
No. 755217 ID: f0e552

the truth.
No. 755219 ID: 91ee5f

>The safe's lock.
Well, it looks like it might require a very specifically shaped key to open it.

>What do?

Child actor, parents never saw me as their son, they only saw me as a cash cow that needed to be milked.

Or the town needed someone that could change things and then Chuck showed up.
No. 755221 ID: 14b7b7

She kinda knows you're a bit of a sleaze now but maybe you can use your knowledge from your past to help Ramona stop the snek somehow
No. 755222 ID: d163e3
File 147738069679.png - (22.84KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

You: “I’d like to tell you this in confidence.”

Ramona: “Of course, dear.”

You: “I… kind of had a bad childhood. And a bad life.”

You: “My parents treated me like a slave and I never had any friends. I never went to a normal school. I never…”

You: “Just when I thought they really loved me, they threw me out on the street when I couldn’t make money for them anymore.”

You: “I robbed houses.”

Ramona: “Chuck…”

You: “I robbed a bank.”

Ramona: “Oh Chuck, no…”

You: “I was on the run when I came here.”

Ramona: “You didn’t… hurt anyone, did you?”

You: “I never… killed anyone.”

You: “I’m sorry. I should have told you. You probably won’t look at me the same way now.”
No. 755223 ID: d163e3
File 147738072894.png - (25.67KB , 500x500 , 47.png )


Ramona: “When I look at you, I see…”

Ramona: “I see a young man who has made a great many bad decisions.”
No. 755224 ID: d163e3
File 147738074741.png - (26.13KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

Ramona: “And for once in his life… wants to start making good ones.”

Ramona: “What you’ve done is only who you are if you don’t change what you do.”
No. 755225 ID: 9f3729

Mom dog best dog mom
No. 755226 ID: 180f83

To be honest, I don't quite see myself doing good things in the future, and wanting to change who I am. But you having hope in me is some reassurance I have not felt in a very long time. Thank you.
No. 755227 ID: 398fe1

Thanks Ramona. You're a pear- uh, peach.
No. 755228 ID: f562b1

Some changes are harder than others... Maybe becomming an official locksmith is in order. I mean, the town doesn't have one, right? Give you an excuse to pick locks--be doing so for legitimate reasons.

Buuut, for now, ask her how curious she is about the safe. Maybe mention the idea of going locksmith and doing it for good.
No. 755230 ID: c441c1

Hug the dog-mom.
No. 755231 ID: df90d0

Tear up and hug her, you little bitch.
She's probably the first person in your life that knows what's going on that's just shown you complete and unconditional care.
No. 755232 ID: 126f3e

Run sympathy.bat....
"I'm trying to change. Lord knows I am. It's just hard to go straight after a life of hell, you know? I'll keep trying though, see if I'm able to set myself straight."

...Estimated effectiveness: UNKNOWN
No. 755233 ID: 8a075a

Don't hug her that is weird given she is giving you motherly advice and you tapped that. Just take it and tell her it really means a lot to hear someone say that to you.
No. 755234 ID: 180f83

And then SUPLEX HER!
No. 755238 ID: 91ee5f

Start crying and then immediately deny that you're crying and blame it on something being in your eye or your allergies acting up.

And then hug her. A normal hug, not a sex "hug".
No. 755243 ID: 5d1657

I like this a lot, really. Maybe take a bit of the edge off, like "I'm... having a hard time seeing myself that way. I'm glad at least someone does." or whatever
No. 755245 ID: 161ab5

thank her sincerely, tell her you're trying to change, but don't break down and cry and bare your soul to her.

she is a hot dogmom but she is not YOUR mom so don't act like you're her son or there will be no more tapping the hot dogmom in your future because that will make things weird.
No. 755246 ID: 9f3729

"W-what? that's- that's stupid!"
exclaim this while scarcely holding back tears
No. 755247 ID: 71d443

Make it clear how likely that is by propositioning her again.
No. 755251 ID: 398fe1

If there are hugs I demand an ass grab as part of the hug.
No. 755269 ID: 350a50

"I dunno about making good choices. It's been more like making bad choices, for some better reasons."
No. 755272 ID: f9a70c

"To be honest, Ramona, I'm still not a great guy. But... well, I'm not a literal monster. And even being the scumbag I am I've been helping people out more than the mayor, for all the good she thinks she's at. I hate that control shit she's doing, and some people here I like. I want to keep finding out what's going on and fix it, and to do that... well, the skills I have are the skills I have."
No. 755273 ID: 20295c

Try not to cry. Fail.
No. 755277 ID: 9876c4

Chuckiest answer, tbh.
No. 755285 ID: aa44eb

You can't help but tear up. It's nice to have someone believe in you again
No. 755287 ID: 15a025

Go in for a hug, then cry on the shoulders instead.
No. 755290 ID: d4516a

Hug her. Tearing up a little, optional.

Once the moment passes, cop a feel.
No. 755301 ID: 3e182c

Also. Because this is the last appropriate moment to do so... I may have "borrowed" your bolt cutters, as well. I plan on breaking in to the mayors warehouse this weekend.
No. 755329 ID: 350a50

Oh right, we should probably get that out there while we're in confession.
No. 755332 ID: 91ee5f

And then emphasize that we're trying to see what the Snayor is hiding in there.
No. 755334 ID: 9876c4

I'd consider the last appropriate moment to be AFTER we have dunnit,
hastily addended with "and you'll never guess what we found!"
No. 755335 ID: cb41d2

Or quietly return them, then ask for permission.
No. 755354 ID: b71171

I considered this but I'd rather go armed with whatever "else" Ramona can cook up other than just revyee. There won't be any conveniently jump over able railings to escape with. It's essentially a death trap If the mayor sends in or has stationed another 73-6 demon in there.
No. 755355 ID: 1fe608

for the love of god please hug her
No. 755361 ID: 3373e2

Give her a Hug.
No. 755362 ID: 3373e2

Also try not to weep too hardly.
No. 755372 ID: 65317a

Hug her and then suggest sleeping again. It really is getting late and we've got work in the morning.
No. 755426 ID: fa8f9d

When do we get her to wear the booty shorts?
No. 755433 ID: 398fe1

I doubt she can still fit in them.
No. 755448 ID: 91ee5f

Then we ask Sophie to resize them.

After we watch Ramona struggle and fail to get into them first. That's a sight that's too funny not to see! XD
No. 755452 ID: 027d6b

Thank her for being such a great person with you, regardless of the weird shit you did.

And pray to as many gods as you can remember that she doesn't find out that you fingered/fooled around with her daughter.

Its a likely win-win situation. If she wears the shorts its great, if she fails to wear, it will probably end with her butt tearing the poor little bundle of cloth into shreds, and we get a good sight of her mom glutes.
No. 755453 ID: d163e3
File 147745667580.png - (41.87KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

You hug Ramona.
No. 755454 ID: d163e3
File 147745669520.png - (42.31KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

You start to breath harder. As if by some sixth sense, Ramona squeezes you tight.

Ramona: “It’s ok.”

Ramona: “Shh. It’s going to be alright.”

Ramona: “You’re gonna start over. You’re gonna be a good man from now on.”
No. 755455 ID: d163e3
File 147745671423.png - (41.39KB , 500x500 , 51.png )


You: “Are”

You: “Are you”

You: “Are you gonna die”

Ramona squeezes again.
No. 755456 ID: 398fe1

Damn Chuck get it together.
No. 755458 ID: ad7112

No. 755459 ID: 67d5dc

No. 755460 ID: 6c25ef

I really hope it's not some bullshit where she could get treatment but refuses to step foot outside of Coxwette.
No. 755462 ID: 61c1ab


let it out chuck
No. 755463 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe we can magic away her cancer? Magic obviously exists, so maybe there could be something that can cure her? If Ramona doesn't know of a spell, then maybe there's a spell book we can steal from the Snayor that has what we need in it? Or maybe it's in the Plath catacombs? We just need to figure put how to get in there! There has to be something we can do! Damnit, RML! Stop making me cry! :'(
No. 755464 ID: 6ae03e

Hug it out bro... hug it out....
No. 755465 ID: 12040f

inb4 we trade the jewels to Susanna - but we change the reward conditions.
Cure Ramona.
No. 755467 ID: 91ee5f

As nice as that would be, I don't think Susanna's that desperate to get her hands on the agate. She wouldn't help a Plath, not even for the agate.

And I don't think Ramona would allow that, even if we are thinking with the head on our shoulders for a change. She'd rather die than accept help from a Stark.
No. 755484 ID: 5acbe2

Yeah, it's more the opposite. Vow to break Susanna Stark's hold on the town together, even if it's the last thing Ramona does.
No. 755499 ID: 3e182c

Assuming Susanna really is vampire, and assuming we could soundly defeat her...

Couldn't we steal her blood and use it to make Ramona immortal?
No. 755509 ID: 595d54

>immortal cancer
No thanks
No. 755516 ID: d1b912

There, there, Chuck. Just think about snake booty and it'll pass.
No. 755517 ID: 350a50

To hell with the snake booty. We do not want to be vulnerable around Susanna, and as Dogmom says, if we plan on going up against a Stark we can't be so easily seduced.
No. 755520 ID: 90aed8

my fucking sides
wew lad, grow your balls back or you're never going to tap that piece again
No. 755523 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, especially since Stark has a robotic suit she can put on and blast us to pieces!

...oh, wait. Never mind, I'm thinking of the wrong Stark.
No. 755525 ID: 350a50

Although to be fair, one shouldn't be easily seduced going up against that Stark either.

I know, how dare he be a person with real emotions instead of a singleminded socipath?
No. 755536 ID: 71d443

Play hard to get, eh? I like this plan. (Though it's only pretend.)
No. 755559 ID: bb78f2

No she's not Chuck, Layla's from the Fifties and she's sporting the ass of a 20 year old. Just don't fuck with the time bubble and Dogmom lives forever in peace with her 18 year old daughter in perpetuity. Never getting old, never moving on.

This moment is the rest of your life... if you let it.
No. 755577 ID: 1d744d

Shut up with that shit. That kind of logic what makes monsters like Susan, time must flow as it will, those who think like that are trapped are damned to live in this purgatory.
No. 755579 ID: 71d443

It's only a cage if you think of it like one. For sssomeone who's afraid of moving on, it's a refuge.
No. 755580 ID: 350a50

This is the voice of the enemy.
No. 755581 ID: 1d744d

If you think of your self-made prison as a refuge, then you are a coward.
No. 755583 ID: 71d443

If you would deny sssomeone their sanctuary, then you are heartless.
Someone like Ramona.
No. 755584 ID: 1d744d

HA! Hypocrite. If you want to stay in your sanctuary fine. But forcing unwilling people to stay in it isn't just heartless, it's tyranny and sadism. It's cowardice because you need trickery to keep people in line.

And Ramona is not heartless, she took chuck in, loves her daughter and is worried what will happen to Sally when she is gone, and she wants chuck to do right. That is not a heartless person.
No. 755589 ID: 71d443

The argument's not to convince her, it's to convince Chuck. Chuck knows that sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor. Don't you, Chuck?
No. 755590 ID: 1d744d

Wait a minute... "Ssssomeone from their sanctuary" you're the Susan's voice from the clipboard aintcha! Thats it, your going in the fireplace, Let's burn that fucker!
No. 755592 ID: 4aea00

Discretion my ass, BURN THE CLIPBOARD!
No. 755595 ID: d163e3
File 147753736930.png - (36.40KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

You and Ramona let go of one another. She still doesn’t answer the question, and you are kind of glad.

Ramona: “Chuck…”

You: “What”

Ramona: “I won’t tell anyone you cried.”

You: “I ain’t cryin’.”

Ramona: “I understand, honey. I know how you men are. You cried, and now you’re angry that you cried so you have to go brood.”

Ramona: “But please don’t worry for me. We have to be resolute to outwit Susanna.”

You nod.

You: “Have you told Sally?”

Ramona: “No… we just made the plan. I haven’t spoken with her.”

You: “Not that.”


Ramona: “I… I still need to.”

You: “I’m going to bed.”
No. 755596 ID: d163e3
File 147753738025.png - (39.13KB , 500x500 , 53.png )

You wake up the next morning. It’s Thursday.

You would rather deepthroat a cactus than get up and go to work today.
No. 755598 ID: 350a50

I'm sure Geoff is open to the idea.
No. 755599 ID: 398fe1

Call in sick. Tell Marcie how some fucking monster was stalking you last night and kept you up. Also you weren't really feeling well in the first place (Sophie can back you up on that).
No. 755600 ID: 4aea00

What is today anyway? Monday? Tuesday?
No. 755601 ID: 4aea00

Never mind
No. 755603 ID: 71d443

What could have gotten you sssick? There was the escape from the monster, liasons with two separate women... Oh no, Ramona's cancer really is contagious!
No. 755604 ID: 86cf98


Call in sick today. I'd personally recommend that you get some proper rest before adventuring out today.
No. 755607 ID: 4aea00

Fuck off Susan it's called a hangover and some as frumpy as you probably wouldn't know
No. 755608 ID: 180f83

Call in sick, say we had an intruder last night, and it kept you up all night. No need to mention it being a monster, she might not believe you.

Check on Ramona.
No. 755618 ID: 398fe1

Dammit that's right. Should've drunk a bunch of water before bed to stave it off. Oh well I guess Chuck better do that now instead.
No. 755619 ID: 91ee5f

We still have to get out of bed and deliver Ramona's soup to Sally like we promised.

How much you guys wanna bet that if we call in sick, Marcie is gonna send in a shit load of pastries as a "get well soon" gift?
No. 755622 ID: 15a025

Call in sick and take an extra little cat nap Chuck. You'll need it.
No. 755636 ID: f562b1

Go get some Wake Up reveree stuff from Ramona. That stuff's surely guarenteed to knock out the hangover and get you ready for work.
No. 755637 ID: 78a3e5

Better to go to work than mope.
No. 755640 ID: 65317a

Be a man. Go to work. Staying home wont help you not be around sad things.
No. 755641 ID: c6482e

Eh. It's not just a hang over. Several days worth of sleep deprivation are finally taking their toll. Not to mention hangover or no, most of the sleep Chuck got last night was likely rendered useless by the alcohol. I can see Chuck powering through work, the exercise will keep him awake, but he would need to come back and sleep through the afternoon to function at all later, and that could fuck up his ability to sleep later, landing him in this same position tomorrow. Better to call in and sleep in. Still, we need to get some revyee to Sally, and decide what were doing with this clipboard. I say we copy the rune and give the thing back in tactp We have our answers, no point in starting a feud with the mayor just yet.
No. 755642 ID: 398fe1

Copy the rune? Why?
No. 755646 ID: 14086d

Be a man. You promised to be a better person for Ramona and calling off isn't going to do that. Get up, swallow some OJ with an aspirin and earn your money honestly.
No. 755649 ID: 3e182c

The copy won't be magical, but it would give us something to reference or at least recognize for when we encounter more of Suzanna's magic on the future.
Basically at this point were running more or less blind, and any and all information no matter how trivial is useful.
No. 755662 ID: 8747d9

Ramona had a bit of liquor before we even found it, right? ANd shes some manner of alchemist? SEe if shes got any secret family hangover cures.
No. 755669 ID: ded3b0

>inb4 it's Reveyee
Quaff dat potion like there's no tomorrow
No. 755671 ID: 350a50

This is a fair point.
No. 755681 ID: 2a7417

Deepthroat that cactus, Chuck, and wash it down with lots of water. Time for work!
No. 755692 ID: 67f0a5

Get up. You can get some kisses from Marcie to perk you up maybe.
No. 755735 ID: 3373e2

C'mon man, its time to get up and smell the flowers.
No. 755737 ID: d163e3
File 147763406459.png - (55.12KB , 500x500 , 54.png )

You get down three cups of coffee and take a Thermos of reveyee. Ramona gives it to you in an old leather satchel that she dredged from the Plath House attic, making you look like a New England grad student. You arrive at the bakery looking your absolute okayest.
No. 755738 ID: d163e3
File 147763407763.png - (49.29KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

Marcie is there as usual, her sticky paws into making straws out of big fat slurpy treats (an incredible eight foot heap).

Marcie: “I”

Marcie: “am so excited today! Wanna know why?”

You: “Why…?”

Marcie: “Because I get to see”

Marcie: “My favorite delivery guy again!”

She bounces on her toes, beaming at you with her saccharine smile. Your head hurts.

You: “Yyeh, mhm. Could you maybe dial it back a little…”

Marcie: “Dial what back?”

You: “Just… you.”
No. 755739 ID: d163e3
File 147763409083.png - (41.62KB , 500x500 , 56.png )


Marcie: “O-oh”

Marcie: “Yeah. Of course”

Marcie: “I’ll see you this afternoon. Good luck.”

You take the pastry bags and hop on the ladies’ fixed-gear pannier bicycle. You’ll really need to think about where you are going to spend your time along your route today.
No. 755740 ID: c441c1

what if we don't do the route and instead faceplant at the door of the bakery and get the day off instead.
No. 755741 ID: 064dbf

Tell her she can turn it back up in the afternoon. You just didn't sleep well.
No. 755744 ID: 9876c4

We have clipboard? Return Clipboard.
Must feed dog-girl dogsauce.
No sense talking Dinercat until progress is made.

The less drama tonight the better. Sleep for 1000 hours.
No. 755745 ID: 398fe1

Cafe: Tell Penny the good news about Ramona wanting to make a business arrangement with her.
Library: Arrange a time for the porno shoot with Naz. Give Sally her Reveyee, tell her what's going on if Ramona hasn't yet.
Schoolhouse: Tell Angela you'll let her know if you find any of that plant she was looking for.
Shoppe Stoppe: Say hi to Ellen. Tell her to forget the phone call, it was just a prank call. Say hi to Sophie if she's there. Ask her if she wants to go out into the forest with you and take pictures sometime.
City Hall: Return the clipboard, but only after finding out if Lisa knows what it actually does. If she doesn't, tell her.
Police Station: Convince Layla to stake out the porno shoot location at the appointed time, to keep monsters away and get her to actually SEE one of them for once.

After work if Chuck is feeling better and we don't have anything pressing, maybe he can seduce Marcie again and act on it this time.
No. 755746 ID: b8d5aa

return the clipboard. it was all a big misunderstanding.

take a healthy swig of reveyee first.
No. 755747 ID: c441c1

why would we return clipboard with the second page on it tear it up or throw it to the wind before we do so.
No. 755749 ID: 9876c4

Because it's going to stop working with our master plan in action.
And it's going to take heat off us while we do it.

You gotta lose the battle to win the war.
No. 755750 ID: 71d443

Return clipboard intact. Arrange with Naz to deliver her costume after work. Think about snekbutt, possibly while gazing into the clipboard.
No. 755751 ID: 91ee5f

We don't need to talk to Penny about Ramona's wine because technically, Ramona still hasn't said yes. So, let's not get Penny's hopes up.

We should give Sally her Reveyee, but let's not tell her about her mom's condition. That's the sorta thing that Ramona has to do herself.

Can't return the clipboard to Lisa if we didn't bring it with us. Besides, I've got a feeling that Susanna has already given Lisa a replacement.

Don't really need to talk to anyone else. Except for Marcie, when we finish our deliveries. Need to apologize to her and say a bad night's sleep was no excuse for what we said to her.
No. 755752 ID: 350a50

No. 755753 ID: d163e3
File 147763644216.png - (46.45KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

No thoughts of encouraging or even enabling Marcie's annoying pep cross your mind for the time being. On to the cafe.

Penny: “Well good morning, sunshine.”

Penny: “You ok, darlin’? You look like death warmed up.”

You: “I’m fine. Didn’t sleep well.”

Penny: “Can I get you anything?”

You: “No time.”

You look around the restaurant for prying ears, subconsciously putting a hand on the clipboard in your satchel as if it was some kind of listening device.

You: “Ramona wants to make a deal with you.”

Penny: “A deal? She fixin’ to get better food at her little bed and breakfast?”

You: “No, it’s about the drinks.”

Penny: “I’m listenin’.”

You: “Ramona will start supplying you gin… if you agree to mix it with some special bitters.”

Penny: “Hey I can take care of the mixers. I don’t need to spend anymore than necessary-”

You: “It’s free of charge.”


Penny: “Well that’s awful weird. Why would she make that a term of agreement, then?”
No. 755754 ID: 9876c4

She may be eccentric, but she's from one of the oldest families here.
Wants to see folks enjoying their libations like they have since
antebellum days.

Besides, local color is good for sales.
No. 755756 ID: 6c25ef

Shrug. Plath tradition or something.
No. 755757 ID: b71171

You want me to explain the thought processes of the hermit lady living in the haunted house?
No. 755761 ID: 398fe1

Tell her it may protect people from the monsters that have been showing up lately. (hey, it just might)
No. 755762 ID: 350a50

Religious reasons.
No. 755764 ID: 5004ff

She wants to try out a new recipe and a way to serve it. She never quite had the chance or occasion to, being that well... well, she did hide the gin in the first place and kinda kept it secret. But she's turned a cheek in support of letting other folks have some, with a liiittle persuasion from moi. She just wants to try this new thing. Supposedly pretty good for your health I guess.
No. 755775 ID: 71d443

>try out a new recipe
ABORT ABORT Ramona's cooking is infamously bad in town! Avoid the subject of food poisoning.
No. 755780 ID: a107fd

Ain't got the time nor brainpower to be clever, so just dodge. "She didn't say why. If you want to ask, you know where she lives."
No. 755786 ID: 2786a6

I'm suprise Marcie hasn't told her aunt that they slept together and then her aunt take it the exact opposite way Marcie intended it
No. 755789 ID: f9a70c

"Eh, it's kinda complicated. To be honest..." (you lean in conspiratorially here) "I think she's been hitting the stuff herself to deal with some of her problems, and she kinda knows it's bad for her, and she's worked herself up into a kind of "booze is bad for you" thing to try make herself stop. She was being all health conscious about it. So, see, there's this other stuff she takes for her health, old family recipe, and I convinced her to part with the stuff so long as she gets to mix that good ol' remedy of hers into it for everyone to have. Plus it'll get the stuff out of her house and away from herself when she slips into to a drownin' mood. Now don't go spreading that around, ok? I'll be in trouble if she thinks I've been spreading her private affairs."

Slipping in a bit of scandalous gossip, to make her go "oh really?" and think she's being let in on something, should make her more likely to believe the rest of the story as well.
No. 755798 ID: 15a025

It's for a taste test experiment.
No. 755802 ID: dc7367

The food she makes is not so good, no secret there. But let me tell you if there is one thing Ramona has mastered, it is bitter herbs. I think providing bitters for this project is like, a point of pride or something? She says it is an old family recipie, I guess this is how the gin was supposed to be served.

(Gin and bitters is totally a thing you guys. No need to make it weird and complicated. We're not even strange here.)
No. 755803 ID: d163e3
File 147767076018.png - (32.37KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

No. 755804 ID: d163e3
File 147767077413.png - (29.84KB , 500x500 , 59.png )


You: “Well she-”

You meticulously avoid the subjects of taste or taste experimentation under the cautious assumption that Penny has tried anything that Ramona has made.

You: “Uh… it’s a… local tradition thing. Kind of hard to explain. It’s kind of a health tonic stuff.”

You: “It’s a kind of bitters.”

Penny: “Hm…”

Penny: “Maybe if I could try a taste of it, first? I don’t want this stuff hurtin’ sales. I got a margin to work with.”

a) “Ramona will give you the gin for free if you include it.”
b) “Ok, here’s a little sample.”
c) “I gotta go. Later, mama.”
No. 755805 ID: df90d0

a) “Ramona will give you the gin for free if you include it.”
b) “Ok, here’s a little sample.”

Penny ffs
No. 755806 ID: 9876c4

I've never believed A to be the case. Indeed, I'd hoped we could make a small finder's fee.

B is right out.
Like it or not, I think we give her the hard sell with C.
No. 755807 ID: f06d84

she's getting gin, that's already going to boost sales. ramona just wants to be sure people are healthy and don't get hungover so bad when they're drunk off their ass.
No. 755808 ID: c441c1

No. 755809 ID: 3e182c

C) Now, but promise (B) Later.
We are gonna have to make it drinkable before letting her try it.
No. 755814 ID: 741ca6

It's kind of hard to hurt your sales when you're getting the gin for free. A)
No. 755816 ID: c441c1

also check the sign on you way out to see if anyone has fixed it yet.
No. 755818 ID: 190538

Offer sexual services in exchange for no questions asked.
No. 755824 ID: dc7367

Reasonable. This concoction might even turn out halfway good. Gin drinks are combinations of things that taste terrible alone balancing each other out. We can experiment with tonic water or adding a sugar cube or whatever.
No. 755825 ID: d163e3
File 147767397394.png - (29.80KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

You: “Actually, I gotta go. Later, mama.”

You: “I’ll get you a sample later.”

Penny: “Alright, sounds good.”

You go for the door to leave for the library.

Penny: “Oh, by the way…”

Penny: “You look nice today, hon.”

Penny: “I bet you had Marcie fallin’ all over herself!”

You: “Uh. Heh.”

You: “Yeah. See ya.”
No. 755826 ID: d163e3
File 147767398639.png - (49.81KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

You arrive at the library to find Sally unusually busy.

Sally: “Hi Chuck. You look… tired.”

You: “Right back at ya.”

Sally: “Yeah… the mayor has me doing bookkeeping now, and I’m rushing to learn it.”

You: “Well, good luck. Oh, your mom asked me to give you some of this.”

You take out the Thermos and unscrew the lid. The foul smell of reveyee wafts into the library. Sally looks like she is about to ask what it is, but the smell answers that for her.

Sally: “I had some the other day, though…”

You: “Your mom wants a fresh dose. She made me promise.”

Sally: “Well… alright.”

She takes a deep breath and drinks a cupful of it, swallowing with a deep cringe.

Sally: “Why’d she ask you to do that?”

You: “There was an incident last night. No doubt she’ll explain when you get home.”

Sally: “Is everything alright? Is mama alright?”

You: “Everyone’s fine. I’m glad you’re fine, too.”

Sally’s tail wags.
No. 755827 ID: 91ee5f


>We can experiment with tonic water or adding a sugar cube or whatever.
We might need to ask Rafirst about that first. It'll suck if we add something and that something ends up nullifying the soup's effects.
No. 755829 ID: c441c1

on to the next delivery.
No. 755831 ID: 180f83

Ask if Ramona had told her about her... situation. If she hadn't, ask Sally to press Ramona about it when she gets home. It is really important that she should know really soon. Tell her chuck sent her if Ramona avoids the question.
No. 755832 ID: 350a50

Yeah, we need to confer with Ramona and test this mix to make it drinkable.
No. 755833 ID: d163e3
File 147767935771.png - (34.68KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

You: “Just talk to your mother tonight, alright. She’s got something important to tell you.”

Sally nods. You decide you’ll talk to Naz later, and go to the schoolhouse.

You: “Hey teach. No macaroon today?”

Angela: “I thought I’d try a scone. I just bought some of Marcie’s tea the other day. Did you know she makes tea? It’s to kill for.”

You: “You mean to die for, right?”

Angela: “Oh! Ehehehee!”

You: “Anyway, enjoy. And about that call last night-”

Angela: “Call…?”

Angela: “Oh, that! Ever since you showed up at my apartment, I’ve kind of expected weird things from you. Don’t sweat it, hehehe!”

You: “Riiight. Well, if I find any of that plant you’re looking for, I’ll let you know.”

Angela winks. That went better than expected, so you feel 1% less like shit. You to the Shoppe Stoppe next.
No. 755834 ID: d163e3
File 147767937779.png - (43.05KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

Ellen: “Ffff”

Ellen: “What”

Ellen: “Can I getchaaa”

You: “Uh”

Ellen: “Nnnhn hn hn hn”

Ellen: “Alright, so, can I show you somethin’”
No. 755835 ID: d163e3
File 147767939405.png - (56.12KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

Ellen leads you over to a shelf and paws at one of the candy boxes.

Ellen: “Look”

Ellen: “You’re not looking”

She lifts a candy bar up and down.

Ellen: “This is… how”

Ellen: “This is the power… of humans.”

You: “Candy…?”

Ellen: “I have taken the candy bar… separated it from the earth. I have separated her from one of her sweet little babies”

Ellen: “HOW”

Ellen: “You know we can do this with anything, it’s like”
No. 755837 ID: d163e3
File 147767940426.png - (34.31KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

Ellen: “You get like this”

Ellen: “When you get standing like this”

Ellen: “That’s how you know you’re REALLY goin’”

Ellen: “People can really… get what they need with the shelves”

Ellen: “That… self-extending to everyone… candy vinyl”

Ellen: “You see ‘em?”


You: “Oh yeah. Totally, I see ‘em.”

Ellen: “That candy’s on the house”
No. 755838 ID: 190538

Sigh and whip your dick out.
No. 755839 ID: c441c1

go check if sophie is in the back and ask Ellen where she got what she is smoking.
No. 755840 ID: 71d443

Wake up and smell the reveyee, Ellen. We don't need two people getting fired in one day. (Or three, possibly. Wonder if Lisa's in much trouble.)
No. 755841 ID: d163e3
File 147768013031.png - (31.14KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

Sophie is out of the tailor shop at the moment. A sign on her door reads “At Doctor Office. Back at 3:00”.
No. 755842 ID: 190538

Inhale and put your dick back in your pants.
No. 755843 ID: c441c1

ask Ellen where she got what she is smoking. when and where she started feeling so good if she says she didn't do any drugs.
No. 755844 ID: 350a50

Oh deer lord her facial expressions today are worse than Chuck's.

"Is this slam poetry?"
No. 755845 ID: d163e3
File 147768108552.png - (58.24KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

You: “Ellen what the fuck is wrong with you”

You: “Are you smoking something?”

Ellen: “No”

She takes out an unlabeled bottle and jams it into her nose.

You: “What was that”

Ellen: “Oh, this? Nasal spray, partner”

You: “Is that… something you sell here? Where’d you get that?”

Ellen: “From a rabbit.”

You: “A rabbit named…?”

Ellen: “I gotta let you down I don’t know her name”

Ellen cannot seem to stand still, her arms slowly snaking around as if she is treading water.

You: “A stranger gave you an unknown nose spray and you used it?”

Ellen: “She said it would cheer me up. Unlocks the good Ellen. That’s all it takes, just a little bit”

Ellen: “Can you look down my throat?”

Ellen: “I think there’s a crumpled paper… just… stuck in there”
No. 755846 ID: 71d443

Ruby no, don't corrupt the children like this

She needs a double dose of reveyee, stat
No. 755847 ID: c441c1

steal the nasal spray and take a hit.
No. 755848 ID: a788b7

Chuck you better get all up in that throat iykwim

Also where did she find this rabbit you saw a rabbit in the woods right
No. 755849 ID: 14086d

"I'll manage."
No. 755850 ID: 350a50

Could the rabbit be some crazy forest hermit/witch and not one of the monsters?

Definitely need to get Ellen some reveyee.

Suggest that Ellen go see Sophie. And then escort her to go see Sophie.
No. 755852 ID: 91ee5f

Please tell me that there's a phone here and at the doctor's office, because I think we should give Sophie a call!

I hope everyone will understand if we don't deliver their pastries on time because I think we should stay here with Ellen to make sure she doesn't hurt herself!
No. 755853 ID: a41fd8

Ohhhh boy.
Ellen, honey, you've been dosed with something hard.
You are probably S L A U G H T E R I N G your brain cells.
There is absolutely no telling what negative side effects could come of you using that stuff.
You should definitely get checked out by Sophie.
No. 755855 ID: 18c9f5

Okay, Ellen hon, you need to stop. Like now.
No. 755857 ID: 9876c4

I think we should play this cool. I don't think she's gonna die, just trip hard for awhile and fall asleep.

Let's see if we can get more amazing rabbitfax out of her. Like... where did she meet her, and where was she headed?
No. 755858 ID: 7288c2

I wouldn't be surprised if there's actually a paper note in her mouth explaining what's really going on here. Tell her open wide and you'll take a look.
No. 755859 ID: 15a025

Yeah, I'd say it's time to pull out reveyee. Hopefully it'll knock out whatever this shit is from her system. If anything you need to get the bottle of spray away from her.
No. 755860 ID: 398fe1

Take the drugs away from Ellen.
No. 755863 ID: 9f3729

"Ellen, I was in showbusiness and I'm pretty sure that's drugs. Like, cocaine drugs."
No. 755864 ID: 9f3729

oh but also look down her throat there might actually be a note, do that first
No. 755867 ID: b71171

I will absolutely look down your throat. (for magic paper)
No. 755868 ID: c81293

Oh jeez. Let's stay with her right now before she hurts herself. Maybe Call Marcie and let her know our delivery route has just gotten cut short. Let's also call up Sophie at the doctors office see if we can't get some help for this poor girl.
No. 755869 ID: 1c8358

The one time Ellen isnt bring a droopy goth Chuck is being a "woe is me" mopey bitch. Figures.

Get your shit together.
No. 755874 ID: dc3a6d

Just leave her, she did this to herself.
No. 755878 ID: 3373e2

Take/Look for a possible label on bottle? (Also find out Rabbit Drug Dealer, possibly get some good shit.)
No. 755879 ID: 064dbf

First of all you need to ask if you can read the label and do so. Some people just act crazy from cold medicine but it could be some strong shit.

And while were at see if she's any more receptive to seduction. Ah heck, I just want to see if we can get her to flash up. Sophie could be back any time so we should be quick.
No. 755881 ID: 350a50

Let's not start taking advantage of the drugged woman.
No. 755889 ID: 91e039

I'm going with the get that thing out of her hands plan. Somehow I doubt any good could possibly come from her using that crap.
No. 755896 ID: 7da6ad

I think she needs a dose of dogmom to get her off that cloud.
No. 755900 ID: 1a30cb

Chuck is many things but I doubt something that can qualify as rape would be a good idea or in his best character. Just sayin'
No. 755913 ID: 064dbf


Jesus, no. Not sex,that would be completely wrong and Chuck isn't a monster. Just kind of toying with her for a bit of laugh, and a bit to see how in control she is, in case we should send her back to bed so she doesn't hurt herself.

Besides Sophie could be back any minute and I don't want to see Chuck feel a spiders wrath.
No. 755943 ID: 8111b6

She's awesome like this. Maybe she'd share later. Also, we now know to keep an eye out for a female rabbit. Sounds like they've got some good shit.

It's not rape if both parties are completely out of their gourd when they agree. Or if we're farther gone than she is.
...though we've got things to do. Pity. I wonder if she'd make interesting art in this state. Drugs and artists, for better or worse, go together well for some reason. Maybe it's the altered mindset.
No. 755946 ID: 60230a

It's usually weed that's associated with weird-ass art, and I'm pretty sure she's on way heavier shit than that.
No. 755951 ID: 8a204b

If we can manage it, I'd say swing by the Doc's office and let Sophie know that her "Business Partner" is likely huffing some illicit shit.

But at least, we figured out how we could snag some weed. Recommend finding the Drug Bunny as a side-quest.
No. 755968 ID: 595d54

I've usually seen it associated with hallucinogens like shroome. And/or LSD.
No. 755970 ID: 595d54

Also no, this is DEFINITELY not weed. You need to smoke it or ingest THC-laden oil for it to have any effect, you're not going to get high shoving ground-up marijuana into your nose, please never do this. Not many drugs can actually be administered nasally without smoking them, so I suspect something like cocaine or crushed-up prescription pills.
No. 755972 ID: d163e3
File 147776480776.png - (55.09KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

You: “You’ve gotta stop with this stuff. Give it to me.”

Ellen takes another large huff from the bottle before you snatch it from her. It is just a generic squeeze bottle filled with clear liquid, and with no label. Looking at it, you have an odd sense of deja vu.

You are pulled from it by a crash.
No. 755973 ID: d163e3
File 147776482251.png - (48.95KB , 500x500 , 70.png )

Ellen: “how did you… stand up… double…”

Ellen is breathing heavily and waving her arms. Her speech has become incoherent babbling, but she is still conscious.

You: “Ellen?”

You touch her shoulder.

You: “Ellen?! Look at me.”

Ellen’s eyes slowly inch over to you.

You: “Can you hear me?”

Ellen: “I can’d… veel… my body”
No. 755974 ID: a788b7


Sophie's at the doctor's office, right?
Gotta get ellen to sophie. Maybe give her some reveyee if sophie's got no ideas, but there IS a doctor here.
No. 755975 ID: 1d744d

No. 755976 ID: 3663d3

you are now superman. fireman carry ellen and run to the doc.
No. 755977 ID: 91ee5f

Look for a phone and call the spider doc! If there is no phone, then run outside and start screaming for help at the top of your lungs! This is a small quiet town, so someone should be able to hear you!
No. 755978 ID: 9876c4

Better scarf down those free pickles. mind the glass.

And get Ellen to Sophie, too.
No. 755979 ID: 1e6674

well good thing we have a doctor in the next room OH WAIT. do we know the number at sophie's? if not carry ellen there.
No. 755980 ID: 86cf98

Carry Ellen to the doc.
No. 755984 ID: 350a50

No. 755985 ID: 398fe1

Man it's gonna take forever to carry her to Sophie. Call Sophie instead, describe the symptoms.
No. 755993 ID: 3e182c

The weird feeling is the Revyee Helping you resist the magic of the bottle.
When Ellen lost contact with the bottle,the spell left her, but the effects the heightened energy level had on her body did not.

She mentioned "Paper" in her throat, and who knows how long she was like that. Shes probably extremely exhausted and dehydrated.

Before you do anything else, make her drink some cold water.
No. 755994 ID: 15a025

I think she was serious about the paper chuck. Heimlich now!
No. 756021 ID: 6612fa

ever wonder if the revyee is what gave mom dog cancer
No. 756034 ID: dd4df2


Welp, Ellen's OD'd. You need to call on the doc, stat, if you don't know the doc's number, call someone whose number you know and have them call the doc for you. Put Ellen in the recovery position, and try to keep her there, it might help her breathing. Check her pulse and breathing regularly, if they fail, it's time for CPR until Sophie arrives.

If she survives this, Ellen's gonna feel pretty darn stupid, so be nice throughout. Try to keep her talking and awake, be encouraging, ask her silly questions (or relevant questions, such as where's the phone if you don't see one).

If there's no phone, you're stuck with hauling doe ass to the mayoral offices, or leaving Ellen alone in the recovery position while you get more help; more help does not have to be as far away as the doc's office. Whoever's next door could also be alerted and they could call or run for the doctor while you return to keep an eye on Ellen.
No. 756038 ID: 71d443

Deliver the deer to the spider!
No. 756061 ID: 3373e2

Call the Doc, Try to get her to drink some water or something and make sure she doesn't fall asleep.
No. 756066 ID: 6c25ef

I doubt this is the first time Chuck has seen someone OD. Might be the first time he tries to help though.

Usually, he'd take the opportunity to grab cash from the register and book it.
No. 756088 ID: 342af0

And no matter what don't lay ellen on her back lest you want her pulling a Hendrix.
No. 756154 ID: cc08c7


I see what you did there. We need to bring Ellen to the doctor quick, as far as we know she's been huffing that stuff all morning.
No. 756164 ID: 366e4c

Uh? This could be your only shot at deer puss. See if she's suggestible
No. 756175 ID: 24aec8

Fuck you, chucks not a rapist. Check to see if she's in immediate danger and get her over to doctor spinnerets
No. 756186 ID: 9027d0

>>756175 <- seconding this and saying fuck you to this -> >>756164
Chuck is not a rapist.
No. 756192 ID: 213ff6

No. 756224 ID: 5004ff

Pocket that bottle and strange "Coxbar" candy bar she offered you for later analysis, and quickly get to picking her upright. Inspect her throat and regardless of what you find or don't, attempt heimlich and removal of anything that might be in her throat. Do NOT make her drink ANYTHING as she is paralyzed and might actually drown or suffocate with such weakened ability to do anything, which also includes breathing, and eating/drinking. This includes reveille, which the risk of exacerbation outranks the chance of alleviating what ails her.

Agreed with the CPR. For getting help, priority would be 1) call doc, and if she can't come/doesn't answer 2) Haul Ellen to Doc. There might also be a benefit to calling that bitch Stark, because as suspicious and probably a bit evil and/or misunderstood as she is, she does know what kindness is and does keep this town alive and in order in the first place as Mayor. She might know something about this and might be able to help, even if she might be actually responsible for this incident. Chances are, this might not have gone to whomever's plan. People make mistakes, and that also includes Snayor, whom I would think, is not void of compassion, just as she wasn't void of a sense of humor on multiple accounts.

Oh and fuck you, I don't think Chuck's in the mood for any of this right now.
No. 756226 ID: 180f83

You've made me lose more faith in humanity

Anyway, we need a doctor
No. 756244 ID: 3e182c

Ok people CPR is painful and dangerous (especially if the one performing it is untrained) and only to used if the victim is unresponsive and Not breathing/Lacking a pulse. She appears to be conscious, if barely. Since consciousness requires oxygen getting to the brain, CPR is not required. At least not yet.

What we should do is Keep talking to her until she either improves or we get her to Sophie. (Or in a less optimal scenario, Ramona.)
As long as she's responding, she's awake. As long as she's awake, she's not asphyxiating.
No. 756255 ID: 350a50

No. 756280 ID: d163e3
File 147793885999.png - (36.24KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

You go to the wall phone and call the labeled emergency line with the awkward rotary dialer. You can hear the phone ringing in the tailor’s office, which initially worries you. Someone answers, though.

Sophie: “Sophie.”

You: “Hi, yeah, I’m at the Shoppe Stoppe, and I think Ellen is poisoned or something.”

Sophie: “Breathing?”

You: “Yes.”

Sophie: “Pulse?”

You: “Yes, slow.”

Sophie: “Responsive to speech? Any vomiting?”

You: “She kind of… responds. No vomit.”

You call out to Ellen and nudge her shoulder. She continues to breathe, but doesn’t respond or look.

Sophie: “Turn onto her right side, left knee in front, hand under head. Keep her awake, I will bring stretcher.”

Sophie: “Do you know CPR?”

You: “Yeah”

Sophie: “Listen to breathing. If she stops, CPR. I am on my way.”

No. 756281 ID: d163e3
File 147793887850.png - (30.46KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

Sophie arrives minutes later, sprinting with a stretcher over her back. Sophie checks Ellen’s pulse and listens for breathing, then helps you to place the deer’s limp body onto the stretcher. It seems like a long walk back to City Hall, where Sophie takes a back entrance.

Ellen has vomited on the stretcher, and you feel a pang of what could theoretically be empathy.
No. 756282 ID: d163e3
File 147793889346.png - (39.16KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

You and Sophie place Ellen on the bed in the medical office, where Sophie prepares an IV.

Sophie: “How did she become poison?”

You hand her the nasal spray bottle, and she looks very confused.

Sophie: “Was there a label?”

You: “No. She said she got it from a rabbit she didn’t know.”

Sophie: “How long was she using?”

You: “Don’t know. Looked like she has used almost all of it by the time I was there. She was acting really… weird and then she just fell over.”

Sophie scratches her head, and begins taking notes on Ellen’s condition. She waits by the bedside for about ten minutes while Ellen just lays there with her eyes open.
No. 756283 ID: 2169b1

She'll... she'll be okay, right?
No. 756285 ID: d163e3
File 147794062610.png - (52.91KB , 500x500 , 74.png )

You: “Is she gonna be ok?”

Sophie: “She look stable now. I will watch her.”

You: “She said something about paper in her throat earlier.”

Sophie pauses, then examines Ellen’s throat with a small flashlight.

Sophie: “Nothing there… would have obstructed vomit or been dislodged.”

Sophie: “Dehydration feeling. She highly catatonic…”

Sophie: “I will watch, maybe if she doesn’t stop vomiting…”

Sophie walks over to a large cabinet in the far end of the room and unlocks it. It is full from top to bottom with labeled plastic drawers. She opens one and seems to jump a bit. She opens another one, then another.

Sophie: “Morphine… diazepam… scopolamine… ketamine… ephedrine… missing.”

She opens a few more drawers and starts to panic.


Sophie: “This is very bad!”
No. 756286 ID: df90d0

"Who has the keys to it besides you?"
Kneel down, check the lock. See if there are scrapings from picks.
No. 756287 ID: b412df

Any chance whatever Ellen has been poisoned by could have been one of those put in a different bottle?

Can you tell if the lock's been picked Chuck?
No. 756288 ID: 3abd97

I don't suppose there's a back up supply somewhere?
No. 756295 ID: 9876c4

Hmmm. Downers and tranquilizers gone. Sounds like they had a cursory knowledge of what to take, too.

This could be interesting to know.
No. 756296 ID: 350a50

Welp. Time to put your thieving skills to use investigating another thief.

Tell her your father was locksmith. You'll take a look at the locks and see what tools were used to crack them.
No. 756299 ID: d163e3
File 147794370497.png - (37.27KB , 500x500 , 75.png )

You examine the lock.

You: “You need a better lock than this for something that important. Padlocks are some of the easiest to pick, and this one isn’t even decent quality.”

You: “Was it locked when you opened it just now?”

Sophie nods.

You: “Any difficulty inserting the key?”

Sophie: “No. Seemed normal.”

You: “If someone picked it, they covered their tracks by resetting it, and knew what they were doing enough to open it without damaging the pins.”

You: “I can’t tell for sure if it was picked, but I could pick it in under ten seconds.”

Sophie: “Are you… a locksmith?”

You: “My dad was.”

You: “Does anyone else besides you have a key?”

Sophie: “Susanna Stark has keys to all city locks except Plath House.”

Sophie goes back to check on Ellen.
No. 756301 ID: d4516a

>“Susanna Stark has keys to all city locks except Plath House.”

Well that's fucking ominous. Might want to keep it to yourself for now, though.
No. 756302 ID: df90d0

Sophie's the doc, she's likely done checkups. Does she know of any rabbits that live in or around town?
No. 756303 ID: 350a50


A bunch of drugs go missing and Susanna's the only other person with a key. Something we saw in the forest possibly delivered those drugs to Ellen and convinced her to use it. We are operating under the assumption the monsters work for Susanna. Assuming that the rabbit was one of the monsters, and not a third party...

Eliminating people who know too much? Or threatening people she thinks Chuck has gotten close to in order to coerce him?
No. 756305 ID: df90d0

The rabbit couldn't be one of the monsters, Ellen bought the stuff from them and the monsters are basically unintelligible.

This doesn't seem like it's Susanna. She's trying to keep her perfect storybook intact. Overdosing someone close to Chuck would just go against what she's trying to do.
No. 756306 ID: 5f2b81

Why the fuck were they stocked with scopolamine? Do you know how bad that shit is?
No. 756309 ID: df90d0

You are thinking of something different, friend. Scopolamine is a commonly-used drug in medicine, usually for nausea.
No. 756310 ID: 9876c4

As a general treatment for nausea, or discomfort caused by anesthesia. Seems reasonable to have available.
No. 756313 ID: 398fe1

Well, we're already at city hall, go talk to the mayor, or Lisa. Tell them that someone broke into the doctor's office and stole a bunch of drugs and they should check on their set of keys. Also, return the clipboard and ask the mayor if she controls the monsters or what.
No. 756316 ID: 03dfae

It's a stretch, but I'm not ready to assume the monsters are incapable of anything.

Anyway...Chuck should NOT be touching anything at this point. This place will soon be a crime scene and the last thing we need is him becoming the prime suspect for this theft.
No. 756317 ID: 71d443

Speak directly to the snayor. Do not pass Lisa, do not collect 200 dollars. Ask her if she was aware of a break in to the doctor's office, and ask about her connection to the monsters. Also, RETURN THE SLAAAAAAAB
No. 756320 ID: 3e182c

So you take the mayors magic clipboard, and when she fails to kill you she goes after your... friendly acquaintances?

This is too much, even for her.

There's nothing more you can do here. Go to City Hall and return the clipboard before more people get hurt by the crazy, then get back to work.
No. 756326 ID: fa8f9d

Did... did we finish our deliveries? We should maybe come back later.
No. 756331 ID: 71d740

Scopulamine well now we know how the mayors mind control works
No. 756332 ID: bb78f2

The only one with floppy and big enough ears in town to pose as a bunny is one of the Plath's.
Just paint 'em white, BAM, rabbit.

Oh FUCK, Lorraine? Maybe?
No. 756334 ID: 71d443

Ghost don't hand out candy, not even on Halloween.
also we haven't met everyone in Coxwette, for example the parents of those kids
No. 756346 ID: 398fe1

It's someone we haven't met yet, but we did see them in the forest, and in one of Sophie's photos.
No. 756351 ID: 398fe1

Also, ask Sophie if any of those drugs could be inhaled to get high, and if the overdose symptoms match Ellen's.
No. 756396 ID: d163e3
File 147797280317.png - (30.50KB , 500x500 , 76.png )

You: “I have to keep up with my deliveries. Are you going to be ok here, Sophie?”

Sophie: “Of course. Thank you for calling me.”

You leave the medical wing of City Hall, not knowing what to expect in the main chamber outside of the mayor’s office.
No. 756398 ID: d163e3
File 147797281395.png - (49.76KB , 500x500 , 77.png )

It’s empty.

a) Leave the muffins outside of the mayor’s door
b) Knock on the mayor’s door
c) Call for Lisa
d) >)
No. 756400 ID: 180f83

tear off and keep the second page of the notepad (without looking at it), then slide the notepad under the door.
No. 756401 ID: 398fe1

Isn't there supposed to be a desk where Lisa sits? Go talk to Lisa, give her the clipboard after asking what she knows about it, then ask if the Mayor can spare a minute to talk. Or make an appointment I guess???

So, basically C.

No. 756404 ID: 71d443

Oh no, the thief made off with Lisa's desk too!

B polite.
No. 756406 ID: 9876c4

C primary, B secondary. We need her to know that it's been returned. Intact.
No. 756408 ID: 65317a

C) and dont bother the mayor until you can find her. Im sure she isnt going to be doing well seeing she lost her clipboard.
No. 756412 ID: fa8f9d

Mildly serious suggestion. After work we go to the school and wait around to meet all the parents. Good way to get the appearance of all of them and what not. If every single one of those kids walks home I say we should be very suspicious. Let's hope the Snayer isn't just making those kids up to keep Angie busy/happy.
No. 756413 ID: d163e3
File 147797558909.png - (33.18KB , 500x500 , 78.png )

You call out for Lisa, who is not stationed at her desk as is normal. She peeks out from around the far corner of the hall and storms over to you.

Lisa: “Chuck

Lisa: “Where is my ffff…reaking clipboard.”
No. 756414 ID: 595d54

"Uh, where was the last place you left it?"
No. 756415 ID: 5d1657

haha funny thing see I had this bag of stuff with me at Sophie's and it fell into the bag and I didn't notice sorry here's your clipboard
No. 756416 ID: 18c9f5

I was leaving Sophie's and knocked my bag over. Sophie helped me pick up my stuff and, what'd you know, i guess it got mixed in with my things.

Sorry about that: here you go.
No. 756418 ID: b57449

Just give it to her.
Don't answer her questions. Don't engage her.
Let her stew in her own impotence.
No. 756419 ID: 71d443

Gee, you musta left it at your late night stopover. The mayor's not too pissed off at ya, is she?
No. 756420 ID: 180f83

Ask her where Sophie's medications are. Lisa might know or not if the mayor has them.
No. 756421 ID: a788b7


'Sorry about that, I accidentally picked it up with my things when I left.

I was going to bring it back but those monsters were all over the place so I didn't want to go back outside.'
No. 756423 ID: 3e182c

You have nothing to answer for to Lisa. It technically isn't hers in the first place. Hand it back, say something quippy, and get back to work. You'll be back later.

Let her know that the word she's looking for is Fucking.
No. 756424 ID: 398fe1

Dammit ask her if she knows it's magic.
No. 756425 ID: 91ee5f

"Well, I was going to give it to you, but with an attitude like that, I don't feel like giving it to you now. Maybe if you try asking nicely this time, I'll give it to you."
No. 756428 ID: 91ee5f

"Also, someone stole some medicine from Sophie's office and Susanna is the only other person with the keys. Do you know where the mayor is? When you find her, ask her if she still has all of her keys. I'd ask her myself, but I have some deliveries I still need to make. I sure hope everyone will understand when I tell them why I'm late."
No. 756430 ID: d163e3
File 147797815305.png - (49.04KB , 500x500 , 79.png )

You: “Relax, it’s right here. I accidentally grabbed it after I dropped my stuff at Sophie’s place.”

You: “I meant to return it during my daily rounds. Speaking of which, here are your muffins.”
No. 756431 ID: d163e3
File 147797817256.png - (35.80KB , 500x500 , 80.png )


Lisa: “Oh”

Lisa: “Uh, yes. Of course, I’m… sorry for shouting at you.”

Lisa: “You didn’t happen to also grab my glasses, did you?”

You: “No, sorry. I actually got chased by one of those monster things on the way home.”

Lisa: “Are you alright?”

Lisa: “I noticed you were walking out of the medical wing…”

You: “Yeah, I’m fine. Ellen, on the other hand, took some kind of weird drug and started wigging out. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”

Lisa: “No! Certainly not!”

You: “What about all the medications missing from Sophie’s locker this morning?”

Lisa: “What?!”

You: “Well, I’ve been informed that Susanna is the only other one with the keys. Any way I could speak with her?”

Lisa: “You’re not implying that that mayor did this, are you?”
No. 756432 ID: 4c8898

Just keep her informed, that's all. Speaking of which, do you happen to know a rabbit?
No. 756433 ID: 3663d3

well no, someone could of stolen her key to get into the drugs.
No. 756434 ID: 9f3729

"I have an inherent distrust for any and all politicians, it is insanity not to. Plus, evidence, either she did it or she had a lapse in judgement and someone who shouldn't have got ahold of the keys."
No. 756435 ID: a788b7


Well, we know that a rabbit did it. Does lisa know anything about a rabbit?
No. 756436 ID: 5d14f0

No, actually. Ellen said it was a rabbit that gave her the stuff. I figure the two incidents may be related.
No. 756437 ID: 91ee5f

>“You’re not implying that that mayor did this, are you?”
"I did for a few seconds, then I laughed at how stupid that sounded. I was actually going to ask her if any of her keys are missing."
No. 756438 ID: 3e182c

Just letting you know as a courtesy. If someone used the mayors keys, suspicion could fall on the whole office.
No. 756439 ID: 2227ec

Well if she's missing keys, I think she should know.
No. 756440 ID: 595d54

These. Also, know any rabbits involved in drugs?
No. 756441 ID: 398fe1

No, but it would be nice to know if anyone else had access to the keys. If nobody got the keys then the lock was picked.
No. 756444 ID: d163e3
File 147798084896.png - (37.57KB , 500x500 , 81.png )

You: “No, not really, but she and Sophie are the only ones with the keys as far as I heard. It’s possible someone else got a hold of them.”

Lisa: “If the mayor was missing keys, I would be the first to know.”

You: “Hm.”

You: “Well, do you know any rabbits in town?”

Lisa: “Mm-mm, no. Why?”

You: “Ellen said she got her drug stuff from a rabbit, so I figured you might know. You know, since you’re so in the know.”
No. 756445 ID: 9f3729

"Ah well, got more deliveries to do. Tell the mayor I said hi, ay?"
I forget if the mayor orders pastries, if Y leave it with lisa since we really gotta jet.
No. 756446 ID: 398fe1

So ask her what's so special about her clipboard, anyway. You looked at it.
No. 756448 ID: 5d1657

No point in asking, really. If she knows what's going on with the clipboard, she's probably not going to tell us because it's freaky mind magic shit. If she doesn't know what's going on with the clipboard, she's going to be pissed at us for snooping and be of no help.

Thank her for her help and let's get out of here before the Snayor's wrath descends upon us.
No. 756449 ID: d163e3
File 147798314050.png - (45.82KB , 500x500 , 82.png )

Thanks to your unanticipated detour, you deliver to the post office after city hall today. Given that Layla did not get in touch with you or Ramona last night after the search, you can only assume that she didn’t find anything on or around the house.

Will you still stop to talk at the police station, or will you go back to the bakery to end your work day?
No. 756450 ID: 398fe1

Stop at police station, ask if Sophie called them yet. If not, call Sophie yourself and ask if you should be talking to the police about it for her.
No. 756451 ID: 180f83

We should keep in mind that if we talk to the police about it, they may arrest Ellen for taking drugs, and I don't think she would be to happy about that. Maybe we should leave that out, but let them know about the rabbit?
No. 756452 ID: 064dbf

Talk with the Amazonian goddess and fish for info about last night's 911 call. Also flirt a little.
No. 756453 ID: 350a50

If she was coerced or unaware of what the substance was, I don't think they'd arrest her.
No. 756454 ID: 91ee5f

We kinda have to stop at the police station to make the final delivery.
No. 756456 ID: 398fe1

Hey, I have an idea.

Chuck could go to the farm and tell horsedaughter that her (former) best friend is really sick. Wouldn't Ellen love to wake up to see her there?
No. 756458 ID: 91e039

Notwithstanding the fact Davey could murder us for talking to his daughter, would you want your secret crush showing up to see you after you nearly ODed yourself on drugs?

We should wait until we can talk to her before we start making decisions for her.

Let's chat at the police office. Just act surprised if the call from Ramona is brought up.
No. 756462 ID: 9876c4

We should NOT chat at the police station. We didn't call the issue in. If they tell Ramona anything, she'll share. And if we start talking about Ellen she might get in trouble.

I kind of support restarting deer-horse relations, maybe by phone.
No. 756464 ID: 15a025

Call it a day Chuck. You need some rest.
No. 756468 ID: fd649e

Just make sure you complete your delivery route, then go back to the bakery. Don't stop to talk just yet.
No. 756470 ID: b9aa79

Talk to the police. It's a small town, hopefully if they find the person dealing the drugs then Ellen won't be in trouble. She didn't knowingly do anything illegal after all- she seemed to think it was harmless medicine. At least, that's what we're going with
No. 756471 ID: 3e182c

Just get back. Maybe apologize to Marcie if she's still all frowns.
No. 756476 ID: 2a7417

Go to the train station and hop on the next train outta here.
No. 756477 ID: d163e3
File 147802075470.png - (36.82KB , 500x500 , 83.png )

You swing by the police station to drop off the usual doughnuts, then right back to the bakery. Walking in the door, you see that Marcie has already closed up shop and cleaned up her kitchen.
No. 756478 ID: d163e3
File 147802077013.gif - (40.38KB , 500x500 , 84.gif )

Marcie: “CH-”
No. 756479 ID: d163e3
File 147802078321.png - (31.28KB , 500x500 , 85.png )

Marcie: [exhale]
No. 756480 ID: d163e3
File 147802079363.png - (32.40KB , 500x500 , 86.png )

Marcie: “Hello, Chuck.”
No. 756481 ID: 383927

Sorry for being a dick this morning marcy, I was having a rough time. Ellen passed out while I was making my deliveries and I had to call for help and make sure sophie had her okay hence the lateness. I hope you're not too mad w me
No. 756482 ID: f6f496

you actually made marcie not cheerful.
i hope you're proud of yourself because if nothing else that's just impressive.
apologize you dick.
No. 756483 ID: 2bb7f6

"I'm sorry. I snapped at you this morning because I barely slept last night, and that was rude of me."
No. 756484 ID: 9876c4

Just go over and hug that friggin cat.

Maybe say something semi descriptive like 'rough day' or whatever. We still like her, we want to do better, etc etc.
No. 756485 ID: 2a7417

Boy, you've got a really good poker face Marcie.
No. 756487 ID: d163e3
File 147802395333.png - (55.77KB , 500x500 , 87.png )

You hate the idea of apologizing after doing nothing wrong, so you just give her a hug. She literally vibrates in your arms.

Marcie: “Ah!!”

Marcie: “You were a bit late on your deliveries today, though.”

You: “I know, there was a bit of an emergency.”

Marcie: “What kind of emergency?”

You: “Someone got hurt, so I had to call the doctor up.”

Marcie: “Huh?! What happened?!”

You: “Ellen accidentally took some kind of nose spray that made her sick, so Sophie and I had to take her to the medical wing.”

Marcie: “No!! Not Ellen!! Is she ok?”

You: “I think so, but she has to rest to recover.”

Marcie: “Does she need me to take over the shoppe while she’s gone?”

You: “It’s probably fine.”

Marcie: “Oh, well… ok.”

Marcie: “Uh, would you like to… have dinner with me again?

You consider the proposal. You really do have other things to do tonight, which feels strange because it is usually a lie when you say that. It’s about 5PM and you’d like to get a decent amount of sleep tonight, so you’ll probably only have time to do one thing.

a) Go talk to Ramona about the boudoir
b) Visit Ellen
c) Go talk porno with Naz
d) Talk to the Snayor
e) Talk to Penny about the drinks
f) Photography with Sophie
g) Go on a date with Marcie
No. 756488 ID: 2a7417

D is most ssserious right now.
No. 756490 ID: 180f83

e) Talk to Penny about the drinks

Maybe bring Marcie along? maybe she can help hide the taste of reveyee in the drinks somehow. She is a baker after all.
No. 756491 ID: 18c9f5


Promise to make it up to Marcie in a day or two. Maybe you can make her dinner at her place.
No. 756492 ID: 9876c4

Let's chat w Naz tomorrow. E and F are nonstarters right now.
Snake is gonna want agate. Keep her guessin.

I feel like we should do this Marcie thang, because we gotta eat, and we should keep her nice and bubbly.
No. 756493 ID: f4c5a5

No. 756494 ID: 63edb7

Interesting logic. Why would you say e and f are nonstarters though?
No. 756495 ID: 9876c4

No new progress on drinks. No Reason to go to Penny. Give her downtime, and maybe she'll accept outright.

Sophie has an active patient, and little daylight left. Not a good time for a photography excursion. Really, that'd be a morning thing, which means weekend.

Overall, I think we have time for a date.
No. 756496 ID: 398fe1

g. Also let's see if we can get her all riled up again.
No. 756498 ID: 180f83

Changing my vote to G because...

Ramona is having a long discussion to Sally about cancer

Ellen needs her rest

Porno with Naz can wait

We should keep Snayor guessing

No progress on drinks yet

Photography can be a weekend thing

So yeah.
No. 756499 ID: 15a025

G. We need a nice break and so does everyone else. Have some fun and good food.
No. 756500 ID: 6612fa

sophies busy with ellen so no on photography
the porno can wait
no need to rush confronting the mayor
we already talked to penny about the drinks i thought
we can talk to ramona later tonight when we go back to the house
so have dinner with her and apologize for our bad mood this morning, just tell her you got some bad news about a friend and you were still depressed from the news.
No. 756502 ID: fd649e

G sounds like the right idea to me for the same reasons everyone else has been giving.
No. 756507 ID: 91ee5f


Also, show her how much of a man you are! Literally sweep her off her feet and into your arms and carry her out the door! Just make sure you don't accidentally bang her head into the doorframe when you go through the door!
No. 756514 ID: 350a50

No. 756515 ID: d163e3
File 147803288289.png - (50.81KB , 500x500 , 88.png )

You decide to take Marcie out to dinner, avoiding the subject of alcohol when Penny brings out the food. Marcie barely touches her plate.

Marcie: “So, how are you liking town so far?”

You: “Eh… I can’t complain I guess. A little weird.”

Marcie: “Howso?”

You: “Uh, I’m from the city, so it’s hard to adjust to small town living.”

Marcie: “Ooooh. Well, I hope you’ve made some friends, at least!!”

Marcie: “Do you like living with the Plaths?”

You: “It’s interesting, but their house can be pretty spooky.”

Marcie: “Oh I knoooooow. I won’t even go up there!”

a) talk about the weird things you’ve seen
b) talk about the mayor
c) talk about >_
d) hardcore, focused flirting
No. 756516 ID: 9876c4

Play it cool with A.
Hell, maybe she's seen something that could help us.
No. 756517 ID: 180f83

C> Talk about Ramona's drinks, see if she would like to help Penny with making the reveyee drinks less bitter. As a baker, she might give us some tips we haven't thought about.

Also yeah, A> weird stuff too.
No. 756518 ID: 7da6ad

No. 756521 ID: bb78f2

1) Harold Pal is a turtle that no one but people from out of town see when they first arrive here, then never again.
You're sure Layla time traveled here from the 50's
Sophie from the 60's and 70's
Angela from whenever
Us from the early aughts/late 90's
Ghosts are real
Monsters are real
The Mayor is a witch that uses Coxwette Agate to influence people
Ramona has anti-witch recipes to help combat the Mayor's schemes
And this place is practically an amazon village of nothing but ladies and Geoff and I guess the school children.

That just about sums it up.
Oh, and don't trust any rabbit in town giving stuff out.
No. 756526 ID: 9027d0

D. Be a nice flirt. You don't bring up serious business on that like a date, you guys.
No. 756529 ID: 91ee5f

D) hardcore, focused flirting! Waggle your eyebrows so hard that they spontaneously catch fire! .....or do it until you pull an eyebrow muscle.
No. 756532 ID: 6612fa

actually i think she mind controls with the scopolamine not the agate since it was in the pharmacy cabinet and she was the only other person with a key. there are only two uses for it, very very small doses treat seasickness, the other thing is mind controlesqe abilities.

it blocks your ability to make new memories while letting you have access to your knowledge. your inability to register new threats or critically think through your situation makes you do what ever you are told. bank accounts, sex, organ harvesting, slave trade you name it, it's been used for it. and what is even worse (or great depending on your perspective) you don't remember a thing afterward.

there is no ocean in coxwette so why do they even have it.
No. 756534 ID: 595d54

"she’s not totally convinced that the drug could remove free will. She says high doses would likely eliminate any memory of the night, but then again, so would high doses of alcohol or other benzodiazepines like Xanax or Valium."

I see a lot of scary rumors and not much evidence that it's much worse than any other potential mind-altering drug.
No. 756535 ID: 9876c4

This should really be in discussion, but F it:
A 5 minute google search says it's commonly used to treat all sorts of nausea- and discomfort from anesthesia.

If Sophie is forced to do surgery, she needs Scopolamine. Period.
No. 756536 ID: 6612fa

the united states government even has a warning out for everyone that goes to south america about it, it was used in the mkultra project, and has been documented and its effects recorded since the 1880's
No. 756538 ID: b8d5aa

this is silly, chuck didn't get suddenly dosed on scopolamine when he leafed through the hexed clipboard. it's clearly the agate. the drugs being stolen is a separate but possibly connected matter.

probe about the mayor, and depending on where that goes, probe about whether she's seen or knows about anything else spooky going on-- and then flirt scandalously
No. 756539 ID: 595d54

That's at least somewhat credible, but the US government is known for huge shitshows on occasion.
No. 756543 ID: 3e182c

We were literally chased by a demon we saw tormenting the dead up on the Plaths roof last night. How can we not share that?
No. 756544 ID: 71d443

Lace her food with your stolen scopolamine as you work your D into the conversation.
No. 756551 ID: 18c9f5

No. 756552 ID: 398fe1

That's a good point, and I wanna see what happens to Marcie when she's spooked. Let's go with A!
No. 756589 ID: ea2f8b

For the last time, Chuck's not a rapist you sick fuck.
No. 756590 ID: 8cb228


Agreed. What's with this rape happy troll??
No. 756594 ID: 71d443

>what are poster IDs
So you admit to stealing the drugs after all! Caught you red handed, you criminal scum.
No. 756602 ID: 064dbf


I say later we work up to spooking Marcie so we can be all like "Don't worry baby, just hold onto me and I'll keep you safe." You know, classic horror movie date night scenario.
No. 756605 ID: 64ec9f

>You're sure Layla time traveled here from the 50's 
>Sophie from the 60's and 70's 
>Angela from whenever 
>Us from the early aughts/late 90's 
Oh my gawd, we were actually in Nan Quest the whole time!
No. 756629 ID: 9876c4

If people haven't figured it out yet, there's a way to talk about the weird stuff without listing every occurrence devoid of context.

It involves gauging Marcie's interest level and making conversation about this stuff.
No. 756646 ID: 62b990

go on, spook the girl.
No. 756656 ID: dd4df2


You forgot the older dog policeman. ...there was an older dog policeman, wasn't there?
No. 756659 ID: 350a50

There was.
No. 756708 ID: bb78f2

No one has ever cared to name him, and he's never cared enough to talk to us.
Don't know why HE counts.
I mean, I guess we could lewd the old dog cop, I guess.
No. 756709 ID: 9876c4

>Young, urban, cat-burglar finds a hidden town full of hot women.
>Gives it all up to become buttpuppet to a folksy, venerable dogtective.
>They buy themselves matching sweaters and plant daffodils.

No. 756894 ID: 2120ee

C. baking
No. 756895 ID: 15a025

No. 756896 ID: 395c02

I think.... A.

There will be time for D later. Probably.
No. 756897 ID: 73b398

Give her the D.
No. 756898 ID: c441c1

No. 756899 ID: 7732f6

but play it cool
No. 756911 ID: 350a50

We need to do everything we can to break the illusion of this place.

No. 756912 ID: 595d54

No. 756913 ID: 9f3729

Lets drop the fat load of everything on her, A all the way
No. 756921 ID: 3882d1

A. There's too much crazy shit going on in this town to go undiscussed.
No. 756935 ID: 2a7417

A tour D force.
No. 757041 ID: 012b89

Ehhhh... A and D if we can fit it in.
No. 757089 ID: b6992b

C, talk about how hard you're going to fuck Naz and describe in detail all the dirty things you're going to do to that mouse!
No. 757108 ID: 6c32f4

No. 757292 ID: d163e3
File 147853795860.png - (30.79KB , 500x500 , 89.png )

You: “Yeah, heh. Well, on that note”

You: “I should really talk to you about some of the stuff I’ve been seeing around town.”

You: “There are these… weird monsters that keep-”

Marcie: “Monsters?”

You: “Well, yeah. Kind of… more like people. I don’t know, they run around in sheets and robes shooting needles at people.”

Marcie: “Oh my gosh”

Marcie: “Why?!”

Marcie: “Well golly I don’t wanna go out there if there are monsters!!”
No. 757293 ID: 9876c4

Not sure if update is done

We can say she's been doing fine so far (for however many years?), and we don't THINK she has anything they want.

But they've been bothering you and Geoff, and the farmers outside town.
No. 757294 ID: f562b1

>“Well golly I don’t wanna go out there if there are monsters!!”
Well, I think they're kind of like Fairy tale monsters, only go for you if you do certain types of things. If she hasn't seen them ever, then she doesn't have anything to worry about.
No. 757295 ID: 283f1f

Good point, Marcie is probably safe. Knowing about it may increase the chance of seeing one, but she is still probably not in any danger, especially if she was born in town. But here's a thought let's ask her if she knows if anyone has ever tried to leave town before.
No. 757297 ID: b412df

That's a pretty strong reaction to being told there are monsters about town, I would have expected some level of skepticism. Has she heard of or had past experience with people telling her about monsters?
No. 757300 ID: 398fe1

Don't worry, I'll protect you.
No. 757301 ID: 350a50

This is Marcie we're talking about. If we told her there were aliens invading she'd probably believe it, too.
No. 757304 ID: 180f83

Should we tell her about how the last time we slept over at her house, we've heard some weird noises in her home, and your shirt was removed the next morning with no recollection of removing it? Tell her she may have had intruders in her home that night?
No. 757305 ID: 9876c4

That would be far off indeed from playing it cool.
No. 757308 ID: 180f83

Indeed, though it is one mystery that I am interested in figuring out...

Maybe we can offer to sleep over and investigate that night?
No. 757309 ID: 9876c4

Sure, depending how the conversation goes.

We already know Marcie gets... urges, so I'm thinking she was the one behind it.
No. 757310 ID: 91ee5f

.....seems legit.
No. 757348 ID: d163e3
File 147857541757.png - (49.19KB , 500x500 , 90.png )

You: “Uh, look”

You: “I don’t think there’s any need to panic right this second.”

You: “You’re probably safe.”

Marcie: “…oh.”

Marcie: “Well. Gosh, that’s a relief.”

You: “Yeah, they seem to only go after people who are doing, u-uh…”

You: “Naughty things.”

Marcie: “Naughty…? Like what?”

You: “Well, you can probably guess.”


Marcie: “…OH!”

She blushes deeply.
No. 757350 ID: 398fe1

What, she actually guessed? That's so unlike Marcie!

Tell her if she wants to do it anyway, you'll protect her. They haven't been breaking into houses or anything anyway.
No. 757356 ID: a6727f

Their powers are spooky, but I think we've seen most of them.
"Naughtiness" sense, needle summoning, super toughness, voice emulation, and potentially super strength.
Fortunately, they don't seem THAT bright.
No. 757364 ID: d163e3
File 147857767370.png - (47.13KB , 500x500 , 91.png )

You: “Wait… you actually guessed? That’s not like you at all.”

Marcie: “Wellll…”

Marcie: “Since you spent the night at my house I’ve sort of…”

Marcie: “been thinking about it a lot.”


Marcie: “I’m sorry… I don’t have a dirty mind. Honest!!”

Marcie: “I ain’t of those girls. I just can’t help it sometimes.”
No. 757365 ID: d163e3
File 147857768251.png - (34.35KB , 500x500 , 92.png )

Marcie: “and you do look awful handsome today”
No. 757367 ID: 398fe1

...huh, why though? Penny said that too. Chuck, did you change your outfit? Do your hair different? Maybe it's lack of sleep, haha.

Tell her if she thinks you're handsome now, just wait until you get back to her place.
No. 757368 ID: 180f83

Ask if she was the reason your shirt was removed that night.
No. 757369 ID: 73b398

Offer to stick your dick in her. All romantic like, but still.

In fact, what if you call the cops to stake out the place while you do Marcie so the antifun ghost or cultist or whatever might get caught? Marcie doesn't necessarily need to know about the plan.
No. 757370 ID: a6727f

"And you look awful pretty today."
No. 757373 ID: 18c9f5

I know it, baby.

And you do, too.
No. 757374 ID: 9876c4

Ima gonna be that guy and suggest putting it off.
Chuck may not be too tired to fuck, but he's sure tired as fuck.
And with our exploits last night, I'm worried about banking enough mojo for the weekend bakesploitation.

I want deflowering Marcie to be done with the force of a supernova.
Let's tell her how happy we are to be in her thoughts, etc.
No. 757377 ID: 91ee5f

No. 757378 ID: 9eaf99

collared shirt. You wore one on your date the other Friday, and on your 2nd day of work.
No. 757380 ID: 9eaf99

I meant to link that post to the other one. bleh
No. 757383 ID: d163e3
File 147858016991.png - (33.56KB , 500x500 , 93.png )

Yeah, must be this fuckin’ shirt. Ladies always get pantsmelted over these things. Maybe the bag you were carrying, too, even though you thought it just made you look homosexual.

You: “Thanks, Marcie. You look pretty today, but you always look pretty.”

Marcie glows.

Marcie: “Well, not after a day’s work…”

You: “No, wrong. Even then. I’ve seen you in the middle of the night and early in the morning when no one’s supposed to look good.”

You: “It must just be… fuck, I don’t know. Your smile or something. I don’t know.”
No. 757384 ID: 3e182c

Pretty much this.
But lets make "it" a date.
Tease her a bit.
Make her literally ready to explode when it happens.
No. 757385 ID: 398fe1

Or her bright eyes... and that innocent look that you are going to wipe right off her face tonight.
No. 757387 ID: 9f3729

Geeze chuck, you look so grumpy! Snap out of it dude, there's a cute girl thinking lewd things about you right there, as we speak!
No. 757388 ID: 9876c4

Tell her you're glad you met her.
Tell her she's the best thing in this fucked up town of monsters.
Tell her she makes you feel stuff you're not so sure about, and stuff you're very sure about indeed.
tell her you'll fill her so full of tiny cat people, she might think this is another quest
No. 757389 ID: d163e3
File 147858149763.png - (41.07KB , 500x500 , 94.png )

>putting babies into marcie

This thought utterly destroys you.

Marcie: “That’s so sweet!!”

Marcie: You think my smile is nice?!”

For some reason, looking at her, your mind has gone blank. This is abnormal. There’s nothing there. Hopefully this won’t last too much longer. Stalling. Stalling. Stalllinnnggg.

You: “Well.”

You: “Obviously.”

Marcie: “That is just so sweet, Chuck!! And sweet is my specialty.”

Marcie looks past you.

Marcie: “Auntie! Quit snoopin’!”

Penny: “Ah! Yep. Who wants tea?”
No. 757390 ID: 398fe1

Yes please.
No. 757393 ID: 9876c4

Chuck wants Tea. All the tea in China.
No. 757394 ID: 180f83

yes to tea, no lumps of sugar.
No. 757396 ID: 285fca

Obviously, you're not prepared for the prospect of babymakin' with Marcie. Better keep away from that until you're more ready for it.

Hands and mouths only until then.
No. 757398 ID: 6d61b4

Chuck, even though you aren't ready for kids, and probably won't be for a long time, your overall goal should be prove to your mom and dad that you can be a better parent than they ever were to you. Just something to consider...

But yeah, tea would be great.
No. 757401 ID: d163e3
File 147858445556.png - (42.13KB , 500x500 , 95.png )

You: “Yeah, gimme some of that tea.”

Penny fills up glasses for you and Marcie. You take a drink and make a face. It’s sweet tea, but you still drink it to avoid creating an awkward situation.

You: “Anyway, I should probably get going.”

Marcie: “Aww! Do you have to?”

a) Yes, maintain your mystique to further entice Marcie
b) No, stay and spend the evening with Marcie
No. 757402 ID: 398fe1

She really doesn't need more enticing. That cat is raring to go. Just uh, be sure you get to sleep early.

No. 757403 ID: 9f3729

B MY BOY, you aren't getting out of EMOTIONS that easily!
No. 757404 ID: 73b398

"Yes, to remove this table from between us." Waggle brow and go sit next to Marcie. Throw arm around shoulders, double down on brow waggling.
No. 757405 ID: fa8f9d

Why not have Penny join us? Seriously she must be super bored all the time. Does she even have any friends?
No. 757406 ID: 9f3729

This is ideal levels of smooth.
No. 757407 ID: 6d61b4

Smoooooooth operator. So much this
No. 757408 ID: c441c1

A. and while leaving announce to Marcie in the most dramatic way possible that you must leave her now but when you return from your crusade of fighting vampire wizard snakes, and monsters who hate sin you will go "Dues vult" on that ass.
No. 757409 ID: 180f83

Ramona and Sally will probably need some time to themselves after their cancer discussion. Going back to Ramona's home will probably be awkward at the moment. We really should spend the night with Marcie.
No. 757410 ID: 3e182c

Something along this line.
No. 757411 ID: 9027d0

B, using -> >>757404
No. 757425 ID: 064dbf

I honestly don't know what to do now. We probably won't be able to meet up with her later.

Alright, if I have to choose B. But you could maybe make a date of, go out and walk around. There's a park around here somewhere right?

We should also maybe mention that the monsters are only at night and outside. You know, so she doesn't panic the next day if we get some action.
No. 757426 ID: 65317a

B. Not like there is much else we have planned.
No. 757430 ID: 18c9f5

At least spend the night. After all this shit that's been going on, you need a break.
No. 757432 ID: 9876c4

I guess this is closest to my feelings.

We can make it a slow exit, but should make an exit, at some point. Prior to things getting heated.
Unsure whether A or B.
No. 757438 ID: 91ee5f


Chuck didn't get much sleep last night, so maybe we should think about heading home early in the hopes of going to bed early.
No. 757462 ID: 8d9368

We didn't first encounter the monster at night. It was in the middle of the day.
No. 757463 ID: 47160d

B I think she would be more drawn in by that, she seems pretty enamored as it is
No. 757477 ID: d163e3
File 147861980843.png - (56.30KB , 500x500 , 97.png )

You don’t really want to stay out tonight, but you do anyway.

You: “Yeah, I have to get going…”

You: “to the other side of the table

You slide in next to Marcie and put your arm around her. None of that shoulder stuff, either. You grab a full cup of her waist and pull her across the slippery bench cushion.

Marcie: “Oh!!”

Marcie: “I thought you were going to pull out early or something”

You: “You didn’t have to say it like that.”

Marcie: “??”

You: “Nothing. Penny, can we get a check, please?”

Penny: “Sure thing, hon.”

Marcie: “Do you want me to pay for it?”

You: “You got the last one. Did you forget or something?”

You pay 13bux for dinner.
No. 757478 ID: d163e3
File 147861982654.png - (52.31KB , 500x500 , 96.png )

You start to regret your decision to stay as the sleep deprivation catches up with you. You walk out of the Fart In Ass with Marcie, and she seems no less energetic than she had been in the early morning.

Marcie: “Date! Night! Date! Night!”

You resist the urge to snap at her again.

You: “Yep. Date night, you got it.”

Where are you going to go with Marcie?
No. 757481 ID: 7e5b77

TP the snayor's house.
No. 757482 ID: 65317a

Ask her if there is any place she likes to just relax. Then go there.
No. 757483 ID: 15a025

How about star gazing on the top of the plath's roof?
No. 757484 ID: b9aa79