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File 145256025335.png - (29.41KB , 500x500 , disthread.png )
96965 No. 96965 ID: 3a9db6

Discussion thread for A Little Town Called Coxwette, my first NSFW quest. Thread AND quest will likely contain lewds!
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No. 96966 ID: 5ad4a7

Is it possible to lewd the mayor?
No. 96967 ID: 3a9db6

all lewds are possible in the wondrous towne
No. 96968 ID: ea60ef

Do we get bonus xp for coming up with particularly clever innuendos and/or puns?
No. 96973 ID: 15fae4

Not gonna be satisfied until we get a cute bunny who is analogous to me, because i am your best friend, in this quest
No. 96976 ID: cf91e4

Needs more foxy ladies. Emphasis on foxy.
No. 96980 ID: fe06ff

I just want to see dog lady cop naked
No. 96981 ID: fe06ff

even lewding the dudes?
No. 96982 ID: 3a9db6

The dudes u can lewd
No. 96992 ID: 4a37f2

sudden turtle romance when
No. 96995 ID: 15a025

Enjoying this hot pastry action going here so far.
Are we going to get lewds of the brace face chick?
No. 96997 ID: fe06ff

I can only imagine Angela talking like Ms Prissy from looney toons
No. 96998 ID: 3a9db6
File 145265257356.png - (21.75KB , 500x500 , dis1.png )

No. 96999 ID: fe06ff


I'm guessing this is prohibition times and the class is not using hundred year old text books
No. 97020 ID: cf91e4

Fox quota met. Thanks!
No. 97023 ID: 408b2d


Prohibitionish era seems like it could be it. Restriction on booze, existence of power/telephone lines, but not much infrastructure in place for cars. Despite saying it in a joking tone in-thread, the lack of men could well be partially the effects of the war. A female police officer or mayor are both within the bounds of possibility for the period. The only thing that doesn't fit quite right is some of the clothes.
No. 97044 ID: f79998

Ok guys, since there seems to be an implicit goal of bagging all the ladies, and suggesters so far seem to want to, we'd better be tactical about it.

Now, if there's one thing that sexist clichés have taught me, it's that women find men more attractive when they're already involved with another woman. Since another lady's already taken the risk of scouting out the guy, and found him worthwhile enough to get involved with, it eliminates a lot of the gamble that there would be in a single guy. Leading on from there, the higher the perceived standards of the first woman, the more secure the guy appears as a romantic option.

So obviously, the first lady Charlie should get involved with is the mayor. She's the alpha female of the town, and since the quest appears to be set earlier in the 20th century, discredited social ranking theories may not actually be totally discredited yet, making them 100% true. Elementary misogynomics tells us that forming a relationship with her will instantly make Charlie about 130% more attractive to other, lower-ranked women. In the long run this will be a massive saving in mackin' time.

Bonus 1: As a high-power woman, the mayor is more likely to be an ambitious, modern lady, with forward-looking views, clear ideas of what she wants and a busy schedule. She could likely prefer a now-and-then boytoy for relief quickies to an actual boyfriend, freeing Charlie for other efforts. She may even be slack on the concept of monogamy.

Bonus 2: If she isn't slack on the concept of monogamy, her power provides an extra layer of protection. Any secondary ladies that Charlie gets with will fear her wrath.

Bonus 3: By cartoon law, snakes are the sexiest animal.
No. 97045 ID: 99a64d

It's possible to lewd anyone, but is it possible to lewd everyone?
No. 97046 ID: ff5222

No. 97137 ID: fe06ff

My favorite Coxwette girls are Angela:1,Naz:2,DogCop:3,Marcie:4 in that order, what's everyone elses top picks?

No. 97139 ID: 90f3c0

The poll is missing the obvious number one, Rita the Maildog. I also like Naz and the mayor.
No. 97140 ID: fe06ff

aw crap I forgot Rita

better poll
No. 97141 ID: 3e2cae

Dammit I dunno all their names. The baker girl. Also dogmom.
No. 97142 ID: fe06ff

Baker is Marcie, Dogmom is Ramona
No. 97144 ID: 007e78

Pointing out that we can now go beyond mother-daughter action. There's potentially mother-daughter-spooky-ghost-ancestor action!
No. 97147 ID: 6adc5c

Deer girl lewds when?
No. 97188 ID: e16477

How the FUCK does he draw so fast? Unless he pre-drew this quest, I simply cannot believe he is able to churn out 1-3 images every half an hour.
No. 97189 ID: 88e46e

Lagotrope secret identity confirmed
No. 97190 ID: f56624

also the answer is thicc outlines and simplified cartoonish art styles make art faster
No. 97202 ID: 3641d4

Ah yeah, the chuckster finally scored!
No. 97203 ID: 5ea852

>Naz in the lead
This site confirmed for shit taste.

Or everyone wants the tomcat to eat the mouse.
No. 97204 ID: 5ad4a7

He didn't tho.

It was just snuggles.
No. 97205 ID: fd7a86

But snuggles are the best thing for her for now. Its also so cute!
No. 97206 ID: 048a0a

guys, I just had a thought. What if Ramona is a Great Cook? what if, theirs something in the Town that's changing the food, to drive out all the men? say, a ghost?
No. 97229 ID: 5ad4a7

Only way we can find that out is to watch/help her cook.
No. 97247 ID: 3ca5d9

Uhm, forgive my asking, but the tournament... What is it a tournament of? I can't read the first word (I only make the two letters "Bo")...
No. 97248 ID: 907166

Tournament of Bocce
No. 97249 ID: b17b81

So like shuffleboard but with balls?
No. 97252 ID: 3ca5d9

No. 97264 ID: bb78f2

Modern day confirmed with the reveal of blogs as common knowledge of existence. When we learned of computers in the library, it could've been the 90's, it was up in the air.

Which means that the police can look us up online at ANY moment. ANY bit of suspicion will immediately lead to arrest, and ANY crime is a huge risk factor, even a small accident could lead to arrest. It's a good thing we're driving a bicycle, but we can't risk being hit by a car or going to the doctor's office until the statute of limitations for our crimes is past.
No. 97282 ID: 5ad4a7

That adds a layer of tension to the quest I could have done without.
No. 97288 ID: 31582e

You think we could maybe see Ramona in a French Maid outfit?
No. 97291 ID: a99560

so yeah but like, this town doesn't have roads and cars, so the setting is one of fiction and narrative convenience. I mean come on, they mailed a physical piece of paper for a wanted poster. Don't get so hung up on the details.
No. 97293 ID: 88e46e

There's no evidence they only mailed a poster, though.
No. 97294 ID: 3a9db6

If you were that fucked, it would already be an issue, trust me. Conflict will arise from other sources!
No. 97300 ID: 019abb

Let's just assume the mayor's content blocks also censor criminal records, because there's "criminal" in the name. :-)
No. 97302 ID: bb78f2

I was really surprised that Susanna was able to censor the entire town's access to the internet. The school and library (and the police station as a joke) I can understand, but it sounds like she also censor's home networks too, which is REALLY weird and unheard of to me.

I know it just might be a joke, but can local governments of small towns in the US like this one actually do that?
No. 97305 ID: a6e336

Well if she's the local monopoly ISP...
No. 97307 ID: b9acc0

As far as my (not very thorough) research suggests, it would be allowed to implement content blocking in the library, school and government buildings. It has also been somewhat admitted in certain specific cases for the purpose of measures against libel, copyright infringement and child pornography, but that sort of thing is legislated on a much higher level.

Beyond those cases, it would be unlawful, being a violation of the first amendment. If the mayor's been pulling that sort of thing then she's been a bad girl.
No. 97308 ID: b4027b

I don't think it has been established what country the quest takes place in. For all we know the mayor could be the town's royally appointed supreme leader for life.
No. 97361 ID: 2e716e

Guys, guys. I just noticed something.

The subtitle on the chapter 2 opener is "An NSFW Quest".

... Now, I always read it the abbreviation in my head as just "Not Safe For Work". Or, occasionally, "Nessfwu". Are you telling me there are people who subvocalize it to themselves as "En Ess Ef Doubleyou"?
No. 97364 ID: 36a408

I'm guessing Cletus was Ramona's husband (or, we're lucky, and that was the lover of our chicken correspondent from the school. Lucky for us, that is; not lucky for them). Unless she's REALLY old, that would mean that time isn't the same here as it is there, and that the civil happened not that long before computers, but still during the period of sepia photography.
Or, more likely, we still know nothing about Cletus and new information will completely blow this theory out of the water.
No. 97365 ID: 36a408

I doubt it.
No. 97368 ID: 0b66e1

Made this to try and keep track of things. Can't promise I'll be able to keep it up to date at the rate rml's been updating, though.

No. 97369 ID: 90f3c0

Cletus was probably Lorrain's husband, their timelines would actually line up. Rechecking the first thread, Ramona even says that Lorrain's husband died in the war.
No. 97376 ID: 36a408

Holy shit, what if we're (and by "we," I mean, "Charlemagne") related to Ramona? I mean, it's possible that the reason Cletus looked so much like us is because he's our ancestor? Better question, would that stop us?

Otherwise, it might be an implication of ghost-y Lorraine sexings in which we put her spirit to rest by giving her the hot catdick she craves. Maybe we're supposed to be her husband's replacement until she gets to heaven.
No. 97377 ID: a5478c

Pretty sure third cousins are safe to fuck
No. 97378 ID: c22069

As for relations, he would probably only be distantly related since Lorraine is Ramona's Great Aunt. But I guess that's only if you assume Cletus was not as polyamorous as Chuck.
No. 97379 ID: 5ad4a7

It's also quite possible that Cletus never had children with Lorraine.
No. 97381 ID: 15720c

While I despise the idea of incest, the genetic separation would be great enough to not really count... I hope. (Don't change your own plans based one one user's preferences, RML. If it is that, I'll deal)
No. 97382 ID: 5ea852

Speaking of incest, there might be an issue.

Ramona is a Plath. Sally is a Plath.

Unless Ramona's husband decided to take his wife's surname for whatever reason, Sally is quite possibly inbred.
No. 97383 ID: 2e716e


Well, the Plath name comes from one of the founders of the town, and a large and presumably prestigious inn bears the name, so it is conceivable that it would have been kept matrilineal.
No. 97385 ID: 5ea852

Let's not forget that we got a confirmation that Coxwette is in the former Confederate territory.

We all know what that means. According to stereotypes, at least.
No. 97386 ID: b17b81

Hey, I live in a former confederate territory. I resemble/resent that remark. (We have a ton of museums here about it too.)
No. 97395 ID: 15720c

>I resemble/resent that remark.
Resemble suggests you are inbred... What I hate about the idea, though, is the act of incest, not the status of inbred. Inbreeding has such risks of causing harmful genetic mutations, especially the more generations it's been going on, and I hate the idea of endangering life by the very act of creating it. It's a stupid paradox that shouldn't exist.
No. 97403 ID: 3a9db6
File 145384771359.png - (353.38KB , 500x1600 , how2drawchuck.png )

A little pro tip for anyone wanting to get on the fan art wave
No. 97438 ID: fa8f9d

This guy! Gives the highest quality quest based off the adventures of a Texan empire ship.
No. 97456 ID: ab9ddd
File 145392710180.png - (108.03KB , 872x947 , expandchuck.png )

Just gonna leave this here...
No. 97461 ID: c2318b

A work of art.
No. 97463 ID: c3110b

>all lewds are possible in the wondrous towne
Unfortunately as is now currently being proven, no lewds are possible when /quest/ gets worried about STDs in a fictional setting during what is supposedly a reward, not a trap.
No. 97468 ID: 15a025
File 145395790965.png - (7.10KB , 222x284 , Littlecocks.png )

I couldn't resist myself from trying this...
No. 97469 ID: c2318b

No. 97471 ID: 15fae4
File 145396152714.png - (13.57KB , 500x500 , big cox.png )

i'll do it too
No. 97472 ID: c2318b

Yes, please.
No. 97487 ID: 4201a2
File 145402353491.png - (76.27KB , 500x500 , cox of medium size.png )

Wish I had more letters.
No. 97488 ID: 38685c

Remember: be a ass wrecker not a homewrecker
No. 97493 ID: 5ea852

That home was wrecked long before Chuck came into the picture.
No. 97494 ID: ab9ddd

By far the best. This thread is devolving into shitposting but I don't think I regret starting this, yet.
No. 97495 ID: 2ccbb3

Wait a minute.

If Ramona hasn't had sex in 20 years, and Sally is 18, and Sally isn't adopted or surrogate-fathered... and if it probably takes less than a year for gestation..

Math don't add up.
No. 97496 ID: 3e2cae

Maybe she's rounding up?
No. 97497 ID: ab9ddd
File 145403772004.png - (18.04KB , 500x500 , sweetass.png )

No. 97499 ID: 3a9db6

She is rounding up (just under 19 years)
No. 97502 ID: 15a025
File 145404154621.png - (19.83KB , 500x530 , dicking.png )

Think I could have done better but oh well.
No. 97556 ID: 3a9db6

If anyone reads but isn't in the IRC, the quest is on hiatus until I don't know when

No. 97557 ID: 1f8505


We'll be here until we get back.
No. 97558 ID: dff8dd

See ya when we see ya.
No. 97566 ID: 15a025

We'll just have to get more creative with these goofy edits while we wait then.
No. 97628 ID: ab9ddd
File 145463846225.png - (13.43KB , 500x500 , Seductive.png )

Plenty more on the way.
No. 97648 ID: 15a025

Now you're thinking. We need more.
No. 97707 ID: 4201a2
File 145488287944.png - (16.41KB , 500x500 , addedalliterativeappeal.png )

Now this is a café I'd like to visit.
No. 97712 ID: ab9ddd
File 145489270938.png - (12.88KB , 500x500 , wordsofwisdom.png )

If we get caught painting the sign I doubt Marcie will be open to our advances. (the "K" is a spliced "I" and "X" btw)
No. 97715 ID: b8d5aa
File 145490156766.jpg - (54.69KB , 500x500 , so close.jpg )

No. 97716 ID: 15fae4
File 145490265222.png - (25.30KB , 500x500 , best oc yet.png )

No. 97749 ID: 6ea609

add an "-ed" suffix to that; the dogmom has already done been fucked
No. 97756 ID: 15fae4


it's a reminder in case tgchan forgets the best girl
No. 97792 ID: ab9ddd
File 145515906722.png - (61.51KB , 860x492 , buckwheatbeatdown.png )

No. 97805 ID: 15a025

My sides! In more ways than one.
No. 97808 ID: 3a9db6
File 145525451574.png - (46.81KB , 397x398 , mehm.png )

I hear that an official post kills the meme
No. 97809 ID: 15a025

I thought this was pretty funny. What's this about an official post?
No. 97810 ID: f56624

rml made that one, is the joke
No. 97812 ID: ab9ddd
File 145531276283.png - (705.10KB , 800x830 , chuckisthelegend.png )

Silly Rommel, memes are eternal. I'm calling you Rommel from now on btw.
No. 97820 ID: 3a9db6


You're about five years late to that party.
No. 97821 ID: ab9ddd

Damn it. My not so witty joke about Nazis has already been done, I've lost any minuscule amount comedy cred my dank ass memes got me.
No. 98088 ID: ab9ddd
File 145643701941.png - (12.35KB , 500x500 , damnson.png )

Charlemagne currently
No. 98226 ID: ab9ddd
File 145733161758.png - (10.65KB , 500x500 , ohmy!.png )

D-did... Did I kill this thread? What have I done..? Well, in case this thread isn't dead: Naz was waaaay easier than I expected, which means it's probably a prank.
No. 98230 ID: 52d738

Fortune favors the bold.
No. 98231 ID: 5ad4a7

She was warming up to Chuck already I think. We did the groundwork, so all we had to do was take the next step.
No. 98235 ID: c47b0c

Keep the gold coming man! (or should I say cumming ;^) )
No. 98239 ID: 971432

>too lewd
literally impossible.
No. 98354 ID: 4201a2

RML, please have pity and take some artistic liberties so the outfit we use isn't as stupendously boner-killing as most of the current available options.
No. 98356 ID: 52d738

we need m o r e entries
No. 98358 ID: 15fae4


how dare you

boxdog/teadog is otp
No. 98450 ID: ab9ddd
File 145799028516.png - (8.02KB , 250x250 , therealOTP.png )

No. 98468 ID: f6442a


>"So are we just acting out Selma's story, or-"
>Naz: "No."
>Naz: "Selma likes to watch."
>Naz: "She can handle the camera work well, too. She's production, I'm post. It's perfect."
Selma is not just providing the script (which is still the Muffin Man misadventure), she is also providing the camera work.
No. 98500 ID: 4201a2

I'd feel better if we could get official clarification on this from RML.
No. 98521 ID: 02422f


Mar 14 20:43:49 <RML>so now the quest is kind of messed up
Mar 14 20:44:24 <RML>I accidentally implied that the porno would not be muffin themed
Mar 14 20:44:29 <RML>When I had intended it to be muffin themed
No. 98522 ID: 5ad4a7

Honestly, she didn't imply it wouldn't be. Ever.

Some jackass failed to read the post properly and decided to push his error on everyone else.
No. 98523 ID: 99a64d

Nah, it was legit worded ambiguously.
No. 98525 ID: f02a77

I guess it kinda depends on how you look at it? Because Naz answered the question "Are we just acting this story out?" with "No.", but instead of correcting Chuck she went ahead and explained they'd be doing more than just acting it out. Or something.

Don't see how that ruins the adventure, since at least half of the costumes are muffin-themed anyways.
No. 98531 ID: 5ad4a7

>"She can handle the camera work well, too.
No. 98536 ID: 99a64d

>Selma likes to watch.
>She can handle the camera work well, too.
These where two consecutive Naz lines.
No. 98576 ID: 56368b
File 145825242654.png - (69.72KB , 330x354 , succ.png )

Read the whole thing today, nice stuff.
No. 98664 ID: 819eaf

I was not anticipating this much controversy over the costume decision. To clarify, I had intended for the porno to be in the muffin theme, but since readers want something different, I am willing to change plans and open up the floor for dicsussion of a new theme idea.

I am sorry for the ambiguity and the railroading.
No. 98665 ID: 1862a8

The muffin theme makes sense in context, and has the advantage of non-obviously porn porn costumes being a possibility, which should make acquiring them a lot easier.

I'm pretty sure the objection to the muffin theme comes from a place of misinterpretation believing that the characters had ruled it out, so, if anything, the general trend is towards being pro-railroad; the confusion is over which direction the train is moving. Metaphors.

I'm indifferent.
No. 98666 ID: 2a7417

I'm fine with the muffin theme. People misconstrued it on their own.
No. 98669 ID: bb78f2

It's fine to railroad, if we have too much freedom and paths, everyone argues and nothing gets done as each path goes by.
No. 98673 ID: 5ad4a7

It is possible for suggestions to be wrong, you know.
No. 98674 ID: 02422f

As far as I'm concerned, a paperdoll is a chance for readers to spitball ideas and have fun with it, and then for the author to pick whatever they want out of that, or assemble something out of bits and pieces. There's little to expectation that it should be controlled by majority or consensus.

Besides, you're the one who's gotta write the lewd scene coming up. Write the porn you want to write.
No. 98677 ID: 5ad4a7

In case I didn't make myself clear, in my opinion muffin-themed porn is cool and good.
No. 98678 ID: f56624
File 145878168292.png - (64.43KB , 330x511 , muff-in.png )

an integral part of our costume, as per the muffin theme.
No. 98679 ID: 8afc11


it's definitely got to be muffin-themed now
No. 98685 ID: ab9ddd

Jesus Christ my lungs are collapsing!
No. 98883 ID: 163674
File 145992075064.png - (115.59KB , 371x598 , n@z.png )

Naz in color! I will be drawing most if not all of the characters in color to test out some new brush settings.
No. 98941 ID: 163674
File 146009263948.png - (127.47KB , 500x700 , susanna.png )

a snake/mayor in FULL COLOR
No. 98944 ID: f56624

>that pale complexion

holy shit she really is a vampire
No. 98945 ID: 7d0ed2

I bet she sucks the blood out of Sneople.
No. 98946 ID: 99a64d

I would be more than okay with it if this quest was secretly about monstergirls.
No. 98950 ID: 14f208

Well we already got the ghost.

And a hyena girl, so we can count that like a gnoll.
No. 98955 ID: f6442a

Wow. A shame Charly probably has a snowball's chance in hell of wooing the mayor.
No. 98958 ID: 635f0e


No, no, getting the Mayor laid is obviously how we cure the town of prudishness forever. She's just endgame.
No. 98964 ID: 99a64d

She's the final boss.
No. 98969 ID: 635f0e

See the shape of the body politic

There's an opening in town hall, we'll have to hold an erection to fill it

Lay-or the Mayor

Press the flesh

May Oral

Mayo 'er

Not just a jackin' office

Politics makes strange bedfellows
No. 99032 ID: d71bb8
File 146032467966.gif - (2.96MB , 286x210 , a8jEdvd_460sv.gif )

No. 99034 ID: 15a025
File 146032768943.png - (22.94KB , 382x480 , wasted.png )

Cheers to chapter 3!
No. 99035 ID: 15a025
File 146032945403.png - (30.22KB , 500x500 , consider it over done.png )

I'm out of control now.
No. 99049 ID: bb78f2

Sorry that I'm beating the dead horse that is the ratio of this town, but it's fun imagining Police Wolf and Custodian (Conductor?) Turtle (Tortoise?) as sex icons who have fathered the entire town save Sally, since we know her father is a huge douche and neither of those two.
No. 99054 ID: 15fae4
File 146035238708.png - (74.40KB , 800x600 , horses are cunts.png )

don't ever talk to me or my daughter or my daughter's daughter or my daughter's daughter's daughter or my daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter or my daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter again
No. 99332 ID: 163674
File 146121279694.png - (35.89KB , 738x559 , slither.png )

Gnuk mentioned this
No. 99333 ID: 2e11b8
File 146121490225.png - (33.18KB , 738x559 , 146121279694.png )

i was hoping they would have a more interesting name
No. 99338 ID: a34e43

No. 99343 ID: 15a025
File 146127575427.png - (156.56KB , 499x500 , memories of a golden master piece.png )

It had to be (re)done.
No. 99394 ID: 163674
File 146148193076.png - (51.14KB , 1000x500 , coxgroup.png )

The Coxwette girls in F U L L C O L O R
No. 99395 ID: 8a204b

Donna confirmed for not a girl.
No. 99397 ID: 891640

More like farm confirmed as being beyond the town's borders.
No. 99398 ID: 163674

Yes, this is correct. She is an out-of-town girl
No. 99399 ID: a075ba

Vampire shows up but not the ghost. Clearly this is discrimination against the incorporeal. (Unless she's possessing one of them).
No. 99400 ID: 22e3fc

She's possessing the vampire so she shows up, clearly.
No. 99401 ID: 5ad4a7

What behaviors of Susanne are there that can't be explained by her simply being an albino and not being on good terms with the plath house?
No. 99643 ID: be242f
File 146262935774.jpg - (1.39MB , 2560x1920 , IMG_20160410_115509.jpg )

Welp, I found a pic of young Ramona.
No. 99644 ID: 0a94cb

Who knew she had a successful modelling career?
No. 99645 ID: 15a025

We also found out her favorite drink at the same time.
No. 99676 ID: 67e414

That's not uniform standard bird color.
What gives?
No. 99710 ID: 551346

Sneck girl ice hot!
No. 99763 ID: 2f5847
File 146330592006.jpg - (28.78KB , 349x349 , koko_hekmatyar_8779.jpg )

I now hear all her lines in Koko-speak.
No. 99882 ID: 15fae4
File 146390042236.png - (2.46KB , 128x108 , evil rabbit.png )

personally looks like a bunny to me from the ears
possibly slinging a sack over it's shoulder like a cat burglar in a cartoon
No. 99883 ID: 15fae4
File 146390050987.png - (119.06KB , 1280x1080 , evil rabbit.png )


forgot to upscale and it won't let me delete my post

anyway, conclusion: IT'S RUBY
No. 99885 ID: 15a025

They look like a thief, also seems to be naked.
No. 99896 ID: acebf9

Dangit Orville, just because the quest you're in is in hiatus doesn't mean you can just up and go thievin' on other people's quests!
No. 99897 ID: acebf9

Also, I thought I refreshed the quest-thread before posting that, and
Coxwette seems to be giving more of a Twin Pines kinda vibe. Or Twilight Zone.
No. 99898 ID: 4c553a
File 146400388680.png - (75.23KB , 800x717 , cantwakeup.png )

Return of the clipping edits!
No. 99900 ID: b9ba7d

Ok but the real question here is...

can we romance ██?
No. 99901 ID: 595d54

Well it got shot so it's probably dead now. Even if you're a necrophile corpses can't exactly respond to flirting, so... no.
No. 99902 ID: b17b81

Jesus Christ that thing is creepy.
I wonder whether you have a big chart of events for locations that we wander into, or are making up events when we search places.
No. 99903 ID: b9ba7d

Davey: “I just said I ain’t got a clue. Gun don’t kill ‘em, neither. Scares em bad, but it don’t kill ‘em.”

Thing is still alive.
And romanceable???
No. 99904 ID: 595d54

Oh, that's true, I missed that entire update last night. My bad. So theoretically yeah, it's romanceable, but it doesn't seem like it'd be good at giving Chuck the succ.
No. 99907 ID: 1ac545
File 146402370363.png - (37.99KB , 500x500 , Barnacle.png )

Coxwette is basically Hell now
No. 99908 ID: 088179
File 146402554809.png - (176.09KB , 287x230 , Picture15.png )

We know what must be done.
No. 99910 ID: 4a55c3
File 146402618192.png - (6.91KB , 487x394 , romace.png )

>romance the demonic cute monster sheet thing
No. 99914 ID: 3aac10


>he didn't romance the Padre

No. 99917 ID: 4121e1

Shotgun don't work.
Let's see if it likes chainsaws.
No. 99921 ID: 350a50

I'd like to take a moment and vote this quest for Best Facial Expressions.
No. 99922 ID: 93244f

You'll have to go up against FenQuest, among others. Sounds interesting, actually.
No. 99926 ID: 15fae4
File 146408167834.png - (250.53KB , 1000x1000 , where do you think the wette comes from.png )

eat more pineapples charl
No. 99930 ID: 2f5847

All roads lead to feline emissions
No. 99936 ID: 163674
File 146414124938.png - (88.86KB , 302x1180 , reaction_dogs.png )

the police said I need to stop instigating memes, but I never listen to them anyway l m a o
No. 99937 ID: 7b6ca8

You play a dangerous game, my friend.
No. 99942 ID: f6442a
File 146414778090.png - (223.24KB , 500x1970 , Tomquest.png )

It's deja vu, all over again.
(I didn't use the template, why'd you shrink it so much?)
No. 99943 ID: cdd954
File 146414850230.png - (339.99KB , 302x1083 , meme meme the meeme.png )


here u go boss
No. 99944 ID: 15fae4
File 146414918961.png - (71.22KB , 302x1180 , I'm So Meta Even This Acronym.png )

No. 99948 ID: 2f5847
File 146415645891.png - (49.70KB , 500x2000 , nameischuck.png )

I have done a thing.
No. 99951 ID: 93244f

this entire disthread is memes now
No. 99952 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146421446999.jpg - (87.57KB , 450x310 , 733304.jpg )

Silly boy, you think this is a disthread? It's a memethread of course.
No. 99955 ID: 163674


I mean, you can still discuss among yourselves if there is any need. I just don't want to answer any questions that will spoil the plot. I can make clarifications about things usually, but that is about it.

I suppose continue with the memes then
No. 99956 ID: 93244f
File 146422671598.png - (11.05KB , 500x500 , meme team chapter 13.png )

No. 99958 ID: 163674
File 146422821479.png - (143.81KB , 800x1024 , 11 herbs and spices.png )

No. 99959 ID: 93244f

the name of the image. Masterpiece.
No. 99960 ID: b17b81

Well I had a legit question about the quest though it might lift the veil on some bits of the quest.

My bad for not phrasing it as a question. I've been tired lately.
No. 99961 ID: 163674

in reference to >>99902

I developed Coxwette as a "series of unopened doors" or "unturned rocks". There is a story there that the readers can uncover. It is planned out, but there is a fair bit of improvisation and re-tooling that happens as well. The same could be said, I think, for most quests!
No. 99962 ID: 1ac545
File 146423599242.png - (27.13KB , 500x500 , and MEMES fell on the earth for forty days and for.png )

No. 99964 ID: 1ac545

Aw, it cut off the "forty nights" part of the image name
No. 99965 ID: 595d54

I think RML is winning the expression contest, Lagotrope is going to have to up his game
No. 99970 ID: 0c9aae
File 146430171668.png - (27.74KB , 500x500 , everyfacechuckmakesisameme.png )

I swear to god, every face Chuck makes could be made into a meme of its own
No. 99971 ID: 635a61

I've got some real /questdis/ for you all, so strap in, bois

1. So everyone saw the foggy silhouette and the weird visual blurring that happened in the woods right before we got attacked, right? Perhaps its a Percy-Jackson-esque Mist that is covering up a secret about that one Padre guy and his ilk. I'm voting that, at some point, we should take Davey/a gun and go back there to explore that area further.

2. I sincerely believe that Ramona's cooking is intentionally bad. The herbs&spices coupled with the mayor's distrust of the Plath's is most suspicious, and it's most likely why we weren't completely hypnotized by Snek Vampire. It's not like we're Ruby and we're special enough to get super powers, or at least that's my current perspective of Chuck.
The bacon, however, I'm pretty sure the reason it's there is because she actually can't cook and is trying to put something infamously delicious into into her weird potions.

3. So Davey isn't one hundred percent evil, right? I mean, it's possible that he's a rapist, but it's also possible that Mrs. Ellen is merely traumatized by whatever eldritch bullshit for which Davey needed her help. Besides, if he was staying here for purely sexual reasons, we would be his only real competitor, so he could have just let us get drained.

4. Does anyone have any theories on the tentacles of that trypophobic nightmare we just encountered? Are those graspers, injectors, or suction tubes that were left behind? There is a certain possibility that they create more of themselves by sucking the life and soul out of others until their victim has the same circular puncture wounds and wrinkled skin that is characteristic of these things. I'm thinking that the tubes work to both fill the prey with a venom that liquifies their insides and then they suck the shell dry; think of the way a spider catches food. Maybe that's why Ramona asked us how long the attack lasted, so as to properly neutralize the venom

5. Is that rabbit thief in any way related to the templar monster? Does anyone think he is one of them or could he be the Ratman/Red of this quest? What do you think he was carrying? Was he naked? Why?

So yeah, I'm fucking loving this story RML, please don't drop this. Lovecraft is my weakness, and in the old man's very own words, "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Keep at it, bud, this is fantastic.
No. 99972 ID: 635a61
File 146430298215.png - (117.46KB , 500x1000 , _''Old Scratch'' discovers a &.png )

This was supposed to be the accompanying image
No. 99975 ID: 595d54

1. Yeah.

2. If she actually can't cook, how is it intentionally bad? She can't make muffins or eggs either. Neither are supernatural or known for being delicious. I think she's mostly just a bad chef and the garlic, vinegar, etc. are part of local cuisine, with roots in folklore. Similarly to how Romania/Transylvania have garlic dishes because it's traditional and vampire legends started the traditions, not because modern chefs fear vampires.

3. He's not literally a man-eating abomination, which isn't saying much. But he's defensive of his daughter and he didn't let some random guy get eaten, either. I think he knows of, but not about, the weird shit in Coxwette and that's what he meant when he said the people in it weren't right.

4. There was no sign of anything being injected, just of stab wounds. I think it's more like a mosquito. The needles are proboscises and Ramona asked how long they were in to gauge blood loss.

5. Literally nobody except RML has any idea and there aren't going to be spoilers. There's not much point in speculation until we find out more.
No. 99980 ID: 0d6c82

>There was no sign of anything being injected, just of stab wounds. I think it's more like a mosquito.
Mosquitoes do inject things. They have a venom that numbs the bite (and causes itching afterwards), and the bloodsucking itself has some backwash (which is how they spread diseases).
No. 99982 ID: 595d54

True but irrelevant. Chuck displayed no symptoms of any venom or other substance being injected, and the purpose of a mosquito bite is to feed via draining blood rather than kill prey via injecting venom, which is what I was referring to.
No. 99987 ID: 635a61

To your response to #2
Yeah, I should have phrased it better. What I meant was that it's possible that she doesn't know how to make the watery, disgusting soup taste better because she can't possibly fix it no matter what she tries, but that doesn't mean she's adding the herbs and spices purely in an attempt to add flavour to it.
By "actually not a good cook," the meaning was intended to be that she couldn't make something taste all that great even if she wanted to, but she does (theoretically) know how to brew up an incredibly effective antidote or two. For "intentionally bad," what I should have said was something along the lines of it's not that she's purposefully trying making it taste bad, it's just that it's not supposed to be good tasting. Like if she simultaneously can't cook food but can create elixirs, that's humorous to me, that's an interesting character trait.
But, I will admit, it's a bit of a reach. Why would she be offended about how bad her cooking is if she the desired effect isn't its taste?
I guess I just want Ramona to be a bit more mystical than what she's letting on because I really like that trope.
No. 99988 ID: 398fe1

Actually, he did display one symptom: lack of pain.
No. 99989 ID: 595d54

He said it stung.
No. 99992 ID: 398fe1

Not at first. He didn't notice it at all until he got back in town.
No. 99993 ID: 0a94cb

That's not unusual for slender or sharp objects in an adrenaline pumping situation.
No. 99995 ID: 595d54

See >>99993, although it doesn't need adrenaline. Often enough I've only noticed an injury from the blood dripping or a scab/bruise when it starts healing.
No. 100001 ID: 350a50

Yeah, I've cut myself and not noticed until a minute or more afterwards. Sometimes it's hard to even tell when it happened. It only seems to start hurting once you know it's there.
No. 100016 ID: b17b81

I just realized that there may be more demons in the catacombs. If the mayor knew, it would make sense for her to block the well. Wouldn't want those demons getting out and all.
No. 100018 ID: b17b81

Also, we ate garlic soup then had our blood drawn. If any vampire happens to take a sip of that blood, they are in for a rude awakening. (I think it would probably just taste horrible instead of poisoning them)
No. 100019 ID: e5362c
File 146451959409.png - (212.56KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lljqp0WHCQ1qcsoik.png )

I think i just figured out who that creature is.
No. 100031 ID: ab47c0

>Naz: “Someone from another part of the county. She’s like a professional ghost hunter or something. Runs a blog about it.”

is this avery

this better be avery
No. 100066 ID: 2f5847
File 146499697081.jpg - (53.33KB , 366x401 , clipboardgate.jpg )

So what do you think, guys? Technical slip-up, or subtle hint that there's something worth digging for?

something besides squirrelly goodness, I mean.
No. 100071 ID: f6442a

Technical slipup, no doubt.
It was supposed to list Susanna's name twice.
No. 100073 ID: 163674

No. 100076 ID: 163674

Also, official species list:

Chuck: grey tabby cat
Ramona and Sally: beagle
Naz: mouse
Selma: grey squirrel
Marcie and Penny: orange tabby cat
Rachel: spotted hyena (no pseudopenis)
Rita and Geoff: coyote
Layla: doberman pinscher
Sophie: golden orb-weaver
Lisa: beaver
Susanna: ball python
Angela: ostrich
Ellen: white-tailed deer
No. 100077 ID: 2f5847

>Rachel: spotted hyena (no pseudopenis)
>Lisa: beaver
You're gonna make this easy on me, eh? That one just writes itself. Dam.
No. 100078 ID: cc9c5d

I bet the creature's sting slowly turns you into a woman. It hasn't taken full effect of Geoff yet, so thats why he is only gay and not yet a woman. This would also explain why this town is primarily made up of females except the Farmer who has taken to shooting the abominations and the Old man, who is most defiantly a wizard or just a figment of Chucks imagination.
No. 100080 ID: 15fae4


rule 63 chuck when
No. 100083 ID: 15a025

Coxwette, rule 63 spin off when?
No. 100095 ID: b17b81

So Pussy Willows?
Having the town be a sausage fest would be weird. I wonder how the douche of a farmer would look if the same attitude was kept. (also, ghost dicks. I don't know how that would work.)
No. 100112 ID: 2f5847
File 146506405546.jpg - (44.86KB , 500x500 , Ellroy.jpg )

All I know is that Ellroy Stoppe won't shut up about the time he banged that horse.

Like a broken record, that one.
No. 100126 ID: d41523

Reference for peeps in quest thread who didn't catch it.

We don't have to, but we certainly can, if enough people are onboard.
No. 100127 ID: 35151f

That said, majority rules on that, so wether we boink the boy or not all relies on how bad the audience actually wants it
No. 100132 ID: cc08c7


Ah shit my bad, missed that and it's the first post on here sorry.
No. 100173 ID: f0e552

We should spruce up the Coxwette wiki page, it deserves more than the basic line that somehow appears on every quest.
No. 100227 ID: f0e552

I gave the wiki page some pictures to go with the character descriptions. Now's the time to write more in those bios, since they'll look nicer.
No. 100239 ID: 677ba6
File 146551415522.gif - (30.08KB , 512x512 , Chuckio.gif )

Is this where we put fan art?
No. 100240 ID: 2f5847

Cannot BELIEVE I forgot the antlers.
No. 100241 ID: 677ba6

He really should have been a lighter shade of grey/gray, but oh well.
No. 100292 ID: 558268

Crazy WMG time:

Nelson Plath and I'm assuming the first matriarch of the Stark clan had an affair with each other. Nelson wanted to end the affair, but the first Stark refused to the point of protesting violently. She accidentally killed Nelson during one of these violent protests. In order to hide the fact that she was having an affair with Nelson, she covered up the reasoning for the murder as a hostile political takeover of the town, thus allowing the Starks to come into power. The Plaths, who were secretly a clan of powerful magic users, sent out a legion of demons/zombies/whatever to exterminate the Starks. Seeing as the current mayor is a Stark and the Plaths are now a lingering shadow of their former glory, the Starks were either a rival magic user clan, or at the very least had enough supernatural muscle to stave off the demon attacks until they occurred so infrequently its practically random chance.

While the demon attacks explained why the town is so small, as those might have scared off a good portion of the original population and might have scared away future generations from arriving, it does not explain the odd gender ratio of the town.

That would be Lorraine's fault.

When Cletus was killed during the Civil War and never came back, Lorraine was heartbroken, going into deep depression and deluding herself that Cletus would return long after her own death. Due to her refusal to move on unto Cletus came back to her, Lorraine accidentally cursed the town to forever deny all the women there to experience the love of a man until Cletus returned. While the curse is not a very strong one due to it being unintentional, it still left a big impact on the town's population, as extremely few men from the outside will ever stay there for longer than short trips, and most men who were born and raised in the town would immediately leave as soon as they were able to. If the curse was any stronger, Coxwette would be entirely populated with women, all men would be uncontrollably compelled to avoid and/or leave the town, and the results would be far more noticeable and discovered LONG ago. Right now though, there are only just enough dudes in the population to keep the town afloat.
No. 100295 ID: 9f3729

you're right, that is crazy! And it doesn't make sense to me, since it doesn't really explain the couch.
I'm hedging my bets on shared heritage gone awry, personally. Maybe some forbidden love somewhere, that's always a mainstay in these blood feuds.
No. 100297 ID: 398fe1

Well we know Chuck isn't a descendant of the Plath house at least, since he couldn't open the door.

There must be something special about him though since the Mayor's attempted spooky eye thing didn't work.
No. 100298 ID: 503552


It could be anything, though. Maybe she just doesn't know him well enough, or something equally mundane or temporary.
No. 100302 ID: 2f5847

She was wearing sunglasses. Her absentmindedness appears to be genuine.
No. 100303 ID: 558268

To me, the most obvious answer is Chuck being a reincarnation of Cletus. The implication is VERY clearly there.
No. 100320 ID: 929360

Welp, we're probably going to fuck the bird lady. I wonder if Naz will get jealous~
No. 100321 ID: 595d54

Lads, why is it such an universal thing in every quest with romance or sex that people start shitting themselves if something doesn't go 100% to plan?
No. 100322 ID: 9f3729

tgchan is virgins is why
No. 100326 ID: 15fae4
File 146580593322.png - (7.26KB , 445x108 , 6856865.png )

fucking CALLED IT
No. 100334 ID: 2f5847

I wonder how many XP Lisa got?
No. 100337 ID: 3e182c

Yes. Weird. Used Informally no less. Synonym Strange, Meaning difficult to understand.

So in effect she said "Now you're being difficult to understand."
Which makes sense, seeing that this is a small puritanical town where such innuendoes are nearly unheard of.
No. 100339 ID: 398fe1

Really the problem is that Chuck did something lewd PHYSICALLY instead of VERBALLY.
No. 100340 ID: a788b7


Except that she's gotten every single other innuendo thrown her way. It is literally ONLY Marcie who doesn't, and Penny called that out as a trait specific to Marcie.

Weird is also a synonym of Horrific, so clearly it means she was frightened of Chuck! Put the thesaurus away, chum.


No, that's not why.

They aren't particularly interested in Angela so they're just looking for any opportunity they can find to give up and go back to Naz's party. You can see the votes for it at multiple steps that basically come around to 'nah just tell her it's a joke and go back to the party and maybe she'll go with you???'

You know, the same way that whenever Chuck interacts with Naz the people who aren't interested in Naz constantly make suggestions to just leave and go do something else.

oh wait.
No. 100341 ID: 3e182c

>Except that she's gotten every single other innuendo thrown her way.
So she can't fucking miss one? What is Angela suddenly the magical all knowing analyzer of sex and Chuck-uendo?

>Weird is also a synonym of Horrific
Which makes no sense in this context while Strange does. Not to mention most people use weird and strange interchangeably anyway.

>They aren't particularly interested in Angela so they're just looking for any opportunity they can find to give up and go back to Naz's party
AAannnd The reply you are replying to wasn't asking about Angela, or even this quest specifically, and there you go on a tirade about Angela. I Think the Salt is going to your head right now. Context does not seem to be your friend.
I recommend you chill out and smoke a bowl. Come back when your more level headed.
No. 100342 ID: 9ddd67
File 146584470362.jpg - (9.86KB , 300x168 , download.jpg )

No. 100343 ID: a788b7

>AAannnd The reply you are replying to wasn't asking about Angela, or even this quest specifically,


The question is about people trying to PANIC AND BAIL OUT WHEN ANYTHING GOES SLIGHTLY WRONG

The thread is full of suggestions that are 'just tell her it's a joke and leave.' Several of them even actually add 'because I'm more interested in going back to the party.'


Oh, you're a burnout.

That explains a lot.
No. 100344 ID: 3e182c

K. And that makes your quote of it appropriate because?

>The question is about people trying to PANIC AND BAIL OUT WHEN ANYTHING GOES SLIGHTLY WRONG
Panic yes. Bail out no.
That part you added.
Once again reflecting your own indignations onto other peoples words. See a pattern yet?

>Oh, you're a burnout. That explains a lot.
Pfft. I Wish.
THC doesn't agree with me. Makes the voices come back.
I'm stuck here with my sobriety and you, unfortunately.
No. 100345 ID: a788b7


Because it's clearly related to events in this quest?

Perhaps you should reevaluate your understanding of 'context' before you accuse other people of not grasping it.

>Panic yes. Bail out no.

Giving up and leaving is, in fact, bailing out. I didn't make that up, and the thread has a bunch of suggestions to exactly that effect. Next time, try literacy.

>I'm stuck here with my sobriety and you, unfortunately.

If you are actually sober and still like this, I pity you.
No. 100346 ID: 91cfcf

hahaha holy shit
No. 100347 ID: 398fe1

Dude you might want to quit while you're behind.
No. 100348 ID: 3e182c

Jesus, The salt is palpable.

Also it was a general question.
While Your bail out rant is appropriate in this thread, as was the question as to why people shit themselves when things don't go 100% right, it didn't make sense for you to quote a general statement for your highly specific rant.

Especially since "Wanting to bail out" Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with people shitting themselves.
>bailing out... the thread has a bunch of suggestions to exactly that
Damn straight some people are going to use the situation to steer chuck away. They're not panicking, they just had no interest in seducing Angela in the first place, and are using this as an opportunity for an out from a situation they'd rather avoid.

You know. Cuz' it's a quest. Differing viewpoints 'n all.

>I pity you.
No. 100349 ID: 15fae4

Alright everyone let's all just relax and read my comic, Boxdog, starring me, Boxdog
No. 100350 ID: 3e182c

I see only Rendamels and Skeletons
No. 100351 ID: 398fe1

Okay why are so many people saying not to apologize?
No. 100352 ID: 91cfcf

Because an apology isn't really necessary and it'd be weird.
No. 100353 ID: 3e182c

There's nothing to apologize for?
Someone also said apologizing is unattractive.
No. 100354 ID: 2f5847
File 146585377526.png - (61.42KB , 783x529 , Breakdown V1_0.png )

Allow me to make my feelings known.
No. 100355 ID: 3082a8

Reverse that list and we're good to go.
No. 100356 ID: 3e182c

Lol why not Suzanna?
Its not like she's a dangerous vampire with a Rotting Undead Cloaca or anything XD
No. 100357 ID: 2f5847

I'll allow that, in spite of all that, she is pretty hot.
And looks great in red.

But yeah, undead+evil+cloaca is definitely 3 strikes.
No. 100358 ID: 398fe1

We already know Rachel doesn't have a penis.
No. 100359 ID: 398fe1

>nothing to apologize for
...what about being crude?
No. 100360 ID: 3e182c

>...what about being crude?
I don't see how that's worth an apology.
Hell it could just draw more attention to it and make things awkward.
No. 100361 ID: 0a94cb

Or convey regret for having made her uncomfortable and an implication that an effort will be made to not repeat the behaviour.
No. 100363 ID: 9f3729
File 146586133915.gif - (4.81KB , 500x346 , giphy.gif )

pls chill
No. 100364 ID: 91cfcf

Yes buddy I'm so sure we need to apologize for being crude after we were talking about sex and she enjoyed it.
No. 100366 ID: 398fe1

You CAN talk about sex without being crude. Which Chuck was in fact doing, up until that point. Allusions to it instead of a graphic sexual gesture.
No. 100370 ID: f0e552
File 146586589755.gif - (1.00MB , 350x191 , NnoGhN1.gif )

yeahhh, I think crude messed up the conversation, though I think Angela's reaction to our crudeness made every one panic.

Until next update,
No. 100380 ID: 2f5847

That one was intended as a joke, for really.

But given that it's a world of ghosts, goblins and curses, I should maybe account for one growing back…
No. 100381 ID: 15fae4


appalling taste
No. 100382 ID: 2f5847

No. 100387 ID: 36295c

Naz top tier and Angela bottom tier is just an embarrassing lack of taste.
No. 100388 ID: 2f5847

If you don't like small bodies with big glasses you've lived your life Wrong.
If you don't want the cat to get the mouse you have no soul.

It is hard for me to think of something less attractive than an ostrich.
A hippo might come close, and certain forms of beetle.
No. 100395 ID: 350a50

So Cletus died in a forest after hearing the voice of God in his head, during the revolution. And we encountered a freakish zombie with a cat-like head in the forest spouting religious bullshit.

>Top Tier
>Good Tier
>Okay Tier
Selma (she likes to watch)
>Nope Tier
Farmer Davey
>Try not to get arrested Tier
>Bad End Tier
Donna (Farmer Davey would kill us)
Susanna (would kill us for being lewd)
Sally (Ramona would kill us/become an hero)
Penny (would break Marcie's heart)

Ellen goes up to Good Tier if we help her work out her issues first.
Donna goes up to Okay Tier if Farmer Davey bites it.

No. 100396 ID: 439f4b

Hyena girl needs more love, imo
No. 100398 ID: 2f5847

Wishywashy/10. So many tiers. No pic.

Think less of the demands of the plot, and more objectively about ranking. Sally is easily as desirable as Ramona, no matter what has cum before.
No. 100403 ID: 2a7417

If Sssusanna isssn't your top pick, you mussst be ssstark raving mad.
No. 100405 ID: b7a1e3


>Safe, boring choices are high tier
>Daring/unconventional choices are low tier.

This isn't the 50's, man, even if the town seems to be stuck in them.
No. 100406 ID: 65317a

>Top Tier

>Bad Tier
The Demon
Farmer Davey

There I fixed the list for you all.
No. 100407 ID: 2f5847

Move the demon up because he's a bold, unconventional choice and it's not the 1950s.

Move Geoff down because he's safe and boring.
>I'm kidding
No. 100413 ID: 163674
File 146595099881.png - (98.46KB , 1988x1880 , coxharem.png )

Only one real way to settle this, tbh

wife/husband on top
Two mistresses/sires on the bottom

No. 100416 ID: 9c0dcb
File 146595373495.png - (633.80KB , 1988x1880 , undebatable.png )

No. 100423 ID: 350a50
File 146595813048.png - (143.03KB , 1988x1880 , asdf.png )

>Think less of the demands of the plot, and more objectively about ranking.
Well if we're being objective, here.
No. 100427 ID: 36295c




No. 100430 ID: 3e8a9a

My list

Your list
No. 100432 ID: 24fb61

Seems Legit
No. 100436 ID: 929360

New plan to bed the bird:
-Get a job in the postal service.
-Borrow the love letters, and study this guy.
-Subtlety edit them with mistakes that would piss off a teacher. (There/Their, shit like that) // Or slowly make this guy seem creepy.
-Soon the teacher will change her feelings about her admirer/Start doubting that this whole penpal romance could work out.
-No one will ever be the wiser, and TGchan will get all the Fowl lewds they could ever hope for.
No. 100437 ID: dca63a

shut the fuck up
No. 100438 ID: 65317a

Man where did all this hate come from...
No. 100440 ID: f6442a

Friction of differing opinions on nesting the bird.
No. 100441 ID: 15fae4
File 146598071420.png - (253.15KB , 500x353 , 1449723304472.png )

No. 100442 ID: 398fe1

That is a garbage plan for scum.
No. 100443 ID: f0e552

screw that, that's creepy as hell.
No. 100444 ID: a4ec41

I'm pretty sure it was a joke plan you guys. And even if it wasn't, if you're honestly getting this spun up over seducing a cartoon bird you should probably step back and evaluate your priorities.
No. 100446 ID: 398fe1

I don't care about the bird.
I do care about people turning Chuck into outright scum rather than just a lecherous sinner.

That said, what's with people assuming that to get laid with the bird we have to be the most important person in her life? SHE CAN JUST HAVE AN AFFAIR YOU KNOW. People act on lust instead of love all the time! To get with Angela we'd have to push her libido past her limits. The method with which that is done will determine how bad we feel about it afterwards, if we even accomplish it. It's quite possible that Chuck won't be able to directly seduce her, and would have to sabotage their relationship to get at the bird booty.

All lewds are possible, but at what cost? We should always keep in mind the cost.
No. 100448 ID: e4f856

Angela wants a romantic relationship. Chuck cant provide that and doesnt want to. So what we should be angling for is a one time affair. Why should we ruin her life by sabotaging the relationship? Not to mention, for the less altruistic side of tgchan, if we break her heart the whole town will know and our further seduction options are limited.
No. 100449 ID: dca63a

the bird is not important

I just want to stop discussing the bird it's making everyone stupid as fuck
No. 100450 ID: 65317a

Off the bird topic. Remember when the Mayor said the town feared "him". Now that we now that "him" is the ghost sheet monster, should we have a meeting with her and talk about what the hell "him" is? Also flirt.
No. 100451 ID: 2f5847

It's probably the Turtle. pimp pump Lisa for information.
It's…beautiful. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Also I will confirm that the birdmail plan is creepy as hell.
No. 100452 ID: 36295c

You can have romantic rendezvous without having the boyfriend/girlfriend label. It can be a recurring thing, at that.
No. 100453 ID: 3e182c

I don't see how a one time thing would ruin the relationship between a "couple" that has never met in person.
Hell the very idea that people in a long distance relationship need to save themselves for one another with constant abstinence is absurd, unrealistic, and self destructive.

As far as I see it laying the bird would be the most moral and altruistic thing Chuck would have done in Coxwette to date.
No. 100456 ID: cc08c7


Something like an affair could easily put more strain on a long distance relationship because it takes any trust they had for one another and destroys it. An affair is far from the "most moral altruistic thing" Chuck could do.

Overall avoiding the bird topic for now is probably the best plan, we still have zombies and underground tunnels to deal with.
No. 100457 ID: cc08c7

As a sort of weird thought going into the creepier aspects of Coxwette, there could also be a tiny possibility the penpal isn't even real, just a means to keep our birdfriend in Coxwette even longer.
No. 100459 ID: 398fe1

She was trying to say the town was "God-fearing" without saying his name. Vampires cannot utter the name of god.

I only found that out after reading this quest!
No. 100470 ID: 398fe1

I'm not sure it's even possible to leave... not by train, anyway.
No. 100471 ID: 163674
File 146604334309.png - (168.00KB , 500x500 , ed.png )

Since everyone seems to be fighting, here is a soothing picture of Ramona and her husband Edward.
No. 100472 ID: 2f5847

Thanks RML.
No. 100473 ID: 931f9d


Gonna go ahead and ruin this by reminding everyone that Edward was a wifebeater.
No. 100474 ID: c99788

What if the penpal is Padre?
No. 100475 ID: cc08c7


We might want to see if there's any way to look at maybe one of the more mundane letters in the future, if not for clues as to who's really sending them then proof it really is just some guy/girl out of town.
No. 100477 ID: 15fae4


i'd yiff that DILF, where's the F-List?
No. 100484 ID: 3e182c

Pfft. Omissions exist for a reason.
And your right, it would be far more moral to murder the mayor, find the source of her family's magic, and use it to cure Ramona's loneliness by manipulating her and Sally into being Chucks personal eternal concubines.
No. 100485 ID: 398fe1

No. 100486 ID: 65317a

Mayor just needs some fine loving. Though Ive a feeling shes trying to keep the town safe from the demon creatures.
No. 100487 ID: 398fe1

Didn't Ramona tell us that the mayor was the one who summoned them? Or was that the previous mayor?
No. 100494 ID: 65317a

She said that the Snake's family summoned them to kill Nelson Plath and take the town from them. So not the current snek unless she is a vampire. Still we dont know that for sure.
No. 100561 ID: 3e8a9a
File 146633062273.png - (46.47KB , 500x1000 , THAT MAN.png )

No. 100562 ID: de4dc9

Thank you
No. 100573 ID: 15a025

Think I may have a theory as to why there's so few males around coxwette here. What if the KKK bed sheet monsters have been killing or converting all the males in coxwette? As far as we know, they've only attacked males here. Geoff and Chuck were attacked, and Davy said he was having problems with them as well.
No. 100576 ID: 2f5847

Yes. We have a town with two male characters, and both have been attacked.

Now they may just be idiots and confusing dudes with Nelson Plath, but there could also be something else going on.
No. 100577 ID: 350a50

Could be a prude mayor using her family's pet demons to keep the town pure.

That would suggest Naz and Selma are targets too however. Maybe the mayor is just a feminazi.
No. 100578 ID: 595d54

More to the point, both Chuck and Geoff are tomcats. Davey isn't, and he hadn't seen one for fifteen years. I think he might have been with someone else at that time.
No. 100579 ID: 358228

So in this case, the eyes may not be a sign she's a vampire/whatever, but a sign that she's a thrall.
No. 100580 ID: 2f5847

Geoff is a coyote.
No. 100581 ID: 595d54

He's still a cool cat to me. But alright then, that's debunked. Still doesn't explain why Davey's left alone and why someone would want to kill all Coxwette's men if they wanted to keep control of it over long periods of time. Did Marcie and Penny say anything about their male relatives?
No. 100582 ID: 398fe1

Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Yet, the way she reacted to the zombie thing makes me wonder if the current mayor has control of them at all.
No. 100586 ID: 5f74d5

Wasn't one of the two cops in town an old dude.
No. 100587 ID: 9db048

Wanna bet that one page of Lisa's clipboard has a flatworm-shaped hole on it?
No. 100589 ID: 358228

It's gone now.
No. 100590 ID: f4b0f2

Obligatory Silent Hill reference?
No. 100628 ID: 55e284
File 146654959065.png - (22.93KB , 500x500 , HappyChucks.png )

No. 100629 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 100633 ID: 15a025
File 146655749774.png - (15.71KB , 499x500 , chuck all along.png )

Oooga booga
No. 100637 ID: 55e284
File 146656201058.png - (18.17KB , 500x500 , SpoopChuck.png )

This didn't work out nearly as well as I had hoped
No. 100639 ID: 350a50

Looks like a really deformed dalmatian/bloodhound cross.
No. 100642 ID: 55e284
File 146656972276.gif - (4.82KB , 500x500 , how-it-spreads.gif )

I should stop.
No. 100695 ID: 163674
File 146682206707.png - (67.02KB , 290x886 , mydudes.png )

No. 100706 ID: 15fae4


alright honey you've done good that'll do
No. 100727 ID: 0ebbe8

Coxwette will be on extended/indefinite hiatus. Thanks
No. 100728 ID: 9a6193

Any reason why?
Will you have any other quests in the works?
No. 100730 ID: 2c87cd

Aw man. But I was excited for more shennanigans.
No. 100731 ID: 2c87cd

Is it because you're not getting enough fanart?
No. 100738 ID: 2f5847

It's not really my place to tell a creator to stay the course.

I do think a lengthier explanation from an ID you've used before would probably be helpful, though.
No. 100739 ID: 595d54

To make a point: there is no way to prove with absolute certainty whether I am the real RML using someone else's identity or just a bad fake.

The quest will only continue if you send me five pounds of Belgian chocolate daily. Thanks.
No. 100740 ID: 9a6193

Quick, start up a patreon page! Everyone chip in and we'll get this baby sorted by morning! (it's 10 bucks a pound, so it would actually be doable if it was a serious request)
No. 100741 ID: 398fe1

50 dollars a day is not very doable.
No. 100744 ID: 163674

This one really is me

I have actually received more fan art than I ever could have hoped for, and I am extremely grateful for each piece

I am putting the quest on hiatus because I don't really feel up to snuff anymore. I had way too much faith in my ability and probably looked arrogant, egotistical, and self-indulgent in the process. I am not looking for any platitudes or encouragement and actually find those things annoying, so please don't do it. If I continue, it will be after I have made considerable strides in my ability to write and draw.

I do not, and never will have any intention to monetize any of my quests.

Thank you all for reading this far.
No. 100746 ID: 398fe1

>I had way too much faith in my ability
You mean how you constantly say your art isn't worth anything?

I'm used to you being a sadsack and losing motivation, but that's a new turn.
No. 100747 ID: ca0c21

Yeah, let's antagonize the guy telling the best story on here. Great fuckin plan.
No. 100748 ID: 15a025

It was fun while it lasted RML. Best of luck and wishes to ya.
No. 100750 ID: 0bf568

>"I had way too much faith in my ability"
That's fucking rich, you never have shown any faith in your abilities and you know it.
Oh this is old fucking news. I don't know why I read her quests, they just get canned on a fucking whim.
No. 100752 ID: 6ee895

Ok, I probably shouldn't pick at this wound any further, but how are you feeling bad over the way you've written/drawn a quest that you specifically started out AIMING to not put a lot of effort or care in? I mean, it's been pretty up front that this hasn't been your top shelf produce, most of the whole way through. Anyone who's seen your full-effort art elsewhere knows it. Everyone's accepted it, upfront? So I have no idea how "arrogant, egotistical and self-indulgent" could possibly come out of this. Artistically, this quest has been pretty fucking humble, in my opinion.

Also, don't you think saying you "probably looked arrogant, egotistical, and self-indulgent" makes an implicit judgement on everyone on this site who produces a quest that isn't to the same quality as yours? If you're saying you're not good enough to run a quest here then you're basically also telling anyone who considers themselves worse than you that they shouldn't be doing a quest either. Like, I think I'm worse than you, as a visual artist at least. Should I GTFO and not sully the place with my dreck? Am I being arrogant and egotistical by thinking people want to read what I make? If I'm not then you aren't either.

If you don't want to do the quest any more, if you're not feeling it, then just don't, that's fine. People obviously care about it but it's your project. Saying it's because you're not a good enough artist or writer, though? How else are you going to become better at either of those things if you're not going to do something that involves regular drawing and writing? If you had a big grand story in mind that you wanted to do proper justice to, then yeah, the argument of realizingyou're not good enough yet and waiting until you can do it better holds, but I was under the impression you were deliberately trying to not give to much of a shit about this quest.
No. 100753 ID: 398fe1

Honestly this pattern of behavior seems more like a fear of success than anything else.
No. 100755 ID: 9a6193

>I do not, and never will have any intention to monetize any of my quests.
I was poking a joke playing off the other person posing as you. It was not in any way shape or form meant to be taken literally.

All I'm gonna say is that I liked the quest. It seemed to take itself not too seriously but at the same time just serious enough. I thought it was quality enough to keep it going, but you have the right to stop working on something if you don't want to work on it. Sad to see it go.

Also saying that this is very sudden, and that this >>100727 by itself was not a proper response. The follow-up makes it better, but post the reason why if you know we're gonna ask. Or give a bit of fore-warning or something. W/e. Keep on keeping on then.
No. 100757 ID: 350a50

I am sad.
No. 100758 ID: 2043f3

Aw man, you've just done blueballed like, half of tgchan. Maybe more! Don't you see, all those people with pent-up libido will cause a ruckus!
No. 100759 ID: 7b65b9

Sorry to hear you're feeling down on yourself, and I hope you bring the quest back some day.
No. 100760 ID: 3e182c

Holy shit really?
Your quitting cuz you don't think you're good enough? The fuck.
The characters are memorable, the Art is wonderful, the story is thought provoking enough to have us at each others throats, and the cheese cake is good enough to force us too choose between porn or story, opening the real possibility of a tragic yet satisfying bad end.

Oh. Yeah. And all this was brought to life by you, and your current talents.

If you legitimately want to quit, if your tired of this quest, nothing we say can stop you.

But if your really just feeling like your not good enough to continue. No. Stop that shit. Your doing a great fucking job. So suck it up. Please.

If you quit now because you think you're not good enough, you will NEVER be good enough.
Coxwette will die here and now, forever.

If you can't get over your own insecurities today, how will you get over them tomorrow?
No. 100763 ID: fe65ad
File 146709740724.png - (35.11KB , 691x693 , cox.png )

No. 100766 ID: 595d54

childish tbqh
No. 100777 ID: bd6558

Can't you at least finish this last fucking thread first please?

This site is full of Authors who don't finish shit, Reaver is most famous for a quest he abandoned, and has Sports Drink with Electrolytes ever finished anything ever.
But it's ok because I'd rather have a kick ass quest start and die then never getting to experience it in the first place.

Jonah complex
It seams that like all artist have this or some shit.

Can someone put the Jojo face on this.
No. 100780 ID: 13e5d4

Come on RML don't circumcise the best damn quest ever made. You're the hero we all need.
No. 100784 ID: 5a893f

I would just like to say that a person can only get better at drawing and writing with practice, and I'd argue tgchan's The best place for practice. Coxwette's probably done you a lot of good on that front, so unless it's your magnum opus, there's no need to worry so much on quality.

Breaks are good for the soul though, so if you need a break or do something new, go ahead and do the thing you need to do. Just don't stop or not do something cause you don't think somethings up to snuff. You don't get better with the that line of thinking. I only don't make quests because I'm worried I'll get bored and waste everyone's time and investment from me getting bored with Whatever I'm doing.

Just fuck it, let's make it already is actually a good mindset for a lot of things. Just not pro work.
No. 100788 ID: 5add44

why are people being so brutal about this holy shit do u have no chill
"oh no, how dare RML stop making something (they were making for free) because its no longer fun?!?!?" Listen to yourselves maybe? They're not obliged to finish the quest for whatever reason if they dont want to.
No. 100791 ID: 13e5d4

People are being "brutal" here because they care about RML.
No. 100794 ID: 6ee895


When you say "I am not looking for any platitudes or encouragement and actually find those things annoying", I guess you get brutality instead.

Personally, I think if RML wanted to stop because the quest isn't fun, that's fine and sufficient reason. But I think that the stated motivations for stopping that were given in >>100744 don't really line up with what seems to be going on.
No. 100795 ID: e7fd66

Idk man if caring about someone means being very hostile to them, I mean, ok you do you
It was a good, fun quest and I liked it, shit happens though
No. 100796 ID: e3a778

>>100791 y'all have a cute way of showing it. if anything, throwing these tantrums is a great way to convince RML to never make anything for you guys again, lmao

RML - stuff is always better than you personally think it is. but at the same time, if it's not fun for you anymore, it's time to stop. i want to tell you, though, that even when it's difficult to have faith in your own abilities, it's worth it to try to have faith in the people who tell you you're doing well. i'm extremely reluctant to tell you to use audience feedback as a measure of your own success (for reasons that are obvious and that are literally occurring right now in this thread), but at the same time there's something reassuringly simple about the fact that in general, people like things that are good. and a lot of people like your quests.
No. 100798 ID: 398fe1

These "tantrums" have not and will not stop RML from either moving on to a new quest or eventually picking up where she left off. Don't worry about that.
No. 100799 ID: 3e182c
File 146714124788.jpg - (44.63KB , 800x670 , tumblr_nu39mz1RQW1qcz5rmo1_1280.jpg )

This graph here shows a phenomena known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. Wikipedia that shit for details, but the short of it is this:
The better you get at something, the less confident you become in your skill, until you become truly extraordinary.
Skill wise, you are prolly' pretty close to the bottom of that curve right now, RML. Hence the doubt.
But if you look at it another way, for you to be at this point of doubt at all you already have to be pretty damn good at what you're doing. (Otherwise you wouldn't be able to see your shortcomings at all.) This is a natural part of the process, and the process is going well. Stopping now will only slow it down and leave you in this funk of a dip even longer.
No. 100801 ID: 9a6193

I wonder how many different people there are here that cared enough to post about the quest ending. It seems like a lot honestly.
No. 100802 ID: ca0c21

It's the gold standard of quality content on tgchan.

Fair or unfair, I don't think most people would be cool with
Losing that.
No. 100803 ID: 495ff6

I am familiar with this phenomenon. I always jokingly call it the Peggy Hill Effect. I am so afraid appearing arrogant by being at the beginning peak of the curve that I do not feel safe being anything but viciously critical of anything I attempt to make. At least this way I can be self-aware in the face of criticism from the outside.
No. 100807 ID: 59ec86
File 146715229724.png - (55.95KB , 1287x173 , 1296035482569.png )

I think this sums up our collective reaction.
No. 100808 ID: 0bf568

Honestly I'd be less pissed if RML hadn't been fishing for a reason to drop CW for the last couple of months. Every week would bring on a new set of arbitrary and insurmountable standards that she felt it and all of her other quests don't live up to. This is not a surprise, it was just handled in basically the worst way possible.

Clearly RML has wanted to drop it for a looooong time, but by (repeatedly) saying that she doesn't have faith in her abilities she is either lying to us or telling us that the thing we like and put faith in is shit. Either way you slice it, I find it insulting. I say this as someone who is a fan and has wanted to drop a quest despite popular opinion. No one is entitled to making an author finishing a quest that they hate working on, but I think its fair to say that her stated reasons for doing so are bullshit.
No. 100809 ID: e7e274


Man, if you think we're having tantrams for posting what we think then fine, we're having tantrams. Everyone is just getting frustrated and feeling insulted. RML isn't just being self defeating, they're going around preaching that pretty much the whole of tgchan is bad at storytelling on both the board and IRC. Whether it's intentional or not.

For example with stuff like “somone was able to guess what I was secretly hinting at, now I must quit as a writer.” This is while the whole of IRC is confused about where this strange belief came from and telling RML that most people prefer a story where you can work stuff out beforehand if you put the mental effort in and apply the clues. Also that a lot of people don't like the style of writing were things are only revield at the very end. With the clues only becoming meaningful after the story tells you what's happining and are useless in figuring out anything beforhand.

But no, RML is enlightened and knows that anything other than your readers being clueless untill a purposeful reviel spelling it out for them is SHIT WRITING and they need to end their quest(or change the plot to make the guess wrong) the second people start putting clues together. This is the kind of ulra strict attitude RML has been running off of that is upsetting people.

It's not just that RML is holding themself to some sort of random and unobtainable “true art” standards, or that they want to quit whenever they don't reach them.

It's that we have mostly been supportive(explaning how they are doing good writhing, and how the quest is a lot of fun) and understanding(sympathising that we often feel the same way about our stuff) to RML. Just to have all of our arguments ignored and have our own writing(and their opinions on what is good writing) attacked. As no one on tgchan can write in a way that isn't cheep and wothless by RML standards.

But in the end I think we all really appreciate and enjoy RMLs work and would support their decision to end it if they feel it necessary. It's just the reason given has become a frustrating subject between tgchan and RML over the last months.


>I am so afraid appearing arrogant by being at the beginning peak of the curve that I do not feel safe being anything but viciously critical of anything I attempt to make.

The problem is that your criticism doesn't only apply to yourself. It attacks other people's work and their opinions on what is good. Making you seem super arrogant and frustrating people as you keep threatening to end the quest due to unreachable expectations.
No. 100812 ID: e4b345

Maen. Fuck self awareness. You know what causes clinical depression and anxiety disorders? Hyper activity in the part of the brain responsible for consciousness. So your hyper aware of yourself all the time. So you give a shit about shit that you really shouldn't give a shit about, all the time. It's bullshit. It makes shit so feel so shitty to do you end up not doing shit. That's what this shit your doin looks like. Your giving ten shits about shit that shouldn't even be given half a shit. You like doing this questing shit? Then who gives a shit about our shitty opinions about it. Just do this shit regardless cuz shit, this shit ain't about quality or skill or any of that artsy shit, it s about a bunch of shit heads on the internet getting together n shit, and having some fun. Shit man. Fuck.
No. 100816 ID: 72d855

Aww, and just as we were getting to the part I've been looking forward to since day one.

Kidding aside, if you need a hiatus then take the time you need, Coxwette is my favourite quest at the moment, the characters the lewds and the mystery all appeal to me massively. I'm not going to tell you not to stop, but I certainly will miss you and your work.

Thanks RML.
No. 100818 ID: ca0c21

RML, we're not second guessing you because
We want you to be arrogant and make us free furry porn.
Because there's already enough of both of those things in the world.

But your little voice that says whatever you do isn't good enough, allows you to create stuff at a level we can only dream of, or experience through your telling.

If you want to improve, finish telling the story and examine what could be done better.
No. 100827 ID: 2f5847

Lots of people reacting, and lots of 'em making better points than I probably would.

I want RML at their best mental state, because lawdy, making something like this for free every night must take it's toll. So if (she?) needs to take a break, a vacation, or 5 pounds of Belgian chocolate, more power to 'em.

But the idea that Coxwette as it stands isn't good enough for a bunch of freeloaders posting in their underwear is sadly mistaken.Because It's good. It's real good.

That's all I got to say.
No. 100828 ID: 398fe1

I think what everyone is saying is that Tgchan isn't high art, just do it.
No. 100830 ID: a4ec41
File 146716705213.png - (116.90KB , 800x800 , Kamina.png )

No. 100832 ID: 15a025

Oh god Apples that's amazing!
No. 100839 ID: 65317a

Well I just hope it was not our bickering that drove you to stop. Thanks for the fun while it lasted.
No. 100841 ID: 595d54

If Toxoshoran is right, it definitely wasn't.
No. 100850 ID: f0e552

RML, this quest is amazing, I want you to know that.
No. 100852 ID: c8d2b2

I'll certainly miss the quest, especially if you decide not to pick it up again. but thanks for providing high quality free content for as long as you did. And sorry your announcement brewed up such a storm. The discussion surrounding Coxwette seems to have become rather unpleasant in general over the last couple weeks, I've noticed...
No. 100853 ID: 15fae4


it's a quest about sex man people get nuts when they start thinking with their dicks
No. 100854 ID: 3e182c

Lol, Nuts.
No. 100855 ID: 13e5d4

deez Nutz.
No. 100860 ID: c6dfde

As someone that deals with constant bouts of depression and social anxiety, you have my sympathies, RML.

It's not easy putting our stuff out there for the world to see, but if it is any consolation you did improve very much from when you began. At least in art. Prose is harder to tell, albeit I would go on a limb and say your writing puts mine to shame and I am the one trying to work a living out of it.

It is not good advice by any stretch of the imagination, but I found that some vices do help us deal with other vices. My most recent acquisition is alcoholism. Take your time, brother. Work it out as you wish. Although we will miss you the world certainly isn't going anywhere.
No. 100875 ID: d4a566

Hope you feel better soon.
No. 100896 ID: f0e552

They didn't?
No. 100897 ID: 2b4deb

rml, when you say your work is not good enough you need to specify what is it not good enough for.
as is it implies the quest is not good enough for consumption, which is insulting to all the people, including me, who enjoy it. this quest is at the higher ranks of fan involvement and appreciation, looking at the discthread. not jukashi and arhra tiers, but definitely brom tier. that's not to say this quest is as good as brom's, it's honestly not. but people love it all the same. also brom writes plays for a living. he has published books. comparing yourself to him is a little conceited.

i realize you probably mean 'not good enough for my own preference', but i still find myself insulted. do note that falling into this trap will prohibit you from getting better by stopping any attempt at practice. that's your own business though.
as long as you're not telling me what's good enough for me i have no say on what reasonings you base your decisions on. all i can do is hope the choice results in better outcome than the alternatives.

that i said as a consumer of free material. this i say as your friend: you have dropped many quests under similar circumstances and every time the people around you that care about you say similar things, that is that it feels like the decision to drop the quest came first and then you started looking for reasoning and that their perception of your work is not the same as yours, and that you are being too hard on yourself. it culminates in a pattern of self sabotage, regret and self-deprecation. you should probably take a look at this pattern, analyze it and try to keep it from obstructing you from your goals.
No. 100913 ID: 495ff6

I have never presumed to think that the quality of my writing even approaches that of Brom's. I have no idea where people are getting this from, and I am sorry if I have somehow implied otherwise.

My writing amounts to a guilty pleasure for readers, like the McDonald's of writing. You might like the taste, but you still know it's not good. Maybe it is slightly entertaining in a lowbrow way, but there is no substance to it beneathe the surface. I truly aspire to fix this.

I hope this sheds some light on my decision for hiatus.
No. 100919 ID: 15fae4


girl you might be a bird but you are stubborn as a mule
No. 100924 ID: fb1c7d

Hey RLM, I don't mind that you stopped the quest. It's your quest you get the right to stop it whenever you want. However, do not ever presume to know my what I think of your quest. The only one who knows what I think of something is me. Guest what, I liked your quest. Not in a Mcdonalds way, but a real way. I do have other quests I like more but that doesn't devalue your quest at all. Just saying, don't put words into my mouth, you don't know what I'm thinking or why.
No. 100926 ID: 79a07e

Look, gonna be honest now. Your presumption of what and how we like your quest is just making you look like a cunt, and it's getting me (and probably others) angry.

So just leave before you ruin your reputation for real instead of what's in your head.

(This user has been banned for this post.)
No. 100927 ID: c6dfde

If it is about being the best for you, then I guess you need to get out of your comfort zone and all of that eye-of-the-tiger. But if you are into it for the fun of it, then that is all that matters.
Honestly, questing isn't the best medium to become a better writer. But I can verify that your visual comedy is spot on, as good as many comics I paid for in the past. Your drawings complement your writing skills beautifully and you shouldn't feel like they are two different mediums.

As for substance... well, sure, but I always felt that was part of what you were aiming for. A light-hearted story of banditry and sexual conquest, with a hint of greater mysteries beyond the seemingly calm horizon. A sort of dating-sim meets Innsmouth. I loved it. It was original.
No. 100928 ID: 3f885d

I understand everyone is sad with this news. I'm really going to miss coxwette too. But RML worked hard on it for free, and if the behavior of people in this thread is the kind of recompense she gets, her decision is more than understandable. You don't have to be happy, but keep the hatefulness to yourself.
No. 100930 ID: 15a025

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be. If it doesn't, then it wasn't meant to be.

Best of luck to whatever you plan on doing next.
No. 100938 ID: 9a6193

>entertaining in a lowbrow way
That has moved up to moderately insulting. It implies that the people reading the quest and liking it have no sense of taste/ability to tell what's good or bad. I'm not asking for an apology or for you to retract your words, just stating how I feel it comes across.

Like I said before, you do you and it's up to you what you want to do. I still look forward to what you'll work on in the future.

(I feel at this point your best option would be to just say straight out "Thank you for your kind(and unkind) words, but I will not continue this quest for a while if at all" and just kind of leave it at that. You don't have to justify the reason for stopping it if you don't want to, so I hope you aren't compelled to try to refute every person saying they liked it for so and so, or that you should do such and such. Sometimes leaving the scab alone and not fussing with it at all is the best way for it to heal. Whatever you do, I genuinely hope you feel content with your decision at the end of the day, and that you go on to find what you're looking for.)
No. 100939 ID: 350a50
File 146733945081.png - (61.92KB , 188x157 , toomanywords.png )

No. 100974 ID: 395c02
File 146745642595.gif - (701.59KB , 250x150 , tumblr_inline_o0icv0ortP1rf2gbc_500.gif )

oh no but we were porn-quest-that-has-no-actual-porn-in-it buddies



it's a bird is what I'm saying
No. 100975 ID: 1f3a15

Honestly, I don't know why people are this shocked. This is and has been RML's modus operandi since her first quest. I'm just counting the minutes until she deletes all her threads again.

Here's a lesson for quest authors present and future: ignoring all positive feedback and bending over backwards to please people who have only negative things to say about your work is not a path to success. It is a path to becoming RML. If you are afraid of becoming complacent or egotistical due to focusing on positive praise, consider that the opposite is no less infuriating.

This is RML. This is the person who, when 9 people tell her to continue doing something well and 1 person tells her to, for example, completely change her art style, she will completely change her art style to something hideous while telling the 9 other people this is what they wanted.

In summary, you were all idiots to get attached to an RML quest and you're going to be idiots if RML comes back and makes another new quest. My only sympathy is for the people who were burned without previous exposure to RML's work, but considering she goes out of her way to destroy her earlier work, I can't fault them for not knowing.

I'm not going to address anything in this post to RML directly because it became clear she has no interest in listening to legitimate criticism or improving as a person two or three years ago. I actually feel a little dirty because by being negative towards RML I know I'm feeding into her persecution complex just that little bit more, but I'll do what I have to to let people know not to make this mistake again.
No. 100980 ID: 49f18e

Honestly as long as RML doesn't delete the threads (which would be a shame, they're a very fun read)

She's been updating the quest non-stop since the beginning of the year and produced more 600 updates
that's impressive work no matter how you look at it.

If RML feels she's not confident to proceed it's fully understandable, nothing lasts for ever and not everything need to come to a solid conclusion. I was along for the ride and enjoying it.
If she continues without feeling up to it the story and characterization would likely suffer, souring the memory
that would not only ruin the story but also ruin RML's confidence in her own ability.
I know I've done the same thing several time
I kind of wish I had the strength to let go of stories that aren't working.
No. 100981 ID: 1f3a15

I'm not objecting to RML ending the quest for being sick of it. That's not the reason she gave for ending it. As Tox said, >>100926 she was fishing for a more "legitimate" reason to drop it, and in the process has made me and others angrier than if she'd just said "yeah I'm sick of this quest" or just said nothing at all.

For the record I agree exactly with this poster.
I'm incredibly amused that this is where someone finally feels the need to step in and enforce rules. If it was anyone else other than a BIG NAME QUEST PERSON they'd be free to get torn to shreds.

Please stop questing, RML, until you grow a spine.

(This user has been banned for this post.)
No. 100982 ID: 1f3a15

>>100808 for Tox, not the other one. Whatever.
No. 100983 ID: a857dc

>reads thread
Holy sheeit. Now I felt glad I didn't drop Ouroboros at all, even though sometimes deep in the hiatus I've heard the brazen whispers.
But, the premise and further developments are far too interesting to drop - and the same could be said of Coxwette. Shame it had to die in such an ignoble way though. And then I remembered The Shouters. And Bastion of Innocence. So many interesting settings and characters, rendered dead or in stasis...

RML, don't be a graveyard for interesting ideas. Next quest idea you got, run it until it ends!
No. 100986 ID: 97263f

holy personal attacks, guys. wtf, this is not ok. this is rml's prerogative. you are entitled to disappointment, you are NOT entitled to anger.
No. 100987 ID: b1960b

I'm not really sure why you thought you could get away with this, Cirr. Having a nick doesn't give you immunity, and a glance at your own personal track record for dropped quests shows that you should know better than to condemn someone so harshly for it.

Your reasoning would hold up more if you could show me another case of a quest author getting "torn to shreds" like this in questdis with no mod action.
When it's necessary and reported, we step in.

Please refer to the rules before posting in this thread, everyone. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/news.php?p=rules
No. 100992 ID: b1960b

Given the circumstances and the atmosphere around it, I've talked to the other mods and we don't see any positive outcome to leaving this thread open to more comments. I think we're all pretty clear on where everyone's opinions rest right now. This discussion is, in technical terms, a shitshow.

We're locking the thread. It'll be unlocked if RML decides to return to this quest.
No. 101147 ID: 163674
File 146786028017.png - (77.30KB , 500x500 , angela mugshot.png )

First, I am sorry for the drama, and I did not expect any of it to lead to bannings.

I am trying to work through the anxiety that I have about this quest, but in the meantime, here is a distraction. I want to put forth a poll before the people actually reading and suggesting in the quest as to how it should proceed with regards to sexual content. Depiction of genitals, intercourse, and bodily fluids are not always appropriate content for inside a quest thread.

Here is a poll to decide. I know you all will want to try to cheat this poll, but I would appreciate if you didn't!


The choices explained:

Fully Explicit - This is the status quo. It takes the quest from a normal work of fiction to a graphic pornography, as it depicts genitals and intercourse explicitly. It seems very few quests take this route.

Tasteful On-screen - This would show sex onscreen, but not show any intercourse or genitalia. This is how Enemy Quest is, and how almost all sex-based quests are.

Off-screen - Sex will still happen, but it will not be shown on-screen. It may be talked about or hinted at, but the actual scene will fade to black. This is how 90% of quests handle it.

Please note that this has NO EFFECT on art outside of the quest threads. Thank you for your time as always!
No. 101149 ID: 2f5847

I have voted.
Would it be inappropriate to ask which of those you would prefer to do?
No. 101152 ID: 818eac

No. 101161 ID: 8390df

I voted honestly. I hope you vote too rml. (Just keep it a secret)
No. 101162 ID: 15a025

I'm assuming fully explicit is what we're going with before? If so I'm fine with that.
No. 101163 ID: 42b77a

Not really wanting to cause more trouble, but I feel a suspicion that, if "fully explicit" is chosen, the quest will either become nothing but porn and lose most of the enjoyable non-porn elements, or will be abandoned since "people just want porn".
No. 101164 ID: 15fae4


i actually felt like the introduced story elements would veer people away from the porn

i know i'd certainly be less willing to get my bang on if i knew there was a danger of mr. noface dogman taking a peek through the window every time
No. 101165 ID: 2f5847

I'm absolutely not offended by explicit content, but I would hate to have endless porn updates all the time.

But that hasn't been a problem in the past, and uh, as long as the pacing remains excellent, shouldn't be in the future.
No. 101166 ID: cc08c7

Voted for the full experience. Bring it on.
No. 101169 ID: 7b4d07

I enjoy depictions of intimate full-on gross sex, even if most of the times it doesn't get me going on.
No. 101172 ID: 7d01b5

I chose fully explicit, but mostly since I assumed it was how Coxwette was at before. If a reboot was in order however, then I wouldn't mind moving to one of the other 2. I thought the adult stuff was handled pretty well so far. It's hardly the main event even though it was fully explicit.
No. 101174 ID: 2eb506

I have to agree with Jiggy
No. 101175 ID: 27c0e0

Where's the "who gives a fuck" option, because really if you don't like the porn just skip it. Authors just have to remember to spoiler the image and text and put NSFW in the email field of the post.

I think the real issue is that in quests where NSFW is allowed or expected there are those who will abandon all plot and character development and just go for porn, well others want it to be a story that has porn in it.
No. 101176 ID: 7d01b5

Wait, why NSFW in the email field? I don't remember ever hearing about that! I might need to know for later! D= Does it do anything different like sage?
No. 101177 ID: f0e552

tasteful is nice and it's what i've voted for. I honestly think it's one of the best ways to handle sex in a quest considering when sex does happen the suggesters have to do actions during the deed, and everyone just gets weird during that.

but that's just my opinion
No. 101178 ID: f0e552

plus it allows for more story focused stuff, which is awesome.
No. 101179 ID: 4831a4

I for one have never heard of putting nsfw in the email field, and unless Ive somehow missed a big revelation, it does nothing and there isnt much point. Spoilering text/image is still encouraged though.
No. 101183 ID: b1960b

Yeah that's not a thing
No. 101184 ID: 1ce6a6

No. 101188 ID: 398fe1

RML, do what you want. The poll should not control your choice, at least partially because I'd wager most people don't care enough about it for it to be a dealbreaker.
No. 101189 ID: eb959a

Sorry meant subject field
No. 101191 ID: 8390df

Since everyone else is sharing, I voted for tasteful. I dont read this for the sex; i read it for the flirting, the romance, the witty one liners, and the plot. (Same reason as i read broms stuff) oh, and Marcie; she's a peach.
No. 101192 ID: c22069

These two pretty much sum up my thoughts on the matter. Also I have to say one of the things I really liked about Coxwette initially was the concept that lewds were bonuses that had to be earned. I think the explicit content is fine as long as its something suggesters have to really work for to achieve. Like an award earned is always better than an award given, if that makes sense.
No. 101193 ID: 15a025

I also have to agree with you three here.
No. 101194 ID: 1ac1ba

you should have a "whatever you're most comfortable with" option for us to choose. I personally believe the quality of the quest would be highest if the sexual content is handled to the author's preferences.
No. 101195 ID: 20295c

I voted for the full-explicit, on the condition that everything stays in-character and it doesn't mess with the pacing. Any level of lewdity is fine, but it needs to be backed with good storytelling.

... and I think that's kind of been a non-issue here, honestly. This one of the best-written and best-designed quests on the board, fullstop. To the point where I went in wanting and expecting to dislike it, but just couldn't. And I think that's pretty impressive.

I'm willing to elaborate on why I think it works so well, too, but I'd rather you ask me about it first. Mostly because I don't want to spam the thread with an unnecessary wall of text that nobody's interested in reading. So if you wanna know, reply to this post and ask I guess.

Also, I couldn't help but notice this in the poll:

>It seems very few quests take this route.
>This is how Enemy Quest is, and how almost all sex-based quests are.
>Sex will still happen, but it will not be shown on-screen. It may be talked about or hinted at, but the actual scene will fade to black. This is how 90% of quests handle it.

I feel like I should probably say something about this, since it seems to kinda speak to the trouble you're having here. Basically, you seem to be implying that if another quest does something differently than yours, and it works, you must be doing it wrong. Which... just isn't correct.

Coxwette is, and has been, working pretty much fine for the most part. Explicit sex scenes work pretty well within the narrative context of the quest, and have pretty much never felt out-of-place, shoehorned-in, or pandering. Every quest has different storytelling needs, and if the size of the fanbase for this one is any indication, you've already mostly met Coxwette's needs.

And for the record, Enemy Quest is definitely explicit enough to fall into the first category. Seriously, have you read some of those sex scenes? Stuff like, >>/quest/702667 is pretty commonplace in that quest, and that's excluding the written portions. And much like Coxwette, it's still damn good.

I know this has been said numerous times (sometimes WAY too forcefully) but you are being way too hard on yourself, and too hard on Coxwette. Especially for something you aren't charging for. Seriously.
No. 101196 ID: 20295c

I can't figure out for the life of me why that Enemy Quest link isn't working. Just go here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/662452.html

Then scroll down to the giant explicit orgy scene.
No. 101222 ID: 2f5847

Now that the thread's running and tensions cooled, I'd encourage Coxwette fans to watch Angel Heart.

It's sexy southern gothic with horror overtones, and should be relevant to your interests.

The movie, not the manga. That's something else again.
No. 101227 ID: 15fae4

everyone chill out this time, this thread got really, really weirdly heated twice
No. 101228 ID: 163674

All things considered, that orgy scene is fairly tame and tasteful.
No. 101229 ID: 60151e

Which is part of what makes it so good.
No. 101232 ID: b68e40


Within the three categories that RML gave though, it fits closer to "Fully Explicit", given how much we saw of Zack's silhouette dick.
No. 101233 ID: 60151e

Which is another part of what makes it so good.
No. 101235 ID: 163674

I mean it was very tame and tasteful compared to the Coxwette sex scene, which featured depictions of non-silhouette genitals and bodily fluids. For that reason, I would put it more toward option #2 than #1

was also me, forgot name
No. 101236 ID: 2f5847

No accounting for taste, but I found that orgy scene text-heavy and confusing. And the art is admittedly not to my taste. No offense intended, DM.

Coxwette's have so far been minimalist and actually good.
If we're meant to role-play the character, shouldn't the seedy bits feel suitably dirty and overt?
I mean, I know what I think, but I'm not making the quest.
No. 101243 ID: 27d8d4

I think that the EQ scenes are more tastefully done personally. Whether or not the art is to your taste, it is more classy in that it shows less vulgar nudity. I guess I am just nervous of looking like a bad furry porn comic. That would reflect badly on the site to have on the front page for too long, spoilered or not.
No. 101245 ID: f0e552

there's something weird about having a group of people control characters actions during sex scenes. You may be able to control this by going EQ's route and just have decisions prior to scenes and then just go on autopilot during.
No. 101248 ID: 20295c

>everyone chill out this time, this thread got really, really weirdly heated twice

Agreed. I'd rather not see another ugly meltdown in here.


>I mean it was very tame and tasteful compared to the Coxwette sex scene, which featured depictions of non-silhouette genitals and bodily fluids. For that reason, I would put it more toward option #2 than #1

Which, fair enough I guess. The few scenes Coxwette has had were a maybe little more explicit. A little. I don't feel comfortable dragging Enemy Quest into this discussion too much, but the level of detail described is still pretty similar, even if the level of detail on the art isn't as high. Also, maybe consider that Enemy Quest has many, many more (slightly less) explicit sex scenes than Coxwette. Like several per thread if I recall.

But honestly, I'm not sure how useful it is to compare these quests directly, so I'm gonna stop doing that. It's apples and oranges, since Enemy Quest has a different kind of setting, characters, and narrative focus, and thus has different needs anyway.

I think the fact that you can say Coxwette sex scene and be mostly right is kind of telling, though. I mean, you've had four threads and maybe two sex scenes between them. The story-porn ratio is skewed way towards story here. Which works, and I like that it takes a realistic amount of effort for Charlemagne to talk people into sleeping with him.


This exchange is making me question the usefulness of the distinction between tasteful and explicit here. Whether or not you show a dick or vagina or bodily fluids isn't really an important question in the context of good or bad storytelling, which seems to be what RML is worried about here. I think breaking down the content to a checklist isn't really useful in terms of deciding whether or not the story is working.

>No accounting for taste, but I found that orgy scene text-heavy and confusing. And the art is admittedly not to my taste. No offense intended, DM.
None taken! And honestly, I can understand that Enemy Quest isn't for everyone. It leans heavily on Brom's writing skills, so it's more geared toward people who like to read anyway. I'd say more, but this isn't really the time or the place for that.

>Coxwette's have so far been minimalist and actually good.
This. The scenes weren't excessively long or lavish, and kept the focus on the characters.

>If we're meant to role-play the character, shouldn't the seedy bits feel suitably dirty and overt?
I'm in agreement here. I feel like it would be tonally kind of weird for everything to get super-modest the second any actual sex happens, given the kind of character Charlemagne is and the tone of the quest. Also, I feel like going out of your way to avoid showing genitalia is a good way to ruin shot composition. I'd just pick the same angles that I would if they were wearing clothes, personally.

>I mean, I know what I think, but I'm not making the quest.
This is also important to consider. What do you want to do, RML? If you're not comfortable running something super-explicit and you want to tone it down, that's fine. Just try not to forget that most of us don't actually care how how explicit it is or isn't, so long as the story is good.

But since you're running this thing for free, I honestly think it should ultimately be up to you. You certainly don't have to do anything on our behalf, and it honestly might be a bad idea to slavishly follow audience expectations anyway. Do what you want.
No. 101261 ID: 2f5847

In full agreement with all of this. And there's a lot of good points I left out of my own comparatively short post.

At the end of the day, what I want is (and should be) secondary to what the author does. But I'll let it be known what I want is staying the course.
No. 101266 ID: 9f43ca

>I guess I am just nervous of looking like a bad furry porn comic. That would reflect badly on the site to have on the front page for too long, spoilered or not.
No. 101268 ID: b68e40

I suppose the key word is bad, in "bad furry porn comic".

Having a bunch of bad porn around, furry or no, would and in some cases has dragged down the tone of the site, it's true, but I would argue that only happens when the author seems to be oblivious to the problems with their work, when there's a creeping feeling that they don't really recognize their flaws or understand why anyone would object to it. When someone crudely draws grotesque, malformed flesh puppets, cast in situations designed to appeal to their personal particular fetishes, and not only acts like this is erotic, but clearly doesn't catch on to the idea that anyone wouldn't want to see it, then there's a problem. It's what we could call the "cringe factor".

However. When we have people drawing porn, but that porn is good, as in bearing artistic merit and displaying the creator's skills, that's not a problem. Tgchan is basically a kind of art gallery website, made by and for artists (including authors as well as visual artists), and the content of any particular piece of art is easily excusable by the skill in the making it displays, whether it be skill at drawing or coloring or writing characters or writing humor or worldbuilding or et cetera et cetera. There are a lot of quests that do only one thing well and fully justify their existence based on that one thing. And, alternately, when there is a sense of tongue-in-cheek or self-awareness to an author's work, that is also perfectly acceptable and eliminates the cringe factor. We're not all pros, some (even most) of us are here to learn and practice, so it's ok if we're bad so long as we know it and are making the attempt to take strides.

Now, Coxwette has a simplified, rough and quick artstyle, but I would argue that it's still good, in the sense that the artist clearly has a firm grasp of the principles of proportion and positioning and gesture and so on and so forth. It's very characterful and feels alive and enjoyable to experience. But, I can see how someone could argue that it doesn't display artistic merit, even if I don't agree. However, it does still very much have the second qualifier of self-awareness, so even if it was bad, it still doesn't fall into the furry cringe abyss at all, by my reckoning.

So... not a bad furry porn comic.
No. 101304 ID: 65317a

Id like to point out there is also a mystery and some demon based story points in this comic as well. Those have kept me reading this just as much as the nsfw aspects.
No. 101305 ID: 398fe1

Then just make it less vulgar.
No. 101306 ID: 20295c

I don't have much time to reply right now, so I'm gonna drop something abbreviated now and expand on it later.

>Whether or not the art is to your taste, it is more classy in that it shows less vulgar nudity.
I kinda take issue with the idea that explicit nudity somehow automatically drags quality down, or that vulgarity is necessarily bad. I still stand by my stance that making Coxwette "classier" would actually make it a considerably worse quest, as it would be tonally dissonant.

>I guess I am just nervous of looking like a bad furry porn comic.
Well, bad is the operative word here. Coxwette is pretty damn good, and is honestly barely porn most of the time. Not that being porn is necessarily bad either, but I don't have time to elaborate right now so I'm gonna leave it at that.

>That would reflect badly on the site to have on the front page for too long, spoilered or not.
I've been here for a long time, and if there's one thing that's been a universal constant with this site is that it is a goddamn cesspool. I've seen some serious shit here in my time. No amount of Coxwette is gonna drag this site's moral qualities or whatever any lower than they already are.

Have you seen /draw/ lately? Or anything that Certain Other Authors have been running? Hell, have you seen some of the shit I've run? Seriously, reputation is kind of a non-issue when running something here. And I think that's frequently a good thing, honestly. I'd say more, but I can't right now. I've gotta go.
No. 101307 ID: b5f1ec

I voted for full porn because I'm a furry degenerate, however, it's not the option I wanted to see. I was sort of hoping for a vote button that had, "All of the above, as best suited for the story."
As in, if Chuck does get romantic with Marcie, she's sweetness and marshmallow fluff. I wouldn't feel right if it got explicit. While the scene that was happening with Naz? We are getting a hook-up, while other people are sleeping in the same room, with a woman he's going to film a porno with. Explicit is kosher.
No. 101308 ID: e4f856

I think youre overthinking this RML, just do what feels right at the time.
No. 101324 ID: f0e552

Oh man I agree with this one but I think it could only ever be only one or only the other since I feel like people are gonna feel copped out if something like that happened.
No. 101328 ID: 15a025

Couldn't agree with this more.
No. 101336 ID: 3e182c

I voted full porn because I like it when I and others are forced to choose.
Coxwette as a story has always seemed like it pulls us in two different directions with its meta: Get a good end or Get more porn.
I fucking love that.
Unlike other quests where we are ass motivated to just Do the best thing We all have radically different ideas on what the best thing might be because our initial goals are intrinsically different.
It makes Coxwette unpredictable and votes feel more meaningful, all while opening clear ending avenues that we can look forward to or fear.

Tldr: Explicit only makes good things happen in my opinion.
Also glad to see you back!
No. 101354 ID: c708b0

Any snowballs chance in hell that a full wallpaper-sized picture of all of Charlie's faces can happen?
No. 101355 ID: 163674
File 146818013632.png - (398.18KB , 1400x2200 , ramona_faces.png )

I could probably do that. In the meantime, I made this pretentious and unwarranted explanation of how I approach drawing facial expressions!
No. 101356 ID: a09e54

a good thing to add to this: work from experience! picture yourself in these situations, do the expression you'd do there, and draw that!
there's also a lot to do with cheeks and eye shapes, squnting is an important tool of emotional exprsssion
No. 101366 ID: 163674
File 146819712376.png - (89.49KB , 1920x1080 , faces_bg.png )

No. 101369 ID: a075ba

Haha, that is amazing.
No. 101375 ID: 3e182c

It's Purdy.
No. 101376 ID: 9f3729
File 146820414285.gif - (22.71KB , 247x180 , rightClickSaveImageAs.gif )

No. 101381 ID: 2f5847
File 146821320240.jpg - (6.47KB , 236x177 , 8c7462e988244ab7a292e42df219d6c8.jpg )

Is this too much? I never know.

Nontheless, there could be the makings of an extremely minor quest here.
No. 101382 ID: 15a025

Ya know what if mystery batman looking spook is just like Selma and wanted to watch everyone?
No. 101384 ID: 47160d

Then he needs to fucking introduce himself and ask. Chuck and Naz are huge pervets, I don't think they would mind... If he took off the sheet
No. 101385 ID: 7849e5

Considering how the last dude we took a sheet off looked, im pretty sure we wouldnt even be able to get it up if he was watching.
No. 101386 ID: 47160d

Never underestimate the power of perverted boners
No. 101420 ID: 5c5afe

tbh the whole 'fullscreen face' running gag is one of those little things that make me really, really love this quest
No. 101544 ID: 398fe1

I wonder if pranks are Naz's version of cigarettes.
No. 101545 ID: d7ff00

But she just smoked a big fat one if you know what I mean
No. 101550 ID: cbbde0

Naz confirmed for horrible gremlin and worst waifu

No. 101551 ID: 398fe1

I suspect she just doesn't know much about S&M etiquette.
No. 101567 ID: 67f8bb

Well, the night got ruined. Not by Naz, but by people who couldn't roll with the punches.
What exactly were they hoping to achieve with this course of action? Because if their plan was to get Chuck banished to the couch like a pathetic loser, then congratulations.
Mission Accomplished.
No. 101568 ID: b1960b

Naz didn't get consent. What she did was 100% not right.

It's sad but there's plenty of fish in the wette sea.
No. 101569 ID: 9f3729

Both parties were in the wrong here, like one poster said I'm pretty sure we'd discussed this with naz before and the consensus was "maybe talk first."
Chuck himself is an astoundingly classic douchewhistle as usual, but Naz doing this was sketch and he's not exactly completely in the wrong for feeling betrayed like that.

I'm more worried we woke people up with our temper tantrum, that could go poorly.
No. 101570 ID: 15a025

>like one poster said I'm pretty sure we'd discussed this with naz before and the consensus was "maybe talk first."

I don't think we'd talked about doing collars/Bondage with Naz at all. That being said just further emphasizes the lack of consent here. Naz is in the wrong here, but I feel Chuck could have handled this better at the same time.
No. 101571 ID: 3e8a9a

And people in hell want ice water.
Chuck needs time to calm down and any poster expecting him to be reasonable while also being angry is a damn fool. He's established a sorta-nice dude but he really lives on his emotions, it seems like.
No. 101572 ID: 595d54

I did think that was an overreaction, but I'm going to make a very small jump to a conclusion and guess that the guy whining about Chuck not accepting it has never had to deal with a crazy woman in bed. There's a reason you don't put your dick in crazy, kids, ESPECIALLY when they don't understand consent, and it's called "not wanting to get part of your dick bitten off". Yes, that's actually happened, thought thankfully not to me.
No. 101573 ID: 398fe1

Holy hell. That wasn't the consensus. In fact it was a tie between B and (either A or generally being opposed to the collar), and most people who voted for taking it off or objecting to it were not super mad about it.

RML, are you intending to make sure we can only fuck a girl once?
No. 101574 ID: cc08c7

I think the reaction of "OMG FUCK YOU" is a bit out of nowhere and not really what people were actually voting for when taking off the collar tbh.

I have a feeling this quest is about to go into full scale big dumb argument mode again though so I'll just leave my opinion at that.
No. 101575 ID: 595d54

I think >>101571 is right on the money now that I think about it. Chuck hasn't been too subtle so far, which does make me wonder how he managed to rob banks.
No. 101578 ID: 15a025
File 146864109817.jpg - (108.56KB , 640x478 , Unless youre chuck.jpg )

Having too much doing goofy edits again.
No. 101579 ID: cc08c7

I think it's safe to say the majority reaction so far has been a collective "Whoa holy shit."
No. 101583 ID: 9f3729

I for one enjoy it, and it makes chuck feel less "in our control" again like he was at the onset of the quest, where he'd actively corrupt our suggestions into skeezy quips.

It also makes for some good drama on a post-quest binge read, which really is the true measure of a good quest imo.
No. 101585 ID: 3009b4

Are you kidding? Chuck's reaction perfectly mimicked the general response of the suggestions that I saw. They were up in arms, so Chuck gave an up-in-arms response. You want Chuck to calm his tits, then the majority has to tell him to calm his tits.
No. 101586 ID: 9f3729

Yes, that's kind of my point! By aping the general FEEL rather than the general CONSENSUS, Chuck's been a fun slippery sort of control. A nice midground between "We are the protagonist" and "We are voices shouting at the protagonist" where we get just a little bit of unpredictability there, but not so much it feels overtly frustrating when the protagonist screws up, IE, railroading.

You can say a lot about the situation right now, but we can't say it wasn't at least somewhat our fault.
No. 101589 ID: 595d54

Somewhat tangential, but I don't think it's helpful to think of us as a hivemind. "Oh no, we suggested this, it's our fault!" A bit less than half of the posts suggested going along with it or just not flipping shit at all. It's somewhat unfair to lump those in with what ended up barely winning the majority vote. I was in the half that didn't suggest going along, for the record.

Also, it seems a bit of a shame that portion of the suggestions ended up more or less ignored. I'm not sure if the nature of the quest system required it, since we did vote for specific options, or if they should have been taken into consideration when writing Chuck's reaction. To be clear, I don't blame RML for straight-up going with the majority vote, but I'm curious what you guys think.
No. 101590 ID: 398fe1

No, like five people were up in arms. Out of around thirty.
No. 101591 ID: 398fe1

It wasn't even the majority vote. By my count it is an even split, 16 to 16.
No. 101596 ID: 79ab77

:< :< :< naz was best girl, i voted A but this is completely not what i meant in any way.
No. 101602 ID: 398fe1

Since someone quoted my numbers explicitly I decided it was probably best to make sure they were accurate.

B: (or otherwise saying to play along)
f562b1 (but be grumpy about it)
5a893f ?
176d09 (B and C?)

b88e5a (A, assumes the collar won't come off, then B)

15a025 (make Naz the sub)
79ab77 (and C in a sexy way)
595d54 (and to fuck Selma)
558268 (and a quote as to why)

D suggesting opposition, or those that didn't specify a letter but stated opposition:
ab8279 (and to fuck Selma)
d8dc8a (and to flick Naz's clit)
55d5fb (multiple posts, all very aggressive)
fb1c7d (only because it wasn't brought up ahead of time)
3e182c ("Really.")
265534 (suplexes and penis frenzy?)
c7a598 (say something dumb)
211d83 (calmly take off leash)
143ff4 (no one's bitch unless anal)
f37553 (complaining about pranks)

And a suggestion for AC (a joke?): 358228

It... actually looks like B has 17 or 18 votes, not 16 as my original count.
No. 101603 ID: 398fe1

Ah, to make it clear, 55d5fb didn't seem to be trying to votestuff, he was just responding to other posters.

I think maybe RML didn't check the post IDs and counted all of his responses as votes.
No. 101610 ID: 49f18e

I'm okay with RML's choice to take the story in this direction.
I feel it adds character for Chuck
No. 101611 ID: 25611d

Could be that Chuck has a past that led him into hating collars. Or subservience/being captured.
Maybe he's done time in jail and hated every moment of it, and collars remind him of jail.
Who knows, that in the distant past, one of Chuck's ancestors were shipped to the US in shackles.
No. 101613 ID: 1ac545

Chucks reaction seems, to me, to be pretty reasonable (although he should apologize in the morning for calling her a cunt). Aside from the lack of consent, a goddamn demon snuck up on the guy not that long ago and then shanked him. It makes sense for him as a character to freak out about people surprizing him from behind. Or to be paranoid about people getting the jump on him in general.
No. 101615 ID: a788b7


>getting angry about a violation of consent is wrong

The internet is a very predictable place. Chuck has absolutely nothing to apologize for.


Chuck has specifically gone over his past with his parents controlling his life and using him and then tossing him aside when he was no longer useful to them in the quest.


Protagonists in Quests shouldn't be blank
slates, blank slates are actually very boring. Altering or refusing suggestions based on a character's own personality and motivations is actually a good thing.
No. 101618 ID: 9f3729

misunderstood. Naz fucked up, chuck was right to get angry about it. I'm saying that chuck's reaction was, in true Chuck fashion, just a bit theatrical and might have burned some important bridges, if we want to break it down into sociopath planning terms.
No. 101619 ID: 3e7e04

This was completely bullshit and you know it.
No. 101620 ID: 3009b4

Chill YOUR tits now. It was perfectly in character and a completely legit way of going forwards.
No. 101621 ID: b1960b

Unsurprised and disappointed in tgchan's reaction to Chuck's freakout. What if the genders had been switched? Would that make you guys understand how un-ok that was?
No. 101622 ID: 3e7e04

Oh right, play the gender card at random.
Because that's surely not going to backfire disastrously.
No. 101623 ID: e22b1d

Besides insanely salting this particular sperg's shorts I doubt it will, honestly. It's not introducing gender questions into the situation, it's just an illustrative example.
No. 101625 ID: 65317a

Anyone else curious as to what Geoff is going to think when he finds cum all over his bed?
No. 101626 ID: 9f3729

An important message from the president of the united states
No. 101627 ID: 91cfcf

>tgchan's reaction
You mean the many different reactions that various people who aren't a single group had? If you had a problem with specific people say so, don't go "hurr everyone here is the problem (except me)". And no, genderswap wouldn't have changed my opinion, freaking out after someone restrains you without your consent is perfectly normal and acceptable.
No. 101629 ID: 4854ef

What is it about this quest that causes such flares of emotion?
No. 101630 ID: cc08c7


Autism, and people wanting to desperately be right on the internet.
No. 101631 ID: da6621

B..but on the internet, nobody's right
No. 101632 ID: cc08c7


You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?
No. 101634 ID: 9f3729

blegh, video broke. Ere
No. 101636 ID: 398fe1

People care about the characters, because they're well characterized. So if something bad happens to one of them or we miss out on some sweet lovin' with one of them, people get mad.

RML has her strengths, despite how much she downplays them.

I'm not sure exactly how to criticize this fuck-up but RML definitely fucked up here. Either by miscounting votes, misreading the general mood of suggestions so as to make Chuck more angry than he should have been, or stirring up shit on purpose for some reason.
No. 101641 ID: 9f3729

Stop. Let it end, move on.
No. 101642 ID: b1960b

You call it stirring shit up on purpose I call it creating narrative tension.

We know Chuck's been worried all of this is a prank for a while now:
We know Naz's philosophy is not to hurt with her pranks, and this one clearly went too far:
We know Chuck's got a really dark past when it comes to being subservient and taken advantage of:
We know he's a crook on the run from the law:
And this very night he was accosted by a terrifying zombie thing, like the kind that fired scary organic flesh darts into his torso the other night.

His outburst makes perfect narrative sense and is honestly a lot more interesting to read than whatever would have happened next.

Chuck has deviated from suggestions plenty. It's pretty clearly established that he is his own cat in a lot of ways, and there have been zero complaints.
The difference now is that it made a girl sad and kept us from seeing porn.
No. 101643 ID: 91cfcf

Oh god damn it shut up already, it's already done and there's no undoing it, it doesn't matter who's right or wrong, shut the fuck up.

How about we think about something productive? How to deal with this, how to talk to Marcie, whatever. How attached do you guys think Chuck is to Marcie?
No. 101644 ID: 9f3729

potentially pretty attached. Doesn't seem the type to drop his facade terribly easily and yet marcy cut right into that.
No. 101645 ID: cc08c7

Not sure how attached he really is to her, but Marcie herself is a precious cinnamon roll.
No. 101647 ID: 67f8bb

Can't have a cinnamon roll without a little glazing.
Wink wink nudge nudge.
No. 101650 ID: 91cfcf
File 146872152632.jpg - (2.79MB , 2448x3264 , 182.jpg )

No. 101652 ID: 67f8bb

MMPH. That's pretty hot.
No. 101655 ID: 65317a

Anyone else think that skipping through most delivery options is a bad idea? I feel like we'll just lose progress on most of the characters that we skip over.
No. 101656 ID: 163674

Keep in mind that Chuck hasn't even been in Coxwette for a full week yet. Skipping a few days or even weeks in-game isn't going to be an issue, as residents go about their daily lives doing routine things.
No. 101663 ID: a147e7

I like the system.
No. 101664 ID: a147e7

I like the system.
No. 101681 ID: 9f3729
File 146880580878.jpg - (495.34KB , 948x1447 , i don't really have an explanation for this.jpg )

No. 101694 ID: 08fa15

You didn't take 5 extra seconds to make it "The Great Catsby"
No. 101695 ID: 9f3729

shit that one woulda been easy. luckily the shitty font makes that g look c-ish enough for now, I'll revise it later. only top quality memes go here.
No. 101727 ID: d1227c

I like the new style a lot.
No. 101845 ID: 65317a

The subtle hints in the last posts. The game being "snake eyes", the ship in the bottle at the mayor's office. God I love this quest.
No. 101847 ID: 2f5847

I'm Back.
I cannot believe how you guys decided to take on a Vampire without eyewear or stakes.

not impregnating Naz was pretty egregious, too
No. 101874 ID: b56dd6

Huh, y'know, I wonder if getting injectstabbed by Padre McScary is what's making us immune against vampiric charms.
No. 101875 ID: 5dbe68

I wouldn't exactly call this immunity. Besides, we're the ones trying to lay the charms on the vampiric.
No. 101878 ID: 15a025

I don't think we're exactly immune to her powers. Chuck had the spooky eye thing going on when he snapped out of it.
No. 101880 ID: 9f3729

I'm assuming it's us, personally. if she DID mindfuck chuck then we'd be here to repair the damage pretty much immediatly. lorewise its probably some kind of steelbound willpower thing, maybe? idk
No. 101881 ID: ba7c6d


Judging by the flashback, she seems to need an "in" to control someone, like she needs to hack in and use some sort of loyalty or attachment or authority figure they already have to subliminally insert her own instructions.

With Chuck, the best she could find is his mom, buuuut Chuck basically thinks both his parents are pretty terrible people by this stage of his life. He probably doesn't give much of a shit about any promises he'd have made her or what she'd think of him any more. I doubt there's anyone else he'd see as a parent figure or mentor or leader, either, on any emotional level. So there's nothing for the mayor to get a hold on to.

So, if you want to be resistant to vampire snake control, all you need is for the treachery and abandonment of the people who should have loved and cared for you to have left you a burnt-out emotional cripple incapable of loyalty or trust.

What a bargain!
No. 101886 ID: 65317a

Im just sad we didnt get to boop the snek's nose before she escorted us out.
No. 101890 ID: 3e182c

Her power seems pretty similar to hypnotism, which requires chuck to want or otherwise have reason to accept the suggestion.

At the very least I imagine the mayor would both need to know Chuck better, and Chuck would need to trust, or at least want to trust her. Since she has none of that, she has no power over him.

It kind of makes sense too. As an authority figure most people would naturally be inclined to trust her and therefore be more susceptible to her. Since Chuck has no respect for authority he lacks that weakness.

I would also infer that the more she tries and fails on Chuck the more resistant to it he becomes. He'll be able to better recognize process and fight it before it even begins.
No. 101891 ID: 15a025
File 146933718624.gif - (60.75KB , 500x600 , SNAKE EYES.gif )

No. 101892 ID: 15a025
File 146933770574.png - (44.40KB , 500x600 , Eels.png )

No. 101909 ID: a4ec41

Insane fan theory: The mayor has some awareness of the fact that coxwette is a quest and that the whole town will be obliterated once the story ends.

Also, Coxwette is a lewd fanfic of a serious town that came before and "ended."
No. 101916 ID: c441c1

The mayor is going to be the greatest hate-fuck;
No. 101928 ID: 65317a

Im still wondering where the turtle plays in...what evils he is up to.
No. 101929 ID: 79a07e

Marcie is such a loving sweet soul and I'll be brutally honest, with all the shit that's been happening lately, I think Chuck just needs someone to be happy with for now, not necessarily screw.
No. 101930 ID: 9f3729

the turtle is a zombie goast who will kill the evil with chuck
No. 101938 ID: 7de580

charles died when he jumped off the train :(
/ rip \
| |
No. 101940 ID: 15fae4


Coxwette is a snowglobe and the entire quest is the fantasy of an autistic boy
No. 101941 ID: cc08c7


The snowglobe falls from Chuck Kane's hand and smashes on the floor.
No. 101942 ID: 15fae4


alt. ending: in a flashback it is revealed that kane's mysterious final words, "ramona's fat dog pussy" was the name of his sled from his childhood

he rode it frequently
No. 101944 ID: 398fe1

Wait the twist can't be that Chuck is dead. Why would he have met a ghost in that case?
No. 101945 ID: db0da2

The ghost was double dead.
No. 101951 ID: f562b1

If Charles died, then Harold was the Reaper. Nobody knows him, because all he does is show up to guide souls to the afterlife through some magical reaper tunnel that Charles didn't even realize he was going through. He's just in the afterlive version of Coxwette now.
No. 101958 ID: a445b2

Can you have a vampire ghost, though? Vampires are corporeal undead by definition. Ghosts don't have blood!

Though I guess a vampire could pull some weird thing of living in the living world and ghost world simultaneously or something.
No. 101960 ID: 398fe1

Oh jeez, what if Marcie behaves like she does because she was extremely slutty before Susanna got to her?
No. 101962 ID: 9f3729

Susanna confirmed for the source of all coxwette's problems
No. 101963 ID: 9f3729

Susanna confirmed for the source of all coxwette's problems
No. 101965 ID: 398fe1

No. 101966 ID: 350a50

Because Marcie makes our hard, hard heart soft again.
No. 101967 ID: 59bd8b

Honestly the revelation that Marcie is rich changes nothing about my reasoning for abstaining for the moment. Marcie is a great person and I really don't want to see a repeat of the Ramona scene where she asks about other hookups and gets really sad when we inevitably tell her the truth. So I said wait until later, perhaps if all else goes south we could always try to really romance and settle with Marcie. This is like if you can't get into the catacombs, can't kill the daemons, and can't leave the town.
No. 101969 ID: 903555

>great situation with money (stable job for both of them + she is already well off)
>is hot + cute
>really interested in chuck
>her sister is pretty cool too
>food that doesn't taste like ass of plastic dinosaur toy from the 70's guaranteed
Settling with her is probably the best plan if the other things go south (escaping the town or solving the mystery of the town).

The only danger is how she might react to us fucking ramona and naz. I'm sure we can solve this though.

Settling with her sister would have been a better option, but we already started with marcie so switching to her sister is asking for trouble and needless drama between them. Plus she is way smarter than her, so things like his fling with ramona and naz, or maybe even chuck's criminal past might be a much bigger problem.
No. 101970 ID: 903555

>great situation with money (stable job for both of them + she is already well off)
>is hot + cute
>really interested in chuck
>her sister is pretty cool too
>food that doesn't taste like ass of plastic dinosaur toy from the 70's guaranteed
Settling with her is probably the best plan if the other things go south (escaping the town or solving the mystery of the town).

The only danger is how she might react to us fucking ramona and naz. I'm sure we can solve this though.

Settling with her sister would have been a better option, but we already started with marcie so switching to her sister is asking for trouble and needless drama between them. Plus she is way smarter than her, so things like his fling with ramona and naz, or maybe even chuck's criminal past might be a much bigger problem.
No. 101971 ID: 903555

Well, dicknipples. Sorry for posting it twice.
No. 101972 ID: 163674

Penny is Marcie's aunt, btw, not her sister
No. 101980 ID: 3e182c

I doubt Marcie would ever react to Chucks philanderings like Ramona. I doubt she would even have a big problem with whoever Chuck sticks his dick in {'cept penny of course) until they finally do consummate their relationship.
Ramona is dealing with crippling loneliness.
When chuck made some moves on her it gave her hope. She immediately idolized him as her knight in shining armor, and when the reality set in that she was just another fling, all that got ripped away from her, resulting in the Ramona we have now.
Marcie does not have that problem.
I think Marcie is just liked enough for us to take a more cautious approach with her. She also seems to be a good thing for Chuck in several ways, and is probably the least precarious relationship he has in town. You don't want to burn every bridge.
No. 101982 ID: 79a07e

Yeah, we just value Marcie a whole bunch. Quite possibly more than Chuck, really, which is a shame. She's such an adorable sweet thing.
No. 101983 ID: 79a07e

...okay, yeah, responding to myself, but I just realized something. I think Chuck has a problem with women. Like, psychologically.
No. 101984 ID: e164c6

she's a beautiful cinnamon roll, that's why.

too pure

fuck you
you got me
No. 101987 ID: 91cfcf

It seems to be less specifically women and more about emotional attachments. He didn't have any issue with any woman except Susanna until marriage was mentioned. I'm going take a fairly safe guess and say that his parents' shitty marriage left a really bad impression on him.
No. 102008 ID: 1f2597

I'm thinking you are correct. Seeing his parents own failures only made him feel that love and marriage only lead to bad end. However what I think Chuck failed to realize is this isn't a sign of marriage being bad, it's bad if a couple is not emotionally and finacially ready for a child, which can then lead to bad parenting.
No. 102016 ID: 65317a

Anyone else just notice that the big eyed marcie pic is an animated gif? Also we dont have to rush into sex with everyone. If we go over how that result has gone so far we've.
A: Made Mona depressed and distant to us.
B: Probably fully burnt our bridges with Naz.

So going slow might be a better way to do things with characters.
No. 102017 ID: 398fe1

Chuck's mother said something very important that we should take to heart when it comes to Naz. People sometimes get angry and say things they don't really mean. Naz pushed Chuck too far and got him angry and then he said some stuff he didn't really mean. He can apologize for that, and she can apologize for what she did as well.
No. 102021 ID: 3e182c

Naz can prolly be salvaged completely if Chuck gives her a sincere apology including the story from his past that makes him freak with collars.

Prolly at least stay friends if he gives her a halfway decent apology about telling her to kill herself.

The trick is getting Chuck in the right state of mind to do either of these things. Chuck has a habit of letting feces flow from his mouth when he feels anything.

Mona can't be salvaged unless Chuck does something to show he genuinely cares. Even if it's totally platonic.
Of course, that means not being an asshole.
And actually caring. Things Chuck is bad at.
No. 102025 ID: 903555

I must have missed that then.

Either way i really like her.
No. 102038 ID: 2f5847

Naz can be salvaged if we say that it's salvaged. She's not a typical person, and doesn't respond to typical conditioning.

Confidence, dominance, and the suggestion that she doesn't deserve Chuck will take us far.

I don't advocate dealing with anyone else like that, but I do with Naz.
No. 102039 ID: 3e182c

I think that's taking it a bit far. She appears reasonable enough to respond to normal treatment, she just hide it.

But I'll admit... She also appears broken enough to respond to the treatment you suggest if we want the sadist route Chuck to be his father.

No matter how we deal with her though, I feel like being careless with Naz could end up cause unexpected fallout and through Sally, Alienate the Plats.

I'm pretty sure that's a prerequisite for a bad end. :p
No. 102041 ID: 2f5847

Yeah, but- It's not the sadist route if said mouse is INTO it.

You can't just lead submissives/masochists to be assertive and lovey dovey. They'll reject it. Nor should you just abuse them for the hell of it either. Gotta stay controlled. Chuck could stand to work on that.

I understand where you're coming from, but Naz is into drastically different romantic cues than someone like Marcie or Sally.
No. 102043 ID: ee1ff4

What the fuck no. That is manipulation Jesus Christ y'all.
No. 102044 ID: 91cfcf

I pity you if this is actually what you believe. Bedroom kinks stay in the bedroom, mate.
No. 102049 ID: 3e182c

Maybe. But I think you have Naz painted wrong. Consider that her distant non-nonchalant attitude and constant pranks would actually give her a feeling of control. Also consider she put the collar on Chuck, not herself, and only after she broke character and said "Marry me". Notice that when Chuck freaked out she didn't get angry, she wasn't in to it, she didn't freak out too. She Collapsed. She played it off best she could but the illustration made clear she was crying. This doesn't seem submissive to me at all. Instead Naz seems like one of those tiny people who are always lonely because they keep everyone away with a fake face. If people can't get close to you they can't hurt you. If people try to get close to you, change the dynamic so they don't. Put them or yourself above, below, or away somehow so the real you is never revealed.
Putting the collar on Chuck was just that. By positioning herself above Chuck she would be able to continue while maintaining her non-nonchalant persona and therefor not reveal any more about herself.
As to why she would own collars at all... Well having met lots of people like this IRL, collars are pretty common among them. Constantly doing this bizarre social dance they do is like holding their breath. Putting on a collar and letting someone they trust (If they have one) do the thinking every now and then is their chance to breath. Submissiveness is an occasional thing to them, not a life style.
They need control, but like to take a break once in a while.
I think an interesting thing to note about this though is that when Chuck exploded in her face, she probably didn't blame him at all. She probably completely blames herself.
This is why I suggest a real apology. She might not be looking for one but it should restore the previous dynamic.

Given her current compromised position toward Chuck however, if leveraged correctly your dominance idea could actually work. Though I can say nothing for the health or longevity of such a relationship.
No. 102050 ID: 2ec50f



r u trying to make chuck a casanova or a slaver

on the topic of Naz, i think a genuine, sincere apology could be useful. kinks or whatever not, naz is still a person (you know what i mean, in-story and all of that) and her kinks aren't gonna be everything she wants.

she's so distant from everyone, and she might be expecting some sort of suave "cool" control thing in response from chuck, but sincerity would be what she doesn't expect from this song and dance, and it could be very good to her and help her out and be what she needs.

if chuck can get past his own sincerity issues that is
No. 102051 ID: 398fe1

Aaaaaactually yes you can. Sexual kinks do not generally determine someone's personality. Now, if you want to have someone hot and bothered all the time you can appeal to their kink all the time, but if you want someone to like you, that's not guaranteed to work.
No. 102057 ID: ee1ff4

Exactly, and the thing about kinks is that, well, theyre kinks. You get consent. Its pretend. Both parties can call it off at any time and why for example BDSM isnt abuse (BDSM can be abusive, but its not by default) while hitting your partner is. So reacting to our freakout is to try to cover up any hurt Naz is feeling by belittling her is.....dickish.

Are you done imitating Roosh V? Are you done?
No. 102058 ID: 2f5847

robbing banks is pretty dickish, too. Chuck might not be a great person.

I have no idea what that is.
No. 102059 ID: 595d54

Please stop embarrassing yourself, you already look like a permavirgin as it is. If you haven't noticed, we're not Chuck's slaves and we don't have to act like he does.
No. 102060 ID: 9f3729

you are getting inordinately mad about how someone plays a role-playing game-comic
Chuck is a scumbag, playing the character as a scumbag is not some morally-reprehensible thing
You are getting way too personal about it

No. 102061 ID: cc08c7


I can understand why people would find Raccoon's suggestions stupid and creepy (because they kinda are) but yeah reacting like an angry sperg isn't how you plead your case as to why.
No. 102068 ID: 9fdb37

Depends on the folklore you're referencing.

In Slavic folklore, where the word 'vampire' originates from, they are not corporeal from the start. Only once they become strong enough through torturing the living can they regain physical form.

I'm also pretty sure that East Asians have creatures that are 'ghost vampires'.
No. 102069 ID: cc08c7


Zombie goasts leave this place.
No. 102075 ID: 595d54

I wasn't particularly angry, just moderately repulsed, and you're being extremely condescending.


If it really came off that badly I apologize, but to explain it without bringing in too much personal baggage, I've had to deal with too much of that sort of thing in my life already.
No. 102077 ID: 65317a

Man Marcie might just be about to Pass the amount of great faces chuck has made by the time we finish this tea time.
No. 102078 ID: 398fe1

You'll have to excuse Riot, he thinks being condescending is the best way to break up an argument.
No. 102082 ID: 9f3729

Yeah, fair enough, I wasn't really helping the issue by being a dick. Sorry, anon
No. 102084 ID: 2f5847

That's mostly what I was going for. Flawed protagonists, and questionable decisions are more fun.

could you perhaps keep your personal baggage out of our animal people adventure quest?

I think you had it pegged the first time.
No. 102085 ID: 595d54

I see you're still determined to be actively unpleasant and stir shit up. I've nothing more to say to you, then.

How about we all stop posting about this? It's not achieving anything.
No. 102087 ID: 3e182c

It's been occurring to me (especially lately with the whole Naz explosion), that unless there is some Serious Solidarity in our suggestions, Chuck will be Chuck. Simple majority doesn't seem to cut it, and Chuck is an asshole.

Obtaining lewds and favored waifus aside, we should probably figure out an endgame goal to work together toward so we can be cohesive enough to actually do something beyond drifting around, dicking people, and doing the random side quest. As it stands I see him eventually getting kicked out of town or killed.

So we need to decide...
Are we on team Ramona, or team Suzanna?
Maybe no team at all? How do we want this to end then?
Who are we going to Lewd, Platonicly friend, ignore, manipulate, or act against to achieve that, and how?

What side quests do we care about? Will the Plath house ever have more guests or better food? Will Lorrain ever be read that letter? Will That Chest in the attic ever be opened? Will the town ever have apples? Will we ever think of a most excellent horse pun? Will Ellen Ever Smile?(Maybe, were supposed to paint with her tomorrow afternoon, btw.)
What's in the big vault anyway? Where the hell did that helpful turtle go? And more!

There's just so much to do that isn't directly in front of us we need to choose a direction.

Not only that, but now there's the Marcie issue, Chucks not one for monogamy and there are still lewds elsewhere that people want to see. In addition to being loved by the whole town, Marcie is Chucks boss. Definitely not someones heart we want to break, and yet their relationship careens closer and closer to the point of no return.
It really needs to be decided soon if we are going to end this or not. Because if we don't and we fuck up, Chucks life is going to get a hell of a lot harder.

What do y'all think?
No. 102096 ID: 79a07e

You noticed that, too? I felt like he was less listening and more vaguely taking suggestions. It seems like if we want solid direction over the story, we need to hivemind the issue outright.

Now, as for your other stuff:

>So we need to decide...
>Are we on team Ramona, or team Suzanna?
Maybe no team at all? How do we want this to end then?

I personally vote team Ramona. If only because I personally dislike the idea of everyone living in a Tranquility Lane scenario. Let's break the illusion. That said, if Suzanna is more palatable to some, I can understand that.

>Who are we going to Lewd, Platonicly friend, ignore, manipulate, or act against to achieve that, and how?

I can't say much to this, it's really complicated. I will say I at least think we should apologize to Naz, and try to make things up with Ramona. Marcie I just don't want to hurt in any way, shape, or form.

>What side quests do we care about? Will the Plath house ever have more guests or better food?

I want this quest done if only because it was one of the first, and it'd help out people in general.

>Not only that, but now there's the Marcie issue, Chucks not one for monogamy and there are still lewds elsewhere that people want to see. In addition to being loved by the whole town, Marcie is Chucks boss. Definitely not someones heart we want to break, and yet their relationship careens closer and closer to the point of no return.
It really needs to be decided soon if we are going to end this or not. Because if we don't and we fuck up, Chucks life is going to get a hell of a lot harder.

Chuck needs to be honest in that he's not looking for a relationship, and really shouldn't break Marcie's heart. If he's not going steady with her, call it off, and explain why. The thing is, like you said, we're going to have to FORCE that issue by hiveminding it out of him, or else he'll ignore it.

>What do y'all think?
I think I'm starting to not like Chuck. As a character in general, I mean. He's the guy I'd root AGAINST the more I see him, even considering his background. So I'd like to support not making that happen.
No. 102097 ID: 2a7417

>Are we on team Ramona, or team Suzanna?


No. 102098 ID: 79a07e

Keep in mind this isn't for waifuing, but rather do we want to help Suzanna keep her storybook world or help Ramona break the curse.
No. 102099 ID: 2f5847

>So we need to decide...
>Are we on team Ramona, or team Suzanna?
Team No-Collar. We take jobs, not sides, until we know more.

>Who are we going to Lewd, Platonicly friend, ignore, manipulate, or act against to achieve that, and how?
We should stay on good terms with the Cats and the Slumber party gang (yes, I know). Can't trust the cops or the Ostrich too much. Naz, Marcie, and Lisa are my top 3 baes.

>Not only that, but now there's the Marcie issue,
Much like watching a car accident, we've already gone past the point we can stop. I think it could be an added challenge, if played right.

>What side quests do we care about? Will the Plath house ever have more guests or better food?
We need to investigate more. Pick locks, delve basements, read documents. Along with working the social angle. We can't solve quests with the resources we have, so let's get more.

>>What do y'all think?
I'd like to stay in character. I think a selfish, manipulative Chuck is way more relatable than a moral or foolhardy one.
No. 102100 ID: 398fe1

I think we need to find out more before picking sides.
No. 102101 ID: 9fdb37

>I'd like to stay in character. I think a selfish, manipulative Chuck is way more relatable than a moral or foolhardy one.

I don't see how any of those clash with each other. Everyone has some moral line they won't cross. And you can't say that being a criminal isn't foolhardy in the slightest.

I'd rather push Chuck into a territory where he isn't an irredeemable ass-bastard that deserves being haunted by Old Testament angels.
No. 102102 ID: 2f5847

And I'm completely cool with you trying for that. That line is by necessity going to be drawn different places for different people.

It's all about managed risks. I don't see Chuck taking bullets for people or rushing off to fight past crimes.
No. 102103 ID: 358228

Or, maybe we can convince Susanna to take her nose out of a book and join us in the real world.
No. 102118 ID: 3e182c

>[Will the Plath house ever have more guests or better food?]
>I want this quest done if only because it was one of the first, and it'd help out people in general.
>try to make things up with Ramona
I think we could make headway on this if we took some time and cooked with Ramona at some point. It would drive improvement in Plat House food without hurting her, while simultaneously improving her disposition toward Chuck and helping with her crippling loneliness. All that plus it gives us the option to foster a platonic relationship. I was never a huge fan of fucking the dog mom myself. Bonus points if we pick up some tips about cooking from Penny and Marcie ahead of time.
>Team No-Collar. We take jobs, not sides, until we know more.
>We can't solve quests with the resources we have, so let's get more.
I one hundred percent agree but...
>Can't trust the cops or the Ostrich too much.
Are you kidding? Check it out.
Chuck has one of THE BEST jobs available for keeping his ear to the ground. Honestly we could know literally EVERYTHING going on around town with almost zero effort.
Penny at the Cafe gets to hear conversations and rumors from everyone who comes in.
As a Police Officer, part of Layla's job is knowing whats going on in town. Her unique position gives her unique information the average person might not have.
Rita at the Post Office Handles everyone's mail. Postal workers know a TERRIFYING amount of information about the people who's mail they are responsible for. She not only has a chance to interact with everyone in town, but she knows where they live, how they live, what they do, what they enjoy, what their habits are, and way more just by delivering their mail. (I.. May have been a mailman before.)
Angela at the school regularly interacts with the towns kids. Though not the best source, kids (Especially young ones) are notorious for blabbing about anything they see and parroting what their parents say and do. The Ostrich has a window into the goings on of town that only she can see.
If we stopped at at least 3 of these places daily during work and spent some time just shooting the shit with people (Instead of trying to stick our dick in them), Chuck would know everything going on in town. He would also be able to gather any piece of information he needs in short order. While all of these people have things they can't or won't reveal, by having a robust network Chuck could corroborate bits and pieces into full picture. Of course, doing this would mean wed have to be more selective of or completely eschew social calls at work.

>we've already gone past the point we can stop
Nah Breaking up now would hurt her yeah, but she'd still get over it. Things might be awkward with her and Penny for a time but things would normalize.
Hell depending on how the current scenario with her plays out we might still have a few days to a week to break things off without totally crushing her. It's just, the more time we spend with her the sooner we make it to that point.
I wonder how she would take a suggestion for an open relationship. I doubt she'd like the idea but she's so innocent I bet Chuck could sleaze her into it, at least for a time.

>I think a selfish, manipulative Chuck is way more relatable than a moral or foolhardy one.
Chuck is foolhardy with his selfishness. But I too like that he's a dick, it's refreshing. But he's also a miserable friendless asshole who's sole joy in life is the next warm hole. Watching his self destructive tendencies gets tedious, and honestly despite him being a bad guy I still would like to see him succeed. To me the final boss of this quest is Chuck himself, in the battle to grow himself a heart. I don't ever see Chuck being completely "Moral", but I'd like to see the day he wakes up as something other than a monster.

>Or, maybe we can convince Susanna to take her nose out of a book and join us in the real world.
I love this Idea. We'll need to make lots of appointments with the Mayor though. :p

Also on Suzanna, I don't know if it's been posited yet, but The hooded figure was her. Remember how Lisa disappeared and her eyes were black? Chucks Eyes turn black when the mayor tries to hypnotize him. Suzanna must have appeared in the window and gave Lisa a mental command. Also note that Lisa was bawling, and when under Suzanna's influence Chuck was experiencing a painful memory. Lisa may have been as well.
No. 102119 ID: 398fe1

>Suzanna was the hooded figure
Does this look like a snake to you?

I mean I guess she could have also been wearing a (horned?) mask under there, but... I dunno. I feel like she can just use the demons as spies, and Lisa knows this, which means she freaked out. The freaky eye thing might happen when under intense emotions too.
No. 102121 ID: 3e182c

There's a professional tailor in town and Suzanna likes hats. It occurs to me now that we should ask Sophie if she has ever made anything that fits that bill.
>The freaky eye thing might happen when under intense emotions too.
Maybe. But I'd be more inclined to think that someone had just used that wacky mind control on her. Barring a fancy hat or mask perhaps there are others in town with it?
No. 102124 ID: b8f93b

Gotta be careful. It would be very easy for Suzanna to dispose of Chuck by putting the cops on him, if any of his past gets out or he's caught in any shenanigans.
No. 102125 ID: 9f3729

my theory's that long-term mind control has bad effects (like the eye thing and her breakdown) when it starts to break.
No. 102128 ID: 505f10

>cooked with Ramona
I suggested us showing her a thing or two a while back, but Chuck said he had no idea how to cook.
No. 102132 ID: 3e182c

We have Marcie and Penny for that thankfully, but really all we need to do is slow her down a bit.

We've never actually watched her cook but come on. Chunks of flower? Cold and half cooked food? Totally random shit mixed in?
She is clearly freaking the fuck out when she cooks. Even someone who has never cooked before knows that chunks of cold uncooked food is bad.

Even without any cooking experience, Chuck just being there could provide enough moral support to prevent an anxiety attack in the kitchen. At the very least he could spot her and suggest say.... Not putting something in or keeping a dish in longer.
No. 102156 ID: 2f5847

Have we appraised Sally's cooking skills, at all?

She eats what her mom cooks, but she might have a knack for it-or not. We could find a cookbook at the library, and show her some stuff that looks interesting.
No. 102164 ID: b5f1ec

I am seriously digging the crush Chuck has for Marcie, and how well it's written into the story so that it's clear how Chuck's feeling even if he doesn't understand it.
No. 102165 ID: 3009b4

I'm enjoying the character development in general. There seems to be a mechanic where Chuck leans towards doing his own thing and it takes a coordinated effort by suggestors to have him do otherwise.
No. 102166 ID: 3e182c

You know we should probably stop by the library soon anyway, now that Chuck has had some time to cool off over Naz.
Hell when Chuck makes his delivery there tomorrow we could talk to Sally, look over and have her bring home a cookbook, and deal with Naz in one fell swoop. Three birds one stone.
No. 102167 ID: 91cfcf

Yeah, it's nice to see that done well. Larro's protagonists are usually similar, although they used to err on the side of being too stubborn back in the day.
No. 102234 ID: 163674
File 146999514792.png - (204.75KB , 500x375 , ooooh no.png )

No. 102235 ID: 350a50

Man, now you're making me miss Overlord.
No. 102236 ID: 5ba96f

I know, right? I still remember him sometimes. And then Larro abandoned us for a OPM parody. RIP hopes and dreams.
No. 102246 ID: 15fae4
File 147003047656.png - (10.49KB , 500x500 , panel1.png )

coxwette alternate ending
No. 102247 ID: 15fae4
File 147003050785.png - (8.60KB , 500x500 , panel2.png )

there goes my hero

watch him as he goes

No. 102248 ID: 15fae4
File 147003052465.png - (13.00KB , 500x500 , panel3.png )

No. 102249 ID: 15fae4
File 147003054504.png - (3.65KB , 500x500 , panel4.png )

No. 102253 ID: a31b0b

More like alternate start.

You are Chuck, and you are dead - but your ghost still linger. You sense another ghost nearby, and as you get closer it seems to be a lady ghost.
>do not lewd the ghost
>lewd the ghost
No. 102254 ID: db0da2

>[X] lewd the ghost
No. 102255 ID: 07bb2a
File 147005043113.png - (6.71KB , 488x499 , chuckdhead.png )

As much as Chuck is a complete dickhead I love his facial expressions.

All of them.
No. 102257 ID: f0e552
File 147005241082.jpg - (83.36KB , 500x500 , god has left us.jpg )

when you think u think u lost the cops and the cop game is on point
No. 102265 ID: a22e05

>I was listening to "Running From Wolves" By Of Monsters And Men while I caught up to Coxwette
>Charles literally is running away from Layla
I cracked up
No. 102270 ID: 2f5847

That's clearly a cat, but it's not Chuck.

Longhorn Stardestroyer, y'all.
No. 102286 ID: 15fae4


I think he was being a little facetious boss
No. 102287 ID: 595d54

Okay, so? I'm not exactly one to care for delicate sensibilities myself, but suicide isn't the kind of thing that goes over well even if you're being "a bit facetious", especially with how hard it is to understand a stranger's intent from text and the seemingly disproportionate amount of people here with depression or some such.

I mean, I assume neither of us are depressed, but we wouldn't enjoy it if some random guy told us to kill ourselves even if he laughed about it, right?
No. 102288 ID: db0da2

Time for detecting sarcasm online 101

If the person writes stupidly on purpose they're probably being facetious (lolspeak, spelling mistakes, your/youre confusion, writing in dialect, emojis, writing out the last word of an acronym after the acronym, etc.)

If they call you nicknames or get weirdly personal then they're probably just havin' a giggle (lil' guy, bro, pal, boss, my man, etc.)

Or, less relevantly to this situation, if they use some sarcasm signifier then they're definitely joking (/s, kappa, :V, etc.)

No comment on the ethicality of telling someone to kill themselves anonymously over the internet.
No. 102291 ID: 49f18e

I like how Layla looked in that panel, she has good dog face
No. 102293 ID: f0e552


as the person he responded to:
i am not offended, it's just a prank bro
No. 102301 ID: f562b1

How is telling somebody to kiss themselves being an asshole?
>suicide isn't the kind of thing that goes over well even if you're being "a bit facetious"
"Kys yourself," not "Kyl yourself." Without the "Yourself" tacked on, yeah, that could translate to Kill YourSelf, but repeating yourself twice wouldn't make sense, so it seems more like he was just spelling Kiss in a very unusual way.
No. 102303 ID: c71df2

Please get this shit out of my disthread tbh fam
No. 102309 ID: b526e7

Yeahyeahyeah what ever can we have one of those cut-out caption pics of Naz and "Thanks Obama"
I've been waiting for it and am very disappointed that I actually had to ask
No. 102310 ID: cc08c7

Can people in this thread go a week without finding something to make into a big issue?

Chill out.
No. 102311 ID: 573889

all i wanted was to shitpost a spongegar meme
No. 102326 ID: 07bb2a
File 147019635570.png - (6.13KB , 410x482 , Screen+shot+2016-04-13+at+1_14_11+PM.png )

there. now he should be
No. 102327 ID: 163674
File 147019914205.jpg - (161.64KB , 651x873 , plotte.jpg )

i am still memeing though
No. 102328 ID: 595d54

No. 102329 ID: 2f5847
File 147020255633.png - (10.21KB , 410x482 , 147019635570edit.png )

He sure is! I attempted a slight edit on the outlines.

No. 102333 ID: 07bb2a

I only read for Naz.

Where's the top middle one from btw? I don't recall seeing it before.
No. 102334 ID: 595d54

Pretty sure that's from when Naz put her ass on the copy machine.
No. 102337 ID: 07bb2a
File 147022154946.png - (5.68KB , 400x480 , burgerpantschuck.png )

sometimes certain jokes are better when they stay in my head.
No. 102338 ID: 9f3729

pictured: why Chuck turned to bank robbery

front desk retail would break even the strongest of men.
No. 102426 ID: 3e182c

So Ramona's "Getting Thinner Comment got me thinking, So I tried to inventory everything Chuck has eaten since arriving in Coxwette 6 days ago.
Let me know if I missed anything.
The List is in order from Most recent to least:

Toast + eggs
Tea (Maybe + scones)
1 Orange
Mouse Juice
Garlic-Parsly Witch Doctor Medicine
Leftover Cake
Country fried steak Dinner
Gin, 2-3 Shots worth
Plate of Scrumptious Vittles
Plate of "Eggs", "Bacon", "Bannana Nut Muffin", and "Coffee"
Shipping Label
Chicken "Soup"

Some quick googling of caloric content suggests that we've been letting Chuck starve.
Even if I'm generous with portions, assume the scones were actually eaten, Assume Chuck eats the Reveyee and assume it has similar calories to a big ass bowl of plum pudding, and apply the calories from the gin, mouse spunk, and even the shipping label glue...
Chuck's only eaten a little over 8000 calories over this past week.
With 4300 was in one day and 1700 just now
Meaning over the remaining 4 days chuck ate just 1 day worth of food despite constantly Walking, Running, Biking, Dancing, Manual Laboring, and Fucking his way through town.

No wonder Ramona's all worried. Chuck's literally starving.
No. 102427 ID: 398fe1

I think he'd be claiming to be hungry if he was literally starving?
No. 102428 ID: 595d54

I don't know, Chuck's reasonably competent on his own in that he's a nearly-successful bank robber, and bank robbery is even harder than it sounds to get away with. I kinda doubt he just sits around and starves when we don't explicitly tell him to do stuff.
No. 102429 ID: 65317a

I would also like to point out we've never been to the bathroom since we came here. You need to remember for story sake not everything has to be seen.
No. 102430 ID: 3e182c

I want to agree with you here. Normally in quests eating is like pooping. You just assume it happens because why wouldn't it, you don't need to see it.

But Coxwette is also a quest with a really, really close resolution on the protagonists life. I mean we worry about if he's freaken showered or not. It's possible Ramona just said it because she wants him to eat her whatever and she's weird. But it's also possible that he really hasn't eaten much.

I've known plenty of people who get caught up in life and forget to eat. Sometimes for days on end.
Chuck could be one of those people.
No. 102435 ID: 2becce

so I wrote this, and I just want to say:
No. 102436 ID: 2becce

>my ID
So close, yet so far
No. 102437 ID: 15fae4


nice call
No. 102440 ID: 74a7fe
File 147063964486.png - (124.55KB , 410x640 , Charlemagne, Eldritch Research.png )

A little bit of random fanart. Was doing nothing and didn't want to throw away a nice sketch and my buzz. Hope you people enjoy it, you too RML.
No. 102441 ID: 9f3729

>cutting just shy of the goods
Helio pls
(great work tho holy shit)
No. 102442 ID: 15fae4


will we ever get to see charl's magic dick in full scale?
No. 102443 ID: 62a2c4


screen too small
No. 102450 ID: 163674
File 147067854140.png - (307.68KB , 1077x1408 , ship.png )

Another Susanna picture, for fun.
No. 102456 ID: 64adca

I really don't know if Susanna is the villain, a minor antagonist or what have we. That picture is killer, tho.

No dick for youuu~
No. 102462 ID: 65317a

Personally I think shes trying to do good but doing it through the means of evil. Either way shes the best snek.
No. 102471 ID: 3e182c

I think she's living in a fantasy world while doing everything in her power to make reality reflect it.

Still best snek.
No. 102477 ID: 7af9cc

I wish that every time I read her name I didn't hear "Rosanna" by Toto.
Not that it's a bad song, it's just that that's not her name
No. 102478 ID: 9f3729

Seems likeliest to me, personally. Snake mayor strikes me as a control freak what hates lewd things and strives to erase them from the world, like only the truest villain would.

she must be stopped
No. 102486 ID: 9876c4

You fail to account for the presence of southern cooking. Even if we can't have lard because of pig-people, (or maybe we can, because fuck the pig-people)
there's about 250% too much buttermilk and cream glazes on all those cakes.

And I'm not sure how much Phenotype matters, but a Catguy probably doesn't need to pack on the pounds as much as Rachel or even Lisa.

Now someone draw FatChuck.
No. 102488 ID: 163674

Non-anthropomorphic versions of all of the species of people still exist in this (and most of my) settings. Because they are not intelligent/sentient/sapient, there are not issues with eating them outside of Greenpeace type groups that human worlds have.
No. 102490 ID: 9876c4

I guess that's less squicky than them raising monkeys and
australopithecus for food.

Although I'm finding it hard to avoid seeing Chuck as a supervillain with a smaller cat, or Farmer Davy riding around on an even stupider looking horse.

and my mind keeps going back to that one Khajiit joke
No. 102505 ID: 3e182c

Actually I gave the cake about 50% more calories than it should have had, assumed breakfast at the cafe was 66% of ones daily calories by itself, and just the plate of food at dinner a whole 2000.
I Hail from the south, sir.
I was tempted to add more but Southern comfort aside, a skilled chef doesn't need to drown everything in quite so much butter and lard to make food delicious.

Fair point on the catguy thing, though he does move around a lot.

In anycase, I suppose it's about time we just asked.
Hey RML. Do we need to worry about Chuck eating?
I,m probably overthinking this. It's what I do. But it would be nice to know definitively.
No. 102506 ID: 5a893f

So that means their will be no Bojack-esqe adventures about freeing a chicken woman or cow woman from a slaughterhouse?


Wait, say someone in town was a cannibal... Would a cow person still taste like steak, could you scientifically run a test to differentiate between sentient cow meat and non-sentient meat? With humans, you could always test for human meat when hunting cannibals.

Just curious in case cannibalism ever shows up in your quests.
No. 102508 ID: 9876c4

I think the basis for the duality is that genetics work differently here.
Marcie isn't an actual housecat, she descended from a line of bipedal, sentient cat people a million years ago. She and a housecat have a common ancestor, but one is a sentient citizen with cat features, and one is a furry pet.

Given that 75%+ of their diet and schedule are different, I bet Marcie and that cat would taste substantially different.

However, a subrace that evolved from a predator could certainly prey on sentient folks that resemble their natural prey. I bet Cannibalism is a real threat in the less civilized corners of RML-world.
No. 102522 ID: 163674

Chuck will find food without reader intervention. He doesn't always eat out, but has probably been living off of oats, rice, fruit, and vegetables from the Plath pantry.
No. 102570 ID: 241e41

Since we're going back to the Naz situation again, it would be good to know why Chuck reacted like he did in the first place. What was the logic behind that?
No. 102576 ID: 9f3729

Naz sprung link stuff on him without clearing it first.
As a prank, no less.
Consent issues there, handled poorly on both ends.
No. 102577 ID: 9f3729

Naz sprung link stuff on him without clearing it first.
As a prank, no less.
Consent issues there, handled poorly on both ends.
No. 102592 ID: 241e41

This is what specifically happened:

Chuck was surprised, and he reacted in a way that was meant to be innocent and playful, but accidentally came off as more hostile than he meant it to. Then we were given a chance to decide whether to go along with it or not. Most of the people decided to go along with it, and Chuck proceeded to do the exact opposite of that and completely freak out.

I've seen what people have been saying to justify that. I want to know what the reasoning behind this sequence of events actually is, because it just doesn't make sense. If it would have been so out-of-character for Chuck, why was it an option in the first place? And if it was the option selected, why didn't he do it? If he had such strong feelings about Naz's prank (for reasons which are still unclear), why didn't he react that way when it actually happened, instead of the following update after a vote to the contrary? What combination of responses would have resulted in him playing along?
No. 102593 ID: c94cbb

After having been recently assaulted and stabbed by a creepy monster, and seeing another creepy monster outside the window and being on guard against that, most people probably would react badly to having something suddenly sprung on them from behind.

Beyond that, Chuck himself seems like he has problems with the notion of being restrained, in general. His life was probably pretty regimented during his minor fame phase as a kid, he'd never have been allowed to wander off anywhere or go where he wanted to go, and would have been constantly watched. And as a burglar (probably at least partially a reaction against his earlier life), he's not only gotten used to being able to get into/out of places, but has probably developed a certain "wary eye" - a bit of him constantly watching for ways to get out of wherever he is in case something suddenly goes wrong, like cops showing up. And he probably draws some of his self-confidence and calm from the confidence that he can escape from things - the first thing we ever saw him do was part of an escape. Anything that could be used to lock him down probably makes him super uncomfortable or even panicky, and that's leaving aside any possibility that he has actually done time in the past and would have leftover feelings from that.

The man has issues, basically. I think.
No. 102594 ID: 3e182c

I think it should also be noted that people are generally more vulnerable than usual during sex. Pulling any sort of surprise bullshit during is a good way to get someone to flip out.

Say what you like about Chuck but Naz made a terrible judgment call.
No. 102611 ID: 241e41

People have already posted more than enough of their own personal reasons for why they wanted Chuck to be suddenly infuriated. That doesn't explain the real, actual reason why that particular course of action was chosen. People are currently trying to explain how Chuck felt, even though it has never actually been made clear how Chuck felt or why, so they're trying to guess or simply make up his thought on the matter.
No. 102623 ID: 15fae4
File 147096183457.png - (79.71KB , 500x500 , worst yet.png )

No. 102624 ID: 398fe1

Is that short for "just fuck my shit up"?
No. 102626 ID: 595d54

No. 102643 ID: a4ec41

Welp Naz is broken I hope y'all are proud of yourselves.
No. 102644 ID: 398fe1

We'll break her back to normal on Wednesday.
No. 102648 ID: f0e552

something seems off about miss angela today...
No. 102649 ID: cc08c7


We can probably fix it, just not super soon. Stuff like this can take time to heal.
No. 102650 ID: 3e182c

Maybe a little. But not in a bad way. Seems like she's just evaluating some stuff.

If anyone is on team Naz for favorite waifu, this may be a chance to get closer to her. For now her guard appears to be down around Chuck, an opportunity that may not present itself again if wasted.
No. 102658 ID: 398fe1

Susanna does the rounds every day, so she would have the ability to use her power on everyone in town, within a day, in reaction to anything that Chuck does. If we try to rally the townspeople against her all she'd have to do is catch wind and then turn everyone against Chuck the next day.

On the other hand... we are giving food to a lot of people in town. If we can get Marcie to add in something from Ramona's stock that will add resistance to the townsfolk, we could really get things done. Problem is finding something Ramona can make to help that won't taste so bad people stop eating Marcie's goods.
No. 102659 ID: f0e552

that is a really bloody good plan
No. 102662 ID: 3e182c

That is clever.
Instead of having Ramona make something though, what if we instead had Chuck learn the Reveyee recipe, and then pass it on to Marcie and/or Penny? If anyone could make it edible it would be them, and thanks to Chucks current relationship with Marcie, he's in good with both.
I doubt Ramona would be against robbing Suzanna of some power, and even if she is Chuck's a master thief.

Speaking of which, I also propose we get these thieves tools done by the weekend.
I feel like some breaking and entering is in order.
No. 102664 ID: 7b7ab3

Solid plan.
Decisive action.
I like it.
No. 102665 ID: a4ec41

Brilliant. Why did it take us this long to think of this?
No. 102667 ID: 4012dd

we were focusing on DRAMA. DRAMA and porn.
No. 102668 ID: 456193

in response to some of the people amazed with the revelations in the Beach Day thread

>Charles le Magne (Charles the Great)
No. 102673 ID: 163674
File 147112676431.png - (281.31KB , 857x465 , le grand cigar.png )

chuck rn
No. 102678 ID: 3e182c

So what we gonna talk to Ellen about anyway? Someone mentioned maybe having her move into the Plath house.
Would be an interesting idea. The mayor is clearly manipulating her, at least to have her run the store. I think having her eat reveyee for a few days could be interesting. Also how her parents died seems... implausible.
Yes people can die in barge undertows but... It's a bazaar way to go. The fact that the mayor sort of "Inherited" their stole screams foul play to me.

Also, how we gonna get these tools?
I mean... we could order some from a mail order catalog but that would take forever.

We could snoop more at the Plath house and maybe find some pliers and a screwdriver...

We could study that french book everyone's forgotten about, get closer to Rachel, and steal them from her...

But I kinda just wanna scale the barbed wire fence around the warehouse with an old coat or blanket from the Plath house and take what we need from inside.

Yall got any Ideas?
No. 102679 ID: 65317a

I just feel that the stops that we're skipping are the ones that we're forgoing for that extra chat time at the ones we go to. If we were just going to pop in, deliver and then leave we shouldn't head to a location during the day in the first place. For instance if we needed lots extra time at city hall we would skip every other location just for that delivery.
No. 102708 ID: 3e182c

Fair point. We sort of did that with the library today, which is why everything else got rushed.
No. 102834 ID: 65317a

Hmm I wonder if getting Ellen in the house for a night counts towards that one quest or if it will take like...a person staying full time.
No. 102835 ID: 15fae4
File 147148027532.png - (0.97MB , 1200x630 , stranger yiffs.png )

No. 102836 ID: a339be
File 147148787534.png - (192.95KB , 629x425 , chuck_cooper.png )

[backwards deer voice]
No. 102839 ID: 398fe1

The quest thread is not the place to complain, and you certainly shouldn't be doing it *without even suggesting*.

Also there's a difference between trying to be a good person and trying not to be a godawful person. Being a good person here would involve reassuring her. Instead we're just telling Chuck to keep his mouth shut.
No. 102843 ID: cc08c7

It doesn't look like a complaint. It looks like a general observation, it's an obvious one but still.
No. 102850 ID: 79a07e


Yeah, I think we're just trying to yank Chuck away from the edge of being an irredeemable prick, so people are making all these 'be a decent person' suggestions.
No. 102855 ID: cc08c7


I was talking about how the original comment was basically like "whoa this changed" like it didn't read like a complaint or anything.

I think as the Quests characters get more complex and three dimensional it only makes sense that we're playing Chuck more like an actual person. I dunno, that's just how I see it.
No. 102860 ID: 3e182c

Not to mention that there is also good reason for Chuck to be decent to people. This is a small town full of people Chuck has to see everyday. Every action can yield consequences down the line. If he constantly fucks people both literally and figuratively, he will have to answer for it. Ramona's lukewarm demeanor toward him after is a perfect example.

That said... This "Funk" He's in is really weird. I mean just look at this last update.
Chuck is about to learn something about these monsters that attacked him. A recent traumatic event that he has more or less obsessed over, and two of his three fucking options are to just blow it off. That is not normal.
No. 102901 ID: cc08c7

>Ellen: “There was blood all over me. I think it was my blood, but Donna was bloody too”

Suddenly the "Memories" painting is a whole new level of disturbing.
No. 102904 ID: f0e552
File 147167303778.jpg - (118.69KB , 960x640 , true secret.jpg )

I think Ellen's hiding something...
No. 102905 ID: c441c1

RML what the fuck just happened? Cancer, what I don't, just, ahhhhhhhhhhh, WHAT THE FUCK.
No. 102906 ID: 1d4e27

ey boss
No. 102907 ID: 06326a

Operable? Inoperable?
Chemo? No?
How long has she known?
No. 102908 ID: 9876c4
File 147167808672.jpg - (43.05KB , 395x311 , moloch01.jpg )

My theory.

Dogmom shoops probably inevitable.
No. 102909 ID: c441c1

quickly we need to put Dogmom in an oxygen deprivation tank to activate her latent mutant powers.
No. 102910 ID: 18c9f5

Thanks RML I was just thinking how I wished someone would break into my house and punch me in the gut while I was getting ready for bed and this was just the next best thing.