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File 148852243529.png - (59.64KB , 500x500 , splash10.png )
784444 No. 784444 ID: 4063a3

CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html
CHAPTER 5 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736166.html
CHAPTER 6 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743488.html
CHAPTER 7 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/754011.html
CHAPTER 8 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/759736.html
CHAPTER 9 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/768999.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103517.html

You got knocked the HECK out in a little town called Coxwette.
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No. 784445 ID: 4063a3
File 148852245490.png - (67.20KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

There’s a broken bowl on the floor, and the little shelf next to the couch got knocked over. You are trying to charge at Geoff, but something is holding you back.

You: “Fuckin bitch ASS DOG!”

You: “I’ll break your GOD DAMN NOSE fuckin faggot!”

Naz: “CHUCK!”

Selma: “Grab him!”

Naz: “CHILL!”
No. 784446 ID: 4063a3
File 148852246706.png - (47.31KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

Geoff: “I’m sorry man! I’m sorry!”

Geoff rubs his aching hand and backs up.

Geoff: “I don’t know what got into me! I’m sorry!

a) break his nose
b) leave

You will only do one of these two things right now.
No. 784447 ID: 9145ba

>being held back by Naz and Selma, the Nerd Crew

Now who's weak?

B) Leave. Today, you made Geoff a MAN.
No. 784449 ID: 67456a

Leave, you hysterical idiot. Learn to take it instead of dishing it out for once.
No. 784450 ID: 3abd97

Respect, Chuck. You called Geoff out, and he reacted like a man. You got him to man up! To grow a pair!

This is good progress. Don't go breaking his nose.

Break down and start laughing like an idiot. You sure didn't expect that to happen.
No. 784451 ID: 9f3729

you know what? yeah, true. Get outta here, last thing you need is to sour your night further.

We'll get him though, don't you worry chuck.

Plans are brewing.
No. 784452 ID: ca6f74

Fuck him up. This shall not stand.
No. 784453 ID: 398fe1

b, he's half out of his mind from sleep deprivation and envy.

But you sure aren't gonna go on that double date. He's on his own now. Get to the meeting.
No. 784454 ID: b6a557

Oh don't be such a whiny little bitch. Leave.
No. 784455 ID: 1ad8a4

>C. Stroll up to him in a faux-angry way, then say "You know what you did, and you know what to do to make it right. GET A DATE WITH LISA!"
Then we can re-equip our smug, and laugh.
>"But srsly tho, don't keep a lady waiting. I mean, Lisa is at least worth the punch you just threw me."
No. 784458 ID: 01171b

Stop. Check if he messed up your teeth. If so, A.
No. 784460 ID: 8d4593

*Ahem* Sorry for the words you caught me off gaurd. You can't just blind side a guy like that.

We are going to fight now.
No. 784461 ID: 143250

Leave and mend your bruised ego. Your acting like your deadbeat father right now, not cool.
No. 784466 ID: 91ee5f


"I'm glad you grew some balls, but you can't just slug another man and not get slugged back! If you can dish it out, that means you can also take it! So get the fuck over here and take your lumps like a man!"
No. 784468 ID: ec55a2

B. Just let it go, man! It's not worth the bad press.
No. 784469 ID: 9f3729

If we are capable do this, otherwise b
No. 784470 ID: 52c198

No. 784471 ID: 65ec8d


Woulda thought you'd learned to take a punch by now, man.
No. 784477 ID: a82793

Hey chill the fuck out! You were laying it on thicker than goddamned tar earlier by fucking his roommate in front of him. And to rub salt in the wound (or rather setting it on fire) you taunt him in front of a woman, you are goading someone who hasn't even stepped up the fucking plate. CHILL.
No. 784479 ID: c0f910

now you can have make up sex
No. 784481 ID: b412df

Cool it, Chuck! This ain't what legends do. Just leave, cool off, somehow. Get outta here an clear your head. (b)
No. 784483 ID: a8bc5c

B: you brought it on yourself chill the fuck out.

And get some proper work done. Town's going to hell in a handbasket while you continue to be obsessed with banging everything in this clambake that'll fit your ceaseless wang!
No. 784484 ID: a788b7

Just get out of there chuck, you have better things to do than beat some dork to death even if a snake witch will just bring him back to life
No. 784486 ID: 8111b6

Leave, bit make sure he knows he's got a knuckle sandwich coming to him later.
No. 784487 ID: 9876c4

Dammit, not the little shelf.

You are cooler than this, Chuck. Depart for the sake of your own rep.
No. 784488 ID: 74f2d9


pfff man, that was worth it.
feel proud, you raised him well.
anyhow, leave.
No. 784495 ID: 8a204b



Anger issues much?
No. 784497 ID: aebfae

B) Listen to the nerds, Chuck. Calm yourself, and leave. Be proud of the fact you've gotten Geoff to man up! No need to escalate this further.
No. 784499 ID: 0555b9

No. 784501 ID: 211d83

B. You should be proud that he finally stood up for himself.

Besides what kind of wimp cant take one of his punches and shrug it off.
No. 784504 ID: 32d29a

Leave, but get dressed if you're going outside.
No. 784507 ID: 6bda2b

Kinda proud of the guy. Play it cool. Maybe fake a punch on the way out and then flick his stupid dog nose or something to salvage your pride.
No. 784509 ID: 18c9f5

B. You put the FIRE OF MANHOOD in his blood. You don't need to put him in the dirt.

That being said, let him know you're going to repay that punch at a later date. No hard feelings about it, it's just fair.
No. 784512 ID: ad6eaf

You totally deserved that and should be proud that Geoff actually grew a pair for once.
No. 784513 ID: e136ae

Seduce him.
No. 784530 ID: d45e5a


No point in souring this thing to everyone, and ruining the chance of the double date.

Calm down and tell you went in the heat of the moment too, and compliment him for manning up, that should also boost his confidence (while making you look less like a jerk. no offense, but going by your current record, you deserved something even worse than just this).
No. 784557 ID: 4063a3
File 148857550601.png - (56.89KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

You leave the apartment.

You could have taken him easily. He sucker punched you! That’s it! What a bitch move! You could have dragged his ass out of there with one arm and tossed him down the stairs. Easy. God damn what a punk ass bitch. Shit

There is a little bit of time left before the town meeting starts, so you might be able to drop by somewhere else before heading to the library.
No. 784559 ID: 79a07e

There's one punk here, and it ain't him.
No. 784560 ID: b412df

Dude, maybe you could but it ain't right, you're not in the right state of mind to think about this stuff.

You got a quiet place you could just chill at for a bit while you simmer down? Like the train station or something? Assuming you don't need to do anything before the meeting.
No. 784562 ID: 143250

You forgot the rope. Eh whatever. Go to the train station. Do some thinking there.
No. 784565 ID: 65ec8d

Go cool your head, Chuck, sheesh. Cold shower or go punch a tree or something. What got into you? Never struck me as a guy so fragile he'd blow up like that. That was like when girls get physically violent with each other, not a tough guy like you. How'd you ever survive dealing with other guys on the wrong side of the law, acting like that? Hell, don't you ever remember being the smaller guy who pissed off some bigger dude with an eggshell ego? Your dad, maybe?

Anyway, you left. Good. You're a smart guy and that was a smart move. Geoff's been around here longer than you have, got more friends. Kicking the crap out of him would have made you feel better for like twelve seconds and then dumped you right square in shit alley, population police attention. Nobody around here'd be impressed by that. That farm guy maybe? Still doubt it, and who cares about him anyway. You can show off your manliness by taking out those monsters, that'll make it much clearer than trashing a toothpick like Geoff.
No. 784568 ID: d6835f

I don't think Geoff is the main problem here, Chuck. You've got a lot of shit on your plate and you're patience is at an all time low.
Just go cool off for a while and you'll be fine.
No. 784571 ID: 2c0bc1

Know what we need right now? Booze
No. 784572 ID: 0555b9

Extend the offer of a real fight to him later. Reassert that unhealthy masculinity.

For now, visit the train station.
No. 784579 ID: 9876c4

You spent the afternoon boning rodents, and got run off by a lurking coyote. Prime cat behavior.

Find somewhere sunny to curl up, and complete that hat trick.
No. 784584 ID: 38fe42

You should find a way to settle this shit with geoff, when you cool down.

But honestly fighting or beating up Geoff is a bad idea, i mean, what do you win with this? The right to brag about beating up the everloving shit out of a scrawny kid just because he got a bit too angry at your insults.

Plus you'd get a lot of shit for it, probably more than you can weasel, seduce and explain your way around.

You need the town on your side if you ever want to put an end into the monsters, not against you. And you are already on lady luck's mercy thanks to a faulty condom.

And don't even think of fucking Lisa just so you can mock him or brag about it. Hitting geoff in the dick with a baseball bat until he couldn't possibly be classified as a male would be less of a low blow.

Either way, go find somewhere you can go to cool off. You gotta get your mind clear if you want to do anything here right.
No. 784588 ID: aebfae

This right here.

Go to the train station, calm down, reflect. Punch a couple of wooden walls if you're still angry.
No. 784598 ID: 0b99d7

Oh stop it, that's the angry talking and you know it, you were trying to get him to react, stepped a little too hard on the taunt pedal so he put his foot to the floor on punch response.
This is another win for you buddy, now get it together, don't want to have to explain why you're stomping around looking sullen to whoever notices.
No. 784599 ID: 398fe1

Now he owes you. He can pay you back later with a blowjob or with his butt. That'll show him who the top cat is around here.

Go loiter around the general store like a hooligan.
No. 784601 ID: dd62ec

This man knows where it's at
However, remember that we have not yet fucked he police officer, and if loitering's illegal for some reason in this ass-backwards town we might ruin our chances.
No. 784604 ID: 65ec8d


Hmm, police. That's an idea. The cops must have some sort of little training room or something, right? A target dummy or two, a punching bag, couple of other things? Layla seems like she's into exercise. I bet she'd know where you could vent some rage.
No. 784621 ID: a363ac

Go find angela and make her sing a stupid song.
No. 784622 ID: 38fe42

I'm not so sure about fucking geoff or loitering, but asking for a favor is probably the best way to settle this.

Wait for things to cool off a bit (especially chuck), confront him, threaten him a bit, set the favor/condition then smooth talk the rest of it. And given his reaction to chuck's outburst it won't be that hard to coax out a favor from him.

Geoff gets out with his body still in one piece, Chuck gets his pride back (and a bonus), and we all avoid throwing pretty much all of our progress in the toilet because two idiots don't know when its too much.
No. 784674 ID: e136ae

Demonstrate our dominance by seducing Geoff. That's how some animal societies do it. Mount him in front of Lisa. Then mount Lisa.
No. 784687 ID: 064dbf

Fuck! I missed the chance to tell all you betas we need to do A. We could go back and kick his ass! But nah. It's too late. I'm not mad at him for fighting, only for that cheap shot.
No. 784736 ID: 38fe42

As much as we need to get back on geoff for this low blow, nothing good would come from beating him up.

Beating up a sleep-deprived scrawny kid for that isn't going to do any good for your reputation.
No. 784860 ID: 064dbf

I guess if we're not fighting and we're not fucking we should probably get to the meeting. Go back to Ramona and Sally and give them escort. We don't need another Marcie incident.
No. 785087 ID: 241e41

Settle down, Chuck. You chose the better option. Yes, you could have seriously hurt him if you felt like fighting. You know you could have hurt him. He knows you could have hurt him. Naz and Selma know you could have hurt him. But you didn't have to hurt him.

You're not living in the street anymore. This isn't a place where you have to be tough and intimidating or someone will slit your throat for your pocket change. This is a small town where the people try to lead peaceful, stable lives and spend their free time having fun together. Geoff isn't a dangerous enemy who needs to learn not to mess with you, he's just a boy who made a bad decision; he was already regretting what he did when you left, not because of fear, but because he felt guilty. If you're still feeling cross with him, you can talk to him about it later.

It's good that you didn't attack him, Chuck. No one is going to think less of you for it, and you wouldn't have earned any respect by fighting him. You promised Ramona that you'd be a better person. Think of how disappointed she'd be if she heard that you'd gotten into a fight with Geoff. You wouldn't want to do that to her, would you? That's not your life anymore; you don't have to go back there. You've got a chance at something better.

Right now, you need to calm down before the meeting. Find a way to work through your aggression that doesn't involve lashing out at someone. You probably should't go to the bakery or get drunk. Maybe you could go to the library and find a book to read for a bit; it might not be all that entertaining, but it's better to be bored than angry when you get there. Or you could just go to a public place and walk in circles to work out your nervous energy.
No. 785125 ID: 8d4593

Eh don't get too worked up about him, Chuck. All he did was open the door to himself getting punched at a later date. He will get his, and it'll be funny too.
No. 785153 ID: 53011a

y'all got some fragile-ass egos i tell ya what

maybe check in on the plaths c:
No. 785163 ID: 4063a3
File 148873734225.png - (73.69KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

Come to think of it, fucking Lisa would be the ultimate way to get back at Geoff. Yeah… yeah! It’s flawless. You can’t un-fuck her so there’s no way Geoff would get back at you for that. You can’t see any problems with this line of thinking.

You leave the strange little apartment complex and go to the north side of town to the train station.
No. 785164 ID: 4063a3
File 148873735798.png - (18.21KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

You climb the old, creaking steps onto the platform, and a steady wind picks up at your back. No birds call from the distant woods, no oncoming train, and no tortoise. It is a relaxing place to think, but at the same time you feel taunted by the outside world, as if it is wryly whispering no one, no thing is out here.
No. 785165 ID: 4063a3
File 148873736996.png - (50.97KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

Rita: “You come up here too, huh?”

You: “SH”

Your heart skips at least a beat.

You: “Oh, hey.”

You: “Yeah. Sometimes.”

Rita: “It’s awful quiet, isn’t it? Feels like I’m the only one who ever does…”

Rita: “Feels like my special spot.”

Rita: “Sometimes.”
No. 785168 ID: 4fe424

Dick the dag.
No. 785169 ID: 398fe1

You know what would be another way to get back at Geoff? Fucking his sister.

Tell her it's nice, but it also makes you keenly aware of how you can never leave the town.
No. 785170 ID: 91cfcf

Laugh your terror off and agree. Ask if she ever feels like you do about the taunting thing and nothing else being out there.
No. 785182 ID: 4c0339

No. 785200 ID: aebfae

No. 785210 ID: dcbf54

his sister and Lisa cause we were going to do that anyway!!
No. 785219 ID: 143250

Come to think of it, you are unemployed, and working with Marcie again is out of the question. Ask if she is hiring. It will be an easy way to get closer to her as well, and still get to talk to people during a delivery run.
No. 785220 ID: 9145ba

That's the plan, after all. Bring up the possibility of inviting her to a "friendly lunch" with "some of Geoff's friends".
No. 785236 ID: 064dbf


I mean you can flirt with Rita a little but get yourself over to city hall! (And escort Rita)
No. 785305 ID: 9876c4

Begin slow roll.

Learn about why she comes here, learn what's hard in her life right now. Listen to how much she misses hanging out with Geoff. Then deploy date plan when applicable.

In some ways, the best thing we can do here is not act attracted to her.
No. 785315 ID: ff7fbc

Well, that is a plan, but i still feel its not the best course of action. I mean, she just told you she had a massive crush on geoff, and her tactics are beggining to border the line between stuble and wearing a goddamn neon sign that says "fuck me geoff!". Plus she was the only woman in town to out-sass you, so your seduction powers aren't 100% effective.

On a side note its a good thing you didn't attack geoff if you want to go on that plan, or else your chances with lisa would probably go from reasonably low to "You'd have a better chance at robbing a bank buck naked and armed with nothing but a comically undersized dildo. And that while your dick is stuck in a jar full of carolina reaper sauce."

On the other hand, fucking his sister (like >>785169 said) is a much better idea. None of the cons/problems of the "fuck lisa" plan, plus its guaranteed to hit close to home.

I'd vote for fucking the sister. Just make sure you get condoms that work. You want to get back at him, not become his brother in law.
No. 785324 ID: a8bc5c

Cripes what the heck is wrong with you guys?

Don't immediately revenge-bang geoff's sister, chuck.

You are REGRESSING into the angry bank robber jerkface that jumped off of a town to escape the authorities before you got stuck here.

Do you want to be that kind of person to Ramona? To the snayor?
No. 785328 ID: 9145ba

You say that like he ever stopped being the bank robber that jumped off the train and started schmoozing all the ladies.
No. 785331 ID: b8d5aa


escort dogcop there, be chatty and possibly flirtatious on the way
No. 785339 ID: 65ec8d


Chuck isn't totally in our control, here, especially when he's still coming down off the rage. We gotta wean him off the idea of revenge-fucking Lisa by gradually downgrading him to slightly less terrible ideas one after the other. By the time he'd be able to actually succeed in any plan to fuck Rita, he'd be calm enough again for us to do better.

Basically, we need to be aware of Chuck's emotional state and appeal to him to be as good as it's possible for him to be at the time, he'll just ignore or refuse any suggestions beyond that.
No. 785426 ID: ca6f74

Clearly fucking Geoff's sister is the best option. Worrying about the how is for later.
No. 785562 ID: 8cb228

Ugh, gotta get to that town meeting. Think about revenge options along the way, yea? Get some extra time, come up with a variety of things rather than going with the first thing!
No. 785608 ID: e62b6b

Rita's maildoge, Layla's copdoge. Rita is Geoff's sister, Layla don't have any family in Coxwette that we know of.

Both should get boned, knawmean?
No. 785645 ID: 4063a3
File 148886587776.png - (42.58KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

Of course! Smashing Rita is the answer! That’ll make Geoff so mad he’ll never even look at you again!

You: “Why here?”

Rita: “People don’t come up here that often. Layla sometimes, but it’s empty most of the time. Quiet.”

Rita: “Plus it’s…”

Rita: “Kind of the edge.”

You: “Edge of what?”

Rita: “Town. You can look out and see the farthest.”

Rita: “Kind of makes me wonder what’s beyond. I’ve thought about jumping on the train a couple of times, but I can never catch it.”

Rita: “I don’t even know where I’d end up.”

She laughs in a way that sounds like she might not be kidding about any of this, then kind of looks out into the distance.

You: “Yyyep. I wouldn’t mind getting out of here myself.”

Rita: “Traveling together’s a little more fun than doing it alone.”

Rita: “Sometimes.”

Rita: “Well, it’s about time for the town meeting.”
No. 785646 ID: 4063a3
File 148886590602.png - (40.39KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

You go with Rita to the library rotunda. Most of the town is gathered in the lawn in front of the steps. At the top in the center is an empty podium with Lisa and Layla standing on either side. Layla is conspicuously wielding her nightstick, while the small crowd of townspeople murmur among themselves. The Plaths are conspicuously absent.
No. 785647 ID: f6ba27

Whisper to Rita "mylady if this is about the zombies do not fear i will portect you"
No. 785650 ID: 2cab9c

Do these things happen often?
No. 785652 ID: 143250

Start feeling sleepy all of a sudden. Consider napping a little during the boring parts of the meeting
No. 785657 ID: 9876c4

>You: “Yyyep. I wouldn’t mind getting out of here myself.”
>Rita: “Traveling together’s a little more fun than doing it alone.”
Seems like a solid date theme.

that's a terrible line, with numerous mispellings. Let's DO IT.
No. 785666 ID: 398fe1

No you idiots.

Go ask Susanna where Sally and Ramona are at.
No. 785674 ID: a363ac

when Sussana come up to the mic yell "Show us your tits!"
No. 785678 ID: 70983e

Start "portecting" her chest right nw
No. 785679 ID: f6ba27

you are not comporting yourselfs like gentlesirs right now gang
No. 785688 ID: 76b25a

this, nothing interesting ever happens at these thing, just crash out under a tree or something
No. 785697 ID: fa7516

Anyone else find this a bit... foreboding? Forget naptime, we need to be mindful of some slippery snek ambush.
No. 785705 ID: 064dbf

Wink at Layla when she looks your way.
No. 785711 ID: 4fe424

Grab Rita's ass, attend the meeting.
No. 785715 ID: b412df

Actually try and pay attention to the meeting, it's important.
No. 785716 ID: d1d42a

pay attention to meeting, best girl is on the stage anyways (copdog) so it should be easy
No. 785733 ID: 4063a3
File 148891444463.png - (22.51KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

You: “Do these town meeting happen a lot?”

Rita: “Sometimes but”

The library door lurches open, and Susanna walks to the podium. The crowd goes silent so quickly that the clack of her boots echoes through the columns.

Susanna: “Lisa, you look like a circus clown.”

The off-handed insult accidentally leaks into the active microphone, and it too echoes across the lawn. Lisa looks down, hugging a brand new clipboard in her arms.
No. 785734 ID: 4063a3
File 148891446017.png - (61.02KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

Rita: “Not like this-”

Susanna: “Citizens, I would like your attention. All of your attention.”

Susanna: “Certain affairs in town have made it necessary for me to address you all at once. To quell your worries. An outsider has come and disrupted our ways, drawing the ire of the woods and its many terrors.”

The crowd starts to murmur.

Susanna: “But”

They go silent again.

Susanna: “What pride could we have in our beautiful town if we shunned those seeking refuge?”

Susanna: “We simply need to adapt. We are hardworking people. Strong people who never fail to endure hardships, no matter how ugly they may be.”

Susanna: “So in light of recent threats to public safety”

Susanna: “I am enacting a mandatory 5PM curfew. I am forbidding all private meetings between citizens who do not live together. I am forbidding coresidence of male and female citizens.”

Susanna: “You will now require authorization from me or the police department to congregate outside of normal business hours.”

The crowd erupts in more aggressive rabble.

Susanna: “It is no secret that terrible forces wish to destroy our community. Terrifying monsters without regard for human life.”

Susanna: “For your safety”

Susanna: “You will be monitored. I will not”
No. 785735 ID: 4063a3
File 148891447252.png - (47.11KB , 500x500 , 11.png )


Susanna: “I will not see anyone else harmed.”

Susanna: “Not on my charge.”
No. 785736 ID: a523fb

No. 785741 ID: 4fe424

Laugh out loud exaggeratedly and say she's a coward without a plan, unlike yourself who seeks to get rid of these monsters and maybe it's time for a new mayor in town.
No. 785742 ID: b2418e

Forbidding private meetings, huh?
Yeah we need to start banging in public. Susanna can observe all she wants, that's the point.
Also we're gonna have to start stepping up reveye production and accelerate the exploration of the well.

This means war.
No. 785743 ID: 7e1ea2




Ms. Mayor, I think I stand for everyone here in town when I say, NO!
No. 785744 ID: d4516a

Yeah, she's drawing plenty sympathy and means well and all, but how about she shared with us her actual plan in getting rid of these monsters?
No. 785745 ID: 0555b9

Murmur under your breath. "Goddamn prudes."
No. 785746 ID: a363ac

"Free the Penis say no to the Snayor's Tyranny!"
No. 785747 ID: b412df

Well that is certainly a announcement. Going to make this town a whole less fun that it currently is, and also screw with everything. Families won't be able to live together unless they're all male or all female. Also means we need to find a new place to stay?

Why isn't the Snayor going after the problem at it's source / the reverends? Is she trying to force us out because she knows we live at the Plaths?

What's your angle Snayor? What are you afraid of letting the town know about?

Maybe we should ask for her reasoning on this? Like: "How will this fix things?" She just dropped a bombshell of restrictions on this town and people are gonna wonder why.
No. 785748 ID: 9876c4

They're gonna force us to live with Geoff. Shit.
They're gonna force Geoff to live with US. Fuck.

Sure is a good thing the town doesn't have any lesbians, right?

Demand a vote of no confidence. Lisa does 90% of her job anyway. She can do the rest.
No. 785749 ID: 65ec8d

I'm gonna second shouting that Lisa looks great.

Don't think Chuck's going to get a receptive audience to anything else being shouted out, though. Chuck's decent at schmoozing people one on one or in small groups but as a public speaker I think he'll just piss people off.

We should talk to either the snayor herself or the cops in private, after. Actually, know what? Get some more of that carnal-speech-inducing stuff, and let Susanna really know what we think, as directly as possible. She's probably gagging for the chance to talk to someone else who can use the speech, even temporarily or inexpertly, and for that she'll listen instead of just blocking us out as soon as she starts getting frustrated.

Gotta focus on getting these monsters dealt with. Can't go living life under what a bunch of 18th century religious nuts thought was proper behaviour, which is what would need doing, if even that would be enough now. People will go nuts.
No. 785750 ID: 398fe1

Ask her if that means everyone's gotta have gay sex from now on.
No. 785751 ID: 9f3729

"Thats a temporary solution at best! And certainly not viable! We need to find a real solution to those things, mayor!"
No. 785754 ID: a8bc5c

Guess we're actually going to get on with defeating monsters.

Don't yell out anything, you'll just draw attention to yourself. Instead, wait until everyone has dispersed and then go confront the snayor.
No. 785755 ID: 71dc28

Be dumbstruck. Confront snayor privately.
No. 785756 ID: 9876c4

The one person who is polarized on this course of action isn't going to be swayed on it.

the crowd who have to live with it might.
The time to strike is now, before this is "the way it's always been".
No. 785758 ID: e136ae

Well now the title graphic makes sense. Susanna means well but it's pretty clear she's not going to help things.

We might have to force the issue; we have a secret weapon and Susanna knows it. Might need to talk to Layla, force some sense into her. If we have to, we might even need to reveal our little secret to her.

Or y'know... seduce her to our cause.
No. 785759 ID: 446e73

This, or if the townsfolk are hardwired to be incapable of fundamentally disagreeing with her or realizing they've been governed for god knows how long without an actual election, we take to the streets Postal 2 style with a referendum.

Either way, we need to seek the sexy Dogmom's advice on this. And try not to break her heart when we have to move.

Assuming no political move like this is possible, I vote >>785742
No. 785764 ID: 9876c4

That could well be the case, but maybe we have to pee on that electric fence for ourselves.

My perspective is not "We'll win for sure", but more
"let's try this"
No. 785766 ID: 12e88b

Chuck, be careful. You must have known enough hucksters to know when someone's working a crowd, right? That bit about "an outsider" was her prepping against you. She had to tone it down and act all forgiving (there are too many key people in the town who are outsiders), but everyone knows she means you and as soon as you start shouting she'll twist the crowd around on you. She might not even be consciously aware of it but that's what she's doing.

Look around. Who's close to you? Do they look happy with this? See if you can get THEM to call stuff out for you. You just say stuff loud enough for people near you to hear, and let them fuss it out. For starters, I'd recommend: "Does she think this won't hurt people? Breaking up families? She's never had one herself."
No. 785770 ID: 2fe26a

Shout it loud, shout it proud! Erode her standing by standing up for Lisa!
No. 785774 ID: 064dbf

I get we have to find our own place now. Where's an empty lot? The warehouse.

We sure as hell aren't living with Geoff.

We should just yell out right now that we can end this real quick if Sussana would just let us get a Plath down into the well.
No. 785778 ID: 59bd8b


Yell it. Don't let the Snayor ruin Lisa's confidence for no reason. Beyond that most people seem to know Lisa and standing up for her might put you in some good graces.
No. 785782 ID: bb78f2

Uhh, does that make me and Geoff homeless? We're the only dudes in town and we both co-resident with women. Are you telling me I'm not allowed to rent out at the Plath house anymore under law? Same with Geoff and with Naz and Selma?
No. 785784 ID: b3b7b7

No. 785791 ID: b412df

Oh shit, ok yeah, changing whatever I said to this. This is good.
No. 785799 ID: 91e039

Changing vote to this
No. 785806 ID: 398fe1

Oh, one thing to point out was that this wouldn't have saved Marcie. She got attacked in broad daylight, and most importantly WASN'T having sex with anyone.
No. 785809 ID: 52c198

This. Dont shout shit
No. 785810 ID: bb78f2

Another big flaw here
Naz and Selma could go at it anytime they want or get bored

Also, Masterbation. You gotta make masturbation illegal too.
No. 785822 ID: d1d42a

Time to vote for a new mayor

this one's losing it
also being a huge cock block
which is not okay
No. 785843 ID: b2418e

This, but be really careful.

There's a big chance Susannah might just use carnal speech on everyone or something equally rash, we can't win this while the snake is present, only plant seeds.

Also I'm really for getting a new mayor in but now isn't the best time, maybe do it after the above.
No. 785860 ID: 91ee5f

>You just say stuff loud enough for people near you to hear, and let them fuss it out.
Good idea. I'd say something like, "That curfew isn't gonna do shit. Or did she already forget that Marcie was attacked in broad daylight?"
No. 785864 ID: 2120ee

"Huh, I guess she doesn't want to fuck again." say this in a rudely loud but not actually shouting tone. Like the asshole who makes rude comments asshole-y like.
No. 785874 ID: c90231

>>785766 this is a good idea.
please don't yell, just start talking shit to rita. She will more then likely care as her bro Geoff is actually in a coed apartment. you can get close to her and talk shit at the same time.
No. 785907 ID: 15a025

Did you forget that these monster roam around in broad daylight as well Snayor?
No. 785919 ID: 143250

Good point.
Best not to yell out at the mayor in risk she will call you out, but instead talk quietly among the people.
No. 785980 ID: 800129

Aren't the monsters scared of her?
Couldn't we all just
Ya know.
Have a giant orgy in the mayoral hall?
No. 785985 ID: 67456a

Guys, we have to remember that Suzanna knows a lot more about these things than we do. This might actually be our best option until we have a good plan...

...complimenting Layla's tits is not that plan, by the way.

I'm sure Susannah is sincerely sorry we're having trouble getting our cock wet, but overthrowing democracy just to get laid might be a bit extreme.
No. 785986 ID: 8a204b

"Question. What if the ladies start getting it on with other ladies. Are you going to put us all in solitary confinement then?"
No. 785987 ID: 9f3729

you know what yeah. We do gotta talk to her about this though, this isn't a tenable plan. I reccomend doing it in writing though so she has a better forum to get her words out and so chuck's emotionally compromised ass doesn't have more chance to wreck it
No. 785989 ID: 9f3729

Actually amendment, we're here right now with everyone save the plaths. We need to start planning now that everyone's in one place.
"Susanna can we maybe talk about actual ideas before we jump straight to segregation? That's just not gonna be a permanent solution!"
No. 785990 ID: e136ae

I just want to point out that you just have to look at Susanna's face to know she is freaking out and this is the only thing she can think of. So while her idea of freaking terrible and is not in any way shape or form sustainable, she's just a child who's panicking and not acting rationally in any way.

Which means her response to things may be also irrational.

We are going to have to errode her authority, and that's why I think we should focus on Layla. She's the keystone to Susanna's legal authority.
No. 785991 ID: 91ee5f

You know who else will be upset about this? Ramona.

She ain't gonna be happy that her only tenant is being forcefully evicted from her home. In fact, she might be more than willing to give Susanna a piece of her mind!
No. 785997 ID: e1d51a

"I want to here what Lisa thinks?"


"She tries hard to understand us all!"

does Lisa need more incentive?

"Geoff defended your honor from me today, I pretty sure he wants to persue a relationship with you and this will get in the way of you two!"

*walk over to Geoff and donkey punch his left arm whispering "you owe me, dork."* *then quickly make your
way to Suzanna before she uses her carnal speech and whisper "we are stronger together than apart, trust in your town's children. We may surprise you if you let us work together."
No. 786015 ID: 3e7218

>Implying unconstitutional dictator decrees are democracy.
No. 786018 ID: 36295c

Fuck her over the podium and tell the townsfolk what is really going on.
No. 786041 ID: 4063a3
File 148900075696.png - (43.39KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

The crowd responds with stunned silence. You decide not to shout anything yourself, but instead get the attention of the people directly around you.


You: “Are we just”

You: “Are we just going to accept this?”

You: “Susanna’s taking away the last bit of freedom we’ve got left.”
No. 786042 ID: 4f7c73

I second this. Yelling shit at the snayor will only make things worse for Chuck.
I have a feeling that Rachel lives in the warehouse... probably.
No. 786043 ID: 4063a3
File 148900076834.png - (32.77KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

Naz and Selma look very worried.

Naz: “Does Geoff have to move out…?”

Geoff is the first to yell.

Geoff: “Just where am I supposed to live?”


Susanna: “A private apartment will be provided-”
No. 786044 ID: 4063a3
File 148900078968.png - (44.77KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

Angela: “Hellllll no

Angela: “Are we just gonna let the man tell us how it’s gon be!!!”

Angela: “The freedom of democracy is the freedom it gives its dissidents!”

Angela: “NOT the freedom it gives the assimilated!”

She throws up her fist, and the crowd starts to rabble again.

Susanna blinks in silence and leans back toward the microphone.

Susanna: “I assure very little is going to change. This is for your own-”

Angela: “Anyone who gives up freedom for safety RECEIVES NONE AND DESERVES NEITHER!!”


No. 786046 ID: 0555b9

Join Angela in an expression of hippy values, like free love and bare midriffs.
No. 786047 ID: d1d42a

drum up support for angela! fight the man!
Chuck you've gone against the law your whole life, and the law's never been more wrong than today stand up for what you believe!
No. 786048 ID: fceae5

No. 786050 ID: aebfae

Where the Hell did THIS come from?! I'M LOVIN' IT!! XD
No. 786051 ID: a363ac

No. 786053 ID: 9b8c8d

Stay quiet. Joining in with the rabble will just turn Susanna against you, and that won't be good for anyone.

Let the whole thing pass in silence, then go talk to her about it once it's all blown over, in private if possible. Maybe now she'll be more receptive to whatever ideas you have, and to sharing with you what the hell is actually going on.
No. 786057 ID: e66267

No way, time for Chuck to take charge of the situation. Get up on stage in front of that mic, tell them what you know, tell them what's going on, and make it clear to Suzanna that you'll all be deciding what to do about it together. None of this dictates from on high. If she really cares about the town and it's inhabitants, it's time she became one of them instead of just an invisible dictator.
No. 786070 ID: 65ec8d

Keep yourself in the background, Chuck. Encourage quietly.

Perhaps it's a good time to make a quiet question to someone about when Suzanna was voted in, and by who. Quiet, but loud enough to be overheard by people nearby.

Another possible comment to make: How little will change for her, because she lives alone to begin with. On what basis can she say things won't change, when she's not in a position to be affected?
No. 786071 ID: e1d51a

Chuck might want to slip away and make sure Ramona and Sally are safe. These things have been known to attack at relatively random times.
No. 786078 ID: 4063a3
File 148900744343.png - (6.12KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

[camera zooms way in on your face]

You have seen situations like this get out of hand before. Sometimes you decide to aggravate them more to cause chaos, and sometimes you just flee. Rarely have to made any attempts in the past to calm things down, but you’re not above it. You…

a) Get up on stage to defend yourself and the other outsiders. Insist that Coxwette needs to lighten up and maintain its freedoms.

b) Call for a (peaceful) mutiny. Depose Susanna and put a new mayor in place by a show of hands.

c) Ask where the Plaths are.

d) Leave the crowd. Maybe take someone with you, who knows.

You do not have the opportunity to talk to Susanna in private at this very moment.
No. 786079 ID: 398fe1

No. 786081 ID: b15da4

A) Take backup: Angela.
No. 786085 ID: 65ec8d

I'd say C. Phrase it like you're asking how the Plath house is supposed to run a business if half the population's not allowed stay there.
No. 786089 ID: e136ae

Also I'm afraid Susanna might have done something stupid in her fear.
No. 786090 ID: 9876c4

Things need to B, sooner or later.

If you(or others) have more arguments, let's hear 'em. But we gotta strike while the iron is scalding.
No. 786093 ID: 0f8ac0

A - You only recently moved to Coxwette, but you already care deeply everyone here already, that includes Susanna. Despite that this might not be the right action to take.

Maybe you can convince the crowd to focus on the real threat - there are actual monsters out in the forest threatening their lives. Are you willing to live your lives in fear? What can we do about that?
No. 786096 ID: 9b8c8d

We don't know enough of anything to do either A or B. We have no better plan in place than Susanna, and we need to focus on moving this forward: the whole issue of personal freedoms is temporary and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

However, Plaths are VERY relevant to this.

No. 786097 ID: 4fe424

No. 786099 ID: b412df

C. What's happening with that? Didn't they know the meeting was gonna happen?
No. 786100 ID: 91ee5f

C and say this.
No. 786101 ID: 84a400

Combo of C and D.
Ask about the Plaths, then go inform Ramona about what just happened.
No. 786103 ID: c8d2b2

No. 786104 ID: 9f3729

C for sure. B if we can give it to Lisa, but otherwise it's a terrible idea
No. 786107 ID: 143250

C, Susanna probably expects the first thing on your mind is to revolt, as she is somewhat blaming you for all this. Lets throw her off and yell out where the plaths are. Sally at least would have come here.
No. 786130 ID: 6bda2b

Well, dog mom, is kind of a hermit, so no big surprise she isn't present.
It is still a bit of a concern since snayer is looking on the boarder of of doing something drastic.

So C.
No. 786167 ID: 446e73

B, preferably with Angie and hippie slogans
No. 786181 ID: 32d29a

No. 786195 ID: 6e249f

C or B, but mostly leaning towards C.
No. 786196 ID: 51fcef

No. 786229 ID: 62f1df


We need to be reasonable about this. Doing something to extreme or nothing at all would only lead to more trouble.
No. 786251 ID: 87a906

A) They may take our lives but they'll never take OUR FREEDOM.
No. 786256 ID: 3373e2

A Combination of A & B, make sure Susanna isn't hurt but rile up the fucking crowds.
No. 786275 ID: 431f0a

A, B & C are all good options, can I vote to not do D?

I guess if I had to force it I'd choose B and suggest the plaths as mayor? Don't want to stop any other good idea but walking away isn't the way to go.
No. 786276 ID: a8bc5c

A&B, down with tyranny! The snayor has run her course!

No. 786278 ID: a788b7

A + D. Get Angela all riled up and then go help her cool off iykwim.

I mean fuck her. Fuck the ostrich. You know you want to.
No. 786285 ID: b85046

Remind Susanna that every time she enacts a law like this, the monsters win.
No. 786290 ID: 6612fa

go on stage and instigate a lynch mob to kill the priests.
"we are either going to have to play it safe or play it dangerous, Let's get a town posse and march into those woods and kill us some worthless sacks of garbage"
then run off to go into the catacombs
No. 786303 ID: 15a025

Did something happen to the Plaths and is it related to why this meeting had to happen?
No. 786304 ID: 8d4593

To A) defend yourself and others will bring us much unwanted attention.

To B)Could work if we had a plan. Which we don't. We spent all the time leading up to this fucking around. The rightful mayor is Ramona, but there's no way she'll be given power. A democratically elected mayor would mean making new connections with someone who is vastly unqualified for the job. Susana is terrified and acting rashly but she's not our enemy.

Let's not C) and start a witch hunt.

The only real option I see is D.
The Warehouse should currently be conveniently undefended. Alternatively the unrest caused by this might get Angela on our side for some breaking and entering later. Alternatively, we could just go get more or that wacky sight juice from Ramona, and then talk to the mayor privately later.
No. 786347 ID: 3793bd

E) It's time to assassinate the mayor. You need to get a gun from somewhere, and fast.
No. 786455 ID: d36af7

Aggravate. March right up to the podium. "I've got some ideas for fighting those things instead of knuckling under. All in favor of me for mayor instead of the snake? Show of hands."

I mean, you do kinda need a new job.
No. 786460 ID: 01134a

No. 786464 ID: 91ee5f

Ha! That's a good joke! XD

But seriously, Chuck would be terrible as mayor. Sure, he'd be setter than Susanna at the moment, but we'd need someone better than Chuck.
No. 786466 ID: fa73ea

this needs to become a war council. get up on stage and explain everything. we should not bow down, we should fight.

also c.
No. 786580 ID: e1d040

Not to mention Susanna has WAY more knowledge on the monsters (and a whole lot of shit) than anyone in town, even ramona.
No. 786581 ID: 6bda2b

No. 786583 ID: cf8ee7

No, you definitely shouldn't propose yourself; you'd look arrogant. You're supposed to instigate things, then wait things to snowball out of control and people to nominate you.

> Not to mention Susanna has WAY more knowledge on the monsters (and a whole lot of shit) than anyone in town, even ramona.

Then she can advise. Doesn't mean she should be in charge.

No. 787031 ID: 36295c

No. 787085 ID: 318375

e) Wave your hands in the air, making finger-in-a-hole hand gestures.

I'm sure Susanna will understand!
No. 787119 ID: a03a79

Doesn't the town have a jail? Tie up Susanna and throw her in a cell.
No. 787751 ID: 4063a3
File 148964610415.png - (36.83KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

You: “Where are the Plaths?”

Susanna’s expression sours at the name. The crowd hushes to curious whispers, and Susanna once again leans back to the microphone.

Susanna: “Ramona Plath has declined to attend this gathering, but that brings me to the next item on the agenda.”

She turns her head toward the door behind her.

Susanna: “Come on out, dear.”
No. 787752 ID: 4063a3
File 148964611585.png - (46.06KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

Sally somewhat cautiously steps out of the grand library doors.

Susanna: “Sally came to speak with me in her stead.”

Susanna: “I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to the brave young Plath heiress.”

Susanna: “She graciously donated to me the means to keep our town completely safe.”

Susanna: “And has furthermore agreed”

Susanna: “to by my secretary of town security.”

The crowd applauds.
No. 787754 ID: a788b7


She gave susanna all the agates ya dingus
No. 787755 ID: 398fe1

Wait, completely? How? With the Carnal Speech potion? Or did she hand over all the agate?
No. 787756 ID: a363ac

If you do this I demand you pay up on your debt right here right now!
No. 787758 ID: 0f90ae

You're fucking dead to me, Sally.
Dead. To. Me.
No. 787759 ID: 91ee5f

Obviously Susanna has promised to give Sally something she's been wanting this entire time in exchange for all the agate. And that would be access to the catacombs.
No. 787760 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 787761 ID: 143250

Might as well just leave this meeting out of frustration. Maybe go to the warehouse while everyone is distracted with the meeting. We can't go to the catacombs as of right now with everyone here.
No. 787762 ID: a788b7


or an abortion
No. 787763 ID: 91ee5f

We also can't say anything to Sally right now without getting the whole town upset at us.

We could probably get away with more remarks on being forced out of the Plath house.
No. 787764 ID: 4fe424

Let's not forget priorities. Grab Rita and go bang.
No. 787766 ID: 91ee5f

We're in a place that has "wait a few weeks" for a pregnancy test instead of "pee on a stick and wait a few minutes". There's still no way of telling if Sally got pregnant or not.

But breaking in will require tools that he doesn't have on him right this minute. Will he have enough time to run and get the tools necessary to break in there before the meeting is over?
No. 787784 ID: b8d5aa

leave immediately and go to the plath house posthaste to see what the heck is going on with ramona.
No. 787786 ID: 143250

Changing my vote to this. Something is wrong here. Get to the Plath house.
No. 787795 ID: 9876c4

You're losing them.

Stoke more outrage. How are the police going to work together with these restrictions? How would it have helped Marcie from getting hurt?

How's Penny going to make a living with no more evening customers?
No. 787800 ID: 18c9f5

"If she donated the means for you to keep the town completely safe, then what's the point of the totalitarian bullshit?"
No. 787850 ID: 74234c

This. We make this about us or the town recluse and we open ourselves to be marginalized. Focus on how much this sucks for everyone and how rash and ineffective it'll likely end up being
No. 787851 ID: fceae5

No. 787857 ID: 9bf80c

Go back to being cautious about drawing attention to yourself, Chuck, I don't like Susanna's expression there and Sally's presence leaves you too vulnerable. Continue stirring the crowd by passing outrage-inspirations to those near you.

Possible comments: "If she has the means to keep the town completely safe, why the restrictions?"
"What is this method, and how is it supposed to keep things safe exactly?"
"Neither mayors or police have the right to tell people who they can have in their own homes."
"This is something that should be decided by a town council."
No. 787859 ID: fc33ea

So this was her idea?
No. 787880 ID: 74234c

Think about it; her mom's dying and Snayor just brought back Marcie. Maybe there's some deal going on here.
No. 787883 ID: 9b8c8d

There almost definitely is, but it's a bit lower priority here. We can deal with that privately later.
No. 787886 ID: b19955

No. 787926 ID: b8d5aa


good points. if the town's safe, why the puritan restrictions and curfew?
No. 788106 ID: 62b6f7

I smell a rat.
No. 788122 ID: 0555b9

And a squirrel. This is why we should have showered at the apartment.
No. 788126 ID: 62f1df

This is getting insane. Susanna can't just lord over the residents like that! Everyone needs to be civil and rational about this or things will get out of hand.
No. 788229 ID: 4063a3
File 148978959188.png - (48.51KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

You: “Why all the fascist shit, then?”

Rita: “Yeah, anyway…”

Rita: “It’s gonna be really hard to slack off if I have to quit at 5PM…”
No. 788230 ID: 4063a3
File 148978960344.png - (55.54KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

Penny: “Five?”

Penny: “Five PM?”

Penny: “Damn it!”

Penny: “My business is gonnaaa goooooo dooooown the SHITTER Susanna!”

Marcie: “Auntie!!!”

Marcie: “You watch your mouth!!”

Penny: “Why do we need all these rules if we’re gonna be safe anyway?”
No. 788231 ID: 4063a3
File 148978961357.png - (41.86KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

Susanna: “Means. Means are all I have.”

Susanna: “The means to keep a watchful eye on this town.”

Angela: “We don’t WANT you watching us!”

Angela: “You’re a BAD mayor!!”


Susanna: “More death?!”

Susanna: “There are monsters out there. We’ve seen them. They prey on your free-spirited behavior.”

Susanna: “They want to kill you and I WILL NOT LET THEM!”

Susanna pounds her fist on the podium for each of the last four words.

Susanna: “GO HOME!”


The crowd explodes into worried gasps and panicked conversation. Angela continues to chant hell no, we won’t go.
No. 788232 ID: a363ac

No. 788233 ID: 3583d1

No. 788234 ID: d1d42a

Back up Angela now!
outright refuse!
Snake tyranny must end!
No. 788235 ID: 398fe1

Hey, if you can use your spooky powers to keep watch over the entire town can't you see the monsters coming and just send Layla to shoot them? That does scare them away. There's no need for these rules.
No. 788236 ID: c31aac

"Hey susanna, why don't you actually try TALKING TO US about a real gameplan?"
really tho why is susanna so bad at people-ing
No. 788238 ID: 76df5c


But if we're gonna mount an argument at all, state how Suzanna actually has no authority. She can't put all of us in prison.

If the mob took control we could easily take any police officer.
No. 788240 ID: 76df5c

Also, push that Suzanna must be monitored if we are.
She has admitted there are monsters and she has admitted they kill. We must kill them, we must fight back as a community.
No. 788241 ID: fc33ea

Forget the mayor, we need to do this shit ourselves. She really is stuck in one way of doing things.

Oh fuck, how will we crack the catacombs without Sally?
No. 788244 ID: fd9d3b

You can't just take away freedoms and enforce rule without giving an explanation, that makes you a tyrant.
And if you have the power to "keep us safe" from them then you should have the power to do more. I'm pretty sure if we try we can find a way to destroy them and I'm also sure that everyone here will be willing to help so I say we fight.
A life spent cowering in fear is no life at all!
No. 788245 ID: 4063a3
File 148979247306.png - (69.72KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

You have a great many questions for Susanna, but you’re not in a place to raise them now. You can’t even get a word to her over the crowd, so you just join Angela in the chant. Your male voice sticks out like a rusty nail in the crowd.

Penny joins in.

“Hell no! We won’t go!”

Geoff joins in.

Marcie joins in, but replaced “hell” with “heck”.

“Hell no, we won’t go!”

Naz joins in.

Selma joins in.

You get the strange sensation of stepping back in time, but it doesn’t last long. For the first time in a while, it almost feels like the present - like something is happening.

Ellen joins in.

Rachel joins in, or at least tries.

Finally, even Sophie joins the chant.


No. 788246 ID: 4063a3
File 148979248489.png - (56.77KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

Susanna looks worried, fumfering into the microphone. She finally turns to Layla.

Susanna: “Do something!

Layla grabs the microphone and wrenches it toward her.

Layla: “Hey. HEY!”


The crowd just gets louder. Being told to settle down has pretty much always compelled you to freak out.

Susanna: “Go out there and…”

Susanna: “You know!”

Susanna: “Make order. Crowd control!”

Layla: “I ain’t hittin’ nobody. Get inside.”

Layla escorts the mayor, Lisa, and Sally into the library and bars the door.
No. 788247 ID: a363ac

lets get the guns and go hunting!
No. 788249 ID: 3583d1

No. 788252 ID: 318375

Altho I feel the imposed limitations wouldn't have affected our plans, I also think that this is the only chance we'll get to contest them.

So I think the best course of action is definitely to reject Susanna's demands here and now as this will give us more freedom and options later on.
No. 788255 ID: fc33ea

Grab Naz and start looking for that second entrance to the catacombs. Susanna won't be a problem, for now.
No. 788256 ID: ff6c67

Well, look at that. A snake hiding in its hole.
Now where were we? Something about the catacombs or something?
No. 788257 ID: 398fe1

I say we let the mayor hide in her house. Get Angela in on the plan to investigate the well since she's obviously gonna want to do something and is at least strong enough to throw a monitor out the window. Rachel would optimally come along for the extra muscle; she might be willing to do it now? If not you should be able to at least get her to agree not to stop you.

Naz needs to get her rope, and Chuck should go fetch Ramona, since we need a Plath to open the door.
No. 788258 ID: 18c9f5

Let her go. There's no reason to attack her: the populace can just ignore her decree for the time being. Unless some magic shit gets involved, she doesn't have a way to enforce her shit.

Now could be a time to rally the mobs anger in a more constructive manner. Mayor says the catacombs are off limits, and people are now realizing that her limits don't mean much. How's a town raid sound?
No. 788260 ID: 32d29a

I say we tip something over!
No. 788262 ID: 9bf80c

Hmm. I'd suggest that this would be the moment to go and be all concerned Chuck gently inquiring and making suggestions while Susanna's emotionally vulnerable, but if your voice stood out in the crowd that much that'd be a bad idea.

I don't know, maybe it could work. Maybe say you only joined in the chant to not stand out, not that you disagreed with the basic sentiment. Offer yourself as someone who's also in on all these secrets and a potential wall to bounce the plans off, since they're not working.

I'm sure Chuck could sneak himself in a window while the crowd mobs around outside.
No. 788264 ID: 76df5c

Oh man I know we shouldn't be running for mayor or anything but god damn that open mic looks so useful.
Maybe get someone to talk into it? We need to inform everyone of the monsters' M O, we need to tell them how we can fight back and how we need ideas, we need to get to the catacombs and we need to lift the lid on the well.

In the mean time explain that the monsters, although we don't know how to kill them, are weak to bibles and holy logic. Get everyone to learn the lords prayer, mass produce crucifixes and keep bibles safe for reference and quote.

Consider rigging the pa up to a looping tape of bible quotes about trespass, loving thy neighbour, everything either new testament or lawyerish.
No. 788265 ID: 4063a3
File 148979887284.png - (40.27KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

You walk up onto the library steps and look over the crowd.

You: “Anybody else sick of this kind of shit?”

They are pretty excited now, but no one is making a move on the library door. They all cheer.

You: “We need to get into the catacombs.”









Penny: “Why?”
No. 788266 ID: 398fe1

Because Susanna doesn't want anyone in there. She's hiding something. Something that she can hear screaming. So let's find out her dirty secret.
No. 788267 ID: fc33ea

Susanna's been dealing with this problem for who knows how long, that's the only place she's afraid to look for a solution.

Why, has anybody got a better idea?
No. 788274 ID: 18c9f5

Yeah this is fine. I'm struggling to think of anything better.
No. 788280 ID: 064dbf

"There's a dark secret buried down there. The very thing that's keeping these monsters around, that's letting them continue to exist. And I aim to find out the truth!"
No. 788282 ID: 0b99d7

Look, I don't think Susanna's a bad woman, I think she's always done what she believes is best for this town.
Even these stupid new rules are her trying to help.
But there's one thing she won't budge on, one thing she's been trying her damndest to sweep under the rug, one last bloody stupid secret and apparently we can't handle it, just like we 'can't handle' the monsters.
Can't fail if you don't try after all, nobody gets hurt if they sit at home and avoid the danger. But you know what Mayor? you also can't goddamn succeed, the danger's still out there, waiting for anyone unlucky enough to run into it.
No. 788286 ID: d4516a

She's fine enough, she's trying to help everyone be safe, but it doesn't get to the root of the problem. The monsters will still be out there.

Something in the catacomb's gotta deal with the problem for good.
No. 788289 ID: 91ee5f

Don't forget we need Plath blood in order to open the door down there. So either get Sally out here or go to Plath house and get Ramona.
No. 788298 ID: 9876c4

I'm kinda with the townsfolk on this one.

This is a hobby, not an issue of town security.
No. 788302 ID: 4063a3
File 148980730787.png - (30.94KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

You: “It’s the last secret.”

You: “Where else is there to look?”

Marcie: “Look?”

Marcie: “For what?”


You: “For…”

You: “I don’t know. The truth? A way out of this town?”

You: “A way to get rid of these monsters so you all can live your lives?”

The crowd starts to rabble again.


You: “Ok everyone”

They continue to rabble.

You: “Uh. Y’all.”

A few of them look up.

You: “ALL y’all.”

Everyone looks up.

You: “Susanna’s telling the truth about the monsters. I’ve seen them. Naz and Selma have seen them. The Plaths…”

You: “They’re real, and they’re the reason the mayor won’t let you have any fun, alright? Hiding away and behaving yourselves like good little church mice isn’t really gonna cut it.”

You: “I wanna get out of here too. But I need your help.”
No. 788303 ID: 4063a3
File 148980732012.png - (25.55KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

They all go silent for a minute.

Naz: “What if”

Naz: “some of us don’t want you to leave?”
No. 788304 ID: 2120ee

"Then you better have a positive pregnancy test, toots."

This is an ironic suggestion as nothing could compel him to leave faster.
No. 788305 ID: 398fe1


Tell her you... might stay, in that case. But you still want to be able to make that choice, and not have it forced on you.
No. 788307 ID: 18c9f5

"If we don't want to leave, then we need to make this place safe to stay in."
No. 788308 ID: cc3193

This sounds good
No. 788309 ID: e82423

As long as those things are haunting the town, no one is safe and nothing will ever get better.
No. 788310 ID: cf8ee7

We can leave here together. Or stay, if we want, by our own choice without being trapped. Being free doesn't mean we have to leave each other. I've grown...rather fond of y'all as well.
No. 788311 ID: bb78f2

I don't want to leave permanently Naz.
I just don't like staying in a single place for too long.
Not that fun. I mean, guys it could be 2200 out there with FLYING CARS right now because timey wimey don't work very well here.

Flying cars.
Plus, you know, we can like actually meet and talk to people from outside again.
No. 788316 ID: 195ff1

I love it here. I want to stay here.

But living in fear is no way to live. If we have to huddle in our houses alone forever to stay safe what is the point?

I would rather find a way to fight these monsters.
No. 788322 ID: 241e41

"Yeah, I guess that wasn't the best way to put it. Honestly, I like it here. The environment is nice, there's pleasant company, it's safe and peaceful... except for all the monsters lurking about, I mean. We can choose to stay or go later; right now we've got to keep our town safe."

Speaking of which, now would be a good time to tell them in detail what we know about the monsters and how they work, so they'll all be prepared in case of further attacks.
No. 788325 ID: 4063a3
File 148981185869.png - (29.76KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

You: “Well I mean”

You: “I’d come back to visit.”

You: “I don’t like being tied down to one place for too long. I need to meet new people in the outside world.”

You: “And who wants to stay in this place with monsters jumping people all the time anyway? Not you. Not me. We gotta do something about them before ANY of us can go on living here.”

Penny suddenly looks very uncomfortable. She puts her hands on Marcie’s shoulders and squeezes.

Penny: “How come they only started showing up when you showed up?”

The crowd murmurs.

You: “Uh”

You start to sweat heavily.
No. 788327 ID: 398fe1

That's not true. They've attacked people before. You won't name names, it's up to them to fess up or not.
No. 788333 ID: e136ae

Point out the fact that this is more about getting rid of the monsters than anything else. If getting rid of the monsters opens the town, fine -- people are free to come and go as they please. But the most important thing is getting rid of the monsters and they're more than likely tied to the town itself.
No. 788334 ID: cf8ee7


And it's true that they're apparently attracted to love. Infer what you will from that.
No. 788335 ID: e136ae

Also point out that the library includes records of previous people trying to get rid of the monsters. You might as well spill the beans about Susanna and the blue agate too, since it's pretty clear Sally's done something real stupid and given them to her.
No. 788336 ID: e82423

Throw a stone into a pond and watch the ripples spread.
The town was locked into a routine designed by Susanna that would discourage the monsters from approaching. When Chuck arrived he shook things up and changed the routine. In that way, he is guilty.
But this can be a change for the better. The town has lived in stasis under borderline tyrannical rule due to the fear of those creatures. The people have been kept ignorant of the truth behind Coxwette and have been forced to live restricted, blind lives.
But now the veil is lifted! The people see the truth for the first time! Now is the time to break the endless cycle and throw off the shackles of fear! These beasts of the forest are fearsome, but they are nothing before the combined spirit and might of the free people of Coxwette! United they can turn back this encroaching darkness!
Liberation is at hand!
No. 788337 ID: c31aac

"You know, apart from that not being STRICTLY true, you make a good point.
I'm not the best guy but if I'm indeed the reason horrible zombie priests are giving people unwanted saline injections I'm out, no contest."
No. 788348 ID: fc33ea

That farmer dude has talked about dealing with them before. He saved me the first time I saw one, maybe they remember me fondly for it.
No. 788356 ID: a363ac

"Because your Snayor has repressed this town for many years and I am sexiness incarnate"
No. 788357 ID: 064dbf

"They don't like it when you're not a goody goody church going folk and I... babe you better believe I'm a bad motherfucker." LOL
No. 788371 ID: a788b7


They didn't. There's at least 4 other people in town who've seen them before you ever got here, and two of them are here right now. One of them's even got the scars to show for it!
No. 788373 ID: a8bc5c

This. We're losing them. We need to disperse and get those who are interested in helping us break into the catacombs.
No. 788382 ID: 73767e

They didn't, there has been several attacks before, they just got more active since I showed up because I'm a fun influence.
Also this isn't about leaving, it's about freedom, about have the freedom to leave, to walk around and live your lives without fear.
No. 788388 ID: bb78f2

Chuck just paraphrase the below. I know you're not going to say the whole thing.

They've been around before apparently, past Cowette residents have even tried trapping them in cages and drowned them but the Reverand, so I hear from an old newspaper anyway,

They're hard-ass Christians, and they sense, well non-Christian values like a dog to bacon. I'll admit to being a sinful person who sins a little bit more than the average guy, if sins are according the the Christian religion. I sneak a drink here and there when I can find it, and form a few casual physical relations, because that's what you did in the 1990's. I'm not apologizing for my free-spirited behavior.

Yes, I was a catalyst for these monster reverands sensing coxwette better, and I'll own up to that, but the truth is that any of you engaging in "free-spirited" behavior, or even thoughts creates that bacon smell. I mean, there's ALSO that bunny that's selling drugs that we haven't actually found yet too to think about.

Which is the reason why Susanna doesn't want men and women to live together anymore, prevent private meetings from happening, and make a curfew after 5. It's less for your safety and MORE to stop you from boning each other. Thing is, she didn't even THINK about our queer population at all, so you know, that's not actually going to stop boning unless she actually tries outlawing homosexual relations outright too. Or masturbation, that too.

Also Angela, girl, they probably hate your music. I love your music, but you know, hard ass Christians hate vinyl. You know that, I know that, we all know that. That's probably next on Susanna's ban list.
No. 788392 ID: 70983e

They were always there. You were just the straw that broke the snayor's back. There's just too much going on now to keep everything under her control like she used to.
No. 788428 ID: 9876c4

I think the catacombs plan is a nonstarter, but we should keep whatever we say simple and to the point.

The truth is there's no telling how many people the creatures have gotten.
No. 788493 ID: 15a025

But they've been here since before you came here.
No. 788523 ID: 62f1df


These are good. Also mention how Davey saw them and fought them off before. Several times. You may be a catalyst for their anger, but ultimately, they're there and they will stay around until they're dealt with.
No. 788531 ID: 2120ee

"I'm the sexiest motherfucking man in town, and all you bitches are dripping for me. Oh, and they're attracted to sin or whatever."
No. 788546 ID: ce3120

Demonstrate that the reverends are attracted to sin by fucking Angela in front of the whole town.
No. 788618 ID: cd076d

Yeah, mention that the monsters have attacked several other towns people before you arrived. Dont mention Ellen, but you can probably bring up Davey and Geoff.
No. 788696 ID: 241e41

They're starting to turn against you, Chuck. This is bad, but we can handle it. We need to emphasize the fact that we've all suffered because of the monsters, yourself included, so that they stop thinking of you as a potential cause of the problem rather than an ally who can help them solve it.

Here's a good way to put it.

"It's true that several of the more recent attacks were targeted at me and my friends, but this isn't the first time the monsters have attacked. They've been lurking around here for years. I won't be naming names, but several of us have been attacked by them in the past. They can tell their stories if they want."

"As for why they're attacking, I'm not really sure, but apparently they're like religious zealots who think they're hunting down sinners. The one I encountered was wearing a white sheet and quoting bible verses. I tried to talk to it, but it didn't respond, and when I ran away it shot needles at me."

This would be a good point to dramatically take off your shirt and turn around so they crowd can see your scars.

"I managed to escape before it could do anything else, and the only trace of it was a bony spike lodged in my back. The doctor didn't find any foreign substances in my blood. I'm not sure what those things were trying to do to me, or to any of the other people they attacked, but I certainly don't want to let it happen again."
No. 788745 ID: f1c749

Wait, didn't Davey had an encounter before you came in?
But regardless of Farmer Davey's encounter, you yourself suspect that they're getting agiteted by your presence. If you can leave this town, you would, for the sake of the town, but you can't. So now we need to find a way to fight or otherwise dispel these monsters.
No. 788884 ID: 8c9034

Do the most endearing thing you can think of.
Aww Shoot!
No. 789108 ID: e136ae

Also you should totally win them over with powerful freestyle.
No. 789196 ID: 4063a3
File 149006943833.png - (29.11KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

You: “Look, I’m not gonna lie.”

You: “Things were different before I got here. Susie had a pretty rigid system.”

You: “And I shook things up.”

You: “There are people IN THIS VERY CROWD who experienced attacks before I got here, though.”

You: “So why not live a little bit anyway?”

The crowd murmurs.

Penny: “You didn’t have to be like this. I know you’re tomcatting around town like nobody’s business!”


You: “What can I say?”


You: “Some guys just like”

You: “to get their cocks wet.
No. 789197 ID: 4063a3
File 149006946040.png - (98.21KB , 500x500 , 28.png )


Rita: “Hm”

Naz: “Wait.”

Penny: “Cocks…”

Penny: “…wet”

Ellen: “oh god…”
No. 789199 ID: 4063a3
File 149006948438.png - (60.84KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

Rita: “Cocks”

Rita: “WET”

Sophie: “Oh noooooooooo”
No. 789200 ID: 4063a3
File 149006956466.png - (62.80KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

Ellen: “You’re kidding me.”

Ellen: “You’re just”

Naz: “Eeee he he he he he”


Naz: “Righteous”
No. 789201 ID: 4063a3
File 149006958862.png - (67.64KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

Angela: “It”

Angela: “There’s no”


Marcie: “I don’t get it.”

Penny: “My…”

Penny: “My whole damn life”
No. 789203 ID: 143250

Tap dance off the stage. You're done here.

Also, booooo!
No. 789205 ID: 72e10e

Oh Marcie.
No. 789206 ID: b0e7ec

I officially nominate Chuck as the Coxwette Carlos Counterpart. May his cock be forever wette.
No. 789207 ID: 7b7ab3

This is goddamn hilarious.
We still gotta convince these people we're on their side, tho.
No. 789209 ID: daf144

Did it seriously take you all this long to figure it out...?
No. 789211 ID: 64e1fa

Alright alright, murder monsters still need to be taken care of. For all our sakes, okay?
No. 789213 ID: 70983e

Chuck has lifted the veil. The townspeople will now be able to clearly see and fight the monsters, but the reverse is also true.
No. 789214 ID: 398fe1

See? This town was created for this kind of thing! Nelson Plath was a goddamn horndog.
No. 789215 ID: d3c21d

No. 789227 ID: 143250

No. 789233 ID: 91ee5f

No! Shhh! They don't know about the Nelson, only Susanna, Chuck, and Ramona know about that! If you mention that it's the fault of a Plath, then they'll turn against Ramona and Sally, even though they had nothing to do with it!
No. 789236 ID: 398fe1

Hang on where'd Geoff go?
No. 789241 ID: 4a6b8b


Just grin ear to ear and proceed as planed
No. 789253 ID: 9876c4


On the plus side, we no longer have to worry that the real Marcie was brought back.
No. 789278 ID: fceae5

No. 789281 ID: 62f1df

Anyway, back to the religious nutjobs murder monsters.

Also, yeah, where's Geoff?
No. 789288 ID: a8bc5c

Putting a vote in for walking away now that you've broken the spell or whatever.

No. 789294 ID: 4063a3
File 149011471293.png - (20.40KB , 500x500 , 32.png )


The reactions from the crowd are pleasantly unexpected, but you cannot help but wonder where Geoff went. You look through the crowd, then around the stage.
No. 789295 ID: 4063a3
File 149011472221.png - (30.35KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

He’s standing off to your left, leaning against one of the columns of the rotunda and trying to get a look through one of the huge, shuttered windows. Probably thinking about that beaver.
No. 789302 ID: a523fb

Announce into the mic "My man lil homie gay ass like the beaver"
No. 789303 ID: 4fe424

What he say.
No. 789304 ID: b412df

Paranoid thought, are we being watched? Look at the window Geoff is looking at.
No. 789309 ID: 9876c4

No doubt.
No. 789310 ID: d4516a

Tell Geoff that you're worried as well, but that we kind of have more important things to do than spy on the mayor (or on dat ass).
No. 789314 ID: b15da4

Start a petition to rename the town Fuck Chuck.
No. 789315 ID: ffc525

Announce that the solution to keeping everyone safe is with lacerating word play. So from now on, everyone can party hold religious meetings, perform sex group yoga, spanking mortification of the flesh, etc.

As for Geoff, invite him to the stage. He shall be our agent.
No. 789357 ID: bb78f2

Hey... Like sorry man that I kicked off a minor police state thing going on in your town because I boned too much that made you and me homeless by law...

if the only cop in town is actually going to enforce it, I don't know.

Oh I forgot about John. I always forget about John. He could enforce it and is ALSO probably homeless if he doesn't live alone.

No. 789358 ID: 143250

Indeed. He is probably like one of the oldest members of the community next to Ramona a Susanna. Surly he has seen these monsters in his lifetime. Lets get his opinion on this.
No. 789370 ID: 91ee5f

Visibly facepalm yourself and say, "You guys just now realized your town's name is a sex joke?!"
No. 789419 ID: 144af2

Walk over to Geoff and try to set things straight with him. In a diplomatic way. As in, not punching each-other.
No. 789458 ID: 62f1df

That's not a bad idea. We've seen and heard so little of John, and yet, he'd probably have interesting information to share!

Plus, we have to organize against the monsters, and considering the town's other police officer is presently locked up with the snayor, John is probably going to be our best option.

We should probably send a party of two or three people to get him and also check on Ramona and keep her informed. Maybe contact Davey too.
No. 789459 ID: c58a23

Let's have a Coxwette Man-Meeting. All the dudes, get together and discuss latest developments.
No. 789471 ID: 4063a3
File 149019921722.png - (32.98KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

You leave the Town of Chumps to revel in their obliviousness and go to the police station. You feel the need to take a break from following threads and check on someone you haven’t really met yet. You to to the police office, which is empty except for John the police deputy.

John: “Hm?”

John: “Meeting’s over already?”

You: “What are you doing in here?”

John: “They put me on the phone.”

John: “Haven’t had a call since Marcie set a baguette on fire.”

John: “But that was years ago… I think.”

John grunts. He looks like the bell on the door might have awakened him from a nap.
No. 789472 ID: 4fe424

Try to imagine John as a sexy female.
No. 789474 ID: c58a23

Ask John if he's been told about this separation plan the Mayor's tried and failed to sell the people. How does he feel about being forbidden to share a roof with anything female outside business hours?
No. 789479 ID: 4063a3
File 149020222660.png - (41.71KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

You: “Have you heard about this whole separate living thing?”

John: “You mean the mayor’s new policy?”

John: “Mhm.”

You: “And that doesn’t piss you off at all?”

John shrugs.

John: “I live on my own anyway. Don’t bother me.”

John: “That and I get a lot of… uh…”

John: “rest at the station. So I don’t spend much time at home anyway.”
No. 789482 ID: ffc525

Tell John that there's a situation at the library and that Layla can't handle it alone.

Pillage the booty after he leaves.
No. 789485 ID: a8bc5c

Ask him if he's heard anything about the plaths today.

Then you know, check on ramona.
No. 789488 ID: 4063a3
File 149020334285.png - (26.96KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You: “There’s a little situation at the library that I think Layla could use your help with.”

John: “Well she hasn’t called for backup.”

John: “And if I leave I’m gonna have to kick you out and lock up.”
No. 789497 ID: ffc525

Ask John to tell you the story of his life.

(maybe he will fall asleep in the middle)
No. 789498 ID: b15da4

if the policemen of this town can't be moved to assist the mayor, then it's up to Chuck, Upstanding Law-Abiding Citizen to go confront the mayor('s rear).
No. 789501 ID: 398fe1

Ask him how many of the town ladies he bedded when he was younger.
No. 789507 ID: 143250

Ask about: how the town dealt with the monsters in the past, his past, if anyone is currently in jail.
No. 789510 ID: 3b4dc8

Ask him:
What is your past?
What is your relationship with Layla?
How many times have you seen the monsters?
Has anyone ever been jailed in Coxwette?
Have you ever slept with any of the town women?
Where does the train come from? Where does it go?
Can we access the town police records?
How did you end up here?
No. 789564 ID: 064dbf

Don't ask him about himself, tell him a long winded story of how it all happened and see if you can get him to fall asleep.
No. 789604 ID: 188451

I mean. Tell him to head there after you ask him whatever. We ain't really lying that Layla could use some help.
No. 789607 ID: bf8224

Ask him everything we have asked Ramona and Susanna. He might be more willing to spill town secrets than Layla, and probably has a unique insight being a law officer.
No. 789608 ID: bf8224

Additionally, ask him about the train, the children, and the warehouse. Ask him if the farmer has a history of crime in town. Ask him about Harold Pal, Ramona's husband, and the pig man.
No. 789616 ID: 62f1df

Let's focus on what's important here: there's monsters attacking the locals. What do?
No. 789627 ID: 4cbca5

Ask this man that youve barely even met and have spoken about 8 words to 5 million questions all at once because you are a stupid asshole.

Seeing as he only exists to dispense exposition to you to begin with, he definitely wont be really annoyed or offput by essentially a random stranger being so intrusive. He'll definitely tell you everything he knows about everyone in town because thats what police officers are for.
No. 789635 ID: c31aac

Ask for another exposition dump on who he is and everything else, then get bored and glaze over it because he's a boring old man who's awful at exposition
No. 789636 ID: 7dbf38

I think that means this one won't be of any help. We'd better look for our favorite frenchie and get some tools.
No. 789638 ID: b8d5aa

ask him what he knows about harold pal.
No. 789705 ID: 4063a3
File 149028910059.png - (27.62KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

You’ll ask one question. Playing twenty questions isn’t going to do you any good with this guy you barely know. Besides, this guy’s a cop. You hate cops. Sounds like a good way to get questions asked of you.
No. 789706 ID: 4fe424

How to get into Layla's pantaloons.
No. 789707 ID: b15da4

This. Spend that question wisely.
No. 789708 ID: a523fb

No. 789709 ID: ffc525

This, or a bit more indirectly, what kind of guys she likes / what gets her worked up.
No. 789712 ID: d1d42a

this is the only question worth asking
No. 789718 ID: 669253

This is really important. Ask this.
No. 789817 ID: 9876c4

"My man lil homie gay ass like the beaver...?"

Phrase it as if you're seeking advice.
No. 789884 ID: 62f1df

This guy gets it.
No. 789886 ID: 143250

Make sure you say it in those exact words, and not worry about any consequences. None at all.
No. 789899 ID: 398fe1

Hey can I just throw out a word of caution? He knows that the town's been ordered to keep "private meetings" from happening. So asking him how to get into Layla's pants is essentially asking a cop how to break the law.

Which is real dumb.
No. 789907 ID: 51649e

Endeavour to make a tactful inquiry as to the existence of any tips or tricks relating to how one could go about becoming closer to the lady of the police force.

And her butt.
No. 789966 ID: 70983e

We don't wan't to break the law per se, we just want to bend it (over).
No. 790002 ID: 4063a3
File 149037830553.png - (54.35KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

You: “Sounds good big guy. I’ll go willingly.”

John grunts.

You: “Must be pretty nice workin’ with Captain Ka-pow all day. Am I right?”

You elbow John.

You: “Right”

You: “Admiral Ass. General Jugs. Sergeant Spank.”

You: “Right.”

You: “Chief Superintendent Chee-.”

John: “I’m going to pretend you aren’t referring to Captain Hoode.”

John: “But yes. She is a pleasure to work with.”

You: “Heh heh, I bet.”

You: “So what’s she look for in a man?”


John: “Respect.”
No. 790003 ID: aebfae

OH!!! BURN!!! XD
No. 790007 ID: 23066f

Point taken.
But seriously though, she seems like a good person and a good officer. She could probably use some help over at the mayor's.
No. 790014 ID: 51649e

"My man, there's respect and there's respect you know? Kinda old-fashioned to go acting like there's one kind for men and another for ladies. I've chatted with Layla, we're both immigrants here. She's a tough woman and she knows what's what, and I wouldn't want to get on her bad side. That's respect. I've seen her out jogging in the morning. Would be disrespectful not to notice the effort she's put in, and the result. Eh?"

Ironically, in his own idiosyncratic way, Chuck probably does have Layla near the top of his respect list. As close as he gets to respect, anyway.
No. 790035 ID: 5cdf3a

The mic. It was dropped.
No. 790046 ID: 0555b9

She's a cop anyway. Sorry Chuck, you could look, but never touch.

Aaaanyway, you should get back to town square. Form a committee for getting to the bottom of the reverend mystery consisting of you, Sophie, and four pairs of hands.
...Ahem. Explain you'd like to join her on a photo-taking excursion through the woods, perhaps a tour of those mysterious things she's already found.
No. 790053 ID: 143250

No. 790054 ID: 9876c4

No one's gonna listen, because gottacatchemall, but if we hooked up the dogcops, we'd erode the last vestiges of snayor support.
No. 790060 ID: 2f4566

This. Say that you have deep respect for the amount of time and effort she has put into maintaining her athletic figure. She clearly cares about her body, so logically exhibiting attraction to it will be construed as a form of respect.
No. 790073 ID: ffc525

No, this isn't leading us anywhere. What the fuck are we even doing here.. except wasting time.

Let's go back to the library and see what's going on there or something.

Or to the medical office and pick the locks there and get the drugs, and trade them for apples from Davey, and get some favors from Penny. Or something.
No. 790077 ID: 62f1df

Okay, we all want to give that dog a bone, but for the time being, let's focus on the whole murder-monster thing. Since John is of no use, we'd better go back to the town square and formulate a plan of defense with the locals.
No. 790223 ID: b8d5aa

ask john about the monsters, good gosh. he's old enough, if anything's happened in the town he'd have heard about it most likely.
No. 790230 ID: 064dbf

Alright, tone it down there Chuck. Did you honestly think an old geezer like that still has a sex drive. He could be her father for all we know.

You can recover though, wipe that smile off and pretend to be serious. "Haha, but for real I would be interested in courting Layla. You know, just see if I can make her smile."

I don't have to mean it, you just have to fake it.
No. 790231 ID: 143250

No. 790274 ID: 4063a3
File 149043339953.png - (29.34KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

This is stupid. You didn’t come here to get game tips from a cop. Why did you come here?

You: “Forget it. Forget I said it.”

You: “I want to know about the monsters attacking town. Know anything about them?”

John: “I’ve heard of ‘em, sure.”

John: “Haven’t ever seen one. Captain Hoode and I searched the woods and didn’t see a thing.”

John: “The mayor kept talking about them when she gave us the new directive for policing the town.”

John: “She can be a little hard to understand sometimes.”

He shrugs.
No. 790275 ID: a788b7


What'd she say to do if they showed up? She didn't tell any of the civilians at the meeting before she got flustered and stormed off the stage, so maybe that'd be some good information to disseminate.
No. 790277 ID: 398fe1

What was Susanna saying about the monsters? Anything she said could give us an insight as to her state of mind.
No. 790279 ID: 143250

All these years being in this town and he has never seen a monster... Odd. Before you leave, tell him he needs to get out more.

Well, what now? Sally betrayed us, so we can't get in the catacombs, and since the town is distracted... LETS RAID THE TOWN! steal as much stuff as you can in all the stores! just like you did during the bank heists.
No. 790283 ID: 398fe1

Wait a minute, this is the second or third time we've been told it's hard to understand Susanna. Ask what he means by that.
No. 790291 ID: 62f1df

Yeah, pump him for information regarding what Susanna said and her bahavior.
No. 790340 ID: 4063a3
File 149045997134.png - (34.27KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

You: “Did she even tell you what to do if you see one?”

John: “She said to round up the citizens and get them indoors.”

Given the way that you’ve seen the Reverends react to firearms, that is to say barely at all, this course of action seems somewhat reasonable.

You: “What’s hard to understand about her?”

John grunts.

John: “She goes on… dissociative tirades.”

John: “She put on a blindfold and started talking about the Plath family and calling the attackers ‘reverends’.”

John: “Me and the Captain were concerned.”

John: “What is the situation at the library?”

You: “The mayor delivered a speech on her new policy, and the townspeople started chanting. Layla took them inside. It hasn’t turned violent.”
No. 790347 ID: 91ee5f

Correction, it hasn't turned violent yet. You left and things were peaceful, but who knows? The town might've gotten violent by now and you don't know because you aren't there.
No. 790358 ID: 70983e

Remember anything she accused the Plaths of on these tirades?

Now leave as you both clearly have places to be. Or the same place, actually.
No. 790368 ID: 398fe1

Dissociative? He thinks Susanna is not in her right mind? Well, the citizens would not object to a change of leadership at this point.
No. 790382 ID: a8bc5c

Hey, chuck. You know what you aren't doing by being here? Seeing what's happened to Ramona.

Get to it, "legend"
No. 790413 ID: 446e73

Vitally important point made
No. 790429 ID: 2120ee

"Oh yeah, one last question. When's the last time you guys had a mayoral election?"

Leave regardless of the answer.
No. 790649 ID: 9876c4

Leave before getting the answer.
No. 790682 ID: 4063a3
File 149057199547.png - (36.16KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

You: “So she’s nuts?”

You: “When’s the last time this town had a mayoral election?”

John grunts.

John: “We’ve never-”

You leave the police station. The building makes you uncomfortable for various reasons. You…

a) return to the library lawn
b) check up on Ramona
c) do something else >_
No. 790684 ID: 398fe1

No. 790685 ID: d2c50a

And inform her that if she ever wanted to put the town back in Plath hands, the air of open rebellion has created the perfect environment for her to run for mayor.
No. 790686 ID: 70983e

I'm sure that looked cooler in your head. Really.

B. Ramona should be informed.
No. 790690 ID: 91ee5f


Inform her that her daughter has made some sort of deal with the Snayor that most likely involves handing over the agate.

.....also inform her of the town's name to see if she has the same reaction that everyone else had! XD
No. 790691 ID: 4289a3

She needs to know about the new laws... meaning you will also probably have to move out (and I say probably because following laws isn't really your thing).
No. 790692 ID: 15a025

No. 790698 ID: d4516a

Also make sure she's even all right.
No. 790823 ID: 8da459

No. 790844 ID: fa7516

B, and pay your damn rent too
No. 790854 ID: a8bc5c

Finally. B. B. B.
No. 790893 ID: 4063a3
File 149063973842.png - (30.06KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

Sure, maybe walking out sounded cooler in your head, but these people need to get a clue. They have a shit mayor and they’re just not doing anything about it. You feel a sudden and strong urge to check up on Ramona, so you hurry to the Plath House.
No. 790894 ID: 4063a3
File 149063975528.png - (19.93KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

The ground floor is completely empty, so you walk upstairs to find her in her room.

Ramona: “Sally?”

Ramona: “Oh, hello Chuck.”

You: “Hi. How, uh”

You: “How are you feeling?”

Ramona: “Oh… tired. Just a tired spell.”

You: “You’re not, like, in pain or anything are you?”

Ramona just smiles at you for a moment.

Ramona: “Did you go to the town meeting?”

You: “Yes. Yes I definitely did, and maybe we should talk about that.”

Ramona: “Would you pour me a cup, Chuck?”

You: “Of… water?”

Ramona looks at you again.
No. 790896 ID: 9876c4

No alcohol. Not until we're finished talking.
No. 790897 ID: 4fe424

Pour her a cup of dick. Right in her mouth.
No. 790899 ID: c31aac

This. Mayor's gone full-on totalitarian, Ramona. You know about that?
No. 790901 ID: ffc525

Pour her the good stuff, but don't hand it to her. Make her work for it.
No. 790902 ID: 3583d1

No alcohol for now, just water.
No. 790908 ID: 15a025

I think she means a cup of coffee to help wake her up a bit.
No. 790917 ID: 5f2b81

She definitely means alcohol. The woman's dying. Let her have her drink.
No. 790926 ID: 4063a3
File 149064627808.png - (34.08KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

You: “I don’t think you need to be drinking right now.”

You: “Did you hear about what Susanna’s doing to the town?”

Ramona rolls onto her side with her back to you.

Ramona: “I haven’t heard. What’s the fool done this time?”

You: “She wants to impose a town-wide curfew, and she’s found some way to spy on the townspeople. From her office, I think.”

Ramona: “She’s lying…”

Ramona: “She couldn’t do something like that.”

Ramona: “Not without blue agate.”

You: “That’s the thing. I think Sally-”

Ramona: “Honey I could really use a drink.”

You notice that she is shaking in her bed.

Ramona: “I haven’t had a drink all day.”
No. 790927 ID: 9b8c8d


She'll probably need a stiff one to hear what's coming next, anyway.
No. 790928 ID: 0555b9

She needs painkillers. Or really strong booze. Maybe both at the same time.
No. 790929 ID: 143250

okay. time to visit the cellar. as you are in there, take a good look before going upstairs. There might be a hidden entrance to the catacombs you haven't noticed before.
No. 790931 ID: 15a025

Alcohol won't solve anything. Get the poor pup a glass of water or a nice warm drink like tea or a hot chocolate.
No. 790932 ID: 9876c4

No. 790939 ID: b41f2b

>alcoholic hasn't had a drink all day
Well it's time to pour her a cup lest she die from withdrawal.
No. 790949 ID: 398fe1

She's getting the shakes from not drinking. She needs a drink, you don't go cold turkey with alcoholism.
No. 790963 ID: 2120ee

So remind me again, was this liver cancer?
No. 790985 ID: 62f1df

Oh shit, delirium tremens! That's not good. You'd better run and get her some booze. Short of having an intensive care unit on hand, that's the best thing you can do right now. You should probably get Sophie on her case, however...
No. 791000 ID: 51649e

"... I'm afraid, Ramona. I'm afraid Sally might want Susanna to try and cure you, and I'm afraid the only way she could do anything like that is to set you back, like she did Marcie. I'm afraid of you forgetting me, too."

"I'll go get a drink for you."
No. 791014 ID: bb78f2

Don't give Ramona a drink. Don't give tired sick ridden depressed people a drink.
You'll always regret it, they become REALLY annoying and sad and depressing.
No. 791070 ID: 132655


Why give her a drink. Youve got another "d" word thatd be way better to give her
No. 791130 ID: b8d5aa

give her a LITTLE booze to stop the shakes but not enough to get her drunk.
No. 791159 ID: 393ae0

Get in bed with her and make her warm. I heard spooning helps distract the mind.
No. 791175 ID: fa7516

These; you won't be under the same roof as her long. Lewd the only loyal Plath while you have the chance
No. 791195 ID: 143250

Might as well.
No. 791199 ID: 9876c4

We got shit to do.

Get your exposition, then lets get back to the library and get our new mayor.
No. 791228 ID: 3b4dc8

Don't give her a drink. Instead tell her that her daughter is a traitor.

This. She needs something healthy instead.
No. 791233 ID: b412df

Do not do anything lewd, she's clearly not well. Something is wrong here.

I'd say get her a drink, but if it's alcohol, make sure it's watered down. Because of what >>790985 said.
No. 791237 ID: c6e33d

Get her a drink and dont try to lewd the sick woman going through withdrawal you bone dead maroons
No. 791264 ID: 3d0209

Give her a drink, talk her up a bit, and eat her out if she's not actually dying and is just depressed.
No. 791454 ID: 4063a3
File 149081256921.png - (30.17KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

You get Ramona a drink from the cellar. You kind of don’t want to, but you’ve known enough alcoholics to know when a little hair of the dog is appropriate.
No. 791455 ID: 4063a3
File 149081258116.png - (28.93KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

The door is unlocked, so you walk down the screaming steps into the darkness.

The first thing that you notice is a lack of gleaming glass reflection from the upstairs light. There are no bottles here.
No. 791456 ID: fceae5

What the fuck?! Where's the booze?!
No. 791457 ID: aebfae

Sally must REALLY want her mom to quit cold turkey.
No. 791458 ID: b412df

What the hell? How'd someone get rid of all that booze in a hurry? Did you stash or take any of the booze?

Also, the shelf to the right, what's that right at the end? Looks like either someone hiding behind it, or a tunnel.
No. 791459 ID: 4063a3
File 149081365116.png - (24.97KB , 500x500 , 47.png )

Someone really moved that booze out of here in a hurry. The shapes behind the shelf on the right are the end of the rubble and tool pile that you took the bolt cutters from a few days ago. It doesn’t look like there is much else down here right now.
No. 791461 ID: ffc525

Go back to Ramona and explain what you saw and that Sally is likely behind this.
No. 791463 ID: cdec48

Maybe Sally gave it to Snayor as part of their deal.

Was there any booze in the attic? I can't recall.
No. 791464 ID: 9b8c8d

I think there was. Let's go grab those.
No. 791473 ID: 8d4593

Hey look, a pick axe! That'll come in handy!
but seriously. Moving that much alcohol must have been quite the operation.
This is starting to get fishy.
No. 791474 ID: 143250

looks like a lot of the tools were taken as well. Is that a rope on the bottom right?
No. 791475 ID: 51649e

Snoop around for some spare booze. Kitchen, bathroom, your room, anywhere Ramona might have left some.
No. 791496 ID: 398fe1

How did they get all the booze out of here so quick? This is illegal, you know. You could go straight to the cops. Grand larceny.

Whatever. There's still one bottle we know of. At Sophie's place.
No. 791502 ID: 4063a3
File 149082466528.png - (45.87KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

You manage to yank some of the crusty, dirt-caked rope out from between the old sheets of wood and chunks of brick. The basement cellar had a great many bottles of gin in it, so you can only assume that it took multiple people to empty it so quickly. It must have been a good heist, and you are actually kind of sorry to have missed it.

Still, there are more urgent things on your mind at the moment. You coil the rope up with your forearm and go looking through the house for some hidden booze.
No. 791503 ID: 4063a3
File 149082468129.png - (35.56KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

You exhaustively search everywhere in the house you have seen Ramona go. Her decanter is even gone from the side table in the den. The kitchen cabinets are just full of really weird shit, but no liquor.
No. 791507 ID: 91e039

Only option left is to notify Ramona and add "counter-burglary" to the to do list.
No. 791509 ID: 143250

Tell Ramona the bad news. hide the rope away from her, she might be depressed enough to do something drastic to herself.
No. 791524 ID: 398fe1

I think we should be more concerned about the pistol with the single bullet in it.

But I mean, we can just go retrieve the bottle of gin from Sophie's apartment. Or get a lady to visit the farmer in exchange for opening up his supply. Ellen is probably a good choice there.
No. 791535 ID: 143250

I wish we could visit Sophie, but new regulations prevent it. Plus with Susanna having all the blue agate, she is always watching what we are doing now.
No. 791543 ID: 62f1df

Fuck! You're going to need to have a serious talking-to with Sally and the Snayor. That kind of shitty backstabbing just doesn't fly! What if she even used her weird magic to teleport away all the booze? Can she do that?

For now, run back to Ramona and ask her if she has a secret stash somewhere. She's gotta have a bottle or two squirreled away, right? If not, we'll have to sprint to Sophie's and let ourselves in. Screw the consequences, Ramona is on her last leg!
No. 791578 ID: d8d78c


So what? John is really old and layla cant arrest you without being cross-gender contact anyway.

Its time to burn down city hall.
No. 791627 ID: 4063a3
File 149085955926.png - (30.49KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

You go back to Ramona’s bedroom. She’s still there.

You: “R”

You: “Ramona”

Ramona stirs, looking at you briefly before rolling over again.

You: “Where are you keeping the gin again?”

Ramona: “In the cellar.”

You: “It’s locked. Don’t you have a stash?”

Ramona: “Side table in the den.”

You: “Anywhere else?”

Ramona: “Kitchen pantry.”

You: “Uh”

Ramona looks at you again.

Ramona: “Reading room? Second floor?”

You grit your teeth.

Ramona: “The one in my nightstand is empty.”

Ramona: “You checked everywhere and still couldn’t find it?”
No. 791628 ID: 398fe1

Fine, we're not getting Sophie's bottle, then?

Tell her the only way she's gonna get a steady supply of alcohol is from farmer Davey.
No. 791630 ID: c31aac

She seems unsurprised by this, all things considered
"It's all gone! Ramona, what happened?"
No. 791632 ID: 143250

What are you sweating about, Chuck. It's not your fault the booze is gone. Plus, a man never should show emotion.

Tell her the only way to get alcohol is from Dave. Hope that she doesn't request you to go to him.
No. 791640 ID: 62f1df

Right, Plan B then: let's run to Sophie's house and get that bottle, hoping that she didn't throw it away. Also, we should really have a discussion with Sophie to clear the air; she's been one of the nicest residents and we've really been acting douchey with her. I know being douchey is our thing, but still.

Anyway, Sophie's house, stat. We'll deal with the aftermath later. Let's make Davey Plan C. *Maybe* he'll buy that we need booze to save someone and throw us a bottle, but that's not a reliable plan.
No. 791647 ID: 5d32e7

No sense in mincing about it. It's going to look shady as fuck if we leave without an explanation when we said we were going to get her a drink. You'll have to be straight with her about the situation.
No. 791650 ID: 8a204b

"The gin's gone. Why is the gin gone?"
No. 791674 ID: 9876c4

This seems appropriate.
No. 791675 ID: b15da4

This seems memetic.
No. 791682 ID: 4063a3
File 149089226935.png - (51.67KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

You: “You know what, it’s no big deal. I just have to go out and find some.”

Ramona: “Just get some from the cellar. I’ll give you the key.”

You: “Well”

The dogmom sits up, her eyes wide with horror.

Ramona: “Chuck. What happened.”

You: “I lied. The cellar is empty.”

Ramona moans and shakes.

Ramona: “Why is it empty? Have we been robbed?”

You: “It’s possible

You: “But it’s more likely that someone you know did it.”

You: “Someone you know really well. Who knows where your keys are. And where you stash your bottles.”

Ramona: “I know you don’t mean Sally.”

You: “Sally was with the mayor at the town meeting today.”

Ramona: “With her?”

You: “Susanna told the town that Sally helped her instill a bunch of fucking stupid new security laws.”

Ramona: “Well she’s lying. That’s what Susanna does. She lies.”

You: “And I agree with that wholeheartedly. But. Well, Sally was there and she didn’t deny it.”

Ramona breathes heavily and looks at you. Some of the breaths sound kind of like “what?!”.

You: “I think I know where I can get another bottle. But it’s…”

Ramona: “I don’t care. Please just… get one.”

Ramona: “Dear.”
No. 791684 ID: ffc525

Man, how much has she been drinking to turn this way. Well, let's go get her stuff before she passes out. Tell her this might take a while but that you'll be back asap.
No. 791685 ID: b15da4

Take the gun away and stash it in your room. (Not that there aren't dozens of poisons around the house anyway.) Return to the town square and find best girl Sophie.
No. 791687 ID: c78427

At least she's an alcoholic instead of a binge drinker.

Best to meet Sophie, especially on the off chance she has any disulfiram to help treat Ramona once she's out of the fire and flames of the initial withdrawal.
No. 791694 ID: 398fe1

Okay give her two choices. You can get like half of a bottle and wean herself off of it by only drinking when she gets the shakes, or she can whore herself out to Davey for a running supply.
No. 791707 ID: 91ee5f

Quickly! Ask Ramona if Sally knows where the blue agate was hidden! Because Susanna said she found a way spy on the townspeople. And if she can only do that with blue agate and Susanna said that Sally was helping her, then guess what happened to all the blue agate that Ramona hid in the house!
No. 791708 ID: 143250

Tell her you'll have to see Sophie, but if she doesn't have any, you'll have to see Davey, and he might kill you...
No. 791716 ID: 62f1df

Sensible: we have to find Sophie and explain things to her. She's the person to contact in a case like this. But qickly, we don't know how much time we have!

Sally has obviously already given the blue agate to Susanna. We'll deal with that later.
No. 791738 ID: 9dc26d





No. 791739 ID: 1da6a7

I don't think the possibility of new life weighs anything at all when compared to the certainty of her mother's death.
No. 791746 ID: 91ee5f

>Sally has obviously already given the blue agate to Susanna. We'll deal with that later.
But Ramona doesn't know yet. Chuck should tell her.
No. 791747 ID: 8d4593


But perhaps her very recent adult event was the push she needed to decide to go her own way and take matters into her own hands instead of listening to her mother.
No. 791774 ID: 62f1df

That I agree with. Is she in condition to hear about it, though?
No. 791792 ID: 91ee5f

I don't think anyone is ever in a condition to hear their own child has turned against them.
No. 791795 ID: 62f1df

Harsh, but true. I still think we should wait until she's in a better state, though.
No. 791866 ID: e01e87

Yes get Ramona to Sophie right away. Alcohol withdrawal is nothing to joke about. Don't just wander around looking for booze. She needs a doctor. With as much blue agate as Sally could've taken, Savanna could have voodoo'd all the town's sinful booze away to confuse the reverends. Heck, with that much agate, Savanna could probably voodoo away your dick, to solve her problem once and for all.
No. 791867 ID: 143250

Actually, good idea. She is going even if you have to drag her out of her bed with her kicking and screaming.
No. 791903 ID: 4063a3
File 149093820335.png - (35.77KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

You’re not exactly prepared for this. Are you going to try to drag Ramona out of bed, or just go retrieve the rest of the gin from Sophie? Or something else? Are you even going to tell Ramona about Sally right now?
No. 791904 ID: 398fe1

If those are really the only choices, you need to get the gin from Sophie, and inform her that as her doctor she needs to help wean Ramona off it, or at least tell you how best to do so.
No. 791905 ID: c31aac

Let's get her to sophie.
"Doctor has the bottle and is also equipped to help with your withdrawal. C'mon, let's get you down there."
No. 791908 ID: a8bc5c

Can't we just... Call sophie and get her to come here, or do we not have the phone number for her?
No. 791909 ID: 143250

We'll try that first, but if she doesn't answer, she is probably still at the town meeting, and we'll have to find her.
No. 791913 ID: 4063a3
File 149094532525.png - (40.47KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

You call Sophie, hoping that she is old-timey enough to make a house call. She arrives within ten minutes and sets her bag down on the bedside table.

You: “How’d you get changed so fast?”

Sophie: “I went to the medical office right away in case protest turned violent.”

You: “Did you bring the gin?”

Ramona: “Why… why does she have gin?”

Sophie: “I poured out it.”

You: “WHAT”

You: “That was good gin! Why’d you-”

Sophie: “I don’t want to get in trouble with the law”

Sophie: “Interferes… with practice.”

You: “Well do some, I don’t know”

You: “doctor shit!!”

Sophie: “Is she having seizures?”

Sophie: “Ms. Plath, are you ok?”

Ramona turns over, and Sophie goes to inspect her.

Sophie: “If she gets seizures…”

Sophie: “all my diazepam… gone. Nothing to give her.”

Sophie: “Why did she stop drinking?”

You: “I don’t know. The gin’s just gone, and it looks like someone stole it.”

Sophie: “Hm. Same person who stole my medications? I wonder.”

Sophie takes you aside for a moment.

Sophie: “I will remain to care for Ms. Plath. Administering vitamin. If she get seizures… I need medication.”

Sophie: “Go find a drink. Monitored controlled intake. It’s not good, but… the only thing I can recommend now without drugs available.”
No. 791914 ID: 2120ee

I bet you 9 million bucks the mayor has booze.
No. 791915 ID: 398fe1

Okay. Let's go talk to Ellen. See if she wants to go see Davey. Then we can get Davey's supply.

The alternative is to try to find the thieving rabbit and we have no leads. The first sighting was dumb luck, and the cops have searched the forest already looking for the reverends. If it was as easy as walking into the forest and looking around, they'd have discovered the thief's hideout.
No. 791917 ID: 1da6a7

Even if she doesn't, she'll help. Sally will make her.
No. 791918 ID: 143250

Sally first. Davey is last resort. That man is dangerous.
No. 791920 ID: c31aac

Oh fuck. THAT'S what the agate was for.
Fuck me, susanna's magicking away shit!
No. 791926 ID: 176036

Maybe ask Ramona if that's even possible, but that was honestly my first guess - someone's started to magically make shit go away.
No. 791984 ID: 4063a3
File 149097876714.png - (41.55KB , 500x500 , 56.png )

You: “Ok.”

You: “Alright.”

Maybe this isn’t so bad. It isn’t like she is actually dying, just jonesing a little bit. So where are you going to go first?
No. 791990 ID: ffc525

>where are you going
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

If that doesn't work, then.. I have no idea. Maybe we can call Rita from the police station and get some tips. Or just ask there if they know anything about it. Frankly I think Susanna used some of her speech to get a few people to move the booze so, it's possible Rachel would know.
No. 791992 ID: b15da4


Otherwise, find Sally. She's fucked up big time helping Susanna, but she could know how to undo the snayor's plans.
No. 791993 ID: fee32f

Only thing I can think of is to go to the library and ask Sally what the hell she thinks she's doing. He mother is in withdrawal and everything that can help her is gone, is this what she wants?
No. 791998 ID: 1da6a7

If we really can't think of any other place to find any alcohol from, then this is probably our best call.
No. 792002 ID: 62f1df

Fuck this noise, I say we go and confront the Snayor about all this malarkey.
No. 792003 ID: 143250

Davey is the only other place, but fuck that guy. Sally first. Let not be accusatory, lets just ask if she knows anything about it.
No. 792004 ID: 9876c4

Fuck dealing with the whole dog/snek drama. It solves nothing, and likely ends up with us getting arrested.

Get Ellen to Davey. Solve the problem, deal with the rest when Ramona is not at risk.
No. 792024 ID: b8d5aa

what's sally's motive in all this? why would she betray her mother and steal all that stuff? just what angle is she working?

is she doing it out of a sense of trying to help her mother, since the mayor can bring ramona back to life once she expires?

ramona needs some medicine but that's not priority number one. first check and see if there's any agate left or if it's all gone. if it's gone, then you have a lot bigger problems on your hands than mama plath's shakes. the snayor's got an enormous amount of power and who knows what she's going to use it for. time is of the essence.

but what can you do about it?

i think it's finally time to break into the warehouse and the catacombs and see just what the heck is going on here in coxwette.
No. 792057 ID: 064dbf

We need answers and that's what we should work on now.

I don't really think Sally could have pulled out all of that booze but maybe. If it was someone else then I have a feeling they might be part of what's drawing the monsters back to the town.

We're not going to get anywhere just twiddling our thumbs her so I say we just go confront the snayor and just ask if Sally gave her all the booze, and make of point of telling her that Ramona needs the booze for medicine. Then we need to talk to her about the stolen medicine because didn't we only talk to Lisa about it?

Maybe she has a spell she can cast to reveal how took the medicine or the booze. Maybe she needed the medicine for herself because she's getting old. At this point all we can do is ask.
No. 792062 ID: e10548

This. We need to corner Sally and Susanna for extensive questioning if we ever want to get anywhere at this point. This is just getting tedious.
No. 792064 ID: b4a23c

I also feel its high time we gave up on the mayor as anything resembling an ally. Shes very clearly out for number one and has no particular loyalty.
No. 792067 ID: 51649e

You're all making a lot of assumptions about who's responsible for this.
No. 792083 ID: 15a025

Go find Sally.
No. 792264 ID: e6f478

Given the circumstances, it can be reasonably inferred that whoever was responsible for the liquor theft had knowledge of the contents of the Plath house, Ramona's booze stash in particular, and for them to move such a large amount of liquor in a short period of time undetected—speaking of which, when was the last time anyone hit up the booze cellar so we can have a concrete time frame for the goods seizure—they would have to either have access to considerable manpower or alternative means. Unless Davey also got his shit jacked in this liquor grab (which we would have to go talk to him to find out) this appears to be a targeted attack at Ramona. The only people who benefit from such an attack would be the reverends, Susanna, or if we're going for the "killing with kindness" route, Sally. You also have to consider:
>Susanna: “I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to the brave young Plath heiress. She graciously donated to me the means to keep our town completely safe.”
Given how hungry Susanna was for the blue agate, it could also be reasonably inferred that Sally gave her our stash of agate as payment for some unknown promise, whether it's her mum's life, a plan-b substitute, or something else entirely.

That said, now that we've got Sophie looking after Ramona, the simplest course of action seems to be getting in contact in Sally and figuring out what the hell she's doing. Even if we can't get her back on our side, we can at least have an idea of where she's coming from so we know how to handle her if she tries to get in our way. If she's not accessible for whatever reason, then it's time for warehouse/catacombs because we don't have any other real options at the moment unless we want to tango with Davey, which most questers seem to not want to unless absolutely necessary.

Meta: Preferably we should leave armed, since we're endgame. Chuck shouldn't be going anywhere unarmed at this point. Acquire pickaxe from liquor cellar and gun with single bullet, unless better or more discreet weapons are at our disposal.
No. 792268 ID: e6f478

Addendum: We might also want to go check on Naz + Selma at some point since we had a nasty fuckparty earlier that would put them at risk of a reverend attack. Almost forgot about that. I could see the reverends using the current chaos at city hall to swoop in and give a little pokey-poke to the dirty sinners relatively unnoticed.
No. 792279 ID: e01e87

>>791920 The booze, maybe (probably) but the diazepam was stolen before Susanna got all that agate, by the rabbit, used to poison Ellen. Sophie doesn't by chance still have that nasal spray we nicked from Ellen's unresponsive body, does she? It might be... diazepam...y.
No. 792283 ID: 87353e

Head over to Davey's Farm, you need to secure Ramona some alcohol first before you go waste time playing the blame game.
Davey might be willing to cut a better deal if you can convince him that he can get his revenge for his wife and Ellen's parents by permanently destroying the monsters, but that to do so your going to need Ramona in a stable condition to help deal with their supernatural bullshit.
Try to bring Ellen along too, she might be able help you make your case for him help you out
No. 792362 ID: fa7516

Manpower, or a powerful woman? There's a Hyena with biceps of iron on Snayor's payroll. Unless teleporty theft presents itself as more plausible, I elect we avoid trusting her.
No. 792882 ID: 4063a3
File 149117561470.png - (27.68KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

It is getting dark quickly, and the crowd in front of the library has disbursed. It’s Sunday night, so everyone is probably back to preparing for the work week. You assume that the mayor has returned safely to City Hall by now, so you just go there.
No. 792883 ID: 4063a3
File 149117562906.png - (30.45KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

That enormous beaver blocks the way. She is shaking with fear, and begins to stammer at you.

Lisa: “Ok, you look kind of mad”

Lisa: “I’d”

Lisa: “I didn’t have anything to do with this, I sw-”

Lisa: “The Mayor isn’t”

Lisa: “Available”
No. 792884 ID: 91cfcf

"Ramona will literally die because of what the mayor pushed Sally into doing. If she's here she's available. If she's not, tell me where."
No. 792885 ID: bb78f2

id like to see sally then
No. 792886 ID: 1f8505


Walk right by her into her office. Say nothing.
No. 792888 ID: 7b7ab3

"Lisa. Move."
No. 792889 ID: 1e7aa8

"What did you help her do Lisa. Plath manor is completely devoid of any and all booze. RAMONA IS DYING."
No. 792890 ID: 51649e

"Lisa. Do you know anything about the theft from the Plath house."
No. 792891 ID: 62f1df

Good enough. No time to beat around the bush, Susanna has screwed with everyone for long enough. She needs someone to bring her back to earth.
No. 792893 ID: 143250

I'm not here for mayor, I'm here for Sally.
No. 792898 ID: 4063a3
File 149117802140.png - (38.32KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

You: “Who stole the gin from the Plath House?”

Lisa: “No one stole-”

Lisa: “Wh- what gin”

You: “Who stole it?”


Lisa: “please

Lisa: “I get in so much trouble every time I tell you stuff”

You: “Just tell me where Sally is.”

Lisa: “I don’t know.”

You: "Lisa."

Lisa: “In the mayor’s office.”

Lisa: “The door’s locked.”
No. 792900 ID: 4fe424

Smash that door not entirely unlike you've smashed bitches during your time in this ass town.
No. 792901 ID: c31aac

"She shouldn't be punishing you over me. Look for new work, she's proven herself not worth it."
No. 792902 ID: 7b7ab3

Lisa, this has gone too far.
Susanna has lost her mind, Ramona is dying, Sally may be unknowingly killing her mother, and the town is falling apart.
We need to stop.
No. 792907 ID: 9876c4

Just because we're here doesn't mean we're accomplishing anything.

Unless the mayor is drinking all the gin right now, help for Ramona lies elsewhere.

...Ask Lisa if she has a car?
No. 792909 ID: 398fe1

Tell her to give you the key. If she doesn't have one or won't give it to you, just pick the damn door. Quietly.
No. 792910 ID: fee32f

Is the door something you can just bust through? or are we going to be shouting?

btw nice dress
No. 792914 ID: 51649e

"Lisa I have all sorts of problems with the Mayor but for right now my main concern is that Ramona was using the old booze reserves in the Plath cellar to cope with her illness and now it's all gone and she is lying in her bed with the shakes and the doctor says that without her medications that are also missing the best thing for her is a hair of the dog and the only person I can think of who'd have taken it all is Sally."

"So if the door is locked then give me your hairpins and I'll fix that."
No. 792919 ID: 1e7aa8

This is the most sensible option, so let's go with it.
No. 792922 ID: 211d83

Lisa she is the mayor. Not the town dictator.

She can't pass laws without people voting for them and if she gives you problems you should tell her she can fuck off.

I need to talk to her before the whole town falls apart.
No. 792926 ID: 31daba

Before going in, a possibly important question. Has Chuck consumed any reveyee recently?
No. 792932 ID: 143250

We agreed we would stop drinking that because it might cause cancer, or something just as bad.
No. 792935 ID: 398fe1

No we didn't.
No. 792937 ID: 4063a3
File 149118464840.png - (40.41KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

You: “LISA”


You: “IS NUTS.”

You: “You need to stand up for her or your life is just going to suck forever and ever. I know she’s behind this gin thing”

You: “And if I don’t get alcohol to Ramona, she could die.”

You: “And I don’t”

You: “want”

You: “Ramona to die. Ok?”

Lisa: “I’m sorry. I didn’t know…”

You: “It’s fine. You got bobby pins?”

Lisa: “Uh, yes.”

You: “Give them to me.”

Lisa: “What! Why?”

You: “Just do it. I’m need to get into that office.”
No. 792938 ID: 4063a3
File 149118465903.png - (32.39KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

Lisa: “Ok, ok…”
No. 792939 ID: 4063a3
File 149118467703.png - (80.36KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

No. 792940 ID: 4063a3
File 149118469410.png - (42.44KB , 500x500 , 63.png )


Lisa: “Here you go.”
No. 792941 ID: 4063a3
File 149118470663.png - (35.15KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

You bend the pins into a pick and wrench and start working on the office door.

Lisa: “Wait… are you picking the lock?”


Lisa: “Why do you know how to do that…?”
No. 792942 ID: 70983e

Because I keep getting locked out of other people's houses, of course.

Thank you Lisa, and fight the power.
No. 792943 ID: 595d54

"Doesn't matter, life story later." Get on with it, and remember, if you have to kick the door down, go for the hinges.
No. 792944 ID: 15a025

Save time and just say you used to be a locksmith or something.
No. 792945 ID: 027085

Long fucking story. Jusf be quiet and let me work.
No. 792946 ID: 51649e

"Knew a guy. 'S not that hard. Let me focus."
No. 792952 ID: 4fe424

"I'll teach you later if you put out."
No. 792955 ID: 9dc26d

"I worked for a locksmith once. Seems like a lifetime ago."
No. 792958 ID: 7b7ab3

"I knew a guy. I worked for a locksmith. It's a hobby. I'm secretly a master thief. Pick whatever you like. If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice."
No. 792960 ID: 9876c4

We were an actor, had to learn it for a role.

Worst part was, we didn't even get the job.
No. 792961 ID: 143250

Ignore her, concentrate...concentrate....
No. 792964 ID: 398fe1

Keep your story straight. Your dad was a locksmith.
No. 792965 ID: fee32f

I am a man of many talents.
No. 792971 ID: bb78f2

It's a very fun and useful skill Lisa.
I should show you sometime.
No. 792972 ID: 1f8505

No. 792974 ID: 9876c4

Changing my vote to this.
No. 792979 ID: 8d4593

I know how to do that because life is criel, Lisa.
No. 792980 ID: b490d9

No. 792983 ID: 1e7aa8

This gets my vote. Consistent with what we told... Sophia, I think?

No sense changing it now that shit is on metaphorical fire.
No. 793021 ID: 2120ee

"I just know how to get holes to loosen up, okay?"
No. 793028 ID: 143250

Once you unlock that door, slowly open, and take a peek.
No. 793034 ID: 5ca1ad

Pick the lock and enter. Quietly. Maybe you can pick up a conversation before presenting yourself.
No. 793067 ID: 2ce7cb

No, THIS is consistent:
No. 793088 ID: 62f1df

... why not?
No. 793167 ID: d1d42a

consistent stories are good
Your dad was a locksmith
No. 793258 ID: 4063a3
File 149127940589.png - (42.62KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

You: “My dad was a locksmith.”

Lisa: “Hm”

Lisa: “And you can open any door?”

You: “Just about.”


Lisa: “That’s kind of neat.”

The door is unlocked.
No. 793259 ID: c31aac

Burst in, raving about withdrawal and stolen alcohol
No. 793262 ID: 2120ee

Open it quietly and take the stealthy approach. If Susanna is doing bullshit rock magic and gets distracted, some seriously fucky shit could happen.
No. 793263 ID: bddd2f

Enter cautiously. Don't spook the armed cop.
No. 793264 ID: 143250

slowly open door, quietly, see if we can pick up on something. Don't just go barging in like a maniac.
No. 793266 ID: 96daa7

My rates are very reasonable.

Now, you probably don't want to see what happens next.

Open the door once she's gone.
No. 793295 ID: 9876c4

"...even the one to your heart."

Say it grimly, while avoiding eye contact.
No. 793296 ID: 1da6a7

If she's doing rock magic, she deserves to be distracted.

Kick the door in forcefully. If she starts to complain, proceed to tell her you don't give a shit about whatever she's doing - it can't be worth it.
No. 793299 ID: 8a204b

Smash open the door and announce "Heeeeeeeeeere's JOHNNY!"
No. 793300 ID: 398fe1

Don't break the door, you just picked the lock! Open it like a civilized person and see what's going on in there.
No. 793301 ID: 1e7aa8

Open it a little bit and very slowly. Make sure it doesn't creak.

if it does just open it the rest of the way.

if it doesn't open continue opening it slowly until you have a better idea what's going on behind it.
No. 793302 ID: 9dc26d

Lock picking isn't as noisy as breaking a door down, but it still makes noise. There's a chance they heard.

Borrow a mirror and use that to peek through the crack at the bottom of the door, or through a slightly ajar door.
No. 793320 ID: 62f1df

No way we're acting all stealthy and cautious. We're here to be indignant, not to snoop around! Let's open that door wide and stride inside, there's hell to pay!
No. 793523 ID: 4063a3
File 149136421403.png - (68.40KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

You push the door to the office open without making much of a scene.

Sally: “…from the other end, not from the stem, it’s way easier.”

Layla: “No kidding. Huh huh!”

Layla: “Hey remember when Marcie used to make ice cream?”

Sally: “Why’d she ever stop?”

Susanna isn’t taking part in the conversation. She anxiously sips from her tea while Layla wags a cup of black coffee in her face. The mayor is the first to spot you.

Susanna: “That was supposed to be locked.”

Sally: “What was?”

Sally: “Chuck?!”
No. 793525 ID: 51649e

"Sally your mom is lying in bed with the shakes and Sophie's worried she might get seizures, doctor's meds are already all gone so where did everything in the cellar go???"
No. 793526 ID: 15a025

Get home now! Family emergency!
No. 793527 ID: 4fe424

Demand an explanation for what the fuck is going on. Emphasize each word with a hip thrust while moving towards them, preferably ending up with your crotch in or near someone's face.
No. 793528 ID: 211d83

Sally your mom is not doing so well.
No. 793529 ID: 91e039

Yeah, may as well get right to the point. We don't have time to play.
No. 793531 ID: 143250

If Susanna says anything, tell her this has nothing to do with her, this issue is between you and Sally's family at the moment. Only verbally attack her if susanna starts something.
No. 793532 ID: 027085

End it with an angry glare.
No. 793533 ID: ea92d7

Why is the booze gone?
No. 793535 ID: 7b7ab3

"Alright, girls. I'm tired and stressed out, so I'm just going to be straight. Sally, you're mom's falling apart. She's got the shakes and Sophie says she might have seizures. I don't know what you did or what you were thinking, but fix it. Susanna, after that shitshow earlier it's a wonder you're not swinging from a noose. The town is confused and pissed off and so am I. You need a better plan. Layla, I don't have anything to say to you except that this town is going to get really ugly really fast if things keep going the way they are. And that's all I have to say."
No. 793537 ID: bb78f2

Sally there's an emergency with your Mom

BAM, good that gets us out of a B&E charge with Layla
No. 793540 ID: 143250

indeed. Straight to the point.
No. 793541 ID: 8d4593

...Is Susanna wearing a wig?
No. 793546 ID: c31aac

Yep. Hope right in there, front-load all that frustration.
Channel that rage.
No. 793548 ID: 393ae0

"A tea party? Why was I not invited?"
No. 793553 ID: 9876c4

This is the option I will most enjoy.
No. 793559 ID: 998cb0

These, but make sure you open with the 'your mums having seizures and the meds are all gone' card.
No. 793581 ID: 486e87

This, we need to get straight to the point.
No. 793590 ID: 0555b9

The town is under siege, by your own admission, and you're in here... having a tea party? And Sally, what the hell. Your mom's in grave straits.
No. 793605 ID: 1e7aa8

Yeah, bring direct is probably the best way to go here.

"Plath manor has been robbed of it's rather vast stores of alcohol. Ramona is now suffering and/or dying of the shakes since sophia's medications are also missing.

And the three of you are having TEA!?"
No. 793609 ID: 0555b9

Let's not be too direct, in front of the town's lawmaker and law enforcer. Drop the references of booze in favor of Ramona's imminently failing health.
No. 793611 ID: 191603

Also nice chairs
No. 793632 ID: 62f1df

Straight to the point and factual. I guess we'd better not bring up the booze problem, at least not right now. Let's see where the conversation is heading.
No. 793648 ID: aebfae

No time to question what you're seeing, go straight to >>793525. Or >>793535 as a more lengthy bit.
No. 793679 ID: 1e7aa8

We literally just did breaking and entering to access the tea party. We either have to subdue Layla (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) or give her a bigger (imaginary) fish to fry.
No. 793681 ID: b15da4

Breaking and entering? Nah, the town hall is public property. Someone must have forgotten to lock the door. People in this town, so forgetful, you know? hahaha what year is it again
No. 793807 ID: e01e87

Tell them it's been a hell of a day, and it's probably mostly your fault, but what isn't your fault is that Ramona's an alcoholic, and booze is the only thing that can keep her from going into seizures. SO WHERE HAS THE GIN GONE


or this

>Your *thrust* mom *thrust* has *thrust* cancer *thrust* and *thrust* needs *thrust* booze *thrust* or *thrust* she'll *thrust* get *thrust* seizures *thrust* like *thrust* this: *thrust* *thrust* *thrust*
No. 793865 ID: f6ba27

Get fucking tackled by Layla with a shit eating grin on your face the whole time
No. 793867 ID: 79a07e

This, basically.
No. 794350 ID: 8a204b

>"That was supposed to be locked."

"And there was supposed to be a basement full of gin at the Plath house. But neither of those things are currently true."
No. 794351 ID: 91ee5f

After all the important stuff is said to Sally about her mother, shout out, "And the town's name is a sexual joke about getting cocks wet! Did you know anything about that Susanna? The town's lewd name is probably why the monsters are attracted to this place!"
No. 794550 ID: e136ae

"Hey Sally, Susanna is about to let your mom die on her watch"
No. 794559 ID: 72ed6b

This is the right answer. And it has the advantage of not revealing any details about Ramona's current state to the rest of the room.
No. 795326 ID: 064dbf

We need to get straight to the point. Start with "If you don't want Ramona to die you better shut your face holes and get her some of the gin you stole."

Just remember that Sally had no way of knowing it's the only thing in town that the can help with seizures.
No. 795385 ID: 4063a3
File 149205793010.png - (32.53KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

You decide not to beat around the bush.

You: “The Plath House has been robbed.”

Layla: “What?!”

You: “The gin from the basement is gone.”

Layla: “Gin? Are you talkin’ about alcohol?”

Sally: “Oh”

Sally: “It wasn’t robbed. Actually I got rid of it.”

You glare at Sally.

You: “What the hell were you thinking?”

Susanna sits up in her chair.

Susanna: “Don’t speak to her that way!”

Sally: “Well it… it was destroying mama’s health. And it’s probably attracting those monsters, so”

Sally: “I poured it out in the river.”

Susanna starts to glare at her, too.
No. 795386 ID: 4fe424

Do the "My Mind Is Full Of Fuck" pose for an entire update without saying a word.
No. 795387 ID: aebd9f

Oohhhhh honey... you fucked up....
No. 795388 ID: c31aac

"Sally, have you ever heard of withdrawal? Your mom's going through that right now because alcoholics need to be weaned off it, they can't just stop cold-turkey. Talk to people before doing really really dumb things like that, please."
No. 795389 ID: 78a3e5

Explain the basics of drug withdrawal to this dope.
No. 795391 ID: 595d54

Try to stay calm. She meant well even if she was stupid and getting upset won't help anything with Sally. Save the upset for Susanna.

"Okay, the problem is right now she's dependent and going cold turkey is dangerous. The withdrawal could kill her and the medicine Sophie usually uses to treat that has disappeared."

We should find out if anyone gave her that idea and see what Susanna knows about the med theft.
No. 795392 ID: 9917c4

Stare at her. Just stare.

"Well, good job. Your mom doesn't get to die to cancer. She dies of withdrawal before then."
No. 795396 ID: 398fe1

First off... how exactly did she get it all out of the house by herself, without anyone noticing? Secondly, what she did was still theft, because she doesn't own the house. Ramona does. Thirdly, she's put her mother in danger. Cold turkey is not a good plan here.

Fourthly, has she had any reveyee lately?
No. 795399 ID: 143250

You don't have time to argue Just tell Sally to look up "withdrawal". Then look Sally straight in the eyes and tell her "don't follow me"

Leave and head for Davey. Time to put your cat burglary skills to the test.
No. 795404 ID: 398fe1

Well yeah we'd have to steal it... if we can't just get Ellen to fuck Davey for the Cafe's alcohol deal.
No. 795406 ID: 8080e6

Internet cell phones don't exist.

This. If no solution is immediately forthcoming in the next five minutes, then go steal from Davey.
No. 795411 ID: e136ae

"Sally, you and Susanna have a lot in common:
you do really stupid things with good intentions".

Explain exactly what's going to happen to her mother.

Also given Susanna's reaction I think we could have to gear up for another monster assault, if the gin in the river draws them out.

Check for their reactions, see if they have any feasible ideas, and if all else fails try to make a deal with Davey. I don't know if Chuck REALLY wants to risk getting shot, and I don't doubt Davey's accuracy with his gun. He might be willing to help out if he knows someone's life is at stake, especially someone who doesn't like the mayor.
No. 795418 ID: 91ee5f

Fifthly, pouring things into the river is considered littering.
No. 795421 ID: e136ae

And a waste of precious alcohol.
No. 795423 ID: 2120ee

Ask Susanna if she has any booze hypocritically stashed anywhere because Ramona's going through withdrawal and could get seizures we can't treat because some assdweeb stole all the drugs in town.
No. 795428 ID: 143250

true, but books might.
No. 795430 ID: 62f1df


Resist the urge to slap Sally silly, take a deep breath, explain exactly what she did wrong and what needs to be done to help Ramona now. Pronto.

That's number one. Talking about the Reverends and how to deal with them will be number two.
No. 795432 ID: 0d5b7f

She's going into withdrawal and having seizures you grinning idiot! The medicine she needs was stolen like a week ago and hair of the dog's the only thing that's left to help her, and you dumped it in the river! All of it! ...How the hell did you even empty out the entire cellar on your own anyway?
No. 795435 ID: e12db1

I dunno about you guys but, the first question that comes to my mind is, how the hell was a little girl able to carry out a hard and extensive physical job in a short amount of time? Something just doesn't add up. Anyway..

1. Explain Ramona
2. Ask Susanna if the reverends can use the smell of gin to find the town now.
3. Ask Sally why she went turncoat on her mother. (don't mention Susanna)
4. Ask Susanna what the plan now is.
No. 795437 ID: 9876c4

No more questions, no more judgements.

Grab Ellen, head out to the farm.
No. 795440 ID: d4516a

Maybe should've instead started with the bit that RAMONA IS DYING?!

And that she needs the alcohol to not die.
No. 795454 ID: 42e327

Urgh what the fuck, this isn't beating around the bush??? RAMONA IS DYING OF WITHDRAWAL. Jesus christ the next sentence to come out of your mouth has to tell her, this excuses everything we're doing and I'm starting to get scared Susannah might intervene before we can say.
No. 795458 ID: 3d263d

Geez Chuck, half our suggestions started with a description of Ramona's condition for a reason.

"Sally your mother is lying in bed shaking, I got Sophie and she's worrying about Ramona having seizures. Right now not having booze is destroying your mother's health."
No. 795473 ID: 3d263d

Oh, and remember, keep it restrained. You are deeply concerned, maybe exasperated, but not angry. There's a cop right there, Chuck. Cop face on.
No. 795640 ID: 4063a3
File 149212929141.png - (91.45KB , 2500x500 , 68.png )

No. 795641 ID: 4063a3
File 149212930641.png - (38.29KB , 500x500 , 69.png )


Sally: “What?”

You: “Your mother needs alcohol. She’s an alcoholic.”


Sally: “What?”

You: “If you’ve been drinking heavily for years and years”

You: “You can’t just stop suddenly. You get seizures that can kill you.”

Sally: “I didn’t”

Sally: “Oh golly…”

Sally: “Oh golly what’ve I done…”

You: “How’d you even get all that gin out of there?”

Sally: “It just took sacks and a wheelbarrow. The hardest part was gettin’ the key from mama, but she’s been asleep so much I barely had to sneak…”

Sally: “I thought… I thought I was helpin’! I knew it’d be hard for her but I didn’t know it could…”

Susanna looks between you and Sally. Layla squints.
No. 795642 ID: a363ac

Well guess what sally now you get to go to the farm and explain to the only other person around that might have alcohol that you are killing your mother and need alcohol to save her! GET!
No. 795643 ID: aebd9f


So, what's the plan, Sally? You just got rid of the one thing that could've helped your mother. And I'd think of something fast. The only person who has anything to help her is farmer Davy and that creep won't give anything up unless he gets a fuck from someone.
No. 795644 ID: 398fe1

Let's go hook Ellen up with some horse dick.
No. 795649 ID: f1a4b6

*Not a suggeation*

Ramona's about to die a shitty death unless Sally puts out, huh?

Either way Sally is scarred for life.
No. 795652 ID: f3df2a

Do you have resources to make moonshine?
No. 795653 ID: bb78f2

Layla, stop squinting it'll ruin your eyeballs.
Susanna, due to your agreement with Sally, you have to keep her mother safe within your power, which means you gotta either bone or otherwise convince Davey to give her some his dank apple sauce.

Sally, like... talk to someone you trust and respect before you make a big decision like this. Like Naz or Selma or Geoff, or Layla, alright? Layla, you're Salpal's with Sally, right? Wait, no, you're from the 50's, you don't even know about alcoholism. Ok, just... talk to Naz a bunch more than you do, ok girl?

Layla, you and me, we need to talk monster tactics sometime. I've already done some good research on the subject and have some ideas that aren't shoot a gun and start an Orwellian anti-sex, gender segregated state.

Oh, right, you all missed this.

Cocks wet.
No. 795654 ID: 1e7aa8

Hey, here's a great idea. Let's not suggest robbing someone in front of the dog cop.

Time to skedaddle and try to get some alcohol from someone else.

If layla tries to stop you, shut her down with the following.

"Officer, I know you are doing your job but perhaps you should figure out who went and stole all of sophia's medications. Like the ones she COULD be using to treat ramona.
No. 795659 ID: 3d263d

"Look, Sally, there's two options. One, we find some alcohol somewhere, quick. Two, we find Sophie's supply of medications, which oh yes have been stolen? Storage unlocked and the stuff gone. I assume Sophie reported the theft to the police. Any leads on that? Layla?"

Hopefully that line of inquiry will divert Layla from whatever it is she's thinking right now. Also it is legitimately another option that should be looked into.

>Susanna, due to your agreement with Sally

I think we're only assuming the existence of such an agreement at this point. We don't know the terms.
No. 795676 ID: 62f1df

Okay, let's stay focused here: as a reminder, we have two imperatives: 1) help Ramona and 2) do something about the Reverends.

You're with the mayor and what amounts to the local head of the police, so brainstorm! I'm certain no one wants Ramona to die, even Susanna (or at least, not to Sally's face), and the Reverends have proven that they're a problem that needs everyone's best efforts.
No. 795682 ID: 91ee5f

>I think we're only assuming the existence of such an agreement at this point. We don't know the terms.
No. 795693 ID: 7ac0db

Forcing Sally to bone the horse is hardly necessary. Tell Davey that someone is literally dying. He didn't seem the type to be that callous.

BUT, in case, you should get s bunch of people to come with Sally, so that she is not scared into submission.
No. 795714 ID: 765148


Maybe not tell the police officer that things have been unlocked and stolen right after picking a lock on front of her
No. 795719 ID: 7cb4d2

She can give us a ticket later.
No. 795818 ID: 12d2d6


I dunno, I think Chuck would be pretty clear on this after she investigates. Would the guy who stole the stuff really go dragging someone in to the doctor himself to expose it by making her look? Or be so up in arms about it not being available for Ramona now, when he'd know where the stuff went? Besides, Susanna can probably take a quick look at him and tell whether he's lying about saying he didn't do it, and she's right there.
No. 795875 ID: e12db1

3 more questions to go.
No. 795885 ID: 9876c4

Forcing Sally to bone the horse is AWESOME.

No. 795888 ID: 4063a3
File 149219439678.png - (39.47KB , 500x500 , 70.png )

You: “Davey’s the only one who’s got more alcohol.”

Susanna sips her tea.

Susanna: “Go then.”

Susanna: “Get what you need.”
No. 795889 ID: a363ac

"HELL NO YOU SNAKE BITCH! Did I cause this problem no you almost kill your mother you go be the one to convince Davey to give you Alcohol Sally! Besides I have to deal with this ANAL SEX SLUT SNAKE BITCH OVER HERE!"
No. 795890 ID: 3583d1

Easier said than done I'm afraid...
No. 795893 ID: 70983e

She frowned again guys, she's cool. Turn 360 degrees and walk away.
No. 795894 ID: 9876c4

Using unmarital nookie and canine inebriation to save lives, fuck yearrr.

Let's saddle up and ride. bywhichImeanwalk?
No. 795896 ID: 398fe1

Heh. I just had an idea, how about we ask Susanna if she wants to volunteer to be the "payment"? She's not afraid of the reverends, so it might actually be the optimal solution.
No. 795897 ID: 595d54

"Sorry, I've tried before. He won't hand some over, you'll need to negotiate with him directly. Tell him you're there about that deal for the booze."
No. 795904 ID: e136ae

Yeah, we should bring someone bulletproof.
No. 795908 ID: e12db1

"Susanna, my dear! We had a beautiful time together and I really wish we could continue from where we left last time.
"Please believe me that I care for everyone in this town just as much as you. Unfortunately without your help, I won't be able to persuade the horse dude."

"Let's make another deal."
"Help me get booze from Davey, and I'll do anything you want afterwards. Think about it. Aaaaanything.."
"Not only would you be getting a great deal, but you would also be helping Sally, an upstanding citizen and your new friend."
"Again, aaaaaanything you crave for, that I could provide."
"What do you say?"
No. 795909 ID: c8b031

"I'd RATHER get Sophie's medications back. Susanna I don't want to lay an accusations but you're the only other person who had access to those so if there's anything you know about it please say so."
No. 795912 ID: 143250

Yeah, this. Only bringing up Davey as a last resort because fuck that guy.
No. 795915 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely this.
No. 795917 ID: 1e7aa8

This is a better idea. She's out of frame but the room still has layla in it, which everyone seems to be forgetting.
No. 795927 ID: 4063a3
File 149220581459.png - (44.77KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

You: “I’d like some medicine, but someone robbed Sophie.”

Layla: “Yeah. I know.”

Layla: “Sophie reported the theft.”

Layla: “Couldn’t find nothin’ about it.”
No. 795928 ID: 143250

So thats it then. Besides Sally, they seem to have no concern about this issue. We do have the mayors permission to see Davey at least without getting in trouble. run off now. We have no time.
No. 795930 ID: 9f417b

Well, that's that then.
Alright! Who here wants to help try to convince a stubborn, old workhorse to part with some booze?
No. 795931 ID: 91ee5f

But we can't. Last time Chuck talked to Davey, he said he'd give us some of his alcohol in exchange for a good fuck with a lady from town.

I would say make Sally do it, but we can't send her because she's too young and too inexperienced in the bedroom. Davey wants a good fuck and, last time I checked, Sally was clumsy and had no idea what she was doing, so even if Davey fucked her, he'd be unsatisfied and say, "No deal."
So does anybody have any ideas on how we're gonna get the alcohol?
No. 795932 ID: 70983e

I must kill the demons!
No. 795933 ID: fd73fa

Tell them to not fuck up and kill anyone else while you're gone fixing their screwups.
No. 795934 ID: 143250

Well, Chuck was able to rob a bank. compared to that, stealing from a farmer is nothing (no need to say we are stealing it to them though).

We could also see Ellen, but the question is, would she want to go along with us?
No. 795937 ID: c8b031

What, just like that? The only professional meds belonging to the only doctor in town, you'd have thought the case would stay open longer than that? Look, whoever steals the drugs out of a doctor's office, either they're looking to use them themselves, in which case they only take some specific things so that's not the case, or they're looking to sell them. If someone's selling drugs then there has to be a market, and since there's no way to get out of town then someone IN town has to be buying and chances are we could find that out.

To be frank, I put more faith in being able to quickly retrieve the drugs by having Chuck team up with Layla and provide his... insight into the criminal mind, rather than trekking across the monster-infested woods to negotiate with Davy over his moonshine of uncertain quality. I mean that literally, moonshine is of uncertain quality, you don't know the percentage alcohol content for certain, it's not good for the measured intake someone in withdrawal needs.

So, Chuck, you need to drag this cop back out on the streets and get to work.

I mean really, "couldn't find nothin'"? What about Ellen's provider, or finding out if Susanna's key went missing, or even taking out a map and looking for all the places someone could conceivably hide a wardrobe full of bottles and boxes, or checking how someone would get in or out and whether there were any possible witnesses based on location and timeframe and all that jazz? Chuck has the skills to figure out how someone would have done it.

This may be our in with Layla. She already acted like she suspected Chuck had crookly tendencies before and seemed the type to let him go so long as he wasn't pulling that stuff in her town.
No. 795940 ID: d4516a

Just go tell him someone's life's on the line and you need the alcohol -right now-.

Promise you'll find him a date later.
No. 795941 ID: 1e7aa8

Tell Sally that she should go back to the plath house. Glare at Layla for a few seconds and then just leave. You've got some robbing to do.
No. 795943 ID: bb78f2

You're coming to help me with Davey Susanna.
You don't want your new secretary's mother to die from something you could have helped prevent, right? Quid quo pro?

Sally, girl, give her the puppy dog eyes if she resists. No one can resist your's, girl.

(I know that we don't know anything about the terms of the agreement, but hopefully this turn of phrase makes it make more sense)
No. 795944 ID: 9876c4

That's not how it works.
No. 795945 ID: 241e41

Before we do anything drastic, is it possible for Susanna to do whatever she did to save Marceline and use it to bring back all the alcohol that Sally dumped in the river? Logically, it should be easier than bringing back an entire living person with their memories intact.
No. 795949 ID: e01e87

Well okay, that makes more sense than magic. I guess she gets off this time. But be sure to point two fingers at your eyes, and then at Susanna before you leave.

To be fair, benzodiazepines are way way more addicting than alcohol, and their withdrawal symptoms are a lot more fatal. So giving an alcoholic whateverazepine isn't always the greatest idea. The greatest idea is to stop drinking so much. Still a shame the good doctor got robbed, especially by an asshole who is all mystical and shit.

Anyway, so now we have an innocent man to rob. We'll probably have to mug him in order to get the booze without a face full of grapeshot, and probably his daughter too. So after we sap a farmer and his daughter to break into his house and steal his booze for an alcoholic uh... is this sounding like a really bad idea? I think this is sounding like a really bad idea. We're a terrible person, aren't we?
No. 795953 ID: 70983e

He's made an offer before: Sex for booze. Well Susanna, you wouldn't want Sally to have to hold up that end of the bargain, would you?
No. 795954 ID: 1e7aa8

You say that as if chuck was a good person when he arrived.

Spoilers, he wasn't. We HAD a chance to turn it around but have now fucked more'n half the town so that's out the window.
No. 795956 ID: c8b031


We could leave a note. "Sorry needed booze quickly to help someone with the DTs, didn't think you'd agree fast enough"?

Also, there are some other medications that help with the symptoms and reduce the chance of serious complications. A few other treatments, as well. If Sally ends up not coming with us (and she shouldn't if we're going to steal it), she should go home and keep her mother company, distraction from the cravings and discomfort helps.

My favored option is still to find the meds.
No. 795958 ID: bac18b

's time to whore Sally out. Force her if you have to. As demonstrated by him robbing a fucking bank, Chuck isn't above getting his hands dirty.

Might as well put her to good use after the way she fucked over the whole town.
No. 795959 ID: c8b031


No whoring Sally out. Not in the mental state she's in now, anyway, where she'd feel pressured. That'd be beyond Chuck's normal level of shittiness. And Ramona would probably rather die than her daughter sell her body to ease her shakes, given that she's got cancer anyway.

In the state she's in she wouldn't be able to adequately entertain Davey anyway, I reckon. She's inexperienced and her appeal comes from her own earnestness, if she was desperate and not into it like she would be now she wouldn't have that. Besides, Ellen's story implies Davey has some morals, so he might not accept it either.

I mean, Davey was a jerk to Chuck, but Chuck's Chuck. It's understandable for someone to react that way to him.
No. 795988 ID: 9876c4

Do this unless you have to physically drag her.

We may be a hustler, but we are not a gorilla-pimp.
No. 795997 ID: 6c9581

You've hit a bank. Sure, things went wrong in the end with that, but a farm house ought to be nothing in comparison.

No, head voice. You are the demons.
No. 795998 ID: aeee02

Forcing Sally to sell her body is out of character for Chuck, he's not literally fucking evil. Ramona would never want that, and Davey probably would not want that either. And also, Davey would likely just give alcohol if it's necessary to save a life.

This extreme choice of selling to Davey is not a necessary option like so many think.
No. 796009 ID: a22f5f

Oh for fuck's sake with the "whoring Sally out" ideas. Knock it off, I'm sure someone around knows a moonshine recipe... Or Naz can download one.
No. 796010 ID: f9b0ab

Start by finding out if Sally gave Susanna any blue agate. See if Susanna can pull some stunt to un-river the booze.

If that's not possible, then cash in your favor with Susanna to get booze from Davey. Her call how she does that, whether it involves the "payment" he wanted or her pulling rank.
No. 796020 ID: c31aac

Tell susanna about his whole deal plan.
If we talk to him about Ramona's plight he may listen, but a backup plan is necessary.
No. 796026 ID: e12db1

The way I see it, getting booze from Davey should be pretty easy and without any risk. All we need to do is convince Susanna to use her eyes on him.
I've already proposed my general idea of convincing her here >>795908 (sorry, I'm not good at immitating Chuck). But if anyone has a better idea of how to do that, I'm all ears. >>795943 this isn't bad, but I doubt just asking nicely will do the trick. We need to offer something in return for her help.

There's no way Sally will agree to fucking Davey, and even if she did, Susanna would stop her.

We don't have time to play detective with the drugs. Not only would it take a ton of time, but it's also likely we wouldn't find anything. If Susanna knew anything about them, she would've spoken already.

Trying to steal from Davey is likely to fail (we don't even know where on the farm he keeps his booze), with possibly dire consequences. But it wouldn't be a bad idea if we had Susanna's backup in case it went bad.

So, my suggestion here is to try to persuade Susanna to grant us her help. If that doesn't work, then we visit Davey alone and try our best.
No. 796028 ID: e136ae

I concur; plus Susanna has the advantage of being able to ignore being shot. Push comes to shove, nothing kills the advantage of having a gun like having it not work.
No. 796029 ID: 398fe1

I wouldn't count on that.
No. 796030 ID: c8b031

I still think finding the meds is better, but we could possibly just guide Sally to Davey and have her go in a tell him her story and that she heard from Chuck that he had booze. If his daughter's in hearing range, especially, he might be moved.

If Chuck's going to ask Susanna for any help, he should ask to speak to her in private a moment before he starts asking.
No. 796100 ID: 62f1df

Come on, there must be someone in town who has alcohol! Old bottles of wine? Jugs of cider? A flask of bourbon? Anything?
No. 796103 ID: 62f1df

Also, no way we'll take risks and do the dirty work instead of Susanna. She's supposed to be the frickin' mayor, and she's the one who drove Sally to act stupidly, what's with all her talk of abstinence and prohibition. Davey sounds like a terrible option, but if we're going to deal with him, then it would only be fair that Susanna comes along for the ride instead and locking herself up and sipping tea.
No. 796183 ID: 9dc26d

You can measure alcoholic content and quality in moonshine by a variety of methods. Off the top of my head, checking for "pearling" (bubble size when you mix it with air), using a hydrometer, and the good old flame test all work decently. A hydrometer is obviously the best if you want an exact measure, but just a pearling test will give you a good idea of proof. And the flame test checks methanol content.

Davey will know all this. Anyone who does home brewing knows this.
No. 796185 ID: 7538ee

On mobile for a bit so i cant look anything up. No chance of aunt cat still having the bottle? (We gave it to her right?) And any chance angela (bird teacher?) Might have any? She seems pretty anti authority.
No. 796187 ID: 4289a3

That's a good idea actually.
Perhaps going to Davey for booze can be a last resort, since that requires somebody to give him the booty, and we don't know if Sally is pregnant or not yet, so she can't (or at least shouldn't) volunteer. I don't think any of the other girls in town want to do that either.
No. 796192 ID: 9a7777

We drank that bottle with Sophie. Alcohol well spent, mostly.
No. 796232 ID: e01e87


Sally gave Susanna all the blue agate.

But Chuck, you are not stupid enough to use something like that just for booze. If you have to try and strongarm a snake who can eat bullets, bench press ten of you and now has the psychic equivalent of an A-bomb (btw this is a very bad idea), ask her to use her mystical powers to find that nasty rabbit who's been drugging people for kicks, so you can get the doctor's medicines back. Or how about that damn tortoise?

Better plan is to not provoke Susanna, leave her alone, and go find out what it'll take to get Davey to part with some liquor for medicinal purposes. (Whether he's aware that he's parting with it or not.)
No. 796233 ID: 398fe1

>the agate
Chuck didn't check. Susanna implied that Sally gave her some, but we don't know for sure.

I guess we could ask?
No. 796808 ID: 4063a3
File 149261907125.png - (41.61KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

The room goes quiet, except for the squeaking of Layla’s chair as she leans in. All three of the ladies are looking at you, so you look behind you. Lisa’s looking at you, too.

a) go rob Davey
b) try to get someone to have sex with Davey
c) you’re getting the liquor and Susanna is coming with you
d) Susanna should just use her magic
e) other >_
No. 796809 ID: b15da4

C as in Coxwette
No. 796811 ID: e12db1

C for Snake Sex.
No. 796812 ID: eb8a16

We roll up, Susanna hits Davey with her evil eyes, we take the booze, head back to town, and call it a day.
No. 796819 ID: 143250

A. Compared to robbing banks, this will be nothing. Thank Susanna for the permission, and leave.
No. 796825 ID: e136ae

C, and it will be good for Susie to go out and be actually social for once. If she 'loves' the people of Coxwette so much this is the time for her to damn well prove it.
No. 796826 ID: d4516a

C. Susanna should take up some actual personal responsibility if she so wants to keep everyone safe.

If that fails, D.
No. 796830 ID: c8b031

E, track down the medicine with Layla.
No. 796834 ID: b2a936

No. 796836 ID: 8111b6

B, but keep A on the table if we can't find someone.

Depending on how much you want to set them off, you could snark at these ladies on the plan. "Well, unless one of you girls secretly wants Davey's D, I've got work to do."

Perhaps we could get some time with his daughter while he's plowing someone's fields.
No. 796857 ID: aebfae

C is first priority, with E: Help Layla find the meds, as a backup.

Keep B on the table, just in case.
No. 796858 ID: 9876c4

I feel like it is nicely being said that we will only have time for one before things get worse.

Because this is serious, B seems like the one least likely to go awry.
No. 796868 ID: 62f1df

B is a recipe for disaster. You don't just go ahead and tell people that they have to get plowed by a violent, shotgun-toting sociopath.

C sounds like the most reasonable and responsible option. And it's high time Susanna actually takes risks instead of lording over everyone from her ivory tower.

C has my vote, but I'm also with "E: Help Layla find the meds."
No. 796870 ID: 91ee5f

"What are all of you looking at me for?! According to the mayor, I'm just an outsider that came and disrupted your ways! Since I'm not part of the town, this is your problem, so it should you be thinking of what to do, not me!"
No. 796888 ID: c53b4b

C is reasonable
No. 796893 ID: 15a025

C. It's her job as mayor to protect the citizens of this town.
No. 796900 ID: 32d29a

C. Totally C. Maybe bring the cops as well.
No. 796910 ID: 72ed6b

C. Perhaps Susanna can convince him, or perhaps Susanna can "convince" him, but either way you're not leaving without it.
No. 796926 ID: 70983e

C for Cusanna.
No. 796964 ID: 36295c

No. 796970 ID: e5b57f

C. Always snayor.
No. 796983 ID: 8d4593

Davey HATES Susanna. Its a bad idea.
Besides, we know that Ellen Had a weird crush on him when she was younger and that they both wouldnt mind reconnecting.

So B
No. 796990 ID: 398fe1

Does he? Reference, please.
No. 796993 ID: 9876c4

Heeeey, it's another person who's READ the quest.

Ellen's stuff is at the bottom of thread 5.
No. 796994 ID: 398fe1

No, I mean, does he hate Susanna?
No. 796996 ID: 9876c4

You: “What have you got against Coxwette folk, anyway?”

Davey: “Buncha freaks. Empty headed other-folk is all they are.”

You: “Other folk…?”

Davey: “They ain’t like me an’ my daughter. They don’t think right. Must be all that inbreedin’.”

Davey: “And don’t you get me started on that mayor.”

Davey: “Red-eyed monster, that one. Don’t talk about nothin’ but her model ship.”

Top of thread 3.
No. 797003 ID: 398fe1

Kindof a weird thing to say considering what we know now. Also, still not sure what he meant by "empty-headed". Unless he means how they just don't seem to do anything exciting, ever, unless it involves Chuck. Except for Sophie. Maybe he never met Sophie.

Anyway if he hates Susanna then we probably shouldn't bring her. Bit late now, but I'll delete my old vote and set my vote to

B. Let's talk to Ellen.
No. 797004 ID: 120eb7

Do Not try and get Ellen to sleep with Davey, their history together is complicated in a bad way. Make Susanna take some responsibility for a change.
No. 797006 ID: bb78f2

Susanna can't really die
She's still hot and dynamite in the sack
A puss is a puss to a hick like Davey
And Ellen is a weird spot for him and vise versa thanks to sleep molestation
Putting those together is a mental disaster for the both of them.
I'm sure they'll fuck like rabbits. Or talk it out like adults.
Actually, yeah, no they'll do both. Maybe clear the air
Shit, it's actually worth a shot.
If we do that though, we're probably NEVER boning Ellen though.

I'd still rather see Susanna talk to Davey, frankly. More interesting, even if it doesn't potentially solve a character arc or make one worse.

My bet is that both routes will get us the booze we need
No. 797022 ID: 91ee5f

>sleep molestation
Yeah, Ellen felt pretty bad about doing that to Davey.
No. 797034 ID: 1e7aa8

Gonna vote for D. We should at least ask if it's possible and provide what she needs if it is.

Hopefully without getting fucked over.
No. 797049 ID: c8b031

You know, we don't need to involve Davey. If we just lay out the situation to his daughter, maybe with some authority figure to back us up (since she's probably not stupid enough to take someone like Chuck's word), she'd probably fetch out some booze for us. That approach would be covered under C.

To do that we'd need to approach the farm without Davey being alerted, but my bet is he keeps his eye out towards the forest. If we circled around we could probably sneak in.

I'm still voting for E: find meds, though.
No. 797074 ID: d36af7

If the Snayor's magic can be used to mess around with time enough to bring someone back from the dead, would it be possible to pull some Bill & Ted & the jailhouse key shenanigans? Send Chuck back to just before all the actual medicine went missing, he plunders it pre-emptively. Anti-seizure drugs would be the better solution anyway.
No. 797316 ID: fd6b99

I'm all for avoiding Davey.
No. 797329 ID: ac9def

why has our focus shifted from the entire fate of the town, to whether ramona gets the shakes or not?

it may not be the most socially appropriate thing to do, but we need to figure out whether susanna's got all the agate, what she plans on doing with it, and what can be done about the reverends.

what danger are the townsfolk really in? what is susanna going to do about it? if layla's in the business of pillaging the plath estate to prop up the mayor, she ought to know just what she's in for, now.

why are we running booze for dogmom when the fate of ourselves and the entirety of coxwette is at stake?
No. 797332 ID: 91ee5f

Were you not paying attention? It's not just the shakes, it's seizures that'll eventually lead to death!

Plus, this is Tgchan. We always want to keep everyone we like alive. Why else do you think we asked Susanna to bring Marcie back?
No. 797352 ID: 72ed6b

Which is more critical in the shortest amount of time?

Besides, as we're walking with Susanna to Davey's, we can ask her about the agate then. (And we should ask Sally privately before we go; that way we can see how the stories compare.)
No. 797372 ID: 241e41

D. It seems to be a quick, simple, and easy solution, which is a clear sign that we should think it through carefully, but overall it doesn't have any obvious downsides.

Ramona's life is in danger if she doesn't get alcohol soon, which means that we should help her as soon as we can. Davey might be willing to help, but there's a chance that negotiations might go wrong or eat up too much time.

We'll need to use up valuable resources to do it, but saving a person's life is certainly urgent enough to justify that. We can't use magic to just make all our problems go away, but there are few situations which would warrant it more than this.

We know Susanna's magic can have side effects if the target is restored from the wrong moment in time, but we're using it on the alcohol stores instead of on Ramona herself, so that won't be much of a problem; the wine won't taste that great if it isn't aged, but it'll still have enough alcohol in it to stave off her withdrawal symptoms.

Unless there's some other detail about her magic that will keep it from working or run the risk of making things worse, it's the best and most effective way of helping Ramona.
No. 797865 ID: fed8da

D/E Susanna should use her magic, on Davey!
No. 797951 ID: e136ae

D/P. Chuck & Davey should double-team Susanna.
No. 798313 ID: 4063a3
File 149331418477.png - (48.10KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

You: “Nooope”

You: “I’m no one’s errand boy anymore.”

You: “If I’m goin’ out there, you’re comin’ with me. End of story.”

Susanna stands up looks at you with a stiff upper lip. She looks right in your eyes, and you notice the faint darkening of her sclera. She blinks hard and it goes away.

Susanna: “They’ll come here if I leave town.”
No. 798314 ID: b15da4

Call her bluff. Surely she trusts in her austerity measures to keep the town safe?
No. 798317 ID: e12db1

Ok, that's fine. She can still use her eyes long-distance, like with Lisa's clipboard. But we need to ask her this without exposing her secret to the two others present.

So, say something like, "Sus, carnal time" then come close and look her in the eyes, and during carnal time tell her you'll need her eyes vs Davey, ask her if she could arrange that.
No. 798319 ID: c31aac

"You didn't do the carnal thing which actually makes me want to believe you on that. Do it anyways to confirm."
No. 798328 ID: c8b031

"They've been coming here already, I bet they aren't bothered so long as they don't actually run into you. So if you're going to stay cooped up in here anyway, what's the difference? You've said you've tried leaving town before."
No. 798329 ID: e136ae

Exactly. Also what's the deal with the stupid ship in a bottle?
No. 798330 ID: 62f1df

This. Her being able to protect the townspeople with her mere presence sounds like wishful thinking.

And even if that were true, she can't stay around all the time like some mama bird. The locals clearly yearn for independence, so it's time to give them that: let them make a stand, protect themselves, instead of enforcing arbitrary measures while leaving them in the dark and in danger.

(Make sure to look as convinced and concerned as possible when you say that, this should earn you brownie points with Layla and Lisa.)
No. 798345 ID: e136ae

Plus her presence sure did a REAL GOOD JOB protecting Marcie and Davey's wife, didn't it? Or Chuck or Geoff or Rachel?

Stop being such a damn CHILD Susanna. Considering you killed them, considering they seem to be mimicking your memories, it's more than likely they're only here BECAUSE of you, not in spite of you.
No. 798346 ID: 66c347


I like Snayor
No. 798349 ID: 66c347


Oh woops, bit of a slowpoke there lol

I guess argue that the stakes are too high, and it's wishful thinking that she can protect everyone anyway. If she's even telling the truth.
No. 798437 ID: bd5980

"They ARE here, Susanna. If ever there was a time they feared you, it has passed."
No. 798451 ID: 2afc9c

No. 798478 ID: 005d0c

"What here specifically? They're already coming to town, if anything I need protection when I go out there."

I feel like we should be trying to use the word "penetrate" or something, just because we're The Legend.
No. 798486 ID: 91ee5f

>I feel like we should be trying to use the word "penetrate" or something, just because we're The Legend.
I got ya covered on that!

"What protection?! They've already penetrated your defenses!"
No. 798503 ID: 66c347


No. 798513 ID: a3cd80

They are scared of more things than just you! Just put the cops on watch around town so they can shoot the reverends if they get too close. Maybe some citizens too if you trust them with guns.
No. 798520 ID: 9876c4

I agree with Susannah.

Let's solve our problems our own action, not magic spoon bending. The more complicated this gets. the more time it's taking.
No. 798523 ID: c8b031


She doesn't need to use magic to help us, just "Hey I'm the Mayor and what Chuck says about a lady dying from no booze is true", attested to Davey or his daughter, will probably work fine.
No. 798524 ID: e136ae

Very true. Also she's less intimidated by gunfire.