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File 147173310748.png - (27.40KB , 500x500 , splash_6.png )
743488 No. 743488 ID: a339be

CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html
CHAPTER 5 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736166.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/96965.html

It’s 2AM, Wednesday morning in a little town called Coxwette.
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No. 743489 ID: a339be
File 147173314530.png - (18.98KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

It’s dark and so, so hot. There’s a voice in your ear, so close that you can feel her lips. She’s so skinny that you can feel her chest swelling as she heaves her over-excited breaths.

“I want this so bad…”
No. 743490 ID: a339be
File 147173315334.png - (23.48KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

“Chuck… touch me.”


She’s trembling and panting. So young, so unsure, so curious. By all accounts, your dick should be diamond
No. 743491 ID: a339be
File 147173316185.png - (27.77KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

No. 743493 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you have one condition. She has to stay with her mother, because she needs her. If she agrees, that should make you feel better. In which case you might recover your... facilities.

If your dick still won't go then just fool around in other ways.
No. 743494 ID: 3abd97

Ruined by cancer. RIP, boners.

...oh well, you can still touch her. You don't need to use your dick to give her a good time.
No. 743496 ID: 741a28

... But...
1. Her mother has cancer...
2. Marcie... You're still trying to figure out what you are feeling for her...
3. You keep asking yourself "is really the right thing...?"

Just help her out, rub her ass or boobs, and finger her or sow thing, then MAYBE, you'll get hard enough to do something.
No. 743497 ID: 8e8cdf


I doubt there'd be a faster way to kill her ladyboner than to mention her mother.

Well, Chuck, time to invest in the future. You don't feel like performing now, it's true, but you know one day you will.
No. 743498 ID: 46a01e

Time to put that tongue to work, Chuck.
No. 743499 ID: 3e182c

Oh. Oh lol. That's rich. That's like the worst thing to say. On every level.

This and fucking Sally is like the Worst idea. Hot or not, we fucked her mom. And Her mom keeps the scary vampire mind control powers away.

Though these are still very true.
No. 743500 ID: a339be
File 147173783796.png - (21.41KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

It’s very obvious she is navigating by touch. So are you, really. She kisses your nose and whiskers before finding your mouth and awkwardly prodding her tongue in. You really, really have to blank your mind to let the little shivers of pleasure make their way down your body. Don’t think about it. DON’T think about it.

Sally doesn’t know. Why did Ramona tell you and not Sally? The anxious thoughts quiet down as Sally grinds against your thighs, then against your groin. She’s just rooting around for what feels the most right.
No. 743501 ID: a339be
File 147173785429.png - (35.57KB , 500x500 , 6.png )


Ok, she found it. Feels wet… holy shit

No. 743502 ID: a339be
File 147173787668.png - (45.89KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

Sally sits up, putting all her weight down on one spot. o n e s p o t

Her breathing slows a little bit.

Sally: “Is… somethin’ wrong?”

Sally: “Am I doing this wrong?”

She moves her hips from side to side, creating a pleasant warm slush out of the front of your boxer shorts.

You: “No. No, baby. You’re a natural.”

You bump up against her once, and she makes a nasally cooing noise that makes your heart kick into high gear.

Sally: “You just don’t seem happy”

Wrapped up in Sally’s virginal naivete and awkward fish-flopping, you find you managed to underestimate her. She can feel your tense shoulders and sense the pull in your kiss.

a) “I’m fuckin’ ecstatic. Keep goin’.”
b) “Suck my dick. That might help.”
c) “I just don’t really wanna do this right now.”
d) “Your mom has cancer.”
e) >_

No. 743503 ID: 1ce6a6

No. 743505 ID: 265534

Give her the d)
No. 743507 ID: 595d54

No. 743508 ID: e8eff0

B. It'll probably be great and she wants it. But is this really worth it, what with Ramona's news?
Say how what with the recent monster attacks and Ellen's story, it just doesn't feel right to do this now.
No. 743509 ID: e37a06

No. 743510 ID: e8eff0

C* whoops
No. 743511 ID: 8e8cdf

e) "Bad dreams. Still hanging over me. Let me show you my appreciation a different way."
No. 743512 ID: 398fe1

>Why did Ramona tell you and not Sally?
Would you want someone that loves you to know that you are dying a slow death, long before you get obvious symptoms? Would you want them to have that on their mind whenever they look at you? Like you have it in your mind right now? It wouldn't accomplish anything but make Sally sad (though I guess it might also get her to stay). She told you because then you'd understand why she wants Sally to stay, and Ramona still thinks she can get Sally to stay without telling her.

E. Tell her you had a bad dream that you're having trouble getting your mind off of.
No. 743518 ID: 3e182c

E) Just... Some Heavy shit lately. It's been hard to stay in the moment.
No. 743519 ID: f118d8

seconding this
No. 743557 ID: 6c25ef

F) Stick it in her pooper
No. 743559 ID: 9876c4

A but will accept B.

The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves.
No. 743564 ID: 9f3729

thirding, good line
No. 743565 ID: 595d54

Retracting this because I realized Chuck would probably say it in a sarcastic way and spoil the mood.

Much better.
No. 743570 ID: 0b4dd7

voting B
No. 743573 ID: 4db602

No. 743574 ID: 15a025

No. 743575 ID: 0d4ab1

I personally am proud to consistently oppose raccoon guy.
No. 743576 ID: 0d4ab1

I personally am proud to consistently oppose raccoon guy.
No. 743578 ID: 4e9864

No. 743583 ID: f2aecb

"Boss, mom has the cancer"
No. 743585 ID: 38685c

D, of course.
No. 743600 ID: 286359

C and E, with E being the either bad dreams, heavy crap hitting you lately, or both.
No. 743626 ID: d32f00

No. 743643 ID: d62d1b

A then >>743511
No. 743659 ID: 4cddb9

go with C
No. 743665 ID: d8dc8a

Chuck, so help me God, you better fucking eat that pussy.

No. 743676 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 743679 ID: d03b0f


e) >>743511 has the right of it.
No. 743688 ID: 141621

changing my suggestion to this
No. 743690 ID: 20845b

Do not blab to her.
No. 743692 ID: a339be
File 147180403715.png - (25.34KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

You: “Just a few bad dreams. That’s all.”

You: “Haven’t been getting enough sleep.”

Sally: “Are you ok?”

You: “Come on, sit up like this.”

You: “There we go. Get comfy. Let’s get this bra off of you...”

You change the subject, both from your crushing stress and your lack of a boner.

You: “You’re so tall, Sally.”

Sally: “Is that a bad thing? Most girls are short”

You: “No, it’s great. Those legs go on for days…”

Sally: “What have you been dreaming about?”

You stop and think about everything but the answer to her question.

You: “You. This. What you look like under your clothes. What does anyone dream about?”

You massage her flat belly, pushing your way down and down until she reacts by pulling her knees together. You find her clit with your middle and ring finger, circling around it with your claw and giving it a soft squish against her pelvic bone.

Sally: “Hhhh”

Sally: “Oh gosh, I’m about to panic”

Sally: “Thwwww fff”

You: “Don’t panic… relax. Pretend you’re in a big armchair”

You keep on going, faster until her words become unglamorous jumbled moans. She sucks in a breath and forces herself to stop making noise.

No. 743693 ID: a339be
File 147180406715.png - (92.86KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

When she can’t hold back anymore, you slide two fingers in. She was ready long before you started, and it takes mere moments to smoosh and flick her into an embarrassing squirming mess. It’s still too dark for you to see, but by now she isn’t quiet, and you can feel her toes tensing up against your legs.

Sally really squeezes your left shin at the moment of her climax. Like really squeezes it with some kind of superhuman orgasm strength, digging her claws in before loosening her grip over a series of euphoric spasms. You bite down on her shoulder and grunt, which seems to toss her over the edge a second time.

No. 743696 ID: a339be
File 147180428520.png - (33.97KB , 500x500 , 10.png )


As much as it pains you to get girls off without getting your dick wet, you are pretty fucking good at it when you need to be. It helps that Sally’s fresh on the market, but you still take a moment to admire your handiwork.

Sally is catching her breath and gradually melting down from her orgasmic full-body lockup. When she relaxes completely, she fits nicely into your lap. You can feel her heartbeat through her back, and it creeps you out a little. Bitch could use a few pounds, you guess. Feels kind of like snuggling up with a Ladies Fixed-gear Pannier Bicycle.

Sally: “It’s way different when someone else does it”

You: “Yeah, no kidding.”

Sally grinds her butt against you a couple of times and sighs.

Sally: “Do I just not… you know, ‘turn you on’?"

No. 743701 ID: 741a28

"Oh yes you do, darlin' you turn me on like a light in a dark room, and I want you like a fish wants the ocean. My mind and body are just being... Uncooperative..."
No. 743704 ID: 398fe1

"I've... never had this problem before."
No. 743709 ID: 3e182c

Stop. You're thinkin about this too hard.
You're fucking sexy as hell. <-Roam and squeeze when saying this part.
Just caught me at a bad time is all.
No. 743717 ID: 77ccc4

Sedate her doubts with oral pleasures
No. 743718 ID: 18482d

No. 743722 ID: 9876c4

stamp of approval
No. 743729 ID: a339be
File 147181653344.png - (26.08KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

You: “Shhh. Don’t overthink it… you caught me at a bad time is all.”

You: “Dicks can be finicky. It’s like a little roommate in my pants.”

Sally giggles, and even you relax a tiny bit. You give her an affectionate rub-down to remind her just what you’re talking about.

You: “Anyway, you should probably go back to your room. Your mom stops in in the morning sometimes and I don’t want her to catch you in my bed.”

You: “And you might want to shower. You smell like pussy.”

Sally gives you an industrious nod.

Sally: “Right. Well. I guess”

Sally: “I’ll see you at the library tomorrow.”

As soon as the distraction of Sally leaves, thoughts of Ramona flood back in. You truly do not feel like sleeping now. Things just keep piling up on you and slipping out of your control.

a) just try to sleep anyway
b) get up and walk around the house
No. 743730 ID: 398fe1

B. Maybe we can snoop around and find one of those keys. Check on top of doorframes and under rugs and shit.
No. 743732 ID: 741a28

Let's get up, I think we should try and find that letter Loraine wanted us to find.
No. 743733 ID: 16dcb0

B, The only good way to get your mind off it is to get your mind ON something else, and staring up at a blank ceiling isn't gonna cut it. I bet you've already started memorizing which floorboards creak, so you can move around the house to distract yourself.
No. 743735 ID: 960f86

Its time to lay the ghost to rest, or at least look for the letter in the attic
No. 743743 ID: a339be
File 147181853607.png - (37.04KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

Ok, so you won’t try to sleep. You want to find the key to the chest in the attic, along with the key to the boudoir if you're not going to try to pick the lock. You have the whole house to explore, so where are you going to go?

a) the attic
b) Ramona’s room
c) Sally’s room
d) the kitchen
e) the cellar
No. 743745 ID: fe65ad

The attic. Grab your bobby pins.
No. 743747 ID: 0b4dd7

might as well start at the bottom and work your way up.
No. 743754 ID: 741a28

Yeah we haven't looked in the cellar, let's start there and work up
No. 743766 ID: 3e182c

This. There's a sexy box to open.
No. 743769 ID: 960f86

Acsend into the dark haunted attic, cause hey - your only a pussy in name
No. 743770 ID: 398fe1

Oh that's right. Yeah, A, since we can get that box open now.
No. 743781 ID: b8d5aa

go for the attic first.
No. 743845 ID: 15a025

No. 743970 ID: f2ca16

gotta get that sweet loot
No. 743985 ID: 315280

A. For that sweet sweet loot
No. 744001 ID: 4d94b3

Be stealthy, Chuck. I'd assume you didn't need to be told that what with literally being a professional burglar and all, but you know. And you're tired and down and sleepy, so be extra careful.
No. 744007 ID: 8d65de

E He must see the darkness
No. 744315 ID: dd4df2


Plumb the depths. What lies beneath?
No. 744332 ID: a8d16c

is that square patch indicative of the new hair growing in over "PUSSY" or is that something new?
No. 744334 ID: aac294

Before you do anything else, reshave the word 'PUSSY' on your chest.
If only to spite the prude snek.
No. 744474 ID: 064dbf

No. Just leave your chest alone. Just let it grow back to your normal, beautiful fur.
No. 744856 ID: 5a15af
File 147240592281.png - (24.62KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

You take the bobby pins up to the attic to sate your most pressing curiosity. The lock on the chest is old and rusted, you are eventually able to open it. This process is much easier when you are not trying to do it as quickly as possible.
No. 744857 ID: 5a15af
File 147240594395.png - (44.63KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

The intense musty smell of the chest strikes you with an unpleasant warmth as you open it. With little light beyond the moonbeams through the loft windows, you squint your eyes to see that the chest is filled with papers and little tins. You won’t be able to read any of these papers in the dark.
No. 744858 ID: 15a025

Probably a good idea to just close it up for now and come back to these papers later when you can actually see.
No. 744860 ID: 398fe1

You bought a flashlight. Use it.
No. 744861 ID: 5a15af
File 147240924223.png - (21.65KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

Oh right, the flashlight…! which is still at Naz’s with the rest of the stuff you bought that day. Ugh.
No. 744862 ID: 398fe1

Fine. Just take some of the papers over to the door to read them in the light.
No. 744867 ID: 5a15af
File 147241304175.png - (33.48KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

You take a letter off of the end of the stack. It is written on the same Plath stationary that Ramona used for her invoice. There is no greeting on it, and the old-timey cursive handwriting is a little bit hard to make out.

I have not seen you in some time and I feel it fitting to air out
my words for once, and invite you again to share with me a rag of
gin. I want to thank you for the splendid fuite that
you have erected here, as it has been gracious for my work.

I hope this note finds you. Do write back or meet with me inside
my library if it does.

Truly and earnestly,


You toss the note aside and pick up another one. This one is a little more crumpled and folded, and has a splattered, brownish stain on the back. The handwriting is much, much worse, and not in cursive.

As you read my words, hear my voice and know that I yearn for
your touch every cold night. I can feel your soft back to my
chest and your ears tight in my hands. Think of these things
tonight while you rest. I will one day be home to bend you
over and fuck you until you grow tired.

I will cast you onto the floor, forsaking the bed as it is too
civil for the base deeds we will commit. Forgive my rashness,
as I can think of little else but you today. I only want to hear
your loving cries and smell your sweet perfume. Wait for me and
I will come home once this war is won.

It is with my kindest and dearest regards I bid you you farewell,
my love. For how long, I know not.

Until next we meet, my thoughts will be of you. I dare not utter
your name, for it fills me with melancholy and softens my spirit.
You are my the wound the hobbles me and the cane that lets me walk.

With love and longing,


What the fuck is this
No. 744876 ID: 997323

Time to go get some ghost poon I guess
No. 744877 ID: 1d4e27

How lewd. Do any of these letters mention the Ssstarks?
No. 744879 ID: 398fe1

We found the ghost's letter! See if you can attract her attention so you can read it to her.
No. 744896 ID: 65317a

We could head to the roof while holding the letter. Not sure we'll be able to get it up though seeing Sally just failed to hold our attention. I say we put it aside and looks for the snek family being mentioned in the letters.
No. 744900 ID: 15a025

Agreed. Let's save Cletus' letter for later and see if we can't find more about not-vampire-snake lady.
No. 744912 ID: 5a15af
File 147242085302.png - (34.25KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

If you’re going to be sifting through this stuff, you are going to need a great deal more light. You set aside the first two letters and take the chest back to your bedroom.
No. 744913 ID: 5a15af
File 147242086772.png - (24.86KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

Most of these letters are about mundane things, written to and from people whose names you don’t recognize. The small tins in the chest are filled with glossy blue rocks of various sizes, along with a small, folded note that reads:

There is no “undying love”. All things die.

and on the back…

Meet me tonight in the catacombs, and perhaps we will adjourn to your house.

No. 744914 ID: 5a15af
File 147242087606.png - (37.62KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

The note’s handwriting is curly and eccentric.
No. 744923 ID: 398fe1

>and perhaps we will adjourn to your house.
This suggests there's a third entrance to the catacombs, accessible from this house.

Snoop in the cellar next.
No. 744931 ID: 3e182c

This. Take a tin of rocks with you.
No. 744956 ID: 6612fa

good place to look,
but no, that doesn't "mean" there is an entrance to the cellar only that they will go to the house after going to the catacombs.
No. 745008 ID: 064dbf

We probably don't want to go into the catacombs without our flashlight but if there's light in the basement we could go look around for signs of the entrance in the cellar.

This seems like a good haul for now. If we have time we should look through all the letters but we still need to get ready for the day and get to work.
No. 745015 ID: 5a15af
File 147243574214.png - (42.57KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

You go to the cellar with the tin of rocks just kind of crammed into your boxers. Strangely, the cellar door’s lock has been replaced with a more modern one. You are still able to open it. The dim light from the hallway casts down into the darkness, reflecting off of rack after rack of…


oh my god

it can’t be
No. 745016 ID: 5a15af
File 147243576664.png - (42.74KB , 500x500 , 21.png )


a) get slammed
b) get slammed with >_
c) don’t even get slammed
No. 745017 ID: 383927

Any references to harold in these letters? Would be a nice stroke of luck if there was
No. 745018 ID: 398fe1

c. If you get drunk then Ramona will know you broke into her stash! Then you'd get kicked out of the goddamn house!

Instead, bring it up with her in the morning, and say if she wants to piss off the mayor we know of a place that wants a booze supplier.
No. 745019 ID: 3abd97

C. How much is here? How old is this stuff?

We finally found a supply of booze for that one quest, so long as we don't care that we're stealing it from the Plaths.
No. 745021 ID: 5246bd

ramona will almost definitely find out if you broke into her stash and, plus, you need a clear head to find that secret entrance to the catacombs, regardless of whether or not it's in the cellar or not
No. 745023 ID: 064dbf

D.) A taste wouldn't hurt, JUST ONE THOUGH. You still have to get to work today, but we don't want to forget what that sweet nectar tastes like. You should think about taking one of the smaller bottles and hiding it with your spare clothes. We CANNOT let Ramona find out we took one without permission, so if we're not absolutely sure we can hide it perfectly then forget it.

We should read the labels and see what we got. We'll have to talk to dogmom about selling some to the cafe.
No. 745024 ID: 3e182c

Snoop more in cellar first.
Then go get slamm-
Ah shit, Bro you got work in like 5 hours.
I wonder what Marcie's like on the Sauce.
Stash a bottle for later.
No. 745040 ID: 18c9f5

Seconded hard. Ask Marcie out after work and break a bottle open.

Stay sober for now though man. You got shit to do.
No. 745073 ID: 5a15af
File 147244253289.png - (33.17KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

You take a bottle from a shelf toward the back and stash it away somewhere on your figure. Nice.

The alcohol all looks to be quite old. The labels simply bear the Plath emblem and a number indicating the batch.

a) search the cellar
b) go to bed for work
c) go somewhere else in the house >_
No. 745076 ID: 9f3729

go 2 bed, we gotta be up so we don't miss work again.
No. 745077 ID: 8e1749

Search the cellar!
No. 745079 ID: 90f3c0

A: There are probably all kinds of hidden compartments and passages in this spooky mansion cellar.
No. 745082 ID: 398fe1

A. Don't stop now.
No. 745083 ID: 6c25ef

c) You got work in the morning and ain't even getting enough sleep as it is.

Maybe get slammed with Marcie later.
No. 745085 ID: 18c9f5

Look around just a bit. If nothing catches your eye, make for bed.
No. 745126 ID: da1652

You sure its booze and not more Plath home remedies? Pop that bottle open, have a sniff
No. 745128 ID: 3e182c

AB We can burn another half hour or so snooping, just gotta remember to set that alarm.
No. 745142 ID: 9876c4

I would be vaguely amused if nothing's affecting Chuck besides a fuckton of sleep deprivation.

I encourage him to sleep if he would like to, but search more if he's still restless.
No. 745151 ID: 2a7417

A. But are you really going to walk around the cellar with a glass bottle precariously pressed against your privates?
No. 745179 ID: b86710

Let's be smart about this one, take the bottle up to your room and save it for later, maybe after work we can share it with Marcie.
No. 745231 ID: 15a025

No. 745238 ID: 505f10

No. 745268 ID: 5a15af
File 147252711727.png - (30.06KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

You look through the cellar, or at least feel your way through. It is creepy, but less creepy than the attic. The extensive liquor collection takes up most of the space here, but you find a pile of what seems to be old tools and some kind of debris. You take the pair of bolt cutters, but refrain from putting those anywhere near your genitals.

You may come down here again when you have a good light to use. You currently have: Cletus’ letter, bolt cutters, a bottle of gin.
No. 745270 ID: 398fe1

>You take the pair of bolt cutters
Chuck this isn't an adventure game, you need to ask before taking things. Where would you even keep those without Ramona finding them? I guess we could go immediately use them to sneak into the old warehouse, and return them afterwards.
No. 745273 ID: 15a025

Let's save going to the warehouse with bolt cutters for later, unless we feel like being dead tired for work tomorrow.
No. 745276 ID: 9876c4

What's the pickaxe leaning up against, anyway?

Is that some sort of...couch?
No. 745278 ID: 1d4e27

Go to bread Chuck.
No. 745280 ID: 91ee5f

I'm really hoping you don't bump into something with that bottle. Cause that'll end up shoving the bottle into your nuts man! >.<
No. 745291 ID: 18c9f5

You tired enough to sleep yet, man? Because you gotta work in a few hours. Go catch your 40 winks.
No. 745295 ID: 5a15af
File 147253299253.png - (22.03KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

It isn’t a couch that the pickaxe is leaning against, it’s a bolt of tar paper. The debris next to it feels almost like shingles. Feeling tired, you go back upstairs, then upstairs again to your room.
No. 745296 ID: 5a15af
File 147253300374.png - (21.01KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

Sally isn’t there this time.
No. 745297 ID: 5a15af
File 147253303633.png - (41.00KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

You wake up and go to work. Time to get this day the fuck over with.

Today, you brought with you your pack of condoms (since maybe getting some nut in will pull you out of your rut)

What else did you bring with you? >_
No. 745299 ID: 9876c4

Our moneyz. And the booze if we can put it in a bag or something.

I don't feel right leaving it at the house, in case Ramona cleans.
No. 745300 ID: 95c606

Our blood, sweat, and tears.
No. 745304 ID: 1d4e27

No. 745305 ID: 56b7d8

Yes we brought the booze.
No. 745307 ID: 3e182c

The booze, and the box o Rocks. We put the bolt cutters in our suitcase if indeed they were brought upstairs.
I can only hope we put the box back in the attic.
No. 745352 ID: 65317a

Boltcutters perhaps? Let us get into that warehouse finally.
No. 745353 ID: 398fe1

We should not be seen with the boltcutters. Someone finds a hole in the fence and GEE WHO DID IT I WONDER
No. 745354 ID: 3ee430

Booze, condoms, how about a nice smile to give Marcie?
No. 745361 ID: 3e182c

Go Chuck! Go Chuck!
No. 745364 ID: 5a15af
File 147260751625.png - (62.45KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

You brought your condoms, the bottle of booze (in a classic paper bag), and the tin of rocks. You have a feeling that Rachel might literally break you in half if she caught you with bolt cutters, so you decide it would be wise not to be seen with them.

A smile, though? No can do. Marcie waves at you and says some bullshit you don’t even listen to. Time to GET TO WORK

Where are you stopping today?
No. 745365 ID: 9f3729

Everywhere in no particular order, then straight home to take a nap.
Seriously, we need to sleep
No. 745366 ID: 398fe1

Let me post this for others' convenience.

1. Café
2. Library
3. Schoolhouse
4. Shoppe Stoppe
5. Post Office
6. City Hall
7. Police Station
No. 745367 ID: 3e182c

I don't think Chuck's in the mood to talk to really anyone right now. I'd say just get through the day as quickly as possible. Save his patience in case someone stops him, or if we want to do something with Marcie later.
We shouldn't be seen around town on our route with the booze. Maybe leave it here.
No. 745369 ID: 3ee430

Let's just get through this day, if someone stops him we'll talk briefly but then we need to get a move on.
No. 745371 ID: 398fe1

I, personally, would like to talk to the cops to find out if their investigation went anywhere.
No. 745379 ID: 38685c

Give marcie a weak smile before you go
No. 745381 ID: a4ec41

Wherever Rachel is hanging out at. She needs more love.
No. 745382 ID: 398fe1

WAIT TODAY IS WEDNESDAY! We gotta pick up the costumes from the tailor.
No. 745383 ID: a4ec41

Also the cops. Talk with Layla about running and how cool it is that she runs. Runners love to talk about running.
No. 745385 ID: fc10b4

Time to go say hello to the police. I don't see any reason not to move speedily throughout the other deliveries. Maybe we could see Naz about getting our shit back.
No. 745386 ID: 65317a

Police station (investigation), Library (talk to naz about if she did anything with our things/talk about costume pick up) stoppe shoppe (see if the night at the plaths helped out dear deer friend) and of course tailor for outfits after the deliveries are made.
No. 745388 ID: b3f404

Maybe don't visit the police with booze in your pants.
No. 745389 ID: 5a15af
File 147261843519.png - (56.01KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

You keep the bottle with you, but hide it among the baked goods in the LFGPB basket. Before departing, you take a moment to look over your neglected Coxnotes™

Hm, mhm…
No. 745390 ID: 5a15af
File 147261845548.png - (57.73KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

No. 745391 ID: 5a15af
File 147261848434.png - (60.49KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

No. 745392 ID: 5a15af
File 147261850296.png - (63.06KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

oh shit yeah definitely
No. 745393 ID: 5a15af
File 147261853886.png - (38.06KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

aaaaaand a few personal aspirations to top it all off…
No. 745394 ID: 5a15af
File 147261856323.png - (33.98KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

Finally, you think maybe you and your penis could benefit from some more focus. Pick three things you want to focus on getting done today, and that should help you decide where you will spend most of your time. You could also breeze through your deliveries and visit people after work.
No. 745395 ID: 9f3729

Find a way into the catacombs from the library?
No. 745396 ID: a788b7


anal, basically
No. 745397 ID: 3ee430

Prank Naz if we have time, just something to lift the girls spirits and let her know she can still do pranks just know when to tone it down.
No. 745399 ID: 18c9f5

Do something to cheer up Naz. Making people happy ought to help your mood.

And go out with Marcie after work and liquor her up.
No. 745400 ID: 398fe1

2. Ask Rachel where she gets her tools from if not in-town.
3. Conspire with Sally to prank Naz.
No. 745401 ID: 90f3c0

Time to finally break into that warehouse. We need a way to inconspicuously carry the bolt cutters around first. Get a bag or something.
No. 745402 ID: 91ee5f

You fool! Don't hide the booze in the deliveries! That's just asking for a situation where you give someone booze instead of their pastries!
No. 745406 ID: 9876c4

Prank Naz+ Get Wasted.

Anal (with a lay-dy) or threesome as circumstances dictate.
We can't get costumes until we know they are ready.

IF we cheer up Naz, we should think about getting our Stuph.
Or just make Geoff let you in.
No. 745407 ID: 9f54e0

We already got head from Naz.
No. 745408 ID: 3e182c

Night time provides for this, if we can manage to stave off the effects of sleep deprivation that long. Maybe we should save it till tomorrow?

1) Go ask if Naz knows the Muffin Man, and then set up a time or tomorrow. That will also give us time to prepare a prank.

2) Grab that Costume, see if Sophie sells or makes backpacks.

3) Crack that bottle with Marcie.
No. 745415 ID: 3740b1

Anal, basically, with Rachel. She'll probably need to... loosen up. Maybe you can talk her into meeting you after work to go to work on your new bottle of gin? Add Lisa for a Hump Day threesome.
No. 745418 ID: 8dda0e

Penny was looking for booze. Bring the bottle to her as evidence and discuss how to open up hooch barter with the Plath house.
No. 745420 ID: 6612fa

take booze to the cafe'or what ever, one of our missions was to get booze for it.
No. 745424 ID: 1a2e5d

yeah get booze for cafe
No. 745428 ID: 3e182c

The Cafe needs a Supply. Not a one time shipment. The Plath booze horde is astronomical for one or two people, maybe between 2 days to 2 weeks worth for a business.

If I remember correctly though, The Plath Booze is Gin. Juniper must grow around here. Find the Junipers and Penny can make her booze.
No. 745452 ID: d1fde2

>maybe between 2 days to 2 weeks worth for a business
In a CITY, maybe. Have you ever been to a small town?
With this few people, in what otherwise amounts to a dry county, it would be astonishing if the restaurant went through a bottle a day. You're probably looking at more like two or three bottles a week, mostly on the weekend.

I'm more concerned with making sure the Plath's are on board with supplying it, since the bottles are clearly labeled, and word is gonna get around.
No. 745459 ID: dd4df2

Get the job done proper and quick.

If we wanted to secure a good booze supply, we could head up to Mr. Davey's farm and call his bluff. If Ellen's experience is true I doubt his sincerity in wanting to screw a lady from town... so we can ask him to stop screwing with us and tell us what he needs to trade for reals. Show a little backbone to him.

We could also use the opportunity ask him about what happened to his wife, if we dare. (And try to tell Donna about Ellen's unfortunate state, and wouldn't it be nice if she went to cheer her up some, etc.)

I imagine there will be a slight element of risk involved, but from what we know of Davey he isn't really that bad a guy. Just messed up by loss.
No. 745493 ID: c441c1

actually if we look at the size of the town that supply would last maybe a year possibly more because the Mayor would probably say something about it causing a bit of hesitance to try it; but your right that in the long term unless she gets a supplier that is making the product it will run out, so calling Davey's bluff maybe on the weekend would be a good idea.
Pranking Naz back is a priority but it can't be a poorly thought out venture we should ask everyone in town that we see as a passing question how they would prank Naz.
Pick up the costume from the doctor this will probably be instrumental to the prank.
No. 745494 ID: 65317a

If I had to narrow down the more important things to do I'd say the costumes at the tailors would be the top on our list after work.
No. 745495 ID: 3e182c

I think you both underestimate the popularity of booze when no other booze is available.

>we should ask everyone in town that we see as a passing question how they would prank Naz
And leak the plan to Naz via somebody's mouth in the process?
No. 745582 ID: 0b4dd7

alright. given what naz did, the greatest prank you can pull is grim severance. cut her off entirely. the joke is that she lost a friend, and the punchline is how well your life is from this point forward.
the best part is you never even have to consult anyone about it and therefor nobody will blow the joke before it's done.
No. 745611 ID: 398fe1

We only need to talk to Sally about Naz. She has a personal interest in cheering her friend up, and thus will not spoil things.
Also she could tell us if it's a bad idea.
No. 745616 ID: 5a15af
File 147279127628.png - (44.42KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

You decide on your route of correspondence…

1) The Fart in Ass - You need to talk with Penny about the booze cache that you found.
2) The Library - You should stop by and break it off with Naz, then maybe talk to Sally about pranking her. You don’t have time to search for a catacombs entrance during your shift, but you’ll keep it in mind for after work.
3) [Dropoff at the schoolhouse]
4) The Shoppe Stoppe - You will stop here to talk to Sophie.
5) [Dropoff at the post office]
6) City Hall - You’ll think about going here maybe to talk to Lisa.
7) The Police Station - As much as it pains you to talk to police, you need to ask them how their sweep went.

Well, off to the Fart
No. 745617 ID: 5a15af
File 147279129064.png - (56.94KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You: “Well well”

You: “I’ve never seen a lady make a pair of foodservice gloves look so sexy.”

Penny: “Hey now. That’s enough outta you, mister.”

You drop off the pastries, then look around to see who’s watching. No one is. You take the bottle of gin out of its paper bag and hand it to Penny.

Penny: “What’s this?”

You: “Smell it.”
No. 745618 ID: 5a15af
File 147279130489.png - (45.97KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

Penny: [cat sniffing]

Penny: “Woah mama!”

Penny: “Is that the Plath sigil on the bottle?”

Penny: “Where did you find this?”

You: “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just say I found… a stash.”

Penny: “Well, I feel like maybe I should worry about it a little. At the very least, I’m gonna need a constant supply, honey.”

Penny: “Hm… might do for an event though.”
No. 745619 ID: 398fe1

>stop by and break it off with Naz
why tho? You can just put it off if she's not feeling up to it. Or are you going to hold her ill behavior against her enough to pass up jamming it in?

Tell her you'll see what you can do.
No. 745625 ID: 92313e


Tell her you'll see what you can do. Might need something to bargain with. You know Ramona Plath has an old family recipe of hers that she'd like to update, keep the essential qualities while broadening the appeal a bit more. Might be Penny could give her some advice, and get the old Plath house cellars opened up in turn.
No. 745626 ID: dedb11

I agree. What Naz did was awful, But she seems pretty sorry. I think we should give her one more chance.
No. 745643 ID: 9876c4

Nonono, Prank Naz, not Break Naz.
No. 745644 ID: 78ff6f

Yes, the objective is not getting some kind ov "revenge" on her, it's making up as friends with a lighthearted, friendly prank.
No. 745647 ID: 1d4e27

Woah, don't break it off with Naz just yet. I thought you would persevere more in the name of That Pussy. You might postpone it, but you're still waiting for the costumes to be finished anyway.
No. 745652 ID: 3e182c

Yeah don't break it off. She doesn't even know the muffin-man or his little helper yet.
No. 745653 ID: 18c950

It seems to me that Naz's everything is all tangled up in the sex that she probably wasn't getting. Really, Chuck likes Naz, and likes pranks... and he likes sex too, but he doesn't like them all at the same time.

Sex is a time when people are particularly vulnerable, and there have been a lot of things putting Charlemagne on edge recently.

So if Naz can keep sex and pranks separate, then I don't know why she should give up either, or why Chuck should give up on her. If she can't keep the pranks out of the sex, though... I guess she'll have to find somebody else.

All of which calls for another one of those darn SERIOUS TALKS Chuck hates having, and the air's still pretty bad between them. But... maybe call the breaking-things-off off for now?
No. 745684 ID: 2a7417

Definitely 6). Instill lewd thoughts of a threesome with the snayor in her head.
No. 745692 ID: 1a2e5d

going to agree with holding off on talking to Naz, the situation could stand to cool off further
No. 745758 ID: 65317a

I only saw one person say break off with naz while the rest were saying pick up costume. Id wait on that.
No. 745771 ID: 350a50

No. 745849 ID: 6612fa


she smelled it an went cross eyed.
strong stuff
besides the booze was just to complete the quest of finding some for the place, we still got to get davey to get a regular supply
No. 745958 ID: 5a15af
File 147296412725.png - (40.51KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

You have a busy day, so you make some closing remarks to Penny and then go to the library. Sally is there, sitting at her desk.

You: “Hey there.”

She looks up.

Sally: “Oh! Hi…”

Sally: “Uh… croissants, yes.”

a) talk to Sally about Ramona
b) talk to Sally about the catacombs
c) talk to Sally about last night
d) make lewd remarks

You’re a little tight on time with all the plans you have today, so you’ll just go with one of those things (if any) before talking to Naz.
No. 745960 ID: 9f3729

C, but keep it brief, pretty obvious she's in the middle of work.
No. 745961 ID: c441c1

she looks busy drop off and continue on.
No. 745962 ID: 15a025

B, just whisper to her that we might have a lead on another way into the catacombs.
No. 745965 ID: 180f83

No. 745967 ID: 1d4e27

e) talk to sally about her catacombs
No. 745968 ID: c94b69

Sally wanted into the catacombs for her mom's sake, since relations between them aren't great at the moment she probably wouldn't be interested.
No. 745969 ID: 6c25ef

Stare at her chest very openly.

Then warn her about the evil magical necklace.
No. 745976 ID: 65317a

Probably B with a slight mix of innuendo.
No. 745979 ID: 5a15af
File 147296871445.png - (33.83KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

You hand over the croissant, then lean in to inspect Sally’s general chest area. Her necklace is made of some kind of glazed ceramic, and looks kind of like an eyeball.

You: “Lovely necklace you’ve got there.”

Sally: “Thanks, Chuck. Mama gave it to me this morning.”

You: “Still working on getting into those catacombs, by the way. If you’re still interested.”

Sally: “Of course I am. Any leads?”

You: “Kind of. Didn’t you say there’s an entrance on the lower level of the library?”

Sally: “Well yes, in the basement, but it’s all bricked over.”

You: “Hmm.”

You glare harder.

You: “HMMM.”

Sally: “I should get back to work. I’ll see you at home.”

You continue to the computer lab.
No. 745980 ID: 5a15af
File 147296872711.png - (43.98KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

Naz is asleep at her desk.
No. 745981 ID: 9f3729

cum in her ear- wait, no, disregard intrusive thought then wake her up with the smell of BAKED GOODS

i hear it's like smelling salts for rodents
No. 745983 ID: 3abc4f

Leave her order next to her and gently kiss her on her forehead while she's asleep.
No. 745985 ID: 180f83

Look on her computer. If she is on her blog, maybe you can write something on there as a prank while she is sleeping.
No. 745986 ID: 398fe1

Lick her glasses. Just slobber all over those lenses. Then put them back carefully and nudge her to wake her up. PRANKED
No. 745987 ID: c441c1

something like 'I Naz or whatever her username is am a giant poopyhead(or sufficently Chuckish insult) that needs to learn what a good prank looks like.'
No. 745988 ID: 180f83

No. 745989 ID: 18c9f5

Take this moment to pet her ears. We know you want to.

Otherwise, go see if you can find a bathroom or something and fill a cup with hot water, and leave her hand in it while she sleeps.
It won't do anything, but at the very least she'll appreciate the gesture.
No. 745991 ID: 90f3c0

Install one of those dumb word replacement browser extensions, like Cloud to Butt. Then leave without waking her.
No. 745994 ID: 91ee5f

No. 746001 ID: 18c950

Cloud to Butt is a great idea. It's a prank landmine that she may not step on for quite a while. Catch her off-guard.
No. 746003 ID: 3e182c

or Collar to butt
No. 746025 ID: 1d4e27

Tie her shoelaces together.
No. 746029 ID: 9876c4

Write something short and pithy on her blog about eating soggy catcum danishes.

Then cum on her danish, and leave without waking her.
No. 746070 ID: 3e182c

I'm seeing a sticky note with just "Do you know the muffin man?" Sprawled on it, with similar notes (WHO IS HE?) covering all the walls.
No. 746074 ID: 3606a1

I like it, but it sounds time consuming. Let's just go with the initial note.
No. 746084 ID: 3e182c

and one on her back?
No. 746086 ID: 36295c

She's planning on you doing something to her as she sleeps.

Leave her an empty box instead of whatever she ordered, then put what she ordered outside her room.
No. 746115 ID: 5a15af
File 147304300874.png - (40.39KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

You place the note on Naz’s forehead, which feels dangerously close to accepting her apology. It doesn’t seem that she is pranking you, either. She’s really out.
No. 746116 ID: 5a15af
File 147304302353.png - (27.27KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

You also notice a bag of all of your shit next to her on the floor.
No. 746120 ID: 398fe1

Awesome. Snag it. Hang it off your handlebars.
No. 746121 ID: 9f3729

Get yon stuff, add another note saying "and thanks for bringing my stuff" on her butt
No. 746122 ID: 3abd97

Don't forget to leave her pastry. And yeah, take your stuff.
No. 746131 ID: 919c21

Bruh. It's been like three days. And she totally apologized like. Sincerely and shit. Accept it. Lifes to short to hold petty grudges.
No. 746133 ID: 180f83

Look in the bag before you take it.
No. 746135 ID: fc10b4

Check bag for pranks, like confetti or some shit. Also leave her pastry.
No. 746140 ID: 350a50


Stop being like your petty father.
No. 746150 ID: 51fada

For realsies, Naz said "No more pranks" - even if there are pranks, you not checking means you trusted her not to prank you. So, take your stuff, leave your delivery, be a sleeze and boop your dick up to some mouse-nose for good measure.
No. 746153 ID: c18501

Chuck, what she did was the equivalent of you sticking it in the ass when a girl was expecting vaginal and you planned it and didn't say shit.
Wouldn't you want a girl to accept your apology if you did that?

Don't tell me you never did that. I'm sure it's only a flashback away... Away... Away... Away...
Huh, thought a flashback would happen there... Happen there... Happen there...
No. 746157 ID: 79a07e

Seriously, man. I get it, it was rough shit. But people can be dumb, do dumb shit. The major thing was that she said sorry, and meant it. That's WAY more than a lot of folks are willing to do. Like >>746131 said, life's way too short to let something that someone already sincerely apologized for hang over your head. Be awesome, don't be lame. You might not be totally cool, but you can at least come down to lukewarm, bordering brisk.
No. 746188 ID: 505f10

Apologizing doesn't make what she did ok, but she seems sincerely sorry about it. You should be accepting her apology in that she's sorry, not that she's forgiven.
No. 746213 ID: 5a15af
File 147309357113.png - (37.72KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

Hm. You suppose holding a grudge wouldn’t achieve much, but thinking about what she did still makes you mad. What are you, some kind of dog? Whatever. You check the bag to see if everything is there.

✓ Flashlight
✓ Baseball bat
✓ Shirt
✓ Rope

Ok, it’s all… wait a minute…
No. 746214 ID: 5a15af
File 147309358661.png - (28.40KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

what the fuck is this

a) open it
b) throw it in the garbage
No. 746215 ID: 211d83

Open it close to Naz so if it blows up then she gets caught in the confetti bomb blast.

Honestly if it is a prank this is the type of prank we would rather have pulled on us. So open it.
No. 746216 ID: a788b7


open it. it's obviously a prank, but it'll make her feel better.
No. 746217 ID: 3abd97

Wind up to throw it, then sigh and open it.
No. 746219 ID: b563c5

Open the FUCK out of it.
No. 746220 ID: ea2f8b

Open it.
No. 746224 ID: 5a15af
File 147309514268.png - (28.94KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

You hold the box over Naz’s trash can, then sigh. Fine, but Naz is going to think you’re an idiot for walking into this.
No. 746225 ID: 5a15af
File 147309515623.png - (34.77KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

No. 746226 ID: 5a15af
File 147309516901.png - (41.96KB , 500x500 , 47.png )


Huh? You hesitantly look inside the box.
No. 746227 ID: 5a15af
File 147309518165.png - (24.13KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

No. 746229 ID: 3abd97

So... is this an apology by way of submitting, or is she doubling down by giving you a mark of ownership to wear?

I think it's the former. That looks like it would be too small for you.
No. 746231 ID: 79a07e

yeaaah, that looks like an apology by way of saying 'collar me'.
No. 746233 ID: 6c25ef

Try not to get distracted by the HUGE boner this just gave you.
No. 746248 ID: 1d4e27

Head for the next stop before the warp overtakes you.
No. 746251 ID: 65317a

She meant what she said. Though we should probably think over actually collaring her before doing so. Onto our next location!
No. 746253 ID: 5a15af
File 147309985617.png - (29.66KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

Heh. Well then. You pocket the collar and leave the lab, waving good by the Sally on the way out of the library. It is a little funny seeing her all buttoned up after wigging out last night.

You hop on the bicycle and go to the schoolhouse to drop off some macaroons. After that, the Shoppe.
No. 746254 ID: 5a15af
File 147309988237.png - (38.43KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

Ellen rubs her eyes and waves to you on your way in.

You: “Hey Ellen. How was your stay?”

Ellen: “It was nice, I guess. Mona made me breakfast in bed with tea, and did my laundry. I slept ok, I guess.”
No. 746255 ID: 3abd97

Did you forget your bag of stuff again.
No. 746258 ID: 505f10

Her eyes are huge.
Just to check, did she recieve any little trinkets from ramona? She tends to give those out a lot. Also wasnt there some last tool we wanted to buy?

We could try to set up Donna Lee and Ellen. Let's just hope that if we ask for a "reward" from it we won't recieve a time piece.
No. 746260 ID: 3e182c

Yeah, she likes doing that. The food was... Uh... Edible? I hope? Let me know if you wanna paint again some time.
Anyway. Is Sophie in?
No. 746261 ID: 398fe1

>breakfast in bed
Uh... ask... how it was.
No. 746278 ID: 350a50

No. 746279 ID: 5a15af
File 147310401313.png - (52.43KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

You put the bag of stuff in the pannier basket with your booze/deliveries.

You: “Breakfast in bed, huh? Was it edible?”


Ellen: “The thought was nice.”

Ellen: “I didn’t really eat much of it. I didn’t know it would be, uh, like that.”

You give her a knowing nod.

You: “Is Sophie in?”

Ellen: “Yes, she’s in the back.”

You go for the door toward the back of the shop marked ‘tailor’.
No. 746280 ID: 5a15af
File 147310402483.png - (65.34KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

Sophie is seated on the floor. She looks up.

Sophie: “Eating”

Sophie: “Oh… hello, Chuck.”

Sophie: “Close the door, please.”

You: “Hi Sophie. I’m coming around to see if my costumes are done.”

Sophie: “Yes, costumes… are finish.”

Sophie: “I will take remaining payment if you have it.”

You: “I’ll have to pick them up after work. Thanks.”

Sophie cranes her neck to see if the door behind you is closed.

Sophie: “Results back from the lab.”

You tense up.

You: “And?”

Sophie: “Nothing.

You: “Huh?”

The way she says the word sounds like ‘nussing’. It takes you a moment to get what she means, and then you are even more confused.

You: “Nothing?”

Sophie: “No evidence of toxin, chemical, poison, contaminant. Your blood is clean.”

Not even any chlamydia! Score!
No. 746282 ID: 18c9f5

Wow. Today's been a good day.
Clean blood, a new collar, and we found some booze to pop open after work.

I mean, sure dogmom still has cancer but hey you gotta take the good with the bad I guess.
No. 746284 ID: 79a07e

Huh. I am both delighted and concerned by this.
No. 746289 ID: 15a025

On your way out, you should probably explain to Ellen what Ramona's cooking really is.
No. 746296 ID: 350a50

Yeah. Tell her that it's a ward against supernatural evil.

That's good. If there was anything, maybe Ramona's cooking cleared it up.

Ask if she needs any errands run while you're about town, since you'll be coming back later. Let her know where you need to stop yet on your deliveries.
No. 746334 ID: 3e182c

But if she didn't really eat any.. and the mayor runs the shop... And we don't have any with us... And if the drops by later...

Lets mention that another time.
No. 746344 ID: d62d1b

Woawoa hold up.

Ellen is dealing with the whole Monsters are real shit. we really shouldn't tell her more than we have too.

There might be repurcussions if she knew it was anti monster juice, trying to get more and the like. Ellens had no problems with them since and i don't think the Mayor sees her as a threat. i think we're cool.
No. 746423 ID: 5a15af
File 147312906307.png - (31.48KB , 500x500 , 53.png )

You do not feel comfortable revealing Ramona’s secrets to Ellen, given her close connection with the mayor. Maybe another time, if she builds more rapport with Ramona. Is there anything else you need to speak with Sophie about before you continue to the post office and city hall?
No. 746426 ID: 398fe1

Talk to her about herself. She seems to have an accent- is she not from around here?
No. 746429 ID: 9f3729

Yeah, ask about her accent. It's a neat accent.
No. 746431 ID: 180f83

That one day, Chuck stopped at Ramona's place but Chuck doesn't remember doing that. Maybe we should tell Sophie about that concern?
No. 746440 ID: 350a50

Let's learn a bit more about her, sure.
No. 746470 ID: 5a15af
File 147313339854.png - (37.88KB , 500x500 , 54.png )

You: “You’re not from around here, are you?”

Sophie: “No… neither are you. Hm?”

You: “Where are you from?”

Sophie: “Oh… I do not… expect you to ask. No one ever does.”

Sophie smiles, which is strange to see. Her little fang-things spread apart.

Sophie: “I am from village Nam Ka, Laos.”

You: “What? How the hell did you end up here?”

Sophie: “Long story… you must have work.”
No. 746471 ID: 398fe1

Yeah true, we'll have to come back and talk after work.
No. 746480 ID: 18c9f5

Yeah, we do.
We totally have time to talk after work when we pick up our costumes, though.

See you then, sweet thing.
No. 746493 ID: 1d4e27

Well I'd love to hear it sometime. Perhaps in a park, not too close to the forest, but still in the shade of some trees. I'll bring something from the bakery.
No. 746496 ID: 5a15af
File 147313680964.png - (33.84KB , 500x500 , 56.png )

You make plans to chat more, then say good bye to Sophie, drop off two cookies at the post office, and go to city hall. You open one of the huge, oak double doors and freeze once you are inside.

You are suddenly overcome with fear and begin sweating heavily.
No. 746497 ID: 5a15af
File 147313682151.png - (48.92KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

The mayor is on the other side of the foyer, chatting with Lisa.

a) join the conversation
b) back away slowly
c) other >_
No. 746498 ID: 398fe1

A. Keep your enemies close.
No. 746499 ID: 3e8a9a

Don't be a pussy.
No. 746500 ID: f9b63c

c) Eavesdrop on the conversation in case they mention anything important or interesting.
No. 746501 ID: 1d4e27

And your future partners in lewdness closer.
No. 746503 ID: dee2d9

So if they're both?
How close do we have to be?
No. 746508 ID: 350a50


Followed by A and making your delivery
No. 746510 ID: 91ee5f

Take a reaaal close look at the mayor's chest and just stare. When she asks what you're doing, just tell her that you're looking at the pin (or whatever that circle is supposed to be) on her shirt.
No. 746513 ID: 18c9f5

A. You had your daily does of medicine, you should be fine.

Hell, give it a test run why don't you. Flirt with the mayor a bit.
No. 746514 ID: 65317a

Do a. Show the snek you're not going to stop being lewd by staring at her pendant on her dress.
No. 746515 ID: 180f83

C: Flirt with them
No. 746516 ID: c441c1

bring your charm stat to max with flirting with the snek.
No. 746517 ID: 9876c4

"So she says she worships Yeenoghu, who apparently has dominion over ghouls, too.
I mean not regularly, it's just a family thing."
"Fascinating! I know demons and never even heard of that one!"
"Yeah, he's apparently kind of a big deal in the Flaness?"
"Going to have get my road map out later... oh hello, Chuck."
No. 746522 ID: 3e182c

Why Fear?
You've literally done nothing that would piss off the mayor this week.
And you still got them rocks in your pocket, right?
If she does the eye thing, shake them in one hand, and then touch her nose with the other while saying "NO! Bad mayor. Bad!"
Then finish delivery and leave.
No. 746536 ID: 8d65de

No. 746704 ID: b3f404

What have you actually done that's legitimately BAD in this town? If the mayor gets on your case, it'll become pretty clear there's something wrong. Still, just stick to normal conversation, don't like, talk about her forcibly making lisa chaste.
No. 746717 ID: 064dbf

I think A is the most cat like response in terms of attitude. What kind of cat would be if we were not an asshole? Make some subtly crass comments to her.

Or we could just avoid them entirely. Sneak around them and drop off the food.
No. 746741 ID: 5a15af
File 147322172628.png - (14.99KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

You listen in on the conversation, intent to flirt with one or both of them. They are talking about a time when Lisa accidentally disturbed a hornet’s nest while watering the greenery around city hall.

Lisa: “…looking back it was so funny. When I came running up from the end”

Lisa: “yelling-”

Susanna: “‘Rachel! Rachel!’ Ah ha ha!”

Susanna: “You look so beautiful in that necklace, you know.”

Lisa: “Oh, thank you! It’s my favorite stone, I don’t know how you knew.”

Susanna: “Aha! Ha! Your favorite, that is marvelous.”
No. 746742 ID: 5a15af
File 147322173834.png - (41.69KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

You walk up to them, holding up the pastry bag. Lisa waves from behind her clipboard.

Susanna: “Chuck.”

a) Flirt >_
b) Ask about the necklace
c) Other >_
No. 746743 ID: 647e8f

Other_ How was your day today?
No. 746744 ID: 1d4e27

B+A, because you're bad-ass.
No. 746745 ID: 29c4aa

Tell her how beautiful her necklace is!
No. 746746 ID: 398fe1

...wanna bet the necklace makes you impotent? Get the fuck out of there, Chuck.
No. 746747 ID: 18c9f5

A and B.
Snake Mayor really is a cutie, ain't she? Send some kind words and winks and nudges her way.
No. 746748 ID: 8a204b

"You like beaver girls, dontcha Mayor?"
No. 746750 ID: 3e182c

Well she never did say anything about debauching her now did she.
No. 746751 ID: 647e8f

A Flirt With the Snake by saying how lovely she is today!
No. 746752 ID: fc10b4

This, i think we should build up to it.
No. 746754 ID: 59bd8b

D) ask how her day is going. Then ask how she's getting her necklace to sit like that, all the weight should make if fall but it's staying near her neck. Is it a necklace mixed with a brooch or what?
No. 746756 ID: 91ee5f

C) Stare at her chest. If she asks what you're doing, just tell her that you're admiring the pin (or whatever that circle is) on her shirt.
No. 746760 ID: 9876c4

Sort of a Necklooch. Or a Breklace.

I say confine flirting to dah beavah, but what do I know.
No. 746762 ID: 65317a

She looks oddly calm since the last few times we saw her. B plus "stare at it" while really looking at her rack. Because that's how we roll.
No. 746774 ID: 0b9b17

Inquire about gravity-resistant necklace.
No. 746792 ID: 8a204b

Don't think that's a necklace. Looks to me like it's a brooch, and what you all think is the necklace chain is actually the hem of the collar of her top.
No. 746794 ID: af77bd

Lisa is wearing the necklace, not Suzanna.
No. 746795 ID: 3e182c

ask about Suzanna's... thing, then.
And Flirt, of course.
No. 746798 ID: 44bc30

Tell her you've noticed a strong association between neck decorations and beautiful women today, there isn't some local tradition you're not aware of, is there? You haven't noticed anything similar with the men.

Not that you've noticed many men around at all, compared to the number of women. You've found yourself wondering if something happened to most of them, ha ha. Ha.
No. 746910 ID: 350a50

Compliment the mayor and ask how her day is going.
No. 746920 ID: 15a025

B. Avoid looking her in the eye at all costs.
No. 747020 ID: 9027d0

>Tell her you've noticed a strong association between neck decorations and beautiful women today, there isn't some local tradition you're not aware of, is there?

Yeah, go with this part.
No. 747071 ID: 350a50

"Good morning, Madam Mayor. Glad to see you chipper again - your eyes are so much more lovely when not marred by tears."
No. 747194 ID: 6103f4

Well that's cute, Susanna has changed her style. You should probably comment on that. Try to ask if she is starting a new chapter in her life...
No. 747499 ID: 36295c

be nice to snek
No. 747500 ID: f6a7c2

I agree, lets be nice to Mayor Solid Snake.
No. 747507 ID: 6c9297

Why? Was snek nice to us? As I remember we have bits of our memory lost forever because of her. I don't know about Chuck but I detest being manipulated like this, not to mention the feeling of an early onset of Dementia, Alzheimer.
No. 747508 ID: c6ba2a

Lets refrain from introducing her to OUR solid snake until we can be sure we will be safe (and not hypnotized).
No. 747513 ID: 91cfcf

If nothing else, pragmatism. She has enormous influence over our life. Let's be nice to the lady who could conceivably decide whether we live or die. Or at least how often we score.
No. 747515 ID: 3e182c

Because it's unwise to escalate a situation needlessly. Especially if that situation happens to include a vampire with mind control powers. Double Especially if you aren't equipped with Garlic, a wooden cross carved into a stake, purified salt, or holy water.
No. 747527 ID: 5a15af
File 147363725936.png - (38.18KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

You: “I’ve noticed there’s something going on in town with necklaces and beautiful women.”

Susanna: “You hellion. This is more of a brooch, but I did make it myself.”

You squint.

You: “New hobby?”
No. 747528 ID: 5a15af
File 147363727321.png - (34.33KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

Susanna: “Yessss~”

Susanna: “Though I wouldn’t call it new, it is a hobby to be sure.”

Susanna: “I am running low on stones…”

You: “Let me guess. You want me to find you a diamond?”

Susanna laughs flamboyantly.

Susanna: “A diamond. Oh ho dear, you might as well bring me a lump of coal. Any old quartz will do, but if you could find some rare Coxwette blue agate…”

Susanna: “I would certainly make it worth your while.”
No. 747529 ID: 398fe1

Ohhhh? I'm sure there's lots of things she could give you that would be worth your while.

Accept quest. Then get on with the route. Don't talk to Lisa, you probably want to keep your distance from that necklace of hers.
No. 747530 ID: 350a50

"You don't need to tell me agate."
No. 747552 ID: 8d65de

to f the s you need some stones
No. 747556 ID: e4dc68

I bet the only Coxwette blue agate is found in the Plath House and she just wants to keep screwing the Plaths over.
No. 747557 ID: 3e182c

We happen to have some blue stones, (probably the ones she wants) on us. But Somehow I don't want to give them up. I feel like they might be a protective gris-gris since their a Plath artifact of sorts. I would ask Ramona about both this necklace hobby and the stones first before supplying Suzanna with anything.
No. 747565 ID: 65317a

As much as I like the snek do not give her those stones. They will only cause the bad to happen. Though you should ask her on a sort of "date" a walk perhaps. Just listen to her talk and get a better feeling about her wishes and wants.
No. 747569 ID: 398fe1

Well I mean obviously we're going to find out what's so special about that type of stone. And also what Lisa's necklace stone is for. It's a good reason to look up geology/gemstone books in the library. Ramona might know about it, too.
No. 747575 ID: 3e182c

Some quick research into spiritualist mumbo-jumbo suggests Blue Agate Calms, relaxes and tranquilizes the mind, making it easier to accept things.

She may want it to enhance her hypnotic abilities, especially since Chuck specifically has shown resistance to it.
No. 747584 ID: 5a15af
File 147364665568.png - (32.98KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

You decide not to tell her about the stones that you have right away.

You: “Worth my while, huh?”

You: “Alright Monty. Monty python. Let’s make a deal.”
No. 747585 ID: 5a15af
File 147364668978.png - (55.88KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

Susanna: “All business. I like that. Mmm… ok.”
No. 747586 ID: 5a15af
File 147364670932.png - (41.72KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

Susanna: “What do you want from me?”

The room seems to disappear into vague darkness, and your heart starts to race. You feel cold. You focus on the mayor’s eyes, like a pair of oncoming headlights on a dark highway. Your arms and legs move in pulses like they are trapped in gelatin, but otherwise you are completely cognizant.

a) Make a demand >_
b) call her out on her shit
c) pretend to be hypnotized
No. 747587 ID: 398fe1

a/b: "Stop doing that, for one."
No. 747588 ID: 3abd97

"Oh come on, why you doing that, you already know that doesn't work on me. We were having a nice conversation here."
No. 747589 ID: 1f182b

Well that's just rude.
No. 747590 ID: a788b7


anal, basically
No. 747591 ID: 15a025

Who is Harold Pal!
No. 747592 ID: e383ad

A blowjob, maybe? Barring that, let's go with C. A bit of undercover work never hurts.
No. 747593 ID: 6c25ef

a) anal, basically
No. 747594 ID: c1e7d1

"You tell me YOUR side of this story."
No. 747595 ID: 3abd97

The blase indifferent disrespect this shows to her mystic bullshit mumbo jumbo is fantastic.
No. 747596 ID: f6a7c2

This might be a good opportunity to undercover, like >>747592 suggested. Maybe we can figure out the extent of her powers, and the kind of things she makes people do.

[C] Say something like "To follow your beck and call" or maybe just look off at nothing paticular and droll a bit.
No. 747598 ID: 18c9f5

"Stopping this spooky eye thing would be a good start."
No. 747601 ID: b1960b

For sure Anal
No. 747605 ID: a4ec41

C: pretend to be hypnotized. She's much more likely to reveal her true plans if she believes you're under her control.
No. 747606 ID: a788b7


That's a really dumb idea.

Pretending to be hypnotized is one thing, offering to be subservient as a deal with somebody who MIGHT be an actual deal-bartering devil or some such nonsense is a really really dumb one because she might be able to accept and enforce it.
No. 747610 ID: fc10b4

Okay i can agree that what i said was pretty stupid. Still pretend that her trick worked tho. Maybe in the future when she tries again we can surprise herwhen it counts. Just dont make any deals like smart anon suggested.
No. 747611 ID: 91ee5f

These. And tell her you don't have time for her eye thing because you've got a delivery route to finish!
No. 747612 ID: 8d65de

B call out that shit
No. 747613 ID: 36295c

"Well if you keep making yourself irresistibly attractive with glances like that towards me, I'd say we forget the stones and go on a date."
No. 747614 ID: 8d65de

Also think off the thing in the wood she if she reacts to that
No. 747615 ID: 595d54

"Well that's just rude and I'd like it if you stopped doing that out of manners, but I'll settle for information about Harold Pal."
No. 747618 ID: e4dc68

Anal solves everything
No. 747621 ID: 65317a

I'd say we go the middle ground and suggest a date. That can lead to more *ahem* fun and also deeper backstory understanding. We just have to keep it secret from our boss...
No. 747622 ID: 5a15af
File 147365619433.png - (36.63KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

You: “Anal, basically.”

You: “Oh, and stopping with the creepy eye thing would be nice, too.”
No. 747623 ID: 5a15af
File 147365620768.png - (34.07KB , 500x500 , 67.png )


Susanna: “Im… possible”
No. 747624 ID: 5a15af
File 147365622352.png - (31.00KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

You: “Oh”

You: “let me tell you”

You: “It ain’t.”

You: “It might seem impossible at first, but get a little lube on there and…”
No. 747625 ID: 5a15af
File 147365625663.png - (43.33KB , 500x500 , 65.png )


Susanna: “No…”

Susanna: “Not that. There’s… no link. At all. You’re… just unaffected completely.”
No. 747626 ID: 9f3729

Yessss, this is the vision I crave
"Have you tried talking to me like a normal person and using actual words and discussion instead of creepy mind control bullshit? It might work a bit better, and make you seem a bit less astonishingly evil."
No. 747627 ID: a788b7


Well really, if you're looking to 'link up' that's exactly what I'm talking about
No. 747628 ID: 398fe1

Is Lisa hearing this?

Tell Susanna it must be all the abstinence you've been partaking in lately. It's really weird for you. Only one way to fix that! Plus, it'd let her give you a thorough physical inspection.
No. 747629 ID: 6c25ef

"No baby, you affect me plenty. If you want a link, we just have to work for it a little. Let The Legend show you how it's done."
No. 747630 ID: 3abd97

Then I guess one of us is a soulless monster or something!

Good thing I'm an honest businessman and you have other ways to get what you want from me.

Deal or no deal, toots?
No. 747632 ID: e383ad

Flirt.exe online
No. 747634 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, Susanna.
Did you truly believe your power to be infinite? Unquestionable?
Don't be simple.
There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
No. 747635 ID: 180f83

"what are you talking about? you ARE making me feel affectionate for you"

Lets play dumb, and keep flirting. This is hilarious.
No. 747636 ID: 44bc30


Geez, Saulanna, I don't know how your eye mind powers work. I mean, I resisted most of it last time, maybe if you don't get someone properly the first time then it just shuts it off completely from then on? I don't know everything. You don't know everything. No-one knows everything. We all gotta be open to learning new things now and then, don't you think?

There's lots of new things you could learn from me, I promise.
No. 747637 ID: 91ee5f

Guys, let's wrap this up real quick. We've still got some deliveries to finish!
No. 747639 ID: a788b7


look I don't think you get it.

We're TRYING to make a delivery here.
No. 747640 ID: 5a15af
File 147365863067.png - (32.01KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

You: “Oh no, I’d definitely be affected.”

You: “In fact, it’s actually really tight, so I’d start-”
No. 747641 ID: 5a15af
File 147365865280.png - (44.67KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

Susanna: “Stop”

Susanna: “Would you just”

Susanna: “Stop talking about anal for a second.”

Susanna: “You’re not responding to carnal speech… it’s just not possible”
No. 747642 ID: 5a15af
File 147365866396.png - (37.55KB , 500x500 , 70.png )


Lisa: “Does anyone, uh”

Lisa: “Maybe want some coffee or something.”

Susanna: “Lisa!”

Susanna: “Cover your ears, you don’t need to hear this filth.”

Lisa: “Yes Madam Mayor.”
No. 747644 ID: 398fe1

Oh carnal speech, now we're talking. That's a SUPER sexy name for whatever she's been doing.

Ask her if she's aware the mayor has weird mind control powers.
No. 747645 ID: a788b7

I don't know, from where I'm standing YOU'RE the one avoiding a response to some pretty carnal speech
No. 747646 ID: 398fe1

Oh we should probably like, ask why it's impossible.
No. 747647 ID: 3abd97

Shoot a cheeky grin at the flustered beaver.

Hey, if you start talking carnally to me I'll respond, all right.

So do we have a deal or not?
No. 747648 ID: 6c25ef

I need a little bit more than just speech. Are we making this happen or what?
No. 747649 ID: e383ad

Keep up the flirt.exe! With a little luck we'll either get laid or weird her out!
No. 747650 ID: 5a15af
File 147365965806.png - (33.10KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

You: “I don’t know mayor, this speech seems PRETTY CARNAL TO ME”

You: “How about you, Lisa? Did you know the mayor has crazy mind control powers?”

You: “Are you drinking reveyee too or what”

Susanna: “It’s not mind control!”

Susanna: “It’s-”
No. 747652 ID: 5a15af
File 147365967704.png - (41.29KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

Lisa: “Wait. Reveyee…?”

Lisa: “Do you mean réveillé?”
No. 747654 ID: 398fe1

Oh my god chuck no you're not supposed to tell her why you're immune.

WELP ask Lisa what that is.
No. 747655 ID: 595d54

"Yeah that'd be it. And Susanna, stop trying to hijack my brain and I'll stop talking about anal."

Since she's not doing it right now, ask about Harold Pal. Seriously, we need to know about him.
No. 747656 ID: 3abd97

How would I know what I mean? And weren't you supposed to be covering your ears, little lady? Tut tut.

Also we seem to have gotten side tracked. We want to find out if the snek will take the deal.
No. 747657 ID: 71d443

Wee wee! Zat ees correct.
Hey look snayor, I'm speakin' fancy too!
No. 747660 ID: 5a15af
File 147366138228.png - (47.90KB , 500x500 , 74.png )

Susanna: “Lisa I said cover your ears!
No. 747661 ID: 5a15af
File 147366139540.png - (37.26KB , 500x500 , 73.png )


Susanna whips around again.

Susanna: “Enough! Chuck! Focus!”

Susanna: “I can only assume that the Plaths have given you something to resist my speech.”

Susanna looks concerned briefly, then shakes her head in resignation. She smiles and speaks in a lyrical tone.

Susanna: “I cannot deal with this right nooooowww~”

Susanna: “Will you find me the rocks?”

No. 747662 ID: 398fe1

That depends on if she's agreeing to what you're asking.
No. 747663 ID: e383ad

Sure, why the fuck not? Just going to have to fish them out of my foreskin.
No. 747664 ID: 1d1991

"Only if you promise to not try to mind-control me, or anyone else in this town, anymore. You want to have loyalty, try and have it the hard way!"
No. 747665 ID: 3abd97

Hey she used the speech on Lisa. What did Lisa look like? What does she look like now? Is she all zombie-like?

>will you help me find the rocks
We were discussing the matter of payment for those services, I thought?

(But yes, we should agree. Whether we're lying or will actually follow through is a matter for another day).
No. 747666 ID: 71d443

Like we said, we'll find the booty in exchange for plunderin' the booty.
No. 747667 ID: e4dc68

Keep screaming 'ASS' at her.
No. 747668 ID: 18c9f5

I dunno. Maybe we should strike a deal without hypnosis bullshit or whatever. You know, like two normal functioning adults.
No. 747669 ID: 1f182b

Well you're gonna expand your ability to deal with it, because I'm not dropping something like this that quick.

Also I don't know the first thing about the rocks you're talking about.
No. 747671 ID: 5a15af
File 147366395553.png - (45.42KB , 500x500 , 75.png )

You: “As long as we’ve got a deal, I’ll find your dumb rocks.”

You: “And as long as you stop mind-controlling people.”

Susanna: “It’s. Not. Mind control.”

Susanna: “The loyalty of my citizens is-”

You: “Whatever. Do we have a deal?”

The mayor looks livid with you.


Susanna: “Fine.
No. 747672 ID: 5a15af
File 147366397999.png - (34.33KB , 500x500 , 76.png )

You: “Whaaaaat were the exact terms of the deal agaaaain?”

You lean in.

Susanna rolls her eyes, then leans in too.
No. 747673 ID: 5a15af
File 147366400654.png - (53.81KB , 500x500 , 77.png )

Susanna: “Bring me some Coxwette blue agate… and I’ll let you put your dick in my ass.”

Susanna: “Is that clear enough?”


You: “Yes ma’am.”
No. 747674 ID: 398fe1

Alright I suspect this is the end of the conversation, so tell her you'll get right on it, and to enjoy her pastries.

I'd like to know what it is, if not mind control, but we can ask next time.
No. 747675 ID: 3abd97

Snekbutt quest get.

Time to part ways. You'll have to think about when and if you want to cash in your rocks to get your rocks off. Might want to try and find out from other sources what she might want them for / be able to do with them.
No. 747676 ID: 18c9f5

Man, it sounds so much better when you say it.

I'll keep an eye open, ma'am.
No. 747677 ID: d81dca

that plus that whole not using 'carnal speech' and any other weird mind-influencing shit on the citizens
No. 747678 ID: 71d443

that's not our problem. Long as she deals straight with us, you can't police a whole town for what she's doing. Which as far as we know, has been working just fine so far.
No. 747680 ID: 18c9f5

She either really wants that rock or really wants to get laid. Maybe a bit of both, even.
No. 747681 ID: 91ee5f

"Heeey! No fair! Why does Lisa get to look at your butt when I'm the one asking for it?!"

Also, good lord, imagine the oral with that tounge she's got!~~~
No. 747682 ID: 5a15af
File 147366579139.png - (42.22KB , 500x500 , 78.png )

You: “I’ll see you later, Susanna. Enjoy your muffin.”

At first you think that you might still be under the effect of the mayor’s speech, but then you realize that there is just no blood left in any non-groin bodyparts. Your blood is hot, and you could go for some more carnal speech around town right about now. You still have one stop left, and it’s the doughnuts at the police station.

Will you still stop to talk to the police, and where will you go after that?
No. 747683 ID: 398fe1

Ask the police lady if they found anything in the forest. Then go straight back to Ramona and ask her for booze and what the agates are for. Also report on the results of the stuff she made you eat.
No. 747684 ID: 18c9f5

Ask if the police made any progress with their investigation. After that, go make a date with Marcie. We've got a bottle to crack open, and if anyone in this town deserves a good lay it's her.
No. 747685 ID: f562b1

>Will you still stop to talk to the police
Are you sure you aren't under her effects? Maybe she changed it on you.
No. 747690 ID: b3f404

Well at least she might not actually be as bad as she's seemed to be. Talk to the popo. Hey wouldn't it be hilarious if they deputized you? After all, you're looking into this creepy forest bullshit weirdness anyway.
No. 747696 ID: 9876c4

You persued the wrong butt, Chuck.


No. 747705 ID: 65317a

Go to the police station. If your boner still persists while there just flirt with Layla for a bit while hearing about the way the case is going.
No. 747708 ID: 44bc30

When you get to the police, tell them sorry for being late, the Mayor held you for a while to discuss running an errand for her. Inquire after investigations and then go back to the Plath house to discuss anti-snayorscheme shenanigans.
No. 747709 ID: f1b116

We need to claim our prize (dat snake booty) asap. Finish off the errands quickly then let's deliver that rock. Butt first. But first accidentally on purpose flash Linda a profile glimpse of little chuck at attention then do the same down at the station. But then butt.
No. 747710 ID: cc7ce4

maybe we should look up what exactly this rock does before giving it to the mayor. While I'm all for sticking things in butts, it's better to be safe than sorry - especially when dealing with mind controlling snake women
No. 747711 ID: c18501

Those necklaces almost certainly boost her power. Buddy, if you actually think you're getting anal, boy do I wish I had your naïveté.
No. 747712 ID: 9876c4

We should consider the offer genuine, and generous. We should ALSO consider what would motivate her to make such a lewd offer.

Ass-isting the Snek may move us to endquest content. We should settle our other affairs first.
No. 747714 ID: 595d54

We should consider the possibility that it's genuine and generous. We should also consider the possibility that it isn't.

So, reasons why the snayor might want anal: She might be trying to jump on the grenade and get Chuck to stop propositioning other women, in which case she's horribly mistaken. She might also really want that cat dick, which seems somewhat unexpected. Or the blue agate, but she doesn't actually have to put out when she gets it.

Reasons why she would be lying: She wants the agate and dislikes lewd things happening in "her" village.
No. 747720 ID: 667c67

Maybe we should have a backup plan? Like getting a bottle of whatever that thing was that dogmom gave you that made you resist snek's hypnosis thing in case shit gets crazy? Or maybe get some ass-istance from naz/dogmom (or just someone else we can trust) to be able to escape?

I mean, she doesn't have a mental link, but we have no idea if a carnal link would work too.
No. 747722 ID: 9876c4

Exactly. As long as she thinks we're helping her, we have carte blanche to do whatever we want.

The minute we do it, that goes away.
No. 747730 ID: b9aa79

réveillé lube anyone?
Wait, aside from getting our rocks off why exactly do we want to do anal with the mayor? As far as I can tell she doesn't seem like she has good intentions for us, and with the way things are going you get could tail from pretty much anyone we want at this point. I don't know about you, but I rarely want to screw people who are plotting against me. You've got to admit something is seriously fucked up with this town Chuck, and she's definitely involved.
No. 747732 ID: 398fe1

If we really want that ass and are willing to give up a gem to get it, we can show it to her, then demand payment up rear.
No. 747746 ID: 71d443

We do, but to avoid suspicion (and to make sure we even have the right stuff) we should give it a day at least. And finish our rounds.

Let's ask the policewoman what she thinks about the snayor.
No. 747751 ID: 3740b1

I say call her bluff immediately (if it is one). Show her the stone and demand payment before handing it over. She obviously wants the thing and we've already proven immune to her powers so at worst we'll have determined that she was making a bs deal. At best we get to knock two things off our bucket list. We definitely surprised her with this conversation - giving her time to regain her footing and plan something tricky for us that doesn't rely on her powers seems like bad course of action. We have the upper hand for the moment - better to press the advantage.
No. 747752 ID: fc10b4

Lets do it.
No. 747755 ID: 79a07e


May I suggest an adjustment: Show her a PICTURE of the agate (and maybe you in the photo so she doesn't think you just got it off the net or something), then bring that to her saying, 'Hey look what I found. I'll bring it to you, but I want to know you're legit first. Show me dat snekbutt.'
No. 747756 ID: 3740b1

I'd also like to add that taking a drastic course with the only character we know of who could be considered a villain might liven things up one way or another. We've fallen into a bit of a rut, and if we're not careful we may find ourselves just another part of the scenery in this picture perfect little village. Doing a workaday routine is not who Chuck is. Chuck just does that shit to get by in between adventures. Chuck is a rebel and a rowdy and a roustabout and a rapscallion and a rogue. Chuck is a rude and crude motherfucking Legend and there's two things he'd never let slip by: ass and a chance to upset the status quo. This is both.
No. 747767 ID: e047fe

One blue agate, plus your soul, presumably. We should probably tell Ramona about this offer since she seems to know what's up.
No. 747768 ID: 3e182c

Woah there!
Let's not show our hand so readily.
Saying we can get something and saying we have something put us in two totally different positions.

If we dangle this thing in front of her nose Suzanna WILL find a way to get it from Chuck weather or not we decide to give it over.

Also do we really need Snek ass right now? There are currently two, possibly three other chicks that want Chucks D right now.
No. 747774 ID: 350a50

The prude mayor is willing to sell her ass for these stones. Don't give them to her.
No. 747786 ID: 398fe1

...is what we're doing technically prostitution? Could we get the mayor in trouble with the law?
No. 747787 ID: b6992b

Should have asked if she had any clue what that monster is in the forest. It has attacked two of her citizens and now a tourist?! What is she going to do about that?!
No. 747790 ID: 9876c4

She's going to keep summoning them to deal with any opposition.

Susie is not a reasonable authority figure, and she is not our buddy.
No. 747795 ID: e383ad

I like this idea a bit. Tease her with it, see just how desperate she is to get it. Gauging off her reaction we can either demand the anal now or know that this is an absolutely horrible idea and should probably just say that we found the picture in an old scrapbook.
No. 747836 ID: b88e5a

We're sure being cocky. Just because the power she's been toying with isn't working on us doesn't mean she doesn't have a fallback plan.

Maybe I'm just underestimating Chuck's "charm", but it's at least as likely that our good snake gave in to Chuck's demands because she knows she is going to win.

I suggest we don't tell her we have the stone, and try to figure out how she might use it before we do. Before we go, ask about Harold.
No. 747838 ID: d3768b

This: >>747836
No. 747840 ID: 18c950

"Ask about Harold" could even be an easy transition that you may be able to convince her that, at the very least, you think it's in her interest to tell you. e.g. "Hey, when I first showed up I met this guy, Harold Pal... seemed real helpful for finding stuff, maybe he'd know where to find some blue rocks" or whatever.
No. 747850 ID: 6612fa

i say we taint the blue agate so whatever she plans to do with it will fail outright.
we should go talk to momma plaith about what she can do with blue agate and how to taint it
No. 747852 ID: f30bbe

Talk to the police. Ask her a bit about the town history and her background maybe. Mention that Ellen was definitely attacked around 10 years ago as well, but doesn't like talking about it. See what her take is on possibly supernatural causes...

After the police maybe you should go see Ellen and see if she would want to meet up with Davey at the farm. He was a bit of an ass the last time you went by, but apparently he once had a nice side to him. If those two hook up then maybe he'll provide cider and apples.
No. 747857 ID: 1a2e5d

I'm all for telling Layla about more attacks, it's important for her to be alert
No. 747859 ID: 9876c4

Let's not blab Ellen's secrets.

The bit with the Lees, we could certainly attempt.
No. 748004 ID: 6c25ef

We can let this simmer. We have costumes to collect!

Also, I'm reaaaaaal curious how big the video camera involved in the porn shoot is. Ideally, small enough to sneak into our snek butt session.
No. 748005 ID: 9f3729

Good plan. Approach mommadog about this 4 sure
No. 748008 ID: 91ee5f

No. 748071 ID: 3e182c

Oh. Ohhoho. That's dirty.
I Love Dirty

Put that on the mission list as an optional objective.
No. 748116 ID: 064dbf

Yes! I like the idea of tainting the stone if she wants to use it for something.

Really though I think our main play needs to be to seduce the snake. When we find the stone we are REALLY REALLY going to need to bring our A game so we can come out of this on top. Give her a taste of what the ledge is capable of and leave her wanting more. Not only would it be a good power play we might get her to lower her guard some.

But that's not important right now. We need to get to the police station and check out some more of that golden Amazonian booty. I hope we get lucky and she needs to bend over to fetch some paperwork.
No. 748117 ID: 03e118

Maybe you should scrounge up some other minerals and see what other sexual favors you could trade for. There's no way that could possibly go wrong!
No. 748236 ID: 5a15af
File 147409132940.png - (46.67KB , 500x500 , 79.png )

You strongly consider the idea of somehow tainting the agate before giving it over to Susanna, but you will need to consult with Ramona to find out exactly how something like that might be done.

Heh heh. Taint.

As tempting as it is to report the mayor for semi-precious stone-based prostitution, you keep your mouth shut when you get to the police station, aside from asking about Layla’s stakeout.

Layla: “We got nothin’.”

You: “Seriously?”

Layla: “Yep. We stayed up all night in four shifts. North and south. Didn’t find nothin’.”
No. 748237 ID: 9f3729

"Well fuck. I dunno, I'll call if I get another incident with them then."
No. 748238 ID: 398fe1

Well, tell her you have a couple good ideas on how to get them to show up but it's embarrassing and might not be legal for her to encourage.

(girls kissing girls works, apparently)
No. 748251 ID: 3e182c

Well shit. Thanks for lookin out then?
I wish I had a camera or somethin. That way if it happens again I could snap a pic of the guy.
No. 748260 ID: 9876c4

This with a side of worry. What if they show up again?
Let's see if she can talk us into arming ourselves, without broaching the subject ourself.
No. 748261 ID: 49f18e

Tell her that you know of another attack that occured but the victim wishes to remain anonymous
No. 748263 ID: 6c25ef

Thank the officer for her hard work.

Get porn outfits.
No. 748264 ID: 3e182c

A: Both were a long time ago.
B: Cops take that shit super seriously. Don't say that. She won't let Chuck leave till we give a name. At the very least we'll end up spending way too much time here and hurting our credibility.
No. 748272 ID: a632d6

Well, crap. Tell her you are thankful for her help, and maybe tell her that if you ever see that creep again you will try to get some real proof.
No. 748290 ID: b6992b

Sperg out.

"You got nothing!? Some hideous figure is attacking and stalking your townsfolk, the ones you are suppose to be protecting! What kind of police force is this where the citizens are scared to even report getting stabbed by needles!"

In your fit of anger you rip off your shirt, showing those well-toned pecs to Layla. The heat and testosterone radiating from your body should be activating some feral instinct in the dog lady now.

Now is the time to fug.
No. 748294 ID: 65317a

Thank her for their effort. Ask her how she is doing, how the donuts are holding up. We haven't interacted with this character much I feel we should start.
No. 748296 ID: 6612fa

apologize about them having to stay up so late and tell her you feel safer knowing they are doing the best jobs they can
maybe drop a hint in there that a woman that can easily kick your ass in a fight is hot
No. 748325 ID: 505f10

Thank her for her help and say that you'll let her know if you run into him again.
No. 748345 ID: 44bc30

Tell her you asked around yourself. In addition to you and Geoff, you discovered the farmer just outside town's seen them before, and a woman who says she thinks encountered one when she was young.

I know it's not in your nature to help the police, Charlie, but think of it this way: the more effort they're spending chasing monsters, the less effort they can put into watching you.
No. 748353 ID: 8111b6

Let out an apologetic 'aww'. Maybe see if you can work her 'protect the town' nature. Apologize for taking the time and maybe ask if there's any way you might make it up to her.

Who knows? If you get in good with her goods, maybe she'd overlook some questionable actions in the future... and if she doesn't, perhaps she could make whatever hypothetical punishment there was a bit more fun. Small-town cops, right?
No. 748589 ID: 7f5f44

It must be laying low now after the failed murder but it could also be that it only goes after those it deems immoral. I hate to say it Chuck but we might need you to play bait. I think this is a lost cause though.

Instead let's thank the pretty police dog for taking a look into it. Then we switch to full on flirt mood. Remember that booty Chuck. That sexy, thick butt... Where was I?

Oh right! Let's see if we do something for her. Some kind of favor for all the hard work. I would advise against going to the cafe as Penny thinks we're only going after Marcie and we do NOT want that kind of drama.
No. 748833 ID: 4b1a7b

Oh shit i've missed some important stuff.

Upon reading up to where we are, i believe the best course of action is to drop everything and find that rock.

No. 748837 ID: 398fe1

If you mean the blue agate, it's quite likely Chuck has some already, because he's a dirty thief.
No. 748997 ID: 145eb5

I was hoping the description of this mission would say something about getting your rocks off...
No. 748998 ID: 145eb5

Thank her for her efforts, and ask how you can help.

Also ask her if there's anything special about blue agate.
No. 748999 ID: 145eb5

Also, ask her specifically about the bait idea.
No. 749008 ID: 5a15af
File 147452634187.png - (46.09KB , 500x500 , 81.png )

You: “Huh. Yeah, well. Thanks for your help, anyway.”

Layla: “Don’t mention it.”

You: “I wonder if we could lure these things out somehow…”

Layla strokes her chin.

You: “I get the feeling they’re drawn to acts of sin.”

Layla: “Acts of sin. I gotta tell ya, pal. That’s pretty nuts-o, buddy.”

You: “You’re tellin’ me.”

You: “Say, do you know anything about blue agate?”

Layla: “Coxwette blue agate?”

You: “Yeah.”

Layla: “Not much. It’s real rare, real pretty. I’d love a couple earrings with that stuff on ‘em.”


You: “Earrings? You? Really?
No. 749009 ID: 5a15af
File 147452636273.png - (52.13KB , 500x500 , 82.png )

Layla: “Earrings. Yeah. So what?”

Layla: “Somethin’ funny about me wearin’ earrings?”

You: “Nothing. Nothing whatsoever.”

Layla: “Yeah, well. That stuff’s real rare, alright. Real rare.”

Layla: “Anyway. You see any more o’ dem monsters, you come get me, pal. Alright?”

Layla: “That’s bananas.”
No. 749010 ID: 5a15af
File 147452637373.png - (36.61KB , 500x500 , 83.png )

You: “Yeah yeah dat’s bananas

You: “Ay ay taxiii come ON I’m late for da Yankees game”

Layla: “Hey. Shut up. Doughnuts on the table, pal.”
No. 749011 ID: 9f3729

Deposit donut, doff hat as you scramble on to your next hungry client
No. 749013 ID: 398fe1

You're the boss lady.
No. 749014 ID: 91ee5f

There are no more clients. Police station was the final stop on the delivery route.
No. 749016 ID: 6612fa

that entire situation could have been handled better.
we pretty much just sassed off a cop that was trying to help us for no reason after she was being polite with us.
No. 749017 ID: 9f3729

it was a friendly jab jesus christ
if anything we should encourage more
No. 749024 ID: 9876c4

I always figured Layla for more of a german accent.

That shit is bananas.
No. 749044 ID: 505f10

No. 749058 ID: 29a6bd

I think we were bonding, actually.
No. 749097 ID: 5a15af
File 147456563462.png - (46.85KB , 500x500 , 84.png )

When you were a kid, your mother told you that if you squinted too much, your eyes would get stuck like that. You never believed her, but now you think that that actually might have happened to Layla.

You: “Alright alright. Dollas to doughnuts.”

Layla: “Huh huh. Alright wiseguy, that’s enough. What do I look like, a Dodgers fan? I’m from the Bronx.


You: “Dodgers?”

Layla: “Yeah? The Brooklyn Dodgers.”


You: “You mean the LA Dodgers.”

Layla: “LA? Think you’re bein’ funny?”

You are suddenly really creeped out, but you don’t think Layla notices. It makes you wonder how many people here came from outside of Coxwette. Ah well. You’re done with your rounds for today, so where are you going to go next?
No. 749099 ID: c441c1

We need to pick up the costumes, and it might be fun to give Lisa a gift of Reveeyee.
Commit social suicide and ask Layla how old she is.
No. 749100 ID: fa8f9d

...What just happened? Is she faking being from new grok or something?
No. 749101 ID: 398fe1

Ask her what year it is.
No. 749102 ID: 2a7417

Maybe she's not faking it, maybe the author is faking it.
No. 749107 ID: df90d0

Flirt. Flirt hard right now.
"Man, y'know, for such a hard-working woman, you look so youthful."
"If you don't mind, what's your birthday? I'd like to get you a gift for it for being so helpful with this case. To stop you, I know it's your duty as an officer, I am still grateful to the pretty person who kept a watchful eye out for me."
No. 749108 ID: 3e182c

Is that snake rewriting peoples pasts?
That's downright creepy.

Yeah. Ask her what year it is. Don't argue with her if its wrong.

Drop by the Shoppe and pay for the Costumes, though I wouldn't pick them up just yet. Have her hold them until tomorrow. Wait until your well rested before trying to remember a bunch of lines while performing complex positions.

In the meantime, you do still have a bottle of gin, and I'm curious to see what Marcie becomes when she's on the sauce.
No. 749134 ID: 15a025

Instead of sounding weird by asking what year it is, maybe it'd better to check out a recent newspaper.
No. 749135 ID: 3e182c

Does Coxwette have a local newspaper?
Point would be to see what year she thinks it is, not what year it actually is.
Besides. I think chuck could spin the year question without being too weird.
No. 749156 ID: 350a50

Just straight up ask what year it is.
No. 749164 ID: 5a15af
File 147458452989.png - (42.15KB , 500x500 , 85.png )

You: “What year is it?”

Layla: “What year is it?”

Layla: “What kind of question is that?”

Layla: “It’s 19…”

Layla: “Uh. 19…”

Layla: “Huh. I don’t… know how long I’ve…”

Layla: “Well it’s gotta be around…”

Layla: “I… I don’t know when I got here, boss. Couldn’t tell ya.”
No. 749165 ID: 9f3729

well shit
"Wait, what? It's the 21st century, our years start with a two-thousand now. You feeling alright?"
No. 749166 ID: 398fe1


Tell her she should maybe look into that-- maybe she has some archived paperwork that will shed some light on things? You'll start asking other people too. Something fucking weird is going on here, that's for sure.

Tell her what year it was when you hopped into town.
No. 749168 ID: c441c1

"Maybe you should stop by the Plath house sometime and ask for a bowl of Ramona's homecooking. I promise that nothing bad could happen. :>" yes speak the face outload.
No. 749171 ID: 3abd97

>would like blue agate earrings.
Well I guess if we ever want to charm her and we don't give all we got to the snayor, that's one option.

Make some excuse or joke to cover the awkward moment and let her retreat from it.

Hey Chuck, can you remember what year it is? Don't need to tell her, but can you?
No. 749176 ID: 9876c4

Still unconfirmed, depending how young Chuck is.
Present day, he'd be an unlikely 41, but 20 in 1995.

No. 749178 ID: 5a15af
File 147458753013.png - (56.68KB , 500x500 , 86.png )

You: “You don’t remember what year you came to Coxwette?”

Layla: “I dunno. Nobody’s really ever asked me.”

You start to tell her what year it is, but you draw a blank.

You: “I’ll get to your bottom. Of this. The bottom this.”

You: “I was just thinking about the year like twenty minutes ago. I must be psyching myself out or something.”

Layla: “You got me kinda scared now, buddy.

a) ask her why she came here
b) change the subject >_
c) flirt with her >_
d) ask about Harold Pal
e) ask about the mayor
No. 749181 ID: 398fe1

...a computer connected to the internet will know what year it is. We just have to go visit the computer lab to solve this mystery.

No. 749182 ID: 65317a

She said she didnt know when she got here when we asked what year it was. Ask her who won the last world series or whats the tallest building in the united states. That should help narrow it down.
No. 749184 ID: 064dbf

A & C. I'd like to know about D but that can wait.
No. 749185 ID: 350a50

A, D
Also this
No. 749188 ID: bb78f2

HOw do you write police reports without the date? What about your station computers?
No. 749189 ID: 44bc30

Quick, Chuck: imagine bright neon colors, skateboards, rollerblades, turtles who are ninjas and grunge music. Do these things sound cool to you?

Also, A and D.
No. 749192 ID: 5a15af
File 147459042876.png - (54.13KB , 500x500 , 87.png )

You: “Ok, who won the last World Series?”

Layla starts to shake.

Layla: “Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me?”

Layla: “The Yankees! Rematch of the century?”

She starts to pound her fist into her palm.

Layla: “We smoked the Dodgers, two and O.”
No. 749193 ID: 5a15af
File 147459044258.png - (27.88KB , 500x500 , 88.png )

You break out into yet another cold sweat. You will have to start calling these Cox-sweats. You decide not to say anything that will freak her out.

You: “H-heh. Yep. Yeah, totally.”

You: “So, uh…”

You: “Why’d you come to Coxwette? Long way from New York.”

Layla: “Uh…”

Layla: “I had to get away from New York. Somethin’ happened. Uh, well… I did somethin’.”

Layla: “Somethin’ bad. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, wouldja? Huh huh. Just messin’.”

You: “Yep. I mean. Nope.”

You: “Ever heard of Harold Pal?”
No. 749194 ID: 5a15af
File 147459045557.png - (49.33KB , 500x500 , 89.png )

Layla: “Where’d you hear that name?”

You: “He was some guy who greeted me when I got here-”

Layla: “Tortoise?”


You: “Yeah.”

Layla: “Fuck me… I thought I was crazy.”

You: “At least let me buy you dinner first.”

Layla: “Zip it. I ain’t seen him since I stepped off the train.”
No. 749195 ID: c441c1

someone needs to get on and off a train again maybe a certain cop would be willing to find the elusive hermit of Coxwette
No. 749196 ID: 9f3729

"Ok see now I'm also freaked out. You are the ONLY PERSON I've talked to today who had any idea who he is. The mayor has freaky mind-control shit, there's creepy guys in sheets assaulting people and rambling bible scripture, and now there's this mystery turtle. When do you get off? It might be wise to talk more at the Plath house later."
Man so the Cop also did a bad thing, I'm assuming harold might only appear to those who've done wrong before coming to Cox.
No. 749197 ID: 65317a

Welp this cop just became the only normal person here. I say we ask her to meet up later so we can compare notes on what we know about...well everything. The town. Harold. Time being strange.
No. 749198 ID: 398fe1

Tell her the same thing happened to you, but... you asked around and the people you talked to had never heard of Harold Pal. Has she asked people too? Maybe there are others who met him. Heck, it's time we started asking everyone how they got here.

Ask if she wants to help you with this. You've got some business to take care of tonight but you'll ask more people on your route tomorrow, and she can take a survey of those people you don't know.
No. 749200 ID: 3abd97

Yankees last beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956, after the Dodgers beat them the previous year. Cox-sweats indeed.

>Layla: “I had to get away from New York. Somethin’ happened. Uh, well… I did somethin’.”
>Layla: “Somethin’ bad. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, wouldja? Huh huh. Just messin’.”
Holy crap. She's you. Another person on the run who ended up here. Only they converted her. She fell in line. She became the law.

That's yourself you're looking at there bud, if you don't figure things out.

>Layla: “Zip it. I ain’t seen him since I stepped off the train.”
Me neither. And everyone else looks at me like I'm crazy when I bring him up.

What did he say to you?
No. 749201 ID: 44bc30

Ok, here's an idea: if she's the cop, then she's probably given everyone the stink-eye at least once when they came to town, right? It's her job to keep track. Ask if there's anyone else besides you who came to this town after her.

Don't mention the mayor's mind-control stuff, just that she acted weird and avoided talking to you when you asked about this stuff, that should be the minimum you need for her to not go ask the mayor about this stuff herself. Maybe tell her about the other stuff.
No. 749202 ID: 44bc30

Oh, and what's the last big sports event you remember, Charlie?
No. 749203 ID: 398fe1

I don't think we should send her to the mayor without warning her that it could result in memory loss without eating a disgusting lump beforehand.
No. 749205 ID: 064dbf

Not necessarily today but sometime we should have her come to the library with us and look up all the World Series she's missed. But that will probably be depressing so I say we deal with that later.

Say something like "So you and me are the only ones to ever see him. Did you ever look for him?"
No. 749209 ID: 5a15af
File 147459228334.png - (34.92KB , 500x500 , 90.png )

You: “You’re kiddin’ me”

You: “The same exact thing happened to me. What did he say to you?”

Layla: “The weirdest thing. He sounded like he knew everything about the town. Said to come get him if I needed anything.”

Layla: “What a friggin’ maniac.”

You: “I know, right?”

You: “A god damn card-carryin’ asshole.”

Layla: “Now you’re talkin’ my language. Huh huh.”

You: “Did anyone else show up after you came here?”

Layla: “Yeah, just one person.”

You: “Who?”

Layla: “Sophie.”
No. 749211 ID: 9f3729

Right, we ask her next then.
Bring up Plath House, arranging a meetup for some home cookin' is a good idea.
No. 749213 ID: 44bc30


I dunno, Layla doesn't seem the type to go along with things without asking a big bunch of questions that might not be a good idea yet to answer, if we even can answer. Ellen was more passive, and vulnerable enough to be guided, conversationally speaking.


I was suggesting like the opposite of sending her to the mayor. Just giving her enough reason to be suspicious of the mayor that she stays away until she knows more.
No. 749216 ID: c441c1

Scream out "Harold can you help me!" it is worth a shot and if the police ask questions she knows it too.
No. 749217 ID: 3abd97

Oh yeah, she did say she was out of town. So there's probably one more member of the creepy turtle club.
No. 749219 ID: 398fe1

Next stop is Sophie I guess, both to pick up the costumes and to ask her about Harold. We can talk to the plaths later tonight.
No. 749232 ID: 5a15af
File 147459536146.png - (44.72KB , 500x500 , 91.png )

You leave the police station, making a mental note to take strides toward the police captain’s big fat booty next time. Uh, right, you might also consider getting the other outsiders together with the Plaths in the future.

You’ll have to head back to the bakery to drop off the LFGPB and collect your pay. Will you stop to talk with Marcie, or go straight to the Shoppe Stoppe? It’s about 4:00PM
No. 749234 ID: 6c25ef

No time to talk, but there is enough time to give her a bit of sugar. Chastely, on the cheek.
No. 749235 ID: 398fe1

No way. All Chuck kisses are unchaste.
No. 749236 ID: 44bc30

Might as well ask Marcie what year she thinks it is. Though, you don't want to sound like a nut, maybe find out in an oblique way. Maybe comment to her how you've not seen anyone with a tv, radio or newspaper around, like you're wondering how they get their news, and ask her what the last big world event she heard of was.
No. 749237 ID: 84dd2e

Communicate with Marcie through a cheeky bum grab.
No. 749238 ID: 064dbf

Kiss Marcie (and maybe a little more) and let her know you'd love to hang out tonight but you've gone some business to take care of. "Hope you can forgive me."
No. 749240 ID: 5a15af
File 147459741138.png - (60.19KB , 500x500 , 92.png )

You drop off the ladies’ fixed-gear pannier bicycle, then head inside.

Marcie: “CHUCK!!”

Marcie: “Want a bearclaw?”

You: “I would love a bearclaw.”

Marcie hands you over a bearclaw, along with 30bux for your day’s commission. The pastry isn’t fresh-baked, but she has warmed it up in the oven for you. It’s almost like she knew you had a bad day or something. You…

a) kiss Marcie
b) spank Marcie
c) tickle Marcie
d) take a shot of gin with Marcie
No. 749241 ID: 71d443

No. 749242 ID: 3abd97

No. 749244 ID: 9f3729

A and C
No. 749245 ID: 9876c4

We got nowhere we need to be. Definitely not shooting (...) until the weekend.

A and B simultaneously. Work way to D.
No. 749246 ID: 15a025

No. 749247 ID: 3740b1


B for days
No. 749248 ID: bb78f2

No. 749249 ID: 6612fa

i dont care what happens
it would just be satisfying
No. 749250 ID: 18c9f5

A and B
Ask her if she'd be up for some D later
No. 749252 ID: 064dbf

Take a bite of the bearclaw and then A while you say thank you.

No. 749255 ID: 350a50

No. 749257 ID: 79a07e

No. 749260 ID: 84dd2e

Cheeky bum grab.
No. 749265 ID: b8d5aa

no one's saying take a shot of gin with marcie? you should definitely pour out some gin for yourself and marcie. it will go perfectly with that bear claw. then you can proceed to give her a smooch but only after you have finished it.
No. 749274 ID: 064dbf


Marcie probably has never had alcohol so we should ease her into it. I don't feel like now is the right time.
No. 749278 ID: 3e182c

No. 749279 ID: c441c1

D take 3 shots of gin with marcie then ransack angelas apartment for lewds
No. 749281 ID: 71d443

You need to write some of these basic assumptions of your life down in your journal, Chuck.
No. 749284 ID: f0e552


I wanna see how she acts when drunk.
No. 749289 ID: 3cfa63

A, then B gently or C.
No D yet.
No. 749291 ID: 18c950

move in for A but then switch to C... don't actually go for B but if your hands end up there during the tickling well, that's not your fault
No. 749297 ID: fc7a96

a and c, you fucking
No. 749316 ID: 1e1473

Spank Marcie with bear claw.
No. 749317 ID: 2a7417

Eat Marcies' entire ass.
No. 749318 ID: d3768b

No. 749329 ID: 3583d1

C first, tickle her into your arms then kiss her
No. 749374 ID: 5a15af
File 147466916987.png - (56.94KB , 500x500 , 93.png )

NOTE: I would like to make votes one selection only unless stated otherwise - this will make it much easier for me to count votes and update quickly! Please take any questions or concerns about this to the disthread!

You definitely kiss Marcie, because she just has a very kissable face and it seems like the right thing to do at the moment. She isn’t used to this sort of thing, but she makes it clear that she enjoys it quite a bit.

Marcie: “Chuck, I’m still on business hours-”
No. 749375 ID: 5a15af
File 147466918244.png - (55.20KB , 500x500 , 94.png )

You grab some ass also, which always makes sense for you to do.

Marcie: “You’re touching my butt.”

You: “Whoops.”

Marcie: “How were your deliveries?”

You: “Can’t complain much. I’m actually about to head over to the Shoppe.”

Marcie: “Oh! Well, don’t forget your bearclaw!”
No. 749377 ID: 398fe1

Will do, sweet thang.
No. 749382 ID: 91ee5f

Eat bearclaw on your way over to the Shoppe.
No. 749396 ID: 5a15af
File 147467357966.png - (33.44KB , 500x500 , 95.png )

>eat bearclaw

You eat the bearclaw as you leave the bakery. You are sure to grab your bag of stuff, placing the gin bottle inside.
No. 749397 ID: 5a15af
File 147467359338.png - (36.87KB , 500x500 , 96.png )

When you arrive at the back of the Shoppe, you see Sophie. She has not closed up yet, but is preparing to.

Sophie: “Helloooo.”
No. 749398 ID: 65317a

Greet her and ask if she knows the year.
No. 749399 ID: 064dbf

How much money do we have right now? Is it enough to cover the other half of the costumes? If so then buy them and get Naz to pay you back later, maybe even tonight as we get back to porno discussions.

And chat up the cute spider. I mean, it's not your typical cute but wouldn't boning her make for one hell of a story?
No. 749401 ID: 3abd97

Helloooooooooo to you two.

Hey, random question here, but you ever meet anyone by the name of Harold Pal?
No. 749434 ID: 5a15af
File 147468195419.png - (40.52KB , 500x500 , 97.png )

You: “Hey Sophie. I’m mostly just here to pick up those costumes.”

Sophie: “Yes… of course. 45bux.”

You hand over 45bux, and she hands you the costumes on hangars under opaque black bags.

You: “Thanks Sophie. I wanted to ask you something, too. Have you heard of Harold Pal?”

Sophie: “Harold Pal…”

She has a lot of trouble pronouncing the name, but the look on her eye-spangled face is very telling.

Sophie: “Did you find him?”

You: “You saw him, too?”

Sophie: “Years ago, when I first came here.”
No. 749435 ID: 398fe1

When was that, by the way?
No. 749436 ID: 350a50

Lean up against the nearest wall.

"Howdy. I spied a pretty face over here and thought I'd get to know 'er better."
No. 749437 ID: 350a50

Whoops, too late for the spider joke.

Ask her how long ago that was.
No. 749438 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, ran him when I first got off the train, haven't been able to find him since. Nobody even seems to have even heard of him, till it occurred to me to ask the other non-locals. Didya know Layla's from the Bronx?
No. 749443 ID: 398fe1

I bet Rachel knows Harold Pal as well!
No. 749449 ID: 5a15af
File 147468507456.png - (40.85KB , 500x500 , 98.png )

You: “I saw him when I first got off the train into Coxwette.”

You: “When did you actually get here?”


Sophie: “Ah…”

Sophie: “I can’t…”

Sophie: “I can’t remember. Only small pictures.”

Sophie starts talking to herself in another language.

Sophie: “I need to rest and think.”

a) leave and let her rest
b) offer to join her
c) >_
No. 749450 ID: 398fe1

No. 749452 ID: c441c1

Ask if she knows about the ghost at the Plath house.
No. 749460 ID: 3abd97

No. 749464 ID: 350a50

Display your bottle of gin.
No. 749467 ID: 7b7ab3

Def B.
No. 749470 ID: 71d443

No. 749472 ID: 9f3729

"Me and the cop girl can't remember either, and it's very weird. Don't think too hard about it, I think there's shenanigans afoot and it only made us anxious in the end trying to figure it out beyond generalities."
No. 749477 ID: 6612fa

then offer booze
you can't remissness properly without booze
No. 749480 ID: 064dbf

No. 749481 ID: b17794

tell her you can't remember the year either and it's weirding you out.
No. 749552 ID: d3768b

No. 749631 ID: 9027d0

B and booze.
No. 749649 ID: 18c950

B-ooze. And suspension bridge it up. Slightly tipsy and bonding over spooky feelings of inescapable doom may be your best chance to get into the sexy spider lady's pants.

...or skirt. Or whatever it is that she uses to keep people away from her lady-bits when their nickname isn't The Legend.
No. 749681 ID: b6992b

Convince her to take her mind off of it, apologize, she can busy herself by jerking you off with each hand, that'll be a good 5 minutes of distraction.
No. 749685 ID: 9876c4

Don't care what we do, but I'm not into sharing our tipsy Marcie party with anyone else.
No. 749686 ID: 18c950

Hey, we've vaguely considered a tipsy-Marcie-party, but we haven't committed to it or anything, and spending some time with Sophie to try and learn more about the spooky shit seems important.

And if Sophie isn't willing to spend some time together, then well... we just get back on the tipsy-Marcie-party train. No big.
No. 749690 ID: 9876c4

I'm staying neutral on spending time with Sophie.

Just sayin I want THIS Sloshfest to be felines-only.
No. 749691 ID: 3e182c

A or B Minus Booze
No. 749729 ID: 13ac95

No. 749746 ID: 4854ef

B + Offer booze.
No. 749944 ID: a7dc7f

B! Romance the Laotian spider princess.
No. 750045 ID: 99fd2f


Try to lay some cards on the table. Only 3 people know who Harold Pal is, Layla isn't sure what year it is, they mayor is covering things up with mind control powers and just maybe the town is locked in a state of limbo.

It's nothing to be concerned about though. Reassure her and hold her hands if she gets agitated. If you pull this off you can get one person in on your side of the conspiracy while getting more intimate in one smooth move.
No. 750061 ID: 5a15af
File 147500450406.png - (41.43KB , 500x500 , 99.png )

You unbag the booze and display it proudly.

You: “I’ve got something we can rest with.”

Sophie: “Is that…?”

You nod.
No. 750062 ID: 5a15af
File 147500451383.png - (28.09KB , 500x500 , 100.png )

Sophie: “That is… the Plath sign. Where did you get that?”
No. 750064 ID: 15a025

Right from the source.
No. 750065 ID: 9876c4

What's done is done, but I find it weird we're carrying that shit wherever we go.
No. 750081 ID: c441c1

add new item to check list "ask Ramoona how much she will sell her booze for."
No. 750082 ID: 398fe1

It's a secret.
No. 750098 ID: 7b65b9

She might be an honest upstanding citizen who doesn't like the thought of you stealing.
Just tell her you got it from Ramona as a welcoming gift for being the first visitor to stay at her hotel in forever.
No. 750112 ID: 350a50

"I asked Ramona where to get a drink in this town. Dogmom provides."
No. 750118 ID: 65317a

Keep it a secret. Tell her you just found it lying about. Cant let the mayor get any dirt by accident.
No. 750119 ID: b6992b

I'll tell you where I got it if I get a hand-job from each of your hands. ~Wink.~
No. 750120 ID: 064dbf

Maybe something like "That's not important." We can't admit we borrow it without asking and I don't know if we should say we got it from Ramona in case Sophie asks her about it.

On the other hand not saying anything might make her look into it.

Maybe "I found it in an old, old, old chest in the attic, covered in dust." Decisions, decisions.
No. 750137 ID: 6612fa

The Plath house of course, I'm living there
ramona said the things there are free to take as long as we replace them or pay form them if i remember correctly so we will just pay her tonight for it.
No. 750141 ID: 91ee5f

>pay her tonight for it.
Hahahaha! That's a good joke! Do you have any idea how old that wine is? It's way way way out of Chuck's price range!
No. 750149 ID: 3e182c

So let's answer this question indirectly, with some interesting info. No need to claim we stole it, justify it, come up with an excuse, come up with a lie about it, none of that.

Tell her that apparently, the Plaths used to have a Gin Distillery. Tell her you think it might be hidden under the town in those Catacombs the mayor keeps trying to make people forget.

It's gin. Hard liquor doesn't age in the bottle.
No. 750150 ID: a4ec41

Coxwette is purgatory, isn't it?
Chuck should try and remember if he survived anything he shouldn't have survived prior to boarding the train. He should try and see if he can even remember how/when he boarded the train.
No. 750151 ID: 9876c4

Endorsed. And on the ball as usual.
No. 750152 ID: 44bc30

"From the Plath's cellar, obviously. I've been performing a personal service or two for them, and they've shown their gratefulness a time or two in turn."
No. 750168 ID: 9f3729

this is a good suggestion
lying is a good option
I'm in
No. 750181 ID: a107fd

>survived anything he shouldn't have
What, you mean apart from jumping out of a moving train, and the botched bank robbery? He mentioned ditching the loot, and they say "you can't take it with you."
No. 750193 ID: 595d54

I honestly hope we don't go full Lost-tier bullshit with this, and if it really were purgatory, where did the wanted posters come from?
No. 750194 ID: 2a7417

I support this use of creative extrapolation.
No. 750197 ID: 91ee5f

Well, if this is purgatory, then the wanted posters could've come from Chuck himself. He knows he's a wanted man and he knows someone's gotta be looking for him. And as a result, the purgatory took those thoughts and manifested them in the form of wanted posters. But that only works if this really is purgatory.
No. 750201 ID: d0231d

This is a great way to deflect attention. Let's do this one.

And enough about purgatory theories. Move that to the discussion thread.
No. 750261 ID: 5a15af
File 147512496457.png - (36.47KB , 500x500 , 101.png )

You try to change the subject.

You: “That’s the thing. I think the Plaths used to have a gin distillery.”

You: “I think it’s hidden in the catacombs underneath the town.”

Sophie’s eyes widen, and you assume that she is shocked by your mention of the catacombs.

Sophie: “So… the Plaths have gin?”

You: “Huh? Uh… yeah, plenty of it.”

Sophie frowns and rubs her arm.

Sophie: “I see…”

You: “What’s wrong?”
No. 750262 ID: 5a15af
File 147512498221.png - (38.99KB , 500x500 , 102.png )

Sophie: “Nothing.”

Sophie: “I haven’t had… ah… drink in a long time.”
No. 750263 ID: 350a50

"Maybe some insobriety is what we really need to clear our heads."
No. 750264 ID: 398fe1

Welp she's probably in league with the mayor. Fuck it, get her drunk anyway to see if we can get in her pants.
No. 750266 ID: 064dbf

If Penny wanted booze for her shop it was because someone asked for it. Maybe it our cute spider gal. We can either give her a pull or ask if she has a couple of glasses. I've always though gin was for mixing so I don't know how you drink it.

And I don't think we need to worry about her ratting on us. I think she might be a little upset that the Plaths have been hording it and not sharing. ... Or maybe she's upset because she can't remember her past life clearly because of the stupid magic whatever that's blocking our sense of time. At the very least we don't want them getting in trouble so we should mention that neither of them drink and they're not sell it.

How about something like this:
"And it's been a love while since I've had such attractive company to drink with. If you think you can find us a couple of glasses I think we could bother use a break from this dry spell. I could use a few more good memories before it's back to staying sober."
No. 750270 ID: 9876c4

Since we're this far gone, do we just wanna invite her to Marcies to hoot it up?

I can't imagine there's any rivalry there, and it might be fun.
not one word about the costumes, though, Sophie -
No. 750273 ID: f0e552

i approve of sharing booze with spiderlady
No. 750292 ID: 65317a

Pour that lady a drink. See if she has glasses or if you need to share from the bottle.
No. 750297 ID: 3e182c

Nah, The word catacombs probably just broke her brain for a second, seeing what the mayors been doing to people.

Sure Drinks are a thing.
You can both reminisce about the finer points of the past.
No. 750308 ID: 043ae2

I did not realize that was her mouth right there. I wonder how it tastes and how it feels to kiss Sophie.
No. 750317 ID: 86cf98

If chuck plays his cards right, then we will soon find out.
No. 750343 ID: 5a15af
File 147520376848.png - (24.35KB , 500x500 , 103.png )

You: “How about a drink? Got any cups?”

Sophie: “No, not here…”

You: “There’s got to be one in the Shoppe.”

Sophie: “No… not here. I don’t want to drink here.”

a) “Why don’t we go back to the Plath House?”
b) “Let’s go back to your place.”
c) “Let’s go to Marcie’s.”
d) “Alright, we’ll go full high school and to to the woods.”
e) “I bet we could chill at Naz’s place.”
f) “Come on, there’s nobody around.”
No. 750345 ID: df90d0

b) “Let’s go back to your place.”
Only real option here, honestly.
Option A will have Ramona finding out we stole from her, option C is idiotic, D will result in getting buttfucked by a butt-ugly martian, E is not so bad but that fight with Naz is still pretty fresh and F is just gonna lead to nothing if she's uncomfortable with drinking at her workplace.
No. 750346 ID: 398fe1

B. If we went back to the Plath house Ramona would see the bottle and go "what the fuck did you steal that?"

c would result in Marcie seeing you flirting with another girl and that's not great.
d would result in spooks.
No. 750348 ID: 3abd97

Where do you want to drink, then?
No. 750349 ID: 9876c4

I feel uncomfortable with Marcie waiting around, especially since we showed her the gin first.

So put me down for idiotic option C, I guess.
No. 750350 ID: 064dbf

(But phrase it as a question. Don't be rude Chuck)
No. 750357 ID: 86cf98

Do a cursory check for condoms.
No. 750358 ID: 9027d0

B: How about your place?
No. 750361 ID: 6612fa

11/10 suggestion
move it along
No. 750377 ID: 15a025

No. 750378 ID: 3e182c


I don't think we did show Marcie the booze, actually.
No. 750384 ID: 9876c4

But you'd be wrong. I suppose there were no definite plans made, however.

No. 750386 ID: 398fe1

That's Penny.
No. 750388 ID: ed47da

This. B.
No. 750389 ID: 9876c4

Duly noted. Yeesh.

My vote moves to whatever she wants.
No. 750393 ID: 65317a

B seems to be the only logical suggestion what with the other options all leading to trouble. (Especially the forest)
No. 750394 ID: 71d443

B. Step into my parlor, said the spider to the catte...
No. 750400 ID: 18c950

B, but yeah, phrase it as a question, or maybe a suggestion.
No. 750404 ID: d3768b

B! >>750393
No. 750410 ID: 8e70f6

D, but take a camera get evidence of the spooks.
No. 750497 ID: 5a15af
File 147529758954.png - (47.75KB , 500x500 , 104.png )

You: “Why don’t we go back to your place, then?”

Sophie: “Your place?”

You: “I live at the Plath House…”

Sophie: “Hm.”

Sophie: “My home is… humble”

You: “That’s fine. You should see the place I grew up in.”

Sophie: “Ok…”

She leads you out of the Shoppe, locking the door to her workshop. Discarding any prior engagements you might have had, you follow behind with the garment bags in one hand, and the back of general crap (including the booze) in the other. It is a walk north across town to get to Sophie’s apartment building, which seems desolate. She walks up the steps to her unit and quietly unlocks the door. You have to wonder why people even bother to lock their doors in this town, since it seems farfetched that there would ever be a crime.

The door glides open on its well-oiled hinges, and Sophie looks back at you.

Sophie: “It is small. Sorry…”

You: “No, it’s ok-”


You: “Where’s the bed?”
No. 750498 ID: 5a15af
File 147529760167.png - (43.97KB , 500x500 , 105.png )

Sophie points to a beige-colored three-point hammock hanging up in the corner of the apartment. The entire dwelling is a single room, though there is a small closet-sized restroom attached. The kitchen consists of a small counter with a mini-fridge and a stove-top. There is a low breakfast table in the center and a small sofa.

You: “Huh.”
No. 750501 ID: 398fe1

Cute, ask if that's traditional where she's from.

Try to imagine possible ways two people could use such a thing.
No. 750502 ID: f562b1

Hey, a bit of vertigo would just enhance any fun, yeah?
No. 750503 ID: 15a025

All's you need is a ladder.
No. 750504 ID: 9f3729

Noooo our date
"Shit I'm sorry I just remembered a meeting, are you free later in the week?"
No. 750505 ID: 100eb4

how do you even get up there? a ladder?
No. 750506 ID: 18c950

If we made plans with somebody, link 'em. I've been digging through past threads trying to find something.
No. 750507 ID: 5a15af
File 147530036728.png - (37.42KB , 500x500 , 107.png )

You: “That’s where you sleep?”

You: “How do you even get up there?”

Sophie shrugs.

Sophie: “Step onto stool… pull myself up.”

You: “I’ll tell you right now, I’m not going to be able to do that.”
No. 750508 ID: 5a15af
File 147530037998.png - (34.26KB , 500x500 , 108.png )

Sophie: “I wasn’t”

Sophie: “…expecting you to”

You clear your throat.

You: “I was speaking hypothetically. But.”

You blast her with eyebrows.

You: “The night is still young.”
No. 750514 ID: 398fe1

Ask her to sit with you and tell you stories about her homeland while you share the bottle.

We potentially wanted to talk to Naz about the shoot but it's not like we decided on a specific date for it.
No. 750521 ID: 65317a

Pour her a drink. Forget past plans. We've got better plans now. Ask her what she remembers last before arriving here.
No. 750526 ID: b913ba

Drinks and stories! Stories of the past, of home, of past loves maybe?
No. 750528 ID: 350a50

No. 750530 ID: 3e182c

I suggest we lower the creep dial from 9 to 4. High enough that it can be raised later, but low enough so we don't freak out our host.

Eyebrow oscillations may slow to a crawl, but same sacrifices must be made, Damn it!
No. 750532 ID: 9876c4

Wait until your judgement is suitably impaired, then go on an Elf Hunt.
No. 750533 ID: 18c950

Yeah, tone it back a notch. I mean, we've had enough experience in the past with the direct approach not working out, let's take it a bit slower. Discuss the past, apply booze... maybe talk about... ugh... Harold "Bonerkill" Pal... y'know, we've got multiple goals here.
No. 750587 ID: 5a15af
File 147535389495.png - (26.94KB , 500x500 , 109.png )

Sophie lights the candle in the middle of the breakfast table and sits down. You uncork the gin with a series of unfortunately loud squeaks, and fill two small cups about halfway. You take a sip, and the pungent smell of a pine forest soaked in ethanol strikes you right away. It’s pretty good.

You: “We should finish up our discussion.”

Sophie takes a sip, too.

Sophie: “Yes.”

You: “So you’re from some place that’s not here.”

Sophie: “Yes, so are you.”

You: “I’m from a few states up. It’s different.”

You look around the tiny apartment. There are very few personal affects, and almost no decoration. There is a single photo in a frame standing on top of Sophie’s vanity, and a bolt of black cloth leaning against the wall.

a) ask why she came here
b) ask about Harold Pal
c) ask about the Mayor
d) ask about working with Ellen

((Chuck is in no hurry - please vote on only one option, and see where the conversation goes before selecting a second! This will make pacing the scene much easier!))
No. 750588 ID: 9f3729

a is usually a good starting point for pleasantries.
No. 750589 ID: df90d0

a) ask why she came here
SUB-OBJECTIVE: ask if spider has puss puss
No. 750590 ID: 15a025

start easy with A.
No. 750593 ID: 595d54

A's good.
No. 750594 ID: 3e182c

This scene brought to you by the letter "A".
No. 750595 ID: 86cf98

Lets start with A ya?
No. 750607 ID: 5a15af
File 147535798510.png - (51.04KB , 500x500 , 110.png )

You: “How’d you end up here?”

Sophie: “Long story…”

You: “That’s what you said earlier. Now I’ve got time.”

Sophie nods and takes a longer drink.

Sophie: “My family have many children. Brothers, sisters. We were all weavers, as this is what many spiders become there.”

You: “…makes sense.”

Sophie: “Father becomes ill and trapped in bed, so I will become a doctor.”

Sophie: “Get medical in America and then travel back home.”

Sophie: “But… even woman in America can make more money than Lao.”

You are used to Sophie speaking in slow, measured sentences with little accent at the tailor shop, but now she is really gabbing. You nod along with her.

Sophie: “I become nurse in America, afford great home, color TV, even car. One day, I get call from my mother, and she asks when I come home. I speak English to her, and she starts to cry.”

Sophie: “I get cry also, tell her I will be home in one month. It is a lie. I cannot give up the things I have earned.”

Sophie: “One month later, call from mother. Father is dead. Tuberculosis. War is coming, brothers and sisters lost home.”

Sophie: “She says they need doctors there, but Chuck… I can’t leave. I have made a good home with boyfriend and many possessions. I am happy.”

Sophie: “I am not thinking straight. I do guilty person thing, so. I have citizenship. I join US military.”

Sophie reaches one of her long arms over to the vanity and hands you the framed photo.
No. 750608 ID: 5a15af
File 147535799984.png - (139.71KB , 500x500 , 112.png )

Sophie: “Served in the army as a nurse, come home again. Boyfriend has gone to Canada to avoid the draft, took my car.”

Sophie: “Nothing has gotten better when I come home. Never heard from my family again. Didn’t try to contact them when I was close to them. I went onto a train to leave my house because everything there made me sad. Get off then, and greeted by tortoise man, who says town needs tailor.”

You set down the picture and throw back the rest of your drink.
No. 750609 ID: 5a15af
File 147535801137.png - (35.50KB , 500x500 , 113.png )

Sophie: “Here… past doesn’t follow. I have many friend, simple life. No worries.”

Sophie finishes her own drink.

Sophie: “I am happy.”
No. 750611 ID: 398fe1

Do you remember the war she served in, Chuck? When was it? Don't talk about it.

Ask if she knows Ellen very well.
No. 750612 ID: 46894a

Ask about working with Ellen.
No. 750613 ID: 9876c4

Harold Pal.
No. 750614 ID: 9f3729

"Is that ellen there?"
No. 750615 ID: 15a025

Ask if she remembers what war it was.
No. 750616 ID: bb78f2

Alright, the war is probably Vietnam since that was the last draft and very close to Laos, or sometime in the future when another war breaks out near Laos that has a draft, but it's most probable that it's Vietnam.

Namedrop John Lennon. He should be alive from her perspective, war stopped five years before 1980 when he was assassinated.
No. 750626 ID: 65317a

Id certainly ask if that Cat in the photo is Ellen. Seeing that would open up some interesting possibilities.
No. 750631 ID: 5a15af
File 147536382754.png - (44.84KB , 500x500 , 114.png )

You: “Is that… Ellen? In the photo?”

Sophie: “What?”

Sophie: “Ellen is a deer, not a cat! You know the difference between a deer and a cat!”

You: “Well I’ve learned not to assume anything in this town.”

Sophie: “Fair enough.”

Sophie: “No, she was my good friend. Her name was…”

Sophie: “Was… uh… Linda… I think.”

Sophie: “I tried to meet with her in America… but I could not find her again.”
No. 750636 ID: 65317a

Well we messed that naming up. Go us. Ask her more about Harold pal while offering her another round.
No. 750637 ID: 398fe1

Well I hope you'll remember my name after tonight.
No. 750639 ID: 9f3729

fffuck we mixed up ellen and marcy
o well
Ask her about what she did when she got back, has she just been living here since?
No. 750641 ID: 5a15af
File 147536878763.png - (33.29KB , 500x500 , 115.png )

Sophie is quiet for a few minutes, and you wait for her to say anything.


Sophie: “May I have another cup, please?”

You: “I thought you’d never ask.”

You pour out another round and hand a glass to Sophie.

You: “So what do you know about Harold Pal?”

Sophie: “Wouldn’t you like to talk about something… less serious?”
No. 750642 ID: 15a025

What's so serious about talking about our good old buddy Harlod?
No. 750643 ID: 46894a

Such as?
No. 750647 ID: 186272

I mean sure, ask her about her work, hobbies perhaps?
No. 750649 ID: 6612fa

so Harold is a more serious subject than war and family, that is good to know, well how about we talk about that sign her friend is holding ( i cant even read it) or maybe books she likes, she has a book shelf from that previous picture, maybe she reads alot?
No. 750650 ID: 9876c4

Yeah, for real. We thought he was a harmless old coot.

Did she see another side of him?
No. 750651 ID: 6612fa

maybe she knows about that book we need to get for mama plaith
No. 750654 ID: 5a15af
File 147537256997.png - (63.49KB , 500x500 , 116.png )

Sophie: “I haven’t seen him since I got off the train.”

Sophie: “He remind me of why I left.”

You: “Plus he’s kind of an asshole.”

Sophie laughs and takes a large drink.

You: “So, what do you think of the mayor?”

Sophie: “She is a good leader with… eccentric way.”

You: “I mean… do you like her?”

Sophie: “Yes. She is… uh… very friedly. But she is… can be strange. A lot of laughter and… can talk about… random things.”

You: “Heh. I’m glad we’re in agreement. The way you reacted when I mentioned the gin made me think you might be working for her.”

Sophie: “What… do you mean”

You: “You looked a little upset when I said the Plaths had-”
No. 750655 ID: 5a15af
File 147537258716.png - (58.54KB , 500x500 , 117.png )

Sophie laughs.

Sophie: “No”

Sophie: “I can’t talk about that.”
No. 750656 ID: 6c25ef

"...A drink to Ramona, then."
No. 750657 ID: 6612fa

No. 750658 ID: 9876c4

Maybe we can give her some sass without being rude.
"That's a lot you can't talk about, then." or
"I'm detecting some SpiderDog Drama."
No. 750659 ID: 6612fa

do you have some rough history with the plaiths?
No. 750661 ID: 18c9f5

Is there some history there?
No. 750664 ID: c441c1

I think it is time to begin schmoozing. "Well how about we talk about how pretty your face is when you are blushing."
No. 750665 ID: c441c1

"I have heard a story of a cat that swallowed a spider, and then wiggled and jiggled and wriggled inside her." credit to smik
No. 750667 ID: c6482e

Oh ho ho, can't talk about the Plaths huh? Seems like everyone has something against them. Come on, what happened? Sounds like a story.
No. 750670 ID: 65317a

Id say we move on. No need to get into hard talks. Compliment her on her skills as a doctor and a tailor.
No. 750672 ID: 15a025

Ah come on, you got something against the plaths as well?
No. 750683 ID: bb78f2

The way your smiling tells me you want to though.
Why don't we be a little more rebellious today and do more things we shouldn't?
No. 750691 ID: 6612fa

No. 750695 ID: 18c9f5

Please don't say this. If you're going to flirt, you can do better.
No. 750696 ID: 352a03

We can either try to get laid or try and get info, i'm not sure if we will be able to do both
No. 750702 ID: 8cb228

This. If you flirt, flirt with class. Simply compliment her skills, don't press too much for the things she doesn't want to talk about -- get around to that stuff when she's more comfortable instead -- and move on.
No. 750707 ID: 398fe1

"Oh, doctor-patient confidentiality right?"

Talk about something LESS SERIOUS. Like what's the most ridiculous outfit she had to work on? The prettiest?
No. 750708 ID: 71d443

ey boss, it's cancer. Shaddap and find a different line to cast.

A drink to Ramona, then.
No. 750716 ID: 350a50

This is nice
Do this
No. 750720 ID: b22de2

If it's about Ramona having cancer I already know, and if you're worried about her drowning herself in booze to deal with it... uuuh well I've only seen her drunk once and I think it was about something else.
No. 750756 ID: 8a204b

"So, this war. Which one was it? There's been a fair few."
No. 750830 ID: 65317a

I hate breaking the post only responses rule but I'm going to say chuck would know that the war would be Vietnam.
No. 750908 ID: 71d443

It could be Korea. But yeah, it's obviously not World War I or anything like that.
(a little bit of 'Yes/No, not this suggestion because ____' is okay, if it becomes a longer discussion then it should go to /questdis/)
No. 751035 ID: 5a15af
File 147555155229.png - (48.56KB , 500x500 , 118.png )

You have been trying so hard not to think about Ramona all day, so the last thing you want to do is talk about her.

You: “So… what’s the weirdest piece of clothing you’ve ever had to work on?”

Sophie takes no time to answer.

Sophie: “Yours.”

You: [see image]

Sophie: “You… paid good commission for those costumes. What do you need them for?”

You: “Well, to be perfectly honest…”

a) tell her the truth
b) make up an absurd story >_
No. 751036 ID: c441c1

say Naz nothing else.
No. 751037 ID: 9f3729

A, unless someone comes up with a better story than "We're shooting a porno for shit's and giggles"
No. 751043 ID: 398fe1

how about "It's private."
No. 751049 ID: 18c9f5

This works nicely.
No. 751082 ID: 65317a

After saying Naz, continue on by asking what she likes to do in her free time.
No. 751085 ID: 71d443

Shooting some 'home videos' with Naz. Like she's not going to know who the second piece is for by the measurements anyway.
No. 751088 ID: 595d54

"Naz has informed me that we're shooting a pornographic video. Take that as you will."
No. 751090 ID: 9876c4

No. 751093 ID: 350a50

No. 751130 ID: 352a03

For a film, and if she asks the. Say it's an adult comedy. Or something
No. 751132 ID: 18c950

Then, if she asks what you like to do in your free time, you can say "Naz" again.

Ba-dum TSCH.
No. 751157 ID: 8963ff

A) Tell the truth. Say that Selma wrote the script, but nothing else.
No. 751164 ID: 15a025

Just mention naz.
No. 751168 ID: 5a15af
File 147560085012.png - (54.61KB , 500x500 , 119.png )

You: “Naz.”

Sophie: “Oooh. I should have known it was… the mouse.”

Sophie: “Hahaha…”

You: “I don’t think I need to say any more, then.”

You finish off your second cup.

You: “So what do you do for fun? Outside of work.”

Sophie: “Hm… explore the woods, take pictures of the scenery. The land is… beautiful. Here.”

Sophie: “Angela gets me to play the drum sets because I have many more arm, but… I am not so good.”
No. 751169 ID: 65317a

Alright. Stay calm about the woods, we can come back to that later. Instead tell her that "you're sure you're very talented with those hands of her."
No. 751171 ID: 350a50

"I used to perform when I was younger. Still do." Eyebrow wiggle.
No. 751172 ID: 15a025

Dig deeper on the music interest.
No. 751178 ID: 9876c4

We're moderately intoxicated, so I want to know what kinda weirdness she's seen in da woods.
No. 751187 ID: 398fe1

Does she know of anyone that lives in the woods?
No. 751224 ID: b8d5aa

ask to see some of the pictures she's taken. pretend to be interested. possibly actually be interested. and also if she's ever come across anything SPOOKY in the woods.
No. 751246 ID: 6612fa

ask her if she has a photo album, amateur photographer and all she probably has good pictures. compliment them and warm her up.

on a side note looking at those pictures taken by a person that has lived and explored those horrid woods might revel some secrets in those woods, maybe a way to the catacombs is out there in the woods or maybe she has a picture of the sheet man already.
No. 751248 ID: 064dbf

"The land is beautiful here, the women even more so."

We do not need to talk about dumb monsters in the woods. All business and no play make Chuck a dull boy.
No. 751274 ID: c441c1

smooze more.
No. 751298 ID: 9f3729

ask about the woods, we keep pussyfooting around the mysteries. We should stop doing that!
No. 751308 ID: 5a15af
File 147564030044.png - (91.50KB , 500x500 , 120.png )

You ask Sophie if she has ever seen anything unusual in the woods, and she stands up. Though a bit unsteady on her feet after a couple of drinks, she manages to find her album of photos. She opens it up and flips through a few pages, each with Polaroid snapshots taped to them.

Sophie: “Here I put the strange ones”

Sophie: “Sometimes I think I see something there”

Sophie: “Sometimes… I don’t see it until I look at the picture.”

Each of the photos on the page seems to have some blurry shape that could be mistaken for either a humanoid, or just something entirely unidentifiable. She points to one in the corner.

Sophie: “This one… I did not see until the picture developed.”

Sophie: “When I looked in the spot…nothing there.”

All of the pictures are in black and white. The first one the page shows what could be a figure standing on the opposite end of a field. It is too distant to tell much about it. The second one shows some kind of mass amid a growth of shrubs. It is difficult to tell a defined shape, but looks like it could be some kind of fungus with shiny bits on it. The third shows a train rolling along the tracks, which you recognize as those just north of Coxwette. The fourth is difficult to make out.
No. 751310 ID: 398fe1

Spooky. The woods are haunted then huh?

WAIT, that bottom right one, we've seen that guy. That one's not a ghost, point him out. Or her?
No. 751311 ID: 91ee5f

>The fourth is difficult to make out.
Are those rabbit ears? Could that be the crazy looking rabbit guy we saw one time?
No. 751313 ID: 65317a

Hold her close from behind while looking the book over with her and pointing out the rabbit eared shape.
No. 751314 ID: 9876c4

We could always make a date to go explore the woods with Sophie.
I mean, for the people who aren't gonna try to seduce her right now.

More importantly, the trains are running! We could escape this madhouse if we had enough reason to want to.
No. 751315 ID: 350a50

Point out the rabbit and say you've seen that one watching you from the woods before at night.
No. 751318 ID: f562b1

Tell her that you think you've seen both the white figure, and the long-eared one. No idea who or what the long-eared one is, but that white one seems to be some religious nut. Attacked you and when you asked the mayor, she said to "not be debaucherous."
No. 751321 ID: b8d5aa

why is a simple picture of a train on her page of 'weird stuff'?
No. 751324 ID: 5a15af
File 147564319120.png - (70.06KB , 500x500 , 121.png )

You fill up Sophie’s drink, then yours.

You: “I think I saw the person in the lower right.”

Sophie: “Hm…”

You: “Looks kind of like a rabbit or something, right? Look, you can kind of see the ears there.”

Sophie nods.

You: “On the upper right one, I am pretty sure that is that thing that attacked me in the woods.”

Sophie: “The lump…?”

You: “No, in the background.”

You point to the foggy, white shape in among the bushes, and Sophie gasps.

Sophie: “I… I didn’t even see that!!”

You: “Remember when I came in with those weird stab wounds? It was from that thing…”

Sophie drinks again.

You: “Why’s the train there?”

Sophie: “I… had never seen the train like that.”

Sophie: “Come to deliver mail, but I have not seen it stop here.”

Sophie: “That was the only time I seen the train, so I take a picture.”
No. 751326 ID: 3e182c

Even at a distance I'm surprised an old Polaroid could make out a moving train so clearly.

And are those lights coming from it, or is it just totally devoid of passengers?
No. 751327 ID: 65317a

Ask her if she would want to try going out in the woods with you later with her camera. While doing this gently rest a hand on her hip or if you're feeling brave, her ass.
No. 751328 ID: b8d5aa

so, what to do with this information? are we too unsettled to smooch a spider? what about naz, can we patch things up enough to do a muffin themed porno? and what about the plaths? it's not like your BOOZE THIEVERY will go unnoticed.
No. 751337 ID: 71d443

You should go searching for this weird fungus sometime. As for the train photo, how long ago was that? Could it have been the day you arrived?
No. 751344 ID: 71d443

This. Lower your inhibitions, and your hands.
No. 751351 ID: 18c9f5

Don't go straight for the ass grab. Start on her hip, and work your way into it. If she stops you, you can blame it on the booze: you didn't even realize it was happening.
No. 751372 ID: 0f8ac0

There's a good chance it was the train Chuck arrived on.

Where is Sophie's camera? You guys should take a few pictures of yourselves to commemorate the occasion. Good excuse for some skin contact.
No. 751418 ID: 350a50

No. 751452 ID: 5a15af
File 147569147959.png - (64.65KB , 500x500 , 122.png )

You: “We should go for a walk out there sometime.”

You: “Take some pictures of our own.”

Sophie gets up and walks to her vanity, taking a folding camera out of the drawer. You stay behind and squint at the train photo. It is hard to tell if it was the same train that you got onto on your way to Coxwette. This one looks like a normal black locomotive pulling a train of completely empty boxcars.

Sophie: “I have not taken any pictures in… about one week.”

Sophie: “If I have some time in the day, I will go. Maybe weekend.”
No. 751453 ID: 5a15af
File 147569148769.png - (57.69KB , 500x500 , 123.png )

No. 751456 ID: 65317a

Ask her if she would like to be in some photos. Right now that is. She sure is photogenic.
No. 751471 ID: 398fe1

Yes, we can definitely play that angle to compliment her beauty.
No. 751490 ID: 6612fa

second this
we need a picture of her
No. 751509 ID: 5a15af
File 147571030743.png - (35.38KB , 500x500 , 124.png )