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File 146031479324.png - (124.47KB , 800x600 , 3-1.png )
715522 No. 715522 ID: 163674

It is Saturday morning, and your cardigan is freshly washed.

Welcome to the weekend in a little town called Coxwette.

Your date is not until 5PM, assuming you still want to go. No one’s making you. You’re free to move around town, see who you want and go where you will. Explore, finish up your obligations, or laze around the Plath House, it’s completely up to you.

You are currently comfortable lounging on the ridiculous 19th century sofa in front of the fireplace being leered at by several generations of Plaths in dusty old frames.

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No. 715523 ID: f6442a

Your wallet needs a little pick-me-up before your date. And the other half of your commission. Think about short-term sources of downstream cashflow that have maximum synergy with your resume.
No. 715524 ID: 4e9864

We should have at least two big goals for the day.

First, what happened with Ramona last night? We should see if she remembers, and express our appreciation. Possibly in a very direct manner if she's receptive to that.

And second, we said we'd find the letter Cletus sent to Lorraine, and we should. (Also talk to a certain librarian about our close encounter, and make it incredibly clear we're serious and not pranking.)
No. 715530 ID: 15a025

Before you go anywhere, sitting down and having a nice hot cup of coffee by the fire sounds like a good way to help unwind yourself for your date.
No. 715532 ID: a788b7

Fuck all those other goals. You've been spending all your time around all these weird broads the whole time you've been here.

Go try to find out what Harold Pal gets up to around here, or go find Farmer Davey, or both at the same time if they're secretly the same person. Gotta get some bro time.
No. 715535 ID: 53a493

Don't you gotta pay up Ramona? You should pay her already. We are already in a strained relationship.

No. 715537 ID: 4e9864

> Don't you gotta pay up Ramona? You should pay her already. We are already in a strained relationship.

There's something very dangerous about paying for the room anywhere near flirting or talking about last night. Do one in the morning and one in the evening; keep them very separated.
No. 715540 ID: 163674
File 146031710043.png - (6.74KB , 500x500 , 3-2.png )

You do one of those extreme cat yawns

Some coffee would be good. You don’t know where to begin looking for Harold Pal, but the thought of speaking with him makes you cringe. You could definitely go visit Farmer Davey’s place, so you add that to the docket.

First, there is the matter of Ramona. You probably should be tactful. You will…

>pay bill
>talk about last night
No. 715541 ID: 1fb972

Let's head downstairs and find some breakfast. After that, see if we cannot find a little weekend work, preferably something under-the-table so we can just get our cash for tonights date. Also, where are we even going to take her?

Also, if Ramona is there see we can get her some Asprin and a glass of water, I'm assuming she has a hangover
No. 715542 ID: b17b81

Cause all bitches, all the time is annoying.
Go to the orchard and see about the alcohol/apples that you could get. Cider is boss.
No. 715543 ID: 4e9864

Do we know if Ramona is awake? Because after last night, she might not be up-and-at-'em right away.

Maybe bring her a little breakfast, and a big glass of water and some aspirin as >>715541

The bill can wait until later, as long as we take care of it today.
No. 715546 ID: 2e11b8

Give a little attention to Ramona, at least. Find her for breakfast and maybe choke down some more of her cooking
No. 715550 ID: 53a493

Perhaps we should deal with the delicate stuff first, patch our relationship with Ramona first (even if it is only to tell her we are always available to her beautiful lady lumps) and leave the business stuff for later. After all that happened I don't think we want to make her feel like a hooker. Or do we?

I vote for smooth things out with her.
No. 715560 ID: 02422f

Pay bill and breakfast. Scope out her mood before even thinking about talking about last night.
No. 715581 ID: 99a64d

Give her a questioning look while paying the bill.
No. 715586 ID: bb78f2

Pay the bill
No. 715593 ID: 163674
File 146032580845.png - (5.89KB , 500x500 , 3-3.png )

You narrowly choose to belay paying your bill for the time being.

You: “Heeey. Ramona.”

You pause, thinking that it would have been easier than this to find the right words.

You: “How are you… feeling?”

Ramona: “Good morning.”
No. 715595 ID: 163674
File 146032582315.png - (5.67KB , 500x500 , 3-4.png )

>smooth things over

You: “Yyep.”

You: “Whatever that was”

You: “is between you and me. I mean, it was amazing, don’t get me wrong. Not a lot of ladies’ll go start to finish in the mouth like that, I mean seriously 10/10.”

You: “Like, not even hookers”

Ramona looks on with a blank expression.

You: “Jesus Christ, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean any man would be lucky to”

You: “Nope. Nope.”

Jumping off the train was easier than this. You’ll pay the bill. Double. If it means getting out of talking about this. This is your worst nightmare - women are usually gone by this time.
No. 715601 ID: 15a025

Don't pay double man, we need all the money we can get for our date. Just give her what you owe and ask for some coffee.
No. 715602 ID: f6442a

Compliments on her drunk decision making are not what she's looking for. Maybe you should just promise to forget anything happened last night.
No. 715605 ID: 38685c

Stick your foot father in your mouth, then gnaw it off. Ancient trick to escaping traps.
No. 715606 ID: 90f3c0

You sure are a classy guy chuck, you really know how to comfort a lady. Just shut up, pay the bill, and get out of there before you make things even worse.
No. 715608 ID: 1fb972

Pay your bill, while you are out today get her a large bottle of asprin
No. 715615 ID: 163674
File 146032807925.png - (5.37KB , 500x500 , 3-5.png )

You: “Can I, uh, get you a bottle of aspirin?”

Ramona: “Chuck”

Ramona: “I can’t control my feelings. It never happened.”

You: “Right. It didn’t, and I know how you feel-”

Ramona: “No”

Ramona: “You don’t.”

Ramona sighs as deeply as ever, but doesn’t seem as upset as she just was. A weight is off of her shoulders and she stands visibly straighter.

Ramona: “There’s coffee in the pot, and please have your bill paid by the end of the day.”

She goes back upstairs, but stops along the way.

Ramona: “Oh, and I forgot to mention when you arrived. Please stay out of the ground-floor boudoir. We don’t allow guests in there.”

You aren’t really sure where that is. Either way, you feel like heading for the farm next.
No. 715617 ID: 15a025

Sounds like we can grab some coffee and head to the farm then. Let's go!
No. 715618 ID: 90f3c0

Add creep around the ground-floor boudoir to your to-do list. Proceed to the farm.
No. 715619 ID: 1fb972

Grab a cup of coffee and head to the farm, maybe stop by the bakery or cafe to grab breakfast. If you go to the bakery, attempt to flirt with Marcie... But knowing her air headed-ness it will probably go right over her head.
No. 715620 ID: 1fb972

Grab a cup of coffee and head to the farm, maybe stop by the bakery or cafe to grab breakfast. If you go to the bakery, attempt to flirt with Marcie... But knowing her air headed-ness it will probably go right over her head.
No. 715632 ID: 6b555a

Wait which one's the boudoir? Also is there a place you can just leave the money because you should probably pay now (and then you won't be tempted to overspend before the end of the day).

Should probably see if there's any spare cash to... "pick up" anywhere, just in case the bill for the date later is larger than you expect.

Oh, or maybe snoop around to see what the Mayor or her assistant are up to? Civic buildings are closed at the weekend so they should be more free than usual.
No. 715641 ID: 163674
File 146033391899.png - (10.13KB , 500x500 , 3-6.png )

Your excellent sleep paired with the coffee give you loads of energy, and you cut straight through town to the dirt road leading out to the nearby countryside. The coffee tastes like bitter newspaper, but at least it is brewed strong.

The road follows the river until a medium-sized apple orchard comes into view. Next to it is an old farmhouse with a barn in the back.
No. 715643 ID: 163674
File 146033393730.png - (67.16KB , 500x500 , 3-7.png )

A young woman looks up from behind a crate of empty glass bottles.

Horse: “Well you’ve got the look of a gentleman.”

Your phenomenal effort to maintain eye contact has paid off.

Horse: “What’s your name, stranger?”

You: “Chuck. Ma’am.”

You throw a fake southern twang over your chewy northeast accent. People seem to like that around here.

Horse: “Well it sure is nice to meet a newcomer. You from over in Coxwette?”

You: “No. Not originally, ma’am.”

Horse: “Well, welcome, sugar. My name’s Donna.”
No. 715645 ID: 35151f

jesus christ, how can she farm with those? wouldn't her back have enough issues already?
fuck man

anyhow let's do what we came here to do
No. 715656 ID: bb78f2

Do you have a dude around the house? I'm actually interested in pinning down the male-to-female ratio as math based entertainment, but the ONLY two dudes I've met in this city are two wolves. And turtle dude. So three guys. I actually half expected turtle guy to be here, to be honest, he seemed like the farmer type.

I guess I shouldn't discount the kids in the school... which makes me real curious who their parents are, with this strict ratio and small town. It would mean that all the Dad's ARE the two wolves and turtle. And considering Geoff's age, that means some of these women are illebiaphobes or whatever, or his (probable) Dad is a police sex icon.
No. 715665 ID: 163674
File 146033658838.png - (8.50KB , 500x500 , 3-8.png )

You: “I’m here to see Davey.”

Donna: “Oh! I’ll run’n get him, then.”


Davey [distant]: “WUT”





Donna: “WHAT?!”

Davey: “I SAAIIID-”

This goes on for some time before a man with something slung over his shoulder saunters out of the house.
No. 715666 ID: 163674
File 146033660276.png - (9.62KB , 500x500 , 3-9.png )

Davey: “You don’t look like a clergyman.”

You: “That’s because I’m not a clergyman.”

Davey: “Whatchu want, then? You sniffin’ around my daughter?”
No. 715669 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell him to be honest, you're sniffing for booze.
No. 715670 ID: bb78f2

Sniffin' for you, Sir! And maybe some strong Apple Cider in exchange for currency, if you get what I mean.
No. 715671 ID: 1fb972

... No sir, I just need a clean pair of shorts.

What are we doing here again?
No. 715673 ID: 35151f

No. 715674 ID: bb78f2

May I also say you have some EXCELLANT sideburns! Not many can pull off the look, but DAMN sir. Finest sideburns I've ever seen.
No. 715675 ID: fdfc47

Actually we were sniffing around for you, sir.
No. 715685 ID: 5ad4a7

Might I point out that homosexual advances are generally reacted to by violence down in the south? Why, people were acquitted for murder on those grounds, even, in the past.

I find myself wondering just how progressive this universe is when booze isn't involved.
No. 715687 ID: 163674
File 146033884813.png - (7.76KB , 500x500 , 3-10.png )

You: “To be honest with you sir, I’m after that booze you’ve got.”

Davey: “Oh ho, are ya?”

Davey: “And I suppose you think I ‘mo just give it to ya. Or maybe I ‘mo sell it to ya.”

You: “That’s the hope, sir.”

Davey: “Well come on in. Help yourself.”

He pats his rifle against his hand as soon as you start to move.

Davey: “What’s the matter, boy?”

You: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were threatening me, mister Davey.”

Davey: “Oh, so you ain’t dumb like the rest of ‘em.”

Davey: “I don’t need money from no stinkin’ Coxwette freaks. Get lost.”

>counteroffer: >_
No. 715688 ID: 35151f

"I'm not from coxwette, so we're all set. I assume you want something other than money or a smile then?"
No. 715689 ID: 5ad4a7

What about food? The cafe could trade fine meals for his fine alcohol.
No. 715690 ID: 15a025

Ya know, why does this guy got something against us folk from coxwette?
No. 715691 ID: fe65ad

Chuck's a thief. Is stealing the booze too much of a risk?
No. 715695 ID: 5ad4a7

I thought the quest was to establish a long-term business deal.
No. 715696 ID: b17b81

Just gonna add that the chick from the store (stoppe shop) asked us to get some apples for her stock too.

I think we need a supply, not a bottle.
No. 715700 ID: 1fb972

"Ain't actually from coxwette myself, just doing some work for some of the folk there. I understand no one gets anythin fo free, we wouldn't get nothing done that way. But I am hoping to set up an honest trade agreement, thinking maybe you brew it and we can we set a trade where it gets delivered and you get a good deal of the payments made off it, what would you say to maybe 60-40 split?"
No. 715703 ID: 163674
File 146034061393.png - (5.78KB , 500x500 , 3-11.png )

You: “If you don’t want money, what about food? That Penny’s a mighty fine cook.”

Davey: “I got food. I don’t need Coxwette food.”

You: “What have you got against Coxwette folk, anyway?”

Davey: “Buncha freaks. Empty headed other-folk is all they are.”

You: “Other folk…?”

Davey: “They ain’t like me an’ my daughter. They don’t think right. Must be all that inbreedin’.”

Davey: “And don’t you get me started on that mayor.”

Davey: “Red-eyed monster, that one. Don’t talk about nothin’ but her model ship.”

You try not to look confused.

You: “What can I offer you to get you interested in a deal on booze? Ms. Penny’s out for the stuff to liven up her restaurant. Oh, and some apples for the Shoppe Stoppe.”

Davey starts to laugh.

Davey: “Stoppe, huh? Little Ellen Stoppe. You know she used to work for me, pickin’ apples?”

Davey: “Tell her hello for me. It’s been a while.”

He laughs again.

Davey: “You want business from me, get me a night with one of them Coxwette floozies, and I’ll think about openin’ trade.”
No. 715705 ID: 595d54

"Other folk? You mean how they're completely oblivious to sex?"
No. 715706 ID: 35151f

ay, Naz might be down for that as part of the porn shoot. Ask if he's clean and willing to get recorded to get around laws first though, STDs are for chumps.
No. 715707 ID: 1fb972

What the shit...? This guys an asshole! If this guy is able to make Chuck look bad, then what the fuck? Alright, you know what fuck this guy. At least his daughter seemed nice, maybe talk with her, she seems more agreeable.
No. 715708 ID: 35151f

what, and get shotgunned? At least wait until dark!
No. 715713 ID: 5ad4a7

What no that's OUR mouse.

But I'm sure we can find someone. Ask if he's got any preferences. Big, strong lady? Small, delicate lady?
No. 715715 ID: b17b81

If we go for it, one of the rules should be that he treats them like a lady for the night, and not some cheap lay. Just think how he'd feel if some guy treated his daughter like that.
No. 715717 ID: 08ed3a

Not Ramona, somehow I get the feeling that would be a horrible decision. But fine if we're going to play matchmaker let's at least find him a woman his own age and who can keep his assholish-ness in check.
No. 715722 ID: 53a493

How weird it is that he trashes them so much and yet wants us to hook him up with someone?
No. 715723 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah we should at least point that out to him.

Maybe he's just testing us?
No. 715724 ID: 0a94cb

The lady who wants us to get booze might be interested- she doesn't seem overly enthused with Coxwette folk herself. I say we tell her Davey's willing to sell booze if he gets a lay.
No. 715726 ID: 8d9368

...this guy is an ass even compared to us. And we robbed a bank.
No. 715731 ID: f6442a

This. You can't inflict this guy on the town! Not when Charlemagne's already called dibs.
No. 715733 ID: eb385b

Davey is a jerk don't huck him up with everyone
No. 715736 ID: 163674
File 146034750651.png - (8.77KB , 500x500 , 3-12.png )

Sometimes you wish you didn’t have to abandon your trusty M1911

You: “Alright man. I’ll see what I can do.”

You: “but why would you want to spend the night with one of them if you hate them so much?”

Davey: “Even freaks are good enough for fuckin’.”

Davey: “Now git. Don’t talk to my daughter again, neither. I don’t think I’ve got to tell you what I’ll do if I catch you talkin’ to her.”

Davey wiggles his rifle a bit, then walks back to the farmhouse.
No. 715737 ID: f6442a

So don't get caught. He's too suspicious right now to try, unfortunately.
No. 715742 ID: 5ad4a7


Go talk to the cafe lady and tell her what the jerkass said. Ask her if she's got any other ideas about what to get him, or if she wants to maybe send him someone who would teach him a lesson on manners.
No. 715745 ID: 08ed3a

"Even freaks are good enough for fuckin'"

Yeah, do not give this guy a fucking inch (pun not intended) but shit, maybe this asswipe has something worth hiding, I don't trust him. I know its not really our style and this is going to be ironic but I want to see him arrested. Just leave and go to the cafe. Hopefully his daughter wises up and leaves his ass.
No. 715748 ID: 163674
File 146034953287.png - (7.86KB , 500x500 , 3-13.png )

You go back to town and walk into the Fart In Ass. No one has changed the sign, and it makes you wonder if anyone has even noticed yet.

The bell above the door rings. Oddly enough, you feel happy to see a friendly, familiar face.

Penny: “Chuckiiiie. How Y’all doin’? What can I get you this morning?”
No. 715751 ID: 5ad4a7

Actually get food. You haven't eaten in what, an entire day?

Also bring up that "errand" she sent you on. Turns out the guy doesn't want money, and asked for female companionship in exchange for what she wants. Didn't specify who. Does she have a better counter-offer for him or does she know someone who would accept his offer?
No. 715752 ID: cfee3f

Can we add 'rail horse chick on hay bail' to our mission list?
No. 715757 ID: 163674
File 146035151931.png - (2.50KB , 500x500 , 3-15.png )


Yyyyeah, you would be way into that. You’ll just add that to your mission booklet.


No. 715758 ID: 163674
File 146035153030.png - (61.21KB , 500x500 , 3-16.png )

No. 715759 ID: 1fb972

Tell her the bad news about the booze. It's probably not happening anytime soon. Order some food while your at it.
No. 715760 ID: 163674
File 146035154527.png - (7.44KB , 500x500 , 3-14.png )

You proceed to Penny with the news from Farmer Davey.

You: “He’s only willing to start trading with you if he gets some… bedroom action from one of the ladies in town.”

You: “Is that something you’d be int-”

Penny starts to laugh.

Penny: “Noooooooope. Not me. That guy’s a Class A creep, hon.”

Penny: “I can’t speak for the other ladies in town, but I don’t think he’d be good for ‘em either way.”

You: “Can’t say I blame ya, baby.”

You’ll have to ask around. Your stomach grumbles.

Penny: “I heard that.”

She points to the breakfast menu on the wall.
No. 715762 ID: 5ad4a7

Eggs bacon and hashbrowns.

Ask if she's got any ideas for a counter-offer. Or maybe you can get his daughter to hand off booze to you on the down-low? She seemed a bit nicer.
No. 715765 ID: f6442a

Lone Rider
Friendship with Benefits is Magic
No. 715766 ID: 15fae4

new plan

we kill the horse man

this guy's an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssshooooooooooooooooooooooole
No. 715767 ID: bb78f2

I REGRET complimenting his SIDEBURNS.
They were the WORST sideburns.
No. 715770 ID: f461c5

No. We must not kill him, but destroy him. We fuck his shotgun.
No. 715771 ID: 35151f

holy shit
this is an excellent plan
I support this 100%
No. 715772 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey, ask about the Mayor's boat.
No. 715775 ID: f0e552

Listen, the horse people are kind of douchebags. And I'm pretty sure that by getting the horse some action with these people, we're gonna regret it. So here's an idea.

Let's just fucking steal it, I mean how hard could it be?
No. 715776 ID: f562b1

>Stealing stuff from a guy with a shotgun
That's riskier than robbing a bank, pretty sure. Not as much profit, either.
No. 715782 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh oh! Ask Ellen about the guy. She worked under him, maybe she likes him, or maybe she has dirt on him we can use to make him open up trade without the scummy deal.
No. 715784 ID: fb01b1

Seduce the horseman.
Get caught by the daughter. FLIP THE SHACKLES OF TRADITION!
No. 715858 ID: 15a025

Kill the lil lady
Sex it up with the dad
Marry Shotgun.
No. 715901 ID: 2d5d20

i- i kind of really want to see if we can seduce the horsedude

would it not be the ultimate challenge
No. 715902 ID: 595d54

No, the ultimate challenge would be climbing into space naked. The challenge is not a good reason for doing dangerous, likely fatal things.
No. 715920 ID: 02422f

Don't Look a Horse Gift in the Mouth
No. 715938 ID: 2e11b8

"The Stuff Night Mares Are Made Of"
No. 715977 ID: cbd7dc

Rein It In
Hitch that Horse
Riding Bareback
No. 715984 ID: 8a204b

Thoroughly Bred.
No. 715986 ID: 460e6e

Breaking Out the Trojan (the condom brand)
Stable Relationship
Hay Fever
No. 716034 ID: cfee3f

Rockin' horse
Slide saddle
Rasing the barn
...some pun about "in the horses mouth"
No. 716057 ID: cbd7dc

Never Fuck a Gift Horse In the Mouth
Estrus Cycles and You!
My Little Cunny
20% Fuller
My Mane Squeeze
Saddled and Paddled
No. 716063 ID: 15a025

>Saddled and Paddled
Oh man that is golden.
No. 716076 ID: 3009b4

Fuck him with his own shotgun.
No. 716077 ID: e33ed0

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet
No. 716159 ID: 163674
File 146051932875.png - (5.06KB , 500x500 , 3-17.png )

Heh heh heh, Thoroughly Bred

Penny: “Whatcha laughin’ about, hon”

You: “Nothing. Remembered something funny.”

It looks like breakfast is going to average out to about 4-5bux depending on what you get. You have a while until your date, so there isn’t really much of a rush. You don’t have a bottomless supply of unbudgeted funds, though, so you might have to find a way to pick up some extra. You could stick around for breakfast and see what goes on, or you could head somewhere else.

>Stay and buy breakf’st (4bux)
>Go elsewhere >_

You are open for suggestions on how to get money. You’re not above most things.
No. 716161 ID: f6442a

Breakfast. How much does a fancy dinner for two look like it'll cost? (Just take the most expensive meal on the menu and multiply by two.)

Not above most things, huh? Well, are you above... mowing lawns for the elderly?
No. 716162 ID: 628856

Get breakfast, find crazy bird teacher and whore yourself to her in order to reduce her stress level.
No. 716163 ID: 5ad4a7

Stay, eat, see if you can find some odd jobs to do around town.

Hey! Ask Penny if she knows if anyone's got any errands that need doing before evening rolls around.
No. 716522 ID: 15a025

Let's go to the stoppe shoppe and check on our order after breakfast.
No. 716586 ID: 2e11b8

What about inviting Davey as the guest star to the porno? Only if the two ladies agree to it. You could put him in a really stupid outfit.

Anyway, eat a morning meal and ask Penny for some possible odd jobs
No. 716621 ID: 163674
File 146069146448.png - (6.15KB , 500x500 , 3-18.png )

You buy a plate of breakfast. The people in this town weren’t joking about this place - it is noticeably better than any breakfast you have had in recent memory. Before you even realize it, you have entirely emptied your plate of scrumptious vittles.

The brass door bell rings.
No. 716622 ID: 163674
File 146069148893.png - (8.78KB , 500x500 , 3-19.png )

Rachel enters the café, listening to music on an old cassette player and reading a chapter book.

Penny: “Mornin’ sweetie! The usual?”

Rachel smiles nervously.

Rachel: “Eh… thank you.”

You look back down at your empty plate. You really don’t feel like inviting the farmer to your porno shoot. In fact, that’s the worst idea you’ve had since thinking about telling Sally about fucking Ramona. You could do with a stop by the Stoppe, though.
No. 716633 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey, ask Rachel if she's staying in town. There's a room free at the Plath House.
No. 716673 ID: f562b1

If she has a "usual" she probably already has a place.
No. 716818 ID: 1fb972

Are we sitting at the couter? Greater Rachel, maybe she'll sit next to us and we can flirt a bit
No. 716876 ID: 0a94cb

Let's not harass someone while they're eating. Go to the shoppe and harass someone while they're working.
No. 716883 ID: 5ad4a7

We could harass Rachel before her food arrives though.
No. 716915 ID: 15a025

Let's try and find out what she's reading over there.
No. 716933 ID: 1fb972

Casual ask Rachel (quietly mind so she doesn't get embarrassed) how her dancing is coming along.
No. 717364 ID: 163674
File 146092879265.png - (6.29KB , 500x500 , 3-20.png )

Rachel walks by your table on her way to sit down. She has been reading a book apparently titled Papillon.

You: “Well hello there Rachel.”

Rachel: “Allo.”

You lower your voice a bit.

You: “How goes the dancing?”

Rachel doesn’t look amused by that. You thought maybe it would get a smile, but she looks earnestly embarrassed.

1. Question >_
2. Flirt >_
3. Continue on to the Shoppe ->
4. Other >_
No. 717368 ID: 49f18e

No. 717378 ID: b3972d

4. Invite her to porn shoot.
No. 717379 ID: 1fb972

Flirt, obviously.

"Hey sorry, you were just really good last time we danced. It was a lot of fun!"

Give her an earnest smile, show her that we don't think she should be embarrassed. And besides a sexy French accent is awesome.
No. 717413 ID: f6442a

Flirt like a butterfly, zing like a bee.
No. 717415 ID: 15a025

Let's flirt with her.
No. 717718 ID: 163674
File 146103417647.png - (5.39KB , 500x500 , 3-21.png )

You: “Hey, don’t be embarrassed.”

You: “I had a good time dancing with you.”

You give her a bright smile, remembering your sweaty music-less dance in the alley.
No. 717719 ID: 163674
File 146103419682.png - (6.75KB , 500x500 , 3-22.png )


Rachel: “Ssss…sssorry, I cannot”

Her accent is not quite French, and her voice is a slightly raspy alto.

She attempts to say something, but ends up wagging her fist in anger at the ground.

Rachel: “Sorry. I eh… naw cannot speak. Sorry.”

Rachel is deeply frustrated. Penny calls for her food.
No. 717736 ID: 5ad4a7

Aw, I don't think you're gonna get far trying to TALK to her. You're gonna have to communicate in a more physical manner if you want to get anywhere.

Also, not now. She's gotta eat. Let's go to the shoppe. Ask about the horse.
No. 717741 ID: b17b81

Maybe just say 'let us meet again' or 'let us dance again later' in french if you can manage it.
You need to pick up a bit more french from your book. (And start carrying it around)
No. 717752 ID: 163674
File 146103731469.png - (7.79KB , 500x500 , 3-23.png )

You make sure to intersperse plenty of goofy gestures as you speak in a vain attempt to get her to lighten up.

You: “Dansez-vous… uh… encore?”

Rachel shakes her head and speaks a hasty paragraph of heavily accented French, covering her face and making a dismissive gesture with her other hand. You have never seen her so animated and it makes you want to study your French more.

Rachel: “Cannot think fast… today. Please.”

That is about what you sound like before coffee also. You leave her to her breakfast and head to the Shoppe Stoppe.
No. 717753 ID: 163674
File 146103732416.png - (5.31KB , 500x500 , 3-24.png )

There aren’t any shoppers there yet, but you hear someone speaking. It is probably a voice you’ve heard before, but you’re not completely sure. You press your weird devil ear up to the wall beside the door.

“…yes, and I really appreciate it! It’s a definite improvement.”

“but you don’t really… look happy. Are you unhappy?”

There is a noticeable pause there, but you can’t see what’s going on.

Ellen: “No. No, I’m definitely happy.”

“Yes! I love that attitude. Let’s try to show it, then. Ok?”

Ellen: “Yeah… ok. Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Just smile! Look how Marcie and Penny do it… OH! There it is!”

What the fuck are you even listening to
No. 717755 ID: 35151f

knock on the door?
No. 717772 ID: 163674
File 146103955376.png - (8.04KB , 500x500 , 3-25.png )

You go to knock on the door, but it unlocks before you get the chance.

Mayor Susanna is exiting as you try to go in.

Susanna: “Chuck!”

Susanna: “Hello! I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay so far! I don’t have time for chit-chat, but it’s nice to see you.”
No. 717774 ID: f6442a

Nice to see you too, Mayor. If only we could find the time to meet when we're not running around.
No. 717775 ID: 35151f

>start to say hi back, remember halfway through that she's a vampire reptilian in a position of power
No. 717791 ID: 1c5d74

I do no trust her. Give her a nice cordial smile for now, but let me ask something, we are going to talk with Ellen about the time she worked for Davey, something tells me it won't be a pleasant memory for her. I really do not like Davey and if any coxwette women are "good enough for fucking," something tells me it won't be that great of a memory to bring up.
No. 717792 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey look, if she was an evil vampire we'd have heard of a high mortality rate around here or something. I'm sure it's fine, she probably just gets her blood from hospitals. I mean, donated blood expires so she can just drink expired blood or something, right?

Say hello and ask what might be a better time to talk.
No. 717798 ID: a0a58f

Tell her she has your commiserations on having to work at the weekend, as you find yourself thinking you might have to pick up some extra work yourself. There are a lot of expenses for a new person in town, trying to make friends! But, you shouldn't hold her up, so you'll just wish her well and hope she gets a chance to relax soon.
No. 717822 ID: 735b52

Yeah if she were a vampire half the population of the city would be mysteriously absent.
No. 717837 ID: 0a3044

Lets go with this, but try to spin it into "I want to be useful to the community" instead of "I want the $$$"
She is not a vampire, her tail should be on fire if she were, unless she is a Twilight vampire... o crap, she IS shining D:
No. 717838 ID: 2c613d

If she was a vampire she wouldn't have shown up in the photos. I think.
No. 717866 ID: 8ef727

Maybe they were taken before she turned?

We need to get a camera, secretly snap a picture of her while she isn't looking. If she's not in the picture then we're gonna stake a bitch.
No. 717879 ID: d796e1

>>If she's not in the picture then we're gonna stake a bitch.
We are already planing that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 717900 ID: 163674
File 146111869792.png - (5.42KB , 500x500 , 3-26.png )

The word “vampire” has gone through your head about eight times in the past five seconds. You must settle this somehow.

She is about to leave, but you might still be able to get her attention.

a) Ask her outright if she is a vampire
b) Try to get her in front of a mirror (you don’t have a camera handy)
c) Other >_
No. 717901 ID: 35151f

A all the way
No. 717903 ID: a075ba

B. Antics, c'mon!
No. 717904 ID: 5ad4a7

Look at that smile, do you want to ruin that smile?

C, just let her go, jeez.
No. 717906 ID: f6442a

B - later. Trying on dresses?
No. 717907 ID: ff8371

Let the poor... snake hat vampire thing [?] go. We're here to act dreadfully towards vulnerable young people, not get involved in spooky nonsense.
No. 717909 ID: f562b1

Unfortunately, if she isn't, it would be rude to ask without making it sound like a joke, and if she is, joking won't serve a purpose.
About the best way to get her in front of a mirror is if you asked her to help you pick something out, but she's currently busy.
No. 717910 ID: 4201a2

Just leave her alone. We're supposed to be seducing women, not harassing them.
This is some grade-school shit.
No. 717911 ID: 9f3a28

Is it even sunny outside? The skies have been pretty grey. If moonlight doesn't count, sunlight reflected off/through cloud vapor wouldn't either, right?

B), but more in-depth. Got to make sure. Construct an elaborate scenario involving not only mirrors and cameras, but garlic-infused baked goods, running water, forcing a priest to bless the local reservoir, and crucifixes.

... does this town even have a church?
No. 717912 ID: 3009b4

Just to break the tie, B.
No. 717914 ID: 163674
File 146112234995.png - (5.87KB , 500x500 , 3-27.png )

You: “Say, before you go…”

You: “I’d love to have the best-dressed woman in town give me her opinion on a new blazer I’ve been looking at.”

Susanna: “Aw… I’d love to, but I can’t. Sorry Chuck! I’d love to spend time with each and every person in town.”

Susanna: “If you need to talk to me about something, I can probably get you in for an appointment tonight around six.”

You: “Right, right. I understand. You’re a busy woman!”

You: “Hey, is there a church in town, by the way?”

Susanna: “I’m afraid not. Sorry!”

You: “That seems… a bit odd. I don’t mean to be rude, o’ course.”

Susanna: “We’re a… a fearin’ people, don’t you doubt. We’re just small. That’s all.”

You: “Fearin’?”

Susanna: “You know, fearing. Of Him.”

You squint.

You: “Who?”

Susanna: “You know. Him. Have Lisa drop me a memo by 1PM if you want to set up an appointment tonight!”

She straightens her hat with a kindly wave and leaves the Shoppe Stoppe.
No. 717915 ID: 5ad4a7

>around six
That's gonna conflict with the date. We'll have to try scheduling an appointment for tomorrow.

Go ask the shoppekeepere about the horse first.
No. 717916 ID: 35151f

do some other things now
No. 717917 ID: 9f3a28

Quickly look outside as she leaves. Does she go out under the sun, or have some sort of shade? Even just tuck her tail up under her hat's shadow? Or Mysteriously Disappear as soon as she's out of your line of sight?
No. 717920 ID: 163674
File 146112369975.png - (5.01KB , 500x500 , 3-28.png )

As she leaves, the mayor tucks her tail around her, but doesn’t disappear mysteriously. In fact, you could sit and watch her walk all the way back to the library if you wanted.

Actually, you will.

God that ass

it’s like… underwear model hot

god damn
No. 717921 ID: 5ad4a7

...interesting. Starting to look like she really is a vampire.

I think we should ask miss Shoppe if she's heard of any mysterious disappearances in town.
No. 717925 ID: 9f3a28

... all the way back to the library?

Check the time. Make a note to ask the librarians if they saw the Mayor in the library at around this time today, later.

She could still just be an albino who has a perfectly natural sensitivity to the sun. Who's immortal some other way. Magic painting, alchemist's stone, sold soul, there are lots of possibilities.
No. 717926 ID: a075ba

Do we need to raise some funds? I'm not sure we have enough to cover your rent and to pay for a date. It might be time for some criminal hijinks or some kind of grift or scam.
No. 717927 ID: 163674
File 146112504224.png - (6.40KB , 500x500 , 3-29.png )

a) follow mayor to the library
b) stay and talk to Ellen >_
c) go look for a way to make money right away >_
d) other >_

( >_ will indicate a prompt for input beyond simply the letter choice for those who are unaware )
No. 717928 ID: 5ad4a7

Talk to ellen about horse.
No. 717929 ID: f6442a

Vampire schampire, you'd count her Dracula anyway.
Find a way to train your Dosh stat.
No. 717931 ID: 9f3a28

Surely B and C aren't mutually exclusive? Ellen might have a job for you.
No. 717932 ID: a075ba

Money money, my honey.
No. 717933 ID: 35151f

Yeah, like loosening a few buttons or maybe husking some corn
No. 717934 ID: 38685c

B. Ask Ellen exactly how creepy Davey is.
No. 717936 ID: 163674
File 146112854347.png - (7.63KB , 500x500 , 3-31.png )

You find Ellen standing behind the counter where she always is.

You: “Hi Ellen!”

Ellen: “Hey.”

You: “Uh… hey. You used to work for Farmer Davey, right?”

She wipes her eye and sighs.

Ellen: “Yeah, when I was thirteen. That was like…”

Ellen: “Ten years ago…”

Ellen: “Oh god… I’ve been doing absolutely nothing for ten years…”

You: “Do you remember much about him?”

Ellen: “Are you going to buy anything? Uh… I mean, can I help you find anything?”
No. 717938 ID: 5ad4a7

Nope, just came to ask about Davey. What was it like working for him?
No. 717940 ID: 9f3a28

You were wondering if she had any odd jobs around the place that she couldn't do herself, for any reason. You're looking to pick up a little extra spending money. You're willing to work pretty cheap, and any money you spend in this town will probably end up right back in the shop here, anyway, eh?

Actually... Tell her, hey, if she's not happy with her job, and she want to move into doing something else, why don't you teach her some of what you know? You used to work in eeeeeerr home security, and you could teach her some of that. There are probably some books in the library, maybe even online courses she can get through the computers. Then she could feel like her life's moving somewhere.
No. 717941 ID: cc7ce4

She seems mildly disturbed
No. 717943 ID: b17b81

Honestly, if she's not happy doing what she's doing she should try something else. Maybe not as drastic as what you did(both moving to a brand new town with no forewarning and also bank robbery), but something new.
Other option is to get a nice hobby; something kinda like Naz and her pranks. (something to keep her interested that doesn't hurt other people much)

>wipes her eye
...You doing alright? The mayor say anything that rubbed you the wrong way?
No. 717945 ID: bb78f2

You live in a small town Ellen, besides working in one of the few businesses here, internetting and reading at the library and pigging out at the cafe, what really IS there to do with a person's life?

Hell, even in the city, what is there to do besides a cubicle job and raise a family? Start a life of crime? Like, maybe I guess. Oh, and don't say college, because you just go to college to get a cubicle job anyway. It's all the same girl, everywhere.
No. 717948 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, we could ask her what she'd rather be doing.
No. 717957 ID: c47b0c

I'm getting the feeling we should probably not ask her work there in the past. Feel like maybe something horrible happened there.
No. 717960 ID: 2a7417

Let's ask that instead.
No. 717973 ID: cd90cb

Sounds like a nice question.
No. 718045 ID: 163674
File 146120674627.png - (8.27KB , 500x500 , 3-32.png )

You don’t feel like teaching Ellen about burglary, but you’re also not sure if you should press on with your questions about working at the apple farm. You change the subject.

You: “No, nothing at the moment.”

Ellen looks around, scratching her arm.

You: “So what would you rather be doing?”

Ellen: “Huh?”

You: “With your life. As a job.”

Ellen: “oh…”

Ellen: “You’d just laugh if I told you… it’s… stupid”

You: “Can’t possibly be worse than what I used to do for a living.”

Ellen: “Oh, well, I uh…”

Ellen: “always kinda wanted to be an artist. Like… a painter I guess.”

a) “Hahaha!”
b) “Not very realistic, to be honest. At least you’ve got a steady income this way, right?”
c) “That’s not stupid. That’s neat, babe!”
d) other >_
No. 718049 ID: 9f3a28

d) "Well, what's stopping you, then? I'm sure you can get all the basic pencils and paint and stuff you need around here, and I'd bet the library has some books to help guide you along. If you're too embarrassed to pick up stuff like that yourself, you could give me a couple bucks and I'd do it for you."

Do you have any "art" skills yourself, Chuck? Forgery, drawing maps, et cetera?
No. 718050 ID: bbd089

Let visions of every art scam you've ever seen, heard and dreamed of rush through your head, from insurance scams, to money laundering, to forgery. You heard one guy would auction art to himself to drive up the value.

That's great Ellen. That's really great.
No. 718053 ID: d796e1

A! no B! no wait, those are terrible, D: Why aren't you doing that already? I doubt the store consumes every our of your day, you could mount an easel in a corner, close to a windows, and try.
No. 718054 ID: d3a644

d) Art is one of those things you do on the side, I think. I mean, you could even draw while nobody's in the store! While I do think it will be pretty tough to become a famous artist, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying it in your spare time and working your way up, right?

Or something else if we aren't this heartfelt i mean have you seen those horns
No. 718055 ID: 5ad4a7

D. Why not both? She has time off, right?
No. 718056 ID: 163674
File 146120966458.png - (7.62KB , 500x500 , 3-35.png )

Those kinds of scams take serious skill - you’d rather just boost a painting from some rich idiot’s mansion.

You wonder if the Plath House’s paintings are worth anything…

You: “Great Ellen. That’s great…”

You: “Uh… yeah I meant you could be doing art on the side. Maybe not as a career, but-”

Ellen: “Wait, really”

Ellen: “you think it’s great”

Ellen: “Do you want to see one of my paintings”

You immediately regret expressing interest.

a) “No.”
b) “I’m sorry, I would, but I don’t have time!”
c) “Eh… yeah, ok.”
d) “Of COURSE I’d love to see it.”
e) other >_
No. 718058 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 718075 ID: fe65ad

C, at the very least try to be interested
No. 718077 ID: 6b40cf

Sure, it might be really good
No. 718078 ID: 9f3a28

E) "I'm no art critic, but sure. I'll warn you though, if you don't work on it often, I'm probably going to think it's bad and then awkwardly try tell you that it can get better if you practice."
No. 718082 ID: 163674
File 146121160751.png - (94.11KB , 500x500 , 3-33.png )

You: “Yeah, sure. Ok, Ellen.”

Ellen looks slightly excited for the first time since you have seen her. She leads you to the storage room between the shoppe and the tailor’s workshop. Inside stands a single easel.

Ellen: “I call it Memories.”
No. 718083 ID: 163674
File 146121163367.png - (5.68KB , 500x500 , 3-34.png )

well that’s not creepy at all

jesus christ it’s worse than you could have imagined

You: “It’s, uh”
No. 718084 ID: a075ba


>You: “It’s, uh”
No. 718085 ID: 5ad4a7

Kinda creepy. Ask if that's what she's going for.

It looks like it IS, to be honest.
No. 718086 ID: 9f3a28

"I haven't been to art galleries that often, but it looks like it'd fit in, to me. I get a sense of... strong feeling, off it."
No. 718087 ID: d796e1

"I like how the name fits, i'm going to remember this forever. For. Ever." Ok, lets no say that, lets go with "Evocative" as abobe.
No. 718089 ID: f6442a

it's a gun with a kazoo on it
No. 718090 ID: cd73ff

What kind of memories are you going for?
No. 718094 ID: b17b81

Pretty much that.

That is pretty much the only time we've even seen a hint of her looking happy. (that ear flick)
No. 718096 ID: 163674
File 146121468807.png - (3.78KB , 500x500 , 3-36.png )

You: “Evocative.”

Ellen: “…you don’t like it”

You: “It just kind of gives me the creeps a little bit.”

You: “Is that what you were going for?”

Ellen swallows hard and wrings her hands.

Ellen: “Might as well.”

She sighs and covers the painting up with a piece of cloth.

Ellen: “Is there anything I can help you with”

Why's she got to be so mopey! It's not your fault she sucks! It doesn't look like she's going to give you any other work at the moment beyond the apple thing she gave you before.

a) shop for date things >_
b) leave >_
c) stay and talk to Ellen >_
d) other >_
No. 718097 ID: b8d5aa

it's, uh....

...it makes me wonder what sort of things you draw inspiration from. what makes you want to create art?
No. 718099 ID: 9f3a28

Listen Charlie, she may be a mope but she's cute, and if you cure her of the mopes she will become eminently boneable and will probably be favorably disposed to bonings from you. You could get the info you'd need to get booze and you might even get shop discounts.

So you tell her that no you don't like it but there's lots of great art that lots of people don't like and you're a philistine anyway, seriously, you're not even saying that as a platitude. If she has something she feels strongly about then she needs to go for it because she's obviously not happy doing anything else and has nothing to lose!
No. 718108 ID: 163674
File 146121650796.png - (5.36KB , 500x500 , 3-37.png )


eh, 6/10
but you've done more for plainer

You: “Look, maybe it’s not my kind of thing, but”

You: “I’m a damn philistine for one”

You: “but you can’t really put too much value on whether people like your work”

Ellen: “Why do you say that?”

You: “I… kind of used to be an actor.”

That gives Ellen pause.

Ellen: “You were an actor?”

You: “Kinda, yeah”

Ellen: “Why’d you stop…?”

You: “Ech, never mind actually. Let’s just say that what ‘the people’ think can be pretty far from the truth.”

You feel like you are the one changing the subject now. Neither you nor the deer wishes to talk about the past.

a) “Just don’t give up. Saying ‘fuck you’ to people like me will get you far in your life.”
b) “What was the mayor doing here earlier?”
c) “Would you paint a portrait of me?”
d) “So what was it like working for Davey? I met that guy today.”
e) Other >_
No. 718109 ID: f6442a

No. 718111 ID: 9f3a28

A, then B.
No. 718117 ID: 5ad4a7

c. NUDE.
No. 718120 ID: f0e552


also you don't think she's cute!? You are bloody insane, Chucklemore.
No. 718124 ID: 5c1b3b

C. Nude
Draw me like one of ypur french ladies
No. 718126 ID: b17b81

As a joke, C. Then go for B.

She's probably a lot cuter when she's got a nice smile on her face. Won't know for sure until you can get her to smile.
No. 718127 ID: bb78f2

Okay, like, you have your style and topic and interest. The most people can really ever give legit critique on is the fundamentals of any skill. Some mentors may say spread out a bit, explore more, but beyond fundamentals and scope, everything else is niche based. And some people appeal to niche's outside their own interests for income, which is fair. An annoying reality, but money's money, and eventually through perseverance can you make money doing what you love...

You know... Naz might be able to set up a site for you, to sell your work online, do commissions, order a tablet for digital works, things like that. If you ever end up drawing or painting porn, I don't know how the mayor will respond to that, but Naz will have her ways. Like, if you get your own computer and internet set up, I DON'T think the mayor can say jack squat.
No. 718130 ID: 1c5d74

Do most of your painting have a story behind them? Granted that one was creepy but I've always understood that a good artist will always try to make their audience feel what the artist was feeling, so maybe you were just putting out some bad mojo or something? Believe me I think the reason I wasn't that good of an actor was because I could portray character emotion very well, and if I can't make the audience feel what my character is going though... Well, enough about me. How long have you been painting for?
No. 718131 ID: da66ba

A, tell her to keep practicing and work toward accomplishing certain set goals. keep trying even if you run out of ideas
No. 718138 ID: 3641d4

A and C.
No. 718162 ID: 62963b

A, then B
No. 718181 ID: 15a025

A and C seem nice.
No. 718686 ID: 163674
File 146146030114.png - (8.24KB , 500x500 , 3-38.png )

You: “Anyway, you’ll get far by telling people like me to fuck off.”

Ellen: “What were you in?”

You: “What?”

Ellen: “Sorry… you said you were an actor. I’m just kind of curious I guess.”

You: “Forget I mentioned it.”

Ellen: “Oh, ok. Sorry.”

You: “Just keep painting, alright?”

You don’t know why you are suddenly giving a pep-talk to this dumpy cashier chick.

You: “Heh, maybe you could paint a portrait of me.”

You: “Nude, of course.”

Ellen blushes and turns her head away.

Ellen: “I don’t think that would be…”

You: “Just jokin’, babe. One of these days I’m gonna see you smile, and my heart’s gonna melt. One of these days.”

Ellen sighs and gives another fake smile.

You: “So anyway, what was the mayor doing here? That sounded like a kinda weird conversation you two were having.”

Ellen: “Oh, she comes by sometimes to check up on the place. She stops by everywhere in town pretty much.”

Ellen: “She kind of runs the store since my parents passed away. I own it technically but…”

Ellen: “I guess I don’t really have much passion for it like she does”
No. 718688 ID: 0a94cb

Has she ever considered putting up some of her work for sale? Her more conventional stuff, can't expect Coxwetters to appreciate real art.
No. 718695 ID: 163674
File 146146305737.png - (8.27KB , 500x500 , 3-39.png )

You: “Ever thought about selling your art? How you gonna become a professional artist if you don’t sell your art?”

Ellen shrugs.

Ellen: “I should get back to work.”

Ellen: “If the mayor comes back, I need to be working.”

Ellen: “And smiling.”

You throw up your hands in defeat and take out your MISSION BOOKLET to see what else you can do to kill some time before your big d8

Maybe you could even manage to get your dick wet before 5PM. They don’t call you THE LEGEND for nothing.
No. 718700 ID: 5ad4a7

Well if you have time you could run to the ranch and back to get an apple arrangement going, and thus get paid so you have d8 money.

We also gotta schedule an appointment with the mayor for tomorrow.
No. 718702 ID: 628856

If you are looking to get down and dirty, maybe go pay Naz a visit. See if you can't get "some practice for the shoot and a prank" in, two birds with one stone.
No. 718710 ID: 0a94cb

Library is a decent way to check on the more youthful Plath.
No. 718718 ID: bb78f2

Hey.. dumb idea but maybe not Ellen, consider selling it to her. If she isn't an immortal vampire, she'll need to retire one day, or there will be a day she'll have competition for mayor and possibly voted out. She'll need a back up plan.

ACTUALLY tell her you think the snake mayor is an immortal vampire. No context, no explanation, just cut and run with a goodbye as she thinks about it.

Oh wait, I just realized that Ellen just basically admitted "MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!" No wonder she's depressed. She might have been doing this since whenever she was let go at the farm because her parents died.
No. 718723 ID: 163674
File 146147014025.png - (7.85KB , 500x500 , 3-40.png )

You: “Wait, woah, what happened to your parents?”

Ellen gives you quite a look and a laborious sigh.

Ellen: “They went swimming in the river after a barge passed by”

Ellen: “drowned”

Ellen: “Apparently you can’t do that.”

You: “Holy shit. Sorry to hear it”

Ellen: “Is there anything I can help you with?”

You cough into your hand and fiddle with some of the chewing gum on the counter.

You: “Is the mayor a vampire?”

Ellen: “Uh… what?”

You: “Nothing. Gotta run! Stay beautiful.”

You should decide definitively where you want to go next, or if you have anything else to say to Ellen before you leave.
No. 718724 ID: bb78f2

I never said ask her about her parents, I was just stating what I just found out through her dialog. I thought you were a legend Charlemagne, with tact.

Get outta here, just add "Make Ellen legitimately smile" as an objective and get out of these premises before you make yourself out as more of an idiot anti-legend.

Library, stat, now, we'll figure out what to do from there. We MIGHT need to apologize to the Sally for being so forward since she refused our advances last night, and I don't want her thinking we're a dumb creeper that's just going to pretend it never happened.
No. 718725 ID: 5ad4a7

Looks like Library has more than one vote so we're going there. Not that I know why, since right now the primary objecctive should be CASH MONEY. I guess we could ask Sally???

Don't apologize to Sally. We gave her a straightforward choice when the mood was right and she just chose no. There should be no bad blood there.
No. 718766 ID: 163674
File 146152097138.png - (8.43KB , 500x500 , 3-41.png )


You’ve never gotten anywhere being coy or politically correct. Besides, it’s unhealthy to keep shit bottled up like that. As for making her smile, you don’t really care all that much. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink - she’s got to figure that out on her own without dragging you down with her. Then again, these emotionally damaged girls tend to be an easy go if you can get them in the right spot. You'll put some more thought into it.

Oh damn it, Lead a Horse to Water would’ve been a good name for that mission.

Anyway, you walk over to the library to find Susanna on her way out.

Susanna: “Oh! Chuck!”

Susanna: “Long time no see.”

She giggles.
No. 718786 ID: 15a025

Ask what she's doing here and then boop her nose.
No. 718789 ID: 5bd748

Say "too long to go without getting to see you, Madam Mayor".

Tell her you're wandering around checking to see if anyone has any small or quick jobs you could lend a hand with, just for a few bucks to help you get your feet under you. Since she seems about town so much herself, does she know any?
No. 718804 ID: 163674
File 146152756113.png - (9.19KB , 500x500 , 3-42.png )


You don’t know if you want to get your hand that close to her mouth. At least… not yet.

You: “Too long, ma’am.”

Susanna smiles. Her voice is silky and tickles the back of your neck.

Susanna: “You charmer. I bet you use that one on every mayor you meet.”

You: “Ya caught me. Hey, what brings you to the library, anyway?”

Susanna: “I try to make the rounds at least every other week if I can. Except for the Plath House.”

You: “Why not? Ol’ Ramona seems like she could use some company up there.”

Susanna: “A dusty old place. Allergies.”

You try to hide a look of confusion.

You: “Oh. Yeah, I get ‘em nasty when the pollen starts to fall. You know any place I can find an odd job to get a little pocket change, by any chance?”

Susanna: “Oh! I suppose I could think of something. There’s nothing I love to see more than work ethic.”

Susanna things for a moment. Her tongue flicks in and out when she thinks.

Susanna: “As you probably know, Rachel works for City Hall. I have recently assigned her a project for preserving the town’s historic well, and if you’re up for it, I’ll ensure that you’re paid for assisting.”
No. 718815 ID: 15a025

Sounds...like "well" have some fun. Take the job, we needs the extra cash.
No. 718822 ID: f6442a

I can dig it.
No. 718824 ID: 737d5c

Well, well, WELL...Consider me signed up.
No. 718828 ID: 163674
File 146152937028.png - (51.51KB , 500x500 , 3-44.png )

You: “Count me in.”

Susanna: “Lovely! I need you to help Rachel fill the well up with concrete.”

Susanna: “Do be careful not to fall in.”
No. 718835 ID: 15a025

>Do be careful not to fall in.
Some long rope seems like it'll help us out in case we do then.
No. 718837 ID: 5bd748

>preserving the town’s historic well
>fill the well up with concrete

I guess that would "preserve" it, but I wonder if perhaps perhaps there might be something down the well that madame mayor might want to cover up? This'll give us a chance to check it out, anyway. How much longer until date hour, now?
No. 718840 ID: 15fae4


this bitch is gonna kill us
No. 718845 ID: f6442a

It's probably connected to the catacombs, like that concrete-filled door. In the interest of "preservation," we need to go down there before it's too late. Maybe we could use the excuse of scoping out the well for 'leaks' to Rachel.
No. 718846 ID: 891640

I suppose it'd be too convenient for that to be the entrance to the catacombs that we've been looking for?
No. 718850 ID: 163674
File 146153392747.png - (8.20KB , 500x500 , 3-45.png )

Susanna: “I’ll also be assigning my assistant Lisa to oversee the project to ensure that no one is injured!”

Susanna: “I hope you’re amenable to making an extra 150bux, mister Chuck.”

It’s about noon now. Five hours until d8. You might want to think about how you’re going to dress for this, too.
No. 718851 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah you're gonna want to wear something you won't mind getting dirty. Maybe get some overalls or something.

...hey this will be done by 5, right?
No. 718853 ID: 15a025

Best way to dress for work like this is in some crummy looking shirt and pants.
No. 718856 ID: 5b12a0

If we just need some clothes we won't mind getting dirty, is there a goodwill or something in town? Just some place where we can get clothes for cheap?
No. 718866 ID: 163674
File 146153798570.png - (5.05KB , 500x500 , 3-46.png )

Susanna: “Yes, well. Excellent!”

Susanna: “I will see you when the job is done for your payment.”

You watch the mayor leave again.

You can easily find some old clothes in the Plath house. It barely even counts as stealing if no one has word it in fifty years.

a) Go to the library to talk to Sally
b) Start the job right away
c) Other >_
No. 718867 ID: 15a025

Get working on that job now. You'll have plenty of time to flirt on the job and after words.
No. 718868 ID: 5bd748

Better start the job, try ensure you give yourself time to clean up a little, before the date.
No. 718873 ID: a075ba

Get that jorb done, so you have time for the date after. And time to get cleaned up and dressed up.
No. 718878 ID: 5ad4a7

Better do the job to make sure you have time to finish the job.

Also, I want to check the bottom of the well. Think it's possible it connects to the archives?
No. 718989 ID: 3641d4

Get on the job chuck, times a wasting!
No. 719386 ID: 163674
File 146172661776.png - (10.52KB , 500x500 , 3-47.png )

>get to work

You borrow an old get-up from the Plath House that conveniently fits you perfectly, though you still hope that very few people have to see you in this.
No. 719387 ID: 163674
File 146172663447.png - (10.53KB , 500x500 , 3-48.png )

Lisa and Rachel are there. It takes you moment to realize that they are speaking French with one another. There is a cement mixer tumbling next to the well, and Rachel is hoisting sacks of dry cement as she talks. She looks quite jovial.

You wonder if Lisa is ever not carrying a clipboard.
No. 719388 ID: 48703f

Say hello to both of these ladies and tell them the mayor sent you over to help out. After exchanging pleasantries, ask where the well is, and is it all surveyed out and checked there's no frogs living in the bottom or anything?
No. 719389 ID: b8d5aa

attempt to rig up some sort of rope harness to safely descend into the well
No. 719390 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell them they don't have to stop speaking French to eachother in your presence (that's often considered rude), you know Racheal can't deal with English very well.

Ask if they're friends.
No. 719393 ID: a075ba

>You wonder if Lisa is ever not carrying a clipboard.
You are now imagining her naked, in bed, with a clipboard.
No. 719394 ID: 163674
File 146172834313.png - (9.58KB , 500x500 , 3-49.png )

You: “Morning ladies!”

You imagine Lisa naked with a clipboard. It seems right. Anything else would be wrong.

Lisa: “Oh! Good morning, sir!”

You: “You can just call me Chuck, you know. No need to be so formal.”

Lisa: “Yes sir. Are you ready to begin with the well?”

You: “As ready as I’ll every be. No need to stop speaking French, either, if you don’t want to. I don’t mind.”

Lisa: “Oh. We weren’t talking about you or anything.”

You: “What WERE you talking about? Just curious-”

Rachel: “Music.”

You: “Oh.”

You shoot a brief glance at Rachel, who is not smiling but does not look angry. You notice a harness and pulley already set up by the well.

You: “So, when am I strapping up in that puppy?”

Rachel says something to Lisa, who nods.

Lisa: “Uh… she says she will be the one in the harness.”

Rachel says something else, then turns around and picks up a back of cement mix.

Lisa: “She says she doesn’t want you to get hurt.”
No. 719395 ID: b8d5aa

it is much safer to have you down there, because you weigh less (no offense to rachel) and since she is stronger, she will have an easier time being the one working the hoist and slinging the cement and such. it just makes sense that you'd be the one going down there! besides, she's more familiar with the cement mixer anyway.
No. 719396 ID: 4854ef

Well, she's obviously stronger and she is offering so less work for you...

Make a token effort to protest before backing down, ask what they want you to do for the well then if you aren't going to be harnessed up.
No. 719397 ID: 48703f

Hey now, if we're talking about being lowered down into something, how likely you are to get hurt is based on how likely you are to drop. Rachel is a very impressive and powerfully built lady and you are a scrawny little twig. You'd be less likely to fall, get hurt less if you do, and you'd have more room to move around.
No. 719399 ID: 163674
File 146173012782.png - (9.95KB , 500x500 , 3-50.png )

You: “I think it’d be safer to hoist me down there. Don’t you? Given that Rachel is so… strong.”

Lisa relays. Rachel speaks and gesticulates, looking at you with a small grin that disappears when you look.

Lisa: “She says… she supposes it would be easier to lift a…”

Lisa: “to lift a... fasme… I don’t know this word. Rachel, comment dit-on?

Rachel struggles to come up with the word in English, and goes back to dumping cement into the mixer.
No. 719401 ID: 5ad4a7

Alright with that settled, what do we do first?
No. 719403 ID: 48703f

Maybe she could draw it?

Well, ask Lisa if she looked up any planning maps or survay reports of this area. You've heard of there being a bunch of stuff underground in and around this town, you're not going to accidentally spill concrete through into someone's basement, are you?
No. 719404 ID: 4e9864

"A stick-bug like me? Yeah, I suppose so. Le français est belle comme vous."
No. 719405 ID: 4e9864

Let's not say too much about what we might be looking for down there; we already have an excuse to go down, we don't need another one.
No. 719407 ID: f6442a

Charlemagne is built for speed, baby.
No. 719410 ID: 163674
File 146173235610.png - (4.82KB , 500x500 , 3-51.png )

You: “Rachel, you were speaking to me well enough earlier in the week…”

Lisa relays. Rachel looks over her shoulder, her eyes widening and her back going straight.

Rachel: “Eh… it is…”

Rachel: “For you the word is difficult to come”

Rachel: “Eeuu…”

She says something in a different language, and Lisa doesn’t understand.

Lisa: “The cat has her tongue, sir.”

Lisa giggles, then puts on her own hard hat.

You think about this job:

First, you don’t know if this really is an entrance into the catacombs.
Second, if it is, you don’t know if it’s the only one.
Third, you are about to seal it permanently with concrete.
FOURTH, the mayor has posted a lookout who will tell her everything that happens.

So close, yet so far.
No. 719411 ID: 35151f

c'est la vie, best to get on down there and confirm, right?
No. 719412 ID: f6442a

If you get down there, you can try to locate another entrance.
Or maybe Lisa has an itinerary of future "historical preservation" sites.
No. 719413 ID: 48703f

All you need to do is express a concern for safety and/or wildlife, which is reasonable. You want to go down and check if the concrete will spill into any hollow spaces (people have built basements and so on around here) or disturb any animals (which a well might have if it's been left open for years, frogs or little birds or something). If you go down and you DO find anything of that sort, with your TOTALLY INNOCENT concern for safety, then you go oh, oh no, we have to make sure this is safe.

So, then, if you don't find a catacombs entrance, all's well. If you do, you go oh geez, the concrete will fill this weird place too, maybe we don't have enough or need to make sure we're not damaging any old property someone might have a claim to, why don't we just put down some boards or a concrete cap?
No. 719430 ID: bb78f2

Pfft, I have the best idea, get down there, if you THINK it's the catacombs, CUT the rope, sabotage the job and get lost down there. Ask if you can borrow a flash light, to see best with. It's not suspicious to ask for a flash light when you're going down a dark well.

We'll find our way out THROUGH the catacombs instead, which will be significantly easier, assuming there IS one. We'll just shout out above that you're in the catacombs and you'll just walk out of there instead of going through the well again since you think that'll be easier.

It will force the mayor's assistant to reveal if we'd need a key to get out that way, which would be VERY easy to pickpocket later.

It's the perfect plan.
No. 719454 ID: 3641d4

We could cut the rope if we think it's to the catacombs, but what if we do and it turns out we were wrong? Another thing to keep in mind is, wouldn't it seems odd if the rope just happens to break just as we hit the bottom?
No. 719484 ID: 15a025

This sounds like a pretty solid plan.
No. 719500 ID: a075ba

The only problem with securing an entrance to catacombs is we might not get paid in full if we don't complete this task. And we're might come up short on funds if we're going to pay our hotel bill, and go out on a date. (I think we have 44 bux, we owe 30, and we don't know what the date will cost).
No. 719606 ID: 163674
File 146181938177.png - (7.12KB , 500x500 , 3-52.png )

You decide with Rachel and Lisa that you will lower down first to ensure that there is nothing in the path of the concrete pour.

You’ll have to come to a consensus on exactly what to do when you reach the bottom. For all you know, there might be nothing down there at all. Rachel harnesses you up and starts to lower you down into the well. Aside from the impending darkness, this is way easier than you thought it would be. The well’s cobblestone shaft is entirely dried out, making it easy to grip onto when you need it.

It smells strongly of mildew, and grows increasingly dank and humid as you reach the bottom.
No. 719607 ID: 163674
File 146181939337.png - (16.32KB , 500x500 , 3-53.png )

The line slacks when you touch ground. Huh…

There’s still a little water down here. A tunnel extends away from the well shaft into darkness so thick that your flashlight cannot penetrate far enough in.

a) cut rope, enter the tunnel
b) yell up about the tunnel
c) lie that there is something in the way >_
d) other >_
No. 719608 ID: 35151f

I think the word our french fry gal pal was looking for was snoop, scout around for a couple minutes but don't call it in just yet.
No. 719610 ID: 5ad4a7

Yell that there's a tunnel, you're gonna go check it out to see where it leads. With an opening that big they'd need a massive amount of concrete to seal it off by just pouring it down. Giant waste of money! If you can find another access point they can get work done down here easier.

Unhook the rope even if they say no. Tell them you'll be back in like ten minutes.
No. 719615 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, with this tunnel here, concreting up the well will be impossible. This job's fucked and we didn't have to do anything to sabotage it. May as well just let them know about the tunnel and that we can't do anything.

Then I guess ask Rachel and Lisa if they'd like to go spelunking in the tunnels since we can't close the well anyway, so hell, lets have a good time down here.
No. 719622 ID: 15be65

Yell up about the tunnel.
No. 719626 ID: b17b81

Pretty much this, just don't lose track of time for your date.
No. 719639 ID: 3641d4

No. 719642 ID: 4d7c27


Is that a sign on the wall? Check it with your flashlight. Sweep around the floor, too, just to be sure.

Then b). We're playing the innocently helpful new guy in town and we don't want to raise suspicions.
No. 719663 ID: 15a025

Yeah look behind you, I think that's a sign there.
No. 719744 ID: fef2ee

Eat mushrooms, then trip out and go on a naked bender around the tunnels. When you finally come to your senses, you will find yourself beside something plot related.
No. 719765 ID: cd90cb

Whats on the sign!
No. 720045 ID: 163674
File 146205636920.png - (9.01KB , 500x500 , 3-54.png )

The sign is marred and worn, the bolts holding it to its cracked shaft completely rusted through. Whatever message was on this sign has long since washed away. All of this was once under water.

>eat random mushrooms

Never again.

You: “Lisa!”

You: “Lisaaaaa!”

Lisa: “Are you ok sir?!”

You: “I’m fine. There’s a huge opening down here with a tunnel. We can’t fill it in.”

Lisa: “A tunnel?!”

Lisa pauses for a moment.

Lisa: “I’ll go get the mayor!”

No. 720046 ID: 5ad4a7

Detach the cable and go looking around.
No. 720047 ID: 0e61df

Say something like, "You go and do that! I'll see if the tunnel doesn't narrow out enough further down to fill in with what concrete we have!"
No. 720052 ID: 163674
File 146205791689.png - (3.58KB , 500x500 , 3-55.png )

You unhook the harness and proceed down the tunnel. It goes on for some time - longer than any feasible amount of concrete would fill. Your flashlight barely fills the dripping darkness enough for you to see, and your boots are soaked through. Finally you reach something solid.
No. 720054 ID: 163674
File 146205793097.png - (25.62KB , 500x500 , 3-56.png )

You shine your light on it.
No. 720056 ID: 5ad4a7

Softly caress the heart (push it).
No. 720062 ID: a075ba

>It goes on for some time - longer than any feasible amount of concrete would fill.
Yeah, if they want to fill in the well, step 1 would be to wall off the tunnel. Then fill the well in.

I feel like we've seen that symbol before.
No. 720063 ID: f6442a

Gently caress the pretzel.
No. 720065 ID: 13ac27

Hey, isnt that the same pretzel from the top of Ramona's maid uniform?
No. 720067 ID: 163674
File 146205981950.png - (11.69KB , 500x500 , 3-57.png )

You touch the pretzel with your hand, applying more pressure. It’s no kind of button, just solid stone. You swear you can feel it pulsing, but when you concentrate, the sensation goes away.
No. 720068 ID: bb78f2

Pick your nose to level up your lockpicking skill enough so you can unlock the door
No. 720073 ID: 5ad4a7

It is! That's the same symbol on the maid uniform's hat. So this place has some relation to the Plath House.

Look around the edges of the door? to see if there's an indication of how it opens. Does it go up, down, left/right, opens by splitting in half, what?
No. 720085 ID: 93bc27

Well, either we've uncovered an ancient temple to a cosmic power, OR there used to be a classy speakeasy or something in prohibition times and this is where it was, and that maid dress used to be a uniform for girls working down here.

Either way the mayor would probably want to cover it up.
No. 720087 ID: 163674
File 146206202726.png - (6.79KB , 500x500 , 3-58.png )

You do recognize the emblem from the maid uniform. Seeing the emblem has now given you an unwanted erection, so you turn around to think. It has no keyhole anywhere, and would look like solid stone were it not for the seam down the center. You can’t think of a way through short of a sledgehammer or some dynamite.
No. 720090 ID: a075ba

Stick your dick in it.

Clearly, it's the key to this heart, and will open the door.
No. 720101 ID: 93bc27

Try hooking your fingers into the spaces and rotating it?
No. 720102 ID: 5ad4a7

Maybe say "Open sesame"?
No. 720110 ID: 90f3c0

Are those shapes in the heart holes? Obviously you need to collect some sort of ancient gems that fit in the slots. They're probably owned by the three most powerful ladies in town.
No. 720113 ID: 4e9864

> You swear you can feel it pulsing, but when you concentrate, the sensation goes away.

Don't concentrate on the symbol. Place your hand on it, close your eyes, and apply the full power of your imagination and ability to fantasize. Think about the woman you last saw that symbol on. Think about both generations of them. Think about a certain librarian. Think about all of them at once.

If that doesn't work, think about the letter, think about the ghost, and think about the very real possibility you might be her significant other and an ancestor of the Plath dynasty.
No. 720125 ID: 163674
File 146206847021.png - (8.67KB , 500x500 , 3-59.png )


There is no way to rotate the symbol, as it is simply embossed into the stone surface. There are no indications that the shapes need to be filled with anything, but you will keep that in mind.

You close your eyes and place your hand on the pretzel. You picture Ramona’s smiling face, her lopped ears, and her big cold nose. You remember what she felt like from the inside in explicit detail. The smell of booze on her breath, and her polite little laugh.

You see Sally’s big eye teeth and the little tuft of bangs on her head, and the way she leans over when she stands. You conjure the image of Lorraine that will forever be burned into your memory - that flickering, bending, uncanny image of a dead young woman. They could be standing behind you right now, not saying a word, and you would know it. The stone pulses beneath your hands… it feels like a dryer running in slow motion.

You realize that what you are feeling is merely your own heartbeat in your hand. Nothing happens.
No. 720127 ID: 35151f

rub your dick on it
No. 720130 ID: 93bc27

Don't rub ur dick on it.

Check the seam. Is there a gap between the two halves of the "door", and on which side of the circle does that gap continue? In other words, if this opens up, which side is the one the circle isn't connected to?

Try pressing each of the holes, rather than just the symbol as a hole. Do any of them have any give?

Is there anything unusual on or about the walls, floor or ceiling nearby?
No. 720134 ID: 735512

kick it
No. 720141 ID: 5ad4a7

That pretzel looks more like a heart with two diamond shapes and a circle cut out of it.

Anyway I don't think we can open the door by experimentation. We need to do research. Go back to the rope and get lifted out, maybe talk to the mayor. I wonder if we'll get paid?
No. 720143 ID: 38cb3f

Remember that the town has a Him but no church that the mayor was uncomfortable speaking about, a ghost, a general lack of menfolk, and get hit by sudden sense of foreboding.
No. 720152 ID: 163674
File 146207050363.png - (5.83KB , 500x500 , 3-60.png )

You THINK that the circular section in the middle of the door connects to the right side, and that the seam is on the left side. It is hard to tell because it is closed so tightly. Beyond brute force, there is probably no way you will be opening this right this moment.
No. 720153 ID: 163674
File 146207052026.png - (18.50KB , 500x500 , 3-61.png )

You are suddenly met with a vivid mental image of a navy blue sofa moving closer to you and many indistinguishable voices you can see the fibers of the sofa there is a gold cord embroidery for trim and mahogany arms and feet it is rough chamois texture and the friction is hot against your skin, shockingly hot and the backrest is rubbing your arm you are rolling and sinking into the cushions

Lisa: “Sir?! Are you still down there?! Hello?”

Your heart is racing. What were you just thinking about?

You: “Yeah, I’m way down in here. What’s up?”

Lisa: “The mayor says we will need to make a concrete cap to put over the top.”

You pause and straighten your hard hat, walking back toward the well shaft.

You: “How is that going to preserve the well?”

Lisa: “It will keep people from falling in, sir.”
No. 720156 ID: 5ad4a7

...probably a good idea, but can't you just put a wooden lid on it? That'd be easier than concrete.
No. 720157 ID: 211d83

Ok we will need to build a dome mold then to pour the concrete into.

Do we have a bunch of boards and plywood to build one?
No. 720160 ID: 38685c

Are you sure you didn't eat a random mushroom.
No. 720167 ID: 8e2c0d

we can't just fill in the well! we'll have to do SOMETHING to get in that door first. can we convince lisa and the mayor that there are things of GREAT HISTORICAL VALUE down there that should be preserved? or maybe convince them to just make a wooden cover for the well for the moment until you can come up with a better idea.
No. 720168 ID: 93bc27

Say that's a good idea, you'll come up to help. Remember, you're keeping up the guise of a guy who just wants to help. Make a mental note of which way this tunnel goes relative to the well, so you know what's above this.

Recommend that Lisa take down a record of this place and it's general size, just in case anyone in the future wants to develop this bit of land. Don't want the ground caving in under anyone!

See if you can subtly influence them to make a relatively thin cap, so it could be theoretically levered up again in the future.
No. 720197 ID: 4e9864

No need to influence them; we're going to be doing the work.

Concrete weighs about 2400 kg/m^3. From >>719606, the well looks about a meter across, making its cross section pi/4 m^2. So, the weight of the cap by thickness would be about 1885 kg/m, or 18.85 kg/cm. A cap too big for us to shift would be far thicker than needed to cap off the well.

We'd still need help to get back down the well later, but there's at least one mouse in town who might be willing to help us with that.

However, if we want to convince the mayor that they should use some other material instead, we might want to suggest that concrete doesn't actually hold up well over time, especially in a damp environment, such as directly over a well. It's likely to lose strength over time, and we wouldn't want some playful kid standing on top of it to make it crack and break someone's leg, or fall down the well. Metal would be a far better choice, and an argument could be made for wood, too.
No. 720210 ID: a075ba

Your thoughts are getting awful weird. ...is there gas down here? Maybe you should go back where there's fresh air.
No. 720222 ID: 163674
File 146208458953.png - (7.24KB , 500x500 , 3-62.png )

You strap up and tug on the rope. Rachel pulls you back out of the well. It looks like she has been working on something, which she returns to when you are safely aground.
No. 720223 ID: 163674
File 146208460011.png - (8.92KB , 500x500 , 3-63.png )

Some kind of wooden housing for the concrete plug, by the looks of it. You watch her build it up and get an idea for the thickness of the planned cap, which is about three feet. You could try to convince the mayor that it would be unsafe, but she does not strike you as a lady who is prone to compromise.
No. 720224 ID: 93bc27

Well, if worse comes to worse, the well seems to be pretty remotely located. You could dig down next to it and pull out a few bricks to get back in under the cap.
No. 720225 ID: a075ba

...screw up and mix a smaller batch of concrete so the cap isn't as thick?
No. 720228 ID: f6442a

Adding less water and more sand would make it brittle, but cracking that cap open will be hard to cover up.
No. 720229 ID: 5ad4a7

It's in the center of town square. Not remote at all.

I doubt there's anything you can do about this, aside from pointing out the fact that it'll look awful. I mean, it's just going to be a concrete slab on top of the well, right?
No. 720406 ID: f0e552

wait so why arent we just telling the mayor to hold off on the cap so we can go down and explore the catacombs? Are we trying to hide this?
No. 720409 ID: 3cbb55

good point. We could try and convince the mayor that what is down their is to historically important to simply cover it up and leave it forgotten. Though It might require a silver tongue to convince her.
No. 720437 ID: 5ad4a7

...wouldn't an archaeological restoration attract tourism?
No. 720477 ID: 35151f

this is a solid route to pursue
No. 720778 ID: 163674
File 146232687312.png - (7.69KB , 500x500 , 3-64.png )

Lisa has returned from across the street, trailing behind the mayor. The lady snake looks slightly annoyed to have been pulled away from her rounds.

Susanna: “I hear there’s been a little roadblock in our project.”

Lisa: “The well’s open underneath, Ms. Mayor.”

Lisa: “That’s what Chuck said, at least. We can’t fill it, so we’re making a cap…”

Susanna: “There must have been a cave-in underground.”

She pauses to consider the options.

Susanna: “Plug it up, then.”

You: “Actually, I don’t think it was a cave-in. It looked more like a man-made-”

Susanna: “The water must have leeched out of the well and created a cave-in.”

You: “I saw a tunnel down there.”

You take off your hard-hat.

You: “There was a door at the end of it.”

Lisa and Rachel both stare at you.
No. 720780 ID: 163674
File 146232690089.png - (7.58KB , 500x500 , 3-67.png )

Susanna tilts her head, and her smile fades away.

Susanna: “And what was behind that door?”

You: “I couldn’t… I couldn’t open it. It was solid stone. But it looked historical! Maybe that’s something we need to preserve.”

You: “An entrance to the catacombs.”

Susanna: “Catacombs?”

Your peripheral vision begins to fade and your face feels tingly.
No. 720781 ID: 163674
File 146232691563.png - (3.87KB , 500x500 , 3-65.png )

Susanna: “There are no catacombs beneath the library.”
No. 720782 ID: 163674
File 146232695603.png - (9.33KB , 500x500 , 3-66.png )

Susanna: “Oh! I still need to visit the bakery today! Get to plugging up that well, folks!”

The mayor departs.

Susanna: “I’m going to get an ALMOND DANISH. Oh I can’t wait…”
No. 720786 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask if she usually reacts that way when that subject comes up.
No. 720787 ID: 38685c

Don't argue with jedi or vampires. There are no catacombs under the library.
No. 720791 ID: 211d83

Ask the other two if she is always like that when subterranean labyrinths are mentioned.
No. 720793 ID: 35151f

"What? but there super are though"
No. 720795 ID: 163674
File 146232784655.png - (8.55KB , 500x500 , 3-68.png )

Your heart is racing, and a cold sweat has replaced the hot sweat already soaking your overalls.

You: “Does she always react like that when the subject comes up?”

Lisa looks up from her clipboard.

Lisa: “Hm? Like what, sir?”

a. Finish the well job
b. Leave >_
c. Other >_
No. 720797 ID: aec7be

Uh Susanna you had your sunglasses on, your vampire hypnotism doesn't work through sunglasses you silly billy.

Ask the other two ladies if they want to take a quick look down there and give you their opinion.
No. 720804 ID: f4360b

Alright... Take a few deep breaths and lets calmly finish the job, and get our money for this evenings date, do not let on that you know anything! What we also need to do is the following:
1. Get a sturdy gun, a handgun would be best as it can be easily concealed, and load it with silver bullets. I know a lot of people say silver is for werewolves but silver has played a part in many different folklore and beliefs
2. Get a large knife (Bowie knife would be best) for two purposes, 1 beheading the corpse of a vampire after we have staked it and to sharpen the points of wooden stakes, mistletoe would be best as again mistletoe played a part in various old beliefs.
3. See about contacting a priest or clergyman, preferably one from another town (not under susannas influence), who can put dead spirits to rest peacefully, and also give us some holy water and crosses to ward the vampire off
No. 720807 ID: 35151f

oh hey, a couch
also shit she IS some kinda spookum, fuck
No. 720836 ID: 163674
File 146233177232.png - (5.79KB , 500x500 , 3-69.png )

>vampire hunting precautions

Vampires aren’t real. If they WERE real, they would be all over the news, all over academia, and probably would have had their own civil rights movement by now. You are still a little bit in doubt that you saw a ghost. Maybe you’re just blasted on DMT and have lost all concept of time and space. Again. Fucking Julia god damn it. You don’t even know whether to take the task of finding another gun seriously right now.

Well either way, you’ve got a job to do and a baker cat to screw. Better get to it.
No. 720837 ID: 163674
File 146233178749.png - (4.87KB , 500x500 , 3-70.png )

You help Rachel to lower the concrete cap onto the well, sealing away its bizarre secrets.
No. 720838 ID: 163674
File 146233179790.png - (54.64KB , 500x500 , 3-71.png )

No. 720856 ID: f4360b

One would think a smart vampire would know how to conceal themselves from the media, or maybe use hypnosis on any witnesses? You know, that thing that Susanna the weird imortal vampire just tried to do you?

I digress, let's just get our money for the job.
No. 720862 ID: a075ba

Who mentioned the library, sweet tits?
No. 720865 ID: 15fae4


damn fool you've fallen into her thrall
No. 720868 ID: 59488d

Well, speaking of the bakery, you've got a date (or "expression of gratitude to you employer", if any other ladies ask) to get ready for.
No. 720931 ID: 2a7417

Just as planned.
No. 720973 ID: 15a025

Wouldn't it be a shame if the cap happened to somehow...explode into a million pieces over night?
No. 720974 ID: 2a7417

A shame indeed, but a) we're not prepared for a return trip a b) her powers are strongest at night
No. 720979 ID: a075ba

Just exp. What about the dosh?

...also when does chuck level up, I wonder.
No. 720994 ID: 7b25e7


We have to go rest in front of the fireplace in the Plath House and spend our souls experience points to level up.
No. 721038 ID: 163674
File 146241698761.png - (9.41KB , 500x500 , 3-72.png )

The job is finished and you are pretty tired and sweaty.
No. 721039 ID: 163674
File 146241708837.png - (7.25KB , 500x500 , 3-73.png )

Lisa: “Thanks for your help today, sir!”

She hands you and Rachel each a commission of 150bux.

It’s a little after 3PM.

a) go back to the Plath House to shower
b) go to the bakery
c) other
No. 721041 ID: 5ad4a7

A. You should talk to Ramona about why the catacombs are so weirdly important to the mayor.
No. 721048 ID: 59488d

A), will give you a bit of time to sneak those clothes back where you found them without being obvious.
No. 721052 ID: f6442a

Shower. Don't bring the check in the shower.
No. 721057 ID: 4c40b2

See if you can quickly talk with Rachel then go do A
then go do baking cat
No. 721061 ID: f4360b

This sounds good, plus I don't think it would be good to have another run in with Mayor McCreepyeyes
No. 721345 ID: 15a025

C, we should flirt it up a bit with Rachel. Talk about how strong she is and let her know she did a good job.
No. 721363 ID: fa8f9d

Ramona a cute
No. 721365 ID: 0a94cb

A, yo.
No. 721752 ID: 163674
File 146267493077.png - (7.82KB , 500x500 , 3-74.png )

You go to the Plath house. It is as old, dark, and creepy as ever.
No. 721753 ID: 163674
File 146267494058.png - (8.48KB , 500x500 , 3-75.png )

Ramona is sitting on one of the sofas next to the grand fireplace, and seems surprised to see you back home. She is still in her pajamas.

Ramona: “Hello.”

Ramona: “Are you back for the evening?”

A) “No, just for a little while. To shower.”
B) “No. I’ve actually got a date.”
C) “Just long enough to fool around, sweetcheeks.”
D) “Yeah.”
E) Other >_
No. 721755 ID: 35151f

No. 721757 ID: f6442a

A you absolute madman.
No. 721758 ID: 211d83

I got all sweaty helping out with the town well project so am here to clean up a bit.
No. 721759 ID: 5ad4a7

E. Tell her you're gonna take a shower but you wanted to talk to her too. Ask about the Mayor. Why doesn't she visit? Is she a vampire?
No. 721761 ID: 15a025

Agreed. I feel like it'd be good to sit and have a small chat with her after our shower.
No. 721776 ID: 163674
File 146267798960.png - (7.27KB , 500x500 , 3-76.png )

Ramona is making you anxious in a way few people have before, but you won’t let it ruin your date. The shower calms your nerves somewhat.
No. 721777 ID: 163674
File 146267800101.png - (7.68KB , 500x500 , 3-77.png )

Freshly cleaned, you return to the living room.

Ramona: “Chuck?”

You: “hm?”

Ramona: “Were you wearing overalls from here?”

You: “No. No, just my normal clothes.”

Ramona: “You can borrow clothes, but please ask first. Some of them are keepsakes.”

You: “Right. Sorry.”

You pause to cross your legs.

You: “I spoke with the mayor today, and I was curious. Is there any reason she doesn’t visit here?”

Ramona sips, setting aside a copy of The Bell Jar.

Ramona: “The Plaths and the Starks had a falling out a long time ago. It’s just old history.”

Ramona: “Nothing serious. Some land dispute or some such.”
No. 721778 ID: 5ad4a7

Land dispute? ...did the Plaths used to be mayor, and thus have access to the catacombs?

Ask her what's with the catacombs. Mention the symbol on the door.
No. 721779 ID: 35151f

"Well, there were catacombs down there. She got real scary-like when I told her about them, too."
No. 721780 ID: a7b1dc

Tell her about the well and the symbol door.
No. 721785 ID: 163674
File 146267933781.png - (5.78KB , 500x500 , 3-78.png )

You: “Land dispute?”

Ramona: “…something like that, yes.”

You: “Did the Plaths used to control the town?”

Ramona looks more stern.

Ramona: “We founded the town. There would be no Coxwette without my ancestors.”

Ramona: “Nelson Plath, in particular.”

She looks up toward the enormous, looming portrait of Nelson above the fireplace and sips again.

You: “So they had access to the catacombs, then?”

Ramona looks at you so fast that her ears flop.

Ramona: “How do you know about the catacombs?”

You: “Sally. Mostly. Naz mentioned them, too.”

You: “I saw the entrance when I was helping to plug up the well today.”

Ramona: “The well…”

Ramona: “The well. Oh… of course! Why didn’t I…”

Ramona: “It’s plugged? Sealed?”

Ramona: “Did the mayor order this?”

You nod.

Ramona: “Did she seem strange as she spoke with you?”

You think back. You have a vague memory of her being serious or intimate or something. Dark? Silhouetted?

You: “Kind of. Something weird about her eyes, I guess? Not really.”

Ramona touches her forehead and sips again.

Ramona: “Good. Ok.”

She stands and goes toward the kitchen. She left her drink on the side table.

Ramona: “Can I get you anything to eat? You look like you might be on the way out. You really should eat, sweetie. You’re too skinny.”

A) “Sure, I could go for a snack I guess.”
B) “I’m ok. Thanks.”
C) “Ramona, about your cooking…”
D) “I almost forgot, here’s my rent.” (-30bux)
E) “You weren’t saying I was too skinny last night.”
F) “I saw the door to the catacombs. I couldn’t get it open.”
G) Other >_
No. 721786 ID: 15a025

B and F.
No. 721787 ID: 62e25c

Hey, why don't we offer to cook something for her? Chuck couldn't be any worse than her, could he?
No. 721788 ID: 5ad4a7


Last night never happened.
No. 721792 ID: b8d5aa

No. 721798 ID: 163674
File 146268052058.png - (4.98KB , 500x500 , 3-79.png )

You: “I’m good, thanks.”

Ramona looks concerned, but doesn’t press on it. She enters the kitchen.

You: “I saw the door to the catacombs. I think.”

She pokes her head back out.

You: “I couldn’t get it open.”

Ramona: “Only Plath blood can open it.”

She says it as if reciting some old mantra.

You: “You knew about the catacombs all along?”

Ramona: “Of course I knew, sweetie. It’s where my ancestors are buried, and where half the town’s history lies.”

Ramona: “The Starks sealed off the entrance in the library basement”

Ramona: “And… they sealed off the other entrance now, too.”

You: “So that’s it then?”

You: “It’s lost forever? That can’t be the end of it.”

Ramona: “I don’t know why you’re suddenly so worried about that. Where are you going tonight, anyway?”

A) “I’ve got a date.”
B) “Watching a movie.”
C) “A walk in the woods.”
D) “That’s my own business.”
E) “Here’s that rent, by the way.”
F) “How about one last kiss?”
G) Other >_
No. 721799 ID: 5ad4a7

Then A. She asked. If she's upset by it tell her it's not exclusive.
Also, G. "They"?
No. 721800 ID: 15a025

G. "That depends, know where any other entrances might be hiding? If so, wanna go have some fun?"
No. 721801 ID: b8d5aa

give an evasive answer. and thank her kindly for the offer of a snack but politely decline. you have things that need doing!
No. 721803 ID: 9c80a6

G: "Well, when I got my job at the bakery, I wanted to express my gratitude and get to know my employer better, so I suggested we'd go for a meal and I'd pay. Aaand it turned out tonight was the time available. I, uh, think she might have taken it the wrong way. She's nice but, uh, just between you and me, she's kind of annoying, too. Kinda... dumb."

Then E.
No. 721807 ID: 994370

More or less this but don't call her dumb, instead say something like, "At times it seems she's off in her own little world." this way we don't sound too dickish
No. 721855 ID: bb78f2

G.) A small dinner with the boss. Penny. She works hard and she gave me a good job, so I thought I'd treat her to something.
No. 721856 ID: 163674
File 146272822889.png - (5.95KB , 500x500 , 3-80.png )

You: “It’s kind of a… workplace appreciation thing. I think. My boss is taking me for a dinner at the Fart In…”

You: “The Farthing Passion Café. But I’m paying.”

Ramona: “So, a date?”

You: “No, not really a date.”

You prepare a lie.

You: “I insisted on paying because it symbolizes my newfound financial independence.”

Ramona: “Where do you work? The bakery, right?”

You: “Yeah. Delivery.”

You: “Marcie’s great. Sometimes kind of goes off in her own little world, though. If you know what I mean.”

She smiles.

Ramona: “I rightly do.”

You hand Ramona 30bux in the envelope that Lisa gave you after the well job.

You: “There’s rent, too.”

Ramona holds the envelope.

Ramona: “Thank you.”


Ramona: “It is good to have you here, Chuck.”

Ramona: “In spite of all things, you do keep it lively.”

Ramona: “Enjoy your dinner.”
No. 721857 ID: bb78f2

Every town needs a bit new bit of spice in a while. Especially since Stark is so strict. Makes me want to help the town rebel a little bit.
No. 721862 ID: a66018

Give her a nice smile and say something "well I'm glad to be here, this town and this house is way more interesting than I thought" then give her a hug if appropriate. Then go shower and get changed into something nice for the evening
No. 721869 ID: a075ba

It's good to be here, Ramona, thanks.
No. 722000 ID: 22c3bf

Cleverly imply you can keep "it" lively for her anytime. Wink like a pro to prove your point.
No. 722337 ID: 67e414

Aww. I wish you cared for her as much as the voices in your head do.
Ah, well, you have a date! You'd better get on that, then.

First this >>722000 WITNESSED, though. Smug will get you everywhere
No. 722357 ID: 163674
File 146285198622.png - (9.38KB , 500x500 , 3-81.png )

You: “I’m happy to keep it more interesting for you anytime.”

You go to tickle her cheek, but she draws away.

Ramona: “Don’t.”

Ramona: “Please.”

You pull your hand back and scratch your head. Ramona looks at you, and for a moment almost looks like she wants to undress you. She fades back into her weary, worn frown and turns her back to you.

Ramona: “I need to do some cleaning. Have a good time.”

Ramona goes upstairs, leaving her book and her drink behind. You shrug, mostly to yourself, and start to think about what you will wear. You have one presentable shirt among your personal possessions. It is a beige button-up shirt, and Ramona has left it freshly washed and pressed on your bed.

a) wear your one presentable shirt
b) “borrow” some more Plath clothing
c) dress casually
d) other >_
No. 722360 ID: e24dac


Presentable shirt is fine. Not formal but not totally uncaring about appearance.
No. 722361 ID: 5ad4a7


Hang on. What's in her drink? If that's alcohol perhaps you can ask her later about where she got it. Might not have to send a girl to the farm at all.
No. 722374 ID: f6442a

There won't be any shenanigans that result in it being sullied in some way right before you have an urgent need of it
Because you're going out to a shenanigan-free dinner with Marcie
No. 722396 ID: a66018

Best to show up in business casual attire, nice but not too over dressed. Go with your usual attire, that would probably do it.
No. 722397 ID: f0e552


a little button up is like the 2016 thing to do on dates.
No. 722422 ID: 6c26d6

D) Steve
No. 722426 ID: d1fde2

No. 722436 ID: 15a025

No. 722863 ID: 163674
File 146310706525.png - (6.19KB , 500x500 , 3-84.png )

>what is in the drink

No. 722864 ID: 163674
File 146310708118.png - (8.03KB , 500x500 , 3-82.png )

You take a few sips and put on your best shirt. You are ready for your date now, and you will be just in time even at a leisurely pace.
No. 722865 ID: 163674
File 146310712567.png - (12.37KB , 500x500 , 3-83.png )

It is a balmy evening and the Fart In Ass is alive with relaxed conversation and the ring of silverware. No sign of Marcie inside, though. At least as far as you can tell. Things are shaping up to be a 100% shenanigan-free evening with your boss-

No. 722867 ID: 163674
File 146310723156.png - (11.82KB , 500x500 , 3-85.png )

Marcie: “Over here!”

A) "Hey."
B) "Marcie!"
C) "You look nice."
D) "Damn, you look hot."
E) Other >_
No. 722868 ID: 35151f

slather her with attention, god damn
"Babe that is the freshest look I think I've ever seen. Ready to eat?"
No. 722870 ID: 5ad4a7

C. She isn't wearing a sexy outfit (not low cut or short) so it'd be weird to say she's hot.
No. 722875 ID: f6442a

No. 722876 ID: 06b6c5

A, just say hey.

Remember your skeezy douchebag training, Charlie. Gotta leave the dames feelin' they need to make effort for your attention.
No. 722886 ID: 79a07e

"Hey! Oh wow, you look cute!"
No. 722897 ID: 4ff1e6

"Hey, Marcie, you look great!"
No. 722927 ID: 0bae9e

No. 722934 ID: 8371c4

No. 722954 ID: 22c3bf

ABCD and tell her you know what you're having tonight and wink like a pro for critical damage.
No. 723071 ID: 163674
File 146320401020.gif - (11.47KB , 500x500 , 3-86.gif )


You: “Babe, that’s the freshest look I’ve ever seen.”

Marcie bounces rapturously.

Marcie: “Oh that’s so sweet!”

Marcie: “And I know sweet.”

She slows to a stop.

Marcie: “Well, come on then. You want to score, don’t you?”

You: “Wwww-”

Marcie: “Y’know, a good table? Auntie don’t take no reservations.”
No. 723072 ID: 163674
File 146320403943.png - (9.67KB , 500x500 , 3-87.png )

You and Marcie head inside for what you expect to be a very long evening. Now that you think about it, you have never been on a proper date before. Ever. One night stands? Two-week flings? Sure, but never a bona fide sit-down date.

When you look at Marcie, she smiles. It is a cute, shy smile without pretense. You don’t feel a strong need to posture. Hm. It’s kind of nice.

Penny approaches with a notepad in her hand.
No. 723073 ID: 163674
File 146320405575.png - (7.66KB , 500x500 , 3-88.png )

Penny: “Wow!”

Penny: “Well aren’t y’all cute? What’s the occasion?”

Marcie: “Chuck and I are on a date.”

You seize up suddenly. It sounds wrong.

You: “For work. A work date.”

Penny: “Uh huh. Well you’d better keep an eye on this one, Marcie-pie. I might just snatch him up to work for me.”

Marcie: “Oh don’t joke about that Auntie. Lord knows one of us needs the help.”

Penny: “We both need the help What can I get for y’all?”

The menu is very diverse, from traditional southern comfort food to upscale surf-and-turf. You are sure that she could fix up something on request, if it came to that.

Apple pie is conspicuously missing from the dessert menu.
No. 723076 ID: 15a025

protest about the lack of apple pie.
No. 723080 ID: 2f5847

Is ordering meat a faux-pas because you are animal-people, or allowed because you are cats?

Because you may safely judge a southern diner by it's chicken-fried fsteak.
No. 723081 ID: 79a07e

Grilled fish filet if you have it. With a side of mashed potatoes. Just water for the drink.
No. 723082 ID: 22c3bf

You know what, Chuckstromo, dates are indeed wrong. Panicking is only a sensible reaction.
No. 723084 ID: 8d9368

Don't, it's not her fault the apple farmer is a creep.

On that subject, Chuck we've now encountered a creepy vampire, a ghost, and an asshole with a shotgun. We should really get ourselves armed again.
No. 723089 ID: 4ff1e6

Can't go wrong with country fried steak in the south, or pulled pork. Either way how about coleslaw and mashed potatoes as a side and either water or soda.
No. 723108 ID: 163674
File 146320899530.png - (6.98KB , 500x500 , 3-90.png )

You: “Country fried steak for me, please.”

Penny: “Comin’ right up, hon.”

Marcie: “And I’ll have the…”

Marcie: “Catfish po boy with the sour slaw. Thanks Auntie!”

Penny: “Anything to drink for you two?”

Marcie: “Sweet tea for me. Chuck?”

You: “Coke and bourb-”

You: “Just water. Thanks.”

Penny scrawls and heads back to the kitchen. For really the first time, you have time to chat with Marcie about pretty much anything you want. This is it, this is dating. No shenanigans, it’s not even that hard.

You strike up some conversation about…

a) music
b) politics
c) sex
d) work
e) vampires
f) apples
g) other >_
No. 723115 ID: 35151f

work seems most relevant, but music is a good second
bring up your upcoming EDDM album
No. 723118 ID: 2f5847

>e) vampires
>f) apples

In that order. Only a cad would transition from apples to vampires.
No. 723120 ID: f6442a

Go on and try to have a conversation about C with her. I dare ya.
(quickly switch to the D if it looks like she's catching on)
No. 723122 ID: 22c3bf

Put the D in the C.
No. 723123 ID: 5b9f30

Ask her if her family's lived around here for a long time, show an interest in her. Use it to segue into you wondering about the town's history, hint that you're thinking of settling down here long-term.

I'd suggest music, but... uh, it's the nineties, right...? They didn't look like they had any sort of record shop. I... fuck, I can't remember how music worked before the internet really got going. The best you have on the computers you've got are five second .wav files of tv show intros. And, like... cassette tapes? And you record directly off the radio?

What a terrifying time to be alive.
No. 723126 ID: 2f5847

You'd listen to the radio a lot. Probably quite a drive to get to a decent concert venue.

You could buy cassettes from gas stations and catalogs.
No. 723127 ID: b17b81

Music, how she got started with her business, and well what she likes to do with her free time. Be honest (as much as you can without giving away that you robbed a bank) if/when she asks back.
I feel like straight up asking her about sex once youve relaxed a bit would be good. She's straightforward (to a fault) and strong willed so I dont think she'll take it too badly.
No. 723130 ID: 4ff1e6

Music is too easy and a little uninteresting. If we want to ask about vampires lets phrase the questions like this:

1. "So Marcie what was growing up here in town like?
2. "How did you start your own bakery?"
3. "I ran into the mayor today just before she came to the bakery actually, she seems nice but a bit odd."

This way we can gain some idea as to what the townsfolk think of their mayor.
No. 723143 ID: 9232bd

Honestly anything is worth talking except sex and work.

Talking about work is certainly a no-no this time since its the first time you get to talk to her about anything else.

Sex MAY be a good option for later, and even then you shouldn't make it super clear that you want to bone her (as much as she is dangerously naive you shouldn't risk botching the whole thing).

Yeah. People might have called chuck a coward, bully and thief (well, he IS a thief), but NEVER a cad.
No. 723168 ID: 15a025

Start talking about apples.
No. 723192 ID: 163674
File 146325603923.png - (7.18KB , 500x500 , 3-91.png )

You start off with apples. A decent icebreaker before you get into the heavy stuff.

You: “So, no apple pie huh?”

Marcie: “What?”

You: “There’s no apple pie here or at your bakery. Isn’t that a big thing around here?”

Marcie: “I imagine. That farmer’s got the only apple grove in the county and he won’t give give up his seed.”

Marcie: “Gosh, what I wouldn’t give for some o’ his seed.”

You: “…Right. Well, I talked to him this morning, actually.”

Marcie: “You talked to him? He’s mean, right?”

You shrug.

You: “Nothin’ I ain’t seen before.”

You: “But he does seem unwilling to give up his apples.”
No. 723193 ID: 163674
File 146325605075.png - (8.21KB , 500x500 , 3-92.png )

Marcie: “If the Shoppe Stoppe started carryin’ apples, I could make a mean deal of new pastries. Turnovers, crumble, brown betty, apple pan dowdy, apple strudel, apple croissant, apple vol-au-vent, apple pie, apples and biscuits a la mode, apple dumplings, baked apples with nutmeg, apple Danish, apple streusel coffee cake, apple tart, apple bread, apple muffins…”

She goes on listing pastries for longer than you would normally allow anyone to, but watching her painted-up lips flapping so happily gives you a weird feeling in your stomach. You finally interrupt.

You: “That I’d love to see. Maybe someday soon you’ll have all the apples you need.”

You wonder just how badly Marcie wants those apples.

You: “Hey, I saw the mayor today, too. She said she stopped by the bakery.”

Marcie: “Oh yeah, she picked up an almond Danish. Sure would’ve been might fine with some apples on it…”

You cut in before she loses focus thinking about apples.

You: “Did she seem kind of odd to you?”

Marcie: “Nah. Just like normal. She’s awful charismatic and I do tend to ramble on so…”

Marcie: “No, nothin’ out of the ordinary. She did ask about you, though.”

You: “What did she ask about?”

Marcie: “Oh, just how you’re doing. If you’re working hard. Don’t worry, I put in a good word for you!”
No. 723195 ID: 08ed3a

That's good I guess, but it may also mean the mayor has her eye on us. Well actually since we are on the topic of the bakery let's both ask and flatter her.

"You know Marcie, speaking of the bakery the stuff you make is absolutely delicious! Where did you learn how to bake so good?"
No. 723273 ID: 163674
File 146327304380.png - (5.36KB , 500x500 , 3-93.png )

You: “Speaking of the bakery, your stuff is delicious.”

You: “Where’d to learn to bake?”

Marcie: “Oh, just practice mostly. Food has just kind of always been in the family.”

Penny: “ORDER UP!”

Penny says this even though she is delivering the food herself.
No. 723274 ID: 163674
File 146327305699.png - (11.70KB , 500x500 , 3-89.png )

Penny sets a plate in front of you, and you are assaulted by the delicious, savory smell. The country fried steak comes with a ladle of steaming gravy and a thick, crunchy breading speckled with seasonings. Next to it is a generous pile of whipped mashed potatoes with chopped scallions and black pepper, along with a mess of juicy, buttery green beans. There is a fresh-baked biscuit on the plate, too - something you’ve never seen made at Marcie’s place.

Your mouth waters and your heart races in anticipation of scarfing down this food. Is scarfing something to do on a date? Probably not. Subsisting on Ramona’s cooking has made you lust for this diner food more and more.

She sets down a sandwich in front of Marcie, sprung with greens and weighted down by a thick fillet of river catfish. On the side is a colorful slaw with a bright, tangy smell, and a small pile of French fries fresh from the oil.

Following conventional wisdom, you do not segue from apples directly to vampires.

Marcie: “What about you?”

Marcie: “Gosh, you ain’t told me a lick about yourself since you started working for me.”

This is the part of the date that you dreaded. You tend to get lewd, drink, do drugs, do anything else to avoid talking about your past. You begin eating to give yourself some time to think. You don’t really want to reveal too much for obvious reasons, but you have no idea how much is too much.

a) be honest
b) be TOTALLY honest
c) change subject
d) make up a bunch of bullshit about your past >_
e) get lewd
f) other >_
No. 723275 ID: 6e2dec

d and e
No. 723276 ID: 35151f

be honest but avoid crimes or things that will ruin the mood
idly fantasize about "buttered buns"
No. 723277 ID: dd338c

B under the guise of E.

In other words, be totally honest but only speak in innuendos.
No. 723278 ID: f6442a

AE. Be really vague about your past while trying to make as many innuendos as you can.
No. 723279 ID: 8d9368

This would probably work, honestly. She has demonstrated an inability to pick up on subtext.
No. 723289 ID: 163674
File 146327769105.png - (10.93KB , 500x500 , 3-94.png )

>tell the bad parts through strategic innuendo

You can probably pull that off. You think back, which is something you try not to do. You think back, and you find shame and frustration. Humiliation… public humiliation. Failure, so much… failure.

You have not wanted drugs so badly in a long time.

You: “I don’t WANT to. Why do I HAVE to??” Mom: “I’m sorry sweetie. You’re perfect. You’re just mommy’s perfect little angel. I just didn’t know you… hated mommy and daddy so much.” You: “WHAT?! No, mom, I don’t hate you or dad. Nooo, I don’t!” Mom: “Then why do you want to ruin mommy and daddy’s life?” You: “I don’t!” Mom points behind you and your heart sinks. Mom: “And don’t even THINK about crying. Remember what mommy showed you when you start to cry?” You nod, dutifully, and start to breathe in and out really hard to keep the tears back.

It is time to tell Marcie a little bit about yourself. Read thoughts of your life, then come up with sugar-coated retellings for Marcie's simple happy mind.
No. 723290 ID: 163674
File 146327773029.png - (7.40KB , 500x500 , 3-95.png )

You: “I had kind of a weird childhood.”

Marcie: “lemme guess, one of those people who had to move around a lot?”

You: “Well yeah, but that’s not what made it weird”

You: “When I was eight my mom signed me up for this young stars audition”

You: “I was supposed to go sing The Rainbow Connection or some shit, but when I got on stage I knocked over the mic and it made this awful noise”

You: “So I just kind of went”
No. 723291 ID: 163674
File 146327774856.png - (13.39KB , 500x500 , 3-96.png )

You: “AAAAAAAWWW Shoot!”

You: “and if you’ll imagine an eight-year-old version of me doing that after a mic feedback”

Marcie: “D’aawww…”

You: “Uh-huh, well… the crowd went nuts, and after that I became the ‘aw shoot’ kid.”

You: “I was on commercials, sitcoms, talk shows… pretty much anywhere they could run me.”

Marcie: “That’s kind of neat! You were an actor?”

You are suddenly full of regret for revealing this.

Marcie: “Well gosh, you must’ve been pretty wealthy after all that, huh?”
No. 723293 ID: 163674
File 146327778422.png - (7.14KB , 500x500 , 3-97.png )

Oh… the god damn money…

You remember your parents dancing in the living room, looking at the first royalty check. After that your life became a hellish march of awkward auditions and desperate grasps at remaining culturally relevant. You started to develop a fear of desks and cameras with little lights on them and stupid curtains, because they just reminded you that you were not an actor. Just a stupid lucky kid

but your parents refused to believe that
No. 723294 ID: 163674
File 146327779723.png - (6.27KB , 500x500 , 3-98.png )

Every time you had a bad audition, your dad made you stay in the trailer

a dank, smelly trailer full of boxes and shit that your parents towed behind the truck as you were traveling across country.

That became the quiet place where you could think about what you wanted to be when you grew up. Anything but an actor. At least you had plenty of money to go to college

the god damn money…
No. 723295 ID: 163674
File 146327781030.png - (6.87KB , 500x500 , 3-99.png )

Marcie: “Chuck…?”

You: “Huh?”

Marcie: “Y’all alright?”

You: “Yeah, yeah. I uh…”

You parents were gamblers. When you turned eighteen, they kicked you out of the house without two dimes to rub together. There has to be something else you can tell Marcie. Or maybe you should just like, compliment her tits.
No. 723297 ID: 35151f

be honest
"Bad memories, sorry."
shift topic, emphatically. ask about her!
No. 723299 ID: 5b9f30

Say that it actually didn't end up going well, sort of that old child star story, parents weren't super great about it, you ended up living a less than great life for a while... It's not the kind of stuff you should be talking about on a nice evening like this, it'd bring things down!

Be obvious about changing subject, let her see some of that pain in there behind the smile. Chicks dig that stuff. You're setting yourself up to have a sort of a "bad boy trying to make a fresh start" set of rumours around you in this town, remember? So people will still like you while also being more likely to excuse minor skulduggery.

Ask her what her family's like. They been living here a long time?
No. 723302 ID: bb78f2

I got lost in memories.
I didn't like being an actor, especially a child one. It sucked and the money is gone because reasons. I do whatever I can to make money, so professional jacks-of-all-trades drifter ex-child star right here. It's honestly a much more happier experience than anything I can imagine. I don't get bored, I find my fun, I meet new people, some good, some bad, some wily. I learn new skills, some good, some bad, some wily.

Only shame is that I don't make permanent connections well, but hey, you go in and out like I do my whole life since the start and that's no wonder.
No. 723305 ID: d14190

"Sorry Marcie, just... *sigh* bad memories..."

If she shows compassion or worry maybe we can milk that, if not ask what growing up in coxwette was like?
No. 723312 ID: 5ad4a7

Just say that you didn't make a career out of it and your parents kept the money since you were just a kid. It's basically true but skips the bad parts.
No. 723388 ID: 01277e

I agree, compliment her tits. That ought to work!
No. 723428 ID: 163674
File 146333830061.png - (7.65KB , 500x500 , 3-100.png )

You: “I just never made a career out of it.”

Marcie looks puzzled.

Marcie: “You didn’t like it? Sounds like a dream job or somethin’. Well, not a dream job like bakin’, but close.”

You realize that Marcie is a Happy Person and you probably cannot explain this kind of thing to her anyway.

You: “I just went into other stuff. Just various things. Working in stores. That kind of thing.”

You: “I actually have a lot of bad memories from that. I don’t like to talk about it.”

Marcie looks puzzled again, but doesn’t really show any compassion.

Marcie: “Well one thing about bad memories is that they’re just memories.”

Marcie: “That’s the way I see it anyway. Lots of bad stuff has happened to me but I’ve whipped every bad day I ever had. Like, it seems bad in the moment, but I’m always on my feet still at the end.”

Marcie: “You know what I mean?”

You look down at your food. It’s right at the perfect eating temperature now, and the gravy hasn’t even congealed.

You: “No…”

Marcie: “Aw. Aw well.”

Penny returns to the table.
No. 723429 ID: 163674
File 146333831303.png - (11.22KB , 500x500 , 3-101.png )

Penny: “How’s everything, cuties?”

You: “It’s great! Great. Thanks, Penny.”

Marcie: “Yeah Auntie, it’s good!”

Marcie: “Real good!”

Marcie: “I mean, pretty good.”

Penny raises her eyebrows.

Marcie: “I mean, there’s a certain point when you can stop kneading the bread dough”

Penny: “Pardon?”

Marcie: “Oh, nothing. I mean, YOU’RE the cook, and I’m the baker, right? That’s why you get your weekday stuff from the bakery. Right?”

Penny: “Sweetie, I know how to bake.”

Marcie: “I know! I’m sure you do!”

Marcie: “I know how to cook, too!”

Penny: “The girl who I watched use mild cheddar in her macaroni and cheese?”

Penny: “Sweetie y’all stick to the oven, why doncha.”

Marcie: “And you stick to the skillet, right? I mean, it’s delicious!”

Penny: “If the shoe fits, hon.”

Oh Jesus Christ what is happening right now
No. 723431 ID: 6ed76d

Ah, passive-aggressive sibling rivalry. Think they're competing over you or this is just what they do all the time?
No. 723433 ID: 22c3bf

Say that such pretty ladies shouldn't waste time fighting about such things, but if they're feeling particularly competetive you've got a very nice alternative (your DONG). Deploy your professional wink for maximum damage.
No. 723438 ID: 08ed3a

Time to deploy ironic sexist joke!
"Girls no need to fight here, you both belong in the kitchen! Although bough if you insist on fighting..."
Then continue with >>723433
No. 723439 ID: f1fc9a

"cooking's an art and youre both great at different mediums."
No. 723444 ID: b17b81

Her basic idea is that any battle you can walk away from on your own two feet is one in which you've won. You might be down and out, but you've made it through.

They are both masters of their craft. They are leaps ahead of you in cooking and *leagues* ahead of Ramona. (make sure to put in something that she made to show how *bad* at cooking she is. Best case we might be able to get Ramona some anonymous cooking lessons)
No. 723445 ID: 6ed76d

Let's not shit-talk Ramona, word gets around in small towns. If we really need to try and get anonymous lessons, we can just say that when we tried to make <X dish Ramona made>, then it turned out badly.
No. 723481 ID: 163674
File 146335766616.png - (5.15KB , 500x500 , 3-102.png )

They are definitely not arguing about you.

You: “Ladies, relax. You both belong in the kitchen.”

Marcie and Penny both stop and look at you.

Penny: “Excuse me?”

You begin to sweat.

You: “Not… like that. Because you’re both masters of your crafts. Anyone else running the kitchens in this town and it’d be a far worse off place.”

To your relief, both of them smile.

Marcie: “You’re just too sweet, Chuck.”

Penny: “Yeah, talkin’ right from the heart. How about that.”

Penny: “Can I get y’all anything for dessert?”

You: “Nnnnope.”

You feel you must interject before Penny brings out some kind of pastry. You are sure that her pastries, while probably not as delectable as Marcie’s, are still very good, but you don’t want to ignite another snipping match after this one has cooled.

You: “No dessert for me at least. Plus, we’ve still got leftover welcome cake back at the bakery we need to finish off.”

Marcie gasps.

Marcie: “Oh you’re right!”

Marcie: “Chuck just loves my cake, Auntie. He’d eat it all night if I let him.”

a) actually order dessert
b) make a lewd comment
c) talk about serving liquor at the cafe
d) just go straight to the bakery for cake
e) mention supplying food to the Plath House
f) other >_
No. 723484 ID: bb78f2

f) Exasperate to Penny your concerns about Marcies accidental sexual puns without letting Marcie know.
No. 723486 ID: 8d9368

Are these really accidental? Like REALLY? I'm not sure I buy it anymore.
No. 723491 ID: 15a025

C and E.
No. 723499 ID: f6442a

B, come on you've been holding back for so long
No. 723505 ID: 33dd75

f) Ask Penny if Marcie's always had such a way with words.

Also ask if they keep notes of their recipes or such. You'd like to try learning a couple of dishes if they're going to be this good. (Then you can offer to cook at the Plath house some day, and maybe get a start on changing things there, subtle-like.)
No. 723537 ID: 5ad4a7

e, because we never brought it up even once and we should at least verify we'll need to deliver apples and/or booze first.
No. 723547 ID: 163674
File 146336599460.png - (8.93KB , 500x500 , 3-103.png )

>lewd comment

You: “Yeah, I’ll eat her cake and have it too.”

Penny giggles.

Marcie: “See? Chuck loves my pastries.”

You: “It’s true. Nothin’ like some cat buns.”

Penny: “Chuck, oh lord you’re terrible”

You don’t feel the need to ask about Marcie’s phrasing choices at this point. The business matters, on the other hand…

You: “Either of you ladies considered supplying food to the Plath House? Hard to run a bed and breakfast without breakfast.”

Marcie: “Uh, nooo, you know they say that place is haunted, right?”

You: “I’ve heard rumors along those lines, yes.”

You: “But I’m the one making the deliveries anyway.”

Marcie: “Still gives me the creeps…”

Penny: “Ramona’s just the sweetest woman, but she doesn’t get out much. I doubt she’d even be open to it. You could ask her I s’pose. Don’t know if the mayor would be too happy about it, on account of the feud and all.”

Penny: “Maybe it would attract some more out-of-town visitors if the place was more presentable. You’ve sure been a barrel of monkeys, Chuck.”

You: “And there’s still the matter of the”

You make a cocktail sipping gesture, and Penny nods.

Penny: “Well you know my answer to that darn farmer’s proposition.”

Penny lowers her voice and leans in toward you.

Penny: “And if you let that man anywhere near my niece, you’re gonna wake up with a spatula up your ass. Y’hear?”
No. 723548 ID: 35151f

whisper back "ma'am there's only room for one scoundrel in town and I'm filling that niche just fine"
there is no way she could take that wrong
No. 723556 ID: 595d54

Sounds good.
No. 723560 ID: 962104

ideal answer, exactly this.
No. 723561 ID: bb78f2

I know. I'll keep an eye on her. Just don't ever talk to her about Apples, Penny, and hopefully she'll forget about them and never have a reason to wanna go. I'm a man with a chaotic heart and burgeoning wanderlust, and may not be in town forever.

Might want to slip her a note about that instead of whispering.

Speaking of the whole fued with the Plaths thing, hey you know what, screw that unless the Bakery and this Cafe is owned by her. The mayor can't throw good business under the bus over a damn fued and she don't own Penny, Marcie, OR the Plaths. If she don't watch her tone, I MIGHT run for mayor one day... though I'd rather convince someone else to do it since I think she might actually kill me and turn me into her ghoul thrall because I entertain the idea she's a vampire a bit too strongly.

Lemme tell you girls, I was talking with Sally about her ancestors, we find some old photos stuff in her attic, and there's an ancestor of the Plaths and I swear it was straight up her in the darn photo with the guy. Fun story, fun until it makes you paranoid I tell you what.
No. 723638 ID: 7f46ee

I agree with >>723561 , just let her forget about the apples.

Not so sure about what to do if she insists though. Lying might backfire, and telling her something like "the apple farmer is like one creepy man and that for the safety of everyone we should avoid him" or going the nuclear-nucular-fuckit route and telling "he won't give us apples unless he gets to have sex with one of the ladies from town. and judging by the way he acts and speaks about the town i'm sure it would be borderline rape. And reporting him to the police would probably result in someone being shot." is a TERRIBLE IDEA.
No. 723641 ID: 7f46ee

And one more point: leading marcie into unknowingly following/accepting the farmer's proposition is beyond low. Like "kicking a live baby goat into a meat grinder for 50 cents" low.

Don't do that, she is too sweet and too naive, and that guy beyond creepy.
No. 723649 ID: 163674
File 146337345453.png - (7.21KB , 500x500 , 3-104.png )

You: “There’s only room enough for one scoundrel in this town, ma’am”

You take a drink of water.

You: “And I think I’m doing just fine.”

Penny rolls her eyes, but smiles and pinches Marcie’s cheek.

Penny: “Just take good care of my sweet Marcie-pie. She’s all I got.”

Marcie: “Auntie, I’m trying to have a date here.”

Penny: “I know, I know. I’ll leave you to it.”

Penny: “Oh, and if mister Chuck makes his delivery tonight, make sure he wraps it up. You know, so it don’t get cold.”

Penny looks right at you and winks, then goes back to the kitchen.
No. 723650 ID: 163674
File 146337347081.png - (6.04KB , 500x500 , 3-105.png )

Marcie: “auntie”

Marcie calls after her.

Marcie: “Auntie, there ain’t no deliveries on the weekends. You know that!”

She rolls her eyes as well and shrugs helplessly.

Marcie: “Sometimes I swear she’s just tryin’ to get my goat.”
No. 723656 ID: 35151f

"I'm pretty sure she meant it as a double entendre, marcie, so she is most definitely trying to get your goat."
Straaaaaight to the point, if we don't say SOMETHING lewd we'll break character!
No. 723659 ID: 33dd75

"Marcie, that was innuendo. She was saying that if we have sex I should use protection. It's like a joke."
No. 723677 ID: f562b1

This one. It's plenty direct and won't leave her guessing innocent things. But, perhaps follow it up with a shrug, "May have been in response to the scoundrel joke, but if things do go that far, then it's definitely good advice."
No. 723682 ID: 2f5847

It's like you guys don't want to impregnate an entire town.
No. 723697 ID: 01277e

Like in "Tunnel of love" the goal isn't to impregnate, but to do it with every single one of them.
Plus kids would be a hassle.
No. 723817 ID: 15a025

go in for the smooch now!
No. 723848 ID: 163674
File 146344984146.png - (7.74KB , 500x500 , 3-106.png )

You: “Marcie…”

You: “She’s not talking about an actual delivery. She’s talking about sex.”
No. 723849 ID: 163674
File 146344986236.png - (8.73KB , 500x500 , 3-107.png )

Marcie freezes and begins to sweat.

Marcie: “Sex??”

You: “Yep.”

Marcie: “You mean like… when you get naked and…?”

You: “Mmmmhm.”

Marcie: “And she’s talkin’ about you and me?”

You: “Yes’m.”

Marcie: “Gettin’ naked and”

You nod.

Marcie: “Excuse me. I’ve got to use”

Marcie: “The ladies’ room”
No. 723850 ID: 35151f

"Do what you gotta do, marce. I ain't judgin."
No. 723861 ID: d14190

Looks like someone has gotten all hot and bothered... Um, you know, the way Marcie has been kind of clueless up until this... I'm fairly certain now that Marcie is a virgin.
No. 723867 ID: 79a07e

"You do you, Marce."
In all honesty, we understand 100%.
No. 723870 ID: 79a07e

Also, I gotta say.
I don't even want to bang Marcie anymore. Not because I'm annoyed or anything- quite the opposite. I feel like she's too friggen adorable to do that to. She's cute, yeah, but she's just...I dunno. Her obliviousness was infuriating, but not in a way that was truly angering, more in a 'oh you sweet summer child' way.
No. 723879 ID: bb78f2

Haha, aunts are teases, Marcie.
At least, that's what TV taught me.
No. 723907 ID: 8a204b

Marcie is such an innocent cinnamon roll who is too pure for this world.

I fear we may have just broke her mind.
No. 723909 ID: 6c1b5a

It bothers me a little that took you this long to figure out she was being earnest. But I really don't know how THIS will end, so I am full of hot air right now.
No. 723913 ID: 01277e

>local cat too good for this world, too pure

I say smile and tell her not to get too worked up on a joke before she breaks something in the bathroom!
No. 723920 ID: 35151f

>not growing yet more erect at her innocence

we are going to bed that catte. we are going to show that catte a good time.
No. 723922 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask her to please not climb out the window or something.
No. 723923 ID: ea949d

"Whoa, calm down. She's just teasing you. Plus, that's not something you do on the first date...I think."
No. 723926 ID: 2f5847

I second these.

However, people do need to pee on first dates.
While attending first dates.
Not actually ON the dates themselves. Geez!
No. 723928 ID: 35151f

( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) n-no... not on the first date. that's three months territory, at LEAST.
No. 723933 ID: fa2191

Just reply with something like "its just a joke, relax. and its not like i'm expecting, much less trying to force you into doing something like that. Unless you want to, that is."
No. 724054 ID: 15a025

Tell her to take a chill pill.
No. 724061 ID: 163674
File 146353576110.png - (6.71KB , 500x500 , 3-108.png )

You: “Just a joke, Marcie.”

You: “Don’t take it too-”

She’s gone already, rushed off to the restroom. Fifteen minutes pass.
No. 724062 ID: 595d54

Either she's having a breakdown/masturbation session, or she dashed off. Easiest way to find out is asking Penny if the bathrooms have any windows or any other way to exit the restaurant.
No. 724063 ID: a075ba

Go check on her! It's the gentlemanly thing to do.

Also the pervy scoundrel thing to do.
No. 724065 ID: 5ad4a7

Go knock on the restroom door and ask if she's okay in there.
No. 724067 ID: 007cf4

Just tell Penny you tried to explain her innuendo to Marcie and that it made her blush and run off to the restroom, and that was a quarter of an hour ago, and would she check she's all right?

It's possible that Marcie also just ran off to Penny have a chat with her.
No. 724075 ID: f6442a

Ask Penny, if she's not too busy running her own diner, cooking for and serving her guests singlehandedly, to check if Marcie's alright, or in there at all for that matter.
No. 724085 ID: 163674
File 146353882282.png - (10.66KB , 500x500 , 3-110.png )

You walk up to the serving counter.

You: “So, uh, your joke kind of made Marcie run off.”

Penny: “Joke?”

You: “The whole ‘wrap up the delivery’ thing.”

Penny: “Ooh, that? Shucks hon, I forgot I even said it. I’m so used to Marcie not getting those things-”

You: “I kind of… explained it to her.”

Penny: “Oh. Well, she’s still in there. Only window’s too small for a child to fit through.”

You: “Are you particularly worried about her escaping?”

Penny: “She was an escape artist when she was a kid. And a teenager. Wouldn’t put it past her now.”

You: “Can you maybe go talk to her?”

Penny: “She’s fine, I’m tellin’ you. Sometime’s she just a little squeamish about that. Just go talk to her.”
No. 724086 ID: 163674
File 146353884846.png - (9.78KB , 500x500 , 3-109.png )

You knock gently on the door to the ladies’ room, feeling awkward doing so.

You: “Marce.”

You: “Marcie.”

You: “…y’alright?”

After a moment, she answers.

Marcie: “I’m fine!”

You: “You’re not sick or anything, right?”

Marcie: “Naw. Naw I ain’t sick. I’m sorry, I went and”

Marcie giggles a little bit, nervously.

Marcie: “I went and ruined our date. I don’t… I don’t want you to see me lookin’ like this, I’m sorry”
No. 724087 ID: 35d98d

Yeah, might want to go grab penny to make sure Marcie isn't having some breakdown or anything.
No. 724088 ID: 35d98d

"No Marcie, you haven't ruined anything but please come out so we can talk a bit? It's okay I'm not expecting... That, to happen right now I just want to make sure you are having a good time this evening."
No. 724090 ID: 2f5847

Reaffirm that you're having fun, but if she doesn't come out, you're going to eat her catfish.

Then realize the implications and panic.
No. 724093 ID: 595d54

No. 724094 ID: f6442a

"It's alright, I won't judge."

Plus this: >>724090
No. 724100 ID: 007cf4

Tell her it's no problem, it just seemed like an unusually strong reaction, for an attractive lady of her age these days. If there's some particular reason she's sensitive to it, well, you're not gonna ask. Her food's probably gotten pretty cool by now, though, does she want Penny to wrap it up for her to have later?
No. 724105 ID: 163674
File 146354133662.png - (5.54KB , 500x500 , 3-112.png )

You: “Nothing’s ruined, Marcie. I promise, I’m having a great time.”

You: “Come on out. Please, I wanna see you.”

You: “I’m not expecting anything, really. Just a fun-”
No. 724106 ID: 163674
File 146354135042.png - (8.30KB , 500x500 , 3-111.png )

Marcie opens the door.

Marcie: “I know It’s alright.”

Marcie: “I should probably just go home.”

You: “What?”

Marcie: “It’s just…”

She stops.

You: “Just what?”

Marcie: “Well I’m supposed to be your boss. Now you’ve seen me acting all scared and panicked ‘n’ nervous and you’ll never respect me again.”

Marcie: “And what… over nothin’.”
No. 724109 ID: 5ad4a7

Psh, as if this has anything to do with running a bakery. Your boss is a skilled baker. Your date is a skittish cat. Business and pleasure, quite separate.
No. 724110 ID: 35151f

Give the poor thing a hug, even your calloused brute heart can't leave THAT scene stand
No. 724116 ID: 65317a

Tell her something along the lines of "I won't tell H.R. about this if you wont. How about we forget about that joke and go enjoy some of your delicious cake together?"
No. 724118 ID: 22c3bf

Tell her that that's not how it works and there's no need to worry, but you're more than willing to respect her in bed if she knows what you mean.

Is she still keeps not getting it, just straight up tell her you are up for some inspired boning. You're not here to play softball anyway.
No. 724119 ID: 350a50

"Course I respect you, Marcie. You know, you're the only person I've ever told that story from before."
No. 724122 ID: 2f5847

I'm with this guy, time to step up and reassure.
In any case, her feelings aren't "Nothing".
No. 724137 ID: b5dead

say something along the lines of, "You maybe my boss but you're also my friend, and though this whole thing is going to make a great inside joke between the two of us later it's not going to hurt my respect for you."
No. 724138 ID: a075ba

Hey, you still got the baking skills, and I respect that!
No. 724139 ID: 163674
File 146354486714.png - (8.31KB , 500x500 , 3-113.png )

You: “I have tons of respect for anyone with the guts to”

You almost choke on the words, thinking of all the people you’ve stolen from.

You: “to run a business. Hell, I couldn’t do it, much less bake.”

Marcie: “Well thank you. I don’t really know what came over me”

Marcie: “I just got to thinking as soon as you said…”

Marcie: “You know”

You: “Sex.”

Marcie: “Uh huh.”

You: “Your auntie, well, she was just jokin’ around. I know we’ll just be laughing about this whole thing down the road, too. I hope you know I’m not expecting anything from you.”

You: “Even if I’m paying for the date, I don’t expect-”
No. 724140 ID: 163674
File 146354487763.png - (8.57KB , 500x500 , 3-114.png )

Marcie giggles, nervously but with a real smile.

Marcie: “Oh Chuck, I’ll pay for the date. Don’t you worry about that.”
No. 724142 ID: 0a94cb

Oh, then it's what she's expecting we should be worried over, right? Pretty sure that's how it works.
No. 724144 ID: 35151f

This, but in a teasing tone. shatter that ice with a classic backsass!
No. 724145 ID: 350a50

Followed by a (non-suggestive) question about what she is expecting after this date. Apologize to her that you've made a mess of this, ask if she'd be willing to put up with a second date sometime.
No. 724148 ID: 163674
File 146355019926.png - (4.30KB , 500x500 , 3-115.png )

You: “Oh, so you’re saying”
No. 724149 ID: 163674
File 146355021603.png - (4.32KB , 500x500 , 3-116.png )

You: “I should be more worried about what you’re expecting, hm?”
No. 724150 ID: 163674
File 146355024003.png - (8.95KB , 500x500 , 3-117.png )

That coaxes a smile out of Marcie.

Marcie: “Mmmhm hm hm hm”

Marcie: “do you want to come eat some of my cake? hm mhmhmhm hm hm”

You share a laugh, and she seems to relax.

You: “Seriously though, I would like some of the cake”

When the bill arrives, Marcie takes a large wad of cash from her purse, tipping her aunt generously. Penny gives her a hug and a smooch.
No. 724151 ID: 163674
File 146355025766.png - (8.77KB , 500x500 , 3-118.png )

You leave the cafe with Marcie.

You: “So”

You: “What are you expecting from this?”

Marcie thinks for a bit.

Marcie: “I don’t rightly know. I s’pose.”

She tries to wipe off the rest of the makeup.

Marcie: “I guess I went crazy for a bit because I wasn’t expecting that to come up”

Marcie: “I just ain’t used to talkin’ about it so it just scares me a little bit”

You: “Aw. You never even think about it?”

Marcie turns red and looks over her shoulder.

Marcie: “Well…”

Marcie: “I’m awful embarrassed to say so. Well, gosh sometimes it’s ALL I can think about

You laugh out loud.

You: “You and me both.”

It is now dark, but still pretty warm out. Coxwette is lit by stars brighter than you’ve ever been able to see before.

a) “Want to go back to my place?”
b) “Want to go back to your place?”
c) “Let’s go to the bakery.”
d) Other >_
No. 724152 ID: 35d98d

Well might as well be gentlemanly about it, link arms with her and walk back to her place for cake and coffee
No. 724154 ID: 5ad4a7

You gotta get some of that cake, man.
No. 724156 ID: 350a50

No. 724157 ID: 22c3bf

Keep up the innuendo all the way to her place.
No. 724159 ID: f6442a

First stop, C. It's where the cake is, right?
No. 724160 ID: 79a07e

Yeah, let's top this off sweetly.
No. 724161 ID: 7a875f

In the words of the esteemed Nicholas Cage "I WANT THAT CAKE!"
No. 724316 ID: 163674
File 146362677971.png - (11.94KB , 500x500 , 3-119.png )

You lock arms with Marcie and walk across the street. The innuendo fades into the background as you and Marcie recount some of your most absurd tales.

Marcie: “…didn’t know it was like that, you know, so flammable”

Marcie: “It’s flour! Just normal flour!”

Marcie: “I had no fur on my face for six weeks! You could see on the one side where it was all burned off”

Chuck: “Yeah, something similar happened to me, but with bourbon whiskey and a butane lighter”

Chuck: “second worst birthday I had as a kid”

Marcie: “What was the worst?”

Chuck: “The first one”

Marcie coughs, then walks around the side of the bakery.

Marcie: “Best to come in the back door”


You: “Heh heh heh”

She fumbles for her keys and unlocks a screen door that leads directly into the kitchen. It still smells of bread, butter, and vanilla.
No. 724317 ID: 163674
File 146362679028.png - (9.92KB , 500x500 , 3-120.png )

Marcie flips on the lights and takes what is left of your welcome cake out of the walk-in fridge. It’s a little stale by now, but still better than a lot of cakes you’ve had fresh. You don’t talk for a while, but you keep making eye contact and giggling. It almost feels like a conversation.

You’re sure glad Jimmy the Noose isn’t watching right now. You look like a total bitch pussy, but in the moment, it doesn’t seem to bother you.

a) Just talk about stuff >_
b) Gossip about the other townspeople (no one will hear you here!)
c) Flirt with Marcie
d) Try to SEDUCE (again)
e) Finish the cake and go somewhere else >_
f) Other >_
No. 724318 ID: 89eb15

Gossip! Snoop! Get the juicy scoop!
No. 724320 ID: c41c07

This is weird. Definitely not a normal adult relationship at all. Gossip a bit, She's got to know some things we don't that we could make use of.
No. 724321 ID: a075ba


Gotta work out way back up to the seduce. (Really, if we before was any indication, we got to lead her into taking the initiate if we ant to avoid a panic attack).
No. 724322 ID: fe65ad

No. 724323 ID: cc9c5d

Lets listen to some gossip for a bit. Could be useful if we ever need info on potential lays.
No. 724324 ID: 65317a

Her aunt seemed to know about the family feud between the mayor and our dear landlady. Maybe we should try and gleam some gossip of that...while flirting of course.
No. 724325 ID: 163674
File 146363042813.png - (87.05KB , 500x500 , 3-122.png )

No. 724326 ID: 163674
File 146363044073.png - (7.57KB , 500x500 , 3-121.png )

You eat just an irrational amount of welcome cake. You’ll have to think of some hot lines to get Marcie to warm up to you. She is a business lady with a one-track mine. Like seriously exactly one track. She’s squeamish about the s-word, but seems to be opening up a little bit since the date.

For gossip, you’ll have to decide who you want to gossip or ask about.


Alternatively, you could ask some specific questions. You are doubtful of Marcie’s credibility.
No. 724337 ID: 35151f

Talk about the sad stockgirl, why she so mopey all the time?
No. 724346 ID: 5836fc

Penny! Penny! Who better to get gossip about her from?
No. 724347 ID: 350a50

Seconding Ellen. Get the scoop. And another scoop of cake.
No. 724355 ID: eebe01

You should gossip about Marcie and how she's intercoursing her newest employee.
No. 724390 ID: f6442a

No. 724401 ID: ea949d

Ellen or Penny.
No. 724419 ID: b17b81

Ellen! Marcie's probably tried to cheer her up herself at some point.
No. 724434 ID: 2a7417

I'm interested in some Ellen gossip, and Ramona/Susanna intrigue.
No. 724452 ID: 15a025

Let's hear about Ellen.
No. 724548 ID: 163674
File 146370773676.png - (7.53KB , 500x500 , 3-123.png )

>Have another piece of cake.

c a k e p o c a l y p s e
No. 724549 ID: 163674
File 146370777459.png - (6.23KB , 500x500 , 3-124.png )

You: “Any idea what that Ellen is so mopey all the time?”

Marcie: “Oh I know.

Marcie: "Isn't she just the biggest Debbie Downer you ever saw?"

Marcie: "I don’t think I’ve seen that girl smile in ten years. Or ever. Least since I was a teenager.”

Marcie: “She used to be kind of a fun girl, always drawin’ cartoons and goin’ sitting by the river up there.”

You: “She wasn’t always like that?”

Marcie: “Not so far as I know. She was never the same after she started workin’ at the apple farm.”

Marcie: “Boy it sure was sweet that he let her take home a dozen apples a week, though. She always gave them to me.”
No. 724550 ID: 5ad4a7

...well that's dark. I think we're going to take a different approach. Get Ellen to say what happened, and if it was illegal (it likely was) we can get the police involved.
No. 724551 ID: 08ed3a

This only reaffirms my attitude toward Farmer McAsshole. You don't think he... Did anything to her...? Don't ask Marcie that obviously, but it is something to consider for later. By the way Chuck, you don't have to eat another piece if you don't want one.

Try flirting a bit, instead saying something "well Marcie you never fail to amaze me with how good your baking is. Do you have any other amazing talents? Penny said you were one heck on escape artist as a kid. I know a few things about a quick get away a myself." This kind of adds a sense of danger and mystery about you.
No. 724552 ID: a075ba

...well, we're doing something awful to the horse-fucker now. Outlaw justice.
No. 724553 ID: 15a025

Ask her if Farmer Assface might have done anything to Ellen.
No. 724554 ID: a075ba

Let's spare her from making that connection. It'll be worse than when we explained the sex joke.
No. 724555 ID: 2f5847

This presents an opportunity. Let us speak with Ellen, then get into the blackmail business.
No. 724560 ID: 79a07e

Kinda hope we can call him that to his face.
No. 724566 ID: 75cd0f

Oh, fuck

I mean, we're sleazy and cheap, but that's...
That's just low
No. 724585 ID: 350a50


Ask Marcie if she'll help you talk to Ellen about it, if they knew each other when they were kids? You've been trying to cheer her up, thinking she was just a glum sort of person, but if the farmer did what it sounds like?
No. 724594 ID: 163674
File 146371437891.png - (27.01KB , 500x500 , 3-125.png )

You: “You and Ellen knew each other when you were kids?”

Marcie: “Well she’s a good deal younger than me, but I remember when she was working on the farm.”

Marcie: “We weren’t best friends or anything, but I always liked her cartoons and the apples she brought by. Sometimes she was cryin’ when she got back, but I always just thought it was because of the hard work.”

Marcie: “Auntie always gave her hot soup and told me not to bother her.”
No. 724595 ID: 163674
File 146371439291.png - (23.78KB , 500x500 , 3-126.png )

You: “Crying?”

You: “You don’t say.”

You suppose you’ll have to have another chat with miss Ellen Stoppe. Explaining your thoughts on this to Marcie might not be wise, considering how uncomfortable she is with playful sexuality. You can fix that, though. You just need to coax the panther out of the kitten. You’ve seen her before, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

You: “So… I can honestly say I’ve never met a better baker than you. Do you have any other amazing talents?”

Marcie: “Well, I’ve always been awful good at sneaking out of my auntie’s house.”

You: “So she mentioned.”

Marcie: “Yeah, I can get real bendy when I need to.”
No. 724596 ID: 163674
File 146371440401.png - (2.40KB , 500x500 , 3-127.png )

You: “Heh heh”

You: “I bet you could put your legs all the way behind your shoulders, huh?”

Marcie: “Well sure I could, but why on earth would I ever want to do that??”
No. 724599 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell her you can show her but you'd have to go back to her place first. Unless she wants to do it in the kitchen.

Waggle eyebrows.
No. 724601 ID: 8d9368

We really need to get a gun again where can we get a gun. This town freaks me out.
No. 724603 ID: 211d83

Increase eyebrow waggling.

Then tell her that you would not mind seeing that yourself.
No. 724604 ID: e55b17

Tell her she could fold up in a backpack and be smuggled into places.
No. 724605 ID: eebe01

Hipthrust quietly while maintaining eye contact and waggling your eyebrows.
No. 724607 ID: 163674
File 146371611360.gif - (3.34KB , 500x500 , yaranaika.gif )

>increase waggle

You maintain that the pelvic thrusting would be too much, you do attempt to impress her with your eyebrow control. Marcie does not reply verbally, but you can tell by her expression that she is impressed.

You are open to the idea of getting another gun, and would feel a lot more comfortable if you had one. You don’t even know where to look around here for one, though. Who besides the police captain and the farmer would have a gun?
No. 724610 ID: f6442a

Ask turtle guy. He seems very knowledgeable. And he hangs out near the train tracks for some strange reason.
No. 724613 ID: eebe01

The first step to arming yourself is groin bonking Marcie. You could even count that as shooting practice if you know what you mean.
Maintain optimal brow waggling rate and get real close to her.
No. 724615 ID: 0a94cb

That fucking turtle man, man.


Also, almost certainly a gun in the Plath house somewhere.
No. 724616 ID: b8d5aa

well, tangling with the farmer isn't going to undo anything that he did with ellen. that can come later.

let's put that on the back burner and focus on the D A T E if the mood isn't completely ruined
No. 724621 ID: a075ba

>Who besides the police captain and the farmer would have a gun?
It's a small town. You never know who's got a gun stashed in the attic, the shed, or hidden behind the bed.

>Well sure I could, but why on earth would I ever want to do that?
If we're getting anywhere tonight, you can't push to hard. You gotta get her to initiate so she doesn't lock up like before.

Why, that all depends on what you intend to do with me, of course!
No. 724623 ID: 8d9368

I mean I'm not so much saying to shoot the guy as I am saying that I feel increasingly less safe in this town. Although I certainly wouldn't mind if we shot him.
No. 724628 ID: 5f31bd

Personally, while Chuck isn't that great of a guy in the long run, you have to be a real special kind of lowlife to do what farmer horseass did, God forbid he does anything to his daughter, I mean only gal around, he's clearly more possessive of her (approaching us with a rifle is a big hint of that) and he taunted us with Ellen. I'm not opposed to dealing out our own form of street Justice.

For now, let's focus on the date, but let's begin quest "Resupply of arms." Let's get a gun. First person we can ask is the tutorial tortoise
No. 724637 ID: 5f31bd

"All the way behind your head huh... Don't suppose you'd mind giving a demonstration?"
No. 724650 ID: 35151f

That's a good suggestion
let's say that
No. 724651 ID: c8d2b2

No. 724653 ID: 05ba9f

We are so killing that horse fucker! 'OH NO his gun """"accidentally"""" went off right in his own face!!'
Then his daughter will take over the farm and the people of the town will be there for her, including us "giggitygiggitygiggity", and then she will start supplying them with apples and us with booze. Hell maybe we could work out a way to get HIS gun.
No. 724657 ID: 27ef2a

Introduce a very pregnant cutie, whom recently lost her husband to "things" and could really use some help around the house.
No. 724668 ID: cd90cb

This sounds like a solid plan. Let's kill farmer Fuckface.
No. 724675 ID: 595d54

Yes, bank robbery isn't bad enough, let's add murder to the list. I'm sure everyone will be so impressed by our defense that we didn't like him that they'll totally forgive us of both crimes.
No. 724682 ID: 15a025

How about we blast his apples off his stubby tree.
No. 724685 ID: 3af16b

>plotting to kill a man off vague insinuations
how do you function like this
we're gonna PRANK him, not kill him, and even then only after we talk to the poor girl about what happened.

not thinkin with your dick also includes not letting testosterone rule your decisionmaking, cmon
No. 724686 ID: 595d54

No. 724688 ID: 08ed3a

Or maybe if we can get Ellen to tell us what happened we can go the police and get him arrested? That might be easier.
No. 724703 ID: f6442a

So get an ice pack.

If we could get her to go to the police about it without her having to tell us, I think that would be best.
No. 724705 ID: 4e63fa

Ask Marcie what's gun control like in this part of the woods.

If she seems kinda uncomfortable or suspicious about the topic, flex your pitiful muscles for the 'gunshow'.
No. 724707 ID: 4e63fa

>Explaining your thoughts on this to Marcie might not be wise, considering how uncomfortable she is with playful sexuality.

Maybe that's exactly WHY she's like that. It's possible that she had experienced something that she later repressed from memory.
No. 724710 ID: a075ba

Actually, no, I'm pretty fine with killing someone if he abused a position of authority to sexually abuse a kid. A retaliatory prank is not sufficient outlaw justice.

The only part of that I agree with is we'd need better confirmation than we've got so far before we act. But we're a criminal, and we were pretty much planning to fuck him over for being a prick anyways. It doesn't take much to escalate that.
No. 724712 ID: 05ba9f

sorry i fuck up

What I was trying to say was if there was rape we're killing the guy and making it look like an accident, if he was just an asshole to her then we steal his gun and stash it somewhere for later.
No. 724716 ID: 15a025

If we're going the prank route we should consult Naz for some help with it.
No. 724720 ID: 350a50

That's more or less my plan, personally. Get closer to Ellen and get her to confide what really happened first. From there decide on our course of action.

You know, this is probably the first real personal connection you've had in a long time. You actually opened up and shared some vulnerabilities with this one.

Maybe be careful not to push to hard and scare Marcie away.
No. 724730 ID: 98ff64

No. 724732 ID: f6442a


Push it from your mind right now anyway. Date date date.
No. 724771 ID: 398fe1

Ask if she wants to go back to her place. Or just do it in the kitchen.
No. 724773 ID: 595d54

No. 724774 ID: 398fe1

What should we do instead then? All you've done is gone "no don't do that". What do you want to do?
No. 724775 ID: 595d54

Enjoy shitposts, mostly. For real, though, I thought that a bunch of other guys had already made valid suggestions about not ruining this by going too far and finding out what the farmer actually did, and that echoing them wouldn't add anything useful.

So basically I agree with taking this a bit slower than usual and investigating the farmer's past actions.
No. 724806 ID: 163674
File 146381089175.png - (6.83KB , 500x500 , 3-128.png )

You lean back in your seat, upset by your homicidal thoughts. You’ve left a few people roughed up, but you’ve never actually had to shoot anyone. You’d consider a robbery that left anyone dead to be a colossal failure. You don’t have enough basis to convince yourself that this horse even deserved to be hurt, much less die, but you hope this whole thing with Ellen isn’t what it looks like.

Marcie: “Chuck?”

Marcie: “Somethin’ wrong? You stopped wagglin’.”

You: “Nah, nothing’s wrong. Sick from the sugar.”

Marcie: “Oh I know, I’ve never seen anyone eat cake like that”

You come to realize that you have opened up to Marcie in a way you haven’t with anyone else. Should you be concerned about that?
No. 724807 ID: 163674
File 146381093025.png - (8.00KB , 500x500 , 3-129.png )

You look back at her again. Maybe you should end this date.
No. 724809 ID: eebe01

Say there's one more "cake" you'd like to eat, looking at her poignantly. Add weight to your words with strategic brow waggling.
No. 724810 ID: 36295c

Nah, look at that face. Smile and tell her that you were just thinking of how being able to put your ankles above your head is a really useful skill, and when she asks why, demonstrate for her by saying "I'll show you." before folding her over backwards with a playful, predatory leer.

A nervous but eager girl like her needs a confident touch, and this night shouldn't end on a dour note.
No. 724813 ID: d721d1

Naaaah, it's fiiiine. Keep on gossiping.
No. 724821 ID: 2f5847

Let the record show I'm in favor of arming Chuck against real external dangers, not for him to play a goddam vigilante.
No. 724827 ID: 398fe1

Ok sure end it. With sex.
No. 724828 ID: f6442a

Don't quit now, I'm sure you can make it to dessert.
No. 724831 ID: 35151f

Do not attempt to sex that catte yet, she's clearly got something going on there.
Maybe ending it would be good, but definitely do this again sometime. That was nice, even with all the reminiscing on the bad-times.
No. 724840 ID: eebe01

No, sexe that catte already. That's what it's there for.
No. 724843 ID: 595d54

Nah, no sex. Have some gossip instead.
No. 724844 ID: 101881

I feel that its not THE right time for sex, so don't force it. Keep going with the fun times for now.

But either way you are on the right track to sexy time land. And maybe with more feelings besides arousal going on.
No. 724846 ID: 7a875f

Yeah let's gossip it up some more.
No. 724866 ID: 584e28

You should. We can't really get more OOC
No. 724868 ID: 15fae4


kill him

fucking kill him

don't be a bitch charl
No. 724875 ID: 4e63fa

"Marcie, why are you sweeter than the cakes you make?"

How about no? Misguided vigilantism won't help matters. If anything, his daughter's life will get even more fucked up.
No. 724878 ID: 15fae4


No. 724880 ID: 93a458

Yea!! >>724844
No. 724883 ID: 49f18e

We should find out more about the situation from Ellen, Marcie seems really good at accidentally implying things, no reason to jump the gun(literally in this case).

maybe talk to penny as well, she seemed to know something about horse man.
Even if your fears are confirmed, reporting it to the police should be the next step.

If the police already know, and have done nothing, or intend to do nothing.
then and only then is it time for vigilante justice.
No. 724887 ID: 350a50

This. No seduction yet, this one needs time, just give her a compliment.

Then gossip a bit about the police. Try to get a read on how they operate around here.
No. 724888 ID: 595d54

Quit spamming.
No. 724898 ID: 813bc6

No killing! If we have to do something, do it in a way that won't attract police attention on us or anything.
No. 724899 ID: 15a025

Give her your sugar
No. 724912 ID: 163674
File 146385796149.png - (5.69KB , 500x500 , 3-130.png )

>feelings other than arousal

As a man, you have no feelings. Arousal isn’t a feeling, it’s a way of life. You put on the easy kind of smile for when you don’t really feel like smiling.

You: “Marcie, I’ve had a great evening. The best I can remember.”

Marcie: “Oh…”

Marcie: “Well, is it over already?”

You: “The evening is all that’s over.”

Marcie rubs her arm.

Marcie: “I suppose I should rest up for work, then.”

You: “I’ll be sure to stop by in the morning.”

She smiles.

You: “So, how about a kiss?”
No. 724913 ID: 163674
File 146385797895.png - (8.37KB , 500x500 , 3-131.png )

Marcie: “A kiss? Gosh…”

Marcie’s response sounds almost rehearsed, as if she had been waiting for you to ask.

She presents her cheek.

You: “Guess again.”
No. 724914 ID: 163674
File 146385798603.png - (8.27KB , 500x500 , 3-132.png )

No. 724915 ID: eebe01

What she's been waiting for is you to ravish her. With your dick. Escalate right away.
No. 724916 ID: 15a025

Tell her that's just the appetizer. Then ask if she'd ready for the main course.
No. 724918 ID: b17b81

I'd say leave her with that memory to think on. We wouldn't want to overstimulate the poor thing.
No. 724920 ID: 8ec390

Always leave 'em wanting more.
No. 724922 ID: 7202f3

No. 724923 ID: eebe01

And you do that by giving them the D so they'll know what to want more of.
No. 724925 ID: b8d5aa

i think a kiss is a good note to end the date on! wish her a good night and go back to the plath place.
No. 724926 ID: 595d54

Let her take the lead. If she wants more, provide it. If she doesn't or she's not sure, now's a fine time to end it.
No. 724948 ID: 15f039

Go home now. No rush.
No. 724951 ID: fafe46

No. 724984 ID: 163674
File 146387676414.png - (8.10KB , 500x500 , 3-133.png )


Marcie: “Well gosh I can’t wait for work tomorrow.”

You think that playing the slow game would be best. If she’s chasing you, the whole thing’s in the pocket. The only thing left to do is figure out where you want to go tonight. It’s almost 8PM.
No. 724986 ID: 398fe1

8 PM isn't particularly late, but I think all the stores are closed. Hmm. How about we go looking for the ghost's letter?
No. 724993 ID: 2f5847

Begs the question, though. What would be open? Marcie's? Gas Station?

Does this town have a bar?
No. 724994 ID: 595d54

The only source of booze was apparently the farmer so I doubt there's a bar.
No. 724997 ID: 163674
File 146387973462.png - (7.93KB , 500x500 , 3-134.png )

You say goodbye to Marcie. She is happy.

Unfortunately there is no bar in town, as alcohol is illegal apparently in this entire god-forsaken county. You were only able to get into Marcie’s bakery because she unlocked the door, and the café is probably closing up before long. Coxwette is a sleepy town that closes up shop early, by the looks of things.

a) go back to the Plath House
b) show up at someone’s house
c) break into something
d) go to the woods
e) other >_
No. 725000 ID: f6442a

That bored, huh?
Let's go up to the roof!
No. 725002 ID: af186c

lets go inawoods
No. 725008 ID: 442e4f

Woods seem spoopy. Lets do that.
No. 725014 ID: 163674
File 146388217658.png - (8.38KB , 500x500 , 3-135.png )

You walk westward behind the bakery, past the looming fence surrounding the warehouse. The woods are made up of twisted, old-growth oak trees and little underbrush. The moonlight barely penetrates the thick canopy. You swear there is something out there, but it’s hard to tell.
No. 725015 ID: 2f5847

Does anyone know where to find the turtle?

I don't think we should aimlessly wander in the woods, but if there's something going on there, sure.
No. 725016 ID: fafe46

is that turtle dude digging something
No. 725017 ID: f6442a

Is it wabbit season? Just watch a little, as inconspicuously as possible.
No. 725021 ID: 163674
File 146388315333.png - (6.76KB , 500x500 , 3-136.png )

You watch for a bit. If anything was there, it is gone now.

>enter the woods
>turn back to Coxwette
>other >_
No. 725023 ID: f6442a

>turn back to Coxwette
No. 725024 ID: eff5a7

I swear those looked like Naz's eyes
No. 725025 ID: 2f5847

We probably need a flashlight if we're going to make a habit out of this. Maybe one of our acquaintances would have one to borrow.
No. 725027 ID: 398fe1

Engaging NIGHTVISION, I can see a rabbit with a bag. Also, the background changes after they disappear.

Go check it out!
No. 725030 ID: b8d5aa

if you are feline don't you have decent night-vision?

let's explore the forest. all you have to lose is your life, and i am willing to risk that.
No. 725058 ID: 163674
File 146388908026.png - (6.79KB , 500x500 , 3-137.png )

bitch you ain’t got nightvision

Sure would have made robbing houses a lot easier. Will you enter the woods or go back?
No. 725059 ID: f6442a

Turn back... Turn back...
No. 725061 ID: c22069

Head into the Spoopy Woods, engage Nightmare Vision.
No. 725062 ID: eebe01

You are not equipped for this, you'd need a gun and a flashlight at least, preferably night vision goggles. Go back and enter your wood into someone instead.
No. 725069 ID: 2f5847

gopher it. We could use a little more background thrills and chills.
No. 725072 ID: b8d5aa

if you have no night vision and are totally unequipped except for a juicy wad of cash then just make your way back to the plath place.

that would be the REASONABLE thing to do. but are you REASONABLE or are you OUT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME?
No. 725074 ID: 163674
File 146389136185.png - (10.59KB , 500x500 , 3-138.png )

You take the reasonable head back into Coxwette for now. As you are walking through the town square, you notice that there are no street lamps. With the stores closed, the only light comes from the moon and the surrounding residential homes. If you ever want to explore the woods in the future, you will probably to revisit them with a flashlight.
No. 725075 ID: 0a94cb

Good thing ghosts aren't real.
No. 725085 ID: ae73cb

Walking through a small, strange town in the middle of the night is not a scenario known for ending well.
Here's a list of things that may try to kill you.
>Serial Killer
No. 725087 ID: 350a50

Head back to the Plath House for now.
No. 725088 ID: 237eb2

Yeah I'd get back to the Plath House, when you get there, check and see if a scarf is on any of the doors, maybe Sally is in the mood, or maybe Ramona is, who knows?
No. 725089 ID: 398fe1

Let's go back to the House and maybe try finding that letter.
No. 725090 ID: 163674
File 146389413289.png - (5.80KB , 500x500 , 3-139.png )

Yes. It is indeed a good thing that neither ghosts nor vampires are real. You walk briskly back to the Plath House.
No. 725091 ID: 163674
File 146389414884.png - (8.84KB , 500x500 , 3-140.png )

Sally is on one of the sofas, wearing a dark night gown and drowsily reading a novel. She has no makeup on, and looks recently showered.

a) “Oh, hi Sally.”
b) “Hey beautiful.”
c) Ask about the letter
d) Leave her be and go to bed
e) Other >_
No. 725092 ID: 350a50

"That dry, huh?"
No. 725093 ID: 237eb2

Hey there beautiful, had a good evening?
No. 725094 ID: 9a38f9

good line, that
No. 725095 ID: 5a893f

D) Let sleeping dogs lie
No. 725096 ID: 65317a

Go with A) her mother might hear B.
No. 725097 ID: b8d5aa

don't pester her, but ask her, in passing, how her day went, and exchange pleasantries.
No. 725109 ID: 2f5847

No sense letting it go to waste
No. 725110 ID: a788b7


Ask why the mayor wants to keep people out of the catacombs
No. 725123 ID: 05ba9f


Er back to the whole rape thing, her painting entitled 'Memories' just became a whole lot more disturbing.
No. 725132 ID: b17b81

I'm not too sure. I might be reading it wrong, but she seemed sad/upset that the painting was considered creepy. If she was trying to make the painting be uncomfortable for the viewer(cause she was uncomfortable with her past) she wouldn't have shied away from it being said as such.

As is I want the dude to pay if he did something to her, but I don't think murder is an appropriate response, and I don't think just a prank will make up for it. This is actual police territory.

Let's let up on it for now though; it's harshed the mood enough for one day.
No. 725147 ID: 15a025

Let's head to bed. It's been a pretty long and hard day for you Chuck. Tomorrow seems like it's going to be pretty eventful as well.
No. 725200 ID: 163674
File 146395277251.png - (6.16KB , 500x500 , 3-141.png )

You smile at Sally, but do not disturb her. She’s having trouble holding her head up and will probably sleep on the couch for at least most of the night. You take a shower and lie down in bed, but sleep does not come right away. It has been a long and upsetting day that has left you a lot to think about. Your date with Marcie was more enjoyable than you expected, but you keep finding yourself thinking of the catacombs and of Ellen.
No. 725201 ID: 163674
File 146395278284.png - (10.16KB , 500x500 , 3-142.png )

You eventually fell asleep, though. It was full of restless dreams, but it was technically sleep.

It is Sunday, and again you are free to go about the town.

a) make a meeting with the mayor
b) visit Ellen
c) visit Marcie
d) visit someone else >_
e) stay in the Plath House
f) Other >_
No. 725204 ID: 15a025

No. 725205 ID: b8d5aa

if you visit ellen and ask her about the farmer right away, she will know marcie told you about it

if you visit marcie, it will be kind of desperate

do the people of this town do church on sundays? are they religious at all?
No. 725209 ID: 2f5847

There is no church in town. It's… odd.

Go find Turtlebert, to ask about armaments. Oh and purchase a flashlight somewhere.
No. 725210 ID: 398fe1

If you don't talk to Ellen you're just going to keep thinking about it.

No. 725214 ID: 237eb2

Day plan:
1. Go find tutorial turtle over by the train tracks and ask him about where someone can get a firearm around town.
2. Pay Ellen a visit, make sure she's okay and let her know we are concerned about her, just talk it over and make sure she is okay and she has a friend.
3. If we have time... How about we go see Naz and "rehearse" our little performance.
No. 725215 ID: f6442a

No. 725216 ID: 163674
File 146395546513.png - (13.33KB , 500x500 , 3-143.png )

You never really hear anyone talk about church. For a small southern town, this does strike you as extremely odd. You can’t complain, though, as you always hated church. You could go buy a flashlight to get into the woods, but that would of course mean talking to Ellen at the Shoppe Stoppe. You haven’t seen that annoying turtle since last week, so maybe you could find him again.

You get out of bed, brush your teeth, and walk down one of the Plath House’s over-the-top oak staircases. Ramona is downstairs.

a) talk to Ramona
b) just leave for the train station
c) other >_
No. 725217 ID: a788b7


C: Run by Marcie's store, since she said she was looking forward to work tomorrow last night and she might actually be open on sunday and she might still fire you if you miss it.
No. 725218 ID: 237eb2

Might as well get this ball rolling, just give Ramona "a good morning" and be on your way. And since we were going to talk to Ellen anyway, getting a flashlight will give us more of a reason to go. But first let's head down to the train station.
No. 725220 ID: 237eb2

First things first of course, let's do this then go to the train station
No. 725221 ID: 15a025

No. 725222 ID: 163674
File 146395661482.png - (4.15KB , 500x500 , 3-144.png )

You’ll go to the train station and the bakery, but you’ll stop by the train station first since it is closer to the Plath House. You have never stopped to take a decent look at this part of town. The station is a single platform, devoid of life. You have never actually SEEN a train stop here. The one that you jumped out of just rolled right past as if the platform didn’t even exist.

There is no sign of Harold Pal.
No. 725223 ID: 237eb2

Is there a front desk person who might know where he is?
No. 725224 ID: 211d83

Chuck you know what this means right? Spooky town with weird people and you suddenly start feeling feelings? This is purgatory Chuck. You died when you jumped out of that train.

So go check for the broken remains of your body next to the tracks.

And then go search the station for clues.
No. 725232 ID: 163674
File 146396070233.png - (9.47KB , 500x500 , 3-145.png )

There’s no one manning the train platform. It’s just empty. You go beyond the station to about the spot you jumped from last week, and there are no bodily remains to be found. The spot where you landed still has some flattened grass, but that's about it. The tracks extend out of sight, but otherwise there is nothing out there.

You can feel a light wind, but it’s as quiet as a closet. This country-ass town is far out in the sticks.
No. 725234 ID: f6442a

Look for an arrivals schedule at the station. This place is silent, but it's not very hilly.
No. 725235 ID: 35151f

This'd be a good place to come out and catch our breath, methinks.
Let's head on for the forest then, now that it's light. It's sunday, I don't RECALL us having anything to do, so let's explore
No. 725250 ID: 237eb2

Huh, head to where we jumped off maybe Harold is around there? If not might as well get on to the bakery maybe we can ask Marcie where we can find the turtle
No. 725251 ID: 163674
File 146396265571.png - (7.35KB , 500x500 , 3-146.png )

The only thing resembling a schedule seems to be in windblown disrepair. You can’t make out the times.

You call out for Harold. He doesn’t seem to be around right now.

a) woods
b) bakery
c) other >_
No. 725253 ID: 398fe1

Might as well go look in the woods where you saw the rabbit.
No. 725259 ID: 163674
File 146396379113.png - (24.38KB , 500x500 , 3-148.png )

You go back to the woods, entering through the same spot that you did last night. The daylight does little to make it less eerie, as it is about as quiet as the train tracks to the north. Still, you can at least see this time.

It doesn’t look like there’s anyone out here, but you could still explore deeper if you wish.
No. 725263 ID: 237eb2

We're going to be late, let's get to the bakery. We'll come back to the woods once we are more prepared.
No. 725273 ID: 90f3c0

You're already out here, might as well look a bit deeper before you turn back.
No. 725275 ID: 15a025

We should probably get going. We don't want to be late.
No. 725279 ID: 398fe1

Guys we don't have anywhere to be late to. It's sunday! Bakery doesn't deliver on the weekend.

Go check out the spot he was standing in.
No. 725284 ID: b5be75

May as well take a quick look in the forest while we're here and it's light.
No. 725285 ID: 0a94cb

Eh, forests are boring. Death to all mystery!
No. 725288 ID: 65317a

Well unless we changed our minds about meeting with the mayor. The bakery should be our next stop. Need to make it look like the date didn't change anything.
No. 725290 ID: 163674
File 146396855161.png - (94.46KB , 500x500 , 3-151.png )

You decide to walk deeper into the woods. The trees are larger and older here, and there is a vague trail hewn in the underbrush. There is no one here, and the spot where you thought you saw someone last night harbors no evidence.

It doesn’t look like there’s anyone out here, but you hear what sounds like a faint bugle or some kind of horn. It might have been a bird or an elk or something, though.
No. 725295 ID: 237eb2

A bugle? Maybe someone is hunting out here and they are using a bugle to signal to their partner?
No. 725312 ID: f6442a

Follow the tooting horn.
No. 725338 ID: 163674
File 146397436415.png - (92.97KB , 500x500 , 3-152.png )

You keep walking. The source of the sound is difficult to trace. Sometimes it seems to grow fainter even as you move closer to it, only to crop up in a completely different direction. It doesn’t stop you, though. Over time, you do feel like you are getting closer to the source.

Training your ears on the distant sound nearly distracts you from something disturbing the immaculate silence directly around you.

There is a sound, and it is close. VERY close. You hear…
No. 725339 ID: 163674
File 146397437691.png - (4.81KB , 500x500 , 3-154.png )

No. 725340 ID: 163674
File 146397438433.png - (41.85KB , 500x500 , 3-153.png )

No. 725342 ID: 35151f

No. 725345 ID: 13ac27

You may want to start running about now.