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File 147948766112.png - (51.42KB , 600x600 , splash.png )
759736 No. 759736 ID: d163e3


CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html
CHAPTER 5 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736166.html
CHAPTER 6 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743488.html
CHAPTER 7 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/754011.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103517.html
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No. 759737 ID: d163e3
File 147948768284.png - (20.66KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

No. 759738 ID: d163e3
File 147948769426.png - (43.59KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

You can’t forget anything you’ve seen, anything you’ve heard, or anyone you’ve met in a little town called Coxwette. The second Marcie asked you if you wanted to buy a pastry, you fled. You don’t know why.

The rational side of you, such that it is, would have stayed to question her. He would have gone around town to ask what was going on. He would have talked to Susanna right away. He’s not always in control.

Now you’re in your bedroom.
No. 759739 ID: 73b398

The snayor isn't up to snuff. It's time for snanal and reveyee enema. Also answers while you're at it, but concentrate on the priorities.

Get moving.
No. 759740 ID: b88e47

Well the Snayor didn't bring back Marcie. It's a clone.
No. 759741 ID: 9f3729

Strongly consider forest exploration
The Marcy that remembers you might be out there still!
No. 759746 ID: 18c9f5

Well, there are two possibilities. Either Marcie lost her memory, or the town is reset.

Either way, we have some angry words to have with the mayor.
No. 759747 ID: 1a5e6a

We might want to gather up some weapons,and search the woods for closure. Wouldnt it be fucked up if we found a bunch of dead citizens taken by the monsters, and everyone in town is just a copy.
No. 759748 ID: d163e3
File 147948859588.png - (37.09KB , 500x500 , 3.png )


The only thing that you know for sure is that you need to confront the mayor, and you need a new job. You would rather do absolutely anything but work for Marcie again.

You need to search the woods, but you’re scared. You’re just scared. You’ve seen too many horror movies to go alone, and you’ve seen too much real life to believe that the hero always makes it out alive.

What are you going to do first?
No. 759749 ID: 8d65de

Twilight Zone Shit going on guys we need to talk to the snayor
No. 759750 ID: 1a2e5d

go to snake
No. 759751 ID: 73b398

Go do the snayor already.
No. 759753 ID: 9f3729

Jog off all that nervous energy so we can think like a real human bean again
we probably need the exercise anyway.
See if the post office needs someone.
No. 759755 ID: 1a2e5d

also look at cafe sign on the way, see if it's been fixed
No. 759756 ID: 86b8eb

The main question is if it's just Marcie, or everyone. This is a major concern because, if somehow the Plaths have had their memories altered as well, you are a strange man invading their house and drinking their booze.

You could probably convince Ramona of shenanigans, since she's already in on the supernatural and you can prove your story by telling her things you wouldn't know otherwise. But it'd be a hassle.

However, in either case, if it was the price of saving Marcie, it's worth it.

Assuming that was really Marcie.

If the whole town's memories were reset, then the mayor's assertion that she would stand trial for something no one can remember or prove and which effectively no longer happened is meaningless.
No. 759757 ID: fd649e

Snayor first. I may disagree on her being mega super culpable for all the badness, but it's detailed explanation time for sure.
No. 759759 ID: 3d2d5f

Lay down and cry. That comes first.
No. 759762 ID: 180f83

Get out of town, make a new life. This place isn't worth it anymore.
No. 759763 ID: 79a07e

There's an easy way we can see if everyone took a time trip without directly confronting Susanna.

Just ask people if they remember what the situation was yesterday. If they remember about Marcie going missing and just know that 'somehow' she’s back, then yeah, it's a clone, she wiped everyone's memory, and Snayor's getting a reveyee enema.

If people are confused about the time difference, then it may just be time inversion stuff- which might explain why no one has a real sense of time/know the dates anymore. Every time something bad happens, she turns back the clock on them specifically. The town has no sense of time because she erases it all with some magic so no one asks questions.

We need to see who remembers us, and up to what point. We'll talk to- and end- the Snayor afterwards, if justified.
No. 759764 ID: 2120ee

Talk to Sophie. She's chill and also badass (probably).
No. 759767 ID: 571238

jesus. talk to dogmom?
No. 759768 ID: 595d54

Yeah, let's just talk to Sophie.
No. 759769 ID: dd4df2



>What are you going to do first?

Well, to decide that, we'll have to look at our options, such as they are.

-Q & Anal with Snayor.

Because fuck her. Literally.

-Get a new job.

You still need one. I can think of at least three options, and there's probably more if you go looking.

*Am I Rite? Rita might offer you a few odd postman jobs similar to the one you got when you first got to town if you beg or make her life interesting (since she's hella bored).

*Covering Ellen. She needs a break. You can probably persuade her that you can pull a few of her shifts for her.

*Pitching in for Penny. Maybe she needs an odd job man? She'll have some sympathy for what happened with Marcie, assuming her memory's still there. Of course, you'll probably run into Marcie, since they're related. But you can't put that meeting off forever, can you?

-Setting up the porn shoot & woods investigation with Naz & co.

You do already have your mystery investigation crew. You just need to gather them and fill them in on shit and make a plan for the evening.
No. 759773 ID: d163e3
File 147949030299.png - (25.34KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

It’s settled, then. You’ll talk to the mayor first.

You’re not concerned about the Plaths having lost memories because…

No. 759774 ID: d163e3
File 147949035964.png - (33.41KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

Sally: “Should I… keep going?”

You: “Uh… eh, nah. I should get going.”

Sally: “Am I not doing this right?”

You: “Come on, you’re fine.”

The last think you want to think is ‘your mom is way better at this’, but… her mom is way better at this.

Sally: “Where are you even going? It’s Saturday.”

You: “I need to talk to the mayor. She… fucked things up when she brought Marcie back.”

Sally: “Golly I… haven’t left the house since yesterday afternoon. I’m kind of a mess, I guess I should go see Marcie.”

You get up and go to City Hall.

No. 759775 ID: d163e3
File 147949037931.png - (34.35KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

The sight of Lisa’s dumb stammering face makes you mad.

Lisa: “Ch-Chuck, hey”

Lisa: “I”

Lisa: “The mayor”

You: “Lisa I swear to God I will throw you out the damn window if you say she’s not in her office.”

Lisa: “is… not in her office”

You take a calming breath.

Lisa: “She… sh-she asked you to meet her in her private quarters today.”
No. 759777 ID: ffa687

"Promises have to be kept!" Grab Lisa around the waist like you're going to throw her out the window.
No. 759778 ID: 2120ee

Technically she said the thing and you're a man of your word, but maybe just throw her halfway out the window.

Just like in my anime porn games.
No. 759779 ID: 18c9f5

Rain check throwing her out a window. Tell her that you'll get to that when you're not so busy.
No. 759780 ID: 47160d

Don't joke, don't even respond, she is too scared to say anything of note. Just go to Susanna
No. 759781 ID: 73b398

Give her the "I'm going to fuck you later" eyes and hand gesture, but the snayor can't keep getting away with shit so crush your way through all obstacles.
No. 759783 ID: 86b8eb

Oh hey we can play that "oh no I'm a good guy I won't pressure you on the deal ha ha aren't you doubting yourself now" plan.

Anyway, normally I'd say give Lisa a pass, but you are dealing with puritan monsters drawn to offenses against their archaic beliefs, so considering you just swore to god it might not be a good idea to not throw her out the window.

So ask her to step outside and in front of the window, that'll be technically "out the window", and give her like a little pick up and swing and put down two feet to the side.
No. 759784 ID: 595d54

"...Okay. Did she actually say when or will you please just tell me where her private quarters are?"
No. 759785 ID: 9876c4


Ask Lisa what she remembers about yesterday. And what she knows about sorcery in general. This is not her fault.

We could teasingly drag her towards a window but not sure Chuck is up for that.
No. 759791 ID: d163e3
File 147949263928.png - (69.71KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

On any other day, you might be up for joking around with your half-masted threat, but today you just want to get to the mayor. Lisa seems convinced that you are about to for a moment, but quickly leads to you the mayor’s quarters. She opens the door and lets you in, closing it behind you.

Susanna is standing in a lavish bedchamber dressed in a dagged, flowing robe with a scarf tied over her eyes. The curtains are drawn, and it is fairly dark.

You: “Susanna”

Susanna: “Chuck.”

You: “What the FUCK DID YOU DO?!

Susanna: “Chuck.”
No. 759792 ID: d163e3
File 147949265490.png - (37.05KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

You: “She doesn’t remember ANYTHING!”

Susanna: “Please be calm…”

You: “That’s not Marcie! I don’t know what that is, but it’s not Marcie!”

Susanna: “That is the very same Marcie.”

You: “She didn’t recognize me!”

Susanna: “I had to bring her back. I took her back about three weeks.”

Susanna: “It was… it was before she met you.”

Susanna: “Chuck, I’m sorry…”

You: “You said you’d bring her back unharmed, and you lied through your teeth like a bitch

Susanna: “This is the Marcie we’ve known for years. The only thing missing from her is you.”

Susanna: “Would you rather she was dead than not have you in your life?”
No. 759793 ID: 9876c4

Let me go on record. She's got a point.

So there's not a (half) dead Marcie, out in the woods?
No. 759795 ID: 73b398

No more riddles, dodges and you're-better-of-not-knowings, it's time for answers, anal and reveyee enema.
No. 759797 ID: c441c1

okay first off interesting decor choice on the chair, second off this is some necromancy bullshit and everyone but Ramona, sally and you have been dead for years am I right, thirdly WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING WHITE ITS GOING TO GET SO MANY STAINS ON IT AFTER WE ARE DONE!
No. 759798 ID: 595d54

"No, you're right. But you know I loved her and the Marcie I loved is gone. What do you call that?"
No. 759799 ID: 2a7417

Why three weeks? Was that just to spite Chuck? Did you have to cleanse the sinful influence entirely to get the demons to leave her alone?

I know you're not particularly in the mood to care about the snayor's wellbeing, but I have to ask if her eyes are feeling all right.
No. 759800 ID: 91ee5f

"Would you rather she was dead than not have you in your life?"
I think you meant to say, "not have me in her life."

Also, for someone who claims to hate the Plaths, I find it interesting that chair over there looks like the Plath family emblem. Why is that? To lazy to redecorate?
No. 759802 ID: 32b708

Considering how little you're saying about the mechanisms of bringing her back, I'm really not sure.

How frequently has this happened? Why are you wearing a blindfold?
No. 759803 ID: 1a2e5d

demand to know exactly what she did
No. 759804 ID: 9f3729

"Augh, FINE. What's with the blindfold?"
No. 759805 ID: 9f3729

"Also, for the record: This is why you tell people what's going to happen! I wouldn't be FREAKING OUT right now if you'd explained this might happen!"
No. 759806 ID: 86b8eb

Calm down, Chuck. Better Marcie like this than no Marcie, it's true. You can get to know her again.

So say no. But also, tell her that Marcie was the person you felt like you'd been getting closest to in this town, so you're pretty upset. And the memories she lost were good memories. You actually managed to make her happier, a little, which a pretty fuckin' rare achievement for you that you were kind of happy about yourself. The loss of those memories were an injury to her. She had some problems behind the happy face, that you were hoping to solve, and now she's back to square one. Of course it's worth it if she's alive, if that really is her and she just has amnesia, but it's... really frustrating.

What about the rest of the town? Do they remember Marcie was missing yesterday? Isn't, for example, Penny going to notice that Marcie doesn't remember Chuck any more?
No. 759807 ID: 86b8eb

Also don't go near that snake butt it doesn't deserve to be graced with your dick right now. It is too full of bullshit.
No. 759808 ID: dd4df2


Rage isn't getting us anywhere. Marcie's still here. That's something. We were hoping for something. The mayor ain't wrong. Marcie being brought back alive is better than Marcie gone disappeared or dead. Assuming that is what happened.

Plop down on the bed. Tell her to lie down with you. Then... don't proceed with anything. Just lie there. Let her stew waiting, while you calm down.

Ask her if her sight's alright, and how the spellcasting went. You have a letter and photo to confront her with, after all. Would suck if she was unable to see them.
No. 759810 ID: dd4df2


Oh. Don't tell me... is she wearing a blindfold because part of the deal for the agate was that she would promise not to use carnal speech?
No. 759811 ID: 850f11

This whole town is in a time loop isn't it?

That's why no one knows what year it is. Why nothing has changed in years.

And I bet if you got a big enough piece of it you want to change history don't you?
No. 759812 ID: 79a07e

Yeah, she's got a point, there. It STILL hurts like hell, though. But if that's actually Marcie, then...

Well. Okay.
No. 759815 ID: d163e3
File 147949417308.png - (35.69KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

You: “Well…”


You: “No, I… no.”

You: “Why WHY three weeks? Is this some kind of petty revenge?”

Susanna: “No, Chuck. I did this for Marcie, not you. Please, please try to understand how terribly difficult a thing it was that I had to do.”

Susanna: “She could have come back as a baby, or not come back at all. This was a great success!”

You: “What about the rest of the town?”

Susanna stirs and starts to sweat.

Susanna: “This was messy. They are all the same. They remember her disappearance. Their memories are all up-to-date.”

You: “What’s with the blindfold, anyway?”

Susanna: “A measure of trust. Eye contact is the single most intimate thing two people can share… so I am obstructing the carnal speech.”

Susanna: “At times of high emotion, it is the only way I know to communicate.”
No. 759816 ID: a107fd

Time wizardry! Well, that explains a few things. Ask her what year it is.
No. 759817 ID: 73b398

Tell her to bend over. Then tell her to tell you how exactly Marcie "came back" while dropping your pants.
No. 759818 ID: 9876c4

Gonna take flak from this, but just turn around and go.

You've got a kitty to seduce, you've had enough of magic and metaphysics for one day.

If any of this is making you want to fuck, I can't imagine why.
No. 759821 ID: 2120ee

What happens if the agate gets disrupted? Loses its 'task'?

Also, dammit. If we'd brought a camera she wouldn't even have seen it.
No. 759822 ID: 18c9f5

Ditch the snanal for now at least. I can't imagine the mood is good.
No. 759823 ID: c4dd97

Ask the time wizard what year is it. Is the whole town in a time bubble? Is it looping? What exactly is going on with spacetime here??
No. 759824 ID: 3e182c

A Measure of trust huh?
Ok then answer me this. Why does no one in Coxwette know what year it is?
Not me. Not the townsfolk. Not even Ramona.
Why. Why is time such a factor here?
No. 759828 ID: 1c5d74

is there a way to get her memories back? Because seriously if she goes to her aunt she doesn't know you things are going to get awkward fast
No. 759829 ID: dd4df2


Hold on, boyo. Arousal is a way of life for Charlemagne "The Legend" Llewellyn. If there's a way, he'll find it. Besides, we're not leaving yet.


Okay, trust appreciated. WTF achieved.

So, this is an old question to go with the other time wizardy ones, but throw it in.

Whatever happened to that businesspig she shouted out of the city hall? You haven't seen -them- around in forever. Does that mean even if time and memories are all messed up, that people still come and go from Coxwette? I mean, there's the mail and the internet, too, after all.

And if we're not confronting the mayor with the picture and letter, at least, I don't know, leave them behind on the desk or something for her to discover later.
No. 759830 ID: 9876c4

Yes and no. We convince her she has amnesia.

Difficulty ranks from simple to easy-peasy.
No. 759831 ID: 86b8eb

Speaking of carnal speech, this seems like a good opportunity to straighten out this "mind control" thing.

Tell the Mayor you'd like to believe her when she says it's not mind control, but has she ever experienced it being used on her? Then tell her your experience with it. The whole "seems like you were hijacking a memory of my mother to implant a command without my knowing" thing, and if she can really tell you that's not mind control.

Also ask her how much it allows her to pick up from others, as opposed to just being good at getting them to "understand" her. Does she know how miserable Ellen is? Or that Geoff is gay?
No. 759834 ID: d163e3
File 147949570652.png - (35.74KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

You: “What year is it, Susanna? What the fuck.”

Susanna: “There is no year.”

Susanna: “For you, it was 1996. For Layla, 1958. For Sophie, 1976. For Rachel…”

Susanna: “None of this matters anymore. People stumble into this place in search of refuge, and they stay. Their lives go and go again.”

Susanna: “Time passes outside. It may be one second since you arrived, or it may be three hundred years.

Susanna: “Little things leak in, here and there. So it goes, so it always goes.”

You hold your head.

Susanna: “You loved her, didn’t you?”

You might be hyperventilating.

Susanna: “I’m sorry, Chuck. I’m so sorry.”
No. 759836 ID: 571238

ask her what happens if marcie is unexpectedly still alive in the woods.
ask her if she did something like that before.
ask her what year is this.
then ask what's the plan regarding the demons, because this shit will not pass and 'no sin' is impossible to maintain bullshit.
No. 759837 ID: 9876c4

Gonna be tight either way. (...)

But I think it's time to go. Probably without answering that question.
No. 759839 ID: 18c9f5

Well fuck, if she fell in love once, she can do it again. You might not want to work for her, but you can very well still court her.
No. 759840 ID: 3d2d5f

Look, just tell me, is it really her? Her with missing memories, not a clone, or some [i][/i]thing wearing her face?

I can live with it if she's real. I hate it, but I can not completely die inside.
No. 759841 ID: 73b398

Tell her to apologize with her snanus. The situation calls for angerfuck.
No. 759843 ID: e136ae

What year was it for you, Susana? What about Ramona? What about people who have always been here?


Also definitely questions like that.
No. 759845 ID: 86b8eb

"... You know about love, do you? Know what a man in love "speaks like"? I found a letter to someone a lot like you, from a man who loved her, I think. A photo to go with it. I was wondering if you knew anything about that. I brought them with me."

No going for the butt. If she asks about it give her a line about this having been for Marcie and not part of your deal, or that you aren't really interested if she's not interested.

She still thinks she's better than you and I want to wipe that idea right out of her head.
No. 759846 ID: ffa687

Well we knew time control was a part of the Coxwette situation anyway. Give Susanna a hug; run your fingers through her hair and see if we can get a few more answers.

What came first, the monsters or the time lock on the town?
How much control does Susanna actually have over the phenomenon? Is she running it or just playing along with an existing phenomenon?
Isn't this going to fall apart once Penny starts to question why Marcie forgot Chuck? How are you going to handle that?
What is the actual deal with the catacombs?
Does she want to cuddle a bit for once?
No. 759849 ID: 1a2e5d

Leave, never trust snake again
No. 759850 ID: dd4df2


Congratulations Chuck. You wanted to be lost to the world. Now you're lost in time and space.

>Susanna: “You loved her, didn’t you?”

What you had with Marcie... they were good memories and might've been the closest thing you've come to love in your life. Now they're bad memories, because the one you shared them with isn't... the person you shared them with anymore. By three weeks.

But wasn't there a memory about memories in there?

>Marcie: “Well one thing about bad memories is that they’re just memories.”

>Marcie: “That’s the way I see it anyway. Lots of bad stuff has happened to me but I’ve whipped every bad day I ever had. Like, it seems bad in the moment, but I’m always on my feet still at the end.”

Stay on your feet, Chuck. The Marcie you lost would not have wanted you to be a soggy, sad mess.

You have a letter and a picture for the mayor.

Ask her why. Why is she doing this?
No. 759853 ID: d163e3
File 147949735429.png - (39.78KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

You: “What is she? A clone? A copy? Some kind of fucking monster?”

Susanna: “She is Marcie. The very same Marcie.”

Susanna: “Not a clone or a changeling. Not a reproduction or some alternate reality…”

Susanna: “There is one Marcie. She is just an earlier Marcie.”

Susanna: “I don’t know what those monsters did to her out there, and I don’t want to know.”

You: “I’m going to leave.”

Susanna: “Chuck…”

Susanna: “Please stay.”

You: “You’re on crack if you think I’m going to let you do anything to me.”

Susanna doesn’t seem to know what crack is.

Susanna: “Did I not fulfill my part of the deal?”

Susanna: “Was it not good enough for you?”
No. 759854 ID: 1a5e6a

Shes down to fuck, Chuck. Go get some.
No. 759855 ID: 9876c4

No. 759856 ID: df90d0

"She's back, she's alive and she's unharmed. Your part of the deal is held up."

"But you have to explain to me what the hell is this town at some point. Not now. The others might not care enough to know, but goddamn it, I need to after all the shit it's put me through."
No. 759857 ID: 73b398

Put it in her butt. Reinforce your boner with anger.
No. 759858 ID: e136ae

Stay Chuck. Those weren't crocodile tears, if you pardon the pun. Susana is definitely, genuinely, sorry. She means well, she just has the high-and-mighty attitude of someone who thinks they know better. She doesn't and she's learning that the hard way. The longer you stay, the more she talks, the more she will learn.
No. 759859 ID: 850f11

How do we stop them? Stop them for good so this never happens again?

I like a lot of people here and I am not going to let them get murdered out in the woods by monsters the next time this happens.
No. 759860 ID: 86b8eb

Don't leave, Chuck.

Tell her you're grateful Marcie's ok. Tell her, for that, thanks. But you're also not happy with everything else, which she seems to be at the center of.

Tell her: she says what she does isn't mind control, but from what you remember of her trying it with you, she tried to hijack one of very few half positive memories you have of your mother to make you not want to ask questions, which seems like mind control to you.

Tell her: she says she cares about the townsfolk, but Ellen is so miserable she used stuff that could have killed her just to feel better, and what you overheard Susanna's only concern was that she keep her miserable life the way it is.

Tell her: You'll believe she's been preserving the town, but as far as making the townspeople's lives better, you think even you've been doing a better job, and that's saying something.
No. 759861 ID: 86b8eb

And still no butt stuff gosh darn it to heck
No. 759862 ID: ffa687

Give that poor desperate snayor some love too. She's lonely and full of regret.
No. 759863 ID: e136ae

That works.

Also I'm not here for the porn but you might want to bone her anyway so she trusts you more. It is entirely Susana is either a virgin or has been without so long she might as well be one.
No. 759864 ID: 18c9f5

At least hug the poor thing. She seems about as broken up over this as you are, just less angry and more sad.
No. 759865 ID: 3d2d5f

I'll stay if you really want me to, but if you think I can get it up right now or want that kind of thing with how sick I feel right now... You've got an even lower opinion of me than I do.
No. 759866 ID: e136ae

Agreed. Something. I don't think Susana has a single real friend, just minions.
No. 759867 ID: 9876c4

Bone or don't bone, but let's give it a rest with the questions.
No. 759868 ID: 47160d

Don't bone, hug
No. 759869 ID: 86b8eb

You could also still challenge her with the "even Marcie had problems, I was helping, now that's undone" thing, back from >>759806
No. 759871 ID: dd4df2


Uggh. She did keep her part of the bargain. It IS good enough. It just sucks is what.

It sucks that the world is an inherently unfair place and that Coxwette is a giant mystery that sucks people in and makes them eke out an existence as... delivery boys, shop owners and road workers when they have weird and glorious dreams of being artists or dancers or nude photographers or hella sexy ladies' men... but those dreams will see them hunted down by monsters with a holier-than-thou high-falutin' sense of what 'sin' is.

And it sucks that the best reply to this is that you, Susanna, have to go around squashing those dreams day in and day out and try to fit people into Coxwette's little niches in a way that doesn't totally destroy them, even when it kind of is in the long run.

It is a royal package of suck, especially because the one person who got punished for this town's sudden increase of 'sin' was Marcie. Those monsters are seriously dumb as shit bricks! Marcie had tiny fits whenever she thought about anything remotely sinful. She was perky, happy, a real go-getter. The last person to deserve it. You'd know, Mayor, considering how you know everyone in town.

But, nothin' doin'. Nothin' doin', if it's the way it's gotta be. If it's the way it's always been. If it's the way that can't ever be changed. Yay for the status quo in which we're all alive to barely carry on.

And the worst thing is, can you really believe Susanna's a monster? You got the impression she does want what's best for everyone. You can't -blame- her for that in the sense that you can blame someone for wanting to prevent someone's death from head trauma, even if the person wakes up with amnesia. You understand the concept of "better -a- Marcie than -no- Marcie". But it sucks.

And, hell, now you understand that it sucks for Susanna, too.
No. 759872 ID: d23a95

I think she needs a hug.
No. 759873 ID: df90d0

I'll vote not to leave, maybe talk.

Ah hell, fug the snake. She's trusting us, let's get that butt.
No. 759875 ID: dd4df2


*in the sense that you can't blame someone for wanting to prevent someone's death from head trauma,
No. 759876 ID: e136ae

Keep one thing in mind: Everyone here is on the run from something.
No. 759877 ID: fd649e

...It's okay, Mayor. Well. Not okay. But at least she's alive.

Cry/hug/fugg/whatever it out with the mayor. She's not an enemy.
No. 759879 ID: dd4df2


Fair, although I'm not sure what your point is in relation to the above. That everyone has done something bad? You don't necessarily need to do something bad to be on the run. You just need to feel bad.
No. 759880 ID: 571238

you're saying there could be another marcie in the woods right now? or did the ritual wind back time subjectively for marcie?

don't leave chuck. i don't know about having sex, i personally would not be in the mood. but she's reaallly trying to become a real person and not a caricature of a fantasy novel villain. i think we should stay to help her become less secluded and deranged, that's bad for everyone.
No. 759881 ID: 8d65de

I think we can trust the snake
No. 759882 ID: a7dc7f

I'd say go for it, getting on Susanna's good sight may yield some insight into what the fuck is happening to this town
No. 759883 ID: 3e182c

Suzanna is being quite forward for once.
Anyway way Don't leave yet
Breath Chuck
Do whatever you need to to digest this but try to get your head on straight.
This changes things.
There is so much to talk about now but you need to Breath
No. 759885 ID: 6c5dd9

I sympathize with Susanna. Staying is definitely what should be done, because at this point I think the last thing we want is to sour our relationship with her. So stay in and see from where can Chuck and Snayor work this.
No. 759887 ID: 1a2e5d

say "no" and leave
No. 759892 ID: 5f2b81

You know, I wanted to ragemurder the snayor, but... I believe her. This is how it had to happen.

I imagine you aren't up for snanal, at this moment. We should probably start figuring out how to kill the beings. Snayor will say it's impossible, but that's because she's an unimaginative defeatist. Ask her about your theory, re reveyee allowing Plaths to escape the time trap. Also ask about how the children work, exactly. And the letters. And Harold Pal. Then get gone. We need to come up with a plan.
No. 759893 ID: a8bc5c

Don't put your dick in the mayor. Please.

"...Yes. I suppose it was wishful thinking that you'd be able to put everything back the way it was before her disappearance."

"Now help me figure out to how to put an end to these creepy, remorseless monsters."
No. 759901 ID: 78a3e5

Stay. Try to understand whats happening and see if you can get some cold hard facts.
No. 759911 ID: 398fe1

Tell her she did the best she could, apparently, but you're still angry at her. Plus, why would it be safe to have sex with her but not anyone else in town?

I guess it could be angry sex.
No. 759912 ID: e959b0

Can we get actual answers? For example, why are we stuck in silent hill?

Or if there is no year, how come there was? The plaths have lineage, history.
No. 759913 ID: 2a7417

Ssstay, Chuck. You may need to work a few more things out with Susanna first, but you came for the snakebutt and you're going to stay for the snakebutt.

When you go looking for a job, maybe you could be the nurse you suggested Sophie should hire. You could be the Tom Paris to her EMH!
No. 759917 ID: 188451

Well she hasn't fulfilled every part of the bargain, but I don't think you should do the dirty with her right now.

I think it'd be best if you got rid of the monsters then left. Maybe have a party as a send off.
No. 759925 ID: 180f83

stay, but no sex, this isn't the right kind of mood.
No. 759926 ID: d5e15c

Its time kick over the can of beans.
Who is she really? What is she?
WHY is she?

The sex stuff can wait, you have ANSWERS to get.
No. 759928 ID: 9876c4

Too much exposition is killing us here, tbh.
No. 759930 ID: 86b8eb


Not knowing enough is going to kill us, tbh. And kill everyone else, probably.

Anyway, I like exposition.
No. 759940 ID: 3e182c

Too many people asking all the questions at once at totally the wrong time is killing us here XD.
Though in a weird way it kinda helps illustrate the mood.
No. 759941 ID: 86b8eb


The updates often unpredictably jump ahead quite fast, though, so people are probably worried that if they wait for the right time to ask a question, the chance will pass entirely. It might just be me, but, I think there's also a sense that, if you don't keep asking the questions between each update, they'll get ignored even if a theoretical right time to answer them comes up, just because they weren't in the "last round" of suggestions.
No. 759942 ID: 3740b1

This. Then this again.
No. 759944 ID: b968e5

>“Was it not good enough for you?”

Of course it isn't. Her not understanding that and even asking that removes her from the realm of humanity.

From the practical side...maybe we should convince Marcie that she has amnesia or something. Who knows, maybe that will be a catalyst to reconstruct her memory in this fucked up magic nightmare of a town.
No. 759952 ID: 4854ef

The other option would be her death or that she would be nothing more then a returned child. She's asking if it's good that she's at least back to NORMAL in some sense, despite the forgotten memories she's still Marcie and she's okay.

This is conflicting but even I can see why she's having trouble with this.
No. 759956 ID: 9876c4

I... don't. In the real world, unconfirmed reports of a resurrection started global religions which have endured for thousands of years.

Susannah gave us that, with minor cracks that we can buff out with time. She rewrote the laws entropy to our benefit, and we still want to find flaws.
No. 759965 ID: 3abd97

"Maybe three weeks was a fair price for her to pay for her life. For me? I paid with all of her I ever had."
No. 759974 ID: 2120ee

Nothing about Coxwette is good enough. For anybody. It sucks.
No. 759976 ID: 8cb228

"Yes, you fulfilled your damn part of the deal!"

Alright. Here's what you have to do. You have to get EVERYONE together in an emergency town meeting -- everyone. Town meeting, style. Tell them that they are in a pocket universe placed outside of time. Probably no one is aging, there is no contact with the outside world, and the whole town is acting like it's straight out of the Twilight Zone (that'll be an old enough reference that most should get it). Now, the power and water is still on, the sun is still dumping heat and light to the town, garbage is not accumulating, there are still deliveries of food and products keeping the town going, but no specific, individual person seems to be doing restocking. It's possible that there are generic, phantom people around. There's also monsters about, and the mayor is a witch who long past major moral thresholds involving 'good intentions' and 'it's for the greater good'.

Now, a full census of everyone needs to be taken, a calendar to show subjective time has to be created, and the boundaries of the effect need to be mapped, whether they are spatial boundaries, or lists of what is happening, like things like food 'refreshing', or delivery people that aren't real, or any of the other weird fucking crazy things that are OF COURSE happening for this sort of thing to actually happen without everyone dying as a matter of course. Also the mental effects of how it is fucking with people need to be discovered and listed! Figure out the boundaries, and see if there is a way out!
No. 760006 ID: f8fb40


The town still gets mail and even visitors, you are being very unreasonable
No. 760011 ID: 91ee5f

No. 760015 ID: bb78f2

Susanna... wipe her from my mind. It's only fair. Let me meet her again. Even with the reverie or whatever in my system, if I knowingly consent to you editing my memories, can you do that with your speech?

And... since I'm not part of the precious bubble your protecting, and I'm not a Plath, perhaps if you need help and creative solutions to these sorts of problems, come and get me. Not to just get Agate, like if you need an agent to step through some bullshit time portal or something that you don't want to risk yourself or anyone in town with, I can do it.

Just don't stab me in the back, or try to get me killed through trickery. If you succeed, you'll definitely never have this opportunity me again. Not with my skills, not with my knowledge or tact. You'll never luck into this skillset again with a newcomer. And if you fail in your attempt, well, you'll probably succeed, but failing is dangerous.

By the way, if you think I want the anal NOW, no. I can't get a boner up in this distress. So, raincheck on that.
No. 760017 ID: 84cb70

if you got the marcie from three weeks ago, where's the marcie from now? if she survived, would she still be out there? what if she comes back, suzanna? they can't both live.
No. 760018 ID: 84cb70

wait holy shit nvm best threesome ever
No. 760019 ID: 920fb2

i dont wish to reset chucks memories in any way
No. 760021 ID: 398fe1

I'd say let Chuck have a few days to get used to the idea that Marcie has amnesia.
No. 760022 ID: d163e3
File 147953560905.png - (34.62KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

The thought of starting fresh with Marcie makes you physically sick.

You: “No. It’s not good enough for me.”

You: “But there isn’t really anything I can do about that.”

Susanna crosses her arms and takes a few labored breaths.

Susanna: “I hate communicating this way. You are anxious, angry, afraid. Heartbroken.

Susanna: “I can feel it. This is a beautiful you.

Susanna: “Why am I feeling it for the first time?”

She tugs at the blindfold like it was a scarf on too tight.

Susanna: “Go then, if that’s what you want. Don’t stay if I must keep this on.”
No. 760023 ID: e136ae

Tell her to take the blindfold off. Let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes.
No. 760024 ID: 18c9f5

I'm both threatened and intrigued.

Stay... I guess?
No. 760025 ID: 595d54

"Why? Probably because carnal speech isn't that great after all. You're going to keep it on and I'm going to show you what we can do without it."

TIME FOR SNAYAL and getting Chuck to feel more like his usual womanizing self.
No. 760026 ID: 5c83cb

>Susanna: “I hate communicating this way. You are anxious, angry, afraid. Heartbroken.”
>Susanna: “I can feel it. This is a beautiful you.”

Does she take such pleasure in Chuck's suffering? She is a wretched creature.
No. 760027 ID: 86b8eb

Oh for flip's sake. I want to say "refer back to everything I've already suggested", but it's clearly not going.

Say "Maybe it's because you're having to listen to someone speak the language they're used to instead of yours. You ever had someone use that "speech" of yours on you? My experience of it sure felt like mind control to me, and it poked me in some fucking sore memories while it was doing it, thank you. Whatever. If you want to take off your blindfold, then do it to look at this photo and letter I found in the Plath house while I face the other way. Lady looks a lot like you, I thought."

Maybe that'll shake something worthwhile out of her mouth. Maybe she'll even want to have the things, and you can trade something out of her for them, or just act like they're a thanks gift for bringing Marcie back and leave her to stew in a sense of debt for it.
No. 760030 ID: 91ee5f

I think she's enjoying it because she's feeling real emotions from Chuck and not emotions she mind controlled him into expressing.

No. 760031 ID: b88e47

No. 760032 ID: 398fe1

Ask her if you'll forget things again if she takes off the blindfold. Also, maybe the sensory deprivation would make sex better for her anyway.
No. 760033 ID: 350a50

No snaynal.
No. 760034 ID: 180f83

Get out of the room, but leave the letter and note.
No. 760035 ID: 3e182c

She's not enjoying his suffering, she's enjoying how open he's being. She's never really seen Chuck without his mask on, even when she successfully used carnal speech on him, she only got a small taste of his rage.
Right now Chuck is vulnerable. It's a very close and intimate thing Suzanna doesn't normally get. Especially without diving into someone's head first. Hell, even if Chuck is just exploding, he's exploding at her. That's an emotional risk. It takes a measure of trust to do that, even if it's sourced from desperation. It's not often you get to see someone as they truly are, instead of as what they want you to see. When you do, regardless of context it's quite the special thing.
No. 760036 ID: bb78f2

You know what, I think this might be the only time you'll ever get to bone her at all. So I say commence angry sex, since I think she likes the anger.

You may not like her, but fuck that man. Take it out on that ass, go balls deep and bust the most angry nut you've ever busted.

Still make sure it's good for her though. We may be angry at her, but you know, we want her coming back for more so we can deny it.
No. 760037 ID: 84cb70

do NOT let her take the blindfold off, we haven't had any reveyee. that's why she can feel our emotions, usually the reveyee blocks it
No. 760038 ID: 3e182c

"There is no where left for me to run, is there?
Last Time you used that Speech on me I lost time. I don't want to forget."
No. 760039 ID: 9876c4

Most sense anyone's made all day, myself included.
No. 760045 ID: a2d9d6

You have to stay with the snayor
She tried everything she could
Look at her she's heartbroken
And you're heartbroken too!
She can help you and you can help her.
Take off her blindfold.
Sex the snayor.
Sex her until everything is good again.
No. 760046 ID: 5042bf

You know it wouldn't have worked out anyway. You've been fucking around before, during and most probably after. All well and good when you don't actually care what kind of trauma you leave behind.

You just got carried away because this place has made you open up for strange reasons and you got somebody to listen. You still would have hurt her, after all gotta catch em all. Selfish cunt.

But fuck you Susanna. This isin't natural and should stop.
No. 760049 ID: e136ae

I don't think Susana's ever done anything truly intimate in her entire life and wanting to take off the blindfold is the start. This is your one shot, Chuck.
No. 760055 ID: 398fe1

Still voting for angry sex by the way, but it might not be so angry in the end.

No. 760061 ID: ffa687

I think it's time to bed that saucy snake. You don't have much to do today so take your time.
No. 760062 ID: 3740b1

I think this is the one chance to actually get to know boss snake. Starting with her butt.
No. 760063 ID: 71d443

The blindfold stays on... at the beginning. When we take it off it will be a surprise.

And please try to avoid memories of family members during the carnal speech this time, alright? Don't go making things weird.
No. 760094 ID: d163e3
File 147957376038.png - (54.15KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

Susanna lazes onto her bed and looks in your general direction. You have always been somewhat disturbed by the way that snake people can move their tails. It looks like a separate living thing above her, undulating in a nearly perfect S-shaped wave.

You: “If you take off the blindfold and look at me, am I going to lose my memory again?”

Susanna: “I don’t think so

You: “You don’t think so. That’s not enough for me.”

Susanna: “Sometimes if people experience it for the first time, it can be overwhelming. I was also…”

Despite being blindfolded, Susanna looks away from you.

Susanna: “I was attempting to lie to you. Just as with verbal speech, it is possible to… lie using the carnal speech. It is nearly impossible to do with someone who can speak it themselves.”

Susanna: “But it often works on those who can’t. It didn’t work on you, and I don’t know why. Probably Ramona’s potion.”

Susanna: “I will not do that again.”

You: “It’s almost funny at this point that you think I trust you.”

Susanna: “I feel guilty for souring your experience with deceit.”

Susanna: “I truly am. Lying is a one-way thing… an ugly thing.”

Susanna: “The speech should be a two-way dialog. A passionate convening of two into one space.”

You: “How easy would it be for you to lie to me again?”

Susanna: “Now that you have put up barriers in your mind… not so.”

You: “Then why do you want me to stay? What could you possibly gain?”

Susanna: “Why is this so hard for you to grasp? You’ve made it clear from the very first day that you’re just an animal.”

Susanna: “Well, so am I.”
No. 760097 ID: 73b398

Put your dick angrily in her butt.
No. 760098 ID: 3abd97

>talking about carnal speech as a two way thing
...when was the last time you actually had someone who could talk back to you that way? Who could do the stuff you do too?
No. 760099 ID: 9b8c8d

I think the original plan of anal might as well be abandoned now.

Make love to her instead. Embrace her, show her just how well you can speak carnal, but also show her there's more than an animal in you.

There's nothing like a night of passion to get two people to fully open up to one another.
No. 760100 ID: 1ac545

No. 760104 ID: d991f9

No. 760105 ID: 211d83

No playing around. You need to fuck this sexy snake so well that she gets addicted to your dick.

Take things slow and fuck her so thoroughly that she is thinking about you for weeks.
No. 760106 ID: 71d443

Express yourself in the method you are most fluent in.
No. 760107 ID: 350a50

No. 760110 ID: 18c9f5

Fuck it, go for it. I have a feeling this is more for her than for us.
No. 760111 ID: 571238

about the citizens remembering marcie disappearing, i think it's time to tell them the truth. let them know what's going on, what dangers them, why weird things are happening. they deserve to know, and less lies would mean more chance for you to be a part of the community instead of ruling over it from afar.
No. 760113 ID: bfa535

Maybe Susanna isn't as bad as we've come to believe.
Let's stay and speak with her at the very least.
Maybe she can help plan how the town is going to handle Marcie's amnesia.
No. 760126 ID: 1b093d

Angry dick in butt go.

Leave the blindfold on
No. 760134 ID: 4854ef

No. 760138 ID: 398fe1

Fuck her in the butt.
No. 760143 ID: e136ae

She probably wanted this from the start. By offering herself in exchange for the blue agate, she'd get something she wanted and satiate her desires while still being able to claim moral high ground because "It was for the greater good".

Just do it. It's in her character. It's in your character.
No. 760145 ID: 9b8c8d

Also don't rub it in. Maybe gently tease her about her "moral high ground", but don't take it any further than that. It'll create bad mood and you know that shit won't do in bed.
No. 760146 ID: e136ae

Also at some point ask her about Harold Pal.
No. 760152 ID: ee484b

It's time for some deeply intense blindfolded snake fucking.
No. 760154 ID: 9027d0

No. 760167 ID: 3e182c

Also Acceptable

What if she takes off the blindfold and we Carnal Fuck?

Can Chuck learn the Carnal Speech?
He should ask.
No. 760170 ID: 9b8c8d

>What if she takes off the blindfold and we Carnal Fuck?

Then we look her deep into the eyes, like a lover.
No. 760172 ID: 36295c

Fuck her in the cunt first, then fuck her in the butt for round two.
No. 760173 ID: 36295c

Also take off everything but the blindfold.
No. 760175 ID: 9b8c8d

I believe the blindfold must go too: she specifically requested it, didn't she?
No. 760177 ID: 71d443

Keep the blindfold on until you've really gotten into it.
No. 760179 ID: 3740b1

Yeah, rail her. It'll be cathartic for you both. You have a lot of anger and hate in you when it comes to miss snake. Better to vent it before seeing if something new can be made than trying to build something on a foundation like that.
No. 760183 ID: e89074

This if we can manage two rounds.
If not then just finish in her ass.
No. 760185 ID: 9b8c8d

No anal at least first. Sheesh.
No. 760186 ID: 3abd97

No. 760188 ID: eb3cf7

Slam fuck her. Rough and passionate. Take off the blindfold. This'll be hot.
No. 760193 ID: 86b8eb

Well, with that line I kinda want to prove her wrong just to be contrary. I'm also wondering if she's testing out how broken up Chuck really is about Marcie. I'd like to say show her the photo and letter and see if it changes her attitude. Also still suspicious of her in general.

But that's not the way the suggestions are going! So I'll add my voice to support for >>760099 , and against snakebutt plundering.

If nothing else, if we go for the butt, then she can claim the agate deal was fulfilled and can have nothing more to do with Chuck. If he does her in non-butt ways, then the butt is potentially saved for later.
No. 760194 ID: 1b093d

Absolutely not, thats how you get hypnotised.
Refuse to take off the blindfold unless we can be taught carnal speech too, if she doesn't get it already explain how it feels like mind control.
No. 760195 ID: 71d443

Some people are into hypnotism, you know?
No. 760200 ID: 1b093d

Is chuck?
Last time something like this happened we flipped out and broke the collar.
I'm not saying hypnotism isn't kinky as all hell, we just shouldn't go nuts with someone we don't trust.

Hell, ideally I'd go for >>760193 to prove the snake wrong, deny her satisfaction and show her how raw we are about marcy.
We'd even get a bargaining chip with her for after, if we claim she still owes us.
No. 760204 ID: 8a204b

Sit her up on the edge of the bed, calm her the fuck down.

Tell her you are altering the deal (and pray that you do not alter it further).

Instead of buttsex, tell her that you want to learn what it is she does. How to use magic. How to use Carnal Speech.

Your reason? Because if she and Ramona wont work together, you're going to have to act as an in-between. And that means learning BOTH of your "trades."
No. 760205 ID: 9b8c8d

I'd rather let bygones be bygones, more or less, and at least try to enjoy her company and give her good time as well. She honestly seems to regret it so why should we hurt her even more?
No. 760206 ID: dd4df2


Tell Susanna to remove the blindfold. Brace yourself mentally as best able... and hold up the picture you took from the Plath residence as the first thing she sees. If she's going to be using carnal speech and she sees that picture while using it, she'll be thinking about it. And if you're caught up in her speech while she's thinking about it... well.

She rifled your bad/good memories. Isn't it fair you get to rifle hers for some goddamn answers?
No. 760207 ID: 59bd8b


I'm also going to voice my support for this plan. Not sure if it's the best thing, but it might be worth a try to catch Snayor off her guard.
No. 760208 ID: 63eb2c

Let's do this.

Do we want her to trust us? Give her great time to build that trust.
Do we seek knowledge? Kindness is always superior to harsh intimidation.
Do we want to comfort her? Then we hold her in our arms and gently make her feel loved.
Are we just in for our own pleasure? Pussy always beats ass.

The only things anal has going for it are a petty promise whose terms and conditions barely apply anymore, and sheer ugly spite. Let's not go down that road.
No. 760209 ID: 6612fa

yes make her addicted to you and maybe we can get her to corrupt the town to ours ends
mayor chuck sounds good in the next elections
No. 760212 ID: 180f83

Do snakes have a Cloaca? if true, like it or not if we have sex with her, it will have to be anal.

Lets do it.
No. 760213 ID: 7f7ea0

tha....that's not quite how cloacae work.
No. 760215 ID: 9b8c8d

The spider anatomy wasn't exactly correct either, so I don't think we can rely on this.
No. 760226 ID: 3e182c

RML has specifically stated before that the snayor and the birb do mot have cloacae.
No. 760229 ID: 1c8358

This is where we turn this franchise around! Don't have sex with her. Insist on building a relationship and solving the mystery of the demons. Achieve the true secret ending with your snakey love interest!
No. 760230 ID: 7d8168

Hey, hey guys... the snayor has corroborated the idea that the monsters are attracted to sin. And now she's being all "hey baby let's have sex outside of the confines of marriage" so I'm pretty sure either she's trying to trick us somehow, or she's getting all assisted-murder-suicide on us.
No. 760241 ID: 86b8eb


She also said she's a heathen and implied that she keeps the rest of the town pure in part to protect herself, so I'm betting there's some sort of sin shield on her personal spaces. This is probably the safest place to get your impurity on in the whole town.
No. 760255 ID: 65317a

Before we go on with possible sex or anger or anger sex, we should ask then about that one pig business man we saw long ago. What he proposed, if he is now like...dead or something.
No. 760294 ID: a788b7

the snake is totally into it. She WANTS to fuck.

Fuck the snake. Pillow Talk, by definition, comes AFTER the fuckin'
No. 760296 ID: 1c6919

Yeah but Susanna's a bitch.
She probably isn't even a good lay.

Don't fuck the snake.
No. 760298 ID: c441c1

anagry fuck the snake. By ripping off her blindfold and causing clothing damage. afterwards steal her panties.
No. 760299 ID: 595d54

Fuck snake, blindfold stays on for kinky reasons unless she really begs for it near the end.
No. 760304 ID: 49f18e

don't lay snake

I'd say hold off until she's willing to stop all the cryptic stuff
No. 760305 ID: bfb318

Don't back out on your deal you gotta fuck the snake.
No. 760322 ID: 5c0784

I like Susanna. Talk afterwards. Right now, she clearly wants this, and I'm thinking fuck it, just fuck her.
No. 760339 ID: df49f7

If you do tell her she can take off the blindfold, say "I wanted to show you something, anyway" and hold up the photo and letter as she does. See what reaction it gets out of her. Anna might be her, or she might have had her own memory wiped, or we might just be being racist to snakes. Should be interesting, anyway.

No ophidi-bum.
No. 760342 ID: f0e552

lay the snake
No. 760348 ID: b88e47

The whole Marcie thing kind of ruined the mood.

I dunno. Go with fingerblasting or something.
No. 760350 ID: 8a3d63

This one single decision has sparked so many answers that it's by itself a 5th of the thread so far.

But I agree, bed the snake the way she deserves and then show her you can be more than that. Or just leave. This is getting out of hand.
No. 760362 ID: 2120ee

If she wants it so bad, why isn't she paying Chuck for it?
No. 760365 ID: 910380

She just called herself just an animal, and I'm guessing we forgot Naz's collar. I mean she wouldn't be able to see the name tag with that blindfold on.

With all this argument over rough rutting versus gentle love making why not both? Do you have it in us for two in a row Chuck? Start with the rough pounding to get some of that frustration worked out of your system. Then a gentle love making once your head is cleared. Show her you have an animal inside you, but you are more than just that animal. You are "The Legend".
No. 760368 ID: b34e84

What if this is some kind of 'test'.
No. 760371 ID: 521e29

For once in your life: do not fuck.
This snayor is some kind of ancient witchy-witch embodiment of nature nonsense. She's like Grendel's mom.
You don't fuck Grendel's mom.
No. 760374 ID: 5c0784

Maybe YOU don't.
No. 760375 ID: 71d443

Grendel's mom has got it goin' on.
No. 760381 ID: 595d54

If you'd tried to talk instead of just killing her son you could have.

Damn right.
No. 760382 ID: 910380

That's like saying not to stick it in the crazy. Sure absolutely everyone agrees it is sound advice, but everyone ends up doing it anyway.
No. 760412 ID: c7f0b3

No sex.
No. 760428 ID: 8111b6

No sex...
Both paths valid.
Maybe just sit on the bed at first and talk.
Does she remember the first one she had to do it to?
Maybe she has info about the mystery citizens of town.
Why does she seal the catacombs?
If we're being open about things, best to be completely open.
Her side is understandable, even if it is frustrating for us.

... We'll have to deal with Marcie eventually.
No. 760429 ID: 987a1a

>Chucks mental state with all this maybe maybe not crap
No. 760431 ID: d4516a

In fairness I can't imagine my state being all too much clearer were I put in his position.
No. 760436 ID: f0e552

I think the thing about this moment in time now is that she's ended it on a note where she implied asking if they're having sex or not. Just asking more questions would be kind of weird at this point.
No. 760438 ID: d4516a


Save questions for pillow talk.
No. 760460 ID: 571238

fug snek.
anal is maybe for later.
No. 760476 ID: f6ba27

Chuck fuck get the suck
No. 760477 ID: d163e3

Cutting off suggestions here! Thank you!
No. 760478 ID: f6ba27

last vote wins. last vote wins everyone. last through the gate
No. 760483 ID: f562b1

Well, one final question for now would be "Just what are you asking for?"

I mean, consider it. She said the demons are attracted to sin. She may want sex, but how would it best work to prevent the demons from finding her through it?
No. 760490 ID: 9b8c8d

She knows the answer, and she's certainly going to utilize it soon. I don't think there's any need to ask.
No. 760506 ID: d163e3
File 147974861822.png - (87.98KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

You strip off your clothes with moderate haste. Susanna navigates the room with a fair amount of grace despite being blindfolded, and finds your lap in her bed. You notice, never having been this physically close to her before, that she is actually pretty short. Five feet and change, even though something about her always made her seem much taller. She also distinctly lacks any body odor beyond a faint spritz of lilac perfume. Unlike Marcie, Ramona, Sally, Sophie, Naz… she just doesn’t smell of anything.

Susanna: “Can I take this off now?”

Your hands start to creep up her weird 60s kimono pajamas.

You: “We don’t we start with this?”

Susanna stops you.

Susanna: “What if”

Susanna: “What if we left that on?”

Susanna’s bedroom voice is so finely tuned that she sounds alluring even in refusal.

Susanna: “I meant the blindfold, sweetie.”

You: “Maybe in a little bit.”

Susanna: “Oh, so are you going to tease me? The longer I go, the more carnal it will be...”

No. 760509 ID: 9b8c8d

Ohoho. Tell her to keep it on until she can no longer resist.
No. 760510 ID: 9f3729

proceed to bunt the runt in the cunt
No. 760512 ID: 2120ee

So she wants to keep her outerwear on? That's fine. As long as she doesn't have anything in the way of that ass.

Also, blindfold stays on. She claims it's a sign of trust. Well, she's just going to have to trust us then.
No. 760514 ID: 2a7417

Sounds like a plan. The blindfold stays on until Chuck says so.
No. 760517 ID: 4a9cf2

Oh, but we'd be so disappointed to forget everything that's happening like we did for that meeting.
No. 760518 ID: 59bd8b

Susanna called Carnal speech a two way street. Generally with anything that involves intimacy you want both partners to be ready. Tell her that she needs to wait until we're ready to take her blindfold off, I mean isn't the whole reason she's wearing it is so Chuck would trust her. I say she needs to trust Chuck when he says he would remove it later. We could always leave if that doesn't work for her.
No. 760519 ID: 9f3729

A good idea,
No. 760521 ID: d163e3
File 147975560455.png - (83.37KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

Susanna coaxes you to recline, hiking her robe up over her tail. You can just make out the shape of her ghastly white body in front of you, the rest of the room fading to black beyond the bed’s canopy. You don’t know how she can stand to keep it so dark in here. She climbs up over your hips, moving her own in a slow, circular grind over your groin.

For what a prude you took the mayor for, she is clearly no stranger to the bed. Susanna needs to assistance from her hands to get you inside, and the sudden heat takes you by surprise. You groan, and it makes her shiver. She whispers an inch or so over your head.

Susanna: “I like that sound”

Susanna: “that’s a carnal sound”

Susanna: “Please let me look.”

You: “You can’t start begging while you’re riding this hard.”

You give her a firm squeeze, and she sucks her teeth in a humorously snake-like way. The bed starts to squeak, and you both get louder. This isn’t some spider apartment or the Plath House where you have to worry about being quiet. After a few minutes, your head has turned to mush. A familiar sort of mush, not one muddled by mind magic. It’s the mush of trying not to bust a nut too early.

Susanna: “This is what you do, isn’t it?”

You: “Huh? What?”

Susanna: “You fuck

Susanna: “As many people as you can…”

You: “Don’t we all?”

Speaking is a little rough to do in the middle of hard cardio. The words come out in feeble huffs.

Susanna: “Only some of us.”


Susanna: “I don’t want to cum with this thing on”

You: “What… happened… to… trust”

You laugh and hope that that calms her down, but she is clutching your shoulders pretty hard.

Susanna: “Chuck!

No. 760522 ID: 9f3729

fine, let her take it off.
But no sneaky snake stuff!
No. 760523 ID: 9b8c8d

Sounds like she's about at her limit. Let her take it off.

Hell, yank it off yourself.
No. 760524 ID: 2a7417

It's time. Take it alll off. Well, the blindfold at least.
No. 760527 ID: 6b7b79

Make sure the first thing she sees when the blindfold comes off is a classic Chuck face with his lips around a mouthful of snake tits.

Also touch dat tail.
No. 760529 ID: 91ee5f

Take it off yourself, but don't announce that you're going to take it off for her. Just to give her a little surprise.
No. 760530 ID: 595d54

No. 760532 ID: 9b8c8d

Nut inside.
No. 760533 ID: 9876c4

These in short order
No. 760534 ID: 750f88

Take off the blindfold.
No. 760536 ID: 396056

No. 760538 ID: a2d9d6

Take it off
She deserves it
No. 760540 ID: 3e182c

She's gonna cum hard if you do this. Then you will.
Sounds like a plan.
No. 760543 ID: 4a9cf2

So she said the longer she waited the more carnal it would be. I wonder how much it will be if she waits until the very moment of climax.
No. 760545 ID: 1b093d

Get her goddamn close before you take the blindfold off.
No. 760549 ID: 180f83

right as she is removing the blindfold, present the photo.
No. 760559 ID: 2120ee

Don't take off the fucking blindfold while she fucking climaxes, you fucking moron. Her riding your dick doesn't change what she is or what she's done. You're a self-destructive jackass, but exposing yourself to brainwash bullshit magic eyes at the height of their bullshit is asinine even for you.
No. 760562 ID: 9b8c8d

She's not going to try brainwash you, you paranoid dick. There's way too much riding on this (literally as well) and if she fails she can say goodbye to an already partially willing accomplice.
No. 760568 ID: 4a9cf2

There's also the fact that last time she tried to brainwash us, and it wasn't completely blocked all she managed to do was cause us some short term memory loss. That would actually be counterproductive to what she wants as suddenly forgetting what happened after entering her office would clue us in that she tried something again.
No. 760569 ID: b8d388

Don't torture the poor thing.
Go ahead and take it off.
No. 760570 ID: df90d0

As much as I want to chime in with the mob shouting take it off, this guy is right. We have no reveyee in our system and she can straight up mind fuck us at the height of carnal pleasure.
No. 760571 ID: 20295c

Take off the blindfold.
No. 760572 ID: 3e182c

Mind fucking Chuck right now is all risk for no reward. What if he resists on his own? What if the Plaths or any of the towns people fill him in? What if his naturally curious, rebellious, troublemaking nature reveals the truth. Her eyes alone can deceive but not all out reprogram. If they could the elaborate deception made for the ostrich would be unnecessary. An unadulterated Chuck could be a huge asset for the already overworked Suzanna. A deceived one would likely prove a permanent enemy.
No. 760574 ID: a8bc5c

Unless she kills chuck after using carnal speech on him, then blames his disappearance on the monsters and takes out dog mom.

I told you guys not to stick your dick in it, but nooo.
No. 760576 ID: 9b8c8d

There's still extremely little to be gained from that maneuver, and an incredibly great deal lost even if she succeeds - let alone if she fails.

The risk is too great. Do you think she's one of those really moronic cartoon villains, Dick Dastardly and his ilk, who absolutely need to keep doing bad deeds even when there's literally no benefit in doing so?
No. 760577 ID: 595d54

What if literally anyone we know kills us in our sleep??? What if a meteorite hits and vaporizes us all instantly???????
No. 760581 ID: 59bd8b


My vote is also going towards this. A little surprise is always nice.
No. 760582 ID: b94fca

Don't remove it unless you want instant bad end.
No. 760583 ID: 180f83

Idea: what if we remove the blindfold, and put it on ourselves? that way she can't hypnotize us, and probably be more kinky that way.
No. 760587 ID: 15a025

Both of these could be pretty interesting.
No. 760588 ID: 5b1bf2

I concur. Take turns and get creative. It'll make it all the more kinkier and carnal!
No. 760591 ID: 9876c4

What if Selma was the murderer, all along?
No. 760594 ID: 4a9cf2

Nah man, it can't be Selma. We all know she just likes to watch.
No. 760602 ID: 2120ee

Turn that logic around. What does Chuck gain by risking exposure to her bullshit? Also, she has a long history of making dumb choices because she's actually insane. She's a self-centered zealot.
No. 760603 ID: 398fe1

It sure felt good last time he exposed himself to her magic. Remember the clipboard? I suspect that was simply long-range Carnal Speech.
No. 760607 ID: 4a9cf2

and what if she isn't a terrible dumb ass saturday morning villain with no discernable goal beyond 'be evil.' Then she's just someone who's spent so much time controlling people because she thinks they couldn't possibly accept the truth that she's completely forgotten how to talk to people instead of controlling them. If we didn't have any reveyee this morning then we were a moron for even showing up. If we had some recently the worst she'll do is fuck up our short term memory again. It's time we cut through this bullshit attitude of hers and got some real answers.
No. 760630 ID: 7baf13

should probably go out and try to find marcie just in case she isn't actually dead. or ask her if that's possible. Or ask her if there's a way to restore memories instead of just people
No. 760632 ID: 36295c

Take off her pajamas first. Leave her in only the blindfold.

Threaten to tie her belt around her wrists and show her what real trust is like if she refuses.
No. 760637 ID: d163e3
File 147979667291.png - (56.86KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

When she is at her most desperate, you reach behind her head and pull of the blindfold. Susanna flips her hair out of her face and bites her tongue. Her arms and legs are quaking, and she is wrenching her hips to hit just the right spot.

Susanna: “Look at me!”

Susanna: “Please!”

Susanna: "In my eyes! Pleeeeaaase!"

Susanna: “Chuck!”

You look up, the blindfold still hanging from your fingers. In an instant, you can see what this is. She isn’t manipulating you. She isn’t touting her victory or preparing some monologue about how she lulled you into a false sense of security. All she wants is to get off really hard.

This is the most sympathy you have ever felt for her. You feel a sudden and intense swell of pride, almost as though you are physically larger. You can’t even tell if you are breathing or moving any part of you anymore. The room become dark as your vision shrinks to the white lights in the pupils of Susanna’s eyes.

you cum five hundred (500) buckets. The sound that you hear is probably coming from your mouth, but it’s hard to tell

No. 760638 ID: d163e3
File 147979668696.gif - (133.47KB , 500x500 , 16.gif )

You are suspended in some warm fluid in which you can easily breathe. There is no sound save for a distance crackling that gradually fades. Every one of your muscles is relaxed beyond anything you have felt before. Your legs are twitching and tingling in a very pleasant way. Strange geometric shapes are twisting in the void around you, changing their shape and occasionally flashing. You feel a worried presence that is separate from you.
No. 760639 ID: d163e3
File 147979670549.png - (199.86KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

An ambiguous, milky white form writhes in the blackness, changing its every facet. It is erotic and understands you on a deep level.
No. 760640 ID: d163e3
File 147979672128.png - (46.22KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

It is taking you somewhere, maybe telling you something. You can’t hear anything, but the communication comes to you through your entire body.

Don’t fear this beautiful feeling

Some of your loved ones don’t know they’re loved by you

How long will they be in your life?
No. 760641 ID: d163e3
File 147979673380.png - (1.65KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

You are dead.

No. 760643 ID: 85cc2c

well Shit
No. 760644 ID: b88e47

No. 760646 ID: 398fe1


Yet you still exist? Where are you? Who are you?
No. 760648 ID: 2120ee

We didn't even get to see snake titty. Worst death ever.

Also a super predictable one.
No. 760649 ID: 9876c4

Quality update.

I want XP for cumming 500 buckets, though.
No. 760653 ID: 7d8168

Eh, it's probably no big deal. We've already gotten the prenatal experience from interacting with carnal speech, and the French DO call orgasm "the little death" or something.

Keep calm. Ride the wave. We'll wake up alive again in no time.
No. 760654 ID: 595d54

Wonder how much of his memory Chuck will "lose".
No. 760656 ID: 8a204b

Proceed to trip balls while you empty balls.
No. 760660 ID: 3e182c

I like how death is an intermission instead of an end.
No. 760663 ID: 180f83

Reset, and start a new game.
No. 760667 ID: 9876c4

Let's roll up a Raccoon Hobo and try to seduce Lisa.
No. 760669 ID: 16dcb0

Such good fucc that you died. As far as ways to go, that's pretty good... unless this is like a perspective change to the Plath ghost. Oh shit, or Dead Ghost Marcie.

I wonder how many times other people in town have died. Maybe that's why they can't remember Harold Pal, or how they got here.
No. 760670 ID: 1b093d

Ahahahah for fucks sake what a legend.
That was really stupid but worth the bad end.
Are we rewinding to a save or continuing from here?
No. 760679 ID: 71d443

Not big surprise.

She's just gonna beg another agate from Ramona. Maybe two, in case she wants to go another round.
No. 760681 ID: d4516a

btw did we use a condom?
No. 760683 ID: 71d443

For fuck's sake indeed.
No. 760685 ID: a8bc5c

Well, I guess that's the end of the chuck. He died as he lived, letting his head do the thinking when it was really important.

(told you guys not to put it in the snake)
No. 760687 ID: 63eb2c

Jesus Fucking Christ at least wait to see where this goes before permanently burying Chuck.

As if we already hadn't seen way weirder shit than someone briefly dying around here.
No. 760689 ID: b968e5

Nah, it's fitting as a testament to stupidity which haunted mankind from times immemorial, as documented in the myths of coupling between mortals and the fae.
No. 760693 ID: d4516a

Maybe, but are you the author? Can you truly and verifiably tell where this is going?

If not, shut up and wait.
No. 760695 ID: 9f3729

@ everyone in this thread, you miss an important detail:

>>> [intermission] <<<
No. 760697 ID: 4a9cf2

Yeah, but who knows what intermission means.

Maybe we're switching to a different character.
Maybe we'll be rushed to the nearby doctor, declared clinically dead, and then revived.
Maybe we'll become whatever Susanna is with powers just like hers and finally trusted with whatever secrets she's hiding.
Maybe we'll come back as her thrall of some sort.
Maybe some other thing I'm not thinking of.

How about for now we leave our egos at the door and stop trying to declare ourselves right before we even know what has happened.
No. 760700 ID: 8a204b

[ιɴ-тer-мιѕн-υн ɴ]

1. a short interval between the acts of a play or parts of a public performance, usually a period of approximately 10 or 15 minutes, allowing the performers and audience a rest.

2. a period during which action temporarily ceases; an interval between periods of action or activity:
They studied for hours without an intermission.

3. the act or fact of intermitting; state of being intermitted:
to work without intermission.
No. 760701 ID: 9f3729

also @ everyone: tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103517.html

No. 760702 ID: 4a9cf2

You know what I hate? When you try and calm everyone down and someone treats you like a grade A moron. Of course, I know the literal definition of an intermission, but what does it mean in the context of this story. Literally nothing. Maybe Charlemagne is fine, maybe he's the mayor's zombie thrall. There is no point in arguing about it further until we get a little more information. I was among the ones calling to remove the blindfold, but I'll admit it could have been wrong, and that ending wasn't clear enough for me to call it yet.
No. 760703 ID: 44359f

I think in this case, "intermission" means "stop clogging up the thread with "suggestions" that serve no purpose right now".

If you just want to talk to each other about theories or interpretations of what's happened or whatever, then take one of the multiple hints that have been dropped and use the discussion thread. That's what it's for.
No. 760708 ID: 36295c

RIP chuck, didn't even get to see snaketits
No. 760709 ID: d163e3
File 147983148230.png - (23.08KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

No. 760711 ID: d163e3
File 147983153609.png - (62.90KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

You look up, and everything is normal. You're anxious because you have lied.

Nelson: “You look so beautiful when you are trying so hard to be modest.”

You: “What do you mean?”

Nelson: “The dress, the bonnet… these things are not your normal way.”

You: “I’m sorry I can’t be naked for you all the time.”

Nelson: “Don’t talk that way. I mean it when I say you are beautiful in any state of dress.”
No. 760712 ID: d163e3
File 147983155590.png - (21.49KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

He continues in carnal speech, giving you the sly look he likes to think he has practiced.

Nelson: “It is your eyes that catch me.”

You: “We really must talk about this… thing you have done.”

Nelson: “Do not refer to it that way. Please. Let me explain.”

You wait patiently.

Nelson: “This is the happiest day of my life!”

Nelson: “Of our lives!”

Nelson: “We will never be alone again, Anna. We will never see death again. We won’t outlast the ones we love again.”

Nelson: “Our love is everlasting, and now our happiness is as well.”
No. 760714 ID: d163e3
File 147983157893.png - (62.42KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

You: “You are beginning to frighten me. The way you are… experimenting with living souls is not natural.”

Nelson: “Not… natural?”

Nelson: “I WILL TELL YOU what is not natural.”

Nelson: “The rule of law. The oppression of the church! The way that the others treat you and me! They call us unnatural because they cannot fathom that we are true forces of nature.”

You: “You are being selfish.”

Nelson: “Is it selfish to have so much love to give? Is it selfish to need to love this much?”

Nelson: “Is it selfish to want happiness for myself and others?”

You: “This is why I am frightened. Talking to you lately is like talking to a book. A wall. You won’t hear reason.”

You: “I want you to free them.”

Nelson: “Anna, please. Live with me for a while. We will all be lovers. Forever. Safe and hidden forever.”

You: “Please do this for me. You have me. You don’t need to imprison people like this! Please, you have me! Am I not enough?”

Nelson: “Wait until you meet them. Wait until you fall in love with them, and then you’ll see.”

Nelson stands and walks toward the door.

Nelson: “You will change your mind.”

You: “I won’t. Nelson, I’m sorry…”

There are footsteps coming through the house.

Nelson: “Anna… what is this?”
No. 760715 ID: d163e3
File 147983160716.png - (46.49KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

The reverends file into the boudoir, blocking his way.

Byron: “No need to stand, Plath.”

Byron: “Your woman has told us everything.”

Byron: “I knew the devil was in you from the very start, but I had no idea you were capable of this travesty.”

Hale: “It is on God’s authority that we sentence you.”
No. 760716 ID: d163e3
File 147983163950.png - (70.65KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

What comes next is a blur of the Reverend Byron shouting scripture while Nelson curses him to death. The Reverends Hale and Pewter blindfold him, beat him, and forcibly lash him to the sofa at the end of the room. Pewter produces a torch.
No. 760717 ID: d163e3
File 147983166801.png - (65.23KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

Nelson dies screaming. The fire engulfs the sofa and spreads to the ceiling and floor, but disappears with a violent flap as soon as he is gone.
No. 760718 ID: d163e3
File 147983168188.png - (24.15KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

Reverend Byron, still covered in sweat after the execution, walks you into the hall.

Byron: “Anna”

Byron: “You did a great justice today by telling us this.”

Byron: “You may stand to be proof that even a witch may be looked upon with favor by God.”

Byron: “We see it fit to reward you for this.”
No. 760719 ID: 61dcfa

And if we remain dead we can go fuck the lady ghost on the plath house.
No. 760721 ID: df90d0

"What reward could that possibly be?"
No. 760722 ID: 9f3729

"Perhaps a job at the Mayor's office?"
No. 760724 ID: ac2387

She just watched her lover get violently, brutally murdered. I think speach is a bit beyond her just now.
No. 760725 ID: 4a9cf2

So, what are the chances this reward is a purifying fire of god?
No. 760727 ID: 2a7417

Is it a head start on running?
No. 760728 ID: 6612fa

well now we know who the 3 sin monsters are.
really old i guess partially immortal religious bigots
No. 760729 ID: 595d54

To be entirely fair, Nelson experimenting on living souls sounds like a pretty justified reason for them to disapprove of him.
No. 760731 ID: d4516a

No reason to stick around to bother the living, though.
No. 760736 ID: dd4df2


No. 760737 ID: 952ab0

We don't actually know it's them yet. Could be the experiments too.
No. 760742 ID: 4854ef

He was kidnapping people and forcibly doing unnatural things to them and their souls, This may be the best example of a good witch burnin'.
No. 760743 ID: aeabd2

What have you done, Anna...?
No. 760744 ID: 4a9cf2

It would appear she had Nelson Plath killed though more accidentally than Mona believes.
No. 760745 ID: ac2387

Got her boyfriend killed by a bunch of bible thumpers.
No. 760747 ID: aeabd2

Shot out a cannon for a second, if Cletus is from coxwette who wants to bet that he is related to the cat preacher? Maybe his father? Which would be turbo ironic given his letter to Loraine.
No. 760749 ID: b968e5

Accidentally? What did she think would happen in a backwater town with strict mores? That they would actually be Christian-like and try to save Nelson's body and soul?
No. 760750 ID: 398fe1

Doing the right thing is its own reward.
No. 760753 ID: 9876c4

Got the impression that Cletus was a gray tabby like chuck.

Depending on the nature of Nelson's experiments, preachercat could well be kin to Marcie and Penny.
No. 760755 ID: 5f2b81

Those reverends are the monsters now, btw.
No. 760760 ID: 4a9cf2

Looking at this face, >>760717, I find it hard to believe this is what she intended to happen. She obviously had no idea what she was doing. She was foolish, but she's probably never even seen this side of the preachers before.
No. 760766 ID: e136ae

"One of the Plath uncles fell asleep smoking a pipe" indeed.
No. 760768 ID: e136ae

Yes, definitely. We've seen the cat, the bird and the wolf. I don't know about any drug-dealing rabbit though.

OK, well I'm going to call it here and say the monsters are Susana's (or Nelson's) memories of what happened, and the reason why Marcie was brought back to when Chuck arrived is because that's the only version she really knew. Whatever magic that was used to invoke Susana's immortality and the reason why the town is trapped, it's locked away in the Plath house somewhere.

As suspected, the reason for the feud between Susuana and the Plaths is a misunderstanding -- she DID get kill Nelson Plath killed, but she didn't mean to. It also means that Nelson Plath controlled Coxwette in the same way Susana does now, and the reason why the town is timeless is that the spell's purpose is to create a 'perfect immortality' -- one that not only prevents the caster from aging, but also prevents the community from aging so one never has to say 'good-bye'.

But because Nelson was killed, it means that the only one who knew how to break the spell over Coxwette is gone.

Susana does not control this spell. She knows the most about it but she doesn't know everything about it. She's trapped here like everyone else, and just doing her best. Which means the Plaths and Susana need to work together to break this spell and banish the monsters... and they need to work fast before cancer takes Ramona.
No. 760776 ID: b968e5

Lots of traitors (using the term loosely) don't have the stomach to witness the consequences of their treachery. I doubt that you or I would have a different reaction if we witnessed enhanced interrogation techniques performed on someone we knew but reported the person for terrorist activity.
No. 760787 ID: bbb22a

I think we may have found who the three sin hunting monsters once were.
No. 760791 ID: d27e7c

>Byron: “We see it fit to reward you for this.”

Anna: "Reverend, I just watched the man I love die burning and screaming. I would very much like to go home now."
No. 760824 ID: d163e3
File 147987519718.png - (57.37KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

You: “Are you going to burn me?”

Byron: “No, you will not be burned. You will be cured.”

Byron: “You will be cleansed of this devil’s affliction that has so tragically consumed your life.”

All of the screaming you can muster will not make them let you go. They have covered your eyes and tied your arms. Your throat aches and your lungs are empty now.
No. 760825 ID: d163e3
File 147987521265.png - (65.71KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

Byron: “The blessed water of the Lord will be coursing through your body. You will be made holy, inside and out.”

Hale: “This treatment is at the very fringe of medical science. I only think of how many wretched creatures could have been saved this way…”

You are strapped to a cold, metal table. You start to cry, but these monsters have no empathy for you.
No. 760826 ID: d163e3
File 147987522551.png - (37.90KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

They slide thin, metal tubes into your flesh, all over your body. You have never felt pain like this before. A second wind comes to you, and you scream yet more. A tube plunged into your tongue finally silences you. What comes next is the horrid sound of the Reverend Pewter heaving the ungodly bellows. You hear faint whit as the tubing surrounding you fills with water.

You gag and gargle, your limbs convulsing as your muscles are torn and split with each pump.

You are dead.
No. 760828 ID: e136ae

Welp, now we know what those things were trying to do to Chuck with those needles. These are most definitely splinter memories of Susana's.


So Chuck... anything closer to sympathy yet?
No. 760829 ID: 294624

So even as horrible monsters they're still delivering their treatment.
No. 760830 ID: 398fe1

That's why the tests came back clean. That monster just injects water.

Alright Susanna, you've shown us the truth. Does Ramona know? Or have the Plaths been lying to her?
Also what happened to Charles?
No. 760831 ID: 7c929e

To think what would've happened to Marcie...
No. 760832 ID: 3e182c

So cat is Byron
Bird is Hale
Dog is Pewter

I wonder what would happen if we addressed their wraiths by name.
No. 760833 ID: e136ae

I don't think the Plaths lied to her.
I think they told her the truth, based on their perspective.

And from their perspective, Susana betrayed Nelson and got him killed.

What the Plaths never knew was what happened to her afterwards.
No. 760837 ID: d163e3
File 147987866690.png - (40.36KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

Susanna: “Hhhh…”

Susanna: “U-uhhhhh”
No. 760838 ID: d163e3
File 147987868434.png - (46.51KB , 500x500 , 33.png )




A feeble noise from the front end of the room brings you back to earth.
No. 760839 ID: d163e3
File 147987875150.png - (55.07KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

Lisa: “I’m sorry”

Lisa: “Sorry”

Lisa: “Sorry to interrupt”

Lisa: “Ma’am”

Lisa: “but I uh”

Lisa: “I had an, uh, orgasm and my clipboard caught on fire”

No. 760840 ID: 9f3729

"That was great and all susanna but I just had glimpses of terrible history shit and if we bang again that blindfold stays on, fifty buckets of mental trauma."
No. 760841 ID: 18c9f5

>got two women off at once
No. 760842 ID: 2120ee

No. 760843 ID: 3e182c

That wasn't an orgasm.
That was an EXPERIENCE
10 outa 10.
Would die again.
No. 760844 ID: 837e86

"Lisa. Susanna. Or should I call you Anna? I have just one teensy, tiny, itty, bitty, little question: WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS FELINE JUST HAPPENED?!?!"
No. 760845 ID: 398fe1

Oh no. Does she have any more blue ink to replace the rune?

Chuck did you not use a condom? Fuck it, I don't care.

Ask if sex with Carnal Speech is always that intense. Also were you supposed to see how Anna Stark and Nelson Plath died because that was pretty fucked up.
No. 760846 ID: 398fe1

Dude Anna is dead, Susanna is just a relative of hers.
No. 760847 ID: 180f83

Ah man, that has gotta be worth like a million exp points, right?
No. 760848 ID: 7b7ab3

Alright, Chuck. Collect yourself. Assess the situation.
You just saw the truth of Nelson Plath's and Anna Stark's deaths. Might want to figure what to do with that information.
Also, you may have seen the original forms of those freaky demon things. More info to parse.
You have also managed to fuck the mayor clear off the bed, and you managed to make Lisa lose it, too. Congratulations, "Legend."
No. 760849 ID: 6ed01b

Try to help snayor up back onto the bed. Hold up a finger to indicate to Lisa that you're gonna need a minute because at this point and time I don't think words are really possible. Both catch your breath for a sec and hopefully Lisa can have a seat while you three talk about what just happened
No. 760852 ID: 44359f

"Heeey, Lisa. Yo, if your mayor just resaw what I saw she needs a hug. Not me because I am a manly man. Feelin' so manly right now. I mean I'll help with the hugging if you want, not that I need it or anything. I don't need... well I need a couple of minutes maybe but then I'll be fine for whatever. Phew."
No. 760853 ID: a107fd

One of whom wasn't even in the same room! And no glory-hole shenanigans, either.

Anyway, try to locate some clothing.
No. 760854 ID: 9876c4

Tell Lisa "well look at the imagination on you", while getting dressed in her cone of vision. "We might need to test that out someday."
Then you should probably go, since you won't be getting a coherent response.

We've got some cats to herd.
No. 760855 ID: 91ee5f

Susie, you got some 'splainin' to do!

How did Lisa's clipboard suddenly burst into flames like that?!
No. 760856 ID: d163e3
File 147988243793.png - (52.57KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

Susanna turns over and slumps over the side of the bed. At some point, she lost her weird pajamas. You gather up a few parts of some of your own clothes.

Susanna: “Lisa…”

Susanna: “Go get me…”

Susanna: “uh”

Susanna: “Actually I’m fine”

Lisa: “Y-”

Lisa: “Yes ma’am!”


Lisa: “Do you… want me to leave?”

Lisa: “I won’t tell anyone about this. You have my word!”

Susanna: “Yes, yes, that’s fine.”

Susanna: “Go.”
No. 760857 ID: d163e3
File 147988245783.png - (66.75KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You have fairly explicit memory of what you just saw, but you don’t know why or even really when you saw it. None of it really had any real audio, but you can hear the screams of the dying in your mind. Some of it feels like you were the one dying. You don’t know whether to stay here or to leave, and if you leave, you don’t know where to go. Your body feels blissful (particularly the penis), but your mind is kind of burnt out.
No. 760858 ID: f6ba27

Snuddle (or Snake cuddle)
then ask about what you saw
No. 760859 ID: 8a204b

Seconding. Pull that snakey sorceress up onto you and aftercare the FUCK out of her.
No. 760860 ID: e136ae

Just cuddle with her. Mind and body need rest.
No. 760862 ID: 3e182c

No. 760865 ID: 180f83

Just a few more things I would like to get out of the way before we leave

1. ask about the weird businesshog we saw on one of the first days we arrived.
2. give her the picture and note, she may want it. Ramona won't even know it is gone. If not, at least show it to her.
3. Have her be aware about that weird rabbit who gave out a mysterious nasal spray to Ellen. Its important she knows as she does not want more of her people being harmed.
No. 760866 ID: c441c1

claim her panties as your victory trophy.
No. 760867 ID: 85cc2c

fourthing the cuddles, aftercare is important for both of you rn
No. 760868 ID: 2120ee

Suggest that you may bother to schedule meetings with the mayor now that you've had a taste of what they can offer.

Of course. If she's busy, Lisa seems more than capable of handling any of Chuck's needs.
No. 760869 ID: 211d83

Tell her you saw what happened to cause this mess and who the monsters are.

Maybe cuddle first before dropping that on her.
No. 760875 ID: 398fe1

Ask if it's usually that intense when she does that.
No. 760878 ID: d163e3
File 147988500401.png - (45.45KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

You make vaguely snugglesque gestures toward the mayor.

You: “I think I saw something.”

Susanna: “What do you… uh… what do you mean?”

You: “Almost like a dream but, you know, more detailed.”

You: “There was Nelson Plath, some priest guys…”

You: “Oh, and some chick named Anna.”
No. 760879 ID: d163e3
File 147988502577.png - (64.56KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

Susanna stands up.

Susanna: “Oh…”

Susanna: “That was… just some old memory.”

Susanna: “We were a single mind for a bit. Not two separate ones.”

Susanna: “Whatever it was, I’m sorry you had to see it.”

You: “Is it always that intense?”

Susanna: “Not always.”

Susanna: “That felt really good”

Susanna: “It’s been a long time.”
No. 760880 ID: 398fe1

What... is that on her stomach?
No. 760886 ID: f6ba27

Pretend you didn't see the thing
No. 760887 ID: 3e182c

It looks like she got punched while being made out of paper mache.

Is she gotta cuddle or not.
No. 760889 ID: 91ee5f

>old memory.
Since it was her memory, did she just accidentally admit that she's Anna?!

>Mark on stomach.
"Holy shit! Are you ok?! Should I go get Sophie?!"
No. 760890 ID: 211d83

So are you Anna? Are those assholes the monsters?

Man we have our work cut out to get rid of them don't we?
No. 760893 ID: 71d443

It must be our handiwork.


No. 760896 ID: 17e567

It caused some kind of warp rift.

Anyway asshole priests are monster, called it, outside now reflects inside, bla bla bla how do we destroy them!
No. 760897 ID: 84cb70

guess she still has some damage for the operation. she obviously had to repair her corpse to some degree so maybe she left that as a reminder. for now, nod and don't press on. tell her we're always available when she needs a lay, because we're sleazy like that

also why did we not wear a condom. Gf Is Prego
No. 760902 ID: 7d8168

Probably ought to tell dogmom about what we've learned... she may not believe us, but this is some important shit. Alternately, talk more about what you saw? Like, getting a better sense for what happened to our creepo priests to turn them into what they are now?

Either way though, remind Susanna that she owes you some snanal at some point, though probably not right now. Chuck may be THE LEGEND but I don't think his balls have a five hundred (500) bucket capacity. He's gonna need to recover that deficit.
No. 760906 ID: 47ef44

Well, that can all wait.

Let's cuddle.

(I fucking told you all Chuck wasn't dead, but did anyone believe me? Nooo.)
No. 760907 ID: 63eb2c

Snuggle tiredly, be in bliss, hope she is as well.

Eventually, awkwardly bring up the fact that we forgot the condom.
No. 760910 ID: 71d443

Begin snuggle therapy.

Trace the strange scar with your fingertips.
No. 760911 ID: 47ef44

No no, that'd be rude.

Trace lower. Idly finger her.
No. 760912 ID: 6ed01b

You guys were all paranoia and questions but now as soon as we bust a nut you wanna cuddle? I doubt Susanna really cares to get snugly with us, and right now I think we could be doing more pressing things like talking about the fact that we sort of just had sex with Lisa, or getting to know if she saw any visions of us, or confronting the mayor about why she couldn't just be forthright with us and explain what was going on instead of STILL being cryptic and annoying
No. 760913 ID: 905513

Cuddling is okay for now but let's be real here there's no way that THE LEGEND is behind that chestburster scar.
No. 760918 ID: 3a8dfd

engage the cuddles motherfucker
No. 760924 ID: 7d8168

Recently our interactions with the mayor has brought out a lot of information that makes her seem much less... inherently suspicious.

And hey, having just had some fantastic sex with somebody makes you a lot more comfortable with them. Post-coital snuggles are very conducive to trust... and this goes both ways. To our advantage, this is probably a great time to get extra info out of the snayor.
No. 760926 ID: 294624

Wait, we were one. Does that mean you were Anna. Wait, you've lived through dying and have continued to live since the death of Nelson Plath. Exactly what are you Mayor?
No. 760927 ID: 7d8168

...or has she just shared minds with someone who shared minds with Anna? ...no wait, they'd have to have done that after Anna died.

Ok yeah it's really important that we know what the hell Nelson did.
No. 760928 ID: dd4df2

Go for the post-coitus small talk, but bring up more or less safe and relevant questions. Ease her into talking; she's not used to it, after all.

Like; "How long has it actually been?" "Do you think I might have an affinity towards carnal speech?" "Hey... is it just me, or was Lisa spying at us through the clipboard?"

Then, once she's gotten chatty, bring up the big question. "So how'd everything end up like this?"
No. 760929 ID: 44359f

Tell her yeah, that was great. Ask her if she saw anything from you.
No. 760969 ID: 6b7b79

This. What did she see in the most perverted mind?

Also let her know that the memory dreams actually explain A LOT. Maybe you can work together to counter-exorcise those monsters somehow. There might be a method in the Plath library.
No. 761060 ID: d163e3
File 147996810580.png - (51.10KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

Susanna: “I’m sorry, I don’t”

Susanna: “Feel up to lying with you now.”


You: “What”

You: “What happened to your stomach”

Susanna looks down, only just realizing that she is naked. She gasps and covers the scar, making brief eye contact with you.

Susanna: “It happened a long time ago. I barely even remember it’s there.”
No. 761063 ID: d163e3
File 147996816606.png - (106.53KB , 500x500 , 40.png )


No. 761064 ID: d163e3
File 147996818192.png - (54.67KB , 500x500 , 41.png )


Susanna: “I…”

She is breathing heavily.

Susanna: “I missed it terribly. The intimacy.”

Susanna: “But I think I have frightened you.”
No. 761065 ID: b01ef8

"Susanna, please just be honest with me! Who are you? What are you? What is going on? What is this town? Please!"
No. 761066 ID: 383927

...It seems like you're having trouble keeping things private that I haven't necessarily earned the right to know. As I'm sure you can tell, I have a lot of questions. I know it wasn't part of the deal but could we maybe talk for a few minutes? Like, open and honestly? And you can just tell me if you don't wanna answer a question instead of lie through your teeth like you did just now? And have been doing since we met?
No. 761067 ID: 211d83

Frightened? I don't think I am the frightened one here.

Listen come over here and cuddle with me. I am not going to let you have a panic attack because you think I am going to run away now that I know more about you.

So come over and relax and tell me your story. Maybe we can help each other.
No. 761070 ID: 8cb228

I'm not going to judge you. I know whatever it is, it's dark. I don't care, I'm not afraid, but please tell me what is going on?
No. 761071 ID: ae962c

Tell her it's fine. They deserved it. Her being some kind of weird undying creature is not really important.
No. 761072 ID: 44359f

Ok ok Chuck, this is it, this is the chance to be smooth. Take this lady on a train ride to swoon town.

Manful expression. In control, but earnest. Eye contact. No sudden movements. Careful, considerate but not wary. Sit up. Turn towards the edge of the bed.

"Susanna. I've been frightened a lot, since I came to this town."

Calmly pull back the covers, stand and get close to her. Hand on the shoulder.

"It hasn't stopped me."
No. 761076 ID: 7b7ab3

"Susanna, I'm not frightened. Not of you, anyway. Now, I don't know what you are, what these powers of yours are all about, what's up with this town, and a whole lot of other stuff, but I'm willing to listen and learn. Believe it or not, I want to be your friend."
No. 761078 ID: e136ae

You also relax.

Susanna is scared. I don't know if Chuck saw what we saw, or if Susanna is broadcasting, or whatever the case is, but basically she is very vulnerable and very exposed now and it terrifies her. Look at her past; she lost everything for being open and telling people the truth, she's mentally badly scarred.

Right now, Chuck has the advantage in terms of knowledge leverage -- he knows stuff about her nobody else does now. It's not enough information for some of you, but that's tough. Susanna needs to feel in control for her own security's sake, and she just lost ALL control just now. That's unnerving.

I suggest that if he wants Susanna to trust him, he's might have to give her information about himself. Maybe even something she could use against him so things are even.

I suggest that Chuck as Susanna if she'd like to know about some of his scars. If she says no, then leave it be for now. She's going to need to come to grips with things. If she says yes, we stand to get a lot more information and maybe put an end to the feud between the Plath house and Susanna.
No. 761083 ID: 9f3729

"This isnt even the first weird memory dump ive gone through, I had one with the plath ghost where I died in the body of some civil war guy who looked like me. This was painful maybe but i'm doing fine now. You sure you dont want a hug? You're looking pretty spooked."
No. 761084 ID: 6612fa

you look more like the frightened one... did what you see of me scare you, and no you are afraid to cuddle.
No. 761087 ID: f562b1

>But I think I have frightened you.
Yeah, kind of! But you're not the kind of guy to let a tiny bit of fear stop you from asking.
No. 761088 ID: 36295c

Bone the snake again
No. 761092 ID: 36295c

Also you should make a log in your book about how you made the Mayor and Ramona eskimo sisters.
No. 761094 ID: 180f83

her past is being revealed to you, and she is probably frightened by it. Ask if she wants to know any of your troubled past to ease some of her worries...
No. 761096 ID: 0fd127

Honestly, Susannah? This stuff is pretty fucking cool. And as far as weird shit I've seen in this town goes, you're on the innocuous side. I want to know more. Maybe we can fight these things that did all that to you.
No. 761097 ID: 9876c4

This is the only one that is USDA prime Chuck.
No. 761102 ID: 8747d9

Hold out your arms in a hug. Tell her that there's different kinds of intimacy, and right now it really seems like she needs the kind that's meant to comfort, not arouse.
No. 761103 ID: a2d9d6

She clearly says she doesn't want to cuddle. I don't think that's the right approach.
No. 761104 ID: 8747d9

Part of the dialogue. Im under the impression Susanna thinks we want a round two, not to comfort her.
No. 761105 ID: c72748

I've got a feeling that, knowing her background, telling her that the scar is absolutely metal is something that Chuck would say.
No. 761110 ID: 2120ee

You're scarier when I don't know what you're about. Your motives.
No. 761112 ID: 3e182c

If she's not gonna come over here that's fine, Chuck can go over there. Memories are leaking. Suzanna looks like she's about 10 seconds away from freaking out. Looks like a bit of a traumatic memory. Hug her before things spiral out of control. We can ask for more context later.
No. 761114 ID: ffb773

PLEASE comfort her. Comfort her with everything you have. You've seen scarier shit, chuck, and the thing Susanna needs most in the world right now is someone patient and understanding.
No. 761116 ID: 9ca257

Tell her its okay, but you want some answers. You got SOME information out of this (at least enough to know that she isn't 100% evil), but its still not enough to understand the whole picture.

Knowing this info may be useful to end the tension between the plaths and the starks (or at least between ramona and susanna) and finally get everyone to cooperate to defeat our common enemy.

But we need some way to prove to ramona that susanna didn't do anything wrong. i'm not sure, but does this means we need to get susanna and ramona to fuck?
No. 761119 ID: ffb773

Also, side-objective: Have sex with lisa at some point. Because god DAMN that chest and booty are rockin' and it feels like she'd be shy about it and love it a lot.
No. 761120 ID: 409a77

Sussanna, I'm only afraid because I have empathy, and I just learned of something terrible that happened to you. You can't just hide everyone from every bad thing ever, or they don't learn how to deal with it. Then wave her in close and whisper, "have you seen how Lisa is when she doesn't have that clipboard to cling to? Girl has major co-dependence issues."
No. 761121 ID: ffb773

Personally, i'd say that should wait until chuck's comforted her a while and they've both calmed down. Interrogating Susanna when she's in such a fragile emotional state will only lead to more stress and pain, if this state she's in is, indeed, fragile.
No. 761122 ID: bb78f2

Naw, this stuff is cool.
I'm fine.
The only thing I ever wasn't fine with was whenever you tried manipulating me and removed an entire half a day from my mind. Though, hell, maybe you just turned back time for me cause I died in that half a day at this point. Not like I'd know if I ever really died once here.

Heh, so they tried to purify me and Geoff with those syringes using bullshit hearsay injections. Buncha idiots took way too much cool-aid at the Priest tech convention.
No. 761127 ID: ffb773

I can agree on this. Say that while nothing quite as batshit insane's happened to you (hell, something might have, we don't know.) your past isn't spotless either.
No. 761134 ID: 71d443

Trust me, Chucks dig scars. And shrapnel.
No. 761137 ID: d34211

you kinda need it
No. 761138 ID: fb1c7d


My vote is going for this. I agree that people need to relax and give Susanna some time. I mean, we just had a moment together. Slow down, we can get to all that other stuff eventually.
No. 761167 ID: b4cdcc

Chill, cuddle, swap scar stories if you wanna, but most importantly chill.
No. 761171 ID: dd4df2

She's got carnal speech going. Don't make it a negative feedback loop (i.e. you being scared, her getting upset, her being upset in turn upsetting you or triggering more disturbing flashbacks).

This is either a mental strength thing (i.e. a don't think about the pink elephant deal) or maybe something you could solve by cutting off the carnal speech link by closing your eyes and not meeting hers. You can't change what's been shared, but you can close active feed so that Susanna doesn't realize quite how badly it's affecting you.

So, either suck it up and tell her it's fine - and mean it, despite you now having intermittent flashbacks from another person's traumatic memories - or close your eyes and lie through your teeth.
No. 761173 ID: 409a77

I think there's been enough lying going on around here. Plus, it's probably pretty hard to lie when Carnal Speech is involved. We know it's possible since she's done it, but we have no practice in it. I think we need to convey that it is okay to feel upset when the situation warrants it. Otherwise, you just let the everything stay the way it is and nothing ever gets fixed.
No. 761181 ID: 3abd97

>Susanna: “But I think I have frightened you.”
It's okay, Susanna. You're far from the scariest thing in this town, and the not-lying and the intimacy are worth it.
No. 761193 ID: 8111b6

So... lich town, practically.
But yeah, there are things that're more scary in the world. Maybe regale her with one of your freakier escapades from before your arrival?
No. 761194 ID: 8cb228

I agree with the, "It's fine, I don't care how 'weird' or 'scary' it is. I will listen to as much of the story you are comfortable with sharing. Eventually, I want to hear all of it."

Use your charm to figure out how much to push or not push on this, figure out her comfort level, etc.
No. 761220 ID: dd4df2


Cutting off eye contact would cut of carnal speech, that was the whole point of the blindfold earlier. As for lying, Susanna would already know Chuck was lying, but she would no longer, uh, feel how Chuck feels every time he gets an unpleasant twinge of shared memory. Y'know, like all that pain like never before he felt and shared with her, or the disturbing flashback just witnessed.

I'd equate it more to the equivalent of sequestering yourself off in order to get a handle on the pain so that someone else doesn't see you when you're hurt and freaking out, I suppose. They might know you're there, and they might know you were hurt, but at least they're not hearing your screams on top.

Once Chuck's gotten a handle on having mind-melded with a traumatized centuries-old reincarnated sorceress, then perhaps he can look her in the eyes again without giving her the feeling she just drove a semi through his brain.
No. 761240 ID: e136ae

No, a witch town. The Plaths founded the town and they were witches. Susanna was either a witch or became one under Nelson's guidance. That's why the burning.
No. 761242 ID: d163e3
File 148005054331.png - (37.30KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

You: “I’m not scared. I’ve seen those demons face to face and it didn’t stop me.”

Susanna smiles for a moment, then lets the robe fall back to the floor.

Susanna: “Opening my mind and body and soul to you has been bliss. Pure bliss.”

She brushes some of your seed from her inner thigh.

Susanna: “Now I have to suffer the consequences of it.”

Susanna: “All those years ago, I experienced death. I then returned to Coxwette to kill three reverends in the night and burn down the church.”

You: “If I was you, I’d want revenge, too.”

Susanna: “Not revenge, no. Just protection. They were going to execute everyone. They called them abominations which should not exist. Maybe that’s true, but I cannot bring myself to let these people end.”

Susanna: “I love them so much, and I simply can’t see them go. Please understand that you are setting in motion a plan to end them.”

Susanna: “When you leave this room, I know that you are going to go tell everyone you can about what you learned here. Even without seeing into your mind, I can sense it in you.”

Susanna: “I can’t rightly stop you from doing that, but I can beg you.”

You: "Can't you just rip me in half, or wipe my mind or something? What's stopping you."

Susanna covers her eyes and turns her back to you.

Susanna: "I think you've mistaken me for a monster."
No. 761244 ID: 350a50

"They're not safe. They just have the illusion of safety. What are those undead reverends? How can we stop them permanently?"

"And who is the rabbit?"
No. 761245 ID: 91cfcf

"Maybe not. What happens if they learn? What happens if they don't?"
No. 761246 ID: 9f3729

"But what kind of life is it if it doesn't end? I'm not really a philosopher but if you don't die eventually it all doesn't have much weight to it, does it?"
No. 761247 ID: 409a77

If you killed them how did they come back? Does it have something to do with what Nelson Plath did to everyone else in town?
No. 761248 ID: 9876c4

I wasn't planning on it.
We've got other stuff to do besides causing existential dread.

What's in the warehouse?
No. 761249 ID: bb78f2

That still doesn't explain Harold Pal.
And is Ramona really in danger of dying? Doesn't the reveree allow the Plath's to actually have generations and die?

And doesn't that mean that me, Sophie, Angela, and Layla aren't immortal since we weren't Nelson's experiments? Or does it spread?
No. 761250 ID: 3e182c

Maybe I have... Paranoia can be hard to shake.
While your right about me wanting to wake up the town, perhaps I can go about things differently. Even if I don't agree with the lies I can tell now your purposes aren't nefarious. More needs to be done...

I convinced Angela to follow the children "home". If you wish to preserve the madness in place over there you might still have time...
No. 761251 ID: 3abd97

Is it so bad that they know the truth about themselves? You live with it, why can't they? Do you really think you're so much stronger than those you love?

>Susanna: "I think you've mistaken me for a monster."
People don't have to be monsters to be willing to do anything to protect those they care about, or what they believe in. They just have to be people.
No. 761253 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you already have alan to lure them out. Can't they be killed? Permanently?
No. 761254 ID: 8a204b


"Let me see if I have this right."

"The curse or magic or whatever that's letting these Reverends live beyond death in their current state, is intertwined with the townspeople themselves? If we destroy the Reverends, it destroys everyone else?"
No. 761255 ID: e136ae


Give Susanna something to protect herself with.

Tell her about your criminal past. Give her some insurance, give her a reason to trust you so she can work with you.

You've seen stuff nobody else has seen. You have been intimate with her in a way few others have. Give something back. It's been a long time since you've done that, hasn't it Chuck?

You need to give her something back. Give her something back so she knows you're not an enemy.

And remind her that if you love something, you have to set it free.
No. 761256 ID: 2120ee

That's what people are Susanna.
No. 761270 ID: 656ab4


sigh in exasperation

"Not anymore. I did, when I knew nothing about you except that you had weird abilities, I thought you were behind those creatures. But now, I think I get it, just a bit. I never wanted or expected to. But there are people in Coxwette I realise I probably wouldn't accept never seeing again, not if I didn't have to."
No. 761271 ID: 44359f

"For a while, I thought maybe you were. Maybe. And not any more. And tell everyone? Not everyone. Not everything. And I'm not sure it will go the way you think it will. You've been around a long time, Susanna, and you know a lot of things other people don't, but you don't know everything. You didn't know Ramona had cancer. Do you know who gave Ellen that stuff, or that she was so miserable she was willing to endanger her life to feel better? Do you know Angela has a penpal she's in love with, or that Geoff likes men? Do you know what's up with the ghost of Lorraine Plath? Do you know who Harold Pal is? Layla and Sophie say they met him, too."

"There are still secrets in this town, Susanna. If we find them all, we might be able to find a better way out of all this than you think. That's why I've been asking so many questions. So long as there's a mystery, there's hope."
No. 761309 ID: ffb773

I think we should tell Ramona, for the sake of settling the grudge, but nobody else, at least for now. We should tell Susanna that.
No. 761310 ID: ffb773

Do you know how those monsters were created? Please, for the love of god, don't tell me that they each burnt their congregations alive or something and became what they are now.
No. 761321 ID: eb9588

Monsters don't regret. Monsters don't try to protect people. People fall in love and it messes them up inside. They make mistakes. They do bad things because they think it's for a good cause. Susanna's not a monster. She's just a person in an unfortunate situation.
No. 761322 ID: e136ae

Not advisable just yet. Don't tell anyone until we know what we're going to do with this information. And let's reassure Susanna that we won't. Give her a proof of promise for now.

We should find out of those monsters are going to come after us again, considering we just did a dirty and they ALWAYS come after us then.

Chuck, are you prepared to fight some monsters? Do something real with your life?

And finally, ask her about Harold Pal.
No. 761335 ID: d163e3
File 148009737225.png - (31.35KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

You: “Sure, yeah, maybe at first. But I didn’t know anything about you.”

You: “Now I know why you do what you do and it, you know, makes more sense.”

Susanna: “Do you understand why I am struggling to tell everyone the truth?”

Susanna: “Do you think they’ll take it well when they learn they aren’t living real lives?”

You: “They might take it better if they know that they can start living real lives when this thing gets sorted out.”

Susanna shakes her head, her mouth hanging open a bit.

Susanna: “No, no. Freeing them from this eternity means erasing them forever.”

You: “Can they just go live somewhere else?”

Susanna: “I take it you haven’t attempted to leave Coxwette.”

Susanna: “None of the townspeople have gone far, but I…”

Susanna: “I need neither food nor sleep. I have run for miles out into the county. There is very little. Just endless, endless wilderness in every direction. I would try to go farther, but it is difficult for me to be outdoors during the day.”

You start to sweat.

You: “When I first got here, a tortoise-man named Harold Pal talked to me.”

You: “Who is he?”

Susanna: “I’m afraid I don’t know exactly. After binding the stone to revert Marcie, I dreamed of a tortoise.”

You: “What about the rabbit?”

Susanna: “Rabbit?”

You: “Who gave Ellen the drugs.”

Susanna: “I don’t know of any rabbit. Like you, I’m sure others have been snared by this place.”

You feel as though you have hit a wall. Either Susanna is continuing to lie to you, or you are reaching the end of what her reclusive ass actually knows.
No. 761336 ID: 9876c4

Here's a crazy notion:
Let's not destabilize or erase the town with all our friends in it.
If we can find a way out, for one, that's another thing.

I'm satisfied with this level of information.
No. 761337 ID: 79a07e

I think we're about reaching the end of her knowledge base.
No. 761338 ID: 7c929e

Ask if reverting Marcie was based off her memory.
No. 761339 ID: e136ae

I don't think she's lying, I think this is all that she knows and I do trust her that the wilderness stretches out quite far... although this might be something we want to try ourselves since unlike Susanna I'm pretty sure we need to eat and sleep.

So it all leads back to Harold Pal.

There's still a few things that need to be considered:

Things still come and go from Coxwette. The mail. The Internet (electrons and all). The orphans, I assume. Clearly not everyone or everything is bound by the same rules. Does she know how that works, and if she doesn't, is there any way we could find out?

People age. Does she know how that works?

Sally's father. Did he leave, or is he one of the monsters roaming the wilderness?

Does she know how this spell was set in place, or was that just Nelson Plath's doing? And has she tried burning the monsters?

That businessman we saw when we first arrived, the one Susanna turned away. Is he stuck here? Or is the town particular in who it claims?
No. 761341 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like the rabbit is just someone who arrived in town but chose to live out in the woods.

Well we do have one question we know she can answer. What's in the catacombs?
No. 761342 ID: e136ae

Also... offer her friendship. Be a genuine friend. She needs one. You can do that, right Chuck?
No. 761343 ID: 71d443

Increase the intensity of cuddle-like motions.

If Susanna doesn't know, maybe Nelson kept notes. Ask about the catacombs and why she sealed them off.

Even if you can't physically leave Coxwette, remember this: You can still shitpost eternally on the Internet.
No. 761344 ID: 44359f

"So... there's still stuff you don't know, Susanna. There are a lot of secrets still left in this town. One of them could be a way to make everything... better, at least. I'm going to look for it. Will you help? I won't have to explain so much to people if I can say I'm working with you."

If she agrees, tell her the library catacombs seem like a big hole to look into. She was trying to have them sealed off, what was up with that?

Also if people can't leave what was up with that supermarket guy.

Also if mail is being sent out of town and people are getting responses and all, why don't people just hitch a ride with whatever takes the post stuff.

... There's actually probably a decent-sized list of things you still haven't asked her yet that we've thought of before.
No. 761345 ID: e136ae

I do want to suggest that if Susanna starts to look tired from the questions we should give her some comfort. Chuck, don't just make motions to cuddle, go over and give her a genuine hug or at least put your arm on her shoulder, or something. Boop her nose.
No. 761346 ID: b8d5aa

what's in the catacombs and why does susanna want them sealed?
No. 761347 ID: e136ae

Also, if Susanna is really done talking, offer up scouting the Plath house for her. I think their feud is preventing them from finding some answers, and my gut says we can't resolve this unless they work together. Or have a 3rd party work together on their behalf.
No. 761348 ID: b6f79e

Who cares if the town isn't 'real', that's not the problem, the problem is the monsters attacking people and making a nightmare of the place.
I think between everyone you know you'll be able to find a more permanent solution to this evil creature business, seeing as chastity clearly isn't going to stick.
No. 761350 ID: d163e3
File 148009966690.png - (50.41KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

You: “What about the pig?”

Susanna: “Another one snared. I don’t know.”

You: “Well how did he leave, then?”

Susanna: “He didn’t.”

You: “So he’s here?”

Susanna: “Chuck, the town isn’t all there is to the Plath spell. It’s just the epicenter.”

Susanna: “I don’t know how many people are caught in it, wandering through the hills in misery.”

Susanna: “It only tells me that Nelson Plath was more powerful than I ever realized.”

You: “So what is in the catacombs?”

Susanna: “Screams.”

Susanna: “I can still hear them, but they are quieter now that it is sealed.”

You: “Screams?”
No. 761351 ID: d163e3
File 148009968212.png - (34.45KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

Susanna: “ENOUGH!”

Susanna: “LEAVE ME NOW!”

Susanna: “I enjoyed your company for a time but now you have WORN MY NERVES THIN!”

Susanna: “LISA!!”

Lisa is out of earshot and lacking her clipboard, which seems to frustrate the mayor even further. It seems you will have to investigate the catacombs independently. This prospect does not excite you.
No. 761352 ID: 9f3729

"Ok, ok! Geeze, dude!"
No. 761354 ID: 9b8c8d

Should've just cuddled it out.

Ah well, too late now. Go to Ramona. Get your story straight on the way: don't reveal her everything.
No. 761359 ID: 73b398

Ask if you can bone Lisa on the way out.
No. 761360 ID: e136ae

And that's our cue to leave. Tell Susanna not to stress herself and that we only want to help, but it's time to go. Those catacombs are obviously terribly traumatic to her and she WILL know if we visit them, so don't do anything stupid unless we really need to do something stupid.

I suggest we hit the Plath house and start looking for answers.
No. 761362 ID: 9876c4

Ok, now I like her more.

Flirt with Lisa if you can, the person we need to talk to is probably Penny.
No. 761365 ID: 8a204b

"Okay, okay! Sorry, didn't know I was touching a raw nerve. But...if you ever want to talk, and I do mean talk, you know where to find me, okay?"
No. 761366 ID: 7c929e

Make like a tree and get outta there.
No. 761367 ID: 3abd97

I'll go. Sorry for the third degree.

Look, if you ever want to talk (or anything more), about the creepy stuff or not, you know where to find me.

>catacombs scream, and scream is muffled by the seal
So if we break in there she's gonna know as soon as we do it, because the sound will change.
No. 761369 ID: 2120ee

"Geeze, fine. You melodramatic baby."
No. 761370 ID: bb78f2

Stark, you got MPD? That Nelson in there pissed off suddenly? That was a bubbly pit I stepped in without warning.
No. 761373 ID: 71d443

Gah, so much for snek snuggles. Hit up Lisa on your way out to let her know you're available for a second round *anytime*.
No. 761375 ID: 44359f

"Alright, I'm going! Sorry. And... well, thanks. You know? For sharing. And Marcie. I'll see you around."
No. 761377 ID: 3e182c

Welp, saw that comin. We just HAD to keep grillin her didn't we.

Tell her she's cute when shes mad, thank her, and leave.
No. 761378 ID: b1b4f3

Wow okay. Tell her you'll look into things and won't tell everyone about everything.
No. 761380 ID: edc55f

Wow, sorry. You now how it is with cats and curiosity. Fine, I'm heading off. See ya around, Anna.
No. 761381 ID: dc5e30

Be very suave, very assuring, and leave with a cool impression of yourself. If you play it off well, you might just see her again very soon.
No. 761389 ID: 0198a0

"okay okay"
grab her and pull her into bed, snuggle, fall asleep.
No. 761391 ID: d163e3
File 148010959223.png - (30.01KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

Oooook. Well, you didn’t really need Carnal Speech to reinforce that. You’ve heard it before.

You: “Alright, alright. I can see we’re both a little on edge”

You: “but I liked talking to you about this, too. I’d love to do it again.”

You’re going to get out of the mayor’s bedroom, but you haven’t decided where you’re going next. It’s about 1PM, and you’re more than a little hungry.
No. 761392 ID: 73b398

Go into Lisa.
No. 761393 ID: 586d55

No. 761394 ID: 7c929e

Fart in Ass cafe?
No. 761396 ID: b8d5aa

well, if marcie's lost her memory...

...does penny at least remember you?
No. 761397 ID: b1b4f3

I think you should ask Layla if she found anything during her sweep of the forest.
No. 761398 ID: 71d443

Go see Penny and explain that Marcie must have... amnesia. Yes.
No. 761400 ID: 5d661e

Chuck... you're doing the eye thing again.
No. 761401 ID: 3e182c

Not a bad idea. As much as a continued bout of escapism would be nice. Yeah that's an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. At least Chuck is past the freaking out part now.
No. 761417 ID: 65317a

Go see penny and mention that her sign seems different.
No. 761423 ID: 9876c4

This is the basic plan. Let's talk her through it, and see if you both can talk to Marcie later.

This is the Master Plan, and every little flirtatious thing we do helps. (I think).
No. 761428 ID: 8cb228

Hey, you got the cool black eyes, see if you can turn that off. If not, get some shades.
No. 761429 ID: 71d443

We just did turn it off, by constantly bombarding her with questions.
(this is a side effect of having the carnal speech directed at Chuck, as she is not trying to manipulate us at present it is harmless and will fade shortly.)
No. 761445 ID: 180f83

leave the picture and note behind for Susanna before you leave. But yeah, cafe time.
No. 761454 ID: d23a95

Still no hugs?
No. 761455 ID: e136ae

This is a face for hugs:

This is the face of No-Hugs: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/148009968212.png

We blew the hug window.
No. 761456 ID: d163e3
File 148013080677.png - (40.60KB , 500x500 , 47.png )

You casually leave behind the letter and photo of Charles Plath behind, exiting the mayor’s chambers and bypassing Lisa. You go to the Fart in Ass and order lunch.

Penny: “Soup and a half.”

She sets the food on the table and looks at you.

You: “Thanks, doll.”

Penny: “You’re welcome, hon.”

Penny continues to look at you.

Penny: “She doesn’t remem-”

You: “I know.”

Penny: “Don’t you want to talk-”

You: “No.”

Penny nods, fills up your sweet tea, and goes back to the kitchen. You thought you’d have more of a stomach for this until you got here.
No. 761457 ID: d163e3
File 148013082303.png - (36.95KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

Penny returns about fifteen minutes later to collect your plate and drop off your bill.

Penny: “I know you don’t want to talk about it, but I don’t think that’s healthy.”

Penny: “You sure you’re ok?”

You: “Yeah.”

She puts her hands on her hips.
No. 761458 ID: 211d83

Ask her what she thinks you should do?
No. 761459 ID: 91cfcf

"Okay, not right now, but I will be. Eventually."
No. 761460 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if she has any advice.
No. 761462 ID: 3abd97

Okay. No. No I'm not. And there's not a damn thing I can do about that, right now. She's okay. That's what's important.

Even if everyone but me got her back.
No. 761463 ID: e136ae

C'mon Chuck. It's not healthy. You've seen what holding stuff like this in did to Susanna. She was all, wham, bam, time-and-space-and-clipboard-tearing-orgasmic-power-waves, thank-you Chuck and didn't even snuggle.

Don't tell her Susanna's secrets, but tell her how you feel about the situation with Marcie.
No. 761464 ID: 350a50

"It hurts like I never hurt before, Penny."
No. 761465 ID: 8ef504

No. 761470 ID: 180f83

change topic about reveyee drinks.
No. 761471 ID: 65317a

Ask her if she needs someone to work the diner. We need a job again after all.
No. 761472 ID: 9876c4

We gotta talk about it. That's why we're here. Not so much the feelings, but the nuts and bolts of it.

Marcie needs to know you two were acquainted.
Marcie needs to 'know' she got hurt and lost some parts of her mind.
Marcie needs to know she shouldn't be jogging so early, because it's not safe.

And if Chuck won't talk to her, then her aunt needs to. Because leaving her in the dark is just cruel. Maybe you both should do it.
No. 761486 ID: 2120ee

"I can't see her, Penny. Looking at me like a stranger."
No. 761488 ID: b1b4f3

I think we need to talk to Ramona about that. Due to recent developments, selling alcohol is looking like a bad idea. It being sinful and all. If Ramona can find a potion to put in that will hide the citizens from the monsters that would be best.
No. 761489 ID: edc55f

I know sooner or later I have to deal with it, but I just spent an entire day thinking I'd never see her again, and when I do see her the next day she doesn't remember me at all. It's just too much for me to deal with right now. I just need a little space and time to come to terms with having to start over from scratch.
No. 761491 ID: 3e182c

I've always been a been a bit of a play boy.
It's only been a couple weeks and but... I've never felt like this before.
No. 761492 ID: 309d35

I feel like I should stay far far away from her, because she might not come back next time.
No. 761493 ID: b1b4f3

Valid worry tbh
No. 761494 ID: d163e3
File 148013672888.png - (31.27KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

You try your hardest to maintain a masculine image by not showing any emotion.

You: “It’s hard to see her look at me like a stranger.”

Penny gives you a large hug. Apparently you have failed in appearing masculine.

Penny: “Maybe we can jog her memory.”

You: “I don’t think so.”

Penny: “Come on, don’t talk like that. You’ve got to be hopeful.”

Penny: “Didn't you learn a damn thing from her?”
No. 761495 ID: 9f3729

"No, not really."
No. 761496 ID: b1b4f3

"I learned I'm why she was attacked. She was thinking sinful thoughts about me."
No. 761501 ID: 7c929e

Tell her you genuinely wish there was some way. You need time to think this over, this is too much to think of solutions immediately.
No. 761504 ID: 44359f

>You casually leave behind the letter and photo of Charles Plath behind

Gosh dang teach me to go to sleep when updates are in the offing. Now we don't have evidence to show Ramona to back up an explanation of the whole Nelson Plath thing. I guess we can tell her we just found the two, and that we "can't seem to find them again" and hope she just takes that on faith, but it'll be trickier.

Alright, where are we now. Penny, right.

Tell her you're afraid if you get insistent on all the lost memories now, you'll just come off as creepy. Say you'd like Marcie to get to know and trust you a little again, first, then you can talk to her about those things. For now you'd just like to let her know she is missing some memories - she's probably going to figure that out herself or get told anyway - and that you were being a delivery boy for her, that's all. And that she owes you for four days' work, because you've got to eat. You can deal with the rest later.

First, though, you want to recover and regain your strength a bit.
No. 761506 ID: 180f83

Jog her memory...


Maybe early morning jogging with her will work?
No. 761507 ID: 3e182c

Even if we know she won't remember, Penny has a point with the hopeful part. Marcie it's still Marcie after all. And if what the mayor said has any credence at all, you do have all the time in the world. Literally.
No. 761508 ID: bb78f2

Jogging her memory might remind her of what they did to her when they got her.
I'm not sure if we should risk it, for her sake, I have an inking of what they might've done, and I don't like it one bit. It might kill her smile forever.
No. 761511 ID: 2120ee

There's no risk of that because the events literally did not occur to her. They happened, to her, but not this her. This is she from before those events occurred.
No. 761512 ID: 350a50

According to Susanna, she is a past version of Marcie. None of what happened past the point she returned to actually happened to her.
No. 761515 ID: 211d83


We have learned that Susanna knows jack shit about the situation and could be wrong.

It never hurts to try. Don't give up on her because some clueless snake mayor thinks it won't work.
No. 761522 ID: 9eaf99

Note for the future, we should probably go to the school at some point and confirm the presence or absence of mini-Marcie
No. 761525 ID: 9876c4

Dinercat might have a point.

There's probably not a way to unreset marcie, but we can treat her like the old one. And let her know what the other one did. maybe not all at once.

But she could know you WERE friends, before her accident. That should at least give her some perspective.
and learning not to jog and sin at the same time would serve her just fine
No. 761533 ID: 3abd97

"I learned what I was supposed to already know. That letting people in hurts."
No. 761535 ID: e136ae

Agreed. Susanna is confident in what she knows because she has experience, but there are clearly large gaps in what she does know and her need for control is clouding her judgement.

Still, Chuck shouldn't try this until he's ready to do this.
No. 761537 ID: 15a025

Obviously a dinner date will fix everything.
No. 761538 ID: e136ae

Sure, what the hell, try jogging with her. Maybe you'll see someone while you're out and about, figure something out.
No. 761550 ID: 79a07e

Or we could NOT let her fall into that same trap.
No. 761554 ID: 005d0c

Those damn monsters need to be stopped! If anyone deserves to experience our anger over losing Marcie it's them.

Unfortunately there's not much we can do now. But first things first, we're kinda out of a job. Let's brainstorm.
No. 761561 ID: 180f83

We'll cross that bridge when we get there, but personally, if we are looking for work, I was thinking maybe getting work with Rachel? possibly give us easier access to the mysterious warehouse, right? (plus we don't see Rachel all that often...)
No. 761567 ID: 7d8168

Hey while we're here, could we maybe get a job? I mean we need one and early on it was established that either of them could use the help, so if we want to stay away from Marcie for a while, why not work for Penny?
No. 761580 ID: be819e

Hold up on the job thing just yet, let's wait for a clearer head.

Also. On that note, take a moment to think about why Or even how.
Seriously, how do supplies and logistics work in Coxxwette if it's so isolated. If Davey refuses to do business with the town, where does the food come from? Are there other farms and towns? Is it a whole world out there or is it really all wilderness? Who prints Bux anyway? Who introduces and eliminates them from circulation? Who manages their value? The water is pumped from a well but where does the electricity to do so come from? Coxxwette should just be a big farm under these conditions unless supplies are being bought from outside or magic'd in.

Before getting a job Chuck needs to find out if there is a real economy, or if this is all just an artificial construction by Suzanna or The Plaths to facilitate a feeling of normalcy.

Ask Penny where her food comes from.
No. 761581 ID: 71d443

Nope. I'm a lost cause. Just like Marcie.
No. 761589 ID: 8e8614

YES. Ask Penny who or what company supplies food.
No. 761591 ID: 8111b6

See if she could break how things were to Marcie for you. She's more familiar with her than you, given your history was short enough to be erased.

Also, how quickly do you want to let the secret out? Blabbing right off the bat probably isn't the best way.

Doubly-also, consider trying to get back into working with Marcie somehow. It may be awkward, but afte the situation is explained, is should be possible. Either that or find more employment elsewhere.
No. 761605 ID: d163e3
File 148018180353.png - (57.77KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

You’ve been through this already. Marcie is the last person you want to talk to, and trying in vain to dredge up memories that don’t exist is just going to make you jump off a bridge. You look at the last bite of sandwich that you left on the plate in Penny’s hand.

You: “Where do you get your food?”

Penny: “Huh?”

You: “Where does it come from?”

Penny: “Oh… I dunno. Somewhere out of town? The train stops and drops a couple pallets of ingredients every month, and Rita wheels ‘em down here.”

You get up and leave.

You: “Hm.”

You: “Well… I guess talk to Marcie about her memory. I’m not fucking doing that.”

You’ve grown really tired of all this sadness. It is exhausting you, but you can’t seem to escape it. Normally you would get drunk or do drugs or something, Go to a rave or two. You just need to cheer up and forget about Marcie.
No. 761606 ID: 1137e8

>You just need to cheer up and forget about Marcie.
Good luck with that.
No. 761607 ID: 44359f

Cue some sort of ironic forced encounter with Marcie.

Anyway yeah you still need to just recover for a while. Why not go to the library and, like... actually read a book? They must have something you'd like.
No. 761608 ID: 71d443

Naz knows where the fun is in town. Go see her and ask what's hip and happening.
No. 761609 ID: 180f83

We can either go to the plath house, and start secretly binge drink, or we can start job hunting.

Maybe a job with Rachel? that gave a lot of money and might give us access to the warehouse, and access to tools to use to help us in situations.

Or maybe the post office? we can probably secretly read other people's letters and get clues, and have the opportunity to travel around town just like we did when we were delivering pastries
No. 761610 ID: 94464c

Running from a problem won't make it go away, and it will only catch up to you.
No. 761619 ID: d163e3
File 148018493185.png - (30.96KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

You step outside and take a deep breath. The air is balmy and warm, and the sun is beating down on the quaint village. It’s Saturday, so Rachel may very well not be working. You might reserve your job hunt for the week when everyone is working again.

If not running from your problems is sound advice, it’s about twenty years too late.

(If you can help it, please keep discussion-centric suggestions to the disthread! Thanks!)
No. 761620 ID: d4516a

Go to Ramona. Might want to let her know how the whole thing with Susanna went.

Don't tell her everything.
No. 761622 ID: 44359f

Even if Susanna doesn't smell, you probably do. Go find somewhere you can clean up before you go back to Ramona, so she doesn't catch scent that you've been fuckin'. She'll probably be watching for signs that Susanna's gotten her claws on you.

Maybe Naz will let you use her shower?
No. 761625 ID: 180f83

Lets go key hunting at Ramona's.
No. 761626 ID: 71d443

Go see Naz at the library.
Enjoy escapism, it's a Saturday. Soothe your ego with a story glorifying some Robin Hood-like figure.
No. 761629 ID: 3abd97

Get nazzled.
No. 761632 ID: 0b4dd7

if running from your problems is wrong, you should never ever be right.
see if you can find Rachel for a game of charades and maybe dancing.
No. 761633 ID: 4854ef

Go see Naz, that's certainly a good distraction as any from your mind.
No. 761640 ID: 3e182c

So let's see.
Tell Ramona about the fucked up shit you saw in Suzannas head...
And Ask Suzanna about how the Train works.
That's good for later BUT FOR NOW Fuck that shit.

Go see if Naz want's to pull off another prank. I know she's sworn them off, but all that means is that she probably has plenty floating around inn her head already.
No. 761641 ID: e136ae

>If not running from your problems is sound advice, it’s about twenty years too late.

That's tough shit, Chuck -- Coxwette is one place you can't run from. Time to grow up. It's the weekend, you don't have a job and you're not going to work until Monday -- let's hit the train station. It has to stop sometime, right? It can't just hurl goods off and expect Rachel to catch it. Who drives the thing? (Also what happens if you hop a train?) Plus we haven't seen Harold Pal since the tracks. Maybe the hard-shelled bastard is invovled with the train somehow?
No. 761651 ID: 350a50

Don't betray Susanna's trust by spreading around her darkest secrets. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

If Ramona asks, just tell her the truth: Susanna and the monsters aren't on the same side, and she doesn't know everything.
No. 761655 ID: b41152

I wonder if we could find or buy a compass anywhere in town. Then we could start walking on one direction and see if we can find the extent of the Coxwette spell.
If we get Blair Witched into a loop, then that means either the train is the only way in and out, or there is simply no way out until we break the spell.
No. 761658 ID: 0198a0

We still have yet to properly fuck dog daughter.
Also when are we filming porn with Naz?
No. 761660 ID: b4cdcc

I guess... update questlog?

Go do some prep (weapons (flame based?), booby traps, etc) talk with naz about the porno, work on the gin for the cafe and update ramona on what we've learned, compare notes and shit.
No. 761661 ID: 3740b1

Find Rachel, she always seems to have work. Work that allows her to access restricted areas and equipment. Not to mention she's a good candidate to bang in the can--er help you explore the catacombs.
No. 761676 ID: b8d5aa

yeah, see what naz's take on all this is. she's into weird conspiracies and stuff, right?
No. 761680 ID: 9f3729

time for naz
No. 761681 ID: 91cfcf

No. 761682 ID: b1b4f3

Go give Sally a good railing. She's waited long enough.
No. 761686 ID: 5042bf

So, did anyone ever want to check why Ellen could just walk back to work without seeing Sophie or receiving any protests at all for getting up after OD on unknown substance?

You know just to see if Sophie is alive still or if contact with Chuck has made her a target like Marcie? Not saying panic but mayby panic.
No. 761693 ID: d163e3
File 148020874251.png - (17.74KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

You go to the library in search of Naz, which is tranquil in an unsettling way. You are the only one inside, and the lab is closed for the weekend. If you want to meet with the mouse, you will have to go to her apartment, where you will probably find Selma and Geoff as well.

You don't see any reason to panic as of right now.
No. 761695 ID: 180f83

knock on the door, just in case.

If no answer, pick up a Coxwette history book to read later.
No. 761696 ID: 350a50

Pick the lock.
No. 761698 ID: 18c9f5

Is it prank time? Because that sounds like prank time.
No. 761700 ID: 71d443

Sure, head to Naz's apartment.

Out of curiosity, look for the oldest book in the library's collection.
No. 761707 ID: d163e3
File 148021173446.png - (33.92KB , 500x500 , 53.png )

You could pick the lock to the lab with a couple of paperclips from Sally’s desk, but you’re not sure what that would achieve. Digging through the library for the oldest book sounds like work that a nerd would do.
No. 761710 ID: c441c1

first step obtain muffin outfit, second step kick in Naz's door/ pick lock which ever is easier for you, and finally make the magic happen.
No. 761711 ID: 71d443

That's why they staff nerds at the front desk, duh.
No. 761717 ID: b1b4f3

We should either go talk to Sophie about various things or Layla about the forest or flirt with Rachel or break into the warehouse with Ramona's permission to take the wire cutters.
No. 761718 ID: 180f83

Does Angela still need a computer that hasn't been tampered by Naz? maybe the computer lab has an extra one for her to use for her class. pick that lock.
No. 761720 ID: 350a50

You're breaking in not to investigate books, but to investigate the internet.

There is internet here. We need to know if it actually connects to the world outside.
No. 761721 ID: d163e3
File 148021296683.png - (31.42KB , 500x500 , 54.png )

You barely know how to use computers, let alone the internet. You keep the paperclips handy, but ultimately decide to go to Naz’s apartment. You hear some frantic hushing when you knock on the door, but Naz finally comes to answer it.

Naz: “Wh-”

Naz: “Hey.”

You: “So… what’s up?”

Naz: “Might not actually be the best time.”

You: “Everything alright?”

Naz looks back into the apartment for a second.

Naz: “Yeah. Yeah, definitely fine. Just busy.”
No. 761722 ID: c441c1

charge in like a dooshnozzle
No. 761723 ID: 29c4aa

Charge in she isn't your dad
No. 761724 ID: 180f83

Is Geoff or Selma busy then? call out to them towards the apartment
No. 761725 ID: 18c9f5

Peek around her. She's a short little mouse, i'm sure you can see in.
No. 761727 ID: 9876c4

Fucking cats, man. Gotta go wherever they aren't wanted.
No. 761729 ID: b1b4f3

She might be fooling around with Geoff. Warn her that if she does anything sinful tonight she shouldn't answer the door without visual confirmation.
No. 761731 ID: 9f3729

good plan
No. 761735 ID: bd08f5

We've got a date at the Bargewright Inn.
No. 761736 ID: 2120ee

"I don't care if you're fucking Lisa or whatever, you know."
No. 761739 ID: 8747d9

Give her the slyest grin you can muster, raise eyebrows to maximum. "We-heh-heeeelll, look at you being Ms. Playa. Aight, i gotcha. But im gonna want deets later, casanova~"
No. 761742 ID: 350a50

No. 761744 ID: b8d5aa

"whatever you're doing... can i watch?"
No. 761745 ID: e136ae

That kinda sounds like some sort of awkward flirt.
No. 761753 ID: 39b95c

we are not welcome here. things are still tense, between everyone in that room.
the best you can do is leave.
the second best would be to ask to apologize to selma and geoff for the other day, maybe you'd be able to stay after that.

why are we here again?
No. 761755 ID: 44359f

Nod and say "Sure, no problem, just felt like hanging out. Just off the top of your head, do you know anywhere good to relax in this town?"
No. 761756 ID: 65317a

Leave and visit Angela. Being her neighbor she should be nearby. Im sure the both of you could use someone to love right now.
No. 761766 ID: d163e3
File 148022904680.png - (179.97KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

You’re not in a habit of doing what Naz says, so you barge right past her.

Naz: “Chuck, wait”

You: “Well look at you lady miss pimp”

Naz: “Chuck!!”

You: “What do we have h-”
No. 761767 ID: d163e3
File 148022906896.png - (68.54KB , 500x500 , 57.png )


Selma: “Uhhhh”
No. 761768 ID: d163e3
File 148022908492.png - (69.20KB , 500x500 , 56.png )


No. 761769 ID: 18c9f5

Throw up some finger guns and sashay out.
No. 761770 ID: 7d8168

Oh hi Lisa. Sorry about earlier today, that was at least partially our fault.

You sure there's nothing going on here we could help with?
No. 761772 ID: 9876c4

Everything went better than expected.

We can leave, but we're gonna need details.
No. 761773 ID: 3abd97

Man you steal one little clipboard and some people lose their minds.

About face!
No. 761774 ID: 9cfa0d


"You sure you ladies don't need help with anything here?"
No. 761775 ID: 3e182c

I believe the appropriate response is "Huh".
You should probably leave.
You've earned your asshole point for day. Good job.
No. 761778 ID: b1b4f3

Well if there's no monster outside that just about confirms they are only active during and near nighttime.
No. 761779 ID: 180f83

Hey, you saw me naked, and I didn't yell my lungs out.
No. 761783 ID: b88e47

Finger guns no matter what you do.
No. 761789 ID: 2120ee

Hah, I predicted it flawlessly.

Make some kind of sassy remark about turnabout being fair game and leave. Try to laugh stuff off with Naz.
No. 761793 ID: 005d0c

"I knew you were being naughty. Why wasn't I invited to... whatever this is? I'm having a hell of a bad day and some beaver would really make it better."

Something like that. I really want to make a beaver joke.
No. 761809 ID: 9f3729

"What, really? with all the puritanical sheet zombies roaming about? Damn guys."
No. 761823 ID: 8747d9

Sweet. Dont forget to mention how you gave Lisa an orgasm via proxy.
No. 761830 ID: 71d443

No. 761842 ID: 6612fa

"now we are even lisa, after you did it to me"
then >>761769 but while moon walking out the door and close it.
don't even say bye.

let her think you have magic powers of knowing whenever sex is being had, you know when and where, and can pop up at any of those times unannounced.
No. 761847 ID: 6505c6

gonna need to turn into smug overdrive as you leave
No. 761859 ID: d163e3
File 148026419112.png - (39.22KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

You use finger-guns in combination with extreme eyebrow height. This combination has been proven very effective in numerous clinical trials.

You: “Hey, I didn’t scream when you saw me naked.”

Selma gasps.

Selma: “NO WAY”

Selma: “You saw Chuck naked?”

Lisa: “Noo!”

Lisa: “Well, yes”

Lisa is taking very slow, deep breaths that remind you of someone stepping into a cold pool.

Lisa: “It’s not what you think!”
No. 761860 ID: d163e3
File 148026420731.png - (54.68KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

She starts laughing really nervously.

Lisa: “I’ve never been so embarrassed.”

You: “What’s the big deal? I saw you in your underwear before anyway.”

Lisa: “U-uh…”
No. 761861 ID: d4516a

Flirt shamelessly.
No. 761862 ID: 8a204b

"Not only did she see me naked, I gave her such a powerful orgasm it exploded her clipboard."
No. 761863 ID: 91cfcf

We probably shouldn't mention the last bit, explaining context would get more than a bit awkward. But yeah, remind her of the orgasm Chuck gave her.
No. 761865 ID: bb78f2

Lisa, Lisa, it's fine.
Jeez, it's just the body.
You don't need to feel shame here. We're ALL very forward, and you've experienced a bunch.
Just pretend I'm a doctor.
No. 761868 ID: d4516a

In fact, shouldn't it be time for your check-up...?
No. 761871 ID: d163e3
File 148026629373.png - (49.83KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

You: “Come on. The body is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Selma: “Ok I wanna hear the details about you and Chuck.”

Lisa: “It was at the mayor’s office. We didn’t do anything. Well, not really. I can’t really explain”

Lisa: “Ooooh god”

Lisa: “Ssss”

Lisa: “Ooookay”

Lisa: “Okay. Oh god”

Lisa: “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn”
No. 761872 ID: 71d443

She was peepin'. Go on, make Selma jealous.
No. 761873 ID: c441c1

Story time. Story time. STORY TIME!
No. 761874 ID: 91cfcf

"Basically she was a voyeur and got a huge orgasm from watching me. Looks like she really likes remembering it, huh?"
No. 761875 ID: 91cfcf

Oh and be sure to mention that it was a magical moment. And offer to demonstrate your talents for everyone here.
No. 761876 ID: df90d0

Look, just pull your pants and underwear off if they wanna be like this. The body is nothing to fear.
No. 761878 ID: c441c1

keep underware on. because no one else has lost theirs and Chuck isn't a slut.(pffffft yeah right)
No. 761881 ID: 73b398

Whip out your dick and rub it in Lisa's face.
No. 761885 ID: 49f18e

she no longer covering take a look at her beaver
No. 761887 ID: d163e3
File 148026778348.png - (40.07KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

You: “Well, the short story is that she was peeping on me getting busy with someone and had a big orgasm.”

You: “Looks like she’s having another one right now just thinking about it”

Naz: “Actually she’s having another one right now because she’s been sitting on a huge vibrator this whole time.”
No. 761888 ID: d163e3
File 148026779490.png - (51.54KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

Selma: “What a fucking champ!!!
No. 761889 ID: c441c1

mumble something about how your sure your magnum dong helped.
No. 761890 ID: 9603f8

Immediately get the Boner to End All Boners™ at the sight of the state Lisa's in.
No. 761891 ID: df90d0

No. 761892 ID: 73b398

Say you have something else for her to sit on and whip out your dick.
No. 761893 ID: 91cfcf

"Well it still looked like it, and that's the important thing."

Then see if you can use carnal speech and either way suggest that you can show them what Lisa liked so much. Get naked, it's rude to keep your clothes on.
No. 761894 ID: 309d35

Man, y'all have all kinds of fun without me.
No. 761895 ID: 15a025

Tell Selma you'll show her what a real champ Lisa is if she wants to.
No. 761898 ID: 9876c4

So, you guys do this often?

Seems like there's some kinda story here.
No. 761900 ID: 94464c

No. 761902 ID: 3abd97

>“Actually she’s having another one right now because she’s been sitting on a huge vibrator this whole time.”
You need to give this situation a massive thumbs up.

"Okay, I have no idea how this happened, but I approve."
No. 761903 ID: d163e3
File 148027062930.png - (45.61KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

Seeing the ecstatic look on Lisa’s face confirms: the destruction of the clipboard was probably the best thing that ever happened to her.

You: “Do you do this often?”

Naz: “What? This? Uh, no, not with Lisa.”

Naz: “But she just kind of showed up today and really wanted to talk about fucking.”

Naz: “So”

Naz shrugs.

Naz: “I don’t know what you did to her, but she was pretty pent up or something.”

You: “Wasn’t me. That was all Susanna.”

Lisa: “Uhhhh”

Lisa: “Please don’t tell the mayor”

Selma zips her lips. You are less worried about the mayor finding out lately than one of those monsters catching wind.
No. 761904 ID: d163e3
File 148027065885.png - (41.85KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

You: “Hm”

You: “Mhm…”

You: “Fascinating.”
No. 761905 ID: cc7ce4

Damn,Lisa's a freak on the inside
No. 761906 ID: d4516a

Just up-front, unsubtly, ask if she'd be up for fucking.
No. 761907 ID: d4516a

Oh, and Naz and Selma can stay and watch.
No. 761911 ID: 44359f

Uh oh Chuck looks like Naz just undid your pants without you noticing so that when you stepped forward you'd trip and fall! That wily prankstress.

Tell her you admire her fingers, among other things.
No. 761913 ID: 15a025

The prank master strikes again.
No. 761914 ID: 0041a8

So wait, the spell on the clipboard was what kept her from going full degenerate? Hell, ol' snakemayor must have used a whole lot of magic to be able to keep all that sex-craziness.

On the other hand we need to keep an eye on her, not only due to her being all crazy about sex (on top of being pretty damn hot), but since if sinful acts attract the abominations, then they might strike at some point (although she spends a lot of time with the mayor, so at least she has a safety net).
No. 761919 ID: 005d0c

Ask if she'd like to try the real thing. Because after seeing this there's no way you're going home without fucking one of them, if not all of them.
No. 761920 ID: 005d0c

Maybe "Are you ready to try the real thing?" instead of if she wants. A psychological trick of downplaying the option of not riding Chuck.
No. 761924 ID: d4516a

I say we crank sin up to eleven just to spite the fuckers.
No. 761925 ID: 350a50

Completely fail to notice you've been pants'd, then try to walk and trip over.
No. 761926 ID: e44e5a

Aaaalright ladies, who's first?
No. 761928 ID: d163e3
File 148028038228.png - (39.84KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

Naz didn’t actually pull your pants down. They were just suddenly down, because you could not justify them remaining up in this situation.

You: “So.”

You: “Sex. Who’s first?”

You can tell that Naz is trying hard to be cool.

Naz: “Well that’s awfully lewd.”

Naz: “Lisa, what’s your opinion on all this? It’s hot, right?”

Lisa looks off to the side and nods, smiling just long enough to see. She sits up, frantically straightening out her hair and covering herself up in a blanket.

Lisa: “Please, please I’m a hundred percent serious. Do not tell the mayor about this.”

Lisa: “She will be furious.”
No. 761929 ID: c441c1

I don't think she could be mad after what I just did to her but its not like she needs to know.
No. 761930 ID: 4cfe41

"Don't worry, I won't. But you remember what you saw? She doesn't have room to talk."
No. 761931 ID: 4854ef

No reason she needs to know honestly, you are your own woman, I have no reason to tell her nor would I.
No. 761933 ID: 18c9f5

No. 761934 ID: 350a50

"I think she'd be more worried than angry, Lisa."
No. 761937 ID: 3e182c

Tell her what?
No. 761939 ID: c230be

Pull in naz and Lisa
"Our little secret ;)"
No. 761940 ID: bb78f2

She has no right to be furious, and she even knows it.
Don't worry, I won't tell.
Also, Naz, think I know the full story behind those monsters, well most of it. Just hope your friend might actually be able to help find a way to kill 'em or stop 'em permanently so that sin can happen in this town without judgement by a bunch of monsters.

And that sweet people like Marcie can't get taken anymore and lose three weeks time or come back as a baby if Susanna fucks up next time someone dissapears.
No. 761941 ID: 9876c4

As long as we're not telling her things, let's not tell her about what we're about to do about what comes next.
No. 761942 ID: 71d443

"Furious? More like jealous."
No. 761948 ID: 9876c4

Also, such enthusiasm would be useful for our film project...
No. 761950 ID: 3abd97

I won't tell her if you won't.
No. 761951 ID: c441c1

Now who has the camera and where is my costume?
No. 761955 ID: 180f83

Naz, get the collars
No. 761959 ID: 398fe1

Well I mean she has good reason to be furious since it's endangering the town and all but so long as nobody goes wandering off alone it should be fine.
No. 761964 ID: ebc360

Make-up sex with Naz, maybe the collar on you or her. If it goes on you it happens on your terms WITHOUT being some fucked up nonconsensual sexy surprise.
No. 761965 ID: 71d443

No collars. Don't dish out what you can't take.
No. 761972 ID: 8a204b

Ask Lisa if she's still a virgin.
No. 762008 ID: 005d0c

"As long as we're all guilty no one can say a thing." Then make your way over to Lisa and take off your shirt.
No. 762046 ID: d163e3
File 148035440221.png - (81.57KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

You: “Ladies, ladies”

You: “Susanna’s not going to be mad! She’s going to be scared

You: “for our lives

Lisa: “That doesn’t make me feel better, actually.”

You: “You gotta just stop thinking for a minute.”

You: “Stop worrying.”

You: “Let yourself go animal for a little while and worry about the consequences later.”

Lisa: “I guess it is kind of nice not having the mayor check up on me constantly.”

Naz: “She actually followed you around??”

Lisa: “Uh, no… a magic clipboard we used to communicate incorporeally.”


Naz: “Oh.”

Naz: “Rad.”

You: “So are we suiting up for a movie or what?”

Selma: “Did you bring the costumes? I don’t have one for Lisa.”

You: “Can’t you pull something out of the closet?”

Selma: “Do you really think anything we have is going to fit her?”


Selma: “No offense, Lisa. We’re tiny”

You: “Well, I left the costumes at the Plath House anyway.”
No. 762047 ID: 0555b9

Guess you'll have to come as you are!
No. 762049 ID: 595d54

Well, every good show needs a rehearsal anyway.
No. 762052 ID: 180f83

Yeah, we are going to use the porno movie also as a way to trap the monsters. This is just a rehearsal.
No. 762053 ID: 73b398

Rehearse fondling Lisa's boobs.
No. 762054 ID: 44359f

There are passages in scripture against, you know, being a monster or doing monstery things. Killing people, et cetera. Maybe quoting at them would achieve something. Have yourselves a theological debate with them. Or... I dunno. Maybe non-christian exorcism traditions would work against them?

... yeah unlikely.

I'm not so sure about this sin thing, anyway. I mean, Marcie didn't technically commit any sins that I'm aware of.
No. 762057 ID: 02efa3

I think it's time to reaffirm Chuck's status as THE LEGEND once again, and I think doing all three ladies at once might as well count as rehearsal for the shoot.

Except Naz might be problematic. He'll probably have to fuck her mouth instead.
No. 762075 ID: 188451

Maybe set up the ground rules ahead of time.
No. 762076 ID: 9876c4

It's a shame events have left us so sour on scripture, because this here is a goddamm divine mandate.

Thou shalt anoint thy rod and thy staff within all dat rodent booty.
No. 762082 ID: 9d4cd2

May I suggest that we and Naz work together with nothing but our hands and tongues (at first) to give Lisa the time of her life.
Selma can just watch.
No. 762086 ID: 3abd97

>Lisa: “Uh, no… a magic clipboard we used to communicate incorporeally.”
I just love that she's just completely casual about that.
No. 762091 ID: 005d0c

Do Lisa first to give her less time to change her mind. Start with some foreplay first though, get all three of them worked up and wanting more.
No. 762139 ID: 224006

Engage rodent pile
No. 762149 ID: 398fe1

Rehearsing the porno lines does make sense.
No. 762153 ID: 91ee5f

And the fact that Naz is just casually accepting that.
No. 762218 ID: d163e3
File 148040970910.png - (60.52KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

You descend in a rich, thick rodent pile. You seem to float in this middle of it, the excess of sensation making it difficult to distinguish what set of lips is smooching where. Lisa is whispering something in French that you don’t understand, and you are completely overcome with the intense heat and weight of three bodies crowded around you. Your tongue is checking out Lisa’s giant buck teeth, and Naz is slobbering all over your dick. Even Selma is taking part, nibbling your neck somewhere around your collar bone.

It’s too much. It’s way too much. You thought you could handle this easily, but you’re just a man, and this is so much more than any man can prepare himself for.

No. 762219 ID: d163e3
File 148040974968.png - (36.92KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

You don’t know how long it’s been, but it hasn’t been long enough. You know that you look and feel like an idiot, but at least you’re an idiot with three ladies sucking on various parts of your body.

No. 762220 ID: d163e3
File 148040978602.png - (36.01KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

Unable to hold back, you just let it go. You’re shouting and moaning, and your pleasure makes the girls very happy.

No. 762222 ID: d163e3
File 148040986070.png - (33.79KB , 500x500 , 70.png )

”Are you still cumming?”

Oh wow…

I didn’t know someone could… oh my... this MUCH

Mhmmm… What's that? I thought I heard you say LISA!

No. 762223 ID: 595d54

No. 762224 ID: 398fe1

What the fuck what time is it? What day is it? Susanna you said this wouldn't happen again.
No. 762225 ID: 8a204b

Stare incredulously at her. Then facepalm.

"...I never left your bedroom, did I? Goddammit, you sexy, devious, siren of a serpent."
No. 762226 ID: 595d54

After the 'what', "...that was sexy as fuck and I really can't be mad right now, but come on, we talked about trust and everything, you couldn't have let me know a fantasy was coming? I'd have made it more spectacular if I knew. ...when exactly did it start?"
No. 762227 ID: 7d8168

Susie, you've got some 'splainin' to do! You said Chuck wasn't gonna forget anything, and that you were gonna stop mind mind-controlling people, and I'm pretty sure at least one of those two things just happened.

...though in retrospect that went too smoothly even for THE LEGEND.
No. 762228 ID: c57f6b

No. 762229 ID: 7cd9c6

I may be just a little upset right now.
Did I ever leave?
No. 762231 ID: 44359f

Look at it this way, Chuck: you've gone from stretching an orgasm across three ladies to four ladies. And my guess is that Susanna had such a hankering for your dick that she's gone and turned back time just for another piece. That or you just passed out and Susanna's in your dreams. In your dreams because she wants your dick.

Or having sex with Susanna somehow tangled up some sort of save point time loop and now every time you cum you get transported back to her bed.

Anyway, she's probably messing with you and she needs to be punished. Sexy-like. Tell her you thought she was tired of questions, then roll her over into a better position, get your face between her legs and make her scream.
No. 762232 ID: fe1fe4

Sooo... wanna join?
No. 762244 ID: d4516a

"...Yeah this actually explains a lot."

Then return the favor.
No. 762248 ID: 9876c4

So yeah, this is a bit uncool. Where are we really?

This is not my beautiful rodent pile.
No. 762250 ID: 4d9425

Yup. This p much.
No. 762252 ID: 02efa3

Well this is awkward. But you're not exactly in a position to do anything but continue fucking, are you?
No. 762253 ID: 2120ee

"Yeah, be a doll and call her in here, would you?"
No. 762254 ID: d4516a

But seriously, afterwards explain to her that it'd be nice if she warned us about these things beforehand.
No. 762266 ID: 1ac545

That's actually sort of funny
No. 762267 ID: 064dbf

"Did you or did you not kick me out for asking too many questions, or did I imagine that? Because going about my day and then suddenly snapping back to the 8th wonder of the world playing with my dick is really disorienting."
No. 762268 ID: 383927

No. 762280 ID: 3e182c

No. 762284 ID: 6b7b79

Don't get angry. Try to figure out what the sequence of events is here. Did you lose some memories or is this time control shenanigans?

Also try to cuddle Susanna a bit this time around.
No. 762285 ID: b15da4

I thought we were past this kind of stuff.

...I didn't say stop.

Curtail the cuestions and cut to cuddles this time.
No. 762286 ID: 15a025

Did we just get pranked by the snayor?
No. 762291 ID: d163e3
File 148044301136.png - (20.52KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

You are buzzing from head to toe. Colorful sparks dance on the fringes of your vision, and your muscles have been pulverized into complete relaxation amid an intense euphoria that sways the entire world beneath you. You hear the drone of a figure skater’s blades, practicing alone in an empty stadium. The sound gradually fades into silence, only to be replaced by Susanna’s strange messages.

“I’m sorry, I’ve made a mess.”

You don’t actually hear her. You can hear your heart pounding, but Susanna’s words just kind of formulate in your brain.

“Hey, it’s your bed,” you reply, your lips only mouthing the words. “Am I breathing? It feels like I’m not breathing.”

“You are breathing, and quite heavily. How do you feel?”

You: “Bbbb…lll”

You: “Ssss”

Susanna taps your chest with her claws. The gentle prickling sensation brings you back down to earth almost instantly.

You: “What the fuck was that?!”

Susanna: “My hands.”

You: “No, I mean… fuck, what time is it?”
No. 762292 ID: d163e3
File 148044302611.png - (70.80KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

Susanna: “About one o’ clock.”

You: “I’m just trying to figure this out. You didn’t scream at me to leave?”

Susanna: “No.”

Susanna: “We had wonderful sex. Lisa came in for a moment after her clipboard suffered some unexpected damage.”

Susanna: “ Which I’ll have to address later…

You hold your head and focus on breathing for a minute.

Susanna: “You were screaming for more, and I couldn’t refuse you.”
No. 762293 ID: fceae5

Either she's lying or she's actually unaware.
Describe what you experienced.
No. 762294 ID: b4a075

Considering that woman completely emptied you out of this world, it'd be a good idea to cuddle up(and check for gunshot scars).
No. 762295 ID: 180f83

Tell her you think you have gained the ability to time travel somehow.
No. 762296 ID: b15da4

Apologies for hypocrisy, but... try to figure out what just happened. Did Susanna use time magic? ...Did you unknowingly use carnal speech yourself?
No. 762297 ID: b4a075

Oh, shit, when you think about it >>761351 might have been Susanna yelling at Lisa to get out and it got through the hallucination. And considering that it was 1PM at that point, there wouldn't have been a time skip at all.

It makes sense to a degree, too. There's ways to check. There's the lunch Chuck was supposed to pay to Penny, which turned from a soup into a sandwich, and if our bux are the same as beforehand, that definitely didn't happen or Chuck forgot to pay.
The Girls were just straight up OK with doing some bullshit lewd stuff in the middle of the afternoon(all three of them avoiding work it seems).
Naz practically ignored Lisa's remark, despite it being basically a smoking gun about the clipboard. Geoff seems to be absent from the house, too.
No. 762298 ID: 3e182c

The Legend doesn't scream for more.

Still, no need to interrogate the Snayor on the truth of this. We can just ask Penny if we came in earlier, Later.

Tel her that if were gonna keep meeting like this, that she's going to need to teach us how to use the Carnal Speech ourselves.
No. 762301 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you think you came so hard you existed in a different timeline for a little while.
No. 762302 ID: b15da4

>all three of them avoiding work it seems
It's a Saturday. Or so Chuck thinks.
No. 762304 ID: 398fe1

The lunch was a bowl of soup and half a sandwich. Soup and a half.
No. 762308 ID: dd4df2

Oy vey.

Were you just in someone else's fanfic?
No. 762309 ID: 3bb921

Don't tell the mayor about what happened- Lisa very seriously laid out that the result would not be good, and I'm inclined to trust her. Now that you've experienced... whatever that was, talk to lisa. She no doubt has had some sort of glitch like this before under the mayor.
No. 762312 ID: 3e182c

Oh yeah. When we left we left the photo on the table near the door.

If we're really paranoid, we can check our pockets to see if it's still there.
No. 762316 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, true. Even if it didn't happen, Chuck can't go blabbing about Lisa's personal time.

Hey, how come sex with the mayor is fine? Is her bedroom warded?
No. 762324 ID: ae13f3

>Lisa: “Please, please I’m a hundred percent serious. Do not tell the mayor about this.”

we still don't know wtf is going on. i say we do not tell.
No. 762327 ID: 9402b1

No. 762336 ID: c3bfb9

Did...did she possibly reset us? Like back to before she threw us out and somehow we still remembered?
Regardless rap her thighs around your ears and don't stop till either her or you are numb.
No. 762337 ID: e136ae

Some of the suggestions did want a second go.

However, this is the third time slip at least. Once when walking home Chuck had a flashback and suddenly in a meeting with Susanna. No memory of the time period between then and the mayor's meeting. No explanation for the flashback.

Another when he slept over at Marcie's but was told he was with the Plath's.

So first we have a time skip. Then we seem to be running in an alternative timeline. And now we're doing it again, except this time we've got a reset.

Susanna's giving Chuck some puppy eyes, so invite her to cuddle up for a moment before asking if she's ever experienced lost time.
No. 762338 ID: 9876c4

Something smells here, and it's not just 500 buckets of spectaculate ejaculate.

We should extricate, and investigate.
No. 762342 ID: 3abd97

>Susanna: “You were screaming for more, and I couldn’t refuse you.”
Well I can't complain about your initiate.

Sorry, I think I OD-ed on carnal speaking things, there. Was strait up hallucinating things that weren't happening.

...assuming I'm not still doing that.
No. 762344 ID: 6b7b79

Well it's better than having her scream at you to get out... Ask if there could be any side effects from being so intimate using carnal speech.
No. 762346 ID: d163e3
File 148045899775.png - (29.80KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

You: “Did you reset me just now?”

Susanna: “What do you mean?”

You: “Like you did with Marcie.”

Susanna: “No… why do you think I did?”

You: “I left your office! I went and had lunch at Penny’s, and then went to Naz’s apartment.”

You: “Did something happen that forced you to use fucked up time magic on me?”

You: “Fangs, watch the… fangs

Susanna thinks on it.

Susanna: “I kind of remember those things… like a dream almost. It was likely your experience with the carnal speech. I cannot do any kind of, what did you call it, time magic without a sizable piece of blue agate.”

You find it difficult to concentrate on anything that Susanna is saying when she is stopping to suck head between sentences.

You: “That’s not fucking possible. I talked to Penny, I talked to Naz. Lisa… even Selma. They were THERE talking to me.”

Susanna: “Were they?”

Susanna: “I’m really sorry if I… I didn’t mean to deceive you. I don’t truly know how the speech affects the mute.”

You: “The mute?”

Susanna: “Non-speakers. People who can’t.”

Susanna: “That is to say, most people.”
No. 762347 ID: d163e3
File 148045901184.png - (35.55KB , 500x500 , 74.png )


Susanna: “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”
No. 762348 ID: 595d54

No, she didn't. You're just a bit confused about what was real and what wasn't now. Overall, it was pretty great, and now that you know what to expect, it wouldn't be a problem a second time.
No. 762350 ID: 398fe1

I guess not? It wasn't an unpleasant experience, just unsettling and confusing. Actually the orgasm was goddamn mind-blowing so that makes up for it, certainly.

If carnal speech allows you to "remember" things that happened to either person, maybe this was you "remembering" a possible future? Ask her if she ever tried to do that on purpose. Like, telling the future by looking into someone's memories.
No. 762351 ID: 91ee5f

>“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”
No, you didnt. And as long as you're careful with those fangs, you won't hurt me.

(I know she's talking about the carnal speech thing that just happened, but I just feel like talking about the what she's doing with her mouth instead.)
No. 762353 ID: 3abd97

No. It's.... confusing, but not painful. It's not like I saw bad things, either.

>I don’t truly know how the speech affects the mute.
...have you ever even had a peer? Someone else who could talk like that, or have you been figuring it out by trail error the same way I'm stumbling around it now.
No. 762354 ID: 7d8168

Yeah I'm hurt. I missed out on like... 90% of that blowjob. What gives?

More seriously though, not knowing what's real is a pretty serious issue... people go to the crazy house for stuff like that. I don't want that to just happen accidentally.
No. 762355 ID: 73b398

The only way to test what's real and what's not is to put it in her butt.