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File 137884855601.png - (60.95KB , 840x600 , 86.png )
540147 No. 540147 ID: 116e43

Thread 1: >>/questarch/494015
Discussion: >>/questdis/76095
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No. 540148 ID: 116e43
File 137884859108.png - (26.67KB , 840x600 , 87.png )

Before you say anything, I know that this is another dream. I’ve pinched myself a bunch, though, and I can’t wake up, so this might have to play out a little longer first.

Lumoto is here somewhere, but it’s really dark. I heard him say that we need to get out of this room. The problem is that the door is locked. Help me out.
No. 540150 ID: 2accaa

Go through the keyhole, man! Do you even know the first thing about doors?
No. 540151 ID: 96c896

Just unzip the wall to your right.
No. 540153 ID: 399612

Come on man, you can smash through that shit no sweat. Just use your super awesome dream strength and shatter it into tiny shitty splinters.
No. 540158 ID: bf54a8

and if all that fails and it's one of THOSE dreams, then put that cube on the floor into the slot.
No. 540163 ID: 07e3a8

Well, there's a zipper to the right. There's also a block on the left that looks like it fits into a slot in the wall behind it.
No. 540167 ID: 4d99b6

Check the top of the ladder, we might be able to climb out...Hrrm.
Ladder, cube or wall zip. I'm not sure but I think there might be deeper meaning here than at first glance...
No. 540175 ID: 9ddf68

try cube then if that doesn't do anything go for the latter.
No. 540319 ID: 116e43
File 137896156037.gif - (32.85KB , 910x650 , 88.gif )

You seem different today. Probably just the dream.

Nothing. I can't break it. It's like I can't control a thing in this stupid dream.

UGH, this thing is heavy. I can't move it at all.
"Lumoto, would you help me move this?"
>"Yeah, okay."
We grab it and try to lift, but it won't even go an inch off the ground.
>"Gah, this thing weighs as much as my balls."
Well, I guess putting the cube in that slot isn't going to happen, but it looks like that slot is where it goes. We are able to push and pull the cube where ever we want, though. We just can't lift it.

>wall zip
What's this thing?
Huh, yeah it just opens.
I walk through and come to a ledge. Good thing I saw it since it's so dark. Looking down, I see... Lumoto's down there. What?
Yeah, here's the ladder. I climb down, back to where I was before. The zipper opened up a crazy portal.
the picture is animated to demonstrate this

There's nothing else in this room, so I think our best bet is to get the cube in that slot, but how? We can push and pull the cube, but not lift.
No. 540320 ID: 07e3a8

One of you push the cube through crazy portal, and then off the edge. The other should be waiting below to push the cube into the slot as it falls down the wall.
No. 540321 ID: 9ddf68

...so we're going to have to push it through the portal and then try to shove it in the hole as if falls?

Yeah I think we missing something here or this was just designed to be one giant pain in the ass.
No. 540323 ID: 96c896

Well, you may as well *try* pushing the cube over the edge up there. Maybe it'll fall really slowly, or stick to the wall? I would advise not having anyone below it just in case it just falls. It is rather heavy after all.
No. 540328 ID: 399612

Time to test some dream physics! So, basically, what everyone else said.
No. 540355 ID: e1716a

Miiight be possible to catch that thing and ram it into the slot. I don't think it's 'actually really heavy' otherwise it wouldn't be the case that you can push/pull it around? Well, maybe. If pushing it around it seems like something you should be able to lift, then one person can push it through the portal and off the cliff, and the other catches it and slides it into the hole.
No. 540629 ID: 8814de
File 137922112093.gif - (66.97KB , 910x650 , 89.gif )

There’s absolutely no way I’d be able to knock the heavy, falling cube into that tiny slot. Just no way, that’s too hard.
But it is a good idea to slide the thing off to see what it does. I help Lumoto move the cube through the zipper portal and up to the ledge. Then I go back through so I can watch what happens.

It hits the ground.
Okay, that was weird. A box should topple over BEFORE it gets all the way over an edge, right? The cube didn’t start to topple over at all. It just fell straight down the moment it was all the way over the ledge.
We try again, but this time I have us just set the thing right on the end of the ledge to see if it falls. Guess what, it doesn’t. It just sits there, 80% of it off of the edge.
the picture is animated to help demonstrate this

I think we’re about to figure this thing out. Just need to somehow use what we know about how the cubes work.
No. 540633 ID: 96c896

Ah, I see. Can you take cubes out of the already-completed puzzle? If so, slide the one out that's below the empty spot, but not all the way. You want to use that one to "catch" the falling cube. Then you push both in.

If that's not far enough out, you could slide the two on the right out to reach further away from the wall. Then you'd have to just push the caught block back towards the wall, then over to the left so that the third block catches it.
No. 540634 ID: 399612


Do this.
No. 541152 ID: 116e43
File 137961635330.gif - (27.43KB , 840x600 , 90.gif )

That’s seems pretty simple. Alright, we take the cube under the slot and pull it out just a little bit, then line the other one up on the ledge so that it will fall on the one below. We ever so slightly push it so that it doesn’t fall too far.

It falls and lands on the one below just like we thought. Cool.
When we slide the cubes in, it makes a satisfying click as the door immediately disappears.
No. 541155 ID: 116e43
File 137961638807.png - (43.05KB , 840x600 , 92.png )

I wander what this is all about.
>"Who is it? Who’s there?”
>”It’s Lumoto. Mayli and I are here.”
”Why is it so dark?”
Why did I say that just now?
No. 541156 ID: 116e43
File 137961639856.png - (34.83KB , 840x600 , 93.png )

>“I’m so glad you two are here. Do you have weapons?”
”I have a sword. Also, this thing on my head has some wicked teeth!”
I didn’t want to say that! Can I not control my voice anymore?
>”And I’ve got my trusty fists!”
>“Great! Now listen, something’s wrong. I cannot seem to remember anything since I went to the hospital after this worm popped out of my head. Plus, Iona is acting very strange, and-“
Whoa! Iona just… Gah, I can’t talk!

>”Took much less time than I thought.”

What is with this dream?
No. 541157 ID: 116e43
File 137961640903.png - (85.01KB , 840x600 , 94.png )

>“Iona… Y-you have three seconds to explain why you did this!”
>”We did this, Lumin.”

Wait, this couldn’t be…

>"No, no, I didn't do anything! Nothing!"

Yeah, it’s that nightmare that Lumin had. I’m somehow having it too.
No. 541159 ID: 116e43
File 137961645543.png - (138.18KB , 840x600 , 96.png )


>"Bad dream?"
No. 541167 ID: bf54a8

also explains why he flipped out on iona before.
No. 541171 ID: 399612

Who is asking? If it's Lumin go ahead and explain that you just had the same sort of dream that he told you about in the hospital. If it's one of our companions just say yeah but that you're fine and go find Lumin.
No. 541188 ID: 399612

Looks like some progress has been made in the travels. What is this place like? And what is that horrifying blue mass above with equally horrifying white masses floating in it?
No. 541193 ID: 9ddf68

No. 541232 ID: 96c896

Ah. Um, guess what? We're Big Boss. We've somehow swapped worms.
No. 542521 ID: 8814de
File 138042814426.png - (181.63KB , 840x600 , 97.png )

Lumin's cap crawler? What do you mean, "swapped"? I don't get it.
I think that dream's still messing with me. You're awake now, Mayli, get with it.

Still having a hard time getting used to the outside, huh? That's the sky, dummy.
Also, we have made good progress. That's why I proposed the fantastic idea of sleeping in this morning, because we're ahead of schedule. At least according to Domino we are. It's a two day trip, so we should still get there tonight. WE BETTER.

Veliss said it. Her and Lumin are both awake, and...
He doesn't exactly look okay.
>"He has been that way for three minutes. I did not want to pry."
"Huh. Lumin, what's wrong? Answer me!"
He's not moving.
No. 542522 ID: bf54a8

dream swap. he saw your dream.
No. 542523 ID: 7bbaae

Oh no. If you saw our dream, then he saw yours. The one with the snake-dick. ...except he saw it from the other perspective. Which is... worse. How far did that dream go? Was there anything you left out, Mayli?

Seriously though, we are Big Boss. This has something to do with our weird biology. I'm guessing new cap crawlers are always born in pairs.
No. 542525 ID: 9ddf68

... We'll if you just had the dream he had back from when you 2 went to the hospital I think that means he just had the dream you had back then. You know the one where his Cap crawler was growing out of his crotch... on the bright side you now know he was dreaming about you.
No. 542526 ID: bf54a8

also yeah, it wasn't a physical swap, but a mental one.
No. 542542 ID: c23ab0

Oh dear lord. Assure poor Lumoto that you're entirely sure that dream was entirely your fault and there's nothing wrong with his psyche that he should be worried about.

How did this even

No. 542619 ID: 4f1dac

He's blushing, it seems that you got the disturbing dream this time and he got the unexpectedly pornographic one. The guy is utterly embarrassed by it, is he a virgin or something?

I don't know what your relationship with him is like but there are worse possible solutions than asking your other companions for some privacy and doing some 69, a bit of a hair of the dog type treatment. If you don't know what 69 is then completely ignore that suggestion, you'd probably screw it up.
My alternate suggestion would be to smirk at him and say, "It's alright, the look on your face is too amusing for me to be mad at you about dreams you couldn't control anyway." If you want a relationship with him now would be an especially good time to try an embrace and a kiss on the cheek as well, possibly supplemented by a suggestive pose or two as you get up if you want to tease him.
No. 542657 ID: dbe554

*Give him a soft nuzzle* Tell him it's alright, and that he will be okay.
No. 542837 ID: 01531c

Which worm are we?!
No. 542844 ID: 7bbaae

It's very simple. We're Big Boss, using the body of Mayli's worm.
No. 542883 ID: 9c5b53
File 138078250065.png - (186.73KB , 840x600 , 98.png )

>we are Big Boss
But that's so weird, even more than having a worm dug into my head already! So what, you are the mind of what used to be in Lumin's mind or something? Is that why I had that dream, and why you sound so different too?

>dream swap
Oh, so he had the one where he BIT ME with his cap crawler that was completely coming out of the wrong place? He better have had a good reason for that, because I can't remember much about that dream except for that part.

Whoa, nasty! None of that is anywhere near appropriate.

Let's... just try to talk to him about the dream, hopefully get his attention.

"Lumin, do you remember that dream I told you about at the hospital?"
His head twitches and he looks over at me with a really silly face.
>"Hwah, yawat?! What about it now?"
"That dream I told you about, did you, like, have it?"
"Yeah, like did you have the same dream?"
>"GHGhow would you know anything about THAT?"
"Because I just had the dream about The Column, the same one you talked about. And my cap crawler says that he's Big Boss and that our worms swapped minds or something."
>"That's fucking crazy, is that why this thing sounds so different?"
"I guess. Did you not come to the same conclusion?"
>"Mayli, do you REMEMBER what HAPPENED in that dream?"
"Uh, not really."
>"Oh my FUCKING sweet heavens, Mayli!"
"What, I'm sorry. You shouldn't worry anyway, it's just a dream."
>"Oh no, you will NEVER understand what I went through in there. I'll forgive you, but you can't apologize for it."
"What happened?"
>"I'll tell you someday. But not today. Absolutely not."

Veliss pipes in.
>"I would like to know."
>"Nuh-uh. No way. I need time to heal."
>"Heal? From a dream? That is a strange idea."
>"I don't care. I need to."
>"Alright. Since we are all awake, though, we should eat breakfast."
Domino sits up.
>"Who went and told Veliss that I was awake?"

I suppose I could use some food.
No. 542884 ID: 9c5b53
File 138078255303.gif - (30.87KB , 840x600 , 99.gif )

Except now something is poking me and it's really annoying.

No. 542885 ID: 7bbaae

Ask him what.
No. 542893 ID: d6c045


Probably involved tentacles and our actual reproduction cycle, which is likely horrifying. Hopefully not on the level of SOME parasites

Be more polite. This might be his property. Hello, uh, you?
No. 542895 ID: c23ab0

Leave poor Lumin to his struggle between terror and uncomfortable arousal at dreaming about his dick turning into a giant toothed worm and going on a rampage. He'll be fine. Now you have a weasel poking you who clearly needs attention.
No. 542896 ID: 75ab34

Start pocking it back and see which one stops first.
No. 542897 ID: 279f18

Tentacle poke it back.

No tongue.
No. 542898 ID: dbe554


Yeah wait till the second date for that.

Either way how ya doing anyways, feeling good girl?
No. 543008 ID: 78bea6

Whatchoo want bub?
No. 543011 ID: 9ddf68

well if these dreams were based off of your guy's subconscious then apparently you have a very dirty one, if this crap hints towards things that may happen I fear for the future.

Anyways let's see what this little bugger wants.
No. 543013 ID: 4a27cd

Why fear? Apparently these people are uptight prudes if the reactions of Mayli and Lumin are any indication, they've probably never even seen goatse for fuck's sake. I think they just need to get over it and learn to accept the slimy, pervy nature of their biology.

This critter seems to be intelligent and is specifically asking for *your* attention Mayli. Perhaps your sleeping bag is on top of its burrow or something?
No. 544302 ID: 7428ab
File 138181995152.gif - (64.35KB , 840x600 , 100.gif )

Uptight prudes? Hey, take that back!

Whatever, just help me poke this thing.
Alright cool, but it's not stopping.
"What do you even want?"
Big ugly pock rat. I thought they were supposed to be smart, but this one seems stupid.

If it doesn't quit, I'm gonna do something violent.

No. 544306 ID: dbe554

Grip his hands, lift them above his head and ask loudly "WHAT DO YOU WANT, I CAN CLEARLY SEE YOU WANT MY ATTENTION."
No. 544307 ID: c23ab0

Don't worry we'll frighten it away with a mighty roar! *roar!*
No. 544308 ID: 7bbaae

Restrain it.
No. 544314 ID: 53ba34

get up and move your bed.
No. 544317 ID: 279f18

I say grab it by it's arms and this >>544306
No. 544326 ID: 001618

No. 544380 ID: 4a27cd

Just because it may be smart doesn't mean it can speak y'know. Maybe your bedroll is on its burrow and it wants you to move.

Also, I'll take back the comment about you and Lumin being prudes if I see evidence that it isn't true. Ordinary claims require ordinary proof, and so far the proof we have is you making negative statements about sexual propositions or teasing. That proof hasn't been countered with other proof yet.
No. 544545 ID: ee2c2e
File 138207437407.png - (189.78KB , 840x600 , 101.png )

There's no way I'm on a burrow or anything like that, I'd have known. Also, pock rats can't talk, so I don't know what yelling at it is gonna do other than scare it away.


No. 544546 ID: ee2c2e
File 138207440897.png - (173.17KB , 840x600 , 102.png )

Whoa, what's this thing he's got here? Some kind of weapon?
No. 544547 ID: dbe554

..Where did he even pull that from!? He has no pockets or clothing of any sort!

I think its a stickup though, looks like a handgun.
No. 544548 ID: 53ba34

dodgeroll backwards, kick it's hand if you can.
No. 544549 ID: 7bbaae

Uh. Yeah, that's a weapon. A dangerous one. I'm surprised you've never seen a gun before. It fires a metal pellet via the force of a controlled explosion. That one looks like it'd be very inaccurate at range but unfortunately you're point blank so you may want to avoid getting shot. Let go and keep your hands visible, and back away from the rat thing.
No. 544550 ID: 9ddf68

I say we bite it's freaking arm and twist it's hand away from your face.
No. 544555 ID: 279f18

That's a gun. It's like if you could throw a metal pellet really really hard with a small explosion. It could kill you.

Where the hell was it hiding that?
No. 544557 ID: 34cbef

grab the gun and stick the rodent up, ask it to learn your language quickly or if that doesn't work have it draw out it's intentions
No. 544607 ID: 4a27cd

Yeah, that hollow flared-tube end is dangerous, an explosion comes out of there along with a bullet going about as fast as sound does, which easily can kill most things. The bullet is likely made out of lead, brass, iron or steel, and the usual shapes for such things are either a ball shape or a tapered cylinder shape, depending on the exact technology of the firearm.

Push the barrel of the weapon away from you, QUICKLY. You're a lot bigger than this critter so as long as you're fast enough you should be able to easily overpower its control of the weaon.
No. 544623 ID: 279f18

It's clearly a single-shot pistol, but with a barrel that wide it might be full of shrapnel, like a cannon's grapeshot...

Even if she could push it aside, the spray from the gun might still wound her.
No. 544681 ID: 4a27cd

I'm thinking the ideal motion is pushing it to her right with her right hand, and once it's pointing away from her to grab it and pull it out of the critter's grasp. If you have a better tactical suggestion?
No. 545759 ID: f42c85
File 138302979968.png - (69.40KB , 840x600 , 103.png )

It's a gun? Oh yeah, I've heard about those. Never seen one, though. I thought they were really rare, so what's this thing doing with one? Also, how the do you know so much about them, because I sure didn't.

So he can kill me with that thing. I think I'll give him a good punch.
No. 545760 ID: f42c85
File 138302981654.png - (220.03KB , 840x600 , 104.png )

Well, the punch knocked him to the ground and made him drop the gun before he could use it, so I'd say the punch worked out. I grab the gun before the pathetic thing can get back to its feet.

Veliss and Lumin come to my side.
>"How can this creature have a firearm?"
>"We gonna do something to it, Mayli?"
No. 545762 ID: 7bbaae

I think the only reason it took out the gun is because you scared it. Show it mercy, will you? Granted, you should restrain it and find out what else it's carrying.
No. 545769 ID: 4a27cd

"I thought they were really rare, so what's this thing doing with one? Also, how the do you know so much about them, because I sure didn't."

The same way I know you and Lumin are prudes: My general knowledge from living as long as I have. I don't have enough information to answer your question about why this creature had a pistol, but I'd imagine that either it has a particular source of firearms it knows about (a merchant or gunsmith), or firearms in general have become somewhat common outside your home area and it was able to acquire one more indirectly.
Either way it seems like I should inform you of a few basic facts about firearms since this is unlikely to be the last time you encounter them on your mission if you've encountered one this soon after leaving your home. I'll hold back on explaining everything notable about firearms since it's doubtful you'll be seeing late-technology forms of them at this point. I will mention three important things though:
-Earlier, cruder forms of firearms are notably capable of exploding, harming those who carry them and anyone nearby. This happens because source of power is chemicals (usually powder) which suddenly burst with heat and expanding gases when lit on fire, struck or otherwise ignited. Those gases throw the bullet out of the gun, but can also can potentially break apart the gun itself and throw shards of the weapon through the user and the general area it exploded in if the powder is defective, the firearm is defective, the barrel is blocked, they were shaken/bashed too hard, or other causes like being thrown into a fire. The better the craftsmanship of the gun and the ammunition the less likely it will explode, generally.
-Firearms which have better long-range (over a hundred metres) accuracy are generally rifled (have a screw-thread on the inside of the barrel that makes the bullet spin) and require a more sophisticated loading system than this (apparently) muzzle-loading weapon you have here in order to fire repeatedly and accurately without cleaning the barrel after every shot. Longer, straighter barrels also tend to improve the range, accuracy and effective power of the shot, so not all weapons that are accurate at over a hundred yards will be rifled.
-Not all firearms are human-portable in size. One kind of larger weapons that armies and navies with firearms technology use are called cannons, and these are very long, heavy tubes that require loading and firing crews to use, but are capable of much greater destructive effect than a gun. Three standard ammunition types used with cannons are chains which tear through a ship's sails to rip them apart, large cannon-balls which can sink ships and break fortifications, and clusters of balls wrapped around gunpowder charges called grapeshot that can spray groups with projectiles (usually ball-shaped) and kill them all.
These are unfamiliar weapons for you and you're on the clock with your mission timeline so let's avoid talking about this further unless we encounter more, we have a pause where we have nothing better to do than idle conversation, or finish the mission.

Also, the creature did take out the weapon only after you screamed at it, in response to what could easily be considered a threat from its perspective.
I don't suppose you would happen to be able to find a way to communicate with it in its language, would you? It would be useful to find out why the heck it was poking you in the first place and try to put this incident behind us: Hanging around here isn't finding those enemy scouts, gathering intel or notifying friendlies about the empire shitheads.
No. 545771 ID: ea2170

Have Lumin frisk the rat for other weapons, then hoist it over to Domino for questioning. Since Domino has traveled far and wide he might know whats up.

Also keep an eye on your surroundings, the rat might not be alone.
No. 545774 ID: dbe554

Tie it up!
No. 545777 ID: 9ddf68

ask why it was poking you
No. 545780 ID: d2b9fe

>Also, how the do you know so much about them, because I sure didn't.
Well, we aren't you, per se. We're just living in your head.
No. 545913 ID: fe19aa
File 138311174968.png - (218.91KB , 840x600 , 105.png )

Keep calling us prudes and I might risk yanking you out of my skull. Also, I still don't understand how a worm that came out of my head a couple days ago knows so much about firearms.

And I don't know how we can communicate with this thing, either. They're smart enough to use weapons apparently, but they still can't speak anything except a bunch of loud squeaks and-

Hey, it's trying to run off!
Do we... even care to chase it?
No. 545916 ID: 399612

Well if it doesn't know how to talk, there's not much we can get from him besides the gun, and we are now in possession of that. Congratulations on your first looting, guys! Now we should get dressed, eat a bit of breakfast, and head out.
No. 545922 ID: dbe554

Nah, so long as it doesn't come back it doesn't matter, also free gun! We should try firing it at a tree or something.

Also seriously, we get it you think their prudes, get off the tangent already, not everyone thinks of sex every minute or wants to talk about it.
No. 545934 ID: c23ab0

I wonder why he was poking you.
No. 545949 ID: 001618

eh it's to early to chase things, lets just get breakfast and move on.
No. 545955 ID: 54b255

Is it running in the direction you are going to be heading out? If so then it might be prudent to chase it.
If not then don't bother, you got out on top in this poking incident and scored a gun.

Might be a good idea to find it if the gun even works.
No. 545971 ID: 7bbaae

We have genetic knowledge. We're born knowing things about the world. Probably stuff our parent(s) knew.

Just let the thing run off. Only issue with that is if it comes back with friends, and by then you should be all packed up, which means you can run away.
No. 545986 ID: 4a27cd

You don't know if the creature was running away from you, to go get help, or away from something else. Time to get moving, quickly, unless you want to find out which.

I suggest you unload the gun before leaving. If you take the powder with you keep it in a soft bag away from anything stone or metal, or which can light it on fire. It's useful stuff for a lot of things, but it isn't worth much trouble if you don't have enough. Keep the gun and the pellets/shot, unless you've got nowhere to put it.

Finally, how many worms like us have you met? It's probably not that many guessing by how you're reacting to us being dangerously bored. We don't have the same kind of limits to what we can know that you do.
Also, we're very easily bored, so please stop being so boring and do something: It was almost interesting when you were getting into that fight with the critter with the gun, but that was so long ago, already bored again.
No. 546075 ID: d2995c

Well he didn't point the gun at you immediately so he probably wasn't there to rob or kill you, so killing him would be going overboard, and we don't have anything to do with him if we capture him, so we should just let him go I guess.

>I still don't understand how a worm that came out of my head a couple days ago knows so much about firearms.
For some reason we appear to have a bit of ELDRITCH KNOWLEDGE, and guns are surprisingly popular in certain extraplanar locations. You should try asking the other worm to see what kind of odd stuff they know.
No. 553706 ID: 2722fc
File 138811581704.png - (88.48KB , 840x600 , 106.png )

Alright, I guess there's no need to chase the stupid thing.

"So who wants breakfast?"

After putting the gun away in a safe place, we all get some food. It's just crappy rations, but I feel a lot better after eating; that crazy dream and the thing with the rat kind of had me in a bad mood.

None of us have really talked much since we left. I would like to get to know Domino and Veliss more, but this mission, or whatever you even want to call it, has me so nervous that I haven't wanted to talk. Don't know why the others haven't wanted to, though.

Oh well. I just need to put a smile on my face and look forward to the end of the day when I get to see my childhood home for the first time in years. It's just too bad that we have to get straight to business when we get there. Have to find out if anyone knows about Dyda Empire.
No. 553707 ID: 2722fc
File 138811583147.png - (162.29KB , 840x600 , 107.png )

We spend whole day on the road. A couple times throughout the day, we stop to rest and have a small meal.

After the sun goes all the way down, we finally see the town at the bottom of a big hill that we're on. Terry is all lit up for some reason. They normally don't have so many lights there.

We go down to the town gates and are directed to a visitor entrance. I can hear a lot of talking and bustle coming from inside the town

Lumin looks over at me.
>"Hey Mayli, Is this place always so noisy"
"Well, the last time I was here was a long time before the climate change." Just before we get inside the town, I worry that Terry is going to be very different than I remember it.

We get inside and...

No. 553708 ID: 2722fc
File 138811585104.png - (220.63KB , 840x600 , 108.png )

No. 553709 ID: dbe554

Oooh Festive! I'd suggest the Turkey legs, you've been on the road travelling and some decent food should put ya'll in a better mood.

Also get one for us!
No. 553710 ID: 53ba34

FOCUS! if we see something cool on the way we may be ale to stop by. but we can't go to everything, would eat way too much time that we do not have
No. 553741 ID: 379075

Festivals: These are generally occasions when there are unusually many visitors in town and the guard is particularly drunk and/or distracted with internal security? If this 'Dyda Empire' is already scouting your hidden town what are the odds that they may already know of, be prepared for, and launching a surprise attack as you gawk like tourists here?

If you know better than I do then please go by that estimate. That said, this looks like a town ripe for a raid or a conquest to me.
No. 554409 ID: 2722fc
File 138846701548.png - (146.33KB , 840x600 , 109.png )

Don't worry yourself! This is the Mallet Festival; nothing bad ever happens here during it!
That's what I like to hear, Ocelot- er, I guess I should be calling you Big Boss now, huh?

"Let's eat first! I'm real hungry!"
I start to run over to get a turkey leg, but Lumin grabs my arm.
>"Mayli, wait."
"Hey! Lumin, c'mon!"
>"We have a job, Mayli, remember?"
"I know that."
>"Then let's go see the council to tell them about what's going on and why we're here."
"But it's the Mallet Festival! Nobody from the council is going to be there. Not until tomorrow."
He starts to look a little annoyed.
>"They're probably still in Terry, though. The sooner we find them, the better. Then we can all be on the same page about this Dyda business."
"Ugh, there's no way we're gonna find them with everything going on! And wherever they are, they might turn us away and tell us to come see them tomorrow anyway. Can't you loosen up for just tonight?"
>"This mission isn't about loosening up, Mayli."

What a downer. You want to have fun too, right Big Boss? Help me talk some sense into him.
No. 554411 ID: f44ca3

Fun is great but we do have a important mission. So find them fast and then we have the rest of the night to enjoy ourselves.
No. 554413 ID: 6230b9

He has a point, but so do you. Personally, I think we'd be fine to relax and enjoy the festival and speak with the council tomorrow. Let's talk it over with our other two companions to see what they think.
No. 554414 ID: 9ddf68

he's right, we should see if we can find them first, that way we don't have to push it off till tomorrow so we CAN get wasted tonight without having to worry about finding these guys tomorrow hung over.
No. 554447 ID: 379075

>Don't worry yourself! This is the Mallet Festival; nothing bad ever happens here during it!

How do you know this, what special knowledge do you have which makes you so sure that enemy scouts aren't hiding in the crowd right now, getting into position? I'd accept it if you know where every last person within ten leagues is and that none of them are agents of the Dyda Empire. If you do know all that though, I'm interested in how you know.
No. 554452 ID: 53ba34

you know, when everyone is having a party would be when i would choose to attack.
No. 554455 ID: 9b57d3

Well, if we find them really fast, then we can get to the fun faster!
No. 554463 ID: 9bf753

I can't think of a better way to find people at a festival than, you know, walking around the festival. I say just take it easy and walk around, maybe grab some deliciously unhealthy fair food while you look around.
No. 554544 ID: 379075

Well, asking people might help.
No. 555944 ID: 485e64
File 138922912981.png - (231.75KB , 1260x900 , 110.png )

Stop making me worry! We don't even REALLY know what the empire is going to do, right? That prisoner mentioned that Dyda Empire wants to expand to the mountains, and was scouting the cities near the mountains so they could destroy them if they needed to. Why would they need to right now? Listen, until we know more, please stop worrying. I haven't been here in a long time, and I'm so lucky that I ended up coming back during this festival. Don't you dare ruin it!

And all we can even really do is talk to the council anyway, which you seem pretty intent on doing right now. "Domino, Veliss, what do you guys think?"
>"Hm. I'm thinkin' that I'm hungry."
Veliss looks at Domino and places a hand on his shoulder.
>"But we can always eat and enjoy the festivities after speaking with the council, correct?
She then looks up at the rest of us.
>"That way, we will have no pressing matters tomorrow."
"Eh, I guess."
Lumin crosses his arms.
>"Thank you, Veliss."

We go to the council building, and guess what, nobody's there. There was one guy watching the place who said we might be able to find one of the four councilmen watching the fiddle players perform. On our way to the edge of town to find them, we pass glass blowers making big cups, paper makers making big paper hats, kids playing festival games, and other fun stuff. Come on, Mayli... just got to get through this one task.

The sound of lively fiddle music flows around us as we approach the crowd sitting around the players on stage. "There he is," I tell the others. "In the audience, the black robe, that's one of the councilman."
He's sitting with what looks like his family. How do we go about this? They look really into the music and probably wouldn't be happy getting interrupted.
No. 555970 ID: 9bf753

I'd say wait nearby and keep an eye on him until the show is over. If you need to know how long you have to wait, ask someone who's a bit less invested in the music when it will be over so you can come back.
No. 555976 ID: 7bbaae

Enjoy the music until a good opportunity presents itself to talk to the man.
No. 556095 ID: 9ddf68

what for the song to get over with and talk to him in between performance, also make a mental list of all the cool things you pass so as soon as we're done we can b-line it straight over to them.
No. 556863 ID: 379075

>Stop making me worry! We don't even REALLY know what the empire is going to do, right?
We do know that the empire has an agenda of conquest and scouts. Just because we aren't absolutely sure they have a force of five thousand cavalry a half hour away doesn't mean it's safe to assume they can't or won't take advantage of Terry's vulnerability.
No. 557445 ID: 124cea
File 138974296906.png - (139.53KB , 840x600 , 111.png )

Okay, we can wait until the song is over.
"Who wants to be the one who talks to him."
Domino raises his hand.
>"I'm your man."

After the song finishes, Domino walks over to the councilman with the official papers from Lumoto in his hand. He clears his throat and puts on a deeper, more professional tone.
>"Goodevening, sir. I and my companions venture from the city of Stalagmite with important information which-"
>"Go away, little orreld."
The councilman turns around with an annoyed look on his face, which then lightens up after he sees Veliss.
>"Wait, are you Veliss Eridess?"
>"I am."
>"Are you with this orreld, and these two frivus?"
"Yes, and what we have come to discuss with you is of dire importance."
>"Is that so? I suppose it must be if they sent a Unity mage."
He turns back around, whispers something to who is probably his wife, and gets up.
>"I wanted to witness this entire performance, but it seems such luxuries are only for those who are not as relied on as I. Let us find a better place."
The councilman looks at Domino.
>"And I apologize for the initial hostility."
>"Eh, it's okay."

We decide to return to the council building to talk with the councilman. When we get there, the guy who was watching the door is gone. The councilman turns around and stops us before we go inside.
>"Hats off please."
"Oh, we can't keep them on?"
>"I'm afraid not. Wearing hats inside this building is considered disrespectful. A bit of a silly tradition, but I still wish to honor it."

Great. Well, nobody has really had a problem with you so far. Any kind of spectacular intro you have in mind, Big Boss?
No. 557446 ID: dbe554

We will raise ourselves up slowly, grab the hat by the brim and toss it up into your hands, and then give a big ol goofy grin at the councilman.
No. 557447 ID: cbb6de

Jazzy wiggle.
No. 557448 ID: 53ba34

sounds good.
No. 557453 ID: a87e3a

You should probably warn them that you two have Cap Crawlers. If they don't know what one is, explain it. Then you can remove your hats.
No. 557914 ID: ccca76
File 138991401352.gif - (286.50KB , 630x450 , 112.gif )

You and Lumin's thoughts sync up perfectly.

No. 557916 ID: ccca76
File 138991404124.png - (160.47KB , 840x600 , 113.png )

"Why didn't you catch your hat?"
>"I'm sorry."
"He thinks we're idiots now."
>"I'm sure he already did."
Veliss gives us a strange look as she passes us and goes inside. The rest of us follow.

The councilman stands staring out the window.
>"You can take a seat at the square table if you like. Please do not let cap crawler drool get on anything either."
"Ours don't drool."
>"Hmm, I suppose that is a good thing."
Lumin and Domino sit down. Me and Veliss choose to stand. The councilman turns around and looks at Lumin.
>"You, frivus."
>"Your ancestors are of those that never left the mountains, correct?"
>"Uh, yeah."
>"Yes, I could tell. You have a very primitive face for a frivus in these times."

He turns back to the windows.
>"This year's Mallet Festival is maybe the most important in decades. Do any of you know why?"
Nobody has anything to say except for Domino.
>"I'm assumin' it has somethin' to do with the climate change."
>"It does. Everyone in Terry is worried. There should be snow on the ground right now."
The councilman sighs.
>"And I'll admit, we have not had it near as rough as you far north frivus. Terry did not lose forty percent of its population like your old home did. Though, we are still full of fear, afraid that the temperature will jump up again at any moment. Every day, our people scare themselves worrying about it. But this is the Mallet Festival. Nobody is worried about anything here. All these people are happy right now, and so am I."
He turns around to us again.
>"What is it you wanted to discuss with me."
Veliss takes out a small piece of paper with the Dyda symbol on it.
>"Do you recognize this symbol, sir?"
>"I do not."
Of course.

Veliss begins to explain everything about Dyda empire that we know, about the prisoner that escaped and what he said and the few things Iona found out before we left. The councilman does not know what to say at first.
>"And you think these people are really a threat?"
>"We do not know, sir. Our mission was to come here to see if anyone in Terry knew anything or had any encounters with them like we did."
>"I see."
>"There are messengers travelling to Abrigale and Berrynor Lakeside for the same purpose. They are to then report to us here, because our group is also tasked with infiltrating and possibly sabotaging this empire if we are able."
>"Really? The four of you? Infiltrators? Saboteurs? Not to offend, Ms. Eridess, but your party does not seem the most capable."
>"Sir, I assure you we are. Lumin and Mayli are both skilled fighters and our friend Domino is an expert guide."
>"But the council has access to soldiers and guides and scouts that seem much more fit for the job of something so potentially important. I apologize, but I have no reason to simply leave this in your group's hands."
The councilman starts to pace back in forth in front of the window.
>"I know that I have not a clue for myself the capability of your party, but why risk letting a group I know nothing about take charge like this. Really, I would need to know just how confident you are, how serious you are."
He starts to walk towards me, out of the light of the window and the candles.
>"If you want to take the helm in infiltrating this empire, if they exist, then I need you to voice it."
He put his face right up to mine. I can smell his breath.
>"If you really want to do this mission, then beg for it."
No. 557917 ID: ccca76
File 138991405049.png - (94.16KB , 840x600 , 114.png )

No. 557922 ID: 53ba34

[bonk his head with our chin]
"and what do YOU have to lose by letting us try? we go in, fail and then what? you send in your group anyway."
No. 557925 ID: a87e3a

Begging for what? We don't need his help. We're going to undertake this task with or without his permission. He's a racist jerk. I want to bite him.
No. 557927 ID: f44ca3

I do not think we would prove our competence by begging for anything sir.

If he gets that close to us I say we bite him in the face.
No. 557928 ID: dbe554


No biting, however we will glare at him and push him back.
No. 557973 ID: 379075

"You think I'm stupid enough to accept a trick demand? If I 'beg' you for permission to do my duty that would imply that I have been intimidated by you. In that case I would lack the bravery to keep secrets and allegiances when doing something as hazardous and confusing as infiltration and sabotage. Unfortunately, your test was too blunt and obvious to genuinely test my bravery. Perhaps me noticing this assures you of my wits at least?"
No. 558066 ID: 4a75fa

We're expected to go up against an empire and you expect us to be cowed by your petty demand?


Now, we have a job to do, and you can either help us, or you can go back to your festival and trying to forget that anything is wrong. Don't waste our time.
No. 558073 ID: 6230b9

The only issue in that case would be if we DO fail they will most likely bolster their defenses and take precautions against another infiltration/sabotage attempt. It's easy to understand the councilman's wariness even if our chance to succeed is significant.

"Can we compromise, a bit? You send a squad of your best men either with us or have them infiltrate from a different direction. If we do the former, we might have enough brute power to defend ourselves if we're caught; in the case of the latter, their defenses will be split up, of they detect us, and make it easier to sneak around."
No. 558316 ID: 2722fc
File 139011102922.png - (34.41KB , 840x600 , 115.png )

The others stare at us, shocked and confused. What's this guy's problem?
I push myself even closer, causing him to back off a couple steps.
"I don't have to beg to you. I don't have to do anything you tell me! Our orders are our orders. There's nothing you can do about that. What kind of trick is this anyway? Are you trying to see if I'll be intimidated by you? Well I won't!"
I see Veliss cover her mouth. There's a pause. Me and the councilman keep our eyes fixed on each other, both of us wearing mean faces.
>"I am glad."

He turns and walks back over to where he was by the window, facing the back of the room.
>"I did not actually mean what I said. But these days, being able to resist a sudden, unexpected burst of hostility is valuable. You could give in to the man who has no grounds to order you around, or give in to an abruptly soaring climate, or to an empire that jumps from the shadows and threatens your people. I am glad you demonstrated that you do not give in."
The councilman looks over at me.
>"And your companions surely have the same will as you, frivus."
"I don't appreciate your tests, or the things you have to say."
He ignores my comment and speaks to the group.
>"Unfortunately, I still do not have any information for you. However, what I can do is discuss this with the rest of the council tomorrow morning. They may know something about this Dyda Empire, though I have doubts. You may come back then and see. Is that acceptable?"
We all agree to the councilman's offer.

He removes a bag from his robe and walks over to me with it.
>"Every year at the Mallet Festival, I find a random person and give them a small bag of coins to enjoy the festival with. This year, I want to give it to you, frivus. You must not be fond of me, but will you still accept?"
No. 558317 ID: 6230b9

Give him a pouty face.

"Is this another 'test?'"
No. 558321 ID: a87e3a

Well, interpreting this as a gesture of good faith doesn't seem like it has drawbacks.
No. 558324 ID: 53ba34

only angle i can see is this is a test of bribes.
No. 558963 ID: 6d9577
File 139036772159.png - (149.51KB , 840x600 , 116.png )

It's sad when I can't trust somebody who seems like they're trying to be nice.
"This isn't another test, is it?"
>"Heh. Would you trust me if I said no?"
"...I'll just take it."
I hold my hand out and he drops the bag into it.
>"You are very welcome. My name is Peller, by the way."
"I'm Mayli."
>"What about you two at the table? What are your names?"
>"And I'm Domino."
>"Domino? I am sure that is not your real name."
>"Well I-"
>"No, do not worry, it does not matter.
Peller walks over to the door.
>"Alright, hopefully we will see each other tomorrow. I am going to go tell the guard to stay alert for the next couple of days, just in case. Oh, and I have something to ask of you all. Please do not spread this Dyda Empire situation around to everybody, okay? No need to give our people more to worry about."
>"We did not plan to, sir."
>"Good. So now, you four must exit before me. Another tradition."
We all get up say our goodbyes to Peller as we leave. Except for me. I don't say anything. He closes the door and walks away once we're all outside.

The four of us now stand in front of the building.
>"Well that didn't go down how I expected. But we can get some eats now, right? I'm gettin' sick of those rations."
>"Yes, I think now is a good time to eat."
>"Yeah, I'm really hungry."
Okay, Big Boss, what sounds good? This festival is famous for its variety of food. If you want it, somebody here probably sells it.
No. 558966 ID: a87e3a

Oh shit I just realized we should probably tell one of the guards around here about how we came across that little guy with the gun. That seems like something they might want to investigate.

Also, uh, get a shish kabob. ...It occurs to me that young capcrawlers like ourselves have mouths but probably no digestive system or lungs. It's probably just for biting.
No. 558970 ID: dbe554


Then we should test it out, lets nom nom some stuff! Something simple should be good, starchy like pizza with so much cheeeeese.
No. 558977 ID: 379075

Call me pessimistic and cynical but we've talked to one person that we believe is a member of the city council. How do we know whether that person was a mole or not?
No. 559073 ID: 6230b9

The Dyda have demonstrated that they have no use for underhanded tactics like that. If they want to take a city they'll send scouts and then use brute force.

As far as food, why not sample a little of everything? If doing that is too expensive, then I would go with the kebabs to get a good variety of meat and vegetables and flavor.
No. 559291 ID: 379075

I am duly reserving, 'I told you so!" rights then, we shall see whether I am being paranoid or justifiably cautious.
No. 559766 ID: 6230b9
File 139086810992.png - (114.70KB , 840x600 , 117.png )

Hmm... Dyda Empire doesn't come off as the type to do something like that. Not that I would know, but still.

>little guy with the gun
I whisper to Veliss. "Hey, who took that gun this morning, wasn't it you?"
"Don't you think the guard might want to know about something having a firearm near here, especially a rat?"
>"Hmm, you know, they really might."
Veliss looks over at an inn right next to the council building.
>"Okay. I think I will go ahead and do that now, then go get a room at that inn right there. That is where you can find me if you need me."
"Awe, you're not gonna join us to get food and enjoy the festival?"
She glances down at the ground, then back up to me.
>"I... Well I just really need some time to meditate. That, and I am actually not too fond of large crowds; all these people make me rather uncomfortable. I know that is probably not what you wanted to hear..."
"Oh no, it's not a problem. I'm sure we can do something fun tomorrow."
>"Yes, I hope we can. We should meet at the council building tomorrow morning.
See you later, Mayli."
"Bye, Veliss."
Huh. Seemed like she wasn't being completely honest. It's fine. I'm hungry.

Lumin, Domino, and I go and get some food. You've convinced me to choose kebabs, which Lumin and Domino also choose, but I go ahead and get you some pizza to see if you'd eat it. I find a dark place where everyone won't see you and give you the pizza, but you don't really do much with it. You kind of chew it a little, but you won't swallow any of it.
I guess you were right about not being able to digest anything. What a waste of pizza.

Anyway, the three of us finish eating our kebabs. They were really tasty.
"Okay guys, what do you want to do?"
Domino yawns.
>"You know, after two days on the road, I think what I want is a couple drinks and then a trip to bed."
"What? What's the deal? Everybody's going to bed early!"
>"Hey I can't help bein' too tired for a big ol' festival."
>"Don't you travel a lot, though? I would think you'd be used to it."
>"I also do a lot of sleepin'. I'm a big fan of both."
"Okay, okay. We're going to meet in front of the council building in the morning. Veliss went to that inn next to it in case you wanted to just go to the same place."
>"Might be a good idea. I'll see you two tomorrow."
>"Bye, Domino."
There goes another one. At least I still have my best-
Lumin's just walking off. What the hell?
No. 559771 ID: a87e3a

Ask where he's off to.

...people aren't avoiding you are they?
No. 559807 ID: 6230b9

Well? Go after him, silly.
No. 560069 ID: 9e365b
File 139106240077.png - (119.64KB , 840x600 , 118.png )

Jerk, walking off like that. Maybe everybody is trying to avoid me... I want to get to him, but the crowds on the street are getting kind of thick; I can't quite catch up. I keep my eye on him and shuffle through the crowd the best I can. Lumin walks down the street a ways and then turns into an alleyway. Where's he going?

I get to the alley and see Lumin talking to a real big guy in front of a door. The big guy opens the door and Lumin goes inside. I walk up to the big guy after he closes the door.
>"Can I help ya, lady?"
"Yeah, my friend just went in there."
>"That guy with the hat?"
"Uhuh. What is this place?"
>"You aint a guard right?"
"Not in this city. Why?"
>"Just a festival goer then, huh? Wanna go in?"
"Um, well I guess, since my friend just did."
>"What's the password?"
>"Can't get in without the password."
"Why?! What's even in there?"
>"Heh, if only you knew the password, then you could find out."

No. 560076 ID: 6230b9

What password could Lumin have possibly known? Is there anything obvious that he might have guessed was the password?
No. 560078 ID: 53ba34

how about "let me in and my cap crawler doesn't eat your eyes"
No. 560402 ID: 4a75fa

>>What's the password?
Dang, "what" isn't it. That was going to be my first guess.

Uh... terrible idea. But we could blank his memory of the last minute or two while you just walk though the door.

I suppose we could try and guess the password first, but I've no idea what to guess. Lumin knew it, somehow...
No. 560854 ID: c04e3e

Try "mallet" or "bandana" as the password. Or just refuse to play this dumb game and blank his memory lickety-split.
No. 560881 ID: b97b42
File 139155052931.gif - (83.87KB , 840x600 , 119.gif )

>"You clearly don't know."
"Okay fine. But how about THIS!!!"


Man, that's so cool. Let's go.

I open the door and quickly squeeze inside before shutting it. There's a set of stairs leading to a basement. I can hear a lot of shouting and hollering coming from the bottom. It's also getting hotter as I go further. What could be going on down here?

I get to the bottom and head through another doorway.
No. 560882 ID: b97b42
File 139155055090.png - (236.38KB , 840x600 , 120.png )

Oh, these underground fights are the best! This is so neat!
And now I know why Lumin is here, because he loves boxing. But it doesn't explain how. Where is he? I know he's down here.

Some weird guy with a clip board walks up to me.
>"Hey there little girl, here to fight? Next tournament is about to start and we need one more fighter."
Wait, really? That sounds fun.

...Should we?
No. 560885 ID: 6230b9

It'd probably be best if you didn't. We're on a mission here and we don't want you all banged up for no reason, especially before meeting with the council tomorrow. Unless, of course, you're confident enough in your skills to not take too many hits.
No. 560893 ID: dbe554

Ask the rules, we can lift a persons bodyweight without having much trouble.
No. 560894 ID: 9ddf68

as much fun as it would be we are trying to keep a low profile. Plus this way you get to see a bunch of be hunky men beating the crap out of each other.
No. 560897 ID: a87e3a

Only if it's not against the rules for a capcrawler to be part of the fight. We can totally block punches for you.
No. 560933 ID: 4a75fa

Uh... do you have any reason to believe you'd do well in an underground boxing tournament? I mean, I know you're tough, but are you a boxer?

If not, seems like a good way to get pounded. But otherwise... tempting. Definitely tempting.
No. 563370 ID: 7af920
File 139276823079.png - (211.29KB , 840x600 , 121.png )

I know this might not be the best time, and I don't know a whole lot about boxing, but I think I could still do okay. As long as I just hit them really hard, right?
Okay, since you don't seem to have too much of a problem with it, I'm going to say yes.

"Yeah, I'll fight"
>"Whoa, really? I wasn't bein' serious, you know."
"Well I am. What are the rules on these things?"
I take my hat off.
>"Another one? Um... It's fine. Ref says it's fine. Just don't do anything with it during the fight. And your first fight'll be against the other guy that has one."
>"You know that guy?"
"Yeah, I do. Uh, can I fight somebody else?"
>"Sorry, I've already got everybody paired up, lady. Ha, you scared of him?"

Great. I might not last very long. Lumin apparently can't catch hats, but I know he's a good boxer. I'll just have sock him a good one!

>"Anyway, this tournament is for lower-weight fighters. The fights are 8 rounds of 3 minutes each. You don't have equipment or anybody in the corner, we'll provide them."

I go get ready for the fight, doing some stretches, changing into the clothes they give me, putting up my hair, wrapping up my hands, that good stuff.

Lumin and I get into the ring, standing in our respective corners.
"Hi, Lumin."
>"Oh geez, I completely forgot about you."

The ref silences everyone and announces Lumin and I. The crowd is a little bit unsure.
>"What are those things on their heads exactly?"
>"I dunno. And why do they both have one?"

The ref brings us together and we make our vow to fight a clean fight. Then the bell rings and it's officially on.

Lumin starts circling the ring around me.
>"You look nice with your hair up like that."
"Really? Why thank you!"
>"Let's not rough each other up too much."
No. 563371 ID: 7af920
File 139276825690.gif - (120.74KB , 840x600 , 122.gif )

Lumin comes in close. I put my arms up, but he still hits me right the face with a good jab. He backs off, so I come in and try to take a big swing. He ducks and comes up to hit my jaw. It sends me stumbling backwards. I run up and swing at him again. Without seeing what happens, I only feel another punch knock me backwards.
>"You have no technique, Mayli."
"Oh yeah? Well, you- BLAGHR"
He comes in and starts laying jabs across my face like crazy. The crowd starts getting riled up.
He backs off again.
>"Do you know anything about boxing at all?"
"I... I thought I did."
No. 563372 ID: 7af920
File 139276827535.png - (214.29KB , 840x600 , 123.png )

"You won't win like this, Lumin!! I won't let you!!"
He suddenly freezes and drops his arms with a strange look on his face.
No. 563378 ID: 53ba34

he's distracted! probably sexy thoughts put in his head by worm.

sock him!
No. 563379 ID: a87e3a

Try to mimic the stance and movements he's used. Learn from him.

Make this a learning experience. Actually you may as well ask him to make this instructional yet entertaining for the crowd.
No. 563381 ID: 6230b9

Yeah, get him while he's stunned. It may also knock him out of whatever is stunning him.
No. 563386 ID: 379075

Jab, jab, uppercut already. The two jabs should be to his chest and belly, to get him to defend low.
No. 563478 ID: 90f62c

Start throwing jabs! Small, fast and compact. It wouldn't be any fun if the fight ended in the first round.
No. 563500 ID: 4a75fa

Stop being distracted by whatever that thing is telling you and fight back. I don't want to win by a cheap trick. (As you punch him).
No. 564332 ID: afe56c
File 139338301797.png - (47.51KB , 840x600 , 124.png )

Right. I hit him with a couple solid jabs, then an uppercut. Nothing too crazy, just trying to snap him out of it.

He stands unresponsive for a split second. And now-
No. 564333 ID: afe56c
File 139338303083.png - (55.09KB , 840x600 , 125.png )

No. 564334 ID: afe56c
File 139338304172.png - (53.99KB , 840x600 , 126.png )

Ah, my head. What's going on?
No. 564335 ID: 53ba34

you got knocked the fuck out.
No. 564336 ID: a87e3a

Apparently he can throw a HELL of a punch.
No. 564337 ID: 6230b9

Hi Worm God! What's new?
No. 564338 ID: dbe554

Hello worm god, good to see you today, how's things going.
No. 564339 ID: 5fd94e

Good to see your still rocking that suit. What's happening?
No. 564357 ID: 4a75fa

This is the part where you wake up laughing at your own foolishness. Man, really got your clock cleaned.

Oh, hey. Sup, worm god.
No. 564616 ID: 3b92e7
File 139353707169.png - (115.03KB , 840x600 , 127.png )

>"Greetings, Big Boss. Are you alright?"
"Ugh... What?"
>"I was talking to the worm."
"Oh, okay. Well I'll just... take a nap then."
>"Goodnight, Mayli."

>"Wow, that was some punch. But you seem fine. Listen, I need to talk to you real quick, and Mayli nearly getting her face decked off seemed like a good opportunity. However, while our first meeting was not a problem, having a second one is pushing it. I am going to get in trouble if I keep this up. I think. Please do not bother asking why. Just know that I am worried and want to make you an offer. I gave you each an eye and a mouth before because those things are cool. But your bodies may need something else, so here is my offer."

>Pick one ability
>SUPER TONGUE - Long and prehensile.
>PROJECTILE TEETH - 2 teeth that grow in the back of the mouth that can be shot. Takes 1 week to regrow.

>Pick one cap crawler to receive the ability
>BIG BOSS (Lumin)
>OCELOT (Mayli)
No. 564619 ID: 947d2d

Projectile Teeth for Lumen's Big Boss.
No. 564622 ID: a87e3a

The tongue seems more useful overall than a once-a-week ability. Mayli seems weaker than Lumin overall so Ocelot should probably get it.
No. 564623 ID: 88960e

I'd say an appendage has more use than a weapon.

Thanks, worm God.
No. 564626 ID: dbe554

Super tongue for ocelot. Generally an appendage that we can use to extend our range will benefit us for multi-purpose use.
No. 564635 ID: 379075

Reality check: What would an extensible tongue be useful for besides licking things?
No. 564640 ID: dbe554


Gripping things out of reach, extending said reach, an appendage to wrap around things and people.

Not to mention our licking has some slight poison effects to it, so extended licking would help too.
No. 564651 ID: 6230b9

Definitely the SUPER TONGUE for Mayli's OCELOT. Thanks for the gift, buddy! Is there anything we should discuss while we're at it?
No. 564960 ID: 9e8983
File 139381033221.png - (54.60KB , 840x600 , 128.png )

>"It is a tough choice, I can tell. The tongue for Ocelot sounds like what you want most. Alright. Expect it tomorrow. And you're welcome. Before I go, here are a couple things.

>"One: Lumin's mind is not handling his cap crawler very well. I know you have seen a few of the issues he has been having. Those will probably continue. But getting him to build relationships with his companions will help keep his mind stable. Trust me, Lumin needs to become friends with Domino and Veliss, and he needs to deepen his friendship with Mayli. Otherwise, he might lose his head at some point and something really bad could happen. Because of Lumin's personality, he probably will not pursue these relationships on his own. He will need your help.

>"Two: Something to keep in mind. Do not use your spit on caler, the race of your Dyda friends. Doesn't work on them."

>"Okay, you can wake up now, Mayli. I have to go. And do not worry about that punch. I'll help you out, girl. Farewell."

Huh? What's going on now?
Oh, it's Lumin.
>"Say something, say anything."
No. 564961 ID: 4a75fa

>god spoilers
Thanks, man.

>say something, anything
Something, anything, I'm okay.
No. 564962 ID: dbe554

I'm alive! I felt the lord punch me in the face and he was about to receive me up in the heavens.
No. 564988 ID: 379075

"Should I get back up and hit you again?"
No. 565024 ID: be48b2

Yell that you didn't hear no bell ring and get up punching wildly!
No. 565027 ID: 955dc5

No. 565206 ID: 6230b9

"Who won?"
No. 565447 ID: 0f92fc
File 139414265131.png - (113.00KB , 840x600 , 129.png )

"Should I get hit and back you up... guh, I mean..."
"Pis... pistach..."
>"Come on, tell me you're okay."
"Who won?"
>"Um. Do you not remember getting hit?"
"Maybe a little."
>"Wait, you just had a big gash on your face, but now it's gone?"

There are two others next to us, the guys that must have been treating my injury. They seem confused.
>"Our potions aren't that good? How did the cut vanish like that?
>"She's okay. Let's just get ready for the next fight while we have the time.

I get on my feet. Things are a little clearer now. Lumin starts walking me over to the side of the room outside the crowd. "Hey, if you won, then doesn't that mean you have another fight soon?"
>"I might resign.."
"What, why? You can win this tournament for sure."

We both stand next to the wall at the edge of the room.
>'Because hitting you that hard made me realize how bad of an idea this was. I wasn't thinking of our mission. I heard somebody mention this place and then chased him down to find out where it was. When I came, I got all excited and forgot about everything else... I haven't been able to fight in a long time. There's no more boxing house at home and I really miss it. But this is not a good time. I don't know what to do."
No. 565448 ID: dbe554

In all honesty, it might be best to let him get it out of his system now rather then in a major crisis sort of situation.

Not to mention it can let him hone his skills a bit in an actual fight, which would be really good if we need to lay some people out.
No. 565453 ID: 9b57d3

Of course this is a good time! We're supposed to be enjoying ourselves right now. What else is there to do anyway?
No. 566669 ID: 9cc7e8
File 139502403140.png - (185.06KB , 840x600 , 130.png )

"Just go fight! It's what you want to do; just go get it out of your system."
>"Okay, you're right, you're right. Hopefully I don't get all beat up."
"You'll do great. I'm sure of it."
He smiles.
>"Thanks, Mayli."

Before Lumin's next match begins, he climbs in the ring with some silly looking bastard. And of course the guy ends up not standing a chance, I mean look at him. Lumin punches the guy a bunch without getting hit himself more than a couple times. He wins the fight easy.

But afterwards, I hear some ruckus and a voice I recognize.
No. 566670 ID: 9cc7e8
File 139502404349.png - (116.44KB , 840x600 , 131.png )

It's... Domino? He's standing on a stool near the side of the room near me. Somebody is in his face.
No. 566676 ID: a97618

Approach surreptitiously. Maybe he could use some backup?
No. 566705 ID: 6230b9

Stay unseen and try to listen in on their argument before approaching them directly.
No. 566749 ID: 9cc7e8
File 139508642673.png - (84.18KB , 840x600 , 132.png )

I'll listen then.

>"Sorry, pal, but I don't get numbers wrong."
>"I don't care what you say, you smelly orreld. I'm not leaving without my damn money!"
>"Well too bad. I won't be givin' nothin' to you that's not yours."
>"I'll kick your ass, shorty!"

This might be a good time to interrupt.

"What's going on, here?"
>"Whoa, Mayli. Hi!"
>"This orreld is trying to rip me off! I bet 80 pieces on that guy with the thing coming out his head, and now this guy's telling me I only bet 30."
"What are you even doing here, Domino? What happened to going to bed?"
>"Well I didn't want you to worry about where I was really goin'. Didn't know you guys were into underground fights. Hey, you interested in makin' some bets?"
>"Don't change the damn subject! See, lady? Your friend is a liar! And he's lying about how much I bet, too!"
>"Not lyin', Mayli. I used to be bookie, you know. Like I said, I don't get numbers wrong. It's all on this piece of paper, clear as day and true as truth itself."
>"It's a lot of bullshit is what it is!"
>"Come on, Mayli. You believe me, don't you?"
No. 566751 ID: 9b786b

Tell him you don't think he'd lie to you, but that this guy probably won't back down until he gets some solid proof. Or maybe we can just intimidate the guy?

Ooooor we could spit in the guy's eye to make him forget how much he bet, and side with our friend even if he's lying.
No. 566753 ID: 6230b9

Ask Domino to let you read over the bet paper. Being a former bookie doesn't really help his case; pulling one over on someone to increase their revenue is fairly common.
No. 566832 ID: 752026

It doesn't matter if Domino is lying or not. Hes part of our group so we should support him anyway, promote unit cohesion and all that.

So tell the other guy to stop lying and stop bothering your friend.
No. 568075 ID: f5cfe1
File 139622235955.png - (172.13KB , 840x600 , 133.png )

"I don't have any reason to think you're lying. But that doesn't mean this guy will leave us alone."
>"You're damn right!"

>spit in the guy's eye
As cool as it is to do that, I don't want to do it too many times and ruin it, you know? Also, there's too many people around. I don't want to freak people out by attacking somebody using you.

I shoot the guy a nasty look.
"Why don't you go away and you won't get hurt!"
>"Threatening me, huh?"
"YES I AM!!!"
>"Whoa, whoa, holy hell, lady. You-"
He kind of just backs away into the crowd. Cool, it worked.

"Okay, Domino, stick with me in case that guy comes back."
>"Heh, okay. Thanks."
"Sure thing."

Domino starts taking bets again. Not sure if I'm comfortable basically being his bodyguard right now. I still wish he would have not lied to us about going to the inn. And I'm not sure I want to ask him if he was really cheating that guy over...
No. 568076 ID: f5cfe1
File 139622237476.png - (197.58KB , 840x600 , 134.png )

This tournament was small, so we're already at the finals. Lumin is going up against some... guy that looks a little insane maybe?
Both of them move quickly and try to wear the other down. They each move in and land several good hits on eachother while still defending well against many other punches. Round after round, they keep getting more and more roughed up. Pretty soon, both start looking pretty worn. Come on, Lumin, you can beat this guy...

Domino gets my attention.
>"Hey Mayli, I know it's a tad late, but I'll still let you put a bet if you want.
"Um, I don't know."
>"Come on. It doesn't have to be a big bet, anything'll do. Just tell me how much and who you wanna bet on."
Well, with the extra money from that Peller guy, I have 105 pieces on me. Should I bet something?
No. 568077 ID: 6230b9

I'm not sure how much 105 pieces is, relatively, but I wouldn't bet more than 30, anyway. As far as who, it's hardly a question; you've gotta go with your best bud Lumin.
No. 568093 ID: 28fc01

Go big or go home. Bet 100 pieces on Lumin. Be sure to cheer louder than anyone else for him too.
No. 568132 ID: 113912

Does anybody besides this councillor you've never met before know where that money came from? Call me paranoid, but one cool way to set people up as spies is to hand them enemy (or counterfeit) currency. With that in mind maybe we should take a look at the stuff before we bet or spend any of it.
No. 568159 ID: ffa549

Decline. Conflict of interest. You can't be protecting him from disgruntled gamblers and be a gambler yourself.
No. 568160 ID: 2c6ff1

15 bux on your buddy Lumin!
No. 569420 ID: c2bd26
File 139680846133.png - (120.07KB , 840x600 , 135.png )

They seem real to me. "Hey, Domino, do these coins I was given look alright?"
>"You don't trust that councilman, do you?
"Well... I just want to be safe."
>"Hey, I getcha."
He looks some of the money over.
>"They're okay. You bettin', right?"
"I'll bet 30, I guess."
>"That's what I like hearin'!"

I turn my attention back to the fight. The last round is about to start... Awe, man, Lumin looks bad, all those cuts. I didn't realize how bad he looked before. He's breathing really heavily, too.
>"I think the heat's gettin' to him, Mayli."
"You're right. It's easy to forget who he is sometimes. Lumin hasn't had much trouble with the heat so far, but he's still a far northerner. This isn't good. That bet may have been a waste..."
When the bell rings, Lumin takes two slow steps forward. He barely has his arms up. His opponent approaches and socks him right in the face. Lumin falls backwards. He's not moving.
>"He's gonna lose! Get up, Lumin, come on!"
"No, no, he needs to stay down. He can't take anymore with the heat down here."
>"What a shame."
People start crowding around Domino to collect their payouts before the fight even ends. The ref counts 10 and the fight's over. I make my way to the ring.
>"Mayli, where you goin'?"

I get up near Lumin, who's being cleaned and given potions and water. "Hey, you okay?"
>"Damn heat."
"I know... You did good, though."
>"Thanks, Mayli."
"All those punches to the head, Big Boss is okay, right?"
>"Yeah, yeah, we're fine."
He finishes being cleaned.
>"Okay, we got you cleaned up, and those potions should make these cuts fade by morning."
>"Alright. Thanks, guys."
>"Sure thing. Always a pleasure to work with a good fighter."
No. 569421 ID: c2bd26
File 139680848635.png - (47.15KB , 840x600 , 136.png )

That was the last fight for tonight. Lumin collects a small prize for getting 2nd in the tournament: 50 pieces, a little more than what I lost. Lumin, Domino, and I leave the building along with the rest of the crowd, some of which complain about how unspectacular the ending of that last fight was.

The three of us get to the inn that Veliss was staying in, and...
Awe, at capacity? That sucks. All the other inns are probably full too. I really want to sleep in a bed tonight. Actually, Lumin probably needs to sleep in a nice bed more than any of us after all that. Where are we supposed to stay?
No. 569425 ID: 6230b9

Did Veliss only get a room for herself? I would see if she has room for the three of you before looking elsewhere.
No. 569434 ID: b7a896

You could find a drunken group of people who don't look like assholes and join their party.
Buy some rounds, drinks all around. Except for you and Lumin since it is dangerous to drink alcohol after head trauma.

Then when the party dies down just ask for a place to spend the night. Someone is bound to have a sofa and a guest bed.
No. 570299 ID: e30974
File 139734840453.png - (107.14KB , 840x600 , 136.png )

"You guys wait here. I'm going to go see if Veliss got us some rooms."
I head inside and ask the innkeeper if somebody named Veliss reserved more than one room. He told me that, during the festival, only one room can be reserved per person. I guess people like to pull pranks during the festival and reserve rooms that they never use, just to mess up everyone's day. Bunch of Jerks. We're not going to be able to stay here.

I go back outside. "Well, no rooms for us. But it's the Mallet Festival, so I'm sure plenty of people are throwing parties and stuff. Maybe we can find one and then snag a place to sleep?"
I notice that Lumin is looking exhausted.
>"I just want sleep."
>"Sounds good to me. C'mon, let's hunt somethin' down."

The three of us walk over to the less busy part of town. It's starting to get late, but almost all the lights are still on. We spot a house with an open door and a few people standing outside chatting.
Domino walks up to them.
>"Hey there guys, throwin' a party?"
>"Huh? Wh- oh, you wanna go inside?"
>"Oh, well I suppose so. My friends and I have been jumpin' all over the place at the festival tonight."
>"Definitely an eventful time, isn't it? You three are welcome inside. Just don't go upstairs."

Well that was easy. The inside of the house is modestly furnished and there are a few different groups of people almost all standing and going on about this and that. Near the front of the house, we see a couch with enough room for two.
"I guess this'll work. Not a bed, but good enough."
Lumin plops down on it and leans his head back.
>"I'm pretty thirsty."
"Yeah, you know, you should probably drink something. Here, I'll go get some water."
I go and find the kitchen. There's some jugs of water and alcohol on a table. I kind of just help myself and fill up glass of water. When I go back to the other two, Lumin's already passed out and Domino is on the floor leaned up against the couch.
"You okay with the floor?"
>"I've been on the floor plenty of times."
"You can probably go find something somewhere else."
>"I aint worried."
"Goodnight then."
I sit the glass on the floor next to the couch, then sit next to Lumin and quickly doze off. Didn't quite enjoy tonight like I wanted to, but it could have been worse. I sure hope everything goes alright in the morning.
No. 570300 ID: e30974
File 139734841887.gif - (57.54KB , 840x600 , 137.gif )

What... are you doing?
No. 570302 ID: 5bbbc0

Ahahahaaha~ Just having fun with our new tounge~ exploring the possibilitieeeesss~
Enjoy the extension to your third limb here!
No. 570304 ID: 53ba34

[retract tongue]
apparently that finished growing.
No. 570308 ID: 2c6ff1

I do not know.
No. 570320 ID: dbe554

Tastes like food!
No. 570321 ID: 2c6ff1

Don't forget to give him his water. You could probably use some yourself.
No. 570551 ID: eae4df
File 139743999180.png - (23.00KB , 840x600 , 138.png )

A new tongue? Well you don't have to be all weird about it!

And you knew it was going to happen too? Geez, why are you so weird?

You can't eat Lumin!

"I'm sorry."
Lumin wipes his face with his hand.
>"Is it morning?"
"I think so."

I look around. There are a few people asleep in several various places. Light is coming in through the windows.
"I wonder if the council is ready for us yet."
>"I need something to eat. And drink still."

"Hey, Domino, wake up."
>"Huh- wha"
"It's morning. I think you and Lumin should go and get something to eat. I want to go see the councilmen."
>"And why can't we go?"
"They're probably not ready. I just want to go check. If they are, then we can get it over with. If not, I'll find you guys and we can kill some time."
>"I guess that sounds alright."

The three of us get up, go into the kitchen, and get a drink of water. After that, we head out in the breezy morning air. It's actually pretty windy. We walk back to the busier part of town.
>"Ok, Lumin, what sounds good?"
>"Not sure. Let's go see what there is."
>"See ya soon, Mayli."
"Ok, bye guys."

Lumin and Domino walk off. I turn and start to head towards the council building. I notice a lot of shops are still open and there are still several people walking around, and I can still smell all the tasty foods from last night. You know, I think the festival is still going on tonight! Oh man, I'm kind of excited. I thought it would be over. Maybe we won't have to leave town today and we can do something fun tonight.

I wonder if Veliss is awake yet. Maybe we should have gone and checked first before deciding on anything. Awe well. I'm almost there.
No. 570552 ID: eae4df
File 139744000027.png - (85.33KB , 840x600 , 139.png )

Ok, let's see if those councilmen have anything to say.
No. 570553 ID: eae4df
File 139744003142.png - (129.27KB , 840x600 , 140.png )

No. 570557 ID: dbe554

..The hell is that big horned thing at the table!?

Also, scream, run!
No. 570558 ID: 2c6ff1

Get the hell out of there and scream for the guards.
No. 570559 ID: 53ba34

get out of there!
No. 570563 ID: 5bbbc0

We are looking at a scene from a horror movie.
The thing to do now, is run like scary over there is after us, Mylil.
No. 570564 ID: 6230b9

Seems the Dyda have received word about our business here. It's likely they already had Terry under their watch and simply preempted our actions, considering how quick and coincidental this was. In any case definitely call for a guard and go find your friends. Make sure you're armed before you come back.
No. 570570 ID: f12e94

Cue them framing you for the murder of the council. Or is that already done?

I guess this is just desserts for unprofessionalism on your side, but those people didn't have to die for that lesson, damnit. I don't even know what you can do to salvage this situation since it appears that the local politics are irrevocably fucked and this town is either unofficially annexed by the Dyda or openly occupied now.
Calling for the guards ordinarily would be the right thing to do here, except we don't know if the Dyda have already set your party up as the assassins and circulated an alert that you may be trying to escape.

We don't have enough information to make a smart choice here, let's get some.
No. 570786 ID: 96da91
File 139754562465.png - (81.20KB , 840x600 , 141.png )


Run. I have to run.

>"No you do not."

The door shuts behind me. I turn around and try pulling it open.

>"You are staying."

I keep pulling. It won't budge.
>"You cannot run from your enemy. Stop trying."

Dammit. What is this? I'm feeling a chill up my spine. I open my mouth and try to scream, but I can't. No sound comes out. No, I... there's nothing I can do.

>"Correct, girl. There is nothing you can do."

No, what is this? Stop it!

>"Turn around and face me."

No. NO!

>"Turn around. Face me."

I turn around. I can hardly control my actions.

>"And that will remain."

Stop reading my thoughts. Please, no more.


He... isn't even speaking. His voice is inside my head. It's deep, gravely, slow. I'm getting hot now. My heart is pounding, like it might burst. What do you want? What's happening?

>"There is something strange about you, girl. Your thoughts are racing. As if you have more than one mind. Is that a cap crawler under your hat? Yes. Yes, it seems that way. How interesting."

Peller. He's still alive. I have to do... something.

>"Cap crawler, since your host is having so much trouble right now, I want you to tell me: what is Dyda Empire? What do you know about what it is, or what it is doing? What do you think of us, hmm? I want to know."
No. 570789 ID: 53ba34

mayli, keep trying, we'll sing a distraction!

this is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend, we just, started singing without knowing what it was and now we're stuck here singing just because this is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend, we just, started singing without knowing what it was and now we're stuck here singing just because this is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend, we just, started singing without knowing what it was and now we're stuck here singing just because this is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend, we just, started singing without knowing what it was and now we're stuck here singing just because this is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend, we just, started singing without knowing what it was and now we're stuck here singing just because this is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend, we just, started singing without knowing what it was and now we're stuck here singing just because this is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend, we just, started singing without knowing what it was and now we're stuck here singing just because this is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend, we just, started singing without knowing what it was and now we're stuck here singing just because this is the song that never ends
No. 570792 ID: 2c6ff1

Well you have at least one powerful psion at your disposal but your scouts are lacking. That's two pieces of information you already know we know. How about we don't reveal what we don't know or what you don't know we know? That would be pointless, since from your actions today it's obvious you're an evil empire bent on conquering the world and apparently we have to stop you.

We wouldn't be having this conversation if you'd just stayed away from Stalagmite. You should not underestimate cap crawlers, you know...
No. 570811 ID: 5bbbc0

Uhhh yeah sure yanno what mister uhh...What's your name good sir?
Anyhow, we dunno much, if anything about you guys, just that you're the most worrisome thing we've seen so far from Dyda.
No. 570826 ID: 75b8af

>What do you know about what it is, or what it is doing? What do you think of us, hmm?
Well, from the looks of it, you came in here and brutally assaulted and/or killed people who were completely powerless to resist you, with little to no provocation.

If we're going to judge people by their actions, I think this tableau here tells us all we need to know about you.
No. 570863 ID: 6230b9

>Cap crawler
We have a name. It's Big Boss.

>what is Dyda Empire? What do you know about what it is, or what it is doing? What do you think of us, hmm?
From what we've seen and learned of you and your people, the Dyda Empire has the strict goal of destroying every other civilization it can find. Mayli and my other friends belong to such civilizations so we don't take to your mission very kindly, to say the least.
No. 571770 ID: abb89e
File 139805183125.png - (122.67KB , 840x600 , 142.png )

>"Hahehe, you are interesting. It is clear that you know little. But you seem to know all that you need to about us."

I'm gonna get out of here. Somehow.

>"Your charades are humorous."

Dammit, where are the others?

>What's your name?
>most worrisome thing we've seen so far from Dyda
>"And I am not even the worst."

No. Stop coming towards me. I wish I could move, I wish I could move!

>"Big Boss. Silly name."

...You're silly...

>"Excuse me. Big Boss and I are trying to have a conversation. Please stop interrupting."


>scouts are lacking
>"So some of them were found out. Not surprising."
>"Wait just a second, I have not heard of this Stalagmite. What is it, a city? You will tell won't you? I want to know all about it."
No. 571776 ID: 99624f

So why should we tell you about it? You tell us some stuff about your empire and we will consider trading info.
No. 571777 ID: 53ba34

[jam tongue into eye sockets]
No. 571778 ID: ca65e6

Hmph. What's in it for us? Maybe we can exchange information, eh? Why is your empire conquering the land? What kind of thing are you, and what things are worse? Just how strong is your empire?

(is the tongue long enough to grab Mayli's weapon and attack the big thing? We appear to be able to move, and I know we are quite strong. If the tongue isn't that long, we could stick it in one of this guy's eyesockets or grab a horn and toss him away/smash him into a wall.)
No. 571781 ID: 824f43

>What is it, a city? You will tell won't you? I want to know all about it.
It's a magic superweapon unicorn horn that makes ice cream recreationally when it's not coaching children's sports teams.

>I wish I could move, I wish I could move!

[Move Mayli]

He's doing a psion thing, right? Blocking her mind from controlling her body? But he doesn't seem to be immobilizing us. And we're sharing her brain. We might be able to reach out and control stuff she currently can't.
No. 571814 ID: 49b933

Why did someone mention-urgh. Okay, Our knowledge of geography is honestly crappers, and on top of that we're not that aware of the route we DID take.

Better question though- is surrender an option, as in, an option that DOESN'T end in extermination/cruel slavery and other such things? Because if you're that kind of ruthless then there's really no point in trying to negotiate.
No. 571869 ID: f12e94

>Better question though- is surrender an option, as in, an option that DOESN'T end in extermination/cruel slavery and other such things? Because if you're that kind of ruthless then there's really no point in trying to negotiate.

Don't be a moron, the local extermination here tells us all we need to know about their xeno-sociopathic, violent tendencies. The fact that they would tolerate their agents acting on their behalf in such a way means they don't see any particular problem with that. From this we can conclude that their agenda is either subjugation or extermination, and neither is acceptable.

Dear Berrilik, I am interested in the details of what your empire's aspirations, self-conception and ideology are like. Who is the Dyda empire, what do they want, and how do they earn it?
No. 572142 ID: 2e4fe0
File 139830605027.gif - (170.67KB , 630x450 , 143.gif )

Yeah, get my sword! Attack him! Ye- wha-
Peller? He just appears out of nowhere, floating there in front of... Ah, my chest! Why does it hurt like this?

>"You do not wish to be civil, I can see that. So how about I finish off killing this councilman? Do you want that?"

I... No...

>[Move Mayli]
>"And do not worry, cap crawler, you will not be doing anything with the girl. There is no way to attack me and no way to escape. We will be continuing our conversation as we were."

>What kind of thing are you
>"I am just a caler, one of the few with a grasp on magic. But my grasp is tighter than that of anyone you could hope to know."
>and what things are worse?
>"The Lady."

>"I see. You refuse to be truthful. Today is the day you die, but you may as well learn the reason for your death. Let me start by asking a question: My people, the caler, have you ever seen one that was not from our empire? The answer is no. You have not."

Peller floats gently to the ground, landing on his hands and knees. He still seems unresponsive to what's happening.
Ugh, my chest...
Berrilik starts pacing.

>"Since the beginning of time, the caler have been subject to slavery, torture, attempts at genocide, and the taking of our territory. We have never been able to fight back, either. We are weak. Yes, you said yourself that our scouts are lacking, when in fact, most caler are senseless savages. That is why we have always been trampled on. However, over a century ago, our Lady came and brought hope, taking us from this continent. Did you know that there was a time when caler were the only people walking this land? The Lady aims to return and bring about that time again."

He stops and turns to me.

>"You die today. In a few days, everyone else here does as well. There. That is enough. Now tell me about Stalagmite. You do not want me to force you to."

No. 572143 ID: 53ba34

[ignore peller, kill anyway. ]
No. 572144 ID: 99624f

Force us then. We are not the sort to be cowed by displays of power. You might be able to mess with our allies but I do not plan to give you any information.

You have already shown that regardless of our actions you do not plan on letting us live. So would rather go down fighting if that is our fate.

Oh and that so called hostage you have is worthless to you. We have orders from him to go through him if need be.

So push the attack if we can get to him. Loosing the councilor sucks but he is as good as dead or worse if we do nothing.
No. 572147 ID: 49b933

So lemme get this straight. You basically intend to kill us all and then you ask us for information...
Better question: Why do we care if the end result...Is that we die? We're corpses, and we have no reason to play ball with you.
And on that note...Your Lady actually provides pretty good reason to FINISH the job of slaughtering you guys now, if this is what you're like when you have sense.
[swing sword anyhow]
No. 572148 ID: 6230b9

Do most of your people also have no chance of being more than senseless savages? Obviously there is capacity for reason and thought, as demonstrated by yourself. Or is that capacity like a (rather useful) disease, only affecting a select few?
No. 572153 ID: ca65e6

Genocide of the entire world? You must know deep down there's no way you can succeed. If you just want to make your mark on the world and teach the other races that you're more than savages, there are much better ways of going about it.

Mayli, would you die to keep Stalagmite secret? We are prepared to do what is necessary.
No. 572160 ID: 824f43

>My people, the caler, have you ever seen one that was not from our empire? The answer is no. You have not.
Of course we haven't. We've barely had the (dis)pleasure of meeting any of you in the time we've been alive. By definition, 100% of the you we've met belong to your empire.

Tautology isn't enlightening, or significant.

>tell me
You've failed to give us any compelling reason to tell you anything.

You tale is unremarkable. Yet another downtrodden people embracing the Eternal Doctrine- avenging their suffering by perpetuating a cycle of violence and cruelty. You are not the first to be so broken as to follow this philosophy, and I am sad to say you will likely not be the last. It is tragic, and terrible, but no justification for your actions, or reason for us to accept it.

If we are truly to die here today, then our only decision is in how we die. And I would rather die defying this grim cause than surrendering to it.

We will not speak.
No. 573893 ID: ccd544

Tell us about The Lady.

If she has such power to have made you, then it is odd none have heard of her.
No. 573941 ID: b3a7fa

Nice, respond to horrible atrocities with more horrible atrocities. Very smart, that's sure not to backfire horrendously on you in any capacity.
In any case, there is a binary of outcomes to this, both culminating in death for everyone involved.
What would your grandmum think of this nonesense, honestly?
No. 574577 ID: 155119
File 140018241436.png - (164.51KB , 840x600 , 144.png )

>ignore Peller
>would you die for Stalagmite

I'm not ready for this. I can't...

>"You are right. You can't. Give up, girl. Something involving this Stalagmite is troubling you, something you are trying to suppress. I do not know why, but I really would like to know what it is. Neither of you will speak, so I will find out on my own. If you surrender to your fear of me, I can dig the rest of my way into your mind, and it will be over. No more worries."

No, I'm not afraid of you, dammit.

>"Yes, you are."

No. No...

My sword flies out of your grasp, floats over next to him, and drops to the ground.

My heart. It hurts too much. I'm about to pass out.

>"Just stare into my eyes. This will not last long."

Big Boss, you have to do something. I don't know... what's happening right now.
No. 574582 ID: 155119
File 140018264150.png - (47.17KB , 840x600 , 145.png )

>"You know, Big Boss, what I said about our empire - there is more to it than you think. See, the weakness of us caler allowed our Lady to unite us so easily. She gave us something to believe in, an idol to worship, direction that our people have never had before. The destruction of this continent is not happening because our people want revenge. Instead, the Lady has convinced us that those who do not worship our idol are not fit to live, and that only caler are fit to worship our idol. Now you understand what Dyda Empire wants."

>As for the Lady, there is something different about her. I do not understand her, but she does not have the same reason for wanting what our people want. I believe that she is actually after revenge for the caler, but I do not know. Regardless, she does have a way to destroy all that populate this land. That is guaranteed.

>Hmm... This appears to be a city in some cave, probably in the Deln'r mountains. This girl knew enough about Dyda Empire to have a dream where we attacked. Interesting. The stalagmite in the middle of town seems important. Let's see what is inside."
No. 574584 ID: 155119
File 140018271014.png - (28.89KB , 840x600 , 146.png )

>"What is this?!"
No. 574585 ID: 155119
File 140018273391.png - (102.28KB , 840x600 , 147.png )

No. 574586 ID: 2bfcdf

LUMIN. Wake the fuck up and get to the council immediately, they're all DEAD and Mayli is in the clutches of some superpowered psychic who is in the midst of ripping the secret of Stalagmite out of her head!
No. 574588 ID: 6230b9

WAKE UP LUMIN! Mayli is in some deep shit right now at the council building and seriously needs your help.

The short of it is a large psion from the Dyda Empire is scouring Mayli's mind for information on Stalagmite.

So get your ass over there now!
No. 574627 ID: 53ba34

LUMIN, ASS ON FIRE MODE, RUN LIKE THE FUCKING CLAPPERS. don't think just do. bust in to the council chambers and attack the big red guy.
No. 574664 ID: dbe554

*Tap face against face to wake up*
No. 574821 ID: 30e06f

[bite hair, tug ] emergency! (share entire encounter) Get Domino and Veliss!

It might take some extra time to get Veliss but you need every advantage you can get. She's a mage, and might be able to protect you enough that we can do more than stand around paralyzed while he picks our brains.

There's also a good chance she's alot more sensible than anyone else we know. She did get herself a room and (hopefully) got some better rest than we did.
No. 575138 ID: 99747f
File 140061829480.png - (117.46KB , 840x600 , 148.png )

Huh? Wh...zzz

Guh, what are you...




>"Whoa, Lumin, what's wrong with you?"

"Fuck, this is bad."

I try to manage a whisper.
"Domino, somebody from Dyda attacked and killed the whole council and Mayli's in there!"
>"What now?!"
"Mayli and I - our cap crawlers had a mental swap again. Some kind of mage attacked and is rummaging through her mind right now and finding everything out about Stalagmite."
>"You can't be serious? What the hell are we gonna do?!"

Okay Lumin. Just calm down. You do better in these situations when you're calm.

Deep breaths.

Alright. You're gonna get her out of there.

"We're going to go find Veliss. A mage attacked, so she might know what to do."
>"She's at that inn not too far away, aint she? Let's go."
"Hopefully she hasn't left yet."

The two of us head over to the inn. We pass people cleaning up from the festivities last night and preparing for another night of them. This place won't be very festive anymore when everybody finds out what happened.
No. 575139 ID: 99747f
File 140061831417.png - (82.46KB , 840x600 , 149.png )

At the inn, Veliss is at the end of the bar finishing breakfast. I whisper to her. Dread grows on her face as I tell her about the council and about Mayli.

"What should we do, Veliss?"
She takes the last bite of her breakfast and appears to calm herself a bit.
>"Okay, we shall tell nobody of this yet. I have an idea. Lumin, that dream you had yesterday morning - tell me about it."
"I... No, it's too embarrassing."
>"Then just tell me one thing: was it related to the other dream you had, the one about Dyda Empire attacking Stalagmite?"
"Uh, yes actually. That was the worst part. The dream about us being attacked seemed to take place right before the dream that... I refuse to talk about."
>"I see. I thought that may be the case after you and Mayli said that you saw each other's dreams yesterday. Listen, Big Boss and Otacon clearly have some kind of mental connection. You may have actually been sharing the same dreamscape."
>"Yes, I think so. The chronology seems skewed, but I think you two were essentially sharing a dream."

Veliss gets off her bar stool.
>"Lumin, how much do you know about magic?"
"Nothing. I know nothing"
>"Then consider this a short lesson: It is easier to use magic to enter the mind of another when they are asleep. This mage probably put Mayli asleep before entering her mind. This means that Mayli is basically dreaming right now. If you go to sleep, Lumin, you might be able to enter that dreamscape because of the connection between Big Boss and Ocelot. You understand?"
"Maybe a little..."
>"Do not worry. Just find some place and go to sleep. Try to find that mage, and Mayli too. Do what you can in there to at least stall his progress. I have a plan for the meantime. Now do you understand what to do, Lumin? Same goes for Big Boss. We will not have a lot of time. If you have any questions or other ideas, tell me now. Otherwise, say that you are ready."
No. 575147 ID: d03d2d

Oops. Too much Metal Gear lately.
No. 575150 ID: 6230b9

Do you think the mage will suspect that Lumin is there to stall him? In other words, will it be obvious to him that we aren't just a figment of Mayli's subconscious but rather someone who figured out how to enter her dreams and stop him?

Is there any certain way we should act, just in case?
No. 575154 ID: 53ba34

sounds like a plan, but you awake people should do things too.
No. 575226 ID: b22445
File 140070090994.png - (17.82KB , 840x600 , 150.png )

"What if he figures me out, figures out that I came in to stall him?"
>"That is possible, but I do not know how likely. If you are worried, then just be careful, Lumin, and you should be fine. And act natural, like a normal part of the dream."

"What will you and Domino be doing?"
>"Like I said, I have a plan for while you are asleep. But it's a secret! Do not worry, it will not affect you. Domino will help me."
>"Help you? Alrighty."

>"So are you ready, Lumin?"
"I think so. Is there a chance that I won't actually end up in the same dream as those two?"
>"There is always a chance, but I think the chances are low. Those cap crawlers seem capable of some amazing things."
"Alright, then I'm ready."
>"Finding a spot as close to Mayli as possible is a good idea I think."
"Should I plop down right next to the council building?"
>"Just keep from snoring."
"I don't snore."

Domino turns to leave.
>"Alright, let's go get that bastard!"
The three of us leave the inn and head to the council chambers, not a word between us. The foot traffic has died down and hardly anybody is outside; it clouded up and is about to rain. I find and sit down at a place near the building where I won't get rained on. I'm still rather tired from boxing last night, and it doesn't take me long to drift off after closing my eyes.
No. 575227 ID: b22445
File 140070097288.png - (4.17KB , 840x600 , 151.png )

It's pitch black. I can hear running water and the faint sound of a familiar voice.
No. 575231 ID: 6230b9

Whose voice are you hearing? Start walking slowly toward to source of the voice. Hopefully the voice is near a source of light, too, so we can orient ourselves.
No. 575235 ID: 2bfcdf

Fumble about blindly.
No. 575318 ID: 9a281a

>But it's a secret!
Of course it is. The enemy is probing dreams for information, and we're entering the dream. If you knew, there's the chance we could give it away.

>Whose voice are you hearing?
And what are they saying?

>I can hear running water
What kind? Is it the trickle of a stream or a brook? A faucet? The loader rush of a river? Waves by the sea, coming in and out?
No. 575941 ID: 9cc7e8
File 140108384889.png - (16.58KB , 840x600 , 153.png )

It's a louder rush, sounds like the river that flows through the west side of Stalagmite. That must be where I am. But I still can't see a thing. I bumble around trying to make my way towards the voice, which is too faint for me to understand.

Okay, I can see some source of light now, coming from behind a corner near the voice.

"Who's there?"

>"Lumin, it's me."


I turn the corner.
No. 575942 ID: 9cc7e8
File 140108394338.png - (123.30KB , 840x600 , 154.png )

>"Yes, Lumin. It's your mother."

She's wearing a smile on her face. And has a cap crawler in her head.
>"Heavens, Lumin, it's been so long since I've seen you. You've grown up. I wanted to see it."
"Mom, I have to go. I don't have time for... dreams."
>"What do you mean? What's wrong?"
"I have to go. I'm sorry."
>"But I'm not part of this dream, Lumin. It's really me."
"Stop it."
>"I have a cap crawler, Lumin, just like you. You heard what your friend Veliss said about you and Mayli's cap crawlers, about how they have a connection. Well mine just popped out of my head a few hours ago, Lumin, and now we have that connection too!"
"Mother, stop it, please."
>"C'mon, Lumin. It's true. We have that connection, and now I'm inside this dream with you. Don't you believe your mother?"

I don't understand... And I feel like I can't move.
No. 575943 ID: 2bfcdf

[lick the fake mother's eye. If that doesn't work, use a tooth bullet on the same location]

Guilty information. She couldn't have known what Veliss told you. Let's keep going, Lumin.
No. 575981 ID: dbe554

The problem is that Cap-Worms don't naturally have our look because we were granted a few things specially.

Who are you really?
No. 575994 ID: 9a281a

>I don't understand... And I feel like I can't move.
Classic mental defense. Minds protect themselves. Mayli (or Pellar) is resiting your entry, by giving you a reason not to go deeper. Something that you want, that you wish could be true.

The only way forward is to deny her. It'll be hard and terrible to do, but minds don't fight fair. They hit right where it hurts.
No. 576677 ID: ec1b4b
File 140157947209.png - (122.60KB , 840x600 , 155.png )

>bullet tooth
Wait, you don't have anything like that.

>lick eye
I don't care if she's not real. I'm not going to do something cruel to my own mother like that.

>So wait, not all cap crawlers look like you and Mayli's? How would you know that anyway?

"Mother... there's so much wrong here. And you're not even acting like yourself anyway. You would be more surprised to see me than you are. It's not you. I know it isn't."

She frowns. I shake off my hesitation and almost walk away when she responds.

>"You're right. Of course it's not me, Lumin. And you know that it's your own fault, too, don't you?"
>"You want to believe that it's really me. You wish it were that simple, for me to have something that would just lead me to you."
"Why wouldn't I wish it were that simple?"
>"Because it's foolish. You know it's foolish, Lumin, to grasp at every possible solution, every possible idea that may let you find me. In the very back of your mind, Lumin, in a place with secrets that lie only with you, the disappearance of your mother still obsesses you. Every piece of information that enters your head, you immediately think about how it might possibly help you find me. Even when you aren't aware of it, it happens."
"Yes, I know. I know all of this. Stop tormenting me."
>"You're tormenting yourself. Lumin, what's the real reason you didn't want to take your father's locket?"
"...Because it's his. It meant a lot to me that he had it."
>"No. That's not the true reason."
"Alright... It's because I was afraid that... keeping a picture of you might cause me to forget what I'm supposed to be doing. It might cause me to stop with the mission so I can try to find you."
>"Where would you even look, Lumin?"
"I don't know! Just stop! I don't need this!"

I angrily rip the torch off the wall and start to walk away with it. No, I don't want to look at her any more. I hide it well, but what she says is true. Listen, Big Boss, if I ever try to look for my mom, no matter what reason I may have, then stop me. Please, I want to keep my mental health.

Just... gotta find Mayli. Don't think about mom. Don't turn around. Don't think about her. Just get out of here.
No. 576678 ID: ec1b4b
File 140157952967.png - (44.18KB , 840x600 , 156.png )

As I get further into town, I start to cool off from that ordeal. And I also realize that this is still the same dream where Dyda attacks our home. So me and Mayli are supposed to be sharing the same dreamscape, but does that mean that the same dream is supposed to happen in it every time? I just gotta get to the Column, the only place I remember seeing her in... this part of the dream.

I bypass all the commotion and approach the big stalagmite where the Column is. Okay. I peek inside to see what's in there.

There's some really huge guy. Oh no, that has to be him! But that means this worked then, right? That's actually him and not just me dreaming? How could I know for sure?

He's got his back against the wall and is staring at the Column. And he's huge! I don't think anybody else is in here.

What's the plan, Big Boss? We've go to handle this just right, and I'm not even sure what we should do exactly.
No. 576680 ID: 2bfcdf

We DO have a tooth weapon though. Mayli's worm has a long tongue, your worm has a tooth. This mind-swapping thing shouldn't be swapping physical abilities.

Sneak up then stab the fuck out of him before he can use any magic. What other plan would we have against a magic user? I'd like to save the tooth for a surprise attack. If your stabbing doesn't do the trick, try to goad him into getting closer. Then we can use the tooth when he thinks he's won.
No. 576681 ID: 6230b9

Can you get a better view of his face? Keep quiet and double check your surroundings. If he begins to react or takes notice of your presence, act as you would as a guard of Stalagmite, just following orders to protect the Column.
No. 576684 ID: ec1b4b

Pick one ability
Pick one cap crawler to receive the ability
"It is a tough choice, I can tell. The tongue for Ocelot sounds like what you want most."

No. 576685 ID: e3aff6

Stealth is the natural weakness of spell-casters, and in some cases just about their only one.
>>576681 seems like a good plan; if you go with that make sure to take the necklace off first. (No, you wouldn't be able to pass as them with it for reasons that we should probably talk about later when you don't need to focus.)

No, that was one change between both crawlers, not one each.
No. 576690 ID: 2bfcdf

Oh, so Big Boss has no ability. Nevermind then.
No. 576806 ID: 363ecd

>How could I know for sure?
Well, technically, you can't. This is a dream, so perceptions are kind of suspect.
No. 576952 ID: 420292
File 140181333090.png - (28.17KB , 840x600 , 157.png )

I pull and tug on the necklace, feel around for a latch to undo, but I can't get it off. This happened last time, where it refused to come off my neck.

Alright. The big stalagmite has 3 entrances, usually guarded of course. I loop around and check each entrance for anything notable and to get a better idea of what's inside.

So far, it just looks like it's him in there. He's just staring at the column, too. His back is pretty far against the wall for sneaking; I don't know if it would work. And I don't know if a head-on approach would be any better. Dammit, I may just have to go with somethi-

>"Good, we beat them here. Alright, Lumin, you know what to do when they arrive?"
"What, what the hell? Iona?"
What's she doing here?
>"Is something wrong?"
"Yes, what are you doing here?"
>"We were to meet here at the stalagmite. You better not be having second thoughts!"

Oh that's right. Iona and I are supposed to be traitors in this damn dream, and we're supposed to go to the column for her to destroy it. That's what happened in the dream the first time, and it's supposed to happen again. But that mage is in there this time.

Is there a way I could maybe use this dream Iona to get to him?
No. 576975 ID: 2bfcdf

Sure, tell her that big mage guy is trouble and might ruin our plans.
No. 576985 ID: 53ba34

yeah, she will see the big guy and we say he's trouble.
No. 576996 ID: 6230b9

I'm not sure if telling Iona that the mage is a bad guy is such a good idea. We're supposed to be betraying Stalagmite to the empire that the mage is from, after all. If you tell her this guy is trying to stop us, but then she sees that he is from the empire, it could easily backfire.

I would just say that the mage was sent to help our plans along and that we should go speak to him before continuing.
No. 577019 ID: 24dc7a

Say that you haven't been having any second thoughts but the big guy is deviating from the plan and wants to take the stalagmite for himself. Ask if she can try to talk him out of it while you check the perimeter (then sneak around the other side while they argue).
No. 578298 ID: a58cd9
File 140255033313.png - (38.23KB , 840x600 , 158.png )

"Uh. No, I'm not having second thoughts. But, Iona, somebody powerful from the empire is in there with the Column. And he's going to betray us!"
>"What? That can't be!"
"It's true. I heard him murmuring to himself in there. He wants to gain control of the Column instead of destroying it so he can enslave this city."
>"But where would that even get him?"
"I don't know, Iona, but you need to get in there and find out. I'll stay out of sight in case you need backup."
>"You're sure about this?"
"I wouldn't lie, Iona."
She sighs.

Iona rushes in there with haste. I loop around to the other side as quick as I can, leaning against the wall and waiting for an opportune time to attack. I can hear the mage's low voice.

>"This makes no sense. There could not possibly be traitors to this city that wish to help Dyda Empire."
>"Of course there are, now explain yourself."
>"Explain myself?"
>"You plan to betray the empire!"
>"What?! I plan to do no such thing!"
>"There is no point in denying it."
>"I do not need to defend myself to somebody in a drea- HACH!!"

I drive my knife straight into his back. He struggles and falls to his knees.
"It's time to let Mayli go, you bastard."
He elbows me off of him, sending me stumbling backwards. The mage turns around and speaks with the same low tone, as if he hasn't been hurt all.
>"And who might you be."
"The last person you want to piss off."
>"Hmm, is that so? Well, that was a good strike. I am losing a lot of blood."
"You need to let Mayli go. When we leave this dream, you need to let her go and get out of Terry."
He looks over at the column.
>"...Tell me what this thing is, boy."
No. 578305 ID: ac14c0

Haven't we said no enough today? Besides, it doesn't matter. It's about to explode. Actually, I wonder if we could further injure him by telling him to go touch it to find out? Then when it explodes he'll be right next to it.

Let's definitely say what it's not. It's not a weapon, so it's of no use to him.
No. 578327 ID: 410c24

>Tell me what this thing is, boy
A dream.
No. 578333 ID: e1609c

best option
No. 578339 ID: 5f54f5

Tell him it's the source of our power, bonding to the race of he who last made contact with it.
Let him enjoy a last moment of 'awesome power'.
No. 578340 ID: ad11b5
File 140259733646.png - (36.58KB , 840x600 , 159.png )

"A dream."
>"HAHHAHAH, that is a LIE! I know more about this thing than you, boy! I was just curious to see how much you did know."
"What do you mean you know more?"
>"Hehheh, you are clearly from the real world. But how do you know about me. I know I have not been caught."
"Big Boss here told me. Now why don't you answer my question?"
>"Big Boss. Are you saying that Big Boss is in your head now? Then your presence must be from some cap crawler related phenomenon."
"Answer my question!"
>"How interesting. Why do you wear Daya Empire's clothing, boy? I can see it, barely."
"Dammit, why won't you listen?"
>"You and the girl whose head I'm in right now, you both must be from this city, this Stalagmite. You clearly want to protect it. So why do you wear our uniform? Hmm, I think I understand. I believe that you know how weak you are. You know yourself to be a helpless fool, so unfit to protect your people that you may as well be a traitor."
"No, I'm not putting up with you anymore!"

I lunge at him and swing my knife at his throat. He grabs my wrist and stops me, squeezing it tight.
>"Big Boss, I have one final question. I want to know where you really stand with these people you are attached to. If it came down to it, would you let Mayli die if it meant protecting Stalagmite?"
No. 578341 ID: 858d09

Of course not. Even if we determined that to be the best option, there is absolutely no way Lumin would heed us. So we'll go with the second best option, which is saving both Mayli and Stalagmite. Even if it means risking our life, it's worth a shot if it means keeping such a backwards-thinking empire from their violent and unnecessary goals.
No. 578342 ID: dc4b80

You do get the whole physically attached part right? First of all we don't have a choice in the matter. Second of all they have proven themselves to be good people worthy of our respect. And third any time you get a choice like that from someone with a knife at your throat its no choice at all.
No. 578441 ID: 410c24

>HAHHAHAH, that is a LIE!
Well, no, it was a fun mix of literal non-answer and figurative answer. Because "A dream" is literally what it was, but not what he was asking. But at the same time, the spire is a dream- the dream of their city and their lives made manifest. Something they can't do without.

...dialog is completely wasted on this boob.

>Big Boss here told me
>Answer my question!
Um, we're not supposed to be here for answers. Or so you can accidentally let the enemy know more about our capabilities. And as for answers, I would characterize his "I know more than you" as a taunt to be ignored unless it's substantiated later.

>Big Boss, I have one final question.
Seriously, don't answer him. It's not worth engaging his stupid self serving head games. We've tried that already.

He doesn't get the luxury of knowing what his opponents are willing to do before they do it.
No. 578469 ID: ac14c0

If he wants information from us, he has to give us some too. What does he know about the obelisk? (don't call it by the name you have given it)
No. 580413 ID: 4c09db
File 140356235818.png - (27.44KB , 840x600 , 160.png )

>"Tell me what Big Boss said."
"Only if you tell me what you know about the Obelisk!"
I force my hand from his grasp and take a few steps backwards.
>"You mean the Column?"
"Ugh, why are you such a pain in the ass?!"
He stands up and starts walking towards me.
"Hey, get back!"
>"Have you ever heard the Legend of the Palace, boy?"
"What? Legend of the Palace? When I was a kid, maybe. What does that have to do with anything?!"
>"It has to do with everything."

Behind me, Iona touches my shoulder.
>"Lumin, what are you two going on about?"
"Not now, Iona."

Berrilik sighs.
>"Listen, boy, I am not interested in you. I am only interested in that worm coming from your head. Though it uses your brain, it is clearly much smarter than you, much better than you. You are simply its host. But inside this dream world, I have none of my power. And I found out plenty from here, so I am leaving. Do not expect to see your friend alive when you wake up. You should have had a better plan before trying to stop me."

He snaps his fingers.
No. 580414 ID: 4c09db
File 140356237824.png - (141.57KB , 840x600 , 161.png )

No. 580415 ID: 4c09db
File 140356240607.png - (148.17KB , 840x600 , 162.png )

No. 580421 ID: e791b7

...Have we said before that we're sick of you?
Because it need be said, we're all sick of you.
Neat trick, shifting targets of your mind-dig.
No. 580422 ID: dc4b80

Ok either something very bad has happened or he is messing with your head to try and get you to do something stupid.

Also the possibility that we still could be in the dream.

No idea what to do now. Nothing we have will work against a mage/psion.
No. 580424 ID: e791b7

Ignore him. or just do whatever you feel like doing. Punching him in the face, dancing because you can, etc, etc.
Point is, this sucker's harmless outside what harm any illusionist can do. And he's got to run out of power sometime. But since we're in the illusion, we've got nothing to fear.
And here's the beauty of it-because he can screw with us to the point of us not being able to tell dream from reality, he can't convince us to work with him. And he needs us to work with him, or he just gets stonewalled again.
He can't even threaten us with pain, because for all we know it's just an illusion. Can't kill us because he needs our co-operation.
In short? He's got a losing battle of fustration ahead of him, because he's good at the mind-shenanigans, but only has shock and awe to use offensively.
No. 581072 ID: 858d09

Okay first things first. Check your surroundings. Is anything out of the ordinary? Anything that might suggest this is all an illusion? If not, then its time to fight or flee. If this isn't a trick, then shit has gotten extra real, and could get realer if you don't act quick.
No. 581076 ID: 53ba34

he doesn't know the other two were up to stuff. to get from the room to here immediately after waking up would have required teleporting. but why menace from over there? because he wants to scare you into a crying mess instead of actually trying to fight him. because if you try to fight him you will see it's still in the dream world. he probably just pulled us into his head where he has more power, but still not absolute power.
No. 582546 ID: 9b57d3

His powers operate entirely on fear. Do not fear. He probably isn't even as big as he looks.
No. 582560 ID: 241798
File 140436129382.gif - (20.65KB , 840x600 , 163.gif )

I... couldn't save her? I seriously couldn't save her? No, Big Boss, you're right, this has to be more nonsense. Just an illusion.

>no fear

I stand up and start walking through the rain towards him. "I'm not falling for your tricks."
>"Heh, If only it was a trick. I wish there was more time to have fun with you and this girl. But no, I am too busy today, and it is time for me to clean up and leave. This is real, boy."
"I don't believe you."
>"Oh? Then I suppose the only way to convince you is to send you to the afterlife, where this girl is."
"I suppose so." I pull out my knife, gripping it tight.
>"Haheh, you think you can kill me?"

Before he can keep me from moving with more of his magic, I switch my hold on the knife and throw it straight at Berrilik's face. It goes for one of his eyes, but right before it hits, it stops, flips around, and flies straight back at me. With no time to react, I can only gasp as it pierces my throat. Blood starts flowing. I fall to my knees. Dammit, what other option did I have?
No. 582561 ID: 241798
File 140436132501.png - (229.12KB , 840x600 , 164.png )

The rains begins washing my blood away. I can't breath or stand back up. Why... I couldn't beat him.

>"Of course not, boy. I am not to be underestimated. As long as I know you are there, as long as I can see you, beating me is impossible."
He walks towards me, looking down.
>"Do not be so sad. When we march up to the mountains from that fortress south of here, the rest of the world will die a much sadder death than you. Goodbye, boy."

It's just a trick. Please let it be. This feels like I'm dying. This really feels like I'm dying, but I can't just let this happen. I... haven't even found mom yet.
No. 582562 ID: 241798
File 140436137690.png - (76.67KB , 840x600 , 165.png )

Wait. I'm... waking up again.

>"Lumin? Lumin, what happened in there? Hurry and tell me! Any useful info?"
No. 582565 ID: 241798

I keep forgetting to say when stuff is animated. Because this is animated and not just an empty picture.
No. 582566 ID: dc4b80

Describe what happened to him. He will have a better idea what to look for than us.

As much as we might like to, do not go running to save Mayli. Unless we can find a way to negate whatever magic he uses we can't fight him yet.

While he gave you the oh I am leaving speech and such he revealed that he is very interested in the info you have and what we are. He won't risk killing you or her until he can learn what he wants.

So most likely he will try to take her with him so he can learn more somewhere safer. If you go running after him without a plan he will just have two prisoners.
No. 582568 ID: 858d09

Berrilik was trying to uncover the purpose behind the Column in Stalagmite, through the nightmare Mayli and I had the other day. We were able to get him out of the dream before he could gather any useful info but he led us through another illusion as if I had awoken. Afterward he walks out of the council building with the head of Mayli. Please tell me that that hasn't actually happened. It was absolutely horrid.
No. 582581 ID: 24dc7a

We discovered that skull-hat mage is an overpowered asshole who is apparently only vulnerable to sneak attacks. Countermeasures to pursue: illusion detection, anti-magic, invisibility, ranged weapons.
So anyway, we learned that the Dyda Empire are mostly idiots with a few very powerful mages, they want to murder absolutely everyone else, and they have taken an interest in the Column.
No. 582596 ID: 9b57d3

Their army is in a fortress to the south. Unless that was misinformation...

Also we'd better go check on Mayli.
No. 582611 ID: 50338d

>As long as I know you are there, as long as I can see you, beating me is impossible
Well, unless he's lying through his teeth to mislead us, his overconfidence just revealed a weakness. He's vulnerable to attacks he can't anticipate.
No. 583450 ID: 1dd632
File 140486622491.png - (96.57KB , 840x600 , 166.png )

"Veliss, what's happening?"
>"Please, I need to know if you found out anything useful."
"He... killed Mayli."
"He killed her, and then me. I don't know what's happening."
>"But was there anything that mage said? Anything that we can use?"
"He said they would march up from a fortress south of here."
>"A fortress? Ah, that is great, the exact kind of thing I wanted to hear! Lumin, Mayli is not dead!"
"She's not?"
>"I can explain later. We need to get to the council chambers right now."

She gets up and rushes to the doors of the council building. I don't know what's going on yet, but I get up and follow, jogging through the rain. Veliss cracks the door and peeks through it, then walks inside. I go in after her, closing the door behind me.

Mayli! She is alive! Oh, please let this not be another dream of some kind. Mayli's sword is in her hand, and her head is low.
>"He got away."
Veliss widens her eyes.
>"What? How?!"
>"I don't know! I did what Domino told me. I swung right at Berrilik's head the moment he moved, but he vanished. Right after that, the window there flew open."
>"He can do invisibility too! Damn that mage!"
Mayli scratches her head.
>"He was invisible?"

Veliss turns around with her arms crossed, angry.
>"How does he know so much? I know of three people who can do invisibility!"
Mayli puts an arm on her shoulder.
>"Veliss, are you going to explain all this to us?"
>"Yes, but... I need a few minutes to think. Where's Domino?
>"Peller is still alive barely, so Domino went to get a potion for him."
>"So one of the councilmen lived? I will check on him then. You should talk to Lumin. It seems he went through the most to help save you."

Veliss walks over and kneels down to the floor next to Peller. Mayli puts her sword away and walks over to me.
>"Is she right? You had to go through a lot?"
She looks real nervous.
No. 583458 ID: dc4b80

Hmm looks like there has been a bunch of mind fuckery going on here. Who knows what really happened versus what was all a stupid illusion.

Until we can be certain the bad guy is not hiding somewhere listening in make sure to be careful with what sort of details you talk about.

So ask her exactly what happened first. We can compare it to what we thought we saw and check for inconsistencies. Then after comparing that with physical evidence left behind we can work on figuring out what sort of magic was used.

Also if you need to cry a bit and go on a hugging spree its ok. That whole thing was pretty traumatic.
No. 584407 ID: 1fbab5
File 140556786718.png - (95.23KB , 840x600 , 167.png )

I take a few steps forward and wrap my arms around her. "It wasn't too much. As long as you're okay."
She sighs.
>"...I felt so helpless. Usually, I don't hesitate to cut down such a nasty foe, but there was nothing I could do this time... Thank you, Lumin. And you too, Big Boss."
A few tears start falling from her eyes. I'm praying that this is real.

Mayli's right, too. We're far from done, but we wouldn't be this far without you. Thank you, Big Boss.

"You know, I never actually apologized for punching you so hard in that fight yesterday."
Mayli gives a nervous laugh.
>"Don't be silly. Heh, I stood nothing of a chance anyway."

Just before I start to pull my arms away, Domino comes through the door.
>"Uh, where's the big guy?"
>"You're jokin'!"
>"Sorry, but no."
Domino scratches his nose.
>"You guys havin' a hug?"

Veliss walks over, her face still angry.
>"This is a good healing potion you have?"
>"Some of the good stuff."
>"Where did you get it?"
>"You know... places."
>"Alright, hand it here."
Veliss goes over to the councilman and pours the potion into his mouth with caution.
>"Peller should be fine, but it will be a while before we can speak with him, especially since he lost so much blood."
No. 584409 ID: 1fbab5
File 140556793639.png - (193.14KB , 840x600 , 168.png )

"Veliss, I really need to know what happened here. I need the reality of this whole thing cleared up."
She still looks just as angry.
>"Ugh. I suppose you do, huh. What a catastrophe this has been. Alright, Lumin, Mayli, Domino, listen here and I will explain this situation."
She sets the potion bottle down and stands up, then clears her throat.
"Wait! What if Berrilik's still here. You don't want him to hear this, do you?"
>"I strongly doubt he's around. Trust me. Even so, I doubt I will say anything that he has not figured out already."
"Oh, continue then."

>"Alright. First of all, we mages theorize that dreams are not simply fabricated worlds that exist within our minds. Instead, they are actual worlds that our minds create and then enter. But others can enter them as well. This is usually done using magic, but it has become apparent that cap crawlers posses some dream sharing abilities. Berrilik used his magic to force Mayli into a dreamworld which he then entered. Lumin also entered that world using Big Boss. This, Lumin, you knew already. Here's the part you didn't know: when you and Berrilik woke up from that dream, you were not actually awake. You instead woke up into a dream that I used magic to create and send you both into. Remember how I said I had a plan? That was it."
"So... when I thought that Mayli was dead... That wasn't him trying to trick me?"
>"No. That was me tricking him. The dream I sent you into looked just like the real world, and that's what you both thought it was. Out here, I sent Domino to wake up Mayli. She was not dreaming for long. Instead, she was standing here, waiting for Berrilik to wake up so he could be stricken down."

Well... that sure is a lot.
>"Does anybody have any questions? If not, we need to think of what to do next."
No. 584417 ID: dc4b80

Well we need to get some sort of protection from his mind powers. As it is if we run into him again we stand no chance.

After that we need to find more info about this Empire. He revealed a lot to us with the little he talked about so we know that they are only a threat because of there new Empress. So finding out more about her would be the next step.

So mage wards first and then information gathering.
No. 584418 ID: 858d09

Okay, that makes sense. But there are some questions that I'd like to have answered.

1. Are these dream worlds rigidly subject to the same physical laws as the real world? Or can they be manipulated by the creator?

2. How exactly does waking up work while in a dream world? Death seems to be one option. But Berrilik managed to escape your world, Veliss, so there must be other methods for waking up. Or is it just that keeping an entire other consciousness sealed in a dream world is extremely difficult to maintain?
No. 584423 ID: 24dc7a

For future reference is there any way to tell if you are in a dream that looks like the real world? After that lets discuss how to fight against mages in general.
No. 584426 ID: ef7fd2

whoops, I forgot to mention I made this a favicon. It's over in questdis, go approve or disapprove so lago can install/not install it
No. 584586 ID: 1fbab5
File 140570838812.png - (66.30KB , 840x600 , 169.png )

Mayli walks up to me and I turn towards her.
>"You thought I was dead?"
"Well... yeah. Berrilik killed you in the dream that Veliss made."
>"That son of a bitch!"
"It's alright, calm down!"

I turn back to Veliss. "Ok, how can we protect ourselves from Berrilik's mind powers?"
>"Honestly, I have no clue. Normally, being awake is all you would need. See, the primary theory that encompasses all magic states that everybody's brain has a field of energy around it. Magic is the ability to manipulate that energy to do different things. If you are awake and not using magic, then that energy sits around your brain and protects it from outside forces. When you use magic, or when you sleep, that energy is focused elsewhere; you become susceptible to mental attacks."
Veliss looks at the floor.
>"I do not think I have ever heard of anybody being able to pierce the field of somebody who is not asleep or using magic. I do not know what to tell you."

"Then how can we at least fight him?"
>"I'd say... stealth is the only possibility, attacking him before he knows you are there. That is all I can think of now, anyway. This is such a strange situation. One of the Unity's goals is to make sure that we mages uphold peace. The idea of actually fighting another mage... I am not much help there."

"Hmm. More on the dreams, then. Do dreamworlds have the same kind of laws as the real world, or are they different?"
>"They are vastly different."
"But can we manipulate the laws?"
>"As far as I have discovered, when dreams are shared, one person will fill the dream with random, familiar things. The only manipulation I have been capable of is changing who will continue filling the dream."

"Alright. How did Berrilik escape your dream?"
>"I am unsure. He must have found some inconsistency and was able to wake up."

Mayli is behind us pacing.
>"I wonder why he ran away instead of killing me."
>"Because that is what a weasel does when it has been caught."
"Is he really that powerful, though? Are you sure most of it wasn't just tricks?"
>"As far as I can tell, he knows more than any mage I have ever seen."

"What can we do to tell if we're in a dream?"
>"If you do not know magic, then I think the only way is to enter an already existing dream knowing that you are doing so. This is not reliable, I know. Hopefully, I will be able to help you with anymore dream issues."

"We need to figure out who this Empress of theirs is."
>"Empress? It seems that the world has not heard of Dyda Empire, so I am unsure if we will be able to find anything on their leader."
"You might be right."

Somebody's knocking at the door!
>"Hey, it's the doorguy. I was sick this morning. Anybody even in here?"
The door opens.
>"What in the..."
No. 584632 ID: e6e228

What's he looking at?
Please let him not start raving like a madman at stuff that isn't there.
No. 584633 ID: 2fd516

He's probably looking at all the corpses.

Hey, why couldn't Mayli have just killed Berrilik while he was still asleep?
No. 584634 ID: dc4b80

Even if everything he does is just mental tricks he is still very dangerous. Maybe if we could figure out a way to give you our immunity it would help.

Ask the Door guy what he sees exactly. Just in case.
No. 584682 ID: 8472e7

>"Hey, it's the doorguy. I was sick this morning.

Ok, the big problem is that that was just one guy and we couldn't do shit and there are apparently more of them. Then there's the fact that they have so much information about everything and we have jack squat.
No. 585149 ID: 1fbab5
File 140597312329.png - (63.71KB , 840x600 , 170.png )

>stuff that isn't there
>just in case
Dammit, I've been trying my hardest, but all this dream and illusion business really is too much! I don't want to have to keep worrying about stuff like this at every turn, but I guess you're right. I need to ask.

And you have a couple good questions too that I'll have to ask Veliss later.

"Wait, doorguy, what do you see right now?"
>"What? I... the council... how?"
Ok, I think he just sees the dead councilmen.
"The council was attacked by a mage. There was one survivor who we're trying to save."
>"Attacked? Why?"
"We're going to save this councilman, and he'll tell everybody what's happening. Don't worry."
>"You guys are crazy, I..."

He's backing away. It looks like he's about to turn and run, and who knows what will happen after? Damn, should we stop him? And how would we? He's on the other side of the room.
No. 585152 ID: 2fd516

Tell him to wait, we can't cause a panic! If he wants you to explain, tell him more. Just give him the down-low, leave out most of the details.

Also it occurs to me that the mage may have fled because we're actually still stuck in a dream and he's still trying to find out how much we know about Dyda. No idea what we'd even do to escape though. Hell, it's even possible that he got into our dreams when we were sleeping LAST NIGHT, and the council is still alive.
No. 585156 ID: dc4b80

We don't need him running off and causing a panic but if he gets away there is not point in chasing him. If he does he will probably alert whatever the authorities are in town. Might be some misunderstandings if you just let him run for it.

Try to take charge of the situation. Tell him the mage just escaped and he needs to alert the local police so they can be on the lookout. Then tell him to run to the hospital as fast as he can to get some healers. We stabilized who we could but could use a proper doctor to make sure.

Do not threaten him or even get any closer to him. You want to make him realize you just got here first and are not the cause of this.
No. 585167 ID: 53548a

Be like "This is your fault! You were supposed to be watching the door!" He will stop to defend himself from your accusations and you can explain.
No. 585229 ID: 53ba34

a tongue to the eyeball will make him forget this happened.
No. 585231 ID: 2fd516

Ooooh, good idea.
No. 585256 ID: 858d09

I feel that at this point it's best to just continue as though we aren't in a dream world, because that line of thought really has no end or solution.

If we are still in a dream, there's really nothing we can do to help ourselves out of it. And even if we manage to get out of it, the world we wake up in could also just be another dream world. We'll just be locked in dream speculation and paranoia and never get anything accomplished.
No. 588234 ID: 0a9472
File 140727154624.png - (60.02KB , 840x600 , 171.png )

Please... let's not worry about dreams anymore until it becomes a problem again.

You can't do that when he's on the other side of the room. And I'm not chasing him. He'll run off.

"Listen. We were the ones that met with Peller last night. You remember us, right?"
>"I'm not good with faces."
"Please. Stay here with us and we'll explain what happened. This is your fault anyway."
>"What? This isn't my fault!"
He takes a few steps forward and sits down at the table.
I give him a quick rundown, being thorough by showing our papers from Stalagmite. He seems to accept what I tell him, though he's still nervous.
>"So how is this my fault?"
"It's not. I just wanted you sit and let me explain."
>"Oh, well damn. But as the doorguy, I do feel somewhat responsible. I... I'll help you all if you need."

Veliss cleans the blood off Peller's face and leans him up against the wall.
>"Listen everybody, I don't know when Peller will wake up, but we need to figure out how to break this to the public without causing a panic. That is step one here."
>"Step one?"
Mayli crosses her arms.
>"Step one is stopping that bastard before he kills us all! He said that we'll all be dead in only a few days. We can't worry about stuff like panics. We have to track him down now!"
>"Mayli, please understand-"
>"No, Veliss, we don't have that kind of time. Everybody's here, the councilman is going to be fine, so we need to figure out how to get this guy already and then get him!"
>"We cannot go rushing into things..."

They won't stop arguing.
No. 588236 ID: 53ba34

a panicking army is useless!
No. 588237 ID: ef7fd2

Cut the shit, you idiots. Step one is preventing a panic so people don't start looting and rioting in the face of one guy slaughtering almost the whole ruling body here.
Step TWO is coming up with a plan to face off against OP wizardman, who has so far shown himself to be super fucked-up AND stronger than all of us combined.
Now calm down and let's THINK.
No. 588243 ID: 2fd516

Step one is scouting the enemy fort. We can do that without alerting the whole town.
No. 588280 ID: 858d09

I have to agree with Veliss on this one. The "few days" thing was probably just a bluff to get US to panic and slip up with our plans. So, yes, let's calm down and just think things through before acting.

As far as breaking the news to the people of Terry, I think it would be best to call a town meeting. An emergency election of councilors should also take place at this meeting. The citizens Terry seem to value its community so I doubt breaking the news this way will cause a panic. Stationing some guards around the mass of people might be a good idea just for the worst case.
No. 588730 ID: 73ad01
File 140752270723.png - (109.20KB , 840x600 , 172.png )

"Mayli, calm down! I know you're probably angry and want to get this guy, but Terry in a panic would be the worst thing."
>"Ugh... okay. I guess I am pretty frustrated."
Mayli takes a seat.

"Veliss... why couldn't Mayli have just killed Berrilik when she woke up? He wouldn't be a problem right now if she had."
>"But then we wouldn't know where Dyda was, now would we?"
"I hadn't thought of that..."
>"Lumin found out that Dyda is supposed to be in a fortress south of here. Has anybody heard of such a place?"
Mayli perks up.
>"Oh, you mean Unstable Stone? It's a fortress south of Terry that takes about two hours to reach on foot. It was abandoned when I was a kid living here. I wanted to sneak out of the house and go explore it, but I never was able to."
"What's with the name?"
The doorguy stands up, still a little nervous.
>"It's always changing hands; you never know who's gonna be in charge of it at any given time. That's why it's unstable."
"So where exactly is it?"
>"You have a map? Any good map should have it marked."
I take out the map I left Stalagmite with. Yep, it's right there, just south of Terry. This must be the one.

This is a really good idea.
"Somebody should go scout the fort. That, we can do without worrying about Terry."
>"Hey, you're right!"
Veliss smiles.
>"I say we split this into two efforts then: one that scouts the fort, and one that helps ensure the people of Terry stay calm."
"Not a bad plan. But who should go scout the fort, and who should stay here?"
No. 588749 ID: 858d09

Lumin and Domino should be the scouting team, since Domino knows the area well and Lumin is a good fighter if things get rough. Mayli and Veliss are also probably the best of the four at keeping people calm and explaining the situation to the citizens of Terry.
No. 589583 ID: 14a6aa
File 140814450990.png - (152.96KB , 840x600 , 173.png )

"How about me and Domino?"
>"Me? You want me?"
"You know you're way around. I don't want to get lost."
>"Ha! Let's do it then!"

Veliss walks over to Mayli.
>"Are you alright helping me with things here?"

"I think we have everything we need already. This is just going to be a scouting mission."
>"Then we should head out, buddy."
"Bye everyone. We'll be back."

As I turn to leave, Mayli puts her hand on my shoulder.
>"Be careful. Please."
"I will. See you soon."

Domino and I head out, making our way to the gates. The rain has stopped. I don't know if it will pick back up.

We leave town, headed south. I put on my clothes from way back in Stalagmite. My skin is kind of bright, and I don't want to be seen.

>"Ya know, this fortress is one of the last ones around up north. It's the only one in this region that you'll find on maps, anyway."
"I wonder how many of them are at this fortress. It wouldn't be much of an empire if they only had one fort."
>"I dunno, Lumin. The whole thing gives me nasty-sour feeling, though. And I never even saw that mage."
"Are you scared? Have you dealt with something like this before"
>"Well have you?"
"I've dealt with some stressful times as a guard, but nothing even close to this."
>"Hmm. I used to be kind of a coward. I imagine I'd be be pissin' my pants if this happened to my younger self. At this age though... I simply don't want to be a coward. But I do want to know one thing: If shit goes south, is it gonna be an every-man-for-himself situation, or are we gonna try and help each other even if it means them catchin' us?"
No. 589593 ID: 53ba34

we're a team, and a team sticks together. especially since an army has enough guys that they can catch one and still have guys chasing the other.
No. 589599 ID: 858d09

Lumin isn't the kinda guy to abandon someone to save his own bright skin. I would hope that you return the favor since it's certainly the best chance of survival for the both of us.
No. 591879 ID: a818e1
File 140944218072.png - (78.70KB , 840x600 , 174.png )

"Do you think I'm going to leave you to get killed?"
>"Well... Ya gotta watch out out for yourself, ya know?"
"That's not something I'd do. And it may not make a difference either way if they have enough people after us."
>"I s'pose that's true."
"You wouldn't run off on me, would you?"
>"Heh, in my younger days maybe."

The two of us keep walking south until Domino finally tells me that we're getting close. I see the fortress over a hill once we come upon it. It looks like a circular fortress with a large building in the back. I pull out my spyglass from Stalagmite and look at what we're dealing with.

"Wow, the Dyda are here, alright. It looks like they're on high alert, too. Berrilik must have come back and told them to start patrolling."
>"Hell, what do we do then?"
No. 591888 ID: 53ba34

look around for any weaknesses in the defenses, a weak gate would mean a battering ram would be a good idea to bring, and so on.
No. 592013 ID: 858d09

Your best bet is probably a sewer entrance. Finding our way through the sewers will be a challenge, but I think we can manage.
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