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File 136116705406.png - (385.32KB , 840x600 , 1.png )
494015 No. 494015 ID: f1c7cd

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No. 494016 ID: f1c7cd
File 136116708803.png - (362.41KB , 840x600 , 2.png )

Ah! What happened?
Something knocked me out just now!
No. 494023 ID: 9ee360

Perhaps you accidentally walked into a stalactite?

Hmm. I suppose not. This is stalagmite quest, after all. It would be silly for a stalactite to get to do anything important.
No. 494024 ID: 4a328b

Someone drilled a hole into your head!
No. 494025 ID: 8b7b91

Dude, you're bleeding. Hopefully whatever knocked your ass out won't be back to do it again. Head to the city, seek medical attention.
No. 494077 ID: f2c20c

What were you doing before you got knocked out?
No. 494094 ID: 35edd4

Oh my gosh someone knocked you out and threw you in a cave and dyed your hair green and your skin yellow
No. 494147 ID: a7824f

obviously in this quest the headvoices are caused by a CHIP OF ROCK IN HIS BRAIN
No. 494166 ID: f1c7cd
File 136122022868.png - (316.97KB , 840x600 , 3.png )

I’m a guard in Stalagmite, that city down there. A few citizens reported some unknown purple creatures crawling around and biting things. They scurried off north, so a few of us were sent to find them. We split up, and then this happens. Whatever knocked me out does not seem to be here anymore. Maybe it was one of those things. I don’t know.

My head hurts a bit, but I think I’m okay. Even though this wound is bloody, I’m somehow no longer bleeding. Besides, I have a job to do. I need to find those purple things, especially if one knocked me out.
No. 494170 ID: 76b151

Something with a lantern is behind you round that bend.
No. 494181 ID: 9ee360

Something with either horns or big pointed ears. Dorf or gobbo, maybe?
No. 494183 ID: f2c20c

There's someone behind you carrying a lantern! You can set yours aside and go investigate.

I don't see a weapon on your person. Do you fight unarmed as a guard?
No. 494210 ID: 0132ea

No. 494211 ID: 0132ea

Do you have any equipment besides the lantern? Also, do you have any clue as to how long you were out? It couldn't have been too terribly long considering your lantern was still burning when you awoke.
No. 494233 ID: 8b7b91

I dunno man, getting knowcked out is serious business. If you start feeling dizzy at all, you need to go back.
No. 494264 ID: f1c7cd
File 136124372295.png - (288.48KB , 840x600 , 4.png )

I have a DAGGER and HEALTH POTION, but that's it. Didn't want to bring anything cumbersome.

Hey, you're right. Wait... Horns? I don't know anyone with horns!
No. 494270 ID: 0132ea

Ok, as long as you have some form of defense. Whip that dagger out and get in a defensive stance. Be ready for anything.
No. 494271 ID: 8b7b91

Bettter call out a warning. there's always the chance that it's not hostile.
No. 494539 ID: 116e43
File 136132853416.png - (265.33KB , 840x600 , 5.png )

I pull out my DAGGER. “Who’s there?”

The figure stops. Someone else seems to be behind it.
>“Who’s askin’?”

“I’m Lumin, of the Stalagmite City Guard. State your business.”

There’s a slight pause.
>”Our business is no concern of yours.”

It seems they are going to be uncooperative.
No. 494541 ID: a7824f

"Coming this close to the city MAKES it our business. Either state your intentions, or leave."
No. 494562 ID: 0132ea

"Our"? Be ready for multiple opponents. If you aren't confident in fighting more than one dude, consider a hasty retreat. We can always come back with better equipment and/or reinforcements.
No. 494571 ID: 8b7b91

Let them know you're armed. Gotta play hardball with people who think they're above the law.
No. 494814 ID: 116e43
File 136147525243.png - (266.03KB , 840x600 , 6.png )

The two figures begin approaching, nobody else behind them.

I tighten my grip. “Just so you know, I am armed. If you come too close without stating your intentions, I may be obligated to stab you a few times.”

>”Are you obligated to kiss my ass?”

“What was that?”

They come into view and stop moving. I’ve… never seen a race of people like this before. Who are they? They definitely aren’t purple.

The shorter one speaks up again.
>”I asked if you were obligated to kiss my ass.”
No. 494816 ID: 9ee360

>Who are they? They definitely aren’t purple.
What would it mean if they were purple?

>”I asked if you were obligated to kiss my ass.”
...no, I'm not.
No. 494818 ID: 0132ea

Does the symbol on their necklaces mean anything to you? That might lend a clue as to their origin.
No. 494821 ID: 4a328b

They kinda look like they're in uniform too. Maybe from another city?

Rude though they may be, you should grill them for information. Have they seen a purple creature in the area?
No. 494844 ID: 8b7b91

They do look like they're in uniform. Ignore the rude-ass attitude and try and talk business. If you can't get them to spill why they are here, at least try and find out if they've seen any purple things.
No. 494875 ID: f2c20c

Ask them if they've seen any purple creatures around.

Also if they won't state their business, see if they'll state the nature of their business. Are they gonna cause trouble?
No. 495019 ID: 116e43
File 136151550779.png - (203.62KB , 840x600 , 7.png )

“No, I’m not. I’ll stab it, though.”

>”Is that so?”
It does appear as if they are in uniform, but I don’t recognize that symbol.

The tall one looks past me at Stalagmite.
>”What’s a guard doing this far from his city anyway?”

“Why should I tell you that?”

>”You don’t have to.”

“Well, unlike you two, I have nothing to hide. I was looking for some purple creatures that were bothering the citizens. Have you seen any?”

The shorter one sighs, looking more disgruntled than before.
>”How could we? It’s so damn dark in here! Dark and cold and… How can you even have a city down in these caves?”

“Hey, living here wasn’t our choice.”

He glances away and quickly whispers something to himself, but I still hear it.
>”Heh, you people won’t be here much longer now.”
His head turns to his friend.
>”Let’s go. We’re done here.”
The two of them turn, about to leave.

What did he mean by, “won’t be here much longer?” Should I let them go?
No. 495022 ID: 8b7b91

That's it. Time to get some answers. Grab one while his back is turned and use your daggere to MAKE him talk. If there is even the slightest chance your people are in danger, you need to do something.
No. 495026 ID: 4a328b

Yeah, you don't get to make a mysterious statement like that in front of a city guard and get away without a word. Apprehend and demand to know WTF
No. 495027 ID: bf54a8

an implied threat!
grab one and show the knife real close.
No. 495032 ID: 0132ea

Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to demonstrate your skills as a City Guard. No need to apprehend both of them. Kill one and bring the other in for interrogation.
No. 495035 ID: a7824f

"If you know anything about the things.. what they are, what they mean, Tell Me. Even if all we can do about it is try and evacuate in advance of some horrible threat, the earlier my people know the better."
No. 497669 ID: f1c7cd
File 136237921681.png - (358.71KB , 840x600 , 8.png )

Right. These guys are too suspicious. I’m not letting them leave without an explanation. Before they move far, I set down my LANTERN and stealthily approach the taller one in back. I leap up and pull him down to my level, putting my DAGGER against his neck.

He struggles at first, but stops when he feels the metal against his skin.
>”Ah! What do want from us?”

“I heard what your friend said, and it convinced me my city was in danger. Talk, please.”

The shorter one steps forward.
>”Nothing you do is gonna make us talk!”

Then what do I do?
No. 497674 ID: 8b7b91

Rough him up a bit. Show him you mean business.
No. 497675 ID: 0132ea

Lightning bug lanterns? Then there's no telling how long you were out unless they, too, have a generally short lifespan.

As far as the situation at hand, basically this. >>497674
No. 497679 ID: 17e4f3

slit that one's throat because interrogating two unrestrained people at the same time all by yourself is stupid.

then threaten to do the same to his friend.
No. 499337 ID: f1c7cd
File 136294835059.png - (330.45KB , 840x600 , 9.png )

>"Hey, Lumin, wh - oh!"

No. 499338 ID: f1c7cd
File 136294837060.png - (263.06KB , 840x600 , 10.png )

The shorter one pulls a blade and charges her. Also he looks silly.
No. 499339 ID: f1c7cd
File 136294839189.png - (291.12KB , 840x600 , 11.png )

>"Who are these guys?"
No. 499341 ID: f2c20c

Idiot trespassers who were saying something threatening about our town.

Tell the one you have at knifepoint that he'd better start talking if he doesn't want to end up like his friend.
No. 499346 ID: d6ef5d

Hey, I like her. No nonsense dealing with an attack, and it doesn't even phase her.

Yeah, exactly this.
No. 499347 ID: 0f0a65

Damn. She's good. Put her in your log of Potential Mates.

"They're just a couple of goons who apparently have something to hide; I haven't been able to get any info out of them, yet. They came from that hallway you're in, so we may be able to find clues in there."
No. 499362 ID: 1546a9

I dunno. let's make this other one tell us. in fact, let's bring him into the city and make him tell everyone. they probably have tools for this kind of thing there, anyway.
No. 499409 ID: 8b7b91

Yes, you now have a hostage. take that fool in for questioning. The kind of qiestioning that involves yelling.
No. 500750 ID: f1c7cd
File 136358251643.png - (392.16KB , 840x600 , 12.png )

“Idiot trespassers. I think they mean harm to Stalagmite, but they wouldn’t confess their intentions.”

>”Then this one better start spillin’ it, huh?”

Mayli sticks her sword in his face. He starts shaking.
>”You would kill me if I told you our business.”

>”You can try anyway.”

He pauses, sighing.
>”Fine, since I know I won’t be able to talk myself out of this… We’re scouts from Dyda Empire, which plans to expand here into the Deln’r Mountains. Many of us were sent to scout out the locations of cities around the mountains so we could destroy them if we needed to. The two of us heard talk about a city in the mountain’s cave system, so we came here looking for it. Damn you if you think our empire can be stopped!”
No. 500751 ID: 9bf753

Squeeze him for more info. Why destroy cities when you could conquer them? Destroying everything doesn't sound like a typical expansionist attitude.
No. 500753 ID: bf54a8

he upgraded himself from death to capture. let's drag his ass back to town and bring him in to the higher ups.
No. 500771 ID: 0132ea

This is directed at Lumin: How much knowledge do you or your people have about the outside world? Also, how much do your or your people know about the political and/or geographical standpoint of your city? It would be nice to know where the city sits in the overall scheme of things.

If you find it hard to answer, then perhaps our Dyda buddy will be able to shed some light on the subject.
No. 500774 ID: 35edd4

Trick him into revealing their strengths by boasting that they'll never be able to destroy your oh-so-powerful city.
No. 500788 ID: 78c6ea


>> so we could destroy them if we needed to
>> if we needed to

They're bad news, but they're not Satan's carpet of creeping doom.
No. 500805 ID: 6286bf

he's a prisoner of war now. bring him in.
No. 502096 ID: 116e43
File 136410815490.png - (397.94KB , 840x600 , 13.png )

We know plenty about the world around us, and we have a good relationship with the few cities up here near the mountains. It has been harder to maintain those relationships since we moved from the surface down here to these caves, but we’ve managed.

“I think we have some more talking to do. Come on, Mayli, we should take him back to town.”

>”Sure thing.”

The now-prisoner grunts, resisting when we try to move.
>”No, just… if you're going to kill me, do it now. I’m not telling you anything else and putting my family at risk.”

>“We’ll see what happens.”

Mayli takes the prisoner and forces him to start walking. He eventually cooperates, and we head straight to Stalagmite.
No. 502097 ID: 116e43
File 136410816930.png - (334.11KB , 840x600 , 14.png )

When we get back to town with the prisoner, we head straight to the guard barracks to see the captain.

We find him in his little office room.
>”Lumin, Mayli.”
He scratches his head, looking confused.
>”Wait, this guy isn’t purple. Are you two color blind or something, and I didn’t know?”
No. 502099 ID: 0132ea

Apologize and give him a run-down of the situation. Also, what's that note say?
No. 502102 ID: 2a8a2a

Purple critters will probably be the lest of our worries soon, unless those also come in aggressive empires.
No. 502118 ID: f2c20c

Yeah basically explain what happened. We can go back out to find purple critters while this guy gets properly interrogated.
No. 502129 ID: bf54a8

oh and whisper after he understands what is going on that the guy seems to care about his family so may be more open to talking if he can be convinced we can protect them.
No. 502131 ID: a869cb

this is possibly more important. impending invasion and all. debrief. afterwards you can return to your actual mission.
No. 503782 ID: 116e43
File 136505187458.png - (373.25KB , 840x600 , 15.png )

That note? It has the Stalagmite Guard Mission Statement on it. The walls of this city shall hold up the walls of this cave and all that other good stuff. I’m surprised the captain doesn’t have it on a giant plaque with big, gold letters.

I go ahead and explain the situation to the captain, telling him about the prisoner and Dyda Empire.
>”My goodness, that’s terrible! What a silly name. Dyda?” Why, these people don’t sound threatening at all.”

“Just because of the name, sir?”

He keeps rambling.
>”Or perhaps, they’re the most threatening people that ever lived. Maybe they are our BIGGEST ENEMY.”
“I thought you said our biggest enemy was the sun.”
>”Take this prisoner to the dungeon!”

Mayli and I perk up.
>”Oooh, the dungeon?! Alright! We haven’t got to put anyone down there yet!”
She leads the prisoner out of the room. Neat! Finally, we get to use our dungeon for something!

“Sir, what about those purple things?”

>”Don’t worry about them for now.”
The captain shouts into the other room.

His assistant Iona walks in.
>”Hi Lumoto. Hey, what’s Lumin doing here? Didn’t you send him to do something earlier?”

He gives her a more exaggerated version of what I told him. It brings a puzzled look to Iona’s face.
>”Dyda. Why does that sound familiar?”
The two begin talking.

Since the purple critter search is off, should I stay here or head to the dungeon?
No. 503792 ID: 0132ea

Hmm. This is rather difficult. Hearing what the good captain and Iona have to say about the Dyda is very enticing. However, so is the prospect of finally getting some use out of that sweet dungeon. Mayli may also need help walking the prisoner down there...

Fuck it. Dungeon it is. You can always ask Lumoto (or even Iona) about their discussion later.
No. 505809 ID: f1c7cd
File 136599648382.png - (389.69KB , 840x600 , 16.png )

Alright! I’m excited to finally see this dungeon get some use.

Before I head over, I need to get this armor off me; it's getting too hot. I put away the LIGHT ARMOR and LANTERN. I keep the DAGGER though. Never keep it too far away.

- - -

Ok, I’m here! Am I ready to go in?
No. 505810 ID: af8414

Is your face bleeding again?
No. 505813 ID: f2c20c

Maybe you should get some medical attention.
No. 505814 ID: d6ef5d

...yeah, treating your head wound probably takes precedence over the interrogation. There an infirmary nearby? Or a washroom or something? And medical supplies, or a first aid kit?
No. 505820 ID: 0132ea

Since others have already mentioned the bleeding, I'll ask where Mayli and the Dyda scum went. I thought they were accompanying you?
No. 508437 ID: 116e43
File 136747447786.png - (315.22KB , 840x600 , 17.png )

What’s this about my head? I already said earlier that it was fine. It doesn't even hurt anymore!
No. 508438 ID: 76b151

are large purple tentacles sprouting from the head normal as well?
No. 508439 ID: bf54a8

no Lumin you ARE the purple thing, and then lumin was a zombie.

seriously look in a mirror.
No. 508440 ID: f2c20c

Stick your hand up there.
No. 508441 ID: bf54a8

wait no... what if... WE are the purple thing!?!? we burrowed into his skull, that's how we are communicating with him!
No. 508442 ID: 0132ea

Is it mating season for your people by chance? Or has your species evolved some sort of self-defense mechanism or other quirk that may be odd to someone not familiar with your species?

The point is, you have some gangly purple snake shit coming out of your head and as a member of your subconscious I feel that I deserve to know what the deal is here.
No. 508443 ID: 78c6ea

Close and lock your doors and windows. If anyone knocks, you shout "Quarantine!"
No. 508460 ID: d6ef5d

>I already said earlier that it was fine.
So... are prehensile purple head-tentacles busting from your forehead normal for your species? Or are you a parasitic brain-worm, and the yellow dude we thought we were talking to is just your lovely host body?

And normal or not, there does seem to be bleeding involved. Bleeding from the head isn't generally a good thing. Can't you see or feel that? It's running right down your nose! In another minute, you'll be tasting it.
No. 508479 ID: af8414

Yeah you're right you're 100% fine now go in the dungeon.
No. 508480 ID: bb0338

Uhh, not to alarm you guys further, but I think he cool female guard might have a worm too, judging by her having a red spot in her hair that was awfully similar looking...
No. 508483 ID: bf54a8

i really do think WE are the worm thing. we started being able to talk to hi after he got the head wound.
No. 508560 ID: 116e43
File 136755450079.png - (312.60KB , 840x600 , 18.png )

Well now…
Do I – uh… you know – panic?
Or maybe something else?
I don’t know what’s happening
No. 508561 ID: af8414

Panic and try to pull it out of your face
I mean it's coming out of your face that is pretty worrying
No. 508562 ID: 0132ea

Wait. This is one of those purple creatures you were originally sent to eradicate, isn't it? I assume this is why they are considered a plague to your city. If so, you've surely heard stories about this sort of thing happening to others, right? In any case, you should get it checked out before doing anything else.
No. 508563 ID: d6ef5d

...well, you've got a giant purple worm coming out of your head, and for some reason that hasn't killed you yet.

I don't think panicing will do anything one way or the other.

Poke it?
No. 508564 ID: cf49fc

Don't bother panicking. If it hasn't mind controlled you yet, or eaten your brain, it's probably going to do so slowly, over a period of months.

Also, what do you think it is? My bet is an extrusion of extra-dimensional entities into your world so that they can run around fucking with people. Also, that's a pretty poor survival mechanism, popping out of your host's head and waving around in front of his sensory organs.

No. 508565 ID: f2c20c

Call for a medic.
No. 508566 ID: 874be3

No, don't tug on it just yet. You could tear up your squishy (delicious) brainmeats. Very bad for you. And if these things are in everyone else, you don't want to not fit in with the whole body-snatching thing. Get more information. Know any scholars who could give some insight?

Keep calm. Panic won't help you.
No. 508567 ID: 399612

Try and control it with your thoughts. Make it wave or something. Maybe it's formed some sort of weird sybmbiotic relationship with you, being lodged in your noodle and all. If that fails, poke it.
No. 508568 ID: bf54a8

No. 508572 ID: 9ddf68

I'd start hyperventilation a little here truth be told... can you feel it inside of you at all, or even feel though it (like if you touched it you would feel being poked through it)
No. 508575 ID: 78c6ea

Cover up that erection, man! It's indecent!
No. 508576 ID: 888df6

It's shaking a bit... maybe it wants a handshake? Shake your head tentacle's... tentacle. Yeah.
No. 509034 ID: f1c7cd
File 136789669148.png - (315.62KB , 840x600 , 19.png )

Ok, Lumin, Just calm down and think this through.

>purple things
Yes, this must one of those things. And it is somehow… in me. But I can’t even feel it!

>don’t pull it out
Probably a good idea.

>poke it
It’s squishy. Also, I can’t control it or feel anything through it. Then again, I can’t feel my whole face.
No. 509035 ID: f1c7cd
File 136789670996.png - (275.19KB , 840x600 , 20.png )

Ugh… This tentacle thing… Ever since I got knocked out back there, I’ve heard things. I thought it was just my own bloodied head making me talk to myself. I thought it wasn't serious, but I was clearly wrong, and all these thoughts... They cannot be mine. There are too many, and they are too loud, and I’m not the one controlling them, and - and…. Is it… this thing? Is that who you are? Are you are using my own head to talk to me? That's what you are telling me, isn't it?

Okay. It makes no sense, but I’ll go with it. You’re giving me advice, telling me to get help. You must care about me, probably because you would die without a… host, whatever you are.

>get information
>get medical attention
Yes. I’ll go back to the barracks. Surely I can get both of those there.

The Dungeon is only a five minute walk from the barracks. I decide to take a back route so that nobody sees me.

and – oh...
No. 509036 ID: 34cbef

...wrap... tentacles? that's a thing right? putting your tentacle on her tentacle?
right, riiiiiiiiiiight?
No. 509037 ID: 9ddf68

so... you having an off day as well?
No. 509038 ID: bf54a8

okay, you can be tentacled together. hopefully her's is as helpful as us. ask her about that, if her's is giving good advice or being a jerk.
No. 509040 ID: d6ef5d

Aw! No-nonsense girl is crying! She's taking her headsnake worse than you!

...at least you have someone to go through terrifying tentacle puberty with?

>Is that who you are?
...maybe? I dunno. Let's see.

[Wiggle worm]

>Get help, because you'd die without a host
Naaah. We're not that selfish. We're not even sure what we are! Self interest hadn't even entered into it, yet. We were just trying to look out for you.

I sure hope that's a thing.
No. 509044 ID: f2c20c

Hugs seem like a good thing to do here.
No. 509046 ID: 0132ea

Tell her that she'll always be beautiful to you (even if you don't actually think that, it's for good measure) and that everything will be fine because we can work through it together.
No. 509049 ID: af8414

How's about the two of you seek medical aid?
No. 509050 ID: 2a8a2a

Not right now. Distress about disturbing growths of an unknown nature doesn't combine well with close physical contact.
No. 509052 ID: 8334ff


Tell her to calm down. Also we're not in control of her tentacle, so it MAY be trying to take control of her.

I have some better advice to give her: Do not try to pull it out. You are not dead and it is not killing you, and it is embedded in your head.

Two, we don't have any intention to hurt or kill you, but, uh... clearly since we're sticking up out of your skull that has already happened. Or another one of "Us" is? This is already pretty confusing.
No. 509058 ID: 78c6ea

You seem different. Did you lose weight?
No. 509131 ID: 399612

See if she's hearing voices too. And then ask her on a date. We're have access to your brain. we know you like her.
No. 509157 ID: 12c19f

Are... We the worm?

Assume the form of a question mark for comedic confirmation?
No. 509180 ID: f1c7cd
File 136798873044.png - (426.92KB , 840x600 , 21.png )

“Mayli. Oh, this is awful.” I approach her. “Listen, Mayli–“

>”Haaah… My… ugh.”
She sounds bad. We’re getting help before we do anything else.

I help her into the barracks. We return to the room where the captain and his assistant Iona were talking.

They both look at us. Lumoto seems confused again.
>”What is with you kids’ crazy fashion statements lately?”
No. 509182 ID: f2c20c

Tell him you think you found the purple things, and you'd like some medical attention please. Preferably that doesn't involve trying to violently remove the tentacle because it might actually be keeping you alive right now.
No. 509183 ID: bf54a8

repeat after me "the purple things you sent us to find were apparently brain worms. i feel surprisingly fine considering the circumstances but mayli seems bad, and considering what they are in i thinking just pulling on them will pull more brain meat out then i am comfortable losing."
No. 509185 ID: 0132ea

It's obvious Lumoto doesn't know much about us purple worm creatures so asking him for advice seems moot. Just get directions to the nearest med center and high-tail it there.
No. 509186 ID: 76b151

Err ya if doesn't recognize the purple things hes not going to be ANY help.

No. 509191 ID: cf49fc

"Heeeelp ussssssss..."

Also, screaming might help.
No. 509236 ID: 001618

calmly say you would like to go to a hospital or some other medical place right now to get a... growth looked at.
No. 509255 ID: 78c6ea

Hold your arms out in front of you and march toward them groaning "brainsssss"
No. 509281 ID: 91c1b3

>we said wiggle worm

I think it's wiggling? (one on left is ours)
No. 511488 ID: f1c7cd
File 136886089933.png - (311.52KB , 840x600 , 22.png )

"Heeeelp ussssssss..."

Iona clears her throat.
>“Alright, to the hospital, you two. Let’s go.”
Iona leads us out of the barracks and to the hospital located conveniently next door.

Since we walk straight there, we don’t manage to avoid the citizens. They’re all staring! It’s making me nervous. Quick, think of something funny to do!
No. 511489 ID: 9bf753

Simple. Break out into song and dance.
No. 511490 ID: bf54a8

uhh uhh [spin around like a helicopter]
No. 511498 ID: 78c6ea

Snake charm!
No. 511500 ID: f2c20c

Just make a silly face. Like stick out your tongue and go "Bleeeeh"

Also, uh, you should go through the door.
No. 511524 ID: cf49fc

Open the door and request a neurosurgeon.
No. 511541 ID: 9ddf68

sing a funny song, and maybe try to find a hat, unless we can retract

No. 511645 ID: cf49fc

Is there a Dis thread yet? I have an idea.
No. 511680 ID: 758336

"Now I'm the king of the brainworms,
Oh, the cavern VIP,
I've reached the top and had to stop,
And that's what botherin' me,
I wanna be a man, humanoid,
And stroll right into town
And be just like the other men
I'm tired of slitherin' around!

Oh, oobee doo
I wanna be like you
I wanna walk like you
Talk like you, too
You'll see it's true
A worm like me
Can learn to be bipedal too!"
No. 511972 ID: f1c7cd
File 136920544272.png - (380.24KB , 840x600 , 23.png )

Okay, okay, I think it’s working. It looks stupid, of course, but at least there is no way any of the citizens will be scared!

Iona walks into the middle of the hospital.
>”Where’s Mill?”

A voice is heard from another room.
>”Be there shortly.”

Somebody working at the hospital walks up to Mayli and I.
>”What are those things?”
No. 511973 ID: bf54a8

full story, "you know those purple things that have been attacking people? apparently they finally found people they really liked, us, so they burrowed into our skulls and are probably wrapped around our brains. just need you to confirm they are just sitting in there and not eating it. because taking them out would probably be deadly."
No. 511974 ID: bf54a8

ps, we are having a hard time controlling ourself, so if we are eating something know it's not consciously.
No. 511975 ID: 9ddf68

ok since we are dicking around right now how is your friend holding up, she still look like she's going to cry at any given moment.
No. 511976 ID: f2c20c

Tell them it's some sort of symbiote, probably, but you'd like to find out for sure how it's affecting your health.

Might as well say that we're talking to you and were in fact the ones telling you to find a hospital.
No. 511998 ID: 19b3c3

>What are those things?
Always so reassuring to hear that from your doctor.
No. 512000 ID: cf49fc

Stop that BLOODY SPINNING. It's making me dizzy. Find a Neurosurgeon. And a Parasitologist. You need this thing out of your head, urgently.
No. 512022 ID: 78c6ea

Is this a common occurrance in your city? Head worms?
No. 512035 ID: 12c19f

>”What are those things?”

"Well yanno those purple creatures the town guard were sent out to look for?"

"Yeah. I think it likes me, a bit much."
No. 512047 ID: 601855


[stop spinning]
No. 512063 ID: bf54a8

[stop spinning]
No. 513639 ID: 338610
File 137002539464.png - (336.13KB , 840x600 , 24.png )

Definitely no.
Mayli… I only wanted to keep everyone from being scared. I did not mean to act like I was ignoring her. Mayli is a tough girl. I know she can handle this.

I look at the person that asked the question.
“Those purple things that have been bothering the town-”
>”What purple things?”
Oh yeah, that’s right. Only a few citizens reported the problem a short time ago. I’m sure most people here do not know about you guys yet.
>”And how many are there? Are they aggressive? Are we going to have our heads dug into?”

I hear Iona again.
>”Mill! It’s an emergency. We need you right now!”
>”Fine, fine, what is the problem.”
A man in a white jacket walks into the room. It’s Rovan Mill. He is the best physician in Stalagmite, maybe anywhere. He walks up to the person I was talking to.
>”Back upstairs. You have potions to make.”
>”But… Sorry sir.”
Rovan Mill looks at you and smirks.
>”That is quite the pimple.”
Iona walks over, annoyed.
>”This is a bad time for jokes, Rovan.”
He walks over to a cabinet with potions in it and pulls two potions out.
>”This will do. You two take these and lay down and you should be fine. Well, minus the giant pimples.”
“Just drink these potions? That’s it?”
"Do you know what these things are?"
>"Worry about that when you wake up."
No. 513640 ID: 338610
File 137002541601.png - (298.85KB , 840x600 , 25.png )

We drink the potions he gives us.
>”You might want to lay down now.”
Buh- I can feel something on my-
No. 513641 ID: 338610
File 137002543564.png - (4.17KB , 840x600 , 26.png )

No. 513643 ID: 338610
File 137002594805.png - (4.17KB , 840x600 , 27.png )

Where am I? It's dark here.
No. 513644 ID: 19b3c3

Huh. I'm guessing they gave you knock out drugs so they could try and cut the worms out of your heads?

Of course, if we're the worm that doesn't make sense because we're talking to you. Uh... unless we're in the worm right now and it's dark because we don't have a host, or eyes to see out of?

Try opening your eyes, wiggling your fingers and toes. Can you sit up? Are you restrained? Can you feel anything around you? Smell or hear anything?
No. 513645 ID: 9ddf68

you ok there kid
No. 513646 ID: bf54a8

sounds like they failed.
No. 513648 ID: 12c19f

Somebody find the light switch in your subconsciousness here.
No. 513657 ID: f2c20c

We're still here. I don't know what happened, but he didn't remove us. So, that's nice.

Can you hear anything? Maybe feel around a little.
No. 513691 ID: c23ab0

No John you are the wormons.
No. 514154 ID: 01531c

>worm mormons
No. 514172 ID: 0132ea

Can you feel around for something tangible? I assume we're just hearing your mind say things, but if that's not the case then try and feel out your surroundings a bit.
No. 514173 ID: 338610
File 137023214291.png - (40.52KB , 840x600 , 28.png )

I am in a bed. I can move just fine. I can smell smoke.
No. 514177 ID: 9ddf68

Well I can see a window with an orange glow, Anywhere in town you can think of that has large fires around, like some kind of mead hall, crematory, some kind of building that keeps the underground city warm, any of these ringing a bell?
No. 514178 ID: 9bf753

Either this is some drug induced hallucination bullshit, or they're trying to burn you alive to avoid spreading the 'infection." Either way, look alive, sunshine! First priority should be identifying your surroundings, look for anything useful, and try and find your ladyfriend. We could use her stabby abilities. Plus, two worms are better than one.
No. 514180 ID: bf54a8

yes get going, quickly.
No. 514181 ID: 19b3c3

Check head for worm, and get up and check the window.
No. 514188 ID: f2c20c

Feel your face and head to see if anything's changed, then go look out the window.
No. 514215 ID: 12c19f

Uh... Get to that window, if everything's on fire you better get moving.
No. 514286 ID: 0132ea

Make sure you have clothes on, please, before running around looking for the smoke source.

Once you're out the door, be on the lookout for that Dyda prisoner we captured. He may be the cause for the smoke.
No. 514295 ID: c23ab0

Surely you couldn't have been knocked out until the invasion happened?
No. 514396 ID: 338610
File 137031612044.png - (71.33KB , 840x600 , 29.png )

Warmth. No, there would not be any of that.

I forgot about him.
No. 514399 ID: bf54a8

SHIT! it IS the invasion! they didn't listen and now your people pay the price! why does no one ever listen when the threat of an invasion is looming?

anyway get out of here, and check the nearby rooms for mayli.
No. 514401 ID: f9ab82

...Let's go find a weapon and tear some horned heads open.
No. 514402 ID: 9ddf68

...well this is one of the more unpleasant things to wake up to, will nothing to do now excepts to get a weapon, maybe some armor if you can find any, and see who you can save. Also check your forehead are we still there and if so [retract] no need to scare people most likely already scared to death.
No. 514403 ID: 735f4f

Looks like you still have some head tentacle going on there. Who knows might come in useful.
No. 514406 ID: 9bf753

The spear in that guy's head tells me that they might be a little aggressive. So find a weapon to defend yourself and then try to find Mayli. She's got mad kung fu grip! I mean combat experience.
No. 514408 ID: 19b3c3

Oh, hell. The invasion happened. After your medical incident, no one dealt with the prisoner properly, it would seem.

Well, go arm yourself. You've got a city to try and defend. Keep an eye out for Mayli, you could use her help.
No. 514532 ID: 0132ea

Find a weapon, find Mayli, and then see if you can gather the people that have manged to survive and hide out somewhere. Maybe we can organize some sort of counter-attack. Also, if Lumoto is still alive, ask the bastard how he could have possibly let the prisoner slip through.
No. 514779 ID: 338610
File 137049231096.png - (22.72KB , 840x600 , 30.png )

You keep trying to retract into my head, but it seems like you can’t

Yes, I need to find Mayli and get a weapon. But I don’t even know where I am; this is not the hospital. Where is my damn dagger?

>*tap* *tap*
Somebody’s coming.
No. 514780 ID: f2c20c

You sound different. Calmer. Also, we have a different silhouette. I bet we have a mouth now.

The person coming appears to not be an enemy, but stay in the shadows until we get a look at them. Ambush only if they are an invader.
No. 514781 ID: 0132ea

Don't say anything. Let them come in and stay behind the door. Identify them as friend or foe quickly. If they're an enemy, attempt to disarm and/or put an arm around their neck and bring them to the ground.
No. 514782 ID: bf54a8

uh oh, thought of something horrible. they yanked us out and we took your brain with us and we burrowed into someone else, but instead of just cohabiting we took total control.
No. 514783 ID: 19b3c3

Hide and wait.
No. 514784 ID: e3aff6

They don't seem to have the horns that all the invaders seen so far have had.
No. 514785 ID: 9ddf68

I think I see a bump on us (the worm) that wasn't there before was it?

As for what to do hide in the shadows and see who it is, if it's a friend stay in the shadows as you talk to them and see if you can't figure out what is going on, If it's an enemy see if you can't get a good sucker punch in and and disarm the bastard before he can gut you. If you can beat him take his weapons and armor (if they fit) and then lets get the hell out of here.
No. 514815 ID: 01531c

If it's an enemy, grapple his neck in a stranglehold while we attack his brain from above.
No. 514838 ID: c23ab0


Yay, we're budding!
No. 514912 ID: 338610
File 137057286113.png - (25.88KB , 840x600 , 31.png )

I wait to see who it is. It’s Iona.
>”Lumin? Are you still here? Please, please, still be here.”
She sounds distraught.
No. 514913 ID: e3aff6

Tell her that you are here, but she should be careful about coming near your head.
No. 514914 ID: bf54a8

yes, lumin is still here.
No. 514916 ID: 0132ea

Quietly respond, "Yes, I'm here." and open the door for her. It's good to know we have a friend here to help and possibly answer some big questions.
No. 514918 ID: 735f4f

Let her know you are here and ask what happened. Also make sure she stays a bit back in case your head snake is feeling hungry and or protective.
No. 514922 ID: 19b3c3

Oh hey, it's the frog girl.

Yeah, you're here.
No. 514924 ID: 9ddf68

yeah we're here but mind telling us what the hell is going on we just kinda woke up ourselves.
No. 516169 ID: 338610
File 137093377786.png - (68.23KB , 840x600 , 32.png )

“I’m here.”
Iona sighs, relieved.
>”Lumin, we have to go. We must get to the Column before they do.”
“How did all this hap-?”
>”No time for that. Come on.”
She leaves.
I follow her. Iona is right about the Column. If they destroy it, this city will be no more.

Except now there are two horned guys blocking our way when we leave the building, and I have no weapon.
They just stare at us.
No. 516172 ID: bf54a8

rush spear guy, grab their spear and kick them in the dick and steal spear. finis them with it.
No. 516177 ID: 0132ea

Well without any information, like if they're putting our people in camps or just slaughtering us, we can't do any sneaky shenanigans. My suggestion would be to have Iona act like she needs medical attention and that you wish to escort her, but if they're just killing people then that won't work. So, I suppose the only option is to attempt to disarm one of them and take the weapon.
No. 516178 ID: 9bf753

Rip off one of their horns and use it as a shiv. There are several reasons why this is the bes idea. 1. You'll look cool as fuck. 2. You'll impress the locals while defendung your home like a man. 3. fuck conventional weapons.
No. 516179 ID: 9ddf68

grab spear then headbutt the spear guy as hard as you can to make him drop the damn spear then use spear to take out the guy with the sword then grab sword and finish off spear guy, then move forward.
No. 516185 ID: f2c20c

Get that spear! use it on the other one.

[bite the fuck out of the nearest enemy]
[open eyes?]
No. 516231 ID: 62f3a2

What is the Column, why is it so important?
No. 518238 ID: 338610
File 137169074637.gif - (83.56KB , 840x600 , 33.gif )


No. 518241 ID: 0132ea

Aw yeah! Get 'im! Our body can do some serious work! Now, quickly stab him with his own horn. Stab his buddy, too, assuming he didn't run off in sheer terror.
No. 518242 ID: 19b3c3

Hey, we're pretty strong! We shouldn't have much leverage, since we're attacked to the squishy parts of your head and/or grey matter. Whereas that horn should have been bone growing from bone! But we took it right off, just like that!

Time for stabbings.
No. 518243 ID: 9ddf68

now we just have to finish them off.
No. 518244 ID: 735f4f

Now stab the other guy with the horn we just yanked off.
No. 518248 ID: bf54a8

now flip it around and jam it back in the hole.
No. 518249 ID: d1d627

I believe it works like
[spin neck about and stab him with horn.]
You should totally be punching him in the face, or something like that.
No. 518250 ID: c23ab0

Guys we only get one turn per round.
No. 518252 ID: f2c20c

We got you a weapon, boss! Take it, make with the stabbings. Just watch for that spear.
No. 518730 ID: 338610
File 137188189598.gif - (130.77KB , 840x600 , 34.gif )


Okay, okay, I think you get them! Both of them!
No. 518731 ID: f2c20c

Whoops looks like we get more than one action per round!

Okay, let's drop the horn now. Boss, could you and the girl pick up their weapons? I don't think we can do all the fighting, as effective as we seem to be at it!

Oh boy, I think we have little legs too! Gonna wiggle 'em.
No. 518732 ID: 9ddf68

...yeah we're good. also we should really get a mirror or something when we have the time because I want to see what we look like now.

But we also made whatever her name was that was following crap herself if she just saw that.
No. 518734 ID: 338610

this is animated, by the way
No. 518748 ID: cf49fc

Get us a sword, you foolish fool! Also, you REALLY should have had us removed. Now you've got a sentient brain parasite with a love of sharp objects.
No. 518759 ID: 0b214d

Let's not drop the horn until we get a sword or whatever.


Alright, let's move on.
No. 518774 ID: 19b3c3

Oh, we're done? Damn, we're one badass headworm.

[Eat horn with vigorous crunching]

I suggest you grab a sword or something off of one of the bodies.
No. 518777 ID: bf54a8

[eat their brains]

okay get the weapons.
No. 518808 ID: 9bf753

Looks like we ARE a weapon. I wonder just how far we can reach. Let's try snapping at the other dude. Take his weapon and maybe a chunk of his flesh and let's do some heroics.
No. 518812 ID: f2c20c

They're both dead.

I think we should stop thrashing around.
No. 518838 ID: 0132ea

Make sure Iona knows that she shouldn't worry about us attacking her. I say this because I assume she's terrified at what she's just witnessed.

After calming her down, collect their weapons and make for the Column.
No. 518840 ID: c23ab0


They're both. Dead. Give it a rest already!
No. 519109 ID: 338610
File 137205373919.png - (70.57KB , 840x600 , 35.png )

Alright, I grab a SWORD near one of their bodies.

Iona, I think I saw her slip off right when we came outside. I don’t know why, though. Surely she saw those two.
She probably is rushing to the column, which is inside the big stalagmite in the city's center. I’ll do the same.

Wish I knew where Mayli is.
No. 519110 ID: 338610
File 137205376117.png - (40.57KB , 840x600 , 36.png )

The Column.
My people, the Frivus, we are very sensitive to heat. Though we don’t look like it, we love the cold and have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years. Very recently, there was some freak climate change. The temperature went up so high that all the snow on the mountains melted, definitely too hot for our kind to survive. We began dying, hundreds of us. We were convinced that the world was ending and that we would have nowhere to go. However, there was one thing: years ago, we discovered some kind of magical artifact underground. It emits cold, a lot of it; even we couldn't handle being very close. We wanted to move the artifact to the surface but were afraid that moving it would damage its properties. Instead of taking that risk, we moved down here and built a city around it. That was all we could do. The Column is not as cold as it used to be, and our lives are far from ideal in these caves, but we can live here safely.

But now this has gone and happened, and these horned bastards are trying to destroy it.

>”Good, we beat them here. Alright, Lumin, you know what to do when they arrive?”
No. 519112 ID: bf54a8

yeah, kill them all. can we get some light in here though? would help with the killing.
No. 519113 ID: 9ddf68

uuhhhhh, defend the column? Also could you perhaps fill us in on what the hell happened since we went to the hospital? All we remember is that that doc drugged us and then we woke up to the city being sacked. And do you know where Mayli is?
No. 519122 ID: c23ab0

...lick it.
No. 519129 ID: f2c20c

We really shouldn't. His or our tongue would probably get stuck.
No. 519141 ID: d1d627

...Ok, quick question: How much do you know about magic? Caaause it kinda looks like magic is a thing that's real.
No. 519223 ID: 0132ea

Is there anyone else that managed to make their way here? We're going to need all the help we can get if the Dyda's primary objective is destroying the Column.
No. 519314 ID: 338610
File 137213466749.png - (35.15KB , 840x600 , 37.png )

You’re pretty strange.

“Of course I know what to do, but can we get some light in here?”
>”Yes, there will be plenty of light soon.”

“Is anyone else going to be here to help?”
>”We don’t need anyone.”
”What do you mean? Why wouldn't we need help?”
>”This is Dyda Empire we are talking about; they don't stand a chance.”

I honestly know as much as you do.
“Iona, I must be forgetting something, because I just don’t understa-“
>”Lumin, somebody is coming! It is probably them!”
No. 519315 ID: 9ddf68

OK then, is anyone else getting a creepy vibe form Iona here because I am? and coming from something that just ripped a guy's horn off and used it to stab both the guy and his friend to death with it, that is saying something.
No. 519317 ID: bf54a8

yeah, ask friend or foe when they come in, instead of just attacking.
No. 519318 ID: 76b151

I don't think this is Iona... or Iona isn't who we thought she was.
No. 519319 ID: f2c20c

Could be Mayli. Confirm before attacking.
No. 519328 ID: cf49fc

I don't trust her. Tell her to reveal her head thing.
No. 519329 ID: f2c20c

Head thing? Iona isn't the other one with a tentacle. Mayli is.
No. 519330 ID: cf49fc

Oh really? Then drag her into the light. I trust her not in this infernal shadow.
No. 519335 ID: f2c20c

There isn't any light! Why would looking at her in the light result in anything new anyway? That's the right profile and she certainly sounds like Iona, so it's very likely Iona. She isn't telling us stuff but who cares at this point? Whatever happens next must lead to saving the town because she lives here, man.
No. 519337 ID: c23ab0

That and this is the Dyda empire. They're sort of complete failures at everything right? Shouldn't be hard to scare 'em off.
No. 519339 ID: 0132ea

Hmm. Well, the Dyda do look rather demon-esque, what with their red skin and horns, so maybe they have a high affinity for heat and being near such a large source of cold hurts them. Maybe that's why Iona believes just being near the Column is the best possible defense against them.

Either way, it seems that it's do or die time.
No. 519366 ID: 19b3c3

Yes, totally creepy vibe. She's not bothered at all by your headworm, or the violence. She's acting with a strange, inappropriate certainty. She knows the name of your attackers, when you didn't even know the name of their species, much less their empire.

And if this is so important, you'd think the whole city would be coming to defend it, not just you. The people approaching are just as likely to be more defenders as attackers.

We also haven't actually seen her fully on screen, or in the light, since she arrived.

...something seems wrong.
No. 519374 ID: 5869f6

Shit, something IS wrong here...
No. 519465 ID: 338610
File 137221129910.png - (43.05KB , 840x600 , 38.png )

Something is wrong, alright.
Iona… She’s been so trustworthy and helpful to us for so long. Why is she acting like this?
>”Lumin, please! They’re here!”
“Dammit!” I move past Iona. “Who is it? Who’s there?”
>”It’s Lumoto. Mayli and I are here.”
>”Why is it so dark?”
No. 519474 ID: 76b151

Ask Iona if whatever she needs the crystal for is going to cause harm to your people.
No. 519479 ID: bf54a8

okay cool. now do any of them have weapons? ask mayli if her uhh, worm, is being cooperative.
No. 519480 ID: f2c20c

Ask Iona to explain what she's planning.
No. 519491 ID: 9ddf68

Yeah why is it so dark? we can barley see shit, also ask them what the hell has happened since the hospital and also keep an eye on Iona, still have that creepy vibe from her.
No. 519711 ID: 338610
File 137230677318.png - (34.83KB , 840x600 , 39.png )

“I’m so glad you two are here. Do you have weapons?”
>”I have a sword. Also, this thing on my head has some wicked teeth!”
Lumoto raises an arm.
>”And I’ve got my trusty fists!”
“Great! Now listen, something’s wrong. I cannot seem to remember anything since I went to the hospital after this worm popped out of my head. Plus, Iona is acting very strange, and-“
No. 519712 ID: 338610
File 137230680519.png - (61.82KB , 840x600 , 40.png )

No. 519713 ID: bf54a8

who the fuck. is iona under control of the anti-worm?

it's cracked but hopefully that's just an outer shell and the real magic happens inside it. circle around!
No. 519718 ID: 0132ea

That's probably not a good sign. Has it ever activated like that before? Well, in any case, it seems to be emitting a little light along with the cold, so use it to survey your surroundings (and companions) a bit. It's about time we figure out just what in the fuck is going on here.
No. 519725 ID: 9ddf68


You guys might want to take cover while you're just standing there doing nothing.
No. 519726 ID: f2c20c

I think you may want to take cover.
No. 519732 ID: cf49fc

Iona, we're blaming YOU for this! Tell her she has three seconds to explain the downfall of your civilization before we lynch her.
No. 519737 ID: c23ab0


She has three seconds to explain the downfall of her civilization before it explodes and kills us all. Fucking run!
No. 519743 ID: cf49fc

Why bother? They literally cannot survive without that pillar. Might as well know why she decided to genocide herself before the blast wave hits, and then the caves start heating up.
No. 519744 ID: f2c20c

Genocide herself? Pretty sure she isn't the same race as our generous hosts.
No. 519920 ID: 338610
File 137238212654.gif - (200.54KB , 840x600 , 41.gif )

The Column crumbles to pieces as Lumoto, Mayli, and I stand frozen, dumbstruck.
Iona peeks out from the other side.
>”Took much less time than I thought.”

No. 519921 ID: 338610
File 137238214780.gif - (253.91KB , 840x600 , 42.gif )

She walks around the fallen column and over to me. “Iona… Y-you have three seconds to explain why you did this!”
Iona glances up at me.
>”We did this, Lumin.”

No. 519922 ID: 338610
File 137238217403.gif - (213.13KB , 840x600 , 43.gif )


also animated
No. 519923 ID: d1d627

No. YOU DID THIS! You only dressed us up as one of you guys to share the blame! But it's not gonna work!
[reach out for her, bite her hard if we can!]
No. 519924 ID: bf54a8

wtf, it... we must of had a second consciousness that took over when we were knocked out by the doc. show you aren't the person she thinks you are, grab that necklace and rip it off.

only thing i can think of is that stuff made us super susceptible to suggestion. iona may not be all the way here ether. only reason you recovered was us.

look at mayli, is she dressed like this too?
No. 519925 ID: bf54a8

oh, yes, they could of just dressed our knocked out ass up.
No. 519926 ID: c23ab0

Shit, someone has to look inside the column quick to see if something can be salvaged!
No. 519928 ID: 9ddf68

the fuck you mean we, least thing we remember is being drugged at the hospital then waking up to find the damn city in flames and then you rushing to our room saying we needed to come here for reasons you wouldn't share with us and as soon as we get here you start acting all creepy and then BOOM the column falls apart and you start spewing some more creepy crap... and where the hell are our actual clothes and on that note what the hell are we wearing?
No. 519929 ID: bf54a8

yes, this calls for swearing and rage.
No. 519930 ID: e3aff6

Ask why either of you would do this. The city does not seem to be on desirable land, they didn't try to take the artifact as their own, and killing off everyone isn't even the best long-term strategy for looting when it would have been so absurdly easy to hold the city hostage indefinitely with the artifact.
Also ask why you shouldn't kill her now that you have woken up from whatever she did to manipulate you.
(And this time make sure to grab her so she can't sneak off again.)
No. 519931 ID: 0132ea

Motherfucker. That necklace. So I guess the Dyda used Iona (possibly with a hidden head worm?) to take out the Column because they knew it would harm them.

But, then again, Lumin, you have that necklace, too. And Iona said "we" did it. So we must've had something to do with this scheme, as well, while we were "knocked out." Damn it all.
No. 519934 ID: f2c20c

Snatch your necklace off, and hers too.
No. 519935 ID: 9bf753

Make sure Mayli and Lumoto aren't under some sort of mind control, then Get some answers outta Iona. If she doesn't cooperate, poke her right in her pointy-ass eyes.
No. 519943 ID: 5869f6

[Rips off the necklaces]
No. 520026 ID: c23ab0

Don't rip off the necklaces. Waste of good necklaces. This is like your only chance to examine the column from the inside!
No. 520138 ID: 338610
File 137247637672.png - (196.31KB , 840x600 , 44.png )

"No, no, I didn't do anything! Nothing!"

This damn necklace won't come off!
Why won't it break?!
No. 520139 ID: 338610
File 137247640575.png - (341.30KB , 840x600 , 45.png )

They aren't here.
And there's no Column.
It's just us two.


Forget the necklace, I'll rip her throat out!
"What did you do to me? Why am I wearing this?!"
>"I knew you would not be able to live with yourself after this."
"No, I didn't do anything! It wasn't me!"
No. 520143 ID: bf54a8

double hell, the world is falling apart, illusion?
No. 520145 ID: c23ab0

OK so, the column disappeared when you stopped paying attention to it. You don't remember getting dressed, and Iona is acting strangely as if she is privvy to something you're not willing to admit about yourself. And the cave is crumbling into symbolic shambles behind you.

Yep, you're dreaming.
No. 520147 ID: 34cbef

welp, since it's a dream you might aswell murder the frog
No. 520148 ID: 19b3c3

Uh, her head is now bobbing on an elongated noodle of a neck too.

Yeah, this is totally a dream. Stop murdering, calm down, and wake up.
No. 520151 ID: 9ddf68

wake up and freak the fuck out
No. 520154 ID: f2c20c

Wanna bet the necklace is controlling you? Try finding the clasp. Lacking that...

[bite through the chain]
No. 520159 ID: 0132ea

While you're throttling Iona, there, why don't you have yourself a look around you? It may clear up some big mysteries.
No. 520184 ID: 5869f6

No. 520205 ID: d1d627

[rub eyes!]
No. 520218 ID: bf54a8

that may not be iona in real life! let her go!
No. 520225 ID: c23ab0

Wait we're not attached to your head at all! IT'S JUST CREEPY CLOWNFACE INSTEAD
No. 520234 ID: cf49fc

Quick, [slap his hands away]
No. 520608 ID: 338610
File 137272778094.png - (205.55KB , 840x600 , 46.png )

I don't want it to be...
No. 520610 ID: 338610
File 137272782167.png - (236.78KB , 840x600 , 47.png )

No. 520611 ID: 735f4f

Ever so slowly purse your lips and go in for a kiss.

That or both freak out.
No. 520612 ID: 19b3c3

[Point blank open mouthed toothy grin]
No. 520613 ID: 0132ea

Okay. First of all, Hi there. Second of all, don't panic. We've just undergone some quick micro-evolution. This form may even be of more use to you than before! Thirdly, make sure nothing bad ACTUALLY happened while you were knocked out.
No. 520626 ID: 5869f6


[Nuzzles affectionately]
No. 520631 ID: bf54a8

hey mayli is also asleep..

can we communicate with other worms in our sleep?
No. 520633 ID: 96c896

No. 520748 ID: c23ab0

Wait maybe you're still dreaming. We better pinch you to make sure. >>520612
No. 520767 ID: 9ddf68

you normally have dreams like that kid oh and your girlfriend is sleeping over there if you're wondering...

what's for breakfast?
No. 520839 ID: 0b214d


What he said. Also, good morning.
No. 521074 ID: 338610
File 137289680164.png - (246.59KB , 840x600 , 48.png )

uh... Hi. You've definitely changed.
Actually, if you're going to be stuck on my head any longer, I think you need a name. What should I call you?
No. 521077 ID: bf54a8

we are called legion for we are many, if you don't get the reference it's okay.
No. 521078 ID: 0132ea

A name huh? I like Darius.
No. 521079 ID: c31f72

The magic one eyed purple snake!
Or noms. I like noms.
No. 521083 ID: 19b3c3


Any of these is fine.
No. 521097 ID: 9ddf68

what do you want to call us cause I'm not to picky
No. 521109 ID: c23ab0


We're the One Eyed Purple People Eater. Now all we need is our wings and horn.
No. 521110 ID: cf49fc

We're your conscience, little buddy.
No. 521141 ID: 9b57d3

No. 521227 ID: 5fd94e

The names Snake, Solid Snake.
No. 521232 ID: cf49fc

We're colder than that. We're GELID SNAKE.
No. 521233 ID: 9bf753

I would like to propose that we call ourselves Big Boss.
No. 521235 ID: 5fd94e


This is acceptable
No. 521265 ID: 5869f6

No. 523422 ID: 399612
File 137348479748.png - (396.50KB , 840x600 , 49.png )

Big Boss, huh? You seem to like that name. Ok, it works for me! And thanks for helping me in that horrible dream. If only I knew what you were…
>”It’s called a cap crawler.”
“Huh?” Oh, it’s Rovan Mill.
>”At least, that is what a book I once read called them. They are very rare, probably only so far up north because of the climate change. The things are genderless, and they have an odd way of birthing offspring: they find a host, knock it out, and plant their young inside the host’s noggin. The young then latches onto the host’s brain and uses it to grow.”
“That’s crazy! How are Mayli and I not dead?”
>”No clue, but like I said, they are very rare. Their obscure birthing procedure may explain why. Anyway, it has its own senses. Right now, it can see and feel, but it does not have its own brain. It will grow one much into the future. For now, it’s borrowing your brain, using it to perceive senses and to think. You won’t pick up the senses, but you will pick up the thoughts.”
”Yes, Big Boss is very talkative.”
“Uh, nothing. Can it ever be removed?”
>”Anyone who has ever pulled one out of their head died instantly. Eventually, it will grow its own brain, and it will slowly detach from yours. You will just have to live with... Big Boss for a while.”
”What, he named himself that!”
>”Of course.”
No. 523426 ID: f5680f

Oh man our biology is AWESOME. Ask what was in that potion he had you drink.

Also describe your nightmare. Ask Mayli if she had a nightmare too.
No. 523431 ID: 735f4f

Hey so sorry about borrowing your brain for a bit. This is news to us to.

You know how it goes with the not being able to choose your parents thing. Maybe you can get a stylish hat with some eye holes if we want to go unnoticed later.

As for that dream I would not read to much into it. Unless your friend over there had a similar one.

We should check up on the towns defenses and if anything is going on with the invaders.
No. 523432 ID: 23b97a

Pff. Maybe we should have picked a name that sounds less like you're letting us boss you around. People are gonna be about as comfortable with that as they are with a snake coming out of your head.

Anyways, sorry about the whole cranial implantation thing. We'll do our best to grow a brain when we can.
No. 523462 ID: 9ddf68

oh so that's why we didn't now shit, we're a newborn. Wait does that make you our parent then?

Oh and ask the doc how long we usually stick around before we can wander off.
No. 523563 ID: 0132ea

Of course fuckin' of course! First he knocks us out with giga-nightmare sleep pills and now he's judging our name? Well screw you "Rovan Mill!" How long were we out? And what all did he do to us while we were out to confirm what we were?
No. 523564 ID: bf54a8

i would say that nightmare ranked as "worst thing" for you right?
No. 523856 ID: 399612
File 137359846655.png - (347.01KB , 840x600 , 50.png )

"How long will it be in my head?"
>"I do not remember. I think it varies. Sometimes, a couple weeks, and sometimes, several months."
Wow, we might get to learn a lot about each other before we part ways. Or is it that I'll learn about myself??

“What was in those potions we drank?”
>”They were our strongest revitalization potions. The blood you lost should be restored now. However, the only downside is that they cause you to pass out for a few hours and typically have vivid dreams. We cleaned you two up, as well.
“Thank you. I’m still surprised we didn’t die.”
>”At least we were able to save somebody.”
Vivid dreams. I guess that explains the dream then.

But yes, I just… I don’t want to think about it anymore. It wasn’t real, ok? I’m awake now. It wasn’t real. I look over at Mayli. Funny that we woke up at the same time. She looks worried, though. I ask if she had any vivid dreams.
>”Yeah, about… It was about you.”
No. 523857 ID: bf54a8

yep, we can subconsciously communicate with each other while you sleep apparently. just tell her that "it was basically the worst thing you could imagine yourself doing"
No. 523864 ID: c31f72

Okay, we're just gonna kinda stretch over to that other worm a lick it.
No. 523869 ID: f5680f

Maybe we should get to interrogating the prisoner, or finding out what has been learned already from him.
No. 523899 ID: 9ddf68

huh we had a missed up dream where the city around us was on fire and everything that wasn't burning was cast in shadows... kind of a pain in the ass really.

Also Can we talk to the other worm yet or what? If so "Hi, what's your name"
No. 523900 ID: 23b97a

...it wasn't about the pillar shattering, right? Right?
No. 523903 ID: cf49fc

Yessss, we must kiss the other brain worm.
No. 523905 ID: c23ab0

...maybe you should go check that pillar. Justtobesureohgod
No. 523906 ID: f5680f

But we just met! And we aren't even detached yet!

I say we just make silly faces at the other one.
No. 523911 ID: 35edd4

This. Wormlove!
No. 523914 ID: bf54a8

doc said we are genderless, so we can be friends but i don't think we will get much from dating.

also that is probably out sibling. dadmom got lumin and mayli.
No. 523928 ID: e213ca


"Sounds like your dream was a lot more fun than mine."
No. 523957 ID: 0132ea

"Was it just about me? Or was it about the end of our way of life as we know it and I just happened to be there?"

After you've talked things out with Mayli a bit, ask Dr. Mill if we're clear to leave. I'd like to get back to the barracks and interrogate that Dyda prisoner.
No. 523959 ID: b9d767

Do you mind communicating to our friend over there for us? I don't feel like taking up interpretative dance.
No. 524095 ID: 399612
File 137368112937.png - (352.10KB , 840x600 , 51.png )

I’m glad you’re able to suppress your more extreme ideas and think of ones that don’t embarrass me too much.

"It was basically the worst thing I could imagine myself doing."
>”You know what happened?”
”I think so.”
Mayli looks confused and upset.
>”How is that possible? Wait, these cap crawler things… Can we share dreams?”
“Maybe.” I look to see if Mill is still behind me so I can ask, but I get interrupted.
>”THEN HOW COULD YOU DO SHUCH A THING?!! I didn’t think you were like that, Lumin!”
“But it was a dream, I didn’t know what was happening!”
>”Oh, you looked like you knew exactly what was happening! Are you sure we were sharing dreams?”
”Well… Explain yours then.”
>”Fine. The two of us were in the barracks. I went to find you, and when I did, you were NAKED!”
No. 524096 ID: 399612
File 137368115976.png - (365.51KB , 840x600 , 52.png )

>“And your – you know – your thing?”
“Um, ok, what about it?”
>”It wasn't what it should look lie - I mean, what I ASSUME it should look like - because instead of being normal, IT WAS REPLACED BY THAT STUPID THING ON YOUR HEAD!!”
“Wow, alright, that’s-“
No. 524097 ID: c31f72

Okay, her dream is a lot more awesome than yours was.
No. 524099 ID: 6b40ea

Yeah. Um. That wasn't my dream. I had this nightmare we accidentally got the artifact blown up and the entire city killed.
No. 524102 ID: bf54a8

yeah, come clean and say your dream was you were a double agent and you blew up the pillar.
No. 524103 ID: f5680f

Oh jeez. Okay that's not the same dream you/we had. You could give a quick summary of yours?

Also let's just kindof stop making that face and back away. I can understand why that sort of thing would be awkward now.
No. 524111 ID: fc7841

[look down in shame]
We...Expected a far different dream. One of betraying the city, as you experienced. Not a dream of mating.
I'm going to hope that's reflective of a crush she has on you, instead of just being a simple nightmare...But we will see.
No. 524113 ID: 0132ea

Tell her that our dream was essentially the same only it was HER worm that bit US. She'll probably think the apocalypse nightmare we actually had is just an excuse for us to avoid her wrath. Plus, I'm sure she'll be amused that you were the victim in your dream, so you can pick up some potential love interest points along the way.
No. 524127 ID: cf49fc

Wow. Your dream was waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than ours. Ours was just an apocalyptic nightmare where you both joined a cult and everybody died.

Also kiss the other worm.
No. 524181 ID: 5869f6

Please don't fight with daddy, it makes us sad.
No. 524298 ID: 338610
File 137375828522.png - (299.89KB , 840x600 , 53.png )

“Okay, okay, that’s nothing like my dream. Mine was just about me unknowingly betraying our people and bringing down the entire city.”
>”Really? That actually sounds a lot worse. Now I feel silly.”
Mayli starts looking worried.
>”Wait, what if something bad does happen? Lumin, that prisoner got away!”
She starts to get kind of frantic.
>”This stupid cap worm thing! I was taking the prisoner to the dungeon, and when this thing popped out of my head, I started freaking out, and then he was just gone, and I looked for him and couldn’t find him, and I wanted to tell somebody, but I was so light headed that I couldn’t talk straight, and now what if they kill me for treason or something because I messed up so bad!!!”
No. 524300 ID: 6b40ea

Loosing a prisoner because of a medical condition or injury isn't treason. It's not your fault you had something burst out of your head at the worst moment.

C'mon, we gotta tell somebody. There will need to be a search in case he's inside the city and dangerous, and we'll need the city armed and alert if more of them show up from the outside.
No. 524304 ID: 0132ea

"Okay okay. Calm down, Mayli. You won't get killed for treason. It was an unforeseen event that caused this whole mess, so it's not your fault. As far as recapturing the prisoner, I have no idea how long we were out. So until we know that we won't have a clue as to how far he might have gotten."

Hey Lumin, who's this fellow behind Mayli?
No. 524309 ID: 9bf753

Tell her to settle down. Things will be fine. Also, find out what she named her headworm.
No. 524353 ID: bf54a8

or worm named themselves.

and yeah, treason is KNOWINGLY doing something bad. worst they can give is... failure to operate under duress? point is she shouldn't be in too much trouble.

also explain if our dream was at all like reality then us worms are crazy strong. ripped the horn off a dude and stabbed him to death with it.
No. 524381 ID: f5680f

Holy shit. Well, let's just assume at this point that the city is in danger from the Empire those guys were from. We could check on the Pillar, or someone else could go check on it while we go search for the escaped prisoner.
No. 524384 ID: 9ddf68

calm down, you had something latch on to your brain and popped out of your head. Nobody is going to hold this against you, in fact I bet some of them are going to be impressed that you didn't just start screaming bloody murder right then and there.
No. 525102 ID: 399612
File 137410037622.png - (280.12KB , 840x600 , 54.png )

“Calm down, Mayli! This wasn’t your fault.”
>”I know, but I’m still worried! Lumoto might actually cut my head off!”
“Remember when you dropped his coffee once and said the same thing?”
“Okay, sorry. I know I’m not helping. We really need to go tell him about this, though.
Before leaving, I ask Mill how long we were asleep.
>”Three hours.”
“We need to go. Thank you for everything, Mill.”
>”We’ll be here next time you need us.”

Mayli and I head to the barracks, passing several guards and townspeople walking the streets. We find Lumoto in his office room.
>”Lumin, Mayli, you two are back!”
Oh no, he’s got his serious tone. That’s either good or really bad. “Sir, we have to tell you something-“
>”Iona already told me all about your hairdos. They look lovely, by the way. But after you two went to the hospital, we sent somebody to the dungeon to see if the prisoner was delivered. When we found out that he wasn’t, you two were too busy being in slumberville to find out why.”
Mayli begins frantically explaining that her head worm caused the prisoner to get away.
>”Calm down, you’re fine. We have had guards searching in and around town for the last few hours. Some citizens have even joined in. However, we’ve found no trace. That guy must be sneaky.”
“Do you think he found a way out of our walls?”
>”It seems likely. Sneaky bitch.”
Lumoto crosses his arms.
>”ALRIGHT! Here’s what’s going to happen, you two: we’re going to send messengers to each of the three cities in the region to inform them of a possible threat by the name of Dyda, and to see if they’ve had any encounters with our horned buddy-buddies. We’ll also set up some extra archers here to guard the walls and send out scouts to watch the cave’s entrances. The ideal thing would be to find out where Dyda Empire is located. So… okay, are you two up for an adventure? Because if anybody is going to successfully infiltrate these bastards, it’s you two. Uh, and maybe a couple of others.
No. 525104 ID: a23afd

Absolutely! ADVENTURE!
No. 525105 ID: c31f72

... The people with the giant, bright purple worms sticking out of their heads are your best infiltrators? Really?
Well, if we're their best bet, might as well go.
No. 525106 ID: 0132ea

Okay, so it looks like it's time for a scouting mission outside of the mountain. Our best lead is probably the hallway those two Dyda intruders came from.
No. 525111 ID: 9ddf68

uh, do you think we should where a hood or something? I mean we can just kinda coil around Lumin's head while he keeps the hood up so nobody can see us. Could also make for a great sneak attack. I mean really who in there right mind would think that some guy wearing a hood would have a giant purple worm jump out and bite there face off?
No. 525142 ID: 005d3f

Wooo! Adventure!
Also, we need to hide ourselves somhow, such as a cloak or hood.
No. 525197 ID: c23ab0


Maybe he's color blind or something.
No. 526420 ID: 116e43
File 137455238670.png - (140.30KB , 504x360 , 55.png )

“What about these things coming out of our heads? Is a good idea to send us?”
>”How do you feel?”
“I feel alright.”
>”And you, Mayli?”
>”I’m Okay.”
>”Then you’re fit to go, numbskulls. Don’t let your bad hair day stop you.”
Heh… numbskulls.
>”Now that I think about it, there may be a way we can save time. Instead of sending a messenger south to Terry, we send you guys instead. Then, after a messenger has gone southeast to Berrynor Lakeside and another has gone southwest to Abregale, they can meet up with you in Terry to report anything. That way, you two will be closer to the rest of the continent when setting out to look for Dyda Empire.”
“That sounds good, assuming there will be something to report.”
>”If not, we’ll hopefully have our allies to help us if Dyda shows up.”
“When should we head out?”
>”You can go tomorrow morning. Get ready tonight and get some rest. In the meantime, I have a lot of things to do, like finding you two some people to accompany you.”
Lumoto hastily leaves.

Mayli walks up to me.
>”We really get to go on an adventure? That sounds so exciting!”
“I know, but… I really hope it’s not for nothing.”
>”What do you mean?”
“I wasn’t expecting a mission like this so suddenly. What if we fail and let everyone down?”
>”Don’t act like that.”
“I guess you’re right. First thing we should do is figure out how to conceal our cap crawlers.”
Well, Big Boss, what kind of thing do you want to cover up with?
No. 526422 ID: c95833

Bowler hat.
No. 526423 ID: 9bf753

The hood, naturally. It clearly gives the biggest bonus to coolness.
No. 526424 ID: 0132ea

I like the middle left one you were thinking of there. Everything else seems a bit... unnatural. You don't want to draw a lot of unnecessary attention, and you'll want to present yourself well when you ask for aid from the leader of Terry.
No. 526428 ID: 9ddf68

the middle left, the rest just look weird or scream spy and when you are spying that last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself. plus it looks classy as hell.
No. 526429 ID: e3aff6
File 137455417555.gif - (11.08KB , 219x422 , Monocle-man_545.gif )

Top hat!
No. 526434 ID: 735f4f

Something with a loose mesh so we can see out. So we can warn you of stuff behind you and give you advice.
No. 526440 ID: 5fd94e

I would like to suggest modifying the bowler hat into a bit more of a boonie style hat, if not just go with the bowler.
No. 527102 ID: 116e43
File 137472186601.png - (289.64KB , 840x600 , 56.png )

That’s a bellow hat. They came from Bellow, a town somewhere in the East, I think. I kind of like the style, too, so it should work.
I tell Mayli that I’m going to go buy a hat from the clothes shop.
>”I’ll catch up with you later then. Lumin.”
Before leaving, I go fetch the cash from my chest in the barracks.

Of course, I can’t get to the shop without more people staring at you. It actually looks like the search for the prisoner is slowing down. I think he really did get away... Anyway, I go ahead inside the clothes shop when I get there.

Neat, they still have the exact bellow hat I was thinking of. I have 80 PIECES, and the hat costs 35. It’s actually cheaper than most of the things here, because this style isn’t very popular this far north. Though, Stalagmite hasn’t really had much fashion at all since we moved down here.

Is this really worth nearly half my money? Whatever, I need it

Ok, what’s next? I’ve never gone on a mission like this, and I really don’t know how I should prepare.
No. 527109 ID: a23afd

You've got a weapon. Make sure you've got armor, rations, and maybe... some rope?
No. 527114 ID: 399612

Do you know how long it will take to get to Terry? If it'll take a day or more, some rations would be good to bring along. Would there be any way to get a pair of binoculars? Half of our mission involves scouting, so we could use some scouting gear.
No. 527117 ID: 9bf753

Make sure you're well equipped to defend yourself. Find some decent, lightweight armor, something good for travel. Not to mention a decent weapon, something with a bit more punch than a dagger. If you were attacked once, it's only safe to assume you'll be attacked again.
No. 527123 ID: 9ddf68

food, water, something to defend yourself with, a map, and maybe some spare cloths if you think you might need it. Oh and potions, you still have that one from when we first started talking to you?
No. 527335 ID: f0357f

He already owns all of those, the medical center should have them, since they took them off of him while he recovered.
No. 527345 ID: 35edd4

Shouldn't the institution of the guard be paying for your necessary equipment?
No. 528664 ID: 338610
File 137499878326.png - (127.55KB , 840x600 , 57.png )

No… It’s fine. The guard doesn’t have much money. I can spare it.
As for much of the other stuff you mentioned, the guard will be able to provide that. Hopefully they aren’t under stocked.

We should have plenty of those, though I don’t know how many people Lumoto plans on sending with us. I suppose I can pack enough for myself, for now. If we leave tomorrow morning, it will take 2 days to get to Terry, so I’ll bring 2 days’ worth.

I can handle myself with just my DAGGER. I have more of a hand to hand background, and I don’t like using big weapons if I don’t have to. Besides, we’ll have Mayli; she’s great with swords and axes.

I have my light armor back at the barracks.

There should be some old spyglasses back at the barracks, also. I’ll pack one.

Okay. 30 feet sounds like enough, right?

Yes. I know the barracks has a few maps of the area.

I don’t have that potion from earlier. Not sure what happened to it. I can grab another. Actually, make it two.

Alright, this seems like it might be enough. Since everything is back at the barracks, I go back and start gathering things and packing them up.
So now what should I do? I’ve got everything together, and the 7 o’clock bell just rang. Any particular way I should spend the evening?
No. 528666 ID: a23afd

What about some camping supplies?
No. 528667 ID: 9ddf68

I would say go to the local watering hole and slam a few but we don't really have the money to spare and plus you'd probably wake up with a hang over and that would be a fun way to start the mission.

So I guess say goodbye to a few of your friends (not the goodbye forever kind of goodbye I mean just let them know you'll be out of town for a bit) and then study the map to get an idea of the land around you incase something bad happens like you get split from the group or something. Then get an early night rest so you wont be as tired in the morning. Oh and make yourself a decent diner tonight as rations aren't the tastiest thing to live off of for two days.
No. 528685 ID: 399612

Plan/discuss your journey with Mayli over a candle-lit steak dinner with wine.

Make sure you're in bed at a decent hour, though, mister. I don't want either you or us to be all groggy when we head out at 6 AM tomorrow.
No. 528784 ID: c95833

...you have a pack or something to carry all that in, right?
No. 529464 ID: 116e43
File 137516616755.png - (293.68KB , 840x600 , 58.png )

Hey, good idea. I didn’t think about that. Fire starters and a bed roll will be good.

Of course I have plenty of hammerspace a pack.

...oh yeah, I forgot about food. I’m really hungry.
It’s after 7, so that means Mayli and I missed both dinner bells. That sucks. Well, since neither of us are on duty right now, maybe we can sneak into the mess room and get some food from the kitchen.

When I get there, I find Mayli and-
No. 529466 ID: c23ab0

No. 529467 ID: 9bf753

Either she's about to cut some pizza, Or she's about to cut Mayli.

No wait, she's wearing Dyda clothes. Better stab her before she stabs your chick. If that fails, just disarm her.

Sorry man. I was hoping for pizza too.
No. 529468 ID: 399612

That's just a butter knife, right? Iona's just making a PB&J, right? Iona just stole that necklace off of the prisoner because she thought it was pretty, right?
No. 529469 ID: a23afd

I think that is a DISGUISE. Do not attack her. Just demand to know why she's wearing that and where she got it.
No. 529470 ID: 735f4f

I don think panicking due to a nightmare we had is the best idea.

I would ask whats up with the shirt and necklace. She has probably been hard at work making disguises for you both.
No. 529471 ID: 9ddf68


besides even if the dream was some kind of F'ed up warning then I really don't think any court would let an assault and possible murder off because of a dream the accused had. Just ask what is going on here, the hell she'd get that outfit, and is there anything good to eat around here.
No. 529477 ID: bf54a8

[burst out of hat and growl] "iona, you best drop dat knife or i drop you"
No. 529519 ID: f208be

That's not cool man! What's with the Dyda outfit!?
But even still, if we flip out it might not look good either.
Find out WHY she's wearing that, and has a knife in her hand. She'd better have good reason!
No. 529526 ID: c95833

Okay, calm down. They're just talking. It was just a dream. Just a dream. Just a dream.

Ask her the significance of the necklace.
No. 529580 ID: 01531c

TACKLE MAYLA away from the traitor.

this will make things awkward enough for all parties to broach conversation instead of combat.
No. 529638 ID: 6d5e30

Why not aggressively ask pointed questions about that necklace he's wearing.

Kinda strange that's not just from the dream.
No. 529971 ID: 116e43
File 137530715469.png - (336.44KB , 840x600 , 59.png )

“Why?! Why do you have that necklace?!”
She drops the knife.
>”Lumin, what are you talking about?”
No. 529975 ID: a23afd

The fuck? Was that a hallucination? Her clothes reverted.

I think we need to sit down and calm down. Maybe explain your dream in detail.
No. 529976 ID: 399612

Ah. It seems that giga-nightmare potion left some residual effects from the giga-nightmare we had. Heave a large sigh of relief. Then, I suppose we should apologize and explain ourselves.
No. 529979 ID: bf54a8

[rub forehead]
"sorry, the dream still seems to be messing with us. in it, you blew up the column, iona."
No. 529993 ID: 9bf753

Well. That settles it. You're crazy. Better find a way to keep you psychotic hallucinations under check before you kill everyone.
No. 529994 ID: c95833

...her clothes changed. Dang, I knew you had a head injury, but now we can't trust what you see? That's not so good.
No. 529995 ID: 735f4f

Most likely a hallucination brought on by the earlier dream. But we should not ignore the possibility our mind is trying to warn us.

Honestly I would rather have Iona be irritated with us for awhile because we got all brain worm paranoid then miss something big. If she is harmless then we can blame it all on having a horrible nightmare potion and a giant worm burrowing in our brain.

So apologize for frightening her and say you are having some lingering potion effects. Then we can look into her background later.
No. 531564 ID: 338610
File 137567753912.png - (266.20KB , 840x600 , 60.png )

What? I don’t understand. Am I going crazy?
Fuck me, this is embarrassing. How do I explain myself? “Wait. I… I didn’t mean to do that. I’m just seeing things. That potion from the hospital made me have some crazy dreams. It’s okay now.”
I put the DAGGER away. Iona sighs with relief and begins to look angry.
>”You scared the hell out of me, Lumin. Don’t pull that crap again! I don’t care if you have a big worm coming out of your face!”
Dammit. “I’m really sorry.”
She picks the knife back up and puts it on the counter in the kitchen area.
>”I’m cooking a pot of soup if you’d like some, since all this commotion caused a few of us to miss dinner.”
“Uh, that sounds good, thank you.”

Mayli looks at me, concerned.
>”Are you really alright?”
“Yes, I’m fine.”
>”Well, okay… If you think so.”

Mayli and Iona continue their conversation about Mayli’s hat, which they were having before I interrupted. I take a seat at the end of the table closest to them, shaking a little bit with anxiety. Maybe sending me on this mission is a bad idea. Things are already going badly. I don’t know if I can do this.
No. 531565 ID: 338610
File 137567757649.png - (330.71KB , 840x600 , 61.png )

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot somebody standing at the doorway of the mess room. It’s an orreld; don’t see them this far north that often. He’s wearing a traveler’s hat, so he’s probably just visiting, but why Stalagmite? And what is he doing in the barracks?
Somehow, he’s going unnoticed by Mayli and Iona. He keeps looking at me.
No. 531567 ID: f0357f

Interrupt them again, ask them if they see an orreld by the barracks.

No. 531568 ID: a23afd

Ask the girls who he is. Maybe we should go talk to him. Have you put your hat back on, by the way?
No. 531569 ID: f0357f

Also, I think you need some sleep.
some REAL (non-potion induced) sleep.
No. 531575 ID: 399612

Stare back. He will crumble under the utter darkness that are your eyes. If he continues to stare but for a second, he will be swallowed by the abyss and find nothing but a reflection of himself. A reflection that torments his very soul to the brink of auto-annihilation.

Then, ask his name and his business in the barracks.
No. 531576 ID: bf54a8

walk up to him and flip off his hat.
No. 531577 ID: a23afd

...hat... I wonder if he has a capcrawler too? Or had one? Or is in contact with some capcrawler adults?
No. 531580 ID: 9bf753

Seems like hats are a means of quick identification in this world. Probably best to pay attention to what everyone is wearing.
No. 531581 ID: b5df96

Well, try talking to him, if he's staring at you.
No. 531584 ID: c23ab0
File 137568095494.png - (23.09KB , 512x320 , scrawl.png )

Or maybe he saw the necklace too, and knows what's going on. I say we leave his hat alone. His worm could hide anyway if it wanted to.

Before bothering with him, could you draw the symbol on that necklace you dreamed about, and ask if Mayli or Iona have seen anything like that before?

Even if you don't get the truth, you can learn a lot by watching their reactions.
No. 531598 ID: 9ddf68

look at him and say what
No. 532024 ID: 116e43
File 137581621516.png - (333.11KB , 840x600 , 62.png )

I look over at Mayli and Iona. “Who is this guy?” They turn to the doorway.
The orreld takes his hat off.
>”Me? Oh, I’m nobody. There anyone around by name Lumin or Mayli?”
Iona points in our direction.
>”That would be those two.”
>”Wow, how lucky! Hey, that’s a neat thing you got on your head, there.”
“Thank you?”
>”Anyway, I’ve got an interesting story to tell, but only if you want to hear it.”
“Go ahead.”
>”Okay. It all starts with the good ol’ guard captain. He comes bumblin’ through the doors of the tavern in which I’m employed. Apparently, the guy is good friends with the owner, my boss. He starts talkin’ to me about a ‘preposition,’ sayin’ that he hears from my boss that I got a quick wit and a silvery silver tongue and lots of knowledge of the land, stuff like that, so the captain wants me to accompany three others on a mission to find some kind of mysterious empire. First thing I thought was, ‘no thanks,’ but then he offered a healthy sum as payment upon our return. I decided, ‘hey, I’m hurtin’ for money, and I don’t have much to lose, so it’s a deal.’ And now, here we are. Well, was it an interesting story?”
No. 532026 ID: 9ddf68

huh, so I guess welcome to the group then, but it seems this story is only just starting so lets see how it will end. Hopefully with victory and riches
No. 532034 ID: a23afd

Yeah, interesting. Welcome to the team, I guess.

Double check with the captain before you leave, to confirm the story. It's a bit of a longshot, but it's possible the escaped prisoner hired this guy.
No. 532035 ID: 1cf691

Hmm bravery easily bought is bravery easily lost. We must test if this guy has the right stuff so we can count on him if shit goes south out there.
To prove himself he must... touch our worm!
No. 532049 ID: 41690e

...right. So you got a name? Or feel like telling us what you're good at?
No. 532093 ID: 399612

Wait a hot minute. When you went to buy your hat, you said the guard didn't have much money. So where's this "healthy sum" that Lumoto promised this guy coming from? Definitely confirm his story with Lumoto. Get his name, too. It's only fair since Iona was ever so kind enough to quickly reveal who we were for us.
No. 532440 ID: 116e43
File 137592247854.png - (330.65KB , 840x600 , 63.png )

“Interesting enough.”

I’ll check with Lumoto about these things later. For now…

“What’s your name?”
>”Call me Domino.”
“And what exactly is it that you’re good at?”
>”I’ve traveled all over this continent, and I don’t forget anything about where I’ve been. You won’t get lost with me around. Of course, I’m also pretty good at talkin’ my way out of a bind, that and talkin’ my way into where I want to be. You can’t deny that these skills will be of use to our group.”
“But can we really depend on you?”
>”Yes, absolutely.”
“Even in the most hopeless of situations, you’ll keep using your skills, any that you may have, to contribute to the mission and not your own wellbeing.”
>“Bein’ a coward wasn’t part of the job description, and I don’t do what I don’t get paid to do.”
“Then there’s only one more thing that I ask.”
>”And that is…”
No. 532441 ID: 116e43
File 137592251479.png - (320.52KB , 840x600 , 64.png )

"Touch my worm."
>"...Touch it?"
"Yes, touch it."
No. 532442 ID: 116e43
File 137592253179.png - (321.54KB , 840x600 , 65.png )

>"You mean like this?"
No. 532447 ID: 41690e

Gah! Our eye!

[Retaliate by licking Domino in the eye]
No. 532462 ID: a23afd

I wonder if we can even feel that? Let's not react in the slightest.
No. 532465 ID: bf54a8

[slap him in the nose]
No. 532467 ID: 399612

Shoot. I only just now realized we have no eyelids to blink with. This is mildly uncomfortable.

Well now that that's over with, invite him to join the three of you for dinner. We can talk more about the journey over some nice, hot soup.
No. 532479 ID: 735f4f

Thank you for doing that. It was his idea anyway.
No. 532500 ID: c23ab0

Now you are one and truly initiated as our party member ow ow ow goddamn ow
No. 533082 ID: 338610
File 137610392242.png - (320.21KB , 840x600 , 66.png )

No. 533083 ID: 338610
File 137610394767.png - (271.21KB , 840x600 , 67.png )

No. 533086 ID: 9bf753

Great, we killed the navigator. Better find a new one. That, or he's not actually dead and you should follow up with the necessary apologies while making sure he isn't hurt.
No. 533087 ID: 399612

Do we have a mildly venomous tongue? Just enough to make him pass out? Or maybe it's not mild and we should take him to Dr. Mill.
No. 533088 ID: a23afd

Uh, he's not actually hurt, is he?
No. 533093 ID: 41690e

...did he faint, or do we have poisonous or paralytic saliva?
No. 533102 ID: 12c19f

...Well that's one for the biology textbook.
No. 533454 ID: 338610
File 137619514287.png - (287.14KB , 840x600 , 68.png )

Mayli runs over.
>“Lumin, what did you do?!”
“I don’t know!”
>”Why did you lick his eye?!”
“It wasn’t my idea!”
>”Don’t just blame the worm!”
“I’m sorry, it sounded funny…”
Iona is about to check if Domino is okay, but he sits back up, looking disgruntled.
>”What is… Where am I, and who are you guys?”
No. 533456 ID: 12c19f
File 137619526428.png - (14.43KB , 546x566 , 1251935460115.png )


No. 533457 ID: 5fd94e
File 137619540330.png - (126.80KB , 407x309 , fuuuu4rlz_by_justananimefreak123-d4kg8en.png )

No. 533460 ID: 41690e

Amnesia dust! Amnesia lick? Amnesia spit? Well, whatever, that's an interesting ability to have. Pity to have inflicted it on the hired help, though.

What's the last thing he remembers?
No. 533461 ID: bf54a8

WAIT, of COURSE we have amnesia spit! it's how mom knocked lumin mayli and then laid us. lumin woke up not knowing what was going on. not sure how far back it goes. ask what he last remembers.
No. 533468 ID: 399612

Best get to explaining to the poor chap. Hopefully, the amount of memory loss is proportional to the amount of spit applied so he only forgot the last few minutes.
No. 533499 ID: 35edd4

>Don't blame the worm

Uh, we're the ones that did it. It doesn't make any sense at all to blame him.
No. 533509 ID: a23afd

Oh hell you're right.

I guess we gotta fill him in on what's been going on.
No. 534386 ID: 116e43
File 137650877090.png - (298.45KB , 840x600 , 69.png )

“What’s the last thing you remember?”
>”Why the hell should I tell you?”
“Do you know who you are?”
>“Course I do.”
“Do you remember the names Lumin or Mayli?”
>”Uh… Yeah, but it’s none of your business.”

Thank goodness. It seems like your saliva does cause some fainting and only minor memory loss. Though, how minor it was might only be from how little you got on him. I go ahead and explain what happened, though the story is kind of bizarre.
>”Wait, I remember the you-licking-me part now! What the hell was that for, anyway?”
“I’m sorry, I was about to offer you to come sit down and have dinner with us so we can discuss the mission.”
>“No thanks. I had other plans for after I met you two.”
“Okay, just get plenty of rest.”
>”See you folks tomorrow. This is gonna to be quite the trip.”
No. 534387 ID: 116e43
File 137650879656.png - (345.48KB , 840x600 , 70.png )

The three of us sit down and eat. According to Iona, Lumoto said he might be here, but to not wait for him in case he doesn’t show. Since he isn’t here, there is not much to discuss about the mission. We’ll get briefed tomorrow morning before we leave, but for now, all we know is that we’re going to Terry to find out if they’ve seen or heard of anything related to Dyda Empire, then waiting for the messengers sent to the other two cities.

Mayli starts talking about Terry. She grew up there, you know. When she was ten, her family moved to Mountaintop, which was what our city was called before we moved down to the caves. She hasn’t been there in a long time, and talks about all the things we have to do and see when we get there.

We’re finishing up our meal, and there is not much more I wanted to do today. Is there anything else I should do before I turn in? If not, I’ll start getting ready for bed early.
No. 534390 ID: 5869f6

Well, that wasn't so bad. Thankfully.
No. 534407 ID: 96c896

I think it might be neat to see how strong we are. Could you get a few things of various weights to try? Oh, ask the doctor if it's safe for us to carry weight, first. Also ask the doctor if hallucinations are common after using those potions.
No. 534434 ID: ade633

Ask mayli if she hear voices from the other worm
No. 534439 ID: 399612

Get some sleep, man. We need you in tip-top shape in the morning.
No. 534519 ID: 827853

we should probably figure out how far back we can retreat into your noggin, we don't want you to get instakilled when some random enemy tugs us out.
No. 535430 ID: 116e43
File 137684873732.png - (345.60KB , 840x600 , 71.png )

>lifting things
I guess it would be pretty interesting to see how strong you are. I thank Iona for dinner and leave to look for some things for you to pick up. There's a storage room full of random junk that would work.

Here we are. Alrighty, what do you want to try first?
No. 535432 ID: bf54a8

let's try a sword. being able to have two blades at the same time could be really useful.
No. 535433 ID: 399612

The bucket. You can probably get the best grip on the bucket handle as opposed to the other stuff lying around.
No. 535438 ID: 9ddf68

I say start light and move on up
No. 535452 ID: 399612

Try lifting the burrito roll of paper. That should at least tell us if we can lift things at all.
No. 535453 ID: 96c896

That bucket is full of water, it's probably too heavy. Yeah, let's try light and move up.

Hey, you can feel your face by now, right? Tell us to stop if you feel any pain.
No. 536131 ID: 116e43
File 137703949861.png - (343.60KB , 840x600 , 72.png )

Well that was easy.
No. 536133 ID: 116e43
File 137703951920.png - (332.45KB , 840x600 , 73.png )

This isn't a problem either.
No. 536134 ID: 116e43
File 137703955720.gif - (418.57KB , 750x536 , 74.gif )


No. 536135 ID: 116e43
File 137703957944.png - (64.05KB , 840x600 , 75.png )

No. 536136 ID: c31f72

Maybe strength testing while we're growing out of his head was a bad idea?
No. 536138 ID: 399612

L-Lumin? You alright there, champ? I guess we overdid it. Assuming you didn't just get knocked out again or aren't in debilitating pain, take a sit to recuperate. If you ARE experiencing intense pain, fall to your knees screaming in agony until someone comes to help you.
No. 536139 ID: 12c19f

No. 536140 ID: 9ddf68

... We dead?
No. 536150 ID: 41690e

...I guess applying all that torque to something fixed in your brain was a bad idea.
No. 536508 ID: c23ab0

No. 536516 ID: 96c896

I suppose I should've urged for more caution than was ENTIRELY OBVIOUS. Time to visit the doctor, again.
No. 536539 ID: 116e43
File 137714899767.png - (85.84KB , 840x600 , 76.png )

>"Lumin is fine; he just got a bit overzealous."
No. 536540 ID: 116e43
File 137714901799.png - (100.26KB , 840x600 , 77.png )

>"By the way, how are you, Big Boss? This is the first time I have gotten to talk to you."
No. 536544 ID: 9ddf68

would be better if you would stop ripping us out of our friend here
No. 536549 ID: bf54a8

No. 536550 ID: 96c896

What- WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? All my blood, it's on the floor now. I needed that blood!
No. 536551 ID: 12c19f

No. 536552 ID: 32e092

No. 536558 ID: d2995c

So are creepy dreams just going to be a thing from now on or what?
Anyway, hello there and nice suit.
No. 536562 ID: c23ab0

No. 536591 ID: 399612

Are you our dadmom?
No. 536592 ID: 5869f6

No. 536593 ID: c31f72

Where did you get that bitchin suit?
No. 536656 ID: 116e43
File 137720255169.png - (78.92KB , 840x600 , 78.png )

>"Calm down. I told you that Lumin is fine. This is not real, just a dream. He worked you too hard and now you are incapacitated, but Lumin is awake right now and is about to go to bed."
>"See, this thought understands. Though, this dream is not like the one you two had earlier; this is a worm dream. Only you are in here - well, you and me. Anyway, the interesting thing about this dream is that it signifies your brain starting to grow. There is nothing really in it, just like this dream, but it is there. Eventually, it will develop so that you can sustain yourself, but Lumin already knows that. So you see that everything is fine. You will wake up tomorrow morning. I just wanted to introduce myself while you were here in this dream."

>"Kind of. I did make you. I'm the Worm God, you know. It's nice to meet you, Big Boss."
No. 536659 ID: 399612

Neat. It's nice to meet you, too. Are we to treat you as a God of Worms or are you simply a guide? Will you be in every worm dream we have from now on?
No. 536661 ID: 96c896

Wow, I didn't know we had a God. What's up, big man? Got anything you want us to do? Know anything that could help us keep our host's city safe? They're getting invaded soon you know, and that dream he had was pretty worrying.
No. 536666 ID: 41690e

So... you made our species, or your divine interference created us, directly, in this specific instance?

And what exactly do you want from us, or for us?

And harmless dream or no, the unnecessary dismemberment imagery doesn't strike me as a good thing.
No. 536680 ID: 9ddf68

huh, of all the things I thought you would say, that wasn't one of them.

So there any reason you're here or did you just stop by to say hi?
No. 536699 ID: 5869f6

Anyway, do you think you couldn't do that head-removal-thing again? It scared us there.
We don't want to see Lumin harmed. But not just because he's our host.
No. 536768 ID: 116e43
File 137723420114.png - (70.28KB , 840x600 , 79.png )

>"Before we continue, let's cut this green text nonsense. We do not need it right now."

That's better. Anyway...

Treat me as a god? Nah, I was just here to say hi, and maybe a few other things. I also might show up in another dream or something, not sure on that.

I have nothing for you to do, but I do want to tell you that Dyda Empire really is a threat. Those two scouts were a joke; they did not exactly establish a good rapport as a dangerous empire. You will meet somebody who will change everything, though, a guy named Berrilik. Nasty. Watch out for him.

>head removal / dismemberment thing
Hey, I just thought you would want your leechers to get some fresh air. The entire bottom half of you spends quite a bit of time in a damp noggin. Sorry for scaring you.

Oh, by the way, you and Mayli's worm are going to do some swapping soon. You will find out what that means.

Alright, as a god, I want avoid telling you too much. Just keep at it, Big Boss. Also, do not tell Lumin about any part of this dream meeting. Promise me that you won't. Say it. Say that you promise.
No. 536769 ID: 735f4f

Well I promise not to say anything but I can't speak for the rest of the voices in here.
No. 536770 ID: 9ddf68

fine fine, pretty sure they wouldn't even believe us in the first place and if we every do come across this Berrilik guy, we'll just say he gives us a bad feeling and tell our friends to be careful or to avoid him entirely.
No. 536771 ID: 41690e

>Promise me that you won't. Say it. Say that you promise.
Pff. I know better than to make promises that can't be kept.

We are terrible at secrets.
No. 536772 ID: bf54a8

a lot of us can personally promise it, but one jackass in here can ruin it for everyone else. so I promise not to say anything, not sure about everyone else.
No. 536773 ID: 399612

What are the consequences should Lumin find out about this dream or the information you've given us? More so on the information, since that only seems to benefit him.
No. 536774 ID: 96c896

Well, I promise. But uh, why?
No. 536783 ID: 5869f6

Maybe, but we're terrible at keeping secrets that may help, but not harm.
No. 536784 ID: 5869f6

Maybe, but we're terrible at keeping secrets that may help, but not harm.
No. 536791 ID: 32e092

Being a worm god, you should really know better than expecting us--who literally share a brain with this guy--to reliably keep a secret from him.
No. 536797 ID: c23ab0

No. 536875 ID: af8414

*whines* Do we haaaaave taaa keep quiet :<
No. 536954 ID: 724b2c
File 137731449521.png - (66.96KB , 840x600 , 80.png )

That is hardly an appropriate reaction.
Ugh, fine. If you are sure it will be that much trouble, then I will just silence you. Anything you say that I do not want you to will simply go unheard by Lumin.
It does not matter anymore, so don't worry about it.

Whatever. I really must be leaving now. It is about time for you to wake up.
No. 536955 ID: 724b2c
File 137731452088.png - (387.03KB , 840x600 , 81.png )

>"Hey, I think it kind of came back to life just now."
No. 536956 ID: 41690e

So hey, we just [REDACTED BY WORM GOD], but since we're apparently being censored, we can't tell you about it.
No. 536966 ID: 96c896

Came back to life? Whatever they saw, we were just asleep. Dreaming.

How are you, Lumin?
No. 536971 ID: 9ddf68

eh we're fine... so who's that standing next to the little guy with the hat.
No. 536982 ID: bf54a8

guys, we are mayli now.
No. 537016 ID: 32e092

[chirp loudly]
No. 537909 ID: 116e43
File 137758589487.png - (366.77KB , 840x600 , 82.png )

Hey, you're alright! We wondered what was wrong. You just spaced out while we were lifting things. I went to bed shortly after, and when I woke up, you were still like that. We're at the mission briefing, in case you didn't know.
That's the fourth member of our party, Veliss Eridess. She's a knaskask, one who's also a pretty well known mage.
What now? I've told you before that you're strange, right?
And I don't think you have a voice, because I'm hearing nothing.

By the way, I checked with Lumoto, and Domino is legitimate. He's also getting paid like he said, but no need to get into that.

Lumoto gathers everyone's attention.
>"Alright, let's get started here. Each of you have heard the basic plan before..."
He starts to explain what we already know, how the four of us will travel to Terry to get any possible info on the Dyda, then wait for the messengers to go to the other two major cities nearby and meet us in Terry to report anything. Lumoto points out the two frivus in the corner, those are the messengers.

Iona points at the chalk board next to her.
>"The horned people we are dealing with are called the caler. Hundreds of years ago, they were much more prominent further south. They recently have seemed to disappear until now. I also discovered that 'dyda' means 'sun' and an old language they used to use, and this necklace symbol looks very much like a sun. That's all I have."

Lumoto takes a step forward
>"Are there any questions before we wrap things up and send you girlies packing?"
No. 537911 ID: 116e43

Iona means to say, "'Dyda' means 'sun' in an old language they used to use..."
Typos, man.

No. 537916 ID: 761017

Yeah, question: do the Dyda have the usual humanoid weak points you can hit for critical damage?
No. 537918 ID: bf54a8

you mean the caler?
No. 537920 ID: 761017


I was hoping the interrogation allowed them to see what forms of pain application the Dyda is more sensitive to in comparison to these guys.
No. 537922 ID: bf54a8

their SPECIES is caler, they belong to the empire of dyda.
No. 537951 ID: 96c896

Can we expect the rest of the Empire to be as much of a pushover as the scouts were?
No. 537959 ID: 001618

how much influence do this guy's have on the world at large or is that something we're going to have to find out.
No. 537962 ID: c31f72

So what are the hazards of having a brain because ours started to grow and its kinda freaking me out.
No. 538039 ID: d2995c

Are we visiting those cities as official messengers, and will we have anything with us to prove we are actually messengers if they don't believe us?
No. 538094 ID: 116e43
File 137766584609.png - (368.88KB , 672x768 , 83.png )

I begin to ask our questions and Lumoto responds.
>"That's what I would assume."
>"Let's hope so."
>"Well we didn't know about them, which is either because nobody else has either, or we've been living under a rock... Oh wait, we kind of have. Whatever."

Lumoto had some official papers made for us to present. We got them earlier.

>"Alright, I think that covers everything. Don't forget, everyone, more than Stalagmite could be riding on this. Although that just depends on what you find out. Good luck.

Everyone leaves the room except Lumoto, who calls for me as I head through the door.
>”Just a minute, son.”
I turn back around.
“Yes, dad?”
>”Come here.”
I walk over to him. He wears a solemn expression as he removes his necklace
>”My locket, I want you to have it.”
Lumoto opens it and holds it up to me.
“What? No. No, I couldn't take it. It has your favorite picture of mom in it.”
>”And I want you to have it so that you’ll think of her.”
I lower my head. “I couldn't. It’s yours.”
>”Listen, Lumin, I don’t know what you’re going to find out there. These Dyda Empire people could be a big joke, but something tells me that they’re not. If that’s true, this may not be such a simple mission.”
“I know…”
>”This journey very well may change you. You could save a lot of people, you could die, you could fall in love, I can’t say. But whatever happens, I just hope you will think of your mother. Wherever she is, she’s thinking of you.”
“Dad, you've had this locket for so long.”
>”I’m not letting you leave without it.”
No. I can’t do it.
No. 538098 ID: 399612

Lumoto is your father? I suppose that's not too surprising. Your dad seems like a pretty swell dude, regardless. Also, take the locket. I know you may be extremely reluctant to, but a keepsake of a loved one can often provide more guidance than any physical guide could. In any case, your father is also your boss so refusing a direct order probably has some hefty consequences.
No. 538099 ID: 96c896

Take it or I will.
No. 538104 ID: c31f72

Why wouldn't you want an inherited keepsake?
Just take the thing. Its shiny and has a picture of your mom in it. Theres no downside to taking it
No. 538117 ID: 5869f6

Either you take it or we do, Lumin.
You can't forget your loved ones.
No. 538118 ID: bf54a8

your mom is very pretty
No. 538401 ID: 116e43
File 137783670343.png - (309.68KB , 840x600 , 84.png )

Mom went missing years ago. I was eight at the time. She just up and disappeared one day. Lumoto searched for weeks. He traveled, going from town to town asking if anyone had seen or heard anything of her, but nothing.

Mayli had moved to Mountaintop not long before. We became friends, which helped distract me from the fact that mom hadn't come home in long time.

It was really difficult when Lumoto had to explain to me that he was giving up and we were just going to have to live without mom. He showed me that locket. He put it on and said, "this is going to keep me here. Being able to see your mother's face in some way is going to keep me here. Because I can't spend the rest of my life looking for her when I have a son and a city to protect. She'd want this."

That's why I don't want to take it. I don't expect a worm to understand.
Fine, I'll do it. I knew he would give to me someday anyway.

I say my last goodbyes, we get our stuff together, and we head out. It all seems so sudden; none of this was on my mind a day ago. I have no idea what's going to happen. I don't know if I should feel scared.
No. 538402 ID: 116e43
File 137783671523.png - (150.62KB , 840x600 , 85.png )

It's already starting to get hot.
No. 538403 ID: 399612

Mayli seems like a great friend. Keep her close.

In the meantime, try and get to know Domino and Veliss a little better. Establishing a trustworthy bond is key for a journey like this, plus it will keep your mind off the heat for a while.
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