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File 137884847670.png - (138.39KB , 840x600 , stalagmitequestdis.png )
76095 No. 76095 ID: 116e43

Here's where you can say stuff about that quest with the head snakes.
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No. 76096 ID: eb4f5f

No. 76098 ID: 4d99b6

wait, head-snakes? Not head worms? Hunh, interesting that.
I'm generally curious about the world these people live in, but we're about to see plenty of that I think sooo...
No. 76102 ID: 399612

Question(s). Exactly how new of a species are these worms? Dr. Mill had a book on them so they can't be that new (new to your lands, maybe). Basically, how common is it to have a head worm outside of Stalagmite?
No. 76112 ID: 116e43

Nobody knows how new they are, but they've always been very rare and elusive. What Mill had to say was pretty much all that's known. It's not like there's ever very many to do research on, right?

So no, it's not common at all anywhere to have a worm snake. Anybody that ever has usually tries to cover it up so no one sees, because that's just indecent, man.
No. 76140 ID: 116e43
File 137896273323.gif - (34.72KB , 393x482 , yep.gif )

This gif I made was 100% necessary.
No. 76141 ID: 116e43
File 137896279239.png - (76.80KB , 393x482 , yep.png )

No. 77507 ID: 903dfe

For anyone that reads this quest, I'm going to be putting it on hold for a while. I need a bit of a change of pace, so I have another quest that I just started up.
No. 78725 ID: 2722fc

Well, turns out that I'm not liking that new quest much. So I'm just going to go back to Stalagmite Quest now!
No. 78727 ID: 46bcf8

No. 78743 ID: dbe554

Much yay insured.
No. 78783 ID: d7c6e1

No. 78807 ID: 379075

*researches premiums and coverage schedules for yay insurance, suspects he wants protection against hoyay*
No. 81349 ID: 6d7544
File 139879555441.png - (48.35KB , 403x277 , uscared.png )

I was going to do an update soon, but I think I'm going to take a short break first. I'll be back in a week or two.
No. 81350 ID: dbe554

Cya later then.
No. 81399 ID: a5c85a

And he was never seen or heard from again.
No. 81448 ID: 6230b9

Anybody have an idea of who/what the "Lady" might be?
No. 81648 ID: e1609c

hedging my bets on "elder god"
No. 81698 ID: 155119

Your mother.

Also, the quest is back on.
No. 81815 ID: b22445

Alright folks, I'd like to chit chat a bit. First of all, I do want to say thanks to everybody who's been reading and participating for the last little-over-a-year. But I'm making this post because I personally feel the quest has gone downhill lately and that it doesn't have the readership it used to. This quest thing aint easy, and I've never really had any kind of feedback since I started. Having some would make going forward easier for me. So I just wanted to take a minute or two to say that, if anybody has anything to say about what they like, don't like, want to see more of, want to see less of, or any other kind of feedback, then I definitely want to hear it.
No. 81831 ID: b9c596

I like where the quest is going so far.

It can be tricky to get lots of suggestions sometimes unless you have many routes available for the characters to take. It often ends up with one person suggesting the most obvious solution and then no one else bothers to chime in.
No. 81832 ID: e1609c

really, I started reading this just a few days ago. Up til then, kinda blew it off a bit like I do with a lot of quests, for various reasons. Finally actually started reading it, and so far its got some pretty good stuff going for it, actually. To the point where I regret not reading it sooner.
Also, the psionic encounter is TERRIFYING, good work there
No. 81833 ID: 53ba34

i am very much enjoying this.
No. 81940 ID: 9cc7e8

Okay, I suppose I'll keep on just sticking to my instinct like I have been. Hopefully everything will keep going smoothly. Thanks for the input.
No. 81941 ID: 2bfcdf

Well I think stripping every single bit of power away from the protagonist for several updates is more than a little frustrating.

Aside from that, no complaints.
No. 81944 ID: dbe554

I've been reading but I'm a sporadic poster, even on quests I like.
No. 82065 ID: ec1b4b

Sorry for any confusion on the worm abilities, but Mayli's worm is the only one who was given an ability (the tongue).
No. 82768 ID: 2fd516

Did you really just kill off one of the main characters, offscreen, without any way to avoid the situation she got into in the first place?
No. 82775 ID: e791b7

Nah, It's more illusion crap.
Because otherwise, we need a Merlin to save our butts.
No. 83653 ID: 1fbab5
File 140556808023.png - (220.76KB , 840x600 , berriliksucks.png )

No. 85254 ID: 635d58

Well everyone, I think I'm done questing. I've had an immense amount of fun over the last year and a half, and I'm extremely thankful for anyone who has read or participated or drawn any kind of art. However, being a quest author has recently felt more like a chore to me than a hobby.

I could take a break, but I have a couple other problems that may cause a break to be no help. First, I don't think I really fit in very well with this community (a reason why I never participate in anything other than running my own stuff). Second, I just don't feel like I'm getting the same audience interaction that I used to get, which really helped me want to keep going for so long.

The two quests I'm currently running can be considered on indefinite hiatus, because I may try to come back at some point, and it may not be too far from now, but I have no idea. Again, thanks to everyone who participated. You are why this was so much fun.

I also just realized that this is the first anniversary of the start of thread 2...
No. 85257 ID: b73e0b

Aw man, that's another one out. Ah well, good luck to ya quarter!
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