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File 124926987321.png - (94.08KB , 800x957 , Caela Sculptoris.png )
374 No. 374 ID: 35cea2

Making a thread, just in case anyone ever has the need to discuss my quests.

Hey, it might happen! Maybe...
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No. 385 ID: acdc9b

Awesome world-map thing!
No. 956 ID: 1f5d37

ur a man!
No. 2001 ID: 35cea2
File 125202211497.png - (33.93KB , 948x610 , Kiln.png )

Time for a bump poorly disguised as backstory!

The Kiln have virtually no major cities, they are entirely a guild based society. Each guild functions like a tiny nation, electing their own leaders, setting laws and regulations and managing contact with the rest of the world. Halltown is the closest thing the Kiln have to a city, and even then it is just a very poorly organized cluster of guildhalls. Most guilds fit within these four categories: research, craft, mercenary, and service. The Kiln are a very inventive people; most guilds have well-funded and highly active R&D divisions. These guilds are responsible for most of Caelum’s inventions, but in reality very few are practical at all.

Mercenaries make up the entirety of the Kiln fighting force. These particular guilds range from simple market guards to powerful paramilitary organizations. The real power of Kiln mercenaries is that they generally use the best equipment they can afford, which is almost everything on the market. The Condotierri is the most largest, most powerful and wealthiest of these organizations. They are also the most difficult to draw, which is why you probably won't see them in Simon's adventures.
No. 2011 ID: ab91ae

I would be interested in getting one of these on the other races too, when you have time. I very much like The End's backstory.
No. 2016 ID: 7eda8b

What do the various species have affinities and talents for, compared to one another?

The impression I'd initially gotten was that the Kiln were kind of weak compared to most of the other races, but if they can function as elite mercenaries, clearly they can compete. And then you've got Strawmen that can get by as pirates, so hey.
No. 2644 ID: 35cea2
File 125289185880.png - (34.11KB , 948x498 , Cobble.png )

Cobble society is centered on businesses and corporations. The United Trade Bloc is the closest thing the Cobble has to a Federal government, protecting the rights of citizens and corporations by defining laws, but even then it could be considered as another corporation itself. The UTB has numerous secret police forces under its control, but won’t hesitate to resort to hiring out other races to do their dirty work. The Cobble are cautious nearly to the point of paranoia when they believe they are threatened, which means they will quickly move to eliminate any perceived threat as swiftly as possible.

Despite measures taken by the UTB and many other of the morally upright corporations, crime remains a serious problem. Unscrupulous businesses use underhanded tactics to increase their profit margins, and crime syndicates tarnish Cobble society with strings of theft, violence and manipulation.

The Cobble themselves are generally reserved in temperance and straightforward in conversation. Written language is especially important in their society, where every printed word is considered to have the power to change the world around it. Physiologically, the Cobble are very tough-skinned yet rather inflexible. Their bodies appear to be made of unbending segments of stone, their hair is like needles of volcanic glass and their innards feel like wet and slightly elastic rock.
No. 2647 ID: fdc826

That's the first race description I've read that includes what the innards feel like. Cool.
No. 2648 ID: 6faa8c

Cobble babby = pet rock
No. 2655 ID: 9e9b47


Oh wow.

I just got the joke about the city.
No. 2763 ID: ed8d8a

I'll save you the trouble of slowpoke.jpg
You know you what you did.

In other news: requesting further information about the Bay of Soup.
No. 2827 ID: 7eda8b

I just realized the double meaning of having strawman villains.
No. 2838 ID: 35cea2
File 125306226340.png - (10.77KB , 599x373 , Bay of Soup.png )


All that water that falls off the edge of the world has to wind up somewhere.

The water that falls off gets collected into underground rivers, most of which flow into large chambers under the Bay of Soup. The water in these cauldrons are heated by magma and evaporate into steam that rises to the surface, giving the appearance that the Bay is constantly boiling. There are other smaller geysers scattered around, but the Bay of soup is the largest cluster of these. The steam allows the water that falls off the edge to return to the water cycle as water vapor and replenish the world's oceans and lakes.

The surface of the Bay itself is very warm and turbulent, but not enough to harm people that go for a swim due to the fact that the steam bubbles cool and break apart by the time the reach the surface.
No. 3393 ID: 35cea2
File 125419184172.png - (27.72KB , 948x498 , Strawmen.png )

Sculptor had great difficulty in creating the first Mudmen; they were very weak and short lived. Eventually he covered their soft bodies in grasses and cloth to protect them, turning them into the Strawmen. The Strawmen cannot heal injuries to their skin-cloth naturally; they must sew it back up themselves and use new cloth for damaged parts. Grizzled war veterans often resemble patchwork quilts.

Strawmen history is filled with constant hardship and strife. Plagues, floods, earthquakes and war threatened time and time again to remove their race from existence. Through determination and ingenuity, the Strawmen have overcome these hardships one by one and have finally unified themselves into a single political entity, the Gran Imperio.

The Strawman military is very strict and rigid organization. Each citizen must serve 2 years of service in the Imperial Navy. Strawmen lack the technology and skill of the Cobble or Kiln, and the sheer might and agility of the Clockworks, Arids and Cremates. Their real strength comes from their Navy. The Imperial Navy's dominance of air and sea is unmatched, containing the most advanced airships and aquatic vessels in Caelum.

The notorious Strawmen pirates consist mainly of rebellious ex-Navy soldiers and bands of brigands who have managed to get their hands on an airship. These outlaws have their hideouts scattered throughout the world, away from the prying eyes of civilization. The pirates generally work independently, pillaging and looting undefended merchant ships and towns, but occasionally they will accept a contract offered by the less scrupulous governments of Caelum and work as mercenaries.
No. 3970 ID: 35cea2
File 125445498244.png - (36.36KB , 948x498 , Cremate.png )

Cremate bodies are large and stout, covered in tough, red skin dotted with brightly glowing orange spots. The single gelatinous eye in the middle of their head also functions as their mouth, absorbing food they put in it in a highly disturbing manner. Cremates can control their surface body temperatures, ranging from 30-250 degrees Celsius.

Cremates are rather reclusive, preferring to keep to their own kind whenever possible. Most of them live in The Sear's barren wastes, easily surviving the harsh temperatures and perpetual smog. They are able to consume the strange chemeosynthetic plants that grow there which no other race could stomach. The Cremates are divided into 4 smaller nations, who generally spend their time bickering over lands and resources.

The Cremates value honor and dignity very highly. As a result, their armed forces consist of knights and paladins who are often of noble birth. These warriors carry heavy armor and generally prefer close combat to ranged fighting. They make use of strange and terrifying energy weapons.
No. 4023 ID: 978b45

That Cremate chick is stacked.
No. 4033 ID: 632862

They EAT with their EYE?

I guess they're all on seafood diets, eh? :D
No. 4035 ID: b1e366

I should take you under my wing and teach you some things. You seem like you would be an apt pupil!
No. 4450 ID: 35cea2
File 125530232684.png - (35.69KB , 948x498 , Clockwork.png )

The Mechmen (more commonly referred to as “Clockworks”) are a strange race. Their skin is a series of thin, flexible metal plates. Their muscles are hydraulics. Their organs are complex mechanisms of gears and axles. Their brains are intricate machines made of incredibly small mechanisms, allowing them to mentally function as well as that of the (arguably) more organic races. Clockworks are created, not born. It is a process that only other Clockwork can (or bother to) comprehend. The process of making a Clockwork child takes up to a year of extremely hard work. When fully made, the Clockwork will slowly grow by consuming small parts and having their bizarre metabolism integrate those parts into their body until they are at their adult size.

Clockworks do not feel sexual attraction, thus their society has no real romantic relationships, and instead they have a much higher focus on friends and family. Though Clockworks technically have no genders, nearly all of them identify themselves as either male or female. The gender schema is likely to have been adopted due to early interactions with other cultures. Clockworks mostly live in small city-states; there are no political ties between separate Clockwork cities. These are ruled by a popularly elected Mayor or Governor.

Clockwork soldiers are entirely volunteer forces. Each city-state has its own military, which is split into two branches. The Militia is comprised part time soldiers/policemen. They are given basic training and standard equipment and always stay within the city-state’s territory. The Guard is made up of full time soldiers who receive advanced training at a military college and are armed with superior equipment, who can also be sent abroad if necessary. The soldiers in the Guard often have their weaponry and armor attached directly to their bodies.
No. 5374 ID: 35cea2
File 125696020554.png - (34.00KB , 948x498 , Arid.png )

The Arids are split into two major nations, the Southern Alliance with its capital in Mahbuht, and the Northern Union and its capital in Manham. Both nations have been quarreling over ownership of vast plains of worthless sand for well over a century. The nations are both virtually identical in politics, culture and economy. The only reason they hate each other is because of a dispute in a world tennis tournament decades years ago.

The Arids are a resourceful bunch, as they have an eon of experience of building impressive empires in the middle of a desert. Arids are generally amiable and friendly except when it comes to conversations about sports. Arid stadiums often have more action going on in the bleachers than in the field itself.

Though generally preferring passive diplomacy, the Arids are not unfamiliar with warfare. Influenced by life on the open desert, the Arids have developed many of their tactics on mobility. Various types of cavalry make up the main fighting force of the Arid arimes. They also often utilize various wild animals controlled remotely by an electronic implant.
Arids appear float in midair upon a small twister of their body sand. Numerous theories have sprung up on how they manage to do this, ranging from magnetic fields, to manipulation of air currents to "the author just doesn't care".
No. 7613 ID: f38d92

I fucking love your art style.
No. 7930 ID: 35cea2

Well since it appears to be so popular now, (and by "so popular", I mean "practiced by two people") I'm going to ask YOU, THE READER, some very important questions.

1) What do you like about my quest?
2) What do you dislike about my quest?
3) Should I change anything about my quest?
4) What is love?
5) What is the antiderivative of x/(25-x^2)?
6) What is your name?
7) What is your mission?
8) What is your favorite color?
9) What is the average speed of a swallow?

Please feel free to disregard questions 4 thru 9
No. 7934 ID: 632862

>What do you like about my quest?
I like the characters, the setting, and the interesting yet not particularly stressful situations... aside from the impending threat of the world ending.

>What do you dislike about my quest?
The inventory is getting a little cluttered. It's hard to tell what items will be useful later.

>Should I change anything about my quest?
I dunno. It looks like the adventure's about to get really nonlinear, and that makes me a bit nervous.

>What is love?
baby don't hurt me
don't hurt me
no more

>What is the antiderivative of x/(25-x^2)?
That would be (-1/2)ln|25 - x^2| + C

>What is your name?
Not giving that out.

>What is your mission?
To post all over the place and give serious suggestions so the protags don't get horribly injured or what have you.

>What is your favorite color?
Cobalt blue.

>What is the average speed of a swallow?
Depends on what kind it is.
No. 7935 ID: 697b23

I don't actually read your quest, but it seems to be popular to answer these things so I'm going to give YOU, THE QUESTER, some very silly answers.

>1) What do you like about my quest?
It's been going on for quite some time, so that's an accomplishment I suppose.

>2) What do you dislike about my quest?
That it's taking time away from that one anti-sex joke quest you started at some point.

>3) Should I change anything about my quest?
Probably, but you'll get there, so don't stress about it.

>4) What is love?
Baby don't hurt me.

>5) What is the antiderivative of x/(25-x^2)?
With respect to what?!

>6) What is your name?
A cultural label used to identify and represent me in social interactions.

>7) What is your mission?
To beat the Soviet Union's record.

>8) What is your favorite color?
Blue. No, yellOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh-

>9) What is the average speed of a swallow?
African or European?!
No. 7942 ID: 51d0f5

>1) What do you like about my quest?
The character interaction. The jokes. The cool setting. The epic yet direct goal.
>2) What do you dislike about my quest?
Sometimes I get confused about what options are available or what venues can or should be explored.
>3) Should I change anything about my quest?
Probably, but I can't think of what.
I guess going by my answer to 2, more recaps? On the other hand, you already do the most recapping of any quest I can think of...
>4) What is love?
Love is free.
>5) What is the antiderivative of x/(25-x^2)?
I used to know how to do that...
No. 7948 ID: 131526

>1) What do you like about my quest?
I like the fact that you have a thought out, consistent world, and are running the quest in the world, rather than the other way around.
I also like the serious goal, but humorous everything else.
>2) What do you dislike about my quest?
The only thing I can think to complain about is how infrequently you update, to be honest. Don't you draw everything with a mouse?

>3) Should I change anything about my quest?
Really I enjoy it thoroughly so far, I can't think of anything to change that's really within your immediate power to do so.
No. 7959 ID: 6550ad

>1) What do you like about my quest?
I love the characters, they're very charismatic.

I love that the humorous nature of the quest, yet you can take the plot and the situations seriously.

The world setting is original and consistent. Also you don't see every day a homebrew setting with humorous tone.

I also like the non-linear style and the freedom you give to the players.

Finally, I'd also like to say that even when the art looks MSpaint-ish, you've managed to keep a style of your own, and gives the game a colorful and appealing look.

>2) What do you dislike about my quest?

You update it veeeeeery slowly. Sometimes you just update a post per week.

>3) Should I change anything about my quest?

Update faster.
No. 7968 ID: 35cea2

Thanks for the feedback guys. I've been busy the past few months, but now that it's winter break I promise I will update The End more often (my new quest will not take away time from The End, I promise)

Also, I will try my best to clear some of the confusion surrounding the inventory system. I'll probably recommend which items are unnecessary and maybe do away with the weight restriction.

Oh, and

>... I'd also like to say that even when the art looks MSpaint-ish...

That's because it IS MSPaint! The king of all digital art programs. Anything else is smalltime.
No. 7998 ID: 35cea2
File 126146105424.png - (9.35KB , 785x458 , Discuss.png )

Since I see no reason to start a new thread, use this one if any of you feel the need to discuss my newest quest: The Icon.
No. 7999 ID: 51d0f5

It's neato.

I guess the choice between Salamis A, Cadmus A, and Cadmus B means whether it'll be like Battlestar Galactica, James Cameron's Avatar, or Homeworld?
No. 8016 ID: e45b52

Now is Caelum a flat disc? Is the anomaly a flat disc or is it a ring shape?
No. 8076 ID: 51d0f5

So, how long before we start arguing about Transhumanism? I figure in two or so game years when we start running low on manpower and start trying to research Clone Tanks. Then it'll just make sense to research people designed to survive with less oxygen, and who mature faster, or come out of the tanks as adults, and so on...
No. 8100 ID: 35cea2


We will get there when we get there. This likely WILL be an issue later, as I want to make this quest as diverse as possible when it comes to conflict.
No. 8140 ID: 54af1f

transhumanism seems a logical way to deal with our shortage of people and to adapt to space.
No. 8782 ID: 51d0f5
File 126306283124.jpg - (53.48KB , 620x465 , bright-slap-620x.jpg )

>I know we won't find it soon. Had I been in overall command we would have keept going away from earth for another 40-100 years before settling down. This planet just feel to close to the enemy for comfort.
No. 8785 ID: 51d0f5

My plan for the natives: FIRST learn the language, THEN find out their cultural values, THEN figure out how to recruit them.

Most likely, just start hiring them in exchange for durable hand tools, nails, etc. A fair and honest deal. No enslaving, kidnapping, or killing.

And don't claim to be gods. What, is being creatures with magical tools and weapons from beyond the sky not good enough?
No. 8788 ID: d6b5ea

claiming godhood is silly indeed.

my quarrel on this situation is if they join the hyoomans alliance they are now also subjected to exterminatus by the breakers.

also test, what about makin a shipyard in the nebula? :3 if it depended on me we would go all like THIS IS OUR GARDEN BITCH and harvest the lol out of it.

we have no ships able to make food?
No. 8789 ID: 8ecfd4

Ah so here we have it. Wee quest discussion.

Ok summing up my opinions.

1: Get the fuck off Ithaka. It's to close to Sol and chances are the Breakers will spot radiation from our industry and communications and then go after us. That and despite what anyone may think I don't want to commit genocide against the natives or drag them into one by corrupting them in the eyes of the Breakers.

2: No contact with the natives. They are not ready to interact with a high tech species. They do not posses the sociological, theological or technological level of development necessary to resist our cultural influences or suffciently understand our technology. There is no way I see it that we can introduce them to our society without relegating them to an easily distinguished lower class. That and I still think the Breakers will come and will exterminate them because of us having corrupted them, and the natives do not have fancy space ships to escape in.

3: I'm willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure the survival and success of mankind in the current war of extermination against the breakers. Any fucking thing. If every other life form in the universe has to wiped out to make that happen then I'm willing to do so.
No. 8791 ID: d9faf1

My plan for the natives:
(okay, no gods, no stealing kids, plan v.3.0)
1. Learn what intelligence level they are.
If Human/Nautil-level or higher, then:
2. Learn their language and basic culture.
3. Appear as benevolent "elder brothers".
4. Give valuable gifts, heal them, feed them, teach them basic technology.
5. Speak to village leader that they will get it all on a constant basis if they join the Glorious Empire of Man and Nautil.
6. If yes, continue, with increasing teaching overtime, and accepting youngsters as equals into your schools and society. If no, just keep in good terms with the savages.
7. In any case, continue to be benevolent to them. And in any case, ask for some youngsters to take with you to live and be educated in Monument.
No. 8792 ID: d6b5ea

the beauty of the natives is that we can show honor and duty at the same time.

we dont mess with them. the beakers come and waste the planet, we show them the innocent they are killing and think about the orders.

we help them unilaterally. the beaker wonder where is the species that was rumored to end everything and ponder.

we help them with retribution.well this is problaby the worse case for us, as we would look stupid for dragging a new civilization to this most likely for our benefits.

as transhumanism... i always favored construcs. skill impressions on cybernetic brains, reconstruction from last know brain scan, duplication of commonly sucessful brain patters to create fully growth adult...
No. 8794 ID: 8ecfd4

Well according to the backstory the Breakers don't only know that their god exists and created them. They're in communication with him. They eradicated mankind because he ordered it, nothing else. I don't think the fact that we suddenly play nice with a bunch of primitive aliens would impress them or make them question anything.

As for using constructs. Sure as long as we don't make it into a sentient AI. I'm however a but more in favour of a cloning programme coupled with benefits to families with 6+ children and awards for families with 16+ children as well as lowering the age of acceptade marriages alongside with the age of consent so long as the couple don't have to big of an age divider. But some constructs for keeping things going before we can get a proper logarithmical population expansion going should be fine.
No. 8795 ID: 54af1f


Honestly, the breakers seem like the kind who'd just crack their world open cause we're on it anyway.
No. 8796 ID: 51d0f5
File 126306909714.jpg - (23.28KB , 400x400 , she_gives_this_to_herself_every_christmas.jpg )

>3: I'm willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure the survival and success of mankind in the current war of extermination against the breakers. Any fucking thing. If every other life form in the universe has to wiped out to make that happen then I'm willing to do so.
No. 8798 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm not sure I get the reference but thank you. It's a very nice plushie. The smile is little bit disturbing, but otherwise very nice.
No. 8800 ID: d9faf1

Re: Gesters and Breakers.

I suggest we should integrate this race into our society not to try to impress the Breakers (I assume that it would be pointless), but for our (Humans, Nautils and Gesters) mutual benefit.

And if the Breakers arrive - we all shall stand to defend our new home - Human, Nautil, Gester - together as one!
No. 8801 ID: d6b5ea

the breakers may understand honor, they surely understand duty.

i just dont know if they know why we had to be killed. either way it works.

we already have a transhumanism program running also. consider the nautiloi for example. we could be a dick and hide our gene pool in several native worlds that had any kind of life. they would eventually develop sentience while cloaked from the breaker sight, find our debris and INSERT COIN TO CONTINUE screen would pop up.
No. 8802 ID: d6b5ea

if breaker arrive we are dust. we coulnt scratch them before, we cant now.

also what would you think of a latent AI? we have our drones doing our biding, when a certain failsafe device is triggered, a master AI wakes up and uses the drones to rebuild everything, now with sentient AIs.
No. 8805 ID: 51d0f5

Okay, how about this.

Step 0: There are aliens which it could benefit us to kill.
Step 1: Exterminate!
Step 2: One day after you start killing them, some neutral, previously undiscovered aliens show up.
Step 3: New aliens go "Holy crap!"
Step 4: Say "Be our allies. We're totally trustworthy and honorable and our cause is just," while standing on a pile of skulls.
Step 5: Fight new guys.
Step 6: Repeat previous steps.
Step 7: Shotgun wedding with Eva Braun.
Step 8: Ditch full of gasoline.

My point is that even if you don't care about morals, it'll still never ever ever be a good idea.
No. 8806 ID: 8ecfd4

I never said it was a good idea. Atleast not with the Gesters. The Breakers are a whole other deal. At the very least I say we destroy their culture and destroy them as an independant political entity, as well as wipe out say 90% of them. But the killing part isn't really necessary.

The Gesters however I don't really want anything to do with. I don't see them as being useful for anything except possibly an emergancy protein source that may not work. It will take decades of hard work before we can get them to come to an acceptable developmental level where they can be useful for us, and I don't think we have that much time before a Breaker scout fleet shows up. If we needed large amount of cannon fodder for a ground war then they could be useful. As it currently stands they would be useless.
No. 8807 ID: d6b5ea

this may not be true. they hold knowledge of the land.

they know of the properties of plants, wells and rivers, what is edible and what isnt, the trails in forests and savannas, the predators...
No. 8808 ID: 8ecfd4

Which would be all very useful if we were shipwrecked during the 1400. It's useless information to us and because they're not the same species it's probably even more useless. What heals them may very well kill us.
No. 8810 ID: d6b5ea

or the breaker.

altho it does seem we are short on manpower. the anomaly should come first.
No. 8811 ID: 8ecfd4

I don't think we will get a chance to feed them delicious poison.

But I agree that we should focus on the anomaly. That tech could be incredibly useful and cold possibly lead us to other non hostile sentients that would actually be useful.
No. 8815 ID: 51d0f5

Okay, first off, I think most of us are going to try to have a friendly, mutually beneficial relationship with the Gesters, and aren't in a hurry to run away from the planet because we "only" ran away for 5 years instead of 40-100.

If you're willing to accept a 60 year uncertainty in the timetable, how about we build up here for 20-40 years and then launch dedicated colonization ships without leaving this place?

As for what to research immediately...

>they know of the properties of plants, wells and rivers, what is edible and what isnt, the trails in forests and savannas, the predators...
It'd also be handy to have them go "Oh. Breakers? Yeah. They drop by every 25 years for target practice, but they never check under the water, so we can usually hide."

Or, y'know. Something. We don't know yet. Also, it'll only take 3 months to learn their language, VS 12 months for the artifact. So let's do that first.
No. 8816 ID: d6b5ea

id like to request the constructions of actual housing and more labs.
No. 8817 ID: d6b5ea

goshdarnit. i forgot we need the civilians equipped with firearms and/or knifes to fend off natural life.

would it be good to make a fence, wall or perimeter around the colonies?
No. 8818 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm ok with that. So long as we're prepared to leave the planet and find a better one.

I still think it's a mistake to meddle with a developing sentient culture but the damage has already been done so we may as well keep a few outposts on islands and minimise our interaction with them.
No. 8819 ID: d6b5ea

>60 years
yeah, you see, no.

they dont know we are alive. we have no purpose to build a army till we have how to do battle. we should just worry with spies (that should have noticed the beacon lightin up) and eventual breaker patrol until we can literally dig a army.

also macross was fun, but we shouldnt be so dispersed.
No. 8823 ID: 51d0f5

>we still use temp housing and we are somewhat vulnerable to spyworks.
What spies? Gesters are the size of a baby elephant and armed with sticks. If they can sneak past a garrison of a thousand dudes with orbital and air support, they probably deserve whatever they're trying to steal.
No. 8824 ID: d6b5ea

i am thinking of a scout that was supposed to be here when that beacon lit up.

well its not here so what if there is a invisible dude walking around us?
No. 8828 ID: 51d0f5

>invisible dude
...I guess we could put up some posters telling people to be on the lookout for invisible super-advanced faster than light alien spy robots. I think it will mostly just make them sad.

>something im also not entirely satisfied is that we are getting most of our fuel from the nebula. in a emergency we wont be able to make it here.
Dude. We've got 10-20 years worth of fuel. Plus, if all our ships suddenly explode, we can fire up the uranium mine immediately.

And yes, superconductors come in slow, but we don't need very many for buildings. Each building needs like 0-4 superconductors, but 50-100 metal. We've got enough superconductors sitting around for like a dozen buildings, but we've got shit for metal.

>Bit of a hardon for the metals, huh?
Well yeah. Our work crews are mostly just sitting around waiting for more metal. We've got a surplus of every other resource.

Besides. Haven't you guys played Total Annihilation?
No. 8830 ID: 8ecfd4

Whoever built that beacon could probably teleport entire fleets. If they can still use that level of tech then we're dead unless they feel friendly. It probably lit up because our ships got near.
No. 8831 ID: d6b5ea

the builder of the beacon was either the breakers or the dude that sic them on us. search for the prelude in the archives.
No. 8833 ID: 8ecfd4

I can't say that I see any proof of that in the preludes. Then there's what our researcher on the spot told us. There was no evidence of similarities between the anomaly and the Breakers. So I would guess it's either from a species that is accepted by the Breakers creator or one that predates him and is now extinct or possibly ascended to another plane of existance.

Which actually makes it possible that it's tech from his species past. But I still think it's not that closely related with him and especially not with the Breakers.
No. 8834 ID: d6b5ea

because the researches do not know of their masters. we also couldnt even peform diplomatic envoys with the breakers. they simply poped in, poped us and poped out.

this is actualy good news. we know our galaxy has 2 beacons, if we salvage one, we may be able to use the other one to bottleneck us, while building up with the reverse engineered tech from the other.
No. 8836 ID: 8ecfd4

I still don't really see any similarity between the master and the anomaly beacon thingie. I just think it's something left from a species that has declined or possibly wiped itself out.
No. 8837 ID: d6b5ea


test, we need to queue apartments and destroy the temp housing...
No. 8838 ID: 8ecfd4

I honestly can't see any real similarity between the two. I checked the image of the map as well as the prelude. Nothing I saw there seemed to point towards the breakers creator. So if there's something I'm missing then please tell me.
No. 8839 ID: d6b5ea

spare 1 COMMANDO and a camera.

send him to investigate surroundings alone.

name him TERRY BEAR.

watch the new discovery channel, slowly teaching you to survive nonetheless =3
No. 8840 ID: 51d0f5

I'm not fully sure how many apartments we have. I asked for 2 at Slater, but I don't see any there. I guess maybe they got canceled for that useless Uranium derrick someone asked for...

Okay. So you're right. It looks like we have 6 apartments, meaning permanent housing for only 3,000 folks, plus temp for 1,500 more.

So we need, uh, 550 metal worth of new apartments to make enough for everyone...
No. 8841 ID: d6b5ea

its simply the fact that the breakers where indeed somewhere in this galaxy and arrived trhu some unknow means.

if their master race send them, then its also likely he gaved them a means of transport. the beacon is able to transport a fleet, and a activation key has been found, to wich it posses no particular markings but of another beacon pretty far from here. they most likely left it here because its not made of any specific material nor requires tecnology to be crafted.

it could be of our galaxy too, but then we would be in a perfect defensive position.
No. 8842 ID: d6b5ea

im beginning to think makin a sattelite city was a BAD IDEA.
No. 8843 ID: 51d0f5

Why? We can easily spread the new apartments between both cities.
No. 8844 ID: 8ecfd4

Why couldn't they simply have used normal old fashioned FTL drive? The Breakers do after all exist in the same material universe as mankind and it seemed like they already knew of where to find us. Their master didn't have to give any more instructions than third planet from sol.
No. 8845 ID: d6b5ea

that could be cool, but for what purpose? communting 4+ hours between both colonies?

we need them together to make BABIES. second colony should be a service colony, but all it has in particular is uranium. we could train military there but thats pretty much settled in monu.

for a factory, transporting would be an ass even with dropships.

maybe we can make it a resort. a GLOWING resort.
No. 8846 ID: d6b5ea

we are using galaxies. sure, a sample .8c drive could take us to pluto in a few minutes, but we are talking of distances that matches 30+ light years from here to andromeda, the closest one.

even with 10c FTL it would take 3 years traveltime
No. 8847 ID: 51d0f5

>communting 4+ hours between both colonies?
The apartments are so they don't have to commute. There's a Uranium mine there, an airfield, and all of our Ceramists. Plus we've got more humans than we have jobs at the moment. (Which is why we need metal so bad)

Also, we don't really need more soldiers. If anything, we're going to need to disband some later, to retrain them as workers or specialists.
No. 8848 ID: d6b5ea

forks, i let my paranoia go numb.

with 2 colonies we are more likely to have a ransom occuring. since neither of them are well hidden, its also safe to say that the safety of being divided doesnt exist.

it just occured to me. we have a carrier.
No. 8849 ID: d6b5ea

mainly because they know each other. they would move from each colony for leisure purposes; we should encourage them to have intimacies, not to split 8l humans unevenly because of a freaking uranus mine.
No. 8850 ID: d6b5ea

im leaving for the night (i hope, class in less that 9 hours and i need sleep) and id like to ask for a stadium and other leisure options to be considered in the sattelite city.
No. 8851 ID: 51d0f5

You need to be thinking less Homeworld, more Outpost 2...
No. 8852 ID: d6b5ea

im thinking that if spaceships costs so much, space ore should be plentyful.
No. 8858 ID: 35cea2
File 126310019128.png - (16.29KB , 878x359 , The Map.png )

The map on the Anomaly, as requested.
No. 8864 ID: 51d0f5

>Gesters have a religion based on worship of the weather and the sun
This is a good sign. If they had a religion based on worship of dragon men in sky chariots, that'd be bad.
No. 8866 ID: b0d1c8

So the one we have seems to have a connection to the huge triangle in the center. We could use this to possibly access other anomalies.
No. 8870 ID: 8ecfd4

Neat, we're connected directly to the central hub. Which makes it even more odd that there were no guards around if the civilisation that built it is still around. Something that allows direct access to the transport hub of your empire should be guarded with a pretty big fleet as well as some pretty big and extremly well armed space stations.

When we get the chance we should fire that thing up. We could send a two seat fighter with a science intern to make sure it's safe. If they get back then it's obviosly ok and if not then we didn't lose anything truly vital.
No. 8871 ID: a43a7d
File 126313804449.png - (17.95KB , 878x359 , 126310019128.png )

wat. we are NOT 1. we are 2.

we found a icon that apparently leads to 1, wich should be where the breakers are.

now take a good look at the icon in the chapters.

also we should have 2 beacons. meaning we may disassemble this one without much problem, but we would have unknown assailants from unknow directions.

if we are indeed at 2, we are likely to have some smugglers and scouters. we may attempt to trade/ambush, but if they discover we are under a exterminatus order we are very dammed.
No. 8872 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm betting on us being at Numer 1. Rather than the disk tell us where we can go I think it tells us where we are and using it we can decide where to go.

And now I understand why you were saying it's the Masters tech. Odd that I never noticed that symbol on the opening picture. But then I'm very bad at noticing things directly in front of me, placing something in plain sight is often the best way to hide it from me.

But that still makes me wonder why there aren't more guards in the area as well as if the thing could even be a transdimensional portal. And if it's indeed breaker tech then that just reinforces my position of us getting the hell out of there immediatly. If they have a teleporter within two months travel time of our colony then we should get the fuck out of dodge and keep going for atleast another 5 years.
No. 8874 ID: a43a7d

well i just wanted to make sure of one thing: happiness is linked to birth control?

we can problaby try to deduce if its 1 or 2 if we use all info from the prelude. i dont think we are at one because defense would be easy and we woulnt be able to build up coz of small space.

even 5 months travel time would be insufficient. i am rather certain that the beacon warned something about our science fleet. the thing is, they may need to come from the breaker zone, wich may take more that 2 years if its from area 1.
No. 8875 ID: a43a7d

ITT: speculations.

the central hub is US (looks like the beacon from above, even the indentation) and the icon is what was last used. the X|X is where the breakers are.
No. 8876 ID: a43a7d

test, we really need the beacon tech researched.

we may as well start preparing to move again.
No. 8882 ID: b14128

...You know, that's actually a pretty damn good idea, mate. Now that you mention it, I -do- see what you mean about the anomaly being the circle in the center of the map. Huh.
No. 8887 ID: 51d0f5

>If we get the small factory going we can start churning out small arms for the civies to form a militia.

No offense, but I seriously don't understand what there is on the planet that needs more than 2,000 military personnel to defeat. Over 25% of the living human population is in the military right now. Do we seriously need MORE?
No. 8888 ID: 8ecfd4

It's not really about what we need today so much as about what we might need in the future. With some extra training before hand it would be easier to convert civvies into military if we have to in case of an emergancy.

It should also make it easier to keep the peace and stability if they get used to obeying orders, something that could be very valuable if we have to evacuate in a hurry.

But I guess part of my suggestions is my desire for a militaristic state. Having conscription into atleast the milita from the start makes that easier to attain.
No. 8897 ID: 51d0f5

Sheesh. How the heck did two game years go by...

This is my fault, really. (Plus the guy who suggested the useless Uranium derrick.) If we'd just built a Ceramist, more than one Smelter, and more than one Metal Derrick with our starting metal, we'd be way, way better off right now.

Anyhow. If the latest build order goes through without major incident, we'll finally have a slightly reasonable industrial base. Then we can start getting fancy. We shouldn't stop expanding mining operations, though, and instead expand until we run out of workers to man everything. If we really intend to construct spaceships, we'll need tens of thousands of units.
No. 8898 ID: 589eac

its for self defense. we dont have actual means to protect us from the wildlife if smeone is to venture outside. if we get pinpointed by breaker ground units, disband and wait is a good way to keep the civs safe.

we wont make them into military. just self defense tecniques and basic survival trainning.

cans i has the cost for a small factory in the carrier? i wanna try makin some outworld mining ops
No. 8900 ID: 51d0f5

If the Breakers find us, they'll just blow up both islands we're colonizing. Sidearms and militia training won't count for anything. Now, what we ARE going to start running out of, over the next few years, is Workers. We've already run out of Professionals. We need science so we can start building cloning facilities or robot factories or something.

On that note, maybe we should start sending expeditions to larger Gester population clusters. Remember the dots on the initial survey? Maybe they behave differently in those areas, and we can try to recruit some. (Though we're still years away from running out of humans to train)
No. 8901 ID: 8ecfd4

Militias are not military. But I doubt I will find support for my plans of a militaristic oligarchy lead by a council of admirals and generals. Where did all the homicidal people go? When I check through the archive the amount of suggestions for killing everything is alot more than nowdays.

I think we should have enough humans to train simply throught the normal way before we run out of people to train.

Breeding like rabbits is something that I think should be encouraged. We should also look into gestation chamber tech, if we can make sure that every egg that get's fertalized brings octuplets we should be able to bring up our population pretty quickly.
No. 8912 ID: 589eac

frankly i belive happiness levels influenciates pop increase.

i also think we should use drone tech to amass forces. they also do not require trainning. if we get cybernetics going, its actualy possible to make reflexively-piloted ships, halving trainning time and increasing ship efficiency.

lastly, we need to build up. 2 billions military wasnt enougth before, 2500 hyoomanz and 150~gesters arent gonna do it.
No. 8924 ID: 8ecfd4

Droids can be good for the short term but I don't think we should use them to replace all human labor. I also don't think we should give them sentience, somewhere around sub chimp level should work as long as we install the 3 laws.

For increase in the number of humans I think gestation chambers are our best bet. And that way our female population will still be able to work and they won't get the problems associated with multiple childbirths in rapid succession.
No. 8925 ID: 28bd69

>but I don't think we should use them to replace all human labor

Why not?
No. 8926 ID: 8ecfd4

Because it fosters dependance on robots for all labor. Something that could lead to humans being incapable of doing that labor so that in a situation where the droids are unavalible an unnecessary large amount of humans die simply because they don't know how to survive without the droids.

I'm not saying we shouldn't have any droids, I just think that we shouldn't depend on them.

But I do think that the idea of kamikazee bots in fighters loaded up to the max with nukes has some merit, but I would have to see a cost vs sucess ratio for them as well as the cost of building larger ship classes before I make any decision on that.
No. 8927 ID: 589eac

ideally they will be SCRIPT driven robots until we face the actual need for sentient vessels. we cant use bandwith since that can be hacked, we just want them to peform a task for a certain amount of time and return to be re-scripted, repaired if needed and refueled.

a battlecruiser would contain a crew of what, 100? we make it a drone carrier, all the crewmen that would use drones would be replaced by a small number of drone tecnician. considering that we may not need to make drone on the fly, we also wont need specialized factories.

the most difficult of all will be to make drones serviceable. to become battle ready we need:

-weapons that can affect breaker
-armors that can resist to them
-numbers to fend them off.

another advantage of having drone only weaponry is that we will literally have 3 types of drones for the smallest frigate to the largest of the dreadnought. a small agile fighter, a sniper-bomber and a walker unit to board and protect ships. the ship type will only affect quantity of drones used and how much it can support them.

heck, we can even make a special nuclear reactor for them. our fucking frigates gettin cornered alone? cruisers facing dreadnoughts? send the drones in suicide mode. you dont even need to make a opening in their ships, just HUEG nuclear asplosions
No. 8928 ID: 589eac

dang. about the drone number, a drone would takesome time to be made. however, troops and crew could take more and they arent exactly expendable. if we dim the crew need by 20%, thats 20% more ships we can build.

we would just need some specialized support vessels, since the drones would consume energy and ammo, need to be created out of enemy debris and most likely are to be hacked.
No. 8929 ID: 589eac

actual AIs couldbe used, but at that point it would be to replace actual humans in factories and other things that requires decisions.

if we use cybernetic however, i think we can make ships that are reflexively piloted, leaving crew needs for only the commanding officers and repair crew (maybe) for modules, while we can have repair bots for the hull and armor plating.

you just get plugged to your station and control a few dozen of drones with scripts managed by you.
No. 8930 ID: 51d0f5

Man, you guys argue about the weirdest stuff. We are nowhere near making robots that can even partially assist human workers. Isn't it a little early to worry about what happens in 300 years of unmolested growth, where humans are, I guess, all delphic philosophers pontificating the secrets of the universe while robots do everything?
No. 8931 ID: 589eac

tecnically this is a mid term plan, to adquire use-able units in the war and to defend yourself. as a short range plan we need the settlement functional and the long range plan is amass a army that can peform this war with a even force of the breaker. i do not discard diplomacy, however, as i wish to know exactly how many of our enemies

cybernetics is 1 step away, scout drones are there already, we just need the beacon tech to handle weapons, wich it just may not. afaik with 2 years we may have all the tech needed for scripted drones and drone-assisted spaceship vessels, just not with everything that i wanted. i still think that metal in space should be fairly easy to come by.

or even better, what about that planet with plenty of resources? we should use the carrier to make a killing there.

zo, how is research? :3
No. 8932 ID: 51d0f5

...We're 8,000 refugees in two tiny space towns.

The planet isn't exactly about to run out of iron. And we can't really research tons of things, because we only have 140 Professionals. It'll take 4 years before we get more.
No. 8933 ID: 8ecfd4

Not really because I think we're going to need more than 300 years of growth before we're even near ready to take on the Breakers. That was also why I think we need a clear cut vision for the people to follow. The Breakers cannot be allowed to become just myths alongside with the story of Earth. The memory must be keept alive alongside with a vision of what should be done about it.

Another reason why I don't like drones is because of the lack of initiative and thinking on the spot that you get with them. In military situations they may have to make important decisions on the spot, they're also a bit predictable in their actions. Even with FTL communications our fleets may have to fight over a large enough area that the lag between us giving an order and the drone recieving it will have rendered that order useless by the time it arrives. With humans on the spot able to react without having been ordered to do so we get a more effective military.

But there are other areas where drones could be useful. Space mining being one of those. It could also be useful to see if drone-controlled fighters could be used as torpedos against breaker ships. We know that railcannons didn't work on their shields so they may have those funky shields that let through objects below a certain velocity.
No. 8936 ID: 589eac

they would mostly be close range drones, large drone swarms/ships would require sentient AIs or a hyooman to control them.

we cant really send entirely drone controlled fleets because they can get hacked. if they develop AIs that would also fuck things up with so much independence. we just need drones as expendable ordinance and to cut down personel need in ships. to train a soldier takes 6 months, but the soldier needed to age 18 years for that. if we simply make a BRIC that takes 8 months to be build with the same specs of the soldier, we can have a edge simply by building up and using the human to control 3~100 drones.

we are also not using transmision of any kind to control the drones. this eases the hacking. most drones will have a set of scripted actions, so if its damaged, it is running out of fuel, low ammo, cargo hold full, hyooman controller killed, etc it would access a scrit to peform a certain action.

kinda like dis:

if found a breaker:
-flank it, shoot it
if found unknow:
-report to hyoomans with radio, wait commant via radio
if low on ammo:
-return to dronebay
if low on health in battle:
if idling:
-dock, wait orders from hyooman
if sentient:
-find orb of infinite psyche, start sidequest
No. 9104 ID: 51d0f5

>(Note: 145 PROFESSIONALS are used, due to the SMALL FACTORY needed 5)
Ffffffff... I forgot that part!

That means we can't build another factory for four years, unless we shut down a Lab! (Shutting down the medical facility or the schools is a terrible idea.)

>Cadmus B is surrounded only 2 lifeless, airless planets. The second is highly rich in SUPERCONDUCTORS.
Not really worth building a new colony on an incredibly hostile world just to get some more superconductors per derrick.

>Salamis A is surrounded by a gas giant and several smaller rocky planets. One of these planets is covered by a thick, methane-rich atmosphere. Underneath the cloud cover lies a blanket of anaerobic bacteria ranging from a centimeter to several miles deep in some places.
Sounds nasty and miserable. I'm glad we went here instead.

>We're gonna need another Uranium Derrick I think, that's the big shortage here.
Not really. At a glance, none of these build options can use Uranium faster than we can mine it. (Though, yes, we need to switch to running the generators on Fuel, for now.) Building a second derrick would be kind of nice, but isn't urgent.

On the other hand, look at all the ceramics and superconductors these things need!

But the real bottleneck here is Professionals. I'm... not sure what to do about that. I guess we'll worry about that after we research more stuff that needs them, and just suck it up and use the one Factory for now. Maybe we'll find a way to make more Research per scientist.

Start suggesting multi-month orders for the factory, guys. We take several months per turn, remember?
No. 9105 ID: fd430c

fuck the factory then. make another lab or a school. how is the tech research btw?

we wont need uranium until we build spaceships and a few other weird things. 1 or 2 nukes would be cool, but ultimatively useless.
No. 9107 ID: 51d0f5

>fuck the factory then. make another lab or a school
We can't. We have 148 Professionals, and we're currently using 145 of them. 100 are manning the 2x Labs, 10 are manning the Medical Facility, 30 are manning 3x Schools, and 5 are manning the small factory. We can't make ANYthing else that needs Professionals for another 40 months.

>how is the tech research btw?
2 points per month. Hopefully we can design some kind of larger lab that works more efficiently than the two we have now.

...in fact, we should probably skip ahead and research that immediately. It's less efficient than researching a single tech to unlock all medium buildings at once, but if it gives us more research points (by letting us build it months earlier) than it costs, then it's worth it.
No. 9111 ID: fd430c

wow fac requires very little.

so in 40 months we will have a utility burst. we should unlokc economy by then.

test, if we are truly stuck on personell, can we begin drone research after we dead end the anomaly tree?
No. 9116 ID: 51d0f5

>wow fac requires very little.
Yeah... and yet, too many. It means we can't make another one without turning something vitally important off.

>test, if we are truly stuck on personell, can we begin drone research after we dead end the anomaly tree?
We're not stuck on personnel in general. Just Scientists.

Scientists are going to be the LAST thing AI replaces. Replacing workers and soldiers with drones will be much easier. Once robots replace scientists, there's pretty much no use in having humans anymore.
No. 9127 ID: 51d0f5

Y'know, the original writeup for the factory doesn't say anything about needing Professionals at all...

>SMALL FACTORY - Enables construction of lighter vehicles, weapons and various civilian commodities. Requires 50 WORKERS to operate

...on the other hand, it also says it only constructs lighter vehicles, whereas this one apparently makes all kinds.
No. 9134 ID: 1f2a4c

wat. 1 professional = 10 worker?

yeah, i thought we could free up workers or something. we should consider it for the soldiers.
No. 9136 ID: 51d0f5

On the bright side, seeing how we train infantry from workers, that means we can presumably demobilize infantry to serve as workers.
No. 9141 ID: 1f2a4c

>>318658 is the map

the X|X was the only disk we found. the one next to the beacon drawning is from here. i can only assume that the disks of this beacon where tooked by whoever is at X|X, wich they left behind because it was used to activate it.

it looks like a clever-ish means of imposing a blockade but without having the danger of losing complete access.
No. 9142 ID: 51d0f5

>I'm betting on us being at Numer 1. Rather than the disk tell us where we can go I think it tells us where we are and using it we can decide where to go.
The anomaly is the big central triangle thingy on the map.

>If they have a teleporter within two months travel time of our colony then we should get the fuck out of dodge and keep going for atleast another 5 years.
If you're that worried, maybe we should just build a nuke and blow up the anomaly instead.

Though a better plan is to explore through it. Maybe we can flee THROUGH it if we're found.
No. 9143 ID: 1f2a4c

yeah i know >>318675 tooked me a while to notice it.

the anomaly cant be asploded. it is made of equal material of the breaker ships, so its likely it wont even dent.

our sensors can give about 5 months warning if we get a incoming force. the anomaly is 2 months travel time.

we should however keep things low since its the only thing we got saving us. they belive we are ded, let them keep thinking that until we can fight back.
No. 9145 ID: 1f2a4c

i mean the distance is fine. we just need a quick evac plan.

test, what d you think of making a invisible interceptor and sending a nautiloi commando to investigate?
No. 9149 ID: 51d0f5

I think we have a nautil commando but do not have an invisible interceptor nor any ability to jerry rig one. I don't think we will be making invisible things for many years. I think we should just send a probe through and a team ASAP.
No. 9153 ID: 1f2a4c

the probe is fine by me, the team isnt.

our chance of salvation would lie in them, taking some time to scout the surroundings before warping onto us.
No. 9154 ID: 54af1f

We totally need to do transhumanism. We've only got 8000 people.
No. 9156 ID: 51d0f5

>we shouldndt go trhu transhumanism path. id soon pick CE4 rather genetic imprint.
By 'CE4' I assume you're meaning Computer Systems IV? That's a really long ways away, and will probably require a whole lot of research points.

I have no idea why you think there's things like 'genetic imprint.' Did you find the strategy guide?

You really need to focus on things we can actually do instead of going on about cloaking super-robots it'll take us 50 years to design.

>the anomaly cant be asploded. it is made of equal material of the breaker ships
I keep telling you. The Breakers didn't build it. Also, the reason we couldn't hurt those guys is because of their shields, not their hulls.

Also, why do you think the artifact leads to more Breakers? It probably leads further away from them.

No. 9157 ID: 1f2a4c

regarding transhumanism, id rather have AI assisted ships that to literally kidnap random tribes of gesters, inject human DNA to make them smarter, wait 2 to 20 years in order to then train something that may obey to us. this is a alliance, not a slavemaster company.

>I have no idea why you think there's things like 'genetic imprint.' Did you find the strategy guide?

i think he means what we did with the nautiloi.

>The Breakers didn't build it.
the master race did it. it has already been stated it defies our knowledge and posses incredible resistance. its plot armor.

>why do you think the artifact leads to more Breakers?
mainly because we are missing 9+ disks. i think they tooked the disks that didnt lead to their homes with them. the reason their disk got behind is simple, it was used as the key. so anyone willing to enter our galaxy to meet them can do that, but to leave will need to capture any of the disk in their possesion.
No. 9158 ID: 51d0f5

>the master race did it.
You don't actually know that, though. The map just looks sorta similar to what the Bunny God was thought bubbling. Moreover, we don't know that ICly.

>id rather have AI assisted ships that to literally kidnap random tribes of gesters, inject human DNA to make them smarter, wait 2 to 20 years in order to then train something that may obey to us
No. 9159 ID: 1f2a4c

how in the name of lols where you considering the use of transhumanism?

clone vats are nice, but kinda off the point when we cant train people, plus actualy inserting them into a functional society.

this can also destroy the culture we have, thus the purpose to survive. we may as well make some sort of crazy AI bent to destroy all that thinks
No. 9163 ID: 8ecfd4

regarding transhumanism, id rather have AI assisted ships that to literally kidnap random tribes of gesters, inject human DNA to make them smarter, wait 2 to 20 years in order to then train something that may obey to us. this is a alliance, not a slavemaster company.

That's not transhumanism. If we were to go down the transhumanism path we can either take the cyborg or the genetic tampering path or a combination between the two. Among the bonuses this could give us is alot longer lived humans as well as stronger and more adaptable humans who can survive in more enviorments as well as digest more diverse food. Basically we make out 8000 humans worth alot more. Something I'm all for.

But I also think we need to consider the Aldous Huxleys "Brave new world" gestation chambers. If we can get atleast octuplets out of each egg as well as make sure that every egg becomes fertalized and is carried to term safely we can get out alot of kids fast. Sure they will have to grow up so it's not an immediate increase in manpower but once they're up and running we get a very large amount of people to play around with.
No. 9227 ID: 1f2a4c

a means to cheat death would be cool, but cloning is bad as i see it, de-personlized people is only cool if you are a evil dictator looking to overtrhow the republic from inside.

you think we could get some sort of skill inject system goin on?
No. 9254 ID: ec4966
File 126380261228.png - (5.47KB , 550x140 , med_buildings.png )

Some medium buildings.
No. 9274 ID: c9d814

we got NaNi, a gester in our settlement willing to live with us.

well, we have about 3 choices:

we send him to the farm. he learns, he teaches and OMGWTFSOMANYGESTERSBREEEDINGROLF

we send him to the factory. he learns and shows potential, and suddenly stone age. cue wooden caravans with stone crafts asking where our trade depots are.

we send him to the school. we learn more of him, he learns a little of everything and suddenly we have noble savants questioning the empyrical purpose of the sun and the moon in the gester non-existant economy.

either choice, we face the same problem: a tribal race is willing to interact with a space faring race THAT IS BEING HUNTED DOWN BECAUSE YES.

we should help the little dude, but not in a manner that can alter the course of HIS civilization.
No. 9278 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh what the fuck. Time to get on with designaging a mobile Derrick for use on hostile enviorment planets. But I have an complete lack of drawfag ability so if we need a blueprint someone else will have to make one.

We need a complete mining derrick on it. As well as a generator to give it power to the mining equipment and propulsion. We also need living areas for the crew, a normal derrick requires 30 wokers so I suggest room for 90 to make sure we have some redundancy. It should also have storage area for 750 metal/ 150 uranium/ 45 superconducter ore. That way we can mine any of the three at full capacity for 1 year and 3 months if necessary. We should also keep food on the place for one and a half year as well as a large enough oxygen supply for that amount of time.

I suggest we use tracks and a good suspension system for propulsion. It should also have a few Luvs and maybe an apc for scouting and prospecting work. A few drones would probably be a good idea as well.

Ideally we can rotate the crew and bring back their cargo every 6 months, but if anything unforseen happens they can survive longer than that.

I'm not sure if we already have civilian blueprints for ships to handle transport of the derrick as well as cargo from it. But the intended use for it is on Cadmus B2 where we have reports that there are large amounts of superconducter ore. Something we don't really have in large amounts on Ithaka. And by making the derrick mobile we can move it around as needed and it becomes easier to bring it with us if we have to.

So, anyone else have any opinions or plans? I would like to get some feedback on it.
No. 9281 ID: c9d814

i agree we should attempt mobile ways of getting stuff, but we shouldnt go to other planets. adding atmosphere reentry will fuck things up.

in order to build specialized spaceships we need a space station of some sort. we however have a carrier.

if we man the carrier with mining stuff, we can mine, however we would have nowhere to put a factory. we should build a space scaffold before a mobile mining ops can be made.
No. 9283 ID: 8ecfd4

Well that particular planet pretty much lacks an atmosphere. It's also very rich in a mineral we need for pretty much all of our more advanced stuff. We can get a space station for just 10 of them, but even just a corvette takes 40. And our Ithaka derricks dig up about 3 per month.

If we're going to be able to build more space ships and bigger ones in the future then we need more superconducters.
No. 9286 ID: c9d814

we tecnically have 4 years until we get more professionals, we shouldnt rush to build ships we cant man yet.

if SC is our space bottleneck id be happy. if derricks work has described, makin a derrick in another planet will simply get it a bonus to extraction. we should consider upgrading everything here before going mobile.
No. 9287 ID: 8ecfd4

Well building the damn thing is still years away. It's mostly about the fact that we need to come up with a design before we can construct it.

And by making it mobile we make it easier to reuse it as well as move it to another ore vein. That and huge tracked machinery is cool.
No. 9289 ID: c9d814

that would be the orbital factory and 1 small factory working for 10 months for a corvette, 12 for a frig.

a cruise sized miner would take what, 3 years?

its quite fast considering a cargo vessel nowadays takes 2 years to be build. we should begin space scaffold and worry with space defenses.
No. 9290 ID: c9d814

and by space defenses i mean to find a way to hurt and defend uselves effectively from the breaker.

we need a new type of armor denfese and shield.
No. 9292 ID: c9d814

i just realized the anomaly may be made of deuteronium. it has infinite innercia and made of unkown durable metals.

we should halt any plans to asplode it until we confirm its made of deuteronium or not. if it is, we have no chance whatsoever to reverse engineer the tecnology in its construction.
No. 9322 ID: ec4966

>And by making it mobile we make it easier to reuse it as well as move it to another ore vein.
But... it'd cost more than just building multiple regular derricks on multiple veins.

We have no legitimate need for mobile derricks. We have lots of resources.

>that would be the orbital factory and 1 small factory
We don't have enough Pros for that. I think we should run one or two Medium factories. It's not like we're even using the ships we do have very much. I'll be down with building some ships after we research, I don't know, colony ships with clone tanks in them or something.

>i just realized the anomaly may be made of deuteronium.
You mean neutronium? Not enough gravity for that.

>we need a new type of armor denfese and shield.
Like how?

>test, we need units only enought to fill our dropships
I don't understand what you're asking for.
No. 9325 ID: 4a488a

>I don't understand what you're asking for.
we have some dropships. while it would be nice to have more units that we can ferry, we shouldnt have that many.

shut down the factory to peform upgrades.

>Like how?
i really dont know ._. i wanted to reverse enineer the anomaly's armor and theterization mechanism, but that doesnt seem to be nearly possible.

my best bet is the upgrade after improved metal. we should stop building units simply because if a breaker frigate drops by, we get toasted cuz plot armor and plot weapon. we need some plot of our own.

about the orbital factory. id like to keep in mind we should design some backbone structures as mobile space vessels. a hospital, living quartes and a farming dome would be excelent if we ever need to take off again.
No. 9326 ID: bde1b8

All this Icon talk makes me miss The End more.
No. 9357 ID: 8ecfd4

Well the idea with a mobile derrick was that it would pay for itself eventually as it's easier to set up and move around and we can take it with us if we have to run. It's not something I had planned for right away, we have to research the vehicle/building before we could manufacture one anyway.

And we're going to need alot more supeconducters if we're going to build any of the bigger ship classes. And it's a rare ore on Ithaka.

But it's not something I'm dead set on having. I just thought it was a cool idea. There are more important things to me, like no more ineractions with the gesters. But I'm not going to make any headway there either so I'm dropping that one as well.

The idea I'm still interested in seeing some response towards is the idea of "Brave new world" style gestation chambers. That way we don't get clones but normal human kids. And we can minimise the risks for the children as well as the mothers as well as control how many kids we get.
No. 9364 ID: e2cfcd

clones like in EvE would be nice, we could get some PC-schemes with the soldiers goin on.

if the problem is rebuilding, we should just have some material already placed in the carrier.

if we have time to mine while running we should be running faster.
No. 9365 ID: 8ecfd4

The idea is that they will not be clones. They will simply not be carried to term in uthero. It will be a completly normal child that is simply created through artificial insemination and then allowed to mature in a gestation chamber where we can control how many times the egg divides so that we can get twins or octuplets if we wish. The end result will not be a clone but a perfectly normal healthy human child.

Didn't anybody read Aldous Huxleys "Brave new word"? It's pretty much one of the technologies they have based their entire society around in that book.

The technology could probably be used to make clones as well. But with clones you can get all sorts of genetic problems. Something you can largely avoid with these children because they are created from a human egg that has been fertilized with a human sperm.
No. 9478 ID: 0e48df
File 126413086971.png - (151.23KB , 1906x1136 , 126412697636.png )

we need at least 2 more ground to ground guns on each settlement for coverage.
No. 9479 ID: 0e48df
File 126413089790.png - (69.67KB , 1342x736 , 126412699498.png )

second pic. discuss this, or else!
No. 9481 ID: e0499d

LOOK! A picture!
No. 9482 ID: 0e48df

erm, its the red S for sam and red H for HOtwizer...

also i noticed we may need to take in consideration we may need to face the giant sea worms.

also also we need to make walls too.
No. 9484 ID: ec4966

Walls might make sense, but we hardly need a howitzer at each corner. I mean, they're howitzers. They can hit things dozens of miles away.
No. 9485 ID: 0e48df

i just realized.

railguns would tear trhu any civ building, missiles and hotwizer are explosive.

we need urban warfare units. a police force would do.
No. 9486 ID: ec4966

<Test_Pattern> Gize, I know The Icon is complex and all, but we need to think of entertainment buildings.
<Test_Pattern> My current ideas are "Porno Factory," "Giant Sergal Statue," "Disgusting Burger Restaurant" and "Constantly Exploding Car"
<capt_slowpoke> I'd say roll a D4
<Dylan16807> That array sounds good, Test.
<GuardsmanGary> giant sergal prono factory
<Incompatible> A sergal on his way to a giant porno factory in a constantly exploding car.
<Ashsflames> While eating a Disgusting Burger
No. 9500 ID: efc307

of course we wont make that.

we will make a theater.

that is going to be our first play.
No. 9502 ID: 8ecfd4

We're also going to have to make an "Adventures of Rudy Mann. One Sauve Motherfucker!" TV series. It's to much awesome to just be a movie.

I wonder if Non-workers include actors and other service personal or if they're just uneducated dead weights until we can get them going through school.
No. 9520 ID: c16184

I am strongly in favour of 'Constantly Exploding Car'.
No. 9521 ID: ec4966

>we shouldnt count hor hope with their utility.
Give me an actual, no-BS downside to accepting them.
No. 9538 ID: 8ecfd4

They're herbivourus neolithic stone age people. Because they're herbivourus they need to eat more and as such the island we're on can't support a large gester population. Humans probably outnumber them on that island.

Then there's the amount of education we would have to give them. They didn't have a written language before we got there. So their mathematical skills would be limited to what they can count in their heads. And that's without using arabian numerals or calculation systems. Their theological understanding is on the worshiping nature stadium. Things like thunder and electrical currents are the act of gods to them, that they can create it themselves would seem like magic. This isn't about intelligence. This is about them being from a completly different mindset.

The existing generations would be of extremly limited use for us and only if we dedicate all our schools to teaching the coming generations could they be useful. At which point we should have young humans starting to go into the education system.

Then there is simply the logistical problems. They would need specilized food. They come from a low gravity planet so service on board ships would be difficult for them as would operating equiptment that's meant for a grown human that grew up in a 1g enviorment. And we have no idea what the oxygen concentration that humans need would do to them.

They pretty much have nothing to offer us that we cannot get in another way. If we get them too involved with us then they will be killed if the Breakers show up. We should be able to run thanks to our scanners but chances are that we can't bring any larger number of gesters with us.
No. 9544 ID: db6776

in a nutshell, this is not their fight.

to train them in order to expect them to help us with enemies that we coulnt even scratch is pretty much a scam.
No. 9558 ID: ec4966

>Because they're herbivourus they need to eat more
We're making four times as much food as we need and can easily make more.

>Then there's the amount of education we would have to give them.
No more than a completely uneducated human.

>At which point we should have young humans starting to go into the education system.
Like... a few hundred. We can train thousands.

>They pretty much have nothing to offer us that we cannot get in another way
Manpower. We're running out and have no way to make more any faster than we already are. You guys keep saying we can, but we can't.

>If we get them too involved with us then they will be killed if the Breakers show up.
It seems unlikely they'll kill the whole planet just because of us. The reason they're killing us is to save the other species, isn't it?

>in a nutshell, this is not their fight.
We're being truthful of our situation.

Sheesh. You guys... we NEED more dudes. We ran out of dudes. We have a severe dude shortage.
No. 9570 ID: 8ecfd4

Because they need to eat more there would be less of them on that island than there would be humans on a similar sized island.

And we need to educate them right from the start. We would have to take infants and raise them in human society and make them go through the normal school to make sure they get the knowledge they need. Adults and teenagers might be to set in their ways to learn. And that doesn't even start us on the logistical side. They come from a low gravity planet, they might not survive or thrive in an enviorment of 1 standard gravity, so they cannot serve on ships or space stations. They would also need specilized equipment since they don't have hands with fingers and we would have to make it in a weight that would fit them.

Human population increase should start picking up pretty soon. With genetic engineering II and the fact that there is no reason why you can't have how many kids you want should get us a larger increase soonish. Other than that we can use the freed up education personal to do other stuff until they're needed again. We also haven't fully explored automatication in the production process as a way to free up manpower to work on more stuff.

Yes they're killing us to keep us from corrupting other species. I don't think they would be unwilling to do what they did to Earth to Ithaka, gesters or no gesters. And the gesters would already have been corrupted.

Yes we're being truthful. Which isn't very helpful. The gesters can't imagine the destructive energies the breakers could bring. We could explain to them until we're hoarse but nothing short of a demonstration would make them believe us. Because space travel is something that's so far from them.
No. 9576 ID: ec4966

>Because they need to eat more there would be less of them on that island than there would be humans on a similar sized island.
Who cares?

>They come from a low gravity planet, they might not survive or thrive in an enviorment of 1 standard gravity, so they cannot serve on ships or space stations.
So you're saying there's too much gravity aboard a space station?

>Human population increase should start picking up pretty soon.
If by "pretty soon" you mean "30 years to have a noticeable and sizable effect."

Anyhoo. We can go back and forth until we're blue in the face, but these arguments just aren't very compelling. If they're going to blow up the whole planet because we've been on it, well, it's a little late for that now, huh?
No. 9582 ID: c2c011

That was one of the reasons I was opposed to settling down on that planet. But I got outvoted.

Just like I'm likely to get outvoted on this matter.

And I'm taking a very long view on this quest. I think it will be hundreds of years before we can make a try on the breakers. 30 years isn't that much then.
No. 9583 ID: 5ddb7b

>We're being truthful of our situation.
hello, please take a seat in the corner.

we are not. that teenage boy simply walked in and we welcomed him with open arms, but you fail to understand the situation he placed his kind into.

we are being EXTERMINATUS'd because of the danger we can impose to the master race. you may be willing to RP, but realistically, if the breaker find we have a civilization here teaching/coaching other species, they wont hesitate to exterminate these other species as well. they are inclusively a warrior race, and wont really try to argue honor and duty with something they where told to kill "because yes".

>Sheesh. You guys... we NEED more dudes. We ran out of dudes. We have a severe dude shortage.

a few hundred gesters will not change that. 1k gesters also wont. there may not be over 30k gesters world wide. sure we can passively absorb some gesters, but this would be so slow, we may not get the equivalent of 1% pop increase.
No. 9584 ID: ec4966

You are basing your objections purely on speculation.

>1k gesters also wont.
Yes they will.

>we should have kept running
We were going to starve.

>30 years isn't that much then.
Everything can be replaced except time.
No. 9587 ID: 5ddb7b

lets do transhumanism. we shoulndt shun the gesters that comes to us, but with their help we may damm the planet.

genetic engineering for implants and computer systems for drones should end the manpower need if we take in consideration that CS3 is already more that we had before.
No. 9654 ID: 57aa53


after sum thinking, we have a really peaceful community, but almost no actual offensive planned.

mainly i dont think we have a edge over the aliens, so im fine with it. we need more labs to develop at least better weapons to wreck their shields, then we can worry with the breaker armada.
No. 9673 ID: 632862

I think at this point we should worry about how we're going to GTFO if the Breakers find us. Research Warp Tech!
No. 9675 ID: 57aa53

actualy we shoulnt have time to evac. even if we keep watch of the anomaly 24/7, we would have 2 months to warp away if they have dedicated scanners.

you think its possible to develop warp weapon? we need to strike them somehow, railguns are no good against their shields.
No. 9702 ID: 57aa53

>can we mate our nukes to our cruise missiles.
im pretty sure we need genetic engineering XXXL to make that happen.
No. 9718 ID: 51d0f5

>also take note: railguns are still useless. we should train units, but they are useless without a better weapon.
I'm making units on the assumption that a Space Pirate raid may occur at any time, but that our main priority remains with building up for the future as quickly as possible.

15 Research points vs 45 Research points. This way we get new tech with the new turn. It's just tidy. (And we need more automation)

But hey, majority rules. On the bright side, in another turn, we'll go from 1 RP per month to 12.
No. 9719 ID: 57aa53

inty can take nukes too i belive. we should consider makin a few extras for lulz and spam.

if we repeat the scene from ID4 i will have many lolz with it.
No. 9720 ID: 51d0f5
File 126455705910.jpg - (44.95KB , 405x405 , NoHintInThisFileName.jpg )

>inty can take nukes too i belive
No. 9721 ID: 57aa53

also ORBITAL FACTORY! inty may not be able to go further in space without support.
No. 9722 ID: 57aa53

also what about interlaced walls and sauce to that meme?
No. 9762 ID: 51d0f5

>also ORBITAL FACTORY! inty may not be able to go further in space without support.
It'll have to wait until we have more Professionals, unfortunately. Though the majority, by far, will be tasked at researching a ton of stuff (this is going to be awesome!) while most of the rest will be training new workers.

>also what about interlaced walls
Infantry can use regular walls as defensive firing positions, so they don't need to be interlaced. They are, however, of questionable utility in a modern battlefield. I suspect they're more to keep out natives and wildlife, which is currently a non-issue.

>sauce to that meme?
You mean Advice Dog? Or the squirrel dude? I made the squirrel and that text. It's of an RPG character who had a very straightforward approach to durable opponents.
No. 9772 ID: 57aa53

we found ground breaker units in our planet without even a warning. problem is they have about 50 souls with some heavy infantry.

either we:
-landed in a already colonized planet for any odd reason(fun, trainning, etc)
-they sneaked on us and somehow missed us (50 people? what for? refueling?)
-they are trolling us, and that is their discovery channel (oh look, some pinkos survived, lets check thier clumsy attempts to return to normal life!)
No. 9773 ID: 51d0f5

If we make it through this crisis without having to flee the planet, and it's not discovered that they have guns that'll cut through concrete like a hot knife through butter, (in which case foxholes are simply better since they provide concealment) we'll build some walls.
No. 9867 ID: 631142

well if we pull this right, we will have some allies and diplomatic insigth.

if shit goes slightly bad, we get breaker equiepment to reverse engineer. some commandos die, nani may not return.

if shit really hits the fan, we are so ded. and 8 commandos short.
No. 9891 ID: cfad4e

You are completely bonkers if you think we're going to try negotiating with Breakers.
No. 9893 ID: 631142

oh we are not negotiating. just talking. and butterfingering small devices.
No. 9943 ID: 631142

so, we need with certain urgency:

-implants for commandos
-warp core
-space perimeter
-braker wepons and armor
No. 9947 ID: 631142

i dont know how many of you know but NaNi means "what" in japanese.

i laught thinking on a curious alien saying his name around base.
No. 9959 ID: cfad4e

5Copper, no offense, but you really don't need to make a post about every single last thing that pops into your head.
No. 10072 ID: 631142

i was tense that day =c
No. 10671 ID: cfad4e

Two basic options:

1) Leave immediately. Just drop everything and run for the Anomaly and hope for the best.
2) Stay here, maybe with a ship trailing the enemy scout, and try to get a lot of research done before we have to leave.
No. 10722 ID: 8ecfd4

There is the third option. A slow methodical evacuation. We can send a science team through the anomaly while the rest get ready to pack up and leave. If the anomaly turns out to now work as hoped then the rest of the fleet is still ready to leave and can go away in hopes of finding another decent planet.

But getting research done should be a big priority. Language algorithms just became a high priority area of research. Better FTL would be useful but I don't think we have the capacity to refit our ships as things currently stand.
No. 10732 ID: 20a102

we are most definitively not leaving.

they think the repair will take long. they dont even know how to peform the repair. we simply milk every officer and soldier for the greeting codes and IF they peform routine check ups we can fake some.

we will reverse engineer the crap out of everything. we will build up, and by up i mean in space. we need a space dock, their shields and guns on our frigates and destroyers.

we need transhumanism =c
No. 10735 ID: 8ecfd4

That would be all fine and dandy if not for one small detail. They already know we're there. One of their ships, who btw have stealth technology capable of fooling our sensors, took off to tell them. They know there are humans on that planet and I don't think we could build anything that would last through a planetary siege. Especially not since they have planet cracking tech and we have no help coming.

So they know we're there. They will be coming, deception, hiding or fortifying will likely not work and fighting will certainly not work. We can't interogate them since we can't communicate with them. And we don't have the facilities needed to be able to refit our ships even if we could manage to reverse engineer their stuff.

This pretty much leaves us with one possible option. We have to run, the only question is when.
No. 10759 ID: 354bcd
File 12663860534.png - (177.43KB , 648x670 , The End spoilers.png )

Is it this guy?
No. 10769 ID: 3416ec


alsghqurg UNICRON?!?!?
No. 10906 ID: cfad4e
File 126661074456.jpg - (69.34KB , 800x533 , 1251788453zGbtqDy.jpg )

Y'know, real nautilus eyes are actually kind of creepy. They don't have a lens or cornea. The pupil is just an open hole, with the retina exposed to seawater.
No. 10932 ID: abb30a

Dawww, so adorable!
No. 10939 ID: 3416ec


Urgh. Speak for yourself...
No. 10940 ID: 817cd3

No. 10944 ID: cfad4e

Nautili in general are kinda cute. With their backwards swimming and how they're primarily shell. But the eyes are creepy, IMO.
No. 11017 ID: cfad4e

So, apparently the Breakers have advanced stealth.

That means we can't wait until they show up to do an evacuation. We should consider sending more ships to look for stuff through the Anomaly.
No. 11038 ID: cfad4e

Stuff we should consider doing before we leave Ithaka:

1) Relocate Gesters away from potential fallout zones.

2) Build some statues or pictograms of Gesters making 'Run away!' signs around the colonies prior to nuking them.

3) Collect genetic samples of local wildlife.

4) Collect genetic samples of more Gesters so the population we bring with us can remain viable without having to do artificial mutations to increase diversity. Nothing messy. Maybe a blood sample in conjunction with 1).

5) Have an insane person write crazy things and translate them into Breaker. Leave in sealed lead container to confuse our pursuers.
No. 11056 ID: cfad4e

>Is it posible to research a way to enhance the BRIC armour with the same materials that make up the MBT's armour?
MBT armor is just thicker. They're bigger and have a superior scheme, by nature.

Picture a rectangular object, like a book or a pack of cigarettes. If it's 'standing up,' the 'front' is much larger, meaning more area that must be armored against line of sight weapons, meaning less protection value for a given weight in armor. If it's lying flat, with its smallest side facing the enemy, the armor can be much thicker, because there's less area to protect. Combine this with the fact that walkers have more surface area overall, with their arms and legs and joints and stuff. Combine this with the fact that MBTs are larger and heavier.

When we reverse engineer Breaker cannons, armor, and shields, the first thing we should do is make better tanks.

>we got breaker gun tech to research, its the only thing we know it would work
Researching their smallarms isn't going to give us big guns soon enough. Moreover, they're probably going to send overwhelming force. We should still tech up as fast as we can, of course, but that isn't very fast, at the moment.

>from here to the anomaly is 2 months, the message also takes 2 months to travel to here?
It's 4 months travel.

>can we pretty please make some sort of orbital factory in a freighter?
Fitting a shipyard large enough to build a freighter inside of a freighter seems very difficult.
No. 11100 ID: 8ecfd4

We can probably not fit a shipyard into a freighter but maybe we can make fit in a small factory. That way we should atleast be able to make some small scale stuff needed for repairs and other things. It should also make it alot easier to get started at a new planet if we find one.
No. 11102 ID: d0a8c3

>the first thing we should do is make better tanks
i disagree. with large space battles we can use BRICs to fight inside ships. we could even try some macross scheme later on.

>Researching their smallarms isn't going to give us big guns soon enough
i wish we could confirm that.

>build a freighter inside of a freighter
we could work with a scaffold system. problem is we would need some sort of civilian BRIC. a terran SCV?
No. 11168 ID: cfad4e

>we should not go to UD. we are leaving this sweet-ass planet with bare minimum atmosphere bearing the equivalent of 5 out of 6 numbers in space lotto because we need to hide, not to find a planet like it.
We are leaving with everyone. No one will be left behind, barring disaster.

>UA will asplode soon or has already asploded, so no.
>UC is viable. we arent staying long, we just need ore + fuel and we are out of there
>UD is a obvious choice. asides the anomaly thing (wich may indicate another gate thus another choice there) i dont see why we should go.
I have no idea what you're saying. It's the obvious choice, therefore we shouldn't go there? Whaaa?
No. 11171 ID: 00c320

>No one will be left behind
the planet will. the gesters you spoke so much of will. the buildings will too. the fact that we will never find a nice site or even a use-able ecosystem is also quite abysmal, and we are not even thinking in keeping it.

also, why are we still building stuff if we will nuke it? we could leave some stuff half made to make it more beliveable too.

also also, im seriously hoping something doesnt hit the fan hard now. i wanted breaker weaponry researched ASAP, but right now id be happy if the nuke we will use wont set the atmosphere on fire or something.

>It's the obvious choice, therefore we shouldn't go there?
belive it or not, you got it right.

remember that the breaker also has more experience with the anomalies. we have to make due with >>318658 that we found in the anomaly, but they already know everywhere. chances are we can defend against their scout squads soon enought but their main armada will have to go to the other anomaly and split up to look for us in the other places. thus, we cant really hope for a obvious choice to work, if the breaker have basic strategy they would look there first.

UA is a ginger dorf. if i remember, it expanded and ate everything. thus, no other planets there. it could, however, still be expanding, so it could prove a interesting battleground/trap.

UC is a white dorf. it will one day go red, until then, we have planets to mine. of course we cant even consider making colonies in any planet. wich are likely to have huge temperatures and no atmosphere. the good part, if this is true, only heavy metals didnt boiled.
No. 11174 ID: 00c320

>Nuking the Portal seems very regrettable, if perhaps necessary
its unnukable. by the description of it, it can most likely resist it either because its some sort of deuteronium alloy or because whatever is thetering it can also sulk the damage. also, by what the scout squad has described, destroying the anomaly here will only make them take a longer time to return, as they would need to either wait for someone to open up the gate they camed from or acess another anomaly.

scientifcally speaking, we should check its inertia "modificator". if it is too big, it may turn the force of the nuke into a very small bomb.

> UD is emitting signals similar to the portal machine
theres a anomaly there. it would be nice to scout it, but frankly, i think its guarded by even weirder things. if you want the diplomatic route, after we finish TA we could try probes everywhere.

problem is: our anomaly only glowed when a ship was nearby. there is a fleet there, of unknown number/mass.
No. 11175 ID: cfad4e

Dwarf stars don't work the way you think they do.

>scientifcally speaking, we should check its inertia "modificator". if it is too big, it may turn the force of the nuke into a very small bomb.
That doesn't make any sense. It may be too durable, but we don't know. All we have to do is damage it enough to not work.

Also, okay, so you don't want to go to UA, UB, UC, or UD. So where should we go?
No. 11216 ID: 066862

what, i said i wanna go to UC.

lots of ore, inhospitable enviroment, sun ready to explode, whats not to like?
No. 11217 ID: 066862

a nuke is a humongous amount of radiation and force in a very small area. giving this force to a object affects it in certain ways: radiation causes heat and fission, force shatters and propels, and so on.

a deuteronium alloy would be scratched by the radiation. it however weights already over 1000x more that whatever dense uranium we could use on it, the tension between molecules is humongouns (because you dont need to break electron tension to cause a reaction but to cause fission between atoms) due to this, heat and force would cause nearly nothing on deuteronium. radiation could peform cracks, but even a 1 mm thick deuteronium protection would be more that enought to protect against a atomic bomb. if it is some sort of puzzle-built it may shatter, if it was made "economically" with holes on it we could have different results depending on hole size.

it may crack, it will surely scratch.

a inertia modifier is what we have more at hand. it is either a superdense (somehow)material or in any other way a physics breaking device that simply modifies inertia by absorving the force used to move it and using it against the force that is trying to move it. radiation would toast the superdense alloy (most likely creating new types of materials, some radioactive, then new forms of radiation, and new sub-explosions) but it would go trhu the warp field thus nuking it, force would feed the warp (with possibility to overfeed) and should shatter the superdense alloy, heat would also feed the warp but the superdense alloy could eventually reach fission before melting point (seriously).
No. 11218 ID: cfad4e

>The installation could easily be destroyed with a nuclear weapon, though the popular consensus is that such extreme measures should not be taken until either we have taken full advantage of the Anomaly or its destruction is vital to the continued survival of humanity.
No. 11236 ID: 1bf317

if this turns out to be a mistake from the scientists i will have my fill with it.
No. 11253 ID: cfad4e

>Good idea, but I think we should add more research instead of training for now.
Well, right now we have 2/3 of ALL our Professionals doing research, giving us 12 RP per month.

Something we could do, would be to halt all five Colleges and use the 125 Pros to open up another Medium Lab. That'd give us 15 RP a month, but means that we're training zero dudes instead of training 3,000 dudes.
No. 11791 ID: cfad4e
File 126749326047.png - (374.65KB , 600x1200 , newagearmor.png )

>sci-fi sergaltruppen
I was gonna draw this, but then I remembered I didn't have to.
No. 11807 ID: ad54b1

Draw it anyways.
No. 11809 ID: 8ecfd4

Draw it bursting out through someones chest and then eating their face.
No. 11813 ID: 601a90

we need to build a MOTHERSHIP like from homeworld.
or at least a space-borne research center. also a few tanker ships would be good. just a huge fuel tank with an engine on one side and a cockpit on the other.
No. 11814 ID: cfad4e

We built some ships that hold cargo, have a science lab in them, and do nothing else. How's that?

...I'll get back to you on the mothership.

But I have a lot of lazy to do. :(
No. 11816 ID: 601a90

i'm willing to bet that only humanity(fuck yeah) is batshit insane enough to ever build something so massively over-engineered like a mothership.
No. 11818 ID: cfad4e

Unfortunately, I'm (currently) the only guy doing build orders. If a mothership is not worthwhile (IE: batshit insane) then it probably isn't getting built.

Building sergals is probably batshit insane, too, but can happen on a budget.
No. 11826 ID: 601a90

best bet would be to build it CIVILISATION style by making components planet-side and putting it together in orbit. should also look into asteroid mining. perhaps just add a fold-out shipyard to the carrier. space habitation would help for long term if we have to keep running until we can make a stand. we may also not need to destroy the anomaly, what if we can turn it on and then take the control device through with us. we could come back through at a later date but they couldn't follow.

also the breakers may destroy the gesters because na-ni helped us so getting some and a bunch of DNA samples may be prudent.
No. 11827 ID: 601a90

oh damn, also thought of something. what if it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. billions will die in the wake of humnaity.

because the breakers kill everything we talk to.
No. 11828 ID: 8ecfd4

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I pointed that out a long time ago in my arguments as to why we should not talk to aliens, atleast not that close to earth. But nobody seemed inclined to listen.
No. 11904 ID: 601a90

okay, now we should have a ship with an INSTANT COMMUNICATIONS module as well has warp engines to follow the path the breaker ship went. make sure you inform them that anyone who goes on this mission may not make it back. but their engines are faster and sensors more sensitive so they may be able to escape if detected. send a message back every day once they get a certain distance away. if the message stops then from extrapolating speed by the days out they are we can figure out how far the breakers are
No. 11936 ID: 7b35c0

a mothership is actualy pretty bad least we start super capital fights. we have to stay mobile, so if we have to split we cant really take a half mothership elsewhere.

id go with a scaffold system that we can join in and disassemble as needed.
> sergals
yes, we need TH. anything is fine at this point, but we should aim more specifically for a human that can interface with equiepment better in order to count as 2~5 humans.

looking like a nightmarish creature that will do anything to eat our enemies alive is only a big bonus.

>breakers may destroy the gesters because na-ni helped us
i can bet my namefaggotry on this. seriously i saw it coming a mile away, altho i think the breaker will try to eliminate our "germs" so they will nuke planets left and right.

this is a EXXXELENT idea but first can we please make a stealth ship? id like to peek at them without wondering if they have fed us misinformation.
No. 11940 ID: 8ecfd4

Reposting anti breaker plan here with some extras.

We could probably damage the breakers alot without a very high amount of manpower, and the method would allow us to gain manpower while it was working.

If we get the coordinates for the breaker home system and what planet they're living on we should be able to calculate where said planet will be at a given time. Then we send a couple of factory ships to the area around Ithaka, find a nice moon and set up shop there. What we're going to do then is construct a shitload of solar arrays on the moons surface and make sure that some of them are always facing the star. Then we build some motherfucking huge railgun batteries, fire away say fivehundred 50 ton breaker alloy bars at say 60+% light speed against their home planet and then we wait around until they hit. Which should be a couple of decades or a century down the road. Giving us ample amounts of time to get our population going and our industry going.

A month or so after the breakers planet has been hit we send in a fleet for a mop up operation and take down any off world installations or fleets they have in the system.

That was the original plan. Now I have done some rough number crunching. From Ithaka back to Earth it should be roughly 200ish light years. Distance to Breaker space, and more importantly their capitol planet, is unknown.

Wheter they have more than one planet in their empire is also unknown. We know their empire consists of four species, but we don't know if they were created that way on one planet or if they have several planets. Their taboo against colonisation indicates that their empire isn't growing and possibly hasn't been growing for quite some time.

But any empire has a capitol. If we hit it then it won't win the war but we will create chaos and disrupt the breakers day to day buisness. If our fleet were to arrive shortly afterwads we should be able to take them down.

The plan will of course take alot of time. I would guess around 300-500 years depending on distance and speed of our projectiles. In that timeframe we should be able to get a couple of 100 million humans and a good industrial base built up along with a big tech advantage over the breakers.
No. 11941 ID: 4144db
File 126773125542.jpg - (33.11KB , 500x500 , unisergallar.jpg )

>anti-breaker disease
No. 11943 ID: 7b35c0

different planets. they dont mention sharing spaces, there are hints of long travels between them in prologue.

>Their taboo against colonisation indicates that their empire isn't growing and possibly hasn't been growing for quite some time.
we, less that 100k, them, more that 1b.

>I would guess around 300-500 years
thats a good estimative. we however already have some interesting things:
-we fly faster that they do
-we have attack drones
-we have repair and research hability

if we get our hands in a stealth craft, we make our own in about 3 months, load with nukes and we have your plan done under 3 years.

mental note: research nuke made with superconductors.
No. 11947 ID: cfad4e

If we send some colonists to some airless moon, they'll probably have a hard enough time surviving and growing, much less building cee-fractional railgun batteries. Plus, you're suggesting we do this in Ithaka's system, which means the Breakers will find it immediately.

We don't have the technology for Real Time Strategy construction. Frankly, it's pretty cinematic that we have as much productivity as we do. I mean, can you imagine if we were ten thousand IRL refugees? We definitely wouldn't be building factories and starships...

Then again, Genetic Engineering I and II was rediscovering lost technology. Maybe earth's population was genofixed to be more productive.

I digress. What's important is that we need to focus on things we can actually achieve within a few years. After our population gets bigger and our technology more advanced, THEN we can start talking megaprojects.

On the other hand, if you guys have weird ideas that are actually achievable within a reasonable time frame, you should totally suggest them.

With that in mind... should we try setting up a colony before the main body of colonists arrive? Or avoid splitting up the fleet?

Also, we have time for maybe one more wave of new ship construction. Should we have more freighters, so we can carry more resources, or build some Frigates?
No. 11948 ID: 8ecfd4

The plan involves a bit more than a few colonists and it's not immediatly feasible. I didn't really mean Ithaka system specifically. There are a couple of other systems around there with suns.

But as you said it's not something of immediate use. It was more about me brainstorming and using a concept I had read about earlier. That and I love using motherfucking huge railguns to destroy planets.

I think we should build a couple of more freighters with one extra frigate, all of the new ships should have the instant communicator. Maybe one or two more with farming/hydrophonics. That should give us some room to grow even if we don't settle down somewhere anytime soon.

Which brings us to the next point. I think we should keep the fleet together, maybe send out a frigate or two for scouting. I'm against settling on planets with natives so neither UD or UB are good for colonisation in my opinion. UA doesn't have any planets and UC is extremly unlikely to have life bearing planets. So I think we should stay on the ships either until we find a better planet, kind of unlikely but we seem to run into them anyway, or it becomes clear that we're not going to find one anytime soonish in which case I think we should take a planet in UC system.
No. 11950 ID: cfad4e

I was leaning towards making 4x frigates and 0x freighters, or maybe 3x frigates and 1x more freighters. We miiiight have time to build two more waves of ships, but that's really pushing it.

For the record, we have already built 9x freighters. All told, we can currently carry 23,500 people and 21,000 units of cargo.

...but we don't have the ability to stay spaceborne forever. We can't put a farming dome in a freighter, to my knowledge. We also can't run industry without a steady supply of raw materials.

On the bright side, we've got four years of food. (Though that'll half of our storage space)

I think we need to pick a system. What's wrong with trying to coexist with the medieval natives? The Gesters never gave us any trouble. If it doesn't work, we can leave.
No. 11951 ID: 8ecfd4

Natives bring problems down the line. More advanced natives brings even more problems. For now we're low number and wouldn't need alot of space. That would change with time, and if we come into close contact with the natives they're likely to start developing faster. Meaning that any friction down the line has a potential to be very nasty.

And we can get bogged down in planetary politics. A medival planet is not likely to have a central government controlling the entire planet. We would be faced with lots of small kingdoms all trying to figure out how to best take advantage of our arrival.

And we wouldn't really be in a great position of power. Either we would have to resort to military violence or respect the local rulers wishes.

For UB all of those problems are magnified. The people there are likely to be even more advanced and interactions with them could cause some real troubles. I'm not against us contacting aliens down the line. But I think we should have a safe home planet with only humans on it before we do that. That or we stay in space and only send in small contact teams.
No. 11952 ID: cfad4e

But all those problems you described aren't as bad as trying to keep the Splinter permanently mobile. That'll basically ruin R&D, industry, morale, the works...

Plus, maybe we can trade with them. Sell them manufactured goods in exchange for food and morale items. Possibly even get a fourth species into the Splinter. (Or fifth, if we really are engineering supersoldiers)
No. 11953 ID: 8ecfd4

I didn't say keep it permanently mobile. I just think we should stay out of natives affairs until we're not dependent on their good will. Right now we're basically refugees and all our interactions with the natives would have to depend on their good will, we would have to accept their terms and their prices because we would not be in a good bargaining position. And offering them a place among the Splinter isn't really an attractive position right now. I mean how does "Hey do you want to join up with our scrappy ragtag band of refugees that are fleeing a genocidal foe that curbstomped our entire species?". I guess we could wipe them out, but unprovoked genocide sets a bad precedent. Once we can bargain from a position of power we should contact any natives we run into.

If we can't find anything better soon enough I think we should set up a base at one of the planets around UC. It would be more dificult and costly than setting up a base on a habitable planet but we could do it and I think it would be better than a habitable planet with natives on it. When the base is set up we can send out frigates and corvettes to scout out other systems as well as build some observatoriums to check out nearby stars.
No. 11955 ID: 67c611

Got an idea for a new tech to research.

Research Prediction
This allows you to see further down the tech tree. There are a few ways to do this.

*Give a more detailed description of what a given tech will provide upon being researched.
*Give information on what additional research will be unlocked by a given tech.
Note: there may be others I haven't thought of.

This has potential to be game-breaking if taken too far. Care needs to be taken. This also has potential to be another interesting angle on the whole research mechanic.

I highly recommend giving this a try.
No. 11956 ID: 04d52c

>3x frigates and 1x more freighters
this, one frig with turrents, another with fixed gun. remember to get breaker metals oe its all useless.

also we are going to pass on the nebula. we need fuel for 4 years, cant ignore that.

>...but we don't have the ability to stay spaceborne forever. We can't put a farming dome in a freighter, to my knowledge. We also can't run industry without a steady supply of raw materials
so lets research the poop out of that. spacefaring civilization here we go!

mental note, add space resistance when reengineering mankind.

>What's wrong with trying to coexist with the medieval natives?
more tech = more boldness. they may try to trade us, to steal from us, to kidnap us. we will need walls in the least, at utmost, we accidentaly gunpowder to them and suddenly its WWI with railguns.

>aren't as bad as trying to keep the Splinter permanently mobile
its SAFER. no matter how you look into it, the breaker WILL come again. we cant rebuild everything every 3 years or so, we need to stay macross on this one.

>engineering supersoldiers
yusples. at this point we either need super implants or a GE able to give a equivalent. we dont need to make uselves like sergals or only one species, we dont even need to engineer a soldier that is stronger, faster and smarter, we just need to make one "hyooman" count for more that one when we need to crew anything.

being bulletproof, insiring fear and hability to breathe vacuum is just a big bonus.

>"Hey do you want to join up with our scrappy ragtag band of refugees that are fleeing a genocidal foe that curbstomped our entire species?"
I KEEP SAYING THAT. join us and you have a bullzeye in your forehead. we cant really have contact with others.

right now both UC and UD are fairly even choices, but if we go to UD we should be ready for battle. UD can sustain our building queue for a bit longer.
No. 11957 ID: 04d52c

> UD can sustain our building queue for a bit longer
hurrr notepad fails me.
UC can sustain our building a bit longer, UD can take us further away from the breaker, but we are bent to find other species. we kinda need to make a stand or some sort of diplomatic reasoning.
No. 11959 ID: cfad4e

I am opposed to genocide even against Breakers unless we are put in a very, very tight spot. Ignoring moral concerns, it seems like, if it doesn't work that well, it'll make the Breakers even more devoted to annihilating us. If it does work, it'll get the attention of Totus.

>>"Hey do you want to join up with our scrappy ragtag band of refugees that are fleeing a genocidal foe that curbstomped our entire species?"
Twenty eight Gesters joined us. More would have if we landed in a place with more population density. And moreover, what do we lose by asking?

Besides. Even if we have to surround our colony in machine guns as the entire planet constantly attacks us with medieval armies, that's not necessarily more trouble than building colonies on airless rocks.

>we just need to make one "hyooman" count for more that one when we need to crew anything.
I was thinking growing shock troopers in tanks. That should be easier than improving the whole population. They could even be made to take more advantage of strength implants than humans could.
No. 11961 ID: cfad4e

>make some reaver as well. the city must attract them before asploding completely.
The current plan is to nuke the colonies while the ships are still in orbit, to make sure they're good and destroyed, and possibly drop another nuke if needed. Admittedly, this means no breakers die, but hiding our tracks is important.

>altho it could be a nice idea to trap one of the cities to capture the 100 breaker needed for the breaker virus tech...
......Like how?
No. 11962 ID: 04d52c

thats more that 28% of them, but consider what they are: tribal vegetarians that consider our weat a good spice. we still need to train them.
>what do we lose by asking
we gain SPIES. not all of them are non afiliated to the breaker.
>that's not necessarily more trouble than building colonies on airless rocks
we arent building colonies. sure we can defend uselves against militarized armies of medieval thingies, but the breaker can still rain fire on the planet.

also consider this: it could be the magic based race in the prelude.

>That should be easier than improving the whole population
we also need to improve production. id be much happier with a techpriest that a space marine.

we should also consider the implications of cloning. one soldier clone would receive memory injects, its implants and equiepment, then what? when we gain the war what is there left for him and his thousand brothers?

for land battles we can use drones. we got a puny pistol type, give some more research and we can do like star wars. the best of this is if we do it right we can adapt a reaver to "understand" a superBRIC and that should literally be the end of this. they will just need a human commander, about 1 for every 20 "soldiers".

for space we need transhumanism. i wont lie on this part, we need to do like eve, where a cruiser didnt needed dozens to be manned, just one dude in a inertia-resistant pod stacked with implants. in homeworld sjet had the implants but didnt needed the inertia-resistant pod.

also, dome ships for farming and leisure. i still want to use the old dropships as a form of bus system to ease stress on the population.
No. 11963 ID: 601a90

if we want to stay permanently mobile we WILL need something like a homeworld mothership. maybe two. one would have nothing but civilian things, the other pure military. most of the time they are side by side with a ton of transport tubes connecting them, half coming from each ship. with un-maned drones harvesting from any nearby planets. the side of the military ship facing away from the civilian ship will have an enormous shipyard, able to build battleships and carriers. and an array of small yards around it for other ships.
No. 11964 ID: cfad4e

>when we gain the war what is there left for him and his thousand brothers?
Maybe they can take over for the 2,000 human soldiers we currently have mobilized, and have had mobilized since the game started.

>but the breaker can still rain fire on the planet.
So you think that the guys on this jungle planet have ways to contact the Breakers?

>i still want to use the old dropships as a form of bus system to ease stress on the population.
I don't think that works while the ships are going FTL. And it seems pointless at other times. Dropships are expensive!
No. 11965 ID: 04d52c

>hiding our tracks is important
thats good and all but we still need to verify the eficacy of the nukes. wiping our cities with nukes is also a uncredible waste of energy, except i doubt the breaker know of radiation so the LULZ from it seems huge.

>......Like how?
on the top of my head: a city would still have some building simulating functionality. when the breaker get in, we count the warm bodies inside the building.

if there is a enought number, the trap is sprung and the building was a frigate all along wolol we get our subjects and the nuke on the city asplodes. if it is disabled the nuke goes off anyway, if it is disasembled or followed the nke explodes, the frig goes to a rendezvour point that should be quite safe for us (assuming the frig is really chase-able, we are already 2x faster that them) then we clear the area of likely chasers and pick our test subjects.

now we are cooking with the swine flu!
No. 11966 ID: 04d52c
File 126776254657.jpg - (289.87KB , 1280x720 , macross-frontier-25-large-51.jpg )

>So you think that the guys on this jungle planet have ways to contact the Breakers?
frankly i didnt knew it was a jungle planet. i call shenanigans and they are faggy elves that can use magic my paranoia tells me that its not that safe there.

>I don't think that works while the ships are going FTL. And it seems pointless at other times. Dropships are expensive!
aws =c spoilsport

and lead singers trained in diplomacy with interceptors that can change shape to a BRIC, wih the main civilian mothership possesing a huge dome and the military MS also changing shame to a huge BRIC. pic related.
No. 11967 ID: 3b6c92
File 126776268125.png - (5.49KB , 200x200 , supersoldiers.png )

>sergal supersoldiers
No. 11968 ID: 601a90

we can't macross the breakers, they actually have a culture.
No. 11969 ID: fa7b85

Needs more BOLO
No. 11970 ID: 601a90

YES! BOLOs everywhere! how long would it take to get to the more useful versions though? like the MK33.
No. 11971 ID: fa7b85

We can use the OTHER thing Macross is known for.
No. 11974 ID: 601a90

oh, and anti-matter. in space it's rather stable because regular matter isn't up there. just launch a glob of that shit at them and watch as their hull is converted into energy.
No. 12000 ID: cfad4e

>Mph, I guess we won't finish warp 3 under Test's build :|
Do you guys all want that? If we focus, we'll just barely have enough time to build that and maybe implement it before we have to abandon the planet.

I was thinking Warp II was good enough for now, though. Especially since we're planning on leaving six to eight months before the Breakers arrive. 75 RP is kind of a lot.
No. 12001 ID: 8ecfd4

I think warp II will be just fine. It gives us a speed advantage and we will still be leaving months before they get there. By the time they're there they shouldn't find anything but a few craters and maybe a big fuck you sign.

Even if they still have stealthed ships observing us those ships won't be able to keep up with out fleet. We should see how long the anomaly stays open though if we remove the activator part on our end. And if we can open it from the other end without that activator part plugged in on the other end.
No. 12002 ID: 54af1f


The problem is we don't really know the breaker info is accurate, they could arrive pretty soon.

I suppose it's not vital but it feels a lot safer.
No. 12005 ID: 87d9ff

as far as we know we are already faster that them. the biggest problem we may face are scout units that where made to catch up with us, if we cant fight them they will eventually track us.
No. 12006 ID: 87d9ff

the long way for them may be six months. we are just exploring, they problaby have star charts that are millions of years old and dead accurate. we should not simply travel to the other side and blow it up, we need to cover a lot of ground, leave false clues, find a NICE spot to build on, IF we really choose to not stay mobile.

fuck, we can find a asteroid belt and make a planet out of it.
No. 12007 ID: 601a90

if they already have a perfect map then no amount of hiding will work.
this is our best bet, and we hope we get like, planetary shields up and running so they can't glass us again.
No. 12008 ID: 545fbc

we arent hiding, we are stalling. we need to find a nice spot to research some more science, build transhumanism (or go borg and do all (we are the space sergals, resistance is amusing but futile) to then face them in a unfair battle with bioweapons, nukes and better researched tech.
No. 12009 ID: 601a90

you don't need transhumanism or borg. we are already getting ahead of them, we just need shields or armor able to stop their weapons.
No. 12011 ID: 54af1f

So shouldn't we be able to use computer systems to reduce the crew compliment of stuff a bit? I mean, Tanks take 5 crew (which is pretty huge considering modern ones only take 4, I guess the extra 2 guys are running the electronics) seems like we could maybe improve that with automation.
No. 12012 ID: 601a90

yes. one guy in the cockpit with pedals that control the treads and a handle thing that controls the turret.
No. 12013 ID: cfad4e

Modern tanks with an autoloader have 3 guys. (Commander, Driver, Gunner)

Tanking is pretty complicated. Less crew means fewer eyes and stuff. An advanced electronics/communications/sensor suite could maybe let you roll the Commander's job in with either the Gunner or Driver. Bringing the crew down to one basically means you have a Commander and then AI doing most of the gunning and driving.

>one guy in the cockpit with pedals that control the treads and a handle thing that controls the turret.
You really want something or somebody watching where the thing is going.
No. 12014 ID: 601a90

pretty sure commander with AI driving is what BOLOs were for a while.
No. 12016 ID: cfad4e

Current plan is to, around Turn 27, send out an expedition consisting of the Destroyer, two Corvettes, and seven Freighters. Load these with 5,000 metal, 800 Ceramics, 100 SC, 100 Uranium, 500 or so workers, a ton of infantry, and however much food and fuel it can carry. Have these guys land at UD and build a pretty extensive base. Then when the main fleet arrives three months later, there's already residences and labs and stuff.

I know there's some resistance to going to UD, but I am really not down with the idea of just cruising around at random in search of better planets. We can look for better ones later. There's nothing stopping us from cruising from planet to planet, stopping for several years at a time to get more ships, technology, people, and resources.
No. 12017 ID: 601a90

idea on how to spread construction of the mothership so it can move while still being built.
we first build the engines. get a couple online at the first planet then drive the entire engine block to the next and finish up there. i would say a good end size for the block would be it's big enough that the carrier could fit inside if it was hollow. from there we just move the entire thing to each planet and build a section before we have to move again.
No. 12018 ID: 8ecfd4

I still don't think it's a good idea. But I don't think I'm going to convince anyone.

But can we please settle on the polar ice caps or some other insanely hard to reach place where there are virtually no inhabitants?

And I'm very much in support of finding another planet with no natives on it. So sending ships out to scout has 100% of my support.
No. 12019 ID: 2e1955

Jesus Crhist shitting in a holy stick, what are we doing?

UD has a anomaly with a huge mass near to it and a medieval age civilization. its a freaking magical civilization, we will simply find a brand new enemy there.

we need to buy time to strike the breaker, not to make a colony LESS THAT 4 MONTHS AWAY from the one we are fleeing. we wont JUST populate a planet that already has a civilization able to make a anomaly shine, they at least have space faring vessels.

for bonk's sake, lets go to UC, make some dropship-traps and leave them in our smaller city. we can double bait them, getting our 100 breaker for the bionuke and whatever scout ship is able to follow the dropships.
No. 12020 ID: 601a90

it may be 4 months away but that's becase we have a giant space-hole as a short-cut. if we disable it hopefully the breakers would have to take the long way of at least 50 years.
No. 12021 ID: cfad4e

>we will simply find a brand new enemy there.
Just like how the Gesters became our bitter foes and caused us huge amounts of trouble?
>we need to buy time to strike the breaker, not to make a colony LESS THAT 4 MONTHS AWAY
It's only 4 months away via the Anomaly. Space isn't even black where we are. We don't even know if it's in the same UNIVERSE.
>for bonk's sake, lets go to UC, make some dropship-traps and leave them in our smaller city. we can double bait them, getting our 100 breaker for the bionuke and whatever scout ship is able to follow the dropships.
Okay, let me see if I've got this straight.

So your plan is to flee for four and a half months to a star system, spend two months setting up an industrial base, build up for several more months making your mousetraps, fly them back to Ithaka for four and a half more months, and disguise them as buildings. Then, when the breakers show up (assuming they didn't get there first, seeing how this will take over a year) with a gigantic fleet of battleships, they will send 100 helpless, unarmed, unescorted investigators into these traps, which will then seal closed (in ways the Breakers cannot escape from in spite of their advanced technology) and blast off into outer space, flying past the giant fleet, which will of course not fire at it or send boarders, who will definitely not inspect the computer and find out where we are. Then they will choose not to follow it as it flies through the Anomaly and back to us. Then we develop a Breaker Plague, which, at the rate our spaceborne labs research, will be ready in ten years and five months. Then we deploy it to a star system we don't know the location of.

Is this correct?
No. 12022 ID: 601a90

oh snap. test pattern must be made of lava cause 5copper just got burned!
No. 12023 ID: 2e1955

it was to build the trap here, then we use UC as a drop point for the dropships. in UC we can also mine if needed be, mainly we can verify from there if the fleet following it was too much for the nuke to handle. if it is too much for us to fight we can simply finish with more nuking or forego it completely, since the dropships wouldnt go further from UC, a dead end anyway.

from UC we may be not be able to find another anomaly, but mainly we should be able to play dead better. from there, we either re-arm to attack or we manage to make a biobomb to end the breaker. we can mine but we shoulnt make colonies; everything there is temporary, simply to support some industry before we are mobile again.

>100 helpless, unarmed
>(in ways the Breakers cannot escape from in spite of their advanced technology)
i am now considering a breaker soldier trying to read english to hack the computer. but my original thought was more amusing: they would fire against the door, killing themselves when the dropship trap reached space. they simply would need to wait for rescue against a speeding dropship already twice faster that what we know their ships are or they shoot and die.

asides, i belive our interrogation has already estabilished one thing: they only have soldier and commanders, pehaps literally. a intel breaker would be so rare that it would not be taken to the battlefield; he would stay in production and research forever.

>Then we deploy it to a star system we don't know the location of.
with 100 breakers trapped waiting about some years to die off in horrible ways, we can surely get that info from them, maybe even from the light scouts that would chase us trhu the anomaly to UC.

if you dont like UC, then how about we consider fleeing beyond UD?

-we get the trap on the small city, some dropships fly up with a few being intercepted or shot at
-when they all pass the first anomaly we nuke our old anomaly, at UD we can pick whatever breaker scout ship managed to sneak before the anomaly was nuked
-on UD we scout again. we spent 4 months to get there, we have about 3 years and 8 months to travel, this is not a big problem.
-after we decide on a destination from UD we nuke the UD anomaly after moving on, now no longer nuking anything untill we have the breaker bio bomb. by then we should fend off enought scouts to get shields or maybe stealth tech.

we can stay spaceborn for 4 years, we should really consider at least a 2 year flight plan. i dont even think we can pass trhu UD anomaly, but if you want to try diplomacy with the faggy elves that also serve the breaker's master, be my guest.
No. 12024 ID: 54af1f

Now all the crazy is keeping us from automating tanks :(
No. 12025 ID: 601a90

i like the plan of 'everyone go to the other side of the anomaly, turn it off and then just build our forces while they take the long way' you really like to assume the breakers know where we are going and will have a death squad waiting for us on every planet.
No. 12026 ID: cfad4e

>mainly we can verify from there if the fleet following it was too much for the nuke to handle
They proved immune to all human weapons.
>if you want to try diplomacy with the faggy elves that also serve the breaker's master, be my guest.
Let's agree to disagree.
No. 12064 ID: 1fe8ce

but that crazy will lead us to automated starships!

problem is they may already know every planet in a really huge radius from their homeworld. if they know we are following preferences (like planets similar to earth) they can narrow down their search to a few planets instead of 4 systems.

thats why i think we should go further or to a inhospitable zone, if we travel at least 2 years we should get enought distance between us to become a menance when they finaly find us.

so my idea of going to a place beyond UD is also rejected?
No. 12065 ID: 601a90

yep, sorry copper, but most of us like test pattern's ideas more.
No. 12067 ID: cfad4e

>problem is they may already know every planet in a really huge radius from their homeworld
Space isn't even black where UD is! If THAT's not far enough away, then that means we could flee for a thousand years and still not be safe.
>so my idea of going to a place beyond UD is also rejected?
I think making a base on UD and then sending out scouts to find more planets is better than cruising around with a migrant fleet. Every month the population spends in transit is a month not spent researching, or building, or improving education.
No. 12068 ID: c4b081

>Space isn't even black where UD is!
id like to know the reasoning behind this, considering the breaker use the anomaly to travel and thus scout instead of actual probe/scout surveillance. why would they NOT have this information considering they do settle outposts?

they had a station here with AA, they used the anomaly to go back and forth their homeworld, why would here be the only place they scouted?

what if the building we found was some sort of sensor to know when a anomaly is used? what if we go to UD and theres another sensor there telling the breaker where we went?

did we reverse engineered that broken building?
No. 12069 ID: 601a90

what the hell are you talking about?! the breakers have no fucking clue about the anomaly, they have never touched it. where are you getting this bizarre information?
No. 12071 ID: 8ecfd4

They didn't use the anomaly. They have no idea that it existed, they have no idea how to use it or who built it. They used normal ships traveling the normal way to get to earth. The suprise attack was probably carried out thanks to their superior stealth systems.

They don't carry out scouting missions because their religion forbids them to explore, discover new things or colonise planets. The outpost seem to have been a stage in their plan to keep us under surveliance while the main fleet got there. When we wiped out their outpost their plan had to be implanted faster and we got advance warning this time.
No. 12074 ID: 5b05ce

if that is true no amount of warp tech is going to save us not give us time.

they used another anomaly, just look at the anomaly map and notice 8 paths in the center. we only have 4 because its the 4 that get OUT of here, there are still 4 that get IN here. they used another anomaly to get in, they use this anomaly to get out.
No. 12076 ID: 601a90

you are not listening! the breakers have used ZERO anomalies!!
No. 12077 ID: cfad4e

The breakers we interrogated had never even heard of the anomalies. Besides. If they use them to travel, why didn't they use this one to get here in four months instead of forty?
No. 12082 ID: 5b05ce

i will shut up only to say i told you so when we eventually get our asses kicked.

right after these points.

it can be a need to know only base, only some commanders and pilots would know how to use them. a soldier knew the whereabouts of his homeworld, i give that no anomaly was mentioned thus i may be wrong.

that we KNOW of.

if what you say is true then the map we found in the anomaly is wrong due to the sheer impossiblity of fitting 4 paths anywhere on it.

there is another somewhere, and it most likely leads To here while we found one that leads OUT of here
No. 12083 ID: cfad4e

>if what you say is true then the map we found in the anomaly is wrong due to the sheer impossiblity of fitting 4 paths anywhere on it.
I'm afraid I have no idea what this means or what it has to do with the Breakers.
No. 12084 ID: 601a90

what the hell are you talking about?! the anomaly rips open a space-hole, it is two way. you can go in and out the same hole. you really need to learn physics.
No. 12085 ID: 5b05ce

i swear to god, one day i will learn to shut up or speak properly.

the map: >>318658
we are supposely on the center due to the "icon" in it resembling the anomaly in a top down view. it has 8 paths on it, but the anomaly we found only gaved us 4. its possible the breaker have another anomaly under control, wich opens the remaining 4 paths.

sure a wormhole goes two ways, but can you open it from anywhere? when we scouted noone mentioned a anomaly in the other side, so all of these portals are "one way" as in, you need someone to open them in one side.

wich i really do hope is true in this case or popping the anomaly is a waste of a nuke.

THERE IM DONE. i wont post anymore least to suggest tech stuff.
No. 12086 ID: 601a90

they did mention a slightly smaller anomaly on the other side and as this image shows
their are 8 destination tokens that can be sloted in.
No. 12115 ID: 601a90

anyway. how about an Ion Cannon? if you want to break physics i think an estimate that if you send enough energy packed tight enough together it would make a beam able to go faster then light-speed. AKA a solar-system range sniper gun. to do this though you would need to build a ring around a star the inside covered in every last energy collecting device you got and the outside swarming with large ion cannons. by that i mean from the top to the bottom are 20 cannons packed as tightly as possible. when the ring locks onto something, a 20x20 sector swivels and fires at a single location. i don't know about you but that many guns pointing at something has to do something.

if Ed says this can't break physics then no go, but if this does work then it would be a great absolute defence.
No. 12128 ID: cfad4e

>it would help mitigate the effects of slow death by radiation clouds
We already moved them out of the danger zone.
No. 12129 ID: 35b6de

well, assuming it wont affect water supplies and that all gesters SOMEHOW do obey the "do not pass" warning im fine with doing nothing.
No. 12130 ID: cfad4e

So, are you guys in favor of leaving an instant comm strapped to a robot (in turn strapped to a bomb) on the planet to see whether or not it gets razed?
No. 12131 ID: 8ecfd4

So long as we prepare the message "Fuck you!" in breaker language to be transmited seconds before the blast.
No. 12135 ID: 00f9e5

lolno, it shouldnt say anything to the breaker. in fact, i wanted a video feed to a blank, unidentified sky right above our bases. if things go well we have a number on their fleet before exploding the camera to prevent breaker or gester analyzing it.

i loves me sum explosions.

you think we can trick the breaker we accidentaly nuked uselves? if we get them to beive on it they may never chase us.

also: leave farming for the gesters, the radiation poisoning id like to make a stand, i dont expect them to be all obeying of weird orders, specially in a few generations.

i think they could get heavy metal poisoning eventually too. i do expect the breaker to torture or interrogate the gesters about our destination so its likely we would need to make some sort of time capsule buried a bit far from them.
No. 12137 ID: 601a90

that idea is pretty good, if it's hooked to a instant communication module then as long as the anomaly doesn't take us into another dimension we should be able to get it.
No. 12139 ID: 601a90

looking back at what Totus's Norns warn him about if we also go green then all three of the things they predict we will do will be wrong. and if totus sees us doing all these things, protecting, giving and repecting nature it will confuse the fuck out of him and make him question his norns because they said we would be a scourge but he sees us being the opposite.
No. 12140 ID: cfad4e

On the other hand, I do like self fulfilling prophecies.
No. 12141 ID: 601a90

true. but Totus is apparently able to cause plagues and meteor strikes at will, so anything to makes him not want to kill us himself would be a good idea.
No. 12144 ID: d0a54f

if he has a psychotic point of view he would go all darwinian at us, we helped the gesters so they will surpass natural selection without proper effort thus they must be eliminated, we helped some dudes in a medieval land learn plumbing and basic sanitary network so they wont have a black plague or someshit like it thus we altered the natural course of things and so forth.

well, i do like violence as much as anyone that watches TV does, but i really think we should have a more "honorable" approach to this.
No. 12158 ID: 8ecfd4

Honor is just a way to lose with style. There is only victory or extinction here. Whatever it takes to win and survive is fine with me.

So long as it's not a plan for peace and puppies, well I would accept that provided that it's a cover for building up a massive fleet and fucking them up at a later time. Bottom line is: Breakers are going to be fucking exterminated and whoever sent them after us is going to get his shit fucked up.
No. 12159 ID: 601a90

i'm for peace and puppies for everyone but the breakers. they can go fuck themselves.
No. 12160 ID: cfad4e

Trying to stay under the radar until we're stronger is a good idea. On the other hand, trying to actually get on Totus' good side seems a risky proposition at best. After all, humans hadn't actually done anything bad yet when he decided to destroy Earth. The mere potential was enough.

Also, look at what he considers acceptable. The Breakers are forbidden from advancing their technology, or expanding their society, or exploring, or even having strong emotions. Their whole species has a single job, as do the other three species of their civilization. Meanwhile, the Gesters are in the stone age, so we can't really draw very many conclusions from them. (Have they been stuck there for eons? We don't know)

This new region may shed some more light on how the multiverse is supposed to function.
No. 12161 ID: 601a90

so we need to ether figure out how to get Totus off our back or find a way to kill him. we may be able to moot his plague power with like, genetic engineering 5 or 6 or something. that will make us able to research a cure far faster then anything he sends at us. while planetary shields will stop meteor strikes.

we should also look into terraforming. find a dead world that is in it's sun's green-belt but has not had a primordial soup grow on it for whatever reason. perhaps make the planet habitable the Spore way with implanting various plants and animals to manually start up an ecosystem.
No. 12171 ID: 89d0a6

my plan still involves wiping their species with a horrible disease. just not OTHER species as long as they go neutral on us.

problem is there are other species with alliance to the breaker. we already estabilished most of their tech was given or leeched.
staying under radar was my reason to suggest UC. given the fact that IF there is a anomaly there we would need to scout for it, going beyond UD is what we should do.
>get on Totus' good side
who the fuck suggested this? he is in the very least a dictator with too much science and free time, at utmost, we have a jihadist mixed with anti-darwinian doctrines.

terraforming is a EXXXELENT idea. im affraid the results would take 50+ years to show however.
No. 12178 ID: 601a90

it was less get on his good side and more be contrary to what his Norns' predicted to confuse the fuck out of him if/when he observes.
No. 12225 ID: 8ecfd4

I got some questions for Ed, feel more appropriate to put them here than in the quest.

What is the maximum speed for our ships sublight engines? How high acceleration can they sustain? How tight can they turn?

Those were the speed based ones, now onto the weapon based ones. What is the effective ranges of our weapons? About how much punishment can out shields take before failing? And last but not least, how effective is fighter armaments?

Those are the ones I can come up with right now. Once they get answered I think there will be a few more as follow ups.
No. 12231 ID: c9b591


>now onto the weapon based ones
we are going to get new guns. better wait till the research is done

also i dont think we have shields. if you are asking of breaker, i pretty sure we never broke their shields.
No. 12233 ID: 8ecfd4

I never played EVE for more than a week. But all of those things are good to know if we're ever going to plan a fleet battle. And if we know the current capabilities of our ships then we can figure out how to best upgrade them.
No. 12235 ID: cfad4e

5copper is making reference to your assumption of non-newtonian physics. (Turning radius, top speed, etc)
No. 12236 ID: 601a90

yeah, you can be going max speed one way. turn around without decelerating and basically fly backwards in real life space physics.
so turn speed is based entirely on the power of the side thrusters.
No. 12238 ID: 8ecfd4

Ah I should have explained it better then. I assumed everyone was going to assume I meant in newtonian physics. When I think space battles I think David Weber, not EVE.
No. 12240 ID: cfad4e

There's no such thing as 'max speed' in newtonian physics. You can keep accelerating forever.

Your 'top speed' in space is dictated by how much acceleration you can manage before your engines run out of fuel (which is very situation dependent) and, of course, may never reach the speed of light.
No. 12241 ID: 601a90

oh, so the only thing that maters is your acceleration rate. smaller ships usually have higher acceleration due to their lower mass to engine ratio.
No. 12242 ID: 8ecfd4

Well at some point you start running into enough debris to punch a hole in your hull. So there is usually a max speed determined by the fact that if you go faster your ship explodes and you die. That's what I was getting at. That's also the reason I assumed our ships have shields, without shields or fucking awesome armor alloys we're not going to be able to go very fast sublight because every little impact will be equal or more to it's weight in tnt going off on our hull.
No. 12243 ID: cfad4e

Well, there's ways around that. Point defenses and radar, sandcasters, whipple shields... And space is pretty empty.

Of course, adhering to newtonian physics requires a lot of math. (In a quest, you can't just handwave the math like David Weber can)
No. 12247 ID: 8ecfd4


True, if we do this the hard math way then there's going to be alot of number crunching.

And space is empty, until yous start getting up to c fractional speeds. Then things start to get a bit more dense, otherwise a buzzard ramjet design wouldn't be theoretically workable. And at c fractional speeds one little micrometeor can cause a shitload of hurt.
No. 12252 ID: c9b591

im pretty sure this is going to be a "fleet A flanked fleet B, roll for hit, subtract damage from wounded fleet(s)"

galaxy online had a interesting means of doing this, a ship had a dodge and hit%, a surplus of dodge eliminated a certain part of the damage, a surplus of hit added a little more of damage.
No. 12253 ID: 601a90

i would say we are going to use a Homeworld style of combat where RPS weaponry is important. use bomber craft against larger ships, use fighters and corvettes to counter their bombers, and with frigates to stop their corvettes.

we need ion cannons.
No. 12256 ID: 8ecfd4

I think bomb pumped laser missiles are a better way. But that could be reading the Honor Harrington series that causes that, but the idea of missiles that unleash gamma beams powerful enough to warp metal is kind off neat. And that way you get away from explosions not propgating properly in space which is a problem with normal nukes.
No. 12259 ID: e0c3bc

our frigs come in 2 flavors: turrents or cannon.

im pretty sure we may not really get ions. we are already trying to research for improved railguns.
No. 12260 ID: e0c3bc

>bomb pumped laser missiles
wait what?
No. 12261 ID: 601a90

what about an ion-cannon defence station? like in Metroid Prime three. the beam is generated on the ground and is aimed with a geosynchronous reflector.
No. 12283 ID: 8ecfd4

You focus the gamma radiation of a nuclear detonation into a beam. This beam, usually called gamma laser or just laser, is then powerful enough to cut through metal and irradiate it like a motherfucker, it also kills any organics in the way.

It's a nice way to make nukes useful in space since then they don't really require contact to hit and cause damage and you can get several beams out of one nuke. And missiles has the advantage over railguns in the fact that they can be guided after they're shoot. So long as they still have thrust they can maneouver to match their target that's trying to evade, and they can accelerate after being launched which railgun shoots can't.
No. 12284 ID: 61d96f

i suggest antimatter in a magnetic shell fired from our railguns, on impact the magnet warps causing contact and triggering a matter-energy conversion
No. 12285 ID: e1ee6c

>focus the gamma radiation of a nuclear detonation
you have funny physics breaking ideas. altho we are missing a superconductor-powered nuclear bomb, anything able to redirect gamma radiation would be wasted by the blast before any visible effects. i think smaller nukes in maneuverable missiles should offer a similar effect, if we go with the need to peform contact with missiles, but we are ALSO getting breaker missile tech.

just to remember, breaker weapons is railgun-like firing a superconductor projectile made to transport plasma to the target.

we should consider this. a small rail of AM should provide a incredible blast in space against the hull of a ship, but the cost of making AM and transporting it would be tremendous.
No. 12289 ID: 8ecfd4

It can be done and the theory behind it is sound. I just don't have it in my head to properly explain it.

http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/rocket3x1.html go there and search for bomb-pumped lasers and you will see how it's supposed to work. Somewhere on the site I think you will find the math behind it as well. And this handy wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Excalibur supplies you with information about research in the subject. It's not something that can be done with current tech, but Splinter level tech might be able to do it.
No. 12290 ID: e1ee6c

a radiation lazer (not nuke empowered) or a pure radiation nuke WOULD be really cool. but seriosly, doing nuclear explosions in small scales like that is unlikely to be effective, needing to rebuild the lazer with a nuke and even more radioactive material would be expensive. what could seriosly work would be the shaped nuke charge with small nuke yields on missiles and superconductor-diode powered lazers with the purpose of cooking the target instead of cutting it.

...or a plasma-heated railgun that uses the superconductor projectile to absorb the heat generated by nuclear reactor powered point defense diode lasers.

we should prolly not bug ed with these kinds of things. i simply want to see if its possible to make a superconductor based nuke, since apparently, our nukes are only good for clearing our cities.
No. 12298 ID: 8ecfd4

You can use a normal megaton range nuke for it. Atleast if you go the project excalibur route.

Right now I'm just brainstorming around what weapons we could have since we don't really know what weapons we have except for railguns. But we don't have any info about those, we don't know how fast they launch projectiles, how often they can fire or how heavy their projectiles are. If we get to know what we're working with then it will be easier to come up with areas to improve upon as well as how to improve on it.
No. 12302 ID: 1ac39d

cost? what is this about cost? we are humanity! extremely powerful but impractical is how we roll!
No. 12306 ID: 076099

Ludicrously inefficient. As in "over 99% power wasted" inefficient. Of couse, if you do some number-crunching, you will find that it is still better than nuke unless you managed to get under 10 km range from target before detonation. And you can teoreticaly hit with bomb-pumped laser at thousands kilometers, greatly decresing chance of intercep.

P.S.: It looks like Ed are trying to keep this at least semi-hard SciFi, so try to keep it reasonable.
Atomic Rockets (http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/index.html) are your friend.
No. 12312 ID: 1769a6

AM is VERY practical. in space you can make a hellish easy AM flametrhower. a rail bolt made of supercold anti-hidrogen would be so freakin deadly, a 1g yield would be stronger that many atomic bombs we would be able to carry.

problem is making the AM, keeping it safe in EM fields, somehow cooling it to prevent dispersion when fired and then finaly firing it. in space. agaisnt a target not too far away. possibly with worn out shields.

a radiation lazer would be very useful as in, its actualy more deadly that the common laser and it may save us the equiepment OR the personnel, if we can manage the proper radiation/frequency.

using a nuclear blast to empower it is sillyness, it would be the equivalent of using a pipe bomb to de-clog a toiled. fun, sure, but theres still shit everywhere you dont even got the chance to clean before the house burns down completely.

common missiles nowadays carry at least 150kg warheads, a nuke of 25kg would yield less that a half megaton but its LIGHTier that the common missile and yields more blast, woulnt suffer from dispersion in space since its point blank. making it a shaped charge COULD become effective because its weight wouldnt surpass 150kg or so, at that point it could be interesting to make it "radiation shaped charge lazer" or shaped nuke solely for the fact we are almost sure the breaker can resist a common nuke.
No. 12314 ID: 1ac39d

sweet. antimatter rail-bolts would be rad.
man, copper, when you are talking weapons you make a lot more sense then when you talk escape plans.
No. 12323 ID: e4d77d

>escape plans
unicode stare

i plan for back attacks, not escape plans.

i still want my breaker disease =c
No. 12328 ID: 1ac39d

okay, are the risks of augment complications different for the sets? if so then minors are available to anyone while majors are only available to military personnel.
No. 12336 ID: cfad4e

They're kinda incredibly pricy. In transit, the fleet's only making 1 implant point per month at the spaceborne medical outpost. A whole hospital only does three per month. That's 15 guys with major upgrades. That's not a lot.

We might want to wait for more genetic enhancement before we start upgrades. Or maybe grow creatures around the cybernetics, bioroid style, rather than inserting the cybernetics into humans.
No. 12339 ID: 1ac39d

another interesting side effect of the gestation tanks is that (depending on how many are in one building) lesbian and gay couples can now create a baby that is 100% theirs. just bring up the genome of the parents and randomly select 50% of the chromosomes from each. (discarding any double-Y results) and viola, baby.

i said depending on number per building because low numbers would make it a non-viable tactic due to needing them for other stuff. but if a medium comes with about 50 or so tanks then it would be great.
No. 12342 ID: 8c9571

>lesbian and gay couples can now create a baby that is 100% theirs.
inb4 fanart of hypothetical love children Produced by homosexual parings of quest Characters.
No. 12354 ID: 4469d9

id do some on the commandos but its uncredibly dangerous considering they are also difficult to train. disregard the cost since even the minor can make a human have a soldier value of about 3.

the gestation tanks are to make new lifeforms. ed doesnt say, but its apparently a brand new adult human with basic worker skills hardwired on him.

if it is, this is uncredibly inhuman, very communist and can lead to psychotic personnel. we should consider new lifeforms only if we want to reengineer the alliance race as a whole (bio-borgs!) wich could have ONE advantage: whatever race we meet, we can turn into ALLIANCE MASTER RACE with or without implants. also, a army of penjis with STR implants + ceramic plates using plasma rails! space sergals, here we go!

TL;DR we can make tozols, but we shouldnt least we make EVERYONE in the alliance tozols. also,

did we told penji to eliminate the nanobots that increased her strength?
No. 12355 ID: 4469d9

No. 12357 ID: 4469d9

so lets see, we have GE 3. we get gestation tanks, desing TRANSCIVILIZATION and something else to do the already living "HYOOMANS" with GE.

considering a large time window, id give that gengineering someone from scratch in a vat should take more that 1 year when done safely, possibly not including implants. we have interesting choices once we get medical facilities on the way:

we desing a "super tozol space sergal edition": stronger, superdense plated bones of heavy alloys, redundant organs, better sensorial imput, smarter and space resistant (so only oxygen would be needed, problem is bleeding in space).

then we will make "tozol"-specific weapons: with this much strength we should be able to use bigger guns safely. considering plasma rail, shields and armor, we will need the extra load capacity just for the SC batteries. we could get exalted power levels easily with improved implants.

then we desing the implants with better CE. a man-machine interface would be ideal to use factories, starships, power armor (now with build in awesomeness!) and tanks. we could literally make the machine so easy to be used it would be reflexive, as if you had been born with it for a couple of years. trainning time would be reduced to literally build time + specific implants copy and construction.

lastly "respawn" tanks. someone could save his personality in a database in the main base, if he gets killed we can just boot a gestation tank with his gene, wait a year or two and inject the memories, personality to then finish with the implants. a commando could have a small yield nuke built in him and consider it as a casual matter:
"did you heard? last night fred used his nuke for the fifth time"
"that idiot, does he think we are made out of uranium or something?"
"actualy we are"

id much rather to make this that mass produce soldiers. its as if we could never truly reach a number of 100k, but it would not matter: even the weakest of us is stronger and more experienced that a batallion of the enemy plus it could never truly die, then theres the fact that we are so tightly bonded together that its unlikely we would get state rebellions or psychotic clones.

we can make alchemical exalts!
No. 12375 ID: 076099

While I all for "Transhumanity, fuck yeah!", you should consider psychological and physical consequences of adding new species, especialy ones so far above human baseline as tozol. This, in fact are part of reason why I wanted to keep contact with aliens to minimum.

Currently, we are in VERY precarious position. We DON'T have enough numbers to sustain technological civilization - it is estimated that any group under 50.000 peoples will be unable to maintain it. Databanks will offset that, probably long enough to get our numbers high enough but next few decades going to be rough.
Our people are severely traumatised: they lost their home (twice now), found that their enemy is much more numerous than they throught and that theiy have been sentenced to death simply for existing. I won't be surprised if there are significant xenophobical opinion, coupled with rampant PTSD.
In such atmosphere, presenting clearly inhuman "serzols" as succesors... well, *I* sure wouldn't accept that without several damn good reasons (and "they are much better than you" are not one), and would bitch even if such reason is given.

PS: Why such mad-on for Breaker weapons? They are not THAT good - only reason they are better than ours is superior technological level. If we apply lessons learned from studying them to our own weapons, we will certainly achieve equal if not superior level of perfomance.

PSS: BTW, from what you describe, it sounds as your want "Posthumanity, fuck yeah!", not transhumanity.
No. 12376 ID: 1ac39d

i think it would be best that we use the tanks to make non-sapient things first. like a species of space cow. having meat back on the diet should make people happier.
No. 12377 ID: cfad4e

I don't have much to add to the transhumanism talk right now, but I am opposed to efforts to kill breakers with the nukes. If anything goes wrong, it gives them intact bases to search for clues. I'd much rather make very certain the evidence is wiped clean and the Breakers have nothing to examine other than bits of radioactive wreckage.
No. 12378 ID: 1ac39d

agree. if they have some kind of nuke suppression field or something it would suck.
No. 12380 ID: c9479a

i like this idea. "eat space cow meat! it may or may not be a glob of cancerous meat!"

but seriously, i really did.

we need spare nukes to test the eficacy of the nukes on breakers. and the anomaly. and some shaped charge prototype.

yeah we got strange pop effect happening already, to begin with, we are apparently genetically functional as a race with less that 100k people.

about their mindset, i must admit, if we need to make it fast we either peform some sort of legal obligation or mind control, the hatred for the breaker may just boil enought for either.

growing people out in a vat is, however, not that far and can lead to very odd social situations. they grew without a family, why not secretly adding genetic improvement on them to "sertol" the population slowly? who would care in the end?

the tanks do have a immediate use that we could have. we can clone breakers (a small colony of wild breakers? outrageous!), gesters and nautiloi (our rarest so far, and rather useful too)

we should not do this mainly because we would create casted races even more that what this alliance of "hyoomans" have. this leads to political and social problems that can split us eventually.

also supposely breaker weapon tech is the "solution" to breaker shields. i dont want to suddenly develop shaped charge mini nukes to find out we needed plasma to explore a weakness in their shields.

would the "sertol" problem still exist if it is a implant + genetic set that is a right to refuse? we could do on the 2k soldiers and simply offer around. some would take it just to be safe from random attacks, others could actualy like the idea of using a body that is the pinnacle of "hyooman" tech. the main purpose of it is that we should not create "chastes" nor "indians", but rather, a unified race with a unique, even if self made, genetic code plus implants on a alliance bent on vengeance and survival.
No. 12381 ID: cfad4e

>we need spare nukes to test the eficacy of the nukes on breakers. and the anomaly. and some shaped charge prototype.
If we're designing new types of nukes, we'd probably have to build them as well. In any case, we have five.
No. 12382 ID: c9479a

shit. can we clone breaker to not need 100 breakers to design the breaker biobomb?

also we should ask the pop what they feel about this much of transhumanism. forced or not.
No. 12383 ID: c9479a

yay i cant read spreadsheets!

oh wait.

also leave a few reaver to report to us about the breaker size fleet. instead of a pistol, a grenade to explode themselves.
No. 12384 ID: 1ac39d

JEEZ! how many times do we need to say it. the chances of the breakers being in red space, or even knowing it exists at all is almost 0. if they want to get us then nuking the anomaly will be a loss for us. also, who cares how many ships they have?
No. 12385 ID: cfad4e

>i also strongly suggest breaker alloy tech to be researched. weapons will be needed!
Breaker Alloys would take ten months to research at Ithaka, or ten YEARS on the fleet. Weapons probably have steep research costs as well. There is no way in hell we'll get these techs in the field before the enemy arrives.
>they can still use the anomaly to cut a path to UD, since without our disk they would follow another path to UD and thus never get to the nuke we would place there.
If we're assuming that, then we'll never be even slightly safe no matter where we go or what we do.

>yay i cant read spreadsheets!oh wait.
There is no need to be rude.
No. 12386 ID: c9479a

fleet size will tell us how many scouts they could send and if we could fend them. we can hide, but if they have a ship for every planet its not going to be that fast.

and you should not regard color of space. the prelude does indicate that the races further that the breaker could be used against us, so they definitively could scout other system at least.

no, i saind i caNT read. =c

in the end i have no freaking clue as to how the anomaly works. it has 8 useable slots, the map claims 8 paths and theres only 1 disk here wich opens 4 paths. im led to belive the breaker have their own disk and they can open the other 4 paths, but that also means that only some of the new paths would go "near" UD.

to make things worse i have a itch tellimg me the breaker main fleet is under "repair" and we could actualy defeat the strike force if we had useable weapons. can we at least jury rig a nuke to the anomaly? if they try to use it at any point, we nuke it.
No. 12387 ID: 1ac39d

1 disk opens 1 path. we have 1 disk which opens the path to red space. where does it say the disk opens more then one path?
No. 12391 ID: cfad4e

On second thought, the spreadsheet actually lists 0 nukes available now. I guess they decided we need all 5 to properly demolish the sites? Or maybe it's a typo? I'm assuming typo...

In either case, I think we should set up on a new planet ASAP, and THEN worry about making more bombs. We have plenty of uranium. We can probably even have it deployed to the receiving gate before Turn 40, but only if we commit. I intend to start exploring other systems once we've got a base set up, but only then.

Also, I think hiding on a jungle planet is better than being the only heat signature on a dead world.
No. 12419 ID: 3ebbe3

wait what?

i was told the anomaly contains 8 slots for the disk, that inserting the disk in a slot opens a path, but we only had 4 paths total (UA to UD)

i r now confused.

dont make new nukes. i think we got too much bookworm with the technology, we should flee beyond UD to make sure we wont be followed mainly because we dont have guns to defend.
No. 12429 ID: cfad4e

>we only had 4 paths total (UA to UD)
I don't understand what you mean. You've had this explained to you multiple times by now. There are eight slots and eight possible two-way paths. They all lead VERY FAR AWAY. One of them leads to the vicinity of UA, UB, UC, and UD.

>we should flee beyond UD to make sure we wont be followed
Why is UD not far enough, but a few parsecs further is okay? You have yet to adequately explain your reasoning.

I'm sorry, but explaining this again and again, with no rationale from you in return, is getting frustrating.
No. 12458 ID: 286553

in UD there is another anomaly, or at least something that glows like our anomaly when a ship is nearby. so we should go there and see if we can use it to go beyond UD.

>eight possible two-way paths.
this made no sense, then some galaxies we can go to actualy have no way to return, like X|X.

so we CAN activate the anomaly from the other side? if that is true why did we needed a figure with 8 paths for 4 (possible) different galaxies if they lead to the same point even if used in the return path?

after all, can wormholes really be one way or is the anomaly that opens the one way?
No. 12461 ID: 1ac39d

No. 12737 ID: 1ac39d

what if we use humanities other special power: half-breed. ;)
No. 12741 ID: 1ac39d
File 126877367858.jpg - (3.85MB , 2865x4000 , 844d53e13b86d453bbceed6f71b818b3.jpg )

oh, and anyone here who has read the nausicaa manga would know that directed fusion weaponry is what the fire-warriors used. they are nuclear powered bio-engineered weapons of mass destruction. so let's see about gestating a few of those and sending them through space to fuck shit up at the breaker planet.
No. 12828 ID: 1ac39d

JESUS CHRIST!! why do people keep thinking the breakers can use THE anomaly?!?! they can't, and even if they could we have the only disk that opens this particular portal.
No. 12832 ID: 0fc814

Well, it's not like it'd be the first time we left a frigate to dick around for years... Who knows who else might use the network?
No. 12835 ID: 1ac39d

we are in a dead-end node. you HAVE to use that particular anomaly and that particular disk to get to our spot.
i mean, am i the ONLY one who understands this >>318658 map completely? the gesters are at V and we are going to X|X.
No. 12849 ID: c1b738

i do agree that the breaker are located in a dead end system, but i think we are going to | or N because UD has a signal similar to our anomaly with a fleet nearby, so its a passageway. its possible we are going to the twin systems up there...

there is also no evidence the breaker do not know how to use the anomaly. remember the prologue, the psychogod could choose a race that was further away from the breaker.

what about the OTHER parts of the arguments? we have 8 paths, we only got 4 open. the way back is already in them. as far as i know the breaker HAVE the disk that leads to their galaxy for safety.
No. 12850 ID: 0fc814

>we have 8 paths, we only got 4 open. the way back is already in them. as far as i know the breaker HAVE the disk that leads to their galaxy for safety.
But the Breakers only live in our galaxy. And they've never heard of the anomaly. This has been repeated to you literally a dozen times.
No. 12851 ID: c1b738

so we are space blind to not notice a civilization of warriors within our reach. i got it.

well this actualy gives even more reason to somehow disable the anomaly.
No. 12864 ID: 1ac39d

we have 8 paths and only ONE of them open. you know what? i am going to get started on a picture to explain it to you, since it seems you don't understand words.
No. 12866 ID: 1ac39d
File 126894685029.png - (36.17KB , 1394x878 , explain.png )

No. 12910 ID: 1ac39d
File 126905763421.png - (10.53KB , 557x295 , spots.png )

i suggest the locations marked in black
No. 12916 ID: 3a08ae

so we have 4 gates opening at the same time for the same anomaly?

did we at least tooked the disk with us?

id complain that the natives seem to eat uranium and superconductor but that would be too amusing. the top left city should stay completely in land right above the anomaly, i dont want to discover they had a krakken in this sea. the same should go to the lower right.
No. 12917 ID: 3a08ae

say, you got me thinking. we could try a underwater city and go for the tectonical plate juction.
No. 12918 ID: 8ecfd4

Since it seems like most planets friendly to humans don't really let humans walk around breathing their athmosphere. I got an idea for genetic engineering for the first generation of gestation chamber kids. Better lungs, we give them the ability to breathe in more varied athmospheres.
No. 12919 ID: 3a08ae

we dont even have that researched yet. also we have to be a bit moderated on these things, of course id like to slowly turn them into tozol/sergal space hybrids, but they have to agreee to it in the first place.

i just realized i thought the metal marking in the map was mountains, thus we would be without metal if my suggestion passes.
No. 12920 ID: 0fc814

I was hoping to have just one settlement this time, but it seems unavoidable.

We have large uranium and fuel reserves, so we can delay a uranium mine for maybe a year, until we figure out how to handle the planet.
No. 12921 ID: 54af1f


I'm not sure we should, we don't have any other source of fuel yet.
No. 12922 ID: 0fc814

Yeah, but we have to balance that against the dangers of splitting up right away. There's still the possibility that we'll find something that'll make us want to leave. Luckily, we have enough fuel to fly for eight and a half years, if necessary.

I'd send scouts to more systems right away, but I'm afraid it'll slow the game down because Ed would have to draw all that.
No. 12924 ID: 0fc814

Because we can't drop them from orbit? We'd need to carry them with dropships, and at that point we'd honestly might as well bring some humans, too.

Also, we're kind of in a hurry. Every month we spend in orbit is a month we could spend doing something productive. And each month spent in ships is having a deleterious impact on our population.

On turn 23, we had 12,328 dudes. On turn 29, we had 12,773.

But then, we flew to UD, and have gone down to 12,150. This is due to an epidemic that probably never would have happened if people weren't packed into ships, with reduced living conditions, with fewer medical facilities, with reduced morale. We went from getting 60-80 new people per month, to losing 100+ per month. Those are humans who could have been trained as soldiers or workers or scientists.

Bottom line is, if building a colony can be accelerated by one month, at the cost of 100 men, it's worth it.

(PS: I don't consider this to be gamist. If I were a dude in a peaked cap, charged with safeguarding humanity, I would be using this exact same logic.)
No. 12925 ID: 1ac39d

..... oh wow. i... i don't think i can make it any clearer. i mean, where the hell are you getting 4 gates on that picture? tell what in the picture you don't understand. it says 1 disk opens 1 and only 1 portal. another disk will open a different portal, and the 3rd, 4th 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th disk will each open a portal of their own.
No. 12926 ID: 632862

Maybe we should just stop trying to teach 5copper common sense and basic math skills?
No. 12934 ID: 0fc814
File 126911914495.jpg - (14.10KB , 300x300 , f.jpg )

If first contact goes very well, we could perhaps set up shop close to the natives to the west. I'm sure there's lots of room for a base even in their densely populated regions. (Presumably, it's "Densely populated" in medieval terms, not modern terms.) That would give us a spot with all the resources we need.

If first contact goes very poorly, well, our other site is a thousand plus miles away. By the time news spreads, we'll have walls, howitzers, and deforested defensive zones.
No. 12935 ID: 1ac39d

what about a mega-tree palisade?
No. 12936 ID: 54af1f


I was actually thinking that. It might be easier than building a wall out of metal, though it's gonna be less tough.
No. 12937 ID: 54af1f


Also: we can see if we can find enemies of the first group and back them against the first group. This is an entire planet, with medieval technology there's likely multiple civilisaitons.
No. 12938 ID: 1ac39d

you mean find space england and help them fight space france?
No. 12941 ID: 2dd482

Why settle on UD? the planet isn't habitable for non-augmented humans, and it is fairly dangerous seeing as how housecats are the size of cars and there are established native civilizations (hello Avatar).

We should only stay long enough to investigate the anomaly on the surface and/or if possible build some farming domes to replenish our stocks before moving on to find a planet we can actually live on.
No. 12942 ID: 0fc814

More or less.

This general sort of thing worked historically. For the longest time, medieval europe was convinced that the mongols were real stand up guys, because they fought muslims.

Then they burned down poland and hungary. Europe was like "Wha? They wouldn't do that. They're stand-up guys." So they faffed about and did nothing to oppose the mongols until they finally left for unrelated reasons.

This comparison is greatly simplified, of course. For example, while the mongols were stabbing europe and the muslim states in the back, the europeans were all stabbing one another in the back, and the muslims were stabbing one another in the back and stabbing other people in the back.

Also, Egypt accepted some refugees that were fleeing from the Mongols, but stabbed them in the back by enslaving them and forming them into a caste of elite soldiers, called Mamluks, to fight the Mongols. They were so incredibly elite that they actually won without massively outnumbering the mongols, which was very rare at the time. Then the Mamluks stabbed the Egyptians in the back and took over the country, ruling it for two hundred years.

(in b4 we find out the natives aren't anything like humans and all cooperate)
No. 12943 ID: 0fc814
File 126912454995.png - (198.93KB , 1000x600 , _Review_6.png )

What I'm trying to say is that the natives can be very useful, even if we start off fighting a bunch.

>Why settle on UD? the planet isn't habitable for non-augmented humans, and it is fairly dangerous seeing as how housecats are the size of cars and there are established native civilizations (hello Avatar).
Still less hostile than an industrialized civilization, or hard vacuum, which is what all the other planets we've seen offer. Having to do everything with space suits and radiation-shielded pressure domes is a lot harder than gunning down alien dinosaurs, and having to fight for air superiority is even worse.
No. 12948 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we should be strictly non intervention with the natives. No military or politcal aid to any of them. We trade with them and that's it.

If we do any more then it could have even more severe consequences on their societies development.
No. 12949 ID: 0fc814

>it could have even more severe consequences on their societies development.
Like what?
No. 12950 ID: 8ecfd4

Well if we interfer militarily and support one faction then they would gain a very large advantage. Even if we only offer to defend them they would be assured that they could not lose if they were attacked. So either that would foster dependence on us, or they would start making expansionists attempts because they feel like they're safe from attacks.

If we build a full military alliance with one faction and help them expand then they might expand further than their infrastructure would normally allow and without us there to keep it propped up the empire would then collapse and cause a great amount of instability.

And then there is the danger of bringing in advanced technology into a society that's not ready for it. Just look at the shit that keeps happening in Africa. When you have governments paying witch doctors for oil from rocks shit isn't right.
No. 12955 ID: 54af1f


While Western intervention is one of Africa's problems, this was mostly due to the fact that we colonised the hell out of them, redrew their boarders and did all kinds of other stupid crap. Providing we don't outright conquer them then that's not likely to happen.

The fact is that leaving the natives at middle ages technology is gonna mean lots of them die of plague, animal attack and malnutrition. We have the technology to pull them out of this marginal existence far quicker than they would otherwise.

Also, the brutal truth is that if we don't diplomacy with at least some of them we're likely gonna have to bomb all of them in order to stop them from going all Avatar on us
No. 12957 ID: 0fc814

>Well if we interfer militarily and support one faction then they would gain a very large advantage. Even if we only offer to defend them they would be assured that they could not lose if they were attacked. So either that would foster dependence on us, or they would start making expansionists attempts because they feel like they're safe from attacks.
So we'll avoid signing any "defend these guys no matter what" treaties. That would be stupid.
We'd offer to defend them in exchange for something. Like, goods or services, or perhaps demanding democratic reform or whatever.

...in any case, we are counting our chickens way before they hatch. This is going to be really funny if they start slinging fireballs and opening teleportation gates or shooting lasers from their eyes or something.
No. 12958 ID: 0fc814

See? Now we know all our assumptions were wrong.

God damn it. 5copper is never going to leave us alone about this one.
No. 12961 ID: 929a3f

not yet (i cant belive i said that)

they have "inside info" but its possible its just some sort of huge multiplayer civilization game. the anomaly could be what actualy tipped them on us, as far as i know we should send some BRICs to the desert, if no huge sandworm eats them we should settle there. we should expect war against us, problaby 2 is indeed a trade route of some sort.

...are they doobies or they have 4 eyes?
No. 12969 ID: 1ac39d

but the desert has ZERO resources. we would only lose supplies and fail in a war of attrition.
No. 12970 ID: 54af1f

Don't worry, we'll just terrorize them into submission with WMD if it becomes a problem.
No. 12971 ID: 1ac39d

we need to find a group that doesn't believe in the prophecy and support them.
No. 12974 ID: 54af1f

That's actually a pretty solid plan. Though I'm not sure how exactly.
No. 12975 ID: bdb5f9

dammit, i thought we could make one with some metal but no island is near metal veins.

if they received information from the anomaly, we should check out the other continents.
No. 12976 ID: bdb5f9
File 126917357744.png - (16.20KB , 700x358 , EDIT QUEST.png )

how about those locations? plenty of SC and the likelyness that they dont know of the propecy will only lead to war!
No. 12979 ID: 0fc814
File 126918595196.png - (6.43KB , 462x252 , gretz_map.png )

Spy on them, I imagine.

We may need to bite the bullet and upgrade our commandos, accepting whatever casualty rate applies. I suspect we'll take even more casualties in the long run if we deploy these guys to the jungle without these upgrades.

What makes you think they wouldn't know?

Also, guys, keep in mind that the population dots only represent particular concentrations. Site 2 was far from any dot, yet was only 35km from a village.

The current plan for settlement is this. I guess your plan works too, but these are a little further from major concentrations of natives.
No. 12981 ID: bdb5f9

they could have trouble with navigation due to megakrakens and the likes, but if their diplomats didnt lied it could be a wasted effort.
No. 12999 ID: 0fc814

You know, we don't actually know, precisely, how hard it is to build a colony on an airless rock. How costly would that make things? And how unsafe?
No. 13000 ID: 1ac39d

i would say until large scale low-power shielding systems are set up it would be very dangerous because a dust storm could destroy buildings cause the dust is traveling at like 100000Mph.
No. 13011 ID: 35cea2

Alright, I've decided to stop being a lazy bastard and actually answer a few of your questions.

First off,
Building on on airless planet means airtight tunnels must be built between buildings. Also, population growth and morale will suffer slightly.
No. 13012 ID: bdb5f9

i just realized it may be possible for the planet to have more that one race. can we send investigators to the continents anyway?

the colonies would need generators anyway, why dont we simply build docking clamps and dock the ships in a asteroid?

also consider the deserts. it should not be that bad IF we manage to discover how to get uranium and metal from under it (or underwater)
No. 13013 ID: bdb5f9

did we tooked the disk that we found in the anomaly with us?

this is seriously the ONLY question i will ask regarding the anomaly. i decided to later do a redeading of everything with quotes to get what i dont understand.
No. 13014 ID: 0fc814

That doesn't sound so bad. I had assumed that it'd mean quintupled building costs and needing to erect a gigantic whipple shield for micrometeorites.

Building on a moon or airless planet suddenly seems more feasible.

Also, yes, we took the disk with us.
No. 13015 ID: 54af1f

Maybe we should just leave and set up on that airless planet for now... I guess we see how diplomacy goes
No. 13016 ID: 1ac39d

if the prophecy was that we would 'take over the planet' then it would be a good time to just leave and be all 'we could have helped you, but noooooo, you guys had to think the worst of someone, bye.' they will then be all 'but the prophecy said-' 'i know what it said!' 'well what do we do now?!' 'i don't know'
No. 13017 ID: 35cea2

Well, the cost of the tubes will be added to building construction. This means they take an extra month of buildtime and some more metal.
No. 13021 ID: 0fc814

If we're willing to get really fancy, we could do Uranium and Superconductor mining here, as delicately as possible, and then ship it up to a moon, where we'll have all our metal mines, ceramists, and manly heavy industry.

Potentially, we could have superconductor mines on one of those barren subcontinents. Uranium mining has to happen on greenery, though. Would be productive, if perhaps unsafe, to put the bulk of the population in those greenery zones. Make it mostly apartments and labs and schools and stuff.
No. 13023 ID: 1ac39d

we may not need clearing, depending on how far apart the trees are we may be able to build between them. we also should get a guy from them to, at first, tell us how to build our stuff in ways that are least harmful to the planet. then have him start telling us of magic. cause their other grevance would be we are risking the destruction of magic itself, so if we turn it around and use it then we can say 'why would we destroy something we like?'
No. 13024 ID: 1ac39d

also, if we can get enough magic we may get a second research building that generates.....

MP, magic points. which are used on the second tech-tree. then we get super high-class magic technology fusion techs.
No. 13026 ID: 1ac39d

i just thought of a simple way to make our rail-guns better! twist the rails into a double helix so the bullets are spinning! also make the bullets drill shaped!
No. 13027 ID: 1ac39d

and if the 'magic' really is sufficiantly advanced tech then we can probably reverse engineer some of it and get started on things that rape physics.
No. 13032 ID: 54af1f


This is a good plan. We really need to start researching a way to scoop fuel out of gas giants though, cause right now we have zero source of it except perhaps crappy hydroplants.
No. 13033 ID: 4f5a62

im really hoping we may find a patch of uranium that killed the forest. we can get some SC from the desert islands but this also means we will do 3 cities, one for uranium in a deserted patch, another for SC problaby in any desert and on the moons for metal.

how badly do we need uranium, and how difficult could it be to find it under the sea, desert or in any of the celestial bodies?

i actualy like this idea. i want to know how they handle themselves with and without magic, considering that whatever we do near a forest would need protection from megabeasts.

i STILL want to reverse engineer the anomaly that teleported us =c we will have limited sucess if the anomaly on the planet is what im thinking it is.

thats almost a coil gun. the rails still use barrels so the spin is done "manually".
No. 13034 ID: 1ac39d

there are two spots on the map that uranium and supers intersect. also the moon metal plant can have just enough hosing for the guys to run the mines while the planet side town will have much more extensive infrastructure.oh, and what about tree houses? we build our stuff up off the forest floor wrapped around trees. building size determines ho many can fit per tree, 4 smalls, 2 mediums or one large could wrap all the way around, wide bridges connecting them.
man we will be respecting nature so much it makes the Na'vi look like polluters.
No. 13035 ID: 1ac39d

i just thought up some crazy bullshit. the 'star' moving towards CAELUM is actually the splinter fleet and CAELUM is the nearest life supporting planet.
No. 13036 ID: 54af1f

I guess I'll do a moon and base build plan later.

I suggest we try to put most of our people on the ground, cause morale is gonna be effected by moon dwelling and just run frequent shuttles between the two posts.
No. 13037 ID: 28046a

the ones near or exactly in native settlements? yeah we just need to accidentaly wipe them.

we have some farming dome thingie that makes them into a park, dont we? we need farming shuttles =c

also yay for bus-dropship service =3
No. 13040 ID: 54af1f

So if we settle the moon, how obligated do you guys think we are to build a giant railgun?
No. 13041 ID: 1ac39d

what do you mean? the planet it not that small, those dots are major settlements while even in nowhere a small settlement exists. we will not have to worry about building on top of a tribe.

i also still don't see where you are getting the 4 other galaxies connected to X|X from the map. MSpaint something up, just circle what you are talking about with notes.
No. 13042 ID: 1ac39d

make sure the moon has a dark side and build it there, it will be a defender weapon.
No. 13056 ID: 28046a

it shall be our newest monument to the new settlement and we shall name it "Fuck You"

true, but we will be by travel distance of them, that is dangerous by itself. as >>322664 pointed out, UA to UD actualy lead to X|X, but to different locations of it, like different systems in the same galaxy.
No. 13057 ID: 1ac39d

you mean look at this map
the gray dot is the anomaly on this side and where the portal is located. UA to UD are different stars within travel distance of it.
No. 13072 ID: 632862

Yes. That was just a galaxy map, not a universe-warp map.
No. 13273 ID: 0fc814
File 126984165794.gif - (13.03KB , 338x414 , psyduck.gif )

"Don't worry, Test. I'll handle the build order now that you don't have as much free time."

>five warehouses
>no food or places to live
No. 13276 ID: 1ac39d

i agree, whoever made that order is banned from ordering.
No. 13277 ID: d86d2c

Everybody can sleep in crates!
No. 13278 ID: 3a4579

this is a nice thread
No. 13291 ID: 54af1f


Yeah, sorry about that. I swear I put tenements on there but somehow missed them off the top of the paste.
No. 13296 ID: 860bd9

what do you think of the idea of making a city in the desert seashore to gather fuel from the ocean?

we could place our living space there too, leaving new monument with the ectraction of metal and SC. only bad thing is that we would have 2 cities on planet anyway.
No. 13305 ID: 0fc814

New Monument has no shoreline access, which means, I believe, it cannot actually extract superconductors.

Since we can get metal from the moon, the only point of it is morale. A nice place that'll make people happy.

Except apparently they're being accosted by natives, reducing morale.

I take back what I said before. A colony on a godforsaken airless rock is starting to sound appealing. On the bright side, this place gives us an opportunity to test out a vacuum colony. When we build on the moon, we can see how the morale is.
No. 13308 ID: 0fc814

Wait, no, I was wrong. There's superconductor production at present.
No. 13347 ID: 85ab29

that spot was cosen because it has everything but uranium wich we could make do for awhile.
No. 13372 ID: 1ac39d

i wonder what the Dryads would think about our ability to create life. once we get the gestation tanks we ether need to build them on the moon or if they are awed by the fact that tech is actually that powerful we could build it on the planet. maybe fill some request they have about a custom critter.
No. 13377 ID: 1ac39d

oh wait! let's vat grow our own 100 breakers!
we did take DNA samples of the prisoners right?
No. 13396 ID: 2dccf5

i belive we would need 100 different breakers. we have like, 50 tops.

there seems to be a "magic" in the planet that kills evolution. this could impose a nice conundrum for them, but we should give this to them only after psycholord denies them something.
No. 13406 ID: d12f42

I doubt it is magic itself. Most likely it's a Totus' work.

>magic would work like technology
Bzzzt. Wrong!
Technology work by understanding and exploiting natural laws of universe. Anyone can do it, it just a matter of knowlege, time and resources.
Magic, on the other hand, is either you have ability and can cast spells or you don't and therefore work as peasant and laborer or if you are lucky get work as soldier or scout. There are no such thing as "magic item" here, otherwise Ed would have mentoned that. Education is almost certainly limited to mages, and other than law and similar subjects likely involve memorising spells and perhaps some rules on their creation (Frankly, I doubt Totus would allow his servants this, but who know?).
No. 13416 ID: 1ac39d

they can have full freedom to do what they want with the magic cause the machine can only generate a certain number of spells, anything not on the list simply wont work. no matter how hard someone tries to make a new one it wont happen cause it's not programmed in.
No. 13431 ID: 3231a7

we are both assuming too much. we still dont know how their magic works, im led to belive it DOES act like tecnology simply because they are far too open minded for this to not be true.

then again its not EVERY dryad that can control magic, so this could be still speculation. they could have some sort of tecnocracy, where you need magic knowledge to be approved in high ranks, thus providing the psycholord with means to control rebellions and loyalty.

what if their magic is actualy from the anomaly, and the gesture is nothing more that commands to the anomaly like a program? they would have a good grasp at logic and language from this.

it also seems impossible to peform small feats like IGNITING without experimenting on different materials. if they have disintegrate for example, they could have aluminium in dust form, something that no medieval culture would not have how to make due to the huge amount of electricity needed.

they could have how to program their own type too. we just need to peform some research to figure out what they can do exactly.
No. 13433 ID: 1ac39d

what i mean is. making a fireball is just a mage doing something that is basically Double-clicking fireball.exe
No. 13438 ID: 3231a7

and what i mean is this may not be true since he may actualy need to learn how to make fireball.exe in the first place.
No. 13439 ID: 1ac39d

hmmm... yes. the final clue as to which way is right is if new spells can be invented or if no matter what they try only a handful work.
No. 13442 ID: 9cb98c

y'know, i just remembered that the breaker also had their technology gaved to them and they had no real knowledge of it.

ok so every race we will meed is a pre-renaissance civilization with "inserts" of tecnological and magical crap.

also if this is true and they DID showed all their magic, im not surprised they think we are supposed to wipe them.
No. 13701 ID: 672920

so far i gathered 2 vehicles we kinda need to check out:

a "civilian" dropship without weapons, for faster and cheaper build rates

adapt the bromeliad core to use other, equally sample units like tanks or interceptors.

personally id like to know how would fare a small interceptor, without the hability to carry bombs or missiles nor extended flight time for the bromeliad core to use.
No. 13763 ID: 7524b0

How much do we pollute? Should we consider researching clean-air related tech, or recycling plants or something?
No. 13774 ID: 4e92b7

...thats a good question, i know most of our fuel is radiation and hydrogen so im guessing the biggest polution we do is heat.

we make nondurable goods so we must have plastic and glass as well.
No. 13816 ID: f4e0af

mass drivers require constant energy, but again, its not a bad idea. a coil gun would not be a bad thing but mostly we would still need loads of dense magnetic metal to hit on earth. plus, you hit a soft spot on the ground, you have to dig for the "load" again. methinks a bigger railgun would do bombarding better, but standard means of transporting resources would be nice. now we just need to think on a method to take resource to space. maybe a AG elevator.

the superconductor are used on the gun, not to fire. the tungsten charge requires more of the SC, so the gun needs maintenance sooner. the SC is also used to make the gun viable, unless we got huge reactors for every gun.

we are using nuclear energy and fusion reactors as well. if you mean solar panels, there is no way in hell we can make so many of them, nor make them SAFE case we get attacked.
No. 13826 ID: 35cea2


A civilian dropship will take 2 RP to research. The dropship will be faster and cheaper to build than the military variant.

The Bromeliad AI is pretty much soley designed for infantry combat and cannot function as anything else.


Pollution is low enough for the Dryads not to do anything aside from complain every now and then. Trash is dumped in the deserts near RYXIX, and air and water pollution is at a level that the natives will tolerate.
No. 13827 ID: f4e0af

4 more to know:

orbital bombing system. a sample adaptation of common bombing device and bombs to hit ground targets while in orbit, preferentially interceptor mounted. camera guided, lazer guided.

orbital railgun. a proper cannon to hit ground targets. possibly mounted on the moon.

mini shaped nuclear charges. a light charge for missiles, possibly for commandos to carry with the implants as well.

anime sized guns. for the soldier with implants to use.
No. 13828 ID: 1ac39d

haha. yeah, our advanced implants guys could use Cloud sized swords with ease. and machine guns the size of howitzers.
No. 13830 ID: 0fc814

We've already got ship mounted railguns, and interceptor-mounted guns. If we want to build a bigger gun, we should make it a building on the moon.
No. 13834 ID: f4e0af

if a specialized bombing system does not work, a proper sattelite for the railgun would be too much fire and forget case we need to run...

i suppose we should research thruster for dessies and cruisers.

also it seems the frigs have a choice between a huge gun or turrents.
No. 13839 ID: b82ca9

While having a range of bombing systems would be good, I'd like to point out that we either will need limited pin-point strike ability, which is already provided by carrier or we will have to start flattening Dryad settlements with multi-kiloton level strikes, in which case we will need either nukes or something like mass-driver I proposed. It is unlikely that we will need anything in between.

>solar panels, there is no way in hell we can make so many of them
Wikipedia is your friend, if somewhat unreliable one :)

Photovoltaic cells (its what commonly called "solar panels") are relatively simple and best of all, no-fuel and no-maintenance system.

>nor make them SAFE case we get attacked
Since it is modular and spread-out, to take it out you will basicaly need to destroy every unit there. In any case, it is harder to disable field of solar collectors than to destroy few large power plants.

We can use orbital mirrors to concentrate sunlight and/or keep light on during night.
Again, minimum or no maintenance and can be scaled to ridiculous amounts.

Alternatively you can use solar heat to produce steam for our generators and smelters. You don't even need really good mirrors for that, polished metal plates should be enough.

All this applies mostly to Irontown, of couse, and partialy to Ryxix.

Ed, how much RP for "solar thermal" or "solar cell" generator/units and for "orbital concentrator mirror"?
No. 13846 ID: 0fc814
File 127100660799.png - (2.09KB , 100x100 , Heavy_Shuttle.png )

>A civilian dropship will take 2 RP to research. The dropship will be faster and cheaper to build than the military variant.
Like a Globemaster equivalent, I guess?
No. 13847 ID: 0fc814
File 127100850835.png - (60.90KB , 500x360 , Heavy_Shuttle2.png )

No. 13859 ID: 35cea2


Orbital Bombs: 5 RP for a simpler, inaccurate systeml; 10 RP for a much more precise system.
Moon-based Orbital Railgun: 45 RP.
Micro Nukes: 10 RP
We already have guns that upgraded infantry can use. Basic strengh upgrades allow you to carry a heavy machine gun like an assault rife, and max strength upgrades allows you to lug a minigun around easily. IMPROVED MOTORS means there will be even less recoil for using these weapons.


Solar plants require 10 RP (Unlocks small and medium solar plants, and a large solar plant once we finish large buildings)
Orbital solar station requires 15 RP


Looks good to me!
No. 13876 ID: 2344c5

solar panels are huge. they may not need polishing, but they do require maintenance if we get attacked. plus its pretty hard to miss them. the only advantage it has is to not need fuel.

micro nukes + simple orbital bomb = profit? can it be done in a interceptor? we could put a couple of those in irontown...
No. 13881 ID: 7524b0

There are more efficient ways of gathering solar energy than solar panels anyway.

Like solar-thermal.
No. 13882 ID: 1ac39d

that really depends on a number of factors. such as how efficient the panels are, how good heat transference is, etc.

basically Ed has the say on how well they can work. with super-conductors the solar panels could be so well made that a pocket calculator sized one could power a lamp...

No. 13888 ID: 52fa9f

If someone bothered to check wikipedia (I am looking at you, Ed), you would have found that I was asking both about photoelectric solar cell (no maintenance, relatively low efficiency, low life expectancy) and solar-thermal systems (higher efficiency but need service crew)

Seriously. Did you even bothered to read what I wrote?
Leaving aside fact that if your city is bombarded by spaceship then you are not going to last long anyway, no matter if you use fields of solar collectors, fusion reactors or horse-driven Faradey disks, why exactly you think that couple thousand separate small generators tied in grid-type net will be more vulnerable to atack that ten or so huge targets?

Overall, I do not propose to replace our fission/fusion generators with solar-power ones. However, not only we have surplus of production right now, which can be used to make solar panels, but Irontown (and to lesser extent, Ryxix) are pretty much ideal for that.
Ed may have changed way electrolysis plants works but they are still not very efficient.

As a postscriptum, here's condenced version of third part of Ringo's latest book "Live Free or Die":
"So, very advanced aliens going to atack us as a part of war with other species of very advanced aliens, it will take fifty or so years to bring Earth to their level of technology and we will be atacked by thirty battleships in about a year? No porblem! We will build a fleet of ten kilometer battlestation with kilometer thick armour! Oops, it's only eight km across with one and half thick armour. We will do better next time!"
Thats to say, lets try to think "out-of-the-box" at least a little?
No. 13890 ID: 1ac39d

that's why i'm suggesting a mothership. it's so fuck huge the breakers will think twice about messing with it.
No. 13895 ID: 80ec7d

Man I wish we would get more of The End. Not that SpreadsheetQuest isn't... ok it's boring as watching turtles have a comittee to discuss taxes.
No. 13898 ID: 0fc814

>Ed may have changed way electrolysis plants works but they are still not very efficient.
True, but we can now produce more fuel than we're using, which is cool.

>If someone bothered to check wikipedia (I am looking at you, Ed), you would have found that I was asking both about photoelectric solar cell (no maintenance, relatively low efficiency, low life expectancy) and solar-thermal systems (higher efficiency but need service crew)
There's no need to be rude. Are you seriously complaining because you wanted two different kinds of power plants? Especially considering that photovoltaics WOULD need maintenance as individual cells wear down, in addition to transformers, power lines, environmental wear and tear, and a half dozen other factors? Even disregarding things like simplicity and game balance and the fact that the GM doesn't have to cater to your every last whim with exhaustive specificity.

>As a postscriptum, here's condenced version of third part of Ringo's latest book "Live Free or Die": ...
Yes, it WOULD be convenient if we could just pull comically overarmed and overarmored space stations the size of cities right out of our ass thanks to the power of an author who is terrible at math. But that's neither here nor there.

Sorry to hear that. My advice is to post interesting and/or intelligent suggestions whenever The End updates.
I can't speak for Ed, but I suspect a factor is that people have debates and long conversations and detailed planning sessions regarding The Icon, what to do, what's going on, etc, but when The End updates, there's usually only a handful of replies, which are generally mostly along the lines of "okay, do that."
No. 13912 ID: 54af1f


The brutal fact is that if we get hit by one of the Major Totus minion races at this point, we're gonna need to evacuate and move. I don't think a giant battlestation is gonna work with that.
No. 13914 ID: fdaabb

So when is Anti-sex quest gonna update? We've got a world to cockblock!
No. 13917 ID: f98e0b

It is in the graveyard, bro D:
No. 13918 ID: 7524b0

So what? The graveyard is just for inactive quests.
No. 13920 ID: 1ac39d

just thought of something. when a clockwork builds a child do they make it alone or can two work in tandem? making a child that is a hybrid of two design ideas meshed together into a single being.
No. 13923 ID: 82455b

having a big enought mothership we could host cities there and if they can keep up with the fleet we would have what to gain from it. the problem would be resource gathering...

we should research breaker weapons. seriously im glad someone else noticed we have no guns versus the breaker.

...how would a mothership cost in RP?

not a living dome like in macross, but rather a modular ship that can be build and changed on the fly. we would develop modules specific for resource gathering in low gravity moons and asteroids, maybe even specialized ships. also hidroponics for our food, modules for defense and offense, the standard ground apparatus.
No. 13924 ID: 1ac39d

the kind of mothership i am talking about is Homeworld style. phase one is the most important, the engines. once we get those running then the rest can be built while moving. the only real requirement is it be so ungodly huge that it is almost self-sufficient, the almost being it needs asteroids to increase resources.

maybe make something lie the wormhole tech they had, anything that goes in comes out the other side as a cloud of particles, useless in most applications but PERFECT for mining .
No. 13926 ID: 82455b

HW's mothership could work but it used a cryogenesis system (500k partially trained personnel) for the crew. we cant really do that since we need pop growth (of our puny 14k civilians). maybe if we make completely automated spaceships we can do a military mothership, with resource gathering and building by automated means (inb4 robots makin robots, not making you).

we should attempt to make a space city of some sort. we need growth in all directions. this actualy means a bigger MS with capatibility to be expanded more that once, or maybe to spawn other MSs.

where is my HW folder when i need it =c
No. 13928 ID: 1ac39d

one entire side of the mother ship should open up and all the scaffolding needed for a mothership main drive folds out, it has enough extra engines to support moving the un-powered engine block. once the engine is complete it pops off and construction continues in the same way the first did. but it can have different modules built in a different configuration. such as the first one is a civilian ship, packed with farms and housing. the second would grow from the engine block into a military ship with high-power weapon modules, sensor net, fire control, all that stuff. then the third will be the same as the first, but mirrored, then the scaffold sections have a third engine block built and locked to both of them, turning it into some kind of behemoth of a ship.
No. 13940 ID: 3cbb5f

You know, at first I wanted to write point-by-point answer, with explanations and rebuttals, but after some thinking, "throwing pearls to pigs" as saying goes, does not appeal to me.

Here. *THAT* is me being rude. Aplogies.
No. 13941 ID: 717301

Putting everything into one huge ship doesn't seem like the best idea to me
No. 13943 ID: 1ac39d

until we get shields it is indeed a bad idea. but force-fields make it much more practical. and an enormous ship can house an absolutely massive generator which can power an incredibly tough shield.

of course everything is better with more powerful generators. need more efficient systems that make more power at a smaller size. best one is make a micro worm-hole into an antropic universe and siphon pure energy from it, doubles as infinite resources as we can then transform the energy into matter.
No. 13947 ID: 94c4ea

we cant really put the civilians in a corner, seeing how its easy to shoot that corner. favorably they should remain in center with a added bulk head between MS modules.

the real bad ideas with motherships are mobility, resources and space. we can simulate the shields's effectiveness by simply having added ablative armor, our civilians are already used to breathing apparatus so space suits can become common.

the real problem is we will only be able to mine moons and asteroids (even for fuel), the ship may become slower that what we need it to be in order to escape and if it can holsten upgrades for the civilian and military parts of it. its no good makin a mothership to have 50k people now and discover ~100 turns from now we need to make 2 more to hold everyone.

the scaffold/factory system should not be linked to the propulsion system (at least HW did not had that problem), but its likely we will run into energy problems. if we can keep civilization growing while moving it would already be wonderful.

...we could evade the mining resource problems if we make a proper mining ship station that can peform reentry. the only difficulty by then would be to haul ore back to ship
No. 13968 ID: 1ac39d

pretty much, we currently do not have tech that can make a mothership viable. mining can be fixed with portals, defense with shields, and power with generators.
No. 13969 ID: 7a2a99

>mining can be fixed with portals
wat. are you talking about portals from the lovely companion cube?

we have now a shuttle/dropship service. we are spending extra fuel to move personnel and resource between our 3 cities.

>defense with shields
i do so want some. but we have to get around with what we have. protective bulkhead and compartimentalized modules can do wonders on huge ships.

we "have" a fuel problem, we currently have nulear and fusion power plants. unless you mean actualy making energy out of nowhere, wich is awesome, but not gonna happen.
No. 13972 ID: 1ac39d

i mean, with portals we don't need extra fuel and we can mine from planets with a mothership by sending down a giant mining bot with a portal gate and it just sends all the material to the ship directly so we don't need to have it stop and wait for a cargo container to get it all.

and i mean generators as more power produced with less fuel. that's why i suggested dimensional tap, it provides unlimited power with zero fuel use... once it get's started up, not sure how much it takes to breach the dimensional void.
No. 14019 ID: 35cea2

Your mothership suggestion is interesting, but unfortunately there is no way a ship of your suggested size is feasible at the moment. I will tell you that the first is that you would need to research a massive-scale shipyard, which is 40 RP.

The suggested method of dropping rocks to bombard areas is viable. Dropships can carry loads up into space and then drop them on the planet, though this is very inaccurate and fairly weak compared to virtually every other form of bombardment we have available to us.
No. 14021 ID: 63ec27

so i saw the update. we can delay a civil/religious war but not stop it. id suggest making a few supercommandos and challenge surrounding noblesmen to estabilish peace while building up a army of bromeliad w/ breaker alloy researched. we will have war anyway =c

worse is that this can also means the breaker are on their way. we need to do more diplomacy to discover if they are simply stalling us.

ed what about the mobile resource ship? we could mine in the other moons with them.
No. 14028 ID: 1ac39d

i suggest we have a super-soldier with the advanced implants go around having duels with the champions of places. we may be able to get some mage test subjects that way. vist ten places and request to borrow a single mage for our victory and agree to any term they put forth for their victory. have it so our champion has only a loin-cloth and his re-breather to make it look like he has no technology helping him win. regardless of how they feel about our guy winning they will allow us a mage as not doing so would prove them to be less honorable then us which would put a huge damper on them claiming to be the good guys.
No. 14032 ID: 0fc814
File 12713107682.png - (3.75KB , 220x220 , huge_lab.png )

What lab?
No. 14069 ID: 717301

How much would it cost to research some kind of explorator vessel or space observatory to check out the other star systems we have access to?
No. 14087 ID: 1ac39d

maybe we should get massive apartments before upgrading? small had 500, medium had 1500, large has 4500, massive should then have 13500, more then the entire population.
No. 14090 ID: bffb88

<Blaank> I know a great dick move to pull on those Dryad assholes.
<Blaank> We construct a sunshade and put that over their capitol
<Blaank> It's in space so they can't do shit about it.
<Blaank> It's also got a neon pink penis on the underside that would be visible in the sky but not bright enough to give any useful light.
No. 14093 ID: 0fc814

That doesn't sound especially useful. We can just make a few regular buildings and it'll be exactly the same.

This, on the other hand, sounds like a solid investment.
No. 14094 ID: 7f46a5

dont tell me a plot device from the simpsons pleased you.

i mean, seriosuly. even if we make it at the optimal distance between the sun and the planet it would be too much metal.

i bet they will get a brand new spell against space born targets. or worse, breaker shows up.

you think we can afford a very slow battleship/cruiser build up?
No. 14095 ID: 0fc814

Large Orbital Factories, plus the max ground assistance, can produce 36 BP per month. They cannot cooperate. This means that constructing a battleship will take seven solid years.

So, no, I don't think we should start one. It probably won't get finished.
No. 14096 ID: 7f46a5

you know what is sad? i already knew of that. worse is, we cant get a new carrier too.

my original research plan seems better, a sample orbital bomb, micro nukes and then breaker alloy. we need to mass produce bro-bot and train soldier+commandos.
No. 14098 ID: c8f87e

Why would the Dryads agree to something like that?

They're the good guys because their good says they are. That is all, so long as they follow his teachings they will remain the good guys.

Orbitol bombs are good, the rest not so good. Breaker alloys require superconducters, and we really don't have alot of those. Nukes need readiactive materials, something we don't have alot of either.

Groundforces isn't really something we need right now either. In a war against the Dryads we could simply pull back to Ryxix, and with a good coverage of combat air patrols and orbiting ships overhead we can make damn sure that no ships will be able to appraoch us. We could also use our carrier to bombard every large dryad city on the planet in case of a war. We need to build out a better industry more then we need military atm.
No. 14099 ID: 7f46a5

>Why would the Dryads agree to something like that?
its their culture. they dont have massive scale combats because their leaders duel to solve matters.

we either have a short term victory or push them against psycholord's ideal to get a long term victory.

>Breaker alloys require superconducters, and we really don't have alot of those
i agree but it may not be a choice. i dont want to discover we are building on the moons to suddenly see breaker scout ships or some other LOLDAMAGEIMMUNE crap coming from anything that serves psycholord.

>Nukes need readiactive materials
wich is why we are makin mini nukes =3

>carrier to bombard
can it? because we went over a lengthy ordeal to pull a crappy overloaded railgun to get orbital strikes. why hasnt this stated before? or is our carrier incomplete?

>We need to build out a better industry more then we need military atm.
i also agree with this, but we need to make things effective and powerful instead of simply a lot of things.

if the breaker shows up its all over, if the dryad attack we would have either duels involving supercommandos and mages or some sort of unorganized civil war, if the other civilization gets to us we may have a entirely new problem involving even more weird cultures with "gifts" from psycholord.

the idea of a BS so early in game was to literally coast military for tech and pop growth. 20 tactical missiles a turn would be like 20 interceptors with the orbital bombardment system anyway, we could as well clear a small continent for us.

...say what about a build plan of 20~30 months for BS or carrier? that is 15~10 BP for each month. we cant really put so much resource on it anyway.
No. 14101 ID: 1ac39d

yes, carrier can use it's guns to bombard the ground. it said so way back in the first thread.
No. 14102 ID: c8f87e

I mean why would they agree to duel us? Their leaders would have no obligation to do so. And why would they agree to such terms?

We don't have the industry to build up a fleet that would be able to resist even if we had better weapons. What we have now is more than good enough to deal with either Dryads or the Natives at UB.

Mini nukes are still nukes, they should still require radioactive materials to work. We could just make Fuel air bombs and still get a 4.5 kiloton yield, without the problem of using our precious uranium.

The wear on the carriers railguns are quite a bit higher when bombarding ground targets. But it has been able to do so since the start. Been mentioned several times I think.

Droid soldiers aren't going to be as effective as human ones. There is also a limit on how many we can manage. Our most important problem is our lack of population. I think that's what we need to focus most on at the moment.
No. 14103 ID: 1ac39d

we could offer to leave the planet as our side of the duel.
'you win, we leave forever, we win, you give us a mage'
can you tell me that they wouldn't jump at the chance to get rid of us in a way they know of?
No. 14106 ID: c8f87e

I don't think they would believe us. And I certainly don't think they would allow us to take a mage no matter what we bet.

I think they might even be heavily insulted by the suggestion. It would imply that we think one of our people is the social and martial equal of one of their nobles.
No. 14107 ID: 1ac39d

that would also help us.they would be insulted and would try to prove that they are better.
if we approach them from a position of having more honor then them they would feel they need to fix that. no mater what they pick they lose. they refuse combat then they lose honor, they agree but back out of their side of the deal they lose trust, they agree and we get the mage then we get a mage to run our research on. attempting this is a win-win. no mater what happens we get something.
No. 14108 ID: c8f87e

In their eyes we have no honor. We're not worthy enough to challenge them and definately not equal in social standing to even the lowest of the lowest sewer cleaners. We are not people to them.

If you get challanged to a fight with a dog would you accept? Would anyone think less of you because you didn't want to fight with a stupid animal?

For us a challenge would likely be lose-lose. They would be even more pissed off at us and we would have gained nothing.
No. 14109 ID: 1ac39d

really? they say no, we back away and what? they try to kill us? we asked to challenge them in one on one combat, the very way they settled all battles in the past. we could also have a few fights without bets with regular implant guys to help them blow off some steam. they get to fight us without risking starting a war, could cool some tension.
No. 14111 ID: 7f46a5

>orbital rails
fine, forget it. i just wanted a spare sub capital ship to pwn stuff.

no its not like that. if we get in trouble with them, THEY duel us. its NOT a bet, its a discussion with a duel. we can challenge them but we lack "noblesmen", so its actualy safer to make them duel us. (why do i keep thinking in yu-gi-oh?)

if we simply state that we will duel him he can simply deny because there is no situation to disarm. if we stir crap up (like, kidnap low level mages for the test or analyze the anomaly anyway) THEY will duel us. we win and the matter is settled, they win and we have to give to their conditions.

only if we mass attack the population they MAY attempt to form a militia against us, at that point, they would be at disvantage even if they can somehow attack the carrier on space (yknow, for paranoia's sake).

i just remembered that psycholord has a mechanism to set evolution back. if he uses it on us we may have problems since we would lose gengineered population and possibly implanted soldiers.

and the bro-bots are a expendable soldier that we can afford NOW. they are made of tecnology wich disrupts magic. they dont need to be effective, we just need them to fill in the front ranks.
No. 14120 ID: c8f87e

We hold the orbitals and have complete air superiority. If we just add some nifty reacon satellites and move out of New Monument we can keep our population very safe without needing an expendable force.

We can bomb out every major city for them, burn every large area of crops and sow it with chemicals to make sure there won't be anything growing there. And they woulnd't be able to do shit to stop us. No need to get that extreme though, we could just sink every ship that gets near Ryxix and make sure they have to way to get at us.

In short we have no need for expendable ground forces. Having some might be nice, but we have more important things to spend resources on now.
No. 14121 ID: a6ca77


Ok...I'm not getting it. You're going to have to start from square one with me to explain you're reasoning why these guys would duel us under any scenario, because I have no clue what you're trying to say.

I agree with the other guys that we absolutely should not go to war on the ground. We will lose. Dryads have a population estimated at around 5 billion. If we assume only 1% of all those people are mages/fighters, we would still have to fight 50 million people. If we further assume that we are only fighting a few tribes out of all of them, maybe we would be a force of 5 million.

We have about 3000 infantry and 1000 vehicles for our military. So let's say we do a massive ramp up to 50,000 vehicles + military personnel.

Even if we do such a massive build up, we would be facing a 100:1 ratio of their fighters to our fighters. I don't care how incompetent you are at tactics/strategy...If they want to win, they will win at that point.
No. 14122 ID: c8f87e

Sure if we fight it stupid and stand out in the open slugging it out with them. If we simply use precision orbital bombardment and spy sattelites to utterly destroy any armies they collect then they can't really do much.

We could also light up the rainforests and burn down their crops without them being able to stop us. Because we have complete air superiority as well as hold the orbitals. Anywhere we feel like striking on the surface we can strike. If they decide to fuck with us I quite confident we could reduce their population by 60% or more in quite a short time.

Unless we fight in a stupid way there is no chance in hell that they would win a war against us. Still it would be annoying and we might take losses and it would probably hurt our industry. So lets avoid it if we can. One good way to avoid it is to stop pestering the Dryads that want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with us. Move over everything to Ryxix and send out some patrols to look for a better planet.
No. 14123 ID: 0fc814

>Dryads have a population estimated at around 5 billion.
No, that was that other planet.

>So let's say we do a massive ramp up to 50,000 vehicles + military personnel.
Yeah, good luck with that. The whole population is 12,000.

Maybe with clone tanks we can start increasing it faster, but it'll take a long time.

Also, we're just gonna abandon New Monument. Preferably without telling them.

We'll tear all the buildings down and plant earth trees, and then when the locals eventually get the nerve to climb the wall, they'll be all...

...well, probably still frothing at the mouth over how much they hate us, honestly.

The important part is that we'll have most of the population at Ryxix. If they want to attack us it'll be like the fleet scene from 'Troy' plus operation crossroads.
No. 14124 ID: a6ca77


Ok...I've been reading over this post again. Let me see if I've got your argument correct.

Here's what the series of events you think will occur:

1) We stir some low-level shit up.
2) They will want to duel us.
3a) If we win, "the matter is settled" and they will just forget about the whole thing.
3b) If they win, we will have to "give to their conditions"

Ok...I see three problems with this train of thought...

1) How do you make the leap from step 1 to step 2? I think you're making some large assumptions on how they will react. How do we know that they will not just go to an all out war or something as a response? From what I've seen, they are barely tolerating us at this point. Give them a reason and they will want us gone.

2) Ok. Assume that for some reason we do get into a duel to solve this. What guarantees do we have that they will "drop it" if we win? If they dislike us this much...they'll probably just say the contest is void. Even if they do agree that the matter is settled, there will probably be hard feelings from them towards us. No one likes to lose, especially if the loss is toward someone you already have a low opinion of...

3) Assume we duel, and scenario 3b occurs. We lose. You explain in your post that we would "have to give to their conditions"... I believe that this is an almost crazy amount of simplification. There is no reason to believe that whatever "conditions" they give will be acceptable/feasible for us. What happens when they demand something we can't give? We say no and we've pissed them off more...thereby ruining any chance of goodwill. If we say yes, we will have given up something that is important to us.

This is the reason for my earlier post about how I can't understand your reasoning. Am I missing something? (I am quite tired tbh. Not enough sleep...so I may be missing something important.) I just feel that your description of the scenario as it is uses way too many assumptions for us to be comfortable with.
No. 14127 ID: a6ca77


My apologies. I made a mistake here. If there are less dryads than the chance of winning a ground war is much higher of course. However, slugging it out in a ground war even with equal number as them would not be great, considering we have no idea what their magic can do.


Exactly. The point of my post was to try and show how even if we devoted all of our resources to ground units only and tried to "slug it out" with them, we would still lose. My post was tried to show the futility of a large ground war and therefore advocate the build up of air/space superiority, which is similar to what you suggested.

However, with the recent correction that the numbers I used were incorrect, my example is largely invalid.

In the end, I still support air/space superiority for a war over ground forces, because the dryads will literally not be able to fight back if we use this strategy.
No. 14128 ID: 1ac39d

that's why i want to challenge them first. it avoids point one. and then puts the ball in our court as no mater what happens we break even.

1: we challenge them
2a: they refuse, we back off and don't bring it up again. they lose honor for turning down a challenge, or nothing at all happens because they don't care.
2b: they accept, we send in a ringer with major implants and beat the guy soundly. and ask for mages.
3a: they refuse, they lose moral high ground or don't care.
3b: they accept, we get our tests done.
No. 14131 ID: 7524b0

Hey, could we research cleaner Nukes? The big boom is nice but the radioactivity left behind sucks.
No. 14132 ID: 7f46a5

it simply goes to the point that they DONT know how to peform large scale war. a global war for them will die in the logistic department, a few orbital strikes will literally stop whatever works.

i already went over on how a radical change can possibly trhow them in a multiple war front with their supposed allies in the border.

their culture works like that thanks to psycholord. ed says so in >>/quest/161050 wich led me to think that >>/quest/161067 is a actual scenario if war is to happen due to psycholord's will.
No. 14133 ID: a6ca77


How confident are we that we can beat these guys one on one. Sending in a ringer for us is the only smart thing to do...but if they send in a ringer as well... What wins? Our tech or their magic?

If they win the duel, what's our plan for that situation?
No. 14134 ID: 7f46a5

also there are 2 facts i forgot to put in it:

-the counter-evolution device may work on us,either killing us all, killing those that are gengineered and/or killing those with implants

-the anomaly can be nuked to end magic prematurely (wich means we wont study it).

also its possible that ending magic will end all life on planet due to every being on the planet needing magical muscle enhacement.

we really should research magic instead of nuking that site.
No. 14135 ID: 1ac39d

what could they do to a guy to make him ringer? pump him so full of magic that he craps lightning? ed has said that a guy with minor implants is able to hold his own against a warrior in one on one battle, a guy with major would crush them. also, he is going to be a commando so he not only has raw power but more skill then you could shake a native tree at.
No. 14136 ID: a6ca77


Hmm...ok. I can see where you are coming from now.

With my wrong numbers the example in >>323921
is invalid. I made that post trying to demonstrate to you that investing bp/rp into bros and small arms wasn't going to be as effective as pouring it into space/air assets (given that we are doing a large scale war).

As for the other post (>>323924
), thanks for pointing (>>/quest/161050) out. Like I said, I can see your train of thought now. However, I still think my 3 concerns still stand. What Ed has told us applies is valid for Dryad to Dryad relations. I think we need more research to be sure that the chain of events you propose will happen in the manner you described, before we start any low-level shit.
No. 14137 ID: 7f46a5

well, a soldier with a minor implant equals them in strenght, assuming we get guns and armor we should stand about equal thanks to their magics. considering some of them are warriors and that the noblesmen that gaved us this land had weapons in his room, we should manage to use equiepment with diplomacy and smacktalk.

our commandos are however better trained and the augmented implant also gives a internal armor+better strength along with other sweet aditions. id say we can get something like 75%~100% victory rate if we pump some of those.
No. 14138 ID: a6ca77


Yes, that is exactly what I'm worried about. Make no mistake. If we lose and they demand something we aren't willing to give just once, our reputation will drop like a stone.

The reason that I was concerned about this is b/c I was under the impression that Ed's factoid (about how our minor implant infantry = Dryad warrior) was only talking about averages. I would think that just as our major implant commando trained warriors are not our average soldier that they would have something similar.
No. 14140 ID: 7f46a5

in my original plan we were supposed to wait until psycholord tells them to attack, however they seem to already loathe us. we kinda need to take the lead on either peacemaking or warmaking.

moving the pop to rys may be a good idea, we can abandon monument completely. i also agree we should develop space weapons but we still need a small troop. remember the bro-bot also have anti-magic effects on the doobie druids.

nukes and simple orbital bombardment system can be devastating if they decide to get smart, but we should not rule out a little dude with magic enought to ruin everything.
No. 14188 ID: 4291b2

Honestly I think we should just write off the Dryad assholes. We're not going to be able to convince them to like us or cooperate with us. Lets just take our stuff, go to Ryxix and play isolation until they decide they want to talk to us or we find a better planet.

And please can we send our commandos to school? It's the best way to investigate the anomaly installation. Commandos currently lack the training to be able to investigate it in a scientific manner, they do however have the training to be able to reach the place and get in there without being noticed. Our scientists can't do that. So lets make our commandos into scientists and get some solid information out of the place. It's not like they're doing anything useful now anyway.
No. 14191 ID: 7524b0

Well, training commandos would be great, if it didn't take 4 years to learn to be a Worker, and 4 years for a Worker to learn to be a Professional.

So basically we'd have to wait 8 years for the commandos to become profs.

I'd kinda like to research the anomaly building before that.
No. 14193 ID: 0fc814

Also, we need 50 professionals at the anomaly, and have only 20 commandos.

Also, that's a silly idea anyway. These guys would have to train constantly like a Dragonball Z fan character to maintain such a broad skillset.
No. 14206 ID: 1569b3

how about we attempt to make a carrier in a 20 turn base on iron town?

if we need to evacuate a carrier would be better that the equivalent in planetary shuttles, a small but steady construction of something this big would really help with morals case we need to hit the deck one more time.
No. 14207 ID: 0fc814

With present technology, a carrier will take over eight years to build, no matter what.
No. 14213 ID: 1ac39d

so multiple orbital factories can't work on the same thing? if not then we need a massive factory to generate Bp at a good rate.
No. 14214 ID: 1569b3

the large orbital does 9 BP with aid is up to 27, so even at peak building and material facilities we would have about 12 months to make a carrier. if we make it work with 15 BP we have a build plan of about 20 months + w/e it takes to gather resources, but if we cant pull the material from any kind of surplus its worthless.

then there is the crew. a carrier could have a lot of interceptors, we could go all battlestar galactica and build better interceptors with the micro nukes and orbital bombing system.
No. 14216 ID: 1ac39d

um... a carrier is 3500 Bp, not 350.

so at 15 a month it would take 200 months.
No. 14268 ID: 7524b0

>200 months

Looks like researching the Massive Orbital Factory could be a good idea.

Hey, speaking of researching specific things...

How much RP would it cost to research ships that can carry Medium or Large buildings inside them? I kinda want to make our space travel more efficient.
No. 14269 ID: 1ac39d

or how about cutting out the middle man and just strap rockets to the build?

lol, jk.
but we need to do something like that. ships that are built directly into the building not a carrying case with a building stuffed into it. like a science ship that is basically a large lab with armor plates and a thruster on it, re-shaped to work right.
No. 14282 ID: 0fc814

>Looks like researching the Massive Orbital Factory could be a good idea.
Maybe. We're kinda out of workers, yet will need more to start up our Gestation Tank program soon. More workers will finish training in 10 months, on the bright side. But even then, we'll be really up against the wall when it comes to man-hours.

Professionals, on the other hand... Thanks to a rather lopsided training queue, we have a fair shitton of those guys. Enough to staff 6 Large Labs with plenty left over for other tasks. A Massive Lab may be a solid investment.

>but we need to do something like that. ships that are built directly into the building not a carrying case with a building stuffed into it
That would be nice, but given how incredibly expensive and time consuming the large ships are (as well as the small ships, via retconning) I think our best bet there is just to increase the speed of the fleet via faster warp drives. If we can't make time in transit more usefully spent, at least we can spend less time in transit.

...the first cruiser we're building has a scanner jammer instead of a ships-go-faster device, but that just seemed prudent for detested nomads like ourselves.
No. 14284 ID: 1ac39d

so we can have a scanner-jammer or a coat of red paint? why are they mutually exclusive?

but, serious now, what about a medium factory add on that attaches to the side of the carrier? while it couldn't make big ships it could make more little ships while in transit.
No. 14285 ID: 0fc814

Each cruiser can carry only one special gadget.
No. 14286 ID: 1ac39d

i can't tell if you are joking back or are serious. i just said paint the ship red to make it go faster, kinda obvious joke...
No. 14288 ID: 0fc814

I assumed you were just saying 'red paint' because you forgot what the real name was.

Like how I call it a 'gofaster machine' because I forget what the real name was.
No. 14294 ID: 0fc814

Let's look at this situation with a fresh eye.

We have these aliens who hate us and won't cooperate, and they have things we want but won't give them to us, and they're openly allied with people who we are at war with.

Also, our population is now on a island, instead of being stuck right in the jungle where they can sneak up on us.

I think, at this point, the only real reason we haven't declared war is because we don't want to prove their prophecy correct. But that's not a very objective assessment of the situation.

Now that we're somewhere they can't get to as easily, we should seriously consider just saying 'fuck you' and sending an anomaly expedition. When they start attacking us, we'll hopefully take ten mage prisoners.
No. 14295 ID: 54af1f


I think you're kind of right actually. . . though do we want to wait till we've got the moon gun online and stuff?
No. 14298 ID: 1569b3

i belive ed said we CAN equip a medium building in a carrier. unfortunadely im not sure if he said there would be space for anything else.

a go for the anomaly invasion could be done if we get some basic failsafe:

a orbital bombardment system. we wont even need micro nukes. if they scramble large forces agains us, attack supplies and GTFO

a commando for battling whatever noble tries to solve this "yu-gi-oh" style.

we also need a small ocupational force that may not attract too much attention and some means to keep the researchers safe.

we must also consider that the proximity to the anomaly will shut it down by itself.
No. 14299 ID: 1569b3

also forgot of the economical way. we should try to trade the rigth to research the anomaly with anything we can make.

with any lucky we find a drug and they let us do it.
No. 14300 ID: 0fc814

Yeah, you're right. We should probably build up some more boom from space first.

Also, we spent so long getting our research into high gear. Might as well spend another few months unlocking neat techs before we commit.

I'm looking forward to seeing what these gestation tanks can do.
No. 14301 ID: 54af1f

Yeah, and breaker alloy if possible.
No. 14302 ID: 1ac39d

perhaps get DNA samples of the fauna and build a super-megabeast that easily consumes lesser beasts. problem is figuring how to keep it from succumbing to bloodlust... perhaps give it an infusion of dog like loyalty? build a catapult to launch a giant tennis ball to play fetch with it. but then that leads to another problem, how much 'beast chow' would it need? 1000 peoples worth of food?
No. 14305 ID: 1569b3

yes, FFS, we need breaker alloy.

and lastly, i dont think we can simply gengineer like that. we barely got a working clone tech.
No. 14306 ID: 1569b3

also if we develop a memory saving implant, implants to control complex mechanism and a inertia-less pod, we will be officially playing spreadsheet offline =3
No. 14307 ID: 1ac39d

Ed said
>GESTATION TANKS: Allows construction of the gestation tanks building. Nonworkers can be created at them. Enables the DESIGN NEW LIFEFORM tech.

so yes, we can make a greater beast.
No. 14308 ID: 1569b3

after that tech is done.

i bet its like 250RP since this could allow us to terraform anything
No. 14310 ID: 0fc814

>i bet its like 250RP since this could allow us to terraform anything
What? No it wouldn't.
No. 14311 ID: 1ac39d

it would let us terraform dead planets that are in a star's green belt. if it's not in that area then it would simply be too hot or too cold to sustain life.. mars, for example, is right on the outer edge of the sun's green belt. it would be hard, but doable, to terraform it. venus and mercury, on the other-hand, are too close to ever work.
No. 14312 ID: 0fc814

>it would let us terraform dead planets that are in a star's green belt.
That kind of thing would probably take massive resources and thousands of years.

And it's not like designing new life forms would be the key to that. We already have a catalog of life forms from Earth and Ithaka.
No. 14314 ID: 1ac39d

that's where the gene engineering comes in. just make a few seeds of SUPER GRASS that grows at ludicrous speed and spreads even faster. put them all over the place so that in like 3 years the entire planet is covered in grass. once the oxygen get's high enough we can land and use the rebreathers we used on the gester planet. we then engineer bushes, then trees.

if we are still not at war with the dryads by that time then it would make an incredible statement to them as we brought life to a lifeless planet, while, as far as we know, the breakers have only destroyed them. it may cause a few of them to break away from the religion. none of the super high lvl ones that have a line to torus, but a couple mages and a few warriors.
No. 14317 ID: 0fc814

>that's where the gene engineering comes in. just make a few seeds of SUPER GRASS that grows at ludicrous speed and spreads even faster.
Why are you assuming that what we make is going to defy the laws of biology like that? We need a ton of RP just to make a lame old plague.
No. 14318 ID: 1ac39d

we are currently on a planet that defies the laws of biology. the dryads are stronger then biology should allow for their frame.
No. 14319 ID: 1ac39d

oh, and it may be prudent to do a test run with just making a regular dog. since, if it is barely functional they could ave drastically shortened lifespans o something.
No. 14324 ID: 1569b3

this planet is magical. every creature already HAS the equivalent of a minor implant. for us to make something like a giang beast eating beast, we would need to make a tiranosaur equivalent and then jacking him with major implants.
No. 14325 ID: 0fc814

I don't know why everyone's wildly speculating about stuff we're going to be told in the next update.

A better idea would be to start thinking up more reasonable critters to design. Y'know, worker critters, soldier critters, etc.
No. 14326 ID: 1ac39d

fine... actually can't think of any. let's just use them as human clone bays until we get more genetic engineering so more fantastical things can be made. would it be star wars clone-trooper way? with coming out of the pod as a baby and mass growth rate enhancement so they grow to full size in only a few years. or grown to full size in the tank then decanted?
No. 14329 ID: 1569b3

we should not do this. unless you are thinking on specialized super pets, we should plan for either a master race or a amalgama of some sort. a zergling could be a interesting bioweapon for example, we set a man-eating plague in a planet and already have the plague to kill them designed.

a casted alliance can suffer segregation and civil war. a war type body may not have a choice to become a professional, maybe he will use the only thing he knows and rebel against the government. space sergals can work together with better results, it would be like the borg but biological!

also we could consider smalltime alterations to adapt to specific planet conditions.
No. 14330 ID: 1ac39d

oh, yes. let's have this batch of humans altered so they don't need special equipment to breath the air. for all we know humans can use magic it's just the dryad guy never ran into one not wearing a re-breather so he couldn't get any magic reading.
No. 14331 ID: 0fc814
File 127164368459.jpg - (158.71KB , 500x500 , No_Saddler.jpg )

>also we could consider smalltime alterations to adapt to specific planet conditions.
No. 14336 ID: 1ac39d

from the image of guys working in space on the latest update i think magnetic boots would increase productivity. the design would have several safety devices that make it so no one can get launched into space.

when both feet are attached to a surface the primary lock disengages and the boots can be lifted. if one foot is up the other one cannot be lifted. secondary locks are disengaged by applying upward pressure to the boot.
so from a standing start: a guy begins to lift one leg and pull while the other foot pushes. the lifting leg has the primary off because both feet are on the ground and the secondary is triggered and the boot disengages. the other boot get's locked down because one foot is in the air. when he puts that foot down the primary lock disengages and he lifts his other foot. for extra safety a tertiary lock could be in place that prevents jumping by locking when both secondaries are disengaged at the same time.
No. 14337 ID: 0fc814

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but... Come on!

You guys are jumping between talking about magic grass that can terraform an entire planet through complete handwavium, to obvious stuff like magnetic boots. How about we focus on things that are actually relevant?

We can plan on whether to focus more on computers, or genetic engineering, or reverse engineering. We can make neat buildings, or vehicles, or ships, and now we can even make new entire species. (But not magical grass)

Get your heads in the game!
No. 14338 ID: 1ac39d

gah!!! now i can't stop thinking about that song from high school musical!

we don't know if we can't make terra-grass.

to Ed: can we make Terra grass?
No. 14342 ID: 283408

I think we should just make them normal human babies. They will grow up as normally as cloned kids can and then become normal adults. It will take a bit longer, but I think the problems you can get with accelerated growth makes the longer road the better one.
No. 14343 ID: bcf25c

We should make raptors that pee cocaine.
No. 14344 ID: 283408

That's for the "We won against all odds and eradicated all resistance" party.
No. 14345 ID: 701a19

Find out what the resource cost would be to create Tozols, then do it.
Following that, research a way to get a squad or two past breaker ship defenses and onto their ships.
Mass produce both, but the Tozol need to be treated like Citizens. Use rapid growth technology to create the first generation, but engineer their natural reproduction systems to be more normal for enhanced reliability.
No. 14346 ID: 1ac39d

Tozols probably cost 10000Rp or something. especially considering penji is operating at like 20% strength. a full power one could.... yeah.
No. 14349 ID: 7524b0

What would it cost to research, say... an organic battle-tank? Or an organic SHIP?
No. 14354 ID: 1ac39d

that would be pretty cool. would it be plant like, or animal like?
No. 14357 ID: 963a62

Could we make normal humans who learn faster? That would help with the personnel problem in the long run.
No. 14358 ID: 1ac39d

you know, i am having a very niggling feeling that right after warp 2 is teleporters...
No. 14359 ID: 1569b3

terra grass is a good idea.

a critter plague in 2 sizes:
-small flying rat: a rat sized cricket designed to eat and breed like there is no tomorrow. comes with a plague designed to kill it
-zergling rush: a man sized beast that eats and breeds like fuck. also comes with a plague desinged to end them.

-alliance hyoomans: something genetically compatible with all of us. must work without creating infertile types[spoilers]feel free to call me furry[/spoiler]

-supahyoomans: resistance to metal poisoning, strengthned organs, fur, smarter, ease to operate for medical purposes, hability to eat anything organic hey look, its a watered down furry space marine!
No. 14361 ID: 1569b3

blogs dammit, i forgot:

-a cute critter to please the population. it must be cuddleful, easy to care, abut cat-sized and edible

and the two plagues should be used together. the small type should serve as food for the big type.
No. 14363 ID: a6ca77


This is a good idea. Is there any tech that would allow us to speed training somehow? Some kind of sleep learning tech? Or something like what Neo does in the Matrix?
No. 14365 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, that would be a nice way of speeding things up. jam a thing in their brain, press go and they know kung-fu.
No. 14367 ID: a6ca77


Now that I think about it...we could probably do this. We would need something like genetic engineering 6 and Computing Systems 6 as prerequisites or something...but definitely possible.

Also, Does anyone know if researching more advanced computing systems give us an RP boost eventually? Or did it already happen but I missed it? I just think that if we have supercomputers we should be able to speed research along using simulations...
No. 14369 ID: 1569b3

if we cant simply desing smarter humans (extended brain, more efficient brain cells, w/e) we should run down the implants looking for a learning/intelligence implant.
No. 14372 ID: 54af1f

Stuff to clone!
Nike Series transhuman

1: enhanced senses and intelligence
2: built in enhanced strength/skeletal implants
3: Wireless human/machine interface to link up with computers and so on (design the brain so it works)
4: camouflage skin
5: attractive so humans don't freak out about them so much
No. 14373 ID: 35cea2

Just a note to you all when genetically engineering a human-like being: Remember that, despite its flaws, humanity is extremely well adapted and efficient. You can't just say "Hey, I want humans, only better.". There will be tradeoffs, and the more abilities you try to stuff into an organism, the more crippling the drawbacks become. It becomes a matter of what you are willing to trade.
Are you willing to give up agility for endurance?
Senses for mental capacity?
Creativity for social skills?

With less advanced lifeforms this becomes less of a problem, but there will still be some limits.

Already got magnetic boots.

Well, you can't make a plant like that, as different climates will always be a problem. If you just want to cover the desert, you can make a hardy grass that can spread as fast as it will allow, but the lack of water and soil will make the progress very slow. (25 RP)

If you want Tozols, I'm gonna need someone to list their abilities.

Now that is a rather interesting idea. Be more specific and I will tell you if it is feasible or not.

Increased learning comes at a sacrifice of either social adaptability (Morale Penalty) or creative ability (When staffing a lab, you get a research penalty)

Flying rat: (75 RP), they will be able to consume plant life at a rapid pace, but don't expect them to survive well in varying climates. Also, some predators can pose a problem to their growth.
Zergling rush: (75 RP), they will be strong and able to eat most anything, but they won't have as great physical endurance or much intelligence.
A plague engineered to wipe these species will cost (50 RP)
Alliance Humans: No idea what you mean here.
Superhumans: Increased physical endurance means they will be more sluggish in movements. Be more specific when you say "Smarter". Fur is pointless.
Cute critter: We can clone Earth cats, dogs and other pets instead. People prefer having something that reminds them of Earth anyways.

1: Be more specific when you state "More intelligence". Also better senses comes at a cost of logical ability.
2: Okay
3: We don't have neural implants like that yet.
4: A camo skin that can change could be useful in some tactical applications, but if it is just going to be one color then the effect might be better replicated by greasepaint or camo clothing.
5: Okay
Refine your suggestion and I'll give you an RP on that.
No. 14375 ID: 54af1f

1: Higher IQ for more intelligence, the quick and dirty way of doing this is just to increase brainsize though it'll give them funny looking heads. Could you tell me why having more sensative eyes and ears hurts logical abilities? And is it possible to just extend senses (like say, being able to see infra-red) without hurting logical processing?
3: What do we need to do to get neural implants?
4: Ok, a camo skin that changes is awesome if we can make it
No. 14376 ID: 1569b3

my google fu is weak. i am looking at a unit in M.A.X. 2. it is a biotank that was remotely controlled, maybe.

it has thousand of tiny feet to move, he used a carapace to protect itself and the main cannon was a ion gun of some sort. so we could do something like:

-huge beast, about 200ton
-muscles that generate huge amount of eletricity
-a main cannon that can "spew" the eletric energy
-a carapace that grows forever from the skin of the beast
-a obedient but protective personality. female should be utterly protective of humans and the likes. the males must be literally powerless but pretty if we ever make them, since its likely they would fight us for male superiority.
-they must have a somewhat slow natural breed rate, since we should train them instead of just breed them like cattle. so if shit hits the fan we can make some males and drop them in a planet with a dozen of them.

i almost found a sccreenshot:
No. 14378 ID: 8ef1e8

People, I know that it's great fun to play around with our spanking new cloning tanks. But I think we should keep it simple. Stay with baseline humans, only increase immune system, regenerative abilities and try to get rid of crippling genetic defects. That should also give us longer lived humans.

Once we have better production of SC and more built up medical infrastructure as well as made them safer. Then we can also start making babies with minor implants in them and give them out to our population as a whole.

If you want something to use right now that could be fun/useful then we can simply clone a few of the normal megabeasts. We just put an implant in their head that allows us to remotley trigger aggression. The fun part comes from the fact that these ones will be immune to mind control. Imagine the look on a dryad mages face when he comes to calm the rampaging beast and discovers it's immune to magic. Ok it's not very useful, but it's dickish like hell.
No. 14381 ID: 54af1f

Actually, rereading Ed's post it seems like rather than trying to make Ubermenchan at this point, we should be making a series of highly specialized life forms.

With that in mind let's go for the following

1: a floating research brain thing that's super good at science even if it's crap at everything else
2: enhanced troops (built in enhancement upgrades, better reflexes, better senses) with less creativity and abstract intelligence, but a good ability to follow plans and perform the right action in a situation.

The second will serve as grunt troops, with normal humans as squad sergeants. Grunts don't need creativity.
No. 14382 ID: 0fc814

Okay, so we can't really make anything better than humans. Any advantage will be countered by some kind of serious disadvantage, so there's not really much point in making things that aren't humans.

With more levels in Genetic Engineering, might we be able to make better creatures later?
No. 14383 ID: 1569b3
File 127171796571.jpg - (92.25KB , 640x480 , 211179.jpg )

>increase immune system, regenerative abilities and try to get rid of crippling genetic defects.

that IS about what genetic engineering IV would give us...

the tank is the 4 units on the left of the highlighted unit on the pic.

the "alliance humans" would work as a genetical joker. we can make them and insert them into our society, and they would not have problem breeding with human, dryand, gester or the likes. its literally something to baseline everyone into if we can eventually gengineer other live people.

so we cant just spew supersoldier. im affraid to make a new type of breaker, so i suppose we should wait for GE IV.


so, can we (eventually) make:
-enhaced organs at the cost of no ribcage/weak ribcage. better heart, lungs able to work in low and adverse atmosphere, liver the size of a basketball to filter poisons, spleen to do what spleens do better, etc. the downside of it is they will always need armor but its ok since we got implants that does that. when not manning BRIC's anyway.

-better inteligece at the cost of colorblindness. may be too much and entirely unrelated, but considering everything, we can adapt our technology to suit this disvantage. if colorblindness wont fit, how about a extended back of the skull?

-eye acuity at the cost of having animu eyes. maybe. or maybe 4 eyes. who knows, 6 could be FUN. night vision can be provided by equiepment, having 6 eyes can also be really useful, a bit of trainning and you are aiming with 4 eyes, using the 2 spare for the HUD in your helmet.

-for the sake of 4~6 eyes, a "long face" like a sergal. a extended nose canal to also improve sense of smell, teeth adjusted to eat raw meat and vegetables alike, along with actual man-made food. this way they wont look hideously hilarious and their helmet will look partially aerodynamic/stylish. ears will have to remain human-like because we are not making ear casing in helmets, but we could work with some sort of elf like ear if it fits inside the helmet. they must also look "cool" for the population to accept them.

-enhaced dexterity/reflex. we dont need strenght, we use GUNS. i dunno what that would cost. muscle strenght? we already got implants on the line. if the implanted strenght totals the average between a soldier with implants and a common soldier, im sold.

-the fur was a means to control temperature and have a natural padding. if it comes to be we can even make it fire resistant with the right powder. so if we find a naturally warm or cold planet we could ignore part of its harshness, if someone uses heat weapons against us, we should resist a bit more. also added style.so furry =c and we kinda need the eye/face thing, its almost a space sergal

this was considering what we know of technology so far and also considering we WILL use this on civilians when we can.

we may get health problems due to the ribcage, but if they are generally accepted by the population we may eventually insert them into society, later on we can offer the gengineering for civilians to turn into one if they so want to. worse of this is we may need to make body armor a necessity to every gengineered superhuman, and if they are not accepted by the society they will either "die" out or be transformed to humans. we may get a civil war on this.

i name this race "judicium hunc" or hungry justice in latin
No. 14384 ID: 1569b3

i do think we can use tecnology to counter the disvantages; this way if they revolt we have some sort of leverage for them not to.

once again i write too much. this is only 1 race. i expect the cost to be something like 500 RP asides the base need for minor implant
No. 14385 ID: 35cea2

You only have so much gray matter, and both sensory processing and cognitive thought takes up space. Increasing the size of the brain works, but remember that the brain consumes vast amounts of our energy.
Neural Implants is a research that will appear later in the tech tree.

A biotank that breeds is an interesting idea, but would likely make the vehicle/organism very inefficient. Also, the armor probably won't be quite as good, it will become susceptible to fatigue and it would require at least a few mechanical parts (No, you cant shoot a tank shell with a biological gun). (100 RP for a non-breeding type)

In the general populace, crippling genetic disorders are already screened out and the immune systems are boosted (though not until the point that autoimmune disorders become a problem). Regenerative abilities, however, is a viable engineering option (comes at a cost of a slight increased risk of problems while healing, but so long as they have access to a medical facility this shouldn't be a problem)
Controlling a megabeast with an implant will require Neural Implants tech, but an implant to simply reduce aggression on command should be feasible. (15 RP)

1. Due to the fact we have no idea how a human without a body would fare psychologically (probably not well), we cannot replace ALL the researchers with these. They could, however, be used in conjunction with regular professionals to increase the rate RP is gained. (100 RP)
2: Enhanced troops is a reasonable idea. (100 RP)

Yes, higher levels of GE would increase the things you can do with the gestation tanks.
No. 14386 ID: 54af1f

Could we get better designed eyes and stuff? Because human eyes aren't really that good a design right now.
No. 14387 ID: 1569b3

>A biotank that breeds is an interesting idea, but would likely make the vehicle/organism very inefficient. Also, the armor probably won't be quite as good, it will become susceptible to fatigue and it would require at least a few mechanical parts (No, you cant shoot a tank shell with a biological gun). (100 RP for a non-breeding type)

i wanst expecting to shoot shells with it '-' a electrical gun of some sort is already good enought.

what would be its status when compared to the AI counterpart?

also i did not know we could make enhaced healing, can we get it on the tanks with the disvangate of horrible healing scars? think EVA, but without the meat bubble returning to normal.

if the tank ends up the same but added healing then it becomes useful.

i once again would like to remember we should not make CASTES, unless you like civil war. a enhaced soldier would suck for our society, plus we would not be able to turn him into a worker.

so i guess my judicium hunc got the shaft =c
No. 14388 ID: ebe5a3


Regarding the morale/RP penalty for faster learning people, can you tell us roughly how fast they mature to learning/working age and how much faster they learn compared to normal humans?

Personally I'd go for the RP penalty, I think we have enough "standard" professionals to staff our labs, and "standard" workers to train to become "standard" professionals if need be.

Oh right, last thing, how quickly would we be able to expand our workforce using this method?
No. 14390 ID: 0fc814
File 127172165780.png - (105.12KB , 600x400 , sergarmor.png )

If we're going to make living tanks, we should design them for infantry-like advantages. Situational awareness, agility, reaction speed, able to go anywhere, etc.
No. 14391 ID: 81d28a

This looks legit. All in favour of Sergal tanks say Aye.

No. 14393 ID: 1569b3

we should not design subhumans...

oh thank god, i was already about to suggest ultralist or hydralisk. it seems a tank unit would fare better as a CQC superunit that a actual tank type.

also, im fairly confident we dont have the technology to make "that shoulder thing that goes up".
No. 14394 ID: f3de2f

No. 14399 ID: 1ac39d

the big thing that we need is a 'why', why do we need sergal tanks instead of regular tanks? what are the full set of advantages and weaknesses of it?
No. 14401 ID: 1569b3

apparently because the supersoldier cant be "made".

a organic tank can be useful if:
-can regenerate (not needed to be quick, but its nice to be able to)
-only needs food to "work" and thus can forage for it by itself
-can serve as a good guard/harzard/CQC unit.
-can breed with itself thus ensuring we wont use gestation tanks to make more units.

imagine a dog tank, they would be the army's pet. it would literally love the soldiers and the soldiers would love to have a pet dog the size of a truck that can chew megabeasts and shit lightining to protect them.

we could as well attempt to desing a tank-plague. it would literally maximize whatever we could get from tank units, a zerg queen would be deployed in a planet and it would spew eggs, the tanks would gather food for themselves and the queen.

pity that the only thing i got for them is a electric jolt. it would have poor accurancy and range since even the crappiest tank has very good optics, but as far as a unit that spends not even shells to attack, its quite good. if we give them claws and a killer bite, we got uselves a superCQC unit.
No. 14403 ID: ebe5a3

They aren't subhumans. They're equally capable as workers or managers (which I presume is what professionals are in the industrial buildings). I presume it's just that they're less creative, hence the RP penalty, and more capable of rote learning to support the increased learning rate.
No. 14405 ID: 1569b3

well, we seem to be able to make some sort of micro upgrades or macro exchanges. i suppose if we keep them humans and "normal" it should work.

we can make with apparent no penalty:
-minor regeneration
-exchange of creativity, sensorial capatibilities and intelligence.

so far the superhuman we can realistically design would have regeneration and no sense of smell/monochromatic sight for improved learning.

if we can stick improved dexterity and greater health it would be great. later on we check out what we can do to improve eye sight. i somehow liked the idea of a 6-eye-thin-sergal-like creature mainly designed to use full body armor/BRICs and still fit for research and the likes because its freaking smart.

if a increase in foood consumption is a drawnback for bigger brain, its also quite acceptable if it is in a 1:1 rate.
No. 14407 ID: a6ca77


Tbh, I doubt the food ratio will be anywhere near 1:1...it'll prob be more exponential or something...something has to limit these guys or else we would break the world by ruthlessly exploiting this exploit.
No. 14408 ID: 1569b3

>we can't say how magic works
>I don't see how the inhabitants of an entire planet could suddenly be given powers
well yeah.

mainly because there IS one entity behind it, so far you have to understand that its the same entity behind the breaker. the dryad leader received a message saying that a race would end their magic, they also support the breaker action on us because this entity said so.

EVERY BEING on the planet already has magic. even the megabeasts have the equivalent of strenghtened implants. its just the muscles, but we ought to consider that it IS possible. since the basic spells seem to be known to most due to the possibility that a strong magic user is born, even a peasant would be able to become the equivalent of a power infantry relatively easy.

>If such a super-magic-upgrade was really an option, why hasn't it happened already?
because psycholord does not know we are here. their society is so attached to the idea of noblehood=magic that its unlikely that even the peasants would like to see everyone of their race equally powerful.

>-nothing- has indicated that the mages of Grezt are capable of projecting their power that far
>Magic might be an active force all around, even in space
gee. i wonder if they poll their forces and use a seer spell and a really huge ignite, would they be able to hit us?

>They're not really a warlike people
and dont forget no actual experience in buildign those things, let alone using massive armies. however we do got to make a outpost in the anomaly and it will need protection.

well im expecting worse actualy, like teleport or sea megabeasts used against us. religious zeal does quite a trick. i wanted orbital bombing for those days mainly because if they start to build up, its easy to pick the supply lines, the warehouses and the shipyards/barracks, even under dense forest.

when we "invade" the anomaly i expect them to "challenge" us. im not sure how things will go from there.

>Maybe, since they share ideals (and likely diety).
they already think the breaker are doing their god's work. if the breaker of their god show up and asks, we will get a jihad, even if they dont have military training or magic.

>beliefs and history (including planetary data)
we did that.

they loathe us. i mentioned this, right? we are heathen, heretics and vermin for not having magic, using tecnology and being wanted by their god thru another race. i most surely do not know why or how they gaved us a piece of land here.
No. 14409 ID: 1569b3

>then how can totus grant them the power? the anomaly would decide where the energy goes, not him.
who says that he does not control the anomaly?

surely he is not magical in nature. every race we have met had a huge disability and a gift from psycholord. even the prequel had indications of it.

having the anomaly as the source of magic means that the prophecy have how to be fulfilled, even if it means that psycholord will simply turn it off by himself.

im betting it will shut down once we approach with a ship, like they clam that their magic does when in proximity to our technology.
No. 14411 ID: 1569b3

about the slavery, im not discarding racial slavery. they may be colonialists instead of simply capitalists.

for once id like to point out that our diplomat is alone and so are our ships. we dont know jack of their culture up to the point that we decided to jump in before waiting a month to get that tech done.
No. 14416 ID: f900dd

I was thinking more on the lines of making them more aggressive at a time of our choice. Who knows, if the mages suddenly can't control the megabeasts then the population might start doubting. Like 4 or 5 of the whole planet might get some tiny tiny doubts about the whole deal.

Regeneration sounds quite nice. Doesn't really have to be anything major, just a little something to make it more likely that soldiers in the field will survive and civilians will get through accidents. Would it work in a similar way to stem cells?

Oh, and what would we need for nanobots? I can think of a couple of nice things we could use those for. Hopefully they won't turn into replicators.
No. 14417 ID: f9c0e8

This kind of nanobots:
No. 14430 ID: 1569b3

this is too much effort, and i do belive they would end up killing the creature and finding the implant.

nanobots could be "cool", i belive the usual non-replicating nanobot would help keep the blood clear of poisons and possible virus. with some tweaking it may just help heal damage, or prevent bleedings from getting worse.

actual replicating nanobots could become a nnuisiance as a bio-weapon wannabe. simply load it with a specific species data and watch them melt!
No. 14432 ID: 1569b3

oh cool, nano factories.

well we cant have that much automatization yet unfortunadely. we can however attempt to make a nanopaste to build blocks of raw component.

ed, how about:
-recycling nanopaste: melts crap slowly to its basic components in a mildly organized manner. must be destroyable by eletric attack just to be safe. if a bacteria, make a viral plague to kill it or to be particularly vulnerable to the pasteurization process.
-medical buff nanobot: non-replicating nanobot designed to keep the blood clean of viral agents, poisons and the likes. can also stop bleeding wounds and helps mending bones.
-all-purpose foodplant: some sort of orc mushroom that can grow food suitable for humans in any terrain/planet.
No. 14435 ID: 92f8c7


I do understand. Totus is (with 99.9% certainty) the diety of both the Dryads and the Breakers.

That does not mean the Dryads are suited for modern warfare spiritually, magically and technologically. They were not one of the four races chosen to eliminate humanity, after all. Furthermore, Totus seems to favor indirect manipulation as a modus operandi and has already chosen the Breakers as his champions for eliminating us. The Dryads are spectators that can be convinced we're not that bad at best and a very localized nuisance at worst.

>even the megabeasts have the equivalent of strengthened implants

The megabeasts might be naturally strong. I don't recall reading anything about them being magically strengthened.

So...Ed? Is all Grezt's fauna magical, or just the Dryads?

>since the basic spells seem to be known to most due to the possibility that a strong magic user is born

That's an assumption on your part. I'm not so sure every serf on the planet would be taught how to use magic, even if it is part of their race's makeup. Magical ability was described to be (usually) an inherited trait, a matter of ability, training and talent, and there were degrees of it. To quote Ed: "Their leaders and high level officials are usually highly gifted mystics, while those born without much magical capability are stuck in the peasantry and do menial labor for their more gifted masters."

>Gee, I wonder if they pool their forces and use a seer spell and a really huge ignite, would they be able to hit us?
>...like teleport or sea megabeasts used against us

There's no need to be snippy. Once again, I'll quote Ed: "Their powers are broad, ranging from destructive spells of varying power to healing to creating illusions. Their spellcasting is very visible and takes quite some time to complete, and fortunately our technology seems to have the weird power of preventing any spells being directly cast on it."

So, even IF they are capable of cooperating and doing something magically massive (not a sure thing in itself) we have a) the opportunity to spot and stop them as they try to cast the spell and b) direct immunity to some effects, making some of their magic less than useful against us.

>because psycholord does not know we are here

Uh. This is just my personal opinion, but I think the 'vision' that the entire planet received was a sign that Totus (or more likely, his Norns) knew where we'd be heading, even if his chosen minions didn't. That, or maybe they just sent a general "these are wicked guys" message to every race they control once it became apparent we'd escape Ithaca.

Even so, the Dryad high priests are supposed to be able to communicate with their diety, so either way he knows where we are. So, once again: Why hasn't the super-magic thing happened?

>Diplomacy: Beliefs and history response.

The last diplomacy comment was with regards to the bug-creatures. Ed updated while I was writing my post to you, so I threw in my two cents at the end. Pardon if that confused you.
No. 14442 ID: 1569b3

>That does not mean the Dryads are suited for modern warfare
i never said that they did. by using modern warfare we will prevent even further loss of units, plus we can actualy abuse the fact they dont know how to do logistic. the problem is that they are still zealous of whatever psycholord says.
> The Dryads are spectators that can be convinced
well, how? we cant buy them, we cant talk them out, we cant show friendliness because they already think low of us. maybe if we design something to end the desert they could come to be more open minded.

>"Their leaders and high level officials are usually highly gifted mystics, while those born without much magical capability are stuck in the peasantry and do menial labor for their more gifted masters."
even the peasants have magic. considering the only means of getting "promoted" is by growing in magical power, its unlikely they would not be interested in mid and high level magic.

>Why hasn't the super-magic thing happened?
because they havent spoke with him yet (busy man et all, he may have hundreds of planets o his care) and because of the second theory i mentioned. everyone developing high level magic would cause chaos as everyone would become the equivalent of a president, without mentioning weird things like psycholord losing his bone stash to trhow at the dryads, atheists not participating in the jihad to claim lands and stuff, etc.

about the rest, yeah, i may have over stated.

i was almost sure the megabeasts were mega because they also had this strange muscle thing. even still, for the whole dryads to have the equivalent of minor implant is quite a tremendous feat. i may need to consider that the anomaly can either create magical items in the dryad's body or that its indeed something more "broad", inherent to the universe.
No. 14443 ID: 1569b3

craptacular. i forgot to reply again.

i think we rushed with the seafood dudes. if we had their tech researched its possible we could be peforming trades already. it was also the 1st culture research we could do before peforming Nth contact.
No. 14450 ID: db570f

Medical buff nanobots are the ones I'm after. With those and better regenerative ability our people will hopefully live longer and be productive longer.
No. 14455 ID: 1569b3

shit. do we have a death rate by old age? if so we should include longevity in the superhuman list of feats to get.
No. 14459 ID: 1569b3

so, if we get a biotank with short range bio weapon and the hability to breed in order to not need to be produced asides a couple dozen, we may be able to have a use for them.

the one on the left is a assault gun. it uses a lightining gun and moves about fast. it does not have a good armor but it also regenerates on itself and doesnt consume ammo.

the one on the right is a proper tank. it has lots of armor and the little cannon is decorative. its attack is also electrical, but it is unable to direct it, resulting in a area of effect strike. it can also regenerate but its too armored to be fast.

id propose the tank type if we cant make as a male/female counterpart.

they shouldnt be specifically powerful nor intelligent, but rather, obedient, very defensive and friendly in order to be trained properly. since they will breed, even a weakened bio tank will simply cost food wich we can forage, thus releasing some pressure from factories and gestation tanks. we may still need implants to properly control them, like radio and video feed.
No. 14460 ID: 1569b3
File 127179762924.png - (113.52KB , 605x216 , Dem biotanks.png )

No. 14462 ID: a6ca77


So you want the personality/brain of a dog but with a biotank body?
No. 14463 ID: 1ac39d

should be good. the owner says 'attack' and instead of biting them they shoot lightning.
No. 14465 ID: 0fc814

What's the advantage to building such a thing, compared to a normal tank, which has multiple humans aboard who can think better than some dog brain?

Personally, I'm thinking we should shelve the whole genetic engineering thing. I was going to not bother with the structure for awhile, if that's cool.
No. 14466 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, i guess so. maybe after we get genetic engineering 6 or so, let us get better positive results with lessened negatives. like we can make people that can learn faster by 1 point and not suffer a creativity penalty or can learn 2 points faster and a 1/2 point penalty.
No. 14467 ID: 1569b3

1) a breeding biotank would not clog the factory.

2) we woould have a very simple dog-like creature that can outpeform CQC thanks to HUEG tazer and natural armor + fast regen. even if it is something like 75% or 50% the usual strenght of a tank, its a huge dog that will protect our soldiers in battle.

3)we can use upgrades on them, like bolting armor plates and covering parts of the spike with SC for better damage.

4)the breaker would be very envious of the biotanks

id suggest hellhound for its name. unless someone have a better name.
No. 14468 ID: 0fc814

First off, Ed made it clear that a tank that breeds is going to be nowhere near as good as one that doesn't which in turn is probably nowhere near as good as a metal one.

Second, he specified that we'd need to install guns with normal tech, and probably armor, too.

Third, biotanks that breed true are not free. You gotta feed those motherfuckers for years.

Fourth, a tank that's like a huge dog isn't as good as a tank manned by a driver, a gunner, and a TC. I know movies and stuff tell you otherwise, but crewing a tank is a very brainy exercise. It's like being a sniper team, except you shoot at things four kilometers away and are moving at fifty miles per hour in coordination with other such teams. Cover, concealment, elevation, positioning, ground quality, coordination with other units, and spotting are hugely important and must be performed with great speed.

Let's not turn this into a big debate, but it just strikes me as a big waste of time. Let's just leave the workers in the morale structures.
No. 14469 ID: 1569b3

damm its a pokemon tank.

jolteon, manectric or electivire.

No. 14470 ID: 1ac39d

the amount of complexity to it may make it have severe drawbacks until we get better genetic skill. let's for now let's just restart cats and dogs. now what breed should the first batch be? golden retriever?

oh! i though of something that would be nice and small. bloodhounds with even more kick-ass senses of smell and install some minor implants so they can keep up with the commandos. they could then track anything to anywhere.
No. 14471 ID: 1569b3

i had actualy considered that. they would use electric muscles like eels, and would also forage for food in the forest.

unfortunately we are no longer on the forests, so that last part may be difficult.
No. 14472 ID: 1ac39d

well with a higher engineering lvl it could have a specialized brain that is good at multitasking and geometry. allowing it to move and shoot as well as figuring out optimal trajectory.

but this could also be done with a high tech computer system with the same parameters. only thing i can think of that brains out pace computers is visual recognition. a human can recognize another human almost instantly while current tech computers need to churn on it for a few hours, if you get a good shot. a person can recognize people from a lot of angles while a computer is almost impossible unless it's a straight on shot.
No. 14473 ID: 1569b3

that would actualy require resources to it, as in, giving it implants with turrents asides trainning. a usual tank can aim up to 8km easy, and most of it is done out of LOS.

a biotank would need to be a short to medium range unit. think ultralisks instead of cybertank.
No. 14474 ID: 1ac39d

biological shock-wave weapon.
No. 14475 ID: 1ac39d

or if we could increase the range, biological plasma weapon.
No. 14479 ID: a6ca77

Hmm...I've been thinking about this...and I gotta agree that I don't think this is an efficient use of resources, particularly right now...Maybe if we get some super gengineering tech later, it would be effective...
No. 14480 ID: 7524b0

How about a type of plant-based lifeform that explodes when startled? I guess we could call it a Stalker or something like that.
No. 14481 ID: 1ac39d

No. 14482 ID: 1569b3

yeah im gonna wait. a CQC tank isnt that useful in a desert anyway. worse is we will get it with the possibility of designing supersoldiers.

so far what we can actualy make are terragrass, subhumans or humans with small buff but a sort of drawnback.

im pretty sure we cant gengineer plasma weapons.

how can we identify FoF? or is it just a generic biomine that eventually refills the minefield?

wow, i live in brazil and i never heard of a explosive fruit. at least we have the base of it.
No. 14483 ID: 1ac39d

>im pretty sure we cant gengineer plasma weapons.
the pistol shrimp already shoots plasma, from the video:
>surprisingly the collapsing bubbles momentarily reach the temperature of the surface of the sun
so yes, bio plasma weapons already exist on a non-enhanced earth creature.
No. 14485 ID: 4c015d


Which requires specific environmental conditions, undersea.
No. 14486 ID: 7524b0

The temperature there is at a very tiny spot and lasts like... no time at all. The temperature spike doesn't really do much damage, it's the shockwave and physical impact.
No. 14487 ID: 1ac39d

yes, but the fact that one exists at all should make getting a better one more probable.
No. 14488 ID: 1569b3

undersea has high pressure, that facilitates the plasma thing.

and why would we have a CQC plasma weapon? we need range.
No. 14498 ID: bcf25c

What we really need to research is Techno-organic meshing.

That is, creatures with carbon bones, fiberoptic cables in their body, and a variety of biological tricks integrated; designed such that the line between biological and mechanical becomes entirely blurred.

This will no doubt require repeated tests, deaths, and a great deal of research: But it's still a good idea.

(Hint: Don't call them tyranids, necrons, or zerg.)

Edit: Almost forgot, consider creating creatures that perform mutualism with humans (moreso than bacteria and other things inside us already do), creating organic self-sustaining cancer stock (feed it raw components! Get over 9000 lbs of fresh crab!), and of course this paves the way for transhumanitism.
No. 14499 ID: 1ac39d

what about bio-armor? Guyver style.
No. 14509 ID: a9de4d

whatever bioarmor we come up with will be weak compared to the actual mechanical type. a ceramic armor for example is not strong, its minmaxed to resist only a few shots.

a living being that would require implants to work would eventually sucks. if it doesnt breed we will need medical + gestation to make it work, and transhumanism is already being done with implants.

we need GE IV or else whatever advantage we get from designing new lifeforms WILL bring a equally disastrous disvantage.
No. 14511 ID: a9de4d

well i have been thinking and i just cant really get on with it.

the only thing we can actualy gengineer now is terragrass and possibly supercattle.

what about a cow that is fit for supergrowth or is healthy wnought to actualy provide perfect nutritions to hyoomans and the likes?

another thing we may be able to design is a "meat" tree or a omnivegetable/fruit, that would contain all nutrients needed for a human.
No. 14518 ID: bcf25c


The biorganism development would only be for the specific purpose of engineered devices, or people with implants. I said "pave the way" for transhumanitism, since the only "good" way to have that is modular brain-boxes that plug into bodies.

An omniplant that feeds on waste, produces low-grade food. Might be a good idea. And boosting the quality would be a simple matter of feeding it corpses.
No. 14523 ID: a9de4d

to whoever suggested going to the seafood planet before researching their tech, bonk you.

i can already see a war between seafood and lizards.
No. 14524 ID: 1ac39d

.... how? they are on different planets and nether have a way of going faster then light. even if they were to go to war they would need hundreds of years to get there.
No. 14533 ID: 0fc814

If the shrimp dudes had the ability and desire to send an army to the dryads, then they'd have surely had the ability and desire to send scouts to all nearby star systems, meaning they'd have found the dryads already.
No. 14540 ID: a9de4d

if they steal/buy the tech from us and simply invade us, this will suck horribly.

im already considering a few commandos inside our vessels right now...
No. 14541 ID: 1ac39d

even if they do get all our tech, they haven't been trained in it's use and operation, and building any ship that could take out one of ours would take them years as they don't have cross-atmospheric ships. they would need to build a fleet of dropships, then get an orbital factory up and running, then build a ship. we can just sit back and snipe any attempts they make to build the factory.
No. 14555 ID: 35cea2

The optimal configuration would be 18 months less spent in BOTH worker training and professional training, but half as much RP.

65 RP. Only change is that their intelligence will be much lower.

Nanobots cannot be made yet. Your universal foodplant would cost 40 RP

No, I decided having a death rate will make calculating population changes for workers and professionals too difficult. Instead, i just plug the death rate into the population growth equation for nonworkers.

We cannot create bioplasma, bioelectric or other such weapons right now. Also the breeding factor will increase your tank's RP cost to 125 and reduce its top speed and armor.

A quick and stealthy bloodhound that could work with commando teams would cost 25 RP

The scanners on our drones can detect friend from foe, but it takes up a good portion of its computing ability, and is really only effective because all our possible foes are nonhuman and the difference is MUCH easier to tell.
No. 14557 ID: 2f0c5b

sergal tank is a go?

how about >>324190 plus improved regeneration and a passive personality?

is agility a means of defense?
No. 14560 ID: 0fc814

Since Shii is doing the build orders these days, I figured I'd just chime in on a more holistic level.

We can't really make anything super in gestation tanks, (the food plant seems like the only idea so far that's worth a damn) but we CAN make humans. We should seriously consider shutting down a lab and running, like, seven or eight people-factories, if not more. We'll be able to double our population inside four years. If we keep up with training, we'll then be able to expand the operation and continue doubling every three or four years. On the other hand, this will slow down our research for six to eight years, and will be a huge bookkeeping hassle.

>sergal tank is a go?
A stupid tank is a really bad plan. Especially given the original concept for a flexible, multipurpose, high-mobility combatant. A normal tank with a dumb crew is a bad idea, much less one that's supposed to climb up trees and attack from ambush in conjunction with other units...
No. 14561 ID: 2f0c5b

since we cant really make superCQC-tanks, its really a shame.

well i seriously would not want a smart gengineered bioweapon. we would need the equivalent of a attack dog to simply obey the commander, if it is too smart it may actualy rebel or simply desert us.
No. 14562 ID: 0fc814

I don't see why you're so convinced that making intelligent creatures automatically makes them want to rebel. The Nautil are doing fine. I'm sure intelligent sergal tanks would do okay. Just give them a big couch and an x-box with the original controller for off-hours, feed them a steady stream of propaganda until they're shouting rhetoric in combat like Liberty Prime.

Not that it matters since we can't make them intelligent.
No. 14563 ID: 2f0c5b

well, thats brainwash control politics along with some bread and circus.

not all of them will go for it and those that do will be puppets up to the point that it can backfire on us simply because we are acting like psycholord. remember, all of those tanks do not have breeding capatibility and are somewhat hideous. we are designing subhumans to begin with, and a race of slaves do not work in any moral, ethnical andpolitical fashion i can think of.

if they had common intelligence, that size and a gun, they will require to be accepted by the society, politically, socially and economically. now imagine civilian housing for them, all along with products and commoners looking at a car-sized neighbor with a weight attached to his back because he is too used to having a huge railgun turrent on his back (maybe even a set of small hands to help it adapt to society)

and then, there are surely some that will be willing to do work instead of serving the military. how the hell can we care for those?

a dummy biotank would at least not have the problem of rebellion since they can be tamed. i do admit that biotanks as a whole are useless now, unless we can engineer them to be "adhumans" as well. i think that the crew problem could be solved with improved reflexes or some sort of multitasking adaptation.
No. 14564 ID: 164e41
File 127197763462.png - (182.64KB , 1312x1125 , Biotanks.png )

How to make a fully maneuverable biological tank without having to make it intelligent:

1. Take a person. A hand-picked soldier and a volunteer, preferably.
2. Train him and shove him into a specially designed powered armour suit, specifically one that allows complete interfacing freedom and the ability to sleep for large periods of time.
3. Put the guy to sleep and shove him into a gestation tank. Let science start forming tissue AROUND him.
4. Continue growing the beastie around the soldier. This is the part where you put in all kinds of cool shit into the biotank embryo.
5. The tank is now "born." Attach any external accessories, attachments and bling to it. By the end of the process, re-awaken the soldier inside - now he has full control of his very own (new) body.
6. Make the tank kill some shit in an awesome way.
7. Now it's too damaged to continue. No worries, though - the soldier inside is alive and well! He bursts out of his biotank and calls for support or keeps fighting. If he wants to, we can make him another unimaginably expensive toy to destroy, thereby restarting the cycle.

Advantages: fills all quest requirements.
Disadvantages: Holy fuck this is gonna cost a lot.
No. 14568 ID: 1ac39d

wow... that is pretty awesome.
No. 14571 ID: 2f0c5b

its a incredible waste of resource.

i will save you time and ask ed for a 1 man tank that can be manned by a BRIC.
No. 14572 ID: 4cc452


He needs something to keep him exercised or he'll atrophy something terrible.
No. 14574 ID: 1ac39d

it would also be funny when we send a platoon of the things to attack something then the beast shells all get killed. when the enemy come to investigate all the guys burst out and keep fighting. have to make sure we get someone important caught in the maximum amount of surprise. maybe wait until they take the bodies back to the base for research then burst out when the leader comes to look at them.
No. 14575 ID: 2f0c5b

fine, lets make gundams or rollerblade mecha like in code geass.

-flying BRIC: a common bric, but can fly.oh god i cant stop lolling
-speedster BRIC: a rollerblade BRIC to move faster.
-BRICBRIC: a BRIC inside a BRIC. it sounds so logical after all this bullshit.
-modularBRIC: a lego BRIC that can have all this bullshit added to it.

this sounds more like a specific tactic. how about:

-DIG tank: a dig-specialized unit that hides units underground. the unit can leave by itself thanks to how the hole is made. should use small mettalic structures to help the unit to trhust out of the hole.
No. 14576 ID: 164e41

You're just upset your murry purries cannot possibly think for themselves.

Now then, tell me about your mother.
No. 14577 ID: 2f0c5b

i forgot:

-meleeBRIC: a BRIC with melee weapons. vibroblade/axes, beam swords, w/e.
No. 14578 ID: 2f0c5b

actualy i wanted superhumans. and i am FOR the biotanks to not be smart.
No. 14580 ID: 1ac39d

isn't bricbric what they did in gurren lagann? put a robot inside an even bigger robot.
No. 14581 ID: 2f0c5b

sort of. GL was a mecha linked to another mecha. i cant remember of a mecha that was used inside another mecha, but it sounds like a upgraded BRIC to me.

if we get all of those together, we may have a "perfect" guerrila/mobility BRIC. if we make some gengineered humans for improved reflex, we got gundam.
No. 14594 ID: 2f0c5b
File 127199295237.png - (18.40KB , 605x633 , ModularBRIC.png )

pardon me, i am uncreative leech and dont have drawning skills at all.

this is a ModularBRIC. it should be about 25% bigger that a regular BRIC in order to hold the needed power source, should sustain space flight for 2 hours or so and can be changed to fit a variety of roles that small ships and tanks peform. basic weapons should include the regular BRIC weaponry plus whatever added there is in the backpack + core module + head module. it should also have a knife for CQC, upgradeable to a axe, if we can get vibroweapons, the merrierer.

we should also get a expendable shield to help them invade ships. a bigger railgun to aim at bigger ships may not be needed since we can use the missiles with micro nukes/breaker missiles equivalent.

animes and games that were ripped off are but not only: armored core, heavy gear, front mission, pat labor, gundam, gurren lagan, gunbuster, diebuster, code geass, macross and when we get breaker shield tech, evangelion
No. 14611 ID: 3aed86

With the faster learning humans, you might be able to restart research a tad faster after you hand the people factory work over to them.

But it is as you say, it's a very very long term policy that's a headache for bookkeeping, though we'll probably have to do it eventually, especially if we ever plan to