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File 126142224124.png - (10.16KB , 785x458 , Chapter 1.png )
95893 No. 95893 ID: 35cea2

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No. 95894 ID: 35cea2
File 126142230923.png - (17.18KB , 766x535 , The Nomads.png )

Somewhere, many light years away from a cold, dead Earth...
No. 95895 ID: 35cea2
File 12614223449.png - (22.09KB , 766x535 , The Guide.png )

A mortal holds in his hands the power to shape the fate of the many universes.
No. 95896 ID: 35cea2
File 126142246390.png - (57.47KB , 1154x664 , Report.png )

Five years ago, Admiral Argus Ductor fled Earth with his battle squadron and as many civilians and supplies his dropships could bring. This ragtag group of survivors have called themselves The Splinter, and are now speeding away from Earth in hope that Humanity may survive, and that one day Earth and the lives of countless billions of their fellow humans will be avenged.

Now their food supply is slowly running out, and a very strange blip has appeared in their scanners.

This screen is the general report of The Splinter. Most of the items here are irrelevant at the moment, but feel free to inquire about anything that interests you. What is important now is where the fleet will be headed.

The fleet is represented by the green dot in the map in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It can traverse space at a rate of one parsec a month.

Scans report the following information:
Salamis A has marginal planets with basic lifeforms and a few useful materials.

Scans report Cadmus A is contains a planet with nearly earthlike conditions and many useful materials, but also seems to contain tribal-level sentients.

Cadmus B is desolate of life-bearing planets but surely contains quantities of extremely valuable superconductors.

The Anomaly is invisible to most visual scanners, but gravity scans reveal that a several mile-large disc-shaped object lies in that vicinity.
No. 95898 ID: 119b5c

Cadmus A, is my vote.

...Is this all that's left? Anyone else? Mining outposts? Explorers?
No. 95899 ID: 099247


Only a quarter of our forces are military trained. Whilst we might possess the technology to easily fight tribesmen a prolonged battle would likely cripple us as we do not have enough soldiers to guard our citizens.

So for that reason, I'm out.


What can the super conductors on Cadmus B offer to us?

Ultimately, i'd suggest Salamis A for a planet-fall.
No. 95900 ID: 632862

Head for Salamis A.
No. 95901 ID: 632862

Oh, is there anything interesting about the nebula?
No. 95902 ID: 2cbe3e


Head for the Anomaly.
No. 95903 ID: ee2ff9

Do we have the ability of orbital bombardment?
If we do, I vote Cadmus A.
"Tribesmen? Bombard 'em from orbit! It's the only way to be sure."
No. 95904 ID: d24488

What are Nautil?
No. 95915 ID: 35cea2
File 126142836453.png - (44.33KB , 1154x664 , Report 2.png )

Nebula have two major uses to The Splinter fleet: They can conceal the fleet from most scanners and allow the fleet to refill its fuel reservoirs. The fleet has just finished refilling before the chapter has begun.

The Nautil are the only sentient beings created by humanity. Dr. Carl Casus, a genetic engineer, wanted to prove to one of his colleagues his unmatched skill. He created a blueprint of a sentient creature using a nautilus and his own DNA. Due to a clerical error, his company used his experimental genetic blueprint instead of one that they were supposed to use that was for a more durable species of cod, and created over three thousand of these creatures. This folly was exposed to the media quickly, so the government was unable to silence the accident. After many long years of intense legal battles and discrimination, the Nautil have been recognized by the governments of the world as equals to humanity. Due to the fact that all Nautil contain some of Dr. Casus's DNA, they tend to be intelligent, optimistic, and slightly weird in the head.

Superconductors are a vital part of Human technology. Virtually every advanced device contains superconductors. Power generators, advanced railgun weaponry, and nearly every military vehicle are prominent examples of the uses of superconducting metal.

The Infractus can rotate its lower Railgun Lance Batteries to a planet and fire heavy tungsten rounds. This is a "clean" and effective method of destroying ground targets. Unfortunately, firing these rounds heavily drain the ship's power, and also wear out the superconducting rods in the massive railguns much faster than regular, anti-ship rounds.
No. 95920 ID: 7e74a3

Do we know anything about the tribal-level sentients?

If we can coexist with them, explain our plight and so on, it seems the best bet. Killing them isn't an option, though. If we kill them, we're no better than the guys who blew up Earth. Which is important, Admiral Notdama.

Cadmus B would be good if we had any ability to make self-sufficient habitats. But if we could do that, we wouldn't be running out of food and life support to begin with, so we have to go to a life-bearing planet.

At the risk of sounding all neocolonial, from here, the best bet seems to be to ally with the tribals of the planet, give them technology and fill their brains with anger at the idea of evil aliens cruising around blowing up worlds. Long as we can avoid being a dick about it.
No. 95923 ID: d24488

What are our production capabilities, if any?
I don't see any factory ships listed.
We should probably go to Cadmus A and try to start a planet bound base there.
The inhabitants can be slaves, allies or a food-source, depending on cuteness and evolutionary level.
No. 95927 ID: 7e74a3

I am completely opposed to extermination/enslavement. If aliens are told we're evil and then come find us coexisting with locals, it could work to our benefit.

To be on the safe side, if we do go to Cadmus A, finding some land mass with few or no natives on it would be best. Earth had lots of places with no humans back in the stone age. Just to start off, at least. With only around 8000 people, we won't be running out of space any time soon, sadly.
No. 95932 ID: d24488

Well extermination seems to be pointless, and we should probably wait and assess those creatures before we decide their fate.
But I doubt any of our actions could change the mind of those creatures who almost annihilated humanity.
No. 96003 ID: 51d0f5

The Ghandi strategy isn't too solid, but it's not like fighting them's going to work within the next two or three hundred years, seeing how they went through all of Earth's defenses no problem.
No. 96045 ID: 54af1f

What do we actually need? Are we looking for a planet to settle or just somewhere to mine or what?

The Anomaly could be an artifact of the invaders, so it might be better to leave it alone...
No. 96063 ID: 54af1f

Boy, do I feel silly. Obviously we need to go to Cadmus A, the only place likely to have food.
No. 96132 ID: 7139d7

Put ships in orbit of Cadmus A. Possibly land, and talk to the natives. Take the largest and best armored ship to go look at the Anomaly. If we get blown up, at least the rest of humanity will be safe.
No. 96143 ID: f8b1da

i really don't think that we should investigate it.
No. 96156 ID: 51d0f5

If we're going to investigate, we should at least unload all of the ship's nonessential personnel first, meaning we need to make a colony first.
No. 96320 ID: 7139d7

We have six ships. We just need to transfer. I'm suggesting we talk kindly to the natives, just in case no one comes back - we don't have to settle here, but it might be advantageous to look into making friends.

I'm going to suggest actually taking one of the Corvettes with a good number of scientests onboard. Study is our primary consirn, not attacking blindly. I mean, for all we know it could be an empty ship that we can land on and use as a 'homebase'. Or a giant death-weapon we can use on the fuckers that did this.
No. 96451 ID: 55e935

Make friends with the tribals. Hopefully they'll worship you as sky gods.
No. 96491 ID: 099247

Holy fucking shit, Unreal 1 mind, i was going to post this as an after thought.
No. 96518 ID: 54af1f

We don't have enough stuff to worry about conservation of forces right now, if we investigate we should investigate with everything.

It's not like any of our assets are expendable ATM.
No. 96534 ID: 35cea2
File 126149659213.png - (26.68KB , 766x535 , Moving the Fleet.png )

The path is clear to Admiral Ductor. He contacts his second-in-command, Rear Admiral Johnathan Dwight.

Dwight: Your command?
Ductor: We move the fleet, minus the Furor, to Cadmus A. We need to replenish our food stores.
Dwight: Understood. What do you want the Furor to do?
Ductor: Order it to dock with the Infractus. I want a science team on board to explore the anomaly that has appeared on a scans recently.
Dwight: I'll let the captain know. He'll select the scientists and supplies he'll need for the expedition. Do you want to move any of the military forces onto the Furor for security?
No. 96535 ID: 35cea2
File 126149680263.png - (41.59KB , 1154x664 , Military Report.png )

Select how many soldiers and vehicles the scout team should take. All vehicles (with the exception of the LUV) require SPECIALIZED CREWMEN. LOGISTSICS personel and CREWMEN will be automatically assigned, there is no need to specify the amount of LOGISTICS personel or CREWMEN needed (unless you want some extras). Basic information are as follows:

LUV (Light Utility Vehicle) - Light transport vehicle. Fast; 1 driver and 4 passengers; very light armor; armed with a chaingun/grenade launcher
APC (Armored Personell Carrier) - Heavy transport vehicle. Fast, but not as fast as the LUV; 2 crewmen and 15 passengers; heavy armor; armed with an autocannon/light railgun/flamethrower (Only 3 railguns and 2 flamethrowers available)
MBT (Main Battle Tank) - Heavy combat vehicle. Medium-Slow; 5 crewmen; very heavy armor; armed with a chaingun/grenade launcher and a heavy cannon/railgun (Only 2 railguns availabe)
MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) - Heavy Artillery. Slow; 3 crewmen; medium armor; armed with a 8 heavy missile launchers; Can carry and use 1 cruise missile
SPAAG (Self-Propelled Anti-Air Gun) - Anti-Air Platform. Slow, 3 crewmen; medium armor; armed with 4 flak cannons/AA railguns and one SAM launcher. (No AA railguns available)
BRIC (Bipedal Robotic Infantry Combatant) - All-Terrain vehicle/Superheavy Infantry. Medium Slow, but capable of crossing the most difficult terrain; 1 crewman; Light armor; 2 gun arms can either contain a missile launcher, a chaingun, an autocannon, a flamethrower or a light railgun. No BRICS available at the moment

INTERCEPTORS - Versatile Air/Space Fighter/Bomber. Fastest air vehicle; 1 crewman; light armor; armed with 6 short range AA missiles, 2 long range AA missiles, 2 aircraft railguns, and 2 anti-ground weapons (frag bombs, napalm canisters, Air-to-Ground Missiles)
HEAVY BOMBERS - Flying Artillery. Slightly slower than the INTERCEPTOR; 2 crewmen; medium armor; armed with 2 long range AA missiles, 1 aircraft railgun, and 20 anti-ground weapons (frag bombs, napalm canisters, Air-to-Ground missile) and a heavy air to ground weapon (Fuel air bomb bay, carpet bombing bay, nuclear payload bay, bunker-buster bay). No carpet bombs, nuclear bombs or bunker-busters available.
GUNSHIPS - Attack Helicopter and light transport. slower than HEAVY BOMBERS, faster than LUVs; 2 crewmen and 4 passengers; medium-light armor; armed with 2 anti ground missile pods, 1 nose mounted chaingun/grenade launcher
DROPSHIPS - Heavy Ground/Space Transport. Same speed as GUNSHIPS; 5 crewmen; 4 cargo bays (1 cargo bay = 25 passengers, 25 tons cargo, 1 LUV/BRIC or .5 MBT/MLRS/APC/SPAAG); very heavy armor; armed with 2 twin-linked chainguns/grenade launchers and 2 twin-linked aicraft railgun turret
LIGHT INFANTRY - Versatile footsoldiers. Light armor; wide range of weapons (assault rifles, missile launchers, shotguns etc.)
POWER INFANTRY - Heavily armored, but less mobile footsoldiers. Power armor enables increased strength, POWER INFANTRY can pick up and move up to a 1.5 tons; armed with chaingun/grenade launcher/missile launcher
COMMANDO INFANTRY - Elite infantry. Extremely stealthy, very fast, fairly well armored and highly skilled in all forms of combat; can carry more advanced versions of LIGHT INFANTRY weapons
No. 96542 ID: 51d0f5

Send a company (150) of Light Infantry, 10 Power Infantry, a team of 4 Commandos, 5 LUVs, 2 APCs, 2 Interceptors, and a Dropship along with Furor.
No. 96547 ID: 54af1f


That sounds good, if a corvette can carry all that.

Do we really need vehicles though? Those will be in short supply on the planet. Maybe we should just send infantry.
No. 96569 ID: 51d0f5

I figure not sending the dropship means the ship has to dock or land at whatever's there, increasing the danger to itself. Dropship means the ship itself can stay further off. And then, bringing vehicles means they can drop the team off further from the location, if it's something you can drive to, reducing the danger to the dropship.

...of course, there's always the danger that giant automated defenses will blow up the ship from quite a long ways away, but them's the breaks. On that note, make sure to send the Interceptors in first to scout the area.
No. 96571 ID: a0c8e6

we shouldn't send too many scientists. If this anomaly is dangerous we lose our only scientists.
No. 96642 ID: 54af1f

What kind of communications do we have? Can some of the scientists work by remote?
No. 96900 ID: 35cea2
File 126155145929.png - (26.48KB , 766x535 , Expedition.png )

Ductor: Send a company of light infantry, 10 power troopers, 4 commandos, 5 'Nails', 2 'Chisels', a pair of 'Waltzes' and one 'Opera'.
Dwight: Okay, I'll notify the troops immediately. The Furor should be docking in a few minutes to pick up its crew and cargo.
Ductor: Excellent. Gens Humana Eduro
Dwight: Gens Humana Eduro.

The travel to Cadmus A is uneventful. 3 months pass, and the Fleet arrives in orbit around Cadmus AII, the planet they seek to establish a base on, whether temporary or permanent.
No. 96904 ID: 35cea2
File 126155176952.png - (62.81KB , 1154x664 , Report3.png )

The planet has been scanned thoroughly and much more data has been collected.

The scans reveal that the atmosphere is fairly low in oxygen content. A human can breathe it normally for several minutes, but will rapidly grow short of breath. Most of the terrain is open grassland, punctuated only by small thickets of trees. Most of the wildlife is completely harmless to humans. The size of the planet is small, so gravity is weaker. Either expensive artificial-gravity floors must be created or more exercise will be required to reduce muscle and bone atrophy.

The natives are land based octopus-like creatures, currently in the Stone Age. These beings communicate entirely through gestures, as they cannot vocalize any sounds. They seem to become fiercely competitive and violent when it comes to contesting other tribes for feeding grounds. This species is more or less scattered throughout the whole planet, making contact inevitable, but major population centers exist and have been marked on the map.

All important minerals are present on this world, though not in the most convenient of locations and in feasible amounts. Ceramics can be fabricated from any source of earth, metals are present in and around major mountain ranges, superconductors can be found in small traces in some coastal areas and traces of uranium can be found in some of the open grasslands.

Select an area (or areas) where the dropships should land and the preliminary base(s) should be established. You can also name the land formations and the species which we have discovered.
No. 96911 ID: 55e935

Settle on the largest uranium deposit there is. We need to get nuclear reactors and weapons ready. If Star Control 2 taught me anything, it's that space-capable nuclear missiles can fuck the shit of even the toughest opponents and you don't even have to worry about the fallout.

Furthermore, nuclear energy is one of the most efficient, powerful, and clean energy sources there is. It only gets a bad rap because humanity never shot the waste into space like we can now and Chernobyl was built out of cardboard and chewing gum.
No. 96935 ID: 51d0f5
File 126155986034.png - (12.83KB , 584x348 , landing_sites.png )

I vote we make our main landing at Site 1, marked here, with a secondary fuel mine at Site 2.

It's hard to tell without zooming in, but Site 1 is actually LOADED with metal deposits, in addition to nearby superconductors, while Site 2 is, eh... about as good as it gets with uranium around here. They're also islands, so we don't have to worry about armies of spear-throwers showing up, or news of our arrival spreading to sites of worship that are secretly alien spy machines or whatever...

I vote we name the first settlement MONUMENT, on the isle of VINLAND. The landmass with the uranium can be called GIBRALTAR, while the mine itself will be named SLATER.

The aliens can be SCRAMBLERS, for a serious sci-fi reference, or SQUIDDLES for a non-serious reference. Or go with mythology and call them SCYLLA. My suggestion would be GESTERS, for their gesturing.

I don't have any good ideas for a planet name. Anything but New Terra. I suggest ITHAKA if no one has anything better.
No. 96965 ID: 099247

I pretty much agree with all of this. Gesters sounds kinda cool for the alien race. I vote to name the planet Sagan. Perhaps we can start some offshore oil rigs as well.
No. 96976 ID: 54af1f


Sounds good. We need to think about diplomacy with the natives somewhen. Do they have an inter-tribal diplomatic tradition of any sort?
No. 96980 ID: 119b5c
File 126157228319.jpg - (32.13KB , 580x343 , 3rdoption.jpg )

To expand on this and capitalize on the newfound species, make a small, heavily guarded mining operation in or near these mountains. Staff it with observers, as the gestures might be something worth learning about. This way, these creatures can come to us, on their own terms, rather then us go to them and potentially throw them into a frenzy.
No. 96982 ID: 51d0f5

If the main purpose of that site is to observe, maybe we shouldn't have it double as a mining post. (Unless we start running out of good mining sites)

I'd prefer to set that one up after a few "turns" on planet, myself.
No. 96986 ID: 54af1f

Let's avoid contact with the natives as much as we can until we're sure we haven't made an anthropological error of any kind with them.
No. 96987 ID: 51d0f5

>anthropological error
What'cha mean? Like, they could have magic?

Easy to forget there's magic in this game. Gotta watch out for that.
No. 96989 ID: 54af1f


(do we even know magic exists?) That was what I was thinking off though, that or they're actually worshiping alien spy devices or anything along those lines.
No. 96990 ID: 51d0f5

>(do we even know magic exists?)
I guess we don't.

Still, good sense not to get all up in their face until we know a little more. Just to be on the safe side.
No. 96992 ID: 54af1f


The ideal is that they're just as primitive as they appear, at which point we need to start recruiting them
No. 97202 ID: 35cea2
File 126161766590.png - (17.86KB , 866x610 , The Landing.png )

The islands have been named Vinland and Gibraltar, and the main settlements dubbed Monument and Slater.

The species have been given the nickname "Gesters".

The Admiral orders the dropships to begin construction of the bases.
No. 97203 ID: 35cea2
File 126161775333.png - (7.67KB , 510x388 , Frolic.png )

The moment the dropship doors open, the survivors burst out of the holds and run around like children.

The atmosphere is thin, but the survivors savor every breath.

The land is nothing but bare grass, but the survivors are astonished by its beauty.

These humans have been forced to watch their homeworld and billions of their comrades burn. They have been lost in the depths of space, trapped in the cold metal halls of a ragtag cluster of starships, watching and waiting with fear as their meager supplies dwindled as a genocidal alien fleet searched the galaxy for them.

The planet is not much more than a ball of dirt with grass on it, but it is something that the humans of The Splinter have not seen in over five years. Hope.
No. 97204 ID: 35cea2
File 126161790450.png - (70.53KB , 1154x664 , Base Report.png )

It has been a week since the dropships first have touched down. A makeshift command center marks the heart of each settlement, consisting of a pair of grounded dropships and a small metal building. At the moment, only small versions of the buildings are recommended for construction, due to the small population size and lack of resources. Suggest which buildings should be constructed in each base (You can also suggest buildings not listed on the screen, should you think one up).

All buildings take two months to build, with the exception of the temporary housing and the landing strip, which only take one week. WORKERS and PROFESSIONALS who staff buildings planetside require residences to be built for them.

TEMPORARY HOUSING - A cluster of tents that can house 250 people
APARTMENTS - Permanent housing that than hold 500 people
MILITARY OUTPOST - Trains soldiers, can house 250 soldiers. Reinforced walls and small windows allow this building to double as a bunker.
FARMING DOME - Creates 1000 tons of food a year (Roughly enough to support 4000 people). Requires 30 WORKERS top operate
SMALL FACTORY - Enables construction of lighter vehicles, weapons and various civilian commodities. Requires 50 WORKERS to operate
SMALL LABORATORY - Enables the research tree. Allows new vehicles, weapons and equipment to be designed. Requires 50 PROFESSIONALS to operate
LAND/COASTAL DERRICK - Extracts resources at a rate of 50 Metal/10 Uranium/3 Superconductor per month. Requires 30 WORKERS to operate
SMALL SMELTER - Can process the resource yield of 2 DERRICKS. Requires 30 WORKERS to operate
MEDICAL OUTPOST - Reduces death rate and increases birth rate, as well as tending to combat injuries. Requires 10 PROFESSIONALS to operate
SMALL WAREHOUSE - Allows 3000 units of resources/vehicles/other goods to be stored safely.
LANDING STRIPS - Enables INTERCEPTORS AND HEAVY BOMBERS to land on the planet and refuel.
SMALL GENERATOR - Generates 10 Power. Uses either 2 ship's FUEL (Fusion power) or 2 Uranium (Nuclear power) per month.
SMALL CERAMIST - Generates 10 Ceramics a month. Requires 30 WORKERS to operate
No. 97286 ID: 55e935

Okay, before I let everyone else pick buildings and shit, I think we need to address the life support issue. Since our ships only have a limited amount of oxygen, and this planet has a slightly less-than-livable atmosphere, we are still using our limited life support while on this planet.

Therefore, I suggest that as soon as we have free resources, we should begin a mass oxygen compression project to siphon oxygen from the air and isolate it, restoring our ships' and complex's oxygen reserves, perhaps expanding the capacity of the former.

Let me also point out: all of our buildings need to be fitted with an oxygen siphon-compression unit that will take the oxygen our settlers breathe while inside from the atmosphere AND NOT FROM OUR RESERVES.
No. 97322 ID: 2dd482

We should set down here for a bit, refill our supplies, while sending some corvettes to scout out the other planets. Once the fleets stocks are replenished, and a better world found, we should relocate there; it may not be wise to make a permanent settlement on the first barely livable planet you come to.
No. 97325 ID: 2dd482
File 126164291292.jpg - (578.00KB , 1154x664 , ICON-settlement1.jpg )

to facilitate this:

Construct the following at Monument:
1 Farming Dome
1 Smelter
1 Land Derrik
1 Medical Outpost

Construct the following at Slater:
1 land Derrik

Total Resource Cost: 425 Metal, 3 Super Conductors, 7.5 Power, 50 Ceramics

Total Population Cost: 120 Workers, 10 Professionals
No. 97326 ID: 51d0f5

This is better than the other planet available.

Other than every building needing a compressor and workers needing rebreathers, I'm not seeing what's that bad about this place. Hunting for a new one means more time and more fuel.

I vote we go balls-out with construction. If space aliens show up and attack us within the first few years, we're completely screwed no matter what. So we'd might as well commit.

2x Temp Housing (10 metal)
2x Farm Domes (150 metal / 1 superconductor / 2 power)
6x Apartments (300 metal)
1x Coastal Derrick (200 metal / 3 superconductor / 3 power)
1x Land Derrick (100 Metal / 1 Superconductor / 2 power)
1x Small Smelter (100 Metal / 50 Ceramics / 2 power)
1x Military Outpost (50 metal / 20 ceramics / .5 power)
1x Medical Outpost (50 metal / .5 super / .5 power)
1x Landing Strip (20 metal)

2x Temp Housing (10 metal)
2x Apartments (100 metal)
2x Farm Domes (150 metal / 1 superconductor / 2 power)
1x Military Outpost (50 metal / 20 ceramics / .5 power)
1x Medical Outpost (50 metal / .5 super / .5 power)
1x Landing Strip (20 metal)
No. 97532 ID: 54af1f


At this point, if the people who find earth find us, we're dead anyway, so we might as well set things up and do what we can here.

So I agree with Test Pattern, let's go full out for colonization.
No. 97538 ID: a64482

1. Build nuclear reactors
2. Use electrolysis to split seawater into oxygen for breathing and hydrogen for fuel
3. ???
4. profit!

Unless there's a problem I'm not seeing with this plan.
No. 97548 ID: 54af1f

Do we want to build a laboratory? We might need one to research the natives if we're going to contact them and so on.
No. 97608 ID: 35cea2
File 126167497866.png - (62.64KB , 1154x664 , Base Report2.png )

2 months later, and all the buildings have been finished. Monument now has no spare power, and due to the fact that a SMALL SMELTER can only service two mines, the URANIUM DERRICK remains unserviced (Or you can assign another DERRICK to be unserviced instead). With no uranium, the plants will now use the ships FUEL stores instead. Due to the completion of the MILITARY OUTPOST, you can train up to 100 WORKERS at a time to become LIGHT INFANTRY, LOGISTICS or CREWMEN.
100 LOGISTICS takes 3 months
100 CREWMEN takes 6 months
100 LIGHT INFANTRY takes 6 months, 5 CERAMICS and 10 METAL.

Also, there are some things that I feel like I should clarify here:

FUEL and URANIUM are two different things. FUEL is hydrogen used for fusion energy, and can only be obtained from nebulae or specialized mines around gas giants.

Due to specialized suits, the nautil can accomplish the same tasks as any human, including staffing buildings and driving vehicles. Due to their physiology they're poor infantry, but their small size allow for interesting applications as commando units.

At any time, you switch the point of view between governing The Splinter or guiding any of the main characters we 'unlock'.

It is unknown whether other fragments of humanity still exist. There are no communications broadcasts, though this is likely because any other survivors likely do not wish to alert the Breaker Fleet of their presence. (Direct communication between two sources are safe and instantaneous however)

Approximately 1/4 of the total WORKERS are needed in base maintenance and construction work, so the workers needed listed in the building browser are not the full story.
No. 97610 ID: 35cea2
File 126167512638.png - (16.89KB , 766x535 , The Installation.png )

In the meanwhile, the Furor has arrived in at the Anomaly.

Added a new 'main character'.

Current 'main characters':
Admiral Argus Ductor - Leader of The Splinter, located at Monument
Dr. Gregory Huntington - Leader of the research team dispatched to the Anomaly, located on board the Furor.
No. 97658 ID: 54af1f

Well, next job is to build a second smelter and sufficient power to get it up and running, plus a factory...


Stand off it with the Furor, and send the interceptors to do a cautious scan, put recon pods on them in place of their anti-ship ordinance if possible.
No. 97664 ID: 54af1f

Wait, we need Ceramics more, so we should build several Ceramists first, then a Smelter, we've got plenty of fuel for now
No. 97672 ID: 51d0f5

I concur. Send in the Interceptors to scout it out while keeping the ship at a more safe distance. After a few of those, if nothing's shot at you, send in the dropship with the APCs to scoot around on the artifact's surface and scout it out. Use the light infantry if they're space-capable, and the commando team.

On the planet, ooh, I hadn't realized what a bottleneck Ceramics are going to be. One sea derrick can make enough Superconductors for more than a building per month, and most buildings are 1-2 months worth at a metal derrick, but a Ceramist needs five months to make enough for a building that needs them

We already have a mess of infantry. (Relatively) More infantry than we know what to do with. Are we tight on logistics personnel or crew?
No. 97679 ID: 51d0f5

My fault for not suggesting a Ceramist right away. Okay, let's see...

This month: Build nothing
In 1 month: Build a Ceramist at Slater
In 2 months: Build nothing
In 3 months: Build a Ceramist at Slater (1st Ceramist completes)
In 4 months: BUild nothing (Ceramics: 15)
In 5 months: Build a Ceramist at Slater (2nd Ceramist completes) (Ceramics: 25)
In 6 months: Build A Warehouse at Monument (Ceramics: 45)
In 7 months: Build a Small Generator at Monument (3rd Ceramist completes)

At this point, we'll be making 30 Ceramics, 3 Supers, and 50 Metal a month. In another two months, we'll have the spare power to make schools and factories and things.

3 ceramists might be more than we need, but not more than can be made useful.
No. 97681 ID: 2dd482

the first thing to do after getting the 2nd power generator up is build a school and a lab to get researching. Hopefully we can increase the yield of our resource buildings.
No. 97682 ID: 51d0f5

If we can cannibalize the Uranium Derrick to get the three Ceramists built faster, we should do so. At present consumption, we have 24 years of fuel. (We do need a warehouse in case the fleet needs to leave, though)
No. 97685 ID: 54af1f

If we're not building nukes, then actually, we can just send the fleet back to the nebular if we run out of hydrogen. It's only a 3 month trip and we can fuel up to around 2 years of fuel there.
No. 97817 ID: 51d0f5

On second thought, each Dropship can hold 100 tons of cargo, and we're not going to have more than a few hundred tons laying around for many months.

Replace the Warehouse purchase here >>97679
, the one at six months from now, with a second Metal Derrick. Unless I miscounted, we should have the metal for it.

When it finishes, 8 months from now, turn off the Superconductor mine to run both Metal mines instead.
No. 97867 ID: a64482

>> FUEL is hydrogen used for fusion energy, and can only be obtained from nebulae or specialized mines around gas giants.

Could we use hydrogen obtained via electrolysis of water? Just asking.
No. 97907 ID: 51d0f5

Also, send down an Interceptor to each of the landing strips and have them start doing detailed air recon of the islands they're on. If we're sharing terrain with natives, I'd rather find them before they find us.
No. 97925 ID: 54af1f

Not if it's metallic or possibly we just need really large quantities.
No. 97927 ID: a64482

Ah, that does make sense. My mistake.
No. 97928 ID: 54af1f


We should send out some light infantry patrols too, not too far, but enough to push out our parameter.
No. 97950 ID: c2c011

While I think it's a pretty good idea to set up a decent base planetside I think we should focus more energy on getting a good off planet industry going in the solar system.

That way we have less interaction with the natives and we don't become too reliant on a planet that's not really suited to mankind without terraforming, something that would probably wipe out the natives.
No. 98019 ID: 54af1f

Do we have the ability to actually make major space industry yet? Fuel is the one thing we're not short on, so lift from ground to orbit isn't a problem, so it might be best to have a base we can work on in shirt sleeves rather than trying for a space platform yet.

Also, rather than using interceptors, why not use gunships? They're atmosphere only and probably better at scouting and ground attack.
No. 98026 ID: 51d0f5

>Also, rather than using interceptors, why not use gunships?
Interceptors are faster, so they can cover more ground at lower level with FLIR pods or equivalent. Also to help justify building landing strips. (Though they also mean safe places to land if there's mechanical problems)
No. 98028 ID: 54af1f

Gunships are better suited to lower altitude and probably more persistent. Maybe rather than do one we should deploy both. We've got a lot of fuel.
No. 100294 ID: 35cea2
File 126205864512.png - (18.62KB , 549x549 , Search sweep.png )

Construction of interstellar-worthy vehicles can only be accomplished by SPACE STATIONS, as all current starships are incapable of entering a planet's atmosphere. A space industry will have to wait until many turns later (or a timeskip or two, if you so decide when the opportunity presents itself) as starships are very costly in resources, with ships costing anywhere from 1,000 to 150,000 units of metal.

Current technology is far too inefficient to be feasible. More research is necessary.

Your suggestions for the Ithaka colonies are acknowledged, but the Anomaly Expedition must be completed first.

The Interceptors on board are outfitted with scanner pods and sent of to do cautious recon of the Anomaly. There is no movement from the Anomaly.

Close up images of the facility reveal it is mostly made of some unknown, non-reflective metal, with the OBELISK and SMALL BUILDING constructed of a darker metal and coursed with strange GLYPHS.

Scans report, however, there is radio wave static and a low intensity white light emanating from the small INDENTATION, and low intensity x-rays coming from the PYLONS surrounding the INNER PLATFORM.
No. 100344 ID: 51d0f5

Land the dropship with an away team close to the building and investigate it. Use the four commandos for now, to try and detect and bypass any security. Bring an APC along as well, with backup of some power suits.
No. 100640 ID: 107da3


Bizarre. So it's either a communication device, a warning, or does something else. Or some combination thereof.

Send a robot in to poke the middle.

Or a person with slightly shielded suit.

Whichever is cheaper.
No. 100719 ID: a64482

Obviously we should send a cyborg to poke in the middle.

Joking aside, ask for volunteers if we have no exploratory robots, surely someone wants the glory of exploration.
No. 100767 ID: 54af1f

Check out the building first I think, rearm the interceptors for ground strike in case we need them.
No. 100929 ID: 35cea2
File 126214165912.png - (34.55KB , 766x535 , Small Building.png )

Dr. Huntington decides the scans prove the Anomaly is safe enough and orders the dropship unload some commandos, an APC and the power troopers at the small building to see if security can be bypassed. Power trooper 1017 was sent to the inner platform to check if it is safe.

Commando 1: "C1 here, the small building is shut tight, but there are no signs of movement or any type of electromagnetic disturbance."
Power Trooper 1017: "Ten-seventeen here, my scans report that the pylons are still giving off low level x-rays, but everything else appears to be silent. Awaiting further orders."

Dr. Huntington and the rest of the researchers are deployed to the small building to investigate.

Dr. Huntington: "Hmm... this door doesn't look like it can be opened from here."
Commando 1: "Maybe we should try using a demo charge."
Random Researcher: "Or maybe the door is opened elsewhere."
No. 100941 ID: 51d0f5

Only use the demo charge as a last resort.

Investigate the Obelisk. If there's nothing promising there, caaaarefully investigate the pylons instead. Preferably with some kind of bomb disposal robot first, or equivalent. For all we know it's a disintegrator or teleporter or something.
No. 101258 ID: 54af1f

Is their any kind of pattern in the glyphs? Do they point anywhere?
No. 104870 ID: 35cea2
File 126261565055.png - (28.07KB , 766x535 , Obelisk.png )

Dr. Huntington: "We'll use a charge only as a last resort. For now, I think we should probably study the glyphs."
Random Researcher: "I really don't see a pattern in these glyphs though. They could be decorative or informative, but the way they're written there is no real way to be sure, and there certainly is no way we can translate them without some kind of reference."
Dr. Huntington: "Let's move to the obelisk then, maybe it's got some answers for us."

The team travels to the obelisk. Huntington orders the power trooper in the middle platform to withdraw to the main group and instead have a bomb disposal robot to get more close up visuals on the pylons. Commando 3 is guiding the robot.

When they arrive at the obelisk, a small glowing light appears at near the top.

Random Researcher: "You see that I wonder what it could mean."
Dr. Huntington: "I have no idea. Maybe if-"
Commando 3: "Sir, the robot in the middle is reading a slight spike spike in x-rays coming from the pylons. It started about the same time the as the light turned on."
Random Researcher: "Somehow, I think we managed to activate the Anomaly."
No. 104874 ID: 54af1f

Ping the light with a laser
No. 104878 ID: c2c011

Lets move to the maximum controlrange of the robot before we do that. If it leads to horrible death due to ancient alarm system or incredibly alien physiology it's better to be at a safe distance.
No. 104888 ID: 54af1f


the robot is well away from where we are... I think we should try to do this quickly in case the X-rays get stronger.
No. 104892 ID: 54af1f


We should also check the indentation. Can we send one team around to check it out while we ping the obelisk?
No. 104893 ID: c2c011

I mean that we should get something like 1 AU away before we laser something up that could for all we know activate a doomsday device.

Do we have any FTL communications? Because otherwise this could still be a bit dangerous. And yes I'm paranoid and it's probably without a cause, but it's hard to reassemble yourself if you get vaporised.
No. 104895 ID: 54af1f


Well, I didn't mean a strong ping, just brush a laser pointer across it to see if it does anything...

If that doesn't work and the indentation yields nothing we'll probably need to breach the building.
No. 104928 ID: 35cea2
File 126262729678.png - (5.97KB , 261x201 , Pointer.png )

Dr. Huntington shines a laser pointer briefly over the obelisk's light. Nothing happens.
No. 104929 ID: 35cea2
File 12626273868.png - (19.31KB , 766x535 , Indent.png )

Meanwhile, a small team is dispatched to the indentation. The indentation is a large depression in the ground a few inches deep. It made of a white metal. There are 9 smaller oval-shaped holes on the large indentation; 8 are on the sides and one is in the center, which is filled by a strange disc.
No. 104973 ID: 54af1f

Is the central disk removable, does the white disk rotate?
No. 104974 ID: 54af1f

Is the light carrying any information or any kind of modulation? Like a laser communication beam?
No. 105018 ID: 51d0f5

Move away from the Obelisk. Does the light go out?

Be on the lookout for more small discs.

See if the center one can rotate or respond to touch. Or if the whole indentation rotates like a rotary telephone...

Say, are you guys using magnetic boots, or is there inexplicable gravity? Is there anything noteworthy on the underside of the Anomaly?
No. 105900 ID: 35cea2
File 126274881740.png - (12.14KB , 766x535 , Light.png )

The Anomaly appears to have similar artificial gravity that human vessels utilize. It is slightly stronger than Earth's gravity. The underside is blank.

The team moves away from the obelisk. The light remains shining. It emits nothing but a steady light, there is no signal being sent.

The indentation itself does not move, but a researcher manages to rotate the disc in the center. The obelisk begins to glow brighter and emit faint radio static. The pylons in the center have slightly increased their x-ray emission. Off in the distance a researcher can see the small building's door open.
No. 105902 ID: 8b9792

im assuming everyone is takin pictures. i so dont want to discover later on that it possesses a lot of warnings and the likes when it blows up

send a unmanned probe first. also monitore xray stuff, check against radiation poisoning.

im thinking its a beacon to another race. we should expect visitors/attackers soon.
No. 105911 ID: 632862

Go in the building!
No. 105916 ID: 51d0f5

Head into the building on the double.

Have the commandos sweep it all professional-like for automated defenses, but it's... probably not inherently dangerous, unlike a mysterious x-ray pad surrounded by claw-like pylons.
No. 105929 ID: b14128

Calculate what the light is directed towards, if anything, and cautiously check out the newly-open doors of the building. Continue to monitor the obelisk and pylons, they seem to be getting more and more active, and we still have no idea what their purpose is.

...Randomly, what are the known abilities of X-rays in the current (Game-time) era?
No. 106193 ID: c2c011

Come on people, we have disposable robots for a reason. Training new commandos is alot harder than building a new robot. Send in the bomb disposal robot before humans.
No. 106252 ID: 54af1f

Get to the building and have the troops sweep it before the scientists move in.

How much X-rays can power armour take?
No. 106265 ID: 8ecfd4

Come on people, the ROBOT! It can take X-rays until it melts and we don't lose any of the precious few humans we have left then. We have an attempted genocide to avenge and we can't afford to lose genetic material.
No. 106268 ID: 35cea2
File 126281233421.png - (38.26KB , 1199x497 , Inside.png )

Notes: FTL communications is possible. Messages can travel twice as fast as starships (messages travel 2 parsecs a month, the Ithaka colonies is approximately 2.7 parsecs way)
The only source of x-rays in this time period that isn't known in the present day is from starship FTL drives.

After a minute, the signals from the pylons and the obelisk stop increasing. The direction that the obelisk's light faces is noted down. It faces roughly toward the center of the galaxy, off by 11.5 degrees to the left and 6.0 degrees above.

The bomb robot is sent into the building. The camera shows that it appears to be mostly empty, so the research team soon follows behind.

There is an interesting pattern of glyphs on the back wall, and a disc similar to the one in the middle of the indentation lies on the ground lies on the ground.
No. 106278 ID: 54af1f


It seems like the indentation is what controls where you go... I'm guessing the next step is to put another disk in another hole... anyone have a clue as to which one?
No. 106283 ID: b14128

...10 bcuks says this thing is a teleporter.

No, really. The central platform is the teleport pad, the pylons are the teleporters (X-rays come from FTL travel), the obelisk points towards the destination (I'm not sure about this part, though), and the small building is the control room.

Compare the pattern on the inside of the building to the glyphs on the rest of the platform. I think it might be a map. Factor in where the light of the obelisk is aiming, too.

I'd suggest not touching the disk in the small building yet. And before you -do- mess with it, make sure to send two messages (This is important, we don't want to send one and for it not to arrive) with all that you've found to your new home.
No. 106286 ID: 54af1f


Right, and you put the glyph in the hole to mark your destination. The one on the floor looks like the glyph on the right, about in the centre of the picture.

Pick it up and get a closer look to make sure.
No. 106289 ID: b14128

No, no, look but don't touch. We can poke it in a moment, I have the feeling that the results of whatever 'turning' the disk in the small building will do will be... Conspicuous. Even if the 'Teleporter' theory is wrong, I think the small building might activate the purpose of the anomaly, whatever it is.
No. 106294 ID: 54af1f

Is it actually attached to the floor? I figured it was just lying there
No. 106298 ID: 8ecfd4

That thing looks alot like a map of destinations. I'm also guessing on a teleporter. Let's try to not teleport any humans immediatly. The trusty old bomb robot can become guinea pig.
No. 106315 ID: 35cea2
File 126281598868.png - (5.91KB , 448x217 , Disc.png )

Dr Huntington examines the disc more closely, without touching it. It appears to be simply lying on the floor, rather than built into it. The rest of the researchers are either examining the pattern of glyphs or writing notes.

Dr. Huntington: "I think this Anomaly is some kind of teleportation platform, considering the x-rays and that map-like pattern on the wall.
Random Researcher: "I concur. I'll prepare a report to send to the main fleet around Cadmus. If they've got a research facility running they probably can process the information we've gathered better than we can."
No. 106316 ID: 54af1f


Here's how I'm thinking it works. There's the same number of locations on the map as their are indentations on the depression. You need to put the right symbol disk in the right hole to make it activate.

we need to examine the symbol to check but I think I misID'd the symbol first time. It looks like the X|X symbol on the upper left.

That would mean that taking the symbol on the top as 1, it needs to go in 8 to activate the anomaly.
No. 106323 ID: b14128

Sounds like a good theory on the anomaly's operation.

...Anyway, at this point, I'm not sure there's much else to do. We can mess around more and try to activate the anomaly, but I'm not sure that's a great idea with 'Home base' uninformed of what's over here. I suggest we send a message to HQ. Include data on our findings, a report on our speculation as to its possible purpose as a teleporter, and a request for instructions, and possibly reinforcements.

...Oh, also, randomly, how much x-ray radiation are the pylons giving off compared to current FTL drives? Might be important.
No. 106327 ID: 51d0f5

Yeah, the one on the floor looks like the upper left glyph on the wall. The one already in the center of the white circle looks like the central glyph. So that's 'home,' and the one on the floor is... some destination. Putting the disc in the correct slot (or maybe any slot) will fire up the teleporter.

Do we have a probe that can transmit FTL? We can't remote control the robot if it's a hundred trillion miles away.

Man, this could be dangerous. We don't want to accidentally alert aliens that we've survived and are here. I'm tempted to fire this bitch up anyway, because we could potentially get a tech boost, but what do you guys think?
No. 106334 ID: b14128

First things first: Let's get HQ informed of what's going on. For now just send over what we have for them to look at, then sit tight and wait for further orders. I doubt they'd look kindly upon us screwing with something this big without telling them first. ...Heck, they might even consider this find important enough to throw over more people and gear.
No. 106338 ID: 54af1f


Well, if not now, then when? I mean, our situation won't change militarily for at least a a year (we need to get a space station up and so on)

We could simply delay until we've militarily built up, it's definitely the safe option... OTOH, it's also the boring one.
No. 106339 ID: 54af1f

Remember that it's a 4 months transmission lag for us to send them a message then receive a reply.

Though that would let us do some science on this thing before we activate it.
No. 106429 ID: 35cea2
File 126282245582.png - (6.15KB , 344x290 , Hrm.png )

The expedition has enough food remaining for 8 months and the trip back will take about 2.7 months. This means the home base (if they start building as soon as the mines extract sufficient resources, which will be next month) will have about 1 month to actually work on the reports they will receive from the expedition.

(1 month to gather resources, 2 months to build lab, .3 months to research, ~1.3 months to send transmission, 2.7 months to act and return home)

The team can do their own research for several months, but it wont be as thorough than if they had a dedicated laboratory.
No. 106471 ID: 54af1f


Ok, it sounds like we should do research here until home base has a lab established, then head home and resupply, finish research on this thing there, then come back.

Can we leave an FTL probe or something here to alert us if anything comes through?
No. 106497 ID: b14128

Again, first things first, let's send a transmission to HQ and get their take on this before we do anything, guys.
No. 106524 ID: 54af1f

It takes 4 months for transmission to reach them and then them to respond though
No. 106563 ID: 4f8e95

we must report case we get wiped. at least they would know we got pwnd.

id say to send a report every 10 days. if it takes that long, they would get 3 monthhs delayed warning that the shit has hit the fan, leaving them with about 1.9~3.8 months to worry with defenses.

lastly but not leastly, what material is this all made of? does it accumulate stardust? pinpoint the likely reception of the x-ray emission and send whatever data we have on it to the main base.
No. 106565 ID: 4f8e95

haha i fail basic reading again.

1.6 months delay warning, 1.3~3.0 months to prepare for battle
No. 107045 ID: dbe764

Well, send a report on what you've found now.

I say don't fire up the artifact, even if it takes a year to get a lab. We've been fleeing for five years already, so not like another few months of delay are a big deal... right?

...Maybe we're gonna need a new build order.
No. 107156 ID: 51d0f5

Earliest a lab can be up and running without seriously slowing our industry timetable is, like, a year after planetfall.
No. 107159 ID: 8ecfd4

But there should be some sort of research they can do on site. Trying to decipher the scribblings, or exploring the system with the artifact to see if they can get any pointers towards why it's there. Or just some long range scans of nearby systems to see if there's anything good in any of them.
No. 107160 ID: 54af1f


We should also rig a camera to a FTL communicator if we can, something to let us know if something comes through.

Do we have any idea how fast Breaker FTL is?
No. 107712 ID: ff0a1e

Research for a few months but then just plug the disc into the indentation
No. 107745 ID: 54af1f


But what if something comes through D:
No. 107746 ID: 8ecfd4

Well then we either meet a new non hostile alien life form or we die pathetically.

Does mankind have any information on who attacked them? Can the scientists see any signs of this teleporter being made by the same people?
No. 107749 ID: 6c28cf

Hang on. Is there anything preventing us from towing the whole damn thing into orbit around something near Cadmus A? The planet, perhaps. I am disinclined to put potentially dangerous things near our home, but it probably won't do anything if we don't fire it up, and we don't need to do that until after our scientists figure out what it is.
No. 107755 ID: 8ecfd4

We don't really know how it works and finds it's targets. It should compensate for galactic drift, but if we tow it with us then I don't think we're going to hit the receiver if we fire it up.
No. 107763 ID: 3d899c

is as if noone saw the prelude.

we need the tecnology. our invaders arrived pratically from another dimension. if we cant take the war to their doors we lose by default, least some diplomatic dickery is made.

be on alert. we will get hostiles. we also need to understand everything on this device.

remember that it already warned something. its coming to investigate us in what i belive is 1.3 months, luckyly in 2.7 as they would have the same FTL that us. we need:

-defenses against scout squadrons
-safeguards to prevent them from picking our new earth
-a means to understand/capture/reverse engineer the device
No. 107765 ID: 8ecfd4

I saw it. That's why I asked about how much mankind knows about them. This could be something that was built by them or it could be something that someone else left behind a long time ago.
No. 107938 ID: 35cea2
File 126301222936.png - (12.77KB , 549x549 , Basic research.png )

The initial report was sent, and the researchers spend the next 5 months studying the facility (leaving them just enough food for the trip home)

Research concludes that the Anomaly is indeed a teleportation device, but its potential power levels are downright enormous. It could probably transport a fleet of starships pretty much anywhere it wanted to. The indentation looks like it has something to do with where the other end of the portal will open up.

The alloys the installation is made of are fairly tough, but not unbelievably so. The strangest things ares the discs, which seem to be able to act as controls for the installation's systems despite being made of a completely homogeneous material.

The glyphs are as cryptic as ever, though. With nothing to compare them to, translation is impossible.


The Anomaly appears to be 'tethered' to this point in space.


Information on the Breaker fleet is very limitied. What is known is that they have very advanced energy shielding abilities as their ships were able to shrug off the railgun slugs and missiles as if they were nothing, as well as powerful weaponry demonstrated by their ability to split Earth into pieces.

Still, the researchers find it highly unlikely that this Anomaly has any relation to the Breakers due to distance, differences in aesthetics and different level of demonstrated technology.

They have a short time left to spend on the Anomaly. Should they plug in the disc?
No. 107943 ID: 35cea2
File 126301257044.png - (64.33KB , 1154x664 , Base Report3.png )

Meanwhile, the base has been added to according to the plans of

More resources are pouring in, there is a large surplus of food, there are workers to spare and morale is good.
Monument still lacks power and Slater has 2 power remaining.

Patrols of Interceptors, Gunships and Light Infantry are sent out. The landscape is pretty standard, and the only nearby signs of Gester settlement is a small village several miles away from Monument. The Gesters are baffled by the strange things that streak through the sky every now and again, but remain unobtrusive.
No. 107964 ID: 6c28cf

>The Anomaly appears to be 'tethered' to this point in space.
Shame we didn't notice that earlier, it could be very useful for us if we figured out how it was done.
And if we figure out what it was tethered relative to, well, that could help us find a whole lot of stuff of a similar technological level.

>Should they plug in the disc?
Yes. But first, phone home.
No. 108016 ID: 54af1f

No, they should head home now, they don't have to food or life support for a major expedition. Let's head home, build a lab and do a bit more research then come back with full life support and so on.

Let's stay on Plan Test Pattern till month 9 (12th month on planet) then build ourselves a lab first rather than a factory and research the artifact.
No. 108017 ID: 8ecfd4

Plugging the disk is something I think should be done when here is more support avalible. But this thing could be incredibly useful. Btw, would a nuke of say 50 megatons be enough to destroy the anomaly or would it need a higher yield?

Because if one of those destinations has a habitable planet for mankind it could be a very good idea to teleport the entire navy and population there and then destroy the anomaly teleporter. That way we could get far away from the Breakers and we make sure that they cannot follow us on the same path.
No. 108026 ID: 54af1f


Last resort I think, we've just built this colony.
No. 108028 ID: d9faf1

Build smelter at Monument so that we don't have to waste Fuel.

Research expedition, change everything to how it was when you arrived, and return to Ithaka.

What special commando specialties can the Nautils have?
What do we need to train them in these specialties?
I'm thinking of sending squads of stealthy commando Nautils to steal a few Gesters' newborn children, so that we could educate them "from scratch", and have them give birth to a new race of civilized Gesters. Probably, exchange the stolen children with something valuable to the primitive Gesters, so that they would think their children were given an honor by the benevolent gods, not stolen by evil demons.
No. 108029 ID: 8ecfd4

Which happens to be on a planet that we reached with normal tech and is not really that hospitable to humans. If we can get there then the Breakers can get there and the planet will not be any more accomodating to humans unless we terraform it, something that would probably wipe out all indegenous species.

We really need to find a better planet and remember that our current colony is not supposed to be our permanent new home.
No. 108034 ID: d6b5ea

we do not plug the disc. we keep it. in the new colony, where they will need to find it instead of blowing it up if they intend to return home.

we can also salvage the device. strip it to its spare parts, take what we can to home, analyze it and make better weapons/armors from it.

for now the new colony should focus on food production and tech research. we need to literally dismantle the device and reverse engineer the technology.

with luck, the food will help the expedition to dismantle the device, the technology given will allow for immediate production/conversion of use-able units BEFORE they notice the device is missing.

if in 5 months they havent send a scout team, we can assume the device was actualy powering up to be used. this also means a LOG was sent to somewhere, most likely we will get some visitors soon. we need that tech.

inb4 cylons
No. 108038 ID: b14128

Ok, guys? Here's the thing... I don't think anyone has been alerted to our presence here yet. Heck, activating the teleporter might not do anything either. -However-, I'm certain that -destroying- the teleporter -would- have somebody get alerted to that fact. I think we should should over the destroyer Occisor to the anomaly, whether or not we choose to activate it, to keep an eye on it.

Whatever our choice there, I propose we send the Vitium and Ira to Salamis A and Cadmus B respectively to scout the star-systems and planets.

As for the colonies, I propose we set up a research center as quickly as possible to start trying to discover new technologies, followed by getting uranium mining working.
No. 108040 ID: 51d0f5

Hay. Should we build a Small Lab instead of a third Ceramist to process the team's data ASAP, or wait until we've got more of a solid industrial base in several more months? (Making 20 ceramics per month instead of 30 will slow our production of a factory and more power plants)

Either way, it won't build fast enough to benefit the field team before they return. However, it will also let us get a head start on researching new buildings and vehicles and who knows what else. (Which may or may not be significant. We don't know if it'll take 2 months to research a new tech, or 20.)
No. 108043 ID: b14128

Also, one more thing: How do we get more life support?
No. 108044 ID: 54af1f


Um... I don't think that we should initiate first contact with these guys by stealing their babies
No. 108045 ID: 54af1f


I say we build a third ceramist and then a lab. We can't afford to slow our economy down at this point, and we basically know what the thing is.
No. 108046 ID: d6b5ea

the main probem here is we dont know if we will stil use ceramic. we should train personell, but for what is described, we only need weapons and vehicles enougth to fend off natives.

mainly i agree. i was expecting something in about 1.3 months, since that didnt happened its safe to assume they wont check it. a teleporter however consume a lot of energy, so we shouldnt use it.

we need that tech. disabling the device may as well give us decades to prepare agaisnt a invasion because the nearest is about 10+ light years away.
No. 108048 ID: 51d0f5

>Build smelter at Monument so that we don't have to waste Fuel.
Man, we've got over a thousand and the colony's using only 4 per month. Let's worry about that later, when we're not in a bottleneck of power, ceramics, AND metal. Even if 90% of the Fuel gets used for ships, the colony won't run out for a year, even with more power plants.

I'll make a new build order after some word about whether to focus on faster industrial growth VS a research lab sooner than later. Or someone else can. It's all good. (Unless it sucks)

...and yeah, let's please not kidnap any babies. They probably don't even taste that good. Send out some stealth teams to gather field data on them so we can decrypt their language and talk to them via nautil interpretive dancers or something.

>Also, one more thing: How do we get more life support?
Food domes are making the number go up. We hypothetically have 2x as many domes as are needed to feed all humans, so our stockpiles should continue to go up to give us a buffer in case of disaster.

>We really need to find a better planet and remember that our current colony is not supposed to be our permanent new home.
This one seems to be pretty good. We can survive indefinitely here. You don't need a pressure suit or pressure dome or a foot of lead to keep the radiation out. That's quite good as far as outer space goes. If we find another planet that's better than this one, I'd support colonizing BOTH places in case one blows up.
No. 108049 ID: d9faf1

Yeah, you're right, stealing kids could send a bad message... I just think that our aliiance (currently, Humans+Nautils) would need a race that was native to this planet's climate - that would be very helpful in the long range future.

Maybe we should first appear as benevolent gods to the villagers, and bring rich gifts. Maybe help them do something, like hunt or fish or whatever these squids eat to impress them. Teach them some primitive technologies. We should probably construct suits that would look a bit like squids, so that we would not appear too alien for them (so, maybe Nautils would work better as our messengers). Also, do these Gesters know valuable metals, like gold or silver? We should probably use a lot of them in our suits, to impress them. And lots of shiny parts :D

The messengers would appear, bring gifts, teach low-level tech, and also ask to send some people to the Palace Of The Gods where life is beautiful, luxurious and full of wonders, where there is no illness or hunger, etc.

Over time, there would be less and less uncivilized Gesters, to the point that the remaining few will live in small reservations. Happy End :D
No. 108050 ID: 51d0f5

>the main probem here is we dont know if we will stil use ceramic.
We need it for power plants, factories, military outposts, and (most likely) vehicles. That makes it really important for industry and expansion.
>we should train personell, but for what is described, we only need weapons and vehicles enougth to fend off natives.
We've already got more troops than we know what to do with. If the natives attack, 1,500 troops and orbital support will stop them cold, unless they've got hidden weapons or powerful magic. If the Breakers attack, they'll just bomb the site from orbit and troops won't matter.
No. 108052 ID: 35cea2
File 126305986161.png - (66.92KB , 1154x664 , Base Report4.png )

The expeditionary force returns to Ithaka with the disc in their inventory. The Anomaly's x-ray, visible light, and radio emissions die down when they leave.

The base construction plan is stuck to until month 9 (4 months later, and 1.3 months after the expedition has returned to the planet). There is now 3 SMALL CERAMISTS, 1 SMALL WAREHOUSE and a SMALL POWER GENERATOR active. Monument has now 10 surplus power.


Well, the definition of 'tethered' in this case is that the Anomaly has ridiculous inertia for its mass. While it looks about the size of a starship, in reality pulling it would be like trying to tug a planet.


Commandos are elite special forces soldiers, suited for anything requiring great skill and subtlety. They excel at espionage, assasination, and stealth. They are not meant for open warfare however, as their armor and weapons are not much better than those of Light Infantrymen compared to their high cost.

Nautil Commandos emphasize the Commando's stealth aspect. Their small size enables them to hide much better than humans, but prevents them from using most weapons and equipment.

Right now we only have 2 Nautil in the military: Rear Admiral Dwight and Commando 17

Commandos cannot be trained at our current MILITARY OUTPOST, they require a larger more advanced facility (at least a FORTRESS, which is one size bigger than the outpost) to train. Less than 1 in 200 peopl have the potential necessary to be trained as a Commando, and training takes four years and leaves half the potential applicants dead.


The installation could easily be destroyed with a nuclear weapon, though the popular consensus is that such extreme measures should not be taken until either we have taken full advantage of the Anomaly or its destruction is vital to the continued survival of humanity.
No. 108053 ID: 8ecfd4

It's good to know that we could blow it up if it proves necessary. My money would be on it being an artifact from a now dead or declined civilisation. Leaving a device capable of teleporting an entire fleet unsupervised strikes me as being incredibly moronic. It's like inviting a massive suprise invasion of your core systems.

Honestly my main reason for wanting to get off the planet is that I don't think it's safe. It's to close to earth and to close to our enemies for my comfort.

Also I would suggest extremly minimal contact with the natives. Stuff like posing as gods and uplifting them technologically will most likely turn out bad. They will sooner or later find out that we're not gods and they may have no real intrest in helping us.

If we're actually going to stay at Ithika I would suggest a complete genocide of them. If we're staying there we're eventually going to need the entire planet and then the natives will be in the way.

But my vote is still on finding a better planet and most of all on finding one that is alot further away from out enemies.
No. 108055 ID: 54af1f

Also, from a purely practical point of view, if we can cooperate with them, we need workers.
No. 108056 ID: d6b5ea

then id like to sugggest the spare troop to train civilians. i am to assume we may get SPAHS, meaning almost everyone will require minimal knowledge of how to use guns to defend themselves.

id also like to place 1 or 2 science dudes to study the native life. i wanna make Off Wolrd Discovery Channel to improve morale and increase odds of survival in case of fan getting hitted with excrements.
No. 108057 ID: b14128

You really don't get it, do you? We're not going to find 'Earth 2' any time soon, mate, if we ever will. It took five years of nonstop travel just to find -this- planet. Perfection does not exist; we need to make do with what we have. And it's not like we have anywhere near enough life support for another long trip anyway.

And I do -not- agree with killing off an entire -race-, either. We are -better- than that, we are -better- than the Breakers, and we are -better- than killing off an entire species just because they 'will be in the way'. We can figure out an exact plan of action for how we will coexist with them later, for now, let's just try and get some more information on them.

Anyway, like I said before; send a corvette each to Salamis A and Cadmus B as scouts, get a research center up in Monument, get uranium mining running, and generally continue expanding. We have a lot of our population just sitting around twiddling their thumbs, let’s put them to use.
No. 108058 ID: 54af1f


No genocide on people we need as workers. Not to mention how evil that is.
No. 108059 ID: d6b5ea

killing natives may just make us a lost cause. let us not give our enemy reasons to white knight themselves against us.

we will not exploit them. we wont turn them to slavery or appear as gods. thats just silly. you wont move to a forest and ask gorillas to mow the lawn.
No. 108061 ID: d6b5ea

uncredibly moronic. ironically, you should see the prelude. its from the master race that ordered our demise.

id like to reinforce civilian basic trainning due to contact with natives. i entirely forgot that they may learn to prey on us, and 1500 soldiers is just Slaugther
No. 108064 ID: 8ecfd4

I know we won't find it soon. Had I been in overall command we would have keept going away from earth for another 40-100 years before settling down. This planet just feel to close to the enemy for comfort.

I don't really wish for a genocide either. That is why I wish that we move off the planet. That's the safest thing for both us and the natives. But I also think that being moraly superior to our enemies is something we can worry about when there are more than some 8000 humans alive in the entire fucking universe. We don't really have any margin for failure here. Things that you consider evil may have to be done in the name of survival. It doesn't make us the same as the breakers, they attacked completly unprovoked with the clear aim of the total eradication of humanity. If we instigate a genocide it will be to survive, not just to wipe out another sentient life form.

As for the idea of using them as a workforce. That would mean either that we need to steal them young and find a way to convey the necessary knowledge to make them useful as workers, or that we wait for 20 or so years that we need to teach them the concepts that they need to understand what they're working with and how it works. And then we don't really have any kind of assurances that they will not steal weapons from us and then start an uprising.
No. 108065 ID: 54af1f

Here's my proposal for build order
Month 10: 1 Laboratory Monument

Month 11: 1 Small Smelter Monument

Month 12: Nothing

Month 13: 1 Land Derrick (Metal) Monument

Month 14: 1 Schoolhouse Monument

Month 15: Nothing

Month 16: 1 Small Factory Monument
No. 108066 ID: 54af1f


Or we could talk to them and teach their adults. If they're human intelligence then we should be able to teach them basic techniques, at least enough to push buttons in a factory.
No. 108068 ID: d6b5ea

we need to respect their unity and culture. think in the prime directive, but if the federation was in a post apocaliptic world. if we simply force us upon them, we may as well brainwash their culture and never mention it again.

eventually we will have contact with them. by then im expecting some cultural differences and hopefully we will be able to offer them trainnings wich they will pay with services. kinda like a student loan.

about the uprising... we have 1500 soldiers in land. to compare, a city usually has less that 5% in cops to defend everything from inside. we may as well rise crude walls now.
No. 108070 ID: d6b5ea

culturally this is incorrect. they need to learn their rights as a citizen, the value of work and how we can repay them, the differences between our cultures and how we can best interact wthout harming each other, but almost all of this list already involves imposing our cultures on them.

THEN we can add them to our society. to be trained, that is.
No. 108072 ID: 8ecfd4

Then we need to make sure that they can understand us as well as understand the concepts they're working with. It may just take the push of a button to prevent a meltdown in a nuclear plant but I still wouldn't leave an ape with the duty of pushing it.

Their level of intelligence isn't really the problem here, it's their level of cultural and technological development. Not to mention that I wouldn't trust mankind with a cheap uneducated workforce that has no real way to ensure their own intrests. I have read to much history to think of that as a good idea.

As for thinking prime directive. I always thought the Federation was a shitty institution that should have been destroyed by it's enemies a long time ago. If there is anything I would like to emulate it would either be mankind in the "Kzinti-mankind wars" universe or Palpatine Galactic empire.
No. 108074 ID: d6b5ea


it is not our enviroment that dictates what we are. it is us that dictates what our enviroment shall become. to use the enviroment you are at as a excuse to your actions is to not be aware of yourself, and thus the enviroment shall dictate what you are.

in a post apocaliptic universe, those that care are heroes, even when they die. if we are to be martyrized for the breakers to perceive their futility, then so be it.
No. 108075 ID: d9faf1


That's why I suggested that we first appear as gods. Not as "hey you gorilla I'm 100 times better than you kiss my feet" gods, but as "hey, little buddy, let me teach you how to fish" gods.

In any case, we need not see them as "gorillas" or "potential workforce". See them as Nautils - just uneducated Nautils. They are not "more primitive" than you or anything, they're equal - just uneducated. And yes, it's always best to educate people at a younger age. And yes, it's always best to teach someone when you're an authority figure - like a benevolent god.

Embrace their race, make them part of your people as equals. Study and conserve their culture, and let them all learn it, so that it won't be lost. Help them in their life, heal them, feed them, and teach them more and more difficult concepts.

Why would they need to rebel?..
No. 108076 ID: d9faf1

Just to add: all of the above is only IF they prove to have the same level of intelligence as Humans and Nautils, or higher.

If so, I repeat, never consider them "apes", or "gorillas", or "savages", or smth.
Integrate them into your society, possibly in several steps.
Help them, teach them, heal them, do your best to prepare them to become members of your people.

Do not treat them as different.
No. 108077 ID: d6b5ea

palpatine make a lot of sense here. he favored diplomacy and dickery, something we lack entirely of. in hindsight, a president would never do what we did because he does not know of the prelude, nor has he had social contact with the breakers.

the prime directive makes more sense in a overcrowded galaxy, with new races discovering space travel and the federation pratically daily. id like to think we will need more help that only a handful of drones, and having a trade route would really be helpful for our diplomatic relationship.

speaking of drones, do we have any chances of developing some? not the remote controlled of course...
No. 108078 ID: d6b5ea

i should just troll you and say that they would rebel to control the society. alpha male and all.

we cannot brainwash them, they may still discover the cold truth and uprise. we cannot go all elven on them also, that is dickish and would gain a lot of hatred and racism. to appear as a teaching race is nice, but also imposing of our culture. they must choose to help knowing what they will sign into.

a murderous alien race with technology far beyond our grasp want us dead just like this weird alliance with superior technology showed up and requested their help.
No. 108080 ID: 51d0f5

Not bad, except we only have 105 metal (+50/mo) so we can't build a smelter next month if we build a lab this month.

Let's just build a lab and then take another turn in 2 months when it finishes so we can look at the Research menu.

At that point, my recommendation (subject to change once we see the Research menu) is to begin construction on a Metal Derrick. 2 months after that, begin construction of a Smelter, then, and I know this sounds crazy, turn off the Coastal Derrick for 2 months and run the new metal derrick instead, (since we need metal more than supers) until the smelter comes online. Then we can run all four mines.

PS: Let's take the appear-as-gods talk and other boneheaded plans into the discussion thread.
No. 108082 ID: d9faf1

>to appear as a teaching race is nice, but also imposing of our culture.
I suggested we preserve their culture, but impose our technology and society system.

Okay, true, let's stop this discussion.
No. 108083 ID: d6b5ea

assuming we can get their asses off the fact the breakers want our alliance gone, im all for this.

its like the ultimate rickroll: this is a video of how to cure cancNEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVE GONNA LET YOU DOWN

in a completely unrelated subject, i coulnt find the discussion thred .-.
No. 108084 ID: b14128

Yo, guys, is it just me, or do we seem to be ignoring Slater a little bit? I mean, we set it up so we could get uranium, and we arn't even bothering to try and get the collection of it up and running.
No. 108086 ID: d6b5ea

inb4 the natives call themselves Na'Vi and live under a deposit of superconductor.

afaik we dont need uranium least we make nukes. i dont even know if we have that tech.

nuclear reactors would heat the enviroment and most possibly alert of our presence along with the fact that power gens dont seem to use it.
No. 108087 ID: 51d0f5

>i coulnt find the discussion thred
We're using this one: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/374.html

>We set it up so we could get uranium, and we arn't even bothering to try and get the collection of it up and running.
We don't need any yet. The only thing we can use it for is fuel at the moment, and the ships can go and get that from the nebula by the bucketload.
No. 108089 ID: 8ecfd4

I can't find the discussion thread for this quest.

But I can sum up my stance quite easily. There is no action I would be unwilling to take to ensure mankinds survival and the extermination of our foes. If we have to scour the entire universe of all other lifeforms then I would be willing to do so.
No. 108090 ID: b14128

Fair point. I apologize, it just seems like Slater is becoming a 'backwater' of sorts, and I want to avoid wasting resources.
No. 108096 ID: 54af1f

Before we start discussing what we want to do with the natives in detail why don't we try talking to some of them?
No. 108102 ID: d9faf1

I suggest we should first try to spy on them and let our scientists learn their level of intelligence.
No. 108113 ID: d6b5ea


id like to do as i suggested in >>108056 but the trainning of civilians should now be done to protect them from future contacts with natives.

test pattern has the optimized build course, so everything is settled if noone has any weird requests.
No. 108114 ID: 35cea2
File 126307164289.png - (68.93KB , 1154x664 , Base Report6.png )

2 month have passed. The SMALL LABORATORY is finished and construction has just begun on a SMALL SMELTER. Monument has 6 power remaining. Two CORVETTES have been sent out to the other nearby systems, and pick up a little fuel along the way. The Contemno is going for Salamis A and will take about 14 months, and Ira is going for Cadmus B and will take about 13 months. Each has taken 50 FUEL and will return with about 190 FUEL.

The spare civilian population is being trained by off duty soldiers in the use of sidearms and other basic survival tactics, though manufacturing enough sidearms for the able-bodied populace will take at least SMALL FACTORY.

The first formal contact has been initiated with the closest Gester settlement. The contact teams have decided to try to present themselves as equals, offering small gifts and attempting communication to explain mankind's predicament. The Gesters are extremely cautious and generally keep their distance from the teams, though the few that are brave enough to get close to Splinter personnel prove that they are rather intelligent. Due to language and cultural barriers the Gesters cannot comprehend most of what the humans are trying to convey.
No. 108117 ID: 35cea2
File 126307192043.png - (27.48KB , 470x1138 , Tech tree.png )

Now that the first lab has been built, the research tree has opened. The number next to the research icon represents how many research points each technology requires. Fully staffed sMALL LABS create 1 research point a month. DISCOVRED TECHS are represented by squares with a gold outline (which is none of them so far). RESEARCHABLE TECHS are represented by squares with pictures, and POSSIBLE TEHCS are represented by empty squares (though they will only be shown if all prerequisite Possible Techs are known. If a tech requires, say, Computing Systems I and another unknown tech, the square will not be displayed)

IMPROVED CERAMIC FABRICATION: At the cost of 1 SUPERCONDUCTOR (one time cost), a SMALL CERAMIST can increase its output by 50%. Larger ceramists will have this tech already installed.
GENETIC ENGINEERING I: This tech is simply reconstructing information lost during Earth's destruction. Increases the effectiveness of MEDICAL OUTPOSTS to fight disease.
ENHANCED DERRICKS: At the cost of 1 SUPERCONDUCTOR (one time cost), SMALL DERRICKS will use 1 less POWER. Larger derricks will have this tech already installed.
COMPUTING SYSTEMS 1: This tech is simply reconstructing information lost during Earth's destruction. Enables construction of basic RECON DRONES at SMALL FACTORIES.
PLANETARY RESEARCH (ITHAKA): This compiles a comprehensive report on Ithaka's geology and ecology.
XENOCULTURE (GESTERS): Fully translates the Gester's language, and compiles a report on their culture and physiology.
SUPER BRICS: At the cost of .5 SUPERCONDUCTOR per BRIC, each one gets a pair of shoulder-mounted weapon systems, doubling its firepower. (The superconductor does not cover the cost of the weapons systems themselves)
POWER EFFICIENCY: At the cost of 1 SUPERCONDUCTOR (one time cost), a SMALL GENERATOR will generate 2 more POWER. Larger Generators will have this tech already installed. Allows construction of a ELECTROLYSIS PLANT, which generates FUEL from water.
THE ANOMALY: Attempts to unlock the secrets of the Anomaly and the strange disc.
RESTART ECONOMY: Creates a new currency and a basic economy. For simplicity's sake, money will not be a resource you will need to worry about. SMALL FACTORIES can produce LUXURY ITEMS and FARMING DOMES can produce QUALITY FOOD. Increases morale of all colonists.
DESIGN NEW VEHICLE/BUILDING: Describe a new type of vehicle or building that can be created with current technology. Cost, effectiveness and research time will be based on your design. This tech exists outside the research tree.
No. 108118 ID: b14128

I think we should go for Xenoculture first. Looks pretty cheap, and that 'Possible tech' connected with researching the anomaly might be very useful. I dunno, what do you guys think?

I wonder if we build one or two more research centers, focus on getting new techs for a while. this is all seeming very useful.
No. 108119 ID: d6b5ea

im assuming we will have a small firearm, a rebreather and a knife as a standard civilian equiepment.

as the tech tree open up, i cant stop thinking in dorf fort. leave economy after we get POWER EFICIENCY wich seems to be the only mandatory there.

computing system leaves us with the interesting option of developing unmanned mining expeditions. i am so for this.
No. 108120 ID: d6b5ea

forgot to ask, how much would it cost in metal and ceramics to make the standard equiepment for every citizen left?
No. 108123 ID: d9faf1

Xenoculture (Gesters).
We need to find a common language to converse with our future compatriots.
No. 108126 ID: d6b5ea

also i just realized, we are still using temp settlements?

we should upgrade asap.
No. 108128 ID: 8ecfd4

I say we go for the anomaly. If we can figure out how it works we can use it for all sorts of highly useful stuff.
No. 108134 ID: d6b5ea

we are still on build queue that test pattern made. so yeah.
No. 108136 ID: 54af1f


Are we? I thought we were on mine now. I'd suggest we research Xenoculture first, and then if we're gonna drop anything for metal we build more uranium.

We should build some more labs ASAP though and get research going.
No. 108137 ID: b14128

Yeah, didn't see that another smelter was already being build. Sorry.
No. 108142 ID: 54af1f

In general terms I believe we should be seeking to advance our technology somewhat at the expense of our manufacturing. We have enough resources to live right now, so let's get a bunch of labs online and get researching.
No. 108144 ID: d6b5ea

technically, we need fuel and food too. our infrastructure is poor in many ways, we still use temp housing and we are somewhat vulnerable to spyworks.

add to top of that, we also need to consider not only to match our technology with the breaker, we also need to have numbers to face them.

to make things worse... magic. yes, it does exist here.

we should research the anomaly. after, id like power efficiency and then drones.
No. 108153 ID: 597b9b

I concur. The only potential threat to our existence (within our ability to cope) is the local sentients, (which is why I advice the Xenology tech first). However, our current military power should be more than adequate to cope. This makes research our top priority, especially given that research increases our productivity in the long run, and quite frankly, I'm an absolute SUCKER for economy of resources.
No. 108154 ID: d6b5ea

looks like we are halway from both suggestions >>108080

we should make a lab. to half the research time should be the ideal, but i lost track ofthe numbers ._.
No. 108157 ID: 51d0f5

Research Gesters. It'll only take 3 months. The artifact will take a year.

Build a Metal Derrick ASAP. Then another one ASAP. (Shut the Uranium mine down again when we run out of smelter capacity) Metal's our industrial bottleneck right now. When we're pulling in 150 a month, then we can really get going.
No. 108158 ID: 597b9b

What do you think of queuing another 2 or so labs?

If im reading our production right, they should fit with our available power and significantly speed up the our production rate once we get the important efficiencies.
No. 108159 ID: d6b5ea

about small arms and a perimeter sensors, is it possible? i want to know if we get spies.

if we make perimetral sensors, id also like to make a few sniping towers.
No. 108162 ID: 51d0f5

>If im reading our production right, they should fit with our available power and significantly speed up the our production rate once we get the important efficiencies.
Well, yeah, that's true, but you know what would speed up our production even more? Tripling our metal production.

We need to crank up our metal to really get this colony in gear. THEN we can build cool shit like schools and labs and factories. (Three times as fast!)
No. 108167 ID: 51d0f5
File 126308220946.png - (3.82KB , 87x87 , Medium_Smelter.png )

Hey, how much to research one of these bad boys?
No. 108172 ID: d6b5ea

can you queue a shipyard in the nebula asap? after makin 2~3 labs, id like drones to mine unmanned.
No. 108176 ID: 597b9b

I doubt we have either the tech or the Resources to begin serious construction of space assets, to be frank. We can barely afford to maintain a barebones colony.
No. 108177 ID: 51d0f5

Apparently starships and starbases are crazy expensive and complex. (Who knew?)

We'll need to research a bunch of crap, then build up space infrastructure in orbit, then build some extreme range construction ships, then cargo ships to bring the resources, THEN start building a shipyard int he nebula. It'll need many thousands of units of metal.

So step one is to start making a shitton of metal to let us start making a larger shitton of metal. We'll all feel a lot happier when we have resources coming out our ears instead of puttering along on a single lousy mine.
No. 108178 ID: 597b9b

Bit of a hardon for the metals, huh?
No. 108181 ID: d6b5ea

do we have uranium for a nuclear reactor, case we do make a spaceship?

superconductor also comes slowly. im thinking we should buff up home, but not entirely like that. yes, we should begin space mining ops since that is where it seems to have more ore, but we shouldnot focus to get that metal on land.

something im also not entirely satisfied is that we are getting most of our fuel from the nebula. in a emergency we wont be able to make it here.
No. 108201 ID: d6b5ea

also can we peform LR scans? id like a estimative of how long it would take to have a enemy fleet on us case they need to come from another beacon.
No. 108205 ID: d6b5ea

just realized this is a map. if this is true we are in a wide galaxy far from almost everything, with large chances the breakers are located in the bottleneck sector.

we are likely to have scouts and smugglers passing by the beacon. the problem is, im not sure if the core of the galaxy received the beacon's warning. how long would it take for a FTL transmission from the beacon to the core of the galaxy?
No. 108213 ID: 51d0f5

Current Month:
<Insufficient Metal>

Next Month:
<Insufficient Metal>

2 Months From Now:

3 Months from Now:
<Insufficient Metal>
GESTER RESEARCH Completes. Begin Research of BIGGA SMELTERS (unless that will take more than 5 months, in which case research POWER EFFICIENCY instead)

4 Months from Now:
(Metal production is now +100/month)

5 Months from Now:

6 Months from Now:
Turn off the URANIUM DERRICK to run the newly completed THIRD METAL DERRICK instead
(Metal production becomes +150/month)

7 Months from Now:

8 Months from Now:
Hopefully, BIGGA SMELTER research has just completed. Or possibly POWER EFFICIENCY.
<New Turn>
No. 108215 ID: 54af1f

Does this replace or add to the one I did?
No. 108217 ID: d6b5ea

how about not research for bigger smelter, research for power efficiency to prevent building another pwoer gen. im also almost sure we may be better off upgrading smelter efficiency to open up medium smelter
No. 108218 ID: 8ecfd4

Seems pretty solid. I would suggest that we research the anomaly after your list is done. I really think we need to figure out how to use that thing and if possible duplicate it.
No. 108219 ID: d6b5ea

this? >>108065


No. 108221 ID: d6b5ea

requesting full shot of the wall here

possibly map format ._.
No. 108223 ID: 51d0f5

>Does this replace or add to the one I did?
It's similar to yours, but I wrote mine up as a standalone, for clarity, so it replaces it.

Also: Smelter Efficiency isn't an available option.

Also Also: Maybe I should have a fourth derrick instead of the factory? Then in nine months we'll be churning out 200 units of metal per month, meaning 2-3 delicious new squat industrial prefab buildings per month.

We only have 140 professionals, so we need a school to make more scientists. It could take years to make a new batch, so we'd better start ASAP.
No. 108225 ID: d6b5ea

if we had no factory, no, we need to at least make small firearm. the gesters are peaceful so far, but other lifeforms may not be.
No. 108235 ID: d6b5ea

do we still have a carrier? if so, can it produce stuff?

i was thinking of researching mining drones and having fun scrapping the carrier in the nebula for a shipyard.
No. 108253 ID: 54af1f


Eh. I'd say go with the Derrick, it's not as if we don't heavy equipment here. If we lose the orbit somehow we're dead anyway, so worst comes to worst we have orbital bombardment.

More than that we've got 10 gunships, and quiet a few ground vehicles and two thousand troops. We don't really need more stuff right now. Economy is more important IMHO.
No. 108433 ID: 35cea2
File 126310013391.png - (52.48KB , 1154x664 , Report.png )


The carrier does not have any means of production at the moment.


Research of a MEDIUM SMELTER will take 3 months, although there is a later tech that will unlock all MEDIUM BUILDINGS at once.


Ship scanners can probably detect Breaker presence within 5 parsecs. Breaker ships travel about the same speed as human ships, which is 1 parsec per month.


I posted it in the Quest Discussion thread.

From now on, I'd really appreciate if suggestions for the build/research order were presented in an obvious way, like how Test Pattern does it. It's a bit easier for me to read and tally up the votes for which course of action I should follow. Thanks.

The current plan is

3 months have passed. Morale is still fairly good, but the fact that there isn't enough housing and people have to be rotated between the Infractus and ground housing is beginning to annoy people. A metal DERRICK is halfway done. Gester research is complete...
No. 108439 ID: 35cea2
File 126310029363.png - (35.89KB , 1154x664 , Gester Report.png )

The Gesters have become more trusting of the contact teams, though they still refuse to go near Monument. Now that translation is complete, communication is much easier. The Gesters still don't understand verbalized speech, but they can communicate through writing. Gester communication is by manipulating two of their tentacles, so their writing is simply abstractions of these gestures.

The Gester form tightly knit tribes that contain no more than 3 or 4 families, much like early hunter-gatherer humans. Gesters have a religion based on worship of the weather and the sun, and commonly spend large amounts of their time meditating in hopes of communing with these spirits.

They now understand that humanity is forced from their original planet, and that Splinter is simply filled with normal mortals with access to knowledge far beyond their understanding. Gesters tend to bond much better with the Nautil simply because of their very nonthreatening size and vaguely similar body shape. The Gesters aren't terribly curious, and prefer to be left out of the Splinter's business.

This is pretty much all the important information, but more detail can be provided if neeeded.
No. 108506 ID: 632862

Question: When removing a building to replace it with something better, do we get the metal back?
No. 108515 ID: 51d0f5

<no new building>
Begin Research of MEDIUM SMELTERS (3 turns)

1 Month from Now:
(Metal production is now +100/month)

2 Months from Now:

3 Months from Now:
Turn off the URANIUM DERRICK to run the newly completed THIRD METAL DERRICK instead.
(Metal production becomes +150/month)
Begin constructing 10x units of TEMPORARY HOUSING at both MONUMENT and SLATER, however is needed to minimize COMMUTING.
Begin research of ENHANCED DERRICKS. (5 turns)

--3.5 Months from Now:
--(Housing capacity is now 8,000, letting us hold everyone but starship crews, although only 3,000 is permanent housing. We'll begin replacing it soon.)

4 Months from Now:
<Pause to react to SCHOOLHOUSE opening, allowing us to see how SCREWED we are when it comes to TRAINING times on vitally important SPECIALISTS. Hopefully not TOO SCREWED.>

(How efficiently can we recycle old buildings? Can we turn Temp Housing back into metal as it's replaced? Or recycle old Smelters as we build more resource and energy efficient Medium ones? Or upgrade from Small to Medium?

Researching medium smelters separately is inefficient, but it should let us get a second Lab up and running faster, depending on recycling, so it evens out, right?)
No. 108559 ID: 51d0f5

Do we have abundant construction equipment, or would that be something to build at a Small Factory? Maybe to reduce the number of workers needed for maintenance and construction.
No. 108684 ID: 54af1f


Ok, we should start setting up some kind of trade with them. I'm not sure what they can offer us, but we should try to get them used to the idea of exchange for when we need to ask them to work for us.
No. 108688 ID: d9faf1

Tell your researchers to learn what technologies do Gesters have, what do they eat, what is their anatomy, what illnesses do they have etc.

Later, based on that knowledge, we could offer them gifts, medical help, some low-level tech (getting food, building, etc.). Some of the food-related tech (e.g., Ithakan agriculture) may become available after researching into PLANETARY RESEARCH (ITHAKA) (see below).

As for Lab Research, I suggest first doing some PLANETARY RESEARCH (ITHAKA). It would let us know more about the planet where we would spend at least the next couple of decades, and the resources and possible dangers available. It could also help us find more common ground with the Gesters.

Then, we should start learning about THE ANOMALY. It would help us understand, what exactly are we dealing with. We could compare this with the reports from our scouting ships, and gain more understanding about the world around us. And combined with our knowledge of XENOCULTURE, it could give us some SECRET TECHNOLOGY!


Xenocontact Team:

Lab Research:
2. THE ANOMALY (12 months)

P.S.: God, I'm starting to sound like a goddamn Civ2 advisor lol
No. 108689 ID: d9faf1

Btw, I'm still opposed to the idea of Gesters "working for us". They should either become equal members of our glorious Splinter society, or just live their own savage life.
No. 108698 ID: 8ecfd4

They managed to come up with a written language that fast? Damn that's impressive, simply that probably speed their development along a couple of thousand years. Most civilisations need to have reached the pastoral stage and stayed there for a thousand years or more before they get a written language. But seeing as they don't really want anything to do with us I think we should respect their wishes. I can't really see how us further meddling with them could possible help them. But it could still be a bit useful to know more about them, keep an observation team close and keep researching them a bit. As they are at a hunter-gatherer level of tech I don't think we will make any remarkably useful finds, but it could be good exercise for contact with other sentients we could run into.

This seems like a pretty solid plan.

I would just like to add that I think we should get cracking on the anomaly as soon as we have the medium smelter tech. It could also be a good idea to build a second research center if we have the manpower for it.

With just one I feel like we have a bottleneck when it comes to research. But we also have to build up an industry that can provide us with the material necessary to capitalise on our improved tech.
No. 108712 ID: 54af1f

Equal Members is what I'm talking about.
No. 108715 ID: 8ecfd4

But they don't really want anything to do with us.

There's also the problem with a knowledge gap between us. They have no concept of a spoken language and their written language is composed of pictograms. To make sure that they understand abstract things like nuclear fission as well as a monetary economy is not really something we can do at the moment. And if they're not able to understand such things then they will only be able to perform simple physical labor and will become an easily distinguished lower class of society.

And that doesn't even begin to address the problems we would face if the Breakers finds us. We can get some 8000 humans away from there, we can't evacuate some 10 to 20 million gesters and we certainly can't uplift them to a level of development where they would be able to fight off a Breaker fleet. They will most likely be better off if we leave them to develop naturally on their own.
No. 108718 ID: 54af1f

No, because they only just met us and we're crazy sky people, of course they're wary. The fact is that 8000 humans is just not enough to do stuff with. Unless we can come up with a way of flash cloning folks (this may not even be possible) the geisters are the only option as workers.
No. 108720 ID: 35cea2
File 126313363321.png - (65.91KB , 1154x664 , Report.png )


Buildings (and vehicles) can be scrapped for half their construction costs. The process takes one month.
Upgrading a building, however, subtracts the full cost of the small building from the upgrade.


It is not necessary to build construction equipment. Efficiency of maintenance and construction workers cannot be improved at the moment.


GESTER ANATOMY: The gesters' average height is about the same as an average human's. They have tough skin that is resistant to cuts and blows, but protects them little from large fluctuations in temperature. Gesters cannot get sick from human illnesses and vice versa. The disease that is proving to be an especially big problem is a type of water-transmitted parasitic ameboa that infects their eyes and causes blindness. Gesters push themselves along the ground slowly (max speed is about human walking speed), but their tentacles are fast and strong, able to move more rapidly and exert more force than human arms.

GESTER TECHNOLOGY: They are technically in the stone age, as they do not use metals. Thanks to cooperation with research teams, they have developed a written that is very easy for them to learn. They live in tents constructed from wooden poles covered by the soft and flexible membrane of some giant fungus. They can craft stone weapons, clay pottery and carve various items out of wood. Due to the rarity of wood on this island, they tend to spare the wood for either the tents or religious idols.

GESTER FOOD PRODUCTION: Gesters are herbivorious, and their tough stomachs can digest virtually any type of plant matter. They farm some type of tall grass, which they harvest and grind into a gooey paste which they eat. When their preferred crop fails, they can always revert to grazing on grasses and shrubs until either the crops stop failing or they have to move on to another area.

GESTER CUSTOMS AND SOCIETY: As stated before, they behave quite similarly to human hunter-gatherer societies, except they have developed to be more sedentary. They are cautious, not especially curious and passive. Gesters do not usually resort to violence, but disputes between wandering tribes can sometimes lead to conflict.

Due to
having 2 votes as opposed to
, Test Pattern's plan is followed again.

4 months have passed.
New buildings:
Morale is now GOOD. Monument has 13.5 power remaining, Slater has 1 power remaining.

MEDIUM SMELTERS has been researched. Minor design changes have been applied to the original blueprint.

ENHANCED DERRICKS is currently 1/5 completed.

8 months have passed since the Corvettes have left for the other star systems. The Ira will be back in 5 months and the Contemno will be back in 6.

The SCHOOLHOUSE can train 200 people at once. It takes 4 years for a NONWORKER to be trained as a WORKER and 4 years for a WORKER to be trained as a PROFESSIONAL.

Made a mistake with the previous report. We had more professionals than that.
No. 108721 ID: 54af1f


Let's leave the artifact until we've got more labs, it'll take ages.
No. 108724 ID: 2dd482

can we get a picture of the settlements as of >>108720 ? Or a list of buildings already constructed if that's easier.
No. 108726 ID: 8ecfd4

But the Gesters cannot really do anything for us except for physical labor. They cannot understand spoken languages and due to their tentacles humans cannot mimic their language. If we try to teach them what they need to know to be of any use to us then we miss out on using our schools for our own children.

I would like to add another small lab to be built at monument on the next build order.

Btw what do the rest of you think of educating people piecemeal so that there are 50 new graduates per year as opposed to educating them in a batch so there are 200 every 4 years? I think we should start with educating nonworkers into workers as well as building another school sometime during the next 4 years. We should also tech up some school tech during that time. Then we could build a new bigger school for worker education while the smaller one is for professional education into specialists.
No. 108727 ID: 2dd482

educating in piece-meal like that could work, surely some of the untrained people had SOME partial education before the exodus.

Restarting the economy might be a good idea, since we have a large food surplus. It'll give the people some semblance of normality. We should also try to replace all temporary housing with small apartments asap. living in tents for a year+ can't be good for morale.
No. 108729 ID: a43a7d

id like to schedule the upgrade of the housing ASAP. we should get the infrastructure out of the way before making more labs and factories. the lab for now should focus on efficiency tech since we may be able to upgrade all buildings at once.

i smell luna/ucs dickery!

this is tecnically impossible. we can make them tecnicians instead of full blown graduated personnel, but this means we still need 2 years (1 if they dedicate themselves full time) AND a coworker that has graduated normally in a 1:1 ratio. this specializes them in ONE field of operation, as they learn the basic of a craft and focus on it. they wont really be able to become PROFESSIONALS least they undergo the graduate trainer and lastly, we also cannot do this to scientists.

we really have a lot of civs. we need something to give them what to do, can we start economy too?
No. 108732 ID: a43a7d

inquire to the gesters about:

the icons
local monoliths-like structures
what they delicassies would be.
No. 108733 ID: 597b9b

Wait a tick...why is our Population decreasing? Whats killing off our people?
No. 108735 ID: b14128

Hey, guys, what do you think of this build plan?

Start building a small laboratory

1 month from now:
Start building a medium smelter

2 months from now:
Start building a small factory
Finish building the second small lab

3 months from now:
Finish researching Enhanced Derricks
Finish Medium Smelter
Take next turn

On an unrelated note, what are the details on the Gester's religion and beliefs?
No. 108736 ID: 35cea2
File 126314366044.png - (78.40KB , 1154x664 , Base Report7.png )


The map won't fit all the buildings, so here's a list as well.


Unfortunately training cannot work that way, as all workers must go through the 4 year educational course.


The gesters have no idea of the Breakers, strange monoliths or anything like that. As for delicacies, the gesters prefer eating some rare type of grass that only grows in small patches in certain areas, though they have also taken a liking to the contact team's oatmeal.


I have made a few errors in previous posts. Rest assured, the current population count is correct and the population is slowly increasing.
No. 108738 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds fine to me. If we get the small factory going we can start churning out small arms for the civies to form a militia.

I think the population might also benefit from knowing our purpose and vision for mankind. My suggestion for that is (I doubt anyone will be surprised by it) survival, safety and most importantly revenge against the Breakers. Revenge will not be something easy, we will have to not just build ourselves up to the level we were at before the Breakers came, we will have to expand beyond that if we are to have any hope to beat them. We also have to make sure that mankind doesn't forget the Breakers or what they did to us.
No. 108740 ID: b14128

Eh, let's see what the factory can produce before we make decisions.

And I'd hardly call revenge the most important purpose of mankind, if it should be a purpose at all. Do we really wish to base our society around taking revenge upon another race? That seems to be an unwise course of action.
No. 108742 ID: 8ecfd4

So we can't send in 50 people to train and then the next year send in 50 more and so on? I mean 200 is the maximum capacity right, so if we admit classes of 50 and one class per year we should get 50 graduates in 4 years and after that we get 50 new graduates per year. It's not like we can get in 200 each year, right?

Part of my proposal was that we get two schools going. One for training non workers into workers and then one to train workers into professionals. So first they get trained into workers and then a smaller number of those get trained into professionals.
No. 108744 ID: b14128

Hrmm... We -are- getting 150 metal each month, and a school only costs 50 metal, so we -could- begin construction of that second school alongside the small factory in the build plan I proposed...
No. 108745 ID: fdbad3

dont forget> apartment costs about 550, we need at least 1 more lab and we could use the factory, wich will consume metal.

we also need to think on the techs. i want scout drones, the sooner we develop unmanned devices the merrierer for us.

also cybernetics. cyber-manned frigates with fighter drone AI is just too much EvE to pass.
No. 108747 ID: 8ecfd4

It could work. I'm willing to leave out revenge, but survival and security must be central. Neither can be assured so long as the Breakers exist as an independant politcal entity. If mankind is to be safe and survive then the Breakers must be destroyed. And revenge can be a very good motivator.

But I agree that we should wait and see what the factory can make for us before we decide what should be made.
No. 108748 ID: fdbad3

also we need to do the beacon tech after infrastructure. this is more immediate since it may give us a better idea of the middle we are at
No. 108749 ID: fdbad3

our main goal should be discussed in the discussion thred.

in short, we should build infrastructure to then decide.

as a long term, we need diplomacy to make any decisions. breaker wherent the only species in this galaxy, alon with the fact we may have 9+ others in immediate vicinity.
No. 108774 ID: 51d0f5

>So we can't send in 50 people to train and then the next year send in 50 more and so on?
Why would we want to? That just means it's operating slower! (or rather, that it takes 3 years to start operating correctly)

Okay, let's see. Seeing how we have 2,500+ workers but only 150 specialists, I vote that we open up three schools and have all three train specialists. We'll end up with ~2,000 workers and ~800 specialists. That might be a little lopsided, but more specialists means more research and more schools to train MORE workers.

Build order up shortly...
No. 108781 ID: 8ecfd4

Yes it takes bit longer to work the way it's supposed to but with that method we get new workers or professionals every year instead of just every 4th year. But I don't really care either way on that subject. I just wanted to see if anyone else thought it was a decent idea, but it's probably faster to just build more schools.
No. 108783 ID: 51d0f5

Begin a LAB at SLATER
Begin training 200 WORKERS into SPECIALISTS.

1 month from now:
Upgrade one SMELTER to a MEDIUM SMELTER at MONUMENT. (If this causes it to go offline, shut down the Sea Derrick and run two METAL DERRICKS on the remaining smelter.)

2 months from now:
Begin a SCHOOLHOUSE at SLATER. (just to mix things up)
~IF the smelter can run while being upgraded: Begin an APARTMENT at MONUMENT.
LAB completes. Begin assisting first lab in ENHANCED DERRICK research, allowing it to be completed in ONE MORE MONTH.

3 months from now:
~IF the smelter can run while being upgraded: Begin a MILITARY OUTPOST at SLATER.
ENHANCED DERRICK research complete. Begin research on ALIEN DISC. (6 turns)
UPGRADE all DERRICKS with ENHANCED DERRICK tech, including the one going into construction right now, using 7(?) Superconductors.
NOTE: Smelter comes online. Activate all DERRICKS. Metal production becomes +200/month.

4 months from now:
Begin a sixth METAL DERRICK at MONUMENT. (w/upgrade)
Upgrade remaining SMALL SMELTER to MEDIUM SMELTER at MONUMENT. (If this shuts it down, Metal Derricks get preference, as usual)
Begin training 400 more WORKERS into SPECIALISTS. (subject to vote)

Celebrate END OF SECOND YEAR ON ITHAKA. (unless I miscounted)

5 months from now:
Begin a seventh METAL DERRICK at MONUMENT. (w/upgrade)
(Metal production becomes +250/month)

6 months from now:
Begin an eighth METAL DERRICK at MONUMENT. (w/upgrade)
(Metal production becomes +300/month)

7 months from now:
Factory completes. Pause and see what we can build.
(Metal Production becomes +350/month)

(NOTE: At this point, we'll have 140 of our 148 specialists doing stuff with buildings alone. We can't build any more things needing specialists for another 3-4 years unless we shut one down.)
No. 108799 ID: 51d0f5

PS: We have a surplus of housing already (not sure how that happened) so if it's convenient to do so, tear down Temp Housing to put up an Apartment in its place whenever we build one. This isn't really important. Just so the center of town isn't full of empty tents when we're done. (On the other hand, might want to leave room for an upgraded command center. Or we could use the Lab for that when we eventually build a bigger one.)
No. 108806 ID: 51d0f5

Whoops. I meant Professionals.
No. 108943 ID: 589eac

we may need at least 1 more small factory. for the carrier.

these apartments can be made from upgraded tents i belive.

we need to priorize beacon tech. after this 12 months of research, we may need more to get actual useful stuff.
No. 110679 ID: 35cea2
File 126350968275.png - (54.07KB , 1154x664 , Base Report 9.png )


The plan is followed. (Note: 145 PROFESSIONALS are used, due to the SMALL FACTORY needed 5) All DERRICKS are operational, meaning the uranium DERRICK provides just enough URANIUM to satisfy the generators.

ENHANCED DERRICKS have been researched. Work has begun on THE ANOMALY. It is currently 8/12 research points done.

The ships have returned from their expeditions to Cadmus B and Salamis A. They bring reports as well as 190 FUEL each, collected from the nebula.

Cadmus B is surrounded only 2 lifeless, airless planets. The second is highly rich in SUPERCONDUCTORS.

Salamis A is surrounded by a gas giant and several smaller rocky planets. One of these planets is covered by a thick, methane-rich atmosphere. Underneath the cloud cover lies a blanket of anaerobic bacteria ranging from a centimeter to several miles deep in some places.

More detailed reports can be provided if requested.
No. 110680 ID: 35cea2
File 126350985178.png - (45.41KB , 1154x664 , Factory Report.png )

Here is the current build list for the SMALL FACTORY. LUXURY GOODS can only be made when RESTART ECONOMY is researched.

A SMALL FACTORY has 6 BUILD POINTS (BP) per month, which it can spend on these vehicles (These cannot be accumulated unless working on a vehicle that takes more than 6 BP to make. BP cannot be recycled)
No. 110682 ID: 35cea2
File 126350996591.png - (37.50KB , 1154x664 , Factory Report 2.png )


[spoiler] You know when I said that there was no more errors with population? I lied, I realized I forgot to add the soldiers that returned from the Anomaly expeditions. Last time this happens, I promise! [/spoilers]
No. 110683 ID: 8ecfd4

I would be interested in knowing the gravity on Cadmus B2. Would it be possible to land one of the bigger ships there and safely take off again?

It would also be interesting to know more about the bacteria on Salamis A. It may have some useful properties.

For factory build order I would suggest 3 nails and 1 chisel for the first month. It gives us more mobility on the ground and allows for faster responses in emergancy situations.

By the way is there any way to make a mobile mining derrick? Such a thing should be useful for attempts at off-world mining.
No. 110706 ID: bf2bdb

Suggestion: We continue to run the generator from fuel and start stockpiling Uranium.
No. 110721 ID: bf2bdb

Anyway, I'll let Test Pattern do the general builds, but let's run 6 LUVs out on the first month and flip the reactor back to run on fuel not Uranium cause we need that.

We're gonna need another Uranium Derrick I think, that's the big shortage here. Also, more labs, because however many ground vehicles we have it won't be much defense against a real breaker threat... though it might work against the natives should they prove hostile.
No. 110722 ID: bf2bdb


To be super clear
-6 LUVs for the first month
No. 110803 ID: fd430c

too many ground combat units for my liking. we are bent to have land skirmish, arent we?

id like to know if the BRIC is likely to be used in ship boarding and defending. if so, make a few for soldier trainning.
No. 110858 ID: 51d0f5

>Suggestion: We continue to run the generator from fuel and start stockpiling Uranium.

FACTORY: Build 6x LUVs

1 Month from now:
(Metal Production becomes +400/month)

2 Months from now:
Disc Research Completes
<New Turn>
No. 110867 ID: fd430c

id really like to make small firearms...

soon we will need luxury stuff, so we may not have how to make a organized police force or even a backup plan.

look at that many ground units. how tell me you arent expecting to use them.
No. 110875 ID: 35cea2


Please specify the armaments of the vehicles.


Right, I forgot about civilian sidearms. 6 BP and 100 METAL makes sidearms for 1000 people (NONWORKERS cannot be equipped with sidearms)
No. 110877 ID: 51d0f5

Small firearms are, I think, made at the Military Outpost.

You could suggest some military training in the meantime. It won't affect my build order.

In fact, let's go ahead and...

Begin training 100 LOGISTICS PERSONNEL (finish in 3 months)

No. 110878 ID: fd430c

considering our people, making 2k small arm is overkill. we organize a police force later on.

the brics should have missiles and railguns. no point in going cheaper i think.
No. 110880 ID: 35cea2


100 WORKERS trained 6 months at a MILITARY OUTPOST. SPECIALIZED CREWMEN and CREWMEN are the same thing, I just wanted to emphasize the fact that regular infantry cannot drive most vehicles (with the exception of COMMANDOS)
No. 110881 ID: 51d0f5

>Please specify the armaments of the vehicles.
I figured the LUVs (at least) would just get outfitted per-mission, seeing how the guns are free. If not...

3 LUVs: Chainguns
3 LUVs: GLs
2 BRICs: Autocannon + Light Railgun each

Cost: 2 M + 2 SC
No. 110883 ID: fd430c

would this give us AA capatibility?

if we could mass produce BRICs, id like to know of this:>>110803
No. 110885 ID: b14128

I think Test Pattern's plan is good, as usual.

Though... Could you provide details for the different weapons availiable? What are the capabilities of railguns?
No. 110897 ID: fd430c

wait. instead of LUV can we make interceptors?

they cover more area and we can take them directly to space. also small bombing bay coupled with natural AA ability
No. 110924 ID: 35cea2
File 126353030741.png - (67.65KB , 1154x664 , Base Report 10.png )


1 Missile/Railgun BRIC and 1 Autocannon/Railgun BRIC have been built.

(Also having the chainguns/grenade launchers be before combat chosen seems like a better idea. Don't want to deal too much with any more logistical nightmares than I have to)


The only non SPAAG weapons that are effective against aircraft are the chainguns and railguns. Missiles cannottrack anything but very slow aircraft, and autocannons aren't accurate enough to be effective.


Chainguns - Like assault rifels, just with a ridiculous rate of fire. Mows down infantry, but cant penetrate any armor.
Grenade Launcher - Lobs grenades at a fairly fast rate. Good for taking out enemies in cover, but not very accurate.
Autocannon - A fairly fast gun, firing large caliber shells at 200 rounds per minute. Breaks through lighter vehicle armor and cover fairly well.
Light Railgun - Twice as slow as the Autocannon and has less explosive force, but can penetrate armor very well and is extremely accurate.
Missile Launcher - Effective versus armor and can lock on to larger targets, but much clumsier than the autocannon or railgun.
Heavy Cannon - Slow reloading armanant of the MBT, this gun can blast holes through any vehicle armor and shred clustered infantry with its explosive blast.
Heavy Railgun - Largest land-based railgun, this weapon has less explosive force than the heavy cannon but has an even more ridiculous ability to penetrate armor.
MLRS Rocket Cluster: Fires unguided rockets, able to bombard an area from miles away.
SPAAG Flak Battery: Rapidly fires exploding shells that shreds slower aircraft with ease.
SPAAG SAM Missile: Fires a homing missile effective against fast, distant aircraft. Slow rate of fire.
SPAAG AA Railguns: No explosive shrapnel like the Flak Battery, but much better at piercing armor.
Aircraft Railguns: Very light version of the railgun, accurate and long range but only has just enough power to take on other aircraft.
Fuel Air Bombs/Frag Bombs: Simply dropping explosives onto an enemy. Effective against all types of units.
Napalm Canisters: Best used for area denial or against entrenched infantry
Nuclear Bomb: Levels a large area, and makes it radioactive for a very long time.
Bunker-Buster/AG Missile: Accurate anti-ground weapon best used for single heavily armored vehicles or buildings.
No. 110932 ID: 35cea2
File 126353086645.png - (28.85KB , 470x1138 , Tech tree.png )

THE ANOMALY has been researched. The report concludes that the Anomaly is indeed a teleportation gate capable of transporting a fleet. The destination is determined by these discs, which are plugged into the indentation in the correct spot to determine where the portal opens to. The discs are modified to be unique to a subatomic level; copying a disc is impossible. The Anomaly's teleporter does lead to anywhere in the known universe; the readings are very strange and we have no idea where the other end will be.
The Anomaly is made out of a material that we cannot fabricate by ourselves. It is more resilient than our ceramics we use for armor
and heat resistance.
Scientists have confirmed the dissimilarity between the Breakers and whoever made the Anomaly.

New tech unlocked:

TRANSLATION ALGORITHM: Allows drones and infantry to be equipped with a device that will translate a language after being exposed for a long enough time (Usually 1 month). Cannot translate the Anomaly's markings.
No. 110976 ID: b14128

Hrm. Yo, guys, what say we research Improved Ceramic Fabrication next? I have to wonder if the unlocked tech might be medium buildings.
No. 110982 ID: b14128

Actually... Quesiton. Would it be possible to research what the 'Possible techs' are? Yes, I know that sounds a little weird, but knowing what we'd get later might be useful for making our decisions now.
No. 110993 ID: 7857d9

Planetary Research. We need to know more about the planet we're going to be living and working on for the next <insert long amount of time>.
No. 111086 ID: 51d0f5

FACTORY: Build a whole lotta (6x) LUVs

1 Month from now:
100 Logistics Personnel finish training. Begin training 100 CREWMEN. (6 months)
FACTORY: Build a whole lotta (6x) LUVs

2 Months from now:
(Metal Production becomes 500/month)

2.5 Months from now:
(Ceramics Production becomes 45/month)
FACTORY: Build 2x Autocannon/Railgun BRICs

3 Months from now:
(Superconductor Production becomes 9/month)
(Uranium Production becomes 20/month)

4 Months from now:
Begin 2x FARMING DOMES at MONUMENT (extra capacity for when we get an economy going)
Begin a SMALL FACTORY at MONUMENT (we can't actually use this yet)
Permanent Housing capacity is now 9,000. RECYCLE all TEMP HOUSING.
(Superconductor Production becomes 12/month)

5 Months from now:
PLANETARY RESEARCH (Ithaka) finishes.
(Stuff that got built: 12x LUVs, 2x BRICs, 2x MLRS)
(Uranium Production becomes 30/month)
(Ceramic Production becomes 60/month)
<New Turn>

If this goes as planned, we've hit a serious bottleneck. We'll have housing for everyone, plus enough bunkers for all 2,000 infantry (leaving 2,000+ worth of extra housing for growth or in case of disaster) and basically be up to our neck in resources, but can't do much with them without more Professionals. Having a lot of production will help later. We're going to have about three years of very little for most colonists to do other than mine materials to put in warehouses, maintain things, build empty labs, and yell at students to get smart faster. They'll either breed like rabbits or rebel.

We may seriously consider building factories and having scientists jump back and forth between research and industry. Or just order the 9 scientists we have available for industry to spread themselves over 3+ factories. WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN???

Also, keep in mind this is just a build order, not the whole quest. Should we be doing other stuff? Sending planetary expeditions in support of the planetary research? Sending stuff through the stargate? Skywriting insults above Gester population centers? (Do not do that)
No. 111109 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm still interested in wheter we can make mobile mining platforms/dericks or not. That way we wouldn't have to set up a permanent base on Cadmus B2 if we want to mine the superconducters there.

Also is there any spare room for people in the fleet or was it loaded to the bursting point by the time they escaped?
No. 111112 ID: 7857d9

Sending things through the Anomaly is useless. We have no idea where they end up, so we'd need to hook up FTL transmitters to whatever probe we send, and then HOPE they'll be able to transmit to us, in addition (and this is the big part) to NOT being picked up by the Breakers.

What we SHOULD do, is ferry supplies to the Anomaly and establish a full-time, onsite research center on the device. If we're going to spend the next 4 years bottlenecked on specialist manpower, then this seems like the ting to do.


We should also conduct more thorough insystem scans.
No. 111169 ID: bf2bdb


Let's research translation and begin heavy diplomacy with the Geisters.
No. 111170 ID: 632862

Erm, we already know their language. The step past Gester research is learning to translate the Anomaly's language, which requires first researching the Anomaly in general.
No. 111171 ID: 2dd482

restarting the ECONOMY at this point might be a good idea. Coupled with what Test said, it'll give the people something to do while we wait for PROFESSIONALS to finish training.
No. 111172 ID: 2dd482

additionally start replacing all temporary housing with apartments.
No. 111176 ID: bf2bdb


We're doing that already I think.

My suggestion would be we research computer systems and genetic engineering after we've finished researching the planet

If we automate everything that might at least widen the people bottleneck.
No. 111179 ID: bf2bdb

If we do then let's begin heavy diplomacy anyway, we've got a ton of resources now but we need people, and in the long term we're gonna need workers, so let's talk to the aliens.

Also, for the next set of builds we should start building SPAAGs and interceptors, refill the carrier and set up air defenses just in case we meet something hostile.
No. 111191 ID: 8ecfd4

We still have the education bottleneck. If it takes 4 years to teach someone who already grew up in a high tech society it will likely take two or three times as long to teach someone who grew up in a stoneage society, if it can be done at all.
No. 111192 ID: 8ecfd4

I agree with this by the way. So long as we keep up the effort to educate people. I don't think overreliance on automatics will be benefical in the long run.

By the way how are we on the media front. I guess we don't have TV sets or similar in every apartment as that probably falls under luxury iteams. It would probably be good for morale if we have some sort of news and entertainment places set up.
No. 111210 ID: 51d0f5

>If we automate everything that might at least widen the people bottleneck.
We have plenty of workers, at least for now. What we need is more scientists, and you can't replace those with automation...

If I had planned ahead, I'd have built schools the instant we landed, but I didn't. With that in mind, here's how this is going to go down, assuming no big surprises:

- For the next roughly 3 years, we're pretty much going to be struggling to think of things for all our workers to do. I mean, we need to build some labs and schools and some factories, but that's it, and we can't use them until then. We're going to be filling up the fleet and a bunch of warehouses with resources for later.
- In three years, 600 new Professionals finish training. 150 of them will go into 15 new schools, to train our 3,000 non-infant nonworkers into workers. Simultaneously, we'll start training another 600 to 1600 more Professionals, in yet more schools.
- For the next 4 years, we're going to be a college town, with half of all living humans either teaching or attending school. We've got enough scientists that we'll also have a far higher research rate than before. Workers will be our bottleneck here, so we'll need to demobilize some of our infantry to serve as workers.
- 4 years later, a whole bunch of scientists and workers complete. At this point we've hit the human bottleneck. Basically every living adult human will be a worker, a soldier, or a scientist. By then, seven years from now, we'll need to either be recruiting Gesters, or aliens we meet through the stargate, or else churning out robots or clones or something.
No. 111211 ID: 1f2a4c

we only need AIs to take out some workers and soldier's job.

sentry sattelites and spy drones now would be interesting because we would have always 2 months of warning, thats hardly enougth to evacuate.

btw did you knew the gesters are very stone age folks? why the lol would we do more diplomacy with them? it was already speculated we have more that enought in one BRIC to wipe all of them out.

we should research superBRICs, genetic engineering and lastly computer systems.

i approve of this. we need means to get fuel, and i belive metal in spess is also better that the usual.

the anomaly flares up when a ship is near it. sending people in it will warn the breaker of us.

we should get samples of it, try to mimicry the armor of the anomaly. we also need to develop weapons that can harm the breakers. the anomaly research turned out to be useless =c cant we reverse engineer its armor?

a spy probe is very interesting, but only if we could make it entirely invisible. it woulnt transmit nothing to us, just collect data and return.
No. 111213 ID: 51d0f5

Yeah, the research pretty much just told us what we already figured. Bummer.

I think we should take a risk and send a ship through the stargate. We can't just sit on the planet and research Computer Engineering I through IV. We need a big tech boost.
No. 111219 ID: 1f2a4c

there is a better course of action.

CS1 will give us probes. we just need to design a probe that has invisibility and keen passive sensors with the hability to use the beacon.

if we are careful, it will use the beacon only when noone is going to, its stealth and LR passive sensors will allow it to collect data, it only needs to find a lame asteroid field/moon to park on, maybe not even that if it is tiny enougth. once it gets here we can finish research of translation and work whatever we got.

that disk lead us to the breaker. it is a fine place to start, but also the most dangerous.
No. 111242 ID: 54af1f


That could take years though, and we have no idea when the Breakers might find us. Let's send a Corvette through.
No. 111244 ID: 51d0f5

Well, here's my vote.

Scrape together whatever kind of amatuer-hour science team we can manage and put it on a Corvette along with some troops, bots, and a team of four Commandos, including Commando 17 and someone played by Richard Dean Anderson. We get them to try and fire up the Anomaly. First with a robot on the pad, programmed to scoot around on the device on the other side and dial home. (Maybe we need Computer Engineering I first?)
No. 111246 ID: 1f2a4c

wat, CE1 will give us recon probes. we just need to design one with passive sensors and graphite hull to absorb any radar wave.
No. 111247 ID: 54af1f


Researching Recon probes first is a sound idea. The problem is stealth. We have no idea what the breakers, or ANYONE uses for detection.
No. 111248 ID: 1f2a4c

i really think we should send a probe.

less chances of losing detailed information if we get caught, less lilelyness of actualy getting caught and we can simply digest whatever information comes from it at peace.

the corvetter also isnt quite sthealthy, leading to the fact we will be in the breaker home galaxy and they may already have sentries on their beacon, warrior species and all.
No. 111249 ID: 51d0f5

>that disk lead us to the breaker.
>the fact we will be in the breaker home galaxy and they may already have sentries on their beacon

These aren't Breaker artifacts. What makes you think they'll lead to Breakers?

I guess it might be okay to wait a few months to build more advanced robots. But remember: Everything can be replaced except time and ancient artifacts.
No. 111253 ID: 1f2a4c

by the prelude and the fact that we are indeeed the center beacon in the map, we should jump directly into the breaker beacon.

i could be wrong but if we had other discs we could explore all of them and still risk landing on breaker beacon.
No. 111254 ID: 1f2a4c

also super BRICs, gengineering and CE1. i want cyborgs!

and cyborg manned ships.
No. 111255 ID: 54af1f


Let's not wait too long.

As soon as we get probes, through the artifact
No. 111257 ID: 1f2a4c

so for now, the research should focus on

-Desing recon probe with minimal signature, hability to activate beacons and passive recording.

then we check out the anomaly.
No. 111264 ID: 54af1f


We need to push on to genetic engineering quickly after that then. Because we really need to get going down the transhumanism path before we hit the "human" bottleneck.
No. 111285 ID: 1f2a4c

discussion thread:


we shouldndt go trhu transhumanism path. id soon pick CE4 rather genetic imprint.

asides it wont heal our professional bottleneck, we still need to train them.
No. 111316 ID: b14128

Um... Guys? Would it be possible to, y'know... Program the bomb robot to come back through the portal after a quick looks around? (Assuming the portal stays open long enough, which it might not.) But, in any case, I agree with Test Subject. We arn't currently using the spaceships for anything, anyway, so let's take a risk.
No. 111385 ID: 8ecfd4

Is there anyone with any ideas for a mobile mining derick?

Or rather we need more information on those things before we can start designing them. Like how big does it need to be to fit the tools as well as having a storage area? How heavy is the gravity on for instance Cadmus B2?

By the way, is there anyone else who thinks gestation chambers like "Brave new world" could be a good idea for population increase? Of course we would go without the prenatal braindamage to keep a stupid working class. But the basic idea of making sure we get as many kids as we deem necessary as well as minimising risks for our female population due to complications at childbirth.
No. 111427 ID: 54af1f

Can we use air to ground weapons to attack enemy ships.

Also, we should start building a nuclear bomb.
No. 113628 ID: 35cea2
File 126378813673.png - (30.32KB , 470x1138 , Tech tree.png )

Due to popular vote, COMPUTING SYSTEMS I and IMPROVED CERAMICS FABRICATION has been researched.

New techs unlocked:
MEDIUM BUILDINGS: Allows access to all medium size buildings. Also unlocks new building types, such as walls, entertainment buildings, and defensive installations.
COMPUTING SYSTEMS II: Finishes recovery of lost technology. More advanced drones become available.
No. 113633 ID: b14128

Medium buildings! Research medium buildings next!

Anyway, what kind of drones can we build, now that we've researched Computing Systems I?
No. 113637 ID: 35cea2
File 12637886521.png - (74.20KB , 1154x664 , Base Report 11.png )

(I will assume all future SMALL CERAMISTS and SMALL DERRICKS will be upgraded with the technology bonus at the cost of 1 SC per building)
Now that everyone lives in comfortable apartments, everyone is happy (for now). The Gesters continue to ignore us for the most part, though a single intrepid young Gester has arrived at Monument to ask if he could join the Splinter. Should we accept him? If we do, what do we want him to do and what shall we call him?




Researching mobile buildings would go under "DESIGN NEW VEHICLE/BUILDING" tech. Mobile derricks would take 16 RESEARCH POINTS (Note: Mobile buildings will likely be very expensive)

The fleet left with nearly more people than it could carry. Over the 5 years the Splinter was traveling space, 2241 people have died. The stress of losing absolutely everything was too much to bear for many people. Many got ill and died, while a few went insane. One particularly sad story was of a ship engineer finally losing it and flooding some of the residences with lethal doses of radiation, killing 104 people.


There are a few civilian TV sets hanging around, but with no TV stations they're pretty much useless. Producing luxury items after RESTART ECONOMY is researched will make TV sets, and MEDIUM BUILDINGS will allow entertainment buildings.


AG MISSILES can be used against ships, but the other anti-ground weapons cannot.
No. 113671 ID: b14128

I don't really see any reason to turn the Gester away, personally. Do any of the rest of you?
No. 113674 ID: 632862

I agree. Well, there is one reason. If we teach him our advanced knowledge, we can't let him return to his people and spread that knowledge. A sudden spike in tech could be disastrous to their culture.
No. 113676 ID: 1f2a4c

wait for test pattern's build order.

for now we need superbric, gengineering and then we get medium building.
No. 113678 ID: 1f2a4c

we shall call him NA-NI.

send him to the slave factory, its likely we will learn if they have a good intellect there.

...or send him to school.

i liked the idea we could build a civilization straight away. make 20 SPAH drones, scatter 15 around us (underwater too) and 5 in the anomaly.
No. 113738 ID: ec4966

Accept the Gester, of course.

>A sudden spike in tech could be disastrous to their culture.
This isn't Civilization II where you can give someone the secrets of nuclear fusion on a papyrus scroll and suddenly their slaves can build power plants.

NaNi's an okay name for him. I vote we try to get him working in one of our farms. Maybe he can teach us a few things about the soil here.


Whenever our 4 remaining scientists aren't doing anything, they can be trying to make the second FACTORY run at some percentage of its normal capacity.

In 1 to 4 months:
Oh man, I don't really know. I guess just keep filling up warehouses with resources.

In 5 months:
MEDIUM BUILDING Research completes.
<New Turn>

Also, I'm just gonna post factory build orders in a big block from now on. It won't matter unless there's a big interruption, and is easier to read.

FACTORY 1 - Build:
60x Weavers
1x Waltz
3x BRICs (Autocannon/Railgun)

FACTORY 2 - Build:
60x Weavers
However many LUVs as it can! (No idea how many BPs it can manage)
No. 113741 ID: 632862

That's not what I mean. A sudden spike over a period of a few years where he returns to his tribe and teaches them, say... how to start making metal alloy tools and weapons? That would be bad.
No. 113747 ID: 1f2a4c

that is interesting, but they barely have use for it. farming to them is quite interesting, and may mislead them into joining us. remmeber, breakers wants us dead no matter what.

the way i see, we lack artillery and AA.
No. 113932 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we should turn him away. But then I always imagine worst case scenarios and this one includes him stealing stuff from us to get into a position of power in his tribe and then violently uniting all the tribes around us and then starting to extort us for more tech.

Or just the fact that I don't think he can do anything useful for us and I don't think it's good idea to mess around more with their development than we already have. Just giving them a system of writing is a huge fucking leap in development.

As for designing a new vehicle building. I would like to know how much volume is needed for the mining equipment as well as how much they mass. Then it would be good to know how much volume superconducter ore takes up so we can get an idea of how large the storage area would have to be.
No. 113945 ID: 119b5c

They ARE on a island continent. The main population of Gestures is still far away. Having a contingent that is loyal to us might be beneficial to our cause when we DO meet with the bulk. Note, that this isn't even a "city" we're dealing with, merely the local tribes.
No. 113950 ID: 54af1f

Take the Geister, I like NaNi, now we're good for probes, let's head through the anomaly

Also: new research should be genetic engineering.
No. 113975 ID: c9d814

to the discussion thread!

i agree with GE, but goin to the anomaly now may be too much. i dont think these weavers where made to transverse space.
No. 113976 ID: 35cea2
File 126383501342.png - (65.50KB , 1154x664 , Base Report 12.png )

19 LUVs were created at the slightly understaffed factory.

The young Gester has been given the nickname NaNi, and so far he's spent most of his time at one of Monument's schoolhouses. He is slowly learning how to write and understand English. Most of the students have taken a liking to him.
No. 113977 ID: 35cea2
File 12638351494.png - (35.67KB , 635x1138 , Tech tree.png )

Medium Buildings has been researched.

New tech unlocked:
STRENGTHENED MATERIALS: Increases the durability of vehicles and buildings (for simplicity's sake, the existing vehicles and buildings do not need to be refitted)
No. 113978 ID: 35cea2
File 12638351893.png - (52.92KB , 1154x664 , Medium.png )

Medium buildings have been researched:

TENEMENT: Houses 1500 people at the same quality as APARTMENTS
CONDOMINIUM: Houses 1000 people at greater quality than APARTMENTS
FORTRESS: Houses 1000 Soldiers. Can train 300 NONWORKERS as well as WORKERS at a time to become:
300 LOGISTICS takes 3 months
300 CREWMEN takes 6 months
300 LIGHT INFANTRY takes 6 months, 15 CERAMICS and 30 METAL.
300 POWER INFANTRY takes 18 months, 300 CERAMICS and 300 METAL
1/200 people are qualified for COMMANDO training. Up to 100 can be trained at once, which takes 4 years and costs 10 CERAMICS, 15 METAL and 25 SC. Half the COMMANDO cadets will not survive training.
COLLEGE: Can train 600 people to be either WORKERS or PROFESSIONALS in 4 years.
GREENHOUSE: Provides 3000 units of food a year (Enough for 12000 people).
HOSPITAL: Further reduces death rate and increases fertility rate. Tends to combat injuries, as well as providing increased resistance versus plagues and natural disasters.
MEDIUM GENERATOR: Uses 4 units of URANIUM or FUEL per month. Generates 30 POWER
MEDIUM CERAMIST: Provides 45 units of CERAMICS per month.
MEDIUM WAREHOUSE: Stores 9000 units of resources.
TERMINAL: Increases the speed and number of air units that can be scrambled in an emergency.
STADIUM: Increases morale. Can be used for sports, speeches, plays, etc.
No. 113979 ID: 35cea2
File 126383520212.png - (46.45KB , 1154x664 , Medium 2.png )

WALL SEGMENT: Provides protection against ground forces. Infantry can take cover behind wall segments and fire upon the other side.
DEFENSIVE TURRET: Houses a powerful turret.
Twin Heavy Railguns – 4 CERAMICS, 4 SC, 1 POWER
Twin Howitzers – 4 CERAMICS, 4 METAL, .5 POWER
Triple Autocannons -4 CERAMICS, 6 METAL, .5 POWER
SAM Array – 4 METAL, 4 CERAMICS, .5 Power
Chaingun Array – 8 METAL, .5 POWER
ORBITAL FACTORY: Has 3 BP. Builds smaller starships. Ground factories CAN assist the ORBITAL FACTORY up to a maximum of 9 BP.
No. 113980 ID: 35cea2


Whoops forgot to describe the Command Center:
COMMAND CENTER: Slightly increases morale. Allows better control of soldiers on the field. Necessary a settlment to get much larger than 10,000 people. Can control up to 100 drones of any type at once.
No. 113990 ID: 54af1f

We should dispatch the expedition to the Anomaly now.
No. 113994 ID: c9d814


also, genetic engineering, superBRIC, our lil planet stuff.

id like to have a map of our settlement in a wider range. if we have to worry with ground invasions, id like to plan for civilian upgrades without makin extra pockets of defense.
No. 114014 ID: ec4966

We need to make a decision before we really start. About what to do with our Professionals. We've got two basic options.

A) Have them mostly stay the same. 100 in two Small Labs.
B) Cut research in half, to allow us to staff more factories and a hospital. Maybe get a ship built.

We could also alternately staff a medium lab, but that would cut absolutely everything else to minimum so I don't recommend it at all.
No. 114022 ID: 2dd482

it seems most of the resource buildings at least are 300% more efficient than the small variety, and only cost twice as much to build and staff. If we REPLACE all the SMALL buildings with MEDIUM buildings we could free up a lot of workers and professionals for the same overall production.
No. 114023 ID: 2dd482

that is, replace 3 small ceramists with 1 medium ceramist. Less workers needed, same production.
No. 114028 ID: ec4966

>If we REPLACE all the SMALL buildings with MEDIUM buildings we could free up a lot of workers and professionals for the same overall production.
This is a good plan overall, but it won't really free up professionals.
Consider: The Medium Lab requires 125 Professionals. The 2x Small Labs require only 100.

If we use 125, we'll have only around 24 remaining. We're currently using 49 others. 9 on 2 small factories, 10 in a medical post, and 30 in schools. (The number teaching students can be reduced to 25, but that's not enough)

So, what I'm saying is, we can either run one small lab, or two small labs, or zero small labs. We can't run a medium.
No. 114069 ID: b14128

I think we have people and resources enough to upgrade all the derricks, ceramists, and other buildings that don't require professionals, so I think we should do that. Sure, we arn't using a ton of the metal and stuff we're getting right now, but we might later.
No. 114092 ID: 54af1f

We should find out this geister's story, and see about educating him, first to worker, then to professional, he can serve as ambassador to his people.
No. 114196 ID: c9d814

i dun gets it.

2 small lab = 200 professionals = 2 RP
1 medium lab = 125 professionals = 3 RP


also we need tech. its nice to build up now but you forget we lack effective weapons and armors to put on these things.

to make everything just dandy i belive the anomaly is actualy deuteronium. we cant make deuteronium not even in hell, so we need actual armor n weapon research, not reverse engineering.
No. 114200 ID: c9d814

i now get it. i r tard.

test, we need units only enought to fill our dropships. i think we have enought LUVs and BRICs, lets just research supabrik and be done with them.

we need more RP that BP, except for the orbital factory. a frig would be nice cuz we only have mostly corvetes...
No. 114242 ID: 7139d7

Research that needs to be done, roughly in this order: Genetic Engineering, Translation Algorithms, Planetary Research, Power Efficiency, and Computing Systems II.

Question: Can we restart our economy, and still move from planet to planet? The only reason I'm wary of restarting now is that we might want to spread our reestablished civilization farther out then one planet, and I don't want to be hamstrung by not being able to supply the luxury items and such during space travel.

Another question: what current heroes do we have that we can switch between?
No. 114352 ID: ec4966

>Translation Algorithms ... Computing Systems II.
That's 27 research points for questionable payoff. Are you SURE that's the order we should use?
No. 114372 ID: 4a488a

>genetic engineering, superBRIC, our lil planet stuff

this we have immediate use. also economy.
No. 114378 ID: 7139d7

I did say 'roughly', didn't I? I leave it up to those with better logistics then I do sort it, and I didn't mean this should be done as a single group, but in slow clusters. But, again, I'm leaving that to be decided on those with better logistics.

However, we should be focused on finishing the base research before going further and we should increase our computing technology - it will be useful in almost everything we're going to do.

I do think that an auto translator is vitally important to us, as well. If we meet any other races - and we know there are at least two if not more - then being able to quickly learn their language is more important then anythign I can think of.
No. 114459 ID: ec4966

My current plan for Morale is to basically meter out improvements as Morale starts to flag. It's impossible to keep everyone happy all the time, so as it starts to flag, we'll build some better houses. Then we'll make a stadium. Then we'll restart the economy. I guess that's kind of a dick move, but it's also efficient.

You forgot to advance the PROFESSIONALS IN TRAINING completion time by the appropriate number of months. Also, I think you gave us 1 more factory than we actually built. (We only have the professionals to make two of them go anyway)

Also, this build is a wee bit suboptimal, but I have to wake up early in the morning. If you guys want to make a better one, rock on.

Begin a COLLEGE at MONUMENT (we dare not upgrade a building cuz that'll slow the training down)
Factories: Shut down for Upgrade. (Unfortunate, but we're nearly out of Ceramics)
(Ceramics Production becomes 0 for the next two months. Oh snap!)
(POWER PRODUCTION drops, but all the infrastructure is being upgraded anyway, so no biggie)

In 2 Months:
Move All Students to College, Freeing 5 Professionals. Leave Schoolhouses Dormant.
Activate Both Medium Factories. We should now have 14 Professionals to run both at maximum capacity. Sweet.
Upgrade 2x Agrodomes to Greenhouses at MONUMENT
Upgrade Remaining 3x WAREHOUSES to MEDIUM WAREHOUSES (I just split this up so we wouldn't leave superconductors out in the rain for two months)

In 2.5 Months:

In 3 Months:
Upgrade MONUMENT COMMAND POST to COMMAND CENTER. Just WORK AROUND the CONSTRUCTION, guys. I'm not building TWO of these things just so you can NOT GET PLASTER IN YOUR HAIR. You BIG BABIES.

In 5 Months:
Research Completes
<New Turn>

FACTORIES: (For the first 2 months, these are offline. For the third month, there are nearly no ceramics.)
30x Weavers
2x Nuclear Weapons
1x "Solo" Strategic Bomber
1x "Opera" Dropship
No. 114474 ID: e2cfcd

i am a RTS player and i approve of this.
No. 114846 ID: 35cea2
File 126395058970.png - (76.82KB , 1154x664 , Base Report 13.png )

From PLANETARY RESEARCH (ITHAKA), a comprehensive report has been filed on the planet. Ithanka's climate is fairly uniform, and the majority of the planet's biome is savanna (though belts of forests exist further away from the equator). There are no mammalian or avian creatures on Ithaka, most are either arthropods or molluscs. The only potentially harmful wildlife is a massive, flatworm-like creature that dwells in the lowest parts of the ocean. It is fiercely territorial, although we should be safe if we don't probe around there.

More details can be provided as needed.
No. 114850 ID: 35cea2
File 126395090913.png - (38.21KB , 635x1138 , Tech tree.png )

The Gester NaNi has learned how to understand English fairly well, though comprehending sounds as language is rather difficult for him due to the fact that Gesters normally communicate through visual cues. He is asking if he can bring some more of his tribe to Monument.

New techs:
GENETIC ENGINEERING II: Increases population growth.
STRENGTH IMPLANTS: Allows Hospitals and Medical Outposts to create and install basic implants into people. These implants are focused on the joints and bones and increases the implantee's endurance and strength.
No. 114852 ID: 8ecfd4

Are there any negative repercussions from the streangth? Pushing a human body beyond the designed limitations can have some pretty nasty repercussions down the road.

I think we should get genetic engineering II done to increase our population and focus a bit more industrial capacity on building up ships. But we don't really need military ships right now, we would benefit more from simple cargo and transport ships at the moment.

How difficult would it be to build a ship for asteroid mining?
No. 114853 ID: 2dd482

If we can research POWER EFFICIENCY and get that out of the way when it comes time to research water electrolysis that'd be swell. Research Translation Algorithm at the same time if we're going to get more Gester sla- population.

No. 114854 ID: 2dd482

also /r/ing nice big expanded pictures of the settlement layouts. Sidebar with building/population numbers is not necessary.
No. 114855 ID: e2cfcd

>id like to have a map of our settlement in a wider range. if we have to worry with ground invasions, id like to plan for civilian upgrades without makin extra pockets of defense

i want to research supaBRIC and strengthened metals. im keen on the cyber implants, but we should save until we have better implants to place. just research it till its end.
No. 115719 ID: ec4966

Hell yeah bring in some more guys! We need all the man(or whatever)power we can get.

Shouldn't we have more Ceramic production?


Begin 4x TURRETS at MONUMENT (2x SAM, 2x Howitzer)
Begin 2x TURRETS at SLATER (1x SAM, 1x Howitzer)
LABS: Begin Researching SUPER-BRIC, POWER EFFICIENCY, RESTART ECONOMY (5 months for all)

In 2 Months:

In 5 Months:
New Turn

10x BRICs (Autocannon/Railgun)
3x Rivets (SAMs)
5x APCs (flamethrower)
3x Interceptors
2x Strategic Bombers
No. 115766 ID: bf2bdb

So when should we check the Anomaly? If we have to flee through that thing, wouldn't it be good to know where it goes?
No. 115769 ID: 23bee4

I asked this and I don't know if I ever got an answer, but if we restart our Economy will we be able to expand to different planets or be able to flee this one?

And seeing as no one is talking about NaNi, I see no reason not to let him invite the rest of the tribe in. We should talk and make sure they want to, but if he knows how to get more Gesturer in here, more power to him.
No. 115770 ID: bf2bdb

definitely bring in more gesters.
No. 115771 ID: 23bee4

We don't really know where that goes to, so I'd say that we study the structure itself, but nto send anything through. Remember Mass Effect and the nice and friendly bug people that killed and eeted the galaxy? Lets not do a repeat of that.
No. 115773 ID: bf2bdb

Sweet. We've all but broken even on materials. I suggest we try to build up a bit of a stock pile so that if we have enough stuff to build up a settlement somewhere else
No. 115776 ID: 8abbe7

people, we are not inviting a race that cant even build a straigth house into our alliance. what if the breaker show up?
No. 115782 ID: 8ecfd4

I have been trying to say that the entire time but people seem hellbent on having strange octopuss like aliens who live in the neolithic stone age as allies. I still can't see how this will end up being anything but bad in the long run.

Before we scout out the other side of the anomaly I think we should research the translators. If we encounter another species on that side it could be very useful for us to be able to communicate with it. But we should probably send one pretty soon.

Btw at every update, can we get a timeline starting with planetfall? Just on how many years and months we have been there.
No. 115800 ID: ec4966

>Sweet. We've all but broken even on materials.
Pshaw. We came here with 1400 metal, 10 superconductors, 100 ceramics, and 5 uranium. Now we're making 900 metal, 15 superconductors, 120 ceramics, and 30 uranium per month.

>people, we are not inviting a race that cant even build a straigth house into our alliance. what if the breaker show up?
Well, then we die instantly, regardless of what we do. We kinda need all the help we can get. In 6 years, every adult human will be a worker or scientist. We need more dudes.
No. 115802 ID: 8ecfd4

We ran from earth, we can run again from this place. What we can't do is bring gesters with us if we have to run again. We have no space left for them on our ships and they need a different biotope as well as different food.

There should be some normal population increase going on and more will have happened in 6 years. I think we should use robots to cover our worker needs until we can get enough of a population increase, either through technological means or natural means, that we no longer need the droids.

By the way I think should do Translation algoritm and then Genetic engineering for our next build order/tech order. Once we have some decent translators we should send an expedition through the anomaly.
No. 115845 ID: 0e48df

we should face pop problems the usual way. yknow, fucking.

we focus on economy and quality of life, our pop will burst.
No. 116156 ID: 35cea2
File 126412691029.png - (51.81KB , 1154x664 , Base Report 14.png )

NOTE: We have run out of workers. 5 unused MEDIUM SMELTERS and the 1 MEDIUM FACTORIES are shut down to prevent a worker shortage. (We have 71 WORKERS and 7 PROFESSIONALS unassigned due to the shutting down of the facilities)

WEAVERS have been sent to various parts of the world to scan information on the other Gester tribes. It appears the tribes on the northern continent are more nomadic, while the southern continent Gesters are more sedentary. There are too many numerous cultural differences, such as religious practices or family structure, to list here. 57 WEAVERS have been destroyed or lost in action.


The main cost of implants are predicted to be their difficulty of implanting, cost, and maintenance. Side effects are possible, but aren't likely to become a noticeable problem.

Asteroid mining requires some kind of mobile mining equipment approximately the size of a dropship to be loaded on a larger ship. Research of this vehicle is predicted to take 10 RP.
No. 116159 ID: 35cea2
File 126412697636.png - (149.73KB , 1906x1136 , BigmapMonument.png )

2 MEDIUM POWER GENERATORS (82.5/90 Total Power)
7 MEDIUM SMELTER (18/18 Capacity) (5 VACANT)
4 TURRETS (x2 SAM, 2 Howitzer)

Note: Specify where you wanted the turrets built.
No. 116160 ID: 35cea2
File 126412699498.png - (65.20KB , 1342x736 , BigmapSlater.png )

2 TURRETS (x1 SAM, x1 Howitzer)
No. 116166 ID: 35cea2
File 126412732511.png - (37.96KB , 1154x664 , Economic.png )

RESTART ECONOMY and POWER EFFICIENCY has unlocked new things.

NONDURABLE GOODS: Produced at a factory. Each person needs 1 good per month to gain a boost to morale.
DURABLE GOODS: Each person needs 1 good per year to gain a boost to morale.
CIVILIAN VEHICLE: 1 VEHICLE is needed per 10 people to gain a boost to morale. These vehicles also extend how large a city can be (about the size of the map of MONUMENT is the current cap)

SMALL ENTERTAINMENT STRUCTURE: Services 500 people. Specify what type of building it is (does not affect anything other than appearance)
MEDIUM ENTERTAINMENT STRUCTURE: Services 1500 people. Specify what type of building it is (does not affect anything other than appearance)
STORE: Sells factory goods. Services 500 people.
SHOPPING CENTER: Sells factory goods. Services 1500 people.
ELECTROLYSIS PLANT: Produces 5 FUEL per month.
No. 116168 ID: 7857d9

We ran from Earth with a defense-fleet and planetary infrastructure occupying the Breaker's attention. If they come at us in force here, now, we're doomed.
No. 116169 ID: 35cea2
File 126412767895.png - (42.25KB , 635x1138 , Tech tree.png )


New techs unlocked:

ENGINE UPGRADE: Increases the power of the engines of ground vehicles. They can go faster and cross more difficult terrain.

Scientists have speculated a new possible research path: WARP TECH

No. 116170 ID: 4ce1b0

Click on that spot! It looks like a secret!
No. 116171 ID: 35cea2


It's just some dirt on your screen. Why don't you clean your monitor, you filthy animal?
No. 116188 ID: 2dd482

dedicate all research for the next turn to GENETIC ENGINEERING II for MAXIMUM BABIES.

Replace CLINIC with HOSPITAL, staff it with the left over professionals and the ones freed up from the clinic. We won't have enough to fully staff it, but it should leave plenty of room for growth. Start producing DURABLE GOODS en masse to increase morale so people get to baby making.

Begin construction of HOSPITAL at MONUMENT
TRANSFER all remaining workers and professionals to one MEDIUM FACTORY
Produce DURABLE GOODS(1000) x3
No. 116197 ID: 2dd482

oh and a store to sell the durable good too I guess.
No. 116231 ID: 0e48df

someone else noticed.

we will NOT research uber genetics yet.

we can do far better now with warp core and mass production. lets just wait for test pattern to plot our engineering course.

i shall now doodle a defensive perimeter. be prepared in the disc trhead.
No. 116234 ID: 0e48df

No. 116342 ID: ec4966

>NOTE: We have run out of workers.
Guess we're done upgrading stuff, then.

>lets just wait for test pattern to plot our engineering course.
There's... not really much else I can do right now, other than make sure we have five or six colleges in 18 months. We're out of workers.

What buildings do we need the least? We'll need to start shutting some down to free up workers soon.

Say, weren't we also supposed to be able to make specialty foods with the Farming Domes? We have about three times as much farm capacity as we need. Start making some fancy nonsense.

Switch from FUEL to URANIUM for POWER.
Disband 200 LIGHT INFANTRY into 200 WORKERS.
Reactivate the second MEDIUM FACTORY.
Begin a GREASY BURGER JOINT (medium entertainment) at MONUMENT
Begin a MONUMENT at MONUMENT. (1-200 metal?)

In 7.5 Months
New Turn

12,000x Nondurable Goods (Enough to fill the Medium Store for 7.5 months, though not enough to make everyone happy)
950x Civillian Cars
1x Strategic Bomber

(Hopefully, fulfilling a fraction of demand won't just make morale worse)
No. 116619 ID: bf2bdb

After Genetics we should do improved mass production and computers. That'll mean the factories can produce more per worker.
No. 116661 ID: bf2bdb

Did we start training the gesters as workers yet? Do we have space to do so?
No. 116663 ID: efc307

they dont even speak our language.

they dont know how to build a straight corner

they cant even count past three.

for fuck's sake, forget the gesters.
No. 116668 ID: bf2bdb


What evidence do you have of any of this?
No. 116671 ID: efc307

it goes like this:

they are a tribal nation. they know a form of hut building, they speak in gestures, they dont craft, they eat grass and have 3 preensible tentacles.

the only one of them that actualy tried to interact with us is a teenager, learning some of our language. he doesnt have any particular skill. he doesnt know how to read. he doesnt know how to hunt or farm.

some people is pondering the possibility of loading them with implants, drugs and genetic treatment to make them useful to us. these people are making plans to handle results in about 8 years. we are not taking a tribal race and turning them into cyber-transhumans just for then we may have about 1k more souls to work with.
No. 116672 ID: 8ecfd4

They are in early neolithic stone age. This means they live in huts and have barely started farming. They have no advanced science, no scientific method, no advanced metalurgy or toolmaking and no advanced ways of building their huts. The matematical system, if they even have one since without a system of writing it's hard to write down numbers to count on, they use for counting is probably based on three, although that's not certain since it took humans a fucking long time to figure out a system based on 10 and we still have 10 fingers.

To get a methaphor for what we're working here. Try to educate a indian from the Amazonas, who never had any sort of contact outside of his tribe that has never interacted with the modern world, in the basics of geometry and algebra. Now add the fact that he or she has never before ever heard something like a spoken language and had never ever thought that such a thing could exist.

If we are to have any sort of use of them as a workforce we would have to educate a generation of them and then keep educating every following generation for years to come. Before we can get any actual use out of them we will probably have increased our manpower the old fashioned way.
No. 116682 ID: ec4966

>Did we start training the gesters as workers yet? Do we have space to do so?
We don't have the professionals available to train them. We will in another two years, however. We'll want to have as many adults available in two years as we can.

>but maybe they're stupid
I reject your prejudices and substitute my own!
No. 116705 ID: 03e1f8

test, im almost sure the tribe near us has less that 100 souls, let alone able bodies. we may wellcome some idiot savants that could use the learning, but frankly, we shouldnt count hor hope with their utility.
No. 118158 ID: 35cea2
File 126439312515.png - (59.53KB , 1154x664 , Base Report 15.png )


The new economic buildings are boosting morale a bit, however they are overcrowded and their effect is greatly lessened, not to mention the fact that the citizens at SLATER are starting to get disgruntled at the fact that MONUMENT has all the entertainment buildings.

A monument dedicated to the billions that have lost their lives in the cataclysm has been created in MONUMENT.

Note: I forgot to mention that now farming buildings can halve their outputs to provide a boost in morale. Also, There are no longer enough CREWMEN to work all the vehicles at once.
No. 118161 ID: 35cea2
File 126439332186.png - (42.95KB , 635x1138 , Tech tree.png )

GENETIC ENGINEERING II has been researched. Population growth is increased.

New tech unlocked:
GENETIC ENGINEERING III: Increases growth rate further. Enables basic modification of plant and animal life.
No. 118186 ID: ec4966

Guys, we either have to disable a bunch of buildings to free up workers, or else demobilize a bunch more infantry. In 13 months we need to send a bunch of workers in to become Professionals. What'll it be?
No. 118192 ID: 2dd482

maybe if we rush genetic engineering we can develop some sort of clone/rapid growth process to boost our numbers?

not direct cloning mind you, just taking dna from all healthy individuals, mixing it all up, and mass producing new people.
No. 118209 ID: ec4966

That will take years. We need a solution in 13 months. The only options I see available are disabling buildings or demobilizing troops or both. What should we do?
No. 118230 ID: 2dd482

well at +1200 metal a month and 100k+ stored up already, we could afford to shut down some metal derricks, and therefore smelters, for the time being.
No. 118249 ID: 3dbae2

Hell, why not do both? That should open expansion possibilities a bit until the kiddie generation grows up.

Though be careful with becoming too heavily dependent on them, as they might need to be pulled out in an emergency.

That said, toughly 2K light infantry have simply been twiddling their thumbs since the fall of Terral. If we DO need them in an extended emergency, we can shut down resource acquisition for a bit.
No. 118306 ID: 54af1f

Well, I think we should keep at least a thousand infantry about for emergences.

How many workers do we actually need?
No. 118350 ID: 57aa53


and i told you commuting doesnt work that way...

we should do superbric and implants. if we ran out of personnel, enhacement implants would be the way to go.

as commuting goes, can we research or make some sort of flying civilian vehicle? a boat is fone too....
No. 118354 ID: 57aa53

since our sattelite city is envious, we should do the farm thing in there. its at least something fun for them.
No. 118393 ID: ec4966

>How many workers do we actually need?
Well, we don't really need very many new facilities just yet. (An entertainment structure at Slater. Perhaps a Constantly Exploding Car(tm))

But in 13 months, we're going to have to put a new class of Professionals into school. They have to be Workers to start with, so that means hundreds fewer Workers available. I was thinking 600 to 1500. So, in practice, as many as we can.

I guess we could demob another 900 infantry and put 800 existing workers (since we want the infantry available as infantry in an emergency) in as Professionals, while we simultaneously put 3,000 Nonworkers into trade school.
No. 118409 ID: 2dd482

all the while working towards developing baby farms right? We need to think in the long term as well. Relying on natural births isn't going to get us to where we need to be in terms of population. With less than 9000 people it'll take 18 years for the first generation of 8000 or so (assuming 50/50 gender split and every couple has children) born on the planet to reach worker status. We need to pour all our research into finding a way to rapidly accelerate growth and develop cloning techniques to be able to get any sizable population without waiting a 100+ years.
No. 118410 ID: 54af1f


This sounds like the most viable solution.

Some of those professionals we newly train we should send to check out the anomaly, and despite peoples prejudice, I really think we should go full out for geister diplomacy. We hardly have anyone.
No. 118412 ID: 54af1f

I suggest we research mass production next, if possible I think we should start pumping out interceptors, even if we can't crew them all, they'll be useful later.
No. 118533 ID: 57aa53

well, we wont clone people so soon. right now we should train better cybernetic implants to dim the personel requirement.

consider that we may be able to field capital ships with 50 or less crewmember.

i want to start a orbital scaffold, later on we may upgrade it. frankly i want another carrier to prevent loss of stuff and people case we need to flee.
No. 118702 ID: ec4966

Demobilize 950 LIGHT INFANTRY to serve as workers

In 2 Months:
Shut down one SMALL LAB Research gets ALL SLOW LIKE
Open both new COLLEGES using freed up PROFESSIONALS
COLLEGES: Begin Training 850 new PROFESSIONALS and 350 new WORKERS (48 months)
Upgrade shut-down SMALL LAB to MEDIUM LAB*

(*- These don't actually need to be finished for a year, so spread it out if the Worker shortage is an issue)

In 4 Months:
Shut down a Medium Derrick to provide workers for the Terminal.

In 13 months:
COMPUTING SYSTEMS II research completes
200 New Professionals complete their training
New Turn

120,000x Perishable Goods (120 BP)
10x Interceptors (150 BP)
1x Strategic Bomber (30 BP)
2x Nuclear Bombs (30 BP) (here's hoping these things can take out a Breaker scout if one happens by)
46x (Autocannon/Railgun) BRICs (138 BP) (I prefer tanks, but these are really crew-efficient)

NOTE: If Morale dips below VERY-GOOD, begin producing FANCY FOOD. If morale dips below GOOD, interrupt turn.

NOTE 2: We started training 100 new crewmen here: >>111086

NOTE 3: We can afford walls, but that'll make Gesters feel unwelcome, and make citizens feel like they're in a prison camp. Things are hypermilitaristic enough as it is. I might regret this if Space Pirates attack, but they probably just fly over walls anyway. Having a battlemech regiment should help.
No. 118782 ID: 57aa53

i thought about that, and frankly, i wanted interlaced walls. something like:
____ ____ ---- ---

so our infantry can still defend itself.

also take note: railguns are still useless. we should train units, but they are useless without a better weapon.
No. 118785 ID: bf2bdb

can we mate our nukes to our cruise missiles.
No. 118843 ID: bf2bdb

Can we have some more information on the breaker attack on earth actually? What precisely were the breakers hit with and did anything seem to hurt them?
No. 118919 ID: 2dd482

agree with this, except replace computer systems Ii with Genetic Engineering III
No. 119013 ID: bf2bdb

I'd go with computers first, we need drones more than we need more babies, they'll take too long. If we have infantry drones, then we can replace infantry with robots.
No. 119074 ID: 57aa53

this. increasing pop growth by 100% would still not be as useful as not needing human lives in the front row.
No. 119790 ID: 35cea2
File 126465059658.png - (75.37KB , 1154x664 , Contact.png )

The build queue has been halted at 2 months.

An interceptor patrol delivers an urgent message. He is immediately patched through to the Admiral.

INTERCEPTOR 009: "This is Waltz 009. I am picking up unknown forces on my scans, approximately 15 miles west-by-southwest of my position. The SS looks like they could be Breaker. I don't think I have been detected yet. Orders sir?"
No. 119800 ID: 51d0f5

They're definitely breakers.

All right. We have four basic options:

A) Try to take out their transmission station using interceptors and bombers, then attack with whatever army we can muster deployed from dropships.

B) Nuke them without warning using bombers flying at low level to avoid sensors. They can pull up at the last second to send their bombs sailing in at a parabolic arc, allowing them to escape the blast.

C) Try to conduct a full scale planetary evacuation without them noticing, and without engaging the enemy.

D) Something I haven't thought of.

None of these deal with the fact that we don't know how they got here. There's a good chance they have a ship in orbit. I have no idea whatsoever what to do about that.
No. 119802 ID: 57aa53

it could be a "resort colony". i wish we could engage in diplomatic envoys.

havent we been watching the anomaly? if so they are there for quite some time. we should consider discovering HOW they got here and HOW they communicate before we INVADE them.

we need that precious tech, nuking is out of question.
No. 119803 ID: 57aa53

COMMANDOS! send a commando to steal stuff and gather info!
No. 119822 ID: 57aa53

did i said a commando? im sure i wanted to say 15. with tranquilizer guns.

in specialy adapted, undetectable vehicles.

to kill everyone but 10 souls, for us to "gather info" and fool around.

all your base are belong to us!
No. 119831 ID: 51d0f5

That might work. Except for the "specially designed" part. Also, when we attack, we'll need as much firepower as we can possibly deploy. We're out-teched. Tranquilizer darts aren't going to cut it.

Send in 8 Commandos on 2 gunships. Have them deploy beyond the enemy's horizon and sneak in to observe the base. Above all, try identifying ground-to-air threats. With luck, they can paint them for Interceptors to strike, so we can send in gunships to hopefully counter the enemy firepower advantage when we launch the main attack.

Y'know, assuming everything hasn't gone tits up by then.
No. 119846 ID: 51d0f5

Make sure to send Commando 17 with them.

(I know we have more than 8 available, but you don't want numbers for a spy mission.)

And tell the Interceptor to get away from there before it's spotted.
No. 119850 ID: 632862

If we're going to send ANYONE, send a Gester. If they see a human they will report it and we'll have to pack up everything and run.
No. 119911 ID: bf2bdb

How did they get here without us detecting their FTL signature?

We need to check orbit for a ship.
No. 119914 ID: bf2bdb

I think the idea of sending commandos is good, but let's send some weavers as well, and a geister as a scout.
No. 119928 ID: 631142

this will kill the gester 95% of the time.

we should scout the area withOUT weaver. they can be pinpointed, and when they find a disabled/destroyed weaver, they will know we are here and have irrefutable evidence.

we should look at their surroundings. they may be here for entertenaiment, but there is no game here, they cant be here for resource, so we have only a scouting or refueling station left. 50 people is awfully low number to take out 9k+ hyoomans.
No. 119947 ID: 9437e2

We'll need more information about Breaker base, commando team plus several Gester volunteers sounds like good idea. Use commandos to scout and Gesters to pump nearest tribes for information.

However, we will need to start evacuation anyway. If Breakers base remains, they will find us sooner or later, and if it is destroyed, they will investigate and find us again.
It is possible that they here only temporary and will leave soon, but I feel that it is unlikely.
No. 120119 ID: bf2bdb

If they can detect a 5 inch long drone they can detect a 6 foot commando. If we're not looking to use them for recon why'd we build them?

Maybe, we should prepare to evacuate, but we shouldn't yet. If there was a breaker fleet we would have detected their FTL emissions. This maybe something smaller.

Let's seek information before we rush into a decision.
No. 120127 ID: 35cea2
File 126472261042.png - (42.78KB , 1154x664 , Outfit.png )

8 COMMANDOS have been selected to perform espionage on the unknown base. NaNi has also been brought along just in case his skills as a diplomat are needed.

They will be inserted a few miles southeast of the base by three GUNSHIPS. It is assumed the mission will take place just before the dead of night, but you can change the time and starting location if you wish.

Standard kit for a COMMANDO is an AMARR-1 (drum fed assault rifle. Very accurate and has great penetrating power, though is rather heavy and shots leave a brief but obvious obvious plasma trail), 2 of each frag, smoke and flashbang grenades, one demolition charge, a bayonet and an additional piece of equipment (1 WEAVER, another primary weapon, a larger demo charge; pretty much any piece of equipment you think they can carry). Their helmets come with a radio, a tactical HUD, and night/heat/telescopic vision.

COMMANDO 17 can only be armed with one special equipment and a single demo charge.

No human guns or grenades can be outfitted on NaNi, as his tentacles are too big.
No. 120133 ID: bf2bdb

At least two commandos should carry designators (laser or whatever)

The other six can carry weavers.

Send NaNi and a weaver forward on point. He knows the terrain better and so on, the rest stay some distance behind. I'd suggest we work our way up to the long, somewhat lower ridge, it's not quiet as good a view as the big hill, but it's also less likely to patrolled because of this.
No. 120135 ID: 2dd482

I'd change the insertion point to just west of the high peak. As it is now the Breaker base is on the same level of ground as the hill between it and the insertion point. they might be able to detect them
No. 120137 ID: bf2bdb

I assume it's too late to assemble a bunch of bunker busters for immediate use?
No. 120139 ID: 2dd482

also as per >>120133 have two commandos carry laser designators for bombs, and replace their weapons with sniper rifles of some sort and pistols as backup.
No. 120141 ID: bf2bdb

Oh yeah, and spread the weavers out in a circle around the team, so they know if anyone's sneaking up on them.
No. 120148 ID: bf2bdb

Actually, can NaNi carry a weaver himself?

If so, then pull one weaver and bring along a large directional antenna so we can listen to breaker communications (we can't translate them but it could be useful.)
No. 120149 ID: bf2bdb

At the same time

Rearm all interceptors and bombers except one Solo with AG missiles. Put the remaining solo on the pad with a nuke in it.

How many units do we have the drop ships to lift in a single lift? We might need to strike fast after this recon is done.
No. 120378 ID: 51d0f5

This is a surveillance job, so a focus should be on sensors and sniper rifles. I'm reluctant to take away anyone's main weapon, since we literally have no idea whatsoever of enemy capabilities, and this could descend easily into a vicious firefight. We need at least three snipers, though, giving us a potential for three teams with the last two dudes providing security. Even that's a little lopsided.

Let's hope the gunships have a lot of loiter time.
No. 120436 ID: 631142

ready up 2 intys with both nukes. they must stay far away but within reach of at least 20 minutes.

i cant think on much. nani will die, im almost certain.

we could scout ahead with the weaver but frankly, we should kill them all. im just terrified at the idea we fire twice with snipers and suddenly shields fuck everything up.

the commandos have to get close and personal. we need 2 or 3 snipers to give cover and finnaly, nani is to serve as a distraction.

-nani goes in to talk. weaver is sent from a different direction.
-C17 and 4 more are to sneak their ways in. they must favor short ranged attacks. their purpose is to disable the greatest number of enemies possible AS SOON AS SHIT HITS THE FAN.
-3 commandos must stay in 3 different sniper positions. they must mainly give cover to nani, check if weaver wasnt caught and give generic comments on possible warnings by the breaker of our infiltration.

our main goals by order of importance:
-diplomacy channel estabilishment.
-ASS KICKING of all aliens involved, except nani
-technology tefth. most number possible of gadgets and the likes.
-survival of all members involved when nukes are used. if needed be, the mountains can give cover against the two nukes we can deploy.
No. 120451 ID: 631142

i need a map centralized on the enemy base. i tried to doodle something but it just sucks, i cant see plains in the other side of base or even if there are any terrain features around to take cover for nukes.

the snipers must cover each a different section of the base in order to give full coverage for our 4 invading commandos.

the invading commandos can enter however they know best. i would like to try diplomacy first, but considering we need to steal tech, even a alien radio could do wonders.

the weaver should shortly follow NaNi or pehaps, if we have proper listening devices on nani, a different pattern althogether.

i would LIKE to send weaver and nani before the invading commandos. it could give them a good idea of were to invade the base from.
No. 120462 ID: cfad4e

We are NOT going to order 8 guys to attack 50 Breakers. Dudes have force-fields and shit.

Surveillance only.
No. 120471 ID: 631142

the attack is only for the extraction of personnel.

what we really need is tecnology. any trinked would do, really. nani and the weaver are there to ensure we work it out, the nuke is case shit hits the fan harder that the usual.
No. 120768 ID: bf2bdb

Personally I don't think the commandos should get anywhere past binocular range of the base. I figured we were gonna stick up on the ridge, look at everything, then launch a massive gunship/bomber/intercetptor strike and maybe an armoured column to finish the place off.
No. 120798 ID: 631142

updated suggested course of action and goals for the commandos:

-nani goes in to talk. weaver is sent from a different direction. nani must have listening devices, but he musnt give idea he is talking right now to us. if the breaker figure out its from admiral ackbar is all gone.
-C17 and 4 more are to sneak their ways in. they must favor short ranged attacks. their purpose is to disable the greatest number of enemies possible AS SOON AS SHIT HITS THE FAN. until then, theft of anything tecnological is enougth. they can however take their time to infiltrate, the weaver can be sacrificed for situational information, but nani must live.
-the invading commandos must also ready up explosives case everything goes haywire. since they are in extreme close proximity, rigging the most likely AA turrent is needed as what seems to be our only way of disabling them. tanks are also a need since the snipers can only give 1 shot safely thanks to bullet trail
-3 commandos must stay in 3 different sniper positions. they must mainly give fire cover to nani IF he is attacked, check if weaver wasnt caught and warn everyone if the breaker become too active against spotting other commandos.

our main goals by order of importance:
-diplomacy channel estabilishment.
-technology tefth. most number possible of gadgets and the likes.
-ASS KICKING of all aliens involved, except nani
-survival of all members involved when nukes are used. if needed be, the mountains can give cover against the two nukes we can deploy

if all gooes well:
-nani speaks to them, diplomatic channel estabilished
-we pawn small tecnological devices of no significance to the breaker.
-charges are removed, we fly freely with "neutral allies" watching
-research of new tech is urgent. new detection perimeter must be set up. another inty is sent to investigate everything.

if crap hits the fan:
-nani must GFTO. a commando can be used to carry him out if needed be.
-someone stab the weaver/ we make sure its asplodered. not important but snipers can do this too.
-most likely AA turrents are asplodered. ensure some tanks are too.
-we pawn soldier stuff, small tech and w/e. snipers provide cover, invading commandos are encouraged to not melee least needed.
-20 min till 2 nukes land. everyone must be safe by then.
-research of new tech is urgent. new detection perimeter must be set up. another inty is sent to investigate everything.
No. 120799 ID: 631142
File 126476841590.jpg - (3.38KB , 126x95 , wat.jpg )

then we dont get tech, and nani is in danger at all times. his death = our gester tribes becomes enemies with us = no more noble savants coming to our cause.

dont belive in violence, belive in me that belive on violence!
No. 120800 ID: 631142

>-C17 and 4 more are to sneak their ways in. they must favor short ranged attacks. their purpose is to disable the greatest number of enemies possible AS SOON AS SHIT HITS THE FAN. until then, theft of anything tecnological is enougth. they can however take their time to infiltrate, the weaver can be sacrificed for situational information, but nani must live.

the weaver can also be sacrificed if they ask for it. its better to have a couple soldiers looking at a weaver that at a commando.
No. 120801 ID: 54af1f


I don't see why he should approach either honestly. If we encounter breaker patrols he can maybe bluff them, but he shouldn't approach the base himself, way too dangerous.

I honestly don't see the point of trying too much diplomacy with the planet killing aliens. We can salvage their stuff after we blow them up with an airstrike and tanks.
No. 120802 ID: 631142

the whole problem is: we CANT have a fight it out.

they have shields. its good enougth for me to consider that one nuke isnt enougth. we need that technology.

nani, despite being a diplomat from the gester out of situation, is somewhat expendable. its bad to have him dying here but its worse to see them shooting a human on sight.

we also cant salvage broken devices. a war with them is likely to render any tech useless.
No. 120803 ID: 631142

No. 120804 ID: 54af1f


We have no information on what they have right now. That's why we're mounting a scouting mission I would assume.
No. 120805 ID: 631142

also also realistically we still dont know why we are at war. we kinda need to, before we tackle 9+ other sentient races willing to go at us because a master race dude said so.
No. 120969 ID: cfad4e

Hey, I forgot to say what we're upgrading Super-BRICs to. Does that mean they're not upgraded, or that they're upgraded with basic freebie weapons like chainguns?
No. 120970 ID: 54af1f

Also: What do cruise missiles actually do?
No. 121160 ID: 631142
File 126481699443.jpg - (17.06KB , 640x360 , justasplanned.jpg )

if they are like IRL cruise, they are long range missiles, something like 2k+ km.

i approve of this. i also want the cyber thing. the soner we get battleships manned by very little people like in EvE the merrierer.

also, if all goes as planned, we will have new armor and shield types that matches the breaker's.
No. 121166 ID: 54af1f


Lots more than 2 KM. Mostly I'm wondering how much damage one would do to an area the size of the breaker base.
No. 121170 ID: 631142

i wrote 2kkm. meh, i fails at numbuhs.

i belive its only a bit stronger that a common bomb carried by a inty or a specialized bomber. we have to factor that if interception is sucessful, the inty is ASPLODED while the cruise is simply blasted.
No. 121814 ID: 35cea2
File 126487942289.png - (40.59KB , 1154x664 , Insertion.png )

The team has been geared up and deployed at the insertion zone.

Interceptors are circling outside of enemy radar range, ready to fire AG missiles should the situation get out of hand. They can remain in flight for about 12 hours before they must return to base.

Should the situation spiral too far out of control, a heavy bomber is armed with a nuclear bomb and circling along with the interceptors.

Designate where they should move and what they should do next.


It costs 1 SC to upgrade a BRIC into a Super BRIC. Since no orders regarding upgrades were specified, the BRIC's remain unupgraded. Upgrading them will cost NO BUILD POINTS.


CRUISE MISSILES are basically a huge bomb with a jet engine. They are much larger and more devastating than the normal MLRS MISSILES and AG MISSILES, but are still compact enough for an MLRS to carry a single one. They have a maximum range of 300km.

A SILO is necessary to produce CRUISE MISSILES and NUCLEAR MISSILES. We need a little more technology to create a SILO.
No. 121856 ID: 631142

well, upgrade all BRICs we can for now. id like to go with my plan if possible.

also WTF we know their radar range?

also also are we supposed to micro? thats going to be quite difficult. suggestion coming next.
No. 121862 ID: 631142

stage 1: we scout. snipers move in first, commandos give cover. nani is to stay in intersection point.

setp 2: after snipers got in position, we take our sweet time to check their routine, scout patrols and dudes takin a smoke in the outside.

step 3: when we got enought info to act like solid snake against aliens that cant be tazed or killed, we send nani by the most distractive route there is. each commando can do as they feel its better as described in >>120798

step 4: ???

step 5: hyooman victory!
No. 121863 ID: 2dd482

First move the commando team north, have the snipers and C13 take up position on the peak overlooking the Breaker base.

The rest of the team will form a 2nd group and attempt to approach the base from the west. Dispatch weavers to scout out ahead and determine lines of sight. Have NaNi hold back for now.
No. 121865 ID: 2dd482

hurr I really should finish my thoughts before submitting.

Primary objective should be RETRIEVAL of Breaker TECHNOLOGY. Destruction of the base or personnel would only alert them to our presence on this planet.
No. 121896 ID: 54af1f

Upgrade all BRICs.


I think they're gonna find us anyway eventually.
No. 121899 ID: 54af1f


Ok, the team should spread out with NaNi on point, with one weaver watching him, and the rest of the Weavers spread out around them as scouts. They need to move up onto that low ridge to the North East of the insertion point and get eyes on the base.
No. 121908 ID: 631142

i has that problem too.

>Destruction of the base or personnel would only alert them to our presence on this planet.

they are trolling us. they got here when we were supposed to have a 2 months warning, we cant really put aside that.

wich reminds me, we need warp core ASAP.

the mountains are better sniper spot, we should also consider nani doesnt have much mobility and would call quite a lot of attention. im not going to say the commandos cant be invisible, im just gonna say i hope we dont need it.

i just noticed, in step 1 snipers where supposed to scout with the backing of the invading commandos. the scanner commando must also try to gather readings PASSIVELY.
No. 121927 ID: 54af1f


The mountain is a really obvious sniper spot
No. 121929 ID: 631142

durhur, sidenotes to consider:

snipers cant silent snipe. one shot, move, reload, repeat.

this means we have actual 3 to 5 rounds before we have to consider pulling the snipers to the drop point.

nani is doing 2 jobs: distracting breaker for our invasion and theft of anything we can pawn AND diplomatic relationship maker.

the commandos are there to steal w/e they can, protect NaNi from the breaker and place as much explosive on the base as possible.
No. 121932 ID: 631142

with 3 snipers and a crappy pic, i save face by saying that they are indeed what they are :|
No. 122300 ID: 35cea2
File 126491123932.png - (45.54KB , 1154x664 , Observe.png )


We assume their radar range is less than 15km, as the interceptor that passed around that distance remained undetected.

Also, micro is not necessary. Just tell the general orders and the commandos will sort everything out. You can order them around or even go first-person and take command of an individual if you really want to.

The commandos move up to the hill and begin observing the base. NaNi is sent to see if he can distract the Breakers. He leaves his WEAVER with the commandos and moves around the mountain so he won't be suspicious and draw less attention to the team stationed on the hill.

The commandos see that the Breakers sent out a squad to meet up with NaNi. They point their weapons at him and yell in a strange alien language. They appear to not want NaNi to get any closer.

The commandos that are watching the camp see that there are about 5 large, tripedal vehicles and several dozen Breaker infantry. There are a bunch of tents along with several unidentified more permanent buildings, one of which appears to be out of service.
No. 122445 ID: cfad4e

Upgrade all 17 BRICs with dual shoulder missile launchers... if we're allowed to do that instantly, that is.

Okay, so they don't know the local language. We've learned that. That's good to know. Have NaNi get the heck out of there. Just send him off in any direction as long as it's away from the enemy. He can't really help any more. He's not serving any tactically useful distraction, just alerting the enemy to be on the lookout. Hopefully they'll disregard this. Lone native. Not a big deal.

Do the Commandos think that there would be much of an intel benefit to observing the site longer? If so, do so and submit a more detailed analysis. Risk moving a closer only if it will have a no-bullshit tangible benefit to the surveillance mission.

If not, I vote we launch a full scale airmobile ground assault ASAP and position the commandos to spread out and snipe from multiple angles while prepping to lase targets.

We have 7 dropships. We should commit either 6 or all 7. Each can hold 100 infantry or 4 BRICs or 2 Tanks/MLRS. So potentially a force of, say:

95x Power Infantry
200x Light Infantry
2x MBTs (Railgun)
8x BRICs

What do our in-character military minds think of dropping such a force undetected within marching distance of the base and launching an attack before dawn? Would scaling the numbers back increase the odds of secrecy a lot, or only a little? Do we know ANYthing about Breaker ground forces?

(PS: Those Unknown Buildings are almost certainly ground-to-air guns. They can probably dual purpose to hit ground targets as well)
No. 122447 ID: 2dd482

the out of service building seems to be a transmitter tower of some type, most likely their link to whatever brought them here. The permanent nature of the buildings seem to indicate they are not merely a newly arrived scouting team. How we didn't detect them upon arriving on the planet, or when they first landed, we'll have to figure out later.

Send C1, 17, 19 and 20 in to place their demo charges and retrieve small items if able. C17 should place his demo charge on the largest intact building while the others place them on what look to be AA towers. Have the snipers cover them and provide intel on enemy movement. C13 will remain with the snipers to better facilitate targeting.

If the charges are placed successfully, blow them and call in the interceptors. Any remaining AA towers are priority targets followed by Mechs.

Not sure if snipers should be give clearance to engage targets of opportunity or wait until another couple of gunships arrive with proper ground forces to engage the Breaker infantry.
No. 122462 ID: 54af1f


Can we get a full map of the base? NaNi should pull back if the Breakers let him

Plan wise, I suggest we launch a Joint Attack Team at the base as soon as NaNi is clear. Sneaking in with demo seems to be a bit risky, though it might be worth putting a bomb onto the AA gun, if the commandos think they can succeed.


Unfortunately I don't think we can bring in any MRLS, so we should try to hit them with a combination of bombers and gunships. Gunships will use pop up attacks to suppress any long range air defenses, fragmentation bombers will suppress infantry and craft armed with AG missiles will hit vehicles and buildings.

Pull the nuclear bomber and one other bomber back to base and rearm it with fragmentation bombs, then send in C-17 and the stealthiest human to move in and demo the AA.

Once the demo is in place, then have all gunships, interceptors and bombers launch a coordinated air strike on the Breaker base.
No. 122463 ID: 54af1f


Oh and then drop in Test Patterns Armoured column as close as we dare as soon as we can after the air strike. We want to storm the base while they're still reeling if at all possible.
No. 122567 ID: cfad4e

I'm down with a joint airmobile assault, but it'd be better if we could land within a few miles, in secret, like the helis did. Doing it with six dropships will be much harder, of course, but is there a realistic hope? If it's a pipe dream, then a joint air assault-style SEAD followed by direct landing (but not directly onto the enemy base) might be our best chance.

I'm opposed to any further attempts at a diversion. Right now their readiness level should be low. (Even if they're nocturnal) Fucking with them, even to deceive, will make them go alert and go on the defensive.
No. 122606 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we should move in some light infantry and a few power armored troops, say 50 light 10 power guys, to the commandos for back up before they move. Then the drop ships should move back and pick up more light infantry and powered infantry.

Once we have the backup prepared and the dropships ready to drop troops I think we should send in the stealthier commandos with demo packs and take out what seems to be their anti air/artillery. Once we blow those up the snipers are to sow general confusion while the gunships go in to add to the confusion while the drop ships unload the infantry nearby and they assault the base. The ones that acted as a backup for the commandos can then act as a reserve and be used for a flanking attack to grab a few prisoners and kill the rest.

Once we secure the base we should get a few scientists over and do some good old fashioned vivisection on the aliens. Make sure the other prisoners get to watch.
No. 122613 ID: 54af1f


I'm reluctant to throw less than a full load of tanks, BRICS and infantry at them. We don't wanna do this by halves, we don't want to fight fair, they didn't fight fair when they killed earth.

We should attempt to hit them with completely overwhelming force.
No. 122618 ID: 8ecfd4

My plan is to use overwhelming force. 150 light infantry backed up by sniper teams, 50 power armored infantry and gunships that attack in the middle of the night when the enemy just lost their AA/artillery should be overwhelming force and leave something standing for our scientists.

And I would never advise to fighting fair, such ideas are as naive as thinking we should initiate diplomatic relations with the Breakers for anything else but backstabbing purposes. Those fuckers destroyed Earth. This war will be one of extinction and one I intend to make sure that mankind wins.
No. 122637 ID: 54af1f


That's not overwhelming though, cause the enemy has giant robots. We should bring in Test Patterns force package, right after the airstrike.
No. 122783 ID: cfad4e

Frankly, I'm not convinced that even my full six-dropship assault is overwhelming force. When the Breakers attacked earth, their warships were totally immune to human weapons. Who knows how capable their troops and vehicles are?
No. 123272 ID: 8ecfd4

I thought that one was just what we could bring in maximum in the different things. Like either 200 light infantry or 95 armored guys. If it's a complete list then fuck yeah lets do that one.

I still think we should try to get in a flanking strike force though. Being flanked is quite demoralizing. And if we have a varied loadout then the soldiers should have something to kill the Breakers.
No. 123275 ID: 54af1f

hitting them from multiple angles isn't a bad idea actually, though it depends on getting the AA defenses down.

Hopefully the Commandos and the air strike will put pay to those.
No. 123458 ID: 631142

well, this is why i wanted nukes or nothing else. we cant really think we will succeed with 10x more soldiers that what they have.

the commandos must hurry with the demo charge on the buildings that we suspect its AA stuff. if possible we must also rig the tanks. im hoping the inties and bomber can do the tanks with common bombs.

we are NOT waiting 1 day or 2 to build up a strike. this is a theft and nuke run. except we cant nuke anymore.

their surveilance radar got asploded somehow, they are here to repair it. they must have good stuff around. like a worm in a fisherman's hook, the plot device is too delicious to pass.

we should bring heavy infantry and tanks, leave the artillery behind. they must come ASAP and once again, we are not sure how many its supposed to be, so get all of them here.

i will worry with breakers in the nearby woods later on.
No. 126906 ID: 35cea2
File 126551513699.png - (48.32KB , 1154x664 , Before the Assault.png )


The BRICs have been upgraded, and the COMMANDOs have requested to spend the rest of the night observing while the JAAT is prepared.

The COMMANDOs verifies that the broken building is some kind of scanner or radar. Its broken state explains why none of the Splinter aircraft has been detected thus far. The Breakers also appear be supremely incompetent mechanics, as they have made no progress in repairing the device whatsoever and succeeded only in ruining it further. Also, the COMMANDOs have noted that none of the buildings or mechs at the base appear to be shielded. C17 has planted a HEAVY DEMO CHARGE on one of the buildings.

By next morning, The BRICs have been upgraded, all the soldiers have been loaded into the DROPSHIPS, and the various aircraft have been fully armed.

BRIC B05: "Sir, the ground team is in position. As soon as the air team has engaged the enemy we will attack."
GUNSHIP G03: "The air team will come up on the enemy base in approximately twenty minutes sir. The interceptors and bombers will bombard the enemy fortifications first, then the gunships will move into position to assault the enemy. If you've got any second thoughts about this say them now, because it's gonna be too late soon."
No. 126987 ID: f12f07

holy strike of luck.

the demo charge asplodes, intys wipe out the tanks but one, snipers give in a few shots disabling what they belive to be important personnel and run for their lives.

meanwhile, troops move in and we take as many ALIVE as we can. the buildings must be as whole as we can get them as well.
No. 127009 ID: cfad4e

Launch such that the ground assault will closely follow the air strike. I don't know the speeds involved, but just make it so the troops are landing not long after the strike. As close as is safe.

Interceptors: Focus on blowing up those anti-air-looking artillery pieces, as painted by the commando designator. This will be the first direct attack, so the enemy (hopefully) won't be on alert. Which is good, because this is the most dangerous phase.
Gunships: Focus on the walkers.
Bombers: Remain on station so troops on the ground can call in missile strikes as needed, and to react to emergencies.
No. 127248 ID: 8ecfd4

Start the assault by blowing the demo charge. Those things might not be fully automated, so if any of them are still standing after the initial bombing run and not firing then the commandos should make sure nobody can get close to them.

Pretty solid plan. Just make sure we get prisoners. There are going to be some unethical experimentation done and we need live subjects.
No. 127296 ID: 54af1f


I'd suggest one of the bombers supresses the defenses as they've got AG missiles, while the interceptors drop bombs on the enemy infantry.

Use terrain to cover our approach and also come in from the side where the cannon will be demoed.
No. 129994 ID: 35cea2
File 126594192589.png - (50.62KB , 1154x664 , Phase 1.png )

The INTERCEPTOR and BOMBER strike, combined with the activation of the DEMO CHARGE took the enemy forces completely by surprise.

The ground team and GUNSHIPS quickly followed behind to take advantage of the panic. Unfortunately, one building was undamaged and managed to get destroy a GUNSHIP before it was brought down by mass missile fire. The mechs that weren't downed by AG missiles were destroyed by the GUNSHIPs before their crew could enter them.

With little cover the remaining enemy infantry are being gunned down rapidly, but their advanced weaponry have apparently impeccable range:They have destroyed a SuperBRIC with some powerful infantry held energy weapon, and many soldiers with their lighter assault weapons. Their weapons, however, appear to be very ineffective versus the heavy MBT armor.

Most of the enemy infantry are spreading out.
No. 130006 ID: bf2bdb

Move in and sweep for any remaining aliens, attempt to take them alive if possible, (shoot to wound)

We can't let any breakers get away, so lets do this throughly and by the book.
No. 130065 ID: cfad4e

Move the tanks to commanding positions where they can provide highly accurate long range firepower.

Alpha Strike with all remaining AG Missiles. Suppress the Breakers to clear the way for a direct infantry assault, moving the troops to closer quarters where enemy smallarms range won't be as decisive.

Go all-out with it. Take the last foes alive if it is reasonably possible to do so without many losses.
No. 130097 ID: 8ecfd4

Set a few gunships to patrol the perimiter. We don't want any Breakers getting away.

Move up the infantry behind the mbts since it seems like the Breakers don't have anything that will punch through their armor.

Order the commandos to shoot a couple of the enemies with crippling shoots instead of immediatly killing shoots. When feasible take prisoners. If not then just kill them, we might not learn as much from dissecting corpses but we still learn some.
No. 130137 ID: 54af1f


Keep the tanks and BRICs on the hill for overwatch and send the infantry in to clear the site. Be somewhat cautious, we can't afford heavy losses.

Pull the aircraft back as soon as they're out of ordinance and rearm them with AG missiles in case there's a ship around.
No. 130934 ID: 35cea2
File 126611883363.png - (54.45KB , 1154x664 , End Battle.png )

The INTERCEPTORS and BOMBER make one final bombing sweep before running out of ammunition, taking out more enemy infantry positions.

The ground forces advance, with the MBTs spearheading the assault to direct fire from the vulnerable infantry.

The COMMANDOs begin crippling a squad of enemy infantry so they can be used for interrogation later.

By the time the MBTs have crossed half the distance the entire enemy force is destroyed, either cut down in the open by chaingun fire or killed while taking cover by missiles, autocannons and railguns.
No. 130937 ID: 35cea2
File 126611919164.png - (12.02KB , 785x448 , Chapter 1 Concluded.png )

The mysterious powers that have orphaned Humanity have felt defeat for the first time.

They do not intend to have that same feeling again.
No. 130941 ID: cfad4e

>They do not intend to have that same feeling again.

No. 131533 ID: 3a7cd3
File 126619495164.gif - (33.41KB , 132x132 , supremancy.gif )

No. 131540 ID: ab04d4



(Also pixelart fuck yeah)
No. 131556 ID: cfad4e

It's a really good thing we gambled on a surprise attack with overwhelming force. If we'd gone a little more conservative, they might've gotten those mechs online. Given how much damage they were doing with infantry weapons alone, the walkers woulda fucked us up.
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