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File 128874124476.jpg - (73.35KB , 348x428 , LWannouncement.jpg )
26042 No. 26042 ID: b6c6fc

this just in! horrible news, Quest author Lonely S. World's computer was complete consumed by a rogue virus! no files were seen to have escaped the carnage, death toll is expected be measured by the GIGABYTE!
L. S. World had this to say

World: "I assure you, everything is under control, all essential files (including those of CrashQuest) were safely evacuated in the early stages of the incident, and I expect to have a new computer up and running as early as tonight!"

L. S. World will now answer any questions you may have regarding: Crashquest, LW fanarts, this incident, future projects, or anything else

you can also use this place to discuss CrashQuest amongst yourselves, or make fanart requests
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No. 26043 ID: 93e8e3

Excellent recovery skills there. Also your persona amuses me.
No. 26044 ID: 31e5bb

you ability to be both funny and serious will ensure you last a long a time.
No. 26045 ID: f52552

Why is a duck when it spins?
No. 26047 ID: 29c08e

Art request: draw your self assuming a classical "DAT ASS" position.
No. 26048 ID: bf1e7e

Many sympathies. When my hard drive failed my quest files did not escape unscathed, and I now lack all of my early notes and background files for deep
No. 26049 ID: 2f60d0

Fan art?

I request you draw a fan.
No. 26050 ID: b6c6fc

(this is a back up PC, btw) Thanks every one for the support, the situation has gotten worse, try as I might, my main computer (I have 3) is dead, tommorrow I'm going to take it into the shop to see what can be done, meanwhile I'm going to try to do some work on this one

I don't think I understand the question

as amusing as that would be, drawing myself is not technically not fanart, I might draw it anyway for next years AssDay
No. 26051 ID: 31e5bb

copy of what was said in the fanart thread

starburst98!I10GFLsZCw 2010/10/31(Sun)12:33 No. 335754 ID: 31e5bb

well, would be pleased with just about anyone from larro's quests

Pink Floating Puff
Anonymous 2010/10/31(Sun)13:31 No. 335756 ID: 4c00ee

Something from Cutebold Slaughterfest, that was an awesome quest that's lacking some good fanart. http://tgchan.org/wiki/CSF
Ideally Cheren from Episode Six.

Dark Gold Chips
Anonymous 2010/10/31(Sun)13:40 No. 335757 ID: 93e8e3

Cheren? Cheren's got nothing on Amadoobus and Emma.

White Jade Belle
Sigma 2010/10/31(Sun)13:46 No. 335758 ID: 8e18cd


I'd rather see Imil.

BTW Man, if you feel like it, you can always try drawing something from my quest (AlienQuest)
No. 26052 ID: 1854db

I am a staunch supporter of Cheren. Ven would be good too.
No. 26053 ID: d677cc

Draw Scalene! [/shamelessselfnomination]

I mean, since I'm not drawing her and all. :V
No. 26054 ID: d677cc

Alternately, in a suggestion that isn't of my own character, you could draw one of the ponies from the pony quests.

OR all of them!
No. 26055 ID: 4f6e37

Get on IRC and receive praise
No. 26056 ID: f52552

Cheren's expression upon finding a functional and easy-to-use tank.
No. 26057 ID: dad664

No. 26058 ID: dad664

Seriously you could benefit so much from a tablet though.
No. 26059 ID: a09a03

Sorry to hear about your computer. All doze MP3s.

Glad your notes are intact. I'd probably be better off if I kept notes...

It's probably safe to assume everyone wants something from their own quest.
No. 26064 ID: bf1e7e


Yeah basically.
No. 26065 ID: b6c6fc

Some of these characters I haven't read the quests for, I plan to read them before I draw the fanart so I understand their personalities better.
so it may take me a little while to get to some of them

and as far as tablets go, all my fanarts are drawn when I don't have access to a computer
No. 26068 ID: 2563d4

I think people are also assuming that a tablet would help de-shake the linework in Crash Quest, which is presumably a result of mousedrawing more than an artistic thing.
No. 26072 ID: 669ef7

Have you read Golem Quest yet? I think you might enjoy the characters found there.
No. 26074 ID: a09a03

Please don't take this as an attempt to incite argument, but it would probably be better, purely from a time-management perspective, to start off with quests that are shorter than War and Peace.
No. 26079 ID: 669c91

Good to see you're still standing. :)

I hope you get everything back to normal as quickly as possible.
No. 26082 ID: 669ef7

Golem Quest is a serious undertaking, it takes a long time to catch up. But it's good. Don't let the length scare you away, but read the other quests first.
No. 26086 ID: b6c6fc


Golem quest is really long and lots of text with no pictures, it'll probably be awhile before I gather the courage to read it

I might experiment with a tablet in future quest but at this point I'm afraid it might conflict with the current style, crappy though it may be I would at least like it to be relatively consistant

making CrashQuest as long as it is, was probably a mistake, it's length is based off of the old point and click adventure games, that said CrashQuest is probably only going to be 8 chapters long, (more or less depending on what choices you guys make) future quests are going to be a lot shorter
No. 26087 ID: 6d7b5a

I don't think there's anything wrong with the current art. The style is cartoony - it looks fine.

I'd skip Golem Quest if it was me. Some people love it, some people loathe it.

Nobody's recommended Journey? It's one of the few completed quests on the site and it's very good. It starts off kinda slow and very adventure-gamey, but it kicks off big time when the second party member is introduced.

No. 26088 ID: 6d7b5a

Oh, and I don't think there's anything wrong with running a longer quest. I think Test was more trying to say that Golem Quest has shitloads of text. It has more words (just the author updates) than Atlas Shrugged (really).
No. 26090 ID: 2563d4

Test was talking about the length of Golem and its chronic prose diarreah.

Heck yes, Journey if you haven't already.
No. 26091 ID: a4b4e3

Definitely read Journey. It's the best.

As for running a quest for a long time, don't worry about it. My main one's been going since the site began (though admittedly I update horribly slowly) and I haven't gotten many complaints on the length of it.
No. 26093 ID: 2563d4

And then of course there's The End...
No. 26094 ID: 917cac

Journey was the second quest I read, (Bitequest was the first)

also please no quest bashing, (unless it's mine, feel free to tear my quest appart)
No. 26095 ID: 6d7b5a

Well, now I can really never show you the other fanart I drew.
No. 26096 ID: 78b440

I'll throw my vote in for Golem Quest, too.

And Journey Quest.

And Bite Quest.

And Ruby Quest. Goddamn why has no-one suggested this.
No. 26098 ID: e31d52


No. 26099 ID: 93e8e3

http://tgchan.org/wiki/Talk:Gnome I made a list of things I request people read. Some people have told me it is a pretty okay list.

Also, while we are all self plugging, I'll suggest you read Earth Defense Force, because people tell me that it is probably my best quest yet. I am not sure I always believe them, but it is pretty fun.
No. 26101 ID: 669ef7

Brom's stories are great as well.
No. 26104 ID: 8e18cd

When it comes to good quests with their own setting and solid story I suggest Journey, Bite, The End, Riarda, Oren and Deep.

Cutebold Slaughterfest is a mash-up of different worlds put together, but amusing as hell. I suggest you read it as well

Cromanticar is weird as hell but at the same time funny.

Hatchquest is full of communism.
No. 26105 ID: 374452

Crowmanticar is also by me and is completed in its entirety. It is really, really weird.
No. 26106 ID: a4b4e3

If you want a serious list (Not including Journey or Bitequest as you have read those):

Island of Onigashima (Kensuyata's Quest)
Gobbo Quest/Fortune's Call
Cutebold Slaughterfest
Alien Quest
Tozol Quest
After Quest
Plessy Quest
Pokemon Quest
The Big City
Robot Quest
The End

Reading the pony quests couldn't hurt either. They're just starting for the most part.

Also, yeah, being in IRC definitely helps. People usually notify the IRC channels when they update, so if there's a quest you particularly like you can set your highlighter to go off when the line "X Quest Update" or "X quest updated" appears and be instantly notified when an update has gone up.
No. 26113 ID: e9b708

I'm sorry if I gave the wrong impression, but I'm not looking for quests to read, (most of the suggestions I've already read anyways,)

I just meant to clarify, that some requests may take longer than others (especially if they're text quests"
No. 26114 ID: 374452

Well, we all have the wrong impression now. I hope you're happy.
No. 26115 ID: 4f6e37

You must feel just TERRIBLE.
No. 26116 ID: a09a03

>most of the suggestions I've already read anyways
So don't follow requests. Draw what you feel like drawing.

And Aggeia.
No. 26133 ID: b6c6fc

Hah! my computer is now fully operational, everything is starting to look up and-

Fuck, my scanner just died . . . no fanarts tonight . . .
No. 26134 ID: dad664

Gotta love Murphy's Law, right?
No. 26136 ID: bf1e7e



Well there is some new fanart for you in the fanart thread at least!
No. 26156 ID: b6c6fc
File 128887679682.jpg - (82.90KB , 1008x720 , HappyBirthday.jpg )

my birthday is tomorrow, yay

in way of celebration, I'm going to draw a fun picture of Oken, (CrashQuest quality)

but what aspect of Oken should I focus on?
Heroic? cute? dangerous? strong? pretty? smart? noble? sexy? sad? happy? or just something silly?
No. 26158 ID: c29448


Draw Oken on the day before her final AcePilot Academy exam.

I'm slightly surprised that Mint is aroused by that guy. With her size, anything that big will almost literally tear her up.
Either these ice folk are all large and Mint is just a runt, or LW couldn't give a damn about consistency and just made a funny pic.
No. 26163 ID: e0f1fa

I just want Oken to be happy... ;_;
No. 26164 ID: c99f30

Interestingly size difference is rather common 'thing' on /quest/ (one of many such 'things' I suppose). I mean: Ryhn/Jerhal, Ridder/Sticks, Mudy/Raital, anything by Freis...
No. 26165 ID: 3af198

lol, Mint is more of a window shopper in this situation
No. 26170 ID: dad664

Hail, fellow Scorpio!

Oken as an Ace Pilot, maybe? Like...if you've ever seen Red Dwarf, there was regular Rimmer and then there was Ace Rimmer.

"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."
No. 26171 ID: 1963d1

That's quite interesting. My birthday is today. Happy birthday to you sir!

Go with Cute.
No. 26178 ID: e3f578

Man, I do wonder what Oken's perverted or more fun sides act like. We've only seen her when she trying to act all tough and strong.
haha my hypothesis was right. She's betraying everyone for gazing at catbutt. Normally somewhat normal but just window shopping? The fiend doesn't even value the alliance enough to consider all that effort worth even a spank. A heartless wench!
No. 26189 ID: 383006

Happiness ;_;
No. 26193 ID: b6c6fc
File 128892698731.jpg - (90.64KB , 1008x720 , AstranianFlag.jpg )

here's a full colour version of the interplanetary flag for the "Astranian Alliance"
No. 26196 ID: 1b060f

... Looks evil as hell... new background on my netbook.
No. 26200 ID: da696f


I say combine the two ideas. Have oken dreaming of being an ace pilot while she has fallen asleep during a midnight study cram just before the test.
No. 26204 ID: 283fa9

So the Astranian Alliance are the bad guys? Because there is no way in hell you can be considered a 'good guy' with a flag like THAT.
No. 26205 ID: a09a03

They appear to be the Less Bad guys. The More Bad guys are the brain-eating mind control bugs.
No. 26206 ID: 0d5620

I think you've drawn plenty of fan art. Draw Fuze in girl clothes.
No. 26217 ID: b6c6fc

silly Rurik, the alliance's flag doesn't make them evil, the mass counts of genocide does!

can you be more specific?
No. 26218 ID: 0d5620

Reading the quest, at first I thought "That's weird. Why did Oken refer to that lady as 'he'?" Maybe it's just the cute art style or that he's the first guy we've seen without huge shoulders, but he came off as girly looking. I didn't have any specific clothes in mind. Just something to confirm or deny this.
Drawing him in his overalls/labcoat would be pretty good, too.
No. 26232 ID: b6c6fc

it's not entirely your imagination, Fuze is an intellectual of slim build, he is also quite young, and a little effeminate at that, on top of that, the Astranian genders differences are much more visibly subtle. and I suppose it doesn't help that all the other male characters thus far have been burly combat soldiers.

long story short, Fuze is a girly man.
No. 26248 ID: f52552

The current characters as the cast of Scooby Doo.
Prince as the Mystery Machine.
Oken as Shaggy.
Enrad as Scooby.
Hoft as Fred.
Mint as Velma.
Fuze as Daphne.

This request has nothing to do with having Enrad wearing only a collar and Fuze in girly clothes.
No. 26254 ID: b6c6fc
File 128902085596.jpg - (46.17KB , 504x360 , OkenHappy.jpg )

Oken's first trip into the air, on board a Doraun airship with her father

Father: "Asnia! stop wasting time, we must be going"
No. 26255 ID: e31d52

No. 26256 ID: c8803c

No. 26259 ID: 8e18cd


No. 26262 ID: 4f6e37

The fact that you have that much talent with a mouse makes me think it is a crime you don't have a tablet
No. 26265 ID: b6c6fc

. . . I don't think I understand

fun fact! my hand is actually grafted to the mouse, I've evolved to use it better

seriously though, I do have plans to get a tablet, but I'll have to experiment with it enough to know whether or not I want to use it for CrashQuest, as it could create an entirely different look
No. 26266 ID: 2563d4

You're giving people heart attacks with cute.

Probably best to leave art changes to a chapter boundary and new environment if anywhere.
No. 26267 ID: 283fa9

What he said.

You have to be prepared to be assaulted with memes that you have no idea existed.
No. 26268 ID: c0512d


Although probably the less you know about this particular meme, the better.
Unless you're into VN datesims. And cripples.
No. 26269 ID: c0512d

That is not to say that fawn-Oken isn't overwhelmingly cute.
No. 26274 ID: 0d5620

I'd still like to see Fuze drawn in high-def style. Sun dress purely optional.
No. 26280 ID: 1854db

Eh? I thought the meme started with a few 4-panel comic strips.
No. 26303 ID: 6c4937

It did, but they were 4 panel strips made for the VN called Katawa Shoujo.
No. 26317 ID: b6c6fc
File 12891413639.jpg - (153.88KB , 624x1134 , PrettyFuze.jpg )

I've drawn more then one cross-dressing fox withen the space of a week, does that make me a weirdo?
No. 26318 ID: 27e02d

Haha! I love how embarrassed and uncomfortable he looks. You're awesome, LonelyWorld.

Also requesting Oken during pilot training.
No. 26319 ID: 8c0848
File 128914467892.jpg - (14.80KB , 304x375 , pinheads2.jpg )

>does that make me a weirdo?

No. 26320 ID: dad664

So, are they aliens who happen to look like anthropomorphic earth-fauna, or are they hyper-evolved earth-fauna that were transplanted to their respective home planets by some known or unknown force?
No. 26324 ID: a09a03
File 128916219127.jpg - (99.09KB , 588x1064 , fuze_edit.jpg )

Hmm. Is the neck supposed to be that long?
No. 26325 ID: fd6d7e
File 128916260386.jpg - (156.29KB , 1024x642 , warhammer-versus-carebears.jpg )


40,000 years into the rise and fall of humanity only one thing is audacious enough to stand up to the Imperium, yet unorthodox enough that nothing the Empire could throw at them would stick: furries. W40K and the Care Bears. Peace at last.
No. 26327 ID: b6c6fc

the disturbingly consistent similarities between EarthWorld: Solan's traditional fauna, and the Astranian aliens is a constant source of confusion, fear, and prejudice among the Solar people. Colonial scientist have gone to great length to explain this phenomenon, they have concluded it is almost certain that the Astranians evolved on a near parallel course with Solan, but with out any influence or connnection to it.

the pitcture has a lot of mistakes in it, Fuze is supposed to have a fairly long neck, but I clearly botched it up
No. 26357 ID: 80bb9a

Why did you choose your nickname?

Also what does the S stand for.
No. 26371 ID: b6c6fc


Lonely Sorrowful World: the original title for CRASHQUEST was Lonely World, a play on the way the planets are described in the story (eg. IceWorld: Vin-Malor) I decided to change the name of the story, but I liked name LonelyWorld so much I decided to use it as my nickname for TGchan

theres also a lot of deeper meaning bullshit to it as well, but I'm not going to bore you guys with all that

. . .

Remember how I did that Dream thingy back in chapter 3, what did you guys think of that? should I do it again? if so how could I make it better?

also feel free to post dream deas here
No. 26395 ID: 3b97b4

No offense, but to me the dream sequence seemed a bit out of place. CrashQuest doesn't give off the existential-questions-raising cryptic-metaphor-filled vibe.

Also, I see that you started another quest. While I am surely glad to see this, please keep in mind that the more little projects you start, the harder it is to update them in a timely fashion.
Personally, as a DM, I constantly have to tell myself to hold my horses and suppress the desire to start several more campaigns/projects (probably on this board too).
No. 26396 ID: 917cac

yeah I was getting the same impression about the Dream thing,

as for the other Quest, I have no intentions of doing 2 quests at once, Pinkskin quest is intended to be relatively short, (I'm hoping 1 thread), until it's done or I finish the first thread, CrashQuest will be on hold.
No. 26438 ID: fd6d7e

What? No, the Dream was a great idea. You mean >>/questarch/243737 right?

I thought the whole thing was about being caught between evil Astranian empire and eviller psychic space bugs. If you're at the home base of whatever produces these bugs then they could use nightmares as a form of attack! It'd be silly not to have nightmares when they're around! Imagine how bad it would be trying to sleep in the city!

I mean, that's just my speculation on it. You're the one who decides what it's about.
No. 26440 ID: 27fe93

actually, pretty sure BOTH sides have been bugged. and the war is just to feed them.
No. 26441 ID: 0b4db2

How do you know that?
No. 26442 ID: 27fe93

that is why i am pretty sure, not confirmed.
No. 26443 ID: 7dbf04

For some reason, I get that gut feeling that the bugs are just a pawn (and I mean the guy/s controlling the bugs, not the bugs themselves).

And the war is not made to feed them, they nuked Oken's planet, a paradise world filled with "food"...
No. 26446 ID: a09a03

Why are you pretty sure?
No. 26491 ID: d677cc
File 128943073767.png - (325.61KB , 604x599 , Amiel.png )

You're still taking fanart requests, right?

[17:56:19] <Typo> Oh man LonelyWorld is posting fanart again.
[17:59:51] <Slinkoboy> man he'd draw the cutest amiel I bet ;_;
[18:00:09] <Typo> So ask him to!
[18:00:19] <Slinkoboy> what!
[18:00:23] <Slinkoboy> that's against my nature![18:00:29] <Typo> THEN I WILL ASK FOR YOU

Reference attached.
No. 26493 ID: e9b708
File 128943104629.jpg - (89.46KB , 329x596 , OkenExam.jpg )

I might do it again, but I really want to make sure they enhance the story, or are just fun too see

Picture: Oken takes a pilot's test, luckily this was only a simulation . . .

(I am still taking requests)
No. 26495 ID: 1607d3

The request for Cheren from CSF still stands.
Being bad-ass and/or heavily drunken.
Also guns.
No. 26500 ID: 55c4cf

do something for me, i will be happiest camper
No. 26521 ID: 27e02d

Haha, yay! This is awesome!
No. 26526 ID: 6550ad

Draw something from Bubble Bucket! Preferably River.


But any character would be fine.
No. 26531 ID: a4b4e3

Don't worry, people didn't understand my love for Kyaos and the Engsami either.
No. 26537 ID: a4b4e3

Also uh, I'd just like to note that I really like the retro-futuristic designs of everything.
No. 26548 ID: 2563d4

Everyone understood the love for Admiral McAwesomehat, however.
No. 26606 ID: 3af198

what quests have you done?

about, Zane . . . both the Astranian Alliance and the Fenestra Militia Corpus (Windows Corps)
will take turns turns playing enemy in my quests, neither side is 100% pure evil, and I fully understand if people feel sympathy for some of their agents
No. 26609 ID: 55c4cf


Bubble Bucket, among other ones~
No. 26610 ID: c2e4f9

No. 26651 ID: 669ef7

I feel untold hatred towards Zane and the Astranian Alliance for the arena in Pinkskin Quest. Good job Lonely World.
No. 26665 ID: a4b4e3

That's not the intent, unless you have untold hatred for the other side too. Neither faction is the good one.
No. 26666 ID: 2563d4

All are pawns of the glorious bug master race. Beware their insidious rule.
No. 26678 ID: a4b4e3

To quote Mneme...

"You've been singled out as a stooge, a fall-guy to get killed ingloriously in battle with a bunch of stupid pinkskins. Basically what I'm saying is you are supposed to lose, so that the Astranian empire can trick its audience into thinking pinkskins are more vicious and dangerous than they really are. Your valor doesn't matter, they just need a corpse. The game was rigged from the beginning. They even doped up the pinkies with pain suppressants before sending them out. You might have thought that the empire was siding with you giving you all those handy lasers and useless bombs, but in reality they see you as just another conniving Nokkin to be used and discarded. They never really were on your side."

o_o fucking hell... I mean, I wanted to help out Zane before, and I'd like to help her out now, but, well, we can't. I mean hell. She is the main character this chapter, this is her story, and I'd like to see it end well but we only have the power to make it end horribly.
No. 26679 ID: 9b6c31

I'd pour strong hydrochloride on her, if you know what I mean.
No. 26681 ID: 4309ad

I'm really curious about this board's general appreciation of Zane, considering the circumstances. Is it because we just appreciate the odds against her and are rooting for the underdog? Or is it simply that the board is predominantly secretly furry?

No. 26682 ID: 97f72c

>predominantly secretly furry

Take out 'secretly' and you're dead right.
No. 26683 ID: a4b4e3

-She's the only character with established goals other than "Survive"
-Her goals are at least somewhat noble, in that she's trying to prove to society that her people are as brave and strong as the rest
-She actually has personality as established by ITQ
-The humans are stereotypes who are voted on based on their equipment and stats rather than personality/goals, and are as disposable as any other grunt as nothing happens if they die. -Zane will have lots of crying children and a further demoralized race as a result of her death.
-If Zane dies, the quest ends. If all the humans die, the quest also ends, but the humans are likely going to be shot anyways and Zane might continue to give hope for her fans.

In short, she's likable and there's no reason to root for anyone else.
No. 26684 ID: 63f90e

No, in short, the universe is a better place with her alive where there's no point in the humans surviving. They're POW's, they can't change anything, and even though it's a pipe dream, Zane has a CHANCE, and might just make some lives better in the process.
No. 26685 ID: 946a8d

The majority's probably rooting for Zane because CrashQuest started on the Astranian side.
I'm not rooting for Zane though. The pinkskins are prisoners of war forced to die for entertainment of the opposing side. It's much worse than dying in battle, whichever side is good/bad (they're both ll grey it seems).

"No! We must kill the underdog!" they shouted.
The announcer said "No, pinkskins, you are the underdog".
No. 26686 ID: 9b6c31

Our blood cries for revenge! Jose and Scott must be avenged! We cannot rest before we have impaled Zane's head on some sort of a stick, stolen her energy-weapons and caused chaos!
No. 26687 ID: bf1e7e


The majority is rooting for Zane because she is cute.

The end.


Why this is all bullshit:

>-She's the only character with established goals other than "Survive"

Only in the ITQ thread, where nobody has even asked any of te humans what sort of goals they have.

>-She actually has personality as established by ITQ

Nobody has asked anyone else nearly as many questions, of course she has more of a fucking personality.

>-Zane will have lots of crying children and a further demoralized race as a result of her death.

And nobody mourns the loss of the human soldiers (and non-combat personnel that the astranians are dragging in as well, as evidenced by Janine), right?

If this was a human walking down a line and executing a bunch of bound astranian captives to build morale, you wouldn't be rooting for him. And that meets this justification just as well.

>and Zane might continue to give hope for her fans.

Her genocide-supporting, rigged bloodsport-watching fans.

I'm rooting for the humans because opting to say 'let's just lose' is fucking retarded and our input is on the human side. And because the POWs are by default less despicable than someone sent to slaughter a bunch of people with vastly superior equipment.
No. 26689 ID: a4b4e3

>Only in the ITQ thread, where nobody has even asked any of te humans what sort of goals they have.

Because they're stereotypes and less interesting.

>And nobody mourns the loss of the human soldiers (and non-combat personnel that the astranians are dragging in as well, as evidenced by Janine), right?

Wrong. They're already MIA, even folks back home are coming to terms with the fact that they're probably dead or will be soon. Zane on the other hand, is a local hero.

So which is going to have more effect, a soldier killed on a distant planet who was already listed as missing or captured in the records, or the soldier who is going to be killed right in front of the people who not only love them, but look up to them?

>If this was a human walking down a line and executing a bunch of bound astranian captives to build morale, you wouldn't be rooting for him. And that meets this justification just as well.

This ISN'T to build morale, this is a set up to kill Zane and put her people back in their place before this upstart starts shitting things up for her superiors by elevating Nokkin to a more equal status.

>Her genocide-supporting, rigged bloodsport-watching fans.

The situation's broken but it looks like she's determined this is the best way.

>I'm rooting for the humans because opting to say 'let's just lose' is fucking retarded and our input is on the human side. And because the POWs are by default less despicable than someone sent to slaughter a bunch of people with vastly superior equipment.

Superior equipment I find suspect as her equipment is almost gone already, but otherwise, that's my main problem with this quest. The "best" character is the one we have to kill to "win." The only way to win is to be a part of the system, kill someone for the announcer and the people who rigged this match, and help subjugate a race of people under the others as a result. The entire quest is a massive catch 22, because Zane surviving is pretty much impossible yet that's the only "good" outcome. Let's face it, even if the humans win, they're not going free. So, it's like Wargames, the only winning move is not to play.
No. 26690 ID: b6c6fc

It's sometimes hard to tell who's right and who's wrong, I was kinda hoping this wouldn't turn into a Kyaos like thing, but oh well I guess I should have known better
No. 26691 ID: bf1e7e


>Because they're stereotypes

So is Zane.

>and less interesting.

You mean less cute. You have no idea how interesting they are because you haven't even tried to talk to them.

>or the soldier who is going to be killed right in front of the people who not only love them, but look up to them?

She's not a soldier, she's a -gladiator-.

And demoralizing the genocidal astranians is only a good thing.

>this is a set up to kill Zane and put her people back in their place before this upstart starts shitting things up for her superiors by elevating Nokkin to a more equal status.

Cool assumption, bro. Perhaps the humans would have something other than 'board with a nail in it' and 'one weapon that can inflict noticable damage on the gladiator's shields' if this were the case? And perhaps in such a case the announcer would also not be making false announcements in order to lure the humans into Zane's traps?

>Superior equipment I find suspect

Then you're an idiot. We still haven't even seen what the grenades she has can do, nor any sort of ammo limitation on her rifle. Or hand laser.

>The entire quest is a massive catch 22, because Zane surviving is pretty much impossible yet that's the only "good" outcome.

Zane is a brutal murderer killing non-combat personnel that she has a massive advantage over for her own agenda.

Fuck her. She deserves nothing better than death at the hands of the people she is trying to toy with.
No. 26692 ID: e3f578

>the only winning move is not to play
It's pretty damn clear not playing will get the humans killed and that would suck for them and all the Aster-whatevers would just get a disappointing match. I'm pretty sure there's already like a bunch of strikers outside the arena saying this is cruel like with Terror is Reality in Dead Rising 2. Think about the Roman collisium as well. Those who didn't fight didn't gain any sympathy from the audience. They got dead.

I also like how you just say all the humans are stereotypical when we've only had two humans answer question. That's racist man. Your racist
No. 26693 ID: 4309ad

Oh but a dilemma is so much more entertaining than a simple choice. I know who I'm hoping for and why, but it's how the other viewers see things that intrigue me. And LW, being able to produce something that at first glance seems simple and yet so easily spirals out of control into a many-faceted moral quandary would certainly make ME feel like a successful storyteller. Bravo to you for what you've done, intentional or no.

No. 26694 ID: a4b4e3

And demoralizing the genocidal astranians is only a good thing.
This wouldn't demoralize them over gladiatorial combat, only prove that a certain race is not fit to serve and are a bunch of cowards and weaklings.

>Zane is a brutal murderer killing non-combat personnel that she has a massive advantage over for her own agenda.
Her agenda is to uplift her own kind. I have no problems with that and wish her the best.

>Cool assumption, bro. Perhaps the humans would have something other than 'board with a nail in it' and 'one weapon that can inflict noticable damage on the gladiator's shields' if this were the case? And perhaps in such a case the announcer would also not be making false announcements in order to lure the humans into Zane's traps?
Read Mneme's post. It's really, really not hard to put two and two together.
No. 26695 ID: 62b020

Hey, LonelyWorld, you know what solved all that and made everyone happy?

Kyaos was defeated, broken, lost her loved one and lost her eye, but she lived.

I'd say that's a fair trade.
No. 26696 ID: bf1e7e


>Read Mneme's post.

I did. It's just as unsubstantiated.
No. 26697 ID: dc2802

the 9 humans versus one alien reminded me of christians and lions in rome.

quite frankly, it would be boring any other way. zane will surely never ally with humans due to the reason it picked the job of gladiator, the human's chance of survival can be resumed as none due to the fact they are in the center of the enemy city. there will be no rescue, no actual goal to accomplish, no means to steal a transport to return home, no light in the end of the tunnel, but simply hoping that the hole they will die will be big enought to make the aliens think twice before attacking.

its like furry space nazis versus france.
No. 26698 ID: 2563d4

>boring stereotypes
I like Rose. Rose is a good person. She knows how to get over things by killing them with fire. This is an important trait.

And that was the worst decision Lucid ever made, just to appease certain creepy-clingy furfag types. :3c
No. 26699 ID: bf1e7e


>And that was the worst decision Lucid ever made

He has mentioned that it is his biggest regret about Journey

But we can stop talking about Kyaos now since it isn't really relevant. Get the thread back on Crash/Pinkskin.
No. 26700 ID: 7b564c

Only a bad decision to those who can't compromise.
No. 26702 ID: 2563d4

"Compromise" is not how you build a narrative.
No. 26703 ID: e3f578

Well it's kinda lame and cliche but uhh why was it really a bad decision? She's just a stupid evil bitch, did it really matter if she lived or died as long as she lost?

Is the lame part mainly what makes it bad or am I just an idiot and can't get it from a storytelling perspective? I didn't really care about Kyoas's fate at all, again just wanted her to lose.

Same with Zane really. She has a sympathetic side sorta sure but so do the humans. Since we're playing them lets kill her. I don't play games to save the opponent in the end, just kick their ass.
No. 26704 ID: b1153c

No, but it's how you deal with highly polarized fans.
No. 26706 ID: a4b4e3

That's not true in the least. He said that he wouldn't have killed Kyaos without killing Tav as well, and only expressed regret in the sense of "That could have been cool." Not a real regret at all.
No. 26707 ID: a09a03

I'm rooting for the humans.
No. 26708 ID: 2563d4

If nothing else, we must ensure that Scott's beard was not lost in vain.

Manly tears. Manly tears.
No. 26709 ID: 4f6e37

Ditto. No offense to Zane or anything, but she's a gladiator and they're all POWs. Rooting for her is like rooting for the lions eating the christians...
which I guess the romans did do, technically, but whatever. They were jerks.
No. 26710 ID: 383006

Her and Tav both dieing would have been a much better end imo.
No. 26711 ID: 383006

Count me in as a clearly pro-human individual as well.
No. 26715 ID: a4b4e3

Let me make some things clear.

I'm not saying to sabotage the humans or otherwise not try to kill Zane in the quest itself.

When I say I'm rooting for Zane, I'm saying "Gee, I sure hope she lives, even though there's a 99% chance that she won't" and most of the posts I've made here are not saying we should just order the humans to kill themselves, but bemoan that this is the decision we have to make in the first place.

Of course, /quest/ is going to say to kill her. What option does it have? Purposefully lose? We're not going to do that, that's silly. Telling the humans to lose or not use lethal force is a terrible idea too, as we're controlling them and as /quest/ is essentially role-playing, doing so would be a stupid and out of character thing to do.

By saying "The only winning move is not to play" I was saying that since a desired outcome is frankly impossible I would rather not partake in the quest any longer, as it cannot end with a "Good" outcome for either side and so there is nothing, in my opinion, to play for. The humans aren't going to get back to their families, Zane isn't going to be able to help her people, there is no point other than a petty "Let's take one down with us!" and that, as I said, results in a bad end still as the only available one to kill is one of the few "good ones."

I am not the greatest orator nor am I great at writing, but the intention of the other posts was to explain why some people prefer Zane over the humans. It was not meant to be an argument on why people should pick Zane over the humans, even though it quickly became one.

Now, just because I don't like the apparent outcomes does not mean that anyone who doesn't care or isn't insane/stupid/whatever you want to say I am should not enjoy the quest. It's well written and I applaud LW for making a quest with more of a moral dilemma than any quest has before, or at least one that has gotten people so fired up. The quest will continue without me, people will continue to enjoy it, and nothing of value will be lost.
No. 26717 ID: f82d85

Humans kick ass. Humans!
No. 26718 ID: b6c6fc

I'm really sorry about this, I never wanted to turn readers away

what I want is to tell the best story possible, if that story involves Zane being killed I want to tell it, if it involves her surviving I want to tell it, I don't want to write a story that people don't want to read
No. 26720 ID: 4ea973
File 128971796053.jpg - (93.33KB , 620x719 , believe.jpg )

Anyone who says that it is impossible to save everyone is not trying hard enough. Finding a solution where there is none is what we DO around here. We have to keep breaking the carefully prepared scenario until it an opening appears. Firing the rocket at the prison door was an excellent first step.

Caring about the characters is a good second step.
No. 26721 ID: f82d85


Shit yes dude. If we believe we can make magic happen.
No. 26722 ID: 2044dd


That's not going to help poor zane or her folk
No. 26723 ID: 4309ad

While I was at first inclined to applaud you for trying to make your point so well, between stating the dilemma to be the greatest on /tg/ and declaring that "the quest will continue without [me]", I'm going to have to dismiss you as melodramatic.

Still, we can all agree that whatever our personal values and goals, LonelyWorld's providing good service, no?

No. 26728 ID: f5e4b4


Don't worry, and over everything, don't try to change what you do just to please everybody, because you won't. And in this case, it's just about an individual that is rather clingy for evil furry mistresses.

Keep up the good job, everybody loves the quest, just see how many suggestions you get.


I'm a bit tired of /quest/'s attitude of "everybody can be saved" and "all the evil guys will turn good if you hug them hard enough". That only works in the Care Bears and Miyazaki films, dude.
No. 26729 ID: e3f578

>I'm a bit tired of /quest/'s attitude of "everybody can be saved" and "all the evil guys will turn good if you hug them hard enough". That only works in the Care Bears and Miyazaki films, dude.
Yeah, I just want to murder some assholes and do it in a cool, stylin' way.
No. 26732 ID: 669ef7

I want Zane to die in the worst way possible. Simply seeing her face without her mask, all that hatred directed to the humans as a whole, and her responses in the Inside the Quest thread made me detest everything about her and her race. I want her lofty ideals to come crashing down upon her as her world burns.
No. 26737 ID: a4b4e3

The best story possible is what is best for the story in your opinion, not anyone else's. If you feel a character should be killed off for the sake of the story or to prove a point or whatever so long as it's a good reason, do it. I'm a pretty blatant hypocrite when it comes to killing off characters.
No. 26740 ID: a0a34b

Don't compromise with us. We're readers, some are suggesters, but none of us are co-authors, and shouldn't be. I don't want to solve a puzzle (a moral one, in this case) knowing that my actions will alter its basic premise. There's a lot of articles on DMing and this approach to storytelling has the danger of ruining your players' sense of accomplishment.

Where we stand in PsQ his is a good setup to make a moral point, to express an outlook, and to add detail to the setting (and I sure hope this grows into a setting, if only so that we can call it "LonelyVerse" :P).

Emergent narrative depth is amusing, isn't it?

While I'm at it, I want to cheer you and say I'm glad CrashQuest and PinkskinQuest appeared on this board, and while I wouldn't call the latter "a quest with more of a moral dilemma than any quest has before", it presents interesting choices.
It's funny how you can never say if a quest has potential or not. For the first half of CQ's first chapter I was almost driven off by less-than-satisfactory spelling (sorry, it really gets in the way for me), but that feeling passed later on.
What is important now is not to flop into an imitation of other quests. A number of new quests here started as emulations of more successful quests, but never got anywhere.
Sorry if I look like I'm giving uninvited advice, but there's a reason for that last part (when we entered the vault, I couldn't help but think "great, another facility-gone-mad background").
No. 26741 ID: f5e4b4


I disagree in one point, there's no moral dilemma in Pinkskin Quest, unless we try to force it in.

We, the suggesters, are (or control, if you prefer) the pinkskins. They're prisoners that are being slaughtered for shits and giggles. They don't have a moral choice, they haven't been given any kind of choice. Their only chance of survival (at least for now, we don't even know if they're going to kill them all anyways after the show.) is to kill their adversary, who is better equiped and armed.

There's no grounds for any kind of choices. Unless you count sitting on the ground and wait to be executed as one of them.

I'm not critiquing this or anything, it's just how it is. People are talking like we can change the war just by our actions in here.
No. 26742 ID: 2563d4

hahaha oh u

The surviving humans will be put back in storage for the next episode until eventually they're all dead. :3
No. 26743 ID: 383006

I'll repeat what other people have said because I just woke up and don't want to read more law.

You cannot please everyone. Trying to please everyone will turn things into a mess, and people have different likes and different tastes. I stop reading things for a variety of reasons - just not liking a character or the direction of the story - but that doesn't mean those authors are bad, it just means their quests aren't my thing. The person up there wasn't saying that your quest is bad, he just doesn't want to see that character get killed or whatever. Letting them get their way (which isn't even what they're asking for) by compromising the story you want to tell will just alienate other people who are enjoying what you have at the moment.

People are going to argue about quests, and there are oodles of folks who want to hug every problem till there is no bad anymore, but lots of us would rather see quests where the characters aren't black and white, and every character that is likable isn't destined to be a good guy.

People arguing about your quest is awesome - it means they really enjoy what you are doing and care about the outcome, so keep doing what you're doing.
No. 26757 ID: 8bfdb8

I'd say the "best story possible" has as many humans surviving as possible and zane living, but that's me. I don't think anyone said this was a bad quest though, in fact I'd say any quest that gets people worked up like this is a great one.
No. 26763 ID: 6c4937

I think that would be the worst ending possible, because it would be impossible to do without forcing Lonely World to write the story through hoops. Either Zane should die or all the humans should die, in a contest like this. Otherwise it feels like some kind of ass pull.
No. 26765 ID: 329426

No no
The surviving humans [WHO ARE STILL IN CAPTIVITY] will be put back in storage for the next episode until eventually they're all dead. Stop accepting the situation as it was handed to you. Start breaking it until an opening appears.

You just gotta believe!
No. 26769 ID: a4b4e3

>it would be impossible to do without forcing Lonely World to write the story through hoops.

Not at all, actually. It's a sci-fi setting, it's extremely easy to have a character survive something just so long as they're not completely blown to smithereens or their head is blown apart. Really, a character can even be straight up killed and then brought back all cyborg'd out or just with their missing parts regrown in a tube, pretty much the only exception is if their brain is completely destroyed and even that didn't stop a certain Tozol from making a full recovery, though admittedly sans memories.

She's a star gladiator and a popular local hero, it's not much of a stretch at all that, say, a shady benefactor wanting her skills for his own use would pay to have her brought back, Mass Effect 2 style, or even the military for special operations, or even more simply the tournament folks if fan demand is strong enough, though that's less likely. Still, I think it'd be pretty cool to see her show up in Crash back from the dead.
No. 26771 ID: a4b4e3

Oh, and as an added note, LW still determines where every shot goes and where every hit lands, as well as everything that happens at the end of the match (security swarms in, weapons are locked down, situation is covered up as soon as possible, etc) so it's double super easy to have the coon survive but critically injured if not straight up killed and brought back from the dead.
No. 26772 ID: e9b708

a lot of the combat stuff is stat based, and dice are used for a great majority of battles, but it's generally very loose,

but ultimately, anything can happen in a quest, if you feel frustrated by the situation try thinking out side the box! this isn't a video game, we aren't limited by the programming!
No. 26773 ID: 2563d4





Honestly, you're worse than Star Trek writers. In fact, there's a point---let's see if we can't make a bridge collapse out from under her. :V
No. 26775 ID: a4b4e3

Well, no, doing anything but use lethal force here is kinda silly. The humans have no reason not to and even if presented with a situation where they could take her hostage they probably won't, with /quest/ suggesting the much safer option of just killing her rather than allow her to kill another pinkskin through some manner of getting out of a hold and grabbing that axe or something, not to mention there's a sizable group that just wants her dead in the first place.
No. 26777 ID: a4b4e3


So every sci-fi story that's revived a dead or near dead character through cybernetics or other medical treatment is terrible? Because I hate to break it to you, but most sci-fi franchises have done this at some point or another, if not multiple times (I'm looking at you, Star Wars).
No. 26780 ID: e3f578

I'm guessing Zane decided to take it up a notch or got recently very lucky with the dice rolls since she's got Sam down to 0 health in a single attack move, and he's only alive like how L4D teammates survive on pain killed with transparent health. He's probably going to bleed to death now.

Did he get hit in an artery or something? Scott took a hell of a lot of shots before having to resort to painkiller/transparent health (granted he had a lot of girth but I'm also guessing nothing vital was hit)
No. 26781 ID: 2563d4

>most pop sci-fi is terrible
Pretty much! Undermines any narrative impact if death has no real consequences.
No. 26783 ID: 3af198

Scott was disgustingly tough, he was like a walking tank

Zane was prepared, affectively using the shotgun as bate
No. 26784 ID: 0c709e

Look at how many questions and fanart pics she's gotten. She's more popular than anyone but Oken. LW would be crazy to kill her off permanently.
No. 26785 ID: e9b708

oh BTW expect death to be permanent, as a rule I prefer to make it easier to save people than bring them back from the dead

though sometimes it unclear if they ever really died . . .
No. 26923 ID: a4b4e3
File 128997008920.gif - (1.43MB , 300x171 , DO WANT.gif )

>The end of the quest

<--- My face (animooted)

This was absolutely perfect, LW.
No. 26931 ID: 4309ad

Here's predicting that the announcer shows up with an immense powersuit and an industrial flamethrower to clean up the aftermath.


No. 26937 ID: 6c4937

That doesn't mean she can't die. Look at Kamina. Being popular doesn't make you immortal.
No. 26940 ID: 2563d4

Good ol' /quest/, always thinking with their dicks. If it's not regular lust, it's bloodlust.

Bunch'a savages. :V
No. 26942 ID: 729cb7

Well that sure beats trying to save everything with the power of love :V
It takes more that a baby photo to awaken sympathy in me. Everyone looks cute when they're a baby.

It's an eye for an eye. We're in an Astranian coliseum, noone's going to appreciate it if we act all heroic.
No. 26943 ID: 66ba46

She's not immortal but a lot more people want her to live for a variety of reasons. We are making this choice.
No. 26944 ID: 729cb7

Oh, and that >>/quest/257362 is just metagaming.
No. 26945 ID: 2563d4

"Eye for an eye" is not how civilized people react. Fight all-out when you're fighting, but the situation changed when she fell unconcious.

Also, beating about Zane and wearing her scalp like a hat means not being able to pay any attention to Midori's injuries.
No. 26946 ID: 2563d4

Oh, yeah, that pissed me off. Seriously, people, what the fuck.
No. 26947 ID: a4b4e3
File 129000382495.png - (311.72KB , 957x590 , HUMANITY FUCK YEAH.png )

No. 26949 ID: 80bb9a

And then everyone involved died horribly painful deaths anyway.
No. 26951 ID: a09a03

Well, technically she would've died a horrible quick death, but is now going to be tortured slowly.
No. 26952 ID: 8eae28

I get the feeling we're in for a pleasant surprise for the epilogue, actually. I don't want to say what I think it will be in case that IS what it will be, but... Well, this could be really cool.
No. 26954 ID: dfaf02

My prediction: In the epilogue, Zane slowly tortures Janine.
No. 26955 ID: 5301a9

Then Beakie's erection grows harder.
No. 26956 ID: 2563d4

This is reason alone to have Domonic charge in and grenade everyone. It's the merciful thing to do.
No. 26960 ID: f5e4b4


Oh man, if only Domonic would've been the one giving the final speech.
No. 26961 ID: e3f578
File 129002554627.jpg - (21.40KB , 450x254 , stinkmeaner.jpg )

There's something about Janine that I like too much that I prefer her doing this.

I didn't really care about Zane's life and death thing, I just think this is the perfect insult to the announcer. I do think this is stupid good mercy that tgchan loves so very much, but I'll forgive that if it means that the action is a big "fuck you".

Fuck you guys, I'm letting her live suck on those fucking apples. Even if it gets me killed horribly, fuck your shit. Fuck. Your. Shit. NICCCAHS
No. 26962 ID: a659dd
File 129002615898.jpg - (68.68KB , 544x864 , Superman_Standing.jpg )

True heroes don't kill unless it is absolutely necessary. Here, it was not necessary.
No. 26965 ID: 2563d4

People who aren't complete sociopaths don't kill unless it's necessary, and even the fuzzy use of "necessary" that encompasses war is still pretty disapproving when it comes to killing people who are no longer capable of defending themselves or taking hostile action. Hors de Combat. Look it up.
No. 26968 ID: e3f578

On top of that, Superman never kills because it's never necessary for him. Batman never does it because he has a responsibility of being a goddamn symbol for his shitty city.

They really aren't heroes anyway. Closest may be Batman since he isn't a significant threat to the world as a whole thanks to his normalcy. If he was actually a hero he would have put down Joker a long ass time ago because there's no shame in killing that insane fuck who never learns and just puts more and more people in danger the more he stays alive.
No. 26970 ID: 476456
File 129002887780.jpg - (186.61KB , 957x590 , areyounotentertained.jpg )

No. 26980 ID: a64b88

Are we going to be able to help the rest of the prisoners to escape? I hope so.
No. 26981 ID: 2563d4

inb4 the Announcer has them all executed :3c
No. 26982 ID: a4b4e3

What if the announcer is the one that's executed?
No. 26983 ID: 9b6c31
File 129003525556.jpg - (36.45KB , 300x388 , mission_begins_in_five_by_makani.jpg )

What if.
No. 26984 ID: a4b4e3


What if...
No. 27035 ID: 010303

Even though I'd prefer an ending other than "everyone is good but the high-ups", it was a good show, LW.

What's your plan? A chapter of CrashQuest? Another similarly unrelated one-shot? Something else?
No. 27044 ID: b6c6fc

I don't really see the "everyone is good thing"

I'm going to do at least 2 more chapters of crashquest, before anything else
No. 27062 ID: 1b6270

Is Zane going to get her own quest at this point? Her popularity is getting a little crazy on the board as well as in the quest...
No. 27064 ID: 6c4937

I hope not.
No. 27068 ID: 1b6270

Well I hope so! So there!
No. 27069 ID: e9b708

I do have plans to make a quest for Zane, but it probably won't happen for a while, I have a lot of other stories I'd like to tell first
No. 27070 ID: 1b6270


No. 27071 ID: 2563d4

Well done. I actually facepalmed IRL.
No. 27072 ID: d33b8f

You made the worst mistake of your life. Now people are going to demand AVERY GOD-DAMN SECOND for Tiny Raccoon Quest...
No. 27073 ID: e9b708

I don't mind
No. 27076 ID: a4b4e3
File 129010310222.jpg - (11.59KB , 474x600 , YES pokemon.jpg )

>I do have plans to make a quest for Zane, but it probably won't happen for a while, I have a lot of other stories I'd like to tell first

Picture related.

>You made the worst mistake of your life. Now people are going to demand AVERY GOD-DAMN SECOND for Tiny Raccoon Quest...
If people bombarded me every day for more of any of my quests you can be damn sure I would update more often. But then, I don't think people will bug LW any more than what they do for Crash already.

I've been wrong before though.
No. 27091 ID: b6c6fc

somebody, mentioned my links being invalid, but they seem to work fine for me, is this a problem?
No. 27092 ID: 2563d4

Someone is trying to be a smartass, but is not smart enough to realise that the board redirects old /quest/ links to /questarch/ (or /graveyard/) as appropriate. They work. Technically the hover-over doesn't.

Next time you make a thread you can try writing >>/questarch/237125 et. al. instead but it's relatively minor.
No. 27094 ID: 45be60

Ho what, really? They always just freeze up and page cannot be displayed for me.
No. 27095 ID: a4b4e3

It works fine for me...
No. 27130 ID: 874197

You're awesome, just wanted to let you know.
No. 27300 ID: 3af198
File 129046049394.jpg - (113.01KB , 717x561 , Astranian_Reference1.jpg )

here are some references to clear up some confusion

Fig.A: Astranians as a race suffer from a severe inferiority complex do almost entirely to their small frail bodies. as a result almost all Astranian clothing and armour is designed to make the wearer appear as big and bulky as is practical. big hair and fluffed tails are also employed often for the same effect

Fig.B: Astranians have very flexible shoulders this sometimes effects the appearance of their necks

Fig.C: Oken has hairless, leathery, two fingered hands, as do all other Dorau, though most other Astranians have three fingers.
Almost All Astranians have black or dark grey skin, though this is often hard to tell through their thick fur
(If you think different hands look better on Oken, feel free to draw her that way, this is just for clarity)
No. 27308 ID: e9b708
File 129046330368.jpg - (74.26KB , 353x440 , AlternateEnding.jpg )

>beating about Zane and wearing her scalp like a hat

. . . alas what could have been
No. 27312 ID: fe3f15

Best end.
No. 27327 ID: f7ea8c

Ohhh this is very nice, so they are all essentially sub-species of the same core species? Cross-breeding possible?
No. 27329 ID: b6c6fc

that is correct, technically Astranians are all the same species, despite their appearances

Crossbreeding is possible, however these children usually suffer from a great number of genetic defects and health issues, they rarely survive more then a couple years

the Alliance generally discourages crossbreeding for this reasons
No. 27331 ID: c17187

so it's a species that is on the cusp of separation, they are similar enough that the DNA bits still fit together but shoddily.
No. 27333 ID: f7ea8c

Ouch, this means they've either been gene-splicing for generations, or... Their interstellar empire is "Fucking Ancient." Which given their tech and traditions I'm leaning towards the latter.

Speaking of time, what is their average lifespan?
No. 27334 ID: b6c6fc

that pretty much sums it up

using human time (the Astranian standard year is about 10% shorter)

Astranians reach sexual maturity between the ages of 12-15 and on average live to the age of 160, if death by extreme physical trauma is factored in the average age of death is 70
No. 27335 ID: c17187

ah, so they were starting to become the Eldar. everyone lives so fucking long that only fighting and killing helps the boredom.
No. 27338 ID: 2563d4

No. 27361 ID: 98dc29


meaning an eventual furry god of hedonism
No. 27362 ID: 98dc29

geez, having enrad die like that, with no way to save him... it reminds me of that one chapter of bubble bucket that made everyone angry.
No. 27363 ID: c17187

not really. this was a NOBLE SACRIFICE of badass and awesome. that was a 'whoops i rolled a 1 so she slips and falls to her doom'
No. 27365 ID: b6c6fc

Enrads death was a result of a number of poor decisions earlier on
No. 27371 ID: 2563d4

You don't need the Internet to predict that one; ancient mythology will do.
No. 27373 ID: 3af198


Not quite, Astranians live in near constant shame of their own physical inadequacies

as such rarely feel comfortable or safe enough around even each other to publicly engage their hedonistic pleasures

their long lives are usually spent in toiling years perfecting skills that make up for their many weaknesses
No. 27374 ID: c99f30

Hmmm for them to have been aware of these inadequacies means that there must have been constantly other, larger, more physically fit species around to compare with. Possible even back on the homeworld (like the cutebolds in CBSF, who once they invented mecha went on a genocide spree to make sure 'all the monsters can never hurt us again".)

In that light it's likely the many worlds of their empire were "previously inhabited."

>their long lives are usually spent in toiling years perfecting skills that make up for their many weaknesses
(well fuck, that just makes them Craftworlders as opposed to pre-fall Eldar.)
No. 27375 ID: a4b4e3

Does this mindset predate their contact with humanity? It seems like if they didn't have something to compare themselves to before they wouldn't call themselves "weak" because, well, there wouldn't be a frame of reference. Or... is there something else that caused this?
No. 27376 ID: b6c6fc

this began when they discovered interstellar travel, the Astranians have encountered dozens of different Alien societies, every single race they have ever encountered has been taller and bigger than they are
No. 27377 ID: a09a03

They seem rather strong for their size, though.
No. 27378 ID: b6c6fc

Oken is rather strong and healthy, but she is more the exception then the rule,

But yes Astranians are stronger then a human child the same size, but compared to other bigger creatures they don't even begin to measure up

I try to stay consistent to this, but often cartoon physics make them appear a lot stronger than they should be . . . maybe they're on combat drugs . . .
No. 27379 ID: 45be60

Assuming even halfway similar biology, small things are always "strong for their size." Strength increases linearly while mass increases cubically with size. They are still objectively weak though. And objectively adorable.

160 years is not really making them magical furry space elves. That's human lifespan in the absence of disease and with minor gene therapy. If you insist on comparing them to 40K, space marines live longer. >_<

Not that you should compare anything to 40k and expect a reasonable comparison.
No. 27380 ID: 2563d4

>That's human lifespan in the absence of disease and with minor gene therapy
[citation needed]
No. 27389 ID: a4b4e3

With "Minor Gene Therapy" he said. It's plausible enough for space fantasy.

This is something we talked about back in the day when we first started talking about sergals - muscle density. Chimps are stronger than humans due to having denser muscles, it could be entirely possible that Astranians are just as "strong" as humans, but due to a human's greater size and mass the humans can perform much better physical feats (lifting objects, running with a bigger stride, etc) than astranians. It could also be possible that they wear powered armor, or like you said have stimulants that they inject or are automatically injected into their systems during battle.

If they had powered armor they could wear heavier armor as a result and treat it as if it were nothing, thereby helping out with the whole "much bigger than you" thing vs humans and not let themselves be picked up and thrown around as easily.
No. 27395 ID: a09a03

Power Armor and combat drugs both have serious drawbacks. There's nothing inherently unrealistic about eschewing them.

Besides. Physical armor isn't how Astranians protect themselves. They use shield generators which, as we've seen, renders them incredibly durable against human smallarms. It's unlikely that using powered armor would allow them to withstand human anti-vehicle weapons, which is what you need to hurt one anyway.
No. 27404 ID: a4b4e3

Hrm, true.
No. 27406 ID: d4f784

so why is hoft so big?
No. 27407 ID: b6c6fc

Hoft is wearing bulky body armour and shiled generators, it makes him look a lot bigger than actually he is

though he does work out a bit
No. 27409 ID: b6c6fc

in response to comment from the quest

Fuze is well aware of that,

he's probably just being depressing
or refering to somethings else

if you have an objection of this sort, please post it in this thread, so as not to distract from the quest
No. 27413 ID: 192c6d


Thank you. May I refer the rest of the posters to the prior pic of Granny Fuze? ( >>336117 )
No. 27585 ID: fb10df

I want to see a picture of Hoft sans power armor
No. 27659 ID: b6c6fc
File 129089004070.jpg - (73.22KB , 1008x720 , SolarFlag.jpg )

the interplanetary flag for the "Solar Militia"

also a vote

in my next quest, who should the protagonists be, the Astranians , or the Solars?
No. 27660 ID: 9cb4b3

No. 27661 ID: 2d8aa8

No. 27662 ID: 9b6c31

No. 27665 ID: b971a3

No. 27666 ID: 2563d4

No. 27667 ID: 5f0943

No. 27668 ID: 80bb9a

Astranians. I'm a rebel.
No. 27669 ID: fb10df

Depends on the context of the quest. But in general I find little furry people more amusing to deal with, so put me down for them.
No. 27672 ID: 3f8223

No. 27673 ID: 471391

Solars. If there's a war with humanity involved, chances are I'll side with them no matter how cute the opposing side is.

Also, >>/quest/259943 has weird size ratios and height proportions. Here >>/quest/247493 Hoft should be at Enrad's shoulder level, and should be higher than Oken.

Was it a mistake on the author's part, is their current tiny size canon, or is that pirate just super-tall? We may never know.
No. 27675 ID: 8bfdb8

Astranians. If there's a war between Humanity and Xenos, I'll always side with the Xenos.

Except in the case of Avatar.

But this is different.
No. 27676 ID: b6c6fc

the pirate dude is really tall (notice the door)

Oken is average height for an Astranian, she is 3' 9" or 113 cm

their small but not THAT tiny
No. 27677 ID: d91b7a

No. 27678 ID: b9bcea

No. 27679 ID: b1153c

No. 27682 ID: c6530e


I'm curious to see this conflict from their point of view.
No. 27683 ID: fc6aec

Furr-I mean Astranians.
No. 27684 ID: 35cea2

No. 27699 ID: 9cb4b3

Hey, LW? Love your stuff but we really need to start having information before it's not useful anymore, or at least not as useful.

Like the raytech guns being submerged in water. Nobody knew they'd stop working when wet, and if the characters knew that but the players did not, they should have commented on it before jumping in or automatically held the guns up to keep them dry.

This lucky earring ability would have been great to have a while ago when they had just started entering the pirate town, before they had given away their weapons.

Both of those things being seemingly added in with no prior knowledge of them makes them seem forced for whatever reason. There's no rulebook for your setting, we're learning things as we go, and our lack of knowledge about something the characters know about shouldn't punish them when there's no way for us to know about them.
No. 27701 ID: b6c6fc

I'm not trying to punish you guys, I have the setting in my mind, there's a ton of stuff you don't know, if Oken should know something I'll have her mention it, and there for give you fair warning

Oken didn't know about the water thing, or didn't remember, as a StarPilot it doesn't come up much. as far as the earing, Oken doesn't know about that either

I chose to inform the questers about the earing now, because now might be a really good time to use it

think of the [LuckyEaring] as a character, it works when it chooses too, and right now you just gained control of this character
No. 27711 ID: c71597

Lets get some Solar action in here.
No. 27720 ID: 192c6d

gonna say Astranians ... they just seem a bit more amusing. I'm also curious about this ridiculous Alliance thing.

Oh, and who knows, mebeh we can meet Tiny Deer's brother (if you know what I mean).
No. 27724 ID: fb10df

I'm so far okay with this.
No. 27725 ID: d91b7a

No. 27727 ID: e38cca

No. 27728 ID: 40b59c

HFY, solars
No. 27729 ID: 5c4ccf

No. 27732 ID: ceacd2

No. 27737 ID: bf1e7e

Fun Fact:

10% of the last 50 posts are from IDs with no other posts.
No. 27738 ID: 59e4ab

No. 27739 ID: 383006

No. 27741 ID: bf1e7e


oh yeah, Solars btw.
No. 27742 ID: 74fc1e

Alot of us have dynamic IPs.
No. 27745 ID: ceacd2

My IP reset after the thanksgiving break since my computer was shut down the whole time.
No. 27749 ID: 40b59c

I have a laptop and go to college. this is a common thing.

it also means I can get banned from 4chan as much as I want.
No. 27760 ID: 9ae95f

I go back and forth between two ISPs, both of which give dynamic IPs.
No. 27761 ID: b6c6fc

btw I totally answered your request
No. 27762 ID: 29ecc1

Sad Fact:

People with no understanding about how IPs and ISPs work being mods and messing around with information they can't comprehend.
No. 27765 ID: 2563d4

Embarrassed Fuze is hilarious.
No. 27769 ID: fb10df

Yes you did. And very well done, sir. I love the update in general, and will choose to mention the fact that the men seem to have skimpier lower underwear than the ladies. Perhaps an Astranian custom?
No. 27770 ID: bf1e7e


And it is certainly convenient that these dynamic IPs only seem to pop up long enough to get in a single post (and no more, ever) in long-running polls, isn't it!
No. 27771 ID: 5e384f

I'm going to need a tiny deer to fill the void in my heart that tiny deer will leave, so I'm going to say Astranians.

Maybe next time we'll have a young boy named Bambi.
No. 27772 ID: 3af198

heh yeah, I'm sure he does't find this very funny though

thanks, I'm glad you like it,
to answer your question, it's probably to balance out the women's skimpier tops

don't worry about it,
I'm planning to do both an Astranian quest and Solar quest, the vote is more to decide which to do first
No. 27773 ID: bf1e7e


Oh, I'm not trying to say that NOPE VOTING IS UNACCEPTABLE BECAUSE PEOPLE VOTE STUFF (they do, btw. No matter how much people might cry about it, I happen to know for a fact that people votestuff here). I was just pointing it out because it is amusing to me how much more frequently dynamic IPs come into play at vote time.

Besides, the 1-post votes have a slim chance of being legitimate and are balanced between the two options anyway =V
No. 27819 ID: 28cff5
File 129110440166.jpg - (38.43KB , 640x480 , roy-mustang-portrait.jpg )

>Males get regular shirts going down to waist
>Females get shirts covering barely more than a swimsuit
I think I might have an idea who designed outfits for the Astranian military :3c

Wow, didn't expect Hoft to be that smaller without the power armor. I thought he'd be all beef'n'muscle.

Also, guys, thanks for not wasting the earring. We should only resort to it when tthere's imminent death in, like, next update.
No. 27840 ID: b6c6fc

>I think I might have an idea who designed outfits for the Astranian military :3c

. . . I don't get it, is that a thing from FMA?

>Wow, didn't expect Hoft to be that smaller without the power armor. I thought he'd be all beef'n'muscle.

actually he is in pretty good shape, if you compare him to Fuze, Astranians don't really get that big
No. 27841 ID: 36383a

Yes, the pictured man is Roy Mustang, a colonel with ambitions of being the general of the army. He has famously stated that when he becomes general, he will make it national policy that all military women must wear mini skirts.
No. 27842 ID: b6c6fc

but that's not like Astranian uniforms at all!
everone wears overalls!

also miniskirts have NO place on that battlefield
No. 27846 ID: d8dee6

I don't know what they're talking about. Anyway I think the group looks good/fitting in their underwear. Just giving you a thumbs-up
No. 27847 ID: a9ba96

Hey uh

what the hell just happened
No. 27850 ID: 1854db


Choosing not to fight the 10 bugs, jumping into the water instead (which apparently crippled us? nobody in the party spoke up?)

Walking into the obviously seedy town without any working guns to speak of.

Choosing to try to talk to the pirates instead of running into the strip joint to hide and/or dry off some weapons.

Not using the earring.
No. 27851 ID: a09a03

Poor Fuze. Looks like we'll be playing Zane from now on.
No. 27852 ID: c99f30

Also, apparently Hoft never turned on his shield generators, he could have walked into those bugs for kills.
No. 27853 ID: b6c6fc

shield batteries drain energy pretty quick, and take a while to charge up
also they immediatly shut off when in contact with another Astranian

in the field it's best to keep them turned off to conserve energy

Zane didn't care, as her match wasn't going to last that long
No. 27854 ID: 1854db

He wasn't using them because they drain battery power, take a while to start up, and have friendly fire issues.
No. 27855 ID: d8dee6

So since this IS the location for which to question and/or bitch... Is this seriously GAME OVER for Crash Quest?
No. 27858 ID: 2563d4

Jesus, have you ever had a trial-by-fire from this site. The quest starts and kicks off a porn escalation war within the day, you get the clingy waifu-ism of Zane, and now you're getting ripped apart for an ill-defined Bad End.

So, liking the community? :V
No. 27859 ID: b6c6fc

I'm LOVING the community

I'll admit I didn't do the best job explaining the rules, but yes this is the END OF CRASH QUEST.

. . . eh heh heh heh heh
No. 27860 ID: 3416ec


Never change, /quest/.
No. 27861 ID: e3f578

We can always imagine Oken gets out of this using her LuckyRingTM after the end of the quest and saves the day.

We can always imagine
when that day comes~

No. 27862 ID: 383006

I am going to assume that it will be possible to see them again in another quest.

THAT BEING SAID, I have no problem with people doing stupid shit and that making the quest end badly.
No. 27863 ID: 2563d4

I totally have a problem with the people doing the stupid shit. :V

Although in this case I don't think it was as cut-and-dried stupidity as some. There was some expectation that out Get Out of Jail Free card would still work once on board and net us a passage off the damn planet of caves, bugs and infested pinkies, what with our original ride being blown up.

At the risk of duplicating IRC (somewhere where people can be far more calm and collected :V ), it's kind of like game cutscenes where your player character is forced to be stupid and surrender to forces they'd have a fighting chance against under normal play. Control was effectively taken away prematurely, and that kind of thing is an easy, direct route to annoying/upsetting players.
No. 27864 ID: b6c6fc

I'm sorry I made people upset,

but sometimes that's just how it is
No. 27865 ID: e3f578

He'd make a deal with it picture if he didn't already have some bitchin' glasses on I bet
No. 27866 ID: 383006

Don't really think control was taken away prematurely. He basically told us we could use it then, and people chose not to, and had no other way to get out of the situation. I mean, we had no bargaining power, and two working guns.
No. 27867 ID: 1854db

Perhaps people will use this as a lesson to not be so goddamn COCKY in situations where the only option is to talk.

Seriously. Seven, I'm looking directly at you. And pointing. And saying "seven, seven you're a cocky bastard".
No. 27868 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, Seven never wants to consider talking out a situation and using a little diplomacy. He's a person of so few words.
No. 27869 ID: bf1e7e


Mostly it's that he's completely retarded about it and always seems to assume that the player has some sort of automatic leverage by virtue of being controlled.

Being confident is fine but always being pushy and confrontational with the fucker with a gun, and his cronies, and their guns all pointed at you is fucking stupid.

Seven isn't the only one who does this, but I don't think I've ever seen him NOT do it.
No. 27870 ID: e3f578

This new quest ooooooh yeah
No. 27871 ID: ceacd2

Just draw/take a picture of yourself about to put sunglasses on over your sunglasses and macro "DEAL WITH IT" over it.
No. 27872 ID: f5e4b4


Yes, this.
No. 27982 ID: b6c6fc

in IRC people where criticizing that an Adamantium Warhammer would be a terrible weapon in all respects

personally I was under the impression Adamantium was a mythical material and there for has no concrete properties

I am aware the metal is supposed to be light, the reason I chose adamantium is because of it's supposed near indestructibility would give it ample resistance to the Astranian shielding.

I would have invented my own metal, but I didn't want a Solar material to sound too alien, I would have chosen Lead but I didn't want the material to be to readily available, I didn't choose Diamond, because I crystals don't fit in well with the Solar theme.
No. 27984 ID: 8b28e9

We where talking about Dwarf Fortress, in that game, Adamantium is incredible strong and resistant, but light as a feather, so you will end with a huge ass hammer barely weighting a kilo...
No. 27985 ID: 531b22

Perhaps Admantium with a mercury core? Would save on Admantium at least.
No. 27986 ID: a41aaf

Big hunk o' DU inside the hammerhead. Problem solved.
No. 27987 ID: b6c6fc


RETCONNED! this is how it is now, this is how it always was, NOW YOU KNOW

(thanks guys!)
No. 27992 ID: 383006

If people are complaining because 'that's not how adamantium works' they are just retarded. It is a fictional material and could have whatever properties you need it to in your setting.
No. 27993 ID: 5f0943

Your Adamantium don't really need to work like Dwarf-Fortress adamantium.

It could still be fuck-off durable, but still heavy enough to work as a bludgeon, it's really up to you.

Of course, all things considered, a heavier internal core would make sense if you did decide that your adamantium would be light as a feather.
No. 27994 ID: 8b28e9

If i'm not wrong, Adamantium was supposed to be an alloy of steel and diamonds, heavy and malleable like steel and strong and sharp as a diamond... Mithril is the light one in most settings.
No. 27995 ID: 45be60

Adamantium IS usually the heavy and strong (and magically reactive) metal. I was totally fine with it being the material for a hammer. The reason you could make light weight things out of adamantium is that they can be very thin and still function, not that it is inherently light. Mithril is the pretty strong, very light, very shiny metal.

(But I disagree about the construction. An alloy of steel and diamonds just produces harder steel, since that is essentially all steel is ANYWAY. Adamantium is maaaagic~ *jazz hands*)
No. 27996 ID: 6a0f18

The alloy thing was an alchemical shit. You can't actually make an alloy of steel and diamond...
No. 27997 ID: 70d9eb

Adamant and variants on the name are just a very hard substance, nothing else about it is consistent.
No. 28002 ID: e3f578

i forgot why didn't we take the spaceship in the hanger? No fuel?
No. 28003 ID: 2563d4

>Implying you aren't reading about this on IRC right now :V

>03:27 <+LonelyWorld> after funeral cerimony, going strait to ship would have equalled "
>03:27 <+LonelyWorld> Best END

But apparently we all completely forgot about it and derped about with Mint's pillow fort and crawling about in vents instead. What's really annoying is that I even planned to suggest going back to the damn thing >>/quest/246873 . :/
No. 28004 ID: b6c6fc

I was actually really surprised everyone completely forgot about the ship

. . . it was kinda supposed to be the escape route
No. 28009 ID: e3f578


I... I... no words.
No. 28011 ID: f123de
File 129161405447.jpg - (54.42KB , 451x464 , AcePilotOKENfixed.jpg )

[reaction image]
No. 28015 ID: 6a0f18

The funny part is, I did remember that ship, but as I didn't read anything about using it, I tough that we had a reason not to use it that I forgot...
No. 28018 ID: 383006

Yeah, me too. I somehow had it in my head that the ship couldn't fly, though.
No. 28019 ID: a09a03

In most quests, the characters would have reacted to the development. "A shuttle!" Mint might have said. "I can fix this in an hour!"

Instead, she built a pillow fort as if there was no hope of escape and she was going stir crazy. I think it threw everyone off and made them assume the ship was non-functional.
No. 28021 ID: 4784be

It was called "Crash Quest". Not "We hit a planet but we're good, Quest". No one assumed the ship was going to work again.
No. 28022 ID: 383006

The ship in the hangar is the one we're talking about.
No. 28024 ID: e3f578

Goddamn that's the exact same reason I didn't suggest anything about it.

Man, to the group it was like it wasn't even fucking there when we stormed into that room.
No. 28025 ID: 2563d4

The room WAS full of bugs. That was kind a distraction. And after that Hoft being a bleeding drug addict was a distraction.
No. 28026 ID: b6c6fc

I'm not going to tell you about every single item/object in the quest

you can either ask about it here, or in the actual quest,

if you choose to ignore something, that's your choice, and I'm not responsible if you don't know how something works
No. 28027 ID: a41aaf

>I'm not responsible if you don't know how something works
In a sense, you are. Everything we 'know' is either provided or mediated by what you've written or drawn.

Not applicable to our Sudden Onset Spaceship Blindness though.
No. 28030 ID: b6c6fc

that's true, and I won't expect you to use something you don't know about

for example: the gravboots have a number of special abilities, but nobody paid them much attention, so I modified the situations so they weren't ESSENTIAL

the characters would have mentioned them only if you needed to climb up walls or jump somewhere

each item has a trigger, where I will tell you something, when I think it's important

it may be important earlier, but that's my problem

if you want to know about an item ASK! do NOT assume I'm going to just tell you, I may not even be intentionally withholding information, honestly, I usually forget about what items you know about
No. 28033 ID: a09a03

The characters are the lens through which we see the game, pictures or otherwise. None of the characters mentioned that the ship existed, so all of us assumed it was unimportant.

We'll definitely point out stuff we see that a character seems to miss, but it's hardly possible that they didn't notice the ship.
No. 28034 ID: 2563d4

>None of the characters mentioned that the ship existed, so all of us assumed it was unimportant.
>all of us
You do not speak for all of us.
No. 28035 ID: 3af198

>Oken picks up [Cazarani starship key]

personally I thought this was a rather clear hint . . . oh well
No. 28036 ID: 383006

Part of the other problem is the nature of quests. We wanted to explore the facility first. If you look at the time between when we found the ship and when we needed to get out, it had been nearly a month in real life since we'd last seen it.

I don't think you dropped the ball on this one as far as telling us the ship could or couldn't fly, but over the course of a month people apparently just forgot about it. I don't think you should solve the quests for us, and reminding us about it would have made everyone suggest to do that. We just need to pay attention and not forget things. That is what these discussion threads are supposed to facilitate, but that's not really how they're used.
No. 28037 ID: 2563d4

There was a map showing the big, multilevel hanger bay as the penultimate update. Now, 11 hours might have been a bit short a no-suggestions gap to then conclude that everyone was out of ideas and Oken should nap, but I think this one is pretty much just /quest/ failing. We gone done fucked up.
No. 28039 ID: 383006

I'm agreeing with you, just to be clear.
No. 28042 ID: a09a03


And, yeah, you definitely brought it up.
No. 28111 ID: b6c6fc

in COMMAND QUEST, I have chosen to end the chapter
mainly because depending on the choice of plan the next chapter will be dramatically different

I would encourage anyone interested to think of the best battle plan possible and either post it here, or in the quest thread

I will NOT be choosing the plan by majority vote, instead I will choose the BEST PLAN OF ACTION, or the most likely to succeed

I tried to post as much information regarding the situation in the actual quest thread, but in case I missed something, or you just want more details, feel free to ask
No. 28125 ID: 197650

As in every battle, we must know the enemy and know ourselves, organise the army propperly and know where they are, spread them out to minimise casualties from bombardments.
Go over to hit and run tactics, minimise direct conflict, put down explosives traps EVERYWHERE.

Only confront the enemy when you have the advantage, ambushes and sharpshooting.
Have no real main capital or command center, they would have to wipe out every single one of you to actually stop you. In guerilla warfare this will be invaluable.

Gather all the intell you can, don't be afraid to sacrifice a few men and allow them to be captured, if they take prisoners. Give these men false information about your numbers and position. Doomed spies are go.

hide your tanks, do not engage untill you have to or untill you can use them for tactical strikes.

make your men look in bad shape, encourage the arrogance of your enemy.

If there is a way, try to demoralise them as much as possible, esspecially before ambushing.
Traps, sonic devices, flashbangs, horrors like mounted corspes, blowing up their command center or blowing up their ride home.
But be careful not to put them on the dead grounds, soldiers will fight extra hard if they have no other choice.

There's probbably a few things I've missed, feel free to add some thoughts.
No. 28131 ID: a09a03

I don't feel we have enough information to suggest a battle plan of any specificity.

We have some dudes in a base next to a mountain. Basically we can either flee into the mountains, or fight it out in one of the cities. (Staying in the base is dumb. Hasler's wrong. They'll target obvious military assets first.)

Neither has any real chance of victory against overwhelming forces. Especially since we don't know jack about the enemy.
No. 28134 ID: b6c6fc

the military base is hidden actually, and it's proximity to the mountians will make it difficult to detect

and if you need more information, as I mentioned before, ask
No. 28135 ID: c71597

How many soldiers we have, how long our supplies in food will last and how many bullets we have and stuff like that would be quite good to know. Oh, and how many vehicles and how the fuel situation is for them. All stuff that would be good to know, we need to know what we have to work with.

For the ground we can't take them in a stand up fight, nobody around to be an ally with heavy weapons to help us. We will probably not be able to achieve victory through a guerilla campaign either, but we can last longer that way.

Since the furres seems to have some rather specific dietary needs we need to hit their supplies. Burn and loot anything we can, set traps fucking everywhere. Burrow through the ground like fucking moles or viet-cong. The fact that scanners don't work properly here as well as air support being difficult are both things in our favour here.

The goal should be to get workable equipment from the enemy. If we can get our hands on a troop transport ship or two, get the correct codes and manage to get spaceborne without arousing suspicions, then we could have a chance at getting close enough to their fleet to do some real damage. From the looks of things a furre ship would be pretty decently fucked if a few squads of solarian shock troopers boarded their ship. If we can remove their space superiority or even take it over then we can either run or take out their groundside forces alot easier.
No. 28137 ID: a09a03

What do invading Astranians land that we can actually attack? Logistics? HQ? Or do they just drop soldiers and handle everything else from space?
No. 28138 ID: 3af198

Generals forces: 3000 professional soldiers (116 heavy weapons amongst them) 10000 in drafties, police forces, mercenaries etc.

12 Guardian Tanks, 32 armored dune towers, 95 modded civilian dune towers, 19 anti-air rockets, (loaded on mobile launcher trucks) 300+ Track bikes armed with anti infantry guns

2 heavy transport cruisers, 16 combat assault shuttles, 42 scout class starjets

Astranian Warships carriers usually stay at high altitude, commanding from above while providing air support,

do to atmospheric situations, the Astranian warships will likely either land, or return to orbit after troop deployment and initial bombardment.

the Astranians will not have heavy air support.

Halsner has never known Astranians to fight with out heavy air support, and is unsure what sort of ground forces they will employ to compensate for this
No. 28139 ID: a09a03

So... the bugs used to rule over the humans, right? And now they're all dead? So are the cities rioting because nobody's in charge, or what?

Those cities have a population of millions, right? I don't suppose we could raise a militia in a right hurry? Or at least empty out a dump truck full of guns and say 'help yourselves'?
No. 28141 ID: 08b416

That's assuming we have a dump truck full of guns, but still, a good idea. The problem is, I can't really see how an insurgency/gurella warfare will be effective in a interspecies war.

Because they are under 'no' obligation to let the civilian populations survive. Hell they always need more bodies for the bloodgames (especially now that they became more popular.)

Since we've 'really' pissed them off I might expect a "How can you shoot fleeing women and children?" "Easy, you don't have to lead them as much."
No. 28144 ID: c71597

A militia might cause more problems for us than they can solve though. And those weapons and ammunition is stuff that we could have professionals use.

They're probably going to use the british way of concentration camps. Take away the civilian support structure that you need to fight a insurgency and make sure the insurgents can't get any help.

Now that is quite good to know. Not as much trained manpower as I would have liked but we can whip the draftees into shape. If enough of them survive their baptism of fire we should get a decent force out of it.

It's also very good to know that we have some spaceworthy crafts. Makes a plan for taking out their navy through a scam a bit more feasible. Just need to crack their codes or get someone to tell them to us. I'm sure the intelligence boys can figure out some ways to do that.

Also, can Solars eat and digest an astranian?
No. 28145 ID: b6c6fc

>Also, can Solars eat and digest an astranian?

. . . yes
No. 28148 ID: 8c0848

Are there cow-type Astranians and are they delicious?
No. 28165 ID: c71597

Excellent. That takes care of one problem in supplies, we can get food in the field and cause some pretty hefty moral damage to the enemy.
No. 28219 ID: 717319

>badass demon last name
>wimpy whiny personality
Ah, classic irony. I chuckled.
No. 28224 ID: b6c6fc

actually, Belial is his first name.
almost all Astranians refer to each other by their clan names
No. 28238 ID: 659ca6

Well, everything makes a bit more sense. I thought as far as first names go, "Asnia" and "Pelendina" would fit better than "Oken" or "Zane", and now I see the former are, in fact, first names.
No. 28240 ID: 2563d4
File 12920988476.png - (34.23KB , 912x547 , not-going-back-in-there.png )

Quick edit.
No. 28296 ID: ceacd2

How big are clans then? Wouldn't that get really confusing on worlds where clans are huge, or some clan names are similar/the same? Or is every squad of such mixed heritage that there would never be two okens or two hofts?
No. 28305 ID: b6c6fc

clans differ greatly in size

for example,the Oken clan consisted (before apocolypse) of just Asnia's immediate family,

were the Hoft clan is so huge, that it has been subdivided into off shoots like the Tsen-Hoft clan

Astranian culture tends to self segregate, so combat teams are specifically assigned to be as diverse as possible

if despite this, there are too members of the same clan, they will either be referred to by Rank, profession, a nickname, or simply their given name.
No. 28338 ID: 197650

Our goal is not to defeat the enemy on the front line, it's to defeat them mentally.
We need to make them think that killing us will be too costly.
We have to demoralise them

We're human, which means we can stand far rougher terrain. we need snipers, lots of them.
With only a few rations and some water our snipers can stay hidden for days.

If we can make a few tunnel networks we can move around freely without having to risk being spotted moving around. It cant be a single tunnel network, because if 1 is compromised the rest will soon follow.

We know the lay of the land, and we know about our enemy to some degree, what we lack is intell.
We need scouts, snipers and spies to inform us what's happening.
We need to get the civilians to help us, to relay information the enemy provides them with.
Something as simple as a drunk soldier bragging about how he's part of a certain unit gives us the intell we need.
It tells us theres a base near the city, it means they relaxed and feel secure enough to let their men into the cities at night, and with scouts and snipers we can determine their position.

From that point it's a task of demoralising, use snipers to take out officers and medics.
If theyre anything like us they'll salute superiour officers, and medics will have a red cross on their uniforms.
If not, killing soldiers in their camp will put them on edge, noone can stay on edge forever.
It will break them mentally.

Another approach is traps.
Deep pits with spikes at the bottem, grenades with a bit of string functioning as trip wire, mines, claymores, anything.
[item] is of great importance, we place radioactive material in [item] and disable it, furres will inspect the item and or bring it back to their base for closer inspection by experts.
Everyone involved dies slowly.

That's a massive blow to the morale.

Put down tanks with bombs or proximity mines in them, when they move up closer to investigate, blow em up.

The tunnel network will make us undetectable to their sensors, it'll also make a good place to stash rations, ammo and medical supplies. Without a main storage and without a main command center, it'll be impossible for the furres to disable their supplies.

Fight only when we want to, use spies and scouts to find out where the enemy is and only strike when you are sure you'll win.

the key of spionage is secrecy, be extremely subtle when retrieving information from your civilian contacts, and be sure they are relyable, give them a good reason to work for you, and reward them richly, however, don't make it obvious.
If the bartender can suddenly afford a hot new car it'll be too obvious.
Don't endanger your spies.

We can stay laying in wait for days, the furres can't, use that advantage.

Putting down a few tanks by a base will create the illusion of centralised command, booby trap the fuck out of both the tanks and the base, and if you can, deploy fake lifeform signatures.

Our general can speak their language, we can bluff we have a planet destroying bomb burried underground on this planet, once the ship land you can take the world hostage.

If we just need more time, or want to continue geurillia war efforts, we can fake a voice and be an "anonymous informant" to the furres, sacrifice a few soldiers to make yourself seem relyable, and when they trust you, make them deploy their valuable assets and have them walk right into your trap.
This is a one shot tactic, make it count.

We don't have to win by destroying their forces, we have to break their will to fight, make them think the loss of life, resources and money isnt worth killing a few humans over.

Offer their safe retreat and the return of furres prisoners (if you obtain any) safely in return for not nuking you guys. Plead for the lives of the innocent when it comes down to it.
No. 28339 ID: 197650

As for furres prisoners, raiding enemy supplies will help us greatly, we'd be taking away enemy means to feed, arm and clad their soldiers, and it would allow us to feed prisoners.
Another approach is to sabotage supply lines, sabotage the vehicles who bring them there, make false landmarks to throw them off-course if we can.

Best yet, poison the water supply. It's silent, only needs a few people to infiltrate a low alert facility, and can wipe out a whole base.
No. 28355 ID: 197650

traps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as perviously stated, booby trapped tanks and bases, alternatively you can set up fake camps with tents, pretending those are actual bases by putting down empty crates your supplies are meant to be put into. Then booby trapping the shit out of the place.

Hiding your troops can be done in a few ways, hiding in foxholes, tunnels, burried under soil or covered in the local plants, body paints can be usefull, more relyable foxeholes that've been dug out and reinforced, aswell as have a lid on top to fold open.

Another option is to put your men on death ground, putting them in a position from which there is no retreat. No longer forcing them to fight for their country or their race, but for their own very survival. In history it's happend multiple times that when men were put on death ground, they beat back armies multiple times the size of their own.
This is concidered a last resort action, and against an enemy that has better guns, more guns, more back-up and more resources, it's likely this will not result in victory.

Im convinced that the guerilla tactic with the whole 'hold the planet ransom' approach is the way to go.
No. 28358 ID: c71597

Pretty good ideas. But there is one problem, or two really. We have low supplies, something we know we can sort of fix in a meta way, but something we don't know in the quest yet. Still, experimentation with furres and raytech should show a way to get it to work for us, if nothing else we could cut off a furre hand and use that as a trigger.

But there is a second larger problem. The enemy fleet. If we convince them that they can't take the place on the ground then they might simply shrug, say fuck it and blast the shit out of the planet from orbit. They know largely what areas humans can be found in. They wipe out all civilisation. Keep a light cruiser around to make sure no new civilised areas spring up for the next decade or two. Then they send in ground troops again.

So we need a way to get to that fleet. We need to know the fleet's numbers, what kinds of ships and what kind of crew. Then we can take it from there and try to figure out a way to get to them that will allow us victory.
No. 28367 ID: 197650

We're just buying time at this point, breaking the will of an army takes time. As long as we don't systematicly slaughter thousands of them at once, they'll keep trying.
Minor bombardments should result in just a few collapsed tunnels.

We can live from the land, and we know how to ration propperly. Esspecially snipers will lay on the same spot for days, they won't use up a lot of energy.

This is a dangerous situation though, I agree. We can't win, but this is the only way to avoid unconditional surrender as far as I can see. If we can capture some important officers, possible with the radio scheme, we could bargain our way offa this rock.
No. 28383 ID: c71597

They probably have some sort of not deal with terrorists deal. Officers being expected to lay down their life for the armed forces and stuff like that. Hostages are really only useful if they can get you something. But I guess it doesn't hurt to try. As long as we're nowhere near the broadcasting radio.

And they could still decide to simply bomb our shit to hell if they figure that they can't win on the ground. The area being radioactive for 50+ years isn't really a big problem for them. They got individual life spans of around 200. They can just wait until the radiation goes down to an acceptable level and then settle the place. Have to remember that the people we're dealing with here were the ones willing to drop a nuke on a civilian population center.
No. 28387 ID: 088602

To use excessive force needs a good reason, wiping out the whole planet will be acceptable once they start suffering too great of losses, or if the fight drags on too long.
Right now we have to win time, we can do so through making enemy conquest as hard as possible, we can reduce the liklyhood of bombardmens by not so much going for a high kill count, but for demoralisation. Traps and whatnot don't have to kill to be effective, merely demoralise.
Poison in their supplies don't have to kill them, they just have to make them realise they aren't ever safe.

To prove a point it'd be an option to assasinate a select few soldiers or officers within a camp in their sleep, just to prove they aren't even safe asleep in their fancy base.

"Treat your soldiers as your beloved children
And they will follow you into the deepest valleys."
Positively reinforce your soldiers, reward them for doing well, remind them that you're all in this together, build a group's bond.

"To defeat your enemy, you must pretend inferiority and encourage your enemy's arrogance."
Make our numbers seem fewer than they are, let them think our equipment is worse, our supplies are lower and we in general don't stand a chance.

allow soldiers to loot enemy troops, they need some kind of reward to strive for. Remove and burry/burn your dead after a fight, but leave the enemy corpses. It will demoralise the enemy further if they think not a single pinkskin died in a firefight.
possibly toss a furres corpse in their water supply for extra horror effect and sabotaging their water supply.

I thought of a few get-out-of-jail tickets too.
The best chance is that if we can get the enemy to move their valuable assets away from their grounded ship, we take their ship. Preferribly through stealth and turning their weapons on them.
A more likely and possibly favourable stealth approach is to plant explosives around the ship and hold the ship hostage.
You could also sabotage the ship to explode when it tries to open fire, sabotage and poison their supplies and rations, We can also ransom the enemy army but allowing them all to be infected with a slow working poison, and offering the antidote in exchange for our safe retreat.
We could also sabotage the explosives they use for bombardment, and rig them to blow up when they try to deploy them to nuke us from orbit.
Hell we could even bluff we did that if we can convince the furres to think we've been on board of their ship.

Another good tactic is to send the enemy on wild goose chases, misinform them, lure isolated squads into ambushes, etc.
You can also just let them run around pointlessly for a long while, as long as you occasionally let em think they see a pinkskin to hunt.
Your tunnel network should be invaluable with this approach.

Since we can actually rely on our radios, assuming they can't translate our language, we can have scouts and snipers report a lot more easily. Alternatively we can rely on a note system running throughout the underground network.

Try to hit smaller forces more disconnected from the main force.
Hunt the ones straying too far from the pact.

Another choice is to evaq a city and force them into an urban fight, again relying on hit and run tactics.

There's even the unlikely chance we could bribe or convert prisoner furres to help our plight, even if they don't know it.
Captured furres could be subtley given the wrong info, which they relay to their superiours when they "escape".
For example; setting up a fake training ground, again, rigger with booby trapps all over the place.
No. 28545 ID: 51a648

Oh, look, and update, let's see the tumbnaiAAAHHH! SOMETHING IS HACKING TINY DEAR ON THE HEAoh wait, never mind...
No. 28570 ID: 08ce8c

That was also my first impression...
No. 28726 ID: b6c6fc
File 129306144624.jpg - (73.62KB , 725x438 , BloodSanctum.jpg )

. . . or happy whatever, you know the drill

anyways, I'll be heading out of town fore a while, to spend some time with the folks.

I'll be bringing my computer with me, but I don't know how much time I'll have to update stuff

so don't be alarmed if I don't respond to stuff quickly
No. 28728 ID: 283fa9

Apparently, Astranian religion is old school as FUCK.
No. 28737 ID: 8bbd68


You guys went in uniform? Where's your casual clothes! I want to see what you guys wear when you don't have to have uniform.

Don't worry about underwear, I know what Fuze wears already.
No. 28740 ID: 8d8786

Wait til you see them all at the late-spring Festival of Fertility. Also commonly known as "Heat Week." Aaaand while we're on the subject, DRAW IT.
No. 28741 ID: b6c6fc

this is probably better placed in ITQ
No. 28743 ID: b6c6fc

they actually have a spring festival,
it's called HighCourtship, it used to be about romance and fertility, but has long since devolved into a vicious dueling ground, and cause to celebrate blood sports, gambling, gaming and any other high stakes competition

some purists still offer their hands in marriage to victorious champions, but this is exceedingly rare
No. 28775 ID: 2563d4

Hey, have you got a colour reference for this lot? It occurs to me that I don't think we've seen them outside of Tozolvision™.
No. 28776 ID: d6aefc

honestly, I'm still having trouble deciding exact colouring for Oken,I haven't done any colour work yet, but I probably could whip something up
No. 28883 ID: d6aefc
File 129332922034.jpg - (124.60KB , 912x547 , ColourReference.jpg )

as requested a colour reference for the main caste, this is not necessarily official colors but it should give an Idea what the characters are supposed to look like

A): it should be noted Astranians do not have pink flesh anywhere in or on the body, their skin ranges from grays, blacks and browns, their innards are generally dark shades of red.

B):Golden metals are much more commonly available in Astranian space than silver or gray metals
No. 28961 ID: cf2533

The golden metals make it look kinda steampunky. I like that.
No. 29004 ID: 9cb4b3

>you now realize that this is an astranian documentary
No. 29009 ID: 2563d4

...I'm not sure any of them are "funky fresh".

Or Jazz Jackrabbit.
No. 29133 ID: b6c6fc

it's that time again, after this current chapter of Command Quest, I need you questers to decide what race we're going to follow next

except this time, we've unlocked a couple new races

-Titus (guilder)

No. 29134 ID: 8d8786


Ah well, I'll vote for Astranian, then. Or gnoll?
No. 29135 ID: 2563d4

If you give people the option of "Gnoll", "Gnoll" will win. The only thing that compete is "Northern Sergal".

Astranian otherwise.
No. 29136 ID: 70d9eb

Motherfucking gnolls.
No. 29137 ID: c162ea

Gnolls all up in this bitch.
No. 29141 ID: 8c0848

My choice is obvious.

No. 29142 ID: 197650

No. 29144 ID: 3b9af0

No. 29145 ID: 4784be

No. 29148 ID: 6d4402

Gnolls gnolls forever
No. 29150 ID: 55c4cf

No. 29155 ID: 25600d

Bugs that are after Gnoll rep.
No. 29158 ID: ef8595

Solars Fuck Yeah!
No. 29161 ID: 7cd4bf

No. 29169 ID: ba1062

No. 29171 ID: f34a50

No. 29172 ID: f44349

I'm sorry my curiosity is overwhelming, I gotta see what is up with the gnoll? option so...

No. 29176 ID: 8d8786

The lesson here? We cannot take jokes.
No. 29188 ID: 91399c

No. 29191 ID: c2c011

Fookin Solars man. Time for some humans to be all bro.
No. 29192 ID: a65af7


(but really, anything but solars)
No. 29193 ID: f1df52

Gnolls gonna gnoll.
No. 29333 ID: b6c6fc

in response to some questions, silencers are availible for free, for the following weapons

stun rifle, stun pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle, shoutgun, revolver
No. 29334 ID: b6c6fc

also fielding fielding named characters is optional
No. 29449 ID: ecbfa1

I like what you did with the gradual name revealing in Gnoll's Bane.
No. 29453 ID: d560d6

Well, at least she'll die knowing what she was called. :V
No. 29482 ID: b6c6fc

thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed that
No. 29596 ID: 10c20a
File 129524580016.jpg - (155.46KB , 550x700 , 1295236342184.jpg )

Ace Pilot Oken is rewarded for a successful mission.
No. 29670 ID: 2eac65

With a cold pancake that's been flattened thinner than a normal pancake?

...I'd accept it.
No. 29956 ID: 701a19

[18:34] <Seven01a19> Why depend on another group when you can make them tell you how to do it yourself?
[18:34] <LonelyWorld> because Astranians can't
[18:35] <Seven01a19> Really? o.0
[18:35] <LonelyWorld> yup
[18:35] <Seven01a19> They don't know how their own technology works?
[18:35] <LonelyWorld> Guilders found a loop hole
[18:35] <LonelyWorld> Astranians have absolutely no Idea why other people can't use raytech
[18:36] <Seven01a19> They also have no reason to find out.
[18:36] <LonelyWorld> indeed
[18:36] <Anon44> I know why: nanomachines.
[18:37] <LonelyWorld> anyways, I have to be heading out
[18:37] <Seven01a19> I get the feeling they had somebody else make the weapons for them, then killed them.
[18:37] <Deadbeard> I figured it was because the guns are coded to their particular genome or something like that
[18:37] <Seven01a19> So now they have machines to build the weapons but no idea how any of it orks.
[18:37] <LonelyWorld> so feel free to post in quest disc
[18:37] <Seven01a19> *works
[18:37] <Seven01a19> Orks would also explain it.
[18:41] <Loci> latent passive psychic assisted technology

It's time to play EPILEPTIC TREES! Don't know the rules? No problem! Just post whatever reasons you can think of to explain how this came to be!
Points are awarded for the most creative or believable responses, and points are either awarded or taken away if you manage to guess correctly!

Today's question is:
Why do Astarians not know why other species can't use RayTech weapons?
No. 29957 ID: 15b51b

I always assumed it was a security system. Guns keyed to their biometrics. But this contradicts that.

What makes raytech guns only work for astranians? Who even makes them?
No. 29958 ID: 2563d4

I'm sure at some point there was mention that RayTech is a genericised trademark, like Hoover. Unfortunately, I cannot remember when or where.

My hypothesis is that silly hyoomans with their opposable thumbs hold the grip wrong and make incorrect assumptions about which way you've got to push the trigger.
No. 29969 ID: 4ae7fe

pfffff, easy, most races are big, so they can use their guns because they can't get their fingers inside those tiny trigger guards...
No. 30022 ID: 28e94e

Why don't IRL humans know exactly how their own military tech works?
No. 30030 ID: 2563d4

We do. Not all the people who use them may do, but it's not accurate to say "humans don't know how human guns work".
No. 30031 ID: e3f578

The usual cause of such a mystery is usually a precusor race. The RayTech business probably found the schematics and understood them enough to replicate the design and functions but don't really understand what each part does for the device. They just care if it kills or stuns what it's pointing at.

Ah, yes, "Reapers"
No. 30052 ID: cd3bc6

>read it as "Reaver"
My brain was grinding itself against the inside of my skull for a moment.
No. 30098 ID: 2563d4

Well, Gnoll's Bane was going great until people started writing themselves into it.

Another example that if you give /quest/ an in-universe representation or justification, they cannot resist being complete faggots with it.
No. 30099 ID: b6c6fc

GB is not meant to be taken too seriously,
don't worry the ghost thing is not going to be too regular a feature
No. 30129 ID: 28e94e

I don't remember it being said that nobody knows how they work, just that the troops don't know how it works.
No. 30130 ID: 15b51b

But that part was great!
No. 30344 ID: 4b3f73
File 129623186397.jpg - (100.02KB , 453x310 , large_Parma deer.jpg )

Ace Pilot Oken prepares for extra vehicular activiy.
No. 30345 ID: f5e4b4


No, it wasn't.
No. 30356 ID: 2563d4

>large_Parma deer.jpg
>large deer
Can't be.
No. 30692 ID: 15b51b

No. 30704 ID: 3d92dd

Okay, first, something is funky with the pacing of this quest. It's too choppy, actions are taken too quickly, and while that was fine when there wasn't anything to do now that people's lives are in danger the answer shouldn't be "Yes or no." The first question is "What are their chances?" and the second is "do it anyways y/n."

I guess it's like every update just doesn't have enough information or dialogue or something, but here we really need more info. I mean, what does blasting it without a safety launch DO? Does it blow up that entire section of the ship? Shouldn't huro or the captain be able to tell us what that does? How would it endanger Zane if she's behind a blast door? Doesn't that mean Hoft is sure to die if it can endanger her behind a blast door? CAN Hoft escape in time or is the blast door sealed for some reason? WHY is the blast door sealed if it is? Can Huro wait until they're both behind the blast door and Hoft gives the signal?

Just... We could do so much better with just a little more info that the characters should already know.
No. 30709 ID: cf6435

The problem is losing control of the characters every five seconds. We should be sticking to Zane's perspective and control everyone else through her barking orders, even if she's a gibbering mess right now.

Though the fact that we have so little time to do anything doesn't help. We haven't even met half the squad. We barely got acquanted with anything before being thrust into this situation, when Zane and the others have had 600+ hours. We know extremely little of what the characters know.
No. 30710 ID: 099247

I believe LW is trying to get across the message that shit is moving fucking fast. We have days until the artist puts up an update. In real time these guys have probably found this tube and been thinking about it for twenty seconds before it ripped open. Yes there could be more detail, is it pertinent? Probably not.
No. 30711 ID: 2563d4

If we'd faffed around much longer without the actual plot starting I'm pretty sure most of the readership would have become bored and wandered off, despite the lure of cute little marines.
No. 30715 ID: 3d92dd

Are you kidding? /quest/ LOVES to play relationships management and making everyone super best friends. While that might not be the point of this quest, we couldn't get through one conversation when the crew has known each other for ages.
No. 30718 ID: b6c6fc

to me it just seemed silly for the characters too talk for half hour about a decision that needs to be made immediately

btw, yes the suits ARE vacuum safe, and the Grav boots allow the to stick to the walls, most of the danger comes from the physics of a pod that large being suck out, it could turn funny, smash into a wall and crush Hoft etc., also other space things like the robot could go flying out and gash a marine on the way out, comprimising their suit

in this situation people seemed more interested in the pod
No. 30719 ID: 15b51b

Didn't we specifically rig this thing so we could eject it at a moment's notice?

Ah well. I can't blame you for adding complications to this plot object.
No. 30722 ID: a41aaf

>the robot could go flying out
>the robot
No. 30730 ID: 099247

>Huro's shield is now online and will protect him from harm

So what the hell was that bar going down? I thought he was dead.
No. 30733 ID: b6c6fc

that damaged happened while his shield were still charging,
No. 30739 ID: 15b51b

So... Huro is dead?

I'm getting mixed signals.
No. 30746 ID: b6c6fc

not yet, but he will likely bleed to death very soon
No. 30889 ID: b6c6fc
File 129689147530.jpg - (331.07KB , 1094x850 , Garbage.jpg )

some crap I drew 8 years ago

happy birthday Fred
No. 30890 ID: b6c6fc
File 12968915225.jpg - (136.22KB , 741x518 , Garbage2.jpg )

and here's some more
No. 30893 ID: 41a7cc

Oh wow, so these guys have been kicking around inside your head for a while now?
No. 30894 ID: b6c6fc

oh and before people make any
"girl deer don't have antlers" comments
just don't

I don't need to be reminded of how incredibly stupid Past me was
No. 30896 ID: 283fa9

I think that I have read somewhere that some does can have antlers, but they don't loose their velvet and shed them. ...so I guess that makes them 'gender indeterminate'. Or some sort of transsexuals.
No. 30905 ID: 2563d4

But they do!
From this we can conclude that red-nosed Rudolph was a tomboy.
No. 30929 ID: 0ef56a

now we know. rudolph was ftm and that's why all the other reindeer wouldn't let him play their reindeer games
No. 30985 ID: 3d92dd

Please, please, please stop changing characters on us.

Just let us control everyone at once or let us control one person. The current format is just downright frustrating.

Currently we have no idea how Zane is doing since the attack on her mind, what she told Gore and what Gore told her, how HURO is doing since he's nearly dead and probably needs the most control right now, and nobody has listened to any of the many suggestions to lockdown the area, start evacing the civilians or otherwise getting everyone organized. Are the soldiers even all awake right now?

Communication is the absolute number one key thing soldiers need in situations like this, and it seems like not only are they not communicating when they tell them to, but we aren't getting a full assessment of what is going on at all. It's fine to not reveal what the bug is until Gore gets there, but last we heard Gore was drinking alone and didn't want to be disturbed. Is he still intoxicated? Who woke him up? How did he get down there so fast? Was he expecting this? Why didn't he call ahead and tell Hoft anything if he knew about the pod?

Just... What the hell is going on? We need more information in pretty much every update. Whether that means we need to know everything or know what ONE PARTICULAR CHARACTER knows is up to you, but we need to know what is going on. Not one character jumping around, but one character period, so we learn things with them and experience it all with them.

You know. We need a PROTAGONIST.

Isn't this supposed to be Zane's quest? Why don't we just stick to her and what she knows?
No. 30986 ID: 8d8786

It's a story called Colony Quest, certainly not Zane Quest. Sometimes to tell a story it's not feasible to stay with one character the entire time. I'm enjoying the way things are playing out, and certainly have no problem with the way things are being done.
No. 30988 ID: b6c6fc

technically it's called "Colony Guard" but yeah, it's about the whole Marine squad, not just Zane

a lot of things are happening, honestly I'm trying to tell you as much as I can.
Huro is either dead or uncontious and can't call for back up,
I'm sorry you're finding the quest hard to follow but I don't have a lot of options, all the Marines can function reasonably well on their own, and rarely need direct commands

I'm sorry, but I can't do what you asking. otherwise there will just be a lot of deaths and screw ups off camera, you'll still be just as confused, except you wont have visual reference
No. 30990 ID: cc04a7

Then let everyone be controlled at once. It's simple. Just have seperate tags like

>Hoft: I can't do that! I don't have a RED access card! I can try to overrun the system with the emergency protocols but that'll take time we don't have!

>Zane: We've welded the doors, but this won't do us any good if the queen shows up! We've got to get out of here fast!

>Gore: The charges are in place, we're ready to blow this thing once we have Kimb's signal that the gas lines are shut off.

All in one post. However, that's hard to do without multiple updates. The solution is having the entire quest from Zane's perspective and keeping important things on camera by having communication between them and Zane. Let her describe the situations based on what she knows and whatever she doesn't know is something that the players don't know as well.

You can easily say that as security chief she can access the security cameras on the ship and direct people as she wants, homing in on their location via a tracking system in their suits, and can automatically see them upon entering vocal communication if she desires. This maintains perspective and keeps everything important on camera, and would basically make for a better narrative overall since anything they don't know they can have Zane ask or find out, and things they don't know have been a major problem so far in the quest.
No. 30994 ID: b6c6fc

well I think one thing people need to understand, is just because I don't mention something in an update it doesn't mean it's not getting done. and if it isn't geting done there usually a reason why (eg. they can't send medical help to Huro or check on the Captian, because none of them know what's going on there)

a more applicable command would be "contact Huro, find out why he didn't launch the pod"

remember just be cause you know something it doesn't mean the team does

for example, even though Hoft's attempt to jetison the pod was shown of attempts were being made simultaniously.

effectively all Commands given will be attempted by the team members able to participate.

right now Zane is no longer in a position of authority, as such no soldiers will follow her commands.

Long story short, think of the whole Marine Squad as one character
No. 30997 ID: cc04a7

>well I think one thing people need to understand, is just because I don't mention something in an update it doesn't mean it's not getting done.
So we have no idea whether or not the things we told them to do are getting done. That sounds wonderful.

>remember just be cause you know something it doesn't mean the team does
This is completely impractical. Team members should automatically fill each other in with new info when possible to keep who-knows-what down to a minimum.

>a more applicable command would be "contact Huro, find out why he didn't launch the pod"
Again, we should know ONLY what they know. If you wanted that to remain a mystery you shouldn't have shown that onscreen and let it be revealed later. Can you think of what people would be saying right now if it wasn't onscreen? "My god, huro is a traitor! Why didn't he eject the pod!? We have a SPAI in our midst boys, we need to find him immediately!"

But instead, we KNOW the captain was the traitor, and Gore doesn't, which will basically lead to him going "No, that's crazy, I'm not listening to you" if people say that the captain was the traitor or do something regarding that, which takes even more control away from the players which is never fun, and an update must be added in to have the captain find out stuff that is already known. Essentially, this is metagaming and leads to wasted time.

>Long story short, think of the whole Marine Squad as one character.

Oh god no. Don't think like this ever unless we can see into all of their minds at once, which currently, we cannot.

The flow of the quest so far has seemed a little bit like Problem Sleuth and Early Homestuck MSPA, except in a serious setting where such problems can lead to character death. Problems like
"Oh no! You're character A and you're on fire!" "Quick! Use the fire extinguisher!" "How can you use the fire extinguisher when you're character B in area Y?" "Okay, B! Contact people in area X to put out A!" "Why would you, Character C, want to contact someone about using the fire extinguisher on A? You don't know they're on fire, you have to plot those courses for the star drive engine! You're sure they're just screaming like they always do." "What!? No! Get out there." "Not until your coffee break you decide, Character C! Then you'll worry about that distraction! For now, you'll do those star charts!"
No. 30998 ID: cceefd

So wait, Hoft said the bug was one of the psychic things Gore talked about earlier. Is this more information the characters were supposed to have that we did not, a lecture from the sarge about protocol in these things so that it was impossible not to breach protocol when we didnt know it but the characters apparently did?

The grammar is also less forgivable when everything is so jumpy and frustrating. It makes the entire quest seem less 'professional.'
No. 30999 ID: b6c6fc


I know you are trying to be helpfull
but your comments appear actively hostile, and ultimately unusable

if my quest is making you this angry, I must tell you I will be unable to take make any major changes to the Quest form at this point

perhaps it is best if you simply choose not to read the quest, at all

it is assumed that the sergeant told them a great number of things about a great number of enemies. but until that point they had no reason to believe this particular creature was in the pod

this quest ISN'T PROFESSIONAL, I am a terrible writer, I am well aware of that. my point in these exercises it to help myself improve. regardless language has never been my strong suit in any medium do not expect master literature from me, do not even expect professional literature.
No. 31000 ID: b6c6fc

I can not Promise improvement in my Quest
I will make effort in this regard, but that effort will not translate into pandering to the masses

if this is not acceptable,
I can simply not update the quest any further, or quickly progress to BadEnd
thus removing the offending quest from the board

please do not take this as bitterness. I see this board as a place to have fun, if people are not enjoying this quest, it has no place on this board

again I will not be hurt in any way if people suggest simply for me to stop this quest, all my quests to me are experiments, all it will prove is that this is a failed one, and that I should try something different next time
No. 31001 ID: 1854db

You could just quickly progress to GoodEnd instead y'know.
No. 31002 ID: b6c6fc

anyways it's probably time for a break
also time for another vote
which quest should continue? this may be in a week, it may be in a day, it maybe in a couple hours, it all depends on how long it takes for me to stop being mad

anyways the Vote
-Pinkskin Quest
-Command Quest
-Crash Quest 2
-Gnolls Bane
-Colony Guard(if you think this all just came out of nowhere, and think Colony Guard is great regardless of what people say and I should just keep doing it)

once voting has ended, all losing nominations will retain their votes for the next time there is a vote, effectively giving each of them an advantage
No. 31003 ID: 207b57

Colony guard seems fine to me. We really have not gotten in far enough to be that confusing.
No. 31004 ID: 15b51b

Colony Guard.

I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but I think you should see it through, at least until you can get to some kind of chapter end.
No. 31005 ID: 51dd22

Well, yea Colony Guard. It looks like it's going to be short and interesting.
No. 31006 ID: cceefd

I wrote the big long rant, and I want to see Colony Guard continue.

I really want to see it through, I just want to ensure that everything that happens is a result of player input instead of, well, everything out of their control. It's not that the quest is confusing, it's just so far it feels like the players have had little to no effect on the characters, especially when it shifts too quickly to see effects take place and most actions get interrupted or seemingly ignored. We really just need more information and more control, whether just one person or the whole party.

Rapid shifting like this has never worked well in quests, you're not the first to try this, and it's never too late to turn it down.
No. 31007 ID: 15b51b

My suggestion for PoV is... If you're going to have us treat the squad like one character, it needs to behave more like one. More lateral communications, more of a command structure. Who is Zane's second in command? If they're gone, who's third? Have everyone report information to them to let us make an informed decision.

If everything's too chaotic to make informed decisions, we should probably stick with just one character until communications are restored. Which character, I can't say.
No. 31010 ID: cceefd

That's basically what was said earlier.
No. 31041 ID: 8d8786

Can we use here to get ask for a better description of the specialties/weapons of our Marines in Colony Guard? Specifically...

What's standard issue? Or rather, what does EVERYONE have?

What's the difference betweeen a SubLaser Weapon and whatever's standard issue?

What special abilities does the Engineer have specifically, other than "can tinker with various electrical things"?

What's the difference between the Focused Com-Link and the mode of transmission everyone uses?

FireGun weapon is a flamethrower, napalm launcher, or what?

And lastly, what if any special things do our three squad leaders have?
No. 31043 ID: b6c6fc

>FireGun weapon is a flamethrower, napalm launcher, or what?

the FireGun fires an adhesive highly flamable liquid, this can prove lethal to even the most deadly enemies

it is one of the most powerful infantry weapons in the Astranian arsenal, but is incredible rare as it is only produced by the dying company BlackEngine

>What's standard issue? Or rather, what does EVERYONE have?
standard issue, is a CutterBlade, HandLaser, and RapidLaser,

>What's the difference betweeen a SubLaser Weapon and whatever's standard issue?
the SubLaser is similar to the RapidLaser, but has a slower rate of fire, but doesn't require a charging period

>What's the difference between the Focused Com-Link and the mode of transmission everyone uses?
the focused Com-link can be used to contact nearby planets and ships, to the same effect as a standard starship com-array, it is also capable of scrambling and decoding transmissions

>What special abilities does the Engineer have specifically, other than "can tinker with various electrical things"?
his ability to repair/modify equipment is his only special skill
No. 31053 ID: b6c6fc

And lastly, what if any special things do our three squad leaders have?

Zane has Specialty gear, which has already been covered or will be covered in the quest when she reaquires it

Gore has twin heavy BlastGuns
which fires explosive energy pulses, effective against unarmored targets

he also has SynthoPlate armour, designed to protect the wearer from attack that shields alone can not

Pike has heavy Reflector shields, will repel hostile object back in the direction they came, has much greater stopping power than standard shields

The WishingStar has a crew of 30, which comprise of Doctors, Engineers, Technicians etc. each Crewman is equiped with a HandLaser or Raygun (depending on nobility)
they Crewmen are not trained for combat and are required to keep the ship operating at full efficency
No. 31064 ID: 28e94e

Tip: It generally helps if you describe new items as they're introduced. Helps to avoid confusion like this.
No. 31071 ID: 15b51b

Zane will use her scanner to find aliens without us having to tell her to, right?
No. 31077 ID: 701a19

Eject the other section so that the infection can't spread there if it hasn't already.

Zane, Gore: Your immediate response upon discovering that the container contained psychic bugs and could not be quickly ejected should have been to eject the colony sections to limit the potential damage.
Your actions have cost the lives of uncounted Astranian civilians.
Although you are not technically required to do so, I would like to point out that there is no better of way to admit such a horrible failure than suicide.
TL;DR: Kill yourselves, you fuck-ups.

LonelyWorld: You have a very bad habit of not providing us with absurdly important information that everybody in-quest would take as given. This has happened several times now, but this time it's on a far larger scale.

So, I've little choice but to request full details, descriptions, mechanics, features, faults, flaws, and frills of all equipment, the ship, its sections, and all subsystems thereof, and the same for Astranian biology, robotics, politics, protocols, and social structures.
If you're going to penalize us for not telling the characters to do things we couldn't have known we could have told them to do, then we quite simply must know everything Zane or Gore would know.

No. 31081 ID: a41aaf

All rage aside,
>You have a very bad habit of not providing us with absurdly important information that everybody in-quest would take as given.
Is annoying true. The whole 'raytech doesn't work if it gets wet' was rather irritating to only find out AFTER IT HAD GOTTEN WET.
In this case, even some sort of "we can eject colony sections, but we can't eject this one rightnow" would have sufficed to inform the players that sections of the ship can be ejected, but save the actual use of the ejection mechanism for a later date.
No. 31084 ID: b6c6fc
File 12973664178.jpg - (162.97KB , 500x500 , Dealwithit.jpg )

sorry that's just how it's gonna be

I'm serious though,
>if you want to know something
ask it here!
>if that's not good enough
I guess it sucks to be you
>if this makes me a bad quest artist

P.S. there's a very good reason why no one ejected the hubs earlier.

what? you didn't bother asking, so I ain't telling you shit
No. 31085 ID: 29e769

I think the issue here is not them not spotting something.
Before you decide to withhold information, you should probably ask yourself whether or not a reasonable reader would even consider the possibility. Would the suggesters think to ask about that?

Do you really want a situation where the suggesters talismanically ask about the full capabilities of all vehicles and equipment at the beginning of each quest? That is what you are going to get.
No. 31088 ID: 28e94e

Don't make us draw more fanart
No. 31090 ID: 8d8786

Would we be unable to retrieve the colony sections were we to detach them?
No. 31147 ID: 701a19

Considering that my advice is to break the thrusters beyond the point where they can be repaired and thus strand the techleech on a dead-in-the-nothing ship no matter what it does, I don't see that as a problem.

He already said he won't 'go out of his way' to tell us details. He expects us to ask about things that we couldn't reasonably expect to be within the realm of possibility, and just said outright that he refuses to answer metaquestioning that would let us know what kinds of questions we should be asking.

We're fine with asking questions. We love asking questions. But if you keep deciding to withhold information that people honestly couldn't think to ask then people are going to focus less on intelligent questions in favor of simply asking more questions. Or simply asking not bothering to ask questions in the first place.

So, why didn't they eject the hub?
No. 31153 ID: b6c6fc

almost all Astranian devices have a charge time
to safely eject a hub it could take over an hour, there are virtually no major systems that can activate immediately

Gore instead chose to activate a lockdown because it was quicker, but still not nearly quick enough
No. 31176 ID: 8d8786

>Gore instead chose to activate a lockdown because it was quicker, but still not nearly quick enough

...Is that a hint that the lockdown of the colony hub wasn't put in place fast enough to contain the leech there, or does the lockdown refer to the initial breach of the beacon?
No. 31236 ID: b6c6fc

OK, my eyes are starting to bleed from drawing to much furries

I'm going to be taking a short break from drawing CG

the Leech escaped into the Hub, before lockdown was in place
No. 31261 ID: 7d2e86

I think you mean your eyes can only take so much of the awesome that is the dome helmet.
No. 32325 ID: b6c6fc

Alright time to explain something

the bug parasites are not an infection. the crawler attached is merely latched on, feeding them heavy psychic waves

the infection is a type of venom that is injected into the body, and twists the person on a genetic level, but has little psychic effect
No. 32352 ID: 6b2b68

Posting this log here, with LW's permission. It's a long read but I think it's a good read for some folks scratching their heads over ColonyGuard.

<Beakie> Seriously though they need to start using the radio together >_>
<Beakie> Oh you updated
<Beakie> Wait, so why hasn't Zane contacted Gore then? Or Pike to verify this stuff with the security clearance?
<LonelyWorld> Zane is busy shooting
<Beakie> Well yeah but she can shout and shoot
<LonelyWorld> Pike is incompetent
<Beakie> Oh well
<Beakie> Seriously, same frequency man
<Beakie> Ten people is nothing, I drive one of up to 42 trucks on a ride path all day every day and we have one frequency between us all
<LonelyWorld> the radios don't work that way
<Beakie> Why not?
<LonelyWorld> because it's inconvienient to thier proccess
<Beakie> No it isn't. It's more inconvienient this way. If the comms are only one on one or otherwise have to be directed, you have to repeat yourself over and over which is both bothersome and wastes precious time. If one person is allowed to talk at a time like on standard radio comms and ten people share the comms they can work it out like how soldiers do IRL just fine.
<Beakie> I mean, all on one frequency is the opposite of inconvienient.
<LonelyWorld> that's not how they have thier coms set up though
<Beakie> Why not?
<LonelyWorld> Astranians don't inovate in that sense
<LonelyWorld> they respect privacy
<LonelyWorld> even at the risk of thier own lives
<Beakie> This is extremely different.
<LonelyWorld> this extends to conversations as well
<Beakie> This is not saying they have to stay on the same frequency
<Beakie> But that there should be public and private channels at the very least if this is the case
<Beakie> Public, flip a switch and everyone hears it all
<Beakie> Private, directed at one person
<LonelyWorld> there is a public channel. but non of them are using it
<LonelyWorld> only general alerts are given that way
<Beakie> How? Couldn't what's-her-face hear the comms between Zane and Pike right there? Besides, there's a thousand suggestions to open public comms in the quest right now.
<LonelyWorld> it's hard to explain, but long story short, Astranian tech has a lot of short fallings
<Beakie> But this is kinda ridiculous
<LonelyWorld> maybe
<Beakie> I mean, an army that can't communicate can't get as far as they have
<LonelyWorld > they can communicate just fine
<Beakie> No, because they have to repeat themselves over and over and don't even use the public channel for general alerts right now, like "Zane is a traitor"
<LonelyWorld> Pike believes declaring Zane a traitor will not enhance the other squads ability to do thier job
<Beakie> But that's mind-bendingly retarded on two fronts! On one, Zane proved him wrong and that can be verified with Gore with a simple call, say on the public channel, and two, if he really believes that letting everyone know that would protect the other squads from further harm by giving them the knowledge of watch out for Zane, she's a liar.
<Beakie> They are refusing to communicate for their own safety and you say this is because of privacy? This isn't even their own opinions, this is business and duty, which is EXTREMELY DIFFERENT than one of them opening up a facebook or something. If this was idle talk and gossip, I could understand, but this isn't, this is their job, this is defense of an astranian vessel for which they are soldiers on, and they should know better than to use PRIVACY as an excuse to not tell other people key things that they don't need to keep private. Look...
<Beakie> I'm an incredibly private person, I let basically nobody know about my quests or art or anything that I like, but on the job, if there's a rhino in the road and my training tells me I should call it in because there's a rhino in the road, I don't not tell them there is a rhino in the road and let everyone else wonder why there's a holdup because it's some sort of deeply private matter.
<LonelyWorld> Astranians don't follow the same flow of information, it's hard to explain
<Beakie> Then enlighten me, dude.
<LonelyWorld> but they really don't feel the need to keep everyone informed, and the people don't feel the need to be informed
<Beakie> But that's counter-productive in every way.
<Beakie> And even if that is the case?
<Beakie> That should be the norm, and maybe these guys are the ones who break the norm and become successful.
<LonelyWorld> maybe they will be
<Beakie> Well I hope so
<LonelyWorld> but not from meta comments
<Beakie> It's not a meta comment.
<LonelyWorld> that bend reality
<Beakie> There's two posts in the thread that describe how it is not a meta comment.
<LonelyWorld> I'm really tired of argueing this
<Beakie> Just understand the frustration we're having with this.
<LonelyWorld> I can grasp the frustration vaguely, but I still have a very difficult time fully understanding the extent
<Beakie> Well
<Beakie> First, the same thing as earlier happened again, Zane got in trouble and we immediately switched to another person.
<Beakie> Actually, just lemme say this.
<Beakie> It feels like the quest is ignoring suggestions for the sole reason of making sure there is a bad end.
<Beakie> that may not be the case
<Beakie> But it feels that way
<LonelyWorld> I switched from Zane, because she'll be busy fighting robots for a while
<Beakie> And people are feeling robbed of their efforts because they post good ideas, but they get ignored for either reasons they were not told about previously or reasons that they just plain aren't even told about afterwards.
<Beakie> You don't think people want to see the robot fight? o.o
<LonelyWorld> and doesn't need reader help with that
<Beakie> We don't know that.
<LonelyWorld> I do
<Beakie> But we don't, and that's the thing. Just because you know something doesn't mean the readers do.
<Beakie> And now we can't suggest for her to contact gore over and over until she listens for once.
<Beakie> I mean, a lot of people are getting pissed off over suggestions being ignored. That's where the railroad comments come from.
<LonelyWorld> I understand that
<LonelyWorld> but it can't be helped
<Beakie> But it can
<LonelyWorld> those suggestions were impossible
<Beakie> No they weren't
<Beakie> At all
<LonelyWorld> yes they where
<Beakie> They have the ability, and maybe it makes Gore a bit rude but it's entirely, entirely possible for him to check on the other teams, even if it's against protocol.
<Beakie> That is in no way impossible.
<LonelyWorld> it is impossible
<Beakie> how is it impossible
<LonelyWorld> because Gore didn't interupt them earlier
<Beakie> What?
<LonelyWorld> at this point Zane is technically still argueing with Pike
<Beakie> Then this is another thing
<Beakie> There is no way for the players to know that this scene is in the "past"
<LonelyWorld> no there is not
<Beakie> Then we need to know these things!
<LonelyWorld> I didn't think it was important
<LonelyWorld> clearly I was mistaken
<Beakie> I mean... LW, I like your quests a lot, I really do, don't get me wrong. I think your characters are engaging and the world setting, sweet jesus the world setting is haunting and fantastic but the number one thing you need to work on is giving players information.
<LonelyWorld> it's like five minutes in the past, I didn't think it mattered
<LonelyWorld> and it doesn't matter
<LonelyWorld> those comments have stopped
<Beakie> The guns getting wet, telling hoft to switch on his shields, and everything since then and now where the players discover something only after something bad has happened out of seemingly nowhere because we didn't know about it before.
<LonelyWorld> I'm a huge fan of the kingsquest/spacequest games btw
<Beakie> For now. They're going to resume as soon as the bug is dealt with if you don't have Zane contact him first.
<Beakie> LW, we don't have infinite retries here.
<LonelyWorld> I know
<Beakie> We can't wander around in the desert and figure out "Okay, right has the scorpion, left has the boot we need to drink water from"
<Beakie> We have one shot
<LonelyWorld> yup
<Beakie> Which is not how kings quest works
<LonelyWorld> I know
<LonelyWorld> that's why I make the quest easier
<Beakie> So we can't operate like King's Quest, especially since the people in the quest are supposed to know what they are dealing with.
<Beakie> Like their own equipment.
<LonelyWorld> anyways, I do my best not too punish things you had no way of predicting
<Beakie> ...
<Beakie> LW, dude, you're going to have to try harder then. Just for the sake of the quests.
<LonelyWorld> I'll see what I can do
<Beakie> But really
<Beakie> Just
<Beakie> Information up front
<Beakie> We can't experiment.
<Beakie> We have to know upfront.
<LonelyWorld> Sorry
<LonelyWorld> no can do
<Beakie> It would be great if we could experiment
<Beakie> What? Why not?
<LonelyWorld> deal with it
<Beakie> Dude
<Beakie> Why? There's no reason for that.
<LonelyWorld> I'm sorry, I do all I can
<LonelyWorld> berating me for hours is not going to change that
<Beakie> No, no, that's not addressing this. That's not what we're talking about here.
<LonelyWorld> I forget to mention stuff, that's just how I am
<Beakie> I'm not berating. I'm trying to talk to you and have a discussion.
<Beakie> LW
<Beakie> you say this stuff like it can never get better.
<Beakie> Like you can't improve
<Beakie> And dude
<Beakie> That's just not true. I'm not saying you're terrible or bad or even mediocre, you have some of the best quests on the board
<LonelyWorld> it can get better, but these kind of debates do not help
<Beakie> But there's always room for improvement, and please don't shun any advice to get better. It's critique if anything, and that's how people really become great.
<LonelyWorld> a quick suggestion is helpful
<LonelyWorld> a long rant is just tiresome
<Beakie> But how else could we come to these conclusions?
<LonelyWorld> what conclusion?
<LonelyWorld> I hope youv'e learned something from all this
<LonelyWorld> because I'm still at square one
<Beakie> brb
<Beakie> phone
<Beakie> OkT
<Beakie> Okay
<Beakie> But look, this is the thing
<Beakie> Why do you say you're still at square one?
<LonelyWorld> because I haven't learned anything
<LonelyWorld> from this
<Beakie> Haven't you? I mean, you understand better why people are frustrated, right?
LonelyWorld> not really I already knew that
<Beakie> Well, you understand that people need more info, right?
<LonelyWorld> people have been bitching at me about that since CQ1
<Beakie> And it's not a "I forget sometimes" thing. Just when something is introduced, describe everything about it.
<Beakie> So try to make it better!
<LonelyWorld> no I introduce an object it's the players job to ask what it does
<Beakie> Isn't that redundant?
<LonelyWorld> no
<Beakie> If they're going to ask it anyways you might as well take that step out
<LonelyWorld> also you should bring up this sort of thing in /questdis/
<LonelyWorld> because they won't ask
<LonelyWorld> I'm not going to describe every object
<Beakie> You're going to get bombarded with this sort of thing now.
<Beakie> But then how will we know what is important and what is not?
<LonelyWorld> I've already stated this
<Beakie> I mean
<Beakie> Didn't people already ask for Zane's inventory and her security card wasn't listed?
<LonelyWorld> I think they asked for gear
<Beakie> Still, inventory should have been included if that's separate, they had no way of knowing there was a physical card
<LonelyWorld> alright this topic is getting pointless
<LonelyWorld> you have a complaint bring it up in /questdis/
<Beakie> I'm just saying I think you are approaching this the wrong way. You're telling me here that they need to specifically say everything yet you've been continuously ignoring suggestions for reasons unknown to players and you've apparently been forgetting to divulge information from what you've said here.
<Beakie> Putting absolutely everything on manual doesn't work if manual isn't an option in the first place.
<Beakie> Especially since you take it off manual to go do other things when you decide the character doesn't need player help
<Beakie> I mean do you understand the duality of this?
<LonelyWorld> no
<LonelyWorld> I have no Idea what your trying to say
<Beakie> Are you just saying that because you don't want to talk anymore or do you honestly understand none of this?
<LonelyWorld> both
<Beakie> Alright.
<Beakie> Do you mind if I post this log on /questdis/ then?
<LonelyWorld> I really don't get half of what you say
<LonelyWorld> sure
<Beakie> Okay. Maybe others can explain it better.
No. 32354 ID: 75d7a9

okay see, it's like this

"you pick up a 'object'"
what's an 'object'?
"it's an 'object'"
..okay but what IS an 'object'
"it's an 'object'"
....what the hell does the 'object' DO?!?
"oh it does 'blah blah blah'"

need for over specific commands to do something is strangling. the question "what's an 'object'" should of given all info the character that picked it up knew on the subject. like in will of the undermind, when we asked what a space doobie was we got a big chunk of info that answered almost everything we needed to know about space doobies. almost everything because the character with the info does not know EVERYTHING.
No. 32355 ID: 259738

This does make you a bad quest artist.
I will read another quest.
No. 32358 ID: e3f578

Let's see, this is going to be hard. Really hard. I want to try. This isn't going to be a rant, or debate. It's going to be a bit long. TL:DR even, but I'm just trying to help here. This is just me trying to give some decent information on suggesters mindsets and why we can't give you your questions or "deal with it". It might be all wrong, I can't speak for everyone. I've established imbecilic tenancies so be forewarned. But I'm going to try. and I'm going to repeat a lot of points. and I'm human. and grammatically incorrect.

Time stamps are always important information, no matter what, in an interactive medium unless you're going for some Tarintino-esqe, weird twist. 5 minutes in the past would matter, 5 seconds maybe doesn't matter, but if players are suggesting an impossible action, immediately explain the impossibility. An art update isn't always required, other authors have pointed out some information sometimes in between updates, mainly to filter out useless suggestions that cannot be acted upon. This lets people stray from those impossible actions, which lets people come up with better ideas because they're not wasting time on fruitless ones anymore.

useless ideas and bad ideas are completely different things. Bad ideas lead to negative results, useless ideas lead to no fucking progress, positive or negative. Having Gore contact his team is a useless idea because of time paradoxes or whatever and you don't allow those in your universe. State in the quest thread itself. Not only will it help players but it would probably stop you from getting a migraine of hearing the same useless suggestion over and over again.

Remember. You are the master of your universe. You are LonelyWorld, God of Astranians and Solars, creator of the cosmos, etc. etc. The suggesters are ignoramuses poking and prodding it to gain knowledge of it and its inhabitants. Initially, we have no understanding of how it works and will always, always, assume that even the most alien weapons function like their own weapons (which is why no one could have anticipated the raytechs fatal flaw against water enough to even ask the question), the most alien cultures are exactly like their own culture (ex. all aliens are green humanoid space babes with boooobs, practical use of radios, and have reason over honor/privacy/respect), and so on. You are here to teach us of this universe and prove what functions differently and the only one who can. There's no textbook to buy from a bookshop for them to study, only your brain. To ask questions, students need to understand enough of the subject at hand to figure out what are the right questions, otherwise when the teacher asks for questions he will not receive any. If there are no hands, he likely hasn't done his job right or he's done it too right. Always assume the former, especially as a writer and creator of a world/universe. This is an interactive medium, which requires a lot of foresight and work on the authors part on how the players will interact with your world and characters. You're going to get very, very frustrated if you're not going lazziz flair and crazy fun on the whole thing and make something meaningful.

In conclusion, for us to give you the questions you desire to ask, you'd have to basically write a professional quality game rulebook for the Astranian race. Playing them as protagonists will just give us infuriating, horrible results otherwise. We can not "Deal with that". Players cannot and will never deal with it. Ever. ever. ever. I suggest that, if you want to make more people happy without too much strain on yourself, you think. You think of all of the information you have in your head about this universe. About the technology. About the cultures. Then look at what people are suggesting. Then realize that the suggestions ARE the questions you're looking for. And appropriately answer them with an update that doesn't necessarily need to include art or story progress. Put something similar to the @ symbol for text quests, but maybe like ^ to establish the difference between textual story progress posts and informational posts.

I can actually take pretty well that Astranians will sacrifice a lot of practicality and duty for privacy, shame, and honor out of habit thanks to their absolutely horrific, alien culture. They're just so fucking stupid because of it, it makes so much goddamn sense. No wonder Solars have survived for a decent time against such massively superior firepower. They'd rape us so bad if they just didn't have their awful history. Their gameplay just fucking sucks as a result, unfortunately, and their so stubborn too it's hard to fix its faults.
No. 32391 ID: cc04a7

Well this last bit is also a thing that was brought up in that chat, player characters can be more successful by not adhering to the norms. I'm in full support of that, especially since the suggestions of late pretty much demand they use the public comms.
No. 32392 ID: 55c4cf

Remember the episode of Dexter's Laboratory "D & DD"? Dexter in that episode reminds me of LonelyWorld.

LW you're always adamant of being questioned and being cryptic, but you really should at least discuss, explain and act a little clearer in your quests.
No. 32538 ID: a41aaf
File 129918892781.jpg - (251.10KB , 801x807 , crests.jpg )

LW: Putting the finishing touches to that animated minimap thing, and I've just realised the colony ship has never been named. Any chance of a name, and possibly a simple emblem/crest (either the starline logo if it's a chartered civilian ship, or the vessel's own crest, if Astranians go in for that kind of thing).

Here's a bunch I just grabbed as an example, if you're wondering what I'm on about.
No. 32539 ID: b6c6fc
File 129919552336.jpg - (70.63KB , 239x292 , ThirdWall.jpg )

actually, the ships name (WishingStar) has been mentioned a couple times during the quest

the ship is owned by ThirdWall industries
the closest thing to a crest the ship would sport would be the companies logo

No. 32541 ID: a41aaf

>actually, the ships name (WishingStar) has been mentioned a couple times during the quest
So it has. My bad.
>company logo
Nifty, thanks!

I'm sure I remember Vin-Malor being mentioned as a major Astranian industrial centre/arms manufacturer at some point, bit I can't find that now either.
No. 32543 ID: b6c6fc

the IceWorld: Vin-Malor,
it is the location of RayTech Industries: the corner stone of Astranian military tech
No. 32547 ID: dad664
File 12992066313.jpg - (88.66KB , 1024x470 , fortress-matte7.jpg )

No. 32565 ID: 8c73c8

hehehe, i will be displeased if the corp executives DON'T have an ice fortress.
No. 32568 ID: cc04a7

Perhaps the inside.
No. 32596 ID: e3f578

I like how everyone thinks that if they keep criticizing characters own faults to them in the quest that they'll actually listen to them and improve their character. Characters are really fucking stubborn in this quest.
No. 32602 ID: cc04a7

Most stories have this thing called "Character Growth."
No. 32605 ID: e3f578

Most stories have that happen over a long period of time with developing relationships quite naturally. I don't expect a character to grow if abstract voices that are there to merely give some directions and instantaneously. If we were in one of those damn devices that allow for direct interaction like the stupid orbs, we might have a shot because they actually hear a different viewpoint other then themselves.

We might be able to serve as a bit of Pike's conscience, it really depends on how Lonely World will implement any of our suggestions, but since we keep shooting back and forth between characters so fast on top of past experiences in the quest that have indicated the characters only seem to be followed a TL;DR version of suggestions, cutting through them like butter and only paying attention to direct orders instead of commentary.
No. 32849 ID: b6c6fc
File 129961170722.jpg - (159.99KB , 658x795 , PearRevamp.jpg )

since everyone was using that old picture for Zane reference

I decided to redraw it with much less fail
No. 32851 ID: b6c6fc
File 129961188232.jpg - (68.53KB , 804x876 , SexyZanefullsize.jpg )

here's the old one for people who want to compare
No. 32884 ID: a41aaf

Animated mini-map-UI-thing, COMPLETE:
No. 32887 ID: cc04a7

Not gonna lie, but I would lick that pear.
No. 32893 ID: b6c6fc

ah man, that looks kick ass
nice job!
No. 32975 ID: cc04a7

Are they effected by each other's shields? Or can they reach out and touch each other on, say, the shoulder.
No. 32977 ID: b6c6fc

yes this good question

when two shielded Astranian ineract, their shields merge and create a large shield around them

when a shielded and non shielded Astranian interact the shield deactivates
No. 32979 ID: 657bec


So, wait. Does that mean any astranian can walk up to another and deactivate their shield?
No. 32980 ID: b5ebce

What about infected?
No. 32981 ID: b5ebce

What about infected?
No. 32982 ID: 28e94e

Suddenly, the humans realize this and begin strapping prisoners to their bombs
No. 32983 ID: b6c6fc

sorry, that information isn't availible yet

lol, that's hilarious
No. 32984 ID: 1854db

...LW, you told us that Hoft wasn't using his shield because of friendly fire issues.
No. 32985 ID: 1854db

...though I suppose that may have been because of the human we had tagging along. Damn.
No. 32986 ID: b6c6fc

that is correct
No. 32987 ID: b5ebce

So infected shut down shields and we cant let them near or we need to figure out a way to set shields to repel infected.

Got it.
No. 33053 ID: a41aaf

>layout of more of the ship
Must resist...
No. 33116 ID: b6c6fc

I could post an uncropped version here if you want

No. 33393 ID: a41aaf

While I'm interested in seeing it regardless, I can't think of anything to do with it other than "more of the same", which seems like a bit of a cop-out.
No. 33692 ID: b6c6fc

honestly the Astranian shields are quite confusing
perhaps a little chart will help

there are 2 ways to beat Astranian shields, either you pierce through them, or you drain them completely

damage: Piercing power, Draining power
Energy weapons: PP: very weak, DP: strong
solid shot weapons: PP: medium, DP: weak
explosive: PP: weak, DP: very strong
large object/melee impact: PP: strong, DP: strong

Astranians also tend to wear body armour as well it tends to be effective against weapons as follows

Astranian Body armour
Eneregy weapons: minimal protection
Solid Shot weapons: maximum protection
explosive: minimal protection
Large object/ melee impact: moderate protection

feel free to ask any questions
No. 33693 ID: 28e94e

So in other words, human weapons might as well be designed to counter them. Wonderful.
No. 33696 ID: b6c6fc

I'm sorry I don't think I understand what you're saying
No. 33697 ID: 9dab30

No, they are the least effective because solid shot weapons don't drain the shields hardly at all and the body armor is very effective against it, and explosives don't penetrate.

Throwing boulders is the most effective. It penetrates and drains shields, and the body armor only has moderate protection.
No. 33698 ID: 175d6b

Not to mention the momentum transfer from a heavy object would knock the generator (and anyting attached to it) across the room if it is going fast enough.
No. 33699 ID: e3f578

I now have the image of Zane about to get crushed by an ACME anvil she set up to catch a max speed Chloe with a sign with some funny joke on it ala road runner and coyote
No. 33712 ID: 64eb2b

Is it just me, or is Astranian technology critically deficient in the area of "power sources that don't explode"? They might wanna get their R&D folks on that.
No. 33840 ID: 715835

Thank you for having Zane act sensibly. This quest is a lot less frustrating and actually feels like we have a fighting chance when we're in control of someone not incompetent, and it's always nice being in control of the "main" character.
No. 33981 ID: 5f09c0

It is quickly becoming time to figure out who the traitor is, rig the entire ship to explode and just leave.

In SS13 terms, it is time to call the shuttle. Time to do what we can and then get the fuck out of here.

After this though, it looks like Zane can't return to the alliance. Either the bigwigs really are after her for some reason or she'll be blamed for this whole mess, either way she'll likely face a firing squad if she returns. Her best bet is to go for the astranians not in the alliance and become a merc, or somehow track down the now renegade(?) Oken and join up with her, though I'm not sure Oken is even recognized as a traitor now, probably just listed MIA.

Maybe she can go to their world and look for her since she's MIA.
No. 33998 ID: 07416a

Zane isn't in command, that's Gore.
No. 34005 ID: 28e94e

If this ends in a crossover I will be extremely pleased.
No. 34016 ID: b6c6fc

bte Gore is refering to Pike as the "Maloran Worm"

as Pike is a Maloran from the IceWorld: Vin-Malor
No. 34130 ID: b6c6fc

after I'm done this next part of Pinkskin Quest, I will be updating a different quest
what quest should it be?

Gnoll's Bane?
CrashQuest 2?
Command Quest?
Colony Guard?
Something new?
No. 34131 ID: 6b2b68

Crash Quest 2.
No. 34134 ID: cc04a7

No. 34135 ID: d677cc

Gnoll's Bane.
No. 34136 ID: 192c6d

Crash Quest 2 or Gnoll's Bane, preferably in that order~
No. 34142 ID: b6c6fc

I started an experimental blog quest during the down time

feel free to check it out
No. 34999 ID: 07416a

LonelyWorld, this most votes thing is stupid and leads to retardation. Let her choose the best idea among the results, please. We solved the puzzle, then due to people not reading the thread correctly she just threw her backpack into the ooze. Personally I'm fed up with it and giving up unless you change the method of choosing suggestions.
No. 35000 ID: 98a59d

Wait, this hasn't really been running on 'most votes' has it?

If so... yeah, that would explain our body-count. I'm generally happy just to find just one or two good suggestions in a lot or even combine them.

Going by the majority or even plurality is a bit like... like fishing for water. At least that's my experience.
No. 35001 ID: cf244d

>like fishing for water
You mean "likely to be successful"?
No. 35002 ID: 2563d4

Translation: pick my suggestion, ignore everyone else.

Translation: railroad more.

Frankly I'm being amused to see a quest without the usual hero's-luck hand-holding.
No. 35004 ID: 29fbe3

IMO, I don't think we should put the blame on LonelyWorld for going with that decision. There's still the chance that Rose simply might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, resulting in her drawing such poor conclusions.

Keep in mind that we don't necessarily have full and absolute control over our characters' minds; we never touch anything directly. We only influence. Suggest. Insinuate.
No. 35005 ID: 98a59d

>Translation: railroad more.
I'm merely pointing out that if he expects 'any' survivors counting on /quest/ getting it's shit together and heavens forbid 'cooperating' then we are going to need even more flesh for the grinder.

No-body in quest wants to cooperate with eachother's suggestions becasue that's simply not how this shit has ever worked. It's the Internet, people want to speak 'their' opinion. THEY and THEY ALONE wish to be responsible for the hero's survival. If they see someone else has a reasonable and good suggestion already... Fuck'em. I have a better (different) idea, or if they are polite, they simple will think that idea is so reasonable it's a forgone conclusion, and thus move on to another thread that needs some a helpful suggestion.

In short, nobody wants to be the guy saying ">yeah this."
No. 35006 ID: 2563d4

>In short, nobody wants to be the guy saying ">yeah this."

So why do so many people say "this"?

I don't think your hypothesis is well-supported by the available evidence, here.
No. 35008 ID: 98a59d

Don't remember the fiasco with the kitten death goddesses in Dungeon Game?

Hell I'm just speaking from my own experience. I've never liked posting >"yeah this" and if I see a reasonable suggestion will usually just move on assuming it will be chosen.

>using 'Negative Proof Fallacy' as a valid argument.
I obviously cannot prove you wrong becasue my hypothesis assumes a silent percentage. A 'non-vote' so to speak.
No. 35009 ID: 2563d4

>existence of plentiful counterexamples

Sorry! Not a negative proof fallacy, even if I'm lenient and read "nobody" as "hardly anyone".
No. 35016 ID: 98a59d

Gaaaahhh curses undone by my impulsive usage of the 'blanket statement'. You win this round ID: 2563d4.
ID: 2563d4

(Still, must clarify my disapproval of the 'decision by votes' method, 'not' his displayed willingness to kill characters, which I actually approve of, to an extent.)
No. 35019 ID: b6c6fc

none of the other ideas suggested for getting the back pack across seemed feasible to Rose
so Rose Asked if throwing the pack was Ok
no one tried to stop her
so Rose threw the pack
No. 35022 ID: e3f578

>Hell I'm just speaking from my own experience. I've never liked posting >"yeah this" and if I see a reasonable suggestion will usually just move on assuming it will be chosen.
Yeah, this.
Well, half the time. Sometimes I'm an ignorant jackass and got to suggest my own damn thing despite their being plenty of valid suggestions, though I try my best to make a better.
I think 1/20 times I do "yeah, this" unironically.

This is just all gettin' mad at quests though. I mad too. The drive to succeed is very frustrating and failure is painful. Though... I should accept it, gritting my teeth.
No. 35104 ID: e0c719

LonelyWorld, be honest. You hate us and want to see us cry, right?
No. 35106 ID: 28e94e

Of course he does, otherwise Colony Guard wouldn't have happened
No. 35107 ID: 2563d4

The tears of fanboys over the failures of their waifus are the sweetest~
No. 35108 ID: b6c6fc

pfff, Rose doesn't count as a waifu, nobodies even drawn any fan art of her
No. 35122 ID: 2563d4

Well she has only just finally put in a short in-quest appearance.
No. 35367 ID: 2563d4

So, languages. Does your average Guilder on the ground and your average Pinkskin likewise share one? Or are Domonic and the guilders going to end up playing charades if Seven's suggestion is taken? (Guilder goes first, mimes "pulling the trigger on his gun".)
No. 35370 ID: b6c6fc

most Solars know both the Astranian and Guilder Languages

Smarter Guilders will know Astranian and Solar languages

Astranians only know their own language (though there is the rare exception)
(though they often use robot translators)
No. 36106 ID: a41aaf

Wait, hang on, Titus = Guilders?
No. 36113 ID: 5560e1

Wait, shouldn't body armor designed to absorb projectiles also work against shrapnel? Or is that referring to the concussive force behind the blasts?
No. 36124 ID: 28e94e

It's referring to the explosion itself, i.e. the heat and the shockwave.
No. 36410 ID: cb09ac

So what is next? More pinkskin or something else?

...Don't make me worry myself sick over Colony Guard while Bitequest, Slowpoke and GREEN are here in Walt Disney World with me, LW! Don't do this to me!
No. 36411 ID: cb09ac

Beakiehelmet btw, as if that was not glaringly obvious, on my phone waiting for fireworks.
No. 36413 ID: b6c6fc

CrashQuest2 is to be updated next

after I finish up Wizard Adventure
No. 36420 ID: cb09ac

Okay, so now I just have to worry about a tiny tiny deer D:

(can't wait)
No. 36515 ID: e3f578

Oh god I hope this is really an adventure game-esqe quest and we get second chances only for Lonely World to have further chances to write funny deaths.
No. 36811 ID: b6c6fc

if you notice a spelling/ grammar error in one of my quests feel free to alert me hear

do NOT pester me on IRC about it
I will forget what you said, and you will only irritate me

also DO NOT correct my spelling in IRC, that shit is written quickly and close to zero effort is put into improving spelling there.

it is simply impractical for me to spell check every single post everywhere, so I am focusing on improving my /quest/ update posts exclusively

that is all
No. 36814 ID: e36ad6


This is incorrect.
No. 36896 ID: b6c6fc
File 130578785678.jpg - (72.14KB , 1008x720 , leashZane.jpg )

Little Dina goes on a trip to the mall with her uncle Gallespi

(for Numbers, who wanted to see Zane on a leash)
No. 36898 ID: 15b51b
File 130579148764.jpg - (125.88KB , 600x600 , great_success_sergal.jpg )

No. 36900 ID: 6b2b68


Oh shit, that's hilarious.
No. 36902 ID: 2563d4

Pfffhaha, that's pretty much the best way to handle that request. (I'm also beginning to wonder if there's a single adult member of Astranian society who doesn't go around in full military garb all the time.)
No. 36906 ID: b6c6fc

I believe I drew some civilians in Colony Guard
No. 36908 ID: 8e18cd

Well it's certainly cool but I hoped for something else :<
No. 36911 ID: 383006

That's freaking awesome.
No. 38006 ID: b6c6fc

there has been some discussion regarding my characters being unlikable and irritating

what do you guys think?
critiques analysis and suggestions for improvements are welcome!
No. 38009 ID: a6dd15

Well, in my opinion most of that could probably be attributed towards Zane, I mean she 'is/was' the villain (of Pinkskin Quest.)

Still, in Colony Guard I could sympathize with even her.

If I had to guess I could point out that people might become 'afraid' of becoming attached to characters they know could die at any time. Easier in that light to look at them as resources to be expended in sight of some goal.

But then, I am somewhat attracted to the idea of a 'hazardous quest environment' as it brings more weight to actions, just like winning in Crawl (if I 'could' get that far) is more satisfying to me than say, Oblivion.
No. 38013 ID: 8e18cd


The initial batch - Oken, Fuze, Hoft, Mint is cute, not irritating at all and likeable. They're all being themselves - Oken is the courageous leader if not a little ignorant, Hoft is the brains and codpiece of the group, Fuze is the one the gender-confused nerd and Mint is the mischievous one that would jump into a leather dominatrix outfit given the chance.

They're cute, funny, sexy, likeable. No one wants them to die.

On the other hand we have Pinkskin Quest where there's no emotional attachment to the characters because they can die quickly (same with Wizard Adventures).

Colony Guard? Gore was the only one that could be passed off as likeable because he wasn't a total cunt except for his end and didn't act like he had a truckload of sand up his vagina.

The rest? Angsty, hate-filled, warmongering little psychopats (except Hoft) with Obersturmgruppenfurher Zane in the lead. Zane was a VILLIAN once that's why no one liked her or found her sympathetic. That was the problem.

So yeah. My main problem is that except for the first 4 CrashQuest protagonists and Gore to a certain degree, all other characters were either psycho or flat as a board in terms of character.
No. 38014 ID: 2563d4

Well Colony Guard is Dysfunctional Backstabbing Political Drama Fest In Space, which is why I gave up on it even without people (hello Beakie) going full-retard over their evil waifu.

Most of the Crash cast are pretty damn unlikable, too. Oken is pretty wet and I suspect her redeeming feature is a head full of quest meaning she can actually accomplish things sometimes, which is pretty much damning with faint praise. Mint is a bitch, and not in the entertainingly way she shows in ITQ vs e.g. Dompag. Fuze is mostly OK when he isn't doing Oken impressions. Hoft has a suicidal level of wrecklessness, and it's more the needless fratboy kind that burns down your house by falling asleep on the couch while smoking than the takes-risks-to-get-dangerous-stuff-done kind. Prince is deeeeead.

I mean I assume most of this is by design, but babysitting the immature little furry runts wears thin. Pinkskin Quest sidesteps all the interpersonal drama and is less draining to read for it. Gnoll's Bane (RIP ;_; ) generally had much, much lighter banter, also given a much less serious and more consequence-free tone.
No. 38019 ID: 9cb4b3

Zane's awesome, I don't know where you guys are coming from. She's a diehard patriot when all the other astranians have been self-hating apologists, some even going so far to say they should destroy themselves when they are the dominant force in the galaxy. Zane though? She says "Fuck that, GO US! We're gonna fucking destroy EVERYTHING in our path! Because we're fucking ASTRANIANS!" Hell, the self-hating thing seems to be so prevalent in Astranian society that low morale might be the sole reason they're not doing too great against humanity, and I for one think it's great to see an astranian who isn't a spineless wimp. She definitely has her flaws, her inexperience seems to be the chief one, but hopefully over time she'll gain the experience and wisdom to let her be in a position that lets her actually get shit done rather than watch the allmighty empire crumble and fall from the inside.

In Pinkskin quest, the actual quest? There was no reason to root for her, no, but in ITQ she proved to be an interesting character and that influenced people in Pinkskin quest a lot, even if it shouldn't have, and made some people, including me, want to see her in her own quest. Colony guard got a LOT better the instant people started showing a little bit of competence in their duties, and the last half or so of Colony Guard so far was enjoyable and satisfying, especially killing that bastard Gore after all he was revealed to have done.

Actually, in Pinkskin Quest 1 there wasn't a reason to root for the humans either, other than they were the protagonists. All of them were disposable, had zero characterization except in ITQ, and if ITQ characterization counts then Zane's characterization has to count to and there you go, that's why people didn't want to kill Zane. She was straight up a better character than any of the pinkskins at that point, and enjoyable to watch.

Pinkskin II and Gnoll's Bane are definitely your strongest quests so far because of how the characters interacted with each other and the players, Bangles and Chicken had good chemistry with their banter and Bangle's douchey actions and Domonic was great, though people seem to forget how Henry got bitched (Which is a damn shame, I wanted to see that minigun in action). Still, after Henry, it's been great.

The problem with Crashquest, I think, is that Oken keeps shifting character and Mint is kind of a cunt. Once again, in ITQ Mint is great, but in the quest itself there's no reason to root for her because she's a selfish bitch. Hoft's stupidity seems to run in his family, even if it's a bit much, so I don't think you should change that. Oken... in the first thread she was kinda nice, a bit naive, etc, in the second thread she was still kinda nice, and in the third thread suddenly she has this previously unmentioned hatred towards pinkskins because of something her father did that was completely catastrophic when he trusted pinkskins. She's turning angrier, more bitchy, but she isn't threatening so it doesn't work for her. She's a tiny deer. She needs to fluttershy it up, be nice but when she needs to put her hoof down she needs to put her hoof down and stop the insanity. And hey, actually, if she's nice and positive all the time like in the first two threads it'll be all the more scary when she puts on the flutter-rage.

I do NOT think you need to make your quests less fatalistic, and the main cast seem to have an appropriate amount of plot armor, so just keep doing what you're doing in that department. Honestly, you keep getting better LonelyWorld, the current crashquest thread is just a very minor setback that can be easily fixed by just having Oken act more like Oken.

Oh, and I guess Crashquest at the moment is lacking a clear goal, but if it's anything like your other quests, that'll change eventually once they discover more about the area and hopefully get a good idea of what they should do.
No. 38027 ID: 7aedd2

I think the predominant 'problem' is that your characters don't fit the conventional archetype of characters on the forum. In other words, you're doing something new and unusual and people don't appreciate that your characters aren't all sensitive butterflies who are secretly attracted to each other and dying for love advice from the audience. Perhaps it's best I go quest-by-quest

The Crash Quest Crew (CQC for short) is varied and rather hit-or-miss. Mint is a self-assured housecat, which seems appropriate but isn't something that's going to make her any friends, in quest or out. But it's far from boring or without potential. Fuze is interesting as well in his own way, and I personally like him. Hoft, though, is somewhat... dull. He started off stoic and terse, and ultimately without much character, but more recently he's been developing, what with happy-trigger-finger-syndrome and showing more and more of a disliking for Mint and perhaps a secret desire to be the guy in charge. Oken, however, doesn't seem to have much actual character in my opinion, and perhaps this is because most of what she does is entirely based on audience suggestion.

When it comes to PinkSkin Quest, I don't think you're even TRYING to make the character's likeable. It's expected to have a high-mortality rate and the ultimate goal is to clear the 'level/stage' rather than help any specific character with his/her personal goals and tribulations.

Colony Guard I actually liked for the most part, it giving a wider view of the Astranian peoples and yes, while it's undeniable that their societal structure is somewhat counter to the aesthetics of the typical audience member I don't feel it's invalid, and the characters do seem to have some variance and development (that one guy going insane, Hoft's betrayal, etc etc), though also a rather large number of them DO seem to be nothing more than grunts and it's hard to care for such characters when seeing them from the outside.

Gnoll's Bane is perhaps the most character-centric of your quests, what with heavily opinionated characters that have very distinct quirks and manners of perception. At times they're a bit stereotypical but I think ultimately it has/had a lot of potential.

The whole Wizard Quest thing was... an interesting experiment. The first one with the elf only arrived on this board after it was halfway through, and the new one seems to update rather slowly so I'm not entirely willing to invest myself into it enough to give a full opinion.

Overall I think people are being upset/irritated by the way your quests and characters don't fit the normal mold, which *I* see as no bad thing.
No. 38032 ID: 2563d4

>Zane's awesome, I don't know where you guys are coming from
That much was evident. :V

>Domonic was great
Aye. But it will be the call of fallen comrades' "HURR HURR HURR" that lives forever in our hearts. ;_;

...actually, the whole explosives-work-great lets-not-bring-any reminds me that Command Quest existed (which everyone else so far seems to have forgotten). The commander in that was pretty much a empty shell save for /quest/, though, with a personality matching whichever stock general trope people were wanking the hardest at the time, IIRC.

>people don't appreciate that your characters aren't all sensitive butterflies who are secretly attracted to each other and dying for love advice from the audience
That's pretty bloody offensive.

We're not all fucking Seven.

>I think people are being upset/irritated by the way your quests and characters don't fit the normal mold, which *I* see as no bad thing
Looking a bit wobbly on your high-horse there, chump.
No. 38044 ID: b6c6fc

hmmm it seems people seem to have rather conflicting views
No. 38050 ID: 7aedd2

Have you MET me?!
No. 38060 ID: f23e51

I don't hate the way Zane is portrayed, I just hate her character more or less.
No. 38074 ID: 9cb4b3
File 130827291924.png - (175.34KB , 960x540 , zane is ready to serve pie.png )

Here is a helpful diagram.
No. 38075 ID: 35e1a0

yeah man. zane may be a nut but she is the good kind of nut. would actually probably like oken's can do attitude.
No. 38076 ID: e3f578

she is one racist motherfucker
that's a character flaw but it's like a big wall for me, man. Zane's cool and all but I would like her to get hurt a lot. Nonfatally, just hurt. A lot.
No. 38077 ID: 9cb4b3

Because her entire species is at war with another species and according to Oken, trusting the humans cost them millions of Astranian lives?

They're two factions at war, and each faction is an entire species. They are the enemy. Why is hating your enemy taboo?
No. 38078 ID: 35e1a0

true. but the whole costing lives thing could be more propaganda. i mean remember the guy they had in crash quest 1? after he got to know everyone he was pretty cool with it or he got stockholm at RECORD speed.
No. 38080 ID: 9cb4b3

Oken was talking about something from personal experience and something that shamed her family.
No. 38081 ID: b6c6fc

hating the enemy in a war is not racism
hating another spieces is not racism
and killing enemy soldiers does not make you a nazi
No. 38083 ID: e3f578

no like
remember that thing with Chloe and her going all "mutant scum" eventually? Yeah, she's like those mutant registration guys from X-Men but it's like with every race that isn't Astranian.
>hating another spieces is not racism
wha... yeah it is. Or specisism or whatever.
No. 38085 ID: b6c6fc

I'm not going to defend my character, but I believe people tend to be mistaken with the broad labels they apply to Zane, and should rethink they're reasoning before throwing out words like "Racist" and "Nazi"
No. 38090 ID: 049dfa


Well Oken was kind of the one saying 'hey maybe these guys aren't all bad and we should try giving this dude a chance.' Did she just have temporary amnesia?
No. 38094 ID: 9cb4b3

Okay, first off, Mutant Scum is generally what someone in Zane's position would say as a taunting slur, and second, you seem to not understand at all the plight of the X-men.

The X-men represent oppressed minorities and the natural fear of change by the populace at large. The entire point of them is that they are exactly like everyone else except for their mutant powers. They're not part of an opposing military trying to destroy you, they're fellow citizens. The X-Men WANT to co-exist. The brotherhood of mutants are the people who are an organized group of terrorists trying to kill all non-mutants, and the many non-mutant people like Nick Fury who fight them aren't called racist or anti-mutant.

Mutant registration and treating mutants like sex offenders by forcing them to make public their mutant nature and abilities is largely something from the X-Men movie, though I'm sure it's been covered in the comics many times and the recent Civil War storyline was basically this on a grander scale, not to mention core aspects to the backstories of both Watchmen and The Incredibles, which both also had Superhero Registration Acts. Anyways, in X-men the reason the bill was being brought up was because Senator Kelly (D-Mass. if I recall correctly) wanted the non-mutant public to be safe since the non-mutant public doesn't have superpowers to defend themselves with, basically government intervention to ensure the safety of all in a world where any random joe might get drunk and set everything in a thirty block radius on fire. I'm not saying he's right, I'm just explaining why saying Zane is like the pro-registration people from X-men is an argument that has absolutely no merit and makes no sense whatsoever.
No. 38096 ID: 15b51b
File 130828968507.png - (202.76KB , 960x540 , kelly.png )

fixed that for you
No. 38097 ID: 9cb4b3

That is awesome.
No. 38099 ID: 9c538a

sourg is best character
No. 38100 ID: e3f578

Okay, I admit, I really don't know jack shit about Xmen, but it was the simile or whatever that appeared in my head at the time.

Zane just seems like a bitch with a superiority complex rather then a confident, capable individual. I don't see pride, I see stuck-up bitch syndrome, which I feel there's hypocrisy in her thanks to the whole Nokkin being a lower tier Astranian and has something to prove with that. But it's just my perspective, I'm probably missing bits of characterization and it's terribly flawed, but, beyond her ability to be a fierce, badass killer, I find nothing very nice about her. Similar characters from generalized, simple views (rather than guys who've read into a lot of character) like Boba Fett, Jack of The Midnight Crew, Spike from Buffy, and plenty other similar fan-favorite villains/ex-villain before and if they got significant characterization from any source were all notorious, fierce, capable badasses had something relativity plain likable about them besides their confident demeanor. Boba had a bitchin' suit and cool lines. Jack with a love of simple, rather pointless destruction. Spike had Dru, I suppose, but he had his wit.

Zane like has a cool suit I guess so score for her, doesn't seem to have any hobbies or quirks, a dog to pet or much wit. Just pride and a weak something-to-prove Nokkin source of ambition. All she has is her ambition, pride, and skill.
No. 38101 ID: 9cb4b3

This argument is a mess, especially since you bring up Boba Fett who had even less characterization than Zane until the extended universe books came out, but the really great part about this post is this:

>She has ambition, pride, and skill.

There you go.

As for the rest of this though:

>Zane like has a cool suit I guess so score for her, doesn't seem to have any hobbies or quirks, a dog to pet or much wit.
She doesn't need a dog to pet, she has quirks AND hobbies (both her issue about being teased about her pear-body and her love of swimming come to mind immediately) and her lack of wit is kind of a character trait.

>Zane just seems like a bitch with a superiority complex rather then a confident, capable individual.
Did you read colony guard? That was basically her growth as a character throughout colony guard. She started out not so confident and pretty much terrible at her job (though sabotaged from the start) and over the course of the quest took control, got shit back together and got rid of the traitor in one fell swoop. Post-Colony Guard Zane should prove to be quite capable of getting shit done.

>beyond her ability to be a fierce, badass killer, I find nothing very nice about her.
What does this even mean? Does a character have to be nice to be interesting? Or by "nice" did you mean "neat" or "cool," and if that's the case, why did you call her badass and then say you don't see what's cool about her?
No. 38102 ID: e3f578

Okay I guess I just don't really have a point anymore. I read Colony Quest, I guess I just keep missing these details of characterization. Sorry. I didn't mean my last point to come out to say that a character HAS to be nice to be interesting. I think I meant to say something about a redeeming quality I find actually redeeming. I never meant she wasn't interesting.

In the end all I know is that I don't like her, but I don't know why. There's something there I can't put my finger on that's legitimate or that isn't fueled by my ignorance. It has something to do with her sense of superiority that I find unacceptable compared to other egotistical characters and that's it. I really do not know how to argue. Ugh sorry.
No. 38105 ID: 2563d4

>bluh bluh bluh my waifu is the bestest how can you not love her
Sure is writing critique in here.

>hating the enemy in a war is not racism
It's a simplistic view that everyone is going to hate the opposition like petulant five-year-olds, though. Real life example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_truce

Zane's got a bad case of fervour. But then, again, I assume that's intentional, because the rest of the Crash cast are apparently calmer about letting a hyoomon into their treefort while they wait out a bug swarm.
No. 38110 ID: a41aaf

My main issue is that the majority of the characters are supposedly competent, or at the very least trained soldiers, but not one of them acts like it. The level of sheet staggering incompetence with which they do what is supposedly their job is what irks me. I'm not expecting over-the-top FRED jokes or calibre-X-is-better-than-calibre-Y stuff, but with the defining aspect of a professional soldier being discipline, something that the cast is sorely lacking in...
No. 38121 ID: 9cb4b3

I ask what she has to redeem herself for when she's fighting for her faction and serving untold numbers of civilians by fighting for them and protecting them. The only people we ever know of her killing have been enemy combatants and traitors. That's not "evil" in the least. She genuinely cares for her Alliance, unlike most of those we've seen so far, and strives to do her best in her job.

Disliking her for her personality is different, and completely valid, as that's a matter of personal taste.

I'm not saying that everyone should love her, I haven't even said she isn't racist (she totally is, though completely justified). It's just that the reasons most people give for not liking her are either retarded or half-truths, when they mean to say "I don't like her because she'll never hug the enemy, even outside of combat."

It's a simplistic view that any army in any situation could have a miracle like the christmas truces. Those men were all neighbors and christians, and trusted the other side enough not to violate their most sacred holiday of peace and love. Astranians and Humans lack the common sacred holiday and the trust for a situation exactly like that to happen.

While the crashquest crew might be fine with a dinner with the captured pinkskins of pinkskin quest II under the right circumstances, the chances of that happening with the core military folks like Colony Guard or Command Quest are considerably less likely.

And honestly? Not trusting your enemy shouldn't be considered a flaw.
No. 38122 ID: b6c6fc

the lack of military professionalism has come up a number of times

my curiosity is: why exactly does this bother people?
No. 38124 ID: 9cb4b3

Well, because they're in a military. You basically have to have some discipline after boot camp or they send you back home, and they don't give you more than a rifle if you can't display skill at using whatever equipment they give you for a special position, like comms officer or medic or ANY sort of vehicular position like "Pilot."

Like I said, after the halfway mark in Colony Guard it seemed like everyone stopped being an idiot and acted like soldiers (Well, except for Pike, but he was crazy).

Unless they're conscripts or just completely untrained they should definitely have at least some competence at what they do, and it really doesn't look like anybody here was conscripted.
No. 38125 ID: 2563d4

>completely untrained
Not to rail on a point from Crash Quest 1, but, well, since LW did ask why it was a problem: what kind of basic training doesn't drill it into their furry little skulls to keep their weapons dry if water ruins them so easily and effectively?

There's not babying the suggesters, and then there's having the core cast being outright incompetent at what is supposed to be their proficiency.
No. 38126 ID: b6c6fc

hmmm I guess I'll have to place more emphasis on how Astranian military differs from that of humans in future updates

and perhaps even make oppertunities to explain it in detail
No. 38127 ID: a27764

>The only people we ever know of her killing have been enemy combatants and traitors. That's not "evil" in the least.

We're talking about the character that killed prisoners of war in a rigged gladiatorial combat setup, right?

Just making sure that wasn't some other Zane.
No. 38129 ID: 4183c9

Proper training makes things pretty much automatic. With my private interests and actual military training, it bothers me infintely to not police my shoelaces and even with fucking powerdrills and such I feel bad if I don't follow trigger discipline. I recently paneled a ceiling and it bothered me greatly when my brother and grandpa did not maintain trigger and muzzle discipline, even though the thing needs to be pressed against a surface for it to fire. If I'm walking, I often correct my pace to the standard marching pace. I also feel compelled to keep my hands in a fist and out of my pockets, just like in the army.

And that's just with a short, half-arsed, pretty choco conscript training.

Also, man, you fucking civilians often really do look like a bunch of bums and hippies.
No. 38130 ID: a88151

So, are they more a 'militia' with most citizens having some form of military service at some point? Because that could certainly explain why the Astranian Empire is slowly falling apart and rampantly propagandist.

If I had to guess we are looking at the results a decapitated military command structure gone rampant. Perhaps some greater race like the Oblisk originally were the ones who ran things, but something happened to them and now we are left with a culture who knows what an empire should 'look' like but little idea how to actually run it.

Perhaps this is why Tech-leach infection finds them so useful as they serve an powerful 'vector' for exerting their will and causing enough chaos to eat their fill in peace. Like the various parasites which will grab hold of a host species and alter behavior to better spread themselves while still keeping the host alive and strong enough to serve for as long as necessary.
No. 38132 ID: 9cb4b3

Rigged against her, perhaps, but you say that like putting her life on the line against those captured dogs in a morale-boosting display of astranian might isn't something to be proud of.
No. 38138 ID: 2563d4

Guys, can we take it as read that Beakie is off on his own little island on this, and Beakie that nobody else is going to join you, yet?
No. 38141 ID: 4183c9


We must fight.


With words.

Only the dead have seen the end of war.
No. 38146 ID: 28e94e

Whatever you're smoking, I want some.
No. 38152 ID: a27764

The problem with your precious waifus is not that no one understands them but you. It is that everyone understands them but you.

Aww, I'm having fun.
No. 38153 ID: e3f578

>brb trying to make my previous post a bit less shitty and long and madlooking and trying my best look less like humanity is my waifu... if that's possible. I don't understand the waifu concept.
Those captured dogs are POWs. Real POWs brought out to die real death in front of billions of watchers for fun.
Who gives a fuck about Astranian pride when it's making those soldiers, medics, and other non-combat personnel into nothing but an entertaining object where the value of their life is decreased to forcing them to fight for a country/planet/species/whateverthefuckever they're not a part of. Humans gain nothing from that fight; they practically put POWs in a goddamn slaughterhouse on regular basis just so furres can have a fun good old time with the family. Okay, yeah, Zane was overtaken by numbers but her equipment nonetheless balanced it by making her into a midget tank that could feasibly take on 9 humans. Something to be really proud of in that setting is to take a human with real combat experience that actually volunteered and set both sides up with shittyass equipment and see who fucking reigns supreme. That's a challenge to get a sense of superiority from.
Humans on the other hand are an underdog in the war but have managed themselves decently for quite a while now, probably even being actually decent to captured Astranians. They have some fucking things to be proud of. They got the fucking cajones as an entire race. Astranians only got cajones on an individual level, humans have both motherfucker. They have professionalism. They don't take shit. They want their coffee, cigars, and pictures of Spiderman delivered on their desk right fucking now.
No. 38154 ID: b6c6fc

there are a number of people who like Zane, not just Beakie

let's try to keep this civil and not degrade into attacking other opnions without explanation

if you feel you've got a strong counter argument it's alright to present it, but please keep it respectful, and try to tone down the attitude
No. 38165 ID: 9cb4b3

Yeah. I mean, this post is 100% true, and I stand by what I said.

If you've read my posts you should understand why I am a fan of these characters and that I understand them perfectly.
No. 38170 ID: 049dfa

The reason that most astranians aren't proud of their conquest is that they know that they just rode the coattails of their predecessors and then backstabbed them. They're doing poorly in the war not because humans are great, but because astranians legitimately don't know how to conquer someone in a straight-up actual war, and not a backstabbing sneak attack.

The people who are all OH MAN ASTRANIAN PRIDE are the ones who are ignorant of their history. They're like the texans who think that Texas had a deal when it joined the union that it could leave whenever it wanted to.
No. 38171 ID: 9cb4b3

You can be proud of your nation or state even if it has a terrible history. That's pretty much what every country does.
No. 38172 ID: 2563d4

HAHAHAHAHAno. I mean, jesus, to meet hilarious sweeping generalisation with hilarious sweeping generalisation, have you spoken to Germans about their general national sentiment? (I have, in person, to several! Guess what, there's a lot of shame rattling around the country, even if it's decaying as the generations advance.)
No. 38175 ID: 9cb4b3

Sure, when it's that recent, but look at America. All the land stolen from the indians, all the shit we pulled back in the day and the shit we pull even today, but I'll be the last to argue we should always feel bad about that shit and be all apologetic constantly.

Hell, look at Texas, my home state. We've got a bunch of shit going on I can't say I'm proud of, but I still love my state.

People gloss over wrongs their nation, state, team, city, whatever has done in favor of pride all the time. It's not ignorance out of naivete but choosing to ignore the downsides or flaws in favor of that pride.
No. 38181 ID: 2563d4

There is basically no way this argument can continue which doesn't end up with it moved to BDA, and that's already full.
No. 39290 ID: e1c562

after I'm done this next chapter of CrashQuest 2, I will be updating a quest
what quest should it be?

Gnoll's Bane?(+2 residual bonus)
CrashQuest 2(another chapter)?
Command Quest?
Colony Guard?
Wizard Adventure 2?
something else?
No. 39299 ID: 875f9c

Colony Guard
No. 39309 ID: 28e94e

All of them at once.
No. 39312 ID: e3f578

Need us some Gnoll's Bane action it's been so long without that rascal Bangles and her wonderful fashion sense
No. 39313 ID: 049dfa

Gnoll's Bane
No. 39316 ID: 2563d4

Gnoll's Brain.
No. 39319 ID: 045881

Votan Gnoll's Bane.
No. 39335 ID: 5f0943

Personally I want Command quest.
No. 39337 ID: 7aedd2

I'll vote for Colony Guard
No. 39347 ID: 55c4cf

I vote for pompadour
No. 39348 ID: 0d7a83

Gnolls Bane
No. 39351 ID: 9cb4b3

Colony Guard!
No. 39354 ID: ba1062

No. 39375 ID: ce4a4d

My vote hardly seems needed at this point but I would like to read more Chicken's Bane.
No. 39902 ID: 1854db

I have a complaint.

We were asked to choose someone who we wanted to raise the morale of. Instead it turned out we were ensuring someone's loyalty.

That's misleading.
No. 39904 ID: 0d7a83

If he'd told us we were ensuring loyalty it would've confirmed that the other character was going to betray us.
No. 39909 ID: 2563d4

I'm sure Mint is just practising standard Astranian eugenics teachings in excising this pathetic weakling from the nation.
No. 39910 ID: e1c562


you are incorrect the choice had absolutely nothing to do with insuring loyalty

it was only about bonding and increasing moral, there was no misleading
No. 39934 ID: 1854db

>you are incorrect the choice had absolutely nothing to do with insuring loyalty
>it was only about bonding and increasing moral, there was no misleading

>The Ritual is successful! Hoft's Loyalty is now bound to Oken's Command!

Care to amend that statement?
No. 39936 ID: 35e1a0

that was a bonus. mint may of shot oken if we tried talking to her.
No. 39938 ID: e1c562

the bonding ritual can have a number of different outcomes, generally creating the easiest bond

for example:
Zane is bonded with Oken through friendship as that was the most natural bond between them

Hoft had to be bonded through loyalty because he and Oken differ too much to become true friends at this point

another type of bond is a bond forged through sexual attraction, this is often one of the earliest steps of Astranian courtship
No. 39939 ID: 5aac32


This kinda seems like a rather small thing to quibble about. If you're upset about what Mint just did... If we'd chosen her, Holt'd probably have kept being a problem. In the end, I don't think there was a "right answer" really.

Holt was acting up big time. He was an obvious problem. Mint was a maybe problem (some mentioned her), but it wasn't entirely clear what the consequences of not sitting down and having a talk to her would be. Whereas we've already seen the kind of slope Holt was slipping down. As is, he could've done something spectacularly stupid to get someone(s) killed, and that's less likely now.

If it's not that, I'm not sure why exactly you're upset.
No. 39941 ID: 35e1a0

his name is hoft, not holt.
No. 39942 ID: 5aac32

Yeah, my bad.
No. 39984 ID: 1854db

Okay, that clears things up, thanks.

Yes, that's a good point and I don't really think we chose badly, knowing what we did. I probably would've chosen differently if I thought doing some ritual with Mint would've resulted in her being more loyal.

Basically I thought LW was withholding information in order to lure us into choosing Hoft, because of more recent clues indicating Hoft was a problem. All the hints of Mint not being loyal to the group were fairly subtle, and our attempted investigation led absolutely nowhere. After Mint did that, it felt like that one choice of mint vs hoft was the one intended solution to the 'puzzle' and LW was deliberately trying to make us fail it.

But I guess not.
No. 40024 ID: 9c538a

So uh... can we agree Mint is evil now? I mean, when we figured out that she was on the side of the mind bugs it was pretty clear she was evil. But now that she actually shot a fellow Astranian in cold blood, it's pretty cut and dried?

That she's evil is well established then. The question is why is she shooting the doctor when they're all out in the middle of hostile alien fungi? I mean, this is not the best timing. Even if she had waited for Oken and Hoft to fall asleep she would still have shot the only three things in the jungle not trying to eat her at this moment. He just stabilized her from a horribly poisonous wound. Wouldn't it be better to bide your time until you're within sight of the settlement, where you can find a ship or contact your evil mind bug buddies?

My conclusion is that while Mint is clearly irrevocably sadistically incorrigably evil (and this has no connection to my envy of her gloriously furry tail) she isn't shooting fancy specs whatsisname with the intention of permanently harming him. It's probably just her evil idea of foreplay. Or she's taking him hostage or something. But destroying them all, now? After passing up so many opportunities in the past when she was safer and practically in the grasp of her staunch Astranian overlords? Nah, couldn't be.
No. 40027 ID: 7aedd2

Nice job asking whether we can agree that she's evil, and then not really giving anyone a chance to answer. Come to the IRC and we'll discuss things. It'll only be mildly painful, I promise.
No. 40035 ID: 2563d4

>So uh... can we agree Mint is evil now?
>That she's evil is well established then.

Can we agree that 9c538a is a terrible person who puts words in other's mouths?
...no objections? That he's a terrible person is well established, then.

Besides, Prince already scanned Mint and found her free of bugs, way back when she was playing pillow fort. What, are they supposed to be bribing her?
No. 40042 ID: e3f578

Mint's probably part of some Astranian conspiracy involving the bugs, not siding with them. Usually when a motherfucker says they're doing they're best for their country before shooting someone in the back, it usually indicates a government conspiracy. That or the person in question just wanted to be really ironic.

The bugs themselves probably have no idea of their purpose and were built or engineered to be antagonistic, at least from what we've seen of them.

It's just a theory built on narrative cliches, somethign else is going to come up to refute it. I forgot why that Colonel Pig guy did what he did, did it have something to do with really wanting to kill it permanently and went crazy homicidal for that goal, endangering lives in the process? These bugs have conspiracy vibes written all over them in this series.
No. 40064 ID: 9c538a


Wow, she shot that guy and you still can't say she's evil? Wow.


You are free to disagree even if I have established it as an obvious truth. That just makes you looney~

You're right on the "terrible person" part though. At least I haven't shot my own ally with his own gun.
No. 40087 ID: 874bd8


Can we agree that you're no better than he is by taking what he said way too literally? No objections? Then yes. :3c

And just because she's not infected doesn't mean she isn't in league with the bugs. From what I remember from the first chapter they came from the same planet Mint is from, and they're capable of talking with other species. Who's to say she hasn't been promised some sort of reward for worming her way into the Alliance and making it easier for the bugs to gain access?

And if not, maybe she's just doing bad things for her own selfish reasons. You don't need a bug in your neck to be a bad person. :3c
No. 40110 ID: 2563d4

It is an obvious truth that both of you rape puppies. This fact is now 100% established.

Herp a derp isn't being a moron who thinks you can support an argument just by authoritatively stating it fun. It's just like politics!

(874bd8 also apparently can't understand mirroring an argument for illustrative purposes, but there's actual evidence for that one.)

If you want to worry about bug infiltration of the team, there's the fact that Hoft has already been infected and keeps, unlike Mint, actually taking actions that are setbacks for the team, like ruining the skimmer. He has been many times over the saboteur Mint is supposed to be.
No. 40113 ID: 830984

>OMG Mint killed him!
Keep in mind it is a stun gun, so it was more like knocking him unconscious by hitting him in the head with his own gun.

Which doesn't necessarily mean she isn't some sort of nefarious bug-cultist who thinks the Astranians would be better with the bugs in charge.
No. 40124 ID: 874bd8


It's an obvious truth that I find your attempts at arguing adorable. :3c

(And pssst, anon, wanna hear a secret? Calling people morons for not agreeing with you? Yeah, that's kind of a silly thing to do. 83c)
No. 40127 ID: bccf7b

And just like politics, your post reeks of butthurt over people not agreeing with you.

>implying meaning by cherry-picking words
>well established method of douchery
No. 40194 ID: bccf7b
File 131101053267.jpg - (62.41KB , 401x599 , FileDik-dik (male) -Tarangire National Park -Tanza.jpg )

I think I may have found Ace Pilot Oken's relatives!

No. 40198 ID: 3416ec


D'aaaawwwwwww. :3
No. 40200 ID: 1444d5

>Bluh bluh huge bitch
Or alternatively, it's a case of 'my world, my problem'. Mint and the bugs are both from Vin-Malor, this could be a personal vendetta thing.
No. 40201 ID: 2f6341
File 131101825364.png - (47.60KB , 600x400 , daw.png )

oh my god...


No. 40215 ID: 383006

There are tons of these at my local zoo (which is also like, 5 bux to get into). I almost touched one one time.
No. 40217 ID: bcf350

They are super fucking tiny too. They can stand on top of a salt lick. It's amazing.
No. 41440 ID: 2563d4


Dat FTL tech?
No. 41446 ID: e1c562

Solars generally rely on warp gates for interstellar travel

FTL drives are usually a fall back, used for building new gates, and more desperate situations
No. 41808 ID: e1c562

after I'm done this thread of Gnoll's Bane, I will be updating a quest
what quest should it be?

Gnoll's Bane? (another thread)
CrashQuest 2?
Command Quest? (+1 residual bonus)
Colony Guard? (+3 residual bonus)

Something else?
No. 41809 ID: 07416a

Gnoll's bane.
No. 41811 ID: f1972f

Colony Guard
No. 41813 ID: fb10df

Colony Guard
No. 41820 ID: 2563d4

Gnoll's Bane.
No. 41828 ID: e3f578

Colony Guard for min/max

I'm wondering why Gando's skull logo is staying on the UI so long. When it took a bit for the skull to appear, I just assumed LW's was simulating game time (if this was actually being played as a programmed game in real time rather a quest in quest format) by having the skull slowly and climatically form to signify death and that the first few actions are within about 30 seconds or so.
No. 41829 ID: 2563d4

>When it took a bit for the skull to appear

><LionsPhil> This channel is deader than a LW character :V
><Asploding> Chicken isn't dead YET!
><%Driblis-Workanbold> so dead~
><LionsPhil> Gando is! Probably.
><LionsPhil> Although for real ye olde CRPG UI guess there should be a skull in his place

><LonelyWorld> LP you mentioned there not being a skull for Gando's portrait, so I made one just for you
><LionsPhil> Yeah, I saw :D
><LionsPhil> (inb4 "oh no gando died because we acted too slow he was alive before that update aaaa aaaaa aaaaaaa")
><LonelyWorld> lol
No. 41831 ID: e3f578

I knew it was a thing for RPG's and i just hypothesized the thing faded in, thanks for that info

but now Gando's corpse is taking up an entire party space! and while archmage said revival is possible I doubt we'll undo his death during the adventure since it's never been done before and now Gando's "You are dead, dead, deaaaaaaaaad" picture keeps picking up my RPG instincts to use a pheonix down item or spell so the skull will go away or at least throw him out of the party using the menu screen.
No. 41837 ID: 9cb4b3



For the GLORY of the EMPIRE!
No. 41847 ID: ce4a4d

More Chicken (and gnoll). Space furries are uncooperative and annoying.
No. 41880 ID: 2563d4

Bangles' health bar hasn't budged in the last six updates and we left her in a safe dead-end. Beats dragging her about while we find one of a) healing potion b) mana potion c) reason to sit and hide healing magic to recharge naturally.
No. 41925 ID: e1c562

I'm thinking about maybe making a gallery to gather up some of the CrashQuest and other art scattered across various threads

any suggestions/opinions on the matter?
No. 41926 ID: 2563d4

...I thought you already had a DA?
I would strongly reccommend against FurAffinity. The comments you'd get would not make you a happy person.
No. 41927 ID: e1c562

I would prefer to not use one of my old accounts.

instead I would rather create a new gallery
No. 41938 ID: e1c562

I'll be heading out of town till late sunday, so no updates till then
No. 42024 ID: e1c562

my brand new FA gallery for those interested


I had a long discussion with people on IRC, and ultimately this is probably the simplest option
No. 42028 ID: 4bdd79

Now that you've made an FA account, it's only a matter of time before large numbers of furries discover your quest.

And you thought the Tiny Deer incident was bad.
No. 42073 ID: 5b0d85

Most furries can't actually draw, though.
No. 42074 ID: cfa804

True, but all the inevitable comments of "I'd yiff her in the murrhole" are disturbing in their own right.
No. 42075 ID: 2563d4
File 131480353613.gif - (86.58KB , 600x1013 , tirrel-sweaty.gif )

Pic always related.

They can blow all their income on comissions, though.
No. 42081 ID: e1c562

(this is a backup computer)

I had a flash blackout

now my computer can't seem to recognize any of my hardware

I may not be able to update for a while
No. 42089 ID: 5b0d85

Dude, I have a lot of the Sergal fans on FA watching me, and even I don't get those sorts of comments from my pictures of sergals.

Then again, I very rarely draw porn.
No. 42122 ID: 383006

I DO draw porn with some frequency and don't get comments like that.
No. 42126 ID: 26eb87

Yes, but your porn is horrifying. People are too busy going "aaahahaha I can't believe he drew that" to immediately drop their pants. tru fax.
No. 42129 ID: c71597

Implying they wear pants in the first place.
No. 42200 ID: e1c562

the situation has taken a bit of a turn for the worse

with luck Gnoll's Bane will be updating again within 2 weeks
No. 42481 ID: e1c562
File 131536280032.jpg - (135.90KB , 280x556 , Enrad.jpg )

I felt like drawing Enrad, so I did
No. 42675 ID: 4bdd79

Enrad was the best character.

We need an Enrad Quest.
No. 42676 ID: e9ab0d

Godspeed soldier. ;_;
No. 42678 ID: 2eb9ae

But Enrad's deeeead. He was a pretty cool guy, tho, I'll give you that.
No. 42680 ID: e3f578

Enrad ain't dead, we rescued him in Commander Quest.
Damnded spiderbugs
No. 42753 ID: e1c562
File 131567548701.jpg - (62.85KB , 247x264 , EmoZane.jpg )

I drew emo-Zane being emo
No. 43469 ID: 2563d4

>Miss a few Gnoll's Bane updates
>Come back to find the protagonist lying on the ground in a pool of blood with the tinest sliver of health left because /quest/ thought it was smart to pick fights with a slightly less-small sliver of health left

There is no unicodestare big enough.
No. 43470 ID: 1854db

Bangles is quite okay with following bad suggestions to the letter and ignoring details of the good suggestions. That's how stupid works, right?
No. 43471 ID: 2563d4

More people voted for picking a fight when outnumbered and injured than not. LonelyWorld makes characters do stupid things when /quest/ suggests that they do stupid things.
No. 43479 ID: 1854db

That's not what I'm complaining about.

If the suggestions are bad, Bangles will follow them. If the suggestions are good, Bangles will fuck them up. It's a lose-lose situation.
No. 43483 ID: 2563d4

>wah wah selection bias
Random counterexample from current thread: >>/quest/340178
No. 43484 ID: e3f578

I'm guessing LW has some sort of system to check if a character succeeds or not

tgchan is just a natural 1
No. 43485 ID: 1854db

That's a combat action. Bangles is actually fairly competent at combat, as we've seen. I'm talking about actions taken out of combat.
No. 44006 ID: e83f6a

i think it's brilliant how there are so few but distinct identities by color in your lonelyverse. so much so that new ones are exceptionally intriguing. the mechanic is elegant and established very well; nice work !
No. 44016 ID: e1c562

thanks Rottel! I thought it was a neat Idea too
No. 44499 ID: 78b9fc


>> Puffefeh

♥♥♥ God I love that Guilder's accent.
No. 44502 ID: e3f578

sorry but I don't know who that is, so that effect is a little lost on me.

Is it a joke or pun?
No. 44503 ID: 78b9fc


The professor was on an insane search for a weapon. He talked of power, power enough to break the Astranian Blockade, power enough to kill the Astranians on all the worlds. The professor promised Daztren (name?) would be spared. No one believed that, but we had nowhere else to go, and nothing else to do, so we excavated for him.
No. 45161 ID: f72f26

Astranians are small furry humanoids that bizzarely resemble animals from the EarthWorld Solan, they tend to wear warm earthy colours and are almost exculisively in military uniform.
physically weak and ultimately cowardly Astranians hide behind their brilliant technology to survive in a harsh environment.
Astranians are quick to anger and very slow to trust, they exalt their own society beyond all thing, and when encountering other intelligent species have a great deal of trouble avoiding conflict.
Regardless Astranians have managed to hold many world despite their poor diplomacy.
No. 45162 ID: c7b6c2

Haha, it's only a matter of time before the 'Stranners fall apart in a large-scale clusterfuck of politics and inner strife.

The Solars and the Guilders will just sit back and laugh.
No. 45183 ID: b4e524

Assuming there are any left to laugh, the wholesale collapse of the astranian empire could very well ravage the whole sector in a sudden flood of genocidal violence and blind rage which was before at least more controlled and directed.
No. 46511 ID: f72f26
File 132267542186.png - (165.91KB , 756x810 , TeddyOken.png )

"having this thing made out of tissue paper doesn't seem like a very good idea . . . Mint? . . . where'd you go?"
No. 46512 ID: ec0bf5

It is a well known fact that Astranian technology does not work when wet. It is less well known that this applies to more than just their weapons of war.
No. 46518 ID: 25d956

No. 46527 ID: e79d6a


Mint is being naughty again~
No. 46545 ID: 210977


actually, it seems like an excellent idea.
No. 46546 ID: bccf7b


This sounds familiar.... xD
No. 46584 ID: f72f26
File 132285633295.png - (1.93MB , 1369x1231 , TallBangles.png )

Peopls always wondering how tall Bangles is.

Bangles is about this tall
No. 46585 ID: 1854db

Those are some pretty tall goblins and kobolds, then.
No. 46587 ID: 2563d4

No. 46589 ID: 453e62

pretty sure it's just the stylizing, it averages everyone out.