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File 128684985933.jpg - (96.67KB , 842x519 , crashquesttitle3.jpg )
242298 No. 242298 ID: b6c6fc

part 1 >>237125
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No. 242301 ID: b6c6fc
File 128685027445.jpg - (260.21KB , 2550x1572 , crashquest54.jpg )

I am AcePilot Oken

Me and my crew are stranded on the DesertWorld: Juca-19

Our commanding officers have failed us

The planet is crawling with our mortal enemies, The Pinkskins

we've managed to steal one of thier vehicles, but we are tired, injured, and running very low on water

what do I do now?
No. 242302 ID: 2563d4

How's Hoft doing with his neck wound, is he talkative about mind-control bugs, and has Mika awoken yet?
No. 242303 ID: dc80ab

sleeping girl is mint.

anyway, remember that there was smoke in the distance, should we check there?
No. 242321 ID: fd6d7e

We've got the crew together again. We've got our transport. I think the next step would be finding a water source. What does your trusty compass say, Oken?
No. 242329 ID: 1854db

Low on water? Use your compass to find the closest group of vegetation.
No. 242331 ID: a4b4e3

Quickly! Get to the life tree before they can steal our unobtanium!
No. 242396 ID: 644ca1

Actually it's their planet which means it should be OUR job to steal THEIR unobtainium. But first things first, to the nearest source of water.
No. 242470 ID: c5e47e

How is Mint and Enrad?

If Mint is up, question the relations with the bugs on her home planet. She may clearly be the reason Hoff was like that.

Pass Prince to Hoff and ask them to keep watch while you drive towards the nearest vegetation.
It's not hard to spot the Giraffe, unless there's something Enrad is not telling us.

As a fun note you might want to ask why they left you to die in the crash!
No. 242472 ID: 660aa0

well, hoff may have already been bugged, if so then we can't really blame him.
No. 242584 ID: 67c611

Find water. Travel to water.
No. 242596 ID: b6c6fc
File 128691984811.jpg - (84.61KB , 842x519 , crashquest55.jpg )

Mint's still paralized from the stun shot

Enrad seems OK, but he seems to be in a lot of pain

Hoft looks half dead bad, he seems really weak and is having trouble standing, he says he's fine, I'm not so sure . . .

>Oken uses the [Space Compass!] to track for plants

where there's plant's there got to be water!

>Oken finds an oasis!
No. 242597 ID: 40cdbe

circle it once, get a look between the rocks. then get a scan of the water and plants t make sure it doesn't have any toxic things in it. then fill up canteens and get everyone some drinks.
No. 242600 ID: d560d6

Pretty much that.
No. 242641 ID: b6c6fc
File 128693123797.jpg - (92.47KB , 842x519 , crashquest56.jpg )

I don't see anything dangerous, Prince's scanners say niether the plants nor the water is poisonous

>Oken refills the water cantines, then checks the rocks

awww poor guy, I wonder how he died?
No. 242646 ID: 0b2a05

...Well, if not poison, something killed him. Are you sure that stuff is safe to eat and drink? Also, those rocks seem a bit suspiciously shaped...
No. 242647 ID: 0e0f0e

Your water is refilled so move on before whatever killed this guy comes back for you.
No. 242648 ID: 34a657

there is only pinkskins living on this planet right? so why is that her? this is surly not a pinkskin skull
No. 242650 ID: 01a2cc

you are right. that is not a pink skin, what is it?
No. 242667 ID: 2563d4

...is that a neatly-vapourised cylinder in what used to be a single rock?

Not that really explains a mostly-non-vapourised skelton inside it.
No. 242673 ID: 192c6d

Stay back! That might not be a set of rocks, but a giant SANDWORM!!
No. 242687 ID: b6c6fc
File 128694086830.jpg - (90.91KB , 842x519 , crashquest57.jpg )

Originally the DesertWorld Juca-19 was home to a couple thousand Cazaran colonists. The Alliance lost contact with the colony 30 years ago, a couple years later we found out this was where we had first made contact with the Pinkskins

this dome is made of shaped clay, and the oasis looks artificial too, this was probably his home

this place is making me sad, should I investigate more or can I leave?
No. 242689 ID: 701a19

Ask Prince to determine the cause of death first.
No. 242694 ID: 1854db

The skeleton's been there forever, no point in determining cause of death. Also if he was here long enough to make a house, the water must be safe to drink. I SUPPOSE if we're paranoid enough we could check the water quality before drinking any.
No. 242801 ID: 49ebb2

Be sure to bring Enrad some water too.
You have to show him that your are NOT ruthless or cruel as Pinkies think you are.
No. 242866 ID: cda491

Search for a secret entrance. If this artificial oasis was his home, he'll probably have an underground house or something similar installed.
No. 242872 ID: b6c6fc
File 128697156896.jpg - (88.67KB , 842x519 , crashquest59.jpg )

Prince says he probably die from a bullet wound to the stomach

I also get him to double check the water, he says it's safe to drink

oh, that's right! the Cazarani always built thier homes underground, this is probably just a lobby or something

well I found the hatch, but it looks like it only opens electronically
No. 242874 ID: 701a19

Ask Prince for suggestions on how to get it open, but you're probably going to need to wait for Mint to recover.
And yes, I do mean need. If it's still functional then this will make an ideal place to hole up while you figure out what to do.
Of course, if you can't properly stabilize Hoff then you're going to have to radio the pinkies and plead for asylum and medical aid.
Assuming that they can fend-off the attack, at least.
No. 242875 ID: cda491

What's that little thing at the corpses side. Looks like a knife. Search the body for some sort of key.
No. 242876 ID: a21da2

Check the pendant on the skeleton. Examine if it is a key.
No. 242881 ID: 1854db

Check the corpse for clues on how to open the lock.
No. 243055 ID: b6c6fc
File 128701356946.jpg - (100.06KB , 842x519 , crashquest60.jpg )

I can find no key on the body, I do find an old locket and a rusty stained kitchen knife, could these be of any use?

Oken: "Prince do ya think there's any way to get into that hatch?"

Prince: "other then knowing the access code?
if my body was still intact I could easily have cut through the panel.
Hoft's AntiMatter Cannon would have little trouble breaking through it would likely also destroy whatever was on the otherside, as well as the rest of the Oasis.
Mint would have no trouble opening a civilian class door.

Oken: "so how long until Mint wakes up?"

Prince: "she should regain conciousness in about an hour, and regain her full motor skills in an aditional hour"
No. 243056 ID: 0cfe8b

Wait for her to wake up I guess. In the mean time talk to Hoft or your prisoner.
No. 243057 ID: e3f578

Bitch fucking LOVED cheese. IS that a stereotype? Because she's playing it. DO you love grass Oken? Would you put it in a heart locket?

Do you have family back home?
No. 243059 ID: 2563d4

Go distribute water.
No. 243069 ID: 987386

Check behind the pictures in the locket. Maybe there's a name or an outright password. People are stupid sometimes and do stuff like that.
No. 243071 ID: 701a19

Combine these.
No. 243074 ID: a17cca

Use your laser. Widebeam it just enough to melt the lock.
No. 243078 ID: 701a19

That would damage it, and right now that's not something we want to do.
We don't have a pressing need to get inside, so we can afford to wait an hour or two so Mint can open it.
No. 243088 ID: b6c6fc
File 128701968714.jpg - (118.39KB , 842x519 , crashquest58.jpg )

StarForce is my home, the Alliance is my family, an AcePilot needs nothing more . . .

Cazarani do like thier cheese, though putting a picture of it in a locket is still pretty wierd, I check behind the cheese picture on a hunch . . . nothing, just a couple numbers scratched in

let's go check on the guys!

I give Hoft some water, he drinks it

Hoft: *cough, cough* "Oken, keeping this prisoner is too dangerous"

I go to Enrad, and offer him some water and try to make small talk

Enrad: "HAH water is for weaklings, give me real drink from machine"

Enrad flips me 1 Dobbar (money)

Hoft:"arrogant bastard! *weeze* want me to fry em?"

Enrad doesn't seem to want to talk to me, though I can probably ask Hoft stuff
No. 243092 ID: 9d362b

the number are the code for the hatch
No. 243095 ID: dad664

>for weaklings

Yeah enjoy your dehydration you pinko dumbass. I bet you guzzle down carbonated flavored beverages utilizing viscous sweet fluids from harvest crops.
No. 243097 ID: 4643fd

leave the canteen. drink a soda yourself, in front of him.

and tell hoft that you wouldn't feel right, he is already in cage, just wouldn't be sporting.
No. 243110 ID: 1854db

Check behind the picture of the lady. Probably more numbers. Key in all four and in we go!

Also go ahead and get Enrad a drink. Tell Hoft not to waste his ammo.
No. 243121 ID: b6c6fc
File 128702195522.jpg - (119.98KB , 842x519 , crashquest36.jpg )

Oken: "Don't waste the shot Hoft, we have to conserve our battery power"

the lady picture seems to be glued into the locket

>Oken walks up to the vending machines

hmmmm, well lemon's a fruit, I don't know what all this other stuff is though
No. 243126 ID: 4643fd

a cola is a flavor mixture coffee is bitter but keeps you going and vodka messes you up if drank but can be used as a sterilizer on wounds.
No. 243128 ID: e3f578

MAn says he wants a real drink so give him some vodka that will shut him up
No. 243129 ID: 30c27f

This army has vodka vending machines? Maybe you should consider switching sides just because of that.
Offer the imprisoned pinkskin some vodka. Maybe you'll get some usefull information from him when he's drunk. He'll at least not be very good at lying any more.
No. 243130 ID: 2563d4

Get him salty bacon chips.

Wait for him to change his mind on the whole water issue. :3c
No. 243141 ID: e40e60

First one is sour fruit juice. Second one is a sugary, carbonated drink. Third one contains a mild stimulant (it's got just enough to keep him mostly awake for several hours). Last one is an alcoholic drink (probably strong enough to use as a disinfectant or fuel). You're best off with the first one.
No. 243156 ID: dad664

Alcohol acts as a blood thinner. We definately don't want to give that to any of our injured to drink, lest they bleed out.

It is good as an anti-septic though, so perhaps you could use it to treat Hofts wounds.
No. 243234 ID: a7a85a


He's right. With the prisoner most of what was cauterized was blood on wounds like that. You risk opening the burnt in clots.
No. 243249 ID: 192c6d


>Cazarani do like thier cheese, though putting a picture of it in a locket is still pretty wierd, I check behind the cheese picture on a hunch . . . nothing, just a couple numbers scratched in

HMM. Probably a combination to the lock on the door?

p.s.: Check on Mint. Her head seems to be a box of donuts.
No. 243338 ID: a21da2

>StarForce is my home, the Alliance is my family, an AcePilot needs nothing more . . .
Sorry, Oken, but that sounded a little bit brainwashed.

Also, take the coin but don't use it in the vending machine. Leave him with the water canteen. We have to show him his place, the bastard seems to like playing tough.
If he starts shittalking you, threaten to let Hoft loose on him. YOU've got the guns here, YOU set the rules. He will drink his own piss if we say so.

And yes, try the numbers from the locket on the hatch.
No. 243339 ID: 589125

>Enrad doesn't seem to want to talk to me

Seeing as you killed two of his comrades before his very eyes and blew one of his limbs off, I'd say that's understandable.
No. 243351 ID: 701a19

The vending machines are stocked, so all we need to have Mind do is pick the lock on them.

Give him the Lemon drink. The other stuff contains either stimulants or depressants, and it's a pretty bad idea to give a wounded person those.
The numbers are probably the passcode.
"Hoff, he's a police officer. A civilian. We aren't monsters.
Besides, he captured Mint instead of killing her. We owe him that much."
No. 243393 ID: 644ca1

No, we owe him nothing.
No. 243396 ID: 1854db

Ask Prince what kind of medical attention Hoft might need.
No. 243397 ID: e3f578

>StarForce is my home, the Alliance is my family, an AcePilot needs nothing more . . .

Why would you say that when just a few hours ago you burst into tears because you killed men who merely stunned Mint that were defending their city from threats like being nuked? Is that out of the goddamn enlistment brochure or do you really feel a brother's in arms kinship with Hoft and Mint and offer true loyalty to the alliance?
No. 243410 ID: b6c6fc
File 128705415769.jpg - (118.91KB , 842x519 , crashquest61.jpg )

57, 99, seems a little short to open a door . . .

I bring Enrad a Lemon drink, he seems dissapointed, but takes the drink anyways

Enrad: "you know my name, this is my home, what is your name, what is your home"

Should I tell him my name? should I really tell him the truth about my homeworld?

he seems willing to talk, I could probably ask him somequestions of my own
No. 243411 ID: 4643fd

you can tell him your name but... you don't have a home anymore, technically.
No. 243413 ID: 701a19

We can give him any information that is of no strategic value. Your name and the name of your homeworld are of no strategic value.
So, yes, tell him. While you check to make sure that Hoff is still breathing.
Tell him your name and rank, and tell him about your home. It may be tough, but remember that this person is a civilian and has done you no harm, so don't take an accusatory tone.

As far as questions go?
"We were told that [Parlshima Harbor] was a strictly military site, and that your people take no prisoners. You've proven both of those claims wrong, so now I've got doubts about other things we were told.
We've been told that the war has been going on for 30 years, and that it started when your people landed on a planet and killed everybody.
Is any of that true? What have you been told about the war?"
No. 243414 ID: 1854db

Go ahead and tell him.
No. 243428 ID: b6c6fc
File 128706341388.jpg - (89.13KB , 842x519 , crashquest62.jpg )

(sorry about the really long post)

Prince: "Hoft's injuries are quite severe, he's stable for now, but he needs a doctor, If my hard ware was still intact I could have provided treatment myself"

Oken: " my name is Oken, Asnia Oken Pilot-officer"
Oken: " my home was the ParadiseWorld: Doraun"

I see his eyes grow wide, he knows . . .
"it was called that because of it's beauty, keeping our planet beautiful was one of the few things my people were good at, it was pretty much a resort planet"

Enrad doesn't seem able to look me in eyes anymore

"three years ago. I was still in flight academy when I heard the news, DORAUN HAD BEEN DESTROYED.
my people had always been peacefull, but we were not unprepared,
your people must have known this,
your people knew they couldn't win a strait up fight,
and your people had a secret weapon, a bomb that would exterminate all life on a planet."

"but you already knew all that"

* * *

Enrad remains quite for several minutes
Enrad: "are you going to shoot me, Oken?"

Oken: "I'm not out for revenge Enrad, I'm looking for answers, will you answer my questions?"

Enrad: "yes"

I ask him about the other planets, he confesses that his people did do all those things, I ask him why and he starts to cry

Enrad:" THE GENERALS ARE MAD! they act at random, or so the others think, I know the truthe, THEY LISTEN TO THE VOICES! and they kill anyone who rebels, I got this job to get out of the city, IN THE CITY THE VOICES ARE EVERYWHERE!"
No. 243432 ID: 0cfe8b

Voices... What do you mean by that?
No. 243433 ID: 1854db

Uhm... what voices?
No. 243435 ID: e3f578

The bugs! They're everywhere! They must have caused infighting between those carnifaxi-whatever, the mouses and exterminating them because the bugs love war. To stop the war we must kill the bugs.

You must kill the Queen, Oken, and only a hardy group of misfits has a chance in hell.
No. 243437 ID: 99c8de

I think he is talking about the parasite that was attache to hoft
No. 243439 ID: 8555c2

"Hoft, does this sound familiar?"
"There was some sort of bug on Hoft's neck. It was controlling him. He nearly killed me because of it."

Explain your mission and how everything has gone horribly wrong since you crashed. Ask Hoft what he thinks about vegetable rations being put in Prince instead of a nuclear warhead. That's pretty fucked up.
No. 243441 ID: 701a19

"Tell me about these 'voices'. Can you describe them?
Are they some kind of mind control parasite or something?"

So! Oken! What are we to you?
No. 243444 ID: 644ca1

I'm pretty sure we ARE Oken, not some OoIP syle mind voices.
No. 243447 ID: b6c6fc
File 128706979871.jpg - (82.83KB , 842x519 , crashquest63.jpg )

I think Hoft is asleep

I tell Enrad about Hoft's encounter


Oken: "so the voices come from the bugs right?"

Enrad: "NO! the voices are in the air, in your mind! they are GODS! they see EVERYTHING, they KNOW everything, and they tell you to do things. if you resist, then they send the BUGS!
No. 243450 ID: 1854db

This guy is obviously deranged. Possibly because of such prolonged exposure to whatever's in the city... or maybe this whole 'voices' thing is a paranoid delusion.

We should get a second opinion. Find someone else to interrogate before we make any plans based on a madman's ranting.
No. 243456 ID: e3f578

No. 243458 ID: 3699e6

Kind of like the voices you're hearing now, eh, Oken? :3c
No. 243483 ID: e40e60

Check him for bugs.
No. 243485 ID: 732129


First, calm him down again. Then ask him where bugs normally attach on pinkies. Then tell him that you thought the war made no sense, too.

Try to establish some common ground, you need information and the more reasonable he thinks you are, the more likely he is to give you good information.
No. 243511 ID: fd6d7e

This still sounds like another us. How would such a phenomenon overcome the incredible curiosity at meeting alien races and exotic planets though and just kill them offhand? I wonder if we could summon any bugs. I'M NOT METAGAMING
No. 243549 ID: b6c6fc
File 128709748259.jpg - (88.90KB , 842x519 , crashquest64.jpg )

I ask Enrad more about the bugs

Enrad: "they always latch onto the neck, is easier to eat brain that way,"

Oken: " . . . they eat brains?"

Enrad: "only when done controling"

there are no bugs on Enrad's neck, but the rest of his body is covered by his bulky clothing

Talking to Enrad is getting boring, I should probably find something else to do
No. 243550 ID: 4643fd

let's try out the numbers on the door.
No. 243552 ID: dad664

Zombie bugs?
No. 243553 ID: eb3460

dead rising?
No. 243556 ID: fdb267

Oh yeah, I can see how a conversation about BRAINEATING ZOMBIEBUGS AND MYSTICAL BODYLESS VOICES OF EVIL CONTROLLING THE ENEMY FORCE becomes boring after a minute. Try to get some last informations like when this all started or whether there's any way to protect yourself against the bugs or what the voices usually say.
No. 243579 ID: 701a19

I see what's happening here.
They didn't make first contact with the alliance, they made it with the bugs.
The bugs took a foothold and expanded it into full control.

You need to get in touch with command. You need to tell them this so that they can change their tactics; stop fighting the pinkes and start fighting the bugs.
Granted, that's going to mostly take the form of fighting the pinkies, but gassing cities with insecticide and getting a cityfull of support is going to make things much easier.
No. 243580 ID: 4643fd

no, something tells me our command already knows.
No. 243582 ID: b6c6fc
File 128710083822.jpg - (82.58KB , 842x519 , crashquest65.jpg )

I guess I wasn't really paying much attention to what Enrad was talking about, I got distracted thinking about home, besides it was all crazy ramblings right?

. . . is it possible he's telling the truth?

that said, I could probably still get some more info out of him

I ask Enrad about the prisoners
Enrad: "we never used to take prisoners, the voices always told us not to, about a month ago the voices changed thier minds,we were to take every furre we found captive, prisoners were also shipped here from other worlds"

I ask Enrad about Enrad about the voices . . . again

Enrad: "oh they've alway been here! but it got a lot worse after Parlshima was built"
No. 243590 ID: f4963f

>Got worse after Parlshima was built
Goddamn. I bet there's a dark secret there.

Well, let's see. The original reason we went to the rocks was to avoid the battle earlier. I suggest we wait for Mint to wake up and get her up to speed, and see if she's interested in getting to the bottom of this too.

Sorry Oken. I'm afraid life's going to be boring for a few hours. :(
No. 243591 ID: 4643fd

well dang. let's just try the code on the door.
No. 243592 ID: cbb20c

But wait, I thought Hoft picked up his bug off-planet? Does this mean the threat is trans-system? Is it playing both sides?
No. 243597 ID: b6c6fc
File 128710309869.jpg - (85.86KB , 842x519 , crashquest66.jpg )

>Oken types in the numbers

5. 7. 9. 9.

. . . it didn't work, the door's still closed

>Oken is tired, If she doesn't find something else to do, she's going to take a nap until mint wakes up
No. 243598 ID: 4643fd

hmmm.... can't think of anything. go take that nap. make sure you seal the doors.
No. 243602 ID: 1854db

Further inspect the shelter. Maybe there's more numbers carved in it. Like under that small rock next to the corpse?
No. 243623 ID: fd6d7e


Take a nap cuddled up right next to your new Cazarani friend. :3c
No. 243650 ID: 701a19

They're taking people captive so they can be infected and released. It's a poisoning attack.
No. 243672 ID: b6c6fc
File 128711307024.jpg - (99.67KB , 842x519 , crashquest67.jpg )

I am NOT sleeping next to a corpse!

besides, there's a nice comfy couch back in the Giraffe!

>Oken returns to The Rampaging Giraffe, and colapses on the couch. sleep finds Oken quickly and soon she is in the world of dreams

>but of what does Oken dream?
No. 243677 ID: 4643fd

starts as the alliance command and pinky command sitting together and laughing as they move pieces around a war map. then changes into her mint and hoft busting down the doors and kicking ass.
No. 243678 ID: f4963f

What does an AcePilot dream about?

The Giraffe sprouting wings and FLYING FREE, of course.

Only then, to her horror, there are BUGS EVERYWHERE on the ship. BUGS EVERYWHERE.

They begin to crawl towards her - and then she wakes up.
No. 243679 ID: fd6d7e


Surrounded by pinkies in a dark hiding place, and totally naked for some reason. What a situation to be in! Wait, is that Mint? Why is she naked too? Oh what is this strange feeling welling up inside me? We embrace tenderly gazing into each other's eyes. And then she wakes up.
No. 243681 ID: a17cca

All of these.
At once.
No. 243685 ID: 0d33ea

Standing in an idyllic meadow, munching on some flowers :3c
No. 243689 ID: dad664

People spraying combs all over your body.
No. 243694 ID: a7a85a

Damn it, Oken, buddy system! Take a nap where Hoft or maybe even Enrad can have eyes on you!

Oh well, enjoy your brain sucking bug. But if new voices move into your brain I am not rooming in the garage! Of your brain.
No. 243698 ID: 24a9bd

You have a horrible haircut, and nobody seems to think so but you. That makes it all the worse, because you have hoofs for hands and cannot comb it yourself, so you just hate it so much but nobody will help!
No. 243711 ID: f52552

Everything is BLUE.
For some reason, this frightens you deeply.

Also robots made of die-cut lace are doing the can-can while covered in blood. This is perfectly normal and not frightening at all.
No. 243713 ID: 01baf4

Most likely considering the subject was recently brought up would be your home world for alittle while everything is peaceful, then the voices come along with the bugs. You are there with your friends and family doing the best to fend it off. To no avail.

Then your on the main armoda ship, being given your own ship and crew. It is weird, everyone seems to be twitching erratically, then you notice the bugs on there necks.

Suddenly your in a dark room and all of your friends and family visit you in a ghostly whisper, "Why Asnia? Why have you've forsaken us?" Horrible images rush past you until you focus in on yourself.

You are flying your own ship, the best ship in the armada and quite possibly the universe. This ship is safe from the bad voices and can eradicate the bugs without causing harm to anything else. With this ship you and your crew is unstopable.

You would wake up sombre.
No. 243736 ID: 9618e3

Oken dreams of prancing daintily in the fields of Doraun among her friends and relatives who lived there. Then there's a roar as the sky turns red and Oken knows the weapon that destroyed the planet is coming, only this time instead of a bomb she dreams it's a hailstorm of brain-eating bugs.
No. 243737 ID: b6c6fc
File 128714026142.jpg - (190.77KB , 816x527 , crashquest68.jpg )

>Oken dreams many a dream
>of happy dreams, and peacefull dreams
>but then there are bugs
>of scary dreams, even erotic dreams
>but still there are bugs
>she dreams of Doraun, of flying, she likes flying
>but always are there bugs

>there is a voice. it sounds sweet, feminine, yet cold, and consuming, the voice scares Oken she has never heard anything like it her entire life

Voice: "my children come for you Oken . . . they come for you in the darkness . . . you cannot hide . . . they will find you . . ."
No. 243738 ID: b6c6fc
File 128714058790.jpg - (101.09KB , 842x519 , crashquest69.jpg )

>Oken awakens to voices

Hoft: "your insane!"
Mint: "shut up, both of you! I'm trying to think here!"
No. 243740 ID: 1854db

Ask them what the voices just told Enrad.
No. 243741 ID: 4643fd

run down there and start yelling too.
No. 243742 ID: 1854db

...We may want to get into the shelter.
No. 243743 ID: 24a9bd

Yell at the top of your lungs "EVERYONE SHUT UP, RIGHT NOW! I'M COMING DOWN!"

Then go down. Don't let it get to you... but still, be wary.
No. 243746 ID: 701a19

Go down the stairs.
Glare daggers at everybody.

Then see if the space compass can detect bugs, or at least count the number of lifesigns in an area. Have Prince check if Enrad's infested by something.
No. 243747 ID: b6c6fc
File 128714613357.jpg - (125.90KB , 842x519 , crashquest70.jpg )

Oken: "STOP SHOUTING! I'm coming down!"

>Oken heads downstairs

Mint: "wow! way to ignore me, AND be redondant! also wasting your breath, these guys have been bickering for the last hour."

Bugs are animals right? I use the space compass to detect animal life in the area, it detects 4

I use prince to scan Enrad,

Prince: "other then the injuries you incured, he seems perfectly healthy"

Mint: "I was WONDERING were that head wen't, Twiggy pass it here"
No. 243749 ID: 701a19

"No signs of drugging, implants, or other foreign materials? Not even an ostensibly natural chemical imbalance?"
Hand him off to Mint.
Use your space compass to track all life within, say, a 2km radius. It may have been a dream, but it doesn't hurt to be extra cautious.
"Hoff, stand down. He's given us some intel you need to hear, since so far it meshes with observable fact. We'll talk later, but for now I need you to keep watch.
Mint, there's an underground shelter outside we need you to open once you're done there.
Enrad, are the bugs more active at night? Also, what did the voices tell you?"
No. 243751 ID: 4643fd

give mint the head and have enrad and hoft quietly explain what they were yelling about.
No. 243757 ID: a7a85a


Yay, Mint's head is not a box of doughnuts! ... But she may have eaten them all without you. D:

She seems snippy. Now is the time to assert yourself. Tell her you are not 'Twiggy'. You're the mofo captain and pilot of this ship, and you're not taking any shit from someone who owes you a massive debt of gratitude! If needs be tell her you've disintegrated a couple of people today. You're not above a disciplinary bitch slap.
No. 243763 ID: 1854db

Don't yell at Mint. Do ask her to open the shelter asap. We may have to move everyone into it overnight, because the bugs are coming.
No. 243794 ID: f4963f

Give head to Mint. Ask her how she's doing. Figure out what Hoft and Enrad were arguing about.
No. 243817 ID: 8555c2

"You two shut up. At least for now."

Give Mint the robot head.

"We've got problems. I've got a feeling that those bugs are going to be coming after us tonight. We need to seal this place up tight. I don't want them getting in here. Get Prince's laser working first. The rest is secondary. After that, give me an estimate on how hard it is to make this place secure. Hoft, Enrad, get some sleep. You'll be on first watch~"
No. 243937 ID: b6c6fc
File 128718766851.jpg - (102.33KB , 842x519 , crashquest71.jpg )

I give Prince to Mint

I use the compass to detect animal life sign, I'm getting a large burst of stuff coming from Parlshima, ETA 45 minutes

Oken: "OK every be quiet for a minute, we need to talk strategy. Mint I'm pretty sure horrible bug monsters are going to attack us tonight"

Mint: "thanks for the stellar heads up, I'll be sure to pick up some bugspray at the local corner store"

Oken: "could we hold out here, could we set up defenses?"

Mint: "maybe, as long as we don't fire any weapons, and pray that the bugs keel over to harsh language.*munch, munch* defenses? HAH it'd be sun up before I could get anything worthwhile built, want my advice? drive around in circles and hope they get bored before we run out of gas"

Oken: there's a civilian hatch nearby, can you open it?

Mint: "sure, it'd only take a minute"
No. 243942 ID: 1b42c5

say that if you all hide in there then you should be pretty safe.
No. 243979 ID: 701a19

No, you won't. The voice itself said that running and hiding are useless.
However, a fighting retreat? THAT you can do!
No. 243980 ID: 1854db

Right, let's tell her the code snippets we have and ask how long it'll take for Prince to be repaired. Also inform her that we'd prefer it if the nuclear bomb remained disabled.
No. 244007 ID: 644ca1

That is what mean voices usually say, it's just trying to make us give up. We can run, we can hide and we can fight.
No. 244011 ID: fd6d7e

Resist the urge to squeeze Mint's chubby cheeks.


You mean we'd prefer if the nuclear bomb were at our command. But it was removed entirely before takeoff, probably by bugged insiders. The robot was empty all along.
No. 244030 ID: b6c6fc
File 128720094656.jpg - (125.59KB , 842x519 , crashquest72.jpg )

it probably is a good idea not to squeeze Mint, she can get pretty mean with that tazer.

I ask Hoft about the voices

Hoft: "If we're right, then these "voices" are the master minds behind this entire war, and there for our true enemy, we shouldn't trust a word they say"

Enrad: "do not doubt the voices, they know all!"

I tell mint about the numbers

Mint: "hmm writing numbers down, that's an odd thing for a Cazarni to do . . .

Oken: "how long until you can get Prince running again?"

Mint: "I can't fix Prince, at least not fully. he's missing to many parts. though I can make him a mobile frame, and get one of his major functions back online, I'm not quite sure which systems I want though. it should take about 4 hours
No. 244032 ID: 1b42c5

"what did the voices say?"
No. 244041 ID: 192c6d


Perhaps they are a location?
No. 244042 ID: 1854db

We don't have 4 hours. Just move everyone into the shelter. She can fix Prince while we're down there hiding from the bugs.
No. 244050 ID: 701a19

"Mint, prioritize weaponry. If we've got hostiles incoming then we're going to need his combat prowess. I want him positioned as a tailgunner in 40 minutes, mobile frame or no.
Hoft, what are the odds that command knows about these voices? Any chance they could have been compromised given the recent trend of capturing instead of killing?
Enrad, what did they tell you?"

After you get your answers you'll need to head up to the controls, check your fuel level, and start driving economically. You need as much of a lead as you can get, but a fighting retreat requires that you have fuel left to retreat while you're fighting.
No. 244051 ID: 8555c2

"You've got 45 minutes to break this crawler so bad it can't be moved. Yank all the fuses, control boards, something like that. Hoft, we're moving Prince down to the hatch. Mint, when you get done sabotaging things, meet us down by the hatch and get it open. We're going to spend the night in there."

Take all the important stuff with you. Anything you leave in the crawler might get stolen. That includes Enrad. I'm neutral on whether to take him or leave him.
No. 244054 ID: 701a19

Have you considered that the enemy might be soldiers in crawlers?
How about that there are no footprints in the sand leading away from the site, and the mode of transportation is still here?

We know they know approximately where we are because they're headed right for us, and we can't hide the hatch from the inside.
If we go in there then the best case is that they lay siege to it until our complete lack of resources results our surrender or death.

We need to move.
No. 244152 ID: 2563d4

The forces are coming from a single direction. You have a vehicle which you drive faster than they dare. It's large enough for Mint to work on the move and it's reasonably stocked with supplies.

Drive the other way.
No. 244154 ID: b6c6fc
File 128723509561.jpg - (103.25KB , 842x519 , crashquest73.jpg )

I ask Enrad about the what the voices say

Enrad: "many things, they tell us; the furres will never let you live, they will come for you, in the darkness, you cannot hide, they will find you and all your people will die"

Hoft: "DAMN STRAIT! you guys are psyco bastard, your just asking to get nuked from orbit!"

Oken:"Mint can you disable this vehicle, so the pinkos can't take"

Mint: "dissable it? HAH, I could turn it into proximity bomb, No Pinko'll steal it then

>the characters can only carry a limited amount of heavy items, Oken can carry 8, Hoft: 12, Mint: 4, Enrad: 4 (Enrad can use a metalarm as a crutch),
>Mint will need 5 robot gizmos, wires, Prince, space suit, a spanner, in order to fix Prince

>availible supplies (grouped items count as 1): Raygun(4 shots), SpaceCompass, spanner, spacesuit, Prince, battery(ammo clip), medkit(no bandages), vegRations(5), vegRations(5), vegRations(5), water Cantines(full), combat knife, combat knife, combat knife, stunRifle(48 shots), revolver(5 shots), tazer(50 charges), books(2), metalPlate, metalPlate, metalPlate, metalPlate, metalPlate, metalPlate, metalPlate, tread, wheels(6), metalArm, metal bits(10), metal bits(10), robotgizmo, robotgizmo, robotgizmo, robotgizmo, robotgizmo, robotgizmo, robotgizmo, robotgizmo, wires, donutBox(empty), meatRations(5), meatRations(5), meatRations(5), meatRations(5), meatRations(5), meatRations(5), handLaser(20 shots), handLaser(20 shots), rapidLaser(broken), antimatterCannon(5 shots), fireAxe, machete, (I may have forgotten some things)
>pack well, it is unlikely they will have time for a second trip
No. 244162 ID: fba40f

Space Compass
Everything you need to fix Prince
2 Hand Lasers
Stun Rifle
15 Veg. Rations
20 Meat Rations
Metal Arm
Antimatter Cannon
No. 244165 ID: 2563d4

You're going to blow up the Giraffe? (And most of your gear, but the Giraffe?)
No. 244366 ID: 1854db

1Space Compass
9space suit
10a spanner
14water Cantines(full)
15medkit(no bandages)
18metalArm (crutch)
19handLaser(20 shots)
20handLaser(20 shots)
21stunRifle(48 shots)
22antimatterCannon(5 shots)
24rapidLaser(broken) (can't let them capture any of our tech)
25combat knife
26battery(ammo clip)
27Raygun(4 shots)

Basically we want to bring with us all of our salvageable tech so they can't get it, as well as enough stuff to fix Prince, most if not all our food/water, and one or more sharp objects such as combat knives just for the general usefulness of them. Also the medkit, books, and space compass. I assume the books are important, and if not at least we'll have something to keep from getting too bored.
No. 244369 ID: 1854db

Also just disable the Giraffe. We're going to reclaim it when daybreak comes.
No. 244406 ID: 476456


try and assure enrad that you arent gonna kill him if you dont need to because it would be senseless or some hippy shit
No. 244423 ID: b6c6fc
File 12872790805.jpg - (110.33KB , 842x519 , crashquest74.jpg )

Oken: "we are NOT blowing up the Rampaging Giraffe!"

Mint: " . . . did you name the dune tower?"

Oken: "just dissable it, OK?"

* * *

>Mint dissables Rampaging Giraffe
>Oken and Co gather thier things
>Hoft: machete, antimatter cannon, handlaser(x2), stun rifle, rapidLaser, robotGizmo(x2),meatRations(15)
>Oken: SpaceCompass, RayGun, Canteens, veg-rations(15), battery, spacesuit,
>Mint: Spanner, tazer, Prince, wires
>Enrad: metalArm, robot gizmo(x3)
> you may now directly control Hoft and Mint, as well as Oken, though the story will still be from Oken's point of view

Mint hacks the keypad, then types in a code
3. 5. 3. 3. 4. 9.

Mint: "done"

I look into the darkness, who should go in first?
No. 244424 ID: fd6d7e


You of course. Because you're the most awesome!
No. 244440 ID: a0fe7b

Hoft as he's the most battle-tried.
No. 244446 ID: 701a19

Of the five of you:
Mint is the least capable of combat.
Prince is a disembodied head.
Enrad is a crippled prisoner
Hoff is near-dead.
Oken is in near-perfect condition.

Sorry, Oken! You're going to be the one to lead this expedition into the dead-end that will get you all killed!
Oh, and tell Enrad that if you were going to kill him then you'd have done it already.
No. 244449 ID: 1854db

Hoft is our real warrior. He goes first. Then you, then Enrad, and Mint/Prince will take up the rear, to make sure Enrad can't just run off.
No. 244484 ID: a7a85a

If I was to treat this like a creature feature, I'd make Enrad go first. He's more risk than asset. He's half crazy and liable to do something crazy appropriate in the middle of the night. Unless he's dead, of course. Eaten by the thing lurking down there...waiting...hungry...

But that probably won't happen, so yeah, go first, Oken! The voices and I are right behind you. Riiiiiiight behind you. Dibs on Hoft when Oken bites it. I mean...good...luck.
No. 244532 ID: 24a9bd

It's gotta be you, Oken. You can do it.
No. 244593 ID: 1d319d

You first, Oken.

What could possiblai go wrong?
No. 244675 ID: 476456

You, since you're carrying the most combat capable weapon on a ladder.
No. 244784 ID: fba40f

Enrad, then Hoft, then Mint, then Oken.
No. 244786 ID: b6c6fc
File 12873143132.jpg - (64.93KB , 842x519 , crashquest75.jpg )

>Oken decends into the darkness
>in case of death, back up character is now Hoft

I wish I had a flashlight . . .
No. 244790 ID: fba40f

Can Prince see anything?
No. 244791 ID: 1854db

Um, can you see well enough? Can either of your other crewmembers see in the dark?
No. 244793 ID: 1854db

Don't continue climbing down unless you can at least see the ladder. You don't want to hit a broken rung and fall to your death unavoidably, pissing everyone in the thread off.
No. 244800 ID: b6c6fc
File 128731695996.jpg - (60.77KB , 842x519 , crashquest76.jpg )

>do to her minor night vision, and soft light from the Raygun, Oken is able to see at least a little bit in the darkness

what do I do now, do I call the others down?
No. 244802 ID: 1854db

What, they're not right behind you? Um, don't say anything. Switch on the light silently. Get ready to shoot.
No. 244816 ID: 701a19

That should be a light switch. Confirm that to be so before flipping it.
No. 244822 ID: b6c6fc
File 128732257074.jpg - (88.50KB , 842x519 , crashquest77.jpg )

>Oken flips on the lightswitch

huh? another door?
No. 244824 ID: 0f8b2f

Three bugs are surrounding. Shot the one on your right, then jump forward and turn to face the other two while shouting to warn your friends.

This also means the space compass doesn't work on them or is blocked down here.
No. 244825 ID: 701a19

Are these the same kind of bugs?
Man, I hope these are just radroaches...

Climb that ladder as fast as you can! You can't shoot them fast enough to avoid getting snagged, but if you're moving upwards then they'll hit lower and give you a better chance to kill before they infect you.
No. 244827 ID: 8c0848

This. Shoot the one near the door and get your back against the door before you deal with the others.
No. 244829 ID: 1854db

Scream a girly scream.
No. 244847 ID: 1b42c5

what?! NO! no shooting with this gun. unless you want giant holes in the walls. this is a disintegrater ray gun.
No. 244851 ID: 52a325

Screw interior design, this is war.
No. 244858 ID: 701a19

HA! Lets HOPE it puts holes in walls!
Because if it DOESN'T, then Oken is going to have all that flesh-vaporizing energy contained within that teeny-tiny space.
Of course, firing that kind of weapon in such an enclosed space is pretty stupid to begin with, what with the volume ratios between solids and gasses being what they are and the distinct lack of area for said volume to expand into...

Hmm... Where was I going with this? That's right! FLEE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT BECAUSE IT DOES.
No. 244869 ID: fba40f

>Control has switched to Hoft
No. 244886 ID: 1b42c5

agree, run left as hard as you can.
No. 244890 ID: 476456

if you're worried about blasting the hell out of the terrain and yourself

put gun to stun, fire errywhere.
No. 244891 ID: 701a19

Yes, flee into the area where the bugs have likely made their nest!

... wait, no, that doesn't seem right.

Oh, yea, you should probably go up that ladder so that you can get your head and neck out of their immediate reach and use your body as a weapon to mosh any hitchhikers to death.
No. 244893 ID: b6c6fc
File 128733074126.jpg - (90.01KB , 842x519 , crashquest78.jpg )

Okens: "HOFT! hostiles all around me!"
No. 244895 ID: 1b42c5

duck and roll!
No. 244909 ID: 1854db

Widebeam! It should actually work here.
No. 244911 ID: fba40f

Get down!
No. 244912 ID: 1854db

Oh if you can't get both of them in a vaguely deadly beam then shoot the one on the floor while ducking.
No. 244918 ID: fd6d7e

No. 244923 ID: 6ad08e

Widen the beam, get both bugs in it. Hopefully you'll short-circuit them or something.

And scream for help too.
No. 244931 ID: 9027ce

THE HOFT IS COMING! Shout "Enemy bug on the ladder!"

Shoot the roach on the floor, but get ready to kick it good if you miss.
No. 245041 ID: 8555c2

Do a barrel roll.
No. 245042 ID: 3416ec

Oh hey, a Vault-tec door!
No. 245079 ID: 2563d4

...that was not the best direction to dive.

Keep shooting, hope Hoft is good at bug removal :V
No. 245318 ID: b6c6fc
File 12873691891.jpg - (93.07KB , 842x519 , crashquest79.jpg )

Hoft: "got you covered!"
No. 245329 ID: 2563d4

Thank Hoft. Examine left passage. (I know, I know, the vault is exciting, but we'll leave our back exposed to who-knows-what if we start fiddling with the console.)
No. 245331 ID: 1064be

Call the others down with you - multiple sets of eyes are an asset.
No. 245335 ID: 1b42c5

call them down now that the first room is secure.
No. 245338 ID: fd6d7e

oookay so you are clearly not going to hide from the bugs down there.
No. 245339 ID: 24a9bd

Look behind you!! Through the big 13 door!
No. 245375 ID: 1854db

Get everyone down here so we can scout in force. Leave the door shut and explore the left passage with everyone.
No. 245402 ID: 3416ec

Open the large door.

Look for a Pip-Boy and collect any Vault Boy bobbleheads.
No. 245481 ID: 6ad08e

Get the rest of the team down here and explore left passage.
No. 245572 ID: b6c6fc
File 128740598584.jpg - (132.35KB , 842x519 , crashquest80.jpg )

Oken: "area clear! team move in"

Chapter 3: end
No. 245577 ID: 6ad08e

Good stuff.

Hoft gets 1 FX for badass posing. And precise shooting.
No. 245615 ID: 1854db

It looks like Oken got ++respect points with her party members. Check out those proud/intimidated faces!
No. 245619 ID: c10865

Your prisoner is going to have (more) mobility issues. He's going to have to crawl or something if all the passages in the shelter are that high, or risk hitting his head on the lights, doorframes, etc.
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