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File 159976015993.jpg - (670.98KB , 1360x921 , Rotten 1.jpg )
976001 No. 976001 ID: 2bd15b

A story set in a medieval fantasy world, with an unconventional protagonist
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No. 976002 ID: 2bd15b
File 159976017826.jpg - (2.68MB , 3239x2723 , Rotten 2.jpg )

No. 976003 ID: 2bd15b
File 159976021790.jpg - (4.96MB , 1627x2664 , Rotten 3.jpg )

No. 976029 ID: 977456

Bobbie Bobsdottir
No. 976044 ID: 69ddac

No. 976065 ID: 2bd15b
File 159985401427.jpg - (12.00MB , 2896x4562 , Rotten 4.jpg )

No. 976067 ID: 977456

No. 976104 ID: ccec65

No. 976140 ID: 2bd15b
File 159993016411.jpg - (6.39MB , 1627x3257 , Rotten 5.jpg )

No. 976141 ID: e51896

Fact check... if you're naive enough to summon us... then you're naive enough to get facts about our life incorrectly and spread horrible false rumors to other mortals... now, go ahead and continue the bedtime story, storyteller... we're waiting...
No. 976206 ID: 8dad43

Don't lie. You did have full intention to summon us considering how insistent you were to learn our name despite the consequences, and if your reason is as simple as hearing a story of our life, then a simple blood deal to give you the most accurate version of the story of our life can be arranged. If not, then you each better have a valuable offering for summoning us here without reason... something each of you consider more valuable than the life of your friends.
No. 976218 ID: 2bd15b
File 159999195587.jpg - (429.72KB , 1048x1367 , Rotten 6.jpg )

No. 976219 ID: 977456

8 is nice, very appley, but I have to choose 4. It is high in apple and low in lewd.
No. 976225 ID: 5f1990

No. 976265 ID: 2bd15b
File 160003354456.jpg - (16.70MB , 3186x4467 , Rotten 7.jpg )

No. 976438 ID: e51896

We'll try once again, but try a different approach. We've been relying too much on Bobbie's and my previous accomplishments that are so ancient that people only see them as children stories now instead of horror stories. What i need to do is make new accomplishments.

Lets Find a part of the woods to claim as our territory, build a trap, and find some bait to tempt the mortals into our trap to intimidate them into doing what Bobbie and I wants...

But first... lets have Bobbie rest a bit, she's tired
No. 976483 ID: 930f9d

Im no quitter. Lets keep going!
No. 976505 ID: 2bd15b
File 160026950988.jpg - (255.44KB , 1239x623 , Rotten 8.jpg )

No. 976563 ID: 2bd15b
File 160036803775.jpg - (17.88MB , 3205x4798 , Rotten 9.jpg )

No. 976613 ID: 508dbe

What do you suppose I do then? Hang on a apple tree? I am a demon, isn't dominating humans what we do?
No. 976757 ID: 2bd15b
File 160055987753.jpg - (16.36MB , 3238x4463 , Rotten 10.jpg )

No. 976886 ID: e51896

Hey, that was quite rude telling Abdle and Bobbie to ignore us, Eldba. That said, I'm very motivated to prove to you that we are indeed helpful to your bro and Bobbie.

Lets see... it is tempting to strike him when his back is turned, but killing or hurting him now will only have the village send stronger knights to hunt us which could cause trouble if we're working on building a trap tomorrow for someone to get caught in, and stronger knights come to inturrupt our fun instead of a random traveler.

It might be best to try to trick him into leaving us in peace and staty out slow by keeping Abdle's reputation as a scary rumor for now. We'll start out slow so that we can work on our trap tomorrow in peace and capture travelers foolish enough to try to find us based off of rumors about Abdle that they heard.
No. 976913 ID: e8cafe

I have a scheme.
Tell him that you heard the evil apple hid itself at the orchard of [beloved farmer]. It disguised itself there, so if you destroy the apples there, that should complete the quest.
After he destroys the orchard, he'll be tossed out or arrested. By the people he sought to protect! The rage will make him ripe (dohoho) to be a lackey!
No. 977013 ID: 2bd15b
File 160087347265.jpg - (17.66MB , 3210x4851 , Rotten 12.jpg )

No. 977090 ID: e51896

Bobbie should introduce, the farmer won't listen to a demon like Abdle, but would listen to a human like Bobbie.

I have an idea, Eldba, tell me if you think it'll work or not: Since the farmer could probably still think Bobbie is still just a child, maybe we can have Bobbie pretend to be a girl who heard stories of Abdle and the princess and wanted to pretend to be that princess for fun so she dressed up like the princess and had a puppet of a demon apple made.

she should say something like: "*giggle* gotcha! there's no evil apple here, silly. This is just my toy puppet. I heard classic children stories of an evil apple forming a pact with a princess long ago to take over a kingdom, and I thought it would be fun to pretend to be that princess and use my toy puppet to roleplay as the evil apple which I call "Abdle". Pretty neat, right? If my puppet says anything weird, that is just me having fun. My name is Bobbie by the way. What's yours, mister?"

And Abdle, you're probably going to say that pretending to be a toy puppet is humiliating, but let me just say this: being a demon isn't just about striking fear wherever you go in order to dominate the human race. Sometimes, a demon has to be manipulative, and that means sometimes pretending to appear weaker than you actually are so that when somebody lets there guard down thinking your no threat, that is when you take advantage of them.
No. 977139 ID: d3a28e

This is bad. Uh...
Scheme 1:
Make him doubt his cause.
"Why do you wish to prove yourself to those who have disrespected you? If you rise high, they'll still just see a farmer above where he should be. They'll always try to be sure you give up, go back to the farm so that they live well while you toil away to fill their plates. Yet you'll kill US? Who have we hurt? All we do is live outside of where they believe we should be. Just. Like. You."
If that fails,
Scheme 2:
Profess to give up so that combat is over. Immediately flee his custody.
If that fails,
Scheme 3:
Fight dirty.
Toss dirt at his eyes. Steal his, uh, "sword".
No. 977255 ID: 95b8eb

Totem of the hunting spirit you say? Oh my... do you even know how that thing works, because It looks to me like you are not using such an advanced item like that correctly, especially considering you are new at this. If you are not careful, you might hurt yourself with that... badly... we're talking broken bones here...
No. 977320 ID: 2bd15b
File 160120752941.jpg - (16.74MB , 3231x4625 , Rotten 13.jpg )

No. 977321 ID: 2bd15b
File 160120758251.jpg - (16.44MB , 3208x4570 , Rotten 14.jpg )

No. 977452 ID: 639603

Look before we leap
Observational focus
I take it this is how we inspect stuff? If so, we should use it on the totem
No. 977541 ID: e51896

Sinister questioning sounds self explanitory but What does Observational focus does exactly? is it a demonic power?
No. 977621 ID: 2bd15b
File 160147893381.jpg - (12.32MB , 2998x3785 , Rotten 15.jpg )

No. 984570 ID: e51896

Misdirection sound good.

Something like, "hmmmm... you say you don't care what I think even though I never mentioned anything about what I thought of you, only thinking about totems... and yet... you were trying your best earlier to tell me that farming is a proud and noble profession... so why not just continue farming with that high respect you get for being a proud and noble farmer? Why worry about proving yourself as a knight?

Things probably won't go well for you in this battle if all your focus in life was helping people by farming but having very little experience with focusing on training and fighting as a knight. Why not just be happy with working in your proud profession as a noble farmer?"
No. 984605 ID: c24649
File 160950669871.jpg - (12.73MB , 3226x3705 , Rotten 16.jpg )

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