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File 153430141280.png - (166.50KB , 700x600 , qd2.png )
124805 No. 124805 ID: 270774

i don't like em puttin chemicals in the water that turn the frickin frogs gay
Expand all images
No. 124806 ID: 270774

anyway i know it's tradition to not make a new thread til the old one is so bloated that it's struggling to load but i was tired of the 5 year old OP art and also it was so old that most of the info in it pertained to quests that aren't running anymore which, yes, is my own fault. but here we are
No. 124808 ID: 270774

as long as i'm dusting off after a year long hiatus, here's the sitch:

★ acid soup - obviously. this one is running til it's done, no more breaks, and takes priority over other quests. we're like 75% there actually

★ wild/weary - still interested in running this one, but what started as a silly self-indulgent dust-off-my-ocs exercise quickly ballooned in my mind into something way more elaborate. i wanna do it justice so i'm not gonna make it compete with acid soup in terms of my like. time and energy
★ durian boy - if i ever get back into animal crossing it's over for you bitches
★ loretta quest - lq is in weird limbo for me rn because after another year of doing things like Processing Emotions i've decided what i was doing with lq - that is, acting out scared exploited teenagers in pain - is not actually cathartic or helpful for me, so i don't really want to do it anymore, but at the same time i feel really weird leaving it unfinished. i want to give it an ending but i don't want to do that right Now.

if it's not on here it's dead, either bc it's no longer interesting to me, i'm really unhappy with it, etc etc. to be totally honest when i was gearing up to come back i was kind of thinking to myself "maybe i'll finish acid soup and then pack it up forever" but then of course i updated like Once and started thinking about all my other shit and i was like hey wait this is fun and i love it, what was i thinking. so full reboots of dead quests way down the line when i've exhausted stuff i'm currently actively interested in are, like, idk, a hovering possibility in the back of my mind but who knows honestly
No. 124809 ID: 270774

also i have an inbox for non-tgchan readers to send me questions about stuff and have racked up a lot about acid soup that i'm gonna crosspost here! i'll do em in batches, copy-pasted verbatim. i promise after this it won't be this much of a textwall it's just like i said they kinda built up

>IF acid soup was a dating sim what would the routes be like

>does sweat have little hooves or just pointy legs
just pointy legs. the skin hardens the further down the leg u go so i guess it ends up Kind of like a hoof but there's no visible separation

>Tell us about Tunamouth's boyfriend!!
he's a deadbeat unfortunately. tunamouth does all the work around the house and then like once every two weeks when he starts to get antsy and irritable his bf takes him to the movies or some other low effort shit and smooths it all over. get outta there tunamouth

>sweat penis
it's big and nice and not quite human looking. it could technically make it look however it wants with a little effort tho

>what character did you have the most fun designing? how do you personally use fashion to indicate a character's personality, if you do that intentionally?
sweat and belial for sure! there are some hidden design choices behind the like, Structure of angels in this universe, and it makes me wish i could cram even more of them into the plot. fashion actually tends to be really haphazard in acid soup. normally it's something i would think about a lot but in acid soup characters just wear literally whatever. like lowry's signature trench coat and underwear look has no symbolic meaning or purpose or anything it's just what she wears

>what shows does lowry like. i typed shoes at first so what shoes does she like as well
i feel like lowry actually likes stuff like how it's made and cooking shows, stuff she can kind of have on for reassuring background noise and distraction but she doesn't have to actually pay a lot of attention. she likes No shoes best but if she had to pick, comfy sneakers

>angels trans? angels trans? angels tr

>what music does the oyabun like to listen to?
she doesn't listen to music. she works out eight hours a day in complete silence

>acid soup un hiatusing reminded me that ne and sweat fucked at some point and i hate this knowledge.
they did and you know what. *i* had forgotten that was canon until u just said that and i hate it. thanks

>wwwwait if. if the white “face” on whisper is actually a mask then. does whisper have another face under there

>im not copy pasting these ones but i got two "acid soup/fractal quest discord?" questions and my answer to both was no i'm too stupid to set them up

>Good evening did belal loose it’s absolute mind for ‘dicks out for harambe ‘ this is vital information
no he's too smart for that. ne did, though

>Acid Soup crossover with Loretta Quest.
the crossover is the sukebun take paris and loretta in and they live happily ever after, or at least as happily as anyone can in the setting of acid soup

>Okay so since you mentioned sweat's member I've been wondering... does sweat's dick sheath or just come and go like its eyes and arms do or does it tuck it between its legs sometimes (because that would be really cute)
I'm curious. I love sweat so much.
y'all really love sweats dick and i just respect u guys for that ok. anyway any of these things COULD be true given that it's a shapeshifter but normally it's just. it's just hangin out there. like a human penis. just swinging in the breeze

>sweat dick fan club

>Sweat is cute and so is sweat's dick. I'm going through rereading with new dick info in mind and giggling like a preteen at panels like the one where it's on the ceiling
you know it's there. hidden

>was there any story point in acid soup where you were legitimately surprised by what the readers chose to do / say?
i thought it was so fun how Cool they made lowry act at the dinner party - i was expecting people to be a lot more cautious. but it was really fun to be able to draw lowry kind of swaggering around and it gave me a cool opportunity to tie it in as something lowry could only do now and wouldn't have been able to do as her old self. plus it actually made the whole thing much less sinister and hostile than it was supposed to be - i ended up sitting there as i was writing the updates going "well, hell, jolene really likes this, so i guess she's gonna chill out"
No. 124811 ID: 270774
File 153430314175.png - (278.17KB , 780x627 , sigh.png )

ok now that all that spam is out of the way. i work best when i'm doing more than one thing at a time but as outlined, i don't actually think w/w would be great to run at the same time as acid soup. i want something fun and easy and very different in tone, so. how are yall feeling about a trashy r18 quest from me about, like, vampires. vampires fuckin
No. 124817 ID: f3ba9e

Smut is sinful and amoral.
No. 124820 ID: ddc815

t here. sweat MUST get ipad
No. 124822 ID: bcb28c

>if it's not on here it's dead
oh rip Maroon Quest ;-;

but hey, real glad to see you back for all this quest stuff!

>sweat dick
No. 124824 ID: f157b7

Nice to see Acid Soup returning, can't wait to see where it goes!
No. 124825 ID: 8da8a1

Geeze Salone how come your mom lets you have TWO very scary crime moms?
No. 124826 ID: 33cbe7

Why does Rabies keep Taking people's eyes and how does it not blind them?
No. 124827 ID: 3d6af4

im 100% in favor of Vampire Fuck Quest
No. 124828 ID: 270774

when it ends up on those like, weird semi-automatically generated elsa pregnancy youtube videos because of the fucked up suggestion algorithms it is YOUR fault

this sounds like two yes votes which is enough for me because i was gonna do it anyway i just love hearing myself talk

thanks! i missed u guys. and yeah i liked maroon a lot but it feels sort of aimless to me.... what i'd really like to do is some kind of reboot that still uses the PAAL system and the Readers Are Characters mechanic bc that was really fun, but that'll come later

the why behind it is something im not gonna reveal outside of the threads - if you guys wanna find out why, you gotta find out why. in terms of why it doesn't blind people, everything in acid soup is super literal and compartmentalized. he took their eyeballs, not their vision
No. 124829 ID: 270774
File 153434111676.png - (222.04KB , 333x282 , skins.png )

No. 124831 ID: 864e49

I love how this thread started with gay frogs.

>durian boy
Animal Crossing Switch?

>Maroon Quest
No. 124833 ID: ff82d2

Is it going to be a better love story than Twilight?
No. 124836 ID: 8da8a1

I feel bad that my first thought seeing Rabies was "well at least he has nice hips..."
No. 124842 ID: 3d2fce

same sgdfdfg. like i know hes a dick but you drew him cute fractal
No. 124848 ID: eeb7d9

I read midi and immediately went and looked for this.

No. 124852 ID: ee2d6e

Big Hip is back in town.
I mean, I'm not saying that I want to see Rabies getting it up the butt after that, buuuuut...
No. 124860 ID: 270774

if animal crossing comes out on the switch i'm quitting quests and also the rest of the internet and moving out to the boonies to eat twigs and berries and play that game until i die of exposure

no shame here. i don't like that thing that happens a lot in character design where like "Good people are Beautiful and Bad people are Ugly" and also i just end up making everyone hot bc i like drawing hot characters

this is making me lose my mind bc like i KNEW about this cover but somehow i had never really Listened to it and now i'm having a crisis over the fact that the disturbed dude can like, really sing and i just never noticed
No. 124861 ID: 270774
File 153438883576.jpg - (30.08KB , 264x220 , IMG_7565.jpg )

i'm actually hoping it will be equally bad, just in different ways. if it helps here's a visual plot summary
No. 124865 ID: b80b5a

Since it's one of the unmentioned quests, would you be able to explain what was up with the eyes in sad girls' club? (Or point me to where if you've talked about it already!)
No. 124871 ID: 270774

yeah! the eye shapes weren't literal. anyone with fucked up shape eyes was someone who was fixated on a certain idea in a way that was severe/maladjusted enough to be negatively impacting their lives. for mimi it was idealization, for alex it was obsessive love, and for avery it was like..... rebellion for the sake of rebellion, misanthropy, a lot of stuff
No. 124877 ID: 8da8a1

I feel like Jolene is trying to Win compulsive heterosexuality just to be able to say that she's Better At It than anyone else in history while Sachi is like "Why??? Would you want to win??? That???" But accepts her drama nerd turned man eater girlfriend
No. 124881 ID: a62780

Ooh, a shiny new disthread, full of info and activity.

>75% there
Aww, it'll be a shame for Acid Soup to be over.
Still, It's an emotional rollercoaster I strapped myself into long ago and I've fallen in love with most of the characters as well as the setting and story. Go team JoLoBun!
No. 124885 ID: 1931d8

Aaah, I thought it was something like that! Cool!! Thank you for explaining
No. 124886 ID: a307f1

I'm so excited for Fractal quests! You're my fav quest author.

I do need to also throw in my sorrow over the loss of Maroon Quest. I would love a reboot!
No. 124887 ID: 270774

youre right

i'm feeling weird about it too. still, we have at least one more chapter and one more interlude to go, so even tho it's majority complete there's still plenty of actual Content still coming - and who knows how long that chapter + interlude will end up


aw thank u this is real sweet. i'm happy i can make stuff u enjoy
No. 124888 ID: 270774
File 153445243637.png - (106.08KB , 556x371 , pasBALLS.png )

anyway not to Spoil it but for the record i'm hopin to get vampire fuck quest up by the end of the night and this is the titlecard i WANTED to do before remembering title images have to be sfw. i'm tweaking this to comply with that but in the meantime i like how this draft came out well enough to post it here. get hyped
No. 124889 ID: 270774
File 153446241875.png - (127.44KB , 700x600 , dis1.png )

here’s some lil thoughts on TRASHY VAMPIRE ROMANCE NOVEL, which is technically a collab

when i was in high school there was this sexually active goth couple on the peripheral of my friendgroup, which was mostly goth virgins. obviously i thought they were the coolest people on earth and i went to them whenever i needed research for my vampire porn comics (this was almost ten years ago, and my only unmonitored internet use came in the form of the web browser on my nintendo dsi. i pulled up hentai images on it one at a time, with five minutes loading time each time, but was vaguely aware of the limitations of the genre).
No. 124890 ID: 270774
File 153446242967.png - (105.02KB , 700x600 , dis2.png )

at the same time that i was filling notebooks with edgy vampire porn, my future girlfriend was halfway across the world painstakingly drawing edgy naruto porn with a mouse. (dicks out for kakudei) she was a goth in high school too. we weren’t going to meet each other for another six or seven years
No. 124891 ID: 270774
File 153446244422.png - (139.73KB , 700x600 , dis3.png )

now she’s a law graduate student who loves sundresses and - well im still a goth who draws. but we both still love naruto and vampire porn. ricardo, the protagonist of TRASHY VAMPIRE ROMANCE NOVEL, is her character, and so are several other characters who are going to show up in the quest. so at the same time that i’m introducing you to these characters, i’m introducing you to my girlfriend, who i love to draw and write with. say hi!
No. 124895 ID: 465a14


Also how often will we get chances to make a vampire say they vant to suck your cock
No. 124896 ID: 465a14

The 'your' in the second line wasn't referring to anyone specific if it wasn't clear
No. 124899 ID: ddc815

ira i am so mad at you for not batista-bombing pascal and for this, i will destroy you. farewell my bitch
No. 124900 ID: d887c0

Regarding Vampires: Do they need to kill in order to feed?
No. 124901 ID: 270774

that is up to You

batista-bomb me yourself, coward

nope! this could be covered in thread but it's not a Spoiler and it's something ricardo already knows so i don't mind sharing it here: vampires can take any amount of blood from a single victim, so one could choose to only take non-fatal amounts to survive, but they'd have to feed from multiple humans. to turn a human into a vampire, the siring vampire would have to drain them of absolutely all of their blood in one feed - this is not at all normal feeding behavior and is something that is pretty hard to fuck up/do accidentally unless you were starving.
No. 124903 ID: d887c0

Good to know! Thank you!
No. 124906 ID: 7f3fc1

I can already say im going to enjoy your smutty vampire Quest! (why does this vampire boi look so good though, look at him, look at his girl face.)
No. 124907 ID: 80499d

Welcome back fractal
come back to irc?
No. 124920 ID: a62780

I'm not crazy for thinking Pascal can probably just dunk Ricardo, if he were so inclined, am I?

(Might just be wishful thinking on my part, I have a thing for effete dudes that turn out to be powerful)
No. 124924 ID: 270774

mmmmmmmmmmm perhaps. i probably wouldn't be on a whole ton

i am of course not going to answer this in the disthread but i guess it is gonna be either confirmed or denied in the next update given that the general consensus is "hit him"

speaking of updates i hope u guys don't mind like. super long ones. because this quest is about extremely melodramatic gay assholes there's gonna tend to be a ton of long-winded dialogue but i also worry abt making you guys feel railroaded if i don't give you enough space to reply, so i'm trying to hit a balance there and it's hard because i am also a melodramatic gay asshole
No. 124929 ID: 66784b

god i would die for pascal and his monologue. lov that vampire twink. i really love your dialogue writing so i don‘t mind long updates at all
No. 124930 ID: a62780

I knew it! Badass twink: activated.

So what's with the eye colour thing? do vampires start at yellow or is that just Ricardo's natural eye colour?
Do they just go red and stay there or is it like a gradient thing that lets you know roughly how old a given vamp is; like eventually they get so deep a red they're basically black.
No. 124934 ID: 2ff745

I don't mind long updates either because it seems like part of what's lengthening them is fitting in many of the suggestions all at once. Long updates with lots of dialogue and action would only bother me if they ended up blowing past certain suggestions to consequences that those suggestions could have prevented, if that makes sense.
No. 124937 ID: bb78f2

Sorry Fractal if you didn't want a fight to break out this soon. Ricardo looks like he has a LOT of pride to lose at first and so do we. Lotta pride in those roofer/mechanic muscles of his. He was a mechanic right? That feels so right for me right now. I mean, maybe he was a crook or a night club bouncer or cop, that also works especially since he knows how to interrogate, but goddamn he feels like a mechanic.

Besides Pascal shouldn't be belittling our anger like that. We're not tv character for him to gawk and get enthused about! He doesn't have that right.
No. 124940 ID: 270774

i was laughing to myself when i saw your comment in the disthread bc i hadn't REALLY intended for pascal to get violent but the "slap him" and "threaten his sire" replies were pouring in so i was like well gee i guess this is happening

ricardo's eyes are naturally gold, but the rest of your question is information ricardo doesn't have, so you guys don't have it either

ok, glad to hear it. my concern is definitely the "blowing straight through to consequences without giving you guys enough chances to respond" thing so i'll try to chop up any encounters that are more high stakes or complex, even if that means not addressing all the suggestions/dialogue options i had hoped to include

oh dude are u kidding me i love fights. and especially here in the beginning i intend pascal to be INFURIATING. i know this is a porn quest but it might take us a while to get to the actual porn because these guys............. are super incompatible. which is of course my favorite dynamic to write
No. 124942 ID: 270774

also i just checked the thread and you guys really want spit, huh. [drags out my tablet and rolls up my sleeves] okaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy
No. 124943 ID: bb78f2

It's not that I want spit
but man, you can't give in to that little shit right now, even if he's as tough as an Artorias boss fight at SL 1 desicated.
Let 'em kick Ricardo's ass, he WANTED his ass kicked six sides to Sunday anyway.

Ricardo plays Ironman Impossible on his first playthough
No. 124946 ID: 270774

oh, i also forgot to address the stuff about ricardo's former occupation - he did a lot of stuff, a kind of odd-jobs type, but you were right on bouncer and kind of on roofer - he did a lot of construction work. he also notably did one other thing a lot which is a Secret
No. 124947 ID: d887c0

I can't believe I suggested Ricardo start his own coven with blackjack and hookers and it took me this long to realize.
No. 124959 ID: ff82d2

> >>/quest/897895 >He has over sixty.
I can already see this short trashy novel turning into an epic long adventure with over 60 fights, then marquess, and then Ricardo takes on the rest of the family and then the whole world of vampires, in the end fighting with those 5k yr old vampires. Yep.
No. 124966 ID: 270774

nah bc i don't...................... have the stamina. badum TISH
No. 124975 ID: df3dfa

hi vampire fuck quest already has me in its horny grip and pascal is so [praying hands emoji] thanks fractal
No. 124979 ID: 270774

i live to serve

anyway HEY guess what i have. that's right it's pinterest boards bc those are my favorite ways to flesh characters out

pascal - https://pin.it/mw2hpvc4z3cocz
ricardo - https://pin.it/dqohwbwt7ievfi
pascal AND ricardo - https://pin.it/x5czclykxjloe6
constantin (pascal's sire) - https://pin.it/3flsjvjewd2r5q
the cradle (hasn't come up yet but basically, Almost All Other European Vampires) - https://pin.it/phnf5dgjvdq4ux
No. 124980 ID: 270774
File 153474009781.jpg - (100.03KB , 673x898 , IMG_7598.jpg )

also my girlfriend showed me this the other day and said it's ricardo and pascal and i just think that's really important
No. 124986 ID: 66784b

i feel like ricardo is that one guy in that one post that won every wrestling match by hyping himself up with hardcore porn and then nnot even hovering his hand over his dick. ricardo, glaring at the fuckin photo, thinking “yes. tthe flames of my hatred“
No. 125005 ID: c37c91

No. 125006 ID: 270774

not only do i know exactly what post you're talking about, and not only are you right, but you've made me extremely happy because this post is one of the cornerstones of my relationship with my best friend bc every time we get into a series together we always get into the same character archetype (she falls for the stern brooding one and i fall for the screaming twink) and we ALWAYS say that her favorite character applies to that post and wouldn't you know it, she loves ricardo

thank u i love him too and i consider it one of his most important character traits
No. 125026 ID: 66afd2

the way pascal puts on his makeup is so funny. whats the point of even using the mirror shkddhkshdkd
No. 125027 ID: 8bbc59

I think he can see the makeup itself in the mirror and uses the rings which also show up for placement so he can tell where it's going using the combination of them! Which is really really cute and clever. I wonder if Ricardo's level of grunge showed up in mirrors before his shower, too.

Also gosh I want them to cuddle. I want Ricardo to sing sappy songs softly against Pascal's neck while Pascal giggles and calls him an oversized songbird. Forget sex, soft cuddling is where it's at.
No. 125029 ID: ee2d6e

It's strange that the rings show up but the clothes don't. And if clothes don't, why does make-up?
No. 125030 ID: 8bbc59

I could be wrong but I thought clothes did but weren't in the art because effort, otherwise it wouldn't be so risky going to a place with a big mirror, people aren't that likely to notice someone missing from a reflection unless they're actively looking for it (spot the difference puzzles in action), they are going to notice a walking outfit without someone in it and look to see what the fuck is up with that and see two vampire men in the outfits.
No. 125032 ID: 270774

ok time for answers (i'm putting this here instead of urging it to be asked in character in the thread bc pascal does not know any of this shit. if ricardo asked him about it he'd be like "ehehe who knows! is a mystery!!!")

anything that pascal Wears, the broader definition of which is anything that Becomes Part Of His Appearance, disappears in his reflection once he's put it on - except for metallic things. why? i don't know, i didn't think about specifics because i don't care. so jewelry remains but once he puts makeup on he doesn't have, like, a thin sheet of makeup floating in the mirror.

this trick he does with using rings to guide the makeup brushes - which also reflect because they're just objects that he's holding - is not like, a typical vampire culture thing or anything. vampires typically live in groups or pairs, and grooming is a social behavior practiced reciprocally between sires and wards or covenmates - this weird little lifehack is something pascal came up with on his own, because he's been living by himself for several years and has to make do.

also fwiw if empty clothes showed up in mirrors i would have drawn it, because i love to eat shit and die, but if i start pulling dumb stuff like that you all have to slap me because TVRN is supposed to be my low stakes (ehehe) relaxation quest
No. 125058 ID: d887c0

Can I just say that it always surprises me just how cute Lowry is? I know she's a tough, little lady who rolls with angels, demons, and gangsters like it ain't no thing, but the girl is just dang endearing.
No. 125100 ID: 270774
File 153538885237.png - (285.22KB , 728x622 , bunbun.png )

a while back i got some requests that included various ocs in bunnysuits. glancing at the smut meme thread reminded me of it, and i figured it might as well go here, since one of the three is pascal!
No. 125101 ID: 270774
File 153538962679.png - (464.61KB , 800x640 , pascals.png )

plus various pascals from when i was still trying to figure out his Look
No. 125102 ID: 270774
File 153539250604.png - (202.44KB , 800x800 , bunric.png )

No. 125103 ID: ff82d2

He makes a good maid- oops I mean bunny girl.
No. 125104 ID: 270774
File 153539694182.png - (210.03KB , 800x800 , huehuehuehue.png )

nah, you said what you said.
No. 125105 ID: db1396

So what you're saying is we picked the wrong mark. Surely there was a cute maid in his size around there somewhere
No. 125106 ID: ff82d2

At this moment I'm rolling on the floor and choking from laughing
No. 125110 ID: 5b93d3

You never know, Dude With Nice Jacket may be wearing super girly underwear.
No. 125112 ID: bb78f2

Dude with the Jacket as new breakout character
Outta nowhere
No. 125113 ID: a62780

Incredible, but now I'm imagining Pascal wearing those outfits to show him how it's done... those exact, Ricardo-sized outfits.
No. 125114 ID: 55dba4

I mean, if I were ricardo I wouldn't be taking the guy's underwear regardless, not without a good wash first. Commando in stranger jeans > stranger undies

After a wash they're fair game tho. Or maybe they could be offered to Pascal as a gift, since we know he's not wearing any.
No. 125116 ID: 1d2ffa

suggesting on TVRN is hard bc im constantly torn between wanting to be nice to ricardo and give him good helpful suggestions, and wanting him to just completely embarrass himself
No. 125119 ID: bb78f2

Ricardo is just the big dummy
Big muscley dummy that doesn't know what he's doing and never has.
God, that crazy wish wash where we were trying to make up our minds on what we want, going back and forth on what to do with Pascal, oh MAN, that was our fault, but now it's in character for our big ol' idiot.

He's such a big, lovable loser that looks like a cool guy.
He'll never catch a break. He's doomed to fail at everything except shapeshifting. We'll kill Marquee by turning into a bunny and somehow ending up destroying his entire lair through our SHEER incompetence.
No. 125123 ID: 270774

you fools. you absolute idiots. now you've really blown it

you vastly overestimate ricardo's compunctions and his capacity for self-care

authoring TVRN is also hard because ricardo IS a huge idiot and you guys are making it extremely easy for me to torture him without any breaks. you guys better get him laid eventually to apologize for what you're doing to him
No. 125140 ID: 270774

ok time to crosspost another batch of inbox questions. i know i said i wouldn't let them build up to a textwall again but i forgot

>Acid Soup alternate universe where Bronsted and Lowry trade places. How would he handle the Sukeban, Jolean, and Ne?
bronsted is a guy who just wants to get by. he would accept the sukebun's help at first, probably, but after that i don't think he'd even fuck with jolene or ne at all. i think he'd honestly be the type to roll over and give up, and there wouldn't really be a story. i mean, there WOULD be a story, anythings a story; but his sister's story is about fighting to get better and his story would be about surviving stagnation, and a story about stagnation goes nowhere

>advice on improving as an artist?
consume a lot of art that you like and pay attention to what you like about it, be self indulgent, stop giving up on drawings halfway through bc they aren't coming out right (what i mean by this is: let drawings be bad. push through and finish bad drawings that you're unhappy with. you don't have to post everything you do and a piece isn't wasted if it didn't come out well enough for you to want to put it online; this took me a long time to learn)

>If I drew sweat's penis with wings would that be inaccurate to canon or is that within what it can do to it?
what kind of person would i be if i shot this idea down. what kind of miserable bitch would say no to this

>teo here. ne hits the quan so hard his heart gives out, killing him
thank god

>Ira. pascal sounds like the Count from Sesame Street
you joke, but

>Other anon says that like count isn't cute as heck
god i respect the hell out of you

>i know you post more visual art than writing but obv you write the quests so hopefully it's okay to send a writing q (or two)!! how do you come back to old projects (in ur case acid soup) and keep the same style even though you're in a different place now? i want to finish my old projects bc they're stories i want to tell & share, but i feel so removed from them now i'm not sure how to go back to them :(
actually honestly a fear that the tone of acid soup would change completely was a big one for me after my hiatus! eventually i just decided i would have to be okay with that potentially happening. i think a big part of having such a strongly consistent voice in my work is that that voice lives in my head, if that makes sense? the first time i "write" quest updates doesn't happen when i sit down at my google docs window - it happens in my head, as in i basically daydream out all quest updates before i prepare them, like imagining them playing out like animated scenes. so when i write dialogue and action and stuff i'm basically transcribing it from a much more indepth like, fantasy scene in my head, and i don't know if that's what helps things come out pretty solid every time? but that's my process so i figured i'd just share it. i also think it's important that u spend a lot of time establishing tone for things overall, like making concept sketches and recently making pinterest boards for characters and projects, and i think that helps cement things too. also, frankly, for super old stuff, sometimes it might just be better to start over! you've probably improved a ton since you last worked on it.

>What are some video game tracks you think go with Acid Soup?
THIS IS VERY SPECIFIC FJSKFJD i actually don't listen to a lot of video game OSTs so idk but i have like an absolute fuckload of acid soup spotify playlists and maybe one day i'll brush them up and post links

>You mentioned there are lesbians gonna be introduced in tvrn , do we have to solve the murder puzzle first and how attractive are they (I'm excited)
you DO have to solve the murder puzzle, but they'll come very soon after that. also i don't know what your tastes are but imo one of them is pretty and the other one is just absolutely off the chain sexy [context: "the murder puzzle" is feeding ricardo, i called it that offhand on a private account so whoever sent this is a friend of mine fhdgfh]

>Acid soup characters by most to least fond of cuddling? (And do Ricardo or Pascal cuddle?)
nanako (when she trusts you)
belial (but not in an affectionate way he just thinks touching bodies is cool)
lowry (with sweat exclusively)
the mortician (but don't)
tunamouth (no touching)
nanako (when she doesn't trust you - No Touching)
lowry (with anyone other than sweat - NO TOUCHING)

pascal and ricardo both love to cuddle but ricardo is on that nanako level where you have to Unlock it or he'll kill you

>Have Sweat and Belial had sex? If yes was it any good?
they have not. belial finds sweat so profoundly annoying that he can't get over it even for the sake of his favorite pastime

>Ricardo seems just like one of those big dogs which are all snaps and and growling until you prove you won't hurt them and may supply treats at which point they attempt to be a lap dog. And Pascal is a bijon frise.

>Characters as draft horses? https://twitter.com/SarahTaber_bww/status/1033903227572547584?s=19
all draft horses are ricardo

>sorry for sending this here and not in the disthread but I'm big shy,, but I wanted to say about nanako that oftentimes a lot of tough gal characters have to be like, super gymnastic and dancey to be lethal, in other media, and it's super cathartic to see her just fuck shit up with a bat jhshsjdhhs

>do you ever have suggestors make a quest character do something wildly inconsistent with their established personality? if so, how do you deal with / avoid this?
if it's a quest where i'm fine with having the character break the fourth wall, they just straight up refuse, to the suggester's faces. lowry has done this more than once. if you want to keep the narration seamless and you don't want to break the fourth wall (i.e. highlighting a suggestion in greentext and just saying "i'm not doing that,") you can essentially write something like "[character] considers [wildly ooc suggestions], but decides against it because [reason.]"
there's something to be said for the fact that quests are a collaborative experience, and if you find yourself fighting your readers at every turn you need to reevaluate whether this is actually the medium your story should be told in (or if what you actually want is just a webcomic where you get to do exactly what you want, and the reason you're resistant to your suggestions is that you don't want to have to adapt the plot to something unexpected). on the flip side, though, you aren't held hostage by the suggestions, and you don't ALWAYS have to go with the majority - you should try to accommodate a majority when you can, because that's the spirit of the medium, but oftentimes circumstances are just gonna require that you choose the more fun/more in character/etc suggestions in defiance of a majority that just isn't going to work well.

>Are there ever suggestions which irritate you?

>im imagining pascal with the voice of gobo fraggle now since both he and count count had the same performer
ok this one i can't condone
No. 125142 ID: 05af2d

Would Ricardo consider shapeshifting during sex?
Could he be talked into it?
No. 125143 ID: 270774

fully into an animal? no.
bigger teeth? bigger hands? claws? ......lion ears and tail? There's Potential
No. 125144 ID: 270774

.................................bigger dick
No. 125145 ID: 05af2d

... Can he do draft horse?
No. 125146 ID: 31eb45

This reminds me to ask. Does Pascal know what, like, shapeshifting *is*? Is it limited to just, developing skill at various particular forms and form-parts, or is more versatile than that? Can you, like, design new form, strange and alien to anything natural?
No. 125148 ID: 270774

okay listen pascal's immortal but let's still try to be kind to him to a degree

pascal does not know shit about dick. pascal is a dumbass who doesn't usually examine the moving parts of the world more than necessary because he's too busy jacking off and napping. that being said, he DOES know that you can only shapeshift into things that exist in nature, and that the more familiar you are with a subject, the easier it is to take its form
No. 125149 ID: ee2d6e

>Try to be nice to him
You really had me going for a moment there
No. 125150 ID: 270774
File 153555167731.png - (140.04KB , 500x500 , cosoveiapologistsquad.png )

No. 125151 ID: 270774
File 153555989253.png - (173.52KB , 592x600 , pascalportrait.png )

unfinished sketch of a merchant's son, transylvania ~1790, artist unknown; believed to be pascal cosovei.

the cosoveis of alba iulia were a successful and prominent merchant family, well-liked in town despite mihai cosovei, the eldest son of the penultimate generation, taking a french bride of uncertain background; and then despite his only son, pascal, being involved in a string of scandals before his disappearance in 1791. pascal's disappearance spelled the end of the cosovei line; his mother, heartbroken, never had any other children, and his father never remarried after her death in 1800. it was generally rumored pascal had run off with a groom that worked for the family, as the two were close (some would say inappropriately so) and the groom disappeared on the same night - though, oddly enough, all of the cosovei's horses were left in the stables, and there were no sightings of the men on foot anywhere in the city or the surrounding roadways.
No. 125154 ID: 4f98ae

He might think it was a challenge to work up to! Stretch his limits! Besides, it wouldn't HAVE to go in him. He might just like to say his beau is hung like a horse.

Pascal: allergic to shirts which cover his chest since 1791
No. 125158 ID: 0d6acf
File 153559211632.png - (255.56KB , 1296x1073 , fancyablowie.png )

master of seduction
No. 125164 ID: bb78f2

OK, weird thing that hasn't really come up yet but I can't help but be curious.

Is Ricardo a closet furry? A cougar feels like a weird one to be easy to turn into without, well, being a furry. A bear? Yeah, no, makes sense to me since he IS a bear, a bat, yeah that's standard for vamps that he would try out for his test run, wolf also makes sense because wolfshirt is profilic. Tiger's are also sexy and cool, you don't need to be a furry to appreciate that coolness and want to shapehift into that powerful beast.

But for his first other real try besides smoke to be a cougar? To me that screams to me that when he was by the time he was in college he had an FA account and whenever he could spend the extra dough on something other than bills, he splurged on fursona commissions. The man got on by himself for FIVE years, he's got to have some kink that's been able to satisfy him for that long and that just makes the most sense with all the given evidence, plus some maybe bdsm on the side.

Hell, he's probably been turning into his fursona and jacking it into the mirror as practice which is why he only has a partial transformation. He's been focusing on his HEAD and hands so hard. IT ALL ADDS UP!
No. 125165 ID: bb78f2

correction, he's been satisfied with masturbation for 10 years. He's super hard into a few kinks. SUPER HARD.
No. 125167 ID: 270774

i'm havign a fucking respiratory attack.
No. 125169 ID: 99d25f

The real reason he was so upset when he was turned: he wanted to be a were-cougar
No. 125171 ID: d887c0

Ricardo has, at one point or another, uttered the word "yiff."
No. 125177 ID: 270774

hey im here with, you guessed it, mooooooore pinboards
some of these characters are showing up very soon, some are much later in the game, but aesthetic moodboards aren't spoilers so i'm just posting them all now

T - https://pin.it/yoy5wn2zn77ii6
kel - https://pin.it/u7cjlbhz3x6iqp
lamb - https://pin.it/tgpcn675zqf5aq
jonquil - https://pin.it/ydbmxylolfpek7
rex - https://pin.it/f5txd6o4cnidks
lizzie - https://pin.it/5gvum43hbrapde

you might recognize kel from tvw, my old oc melting pot. she just kinda pops up everywhere
No. 125208 ID: 270774

more inbox answers!

>things you wish you knew when you started doing quests?
keep your images less than 1000px across or you will create a deeply irritating experience for your readers, a finished update is much more appreciated than a beautiful update, it's not the readers' job to avoid getting distracted it's YOUR job to keep them on task, know roughly where you're going or your plot will fizzle out/stay flexible with where you're going or you're just frogmarching everyone through a webcomic with mandatory comments, it's okay to quit stories if they aren't fun anymore

>what blood type is pascal's favorite? :9 and ricardo's?
actually in my Vampire Canon blood type doesn't matter - but pascal's favorite meal is people who are drunk on red wine. ricardo is the vampire equivalent of a dumpster diver. he has no palate to speak of. he has no preferences

>rest in pieces jacket guy....
[playign bagpipes loudly]

>how do you decide between first/second/third person narration for your quests?
oh, huh. this is a really interesting question that i hadn't really thought about in depth before because i make this decision mostly based on feel, not as a conscious thought process, so to answer this i kind of have to work backwards and figure out why i use each narration form where i do
first person: (ex, main chapters of acid soup) i find that this lets you give the character a personalized and authentic voice. it works well for breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to suggesters, and of course it puts you very much inside the character's head. for a somerimes stubborn and uncooperative character like lowry, and in a story like acid soup, it's important that she feel like a completely separate entity from the readers who is operating on her own terms.
second person: (ex, interludes of acid soup) normally this tense would be the one that makes a quest feel the most like a "game," and evoke the feeling of the most control over the character; but when i thought about it i realized i use second person when i want to make my readers vaguely uncomfortable. the interludes are generally more violent and unpleasant than the main chapters, and delve into traumatic flashbacks with nasty imagery; using second person makes that feel more personal and less escapable.
third person: (ex, tvrn) i really only use third person if i don't feel like the other two would work out. i also think it's the most suited to comedy out of the three, but i couldn't really explain to you why. if i don't want you all the way in a character's head/don't want to write everything in their specific voice, but i don't want it to feel as video gamey/directly in your hands as second person, then third is just the way to go.

>characters as dogys
ok here goes
lowry - xoloitzcuintli. just bc she has to stay hairless
sweat - i literally can't think of one. it's a lilo and stitch situation where you see it and you're like wow what the fuck is wrong with your dog
nanako - cane corso
chidori - ibizan hound
cain - australian cattle dog
belial - borzoi
jolene is already a standard poodle, and sloane is already a beagle
ne - there are no dogs that suck so i can't do this
tunamouth - tunamouth cannot be anything but a cat

ricardo is an american pit bull terrier and pascal is a springer spaniel

>What kind of God would Lowry be if she ended up becoming a TCP god?
lowry would be a deity of memory and perseverance, and she'd have an abstract tcp, subtype devotion, named sweat :3c
No. 125216 ID: a62780

okay it's late and I'm recovering from a tooth extraction, so this might just be the product of a tired, sore brain, but I feel like I'm on to something maybe?

I was re-reading chapter one of Acid Soup, it'd been a while, and I came across the bit where Chidori has the Ophelia painting and Lowry mentions a show where the girl playing Ophelia was so good she cried.
Then Jolene's rant while killing Boris; about not being hurt and broken enough, about being a bad victim, how everyone would hate Ophelia if she'd ended up alive and happy.
She mentions you need these things to be the sympathetic hero.
She's a skilled surgeon, good enough to fix up Reiss.

And now we find out Lowry had her artistry removed, not sure yet about the skill itself but that knowledge. As well as, I suspect, the passion and drive accompanying it. Maybe even self-confidence. Nobody except Bronsted has mentioned that trait about Old Lowry, I suspect it was gone even before she got into town.

These feel connected, important, I just can't put it together in a way that makes sense yet.

Now this is mostly speculation but I worry that it seems to implicate characters I really like, in manufacturing Lowry's personality: Cut away her passion and independence so that when she gets targeted by the attentions of Rabies, she's reliant on others to try and escape, which results in Sweat being killed and the rivalry between the dogs and the rabbits stepping up a notch. She is apparently similarly weak-willed when Reiss rolls along and acts all vaguely menacing. Then after Sweat comes back and Jolene is firmly cemented as engaged to Rabies, Reiss and Lowry get hit with more memory and personality loss, this time making him apparently harmless and her a relative badass, suddenly set up to kill Chidori with Ne as the go-between while he's holding memories of hers. Either Lowry kills a friend or gets cut off from an info source that could get ahold of her memories at least once before.

I mean we know the last bit was courtesy of Jolene, but it now feels like it connects backwards to a bunch of other things rather than randomly being the hazing for the person Jolene wants centre stage when killing Rabies.
No. 125222 ID: d887c0

You do raise some very good points. Maybe Jolene needs a character for a certain role in her narrative, and Lowry just so happens to fit the bill. Cut away a few key character traits, maybe sneak in a couple new ones, and voila! Instant, tailor-made character.
I'm convinced that Jolene sees herself as the main character in her narrative, so I doubt she views Lowry as the protagonist. She might be kind enough to undo the damage to Lowry following her narrative playing out, but that remains to be seen. Jolene is not a sociopath - a psychopath maybe, but not a sociopath.
All of this hangs on the supposition that Jolene is the culprit of course.
No. 125246 ID: 70df1e

i think lowry missing the part of that lets her feel is definitely trauma related. hiding memories and feelings and dissociating is a defense mechanism, especially when it comes to trauma. it can impact memories too, but the memories she's missing are different enough that i can't find a common thread (besides lowry herself) to connect them all, so i do think a third party - or many - are at work here.

if im on the totally wrong track then i get it but her memory loss plus the ophelia reference again just sort of made it click for me, so i think this might be Something.
No. 125248 ID: 094652

It occurs to me that Lowry losing her ability to give a ^&*( may be a defense mechanism to her subconscious realizing that she is prone to memory loss. CONSTANT memory loss.

Let me put it this way: have you noticed how almost every memory flashback uses a different art style? What if that represents the PERSONALITY of the person at the time? I think Lowry in particular has gone through enough personality shifts to form her own support group.

Which brings me to a scary theory: I think most of the cast has had brain surgery. Only a couple memories from each, but they could be seriously crucial moments. Like one of the psychos reconciling with their abusive mother. Lowry in particular was the patsy; everyone 'knew' she was constantly losing memories. If anyone had any inconsistent memories, blame it on Lowry - what she said was wrong, therefore what you remember is wrong.

Then one day, Lowry fights back. Instinctively changes her entire personality, her hard-ass &!+(#iness makes it hard to steal from her ever again. They close up shop, and the last thing they steal from everyone's minds is "Lowry was constantly losing memories". All loose ends tied.

I don't think Lowry was the mastermind let alone any part of this plan. Too many memories stolen to be of any use in a scheme about memory.

And as for a motive from stealing from the entire cast?

Well, our cast includes computer head, vomit boy, two angels and a demon, a black widow with tennis balls for eyes, a sniper whose head is just one eye, a Momokuma-expy with his mouth in his hand, etc.

Gee, I wonder what could distract them from the fact that their very existence is weird.
No. 125250 ID: 70df1e
File 153585016873.jpg - (7.70KB , 335x146 , 84b.jpg )


its a story about trauma and recovery my guy
No. 125253 ID: 53b212
File 153585332611.png - (236.29KB , 357x329 , tired.png )

No. 125255 ID: 270774

u guys are cracking me the fuck up

anyway of course i am not gonna say anything one way or the other but i do want to say that like.... seeing u guys theorizing is really cool. it makes ME feel cool. i'm all like giddy and shit
No. 125259 ID: 15a025

Just some timeline/note stuff I've been jotting down.

Re-reading past chapters and Sweat's mentioned when Lowry was dating it, Rabies and Reiss. 2012, 2013, and 2014 respectively. The current year being 2015. Sweat also shared a memory with Lowry that happened on August 23rd (assuming it's 2013 since that's the year Sweat said Lowry was dating Rabies?) where it went after Rabies and got killed(?)
It seems to be the same memory of Rabies Lowry got from Ne here:

With Sweat's death, Belial fills Lowry in about their death and mention it took Sweat a year to rebuild its body. If it took exactly a year, that place's Sweat coming back August 23rd, 2014. Around the time Lowry was with Reiss.

Then just recently Bronstead mentioned Lowry went to art school for two years, before she dropped out and moved to where she is now. So, That might put being at art school around 2010 and 2011?

So, for a timeline of things so far,

Lowry went to art school around 2010/2011, and move here sometime after dropping out.
In 2012, Lowry and Sweat get together.
2013 sounds to be the year things got really bad.
We don't know how or when Lowry got together with Rabies, but on the 23rd of August, He killed Sweat.
Around sometime in middle or after this, Lowry went to Chidori for help.
2014, Reiss and Lowry are together now, and around August(?) Sweat comes back with its new body.

We don't know exactly when, but Lowry's mentioned the break in/robberies happened about five to seven months ago.
No. 125260 ID: c1ef78

this is really useful, thanks!
No. 125286 ID: 8da8a1

When Jolene and Sachi watch Revolutionary Girl Utena together who cries?
No. 125287 ID: d887c0

I'm gonna say both of them, but Jolene is the one who goes for the hugs and cuddles.
No. 125295 ID: 270774

at this point in canon, neither of them cry. they sit there, sachi completely stonefaced and jolene with a mask of vague levity, and watch the entire series in one sitting with sachi in complete silence and jolene making frequent comments on Narrative and Symbolism, and it's this kind of weird sapphic sexually charged competition with no actual rules or endgame.

maybe in a few years with some character development and therapy and Getting Reconnected To Emotions they would watch it and cry together
No. 125296 ID: 270774
File 153607194518.png - (135.09KB , 300x335 , IMG_7759.png )

oh, and one lil announcement - you're gonna notice updates slowing down, and bc of my history of being a Huge Flake i wanna clarify for the readers who have been there done that got the tshirt that this is not an indication of me starting to disappear again. on the contrary, i'm actually making a decision to literally force myself to update less bc with my recent Massive Surge In Mental Health Improvement i'm finding myself like, wigging the fuck out over how much and how consistently i can produce art and that's all well and good but i figure i better still be cautious about burnout

also i have some other stuff i'm working on, some of it for you guys and some of it elsewhere, and i wanna work on spreading out my time so that i can make progress on all my projects instead of just spending 100% of my time cranking out vampire fuck which is fun but kind of stupid

in the meantime i wanna check in! i've been doing this for a long time and a lot of you have been reading my stuff for a long time. what do u like about my shit? what keeps u coming back? on the other hand, what do u want to see more of from me, or what's stuff u think i could improve on? (besides the obvious like "please don't go awol for eight months again" lmao). what kinda stuff do u want to see going forward?
No. 125298 ID: 8da8a1

I've been reading your stuff since Deerlings and I've always really enjoyed your focus on the mundane nature of seemingly fantastical situations and people. Loretta Quest was a big deal to me when I was getting started with ~being a girl stuff~. Also the way you draw eyebrows is just the best.
No. 125300 ID: bb78f2

I like your themes and the potential to explore ideas in your quests. When characters do stupid shit, or we're running weird scenerios, I feel you're able to the questions done quickly and we move on to the next one or we move on quickly to the part where asking that question is important. I don't have examples, which makes pointing out your strength practically useless, because I can't pull from my memory very well, at all.

Also your quests are weird in the right way.

Now I would like to say pacing is a critique I have, but honestly if your saying Acid Soup is wrapping up, well shit that was a nice little story where only the haitus caused arcs to last too long and you've moved from pacing issues you had in Deerlings. Your stories aren't like Two Kinds or Paranatural where we have this BIG WORLD but get too hung up on the freaking singular arcs we barely understand or know it after 9 or more YEARS. It isn't the update schedule that's the problem its the chapter and arc outline for stories like these so if I ever get the drive to actually AUTHOR a quest, or even write anything for that matter, I know to structure it a bit like yours, or Kill Six Billion Demons, or Monster Pulse (HOLY SHIT, Monster Pulse's pace for a three update a week, six panel comic is SO GOOD. SO GOOD. That author KNOWS HOW TO WRITE AN OUTLINE, or HAS ONE ON INSTINCT).

The most critique thing I can have is that your villain characters... kinda eh. I don't like Ne as a character. He doesn't fit, at all, with these social circles, the themes of the quest, or in this environment despite aesthetically fitting in to the setting. You're not giving him opportunity to really shine his strengths, so maybe there is a specific pacing critique there, if Acid is wrapping up, no bad person got their time to shine. Jolene had some sympathetic backstory that turned into an Anti-Villain/Hero, Nanako same thing, except all anti-hero. Your poignant villain, Ne? Nah. Punk ass bitch, maybe that's the point, Jolene subtlety implies may actually be a real threat or the biggest threat. Rabies? Ominous, but not powerfully so enough to make for not actually being present. Don't even know HOW he could have gotten Lowry to date him without already slaving her, or how he got a gang. There's not a lot of BRICK for Rabies to stand on. I'm not asking for direct details on those unimportant issues to show up, just some room to make my own thoughts on the matter and move on, and without him on screen, or more vivid memories besides violence and implied violence, he sounds just like the biggest, strongest dope ever, and that's how he got everything. He's a Broly that somehow dates and marries people between the ARRRRRRRRRRGGHHHHH. And, from our context, we can't resolve the threads of why Lowry is in any shape or form important to Rabies in our head, pretty important for the main villain, if he is. It could be Reiss, I dunno. Reiss and her missing memories seems like Lowry's least important obstacle, despite being the inciting incident of everything.

Granted of course, there's still time and room for all of that to get resolved. Ne's final fuck you, whatever it may be and maybe a big villain speech for Rabies... but that's not a lot of room. I can only REALLY critique Acid since it has the most complete content, even if its not done. It has a voice.
No. 125301 ID: 8b438a

i love your characters and your art. your characters are all interesting and distinct and each of them is relatable in some way because you make them all very human
No. 125302 ID: 70df1e

its a little hard for me to put what i like about your quests specifically into words but:

i really enjoy the diversity in your characters, in both design (acid soup has wild no holds bars designs and i love it) and in personality! i like how unique they are, and i like that its never treated as like, an abnormal thing? sometimes you are an angel with many eyes and sometimes you are a terrible little 8-ball and its all great.

i like a lot of your themes too. dealing with trauma, and mental illness, and all sorts of stuff - its cool, and relatable, and i dont see a lot of people putting out that content.

it comes through pretty clearly that you like doing your quests, and i feel like thats really important. readers can tell, and it helps get us drawn into the world with you.

also your world building, especially your magical realism stuff is BANANAS GOOD

the only improvement i could offer is that you pace yourself irl. burnout sucks! but it sounds like you're already working on that, and it's super great! so good job and good luck!

bonus: you make characters and stories in such a way that i feel like the characters are off doing their own thing even when they aren't in focus? like we may not be watching tunamouth all the time, or the mortician, etc. but the world doesnt STOP for them because we arent, if that makes sense? in some stories it feels like if the main character isnt around, everything is just stuck, frozen, and it doesnt feel like that at all in yours because of the worlds you build.

thats all i got! tldr good content
No. 125304 ID: 270774

thank u guys! worldbuilding and little details are my favorite things to write so i'm glad that it ends up fun to read

i'm very happy to say that a lot of your criticisms re: villains will be handled in chapter 3 and the finale! it's hard to say a lot without giving much away, but for all that he was built up in the beginning, rabies is actually an extremely minor character. as u said, a lot of characters haven't had their time to shine yet! i'm glad this is stuff you've had on your mind bc it's stuff i'm very excited to expand on, but i also appreciate this insight bc as i build this stuff up i hadn't considered that people are still thinking about it as is before i get to all that stuff, and that it can come off as potentially unsatisfying for a long time before the payoff - that's a perspective i had never thought of before and so it's valuable for me to now know i can keep that in mind for my stories in the future
No. 125307 ID: 70df1e

im about to slam into shakespeare forgive me

in act 4 of hamlet, ophelia hands out flowers to express her feelings. they are:
>rosemary (remembrance)
>pansies (thoughts)
>fennel (flattery)
>columbine (foolishness)
>rue (adultery)
>daisies (innocence)
>violets (faithfulness)

in the context of the play, ophelia says that she would have brought violets, but that they all withered when her father died. sweat seems to be using it in a similar context re: the fact that the violets have withered - perhaps referring to the lost relationship with lowry, and the loss of her memories?

as for the rest of what sweat is saying, I think sweat is just frustrated at the inability to communicate - the inability to put thoughts and words in a way lowry understands.
No. 125312 ID: 70df1e

sweats "I am not for asking. I am a companion." line is relevant to us getting the Best End (ira mentioned it on twitter) and i absolutely cannot find any literary quotes containing this phrase so I think we're gonna have to analyze it ourselves lads... google only goes so far.

If we stick to the shakespeare theme, there are a lot of complication friendships in hamlet. true friendship and loyalty are extremely rare in hamlet - much like the loyalty and companionship lowry has with sweat.

most of hamlet is people betraying each other for personal gain which. stares at the acid soup cast. basically in hamlet loyalty comes back to bite people (like it did with the sukebun in acid soup with the eye loss) BECAUSE the cast ends up betraying each other in order to be loyal to other people who can give them better stuff. throughout the entire play loyalty is shown to be really weak and transient because it doesn't matter to most of the characters. horatio is easily the most loyal companion, because he continues to support hamlet regardless of the consequences (does this remind you of sweat dying to try to help lowry/offering to go back to the junkyard despite that? it should).

i was originally concerned that lowry could be hamlet, not ophelia, but i don't think the textual evidence supports this. and i may be drawing too many parallels to hamlet here! so please take my words with a grain of salt. the ophelia stuff has me kicked into high gear.

IF lowry is ophelia, and IF sweat is horatio, then we're missing a really important piece here: hamlet. hamlet is really good at manipulating people, and has no friends left to rely on (aside from horatio, who would be sweat in this scenario - but i don't think its necessarily a 1:1 crossover here). also hes big dead so that's an issue - but so is ophelia.

it could be argued that lowry's trauma/dissociation/loss of memories IS ophelia's death (and i do think it is), and if thats the case, then there's a good case for any hamlet-associated character to make a comeback after a metaphorical or emotional death as well. maybe even a real death! acid soups a weird world. if that's the case, i'd say hamlet is closest to lowrys computer ex-boyfriend, but sweat (horatio) fucking hates him and honestly so do i. ALTHOUGH, at the end of hamlet, horatio is left alive to tell hamlet's story, and maybe the way he decided to tell it was that hamlet was a fucking asshole. we just dont know.

anyways i hope all this rambling makes even a lick of sense to literally anyone reading it. literary parallels hard.
No. 125313 ID: 19916a

all of this analysis is super cool but honestly i think you might be overthinking it. so far in chapter 3, lowry has mentioned more than once that she doesn't want to just use sweat for information and support - and sweat's "i am not for asking" line came up in chapter 1 when lowry showed up at it's apartment and immediately launched into asking a bunch of questions. (i reread acid soup from the beginning when it came off hiatus so i remember all of this very clearly)

belial also mentioned that he thought when sweat died, it took a year to reform it's body because it was having second thoughts about lowry and about whether or not everything it had sacrificed was worth it. it also broke up with lowry because it felt like she was incapable of fully reciprocating it's feelings. maybe this best end warning doesn't have anything to do with the ophelia puzzle, and is actually just about making sure we treat sweat well. it could be that if we don't work hard enough at achieving a healthy, balanced relationship with it, things could somehow go badly for us.
No. 125315 ID: 70df1e


youre so valid and i am 100% on the treat sweat the best we can possibly treat sweat train

I AM PROBABLY OVERTHINKING ALL THE HAMLET STUFF... i see literary analysis opportunities, i take them,

but yeah with no definitive stuff i think treating sweat well is the best we can do. and maybe going out of our way to treat others well too? i want to rescue whisper for one
No. 125317 ID: c1eaac

ok hear me out here.......i know we're trying to draw lowry/ophelia parallels and i think there's totally something there, but in the most recent update, sweat is speaking as ophelia. and that puts lowry in the role of hamlet, who spends a Lot of the play pretending he doesn't know a shitload of stuff he does know. in fact, a lot of hamlet is people pretending not to know things that they do, and it all comes to a head because everyone's secrets and machinations start clashing.

what i'm getting at here is that maybe a third party (or several) removed some of lowry's memories, but maybe other things she had hidden on her own to keep safe? her relationship with rabies clearly wasn't the best, so maybe there were things she wanted to make sure he couldn't have, or aspirations he couldn't crush. like extreme dissociation.

alternatively, someone is actively trying to turn lowry into a tragic figure like hamlet or ophelia, which someone upthread mentioned.
No. 125322 ID: 270774

OH yeah i did intend to put that hint here too and just didn't get to it this morning. twitter is my main haunt and i tend to idly jabber abt quests there a lot but i do want to make sure i never create a situation where readers who follow me on twitter have like, more meta information on the quest than people who don't.

anyway yep that's the whole clue. just that that dialogue line is something to keep in mind
No. 125324 ID: d887c0

I feel out of my depth here, but I feel like I should add something. Lowry's quest for her stolen identity and memories is important and just. That's undebatable. However, I feel like letting that quest consume her is going to lead to tragedy. Sometimes a tragedy comes about just because a character doesn't know when to say "enough," and I worry about Lowry going down that route. I'm not saying she should give up. Not at all. But there should be limits. Lines she doesn't cross. Betraying her friends or using them for her own benefit won't end well. I'm losing my train of thought, but I just think that there has to be a way for this story to end happily.
No. 125326 ID: 5ab80e

Im emotionally invested in treating sweat Right.
No. 125331 ID: 6153e1

I've only been following since you started updating again (a friend of mine tempted me in with the sukebun) and I've been really enjoying following along and reading your older stuff, too!!

One thing I really enjoy about your stuff is your general skill at writing. You have a blunt, wry sense of humour which lends itself really well to quests.

I also enjoy how your characters do the thing which is fairly common in anime where they're based on character archetypes but then there's a reason they're like that — everyone comes from somewhere, etc.

Plus, disaster girls are my fave.

Super looking forward to whatever you decide to do and super glad to hear your mental health is doing better than it was!!
No. 125342 ID: 270774
File 153634616182.png - (116.73KB , 800x525 , pascalpinup.png )

hey its been about 3 weeks since Pascal And Ricardo Go To Pound Town launched and i just wanted to thank u guys for the response it's gotten so far! i feel really good about it and i'm having a lot of fun and i'm glad u guys are too. thank u for helping me tell this silly bodice-ripper
No. 125343 ID: 328640
File 153634771631.png - (50.18KB , 150x240 , r.png )

as per request
No. 125344 ID: 270774

thank yuo.
No. 125370 ID: 270774
File 153662816372.png - (224.09KB , 800x1000 , fiocom1.png )

here comes a 4-page sneak peek of something that's coming down the pike. old face, new story (old story, new skin)
No. 125371 ID: 270774
File 153662816940.png - (285.52KB , 800x1000 , FIOCOM2.png )

No. 125372 ID: 270774
File 153662817613.png - (273.92KB , 800x1000 , fiocom3.png )

No. 125373 ID: 270774
File 153662821576.png - (119.87KB , 800x1000 , fio4.png )

anyway yeah. no idea when this is launching bc i'm trying something brand new and this is.... shaping up to be elaborate. but im workin on stuff between updates
No. 125374 ID: 270774
File 153662832679.png - (145.32KB , 739x630 , heueuurrgggghh.png )

[makes a 20 second long fart noise with my mouth] someday
No. 125384 ID: d887c0

I hate the evil little turd already.
No. 125392 ID: ee2d6e

I for one like little Dio.
No. 125393 ID: 270774

i kinda recognize your id from tvrn suggestions and if your distaste for evil aligned characters is this consistent the new project is not gonna be your cup of tea lmao

this is ironic bc i actually genuinely dislike DIO which is.... super weird and out of character for me? usually my favorite characters are always melodramatic blond bitches and my favorite villains are the ones who are assholes for literally no reason so in theory i should adore DIO. but instead he gets on my nerves. life’s little mysteries

oh also here’s more inbox Qs. recently i’ve been getting a lot of broad “any advice on quests in general” types of questions and i’ve decided not to copy those here anymore since this disthread is supposed to be for My quests specifically and i don’t think general quest advice is relevant. if you guys would rather see everything quest-related i answer tho u can lmk and i will..... go ahead and c/p myself saying “keep your images less than 1000px across” and “no don’t worry about your art it doesn’t matter” a dozen times

>Acid soup and tvrn character's favourite foods?
lowry - paksiw na isda (this is a filipino dish of fish cooked in vinegar and garlic and ginger)
sweat - i catn answer this.
ne - knockoff versions of snack foods like off brand doritos and stuff
chidori - sunflower seeds
nanako - artichokes
jolene - flesh
sloane - baked sweets
belial - novelty foods, like deep fried oreos and nuclear wings
cain - you know.
gretchen - she can't eat
tunamouth - anything but fish

pascal - ........blood
ricardo - it used to be any kind of street food but now it's blood

>Which would be better for someone with a voyeurism kink: sex with soup (lots of eyes) or sex with Gretchen (all eye)
i assume u mean sweat instead of soup fjdkfjdk but actually unfortunately the answer is sex with cain bc he'll livetweet it

>do you have all the acid soup Lore written down somewhere or do you just remember it in your head ?
its all in my brains baby

>I hope this isn't weird, but do you have any advice on how to incorporate themes of trauma into a story? Whenever I try to unpack stuff in my writing, I wind up going "oh that sounds so unpleasant, I'll water it down" and the story turns out completely impersonal and empty
this isn't a weird thing to ask, but it is hard for me to answer, bc i'm still figuring it out - and because even though i'm very proud of all of my work, i don't think the ways that i've produced it have all been healthy. the reason loretta quest is on hiatus is because i realized it was self-flagellating and not actually therapeutic for me, and a lot of times in the past writing and drawing acid soup updates took me hours and hours or even days because i would burst into tears multiple times while working on it, and i burned myself out working on acid soup bc i had this frantic idea that i had to use it to Document my trauma before i forgot anything, so choosing to rest or do other things whenever i technically had time to work on it sent me into a panic. this....... is not what i want creating work about trauma to be like for anyone. this isn't what i think the process should be like. so in a way i feel weird giving advice on how to do this when i feel like i'm still learning to do it in a healthy and safe way myself, but i can try to tell you what i think works for me.
creating art about trauma helps me bc if i were to try to just sit in my room and think in literal terms about the things i've been through, just picking it all apart inside my own head, all i would end up doing is hurting myself. i've found that for me personally rumination is a form of self-harm. these thoughts are like a bunch of razor blades and trying to handle them bare-handed isn't helpful. quests and other forms of trauma art, though, like my twines, are kind of like a big lump of clay that i carefully enclose all those razor blades in, and then i have this relatively safe object i can hold in my hands, and i can pick away at the clay on my own terms to find out what's going on with the razor blades inside and handle them one at a time with way less chance of accidentally cutting myself. does that make sense?
so i guess what i'm getting at is that the concept of "watering down" or softening things isn't necessarily bad. it's probably necessary, for you to be able to write about this stuff. actually the huge central theme of acid soup is that you shouldn't have to present all the gory details to be understood and believed and sympathized with. find a way that you can hold these ideas in your hands without hurting yourself - it's okay if that obscures the actual ideas themselves at first. you don't have to vivisect yourself and put everything on display for these things to be resonant and genuine. work slowly, and prioritize yourself over the work. that's kind of all i've got
No. 125394 ID: 0a16d4

ohh fractal i love your new evil twink. i want to snap him in two. i cant wait.
No. 125400 ID: 2474dd

Out of curiosity Fractal, are you going to rejoin the chat on IRC?
No. 125405 ID: bb78f2

Well if your just going to post character lists fine
acid soup character's naughtiest pornhub or booru tags GO! I've already guessed Ricardo's correctly, and Pascal is a douchenozzle so tvrn has NO NEED until we get to Lord Marqee, which I'm certain is actually just cowboys.

Without even meeting the guy I know he has a collection of cowboy hats and overalls. Judging that Pascal must take somewhat after his Master, Marqee is a HUGE Ameriboo, and you can't get more Ameriboo than cowboys. He's just terrified of boats, so he has to settle for dressing up his wait staff in cowboy outfits to live out his Ameriboo fantasies.
No. 125406 ID: 270774

ehhhh yknow this is the second time ive been asked since i came back so sure why the hell not. i’ll pop on sometime tonight

in seriousness listing pascal and ricardo’s kinks would be like writing you guys a walkthrough. also to head off this misconception at the pass: honestly tvrn isn’t really like a sandbox or even much like a dating sim where every character that gets introduced is gonna be a romance/hookup option. the marquess in particular is 100% completely unfuckable. if you try to fuck the marquess the sharks from gtav appear in your house and kill you

as for acid soup,
lowry doesn’t consume porn and her kink is being left the fuck alone (genuinely: i don’t like her being discussed sexually at all.)
sweat’s kink is being gently and sincerely complimented during sex
ne obsessively deletes his browser history every 20 seconds so who knows
jolene’s kink is power
belial’s fav thing is group sex
cain likes stupid tacky costumes
i’m like already bored of this list and can’t think of anything else funny to say
No. 125408 ID: 56a05b
File 153672355450.png - (35.88KB , 245x499 , ricatdo and pascat.png )

i couldnt stop thinking about this image so i brought it to life
No. 125409 ID: d9a89d


holy shit the puns in the title
fractal please draw them with cat ears
No. 125425 ID: bb78f2

I'll be honest, I knew we weren't going to either be able to or want to date Marqee. In fact, from the beginning of this quest, I know it doesn't make sense from where he's from, what age he's from, or even what age he turned, but because I was watching PSY - DADDY when I first heard of Marqee I've imagined him as the grandpa from that video, or at least like a balding used car salesmen.

In fact, the opening of the video I've been seeing Ricardo as the baby and in the beanie hat while Pascal is the sexy kinky dance teacher and IT WON'T LEAVE MY HEAD.

Until we get to see him and his character design, my headcanon for marqee is a FAT, GROSS, BALDING COWBOY MAN WITH A HUGE MUSTACHE and it won't leave my head help.
No. 125434 ID: 270774

i’m going to do this.

also now that kel and lamb have shown up i’m plugging their pinboards again lol:
No. 125462 ID: 2e3701

> It feels good, honestly.

Learning she has a skill is proving good for lowry already. I'm so happy for her.

To me, this line says that whoever Took her memories about her art skills wanted her reliant on them. Makes me think it was probably Riess.
No. 125465 ID: bb78f2

You know, I think those art memories of hers were the first to go. I get the impression it's been a long time since she drew anything. We're only drawing now because we remembered it.
No. 125474 ID: 270774

iiiiits inbox time again

>was there like, a better end for katherine quest that tg couldve unlocked? would it happen if she didnt eat loretta?
not really. there were worse ends, like ulric killing her (and thus breaking the illusion early) if she upset him, but in the end i was always gonna make a piece where in the end it had all been a futile struggle. i’m happy that i’m now at a spot where i’m not interested in making stories like that anymore

>how/when did you come up with the title for acid soup + the penname fractal? :O
acid soup’s title significance is a secret and the penname fractal is just bc i was really interested in fractals/recursion in nature when i was younger

>ive been thinking about the “vampires sink large bodies of water are a weakness” thing for WEEKS bc it’s such a cool concept & sth about it was like. not leaving my head like i didnt know why it felt familiar? it’s so good i love it so much but i couldnt think of why it was sticking with me the way it was. anyways i was watching lilo and stitch with my cousin and realized that’s also the canon reason stitch cant leave the island. im cursed w/ this info and now so are you. also im Bhïg Gay and kel’s fantastic thank you
HHFDGSHHHG COVEN MEANS FAMILY AND FAMILY MEANS NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE.... actually what was probably familiar abt it is it’s based on the traditional folklore stating that vampires can’t cross streams/rivers/running water!! also you’re welcome.

>Is Kel a sports bra is lingerie or a specifically purchased lingerie for the events individual
kel is a Get Naked As Fast As Possible individual

> don't have a question i just want to say i love that Lowry wears an evangelion shirt
thank yuo.

>how big is kel’s strap
this is actually literally a spoiler
No. 125492 ID: 270774

if you like looking at my drawings and you want to look at more of my drawings, i have a drawthread where i have dumped a bunch of my drawings and to which i will add more drawings for probably like a while because i have a big backlog of stuff from my hiatus https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/40307.html
No. 125503 ID: 270774

hey to whoever completely filled out the acid soup page on the tgchan wiki, you fucking rule

also these have been building up fast lately lmao sorry for spamming

>Does Pascal love Carley Rae Jepsen?
of course he does. he’s bi

>Do any of the tvrn cast like vampire weekend
no but this is only because i, the author, can’t stand them


>If the tvrn cast were to dress up for Halloween would they go as vampires and think it was hilarious. Would Pascal wear a cape
kel and pascal think it’s hilarious and they both ABSOLUTELY wear capes. lamb and ricardo are on strike together

>I'm imagining lamb and Ricardo sitting on a couch with a bowl of popcorn in blood sauce watching the shitty Halloween special movies on TV with an abandoned bucket of candy on the porch and a note taped to the door reading "die." I'm 100% sure at least some of this is against canon but lamb and Ricardo should absolutely be grouchy suffer buddies at some point
they absolutely cannot have popcorn but if you guys play your cards right the rest of this could all happen

>Will there every be a full colour cast photo of tvrn? I must know if kel has freckles and also if Ricardo is bottle bleached to Shit blond
oh yeah i can do that. no freckles on kel sadly but TWO later cast members have em

[context for this next one: i mentioned on my personal twitter account that my intended design for kel is for her to be heavily tattooed, but that i decided to drop it for tvrn for the sake of keeping the art fast and easy; i got this question shortly after posting that]
the actual textual basis for vikings having tattoos is extremely sparse but also i’m out here fabricating an entire branch of the bathory family so, yknow. but anyway half traditional norse gael designs and half shitty biker tattoos

>Tvrn character's favourite musicals?
i absolutely do not know enough about musicals to answer this question i’m so sorry
No. 125526 ID: 270774
File 153733071966.png - (185.56KB , 800x525 , prey.png )

now that you guys have solved my murder puzzle i thought it might be fun to go over all the different murder experiences you could've had

A - asshole guy, too small for his clothes to be useful, and difficult to get alone. this encounter would have been really annoying and mostly would've been me baiting ricardo into getting mad enough to just pulverize the guy.

B - this guy and this couple were too close together - you wouldn't have been able to get the guy alone without the couple noticing you were there. balcony overall was just a bad hunting spot.

C - a guy ricardo's size who would have been the simplest and fastest mark - no talking, just yanking him into an alley. murder puzzle on easy mode.

D - this is the guy pascal danced with - the "puzzle" in this one would have been to guess that from him being extremely visibly fucked up that it would be better not to feed on him, and to move onto a different target. now that i think about it, you guys picking him and failing could have fucked a lot of the rest of the evening up really hard

E - murder puzzle hard mode - ricardo's size, and seemingly perfect bc he was walking somewhere alone, but you would have followed him into an alley only to find that he was trying to mug a pair of barhoppers, and then had to navigate that scenario. pascal would've praised you for getting three wallets instead of just one

F - jacket guy! murder puzzle medium mode. ricardo's size, personable and open to interaction, but with the added challenge of the fact that he was heading into a crowded building and you'd still have to find a way to get him alone. i was actually really happy that you guys picked him bc i thought besides wasted guy he was the most interesting/enjoyable scenario.

G - extremely obviously people hanging out in a group - bad marks that pascal would have scolded you for considering.

and finally, H - ricardo's normal fare. easy and safe, but ricardo would've still been pretty out of it for the rest of the night, and pascal would have been bored and unimpressed.

idk if this kind of thing is interesting to u guys but if it is, let me know! i know that i personally always like to know about the "what couldve been" re: branching paths and alternate choices
No. 125528 ID: 70df1e

THIS IS REALLY INTERESTING!! im glad we picked who we did but its pretty cool to see the other options!
No. 125539 ID: b45094

I find this stuff super interesting, so I'd be thrilled to hear anything more like it in the future!
No. 125546 ID: ce950c

I'll second the others- I think we all really like to peek behind the curtain once in a while!
No. 125571 ID: 270774
File 153750295413.png - (187.85KB , 480x561 , p.png )

hey here's the first ever drawing of pascal done...... idk a while ago
No. 125572 ID: 270774
File 153750300011.png - (120.03KB , 481x444 , r.png )

and here's the first drawing i ever did of ricardo which, uh, woof. there was a learning curve here. also weird that it looks like he has pascal's birthmark here but that wasn't intentional, it's just a stray mark or something
No. 125611 ID: 270774

aaand another batch of inbox answers. only three but they’re important

>are there more vampire affinities besides strength, shapeshifting, and hypnosis? or is that a spoiler?
almost everything can be sorted into those three categories (the third category is actually psychic abilities and hypnosis as an affinity is a branch of that) - any affinity or ability that doesn’t fit in those categories doesn’t have a specific category name, it’s just referred to as “special” or “other” or etc. there will be vampires with special affinities later!

>i have a really important lore question. do tvrn vampires have to use the bathroom
they have to pee but once you become one of the living dead you never poop ever again. for ETERNITY

>you know how bats pee like constantly do tvrn vamprires also do that
they do NOT
No. 125656 ID: 36183c

No. 125658 ID: 2ff745

Let’s be honest. Nobody has more potent Big Dick Energy than Kel.
No. 125660 ID: 270774
File 153801867485.png - (354.39KB , 666x1200 , ghostking.png )

>>/quest/903325 i made this design to poke fun at myself but then of course i ended up getting genuinely attached to him so heres a daki
No. 125666 ID: 36183c

his name is daki? thats really cute!
No. 125669 ID: 270774

i mean. it is now
No. 125670 ID: 270774

(what i meant was it’s a mockup of a dakimakura, as in the anime body pillows, but i think it’s extremely cute that you didn’t interpret it as that)
No. 125675 ID: 270774

also when i answer stuff in itq im gonna crosspost it here just bc 1. i know that not everyone who reads my stuff might regularly check the rest of the dis boards and 2. i just would like to have everything organized and in one place
No. 125680 ID: 36183c

oh my god i didnt realise ahahaha

also: oh no lamb! :( though there truly is no more christian concept than "I can still bear [painful cross burns] so my heart is weak", honestly, I love it.
No. 125683 ID: 270774

[gay catholic fingerguns]
No. 125684 ID: 5b93d3

Fractal, hey Fractal, Fractal listen to me.

>the ghost king actually looks like this bc of course he does. its a fractal quest what did you expect. idiot
i made this design to poke fun at myself but then of course i ended up getting genuinely attached to him so heres a daki

Fractal you are a treasure.
No. 125688 ID: 270774
File 153817535287.png - (125.81KB , 500x500 , i look like a monster energy drink gijinka.png )

No. 125689 ID: 270774
File 153817541361.png - (147.53KB , 500x500 , t1.png )

ALSO i invited people on tumblr to send me asks to answer ic, like a direct ITQ, so i'll be crossposting those here too. sorry that i spam this thread so much i just love answering questions so i end up with a lot of Bonus Material

>lowry! what do u like abt sweat?
LOWRY: i’ve started to really appreciate that it sees the world in a different way from me.
LOWRY: and it’s honest to me. i mean, i know it has to be, since angels can’t lie anyway, but - it’s like, i think it would be no matter what, you know?
No. 125690 ID: 270774
File 153817657465.png - (150.01KB , 500x500 , t2.png )

>Dear Cain: what are your thoughts on Sweat?
No. 125691 ID: 270774
File 153817658676.png - (167.14KB , 500x500 , t3.png )

CAIN: sucks
No. 125692 ID: 270774
File 153817798896.png - (256.89KB , 500x500 , t4.png )

>Constantin: What was the last time you saw Pascal like?
CONSTANTIN: my, my. what a horrid thing to ask.
CONSTANTIN: you really have no manners.
CONSTANTIN: it was such awful business, after all –
No. 125693 ID: 270774
File 153817799595.png - (190.45KB , 500x500 , t5.png )

ME: nice try, you little sneak
ME: no face reveals or plot spoilers via character questions
No. 125699 ID: 2755f5

I'm so happy to see Zjaha back in a quest again
No. 125703 ID: 8da8a1

Is it even physically possible for there to be a straight vampire in TVRN? Because I'm realizing that vampire culture is just gay culture plus immortality and immorality. Also just by percentage how many vampires own more than one copy of The Lost Boys?
No. 125712 ID: 270774


goofs in-universe answer: no. there are no straight vampires, period. every vampire on earth is gay or bi/pan. if you were straight as a human you wake up and you;'re gay, and also dead
serious in-universe answer: i mean i guess statistically there have to be straight ones somewhere. it's like saying aliens don't exist, it's just not logically sound even though you'll probably never meet one
semi-serious meta answer: i'm not interested in writing about or drawing straight people so functionally all vampires are gay

percentage of lost boys copy ownership: 30% of vampires have seen it, 20% own a copy, 100% of the 20% who own a copy have more than one because once you have ONE copy you just kind of start accumulating them, especially because the immortal generally have nothing better to do than steal dvds. i know the overall percentage of those who have seen it seems kind of low but many of these assholes literally still live in castles
No. 125739 ID: 8da8a1

The Most Mediocre Cryptid: The One Straight Vampire On Earth

A shitty cloth belt and khakis from target found disposed alongside a bloodless corpse in a hotel near Philadelphia PA. The hotel manager says one of the people involved looked "disgustingly hetrosexual" and "like a limp fish left out in the sun put in a shirt". Our investigators will find the truth of these disturbing findings.
No. 125743 ID: 270774

deeply intrigued by the implication here that this vampire takes off his pants immediately after feeding and then just leaves them there
No. 125744 ID: 8da8a1

It was supposed to be like a "had to jump out the window to avoid the hotel manager banging on the door" kinda situation but it was also 4am and I just thought that's what straight people did
No. 125745 ID: d887c0

Am straight and can confirm that we have a hard time keeping our pants on.
Or maybe that's just me.
I should probably buy a belt.
No. 125748 ID: 270774

No. 125762 ID: 8da8a1
File 153849792428.png - (259.30KB , 1200x2250 , 1200px-Porky_Pig_svg.png )

Porky pig is the one straight vampire on earth
No. 125763 ID: 733bd9

Straight Vampire: Appears
Pants: Disappears.
This is a new vampire rule, huh?
No. 125810 ID: 270774
File 153858315303.png - (489.34KB , 900x467 , minbun.png )

oh, time to mention - minoru and bunji's DARK BACKSTORIES as characters is that they actually started life as.......... dangan ronpa fancharacters, belonging to myself and to sunny, who is the author of life after death here on tgchan!! (>>/quest/900557) surprise, we're best friends, lol. bunji art here obviously done by her, not me

we've idly kicked around the idea of a dangan ronpa quest that would include these two and a dozen others but like..... that would be a far way off bc we're both busy

of course as a vampire it no longer makes sense for bunji to be a baker, so he's been keeping himself busy other ways. also they're both much MEANER as vampires than they are as hope's peak students
No. 125845 ID: 270774

mooooore cc inbox crossposting

>does pascal listen to evanescence .
obviously. obviousl

>Is the vampire world also suffering from a top shortage, like we are?
no. vampires want for nothing. their sexual ecosystem is paradise

>do vampires get drunk easier bc they have no / less blood
actually it’s the opposite - their tolerance is generally a bit higher than it was as a human due to just having higher constitution overall, but it still varies widely between individuals

>hi ira!!! i was just wondering, how long does it take you to draw a panel for a quest?? you seem to whip them out so fast omggg
a four image tvrn update takes me roughly two hours - so, with a little wiggle room for googling reference when needed and fucking around a little, about a half hour per panel, when it’s a monochrome quest like tvrn (instead of full color like acid soup) and all of the things in the panels are easy for me to draw (like closeups of mean boys making mean faces)

>Ne's 1 night only drunk quest adventures
god. god. i would consider it

>I'm all emotional at the moment and just teared up a bit reading the update because of minmin referring to bunji as his husband constantly because that's so NICE and he LOVES HIM and they're MARRIED. Married vampires. Is good. Is Kel married to any/all of her girls? Is there a Best ending where Pascal and Ricardo get married wearing white suits and also Pascal's sire officiates
IM GLAD IT STICKS OUT bc i purposefully make them shoehorn in “my husband” whenever possible. they’ve been married for about 20 years and are no less stoked about it now than they were in the beginning, and they will both continue to be stoked about it for the rest of eternity. remember that tweet that’s like “the best marriage advice i ever received was to always act like a cartoon wolf whenever your spouse takes their shirt off no matter how long you’ve been together.” that’s minbun.
anyway: kel frequently falls in love with her wards but usually doesn’t act on it - that’ll be discussed later so that’s all i’m saying rn!
and, of course, the best ending of tvrn is 100% in your guys’ hands........ but i WILL say the best ending of tvrn will always include pascal’s sire being fuckig dead
No. 125881 ID: 93fae2

heres my contribution to the "how dare someone imply ricardo is a top" deal a while back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HAGYeWgkZc
No. 125905 ID: 1872dc

This is the best thing I've ever learned thank you. Thank you.

Kel is cool.
No. 125929 ID: 270774
File 153918319091.jpg - (129.40KB , 640x640 , 01EB97E8-CA3E-43FE-9B32-022FB5186238.jpg )

kel and pascal could switch based on context. also an argument can be made that bunji is actually chaotic horny - his emotional intimacy kink means that he has the potential to get uncontrollably horny any time minmin does ANYTHING cute or thoughtful or romantic, and you could argue that unpredictability outweighs his chivalry and old fashioned values
No. 125930 ID: 270774

also for clarity’s sake >>/quest/906325/ talking is a free action in tvrn lol but GOD i wish i had been a fly on the wall to listen while someone read all of that specific dialogue aloud
No. 125931 ID: 23dc9d

Just wanted to tell you I had a tvrn dream last night. Bunji was going to reveal his secret technique so he took off his glove(??) to reveal his hand turned into a single white cat paw. This seemed like more of a Minmin thing and idk where he was in the dream so I think I just mentally merged them into one being. I hope this sacred information is useful to u
No. 125934 ID: 2755f5

Zjaha is my spirit animal

I was laughing so hard at the smooch response
No. 125940 ID: f3ccf4

i feel that people wouldn't push stalling via talking so hard if they knew this, but i literally cant complain because this dialogue is flawless and amazing
No. 125942 ID: 270774

this rules

i’m gonna be real and admit that i don’t at all understand zjaha’s continued and apparently intense popularity but i’m happy all the same

oh i mean it def still counts as stalling just not in a particularly literal way. also yes i love it and i love writing dumb dialogue like this
No. 125943 ID: 270774
File 153922617980.png - (140.30KB , 666x666 , t6.png )

oh, and another tumblr crosspost:

>Pascal: What's the worst haircut you've ever had?
PASCAL: ehehehe….. euuhh… this is very embarrassing, but….
PASCAL: in the 80′s and 90′s, i was drawn into some very silly things.
PASCAL: everyone was doing it! it was cool! the music was good and nobody fussed over my teeth!
No. 125945 ID: 270774

so, i made a nsfw curiouscat and people flooded it within hours because apparently there was a pending demand there that i did not know about. right now there’s so many answers already that i don’t want to copy paste them and also i would feel weird copy pasting them here because even the ones that have good info are uh, very much prefaced by people enthusiastically saying they want to fuck my characters (thanks, btw! i love that, genuinely!) so instead i’m just gonna post the link for you to browse (and use, if u want) at your leisure https://curiouscat.me/beat0meat

sfw questions from my main cc will still be copy pasted to crosspost bc not all the questions i get there are about quests and it would be dumb to make u guys scroll through like, stuff about my hair and shit
No. 125978 ID: 270774
File 153936004706.png - (249.65KB , 666x666 , costume planning.png )

ok this is the best announcement ive ever had to make which is me and the wife got tickets to a fetish party ive wanted to go to for the past six years and ive got two weeks to make our extremely blasphemous costumes happen

what this means for you guys is im updating tvrn tonight but then after that i have NO idea whats going to happen to my update schedule until the party because i tend to get really sucked into projects like this and also i intend for these to be, uh, elaborate

halloween is my christmas so i guess you could say this is me potentially taking a holiday vacation lol

(i mean maybe the costumes will take way less work than im anticipating and ill be able to sneak in a few updates here and there but for now im just planning for a quiet two weeks)
No. 125981 ID: d887c0

Sounds good. You crazy kids have fun.
No. 125989 ID: 2791fd
File 153940769089.png - (192.74KB , 372x304 , explorer_2018-10-13_01-13-59.png )


hello a while ago i made a comment about pascal looking like a furby and this is the logical conclusion of that thought
No. 125997 ID: d887c0

It's the spitting image.
No. 126003 ID: 1872dc

I hate so much how fucking wrong Pascal is about his hair it's so hot what an asshole

That's rad
No. 126029 ID: 11b5c9
File 153953188964.png - (512.67KB , 1092x1040 , Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10_41_44 AM.png )

hi it's me on the wrong quest! i was told to post this here as well so... its bunji and his snake husband!! bunji is my character haha so i'm very invested in his marriage. he was, at one point in his 400 years, a singer! so he likes to serenade minmin, and having a husband who is a big snake is perfect for dancing :-)
No. 126032 ID: 9d6446

1) bunji rules and you rule for making him
2) HE SINGS?? Ricardo on violin and bunji on vocals team up when? (Once the duel is over they get to be friends.... Right?)
No. 126036 ID: 8da8a1

Shout out to Pascal's very tight pants for somehow not ripping after all the acrobatic kicks he has done.
No. 126037 ID: 1872dc

No. 126047 ID: 270774
File 153962457740.png - (1.90MB , 1000x2985 , one big long stupid kofi post.png )

hey in the meantime im trying to fund my stupid life. get some dirt cheap art because i open commission slots once every billion years but this shit is perpetually open https://ko-fi.com/iraprince

unlimited slots means turnover can be a little pokey but that's how it is
No. 126048 ID: 270774

oh and dont clog up this thread w questions about this i just posted it here so people would see it. if you've got questions hmu in my drawthread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/40307.html
No. 126055 ID: 270774
File 153964032321.png - (200.67KB , 500x500 , ric.png )

drew this in response to a ricardo love message on tumblr and so of course it is only fair that you guys get to see him too
No. 126105 ID: 23ddfd

The more we learn about the Bathories the more I get the impression that this version of Elizabeth Bathory was like this one from a 70's exploitation movie
No. 126106 ID: 23ddfd
File 154005686935.jpg - (302.15KB , 800x565 , Daughters-of-Darkness.jpg )

Sorry! I hit send instead file selection!
No. 126256 ID: 270774

ok i need the name of the film tho

anyway i am about to WELL AND TRULY spam yall bc my inbox has been piling up again and some of these answers (esp the first one) are ones i think are like, genuinely important

>what are the different kinds of vampire affinities?
OKAY YAAAA i’ve answered this in brief before but now that we’ve met some more characters i wanna give a more in depth answer. there’s four main categories that all break down into more specific categories: power, psychic, shifting, and special/other. all vampires have at least a little bit of each of the three first categories, but it’s normal to have one you’re firmly sorted into and one you’re especially bad at.

POWER types like bunji are either strength (like him), speed, or durability/regeneration. there’s often overlap, but if there isn’t, you can kind of train yourself up within the category more easily than you could learn something from a completely different category. all vampires have enhanced strength/speed/regeneration to some extent compared to humans, but power vampires outstrip their peers significantly.

PSYCHIC types have a lot more wishy-washy overlap than other categories, but can generally be broken down into clairvoyance, telekinesis, or hypnosis/telepathy (like pascal!) most vampires have the ability for short range, non-specific telepathy (and usually use this for communication when shifted into animal forms), and some can be vaguely suggestive/jedi-mind-tricky to humans, but only those who naturally have the affinity can do anything more dramatic or refined than that. the view on hypnosis as an affinity varies a lot culturally; for vampires that live communally in a “hive” format where most don’t hunt for themselves (like cradle vampires), it’s considered embarrassing and useless, but for vampires who mostly blend with humans and live out their lives within wider society (like american vampires and most nomadic vamp cultures), it’s considered incredibly useful, even though it provides no benefit in duels.

SHIFTERS are very skewed to one category: almost all of them have the innate ability to transform into various animals. a very small portion are much better at changing their form to precisely mimic the appearance of other humanoids, including vocally, and an even smaller amount are best at transforming into........ inanimate objects. getting saddled with that last one is universally considered extremely sad and lame. (as in the other categories, though, it IS possible for a vampire to learn more stuff within their own affinity over time.) all vampires can shift into one animal form, and the vast majority choose the bat for the sake of utility and the ability to blend in anywhere in the world. once their first form is set, learning a second form for any vampire without the affinity is either extremely strenuous and difficult or, in some cases, completely impossible. there’s no known limit to how many forms a shifter can learn, but each one after the first handful is challenging and requires extensive practice and study, even for talented vampires.

finally, SPECIAL affinities are just ones that don’t fit into any of the former categories; this tends to be stuff like elemental abilities, extremely specific powers, family curses, etc. they’re rare, and tend to be very prized as duelists because a lot of them are specifically harmful/violent in nature. vampires with special abilities tend to have all the baseline overlap (one shapeshifting form, short range telepathy) but absolutely no ability to try to learn or hone anything from the other categories further than that.

>Do vampires celebrate anniversaries of being turned or their old birthdays or do they live too long to be bothered?
it depends! pascal’s forgotten his human birthday because bathorys don’t celebrate stuff like that; he remembers the date he was turned, but doesn’t really do anything about it besides get kind of misty-eyed. even for vampires who DID decide to keep celebrating it, though, they’d probably end up eventually getting bored and spacing the celebrations out to once every 5-10 years or so, because once you’re immortal one year passes VERY quickly

>Okay but do bunji and minmin celebrate their wedding anniversary?? How?? Also what was their wedding like? How long have they been married??
they DO. bunji is still a little confused by celebrating it every year bc to a vampire his age that feels like throwing a party once a month but he doesn’t mind bc minmin gets so excited. they definitely do the all out like, rose petals and going out to dinner (murder) and vintage wine thing. their wedding was very traditional, both bc that was what bunji wanted and bc due to minmin’s lineage him getting married was a big deal and had to be Ceremonial. they’ve been married for almost 20 years! (17, to be exact)

>Lowry's one night only drunk adventures with the sukeban!
someone dies

>Alt, Acid soup and vampire crossover one night only thing

>What if Lowry met Pascal
oh she doesn’t have the patience. she doesn’t have the damn patience. she ditches him within 15 minutes

>what if lowry met ricardo
oh they absolutely bro the fuck out. they click immediately. they’re chilling

>Ricardo meeting Lowry? Pascal meeting Sweat? KEL MEETING SWEAT?
i actually just answered ricardo meeting lowry BUT: pascal and sweat are cuddlebugs. they each IMMEDIATELY catch the vibe of how much the other likes physical affection and just go with it. they’re fuckin SNUGGLIN. kel thinks sweat is funny but isn’t much interested beyond that honestly

>jolene and kel share a firm handshake
yes. yeah

>do pascal and sweat fuck? is there fucking with the cuddling?
yknow what. yeah. yeah, they god damn would

>not getting graphic on here bc like, it's public-ish, but does pascal talk about his sex life? would he gossip about what sweat is like in bed?? does pascal try to get ricardo to do shapeshifting angel things?
i should probably make a cc on my nsfw, huh. BUT ALSO SWITCHING BETWEEN ACCOUNTS SOUNDS LIKE A PAIN anyway uhhhh since sweat would be fine with it in this case pascal probably IS gossipy. vamps can only shift into stuff that exists in nature tho so he ends up disappointed

(and then, just as a reminder, i DID end up making a nsfw inbox and i don’t crosspost it here but it’s still all valuable info imo: https://curiouscat.me/beat0meat)

>I'm picturing Pascal being super gossipy about angel stuff he doesn't quiiiite understand. Like telling Ricardo how drinking blood is like drinking ichor and that's why Ricardo needs to eat better
he 100% thinks he knows exactly what he’s talking about and he’s 100% an idiot

pascal falls in love with him immediately but voshkie is a sapiosexual and pascal is too stupid for him. tragedy

>Vampire eye colour lore!!!!!!! Also I have no idea how it works but I hope when you turn 1000 your eyes turn hot pink.
there’s actually nothing much to it outside of what’s already been brought up in canon - your eyes slowly become red, from the outside rim in, as you feed over your first few years. it usually takes 5-10 years to change all the way depending on how frequently and how well you feed!

>you mentioned that a very few vampires can transform into inanimate objects, are there some which can do plants? is it easier or harder?
oh i guess plants do count as animate. WELL thats in the same category and whether it’s easier or harder depends. the scale of which transformations are considered “complicated” to vampires is very wishy washy and dependent on the individual, mostly because i don’t feel like thinking about it a lot. let’s say a fern is harder to turn into than a glass bottle but easier than a. uh. gun

of course a vampire could turn into a fucking gun

>Cain's one night only drunk quest
that’s not one night only

>you mentioned before that vampire hypnosis can't work on other vampires, but can it work on other living creatures? like birds or dogs?
yes. pascal hypnotized an unfriendly cat so it would let him pet it once but then he felt bad

>does pascal like kpop
not to totally show my hand here but he discovers red velvet and has a meltdown. ricardo finds him crying while rewinding the same 10 seconds of the peek-a-boo video over and over again trying to learn the choreography

i don’t have to answer this without a lawyer present and marina is in class

>i know you may have answered this but is sweat like. feathery? or erotically smooth? or erotically smooth but ONLY in certain areas
sweat is kind of smooth but a little sticky to the touch. like a. listen i hate to say this but like a gummy bear with muscles and bones

>what does sweat smell like? does it smell like. well. sweat, or
it smells like sweat and heavy incense and gummy bears

>does sweat . sweat

>Ira I have a Very Important Question: Is the stuff that looks like feathers around Sweat's "ears" actually feathers or is it also gummy material
ohh that’s feathers

>ira what do i do if the suggesters on my quest are split evenly into 2 options that are so completely different i cant combine them? like do i....wait, or,
i either wait for more suggestions, or i choose one of these ways: 1. the option i like best, 2. the option that is the most in character, or 3. the option that was argued for the most convincingly/had the most reasoning explained

>hope this is okay to ask but i'm curious about trans vampires and gender in vampire society and how thats explored? like young vampires like minmin who figured things out already seem to handle things well but i'm wondering about like. super old trans vampires who grew up with archaic values and have spent a thousand years existing as something they are not before given the idea to question it. i feel like thats something that can happen a lot
yeah this is totally fine to ask!!!! but yeah there's definitely a huge adjustment that has to happen with older vampires.... im not like SUPER interested in like, actively applying homophobia/transphobia to my characters in narrative but i AM interested in them learning to be happy and the ways their identities can take time to become something comfortable and fulfilling.... i think in this case its something where older vampires would definitely benefit from hanging out with younger ones bc then they get kind of swept up in that current of change and end up learning stuff, whereas vampires who are really old and more isolated tend to stagnate a lot and might not have come to those realizations of like "oh wait shit i can DO that." but also on the other hand in tvrn the combination of All Vampires Are Gay + Wow We Sure Can Just Shapeshift Our Bodies However We Want Huh has definitely led to like. exploration that probably wouldnt have happened for a lot of these older ones if they'd been humans instead of, getting conscripted into Gay Slut Paradise Prepare To Die Edition

>Your characters ranked by best at kissing?
ok starting with best and ending at worst
minoru, but he’s an acquired taste
minoru if you never acquire said taste
the mortician
tunamouth, who ranks this low for obvious reasons
belial does not have a mouth

>tunamouth kisses sound unpleasant but i WANT 2 support him..


>Tunamouth would be bad at kissing even if he didn't have fingerling lake trout coming out of his mouth though
yuo don’t know that. actually ok i can’t even say this in jest you’re right. he would still be bad. he just doesn’t have the enthusiasm to back it up

>Does Lamb kiss just. Persistently and with lots of teeth.
lamb keeps her eyes very very very wide open the entire time and breathes loudly through her nose

please keep in mind that last time everyone suggested “kiss pascal” ricardo just grabbed his face in one hand and licked his closed mouth

>Pascal was into that! Sorta! And he had food on him!
he did have food on him. it was very pragmatic of ricardo to be like that

>You're wrong, Belial is great at kissing. Who even needs mouths.
this just made me realize i neglected to put TIOS on that list

>what. how is minmin an acquired taste. bc if he is then i got it!! the taste i mean
he’s bitey and obnoxious and overly forceful and also won’t stop laughing into your mouth. which is of course super cute if you’re into that but if you’re not into that it’s hell

>Okay but but but sweat smooches?? Good sweat smooches?? How does the darling gummy penis angel smooch?
it’s just very tender and takes direction well and always ends up naturally kissing you how you want to be kissed, since it’s very attentive and intuitive. also it does in fact kind of taste like gummy bears since apparently that has just become the overall motif of sweat’s mortal form

>Is the mortician kissing actually kissing or more like breakfast
the mortician kissing is like putting your face in a blender

>If we fuck up during a sex scene in tvrn can we ask Pascal for constructive criticism
you will not have to ask he will firmly give it to you

>question. does sloane remember cain at all, or was she too young to remember that he was her babysitter
cain kept an eye on her on a regular basis til she was 5ish, so she could have vague memories, but.... who knows!

>hiring a demon to be ur childs babysitter.......jolene is such a good mom.......
to be fair cain genuinely owned at it. he’s good with kids

>If two vampires are having sex do they need to talk about when they last ate before getting into anything rough or risk decapitation or other not sexy things?
they probably should! but also most vampires aren’t as dumb as pascal “accidentally slapped somebody’s head off because he was upset and embarrassed” cosovei. you can kind of Tell how well fed an older vampire is based on finger staining but that doesn’t work for fresher ones so yeah either way a “hey are you good for this to get slappy” would always be a good convo to have

(i made an offhand jokey tweet along the lines of “please get ricardo to learn romanian fast because i’m dreading having to write Sexy Dialogue with the way pascal currently speaks english” and it prompted the next few questions)

>somehow it just hadn’t occurred to me that pascal’s speech patterns would be different if he were speaking his native language and now that i’m imagining it i just want to tell you that pascal suddenly speaking with perfect grammar during sex would definitely make me lose my shit twice as hard as him attempting dirty talk with his cute accent

>would pascals voice tone change when he speaks Romanian. would, would that happen, bc it happens to most ESL ppl i know and can i just say.......Good
it definitely does! he sounds 10x sillier in english than he does in. literally any other language

>actually, what IS pascals native language?
he grew up speaking romanian and french at home, learned hungarian after he was turned, and started learning english about a hundred years after that

>idk if you’ve answered something like this before BUT!! IN CASE YOU HAVENT!!! how would tvrn characters text.....
you will actually get most of this info in canon IF you can..... wrangle their phone numbers

>Okay but would minmin use obnoxious elaborate emojis ۹(ÒہÓ)۶

(these questions are probably why all the suggestions on the most recent update are clamoring for phone numbers seemingly out of nowhere which is why i need to be better about promptly crossposting over here)

>Is Halloween a thing in acid soup's universe? What are the characters Ultimate costumes?
halloween is forever bitch. but uhhhhh i was gonna do acid soup halloween art actually but who knows if i’ll get to it..... i think in universe costumes would be really Weird. like people just wear whatever. either that or everyone’s in party city polyester

>ira please keep pascal safe
that’s your job, sweet reader, not mine

>but DOES pascal listen to the spice girls
yes and his favorite is baby spice

>what are pascal's favorite bands
MSI, the cure, and rihanna

>Did pascal go wild for the Glenn miller band
oh, he went NUTS

>Has Pascal seen What We Do in the Shadows? If yes, what did he think? Has Minmin seen it? Did he love it?
the thign is i can’t even answer this bc in my heart tvrn and wwdits take place in the same universe

>In that case--Does any of the introduced tvrn cast know Viago
kel and minmin know eeeeeverybody

okay phew that’s all of it. sorry for letting it build up like that lol
No. 126257 ID: e1d580

Daughters of Darkness
No. 126259 ID: 23ddfd

I highly recommend it! I once lost my mind and watched all the 70's exploitation films about lesbian vampires I could find and it's my favorite by far. Mostly because there is a scene where Elizabeth Bathory is knitting and a scene where she is wearing a cape made from pvc.
No. 126260 ID: 270774
File 154082730794.png - (1.80MB , 1000x1333 , 909702F5-FA44-4E1C-A870-347AE6DEDA7D.png )

absolutely sick. if u could make me a list of the ones u liked (with a heads up on the ones that include any kind of sexual violence/assault if possible) that would be rad as hell

speaking of lesbianism, i know this doesn’t really count as questdis but 1. i am looking for literally any excuse to post these pictures absolutely everywhere and 2. u guys deserve to see what brought my updates to a screeching halt for two weeks per >>125978 so here’s me and the wife’s halloween costumes. i guess this counts as a face reveal even tho i’m relatively easy to hunt down on social media. anyway this was extremely fucking fun
No. 126261 ID: 270774
File 154082741361.png - (1.87MB , 1000x1333 , AEC01B69-06C1-436B-9EA7-4D89C3FBA9EE.png )

and better pics of our accessories. she did all the sewing by hand, i made the heart props, and we did the halos together! this is why i disappeared but now the party’s happened and i’m chilling on actual halloween so normal update schedule will resume
No. 126262 ID: 23ddfd
File 154083602629.jpg - (23.21KB , 297x445 , 51ZED5mt6HL__SY445_.jpg )

So the only ones that I would describe as watchable that I have seen so far (there are so so many and I still need to watch the David Lynch one) would be

Duaghters of Darkness: best overall quality with actually having a lesbian who wins and amazing 70's fashion. It's got some pretty awful scenes of violence against women and one scene of attempted sexual assault/accidental murder any scene you wanna skip isn't a big deal since the plot is pretty loose

The Vampire Lovers: A Hammer Films Production it's a pretty by the numbers movie adaptation of the novella Carmilla (I highly recommend reading the book over this though) much less extreme in content and is kinda just silly and lowkey. The lesbian vampiress is killed sadly and the overall message is one of "men destroying the evil of lesbian lust" the two ladies are very goofy together in a charming way though.

All and all while I may enjoy the camp of these films they are explicitly lesbophobic entertainment for horny babyboomer men and not really subversive. I only recommend them if you feel you can safely take pleasure in that camp and reclamation.
No. 126263 ID: 1872dc

Rad and really well-crafted and very pretty costumes.
No. 126290 ID: 270774

thank u both!!

anyway happy halloween have more vampires. if the art in the tvrn spinoff starts getting any more refined/detailed than it is in these first panels, at ALL, it is your solemn duty to fucking kill me dead. just absolutely murder me
No. 126301 ID: 9fcd43

TFW you realize you're projecting way too hard on a fictional vampire's abuse and should probably step back from the comments and let people who are just here to have fun make the decisions |D;
No. 126306 ID: 5d37c7

It might be a good idea to take a bit of a step back for a while for your own sake (take care of yourself if you can!), but I don't think projecting/empathizing with the characters means you shouldn't take part or that you're taking away other people's fun when you explain your opinion! I thought it was good to hear your thoughts, and your wording was considerate of the differing opinions and clearly geared towards explaining your perspective rather than discrediting anyone else's.
No. 126315 ID: 270774

hey............. do u want 13 high res pages of tvrn sketches, including stream exclusives and warmups and other shit that hasnt seen the light of day........................ gimme two dollars https://iraprince.itch.io/september-october-sketchbook
No. 126316 ID: 270774
File 154113547677.png - (72.96KB , 425x488 , pppppp.png )

i forgot to attach the cover image. look how cute he is
No. 126331 ID: 270774
File 154122221405.png - (632.01KB , 852x1680 , feelings.png )

No. 126451 ID: 9fcd43

my lesbian ass would fucking die for Kel
No. 126472 ID: 270774
File 154215694609.jpg - (99.52KB , 640x591 , C127FFBC-2F71-43AD-8DBD-A8C412B62F1E.jpg )

i never contribute anything worthwhile to this disthread anymore
No. 126480 ID: 055cbc


We love you fractak
No. 126481 ID: e1d580

Why do I feel like this is Willy Wonka ERP, like you know the you STOLE fizzy lifting drink thing except sexual and also with vampires

Now I'm imagining the original Willy wonka movie with pascal instead of gene wilder
No. 126490 ID: 270774
File 154243940503.png - (62.94KB , 540x499 , B214C64F-EB3D-4164-9915-7946789B5CAE.png )

because it is
No. 126497 ID: 0e2ebe

Nah I'm pretty sure that Wonka stole the rp from you, that's how I remember it.
No. 126516 ID: 270774
File 154268736398.png - (453.41KB , 666x1046 , venom.png )

guess who just got back from the movie theater
No. 126517 ID: 270774
File 154268878971.png - (192.69KB , 812x651 , venom2.png )

No. 126518 ID: e0ca8d

Ricardo being the symbiote is just him in smoke form.
No. 126521 ID: e1d580

Is it.....

No. 126547 ID: 2755f5

Venom was good
No. 126559 ID: 270774

this update i reached out to tvrn readers i know personally and invited them to participate by working with me to create each of the individual conversations minmin had with vampire npcs for the information given to ricardo. i’d like to credit them individually for their contributions to the quest! in order of character appearance:

tommy was t, a tgchan author! https://tgchan.org/wiki/T
chanyaree was @kimanimj on twitter!
niko was cordemia, another tgchan author! >>/quest/900892
orianthe is a hearts goetia character (>>/quest/897839), of course by marn!
max was @sorbgel on twitter!
daishin was sunny, another tgchan author! >>/quest/900557
auorell was sadie!
cassius was fae, another tgchan author! >>/quest/903869 >>/quest/910471
anne was abraxas!
marama was icie!
oliver was cal!
michel was robin!
taiker was @hivehum on twitter!

this was really really fun for me to put together! thank u so much to everyone who participated!
No. 126560 ID: bb78f2

Now that Vento Aureo's been broadcasting for a bit I can't help but notice that one of Pascal's first outfits we see in him was Giorno's, and I bet there's more hidden Jojo's throughout, and the duel super felt a bit like a Jojo fight.

So, once and for all, just to get it out of my head, are StandTM's a thing in Trashiverse? Or is that a card you want to hold onto for maybe later to accept or deny?
No. 126566 ID: 270774
File 154327306368.jpg - (433.35KB , 800x725 , BEA6C0E5-9D2B-4882-B4B1-94151C1D87AB.jpg )

buddy you don’t know the half of it

lol in seriousness tho: re the outfit the only thing that’s the same is the keyhole in the chest which like, 90% of vento aureo characters have, but yeah my work is always gonna have nods to jojo bc it’s my favorite series. no stands tho
No. 126581 ID: 270774
File 154338543665.png - (96.88KB , 762x648 , JFHDSDS.png )

i drew a bunch of porn tonight to atone for the fact that my porn quest has not gotten to the porn yet
No. 126582 ID: 270774
File 154338547205.png - (102.64KB , 689x648 , hu.png )

but we;re gonna get there eventually i promise. i swear to you
No. 126583 ID: 270774
File 154338549707.png - (100.25KB , 770x624 , dhsga.png )

it's just, you know. vampire politics are important
No. 126588 ID: e0ca8d

If we get to porn before finding out about vampire gerrymandering, this quest will have been for nothing.
No. 126613 ID: bb78f2

After thinking about Ricardo anymore and his goodboy status and his background of being the big protector big brother to a lot of people, I keep thinking that if he never gets to be a Dad of some sort, it'd be sad.

Ricardo and Pascal, my two big gay Vampire Dad's.

If Ricardo does adopt a human (or non-vampire monster) child out of some circumstance, everyone around him is gonna call him a big dumb idiot for it, more than they already do, ESPECIALLY PASCAL and Ricardo just isn't gonna give a shit, and then Pascal's gonna love the wittle baby eventually, and then so will vampire godparents Kel and Minoru, and then we get the 20 years later epilogue and we're gonna see Ricardo will be walking his kid down the aisle like the big fat cliche it's gonna be, but we'll be bawling anyway and we're gonna see Kel, Minoru, and Pascal, ESPECIALLY Pascal, are going to be bawling with us on the kid's side of the wedding room.

Fractal will never get to draw ANY canon sex scenes the entire quest because we keep fucking it up, and that will be their curse.

They started this porn quest to make them sex scenes of good vampire boys, and they NEVER FUCKING GOT TO ONCE BECAUSE WE HAD TO BE GOOD VAMPIRE DADBOYS.
No. 126641 ID: 23ddfd

Lesbian sex while wearing the rosary that hurts you for your faith is a kind of horny I wasn't expecting to indulge in today but Mother Mary did you fucking do it.
No. 126705 ID: 2d2500

I came over here because some guy insulted my quests art by saying its worse then all the stuff on tgchan, but coming over here and after taking a look for myself I can see thats it wasn't much of an insult. Fantastic work!
No. 126706 ID: 2d2500

Additionally, I see you talk about a tumblr in this thread. Can you post it? I would like to follow you.
No. 126725 ID: 270774

oh yeah there's tons of good shit on tgchan. idk where your guy got the idea that that would be a coherent insult. anyway, thanks!

tbh i just kind of fundamentally hate tumblr and i only use it bc of how many people are like, on there and not anywhere else, and i'm probably gonna use it even less what with the nsfw purge and everything, but. knock yourself out lol http://iraprince.tumblr.com/

also like, i feel like this has to be painfully apparent from like.... everything about my work, and how i talk, and just in general everything about me, but fair warning that i am a Filthy SJW which i'm aware is not the main demographic of this site and if that annoys u then you probably aren't gonna enjoy engaging with me on social media. but now that i've given a fair warning nobody can complain about it
No. 126732 ID: e1d580

Eh, the site has changed a lot since the days we were a direct offshoot of 4chan. The remnants of the good old Internet Hate Machine are basically gone, I don’t think your politics are considered especially objectionable.
No. 126733 ID: 270774

oh, i mean, it’s not like i find the site hostile or anything, or i wouldn’t still be here. i like it here. it’s more that like, people who find my stuff through twitter and tumblr already know what i’m about and have already signed up for it; people who have been here for a long time and know what i’m about and aren’t into it just avoid my stuff, which is fine; but someone who finds my stuff through a third party and then tries to go straight to my social media might find themselves unpleasantly surprised depending on where they stand bc i’m pretty abrasive about it, which again, is fine, but a heads up might spare all parties some awkwardness.
No. 126738 ID: 270774
File 154424723044.png - (154.28KB , 630x500 , itchiocover.png )

heyo i've got another sketchbook up https://iraprince.itch.io/november-sketchbook

13 high res pages of gay vampires, $2, doesn't get much better than that
No. 126894 ID: 270774

and it’s good to leave a paperdoll update like the one in tvrn up for a while so this works out. i’m gonna take two weeks off bc i have a lot of handmade gifts to work on and also frankly i haven’t played a video game in months and i’ve got about five different series that my friends have been punching me in the head about watching and — well, i’ve only been making media instead of consuming media and i think to be a good artist you have to do both. plus i’m taking the wife up to my hometown for a week to spend xmas with my family and i can’t draw vampires giving each other road head around my folks

so yeah i’m gonna dip for a while to make candy and dress up a slutty catboy in ffxiv. sorry for takin another break so soon when i just took one for halloween! the good news is one of my art resolutions is to Find Balance so uhhh, yknow how tvrn updates like three times a week and acid soup updates once every two months. i’m gonna try to even that out when i get back

anyway happy holidays. my body is rotting
No. 126895 ID: 270774

also no “christmas in retail” quest this year bc i actually like my job now
No. 126896 ID: 270774

oh one more thing. if you like tvrn you should really really read this fic that my dear friend wrote, abt what would happen if pascal killed ricardo instead of turning him (and ricardo was no less angry about it) https://archiveofourown.org/works/17045138?view_adult=true

it’s got ghost sex. and it’s got pascal characterization so good that i feel like my friend was crawling around inside my brain sneakily rifling through all my secret tvrn documents
No. 126930 ID: 930d12

No. 127024 ID: 66ec08
File 154591373267.jpg - (450.16KB , 768x1024 , AE0DDF8A-BA8B-4530-956A-DB6EE2E7DC8C.jpg )

this is two days late but hey! merry christmas! i want to update so bad that my fucking bones hurt but i left my tablet at home to force myself to adhere to this whole “vacation” idea. i’ll be back this weekend tho
No. 127216 ID: 270774
File 154687700943.jpg - (332.45KB , 700x933 , 3A260B7B-0CFA-46E1-8AE5-08BFC8808C68.jpg )

sorry that this is blurry and 25% finished but — i’m FINALLY watching FMAB, which everyone i know has been hounding me to do for years because they all knew i’d go wild for the villains, and as predicted, i have been wilding the fuck out. (i’m still only on episode 30ish so please don’t say anything that would constitute spoilers past the reveal of pride!)

last night while watching i was doing idle doodles, so here’s a bunch of character design spoilers lol. bathorys would all be homunculi, but rather than an existing one, pascal would be the eighth deadly sin which is now obsolete: despair, which by some records was the only mortal sin to be considered completely unforgivable.
No. 127218 ID: 270774

also haha im an asshole and ive been forgetting to crosspost quest inbox answers again. for a few months. heres another textwall

>ira....... when teddy.....
when teddy indeed

>Ira I’m a weed scientist and it’s doesn’t effect your cardiovascular system (no blood needed) so can Pascal smoke, weed. Does minmin own a goofy bong,,
vampires in fact can smoke weed. pascal has in the past but it’s hard for him to get it now because nobody will talk to him. minmin, surprisingly, does not partake

>do the vampires in tvrn ever indulge in Human Foods other than alcohol? if so whats the favorite human foods of the mains
if vampires indulge in solid food they will projectile vomit up all of the blood they’ve consumed in the past few weeks a la WWDITS. this is one of the reasons all vampires do is drink. the other reason is they, as a culture, have no coping mechanisms

>what about jello .......... or pudding ........

>Jello shots?

>this answer is so upsetting. thank you
you’re so welcome

>tvrn question! what are minmin and bunji's favorite pokemon? (i would love to know the rest of tvrn's casts faves but i would be surprised if pascal knows what a pokemon is)
bunji doesn’t know what pokémon is even tho minmin has tried to explain it to him. minmin’s favorite changes every day but he keeps coming back to mew and skitty. ricardo kind of knows what pokemon is bc of the kids from his apartment complex who always climbed all over him when he was growing up and if you asked him what his favorite pokémon was he would hesistantly mispronounce pikachu

>are babenburg and the marquess, yknow,
i was goign to answer this in a jokey shitheaded way but actually i’m just staring at my phone feeling genuinely emotional that someone has read my shit attentively enough to have picked up on a detail this small and this briefly alluded to

>is dracula sexy
would i make him unsexy. why would you even ask me this. you should be ashamed of yourself

>do vampires need to drink water? can they die of alcohol poisoning? if you cut open a vampire that hasn't fed in weeks would their insides be totally dry? i came for porn and stayed to ask about annoying semantics
1. no 2. no but they can have an EXTREMELY unpleasant weekend 3. depends how old they are. younger vampires suffer starvation effects sooner 4. good because i set out to make porn and ended up neck deep in worldbuilding so we’re on the same page here

>What happens to blood solids? Like if you remove all the water from blood you get solid remainder, like with ice cream or something. You said vampires don't poop so do they like... Shed blood? Process it in its entirety with no waste?
to be one thousand percent honest i don’t think abt things down to this mechanical level bc it’s not interesting to me fjdkfjf so we’ll just say they process it entirely

>sorry if you've been asked before but what has inspired your art/storytelling the most, either currently or when you were younger? and sort of related but what attracted you to the quest format?
when i was younger definitely like....... courage the cowardly dog. and shoujo manga. now i’m inspired by all the stuff that i want to see done that doesn’t really exist, or exists but that i think i can do better. what attracted me to the quest format is i love attention

>What's everyone's karaoke song?
you only get minmin’s because i was literally thinking about this while walking home https://open.spotify.com/track/6H4Pxh91zUEbGWvRTUFcSW?si=j8pSyh3URsCO7QUgKLvJiQ (anri’s ‘last summer whisper’ except this lofi soundcloud shit version is definitely what he’d sing)

>Can lamb shift into a sheep
nope (her affinity is not shifting and for her One Slot she picked the bat like a normal person) but even if she could she would not

>How often does lamb get asked whether her shift is to a sheep?
actually never bc she only (reluctantly) hangs out with her covenmates, who all know the origin of her name + her affinity

>does surfing count as crossing running water. the bay squad needs your answer
a vampire can be on a surfboard for a while but this is a scenario that can only end in tragedy

>Lickbutt's one night only concert
the quest was so damn short that this might as well just be an alternate title

>How do wells factor into the crossing running water thing? Does it count as man made, or? Basically if a vampire is dunked in a well will they float
since a well is generally just tapping into an aquifer, the well itself is manmade but the water counts as a natural source, so a vampire who gets tossed in a well is gonna have an extremely bad time

>So like you said that vamps that fall into water really wanna get out of it right? So like are they fine if they find a shore and walk out or do they pretty much just die?
they want to but generally the pain is incapacitating. if they COULD walk their way out, they’d be okay, but they probably can’t even manage that

>augh i forget if you already talked abt this or not; can/do vampires feed from animals instead of humans
pascal mentions this SUPER briefly, like one offhand line — they technically could but they consider it absolutely disgusting. it would be like. the equivalent of eating banana peels for us. could u live on banana peels.......... i mean technically MAYBE. you’d definitely get sick tho. see now i’m really wondering about that

>interesting cos i assume that means vampires w/ an affinity for shifting steer clear of, like, fish. or dolphins or whatever. just picturing a vampire-shark just fuckin flopping around in the sea in agony
oh yeah no fuckin fish. no can do

>what does minmin do in the rare occasion that he breaks a nail
you would expect him to freak out but he’s actually been through it enough that he generally doesn’t bat an eyelid. the problem is that there are only three people on the planet earth that he trusts to touch his nails and he travels constantly so he refuses to touch anything with that hand until he can sync up his schedule with the closest person which can sometimes take like a week or two. bunji already opens all his containers and stuff for him tho so i guess that’s not actually that different than normal

>Has Pascal ever been to a concert, can Ricardo play call me maybe on the violin
pascal has been to Many concerts. ricardo can’t right now but he could learn

>with constantin, is the mark under his eye a mole and not a tattoo?
who knows! you’ll have to ask him! i want you to know my girlfriend was reading over my shoulder as i typed this and she quietly said “it’s the mark of the beast”

>pascal has that mark and he's not a beas— well, maybe in bed?
that’s spoilers

>Hey idk if you take requests, but during the training arc can there be a scene where Kel flexes so hard her shirt sleeves tear off and get shredded into nothing by her beautiful biceps
it’s not a request if it aligns seamlessly with my own desires

>When you say tvrn isn't a dating sim, does that mean riscal is the only endgame?
yep — well, KIND of, but the reason saying yes to that isn’t 100% accurate is spoilers — basically the most accurate thing i can say is there are other encounters you can have, but tvrn is a story about ricardo and pascal making it work.

>once a vampire drinks blood and it's in their system does it stay as warm as it is in a human's, or is it cold, as vampires are traditionally depicted
room temperature unless they’re being Active

>IRA im thinkin about tvrn ocs and i don't remember if you've already talked about this, but would a shifter choosing a form that's naturally venomous have any use in a fight or would it just be an edgy useless form
we didn’t end up getting into it in the minbun duel but: it’s useful bc it’s Vampire Venom. if pascal hadn’t severed his arm they would have ended up noticing that the bite was not healing or regenerating at all (the slow heal time is mentioned very briefly, and i was going to have the bite still remain on the severed arm looking nasty and necrotic but in the end having to badger minmin for an antidote in the aftermath would have overly bloated those conversations so i scrapped it).

>can a vampire have more than one affinity? if not, can a vampire dedicate themselves to study and foster a talent even if it doesn't come naturally to them?
most vampires can handle a little bit of overlap with practice and study. if they tried REALLY fucking hard, like hunter x hunter training arc dedicating their all to it and destroying their body for it, a vampire could learn to master an affinity they don’t have any predisposition for as if it were their inborn affinity

>if this isn’t spoilers, does tvrn have a lot of like possible bad ends (tm)? it just seems like... there’s so much that could go wrong and sometimes it makes me too nervous to suggest HFKSJFKDK
mmmmmm i think it’s more like..... things could Go badly and you guys could have a really rough time for a while, but i’m way more interested in giving you guys opportunities to fix your mistakes than i am in yelling GAME OVER, u know? and also i’m just like. fundamentally not interested in writing a story full of lgbt characters with a tragic/grimdark outcome, frankly. i’m very interested in the interactive part of tvrn being very Present, i want your suggestions to have weight and meaning and i Will enact narrative consequences when you fuck up, but i’m not interested in like. actually idk i think the best way to put this is i never want it to stop being fun. i will punish u guys for fucking up bc i think consequences are interesting and make for an engaging plot but i think that kind of punishment should always be followed by opportunities to fix things and get back on track

>In any of your quests, has there been a moment where readers did suggest something really bad that required big narrative punishment? What's the closest your quests have skirted to a Bad End?
tbh the thing abt it is that after katherine quest (which had, frankly, a fully railroaded bad end — there was no way for things to turn out well in that story), i ended up realizing that i don’t want to make any more stories with fully tragic, hopeless ends, like, ever. and honestly most of my quests that i’ve run over the years never really got Into the plot — even maroon quest had only just started to get into choices that really mattered bc i took too long on exposition. so actually the closest thing to a Huge mistake that’s been made so far is the teddy thing in tvrn, which has already been defused pretty much as well as possible (if you’d let it fester, and ESPECIALLY if you’d continued to get pascal to tell stories about him without revealing what you already know, it could have gone extremely badly.) the tvrn duel also could have been a complete disaster, which i’ve talked about briefly before. honestly tho my readers just generally don’t fuck up much

>Does minmin sticker all of his selfies? How often would he change his nails and hairstyle? being immortal, does vampire healing mean hair / nails grow faster or slower? Most importantly Does minmin know I love him
1. no. he leaves the really good ones alone 2. he has to change his nails constantly bc he chews them but his hairs been the same since 89 3. slower unless you shift it 4. yes he does

>ira!! your sketches always have so much vitality and movement (and when applicable, sex appeal lol, which is also really fun) - tips????
i draw extremely fucking fast and im horny. im struggling to come up w a Process or Method more coherent than this

[i made some offhand tweets about one of the upcoming characters in tvrn exhibiting "the illumi problem" and having vague anxiety abt how that character will be received due to that, which prompted the next questions; normally i wouldn't crosspost stuff like this that's incoherent without my social media posts but i think it's only fair to crosspost stuff that contains hints/vague spoilers.]

>Sorry if this is obvious but whats the illumi problem??
“this character is a victim of severe abuse and that’s why they’re Like This™️, but also, die” — esp when that character is placed in opposition to other abuse victims who are NOT Like That™️

>👀 i.... have an illumi bias, and a bias for similar characters...... who’s the tvrn illumi....
i’m not telling u but i will say that the character has already made an appearance which honestly makes it a little obvious i guess

>Is constantin the illumi?
NO constantin fucking sucks and has zero excuses or Extenuating Circumstances. please feel free to continue to liberally hate his guts and excuse nothing about him whatsoever

>Ira this is really important. How would Bunji do on Great British Bake Off
he would win

>How much prep do you do before starting a quest?
oh that way depends. maroon quest i launched into with nothing. tvrn i had rp’d riscal scenes with marina that pretty much cover the entirety of chapter 1 so i Kind Of had the plot prewritten but? not really bc once it’s in the reader’s hands anything could happen and in the end it ended up extremely different. the real prep there was fleshing out their characterization and learning how to write them. i have another quest that i’m going to be prepping for MONTHS before i release it, bc its going to have a battle system, sprites, icon portraits, etc..... it really just depends. but i think way more prep, if u do any, should go into characters and figuring out an art style that is fast and easy rather than into plot, bc u really have no idea how the plot is going to go once your readers get unleashed on it so save yourself the grief of going “NOOOO YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO DO THAT AND NOW THIS ENTIRE SECTION I WROTE IS OBSOLETE” by only having extremely major plot points planned imo

>Can TVRN vampires hibernate?
noooo they’d get hungry

>IS pascal an idiot???
i refuse to answer this. this is the question tvrn as a piece of media sets out to pursue and i will not hand it to you

>IS pascal an intellectual.
uhhhhhh. UHHHHH. hm. yknow. in areas that INTEREST him, yes, actually

>idk what your understanding of japanese personal pronouns is but do you have an idea of what pronouns minmin, bunji, naotaro, noroi etc would use for themselves in jpn? i can see bunji and noroi using "ore" and maybe naotaro too but "boku"/"watashi" is a little more humble. personally as a trans person learning japanese, i feel like its such a power move to switch from "watashi" to "ore" so hell yeah for whatever pronoun minmin uses!
oh i def think abt this stuff bc i know like Just enough japanese to think abt it and not much more fjdkfjkd. naotaro and noroi use watashi, finn is welcome to correct me on this but i feel like bunji uses washi with people he’s not familiar w and ore w people he knows, and minmin. ok listen. minmin uses boku normally but he would straight up say shit like ore-sama when he’s in a Mood

>are there any old vampires? vampires that were turned in their 40s/50s/60s? grandma vampires?
ya but i mean i’m probably not gonna make any important npcs who look much older than 40ish bc im 25 and it’s porn and i personally only find ppl in my own visual age range sexy

>shdhfhdhffhcbchjfhfhgvcj i wasn't asking for horny reasons
oh well despite my investment in worldbuilding u do have to keep in mind that IM making all character design decisions for purely horny reasons

>all vampires are sexy and young. old people have no rights
i mean this could actually be a really interesting convo about how this is a vampiric social construct bc of the insistence on turning people In Their Prime even tho as briefly discussed already making people immortal when they’re like 21 fucks them up in extremely persistent ways but also again from a flat standpoint yeah this is bc i, the mid-20s author, am only attracted to people who look my age. old people have rights just not rights to be in my porn

[author's note: i saw spiderman into the spiderverse and [REDACTED SPOILER VILLAIN] changed my mind about this.]

>Before I dive any deeper into the this wolf pup OC, what are the rules for the TVRN werewolves?
normal human lifespans; generally normal abilities when in human form (sturdier, stronger, heal faster, but it’s not Vampire Level); they are not normal sized wolves they are HUGE wolves; can transform at will whenever they want but transform compulsively on the full moon, whether or not they’re actually in moonlight; can keep their wits about them during the compulsory transformation with an immense amount of practice and concentration but it’s more usual for them to just find ways to isolate themselves; easier to keep themselves conscious during compulsory transformation if they’re around other werewolves; live in packs of 3-20; generally nowhere NEAR as malicious, violent, petty, or interconnected as vampire society; the vast majority of werewolves are turned by accident and are welcomed into their pack as a “sorry about that, we’re gonna help you cope” deal but in some cases it’s a family tradition. transmission is through non-fatal bites

>If cryptids are real in tvrn are the muppets real? Is kermit a cryptid?
why the fuck are you implying muppets are cryptids i’m shaking with rage

>Acid soup question! How does "having" something work when it comes to crime? If I wanted to steal the Mona Lisa, I'd have to disable the alarms, get it off the wall, and then would it disappear into hammerspace? Or would I have to carry it out while the cops chased me?
for a physical object you’d have to be able to touch it, so you’d have to disable any security measures disallowing touch! but then you’ve Got it and nobody can get it from you unless they kill you and then essentially pick through your rolodex, or somehow otherwise make you choose to Give it to them

>do vampire psychologists exist? like is there a network of them?? given how screwed up vamp society is im pretty sure vamp psychologists would be getting a lot of work.
not in the cradle which is why we’re in this mess

>if minmin shapeshifted into a tsuchinoko just how emotional would bunji get
bunji gets weepy any time minmin shifts into Anything but tsuchinoko would kill him for good

>ira when do we get to cagefight pascal’s sire
the answer to this question is extremely variable depending on actions taken in canon

>ira i’m sad about pascal :(
i know

>are any of the vampires who have been introduced but whose affinities we don’t know yet specialists?
i am not going to answer ANY questions like this you silly bitches. you little sneaks

>sorry if i just missed it, but i was rereading and noticed that east coast is mentioned, but nothing else. what city and ricardo and pascal actually in right now?
that’s actually on purpose! because the first location isn’t important, and i didn’t want readers to overthink it or look too deep into it. also, to a lesser degree, i knew i was going to let readers choose the second location and i wanted to leave things as open-ended as possible (like, if i say he’s in massachusetts, then suddenly u guys wouldn’t be able to choose any cities there as a location, etc.) since u guys decided to go clear across the country it ended up being a non-issue, but in the beginning that was my thought process.

>What Hogwarts houses would the tvrn cast be in?
oh hell yeah i still love houses even tho jkr can eat shit. of the introduced characters:
ricardo - gryffindor
pascal - slytherin
kel - gryffindor
lamb - gryffindor
minoru - slytherin
bunji - hufflepuff
teddy - hufflepuff
rex - gryffindor
jonquil - ravenclaw
jonquil is the only ravenclaw and there’s a severe gryffindor surplus because vampires are dumb as fuck

>Pascal minmin slither-pals....
minmin is head boy and wildly popular and knows every student by name and nobody sits with pascal at dinner

>when are we going to get to see pascal turn into a fucked up bat
i’m being dead serious when i say it’s going to be extremely hard to get him to do that in front of anyone bc he knows he’s going to be mocked for it

are you sure about that. like are you really sure about that

>does the bat look like a stuffed bat with googly eyes
yeah but like ugly, and if it was made by someone who had only heard a Description of a bat

>to be fair to pascal i'm pretty sure every vampire looks like that when they shift into bats because thats exactly what it sounds like vampire society would do. also to be fair to vampire society: even most real bats don't look like bats
fair and true that most bats look extremely made up

>That video where the guys like “MA. THERES A WEIRD FUCKIN CAT OUTSIDE”. That cat. That’s what Pascal’s bat form looks like.
it evokes the same emotions, yes

>bunji’s a noble??? does he have a cool culturally significant vampire job too?
yeah, p much the same rank as minmin! and this hasnt really come up yet but most vampires are happily unemployed

>The vampires that are employed - are their jobs seen as "hobbies" or is every vampire job vital to society, like minoru's?
it’s a mix! some work specifically within vampire frameworks, like minoru (there are other vampire-specific jobs that will come up later) but vampires who work among humans are considered weirdos with weird hobbies

>hi ira! im sorry if someone already asked this or if you talked about this and im not caught up so i havent read the latest phone updates but would vampires have trouble working touch screens because of the blood and body heat thing?
afaik touch screens work via electric charge, which a corpse can still conduct, so nope! no problems

>do vampires HAVE to get their blood directly from people. I might have missed something.
mmm this will be covered. technically, no. it has to be human but it depends on what u mean by Direct

>in the lamb interlude will we be able to fuck kel because im gay for her
maybe. kel is elusive to her wards on the fuck front for very good reasons

>what was kels sire like? except if it's spoilers, but I'm very curious!
kel killed him the second she was strong enough so i have put precisely zero thought into him tbh

>Which of your protagonists (from any of your works) would you get along the best with? Which would you get along the worst with?
oh man when you narrow it down to protags only..... id get along best with maroon for sure. we’d chill. pascal i would kill with my bare hands bc he is a blatant projection of everything i dislike about myself

>which in the tvrn cast would stan ryo asuka and who would want to punch him
stan: minmin, pascal
punch: ricardo, kel, lamb, bunji

>Which of your characters are cat, dog, bird or rodent people?
cat: minmin
dog: ricardo, bunji (but he loves all animals, also he’s not mine but yknow. he gets included), kel, pascal
bird: uh. nobody, probably just bc i personally do not like birds and can’t really imagine having predominant affection for them
rodent: lamb

>who would be pascal's favorite la squandra member
oh shit. uhhh. probably risotto bc he finds him the most attractive and the [pascal voice] Most Cool!!!! his least favorite would be prosciutto, despite the fact that prosciutto would be the second most attractive to him, bc he thinks prosciutto’s nagging is annoying

>who would be pascal’s favorite jojo? :o
JOSUKE!!!!!!!! and u didn’t ask but for the record, ricardo’s would be jolyne

>does the existence of mermaids mean that there are Fair Folk in general? are we never allowed to meet them because thats just a whole new layer of Extreme Fantasy Bitch Politics but sunlight flavored. can we feed constantin to a bog hag and possibly spark a massive supernatural war between vampires and the fair folk?
pretty much everything exists in tvrn, but as pascal said — why worry abt them when vampires are the uncontested top of the food chain

>*o* are we going to meet mermaids in tvrn...
are you going to make our protags, who are creatures with a fatal weakness to natural bodies of water, go fuck around by natural bodies of water

>will there be catboys in tvrn? like, do they exist in the universe for us to potentially encounter? is there a possibility of us meeting catboys? because I will steer pascal and ricardo in any necessary direction for catboys
hm. hm. there are genuinely, this is not me fucking with you, a lot of ways to answer this but all of them are things i want you guys to find out yourselves in canon

>Technically we've already confirmed that Ricardo Could be a catboy if we want him to be, we could totally meet other shifters who would also be catboys
i hate to say it but it goes deeper than this

>How much of Vampire Depression is to do with the fact it's always dark out?
very, very little

>What is Noroi's vampire ability?
i cannot tell u that bc there is a very slim chance that if u make very good friends w minmin u might get to visit the higuchi estate in which case there is then a further slim chance that u might duel him and SO, i can’t spoil it

>Yo! I’m an old quest reader - was there other quests you thought about rebooting? I always was a huge fan of how you wrote a more spooky/horror genre and I’d love to see it again one day! (If you don’t want to answer no worries - I don’t want to take away from the work you’re doing now!!!!)
mmmm tbh not really! most of my dead quests i’m now completely disinterested in or in worst case scenarios embarrassed by — maroon quest is the only one that i think still holds up. the villains win is basically like wild/weary reloaded, tho

>On the topic of dead quests, is there any chance you would be willing to write like a short "ending" or notes on the direction you would have wanted it to go? I mostly ask because I hope Loretta and Paris are okay. That said, I get it if you rather just leave it and move on
i can tell you that i never would have written an ending where paris and loretta aren’t okay. there’s a lot of stuff about loretta quest i don’t want to touch anymore though bc i was in an awful place and the way i was using lq to cope was harmful to me - i was just reliving shit through different lenses instead of processing anything. i’ve said i don’t want it to be left without an ending but i also don’t know when/if i’ll ever want to touch it again

[i mentioned that most of the gore in tvrn will be more of the kill bill variety where someone's head gets chopped off and there's an absurd geyser of blood that lasts two minutes, rather than the saw franchise variety of lingering shots on things that are genuinely stomach-churning, then mused, "but the clowns will be bad." which led to the following messages]

>ira i literally can’t tell if you’re joking or not about scary clowns being in tvrn
i would never fucking joke about something like this

>Will the clowns be kinda sexy tho
of course. obviously. why would you doubt me
No. 127241 ID: 328640
File 154716824821.jpg - (82.79KB , 750x584 , inyourarea.jpg )

No. 127245 ID: 17c2ee

>>Jello shots?
No. 127252 ID: 270774


cumshots are fine.
No. 127275 ID: 270774
File 154736969770.jpg - (85.79KB , 800x525 , 93EE6394-1BF7-47F5-97B9-9F8C9A20A9CE.jpg )

other websites don’t have the handy dandy spoiler image we have here, so when i do my update announcements i have to make do
No. 127276 ID: 70be57

No. 127280 ID: 26262d

Is there someone to remind me who is Noroi please ?
No. 127286 ID: 465a14


important vampire discourse add me to the tvrn discord so I can @everyone with this

or at least @here
No. 127304 ID: d8720c

FRACTAL's DnD character
No. 127327 ID: 270774
File 154764987971.png - (323.34KB , 800x1000 , lvl1.png )

correct - my dnd character who ALSO makes a brief cameo in the tvrn spinoff, hence people asking abt his vampiric affinity. >>/quest/909489/

sorry but i'm kind of an extremely neurotic bitch about who can get into direct contact w me via discord so your best bet is to follow request my locked art twitter, @beat0meat. if i can confirm with my eyeballs that you're over 18 and also if based on my own extensive neurosis you don't seem like someone who will get on my nerves, i'll probably confirm the req, and the link to the discord is floating around on there. again, sorry that i'm Like That, but i have wacky intense boundaries on the internet
No. 127328 ID: 465a14

dw i assumed there was no tvrn discord, it was a shitpost all along
No. 127373 ID: 270774

time for.... more crossposting

>what's the 'template' of regeneration? will a person with a broken limb have it fully healed when they become a vampire? what about more permanent things like lower-body paralysis, or brain damage? does regeneration pull from some template in the DNA?
any injuries you had before you were turned that wouldn’t have healed by human standards will not heal — i.e. if the vampire who turned you broke your arm in the attack, that will heal. but if you already had, for example, a limp, or if you were visually impaired, or even little things like scars — anything that would be permanent by human standards — those things won’t go away. this also means if a vampire rips your arm off while turning you, uhhhh, it’s gone, and that’s the basis your undead body will always return to in terms of regeneration/healing bc it was gone while you were still human, soooo. be careful guys!!!

>what if someone puts a vampire in a blender. can they recover
no because that counts as simultaneous destruction of the head and heart. if you put everything but their head in a blender they’d be fine but very irritated with you

>Can Ricardo dance? He can't, can he?
he absolutely cannot.

>do vampire dens Have to be location based? can there be like. internet clique vampire dens. tumblr kinnies with duel rules about killing doubles. a den of vampires still on usenet for some reason. obscure almost-forgotten forum vampire den
oh there’s for sure online covens. DENS are location based but [2010s vampire voice] Found Coven

>If you did something horrible to solid food, like put a hamburger in a blender with some water, could a vampire eat that? Soup, I guess I'm saying
why do yuo guys ask me such horrible things

>If a shifters animal form is covered completely covered in feathers/fur, for example a crow, are they more resistant to sunlight? (other than exposed areas and eyes, of course)
nope!! same old same old

>if a vampire put on sunscreen would that help?
nope! the sunlight weakness is a Magicky thing more than a physical thing

>Do vampires ever shift their dicks to be bad fanfic proportions? Like 18 inches and stuff
of course they do

>is a vampire wearing silver jewelry seen as really badass or really dumbass?
extremely dumbass and also over time it would just burn a jewelry-shaped trough in you (wearing a cross or other religious emblem if you’re religious isn’t seen in the same way since it’s 1. not as physically harmful and 2. is understood as a choice irt deep personal values instead of just ‘welcome to jackass’)

>Would minmin ever ship a vampire with another type of monster, or is his matchmaking career strictly limited to vampire and vampire relationships, either by personal decision or familial tradition/law? Vamp/Jiangshi/Werewolf/Swamp Thing is taboo
career-wise his job is vampires only — actually his job is Political matches only, and he bends the rules 1. for extra money and 2. bc his sire, naotaro, is not a traditionalist and has been slowly pushing the higuchi line away from rigid political matchmaking for the past two centuries, and not without opposition, because of his [older vampire voice] Radical views on marrying for love. aside from that in just a general sense, you would be very hard pressed to find another monster who Wants to be with a vampire. they are not well liked. but it happens!

>How many vampires go to Halloween parties in cheesy vampire costumes?
tons of them. this is something that is considered universally funny in vampire culture

>are we going to meet any werewolves in tvrn?
i dunno. are you?

>Maybe a weird thing to ask, but it's been bugging me. Why can't modern vampires see their reflection? I know the thing use to be because mirrors were made with silver and silver repels the undead/evil so it wouldn't even show their reflection. Today most mirrors are made with aluminum since it's cheaper.
because it’s cool

>How wild did vampires get when they realized they could videotape having sex and watch themselves for the first time
vampires realizing they showed up in video at all was just a fucking circus bc it was their first opportunity to observe themselves in motion since they were turned (so most older vampires at that point had completely forgotten what they looked like in motion.) u know how you’ll be admiring yourself in the mirror but none of the selfies turn out, bc u just look that much better in motion? imagine not having that, for CENTURIES. but also yeah it took them abt two seconds to point it at fuck, too

>Do TVRN vampires know what vore is and do they consider what they do as vore???? The people need to know :O
i mean vampires who use the internet a lot know. and they don’t think it counts but if they Know what vore is then obviously they joke about it

>Hey if vampires can't eat solid food, can they eat ass. Also did swallowing Ricardo's c*m really give Pascal vamp indigestion or was that just a taste thing
it was just a taste thing and of COURSE they can eat ass. what would be the point of vampires who don’t eat ass

>are there any vampires who just don’t *like* eating ass?

>i know you’ve said all cryptids and supernatural creatures exist in tvrn, but what about witches (or any human practitioners of magic, or a magic system in general?)
there is a magic system that humans, fae, and dragons can access but it’s almost certainly going to come up in the vegas arc so i won’t say anything about it. vampires no longer count as humans

>will we get to fuck a dragon
are you going to go and make them hunt down a dragon you horny little fool

>Will there be any M/F pairings in TVRN?
profoundly unlikely

>Does any tvrn species (vampires, mermaids...) have magical soulmate bonds? Or is it all regular soulmate bonds i.e. communication and listening skills?
i hate soulmate aus and everything related to them fjdkfjdj so yeah it’s all Communication and they all have just as much difficulty with it as humans do. except for bigfoots whose communities are built on compassion and active listening and have the lowest divorce rate of any species in the universe

>did u name pascal pascal bc a pascal is an unit of internal pressure/stress? 🤔
no i named pascal pascal because it’s cute and he’s half french. but that’s a cool theory and you’re free to continue believing that i’m that smart if you want

>So what do we have to do if we want to see Bunji naked
i consulted sunny about this and she said either you have to endure a threesome with him and minmin or bond with him enough that he wants to do old man shit with ricardo like. go to a public bath/sauna or something

the other thing you all missed in my anon inbox is someone tried to argue that giving a vampire from transylvania a sesame street count von count accent perpetuates offensive stereotypes and they were being literally one billion percent serious. i do an immense service by combing through these and only crossposting the good stuff
No. 127376 ID: bb78f2

I know you said the shapeshifting rules only really allowed for existing biological creatures and not objects, but after you mentioned The Count, in my heart and soul, I want nothing more than to meet a shifter who can turn into a felt puppet The Count.
No. 127378 ID: 465a14

re:mirrors I hate to be this guy but ACKSHUALLY it was never because of silver, it's not like the dirtfuck peasants passing these superstitions around could afford the silver for a fancy-ass mirror, it's just because of superstitions about reflections and the soul and OBVIOUSLY vampires are soulless monsters so it's actually more historically correct for a vampire not to have any sort of reflection at all
No. 127386 ID: 0e2ebe

??? Muppets are people
No. 127418 ID: 270774
File 154872269543.png - (119.74KB , 798x522 , JSHDF.png )

how i feel when im drawing a TVRN update vs how i actually look
No. 127419 ID: 270774
File 154873397827.png - (192.72KB , 800x525 , congrats!.png )

anyway yaaaaaay we did it
No. 127420 ID: 255b3c


Congrats on balls in the shot I always believed you could pull it off my dude
No. 127451 ID: bb78f2

Hey fractal, if your vampires were real, and it became publiccally known they were real, what would you want humanity to do with that knowledge? Legally? Should it be legal right for vampires to feed?

Supernatural creatures legal rights and status in todays society keeps me up at night. Is a werewolf legally resposible for any murders they commit under a feral transformation? If a boy with latent paychic powers kills someone by accidentally releasing them, should they be charged with manslaughter?
No. 127453 ID: 270774

if my vampires were real i would want them to come fuck me to death and then i wouldn’t have to worry about any of the technical shit
No. 127454 ID: 270774
File 154886365583.jpg - (147.20KB , 799x1572 , 3E8077DB-688A-4912-A397-21839AF2F1FF.jpg )

No. 127470 ID: 158da5

I feel like there's few insults that compare to telling a vampire to swim.
No. 127477 ID: 270774
File 154895979283.png - (184.03KB , 759x641 , rpr1.png )

im actually cranky that you guys excelled so much at securing a safe escape for ricardo and pascal bc it means rex and jonquil won't be relevant for ages now. so i'm tiding myself over by drawing porn
No. 127478 ID: 270774
File 154895980738.png - (129.46KB , 571x649 , rpr2.png )

like, a lot of it
No. 127479 ID: 270774
File 154895982274.png - (149.80KB , 783x650 , rpr3.png )

with like, all of my spare time
No. 127480 ID: 270774
File 154895985856.png - (132.11KB , 508x649 , 1-20nsfw5.png )

you know how it is. also behold my COMPLETELY inconsistent file naming
No. 127546 ID: 465a14
File 154924685693.png - (564.67KB , 661x426 , 4VxlBvV.png )

No. 127549 ID: 158da5

Gotta have that toe blood tbh
No. 127574 ID: 270774

pleased to report that there are absolutely zero vampires in tvrn who suck toes

anyway, mini announcement, updates are gonna slow down for a bit bc im too hyped about jojo’s bizarre adventure to live or breathe and the only thing that soothes the beast within my chest is churning out endless pages of doujin about evil mafia men tragically in love so i’m doing that for a bit. i’ll come back when i wear myself out a little bit and also when said gay mafia villains are all dead and i thereby stop caring about the rest of the season
No. 127832 ID: 270774
File 155038375735.png - (288.76KB , 900x600 , patreonannouncement2.png )

hey so uhhh a patreon is a thing that's finally happening https://www.patreon.com/iraprince
no aspects of my quests are actually being monetized besides a stretch goal to start a new one; nothing is really changing. but i have some cool goodies on here like behind the scenes stuff and downloads of my digital sketchbooks, polls for bonus content, and my favorite tier which is embarrassing love notes each month from your fav fractal quest characters
check it out if u want!
No. 127834 ID: 270774

also im behind on lore crossposts again

>has anyone ever asked about the effects of garlic in the tvrn universe
pascal mentions super briefly that garlic superstition is ridiculous but jokes on him bc if he ever ate a clove he sure would throw up. that counts

>was there a better way to handle the oyabun situation? what about a worse way?
there were ABSOLUTELY worse ways. being openly defiant or combative to her would have gone very badly. as for better.... mmm it’s hard to say. we haven’t really seen the full consequences/changes that have come from the way that situation was handled yet, or how it’s changed the dynamic between chidori and nanako yet. things could have gone very Differently but it’s hard to say whether a different outcome would objectively be better or worse

>can i ask how your style developed so that character noses are a sometimes thing? i cannot phrase it in a way that doesnt sound wrong in some way but i legitimately am curious dont think its bad arent judging u (i know the anime stigma in art circles)
i think it was that in visual shorthand (if it’s a distance model, if i’m just doodling) i never put noses on them and then i just ended up realizing i thought it was really cute like that even in more detailed drawings. now for me actually drawing noses is just a tool to communicate the angle of the face if needed

>Do buff vampires need to have muscles or is it all magic? Do they need to work out and pump iron or are they just, vampire?
it’s both! if two vampires both have the power affinity, are the same general age, and have both fed at around the same time — so basically, if all the Vampire Magic is on equal footing — the person who has done more physical training is going to be stronger, so vampires who are Serious Duelists put time and effort into their bodies too.

>Is there any way to stop being a vampire, other than death?
nope! you’re in it for the long haul! it wouldn’t be horror otherwise!

>so eastern europe took ages to adopt the gregorian calendar so pascal probably grew up using the old julian calendar and he doens't seem like the type to learn the new one. so can pascal tell the date. does he know what day it is
[holding my head in my hands] oh my god. oh my god you’re right. he wouldn’t learn it. he wouldn’t care. he doesn’t know what day it is

>can vampires turn animals to be vampires? logistically i realize that this would be a terrible thing to do, the animals would kill without thinking of not being discovered, etc etc, but I also feel like maybe some vampires would try to do it without considering the consequences
nope, only humans can be turned into vampires! this extends to any other sapient creatures in the tvrn universe — humans ONLY, all the way down

>would you be willing to say what the known oldest vampires age is? or like a ballpark? We know pascal is young and ricardo is baby, but how old is old as shit in tvrn?
the oldest vampire that we’ll probably meet in tvrn is like, 5000, and that’s old as SHIT. a vampire like kel in the 1300-ish range is considered, like, Established and Competent and Cool. a vampire who’s like 400-500 like bunji is respectable. a vampire who’s 250-ish like pascal is considered Just old enough to take seriously

>wait do vampires feed off of like. sirens/bigfeet/werewolves/other vampires? like can they do that instead of humans. like all the many issues with that aside
they Could feed off other sapient creatures but the taste is Off, and also other creatures are generally much more able to defend themselves so there’s no reason for them to put in the extra effort. as pascal has mentioned briefly, they do kill other creatures for territory, though. vampires feeding on other vampires is something that needs to be explored in the thread!

>i hope this isn't spoilers but... do the old as shit vampires actually remember all their life? or even a 1000yo vampire. like, that's a Lot of years to be alive. does their memory kind of start to deteriorate after a while?
it’s not really spoilers! it depends on the vampire. kel’s got shit pretty together but she doesn’t sweat the details; the 5000 y/o vamp i mentioned remembers Everything. a lot of it hinges on how much you Want to remember

>how does pascal feel about slime videos
he hasn’t discovered them yet but when he does he’s going to go fucking apeshit and by apeshit i mean “laying on the couch watching them for hours at a time bc he has depression”

>If you like dipped a chicken nugget in blood could a vamp eat it and not throw up? If a hamburger is bloody enough but literally and unironically could Pascal know true joy? Is there a blood-to-food ratio you could achieve where eating a Cheetos wouldn't fuck up your shitty yet superior vampire body?
no. all is puke. no solid food whatsoever

>Ok but would that mean vampires can drink milk? Are there lactose intolerant vampires? Do they puke if they drink milk
i’m just gonna be honest and say that you guys are about a thousand times more interested in the technicalities of this than i ever will be

>in tvrn, do different blood types have different tastes? or is it all placebo effect for those that do think it. "dude i SWEAR this one tasted better i SW-" "theyre all the same. theyre all the fucking same, oh my god"
it is absolutely the latter. any vampire who claims to taste the difference between blood types is bullshitting

>who in tvrn and acid soup smokes weed
- pascal when he can get it but he can’t currently bc everyone hates him
- jonquil
- minmin will socially but doesn’t on his own
- naotaro
- two of kel’s wards but you haven’t met them yet

acid soup:
- belial
- ne
- like every member of the sukebun
- lowry doesn’t currently but when she discovers it it’s going to help a lot
- cain

[solemnly] ricardo big cat pupils.

>Your work in color is so stunning and atmospheric - is there a reason you decided to keep TVRN in grayscale?
the primary and extremely unglamorous answer is update speed! it is about a billion times faster + easier to go “ok ~6 shades of grey, 3 shades of red” rather than juggling, like u said, palettes focused on atmosphere and trying to keep palettes across an entire cast of characters more or less consistent the way i do in acid soup. it’s not totally a workflow economy choice tho!!! it is also a loving nod to black and white vampire films, like nosferatu and the bela lugosi dracula.

>so if kel has roughly 400 wards and constantin has like sixty, and he's younger than her too.... kel could probably likely easily snap him in half, right
if it was one on one, yes. but aggressing him is aggressing the entire cradle and all affiliated houses

>Do vampires begin to weaken when they are very old or do they never stop to grow stronger ?
if all other factors are exactly the same, an older vampire will always be stronger at baseline than a younger one. but all factors are rarely exactly the same! as an example, i once mentioned offhand that there will be a character in tvrn who is roughly 5000 years old. but he’s generally averse to violence (at least by vampiric standards) and has had no interest in learning to fight beyond the bare minimum of what’s necessary to defend himself and his wards. kel is 1300, has devoted her life to warfare, and would crush him like a saltine cracker. in the same way, pascal is half bunji’s age, and bunji is a power type, but he was still able to break bunji’s ankle (even though he injured himself doing it) because he was freshly fed and bunji hadn’t fed for an indeterminate amount of time. there are always ways to level the playing field!

>how does kel make time for all 400 of her wards? :O?
she kind of doesn’t. though she turns them all personally in small batches of 3-4 at a time (unlike many cradle families who use branching “the wards of my wards are automatically Mine” systems), most of them are trained and brought up by her older, trusted wards, and she spends the most personal time with the ones who have the most potential. kel is much better in terms of basic decency than most other powerful sires, but she is faaaaar from perfect, and she is a warlord — her main purpose behind creating new vampires is military power, not companionship.

>I know Pascal turned Ricardo by accident but how do most vampires approach turning someone? Do they ask first?
it depends. the vast majority of cradle houses do not, and turn humans against their will based on the sire’s personal taste. the higuchi family, as an example, approaches humans and proposes the turn clearly and honestly, like a business proposal. most american nomadic vampires turn people they already know for companionship. kel only turns women who manage to hunt her down and demand it

>i mean if you were a housebound wife drop spindling all the damn year long and then one day you see kel carrying her horse down the lane who wouldn't snap their husband's neck and chase after her
RIGHT. this is exactly the mood

>Do any vampires decide to shift into animals permanently or semi-permanently?
you wouldn’t be able to hold a shift that dramatic permanently! a vampire who’s competent at shifting could hold a form they’re comfortable with for a few hours without breaks in a relaxed context (i.e. turning into a bat to fly somewhere); one of kel’s wards who is a shifter can hold one of her forms in an aggressive combat context/at full exertion for abt 15 minutes, which is considered pretty intense.

>how long can pascal hold his jackal form?
in theory, like 40 mins. in practice, like 40 seconds bc he HATES not being able to talk

>Does Kel believe dead vampires go to Valhalla?
she has an opinion. she has a fucking WEIRD opinion
No. 127835 ID: 158da5

>pascal mentions super briefly that garlic superstition is ridiculous but jokes on him bc if he ever ate a clove he sure would throw up. that counts

I love that this implies that despite what he says, Pascal has avoided garlic for 250 years.
No. 127836 ID: bb78f2

Are you ever messing with Dhampirs/daywalkers in this setting at all? Can't help but love my Blade's and Bloodraynes so I gotta ask.
No. 127866 ID: 270774

he sure has.

nope. tvrn vampires cannot reproduce
No. 127867 ID: 270774
File 155047589206.png - (230.27KB , 962x637 , 6.png )

anyway it's ricardo's mom love hours
No. 127869 ID: 158da5

No. 127878 ID: bb78f2

Blade was born from a pregnant human being bit by a vampire, so what you're saying is that Blade would be stillborn in TVRN or birthed normally?

Granted the mother having to spend three days DEAD before being turned requirement would really fuck with their development unless the sire could perform a c-section to save the child in that period.

You know, if there would be a quest just about being a single Mom on tgchan, I'd bet the protagonist would be just like her. I don't think a tgchan quest HAS tackled trying to be a parent before... for good reason. Would be funny though.

Why does Mamma Ricardo have to be so cool
No. 127899 ID: 270774

yeah no, being turned requires the person dying so in that case no kid, and in the tvrn universe being bitten non-fatally has no supernatural effects so the kid would just be born normally. no vampire kids possible in any circumstances
No. 127900 ID: 270774
File 155059037216.jpg - (319.73KB , 1000x654 , D8121CF3-D57B-4E5D-B3C3-07391F653C16.jpg )

anyway my twitter+tumblr audience cares abt stuff like this but idk if my strictly tgchan one does but i’m gonna post it anyway for the sake of it being new art; i have acrylic charms in the works and i’m like. stoked abt it
No. 127919 ID: 158da5

Would you mind explaining about the Easter Island problem here? I'd like to understand that, too.
No. 127920 ID: b1b4f3

I don't get it either.
No. 127921 ID: 465a14

Wasn't involved in it, but after the fact my guess is that people thought it could be offensive that Pascal called the Rapa Nui/Easter Island statues ugly, since they're significant in a culture he isn't part of.
No. 127922 ID: b1b4f3

Isn't that to be expected though? Beauty is subjective, and standards of beauty are different between cultures, even.
No. 127923 ID: 158da5

Yeah don't do that.
No. 127924 ID: b1b4f3

Do what?
No. 127925 ID: 158da5

Justify mocking other cultures because they're different. Being respectful doesn't mean you have to personally like the way something looks.

I don't know if that's what Fractal was even referring to yet, but c'mon.
No. 127927 ID: b1b4f3

I didn't think Pascal was mocking their culture. One statue's appearance is only the barest surface level, after all(the history of the statues is pretty interesting!). I can't see how he phrased it now, maybe it's worse than I remember.

If you ask me the problem was probably how Fractal drew the statue, it could be considered a racist caricature due to being a bit exaggerated.
No. 127938 ID: 9e2e20


heres a message sent to FRACTAL's curiouscat that explains the issue well imo

>different anon here but as someone who has been keeping up with tvrn this really isnt any better With context and i've been trying to find the words to express how uncomfortable it makes me. in the text of the update you had pascal call the easter island statues ugly and compared their features to ricardo's in a way that really didnt read like you were just talking about the eyebrows, i dont understand what's supposed to be funny about this except you playing racism for humor. the "i cannot tell you all apart" line is especially inappropriate and uncomfortably close to harmful real life stereotypes about dark-skinned people. it genuinely shocked and disappointed me, i really thought you knew better than this.
No. 127939 ID: 158da5

Oh wow, okay, that makes sense.
No. 127948 ID: 270774

yeah, the best explanation is the one that informed my decision (which is this one quoted here.) someone else had opened the conversation by telling me in broader terms that they found the joke uncomfortable and racist, and i didn’t really Get It bc from my perspective it was just a joke abt his expression, and then when this person weighed in that was my like lightbulb moment where i was like “oh, SHIT, it DOES completely come off like this.” i don’t think that my intent in this case matters at all bc it doesn’t change what the end result ended up being (which is.... Bad.)

i was very firmly convinced by the points this person brought up, and i don’t want anything like that in my work, and also i just want to take it seriously when someone says they’re disappointed in me for legitimate reasons, so altogether that’s why i decided to just remove that part entirely and redo it.
No. 127976 ID: 270774

heads up -- you guys missed something that's like. not VITAL, but a pretty big deal. i'd been waiting for someone to notice and i normally don't give hints, but this update contains a nudge towards what you missed.
No. 128303 ID: 270774

it’s crosspost time

>What tamagotchi does Jonquil have? Like one of the original ones, or the 20th anniversary re-release? Or are they like super into it and have one imported one from Japan that they've patched
they have Many. they have a Collection

>do any vampires turn their family members? parents, siblings, a big undead family?
depends on location/culture! this is super common in dens (like the brooklyn one.) the same with turning close friends for companionship — generally only done in vampire populations where the ward/sire relationship isn’t automatically considered one of servitude

>when you say tvrn out loud do you say 'turn' or 'tee vee ahr enn'
i say turn! but [my wife, who created ricardo + several other characters] tends to pronounce it almost like “tavern” (kind of like... t’vern) and sometimes i catch that version of it sneaking into my brain

>If you've used historical figures like Elizabeth Bathory as vampires, are there any modern-day famous people that are vampires or other monsters?
i feel weird abt writing anyone who hasn’t been dead for a century or more into my porno comic tbh fjdkjdkd. like even if it was just as a joke it’s just a boundary i don’t really wanna mess around w

>tvrn characters' weirdest sleeping positions?
jonquil crams themself into the smallest spaces they can find like a fucked up cat

>how do you come up with this stuff?! for tvrn i mean. you seem to have such rich backstory and a whole entire arc planned out and it's super cool. i don't know how to tell stories or create characters with depth. also i would buy enamel pins if we're suggesting merch.
ohhhh this is kind of a hard question. my instinctive answer was “i just Do It” but i know that’s not really true, it’s just that i don’t know how to put what i do into words. i’ll try tho!
i think worldbuilding and character development are both just asking yourself a lot of questions and then answering them. the concept of wards + sires is something that’s been part of my Personal Vampire Lore since i was like 15; the question is “well if you get turned into a vampire who shows you how to hunt people without getting caught and how do you find out which stuff is real or not re: crosses and garlic and stuff” and the answer in my case was “well i guess the person who turned you had better show you otherwise they’re a dick.” and then like in terms of how pascal became better developed.... at first his concept was just “vampire who seems scary and elegant but actually he’s just kind of lazy and a loser and a coward.” and so you ask questions about that. “doesn’t he have any friends?” not really. “how does he feel about that?” he’s resigned to it. “what does he do all day?” nothing, frankly. and you just keep asking yourself questions like that until you’ve like..... covered everything, kind of.

>sorry ya it is a tough question ! i guess i’m just really impressed w the way your story is crafted with. peaks and falls and action and what is to be discovered and resolution like i think i just don’t know how to write a story lol
i think the best way to learn to write stories is just to consume a bunch of stories! my work is very strongly influenced by shoujo and shonen in equal measure, and by horror movies, plus of course tvrn is a big sloppy nod to the standard trashy romance novel formula: relatively average but strongwilled protag is thrust into a situation in which they have to exist in close quarters with mysterious sexy asshole, lots of people try to stop it from happening, protag slowly uncovers mysterious sexy asshole’s Tragic Past and Hidden Softness, etc etc. so it’s really just drawing from a bunch of other stuff that i like!

>Who would think being compared to a furby is a complement in the TVRN cast? Is it Jonquil?
jonquil would not like being compared to a furby bc they would interpret that as “slow to learn, almost universally considered annoying.” minmin thinks furbies are cute tho. (furbies? furbys?)

>what does minmin think about longfurby
minmin commissioned a custom longfurby to wear like a mink stole

>Hot take: Pascal should blow raspberries on Ricardo's abs
your brain is so big. thank you

>can we have some werewolf fuck tips since I know werewolves tend to rightfully avoid vampires but, how do we set them at ease around us not to run off when we approach them?
dont let pascal say or do anything at all

>d does pascal hate werewolves or do werewolves hate pascal
pascal is a little fucking bitch asshole to werewolves for absolutely no reason

>will the werewolves be... Hot
everyone in tvrn is and always will be hot, in various and many-splendored ways

>Did pascal fuck oscar wilde Yes or yes
the timeline on this one actually works out perfectly. you know what maybe pascal wasn’t grossed out by fucking humans when he was younger and then he changed his mind once he started getting older

>So pascal said he’s not into fucking humans but how uncommon/taboo is it to other vampires? Are some of them down with that?
i would say more vampires Aren’t into it than are, not bc of any kind of taboo but just bc as a physical experience it isn’t Great, but it’s not that uncommon.

>i’m all for pascal fucking mozart and i hate to be the one to tell you this but i feel like it’s relevant to point out that it was uncovered in some letters he wrote his cousin that mozart had a scat fetish
[taking out my big eraser] not in the tvrniverse he didn’t

>What would happen if the Hearts Goetia cast and TVRN cast net up? Would they fight or something?
i think it’s safe to say like half of them would fuck and the other half would kill each other

>wait how much ass eating is in tvrn. should i start reading it
to be COMPLETELY frank with you there is, so far, much less ass eating than there is psychological horror but i’ll try to even it up

>OK this could be something u don’t want to touch on until it comes up in canon which is totally fine but is constantin just turning people who look like himself?? Because he has the beauty mark, unless its also a tattoo?????
no this is fine i don’t really consider it a spoiler. he does turn ppl who look like him

[it would feel silly to copy paste something in spanish when everything else in this thread is in english but paraphrased, i got a question abt whether tvrn vampires need to be invited into buildings and the answer is only private residences. so they could enter an apartment building without an invitation but to enter a specific unit where someone lives they would need an invitation]

>How would the main vampires in tvrn so far comfort someone in floods of tears? (if comforting is something they do instead of just "you're crying. Stop doing that")
we actually have seen ricardo try to comfort pascal when he was crying in ch 1 and his reaction is literally “stop that.” pascal would probably try to make you laugh to distract you, or flirt playfully to get your mind off it. kel would comfortingly slap you on the back and probably break several of your bones doing so and then you’d be too shocked and winded to keep crying. lamb......... lamb would just get uncomfortable and leave

>Yes tvrn vamps are majestically op, But ever since you said the brain and the heart keep going unless they're completely destroyed I've wanted to. behead a vampire and see if it grows into two vampires like when you cut a worm in half.
i actually answered this once and can’t remember what i said but it was probably something boring and practical like “after 3 days of separation, whichever body half has Less to regenerate (so almost always the body w the heart in it) will start regenerating and the other part will die like a mortal body” but i change my mind and now i’m saying whether the head or the heart is prioritized as the center of regeneration depends on the vampire bc that’s cooler

>now im wondering if pascal’s comments about werewolves not being a threat to vampires is going to come bite us in the ass when he inevitably pisses off a werewolf and we learn werewolves ARE a threat, actually,
it is possible pascal cosovei was blowing it out his ass when he bragged he could take a pack of werewolves singlehanded

>If Pascal tried to suck my blood I would merely take out an aerosol can and a lighter and completely immolate his shitty vampire body
thank you so much

>can vampire be moth

>what would happen if a vampire tried to suck a werewolf's blood? or are we going to have to find that out ourselves? I'll stop if my werewolf questions are getting tiring.
the vampire would retch and spit a lot and wonder why the hell they tried to do that because it tastes like shit

>are all vampires as... elitist as Pascal? he seemed really dismissive of other cryptids. or is it just an old european house thing. also is Kel friends with any banshees?
most cradle vamps are worse than him, and almost all vampires are very obnoxiously aware of how solid their position at the top of the supernatural food chain is even if they aren’t as shitty abt it as cradle vamps are about, like, everything. even if they aren’t elitist abt it tho most vampires don’t have anything to do w other creatures anyway, bc other creatures want nothing to do w vampires, bc vampires are hyperviolent freaks. banshees are completely solitary but kel has some history with sirens

>how would pascal react if some rando just called him a rat because pascal reminds me of a rat but in both a good way and a bad way
he would scream. and then get distracted bc rats are kind of cute and he’d start thinking maybe it was a compliment

>Ok but would kel be friends with a buff werewolf lady if she fought for her love
kel could crush even an extremely tough werewolf in one hand like a dry leaf so it would be hard for a werewolf to win her respect by fighting her but maybe a werewolf could win kel’s respect if kel observed her like, fighting for her pack. (kel would probably refuse to fight a werewolf period bc it would be so unbalanced.)

>wait, do the bathory wards get the tattoo BEFORE being turned? if they got it after, it would just heal, right? 🤔
yep, they do

>hey ira!! do you have voiceclaims / ideas about how tvrn characters sound?
not really! this is one of those things where like... i guess my brain just doesn’t really work that way? and i don’t think abt it in very specific terms

>you've at least implied The Count from Sesame Street as a voiceclaim for Pascal before xD
you’re right, i apologize. count von count is the official pascal voiceclaim

>what do vampires think of their depictions in media? like, do they think its funny or insulting or are they just 'humans are stupid.' Is Dracula wary that they've semi-caught on to his existence?
depends on the vampire. pascal loves them. dracula isn’t bothered — as far as he’s concerned, all the bullshit just obscures his actual operations

>what r dracula's Actual Operations? 👀
in what universe would i answer this when we are on chapter 2, you little sneak

>does dracula have his ass out at all times. does dracula wear stockings. please tell me dracula is sexy and has gigantic titties even if he is evil and we will have to kill him inevitably or die trying at endgame i just want to know
im not telling you anything abt dracula except that all tvrn characters are sexy

>is it ethical to fuck tvrn dracula is the real question we should be asking
i genuinely haven’t decided yet

>Ok but what about the brides of dracula, if they exist are they hot? Are they the grooms of dracula instead
dracula is single

>i forget if you've mentioned this somewhere, but how long can a vampire go without feeding before starvation sets in? and are there any long-term consequences if a vampire frequently approaches starvation, or does their accelerated healing take care of it?
pascal’s mentioned this briefly — depends on how old a vampire is. pascal feeds about once every three weeks in cold weather, and more frequently when it’s warm out. as for the actual limits of starvation, he does mention a story about elizabeth bathory surviving four years without blood — but he also says he thinks that’s impossible sensationalized bullshit, and that in general a 500-1000 year old vampire would be able to go 5-6 months at most. consequences of repeated starvation will be addressed in canon pretty soon

>I think TVRN is turning me gay
congrats and welcome

>do you think it would be going to fast if Ricardo and Pascal got shotgun married in vegas by an elvis impersonator
if ricardo even vaguely broached this subject pascal would steal another car and leave him to die

>Can vampires speak furbish
yuo people age me

>ira help was there bigfoot lore in tvrn, i scrolled ur curiouscat for a while but couldn’t find it
there was but a lot of it is on my nsfw cc (it wasn’t nsfw lore just like, sometimes ppl send it there). basically: they’re pacifists who deeply value strong communication and are happier than almost every other supernatural species

>do bigfeet look at vampires and go "wowww. sucks to be you. peace!" and go away if they encounter a vampire?
essentially yeah. they feel compassion for vampires but also Nobody Wants To Deal With That

>how open to fucking are bigfeet?
in general? extremely. fucking vampires in particular? that is a much harder sell given vampires’ tendency towards Unbridled Murder

>Do Bigfeet count as furbies
fuck you

>Do Vampires leave ghosts? Where are the cute ghosts in general?
vampires do not. ghosts in general are everywhere

>im thinking abt the idea of kel adopting other ppls wards .... like if a ward was treatly badly by their sire and they ran away and found kel and wanted to be part of her army.. would she let them? or would it be too risky?
she would let them if they were tough enough to be useful to her which is a pretty narrow entry requirement

>scouring vegas like a video game level looking for the unlockable playboy bunny suit for ricardo that he has to wear in all the serious duel cutscenes
your brain is huge
No. 128318 ID: 465a14

can a furby become a vampire
No. 128320 ID: 9582af

Does human blood taste the same for vampires as it does for humans? Apparently it can taste better or worse, but how does that work?
No. 128328 ID: 465a14

followup: who are furby vampires gay for, whose asses do furbpires eat
No. 128330 ID: 270774

fuck you

human blood to vampires just tastes like, Extremely Good. Satisfying. evokes the response of “This Is All I Need.” but it all generally tastes the same, the difference only comes in the actual quality based on the health of the victim (and some vampires are more sensitive to/picky about it than others).
No. 128331 ID: 270774

can. can you eat ass with a beak
No. 128333 ID: 17c2ee

yeah sure if the tongues are long enough i guess you can
No. 128335 ID: 17c2ee

wait nevermind i just remembered birds have, like, teeth on their tongues so probably no ass eating

although maybe that's just geese
No. 128338 ID: b67607

Thank you
No. 128339 ID: b67607

I'm fucking losing it this is the worst thing I've ever read
No. 128340 ID: 17c2ee

i thought of something worse, do you remember Bill & Mandy

i want you to imagine a furby eating ass with a betoothed tongue




furbpires don't bite or drink regular blood they only drink ass and toe blood
No. 128344 ID: b1b4f3

No. 128346 ID: c8452a

Is that a bannable offense
No. 128379 ID: 270774

i love you guys but mention toes in my disthread again and i’ll hunt you for sport like a rich englishman
No. 128382 ID: 465a14

how about foot knuckles specifically, not the rest of the thing
No. 128383 ID: 270774

i’m taking my hunting rifle off the wall and my manservant is fetching my jodhpurs
No. 128384 ID: 465a14

reasonable tbh
No. 128390 ID: c8452a

Oh and not the tooth tongue, I see, I see
No. 128477 ID: c8452a

Is it too early to write an obituary for Ricardo?
No. 128478 ID: 465a14

Quick break from shitposting- it's cool to see sign languages show up in quest panels. Dragon Romance's been doing it for a while with Outissa but I'm kinda hype to see other characters to do it in tvrn, so thanks FRACTAL.
No. 128500 ID: 270774

might as well get it over with

:)!!! ive been rly excited abt introducing this character so i’n glad to see other ppl hyped abt her as well. it’s impossible for me to really pick a favorite of kel’s wards bc i love them all for different reasons but i def have a soft spot for sirloin
No. 128501 ID: c8452a

Got it. If he ends up fighting Lamb I will have something ready.

Sirloin is so cool, I love her attitude and I can't wait to see her fight.
No. 128503 ID: 97d823

howdy!! I think I remember reading smth about certain affinities being linked to like, personality traits?? is that true?? are affinities the hogwarts houses of tvrn??
No. 128504 ID: 270774

thats briefly mentioned in chapter 2; minmin compares it to blood type personality theories and insists it’s accurate. in summary, he says:
- power types are “impatient, straightforward, and too earnest for their own good”
- shifters are “crazy tenacious and resourceful and ... socially an acquired taste”
- he doesn’t say anything about psychic affinities in general, but when ricardo asks about hypnotists like pascal minmin refuses to answer bc he “doesn’t have anything nice to say”
- and specialists don’t fit into affinity typing at all.

that’s all the info u guys have in canon rn!
No. 128505 ID: 97d823

thank u!! <3
No. 128696 ID: 270774
File 155353141536.jpg - (61.10KB , 338x463 , 82B2D420-6B6B-4A65-9B6A-4ED78868200E.jpg )

hey here’s something fun. kel is my oldest oc (at least the oldest one i still have and actively think about/care about) and here’s the absolute oldest art i could dig up of her; probably about 2009ish. (i no longer have an equivalent of the other woman in this drawing; she was a very generic like, Shy Timid Stammering Anime Girl and like i still love tropes but not that one)
No. 128739 ID: 7bc8ec
File 155364900392.png - (380.46KB , 1000x1000 , bus down kellyanna.png )

think i made her tits too small
No. 128753 ID: 10c408

I have no idea if you did or not.

But when in doubt enhance knockers!
No. 128847 ID: f6aa09
File 155401181252.jpg - (48.20KB , 400x400 , image.jpg )

Here you go.
No. 128870 ID: 270774

there’s always room for more titty. that doesn’t make this any less cute, tho, thanks!
No. 128894 ID: 270774
File 155416541432.png - (525.47KB , 830x624 , portraits.png )

squeezing in concepts for larger portrait illustrations? in this economy? yes which means i'm just going to post these here so at least you can see them before i inevitably don't finish them
No. 128896 ID: 465a14

why is Lamb holding one of the furbpires
No. 128905 ID: b463f2

these are so beautiful and lovely.... Lamb's is so serene, and the Riscal one effuses stability and joy!
No. 128937 ID: bb78f2

So on a rare chance a human survives a proper vampire feeding (assuming they're throats weren't gouged out like Ricardo does to his victims), is a vampire obligated to finish them off if the human makes it to a hospital (or say they get caught by the police one way or another)?

Now, I'm making the assumption while asking this question that a filling feeding doesn't go way past the surviving point of blood loss and merely near it. Since vampires need to fast themselves to drain enough blood create a ward, I imagine it might actually be possible to survive if the vampire isn't that hungry, but is still hungry enough to want to feed. They bite, drink enough that they're full, the human's bleeding out, the vampire leaves the dying body, and someone discovers the victim before they die and through some luck they pull through, that's the scenario I'm imaganing happen. I don't know what happens to the survivor and I'm curious about it. I don't think it would ever happen in quest, but I help can't be intrigued by the scenario in question.
No. 128958 ID: 270774

well i mean yeah all that happens in a case where a human doesn’t die is....... you have a human with severe blood loss. law enforcement and medical professionals are not particularly going to be like “hmmm i guess vampires are real”

also though to be completely honest i don’t put extensive thought into whether or not the cops are onto vampires because i would find wrangling that insanely boring so i just gloss over it
No. 128961 ID: c8452a

Hey, not dealing with cops is the ideal, so that's great.
No. 128972 ID: bb78f2

It was less the whole cops or paramedics going wild and more like, well now what's the bitten human gonna do now?

Go home, fuggeditaboutit?
No. 128975 ID: c8452a

People deal with trauma constantly. So yeah, probably.
No. 129153 ID: b1b4f3

Hey so... what if Teddy was...
Theodore Roosevelt?
No. 129158 ID: 255b3c

That'd explain some elements of Teddy's relationship with Pascal, what with Teddy being a Rough Rider and all.

I'll see myself out.
No. 129316 ID: 270774
File 155686454904.jpg - (265.23KB , 1051x763 , 71993046-8205-437D-9A4E-8055B49D2E68.jpg )

some little notes on the historical stuff in this most recent update:
1. kel says the trial was 300 years ago; she’s wrong! it was about 400ish years ago.
2. cachtice castle, where elizabeth bathory was imprisoned and died, was actually in what is now slovakia, 500 miles away from where constantin’s current estate is in tvrn (outside alba iulia). it’s also been in ruins since the turn of the 18th century. for tvrn’s purposes, though, cachtice is in full repair, and has also magically always been in central romania, because i say so
No. 129317 ID: b1b4f3

Okay so I've got a couple more ideas on how to deal with the ward shielding:
1, bypass the endurance battle problem. Either by bringing a blood supply to the fight somehow, or by using opponents as the blood supply. Wait, does drinking vampire blood work for recovering strength and regenerating?
2, kill off the wards before the fight. Constantin is a hard man to get alone, but his wards are probably less secure, and he'll probably be sending some of them against us anyway(like in Stardust Crusaders). Kill off enough of them and we can deal with his remaining wards during the duel and still be in good enough condition to fight him.

Depending on the terms of the duel we could do some fucked up shit like hide weapons inside Ricardo's body or outright reinforce his body with subdermal armor. VAMPIRE CYBORG
No. 129496 ID: 094652

I have a theory about Lamb's sect; they're all apocalypse nutjobs who believe that the ultimate purpose of God's children is to bring about the end of the world, thereby completing the task that Noah refused to begin. The only reason they haven't been secretly erased by religious forces is because they're one of the few sects that (1) fanatically believe in the need to purge the world of evil so that good will be the last thing to die, (2) are crazy-effective at hunting bad people, and (3) manage to exude some level of cuteness to creatures of darkness (hence Kel turning a vampire hunter despite how cliche and reputation breaking it is), which prevents a purge of the organization and its recent contacts. The major religions said "oh look, the vamps have a parasite feeding on them, how poetic" and generally ignored them because their fundamental belief that evil must die first meant that they would never target civilians while still using the power of ax-crazy to hunt down everyone else.
No. 129497 ID: bb78f2

are witchblade's stands
No. 129502 ID: 270774

stands, utena black rose duelist blades, magical girl talking animal mascots except angry and pointy. i’m drawing from a lot of genre tropes i like, as usual
No. 129512 ID: 17c2ee
File 155862790947.png - (799.96KB , 1200x1061 , Soundslikeananime_d8be72_7102902.png )

i did it i hacked the future and found the secret spoilers for the ending of tvrn
No. 129514 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like they wouldn't need to be turbosluts in that case. Having sex like once a week? That's pretty normal for a sexually active relationship I think.
No. 129516 ID: f57349

Once a week for subsistence, sure, but the ones who were trying to hold back and get by with bare subsistence just stuck to drinking blood.

Imagine if you'd spent your whole life eating only raw potatoes after digging them out of the ground with your bare hands. One day, somebody points you at a restaurant where not only could you get as much delicious candy as you want, and cheeseburgers too, keep eating and eating, never get tired or nauseous, but furthermore the folks running the place will sometimes actually pay you to take that stuff, or at least act like you're the one doing THEM a favor? Near anybody with addiction-prone personality traits would immediately dive into that headfirst and never come back out again, and vampires do tend to be deeply tangled up with the idea of addiction.
No. 129524 ID: 270774

fools. i don't need solid worldbuilding reasons to make my vampires all turbosluts
No. 129558 ID: 58c855

yo is lamb trans. idk why i think she is but shes just got the Vibe yanno
No. 129582 ID: 270774

lamb figuring out her gender shit is part of her character arc, actually! so, yes, but she doesn’t know it yet. and as long as the subject is up, strip and rack are both nb as well and sirloin is a trans woman. (this stuff is all going to be referenced in canon eventually but i don’t like character identities being treated as “spoilers”/some kind of big reveal so i never mind casually talking abt them before stuff is made official in the text.)
No. 129624 ID: b0b724

This is awesome. I'm happy to see all of this explored and it's really cool that you're being so open about it.
No. 129627 ID: 04ca3e

Hey is Acid Soup still a thing?
No. 129631 ID: 270774

yep, just haven’t had the vibe/energy for it lately. will probably pick it back up again soon tho bc i have a lot more time on my hands recently

which actually reminds me that i guess i never announced this here but uh. i quit my job to do art full time! that sure is happening. i’m taking a few weeks off to spend time w my girl and also just like celebrate not having a day job anymore but you’re going to see a lot more of me soon in general
No. 129642 ID: 99a682

I have not been on tg chan in a long while so I'm late to the party but Holy Fucking Shit Kel Oh My God Holy Fuck Kel Is So Good
No. 129644 ID: b1b4f3

Kel is definitely my favorite character so far.
No. 129834 ID: 4ffd17

Hey fractal, i realize trying IRC out again didn't work out, but we've got an actual discord now so you might want to try that out. Just in case it being irc was the problem and not, like, Driblis' stinky feet or something.
No. 129881 ID: 75cf31

yeah, tbh it was mostly that i don’t use irc for anything else so i’d literally just forget to open irc up lol. discord i’m on a little more frequently tho i gotta admit my normal MO is mute-n-lurk
No. 129927 ID: 368ebc

I'm so excited to learn more about Lamb!
No. 130531 ID: 75cf31
File 156440549428.jpg - (89.77KB , 429x550 , 7BD83698-5E1D-4C2A-8590-75AD144B521F.jpg )

drawing melodramatic doodles of characters i want to get to instead of updating faster which would.... get us to them. also listen to brutus by the buttress it slaps
No. 130558 ID: 75cf31
File 156466894198.png - (418.25KB , 720x1200 , 5minship.png )

these are making the rounds on twitter and they're cute and fun
No. 130734 ID: 094652

Lamb knows she's autistic, so she was diagnosed at some point. Did her vamp-hunt family have hobby therapists in their numbers, did they just pretend her autism didn't exist, or did she plain fit in with the other extremist hunters?
No. 130843 ID: 75cf31

she was self-diagnosed initially (her family did not really care abt looking into stuff like that bc it does not prevent you from killing vampires), then got formally diagnosed during the like... essentially the onboarding process when she became a gallowglass soldier
No. 130846 ID: 0dbb7e

wait, did her family actually kill any vampires?
No. 130849 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, man Lamb's family are a bunch of weirdos.

Vampire hunters apparently talk big enough about hunting vampires, but then get slaughtered when they actually enter into practice, despite potentially a lifetime of practice.

I don't even know how they rise up in the first place, let alone attempt to raise a family of traditional hunters. It's like they didn't know what they were getting into despite going INTO it HARD.

They expected Lamb to be good enough to be killing vampires so regularly as a human that Lamb was to forgo human connection because it would effect her killing quota, as if her mother's was impressively high. Her Mom had to have fucked once, minimum, if she didn't have Lamb through invitro fertilization. Did she only have sex to specifically to make more vampire hunters? I mean, I guess she could have had an arranged marriage, but that feels almost like hunter husbandry at that point.

Lamb's family sounds like a bunch of jerks. At least she's doing the job a lot better now than they ever could have. Just a shame about the whole having to feed on human's thing. I wish her Mom was alive, just so we could have a response to how Lamb is doing now.

Maybe a witch can like, tap into the afterlife for a meeting with the Shepard.
No. 132317 ID: 887abe

hi! it’s me! my wife and i finalized all our paperwork and shit and i moved from the us to spain.
i’m very busy getting settled in but also not updating my quests is making my hair fall out and my nails brittle and my skin dull and blemished so as soon as i get a desk chair in the mail (lmao) i’m excited to jump back in again, and i can’t do commissions etc until my residence finishes processing so that means i’ll have much more time for updates than before which i’m rly excited about. thanks, as always, for ur patience
No. 132319 ID: 7ebbf9

Heya FRACTAL, great to hear from you again. Hope you're having fun settling into your new digs!
No. 132327 ID: 094652

How's Spain?

Keep yourselves safe, the virus has been jumping around there.
No. 132340 ID: 887abe

thanks! and we're doin alright. the missus is working from home for now and i can't work/take commissions til my residence card processes anyway so we're just.... stuck in the flat, lol. then again not to be gay but i can't really think of anything i'd rather do than stay home smoking and drawing with my wife anyway sooo this is not the end of the world. all the more time to update quests with
No. 132362 ID: bb78f2

I want you to know that I can't stop thinking about witches ever since they were mentioned long ago.

The Witch OC's won't go away, and I don't even have the ruleset to create them with.
No. 132376 ID: 5b93d3


100% that mood.
No. 132902 ID: 26262d

Hi is TVRN on an official hiatus at the moment ?
No. 133623 ID: 887abe

hi i'm back and i haven't crossposted quest questions from my curiouscat in over a year. i'm going to do that in chunks while i wait for tvrn to get pulled out of the graveyard so i can update

>are there any hard limits to where tvrn could go? like, can we go on live tv and be like 'we're vampires. vampires exist. here's Constantin's address he's a bastard go kick his ass'
mmmm it’s hard to say without seeing the actual suggestions. live tv is a no bc ricardo isn’t that dumb. every vampire on earth would converge to turn him into ground beef if he did that

>Are vamps generally the same temperature as their surroundings? What temperature is a fever/uncomfortable for them?
they’re generally colder but warm up w activity/exertion, and don’t get bothered much by ambient air temperature but are sensitive to temperature via direct contact. hot baths instead of lukewarm/room temp would be unpleasant and it’s one of the reasons pascal doesn’t like touching humans more than necessary

>is vsl mostly like a way to put in a sign language without worrying about drawing the signing and grammar and stuff accurately because if so i COMPLETELY understand. otherwise it comes off slightly awkward (like there is an implication there is a universal "vampirese" spoken language to go with it?)
it’s partially a way to avoid misrepresenting an existing sign language but it’s also a worldbuilding thing — vsl is actually the only standardized vampiric language that exists, and the “vampiric” part of the acronym doesn’t refer to vampiric as an existing spoken language but vampiric as in the collective community. there’s an expectation from the cradle that everyone should just learn romanian at some point and an expectation from the world at large that everyone should just learn english and deaf vampires were like uhhh it’s stupid that a community as inherently international as ours hasn’t bridged this gap yet so we’re just gonna reverse tower of babel it since none of the rest of you are doing it. (communities of disabled or otherwise minority vampires tend to just be like completely divorced from the cradle entirely). vsl has been picked up a LOT more among vampires than forms of sign language have among humans and is generally pretty commonly known

>are there any pisces in tvrn?

>Hi!!! I always thought Kel was calling Ricardo "ribeye" bc she couldn't be bothered to learn his name & to tease him, but now I'm wondering if it's because she saw his potential and wanted to help raise him?? It's cute???
I LOVE U PICKING UP ON THIS it’s a little of both! she was immediately pretty impressed by him surviving so long on his own

>is the cradle only, like, northern/eastern europe? i think you mentioned the Medici once. are they cradle? any other notable southern european families? i'm sorry if this is spoilers
it’s mostly eastern europe and then a scattering of other houses (there is a medici vampiric house, and they are cradle, but they’re cradle bc of eminence rather than location). basically if a vampiric house is powerful enough, theyre welcomed into the cradle as long as they recognize the voivode’s authority, and then get to reap the benefits of that. a lot of vampiric houses operate independently or as part of smaller networks; the cradle is the main political power in europe but isn’t universal. there are a lot of houses that Want to be part of the cradle but aren’t powerful enough to sit at the cool kids table, or who would consider joining but don’t want to be at dracula’s disposal

>are there any other institutions with the same kind of reach/power as the cradle? witch coven, freemason illuminati, werewolf megapack?
this kind of stuff i’ll let you guys figure out in canon!

>I remember you mentioning that American vampires more often turned each other for companionship rather than servitude and it made me wonder if in the tvrn universe, the sire/ward relationship concept is a eurocentric idea compared to other parts of the vampire world?
it is! and also very specifically a leftover of feudalism and Castles.

>i once heard someone say that if you lived long enough (like hundreds of years) the way you look at gender/sexuality would probably start to dissolve because with enough experience you'd see that these structures aren't really based on anything. and, like, that view definitely has some issues. but did you think about of anything similar when making tvrn? or was it more 'i'm going to draw beautiful boys in beautiful clothes' situation?
>p.s. i love the ease of gender expression in tvrn and how everybody can dress to be pretty without it being A Thing which kind of prompted this question
the gender fluidity that happens in tvrn is less a “well someone this old would just start doing that” thing and more just a. the boys i know look like this. the boys i know like stuff like this. i’m really just interested in portraying feminine men and masculine women bc i surround myself w them in many forms at all times

>So,in the universe of TVRN, are there any cryptids or mythological creatures that are like, a legitimate threat for a vampire? Not like, on a systemic level, since the vampires seem to have that pretty well locked down, but on a one-on-one level. Like, is there any other creature that could reasonably take a vampire in a fight?
nope, they are pretty much top dog. their regeneration and immortality are hard to beat. if anything, vampires and fae steer clear of each other bc neither of them want the headache.

>sorry about all the 'is x in tvrn' questions but... Godzilla?
no. no godzilla

>Does something have to exist at the moment to be able to shapeshift into it? Or can Ricardo learn to be a t-rex
no t-rex

>Has there ever been a gallowglass boy or is Ricardo the first? :O
there have been gallowglass wards who eventually realized they were men over time or that they were nb/had no gender/any other number of Gender Shenanigans but from the jump kel only turns women. she has occasionally trained other people’s wards short term, like she is now with ricardo, but like rack said that’s extremely rare

>different anon but what happens if a gallowglass ward ends up being a trans guy?
nothing! i mean it’s not like he’d get kicked out or anything

>do you think we could manage to not get anyone dead in tvrn ?
you can absolutely manage to not end up with anyone dead

>hello! i am currently working on a comic with a vampire in it, and i find myself getting bogged down by all the various vamp lore that exists! how did you figure out what aspects of vampire lore you wanted to apply to your kids, and did you ever find the common lore to lack something you wanted your kids to have?
i don’t think it’s necessarily bad to get bogged down in that stuff! i have a tendency to over-research but i don’t think it’s a bad thing to kind of like, spread everything out on the table before you start so you can make better decisions. for me part of it was just an overall decision on tone — i wanted tvrn to echo old school vampire b movies which is why i chose to really center on the Stereotypical vampire lore, most of which has its roots in hysteria that reached its peak in 18th century eastern europe (which is also why pascal is from 18th century eastern europe). after that it was a matter of just trimming and editing; getting rid of some things for practicality or just bc i find them disinteresting or annoying (no instadeath in sunlight) while emphasizing other parts of legends that usually aren’t considered that important, to make things in tvrn unique while still keeping true to the mythos (big focus on weakness to running water, and expanding that weakness to all bodies of water). for me it boils down to the same advice i always give, which is focus on the stuff that you like and enjoy thinking about, and cut anything that bores you!

okay that's everything from.... march of 2019. jesus lol. anyway sorry for textwalls but i do like having all of this in one place so i will probably keep doing this every once in a while until i'm caught up over here
No. 133624 ID: 094652

Okay now I'm confused, is Strip gender-fluid or did someone gender-curse them between panels?
No. 133625 ID: 887abe

this comes up (i forgot how to crosslink posts between dif boards so forgive the unwieldy link lol) https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/925961+100.html#959131

>“Okay, ladykiller,” Strip snorts. She tilts her head back again, and she’s smiling, and Lamb’s defunct heart does something stupid and strenuous and uncomfortable. “Well, I’m not exactly a girl, so we can call this a totally new experience.”

>Right. Lamb knew that, about Strip — there had been a discussion, when they all first met, about… pronouns, gender, stuff Lamb had never thought about. Rack goes by “they” sometimes, and sometimes Rack and Sirloin call Strip “he” — but Mignon doesn’t, and Strip doesn’t correct people who use “she,” and it always seemed kind of… intimate, somehow, like something Lamb couldn’t join in on in case she might do it wrong. She did ask once, very clumsily, if it meant Strip felt like a boy, and was met with an extremely firm “no,” and since then hadn’t paid much attention, except for sometimes feeling a little out of the loop. But what else is new.

strip's gender hasn't been specifically defined (and i wouldn't say genderfluid is accurate for her or a word she would identify with) but she's nonbinary and uses both she and he pronouns with people she knows well.
No. 137356 ID: acadb9

I'm not sure what happened with TVRN but I miss those characters dearly and hope they return one day. Ricardo has such a special place in my heart. 💛
No. 137363 ID: 96c896

Losing my shit over DWAG not being able to control his handwriting when writing OUTSIDE and CAR RIDE.
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