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File 155272171750.png - (206.30KB , 800x525 , title3.png )
925961 No. 925961 ID: 270774


This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/897413.html
chapter two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/910050.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iraprince
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No. 959148 ID: d56096

ask what kind of conversation usually on dates in a flirty/teasing voice
No. 959163 ID: bb78f2

Tease her "... do you want to ask me something? I'm the direct kind of person, so like, if it don't kill any good mood we got going, could you ask me please?"
No. 959164 ID: bcdaad

Kiss her
No. 959166 ID: c92614

we did want to practice date-y stuff. so- everybody loves compliments, right? tell him a compliment! something sincere but in a safe territory. like, his hair looks cool.
No. 959189 ID: 7894e1

No. 959192 ID: 92fc1d

It's a prompt, but communication is really great, too. Gingerly put your arm around him, look him in the eyes, and say that whether or not this is the best date, the worst date, a practice or if it's real, you don't know how this works. Except, it feels like it kinda is working? You might be okay with that if what's happening is okay for Strip. Just talking and slowly getting closer.

It might not be datey and it's probably pretty obvious but you should say that you appreciate Strip's anger. You know it's never meant for you, and when it involves you it's in your defense, and that's a really nice feeling. It's passionate, he clearly cares about things and you respect that.
No. 959271 ID: 887abe
File 158463397772.png - (154.61KB , 800x525 , 550.png )

Okay. Okay. This is not the scariest or most difficult thing Lamb has ever done, not by a long shot. She tilts her body to slip her arm around Strip’s waist, and Strip shifts to accommodate it. “What would a more date-y conversation be?” Lamb asks. In her head it was going to be at least a little flirty, but instead it just comes off kind of intense. “I’m actually asking,” she adds, as if the sheer intensity wasn’t clarification enough. “Because, um.”

Strip’s listening attentively, and Lamb adjusts how she’s sitting a little. Having her arm around Strip isn’t uncomfortable — just the opposite — but it’s new, and she’s very very aware of the weight and the pressure. “Because maybe this is the best date ever, or maybe you’re right and I just think that because I haven’t been on any, or maybe it’s just supposed to be like this because it’s practice, or…” She half-shrugs, with the shoulder that isn’t being pressed down by Strip’s body. “Maybe it turned real, at some point. Or it will. But whatever it is, I still don’t know what to do — or if you’re expecting something — so if you could just. Tell me. That would be better.”
No. 959272 ID: 887abe
File 158463400205.png - (100.13KB , 800x525 , 551.png )

“Uhuh,” Strip says, thoughtfully. That’s not an answer, so Lamb waits. “Yeah, uh, I think ‘expecting’ stuff on a date is kind of a bad move,” he continues. “But you can hope for stuff. That’s cool, as long as you’re not a bitch about it. So no, I wouldn’t say I’m ‘expecting’ anything in particular.”

“But you’re… hoping,” Lamb probes.


“That’s not very helpful,” Lamb informs him.

Strip’s laughing again. Strip’s been laughing kind of a lot, at least by Strip standards, and it’s so different than the laughter Lamb is used to hearing from her — which is normally extremely hostile and sometimes even angry and generally doesn’t last this long. “Okay, sorry. Well, not to like, pull a super corny line on you, but what I’m hoping for the most is just for you to have a good time. So, you know. Whatever you want. If there’s something you want, you can go for it.”

“You’re shifting responsibility,” Lamb accuses.

“It’s supposed to be a team effort,” Strip fires back.
No. 959273 ID: 887abe
File 158463403514.png - (138.72KB , 800x525 , 552.png )

She sits up, then, and leans forward a little. “See, like, most of the talking on dates is like — I don’t know, it’s kind of like small talk. But we’ve known each other for five years now, so that seems kind of stupid.”

Lamb nods. It does seem stupid.

“Sometimes you talk about why you’re on the date. Like, what you like about the other person.”

“I like your hair,” Lamb offers, since her mind had conveniently just wandered there.

“Thanks,” Strip says, cheerfully. “I do it myself.”

“I know that already.”

“Well, see, that’s where the five years thing gets in the way.” Strip lays her legs over Lamb’s lap, and Lamb likes that a lot. She works on not just staring down at their crossed thighs as Strip continues. “But I bet you didn’t know that I like yours, too.”

Lamb glances up, briefly. “No, I didn’t know that.”

“Didn’t suit you, when you joined up. Like, just the ponytail, or whatever.” She reaches out and catches one of the hanging strands between her fingers, lifting it. “This is cool.”

“Oh.” Somehow, this is heating Lamb’s face just as quickly as the proximity is.

“It’s also cool how you’re keeping up with us, even though you’re stuck on Capri Sun,” Strip adds. Lamb grimaces a little. That’s Strip’s pet name for blood donation bags. “It’s cool how when somebody gets you started on witch-blades you just, like, lose your shit, you know, like you can talk about them for an hour straight.”

Lamb wishes she had something to focus on but there’s nothing to count out here. Just grains of sand and dirt and their four legs, arranged into a cross on the ground. She tilts her head back, looking up at the sky, but the stars aren’t any easier to count than the sand is. “Are you making this up?” she asks.


“People are annoyed by that,” Lamb counters flatly. “When I talk that much about witch-blades.”

Strip scoots forward, the backs of her thighs pressing into Lamb’s hip. “What ‘people,’ dude? Who else do you talk to? ‘Cause I’m not. Sirloin and Rack aren’t. I know for a fact the General’s proud of you for it, and Mignon thinks it’s impressive, too.”

Lamb shrugs, again, loosely. She keeps her eyes up.

“I’m being dead serious right now,” Strip insists. He slings one arm around Lamb’s shoulders. “Like, talk about it. Tell me something about witch-blades.”

“I don’t know,” Lamb mumbles. “I’ve probably said it all already.”

“I have a shit memory.” Lamb can tell Strip’s looking at her, though she won’t turn her head to meet his gaze. “Listen, okay, tell me about forging. Like, we’ve learned stuff about the blades themselves, but not a lot about witches. How long’s it take to learn how to make one?”

“...It depends.” Her eyes drift back down — not to Strip, but to her own free hand, now laid lightly over Strip’s knees. “Everything depends, when it comes to witchcraft. Some could get it after a few months of trying — I mean, not that it would be good, but that they’d manage to forge an object out of an intention. Some witches might try their whole lives and never be able to do it with anything, let alone a blade. But I think, normally, it would be a case of… maybe a year to be able to forge at all… and then maybe ten, fifteen years of study to stabilize it and make them well enough to start selling them? And this is only if a witch who has already mastered it is instructing. But…”
No. 959274 ID: 887abe
File 158463405812.png - (133.30KB , 800x525 , 553.png )

And then next thing she knows it’s been nearly a fucking hour, like always. Lamb really was just trying to answer the one question, but everything she brought up needed more topics explained to make sense, and then there was wider context outside of that, and exceptions, and things that aren’t entirely certain and need to be discussed conditionally, and —

But Strip doesn’t look bored. At some point while she was talking they’d both laid down, with Lamb gesturing up at the sky while she talked with her free hand, not feeling pressured to hold eye contact or find something on Strip’s face to stare at without feeling weird, and now he has his head propped up on his folded arm. Lamb realizes her other arm is asleep underneath him, and worms it out, unsure of what to say now that she’s caught herself rambling. Lamb swallows, softly.

“Okay, so, see? That was pretty good,” Strip says, finally, when she’s sure Lamb is finished. “I mean, maybe in a real scenario you’d want to give your date a little more time to ask questions, but I get it. You don’t technically need to breathe, so I guess you just forgot to.”

Lamb doesn’t know what to say to that — and maybe her face is doing something, or she’s started contracting all her limbs or something, because Strip grabs her shoulder and keeps talking. “Hey. Hey. I’m not making fun of you. I mean, it’s a joke, but it’s not at you. I’m having fun.”

“Okay,” Lamb says, and she realizes she actually believes it. She lays there for a moment, looking at Strip, relaxed and presumably with dirt in her hair. “Okay. Thank you. For listening.”

“It would actually be a shitty date if I wasn’t listening when you talk,” Strip points out.

“I know, but…” Lamb realizes she doesn’t know how she intended to finish that sentence, so she just lets it drop. “Is… is there anything you want to talk about…”

“Not really.” Strip turns entirely onto her side, facing Lamb. “Like I said, the way you get all fired up about that stuff is one of the things I like about you, so after listening to you talking I really just kind of want to kiss you for a bit.”

No. 959275 ID: 887abe
File 158463407625.png - (148.32KB , 800x525 , 554.png )

Lamb thinks her mouth is probably hanging open a bit and is not sure what to do about that.

“Is that cool?” Strip asks.

AH, thinks Lamb. She’s now concerned that she’s making it look like it’s not cool, so she grabs Strip’s arm, trying to buy herself some time. It’s a yes or no question and yet she’s stumbling over the single step of answering it.

“Yes,” she manages, after what was hopefully a brief pause. “Yes, I want to. I was thinking about it before, and I almost did, but then I was distracted because we started talking, and—”

“Dude, it’s fine. There’s no time limit. Just c’mere.”

She scoots closer, and it turns out there’s absolutely nothing difficult or complicated about fitting her face with Strip’s, especially with her fingertips guiding her jaw. Their lips meet, and Lamb doesn’t know if she finally stops thinking so hard or if her thoughts quicken to the point where they’re a blur but the point is that now it’s all just white noise and there is nothing confusing about this anymore.
No. 959276 ID: 887abe
File 158463409272.png - (146.46KB , 800x525 , 555.png )

This fucking RULES.
No. 959277 ID: 1ad423

Oh my god she loves when you infodump. Marry her immediately.
No. 959278 ID: 18c361

No. 959280 ID: b8d6cf

on one hand, YEAH GO LAMB, but on the other hmmm the idea of sand getting everywhere isn't really pleasant. i'd say go for it tho
No. 959281 ID: e4e73b

No. 959285 ID: ded7a1

tug on his hair a little bit.... :3
No. 959286 ID: 49863e

oh, lamb, this is so good. I'm so proud of you for letting Strip know you wanted to kiss!

I recommend savoring this - like, this is the second kiss of your whole life! enjoy this, and sink into this, and just.... move together with Strip. You don't need to jump to any particular actions - this is feel good costim time~

....that said, weaving legs together, like the somewhat prophetic chapter cover, could lead to particularly nice sensations....
No. 959288 ID: 40fd5f

put yr hand behind his neck, straddle her, deepen the kiss, and then just go with the flow 😘
No. 959302 ID: d89c81

Oh my god I have been both Lamb and Strip in this situation before and I love them both so much

I'm gay

Probably not the best idea to get any more hot and heavy than this out in the desert, though? If you really are up for anything more than just kissing - and I'm sure Strip would be the first to tell you that you absolutely don't have to be - you could probably get back to the barracks unnoticed while the others are still out drinking.
No. 959341 ID: 3e7944

put our hand in his hair, so him that we are enjoying it!!
No. 959342 ID: aedfd9

No. 959343 ID: 0da76e

No. 959362 ID: 2b6200


No. 959408 ID: a43580


no need to go too hard too fast here; let yourself enjoy the moment and let strip know if/when things get too heavy
No. 960022 ID: f46390

ask her what's her sign
No. 960520 ID: 0cfbab


But also Hmm yeah, kissing that's some good shit
Uhh, I guess since we're doin' it maybe just enjoy it for a bit?
Put our hands through Strips hair, maybe some clothes gripping while we get some LONG experience with kissing~
Should we fuck in the desert??
Wait no, we should go somewhere where there's not dirt and scorpions lol
No. 963398 ID: 26262d

maybe ask him if he prefers to be called Arcko or Strip ?
No. 964199 ID: 00f486


that’ll get you one step closer to playing with those piercings
No. 974485 ID: 887abe
File 159742046732.png - (180.65KB , 800x525 , 556.png )

This is easy. This shit is easy, actually. Lamb rolls over, so that she’s on top of Strip, and Strip makes a surprised kind of chuckle against her lips, and then Lamb is tugging on his jacket to try to get him to sit up — and he’s not getting it, so they stop kissing just long enough to ask him to, and then she’s sitting in his lap with her hands in his hair and her ears ringing.

It starts feeling a little less easy when she realizes she really wants to grab Strip’s chest and the overthinking starts again. But then Strip’s hands are on her waist and slowly moving up, until Lamb’s tits are sitting cradled in the curve between Strip’s thumb and forefinger, and — well, okay. Strip probably wouldn’t be doing that if she wasn’t alright with it being reciprocated, right. So Lamb untangles one hand from Strip’s hair and touches her in the same way, just cupping her where the weight of her breast rests, and Strip laughs into her mouth again.

“Yeah, that’s cool,” she says, and Lamb feels a rush of relief. She’s not expecting Strip to be a mindreader, but it’s at least nice to know her uncertainty is … well, whatever it is. Cute, instead of weird. So she moves her hand up and squeezes, softly, and Strip is smiling into the kiss, and when Lamb looks down her tits are practically spilling out of that fucking tube top and her ears are ringing again.
No. 974486 ID: 887abe
File 159742048659.png - (224.67KB , 800x525 , 557.png )

“Hey,” says Strip, softly, and it brings Lamb at least a little closer to earth. She blinks, a little disoriented, and pulls away to listen. “Should we, like, get out of here?”

“What?” Lamb says, because her palm is still overflowing with tits.

“Like, should we go back,” Strip clarifies, laughing again. “Because it’s all like, sand and shit out here. And scorpions. Romantic to sit in, I guess, but — I didn’t really think it through, huh.”

“We’re vampires,” Lamb mumbles. “Scorpions aren’t dangerous.”

“If you feel like it wouldn’t kill the mood to get stung on the ass with dirt all the way up your crack, that’s on you. C’mon.” Strip is wiggling out from under her and Lamb groans but stands up, taking her hand. “Man, I didn’t think it through when I brought us all the way out here, either, huh. The ride back is gonna be a drag.”
No. 974487 ID: 887abe
File 159742050118.png - (87.60KB , 800x525 , 558.png )

They’re walking (okay, they’re jogging) back to the bike hand in hand and Strip slows down a little as they approach, and when he hands Lamb her helmet he lingers with his hand on it for a second, stopping her from putting it on just yet. “Hey, uh. Sorry, I probably should have brought this up before we like, got into it, you know, but—”

Lamb looks up, attentively, and lets him continue.

“I don’t really do the whole — like — one night stand thing,” Strip says. He’s looking elsewhere — at the chainlink fence, maybe, or at one of the cacti silhouetted against the purple sky. “I’m old-fashioned, whatever. I’m not saying… I’m not saying we’d have to be, like, together, or exclusive, or anything like that.” He exhales, a little, and Lamb feels like she can relate to the frustration she sees bubbling up. At words being an obstacle instead of a tool. “Like, I can compartmentalize, and I’m not gonna make it weird. I’m not saying anything has to be serious,” Strip finally continues. “I’m just saying I don’t do the thing where you sleep with somebody and then the next day you pretend it didn’t happen. You know?” He kicks at the sand a little, then releases the helmet. “So if that’s gonna be an issue, I guess I gotta know now.”
No. 974488 ID: 7f65ac

“I’m definitely not pretending this isn’t happen. I like you a lot. I don’t want you to feel weird about it. But I do want to keep doing this.”

Then kiss him some more
No. 974490 ID: d9056b

Hell no it's not an issue. In fact, right now being together is absolutely on the table. Maybe not exclusive, that's something to think about and work through later. Either way, you wouldn't repay the kindness you've been shown like that.

Ask if maybe he's also thinking about being together? Or if he's just saying that it's more about not wanting to act like nothing happened. Trust her enough to not get worried about being "weird", but it's important to be on the same page, like he's doing.
No. 974491 ID: d9056b

Oh, and the drive won't be a drag. A tease, sure, but I can't imagine being unhappy holding Strip for miles and miles.
No. 974492 ID: 3e7944

i don't think we'll pretend like it didn't happen, we'll have to have a conversation about what might happen going forward though, "being together" and that kind of thing
((I'm still dreaming of polyam route with the whole squad :3 ))
No. 974494 ID: 094652

"I'm not going to mindlessly gush and exclaim you're my soulmate or some other trashy novel crap, but if you want me to test your high-rendered jiggle physics every month I'm up for it."
No. 974495 ID: e234da

"We both know I'm new to this but I do...like you. I wasn't sure if I could just forget either and I don't think I want to"
No. 974498 ID: 9c974e

Yeah, definitely a talk about what that means (I too am hoping for the whole-squad polycule route) but ZERO PROBLEMS WITH GIRLFRIEND STRIP. Or friends with benefits strip or whatever she wants it to be and you’re both comfortable with. I feel like this might help Lamb feel a little left out of things too :D
No. 974500 ID: c35169

yeah reassure him that the scenario where you pretend it didn't happen is not what you want and maybe ask what he'd like to do next but probably later when you both are less flustered
No. 974501 ID: a6e10f

Honestly its probably fine to see other people as long as you both like, vet it with eachother first? before letting more people in 🎴
No. 974503 ID: b1b4f3

ur cool and we should do this again
No. 974504 ID: bb78f2

This is Lamb's first attempt at this kind of intimacy, Strip, at least in this active a role. I don't think you have to worry about it.

You MIGHT have to worry about Lamb being a little cold as they processes what happens tonight, but that has nothing to do with one night standness, that's their figuring their feelings out.

Though I bet your ass Lamb may want to try their hand at teasing and flirting from now on, should the confidence be gained! Careful what you bargain for, Strip!
No. 974509 ID: 268a7b

“we’re friends, right? i don’t think i could pretend it didn’t happen, and i wouldn’t want to.”
No. 974510 ID: 0cfbab


Seconded on the we'll remember + we can talk about it after we, uh, "relieve the tension"

Plus, the ride doesn't have to be "boring" >v>)
We can have a tight grip on something else~
No. 974517 ID: 1e744b

autistic translation: hook-ups are not his thing, the "just friends" relationship you had before will have to change if you're going to hook up tonight. seems like his main ask is that you both talk to each other openly about the experience, and keep tabs on how each of you feels about each other.

this is a good thing, i think, especially because you're kind of new to this. establishing a sexual relationship is a big deal for both of you. maybe you guys should talk about it when you get... somewhere, before you potentially hook up.
No. 974530 ID: 49863e

T I T S . Tits meter *VERY* full.

also, for the response: "that's not an issue. not at all. I... don't really know what a relationship is like, really, let alone a serious one... but I know I don't want this to just be a one time thing. and I don't want things to be weird between us, either. I just... want to kiss and touch you now, and I want to do this again, too."

I just want them to establish further norms between them of open communication, and I want Lamb to get chances to at least try kissing the rest of the squad, eventually. after seeing and playing with Strip's nipple piercings, and kissing a bunch more and grinding on each others thighs, at very least.

....also, Strip, you're going to tell me that a ride back isn't going to be fun, a rumbling bike between your legs, and Lamb holding onto you? Lamb has been so repressed and touch starved for so long, I imagine she might get close to coming with that mix of stimulus.
No. 974533 ID: a7d32e

def seconding talking about feelings and what you want (maybe get hornybrain to calm down first tho). what does lamb want? is lamb interested in having an ongoing casual/exclusive thing?
No. 974656 ID: 5b93d3

Hug the damn vampire.
No. 974732 ID: 8a0dd9

Yeah, agreed on the reassuring Strip you will not pretend it didn't happen and maybe also ask Strip to clarify what she wants. Like, is it more like a relatioship or friends with benefits?
No. 974921 ID: 1192d3

im sure "pretend it didnt happen" is definitely not what lamb wants to do, but does she know what she wants beyond that? i think at this point she needs as much info on what strip's thinking as possible & then time to think it over herself... probably not the time to make any Decisions, just figure out what the options they're both good with are
No. 975234 ID: 887abe
File 159861939627.png - (142.89KB , 800x525 , 559.png )

“Of course that’s not what I want,” Lamb says, right away — and realizes she doesn’t have to overthink it at all. The two of them are getting on the bike, Strip is handing her the helmet, and Lamb keeps going, thinking out loud. “But… what do you think you want?”

“Ah, man,” Strip grumbles — as if being asked that is a drag, or at least a hardship. It seems to make it easier on her that she’s facing forward now, seated on the bike, and she revs it a little and pulls out onto the highway before continuing. “I’m not really — I mean, I’m not good for anything really serious right now anyway,” she admits, her voice clear and low through the snarl of the engine. “And I think getting too intense about it right now would be, like… a bad idea, since the squad still hasn’t graduated, and we’re all, like, still competing for the witch-blade… it just gets weird, you know? Especially — I mean — I think things might get nasty between me and Sirloin, when it’s down to the wire. It’s already been tense. We’ll get over it, when it’s all said and done, but—”

“What about Rack?”

“Rack’s not going for the witch-blade,” Strip mutters. “Or at least she better not. Not when she’s not even staying.”

This is getting off topic, urged along by Strip’s habit of taking a single thing that irritates him and shaking it to death like a dog with a rabbit. Lamb has a nightmarish flash of spending all evening discussing interpersonal grievances instead of continuing what was happening out in the desert and moves to divert it, doing the first thing that comes to mind: tightening her arms around Strip’s waist, sliding her hands up his torso. This is flirting, right? Sure. “And afterwards…?”
No. 975235 ID: 887abe
File 159861942081.png - (174.62KB , 800x525 , 560.png )

“Uh,” says Strip. Lamb scoots her hands up a little more, experimentally, and Strip rasps a laugh. “Well—”

“When things aren’t weird anymore,” Lamb prompts. This is kind of fun, actually. “Or nasty. And you aren’t making yourself mad about it every five minutes.”

“Fuck you,” Strip chuckles, shaking her head slightly.

“I thought that was maybe the plan now.”

Fuck you, man,” Strip says again, with emphasis — and then she sighs, focusing through a tight turn off an exit ramp. “I mean, I’ve been thinking about trying dating again.”

“Dating,” Lamb repeats. She’s hoping for an expansion on that, which Strip provides.

“Like… we already know we’re good friends,” Strip says, which is honestly kind of news to Lamb. “But just… you know. Seeing if we work as more than that. Trying it. No pressure, but like, giving it a serious try.”

“Hmm,” says Lamb, because that’s all she has to say. This is a lot of stuff she’d never given much thought to being dropped onto the table at once, and all she’s really thinking about right now is the weight of Strips tits resting on her hands, and it at least seems like Strip isn’t really expecting her to think about more than that.

After graduation,” Strip stresses. Lamb nods against his back. “I already flunked out once,” he grumbles. “I’m not doing five more years of this shit. I’m focusing on training til it’s done.”
No. 975236 ID: 9c974e

That sounds nice, honestly! From the sound of it you get a supportive friend you can do fun sex stuff with until graduation, and maybe a girlfriend afterwards depending on how things go? Sounds really nice.

Ask her if she would want to be exclusive once the dating proper starts, though, I don't want to get locked out of the full-squad polycule route yet skflhsd
No. 975238 ID: ebe16a

That's probably all the words this topic calls for right now. I'd say change the subject but there's not much else we can bring up that wouldn't be kinda awkward. Maybe ask how he learned to drive a motorcycle?
No. 975240 ID: 3e7944

yeah i agree with this! i think it's fine to drop this topic once we make sure its clear we might also try to kiss some (or all :3) of the rest of the squad
No. 975243 ID: d9056b

Hm. Trying, that doesn't sound so bad. You can do trying. It's certainly something you need to start thinking about, how you'd feel trying to love him, or to be with her seriously. You've got time.

Speaking of time, and shift those hands downwards to sell this, why don't you two agree to work together on this. On graduating. He's failed before and you... Well that fight against Pascal wasn't reassuring. Training together, when you're supposed to be taking days off or something. He can trust to help, regardless, you aren't competing for the blade.
No. 975244 ID: a8067a

we should ask if it’s gonna be okay if we go on more dates with other people
No. 975254 ID: 93f9bf

idk if we need to ask explicitly if she's ok with poly once the dating starts properly- that's a long time away and we can't make assumptions.
"I’m not saying… I’m not saying we’d have to be, like, together, or exclusive, or anything like that.” He exhales, a little, and Lamb feels like she can relate to the frustration she sees bubbling up. At words being an obstacle instead of a tool. “Like, I can compartmentalize, and I’m not gonna make it weird. I’m not saying anything has to be serious,” was not too long ago?
i think strip's being honest w/ us but maybe ask if he just Can compartmentalize and it might still get 2 him, or if he's genuinely ok with it. nd if he's gonna be maybe w/ others too!
as much as i support sexy motorcycle ride now tht we're off the rack thing, maybe just squeeze his hips rather than going further down- this is still a important convo
No. 975288 ID: 1192d3

i think thats all that Needed to be cleared up so now we can focus on whats available rn before graduation :horny emoji string:
No. 975357 ID: d56096

yeah i think we're done with the Important Relationship Talk here?? and now you can get on with fun gay activities, like hugging strip and thinking about how nice her hair smells,
No. 975358 ID: 094652

Is this a high school or a Black Ops training camp?

Either way, you've got plowing to do.
No. 975362 ID: 593145

Strip what is you affinity ?
No. 975419 ID: 49863e

Lamb I am so proud of you for flirting, and successfully redirecting the convo from Strip locking on to a grievance outside of this situation. You're doing so well!

I think it'd be good to at least mention that you'd probably like to experiment more with other squadmates, but I agree it's not necessary to like... nail down specifics.

......now gaydreaming about ways Lamb could help Strip and Sirloin get along through the conflict about the witchblade. by which I mean threesome.

but before that.... spending some time having a twosome with Strip would be optimal. Do y'all have private rooms/beds to go to, or does the squad all bunk together? Either way.... find a space where you can be alone, and comfortable, and... just really have fun. Fill that tits meter right up again :D

>>975243 oh, and I like this idea of training together! sounds practical, as well as like good bonding time.
No. 975620 ID: 887abe
File 159922399245.png - (157.97KB , 800x525 , 561.png )

Lamb nods again, then realizes the other can’t see the gesture and murmurs her agreement aloud instead. Strip’s already mentioned previously that she doesn’t expect exclusivity, so there doesn’t seem to be much more to say. There’s plenty more left to do, though, and Lamb explores in the opposite direction, letting her hands travel down over Strip’s abs and to her hips. “I could help,” she offers, quietly. “We could help each other. We could train extra together.”

Strip snorts, but it’s more playful than derisive. “You wouldn’t be so far behind if you’d just get over your thing about feeding.”

Lamb’s brow knits. “I’m not going to get over it.”

“Okay, okay, suit yourself,” Strip says, immediately — steering the conversation back to safer waters just like Lamb had done before. “But in that case, sure. Looks like we both need it.” Lamb squeezes, her smile hidden by the helmet, and in Strip’s voice Lamb can hear him smiling along with her. “I wouldn’t mind the extra time together, anyway.
No. 975621 ID: 887abe
File 159922400869.png - (159.92KB , 800x525 , 562.png )

The rest of the trip back to the Silver Crown feels too short, the immense hotel coming into view just as Lamb was starting to enjoy seeing what she could get away with (some touching made Strip laugh, some got a cheerful but firm “Hey, I’m driving,” all of it was fun). The two of them are giggly and flushed by the time they pull into the parking lot, and Strip stops the bike off to the side rather than approaching the valet, grumbling something about returning it later. They enter the building hand-in-hand, and based on Strip’s expression Lamb is pretty sure he finds this just as fun as she does.

“Do you think it’s alright to go back to the room?” Lamb asks — whispering, even though there’s no reason to. The hotel may be full of vampires, but it’s also full of noise: jingling coins and festive beeps and rattling roulettes from the casino, music from all wings of every floor, and dozens of overlapping conversations that are impossible for even the most attuned hearing to effectively sort through. “Since we all bunk together…”

“Nah, it’s fine,” Strip says. “The others are gonna be out way past daylight anyway.” She stops in the lobby, though, well before they reach the elevators. “I mean, if you’re cool with it. If you’ve got another idea of where to go, I’m all ears.”
No. 975622 ID: 0338c7

Las Vegas balcony sex 👀
No. 975623 ID: 593145

Swimming pool :D
No. 975632 ID: 3e7944

Gosh i forgot how much i love both their outfits lol they both look so good

I think bedroom is as good an idea as any!
No. 975633 ID: 49863e

that blushing Strip in the last panel is squeezing my heart, like!! my goodness!!! and I love seeing the two of them so close like that.

I think privacy sounds like a good idea, and the room might be the best way to get that?
No. 975637 ID: 9c974e

Yeah, back to the room; public sex maybe sounds like a bridge too far for Lamb right now lol

(also seconding how cute this is)
No. 975643 ID: 8a0dd9

Yeah, I think this is already a lot for Lamb. So let's just take this time in a quiet and comfortable place like the room.
There is always time, and certainly so for a vampire, for more experimental places later.
No. 975648 ID: aedfd9

The roooooooof, go upstairs and see if there’s any stars past all the light pollution! Have sex against a refrigerator unit or something!
No. 975651 ID: 496e6f

... Anyone look like they're just getting started and aren't keeping a close eye on their keys? Maybe borrowing their room would be safer regarding walk-ins, AND be more exciting.
No. 975660 ID: d56096

i was gonna say that its better if they have privacy and a proper bed and (presumably) lube + protection nearby for the first time but then i remembered that its not actually lamb's first time. still it's her first Proper Time and unless there's other places like that the bedroom's probably the best bet
No. 975671 ID: 90efee

bedroom for sure
No. 975672 ID: bb78f2

Lamb, don't tell me you've never thought of eating a Nazi. Come on, you know you wanna.

Honestly, do it in the gym in your exercise clothes. Look at the OP image and tell me that isn't how this goes down with a straight face. Wrestling as foreplay. Come oooooon.
No. 975763 ID: b6c94c

another vote for bedroom, put a sock on the doorknob or something
No. 975870 ID: 162b48

eat nazis fuck cute girls
the LIFE
seriously though if you were put on this earth to protect humanity...why not protect humanity from vampires /and/ itself? be a hero to the downtrodden humans that cant stand up for themselves the way you can, now. vampires kill to eat, but there are humans that kill for pleasure. (song rec: im the woman who killed jack the ripper by the scary bitches)

anyway philosophy later banging now
go to the room! comfey
so u can feel the most comfortable
No. 975871 ID: 496e6f

I think this was brought up earlier but the reason characters are hesitant to do that is because it established a pattern and patterns get you caught.
No. 976591 ID: 887abe
File 160042913543.png - (192.21KB , 800x525 , 563.png )

A slideshow of different options flashes through Lamb’s mind, some more reasonable than others — but all of them end up being less reasonable than the room, and all of them are a little too intimidating. She squeeze’s Strip’s hand and a little sheepishly resigns herself to the reality of what she actually wants. “Just the room is probably best.”

“I was kind of joking,” Strip assures her. “C’mon. Plenty of opportunity to get crazy some other time.”

Some other time, Lamb thinks to herself, sort of dazed, as they get into the elevator. Some other time. Because this is going to be a thing now, a concept that still seems kind of abstract and unbelievable, something too good to be true —

The doors close and Strip’s hands are on Lamb’s waist right away, sliding up to her ribs, and Lamb is reeling with the heady feeling of being wanted as the other closes the space between them. “You’re so fucking cute,” Strip mumbles, against her lips, and Lamb has no idea what she’s doing that’s cute but it doesn’t really matter. Strip’s kissing her, up against the chilly metallic interior of the elevator car, and Lamb feels herself pressed up against the wall — and then breaks away to laugh when she feels her back pressing half the buttons there, all of them lighting up behind her.

“Oh, no,” Strip snorts. “Aw, fuck —”

“It’s going to keep stopping,” Lamb says, shrilly, holding Strip’s face in her hands as she tries to control her laughter.
No. 976592 ID: 887abe
File 160042915982.png - (163.65KB , 800x525 , 564.png )

“Come on, let’s just get out. Stairs’ll be faster.” Strip grabs her hand and pulls her out into the hallway when the elevator slows to its next stop, leaving behind the grid of little glowing buttons, and they hear the guy who enters after them groan behind the closing door when he turns around and sees the carnage. That makes Strip laugh even harder, and they’re both barely paying attention as they sprint up the stairs until they finally reach the floor the shared room is on.
No. 976593 ID: 887abe
File 160042917914.png - (102.38KB , 800x525 , 565.png )

Strip fiddles in her pockets for the key, and when she lets them in she darts in first to grab something — a DO NOT DISTURB door hanger, which she loops over the outer handle. “Just in case,” she tells Lamb. “Even Rack’s not enough of an asshole to ignore that.”

“Are you sure,” Lamb asks, quietly, which earns her a punch on the shoulder.

“Come on, give her some credit,” Strip says, as they close the door behind themselves — and she’s pulling off her jacket and throwing it on the chair by her bunk, which is making Lamb wonder if she should be doing that, too. “They were both cool about us going off on our own in the first place. They don’t want you to have a shitty time tonight.” She pauses, straightening up again as she looks over her shoulder at Lamb, and her tone is more serious now. “Me either, obviously. So just let me know what you wanna do.”
No. 976594 ID: 8cf35a

Oh My God Is That Cesare
No. 976596 ID: 6ae900

No. 976597 ID: 6d6d92

probably a safe bet to continue your elevator activities in a more bed-aligned manner!
No. 976601 ID: 27e026

"can we just.. keep doing what we were doing in the elevator and then more"
No. 976602 ID: 337494

This is still lambs first time so she should take her time. Definitely play with those piercings though. As a treat.
No. 976603 ID: 496e6f

You'll have to thank the others at some point. Talk with them more too.

Strip clearly knows what he's doing and you trust him. Back in the outskirts and right in the elevator are great starting points though. Just, feeling her and her feeling you and letting Strip lead the escalation. He'll stop if you need to and he'll redirect the attention if you want to. It'd be fun to start by making the first move though.
No. 976609 ID: 3e7944

CESARE *eyes emojii*

Also as others said, piercing are a thing I'd like to see more of, I think we should keep just kissing and exploring and see what feels good. I trust strip to stop if we need to and also to do good things
No. 976612 ID: 49863e

more kissing, more touching. more being pressed together, more legs interwoven, grinding on each others thighs. and bit by bit, more layers off? feeling the different sensory experiences of being touched and touching over and under clothing... playing with his breasts until they fall out of her shirt.... seeing her piercings up close, seeing what his reactions are to them being played with - pinched, and sucked even...

oh, and Lamb? perhaps try licking around the edge of Strip's ears... maybe even nibbling on the lobe and shell a bit... I bet that'd get quite the rise out of him, in a very fun way.

(also: CESARE?? *I Am Looking Respectfully.jpg*)
No. 976616 ID: 8a0dd9

Yeah, take it slowly. Perhaps start with fondling the piercings and his ears, and go from there. You can always ask to stop if it gets too much.
No. 976621 ID: 9c974e

I can’t believe this is cesare’s first canon appearance I’m losing my SHIT

Take it slow, lots of kissing; pick up where you left off, seems like you were both doing a good job figuring out what works for each other. (Maybe try out some of the spots that Strip vetoed before to focus on driving. See if those are really all that distracting.)
No. 976709 ID: aedfd9

“I want to make you blush some more.”
No. 976791 ID: d3c53c

is that a fucking vampire priest, what the fuck, how does he not combust
lets go w more kissing, more touching, a natural progression...or, actually wait

just blurt out "i wanna play with your piercings" it would be funny
No. 976800 ID: 094652

"I wanna go spelunking."
No. 976801 ID: 094652

Same way Strip keeps her faith - with lots of second-degree burns and an unhealthy schedule of self-denial.
No. 978202 ID: 25c9d0

I just assumed it was a vampire pretending to be a priest. Turn that confession booth into a concession booth
No. 979874 ID: 4fa1e6

titty pieficng....... wanna play with the titty piercings
No. 982210 ID: 50697f

Definitely take it slowly, that we can we desecalte if we push a little past what Strip is comfortable with right now
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