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File 153430141280.png - (166.50KB , 700x600 , qd2.png )
124805 No. 124805 ID: 270774

i don't like em puttin chemicals in the water that turn the frickin frogs gay
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No. 128753 ID: 10c408

I have no idea if you did or not.

But when in doubt enhance knockers!
No. 128847 ID: f6aa09
File 155401181252.jpg - (48.20KB , 400x400 , image.jpg )

Here you go.
No. 128870 ID: 270774

there’s always room for more titty. that doesn’t make this any less cute, tho, thanks!
No. 128894 ID: 270774
File 155416541432.png - (525.47KB , 830x624 , portraits.png )

squeezing in concepts for larger portrait illustrations? in this economy? yes which means i'm just going to post these here so at least you can see them before i inevitably don't finish them
No. 128896 ID: 465a14

why is Lamb holding one of the furbpires
No. 128905 ID: b463f2

these are so beautiful and lovely.... Lamb's is so serene, and the Riscal one effuses stability and joy!
No. 128937 ID: bb78f2

So on a rare chance a human survives a proper vampire feeding (assuming they're throats weren't gouged out like Ricardo does to his victims), is a vampire obligated to finish them off if the human makes it to a hospital (or say they get caught by the police one way or another)?

Now, I'm making the assumption while asking this question that a filling feeding doesn't go way past the surviving point of blood loss and merely near it. Since vampires need to fast themselves to drain enough blood create a ward, I imagine it might actually be possible to survive if the vampire isn't that hungry, but is still hungry enough to want to feed. They bite, drink enough that they're full, the human's bleeding out, the vampire leaves the dying body, and someone discovers the victim before they die and through some luck they pull through, that's the scenario I'm imaganing happen. I don't know what happens to the survivor and I'm curious about it. I don't think it would ever happen in quest, but I help can't be intrigued by the scenario in question.
No. 128958 ID: 270774

well i mean yeah all that happens in a case where a human doesn’t die is....... you have a human with severe blood loss. law enforcement and medical professionals are not particularly going to be like “hmmm i guess vampires are real”

also though to be completely honest i don’t put extensive thought into whether or not the cops are onto vampires because i would find wrangling that insanely boring so i just gloss over it
No. 128961 ID: c8452a

Hey, not dealing with cops is the ideal, so that's great.
No. 128972 ID: bb78f2

It was less the whole cops or paramedics going wild and more like, well now what's the bitten human gonna do now?

Go home, fuggeditaboutit?
No. 128975 ID: c8452a

People deal with trauma constantly. So yeah, probably.
No. 129153 ID: b1b4f3

Hey so... what if Teddy was...
Theodore Roosevelt?
No. 129158 ID: 255b3c

That'd explain some elements of Teddy's relationship with Pascal, what with Teddy being a Rough Rider and all.

I'll see myself out.
No. 129316 ID: 270774
File 155686454904.jpg - (265.23KB , 1051x763 , 71993046-8205-437D-9A4E-8055B49D2E68.jpg )

some little notes on the historical stuff in this most recent update:
1. kel says the trial was 300 years ago; she’s wrong! it was about 400ish years ago.
2. cachtice castle, where elizabeth bathory was imprisoned and died, was actually in what is now slovakia, 500 miles away from where constantin’s current estate is in tvrn (outside alba iulia). it’s also been in ruins since the turn of the 18th century. for tvrn’s purposes, though, cachtice is in full repair, and has also magically always been in central romania, because i say so
No. 129317 ID: b1b4f3

Okay so I've got a couple more ideas on how to deal with the ward shielding:
1, bypass the endurance battle problem. Either by bringing a blood supply to the fight somehow, or by using opponents as the blood supply. Wait, does drinking vampire blood work for recovering strength and regenerating?
2, kill off the wards before the fight. Constantin is a hard man to get alone, but his wards are probably less secure, and he'll probably be sending some of them against us anyway(like in Stardust Crusaders). Kill off enough of them and we can deal with his remaining wards during the duel and still be in good enough condition to fight him.

Depending on the terms of the duel we could do some fucked up shit like hide weapons inside Ricardo's body or outright reinforce his body with subdermal armor. VAMPIRE CYBORG
No. 129496 ID: 094652

I have a theory about Lamb's sect; they're all apocalypse nutjobs who believe that the ultimate purpose of God's children is to bring about the end of the world, thereby completing the task that Noah refused to begin. The only reason they haven't been secretly erased by religious forces is because they're one of the few sects that (1) fanatically believe in the need to purge the world of evil so that good will be the last thing to die, (2) are crazy-effective at hunting bad people, and (3) manage to exude some level of cuteness to creatures of darkness (hence Kel turning a vampire hunter despite how cliche and reputation breaking it is), which prevents a purge of the organization and its recent contacts. The major religions said "oh look, the vamps have a parasite feeding on them, how poetic" and generally ignored them because their fundamental belief that evil must die first meant that they would never target civilians while still using the power of ax-crazy to hunt down everyone else.
No. 129497 ID: bb78f2

are witchblade's stands
No. 129502 ID: 270774

stands, utena black rose duelist blades, magical girl talking animal mascots except angry and pointy. i’m drawing from a lot of genre tropes i like, as usual
No. 129512 ID: 17c2ee
File 155862790947.png - (799.96KB , 1200x1061 , Soundslikeananime_d8be72_7102902.png )

i did it i hacked the future and found the secret spoilers for the ending of tvrn
No. 129514 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like they wouldn't need to be turbosluts in that case. Having sex like once a week? That's pretty normal for a sexually active relationship I think.
No. 129516 ID: f57349

Once a week for subsistence, sure, but the ones who were trying to hold back and get by with bare subsistence just stuck to drinking blood.

Imagine if you'd spent your whole life eating only raw potatoes after digging them out of the ground with your bare hands. One day, somebody points you at a restaurant where not only could you get as much delicious candy as you want, and cheeseburgers too, keep eating and eating, never get tired or nauseous, but furthermore the folks running the place will sometimes actually pay you to take that stuff, or at least act like you're the one doing THEM a favor? Near anybody with addiction-prone personality traits would immediately dive into that headfirst and never come back out again, and vampires do tend to be deeply tangled up with the idea of addiction.
No. 129524 ID: 270774

fools. i don't need solid worldbuilding reasons to make my vampires all turbosluts
No. 129558 ID: 58c855

yo is lamb trans. idk why i think she is but shes just got the Vibe yanno
No. 129582 ID: 270774

lamb figuring out her gender shit is part of her character arc, actually! so, yes, but she doesn’t know it yet. and as long as the subject is up, strip and rack are both nb as well and sirloin is a trans woman. (this stuff is all going to be referenced in canon eventually but i don’t like character identities being treated as “spoilers”/some kind of big reveal so i never mind casually talking abt them before stuff is made official in the text.)
No. 129624 ID: b0b724

This is awesome. I'm happy to see all of this explored and it's really cool that you're being so open about it.
No. 129627 ID: 04ca3e

Hey is Acid Soup still a thing?
No. 129631 ID: 270774

yep, just haven’t had the vibe/energy for it lately. will probably pick it back up again soon tho bc i have a lot more time on my hands recently

which actually reminds me that i guess i never announced this here but uh. i quit my job to do art full time! that sure is happening. i’m taking a few weeks off to spend time w my girl and also just like celebrate not having a day job anymore but you’re going to see a lot more of me soon in general
No. 129642 ID: 99a682

I have not been on tg chan in a long while so I'm late to the party but Holy Fucking Shit Kel Oh My God Holy Fuck Kel Is So Good
No. 129644 ID: b1b4f3

Kel is definitely my favorite character so far.
No. 129834 ID: 4ffd17

Hey fractal, i realize trying IRC out again didn't work out, but we've got an actual discord now so you might want to try that out. Just in case it being irc was the problem and not, like, Driblis' stinky feet or something.
No. 129881 ID: 75cf31

yeah, tbh it was mostly that i don’t use irc for anything else so i’d literally just forget to open irc up lol. discord i’m on a little more frequently tho i gotta admit my normal MO is mute-n-lurk
No. 129927 ID: 368ebc

I'm so excited to learn more about Lamb!
No. 130531 ID: 75cf31
File 156440549428.jpg - (89.77KB , 429x550 , 7BD83698-5E1D-4C2A-8590-75AD144B521F.jpg )

drawing melodramatic doodles of characters i want to get to instead of updating faster which would.... get us to them. also listen to brutus by the buttress it slaps
No. 130558 ID: 75cf31
File 156466894198.png - (418.25KB , 720x1200 , 5minship.png )

these are making the rounds on twitter and they're cute and fun
No. 130734 ID: 094652

Lamb knows she's autistic, so she was diagnosed at some point. Did her vamp-hunt family have hobby therapists in their numbers, did they just pretend her autism didn't exist, or did she plain fit in with the other extremist hunters?
No. 130843 ID: 75cf31

she was self-diagnosed initially (her family did not really care abt looking into stuff like that bc it does not prevent you from killing vampires), then got formally diagnosed during the like... essentially the onboarding process when she became a gallowglass soldier
No. 130846 ID: 0dbb7e

wait, did her family actually kill any vampires?
No. 130849 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, man Lamb's family are a bunch of weirdos.

Vampire hunters apparently talk big enough about hunting vampires, but then get slaughtered when they actually enter into practice, despite potentially a lifetime of practice.

I don't even know how they rise up in the first place, let alone attempt to raise a family of traditional hunters. It's like they didn't know what they were getting into despite going INTO it HARD.

They expected Lamb to be good enough to be killing vampires so regularly as a human that Lamb was to forgo human connection because it would effect her killing quota, as if her mother's was impressively high. Her Mom had to have fucked once, minimum, if she didn't have Lamb through invitro fertilization. Did she only have sex to specifically to make more vampire hunters? I mean, I guess she could have had an arranged marriage, but that feels almost like hunter husbandry at that point.

Lamb's family sounds like a bunch of jerks. At least she's doing the job a lot better now than they ever could have. Just a shame about the whole having to feed on human's thing. I wish her Mom was alive, just so we could have a response to how Lamb is doing now.

Maybe a witch can like, tap into the afterlife for a meeting with the Shepard.
No. 132317 ID: 887abe

hi! it’s me! my wife and i finalized all our paperwork and shit and i moved from the us to spain.
i’m very busy getting settled in but also not updating my quests is making my hair fall out and my nails brittle and my skin dull and blemished so as soon as i get a desk chair in the mail (lmao) i’m excited to jump back in again, and i can’t do commissions etc until my residence finishes processing so that means i’ll have much more time for updates than before which i’m rly excited about. thanks, as always, for ur patience
No. 132319 ID: 7ebbf9

Heya FRACTAL, great to hear from you again. Hope you're having fun settling into your new digs!
No. 132327 ID: 094652

How's Spain?

Keep yourselves safe, the virus has been jumping around there.
No. 132340 ID: 887abe

thanks! and we're doin alright. the missus is working from home for now and i can't work/take commissions til my residence card processes anyway so we're just.... stuck in the flat, lol. then again not to be gay but i can't really think of anything i'd rather do than stay home smoking and drawing with my wife anyway sooo this is not the end of the world. all the more time to update quests with
No. 132362 ID: bb78f2

I want you to know that I can't stop thinking about witches ever since they were mentioned long ago.

The Witch OC's won't go away, and I don't even have the ruleset to create them with.
No. 132376 ID: 5b93d3


100% that mood.
No. 132902 ID: 26262d

Hi is TVRN on an official hiatus at the moment ?
No. 133623 ID: 887abe

hi i'm back and i haven't crossposted quest questions from my curiouscat in over a year. i'm going to do that in chunks while i wait for tvrn to get pulled out of the graveyard so i can update

>are there any hard limits to where tvrn could go? like, can we go on live tv and be like 'we're vampires. vampires exist. here's Constantin's address he's a bastard go kick his ass'
mmmm it’s hard to say without seeing the actual suggestions. live tv is a no bc ricardo isn’t that dumb. every vampire on earth would converge to turn him into ground beef if he did that

>Are vamps generally the same temperature as their surroundings? What temperature is a fever/uncomfortable for them?
they’re generally colder but warm up w activity/exertion, and don’t get bothered much by ambient air temperature but are sensitive to temperature via direct contact. hot baths instead of lukewarm/room temp would be unpleasant and it’s one of the reasons pascal doesn’t like touching humans more than necessary

>is vsl mostly like a way to put in a sign language without worrying about drawing the signing and grammar and stuff accurately because if so i COMPLETELY understand. otherwise it comes off slightly awkward (like there is an implication there is a universal "vampirese" spoken language to go with it?)
it’s partially a way to avoid misrepresenting an existing sign language but it’s also a worldbuilding thing — vsl is actually the only standardized vampiric language that exists, and the “vampiric” part of the acronym doesn’t refer to vampiric as an existing spoken language but vampiric as in the collective community. there’s an expectation from the cradle that everyone should just learn romanian at some point and an expectation from the world at large that everyone should just learn english and deaf vampires were like uhhh it’s stupid that a community as inherently international as ours hasn’t bridged this gap yet so we’re just gonna reverse tower of babel it since none of the rest of you are doing it. (communities of disabled or otherwise minority vampires tend to just be like completely divorced from the cradle entirely). vsl has been picked up a LOT more among vampires than forms of sign language have among humans and is generally pretty commonly known

>are there any pisces in tvrn?

>Hi!!! I always thought Kel was calling Ricardo "ribeye" bc she couldn't be bothered to learn his name & to tease him, but now I'm wondering if it's because she saw his potential and wanted to help raise him?? It's cute???
I LOVE U PICKING UP ON THIS it’s a little of both! she was immediately pretty impressed by him surviving so long on his own

>is the cradle only, like, northern/eastern europe? i think you mentioned the Medici once. are they cradle? any other notable southern european families? i'm sorry if this is spoilers
it’s mostly eastern europe and then a scattering of other houses (there is a medici vampiric house, and they are cradle, but they’re cradle bc of eminence rather than location). basically if a vampiric house is powerful enough, theyre welcomed into the cradle as long as they recognize the voivode’s authority, and then get to reap the benefits of that. a lot of vampiric houses operate independently or as part of smaller networks; the cradle is the main political power in europe but isn’t universal. there are a lot of houses that Want to be part of the cradle but aren’t powerful enough to sit at the cool kids table, or who would consider joining but don’t want to be at dracula’s disposal

>are there any other institutions with the same kind of reach/power as the cradle? witch coven, freemason illuminati, werewolf megapack?
this kind of stuff i’ll let you guys figure out in canon!

>I remember you mentioning that American vampires more often turned each other for companionship rather than servitude and it made me wonder if in the tvrn universe, the sire/ward relationship concept is a eurocentric idea compared to other parts of the vampire world?
it is! and also very specifically a leftover of feudalism and Castles.

>i once heard someone say that if you lived long enough (like hundreds of years) the way you look at gender/sexuality would probably start to dissolve because with enough experience you'd see that these structures aren't really based on anything. and, like, that view definitely has some issues. but did you think about of anything similar when making tvrn? or was it more 'i'm going to draw beautiful boys in beautiful clothes' situation?
>p.s. i love the ease of gender expression in tvrn and how everybody can dress to be pretty without it being A Thing which kind of prompted this question
the gender fluidity that happens in tvrn is less a “well someone this old would just start doing that” thing and more just a. the boys i know look like this. the boys i know like stuff like this. i’m really just interested in portraying feminine men and masculine women bc i surround myself w them in many forms at all times

>So,in the universe of TVRN, are there any cryptids or mythological creatures that are like, a legitimate threat for a vampire? Not like, on a systemic level, since the vampires seem to have that pretty well locked down, but on a one-on-one level. Like, is there any other creature that could reasonably take a vampire in a fight?
nope, they are pretty much top dog. their regeneration and immortality are hard to beat. if anything, vampires and fae steer clear of each other bc neither of them want the headache.

>sorry about all the 'is x in tvrn' questions but... Godzilla?
no. no godzilla

>Does something have to exist at the moment to be able to shapeshift into it? Or can Ricardo learn to be a t-rex
no t-rex

>Has there ever been a gallowglass boy or is Ricardo the first? :O
there have been gallowglass wards who eventually realized they were men over time or that they were nb/had no gender/any other number of Gender Shenanigans but from the jump kel only turns women. she has occasionally trained other people’s wards short term, like she is now with ricardo, but like rack said that’s extremely rare

>different anon but what happens if a gallowglass ward ends up being a trans guy?
nothing! i mean it’s not like he’d get kicked out or anything

>do you think we could manage to not get anyone dead in tvrn ?
you can absolutely manage to not end up with anyone dead

>hello! i am currently working on a comic with a vampire in it, and i find myself getting bogged down by all the various vamp lore that exists! how did you figure out what aspects of vampire lore you wanted to apply to your kids, and did you ever find the common lore to lack something you wanted your kids to have?
i don’t think it’s necessarily bad to get bogged down in that stuff! i have a tendency to over-research but i don’t think it’s a bad thing to kind of like, spread everything out on the table before you start so you can make better decisions. for me part of it was just an overall decision on tone — i wanted tvrn to echo old school vampire b movies which is why i chose to really center on the Stereotypical vampire lore, most of which has its roots in hysteria that reached its peak in 18th century eastern europe (which is also why pascal is from 18th century eastern europe). after that it was a matter of just trimming and editing; getting rid of some things for practicality or just bc i find them disinteresting or annoying (no instadeath in sunlight) while emphasizing other parts of legends that usually aren’t considered that important, to make things in tvrn unique while still keeping true to the mythos (big focus on weakness to running water, and expanding that weakness to all bodies of water). for me it boils down to the same advice i always give, which is focus on the stuff that you like and enjoy thinking about, and cut anything that bores you!

okay that's everything from.... march of 2019. jesus lol. anyway sorry for textwalls but i do like having all of this in one place so i will probably keep doing this every once in a while until i'm caught up over here
No. 133624 ID: 094652

Okay now I'm confused, is Strip gender-fluid or did someone gender-curse them between panels?
No. 133625 ID: 887abe

this comes up (i forgot how to crosslink posts between dif boards so forgive the unwieldy link lol) https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/925961+100.html#959131

>“Okay, ladykiller,” Strip snorts. She tilts her head back again, and she’s smiling, and Lamb’s defunct heart does something stupid and strenuous and uncomfortable. “Well, I’m not exactly a girl, so we can call this a totally new experience.”

>Right. Lamb knew that, about Strip — there had been a discussion, when they all first met, about… pronouns, gender, stuff Lamb had never thought about. Rack goes by “they” sometimes, and sometimes Rack and Sirloin call Strip “he” — but Mignon doesn’t, and Strip doesn’t correct people who use “she,” and it always seemed kind of… intimate, somehow, like something Lamb couldn’t join in on in case she might do it wrong. She did ask once, very clumsily, if it meant Strip felt like a boy, and was met with an extremely firm “no,” and since then hadn’t paid much attention, except for sometimes feeling a little out of the loop. But what else is new.

strip's gender hasn't been specifically defined (and i wouldn't say genderfluid is accurate for her or a word she would identify with) but she's nonbinary and uses both she and he pronouns with people she knows well.
No. 137356 ID: acadb9

I'm not sure what happened with TVRN but I miss those characters dearly and hope they return one day. Ricardo has such a special place in my heart. 💛
No. 137363 ID: 96c896

Losing my shit over DWAG not being able to control his handwriting when writing OUTSIDE and CAR RIDE.
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