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File 152099296441.png - (167.31KB , 800x600 , QTG.png )
121473 No. 121473 ID: e77725

You can talk about my quests here!

Current Quests: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Audit_Quest

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Larro

Feel free to discuss my quests here or post character questions!
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No. 121475 ID: 240533

All this /qst/ deep lore is kinda intimidating.
No. 121477 ID: fa2e5d

Hoodie update when?
No. 121478 ID: 33cbe7
File 152099420461.gif - (0.98MB , 244x140 , turn.gif )

>Hoodie has been here for years
>now MAQ and Audit are the unfamiliar faces to tgchan
No. 121483 ID: bfea51

For anyone who wants auto-update and has tampermonkey or any other userscript extension, I made this https://pastebin.com/GP4CHQ0B
(I posted this to the quest itself, but I made a new version that doesn't reload the page, so...)
No. 121486 ID: b1b4f3

The plot synopsis is really all you need to know. It's a dungeon, the MC doesn't want to be here, we're making customers happy by making a fun, challenging, lore-rich dungeon.
No. 121489 ID: b53bd0

not really no.

also, still go to /qst/ it's mostly "text quest chapter 284" and the like that i don't really care for on /qst/, still read things that have some momentum to them.
No. 121490 ID: 45cee6

I wonder how many people we lost in the move. I doubt everyone follows Larro's twitter and I don't think anything was said about it the last threads on /qst/.
No. 121492 ID: 33cbe7

It started in 2016, now it's 2018. Years.
No. 121494 ID: 1cc4af

He should probably post about it in the QST general thread or something if he hasnt already
No. 121496 ID: 91ee5f

When Audit Quest suddenly showed up and it was on Chapter 9, I instantly thought that I had miss this until now!

Then I saw that the previous threads weren’t even on tgchan!

Now all I can think about is reading through everything until I get caught up! Which is what I’m gonna do!
No. 121497 ID: 18b150

Woo, new site smell. Or old site, technically. New old site? Whatever.
Larro holy fuck, I had no idea you've run so many quests before. There's like twenty things in the box on the wiki page and pretty much none of them actually have any details. Somebody give me the deets on which ones are the good stuff and which ones got dropped or something.
No. 121498 ID: bfea51

How to be an Overlord is pretty great, but it never had an ending.
No. 121501 ID: 33cbe7

You can check the categories at the bottom of the quest's page to see if it ran to completion (Complete Quests) or died (On ""Hiatus"").
No. 121503 ID: b53bd0

well, completed wise we have
https://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Game and a sequel https://tgchan.org/wiki/Sevi_Quest
then the biggest one fr a while was
which unfortunately a lot of the weird shit was ARG style so some info isn't apparent.

and finally https://tgchan.org/wiki/Magical_Adventure_of_Happiness in which everything went perfectly fine ;-;
and then basically everything else that started died eventually until hero rena.
No. 121505 ID: e77725

None of them, they're all horrible! But really, uhm... Out of all of them my favorite would be How to be an Overlord. You can see a lot of how it influenced Audit Quest.

All of the other ones are... Old. And a reflection of a younger me.

There's also Hero Quest which I'm quite proud of.

Anything pre.... 2014 I'm a bit iffy on anyone reading. Especially stuff from like 2009-2012.

But yeah, I've been doing this for a while.
No. 121506 ID: 1cc4af

The biggest problem with Overlord is that the slimes arent :3.

This is a major flaw.
No. 121508 ID: 3abd97

Guardian Quest is pretty fun, especially the reboot. Although newer readers might want to be forewarned on the gimmick of hidden text in the email field, lest they read a bunch and not know what the heck the suggestions are responding to.
No. 121512 ID: bfea51

Last version: https://pastebin.com/hyfXULnN
It has an actual update button, auto checkbox, and countdown like in 4chan. I'm probably stopping here, since it's workable enough for me to be satisfied and it doesn't seem like there's anyone else interested.
No. 121514 ID: 33cbe7

Quests on TGChan don't usually update fast enough to require one, but Audit may be the exception. Thanks for making this.
No. 121515 ID: 1cc4af

I doubt it. It will die off tonight and wake up next week
No. 121516 ID: 69d4b9

Larro can you please put the character sheet images in the wiki somewhere? Or just in this thread or something? Not all of them are working on suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com
No. 121519 ID: bfea51

Try archived.moe
No. 121520 ID: 18b150

Message received, boss: read everything. Await my judgment with the passing of two moons.
No. 121523 ID: bfea51

No worries. In the end since the WT didn't really work very well with this, I decided to just cut it out. And since constantly leaving pastebins is kinda tiresome and messy, I just uploaded the script and will be updating it here: https://openuserjs.org/scripts/rexvivat/tgchan_autoupdate
No. 121527 ID: 3abd97

>There's like twenty things in the box on the wiki page and pretty much none of them actually have any details
If anyone feels the desire to improve the articles for old Larro quests after you finish archive diving, you're more than welcome to! It's quick and easy to sign up, and I'll generally answer questions or offer help if anyone has trouble figuring out anything wiki-related (feel free to make the request in a dis thread or ask for mageykun in the #tgchan irc).
No. 121544 ID: 67d5dc

Hot damn, nine threads worth of backlog from an amazing questor I thought died?

I have a midterm on Friday, is the universe conspiring against me again?
No. 121555 ID: bfea51

Well, if you hadn't heard about Audit then chances are you probably didn't hear about MAQ either, so... if that's the case, that'd be 49 threads + extras.
No. 121578 ID: 91ee5f

Annnnd done, I’m all caught up now! I’m excited to see where this is going!
No. 121583 ID: b53bd0
File 152125660290.jpg - (470.11KB , 900x1428 , I797.jpg )

you guys would should probably also read dungeoneer
is also a dungeon building quest with a slime princess (needs to go through slime puberty then she will be a slime queen). also picked up a starspawn so we can eventually rig up some crazy zones.
No. 121636 ID: f6b57a

Godspeed, Larro.
No. 121684 ID: 9c98f6

Hey hey, so I got an idea for the light/dark room. To have something in place for when someone tries to cheese it again, stick the holy and demon slimes in there. If someone casts a light or dark spell to upset the balance, the slimes will fuse into light+holy and dark+demon.

Regular mode will have them fight each other and the adventurers would either need to slip by or help one of them.
Raid mode just triggers a fight.
No. 121687 ID: b53bd0

speaking of cheese
we need to fix gravity slime's room. the spikes are fine for raid/hard mode, but we need something less horribly lethal for normal runs.
No. 121688 ID: 9c98f6

free-range comfy slimes tasked to restrain (hug) adventurers on sight
gravity slime ensures they can't be evaded
No. 121692 ID: 33cbe7

Slim the spikes down to deal less serious wounds, have the gravity effect constantly downward without change, hide Gravity Slime instead of making Gravity Slime a miniboss fight. They don't have to find him to exit the room, but thanks to a high ceiling and low door it's a bit of a climb to get out otherwise.
No. 121696 ID: 33cbe7

*Well, constantly upwards, to the ceiling. Or the room could be expedited by having the opposite door be down.
No. 121781 ID: 074011

Holy and demon slimes need a gravity rune to compress them down to about 6 centimetres and make them super-resilient. Localised gravity would let them stick to surfaces and resist inertia, they would be almost impossible to remove. Three runes is enough to talk? but at that size they would need to get close to the ears to be heard...
No. 121799 ID: b1b4f3

No. 121801 ID: b53bd0

he wants shoulder devil and angel slimes.
No. 121803 ID: 33cbe7

What runes would a shoulder slime require?
No. 121814 ID: 6d1052

Phew, It took me a while but I've finally gone through the backlog of Audit Quest to contribute.

Having said that, is there somewhere that info for Audit Quest is compiled? The wiki is nearly nonexistent and I didn't really see anything in the threads proper.
No. 121827 ID: 074011

The shop is focused on cosmetics. Some adventurers won't like that. A token exchange might be useful but could take the fun out of it. They are free to trade tokens amongst themselves, but...
Some highly-thematic adventuring gear in the shop could increase the customer-base without breaking the theme too much?

Water+wood Slime Shield.
+ transparent, immune to chipping, low-maintenance, absorbs and returns impacts, tough as wood.
- shield-arm is visible and vulnerable, shield bashes push instead of injure, heavy as water.

Water+string+metal Slime Whip
+ Sticky and binds, regenerates over several seconds, makes "splap" noises.
- breaks easily, but regenerates...

Water+cloth+psion+comfy+dark Slime Pants.
+ No maintenance, changes form and colour at will, absorbs and negates dirt or spills, can be willed on and off, Sticks and contorts to maintain modesty regardless of common sense, comfy, like wearing nothing at all.
No. 121830 ID: 6d1052

For quick reference we have the following Runes to use:
Mundane (Anti-Magic)
No. 121831 ID: 6d1052

...In hindsight maybe I should have tabbed them for better spacing rather than just copy+pasting from the main thread.
No. 121832 ID: 9c98f6

Should we finally redesign the first rooms?

It would be nice to have the moat on the outside, you know? Maybe inset the entrance so we can have comfy slimes "outside" but within our dungeon area. Also incorporate a drawbridge that can be lowered somehow, as an alternative for adventurers that for whatever reason can't do the rope swing.

Fancify Ms. Bloops' room into a proper impressive entrance room! We can add a hidden chest that Bloops can point out or rogues can find. Gives people feelgoods and the impression we're generous with loot, even though we bleed everyone dry of their gold.

What do you guys think?
No. 121833 ID: 33cbe7

Have the drawbridge retract as soon as adventurers enter, and position it so that the springboard trap combines with it to create the Slimecrown Atom Smasher.
No. 121834 ID: 074011

Touching the Bloops Room scares me, but those sound good!
That sounds too mean for before the first room. Unless the springboard was replaced with some comfy slime?

With an adventuring party Mary could raid Red's place. And go through other dungeons for ideas and runes...
Manager: Psion Mind Law Law Fist Fist: Bulk Lawyer: Defeats fine-print with flex-print!
Tank: Water Stone Psion Fist: Mud Monk, secretly a slime(psychic taunt powers and mental resist).
Deeps: Sword Sword Soul: Noun Noun: uses ancient hidden secret spirit blade technique of the ancestors...
Seesea: Magic Magic Explosion: Blaster Caster: Imminent explosions.
Suppert: Magic Heal Time: Time Stitcher: A heal in haste... leaves less waste?
They also ought to have gear? Which might make a team of 3(mostly) rune demons overpowered for many dungeons.
Or instead of going to all the trouble to build a team and get them signed into the adventurer program, just ask/bribe some of the regulars. Bulk wizard should be easy with a 2 for one deal on a certain shop item...

Possible item: Water Water Metal Metal Psion: Power Armour: A slimy suit that moves with the wearer's thoughts. Product comes "as is" and the manufacturer is not liable for any damages resulting from the armour being Jacked by a psion and the wearer being rode around like a horse.
No. 121835 ID: 33cbe7

The springboard isn't designed for nice adventurers.
No. 121836 ID: bfea51

Putting a secret chest in Ms Bloops's room would finally resolve the question of "how do we reward adventurers for being nice" in a concrete way once and for all.

Psion triggered the springboard. She's nice.
No. 121842 ID: 074011

Psion isn't nice. She is a mind mage, they are never nice! She actually splatted Ms.Bloops, mind-controlled Ashley for free heals, smashed Ruth's bat and fed her the pieces... all the worst things! You only remember her being nice because she doodled in your noodle.
No. 121846 ID: b53bd0

the method for people that can't do the rope spring is to ask bloops for help, and she will tell the comfy slimes to help.
No. 121854 ID: 6d1052

Wait, crap. We also have Holy and Force Runes from the end of thread 8.
No. 121855 ID: 6d1052

Uggggh, AND Foot, Demonic, Sturdy, World, and Magnet Runes. Isn't there a PDF somewhere to keep track of this?
No. 121862 ID: 33cbe7

There is now a page on the wiki for the tracking of runes and sundries related to Audit Quest. What monsters we have available will go on the main page, once the character list is assembled. https://tgchan.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics
No. 121864 ID: bfea51

We also have two distinct Glass runes, the one we got from the bottle and the one from Glass Spinner's dungeon. Larro confirmed in a stream that they do different things.
No. 121932 ID: 074011

On the topic of a joint project. Lord Savage is known for powerful monsters, Glass spinner has her puzzles, and Mary has slimes and stories. So what if she told a story? Set the scene for the others so to speak? Puzzles are sort of difficult to work. You could try for the tomb or ruin angle, but that has been done... What about a living terrain? And slime could work towards a living terrain too!

The Glasslands and the Fjhordes are ancient beings in conflict, trying to subsume one another. Mudpits piercing into the land spawning weak monsters with lots of terrain bonuses opposed by glass structures of intricate complexity, each growing more challenging as they near their respective centres. Along the borders are signs of old battles, monsters frozen in glass walls, shattered remains of glass devices... endlessly traded as the terrains cyclicly spread into one another and are then overrun.

Add to this the undead, newly intruding with hopes of converting these terrains into undead beings. Lots of mindless undead can be manipulated against the terrains by cunning adventurers, but the undead leadership are largely immune to this and if they find out then they will send forces to hunt the adventurers down.

The adventurers start opposite the undead and right on the most remote section of the border between the two terrains. There is found a series of puzzles that, due to the low strategic value and weak influence of such a remote location, are free of the central will and basically friendly, mostly communicating through word-puzzles and colour-coding and such. While there are similarly low-hostility monsters from the Fjhordes living harmoniously in these puzzles wishing everyone would just get along.

The best ending is to unite the terrains and drive off the undead(who receive much build-up through rumours and horror stories of their terrifying leadership) so that everyone can combine their forces and conquer the live in peace. But they can try to side with one and loot the others, or just ransack everything with building opposition as the factions see them as a threat, Or just charge right at the undead and fight them on some weird terrain...

Just a stray thought, best to pay it no mind...
No. 122025 ID: 33cbe7

Crackpot theory time: The Calculator and the YUM Co. representative share a passing resemblance.
The dungeon constructs all visually resemble the servants of the First Dungeon's master.
YUM Co was able to remotely detect and C&D our YUM rune reverse engineering.

YUM Co. is secretly the First Dungeon.
No. 122054 ID: bfea51

I might be wrong, but I don't think dungeon constructs can have children. And we do know she's 99c's mother...
No. 122071 ID: 19152e

She did give us a way to communicate with her. We don't need any NDA, just let them know that if the Big Guy finds out their planet is in danger again and they'll protect the secret themselves.
No. 122084 ID: 074011

>They know Mary can shanghai their employees. Why the literal fuck would they send her a bunch of their employees? Mary's asshole boss seems perfectly competent, and quite on-the-ball with regards to ditching liabilities.
I assume that Mary is not an idiot. Drach gets an offer of a great discount on a fully-catered management-retreat/motivational-course looking to get quick business to increase their profile. It isn't directly owned in Mary's name. Assuming that Mary can't permit someone to act as a proxy in order to hire people(which would make the plan ludicrously easy), the dungeon is referred to as an off-site venue and after recent renovations nobody from Drachma will recognise it. They go to a nice meeting hall, get served by some nice butler/maid slimes, get into a bit of a back and forth of reinforcement jargon(qualification enquiries) met with yelled affirmations, followed up by a "Your hired!" and a lot of phone calls.

>You're conflating amorality with idiocy.
They know the business and have a lot of clout. They are legitimately dangerous but haven't demonstrated any form of cunning. The closest is one seemingly text-book trap of "discussing a premise equals accepting it". That they lost an employee already through "she said the magic words" demonstrates that they are as bound by the technicalities as anyone, and their only demonstrated trick is knowing and exploiting technicalities. At best they sent an expendable asset to try a low-risk high-reward plan, but it backfired horrifically by tipping the mark off to their intentions, so they completely misread the risk-reward ratio. They are not clever, they are just very experienced at exploiting rules.
The evil Overlord thing isn't about morality, it is about letting dramatic hedonism overcome sound judgement. Be evil all you want, but don't incite your own people into open rebellion, don't ridiculously mismanage your resources by promoting corruption, and by The Great Malevolence don't broadcast your crippling weakness to technicalities!

Mary should san herself more thoroughly to check for a hidden ability to hire people. Maybe it is a quality of managing a dungeon?
No. 122087 ID: b53bd0

it could be because mary is an auditor. as in, her class has affected the dungeon master power in a way that no one has seen before.

also, we need to write "property of mary" on the back of a crapload of random bricks throughout the dungeon so if the old "owner" shows up again he can't magic it back because rock anchors.
No. 122093 ID: 19152e

Ok, let me stop you right there. Both Mary and Alex were fired when they got new jobs; the only automatic part was the hiring, the firing was Drachma policy. What Asshole Boss didn't mention was if it was policy for employees of all levels; both Mary and Alex were pretty expendable field auditors, obviously unimportant in the grand scheme for the company. You can't just assume being hired by Mary would get the CEO and board fired just because it happened to two low level employees.
Like the other anon said, you're conflating amorality with idiocy. You're just assuming that since they fucked over two expendable assets they'd do the same for the people they actually consider important.
No. 122116 ID: 074011

They were in a private meeting. They were immediately phoned and informed of their firing after the fact. They were fired as soon as the words left Mary's mouth. There is a "conflict of interest" clause here that triggers automatically. The conflict of interest applies equally to all staff, so the clause should too. And given that it maintains the viability of the whole organisation, and that conflicts can be forced by a third party, nobody but the top-boss and the person who made the system would be be granted an exemption. This is enough coverage to cripple the organisation.

The reason it would only cover management is that only management would be caught. The rank-and-file wouldn't get to go on something like this. Unless they recruit management from outside the company, everyone has gone through an expendable asset phase and seen that the company has no loyalty to them, and likely has none to the company, while seeing standard operating procedures knows that things work by taking advantage of people. This leaves the entire upper levels consisting entirely of selfish backstabbers. This is a terrible environment to try to survive in and demonstrates a severe lack of foresight or control. More specifically though, if you wave an excuse for a couple of days of paid vacation with a seminar on how great they are in front of their faces, they will take it. If anyone notices what is going on, then they are likely to just let their colleges/competition get caught. This is why the bad-boss/"you have failed me for the last time" trope is so heavily mocked, it results in a terrible workforce which gets steadily worse the more authority they have.

The biggest risk is that employees somehow have authority. This isn't a thing, but if it is, then she just declares slime-clones to be employees and adopts a policy of "more cuddles".
The other risk is wage-laws, which don't appear to exist, but she can just set them all to commission+tips and pay them next to nothing while they fight to the death over commissions.
They could quit and go back to their old jobs, but they would have to assume that they could get their old jobs, as offering employment to a client's employees would be a conflict of interest...
Of course, the real problem is that none of this gets Mary that spell-breaker she wants, and it doesn't get her a job to go back to either. Nor does it ensure that her dungeon is looked after, and it would be difficult to just abandon Ms. Bloops to the vagaries of fate...

If there is some flaw in the plan to mass-hire most of their management it would be great to know about it! All I have heard so far is "your employees not wanting to kill you is about morality rather than good business practices", "it would fail because it would be performed in the most obvious way possible", "the thing that protects the company from prosecution only applies to expendable field-agents and not to expendable management who all plan to usurp the evil overlord", and "choosing or accidentally hiring someone spur-of-the-moment is an automated process, while instantly obeying policy is manual" which, umm...
No. 122117 ID: 1a6fd4

You're assuming way too much.

>There is a "conflict of interest" clause here that triggers automatically.
The only thing that's shown to be automagical is Mary's hiring her, and Drachma knowing about it. The firing could easily have been done discretionarily by Asshole Boss, as part of the call, in accordance to company policy.

>The conflict of interest applies equally to all staff, so the clause should too.
Again, you're assuming too much. These kind of things are usually evaluated case by case and come with caveats for key assets; AB, as Alex's boss, was qualified to make that decision and could have done so with little thought since she was obviously expendable (and probably chosen for the task for exactly that purpose).

>And given that it maintains the viability of the whole organisation, and that conflicts can be forced by a third party, nobody but the top-boss and the person who made the system would be be granted an exemption.
Again, this is all you, reading too much into it. Nothing that was actually shown here actually says anything even remotely approaching what you're suggesting.

>The reason it would only cover management is that only management would be caught. The rank-and-file wouldn't get to go on something like this.
Alex was rank and file. She was a new hire with little to no actual skills.
And as for the rest of the paragraph, I guess you never worked in a bank? This is all rather standard, except of course the automagical way of knowing about the breach. (And the whole "you don't need to consent to be considered an employee" thing, though some places consider that "flirting with employment" is enough cause for termination, and the whole concept is rather loose, so... yeah.) The point is that many banks pretty much do operate more or less the way we've been shown Drachma does here. Emphasis on "shown", a lot of what you assume is outside those bounds and implies institutionalized idiocy on a level well above and beyond bureaucracy.

The rest of your post is built on top of all these assumptions, so your plan basically falls apart as soon as reality gets away from your theories. If you want to make a good plan you need to look at what actually happened in the quest, not what you think it implies.
No. 122133 ID: 074011

>points 1 and 2
There was no time for discretion. The firing was instant, at most the boss got a readout of the rank and task of the employee in question and had "fire" and "retain" buttons. Given the nature of the "people can be instantly hired and retaining them is an illegal breach of ethics", and that the boss is not necessarily going to be on duty at all times, yes, it is automatic. If it isn't automatic then the company is liable. Otherwise Mary can just hire someone and point out the illegal breach of ethics and press charges. This is a legal matter that clearly has instantaneous implications. The countermeasures need to be similarly instantaneous or else they will fail. You are failing to account for the fact that magical qualities are measurable fact of Mary's world, and employment is evidently a magical quality given that it can be magically imbued. Employment is different in Auditland.

>3rd paragraph
I made perfectly reasonable extrapolations about the corporate climate. I also stated my reasonings, which grants ample opportunity to disagree with them constructively instead of just saying that assumptions are bad.

>The rank-and-file wouldn't get to go on something like this.
>Alex was]/i] rank and file.
Reading comprehension fail. Alex was caught while there on business. The trap consists of a corporate retreat. Alex's circumstances are irrelevant to aiming the trap.

>I guess you never worked in a bank? This is all rather standard, except of course the automagical way of knowing about the breach.
Correct, the situation [i]is
completely different on account of employment being something that can be magically imbued and magically detected. It is entirely possible for the relevant authorities to detect and prosecute employment-based conflicts of interest magically. Individuals won't care about taking the company down if they are not in it anymore, so they can reasonable be expected to exempt themselves from being fired. Everyone else will be removed instantly to protect the company.

We have explicitly seen that employment can be magically imbued and detected. This is fact. We haven't seen anyone but an employer detect employment, but it should be simple enough for the forces that impose a restriction on conflicts of interest to have the means to register auditors and similar classes so that most conflicts of interest can be magically detected. We could ask Mary about some of this but she didn't seem to know in advance about magical employment...

None of this matters. Mary's objective is to get out, get a job, and leave the dungeon in good hands. Drachma might still be imposed upon to send a curse-breaker, it is currently the primary means of escape. Destroying Drachma would be fun and easy, but it isn't the objective, and might actually compromise the objective.

Regardless, I am out of this conversation, it is clogging up the discussion. Make the most of the last word!
No. 122135 ID: 1a6fd4

You're extrapolating what happens in every case from ONE example. Furthermore, you're taking a lot of stuff that isn't stated and deciding that it works in a specific way, and acting as if it was the only possible conclusion. The only unusual thing I see here is that Asshole Boss detected Alex being hired immediately, the rest is all standard procedure for a Bank, so it's more sensible to assume just that instead of "firing is also automagical, involves no personnel or thought on the decision, and works exactly the same on all levels", which is pretty much the opposite of a reasonable assumption.
(On the topic of detection: I wouldn't be surprised if he had been actively scrying on the conversation; sending an auditor with such low stats against a seasoned one just screams "SET-UP" and the plan, while workable, was pretty weak if it was that easy to break down.)
I do agree with you on one thing: we need to stop filling the thread with this.
No. 122137 ID: 19152e
File 152299009402.png - (70.46KB , 405x477 , 1515123512929.png )

Wait, we don't actually have the new Glass rune yet. We have the Glass Heart, which could be runed to get it (and another mystery rune), but we might want to keep the item instead. Then again, with the rune wouldn't we be able to remake the item?
No. 122138 ID: 33cbe7

You'd need both of the runes, wouldn't you?
No. 122141 ID: 5c3123

How about two gravity slimes? First one near the entrance, as further development for that rope-swing-over-the-cuddle-moat puzzle, second one in a hallway leading to the secret bonus boss?

Not just an ordinary hallway, though. Rickety catwalk completely obstructed by a row of orange barrels labeled "deadly acid" (but they actually just contain water), spikes on the walls, floor below, and even the ceiling. Maybe use a lightning rune so the spikes are visibly electrified. And the entrance to this blatant deathtrap is a huge vault door with an excessively complicated time-lock, which the adventurers need to close behind themselves before the door at the far end can be opened.
No. 122142 ID: 074011

I feel as though gravy slimes with spikes are too strong, but weak to armour, and may cause mental damage due to all the gore. Perhaps they could be paired with movement hazards to exhaust rather than maim? Give them something dangerous to make it not a harmless encounter, but really focus on wearing down the adventurers so they enter the next encounter tired. It would also buy time...
No. 122143 ID: 1a6fd4

So, new plan: we wait until Archiver III so we can get both runes.
No. 122195 ID: 5ddaa1


Just create a slope or climbable wall and coat it in a thick layer of slime. Trying to struggle your way up while not losing your footing would be exhausting without necessarily being lethal.
No. 122206 ID: 6d1052

Sounds like we should start looking at old Nickelodeon game shows for ideas. GUTS, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Double Dare... How difficult would it be to make a slime-themed version of the Aggro Crag?
No. 122306 ID: dfebfa

We could try to mix Water + Explode + Levitation to make a explosive ballon slime!

We could also try to make a pseudo-Sewer zone and add a few sub-quests around it with weird, poisonous slimes and skeletons.
No. 122317 ID: d8ce3a

I love everything about this Aggro Crag idea. And it probably wouldnt be too hard to make a more dungeon-y version of it, but we'd probably have to make a new room for it.
No. 122321 ID: 777681

Not going to lie, if nothing else, this idea seems like something perfect to implement as a second dungeon. I always wanted to create a "Tutorial Tunnel" dungeon for newbies, and an Aggro Crag like dungeon would definitely fit the bill. Minor focus on combat, lots of puzzles, lots of general strength tests, etc.
No. 122330 ID: 074011

The tutorial level could reasonably be done as a side-tunnel that can be skipped. It would also be a good place to put some exposition on the background of the slime nobility. Perhaps the adventurers could battle through representations of key moments of the setting's background?
No. 122336 ID: 33cbe7

Our dungeon's way too high-leveled to be including a tutorial. The adventurers' guilds probably have facilities for that before they ever get sent on a raid (freelance peasants notwithstanding). Why spend gold on a section everyone will skip?
No. 122337 ID: 777681

Well yeah, that's the point. The tutorial tunnel is a separate dungeon. The only connection it has to our dungeons is that we own it/operate it. The idea being that rewards for the dungeon are tutorial sized, but that also means general upkeep is low as well. Its used as a stepping stone so that adventurers that are new go to this dungeon, enjoy it, and then are compelled to see other dungeons in Mary's brand.

Sure you could tie in some slime lore, but I think of it as more of a chance to bring in some intro monsters for young adventurers to fight to learn basic skills, teamwork, etc. You know like dire rats, skeletons, etc. And because it would be such a small dungeon, we could cycle through many many guests really quickly. Adventurers may die, but they don't have much, so it's not a high profit maker, but we don't have to invest much either once its complete, and they will spend more money in bigger dungeons like Slimecrown, and whatever else we decide to make.

To put in a more apt comparison, if we went with the theme park analogy that people have used before. Tutorial Tunnel is the children's zone. Not the most exciting of rides, and not very large, but its used to get kids/adventurers excited for the roller coasters that are our other zones.
No. 122339 ID: 2c415c

Rather then a tutorial dungeon, it can just be an easy mode for low level parties to activate, like raid mode. We already have a reputation as a tough dungeon so a tutorial would be totally wasted on anyone showing up.

The tunnel would be framed as a secret passage to infiltrate Slimecrown Citadel. It'll have to come out to Ms. Bloops' room so they can meet her. The tunnel could come out through her fountain to imply Bloops has a narrative role beyond greeter/mascot/difficulty select.
No. 122352 ID: 074011

Never assume competence in the consumer. Mary has gotten multiple parties that never had a hope of reaching the finale outside of egregious downscaling. A tutorial tunnel within the dungeon could give adventurers a chance to learn the backstory in a skippable manner, give weak parties something to do before getting destroyed, warm people up to how things are done in Mary's dungeon (as opposed to, for example, hack-and-slash or puzzle dungeons), and provides a chance to observe the adventurer's abilities prior to tweaking the dungeon proper...

A secondary dungeon could definitely be for low-levels, but a tutorial has low replayability which would negatively affect long-term profitability. Training dungeon would be more practical, unless low-levels level-up too quickly to be repeat customers...
No. 122364 ID: 777681

See, my hope is for a few things:

First, we start scaling Slimecrown accordingly, with the first floor being easier, and moving up floors increases the difficulty a bit, which makes for natural progression.

I've been suggesting tutorial tunnel, though the more apt idea is what you suggest as a second dungeon, that is considerably easier.

As to the idea of tying into lore, I'm leery about doing that. I think with, very few exceptions, we should keep the lore in the specific dungeons, unless we do decide to go the full theme park route and have our series of dungeons being a practical country. Which is admittedly, what I want for our dungeon empire one day.

As to the concerns about profitability. It's a fair concern, and is part of the reason that while I still will vehemently suggest that a tutorial dungeon be used. It should be saved for later in the campaign, so to speak. The concerns about profitability are valid, but I think when you consider that its goal is to get newbie adventurers familiar with our brand. If there is a way to level cap it, we do that. But I look at this as a low cost dungeon that only really needs 5-6 rooms to work. And then you just make sure the rewards are appropriate, i.e some good, but not amazing items, maybe some tokens if we start to turn this into a whole dungeon system (and we should), some gold and support items. Hell, it encourages people that complete the dungeon to go to our next dungeon.

It can be a money sink, its true, but if we start having two-three dungeons running at the same time, the dip into profits will be minimal, especially with a level cap.

End of the day, its something I think we should consider, especially to help boost clientele, but it is definitely more something I'd want to do after Slimecrown is expanded a few floors and we have some other dungeon to branch out, like a forest dungeon, or a cave, or a seafaring adventure, etc.
No. 122396 ID: 5ddaa1


I still believe the most viable means of first wave expansion to the dungeon is to add a sewer level that is only accessible after defeating Curi. As things stand, the original inspiration for the dungeon was Dark Souls, which functioned off the fundamental precept of "show, don't tell".

One of the most impressive and engrossing parts of that is how your actions, intentional or no, continually open up the world to new and varied environments, usually after defeating a boss.

Having an elemental themed underground that branches away from water seems like a good way to accomplish that.
No. 122401 ID: 32dc16

For one, having a full new area open up after the heroes beat Curi is just torture at that point. Our dungeon is a bit of a slog at the moment, so them grinding through all that and then getting the knowldage that 'hey you're not even halfway done!' thrown in their face is a bit of soulbreaker. If we're adding a new area, it has to be a deliberate branch either from the start, or the hub of the dungeon and have it be it's own thing, with a separate final boss and everything.

Honestly I think a more stealth based branch might be something we should try next, so sneakier classes like Rogue can have something more productive to do. My first thought on that was a office building styled dungeon a la the bank suggestion from the main thread, sneak around the offices to find the key to the elevator to reach the Top Floor where Mary sits. the cubicles are patroled by Mind+Law 'supervisors' which mind trick the heroes they catch into becoming 'office drones' where they get directed to a cubicle to begin their 'work'(actually a stack of Mad Libs for them to fill out). then it becomes a cat and mouse game of freeze tag with the heroes. I don't think we could fit that in the current Slimecrown Lore just yet though, however the puzzles could be recycled for something similar.
No. 122402 ID: b1b4f3

Could be a checkpoint that lets you skip the first floor after you beat Curi the first time?
No. 122403 ID: 33cbe7

A dungeon's only a slog if it's boring.
If we had to, we could decrease the number of keys you need to face Curi and lock the basement boss behind 100% completion. Or, we could vary the final boss based on the number of keys. That would be a good way to employ more monsters without increasing dungeon length. Low key completions could even end with a collection of minibosses instead of a true boss, with an appropriately diminished reward.
No. 122404 ID: 6d1052

True, but the longer we make the dungeon the more resources adventurers will need to get through, and if they're underprepared for it they could very well withdraw like the Druid and Spark Mage were considering in chapter 7.
No. 122405 ID: 5ddaa1


The secondary area is something I would only consider if we could establish a checkpoint system. Defeating Curi for the first time might grant you an item or similar that immediately drains the moat on your next visit. However, we would still want to leave the option of starting the dungeon over again for those trying to farm for rare drops.

I will concede, at least, that right now, the problem seems to be getting adventurers to beat Curi in the first place. If she is the barrier to entry for the next phase and that next phase is commensurately harder such that beating Curi is a reasonable test of ability, it might become an exclusive battleground for only the highest level clientele.

Naturally, the original point was to try to train someone up to defeat Jeffrey, but right now, the focus should definitely be on the first wave of the dungeon and getting that formula perfect.
No. 122406 ID: 33cbe7

That is what the store is for, and if they run out of gold then they are of no use to us anyway. At this point, even a lower review due to running out of money wouldn't matter too much - profitable clientele would not be deterred by such things.
No. 122407 ID: 32dc16

Except they would be, No high tier adventure would want to slog through a long dungeon that's below their level to get to the one part that actually matters. Backtracking fucking sucks, always.

So making it too long would both dissuade those looking for a challenge, as well as those at the correct level for our dungeon. And anyone who gets halfway through and goes 'i'm done!' and walks out is lost money.
No. 122408 ID: 33cbe7

Deterred by the expense, not the length. Your argument's on a different wavelength right now. Plus, the solution to that problem is not actually granting second floor access until a return trip and providing a shortcut for such return customers (who may not take it anyway, wanting to see what's changed on the first floor).
No. 122409 ID: c349e6

I do agree that to cut through the slog we may want to consider locking the second floor. But I am starting to wonder if we want to actually do that, per sey.

I am partially inclined to keeping the Curi boss room our final boss. But spreading keys out to the first and second floors. Backtracking would be kept to a minimum as, unless they wish to go to the shops/spa. You could feesably do all the key tasks on floor one, head up to floor two, do key tasks there(along with a boss fight like Lily), and then pop back down to fight Curi. Only reason I really suggest it is that it keeps with the idea that Curi is the last bastion protecting the world from Jeffrey.

Its just a thought, mind you. As not everyone will be as keen on the Metroid route. But I think it allows for more dynamic exploration, and it will give us a much quicker response on what our new rooms are like.

When I have time tonight I will get to suggesting a handful of ideas.
No. 122413 ID: 32dc16

The Problem for the Metroidvania formula in here is that, it runs contrary making a profit by the standard Dungeon Mechanics.

The dungeon makes a profit two ways right now, the Hub Shops and killing the adventures. Since we do not have magic money spawning chests, the profit we can make from shops and healing is proportional to the money they bring into the dungeon.

This is all important because it means we don't get extra money for keeping an adventurer in the dungeon as long as possible.

Second, the iteration times for failstates in the dungeon are pure shit. If the party wipes, not only do they have to start again, they have to make the trip back to the dungeon and recoup the losses from the wipe. We don't have save points, at least not yet.

This is why I prefer a Megaman-esque style stage select for the greater dungeon, each with a final boss and theme. That way the party always have something to work towards, and a obvious goal where they can stop to proclaim victory.

To this end, I consider the current Citadel as only one branch to that greater dungeon. Curi makes a great final boss, and I'm wary of adding any more to her floor since it is rather jammed packed already.

Basically, I would like a psuedo-fresh start for the next stage of dungeon. Both to give us creative room to establish a new set of mechanics if desired and give adventures the chance to reach the 'final boss' without having to devote hours to a single run.
No. 122416 ID: 33cbe7

Not as long as possible, but long enough to nearly exhaust their gold reserves. If only we had some way of knowing how much they have on them. Mary's an Auditor, surely she knows a related spell.
No. 122417 ID: 32dc16

given that we cleaned out a raid party, I'd say we're right on the cusp there. They literally couldn't afford anymore healing by the end and were working off our gold drops.
No. 122421 ID: 777681

This is the shit I love about audit. Some good debates can come about from this.

First of all, there is a few additional revenue streams that would be available to us in the future. For one, we have the Calculator, who should be able to generate gold exponentially, depending on investment. And I do believe Cook has an ability that can generate a bunch of gold from running fancy parties. But I realize that these are more cash injunctions, more than steady revenue.

So you do bring up some pretty good points about Metroidvania possibly hindering profits, at least until save points(Time Runes, perhaps?). Maybe we can get save points with a 2nd floor automatically? We should ask dungeoneer.

If we add save points, I expect that we can circumvent the profits issue, because I would expect that whatever they spend stays after saving. Provided, of course, that this can be done. Its definitely one of the hypotheticals I am personally considering with the discussion of expansion.

The Megaman style of dungeon layout isn't necessarily a bad idea in practice, it's essentially what has been tossed about the idea of a theme park of dungeons. Basically rebrand the dungeon into The Country of Slimecrown and you could make something happen. That said, there is some issues. If you decided to go the Megaman route, you would have to have all these dungeons be separate, or else we couldn't have more than one party running at the same time, which doesn't actually solve the issue of money being developed at a rate that we would want. The only other solution would be to run separate dungeons, but there are some issue about who runs them, because Mary probably can't handle it all herself right now.

Now, we could just add a new theme with a new floor, but I think that would create a disconnect with our current dungeon, so if we're doing another floor, I think it should stay as just Slimecrown, I'm against upsetting the apple cart too much as this is a good thing going. I'd rather the floors just be castle floors, not themed floors with their respective monsters (though I am not against new monster servants here and there).

Also, if we did expand upwards, we can keep Curi in her spot, or move her up to the next floor so that she's not overcrowded. It also works as easy level scaling as Curi is our toughest natural boss. We do have Lily and Reginald, they could easily be a boss for a new floor. Even Simon or Rosalyn on their own would work.

Its an interesting problem, because both Metroidvania and Megaman are theoretical ideas that could work, but both seem to have some issues that kind of hinder them from being immediate solutions.

Personally, the Megaman idea is an end goal I'm interested in getting to, but I think I would prefer to keep building the citadel a bit, maybe build the lore of the country of slimecrown and its non-slime denizens(to use as eventual other dungeons) and roll Metroidvania until we get to a good spot where we can move to that point.
No. 122423 ID: 32dc16
File 152394635868.png - (301.96KB , 800x1200 , 1500337981614.png )

Well, why do we have to add vertically? The front entrance actually has a lot of room for extra entrances.

Maybe Curi's section remains the Citidel part of Slimecrown Citidel and we can expand out some challenges under the greater Slimecrown theme.

For example, an entrance under the left banner that leads to the Slimecrown Calvary Yard and Race Track. where we can expand on the Glass Horse Calvary idea that someone came up with. Give the adventures a chariot pulled by some Glass Horses on loan and we could have levels go full Initial-D. It also allows adventures to bring in their own rides, like that Dragontamer we almost let in with her dragon.
No. 122424 ID: db9580

It's Glass and Life, I think.
No. 122427 ID: 777681
File 152397460662.png - (32.24KB , 696x564 , Shitty Rendering.png )

While I don't know about adding additional entrances, your discussion about adding things like the Slime Horse track, does involve some of the things I would like to do.

See, I think we can expand horizontally AND vertically. I would like our Citadel to be more of a castle, if we can get around to it, hence why I would like to expand it vertically. But with that said, one of the things I'm keen on suggesting is reshuffling some of the ideas around here and there to make the stages work.

I have made a really terrible render to explain it in basic details.

Point being, we have our hub still work for us, but now its more like the citadel's village, we'll keep Ashley's healing zone, Mangus and Flit's workshop, the spa, the cafe, the YUM! cart all where they were. But move things like the princess's rooms, Colt's guardhouse, etc into the castle proper, where they fit better thematically.

In its place we put some of the fun things that a castle WOULD have. For example the aforementioned stables, a barracks for slime troops, a royal gardens(complete with man eating plants to fight), and that Colosseum that has been talked about consistently. We can also keep some old classic challenges in this zone, either as Colosseum activities, or just fun little bits and pieces so that its not just fighting, like Ruth's batting cage puzzle.

In the meantime, we can expand upon the castle to make it more, well, like a castle. Libraries, dining halls, observatories, treasuries, rooms for each princess, etc.

The combat challenges can get harder within the walls, while the challenges outside of them can be a bit more friendly to lower level heroes.
No. 122428 ID: 29905a

Now that I think about it, if she doesn't have such a spell, Archiver can teach her. Remember she also teaches magic, she isn't just there to catalog stuff.
No. 122432 ID: 32dc16

I'm fine with the overall design, but if we were to implement it, we need the functioning sub-levels before we link them all in the massive turbohub.

This is honestly a huge logistics issue, ironically similar to the one amusement parks have. That every day we are under construction (and changing the hub will most certainly take a lot of time and money) We are not making any money. So Slimecrown 1.0 is probably going to be our main dungeon for a while, since it is so complete and polished to the point that it functions mostly autonomously.

That is part of the reason I don't want to expand past Curi, the current form works so well, I don't want to fix what isn't broken.

This is also why I want to make alt-paths. It allows for us to host more adventures at once. with two separate parties running two different gauntlets at once. I'm pretty sure this is why the Coliseum is so popular, its cheap for us to make, appeals to our strengths and can be fit into the lore fairly simply.

Once we have a set of challenges that prove to be successful, we can then drop the phat stacks to shut everything down and re-assemble it into Slimecrown 2.0.
No. 122433 ID: c349e6

Hey there. Just noticed that we have a few other runes. Was trying to get a record of our gold to continue the discussion about expansion and found that some runes were missed in part 8.

We also have the following runes:


Will post more as I dig in the archives.
No. 122436 ID: 1a6fd4

The actual list is here https://tgchan.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics
All those runes are already there.

Soul, actually. See #2225825 in thread 8.5
No. 122437 ID: c349e6

Ah, so it is. Good to see that people were on top of that.

We also have the Glass Heart, Glass Medusa and Glass Longsword as items that we will habe to decide on what we do with.

We also have the following:
8890 gold
8 Runes(pending any recent cell division)
No. 122438 ID: dfebfa

We should try to unlock a few magics for Mary, tho.
No. 122439 ID: c349e6

Oh and calculator has a seperate 3500 we have given her to invest.
No. 122440 ID: 1a6fd4
File 152399674313.png - (3.50KB , 114x49 , mind and psionic.png )

By the way, on the topic of runes: I'm trying to get images for all runes. I got most of them (we never got to see the Alcohol rune, I have the MAQ one but sometimes they're different), but I found that Mind and Psionic look exactly the same. Are they actually the same rune?
No. 122444 ID: c03dc9

I see where you are coming from, but I think there is a bit of a few misconceptions here.

The biggest is that, for now at least, this expansion layout I want to work wìth is to be considered part of the Citadel as the dungeon. Not as seperate dungeons at this time.

As it currently stands, the hub is just meant to be an attachement to travel throughout the dungeon.

The other misconception is that as of right now, even if we had these seperate legs, I believe that formally we can only accept one adventuring crew at a time. So even if we were to impliment your idea, which I still very much want to for profitability purposes so that we can do the big expansions, I don't think we can unless we ran a second dungeon that is not even connected with our hub. Pretty sure this is to prevent Larro from going insane juggling multiple parties

So my model is currently to just expand within the walls for now, with the intent to someday move the central hug out of the castle and in a void-like atrium/town. Then we could set portals to get to the specific dungeons, a la Mario 64 or something.

If this was done, we may move Oilivia's spa back into the citadel, but that one is up for grabs.

As for the information that I have gathered here

What this tells me is that we could probably have enough to do one of the following...

>Make an exterior expansion that functions as the 1st part of the dungeon (Stables, Barracks, Gardens, etc. Go here)
>Make a 2nd floor for the citadel (debates about whether we expand up or down, whether Curi goes up to the second floor and then whatever rooms that fit)
>Make a second dungeon (Move the hub out of the castle and make magical portals for each dungeon as we expand.

Based on the rune count and treasury, I lean towards the 1st or 2nd options, as we can absolutely afford the rooms. We have a decent crop of staff created that could fill the holes as needed, though I would also wait on more runes. After the expansion is done. We save to build a secondary dungeon.

Any additional work done on slimecrown from that point until we were ready to make it the crown jewel of the amusement park, would be minor stuff, like enhancing the spa to make it a more steady revenue stream(though if it was moved to the hub that may change things further.

I will debate more later as this rebuttal is on the fly and not the greatest, I know.
No. 122465 ID: 32dc16
File 152407357841.png - (123.84KB , 800x1734 , Da Plan.png )

well for the immediate future, I would like to dump a bit of polish on one of our oldest rooms.

Currently it is a bit empty and basic, but if we extend the comfy pit into a comfy moat, it gives us a place to hide a couple secret rooms with legit treasure (Tokens and maybe a utility item, like Waterwalking Boots or the Ultra Comfy Pillow)

Add a few sconces with fancy blue Magic Rune Flames and it fits in a bit better with the rest of the dungeon.

Second I want to add the Warp Shop. Make some Waygates (I assume they are a Space+Time Rune Trap) near the Princess's Rooms and in the Hub and next to Mrs. Bloops's Entrance and the 'Warp Shop' basically sells the keys to the Gates. They remain deactivated until you reach the destination with the 'Warp Key' specific to that destination, with the Hub teleporter in the Warp Shop being always active.

we can even add a simple quest to have adventures activate all 6 teleporters for a small reward. Although we won't be calling them Keys (even though they are essentially that) but Warp Crystals, and the adventures are 'fixing' the teleporters with them as they find them.
No. 122468 ID: 777681
File 152408480187.png - (46.96KB , 1152x648 , Still Not Great At This.png )

I think you are on to something regarding the idea of making the first challenge we had something a little bit more special asthetically, as while the first puzzle is still the biggest example, I think we need to place some of our hard earned money on beautification, which would also allow for combat and challenges to have a whole new dynamic.

I agree with your point regarding adding something to the moat, it would be kind of fun to make a secret room that was like a grate for where Comfy Slimes and come and go as they please and turn it into a small room. I don't know if I would go full secret passage, not yet at least, but the idea of there being an item, like the aforementioned pillow and a decent cache of Slimecrown tokens, especially since we've been told our token drops could be improved, so adding some secrets like this, along with a minor increase in token drops could help us out a bit. Maybe even dropping prices in conjunction with, seeing as that list that I made just kinda assumed some numbers.

One thing that I remember some anon tossing about that might want to be looked at too is the idea of removing the rope swing/spring trap and mimic and turning this into a low level pitched battle/puzzle instead.

The principle of it would be like this image here, which will help visually explain it as well.

So, adventurers are walking along the path to the citadel, until they come to the moat, that is currently retracted, or something similar. The adventurers see the walls are occupied by a small squad of slime archers on watch atop the parapet. There is also a small stand with a button, clearly visible, that smart adventurers realize is the mechanism used to connect the bridge to the other side of the wall.

Adventurers now have the choice to do one of the following things:
>Try to reason with the slimes to open the gate and extend the bridge (surprisingly easy, so long as they are given a good reason)
>Jump/Fly the gap or use magic to get across and press the button
>Notice that there is a great number of rocks scattered about their side of the moat, they come to the realization that they can throw the rocks, hitting the button and activating the mechanism (for the purpose of this puzzle, projectile weapons and items like Psion's orbs would also work.

If adventurers choose option 2 or 3, the button activates, but an alarm also sounds. The gate will open, to reveal a small squadron of slime soldiers. The archers will also begin to fire arrows at the party.

Those that used their own powers are now isolated and have to defend themselves while the bridge slowly extends across the moat.

If the party used projectiles, they get to watch as their path is now blocked by the afformentioned squad.

The squad of slimes goal is to push the players back onto the bridge and either kill the players, or push them into the comfy moat and let the comfy slimes do the job for them.

Adventurers that are able to resist the slimes in the moat, may find the secret room, which contains one or all of the items listed in the diagram, I'm kind of favouring the idea of adhesive boots just because it does allow players to get back into the fray should they not have a rope/are fighting solo.

The players must then defeat the slimes blocking their path, and either defeat the archers or run straight in and press button 2, which deactivates the alarm, and removes aggro from the wall.

The result is that we now have a more dynamic fight that adds a sense of danger, but still rewards players for thinking creatively, and the added danger of the comfy moat means that higher level adventurers now have something else to challenge them and keep them on their toes. And I think this can make the puzzle seem like less of a chore.

Well that was a lot to explain, but I hope that makes sense.

As to addressing your second idea. I like the idea of adding crystals as pseudo save points to help expedite the process, especially for those that just want to tackle certain parts of the dungeon instead of a full dungeon run(the monsters), however for now I think that if we do it, we just offer one or two points. If we did a full expansion of the citadel to include the inner city/courtyard, the colosseum and just before they hit an additional floor, I think you would be fine. Our dungeon only looks big, but in terms of rooms/surface area, etc. It is not that big at all. If we started making the dungeon bigger by making additional floors going up or down, I think we could start looking at adding more crystals at key points. Especially if we eventually consider moving the hub out of the citadel and using it as a warp hub to all of our other dungeons. It could get pretty complicated.

I'd like to help the adventurers, but I don't want the instances to be so frequent that they just keep teleporting and avoiding all the fun/challenges.

It's definitely not the worst idea at getting more gold from purchases though, ngl.

Add this to my ideas of creating more spa attendants, and offering more services(with minor buffs to entice people that would normally ignore this stuff) to help increase revenues, and actually give a reason for our spa to offer a free service upon 1500gold spent.
No. 122471 ID: b53bd0

how would anyone that lacks flight be able to get to these secrets? comfy slimes are notoriously inescapable.
No. 122472 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t forget about our dungeon’s sponsorship with YUM!

We made an agreement to have a little side quest in our dungeon, where if an adventuring group finds the 10 YUM! chests hidden in the dungeon and then they return to the YUM! stand in the marketplace, they’ll be given a reward.

We should be thinking about where to hide the YUM! chests.
No. 122474 ID: 6d4743

That may need to be workshopped a bit. Admittedly the only people who have been taken down by the comfy slimes were Warrior(too heavy) and Psion (very weak physical strength) but I may be mistaken.

We could add a few rocks here and there as stepping stones that could theoretically create a path, but that does come close to spoonfeeding. Its the only thing I can think of right now without trading away the comfy moat which is rather iconic. I mean in the heat of battle and panic, they want to find safe land to pull into, but they may not inherently notice it.

Its all I cam really think of.

Now thats something we could put in those hidden rooms.
No. 122479 ID: 91ee5f

>Now thats something we could put in those hidden rooms.
As long as none of them end up in the basement with the unbeatable uncontrollable monster. Because that would be unfair!

Also, for the hidden rooms, we should make sure they’re not too hidden, otherwise no one will find them. We should make paths to the rooms look suspicious enough to make adventurers curious enough to investigate, but not too obvious otherwise there’s no challenge in finding the hidden rooms.

Of course, not all of the hidden rooms should have a free treasure in it. Some of them should also have trapped treasure, so that it’ll keep the adventurers on their toes! And if they survive the trap, they’ll get the treasure.
No. 122481 ID: 777681

Yeah, I'm a bit concerned it was in the extra boss room to begin with. Normally I'd absolutely want to put one there, but given circumstances, if it can be fished out we should fish it out. We want it to be hard to get the reward, not impossible.

Keep in mind too, we shouldn't hide all the YUM! chests right now, unless we expand exponentially so that we can do make the challenge harder. Some should be hidden, some should be trapped, and some should be after completing certain missions, for example, Curi should drop one, if we keep the tea challenge for now, Rosa could give one, if we bring in the Colosseum soon, it can be one of the prizes for completing a stage within it, etc.

And yeah, secret rooms should be hidden, but with the ability for really really perceptive heroes to catch them. It's why I suggested the rocks idea for the new moat challenge.
No. 122482 ID: 2fe26a

Wait, if Slime Queen Lily can speak English, but Magical Slime Lily refuses to learn the language of the commoners, does that mean Reginald knows how to speak English? I don't think we've never heard the poor fellow talk before.
No. 122483 ID: 11f4b9

I like to belive that Reginald only doesn't talk because he's doesn't have a spine, literally and metaphorically, I mean, look at this dude, this is the main reason Lily can fuse.

I love Reginald, my spine-less adorable knight, ok.
No. 122484 ID: 1a6fd4

Insolence! Reginald is a Knight, and he's devoted to the royal line, as well as he should be. The fact that he's willing to do anything the Princess wishes for him to do doesn't mean he has to take anything from anyone else, much less accept this defamation from the likes of you.
No. 122499 ID: 11f4b9

Actually this makes more sense, yeah, Reginald is the best knight and I would die for him.
No. 122504 ID: d6afc2

Since we have a sponsorship with YUM! the gatekeepers could also be bribable with some of theyr products.
No. 122505 ID: 1a6fd4

That's better.

I like that idea, so long as it's never hinted at. Let it be a dungeon secret, an easter egg of sorts.
No. 122506 ID: c349e6

There are actually a number of ways they could convince them, this is a great one. Not to mention lying to guards or playing up the services we offer (i.e Colosseum, Spa etc)

It also is a great way to be able to open the gates for those that just want to use the services and nothing else.
No. 122575 ID: e77725
File 152462324790.png - (434.63KB , 1200x1200 , 7.png )

Sometimes, the random stream doodles I do have a bit of lore in them. Someone requested Slime Matron at all stages of her life.

Here it is.
No. 122576 ID: 33bf33

The streams have more lore in them then the threads at times.
No. 122583 ID: 33cbe7
File 152464558192.png - (219.41KB , 1037x600 , rosalime.png )

Seems like a good time to post Rosalyn's (theoretical) life stages as well.
No. 122584 ID: 33cbe7
File 152464561639.png - (107.11KB , 800x600 , 02NsLC2.png )

And this, is to go even further beyond...
No. 122586 ID: ad51b8

you know I'm kinda surprised that seeing how some of the people that run through the dungeon seem to record their runs for their channels or what not that we haven't got any "let's players" like the game grumps, markiplier, or pewdiepie. And by that I mean a person or a group of people that may or may not actually be trying to complete the dungeon but are mostly their just to be a bunch of idiots and get people to laugh at their antics.

Not saying our dungeon is big enough to attract those kind of names yet but still a little surprised that we haven't got some goof runs through our dungeon.
No. 122587 ID: 32dc16

we're too loreheavy for them. not enough pratfalls for them to abuse for laughs and our bosses require too much focus to Let's Play and beat at the same time.

We might get a 'theorist' or '100% completionist' later on that takes their sweet time going through the dungeon. but for now I don't think we're popular enough for those kind of things.
No. 122588 ID: ad51b8

I did see that the game grumps did do a bloodborne play through so it's not outside the realm of possibilities though it still is probably pretty unlikely... at least for a long while anyways. Although I could see someone doing a fail compilation in our dungeon in the near future.
No. 122613 ID: d6afc2

Hmmm, since we made somone lore, someone like Vaatyvidya could also happen.
No. 122644 ID: 074011

What if Mary had multiple end-bosses of different difficulties? Keep the radial theme but have multiple types of keys. Like, keys to the future for low-level challenges and keys to the past for high-level challenges. You need to gather, say, 5 past keys to get to Curi and unlock the secret that broke the kingdom.
Perhaps 4 Future keys could get into the easy boss. Lilly the tyrant needs to be stopped! But the past keys can be used for background to reveal that she had to raise taxes and impose order to protect the kingdom...
And a mid-level boss, requiring say, 5 future, 3 past, or 2 of each, to defeat... Oh, let's say that Oilivia and Ashley are secretly trying to free Jeffrey for arcane and enigmatic reasons...

Extra keys could presumably be traded in for tokens or lore or something.

It feels like a midde-ground between the earlier metroidvania/megaman discussion of forcing adventurers to repeat the same content or having completely separate quests with most of the dungeon being locked out of any one adventure.
No. 122645 ID: 679a6d


That could potentially be difficult to move everyone around like that on the fly, and I'm not sure Oilivia would even want to do so.

Come to think of it, could you even remove the NPC status on her and Ashley while adventurers are in the dungeon? We could do some neat shenanigans with that if it's possible, but I'm betting that previous DMs abused it and got it patched out.

Mind you I think you're onto something with the key thing, though actually implementing it could be pretty difficult.

Now for some random thoughts and ideas to consider.
Rune Combinations:
Hm... Water+Metal+Lightning=Quicksilver Slime?
The only slime we haven't made yet on the scale of Holy/Law/Chaos/Demonic is a Law Slime. Then again Chaos Slime is a good girl so we may want to skip it.
If we get around to runing that Glass Heart we could use the Soul rune to make what I think would be an Ectoplasm Slime? A Ghost Slime would probably need a Levitation Rune in addition or something.
...Flan Slime, Water+Candy. The most delicious slime.
Water+Fancy+Gem? Just Water+Fancy got Lily, who was IDed originally as a Royal Jelly, what would the added Gem make? May need to infuse Lily with a Gem Rune first to avoid trouble with her later.
I actually really want to see what kind of slime a combination of Water+Plain+Mundane would get.
Water+Container could probably get Bubble Slime... Or a Water Mimic or something. Depends on what we want when using them.
Using Water and Oil together didn't really work very well. Maybe if we try Fire+Oil we could get a Fire Slime?
Container+Space+World, Mini-Dungeon Mimic. Actually pulls whoever opens it into an optional Mini-Dungeon? Might be already patched to prevent such things. Need to talk to Carpenter about it.

Infusion Ideas to consider:
Force or Space Rune for Psion Slime. Bring that telekinetic insanity up a bit.
Gem Rune for Lily, get all that fancy jewelry. Though if we think she's stuck up enough already, maybe just a Heal Rune.
Holy and/or Law Runes for Rosalyn, she's already considered a paladin this would just make it official.
A Shield Rune for Reginald, for proper sword and board combat.
I actually want to suggest either a Mundane Rune or Maybe Dark for Colt. He's one of the few that doesn't actually have the fancy rune, and it would contrast Rosalyn's Paladin status to make him some kind of Dark Knight or Anti-Mage.
Nothing but Water Runes for Curi of course.
...Would adding Container Runes to the Shopkeeps be too on the nose? Ooo, maybe Container and Space for Hammer-space Merchants.
Add a Magic Rune to Flit for some enchanted forging.
There's a few Runes to improve Magnus with. Mythril is the obvious one, to further improve the material work. Time maybe to speed up the repairs? I don't want to infuse him with a sword or shield rune since that would probably make him specialize.

Rune Inverting:
Thorn Rune, possibly just Comfy but if it's something unique we could consider infusing Oilivia or Ashley with it.
Bone Rune. I don't even know what this would get.
Heal Rune. Best guess would be a Harm Rune.
Force Rune. Maybe get Gentle from the inversion?
Aqua Rune. Hopefully we'll get the Aelor Rune out of it.
Lightning Rune. Just to see what it'd be.

We still need to get a pitcher for Ruth, we did promise her one for letting Alchemist go a while back.
We should really take a look at some of the spells Archivist can teach now that she's been upgraded a bit.
Once we get an Artificer, Container+Space for to make Bags of Holding. Lord knows those are a staple.
Speaking of which with Magnus and Flit Artificer already has a couple of handy assistants for their work, maybe we should ask about making Monsters that can act as assistants for our Constructs?
No. 122651 ID: 32dc16

Foot+Comfy+Lighting=Static Hare, Izabella's new pet/mount. I kinda want to do something with her beyond be cute for the camera, and also can't help myself from spoiling her. I would actually like her to act as a 'Rival' to the 'Adventures' for various challenges. Like she takes the position of Player 2 for a competitive puzzle (ex. a giant game of foosball) or 'arm' puzzles, like raising the drawbridge right as the adventures enter the dungeon.


The Key idea could work, I would like to get some separate routes set up, to give adventures an 'easy mode' if they come too low leveled. Getting separate bosses for these modes will be a bit tricky though. Lily and Reginald are pretty much boss grade on their own, but shuffling people around to fill in the blanks is always annoying. Oilivia seems to be happy being the Spa Owner, so even though she tough enough for it, I don't think she's fit for the job. We could always go for the surprising betrayal and have the Final Boss be Ms. Bloops in the DEATHMACHINE 4000, but we arn't that silly of a dungeon.

And now for something compleately different. What's going on for Isabella's Hometown? The reason she was begging at the dungeons was so she could raise funds to rebuild the town, and revive her family. So... what happened to that contract? Is she still paying it with her paycheck, is she even getting a paycheck? I don't want to have this come back to bite her in the ass later, plus I want to make sure she isn't being scammed by a loan shark.
No. 122653 ID: b53bd0

people can't leave their rooms once locked it. is why dungeoneer noted if we runed alex she could be a "wandering boss" that specifically could go from room to room. the only other room traveler we have is metal slime because we specifically asked for something that could flee. metal slime is incredibly fast and hard to hit but has basically no offensive power at all. basically you need a tradeoff or special circumstances to create a wanderer.
No. 122655 ID: 679a6d

I was actually thinking of a work-around for that, if we split the boss room into three pieces and made so it could rotate around we could maybe get it to work.
No. 122656 ID: 5fd619

Contract? What contract? She just wanted money to pay for a service. There was no third party involved yet.
No. 122664 ID: 32dc16

50 gold (the specific amount she was hoping to earn begging) isn't going to be enough to pay for the repair of an entire town, and you might have noticed she wasn't hauling a sack of gold coins bigger than herself, So she must be either hording the money, or more likely, giving the money to the person who directer her to 'adventuring'. I want to make sure she isn't being scammed Oliver Twist style, with a guy making orphans do all the work for him.

People can leave their rooms, that is how Mrs Bloops ended up in the entrance fountain in the first place. And Curi technically leaves her Boss Chamber to oversee "so you think you can Slime?" They however cannot respawn if they die outside of their designated room. That is why I was suggesting non-combat roles for her.
No. 122668 ID: 5fd619

I dunno, that seems like reading too much into it. Gold probably isn't treated as an entirely material object in this world, as befits the underlying RPG theme (for example, the guys in the first raid weren't visibly carrying a sack of gold either, but they spent thousands anyway), and it's probable she hasn't been able to make much, especially since food is something you have to pay for outside of a dungeon and she was incredibly hungry when she came to us.
Still, couldn't hurt to make sure.

Also, Ms Bloops could move freely because she wasn't supposed to be in the dungeon, which is the whole reason why she was in any danger (and why nobody who was could go help her)
No. 122669 ID: b53bd0

the curi in the dance hall is a coreless copy. and bloops got into the fountain before we activated the dungeon. the moment someone walks into the dungeon the character are locked in their rooms unless something allows them specifically to leave. the princesses can leave their rooms as "helper characters" but not if they are an enemy character.
No. 122699 ID: 777681

As far as I currently remember, you could in theory switch staff from NPC to Combat, but only do that before the start or end of dungeon runs. Probably to prevent cheesing. Besides, I'd be concerned about what something like that would do for our public profile, even if it would be a fun anti-griefing tool.

As to the discussion about runes and rune ideas I like most of them, but I think you would just remake magma slime with Fire and Oil, but that might just be me thinking these things. Could be something to try.

As for the gem rune to Lily, my thoughts are similar to what I can say for infusions. I think we're playing a very dangerous game in just continuing to add runes to all of our monsters, while it looks like we can now alter the difficulty by adding restrictions here and there in the form of orders, I think if we really wanted to improve the units we have now, in the interest of keeping difficulty from spiraling to out of control for lower level clientele, we may want to consider just giving them items as the form of enchantments. Items can add that flavour that you're looking for, while not going all out on making our guys beefy.

For example the shield rune for Reginald, if we wanted, could just be a shield item he uses. Remember that especially for Lily and RSK, adding more runes makes them more frightening when we fuse. I'd argue that of all our monsters, those two need runes the least.

The other concern I have is that we keep adding third runes to two rune slimes which actually hinders our generation of slimes. I would rather we just build new slimes instead of continually infusing them. I realize that in the short term this seems like it will not be efficient runic distribution, but I think we are having to spend to many runes on building additional slimes to bridge the gap for the ones that can no longer split off to create more slimes and thus more runes. We could always build more slime birthing chambers to bump efficiency, but with expansions upcoming, its not the thing I would spend our money on until AFTER dungeon runs in the new expansion take place.

You're point on infusing our NPC staff though has merit, infusing them will allow us some new services to consider. And new services lead to new cash opportunites(more on that later)

Rune Inverting, I think you got them mostly right but some possibilities that I think are:

Thorn Rune=Flower, [erhaps? They are both plant based, but seem like natural opposites
Bone Rune=Flesh Rune seems the most obvious
Heal Rune=Harm seems right to me
Force Rune=Gentle is a maybe, but it may also just not invert, sadly...
Aqua Rune=Ooooooh I like Aelor...
Lightning Rune=Thunder? To on the nose?

Some other things I think we should consider looking into for rune generation that I have thought of include
>Asking the Chef if he has a chicken or something. We could get Feather Runes for future winged creatures, maybe even harpies for the colosseum?
>A Candle for Wax runes. I don't know if that will do any good right now, but maybe there is some decorative purposes for it. We need to spruce up the place
>Pelts for Fur Runes also for decoration as well as making animals that aren't slime based or made of glass if we do the whole glass horse idea
>Lizards for Scale runes, same reason I want Feather or Fur. Need those so we can make all sorts of animals And with Fur and Scaly we could make two different kobolds, which is amusing to me
>A Potted Plant, which we could technically rune for both Clay and Plant runes, I completely forgot we did not have plant runes, thinking we had it because Rosa and Ashley are more plant based, but they used wood runes.

Buying those seem like really easy expenses that won't break the bank too much. Something to look into...

You discussion on adding assistants to help out our staff caught my attention. Because if there is one place we could go hog wild with assistants that already exists, its the spa!

Its already a money maker for us, but at a flat rate. We have a bonus free treatment service for those that spend 1500g at the Spa, but at a paltry 50g per person, its highly unlikely that adventurers would ever hit that level to make it a worthwhile goal. So there are a few things we can do to improve that.

First and foremost, we up the basic service package something a little beefier, maybe 100g per person. We don't want to scare them away, but we do want to get a little more cash on hand. This service is pretty basic, and most importantly because it leads into my next point, offers no bonuses to the adventures, save for a clean bath and some R&R, which admittedly, is enough for many an adventurer.

Now what I propose is that in addition to that, we start adding some bonus services, it doesn't have to be immediate, and given our runic situation right now, it probably shouldn't. BUT in addition to these services being new ways for a hero to rest and relax, they also give minor buffs for heroes. These services have higher costs, naturally to make us still get some gold out of our guests, but also allows heroes to be more inclined to use these services to help them as they progress through the dungeon. Put the buff on a timer, or restrictions involving the next time heroes use a tent(sleep) or revive(should they die) the buff is gone, to prevent gaming the system.

Some attendees and services include the following:

>Mud Bath Slime (Water+Stone+Comfy) 250g
>This attendant runs several small baths filled with mineral rich mud that helps harden up any adventurer (Resistance to melee attacks increased by 15%)

>Seaweed Wrap Alarune (Water+Wood/Plant+Comfy) 200g
>Using the natural oils in her naturally occuring seaweed, adventurers are left feeling more flexible than they had been before (10% temporary boost to agility)

>Rock Elemental Masseuse (Stone+Stone+Comfy+Comfy) 500g
While this attendant seems intimidating, they're really just a sweetheart with a...unique way of getting the kinks out of an adventurers back (15% agility, 10% temporary hitpoints, 1% resistance to physical attacks)

>Twin Flower Alarunes (Wood/Plant-Wood/Plant-Perfume x2) 600g
Time spent in the Zen Garden with these lovely twins moves slower here, and adventurers find that their time spent with the company leaves them feeling clear and free (Temporary Immunity to Mental Status Effects)

>Comfy Slime Hyperbolic Chamber (Water+Comfy+Comfy+Comfy) 1000g
>The height of luxury, adventurers spend an hour in the chamber with the attendant, where they will find themselves at one with the slimes that live there, well rested, and truly content (Immune to Sleep, Significant increases in other resistances, slight mana/skill point regen)

Of course these are really just spitballing here, and no price should ever be considered set in stone, but I think if we balanced out what these buffs did and what their costs were, we could leverage a significant amount of gold before our adventurers kicked the bucket, which would mean that we could also either use said gold for treasure should the buffs take them far(which also takes them to harder and harder parts of the dungeon anyways), or for improvement later on after they die.

Also, if we did do this, we'd have to create a super service for Oilivia which is hers and hers alone. And while it does give some buffs, its more about her interacting with the dungeon guests, and maybe, just maybe, hinting at some of that sweet lore we have suggested with her being Curi's sister...

I've gone on for way to long though, and should get some sleep. I'll inevitably come up with more ideas for spa or dungeon rooms anyways, but feel free to suggest ideas that I could have missed.
No. 122705 ID: 679a6d

In the previous raid their use of the spa refreshed their Stamina, Psion, and Magic Points. Having said that, expanding it to provide more services sounds like a wonderful idea but some of your suggestions may be a bit excessive. We already do a pretty damn good job bleeding adventurer's dry with Ashley's Healing service, and while the buffs are a good idea I'm not sure all of those are worth the price separately. Maybe set it to different tiers of cost, where the higher price gets access to that and everything under that price?

Admittedly when I first suggested assistants my thought was something like builders for Carpenter or sous chefs for Chef. Maybe something with magic runes to help Archivist out, I'm not sure.

Aaand looking back at that thread with the raid, apparently inverting the Force Rune was attempted and failed. Darn. Also inverting the Lightning Rune got Magnet.

Part of why I keep looking at infusing monsters with more runes is because more 5 rune monsters drops the price for Archiver's next upgrade.

>Archiver III: Hidden runes can be drawn from items. If an item has two runes, both runes can be obtained from the item. Cost G-20000. Drops by G1000 for every 5 rune or higher monster.

Right now that drops the price down to 17000 between Curi, Oilivia, and the Music Slime.
No. 122707 ID: 777681

That may be a way of doing it, the reason I had such a high price points was to create a natural barrier of entry. I'd like to give buffs, but I want to avoid giving them away freely.

Pricing tiers aren't too bad, we'd have to figure out the right scheme. We'd just need to make sure we have enough services for each of those price points to make it worthwhile.

As to the issue about getting lower costs for Archiver III. I totally understand the desire to rush to get her for free or at the very least, sub 10k. I think we may want to pursue other avenues first.

>Demonologist III: Price to create demons dropped by 1 rune. 5 rune demons will cost 4, 3 will cost 2, etc. Demons can go on Expeditions to retrieve material for the dungeon if they are 3 runes or higher. Higher runed demons bring back greater rewards. G- 4000
>Dungeoneer III: Allows for the creation of 7 rune monsters. Can alter the runes in a demon once, only. Allows Final Boss rooms to contain 6 rune monsters. Allows Extra Boss runes to contain 7 rune monsters. G-5000
>Carpenter III: Allows for the creation of a mini dungeon. These dungeons are fully automated and run on their own. The Dungeon Master needs to only add demons in it. It can be either a Puzzle Dungeon, Adventure Dungeon, or Gimmick Dungeon. Cost- G15,000
>Artificer: Allows the creation of Dungeon Master Gear. This gear can augment the Dungeon Master. Can only equip the dungeon master with the equivalent might of a 3 rune monster. Cost- G4,000
>Archiver III: Hidden runes can be drawn from items. If an item has two runes, both runes can be obtained from the item. Cost G-20000. Drops by G1000 for every 5 rune or higher monster.

Looking at what is available, I'd be much more inclined to focus on demonologist III over others. For now I think we pump the breaks on making everyone level 5 just yet, and gently over time as we go through dungeons runs make some new 5 rune monsters, or infusing others in the future so long as if doesn't inflate difficulty too much, which at this point seems to be our perpetual issue.

And after all, with Demo III they're going to be 4 rune monsters which is a lot less expensive when we want to create new guys, which, with the Colosseum being a popular idea, is where we may want to put some of these future 5 rune monsters.
No. 122709 ID: 5fd619

As per last yesterday's stream, one thing we should ask from the Chef: table salt. Also, we should see what that fruit Slime Matron was talking about runes to.

I know she's expensive, but we really do need Archiver III. Just like we have the Glass Heart with the Glass2 and Soul runes, it's a pretty common occurrence that we get items with more than one rune we don't want to lose. We really need to make more bosses.

That said, Demonologist III is a priority not just because she'll save us a lot of runes in the long run, but even in the race to lower the price of Archiver she's invaluable.

Artificer is probably another priority if we want to make Mary to be able to fight.
No. 122713 ID: 679a6d

Okay, I decided to go over the previous threads to find the previously inverted runes and get them listed.

Light -> Dark
Magic -> Mundane
Fancy -> Plain
Law -> Chaos
Levitation -> Gravity
Sword -> Shield
Fist -> Foot
Time -> World
Holy -> Demonic
Explode -> Sturdy
Candy -> Poison
Lightning -> Magnet

I think that's all of them so far. I'm not entirely sure inverted runes would turn back into the opposite if we inverted them. I mean, would poison really turn into candy if inverted? Just a thought.

Secondly, was the poison rune we got from inverting Candy the same poison rune as the one we already had, or are they separate Poison Runes like the bottle Glass Rune and Glass Spinner's Glass Rune?
No. 122722 ID: 074011

Archiver III is very nice, and I would want that just to upgrade her, she doesn't get much attention... but items can just be put into storage. There really is no hurry there, we already have plenty of runes to play with. Meanwhile, the rune-creep in our monsters is serious. We are massively top-heavy aside from the 2-rune slimes, and even then, they are two-runers, 1-rune monsters are supposed to actually exist. Even if we were over-levelled for 1-rune monsters, they an still serve as support for more powerful demons, like maniacal pencils supporting a library elemental...

5-rune monsters are bosses. It is best to build a boss-shaped hole and then fill it rather than building a boss and then making a place for it. We just aren't equipped to drop the archiver's price right now. Maybe later we will have room for more bosses, the coliseum might be good for half-a-dozen by itself, or there might be enough gold on hand that 20000 is not a big deal. but right now itr would be too much of a compromise to the rest of the dungeon.
No. 122723 ID: 679a6d

Which is why I made my earlier suggestion for assistants for our constructs, monsters that would still be useful to have that aren't part of the dungeon as enemies. We could probably give Ashley another rune without increasing the difficulty of things, Magnus and Flit are viable infusion choices, and then there's our little wood merchants. That isn't even going into all the spa upgrade suggestions made earlier.

While we seem to be skewed in high level monsters, keep in mind that with Curi's ability to produce weaker slimes we can easily fill out the dungeon with weaker 1 or 2 rune coreless slimes.
No. 122731 ID: 5fd619

We don't really get a penalty for having boss level monsters that don't act like bosses. Siren slime and Oilivia don't fight at all, and remember that boss monsters CAN fight in other places with reduced effectiveness, like Curi in SYTYCS. In that sense, giving an extra rune to our 4 rune monsters wouldn't really affect their ability to fight, and would get us closer to Archiver. Giselle, Germaine, Ashley, Rosalyn, Colt, Simon: just 6 runes would mean a massive 6k discount and not much of a difference in terms of dungeon difficulty (I'm intentionally leaving Reginald out just in case it affects his ability to fuse). And in the topic of being top-heavy, we have 6 1-runes, 22 2-runes, 10 3-runes, 7 4-runes, 3 5-runes. That's almost half our entire army being 2-rune, hardly top-heavy at all. We can go ahead and make a bunch of 1-rune monsters if it makes you happy, but there's a reason most of our monsters are 2-rune: that's the minimum amount of runes we need to make special slimes, and that's our theme after all.
No. 122733 ID: 5fd619

add another 3 2-rune monsters in there, I didn't count the mud, magma and plant slimes assuming that we only had one of each and turned them into the princesses, but I'm rereading #8 and that seems to not be the case. Also, I'm just counting each slime type once, but with the amount of duplication we do, actual numbers of low rune slimes used in-dungeon are WAY higher.
No. 122734 ID: 777681

On a personal level I want to plan upgrades like so

>Demonologist III
>Dungeoneer III
>Archivist III
>Carpenter III

Mainly because Demonolgist III is cheap and full of utility. We could probably get her after 2-3 runs depending on if we focus our attentions on building additional floors/rooms, beautification, etc.

Artificer I want to get because one way or another Mary will probably have to fight one day. Or at least protect herself, bling will do this for us. And maybe this will unlock new staff we don't yet know about.

Then its a matter of what are the cheapest upgrades.

I believe that the Poison rune we got was not actually from inversion. Might have been something we got from Alchemist. Seems like the person we would likely get it from. Unless Ronin poisoned a blade, which is also possible.

I also have suspicions that Larro just changed the glass runes and forgot. Maybe? Its just a weird coincidence I think to have two different types unless its somehow very very specific like stained glass or something.

Thank you for putting it so succinctly, I was struggling to figure out how I wanted to explain it, my concern is that the scaling of the monsters would be too steep a price if they were all combat monsters, better to as you said, fill in the boss shaped hole we make through expansion rather than make too many bosses and stifling them in rooms that won't let them breathe.

We're in a weird spot already in that if we really wanted to (and I'm actively pushing it) we have the two bosses we need for the two sections of the dungeon, should we expand upward. Lily/RSK and Curi.

We could always add some five runes into miniboss rooms later, if we so wanted, hell I have some ideas for the other three princesses, and even one for Colt should we decide to go with the Castle Town as part 1 and the Castle 1st floor as Part 2.

And yeah the Colosseum is totally a place I want to just create some fun five rune guys along with some smaller 2-4 rune guys.

Now you raise an interesting point I was going to discuss in that, yes, we could and probably should look at leveling up. I mean, that's how we did it to make Demonologist II cheaper. We upgraded Ashley, Giselle and Germaine to get better discounts. Though I suppose some of my hesitating is me just liking them the way they are. They're in a good spot, and yeah we can add runes and it wouldn't likely change things much, but it just kind of feels shallow. That's all. I would rather we have a narrative reason to upgrade our 4 runes rather than doing just because we're greedily asking for discounts.

As to the discussion on two rune slimes, yeah Curi can create them, its definitely a plus, but if that is the case, we really need to find things for them to do. Puzzles, combat, things like that. Make them feel like living members of Slimecrown, you know?

When put that way, yes the breakdown isn't too bad, but I think one thing that should at least be considered then is the spacing of rooms and events and how many of the runed creatures are actually being used within our dungeon and how many are NPCs.

I think part of the issue is that with the current layout, our dungeon feels like its got sudden jumps in ability, which has kind of been a problem anyways. With expansion upcoming we can look to alleviating this with some more unique level design, which may help a bit.
No. 122735 ID: 777681

Also on the discussion of 20k being not a big deal.

Its true, we're now getting closer to the point where we can actively start saving money and therefore we don't have to actively search for discounts.

Once we have a second floor/part to the dungeon ready to go, the major expenses are going to be more for acquiring items(runes mostly), beautification(a must), and treasures for adventurers. We're going to be starting to look forward to saving away for bigger projects and needs really easily.

Hell, we should start looking at what we're doing now, after we build the rooms we need for the next upgrade and start looking at making rainy day funds with each dungeon run.

Having a good 50% of gold be put aside for future projects is a good way of getting us more comfortable for either emergencies or for dungeon construct upgrades.
No. 122738 ID: 5fd619

We did get the Poison rune from Alchemist, it's just that when we tried to invert the Candy rune we got Poison too.
And yes, Larro did forget that we had the Glass rune already, which is why in a stream he said he'd make it so they had different effects, the GS one being superior.

Actually, I've been thinking about upgrading them even before Archiver III came up. I'm a firm supporter of the UO paradigm of "if you go out of your way to attack nonviolent NPCs, prepare to have your ass handed to you", like what happened when Wizard attacked Ashley. The exception to that would of course be Ms Bloops, who would be completely altered by a rune-up. For the 4-rune slimes it just won't be that much of a change to worry about it.
No. 122741 ID: 5fd619
File 152515441267.png - (108.79KB , 800x600 , 1500780979155.png )

Weird thing about the Poison rune is that it changed looks at some point; compare the one you can see in the wiki with the Toxic Sisters' halos. The one we got from the Candy rune was the latter, I guess that's when it changed.
No. 122743 ID: 1a6fd4

Have we ever made anything with Alcohol, Aqua, Bone, Candy, Foot, Force, Gem, Glass, Plain, Poison, Space, Sturdy, Thorn or World?
Also, I think we used Mundane to make a room anti-magic (or at least considered it) and Tech to make Isabelle's prostheses, but did we make any monster with them?
No. 122744 ID: 5fd619

Magnetron is Tech+Magnet, and we never made anything with World, but we were talking about using it to make a Stand Slime for Dia last stream.
We haven't had time to make anything with Alcohol or Bone. We also didn't make anything with Foot, Sturdy or World in the short time we had them.
I'm not sure about the rest.
No. 122750 ID: 777681

To be fair, Wizard attacking Ashley was due to us not performing our due diligence and actually NPCing them. I think as a general rule we can avoid tricks like this rather than actively baiting them with the ability to attack NPCs.

Like >>122744 says, we have used tech. And we actually used Bone for an Ocre Jelly at the end of part 8 as well.

For my part I think we're getting to the point where some runes are more useful to us for other means.

Runes like Glass, Alcohol, Aqua, Plain, Sturdy, Thorn and Gem runes are going to be more useful for Items and Decorations I think. Though some can be used for monsters pretty easily.

For example, glass can be used for some lovely statues, or for a decorative aquarium, someone has suggested aquarium slimes, so its not like we couldn't make an aquarium with Glass+Container+Aqua and put some slimes in there. And Gems are always great item enhancers, you could make some plain treasure where you combine Plain+Gem and make like, a tankard with a few gems adorning the handle or the cup. You could also mix Alcohol and Container to just make an alcoholic beverage as a mundane item for adventurers to find and enjoy for themselves if they so wish.

There are also some runes that probably are more effective for traps and the like. Force runes for pushing adventurers back, Poison for rather obvious applications. Same goes for thorn if we find ourselves wanting to make a more nature based trap(though not as likely for Slimecrown, admittedly)

If we did go with making monsters with runes, these new runes do give some rather unique ideas now to help make Slimecrown more of a kingdom with some subjects of the realm not being slimes, or for making some more unique looking challenges. Some examples I have thought(and some have suggested) about include:

>Glass Horses (Glass+Glass or Glass+Container)
Animals that are horses, but hollow inside. Used by the Slimecrown army's cavalry division as a means of rushing the enemy, improved mobility for slimes, and the added bonus of harming adventurers on impact for the more reckless slimes.

>Undines (Aqua+Aqua)
Most of these creatures live in seaside towns in Slimecrown, with personal independant settlements in the oceans and lakes below. Strong allies of Slimecrown, some brave Undines move closer to land, but always live close to sources of water to remind them of home. These guys could make some good combatants, but also some nice NPC's, like a Jellyfish Undine for the Spa as a masseuse, or local fishermen, or an Undine Diplomat etc. Plus more unique creatures living in the kingdom can help spawn future ideas for expanding the world of Slimecrown.

>Bramblewoods (Thorn+Wood)
A type of carnivourous bush that feast on birds and other large prey that brush its large branches. Sometimes found in local gardens, either for its unique beauty or for pest control, slimes, by their very fluid nature, trigger the bush, but are left unharmed as Bramblewoods struggle to grip them. This is a type of monster I could see being added to like, the royal gardens as a type of monster to spice up from just fighting slimes all day, which is admittedly a concern.

>Sentry Statues (Plain+Stone+Magic)
What look like ordinary statues are in fact an elaborate security device for slimes that want to keep valuables hidden away. If triggered by theives prying their noses where they shouldn't belong, these statues will activate, and will fight until either they apprehend or kill the intruder, or the threat vacates their zone of influence/is no longer visible to the statues. These guys are great for traps, without being actual traps, we could place them in the hallway near a treasure room so that they activate when the adventurers pass them and try to enter the room, which provides another unique combat.

I can probably come up with a few more later, but just wanted to suggest a few things while adding some lore reasons to having them around.
No. 122752 ID: 5fd619
File 152520406036.png - (46.10KB , 355x408 , ochre jelly.png )

Ochre Jelly is Water+Stone, actually. We didn't get Bone until 8.5, after all, so it would've been impossible for us to do that in 8.

And heroes can still attack NPCd units, like when Lightning Mage killed Ms Bloops.
No. 122753 ID: 777681

I thought we kept her as not an NPC, for the explicit reason of finding out what adventurers we're dealing with.

But I might be wrong.

And you're right now that I think about it, ohcre jelly was something else. Guess my confusion is the difference between it and someone like Sophie.
No. 122755 ID: 91ee5f

You’re correct, we didn’t make her an NPC for those exact reasons.
No. 122759 ID: 074011

Our demons can use items, right? We should make some items for them. I really want a ribbon for Ms. Bloops, but I can't think of any way to justify it. It would probably need to be water + cloth to actually wrap around her nicely and a two-rune item on a one-rune slime might be problematic. But it would be a ribbon on Ms. Bloops!
Curi I think would suit a sceptre. Maybe some sort of tuning fork to help detect sounds? Make it heavy enough to brain people who get close during throne mode?
The original comfy slime should have a comfy cloak and comfy mittens for maximum weaponisation of comfort.
Give Ashley a wand of gender change to maximise the respect given to N.P.C.s and boost the memeness.
I want to give top-hats and monocles to the entire bottom row, but especially D.Fence and Watcher(monocle necklace?).
Spiked armour for gravity slime.
An Ice shield could boost the Ice elementals without going overboard. They feel like they should be tougher than they are.

I am not sure that Curi can mass-produce slimes. Didn't it require some of her own slime? I think that Curi Clones result in a weaker Curi, whereas the two-rune ones require time but have no upper limit.
No. 122767 ID: 777681

I believe that the nature of slimes for mass production is kind of nebulous. Because slimes can essentially cell divide, I believe we can basically run with copies of them as we need so long as we have a source slime. Kind of like cell division. Curi also can do this because she’s the Mother of Slimes. I don’t know how that rule plays out for Mud/Magma/Plant slimes because Sophie, Mirelle and Rosa use 3 separate runes, but that might apply the same way. At least that’s how I think it works.
As for the items on demons.
Ruth is proof enough that demons can use items. And I definitely think we could look to making a few for very select members of our team, partially as potential (like 25% rate) drops, partially because adding items to people seems like something that should be rare and partially because if we do it too much we might actually throw our balances out of wack.

I am absolutely okay with Bloops just ruffling through a wardrobe of items though if she feels like it. She has definitely shown up with a hat on one or more occasions. Though I kind of prefer that her items be purely aesthetic, she doesn’t need anything for power. Her power is being cute.
Speaking of items. I think now is a good time to bring up the ol’ master list of items/token shop. Keep in mind that this list is super old and could probably use as much of a rework as the dungeon when we get ready to expand. Items could use descriptions, revamping of what they actually do, etc. Not to mention we can probably better decide what items should be purchasable, and which one should be left on drop tables. Hell, it looks like I didn’t even have Reginald’s separate boss drop sheet, which I’ll need to improve upon.

Prices will need to probably change, or we need to up token drops too, or maybe both as I do recall a comment on our last raid that we should consider making drops higher, so that adventurers can actually use items when they wish to.

This is probably going to be an ongoing pet project, but other thoughts are always appreciated.
No. 122768 ID: 777681


Aaaaaaand I guess I can't use the PDF anymore...here's a pastebin version.
No. 122781 ID: 33bf33
File 152539478876.png - (116.18KB , 800x600 , NMslCQQ.png )

Dia should be fine just getting the World Rune directly. Larro's even drawn the upgrade at one point.

If anything goes wrong, we can just pick up Dungeoneer III to fix it.
No. 122847 ID: 679a6d

I've been looking all over for any of that list, thank you!

I've got a few different ideas for loot drops but I didn't want to suggest anything that would overlap.

Jelly Gem: This squishy gem is highly prized by slime-kind, though most other races value it for it's flavor. Can be traded to Slimecrown's shop for 15(or however many is thought appropriate) Slime Tokens or consumed as a potent healing restorative.

Here's something to help address Bulk Mage's concerns on the Slime Token drops. I'm thinking it would be limited to Curi and Queen Lily. Maybe as a rare/lucky drop for the Princesses? If we make a Gem Slime and it ends up like the Metal Slime this could be a good drop for it. Speaking of which, is there anything Metal Slime drops currently?
No. 122857 ID: 777681

Yeah, as the guy who created the list, I was just looking for the right time to bring up the old thing, because it needs work anyways.

I really like the Jelly Gem item, I think it could work as an occasionally dropped item in combats with more basic guys, because you can use it for some basic healing or for Tokens. I wouldn’t add too many, maybe 2-3 in a dungeon at this time. 1 for a monster drop on floor/part 1 of the dungeon, 1 for part/floor 2 and then another to be found in a treasure chest or a secret room. It means that, at a minimum, regardless on if we add more token drops(more on that in the next bit) or not. Solo adventurers will get a maximum potential of 45 Slimecrown tokens, which will actually allow guests to buy items in the uncommon/rare items shop and even some ultra rares. This might mean adjusting the prices for inflation, as I’d like to encourage those that want really really rare items to run this dungeon multiple times.

Which leads me to the concerns I have regarding your suggestion to help address Bulk Mage’s concerns. See, the primary concern he had was actually that the number/amount of drops for tokens is actually quite small. So I guess the real question is, if we had a perfect run of the dungeon, optimized for an adventurer that is directly aiming for tokens (so they are using the Jelly Gem for tokens, not healing), what should be the high end of maximum tokens.

Looking at how it stands right now, here is the breakdown:

>5 Tokens from Queen Lily OR Reginald, The Right Hand of the King (I need to confirm the drops we had for when the two of them are defeated separately(though that might change if we can forcibly add cutscenes). Dependant on Loot Roll
>5 Tokens from Curi, The Mother of Slimes Dependant on Loot Roll
>5-15 Tokens from Random drops, dependant on how generous the crown is feeling.

So, supposing that everything went well, an adventurer, playing solo will get tokens as a maximum of 25. Which, when you put it as just one adventurer, is a really really good run, and will actually get many items on the chart as it currently stands. But it’s dependant on a lot of factors to make it work well. You HAVE to hit the right numbers for Token drops for our boss fights and considering how inconsistent/benevolent we are feeling as a collective, the rate of return isn’t great. And that’s not even including if parties split their tokens, making that return even smaller. As our store is supposed to be one of our more unique attractions for our dungeon, along with the spa, I see this as a reason for us to change things a bit, mainly because they have to.

So I think the first question is, what is a perfect Token run? For me, I’m thinking something like 60-70 Token is probably a reasonable run if we build the dungeon right.

So if we rolled like that, we could look at the following option helping smooth things along:

>5 Tokens for Lily/Reginald Fight (dependant on roll)
>15 Tokens from Curi in the form of a Slime Gem (replacing her 5 Token drop, dependant on roll)
>15 Tokens from a Slime Gem in a secret room
>10 Tokens From A separate Treasure/Secret Room
>20 Tokens from assorted missions/fights(which we can break down upon the remodelling)

This would grant heroes approximately 65 tokens at the end of the dungeon upon a perfect run. With adventurers getting a fair number of chances to get 20+ for their troubles, which is still enough for a fair number of uncommon items should they want to (provided we don’t alter the prices accordingly, which we may need to do a tiny bit for inflation, but not too much). And in a party of 4 players, is still 5 tokens per player, versus the 2-4 tokens that players usually got prior to this proposed change.
No. 122860 ID: 777681

And while I’m still here, how about a few more monster ideas!

>Large Spiders (Poison+String, add an additional Poison rune for Giant Spiders)
A common nuisance in storage rooms, and the darker depths of Slimecrown. These beasts feed on insects, rats and other vermin usually, but will eat unsuspecting slimes if they are given the chance. This type of monster gives us a bit more variety and makes for a great random encounter for smaller rooms or potential quest. It could even work for Colosseums.

>Lightning Bug (Lightning Rune)
Fast little creatures that pack a mean punch, where one is found, five more are surely close by. This is a good swarm monster, similar to the lag mite, that is easy to hit, but could prove challengeing for the uncoordinated.

>Gummy Wyrm (Candy+Candy+Water+Mind+Force)
These noble creatures are scattered throughout Slimecrown, known for their colourful scales and their sour (and sometimes sweet) personalities. Reclusive, prideful and these intelligent creatures are not to be trifled with. People have been talking about wanting some extra bosses, this seems like a very good secret boss we can hint about with some lore OR use as a major boss to be fought in the colosseum. I wasn’t sure about the rune makeup, but this seemed like the right mix based on what we have. Though I could also see Mind being replaced with Soul and you could run Psionic instead of Force. If there is a might rune, we could roll with that too. Lot of variety out there.
>“Living Armour” (Mithril+Sword+Shield)
This suit of armour seems weird. Its alive, but its very slow. Also, why is it leaking? This is more of a puzzle battle more than an actual monster. It’s just a suit of armour, piloted by a bunch of 1 rune slimes. Knock the slimes out of the armour in combat and they’ll run away. You knock out enough slimes, they will scatter, leaving the armour empty.
No. 122866 ID: 33bf33

Metal Slime drops tokens, I believe. He's suppose to be the big jackpot monster, if you can catch and kill him.
Which is to entice people to chase him into traps and triggering rooms.
No. 122868 ID: 7f3fc1

the only thing i dont like about that list is that we had lore text on a lot of the items, this list doensnt have the lore text with it.
No. 122870 ID: 777681

You raise a good point, for some reason I had forgotten about out sweet little guy. Probably because nobody caught him yet.

I kinda think that catching him should be a more monetary reward, but could settle for a split. Something like 500g plus 10 tokens. Hell you could take out the token bonus from the secret room and just place them with metal slime. The breakdown would then be:

>5 Tokens for Lily/Reginald Fight (dependant on roll)
>15 Tokens from Curi in the form of a Slime Gem (replacing her 5 Token drop, dependant on roll)
>15 Tokens from a Slime Gem in a secret room
>10 Tokens From Metal Slime
>20 Tokens from assorted missions/fights(which we can break down upon the remodelling)

Honestly this kind of works better for me mentally, saves us the trip too:

True, the lore isn't here. But that can be added and worked upon. This pastebin was actually just a copy/paste from a PDF that I had produced, and was more focused on itemizing the list, and assigning what the item does, and what the item costs in the store. The lore, as far as I am recall, has been only really assigned for Lily/RSK and some of the items we gave as raid bonuses for the group in part 8. You may also note that said items haven't yet made my list yet, partially because I don't know what I would price them at in the store and partially because I don't know if they should be included in the store. I think they should, but that's just me.

I like the lore we're adding to each item, trust me. It's why I've been adding some lore snippets in the monsters I've created here >>122750 and here>>122860.

Might be a project I'll work on myself, seeing as items might need to be reshuffled anyways, and I don't quite like the layout I have in the pastebin anyways because I did it on the very quick and I really want to spend the time to craft it.

I'll be adding the Lily/RSK drop list, along with any other drops that I have forgotten, as I think Colt has one hidden somewhere as well.
No. 122871 ID: 679a6d

We can adjust how much the Jelly Gem is worth, 15 just seemed like a decent estimate to me. That's assuming we don't end up doing something like making different sized ones worth different amounts of tokens or something like that.

As for your concerns on the number of tokens. Frankly, if a solo adventurer can get through Slimecrown by themselves then they deserve all the tokens they find. Even then most of those are loot drop dependent, where they're placed mainly as a consolation prize for a low loot roll.

>Colt's Regret: Rare Colt Item, +2 Defense, resistance to lightning. This helmet once belonged to Colt, Guard Captain of Slimecrown. Granted to him as a gift, it was damaged and lost in battle. He keeps the scars on his face from its loss in memory of the brave slimes slaughtered back then. The comfy-cloth slime lining the inside of it makes it quite comfortable to wear and keeps it from getting sticky!

This could probably be reflavored for Rosalyn if it seems more appropriate, but I thought something hinting at a reason for Colt's facial scars would be nice... The thought of a comfy-cloth slime tempts me to suggest infusing Cloth Slime with a Comfy rune though. Would that get us a Blanket Slime, or a Nap Slime?

>Dungeoneer's Spare Eyepatch: Ultra-Rare Item, Unobtainable from Token shop. Wait, where did you find this?! Grants +2 HP Per level, +1 All stats, +3 Perversion. No seriously, she doesn't even keep a spare, where did you get this?!

It needed to be made. Stats debatable. Only obtainable through an incredibly convoluted Guide Dang It method, preferably involving Gazer. My first thought was getting Gazer a date with Sophie. :D

>Blessed Armor-Shield/Paladin's Determination: Rare Rosalyn Item. +1 Defense, Endurance effect(if the user takes damage that would kill them, survive with 1 HP once per Dungeon instance. Resets if killed and revived) A makeshift shield that was originally the Slime Paladin Rosalyn's Armor. It's not so effective as a shield, but it's spent so long in the Paladin's presence that it's inherited a fragment of her devotion to the Royal Family.

Something to commemorate the fight Simon and Rosalyn had against Ronin and Alchemist.
No. 122872 ID: 679a6d

Maybe change the rarity of the Shield to Uncommon, and the Eyepatch to One-of-a-Kind?
No. 122875 ID: 25d0e6

If we are redistributing Token Gen with the remodeling, I suggest we actually give the entrance rooms a bit of a heavier distribution of Tokens verses the rest of the dungeon, Like 20 in total. (about 5 from the encounter, and 15 from a secret chest)

Since it is the first thing people encounter in the dungeon, it sets a positive mood for the run. And it encourages spending Tokens, since they got a good chunk by the time the party first hits the shops.

It also makes the room feel less like 'make-work' for the veterans. Which is useful if we ever want to do the Warp Shop idea.

Basically, I want to do the 'free 1000 Arbitrary Currency!' all F2P games do to get you to start dropping phat stacks on their in-game store.
No. 122887 ID: 777681

Well, for now, 10-15 seems like a reasonable number to throw about as a suggested number. Not too high to game break, not to low to be considered cheap(unless we scattered them about)

I think we can withhold the need to bring in different sizes of gems right now, we’re still going to be too small for it to be something we need to worry about. If we become a sprawling multi tier dungeon, (which is my personal end goal for Slimecrown at least) then we can consider it, but for now, we’ll probably be fine with what we have.
And yeah, the point I’m trying to work towards is that they do deserve what they can find, but we have to actually GIVE them stuff to deserve, which is what was originally labeled as a problem from Bulk Mage. We need to upgrade from offering a pittance to giving them a bit more of a sum, to help encourage actual use of our store.

I’ll probably be putting those items in soon. I’m kind of thinking about whether Colt, et all need loot tables themselves, much smaller ones. After all, we’ve given away Colt’s cape and sticky scars, so its definitely something worth considering.

I don’t know if we need to go ridiculously heavy, especially since the remodeling entails the entire dungeon, not just the entrance we’re actually going to have a lot more area to cover in regards to an even spread of tokens so I think there is actually less burden to put it in immediately. Offering 5 tokens before they enter the main hub is fine, and that bonus 15 tokens room in the moat is definitely worth while as a secret.

As to your arbitrary currency, I think you have an idea that could work, though we would have to be very careful in its execution. I think what we COULD consider this; As we will be bringing in our second floor/part of the dungeon, its going to be a rather large event in itself, so I think what we could do is advertise a special passcode, that is only usable once per player(including prior visitors so that they do not feel left out) that offers them 10 bonus Slimecrown tokens upon entry. Players recite this passcode to Ashley in the lobby, get their bonus, and can either use it immediately in the store, or save it for something really special. This code will always be advertised from here on out, similar to how other entry level promo codes work. We keep records anyways, so its not like we’d have to worry about significant exploits, especially since you can’t just up and by items in our shop with regular currency.

New Players upon entry could then find themselves with 15 tokens upon entry, which would get them enough to buy common items, along with some uncommon ones, should they wish (price fluctuations not accounted for at this time).
No. 122902 ID: 074011

What about equipment to equip our demons? They can use items I believe. Properly equip them rather than cheat Ruth-lessly.
No. 122910 ID: 33bf33

>Probably because nobody caught him yet
Tali did.

Also, I'm of the opinion Metal Slime should hold 15-20 tokens. Mainly because that's his entire point, and he has to be valuable enough people will chase him instead of ignoring him.
No. 122920 ID: 1a6fd4

Metal Slime should hold actual money along with the tokens. If we just give stuff that works only in our dungeon, it'd feel like a scam (and it kinda is, since we don't have to pay for tokens).
No. 122921 ID: 1a6fd4

Actually, judging by what happened when Tali caught it, I'm not sure we actually have any say over what MS drops. It just does its own thing. I mean, we hadn't given it any money, and we didn't lose any when it exploded into gold. By the way, I know we tried runing gold once and it didn't work, but did we try with an Alm? I want the Money (or Gold) rune.
No. 122937 ID: 777681

I keep forgetting about Tali in these things.I always view his thread as Pseudo-Cannon. It's Cannon,, but not indicative of the rules of this place. He's an inter-dimensional hopper that doesn't play by our rules.

I'm in agreeance with anon here. We need to start looking at handing out gold in addition to tokens. It was kind of forgivable back then because we were considerably poorer, but now with this expansion upcoming, once its finished we need to split rewards a bit giving both tokens and gold. Especially since some of that gold we may just get back via services throughout prolonged stays in the dungeon. I think as a preventative measure, we need to set aside a portion of gold so that the dungeon can afford to pay adventurers, without dipping into personal reserves to be used for expansions, investments, decoration, and other sundries. Think of it like a personal rewards war chest. Put 1500g-2000g in, and that should be enough to cover an adventurer on a 100% run.

For metal slime, I'm actually more inclined for a hybrid of like, 10 tokens, 500g. Or something similar, because that way we still are giving out a significant chunk of money, and also making sure that our token store sees use.

As for the question of Alm, I'm pretty sure the only loot we got was runes, there was the Aqua rune, and the vest that was either a pittance of 100g or two runes, and we went with runes.

That and I expect trying to rune alm will be the same result as if we runed gold. Nothing. The man is very much against money cheats, probably patched that out. Which does lead to the question about how we can get a gold rune, because making ornate things out of gold is cool.
No. 122940 ID: 1a6fd4

The Gold rune I imagine we could get out of the actual metal. The question would be how we can get the Money rune, since it's one that actually appeared. It could just have been a joke rune, though.
No. 122971 ID: a363ac
File 152623387504.png - (41.25KB , 731x349 , unknown.png )

for people new to the site the rules are https://tgchan.org/kusaba/news.php?p=rules
No. 122972 ID: a363ac

I did phrase that weirdly but leave reactions or any images to here even if they are relevent to the thread it makes archive reading much nicer for future readers, and anything that needs to be referenced to to explain can be done in the discussion thread
No. 122974 ID: 33bf33

Why are you causing trouble? We've been using referral images and such since the thread started, Larro himself has said it's fine.
No. 122975 ID: 69d4b9

If you want a pretty archive you're using the wrong sort of web software in the first place. Image boards make ugly archives no matter what. Fuck off with your web 2.0 attitude, we like stuff looking like shit. It's why we're here instead of on all the other sites that are good for running quests/CYOAs/interactive web novels.
No. 122976 ID: 69d4b9

Besides the familiar imageboard format, the other big advantage this place has over other similar sites is that it's got a reputation for giving authors the freedom to do pretty much whatever. If Larro said "hay keep the non-quest images on the discussion thread or in IRC" there'd be zero pushbaack. Instead you're acting like one of those SV moderators, and they're all shitheads.
No. 122978 ID: a363ac

because since the start of the thread the site underwent rule changes and one of them was putting in a unspoken rule of only letting authors post images in /quest/ (unless image feedback is requested for a purpose) and my job is to let people know about that stuff if they aren't following the rules.
Dude I don't even know what an SV is but don't be a dick. The site has let AUTHORS do what ever they want basically and it has caused issues in the past, any rule that is there is there because its important not because of personal issues. I also don't know what web 2.0 or image boards have to do with anything I said.
No. 122979 ID: 33bf33

Nobody can follow the rules if they're changed arbitrarily and again, Larro has said it's fine if we post references and related images in the thread. If the author of the quest doesn't mind, there's no reason for you to be in here waving your dick around.
No. 122985 ID: e77725

Don't be a dick, guys. Only post images in the main quest thread if it's relevant to the topic being discussed. That's all.

Carry on with your discussion and don't be rude to the mods here.
No. 122992 ID: b1b4f3

It kinda looks like the new rule says that you can only ever post an image if the author prompts it in the prior update, even if the author would be okay with reference images and such.

In that case, perhaps reference images should be linked to, instead of uploaded directly. Imgur is an easy to use image upload site, if anyone needs one.
No. 123000 ID: 1a6fd4

Mindless bureaucratic adherence to the rules is never a good answer. Larro said it's fine if they're relevant, so that should really be the end of it. Let's use common sense here.
No. 123002 ID: a363ac

I did if I mindlessly adheared to the rules I would have deleted and banned at least three people instead I chose to let you guys know about it and since Larro is on the mod team I can talk to him if I think something is amiss. Calling people assholes as a gut reaction like people above did is just likely to get you banned for a day in general for future reference if you have a problem use your big boy words and discuss it without trying to attack the site or the mods. I let you guys know because you might have come from other sites and my gut reaction tells me to alert you to the rules of the site rather then slapping a ban hammer down like I could have. its fine to talk about a moderator action but don't assume that because the author said its ok gives free reign to anything. (It gives alot but not above the honestly very few rules on the site) Larro said that the images were related to his update so they do get a pass.
*Future note might need to move this to Big Dumb Argument thread*
No. 123006 ID: 33bf33

Yet you come in here, talk down to people, and throw around threats of banning. Aren't there rules against not causing drama, not being a jerk and not causing a mess of a thread? Because you've done all three, or are mods above the rules?
Also, nobody called you an asshole, putting words in people's mouth as an excuse for moderation is childish, and if you're really following through on that you need your moderator status reevaluated.
Larro is also a mod, if there was a problem with the images, he would very well be able to deal with anything in his own thread. Instead you come in here, throw your weight around and cause drama and don't even manage to moderate properly. If you had been complaining about an actual reaction image or off-topic image, the blowback wouldn't be nearly this hard. Instead you were complaining about reference images Larro has said are fine for us to post in the quest thread, started screeching about no images at all, caused massive amounts of drama and even after Larro has put his foot down, you're still here continuing the Drama, saying that what Larro says doesn't matter.
No. 123007 ID: 679a6d

Right, so uh.
Here's a Statistics page for Audit Quest, I just finished compiling the Dungeon Staff upgrades onto it. It also has a list of runes and our current services/basic store items list. I don't know if >>122768 wants to move the loot stuff there or not. Maybe better if it's kept to Pastebin and just linked to the statistic page to keep it from getting too messy?
No. 123008 ID: e77725

Guys, stop. Seriously. I said my piece on it, nothing more needs to be said. Keep discussion here relevant to my quests, not rules. It's already been settled.
No. 123010 ID: 777681

Yeah, I think for the purpose of clarity because the list is SO BIG. I think a Link will be better. I'm currently working on revisions to add some placeholder lore that people can then discuss alterations to at a later date. I'll post a new pastebin when its time.
No. 123011 ID: 33bf33

If you do a loot page, make sure to keep it only loot that's currently dropped and not loot that's being considered or hasn't been implemented yet. It'd probably keep the page size down.
No. 123012 ID: 777681

I'll keep that in mind. It's a bit of a balance since this list includes items that don't officially drop, but we sell in our token shop.

Might have to consider separating from boss drops and store items.
No. 123013 ID: 33bf33

Aren't store items mostly cosmetic anyways, like Dakis and Keychains, or did we actually add in useful shit?
No. 123015 ID: 777681

The intention was to add some useful items as well. Yeah. Equipment, weapons, trinkets, etc. Along with Daki's, Keychains, shirts and figurines. You'll note them in the pastebin as they are listed.
No. 123248 ID: 5ddaa1

If the present group wins against Curi, I strongly suggest that we give them Curi's necklace. It buffs all mental stats, and is likely to give Aberration better control of her monster parts. It'll stick with them, even if they die, and it'll also be a test of character for Keeper not to pawn it.
No. 123254 ID: 679a6d

You mean the Royal Slime Necklace? Eh, the stats might help but something specifically to grant resistance to such things would probably help more.

>Tabard of the Slime Guard: Uncommon Drop by Knight Slimes(Rosalyn, Colt, Reginald), Rare Drop from Squire and Archer Slimes. 22 Tokens. +1 DEF, Resistance to Mental Effects. Patterned with the heraldry of Slimecrown, the reminder to protect their homeland steels their resolve.

This was my first idea, but I'm not sure a general resistance to mental effects would really work since it's more an issue of her body functioning properly than anything. Hm...

>Light Slime's Halo: Ultra Rare Drop from Light Slime. 40 Tokens. +2 Charisma, +2 Willpower, suppresses demonic influence. The halo of a Light Slime typically dissipates with the slime's destruction, but in very rare cases it becomes infused with enough Light to become a permanent item. The glow it emanates can suppress some dark or demonic effects on the wearer.
No. 123284 ID: 5fd619

Ohhh, I like that idea. Give them something like that and it'll keep them coming back.
No. 123285 ID: 91ee5f

>Light Slime's Halo
Don’t forget to add that it glows in the dark and can provide a little bit of light in dark areas.
No. 123298 ID: 777681

I would be slightly leary about giving up the rolling drop table for the purpose of getting people to come back. The Curi Necklace is great, but it should remain a challenge to get it, so the rolls should kind of stay, I think.

That said, the idea of making some smaller drop tables for smaller fights, like the Rosalyn's and Colt's of the world. That would be good. Make it a 15-20% chance for the rare drops and then add like 2-3 other minor items and you're going in the right direction I think.
No. 123317 ID: 5fd619

Sure, let the Curi Necklace remain a challenge. The good idea is dropping an item that helps against their problem, not giving them a rare one; the Light Slime's Halo as defined is ultra rare, but it could also be, I dunno, something like a drop from Monk Slime that "grants mastery over one's own body" or something like that.
No. 123324 ID: 5ddaa1


The Slime-Fu manual would probably be his item. "Mind like Flowing Water" or something.


As for staying with the roll table, I think we've been fairly liberal about breaking that for the purposes of giving people loot they want/need. I'd say the challenge of beating Curi is already high enough. However, if we want to give them a lower tier item that serves the purpose well enough, I'm not opposed. I honestly think Curi will be too much for Aberration, phone or no, based on her level and how Curi has performed against those in her range in the past.
No. 123326 ID: 5fd619

Aberration appears to be a lot more powerful than normal for her level; but then again, if there's the possibility of her not surviving Curi (or Jeffrey, as it may be, I want her to challenge him), it'd be better to make the item in question a consumable with a permanent effect. So yes, a manual would be ideal.
No. 123328 ID: 5ddaa1


Items and gold acquired in the dungeon go with the party when they die, I believe. While it's true we get a certain amount of gold for killing them and runes from their items, most of that is protected because of their insurance. They definitely keep the items, as Spark Mage, Mage, and the most forgettable rogue all kept theirs despite meeting untimely ends.

There's also the whole "Could she actually read and absorb the message of the Slime manual?" which I'm not sure of. Still, I have no objection to the Halo or the Manual making an appearance before the Curi fight to give them a sporting chance. A permanent buff as opposed to a salable item to tempt her owner(?) misses one box I had hoped to tick, but my only major objective is that we help Aberration earn a bit of independence.
No. 123334 ID: 5fd619

Not quite. The items they brought into the dungeon with them may be covered by insurance (apparently insurance isn't all-or-nothing as Moon Elf had some stuff that wasn't), new loot acquired inside it are not. Individual deaths don't matter, but if the whole party gets killed or they withdraw, they lose everything they didn't bring with them.
Oh, and individual deaths definitely do matter for us. As long as someone dies at least once, even if they leave the dungeon alive, we get a copy of their stuff. I'm not entirely sure if it's only the insured stuff that we get in that case, tho. Never mind that last line, Angie came in without insurance and we still got a copy of her stuff.
No. 123412 ID: 33bf33

I'm pretty sure people keep anything they win, even if they die. Especially since originally our goal was to funnel them into the basement for a sure death, those adventurers kept any items from bosses they had beaten.
No. 123761 ID: e78a70

Fuck I need to go to sleep. Hope I get to participate in the thread next time.
No. 125883 ID: 2202fb

This update schedule is insane
No. 125884 ID: fd6b99

You havent lived until you've missed out on enough of a Larro Quest to not want to catch up out of fear that all your invested time will be for naught when it is dropped for another quest on another site and then you repeat the cycle over and over until you just give up and run away from the IRC out of a combination of shame and fear
No. 125886 ID: cdb781

The old days on /qst/ In which you had to read through 2000+ posts were fun times. But this is slightly better for our mad lad.
No. 125908 ID: 1a6fd4

>old days
pick one
No. 125919 ID: 1a6fd4

No need to "rip anyone a new one". You complained about the update schedule here, no need to go do it in the Audit thread too, where it's in the way.
Oh, and you had complained about it before: >>/quest/896658
No. 125928 ID: d9f902

Larro kinda works two jobs, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time for questing, nowadays. We had a holiday recently. So, he took the time to update when he actually had a chance. I know this is wildly inconsistent for some folks, but bear in mind it's really all he can do at this point. Just try to be patient, and realize that long droughts are kind of a Larro quest staple between bursts of activity. In the meantime, rest assured, the IRCs and everyone on discord are constantly set to max bully reminding him to run whenever possible.
No. 125937 ID: 2202fb

Ah, i see the disconnect. While the first time was a complaint, the other two were not. They were just comments on the extreme contrast. In my experience, quests tend to update fairly regularly, but in small updates that are usually anywhere from bi-weekly to monthly.
No. 125939 ID: 2202fb

Updating multiple times in one day is just kind of an alien concept for me.
No. 125941 ID: e1d580

You must not read Lago quests then, either
No. 126513 ID: 2a7417

I'm really curious to see if Abomination will even write a review.
No. 126675 ID: c26b8d

Could someone please compile all the lore pictures. The characters, monsters, and items. Preferably on somewhere easy to find and reference, like the wiki.
No. 126676 ID: 824c43

You mean these? https://imgur.com/a/xRrl2
No. 126677 ID: 080aaf

Already there.
No. 127020 ID: c26b8d

Is there any word on when Larro mught be running again?
No. 127818 ID: e77725
File 155036065966.jpg - (249.02KB , 1700x2200 , Prizes 01.jpg )

Prizes for Audit
No. 127819 ID: e77725
File 155036067695.jpg - (233.85KB , 1700x2200 , prizes 02.jpg )

No. 127820 ID: e77725
File 155036068833.jpg - (195.26KB , 1700x2200 , prizes 03.jpg )

No. 127821 ID: e77725
File 155036070052.jpg - (204.17KB , 1700x2200 , prizes 04.jpg )

No. 127822 ID: e77725
File 155036071317.jpg - (180.38KB , 1700x2200 , prizes 05.jpg )

No. 127824 ID: 679a6d

There's also a few extra items I've suggested earlier here in the dis thread.

>Jelly Gem: This squishy gem is highly prized by slime-kind, though most other races value it for it's flavor. Can be traded to Slimecrown's shop for 15(or however many is thought appropriate) Slime Tokens or consumed as a potent healing restorative.

>Colt's Regret: Rare Colt Item, +2 Defense, resistance to lightning. This helmet once belonged to Colt, Guard Captain of Slimecrown. Granted to him as a gift, it was damaged and lost in battle. He keeps the scars on his face from its loss in memory of the brave slimes slaughtered back then. The comfy-cloth slime lining the inside of it makes it quite comfortable to wear and keeps it from getting sticky!

>Blessed Armor-Shield/Paladin's Determination: Rare Rosalyn Item. +1 Defense, Endurance effect(if the user takes damage that would kill them, survive with 1 HP once per Dungeon instance. Resets if killed and revived) A makeshift shield that was originally the Slime Paladin Rosalyn's Armor. It's not so effective as a shield, but it's spent so long in the Paladin's presence that it's inherited a fragment of her devotion to the Royal Family.

The two below I came up with as possible drops for the mental effect issue.

>Tabard of the Slime Guard: Uncommon Drop by Knight Slimes(Rosalyn, Colt, Reginald), Rare Drop from Squire and Archer Slimes. 22 Tokens. +1 DEF, Resistance to Mental Effects. Patterned with the heraldry of Slimecrown, the reminder to protect their homeland steels their resolve.

>Light Slime's Halo: Ultra Rare Drop from Light Slime. 40 Tokens. +2 Charisma, +2 Willpower, suppresses demonic influence. The halo of a Light Slime typically dissipates with the slime's destruction, but in very rare cases it becomes infused with enough Light to become a permanent item. The glow it emanates can suppress some dark or demonic effects on the wearer.

If Curi had used Light Slime effects at all in the fight we could use that to justify the halo. Too bad we missed the whole thing.
No. 127895 ID: 0cfbce
File 155056055139.gif - (1.86MB , 313x500 , __original_drawn_by_mike_inel__94edf44fcea0bfc2b91.gif )

porn pic

saw this and made me wonder about the limits of slime shape-shifting.

also, lewd slime when?
No. 127896 ID: e77725
File 155056919166.png - (574.53KB , 1200x1200 , 10.png )

Why would you want to lewd a slime?
No. 127906 ID: 864e49
File 155060540260.png - (19.92KB , 800x600 , 126292209683.png )

Slime has no concept of lewd.
No. 128995 ID: 0cfbce


girl has shark hand puppets, made me think of hoodie.
No. 129085 ID: c26b8d

An idea for an archer drop. We recently had our slime archers switch their arrows with slime arrows. We could make a bow, or quiver that could apply slime to the arrows. We could even have additional charms(ala keyblade keychains), with the forms of various 2 rune slimes which would modify any slime equipment with the properties of that slime. We could either have them be VERY rare drops, or sell them in the store. With more sought after ones like Explosion or Gravity slime being MUCH more rare/expensive.
No. 129635 ID: 40eb8d

Saw a gif thingy on pixiv(no idea how to save those) that had a inanimate doll/puppet, and then a slime oozed into it and used it as an exoskeleton to walk around.

Basically could be an interesting fight becuase you think it's one kind of monster then surprise it's still more slime. Have spare dolls in the room and it can jump into them. Have the dolls be diifferet styles to give different stats to make it a boss fight.
No. 129666 ID: 1a6fd4

That sounds pretty good, actually.
No. 130661 ID: 679a6d

...Have we really done much as far as infusing rooms with runes, or is that more of an automatic part of room design? We might want to look into that, maybe add something to the hub room and the comfy pit if they don't have any runes.
No. 131469 ID: 679a6d

Audit Quest Chapter 10 has arrived.

Dusting of ye olde Discuss thread for reasons.

Anyway, the reason for the sudden loss of info OOC is that Larro's HDD died. So lost notes. At least we have some of the records, between here and the stats page of the wiki.
No. 132364 ID: 0fae41
File 158467593556.png - (36.12KB , 300x350 , STRINGSLIME.png )

Couldn't find where or if this was posted originally, so... here it is. (Again?) By Gnuk.
No. 133566 ID: beea23

Sooooooo...is Audit Quest dead?
No. 133567 ID: 9f0903

Larro just takes his time, is all.
No. 133719 ID: 09f5d1

Hope it comes back spon
No. 137368 ID: 33f0ce

Huh, interesting. Just found out that every very time I've been imagining the kobold pirate captain (that one pirate cove dungeon idea) I've just been imagining Admiral Denjold. Neat.
No. 138311 ID: f43935

Where did that Glass Heart come from, and what are the differences between Mithril and Adamantine in this world?
No. 138312 ID: 7397c3

the Glass Heart was the drop from Glass Spinner's dungeon chest in thread 8.5
No. 138317 ID: f43935

I wonder if there is anything stopping us from just, inverting Every Rune until they repeat
No. 138318 ID: 8021ac

it's been suggested a few times already, we're just waiting on Larro
No. 138319 ID: 7397c3

Beats me. I'd like to clear up those 28 arrows pointing to "???" in the chart, myself. Especially the Space rune.
No. 138535 ID: 298597

I can't seem to find it. What did inverting Time get us? Since inverting Space got us Foundation, i thought maybe Time would get us Eternal.
No. 138539 ID: 7397c3

Time becomes World, chapter 8. You expected Eternal but it was me, Dio!
There's a handy Known Opposites chart in the wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics#Known_Opposites
No. 138540 ID: 298597

Ah, I didn't notice the little banner sending you there. I only checked out the table of contents and the rest of the page and couldn't find them.
No. 138542 ID: 298597

We could reacquire the Octopus and Noodle runes shown in bonus content by paying Chef 50 gold each since he mentioned way back when that's how much it costs to get a rune out of his food. Might be able to get Dog that way too. Maybe there's even a generic Food rune.
No. 138547 ID: 298597

I wonder if Scuba Steve's rune is for Fish? That would be another rune that Chef could provide.
No. 138548 ID: 7397c3

That's actually a pretty good idea. You should suggest it to Mary.

Considering what we know of them? My bet's on Torpedo.
No. 138561 ID: 298597

How are we going to make 17 more 5 rune creatures without messing up our existing structure?
No. 138562 ID: 7397c3

Well... they can fight in a room that doesn't allow their rune count, just with reduced abilities. So if we, for example, gave Colt another rune, he'd still fight like a 4-rune monster unless we stuck him in a boss room. We also have a few non-fighting 4-runes, like Giselle and Germaine... but that said, they're still changing every time we add a rune, so basically changing a bunch of our roster all at once is kind of a problem? Also, we'd need a whole lotta runes.
No. 138585 ID: 04697a

I've been thinking it might be an idea to make some creatures/rooms/bosses appear in specific circumstances.

The easy one being Raid Mode, we could have a different layout and stronger roster for it, so it doesn't disrupt the existing rooms.

Could also do the same thing for the hidden 'hardmode' when attacking Ms. Bloops
No. 138762 ID: 4819de

Hey, what do you guys think about making the next spa (aka the place the adventures spend their money) a short of demon market? You know, since it seems like we're making a short of kobold pirate den, it could be a fun little criminal marketplace where interesting characters would meet up. It would focus less on the relaxing part the spa is going for, and instead on the feeling of visiting a new market and not knowing what to buy so you buy a lot of stuff you probably don't need. Well to put more accurately, know that feeling of when in an anime they go to a foreign market/some short of festival? Yeah that’s the feeling I’m aiming for.

And why demons in particular? It’s simple really, I just want to have demon coin prices to go down fair enough so that it couldn’t even buy the sh*t off of my shoe.
No. 138779 ID: 298597

Could the creative types please make up some pro-Chaos or anti-Slime items for the Chaos questlines?
No. 138780 ID: 2aa5f0

>anti-Slime items
Salt Blade- a blade that is either made of salt or generates salt and encases itself with it. Originally used to combat ghost and evil spirts, later found out that the salt plays hell on a slime's membrane causing them to lose form and melt. Does extra damage against undead and slime enemies. has chance to free a possessed individual from possession on hit. Can not be wielded by slimes or undead.
No. 138788 ID: a7a180

Viscous Weapon: A weapon that sticks to liquids in large clumps, allowing you to pin a slime, suck up puddles of poison and throw them at your enemies, dry off your clothes, and more.
No. 138792 ID: 8ac324

Geez! Good thing Jeffrey seems to lack any corruptive abilities.
I wonder if we can work that into the lore somehow? Maybe the sealing transfers all his corruptive powers over to his physical abilities, so while he’s a terror in combat he can’t corrupt the seal or do something ridiculous like make the air in your lungs start strangling you.
Scramblesword: Causes damage by randomly rearranging anything the blade passes through instead of cutting, making it harder to heal injuries, especially when bits of your body get swapped with your armor.
Corrupting Dust: throw at something to grant them the chaos rune and cause them to attack anything nearby without a chaos rune. Is temporary.
Draught of change: upon drinking you can choose to either randomly swap your stats, or make each damage type you can deal become a randomly different damage type. Temporary.
Chaos Talisman: A two-headed coin on a string, with both head being identical images of Jeffrey. Once per day, you can activate it for five minutes. While active, whenever you deal damage to something, the damage will be either the type it is weakest to or the type it is most resistant to with a fifty/fifty chance. For the purposes of this enchantment, being healed by a damage type counts as a resistance of 100%+whatever percentage of the attack it is healed by.
No. 138793 ID: 298597

How about a chaos priest themed armor for Cleric in case she does well enough.
No. 139014 ID: cdbcf8
File 167435737732.jpg - (93.34KB , 574x1024 , 1674353169589214.jpg )

Slimecrown Citadel's final boss vs Kobold Pirate Den's final boss
No. 139230 ID: 8160fa

With knowing what we have in the basement now and how they're made, I gotta ask something. Is Slime Matron a primordial demon of water?
No. 139232 ID: 08229c
File 167840143670.png - (105.68KB , 800x600 , q1.png )

>With knowing what we have in the basement now and how they're made, I gotta ask something. Is Slime Matron a primordial demon of water?

"I shrugged off the mantle to retain my individuality. Power at the cost of identity is not worth it. I'm not sure where the current Primordial is but I wish them the best."
No. 139233 ID: 58c090

...wait, there's only one Primordial of each kind? And we have the Chaos and Power one tied up in our basement?
No. 139234 ID: 8160fa

So then is there only one primordial of a given rune? Or is it the sum of varieties in a demon? Would Jeff hold the title of both primordial of chaos and primordial of power, or the primordial of both together?
No. 139235 ID: 08229c
File 167840344704.png - (99.81KB , 800x600 , q2.png )

>...wait, there's only one Primordial of each kind? And we have the Chaos and Power one tied up in our basement?

>So then is there only one primordial of a given rune? Or is it the sum of varieties in a demon? Would Jeff hold the title of both primordial of chaos and primordial of power, or the primordial of both together?

"There's only one, yeah. If something somehow gained the title of two of the runes then it'd be taking both of those seats. I can't imagine anything like that possibly happening but I guess it could in theory if it represents the epitome of those two runes.

Each iteration is different, too. When I was the Primordial of Water I brought the slime aspect of it to the forefront. So I looked like a giant blob of slime and tentacles and would leak water runes constantly.

It was an interesting existence."
No. 139236 ID: a7a180

Go back a second, how do you shrug off being the primordial embodiment of an element? Giving some other demon more runes so the title shifts to them?
No. 139237 ID: 5c8d2c

Theoretically would would the Primordial Demon of Knockers or Lewd or Booty be?
No. 139238 ID: 08229c
File 167840652417.png - (86.73KB , 800x600 , q3.png )

>Go back a second, how do you shrug off being the primordial embodiment of an element? Giving some other demon more runes so the title shifts to them?

"You just stop being it. Of course, you have to have enough sense of self to even -want- such a thing. I pride myself on having always had a strong sense of self. Even as a Primordial I wanted to break free from the shackles that come with that power and become my own person again.

It wasn't easy but I was eventually able to decline the title and allow whoever was next in line to take it."

>Theoretically would would the Primordial Demon of Knockers or Lewd or Booty be?

". . ."
No. 139239 ID: 5c8d2c

They are legitimate runes, which means there should be a Primordial Demon representing them.
No. 139240 ID: 08229c
File 167840836113.png - (87.53KB , 800x600 , q4.png )

>They are legitimate runes, which means there should be a Primordial Demon representing them.

"First of all, I'm offended that you think I know every single demon out there just cause I am one.

Second, I can assure you that they are not sexy in any way you could conceive."
No. 139241 ID: 421554

Well, that's kind of the idea, innit? At what point does attractive turn to depraved turn to vile? I'm sure that these primordials have long since passed those points, but it's still interesting to hear what the pinnacles of those runes might be.
No. 139242 ID: 58c090

Also, we're not asking you these things cause you're a demon. We're asking cause you're knowledgeable.
No. 139244 ID: dc4bad

>there's only one but they can occupy two seats

huh, given the exact combo we have here that might explain how it can even exist in the first place, we know that the nature of chaos can overrule even fundamental runes so the it breaking system rules in regards to being OP makes a sort of sense

the low will/sense of self probably explains why it seems content to sit in the basement too

That's super helpful, thanks slime matron!
No. 139249 ID: aa60d9

So since you were a primordial demon once, does that mean you were just a normal dungeon denizen once as well? How’d you go from being a mob to being a dungeon master?
No. 139253 ID: 08229c
File 167849902782.png - (94.07KB , 800x600 , q5.png )

>Well, that's kind of the idea, innit? At what point does attractive turn to depraved turn to vile? I'm sure that these primordials have long since passed those points, but it's still interesting to hear what the pinnacles of those runes might be.

"I haven't met them. In general it's best to avoid these monsters. But, as I said, they are less good and more horrifying.

Like the Primordial Demon of Lewd could just be a sexy person. Or it could be a horrifying blob of flesh spewing fluids. Who knows. I sure as hell don't wanna know."

>Also, we're not asking you these things cause you're a demon. We're asking cause you're knowledgeable.

"I try to be. But, thank you."

>That's super helpful, thanks slime matron!

"You are very welcome."

>So since you were a primordial demon once, does that mean you were just a normal dungeon denizen once as well? How’d you go from being a mob to being a dungeon master?

"Dungeons do artificially what Primordials do naturally. I was a naturally born slime. I ate other slimes until I was massive. Once I was sentient enough to have a personality I decided to join the work force. I worked in dungeons for some time until I had enough experience and funds to start my own dungeon."
No. 139254 ID: 520a3f

No. 139259 ID: 08229c

No. 139263 ID: 273c18

Am I missing some reference?
No. 139489 ID: 8160fa

If a primordial is the most powerful of its respective aspect, what of those runes not of Audit's world? Did Scuba Steve end up with a 1-rune primordial of aqua?
No. 139491 ID: a7a180

New runes seem to be just unique reskins of an existing rune type (see: Glass Spinner's glass rune) so we probably haven't introduced an earthshaking new force of nature via the aqua rune.
No. 139493 ID: 58c090

I don't think that's the case here. Aqua and Aero are representations of otherwordly things that don't exist here, while GS's Glass rune is just her own spin of the Glass rune. It's still just about glass. Meanwhile this world doesn't have the concept of Elementals that the MAQ world does, not as such. Audit humans don't have a tendency to have yellow eyes, nor do they turn into Ceer if you drain their element.
No. 139519 ID: 08229c
File 168133362707.png - (172.44KB , 800x600 , q6.png )


"Muffled noises of confusion."
No. 139520 ID: 58c090

...uh... huh.
Quick guys, let's make a 3-rune of each Aero and Aqua, and have Mary wake up to having two more primordial demons in the dungeon.
No. 139534 ID: d12415

Lets make this a top priority. MAQ may be long dead, but with this its legacy can live on!
No. 139535 ID: 58c090

MAQ when, Larro?
No. 139536 ID: dd858d

wait do the Foundational Runes have Primordial and True Demons? what even would THOSE be?
No. 139537 ID: 273c18

Maybe those are gods instead of demons.
No. 139556 ID: ae9e42

What IS a primordial? The biggest concentration of one type of runes, yes, but what does that mean other than power?
No. 139560 ID: 08229c
File 168187699471.png - (142.53KB , 800x600 , q7.png )

>What IS a primordial? The biggest concentration of one type of runes, yes, but what does that mean other than power?

"I can answer this. That is, basically, what it means to be Primordial. If you're asking what does it do beyond giving a designation of 'epitome of that demon class', allow me to explain.

The way the world works, resources are leeched away into the infinite void of space. Or just due to entropy in general. Primordials leak runes at a consistent rate. These can help replenish the land or just become new demons.

It is unknown if this is simply how things have always been or are a direct result of some catastrophe that shattered the land in the first place.

Beyond that, they don't DO much of anything. They simply are. They will fight if provoked but they are essentially a self sustaining font of runes."
No. 139561 ID: 1effd3

Given that Jeffrey (the dude in out basement) is made up of 2 types of runes, is he actually a true primordial?
No. 139562 ID: 1effd3

Given that Jeffrey (the dude in out basement) is made up of 2 types of runes, is he actually a true primordial?
No. 139564 ID: a7a180

Our Demonologist started acting funny when she saw a primordial. Something about memories she unlocked. You don't want to... cuddle one, do you?
No. 139565 ID: 58c090

So when your DM decided to let us keep a primordial, you were aware that she was giving us an infinite rune engine, then? Was she aware herself?
No. 139566 ID: 1effd3

If we get a big enough swarm of lagmites, can we make a time primordial?
No. 139576 ID: a7a180
File 168205400781.png - (117.08KB , 900x735 , mammoth.png )

I had an idea for a new monster to act as a boss/mother figure for the Hoodlum gang: the Wooly Mammoth. Dungeoneer for scale. She can fuse Hoodlums into her hoodie to power up so she doesn't need many base runes. Instead of shaking dust from her wings like other moth monsters she has a lint attack. Gross!
No. 139577 ID: 67d7af

For some reason this gave me an idea for the next raid. A hoodlum somehow manages to fuse/capture curi and has taken over the castle. All the slime mobs have been forced out of the castle and the rest of the mobs are fused with hoodlums. You need to help the slimes siege the castle and save curi.
No. 139578 ID: d12415

Making it in the style of hoodie quest would be awesome.
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