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Rune library and other dungeon statistics for Audit Quest.

Known Runes

Runes we have

Runes we don't have

Dungeon Staff Upgrades

Upgrades Purchased

Tier I

Dungeoneer: Builds magical traps and manages the Army. Can also infuse demons with more runes. G-300
Librarian: Stockpiles and identifies Runes, teaches magic(Guesswork, Tooltip unavailable.). G-?
Demonologist: Can combine Runes to make demons(Guesswork, Tooltip unavailable.). G-?
Builder: Can build rooms. Can also construct hallways for the dungeon and fill any space with basic traps. G-500
Cook: Cooks food. Boosts morale for other units. G-200

Tier II

Dungeoneer II: Can create six runed monsters and created multiple dungeon floors, with Carpenter she can also create Extra Boss rooms that can house any demon with more than 5 runes. Can alter appearance of dungeon entrance. G-3000, Price drops by 200 for each demon above 3 runes currently in the army.
Archiver: Upgrade to Librarian. Can transmute runes. G-800
Demonologist II: Can fuse two runes together to create an Opposite Rune. G-3000. Price drops by 50 for each rune known.
Carpenter: Halves the price for all rooms. G-300
Chef: Cooks food better. G-100

Tier III

Archiver II: Cost of inverting runes dropped to 1. New runes can be created randomly by destroying two runes. G-9000. Price drops by 200 for each rune known.
Carpenter II: Allows for the creation of a second dungeon or added floor. G-3000
Calculator: Invests money into otherworldly affairs. Money is generated as more money is poured into investments. G-2000

Upgrades Available

Tier III

Demonologist III: Price to create demons dropped by 1 rune. 5 rune demons will cost 4, 3 will cost 2, etc. Demons can go on Expeditions to retrieve material for the dungeon if they are 3 runes or higher. Higher runed demons bring back greater rewards. G- 4000
Dungeoneer III: Allows for the creation of 7 rune monsters. Can alter the runes in a demon once, only. Allows Final Boss rooms to contain 6 rune monsters. Allows Extra Boss runes to contain 7 rune monsters. G-5000
Chef II: Can host Parties. Each party greatly increases morale and will add a multiplier of gold to the next dungeon done. Parties can only be held when a dungeon run is not being done. G-1000

Tier IV

Carpenter III: Allows for the creation of a mini dungeon. These dungeons are fully automated and run on their own. The Dungeon Master needs to only add demons in it. It can be either a Puzzle Dungeon, Adventure Dungeon, or Gimmick Dungeon. G-15,000
Archiver III: Hidden runes can be drawn from items. If an item has two runes, both runes can be obtained from the item. Cost G-20,000. Price drops by 1000 for every 5 rune or higher monster.
Artificer: Allows the creation of Dungeon Master Gear. This gear can augment the Dungeon Master. Can only equip the dungeon master with the equivalent might of a 3 rune monster. G-4,000

Dungeon Services

A map of Slimecrown Citadel.LinkToBoard.gif

Cleric Plant Services

Healing: 50 gold. A full heal for one adventurer. Rate goes up with each heal.
Revive: 250 gold. Revives one party member.

Shop Inventory

Repair Powder: 50g [Max 5]
Potions: 50g [Max 5]
Green Blossoms (stamina regen): 75 g [Max 5]
Tent: 100g [Max 3]
Escape Crystals: 150 g [Max 3]
Phoenix Downs: 250g + 100 per additional revive purchased

Slimecrown Spa

50 gold per person. Spending 1500 gold in the dungeon earns a voucher for one free spa treatment.