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File 152099296441.png - (167.31KB , 800x600 , QTG.png )
121473 No. 121473 ID: e77725

You can talk about my quests here!

Current Quests: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Audit_Quest

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Larro

Feel free to discuss my quests here or post character questions!
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No. 122755 ID: 91ee5f

You’re correct, we didn’t make her an NPC for those exact reasons.
No. 122759 ID: 074011

Our demons can use items, right? We should make some items for them. I really want a ribbon for Ms. Bloops, but I can't think of any way to justify it. It would probably need to be water + cloth to actually wrap around her nicely and a two-rune item on a one-rune slime might be problematic. But it would be a ribbon on Ms. Bloops!
Curi I think would suit a sceptre. Maybe some sort of tuning fork to help detect sounds? Make it heavy enough to brain people who get close during throne mode?
The original comfy slime should have a comfy cloak and comfy mittens for maximum weaponisation of comfort.
Give Ashley a wand of gender change to maximise the respect given to N.P.C.s and boost the memeness.
I want to give top-hats and monocles to the entire bottom row, but especially D.Fence and Watcher(monocle necklace?).
Spiked armour for gravity slime.
An Ice shield could boost the Ice elementals without going overboard. They feel like they should be tougher than they are.

I am not sure that Curi can mass-produce slimes. Didn't it require some of her own slime? I think that Curi Clones result in a weaker Curi, whereas the two-rune ones require time but have no upper limit.
No. 122767 ID: 777681

I believe that the nature of slimes for mass production is kind of nebulous. Because slimes can essentially cell divide, I believe we can basically run with copies of them as we need so long as we have a source slime. Kind of like cell division. Curi also can do this because she’s the Mother of Slimes. I don’t know how that rule plays out for Mud/Magma/Plant slimes because Sophie, Mirelle and Rosa use 3 separate runes, but that might apply the same way. At least that’s how I think it works.
As for the items on demons.
Ruth is proof enough that demons can use items. And I definitely think we could look to making a few for very select members of our team, partially as potential (like 25% rate) drops, partially because adding items to people seems like something that should be rare and partially because if we do it too much we might actually throw our balances out of wack.

I am absolutely okay with Bloops just ruffling through a wardrobe of items though if she feels like it. She has definitely shown up with a hat on one or more occasions. Though I kind of prefer that her items be purely aesthetic, she doesn’t need anything for power. Her power is being cute.
Speaking of items. I think now is a good time to bring up the ol’ master list of items/token shop. Keep in mind that this list is super old and could probably use as much of a rework as the dungeon when we get ready to expand. Items could use descriptions, revamping of what they actually do, etc. Not to mention we can probably better decide what items should be purchasable, and which one should be left on drop tables. Hell, it looks like I didn’t even have Reginald’s separate boss drop sheet, which I’ll need to improve upon.

Prices will need to probably change, or we need to up token drops too, or maybe both as I do recall a comment on our last raid that we should consider making drops higher, so that adventurers can actually use items when they wish to.

This is probably going to be an ongoing pet project, but other thoughts are always appreciated.
No. 122768 ID: 777681


Aaaaaaand I guess I can't use the PDF anymore...here's a pastebin version.
No. 122781 ID: 33bf33
File 152539478876.png - (116.18KB , 800x600 , NMslCQQ.png )

Dia should be fine just getting the World Rune directly. Larro's even drawn the upgrade at one point.

If anything goes wrong, we can just pick up Dungeoneer III to fix it.
No. 122847 ID: 679a6d

I've been looking all over for any of that list, thank you!

I've got a few different ideas for loot drops but I didn't want to suggest anything that would overlap.

Jelly Gem: This squishy gem is highly prized by slime-kind, though most other races value it for it's flavor. Can be traded to Slimecrown's shop for 15(or however many is thought appropriate) Slime Tokens or consumed as a potent healing restorative.

Here's something to help address Bulk Mage's concerns on the Slime Token drops. I'm thinking it would be limited to Curi and Queen Lily. Maybe as a rare/lucky drop for the Princesses? If we make a Gem Slime and it ends up like the Metal Slime this could be a good drop for it. Speaking of which, is there anything Metal Slime drops currently?
No. 122857 ID: 777681

Yeah, as the guy who created the list, I was just looking for the right time to bring up the old thing, because it needs work anyways.

I really like the Jelly Gem item, I think it could work as an occasionally dropped item in combats with more basic guys, because you can use it for some basic healing or for Tokens. I wouldn’t add too many, maybe 2-3 in a dungeon at this time. 1 for a monster drop on floor/part 1 of the dungeon, 1 for part/floor 2 and then another to be found in a treasure chest or a secret room. It means that, at a minimum, regardless on if we add more token drops(more on that in the next bit) or not. Solo adventurers will get a maximum potential of 45 Slimecrown tokens, which will actually allow guests to buy items in the uncommon/rare items shop and even some ultra rares. This might mean adjusting the prices for inflation, as I’d like to encourage those that want really really rare items to run this dungeon multiple times.

Which leads me to the concerns I have regarding your suggestion to help address Bulk Mage’s concerns. See, the primary concern he had was actually that the number/amount of drops for tokens is actually quite small. So I guess the real question is, if we had a perfect run of the dungeon, optimized for an adventurer that is directly aiming for tokens (so they are using the Jelly Gem for tokens, not healing), what should be the high end of maximum tokens.

Looking at how it stands right now, here is the breakdown:

>5 Tokens from Queen Lily OR Reginald, The Right Hand of the King (I need to confirm the drops we had for when the two of them are defeated separately(though that might change if we can forcibly add cutscenes). Dependant on Loot Roll
>5 Tokens from Curi, The Mother of Slimes Dependant on Loot Roll
>5-15 Tokens from Random drops, dependant on how generous the crown is feeling.

So, supposing that everything went well, an adventurer, playing solo will get tokens as a maximum of 25. Which, when you put it as just one adventurer, is a really really good run, and will actually get many items on the chart as it currently stands. But it’s dependant on a lot of factors to make it work well. You HAVE to hit the right numbers for Token drops for our boss fights and considering how inconsistent/benevolent we are feeling as a collective, the rate of return isn’t great. And that’s not even including if parties split their tokens, making that return even smaller. As our store is supposed to be one of our more unique attractions for our dungeon, along with the spa, I see this as a reason for us to change things a bit, mainly because they have to.

So I think the first question is, what is a perfect Token run? For me, I’m thinking something like 60-70 Token is probably a reasonable run if we build the dungeon right.

So if we rolled like that, we could look at the following option helping smooth things along:

>5 Tokens for Lily/Reginald Fight (dependant on roll)
>15 Tokens from Curi in the form of a Slime Gem (replacing her 5 Token drop, dependant on roll)
>15 Tokens from a Slime Gem in a secret room
>10 Tokens From A separate Treasure/Secret Room
>20 Tokens from assorted missions/fights(which we can break down upon the remodelling)

This would grant heroes approximately 65 tokens at the end of the dungeon upon a perfect run. With adventurers getting a fair number of chances to get 20+ for their troubles, which is still enough for a fair number of uncommon items should they want to (provided we don’t alter the prices accordingly, which we may need to do a tiny bit for inflation, but not too much). And in a party of 4 players, is still 5 tokens per player, versus the 2-4 tokens that players usually got prior to this proposed change.
No. 122860 ID: 777681

And while I’m still here, how about a few more monster ideas!

>Large Spiders (Poison+String, add an additional Poison rune for Giant Spiders)
A common nuisance in storage rooms, and the darker depths of Slimecrown. These beasts feed on insects, rats and other vermin usually, but will eat unsuspecting slimes if they are given the chance. This type of monster gives us a bit more variety and makes for a great random encounter for smaller rooms or potential quest. It could even work for Colosseums.

>Lightning Bug (Lightning Rune)
Fast little creatures that pack a mean punch, where one is found, five more are surely close by. This is a good swarm monster, similar to the lag mite, that is easy to hit, but could prove challengeing for the uncoordinated.

>Gummy Wyrm (Candy+Candy+Water+Mind+Force)
These noble creatures are scattered throughout Slimecrown, known for their colourful scales and their sour (and sometimes sweet) personalities. Reclusive, prideful and these intelligent creatures are not to be trifled with. People have been talking about wanting some extra bosses, this seems like a very good secret boss we can hint about with some lore OR use as a major boss to be fought in the colosseum. I wasn’t sure about the rune makeup, but this seemed like the right mix based on what we have. Though I could also see Mind being replaced with Soul and you could run Psionic instead of Force. If there is a might rune, we could roll with that too. Lot of variety out there.
>“Living Armour” (Mithril+Sword+Shield)
This suit of armour seems weird. Its alive, but its very slow. Also, why is it leaking? This is more of a puzzle battle more than an actual monster. It’s just a suit of armour, piloted by a bunch of 1 rune slimes. Knock the slimes out of the armour in combat and they’ll run away. You knock out enough slimes, they will scatter, leaving the armour empty.
No. 122866 ID: 33bf33

Metal Slime drops tokens, I believe. He's suppose to be the big jackpot monster, if you can catch and kill him.
Which is to entice people to chase him into traps and triggering rooms.
No. 122868 ID: 7f3fc1

the only thing i dont like about that list is that we had lore text on a lot of the items, this list doensnt have the lore text with it.
No. 122870 ID: 777681

You raise a good point, for some reason I had forgotten about out sweet little guy. Probably because nobody caught him yet.

I kinda think that catching him should be a more monetary reward, but could settle for a split. Something like 500g plus 10 tokens. Hell you could take out the token bonus from the secret room and just place them with metal slime. The breakdown would then be:

>5 Tokens for Lily/Reginald Fight (dependant on roll)
>15 Tokens from Curi in the form of a Slime Gem (replacing her 5 Token drop, dependant on roll)
>15 Tokens from a Slime Gem in a secret room
>10 Tokens From Metal Slime
>20 Tokens from assorted missions/fights(which we can break down upon the remodelling)

Honestly this kind of works better for me mentally, saves us the trip too:

True, the lore isn't here. But that can be added and worked upon. This pastebin was actually just a copy/paste from a PDF that I had produced, and was more focused on itemizing the list, and assigning what the item does, and what the item costs in the store. The lore, as far as I am recall, has been only really assigned for Lily/RSK and some of the items we gave as raid bonuses for the group in part 8. You may also note that said items haven't yet made my list yet, partially because I don't know what I would price them at in the store and partially because I don't know if they should be included in the store. I think they should, but that's just me.

I like the lore we're adding to each item, trust me. It's why I've been adding some lore snippets in the monsters I've created here >>122750 and here>>122860.

Might be a project I'll work on myself, seeing as items might need to be reshuffled anyways, and I don't quite like the layout I have in the pastebin anyways because I did it on the very quick and I really want to spend the time to craft it.

I'll be adding the Lily/RSK drop list, along with any other drops that I have forgotten, as I think Colt has one hidden somewhere as well.
No. 122871 ID: 679a6d

We can adjust how much the Jelly Gem is worth, 15 just seemed like a decent estimate to me. That's assuming we don't end up doing something like making different sized ones worth different amounts of tokens or something like that.

As for your concerns on the number of tokens. Frankly, if a solo adventurer can get through Slimecrown by themselves then they deserve all the tokens they find. Even then most of those are loot drop dependent, where they're placed mainly as a consolation prize for a low loot roll.

>Colt's Regret: Rare Colt Item, +2 Defense, resistance to lightning. This helmet once belonged to Colt, Guard Captain of Slimecrown. Granted to him as a gift, it was damaged and lost in battle. He keeps the scars on his face from its loss in memory of the brave slimes slaughtered back then. The comfy-cloth slime lining the inside of it makes it quite comfortable to wear and keeps it from getting sticky!

This could probably be reflavored for Rosalyn if it seems more appropriate, but I thought something hinting at a reason for Colt's facial scars would be nice... The thought of a comfy-cloth slime tempts me to suggest infusing Cloth Slime with a Comfy rune though. Would that get us a Blanket Slime, or a Nap Slime?

>Dungeoneer's Spare Eyepatch: Ultra-Rare Item, Unobtainable from Token shop. Wait, where did you find this?! Grants +2 HP Per level, +1 All stats, +3 Perversion. No seriously, she doesn't even keep a spare, where did you get this?!

It needed to be made. Stats debatable. Only obtainable through an incredibly convoluted Guide Dang It method, preferably involving Gazer. My first thought was getting Gazer a date with Sophie. :D

>Blessed Armor-Shield/Paladin's Determination: Rare Rosalyn Item. +1 Defense, Endurance effect(if the user takes damage that would kill them, survive with 1 HP once per Dungeon instance. Resets if killed and revived) A makeshift shield that was originally the Slime Paladin Rosalyn's Armor. It's not so effective as a shield, but it's spent so long in the Paladin's presence that it's inherited a fragment of her devotion to the Royal Family.

Something to commemorate the fight Simon and Rosalyn had against Ronin and Alchemist.
No. 122872 ID: 679a6d

Maybe change the rarity of the Shield to Uncommon, and the Eyepatch to One-of-a-Kind?
No. 122875 ID: 25d0e6

If we are redistributing Token Gen with the remodeling, I suggest we actually give the entrance rooms a bit of a heavier distribution of Tokens verses the rest of the dungeon, Like 20 in total. (about 5 from the encounter, and 15 from a secret chest)

Since it is the first thing people encounter in the dungeon, it sets a positive mood for the run. And it encourages spending Tokens, since they got a good chunk by the time the party first hits the shops.

It also makes the room feel less like 'make-work' for the veterans. Which is useful if we ever want to do the Warp Shop idea.

Basically, I want to do the 'free 1000 Arbitrary Currency!' all F2P games do to get you to start dropping phat stacks on their in-game store.
No. 122887 ID: 777681

Well, for now, 10-15 seems like a reasonable number to throw about as a suggested number. Not too high to game break, not to low to be considered cheap(unless we scattered them about)

I think we can withhold the need to bring in different sizes of gems right now, we’re still going to be too small for it to be something we need to worry about. If we become a sprawling multi tier dungeon, (which is my personal end goal for Slimecrown at least) then we can consider it, but for now, we’ll probably be fine with what we have.
And yeah, the point I’m trying to work towards is that they do deserve what they can find, but we have to actually GIVE them stuff to deserve, which is what was originally labeled as a problem from Bulk Mage. We need to upgrade from offering a pittance to giving them a bit more of a sum, to help encourage actual use of our store.

I’ll probably be putting those items in soon. I’m kind of thinking about whether Colt, et all need loot tables themselves, much smaller ones. After all, we’ve given away Colt’s cape and sticky scars, so its definitely something worth considering.

I don’t know if we need to go ridiculously heavy, especially since the remodeling entails the entire dungeon, not just the entrance we’re actually going to have a lot more area to cover in regards to an even spread of tokens so I think there is actually less burden to put it in immediately. Offering 5 tokens before they enter the main hub is fine, and that bonus 15 tokens room in the moat is definitely worth while as a secret.

As to your arbitrary currency, I think you have an idea that could work, though we would have to be very careful in its execution. I think what we COULD consider this; As we will be bringing in our second floor/part of the dungeon, its going to be a rather large event in itself, so I think what we could do is advertise a special passcode, that is only usable once per player(including prior visitors so that they do not feel left out) that offers them 10 bonus Slimecrown tokens upon entry. Players recite this passcode to Ashley in the lobby, get their bonus, and can either use it immediately in the store, or save it for something really special. This code will always be advertised from here on out, similar to how other entry level promo codes work. We keep records anyways, so its not like we’d have to worry about significant exploits, especially since you can’t just up and by items in our shop with regular currency.

New Players upon entry could then find themselves with 15 tokens upon entry, which would get them enough to buy common items, along with some uncommon ones, should they wish (price fluctuations not accounted for at this time).
No. 122902 ID: 074011

What about equipment to equip our demons? They can use items I believe. Properly equip them rather than cheat Ruth-lessly.
No. 122910 ID: 33bf33

>Probably because nobody caught him yet
Tali did.

Also, I'm of the opinion Metal Slime should hold 15-20 tokens. Mainly because that's his entire point, and he has to be valuable enough people will chase him instead of ignoring him.
No. 122920 ID: 1a6fd4

Metal Slime should hold actual money along with the tokens. If we just give stuff that works only in our dungeon, it'd feel like a scam (and it kinda is, since we don't have to pay for tokens).
No. 122921 ID: 1a6fd4

Actually, judging by what happened when Tali caught it, I'm not sure we actually have any say over what MS drops. It just does its own thing. I mean, we hadn't given it any money, and we didn't lose any when it exploded into gold. By the way, I know we tried runing gold once and it didn't work, but did we try with an Alm? I want the Money (or Gold) rune.
No. 122937 ID: 777681

I keep forgetting about Tali in these things.I always view his thread as Pseudo-Cannon. It's Cannon,, but not indicative of the rules of this place. He's an inter-dimensional hopper that doesn't play by our rules.

I'm in agreeance with anon here. We need to start looking at handing out gold in addition to tokens. It was kind of forgivable back then because we were considerably poorer, but now with this expansion upcoming, once its finished we need to split rewards a bit giving both tokens and gold. Especially since some of that gold we may just get back via services throughout prolonged stays in the dungeon. I think as a preventative measure, we need to set aside a portion of gold so that the dungeon can afford to pay adventurers, without dipping into personal reserves to be used for expansions, investments, decoration, and other sundries. Think of it like a personal rewards war chest. Put 1500g-2000g in, and that should be enough to cover an adventurer on a 100% run.

For metal slime, I'm actually more inclined for a hybrid of like, 10 tokens, 500g. Or something similar, because that way we still are giving out a significant chunk of money, and also making sure that our token store sees use.

As for the question of Alm, I'm pretty sure the only loot we got was runes, there was the Aqua rune, and the vest that was either a pittance of 100g or two runes, and we went with runes.

That and I expect trying to rune alm will be the same result as if we runed gold. Nothing. The man is very much against money cheats, probably patched that out. Which does lead to the question about how we can get a gold rune, because making ornate things out of gold is cool.
No. 122940 ID: 1a6fd4

The Gold rune I imagine we could get out of the actual metal. The question would be how we can get the Money rune, since it's one that actually appeared. It could just have been a joke rune, though.
No. 122971 ID: a363ac
File 152623387504.png - (41.25KB , 731x349 , unknown.png )

for people new to the site the rules are https://tgchan.org/kusaba/news.php?p=rules
No. 122972 ID: a363ac

I did phrase that weirdly but leave reactions or any images to here even if they are relevent to the thread it makes archive reading much nicer for future readers, and anything that needs to be referenced to to explain can be done in the discussion thread
No. 122974 ID: 33bf33

Why are you causing trouble? We've been using referral images and such since the thread started, Larro himself has said it's fine.
No. 122975 ID: 69d4b9

If you want a pretty archive you're using the wrong sort of web software in the first place. Image boards make ugly archives no matter what. Fuck off with your web 2.0 attitude, we like stuff looking like shit. It's why we're here instead of on all the other sites that are good for running quests/CYOAs/interactive web novels.
No. 122976 ID: 69d4b9

Besides the familiar imageboard format, the other big advantage this place has over other similar sites is that it's got a reputation for giving authors the freedom to do pretty much whatever. If Larro said "hay keep the non-quest images on the discussion thread or in IRC" there'd be zero pushbaack. Instead you're acting like one of those SV moderators, and they're all shitheads.
No. 122978 ID: a363ac

because since the start of the thread the site underwent rule changes and one of them was putting in a unspoken rule of only letting authors post images in /quest/ (unless image feedback is requested for a purpose) and my job is to let people know about that stuff if they aren't following the rules.
Dude I don't even know what an SV is but don't be a dick. The site has let AUTHORS do what ever they want basically and it has caused issues in the past, any rule that is there is there because its important not because of personal issues. I also don't know what web 2.0 or image boards have to do with anything I said.
No. 122979 ID: 33bf33

Nobody can follow the rules if they're changed arbitrarily and again, Larro has said it's fine if we post references and related images in the thread. If the author of the quest doesn't mind, there's no reason for you to be in here waving your dick around.
No. 122985 ID: e77725

Don't be a dick, guys. Only post images in the main quest thread if it's relevant to the topic being discussed. That's all.

Carry on with your discussion and don't be rude to the mods here.
No. 122992 ID: b1b4f3

It kinda looks like the new rule says that you can only ever post an image if the author prompts it in the prior update, even if the author would be okay with reference images and such.

In that case, perhaps reference images should be linked to, instead of uploaded directly. Imgur is an easy to use image upload site, if anyone needs one.
No. 123000 ID: 1a6fd4

Mindless bureaucratic adherence to the rules is never a good answer. Larro said it's fine if they're relevant, so that should really be the end of it. Let's use common sense here.
No. 123002 ID: a363ac

I did if I mindlessly adheared to the rules I would have deleted and banned at least three people instead I chose to let you guys know about it and since Larro is on the mod team I can talk to him if I think something is amiss. Calling people assholes as a gut reaction like people above did is just likely to get you banned for a day in general for future reference if you have a problem use your big boy words and discuss it without trying to attack the site or the mods. I let you guys know because you might have come from other sites and my gut reaction tells me to alert you to the rules of the site rather then slapping a ban hammer down like I could have. its fine to talk about a moderator action but don't assume that because the author said its ok gives free reign to anything. (It gives alot but not above the honestly very few rules on the site) Larro said that the images were related to his update so they do get a pass.
*Future note might need to move this to Big Dumb Argument thread*
No. 123006 ID: 33bf33

Yet you come in here, talk down to people, and throw around threats of banning. Aren't there rules against not causing drama, not being a jerk and not causing a mess of a thread? Because you've done all three, or are mods above the rules?
Also, nobody called you an asshole, putting words in people's mouth as an excuse for moderation is childish, and if you're really following through on that you need your moderator status reevaluated.
Larro is also a mod, if there was a problem with the images, he would very well be able to deal with anything in his own thread. Instead you come in here, throw your weight around and cause drama and don't even manage to moderate properly. If you had been complaining about an actual reaction image or off-topic image, the blowback wouldn't be nearly this hard. Instead you were complaining about reference images Larro has said are fine for us to post in the quest thread, started screeching about no images at all, caused massive amounts of drama and even after Larro has put his foot down, you're still here continuing the Drama, saying that what Larro says doesn't matter.
No. 123007 ID: 679a6d

Right, so uh.
Here's a Statistics page for Audit Quest, I just finished compiling the Dungeon Staff upgrades onto it. It also has a list of runes and our current services/basic store items list. I don't know if >>122768 wants to move the loot stuff there or not. Maybe better if it's kept to Pastebin and just linked to the statistic page to keep it from getting too messy?
No. 123008 ID: e77725

Guys, stop. Seriously. I said my piece on it, nothing more needs to be said. Keep discussion here relevant to my quests, not rules. It's already been settled.
No. 123010 ID: 777681

Yeah, I think for the purpose of clarity because the list is SO BIG. I think a Link will be better. I'm currently working on revisions to add some placeholder lore that people can then discuss alterations to at a later date. I'll post a new pastebin when its time.
No. 123011 ID: 33bf33

If you do a loot page, make sure to keep it only loot that's currently dropped and not loot that's being considered or hasn't been implemented yet. It'd probably keep the page size down.
No. 123012 ID: 777681

I'll keep that in mind. It's a bit of a balance since this list includes items that don't officially drop, but we sell in our token shop.

Might have to consider separating from boss drops and store items.
No. 123013 ID: 33bf33

Aren't store items mostly cosmetic anyways, like Dakis and Keychains, or did we actually add in useful shit?
No. 123015 ID: 777681

The intention was to add some useful items as well. Yeah. Equipment, weapons, trinkets, etc. Along with Daki's, Keychains, shirts and figurines. You'll note them in the pastebin as they are listed.
No. 123248 ID: 5ddaa1

If the present group wins against Curi, I strongly suggest that we give them Curi's necklace. It buffs all mental stats, and is likely to give Aberration better control of her monster parts. It'll stick with them, even if they die, and it'll also be a test of character for Keeper not to pawn it.
No. 123254 ID: 679a6d

You mean the Royal Slime Necklace? Eh, the stats might help but something specifically to grant resistance to such things would probably help more.

>Tabard of the Slime Guard: Uncommon Drop by Knight Slimes(Rosalyn, Colt, Reginald), Rare Drop from Squire and Archer Slimes. 22 Tokens. +1 DEF, Resistance to Mental Effects. Patterned with the heraldry of Slimecrown, the reminder to protect their homeland steels their resolve.

This was my first idea, but I'm not sure a general resistance to mental effects would really work since it's more an issue of her body functioning properly than anything. Hm...

>Light Slime's Halo: Ultra Rare Drop from Light Slime. 40 Tokens. +2 Charisma, +2 Willpower, suppresses demonic influence. The halo of a Light Slime typically dissipates with the slime's destruction, but in very rare cases it becomes infused with enough Light to become a permanent item. The glow it emanates can suppress some dark or demonic effects on the wearer.
No. 123284 ID: 5fd619

Ohhh, I like that idea. Give them something like that and it'll keep them coming back.
No. 123285 ID: 91ee5f

>Light Slime's Halo
Don’t forget to add that it glows in the dark and can provide a little bit of light in dark areas.
No. 123298 ID: 777681

I would be slightly leary about giving up the rolling drop table for the purpose of getting people to come back. The Curi Necklace is great, but it should remain a challenge to get it, so the rolls should kind of stay, I think.

That said, the idea of making some smaller drop tables for smaller fights, like the Rosalyn's and Colt's of the world. That would be good. Make it a 15-20% chance for the rare drops and then add like 2-3 other minor items and you're going in the right direction I think.
No. 123317 ID: 5fd619

Sure, let the Curi Necklace remain a challenge. The good idea is dropping an item that helps against their problem, not giving them a rare one; the Light Slime's Halo as defined is ultra rare, but it could also be, I dunno, something like a drop from Monk Slime that "grants mastery over one's own body" or something like that.
No. 123324 ID: 5ddaa1


The Slime-Fu manual would probably be his item. "Mind like Flowing Water" or something.


As for staying with the roll table, I think we've been fairly liberal about breaking that for the purposes of giving people loot they want/need. I'd say the challenge of beating Curi is already high enough. However, if we want to give them a lower tier item that serves the purpose well enough, I'm not opposed. I honestly think Curi will be too much for Aberration, phone or no, based on her level and how Curi has performed against those in her range in the past.
No. 123326 ID: 5fd619

Aberration appears to be a lot more powerful than normal for her level; but then again, if there's the possibility of her not surviving Curi (or Jeffrey, as it may be, I want her to challenge him), it'd be better to make the item in question a consumable with a permanent effect. So yes, a manual would be ideal.
No. 123328 ID: 5ddaa1


Items and gold acquired in the dungeon go with the party when they die, I believe. While it's true we get a certain amount of gold for killing them and runes from their items, most of that is protected because of their insurance. They definitely keep the items, as Spark Mage, Mage, and the most forgettable rogue all kept theirs despite meeting untimely ends.

There's also the whole "Could she actually read and absorb the message of the Slime manual?" which I'm not sure of. Still, I have no objection to the Halo or the Manual making an appearance before the Curi fight to give them a sporting chance. A permanent buff as opposed to a salable item to tempt her owner(?) misses one box I had hoped to tick, but my only major objective is that we help Aberration earn a bit of independence.
No. 123334 ID: 5fd619

Not quite. The items they brought into the dungeon with them may be covered by insurance (apparently insurance isn't all-or-nothing as Moon Elf had some stuff that wasn't), new loot acquired inside it are not. Individual deaths don't matter, but if the whole party gets killed or they withdraw, they lose everything they didn't bring with them.
Oh, and individual deaths definitely do matter for us. As long as someone dies at least once, even if they leave the dungeon alive, we get a copy of their stuff. I'm not entirely sure if it's only the insured stuff that we get in that case, tho. Never mind that last line, Angie came in without insurance and we still got a copy of her stuff.
No. 123412 ID: 33bf33

I'm pretty sure people keep anything they win, even if they die. Especially since originally our goal was to funnel them into the basement for a sure death, those adventurers kept any items from bosses they had beaten.
No. 123761 ID: e78a70

Fuck I need to go to sleep. Hope I get to participate in the thread next time.
No. 125883 ID: 2202fb

This update schedule is insane
No. 125884 ID: fd6b99

You havent lived until you've missed out on enough of a Larro Quest to not want to catch up out of fear that all your invested time will be for naught when it is dropped for another quest on another site and then you repeat the cycle over and over until you just give up and run away from the IRC out of a combination of shame and fear
No. 125886 ID: cdb781

The old days on /qst/ In which you had to read through 2000+ posts were fun times. But this is slightly better for our mad lad.
No. 125908 ID: 1a6fd4

>old days
pick one
No. 125919 ID: 1a6fd4

No need to "rip anyone a new one". You complained about the update schedule here, no need to go do it in the Audit thread too, where it's in the way.
Oh, and you had complained about it before: >>/quest/896658
No. 125928 ID: d9f902

Larro kinda works two jobs, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time for questing, nowadays. We had a holiday recently. So, he took the time to update when he actually had a chance. I know this is wildly inconsistent for some folks, but bear in mind it's really all he can do at this point. Just try to be patient, and realize that long droughts are kind of a Larro quest staple between bursts of activity. In the meantime, rest assured, the IRCs and everyone on discord are constantly set to max bully reminding him to run whenever possible.
No. 125937 ID: 2202fb

Ah, i see the disconnect. While the first time was a complaint, the other two were not. They were just comments on the extreme contrast. In my experience, quests tend to update fairly regularly, but in small updates that are usually anywhere from bi-weekly to monthly.
No. 125939 ID: 2202fb

Updating multiple times in one day is just kind of an alien concept for me.
No. 125941 ID: e1d580

You must not read Lago quests then, either
No. 126513 ID: 2a7417

I'm really curious to see if Abomination will even write a review.
No. 126675 ID: c26b8d

Could someone please compile all the lore pictures. The characters, monsters, and items. Preferably on somewhere easy to find and reference, like the wiki.
No. 126676 ID: 824c43

You mean these? https://imgur.com/a/xRrl2
No. 126677 ID: 080aaf

Already there.
No. 127020 ID: c26b8d

Is there any word on when Larro mught be running again?
No. 127818 ID: e77725
File 155036065966.jpg - (249.02KB , 1700x2200 , Prizes 01.jpg )

Prizes for Audit
No. 127819 ID: e77725
File 155036067695.jpg - (233.85KB , 1700x2200 , prizes 02.jpg )

No. 127820 ID: e77725
File 155036068833.jpg - (195.26KB , 1700x2200 , prizes 03.jpg )

No. 127821 ID: e77725
File 155036070052.jpg - (204.17KB , 1700x2200 , prizes 04.jpg )

No. 127822 ID: e77725
File 155036071317.jpg - (180.38KB , 1700x2200 , prizes 05.jpg )

No. 127824 ID: 679a6d

There's also a few extra items I've suggested earlier here in the dis thread.

>Jelly Gem: This squishy gem is highly prized by slime-kind, though most other races value it for it's flavor. Can be traded to Slimecrown's shop for 15(or however many is thought appropriate) Slime Tokens or consumed as a potent healing restorative.

>Colt's Regret: Rare Colt Item, +2 Defense, resistance to lightning. This helmet once belonged to Colt, Guard Captain of Slimecrown. Granted to him as a gift, it was damaged and lost in battle. He keeps the scars on his face from its loss in memory of the brave slimes slaughtered back then. The comfy-cloth slime lining the inside of it makes it quite comfortable to wear and keeps it from getting sticky!

>Blessed Armor-Shield/Paladin's Determination: Rare Rosalyn Item. +1 Defense, Endurance effect(if the user takes damage that would kill them, survive with 1 HP once per Dungeon instance. Resets if killed and revived) A makeshift shield that was originally the Slime Paladin Rosalyn's Armor. It's not so effective as a shield, but it's spent so long in the Paladin's presence that it's inherited a fragment of her devotion to the Royal Family.

The two below I came up with as possible drops for the mental effect issue.

>Tabard of the Slime Guard: Uncommon Drop by Knight Slimes(Rosalyn, Colt, Reginald), Rare Drop from Squire and Archer Slimes. 22 Tokens. +1 DEF, Resistance to Mental Effects. Patterned with the heraldry of Slimecrown, the reminder to protect their homeland steels their resolve.

>Light Slime's Halo: Ultra Rare Drop from Light Slime. 40 Tokens. +2 Charisma, +2 Willpower, suppresses demonic influence. The halo of a Light Slime typically dissipates with the slime's destruction, but in very rare cases it becomes infused with enough Light to become a permanent item. The glow it emanates can suppress some dark or demonic effects on the wearer.

If Curi had used Light Slime effects at all in the fight we could use that to justify the halo. Too bad we missed the whole thing.
No. 127895 ID: 0cfbce
File 155056055139.gif - (1.86MB , 313x500 , __original_drawn_by_mike_inel__94edf44fcea0bfc2b91.gif )

porn pic

saw this and made me wonder about the limits of slime shape-shifting.

also, lewd slime when?
No. 127896 ID: e77725
File 155056919166.png - (574.53KB , 1200x1200 , 10.png )

Why would you want to lewd a slime?
No. 127906 ID: 864e49
File 155060540260.png - (19.92KB , 800x600 , 126292209683.png )

Slime has no concept of lewd.
No. 128995 ID: 0cfbce


girl has shark hand puppets, made me think of hoodie.
No. 129085 ID: c26b8d

An idea for an archer drop. We recently had our slime archers switch their arrows with slime arrows. We could make a bow, or quiver that could apply slime to the arrows. We could even have additional charms(ala keyblade keychains), with the forms of various 2 rune slimes which would modify any slime equipment with the properties of that slime. We could either have them be VERY rare drops, or sell them in the store. With more sought after ones like Explosion or Gravity slime being MUCH more rare/expensive.
No. 129635 ID: 40eb8d

Saw a gif thingy on pixiv(no idea how to save those) that had a inanimate doll/puppet, and then a slime oozed into it and used it as an exoskeleton to walk around.

Basically could be an interesting fight becuase you think it's one kind of monster then surprise it's still more slime. Have spare dolls in the room and it can jump into them. Have the dolls be diifferet styles to give different stats to make it a boss fight.
No. 129666 ID: 1a6fd4

That sounds pretty good, actually.
No. 130661 ID: 679a6d

...Have we really done much as far as infusing rooms with runes, or is that more of an automatic part of room design? We might want to look into that, maybe add something to the hub room and the comfy pit if they don't have any runes.
No. 131469 ID: 679a6d

Audit Quest Chapter 10 has arrived.

Dusting of ye olde Discuss thread for reasons.

Anyway, the reason for the sudden loss of info OOC is that Larro's HDD died. So lost notes. At least we have some of the records, between here and the stats page of the wiki.
No. 132364 ID: 0fae41
File 158467593556.png - (36.12KB , 300x350 , STRINGSLIME.png )

Couldn't find where or if this was posted originally, so... here it is. (Again?) By Gnuk.
No. 133566 ID: beea23

Sooooooo...is Audit Quest dead?
No. 133567 ID: 9f0903

Larro just takes his time, is all.
No. 133719 ID: 09f5d1

Hope it comes back spon
No. 137368 ID: 33f0ce

Huh, interesting. Just found out that every very time I've been imagining the kobold pirate captain (that one pirate cove dungeon idea) I've just been imagining Admiral Denjold. Neat.
No. 138311 ID: f43935

Where did that Glass Heart come from, and what are the differences between Mithril and Adamantine in this world?
No. 138312 ID: 7397c3

the Glass Heart was the drop from Glass Spinner's dungeon chest in thread 8.5
No. 138317 ID: f43935

I wonder if there is anything stopping us from just, inverting Every Rune until they repeat
No. 138318 ID: 8021ac

it's been suggested a few times already, we're just waiting on Larro
No. 138319 ID: 7397c3

Beats me. I'd like to clear up those 28 arrows pointing to "???" in the chart, myself. Especially the Space rune.
No. 138535 ID: 298597

I can't seem to find it. What did inverting Time get us? Since inverting Space got us Foundation, i thought maybe Time would get us Eternal.
No. 138539 ID: 7397c3

Time becomes World, chapter 8. You expected Eternal but it was me, Dio!
There's a handy Known Opposites chart in the wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics#Known_Opposites
No. 138540 ID: 298597

Ah, I didn't notice the little banner sending you there. I only checked out the table of contents and the rest of the page and couldn't find them.
No. 138542 ID: 298597

We could reacquire the Octopus and Noodle runes shown in bonus content by paying Chef 50 gold each since he mentioned way back when that's how much it costs to get a rune out of his food. Might be able to get Dog that way too. Maybe there's even a generic Food rune.
No. 138547 ID: 298597

I wonder if Scuba Steve's rune is for Fish? That would be another rune that Chef could provide.
No. 138548 ID: 7397c3

That's actually a pretty good idea. You should suggest it to Mary.

Considering what we know of them? My bet's on Torpedo.
No. 138561 ID: 298597

How are we going to make 17 more 5 rune creatures without messing up our existing structure?
No. 138562 ID: 7397c3

Well... they can fight in a room that doesn't allow their rune count, just with reduced abilities. So if we, for example, gave Colt another rune, he'd still fight like a 4-rune monster unless we stuck him in a boss room. We also have a few non-fighting 4-runes, like Giselle and Germaine... but that said, they're still changing every time we add a rune, so basically changing a bunch of our roster all at once is kind of a problem? Also, we'd need a whole lotta runes.
No. 138585 ID: 04697a

I've been thinking it might be an idea to make some creatures/rooms/bosses appear in specific circumstances.

The easy one being Raid Mode, we could have a different layout and stronger roster for it, so it doesn't disrupt the existing rooms.

Could also do the same thing for the hidden 'hardmode' when attacking Ms. Bloops
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