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File 149586418968.png - (128.29KB , 540x480 , D3Quest.png )
111978 No. 111978 ID: 8a947d

I made a quest, guess I should make one of these too!

Expand all images
No. 111979 ID: 8a947d
File 149586964173.png - (150.10KB , 1212x826 , Issei Graphic.png )

I named Issei after Issei Sagawa, an infamous cannibal. I don't know much about Sagawa's story, but I do know I like is his name enough to use it for a character
No. 112032 ID: 9876c4

This is a great quest, and it's been updating super fast, and I never know what's coming next.

Our Pagan has a finely tuned blend of roguish charm.
No. 112033 ID: 8a947d

Thanks! I've got enough free time right now to basically keep refreshing and see what reply to any suggestions that come up. Not sure how long that'll last though.

To be honest I sort of don't know hats gonna happen next either, this thing is half planned out and half me making it up as I go.
No. 112034 ID: 3d2d5f

I didn't even know our Heretic's gender when I doodled that dress, but I love that we ran with it and now we have a reluctant cross dresser with womanly curves.

This quest is a good fun silly romp.
No. 112035 ID: 8a947d

Question for anybody that's here:

Did anybody like the Soul Poker game I made ? Its sorta seemed like that part of the quest got the least attention compared to the rest.
No. 112036 ID: 3abd97

Personally, I'm not very good at poker, so I just sat back and let other suggestors drive.
No. 112037 ID: 90f3c0

It was alright, but over-powered soul card kind of messed it up. It's hard to employ any strategy when hands are being reset, and cards get swapped at the last minute.
No. 112038 ID: 3ce125

Having weird action cards in a poker game makes it... well, not quite poker. Even from the limited selection of special cards we could see, it seemed impossible to predict which way a game would go. If you're not betting real money that's fine, I guess.
No. 112040 ID: 8a947d


On that note, should I not use the Soul Poker game anymore ?
No. 112042 ID: 808a95

This quest has been very good so far. The world itself feels very interesting, and I want to learn and see more of it... Does this mean I'm against the protagonist on this one?

From my point of view, it was interesting. I'm not an expert of poker myself, I only have some experience, and I didn't had much time to participate in the quest when the match was happening, but it seemed somewhat fun, although the randomness could be a little annoying.

I feel that everyone will chose once they are given the chance again. Personally, I think it is fine, even if some stuff was very new and we didn't had much time to adapt.

Then again I'm not the betting type, so chances are that I wouldn't go for it, but it's good to have the option.
No. 112043 ID: 90f3c0

There's no reason to remove it. Leave it up to suggesters to choose to play again, or pursue other sources of cash.
No. 112045 ID: 8a947d

I'm glad people are enjoying this quest seeing as it's the first time I've done this sort of thing.
I was worried It wouldn't go so well since this was sort of a spur of the moment thing. This quest was more of an exercise to get used to using a tablet since up until now I've been drawing on paper.

I feel like I've been asking too many questions, does anyone have anything they'd want to ask me ?
No. 112048 ID: c31aac

You seem to be pretty preoccupied with cannibalism given what I've seen of your work.

Wuzzat, some sorta vore thing?

NAH I kid, what got you drawing our heretical friend so... curvy?
No. 112058 ID: 8a947d

Never meant to in the first place. Somebody suggested that the Pagan's disguise for after the prison escape be a dress and kept making the feminine curves joke, and I just rolled with it.
No. 112059 ID: 91ee5f

>feminine curves joke
Yeah, that was me. Someone else suggested the dress.

A gender was never specified, so when I asked, and you gave the insulted "I'm obviously a man" reaction, I had to point out how wide his hips looked in that paper doll you gave us to draw suggestions on. But then I decided to go a little further and point it out as him having feminine curves. His reaction was priceless, so I just stuck with it! XD

If it's starting to annoy you, I'll stop.

Question: Does Heretic have a name or are we just going to keep calling him Heretic?
No. 112060 ID: 8a947d

Don't worry, if it annoyed me I wouldn't have gone along with it in the first place.

I'm not sure if he'll get a proper name or not, but I might have to when we meet other Pagans so its not confusing.
No. 112062 ID: ea371e

If its any consolation I have a particular fondness for curvy men lmao

Saucy fanart guaranteed!
No. 112117 ID: fa8f9d

Can we get a more detailed description of what our stats let us do as to what extent?
No. 112124 ID: 8a947d

Wit: Its all about using your head, Wit lets you think up ideas or concepts quickly without fail. With the current wit of 8 are incredibly quick on the draw when it comes to taking in your surroundings and using them to your advantage.

Strength: Brawn and over all physical prowess, pretty self explanatory. Lifting, punching, striking are all determined by your strength. With the current strength of 2 you are below average in strength making you useless in any form of hand to hand combat or moving heavy objects.

Agility: How fast and on balance you are, Agility lets you move quicker and not fall flat on your face. At your current Agility of 3 you aren't super nimble but you're not a total clutz, you can vault over barriers, run at a good speed and do a wicked handstand but you have plenty of room for improvement.

Charm: Your looks and how you present yourself, superficial appearance, Charm makes people like you more and makes you easier to approach. With your current Charm of 5 you've got head turning charisma, definitely a looker but still resistible to those serious enough.

Skill: Technical skill, how well you can put things together and take them apart. Skill helps you do things that take more finesse, cracking safes, picking locks, fixing objects. With your current Skill of 4 you are proficient enough to pick simple locks or fix broken objects.
No. 112125 ID: c31aac


Ay lad, favicon up
No. 112233 ID: 8a947d
File 149670891278.png - (35.35KB , 697x549 , Issei Loves Strawberry.png )

This my first time doing a quest so I'm worried I might be doing something wrong or might need to change something about how I'm doing things.

Does anyone have any sort of complaints or criticism about D3QUest ?
No. 112251 ID: 3ce125

I've gotten used to it by now, but I wouldn't mind seeing a 1/3 or whatever for cutscenes, so we know when they start and end.
No. 112258 ID: f23c81

Marking cutscenes is always a good thing because no one likes posting and then the author posts the rest of it and you feel a fool, A FOOL. In all seriousness I mean there are some small things but you are doing pretty damn well
No. 112269 ID: 91ee5f

Like the guys above me said, letting us know when multiple image posts are happening will let us know to wait until all pictures have been posted before we start suggesting actions.

You can type in the "Subject" field 1/2 or 1/7 or something like that, to let us know there's going to be multiple posts.
No. 112273 ID: fe7355

You could also do what I noticed Slinko does with his cutscenes and put "sage" in the email for all the cutscene posts except for the last one. That keeps it from bumping up until the cutscene is finished.
No. 112322 ID: 8a947d
File 149681285941.png - (122.40KB , 1212x826 , Lyda.png )

Christ people still remember Lyda? she showed up once and had one line of dialogue.
No. 112323 ID: 3abd97

She also maybe-flirted with our PC while he was still in drag, which opens fun / silly possibilities.
No. 112324 ID: 91ee5f

After looking through the previous threads, I finally remembered who she is. She's that one lady that said, "That dress looks good on you." to us while she was leaving with a package she got from Troy.

So, I guess according to this picture, if it's canon, her "new toy" is that sniper rife, right?
No. 112325 ID: 8a947d

She's a sniper but that rifles not what she got from Troy, I don't think we'll learn what she bought from Troy as that scene was more of a way to Introduce Troy rather than Lyda
No. 112329 ID: c31aac

Bruh no

Chekov's gun is a sacred rite

So are Chekov's Gams
No. 112354 ID: 8a947d
File 149688840276.jpg - (4.09MB , 2033x3629 , 2017-06-07 00_47_18.jpg )

Maybe we'll learn, maybe we won't, who knows.

I keep forgetting to put mechanics I want to use into the quest then I feel bad about putting them in later on, like i'm dumping new shit on people out of no where. like how I just started using the roll system or how I completely forgot about the Skill attribute,

but I can tell people aren't very serious about this sort of thing.
No. 112363 ID: c31aac

you'd be surprised how anal we can be about game mechanics actually

Keep it up, the skill system's a nice way to keep us aware of what we can and can't manage.
No. 112398 ID: b0784e

Out of curiosity, what about the other choices of characters we could have picked? The Seer and the Priest? What would their powers have been, I think the priests powers are obvious enough, but hey you threw me for curve ball with the pagan as I didn't expect demons to be his power.
No. 112400 ID: 8a947d

The Prophet would've been strength and power; a Prophet is a person who has a god inhabiting their bodies giving them their own powers. The Prophets god would've been the god of war Albiair and would've given him superhuman strength at the price of wits. He's basically the fighter of the three option and the Priest is the holy mage guy, you've already seen what they can do.
No. 112401 ID: 3ce125

I'm guessing Athmoor's story would have been different if we started as one of the other two. Or maybe we'd have eventually turned against the church once we learned the truth? Can Priests and Prophets still use their powers if they cut ties with the church?
No. 112403 ID: b0784e

Ahh, so that means we are essentially playing the rogue class. Well I intend to change that, by the end of this im hoping we will have a pagan warrior!
No. 112404 ID: 8a947d

Prophets aren't with the church, The Regent Church worships a certain pantheon of gods: The Sky God, The Sea God, The Air God, and the Earth God. They don't give a shit about the others as long as its not demons or voodoo or any other bullshit.

If you had chosen a different character the story would be completely different as well, don't forget this is part planned part made up as I go, remember the Pagan barely had a goal until you guys chose it for him. Athmoor would probably be total irrelevant to anyone besides the Pagan
No. 112411 ID: b0784e

Do the pagans have any other God beyond Athmoor? And I'd like to hear about the gods of this world, those other gods of the regent church sound interesting, can we hear about those?
No. 112421 ID: 8a947d

I don't think there's much I can say about the gods, From what I've got the God of the Sky Zarkaus is the main god of the Regent Pantheon basically evoking Zeus. It was his Idea to kill Athmoor and he led the others to do it. Beyond that there's not much else I can tell you, anything else will be revealed as the quest goes on.

Athmoor is the only higher beings the pagans pay any mind. They get pretty pissed if he's called a god though, they call him a Primeval Demon but its all the same thing.
No. 112428 ID: f64d1f
File 149702603296.jpg - (217.84KB , 1108x568 , Talking to this douchebag 33.jpg )

No. 112430 ID: 91ee5f

If you've got questions you want to ask to the characters, then take it over to the ITQ Thread!

It's where everyone else asks questions to quest characters, NOT in the disthread for that quest!
No. 112431 ID: be0718

Sure it is, but there's no rule against asking about a specific character in their own disthread.
No. 112434 ID: 8a947d
File 149704147242.png - (77.07KB , 833x671 , Qustions.png )

W-wha ? Me? Sure I guess I could answer some questions.
No. 112439 ID: f64d1f
File 149705711902.jpg - (384.91KB , 1116x984 , Talking to this douchebag 34.jpg )

No. 112444 ID: 8a947d
File 149705816433.png - (88.07KB , 734x608 , Qustions 2.png )

I'm glad to hear you like my art style! I was a little worried I wouldn't do well with the minimalistic thing.

Anything set after the end of the world really, stuff like Fallout and Mad Max and also Fantasy Settings like Skyrim. I've always liked the idea that after the world ended a much different one would come up in the wake of the destruction, magic, mythic creatures things like that. Since this was my first quest I wanted to keep things relatively simple so its still got that fantasy style to it.
No. 112462 ID: 8a947d

Feels a little weird only asking for the protagonist's name three chapters into the story... oh well.
No. 112463 ID: 64053e

Well no one asked and most time when we were talking to people it was semi-shady dealings where names weren't needed or wanted to be known.
No. 112464 ID: 8a947d

You've got a point, but I also feel weird about a main character with no real name. I guess a lot of the time it doesn't matter as long as we can identify him as The Pagan.
No. 112467 ID: f64d1f
File 149711498515.jpg - (185.07KB , 1340x448 , Talking to this douchebag 38.jpg )

No. 112480 ID: 8a947d
File 149712885636.png - (97.92KB , 950x723 , Qustions 3.png )

I can only really remember reading Weaver's quests: RubyQuest, NanQuest, and DiveQuest. Now that I think about D3Quest was gonna have some DiveQuest elements at first but I changed it more afterwards. This was a while ago though, so I don't remember much from them. The other quests I did read that really grabbed me were discontinued so i never got to suggest anything

But I've never participated in a quest myself, don't know why. Probably should suggest stuff in more quests now.
No. 112482 ID: 3abd97

Not having the time to keep up with other active quests while running your own isn't exactly uncommon among authors.
No. 112501 ID: 111586
File 149722139014.jpg - (190.84KB , 900x728 , Talking to this douchebag 41.jpg )

No. 112502 ID: 8a947d
File 149722414353.png - (152.31KB , 723x535 , Questions (Josuke).png )

I have a hard time choosing a favorite anything, but the first person that came to my mind was Josuke Higashikata from JoJo part 4
No. 112505 ID: b0784e

No. 112521 ID: c31aac

No. 112555 ID: 8a947d

And so ends chapter 3. I regret making the Skullworm look like that drawing it was a chore sometimes, but I did like how it looked so I guess the effort was worth it.
No. 112556 ID: 3ce125

It did look pretty damn spooky!
No. 112559 ID: 8a947d

Also I feel like I should say this now, That skull that the Skullworm dropped ? I put it there for you guys to pick up and sell to Ada when you go back to Itsdin, not to stomp on.
No. 112560 ID: 91ee5f

Well, in our defense, we thought the worm was going to respawn if we didn't break it. Plus, it was a dangerous enemy, so we wanted to make sure it stayed down!
No. 112561 ID: 8a947d

I understand that in hindsight, my line of thinking was more so towards a video game boss dropping cool loot, not an enemy dropping a respawn point. Oh well there'll be more opportunities for money later.
No. 112564 ID: 3abd97

>try to give your players nice loot
>they smash it
I'm laughing. I totally see where our paranoia is justified, but I'm still laughing.
No. 112565 ID: 3ce125

Maybe next time the loot should just go straight into our inventory.
No. 112566 ID: ab3baa

I had a feeling that might be the case but after that much trouble with the worm that would not die, it's funny to smash the thing to be sure.
No. 112567 ID: 8a947d

Yeah maybe, but then we wouldn't have hilarious moments were we destroy mystical artifacts worth hundreds of gold. Now I'm waiting for you guys to throw a golden statue into a furnace because it might have been a little bit cursed.

It probably will next time, The Skull Shards are still useful though.
No. 112568 ID: ab3baa

Woah now, and create some sort of haunted furnace? No, throw it into the sea. The sea is already cursed.
No. 112584 ID: 8a947d
File 149755149572.png - (221.84KB , 1212x826 , Art Style Change .png )

Might change the art style, not sure though
No. 112585 ID: 3583d1

Personally I like the current art style, there's something kind of endearing about the cute round head versions. But you do you, whatever makes it easier for you to draw.
No. 112586 ID: 8a947d
File 149755296301.png - (125.82KB , 835x768 , Look what I found.png )

Both artstyles have their ups and downs, but I mostly worry about more physical action scenes I make, I get the feeling the smaller characters might be harder to convey good fight scenes with.

I could try switching between the styles as the quest goes on, that might work the best
No. 112592 ID: 97bb2d

That might yeah, alternatively when we do get into a fight or a scene calls for more dramatic tension, you switch to a more full body style but then when it's just light hearted adventure and fun times we go back to small characters
No. 112593 ID: 9876c4

I'm a sucker for a good chibi-fight scene.

the intermix of cute and creepy isn't the only draw for the quest, but it's a big one for me.
No. 112597 ID: 5372b5

I think you've done a great job with making the action scenes feel dynamic so far, but sure, whatever you feel works best.
No. 112605 ID: 8a947d

Might I ask what the other things drawing you are ?
No. 112614 ID: 9876c4

Sassy protognist,
The mixture of old west and church militant settings
Monsters, misfits and demons as allies
High action, low drama
And more!

I can't deny you've done a lot of things right.
No. 112618 ID: 91ee5f

You forgot to mention Gallows' feminine curves! XD
No. 112650 ID: 8a947d

I was sure I would have to edit that wiki page myself but I'm glad somebody else already did it, and added that list of summons cause I've been using that a lot this whole time.

I should start editing it myself soon though.
No. 112666 ID: 91ee5f

What the fuck are we supposed to do?! Are we missing something?! How do we get out of this?! DX
No. 112667 ID: 8a947d

Sorry man, there's no walkthrough for this game.
No. 112668 ID: 91ee5f

No. 112779 ID: 8a947d

2 or 3 days til i get a new tablet pen, no updates til then. Not that long though.
No. 112858 ID: 91ee5f

Aw, damnit! I just now thought of how we might've been able to get Roland out the situation he was in! We should've rolled to use his high WITS stat to realize that the eyeball he was staring at was an illusion!

Why didn't I think of that sooner! DX
No. 112977 ID: 3ce125

RNGesus sure has been kind to Issei!
No. 112978 ID: 8a947d

I know right ? This is insane ! Aside from that one critical failure Issei's been getting great rolls.
No. 113020 ID: fa8f9d

I'm mildly upset that issei is getting all the super cool action scenes compared to the sorta cool scenes gallows has been in. It's probably the higher variety that higher stats offer
No. 113022 ID: 8a947d
File 149872185816.jpg - (2.53MB , 2090x2310 , 2017-06-29 00_31_45.jpg )

I plan to give Gallows some better scenes after the New Olmec thing, The issue is I can show Issei ripping through twenty people because he's a strength guy but I feel Roland's cool moments might be less action-y and come from him thinking more than fighting. I might draw more inspiration from JJBA fights since those tend to involve characters using their wit's to solve fights.

I have a question for you guys: The New Olmec chapter is reaching it's climax as Issei reaches the clock tower, how did you guys feel about how I set this one up ? Were you glad that I showed another character or would you have preferred I stayed with Gallows ?
No. 113023 ID: 8a947d

Also people need to stop rolling nat 20's the Issei wouldn't be so badass if they didn't keep rolling nat 20's
No. 113024 ID: 3ce125

It's a pretty interesting chapter. A good showcase of what Issei is capable of.
No. 113028 ID: 91ee5f

I'm glad you decided to switch.
No. 113036 ID: ceb42b

I thought the switch was a nice touch. Just to clarify I'm not upset that we're playing Issei, it's more like i would've also like to see Rolans in the fight with his limited skills. On that note, I'm seeing that the religious soldiers in the other city have slightly different looks. I'm excited to see the slight variations in the religious cities.
No. 113041 ID: 8a947d

Well the quest isn't over yet, we still got plenty of time to show Roland kicking ass.
No. 113044 ID: 91ee5f

Oh no! RNGesus has finally forsaken Issei! DX
No. 113045 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, wait, never mind. Someone finally got a good roll.
No. 113047 ID: 91ee5f

Never mind my never minding. I guess the good roll got in too late and didn't count. Damnit! DX
No. 113050 ID: 3ce125

I jinxed it sorry
No. 113342 ID: 722a8d

Right, I finnally managed to catch up. And I have two questions.

First: Am I the only one who feels tempted to literally sell everything (maybe including Roland's body) so we can buy so many ingredients that we can use to spam so many demons next time?

And for the most important question: Did Roland get his hat back?
No. 113351 ID: 8a947d

Nope, hat got lost when he was brainwashed. Roland's gonna get a wardrobe change because I like dressing characters in different clothes whenever I get the chance though, so be maybe he'll get a new one then.
No. 113354 ID: 91ee5f

R.I.P. Hat with 3 of Hearts playing card on it. )-':>
No. 113356 ID: efcc58

I'm the faggot who made the two of hearts outfit. Should I use the old paper doll to make a new one? I'd like to incorporate an eyepatch now that I know his eye is actually missing.
No. 113358 ID: efcc58

Also, is Gallows left or right handed?
No. 113359 ID: 8a947d

Lets say for the sake of simplicity he's ambidextrous.

I'm not sure if I want to use the paper doll or just make an outfit for him to wear I kinda wish I had him where his hooded coat for a little longer.
No. 113360 ID: 8a947d

If I do use the doll method, I'll draw another Gallows doll
No. 113361 ID: 9876c4

Bring back the/a hooded coat! It's iconic, and Gallows rocks it!
No. 113362 ID: 4dd5b9

I have an idea for a hooded poncho. How does a green and brown palette sound?
No. 113366 ID: 8a947d

good, considering I'm only gonna color it like 20 % of the time, I guess I'll use the doll method and see what people bring.
No. 113369 ID: 91ee5f

>Lets say for the sake of simplicity he's ambidextrous.
That makes sense, considering if we increase his SKILL stat, he'll be allowed to dual wield guns and his aim won't suffer!
No. 113370 ID: 4dd5b9

We're not going to get anywhere high enough for that if everyone keeps voting to raise charm and wit.
No. 113371 ID: 8a947d

Speaking of the stat's, I think I'm going to change the way stats work. I want to add skills and character attributes as well as altering some other stuff.

I hate having to totally change stuff mid quest, but I also hate the way I made them in the first place. Some rules may be a little different after the change, but It shouldn't be too much.

I'm sorry if this seems kinda sloppy, but this is my first time making a quest and I'm still getting used to it.
No. 113373 ID: 91ee5f

>Changing stats.
I guess this means we've got a better chance at dual wielding now!

>I hate having to totally change stuff mid quest, but I also hate the way I made them in the first place.
It happens more often than you'd think! Even the quest making veterans on the site, that have 5 or 6 quests under their belt, will reach a point in the quest where they want to change something. So don't worry about it!
No. 113375 ID: 91ee5f

Also, if Roland ever get asked what his very first summon was, I have 2 predictions on what it is!

1. It was some giant high level demon of some kind that scared the hell outta everyone! DX

2. It was that tiny demon dragon that goes "Bahonka Squee!" from the drawthread! XD
No. 113378 ID: 9876c4

Someone post the Bahonkasquee.
No. 113404 ID: 315280
File 149967171919.png - (124.06KB , 1212x826 , IMG_2451.png )

No. 113405 ID: 315280
File 149967192090.jpg - (152.88KB , 736x981 , IMG_2450.jpg )

I'm excited for fusion summing, if we mix living pyre with roaming gluttony, I can only hope we get this...
No. 113421 ID: 8a947d

I really want to add other sections to the wiki like characters and junk. But with all of the stuff in the edit section I'm too scared to break anything.
No. 113422 ID: 3d2d5f

There's a preview button that lets you see what the output looks like before saving changes, if you're worried about breaking things.

Also it's a wiki. Worst case, if you *do* do something catastrophic, the revision can be undone.

Generally, the worst you can do is make a page messy or untidy looking, which is simple for more experienced editors to clean up. The only way I think inexperience could really break anything was if you tried editing templates that are called by many pages (so leaving "template:infobox" alone is a good idea).

But you have official wiki admin sanction to go ahead and try to improve your quest page. If you can't figure out how to do something, just ask.
No. 113427 ID: 3ce125

You can also just revert changes if something breaks. There's no risk! Go hog wild!
No. 113475 ID: fa8f9d

Here's to hoping ada doesn't snitch and we questers will never learn to love ever again.
No. 113477 ID: 9876c4

We'll still have Issei. He's a great... guy / eldritch-horror thing.
No. 113522 ID: 8199f6

If Gallows ends up purchasing a glass eye, would it be possible to enchant it to use aether sight at a reduced cost?
No. 113755 ID: 80b588

Here is something that I've been wondering, think of this as another question about world building, but what would the music of your world sound like? Like if we went to itsdin and there was a bard playing, what could we expect to hear? Would pagan and church culture have their own music? Can we get some examples please?
No. 113763 ID: 8a947d

Anywhere in Itsdin or the continent of Moree would probably have lots of guitar since I feel that'd fit with that western vibe:

Pagans wouldn't have any uniform kind of music, but I'd like to think a small group of pagans have been slowly bringing the hip hop genre to the post apocalypse. Either that or a bunch of experimental different sorts of music:

And if Gallows takes his violin and jams with these hip hop Pagans?:

I can't help but imagine these tracks playing in The Lounge in New Olmec:

Church probably has the usual arias and choir music but it'd probably sound eerie and weird with their fucked up gods. Along with the music that they'd have play when they're tracking and killing heretics:
No. 113768 ID: 91ee5f

At the mention of music, I had to go find some songs that I remembered had violins in them and I've gotta ask: Where do you think these would fit into D3?

No. 113783 ID: 8a947d

Makar's Prayer sounds like a duet between Gallows and Fiddler Imp.

Memento of NiGHTS is probably Gallows playing to himself.
No. 113787 ID: fa044c

Hmm interesting choices for the pagans, these are the songs that I associate with them however, mostly due to the air of mystery about them, like they are part of some ritual.
No. 113790 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I can see that happening!
No. 113791 ID: 8a947d

definitely ritual songs but they do evoke more of the traditional pagans than the post apocalyptic demon summoning ones.
No. 113797 ID: fa044c

Speaking of post apocalyptic worlds, this question might get into spoiler territory, but can we get an official timeline for how the world got like it is? I mean was it the breaking of Athmoor that caused the world to be like it is? Or was there some othe underlying cause that wrecked it for everyone? Like I'm sure the church would say that it was a great battle with Athmoor that caused the world to break up, or some other stuff.
No. 113799 ID: 8a947d

I don't know how much I should reveal but Athmoor was dead way before the apocalypse started, Before cars were a thing Athmoor was dead. Pagans found out about him through lost texts and scriptures in the Aether after they found out how to go there.
No. 113822 ID: 50b008

If we can summon slightly altered demons by substituting ritual components, could we alter Fiddler Imp by playing different songs? If we played a quick, upbeat song, then he could heal us or increase our agility. If we played a slow, symphonic song, then he could our increase endurance or lower our enemies' agility. These songs would probably change his appearance too.
No. 113823 ID: 8a947d

Nah, Fiddler Imp is Fiddler Imp and there can be no variation. Aberrant Summons don't work the same way as normal ones.
No. 113847 ID: 8a947d

do I just join a ITQ ? like just post the characters and answer the questions ?
No. 113848 ID: 9a5341

Yup, that's exactly it.
No. 113849 ID: 3abd97

You can just jump in itq whenever you want to. Characters are free to answer questions, posed to them or not, or solicit questions, or react to other characters, or pose questions of their own. (Although there hasn't been as much cross-character stuff in recent years).
No. 113852 ID: 91ee5f

This basically. Also, there's no rush to answer any of the questions posted on there. No one is expecting to get immediate answers, so don't feel like you have to answer everything the instant a question pops up!
No. 113938 ID: 8a947d
File 150104590997.png - (436.81KB , 1212x826 , Train Roof 6.png )

Here's a panel I never used for Chapter 5
No. 113939 ID: 3ce125

I'm kinda glad we managed to spare the voodoo guys. Even if they've done bad things, they are still people.
No. 113940 ID: 91ee5f

True, but they've been given a warning. Next time, they're dead and/or Issei's next meal.
No. 113954 ID: 8a947d

I was on the fence about whether I wanted Slim and Shorty dead or not, but I'm glad you guys let them live.

That train fight was inspired by the Grateful Dead arc in Vento Aureo.
No. 114069 ID: 8a947d

Question: has anyone noticed my inconsistencies in the quest and if you have did they annoy, bother, or confuse you in anyway ?
No. 114088 ID: 43c1be

So far I don't think I have seen anything that would annoy me. I would recommend to not use the exact same images in some of the updates, because It could make the reader, or at least me, think that you may have accidentally uploaded the same image you used before and give you time to fix that, yet it's not really a problem.

That said, did the inventory also included the Summon packs we found earlier?
No. 114089 ID: 8a947d

I was thinking the same image thing might be a problem. I guess I didn't want to draw whole panels for the same area, a little bit of laziness. I think I could add small adjustments to the panels to make them look different

And yeah inventory includes the summon packs now, nice catch
No. 114133 ID: 8a947d

Tgchan's not letting me post my update...
No. 114134 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, shit, really? You might need to get in contact with one of the site's Mods and ask them for help!
No. 114139 ID: 91ee5f

Try updating now. I think whatever the problem was earlier has been fixed.

If you still can't update, then I don't know what else you can do about it.
No. 114184 ID: 91ee5f

Damn! Looks like Issei's luck with crits has rubbed off on Roland! XD
No. 114187 ID: 6b9329

So I just got this question, and I thought this place would be better to ask it. (I thought of asking Troy later, But I may forget.)

When a prophet's god is starting to get known, and they get their own church and shrines and all that stuff, What happens with the prophet? Do they get a free class change to "priest"?
No. 114197 ID: 8a947d

The odds of that ever happening are slim, but if it did happen the god could leave and cut all ties with their prophet taking their powers, leave but keep a connection with their prophet so they still have powers, or stay and give their prophet stronger abilities.
No. 114214 ID: 8a947d

here's a question just for fun.

What do you think the characters in D3 sound like ?
No. 114218 ID: 3583d1

Roland: Greg Aryes- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0sTSy6UeFE
OR Todd Haberkorn- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13UehD4lSFM

Troy: Troy Baker- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXieEBWDHvM

Issei: Ron Perlman- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzkA1xQcOME

Fiddler: Impmon, I don't know who his voice actor is-
No. 114329 ID: 3ce125

Okay, the thing with betting is that for a betting round to end, everyone must match the current bet or fold.

First round:
>Karas: I'll pay the big blind of 6, you'll pay the small blind of 3 for a pot of 9
>Karas callsraises 3 Cards bringing the pot to 12. (his bet is 9 now, the blind of 6 plus 3)
Totals: Karas 27 Gallows 33 (correct)
The numbers are correct before Gallows bets.
Gallows was supposed to raise 2, which means he puts down 2 more cards than Karas' bet, which means he bet 11. He should have 25 cards, and Karas was supposed to either call or raise again (or fold), but instead it seems he just puts down 2 cards which doesn't match Karas' bet at all, and the game continues anyway.

Second round:
>Karas shuffles in his seat...Then he raises 7 Cards, the pot is now 21 Cards.
The bet is now supposed to be 18, half of the starting number of cards, but neither player has put down that many. Karas' bank would be correct if he meant to raise 5 to bring the bet to 16 so that he had 20 cards in reserve.
No. 114330 ID: 8a947d

Alright I see the problem, sorry about the confusion. Next time i'll keep better track of the numbers If we do end up playing Soul Poker again. Honestly though we probably won't. I'm glad you helped straighten this out here.
No. 114331 ID: 91ee5f

You know what I find amusing about this whole situation?

The fact that the author has taken notice of how much everyone seems to be trying to flirt with Ada, so he/she has created a situation where if we want to keep trying to romance Ada, we'll have to work for it!

And the fact that Karas said that he's been looking for a Queen of Hearts for a while, means Ada is now Karas' most prized possession and he's going to try and hold onto her for as long as possible! Maybe even make him so desperate that he'll try to cheat or, if he loses, make him run away with Ada and not pay up what he lost!

I wasn't one of the guys that originally started flirting with Ada, but I went along with it because of how much everyone else liked her. So now, my question to everyone that likes Ada is: How badly do you want her? Because if you guys are willing to keep going for her, then you'd better find a way to get Karas to bet her, so that we can win her back!
No. 114362 ID: 02d8f4

I will not rest, until Ada cutie patootie is back in her shop and back in our arms!

Haha, but honestly I just like her a lot. She reminds me of Moira Brown from Fallout 3, a bit of an air head but a kind soul, and liking random junk and mysterious stuff to boot
Too. I just like those types of characters I guess
No. 114367 ID: 3ce125

I am really fucking angry right now.
No. 114368 ID: 3ce125

What are you even DOING, Heretic? You give us rules and we win using those rules and then there's just bullshit out of nowhere and then none of the suggestions after that mattered? None of the ACTUAL LOGICAL PROOF we presented got used!
No. 114369 ID: 8a947d

shit man are like for reals upset ?

I'm sorry, I was going for this situation where you play completely fair and square and get lulled into a sense of security after winning a few times but ultimately get cheated by a psychopathic asshole with no regard for human life. I guess I sorta succeeded but I feel bad if you're this mad.
No. 114370 ID: 3ce125

No. 114371 ID: 91ee5f

Sooo, does this mean we can murder him now?

Oh, wait, we can't, there's no guarantee that the cards will change back to normal if he's killed.

Then I guess there's only one choice! We've gotta come up with a game that literally can't be cheated!

Does such a thing exist though? Because I'm thinking Rock, Paper, Scissors is something that can't be cheated!
No. 114373 ID: 3ce125

Well that's certainly possible. I'd prefer to catch him cheating somehow or use his power against him.
No. 114407 ID: dd4df2


For what it's worth, as much as that fucked us, Troy losing gave us (I think) all we needed to figure out Karas' schtick (without actually knowing his schtick) and how we might beat him at his own sick game, so to me this whole exchange has been a rousing success that hopefully ends up with a very humbled asshat.

Or - ironic punishment - a Karas card.

It's one of those cases where some people are very surprised when villains are villainous, I think, and feel betrayed the structure you set up was something that Karas just blatantly used against us. Really, I feel you did 'asshole bad guy' well myself, and I applaud your efforts. The Priests are clearly dicks who do not care for fair play and like to hold all the cards (ah ha ha oh me).

Really, good show! This whole quest, too. Good show.
No. 114417 ID: 094652


I saved the day with the remaining required perception rolls, and then I screwed up with a critical fail, AND I just invited Hore to the governor's ball for mildly disturbed homing fireballs!!!
No. 114418 ID: dd4df2


It's your lot in life, clearly, to be the karmic sink of reality, kome. My suggestion is that you try to avoid dice, casinos and inconveniently placed rakes.
No. 114420 ID: 094652

dude I'm just ranting
No. 114422 ID: 91ee5f

>Or - ironic punishment - a Karas card.
What would make it even more ironic is if he turns into a "useless Joker" card like Troy did!

After all his big talk, it looks like he was the biggest joker here!

And we all celebrate everyone being freed from their card prisons by ripping Karas' card and killing him! One less Priest for us to have a run in with in the future, one less sick asshole to turn people into cards because he felt like doing it!
No. 114423 ID: 9876c4

Bad tgchan. No more destroying the lutes.
No. 114425 ID: 91ee5f

.....I don't get it.
No. 114426 ID: 3ce125

He's saying not to destroy the valuable magical artifact we got from beating the boss.
No. 114427 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, now I get it!

I would've gotten it sooner if he spelled "loot" correctly in the first place.
No. 114429 ID: 9876c4

I am admittedly an doofus who likes swapping in words.
No. 114753 ID: 90f3c0

Have you considered tracking the inventory on the wiki? Since the quest is reliant on knowing what ingredients and summon packs are available, it would be nice to be able to quickly check.
No. 114760 ID: 8a947d

I thought about that, but then I know that I'm not gonna keep up with updating it every time we use or gain something. Maybe I'll do it.
No. 114761 ID: c2051e

If we weren't capable of doing anything when we got stung, kinda curious why the quest paused for input. My first guess is that we missed something, but I can't imagine anything we were supposed to do while immobile.
No. 114762 ID: 8a947d

That was my bad, I just chose an awkward place for a pause. You could have tried to talk, you can still do that if you're paralyzed
No. 114763 ID: c2051e

Understandable, thanks for answering.
No. 114840 ID: 4f3476

So is it possible to use Black Ice as a reagent?
Because it seems to counts as tough, shiny, and probably reflective.
And I want to see what a Bulwark Brute or Hunter-Killer Hawk would be like if we replaced the obsidian with Black Ice. Assuming we can summon them from far enough away to avoid any possible explosions.
No. 115123 ID: 8a947d

So I screwed up and mixed up Ebony Port and Ender Port. Sorry for the confusion.
No. 115145 ID: 91ee5f

I've been meaning to ask, when are we gonna get to control Troy?

Issei got some solo time, so I think Troy should be allowed to have some time in the spotlight as well.

The reason for the switch doesn't have to be as bad as when we switched to Issei in the middle of a town being turned into a mind controlled cult!

It could just be something as simple as Troy wanting to train Uma while Roland and Issei go do some shopping or something.
No. 115155 ID: 8a947d

Well I planned to give Troy sometime in the next chapter nothing too big but still a part where you got to control him. Is it that easy to predict what I'm about to do ? I better start thinking outside the box then...
No. 115179 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, you were? I didn't know. I wasn't predicting anything, I was just asking a question. I really didn't know that's what you were planning!
No. 115420 ID: 91ee5f

Heretic! What are you doing to us?! What sadistic mind fuckery are you torturing us with?! Is UNKNOWN a friend or a foe?! When will the mind games end?! DX
No. 115424 ID: 8a947d

We aren't even half way done bud. Believe me, it only get's worse.
No. 115425 ID: 91ee5f

You monster! DX
No. 115459 ID: 8d4593

I have a theory.
Since every dare has to be somewhat reasonable, that should mean that if we are under the effect of multiple dares, new dares would have to more reasonable (Whether that means forfeit condition, action or time given.)

So... What if we cause this guy trouble in creative ways that forces him to dare us to not do that shit anymore? His future dares would then have to hit less hard.
No. 115464 ID: 91ee5f

That might work. It's kinda hard to tell if you're right about the effects needing to be made easier, since the only effect that we're under is not telling the rest of the gang that we're in trouble for a whole day.

Then again, that's a risky thing to try and test. Because if you're wrong, then the next penalty he gives us might be fatal! And made worse if he stacks multiple penalties that're all equally fatal!
No. 115468 ID: 8d4593

This is true.
We'd have to cause trouble totally conventionally.
Using a living pyre fusion to light the tower he's on on fire for instance would likely have him dare us to not summon anything.

But if we used regular old gasoline then he'd likely dare us to not light things on fire.
No. 115474 ID: 26c0a3

Would you be willing to change how summon packs work? As things are now, most of our summons are made either in the middle or right before a fight. If we were to make them beforehand at a reduced cost, that would encourage planning ahead. You could prevent us from just turning every reagent we have into packs by making them non-disassemblable.

Also it will give the summon pack section in the pastebin a use.
No. 115585 ID: 3ce125

Guys, Freitast literally just told Troy to be careful. Limiting your toolset for no good reason is the opposite of careful.
No. 115663 ID: 91ee5f

You know, Burqel said people usually ignore the first Dare he sends. So if we can somehow give the Bandage Priest the phone and the first Dare Burqel sends has it where the Forfeit is either the Priest's pool skills or his power over physics, we'll have made him easier to beat, since he'll probably end up ignoring it!

Problem is, how do we trick him into getting that phone?
No. 115697 ID: 3ce125

Psst Heretic you can't find other walkie talkies by moving one around and fiddling with the dials. Radio waves are omnidirectional and so are receivers, and besides, radio silence means exactly that-- no radio waves are being sent when you're not talking into the transmitter.
No. 115698 ID: 8a947d

I don't think it's possible to manipulate the velocity of a billiards ball to shoot it enough force to break through steel either. Shit there's a lot of stuff in this quest that makes no sense in real life isn't there ?

Sorry about the inaccuracy man.
No. 115699 ID: 91ee5f

I think he was using his powers of space to feel out a similar shaped object, so that he would know where Roland is because he's holding the other walkie-talkie. Maybe. I'm not entirely sure what exactly he was doing.
No. 115704 ID: 3abd97

I was sorta assuming that in addition to controlling the velocity vectors of the balls, he was also temporarily making them unbreakable objects.

Because yeah, otherwise they would have shattered to powder on some of these impacts.
No. 115705 ID: 8c51fa

Those are two totally different things.
No. 115710 ID: 91ee5f

I think what >>115697 meant was that Leighton shouldn't be able to find other walkie-talkies by moving one around and fiddling with the dials, based on the powers that he's got.

Unless he's got another power that we don't know about?
No. 115719 ID: 8a947d

That's true. Okay since the tracking thing makes no sense should I have Leighton do something else ? or is it not a big enough problem for me to alter ?
No. 115726 ID: 91ee5f

I don't think you have to alter it unless we capture him alive and specifically ask him what he was doing with the walkie-talkie. Because if we end up killing him, then it won't really matter, since Leighton himself is the only one that can answer that question.

And if he does end up dying, then I guess you can just leave it a mystery.
No. 115729 ID: 8c51fa

I'd say it's pretty important. A major part of a story like this is trying to figure out how an enemy's powers work and how to work around them, so it's very important to keep them consistent. The same goes for normal, mundane objects like fires and radios; they're a part of the scene too, and they can make a major difference in an event's outcome, so they've got to work in a logical way so that people can properly plan around them.

It's probably not something that should happen, unless there's some way that the priest's powers can be used without stretching their definition or saying he has another secret unrelated power.
No. 115731 ID: 8a947d

The radio tracking has nothing to do with Leighton's powers, it never did. It was just the way the radio worked and Leighton knowing how it worked to track the other one. You do have a good point though, I might end up changing what he does with the walkie.
No. 115762 ID: 3ce125

I can't think of any way for him to use the radio to find Gallows unless Gallows does something dumb like leave his set in send mode or outright announce where he is over it. If he left his set in send mode then Leighton could find an obstruction of the signal then walk around the obstruction to work out where the "shadow" is, and that would point towards Gallows. He'd need to find two such obstructions to triangulate where Gallows is hiding, so it might take some time.

Really the best way for him to find Gallows without confronting his group of friends would be to get a bunch of guards to go around interrogating the civilian populace. Gallows was not wearing his disguise in the bar or when he went back to the gun store, so people would be able to match him to his description. Also, the burnt down guardhouse would be a red flag to investigate, possibly leading Leighton straight to the trail of dares without having to recruit any guards to do legwork.
No. 115796 ID: 91ee5f

Well, if you're gonna change it, then I kinda like the idea that he doesn't know how to use the walkie, so he was messing with it and waving it around.

And he didn't want to look like an idiot in front of his enemies, so he just pretended he knew exactly what he was doing and acted like he figured out where Gallows was.
No. 115904 ID: 69b930
File 150593647355.jpg - (1.14MB , 3024x3024 , D3Quest donut steel.jpg )

So I binged this quest and I love it. The world and lore are fuckin' delicious and I love the summoning system. Felt inspiration strike when I was talking to a friend about how great the idea of a summoner-gunslinger is, so here's some dumb OC shit.

The idea was "what if there was a summoner that just summoned tiny demons straight into his gun to use as bullets." Did a basic concept sketch out of boredom and to try to replicate the style a bit. Please excuse the massive, awful phone-picture; I don't have a scanner.

Maybe they'd be Athmoor's fingernails or something. TUSK

(posting again because I somehow checked the box for the image to be a spoiler last time)
No. 115905 ID: 69b930
File 150593656884.png - (80.36KB , 527x577 , D3Quest donut steel (by stigiophobic).png )

Also here's a WAY cooler doodle of the guy that my friend did.

I wonder if there'd be some contrived way for his Pagan name to be "Eastwood."
No. 115915 ID: 8a947d


I love the art, I love that you're enjoying the quest, and I'm a sucker for jojo references.

In short all of this is great, thank you!
No. 115919 ID: 69b930

Ayyy thank you as well! The JoJo influence is pretty palpable in the quest, I think. But in the best way, if that makes sense.
No. 115924 ID: 8a947d
File 150599760790.png - (211.84KB , 540x810 , The Hanged Man (Thorn Border).png )

I want to do more of these tarot cards but I don't know who to put on the others.
No. 115926 ID: be0718

Hey, that reminds me that >>102994 was a thing!
No. 115946 ID: 13fded

I though the money we were using was the party money and we just didn't concerned ourselves with who has how much since everything is been shared. Did Troy had to give Gallows his loot?
No. 115952 ID: 8a947d

Really just the pool cue and the special bullets, I just added the money because it was also something you got from Leighton.
No. 115961 ID: f0e552

rip robin outfit
No. 116091 ID: 19dd52

Hanged man fits Gallows perfectly!
Some ideas for others:
Justice for Issei
The World for Athmoor
Judgement for reunifying Athmoor or for summons
Strength for Uma
The Devil for Gya
Wheel of Fortume for the Loa/voodoo users

And that's all I can think of offthe top of my head
No. 116226 ID: 8a947d

I think I'm going to change how Gallows' Cyclops trait works, not by a lot but still.

When I get the chance it's going to go from
[Cyclops] (You cannot critically fail a perception roll, but you can't critically hit either)

[Cyclops] (You cannot critically fail a sight basedroll, but you can't critically hit either)

if I ever do a quest after D3 it's probably going to be less stat based.
No. 116532 ID: 9c2d0c

you're the one who presented this more complicated stat system. you have only yourself to blame :U
No. 116623 ID: 8a947d

I might change them. I did the summon pack thing so that if you guys get low on reagents then you just had one ready. If I do change it I might do it next chapter.

Is there anything else you think I should change or fix ?
No. 116800 ID: 62d64c

Aether Scan AKA Detect Asshole is not something you want players to have if you don't plan to make every encounter upfront. Unless you're going to let us scan everyone we want, you should change it to detect something else.
No. 116823 ID: 19dd52

So, what ARE all the classes of pagans and their hierarchy? Since Gallows would probably have that knowledge and I'm curious!
No. 116830 ID: 404570

Anyone else feel there is more to this weird Red vs. Blue game than we are being told? Because seriously I feel we are getting the shaft here.
No. 116832 ID: 91ee5f

Well of course there's more. We've gotta find someone to be Grif so we can play Grif Ball! XD

But seriously, yeah, I'm sure there's more to this than we're being told.
No. 116888 ID: 91ee5f

Good job, Heretic. You surprised me!

Not once did I even think we would be switching characters. I thought we would be sticking with Roland and his group as they made their way from the closest location, Ender Port, to New Olmec.

But, no! You surprised me by switching characters! And made it even more surprising by giving us control of Flint! I did not see that coming at all! Very good job!
No. 116912 ID: 3ce125

Okay so let me sum up the current situation:

The Church controls most of the public authority and thus has easy access to resources that would let them find a lot of Azerite really quickly.
The Pagans just lost all their bases. Every single one. Now they have no resources.
Priests are a hard counter to Pagans because they can dispel demons.
High Priests are so powerful the protagonist has no chance of winning in a fight against one, even with the help we have. Also we just lost access to our ability to upgrade summons.
We can't even tell the Pagan network about the game because it just got dismantled.

We lost the second it started. The Church got to their Azerite door first, spent years gathering intel, and just waited there for the pagans to activate theirs so that the game could begin. Heck, I bet the Church knew Gallows had the Azerite and LET him have it. Heck, considering this move requires a shitload of prior preparation they probably have like half the azerite they need already.
No. 116913 ID: 8a947d

I don't feel like having Aether Scan has been a big enough problem for me yet. If it does then I'll do something about it.

All pagan soldiers act on the command of head pagans like Flint and the head pagans act on orders given by the Bosses who we haven't met yet. Pagan's have different types depending on how they use their magic: Summoners summon demons, Threshers focus on more physical fighting, and Evokers focus on using magic. from there they're assigned classes depending on what their best at ranging from from scouts to spies to foot soldiers,

15 bases is a lot but not all of them, only 3 where big the others were probably about as big as the Breakroom in Ender Port. maybe a large amount in the eastern part of the world but not in the whole world. There a still pagans left. Even with a lot of pagans being dead or captured plenty of other people hate the church.

When did you lose access to your ability to upgrade demons ? Even if Flint does die there are plenty of other strong summoners that can preform the ritual.

The Church didn't get to their door first. You got there around the same time they did. This move on the pagan bases isn't directly tied to the game starting.
No. 116914 ID: 91ee5f

>plenty of other people hate the church.
A really good example is the Unter, Ada, and their Arcamagika!

We already know of the machine in Ada's shop that hides magical signatures, so it would make sense that the Unter would also have this. So if we could find the Unter and convince them to help, the we'd have an entire city as a safe haven for Pagans and anyone that hates the Church!

Also, there was no mention of a rule that says that we can't steal Azurite from the enemy's base! If we could figure out where the Church's door is, then we could steal their Azurite!
No. 117075 ID: a2507c

Rose's motif is pretty neat. Is he using a spell to empower his strikes and cause that pattern to form, or is he using a fighting technique unique to him?
No. 117087 ID: 8a947d

Rose uses a mixture of martial arts and pagan magic, It's a technique he's worked on for a while. He didn't mean for it to make a rose pattern on people though, it's just a side effect.
No. 117088 ID: 91ee5f

Although, that does explain how he got his name.
No. 117362 ID: 8a947d

In hindsight that Dawn puzzle sort of sucked.

The point was to get Dawn to show up on the top, when you put Dawn in on the bottom the door gave something similar but still removed from the first word.

You replied to Morning with Midnight which was much further from what was on the top so the door gave something further too, Noon. Evening gave you Daybreak which is like Dawn but wasn't the word Dawn.

When Twilight was entered the furthest things were Daybreak and Dawn, since it couldn't use Daybreak a second time it gave out Dawn.
No. 117366 ID: 3ce125

Well technically Twilight refers to any period of halfway between day and night. Dawn and dusk are both twilight hours.

But yeah it would've taken us a while to figure out it was responding to us relative to the previous round's action.
No. 117368 ID: 91ee5f

I figured it out and even pointed out that the arrow next to the word DAWN was pointing at the top panel and we were supposed to get DAWN to show up in the top panel.

And I mentioned that a few times, hoping that someone else would figure out what word to type into the bottom panel to make DAWN show up in the top panel.

But none of the other suggesters listened to me. It sucks that I figured out a hint, but no one else would listen to me.
No. 117373 ID: fe7355

Not everybody reads the other suggestions, so don't take it as them not listening to you.
No. 117375 ID: 3ce125

I think everyone knew that. They just didn't want to acknowledge you pointing out the obvious.
No. 117424 ID: d3602f

I also thought that after a while, but we were trying to figure out how to make specific words appear on the door first. By the time it was the only clear option we had no idea what the door's pattern was. It seemed random, so we were more focused on learning how our answers affect the door.

Whether we knew that the top had to say dawn or not, we would be no closer to succeeding. It does not lend to a strategy.
No. 117586 ID: f0b98b

I kinda want Gallows to come into the store, gun in hand, toting a dess, doing a femme fatale bit.

Is that wierd?
No. 117588 ID: 630b63
File 150998051298.png - (1.45MB , 1651x811 , five of swords.png )

Are the opening images for threads 8 and 9 supposed to mimic Tarot cards? Because I noticed that the image for thread 9 had a lot of swords, looked up eight of swords, and noticed it was very similar to a reversed eight of swords. I then looked through the others and noticed thread eights image was also similar to five of swords, and the description of five of sword's meaning I got from a tarot website, biddy tarot,
Conflict, tension, loss, defeat, win at all costs, betrayal
was fitting for our discovering of the Gilded Cage and the contest.
If so, it's a good thing eight of swords is positive when reversed.
Also image is five of swords comparison.
No. 117589 ID: 630b63
File 150998053916.png - (1.43MB , 1671x832 , eight of swords.png )

And eight of swords.
No. 117597 ID: 8a947d

Yeah they're supposed to mimic tarot cards, I got the idea after I started doing the major tarot for the characters. When I made the chapter 8 opening image it was mostly meant to symbolize the characters overcoming a previous defeat and looking forward to victory later on despite them. The chapter 9 title card is about Gallow's feeling liberated from the hopeless feeling he's had for most of his life now that he knows there's a way to win. The tarot is weird and sometimes different sources give different meanings so I do my best to make them match.
No. 117599 ID: 630b63

Ah, thanks for the answer.
No. 117761 ID: d3602f
File 151054690559.jpg - (3.90MB , 5312x2988 , 149824323157.jpg )

Honestly, the first thing that I thought about upon seeing her real legs was this picture you made. Of course the girl he has a thing for turns out to have a semi-demonic appearance.
No. 117773 ID: 275498


>Yeah they're supposed to mimic tarot cards, I got the idea after I started doing the major tarot for the characters.

Reminds me of Reaver.

In a good way, not in a creepy incest bloodsex way.
No. 117927 ID: b66d4e


how do you roll 1d20 ?
No. 117929 ID: 3abd97

rolled 13 = 13

Type "dice 1d20" in the email field without quotes. (If you're using a phone, autocorrect may mess you up by adding an extra space somewhere, or capitalizing "Dice").

No. 117930 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Heretic, when you first introduced Fiddler Imp, did you ever expect that we'd get attached to him like this?
No. 117964 ID: 8a947d

I sorta hoped that would be the case, he was a sketch I did in a sketchbook that I really liked and got attached to. I liked the idea of having a more intelligent demon sidekick, one that may or may not have been a physical manifestation of Gallows' spiritual energy I need to tone it down with the jojo references

Plus the idea of a demon getting attached to a human and trying not to let it show too much is cute to me. I'm going to be honest I was going to be really sad if you guys didn't buy that violin.
No. 118088 ID: efcc58

How many connections does Gallows need to sever to upgrade his hat card?
No. 118142 ID: 8a947d
File 151162937237.png - (143.54KB , 674x745 , Gal and Fid.png )

You'd need to face Athmoor himself and be proven worthy of that new hat card.

I wanna say how much I appreciate Shaman. Making a pastebin of our inventory and organizing it so well helps so much, I feel sort of bad that I was too lazy to do it myself but I am so thankful that you did this. I don't know who else was editing the D3 wiki page but I also want to thank them for putting in all of the summon recipes since once again I wouldn't have done that myself until much later, it's nice to have people help when I'm so new to posting on this website; maybe I'm making a big deal out of this but I feel like I should say thank you to everybody. Part of me feels like I started too big with this quest, but I think I'm going to get this finished or at least get as far as I can with it.

On another note, do you guys want to design some Pagans ? A while ago Darky made a character that I really liked and I was wondering if other people wanted to submit their own pagan designs do my work for me. If you do want to make a pagan any design goes as long as the color red is incorporated somewhere, you can go so far as to give them a demon to summon and a backstory if you want. I'll use the design somewhere in D3 if I like it enough, they may even become an important character or die a gruesome death whichever comes first.
No. 118143 ID: 117b94

how do you roll a 1d20 ? im new to tgchan
No. 118147 ID: 3abd97

Asked and answered like 5 posts up. >>117929
No. 118155 ID: efcc58

Can I design a Shadowman? I'm sure Hakim's got more than just Slim and Shorty.
No. 118156 ID: 8a947d

Too good for a pagan ? Make one pastebin that helps hold this quest together and suddenly you're the biggest thing since sliced bread ?

Yeah you can make a Shadowman
No. 118159 ID: 173b46
File 151165580315.png - (34.55KB , 428x535 , Shaman Lady.png )

You'd be surprised how quickly I can come up with a character. The image took twice as long.

I could either post the bio here, or send it to you in an email. The pastebin has a way to contact me.
No. 118175 ID: 13fded
File 151169296018.jpg - (63.04KB , 295x626 , bun.jpg )

I though about a jackalope rune-child. Would the scars be visible beneath the fur? That question was the entire reason behind this "character".
This fellow doesn't favor bandages as cover. Instead he/she normally wear a dog mask and a hood.
No. 118176 ID: 8a947d

If you have a bio for him post it here.
No. 118179 ID: 13fded

I didn't though much beyond the doge mask. Let me think...

I guess that a lot would be similar to Gallows: cover from head to toes on pagan masks he can't simply blend in church control society, making him more of an pagan agent that consider the community his family and is more driven by purpose, less risk averse.
Since he reflect so much some of Gallows's attributes he should represent either who Gallows was or who he could become. I prefer him to be a scrub.
As a rune-child some aspect of his magic should be superior. I think his summons should be empowered or modify somehow. I'm thinking about oversize every demon. The image of a little rabbit on top of a giant low level demon amuses me. If you have a funnier idea fell free to change it.

Gallows didn't knew about jackalopes before meeting one, so I assume they aren't common outside an small territory. The mask could be a way to conceal not only the runes but also his specie, and at the same time maintain a cute look he is used to have. This imply he travels to places where people aren't used to his kind.
I think he should be an traveling merchant. His main business should be between the pagan communities, but he is not averse to selling bits and bobs to the locals.
Obviously his commercial practices took a hit with the church attacks. Until other opportunity emerge he will be trying to make himself useful around the new base. He should appear here and there as part of voluntary teams, but not as a leader, at least not for now.

And since I'm going with strong ingroup mentality, trusting of pagans and distrusting of others, his quirk could be that he have few words for normal people but very friendly to pagans, even flirtation toward pagan girls. If there aren't enough female pagans for the last joke become relevant just make him female, there are plenty of male pagan characters for her to interact awkwardly. I don't really care for the gender, but for some reason I'm not imagining this bunny as gay.

If any of this sound annoying or unfunny please change to your liking.
No. 118187 ID: 173b46

Her name is "Lady".

Bio - Lady gave her identity to the Lou in exchange for a poison able to affect souls. She used this to clear out a city that was infested by ghosts left after a plague.
Appearence - Lady is a tall, slender woman who always wears a mask. She has dark dreadlocks that fall in front of her shoulders. Her mask is cursed, and will stay in place until death. It has slits for eyes, and the mouth opens when her hands go near it.
Skills - Lady can brew poisons and medicines. She is skilled with a blowpipe and a novice at brawling. She's also a decent cook, but has a taste for very rare meat.
Personality - Lady is a quiet person, but she becomes almost manic whenever she loses her cool. She has poor impulse control, and often regrets her decisions.
Additional - Lady's birth name was Janet Marvello, but she had forgotten it after her deal with the Lou. The poison she was given can temporarily force souls out of people's bodies in strong enough concentrations.
No. 118221 ID: 5bc36c
File 151182336212.png - (80.39KB , 1358x950 , pagan paperdoll.png )

Ooh cool. Holy shit I went way overboard with this.

Name: Gwyneth "Wanderer" Sepa
Age: 29
Personality: a bit oblivious, always focused on the task at hand. Very self-conscious since the incident.

Gwyneth is an explorer and survivalist, very self-sufficient and well used to living in wild environs.
For much of her earlier pagan career, she was tasked with searching for new safe havens for the pagan community out in the wilds, away from the eyes of the church. As such she would often travel alone for long periods of time without contacting others, left to her own devices, only to wander in unannounced from a waystone with news of locations and resources she had discovered, before setting off again.

Later she was asked if she would be willing to use her skills to help on an expedition to the Aether itself, and she accepted.
That first expedition had some troubles, at one point Gwyneth was seperted from the rest of the team and subsequently severley wounded, most notably losing her left arm and getting disemboweled. With some desperate thinking and prayers to Arthmoor, she infected herself with a demonic parasite. The procedure worked and she survived long enough to be rescued and brought back to the regular world.

Now she lives in symbiosis with the parasite, it's presence has destroyed her ability to use summoning, but has empowered her ability to use ritual spells. She must keep her arm hidden when out in public and when talking to anyone that isn't a pagan, lest she be attacked or reported.

[Survival 3](+5 on rolls for navigating or living in the wilderness)
[Blood Caster 2] (+3 on rolls concerning ritual spells)
[Stealth 1] (+2 on rolls to move unnoticed)

[Parasite Arm] - The Parasite arm is a potent reach weapon, strong and flexible, but makes any interaction with non-pagans incredibly difficult. (she fails any interaction with non-pagans while the parasite arm is exposed)
[Parasitic symbiosis] - The Parasite can consume more blood than it immediately uses, allowing it to act like a blood battery but must be fed with blood regularly (any blood works), lest it start feeding on Gwyneth herself, causing her to become weak and unable to use ritual spells. (cannot summon)
[Survivalist] - Gwyneth has no patience for anything that cannot be made or relied upon when alone in the wild. (-5 to rolls with technology or guns) (+5 to rolls with simple thrown or melee weapons and tools)

Abilities: (not gonna lie I have no idea what would be appropriate so I just bullshitted)
[Blacklance] Long range projectile of piercing energy, lesser effectiveness at close ranges.
[Numbing Dart] Fires a small paralytic projectile, small and silent. Takes a minute or so for total paralysis. Ineffective through clothing or armour.
[Aetheric nova] Costly spell that creates a huge explosion of aetheric energy, leaves behind a temporary area of residual aetheric energy.
[Aether Sight] Aether sight
[Blast Rune] Engraves a mark onto an object, causing it to release a blast of energy under a condition set by the caster. Defaults to 'when object is touched'
[Galvanic Aura] Caster becomes charged with lighting, anything coming into contact with them gets shocked (can be channelled through held items)

Demon Knife:
Having helped bring back demonic samples from the Aether. Gwyneth was granted one such sample for her own use, she imbued her trusty knife.
The knife's random ability proved to be weird, the Knife has 2 'modes'; normal (when the eye is closed) and anchored (when the eye is open).
In normal mode, the wielder is able to exert force on the knife, causing it to either be repelled (launching the knife directly away from the wielder) or attracted (causing the knife to move directly towards the wielder).
In Anchored mode, the knife sticks to whatever it is touching at the time and the effect inverts (the wielder is either attracted or repelled from the knife)
No. 118223 ID: 8a947d
File 151182855327.png - (175.50KB , 1212x826 , Submissions 1.png )

All great designs and amazing bios for them.

Lady is a great take on the voodoo user class. I'm not sure what you mean by her poison makes peoples souls leave their body because that's kind of what all poisons do.

You didn't give your jackelope a name so I decided to get him one. Kego "Bitter" Sheng, I like the idea of him being a sort of novice summoner.

Incredibly detailed and well written. I like that parasitic demon arm and you bullshitted that list of ritual spells nicely, I like how you added traits and stats despite the fact that I completely forget or neglect to add stats to any new character. I feel like she doesn't really need her knife though, with her arm it seems sort of like a hat on a hat if you know what I mean. The ability of the knife is really cool though, I might take that and use it for something else it's so creative if you don't mind. If you don't want me to do that just say so.
No. 118224 ID: 5bc36c

>use knife elsewhere
Go for it!

I actually got the idea of making someone with a demonic weapon first but when trying to justify it the parasite stole the show, no regrets!
No. 118226 ID: 939c2b

>Soul Poison
The poison doesn't actually kill living people. It causes their bodies to become dormant and their spirits to manifest for as long as the poison lasts. If she poisons the manifesting spirits directly, they die.
No. 118228 ID: 91ee5f

I have a few questions about the arm.

Is it intelligent? If it is, did it give itself a name? Can it talk to her? Can it speak out loud? Does it sometimes move around on it's own?

If it isn't intelligent, did she give it a name?
No. 118229 ID: 5bc36c

It isn't intelligent and Gwyneth hasn't really named it, though she sometimes thinks of it as 'the Bloody Centipede' which come to think of it, would probably be a better nickname for her.

It's meant to be a creature with roughly insect intelligence, it does communicate with her but with very basic empathy: hunger, distress, fear, ect.
It occasionally moves on it's own, but only when she's idling and not thinking about it. The way they interact is weird, it's actually much bigger than the picture suggests (and I thought was wise to mention in the bio), it's essentially taking up the role of her entire digestive tract as well as a limb.
It gives her sensory information of the limb part via the same process as it's empathy. It took quite a bit of rehabilitation till she could use it properly, the extra eye was trying to give her visual info causing massive headaches, her new internal organ arrangement made her nauseous and having your arm suddenly have no bones, a mouth vaguely shaped like a 2-fingered-2-thumbed hand and about a dozen insect legs sprouting from it fucks you right up.
No. 118262 ID: 38f35c

So we now have access to three attack boosting abilities (empower, hakim’s voodoo version of empower, and bloodmoon sonata) and i really want to cast them all on issei at once to see what happens.
No. 118264 ID: 91ee5f

If you think that's amazing, just imagine what'll happen if Issei gets a nat 20 on his attack roll while boosted by all of those!
No. 118267 ID: 2d924d
File 151192630531.jpg - (182.72KB , 849x509 , Rascal.jpg )

You still taking character suggestions? I gave it a go...

Roberta "Rascal" Raskellianna
Rascal's mother was exiled from her colony soon after she was born. She grew up working with her mother as wandering hired guns, guarding convoys and ships to make ends meet.
After her mother was killed by the Church, Rascal re-joined a Pagan colony, eventually becoming an Enforcer, helping subdue rogues and defectors within their own ranks.
Although she now lives among Pagans she is rather indifferent to their traditions and higher goals, and joined mainly for her own protection.
That said people tend to find her easy-going and approachable, and are often surprised by the tenacity and violence she is capable of in combat.

Matador mkII
Semi-auto shotgun, compact enough to be used with one hand and compatible with a variety of speciality shells. Rascal favours "Sharps", a flechette style round that causes excessive bleeding.

[Blood Barrier] – Creates a protective barrier, allowing Rascal to absorb projectile attacks at the cost of her blood rather then her hp.
[Aether Bond] – Creates a link with target, any buffs or debuffs effecting Rascal will also effect the target. If the target is a Pagan they can also use up to 30% of her blood to cast their own spells.

[Swift Trickster] – lithe, evasive and very agile, this demon is best at distracting and disrupting enemies rather than fighting them head on. Typically pounces on a target briefly pining them in place or knocking them down. Alternatively will try to steal an items from an enemy or otherwise pester them.
No. 118269 ID: 939c2b

Neat. Does the monkey have a recipie?
No. 118270 ID: 91ee5f

Holy crap! It's Deadpool!
No. 118279 ID: 2d924d

Recipe wise i was thinking some combo of silk, sinew and tongue. I also toyed with the idea that Rascal could fire summon packs with her shotgun.

Lol yeah the mask ended up looking way more like Deadpool than I intended, i was actually aiming for something closer to this:
No. 118294 ID: 19dd52
File 151198860215.png - (41.32KB , 442x595 , Drawing.png )

Name: Morgan "Bower" Kirsch
Age: 26
Class: Evoker
Personality: Bower is a shy, unassuming man. He always seems to be at least a little bit uncomfortable when around other people. It takes a lot for him to open up. Even then, he is still very awkward, accidentally oversharing or using strange northern ancedotes that make little sense for the situation. He means well though. When comfortable, he tends to sing quietly to himself.

Bower grew up in a small pagan outpost in the north. His father was a hunter for the outpost and his mother was a thresher with the Pagan Knights. He got his pagan name "Bower" from how often he ended up sleeping in the roost in the message tower, waiting for word from his mother.

His father trained him in how to hunt and track, and he learned spells to assist with the hunt and work the abilities of others.

Eventually, his mother was captured and killed by the Chruch. He joined the Knights to avenge her, bringing his support skills as an Evoker and his skills as a sniper to take the fight to the Church.

[Tracking 3](+5 on rolls for following others)
[Evoker 2] (+3 on spell rolls)
[Sniper 1] (+2 on attack rolls made from a long distance)

[Death From Above] (Bower is naturally inclined to high places, and excels in sniping. +5 to attacks made from above the target.)
[Conflict Avoidance] (Hates up close and personal conflict. Physical or otherwise. -10 to melee rolls.)
[Spell Sniper] (Bower can infuse his bullets with spells, using the foe's blood to power the spell on impact. Spells can only be used upon the target.)

[Aether Sight]
[Aether Mark] (Marks a person with demonic energy, making all demons in the area aware of their location and status. Can be used on allies and foes)
[Blood Flare] (Makes a bleeding opponent's blood shine as brightly as a flame, increasing all ranged accuracy against wounded foes.)
[Accelerate] (Increases allies movement speed at the cost of blood.)
[Ensnare] (Target is trapped using aether energy. Costs blood per turn.)
[Soul Sap] (Only useable with Spell Sniper. Bullets infused with this spell that remain in the victims body drain both blood and add disadvantage to STR and END rolls.)

Tada! Nerf as needed, I'm awful at game balance and also drawing.
No. 118303 ID: 8a947d
File 151199665608.png - (248.69KB , 1212x826 , Submissions 2.png )

More submissions! You can always enter 'em and to be honest I'll probably use them, A lot of these have been great!

Her mom had to have done something awful to be exiled, but at the same time not bad enough to be put to death right there unless it was self exile. I like this character and the demon you made with her too.

How come you guys can come up with better spells than I can ? I'm not gonna lie I was about ready to forget about spell bullets glad somebody remembered. This guys got a nice bit of personality, If nerfs do come they'll be made later.

Very nice you guys. Honestly more than I was expecting, I want to use as many of these people as possible since they're so good.
No. 118304 ID: 939c2b

I've had a thought about summoning from guns. If you could use magic to compress a summon pack into a size small enough to fit into a casing, then you could fire them out of any gun enchanted to be able to activate summon packs.

Catalyst Bullets:
A makeshift bullet filled with demonic fuel. Made by sacrficing reagents to imbue a spent casing with new power.

Catalyst Caliber guns would probably be similar to flareguns, but with enchanted runes carved into the barrel to activate the bullets.
No. 118305 ID: 939c2b

>Spell Bullets
They don't need a nerf if they use limited ammunition. Instead of casting spells through his own power, just give Bower a gun allows him to channel magic through it, but uses special caliber bullets.

I think Rascal might look better with oversized reflective goggles. Right now she looks like she's wearing a welding mask.
No. 118328 ID: 3583d1
File 151203850901.jpg - (928.87KB , 1536x2170 , FE0F016B-0ECA-4600-AF19-6B0B300660AE.jpg )

Name: Ramsey “Graves” Blackmoore
Age: 42
Personality: Grumpy, and in need of a stiff drink. Likes getting shit done and hates people that don’t take care of their own shit.
Class: Prophet (Formerly: Priest now Fallen/Ex-communicated)
God: Fendigaidd, Raven god of the grave and battle

Bio: Once an executioner and Priest Within the church, he did his job because his family upbringing. Often sending pagans and heretics to the gallows, and digging their graves. But he’d never killed a child before. And when they dragged a boy up to the rope he realized he couldn’t be older than eight. His fellow executioners had all pulled their levers but he heisitated, but his hesitation was just long enough for the rope to be suddenly cut by a stray arrow that almost took him in the eye. The raid was bloody and brutal, but it kept him from killing a child. However, his superiors didn’t see it that way, they wanted that child dead for reasons he didn’t understand. And for his failure, his hesitation, and his “lack of faith” he was excommunicated. Of course that really meant taken out back and shot.
But as he walked to what he thought would be his death, he heard the voice of the Raven god. It promised him a way out, if he would listen. He took that chance. And now he seeks to get back at the church who would have killed him.

[Toughness 3]+5 on saving rolls against death, bleeding out, etc.
[Dead man walking 3]+5 on attack rolls against enemies with low health (at least 2/3rds depleted)

[Shotgun Surgeon] His favored weapon is his sawed off shotgun +5 on any shotgun based weapon
[Alchoholic] -5 on all rolls if overly drunk or hungover, starts the day with shaky hands
[Holy Vengence 2]+3 on any attack roll on a church member

[Carrion Cross] Mark’s a target for death, marked target takes -5 on all saving rolls
[Dead man’s stare] Stuns one target for 1 round
[Call from beyond]Can see the memories of the dead

Nerf as you see fit.
No. 118331 ID: a1c783
File 151205629750.jpg - (320.22KB , 706x774 , Beautiful butterfly 144.jpg )

Might as well add my character to this thread as well

Name: Sticks the Cursed gambler
Age: Undead, died at age 39
Personality: Cocky, smoove talker, when not trying to charm others he is really sad and depressed
Class: A damned man cursed to be a walking zombie and floating specter
God: The voice of retribution and the god of blind luck

Bio: While he was alive he lived the fast life, gambling, losing and winning without a care in the world. But when he started losing badly, he started losing he couldn't stop. It got to the point that the casinos didn't let him enter them anymore. He had so much debt that he burned his house in order to get the insurance money. His whole family became poor because of his decisions. Like a coward he run from his problem and died when he challenged a man in a duel. When he got buried in an unmarked grave, he came back to life after 6 days. A voice told him that he lived a life only caring for his own amusement not caring about the consequence. The voice then told him that he will wander this world for until he fill up his own coffin with money that is meaningless to him now. His body and spirit have been separated. He doesn't really have any fighting abilities or even a weapon proficiency, only thing that he relays on is his luck. The spirit that follows him has a strange ability to cause his opponents a lot of bad luck, it appears that whoever gave him that a curse also gave him that strange abilities. So he just goes from place to place and does his services and other things for payment that he needs to get rid of the curse.

[Lighter flipping] +3 This annoying neurotic habit the gambler uses to his advantage, It attract the attacking enemy to the gambler.
[Card shuffle] +2 It is used to distract the enemy and lowers the amount of damage that the enemy gives to the gambler and his other party members.
[Perfume smoke bomb] +3 It works as a dodge multiplier that causes blindness and doused the enemy with the perfume sense. The enemy that gets hit with firearm and has the perfume sense effect will get the burn effect additionally.

[Card throw] With this ability the gambler marks which enemy will get the most amount of bad luck effects influence. This decreases enemy accuracy and it increases the effectiveness of dodge from the attack of the marked enemy.
[Rolling head] +3 If a fatal blow would knocked out the gambler, his body would be destroyed leaving only his head with 1 hp. In this state he is only able to use abilities that don't need use of his hands.
[Lingering will]+4 This move allows the gambler to go into his spirit temporarily, it reduces
the amount of damage that his body takes during that period.

[Black cat cross your path] A trip possibility to an enemy that goes for the melee attack.
[Phantom bullets] The spirit cancels the attack and makes the enemy receive the damage equal to the amount of the canceled attack.
[Invisible noose] Makes a enemy lose his whole turn , this ability only works on smaller size or regular size enemies and when performed it causes damage to the Gambler.

Nerf as you see fit.
No. 118340 ID: 8a947d
File 151208692043.png - (363.10KB , 1212x826 , Submissions 3.png )

Hey guys ? I know I asked for these character designs but can you please stop making designs better than mine please ? You're really upstaging me here.

I like how he's sort of close to Gallows but in the most obscure coincidental way possible. He'd definitely have a hard time joining Pagans easily as an ex-church member unless he hid that from them, in which case when they found out he may be in a bit of trouble. Is he a part of the Pagans ? It doesn't seem like it. That old west look is nice though, grizzled old men make the best wasteland survivors. He might need a different God though, a God of Death would be big enough to have followers to keep him sustained. God of Ravens might be good, being able to control whole swarms of ravens and talk to them. If I had to re-balance abilities around that...

[Carrion Cross] Can stay the same.
[Raven's Grasp]: Summons a raven's claw from the ground to ensnare target for one turn.
[A Little Birdie Told Me]: Can look through the eyes of one raven, is blind from his POV while this happens.

Absurdity you have such a unique art style that honestly I was afraid I wouldn't be able to redraw him. Same as before, I can't tell if this guy is a Pagan or a Shadowman or part of the main characters. Also the second I saw this guy I thought "Villain" maybe it's the mustache, the eyebrows, and the long cigarette. I also want to say that a lot of the skills and traits seem more like Abilities rather than skills or traits. His personality and backstory are all great but the technical parts are going to have to be reworked and balanced. I really like this guy but I think he might be an enemy, maybe someone who took a job from the church ? Unless you don't want that.

If I had to re-balance Stick's abilities...

[Jinx]: Everyone around Stick's Spirit has lower luck, this includes allies.

[Misdirect Misfortune]: Any attack that hits Stick's Spirit is redirected to a random enemy. has a long cooldown.
[Lingering Will] Can stay the same.
[Card Throw]: Any one that Stick's Spirit touches is marked to have incredibly horrendous luck. Can only effect one person, but anyone around that person can be hurt buy the target's bad luck.

May change later.
No. 118342 ID: 51058c

After being excommunicated he had no where to go, some pagan families took him in for a while, until the church came for them. He did what he could but mosty he’s the kind of guy who avoids pagans, but not out of hatred, he stopped hating them a long time ago.
No. 118344 ID: a1c783

Well the way how I envisioned this guy to be is more of a person who gives status effects to others, like Terry Hintz from Lisa. He really wouldn't have strong attacks only affecting people around him with his abilities. As for his alliances, he could work for whoever pays him. He is more of a unique kind of a mercenary with his unpredictable ability, whoever pays him he will be working for them. I wouldn't mind if he was a opposition in the story, the way how I draw him is like the gamblers from the western cowboy movies, with exaggerated eyebrows and crazy mustache To be honest I really like more how your version of my character ended up looking. I am glad that you like my character. With all the others fan made characters that rely on weapons and magic. I wanted to make a character that really doesn't know how to use weapons at all, someone who only rely only on his luck to win his battles.
No. 118345 ID: 91ee5f

>Hey guys? I know I asked for these character designs but can you please stop making designs better than mine please? You're really upstaging me here.
Don't worry, my art skills suck. You can only improve whatever I draw.....as soon as I actually draw it.....and figure out how to post it.

>He'd definitely have a hard time joining Pagans easily as an ex-church member unless he hid that from them, in which case when they found out he may be in a bit of trouble.
What about someone that the Pagans know is a former Church member and that person has proven themselves to be trustworthy? Like helping kill some Priests, rescuing any Pagans being held prisoner, and sharing Church secrets.
No. 118347 ID: a1c783
File 151209455709.jpg - (415.23KB , 1065x886 , Beautiful butterfly 147.jpg )

I am not try to start anything with this, I just wanted to see how my character drawn in your style dawn by me would end up looking. I have to say that your version of my character looks awesome and far better then my initial design
No. 118374 ID: 13fded
File 151212045481.png - (943.54KB , 1212x826 , nightmare.png )

Name: Arthur Eldridge
Age: Above 80
Personality: Calm, apparently exhausted but actually tireless and persistent.

In his prime Arthur was a proud pagan soldier. A life dedicated to fight until his old body could no longer take it. Now all he can do is instruct the young who don’t know why Arthur was once feared.
Although his students would never hear from his mouth, Arthur has family somewhere. In truth he fear what can happen if his children develop the same fighting spirit he has, so he develop a sort of double life, keeping his profession and family secret from each other.
Most of the people he called friends are dead, and just a rare few were because of their age. Arthur expects to meet his end fighting, like those people that were so important to him.

His fighting style is one of endurance. Once Arthur stand his ground he can hold attackers for days. To accomplish it he makes use of some defensive spells but mostly a passive regeneration.

Here is why this character exists:
Last night I dreamed an old man was scrambling written circles on the ground while a monstrous figure watches his back. From each complete circle he would start a new one centered at the end of the previous, slowly advancing his limited safe ground. The hand he stretched outside of the protective barrier was constantly been attacked by large bugs that cut deeply into his flesh, but he endure the torment and the wounds would close after a few seconds.
At some point many of the creatures emerged from beneath the ground and attacked. The old man felt unconscious. The monstrous creature hushed in his direction and torn the bugs to pieces. Soon after the wounds of the old man closed, he slowly awoke and return to his scrambling as if nothing had happened.
No. 118385 ID: 91ee5f

That guy just looks like Slenderman with a beard, for some reason.
No. 118386 ID: 13fded

That is because I suck. And it was a nightmare.
No. 118634 ID: 49ff64

So far, Roland has escaped from:

>a gallows
>a torture room
>a prison cell
>gender confusion
>a city near the prison he escaped from
>voodoo men on an airship while dressed as a woman
>Issei acting as a distraction
>dressing as a woman for the remainder of the quest
>a guard outpost he infiltrated using Issei as a distraction
>a priest on a horse shooting lightning at him
>a giant worm
>the worm again
>the effects of an aetheric entity
>voodoo men turning people into trees on a train
>a burning museum filled with fishbugs
>underneath a fishbug
>a whalebug
>the effects of a demonic cellphone
>a priest who cheats at games
>a subway filled with velociraptor cars
>Ada's shop rigged to explode
>the realm of his dead pianist god
>a pair of priests that turned him into a cat (pending)
>the body of a cat (pending)

Escape Artist perk when?
No. 118636 ID: 13fded

Those are impressive, but but some of those escapes aren't the kind someone would attribute to an escape artist. He wasn't even trapped in his dead god dimension, he was sleeping and would inevitable "escape" whenever he woke up.
Still, nine or ten of those deeds are deserving of the tittle.
No. 118637 ID: 49ff64

More than just that aren't really attributable to an escape artist, but they were still escapes of some kind.
No. 118741 ID: 49ff64

Heretic, how much do you know about eyes?
No. 118753 ID: 8a947d

They've got rods and cones, you can see out of them. Uhh...something about depth perception ? I guess not much really. We've established I don't know a lot of things
No. 118759 ID: 49ff64

There's a bit more to eyes than just that. The basic structure is a lens to redirect light through the pupil, a muscle to adjust how much light enters the eye, and a pocket lined with photoreceptors.

Depth perception is a result of the differences between images captured by eyes. Each eye captures a flat image from a different angle, and the brain fills in the gaps.

For Gallows to have depth perception with only one eye, he would need a second structure. This means two lenses, two irises, and two pockets crammed into a space meant for one. Advanced surgery could make this possible, but there'd be a few differences between this and two natural eyes.

>Sharper vision at distances
>Smaller field of vision
>Looking really fucking creepy
No. 118765 ID: 91ee5f

>For Gallows to have depth perception with only one eye, he would need a second structure. This means two lenses, two irises, and two pockets crammed into a space meant for one. Advanced surgery could make this possible, but there'd be a few differences between this and two natural eyes.
I prefer the simple explanation of "magic" and leaving it at that.
No. 118774 ID: dc2226

There're people with polycoria, so i'll take it.
No. 118776 ID: 3abd97

>For Gallows to have depth perception with only one eye, he would need a second structure
Or one eye, with only one structure-set, but that very rapidly cycles that structure into different configurations and focal lengths so the brain still gets different images / perspectives to interpolate between.
No. 118781 ID: 13fded

The cyclops trait may have been lost, not because Gallows gained binocular vision, but because the vision his one eye have improved to the point that the disadvantage lacking one eye represented to his ability to perceive things was compensated.
No. 118794 ID: 49ff64

Assuming his mind wasn't altered as well, that would halve the amount of images Gallows would be able to see over a period of time. The brain limits the frequency that images are interpreted at.
No. 118987 ID: 830fb7

Saw this today and couldn’t help but think Roland what are you doing here.
No. 118995 ID: 8a947d

I was reading this before and thought the same thing.
No. 119003 ID: 8a947d
File 151381408839.png - (220.94KB , 1212x1653 , D3 Poster.png )

Anyone up for a Q&A ? I'd be happy to try and answer any question to the best of my ability
No. 119005 ID: 91ee5f

Alright, I'll ask something.

Were you surprised at how popular Ada was when you first introduced her in the quest?

Did you plan for Ada to be a spider person from the very beginning?

What inspired you to make the Unter, its inhabitants, and their Arcamagika?
No. 119006 ID: b4f880

Do priests/ the church have allied entities equivalent to Demons? (not sure what Loa and crossroads creatures like the skullworm thing fit in as)

I know it wouldn't be a direct comparison since demons are uniquely the physical remnants of Athmoor, but I keep thinking they must have some way of making inhuman servants.
No. 119007 ID: 3abd97

Do you have any cool unused ideas for if we'd chosen one of the other classes originally? Say, if we were a priest and the pagans were the opposition.
No. 119008 ID: 8a947d

I had no idea Ada would get this popular, I guess it sort of makes sense since Tgchan likes to pair people up. I never intended to make Ada a spider person until everyone showed interest in her, after that I decided to add more to her character and give her something interesting. I made her a spider because I liked the idea that she was hiding more eyes under here hair and then wanted to push it further.

The Unter like all of the other stuff I made was spur of the moment and had little though go into it until a while ago. I got the name from the game Sunless Sea never realized it was German until I looked into it more and then decided it made more sense that the Unter's inhabitants were German speaking. I forget exactly why they run mostly on Arcamagika, I think while I was brainstorming the place I thought a group of subterranean German spider people that ran on magical technology sounded cool enough to use.

I'll be honest, since this quest was all being made up as I went along I really didn't, I think I forgot a lot about it in the beginning. I didn't even know what our main goal was when we started the second thread.

They do but I haven't shown them yet.
No. 119029 ID: d2863e

Who was Claude's deity? God(dess) of heat? Destruction? Radiation?Microwave ovens?

Where does an octopedal cavewoman learn to ride a bike?

Do you still want character submissions? I might have some ideas for an antagonist or two.
No. 119031 ID: 8a947d

Claude's god is Tyrant: God of Destruction. Priests only gain a portion of their god's power, that's why Claude didn't have complete destructive power. Stronger more well trained priests can channel more power and be more efficient.

Ada had to practice using her fake human legs to better blend in on the surface before she left the Unter, she taught herself to ride the bike as she was repairing it.

If you want to submit more I definitely won't complain, but now that I have so many I'm not sure if they'll get in or not. Still I'd love to see anything you have.
No. 119035 ID: bb0dae

Are we gonna keep the cat after/if we get our body back? With the bandana it almost feels like part of the crew.
No. 119142 ID: 8a947d
File 151419890577.png - (233.64KB , 1018x800 , Merr Chrisler.png )

A Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to everyone!
No. 119212 ID: 91ee5f

I'm kinda hoping that after we get through her cats, we get to take our Demon Flagellum and do this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DsUCRcK7QYc , to Dawn! XD

Maybe Dawn says, "Enough! You Pagans are beneath me! I am a Priestess of [insert God/Goddess here]! And I will not be-"
*gets thrown around by Demon Flagellum*
No. 119232 ID: ffaea7

Is the Armored Alto an aberrant summon? I wasn't expecting a fusion to speak.

Also, I'm still working on a few priests. Do you have a god/goddess of wind planned already?
No. 119233 ID: 13fded

The Choirkin sing, so I presume he can talk but doesn't because is shy.
No. 119236 ID: 7152b7

I wonder if we can turn him into an aberrant summon, maybe at the cost of a charm?

I love this demon. Is neat. Even if he does look like a nightmare to draw.
No. 119307 ID: 9b80a5

hey heretic do you play nuclear throne
No. 119308 ID: 8a947d

Sometimes, I've never beaten the throne and the only character I can play well is Crystal.
No. 119309 ID: 8a947d

There is a wind goddess, Umoyust, Flint fought one of her priests during the raid on the New Olmec base.
No. 119356 ID: 66ded2

Are summons bound to the soul or the body?
Let's say Roland goes back to his body without dissmissing the armored Alto would it go with Roland, go back to the ether or stick with the cat?
No. 119363 ID: 91ee5f

Roland already explained this in the quest.

He said that a Pagan's ability to summon is linked to their soul, which is why he's been able to summon even though he's in a cat's body right now.
No. 119407 ID: ad51b8

so when do we find out that the cat still has a bit of Roland's soul in it and as such can still summon shit?
No. 119408 ID: 91ee5f

I kinda want Uma to get a Level up from this and then when she hears the "ding" sound of her Leveling up, she gets scared and asks what made that noise?! And then Roland tells her what that noise was.

It's funny because she's probably never Leveled up before! XD
No. 119413 ID: d3602f

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Could a Pagan soul "infect" others?
No. 119551 ID: 3e8a21

So anyone else get the feeling the latin eye monster might be the same "species" as Veacriel?
No. 119651 ID: b0990e

Aww fan character intermission!! Consider me properly hyped
No. 119676 ID: 8a947d
File 151624811560.png - (287.64KB , 1212x826 , Bower Character Sheet.png )

Putting these here to keep track of them.

Morgan "Bower" Kirsch
HP: 20

[Tracking 3](+5 on rolls for following others. Skilled at tracking others down and keeping himself hidden, Morgan won't be ambushed if he is tracking someone. Others will though)
[Evoker 2] (+3 on spell rolls.)
[Sniper 3] (+5 on attack rolls made from a long distance. Bullets can pierce weak structures and bodies.)

[Death From Above] (Bower is naturally inclined to high places, and excels in sniping. +5 to attacks made from above the target.)
[Conflict Avoidance] (Hates up close and personal conflict. Physical or otherwise. -10 to melee rolls.)
[Spell Sniper] (Bower can infuse his bullets with spells, using the foe's blood to power the spell on impact. Spells can only be used upon the target.)

[Aether Sight] Cost: 10oz, 5 per turn
[Blood Mark] (Makes the target's blood shine brightly, increases all ranged accuracy on wounded foes.) Cost: 5oz
[Ensnare] (Target is trapped using aether energy. Costs blood per turn.) Cost: 10oz, 5 per turn
[Soul Sap] (Only useable with Spell Sniper. Bullets infused with this spell that remain in the victims body drain both blood and add disadvantage to STR and END rolls.) Cost: 10oz

Sniper Rifle (20 Bullets)
Grappling Hook
No. 119677 ID: 8a947d
File 151624814633.png - (286.52KB , 1212x826 , Rascal Character Sheet.png )

Roberta "Rascal" Raskellina
HP: 35

[Shotgunner 3](+5 to using shotguns. Fast reload allows 8 shots at once instead of just 4)
[Brawler 2](+3 to melee fighting)
[Athletic 1](+2 to physical actions)

[Hunter] (Rascal's spent her whole life chasing traitors and deserters. +5 to attacks against fleeing targets and +5 to agility when chasing fleeing targets)
[Mental Switch] (When Rascal's health drops below 5 she can activate a mental switch that restore 20 health and heals all debuffs, her Strength and Agility increase by 5.[Mental Switch] lasts until a certain target has been defeated, after this Rascals health drops to 1 and her stats go back to normal. She can only use [Mental Switch] once.)

[Aether Aegis] (Creates a protective barrier around Rascal that absorbs projectiles at the cost of blood instead of hp) Cost:10oz, 10 per shield hit
[Soul Link] (Creates a link with target, any buffs or debuffs effecting Rascal will also effect the target. If the target is a Pagan they can also use up to 30% of her blood to cast their own spells.) Cost: 5oz
[Tectonic Slam] (The caster's strength is increased as the charge forward delivering a devastating punch) Cost: 10oz

[Matador Shotgun] (20 Regular Shells, 10 Sharp Shells)
[Swift Trickster Summon Pack] Made of Tongue, Silk, and Sinew.
No. 119678 ID: 8a947d
File 151624817991.png - (260.97KB , 1212x826 , Lady Character Sheet.png )

HP: 25

[Alchemist 3](+5 to chemistry and potions, Can create potions quickly and without and without an alchemy station)
[Brawler 2](+3 to melee fighting)

[Potion Resistant](Lady's built up an immunity to the potions she makes, She doesn't suffer withdrawal but only gets about half of their effect)
[Crossroads Alchemy](Lady's poisons and potions come from another world, they can't be used against her or her allies but can't be used in summoning)

[Weak Brew](Lady creates a weak concoction that gives a small buff or debuff (+/- 2-3) to any stat that lasts for 2 turns. Only one potion can effect anyone at a time.)
[Strong Brew](Lady creates a stronger concoction that gives a large buff or debuff (+/- 5-8) to any stat that lasts for 3 turns, these take longer to make and after. Once stronger buffs wear off they leave a random Withdrawal symptom)
[Astral Venom](An otherworldly poison that temporarily forces the soul out of somebodies body leaving it dormant, if the soul is hit again it will kill it)

Predator Blowgun (10 Darts, can be crafted from sticks)
Glass Bottles
No. 119679 ID: 8a947d
File 151624821897.png - (206.48KB , 1212x826 , Biter Character Sheet.png )

Kego "Biter" Sheng
HP: 10

[Summoning 3](+5 to rolls involving summoning. Replace 1 reagent in a summon with 10oz of blood (Cannot be the catalyst))
[Knives 2](+3 to rolls involving knives)

[Cute](Biter's scars don't diminish his looks too much, Biter can still interact with others with his mask off despite his scars.)
[Small Body](Biter's harder to catch and harder to hit, +5 to Agility when being chased or attacked. But his small body means less blood to use, only has access to 38oz of blood to use.
[Big Surprises](Biter's Summons are much larger than average making them stronger and more durable, however he can only summon one at a time)


Hunting Knife
5 Throwing Daggers
2 Roaming Gluttony Summon Packs
2 Demon Flagellum Summon Packs
No. 119680 ID: 8a947d
File 151624828895.png - (253.44KB , 1212x826 , Wanderer Character Sheet.png )

Gwyneth "Wanderer" Sepa
HP 20

[Survival 3](+5 on rolls for navigating or living in the wilderness, can craft simple tools and medicines from plants and wildlife)
[Blood Caster 2] (+3 on rolls concerning ritual spells)
[Stealth 1] (+2 on rolls to move unnoticed)

[Parasite Arm] - (The Parasite arm is a potent reach weapon, strong and flexible, but makes any interaction with non-pagans incredibly difficult. (she fails any interaction with non-pagans while the parasite arm is exposed))
[Blood Battery] (The Parasite can consume more blood than it immediately uses, allowing it to act like a blood battery but must be fed with blood regularly (any blood works), lest it start feeding on Gwyneth herself, causing her to become weak and unable to use ritual spells. (cannot summon))
[Survivalist] (Gwyneth has no patience for anything that cannot be made or relied upon when alone in the wild. (-5 to rolls with technology or guns) (+5 to rolls with simple thrown or melee weapons and tools))

[Blacklance] Long range projectile of piercing energy, lesser effectiveness at close ranges.
[Numbing Dart] (Fires a small paralytic projectile, small and silent. Takes a minute or so for total paralysis. Ineffective through clothing or armor.)
[Aether Sight]
[Galvanic Aura] (Caster becomes charged with lighting, anything coming into contact with them gets shocked (can be channeled through held items))

Bowie Knife
2 Smoke Grenades
No. 119681 ID: 13fded

As a deserters hunter Rascal presence suggest betrayal as an element of this story. I'm not saying it will happen or that I would like it to happen, but it's something to consider.
If you don't mind me elaborating conspiracy theories I have some ideas I would like to share.
No. 119683 ID: 8a947d

Go right ahead. I'd love to hear what you think.
No. 119685 ID: 13fded

Considering the isolated nature of this island the first candidate I considered as a traitor was Bower. By that I don’t mean as the one to first raise suspicions on his colleagues, I mean that his skills would make him a formidable opponent for the entire group even if he acts alone.
Long range and stealth can be a killer combination, and it doesn’t help that the rest of the group would have difficulties tracking him or covering ground spreading. This conflict would be especially interesting if there are no enemies in the region or after the enemies been dealt with.
The problem is character motivation. As a loner figure that doesn’t communicate much his past would easily become a mystery to the people closer to him, a lot could happen without anyone ever knowing or even noticing a difference of behavior, but, like Rascal, Bower has a very strong reason to hate the church. The existence of two teams competing for survival doesn’t allow a third party to be involved, making it difficult to imagine what could be a convincing motive.

Speaking of Rascal, she could be an interesting turncoat. Obviously there is the problem of someone with her background allying herself with the church, but she doesn’t seem to have too much loyalty to the pagans in the first place. It’s not too far-fetched that after hunting members of her own group for so long she would become jaded. She never really cared for those people, so why help them? What make the disloyal that cared more about themselves than the pagans so different from Rascal?

Now, if we consider which one is the most likely to be motivated to make a deal with the church there is no contestant other than Lady. Since her identity belong to the Lou until she dies her past must be nothing more than mysteries, but one thing we know: as a voodoo practitioner she is willing to make risky deals and chose the better offer.
The lack of an unified community means the Shadowman have little loyalty to other voodoo practitioners and even less so to the pagans.

Wanderer and Biter don’t seem to have a personal reason to reject the church as strongly as Rascal and Bower, but on the other hand they seem to have stronger reasons to be loyal to their group. Wanderer is too involved with pagan practices and Biter was all about the community. I don’t think either would be the most likely traitor, but that also mean they would be the most surprising traitors.
But even if they don’t betrayal the group, both are the sort of characters that can contribute to the drama. Wanderer would be too focused on the mission to even consider something isn’t right with her team. Biter would blindly trust the pagans and would have an unreasonable judgment of Lady, so even if he was right his lack of arguments would fail to convince the others.
No. 119748 ID: 3e8a21

so when is a good time to check in on d3 quest?
No. 119763 ID: 8a947d

What like when do I update it ? I don't have a set schedule if that's what you mean the posts are pretty sporadic depending how much time I have to draw. I can post as early as 8:00 am or as late as 11:00 pm depending on work, mood, or anything else.
No. 119837 ID: 016387

Does the church have noncombatant priests? I doubt they'd be completely helpless, but I also doubt the deities of knowledge, healing, or trade- assuming they exist- send their worshippers into combat.

What timezone do you live in?
No. 119842 ID: 8a947d

I mean a priest that can heal may go into battle, that would be useful. Really it depends on how well the priest can use their abilities. I live in he Pacific time zone, California.
No. 119907 ID: d6f908

Who wants to guess how Rossmann looks like? I think he looks like one of those Vaecriel mutants.
No. 120250 ID: 8a947d

I love strawberries, I love chicken, but this picture disgusts me for some reason.

Doesn't seem like too many people enjoy the intermission ?
No. 120251 ID: 9876c4

I'd hate to disgust you in your own thread.

I didn't really read the lead in, or character creation, so I'm a little lost in the interlude. I have no feelings either way on liking it.
No. 120256 ID: 91ee5f

I’m enjoying it!

I’m just kinda surprised that the people that made the characters aren’t joining in to help!
No. 120270 ID: ebb2f0

What do you mean by help?
No. 120271 ID: 91ee5f

Participating in the quest, duh.
No. 120276 ID: b1b4f3

The combat system is okay but it gets tiring after an extended engagement.
No. 120277 ID: fda98a

I don't dislike it, but is hard to think of what to do when you have new caracters with to little develoment, in the sense that they just apeared. It is not like Troy, or Issei, or even Hakim. He apeared first as an antagonist, and through Roland dreams and our interactions with him, we came to know him little by little. (Uma hasn't had that much time to develop just yet, for me at least). This new group doesn't have all that "inside the head" that we have with all the others, so it is hard to play with them. I would like to emphacise that this is what i feel. Others may have other reason.
No. 120279 ID: 376081

One of the characters is mine and I'm aways posting suggestions. Authough for now I have to be type less because I'm on a phone...
No. 120281 ID: efcc58

It's a bit rough coordinating actions for five people at once. I'd be willing to make suggestions for Lady, but I worry about stepping on others' toes.
No. 120282 ID: b1b4f3

How is Lady's instakill soul attack supposed to work? The effects went away before she could act a second time so I'm guessing it wasn't that she had to dart the soul itself. An attack went off while the soul was out too, so that wasn't it.
No. 120283 ID: 9bad90

That's true. Normaly we focus on Roland, but without a main character the game become chosing the best use for each dice among all possible actions of all characters. I would agree to focus on my dude assuming the others will act regardles.
No. 120286 ID: d8cfea

I’m enjoying it but suggested a character so don’t take my word for it

I agree that 5 characters is a lot to handle, especially in combat, so maybe it would be worth splitting the group into 2 smaller parties? Might be easier to handle then juggling 5 dudes at once?

Or even just having prompts for 2 characters at a time?
No. 120298 ID: 21bc3e

Lady's soul poison's primary purpose was to kill ghosts. If any ethereal being (soul/ghost/spirit/spectre/etc) comes into direct contact with it, that being is banished from the physical plane. Its secondary effect causes souls to be expelled from their bodies, which opens them up to another dose of poison and leaves their bodies comatose.

I believe the poison didn't work against Floyd because his patron god is controlling his empty body.
No. 120300 ID: 21bc3e

Is the interlude still running?
No. 120304 ID: 8a947d

No, Sorry I wasn't really enjoying doing the interlude anymore. Hopefully, I'll still find places to use the characters, but I doubt it'll be like the interlude.

Sorry, everybody.
No. 120309 ID: 91ee5f


Can we at least find out what happened? Besides the obvious victory, that is.

And what did Rossman look like under that hood?
No. 120409 ID: 35055d


An Amorphous Beholder could be used as a sentry or scout by adding its vision to Gallows' own. It's recipe would be something like: something reflective, five eyeballs, a metal ring, and a pound of dried leaves.

A bunch of Demon Flagellums could be fused together into a Tentacled Monstrosity to entangle and batter groups. It'd probably require around triple the cost of Demon Flagellum's recipe or spell.
No. 120415 ID: 91ee5f

>It'd probably require around triple the cost of Demon Flagellum's recipe or spell.
Really? I was kinda thinking that’s what’d happen if you Fusion Summon 2 Demon Flagellums.

Actually, we’ve never really tried to see what would happen if we fuse 2 of the same demon together. Would it just be something like a Super Demon Flagellum and it looks the same as a normal Demon Flagellum or would it have a different name and look different?
No. 120428 ID: 5737b7

Some volatile deviants were fused with a facsimile a while ago. Fusion uses half the reagents for each demon, so triple the blood would fuse six flagellums.
No. 120432 ID: d3602f

I think you may be underestimating the rarity of leaves here. How many times have we seen a tree with leaves?
No. 120467 ID: 5737b7

Leaves grow on more than just trees.
No. 120473 ID: 91ee5f

That other guy is right though. Leaves are extremely rare, no matter what they’re growing on!

Only time we’ve actually seen leaves was when we were in the Unter.
No. 120475 ID: f6785d

Mr Heretic, sir, is the A&Q still up? I kind of missed it. I am fairly new in regards of TG in general, so i forgot to check the quest-dis. There are tons of things i am still missing from learning.
No. 120476 ID: 8a947d

Anytime you wanna ask a question, I'll be up to answer to the best of my ability.
No. 120489 ID: f6785d

Cool, thanks. I actually have one right now. I am enjoying the quest a lot, but, like everything, it has to end, unfortunately. When this happens, what will you do then? Do you have plans for somthing new, or you are going to take a break from the this?
No. 120497 ID: 8a947d
File 151823413976.png - (122.88KB , 1212x826 , Suggestor Demons.png )

Every time I'm doing something like trying to sleep or drawing I think up a new idea for something else. I'm probably going to do more quests if I can, I might take a bit of a break after I finish but hell I don't know.

Amorphous Beholder sounds like an ascended version of Voyeuristic Globule if we kept it. Also, fusing two of the same demon together was something I never covered. It normally doesn't work, but I guess fusing flagellums just gets you more and more coming from the same catalyst.
No. 120512 ID: 91ee5f

>Amorphous Beholder sounds like an ascended version of Voyeuristic Globule if we kept it.
That doesn’t mean that a different Pagan can’t summon it!
No. 121235 ID: 8a947d

Sorry updates have gotten slower, I've been busy
No. 121237 ID: 91ee5f

It’s ok. Take care of everything in your life before you worry about updating your quest for us.
No. 121444 ID: 9b80a5

a while ago i asked if youu played nuclear throne and you said you did then i forgot until now to ask the question i wanted to ask after that,
was if the bandit character was what Roland was inspired by? like they both have the whole covered in bandages thing going and scarves
No. 121493 ID: 8a947d
File 152099744037.png - (334.63KB , 640x382 , Rebelallyspawn_sm.png )

Who Rebel? Not intentionally but maybe subconsciously, a one-eyed, wasteland roaming, bandage covered, minion spawning, gun carrying, weirdo could describe either of them now that I think about it.
No. 122786 ID: 8a947d

I think I'm going to start a new quest, but it's not going to be entirely new. I'm probably going to restart D3 but do things differently, I don't know if that sounds good or not but I don't know if I'll continue the original quest. What do you guys think ?
No. 122787 ID: 4d2d3a

I’m more curious as to why you feel D3 needs a reboot, I thought everything going really awesome. I thought the world and the characters were awesome. I think you had something awesome going on.
No. 122789 ID: 4d2d3a
File 152540952039.png - (2.35MB , 2732x2048 , FBAD7051-C146-4C6B-8220-4D3BA2974900.png )

By the way, a while ago I did a bit of fanart/appreciation thing of you. I’ve been drawing my favorite quest authors and ones that have been really influential and interesting as warhammer 40k characters and you were one of them. Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard
No. 122791 ID: b40778

I think is ok to reboot D3quest with the things alredy fleshed out and I find interesting the fact that we might change of characters, sounds good to me. Really wanna see what happens if we choose priest or prophet this time. Whole plot reminded me of Iconoclasts btw, you should check it!
No. 122798 ID: 8a947d

I can't help but think about all of the stuff I could've done better. D3 was a test run that I feel like I let go on for too long, it definitely should've been shorter. The fact that I got around 10 Chapters done was a miracle alone. I think the next one will be a bit shorter, or at least the story won't be as large as the first one. I can't make any promises though, and I feel like the way I write the newer one will be much different from the old one. We'll see.

I don't know if somebody named "Heretic" would make a good space marine. That's a space marine right? I don't know shit about Warhammer, Great art though.

I'm not sure if I'll give the same character selection thing as before. Also, it sounds like Iconoclasts ripped me off, I'm taking those bastards to court for this.
No. 122799 ID: eeb7d9

A reboot you say?
Well, i do have to agree with Grim, i don't see why you should. The one thing i always found bizzare are some of the interactions between characters (no pun intended). You do seem to be inspired by JoJo a lot, and there are no complaints on that, i am loving it. For the rest of the world you created, it seems incredibly well done and coherernt.
But, if you ask us for opinion on wether you should or not reboot the quest, i say you should give it a try. There are a lot of examples where this has been done and the quest has been truly beneficiated from it. My personal favorite is Fen Quest, is basically the same core story, but changing the universe almost completely.
No. 122804 ID: b40778

Can't wait to see Iconoclasts dead tomorrow.
No. 122805 ID: f68efe

Will we be seeing any of the old characters, or have you made an entirely new cast?
No. 122806 ID: f14948

Yes, he is a space marine... specifically one who would later become a daemon prince.
No. 122807 ID: 8a947d

Old characters will appear, some may act differently but they'll still be the same. I think I need to make a new dis thread now.
No. 122808 ID: 91ee5f

>Old characters will appear
Good, that means we can still ship Roland and Ada together! X3
No. 122809 ID: b40778

I don't know why or what the heck happened but the tought of Roland playing farmvile sounded cute for a few minutes.
No. 122810 ID: b1b4f3

Gotta have that spider booty.
No. 122812 ID: 9876c4

I am so glad the new version still features red neckerchief.
No. 122815 ID: eeb7d9

You goddamn right! Swiggity swooty i'm coming for that spider booty.
No. 122816 ID: 240938

What exactly is happening right now, is this "Reboot Gallows", or his son who happens to have a missing eye and same sense of fashion?
No. 122817 ID: eeb7d9

Unless that his dad has the same name and alias, then no, i am pretty sure that this is our new and improved Gallows.
No. 122820 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Fiddler Imp has a proper name now!

It’s good to know that Vol will be there to support Roland!
No. 122852 ID: eeb7d9

That last panel looks really familiar. I wonder what direction this quest is going to take.
No. 122878 ID: 240938

In the original quest, we zeroed in on revolvers and cowboy-themed attire pretty quickly. That fit the old setting pretty well, but the new setting leans to the wasteland aspect much more heavily so far. Before we get to the inevitable paperdoll and equipping, we should discuss whether we keep the old theme or work on something new.
No. 122880 ID: eeb7d9

What is your plan, Heretic?
I don't really mind, is your quest after all.
I think is too soon to tell what kind of setting we're having here. The old one was pretty apocalyptic in its own way.
No. 122883 ID: 8a947d

My plan for the setting? I guess like Shaman said it leans more on the wasteland aspect. It's still apocalyptic though, but it's more like a mad max.

Should I make a new Discussion Thread ? I feel like with the new quest a new thread would be appropriate.
No. 122884 ID: 240938

I don't think it's necessary.
No. 122886 ID: eeb7d9

Nah, don't worry about. Is not even that messy. This thread will do fine.
No. 123042 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, I was right! That was Ada!

I’ll admit, I was shocked to see how different her appearance is compared to her old design. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad change! It’s a good change, I like it!
No. 123055 ID: eeb7d9

I agree, it is a nice change. She actually looks taller and more "human". Plus the two extra arms, that will come handy.

What is with me and puns today?
No. 123060 ID: e5c658

I liked short Ada, though.
No. 123088 ID: 8a947d
File 152668605325.png - (139.77KB , 1212x826 , Eyes no Eyes.png )

Quick question
Pupils or no pupils?
No. 123089 ID: 3abd97

No. 123090 ID: 4d2d3a

None, although having large pupils if a character gets really freaking high would be funny.
No. 123091 ID: 91ee5f

No pupils, please.

Although, if you give them pupils under special conditions, I’ll be fine with the pupils you used in Chapter 4 during the crisis in New Olmec.
No. 123093 ID: eeb7d9

I am way to accustomed to seeing everybody without pupils. But, you could use them in certain locations. Like >>123091 said. That would be fine.
No. 123098 ID: ad51b8

personally I like it more without pupils since with them it feels a little to cartoony to me. That being said I wouldn't mind seeing them during dramatic scenes like the smile worm host revile or if you believe showing pupils would help show/get across emotions better.

So in short use them where you think appropriate, otherwise you can probably do without them.
No. 123100 ID: dc91a0

If you are going to keep this overall style, no pupils.

If you are going to make heads literally anything other than circles+Details, pupils.
No. 123107 ID: e5c658

Would you like us to come up with more demons? I've got a few rough ideas I could refine.
No. 123109 ID: e5c658

Also, this seems vaguely relevant.
No. 123110 ID: 8a947d

You can definitely do that if you want. I don't know if I'd want people to submit abilities or stuff like that'd because I'd sorta like what the demons do to be a surprise.

But I won't complain if anyone submits demon designs, I don't guarantee I'll use them though.

Speaking of submitted designs I intend to use those submitted pagans from before if that's alright with everybody, they might have different roles but they'll look more or less the same.
No. 123111 ID: e5c658

Will Lady be showing up again as well?
No. 123112 ID: 8a947d

I do intend to bring Lady back.
No. 123113 ID: 91ee5f

Speaking of demons, are demons still going to be able to evolve, become Eidolons, and other things like that?

Because if that’s not going to happen anymore, then could we see what Fiddler Imp would’ve looked like if we had successfully evolved him in Roland’s Eidolon?
No. 123116 ID: eeb7d9

Me too!
No. 123142 ID: dc91a0

Will we see The Armored Alto again?
Maybe as a boss-fight?
No. 123143 ID: 166e1c

What? No! He was a cool righteous protector. He should guard someone from something evil.
No. 123145 ID: e5c658

Would it be possible to find or summon Vol's imp friends? I think it would be neat to have a small imp army to train in small unit tactics.

Handheld flamethrowers are a thing. Could Gallows build one?
No. 123146 ID: 8a947d
File 152695107848.png - (285.26KB , 868x716 , Jaw Bone Club Imp.png )

Small Imp army is definitely a thing I was thinking about before this, but it probably won't be done by summoning Vol's old friends.

Roland can build stuff from junk he finds, he's built a radio, a crank-powered flashlight and restored the Skipper he rides. SR Roland is more mechanically inclined than the previous one.

Probably, I really want him back in since I cut D3 short before doing anything with him.

Demon evolution will still be a thing in the story, but not as big of a mechanic as it was before.
No. 123147 ID: e5c658

>grizzled veteran imp with a bazooka
No. 123156 ID: eeb7d9

So we would be handling a more mechanical Gallows instead of a summoner?
A handyman, like, with high repair skill and intelligence?
Like Fallout? Because i like it.
I don't know, i am just throwing ideas here.
No. 123160 ID: 91ee5f

>SR Roland
Oh, yeah, speaking of him, I’ve gotta ask.

In the original D3, we never really did find out what exactly Roland’s tattoos were supposed to do, besides let him summon more easily. Was there a secondary power that we never discovered? If so, then could you tell us what it was, if it’s not a spoiler for D3 SR?

And does SR Roland‘s tattoos still have the same powers or will they be different?
No. 123163 ID: 8a947d

Roland's tattoos were explained in the original. They stopped the large amount of Aethereal energy in his body from hurting him at a young age and as he grew up. The tattoos didn't make him summon better they just kept his body from being torn apart. SR Roland's tattoos will serve a different purpose.

I mean he's still going to be involved with demons but he does have engineering abilities.

I feel like Slight Return should get it's own wiki page rather than being stuck on with the original, it seems a bit cluttered the way it is.
No. 123164 ID: 91ee5f

>The tattoos didn't make him summon better they just kept his body from being torn apart.
Oops, looks like I misunderstood that when it was first explained in the quest. My bad.
No. 123167 ID: 3abd97

>I feel like Slight Return should get it's own wiki page rather than being stuck on with the original, it seems a bit cluttered the way it is.
Got ya covered.


That's the kind of thing that can be tricky to judge without waiting and seeing how the quest develops unless the author weighs in.
No. 123226 ID: 8a947d

I like it! I don't think I would've come up with a demon like this. It's fun to see other peoples versions of demons.
No. 123229 ID: eb4715

Hahaha! Thank ya, sometimes I make a few D3Quest OCs but I think this one was the one that I felt the courage to post about!
No. 123325 ID: e5c658
File 152755384702.jpg - (2.91MB , 5312x2988 , 20180528_172739.jpg )

Plasma Globe demon?
No. 123327 ID: e5c658
File 152755403077.jpg - (3.35MB , 5312x2988 , 20180528_172720.jpg )

Sometimes I feel like this is who I am inside.
No. 123335 ID: d3602f

An all seeing pile of spaghetti?
No. 123336 ID: 8a947d

A real robotic design, I hadn't though of more mechanical demons but that definitely looks good.

I don't know if this is a demon or not but it reminds me of an SCP I saw. It's also incredibly scary to look at, lots and lots of eyes creep me out.
No. 123338 ID: 5fa661


No. 123339 ID: 91ee5f

>It's also incredibly scary to look at, lots and lots of eyes creep me out.
I find that surprising, since you usually draw yourself as a giant eyeball named Ollie.

And you also drew this Amorphous Beholder: >>120497 .

No. 123340 ID: 8a947d
File 152757085140.png - (494.08KB , 744x1328 , Shintaro Kago Self Portrait Tribute.png )

It's weird, I like drawing eyeballs but at the same time, they're really creepy. I like drawing things that freak me out. If it's scary to me it's gotta be scary to someone else too. Like that smile worm hive lady, that freaked me out when I was done with it and I feel like that got a reaction out of the suggesters too.

also http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-066
No. 123341 ID: d3602f

The best horror writers often write about their own phobias. It takes talent to turn the mundane into something terrible.

I bet you can't make a demon that's more disturbing than those damn worms. Trypophobia and burrowing insects are a terrible combination.
No. 123344 ID: e5c658

I guess spaghetti monster does look like 66. I might add some arms.

By the way, what's your favorite SCP?
No. 123350 ID: eeb7d9

Well, it worked too well. That part of the story was really creepy. What makes me nervous are women. I am serious, i think those are the most scary creatures in the world.
No. 123351 ID: 8a947d

I don't think I can either, at first she was just going to have like a weird mouth face thing but that was boring. I think what really did it for me was how the worms have little smiles, don't know why but that gets me when I think about it.

A lot of the SCP's are great. It's hard to pick a favorite, but it always comes back to that pizza box that just makes infinite pizza however you want it (http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-458).
No. 123367 ID: 166e1c

Why did you changed Troy's powers?
No. 123368 ID: 91ee5f

Why do you assume it’s Troy? It could be someone else.
No. 123369 ID: 166e1c

In Troy's clothes?
No. 123370 ID: eeb7d9

They do look a lot like the ones i suggested when Heretic give us the chance to change his clothes.
I wonder they still have the John Marston reference in there.
No. 123371 ID: 91ee5f

That doesn’t prove anything. Anybody can wear clothes.
No. 123372 ID: 166e1c

Most characters have the same body type and a floating sphere for a head with two circles for eyes. To be identifiable they need noticeable scar and clothes distinguishable from all other characters.
Ignoring his vesture, Troy had a missing eye and a unique hair that got covered with the hat. What would be the point of giving a different character most of the visual clues associated with Troy? As a plot twist it would be meaningless because this is a reboot, they are literally different characters from their original counterparts.

The reason I asked about the different powers wasn't because the black ice was an irreplaceable part of Troy or because I would miss Freitast all that much. What bothers me is that Marston's outfit fitted Troy so well because it look like a something worn by a sailor of a frozen sea. Very appropriate for a smuggler with ice powers. If he is no longer associated with cold the original coat would represent better his shady nature.
No. 123375 ID: b1b4f3

He's probably still got Freitast but she's not associated with black ice, instead uh... whatever this is.
No. 123376 ID: 91ee5f

It doesn’t matter what you say, that still doesn’t mean that this guy has to be Troy.

As far as we know, this guy could be Flint!
No. 123377 ID: 8a947d
File 152782054492.png - (483.52KB , 1212x1653 , SR_Troy.png )

That's an interesting way to look at Troy's old clothes, I never thought of the outfit like that. Now that I look up what arctic sailors look like I definitely see that, but when it was first suggested I saw it more as merchant clothes to go along with Troy's profession of selling smuggled goods.

The big reason is I just didn't care for it very much. I thought up the ability and it seemed interesting at first so I gave it to Troy, but I had other abilities meant for other characters not involved with D3 one of whom had the similar matter portal creation Troy has now. I liked this power more than black ice so I decided to give it to SR Troy, and yes that is Troy he just shows up as "???" and keeps his face hidden because in-universe he isn't keen on sharing his name or face with anyone at the moment and anyone who didn't read the original D3 wouldn't know him.

Him having similar clothes is the same reason Roland still has that poncho, I really like how it looks.
No. 123378 ID: eeb7d9

Well this is certainly an upgrade to the old Troy. Don't get me wrong, i loved the old one, but giving the new universe setting, this one fits in really good.
I like were this is going.
I am finding myself having a hard time puting aside the old story tho. I was really into it. Is like when you like a game a lot, but for some reason you have to start all over again. And the game changes when you do. Like the rogue-like tipes of games.
Does this make sence?
No. 123391 ID: 8a947d

I hope nobody minds some of the returning character's names being changed. It won't happen to a lot of them but it'll probably happen.
No. 123393 ID: 166e1c

As long as they aren't switching names with other characters I don't mind.
No. 123396 ID: eeb7d9

Sure, go right ahead, i don't mind. Surprise me!
I am loving this story so far.
No. 123405 ID: d3602f

You know, I'm not sure it was ever mentioned just what "D3" stood for.
No. 123406 ID: 3abd97

> In a world of Demons, Deities, and Darkness, what are you ?
No. 123407 ID: eb4715
File 152799567423.png - (25.75KB , 600x960 , scream boy.png )

I'm bad at copying someone else style but hey, here it is Orffe! God of mimicry or, what I personally call him, god of air guitar.

I still need to make his prophet, a plague doctor chick that isn't really that much into puppets or singing.
No. 123416 ID: 8a947d

A really dumb title for the quest when I look back at it. For some reason, I didn't take the chance to change the title with this redo.

Are his eyes mouths? That's a really cool design for a god. Prophets are basically the same still, a little bit about how they get their powers is different but aside from that nothing different.
No. 123417 ID: eb4715

Yeah, his eyes are mouths, I tried to base him in something more "carnival"-like but I got that mouthy design for him, originally it was supossed to be a mask.
No. 123420 ID: d3602f

To be fair, it's kind of what we're familiar with. Changing it's name now could lead to confusion, and make it harder to find the new thread.
No. 123424 ID: 166e1c

If this guy ever appear please move that tong as if it were a pupil pointing to where he is looking.
No. 123449 ID: b1b4f3

Okay is the barrier covering us on all sides or is it not? Does it last for more than one hit or not? Does it last more than one second or not? I have no idea how this ability works anymore, aside from BADLY.
The displacer beasts' ability doesn't make sense. They seem to just use it like a combination of invisibility and a hologram, when that's just fucking stupidly overpowered. Especially since they seem to make NO NOISE WHATSOEVER. The D&D creature has a displaced image a set distance away from them, and the image matches their actions. These "Displacer Beasts" do not have to match the image to their actions and can put the image wherever the fuck they want. Again, that is stupidly overpowered, and the fact that the ability is so different from the D&D version despite them having the same name and appearance means we're acting on what is essentially false information.

What the fuck.
No. 123451 ID: 8a947d

I'm sorry if you were confused, I'm sorry if I'm misrepresenting the creature. Whenever I see the ability it's only ever described but not really shown so I guess I never fully understood how it worked. What I meant to have happened in the caves was while the displacer beast was running at you it was already displaced and managed to get around the group and close enough right as the barrier was made, the barrier covers you from all sides the displacer beast was just close enough that it was already inside by the time it was put up. I understand that I did a poor job of explaining the barrier before.

As for the distance between the invisible beast and the projection, a lot of the sources I looked up just said they were "several feet away" and within the enclosed spaces of the bunker and the mountain's cave they couldn't really go all that far. I apologize if the way I did this upset you, I just wanted to do my best to incorporate an enemy that I thought looked and acted interestingly. I can't say that it won't happen again but I will be more careful with how I do it from now on. Thank you.
No. 123456 ID: e5c658
File 152830641926.jpg - (3.09MB , 5312x2988 , 20180606_103239.jpg )

Here's a thing.
No. 123458 ID: b1b4f3

So when the beast's illusion was running at us it was already right behind the group? We didn't have any chance to react in that case. What were we supposed to do?
No. 123459 ID: 91ee5f

At first, I was thinking, “I thought Roland’s Barrier wasn’t big enough for the Displacer Beast to fit inside of? So how did it get in there?” But now, I realize this answers some questions I had about the barrier.

My questions were: If something doesn’t fit in the barrier, would the barrier cut it in half? Or would the barrier force it out of the way?

What just happened, tells me, “No, the barrier won’t cut something in half nor will it force something out of the way.”

So, now I’m just wondering how did the Displacer Beast hit us? And I think I know what happened.

The Displacer Beast was only halfway in the barrier when it went up and just enough of its body was inside for it to attack us.

So I’m thinking that if something is too big to fit in the barrier when it goes up, it’ll get stuck in the barrier’s walls.

Since the Displacer Beast is too big to fit entirely inside of the barrier, I’m thinking that maybe we can put up a barrier around the Displacer Beast and leave its head outside of the barrier, while the rest of it is inside the barrier! That’ll trap it in place and hold it still long enough for us to shoot it in the face with some silver!

At least, I hope this’ll work.
No. 123461 ID: e5c658

No. 123464 ID: 8a947d

When the beast was running at you the real one was running towards you from another angle, it wasn't already behind you but working its way toward you. With the knowledge that a displacer beast can create projections of itself the best way to have avoided this is was to have some form of doubt that the one rushing you was real or knowing that displacer beasts normally attack with ambushes instead directly. I felt like that made sense when I did it, sorry if it didn't.

Why would this be too big for the quest thread? I feel like I've seen longer posts in quests.
No. 123465 ID: 91ee5f

>I felt like that made sense when I did it, sorry if it didn't.
No, it did make sense.

It’s just that what I think happened was that a bunch of us thought that the one time we look away from what we believed to be a fake, it would be the one time we end up being wrong and it was the real one and not a fake that was charging at us!

>Why would this be too big for the quest thread? I feel like I've seen longer posts in quests.
I don’t know, I guess I'm just weird like that.
No. 123466 ID: b1b4f3

The last time we called out the illusion and tried to guard against a sneak attack it didn't work. It should always work if Roland puts up the shield immediately, because it should protect against attacks from all directions. Looking around for the shadow of the beast first would delay the shield. Why would we do that?

Are you not letting the barrier do anything unless we predict exactly when and how an attack is going to happen? Do you want it to work like a Dark Souls parry? Nobody wants that. Just let us use it like a shield.

Like, seriously, how are you trying to balance this ability? How is it supposed to work? Currently it's doing absolutely nothing.
No. 123467 ID: 575ec0

We just didn't have enough information.

All we knew was that the displacer beast could only come at us from the mouth of the cave and that we couldn't see a shadow because we were in a dimly-lit space.

I know it's super fast and invisible bt shadow aside so far all we've been told is that it can bend light. That doesn't account for the enormous "whooshing" sound it should make for displacing air by zipping around so fast, nor does it account for any lack of sound a giant galloping beast might have. Even if we didn't suggest it, anyone with ears should hear it run directly past them.

In anycase, under the circumstances, it felt like the choices were just defend, attack, or hail mary.

It occurs to me that when I first looked at the update I thought the part of the cave we were in was small. Upon closer scrutiny, it appears we are in a rather expansive area, which makes that update make a bit more sense. A little darker shading on that background far wall would have gone a long way.
No. 123469 ID: 8a947d

>Looking around for the shadow of the beast first would delay the shield. Why would we do that? Are you not letting the barrier do anything unless we predict exactly when and how an attack is going to happen?

You didn't get attacked in the caves because you weren't looking for the real shadow, you got attacked because you didn't realize it was a projection. You can shield up and look around for the real beast at the same time, especially when there are three of you in the group.

>Like, seriously, how are you trying to balance this ability? How is it supposed to work? Currently it's doing absolutely nothing.

Aside from protecting you against being killed by the first displacer beast you found and giving room to plan against the final one and allowing Troy to set up his distraction. I understand you're frustrated it doesn't work 100% of the time but this is like the first time you're using it. I felt that an enemy that used stealth would be able to sneak past the barrier, but not all of the enemies you'll face will do it.

Now that I look at it I see what you mean, I more shading on the walls could've made it more clear. I will work on presenting information more clearly for the reader as well, I do forget to add details like that a lot of the time.
No. 123476 ID: e5c658
File 152839646409.jpg - (3.57MB , 5312x2988 , 15283964331771229870327.jpg )

Here's a thing.
Also, I think you missed this one. >>123456
No. 123477 ID: e5c658
File 152839660638.jpg - (2.94MB , 5312x2988 , 15283965872491508120236.jpg )

Here's an attempt at designing a flamethrower using a trumpet and a vacuum cleaner.
No. 123542 ID: eeb7d9

No. 123568 ID: 8a947d


Sorry I didn't see any of these. That's a creative take on a gnome, while at the same time being really disturbing. I'd hate to see that thing in real life. I already have an idea for gnomes though, I do like the idea of crystalline slugs. As for the flamethrower, though you might get one in the quest I don't really need designs for weapons or equipment. With all of the stuff you draw Shaman you should make a draw thread, more people would probably see it then.
No. 123636 ID: 186f53

Maybe. I might do so if I can get my scanner working.

Also, regarding the dissection. A musclular sleeve wouldn't do anything other than crush its contents.
No. 123638 ID: 8a947d

It's less of just one large muscle and more of a layer of aether sludge in place of muscles. I explained it poorly since I felt like Roland wouldn't be able to identify it right away.
No. 123639 ID: 91ee5f

>I explained it poorly since I felt like Roland wouldn't be able to identify it right away.
That makes sense.
No. 123643 ID: eeb7d9

I am digging this PANIC sistem. It reminds me to Dragon's Dogma, when you where able to learn your foes weaknesses.
Will we be able to use the parts of the bodies to make stuff?
No. 123685 ID: 91ee5f

>Will we be able to use the parts of the bodies to make stuff?
No, we can’t.

But if it’s like Monster Hunter, then we’ll take it to someone else who actually can make it into something.
No. 123688 ID: b1b4f3

It'd be pretty cool to be able to take demon parts in to someone to get equipment upgrades, I'll tell you that. Kindof like how the priest relic upgrade system worked, except more visceral.
No. 123689 ID: 8a947d


After you guys took the Displacer Beast body the next logical step was of course letting you make stuff from their bodies. It's probably going to happen. Personally I love games where you collect materials from enemies and make equipment from it, funny enough I haven't played Monster Hunter though.
No. 123694 ID: eeb7d9

>You Liked Those Dumb Dream Sequences Right.png.
Heretic you cunt, i love you.
No. 123699 ID: 186f53

What color is Gallows' hair?

Also, a salt-thrower would probably end up being a leafblower with a tank of superfine salt being fed into the barrel. It wouldn't do much unless you were blasting something with thin, wet skin.
No. 123700 ID: 8a947d
File 152938369268.png - (158.15KB , 1212x826 , Roland Card.png )

Roland has black hair
No. 123701 ID: 8a947d
File 152938371116.png - (141.89KB , 1212x826 , Troy Card.png )

No. 123706 ID: eeb7d9

Say, will our characters have multiple abilities like before?
Or are we going to use this ones and learn other ways to use them?
No. 123707 ID: 186f53

It seems like we'll only have the barrier, with chances to upgrade it. Sturdiness, duration, cooldown, and size will likely be some of the ways to improve it.

It would be interesting if we could shape the barrier or move it after we place it. That would allow it to be used for mobility and offense by making staircase barriers or bludgeoning adversaries with spiked barriers.
No. 123719 ID: eeb7d9

If Starcraft 2 has tought me something, is that with a well placed barrier, you can win a game.
And this sounds really good. If Heretic likes Jojo as much as i think he does, and i do hope so, the barrier will evolve more in many aspects. Shapes, sizes, diferent places to be placed, you name it.
No. 123722 ID: 05ff2f

A free rolling sphere around Roland and company so they can "hamster ball" their way through a hazardous area is one idea I have. Might even be able to cross dangerous liquid or used to dive by encapsulating air with weights inside to counteract buoyancy.
No. 123723 ID: d3602f

An upgraded Caesura may end up being similar to a green lantern ring.
No. 123725 ID: 91ee5f

Remember how we used Caesura to trap that Displacer Beast? I’m thinking that if we improve the Caesura, instead of trapping things in the barrier’s walls, it’ll cut whatever is in the way of the barrier’s walls when it forms!
No. 123872 ID: 09d241

I really appreciate that demons and maybe angels will be themed around mystical creatures. Wonder if there's going to be a lot of angels themed around zodiac around.
No. 123905 ID: b1b4f3

Looks like we found our new waifu. Sorry Ada!
No. 123908 ID: c66305


Ada is best girl, and you cannot convince me otherwise!
No. 123910 ID: d3602f

Yes, she is a great friend who has our trust.
No. 123913 ID: eeb7d9

I KNOW, but.. but the horns tho... and Hazel is tall... it is so tempting!
No. 123914 ID: 44b1bb

Why is everyone suddenly super thirsty?
No. 123915 ID: 33cbe7

It's the natural response to stumbling across an oasis in the middle of a desert.
No. 123917 ID: 09d241

Demoniac Puberty. It is ok.
No. 123948 ID: 575ec0

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 124019 ID: 166e1c

Just realize something: It's the eyes! Something about the inclination of the eyes, specially on featureless spherical faces, that suggest sensuality.
That is why Hazel look so cute, her cat shaped eyes accentuate even more this effect.
Wanderer's hair and hood framing her face also contribute, although she obviously lack the appeal for the furries that Hazel has.
Ula/Uma/Gya also have those insinuating eyes. One insinuating eye to be more precise. She also have more obvious indications of sensuality: her clothes. The reason we tend to avoid commenting on her appearance is probable because even when we didn't knew anything about her it was aways clear that there is something dangerous about her.
No. 124025 ID: e26fa5

Wondering if we can suggest a few competitors. Not sure.
No. 124026 ID: 8a947d

Go for it. If I do use them somethings about them might be changed, but if you want to go ahead.
No. 124031 ID: d3602f

I admit, I do kind of like Hazel's eyes, but my main attraction towards her is that I have a thing for women who look like they could pummel most people in a physical fight. She's big, and she the fur gives kind of a beastly vibe that makes me think of power.

When I see Gwyn's eyes, I don't think sensual, I think she looks like she hasn't slept well in days. That evokes my pity, not attraction.

Ula's look didn't tip me off. She asked us about our demons and told us that her brother runs a business, which is pretty damn vague. Something about her stuttering also nudged the wrong way, like she was trying too hard to be a shy, innocent girl. Considering she seems perfectly fine speaking to a massive arena of people, it looks like I was right to think she was faking it. If the letter she gave us didn't mention that serious injury was avoided or that we could use it to bond with our demons, I'd want to keep away from this place. Seemed like some kind of shady, illegal cockfighting type of thing, and the idea of putting Peaches through that bothers me. I'm happy to be next to them and take some hits ourselves though.

I also thought her clothes were kind of generic.
No. 124034 ID: 91ee5f

>her brother
Incorrect. She said, “A friend of mine”.

>Something about her stuttering also nudged the wrong way, like she was trying too hard to be a shy, innocent girl. Considering she seems perfectly fine speaking to a massive arena of people, it looks like I was right to think she was faking it.
There's a difference between speaking to a crowd of random people and talking to one person on a personal level. As far as we know, she could’ve just been nervous about meeting a new person and convincing Roland to come join the tournament.

Also, I think that was just Heretic’s way of telling us that Ula is the reboot version of Uma.
No. 124035 ID: e26fa5
File 153090464865.png - (34.54KB , 470x950 , Indigo.png )

Name: James "Indigo" Bonito
Age: 34
Class: Ranger
Personality: I really wanted to make a Ranger Smith type of character and nobody could stop me, it was too late. There it is, a demoniac ranger smith, truly someone that would fist fight a bear, doesn't even have to be a demoniac bear, just... a bear. A normal one.
Lawful neutral
No. 124036 ID: e26fa5
File 153090474872.png - (224.58KB , 1300x1050 , Catoplebas.png )

His boring demon is a Catoplebas that turns people into rock for a short period of time with their breath. Not even permanent and worse of all, not even a bear, what a shame.
No. 124037 ID: 166e1c

Is he human?
No. 124038 ID: e26fa5

He sure is.
No. 124039 ID: 5fa661

His face looks kind of emaciated, has someone been stealing his picnic baskets?
No. 124040 ID: e26fa5

Having a constant war against bears/demons/demoniac bears is more important than eating sometimes, bear-live me.
No. 124041 ID: d3602f

There are many reasons why someone would enlist the aid of a demon. Some for money, others purely their own protection. This one decided to work with demons in order to protect humanity and demon kind from the ultimate menace.

Not the terrible parasites known as the smileworms who turn humans into rotting hives. Not powerful gangs that terrorize smaller towns for fun and profit. Not even higher demons who's thirst for power could harm the denizens of the Aether and our world. But the bears. Those terrible clawed monsters, gluttony personified, devouring entire towns worth of food and those who try to defend their crops. One day, he vows that humans and sapient demons may eat sandwiches in the forest without any fear of these beasts.
No. 124042 ID: e26fa5

I really never made a history for him but this is it, this is the peak of it, this is his whole damn history, thank you so much. He's a bear hunter and his raw energy is used to track down theses hairy menaces with his mighty cow-steed, he's ranger Indigo and nobody can stop him anymore.
No. 124043 ID: 8a947d

Does he even need a demon partner? This man seems like he could punch out god himself without anyone's help, you've made a man who is simply too powerful. Is his arm in a cast?
No. 124046 ID: e26fa5

Yeah, it is a cast because nobody would stop him if he was in his true potential and perfectly healthy. Fighting him is like fighting Steven Irwin or Crocodile Dundee in a post-apocaliptic setting.

"When you were catching demons, I studied the bears."
No. 124089 ID: 8a947d

I've always felt bad that the fan character intermission for D3 didn't go well, it felt like I'd disappointed the people who'd put the time into making their characters. So I felt like this section of Slight Return would be a good time to make sure the characters didn't go to waste. I don't know how many of the character creators are still following the quest though.
No. 124092 ID: e26fa5

Heya, at least look at the good and ol' side! New fan characters might appear.
No. 124093 ID: 166e1c

I never though that intermission didn't go well, it just ended prematurely. Regardless I wasn't disappointed, their adventure was too disconnected from the main narrative and the character we were used to, it was time and effort that were better used with Gallows' crew.

Grouping all the fan characters to do something is a nice idea if you want to start a spinoff quest, but if this isn't the case they would integrate better as secondary characters appearing one by one and returning either for interest from the suggestions or as sources of conflict.
For example: Because of the rules we knew Bower wouldn't be fighting to his full potential, and during our conversation we got that he was very friendly, so most of the readers would like the idea of teaming up with him or doing something outside of the tournament if the circumstances allow. On the other hand Gwyn threat established herself as a tournament antagonist, so she could be a recurring enemy or rival.

Don't worry too much about displeasing the people who make those characters. The way I see those character were offered to be your toys and can be changed however you want, after all if you don't like them writing their stories will be a chore.
No. 124115 ID: e26fa5
File 153127249410.png - (249.58KB , 990x890 , unknown[3].png )

I totally should just shut up in making Ocs and, you know, make actual fanart™.
Name: Jermine Berry
Age: 23
Class: Punk that pratices knitting.
Personality: Hey! A actual personality and a non-joke character! Actually forget it, my friend screamed "She's sassy" when I did show her to him and now that's it. She's sassy and likes knitting. Simples as hell. It does even count as personality?
『Emperor's New Clothes』: Hey ya! She actually does know how to do magic, exciting! She can control cloth and strings that she's currenctly touching like her own lame sweater, boring and bad part, now the good part cames in, she can also make teeth and eyes appear throught the clothing, nice!

Demon: Roxie
It's just a ball of yarn that stays in a puppet, sometimes makes strings or enter in another puppets.

It's cute. I like her.
No. 124126 ID: e26fa5

If someone can help, I would appreciate if you guys do know any demon or demoniac clothing for Roxie species. I would say "pixie" but belive me, I'm having a hard time here.

Based her in a musical, Chicago tho.
No. 124128 ID: 166e1c

Banette, the ghost doll pokemon. Possible based on Tsukumogami, a tools that have acquired a spirit.
Although I'm unfamiliar with those, I'm sure there are many names for ghosts that inhabit objects, it's not an uncommon concept.

Chuck from Child's Play... In the movie lore it's a Voodoo thing, although I don't think living dolls are part of real voodoo traditions.
Pinocchio, given life by a fairy.
There is also Emilia, a living ragdoll.
No. 124129 ID: e26fa5
File 153131945781.png - (128.34KB , 500x1000 , unknown[1].png )

Tsukumogami and Pinocchio are good enough, Chuck is a actual person/ghost possessing a doll and Emilia... I have a eternal hatred-love relationship with her because my mom let me watching "the Yellow Woodpecker Farm" for three hours and even if it was like, ten years ago, I still remember each part and everything that happened. I also dislike the translation for the title, not damn good considering the first has charm.

Roxie powers include having a trait that gives cats an unnatural pull / attraction towards her, sadly, cats are pretty much her ultimate weakness.

She's still cute.
No. 124136 ID: 8a947d


Another great OC. You wouldn't happen to have a place you post your art in would you? I really like how you draw. If you need a name for the demon it doesn't have to be a real demon or creature from folklore, you can always make one up for a demon. You're going to make up half of the character roster if you keep this up!
No. 124143 ID: e26fa5
File 153141207845.png - (141.01KB , 345x655 , unknown[11].png )

Hey, I actually do! But please, ignore almost everything because I post and update them at 5 A.m.


Unrelated note, I really like Delphi and felt I should paint her a bit, she have some lovely owl/cat eyes.
No. 124147 ID: e26fa5

Remember the "I totally should just shut up in making Ocs"? Oh well, I want to make a voodo guy with a invisible horse and I never felt such a intense will inside me.
No. 124148 ID: 91ee5f

>I never felt such a intense will inside me.
Who is Will? Why is he so intense? And why is he inside you?
No. 124154 ID: e26fa5

Will is a pretty intense person. Don't ask why he's inside me.
No. 124155 ID: 91ee5f

>Don't ask why he's inside me.
But I just did!
No. 124156 ID: f3ba9e
File 153150698958.jpg - (2.81MB , 5312x2988 , 1531506905777254386916.jpg )

There was an attempt. I pictured him bald with a beard and bowler cap.
No. 124174 ID: e26fa5

Exactly! But otherwise, yeah, I think I'm going to re-use the "Invisible horse" one day, probally for something related to stands or something like that.
No. 124175 ID: e26fa5

What a lovely guy! Can you tell us a bit about him?
No. 124273 ID: a62780

I like how Gwyn's all cool and serious!
Geez I need to catch up with the story so I can actually suggest, I don't know what Gallows' current abilities even are.
No. 124279 ID: d3602f

Gallows can create a sphere shaped shield and expand it, and make a strong fist. We also had a flamethrower, but no dangerous weapon is allowed in the competition.

Vol is pretty much the same, can heal and create barriers. Peaches (not currently with us), the dog like Displacer Beast can turn invisible (and so can we if we're riding him) and leave an illusion that resembles him. That's about all you need to know about our current abilities.
No. 124280 ID: 91ee5f

Except Vol’s barriers don’t have as much range as Gallows’ barriers.
No. 124281 ID: eeb7d9

And that he uses a violin as a catalyst, making it a little less mobile.
No. 124294 ID: 729997

Is Gwyn’s Demon anything like the only real animal that replaces organs, the tounge-eating louse?
Which lives up to its name by eating the tounges of it’s fish victims and the acting as a new tounge.
No. 124309 ID: a62780

That was part of the inspiration actually yeah, though a bit more directly symbiotic and beneficial.
No. 124346 ID: 1c3be3

Neat, does that mean that if a member of that species of demon encounters a person/animal that isn’t already missing a limb like Gwyn was it’ll try to remove one of their limbs and attach itself to the stump?
And can it only replace arms, or can it replace legs as well?
No. 124359 ID: a62780

I imagined it as mostly replacing tails or tentacles, but any similarly-sized appendage works. I don't think they'd themselves be strong enough to attack and dismember any proper demons so targets of opportunity only. Though I now like the idea they manually infect demons weak enough for them to overpower then let that demon be eaten by a stronger demon in order to infect that one.
No. 124360 ID: 166e1c

So they betray their host when a better candidate is near.
No. 124364 ID: a62780

As I said, that was a new idea based on this discussion. It wouldn't really work though, if they were known to jump at the chance to kill their hosts, even a demon wouldn't want one sticking around. They are meant to be more symbiotic than parasitic.
No. 124382 ID: ef1526

I’m mainly asking these sort of questions since Gallows is a demonologist in the reboot.
For instance, since the Displacer beasts went after mandrakes but Peaches is fine with both fruit and meat, they seem to be omnivores and quite willing to accept both plants and animals given they were probably attacking us to eat us.
If Peaches is any indication of their learning ability they also seem to be really good at following and figuring out instructions which makes sense and is common for pack animals.
Well, many parasite have anaesthetic or numbing properties in their bite, so it’s possible they sneak up on sleeping creatures and remove and replace their appendages before they wake up.
And yeah, even non-sapient creatures would probably stop trusting ones that betrayed them after a few generations.
No. 124450 ID: 8a947d

Eastwood's not a character I made, a suggestor named Darkly posted two pictures of him and I've decided to use him. I only say this because I think someone's claimed him of being a character I've made twice now.
No. 124451 ID: 166e1c

Sorry, I'm a dumbass.
No. 124453 ID: 8baea2

Eastwood sounds like a character that would totally 360 nonscope our ass out of the tournament. I wonder what every character would play as in any fps, like TF2.

Troy would totally play as spy.
No. 124457 ID: d3602f

Vol would probably be medic with his shielding and healing. I think Roland might be soldier, with rocket jumping being kind of like how he moves with barriers. Issei would also be spy, for obvious reasons.
No. 124458 ID: 8baea2

Would say that Roland would be a demoknight that rocket-jumps around and dashes against people with the shield and also main pyro due flamethrower. Ada would play as heavy due "big gun knowledge" or as a engineer.

Uma and Gya didn't appear yet but I bet Uma would play as a sniper and Gya as a scout.

Peaches probally doesn't know how to play due being a giant cat thing but oh well, would totally main spy and be the damn best around.

"That was a facestab"
"Don't you dare meow at me ever again, pls server kick peaches021"
No. 124461 ID: eeb7d9

Wait, so is Peaches a hound or a feline, i am still confused about that.

Also, Heretic should make a drawing of this.
No. 124463 ID: 465a14

>giant cat thing
No. 124464 ID: 8baea2

Belive me, it's a giant cat thing. There's also a giant dog thing and they hate each other.


Ah yes, my favorite show, Displacer Blink, it's like catdog but way more violent for your usual kid.
No. 124467 ID: 91ee5f

That’s according to D&D lore.

We want to know what it is according to Heretic’s D3 lore.
No. 124470 ID: d3602f

I'll throw my two cents into this. if we look at it realistically, demons and felines/canines are not related at all. If evolution is a thing in this story, demons in general would have branched off very early on, with the sky god at the top of the tree, and Athmor likely directly descended from him. With all demons branching off, they are nowhere near cats or dogs in the tree.

If it's more of a creation type of deal, the Displacer Beast may have appeared just as soon as Athmor died, which again, makes it completely independent from cats or dogs.

In short, Displacer Beasts are probably related to Displacer Beasts. They may have things in common with other animals (and plants with those fly trap like things), but that is probably a coincidence. Although, since the Aether seems kind of like an afterlife, maybe some spirits fed off of his corpse and turned into the early demons. Maybe some cats and dogs that were sent to hell were effected by his power. They could also be some sort of crossbreed. We know nothing about how demons breed. Are some different demons similar enough to breed? Can most interbreed (unlikely)? Can none interbreed?

So many questions, some we may never get the answers to. Unless... we go to the aether. Not any time soon, we're not ready for that big of an undertaking. But, there is no better place for a skilled and dedicated demonologist. I'm kind of hoping we go there at some point. It would certainly be interesting to study the culture of demon societies.
No. 124472 ID: eeb7d9
File 153248204362.png - (203.34KB , 437x419 , The more you know_.png )

So much knowledge...
No. 124473 ID: 8a947d

Displacer Beasts kinda look like cats but they also kinda look like dogs. They act more feline than canine though.
No. 124476 ID: 91ee5f

I think Roland would be more interested in seeing if he can speak with his dad.

Since his father said, “beyond the grave somewhere in the Aether I'll be watching over you.” So it would make sense that Roland would believe his father is in the Aether and he could possibly be able to speak with him again.

And there’s our answer.
No. 124477 ID: 8baea2

How many cat memes we can make with peaches?
No. 124479 ID: d3602f

Yeah, probably. But it's a big place, I doubt we'd find him by just randomly walking around. We'd probably need to ask demons who understand the Aether's geography. But that place is probably so full of information, even if we are almost single minded in finding him we'll probably learn quite a bit just through random encounters with aggressive demons.

Even if we do find our father, we don't have to leave immediately after our reunion. We should get as much as we can out of a trip to that place.
No. 124482 ID: f3ba9e

Displacer Beasts are traditionally mutant panthers made by wizards.

Gallows is Pyro. Vol is his pocket medic.
No. 124484 ID: 91ee5f

But with Roland being the main character and events beyond his control are always forced upon him, I think running into his father would be more likely than you’d think.

Especially if it’s a plot related event that requires him to find his father for some reason!
No. 124486 ID: d3602f

I'm almost certain it will happen, I just don't think it will stop us from working on our journal.
No. 124490 ID: 91ee5f

Who said anything about stopping? We’ll be multitasking the journal and looking for dad!
No. 124498 ID: 101b02

So they’re like hyenas where they look like felines that picked up some canine traits?

Speaking of displacer beasts. Was that group that attacked us after the mandrakes for the food or their healing properties?
They seemed kind of suicidally reckless for a normal animal, so I’ve just been assuming they were starving or very sick, especially since both those fit Peaches warming up to us when we fed him healing food. I mean, that was normal for lacerflies because colonial creatures don’t care about the individual and we’d wandered into their hive.
And you haven’t mentioned demons being largely unkillable in the reboot like they were in the original, so I’ve been assuming they can be killed.

And where those three a parent and their two kids, or a female and her two mates?
No. 124499 ID: 8a947d

Sick and hungry, probably something along the lines of gut parasites or some other illness. displacer beasts can safely eat Mandrakes since they can press their ears flat to their head well enough to not be hurt by their scream. The three displacer beasts were two males and a female. Female displacer beasts grow much larger and more aggressive to be able to survive while pregnant with cubs and to protect them after birth, occasionally from their mate who may or may not eat the young from time to time.
No. 124505 ID: dbf422

Hey just saying that I love Slight Return. The new focus for both the character and the fighting is really well done and interesting.
No. 124507 ID: 91ee5f

Now that I think about it, Roland just assumed Peaches’ gender and never bothered to actually check.

With this talk about female Displacer Beasts being bigger, I’m kinda hoping that Peaches turns out to actually be a female. Then we’d be riding on the back of a Displacer Beast that’s about the size of the really big one that we ended up killing and dissecting!
No. 124510 ID: d3602f

But how long would that take? Demons don't die from old age, so it potentially could take a human lifetime before a female could become that big.
No. 124512 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe it involves demon evolution?

Heretic said that demons could still evolve in Slight Return, but it would work differently than it did in the original.

Maybe if we keep training Peaches, he/she could evolve to that size?
No. 124515 ID: 8a947d

It's just sexual dimorphism for the Displacer Beasts: females are bigger and more aggressive than males. Peaches is male, he isn't going to grow or gain qualities that a female would exhibit. Sure he might get a little bigger as he get's older but that's about it.
No. 124523 ID: 91ee5f

>Peaches is male
He is? I thought that was just Roland not wanting to check Peaches’ gender because he would’ve been too embarrassed to do that.

But if you say Peaches is a male, then he’s a male.
No. 124527 ID: 8baea2

The wisp really looks like Sex pistols and reminds of that old show, slugterra, he's very charismatic, would love to see him again.

No. 124528 ID: 8a947d

I was thinking of Slugterra when I made him. Also a little bit Sex Pistols and Emperor
No. 124590 ID: 9068e1

So, something I probably should have asked earlier.
Since we’re playing a demonologist, how much, well not biological sense because magic, I suppose either ecological or evolutionary sense should we expect the demons to make.
For instance, flame manipulating demons cooking their food, since even animals like cooked food and it’s easier to digest. (I actually thought about this before I read Gwyn’s arm eating meat, and turns out you can use the heat from electricity to flash-cook things.)
Or Hobgoblins/Goblins being native to an area where their stretchy limbs are more advantageous, like forests or caves instead of flatlands.
No. 124768 ID: f3ba9e

How sturdy is Vol's fiddle? Could he use it as a club in a pinch?
No. 124769 ID: 8a947d

Yes, Vol can club things with his Violin
No. 124772 ID: 290936
File 153401648299.png - (223.69KB , 416x347 , Psycho Killer.png )

This is Vol's true potential? Can someone stop this demon?
No. 124773 ID: 91ee5f

Now I can’t stop thinking of Vol doing this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=010aaw1Ajo0 ! XD
No. 124777 ID: eeb7d9

Heretic, PLEASE, make it happen.
No. 124778 ID: d3602f

I wonder if Vol could remake his bow so it has a spear point on it, and maybe a thin blade on the stick, opposite side of the hair. Truly, the violin is an all purpose weapon. May the High Demons come to fear it.

I also just realized, Vol and Eto are probably both experts in using a bow.
No. 124797 ID: 8a947d

Quick question: does anybody mind when I describe something in the text of an update that isn't shown in the image; like how Vol being grabbed by Naos is written but not shown?
No. 124798 ID: 91ee5f

Nah, we don’t mind. It’s a common thing that happens a lot in quests.
No. 124799 ID: d3602f

Nah, drawing too much could lead to burnout. We don't need everything to be explicitly shown, so just draw what you want to.
No. 124803 ID: 290936

Nay, can survive with it pretty damn well. Doesn't need to have everything.
No. 124804 ID: eeb7d9

Nah, mate, go easy on the pencil.
No. 124819 ID: f3ba9e

I've been trying to find a violin cover for Thé à la Menthe. All I can find are guitar, drum, and accordion for some reason. The origional melody uses a oud.
No. 124927 ID: eeb7d9

Hey Heretic, that healing bathtub looks familiar, did you got the idea from a movie?
No. 124928 ID: 8a947d

I wasn't thinking of any particular movie when I did it. Then I realized it was like that one part in Wanted if that's what you mean.
No. 124931 ID: eeb7d9

Really? That is a big coincidence.
No. 124932 ID: 8a947d

I'm sure plenty of media has big healing vats people dip in to not die.
No. 124938 ID: eeb7d9

That's true, there are a lot of games and films where they use some kind container with healing liquid in it. Star Wars is a fine example. But the bath was actually very similar, so i thought that you took inspiration on that movie.
Given that this kind of tecnology is so efective, i guess the old world was really advanced before the demons arrived. What kind of world was it?
No. 124941 ID: 066bfd

Could be some kind of demonic magic rather than tech.
No. 124944 ID: 51d5a1

Hey, now that I noticed, we can contract demons as body guards and helpers in our usual scavanging, sounds like a good ideia.
No. 124967 ID: d3602f

Maybe, but it depends on how much they'll cost, and how useful we think they might be to us. We need to spend our money wisely.

Another thing I just realized. If Naos just paid Eto for the tournament, that means he isn't the source of Naos' wind magic. Did he not want to bring his demon ally with him (perhaps for fear of it being to recognizable/bloodthirsty/not interested in tournaments)? Or is he perhaps a saint? Or just something else entirely?
No. 124996 ID: eeb7d9

Well, if he knows Troy's former boss, it might be that he is a prophet, that wind didn't look like a pagan power.
No. 125075 ID: e7831d

So, since Troy can teleport through siblings, that actually has a lot of benefit for plants.
Mainly because tons of plants reproduce through various types of cloning, and there can be massive clonal colonies.
And if the Quest world is like ours in terms of crops, where lots of them are grown from cuttings like many apple varieties, seedless plants, etc, he can pretty much freely teleport within a farm or orchard.
Even if they’re not, most farmers are going to grow seeds from pervious crops, so a lot of the plants are going to be close relatives anyway.
No. 125077 ID: 51d5a1

We could use bananas to teleport around considering this type of logic. Let's weaponize bananas now.
No. 125082 ID: 91ee5f

Incorrect. The object has to be big enough for Troy to actually go through. A banana is too small for Troy to go through, however he can still send smaller objects, like bullets, through them.
No. 125083 ID: 51d5a1

Giant bananas then.
No. 125087 ID: eeb7d9

I got it. Fucking cucumbers.
No. 125089 ID: 51d5a1

Damn right, Troy would give home grown cucumbers to people and throw them at animals.
No. 125092 ID: d3602f
File 153535354797.png - (186.52KB , 557x391 , Newsflash! Local Saint is Fucking Invincible!.png )

I'm a poor artist, but I felt someone had to draw this.
No. 125095 ID: eeb7d9

I fucking love this community.

This one is even better!
No. 125767 ID: 733bd9

I'm not the type of person to say this but Hazel and Ada's love options must end. There's only one waifu and it is Athmor's.

Time to go to Aether and date the first demon, babe!
No. 125771 ID: fd0bee

Originally Ada become the natural love interest because she was a adorably quirk shop owner whom we visited more often than anyone else. She sold and bought an ample variety of magical items, and although her stock was limited it would be difficult to encounter what she was offering elsewhere or find someone also to sell the many magical trinkets we came across, making her the most important vendor. It was inevitable that her role in the story would be expanded.
Because of the abrupt interruption of the story we naturally want the characters dynamics to get back to what they were before, specially in the case of Ada who's arc was left unfinished.

I hate to say it, but with the focus on research the book seller make a lot more sense in central role as a love interest than the electronic merchant, specially now that her shop is established as the kind of knowledge hub that occasionally come across demon lore.
A pity, this version of Ada is quirkier than ever and her design is improved (centaurs disturb me). Ada have the natural advantage because we assume she is still more or less the same character we knew. So far Hazel seem calm and quiet, admittedly she didn't got time for any development, but that doesn't sound like a good match for a risk taker like Gallows.

You are cruel Heretic. I just wanted to see the continuation of the romance previously established. Even though the current characters haven't gone through the original events I can't avoid feeling like this is a betray.
No. 125772 ID: 8a947d

I mean there's nothing stopping you from being involved with Hazel platonically to get to all that good knowledge she's got in her library. You don't have to be romantically involved with her, and to be honest I wasn't trying to make a second option for romance on purpose. I just liked "big monster running little library" and sort of forgot tg is drawn to the monster women. Plenty of time to hang out with Ada, this Quest is far from over...until I reboot it 3 more times
No. 125774 ID: 733bd9
File 153852490338.png - (275.09KB , 800x450 , Athmor.png )

In unrelated notes with the sun notice, Aether Men steals someone else sun, see how the Lunar Church reacts!
No. 125775 ID: eeb7d9

>until I reboot it 3 more times
Please don't.

Are you trying to kill me? I almost lose a lung.
No. 125777 ID: fd0bee

My fear is that the love interest could end up been a side character we will only meet to fulfill a sense of obligation instead of a recurring natural encounter in the story.
This isn't a romance so the priorities shouldn't be relationships, however there isn't much point in having a love interest if she isn't relevant to the narrative. It would be a waste if one side character gained relevance for continuous interactions while the love interest meetings become interruptions from the plot.

If you are not planing to include porn I don't care what the love interest is, just their role in the narrative. For example: Vol would be an effective love interest, although it would be a unnecessary connection since the friendship and familiarity fulfill a similar dynamic. Assuming Troy will develop an interaction with Gallows similar to their original counterparts he would be an excellent candidate.

...If you are planing to include porn I would like to ask for more options.
No. 125783 ID: 733bd9

Meanwhile of the porn talk, I feel I or someone should make a google doc talking about all the demons we did meet. It would be a nice and fast way to remember and check their powers plus weakness with fast acess. Anyone against the ideia?
No. 125785 ID: 8a947d

I was thinking of doing the same thing, either just putting expanded journal entries in the discord or in some other website that would be appropriate for it. Does anyone now a good place to pile expanded journal entries so everyone can see them.
No. 125787 ID: 8a947d

I meant disthread, I don't have a discord for this.

I mean, if you become interested in a character enough to keep going back to them I'll make them plot relevant. Original Ada wasn't plot relevant in the slightest until you guys kept going back to her
and then she helped you gain the alignment of an entire civilization of spider people. Any character will be worked in for as much as you guys care, if you guys kept going to Mordecai I'd do my best to make him relevant to reward the interest in him. Basically, I feel like you oughta just hang with who you want because every character has potential to be important later.
No. 125799 ID: 91ee5f

I just realized that we haven’t introduced Troy to Peaches yet! Sure, Troy knows we captured a Displacer Beast, but he doesn’t know what we did with it.

I can’t wait to see the look on Troy’s face when we turn invisible and then pop up right next to him! XD
No. 125815 ID: eeb7d9

Well, since we are playing as Gallows in some extent (and any other character we are using at the time), we can influence how he perceives the world arond him. If we show intrest in a certan character, so will Gallows, again, to an certan extent, like it happened in the first quest with Ada. This is how i see it at least.
No. 125820 ID: eeb7d9

GUYS, i got this crazy idea. Ok, what if, listen, WHAT if, we make Vol date Hazel and we stay with Ada?
No. 125822 ID: 733bd9

I mean, it's a cool ideia but i'm not sure about throwing ol' brother Vol in the matchmaking cyclone. Would find simpler of just befriending Hazel like a normal person as a effective way.
No. 125824 ID: 91ee5f

That’s not going to work because Vol already broke the 4th wall and directly told us right here: >>/questarch/890446 , “Ehhh. I had a thing wit a gal five times my size before. I won't get inta details, but I think it's safe to say I like my gals a bit more ME sized. Them horns are pretty cute though not gonna lie.”
No. 125825 ID: eeb7d9

Ah... I forgot.
Yeah, this would work too.
No. 125844 ID: d3602f

Actually, it might be a good idea to see him again if we get more demon cadavers. He might have methods of figuring out what organs do what. Kind of like how some demons have fake eyes. Maybe he'd be able to see if they have a purpose, or get an idea on just how they find their way without seeing.
No. 125857 ID: 8e1ef2

I've noticed that Caesura has refractive properties. Could it be used as a lens to focus light into a laser?
No. 125861 ID: eeb7d9

Like a crystal? We should try that later, yes.
No. 125864 ID: b1b4f3

No. Lasers don't work like that. Lasers are highly amplified single-direction light, not focused omnidirectional light. The method of amplification varies depending on the size of the laser and what it's used for.
It could be used to focus light into a point, though, like a magnifying glass. Not gonna serve much point aside from starting small fires though.
No. 125865 ID: 8e1ef2

Not a crystal, a lens. Refraction depends on several factors, but focusing light from a single source requires a convex lens. I'll make a simple diagram in a bit.
No. 125866 ID: 8e1ef2

Actually, maybe two lenses, or a really gross cone.
No. 125868 ID: 743ab8
File 153886131091.png - (37.57KB , 915x536 , basically this.png )

No. 125869 ID: 743ab8

This could be done with a single lens, but it would need to be a meniscus lens thick enough for the focal point to be inside it. That would be more of a prism than a lens, though.
No. 125870 ID: eeb7d9
File 153886761579.png - (203.34KB , 437x419 , The more you know_.png )

If we could pull this off somehow, it would be great, at least just something little.
No. 125872 ID: d3602f

This would definitely require a certain level of shape control, and I'm not sure if Caesura has the proper refractive abilities. But if we are able to control our shield in such a way, we'll need to create a special gun for housing the smaller lens and to make a tunnel for the light.

Usually to create a laser of any serious strength, we would need a huge lens, and this runs into issues of practicality of carrying such a huge thing, and the expense of creating it in the first place. The enemy could also easily break it. But in the case of Caesura, we can make it wherever we want for free.
No. 125873 ID: 8e1ef2

That's why it should be outside focusing the sunlight. Space and foundations aren't factors when making a floating disc.

Designing a gun for the smaller lens would be impossible, though. The amount of energy converging in it would make any material melt after a few seconds of exposure. The lens would also need to have its shape adjusted depending on the angle.

The weather and time of day also restrict when it could be used. Too little sunlight would make the death ray more of a laser pointer.

The ideal shape would look sort of like an inkwell, with a convex bottom facing the sun, and a concave mouth pointed at the target.
No. 125874 ID: b1b4f3

No. For a full explanation, check this out: https://what-if.xkcd.com/145/
No. 125882 ID: 8e1ef2

Oh, neat. So the target will need to be in the focal point of a single lens, or under a giant dome.
No. 126156 ID: a451fc
File 154034375933.png - (232.84KB , 541x696 , Hangman Roland.png )

Rolands got the halloween spirit
No. 126159 ID: a451fc
File 154035006382.png - (820.66KB , 1039x709 , Flesh Wall Journal Page.png )

The Flesh Wall's journal page.

Should I post the other demon pages with more info in this disthread? Or should I make a new one all together? This ones getting pretty full isn't it? And I still feel like it's attached to the original D3 more than this one.
No. 126160 ID: d3602f

Mummy skeleton cyborg assassin? Didn't peg him for the type who can't decide on a single costume.
Yeah, that might be a good idea.
No. 126161 ID: a451fc
File 154035649845.png - (875.73KB , 577x577 , HangedMan.png )

He's Hangedman from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Should've put the name of what he was here too otherwise it kinda doesn't make sense.
No. 126162 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, it might be time to make a new disthread.
No. 126166 ID: 1872dc

No. 126173 ID: eeb7d9

Yeap, make a new thread for that, it will get kinda messy if you don't.
No. 126174 ID: eeb7d9

That is a nasty Stand!
No. 133770 ID: 864e49

Anybody know how Heretic's doing?
No. 133779 ID: e7c7d3

They've been posting imps on their twitter, and they did briefly pop in the discord to briefly talk about quests
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