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File 152949791679.png - (275.29KB , 1212x826 , Title Card.png )
889486 No. 889486 ID: 8a947d

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/111978.html
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No. 889487 ID: 8a947d
File 152949793993.png - (210.48KB , 1212x826 , Morning Workout.png )

You're name is Roland Gallows Conroy, and you've realized you're a bit scrawny...

You looked in the mirror this morning and realized that despite the fact that you're now going to be coming face to face with dangerous demons to study them you've honestly got almost no muscle and it's a little embarrassing. Luckily your dad had a few weights laying around so you've decided to start a little exercise regime. This morning after breakfast you did a few laps around the house for a half hour, some push ups, sit ups, and now a little weight lifting. You feel like you've done enough for now since you're getting a little tired. Now with that out of the way you need to decide what to do next. You have a lot you could do right now.

VOL: Can't we just stay in today? We need to chill for like a second before we almost die again.
No. 889491 ID: 91ee5f

>you've honestly got almost no muscle and it's a little embarrassing.
What’s even more embarrassing is how your hips scream "feminine curves", which you most likely inherited from your mother.

In fact, you feel like if you put on a dress, for some strange reason, everyone would believe you were a woman!

That’s right, I’m bringing back the “feminine curves” joke I made in the first thread of the original quest! Let’s see how Roland reacts to that joke this time around! XD

>You have a lot you could do right now.
Do you think anyone would buy your Broken Scrap Shotgun from you? I’m sure someone could use it for spare parts or something.

You should also go buy some more bandages, since the ones you’re wearing are the last ones you own. There’s probably a reason your dad wanted you to keep your tattoos covered up, so you should at least try to keep them covered up.

>Can't we just stay in today? We need to chill for like a second before we almost die again.
Vol’s right, you know. You should take a break before you run off on another job that’ll end up with you unintentionally finding demons you aren’t looking for.

Although, staying home doesn’t sound fun.

How about this? You and Vol spend a little time practicing playing the violin at home, then both of you hop on the Skipper, head into town, and try to earn some money by playing music instead of doing jobs on the job board.

And it’s doubtful that Troy will want to come with you, since he’s trying to keep a low profile, so ask him if he wants you to try and find some paint to buy in town for his truck and what color of paint he wants.
No. 889492 ID: ff0134

Yeah sure, probably a good idea to relax a bit after that last brush with death. Maybe we can find some things to do around the house? Maybe get started on the flamethrower? If we do leave then it’s only to visit town.
No. 889493 ID: 575ec0

Still gotta take that hide to the tanner but if you want an easy day that's fine.

I need to work with the captured displacer anyway.
No. 889502 ID: eeb7d9

>In fact, you feel like if you put on a dress, for some strange reason, everyone would believe you were a woman!
Oh you are on!

Let's do something here, like the flametrhower. And maybe look for some stuff your father hide somewere.
Say, Gallows, remind me, did you ever tell us something about your mum?
Do you know anything about her, maybe something your dad told you about her?
No. 889504 ID: dbf422

There's a few non-lethal chores you could do to satisfy Vol's request. Getting the hide tanned, crafting your flamethrower, and upgrading your skipper (I forget if that's been done but I don't think so) to start.
No. 889511 ID: 5fa661

Tanning actually takes several days, so we should get that started as soon as possible.
No. 889521 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, he installed the Skipper parts. It was the last thing Roland did before he showered and went to bed.
No. 889550 ID: 8a947d
File 152954217895.png - (212.99KB , 1212x826 , Building.png )

>What’s even more embarrassing is how your hips scream "feminine curves"
You have never once in your life thought you had any form of "curves" feminine or otherwise. And you certainly hope nobody else has felt that way about your physique. Despite how scrawny you are you still poses a very manly appearance...at least you hope you do.

That's right you bought those parts for the flamethrower! you take a little time to put together the parts around your broken scrap shotgun and try to make it work. You realize a conventional flamethrower might be a bit bulky, so you do your best to make it easy to carry while still being effective. The more you work on it the more you figure how the pieces fit together...
No. 889551 ID: 8a947d
File 152954255780.png - (227.48KB , 1212x826 , Flamethrower.png )

You're worried that due to lacking the proper parts it won't quite have the proper range a real flamethrower would. So you've designed it to be able to blast a small projectile of fire at a longer range as well as a larger stream of fire.

You bought 5 Canisters of Fuel.
No. 889554 ID: eeb7d9

Duuude, Kick ass, we are the Fire!
This is even better that i was expecting!

What now?
No. 889555 ID: 91ee5f

>And you certainly hope nobody else has felt that way about your physique. Despite how scrawny you are you still poses a very manly appearance...at least you hope you do.
You’ll get your answer if a man starts hitting on you because he mistook you for a woman!

You should test fire that thing before you get into combat. It’s better for it to fail in practice than it is for it to fail when you need it the most!
No. 889570 ID: 4a02c0

The lack of a propellant tank means that the stream probably won't reach farther than eight feet in length.

What's the rate of fuel consumption? The tank looks like it holds around a pound of fuel, which would burn for around 100 minutes in a standard grill.
No. 889571 ID: 094652

That thing is going to be HARD TO RELOAD. Use it sparingly in close-quarters to scare away maulers.
No. 889581 ID: dbf422

We can check it out with a test. A little ways from the house.
No. 889592 ID: 8a947d
File 152958276095.png - (189.95KB , 1212x826 , Flamethrower Test 1.png )

The propellant tank is in the stock. The flamethrower can toss out fire for about a minute before you need to reload. Might not make sense in real life, but I hope you understand I can't let you throw flames for over an hour if that's true

You head to the back of your house far enough away as to not damage anything dragging a can and a barrel. There you test the flamethrower. The stream reaches about twenty feet in front of you, you only fire for about half a minute. The gun seems to work just fine.
No. 889593 ID: 8a947d
File 152958342066.png - (488.75KB , 1212x826 , Flamethrower Test 2.png )

You move a bit further from the barrel and test the next setting. You fire a ball of flames from your gun. A few of the parts involved in the gun helps throw the ball of fuel with a bit more force and range, you keep it on a separate setting instead of having it on at all times since that might blow you up if you fired it. A fireball takes up a lot more fuel than a stream though and used up the rest of the canister

The fireball hits the side of the barrel denting it and knocking it over engulfing it in more flames. Vol quickly walks over with a bucket of dirty water to extinguish the fire. Your gun works pretty well. You have four canisters left.

Now that that's out of the way. You can continue to stay home to relax or you can head into town to do something else.
No. 889594 ID: 91ee5f

How about you and Vol head into town and try to earn some money by playing your violins? That doesn’t involve almost getting killed by demons, so it should make Vol happy.

And since Troy is trying to keep a low profile, he might not want to come with you, so you and Vol should head into town on your Skipper without Troy.

Even though Troy’s not coming with you, you should at least tell him where you’re going and ask if he wants you to get anything for him. If he wants paint for his truck, ask him what color he wants.
No. 889598 ID: eaeb2c

A MINUTE OF FIRE, most flamethrowers could last only seconds. Damn, that’s some fuel dapacity.
No. 889600 ID: dbf422

Considering the hybrid nature of this thing, it working a bit differently isn't too shocking.

We wanna upgrade the skipper?
No. 889601 ID: 4a02c0

A grill's flames are a lot weaker than what's required for a flamethrower. I'll do the math later and post the actual duration.

I thought the front tank was a butane torch. What's fueling the igniter?
No. 889603 ID: 575ec0

>No sense in real life, would be too OP.

>Gives us a fucking tricked out, Decent Range, Fireball throwin, Fire spittin for almost a minute out of a tiny, cheap, hard to hit canister?

Yes Pls.

Sure, it looks like it only spits fire five or six meters, but that's more than enough. WW2 Military grade ones that fire feakin napalm could only fire a few times that length. For a janky home job this is fantastic.
No. 889606 ID: 91ee5f

>We wanna upgrade the skipper?
Roland already installed the parts last night.
No. 889607 ID: dbf422

Cool. I had forgotten and was really just hoping to be reminded.

Maybe we could meet the Tanner then.
No. 889611 ID: 91ee5f

I know Ada said we’d get a discount if we brought our own hides to the Tanner, but do we even have enough money to afford it?
No. 889612 ID: 91ee5f

Because we’ve only got 53C and I’m worried that even with the discount, we won’t be able to afford paying the Tanner.
No. 889615 ID: 7f3fc1

im pretty sure that our dude is some kind of genius with every passing moment.
No. 889653 ID: 8a947d
File 152965476524.png - (150.23KB , 1212x826 , Get Dressed.png )

You did well building this thing but you do have a few worries. No doubt finding ammo for this will be hard, and you're worried despite how well it works it's durability might not hold up well in the heat of battle. Still you feel pride for making this work so well.

You decide even if you want a more laid back day you don't really want to just stay home, there's always things to do in town aside from looking at a job board for demon hunting. You get your coat on and think about what you want to do in Dawnsprings. There are a few things you could do while in town aside from just wasting time. Tanning that displacer beast skin would be good, playing at the bar would be a good source of money and pretty fun to, maybe you could go visit a friend like Ada or see what Ichigo's up to. There's plenty of stuff to do but where do you want to go first?
No. 889654 ID: 094652

Make sure Ada isn't plant food.
Another dangerous high-paying job.
No. 889658 ID: b1b4f3

Deliver skins to the Tanner, check on Ada and the plant, then play some tunes.
No. 889663 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, do this: First we check on Ada and the plant, then we eat something, might as well invite Ada. Then we go to the tanner, so bring the hides with you. And finaly, asuming averything goes well, we play something with the violin with Vol in a bar or an inn.
Nice and easy.
No. 889664 ID: 91ee5f

This sounds about right.

>then we eat something, might as well invite Ada.
Roland just barely ate breakfast. It’s too early for lunch.
No. 889667 ID: eeb7d9

Alrighty then, skip the luch part.
No. 889672 ID: 8a947d
File 152967863356.png - (295.25KB , 1212x826 , Ada 1.png )

You decide to check on Ada first, You want to see how the plant is doing. You ride your newly upgraded Skipper to Dawnsprings, the trip is much faster and smoother thanks to the modifications. You arrive at the Lila Palast to find Ada hanging from the ceiling of the shop as she does normally.

ADA: Guten morgen Roland! How are you today?
YOU: Oh I'm good. I think I'm doing a bit of a relax day after almost dying yesterday and I was wondering how that plant was doing.
ADA: Oh yes, zhe plant...it has made some progress, some very interesting progress...

Ada drops from her web and moves to the back of her shop...
No. 889673 ID: 8a947d
File 152967866162.png - (247.93KB , 1212x826 , Plant.png )

She shows you the plant which has grown MUCH larger than before. The most important thing you've noticed is that the plant is much too big to be contained by the glass container, that and the new eye on the base of the tree that looks at you when you see it.

ADA: It grew much bigger and broke from it's case. Afterwards it vas looking for soil to root in so I got it a pot. it is starting to grow fruit zhough, lots of nice peaches. After some study I had not been able to identify anyzhing odd about the peaches but zhere is somezhink strange about zhem, for example: if zhey are separated from a branch for over half an hour they rot at a fast past, but if eaten before that zhere is no ill effect.
YOU: Did you eat the peaches ?
ADA: ...They vere really good looking peaches in my defense. Also it dripped more sap, speaking of which did you find anyzhing important about zhe sap I gave you before?
No. 889675 ID: 91ee5f

“Ok, I am getting very worried about your safety!”

>Ada ate the peaches from the strange plant.
“That also fills me with worry!”

>Also it dripped more sap, speaking of which did you find anyzhing important about zhe sap I gave you before?
“No, I haven’t. I’m not an expert on plants and I don’t know anyone that would know anything.”

“I mean, maybe Doctor Mordecai would know something about plants, since I did a job for him involving getting him a living Mandrake yesterday. Do you think we should go get him and have him look at this thing?”

Can we ask Vol if he’s possibly seen a demon like this in the Aether?
No. 889676 ID: 575ec0

Not yet-
Oh yeah we bought a microscope.
We should check that out today. Or have the guy studying the mandrake look at it.
Or see if it can be bound.
No. 889677 ID: eeb7d9

>Can we ask Vol if he’s possibly seen a demon like this in the Aether?
Is this thing even demonic in nature?
I mean, it most probably is, but it might be a totally different thing altogether, something new and undiscovered.
Are there more types of creatures besides animals and demons?
If there are angels, maybe there are other things as well?
We shlould probably look for a library.
No. 889679 ID: 91ee5f

Now that I think about it, we don’t have any jobs to do today, so after we take the Displacer Beast hides to the tanner, why don’t we ask Ada if it would be ok for us to stay here and study the plant with her all day, if Doctor Mordecai is too busy to come over?

Sure, Vol will end up getting bored, but hey, at least we’re doing what he asked and not taking a job that would almost get us killed!

.....then again, the best way to find out more about this plant is to go back to the bunker where we found it. We didn’t finish exploring that place, so there might be more info there. And with our new flamethrower, we might be able to clear out the Lacerfly infestation.
No. 889680 ID: 91ee5f

And we might find more scrap and/or cool shit to sell!
No. 889685 ID: dbf422

Sorry, Ada, the plan is to have Dr. Mordecai study it in depth, considering his interest in plants and plant demons, but for now we're just waiting for him to get some free time. Dunno how long his study of the mandrake will take but we'll get this sap looked at after that.
No. 889687 ID: 575ec0

I say we go play some Violin with Vol.
No. 889697 ID: 8a947d
File 152970675324.png - (205.13KB , 1212x826 , Ada 2.png )

YOU: I haven't found anything about this sap yet, but maybe Dr Mordecai can find something out about it. So drinking the weird sap was too much but eating the peaches is just fine?
ADA: It seemed like a perfectly normal peach, if anything it vas much tastier zhan any ozher fruit I have eaten before. I feel better zhan I usually do actually!
YOU: I'm extremely worried about this whole thing... Vol does that thing look demonic?
VOL: I mean...kinda? It ain't like anything I seen before but I'm gettin' some demon vibes off a it.
ADA: Zhe plant was found in a testing facility, it's probably zhe result of scientific tests involving demons? I doubt you vill find much on it if zhat is zhe case.

>Dr Mordecai
It's been a day, whether he's done analyzing the Mandrake or not you should still go check to see what progress he's made.

Ada says that a small library is in town and gives you directions, there aren't a lot of books in it but there might be somethings you can find useful.
No. 889708 ID: b1b4f3

Alright first thing's first we ask the doctor to analyze the sap, then go to the library to look up any possible books on weird demon plants.
This situation could go out of control at any point, we need to find out what we're dealing with here.
No. 889711 ID: 91ee5f

I agree with all of this.

The only adjustment I’d make is going to the tanner and dropping off the Displacer Beast hide first, otherwise we’ll end up forgetting about it.
No. 889724 ID: eeb7d9

And don't forget to ask him for any information he acquired from the mandrake as well, it is a demonic plant after all.
Also, and very important, since Ada consumed something that is from an aparently demonic origin, it would be good to write down whatever simtoms she starts to feel from now on. Everything we can find could be of use.
No. 889733 ID: 094652

I think Ada should get to a medical center right now. If she develops an illness, you need to have it identified as soon as possible. A day in quarantine, just to be safe. Pay for her examination - she gave you four silver buckshot shells for free, after all.

Sell what's left of the displacer beast while you wait.
No. 889742 ID: 74ce92


What did you do with the peach seed Ada? Plant it?
No. 889743 ID: d27a80

We should try to eat a peach, then, there's not really a worst-case scenario there.
No. 889744 ID: b1b4f3

What if you get addicted to the peaches, and over time they become less than benign?
No. 889759 ID: d27a80

They're... They're peaches.
No. 889767 ID: b1b4f3

Peaches from a demon-hybrid plant. It could be capable of anything and we should really be treating it more like an SCP.
No. 889768 ID: 91ee5f

From a demonic looking plant!

What >>889744 said are very real concerns! Which is why we need to figure this out so that we can determine if the peaches are harmful or not.
No. 889772 ID: d27a80

Solid points, still, I will go with eating the peach option. I'm really sure that while this plants look like a demon, it still works like a normal plant and will absolutly try to not kill us, look at it! Cute plant, I will call him Herby II.
No. 889780 ID: dbf422

Agreed. Letting that skin just hang around seems gross, anyway.
No. 889781 ID: 8a947d
File 152974133529.png - (276.71KB , 1212x826 , Ada 3.png )

YOU: Ada, I really think you need to go to Dr Mordecai in case anything bad happens because of what you ate.
ADA: I understand you are vorried but I assure you nothing odd has happened since then and I doubt anyzhing bad vill happen later. Besides Mordecai only works on humans, he has no idea how a mutant's anatomy works.
YOU: You're sure that you're going to be fine? Nothing odd happened when you ate it?
ADA: ...My cavity stopped hurting after I ate it...but I doubt zhat is anyzhing. I left zhe peach pit in the back I plan to study furzher. Maybe planting it vill grow anozher tree, zhough I'm not sure if I vant zhat or not. Zhere's still a peach left on zhe tree and zhe plant doesn't seem to mind having zhem removed, I assume it can feel since zhe eye moves from time to time.

The peach does seem normal. A small part of you wants a bite, and another part feels like strange fruit from that plant is too much of a risk to put anywhere near your mouth.
No. 889795 ID: ee2d6e

No one remembers a coward. Eat it!
No. 889800 ID: dbf422

Her cavity stopped hurting? Do we have any aches we can test this on, because I want to see if those get healed.
No. 889807 ID: 33cbe7

Eat it. Remember the good old days of food meaning stat boosts!
No. 889808 ID: eeb7d9

Wait, don't eat it yet! We could use the fruit for experimentation. I might probably have some effects in injuries or aches. Since we can't examine the fruit because it goes bad really fast we can see what happens if we eat it while injured.
No. 889819 ID: 91ee5f

>Besides Mordecai only works on humans, he has no idea how a mutant's anatomy works.
“Wow, that doesnt sound good. I guess that means you’ve gotta be extra careful to avoid getting sick, huh?”

>Do we have any aches we can test this on, because I want to see if those get healed.
Roland has a missing eye.

But we also have a Displacer Beast in a Binding Scroll that’s missing one of its paws when we shot it off.

I think it might be safer if we test the peach on the Displacer Beast first before we try eating one ourself. Plus, since some people want to try taming it, healing up that paw would be a good way to start earning its trust! Although, I am a little worried about what we’re gonna feed it if we keep it, since as far as we know, it’s gonna try to eat Vol!

The only questions I have are: Do Binding Scrolls work like Poké Balls? As in, can we put the Displacer Beast back into the same Binding Scroll or do we have to get a different one to recatch it again?
No. 889822 ID: 575ec0

Eat The Fruit.
No. 889823 ID: b1b4f3

...healing fruit? Maybe the plant is so grateful that we rescued it that it is giving us helpful things. A bit redundant with Vol around though.
No. 889831 ID: 094652

This. The fruit may have different effects on humans than on demons, but the intensity of the effect can help us estimate the concentration of catalysts in each gram of peach.
No. 889840 ID: dbf422

Well, making Vol use magic every time we want minor healing would drain him, and it's easier to sell a healing peach than our friend's services.
No. 889844 ID: d27a80

No. 889850 ID: 8a947d
File 152979882811.png - (237.06KB , 1212x826 , Peach 1.png )

>Roland has a missing eye
Your eye isn't missing, it's just badly damaged and incredibly hard to look out of.

>How a binding scroll works
After being released the binding scroll is burned and rendered unusable.

>Test on Displacer Beast
YOU: Ada is it fine if I let a docile demon out in your shop?
ADA: Zhere is already one standing next to you so sure I guess.

You let the displacer beast out of the scroll, it sits on the floor looking at it's surroundings for a little before sitting down. Ada's a bit shocked but you assure her the demon is safe, you ask for the peach and put it in front of the beast's mouth. It sniffs at it and eats it carefully to avoid biting your hand. From the stump of its leg the you see the red jelly in place of the beast's muscles reforms and the skin grows back over the paw. The displacer beast licks its regrown paw and walks to you doing that thing where cats rub their heads along people's legs to show affection, except since its so big it ends up rubbing against your whole body. It's kinda cute, you don't have anything to put the displacer beast back into but you have a feeling it won't be a threat to anybody as long as you keep it under control.

This proves the peaches look normal but definitely aren't. They probably aren't dangerous though. This raises some questions about the properties of the sap from the tree too.
No. 889853 ID: 166e1c

How are you gonna take your hellhound back now? You have to either work fast on those new scrolls or get someone to take care of this demon. Ask Ada if she like dogs.
No. 889857 ID: ad51b8

alright, I'm guessing after this test that the town doctor will be MUCH more interested in looking at the sap now so maybe we should do that. Also did you bring any of the other displacer beast's skin, the one that you skinned, with you? Could see the tanner in town and see if you can get some ready so you can make another scroll... or at the very least sell what you have to make some spare cash.
No. 889859 ID: d27a80

We should call him a name, maybe Emmett, like that famous circus clown!
No. 889860 ID: 91ee5f

>It’s friendly
Alright, I think that if we’re gonna keep this Displacer Beast, we’re gonna have to give it a name, a collar, and some food to eat. And I don’t think dog and/or cat food at the local grocery store is gonna work, so we’d better think of something before it tries to eat Vol!

>This raises some questions about the properties of the sap from the tree too.
Well, you’ve got a dead plant back home, you could try putting a few drops of the sap on it to see what happens.

But what worries me is how fast this thing is growing. Maybe the research paper we found with the plant said not to expose it to air because it won’t stop growing?

>Now what?
Let’s go to the tanner with the Displacer Beast hide.

Hopefully no one in town will mind your new Displacer Beast with you!
No. 889861 ID: b1b4f3

Oh my, that's a STRONG healing peach. You could try eating one to heal your eye, or you could save it for if someone else loses a limb. (which, narratively speaking, is inevitable now) I wonder how quickly the plant bears fruit.

The sap is probably like an energy drink or something. Get it analyzed, and avoid giving it to your new guard dog. Also name him Spot.
No. 889866 ID: 8a947d
File 152980664969.png - (197.33KB , 1212x826 , Brei's Tannery 1.png )

You can probably get it from the Tanner, even if you can't the thing can still walk and run. You'll just ride slowly so it can follow you.

You head for the tanner with your displacer beast skin. You realize that the displacer beast probably can't go in so you ask Vol to stay outside and watch it. You still haven't decided on a good name for it.
No. 889869 ID: 8a947d
File 152980690319.png - (215.00KB , 1212x826 , Brei's Tannery 2.png )

The shop is pretty small, you assume most of the work is done in the backyard. behind the front counter you see a small woman running the store.

Brie: Hello! Welcome to Brie's Tannery! Is the anything you'd like today?
No. 889871 ID: ad51b8

>You still haven't decided on a good name for it.

>Hello! Welcome to Brie's Tannery! Is the anything you'd like today?
ask what you can get for you demon parts... and see how much it would take to get the beast skin tanned but that probably goes without saying.
No. 889873 ID: d27a80

Yeah, she's really small! But it's time to do what we came here to do, get the demon skin tanned!

We also can call the displacer beast of... Peaches!
No. 889875 ID: eeb7d9

I am rocking that name. It might be too cute for a demon though.
No. 889877 ID: d27a80

He's just like a big grumpy cat with tentacles! I think it totally fits with him.
No. 889888 ID: 91ee5f

>You still haven't decided on a good name for it.
How about Echo? Because whenever it displaces itself, it’s leaving behind an echo of itself to fool people.

Hand over the hide and ask what the price is to get it tanned. And make sure you let her know that it’s from a demon, so she should probably avoid using silver on it.
No. 889908 ID: eaeb2c

Peaches is perfect, we can confuse people by calling for peaches and bam! Displaced beast.
No. 889914 ID: 8a947d
File 152983740659.png - (241.78KB , 1212x826 , Brei's Tannery 3.png )

The perfect name for your little killer!

You hand the skins over to Brie and explain how you got them and how you want them turned into parchment.

BRIE: Right! Normally turning skins into parchments would take weeks, luckily I've developed a method that makes it much faster and easier for all of us! Since you brought me the skin I'll give you half off and it'll cost you 40 Cards!

You hand over what you have and Brie heads into the back to work, you hear a lot of odd sounds but sure enough after what was about a few minutes she comes back out carrying an armful of parchment sheets. 4 good sheets of demonic parchment.
No. 889916 ID: 575ec0

Not just any parchment, demonic parchment!

Also, whatever is in that building must be amazing if it can mechanically and chemically process material so quickly.

Ask if she's a chemist, and what else she can do.
No. 889920 ID: 91ee5f

“Damn, you weren’t kidding! That was fast!”

Go ahead and pay Brie.

.....now what? Should we stick around and try to earn some money by playing the violin, should we try to buy some more bandages and hope they’re cheap, or should we head home and test that sap on the dead plant we brought home with us?
No. 889921 ID: eeb7d9

That was quick. Well, we can either play the violin and earn some "coin", or we can go and see if the doc. is done with the mandrake.
No. 889927 ID: eaeb2c

Check the doc, he might also be interested in Peaches.
No. 889928 ID: b1b4f3

>a few minutes
Ask how she does it. Is it magic?
No. 889961 ID: 8a947d
File 152988520502.png - (183.92KB , 1212x826 , Mordecai 1.png )

You ask how Brie finished it so fast.

BRIE: I have my methods. It's all a secret of course, I can't give away valuable business methods to just anyone. I also have associates that help me sew the leather and furs I get into cloths and light armor if necessary, I'm no good with metal though.

You collect your parchment and leave to go to Mordecai's Clinic to check on his progress with the mandrake.

MORDECAI: Mr. Conroy! I'm glad you're back I've made good progress studying the mandrake's medical properties. I didn't go in depth with it though...that would've involved an autopsy and I... couldn't bring myself to cut the thing open.

You look over and see the Mandrake sitting on the counter in the back of the shop.

MORDECAI: ...His name is Rooty
No. 889965 ID: 28dce7

Introduce Peaches. Ask him if he could help study the Ent.
No. 889966 ID: eeb7d9

I... see. Well, then what did you found out?
If you want to we could go and find another one some other time, we could perform the autopsy ourselves, we are getting the hang of it. Also don't worry about having it as a pet, i did tame a displacer beast myself. It's name is Peach, but it wouldn't be prudent to bring it here, it might try to eat Rooty, they seem to like to eat mandrakes.
Say, i have an interesting sap i would like you to analize. It is from a plant i discovered when i was scavenging a vault. Now it has mutated, grew an eye and it seems to give a healing fruite, but i still don't know what the sap does. Care to take a look?
No. 889972 ID: b1b4f3

There was a half-eaten mandrake corpse back at the facility, we could go get that for him...

Anyway yeah ask him to analyze the sap if he could. It's rather important.
No. 889974 ID: d27a80

Oh well, Rooty looks like a good boy, we should pet them! Would be a good ideia to check where Mandrakes fits in our Panic system too, seem's like they're a common prey of Displacer Beasts.

We also should ask him to check about the plant in Ada's shop, what it seem's, it produces peaches that can cure injuries!
No. 889975 ID: d27a80

Sorry if I'm being rude, but that half-eaten mandrake was... Completly eaten by Peaches! This is how we did capture him.
No. 889976 ID: dbf422

I like the general gist of this.
No. 889977 ID: 91ee5f

Tell him about the strange plant that you found and left in Ada’s shop. Explain that you left it with Ada because you didn’t know anyone in town that would know anything about plants. But since he seems to be interested in plants, you thought that maybe he’d want to go to Ada’s shop and look at the plant himself.

Make sure you tell him everything you and Ada have discovered about the plant and let him know about how fast it’s growing.

And when you tell him about the peaches, tell him how when your Displacer Beast ate one, it regret its front paw.

>Introduce Peaches
.....speaking of which, what gender is it? .....don’t tell me that we’re gonna have to look between its legs ourselves!
No. 889979 ID: 28dce7

Peaches ate that.
No. 889980 ID: d27a80

It's a demon so I think they don't even need to breed to exist, so better just call it up peaches and stay like that, forever.
No. 889982 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t really care if we find out or not, I’m just asking to see how Roland would react to the thought of checking a demon for its gender and whether or not he’d be willing to actually take a look! XD
No. 889986 ID: 8a947d
File 152989156206.png - (226.42KB , 1212x826 , Mandrake PANIC.png )

>Mandrake PANIC Rating

In a lot of area's Mandrakes are pretty underwhelming, aside from their deadly screech which they don't seem to be able to do on command they aren't much of a threat. You give them a low PANIC score of 1 star. You make note of the medical properties they could have and where they tend to take root.
No. 889987 ID: 8a947d
File 152989207605.png - (250.76KB , 1212x826 , Mordecai 3.png )

>Peaches Gender
You're pretty sure Peaches is a guy.

YOU: So what have you discovered about mandrakes?
MORDECAI: Well, the leaves on their heads when crushed and boiled in water like tea turn into a soothing agent. Lots of aches and pains of sickness can be aided with this mixture from headaches to burns to rashes! It's not the cure all I was hoping for but painkillers are still important, especially ones that can get rid of pain for so long. Unfortunately there are only so many leaves I can harvest from one Mandrake. Nothing else from their bodies seems to be useful for medicine, but then again I have grown too attached to Rooty to cut him open. I shouldn't have named him the second I got him...

>The Peach Tree
You explain everything you and Ada know about the plant you got from the bunker, the peaches it grew and the effect it had on the paw of the displacer beast you caught. You hand him the vial of sap.

MORDECAI: This is even more interesting!...So you're saying that the peaches off of the tree could possibly regrow human limbs? The sap might possess some of the same qualities, possibly at a weaker effect...
No. 889988 ID: 8a947d
File 152989247068.png - (132.90KB , 1212x826 , Mordecai 4.png )

Mordecai reaches underneath his desk and pulls out a scalpel. He then quickly cuts off the last segment of his left hand pinky finger and sips the sap from the vial. The bleeding from his finger quickly stops but the finger doesn't grow all the way back.

MORDECAI: Still hurts a little, doesn't have the same numbing effects as the mandrake tea but the bleeding did stop.

He drinks a bit more from the vial.

MORDECAI: Drinking more doesn't heal it more either. This is definitely an interesting find Roland, are there any peaches left on the tree still?
No. 889989 ID: 91ee5f

>Cut off tip of his pinky
>Drinks sap
Well, that’s one way to perform an experiment.

Might as well tell him that the tree produced more sap, if he wants to head over to Ada’s shop to check it out.

>Anymore peaches?
“None left. But with how fast it’s growing, there might be another one in a few minutes or something, I don’t know. The only thing I know about the peaches are that eating them has healing properties. Ada even said that her cavity stopped hurting after she ate it. She said she removed the pit from the one she ate and was considering planting it to see what would happen. Oh, and she also discovered that if the peach has been separated from a branch for over half an hour it rapidly starts to rot.”
No. 889991 ID: 094652

DUDE! Calm down!

Someone tells you that they discovered a locally unheard of method of regenerating limbs and you immediately slice off part of your pinky?! Was it itchy or something?! It might be itchy now!

1) You're the first standard human we've tested this on, out of two biological entities to taste this. That's dangerous, and you're the only doctor we know in this town!
2) We don't know the long-term effects of this stuff, you could go mad and then we'd all be @#$%ed!
3) Couldn't you start by cutting yourself instead of an actual mutilation?! Or at least start with your toe / earlobe?!
4) We don't know how long that tree could last. If it dies, you're out a piece of pinky. Or whatever else you decide to slice off.

>Sap instantly heals open wounds
That's useful, though. Sap by its nature is a strong preservative. With enough testing, we could manufacture healing potions and get rich off the process. Might make the area safer as well. But I also expect the sap will require distillation and experimentation to maximize the effect/risk ratio. I'm confident with your... enthusiasm... you would be willing to experiment for months in exchange for a portion of the take. So are we good?
No. 889992 ID: 166e1c

Holy shit dude! I wanted you to find out it was poisonous, not self mutilate and drink it.
You better hope those peaches grow fast, otherwise you will have a short or a long reattached finger. I suppose you could cut the portion from your severed finger that is equivalent to what already regrow...

I want to ask if he knows a way to reproduce mandrakes. I'm scary of what he is gonna do to find out, in case he doesn't, but it's important if we hope to improve the local medical treatment efficiency.
No. 889993 ID: 91ee5f

>You're pretty sure Peaches is a guy.
Then why’d you give him such a girly name?!
No. 889994 ID: eeb7d9

Well, it seems that you are not the only crazy bastard in this place that performs careless actions against its own heath. You might actually become friends with the good doctor, become science pals. You two could make a reaserch team!
No. 890001 ID: eaeb2c

Cause Peaches m8, you are a tad bit late on the naming of it.
No. 890007 ID: 575ec0

No. 890008 ID: 91ee5f

No I wasn’t. I made a suggestion when asked for a name.
No. 890011 ID: 5fa661

Make a mental note never to go to this guy for medical attention. He'd probably kill you, Vol and somehow Troy with sheer enthusiasm.
No. 890012 ID: d27a80

Fight me, I find peaches rather a cute name and fits that he did eat a peach to recover a paw, not the worst name of the world.
No. 890017 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, alrighty then. So the sap stops bleeding and heals a little bit, while the peaches heal major wounds. This mystery plant seems quite benign. Maybe the researchers just panicked when it started walking around on its own?

There were no other peaches remaining on the tree but I'm sure it will grow more. Tell him you'll bring him one tomorrow, and you'll tell Ada to take good care of it and store any sap it makes... we can sell the sap to the town as minor healing potions!
No. 890022 ID: 91ee5f

>fits that he did eat a peach to recover a paw
Yeah, that’s my problem with the name.

We named him after a thing he ate one time. It’d make more sense if the only thing he ever ate was peaches.
No. 890027 ID: 5fa661


He ate a peach and his paw regrew.

His paw is made of peach.

No. 890045 ID: 8a947d
File 152991988419.png - (130.06KB , 1212x826 , Mordecai 2.png )

On what planet is Peaches not the name of a cold blooded killing demon?

YOU: That was an insanely dangerous and unnecessary way of testing the effects of that but I'll be damned if a small part of myself isn't impressed. Anyway, Will you be able to go over to Ada's and analyse that tree?
MORDECAI: Of Course!...Well after the work days over, I can't close my clinic in the middle of the day. If you want more help there might be some books at the library that you'd find useful. I need to stress "MIGHT" though, a lot of them are simply story books. Y'know since you brought me this I wonder...

Mordecai rushes to the back of his clinic. He doesn't come back out for a while, you almost get ready to leave until you hear him rushing back.

MORDECAI: This is incredible! I mixed the peach sap with the mandrake medicine and drank it and my pinky finger grew back almost instantly! I'm not sure how well it'll work on illnesses but this is still a great discovery!
YOU: You're just all about this self experimentation aren't you?
MORDECAI: If it means more medical breakthroughs like this than sure! Here, take the rest of this vial. Someone in your line of work must get wounded in the field pretty often.

You take the vial and thank Mordecai for his enthusiasm taking your leave. Mordecai will be heading to Ada's to look at the tree more later today, for now you don't have much else to do. Mordecai mentioned books in the Library, and you can still play at the Bar if you want a little more money.
No. 890046 ID: 094652

Okay, now that's just silly. We happened to find two plants in two different areas in the span of two days that combine to make long-lasting regeneration potions?

You're ready to take on the tougher jobs. Find one immediately, all these investments are going to eat into your assets.
No. 890050 ID: ad51b8

let's play at the bar, Vol wanted a lazy day so I get the feeling that he'd enjoy just playing a few songs with you and the extra money wouldn't hurt much either.
No. 890056 ID: 575ec0

I would like to go to the bar and the library. If the library will close soon then that first. If we still got all day then sure, bar first.
No. 890058 ID: eeb7d9

We could ask for a book from the library to read later, and go play the violin now. We are not in a hurry, with how fast we are discovering data about demons and new medicines based on demonic plants, you can take a day off and do something quiet.

Wait, didn't we found the mandrakore and the other plant in the same vault?
Maybe the people that where there before were investigating these very same things that we discovered today, new types of medicines to regrow lost limbs. Now that would make a lot of sence.
No. 890061 ID: 91ee5f

>On what planet is Peaches not the name of a cold blooded killing demon?
The Aether?

>This is incredible! I mixed the peach sap with the mandrake medicine and drank it and my pinky finger grew back almost instantly! I'm not sure how well it'll work on illnesses but this is still a great discovery!
>Here, take the rest of this vial. Someone in your line of work must get wounded in the field pretty often.
Wow, he gave you something that rapidly heals injuries for free!

Well, the first one’s free, next time, if he manages to make any more, you better make sure you’ve got the money to be able to pay for it!

>Library or Bar?
Vol wanted to relax today, so going to the Bar to play some music sounds like the right choice. Besides, you need the money or else you can’t buy anymore bandages to cover yourself!

.....although, if you happen to run into Ichigo, you could ask him if it would be alright for you and Vol to play some music to go with his stories. After all, a good story needs some background music to set the mood!

>Wait, didn't we found the mandrakore and the other plant in the same vault?

The rapidly growing plant in Ada’s shop was found in a bunker that was infested with Lacerflies.

The Mandrake was found up in a mountain bunker, where we met Troy and we caught Peaches.
No. 890066 ID: eeb7d9

They could still be connected somehow, or it is a really big silly coincidence, like kome stated.
No. 890069 ID: d27a80

Let's go to the bar and get smashed!
No. 890070 ID: b1b4f3

No. 890095 ID: d3602f

Bar, we're running awfully low on money.
No. 890098 ID: 8a947d
File 152996993131.png - (474.39KB , 1212x826 , Lucky Lucc's Bar.png )

>We happened to find two plants in two different areas in the span of two days that combine to make long-lasting regeneration potions?
It is a funny coincidence, you could've easily taken either of the other jobs and not have found the mandrakes at all. You wonder what you would've found on the other jobs. This is good motivation to keep doing what you're doing since with the help of Ada and Dr Mordecai you found something pretty life changing!

>The Bar
You wander over to Lucky Lucc's Bar. You have Peaches wait under the shade until you are done, you trust it not to get into any trouble...
No. 890099 ID: 8a947d
File 152997033955.png - (224.26KB , 1212x826 , Luucc's Bar 1.png )

Inside it looks like business is doing pretty well. The place isn't packed but it's decent. You walk up to the front bar to speak to who you assume to be Lucc.

LUCC: Hey man what do ya want to drink today?

You're not really a fan of alcohol, plus you're not really here to drink. You notice that the bar lacks any sort of music, unfortunate for patrons who want something to listen to other than silence but lucky for you.
No. 890100 ID: 094652

"Wine made from stuffing apple pie into a barrel."

Speaking of which, try making a mini-bottle of wine from the next peach. See if the advanced rotting effect also includes fermentation.

And now that we're done joking, find a job.
No. 890102 ID: eeb7d9

Well, you could order something light and ask permission to play a few songs with Vol for some carts.
No. 890105 ID: ad51b8

ask if you could maybe play here from time from time. Could help bring in a few more customers or at a bare minimum give his regulars something to enjoy giving them more reason to come back or stick around longer.
No. 890112 ID: 91ee5f

Ask him if he’ll allow you and Vol to play some music here?

You’ll have to negotiate with him how the Cards will be split between him, because it’s his bar, and you, as payment for your performance and drawing in customers.
No. 890114 ID: d3602f

I don't think we have to negotiate a price. Music attracts customers, and will likely keep them drinking here longer. We're going to get money from tips while we're here too, so it isn't like we're taking anything from the owner. He profits, we profit.
No. 890115 ID: 575ec0

I notice it's real quiet in here.
Well we got fiddles and we know how to play.

Don't make us busk now.
No. 890118 ID: 8a947d
File 152998515148.png - (180.38KB , 1212x826 , Lucc's Bar 2.png )

YOU: I noticed there's no music in here.
LUCC: Oh yeah, my damn jukebox broke last week and it had to send it to get fixed. Since then this place has been pretty silent. It ain't great since this was the one place there'd could constantly have records spinning and people could listen to music that isn't spoons or mouth harps.
YOU: Y'know me and my pal here are pretty good at playing fiddle. I was wondering if you wanted some help with the music problem?
LUCC: Well...If you can go and play those fiddles like you know what you're doing then sure I'll pay ya, and any tips ya get you can keep. Course, that's only if you can play at all, last time someone said they could play guitar it was quite frankly some of the worst noise I've heard in years.

You have the okay to play, but what music are you going to play?
No. 890123 ID: d3602f

I'm thinking something a bit energetic and lively, something that you might like to dance to. I've always been a fan of Celtic music.

I'm not really picky though.
No. 890124 ID: d27a80


I don't even know if we can do that song but what isn't better to represent our eternal hatred of lacerflies? Energetic and experimental is always good!
No. 890126 ID: eeb7d9

This was the only thing i found that has fiddles and can be played by two people. Hell you could make it a duel, like in the song.
Chose who you want to be boys!
No. 890128 ID: 91ee5f

How about literally anything from the Fairy Tail anime? Because almost all of the music that plays has a violin in it.
No. 890129 ID: 9c2f50

Guys. GUYS, c’mon. Was there ever any other choice? Their first real jam session???

No. 890135 ID: 91ee5f

And you should ask if there’s a stage you can perform on? Or at least ask him where you can perform so that you’re not in anybody’s way.
No. 890136 ID: 094652


Only problem is you don't have a guitar, but just do the first half for now.
No. 890239 ID: 8a947d
File 153008137638.png - (317.02KB , 1212x826 , Violin 1.png )

You and Vol tune your violins and move over to the side of the counter. Vol puts a can down for donations and without introduction or any real foreword. You think something with high energy would be best for the silent bar. You're honestly a bit nervous playing in front of people no matter how small the crowd is but playing with Vol helps you get it done. The fast pace of the song makes it easier too, you notice the people in the bar certainly enjoy it as well. A few more patrons enter the bar, a man and a woman, you doubt it was because of your music but it's definitely good timing. When they come up and order the man drops a few cards into the can at your feet.
The time passes pretty quickly while you're playing, you take a small break to get a bowl of water out to Peaches who's still waiting in the shade of the parking area near the bar. Luckily he hasn't gotten himself into any trouble, though from the look of the feathers around his mouth and the bird corpses on the ground around him he caught himself some lunch to eat. You go back inside and continue to play for the crowd, which's gotten to a decent size now. After a while you and Vol begin to switch in and out of other songs songs such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XTvUeesQE0&list=PLxAMwvyxAlQEXSy9bJHE-O9ZG1iPbN1Dx&index=4 and https://youtu.be/NytIbo_MLD8 . Until final you bring the performance to a close and finish off for the day. You get a bit of applause and a few whistles for your playing, Lucc's Bar is a bit less empty and now the silence from before is drowned about by chatter and people talking among one another.
No. 890240 ID: 8a947d
File 153008221261.png - (193.91KB , 1212x826 , Violin 2.png )

Vol picks up the can of cards and you speak with Lucc about payment.

LUCC: I gotta admit, that was a lot better than I expected. I ain't never heard violin like that before! and from the look of it the mood in here's increased a bit. I think they like the live performance more than jukebox actually. If you'd like to play here again I'd be glad to have ya!

Lucc hands you a small stack of cards. Including the donations you gain 52 Cards bringing you to 105 Cards.

VOL: Glad we got to do dis! We got money and played some good music! Now wat're we doin'?
No. 890250 ID: 2a13fa

Guess all we have left to do now is find another job that needs doin'.
No. 890251 ID: eeb7d9

Why don't we ask Vol if he has an idea of what to do next?
He was the one who told us to relax today an so far looks like it has been a great idea. We even got some profit out of it.
What time is it?
No. 890252 ID: ad51b8

Well since we're taking the day off to relax I guess head home... maybe pick up some supplies if we're low on anything back and probably need to pick up more food anyways now just so peaches doesn't get to hungry. Hell maybe when you get back home and after you use the tanned hides to make more binding scrolls you can ask Vol more about imps and try and figure out what their panic score would be.
No. 890260 ID: 91ee5f

>Glad we got to do dis! We got money and played some good music! Now wat're we doin'?
Let’s go buy some bandages so that Roland can keep himself covered.

After that, I guess we can go home for the rest of the day.
No. 890282 ID: 8a947d
File 153013221879.png - (130.74KB , 1212x826 , What Do.png )

>Why don't we ask Vol if he has an idea of what to do next?
VOL: I thought ya wanted to go to dat library to look for plant books? Actually I think I'd like a book to read too.

>Buy food and bandages
You hop around to a general store and a butchers for some bandages and meat for Peaches, it costs you 45 Cards in all leaving you at 60C.

>Ask Vol more about imps
You're surprised you didn't do that sooner. You can talk to him about while you're walking around.
VOL: What do I know about Imps? Well dat depends what d'ya wanna know?
No. 890283 ID: eaeb2c

No. 890284 ID: d27a80

Let's go to the library then!

Also ask if there's another smart demon like imps or if imps had societies, or better, if Vol ever meet a imp after the time he was with big ol' demon hunter dad.
No. 890288 ID: d3602f

Do Imps have families? Parents, siblings, etc.
No. 890300 ID: 91ee5f

Ask if Imps are the only demons that can cross over from the Aether through the portals created by humans forming close relationships with objects?

Are all Imps capable of speaking intelligently like him?

Do all Imps have the same size and/or shape as him?
No. 890309 ID: eeb7d9

Ok got to the library. On your way there ask Vol about anything that might be useful for the PANIC chart.
No. 890311 ID: ad51b8

ask about imps that he knew in the past and what they were like and what their skills were. Example, Vol is cautious and is skilled at playing the violin and can make a pretty strong barrier and can heal people.
No. 890314 ID: 8a947d
File 153015357449.png - (88.72KB , 1212x826 , Imps!.png )

>General Life?
VOL: Imp's mostly live in little groups. Anywhere from 4 to around 20, possibly more than dat. Our group stayed small though, dere was only 4 of us. Stayin' in one place fer too long was pretty dangerous for imps since bigger demons could come and get us. Some imps did make little cities but only because there were so many of them that could manage to do it. Our little four man group couldn't but we were happy just wandering.

>Other intelligent demons?
VOL: Oh there are plenty of smart demons: Goblins, Gnomes, High Demons. Dem High demons are jackasses, I'm probably smarter than most a dem freaks, but I only got one eye so they think I ain't worth shit. I do not miss 'em.

VOL: Nah...Well I probably did but I don't remember 'em. Demons are more well off as babies than humans, at least imps are. My mom or pop might have dropped me off, or they coulda died and I didn't know?

>Imps are the only demons that can cross over from the Aether through the portals created by humans forming close relationships with objects?
VOL: Plenty a demons can do dat, like I said it's not common but possible.

>Are all Imps capable of speaking?
VOL: Yeah, Imps and other demons too. Imps do this thing were if they hear somebody talkin' for long enough they just pick up the language. I couldn't speak English til I met Marshall and I couldn't read til I looked at some books for about a month.

>Other Imps, what were they like? Abilities?
VOL: The other's were pretty cautious too. It's risky not to be when it's easy for ya to die. None a' them knew magic and I knew VERY little until I came here. Imps ain't born knowin' magic y'know? Kinda like how Mandrakes have their screech and Displacer Beasts displace themselves, Imps can do dis thing where we turn our blood into solid materials. I can turn my blood into pretty durable objects whenever I want to...I just don't like to do it.
No. 890316 ID: 094652

Ask Vol if he wants to make tiny blood lockpicks and other lightweight materials. You know, just to save a few cards on fine tools. If he doesn't want to then whatever.

Next mission is to look for a lead on the person who created that tree. If it requires special treatment to survive and reproduce, you need to know.
No. 890317 ID: eeb7d9

Well, since we talked about your friends, why don't you tell me about them in detail?
If you don't mind of course.
No. 890319 ID: d3602f

>I only got one eye so they think I ain't worth shit
Do demons have some sort of hierarchy based on number of eyes or something?

>I knew VERY little (magic) until I came here
Wait, you didn't know a lot of magic in the aether? How did you learn demonic magic here?

>Solid objects out of blood
You can make solid objects from your blood?... Wait, that violin of yours looks pretty abnormal. If you dislike doing it, couldn't dad just buy you a violin instead of you bleeding one?
No. 890325 ID: 91ee5f

>Our group stayed small though, dere was only 4 of us.
Do you miss your friends? Could you not bring them with you when you came through dad’s violin? If your friends managed to leave the Aether, do you think we’ll run into them some day?

>I only got one eye so they think I ain't worth shit.
Well that’s stupid! .....wait, do all Imps only have one eye?

>I couldn't speak English til I met Marshall and I couldn't read til I looked at some books for about a month.
So, did you not have a name before you met my dad? And what language did you know, if it wasn’t English?

>Imps can do dis thing where we turn our blood into solid materials. I can turn my blood into pretty durable objects whenever I want to...I just don't like to do it.
But isn’t your violin made out of your blood? If you don’t like doing that with your blood, then does that mean that you don’t like playing the violin?
No. 890327 ID: 623c7e

Ask him for some stories about things he saw before coming here
No. 890335 ID: dbf422

Little late to this but it's not that surprising that the mandrake leaves and demon plant sap work well together. It's an experiment, right? Almost certainly some attempt to make demon medicine more viable.

Anyway, I'm guessing that it's not easy to find decent, or even working, violins.
No. 890337 ID: 8a947d
File 153016068769.png - (243.01KB , 1212x826 , Hollow Garden 1.png )

>Do demons have some sort of hierarchy based on number of eyes or something?
VOL: Yeah, all of the high demons have lots a' eyes. It doesn't make any real sense though; You haven't seen a Goblin before, but they got no eyes at all not even the sorta "fake" eyes that displacer beasts or mandrakes have. Some imps hold that over 'em but I never really cared.

>Isn’t your violin made out of your blood? If you don’t like doing that with your blood, then does that mean that you don’t like playing the violin?
VOL: If I didn't like playing violin I wouldn't do it Rol. It's not like there's any big reason I don't like to do it, I'm just a little...squeamish is all. If I wanna make anything big enough I have to make a bigger cut and draw more blood, and I normally faint when I do that. But playin' violin's still fun for me!

>So, did you not have a name before you met my dad? And what language did you know, if it wasn’t English?
VOL: Nah my name was always Vol, and I spoke Demonic. That's probably not what i's called but that's what I called it.

>Wait, you didn't know a lot of magic in the aether? How did you learn demonic magic here?
VOL: When I was still in the Aether I still knew how to make barriers and heal, but it was so it weak it wasn't as good as it is now. I could barely heal a small cut and a barrier began to break after a few rocks were thrown at it. When your pops taught me how ta play violin, my magic naturally increased through da use of a violin. I can't say I know exactly how it works but it works.

>Stories about things he saw before coming here
VOL: I got swallowed whole once. I was out swimmin' in a lake and this big ass demon, don't know da name of da thing, came and drank out of it and swallowed me. I was scared as hell and almost drowned, but I managed ta grab hold in it's throat and it coughed me up a ways a way. It was a trek to get back to my group, but after da initial shock they were laughin' their asses off...good times.

You arrive at the library, Peaches seems to understand what to do by now and sits down by front of the building expecting you to go in.
No. 890338 ID: 8a947d
File 153016105614.png - (217.12KB , 1212x826 , Hollow Garden 2.png )

As you enter a bell above the door alerts the owner to your entrance. You hear her voice from the back.

???: Hello! I'll be out in a minute just...enjoy the books while you wait!

There's nobody else in the library, to the right there are some shelves but only about two of them are full of books and the rest don't seem to be that full. There's a little area to sit read if you want to. A lot of the books are a bit tattered, but plenty are legible.
No. 890339 ID: b1b4f3

Look around for any books on demons. Hopefully any you find will either have useful but not rendundant information, or involve demon-type stuff you don't get to encounter in person.
Lacking that, look for any books on fruit trees or esoteric flora.
No. 890341 ID: d3602f

Any books on magic? Demonic, Angelic, and anything in between
No. 890343 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm just a little...squeamish is all.
“Yeah, I noticed that yesterday.”

Well, I guess start looking for anything to do with demonic plants or something.

If Vol finds a book he wants, ask him if he needs help reaching the high shelves. And even with your scrawny, almost no muscles physique, you should be able to easily pick Vol up and hold him over your head so he can reach the high shelves. If you can’t do that, then you really need to start working out more! XD
No. 890346 ID: dbf422

Huh, bad timing on this, haha.

Oh well, books on magic and anything demonic. Fiction is just as much of a priority, since there's every chance the fiction has a nugget of truth.
No. 890348 ID: 87bee0

Look at the book on the table.
No. 890352 ID: 5fa661

Ask Vol how he feels about needles. A syringe might be a better way of drawing blood, and if it doesn't go bad too fast maybe he can use prepared vials to make whatever the situation calls for.
No. 890353 ID: 094652

Read up on horticulture. Taking care of walking plants is not common sense, you will need professional advice on the matter.

Read survival books, of course.

And for light reading, do some research on pre-apocalypse cities and maps. Most of these have been looted, but the real deal is all the secret bases and hideouts that are only implied. Some of these would need centuries of unbroken analysis to develop a full picture of the treasure map - and you have Vol.
No. 890357 ID: 8a947d
File 153017250042.png - (158.72KB , 1212x826 , Books.png )

>Books on magic
You find nothing solely on the topic of magic, demonic or otherwise. Like wise you find nothing on the analysis of demons or angels.

You do find a pretty tattered book on the care of plants. Lots of it is still legible.

You find no books on survival, general survival is an important topic so you doubt a book like that would still be in stock. There aren't any books on old world cities either. A lot of the books here are fictitious or from the look of it self written.

>Look at the book on the table.
It's a fictitious novel about a man that turns his house into a boat and survives a flood that takes out one of the few safe havens in a flooded world, it looks like an interesting read so you decide to take it with you.

Vol grabs an odd book that looks like more pictures than words. The front shows a cartoon child doing an odd pose, the title reads Cool Shock BT.
No. 890359 ID: 8a947d
File 153017299545.png - (220.72KB , 1212x826 , Hollow Garden 3.png )

You walk to the front counter as the librarian comes out from the back, she had to crouch down as she walked through the door. You're a bit, surprised by how large she is.

HAZEL: Oh! You aren't regulars. My name's Hazel, Welcome to Hollow Garden! What are you renting today?
No. 890362 ID: 094652

Vol: "I'm renting you-"
*Roland SMACK*
Vol: "-r graphic novel. Where did you get this from? Yourepretty"
No. 890366 ID: eaeb2c

Get the plant book, it might get us some insight on what to excpect from the peach tree(?).
No. 890368 ID: d3602f

...I kind of want us to get with her eventually, but at the same time I feel like that would be betraying Ada. But it isn't like we know her that well in this setting, so it shouldn't be that bad. I'm so conflicted right now.

Show her the books we want to rent, and ask her if she may be able to track down specific books for us. Also ask if she has any advice for writing our own, we'll need our book to look good and official when it's done to help captivate our readers.
No. 890377 ID: 33cbe7

A fresh start, a fresh waifu.
"I'm looking for a book on dog tricks." Let's train Peaches to fetch, roll over and play chess.
No. 890390 ID: ad51b8

ask were each section of book can be found. I mean you found a lot of fiction but maybe you just weren't looking in the right spot.

ok this got me to laugh.
No. 890394 ID: eeb7d9




Fffffuck she is cute! Damn it Heretic!
No. 890397 ID: 575ec0

Got anything on tiger training?
No. 890399 ID: 91ee5f

>What are you renting today?
The plant book and whatever Vol picked up.

>Everyone saying Hazel is cute.
Yeah, I understand what everyone is talking about.

However, if you guys don’t mind, I’m gonna stay on team Ada.

I’ll be surprised if Vol actually does say that! XD
No. 890405 ID: 575ec0

You know, I just realized that Hazel is like 7 feet tall.

Still cute tho.
No. 890408 ID: ee2d6e

Dog taming manual
No. 890409 ID: d3602f

I think that's a BIG part of her appeal.
No. 890413 ID: 09d241

Nice lizard pajamas.

Ask for a fairy tales book, might be a good reading for kids, Vol and tales to make peaches sleep, our giant demoniac puppy cat.
No. 890416 ID: dbf422

We're definitely going to be regulars from now on. Yeah.

Oh and yeah, these books. And a request. To hold on to books about general survival tips for us when those come back in stock.
No. 890418 ID: eeb7d9

This guy gets it.
Tall chicks are hot.
No. 890446 ID: 8a947d
File 153024048458.png - (64.73KB , 803x764 , Vol.png )

VOL: Ehhh. I had a thing wit a gal five times my size before. I won't get inta details, but I think it's safe to say I like my gals a bit more ME sized. Them horns are pretty cute though not gonna lie.
No. 890448 ID: 8a947d
File 153024236181.png - (170.02KB , 1212x826 , Hazel 1.png )

>Training Books
You ask Hazel if she has any books on training animals. You're not sure if a displacer beast is necessarily canine or feline, so you ask for a book on animals in general. Hazel points you to a ratty Animal Training 101 book on one of the shelves further back in the store. You take that along with the rest of the books you have.

HAZEL: I'm glad to see some different faces taking some books out. Not many people care about books, or even know how to read. These are some really good choices; All together this'll cost you 30C, but if you return these books within 2 weeks I'll give you 15C back.

You pay Hazel the 30 cards leaving you at 30 cards remaining.

>Track down specific books for us.
HAZEL: A lot of the books I scavenge out of random areas or buy off of others. There's no way I would be able to find the specific book you wanted. I do have other books in better condition, but I do not wish to put them up for sale to anyone...Actually, are you a demon hunter?
YOU: Demonologist, but it's sorta the same thing.
HAZEL: Oh, but you still go out looking for demons right?
YOU: Yeah from time to time if I want to study them. Why?
HAZEL: Well, I just feel like someone like you might come across some books while you're out doing your studying. D'you think if you found any, even if their in poor quality you could bring them back here? I could let you look at some of the better quality from my personal stash.
No. 890451 ID: 09d241

Such raw reaction shouldn't be explaned further.
We have pop's diary and our book that she can see, but both are extremaly lacking, still, something is better than nothing.

Might ask for tips with writing and saying that you can sell a few books while you scavange for her.
No. 890452 ID: 91ee5f

You can’t say shit like that and not expect us to ask for more details! I demand details, you tease! D-:<

>if you return these books within 2 weeks I'll give you 15C back.
That sounds like a good deal!

>D'you think if you found any, even if their in poor quality you could bring them back here? I could let you look at some of the better quality from my personal stash.
That also sounds like a good deal!

Reach your hand out for a handshake and say, “You’ve got yourself a deal!”

And with that done, I think we’re officially done doing things in town, so let’s head home!
No. 890453 ID: eeb7d9

Vol, you devil you!

It's a deal. We'll see to find some books for you.
If don't mind me asking, ehh, like seriously, i don't want to sound rude, but, what exactly are you?
No. 890457 ID: d3602f

Just one question: Was it a another demon?

That seems like a good deal, we'll see what we can do.

And again, ask her if she can give advice for writing a book.
No. 890459 ID: 623c7e

Sure, we can bring back any books we find. Also her if she has any ricks for writing a book as well. Like with your demon book do you think once you fill it up if you should simply put the book from most dangerous to safest, should we make multiple sections for different types of demons and if so what would she think be the best way to categorize them.
No. 890462 ID: 094652

Can we buy the books by forfeiting our 15C deposit or do we have to eventually return them if we want to rent more books?

Also, if we deposit new books can you put a special sticker on them so we can re-read them in the library at no extra cost? We'd return them faster if we're not forced to speed-read right before we deposit.
No. 890468 ID: 8a947d
File 153025191967.png - (162.46KB , 1212x826 , Hazel 2.png )

HAZEL: You can keep the books if you give up the extra 15 Cards, certain books I will not be happy about if you keep but I'm not attached to any of those. I'll make sure you'll be allowed to read the books you turn in here at the library if you wish. They would be books you found after all, wouldn't be fair to make you pay to read them.

>Tips on writing
You show Hazel the journal you're working on and ask if she knows any tips about writing. You explain why you study demons and your plans for the journal.
HAZEL: I only have experience writing fiction books, from the sound of it you shouldn't worry on organization yet. The more important thing you should worry about is the collection of information on different demons as safely as possible. Just get what you can and after you've gotten enough re-work it and make a final draft of it all, this journal is more of a rough draft especially since there's still stuff about these demons you don't know. Bird watching journals will normally record conditions such as locations and weather, maybe doing the same for your journal would be a good idea too.

>What is She?
She seems like a mutant like Ada.
No. 890469 ID: dbf422

I mean, she has to make money too, I guess. Still, unless we absolutely need to keep a book, let's make sure to turn them in. Early, if possible.

And there's some good advice there. Making sure to note where we found these demons and their situations would be important. That way we can keep track of whether, say, displacer beasts tend to live in mountains, or if they're migratory, etc.
No. 890470 ID: 91ee5f

>record conditions such as locations and weather, maybe doing the same for your journal would be a good idea too.
Solid advice.

Go ahead and jot down those things for the demons you’ve already gotten in your journal.

And like she said, this journal is one giant rough draft. So if you find any new info that contradicts the old info, do some more studying to determine if the new info is reliable or not, and replace the old info if the new info proves to be more reliable.

>She seems like a mutant like Ada.
But what kind of mutant is she?

You know Ada is a Spider Mutant, so what kind of mutant is Hazel?
No. 890477 ID: dbf422

That's racist and objectifying. She's big and that's enough. That's everything.
No. 890483 ID: ee2d6e

No no. "Dog" "Taming" manual.
No. 890484 ID: 91ee5f

No, this: >>890483 , is racist and objectifying.
No. 890490 ID: 09d241

Ask for a few scavanging locations she know or any demon that she did meet while scavanging for books, it's always good for know better our world and places that we can go.
No. 890508 ID: dbf422

Well I was making a joke, I didn't think we'd actually get a real example. I should've known better.
No. 890514 ID: d3602f

Now that I think about it, we've only found lacer flies in one place: underground. In the vault, and those flies in the mines. It could just be coincidence, but I think it's a good idea to note that down. Maybe they don't like light or heat?

Apparently mandrakes like high altitudes, if what the doctor told us is true. The doctor might also appreciate it if we brought him more for more medicine. I also want to see if mandrakes need to breed sexually. Could be useful to make a farm of them ourselves.
No. 890564 ID: 8a947d
File 153035768555.png - (227.80KB , 1212x826 , Questions.png )

You'd think Lacerflies being underground once would be a coincidence, but twice might be more of a pattern. You write down the information on the demons just in case.

>But what kind of mutant is she?
You've got no idea, you don't think all mutants fall into perfect categories of certain animals or bugs. Some mutants are just...mutants. You don't think it'd be polite to ask.

HAZEL: Any demons I've seen I've done my best to avoid. I always see one or two but it's always from a distance and I never stay to look, Sorry.

You thank Hazel for her business and leave the library. You toss Peaches a slice of meat as you walk to the exit of town. On your way you hear a voice call out to your direction from behind you.

???: U-Um! Excuse me!

You turn around to face a young woman, possibly around the same age as you. She looks back and forward between Vol and Peaches.

???: I heard about somebody walking around with a big demon but I wasn't sure if it was true! D-do both of them belong to you?
No. 890565 ID: ad51b8

>D-do both of them belong to you?
well they don't really belong to me. I'm just stumbled across peaches (gesture to peaches) and after that managed to calm him down and vol has been a family friend for a long time and has lived with us almost as long. Why do you ask?
No. 890566 ID: 830fb7

Vol is family (might a well be your brother after all you probably grew up with him around) and peaches might as well be your pet at this point after being tamed by the scroll (and becoming like a pet dog). Someone saying that you 'own' Vol is just insulting (and wrong) because even if he is a demon he is still a sapient being.
No. 890569 ID: ff0134

The imp here is vol, i don’t own him, he’s a friend and the canine looking one with the tentacles is peaches. Anyways is there something you wanted?
No. 890571 ID: 166e1c

Yes to Peaches, no to Vol.
No. 890575 ID: 91ee5f

How long has Vol been with your family? Because if he’s been around before you were born, then I think it would be safe to say that he’s practically your older brother. Or if you were born before Vol showed up, then he’s practically your younger brother. Either way, when you introduce him, make sure you let her know that Vol is family and reach over and give Vol a noogie.

But, no, you don’t own both of them, you only own 1 of them, which is Peaches the Displacer Beast.
No. 890576 ID: eeb7d9

Now now ma'am, they don't "belong to me", they are my friends!
This little charming fella is Vol, and the one walking on fours is Peaches. Peaches might be considered a "pet", but Vol is like my brother, so i kindly ask of you to treat him with the respect he deserves.
My names is Ronald, by the way. So now that we are done with the introductions, how could we help you?
No. 890581 ID: 575ec0

She has a mark on her neck.
No. 890586 ID: 699278

I mean, it could just be a little scuff but nothing wrong with a quick check yeah?
No. 890588 ID: b1b4f3

Well you own the Displacer Beast outside, but Vol here is a friend.
No. 890589 ID: 44b1bb

That's a wrinkle in the collar of her coat.
No. 890632 ID: 8a947d
File 153041113208.png - (156.57KB , 1212x826 , Questions 2.png )

YOU: The imp is Vol and the big cat dog thing is a displacer beast named Peaches. I don't own Vol, he's been a close friend of my family for years. Peaches is basically a pet though. My name's Roland.
ULA: Sorry I didn't mean to offend you! M-My name's Ula and I was only curious. You didn't seem like the kind of person to keep Demons with you. Are you a-
YOU: I'm a demonologist. I look for demons to study and record what I find out.
ULA: Wow! Really? Have you been doing it for a long time?
YOU: No, I've been doing it for all of two days.
ULA: b-but you still managed to capture a displacer beast? That's impressive! Anyway...A friend of mine runs this uh...business in Crud City. It might interest s-someone like you! Here.

Ula hands you a red envelope.

ULA: Well, please consider visiting! I h-hope I can get to see you there Roland!
No. 890634 ID: 8a947d
File 153041215311.png - (84.16KB , 1212x826 , Questions 3.png )

Ula runs off. You open the envelope, but it's written in a language you don't understand. You show the letter to Vol.

VOL: It's written in demon language. It says ya invited compete to a "Devil's Duel at Dusk", a match up of skill, speed, and wits pitting demons and their "trainers" against one anotha in a battle of sport. Join fer a heart poundin' experience and a challenge like no other, glorious prizes and rewards fer winnin', or simply to strengthen the bond between your human/demon partner ship.
No. 890638 ID: a5cc6c

you should join. you wanna be the very best right? like no one ever was?
No. 890641 ID: 699278

Welp, if we ever decide to join we need to first get some stronger demons. Or at least ‘more’ demons.
No. 890643 ID: d3602f

I wouldn't mind checking it out sometime, so long as it doesn't put anyone in danger. We could use it to check out the capabilities of other demons while we're at it. I think it might be a good idea to go home and work on training Peaches right now, assuming no one has any other ideas for what to do in town.

Since our skipper now has an autopilot, we can read on the way there.
No. 890645 ID: 33cbe7

It's perfectly normal to attend these events with only two pok-errrr demons! At least if NPCs are anything to go by.

If it's written in demon, then perhaps they have some demons on their staff. Maybe Vol could get a job in the commentators' booth! So how long do we have til the duel? Datewise I mean, we already know the time of day.
No. 890647 ID: b1b4f3

This sounds like an excellent opportunity to gather information. I wonder if Peaches understands you well enough to say if she'd like to participate or not?
No. 890649 ID: 44b1bb

It should be interesting to visit sometime, but we're well-off enough for long trips. Let's do some other jobs before we check it out.
No. 890650 ID: ad51b8

does that sound legal to you?

Either way it could be a good place to learn more about demons even if you don't fight yourself.
No. 890651 ID: 09d241

Yeah, we're totally shit compared to another demons but I bet we should try! It's like rooster fight but our giant dog eats people faces.
No. 890655 ID: 8a947d
File 153042021710.png - (203.84KB , 1212x826 , Questions 4.png )

You aren't quite sure of the legality of the whole thing, but you feel like even if you were to only watch instead of participate you'd be able to gain some useful knowledge on demons and possibly the people that train them. Vol pulls a second paper from the envelope.

VOL: Ya can bring as many demons as you can possibly carry, but can only use one durin' a match. The trainers role will depend on the type a challenge but normally a trainer will be in the action alongside da demon they bring. Da physical prowess and technical skill a da trainer can make or break a match.

VOL: It says da tournament is completely non-lethal and death and injury are avoided durin' any matches, though injuries may still occur. Well I guess I can participate of ya want me to since it says I won't die. We did everythin' in town already, I haven't been in Crud City before. Ya wanna go now? Or stop home before dat?
No. 890657 ID: 09d241

Let's check the jobs board now in case there is anything in the way to the city, otherwise, let's go!
No. 890659 ID: 91ee5f

Is there a time and/or date telling us when the tournament is? Ula said she hopes to see us there, but that doesn’t mean she hopes to see us there today.

I’m still questioning how legit this is. The invitation being written in demonic means the only way to read it is if you have an intelligent demon that can speak English to translate the message. That makes me think that this could be an underground thing that people would normally disapprove of. Which means that we might not be allowed to walk around in public because Vol and Peaches aren’t put away.

The message also says, “Bring as many demons as you can possibly carry.” meaning we'd need Binding Scrolls, which we don’t have yet, since we’ve only gotten the parchments and haven’t turned them into Binding Scrolls. Although, maybe they’ll be selling them at the tournament?

>Ya wanna go now? Or stop home before dat?
Let’s go home and drop off the things we don’t need to bring with us. And while we’re home we can turn those 4 demonic parchments into Binding Scrolls.
No. 890660 ID: 91ee5f

We’d also need to tell Troy where we’re going to see if he’d want to join or not. It’s doubtful that he will join, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
No. 890665 ID: 094652

We should wait until next year, when we have a full team of demons to murder anyone waiting to ambush the hapless trainers.
No. 890668 ID: dbf422

Er, I mean if you want, Vol, but I don't feel comfortable being called your "trainer". Not sure if I like the implications there. Not to mention that not all intelligent demons are there voluntarily. But hey, goal advancement and money are good motivators for getting over the weirdness. We'll check it out.

Let's stop at home first. See if we can get some Binding scrolls done.
No. 890670 ID: d3602f

Go back to make those binding parchments, then check out that tournament. We might not be able to join in though, Peaches has literally zero training.

Another new test, is there a difference if we use human blood or demon blood in the ritual for the binding parchment?

Then we shall become the most famous of demon trainers. The one thing they see before they lose: A red neckerchief. We shall be known as red, the demon master. If we work hard, maybe one day we'll even fill our journal with all 151 demons!
No. 890672 ID: 91ee5f

I just realized something. Tournaments usually require an entrance fee from the participants. I doubt we’ll be able to even afford that!

Oh, well. We can still go and just watch. There’s nothing saying that we have to participate in the tournament.
No. 890681 ID: 8a947d
File 153043484283.png - (114.76KB , 1212x826 , Going Home.png )

>Is there a time and/or date telling us when the tournament is?
The note says it will begin at Dusk. The invitation seems to wave any need for an entrance fee.

>Go Home
You mount the skipper and head home, setting the autopilot to go slowly so Peaches can keep up with you. While you ride home you read the fiction book, the one about the flood.

VOL: ...Hey Roland?
YOU: Yeah?
VOL: So, ya know how I have a really hard time usin' my ability? Since I'm too chicken to look at my own blood? D'ya think dat you could help me with dat? I seen imps dat can make lotta good use outta their hemo-sculpting, but I feel like without usin' it myself I'm sorta...I don't know handicapping myself.
YOU: Vol, if you need help in anyway I'll do my best to make sure you get it.
VOL: Thanks Rol.

You finally arrive home. Troy's truck is gone, on your front door there's a note that reads "Out, will bee back soon. Troy". It's a good thing you got those upgrades for the Skipper since the ride to Crud City is a bit longer than the ride to Dawnsprings. You go inside, Peaches lays down and takes a nap. You've got plenty of time until the Devil Duel, what do you want to get done first?
No. 890682 ID: 094652

Check your crops - or lack thereof. Find a way to instruct Peaches to poo in the field holes that you dig, for demon fertilizer.

Double-check your shotgun ammo and tinker with the flamethrower - you need every self-defense mechanism you have if Crud City is a trap.

Finally, help Vol with his haemophobia with exposure therapy - slice your arm, drink some healing potion, repeat until Vol is ready to do it to himself.
No. 890688 ID: 91ee5f

>The note says it will begin at Dawn. The invitation seems to wave any need for an entrance fee.
Oh, ok. That still doesn’t mean that we have to enter the tournament, we can just go over there and watch to see how things work. Then we can decide if we want to enter or not.

>Since I'm too chicken to look at my own blood?
But he has to look at his blood when he’s making his violin, right? Because if he’s not looking at what he’s making, then his violin would end up being formed all crooked and not sounding right. Has he been forming his violin without looking at it this whole time?

>It's a good thing you got those upgrades for the Skipper since the ride to Crud City is a bit longer than the ride to Dawnsprings.
It’s going to be even longer if you have to go slowly so that Peaches can keep up with the Skipper.

>You've got plenty of time until the Devil Duel, what do you want to get done first?
Turn those 4 good sheets of demonic parchment into Binding Scrolls before you end up forgetting about them.

Then help Vol with his hemo-sculpting. Start with having him make his violin, which I’m assuming is the biggest thing he’s willing to make before he starts getting squeamish, and then he can slowly work his way up to making bigger things.
No. 890689 ID: 91ee5f

>Finally, help Vol with his haemophobia with exposure therapy - slice your arm, drink some healing potion, repeat until Vol is ready to do it to himself.
I don’t think we should be wasting our healing potion like that, we might need it for something else!
No. 890694 ID: e26fa5

I think we should write about imps now we know more about them and all.
No. 890695 ID: 699278

My opinion, in order to get this whole blood thing out we need to start small. Small quantities, then we work on ever larger amounts.
No. 890697 ID: d3602f

Again, make those parchments. One with human blood, the other with demon to tell the difference.

That's kind of like using a flamethrower for a normal gnat. It's a waste of a healing potion that can regrow limbs. Also, my memory is a little fuzzy, but I think remember him saying that it needs to be his blood.

First, we should have Vol cut just to where he gets squeamish. Repeat until he feels relatively comfortable, then ramp it up a bit and have him create something bigger. Maybe have him make a stick while he's at it, and use it to teach Peaches fetch, assuming he's fine with that. Next time we dissect something, we should also keep him here.

Also, he says that imps make good use out of hemo-sculpting. What is the most impressive use of it that he's seen?

Finally, I just considered this, we need a melee weapon. Not as a main weapon, but something to protect us in case we run out of bullets.
No. 890698 ID: 91ee5f

>Finally, I just considered this, we need a melee weapon. Not as a main weapon, but something to protect us in case we run out of bullets.
We still have a Hand Axe with us.
No. 890704 ID: dbf422

It's"tier 1", though, prone to breaking. But I do think we should start using it before we try upgrading.

Okay, first is the binding scrolls. But then, maybe alternate between helping Vol with his fear, and putting some effort into exercising. Can't slack there.
No. 890727 ID: 8a947d
File 153048589524.png - (207.41KB , 1212x826 , Bloodtraining 1.png )

>But he has to look at his blood when he’s making his violin, right? Because if he’s not looking at what he’s making, then his violin would end up being formed all crooked and not sounding right. Has he been forming his violin without looking at it this whole time?
There must be some misunderstanding regarding Vol's violin. Vol only had to make his Violin once a long time ago, he doesn't form a new one out of blood every time he wants to play. Items created by imps persist for a long time until destroyed.

Vol grabs a knife from a drawer and you grab a jar to help collect the blood. Vol is fine making smaller cuts, he had to prick his skin to give you your mark to use magic right? You just have to help him get closer to making bigger cuts. You have Vol prick his palm to get a little blood out, then he makes another bigger cut across the palm. Next, he tries his best to form something out of his blood. You tell him to make something simple like a stick or a little block something along those lines. It takes him several minutes of starting then stopping and dry heaving and shaking in between, but by the end Vol has manage to make one stick about 10 inches in length. Immediately after Vol gets up and walks into the backyard to throw up. It was a little rough but some progress has been made.

VOL: Ugh...Jeez dat was pathetic. I seen Imps make full length swords in seconds and it takes me half an hour ta make a goddamn stick.
No. 890729 ID: eeb7d9

Don't be to hard on yourself, Vol. You don't do this all the time so it is obvius that it will be hard at first. We can start little by little, there is no rush. Before you know it, you will be able to create lots of things in instants.
You want to keep practicing?
No. 890730 ID: 205799

Hey, it's progress Vol. Don't knock it. No one won a marathon without training and preparation.

Also, possible application even if you only master making a small hemo-construct quickly; if you're ever forced into melee you can (assuming your palm is cut before hand) simply grab a vital and/or painful spot on whoever is assaulting you, then quickly project an ice-pick like blood spike from your palm. Piercing objects don't need to be large to be deadly or debilitating.

If you get further along in Hemomancy, consider maybe making a thin but extremely sharp blood whip? Probably wouldn't take as much blood as a sword, while giving you some extra reach and still causing good damage.
No. 890732 ID: 166e1c

I'm sure you will you will get used to see your blood with practice. Don't worry about the time, since those object least you can take as long as you need and it will be equally useful. I wasn't expecting to create weapons in the middle of combat.

Even with Vol's personal difficulties this ability is too convenient. What is the draw back? Are the blood item of inferior quality? Maybe the blood used doesn't replenish. Is there a limit to how many items can be made? Is Vol heath worsened by making too many items?
No. 890733 ID: 91ee5f

>Vol’s struggles
Wait, didn’t Vol say Imps can touch silver, but getting cut with it messes with an Imp’s ability? Check the knife he used to cut himself to see if it’s made of silver, that might be a part of the reason he’s struggling.

>Ugh...Jeez dat was pathetic. I seen Imps make full length swords in seconds and it takes me half an hour ta make a goddamn stick.
Hey, progress is progress, I think you did pretty good!

.....soooo, what do we do with this stick of Vol’s blood? I don’t know how much blood that is. Does he put it back into the cut and reabsorb it into his body? Does he eat it to get it back? Keep it in a jar?
No. 890734 ID: 91ee5f

I’m pretty sure it works the same way Pagan magic worked in the original D3 Quest. Vol uses up his blood, but he has to make sure he doesn’t use too much or he’ll risk killing himself from loss of blood!
No. 890740 ID: dbf422

Yeah, I'm going to agree and say "blood is important to living creatures".

Well it's your first try at practicing overcoming your fear. It'll take awhile but that doesn't mean you are lesser for it. You're the one who was brave enough to try to face your fear, and that's really cool. Plus, how many of these sword-wielding demons are also expert violinists?
No. 890743 ID: ff0134

Firstly: we should get vol a cup of water of something.
Secondly: “Baby steps vol, you don’t become a master of something in minutes. Try again and see if you cant do it faster this time. That means less stopping and stopping for less time”.
No. 890744 ID: 575ec0

Hey man, you made a something though.
You'll get better in time. For now, you did great. There's no rush here, you know?
No. 890745 ID: 8a947d
File 153049278744.png - (55.75KB , 1212x642 , Blood is vital to being alive.png )

>Check the knife he used to cut himself to see if it’s made of silver.
Neither you nor Vol are dumb enough to use a silver knife for this. Besides, Vol tells you if it were silver and he was cut it would be very obvious that it was silver. Vol's blood would become thicker, darker, and it would be almost impossible for him to make anything out of his blood for at least a few minutes.

>This ability is too convenient. What is the draw back?
Vol is a very small thing with very little blood in his body compared to a human, blood is important even for demons to live. Along with this blood items melt under intense heat so fire will get rid of them fast.

YOU: Vol, I think you're doing your best right now and that's all that matters. Progress doesn't happen over night, pretty soon you'll get over this if you keep this up.

You hand Vol a cup of water.

VOL: I think I'm done for today. Thanks Roland.
No. 890746 ID: 8a947d
File 153049347449.png - (540.90KB , 1212x826 , Binding Scroll.png )

Next up, you go to make the demon parchment into binding scrolls. You open your journal up to the page with the instructions and practice writing the runs out on scrap paper before you screw up on the parchments then you do the real thing.

After the runes on the first sheet of parchment are laid down a burst of red light sparks off of the parchment. The runes react much differently on demonic parchment than on regular parchment. The binding scroll takes on different properties and instead of becoming a Lesser Binding Scroll becomes a Demonic Binding Scroll.

Demonic Binding Scrolls act the same as a Lesser Binding Scroll but with the benefit of being reusable. Don't forget Peaches isn't friendly just because you caught him but also because you healed and care for him too, demons caught with the binding scroll will not instantly become friendly and will still need to be somewhat trained though the scroll makes it easier. Bigger and more dangerous demons will need to be weakened too before being bound.
No. 890747 ID: ad51b8

sweet, that is something you definitely write down in the journal that when making binding scrolls the materials do matter
No. 890748 ID: 094652

There was an anime episode with ancient artifacts as prototype pokeballs for summoning giant pokemon. And now we have pokecloth. What's next, pokepiercings?
No. 890749 ID: d3602f

Great, even better than I actually hoped for. If we have more time, I think we should take it to read that book and try to train Peaches.

And if Vol is still sad about his capabilities, remind him that he can heal, create barriers, and knows the camouflage ritual. He probably can do a lot more than most imps back in the Aether.
No. 890750 ID: e26fa5

It's like yu-gi-oh but cooler.

Oh well, time to go to the demon fight city!
No. 890753 ID: 575ec0

Hmm. Where did your dad learn of those runes?
Also, what would happen if you carved them on something more permanent Like Demon Bone?
No. 890754 ID: 91ee5f

Vol’s violin is made out of his blood, right? That’s way bigger than the 10 inch stick he just made. So how did he create it the very first time? He must’ve had some kinda motivation to use that much blood, so maybe if he gets that same kinda motivation, it’ll help him now?

>Demonic Binding Scrolls act the same as a Lesser Binding Scroll but with the benefit of being reusable.
That’s actually pretty useful! That also means we can get to Crud City faster now that we don’t have to worry about going slow enough for Peaches to keep up with us!

.....wait, how do you know what a Demonic Binding Scroll is? Or even what it does? You just now made it and this is the first time you’ve ever seen it, so how the hell do you already know what it is and what it does?!

>Don't forget Peaches isn't friendly just because you caught him but also because you healed and care for him too
Which is kinda surprising, considering you’re the one that injured Peaches in the first place!

>Now what?
Finish making the scrolls.

Then see if you can teach Peaches a few commands/tricks. See if Vol wants to help, since it’ll help him get his mind off of his problems.
No. 890797 ID: dbf422

We already had the lesser scrolls. If dad didn't teach it, then we just copied what we saw. It's no great mystery. Though someone else mentioned wondering where dad learned it, which is curious.

And the scrolls make demons not hostile. It probably reset its aggression entirely, including its anger at being injured.

And Vol seemed terse. Self-esteem takes more than a day too so we should probably leave him alone for now. Let's get exercising.
No. 890804 ID: 8a947d
File 153051707712.png - (152.91KB , 1212x826 , Training.png )

You're unsure of where your dad learned them, but the runes seem to only work on parchment. The carved bone of the dead displacer beast shows no other worldly attributes.

>Train Peaches
You finish making the binding scrolls. You dig up an old saddle and decide that you should learn how to ride Peaches if necessary. Getting the thing on him is the hardest part, Peaches constantly displaces himself so you can't get near him. You end up having to bait him with with some jerky to get him to hold still and sneak up on him. Afterward he constantly bucks you off and repeatedly smacks you with the back side of his tendrils, but with enough time and Vol tossing Peaches bits of meat and fruit he calms down. There's also a little thing you learn while trying to ride it, If Peaches wraps his tendrils around you while you're on his back he will displace you along with himself. This is probably something they do to carry young with them who can't displace as infants, you make a note in your journal.

You don't plan to constantly ride Peaches, but it's better to know how and not need to than to need to and not know how. It's getting closer to dusk and Crud City is a whiles away.
No. 890807 ID: 91ee5f

>riding Peaches
Peaches does not enjoy that at all!

>Roland can be displaced while on Peaches.
That’s useful knowledge!

>It's getting closer to dawn and Crud City is a whiles away.
Wait, you’re telling me that you stayed up all night and didn’t get any sleep?! You’re gonna be fucking tired as hell!

I guess if you really want to go, then you’d better get that saddle off of Peaches, get Peaches into a Demonic Binding Scroll, get Vol onto your back, hop on your Skipper, and head out.

Make sure you leave a note for Troy to let him know where you went.
No. 890808 ID: 8a947d

Dusk, I meant dusk this whole time. I'm not a smart man
No. 890810 ID: 91ee5f

It’s ok, everyone makes mistakes.
No. 890815 ID: 81d03b

It very clearly says dusk and probably always did. How mysterious...
No. 890817 ID: 575ec0

Peaches will get used to it eventually. Best practice this daily so when the need arises he won't be a dick about it.

Leave a note and get going.
No. 890823 ID: dbf422

Yeah. Let's get on the skipper and head out to Crud. Leaving a note seems like a good idea.
No. 890827 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, give him a reward for letting you stay on his back.
No. 890934 ID: 8a947d
File 153059204419.png - (506.32KB , 1212x826 , Crud City.png )

You write a note on the front door on the same paper Troy did in case he comes back. You bind Peaches to a scroll and mount your skipper. You head out for Crud City.
No. 890935 ID: 8a947d
File 153059218512.png - (368.97KB , 1212x826 , Crud City 2.png )

In town the fumes from the oil refineries are pretty bad. It's a much bigger city than Dawnsprings and more crowded too. You're not a fan of it. Vol gives you directions from the note and it leads you to what looks like a housing complex with a large red flag over the front of it. You park the skipper and head in.
No. 890936 ID: 8a947d
File 153059236120.png - (174.52KB , 1212x826 , Apartments 1.png )

The building is well put together compared to the rest of the structures around not dedicated to pumping or refining oil. Despite that it doesn't seem like the kind of place battles of between demons would take place, do they run the business in the basement? You're not sure what you expected but you were hoping it was a bit more official. You talk to the front desk attendant.

ATTENDANT: What do ya want?
No. 890943 ID: d3602f

Show him the letter we got, and ask him exactly what goes on in these tournaments. We might join, but we want to know what we're getting into.
No. 890947 ID: dbf422

Flash the invite.
No. 890953 ID: 91ee5f

>doesn't seem like the kind of place battles of between demons would take place, do they run the business in the basement? You're not sure what you expected but you were hoping it was a bit more official.
The fact that there’s no obvious directions or anything kinda makes this look like this is a secret tournament that takes place away from the public eye. Maybe we should try to be discreet about this?

>What do ya want?
Show him the invitation and ask for directions.

This guy is probably only here to give directions and won’t answer any questions we have about the tournament. So any questions we have should be saved for when we get to the location, since we’ll have a better chance of getting answers there.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and run into Uma Ula and she’ll answer your questions?
No. 890956 ID: 33cbe7

To be the very best, like no one ever was.
No. 890981 ID: 8a947d
File 153060872349.png - (92.91KB , 1212x826 , Apartments 2.png )

You show him the invitation you got, before you can ask anything he makes a motion under the table like he's pressing a button and an elevator across the room opens up, you aren't sure if it was there before.

ATTENDANT: Go through there. Y'outta hear an announcement or somethin' but if ya don't then ya may be too late.

You go through the elevator, there are no buttons on the inside but it closes and begins to go down.
No. 890984 ID: 8a947d
File 153060937445.png - (211.93KB , 1212x826 , The Arena 1.png )

Once it reaches a stop, the doors open to a large hallway. A few other people wander, drinking, chatting, or smoking.

VOL: Looks like Pagan work. Watch yaself Rol, your dad neva trusted em.

You begin to walk down the hallway, looking for a map or a form of direction in anyway. You don't hear an announcement and start to get worried that you may be late after all. You begin to go in what feel like circles for a little bit until somebody gets your attention, a man wearing an odd mask talks to you.

???: Hey kid, you look lost. You here for the Devil's Duel tournament?
YOU: Y-yeah, do you like...work here?
???: Nah, I'm a contestant too. This is my fifth time doing this, here you can follow me I know where to go. I know this place is like a maze, but once you come back more than once you get used to it. Names Naos.
No. 890989 ID: f11dd1

Well, greet yo’self
No. 891001 ID: ad51b8

introduce yourself as gallows. Not sure if I want to give them your full name yet until we know more about this place. I mean if your dad didn't trust them I'm sure their had to be a reason.
No. 891003 ID: 33cbe7

Sounds fine as long as he doesn't lead you down any shadier-than-average corners. So, who's he entering?
No. 891007 ID: eeb7d9

Well, you are Gallows. And this here is Vol. Since you have experience doing this, Naos, can you tell me how things work around here?
No. 891013 ID: 91ee5f

You might be here for the tournament, but that doesn’t mean that you’re gonna be participating just yet. For now, you’re just an observer here to see what’s going on.

Besides, you’d be at a major disadvantage if you entered either of your demons, with Peaches being barely trained and Vol being squeamish around blood. But if you do feel like entering, then Peaches would be your best bet.

>Names Naos.
Introduce yourself as Gallows. Your weird family tradition of passing down that name will be useful here.
No. 891015 ID: e26fa5

Ask about the mask, it can't be that rude, can it?
No. 891021 ID: dbf422

"I'm Gallows. Anything I should expect as a first-year?"
No. 891040 ID: 8a947d
File 153067006797.png - (210.88KB , 1212x826 , The Arena 2.png )

YOU: I'm Gallows, this is Vol, but we aren't really sure if we're going compete.

You realize that between how untrained Peaches is and how unsuited for combat Vol is you would have a harder time in the tournament.

NAOS: You're not? that's a shame. I always love facing new people in these things. Very few people compete more than once, it's hard enough getting a demon to listen to you an train it to fight. If I were you I'd enter anyway, you got invited right?

He points to the red envelope you're holding.

NAOS: That means it didn't cost you anything to get here. I don't know what the prize is this month, but it'd be foolish not to at least try for it! I only one once, but I managed to get a nice stack of cards for it!
YOU: ...If I were to enter, what should I expect from it?
NAOS: Ah that's a hard question. It's always something different! They really know how to keep contestants on their toes each time. Sometimes you'll be in the fight with your demon and sometimes they'll be by themselves while you're doing something else. Besides, half the fun of this stuff is not knowing whats next.
YOU: Right...so what's with the mask?
NAOS: Don't know, what's with those bandages?
YOU: Ehh...Never mind, sorry. What demon are you entering?
NAOS: Oh he's waiting in the break room. You'll probably have to wait a little til the rest arrive.
No. 891042 ID: 44b1bb

What sort of stuff do the rest of you use to train demons? Is there a standard method for each type, or does everyone have their own style.
No. 891044 ID: d3602f

This only happens once a month? Damn, I don't want to wait until next month to join. I suppose it won't hurt to join in, as untrained as Peaches is. We lose nothing if we fail, and we might learn more by dealing first hand with the demons instead of just watching from the crowd.

If we are separated from our partner, I suggest putting Vol in. No way of knowing if Peaches will understand what he has to do without our constant guidance.
No. 891046 ID: 91ee5f

Ask if it’s true that the tournament is completely non-lethal and death and injury are avoided? Just because the invitation says those things, that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen.

>Once a month
>Can win a nice stack of cards for winning!
I guess there’s no harm in entering Peaches.

Ask Naos if he’s got any advice for training a demon?

Ask why the invitation was written in demonic? You wouldn’t have been able to find this place if Vol didn’t help you translate it! In fact, you might as well ask what’s up with all the secrecy?
No. 891049 ID: 8a947d
File 153067606151.png - (124.33KB , 1212x826 , The Arena 3.png )

YOU: Are there certain methods you or others go through to train there demons?
NAOS: I wouldn't know, there was no real taming when it came to my demon. I'm sure you know Imps don't really need to be trained.
YOU: True, this whole thing is a no-death sorta deal right?
NAOS: Yeah, the games are meant to be fun while still being exciting to watch. You don't have to worry about dying but you might gets some bumps and bruises while you're in it.
YOU: Is there a reason for all of this secrecy?
NAOS: Certain people...shouldn't know about places like this, it's better to be safe than sorry.

You approach a door with an Imp sitting next to it, he looks up at Naos

NAOS: Eto! Sorry I kept you so long! You know I can never find the bathrooms here.
ETO: It's fine...as long as you aren't late for the match we're fine...Who're these two?
NAOS: Oh! They're new competitors! They got lost in the hallways and I gave 'em some direction. This is Gallows and Vol.
ETO: ...Hey.
NAOS: Anyway, this is the waiting room. It's only one group of constants out of the whole thing...
No. 891050 ID: 8a947d
File 153067640890.png - (219.51KB , 1212x826 , Waiting Room 1.png )

Inside the waiting room a few people sit around silently waiting for the games to begin.

NAOS: (whispered) They're a bit shy when it comes to conversation, but if you want to try and get anything out of any of them than go ahead. Try not to make any enemies before the games even start.

In the room there are 6 people counting Naos

>A man spinning a revolver in hand
>A young man cleaning a rifle
>A woman in a red cloak
>A young woman lifting weights
>An old man

Maybe gathering intel would be best for research? Or you can speak with Naos since you already know he's friendly, convening with Vol would be a good idea too. You have no idea how long you'll be in here.
No. 891053 ID: e26fa5

Let's speak with the old man or the women lifting weight! They sound nice.
No. 891054 ID: d3602f

The old man, I have a feeling that he may be a regular, or at least experienced in dealing with demons. Maybe he could give us a bit of history about this place.
No. 891058 ID: 91ee5f

I’m seeing a few familiar fanmade characters here! It’s nice to see them again!

I think we should try talking to the old man.

After that, let’s go see what’s on the snack table! And then try throwing some darts at the dartboard that is inconveniently located above the snack table where someone could get hit when they go get a snack!
No. 891064 ID: dbf422

Just because he's old doesn't mean he knows anything useful.

But I was going to say talk to him anyway.
No. 891068 ID: 166e1c

Some? The only one who didn't appear at the Disthread is the guy with a scar.
Also Wanderer is left handed now.

If the characters descriptions are still worth anything the old man will be the most helpful, the hooded lady will be the second most helpful, sniper will be bad at communication and masked lady will be unsympathetic.
After doing what the majority of the comments are suggesting, can you inquire about scar man? This one got to be special, Heretic adore his one-eye badass.
No. 891089 ID: 8a947d
File 153069059341.png - (200.65KB , 1212x826 , The Waiting Room 2.png )

You walk up to the older man. He seems ancient, maybe around 80?. You talk to him as he's about to doze off.

YOU: Excuse me sir?
???: Eh? Oh, a new face one. You don't look like any Pagan I seen before.
YOU: Uh, I'm not a Pagan, my names Gallows and I'm here to participate and get a closer look at the demons here.
ARTHUR: Oh! It's rare anyone who isn't a pagan comes here. My name is Arthur, what's yours?
YOU: I uhh...My name's Gallows and-
ARTHUR: Ah! Gallows! You don't look like any Pagan I've seen before, what brings you here?
YOU: I-I'm here to participate in the Devil's Duel and possible get a look at some demons while I'm here. I'm a demonologist and-
ARTHUR: Ah! A demonologist? I met a guy who said he was a demonologist once. A young man dressed to toe in bandages, a real nice young man. Ah, I'm sorry stranger what was your name again?
YOU: ...I really feel like you wouldn't be here if you were senile
ARTHUR: HA! I know I know, that's just so fun to do sometimes. I guess it wouldn't really work here though, if you are trying to get a glimpse at other peoples demons I suggest waiting until the match starts. Nobodies going to up and show you what they can do here and now.
YOU: I assumed so...I can't even get to see your demon.
ARTHUR: Whattya mean? He's standin' right next to me! Hehehehe!
No. 891092 ID: 569af6

I like him, he’s fun.
No. 891093 ID: d3602f

Hold your hand out next to him and greet his demon friend. Then to our surprise, we feel something invisible grab our hand

So, what exactly is a Pagan?
No. 891097 ID: 166e1c

You could start by voicing your reservation about participating. Although everyone seem reassuring you would don't want to put your demon in harm ways, so if Arthur is particularly competitive he could think of this as an opportunity to reduce the competition by revealing previously unmentioned risks.

Since secrecy is valued at this stage we are lucky, as a new participant accompany by an imp they should had made many wrong assumptions about our plans. Better than have our opposition lacking information is to feed them false information.

It may be true that Arthur wouldn't want you to know too much about his demon, but about his adversaries? It may be of his interest having what he perceive to be a weak opponent (and we likely are) having some advantage against other veteran players. Can he tell we anything about scar man?
No. 891101 ID: eeb7d9

More information about pagans would be nice.
No. 891102 ID: 91ee5f

>Whattya mean? He's standin' right next to me! Hehehehe!
Look down to your right to see if there’s a tiny demon next to the chair he’s sitting on.

If you don’t see anything, tell him, “.....ok, I can’t tell if you’re messing with me or not. Either there’s an invisible demon next to you or there isn’t a demon there at all. Or maybe your demon snuck off when you weren’t looking?”

Ask Arthur if he’s got any demon training advice for you, since you’re pretty new to this.

Actually, should we be asking for demon training advice to everyone here? Because on one hand, we might actually get some good advice, but on the other hand, someone could give us bullshit advice and when we try it with Peaches, it’ll end up hurting Peaches and/or making Peaches really pissed off at us!
No. 891115 ID: e26fa5

Ask for a few tips because you're a starter, your displacer beast is a really recent capture and so might have a few difficulties.!
No. 891122 ID: d3602f

If we can, let's not mention that we have a Displacer Beast. If he isn't going to tell us about his demon, we probably shouldn't tell him ours.
No. 891128 ID: 91ee5f

I agree.

Let’s just say that it’s a recent capture and not tell what kind of demon Peaches is.
No. 891181 ID: 8a947d
File 153074444749.png - (202.35KB , 1212x826 , The Waiting Room 3.png )

You're confused at his comment about his demon until you feel something flick your nose and giggle mischievously.

>Training tips
ARTHUR: Well demons are all different so I don't exactly know what to tell ya. My demon's smart enough to listen to me I'll tell ya that much, so I never really trained him aside from practicing a little. Anyway, I'm old so I barely do that stuff anyway.

>Other contestants
ARTHUR: Now there are a bunch a people participating besides the people in this room. If you want details I can't really offer any on many people here. That man with the scar? His names Eastwood. He's supposedly a gunslinger, but as far as I know outside weaponry are confiscated once the game starts, so I'm unsure what his plan is.

>Information about Pagans
ARTHUR: Pagans a term for those that worship Athmor. They tend to employ the aid of demons, but rarely go into studying them closer. I can't give you that much information but the pagans are not a single unified group.
No. 891187 ID: 91ee5f

I think that’s all we’re gonna get from him.

Thank him for his time and go talk to someone else.
No. 891189 ID: 166e1c

Now that is a topic that deserve some exposition.
No. 891191 ID: 8a947d
File 153074935018.png - (79.11KB , 1212x826 , Athmor.png )

YOU: I know a little about Athmor, but not a lot.
ARTHUR: Not many know of him, The Lunar Church has done everything in their power to keep knowledge of him down. Athmor was an angel under God who defied his mistreatment of humanity. For his arrogance the sky god broke Athmor's halo and made him the first fallen angel to be sent to Hell, from Hell Athmor continued to fight a cold war against God doing everything he could to free humanity. He succeeded of course but at the cost of his life, though from it the demons came to be born.
VOL: Sounds about right.
No. 891192 ID: 8a947d
File 153074947690.png - (219.51KB , 1212x826 , Waiting Room 1.png )

You wish Arthur good luck and leave him alone. That wasted sometime, but the games are still not ready to start. There are still plenty of people to try and talk to, but you aren't sure if any of them are as friendly as Arthur was.
No. 891195 ID: d3602f

Vol, I just want to say don't let the fact that you were born from the savior of humanity get to your head. It's big enough already.

Talk to the guy with the rifle. Don't want to make enemies, and he seems the least likely to be antagonistic.
No. 891205 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s try talking to the guy with the rifle.
No. 891206 ID: 166e1c

Yeah, rifle guy. Arthur said guns weren't allowed. Will his be an exception? Why?
No. 891209 ID: eeb7d9

If guns are not allowed, what is the rifleman going to do?
Maybe is a dart weapon? Ask away!
No. 891212 ID: 8a947d
File 153075596997.png - (179.80KB , 1212x826 , The Waiting Room 4.png )

You walk over to the young man cleaning a rifle. You can hear him quietly humming to himself, until he see's you approach him.

YOU: Hi.
???: ...H-hey.
YOU: I was just wondering something. I was told that guns from outside of the match are normally confiscated, so how come you brought your rifle?
???: W-well, I like cleaning it when I'm a bit nervous. They're going to take it after it begins but-

The man is cut off by the emergence of a small glob of demonic mass from behind the man.

DEMON: Whats your deal? Huh!? Got a lot a questions you outta just keep to ya self don't ya think!?
???: Otel-
Otel: Nananah! Bower I got this! You trying to psyche my boy out? Think this is my first time round the block hmm!? Big question man's real quiet now! You intimidated or something?
No. 891223 ID: d3602f

Your demon friend is so... CUTE!

Most demons we've run into were based on animals or plants, but this type is completely new to us! Not to mention intelligent as well. So, a demon can be both intelligent, and none humanoid? This is definitely worth putting in the journal.

Otel, would you say that your kind is rare in the Aether? You can float, so do your species spend most of their time high in the air? Or do you usually prefer to hover low to the ground? You are definitely the most interesting demon that we've met so far. Well, ignoring Vol, but forgive us for being a bit biased towards family.
No. 891225 ID: 44b1bb

Pull your notebook out and start sketching. Interview this guy and ignore all his questions.
No. 891226 ID: b1b4f3

Say this is your first time here, and you're a demonologist so you wanted to take the chance to do research. Ask Otel about himself, is he an imp?
No. 891228 ID: 91ee5f

>You intimidated or something?
“Nope! In fact, this is exactly what I wanted!”

Then proceed to pull out your notebook and start sketching him and asking various questions about him.

Also, make sure you introduce yourself to Bower and ask him some questions, like where did he and Otel first meet each other and all that jazz.
No. 891231 ID: dbf422

Just the curious sort. More interested in how things work than getting a leg up. If anything, trying to psyche out your friend is more likely to let us learn less and that's the opposite of what we want. We're Gallows, the demonologist, by the way.
No. 891240 ID: 91ee5f

Also, I’m thinking that maybe one of our questions to Otel should be, “How often do you win staring contests?”
No. 891241 ID: eeb7d9

Well hello there, and here i thought Vol was the only chatty demon here!
My name is Gallows, and this is Vol and we are new here, so we are probably as nervous as you are.
Say, what kind of demon are you, first time seeing one of you.
I won't ask you what you can do for obvious reasons, it's just that i am a demonologist and i get curious.
No. 891244 ID: ad51b8

actually it's my first time here and everyone is trying to tell me that I should compete.I'm mostly just trying to get an idea on what to expect. How about you two, you guys been at this for awhile? If you wouldn't mind could you tell me what some of the past matches were like. From what I've gathered they change every time and that we'd be fighting but I still don't know much else.
No. 891251 ID: 8a947d
File 153076574134.png - (183.80KB , 1212x826 , The Waiting Room 5.png )

Your first instinct now is to take out your notebook and immediately sketch a picture and take notes.

YOU: I haven't seen a demon like you before. What exactly are you?
OTEL: N-none a your business buster!
VOL: He's an Oracle Globule. They've got really good eyesight and can basically zoom their sight in to view far away things. They can see through walls and even let humans use that sight for a little.
BOWER: See I was kinda hoping you'd stay hidden just in case..anyone new here knew what you could do...ah well, I never liked that underhanded part of this whole thing anyway.
YOU: My names Gallows, I'm a demonologist that entered to try and get some more information on demons I haven't seen yet.
BOWER: Oh really, that's pretty interesting.
OTEL: You'll get full view a what we can do when we crush you on the field!
BOWER: This is only our second time doing this...and we lost in the very first round last time...
BOWER: Please keep your voice down.

>Information on past matches
YOU: What was your last match like?
BOWER: W-we only lasted for barely the first round. I had no idea my gun would be taken, so I had nothing to work with. You can keep a weapon if it's vital to working with your demon or if the ammunition's non-lethal, none of mine was. The first match I was in involved this weird game where you had to keep tear flags off of the other contestants.
YOU: Sounds like a weird game kids would play.
BOWER: Yeah, but the kids have demons fighting with them. These things always end with a one on one fight tournament deal between just demons. I probably won't win this time either, but I wan't to at least try to place...
No. 891253 ID: b1b4f3

>can use guns if the ammo is non-lethal
Idea: squirt gun that shoots glue.

Wish him luck!
No. 891254 ID: 166e1c

I'm starting to notice a patter. Do the contestants only use intelligent demons? I was expecting beast trainers but so far it doesn't seem to be the case.

Say Bower, since you are also kind of new... newish... to this event, could you tell me what bring you here? What about those game attracted you? Were you always in contact with the pagan community or were you invited recently?
No. 891255 ID: ad51b8

tell him thanks for giving you an idea on how these things work and wish him luck in luck in his matches today. Hell maybe see if you could meet after everything is said and done and ask more about Otel if they're up to it.
No. 891256 ID: 166e1c

And don't forget to introduce Vol. He has been strangely quiet during those conversations. Not to found of talking with strangers?
No. 891259 ID: 8a947d
File 153076989405.png - (178.44KB , 1212x826 , The Waiting Room 6.png )

>Do the contestants only use intelligent demons?
BOWER: There've been a few people using more beastly demons, but I'm pretty sure more intelligent demons are easier to reason with. Training a lower intelligence demon would take time, and when they'd need to go fight alone they'd be harder to direct.

>What drew you to being in this?
BOWER: I got an invite by a friend, he's not here today but after the last time I really wanted to try again.
YOU: Well good luck in the game! Maybe later we can talk some more, I'd love to get more data on you Otel.
OTEL: I'd never give away important information before or during a game! Maybe after we beat you I can explain my tactics.
BOWER: Sure, that sounds good Otel. Good luck to you too Gallows.

Bower picks his gun back up ad continues to clean it while whistling to himself. You hear static from over head, finally an announcement from the people running this thing.


Five minutes? That's enough time to talk to one more person if you want to, or you can just wait for the five minutes in silence.
No. 891262 ID: 91ee5f

>5 minutes left!
Let’s find a secluded corner in the room so we can quietly talk strategy with Vol.

Specifically, let’s ask Vol if he wants to enter or if we should enter Peaches? Because, let’s be honest, just because the rules say “no deaths” that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be blood. And considering Vol’s problem with blood, I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t want everyone to see him start hurling in the middle of the match.

So if he thinks he can handle it, then we’ll let him enter, otherwise, we’ll enter Peaches and hope that he’ll listen to us.
No. 891266 ID: b1b4f3

Talk to the red hood.
No. 891271 ID: dbf422

Might as well.
No. 891284 ID: eeb7d9

I am not sure about Peaches, we didn't exactly teach them to not go around killing people. Last time we left them alone, they had birds for lunch, but we don't know how they will react to all these new threats.
No. 891287 ID: 83e2d2

your right. Peaches has never see action since his capture and it would be a horrid idea putting in the games if it mean't fighting. I wonder if you could choose who to use after finding out what the challenge would be.
No. 891288 ID: 8a947d
File 153080525151.png - (215.82KB , 1212x826 , The Waiting Room 7.png )

From what you've been told the Devil's Duel is split into different parts. Each part allows you to enter a single demon, possibly along side yourself. You could enter Peaches in one game and Vol in another as long as you win and make it to the end. Most trainers probably only take the time to practice with a single demon rather than spread the time out with multiple ones.

>Red Hood
You walk up to the woman in the red hood right as she begins to eat a drumstick...no wait, she just sort of shoves under her cloak. You still hear chewing though... She notices you standing over her.

???: What're you new here?
No. 891290 ID: 91ee5f

>You walk up to the woman in the red hood right as she begins to eat a drumstick...no wait, she just sort of shoves under her cloak. You still hear chewing though...
Her demon must be under her cloak.

>What're you new here?
“Yes. Hi, I’m Gallows. Do you have any advice for a new guy like me?”
No. 891291 ID: 166e1c

"What I... hum... Yes, I'm new here. I'm Gallows, this is Vol. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Trying to learn about demons, please share any advices, information or curiosities related. Those questions are practically sales-pitch script at this point.
No. 891292 ID: d3602f

Yeah. We're interested in studying demons, and when we heard about this place we figured the matches could give us a wealth of information.

Do you have a particular reason for entering? For fun? Cards? A closer relationship with your demon?
No. 891296 ID: dd1c79

Yeah we’re new. We’re just mostly interested in the various demons that people are bringing. There’s a lot of new ones we hvent seen before. Sorry, I’m Roland Conroy!
No. 891298 ID: b1b4f3

>hear her chewing
I bet that's not her chewing, but her demon. It's hiding under her cloak.
No. 891305 ID: eeb7d9

This, but Gallows. Something tells me that your last name might be known from your dad, and not in a good way. Might be wrong, but it is more of a hunch.
Speaking of dad, i we should ask someone if they recognise the name, try not to sound like you are related. You won't have time though, so do it later.
No. 891325 ID: 8a947d
File 153083735022.png - (214.40KB , 1212x826 , The Waiting Room 8.png )

YOU: I'm a new contestant, this is my first time entering the Devil's Duel. My name's Gallows, this is Vol. I'm a demonologist trying to gain more information on demons, that's why I entered this thing. While we're waiting I was wondering if there's anything about demons you could tell me?
???: No, I don't pay close attention to them.
YOU: ...Well, since I'm so new. Do you think there's anything about this tournament you could tell me?
???: No.
YOU:...Are you a new contestant too?
???: No, I just don't think telling competition things they need to know benefits me. it's better if you know less.
YOU: That makes sense, Can I ask why you jointed the Devil's Duel?
???: It's good practice.
No. 891331 ID: d3602f

Got a dangerous job than? Than again, the world is pretty dangerous these days so I guess it always helps to practice. Me and Vol went into a bunker once, and the place was infested by lacerflies. It was just an annoyance at first, but then we ran into some the size of a man! Had to blow the place up.

Demons... Everyone here must be really experienced in dealing with them. Funny, I've lived with a demon my entire life, but I'm starting to feel like I'm the least experienced when it comes to actually dealing with them. You guys sure are something else. I bet that old man's been doing this for decades. I hope I can manage a year at least. Vol tried to talk me out of it, but a quiet lifestyle just doesn't sit right with me I'm afraid.
No. 891339 ID: 91ee5f

.....is your demon shy? Is that why it’s hiding under your cloak?
No. 891340 ID: 8a947d
File 153084418481.png - (156.99KB , 1212x826 , The Waiting Room 9.png )

YOU: So you got a dangerous job? I guess since everywhere's so dangerous it helps to practice.
???: My job involves camping out in the wastelands for long stretches of time, so yeah it helps...My names Gwyn. Gallows right? You seem like you know the least about what's going on out of everyone here.
YOU: Definitely, Seems like everyone else here knows more about demons than me.
GWYN: Maybe, but most of them only know about a few. Mostly just the demon they work with, a lot of them feel like the more wild ones are too dangerous and unpredictable. You might know more than any of us...when it comes to demons anyway. The second the game starts you'll probably be confused, unsure what to do, and overwhelmed by the combination of trainers and demons working together against you...I'll probably go after you first y'know.

The doors at the far back of the room open. A woman holding a clipboard standing in front of a large demon. Her name tag says Julie.

JULIE: Hello everybody, The Devil's Duel is about to begin. Please line up and write down your name and how many demons you've brought with you. Any objects such as lethal weaponry must be handed over to my associate here.

She gestures to the large demon. Everybody lines up to write down their name. Naos stands behind you in line.

NAOS: I just want you to know I don't like being rude to new people I meet, but once the games start I won't be going easy on you because we're buds, Okay?
No. 891341 ID: e26fa5

I never felt such fear or raw character like her ever again, this is the type of character that would say "Then perish" to me when I die in a cold cavern like some wet hound.

I appreciate her, ask for her name.
No. 891342 ID: e26fa5

Damn me gently with a fucking knife, oh well, just go normally in the line and write down your name and the names of your demons, maybe even insert a wacky nickname there like "Hotel California" just in case. Don't wanna any snitches hearing your name there if you win and they annunciate you.
No. 891344 ID: d3602f

She just said her name was Gwyn. I was a bit off put by her at first, but I'm warming up. Even if she is going to go after us. Can't begrudge her for it, really.

If anything I'd be pretty damn disappointed if you went easy on us. I'm here for the data, not the prize money, so pull out every trick you can. Show us your full potential.
No. 891345 ID: b1b4f3

Go ahead bud.

Hey, new demon back there. Sketch it, see if you can ask about it.
No. 891347 ID: 166e1c

Does our flame thrower have a non-lethal mode? Ask Julie if you can bring it or not.
No. 891348 ID: 91ee5f

>Please line up and write down your name and how many demons you've brought with you.
Just write down “Gallows” and you brought 2 demons with you.

>Any objects such as lethal weaponry must be handed over to my associate here.
Hand over all of your lethal weapons to the demon. The rules state that you’ll get your stuff back, so don’t worry too much about.

Oh, wait! Tell Julie that you’ve got silver bullets and you don’t think it would be safe to give them to her demon.

>Sketch it, see if you can ask about it.
There’s no time for any of that! We’ll hold up the line if we try asking any questions!

Let’s save all of that for after the tournament.
No. 891349 ID: 91ee5f

I’m pretty sure that’s a “No, you can’t bring that.”
No. 891351 ID: d3602f

I'm sorry, I can't help but chuckle at this. I'm pretty sure there is no way to torch someone with minimal injury.
No. 891352 ID: e26fa5

Yeah, I know her name! My suggestion just went a bit too late!
No. 891355 ID: eeb7d9

>I won't be going easy on you because we're her buds, Okay?

Oh i wouldn't have it any other way, so come at me bro! I am fired up!
And good luck!

Hey should we go with Peaches or Vol?
No. 891357 ID: b1b4f3

...wait, do they have any wards or anything to keep badly-trained demons from mauling contestants?
No. 891358 ID: 8a947d
File 153085105377.png - (197.72KB , 1212x826 , Devils Duel.png )

There are safe guards in place for things like that.

YOU: I wouldn't have it any other way.

This gets an uproarious laugh out of Naos.

NAOS: You're my kind a guy Gallows, good luck.

You sign the page and hand the guns over to the demon. Vol tells you it's called a Roaming Gluttony, a demon that can store objects inside of it's stomach for years without them being destroyed or damaged. You take notes quickly and write a reminder to do more later.
No. 891359 ID: 8a947d
File 153085134755.png - (262.41KB , 1212x826 , Devils Duel 1.png )

As you exit out the door and emerge at the end of the hallway you are met with a large stadium full of people and demons cheering and clapping as you enter the arena. You're directed to stand on a short stone pedestal along with other contestants each on their own. The lights in the arena dim and a spotlight is centered on the center of the big ring in the middle. From the ground ripples like water form in the concrete of the ground, in a burst of water droplets a woman emerges from the concrete almost like she was swimming in it. Now that she's fully exposed you realize the woman is Ula from Dawnsprings.
No. 891361 ID: 8a947d
File 153085267992.png - (163.21KB , 1212x826 , Devils Duel 2.png )

ULA: Hello! Ladies, gentlemen, demons and demonesses! Welcome to this months Devil's Duel!

The crowd goes wild, the cheering and clapping is deafening.

ULA: Now we all know how these things work by now, but just in case there are some new faces in the contestants or in the crowds I will go over it especially for you!

Ula takes a small machine from here back pocket and tosses it on the ground, the machine creates a hologram. The same hologram is being transmitted in front of you and the people in the stands.

ULA: There will be three games for our lovely contestants to play! The first two are a mystery to everyone including me and the final one will be a more conventional tournament style battle royale! Now not everybody will be playing the same games. Each game will be host to a small group of duelers who will be fighting one another. Now you will be allowed only ONE demon in the game, however if you pass and make it to the next one you may enter a different demon if you have it. You cannot switch demons out mid game. It should go without saying, that nothing lethal will be allowed! or even possible! There are safeguards in place to keep serious casualties from happening!
ULA: Now let's look at what our contestants will be playing!

You look down at the glowing screen floating in front of you. The symbol shows a pair of flags with the subtitle "Flag Battle". Below the image, rules emerge.
Duelers and their demons will be fitted with flags, on these flags point values are assigned ranging from 5 to 50. Each contestants flag will read 10, but spread around the arena flags of varying values are planted. The Duelers will need to either steal flags from other contestants or collect them from the arena, the Dueler with the highest value in flags win and will move on.

Along with that a window showing you the "Terrain" pops up. You see a picture of a forest full of tall trees, the ground of this forest is covered in thorny vines. Looks like that's where you'll be fighting.

Who will you have fight in this game with you?

No. 891362 ID: 44b1bb

No. 891364 ID: d3602f

Peaches seems like he would be good here. Go invisible, surprise foes, run away, a tactic that Displacer Beasts are built for. His tendrils could also take flags while keeping us away. I just hope his lack of training won't come back to bite us too much.
No. 891365 ID: 91ee5f

I’m honestly not expecting us to make it past the first round on our first attempt, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try our best! Let’s give it everything we’ve got!

>Round 1: Flag Battle
>Who’s our partner for this?
Peaches because this looks like it would be perfect for him and his displacing ability!

>I just hope his lack of training won't come back to bite us too much.
Me too!
No. 891366 ID: 4cce9d

Best go with Peaches
No. 891367 ID: b1b4f3

Peaches. All we have to do is displace and grab flags, hoping nobody can see through the displacement.
No. 891369 ID: dbf422

Peaches. Even if he's not trained enough to steal flags, he'll naturally keep anyone from getting his own and that's good for us.

Not a big fan of Gwyn. Nothing against her tactics but she's too serious to be interesting to hang out with. Maybe she has a really cool job though.
No. 891372 ID: d3602f

We just met her, and she saw us as rivals who might try to take advantage of her. She also seems to have a very stressful and dangerous job. I can see her warming up to us if we spend enough time together. Question is, will we get the chance?
No. 891381 ID: dbf422

Ehhhh... We just met two other people who saw us as rivals but were also cool. I think she just might be stoic.
No. 891383 ID: 8a947d
File 153086523450.png - (153.90KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle.png )

You summon Peaches from his scroll. Vol wishes you luck and is escorted to a viewer's box. You are fitted with a flag that has the number 30 on it

I made a mistake in the explanation, contestant's flags read 30 not 10

You wonder exactly how you're going to get to an area like the one shown? How is there a forest that big anywhere in here? The pedestal beneath you begins to glow a bright red, a pillar of light engulfs and blinds you.
No. 891384 ID: 8a947d
File 153086557207.png - (193.81KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 1.png )

When your vision clears the area around you is completely different. You are standing on the stump of a cut tree in the middle of a forest, Ula's voice comes from the sky.

ULA: You will all have a half hour to collect as many flags as possible! Good luck contestants!

The game has abruptly started. You currently have 60 Points like everybody else between you and Peaches. Though there are other flags scattered in the forest you know for a fact the other contestants will all have at least 60 Points on them at the start. You need to think up a plan quick if you want to get to the next round.
No. 891385 ID: 9ed254

Huh, magic does wonders.
Ah well, may as well get a move on now. We don’t exactly have range but we do have abilities.
Just scout around and look for flags.
No. 891387 ID: 094652

Use the displacer ability to your advantage by creating a false trail, then teleport to a different spot to keep them off-track.
No. 891390 ID: 166e1c

Peaches was an excellent choice for this scenario, he provide mobility and disguise.

Bower gives him an advantage, but without a lethal weapon his offensive capacity should be laughable compared to what he can do. He is the kind of adversary that is worth eliminate quickly if you come across, charge you he begin to attack but avoid for as long as you can if there others foes to focus on.

I expect Gwyn to fulfill her promise of going after Gallows first, so he should be prepare to be ambushed. Since Gallows saw her feeding her demon under her cloak he can conclude that she will be caring that thing for the most time.

We forgot to check if Peaches illusion include Gallows. If it does we can move great distances riding Peaches while invisible and sending an illusion in the opposite direction. That would be ideal to locate flags and locate adversaries.
If Peaches illusion can't cover us we should move on foot with Peaches moving at our side with his image somewhere else around us. That way is someone attack Peaches's image they will miss and if the aim for Gallows there is a chance that Peaches's enormous body will get in the way.
No. 891393 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s start scouting around and looking for the flags that are hidden in the arena.

Hopefully, Peaches won't give you any trouble and will let you ride on his back. Although, it’s going to be a rough ride for you, since you’re not going to have a saddle to sit in.

>Bower gives him an advantage, but without a lethal weapon his offensive capacity should be laughable compared to what he can do.
What makes you think Otel is Bower’s only demon?

>We forgot to check if Peaches illusion include Gallows.
Read this: >>890804 . Roland says, “There's also a little thing you learn while trying to ride it. If Peaches wraps his tendrils around you while you're on his back he will displace you along with himself.”
No. 891395 ID: eeb7d9

All right, start looking flags, we can deal with other contestants later. If we happen to find one, follow him as stealthy as you can. If you get spotted, escape. They are going to follow you probably, so you can use this in your advantage. They might not even know what a displacer beast is, but don't count on it.
No. 891396 ID: 575ec0

No. 891409 ID: d3602f

Assuming Bower is using Otel, maybe we could actually team up. He can scout for flags, but he's slow without a mount and we don't know how good he is at fighting without his rifle. He's probably going to lose if he runs up against someone with a more offensive demon. It shouldn't be too hard to convince him to join us if we split the flags equally.

Of course, that's assuming he IS using Otel and not something else.
No. 891462 ID: 8a947d
File 153092868191.png - (302.55KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 2.png )

You get to looking for flags right away. You mount Peaches and he leaps across the tall tree branches. Ula's voice comes down from the sky once again.

ULA: This forest has been filled with actual tree's and plants from multiple environments of earth! Most of them you're better off avoiding! The forest floor is covered in tanglevines! If you fall down there you'll be stuck there for a long while and you'll lose ground real quick! So be careful.

You manage to come across a flag as you jump around, It's only a 5 point flag however.
No. 891475 ID: 8a947d
File 153092926912.png - (246.77KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 3.png )

Peaches seems to thrive in an environment instead of a desert or a mountain. The displacer beast uses it's tendrils to grab onto branches and tree trunks to swing from tree to tree. You manage to snatch another flag from a branch mid swing, it's a 10 pointer this time. You're at 75 points now, but you have no idea what the other contestants are at by now.
No. 891478 ID: 8a947d
File 153092962163.png - (322.32KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 4.png )

After a few more scouting you have trouble finding more flags. You try moving deeper into the forest. You stop at the sight of a giant tree stump in the middle of the forest, in the middle of that stump there is a pole full of flags. It's out in the open and anyone would see you go for it, but if you were caught by someone and they fought you on it the even ground would make the fight a lot easier. Peaches had a hard time maintaining a displacement illusion on the high uneven tree branches, so you might have a chance on the flatter stump to be a little more offensive.
No. 891481 ID: b1b4f3

Well, both offensive and defensive really since they won't be able to tell where you really are. But yeah, go for it. No guts no glory.
No. 891482 ID: e26fa5

Just go there and pick the flags, probally nobody is going to see you going there. There's no traps.
No. 891483 ID: 094652

You're lagging behind, time to risk it! Besides, your teleport should give you a temporary advantage for those three flags.
No. 891484 ID: d3602f

We'll need to be a bit more offensive if we want to win this.

But first break off a stick and throw it at the flags, this screams booby trap.
No. 891494 ID: 91ee5f

I can’t help but imagine how terrifying it would be for our opponents if we were riding on a Displacer Beast as big as the one we killed. Maybe Peaches will grow that big one day?

>Pole with a bunch of flags on it.
That seems suspicious. Either it was placed there by another contestant or it was already like that when the match started.

Too bad we don’t have any binoculars a telescope to see if we can spot a possible trap. Or to at least look at the point values on the flags to determine if going for them would be worth the risk.

>booby trap.
*insert immature giggling and/or commentary at the word “booby” here*
No. 891501 ID: 8a947d
File 153093508167.png - (204.11KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 5.png )

You take a rock and chuck it at the flag just in case, nothing happens.You aren't sure if that's enough to prove it isn't trapped but you can't keep waiting. Peaches displaces the both of you and you leap down onto the stump. The flag pole is driven deep withing the stump, you doubt it was set up by another dueler since there wasn't enough time. You cannot take the whole flagpole, so you pull the flags off of the pole. The first one you takes a 40 pointer.
No. 891503 ID: 8a947d
File 153093533741.png - (264.27KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 6.png )

Before you can take the other two a burst of bright light emerges from in front of you as if somebody tossed a flashbang at your feet! In shock Peaches rears back and throws you off on accident. As your vision clears you see a small demon grab one of the flags and quickly float away from the pole back into the trees.
No. 891504 ID: 8a947d
File 153093561514.png - (297.70KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 7.png )

You can't exactly make out the demon or the person, but you do see a similar odd red hat. Looks like you and Bower found the same flag pole.

BOWER: It's just a 10 point flag, who's that down there?
OTEL: It was that Gallows punk! He's riding a big cat demon thing! He's got more flags on him though!

From what you can see, Bower continues to climb up the trees and leap between the branches with precise skill. It'd only make sense for a sniper to be comfortable up in the high areas of the forest. He pulls something out of his pocket and aims at you. There's still a flag on the pole.
No. 891507 ID: b1b4f3

Tactical retreat. There are other flags to get.
No. 891508 ID: 094652

Have the displacer beast teleport into close range while you make a mad dash for the last flag!

Actually, set the last flag on fire so nobody gets it.
No. 891509 ID: e26fa5

Make a barrier so you can pick the last flags, simple and effective.

Try to keep your eyes safe, tho.
No. 891511 ID: d3602f

Hmm, maybe he doesn't need our help that much. I don't think going invisible is going to help us against this, but we're more combat based. Have Peaches chase after Bower to keep his attention while we untie a flag. If it looks like he's about to throw another flashbang, put a bandage over your eye. Hopefully it's thin enough to give us enough light to work while blocking out the worst of the flash.

We don't have any matches or lighters. Any method I can think of that would light the flag on fire would probably take longer than just removing the thing.
No. 891513 ID: eeb7d9

Go aggressive, we can't let him take the long range advantage!
No. 891516 ID: 91ee5f

>He pulls something out of his pocket and aims at you.
There’s no rule saying that we can’t use our magic!

If you can reach Bower with your Caesura, then form it around Bower at the exact moment he’s about to throw it so that he’s trapped inside the barrier with whatever he’s throwing so that it only hits him! While he’s stunned, grab the last flag on the pole and then run away!

But if you can’t reach Bower with your Caesura, then put it up in midair between you and him, so that whatever he throws will bounce off the barrier and fly away from you!
No. 891521 ID: 166e1c

Time to rush toward Bower. Not in a straight line, arch a little to the right so your illusion can mirror you to the left.
I bet a demon specialized in seeing things probable can detect us somehow, but in case they didn't though about it yet it's worth trying.
No. 891527 ID: dbf422

He's already aiming, and we're knocked down. Barrier first, figure out what he's got, then rush him. Keep an eye (heh) out for Oter though.
No. 891607 ID: 575ec0

Abandon that last flag. He can have it.
Have peaches grab you with one feeler and a nearby branch with another.
Get out of here!
No. 891717 ID: 8a947d
File 153108339985.png - (386.99KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 9.png )

Before you can be shot by Bower you put up a Caesura barrier, a small concussive blast smashes against the side of the bubble. You didn't have the time to reach the flag pole but you managed to protect yourself. Peaches displaces himself and rushes toward Bower without you.
No. 891718 ID: 8a947d
File 153108353150.png - (1.00MB , 1212x1653 , Flag Battle 8.png )

BOWER: This'd be easy if I had my gun.
OTEL: Don't worry 'bout a gun Bower! As long as you got me you can hit anything!

Bower takes aim again and fires at the edge of the stump.
No. 891720 ID: 8a947d
File 153108373407.png - (240.06KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 10.png )

Smoke envelopes the stumps surface. It isn't a choking smoker nor does it irritate your eye, You can even still see where Bower is shooting from so it seems like a pretty pointless cover. Despite that Peaches is confused by the smoke, not to mention his invisible form still displaces smoke making him easier to see in the smoke screen!
No. 891721 ID: 8a947d
File 153108421358.png - (172.40KB , 1212x826 , Flag Battle 12.png )

A second shit is fired from Bower's position. It's not an explosive or a flashbang, but the projectile explodes into a sticky foam around Peaches' legs sticking him to the ground unable to move. Bower takes aim at Peaches again. He's unable to move or dodge but he might be able to block it with his tendrils though you have no guarantee, you might have to cover Peaches yourself and free him. You can still rush Bower, but you'll have to find a way to get to his position without peaches or find some way to hit from where you are right now! Whatever you do you need to be fast...
No. 891728 ID: dbf422

What are the chances that Peaches would be able to whip you upwards with his tentacles?
No. 891729 ID: 91ee5f

>A second shit is fired from Bower's position. It's not an explosive or a flashbang, but the projectile explodes into a sticky foam around Peaches' legs sticking him to the ground unable to move.
Ewww, Bower is shooting poop at you?! That’s disgusting!

>What do?
How far can your Caesura reach? Since nothing can get in or out, you could put a barrier around Bower and when he fires, his projectile will hit the barrier and he’ll end up hitting himself!

Or you can put the barrier around his weapon and hope when he fires, it’ll mess up his weapon and make him unable to use it for the rest of the competition!

You could also take advantage of Bower’s enhanced sight. You’ve still got your flash light, right? If you shine it at him while Otel is connected to him like that, you’ll end up blinding both of them and that’ll make Bower miss his shot!
No. 891739 ID: dfa6a7

Put a barrier to defend peaches the have him slingshot you, giving bower a flying kick to the face.
No. 891748 ID: 575ec0

Unsummon peaches and shield. Then Resummon. The goo shouldn't come ith him.
No. 891750 ID: eeb7d9

Can we do that?
Is that even legal?
No. 891754 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t think there’s a rule against it. Which works for us, since Bower is aiming at Peaches instead of Gallows, which will mean Bower’s attack will miss.
No. 891778 ID: dbf422

There we go, that's a good suggestion.
No. 891809 ID: 8a947d
File 153113157762.png - (668.38KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 13.png )

You run for Peaches and shield him, another explosive blast hits your barrier. You bring up your binding scroll unsummoning and summoning Peaches quickly to free him from the glue on his legs.
No. 891810 ID: 8a947d
File 153113167594.png - (248.70KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 14.png )

>Have Peaches throw you.
Even though you'd like to close the gap between you and Bower you feel like throwing yourself over the floor or tanglevines and through the tall tree's would be dangerous and ineffective...
No. 891811 ID: 8a947d
File 153113172020.png - (348.84KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 15.png )

Peaches however does not feel this way.
No. 891812 ID: 8a947d
File 153113190361.png - (488.91KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 16.png )

You instinctively create a small barrier to protect yourself from hitting a tree or getting shot by Bower, however you end up hitting Bower and Otel sending the two flying from their vantage point and deeper into the forest of trees and out of your sight.
No. 891814 ID: 8a947d
File 153113269845.png - (184.90KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 17.png )

You grab hold of the branch and notice that Otel's 30 point flag and the 10 point flag from earlier were dropped. You're really not a fan of being used as live ammo, but as long as it works you can't complain. Now that your encounter with Bower is over Peaches comes up to the tree to regroup with you, the flag still on the stump is a 20 pointer, you now have 175 points.
No. 891819 ID: f69a82

Peaches MVP
No. 891822 ID: 91ee5f

>explosive shot
How is that non-lethal?! Those better be really weak explosives if he’s using them!

Wait, I thought you could only form a barrier if you were stationary. Does this mean that you just figured out a new way to use it?

Also, let this be a reminder that you choosing to get a Demon's Mark instead of learning Demonic Music was a good idea because there’s no way you could’ve done that with your violin!

Hey, even though you didn’t like it, Peaches’ quick thinking allowed you to end the fight and steal some of Bower’s flags! You should at least praise Peaches by saying, “Good boy!” or “That was a good idea!” or something along those lines, while you’re also giving him head pats! That way he’ll know you’re not mad at him and he’ll be encouraged to keep doing his best!

>What do?
Let’s get going and do what we were doing before: Look around for flags in the environment and try to avoid the other contestants. Only fight them when you need to.
No. 891825 ID: e26fa5

I want to call this hability of Pinball wizard now, ok?
No. 891827 ID: eeb7d9

Caesura cannonball? Niiice.

I am very split between reprimanding Peaches or just give him belly rubs. It was both great and dangerous.
Maybe he is smarter that he looks.
No. 891828 ID: eeb7d9

Hey, i just thought of something.
Could it be that Roland is kind of linked with Peaches?
They both thought of the same idea. If it was coincidience then Peaches does have some rarional thinking, for some extent.
But maybe there is some kind of bond created between a person and the demon they train. Kinda like pokemon?
(hope not because i don't like pokemon. yeah, you can hang me on a pole now)
No. 891829 ID: d3602f

I think Peaches just got frustrated, and wanted to get rid of Bower any way he could, not caring if Gallows got hurt.

Luckily, it all worked out pretty well in the end. Let's go and find more flags.
No. 891873 ID: dbf422

Beautiful fastball special. Give Peaches the pet of his life and a few seconds for you both to rest.
No. 891897 ID: 8a947d
File 153118854944.png - (447.46KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 18.png )

You give Peaches a little pet, but don't praise him that much. You don't want Peaches getting used to the idea of tossing you around whenever he get's frustrated at an enemy, you're not sure that'll work every single time. You mount up and continue to search for flags. You don't find many, but on the ground you start to see a few more protruding arms and legs of fallen contestants all of whom are missing their flags. After a little searching you come across another flag pole with two 20 pointers that bring you to 215 Points. From the branch you take these flags from you look down and see something...
No. 891898 ID: 8a947d
File 153118888460.png - (527.64KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 19.png )

A person stands on a rock overlooking a freshly defeated contestant caught in the tangle vines. It's the woman in the red mask from the waiting room, she ties a few newly acquired flag to her wrist adding to her large collection that might not even be all she has if her demon's carrying any. You notice she seems to not notice a few flags fall from her person and onto the rock below, if she were to leave and leave them behind you could take them. Of course if she's managed to take all of those from other contestants getting caught could mean trouble for you if you're caught.
No. 891903 ID: d3602f

Yeah, no. That's kind of scary, even for a competition that avoids injuring contestants. At least we're more likely to win, seeing as she's taken out so much of the competition.
No. 891905 ID: 5fa661

Try and pop a shield over her that leaves as much of that arm as possible outside so you can grab the flags. Approach cautiously in displacement.
No. 891906 ID: b1b4f3

Evade. Come back later.
No. 891908 ID: e26fa5

Wrap a ten or twenty points flag to your shoe and throw it in the vines to distract her and then go for the points. Also try to save that contestant in the vines.
No. 891909 ID: 575ec0

Flags seem to be getting scarce. Competition s dwindling, and she's ahead of you in score. Possibly very ahead.
If you want to win, you need to defeat her.

Dive into the tangle vine behind her while shielded as to not get tangled. Then Displace, leap up, and swat her from the rock.
No. 891910 ID: d3602f

Wait, I've read over the rules again and now I realize there can only be one winner, no second place. I don't think we can beat her with her current score if we let her walk away.

This seems like the best idea we have, try to grab it with Peach's tentacle. Don't try to fight, get the flags and get out.

I thought this may have been a bad idea at first, but looking closer we could use some help against her and split the flags. But do we have the time to do it?
No. 891913 ID: 91ee5f

There is a reason that she’s currently standing out in the open like that: She’s the distraction. Her demon must be hiding somewhere nearby, waiting for anyone dumb enough to take the bait and try to attack her!

>You notice she seems to not notice a few flags fall from her person and onto the rock below
That’s even more bait for the trap! Either that or she knows she can afford to leave a few flags behind with the amount of points she has. Or she’s only keeping the high value flags and she’s throwing away the flags with small amounts on them.

The point is: Look before you leap! Look around to see if you can spot her demon. And make sure you look behind yourself to make sure it’s not sneaking up on you!
No. 891929 ID: 8a947d
File 153120426024.png - (351.89KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 20.png )

You send Peaches down to the woman to try and grab the dropped flags while you stay in the tree on the look out for the demon she brought with her. He displaces him self and manages to sweep up the flags quietly without her noticing. All together they add up to 50, you doubt she dropped them because she felt she could afford to and maybe she simply dropped them while fighting with the defeated contestant. You keep watch all around you but don't see any sign of a demon anywhere...
No. 891931 ID: 8a947d
File 153120446565.png - (244.29KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 21.png )

You check behind you quickly and see nothing, you turn back and keep checking the rest of the surroundings. The woman, pulls out what looks like a watch and checks the time. She's checking how much time she has left in the match. Before peaches can regroup with you once again you hear something approaching fast from behind you.
No. 891933 ID: f3ba9e

No. 891934 ID: d3602f

Make a barrier.
No. 891935 ID: 5fa661

No. 891942 ID: 91ee5f

Make a barrier!

Because of how close it is, I doubt the barrier will prevent it from hitting us. But hopefully, it’ll either be trapped in the barrier with us or it’ll be trapped in the barrier’s walls to prevent it from moving.
No. 891948 ID: 166e1c

No. 891958 ID: dbf422

Drop to a hanging position!
No. 891965 ID: 830fb7

Do your Demonic Binding Scrolls work on other peoples demons because you could always capture and release it off an edge.
No. 891976 ID: eeb7d9

Shield yourself!
Then start running, we don't want to fight that woman and whoever this thing on your back is.
No. 892003 ID: 8a947d
File 153125251108.png - (223.09KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 22.png )


You duck quickly to avoid the attack while at the same time creating a barrier to catch the punch of the attacking demon.

DELPHI: Hi Gallows! My name's Delphi, Rascal told me a lot about you! She said you were an annoying newbie that couldn't keep his mouth shut but you seem pretty nice to me! Is it true you want to study demons? Have you ever seen a Hobgoblin before? That's what I am! We're sorta like Goblins but we have TWO eyes instead of none! That's basically it, there's no other difference. I guess sometimes Hobgoblins are a bit bigger but-

She keeps going like that for a while. It's odd to hear a demon talk so much...
No. 892005 ID: 8a947d
File 153125329835.png - (398.72KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 23.png )

The woman, who's name apparently is Rascal, hears the commotion and turns around to see her flags floating in mid air. She's quick to deal with Peaches she punches him in the nose and grabs the 30 flag off of his neck, next she grabs hold of his tendril and pulls the rest of them from him. She dodges past Peaches and lands on the side of his ribs knocking him off balancing and winding him, he doesn't fall off of the rock but he is stunned a little. You're down from 265 Points to 185.

Rascal's looks up to see Delphi caught in your shield , she starts heading in your direction.

DELPHI: Oooh! You're in trouble now! You're real lucky we can't seriously hurt people or things'd get REAL bad for you! Rascal's a monster when she's fighting! I remember this one time we-

it looks like Rascal is in the lead, with the amount of flags she has, you aren't sure if you can catch up from scrounging up flags from the forest, you aren't even sure how many people are left. The odd's of you beating her seem low, but if you want to win then you'll probably need to try to take her flags. What's your next course of action?
No. 892010 ID: f69a82

(What equipment, skills, and magic do we have access to? I’m a little confuzzled on what we brought.)
No. 892011 ID: f69a82

Heck, I guess we can pull a tacticool retreat and regroup with Peaches as we leave Delphi in the shield. Although I would be careful of Delphi’s apparent stretchiness.
No. 892012 ID: b1b4f3

Keep Delphi occupied while Peaches deals with Rascal. Remember, we rated Displacer Beasts at a high rating because they have very tough hide and are hard to keep track of. Peaches should be able to handle this. I'm not sure you'd be much use in that fight anyway.

Also Delphi is giving you some great info, which is the reason you came here.
No. 892014 ID: 91ee5f

Keep listening to Delphi ramble on about Rascal. She’s so talkative, she might accidentally say something about a weakness that Rascal might have.

We can’t leave the shield without dropping it. Vol told us nothing can go in or out while the barrier is up.

Yeah, let Peaches handle this.

Rascal only managed to hit him because she could see the flags. Now that he’s not holding anything, he can sneak up on her.
No. 892015 ID: d3602f

I find it funny that Rascal finds us annoying for speaking too much, and yet Delphi is a huge chatterbox. I'd love to speak with her some more after the tournament, sounds like she has a lot to say.

So, since she's caught in our shield, how about we fall into that pit taking her with us? She's still outside, so she will get ensnared by the vines quickly. With our protection we should have enough time for Peach's to pull us back to safety.
No. 892017 ID: eeb7d9

Let's use that loose mouth to our advantage. Ask Delphi something about Rascal that could be useful to us.
We can't depend on Peaches right now, they are stunned.
No. 892027 ID: 8a947d
File 153126634432.png - (295.64KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 24.png )

You have Peaches and your Caesura ability. You also have a flashlight since it isn't a weapon, but your shotgun, flamethrower, and hatchet have been taken from you

>Have Peaches attack
Peaches is still recovering from the attacks from Rascal, He's unable to do anything at the moment!

>Ask Delphi something about Rascal that could be useful to us.
DELPHI: And then we went to get a drink at a bar, but I didn't get anything because I wasn't thirsty, I got a pretzel but I didn't eat because it was really salty and Rascal got mad because she said I 'wasted cards and food' which I guess was true but-

Delphi has absolutely nothing useful to say and she does not respond to any question you ask too wrapped up in explaining her story.

You rock your Caesura barrier over the branch and sending it down into the tangle vines below to try and trap Delphi, Delphi however stretches her right arm up to grab the remaining stump of a branch to avoid falling, leaving you as a dangling target for Rascal.
No. 892028 ID: 8a947d
File 153126697896.png - (549.76KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 25.png )

Rascal leaps toward you crackling with what you recognize as demonic energy, it collects up her body and focuses toward her fist as she rockets toward you. Her punch infused with that magic shatters your barrier freeing Delphi, sending you flying, and allowing Rascal to take three flags from you as she passes: a 40, a 30, and a 10 point flag leaving you now at 105 points.

Luckily Peaches recovers from his pain and grabs you out of the air with his tendril before you fall into the tangle vines. You and Rascal have basically swapped places now, as she reconvenes with Delphi you realize she could probably ignore you and still win while defeating her is probably your best bet now that so many of your flags have been stolen. Another issue you face is your lack of any directly offensive abilities, you could possibly have Peaches throw you in your barrier again, but after Rascal broke your barrier with a single punch you aren't sure that's such a smart idea. There has to be some other way to use your Caesura to be more offensive right? or someway to make it tougher to act better as a shield.

>Find a way to make Caesura more offensive?
>Find a way to make Caesura more defensive?
No. 892030 ID: e26fa5

Offensive, the more mobile we get, the closer we can make Caesura the ultimate hamster ball that everyone ever saw.
No. 892032 ID: eeb7d9

More agressive. It will always end up breaking at some point or another, so it would be better to make it moreworth while and have the chance to attack with it, or at least make it movile.
Staying still too long is bad. We can't be a tortois, we have to be an armadillo or an hedgehog.
No. 892039 ID: b1b4f3

Sorry what? Did we get sent flying OR did we get flags stolen because both can't happen at the same time.
No. 892042 ID: d3602f

Offense, we can't hide behind our shield forever and eventually we're going to have to fight back. Even if she couldn't break our shield, we'd still probably be at a loss of what to do.

Our barrier was the only thing keeping us up. She pierced through our barrier and quickly grabbed some flags, leaving us to fall.
No. 892045 ID: dfa6a7

Go for offense we’re gonna pinball this bitch.
No. 892048 ID: 91ee5f

>but after Rascal broke your barrier with a single punch
I mean, you could try trapping her where she can’t move her arms.

>Find a way to make Caesura more offensive or defensive?
To keep up the musical theme, I want to say that offensive should be called Caesura Sharp and defensive should be named Caesura Flat because Sharp sounds offensive and Flat sounds defensive.

.....oh, right, uh, I choose find a way to make Caesura more offensive!
No. 892050 ID: f3ba9e

Defense would be better in the long run.
No. 892059 ID: d3602f

I wouldn't say that. Most of our good weapons have ammo, and using the hatchet puts us in close quarters with our enemy which could be risky. I think of this as getting a weapon that we can use without worrying about ammo, and we won't have to worry about losing our protection.
No. 892060 ID: 8a947d
File 153128101329.png - (349.39KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 26.png )

>Offense, Mobility

You get an idea, You form a Caesura in your hand and toy with it for a little. You manage to shift the size of the Caesura while it's in your hand. You place a small Caesura low to the ground and leap on top of it, then you jump off right as you expand the bubble to the largest size you can as quickly as you can launching you off of the top of it into the air.
No. 892062 ID: 8a947d
File 153128122889.png - (676.71KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 27.png )

You continue to create barriers mid air to leap off of and climb higher into the air quicker. You can only create a single Caesura barrier at a time so you have to quickly get rid of previous ones while still creating new ones in front of you.

Rascal looks over to see you heading straight for her, she readies a punch as you get closer...
No. 892063 ID: dbf422

We're a scholar. We fight because what we research is lethal.

Defensive. I don't mind too much though.
No. 892064 ID: f69a82

Too late m8
No. 892065 ID: 8a947d
File 153128139327.png - (434.56KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 28.png )

With your new trick you create a Caesura to redirect yourself lower. Her punch misses and you create a small barrier, aim it towards her, and grow it larger fast to knock her back and off of the branch. Two of her flags fly off, a 40 and a 10 pointer which you grab bringing you back up to 155 Points. Still not a lot but better than before.
No. 892066 ID: 8a947d
File 153128149294.png - (385.40KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 29.png )

Delphi quickly grabs Rascal and hooks a tree behind the two of them sending Rascal flying back at you with another Tectonic Slam readied to hit you.
No. 892067 ID: f69a82

Oh feck, uh, use the Caesura to quickly move out of the way.
No. 892068 ID: f3ba9e

Jump and use a barrier to push her down.
No. 892069 ID: e26fa5

She can't change direction mid-hair! Use the caesura to bonk away from the attack, making sure the hobgoblin try nothing bad!
No. 892070 ID: e26fa5

Mid-air, damn.
No. 892071 ID: d3602f

Still safer than the hatchet, and it should help us flee if we're in trouble. It also kind of makes me think of the musical notes on a staff, which I find amusing.

I bet that slam, while incredibly fast, is not that good in terms of maneuverability. Make a barrier and jump over her, then if you have the time hit her straight down with with another.
No. 892073 ID: ff0134

Yeah, caesura isn’t going to be tough enough to withstand this, dodge behind the tree so that you got several feet of wood between you and her... also bring up the barrier just in case she goes through.
No. 892075 ID: 91ee5f

She’s pissed!


And watch out for Delphi attempting to grab you!
No. 892076 ID: eeb7d9

I was thinking the same thing, dodge and hit, hit and dodge!
You are the ricochet bullet!
No. 892099 ID: dbf422

Damn. Way too late considering all the drawings and writing. Teach me for being distracted.

Good plan. Aim towards a tree though.
No. 892142 ID: 8a947d
File 153130672219.png - (370.92KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 30.png )

You create a Caesura barrier to leap over Rascal as she flies toward you and prepare yourself to come crashing down on top of her. You can't send yourself down with a second Caesura while you already have one in your hand, So instead you send the Caesura flying down at Rascal fast...
No. 892143 ID: 8a947d
File 153130687704.png - (427.46KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 31.png )

You feel something odd happen to your Caesura but don't have time to pay attention to it, the barrier smashes against Rascal sending her into the tangle vines below and the flags from her body fly into the air. Luckily, before they fall into the underbrush of vines Peaches sweeps them up with his tentacles.
No. 892144 ID: 8a947d
File 153130725565.png - (603.43KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 32.png )

You look down at Rascal caught in the vines, she's violently thrashing and cursing as she fights against them restraining her to the ground. She's not very hurt from your attack, and if the vines weren't there she'd no doubt be ready and raring to retaliate against you. You're very lucky this isn't a real fight.
You meet back up with Peaches and he hands over the flags he caught. When you count them up you realize there are only around 130 Points worth of flags there. You swore she had more! There isn't even a single 50 Pointer among them and you know you saw 50's on her arm in the beginning. All together this gives you 285 Which is good, but there's definitely more somewhere and they aren't on Rascal.
No. 892146 ID: ad51b8

whelp, time to move on then and find some more flags. Be careful of that hobgoblin that still might be lingering around as I wouldn't be surprised if she hounds you to try and sneak away some flags while you're not looking.

Also wonder what Vol's reaction was when he saw what gallows did with his shields? Wonder if he'll try that trick himself?
No. 892147 ID: f69a82

No. 892149 ID: 830fb7

Where is Delphi they could have the flags as a fall-back plan for if Rascal is defeated.
No. 892151 ID: ee2d6e

Well, get your book out and start interviewing Delphi
No. 892164 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, it seams that your ability is growing, but is not powerfull enough just yet, but is a great progress!
Now, about those flags...
Maybe Delphi has somehow managed to grab some of them, or there is someone else there. We have to move.
No. 892166 ID: 91ee5f

>Caesura Sharp
Yay! Heretic used my naming idea!

>You look down at Rascal caught in the vines, she's violently thrashing and cursing as she fights against them restraining her to the ground. She's not very hurt from your attack, and if the vines weren't there she'd no doubt be ready and raring to retaliate against you. You're very lucky this isn't a real fight.
She must be very pissed off that the “annoying newbie that couldn't keep his mouth shut” just beat her! Be prepared for her to possibly attack you after the tournament!

>not all the flags
Are you sure Peaches got them all? Maybe Delphi grabbed a few of them?

Speaking of which, you should probably throw her into the vines also. Just in case she could actually free Rascal and/or she shoves you into the vines!
No. 892168 ID: 91ee5f

>is someone else there

I can only think of Arthur and his invisible nose flicking demon or it could be Gwyn and her unknown demon under her cloak.
No. 892170 ID: 575ec0

Someone else might have a displacer beast. Any unusual shadows?
No. 892178 ID: d3602f

We need to get Delphi and see if she has any flags.
No. 892203 ID: b1b4f3

Hunt smol demon.
No. 892210 ID: dbf422

Delphi grabbed the flags before she Fastball Special'd Rascal! Now where is that rascally Delphi...

Arms like hers she's in the trees. Send peaches around and keep moving yourself.
No. 892216 ID: 8a947d
File 153135150969.png - (492.32KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 33.png )

You prepare to send Peaches out to look for Delphi, but soon find it's unnecessary. You see she's still clinging to the she threw Rascal from. She calls down to you in a mocking tone.

DELPHI: Looking for these? Even with all of the flags you've taken from Rascal I'm sure I still have more than you! Uh oh! How unfortunate~
RASCAL: Delphi! Shut up and run away!
DELPHI: That wouldn't be as fun Rascal, you of all people should know running away is BORING~! A crowd of people is watching us and I want to make this fun for them. Also! from the look of it my new friend Gallows learned something new! Your face may be all wrapped up but I can still tell you were surprised by what you did! Besides, I don't know if I still have time to find flags and I see a nice 200 points right in front of me! Lots and lots a good reasons for me to stay here!

Delphi uses her stretchy arms to sling shot herself around the tree's surrounding you.

DELPHI: Make this fight fun for me Gally Wally~! Rascal's been hogging all of the good brawls to herself.
RASCAL: Goddammit Delphi!
No. 892218 ID: 575ec0

Talk to her. Tell a short story that she can follow up with something. This Demon talks too much and talking takes a attention. Slowly close distance until you can trap part of her in a barrier.
No. 892219 ID: d3602f

It's Gally Pally to you!

From what we've seen of her so far, it seems like slingshotting is her main method of attack. She'll probably try to wear us down with constant movement. Let's Displace with Peach's and try to lock her completely in a Caesura with us, then we can sick him on her.

Or, maybe just get the hand holding the flags, and escape with a displacement. Either works.
No. 892224 ID: b1b4f3

Peaches should ambush her, then you can capture her with a shield and take those flags.
No. 892230 ID: 91ee5f

If you’re gonna try and trap her with Caesura, then don’t aim for her body, she’ll be too mobile to hit!

Instead, aim for whichever hand/arm she’s currently using to swing from a tree! That’s the one part of her body that’s going to be stationary the entire time she’s in the middle of a swing!
No. 892232 ID: 91ee5f

Also, distract Delphi with conversation by asking, “So how pissed off do you think Rascal is, now that a new guy that’s never played before just knocked her into the tanglevines?”
No. 892240 ID: 8a947d
File 153136144056.png - (553.72KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 34.png )

You shout up at Delphi.

YOU: So...D'ya think Rascal's upset she got beat be a loud ass newbie?

This question elicits a loud growl from Rascal still stuck in the vines behind you.

DELPHI: Oh she's definitely pissed! She isn't always this way, but since we're mid competition she's really on edge! But I really hope we can hang out more outside of this because she's really nice any other time and-

Delphi continues to move around but is noticeably slowed down as she talks. You mount Peaches and displace. The illusion attacks Delphi from the front. She punches the illusion and realizes that you've approached her from the side and caught her off guard as Peaches climbs the surrounding trees to reach her...
No. 892241 ID: 8a947d
File 153136149308.png - (439.86KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 35.png )

She swings her outstretched arm around to hit you but you catch her arm in a Caesura barrier. She quickly swings forward and kicks off of Peaches' head to gain distance and then grabs a nearby tree as she flies back...
No. 892242 ID: 8a947d
File 153136150410.png - (298.33KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 36.png )

She quickly slingshots forward and delivers a headbutt square to Peaches' forehead dazing him and causing him to sway back and forward. The jolt from the headbutt breaks your concentration and free's Delphi from your Caesura, she leaps away shakily and Peaches falls down from the tree branches. You manage to catch hold of a tree branch to avoid hitting the vines below but Peaches still falls and get's tangled in the underbrush. He's stuck like Rascal now.

Delphi swings up to a higher tree branch holding her head in pain. Much like Peaches she's dazed but not as badly has he was.

DELPHI: OoOoh... Y-you caught me rambling didn't ya!... Owie...
No. 892248 ID: eeb7d9

"I mean... we are kind of fighting. I'll have to admit tho, that was a nice move there. I bet Rascal taught you that. She is good at fighting right?"
We could try to help Peaches again, using our binding scroll and avoiding the vines with a big Ceasura. Or we could try to go stright to Delphi.
No. 892250 ID: b1b4f3

Gonna have to make a note in the book that Displacer Beasts are not as resistant to impacts as they are to bullets.

Definitely try to use the binding scroll trick to free Peaches. Keep a shield up while doing so, so that Delphi can't ambush you.
Why not try to attack again, but don't displace this time? Or displace just a little bit so that an attack against you will miss.
No. 892256 ID: 91ee5f

Next time she tries that, release the arm you caught so that her aim gets thrown off. (It’ll look kinda like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RM6EfhLVz48 )

Or you could just quickly expand the barrier so that the edge of it would be in between you and her.

>Peaches still falls and get's tangled in the underbrush. He's stuck like Rascal now.
No, he’s not. You can get him out by unsummoning and resummoning him.

The question is: Will you get a chance to do it?
No. 892257 ID: b58adc

Since Delphi is moving around too much to trap in a Caesura, create as big a one as we can around her to make sure we trap her and then shrink it down to restrain Delphi before shrinking it enough to incapacitate her.
If Delphi breaks the Caesura try and throw up a slightly larger one as quickly as possible and resume shrinking.

Yeah, Displacer Beast's durability seems to be more due to a very tough hide preventing cutting and piercing, but their skin would still transfer blunt force.
No. 892261 ID: 094652

I have an idea for a new skill: charge in with a shield up, then have Peaches teleport you out without dispelling the shield, which bashes whatever direction you were going in.

Or just catch something in a large shield and shrink it while you throw a punch, for extra melee damage.
No. 892262 ID: bddb0f

>caught me rambling

Unashamedly admit to it, and continue to show interest in her while you brawl and try to get her in a position for a capture. Lose or win, at least make a friend.

"Haha, yeah I kinda did, sorry about the head trauma, but that one was kind of on you as well. There are worse flaws than being talkative, though - isn't it something that could be a strength, too? I mean, since you offered, I'd be happy to meet up with you and Rascal after the match, introduce you to my own talking demon buddy, maybe play some violin for ya. I want to be a demon scholar, so getting to talk to you guys is real interesting for me. What kind of music do you like, by the way?"
No. 892264 ID: 91ee5f

It’s not a teleport! Peaches can’t teleport!
No. 892265 ID: d3602f

Peaches doesn't teleport, he just turns invisible while leaving an illusion. We also can only create one barrier at a time. It would help to hit them dead on, but that's it.

You think Vol would get angry if we distracted her by telling her that we have an imp friend who might be interested in a date?
No. 892279 ID: dbf422

Sorry but you're just so interesting! And this fight is probably the most fun I've ever had. Can't help but want to know more. We'll definitely have to hang out later.

Shoot upwards, well past her, and keep out of her field of view.
No. 892282 ID: 91ee5f

>You think Vol would get angry if we distracted her by telling her that we have an imp friend who might be interested in a date?
I’d be more afraid of Rascal getting pissed at us!

Because if Delphi believes us, but then finds out it was a lie, Rascal would come beat the shit outta us for getting Delphi’s hopes up and then crushing them!
No. 892305 ID: 8a947d
File 153138241183.png - (491.61KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 37.png )

YOU: Yeah...I sorta did didn't I? Sorry bout that. I'll have to admit tho, that was a nice move there. I bet Rascal taught you that. She is good at fighting right?
DELPHI: Yeah she's the best! Course' that doesn't mean she taught me everything! In fact a lot of her fighting moves I taught her for example-

While Delphi talks again you lower yourself down the brambles to unsummon Peaches. You capture him successfully but as you do Delphi bounces from a nearby tree and snags three flags off of you!

DELPHI: I might be chatty but I'm not an airhead!...Well not all of the time, Anyway! Distracting me won't work twice! Besides, I can wait to talk after the game! Right Rascal?

Rascal is too far away to be heard but you do hear her screaming in anger. Delphi took a 40, a 15, and a 30 flag off of you leaving you at 200 points. She now stands on a tree above you tying the newly caught flags to her arm. By now you're surely running out of time to get the flags back.
No. 892306 ID: f69a82

Peaches out, barrier all around Delphi, (non-existent) ‘guns’ out, use your flashlight for both beating and blinding.
No. 892310 ID: e26fa5

Seconding, getting near her and trapping her in a barrier is the priority. Mainly with her arms out.
No. 892315 ID: dbf422

Also, have Peaches displace as he gets close, but not move out of the way. Delphi doesn't get tricked twice right? So she'll expect Peaches to try to get around her again while invisible, but he'll attack head-on.
No. 892329 ID: eeb7d9

Deadly combination!
No. 892331 ID: 91ee5f

She has to stop moving in order to tie those flags onto her arms!

Now might be the best time to get her!
No. 892344 ID: 91ee5f

I just thought of something. If we caught Delphi’s arm again, how effective would it be for us to use her like a paddle ball: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paddle_ball ?

Her body is the ball, her arm is the rubber band, and our Caesura is the paddle. We can just repeatedly expand and contract the Caesura to bounce Delphi around. If she starts dropping flags, then have Peaches collect them while we keep bouncing Delphi around.

After we’ve gotten all of her flags, we can just bounce her into the vines right next to or on top of Rascal.
No. 892357 ID: 979ef4

Hilarious, but first we need to catch.
No. 892376 ID: d3602f

This. We could fool her into thinking us far away, but before she can throw a punch she'll be flying straight into a C. Sharp.
No. 892427 ID: 05ff2f

Hm... Would using the binding scroll on Delphi work? After Peaches vacates it, of course. Is she small or weak enough to be caught in it? Even if she could only be held for a bit before escaping that'd be a big tactical advantage. She could be released where she'd be either trapped in a Caesura bubble, dumped into the tanglevines or pinned by Peaches. And even if she could resist being captured, it may distract or disorient her for a vital moment, giving the upper hand to Gallows.

Gallows, if you get the opportunity, use the Demonic Binding Scroll on Delphi.
No. 892433 ID: 91ee5f

If you want to try that, then we could use one of the 3 empty ones instead of the one Peaches is in, since we made 4 of them.
No. 892509 ID: dbf422

I mean don't? Trying to bind a sapient demon is grey enough without them being someone we've tried to make friends with, and on top of that, during a game. This isn't life or death.
No. 892516 ID: d3602f

While I'm not sure how well it will work strategically, it seems pretty morally reasonable to me. The worst it does is temporarily calm down demons so that they won't attack you. Heck, since she's intelligent and doesn't seem particularly aggressive in the emotional sense, I don't think it would do even that.
No. 892525 ID: dbf422

Forcing people to calm down against their will with magic is pretty bad. That's messing with their minds. Even if it did nothing, trying to effectively mind control her isn't cool.

But more than that, binding scrolls also, you know, bind demons. So we'd have total control over whether she could be free or not. Even temporarily that's a crazy thing to do to win a game. You don't enslave your friends to win hide and seek. I'm sure there are situations where this might be the best choice, but this is very much not one.
No. 892533 ID: d3602f

Saying that is hypnosis is like saying I'm hypnotizing my guests by filling my house with lavender or vanilla to calm them down. It is TEMPORARY, and seems to only effect aggression. She will not be any less chatty, she won't suddenly hate Rascal, she won't prefer us to her. A demon can easily leave after we capture it, and they do not have to listen to us. Peaches listens to us because we fed him, and even then it took some convincing to let us ride on him.

It's akin to injecting her with a calming drug. It certainly isn't polite, but neither is trying to deck her in the face, and I'm pretty sure no one has any moral hangups if we end up doing just that.
No. 892540 ID: dbf422

Like, this is an argument about consent. She consented to fight with us she didn't consent to getting "drugged" and captured.
Temporarily or otherwise. We can lose this fight and that's okay. We don't need desperate measures shit right now.

Any plan that you have to convince people that it isn't mind control and enslavement is not as moral as you think it is.

And we can summon and unsummon Peaches at a whim, which means his freedom is determined by us. I dunno how that would effect a sapient demon but you gotta think about these things.
No. 892541 ID: dbf422

Anyway sorry for arguing here, I'm stopping.
No. 892563 ID: eb438d

We can only summon and unsummon Peaches because we have reusable binding scrolls now.

They’re not like poke balls where they key to a demon once we capture them and work better on that demon. They work the same way on a demon every time, reusable ones just don’t break when they’re let out so it’s more economical to use them.
No. 892608 ID: dbf422

Where do they go when unsummoned? Back to Demonland? How is it not keyed to a specific demon if we resummon Peaches every time? Maybe the single use scrolls weren't pokeballs but the new ones seem to act like it. At least while unsummoning and resummoning.

I'll admit that I am most likely to be wrong about this part if any considering that I have no idea how it works, but those points seem valid enough.
No. 892612 ID: d3602f

They go into the parchment. Then, after we put them into the parchment we can take them out of the parchment. It is like a bag that can hold demons. It can only fit one at a time, but it doesn't care about what demons have been in it previously. The reason why we can capture Peaches so easily is because he trusts us now, and so far the other options were "stay stuck in a bunch of gunk" and "be buried underneath tons of vines".
No. 892621 ID: dbf422

Alright, thanks. I still don't like the implications but that makes it seem better.
No. 892650 ID: 8a947d
File 153152911917.png - (294.03KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 38.png )

>Demonic Scroll on Delphi
Ignoring the moral implications of binding a sapient demon who you're trying to be friendly to. Delphi is currently not weakened enough to be bound and you aren't even sure how well a demon with such high intelligence could be bound since you've only bound beast like demons. Also if it does work you're worried how Rascal would react, it's been established she'd probably kill you in a real fight.

You rush Delphi same as last time, only this time you don't displace yourself.

DELPHI: You wanna try that again huh? Fool me once shame on you~
No. 892653 ID: 8a947d
File 153152926598.png - (265.36KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 39.png )

DELPHI: Fool me twice!

Delphi lashes her arms out to the side of her leaving herself wide open. You bind her in a caesura barrier keeping her in place.

DELPHI: Oh...shame on me.

Peaches grabs the flags off of Delphi's arm. Despite being trapped Delphi doesn't give up.
No. 892654 ID: 8a947d
File 153152935957.png - (182.93KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 40.png )

Delphi throws her arms up into the air intertwining them tighter and tighter.

DELPHI: I'm not smart enough to trick people in every fight, but sometimes I don't need to be!
No. 892655 ID: 8a947d
File 153152948115.png - (497.03KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle 41.png )

She brings her arms down hard over your's and Peaches' heads. Peaches ends up dropping some of the flags he grabbed and ends up swaying and falling off of the branch, you're too dazed to catch either of you with a Caesura.
No. 892657 ID: 8a947d
File 153153006069.png - (246.24KB , 1039x709 , Flag Battle End.png )

Instead of hitting vines you're body drops down on what feels like hard concrete. You hear Ula's voice again.

ULA: And that's time! It looks like we have ourselves a tie folks! Gallow's and Rascal seem to have both collected the same amount of the most flags, that means they'll both be moving on to the next round! Which was a close call, the second highest was 455 points.
RASCAL: We got lucky.
DELPHI: At least we won!
RASCAL: We tied
DELPHI: Would you have rather lost?
RASCAL: I'd rather have won
RASCAL: Oh Rascal! you're so whiny for a bounty hunter! Anyway here are you backup goggles.
ULA: Our players will have a short break to recover until the next round, please move onto your specialized observers boxes until you are called again!

You get back onto your feet, ears still ringing. You're a little confused as to what happened but you guess you won? You didn't hear a lot of what Ula said but you remember Vol's waiting in the observers box.
No. 892658 ID: 10c408

You got anime'd, son.
No. 892659 ID: b1b4f3

Go hang with Vol. If your injuries don't heal themselves via some sort of arena magic he can patch the both of you back up.
No. 892661 ID: e26fa5

Did she just one piece punch us? Did she? I'm not beliving my eyes, she did one piece punch us. It's personal now.
No. 892663 ID: d3602f

That was close. I say offer Rascal and Delphi a handshake for the good match, give Peaches some good petting, and see Vol up in the observer's box. I bet he saw the abilities of the other competitors, and could give us an idea on who we should look out for. And the guys who lost too. Whether they won or lost, they can still give us data.

Also, does this mean Bower's kicked out than? I feel kind of bad about that. We should thank him for the match too, maybe ask Otel a few questions.
No. 892664 ID: dbf422

Stumble in Vol's direction as quickly as you can. If you can manage standing right now. How many fingers is he holding up?
No. 892665 ID: ad51b8

I think we may have made a mortal enemy... or a friend, I don't know it's kinda hard to get a read on those two.

Anyways find Vol, get him to heal you and ask him if he got a good read on any other of the contestants? I mean if he was watching more then just us, or was this match the only match going on right now? It sounds like their are brackets but it also seemed like a lot of people were in this match, unless we're going sudden death with Rascal or something.
No. 892666 ID: 91ee5f

Stand up and shakily give them a thumbs up while saying, “Good game, ladies.....hey, were there always 6 of you?”

Head back to Vol and ask if he could patch you and Peaches up.

Then look around to see if there’s a tv or something that’s showing the highlights of your match, so that you can see what demons the other contestants had and start taking notes as Vol lists off what he knows about each demon, if he knows anything at all.
No. 892682 ID: dbf422

Well, Rascal is hard to read other than "angry" but Delphi is a pretty open individual. We're probably friends with her.
No. 892707 ID: 8a947d
File 153154044272.png - (83.64KB , 1039x709 , Intermission 1.png )

You stumble over to Rascal and Delphi.

YOU: Hey you two, I just wanted to say that was a good fight.
RASCAL: Yeah, well we're still not done yet. If I'm lucky we'll be in the same match again, and I'll make sure we can get another fight in.

Rascal walks off, Delphi stays to talk to you more.

DELPHI: I know she seems a bit hard to talk to but she's still in her "competitive mode". I swear, buy her a beer and she's the nicest person in the world...sometimes. Anyway, sorry about that blow to your head! I really got you good didn't I?
No. 892710 ID: e26fa5

Throw the trash goblin into the trash can.

Just damn kidding, show her your book and ask for a bit of information about hobgoblins and others, she's a bounty hunter after all, her arms seem's pretty elastic, but her whole body not. Delphi sure kicked our ass very hard.
No. 892711 ID: bb6cfd

Well seeing how I’m still seeing three of you I’d have to agree with that. That was a good hit by the way.

I do have a quick question though if you wouldn’t mind answering. That arm stretching thing you do, can all hobgoblins do that or is that all you?
No. 892712 ID: dbf422

Yeah, if she'd gotten us with that earlier we would have definitely lost. Lucky we don't have any real beef with them. And the idea of grabbing a beer would be nice but it kinda seems like Rascal would turn down the offer at this point. Maybe we'll have to catch her in a good mood sometime.

Anyway, we should get over to Vol before the break is over.
No. 892717 ID: 91ee5f

>Anyway, sorry about that blow to your head! I really got you good didn't I?
“Nah, it's fine, uh, were there always 3 of you?”

You can attempt to ask her a few quick questions about Hobgoblins for your notes, but I doubt she’d tell you anything, since there’s a chance you might end up facing her in the next round and she wouldn’t want to give away any of her weaknesses to you.

>Anyway, we should get over to Vol before the break is over.
Yeah, that’s a good idea.
No. 892722 ID: 8a947d
File 153154452951.png - (381.69KB , 1039x709 , Hobgoblin Page.png )

YOU: Yeah, you really did, my ears are still ringing from that. So y'know how I'm a demonologist? Well I wanted to ask you some questions about hobgoblins, if you didn't mind?
DELPHI: Well sure! You outta know by now how much I love to talk!

Delphi explains the sketchiness of her body and how it's like rubber, She's about the size of an imp though she's pretty strong and smart enough to fight against you effectively on her own. You write down the information and giver her a Panic Score of 6. She also explains how a Goblin is essentially the same as a Hobgoblin, though they tend to be a bit weaker and a little smarter and have no eyes instead of two. Goblins seem to resent Hobgoblins, and many hobgoblins look down on goblins as well. Though Delphi herself says she doesn't care about eye amounts.

Delphi's quickly called away by Rascal.

DELPHI: Gotta go! Good luck next round!
No. 892724 ID: 8a947d
File 153154477739.png - (164.61KB , 1039x709 , Intermission 2.png )

You head for the observers box where you come across Bower and Otel walking the same way towards the exit. You stop and say hi to the both of them.

BOWER: Oh hey Gallows. Nice job back there.
OTEL: He got lucky! But next month is our month huh Bower?
BOWER: Maybe actually. I managed to get 455 Points, I might have won if I didn't fight Gallows first.
No. 892727 ID: b1b4f3

>doesn't care about the eye thing
Gotta introduce her to Vol later.

Now that you're not fighting eachother ask about his demon! Gotta fill out that book.
No. 892728 ID: e26fa5

Yeah, say sorry-ish for the bowling strike, maybe ask more about the Oracle Globule and ask if he fought against anyone before us, that was a lot of points!
No. 892730 ID: d3602f

I must say you're pretty resourceful, if I didn't have binding parchment I would have been out of a partner for a while with that gunk you threw. You mind telling me how you made that?
No. 892732 ID: dbf422

"Hey, yeah, nice job right back at you. Hell, it was pretty lucky. If Peaches hadn't gotten angry and used me as a baseball we'd have had a lot of trouble there. Though, if you hadn't run into me, you might have run into Rascal and she and Delphi are a pair of powerhouses.

Oter, I know you're not big on giving out secrets, but I'm doing this research and I'd really like to learn more about you."
Make sure to show him the journal, including the page about displacer beasts. Maybe that'll help convince him you're legit.
No. 892733 ID: bb6cfd

Tell him he did good. That ambush of his was well executed and his score is nothing to sneeze at either.

Also ask about otel as we don’t even know what kind of demon he is. He doesn’t need to tell us his powers if he doesn’t want to but you’d be grateful if he could at least tell us what his species can usually do as a whole.

Also when you’re done talking make sure peaches is doing ok and see if you can’t find vol to give the two of you a quick patch job.
No. 892737 ID: 91ee5f

You might as well ask about Otel and take some notes while you’re talking with them.
No. 892742 ID: 8a947d
File 153155262989.png - (472.94KB , 1039x709 , Oracle Globule Page.png )

YOU: You were close to beating both me and Rascal. Plus even without your rifle you did well, what was that stuff you shot my demon with?
BOWER: Just an adhesive foam I made. A while back I realized relying only on my gun wouldn't always work, so I've been tinkering with gadgets a bit.
OTEL: They're helpful when they work.

You ask Otel about what Oracle Globules are. He's quick to accuse you of "stealing trade secrets", but after Bower explains that we'd already beaten them he'd be losing nothing by talking. A lot of what Otel tells you you've already heard from Vol before. Otel explains how he can enhance Bower's sight by "possessing" him and passing on his ability to him. He also talks about how his amorphous body makes damage a bit easy to shake off and dodge. It makes you wonder if you should start categorizing demons by body type. Vol and Delphi are more humanoid, Peaches is bestial, and Otel is amorphous.

BOWER: If you want to talk more I live a little outside Dawnsprings, a little bit away Northwest. Well' I'd better get going. Seeya.
OTEL: Spill my secrets to anyone and I swear you'll be down and out in seconds!...kay bye buddy!
No. 892744 ID: 8a947d
File 153155323066.png - (181.53KB , 1039x709 , Intermission 3.png )

You walk over to the observers room. Vol's waiting for you at a table.

VOL: Roland! Dat was insane! You were crazy out there! I can't believe wat went down! Dat was crazy how you were just bouncin' around and stuff! How'd you do dat!?
YOU: It was just sorta spur of the moment ya know?
VOL: Spur a' da moment my ass it was amazing! Kinda sucked how ya got rolled out at da end there but aside from dat it was pretty great.
No. 892751 ID: e26fa5

Ask if he saw any other contestant that passed the challange, might help knowing other people demons!
No. 892766 ID: ad51b8

>Kinda sucked how ya got rolled out at da end there but aside from dat it was pretty great.

love you too buddy.

But yeah, if you or peaches are still a little sore from that last round have Vol heal the two of you up and I guess you can ask him if he was watching you the whole time or if he noticed anyone else we may have to go up against in the next round.
No. 892769 ID: 91ee5f

>If you want to talk more I live a little outside Dawnsprings, a little bit away Northwest.
What a coincidence! You also live a little outside Dawnsprings! Bower and Otel might as well be neighbors!

“I was too busy trying to win to see how amazing you think I am. Is there a tv with an instant replay somewhere so I can see what you’re talking about?”

After Vol heals you up, look to see if there is a tv that let’s you watch your match. Try to watch what the other contestants were doing and see if you can spot their demons. If you can, then write down any info on them that Vol knows, if he knows anything about them.

Ask Vol if he’d like to join you for the next match.
No. 892772 ID: dbf422

No. 892785 ID: 8a947d
File 153158280142.png - (430.17KB , 1039x709 , Roaming Gluttony Page.png )

Vol plays his violin and relieves the pain lingering in your head and Peaches'

>Instant Replays
Vol explains that the lantern on the table projects a screen to watch through, though there's no instant replay feature.

YOU: So, did you notice any demons while you were watching that we can take notes on?
VOL: Only the ones you seen.
YOU: What do you mean?
VOL: Rol, I've only been watching you da whole time. Why would I watch anyone else? But if ya do want to know more I can tell you more about dat big demon dat ate all ya guns at da door.

Vol goes into detail about the demon he calls a "Roaming Gluttony". A lot of his stories seem to involve running or hiding from one of them as he explains how scary the things can be, especially since they mostly come out at night. He explains that if they swallow things whole they can hold them in their stomach, but if they chew them up they dissolve into nothing. Gluttonies have incredible bite strength and a pretty tough outer skin, though the red inner skin is pretty vulnerable. Though you're given a lot of info on the demon you make notes that it may need to be updated later on since you have no in person information on them.

Vol pours you a cup of warm cider. The rooms got a few nice things for contestants, there are even cookies on the back table. This place is real nice for being a demon gladiator arena.

VOL: So how'd ya do dat thing with ya barrier? I saw how ya swung it around like it was a weapon, I could nevah do dat all da time I used it.
No. 892787 ID: ad51b8

>So how'd ya do dat thing with ya barrier? I saw how ya swung it around like it was a weapon, I could nevah do dat all da time I used it.

I mostly did it out of desperation and luck. When I realized she could smash through the shield with a single hit I knew I couldn't really block her so I decided to try something. Basically instead of forming the shield around myself I tried to from it... well somewhere else besides around myself. Everything else after that idea was just me winging it.
No. 892791 ID: e12fdc

Grab and munch on a cookie as you explain.
No. 892792 ID: e12fdc

Wait hold up, I need to ask a very serious question here.
Are they, sugar, plain, chocolate, etc. or are they blasphemous raisin cookies?
No. 892811 ID: e26fa5

You can explain, but of course, it would better show it! You can re-size your barriers, my buddy!
No. 892825 ID: 91ee5f

>Rol, I've only been watching you da whole time. Why would I watch anyone else?
Aww, how sweet, he cares about you!

>there are even cookies on the back table.
Sweet! Go grab 2, one for you and one for Vol!

>So how'd ya do dat thing with ya barrier? I saw how ya swung it around like it was a weapon, I could nevah do dat all da time I used it.
Tell the truth: You were desperate and had to think of something to avoid getting knocked out.

Also, you were too busy trying to not get punched by Rascal, but you could’ve swore you saw your barrier change shape from a sphere to something else when you sent Rascal into the tanglevines. Ask Vol if he saw that too or if you just imagined your Caesura change shape? And if he did see it, ask what it looked like if it wasn’t a sphere?
No. 892835 ID: eeb7d9

>Rol, I've only been watching you da whole time. Why would I watch anyone else?
Pshh, shut up dude, you make me blush.

>So how'd ya do dat thing with ya barrier? I saw how ya swung it around like it was a weapon, I could nevah do dat all da time I used it

I have no clue. I just thought of muving out of the way and hit her as hard as i could with my Caesura, but somehow it felt different, and moved along side my hand.
But it still too weak to knock down somebody it seems. I wonder it gets stronger the more i use it or the more fisicaly stronger i get.
What do you think?
No. 892912 ID: dbf422

Could be a human contract maker thing? Maybe we evolve through stress or something. Or maybe it's something you can do too, if the situation was desperate.
No. 893026 ID: 8a947d
File 153168112450.png - (102.42KB , 1039x709 , Intermission 4.png )

You hand Vol a cookie, he bites it but doesn't look happy with the taste. Apparently Vol's not a fan of chocolate but eats anyway.

YOU: I had to get offensive when I was fighting that Rascal chick. She could break my barrier with a punch so I knew just hiding behind it wouldn't be any good. What'd my barrier look like when I hit her the second time?
VOL: Like a big fist! Ya straight up socked her down intah da vines. I don't know how ya did dat but it's definitely gonna come in handy if we're gonna fight more demons.

You hear static from the intercom, Ula's voice catches your attention again.

ULA: 10 Minutes until the next game starts! Contestants get ready!
No. 893027 ID: 8a947d
File 153168219179.png - (236.66KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away.png )

You and Vol exit to get to the arena quickly, you don't want to be late after narrowly winning the last one. Once you reach the front along with all of the others Ula emerges from the stadium to welcome you all once again. Another light projection appears in front of you to show you the game you'll be playing this time...

"Keep Away"
A Ball will be dropped into the terrain with the contestants. Whenever a contestant or demon grabs hold of this ball it will count how long they have held it for. the three contestants with the highest time scores will pass on and continue to the final game!

Another projection shows the terrain. A field of tall grass and flowers with the occasional brick tower in certain areas.

Who will you be taking with you this time?
No. 893031 ID: b1b4f3

I think we should take Vol this time. Get the ball, then combine your two barriers and nobody should be able to break through.
No. 893035 ID: 094652

You can also use expanding/compressing barriers to push away opponents while keeping the defensive up.
No. 893036 ID: 91ee5f

Normally, I’d say we should bring in Peaches so we can use his speed to keep the ball away. But the problem is, we can’t displace while holding the ball. Also Peaches is probably tired from the previous round, so we should let him rest.

So I say we should bring Vol with us!

Tell Vol you want to team up with him for this round and have him hop on your back.

I wouldn’t say nobody.

Remember, Delphi told us that Rascal is holding back during this tournament. So even if we did that, Rascal could still easily break through our combined barriers.
No. 893038 ID: 166e1c

The combination of barrier and healing makes Vol a great help in holding that sphere, but we still need to get it from others. Peaches stealth and speed could be considerable helpful in both offensive and defensive.
I think Peaches would be a better option but I would choose Vol because at this point we can assume many opponents know about Peaches or his specie ability but Vol capacities will be a complete mystery to them.

Arthur will be a challenge during this game...
No. 893039 ID: eeb7d9

Let's go with Vol!
Do you think Vol can do the same thing with Caesura like Roland?
Maybe we can try and help him with that later, if he can actually pull it off.
No. 893040 ID: eeb7d9

Weren't Vol's barriers stronger than Roland's because he uses the violin as a catalyst?

Correct me if i am wrong.
No. 893041 ID: e26fa5

Vol, it fits him.
No. 893049 ID: 91ee5f

>Like a big fist! Ya straight up socked her down intah da vines. I don't know how ya did dat but it's definitely gonna come in handy if we're gonna fight more demons.
This must be what Vol was talking about when he said, “I do know dat a spell ya learn can evolve into somethin' different though. Human's dat learn demonic magic can have it grows in ways demons ain't never seen before.”

No, I don’t think it is stronger.

>Arthur will be a challenge during this game...
I don’t think he’s here.

The only person that should be here with us is Rascal because we tied with her. Everyone else got knocked out of the tournament.
No. 893050 ID: 575ec0

Ula's outfit is neat.

Take Vol. You can just grab the ball and have vol turtle shield as you simultaneously attack shield.
No. 893061 ID: dbf422

Is that a hoodie shark bite swimsuit

The far future gets extra

Might as well bring Vol
No. 893070 ID: ad51b8

I got a quick question, if we or val made one of our bubble shields, could we use it like a hamster ball and roll away with it as to become a moving target as well as protecting ourselves and the ball once we grab it?
No. 893095 ID: 2a13fa

hell yes, I say we try this.
No. 893119 ID: 8a947d
File 153170761504.png - (466.89KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 1.png )

>The only person that should be here with us is Rascal because we tied with her. Everyone else got knocked out of the tournament.
Not everybody from the room you were sitting in was in the flag game with you, a lot of you were split up. The other winning contestants were announced from their games...but you were a bit dizzy to hear about who won and lost each one.

Vol leaps onto your back as you step onto the same stone pedestal and warp into the terrain of the game. The tall grass reaches up to your neck, you're glad you're wearing a long coat and poncho or else you'd be itching from the grass. In the distance you see a stone tower, it's hard to miss since a bright red light is shooting out from the top of it. You feel like you know where to go next.
No. 893121 ID: 91ee5f

Head on over there.

Make sure you both watch the tall grass for signs of the other contestants!
No. 893123 ID: b1b4f3

Alright time to practice getting around quickly with Caesura.
No. 893126 ID: eeb7d9

Wouldn't this tired Roland too quickly?
Does he even get tired by using Caesura?
No. 893132 ID: 575ec0

It could end up tiring Vol out, It's powered off of him.
No. 893138 ID: e26fa5

Bonk yourself to the top of the tower!
No. 893150 ID: dbf422

Even if it does, this is a race until we get the ball. If we can get there first we can worry about being tired then.
No. 893169 ID: 10c408

I disagree. Sure, if we get the ball first we'll have it and can probably deal with whoever got there second, but then what? Person number three will show up with more energy. Then number four with more energy then the previous combatant and so on.

And sure, they might not all be targeting us if we're lucky and start in-fighting but getting to the ball first by spending huge amounts of energy isn't a good plan. Getting there third/fourth and then stealing it is a better idea.
No. 893173 ID: eeb7d9

Well, we can all agree that abusing Caesura tired either Gallous or Vol. Maybe we could use it in a more conservative way. What about a hamster ball?
We literally use one barrier and all we have to do is push it. We are not that heavy.
No. 893200 ID: 91ee5f

>What about a hamster ball? We literally use one barrier and all we have to do is push it. We are not that heavy.
The only problem is going down hill.

We’d pick up too much speed and the next thing you know, we’re spinning out of control and when we stop, we’ll be too dizzy to see straight.
No. 893253 ID: 8a947d
File 153178665451.png - (798.70KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 2.png )

You decide to try and use Caesura to move to the tower faster. Vol creates a barrier around both of you while you push it by expanding Caesuras behind it. It works pretty well...until you hit a steep hill and begin losing control. You hit something on the ground as you bounce by, you hear a small "Hi Gallows!" Before speeding off down the slope once more.
No. 893254 ID: 8a947d
File 153178678820.png - (828.31KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 3.png )

You land face first as the barrier falters, that wasn't a great idea but you are much closer to the tower now, it'd only be a little walk to it now. You should probably start running though, if you hit somebody they're going to know you're over here now.
No. 893255 ID: eeb7d9

Hi Delphi! Ehh race you to the tower?
No. 893256 ID: e26fa5

Yeah, time to run. You've made a hobgoblin squeak like a rubber duck.
No. 893257 ID: 91ee5f

I think you ran over Delphi, which means Rascal isn’t far behind!

You’d better get moving before she punches your lights out as pay back for sending her into the tanglevines!
No. 893260 ID: 575ec0

Keep a barrier behind you.
No. 893270 ID: b1b4f3

So Vol how do you feel about really talkative hobgoblins?
No. 893277 ID: d3602f

"Hi Delphi, bye Delphi!"

I can't think of anything other than running the rest of the way there.
No. 893295 ID: 62fbaa

He might not have have seen her, but ask Vol what he thinks of Delphi!
No. 893299 ID: d3602f

I'm not sure we should be worrying about Vol's love life right now, we can't have him getting distracted. He can ask her on a date after the tournament, but not now.
No. 893301 ID: dbf422

I don't think we should ever be concerned about his love life. He's not shy about expressing himself. He will come to us if he wants help.

Shake off the fall and get running. Nothing to it just yet, though once you get to the base you can do the jumping technique with caesura.
No. 893357 ID: 8a947d
File 153182411005.png - (173.08KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 4.png )

You doubt Vol got a good enough look at Delphi to have any opinion. Plus that's the least important thing right now. You grab Vol and run the rest of the way to the tower, after a while you use your caesura barriers to bounce your way up to the top of the tower. As you reach the top you notice the red light has disappeared from the tower.
No. 893358 ID: 8a947d
File 153182488638.png - (129.61KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 5.png )

You enter the hatch at the top of the tower. Inside you see a familiar face holding onto the ball.

GWYN: Oh Gallows. I was surprised to see you win that last match of yours, glad to see we're in the same game this time. I assume you plan to take this from me?

Gwyn turns to you taking what looks like an offensive stance .She doesn't head back to the stairs to try and run away with the ball.
No. 893359 ID: 166e1c

Can you bubble her? If possible I would like to roll her in Rascal direction.
No. 893360 ID: dbf422

I mean, WE don't have to take it from her. We just need someone to. We keep Gwyn from moving long enough, we'll have a much better chance. Especially since we don't know what she can do. That said, she's braced for a fight. If she thinks we're just stalling, she might get bored or even offended, and leave.

So this has to be a purely defensive fight that looks aggressive. Start with the punch thing, by boosting at her with a caesura, and Vol ready to block for you. Gotta start strong.
No. 893366 ID: 575ec0

Charge in like your gonna start ahighstool fist fight.
and then bubble her with only her hands and the ball outside.
No. 893367 ID: 91ee5f

If she’s surprised that you passed, then that means she underestimated you. However, now that you’re in the second round, that means she’s not going to make that same mistake.

If you don’t see her demon, then it might still be hiding under her cloak. I think you should put a barrier around the right side of her body, where her demon is probably still hiding.

Or if you want, you can put a barrier behind her and then quickly expand it to shove her and hopefully knock the ball outta her hand.
No. 893369 ID: d3602f

Let's surprise her. Vol will make a round barrier around himself, and we will punch him with a C. Sharp. Not enough to break it, but enough to launch him so that he can snatch the ball away from her.
No. 893378 ID: eeb7d9

We COULD go and try to take it, or just wait for more people to arrive. Rascal can't be that far behind. If more people come for the ball, we could acrually take advantage of the chaos. But it will be very risky.
No. 893429 ID: ad51b8

sooo quick question, everyone here has a demon partner right? We never did see hers but make sure you watch your back so you don't get sucker punched by someone.
No. 893434 ID: b1b4f3

I say don't even touch her. Wait for a different contestant to start fighting her. That way, you find out what her ability is, without getting hit by it.
No. 893529 ID: 8a947d
File 153191838175.png - (344.99KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 6.png )

You bind Gwyn with your Caesura keeping her arm holding the ball outside of the barrier.

GWYN: Oh that's surprising. I didn't think you knew demonic magic. I'll be honest when you showed up you seemed like some curious demon hunter who'd be outed in the first round...

Gwyn's body begins to crackle with what looks like red electricity. It begins to grow stronger and stronger to a point where you're sure if you got too close you'd get shocked badly. You begin to feel the electricity run up through wall of your barrier.
No. 893530 ID: 8a947d
File 153191897287.png - (633.81KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 7.png )

The power of her charge reaches it's peak as Gwyn reveals her right arm and a large blast of lightning surges through you caesura finally breaking it in a flash of light. After the brightness dies down you get a good look at her right..."arm". It looks like some sort of demonic centipede like insect attached to where her arm should be. Part of you's incredibly shocked and surprised while another part of you instinctively reached for your notebook.

GWYN: But it's a bit surprising to see you're a bit more capable than I thought. I wonder how skilled you actually are?

Gwyn begins to walk forward with her demon arm exposed, Her body begins to crackle with electricity once more.
No. 893531 ID: dbf422

I'm still good with my original plan. I don't think we can take her but I think not fighting will end up way worse. The less opportunities for her to attack, the better for us. Offense is the best defense.
No. 893533 ID: dbf422

Oh, and of course, you need to be clear. You're a demonologist dammit, not a demon hunter!
No. 893534 ID: e12fdc

Electricity huh, well my only idea is to find a way to get her arm into the ground (literally) but we’re on a tower.
No. 893536 ID: 575ec0

Use sudden small barriers to trip and impede her. Have Vol work Defense. Don't bother trying to trap her or defend against her attacks so long as she has that arm. We need to draw this fight out until others with more offensive abilities reach this tower. Then we can use the chaos to make our move.
No. 893537 ID: eeb7d9

You know, i am starting to get tired of being wrongly call a demon hunter by everyone. I only did that once, and it was for science, i am a demonologist!
Also, would you mind telling me about your "prostetic" arm later after the competition?

Let's keep gaining time until someone else comes, keep putting barriers in annoying places and moving around, she seems more focused on fighting you than anything else.
No. 893538 ID: 91ee5f

“I’m not a hunter, I’m a Demonologist, damnit! And I have so many questions about your arm!”

Remember, the point of this game isn’t to beat up your opponent! You just need to get the ball away from her!

You know how you were quickly expanding your Caesura to propel yourself up here? Do that directly behind the ball to knock it out of her hand and send the ball towards yourself, so you can catch it. Then you and Vol should leap off the tower with the ball and start running from everyone! Make sure you use Caesura to make yourself fall in a zigzag pattern to prevent yourself from being an easy target to anyone with long range abilities!
No. 893545 ID: d3602f

I like this plan. I don't think we should wait for others to come, because then everyone will come after us once we get the ball. We need to keep as much distance from us and our opponents as possible.
No. 893569 ID: 2a13fa

>Use caesura to knock ball from them
Yes, do this! Might not work but it's worth a shot. We can ask questions about the arm after the match.
No. 893570 ID: ad51b8

can vol make a shield anywhere beside just around himself? Because if he can I say have him make one above red's head and then have gallows make a small barrier under her feet and then rapidly expand it so she goes flying and hopefully hits her head on Vol's shield and drops the ball for us to grab it.
No. 893571 ID: 91ee5f

Vol doesn’t have as much range as Gallows does, so his barrier might not reach that far.
No. 893584 ID: d3602f

Oh, and Vol should create a barrier on one of her feet so she can't jump and grab it in time!
No. 893740 ID: 8a947d
File 153204576585.png - (319.04KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 8.png )

You summon a small Caesura behind Gwyn's arm where the balls being held and expand it quickly, knocking her of balance and hitting the ball in your direction. You move quickly and catch it before it hits the ground.

YOU: I'm not a demon hunter! I'm a demonologist.
No. 893742 ID: 8a947d
File 153204609721.png - (502.67KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 9.png )

Now that you have the ball you realize that Gwyn has even more reason to be openly offensive. Thinking quickly you use Caesura Sharp to punch through the wall behind you and leap to the ground using more barriers to break your fall. In the distance you see grass moving and multiple shapes forming from lots of angles around you. Looks like not just Rascal and Gwyn are your problem right now, you aren't sure who exactly is after you right now other than Rascal and Gwyn but you do know you need to act fast to avoid getting swarmed by contestants.
No. 893749 ID: b1b4f3

You might be able to just throw up a double barrier with Vol's help and sit there, unbreakable.
No. 893751 ID: ad51b8

plan billiard balls.

have vol form a shield around you 2, then do that expanding shield trick and place one of those expanding shields slightly under vol's shield at an angle to launch the two of you into the air and well away from the tower and hopefully give you some breathing room away all the people trying to steal the ball. Just make sure you brace for the landing.
No. 893754 ID: d3602f

Wait, lay down and pretend to be injured while hiding the ball under us, then create a round barrier in front of us. The first person who sees it will think we were knocked out of the tower and pick it up, then everyone will go after them thinking that they have the ball. It will disappear once they are out of range, but it should distract everyone from us for a while.
No. 893755 ID: 91ee5f

Ula said this ball would keep track of how long you’ve held it. Is that what the white circle on the ball is for?

Also, what’s the time limit on this round? Is it a half hour like the previous round?

>What do?
Keep zigzagging through the air until you’ve gotten past the other contestants, then put a Caesura around yourself and drop into the tall grass, where you remove the barrier and keep running!

Make sure you Caesura Sharp anyone that tries to jump at you while you’re in the air.

That’s pretty much begging Rascal to break through the barriers.

Remember, Delphi said that Rascal is holding back for this tournament, meaning she can probably break through a double barrier.

Also, Vol’s Barrier only lasts as long as his song is played. Once he reaches the end of his song, he has to start over at the beginning. And it’s that little window, in between ending the song and starting again, where his barrier drops and we’d only have Gallows’ barrier. That’s when another contestant would attack us!
No. 893757 ID: 575ec0

If you can make a fist and break walls, maybe you can launch yourself through the air to move quickly!
No. 893758 ID: 91ee5f

No more hamster balls! We’ll just end up getting dizzy again!
No. 893759 ID: d3602f

I don't remember her saying Rascal was holding back. She only said that "you're lucky that we can't seriously hurt people". Considering Ula mentioned there are safe guards that prevent casualties, I think she just meant without the safeguards a punch from her would have maimed us along with shattering our barrier.
No. 893762 ID: 830fb7

Use Caesura to fly over everyone, go as high as you can.
No. 893765 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, this gives me an idea. Vol can make a round barrier like the hamster ball, then Gallows can smack it with a Caesura to launch the two of them off somewhere.
No. 893769 ID: e26fa5

No. 893772 ID: d3602f

As funny as the nickname "rolling Roland" is, you guys aren't worried that people might notice the big demonic sphere?
No. 893773 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think we can escape notice right now. We could've tried some sort of deception with Peaches, I guess... but we no longer have that opportunity.
No. 893806 ID: dbf422

We need to clear line of sight before hiding. But it would be easier to break line of sight by running through the tall grass. Unfortunately Gallows isn't as speedy on the ground, but if we do one final caesura jump directly away from the competitors, we'll get a headstart to try stealthing.
No. 893834 ID: 8a947d
File 153210059707.png - (449.54KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 10.png )

Before the other contestants can close in on you, Vol barriers the two of you and you fling yourself into the air once again. As you're flying away you hear a loud bang and something whizzes past your barrier. Someone shot something at you! Though it missed, the only other person you'd suspect of having a gun in this competition is that Eastwood guy you learned about at the beginning.
No. 893835 ID: 8a947d
File 153210185105.png - (357.89KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 11.png )

After keeping yourself propelled for a while you start to lower your barrier into the grass. There are lots of dips and pits in the ground that you go down to try and break line of sight with the contestants. Vol's barrier song ends and you stop on the ground.

VOL: I didn't think anyone'd have a gun here.
YOU: We were in a barrier. I doubt it would've been a problem if it'd hit us, even if it did it couldn't have been lethal.
VOL: Yeah, but if they do got a gun then dat bullet might a had somethin' to do with their demon.

You check the screen on the ball. you've been holding it for 4 minutes. You don't hear anyone near you but still shouldn't stay stationary.
No. 893837 ID: 830fb7

Cover the ball in dirt/mud to hide its colour from other contestants, the red ball stands out like a sore thumb.
No. 893839 ID: d3602f

Run a radius around the tower rather than directly away, they might expect that. Only plan I can think of, really.
No. 893840 ID: 166e1c

How long will this game last? To guarantee victory we need to hold the ball for a third of the time.
That is, assuming two or more participants can't hold the ball at the same time. If that is the case alliances can put up to three participants ahead if we have less than half the total time.

Since we are ahead on this game our position is very convenient to form an alliance. If such arrangement require taking turns the possibility of backstabbing would be a great risk, less so if the ball can be shared.
Do you think Rascal would cooperate? Her melee with our defense would be a nice combination. If Gallows and Delphi hold the ball neither his barrier ability or her stretch capacity will be less effective compared to Vol's violin or Rascal's fist fight.
No. 893841 ID: d3602f

I'd rather we held onto the ball as long as possible, so that if we win the only other person who will go onto the next round will be Gwyn. However, if a third person grabs the ball, I'm all for working with them. It doesn't matter if their accumulated time is ten seconds or ten minutes, if only three people touch the ball we can be sure that we will be safe. Seeing as Gwyn likely has the lowest time, it would be very advantageous to her to help us, because if someone else gets the ball she is going to be the first person to lose the winning position. Even if she does take the ball for whatever reason, it isn't like she can knock us out if her time goes above ours. The only way she could cause us trouble is if she gave the ball to someone else, and that sounds like it would hurt her more than help.
No. 893855 ID: ad51b8

so quick question, those binding scrolls, if you were to use on on Vol while he held the ball would the ball be sucked into the scroll as well? I mean I didn't hear that doing something like that was against the rules and if people don't see you actually holding the ball then they're less likely to attack you on sight.

Regardless I suggest moving away from the tower since everyone seemed to be around there when you jumped away.
No. 893859 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, go around the tower.

Try to also make a fake trail that keeps leading straight, so that it’ll throw off anyone looking for you. They’ll think you kept going straight, but you actually went a different direction.

How about we just keep the ball as long as possible, instead of trying to make an alliance? That way if the round ends, then we can guarantee that the only 2 people moving on to the next round would be Gallows and Gwyn.

Also, since the next round is the final head to head tournament style battle royale, forming an alliance is basically telling the other person, “You look weak and I’m pretty sure I can beat you in the next round, so let me help you win this round so that I can win the next round.”

If that works, then that’s definitely cheating. The point of the game is to steal the ball, so if they can’t steal it, then it’s not fair.

Don’t even try to do this.
No. 893865 ID: e26fa5

Ask Vol to make a fake blood ball, this must be easy enought to trick other people and help a bit woth is fear, aye.
No. 893867 ID: 91ee5f

You do remember that Vol has a hard time doing anything with his blood, right?

He’s probably going to start throwing up and I’m pretty sure Vol doesn’t want to do that in front of an audience that’s watching us!
No. 893868 ID: e26fa5

Honestly he can do a few things, but yeah, I forgot that buddy takes a while to do blood objects. It would take a hour or two to get the ball, so fair.
No. 893883 ID: 61f639

It doesn't mean we think they are weaker. They can't bump us out. If a fourth person gets the ball, the person with the least time will get bumped out first. If only three people max get the ball, we are sure to win this round.

I definitely feel safer with that than potentially letting someone else steal the ball, escape long enough to bump someone off, and rinse and repeat until we're out of the top three.
No. 893885 ID: 8a947d
File 153214107506.png - (460.38KB , 1039x709 , Keep Away 12.png )

You duck down and loop around back to the tower all the while trying your best to hide your tracks and make false paths to throw off anyone trying to track you. The others will suspect you of running as far away as possible so going back to where you got the ball may be a good idea. You and Vol keep an eye out, though you're much more on edge than before since you're in a more "on the run" position. This game lasts for 45 Minutes, a little over the last one. The timer didn't start until the ball was touched so there are about 40 minutes left.

>Binding Scroll Vol while he has the ball
That's probably cheating. You might catch some flak for doing that.

>Form an alliance